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9933b5  No.11699120

This thread is for all political related infosec, opsec and war information.

Posting links to vital opsec websites to start so the rest of the thread and 8chins is safer.




9933b5  No.11699131

Safe Tor Usage

As a very long time Tor user, the most surprising part of the NSA documents was how little progress they have made against Tor. Despite its known weaknesses, it's still the best thing we have, provided it's used properly and you make no mistakes.

Since you want security of "the greatest degree technically feasible", I'm going to assume that your threat is a well-funded government with significant visibility or control of the Internet, as it is for many Tor users (despite the warnings that Tor is not sufficient to protect you from such an actor).

Consider whether you truly need this level of protection. If having your activity discovered does not put your life or liberty at risk, then you probably do not need to go to all of this trouble. But if it does, then you absolutely must be vigilant if you wish to remain alive and free.


1 Your Computer

2 Your Environment

3 Your Mindset

4 Hidden Services

5 Conclusion

6 Source

9933b5  No.11699139

Your Computer

To date, the NSA's and FBI's primary attacks on Tor users have been MITM attacks (NSA) and hidden service web server compromises (FBI) which either sent tracking data to the Tor user's computer, compromised it, or both. Thus you need a reasonably secure system from which you can use Tor and reduce your risk of being tracked or compromised.

1. Don't use Windows. Just don't. This also means don't use the Tor Browser Bundle on Windows. Vulnerabilities in the software in Tor browser button figure prominently in both the NSA slides and FBI's recent takedown of Freedom Hosting.

2. If you can't construct your own workstation capable of running Linux and carefully configured to run the latest available versions of Tor, a proxy such as Privoxy, and a web browser (with all outgoing clearnet access firewalled), consider using Tails or Whonix instead, where most of this work is done for you. It's absolutely critical that outgoing access be firewalled so that third party applications cannot accidentally leak data about your location.

3. If you are using persistent storage of any kind, ensure that it is encrypted. Current versions of LUKS are reasonably safe, and major Linux distributions will offer to set it up for you during their installation. TrueCrypt might be safe, though it's not nearly as well integrated into the OS. BitLocker might be safe as well, though you still shouldn't be running Windows. Even if you are in a country where rubber hosing is legal, such as the UK, encrypting your data protects you from a variety of other threats.

4. Remember that your computer must be kept up to date. Whether you use Tails or build your own workstation from scratch or with Whonix, update frequently to ensure you are protected from the latest security vulnerabilities. Ideally you should update each time you begin a session, or at least daily. Tails will notify you at startup if an update is available.

5. Be very reluctant to compromise on JavaScript, Flash and Java. Disable them all by default. If a site requires any of these, visit somewhere else. Enable scripting only as a last resort, only temporarily, and only to the minimum extent necessary to gain functionality of a web site that you have no alternative for.

6. Viciously drop cookies and local data that sites send you. Neither the Tor browser button nor Tails do this well enough for my tastes; consider using an addon such as Self-Destructing Cookies to keep your cookies to a minimum. Of zero.

7. Your workstation must be a laptop; it must be portable enough to be carried with you and quickly disposed of or destroyed.

8. Don't use Google to search the Internet. A good alternative is Startpage; this is the default search engine for Tor browser button, Tails, and Whonix. Another is DuckDuckGo which also has a hidden service. Plus it won't call you malicious or ask you to fill out CAPTCHAs.

9933b5  No.11699153

Your Environment

Tor contains weaknesses which can only be mitigated through actions in the physical world. An attacker who can view both your local Internet connection, and the connection of the site you are visiting, can use statistical analysis to correlate them.

1. Never use Tor from home, or near home. Never work on anything sensitive enough to require Tor from home, even if you remain offline. Computers have a funny habit of liking to be connected. This also applies to anywhere you are staying temporarily, such as a hotel. Never performing these activities at home helps to ensure that they cannot be tied to those locations. (Note that this applies to people facing advanced persistent threats. Running Tor from home is reasonable and useful for others, especially people who aren't doing anything themselves but wish to help by running an exit node, relay, or bridge.

2. Limit the amount of time you spend using Tor at any single location. While these correlation attacks do take some time, they can in theory be completed in as little as a day. And while the jackboots are very unlikely to show up the same day you fire up Tor at Starbucks, they might show up the next day. I recommend for the truly concerned to never use Tor more than 24 hours at any single physical location; after that, consider it burned and go elsewhere. This will help you even if the jackboots show up six months later; it's much easier to remember a regular customer than someone who showed up one day and never came back. This does mean you will have to travel farther afield, especially if you don't live in a large city, but it will help to preserve your ability to travel freely.

3. When you go out to perform these activities, leave your cell phone turned on and at home.

Your Mindset

Many Tor users get caught because they made a mistake, such as posting their real E-mail address in association with their activities. You must avoid this as much as possible, and the only way to do so is with careful mental discipline.

1. Think of your Tor activity as pseudonymous, and create in your mind a virtual identity to correspond with the activity. This virtual person does not know you and will never meet you, and wouldn't even like you if he knew you. He must be kept strictly mentally separated.

2. If you must use public Internet services, create completely new accounts for this pseudonym. Never mix them; for instance do not browse Facebook with your real E-mail address after having used Twitter with your pseudonym's E-mail on the same computer. Wait until you get home.

3. By the same token, never perform actions related to your pseudonymous activity via the clearnet, unless you have no other choice (e.g. to sign up for a provider who blocks Tor), and take extra precautions regarding your location when doing so.

4. If you need to make and receive phone calls, purchase an anonymous prepaid phone for the purpose. This is difficult in some countries, but it can be done if you are creative enough. Pay cash; never use a debit or credit card to buy the phone or top-ups. Never insert its battery or turn it on if you are within 10 miles (16 km) of your home, nor use a phone from which the battery cannot be removed. Never place a SIM card previously used in one phone into another phone. Never give its number or even admit its existence to anyone who knows you by your real identity. This may need to include your family members.

9933b5  No.11699160

Hidden Services

These are big in the news lately, with the recent takedown of at least two high-profile hidden services, Silk Road and Freedom Hosting. The bad news is, hidden services are much weaker than they could or should be. The good news is, the NSA doesn't seem to have done much with them (though the NSA slides mention a GCHQ program named ONIONBREATH which focuses on hidden services, nothing else is yet known about it).

In addition, since hidden services must often run under someone else's physical control, they are vulnerable to being compromised via that other party. Thus it's even more important to protect the anonymity of the service, as once it is compromised in this manner, it's pretty much game over.

The advice given above is sufficient if you are merely visiting a hidden service. If you need to run a hidden service, do all of the above, and in addition do the following. Note that these tasks require an experienced system administrator; performing them without the relevant experience will be difficult or impossible.

1. Do not run a hidden service in a virtual machine unless you also control the physical host. Designs in which Tor and a service run in firewalled virtual machines on a firewalled physical host are OK, provided it is the physical host which you are in control of, and you are not merely leasing cloud space.

2. A better design for a Tor hidden service consists of two physical hosts, leased from two different providers though they may be in the same datacenter. On the first physical host, a single virtual machine runs with Tor. Both the host and VM are firewalled to prevent outgoing traffic other than Tor traffic and traffic to the second physical host. The second physical host will then contain a VM with the actual hidden service. Again, these will be firewalled in both directions. The connection between them should be secured with IPSec, OpenVPN, etc. If it is suspected that the host running Tor may be compromised, the service on the second server may be immediately moved (by copying the virtual machine image) and both servers decommissioned. Both of these designs can be implemented fairly easily with Whonix.

3. Hosts leased from third parties are convenient but especially vulnerable to attacks where the service provider takes a copy of the hard drives. If the server is virtual, or it is physical but uses RAID storage, this can be done without taking the server offline. Again, do not lease cloud space, and carefully monitor the hardware of the physical host. If the RAIDarray shows as degraded, or if the server is inexplicably down for more than a few moments, the server should be considered compromised, since there is no way to distinguish between a simple hardware failure and a compromise of this nature.

4. Ensure that your hosting provider offers 24x7 access to a remote console (in the hosting industry this is often called a KVM though it's usually implemented via IPMI which can also install the operating system. Use temporary passwords/passphrases during the installation, and change them all after you have Torup and running (see below). The remote console also allows you to run a fully encrypted physical host, reducing the risk of data loss through physical compromise; however, in this case the passphrase must be changed every time the system is booted (even this does not mitigate all possible attacks, but it does buy you time).

5. Your initial setup of the hosts which will run the service must be over clearnet, albeit via SSH; however, to reiterate, they must not be done from home or from a location you have ever visited before. As we have seen, it is not sufficient to simply use a VPN. This may cause you issues with actually signing up for the service due to fraud protection that such providers may use. How to deal with this is outside the scope of this answer, though.

6. Once you have Tor up and running, never connect to any of the servers or virtual machines via clearnet again. Configure hidden services which connect via SSH to each host and each of the virtual machines, and always use them. If you must connect via clearnet to resolve a problem, again, do so from a location you will never visit again.

7. Hidden services must be moved regularly, even if compromise is not suspected. A 2013 paper described an attack which can locate a hidden service in just a few months for around $10,000 in cloud compute charges, which is well within the budget of even some individuals. It is safer, though not at all convenient, to move the hidden service at least monthly. Ideally it should be moved as frequently as possible, though this quickly veers into the impractical. Note that it will take approximately an hour for the Tor network to recognize the new location of a moved hidden service.

9933b5  No.11699166


Anonymity is hard. Technology alone, no matter how good it is, will never be enough. It requires a clear mind and careful attention to detail, as well as real-world actions to mitigate weaknesses that cannot be addressed through technology alone. As has been so frequently mentioned, the attackers can be bumbling fools who only have sheer luck to rely on, but you only have to make one mistake to be ruined. We call them "advanced persistent threats" because, in part, they are persistent. They won't give up, and you must not.

9933b5  No.11699172

Dealing with Law Enforcement

Golden Rule: Ask for a lawyer immediately upon contact and say nothing

Do not fall for the law enforcement tricks. Nothing you say can help you. Law enforcement officers are not in a position to offer you a plea deal, only the prosecution is. Judges do not need to accept the plea bargain either. Law enforcement use various techniques to try and get a confession. They will try to minimize your behavior and make it seem wise to agree with them. This is a trick. An in depth guide to law enforcement interrogation techniques is not required, because all of their techniques can be countered by keeping your mouth shut and asking for a lawyer.


1 So LE knocked on my door and asked to talk to me. They say that they know I have been up to no good, and that it will be better for me if I talk to them. What should I do?

2 So it is looking like I am going to be doing a bid in prison, but I am being offered a deal if I turn states witness. Should I do this?

3 So I got pulled over, or got a knock on my door, and LE is requesting to search my house or car. What should I do?

4 So I got arrested and am being interrogated, what do I do? They say if I don't cooperate they are going to make things hell for me and put me in a holding cell with a bunch of gang members! But if I confess they will make things very easy for me.

5 If I ask a cop if they are a cop, they have to tell me right?

6 But what about smoking weed or using other drugs? Can they do this too?

7 But I am non-important / don't do anything wrong / am small time

8 When I talk online I like to say SWIM (someone who isn't me) instead of me or I. This keeps me safe right?

9933b5  No.11699183

So LE knocked on my door and asked to talk to me. They say that they know I have been up to no good, and that it will be better for me if I talk to them. What should I do?

You should under no circumstances talk to LE. They are not your friends, although they may pretend to be. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court. In fact, anything you say will be twisted to put you in the worst possible light. Even if you think you are saying something innocent, LE can twist it against you. So it is best to say absolutely nothing. Don't try to outsmart them in an interrogation, this is not a game, if they think you are the sort of person that sees things as a game they will try and make you feel smarter than them when they question you, but in reality they are just getting you to talk more. When questioned by LE, you should immediately request to talk to your lawyer, and nothing more. Everything you say to LE should be said through a lawyer, in all cases.

Additionally, remember that destruction of evidence is a crime in many places (like the United States). Turning your computer off is not destruction of evidence, even if you are using whole disc encryption (and thus having the computer turned off makes the data inaccessible to the investigators); hitting your computer with a hammer, shooting it with you gun, or throwing it into your swimming pool when you see the police walking to your door is destruction of evidence, and you could be sent to prison for it (even if you are found "not guilty" of the crime itself). You can face a destruction of evidence charge even if the investigators manage to recover the evidence you tried to destroy. If you have incriminating evidence on your hard drive, you should be using encryption, not relying on your ability to destroy your computer.

So it is looking like I am going to be doing a bid in prison, but I am being offered a deal if I turn states witness. Should I do this?

It is true that you can in some cases get reduced sentences by becoming a confidential informant. But would you rather spend five years in prison getting abused and spit on, possibly killed, or spend ten years in prison being left alone for the most part? Snitches are despised more than anyone else in prison, and some of the people you will be locked up with have nothing to lose. Guards are known to reveal information on inmates to other inmates, so don't think you are going to keep your snitch status secret. Even if you are kept in protective custody you will not be safe, when prison riots happen the first thing that happens is the inmates kill everyone in protective custody. In addition to putting your life in serious danger, snitching makes you a coward and a hypocrite. You will have to live every day of the rest of your life knowing that you are a coward who ruined the lives of others. Keep in mind that even if you take a deal to snitch, that has no legally binding power, your sentence is still up the the judge. Although the mandatory minimum is erased when you take a deal, you can still get the maximum sentence if the judge says so, even after you already snitched. This has been known to happen. Even if you get put in the witness protection program and given a new identity, people in witness protection can be traced. Snitching is never worth it and it is never the right thing to do. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time without snitching.

So I got pulled over, or got a knock on my door, and LE is requesting to search my house or car. What should I do?

Tell them no. Never consent to be searched or have your vehicle or house searched. Make them get a warrant. Even if you have nothing on you and your vehicle and house are clean, you should make them get a warrant. You don't want to make their job easier. If you don't consent to a search and they search anyways with no warrant then any evidence they gather can not be used in court. If you consent, they don't even need a warrant.

9933b5  No.11699194

So I got arrested and am being interrogated, what do I do? They say if I don't cooperate they are going to make things hell for me and put me in a holding cell with a bunch of gang members! But if I confess they will make things very easy for me.

Ask for your lawyer. If they don't immediately stop questioning you, continue asking for your lawyer. You don't ever want to say anything to cops. Even if they put you in a holding cell full of gang members, it is probably better to be there for a day than to confess and get sent with the same gang members for ten years. Anyways, most gang members are unlikely to mess with you if you just keep to yourself and don't cause any trouble with them. Keep in mind: cops lie, feds lie, they want you to confess, confessing or giving any information up is going to hurt you it is under no circumstances going to ever help you.

If I ask a cop if they are a cop, they have to tell me right?

No, cops do not have to tell you they are cops, neither do feds. Undercovers lie all the time. So do confidential informants. Be careful who you trust, even friends you have known your entire life can turn.

But what about smoking weed or using other drugs? Can they do this too?

Undercovers can smoke weed, and I am sure they will have no issues using other drugs either. Someone using drugs does not mean that they are not a cop or fed. It also doesn't mean they are not a confidential informant.

But I am non-important / don't do anything wrong / am small time

Even if you do nothing wrong, most LE wants to screw you. The majority of them are not trying to protect and serve, but are trying to meet some alpha male requirement they subconsciously have. They feel important when they bring you down. Also, people tend to minimize what they do, so you are probably bigger than you would like to admit.

When I talk online I like to say SWIM (someone who isn't me) instead of me or I. This keeps me safe right?

No, this offers you no protection at all. People who say SWIM are just fooling themselves. People tend to like to have "security blanket security" where they convince themselves they are safe as long as they do some simple ritual (as opposed to taking actual security precautions, which are a bit more difficult). Security blanket security is dangerous, as it doesn't offer real security but makes you act as if you are secured.

9933b5  No.11699207

Next up ITT: How to create secret meetings and multiple revolutionary guides

If you like the content, add memes and save the info as an OC graphic.

9933b5  No.11699211

Secret Meetings Guide

A security service like the FBI can only achieve its objectives by intercepting communication between people. This means you can beat the security service if you can deny them the ability to overhear your meetings with your contacts.


1 What you'll learn here…

2 Step-by-step instructions…

2.1 Step 1

2.2 Step 2

2.3 Step 3

2.4 Step 4

2.5 Step 5

2.6 Step 6

2.7 Step 7

3 Spook talk…

9933b5  No.11699223

What you'll learn here…

This article teaches you how to check for surveillance before you meet with a clandestine contact. You'll learn a protocol that will beat security services like the FBI, BATF, DEA, and others. The method is particularly effective against standard police surveillance. It also works against the so-called inspection teams of the IRS.

Tradecraft origins. The method described in this article was originally devised in 1943-1944 by countersurveillance expert Anthony Blunt for Britain's MI.5. Unfortunately for the British, Blunt was a deep-cover agent for the KGB.

Six years later, Blunt taught the protocol to his new KGB controller, Yuri Modin. Together they perfected the technique as it is known today. They successfully thwarted MI.5 surveillance for three years, sometimes even meeting daily to exchange information and top secret documents. In effect, Blunt was using his inside knowledge of MI.5's surveillance techniques to beat them at their own game.

Proliferation. This countersurveillance method has since been adopted by Israel's Mossad, Germany's BND, Russia's KGB (now the SVR), the American CIA, and many others. The protocol is taught by intelligence agencies to their controllers - these are the intelligence officers who manage and meet with deep cover agents in foreign countries. The method is also being used today by resistance movements and urban guerrilla groups.

When this countersurveillance protocol is methodically applied, it is extremely difficult for a security service to breach your security.

Step-by-step instructions…

Here's a hypothetical situation. Assume that you and I wish to meet clandestinely. We wish to ensure that our meeting is not observed by a surveillance team.

You and I have previously agreed upon a place, date, and time. In addition, we are familiar with each other's appearance - we can recognize each other on sight.

9933b5  No.11699238

Step 1

You and I independently arrive at the previously agreed-upon general location. Rather than fixing a specific location, we agree to be only in the general vicinity. This is an important principle.

This might be a large park, a residential district, etc. The location must be outdoors and free of video surveillance cameras. It should also be selected with the intention of thwarting telephoto lenses.

You and I should each know the area well. The location should provide reasonable cover for each of us being there - strolling in the park, walking through a residential area to a bus stop, convenience store, etc.

Step 2

You and I will eventually make eye contact at some distance from each other. We do this discretely, so others are unaware. I use a pre-arranged signal to alert you that I have spotted you. Perhaps I'll throw my jacket over my shoulder, or remove and clean my sunglasses, etc. The signal must be a natural movement that does not attract unwanted attention.

Safety first. Even though you and I have seen each other, we do NOT approach each other. This is an important safety valve. If either of us has grown a tail we do not want to compromise the other person.

BACKGROUND - The phrase grown a tail is spy-talk for being under surveillance. The phrase is somewhat inaccurate, because they don't just follow you, they often surround you.

Step 3

When you see my signal you simply walk off. Then I follow you in order to ensure that you're not being watched. I carefully check for the presence of a floating-box foot surveillance team. I check for agents at fixed observation posts. I also watch for drive-by support from a floating-box vehicle surveillance team.

BACKGROUND - In particular, I may follow you, I may walk parallel to you, I may occasionally walk ahead of you. The goal is simply to be nearby so I'm in a position to detect surveillance around you. I always remain at a distance from you, of course, never approaching too closely.

Step 4

When I have satisfied myself that you are clean, I again signal you. Perhaps I re-tie my shoe laces.

Step 5

Now we reverse roles and this time it is I who simply walks off. You begin to follow me in order to ensure that I'm not being watched. You check for floating-box foot surveillance, fixed observation post foot surveillance, and drive-by support by a vehicle surveillance team.

What to look for.You carefully watch for persons who are pacing me or moving parallel with me. You check for persons loitering at positions with a good line-of-sight to my location. You watch for an ongoing pattern of people coming and going that results in someone always being in a position to monitor me. You watch for vehicles dropping someone off ahead of me.

Step 6

When you are satisfied that I am clean, you signal me that I'm not being watched. (On the other hand, if you suspect that a surveillance team is in the vicinity, you simply abort the operation and walk away.)

BACKGROUND - You must trust your instincts, because if something seems not quite right it's better to be safe than sorry. Many people are surprised to learn that it is not difficult to detect a surveillance team watching someone else. This is the subtle elegance of Blunt's countersurveillance system. And the goons are helpless against it.

6c8f4c  No.11699242

good bread

9933b5  No.11699250

Step 7

You and I can now approach each other and meet. After our discussion we agree upon the date, time, and location of our next clandestine meeting - as well as two backup plans in case the meeting is thwarted by surveillance. If we are unable to meet at the first venue we will use our fallback position and we will meet at the same time and place one week later. If we are unable to make that meeting happen, we will shift to a previously agreed-upon failsafe plan and we will meet at a different location at an agreed-upon date and time.

Neither you nor I writes down the particulars of our next meeting. We commit the details to memory.

BACKGROUND 1 - If you have any documents to give me, I will not accept those documents until the final moments of our meeting. I will have already started making my getaway when I accept the documents. This reduces the chance of discovery and arrest by a surveillance team that has managed to elude our countersurveillance protocol. If the security service acts too quickly, they will have no evidence against me, because the documents have not yet been passed to me.

BACKGROUND 2 - The best agents never mix discussion and documents. If a document is to be passed, no discussion occurs. The entire contact takes only a moment - the perfect brushpass. The principle is simple. It is foolhardy to stand around holding incriminating documents.

Spook talk…

Spies in North America call this seven-step protocol for countersurveillance drycleaning. In Europe, it is called parcours de sécurité - a French phrase which can be translated as security run or security circuit.

9933b5  No.11699279


Create a USB Dead Drop in Nature

Create a USB Dead Drop in Nature by DIY Hacks and How Tos

Dead drop is an anonymous, offline, peer-to-peer file sharing network in public space. This network is made up of USB drives that are embedded in walls, buildings and other public places. Anyone is free to access, download, and upload. It is very similar to geocaching but with data. The first USB dead drop network of five locations was created by Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl in 2010. Since then, there have been over 1,000 dead drop locations that have been registered at deaddrops.com (Including one outside the Instructables office.) For a walk through of how to set up a standard USB dead drop, check out this instructable by user frenzy.

Up until now, this has been mostly restricted to urban locations. In this instructable, I am going to attempt to expand this project beyond city limits by showing everyone how to embed USB drives in natural fixtures such as trees and rocks.


1 Step 1: Materials

2 Step 2: Remove the Housing of the

USB Drive

3 Step 3: Wrap the USB Drive in

Plumber's Tape

4 Step 4: Select a Dead Tree or Stump

as a Dead Drop Location

5 Step 5: Drill Holes in the Trunk to

Make Room for Your USB Drive

6 Step 6: Apply the Wood Glue and

Insert the USB Drive

7 Step 7: Finished Dead Drop Site

8 Step 8: Stone Dead Drop Location

9 Step 9: Register the Dead Drop

Location on Deaddrops.com

Step 1: Materials

To install a USB drive in a tree, you will need the following materials:

Materials: USB flash drive Plumber's tape Wood Glue

Tools: Cordless Drill Drill bit set Screw driver, or other tool to pry open the flash drive

Step 2: Remove the Housing of the USB Drive

The first step is to open up the housing of the flash drive and remove all the unnecessary plastic. You can usually pry open the housing with a small screw driver or knife. Another option is to just squeeze the housing with a pair of pliers at the seem. Continue removing parts until only the USB connector and the circuit board remain.

Step 3: Wrap the USB Drive in Plumber's Tape

Applying a layer of plumber's tape around the circuit board of the drive helps to keep it a little more protect. Don't go overboard, one or two layers is plenty.

Step 4: Select a Dead Tree or Stump as a Dead Drop Location

Select a dead tree to locate your deaddrop. I do not recommend using a healthy tree for this project. In addition to the damage caused by drilling, the cavity that you create also provides a potential site for mold, rot and insect to take up residence. Because of this, I recommend using a tree that is obviously dead, fallen over, or just a stump.

Step 5: Drill Holes in the Trunk to Make Room for Your USB Drive

The USB connector and board of a typical USB drive is about 0.51inch (13mm) wide x 0.20inch (5mm) thick. There are a number of ways that you can drill out a slot to accommodate for it. The simplest and fastest method is to drill a single hole that is large enough to fit the whole drive inside of it. A 1/2" drill bit will usually suffice for this.

If you want to make a smaller imprint on the surface and make the end product look a little cleaner, you can drill a series of smaller holes in a line to make a slot. Each hole should be the same thickness as the USB drive (about 1/4 inch). Then you can finish the shaping with a knife or file.

Be sure to drill your hole is a part of the tree that is solid and free from rot.

9933b5  No.11699283

Step 6: Apply the Wood Glue and Insert the USB Drive

Clear the saw dust and wood shavings from the hole by blowing on it. Then fill the hole most of the way with wood glue. Slowly insert the USB drive into the hole until the back edge of the metal on the connector port is even with the surface of the tree. Some of the glue will squeeze out around the edges. Wipe off the excess using some nearby leaves.

Once the glue dries, you have a USB deaddrop site out in nature. If you wish to prolong the life of the drive, you can put a cap on it to at least partially protect it from the weather.

Step 7: Finished Dead Drop Site

The last step is to upload the instruction text files and any other files that you want to share. You can find the readme file here: http://deaddrops.com/download/readme.txt. You can find the dead drop manifesto here: http://deaddrops.com/download/deaddrops-manifesto.txt.

I also decided to also load a copy of "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein onto the flash drive (Yes, I got the idea from this xkcd comic by Randall Munroe).

To document the dead drop location, it helps if you take three pictures of the location (up close medium and far away). This makes it easier for others to find your dead drop.

Step 8: Stone Dead Drop Location

You don't need to limit yourself to just trees. You can also setup a dead drop in stone. The process for this variation is identical to the original procedure that is used for brick and mortar locations. Just find a relatively soft rock, drill the hole with a mortar drill bit and use concrete patch or fast drying cement instead of glue to fill the hole.

Step 9: Register the Dead Drop Location on Deaddrops.com

When you get back home, you can register the dead drop location here: http://deaddrops.com/dead-drops/db-map/.. This helps others to find it. Then check on the dead drop periodically to see if it is still working and if it is being used. As with all files of unknown origin, always be careful to avoid viruses.



9933b5  No.11699292

spicy focaccia from here on out

50 Ways to Prepare for a Revolution

The people of the <redacted> are currently unprepared to seize a revolutionary moment. We must fix that.

How can we raise our levels of revolutionary consciousness, organization and struggle?

Raise consciousness

1) Raise consciousness with the purpose of building organization and raising the level of struggle.

2) Investigate before forming opinions. Research how the world and the system function.

3) Read foundational and historical works about revolution, by those who have participated in and led them.

4) Analyze the system's current condition and trajectory.

5) Learn about the resistance, uprisings and revolutions going on in the world today.

6) Read the material that currently active groups are issuing and discussing.

7) Continuously develop, elaborate upon and refine principles, theories and strategies for our movement.

8. Raise our voices. Articulate revolutionary ideas, and give them a public presence.

9) Listen and speak in the spirit of mutual clarification.

10) Participate in discussion, to develop our ideas and hone our skills in expressing them, and to help others do so.

11) Figure out how to use all our various talents, positions, energy and resources as effectively as possible, to expose the system's evil, irredeemable and unreformable nature.

12) Analyze and explain the many ways the system dominates and exploits.

13) Stand with the dominated, exploited, invaded, colonized, threatened and oppressed.

14) Display a revolutionary spirit and celebrate it in others.

15) Exercise patience in winning over reluctant potential allies and supporters.

16) Ridicule and discredit the enemy.

17) Create revolutionary culture. Make videos and art, speak, sing, and write blogs, books, comments, leaflets, rhymes, stories, and articles about the enemy's crimes and the people's resistance.

18) Exchange ideas locally, nationally and (within the law or safe channels) globally.

19) Encourage others to participate in the revolutionary process.

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20) Organize as a way to raise consciousness more broadly and to build struggle.

21) Start with people we know.

22) If our friends discourage us, make new friends.

23) Network sensibly with people online. Find local people online who express similar ideas, and meet with them.

24) Find a group that we basically agree with. Work with it.

25) If there's no local group we want to work with, start one.

26) Write a leaflet with contact info. Pass it out in public to find potential comrades.

27) When we meet people, assess our points of agreement. If we agree on basic essentials, decide how to work together. If not, say goodbye for now.

28) Build strong ties locally and nationally, and build solidarity globally.

29) Define allies according to overall outlook and goals.

30) Don't let secondary differences prevent cooperation. Handle differences between allies non-antagonistically.

31) Do not tolerate oppressive (sexist, racist, homophobic etc.) dynamics within the movement. Confront their expression and put a stop to it.

32) Refrain from saying anything aloud, on the phone or electronically that we wouldn't want to hear played back in court.

33) Keep illegal drugs away from our political life.

34) Research and practice good Security Culture.

35) Prioritize the wellbeing of our organizations over personal benefit.

36) Ready our ranks to seize on any breaks in the legitimacy of the system.

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37) Use struggle to spread revolutionary consciousness and build organization.

38) Collectively determine what we want, and declare our demands.

39) Act as far as possible within our capacity, not either beyond or below our capacity.

40) Continuously strive to expand and consolidate our capacity and strength.

41) Assert our rights and our responsibilities.

42) Bring our revolutionary perspective into struggles already occurring.

43) Defend, support, and encourage our allies.

44) As opportunities arise, weaken the enemy and its ability to rule.

45) Obey the small laws. Don't get taken out of the game for something unworthy.

46) For illegal acts, make sure you can trust your comrades with your life and the lives of everyone connected to you.

47) Avoid being distracted and diverted into symbolic action-for-action's sake.

48) Don't expect the enemy to act against its nature. It has no mercy and can not be reasoned with.

49) Turn every attack by the enemy into an opportunity to speak out, organize, and grow more powerful.

50) Be willing to work hard. Be smart. Be brave. Remember we're all in this together.


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Bomb making intro


1 Applied Chemistry

2 Bomb fuels




3 See also

Applied Chemistry

Bomb making is a topic many darknet people are very interested in, because with little effort and money some impressive devices can be made.

Bomb fuels


One of the most exciting hobbies nowadays is model rocketry. Estes is the largest producer of model rocket kits and engines. Rocket engines are composed of a single large grain of propellant. This grain is surrounded by a fairly heavy cardboard tubing. One gets the propellant by slitting the tube lengthwise, and unwrapping it like a paper towel roll. When this is done, the grey fire clay at either end of the propellant grain must be removed. This is usually done gently with a plastic or brass knife. The material is exceptionally hard, and must be crushed to be used. By gripping the grain on the widest setting on a set of pliers, and putting the grain and powder in a plastic bag, the powder will not break apart and shatter all over. This should be done to all the large chunks of powder, and then it should be crushed like black powder. Rocket engines come in various sizes, ranging from 1/4 A - 2T to the incredibly powerful D engines. The larger the engine, the more expensive. D engines come in packages of three, and cost about $5.00 per package. Rocket engines are perhaps the single most useful item sold in stores to a terrorist, since they can be used as is, or can be cannibalized for their explosive powder.


Rifle powder and shotgun powder are really the same from a practicle standpoint. They are both nitrocellulose based propellants. They will be referred to as gunpowder in all future references. Gunpowder is made by the action of concentrated nitric and sulfuric acid upon cotton. This material is then dissolved by solvents and then reformed in the desired grain size. When dealing with gunpowder, the grain size is not nearly as important as that of black powder. Both large and small grained gunpowder burn fairly slowly compared to black powder when unconfined, but when it is confined, gunpowder burns both hotter and with more gaseous expansion, producing more pressure. Therefore, the grinding process that is often necessary for other propellants is not necessary for gunpowder. Gunpowder costs about $9.00 per pound. Any idiot can buy it, since there are no restrictions on rifles or shotguns in the U.S.


Flash powder is a mixture of powdered zirconium metal and various oxidizers. It is extremely sensitive to heat or sparks, and should be treated with more care than black powder, with which it should NEVER be mixed. It is sold in small containers which must be mixed and shaken before use. It is very finely powdered, and is available in three speeds: fast, medium, and slow. The fast flash powder is the best for using in explosives or detonators.




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Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla by Carlos Marighella

also see


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39 See also

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The urban guerrilla is a person who fights the military dictatorship with weapons, using unconventional methods. A revolutionary and an ardent patriot, he is a fighter for his country's liberation, a friend of the people and of freedom. The area in which the urban guerrilla operates is in the large Brazilian cities. There are also criminals or outlaws who work in the big cities. Many times, actions by criminals are taken to be actions by urban guerrillas.

The urban guerrilla, however, differs radically from the criminal. The criminal benefits personally from his actions, and attacks indiscrimminately without distinguishing between the exploiters and the exploited, which is why there are so many ordinary people among his victims. The urban guerrilla follows a political goal, and only attacks the government, the big businesses and the foreign imperialists.

Another element just as harmful to the guerrillas as the criminal, and also operating in the urban area, is the counterrevolutionary, who creates confusion, robs banks, throws bombs, kidnaps, assassinates, and commits the worst crimes imaginable against urban guerrillas, revolutionary priests, students, and citizens who oppose tyranny and seek liberty.

The urban guerrilla is an implacable enemy of the regime, and systematically inflicts damage on the authorities and on the people who dominate the country and exercise power. The primary task of the urban guerrilla is to distract, to wear down, to demoralize the military regime and its repressive forces, and also to attack and destroy the wealth and property of the foreign managers and the Brazilian upper class.

The urban guerrilla is not afraid to dismantle and destroy the present Brazilian economic, political and social system, for his aim is to aid the rural guerrillas and to help in the creation of a totally new and revolutionary social and political structure, with the armed population in power.

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The urban guerrilla is characterized by his bravery and his decisive nature. He must be a good tactician, and a good marksman. The urban guerrilla must be a person of great cleverness to compensate for the fact that he is not sufficiently strong in weapons, ammunition and equipment.

The career military officers and the government police have modern weapons and transport, and can go about anywhere freely, using the force of their own strength. The urban guerrilla does not have such resources at his disposal, and leads a clandestine existence. The guerrilla may be a convicted person or one who is out on parole, and must then use false documents.

Nevertheless, the urban guerrilla has an advantage over the conventional military or the police. It is that, while the military and the police act on behalf of the enemy, whom the people hate, the urban guerrilla defends a just cause, which is the people's cause.

The urban guerrilla's weapons are inferior to the enemy's, but from the moral point of view, the urban guerrilla has an undeniable superiority. This moral superiority is what sustains the urban guerrilla. Thanks to it, the urban guerrilla can accomplish his principle duty, which is to attack and survive.

The urban guerrilla has to capture or steal weapons from the enemy to be able to fight. Because his weapons are not uniform—since what he has are expropriated or have fallen into his hands in various ways—the urban guerrilla faces the problem of a variety of weapons and a shortage of ammunition. Moreover, he has no place in which to practice shooting and marksmanship. These difficulties have to be overcome, forcing the urban guerrillas to be imaginative and creative—qualities without which it would be impossible for him to carry out his role as a revolutionary.

The urban guerrilla must possess initiative, mobility and flexibility, as well as versatility and a command of any situation. Initiative especially is an indispensible quality. It is not always possible to foresee everything, and the urban guerrilla cannot let himself become confused, or wait for instructions. His duty is to act, to find adequate solutions for each problem he faces, and to retreat. It is better to err acting than to do nothing for fear of making a mistake. Without initiative, there is no urban guerrilla warfare.

Other important qualities in the urban guerrilla are the following: to be a good walker, to be able to stand up against fatigue, hunger, rain or heat. To know how to hide, and how to be vigilant. To conquer the art of dissembling. Never to fear danger. To behave the same by day as by night. Not to act impetuously. To have unlimited patience. To remain calm and cool in the worst of conditions and situations. Never to leave a track or trail. Not to get discouraged.

In the face of the almost insurmountable difficulties in urban guerrilla warfare, sometimes comrades weaken and give up the fight.

The urban guerrilla is not a businessman in an urban company, nor is he an actor in a play. Urban guerrilla warfare, like rural guerrilla warfare, is a pledge which the guerrilla makes to himself. When he can no longer face the difficulties, or if he knows that he lacks the patience to wait, then it is better for him to relinquish his role before he betrays his pledge, for he clearly lacks the basic qualities necessary to be a guerrilla.

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The urban guerrilla must know how to live among the people, and he must be careful not to appear strange and different from ordinary city life. He should not wear clothes that are different from those that other people wear. Elaborate and high-fashion clothing for men or women may often be a handicap if the urban guerrilla's mission takes him into working class neighborhoods, or sections where such dress is uncommon. The same care has to be taken if the urban guerrilla must move from the South of the country to the North, and vice versa.

The urban guerrilla must make his living through his job or his professional activity. If he is known and sought by the police, he must go underground, and sometimes must live hidden. Under such circumstances, the urban guerrilla cannot reveal his activity to anyone, since this information is always and only the responsibility of the revolutionary organization in which he is participating.

The urban guerrilla must have a great ability for observation. He must be well-informed about everything, particularly about the enemy's movements, and he must be very inquisitive and knowledgable about the area in which he lives, operates, or travels through.

But the fundamental characteristic of the urban guerrilla is that he is a man who fights with weapons; given these circumstances, there is very little likelihood that he will be able to follow his normal profession for long without being identified by the police. The role of expropriation thus looms as clear as high noon. It is impossible for the urban guerrilla to exist and survive without fighting to expropriate.

Thus, the armed struggle of the urban guerrilla points towards two essential objectives:

1. the physical elimination of the leaders and assistants of the armed forces and of the police;

2. the expropriation of government resources and the wealth belonging to the rich businessmen, the large landowners and the imperialists, with small expropriations used for the sustenance of the individual guerrillas and large ones for the maintenance of the revolutionary organization itself.

It is clear that the armed struggle of the urban guerrilla also has other objectives. But here we are referring to the two basic objectives, above all expropration. It is necessary for every urban guerrilla to always keep in mind that he can only maintain his existence if he is able to kill the police and those dedicated to repression, and if he is determined—truly determined—to expropriate the wealth of the rich businessmen, landowners and imperialists.

One of the fundamental characteristics of the Brazilian revolution is that, from the beginning, it developed around the expropriation of the wealth of the major business, imperialist and landowning interests, without excluding the largest and most powerful commercial elements engaged in the import-export business. And by expropriating the wealth of the principle enemies of the people, the Brazilian revolution was able to hit them at their vital center, with preferential and systematic attacks on the banking network—that is to say, the most telling blows were levelled at the businessman's nerve system.

The bank robberies carried out by the Brazilian urban guerrillas hurt big businesses and others, the foreign companies which insure and re-insure the banking capital, the imperialist companies, the federal and state governments—all of them are systematically expropriated as of now.

The fruit of these expropriations has been devoted to the tasks of learning and perfecting urban guerrilla techniques, the purchase, production and transportation of weapons and ammunition for the rural areas, the security precautions of the guerrillas, the daily maintenance of the fighters, those who have been liberated from prison by armed force, those who have been wounded, and those who are being persecuted by the police, and to any kind of problem concerning comrades liberated from jail or assassinated by the police and the military dictatorship.

9933b5  No.11699394


The tremendous costs of the revolutionary war must fall upon the big businesses, on the imperialists, on the large landowners, and on the government too—both federal and state—since they are all exploiters and oppressors of the people. Men of the government, agents of the dictatorship and of foreign imperialism, especially, must pay with their lives for the crimes they have committed against the Brazilian people.

In Brazil, the number of violent actions carried out by urban guerrillas, including executions, explosions, seizures of weapons, ammunition and explosives, assaults on banks and prisons, etc., is significant enough to leave no room for doubt as to the actual aims of the revolutionaries; all are witnesses to the fact that we are in a full revolutionary war and that this war can be waged only by violent means.

This is the reason why the urban guerrilla uses armed struggle, and why he continues to concentrate his efforts on the physical extermination of the agents of repression, and to dedicate 24 hours a day to expropriations from the people's exploiters.


No one can become an urban guerrilla without paying special attention to technical preparation.

The technical preparation of the urban guerrilla runs from a concern for his physical condition to a knowledge of and apprenticeship in professions and skills of all kinds, particularly manual skills.

The urban guerrilla can have a strong physical constitution only if he trains systematically. He cannot be a good fighter if he has not learned the art of fighting. For that reason, the urban guerrilla must learn and practice the various forms of unarmed fighting, of attack, and of personal defense. Other useful forms of physical preparation are hiking, camping, the practice of survival in the woods, mountain climbing, rowing, swimming, skin diving and training as a frogman, fishing, harpooning, and the hunting of birds and of small and big game.

It is very important to learn how to drive a car, pilot a plane, handle a motor boat and a sailboat, understand mechanics, radio, telephone, electricity and have some knowledge of electronics techniques. It is also important to have a knowledge of topographical information, to be able to determine one's position by instruments or other available resources, to calculate distances, make maps and plans, draw to scale, make timings, and work with an angle protractor, a compass, etc. A knowledge of chemistry, of color combination and of stamp-making, the mastery of the skills of calligraphy and the copying of letters, and other techniques are part of the technical preparation of the urban guerrilla, who is obliged to falsify documents in order to live within a society that he seeks to destroy. In the area of "makeshift" medicine, the urban guerrilla has the special role of being a doctor or understanding medicine, nursing, pharmacology, drugs, basic surgery and emergency first aid.

The basic question in the technical preparation of the urban guerrilla is, nevertheless, to know how to handle weapons such as the submachine gun, revolver, automatic pistol, FAL, various types of shotguns, carbines, mortars, bazookas, etc.

A knowledge of various types of ammunition and explosives is another aspect to consider. Among the explosives, dynamite must be well understood. The use of incendiary bombs, smoke bombs, and other types is also indispensible prior training. To know how to improvise and repair weapons, prepare Molotov cocktails, grenades, mines, homemade destructive devices, how to blow up bridges, tear up and put out of service railroads and railroad cars, these are necessities in the technical preparation of the urban guerrilla that can never be considered unimportant.

The highest level of preparation for the urban guerrilla is the training camp for technical training. But only the guerrilla who has already passed a preliminary examination can go to this school—that is to say, one who has passed the test of fire in revolutionary action, in actual combat against the enemy.

6023de  No.11699403


(1) Don't use social media [Avoid Facebook/Myspace/Twitter/Snapchat/etc.] (no brainer)

(2) Forward secrecy (keep your mouth shut about any personal info if you don't want to expose yourself)

(3) Use a cheap private VPN (w/ no IP logging) and Tor browser!

(4) Always disconnect your internet (physically) when you are not going to use it! Make sure bluetooth and WiFi is physically disabled. Don't keep it online all the time! If you do, you are asking to be hacked!

(5) Use an old "flipper" phone. AKA a jitterbug. Cover up any camera if has one. Jitterbugs are basic cellphones for people with disability problems / senior citizens! Just a bare basic cell phone where you can take out the battery. Has no internet platform.

(6) Flock to flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops to buy older electronics! Do not by 'smart' or 'green' appliances! Learn how to maintain and fix older products/utilities too! All IoT (Internet of Things) tech can be used to spy on you, avoid IoT!

(7) Never put your real name or personal info into your computer, always use FAKE names / aliases. Tell your friends to just hang out with you face-to-face instead of using social media.

(8) Face to face relationships are the best kind. Don't be afraid to hang with your friends now and then. I do – in fact – that's all I'll do. (no social media BS)

(9) Always bleach you browser cache / cookies / web logs! 35x gutmann style! (Bleachbit, Ccleaner, etc.)

(10) No OS is safe. Just exclude as much personal information you can from your Operating System. Make sure its disconnected offline when not being used! Make sure bluetooth and WiFi is also physically disabled when not in use.

(11) Browser Security: Use Noscript add-on. Noscript is a must: make sure to block all global scripts, wipe the whitelist in Noscript and re-configure the whitelist that best fits your browser habits. IPFlood is also a useful add-on to obfuscate IP GET requests. You should use Random Agent Spoofer (or Blender) to spoof your browser & OS metadata while you surf the web, making it a lot harder to track your activity. Tin Foil is another great security addon.

(12) Its best to have two computers, rather than just one. For example, have one just for banking / legit LEGAL purposes. Have another one (completely separated) just for private or illegal activity. Make sure you don't put any personal info in the private computer.

(13) Use encryption and strong passwords! Write them down on a piece of paper or memorize them. DO NOT store passwords on a computer file. That is a big no-no! Try easy to remember long sentances for passwords, and combine all the words together. The more characters used, the harder it is for hackers to break the passwords.

(14) Have separate email accounts for each kind of activity (legal or not, don't matter).

(15) Make sure you physically disconnect your web cam or cover it up with black electrical tape. Most laptops these days come with web cams attached above or below the monitor. Make sure the camera cannot be used to identify you or spy on you in any way. (Yes, webcams can be hacked / remotely hijacked to spy on you!)

(16) Avoid new "Smart TVs" (they spy on you too)! If you have a newer TV, make sure you cover up or unplug the camera and microphone. Or keep it offline and disconnected from the cable box when not in use. You could cancle cable and rip DVDs of your favorite movies and shows instead, using it for offline purposes only.

(17) Avoid all new digitized vehicles. They can easily be hacked, used to spy on you and even be remotely hijacked by criminal entities/governments!

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The urban guerrilla's weapons are light arms, easily obtained, usually captured from the enemy, purchased, or made on the spot. Light weapons have the advantage of fast handling and easy transport. In general, light weapons are characterized as being short-barrelled. This includes many automatic weapons. Automatic and semi-automatic weapons considerably increase the firepower of the urban guerrilla. The disadvantage of this type of weapon, for us, is the difficulty in controlling it, resulting in wasted rounds or a wasteful use of ammunition—corrected for only by a good aim and precision firing. Men who are poorly trained convert automatic weapons into an ammunition drain.

Experience has shown that the basic weapon of the urban guerrilla is the light submachine gun. This weapon, in addition to being efficient and easy to shoot in an urban area, has the advantage of being greatly respected by the enemy. The guerrilla must thoroughly know how to handle the submachine gun, now so popular and indispensible to the Brazilian urban guerrillas.

The ideal submachine gun for the urban guerrilla is the INA .45 caliber. Other types of submachine guns of different calibers can also be used—understanding of course, the problem of ammunition. Thus, it is preferable that the manufacturing capabilities of the urban guerrillas be used for the production of one type of submachine gun, so that the ammunition to be used can be standardized. Each firing group of urban guerrillas must have a submachine gun handled by a good marksman. The other members of the group must be armed with .38 revolvers, our standard weapon. The .32 is also useful for those who want to participate. But the .38 is preferable since its impact usually puts the enemy out of action.

Hand grenades and conventional smoke bombs can also be considered light weapons, with defensive power for cover and withdrawal.

Long-barrelled weapons are more difficult for the urban guerrilla to transport, and they attract much attention because of their size. Among the long-barrelled weapons are the FAL, the Mauser guns or rifles, hunting guns such as the Winchester, and others.

Shotguns can be useful if used at close range and point blank. They are useful even for a poor shot, especially at night when precision isn't much help. A pressure airgun can be useful for training in marksmanship. Bazookas and mortars can also be used in action, but the conditions for using them have to be prepared and the people who use them must be trained.

The urban guerrilla should not attempt to base his actions on the use of heavy weapons, which have major drawbacks in a type of fighting that demands lightweight weapons to insure mobility and speed.

Homemade weapons are often as efficient as the best weapons produced in conventional factories, and even a sawed-off shotgun is a good weapon for the urban guerrilla fighter.

9933b5  No.11699411

Weapons 1/2

The urban guerrilla's role as a gunsmith has a basic importance. As a gunsmith, he takes care of the weapons, knows how to repair them, and in many cases can set up a small shop for improvising and producing effective small arms.

Experience in metallurgy and on the mechanical lathe are basic skills the urban guerrilla should incorporate into his manufacturing plans for the construction of homemade weapons. This production, and courses in explosives and sabotage, must be organized. The primary materials for practice in these courses must be obtained ahead of time, to prevent an incomplete apprenticeship—that is to say, so as to leave no room for experimentation.

Molotov cocktails, gasoline, homemade contrivances such as catapaults and mortars for firing explosives, grenades made of pipes and cans, smoke bombs, mines, conventional explosives such as dynamite and potassium chlorate, plastic explosives, gelatine capsules, and ammunition of every kind are indispensible to the success of the urban guerrilla's mission.

The methods of obtaining the necessary materials and munitions will be to buy them or to take them by force in expropriation actions specially planned and carried out. The urban guerrillas will be careful not to keep explosives and other materials that can cause accidents around for very long, but will always try to use them immediately on their intended targets.

The urban guerrilla's weapons and his ability to maintain them constitute his firepower. By taking advantage of modern weapons and introducing innovations in his firepower and in the use of certain weapons, the urban guerrilla can improve many of the tactics of urban warfare. An example of this was the innovation made by the Brazilian urban guerrillas when they introduced the use of the submachine gun in their attacks on banks.

When the massive use of uniform submachine guns becomes possible, there will be new changes in urban guerrilla warfare tactics. The firing group that utilizes uniform weapons and corresponding ammunition, with reasonable care for their maintenance, will reach a considerable level of effectiveness.

The urban guerrilla increases his effectiveness as he increases his firepower.

9933b5  No.11699419


The urban guerrilla's reason for existence, the basic condition in which he acts and survives, is to shoot. The urban guerrilla must know how to shoot well, because it is required by this type of combat.

In conventional warfare, combat is generally at a distance with long-range weapons. In unconventional warfare, in which urban guerrilla warfare is included, combat is at short range and often very close. To prevent his own death, the urban guerrilla must shoot first, and he cannot err in his shot. He cannot waste his ammunition because he does not possess large amounts, and so he must conserve it. Nor can he replace his ammunition quickly, since he is a part of a small team in which each guerrilla has to be able to look after himself. The urban guerrilla can lose no time, and thus has to be able to shoot at once.

One basic fact, which we want to emphasize completely, and whose importance cannot be overestimated, is that the urban guerrilla must not fire continuously, using up his ammunition. It may be that the enemy is responding to this fire precisely because he is waiting until the guerrilla's ammunition is all used up. At such a moment, without having the opportunity to replace his ammunition, the guerrilla faces a rain of enemy fire, and can be taken prisoner or killed.

In spite of the value of the surprise factor, which many times makes it unnecessary for the urban guerrilla to use his weapons, he cannot be allowed the luxury of entering combat without knowing how to shoot. And when face-to-face with the enemy, he must always be moving from one position to another, since to stay in one place makes him a fixed target and, as such, very vulnerable.

The urban guerrilla's life depends on shooting, on his ability to handle his weapons well and to avoid being hit. When we speak of shooting, we speak of accuracy as well. Shooting must be practiced until it becomes a reflex action on the part of the urban guerrilla. To learn how to shoot and have good aim, the urban guerrilla must train himself systematically, utilizing every practice method shooting at targets, even in amusement parks and at home.

Shooting and marksmanship are the urban guerrilla's water and air. His perfection of the art of shooting may make him a special type of urban guerrilla—that is, a sniper, a category of solitary combatant indispensible in isolated actions. The sniper knows how to shoot at close range and at long range, and his weapons are appropriate for either type of shooting.

9933b5  No.11699423


In order to function, the urban guerrillas must be organized into small groups. A team of no more than four or five is called a firing group. A minimum of two firing groups, separated and insulated from other firing groups, directed and coordinated by one or two persons, this is what makes a firing team.

Within the firing group, there must be complete confidence among the members. The best shot, and the one who knows best how to handle the submachine gun, is the person in charge of operations.

The firing group plans and executes urban guerrilla actions, obtains and stores weapons, and studies and corrects its own tactics.

When there are tasks planned by the strategic command, these tasks take preference. But there is no such thing as a firing group without its own initiative. For this reason, it is essential to avoid any rigidity in the guerrilla organization, in order to permit the greatest possible initiative on the part of the flrlng group. The old-type hierarchy, the style of the traditional revolutionaries, doesn't exist in our organization. This means that, except for the priority of the objectives set by the strategic command, any firing group can decide to raid a bank, to kidnap or execute an agent of the dictatorship, a figure identified with the reaction, or a foreign spy, and can carry out any type of propaganda or war of nerves against the enemy, without the need to consult with the general command.

No firing group can remain inactive waiting for orders from above. Its obligation is to act. Any single urban guerrilla who wants to establish a firing group and begin action can do so, and thus becomes a part of the organization.

This method of action eliminates the need for knowing who is carrying out which actions, since there is free initiative and the only important point is to greatly increase the volume of urban guerrilla activity in order to wear out the government and force it onto the defensive.

The firing group is the instrument of organized action. Within it, guerrilla operations and tactics are planned, launched and carried through to success. The general command counts on the firing groups to carry out objectives of a strategic nature, and to do so in any part of the country. For its part, the general command helps the firing groups with their difficulties and with carrying out objectives of a strategic nature, and to do so in any part of the country.

The organization is an indestructable network of firing groups, and of coordinations among them, that functions simply and practically within a general command that also participates in attacks—an organization that exists for no other purpose than that of pure and simple revolutionary action.

9933b5  No.11699430


Conventional logistics can be expressed with the formula FFEA:





Conventional logistics refer to the maintenance problems for an army or a regular armed force, transported in vehicles, with fixed bases and supply lines. Urban guerrillas, on the contrary, are not an army but small armed groups, intentionally fragmented. They have neither vehicles nor rear areas. Their supply lines are precarious and insufficient, and they have no fixed bases except in the rudimentary sense of a weapons factory within a house. While the goal of conventional logistics is to supply the war needs of the "gorillas" who are used to repress rural and urban rebellion, urban guerrilla logistics aim at sustaining operations and tactics which have nothing in common with conventional warfare and are directed against the government and foreign domination of the country.

For the urban guerrilla, who starts from nothing and who has no support at the beginning, logistics are expressed by the formula MMWAE, which is:






Revolutionary logistics takes mechanization as one of its bases. Nevertheless, mechanization is inseperable from the driver. The urban guerrilla driver is as important as the urban guerrilla machine gunner. Without either, the machines do not work, and the automobile, as well as the submachine gun becomes a dead thing. An experienced driver is not made in one day, and apprenticeship must begin early. Every good urban guerrilla must be a driver. As to the vehicles, the urban guerrilla must expropriate what he needs. When he already has resources, the urban guerrilla can combine the expropriation of vehicles with his other methods of acquisition.

Money, weapons, ammunition and explosives, and automobiles as well, must be expropriated. The urban guerrilla must rob banks and armories, and seize explosives and ammunition wherever he finds them.

None of these operations is carried out for just one purpose. Even when the raid is to obtain money, the weapons that the guards carry must be taken as well.

Expropriation is the first step in organizing our logistics, which itself assumes an armed and permanently mobile character.

The second step is to reinforce and expand logistics, resorting to ambushes and traps in which the enemy is surprised and his weapons, ammunition, vehicles and other resources are captured.

Once he has weapons, ammunition and explosives, one of the most serious logistics problems facing the urban guerrilla is a hiding place in which to leave the material, and appropriate means of transporting it and assembling it where it is needed. This has to be accomplished even when the enemy is alerted and has the roads blocked.

The knowledge that the urban guerrilla possesses of the terrain, and the devices he uses or is capable of using, such as scouts specially prepared and recruited for this mission, are the basic elements in solving the eternal logistics problems faced by the guerrillas.

9933b5  No.11699436


The tactics of the urban guerrilla have the following characteristics:

1. It is an aggressive tactic, or, in other words, it has an offensive character. As is well known, defensive action means death for us. Since we are inferior to the enemy in firepower, and have neither his resources nor his power base, we cannot defend ourselves against an offensive or a concentrated attack by the "gorillas". That is the reason why our urban technique can never be permanent, can never defend a fixed base nor remain in any one spot waiting to repell the circle of repression.

2. It is a tactic of attack and rapid withdrawal, by which we preserve our forces.

3. It is a tactic that aims at the development of urban guerrilla warfare, whose function will be to wear out, demoralize and distract the enemy forces, permitting the emergence and survival of rural guerrilla warfare, which is destined to play the decisive role in the revolutionary war.


The dynamics of urban guerrilla warfare lie in the guerrilla's violent clash with the military and police forces of the dictatorship. In this conflict, the police have superiority. The urban guerrilla has inferior forces. The paradox is that the urban guerrilla is nevertheless the attacker.

The military and police forces, for their part, respond to the conflict by mobilizing and concentrating greatly superior forces in the pursuit and destruction of the urban guerrilla. The guerrilla can only avoid defeat if he depends on the initial advantages he has and knows how to exploit them to the end, to compensate for his weakness and lack of material.

The initial advantages are:

1. He must take the enemy by surprise.

2. He must know the terrain of the encounter.

3. He must have greater mobility and speed than the police and other repressive forces.

4. His information service must be better than the enemy's.

5. He must be in command of the situation, and demonstrate a decisiveness so great that everyone on our side is inspired and never thinks of hesitating, while on the other side the enemy is stunned and incapable of acting.

9933b5  No.11699445


sry busy have more to dump


To compensate for his general weakness and shortage of weapons compared to the enemy, the urban guerrilla uses surprise. The enemy has no way to combat surprise and becomes confused and is destroyed.

When urban guerrilla warfare broke out in Brazil, experience proved that surprise was essential to the success of any guerrilla operation.

The technique of surprise is based upon four essential requirements :

1. We know the situation of the enemy we are going to attack, usually by means of precise information and meticulous observation, while the enemy does not know he is going to be attacked and knows nothing about the attackers.

2. We know the strength of the enemy we are going to attack, and the enemy knows nothing about our strength.

3. Attacking by surprise, we save and conserve our forces, while the enemy is unable to do the same, and is left at the mercy of events.

4. We determine the time and place of the attack, fix its duration and establish its objectives. The enemy remains ignorant of all of this information.


The urban guerrilla's best ally is the terrain, and because this is so he must know it like the palm of his hand. To have the terrain as an ally means to know how to use with intelligence its unevenness, its high and low points, its turns, its irregularities, its fixed and secret passages, its abandoned areas, its thickets, etc., taking maximum advantage of all of this for the success of armed actions, escapes, retreats, covers, and hiding places. Impasses and narrow spots, gorges, streets under repair, police checkpoints, military zones and closed-off streets, the entrances and exits to tunnels and those that the enemy can close off, corners controlled or watched by the police, traffic lights and signals; all this must be thoroughly known and studied in order to avoid fatal errors.

Our problem is to get through and to know where and how to hide, leaving the enemy bewildered in areas he doesn't know. Being familiar with the avenues, streets, alleys, ins and outs, the corners of the urban centers, its paths and shortcuts, its empty lots, its underground passages, its pipes and sewer systems, the urban guerrilla safely crosses through the irregular and difficult terrain unfamiliar to the police, where the police can be surprised in a fatal ambush or trap at any moment.

Because he knows the terrain, the urban guerrilla can pass through it on foot, on bicycle, in a car, jeep or small truck, and never be trapped. Acting in small groups with only a few people, the guerrillas can rendezvous at a time and place determined beforehand, following up the initial attack with new guerrilla operations, or evading the police cordon and disorienting the enemy with their unexpected audacity.

It is an impossible problem for the police, in the labrynthian terrain of the urban guerrilla, to catch someone they cannot see, to repress someone they cannot catch, and to close in on someone they cannot find.

Our experience is that the ideal guerrilla is one who operates in his own city and thoroughly knows its streets, its neighborhoods, its transit problems, and its other peculiarities. The guerrilla outsider, who comes to a city whose streets are unfamiliar to him, is a weak spot, and if he is assigned certain operations, he can endanger them. To avoid grave mistakes, it is necessary for him to get to know the layout of the streets.

9933b5  No.11699456


To insure a mobility and speed that the police cannot match, the urban guerrilla needs the following:

1. Mechanization

2. Knowledge of the terrain

3. A disruption or suspension of enemy transport and communications

4. Light weapons

By carefully carrying out operations that last only a few moments, and leaving the site in mechanized vehicles, the urban guerrilla beats a rapid retreat, escaping capture.

The urban guerrilla must know the way in detail, and, in this manner, must go through the schedule ahead of time as a training, to avoid entering alleyways that have no exit, or running into traffic jams, or being stopped by the Transit Department's traffic signals.

The police pursue the urban guerrilla blindly, without knowing which road he is using for his escape. While the urban guerrilla escapes quickly because he knows the terrain, the police lose the trail and give up the chase.

The urban guerrilla must launch his operations far from the logistical centers of the police. A primary advantage of this method of operation is that it places us at a reasonable distance from the possibility of capture, which facilitates our evasion.

In addition to this necessary precaution, the urban guerrilla must be concerned with the enemy's communication system. The telephone is the primary target in preventing the enemy from access to information, by knocking out his communications systems.

Even if he knows about the guerrilla operation, the enemy depends on modern transportation for his logistics support, and his vehicles necessarily lose time carrying him through the heavy traffic of the large cities. It is clear that the tangled and treacherous traffic is a disadvantage for the enemy, as it would be for us if we were not ahead of him.

If we want to have a safe margin of security and be certain to leave no tracks for the future, we can adopt the following methods:

1. Deliberately intercept the police with other vehicles, or by seemingly casual inconveniences and accidents; but in this case the vehicles in question should neither be legal nor have real license numbers

2. Obstruct the roads with fallen trees, rocks, ditches, false traffic signs, dead ends or detours, or other clever methods

3. Place homemade mines in the way of the police; use gasoline or throw Molotov cocktails to set their vehicles on fire

4. Set off a burst of submachine gun fire or weapons such as the FAL aimed at the motor and tires of the cars engaged in the pursuit

With the arrogance typical of the police and the military authorities, the enemy will come to fight us equipped with heavy guns and equipment, and with elaborate maneuvers by men armed to the teeth. The urban guerrilla must respond to this with light weapons that can be easily transported, so he can always escape with maximum speed without ever accepting open fighting. The urban guerrilla has no mission other than to attack and quickly withdraw. We would leave ourselves open to the most crushing defeats if we burdened ourselves with heavy weapons and with the tremendous weight of the ammunition necessary to use them, at the same time losing our precious gift of mobility.

When our enemy fights against us with the cavalry, we are at no disadvantage as long as we are mechanized. The automobile goes faster than the horse. From within the car, we also have the target of the mounted police, knocking him down with submachine gun and revolver fire or with Molotov cocktails and hand grenades.

On the other hand, it is not so difficult for an urban guerrilla on foot to make a target of a policeman on horseback. Moreover, ropes across the street, marbles, and cork stoppers are very efficient methods of making them both fall. The great disadvantage faced by the mounted policeman is that he presents the urban guerrilla with two excellent targets—the horse and its rider.

Apart from being faster than the horseman, the helicopter has no better chance in pursuit. If the horse is too slow compared to the urban guerrilla's automobile, the helicopter is too fast. Moving at 200 kilometers an hour, it will never succeed in hitting from above a target that is lost among the crowds and street vehicles, nor can the helicopter land in public streets in order to capture someone. At the same time, whenever it flies too low, it will be excessively vulnerable to the fire of the urban guerrillas.

9933b5  No.11699465


The chances that the government has for discovering and destroying the urban guerrillas lessens as the power of the dictatorship's enemies becomes greater and more concentrated among the population.

This concentration of the opponents of the dictatorship plays a very important role in providing information about the actions of the police and government officials, as well as hiding the activities of the guerrillas. The enemy can also be thrown off with false information, which is worse for him because it is a tremendous waste.

By whatever means, the sources of information at the disposal of the urban guerrilla are potentially better than those of the police. The enemy is observed by the people, but he does not know who among the people transmits information to the urban guerrillas. The military and the police are hated by the people for the injustices and violence they have committed, and this facilitates obtaining information which is damaging to the activities of government agents.

Information, which is only a small segment of popular support, represents an extraordinary potential in the hands of the urban guerrilla.

The creation of an intelligence service, with an organized structure, is a basic need for us. The urban guerrilla has to have vital information about the plans and movements of the enemy; where they are, how they move, the resources of their banking network, their means of communication, and the secret activities they carry out. The reliable information passed on to the guerrillas represents a well-aimed blow at the dictatorship. The dictatorship has no way to defend itself in the face of an important leak which facilitates our destructive attacks.

The enemy also wants to know what actions we are planning so he can destroy us or prevent us from acting. In this sense, the danger of betrayal is present, and the enemy encourages betrayal and infiltrates spies into the guerrilla organization. The urban guerrilla's technique against this enemy tactic is to denounce publicly the spies, traitors, informers and provocateurs. Since our struggle takes place among the people and depends on their sympathy—while the government has a bad reputation because of its brutality, corruption and incompetence—the informers, spies, traitors and the police come to be enemies of the people, without supporters, denounced to the urban guerrillas and, in many cases, properly punished.

For his part, the urban guerrilla must not evade the duty—once he knows who the spy or informer is—of physically wiping him out. This is the proper method, approved by the people, and it minimizes considerably the incidence of infiltration or enemy spying.

For complete success in the battle against spies and informers, it is essential to organize a counter-espionage or counter-intelligence service. Nevertheless, as far as information is concerned, it cannot all be reduced to a matter of knowing the enemy's moves and avoiding the infiltration of spies. Intelligence information must be broad—it must embrace everything, including the most insignificant material. There is a technique of obtaining information, and the urban guerrilla must master it. Following this technique, intelligence information is obtained naturally, as a part of the life of the people.

The urban guerrilla, living in the midst of the population and moving about among them, must be attentive to all types of conversations and human relations, learning how to disguise his interest with great skill and judgement.

In places where people work, study, and live, it is easy to collect all kinds of information on payments, business, plans of all kinds, points of view, opinions, people's state of mind, trips, interior layout of buildings, offices and rooms, operations centers, etc.

Observation, investigation, reconnaissance, and exploration of the terrain are also excellent sources of information. The urban guerrilla never goes anywhere absentmindedly and without revolutionary precaution, always on the alert lest something occurs. Eyes and ears open, senses alert, his memory is engraved with everything necessary, now or in the future, to the continued activity of the guerrilla fighter.

Careful reading of the press with particular attention to the mass communication media, the research of accumulated data, the transmission of news and everything of note, a persistence in being informed and in informing others, all this makes up the intricate and immensely complicated question of information which gives the urban guerrilla a decisive advantage.

d16fa9  No.11699469

File: f3986ef93702d38⋯.pdf (1.61 MB, Land Mines Army Ammunition….pdf)

File from the Do/k/ument, lots of good stuff in it tbh

9933b5  No.11699470


It is not enough for the urban guerrilla to have in his favor surprise, speed, knowledge of the terrain, and information. He must also demonstrate his command of any situation and a capacity for decisiveness, without which all other advantages will prove to be useless.

It is impossible to carry out any action, however well-planned, if the urban guerrilla turns out to be indecisive, uncertain, irresolute. Even an action successfully begun can end in defeat if command of the situation and the capacity for decision falter in the middle of the execution of the plan. When this command of the situation and a capacity for decision are absent, the void is filled with hesitation and terror. The enemy takes advantage of this failure and is able to liquidate us.

The secret of the success of any operation, simple or complex, easy or difficult, is to rely on determined men. Strictly speaking, there are no simple operations: all must be carried out with the same care taken in the most difficult, beginning with the choice of the human elements—which means relying on leadership and the capacity for decision in every situation.

One can see ahead of time whether an action will be successfull or not by the way its participants act during the preparatory period. Those who fall behind, who fail to make designated contacts, are easily confused, forget things, fail to complete the basic tasks of the work, possibly are indecisive men and can be a danger. It is better not to include them.

Decisiveness means to put into practice the plan that has been devised with determination, with audacity, and with an absolute firmness. It takes only one person who hesitates to lose all.

9933b5  No.11699481


With his tactics developed and established, the urban guerrilla trains himself in methods of action leading to attack, and, in Brazil, has the following objectives:

1. To threaten the triangle within which the Brazilian state and North American domination are maintained, a triangle whose points are Rio, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte, and whose base is the axis Rio—San Paulo, where the giant industrial, financial, economic, political, cultural, military, and police complex that holds the decisive power of the country is located.

2. To weaken the local militia and the security systems of the dictatorship, given the fact that we are attacking and the "gorillas"

defending, which means catching the government in a defensive position with its troops immobilized in the defense of the entire complex of national maintenance, with its ever-present fears of an attack on its strategic nerve centers, and without ever knowing where, how or when the attack will come.

3. To attack every area with many different armed groups, small in size, each self-contained and operating independently, to disperse the government forces in their pursuit of a thoroughly fragmented organization, instead of offering the dictatorship the opportunity to concentrate its forces in the destruction of one tightly organized system operating throughout the country.

4. To give proof of its combatitivenes, decision, firmness, determination, and persistence in the attack on the military dictatorship, in order to allow all rebels to follow in our example and to fight with urban guerrilla tactics. Meanwhile, the government with all of its problems, incapable of halting guerrilla actions within the cities, will lose time and suffer endless attrition, and will finally be forced to pull back its repressive forces in order to mount guard over all the banks, industries, armories, military barracks, prisons, public offices, radio and television stations, North American firms, gas storage tanks, oil refineries, ships, airplanes, ports, airports, hospitals, health centers, blood banks, stores, garages, embassies, residences of high-ranking members of the regime such as ministers and generals, police stations, official organizations, etc.

5. To increase urban guerrilla actions gradually into an endless number of surprise raids, such that the government cannot leave the urban area to pursue guerrillas in the rural interior without running the risk of abandoning the cities and permitting rebellion to increase on the coast as well as the interior of the country.

6. To force the Army and the police, their commanders and their assistants, to give up the relative comfort and tranquility of their barracks and their usual rest, for a state of fear and growing tension in the expectation of attack, or in a search for trails which vanish without a trace.

7. To avoid open battle and decisive combat with the government, limiting the struggle to brief, rapid attacks with lightning results.

8. To insure for the urban guerrilla a maximum freedom of movement and of action, without ever relinquishing the use of armed action, remaining firmly oriented towards helping the formation of rural guerrilla warfare and supporting the construction of a revolutionary army for national liberation.

9933b5  No.11699489


In order to achieve the objectives previously listed, the urban guerrilla is obliged, in his tactics, to follow missions whose nature is as different or diversified as possible. The urban guerrilla does not arbitrarily choose this or that mission. Some actions are simple; others are complicated. The inexperienced guerrilla must be gradually introduced into actions and operations which run from the simple to the complex. He begins with small missions and tasks until he becomes completely experienced.

Before any action, the urban guerrilla must think of the methods and the personnel at his disposal to carry out the mission. Operations and actions that demand the urban guerrilla's technical preparation cannot be carried out by someone who lacks the technical skill.

With these precautions, the missions which the urban guerrilla can undertake are the following:

1. assaults

2. raids and penetrations

3. occupations

4. ambushes

5. street tactics

6. strikes and work stoppages

7. desertions, diversions, seizures,

expropriation of weapons,

ammunition and explosives

8. liberation of prisoners

9. executions

10. kidnappings

11. sabotage

12. terrorism

13. armed propaganda

14. war of nerves

9933b5  No.11699500


Assaults are the armed attacks which we make to expropriate funds, liberate prisoners, capture explosives, submachine guns, and other types of weapons and ammunition. Assaults can take place in broad daylight or at night. Daytime assaults are made when the objective cannot be achieved at any other hour, such as the transport of money by banks, which is not done at night. Night assault is usually the most advantageous for the guerrilla. The ideal is for all assaults to take place at night, when conditions for a surprise attack are most favorable and the darkness facilitates escape and hides the identity of the participants. The urban guerrilla must prepare himself, nevertheless, to act under all conditions, daytime as well as night.

The must vulnerable targets for assaults are the following:

1. credit establishments

2. commercial and industrial

enterprises, including plants for the

manufacture of weapons and


3. military establishments

4. commissaries and police stations

5. jails

6. government property

7. mass communications media

8. North American firms and properties

9. government vehicles, including

military and police vehicles, trucks,

armored vehicles, money carriers,

trains, ships, and airplanes.

The assaults on businesses use the same tactics, because in every case the buildings represent a fixed target. Assaults on buildings are planned as guerrilla operations, varied according to whether they are against banks, a commercial enterprise, industries, military bases, commissaries, prisons, radio stations, warehouses for foreign firms, etc.

The assault on vehicles—money-carriers, armored vehicles, trains, ships, airplanes—are of another nature, since they are moving targets. The nature of the operation varies according to the situation and the circumstances—that is, whether the vehicle is stationary or moving. Armored cars, including military vehicles, are not immune to mines. Roadblocks, traps, ruses, interception by other vehicles, Molotov cocktails, shooting with heavy weapons, are efficient methods of assaulting vehicles. Heavy vehicles, grounded airplaces and anchored ships can be seized and their crews and guards overcome. Airplanes in flight can be hijacked by guerrilla action or by one person. Ships and trains in motion can be assaulted or captured by guerrilla operations in order to obtain weapons and ammunition or to prevent troop movements.

d16fa9  No.11699507

File: 85496df4c238b04⋯.pdf (4.49 MB, Quick and Dirty Homeamade ….pdf)

File: aeaed32e64522b2⋯.pdf (6.64 MB, More Workbench Silencers.pdf)

File: b810fa44333342f⋯.pdf (84.86 KB, 22LR HomeMade Silencer.pdf)

whatcha doin rabbi

9933b5  No.11699515


The most popular mission is the bank assault. In Brazil, the urban guerrillas have begun a type of organized assault on the banks as a guerrilla operation. Today, this type of assault is widely used, and has served as a sort of preliminary test for the urban guerrilla in his training in the tactics of urban guerrilla warfare.

Important innovations in the tactics of assaulting banks have developed, guaranteeing escape, the withdrawal of money, and the anonymity of those involved. Among these innovations, we cite the shooting of tires of cars to prevent pursuit, locking people in the bank bathroom, making them sit on the floor, immobilizing the bank guards and taking their weapons, forcing someone to open the safe or the strong box, and using disguises.

Attempts to install bank alarms, to use guards or electronic detection devices prove fruitless when the assault is political and is carried out according to urban guerrilla warfare techniques. This guerrilla method uses new techniques to meet the enemy's tactical changes, has access to firepower that is growing every day, becomes increasingly more experienced and more confident, and uses a larger number of guerrillas every time; all to guarantee the success of operations planned down to the last detail.

The bank assault is a typical expropriation. But, as is true with any kind of armed expropriatory action, the guerrilla is handicapped by a two-fold competition:

1. competition from the outlaw

2. competition from the right-wing counter-revolutionary

This competition produces confusion, which is reflected in the people's uncertainty. It is up to the urban guerrilla to prevent this from happening, and to accomplish this he must use two methods:

1. He must avoid the outlaw's technique, which is one of unnecessary violence and the expropriation of goods and possessions belonging to the people

2. He must use the assault for propaganda purposes at the very moment it is taking place, and later distribute material, leaflets—every possible means of explaining the objectives and the principles of the urban guerrillas, as expropriator of the government and the ruling elite.


Raids and penetrations are rapid attacks on establishments located in neighborhoods, or even in the center of the city, such as small military units, commissaries, hospitals, to cause trouble, seize weapons, punish and terrorize the enemy, take reprisals, or to rescue wounded prisoners or those hospitalized under police guard. Raids and penetrations are also made on garages and depots to destroy vehicles and damage installations, especially if they are North American firms and property. When they take place on certain stretches of highway or in certain distant neighborhoods, these raids can serve to force the enemy to move great numbers of troops, a totally useless effort since when they get there they will find nobody to fight. When they are carried out on certain houses, offices, archives or public offices, their purpose is to capture or search for secret papers and documents with which to denounce deals, compromises and the corruption of men in government, their dirty deals and criminal transactions. Raids and penetrations are most effective if they are carried out at night.

9933b5  No.11699517


Occupations are a type of attack carried out when the urban guerrilla stations himself in specific establishments and locations, for a temporary action against the enemy or for some propaganda purpose. The occupation of factories and schools during strikes, or at other times, is a method of protest or of distracting the enemy's attention. The occupation of radio stations is for propaganda purposes.

Occupation is a highly effective model for action but, in order to prevent losses and material damage to our forces, it is always a good idea to plan on the possibility of a forced withdrawal. It must always be meticulously planned, and carried out at the opportune moment. Occupations always have a time limit, and the swifter they are completed, the better.


Ambushes are attacks, typified by surprise, when the enemy is trapped on the road or when he makes a police net surrounding a house or estate. A false alarm can bring the enemy to the spot, where he falls into a trap.

The principle object of the ambush is to capture enemy weapons and to punish him with death. Ambushes to halt passenger trains are for propaganda purposes, and, when they are troop trains, the object is to annihilate the enemy and seize his weapons. The urban guerrilla sniper is the kind of fighter specially suited for ambush, because he can hide easily in the irregularities of the terrain, on the roofs and the tops of buildings and apartments under construction. From windows and dark places, he can take careful aim at his chosen target.

Ambush has devestating effects on the enemy, leaving him unnerved, insecure and fearful.

9933b5  No.11699523


Street tactics are used to fight the enemy in the streets, utilizing the participation of the population against him.

In 1968, the Brazilian students used excellent street tactics against police troops, such as marching down streets against traffic and using slingshots and marbles against mounted police. Other street tactics consist of constructing barricades; pulling up paving blocks and hurling them at the police; throwing bottles, bricks, paperweights and other projectiles at the police from the top of office and apartment buildings; using buildings and other structures for escape, for hiding and for supporting surprise attacks. It is equally necessary to know how to respond to enemy tactics. When the police troops come wearing helmets to protect them against flying objects, we have to divide ourselves into two teams—one to attack the enemy from the front, the other to attack him in the rear—withdrawing one as the other goes into action to prevent the first from being struck by projectiles hurled by the second. By the same token, it is important to know how to respond to the police net. When the police designate certain of their men to go into the crowd and arrest a demonstrator, a larger group of urban guerrillas must surround the police group, disarming and beating them and at the same time allowing the prisoner to escape. This urban guerrilla operation is called "the net within a net".

When the police net is formed at a school building, a factory, a place where demonstrators gather, or some other point, the urban guerrilla must not give up or allow himself to be taken by surprise. To make his net effective, the enemy is obliged to transport his troops in vehicles and special cars to occupy strategic points in the streets, in order to invade the building or chosen locale. The urban guerrilla, for his part, must never clear a building or an area and meet in it without first knowing its exits, the way to break an encirclement, the strategic points that the police must occupy, and the roads that inevitably lead into the net, and he must hold other strategic points from which to strike at the enemy. The roads followed by police vehicles must be mined at key points along the way and at forced roadblocks. When the mines explode, the vehicles will be knocked into the air. The police will be caught in the trap and will suffer losses and be victims of an ambush. The net must be broken by escape routes which are unknown to the police. The rigorous planning of a withdrawal is the best way to frustrate any encircling effort on the part of the enemy. When there is no possibility of an escape plan, the urban guerrilla must not hold meetings, gatherings or do anything, since to do so will prevent him from breaking through the net which the enemy will surely try to throw around him.

Street tactics have revealed a new type of urban guerrilla who participates in mass protests. This is the type we designate as the "urban guerrilla demonstrator", who joins the crowds and participates in marches with specific and definate aims in mind. The urban guerrilla demonstrator must initiate the "net within the net", ransacking government vehicles, official cars and police vehicles before turning them over or setting fire to them, to see if any of them have money or weapons.

Snipers are very good for mass demonstrations, and along with the urban guerrilla demonstrator can play a valuable role. Hidden at strategic points, the snipers have complete success using shotguns or submachine guns, which can easily cause losses among the enemy.

9933b5  No.11699528


The strike is a model of action employed by the urban guerrilla in work centers and schools to damage the enemy by stopping work and study activities. Because it is one of the weapons most feared by the exploiters and oppressors, the enemy uses tremendous firepower and incredible violence against it. The strikers are taken to prison, suffer beatings, and many of them wind up killed.

The urban guerrilla must prepare the strike in such a way as to leave no track or clue that can identify the leaders of such an action. A strike is successful when it is organized by a small group, if it is carefully prepared in secret using the most clandestine methods. Weapons, ammunition, Molotov cocktails, homemade weapons of destruction and attack, all of these must be supplied beforehand in order to meet the enemy. So that the action can do the greatest possible amount of damage, it is a good idea to study and put into effect a sabotage plan. Strikes and study interruptions, although they are of brief duration, cause severe damage to the enemy. It is enough for them to crop up at different locations and in differing sections of the same area, disrupting daily life, occuring endlessly, one after the other, in true guerrilla fashion.

In strikes or in simple work interruptions, the urban guerrilla has recourse to the occupation or penetration of the site, or he can simply make a raid. In that case, his objective is to take captives, to capture prisoners, or to capture enemy agents and propose an exchange for arrested strikers.

In certain cases, strikes and brief work interruptions can offer an excellent opportunity for preparing ambushes or traps, whose aim is the physical destruction of the police. The basic fact is that the enemy suffers losses as well as material and moral damage, and is weakened by the action.

9933b5  No.11699533


Desertion and the diversion of weapons are actions carried out in military bases, ships, military hospitals, etc. The urban guerrilla soldier or officer must desert at the most opportune moment with modern weapons and ammunition, to hand them over to the guerrillas. One of the most opportune moments is when the urban guerrilla soldier is called upon to pursue his guerrilla comrades outside the military base. Instead of following the orders of the "gorillas", the military urban guerrilla must join the ranks of the revolutionaries by handing over the weapons and ammunition he carries, or the military vehicle he operates. The advantage of this method is that the rebels receive weapons and ammunition from the army, navy, air force, military police, civilian guard or the police without any great work, since it reaches their hands by government transportation.

Other opportunities may occur in the barracks, and the military urban guerrilla must always be alert to this. In case of carelessness on the part of commanders or in other favorable conditions—such as bureaucratic attitudes or the relaxation of discipline on the part of lieutenants or other internal personnel—the military urban guerrilla must no longer wait but must try to inform the guerrillas and desert with as large a supply of weapons as possible.

When there is no possibility of deserting with weapons and ammunition, the military urban guerrilla must engage in sabotage, starting fires and explosions in munitions dumps. This technique of deserting with weapons and of raiding and sabotaging the military centers is the best way of wearing out and demoralizing the enemy and leaving them confused. The urban guerrilla's purpose in disarming an individual enemy is to capture his weapons. These weapons are usually in the hands of sentinels or others whose task is guard duty. The capture of weapons may be accomplished by violent means or by cleverness and tricks or traps. When the enemy is disarmed, he must be searched for weapons other than those already taken from him. If we are careless, he can use the weapons that were not seized to shoot the urban guerrilla. The seizure of weapons is an efficient method of aquiring submachine guns, the urban guerrilla's most important weapon. When we carry out small operations or actions to seize weapons and ammunition, the materiel captured may be for personal use or for armaments and supplies for the firing teams.

The necessity to provide firepower for the urban guerrillas is so great that, in order to take off from the zero point, we often have to purchase one weapon, divert or capture a single gun. The basic point is to begin, and to begin with a spirit of decisiveness and boldness. The possession of a single submachine gun multiplies our forces. In a bank assault, we must be careful to seize the weapons of the bank guard. The rest of the weapons will be found with the treasurer, the bank tellers or the manager, and must also be seized. Quite often, we succeed in capturing weapons in police stations, as a result of raids. The capture of weapons, ammunition and explosives is the urban guerrilla's goal in assaulting commercial businesses, industries and quarries.

9933b5  No.11699544


The liberation of prisoners is an armed action designed to free jailed urban guerrillas. In daily struggle against the enemy, the urban guerrilla is subject to arrest, and can be sentenced to unlimited years in jail.

This does not mean that the battle ends here. For the guerrilla, his experience is deepened by prison, and struggle continues even in the dungeons where he is held. The imprisoned guerrilla views the prisons of the enemy as a terrain which he must dominate and understand in order to free himself by a guerrilla operation. There is no jail, either on an island, in a city penitentiary, or on a farm, that is impregnable to the slyness, cleverness and firepower of the rebels.

The urban guerrilla who is free views the jails of the enemy as the inevitable site of guerrilla actions designed to liberate his ideological comrades from prison. It is this combination of the urban guerrilla in freedom and the urban guerrilla in jail that results in the armed operations we refer to as "liberation of prisoners".

The guerrilla operations that can be used in liberating prisoners are the following;

1. riots in penal establishments, in correctional colonies or camps, or on transport or prison ships;

2. assaults on urban or rural prisons, detention centers, prison camps, or any other permanent or temporary place where prisoners are held;

3. assaults on prisoner transport trains or convoys;

4. raids and penetrations of prisons; 5. ambushing of guards who move prisoners.


xecution is the killing of a foreign spy, of an agent of the dictatorship, of a police torturer, of a dictatorial personality in the government involved in crimes and persecutions against patriots, of a stool pigeon, informer, police agent or police provocateur. Those who go to the police of their own free will to make denunciations and accusations, who supply information and who finger people, must be executed when they are caught by the urban guerrillas.

Execution is a secret action, in which the least possible number of urban guerrillas are involved. In many cases, the execution can be carried out by a single sniper, patient, alone and unknown, and operating in absolute secrecy and in cold blood.


Kidnapping is capturing and holding in a secret place a spy, political personality or a notorious and dangerous enemy of the revolutionary movement. Kidnapping is used to exchange or liberate imprisoned revolutionaries or to force the suspension of torture in jail by the military dictatorship.

The kidnapping of personalities who are well-known artists, sports figures or who are outstanding in some other field, but who have evidenced no political interest, can be a useful form of propaganda for the guerrillas, provided it occurs under special circumstances, and is handled so the public understands and sympathizes with it. The kidnappings of foreigners or visitors constitutes a form of protest against the penetration and domination of imperialism in our country.

e8459d  No.11699548

How do you if you're being watched? I've had a couple of weird encounters with people, like guys in black hoods in 90 degree heat while i'm the middle of the park start following me and cars pull up to me in the middle of night while I was walking my dog.

I think I said something I wasn't suppose to. I don't think it's LE.

9933b5  No.11699555


Sabotage is a highly destructive type of attack using very few persons—and sometimes requiring only one—to accomplish the desired result. When the urban guerrilla uses sabotage, the first step is isolated sabotage. Then comes the step of dispersed and general sabotage, carried out by the population. Well-executed sabotage demands study, planning and careful action. A characteristic form of sabotage is explosion, using dynamite, fire or the placing of mines. A little sand, a trickle of any kind of combustible, a poor lubrication job, a screw removed, a short circuit, inserted pieces of wood or iron, can cause irreparable damage. The objective of sabotage is to hurt, to damage, to make useless and to destroy vital enemy points such as the following:

1. the economy of the country

2. agricultural or industrial production

3. transport and communication systems

4. military and police systems and their establishments and depots

5. the repressive military-police system

6. the firms and properties of exploiters in the country

The urban guerrilla should endanger the economy of the country, particularly its economic and financial aspects, such as its domestic and foreign banking network, its exchange and credit systems, its tax collection system, etc.

Public offices, centers of government and government depots are easy targets for sabotage. Nor will it be easy to prevent the sabotage of agricultural and industrial production by the urban guerrilla, with his thorough knowledge of the local situation. Factory workers acting as urban guerrillas are excellent industrial saboteurs, since they, better than anyone, understand the industry, the factory, the machinery or the part most likely to destroy an entire operation, doing much more damage than a poorly-informed layman could do.

With respect to the enemy's transport and communications systems, beginning with railway traffic, it is necessary to attack them systematically with sabotage. The only caution is against causing death and injury to passengers, especially regular commuters on suburban and long-distance trains. Attacks on freight trains, rolling or stationary stock, stoppage of military transports and communciations systems, these are the major objectives in this area. Sleepers can be damaged and pulled up, as can rails. A tunnel blocked by a barrier of explosives, or an obstruction caused by a derailed car, causes enormous harm.

The derailment of a train carrying fuel is of major damage to the enemy. So is dynamiting a railroad bridge. In a system where the size and weight of the rolling equipment is enormous, it takes months for workers to repair or rebuild the destruction and damage. As for highways, they can be obstructed with trees, stationary vehicles, ditches, dislocation of barriers by dynamite, and bridges destroyed by explosions. Ships can be damaged at anchor in seaports or riverports, or in the shipyards. Aircraft can be destroyed or damaged on the ground. Telephone and telegraph lines can be systematically damaged, their towers blown up, and their lines made useless. Transport and communications must be sabotaged immediately because the revolutionary movement has already begun in Brazil, and it is essential to impede the enemy's movement of troops and munitions.

Oil lines, fuel plants, depots for bombs and ammunition arsenals, military camps and bases must become targets for sabotage operations, while vehicles, army trucks and other military or police vehicles must be destroyed wherever they are found. The military and police repression centers and their specialized organs must also claim the attention of the guerrilla saboteur. Foreign firms and properties in the country, for their part, must become such frequent targets of sabotage that the volume of actions directed against them surpasses the total of all other actions against enemy vital points.

9933b5  No.11699563


Terrorism is an action, usually involving the placement of an explosive or firebomb of great destructive power, which is capable of effecting irreparable loss against the enemy. Terrorism requires that the urban guerrilla should have adequate theoretical and practical knowledge of how to make explosives.

The terrorist act, apart from the apparent ease with which it can be carried out, is no different from other guerrilla acts and actions whose success depends on planning and determination. It is an action which the urban guerrilla must execute with the greatest calmness and determination. Although terrorism generally involves an explosion, there are cases in which it may be carried out through executions or the systematic burning of installations, properties, plantations, etc. It is essential to point out the importance of fires and the construction of incendiary devices such as gasoline bombs in the technique of guerrilla terrorism. Another thing is the importance of the material the urban guerrilla can persuade the people to expropriate in the moments of hunger and scarcity brought about by the greed of the big commercial interests. Terrorism is a weapon the revolutionary can never relinquish.


The coordination of urban guerrilla activities, including each armed action, is the primary way of making armed propaganda. These actions, carried out with specific objectives and aims in mind, inevitably become propaganda material for the mass communication system. Bank robberies, ambushes, desertions and the diverting of weapons, the rescue of prisoners, executions, kidnappings, sabotage, terrorism and the war of nerves are all cases in point.

Airplanes diverted in flight by guerrillla action, ships and trains assaulted and seized by armed guerrillas, can also be carried out solely for propaganda effect. But the urban guerrilla must never fail to install a clandestine press, and must be able to turn out mimeographed copies using alcohol or electric plates and other duplicating apparatus, expropriating what he cannot buy in order to produce small clandestine newspapers, pamphlets, flyers and stamps for propaganda and agitation against the dictatorship.

The urban guerrilla engaged in clandestine printing facilitates enormously the incorporation of large numbers of people into the struggle, by opening a permanent work front for those willing to carry on propaganda, even when to do so means to act alone and risk their lives.

With the existence of clandestine propaganda and agitational material, the inventive spirit of the urban guerrilla expands and creates catapaults, artifacts, mortars and other instruments with which to distribute the anti-government propaganda at a distance. Tape recordings, the occupation of radio stations, the use of loudspeakers, graffiti on walls and other inaccessible places are other forms of propaganda. A consistent propaganda by letters sent to specific addresses, explaining the meaning of the urban guerrilla's armed actions, produces considerable results and is one method of influencing certain segments of the population.

Even this influence—exercised in the heart of the people by every possible propaganda device, revolving around the activity of the urban guerrilla—does not indicate that our forces have everyone's support. It is enough to win the support of a portion of the population, and this can be done by popularizing the motto, "Let he who does not wish to do anything for the guerrillas do nothing against them."

9933b5  No.11699572


The war of nerves or psychological warfare is an aggressive technique, based on the direct or indirect use of mass media and rumors in order to demoralize the government. In psychological warfare, the government is always at a disadvantage because it imposes censorship on the media and winds up in a defensive position by not allowing anything against it to filter through. At this point, it becomes desperate, is involved in greater contradictions and loss of prestige, and loses time and energy in an exhausting effort at control which is liable to be broken at any moment.

The objective of the war of nerves is to mislead, spreading lies among the authorities in which everyone can participate, thus creating an atmosphere of nervousness, discredit, insecurity, uncertainty and concern on the part of the government.

The best methods used by urban guerrillas in the war of nerves are the following:

1. Using the telephone and the mail to announce false clues to the police and government, including information on the planting of bombs and any other act of terrorism in public offices and other places—kidnapping and assassination plans. etc.—to force the authorities to wear themselves out by following up on the false information fed to them;

2. Letting false plans fall into the hands of the police to divert their attention;

3. Planting rumors to make the government uneasy;

4. Exploiting by every means possible the corruption, the mistakes and the failures of the government and its representatives, forcing them into demoralizing explanations and justifications in the very communication media they wish to maintain under censorship;

5. Presenting denunciations to foreign embassies, the United Nations, the papal nunciature, and the international commissions defending human rights or freedom of the press, exposing each concrete violation and each use of violence by the military dictatorship and making it known that the revolutionary war will continue with serious danger for the enemies of the population.

9933b5  No.11699579


The urban guerrilla who correctly carries through his apprenticeship and training must give the greatest possible importance to his method of carrying out actions, for in this he cannot commit the slightest error. Any carelessness in learning tactics and their use invites certain disaster, as experience teaches us every day. Common criminals commit errors frequently because of their tactics, and this is one of the reasons why the urban guerrillas must be so insistently preoccupied with following revolutionary tactics, and not the tactics of bandits. And not only for that reason. There is no urban guerrilla worthy of the name who ignores the revolutionary method of action and fails to practice it rigorously in the planning and execution of his activities.

"The giant is known by his toe." The same can be said of the urban guerrilla, who is known from afar by his correct tactics and his absolute fidelity to principle.

The revolutionary method of carrying out actions is strongly and forcefully based on the knowledge and use of the following elements;

1. investigation and intelligence gathering

2. observation and vigilance

3. reconnaissance, or exploration of the terrain

4. study and timing of routes

5. mapping

6. mechanization

7. careful selection of personnel

8. selection of firepower

9. study and practice in success

10. success

11. use of cover

12. retreat

13. dispersal

14. the liberation or transfer of prisoners

15. the elimination of evidence

l6. the rescue of wounded

9933b5  No.11699580


When there is no information, the point of departure for planning the action must be investigation, observation and vigilance. This method produces good results. In any event, even when there is information, it is essential to make observations to see that information is not at odds with observation or vice versa. Reconnaissance or exploration of the terrain and the study and timing of routes are so important that to omit them is to make a stab in the dark.

Mechanization, in general, is an underestimated factor in the tactics of conducting an action. Frequently, mechanization is left to the end, on the eve of the action, before anything is done about it. This is a mistake. Mechanization must be seriously considered. It must be undertaken with considerable foresight and with careful planning, based on careful and precise information. The care, conservation, maintenance and camouflaging of stolen vehicles are very important details of mechanization. When transportation fails, the primary action fails, with serious material and morale problems for the urban guerrillas. The selection of personnel requires great care in order to avoid the inclusion of indecisive or wavering persons who present the danger of contaminating others, a danger that must be avoided.

The withdrawal is equally or more important than the operation itself, to the point that it must be rigorously planned, including the possibility of defeat. One must avoid rescue or transfer of prisoners with children present, or anything to attract the attention of people passing through the area. The best thing is to make the rescue appear as natural as possible, winding through different routes or narrow streets that scarcely permit passage on foot, in order to avoid an encounter hetween two cars. The elimination of tracks is obligatory and demands the greatest caution—also in removing fingerprints and any other sign that could give the enemy information. Lack of care in the elimination of evidence is a factor that increases nervousness in our ranks, which the enemy often exploits.

9933b5  No.11699586


he problem of the wounded in urban guerrilla warfare merits special attention. During guerrilla operations in the urban area, it may happen that some comrade is wounded by the police. When a guerrilla in the firing group has a knowledge of first aid, he can do something for the wounded comrade on the spot. Under no circumstances should the wounded guerrilla be abandoned at the site of the battle or left in the enemy's hands. One of the precautions we must take is to set up first-aid courses for men and women, courses in which guerrillas can learn the rudiments of emergency medicine. The urban guerrilla who is a doctor, nurse, med student, pharmacist or who simply has had first aid training is a necessity in modern guerrilla struggle. A small manual of first aid for urban guerrillas, printed on mimeographed sheets, can also be produced by anyone who has enough knowledge.

In planning and carrying out an armed action, the urban guerrilla cannot forget the organization of medical support. This must be accomplished by means of a mobile or motorized clinic. You can also set up a mobile first aid station. Another solution is to utilize the skills of a medical comrade, who waits with his bag of equipment in a designated house to which the wounded are brought. The ideal would be to have our own well-equipped clinic, but this is very expensive unless we expropriate all of our materials.

When all else fails, it is often necessary to resort to legal clinics, using armed force if necessary to force a doctor to treat our wounded. In the eventuality that we fall back upon blood banks to purchase blood or plasma, we must not use legal addresses and certainly no addresses where the wounded can really be found, since they are under our care and protection. Nor should we supply the addresses of those involved in the guerrilla organization to the hospitals and health care clinics where we may take them. Such caution is indispensable to covering our tracks. The houses in which the wounded stay cannot be known to anyone but the small group of comrades responsible for their care and transport. Sheets, bloody clothing, medicine and any other indications of treatment of comrades wounded in combat must be completely eliminated from any place they visit to receive treatment.

9933b5  No.11699592


The urban guerrilla lives in constant danger of the possibility of being discovered or denounced. The primary security problem is to make certain that we are well-hidden and well-guarded, and that there are secure methods to keep the police from locating us. The worst enemy of the urban guerrilla, and the major danger that we run into, is infiltration into our organization by a spy or informer. The spy trapped within the organization will be punished with death. The same goes for those who desert and inform to the police. A well-laid security means there are no spies or agents infiltrated into our midst, and the enemy can receive no information about us even through indirect means. The fundamental way to insure this is to be strict and cautious in recruiting. Nor is it permissible for everyone to know everything and everyone. This rule is a fundamental ABC of urban guerrilla security. The enemy wants to annihilate us and fights relentlessly to find us and destroy us, so our greatest weapon lies in hiding from him and attacking by surprise.

The danger to the urban guerrilla is that he may reveal himself through carelessness or allow himself to be discovered through a lack of vigilance. It is impermissible for the urban guerrilla to give out his own or any other clandestine address to the police, or to talk too much. Notations in the margins of newspapers, lost documents, calling cards, letters or notes, all these are evidence that the police never underestimate. Address and telephone books must be destroyed, and one must not write or hold any documents. It is necessary to avoid keeping archives of legal or illegal names, biographical information, maps or plans. Contact numbers should not be written down, but simply committed to memory. The urban guerrilla who violates these rules must be warned by the first one who notes this infraction and, if he repeats it, we must avoid working with him in the future. The urban guerrilla's need to move about constantly with the police nearby—given the fact that the police net surrounds the city—forces him to adopt various security precautions depending upon the enemy's movements. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain a daily information service about what the enemy appears to be doing, where the police net is operating and what points are being watched. The daily reading of the police news in the newspapers is a fountain of information in these cases. The most important lesson for guerrilla security is never, under any circumstances, to permit the slightest laxity in the maintenance of security measures and precautions within the organization.

Guerrilla security must also be maintained in the case of an arrest. The arrested guerrilla must reveal nothing to the police that will jeopardize the organization.

he must say nothing that will lead, as a consequence, to the arrest of other comrades, the discovery of addresses or hiding places, or the loss of weapons and ammunition.

9933b5  No.11699596


Even when the urban guerrilla applies proper tactics and abides by its security rules, he can still be vulnerable to errors. There is no perfect urban guerrilla. The most he can do is make every effort to diminish the margin of error, since he cannot be perfect. One of the means we should use to diminish the possibility of error is to know thoroughly the seven deadly sins of the urban guerrilla and try to avoid them.

The first sin of the guerrilla is inexperience. The urban guerrilla, blinded by this sin, thinks the enemy is stupid, underestimates the enemy's intelligence, thinks everything is easy and, as a result, leaves evidence that can lead to disaster. Because of his inexperience, the urban guerrilla may also overestimate the forces of the enemy, believing them to be stronger than they really are. Allowing himself to be fooled by this presumption, the urban guerrilla becomes intimidated and remains insecure and indecisive, paralyzed and lacking in audacity.

The second sin of the urban guerrilla is to boast about the actions he has undertaken and to broadcast them to the four winds.

The third sin of the urban guerrilla is vanity. The guerrilla who suffers from this sin tries to solve the problems of the revolution by actions in the city, but without bothering about the beginnings and survival of other guerrillas in other areas. Blinded by success, he winds up organizing an action that he considers decisive and that puts into play the entire resources of the organization. Since we cannot afford to break the guerrilla struggle in the cities while rural guerrilla warfare has not yet erupted, we always run the risk of allowing the enemy to attack us with decisive blows.

The fourth sin of the urban guerrilla is to exaggerate his strength and to undertake actions for which he, as yet, lacks sufficient forces and the required infrastructure.

The fifth sin of the urban guerrilla is rash action. The guerrilla who commits this sin loses patience, suffers an attack of nerves, does not wait for anything, and impetuously throws himself into action, suffering untold defeats.

The sixth sin of the urban guerrilla is to attack the enemy when they are most angry.

The seventh sin of the urban guerrilla is to fail to plan things, and to act spontaneously.

9933b5  No.11699603


One of the permanent concerns of the urban guerrilla is his identification with popular causes to win public support. Where government actions become inept and corrupt, the urban guerrilla should not hesitate to step in and show that he opposes the government, and thus gain popular sympathy. The present government, for example, imposes heavy financial burdens and excessively high taxes on the people. It is up to the urban guerrilla to attack the dictatorship's tax collection system and to obstruct its financial activities, throwing all the weight of armed action against it.

The urban guerrilla fights not only to upset the tax collection system—the weapon of armed action must also be directed against those government agencies that raise prices and those who direct them as well as against the wealthiest of the national and foreign profiteers and the important property owners. In short, against all those who accumulate huge fortunes out of the high cost of living, the wages of hunger, excessive prices and high rents. Foreign industries, such as refrigeration and other North American plants that monopolize the market and the manufacture of general food supplies, must be systematically attacked by the urban guerrillas. The rebellion of the urban guerrilla and his persistance in intervening in political questions is the best way of insuring popular support for the cause which we defend. We repeat and insist on repeating—it is the way of insuring popular support. As soon as a reasonable portion of the population begins to take seriously the actions of the urban guerrilla, his success is guaranteed.

The government has no alternative except to intensify its repression. The police networks, house searches, the arrest of suspects and innocent persons, and the closing off of streets make life in the city unbearable. The military dictatorship embarks on massive political persecution. Political assassinations and police terror become routine.

In spite of all this, the police systematically fail. The armed forces, the navy and the air force are mobilized to undertake routine police functions, but even so they can find no way to halt guerrilla operations or to wipe out the revolutionary organization, with its fragmented groups that move around and operate throughout the country.

The people refuse to collaborate with the government, and the general sentiment is that this government is unjust, incapable of solving problems, and that it resorts simply to the physical liquidation of its opponents. The political situation in the country is transformed into a military situation in which the "gorillas" appear more and more to be the ones responsible for violence, while the lives of the people grow worse.

When they see the military and the dictatorship on the brink of the abyss, and fearing the consequences of a civil war which is already well underway, the pacifiers (always to be found within the ruling elite) and the opportunists (partisans of nonviolent struggle) join hands and circulate rumors behind the scenes begging the hangmen for elections, "re-democratization", constitutional reforms, and other tripe designed to fool the people and make them stop the rebellion.

But, watching the guerrillas, the people now understand that it is a farce to vote in any elections which have as their sole objective guaranteeing the survival of the dictatorship and covering up its crimes. Attacking wholeheartedly this election farce and the so-called "political solution", which is so appealing to the opportunists, the urban guerrillas must become even more aggressive and active, resorting without pause to sabotage, terrorism, expropriations, assaults, kidnappings, executions, etc. This action answers any attempt to fool the people with the opening of Congress and the reorganization of political parties—parties of the government and of the positions which the government allows—when all the time parliament and the so-called "parties" only function thanks to the permission of the military dictatorship, in a true spectacle of puppets or dogs on a leash.

The role of the urban guerrilla, in order to win the support of the population, is to continue fighting, keeping in mind the interests of the people and heightening the disastrous situation within which the government must act. These are the conditions, harmful to the dictatorship, which permit the guerrillas to open rural warfare in the middle of an uncontrollable urban rebellion.

The urban guerrilla is engaged in revolutionary action for the people, and with them seeks the participation of the people in the struggle against the dictatorship and the liberation of the country. Beginning with the city and the support of the people, the rural guerrilla war develops rapidly, establishing its infrastructure carefully while the urban area continues the rebellion.

9933b5  No.11699618

Sanitized excerpts from the AQ Manual

Principles of Military Organization

Military Organization has three main principles without which it cannot be established.

1. Military Organization commander and advisory council

2. The soldiers (individual members)

3. A clearly defined strategy

Military Organization Requirements:

The Military Organization dictates a number of requirements to assist it in confrontation and endurance. These are:

1. Forged documents and counterfeit currency

2. Apartments and hiding places

3. Communication means

4. Transportation means

5. Information

6. Arms and ammunition

7. Transport

Missions Required of the Military Organization:

The main mission for which the Military Organization is responsible is:

The overthrow of the godless regimes and their replacement with an Islamic regime. Other missions consist of the following:

1. Gathering information about the enemy, the land, the installations, and the neighbors.

2. Kidnaping enemy personnel, documents, secrets, and arms.

3. Assassinating enemy personnel as well as foreign tourists.

4. Freeing the brothers who are captured by the enemy.

5 . Spreading rumors and writing statements that instigate people against the enemy.

6. Blasting and destroying the places of amusement, immorality, and sin; not a vital target.

7. Blasting and destroying the embassies and attacking vital economic centers.

8 . Blasting and destroying bridges leading into and out of the cities.

9933b5  No.11699630

Importance of the Military Organization:

1. Removal of those personalities that block the call's path. [A different handwriting:] All types of military and civilian intellectuals and thinkers for the state.

2 . Proper utilization of the individuals' unused capabilities.

3 . Precision in performing tasks, and using collective views on completing a job from all aspects, not just one.

4. Controlling the work and not fragmenting it or deviating from it.

5. Achieving long-term goals such as the establishment of an Islamic state and short-term goals such as operations against enemy individuals and sectors.

6. Establishing the conditions for possible confrontation with the regressive regimes and their persistence.

7. Achieving discipline in secrecy and through tasks.

9933b5  No.11699632

Financial Security Precautions:

1. Dividing operational funds into two parts: One part is to be invested in projects that offer financial return, and the other is to be saved and not spent except during operations.

2. Not placing operational funds [all] in one place.

3. Not telling the Organization members about the location of the funds.

4. Having proper protection while carrying large amounts of money.

5. Leaving the money with non-members and spending it as needed.

Forged Documents (IdentityCards, Records Books, Passports)

The following security precautions should be taken:

1. Keeping the passport in a safe place so it would not be ceized by the security apparatus, and the brother it belongs to would have to negotiate its return (I'll give you your passport if you give me information)

2. All documents of the undercover brother, such as identity cards and passport, should be falsified.

3 . When the undercover brother is traveling with a certain identity card or passport, he should know all pertinent [information] such as the name, profession, and place of residence.

4. The brother who has special work status (commander, communication link,…) should have more than one identity card and passport. He should learn the contents of each, the nature of the [indicated] profession, and the dialect of the residence area listed in thedocument.

5. The photograph of the brother in these documents should be without a beard. It is preferable that the brother's public photograph [on these documents] be also without a beard. If he already has one [document] showing a photograph with a beard, he should replace it.

6. When using an identity document in different names, no more than one such document should be carried at one time.


7 . The validity of the falsified travel documents should always be confirmed.

8 . All falsification matters should be carried out through the command and not haphazardly (procedure control)

9 . Married brothers should not add their wives to their passports.

10. When a brother is carrying the forged passport of a certain country, he should not travel to that country. It is easy to detect forgery at the airport, and the dialect of the brother is different from that of the people from that country.

Security Precautions Related to the Organizations' Given Names:

1. The name given by the Organization [to the brother] should not be odd in comparison with other names used around him.

2. A brother should not have more than one name in the area where he lives {the undercover work place)

9933b5  No.11699642



Definition of Bases:

These are apartments, hiding places, command centers, etc. in which secret operations are executed against the enemy. These bases may be in cities, and are [then] called homes or apartments. They may be in mountainous, harsh terrain far from the enemy, and are [then] called hiding places or bases.

During the initial stages, the Military Organization usually uses apartments in cities as places for launching assigned missions, such as collecting information, observing members of the ruling regime, etc.

Hiding places and bases in mountains and harsh terrain are used at later stages, from which Jihad [holy war] groups are dispatched to execute assassination operations of enemy individuals, bomb their centers, and capture their weapons. In some Arab countries such as Egypt, where there are no mountains or harsh terrain, all stages of Jihad work would take place in cities. The opposite was true in Afghanistan, where initially Jihad work was in the cities, then the warriors shifted to mountains and harsh terrain. There, they started battling the Communists.

Security Precautions Related to Apartments:

1. Choosing the apartment carefully as far as the location, the size for the work necessary (meetings,storage, arms, fugitives, work preparation).

2 . It is preferable to rent apartments on the ground floor to facilitate escape and digging of trenches.

3 . Preparing secret locations in the apartment for securing documents, records, arms, and other important items.

4 . Preparing ways of vacating the apartment in case of a surprise attack (stands,wooden ladders).


5. Under no circumstances should any one know about the apartment except those who use it.

6. Providing the necessary cover for the people who frequent the apartment (students,workers, employees, etc.)

7. Avoiding seclusion and isolation from the population and refraining from going to the apartment at suspicious times.

8. It is preferable to rent these apartments using false names, appropriate cover, and non-Moslem appearance.

9. A single brother should not rent more than one apartment in the same area, from the same agent, or using the same rental office.

10. Care should be exercised not to rent apartments that are known to the security apparatus [such as] those used for immoral or prior Jihad activities.

11. Avoiding police stations and government buildings. Apartments should not be rented near those places.

12. When renting these apartments, one should avoid isolated or deserted locations so the enemy would not be able to catch those living there easily.

13. It is preferable to rent apartments in newly developed areas where people do not know one another. Usually, in older quarters people know one another and strangers are easily identified, especially since these quarters have many informers.

14. Ensuring that there is has been no surveillance prior to the members entering the apartment.

15. Agreement among those living in the apartment on special ways of knocking on the door and special signs prior to entry into the building’s main gate to indicate to those who wish to enter that the place is safe and not being monitored. Such signs include hanging out a towel, opening a curtain, placing a cushion in a special way, etc.


16. If there is a telephone in the apartment, calls should be answered in an agreed-upon manner among those who use the apartment. That would prevent mistakes that would, otherwise, lead to revealing the names and nature of the occupants.

17. For apartments, replacing the locks and keys with new ones. As for the other entities (camps,shops, mosques), appropriate security precautions should be taken depending on the entity’s importance and role in the work.

18. Apartments used for undercover work should not be visible from higher apartments in order not to expose the nature of the work.

19. In a newer apartment, avoid talking loud because prefabricated ceilings and walls [used in the apartments] do not have the same thickness as those in old ones.

20. It is necessary to have at hand documents supporting the undercover [member]. In the case of a physician, there should be an actual medical diploma, membership in the [medical] union, the government permit, and the rest of the routine procedures known in that country.

21. The cover should blend well [with the environment]. For example, selecting a doctor’s clinic in an area where there are clinics, or in a location suitable for it.

22. The cover of those who frequent the location should match the cover of that location. For example, a common laborer should not enter a fancy hotel because that would be suspicious and draw attention.

9933b5  No.11699651



In the name of Allah, the merciful and compassionate

Means of Transportation


It is well known that in undercover operations, communication is the mainstay of the movement for rapid accomplishment. However, it is a double-edged sword: It can be to our advantage if we use it well and it can be a knife dug into our back if we do not consider and take the necessary security measures.

Communication Means:

The Military Organization in any Islamic group can, with its modest capabilities, use the following means: 1. The telephone, 2. Meeting in-person, 3. Messenger, 4 . Letters, 5. Some modern devices, such as the facsimile and wireless [communication]. Communication may be within the county, state, or even the country, in which case it is called local communication. When it extends expanded between countries, it is then called international communication.

Secret Communication is Limited to the Following Types:

Common, standby, alarm

1. Common Communication: It is a communication between two members of the Organization without being monitored by the security apparatus opposing the Organization. The common communication should be done under a certain cover and after inspecting the surveillance situation [by the enemy].

2. Standby Communication: This replaces common communication when one of the two parties is unable to communicate with the other for some reason.

3. Alarm Communication: This is used when the opposing security apparatus discovers an undercover activity or some undercover members. Based on this communication, the activity is stopped 'for a while, all matters related to the activity are abandoned,


and the Organization's members are hidden from the security personnel.

Method of Communication Among Members of the Organization:'

1. Communication about undercover activity should be done using a good cover; it should also be quick, explicit, and pertinent. That is, just for talking only.

2 . Prior to contacting his members, the commander of the cell[2] should agree with each of them separately (the cell members should never meet all in one place and should not know one another) on a manner and means of communication with each other. Likewise, the chief of the Organization should [use a similar technique] with the branch commanders.

3 . A higher-ranking commander determines the type and method of communication with lower-ranking leaders.

9933b5  No.11699656

First Means: The Telephone:

Because of significant technological advances, security measures for monitoring the telephone and broadcasting equipment have increased. Monitoring may be done by installing a secondary line or wireless broadcasting device on a telephone that relays the calls to a remote location…That is why the Organization takes security measures among its members who use this means of communication (the telephone).

1. Communication should be carried out from public places. One should select telephones that are less suspicious to the security apparatus and are more difficult to monitor. It is preferable to use telephones in booths and on main streets.

[2.] Cell or cluster methods should be adopted by the Organization. It should be composed of many cells whose members do not know one another, so that if a cell member is caught the other cells would not be affected, and work would proceed normally.


2. Conversation should be coded or in general terms so as not to alert the person monitoring [the telephone].

3. Periodically examining the telephone wire and the receiver.

4. Telephone numbers should be memorized and not recorded. If the brother has to write them, he should do so using a code so they do not appear as telephone numbers (figures from a shopping list, etc.)

5 . The telephone caller and person called should mention some words or sentences prior to bringing up the intended subject. The brother who is calling may misdial one of the digits and actually call someone else. The person ‘called may claim that the call is for him, and the calling brother may start telling him work-related issues and reveal many things because of a minor error.

6. In telephone conversations about undercover work, the voice should be changed and distorted.

7. When feasible, it is preferable to change telephone lines to allow direct access to local and international calls. That and proper cover facilitate communications and provide security protection not available when the central telephone station in the presence of many employees is used.

8. When a telephone [line] is identified [by the security apparatus], the command and all parties who were using it should be notified as soon as possible in order to take appropriate measures.

9. When the command is certain that a particular telephone [line] is being monitored, it can exploit it by providing information that misleads the enemy and benefits the work plan.


10. If the Organization manages to obtain jamming devices, it should use them immediately.

9933b5  No.11699664

Second Means: Meeting in-person: 1/2

This is direct communication between the commander and a member of the Organization. During the meeting the following are accomplished:

1. Information exchange, 2. Giving orders and instructions, 3 . Financing, 4. Member follow-up Stages of the In-Person Meeting: A. Before the meeting, B. The meeting [itself], C. After the meeting A . Before the Meeting:

The following measures should be taken:

1. Designating the meeting location,

2. Finding a proper cover for the meeting, 3. Specifying the meeting date and time,

4. Defining special signals between those who meet.

1. Identifying the meeting location: If the meeting location is stationary, the following matters should be observed:

i. The location should be far from police stations and security centers.

ii. Ease of transportation to the location.

iii. Selecting the location prior to the meeting and learning all its details.

iv. If the meeting location is an apartment, it should not be the first one, but one somewhere in the middle.

v. The availability of many roads leading to the meeting location. That would provide easy escape in case the location ware raided by security personnel.


vi. The location should not be under suspicion (by the security [apparatus])

vii. The apartment where the meeting takes place should be on the ground floor, to facilitate escape.

viii.The ability to detect any surveillance from that location.

ix. When public transportation is used, one should alight at some distance from the meeting location and continue on foot. In the case of a private vehicle, one should park it far away or in a secure place so as to be able to maneuver it quickly at any time.

If the meeting location is not stationary, the following matters should be observed:

i. The meeting location should be at the intersection of a large number of main and side streets to facilitate entry, exit, and escape.

ii. The meeting location (such as a coffee shop) should not have members that might be dealing with the security apparatus.

iii. The meeting should not be held in a crowded place because that would allow the security personnel to hide and monitor those who meet.

iv. It is imperative to agree on an alternative location for the meeting in case meeting in the first is unfeasible. That holds whether the meeting place is stationary or not.

9933b5  No.11699671


Those who meet in-person should do the following:

i. Verifying the security situation of the location before the meeting.


ii. Ensuring that there are no security personnel behind them or at the meeting place.

iii. Not heading to the location directly.

iv. Clothing and appearance should be appropriate f o r the meeting location.

v. Verifying that private documents carried by the brother have appropriate cover.

vi. Prior to the meeting, designing a security plan that specifies what the security personnel would be told in case the location were raided by them, and what [the brothers] would resort to in dealing with the security personnel (fleeing,driving b a c k , . . . )

2. Finding a proper cover for the meeting: [The cover]

i. should blend well with the nature of the location.

ii. In case they raid the place, the security personnel should believe the cover.

iii. should not arouse the curiosity of those present.

iv. should match the person's appearance and his financial and educational background.

v. should have documents that support it.

vi. provide reasons for the two parties' meeting (for example, one of the two parties should have proof that he is an architect. The other should have documents as proof that he is a land owner. The architect has produced a construction plan for the land)

3. Specifying the Meeting Date and Time:

i. Specifying the hour of the meeting as well as the date.


ii. Specifying the time of both parties' arrival ana the time of the first party's departure.

iii. Specifying how long the meeting will last.

iv. Specifying an alternative date and time.

v. Not allowing a long period of time between making the meeting arrangements and the meeting itself.

4 . Designating special signals between those who meet If the two individuals meeting know one another's shape and appearance, it is sufficient to use a single safety sign. [In that case,] the sitting and arriving individuals inform each other that there is no enemy surveillance. The sign may be keys, beads, a newspaper, or a scarf. The two parties would agree on moving it in a special way so as not to attract the attention of those present. If the two individuals do not know one another, they should do the following: a. The initial sign for becoming acquainted may be that both of them wear a certain type of clothing or carry a certain item. These signs should be appropriate for the place, easily identified, and meet the purpose. The initial sign for becoming acquainted does not [fully] identify one person by another. It does that at a rate of 30%. b. Safety Signal: It is given by the individual sitting in. the meeting location to inform the second individual that the place is safe. The second person


would reply through signals to inform the first that he is not being monitored. The signals are agreed upon previously and should not cause suspicion. c. A second signal for getting acquainted is one in which the arriving person uses while sitting down. That signal may be a certain clause, a word, a sentence, or a gesture agreed upon previously, and should not cause suspicion for those who hear it or see it. B. The Stage of the Meeting [itself]:The following measures should be taken:

1. Caution during the meeting.

2 . Not acting unnaturally during the meeting in order not to raise suspicion.

3. Not talking with either loud or very low voices ([should be] moderate).

4. Not writing anything that has to do with the meeting.

5. Agreeing on a security plan in case the enemy raids the location.

C. After the Meeting: The following measures should be taken:

1. Not departing together, but each one separately.

2. Not heading directly to the main road but through secondary ones.

3. Not leaving anything in the meeting place that might indicate the identity or nature of those who met. Meeting in-person has disadvantages, such as:

1. Allowing the enemy to capture those who are meeting.

2. Allowing them [the enemy] to take pictures of those who are meeting, record their conversation, and gather evidence against them.


3. Revealing the appearance of the commander to the other person. However, that may be avoided by taking the previously mentioned measures such as disguising himself well and changing his appearance (glasses, wig, etc.)

9933b5  No.11699682

Third Means: The Messenger:

This is an intermediary between the sender and the receiver. The messenger should possess all characteristics mentioned in the first chapter regarding the Military Organization’smember. These are the security measures that a messenger should take:

1. Knowledge of the person to whom he will deliver the message.

2. Agreement on special signals, exact date, and specific time.

3. Selecting a public street or place that does not raise suspicion.

4. Going through a secondary road that does not have check points.

5. Using public transportation (train,bus,…) and disembarking before the main station. Likewise, embarking should not be done at the main station either, were there are a lot of security personnel and informants.

6. Complete knowledge of the location to which he is going.

Fourth Means: Letters:

This means (letters) may be used as a method of communication


between members and the Organization provided that the following security measures are taken:

1. It is forbidden to write any secret information in the letter. If one must do s o , the writing should be done in general terms.

2. The letter should not be mailed from a post office close to the sender's residence, but from a distant one.

3. The letter should not be sent directly to the receiver's address but to an inconspicuous location where there are many workers from your country. Afterwards, the letter will be forwarded to the intended receiver. (This is regarding the overseas- bound letter).

4. The sender's name and address on the envelope should be fictitious. In case the letters and their contents are discovered, the security apparatus would not be able to determine his [the sender's] name and address.

5. The envelope should not be transparent so as to reveal the letter inside.

6. The enclosed pages should not be many, so as not to raise suspicion.

7. The receiver's address should be written clearly so that the letter would not be returned.

8. Paying the post office box fees should not be forgotten.

Fifth Means: Facsimile and Wireless:

Considering its modest capabilities and the pursuit by the security apparatus of its members and forces, the Islamic


Military Organization cannot obtain theses devices. In case the Organization is able to obtain them, firm security measures should be taken to secure communication between the members in the country and the command outside.

These measures are:

1. The duration of transmission should not exceed five minutes in order to prevent the enemy from pinpointing the device location.

2. The device should be placed in a location with high wireless frequency, such as close to a TV station, embassies, and consulates in order to prevent the enemy from identifying its location.

3. The brother, using the wireless device to contact his command outside the country, should disguise his voice.

4. The time of communication should be carefully specified.

5. The frequency should be changed from time to time.

6. The device should be frequently moved from one location to another.

7. Do not reveal your location to the entity for which you report.

8. The conversation should be in general terms so as not to raise suspicion.

9933b5  No.11699689

Transportation Means:

The members of the Organization may move from one location to another using one of the following means:

a. Public transportation,

b. Private transportation


Security Measures that Should be Observed in Public


1. One should select public transportation that is not subject to frequent checking along the way, such as crowded trains or public buses.

2. Boarding should be done at a secondary station, as main stations undergo more careful surveillance. Likewise, embarkment should not be done at main stations.

3. The cover should match the general appearance (tourist bus, first-class train, second-class train, etc).

4. The existence of documents supporting the cover.

5. Placing important luggage among the passengers' luggage without identifying the one who placed it. If it is discovered, its owner would not be arrested. In trains, it [the luggage] should be placed in a different car than that of its owner.

6. The brother traveling on a "special mission" should not get involved in religious issues (advocating good and denouncing evil) or day-to-day matters (seat reservation,…). The brother traveling on a mission should not arrive in the [destination] country at night because then travelers are few, and there are [search] parties and check points along the way.

7 .

8. When cabs are used, conversation of any kind should not be started with the driver because many cab drivers work for the security apparatus.

9. The brother should exercise extreme caution and apply all security measures to the members.


Security Measures that Should be Observed in Private Transportation:

Private transportation includes: cars, motorcycles

A. Cars and motorcycles used in overt activity:

1. One should possess the proper permit and not violate traffic rules in order to avoid trouble with the police.

2. The location of the vehicle should be secure so that the security apparatus would not confiscate it.

3. The vehicle make and model should be appropriate for the brother’s cover.

4. The vehicle should not be used in special military operations unless the Organization has no other choice.

B. Cars and motorcycles used in covert activity:

1. Attention should be given to permits and [obeying] the traffic rules in order to avoid trouble and reveal their actual mission.

2. The vehicle should not be left in suspicious places (deserts,mountains, etc.). If it must be, then the work should be performed at suitable times when no one would keep close watch or follow it.

3. The vehicle should be purchased using forged documents so that getting to its owners would be prevented once it is discovered.

4. For the sake of continuity, have only one brother in charge of selling.

5. While parking somewhere, one should be in a position to move quickly and flee in case of danger.

6. The car or motorcycle color should be changed before the operation and returned to the original after the operation.


7. The license plate number and county name should be falsified. Further, the digits should be numerous in order to prevent anyone from spotting and memorizing it.

8. The operation vehicle should not be taken to large gasoline stations so that it would not be detected by the security apparatus.

9933b5  No.11699694



The following security precautions should be taken during

the training: The Place:

The place should have the following specifications:

1. Distance from the populated areas with the availability of living necessities.

2. Availability of medical services during the training.

3. The place should be suitable for the type of training (physical fitness, shooting, tactics).

4. No one except the trainers and trainees should know about the place.

5. The place should have many roads and entrances.

6. The place should be visited at suitable times.

7. Hiding any training traces immediately after the training.

8. Guarding the place during the training.

9. Appropriateness of the existing facilities for the number of training members.

10. Exclusion of anyone who is not connected with the training.

11. Taking all security measures regarding the establishment.

12. Distance of the place from police stations, public establishments, and the eyes of informants.

13. The place should not be situated in such a way that the training and trainees can be seen from another location.


The Trainees:

1. Before proceeding to the training place, all security measures connected with an undercover individual should be taken. Meanwhile, during training at the place, personnel safety should be ensured.

2. Selecting the trainees carefully.

3. The trainees should not know one another.

4. The small size of groups that should be together during the training (7-10 individuals).

5. The trainees should not know the training place.

6. Establishing a training plan f o r each trainee.

The Trainers:

All measures taken with regard to the commanders apply also to the trainers. Also, the following should be applied:

1. Fewness of the trainers in the training place. Only those conducting the training should be there, in order not to subject the training team to the risk of security exposure.

2. Not revealing the identity of the trainer to trainees.

3. Keeping a small ratio of trainees to trainer.

4. The training team members should not know one another.

9933b5  No.11699698



Prior to dealing with weapons, whether buying, transporting, or storing them, it is essential to establish a careful, systematic and firm security plan that plan deals with all stages. It is necessary to divide that task into stages: First Stage: Prior to Purchase; Second Stage: Purchasing; Third Stage: Transport; Fourth Stage: Storage.

1. Prior to Purchase Stage: It is necessary to take the following measures:

a. In-depth knowledge of the place where weapons will be purchased, together with its entrances and exits.

b. Verifying there are no informants or security personnel at the place where purchasing will take place.

c. The place should be far from police stations and government establishments.

d. Not proceeding to the purchasing place directly by the main road, but on secondary streets.

e. Performing the exercises to detect the surveillance.

f. One’s appearance and clothing should be appropriate for the place where purchasing will take place.

g. The purchasing place should not be situated in such a way that the seller and buyer can be seen from another location. To the contrary, the purchasing place should be such that the seller and buyer can see the surrounding area.

h. Determining a suitable cover for being in that place.

i. The place should not be crowded because that would facilitate the police hiding among people, monitoring the arms receiving, and consequently arresting the brother purchasing.


j . In case one of the parties is unable to arrive, it is essential to prearrange an alternativeplace and time with the seller.

k. Selecting a time suitable for the purchase so that it does not raise suspicion.

l. Prior to purchasing, the seller should be tested to ensure that he is not an agent of the security apparatus.

m. Preparing a place for storage prior to purchasing.

2. The Purchase Stage:

a . Verifying that the weapons are in working condition.

b. Not paying the seller the price for the weapons before viewing, inspecting, and testing them.

c. Not telling the seller about the mission for which the weapons are being purchased.

d. Extreme caution should be used during the purchasing operation in the event of any unnatural behavior by the seller or those around you.

e. Not lengthening the time spent with the seller. It is important to depart immediately after purchasing the weapons.

3. The Transport Stage:

a. Avoid main roads where check points are common.

b. Choose a suitable time for transporting the weapons.

c. Observers should proceed on the road ahead of the transportation vehicle for early warning in case of an emergency.

d. Not proceeding directly to the storage place until after verifying there is no surveillance. UK/BM-49 TRANSLATION

e. During the transport stage, weapons should be hidden in a way that they are inconspicuous and difficult to find.

f. The route for transporting the weapons should be determined very carefully.

g . Verifying the legality of the vehicle, performing its maintenance, checking its gasoline and water levels, etc.

h. Driving the car normally in order to prevent accidents.

4. The Storage Stage:

a. In order to avoid repeated transporting, suitable storage places should be selected. In case the materials are bombs or detonators, they should be protected from extreme heat and humidity.

b. Explosive materials and detonators should be separated and stored apart from each other.

c. Caution should be exercised when putting detonators in the arsenal.

d. Lubricating the weapons and placing them in wooden or plastic crates. The ammunition should be treated likewise. When selecting an arsenal, consider the following:

1. The arsenal should not be in well-protected areas, or close to parks or public places.

2. The arsenal should not be in a "no-man's-land."

3 . The arsenal should not be in an apartment previously used for suspicious activities and often frequented by security personnel.

4. The arsenal should not be a room that is constantly used and cannot be given up by family members who do not know the nature of the father or husband's work.


5. The apartment selected as an arsenal should be owned by the Organization or rented on a long-term basis.

6. The brother responsible for storage should not visit the arsenal frequently, nor toy with the weapons.

7. The arsenal keeper should record in a book all weapons, explosive materials, and ammunition. That book should be coded and well secured.

8 . Only the arsenal keeper and the commander should know the location of the arsenal.

9 . It is necessary to prepare alternative arsenals and not leave any leads in the original arsenals to the alternative ones.

9933b5  No.11699713


Defining Members Safety:

This is a set of measures taken by members who perform undercover missions in order to prevent the enemies from getting to them. It is necessary for any party that has many members to subdivide its members into three groups, each of which has its own security measures. The three groups are:

1. The overt member, 2. The covert member, 3. The commander

Measures that Should be Taken by the Overt Member:

1. He should not be curious and inquisitive about matters that do not concern him.

2. He should not be chatty and talkative about everything he knows or hears.

3. He should not carry on him the names and addresses of those members he knows. If he has to, he should keep them safe.

4. During times of security concerns and arrest campaigns and especially if his appearance is Islamic, he should reduce his visits to the areas of trouble and remain at home instead.

5. When conversing on the telephone, he should not talk about any information that might be of use to the enemy.

6. When sending letters, he should not mention any information that might be of use to the enemy. When receiving letters, he should burn them immediately after reading them and pour water on them to prevent the enemy from reading them. Further, he should destroy any traces of fire so the enemy would not find out that something was burned.

Measures that Should be Taken by the Undercover Member:

In addition to the above measures, the member should…

1. Not reveal his true name to the Organization's members who are working with him, nor to the [Islamic] Da'wa [Call].

2 . Have a general appearance that does not indicate Islamic orientation (beard,toothpick, book, [long] shirt, small Koran).

3. Be careful not to mention the brothers' common expressions or show their behaviors (special praying appearance, "may Allah reward you", "peace be on you" while arriving and departing, etc.)

4. Avoid visiting famous Islamic places (mosques, libraries, Islamic fairs, etc.) Carry falsified personal documents and know all the information they contain.

5 .

6 .

7 .

8 .

9. Not resort to utilizing letters and messengers except in an emergency.

Have protection preceding his visit to any place while moving about (apartment,province, means of transportation, etc.). Have complete and accurate knowledge of the security status related to those around him in his place of work and residence, so that no danger or harm would catch him unaware. Maintain his family and neighborhood relationships and should not show any changes towards them so that they would not attempt to bring him back [from the Organization] for security reasons.

10. Not speak loudly.

11. Not get involved in advocating good and denouncing evil in order not to attract attention to himself.

12. Break the daily routine, especially when performing an undercover mission. For example, changing the departure and return routes, arrival and departure times, and the store where he buys his goods.

13. Not causing any trouble in the neighborhood where he lives or at the place of work.

14. Converse on the telephone using special code so that he does not attract attention.

15. Not contacting the overt members except when necessary. Such contacts should be brief.

16. Not fall into the enemy's excitement trap, either through praising or criticizing his Organization.

17. Performing the exercises to detect surveillance whenever a task is to be performed.

18. Not park in no-parking zones and not take photographs where it is forbidden. 19. Closing all that should be closed before departing the place, whether at home or his place of undercover work. 20. Not undergo a sudden change in his daily routine or any relationships that precede his Jihad involvement. Far example, there should not be an obvious change in his habits of conversing, movement, presence, or disappearance. Likewise, he should not be hasty to sever his previous relationships.

21. Not meet in places where there are informers, such as coffee shops, and not live in areas close to the residences of important personalities, government establishments, and police stations.

22. Not write down on any media, specially on paper, that could show the traces and words of the pen by rubbing the paper with lead powder. Measures that Should be Taken by the Commander:

The commander, whether in overt or covert work, has special

importance for the following reasons: 1. The large amount of information that he possesses. 2. The difficulty of the command in replacing the commander. 3. Therefore, all previously mentioned security precautions regarding members should be heightened for the commander. Many resources should be reserved for protecting the commanders.

9933b5  No.11699724

Importance of Information:

1. Based on the enemy's up-to-date information, his capabilities, and plans, the Organization's command can design good-quality and secure plans. [7] Abdullah Ali Al-Salama: Military Espionage in Islam, pp. 253-258.

2 . Information about the enemy's intention provides early warning signs for the command, which in turn makes appropriate preparation and thwarts the enemy's opportunity.

3 . Information benefits the Organization's command by providing information about the enemy's strengths and weaknesses.

4 . Information benefits the Organization's command by providing information about movements of the enemy and his members. Information requirements include: Newness, Trustworthiness, Forthcoming, security, and confirmation. General Mahmoud Sheet Khattab said, "The nation that wants to achieve victory over its enemy must know that enemy very well. It also must know the site of the battle in detail. Those who fight an enemy that they do not know, do not win because a successful military plan must be built on clear and trustworthy information. The commander who fights an enemy and does not know his strength (number and materiel) is blind and destined to fail and fall. Information Sources: Any organization that desires to raise the flag of Islam high and proud, must gather as much information as possible about the enemy. Information has two sources:

1. Public Source: Using this public source openly and without resorting to illegal means, it is possible to gather at least 80% of information about the enemy. The percentage varies depending on the government's policy on freedom of the press and publication. It is possible to gather information through newspapers, magazines, books, periodicals, official publications, and enemy broadcasts. Attention should also be given to the opinion, comments, and jokes of common people. Truman, a past American President, said, "We attribute our great advance to our press, because it gives America's enemies the capability of learning what we have not officially publicized about our plans and even our establishments." In 1954, Allan Dulles [PH],Director of American

Intelligence [CIA], said, "I am ready to pay any amount of money to obtain information about the Soviet Union, even as little as what the Soviet Union obtains by simply reading American newspapers."

The one gathering public information should be a regular person (trained college graduate) who examines primary sources of information published by the enemy (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, etc.). He should search for information directly related to the topic in question. The one gathering information with this public method is not exposed to any danger whatsoever. Any brother can gather information from those aforementioned sources. We cannot label that brother a "Moslem Spy" because he does not make any effort to obtain unpublished and covert information.

2. Secret Sources: It is possible, through these secret and dangerous methods, to obtain the 20% of information that is considered secret. The most important of these sources are:

A. Individuals who are recruited as either volunteers o r because of other motives

B. Recording and monitoring

C. Photography

D. Interrogation

E. Documents: By burglary or recruitment of personnel

F. Drugging

G. Surveillance, spying, and observation

9933b5  No.11699725

Information Gathering Using Public Means:

A . Newspapers, Magazines,and Official and Party Publications: In order to gather enemy information, the Military Organization can use means such as magazines, publications, periodicals, and official printed matter. Through these means, it is possible to learn about major government events and about the news, meetings, and travel of Presidents, ministers, and commanders. Information may be:

1. Names and photographs of important government personalities, police commanders, and security leaders.

2. Published meetings. Through these, one can learn about major decisions and topics being discussed.

3. Future meeting plans.

4. Present and future enemy capabilities through current photographs of projects and strategic sites or through


meetings with top officials.

5 . Beneficial news about the enemy's diplomacy and itspresent and future plans.

6. Tourism news and the arrival times of foreign tourist groups.

7. Advertisements about apartments for rent, vacant positions, or anything else that is useful.

8. Advertisements about new and used car lots. These may be used in assassination, kidnaping, and overthrowing the government.

9. Learning the enemy position on current Islamic issues (veil,beard, dedication, Jihad, …).

B. Radio and Television: The Military organization can use these important public sources to gather information all day and night. The importance of these means is explained below.

1. Visual and audible news help the Organization to determine its present and future plans.

2. Interviews may help to identify the government policy and its general directives.

3. Spotting the appearance of those who occupy high positions.

4. Learning the prevailing information diplomacy and its position on contemporary issues.

5 . Learning about the interior of important government places and establishments during their opening ceremonies or through advertisements.

In addition to the aforementioned, [attention should be given] to newspapers, magazines, and the public's comments and jokes.

9933b5  No.11699740



Information needed through covert means: Information needed to be gathered through covert means is of only two types:

First: Information about government personnel, officers, important personalities, and all matters related to those (residence,work place, times of leaving and returning, wives and children, places visited)

Second: Information about strategic buildings, important establishments, and military bases. Examples are important ministries such as those of Defense and Internal Security, airports, seaports, land border points, embassies, and radio and TV stations.

General security measures that should be taken by the person gathering information: During the process of gathering information, whether about governing personalities or establishments, the person doing the gathering must take the following security measures:

1. Performing the exercises to detect surveillance while executing the mission. These exercises are not well defined, but are dependent on the time, place, and the ability to be creative. These exercises include the following:





e. Walking down a dead-end street and observing who is walking behind you. Beware of traps. Casually dropping something out of your pocket and observing who will pick it up. Walking fast then stopping suddenly at a corner and observing who will be affected. Stopping in front of store windows and observing who is-watchingyou. Getting on a bus and then getting off after it departs and observing who will be affected.


f. Agreeing with one of your brothers to look for whoever is watching you.

2. When receiving the gathered information, let the informants travel as far as possible from their place of residence and yours. Let each of them get there using secondary roads, preferably at night.

3. Gather what information you can without emphasizing any particular part. Do not rush or show urgency because your excitement may uncover you and the degree of importance of the information.

4. Avoid anything that reveals your identity quickly. Do not attempt to be too creative or inventive. Remember what Taliran [PHI said to his political emissaries, "Do not be anxious.”

5 . Move slowly and travel a great distance. The one who is successful in gathering information is the one who is not known or conspicuous.

6 . Do not accept events at their face value. Do not overlook a quick friendship or an apparent dispute. Evaluate the importance of events and do not judge them by their appearance.

7 . Do not speak vaguely or act mysteriously except when wanting to get a "blabber mouth" to talk about what he knows.

8 . Carry personal credentials and know all their contents.


9. Prior to collecting the information, make sure that all necessities related to the mission, especially money, are ready.

10. Study the area where information-gathering takes place carefully: Open and closed streets, residents' customs, ways of dressing, and accent.

11. It is not permitted to carry any weapons during the information-gathering process.

12. Finding a cover prior to gathering the information. Further, review all security measures concerning members of the Military [Organization] which are covered in prior lessons. Methods of Gathering Information Using Covert Means: The Military Organization may obtain secret information using: A. Surveillance, intelligence, and observation; B. Theft: C . Interrogation; D. Excitement; E. Drugging; F. Recruitment. A. Surveillance, Intelligence, and Observation: Civilian and military targets (personalities). The monitoring may be done on foot or by car.

9933b5  No.11699753

Surveillance on foot:

1. The brother or brothers performing the surveillance operation on foot study the available information about the target (height,weight, way of walking, looking at a recent photograph)

2. Knowing the target's habits, places he visits, and communications

3. Studying carefully the area where observation will take place: names of through and dead-end streets, residents' habits and way of dressing.

4. Prior to the start of the surveillance mission, making sure that all needs related to the mission, especially money, are met.

5 . Agreeing on how communications with the leaders will take place in case the surveillance plan is uncovered (telephone, a person used for that purpose). The telephone number should not be written but memorized.

6 . Agreeing on special signals to exchange orders and instructions among the surveillance team members.

7. Knowing the measures to be taken when the target is lost, such as contacting the leaders or something else agreed upon.

8 . It is not permitted to carry any weapons during the information-gathering process. 9 . It is preferable to have a camera with the surveillance man in case the target is to personally contact others.

Surveillance by car:

Surveillance by car requires taking certain measures:

1. Inspecting the car's fuel, water, and lights.

2. The car should be of a common type so it would not attract people's attention.

3 . The car should be in good condition and the driver should be experienced.

4 . The car plates should not contain real numbers. It is important to use a false license plate and small numbers in order to prevent anyone from spotting and memorizing it.

5 . The car's interior light should be disabled in order to hide the identity of the surveillance team members sitting inside.

6 . The number and appearance of the car surveillance team members should match those of the target's car.

Performins Surveillance by Car:

1. The car being used for surveillance should keep up with the target’s car during the surveillance operation, especially in crowded areas and on side streets. The distance between the two cars depends on the circumstances.

2 . If the target gets out of his car and starts to walk, one of the surveillance team members should get out and observe him.

3. Follow all aforementioned measures for surveillance on foot.

9933b5  No.11699762

Exercises to detect surveillance by car:

1. The surveillance car speeds up then stops suddenly while observing which other car is affected (this is done where there is not a lot of traffic).

2. The surveillance car enters a dead-end street.

3. The surveillance car goes in the opposite direction of traffic.

4 . The surveillance car stops and goes backwards.

5. [The surveillance car] enters a parking lot and immediately goes out.

6. [The surveillance car] takes a side road and stops.

Surveillance, Intelligence,and Observation (Information about the enemy places)

The Organization’s command needs detailed information about the enemy‘s vital establishments, whether civilian or military, in order to make safe plans, reach firm decisions, and avoid surprises. Thus, the individual who gathers information about a desired location should, in addition to drawing a diagram, describe it and all its details.

The Drawing: The brother should draw a diagram of the area, the street, and the location which is the target of the informationgathering. He should describe its shape and characteristics. The drawing should be realistic so that someone who never saw the location could visualize it. It is preferable to also put on the drawing the directions of traffic, police stations, and security centers. The Description:It is necessary to gather as much information about the location as possible. For instance:

1. Traffic directions and how wide the streets are

2. Transportation leading to the location

3. The area, appearance, and setting of the place

4. Traffic signals and pedestrian areas

5. Security personnel centers and government agencies

6. Embassies and consulates

7. The economic characteristics of the area and traffic congestion times

8. Public parks

9. Amount and location of lighting

It is preferable to photograph the area as a whole first, then the street of the [desired] location. If possible, panoramic pictures should be taken. That is, the collection of views should be continuous in a such way that all pictures are taken from one location and that the ending of one picture is the beginning of the next. The photographer should be experienced with and proficient in film processing and developing. It is risky to use an outside film processing service. When observing a military installation or camp, we discourage taking pictures where it is forbidden. The brother/photographer should use a modern camera that can photograph at night or from a distance, and only the lens of the camera should be visible. When gathering information about a military camp, the brother should draw a diagram of the camp’s overall area, the camp itself, and its interior, if possible

9933b5  No.11699769

The descriptionof the base or camp must contain the following:

1. Location

2. Exterior shape

3 . Transportation to it

4. Space [area]

5. Weapons used

6. Unit using the camp

7. Fortifications and tunnels

8. Guard posts

9. Amount and periods of lighting

10. Number of soldiers and officers. Officers’ ranks

11. Ammunition depot locations

12. Vehicles and automobiles

13. Leave policy

14. Commander‘s name, rank, arrival and departure times

15. Degree and speed of mobilization

16. Brigades and names of companies

17. Sleeping and waking times

18. Telephone lines and means of communication

The brother gathering the information may start a friendship with one of the soldiers or officers of that base. Information may be collected gradually and easily from soldiers when giving them rides from the camp to the bus or train stations, etc. B. Gathering Information Through Interrogation: Security personnel in our countries arrest brothers and obtain the needed information through interrogation and torture.

The Military Organization must do likewise. On one hand, the Organization can obtain important information about enemy establishments and personnel. On the other hand, that is a form of necessary punishment. Information is collected in this method by kidnaping an enemy individual, interrogating him, and torturing him. This source of information is not permanent. Also, caution should be exercised about being deceived by misinformation from enemy individuals.

Thus, the brother who interrogates the hostage should possess the following characteristics:

1. Should have knowledge and expertise about people's behavior and morals.

2. Should have a strong personality.

3. Should possess a sixth sense based on practice and experience.

4. Should be extremely patient.

5 . Should be able to act, pretend, and mask himself.

6. Should be intelligent, observant, analytical, and deductive.

7. Should be able to establish an investigative plan.

C. Gathering Information Through Recruitment: Recruiting agents is the most dangerous task that an enlisted brother can perform. Because of this dangerous task, the brother may be killed or imprisoned. Thus, the recruitment task must be performed by special types of members. There are a number of motives that might entice an uncommitted person to take part in intelligence work.

These motives are:

1. Coercion and entanglement

2. Greed and love for money

3. Displaying courage and love of adventure

4 . Love of amusement and deviance

5. Mental and political orientation

6. Fear of being harmed The Organization may use motives No. 2, 3, 5, and 6 in recruitment.

9933b5  No.11699775


The Terrorist's Handbook



1 Buying Explosives and Propellants

2 Explosives

2.1 Black Powder

2.2 Pyrodex

2.3 Rocket Engine Powder

2.4 Flash Powder

2.5 Ammonium Nitrate

2.6 Acquiring Chemicals

2.7 Techniques for Picking Locks

3 Preparation of Chemicals

3.1 Nitric Acid

3.2 Materials

3.3 Sulfuric Acid

4 Impact Explosives

4.1 Materials

4.2 Equipment

4.3 Mercury Fulminate

4.4 Equipment

4.5 Nitroglycerine

4.6 Picrates

4.7 Nitrocellulose

4.8 Fuel-Oxidizer Mixtures

4.9 R.D.X.

4.10 Materials

4.11 Equipment

4.12 Ammonium Nitrate

4.13 Materials

4.14 Equipment

4.15 Dynamite

4.16 Materials

4.17 Ammonium Picrate

4.18 Nitrogen Trichloride

4.19 Lead Azide

4.20 Molotov Cocktails

4.21 Chemical Fire Bottle

4.22 Materials

4.23 Equipment

4.24 Bottled Gas Explosives

4.25 Using Explosives

4.26 Ignition Devices

4.27 Impact Ignition

4.28 Radio Control Detonators

Hope you enjoyed. Will highlight all non dump comments.

9933b5  No.11699785

my bad wrong link



now to highlight anons ITT:







1f4461  No.11699862

File: 3680ec1bc30abc4⋯.png (69.83 KB, 225x225, 1:1, rename_to_zip.png)


Posts are in image.

0c936d  No.11699877


CIAnigger detected. /pol/ is a board of peace. Begone.

127756  No.11699901

Kill yourself moshe. Post links to your suicide on kikeit

8d1fa8  No.11700035

File: 97a0442cff18dd5⋯.jpg (133.68 KB, 675x900, 3:4, surreal steampunk computer.jpg)

Hey, thanks so much for making this thread. I saved the page & intend to study the information with great interest.

I have expertise in another field, but am almost a complete blank mentally when it comes to IT. For some time I've been sorely in need of help with online opsec and such.

BUMP, anon. & Thanks again.

77d105  No.11700056

File: 96f73fe1bca9442⋯.jpg (131.66 KB, 487x530, 487:530, cia fbi spook.jpg)


11/10 thread OP

1f4461  No.11700187

Old info but still relevant - Hacker OPSEC


beb5a8  No.11700500

File: c39b539ba228a73⋯.png (548.59 KB, 480x576, 5:6, Meme_06-08-2018_05-43-19.PNG)

excuse me but the part about how to protect myself again plz?

fd10d6  No.11700742

Archived the thread for ya


Bump cause the kikes slid this one hard.

59c121  No.11701308


proof or gtfo

33d5d3  No.11701866

File: bd4afe48cc966c8⋯.jpg (81.36 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1517636073480.jpg)

OP is way too convoluted.

Just use TOR Browser or if that is too slow for you then buy a Private internet Access subscription, harden your browser against tracking/fingerprinting and make sure cookies are disabled/deleted.

If you're a phonefag use Firefox Focus or Brave browser, that's all you can do really since Android/Google tracks everything you do.

Also sites like 4chan and Twitter will try to block you since they survive off data mining their users.

5e887a  No.11702084


1d7b23  No.11702150





You're one buzzy little kike, reported for you know what.

bfb0a8  No.11702553

Have a friendly bump for a job well done OP.

8e87b9  No.11702559

File: 59a1c4538ec901e⋯.png (113.8 KB, 1060x860, 53:43, TOR.png)


>Just use TOR

a38e58  No.11703604

Bump a day keeps shlomo at bay

78f66a  No.11704380

Yeah… OP is retarded. Such things aren't discussed in public, you dumb ass.

68fa9f  No.11705332

File: ab10a0e9069f023⋯.jpg (324.59 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, fedsinthethread.jpg)






>The Terrorist's Handbook

>9933b5 (75) OP

FEDS - the thread edition

shill elsewhere newfag

8895a8  No.11705417

This thread smells of kikey

6c8f4c  No.11705439


>dont use opsec goy

9e0545  No.11705774

so this only way to prevent feds is by requiring anal sex as a test

86d125  No.11706089

If OP is FBI why would he post this shit as text on clearnet thus helping everybody out? Thanks OP. Disregard kikes, learn OPSEC.

Mega bamp

95aa03  No.11706194


>If OP is FBI why would he post this shit as text on clearnet thus helping everybody out? Thanks OP. Disregard kikes, learn OPSEC.

>plants are good. hemlock is a plant. consuming hemlock is good.

This is why cuckchanners are our retarded cousins. Lurk moar newfag

8d884f  No.11706523




Found the spook

9933b5  No.11706672


and yet you fail to point out any misinfo whatsoever (there is none, these are all guides written by irl revolutionaries and serve as a good training and idea basin for any aspiring freedom fighters/cell leaders).

Peruse it and take away whatever you like, all this is copied from existing material written to screw the glows. Most of it from a Commie perspective but you should study your enemy as they study you.

95aa03  No.11706697


>what is IP change?

(3) actually - including this post, but who's counting.


lurk moar. only redditors and cuckchanners will suck off this thread.

Oldfags see too many glownigger alarms going off.

9933b5  No.11706758


glownigger alarms? lel this is Freemason HQ and we get shilled daily. You are the glownigger setting off an alarm in my head tbh

Again, what has OP posted which you think is misleading? Oh thats right. You will just do misdirection shilling and sagebombing instead of commenting on the content.

9933b5  No.11706773

>inb4 OP is shilling his own thread

Yeah, I just bumped my thread a bit with two posts because it is worth it for educational purposes and freedom of information. I take the risk posting this on clearnet so you dont have to search it up. Get fucked golem shills and CIA niggers.

Thanks to anon for this beauty:




8d1fa8  No.11706833

File: 25484c642f7df27⋯.jpg (84.48 KB, 615x483, 205:161, Soros Firefox 01.jpg)

File: 805cfa9c8f2eeb9⋯.jpg (27.85 KB, 500x316, 125:79, Soros shag.jpg)

On my laptop TOR operates through a Mozilla Firefox browser. But the latter recently took an enormous $$$ financial contribution from none other than George Soros. In exchange for the bribe Mozilla has agreed to help Soros meddle in what Firefox users can access online.

Does Firefox being compromised mean that TOR is therefore also compromised?

I realize that the use of Firefox I'm talking about here involves the use of Windows, and OP admonishes strongly against Windows. But many of us are not able to buy a new device and learn to use Linux immediately.

c34c75  No.11706859


No. Firefox is also secure and the OSF donation was nothing more than a generic 'push diversity and inclusion campaigns' more donation. Mozilla does not send data to third parties and besides that it is open source, which means the people behind TOR browser can modify it in any way they wish.

Firefox and Windows aren't related as it runs on Linux and basically everything else too.

8d1fa8  No.11707024


Well the press release and news at the time said that Mozilla was committed to helping Soros & friends to censor "fake news" (and we all know what that means).

See the graphic with my post above that shows the SERPs.

But thanks a lot for the quite informative answer. I learned something new today, & feel better about Mozilla.. I know almost nothing about IT, and was completely unaware that Mozilla is open source.


8d1fa8  No.11707044


I'm White. & I'm interested. I'll give Linux a shot real soon.

386433  No.11707074

File: 2686ad47fcc287b⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 510x586, 255:293, 2018-06-09_12-17-05.jpg)


Bumping so I can read later.

af2041  No.11707103

Holy shit, OP. Great thread!

Probably going to get done in by the CIA niggers from Bongland for reading this shit at 2 in the morning but hey. This is a wealth of information. Very nice to have… So I can be technically realistic and accurate when RPing a spy… In CSGO… Legally and purely satirically in a non violent manner.

bf61f9  No.11707180


>But many of us are not able to buy a new device and learn to use Linux immediately

You've seriously never heard of dual-booting?

There is also the option of booting from an external drive or CD.

d2be5c  No.11709379


good idea. Agent provocateurs are a danger because they propose poor plans to discredit your group and generally cause havoc. The AQ manual and counter-surveillance posts touch upon this form of opsec but if someone could post more about loyalty testing and ways to root out spooks from your group that would be useful.

b53caf  No.11709389


9c8848  No.11710070

bumpity bamp

84029e  No.11712658

Updated the archive of the thread.

Good shit OP gonna do a full read later.


e6d7bb  No.11712918

nothing to hide, nothing to fear you dirty little kikes.

fdd31f  No.11714744


99be87  No.11714819

File: 31c1d2167153e28⋯.jpg (50.85 KB, 992x414, 496:207, marco-a-munoz-ht-jef-18061….jpg)

Mentally ill beaner ann heros in custody.

Liberals blame Trump.

c3466f  No.11716160


nice kike article kike

08bdfb  No.11716967


Don't just shut off your computer, reboot it.

>t. Cold boot attack

>If you just shut off your computer, your RAM will remeber for a few minutes

29e84b  No.11717008

not posting in the land of Sunshine and Masonkikes might be a start to security

6e0102  No.11717052

File: bc43d86c117ef7f⋯.png (148.89 KB, 499x499, 1:1, bc43d86c117ef7f37793ece5e5….png)

Does anyone have any links or such with all the information posted gathered all together?

bfcdfa  No.11717634


Lurkers download this shit and spread it

6e0102  No.11717865

Good bread, excellent info.

0e2fa2  No.11717917


Brilliant thread lad, wish more threads were like this.

1e474d  No.11720072


367c2d  No.11720426


1cf52d  No.11720571


Tor in its' current state is of limited use due to too many nodes being taken over. It's the best run honeypot of the bunch. Best used when in foreign countries where internet to begin with is in its' early years and countermeasures aren't about. In the US, it's better to blend in outright on your more public platforms, to make it harder to be picked out of the crowd as it were. TOR is meant to serve as an auxilary protection for those going stealth, but is overly distinctive in current times(Due to lack of usage at large).

96f3aa  No.11720604

How to I take high quality photos of antifa members in public without being seen?

I have looked at pinhole cameras but most of them don't seem to give good image quality.

bceff5  No.11722522

File: accb0d8c025242f⋯.jpg (80.48 KB, 446x594, 223:297, tumblr_o37r88xvH31tmsr3yo1….jpg)

File: 489d76d9b23f76e⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 400x300, 4:3, tumblr_ohmkcdG1ks1vjshpjo1….jpg)

File: e0d0c85b33d3799⋯.jpg (140.05 KB, 500x739, 500:739, tumblr_o0eee11R4L1sm9y4po1….jpg)

File: 75349989a44494b⋯.jpg (59.61 KB, 402x533, 402:533, tumblr_o2sydrTgo71sm9y4po1….jpg)

File: 35e441b069e5900⋯.jpg (144.97 KB, 948x1280, 237:320, tumblr_ojhev8nJks1w2i86no1….jpg)

bd2a18  No.11722840

File: a8397849b490a3b⋯.gif (566.86 KB, 952x1466, 476:733, masons.gif)

06435b  No.11724904

Hello fellow white naitonalists, how can I craft a bomb?

67b303  No.11728159



disregard faggots, spread revolutionary tactics and start guerrilla warfare cells to violently resist ZOG

If you fear jail or death then you do not have the mindset needed to survive.

6e11cc  No.11729913


If enough people download a copy then they are fucked. Stay paranoid and useless forever or use this time of chaos to teach your compatriots how to fight back. Tough choice. NOT.

Seriously though. I've already spread this to dozens of my contacts. NSA etc are a meme. Those fuckers are useless. We had 50000 confirmed Nat Soc in fucking Cali vote Little. What do you think? They will arrest all of us? Don't be a pussy. Spread the info and organize locally.



abbb6c  No.11730248


they'll pick us off slowly

41e817  No.11732147



Fucking glow niggers. You pansy assed myopic slimes wouldn't last a day in a trench. If you aren't willing to risk arrest so that your children may live then you will never survive for even a microsecond in a foxhole. Quite being demoralized worms and fight for your future. Sharing this and organizing cells is a REVOLUTIONARY ACT AGAINST ZOG!

41e817  No.11732150



784d58  No.11734971

bump shared it

cbc4a5  No.11739080























d4c36e  No.11739867

Bump a day keeps the kike at bay

41e817  No.11748932

Daily reminder to manufacture weapons and ammo.

Spread the thread info. Take the risk. Revolution or death! We will prevail. My ancestors are smiling on me, what about yours?

41e817  No.11748939


Find ZOG targets in mapping threads. Cut off the head of the snake.

39a4b0  No.11750265












094515  No.11750273



way to overestimate yourself

39a4b0  No.11750286


>misspells useful

Projecting much crybaby kike?

4727fa  No.11753098


Fucking shill demoralization faggot. This is war. Man up maggot. Either death or eternal glory awaits us.

4727fa  No.11754837


Alright then. For those who want to help others fight, actually fucking fight like men, they can spread everything. For the cowards only share infosec.

6ef005  No.11758229


why is this thread even here? if anything proves how compromised this board is its this shitty entrapment thread.

a2615f  No.11758610


e75748  No.11758737


So how am I supposed to read that second pic? Just find what interests me and follow from there? Are all segments of text separate from each other?

6e377a  No.11758796


You are doing divine work anon

f88d2d  No.11759224

887a4f  No.11761919


8bf735  No.11767484

Daily reminder to share info. The more people who have this the less they can predict our attacks.

8bf735  No.11770522


We have some IT autists who will encrypt/nuke major company servers at a good time. Perhaps this is the summer?

253cb7  No.11772620


b77aaa  No.11773125



also, bump

fd350f  No.11773176




f5fef5  No.11773392


bro benji is ALIVE? I thought the Chink secret police nabbed him

real oldfag hours

fd350f  No.11773409

File: b7e767d7429d8a6⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 173x255, 173:255, 1426021010492-0.jpg)


last thing i knew was he fled to pingpong and /baph/ died, but i think he is still lurking/shitposting on /pol/ and wrongthink … wonder where the real /baph/ oldfags are

>sega for offtopic

5a913a  No.11773419

Reminder that 8chan has a warrant canary.


>We have not been served any secret court orders and are not under any gag orders.

If the above line gets removed, we're in trouble.

a6b280  No.11773438


Reminder that a gag order would void the canary and Jim and Ron would be unable to edit it.

<trust us, no warrants served, we aren’t being told to tell you this

Healthy paranoia is healthy. Never bareback any imageboard.

Also on benji, I always figured he’d end up getting v& for various things or end up in some ching chong mental asylum

d21229  No.11773475

>where are the real oldfags

We never left. Benji still lurks we all still watch the site for keks. No reason to do ops or shit anymore since it's much easier to do things in a fully decentralized way (8chan is a centralized website).

I have said it before I will say it again. The future for fighting back against the powers that be is user controlled decentralized software. Mega corporations hate and fear it more than anything especially since they can't AI botnet it.

b77aaa  No.11773479


No, just an IT anon. I don't work for banks, but for other big (((interests))). I won't say any more than that.

155e3b  No.11776429

These historical education materials are for all the tards like me that can't into coding. Definitely use the above discussed COMsec if you're going to any of these.


>booby traps

>improvised munitions

>unconventional warfare devices and techniques

>marksmanship and ballistics


>CIAnigger psyops in guerilla warfare.


>classic tomes on conventional warfare theory

>modern ones on guerilla warfare tactics


>Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense, Volumes 1-6


>To Break a Tyrant's Chains


>guerilla warfare manuals


>Poorman's Ray Gun

>microwave oven conversion


>Rhodisian Drake Shooting


>almost every USzogbot Field Manual and Training Manual

6fc798  No.11777766


Good contribution. Highly recommend to NOT be paranoid. If necessary develop a good operational procedure and keep it on a sticky note on your door so you are reminded each morning. Ultimately your mileage may vary but the more fearful you are the less you will actually get done. Much like in (((Finance))) life has risks and uncertainties you must accept if you wish to move forward. Inaction and cowardice is a mortal sin, all else is a virtue (to put it in extremely oversimplified terms).

I guess you can decide for yourself. Do you have the moral turpitude to actually physically fight, to the death, at the cost of all trinkets and FIAT currency you pretend to own, or are you going to finance and logistically support those who are? If you are unwilling to put either resources or brawn behind the cause then you are a damned traitor to all that is precious.

I will not let my children turn into robotic tranny slaves, will you?

208668  No.11779358


208668  No.11779363

File: 335919a2586b7eb⋯.jpg (26.72 KB, 288x325, 288:325, bezmenoved.jpg)

File: 59ee58e5363a6d9⋯.png (752.67 KB, 960x703, 960:703, da goyim know.png)


Yeah no. Violent revolution fucking now. Time's up faggots.

70ca4c  No.11779367


What does your morality have to do with my revolution?

1c4209  No.11783285

Love how kikes keep sliding this thread.

d8b679  No.11784070


me too brother

136e3d  No.11784978


This thread deserves to live.

Also, archived for the 100th time or so.

e3e17d  No.11789391


6fc798  No.11791402

important thread

53d525  No.11791429

Autism at its finest. Move to a place where drugs, hookers, steroids are legal and I can assure you that whatever the fuck you would post from there it just simply would not fucking matter.

All hardware is pozed by NSA even if you use tor by booting it from a tails DVD on a laptop that has no hdd in it and got opensource firmware on mainboard you still can be caught if the agencies want to catch you. Doesn't matter that you move around using public wifi.

180a8b  No.11791880


>31) Do not tolerate oppressive (sexist, racist, homophobic etc.) dynamics within the movement. Confront their expression and put a stop to it.

What the fuck.

304e3d  No.11794008





304e3d  No.11794014


you think some currynigger will be able to make sense of millions of humans misbehaving and moving erratically at the same time? You forget, those in charge are not just cunts, they are useless nihilistic retards. We will win because we are stronger.

d00125  No.11794600

>>11777766 checked

If my answer was no I probably would have been too paranoid to post those links.

f88d2d  No.11796672


stop nitpicking, obviously a leftist troglodyte wrote the original guide. Study your enemy.

2a7842  No.11799917


5d469f  No.11801833


sudo extundelete /dev/mapper/mint--vg-root --restore-all

>roam through my recovered files

>look into Tor cache folder


does anyone have any sense at what I am reading here?

d1a52d  No.11807020

>page 11

tsk tsk tsk

aa5430  No.11808001


page 6

Keep fighting

143af3  No.11810601


This is all great advice. I was posting smug animes girls and some rarer memes and had a strong feeling that the CIA were targeting me. I really knew when I called another anon a kike shill that I had gotten attention from authorities and pretty much painted a #1 target on my back. Glad to know how to protect myself as I fight the good fight here. I understand that they focus their resources on meme suppression first and foremost, and linux pretty much shuts them down. Just to make sure I am going to change my dental records before I call another anon a faggot though. Dangerous work.

df987e  No.11810734


Be flippant if you like. This is to calm nerves. As is made abundantly clear, if you don't have the do or die mindset then you should go back to your basement and chew on tendies until your rampant diabetes sends you to an early grave.

60e955  No.11812119


>do nothing goys

>don't read the good advice with the "bad" and act as you believe is most effective

Step 1: use critical thinking

Step 2: everybody must contribute and do what they can because they must

71fc75  No.11813081


Education is a vague term, and most people will never reach the illusionary educational standards we try to impose on them. I'll take 10 strong and fearless men over 100 limp wristed academics any day.

286b47  No.11819930


32ac02  No.11822980


>brainlet doesn't know the way TOR works

Even if you connect to a node owned by the FBI, they still cannot know your identity. The only way for you to be infected is if you have SCRIPTS turned on, like javascript. There is no way of someone know your identity if you simply browse and post online unless you use a unique way of typing (some pedo who owned a large pedo site was only found due to typing "hiyas" in each announcement and some posts, they then searched for this usage of the unique word and found him on a facebook page advertising his pickup truck).

The only way anyone has found a TOR users identity is via a vulnerability in a script or if the user downloaded a compromised file. Make sure the site has HTTPS/TLS.

f18065  No.11822987

Sage cause this is terrorism

32ac02  No.11823004


>drop everything and move to a completely different country instead of practicing privacy

>All hardware is pozed by NSA even if you use tor by booting it from a tails DVD on a laptop that has no hdd in it and got opensource firmware on mainboard you still can be caught

Absolutely wrong. What hardware do you think terrorists use? The NSA pozzing of hardware you're talking about is TARGETED and does exist, only if you're targeted, the risk of is too great and believe me, it would have been found. A lot of software relating to hardware is indeed pozzed though.

32ac02  No.11823010



Just temp file for extensions, without it none of your extension settings would save.

008ef4  No.11826521

File: 980c14da620857b⋯.jpg (127.29 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1518568944769.jpg)

Thanks for this thread OP, very interesting read

327d6d  No.11827583



The solution is simple, get a Lawyer; someone who is leagues better with dealing with prosecutors and can explain the various laws without you being incriminated. This is normie-tier simplicity. You need to get real with this and learn to protect yourself better.

327d6d  No.11827588


Technically, they could deduce it if your were already a suspect in a crime not to mention that you could give away your identity if you don't take the proper safety precautions already outlined in OP's excellent presentation.

996768  No.11829598


13a945  No.11830162


have a bump

8a79f2  No.11830205

Most of this stuff will not work in the US, and the whole organizing militias thing is a trap.

You’re not touching the capacity of the US intelligence infrastructure with your pc and tor. If you think that you’re hidden with tor you’re wrong. The tor posters are usually involved with, in some form or fashion, law enforcement or something entirely different. So you’re only throwing up flags when you log ONTO YOUR HOME ISP TO DO WHAT IS CALLED BUILDING YOURSELF A PROFILE AS A TERRORIST.

Sage, for the love of everything decent sage.

Learn to code and write your own encryption not based on public libraries developed by the alphabets if you’re interested in encryption. Don’t be a terrorist.

0d6f2b  No.11830299



>doesn't sage

a9ee35  No.11831280


>Blah blah blah, everyone is out to get you, you are weak, resist in absurd way (build your own crypto), everything is compromised.

I wonder where i've heard all that…

063aa2  No.11836418

>page 11

28fbd3  No.11836438


Well, first of all, this site is (((controlled))).

28fbd3  No.11836708


One thing that's gotta happen ASAP is an extra otp layer for fde and for coms, particularly text chat & (text) email.

Even with 90's tech it was already possible to establish a 100% uncrackable line of communication with someone with whom you have occasional physical contact, by physical exchange of CD's containing otp. Imperfect, because they couldn't be destroyed. Well, now we have HDD, which can be erased, and also which can be effectively destroyed (by heating the platter with a flame).

This is to be used in ADDITION to whatever encryption you may prefer, AES being surely adequate for most purposes.

a9ee35  No.11837569



This is actually good advice.

b9d8e3  No.11837772

Thanks for this thread, OP. I have it saved for personal reference.

28fbd3  No.11838974


It's some of the best advice you can get, indeed. So many, throughout history, have been fucked by that.

Consider otp. Every case of cracking of a code could have been prevented had otp been used instead.

Let that fucking sink in. Just some damn dice and a few hours could have, in many cases, even saved entire divisions.

28fbd3  No.11839060


Agreed, an excellent point. The best option is Darik's Boot & Nuke, DBAN. (but you have to know how to use it, so you don't wipe the wrong drive).

28fbd3  No.11839071




Also, in addition to DBAN, you want to always be using full disk encryption (FDE) - but, if you use FDE, you need to have an excellent backup system, with offsite backups.

And this gets into the topic of keyfiles, like using a thumb drive to store a key for VeraCrypt. The degree to which this increases security is amazing. You go from "maybe they can guess your password" to "they gotta find that damn thumb drive".

28fbd3  No.11839076


That is, "they gotta find that damn thumb drive AND then try to guess the password"

87ea94  No.11842483


Yep. Then again, the chips are probably easier to destroy permanently.

327d6d  No.11843570



about the thumb key drive, isn't it possible for someone to just map the usb drive then crack it that way? something about this doesn't add up. someone mind shedding some light on this?

f42ca3  No.11845679


33f377  No.11845728


Text analysis will all kill because we all write English.

Also: Panopticlick. Use what everybody uses.

87ea94  No.11845755


Here's a discussion from VeraCrypt documentation:


VeraCrypt keyfile is a file whose content is combined with a password. The user can use any kind of file as a VeraCrypt keyfile. The user can also generate a keyfile using the built-in keyfile generator, which utilizes the VeraCrypt RNG to generate a file with random content (for more information, see the section Random Number Generator).

The maximum size of a keyfile is not limited; however, only its first 1,048,576 bytes (1 MB) are processed (all remaining bytes are ignored due to performance issues connected with processing extremely large files). The user can supply one or more keyfiles (the number of keyfiles is not limited).

Keyfiles can be stored on PKCS-11-compliant [23] security tokens and smart cards protected by multiple PIN codes (which can be entered either using a hardware PIN pad or via the VeraCrypt GUI).

87ea94  No.11847133


It's safe. It just checks your browser and tells you how unique it is. Annnnd if you're not using Tor Browser it'll be pretty fucking unique.

a7a4b6  No.11847172

How about a list of mistakes not to make if trying to be true anon.Seems with the backdoor shit if you use the internets your fucked if needing to be anonymouse if your wanted for wrongspeak or dirty deeds done dirt cheap they will get you.

87ea94  No.11847194


Also important. I think that list might be endless, frankly. But, to begin with, there's stylometry. For example, the free Jstylo, which allows you to fingerprint text. More advanced systems obviously exist.

Snowden was highly concerned about stylometry. Q presumably used that weird style for that same reason.

One method of escaping this is to learn another language, and prevent samples of your writing from being associated with your English writing. Once it is associated (even if you were, for example, to post, in this topic, from Tor, in this new language, assuming you had learned one, it would become associated, basically it would stand out, later, in the algorithms) ur fuked m80.

Memes, and art style, can definitely be used to bypass that censor, and get points across. Copy-pasting other people's commentary will work well too. But, if you get to copying the same text too much, it will become at least a pseudonym, until such point as you flush your pasteboard.

33f377  No.11850828


Reformulate for goal achievement: do not drag other down and seek allies (or useful idiots).

33f377  No.11850995


Diversity will drag down the team. Some will leave and make other stuff great, but our only universal and open front end will suffer.

f02b15  No.11851017


Q-LARP’s style of not telling anyone anything in any post and then taking credit for everything that happens in the world that fits its narrative is a way to avoid stylometry–meaning the study of the recognition of an individual by his posting style across multiple venues. Not that Q-LARP has anything to hide, what with it being a jewish psyop.

008ef4  No.11852479


30aa9d  No.11857541


456d0d  No.11857560

Commit suicide OP

30aa9d  No.11857608





2b8b6b  No.11858013

OPSEC ruminations by An Anon With a Clue™


If every tree falling in every forest might soon be heard by an internet-connected microphone, what hope is there for our privacy?

Wwhen you’re sitting in a room with an iPhone (spy phones), an Apple Watch (spy watches) and a smart assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home (spy applainces), you’re surrounded by a dozen microphones. (Newer iPhones have four and the Echo has seven, while the smartwatch has just one, for now.)

Add in the latest smart wireless headphones (bugphones) — Apple’s expected next-generation AirPods (spypods) or competing ones from Bose or Shure — along with talking microwave ovens (spy ovens) and TVs (spy TVs) from Samsung, LG and others, and anyone at home or in an open-plan office could soon be within earshot of hundreds of microphones.

The roadmaps of tech giants and startups alike show how sound is poised to become the first ubiquitous connection between users and the artificial-intelligence hive mind the internet is becoming.

Driving this change are massive volumes of components, originally designed for smartphones and other mobile devices. Cancer grows after all.

For a hundred years, microphones consisted of a relatively large membrane whose vibrations were converted to electrical impulses. But starting in the 1980s, engineers worked out ways to make microphones tiny, bordering on microscopic. Most still have a pocket of air trapped behind a vibrating element, but now they can be carved out of silicon, just like the microchips to which they’re attached. Smartphones, smart speakers and any other gadget that listens for your voice all use these kinds of microphones.

One ongoing challenge for microphones has been physics: The smaller microphones get, the more of them you need to capture a sound, and the more processing of that sound is required.

Startups such as Boston-based Vesper Technologies, Inc. — which has received money from Baidu, Bose and Amazon’s Alexa Fund — are meeting the challenge with even tinier, yet more capable designs built around minuscule flaps of silicon that generate electric current when bent by sound waves. Vesper claims this gives their microphone unique capabilities, like understanding your voice even in windy conditions, and drawing zero power when awaiting a “wake word,” since sound itself generates the power the microphone needs.

We’re moving toward a world in which everything with a plug or battery can respond to a voice command.

Apple’s next AirPods (spypods) could have many of the capabilities that Vesper claims its microphones will enable, such as built-in noise cancellation. (In the past, Apple has used several suppliers for its microphones.) Meanwhile, the CEO of Samsung’s consumer-electronics division recently told The Wall Street Journal that by 2020 his company plans to equip every single device it sells—from TVs to refrigerators—with microphones.

It could be unnerving to be surrounded by listening devices, but the paradox is that as the technology develops, so does our ability to free these gadgets from having to connect to the internet.

Consider the voice-controlled trash can (spy cans) from Simplehuman. Say “Open can” and it opens—and then closes on its own once the user walks away. That’s it.

It’s easy to make fun of a high-tech trash can, especially one that costs $200.

As anyone who lives with multiple virtual assistants can attest, it is tricky to talk to one without inadvertently involving the whole crowd.

Consumers must do everything to stop this from happening and BOYCOTT all these spy products.

Puke peice here: https://archive.fo/u2rcj

dc0928  No.11858074


Anon, you and I are on the exact same wavelength. We will win with flowers and science.

d9cde8  No.11870257

helpful for newfigs

c45d53  No.11872885

fuck whitey

31d426  No.11872891


When you’re innocent and still keep having to deal with enrichment.

acba07  No.11873740


Translation for us: if you are forming a WN movement, don’t tell whites they aren’t white if they are white. Like “Irish aren’t white, go away!” Or “Fucken christcuck” Remain unified, I guess, is the best way to do it.

476f1b  No.11884789

/baph/ has a new BO but he acts buttblasted and may glow.he claims that he was a /baph/ BO before.anyone knows whats up?

595fba  No.11886771

Infosec is a joke. You're only isolating yourself from potential allies and helping the Jew. Your computers are compromised at the hardware level, and have always been. Learn how to tango with the beast, or get the fuck off the ride!

746c8e  No.11890776


/baph/ hasn't been any good since the .pl version died. There were whole database dumps on there back in the day. It was like a candy store to a Hackeranon.

34b3c8  No.11899562


2014 /baph/ was 2007 /b/ incarnate, those madmen were doxxing politicians and doing x10 worse to pedos than we're currently doing. Tis a shame benji got caught by feds ans turnt it into a honeypot, in February of 2015 2/3rds the active users suddenly disappeared, I wonder why?

8d7215  No.11899987


Huh? You can easily destroy CDs or DVDs by dousing them in gasoline and setting them on fire. Destroying HDD is harder. You have to sand down the platters.

476f1b  No.11900244


i need some sauco on the v&ing and honeypot m8, isnt it just another trick like the escape to china??

sage for offtopic

b6db0f  No.11910548


I worked with law enforcement after getting raided and snitched on a few people. If you offer to snitch before you are booked and brought to the police station they might allow you to snitch in order for the charges to never be pressed. Generally you will need to snitch on three people for crimes equal to or more serious than the one you're snitching your way out of. Three to set you free. Also, look for instance at Sabu who wasn't given as harsh of a punishment by cooperating with the FBI,

2db4ac  No.11913225


t. real anon, no seriously gaiz

ab6ee3  No.11913259


Everyone look at this

Your internet buddies who you do leeto ops will are not really your friends. They can and will snitch on you and you should expect it. Never give information as to what you do, where you work or used to work, the type of work you do, your location (even general like state or timezone), if you have kids or how many, if you're married. They are not your friends, they are your criminal co-defendants.

Bragging is also something you should never do. SHUT THE FUCK UP. If you go through the cases of leeto hackers getting busted nearly all of them have either bragged, given away personal information, or did not SHUT THE FUCK UP.

And for the love of all that is holy, do not ever reuse or link any identities. Your leeto hacker screen name should not be the same as your xbox profile, even if it was from years ago and you're pretty sure no one remembers it. Treat online identities as disposable, and the people you interact with using them as well. Internet people are not your bros and they will not go to prison for you.

327d6d  No.11937245


consider using a script called 'suicide' on Ubuntu. It may be available for mint as well. Basically, it wipes the hard drive if a password is incorrectly put in, based on how many tries are allowed.


whatabout tails os?


even if you use suicide script for linux? can that come back into court or is there wiggle room for that?

3ef298  No.11944868

This thread should be stickied

066c9d  No.11952467

File: 3fbbc808886fa27⋯.jpg (213.67 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 3fbbc808886fa27c9e8e451869….jpg)


4c1b0f  No.11956269


I am seconding this.

There is also a wealth of resources on /baph/, but it's always the same problem; the information has to be discussed where it is important and relevant, not where it "fits the board".

I hate that (((copout))).

327d6d  No.11959080


admin, before this thread dies or is murdered by sliders could you archive it? thanks

d58ae0  No.11977942

>page 20

not on my watch kikes

1787a6  No.11983050

Kikes really sudsed this thread

008ef4  No.11997504

08c14e  No.12013339


5b62b9  No.12013406

<search engines

Don't use duck duck go. Use searx or qwant.

<Don't use tor at home

There's no reason not to. I always have a couple tor socks up along with it's DNS server which my local resolver uses. Each socks proxy uses a different route so I try and have different programs use different routes.

<Don't use tor for a long time

I'd rather just keep that open the whole time. If I'm doing something sensitive, I usually sandwich it in between some traffic by just some regular activity.

To avoid correlation attacks avoid applications with a continuous connection. IRC is pretty nasty. Most clients even log everyone's connect and disconnect time. If they see users on different IRC servers all disconnect at the same time continuously then they might find an identity which may not be as anonymous as you would like.

<how to rob banks

RWDSs are not niggers.

19471d  No.12035644

Here’s the current external archive.


Bumping the most important bread. Godspeed brothers.

a00990  No.12046774

ITT: fearmongering paranoid kikes, just stay off social media like Gab.

817870  No.12049006


>they found enough drugs in my house

>I am one of you, goys!

Fuck off tbh.

dfb3c2  No.12050340


008ef4  No.12055643


>t kike

b628e5  No.12060101


t. kike

6e6631  No.12091263


933116  No.12094227

9355e8  No.12097413


>in February of 2015 2/3rds the active users suddenly disappeared, I wonder why?

c-c-can you speculate wha happin anon? disappeared? ship dipped/given new id's/new employment ops? at GITMO not even allowed to send smoke signals?

0f00ad  No.12104429


448943  No.12106583

Bump a day keeps shlomo at bay

dc20d6  No.12110137

File: a6d0763b6dc872f⋯.jpg (146.78 KB, 1200x790, 120:79, libtardfail.jpg)

File: fffd0da1aea9fad⋯.jpg (159.23 KB, 838x1320, 419:660, wakeupcanada.jpg)

File: 5cf478e04afbaf1⋯.png (1.27 MB, 792x1396, 198:349, 1531010548178.png)

File: 7f8de742b7dd267⋯.png (617.46 KB, 1026x1078, 513:539, 1533793217467.png)

BOGanon here I almost got seth riched yesterday… Heres a quick rundown.


8fb296  No.12118268


This. Highest quality thread I've seen on /pol/ in a long time.

3e5d20  No.12119139

Every bump a cianigger kvetches

c3cb5f  No.12123442

File: 29f3407180b4839⋯.jpg (145.81 KB, 500x438, 250:219, foretrex.jpg)

In an SHTF scenario, can GPS units be trusted?

550a75  No.12138217


>can literal trackers be trusted?

try getting a map…

72e785  No.12138227


A little more insight into GPS. In the 90s Clinton removed the protective functionality that narrowed your positioning. It went from 100 feet fuzzy positioning to 10 feet fine positioning. The mechanism had been in place to protect your privacy.

ab44c2  No.12138261

Obligatory Reminder: If They Take out Internet we Take out Power Grid

ab44c2  No.12138264


GPS system is designed to be decreased in accuracy or even shut off on demand for war situation but the amount of civilian Infra that relies on it means they won't do this unless things get really bad.

88b44b  No.12138716

Can somebody pdf all of this properly?

6e377a  No.12138806


and if they take out power we take out internet!

e3bd1b  No.12138840


gps units receive the signals from the gps satellites…they cannot be used to track you down (?)!

The only thing that can happen is that in electronic warfare, the civilian bands get overflooded and wont wont anymore. There is also a side channeled military band that is jamming resistant.

I looked up into it once and it didnt seem to be that hard to get into that band…perhaps…well maybe.

85d87c  No.12144842


0096ac  No.12148417

Toasty toasty kikes

25a345  No.12150997

File: 5fc5d4120c3fd14⋯.png (417.09 KB, 1266x1509, 422:503, 5fc5d4120c3fd146ebd48d9163….png)

File: 626f8c00604db9f⋯.jpg (894.73 KB, 949x5065, 949:5065, 626f8c00604db9fe00f1c7ba41….jpg)

File: ef03d5e1c1d82d1⋯.png (262.64 KB, 1333x1425, 1333:1425, 9d28535430554913958d2da3a9….png)

File: c0fe812ad28d78c⋯.png (120.31 KB, 590x767, 10:13, 1285935208090.png)

File: 663c67cffa065a7⋯.png (946.91 KB, 1189x3900, 1189:3900, 1312527469645.png)

Mind you some of it's kinda dated but still good leads if nothing else.

25a345  No.12151002

File: c89f54c7df3edfb⋯.png (221.81 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1349903535117.png)

File: a538493fbd53084⋯.png (419.79 KB, 1589x1740, 1589:1740, 1370748790163.png)

File: d75db20c91761df⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 1375394603467.jpg)

File: 4592a56b6ee3ae5⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1800x3150, 4:7, 1375981827645.png)

File: a388eaf32f36cae⋯.png (63.47 KB, 606x1436, 303:718, 1375982108634.png)

25a345  No.12151018

File: 98b04165cd250d2⋯.jpg (120.31 KB, 499x669, 499:669, 1385758883742.jpg)

File: 38ce5371d81c3ec⋯.png (1.09 MB, 5000x3398, 2500:1699, 1265254516199.png)

File: adf5c50a0f30a6c⋯.gif (51.72 KB, 500x1105, 100:221, 1267694372457.gif)

File: 9cb1d81a1cc76dc⋯.png (243.66 KB, 395x480, 79:96, 1375243495310.png)

File: 1216d5855b48c66⋯.png (275.21 KB, 1345x1751, 1345:1751, 1386201322858.png)

1573d6  No.12162023


good stuff

b7b1d6  No.12162039


I feel like Debian and Suse have pedo logos

48bc39  No.12162538

File: 4d9573e6aa0eb68⋯.png (486.47 KB, 772x514, 386:257, tactical pepe.png)


Yes those are very likely made by pedos.

The developers are also unfortunately not going to get caught with anything incriminating by any law enforcement because damn sneaky bastards are probably using something secure like debian or suse.

678ccf  No.12162592


God bless you

5371e6  No.12163396

caabbf  No.12174800

Bump a day keeps the international jew at bay

1fc673  No.12181628


check them

43b32f  No.12182795

Bump an hour keeps the kike from power

096746  No.12194720


2c99b0  No.12208091


118045  No.12214140


dc0f93  No.12215040

bump, thanks

e96562  No.12233252

Antislide is prowhite

bbee7c  No.12236295

back to page 1

87979c  No.12236331

File: 5d0c4017ba84f76⋯.jpg (29.52 KB, 441x345, 147:115, 5d0c4017ba84f76414f27a81c4….jpg)

My instinct is telling me this is the Biggest Honey pot thread I have ever seen in my life.


VPN for everyday stuff is fine, if you just are avoiding a data profile from Jewgole, or ISP.

b86dfc  No.12236941

File: 205620bcb8444fe⋯.png (17.9 KB, 844x495, 844:495, GLowNIggers.png)


>Plumbers tape

Tar is far superior.


31) Do not tolerate oppressive (sexist, racist, homophobic etc.) dynamics within the movement. Confront their expression and put a stop to it.


STASI Boys for sure in the thread. Completely bullshit methods of explosive creation given. True terror not revealed. Use Tor and you can still be TORPEDOED.

Flexin those Beamsplitters Mr. Apl[habet

85d87c  No.12248144


cb520d  No.12248166

How does one send money anonymously?

The only thing that comes up to my mind is sending it physically as cash in mail with no sender address (so that the postal service just have to keep it until it's retrieved in case of return). The other is using Crypto with "mixer" services that serve as a proxy and hide the sender address.

But it's not very secure because it's not always possible to buy Crypto anonymously and the mixers could be compromised.

Also - why the thread is not sticky?

bc2f43  No.12248176


>why the thread is not sticky?

Very good question, I'm surprised the (((mods))) haven't outright deleted it with the CIAniggers failed attempts to slide it off the board.

40705a  No.12248203


1) Have a secure computer with untraceable wallet address.

2) Buy cryptocurrency to deposit into said wallet by postal cash or surveillance-absent ATM that has no traceability.

You now have crypto with your only weakness being your crypto address (sent to the crypto merchant/machine).

3) Trade that crypto for a coin with inbuilt privacy. (Not telling)

4) Use that privacy crypto to send money via itself to the intended recipient.

Recipient now has all the responsibility for it, you're free.

5) (Optional) Recipient finds a way to launder that crypto into a non-privacy-based crypto.

6) Recipient trades that non-privacy coin for real money.

And you may have lost something like 5% of the total value or more in the whole process due to fees.

03cb81  No.12248213


Id use i2p and the heads distro.

Its a non systemd distro that forces all traffic through tor.

You can install it on a usb drive and just use it when you need it.

But thats just me being extra paranoid.

be63ef  No.12249575

File: 483d6d7bda05840⋯.jpg (269.55 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, 023-fear-trapped.jpg)


i read all this from the text file and now i want to safely delete the file. how do i do it on ubuntu 18.04 lts? delete it so that it can never be recovered/detected etc. i shouldn't have downloaded it in the first place. i want to securely delete it off the face of my machine.


>law enforcement or something entirely different

something entirely different such as?

327d6d  No.12249621


The only way to safely delete everything off of any hard drive regardless of the os and file system on it is to wipe the hard drive with a program and then reformat the hard drive and then encrypt it.

50fe6d  No.12276634


08ea20  No.12276999

File: b35f504b4e84396⋯.png (185.35 KB, 820x729, 820:729, 1539063306156.png)


If you want to go ultra-paranoia which is understandable in this day and age, there is now a fully open source computer(including CPU) for around 2k usd. Some distros of linux support it and there is currently an effort to port tails over. Literally no way to exploit vunerabilities if it's a powerpc comp running tails.


Link if interested

0ee6be  No.12277296


Not unless it is a Dagr. If gps goes encrypted then only these will work.

25a345  No.12277648

File: 37e1281112b06f2⋯.gif (301.73 KB, 640x636, 160:159, 37e1281112b06f26e81af657df….gif)

File: 44d2d8d7d863f45⋯.gif (209.21 KB, 250x263, 250:263, 44d2d8d7d863f451547a50af3d….gif)

File: 1469c662032bdc8⋯.png (1.27 MB, 947x1079, 947:1079, 1469c662032bdc88bb437b4579….png)

File: 79977e3454bddc3⋯.jpg (93.62 KB, 736x1090, 368:545, 79977e3454bddc39cb31632f99….jpg)

File: a29a9f1fc808438⋯.gif (2.26 MB, 480x480, 1:1, a29a9f1fc80843889c03f5299f….gif)


Very interesting anon.

>The Talos™ II mainboard is the first modern (post-2013), owner-controllable, workstation- and enterprise-class mainboard. Built around the brand-new IBM POWER9 processor, and leveraging Linux and OpenPOWER™ technology, Talos™ II allows you to secure your data without sacrificing performance. Designed with a fully owner-controlled CPU domain, you can audit and modify any portion of the open source firmware on the Talos™ II mainboard, all the way down to the CPU microcode. This is an unprecedented level of access for any modern workstation- or enterprise-class machine, and one that is increasingly needed to assure safety and compliance with new regulations, such as the EU's GDPR.

>An owner-controlled, CPU-based secure boot mode also is available at any time. When secure boot is properly configured, and if the mainboard is located in a physically secure environment (e.g., a datacenter or locked workstation case), you can be assured that only your pre-approved and pre-audited firmware, kernel, and user space components are executing on a Talos™ II system.

>To get you started as quickly as possible, the Special Developer System comes pre-loaded with a Debian Buster ppc64el installation. Default login credentials are root/root and should be changed after receiving the machine. This default installation can be wiped and an OS of your choice installed if desired.

We really need more market saturation of this kind of stuff. Praise the king of digits for this worthy get.

230118  No.12277961



>good operational procedure

Like varying times and routes in your schedule and stuff like that?

230118  No.12279250

File: f88def1c06df2ef⋯.png (1.71 MB, 2054x1420, 1027:710, Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at ….png)


230118  No.12282177

Subgraph, Whonix, or Qubes?

abbdae  No.12282468

I've been visiting websites on a daily basis in an attempt to simulate behavior that could otherwise be perceived as congruent with a specific character archetype, the principle in mind being to throw off any big-data dragnets with a demonstrably false persona.

Simply put, I like the idea of my data being more expensive. Probable deniability is also hilarious.

327d6d  No.12288682


you can use all three in this order:


NOTE: the experts are warning to stay away from tails now due to a bug that they've not found a patch for.

When using email for communication with a trusted enduser, use a notepad document to write your message, then put it in a folder. Encrypt the folder, then run a md5/sha256 hash and post the hash value in the comment of the email. Furthermore, you should write your message in coded language and slang in the text document.


That's fine, just remember, it's tacked onto your IP, so if you're visiting unsavory websites, the feds will take notice. jus' sayin'. Also, the idea of making tor/i2p more mainstream, is to make as much noise as possible so it's harder to sift through.


powerpc doesn't work with linux, but a bsd distro does. something seems fishy about what you're saying. Furthermore, from the Snowden Leaks, the fedniggers are not above simply intercepting packages in the mail, opening them up and then inserting hardware/software that spies on the user. Come on anon, you'll have to do better than this.


The Mongols were actually the first group to protect against caravan and trade theft, only after the mongols conquered baghdad, of course. The mongols being rapists, at least had a code of honor regarding theft in times of peace as opposed to the arabs.

3d6a43  No.12320579


86d125  No.12331191

1488 o7

75b20e  No.12354605


8cf6b2  No.12354677


Am I wrong for thinking all that stuff is pointless because of the whole

>IBM POWER9 processor

Unless you yourself are creating the hardware I'm not sure how any of us can guarantee that it isn't owned by CIAniggers.

791215  No.12359518

bump a day keeps the (((berg))) away

a4cd6e  No.12373832

B a m p

9de60d  No.12400791


Tor has always been safe. The feds use it to spam CP on sites (((they))) don't like (see: chans) forcing admins to block it so we're not able to post anonymously.

The people saying tor is """compromised""" are feds trying to deter people from being outside their eye.

49f2d0  No.12401017


< don't wear condoms, goyim - see? rebbi schwartz is on the condom committee, so they don't work!

49f2d0  No.12401044


Well, the NSA can deanonymize you, unless you stick to the onions. 8chan is mixed, onion and exit node, and so the NSA can figure out you're on 8chan, and which threads you're in, but they won't automatically know if you're posting, or which person posting you'd be. There's a ticket on this. Hopefully it will be resolved correctly:


It's been moved to high priority. Once accomplished, the advice will be:

> use Whonix

> and stick to onions

Another important tip: Disable hyperthreading / SMT. And, don't use Intel, if you can help it. AMD is a lot safer.

e2e82e  No.12401054


Which VPN provider did you use?

49f2d0  No.12401310


He can't say. He's not supposed to be here. Saying that would deanonymize him.

a8138b  No.12401339


So basically don't trust any VPN provider that claims they have a no log policy?

49f2d0  No.12401357


Correct. I use a VPN, but I don't trust them. I assume that they log, and that they collaborate with kikes. So I use a VPN, but with the VPN I only do things that are lawful. In other words, they can give you grief, because we have no government which defends our liberties, this being the English-speaking Mexico (USA is gone and done, it serves the spics and the kikes and wealthy traitors, not the minorities, not us). But, if you don't break the rules, they can't fuck you up. Mostly. They can falsify things, and will do that from time to time, of course, but that's more when you have more money, like with Kav - that Ford lady knew she had nothing to do with Kav, and that it was bullshit, but she got her payday.

49f2d0  No.12401362


Well, I torrent on VPN. It's adequate protection, to my mind.

0b1674  No.12401386


Isn't it hard to prove that a person posted something? I'm not familiar with case law for it but I've heard from a few colleagues at work that proving in court that someone posted something is extremely difficult unless identity checks are involved. VPN and a disposable laptop seems adequate.

171b20  No.12401468


Follow this and you become an ocd schizo.

49f2d0  No.12401478


At what level? NSA or FBI? At the FBI level, they aren't permitted to utilize the mass surveillance system, so they rely on logs.

At your ISP, there are logs showing which customer is using which IP address. That IP address shows up in the logs of any sites you visit, they have a record (varying in quality) of your visits.

If you use a VPN, and the VPN doesn't keep logs, then you effectively wipe your trail. You are using that IP address that the VPN gives you, and that's what sites log. So even if the logs of a site are seized, there's no way to say who did it, because the VPN doesn't know, because they don't have the logs.

But if the VPN keeps a log, then the VPN just is one extra subpoena - they get the VPN log, then know which IP, then get the ISP log. So it's a series of hops, but in the end, you're deanonymized.

< vpn and disposable laptop adequate

Laptops aren't disposable. How many laptops have you disposed of this year?

Wait, you're suggesting using the laptop from HOME? omg LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Now, if you only used it, say, at Starbucks, better chances. But they have cameras, so it's not exactly perfect. And you really should never power up the laptop anywhere except in that remote spot, and you shouldn't get there by personal vehicle. Even using a bus pass is a bit dodgy. In really busy cities, you could probably still manage to be invisible.

Your colleagues are retarded. The government is quite happy to claim that you did everything your IP address did, which is why Windows is so shit, because if you get a trojan fuck knows what your computer might start doing (and the police dgaf about the truth - do you know about all of those supposed underage prostitute stings? Those are cops and the whores lying about their age. It's good for the cops, who are all corrupt, and it's good for the whores - they go to juvi, instead of real prison).


But, in exchange, you get your soul back.

171b20  No.12401538



Well i dont think the cops arent all whores and corrupt, a bit distasteful and partisan and i dont really like that. But in that sense if it isnt clear cut what the cops are there for and what they do or cant do that can be easily abused for other purposes by different groups, that would be the downside for being a bit too smug.

171b20  No.12401553


Or not even intentionally misinterpreted etc.

49f2d0  No.12401567


They live for the kikes, after that billionaire traitor whites, after that spics. Whites are scheduled to become the minority, and they're already all not listening. Therefore, there is but one way to our salvation, and this is through white solidarity.

And the end to naive times.

171b20  No.12401585


Well speaking in a metaphysical manner, if you have a functioning framework the cops are seen as something good, if the water is upset well guess how that is seen from an holisitic point of view.

49f2d0  No.12401589


water is upset?

171b20  No.12401592


tilted water

49f2d0  No.12401598


And "that"?

171b20  No.12401625



In a way that is like anima and animus.

171b20  No.12401661


The burning man of intel.

054cba  No.12402186

File: 8d811df040678eb⋯.png (65.37 KB, 658x507, 658:507, serveimage.png)

File: 6c85bf1da966b38⋯.jpeg (146.56 KB, 1392x616, 174:77, 6c85bf1da966b38ef091ed1a8….jpeg)

File: bc6e502a895a78d⋯.jpg (261.22 KB, 680x435, 136:87, bc6e502a895a78ddebd3b8a16f….jpg)



My thoughts exactly. This looks like a 101 on communist independent cells and how to disrupt any given power structure.

It basically is the single most treacherous and effective way of sabotage invented, and it's all Jewish in origin. Their epitome of methodology and inconceivably hard to surpass in perfection in it's own field.

Bombs. Bombs. Bombs. Fuck them all. Bombs.

Invented by psychotic skitzos who can't have faith in God and trust their fellow man.

397f3b  No.12402889

anti-slide is pro-white

a9cf46  No.12415530


Yeah, they just run enough nodes, they can deanonymize you when you use theirs. They might only need to control an exit node + spy on your ISP to do it (correlate the packets).

d1ac19  No.12417862

Lot of angry glowinthedarks ITT

4162bd  No.12418084



Reducing your contribution to slitting your own throat from tax theft is something that can be done. Grow your own food as much as possible for cost and health which later boils down to avoiding much larger medical cost, make and repair things, buy used, be a frugal consumer, do your own utilities with solar, water collection, own waste system(lookup earthship home for a non composte method that's way better,) free cellphone service with freedompop, drop your property taxes, most of it is the house and other structures, categorized as structures on the land, replace with rv(s,) which are considered vehicles, but rather than living in a shitty rv, take an rv frame and build using regular home building on top it, so instead of losing $5k/yr to jews and other non Whites, the loss is cut to $100. Gasoline is 50% tax, get an electric or hybrid with a long enough battery range to cover local driving like a chevy volt so that the only time you use fuel is on trips, bike for short distances, 1-4 miles, often biking is faster than cars this close from traffic, lights and parking, ~20 round trip with an electric assisted bike, the grocery store, bank, etc. if possible, to reduce wear on your car, reduce risk of accident by not using it when you don't have to, bike on the sidewalk for safety, most places allow it, do medical tourism, local medical is only needed for emergencies, otherwise have time to setup better and less expensive medical arrangements, for a single individual you can fit up to ~72k a year income into the first two lowest tax brackets by maximizing contribution to IRA(18k) and HSA(health savings account, 3.4k.) If you manage to accumulate a little over 500k and pull a 7.6% return like the dow jones 30, would produce 38.7k, the first tax bracket of long term capital gains, which is zero tax, invest in hard assets, use non jew alternative currencies. If you built a three wheeled hybrid it would be categorized as a motorcycle which would drop your insurance from $500-600 to $100, lookup sondors 3 wheeled ev as a good example. Eat healthy, exercise, skip reckless activities to avoid and delay medical costs. Note, bicycle and motorcycle for transportation, and living in a regular rv would cut those costs right away without having to build, building them is to make them nice/not shitty, and less dangerous(motorcycle.) Did I miss anything? My aim being to cut while maintaining normal level civilization amenities. Any rate, these are the above board ways I've thought of when it comes to cutting the tax theft. Perhaps could cut more in above board fashion with more fancy tax avoidance measures that the wealthy and corporations use, after that what's left is under the table measures. After getting yourself sorted, next move would be to setup friends and family as well. Taking shekels away from jews should be an aim, promote anything that does so, free alternatives, non jew competitors, alternative activities so people aren't wasting time/stop being indoctrinated/losing shekels on jew swill, starting a business with its purpose to take jew market share, control and influence away.

adb49c  No.12430024


2b177e  No.12435531


How is mobile networking more insecure than fiber? its running off the same network

520fb4  No.12438023


TOR !=Anonymity

compromised directory nodes and traffic analysis can give away the location of users not taking additional precautions.

9bb723  No.12438147


You are one dirty little rat son

e2f2da  No.12451381


6619f8  No.12481644


Older versions of FF do not send data.

12587a  No.12495761


327d6d  No.12497024


But those older versions may not have the correct patches and be susceptible to malware.

b2be98  No.12497110


Undoing what the mkultra project has done to people over the years, for one. Sure it will take long, and cianiggers and their colleagues from other company branches/proxies will undoubtedly get in the way, but once that is done (along with eliminating said cianiggers and colleagues), the end result would be huge and of real benefit to mankind.

182fed  No.12504854


you can manually update the security on FF, theres many examples on YT

b36cf5  No.12516136

How easy are lie detector tests to pass? I heard they are failable.

239d90  No.12521879


Don't take one unless you have to for a job.

dcf00e  No.12539245


To trick a lie detector you have to be tense prior to being hooked up, you want your vitals to remain tense and unchaged throughout the interview and to ignore the questions being asked.

1a71e8  No.12540825


VPNs are for accessing content blocked in your country. VPNs are not for privacy.

1a71e8  No.12540857


>consider using an addon

Don't use addons for tor browser. Tor browser is supposed to be the same for everyone to prevent fingerprinting. Websites can see the addons you're using, so if you're the only person using a specific addon, you can be tracked.

1a71e8  No.12540879


This. "Lie detectors" are just as accurate as a coin flip. Don't leave anything that matters up to a coin flip.

8dcdc0  No.12540880

How proofed is waterfox anons? I normally use this to post

1a71e8  No.12540887


TOR isn't perfect but it's better than nothing.

4f2a58  No.12541630



good post. can you explain more about the rv and how to avoid taxes thatbway? seems like adding structures and it gets taxed as a building

a4f5f5  No.12564860


Waterfox is not pozzed but the features and security is subpar compared to that remaining alternatives. Iridium is a solid browser, cyberfox is great, seamonkey is light weight and has great security.

af7585  No.12583478


2a3298  No.12601301

What VPN is safest to use for browsing? idc if they log shit cause im not doing illegal stuff but I worry my carrier is snooping on me.

2402c9  No.12617367



a9ac7f  No.12617396

File: 5b51c9ba046396c⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 459x287, 459:287, 5b51c9ba046396c4d4f1c93fdb….jpg)


DOnt use nord for fuck sake there was a lad posting proof he had hacked it in baphomet /b/ and here. mullvad and cryptostorm is where its at.

0c25c0  No.12617406

d1b2c8  No.12622743


not that I know what I'm talking about, but PIA is the only one I know of that has been proven in court. like they were subpoena'd and they didn't find anything useful

they're also cheap and the client is decent, $70 for 2 years. good enough to hide traffic from ISP, but keep in mind that no form of wireless communication is secure and everything has backdoors, hardware and software

cbd8fc  No.12625066

7824ae  No.12625111



As a writer this is easy for me. I randomly switch between American and British spellings. Except if I'm writing a cheque.

7824ae  No.12625120


He didn't mention if they had already fucked him over. "Mate culture" only take you faggots so far. If someone calls the police on me, I'm letting them know about the five pounds of pot in their basement. Turnabout is fair play!

147307  No.12642319


b26258  No.12660859


5ee341  No.12660886

>Your fieldcraft is completely outdated. It's not even necessary to watch you at a location anymore. Using common off the shelf cellphones it's completely possible to track you from origin to destination. No, you don't even need to carry the damn phone, everybody else around you already is.

>fieldcraft these days requires knowledge and equipment. The equipment is all illegal unless you're law enforcement or an official licensed to carry it. Even then, you can't be sure. I had goons that paraboliced my house and had me under constant surveillance a few months back.

Get a real job shill. You're interrupting my me time.

e76bf8  No.12670750


970b46  No.12670912

a7e67d  No.12670921

File: 1ae0ed219baaafc⋯.jpg (236.6 KB, 960x726, 160:121, 1538117977900.jpg)


I'm the one who bumped this first, now YOU are doing it to cover france thread

just delete the France thread, i know you're tempted

498159  No.12689120

Which linox OS is most safe from the kosher klan?

fd408a  No.12690809

Out of curiosity, how fucked are anons that lurk threads like these unprotected. I could be underestimating the traffic, but I would assume there are tons of normalfags that end up on threads like these wanting to research the ebil internet nazis. Do we have any idea what is required to be important enough to have a fed profile created?

000000  No.12690969


You're not important schizo paranoid retard.

fd408a  No.12691906


Yeah that's what I was implying.

8f0898  No.12692716



>Waterfox is not pozzed


>If you start up Waterfox for the first time, it will make 109 requests[5] to several spyware platforms, most notably Google Analytics, and Mozilla online services like its Geolocation service, and several other Mozilla services, as well as Waterfox's own update service


Option 1: https://spyware.neocities.org/guides/firefox.html + uMatrix

Option 2: Use Tor with 'security' at highest

b53caf  No.12692959

Stop bumping this thread you fucking unamerican niggers

fa424c  No.12695718


Is this nigga serious?

lol wtf am i reading

4737aa  No.12710548

File: 5a74adb3b842a32⋯.jpg (47.77 KB, 937x655, 937:655, wtfex.JPG)


don't just suck my cock blow it dry it's so dam cold to have a wet dick in this weather. … dos based chat logs connected by ip is the only secure thing I saw when shit is going full alert. thank for this thread I could be a little less in the open for day to day foolary

118a22  No.12713735


Dead drops are ancient mane. Bump

cc864e  No.12714348

File: 288b3547f795084⋯.gif (2.31 MB, 420x410, 42:41, Tijuana residents.gif)

what the fuck

0412ca  No.12715252


>step 1: stop being a pussy

>step 2: realize that information IS NOT illegal

>step 3: ???

>step 4: profit

73bd22  No.12718850

Browser guide


>Download Firefox 61.0.2 (the latest version that is safe)


>Download this Firefox Settings & Extensions.zip



>Disconnect from the Internet


>Install Firefox

>Open it once, then close it


>Go to %appdata%Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

>Go into the profile folder (will look like XXXXXXXX.default)

>Delete everything


>Paste user.js into the profile folder


>Open Firefox


>Drag umatrix.xpi to Firefox window and install

>Drag smarthttps.xpi to Firefox window and install


>Click uMatrix icon, go to the dashboard

>Restore from file… , choose my-umatrix-backup.txt


>Reconnect to the Internet

You can now use Firefox without it constantly spying on you.

If a website is not functioning correctly then look at uMatrix. Find a guide on how to use it.

7e06e8  No.12740022

B u m p

e14420  No.12745934


This and some other posts should be added to


1296d5  No.12755674



Link is dead.

Meanwhile what do you think of Librefox (developed by a shitskin in the heart of the EU)?

0488e0  No.12757527


e50397  No.12765965

File: 3fa8afb4308aef9⋯.png (252.25 KB, 636x347, 636:347, jfearthesamurai.png)

d2a15b  No.12785256

File: 739bd14a138c2eb⋯.gif (911.85 KB, 291x316, 291:316, magic pepe.gif)

153d7c  No.12798352


06757f  No.12802384


They can't control the relays and or the circuits they mainly use metadata cues to find out peoples patterns. So use it.

14beba  No.12802817

>I believe the american footballers are talking about ME when they huddle in the center of the stadium

<the thread

a2e128  No.12802849

Integrity matters more than anything. That’s why it’s important to be the change you wish to see in the world. No matter how mandatory abusive, narcissistic, or paranoid people may pretend that they are, always always always be disloyal to surveillance systems. Reveal the operation of such systems to their victims. Mangle such system’s reports before they reach to your superiors.

China doesn’t abuse the people of China with surveillance because Chinese leadership values integrity, but because they do not. Chinese dissidents are targeted for harassment and re-education into compliance. Producing the wrong art in China gets people marked as enemies of the state. Progressivism requires defense of the downtrodden!

686d6f  No.12806068

File: 1d659bf294a90dd⋯.jpg (194.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, NWO potent meme.jpg)

71ac61  No.12809897

Newfags: read this thread

d3fc7e  No.12813665



Bad intel to some extent, because you do not make it clear the government already has extensive coverage of those who it wants coverage of.

Case in point - I am a minor player online, though many here would have heard of me. They pick up my keystrokes as a type, and I have a real time monitor somewhere (and more). How I am not sure, I'd assume they got into my system through the provider using established backdoors. So I can use TOR, but I assume they are pulling data some other way. If you are genuinely a threat to the machine, they will find you wholly outside your use ot TOR and get on you by going around it. Even if your computer security were perfect, they would put Cameras in to grab screen shots.

I'm not saying not to use TOR, but you shouldn't create an image that defeating the machine is an easy, or even necessarily controllable endeavor. There is a ton of coverage on multiple levels, from social circle analysis, phone record monitoring, to probably a limited in-person level that actually has human reviews of everyone at some point in their lives.

And knowing how the world works somewhat, I would assume they pick up TOR traffic profiles at the point of entry (every company is comped), and if you use TOR you get in person coverage to figure out what your deal is, and what you are up to.

Check out the Tom Bauerle story to see what is out there, and what they are using. The Machine has stuff even the Navy SEALs wouldn't believe is out there.

7b76d7  No.12816692


You need to be more specific otherwise you are just fearmongering.

16544e  No.12816822


If someone knows of permanent file hosting that isn't compromised, feel free to share.


>what do you think of Librefox

It's the shitskin version (so probably worse) of that post.

ab7c3c  No.12816924


TOR is compromised from the start. It was literally made by the US government. It's an agency asset. Shills want you to use something that has built-in monitoring. TOR is not a good product.

7fbf01  No.12828262


4d96a8  No.12828413

File: 8692eb36ba495d2⋯.png (1.15 MB, 774x809, 774:809, 09735607634084608460.png)

This is not a schizo LARP or some gangstalking "I'm so special the CIA allocates resources to messing with me just cuz trust me!" type shit. I don't know if this is real.

My brother was possibly MKULTRA'd and suicided or committed suicide to avoid execution. He was, according to his words, into conspiracy digging and hacking and stumbled upon something and got swiftly blackmailed by US intelligence over his degenerate internet habits where they gave him instructions over what to do, just like that Black Mirror episode except way before it aired. They told him to go to various locations across the country and he gave dubious reasons for why he was going to x city etc and my family had no idea what was going on as he went from being a shut-in to going to 'buddhist temples', churches, gyms in weird distance places, just very out of character stuff. Why would he go to a shitty gym a hundred miles away when there's a better one a few blocks away? - stuff like that. Cover stories.

Basically what happened was after he was blackmailed he was told to immediately go to a front doctor who gave him a drug via depot (shot into his buttocks I believe, and would slowly release over a month or so) that scrambled his memory and turned him psychotic, came back as a completely different person, different body language and personality, talking in word salad after one visit to the 'psychiatrist'. I only found this out shortly before he died because my father procured a potent antipsychotic (he would refuse to take them and later explained he was conditioned to refuse them) and dropped it in his drink and he came to and explained as much as he could within a little over an hour, he wasn't fully compis mentis and had a hard time with recalling what had happened, was thanking my dad for dosing him. He was incredibly lucid compared to the state he had been in for about two years before relapsing into his memory-wiped state after about 1-2 hours.

He told me that he was blackmailed for two years and was ordered by "the US government", he didn't know what department but it wasn't some kind of random vigilante group. He wouldn't tell us about what he was ordered to carry out but had this reticence that implied it was something bad - or perhaps it was his memory was scrambled because this was him 'coming to' after two years of having a goldfish memory and being pure catatonic talking in tongues.

He said he found a project within the US state department that had a plan to create a war of the sexes and to quote "Make young men kill themselves", I said "white men?" he said no, all young men. Said it was a team of linguistic experts, mentioned NLP, ironybro internet comedians/journalists and a famous literary critic. He was muddled on the details and infuriatingly vague but this was after two years of either just being schizo or drugged like he claimed.

After telling us this he continued to take the antipsychotics at higher doses and he flew into a rage saying he wasn't fully competent when my dad gave him the antipsychotic and he wasn't supposed to speak about it because he said all of our phones and laptops were 'bugged'. He then said he was sorry, it was his fault for playing with fire and telling us this he "broke the rules" and my family would be undergo a "campaign of personal destruction" and said "they" threatened to engineer a situation where we would be driven into poverty and end up homeless (this hasn't happened +1 year on). He was saying he himself was threatened with severe torture. He was very vague and it was really hard to get specifics, but after taking the antipsychotic he was infinitely more specific than in his allegedly drugged state. I asked him why was he snooping around high level stuff and what level of security was he at (Didn't know shit about netsec then) and he said he was doing it for a short while and got really sloppy and that's how it happened.

Within the hour of telling us he jumped off a bridge into a river from quite a height and broke a bunch of bones and was dragged to shore by bystanders and taken to the emergency room. He was sent to a suicide watch ward where every patient was meant to be searched for ligatures and anything on them that could be used to kill themselves. Within the week he was dead from a massive, like several chunky boxes sized-amount of phenobarbital. Could have smuggled blister packs in taped to the inside of his clothes - it was shoulder/arm breaks and a neck injury so he could walk but still it was overkill and they're meant to be searched. His last call to me and to each member of the immediately family was "They're going to torture me. I'm sorry for everything I've done." and hung up the afternoon of the night when it happened.


4d96a8  No.12828525

File: 660f13ea688c468⋯.png (5.08 KB, 208x242, 104:121, 1548587701609.png)


Now I have extended family members, one with schizo-affective disorder another with schizophrenia and I've seen them unmedicated. I've dealt with colleagues who had it and went unmedicated until they finally had to leave because they got so bad. The difference between them and my brother is the diagnosed schizos had peaks and troughs of lucidity and delusion. With my brother it was like an aggressive psychedelic drug trip that was sustained and his memory was totally scrambled in a way that was far beyond people with schizo-affective/phrenia I had observed. He was a super logical, down-to-earth guy although admittedly he had become a 'sociopath' in recent years because of what he was held over a barrel over.

Me and my family had chalked this up to delusions and that he probably developed this narrative out of a long period of psychosis. But things started getting weird when my parents initiated an inquiry into medical negligience and how he was able to smuggle in barbituates within days of a serious suicide attempt. My parents told me all their communications to my brother were wiped in tandem, text messages and other messaging apps etc. They then started to become paranoid and believed that what my brother was saying was true. I told them there's only two possibilities:

1. You're tech illiterates and you wiped the messages through incompetence like getting a virus or hitting the wrong button but they insisted it was selective deletions that involved dates, times and proof that x event happened and they did match up in what they said when I asked them independently. I had no contact with my brother for those 2 years because he said I would be aggressive towards him if I found out what he was blackmailed over and I wouldn't understand the bigger picture so there was nothing to delete.

2. What my brother said was true and he's fucked us all with his degeneracy and given us too little info to go off of and if you go up against an intelligence agency, none of us are smart enough to win and even if we were macgyvers or super-detectives my brother had put targets on our backs and screwed any chance to not be pre-empted. I said if it's true, there's nothing you can do because he failed. I said the only consolation is if they were working him to get him to do something like shoot up a school, they screwed up. But I said there's an infinitely small chance this was the case and it was just fantasy.

But what happened during a coroner court hearing was the defense approached my parents against requests not to be contacted except via their lawyers and offered a very large out-of-court settlement. They both told her to fuck off. My dad contacted another family with a suicide/negligence case at the same hospital involing their daughter and they told them they settled for a much smaller sum even though the case of the girl was far more egregious which was suspect as fuck.

So far my parents have had their house surrounded by a massive "counter-terrorism" unit with APCs, ACOG/EOtech 5.56s with loads of mods, full body armor and snipers on the grass but in a really stupidly positioned way, just a completely insane incident. They didn't breach any doors, they weren't taking cover but merely walking around with their rifles and armor outside and circling the house with dogs, two helicopters circling overhead. They weren't taking cover or covering each other when they were moving about, they weren't pointing their rifles or in fear of anything happening but this was 100+ and they were just walking around the house in a circle - if there was a real counter-terror incident they'd be sitting ducks so this was weird as fuck. Nothing in the news about it (NDA?) but everyone from the surrounding blocks were rubbernecking and had their cellphones out, but nothing was on youtube of which I could find.

My mother went to an ophthalmologist and they used this eyedropped with the seemingly usual liquid but she said she tripped out like she was on LSD and she swears that a line of a dozen nurses came up to her in a row and said "I lost a child too, you know" and then the next one came along and said the same thing repeatedly in this ridiculous theatric fashion.


4d96a8  No.12828557


There's been weird incidents like this where they're targeting my parents but not me.

Only weird thing I've noticed is I'm getting coddled at work and given undeserved opportunities and big breaks as of late and have impostor syndrome.

If this isn't just a bunch of coincidences and paranoia and there really is spook shenanigans, how do I convince them to back down and that they have no chance, that there's no third party with the power or knowledge to help them with this sort of thing? In this scenario my brother got snared and drugged and they won. His brain was too fried to give us actionable info and in this hypothetical situation five eyes knows exactly what my parents have done and are going to do whereas all my parents have are crumbs. They feel like it's their right to go up against the spooks but they're in a terrible position and not big ol brains by any means.

Like I could get a laptop with cash and remove the NSA backdoors and load up debian with a data dongle and start trying to be a hero (I don't know shit about netsec beyond basic knowledge) but they'd know and pre-empt because my brother put spotlights on us if this is true. There's no vantage point to get a drop on them.

I know it's "alpha" to go up against the spooks but this is unwinnable. How do I convince them to back down? They started getting extremely weird shit for refusing a settlement. Now they want to start sounding the alarm about a big conspiracy. That's getting into dangerous territory and it's going to rope me into it even though I've avoided involvement.

000000  No.12828567

what about paying with anonymous credit card? is still ok?


> 4. If you need to make and receive phone calls, purchase an anonymous prepaid phone for the purpose. This is difficult in some countries, but it can be done if you are creative enough. Pay cash; never use a debit or credit card to buy the phone or top-ups. Never insert its battery or turn it on if you are within 10 miles (16 km) of your home, nor use a phone from which the battery cannot be removed. Never place a SIM card previously used in one phone into another phone. Never give its number or even admit its existence to anyone who knows you by your real identity. This may need to include your family members.

4d96a8  No.12828661


This can all be explained as coincidences right?

- Brother was paranoid about his perversions and feared being blackmailed, developed psychosis and fear of being punished out of guilt and had a conspiracy theory he constructed.

- Hospital was just shitty and negligent

- Payout was generous because the hospital is on thin ice for several of these incidents and they're upping the price they put on a life to ensure it doesn't get into the press and they don't get scathing coroner's reports

- The eyedrops my mom got make your eyes dilate and there was a big light above her and that combined with stress could have caused a panic attack and she got confused, told the nurses about her son's death and they were just being empathetic and she misremembered and they were giving anecdotes about friends and other family members

- The counter-terror raid could have just been using my parents house as a random training location for urban counter-terrorism operations. The sloppiness of the armed team could be because they were green and starting training. I saw a video of a B-52 where they picked out a random house in the suburbs that they were using as an aimpoint to drop a nuke on the targeting pod. Not exactly the same but you get the picture.

- The texts and stuff are two years old, their memories have faded with time and they're getting dates and events mixed up and it's just collective misunderstanding

There's other weird shit too but still I think it could just be paranoia and wanting a conspiracy instead of the mundane depressing truth?

ea1a88  No.12829976



spotted the FEDniggers



The federal government uses CP as a nuclear social control weapon against those that oppose it. The FBI hosts more child porn on honeypot sites than you could imagine, hundreds of terrabytes worth of content. Pedophiles are actively recruited to work within federal agencies to help plant evidence or sabotage individuals that step around the norms of society ( notoriously imageboards, obscure forums etc ). For reference TOR is blocked on the majority of imageboards due to the fact agents spam CP to take down sites they're ordered to eliminate through the legal process, while doing this they actively discredit TOR to being associated with child pornography and being "compromised" "unsecure" or claim "the nodes are all controlled by the FBI", in reality the government takes full advantage of TORs anonymity to scare off people who otherwise would use anonymous communication services. This in turn is taking out two birds with one stone for them. As the node pool shrinks due to less users trusting TOR, it makes it easier for the government to find the source IP behind wrongthink opinions or illegal (often drugs/weapons/books) posted on the clearnet.

eddb04  No.12829981

hey lets all do this thing thats on a website everyone including the feds read

7e271b  No.12830233


>▶Serious thread: infosec, opsec, guerrilla war, advice

don't ask for advice on internet

2c99b0  No.12830376


This is only true partly if you going to commit felonies worthy of the FBI's attention. So 99.9999% of Tor users have absolutely nothing to worry about.

ce15cb  No.12830448

Saved. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

54fc79  No.12830464

File: 2a4151d76a9d9c9⋯.png (477.22 KB, 1434x1318, 717:659, On-Guerilla-Warfare1.png)

File: b83086e124d2644⋯.jpg (239.33 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Attention-Grabbing-Image.jpg)


Hoods in heat are obviously a giveaway unless its some retarded nigger gang members/drug dealers in hoodies for the pockets.

They cant find a way to introduce a new person into my life so they have old friends calling up asking incriminating questions. If you secure yourself, their attempts become more and more obvious.

I feel like I posted in this thread at the top and it was greened out because dumb mods hit me for spamming gore in cancer threads or something.

Anyways, this is a 15 minute vocaroo primer on Guerilla Warfare. Listen to it. Absolutely every /pol/ack should hear it and when the political climate escalates regardless of pacifist disapproval, the people will know what they need to in order to be effective.

Listen to it. A lot of time was spent on collecting these highlights, its pretty much one of these threads distilled into a single image, now its on audio.




Just fucking listen to it. Its the exact text of this cap on audio.

54fc79  No.12830803


Theres laws in some places against teaching other people to make explosives for example.

In those same places its totally legal to be taught how and save it.

000000  No.12832450



Your first step for eliminating property taxes is to first secure title to your land. Research and secure FULL chain of title (not just title insurance) dating back to the land patent or other granting document.

5b6ad1  No.12832540



What specifics? Look up TIPS Program on Wiki. And grasp that 1 in 24 citizen informants/spies was the pilot program. The full thing is much bigger. Everyone gets looked at in person now, so if you are on /pol, they know outside of checking IPs on /pol's servers or cracking your VPN. And they have a very detailed pic of who you are.

Don's stop digging and meming, but begin understanding the extent of the coverage that is everywhere 24/7, and figure out how to get off grid and away from it, and then have a plan to get to Russia, becasue if they take down the West, dissidents will be dealt with. China, Japan, and most of Europe are all comped, and (((Their))) operations operate there unimpeded. Russia is literally the only safe zone I see.

We may get away this time, becasue (((They))) have very serious problems with Trump. But if Trump fails, or falls, I have seen the machine first hand. The shit above is not going to defeat (((Them))). They have space-age tech and unbeleiveable manpower.

Again, if you want to see what can be rolled out against you, look up "Tom Bauerle surveillance."

5b6ad1  No.12832551


If not a LARP, the machine is out there, from what I see, inlcuding civie netowrks that include doctors and nurses. That is mainly why I am not dismissing this.

My advice would be to buy time. Chances are they are just intimidating you to try and be thorough. They arent going want to kill anyone who isn't an actual threat, and it sounds like they got rid of the evidence. Even your parent's lawsuit will be cheaper to let them win and have the hospital pay than take you all out.

But I would go slow anyway. Trump was a very real target of this machine, and he is working on it from what I see. So if you can slow walk things six months or so, the threat may be too busy trying to survive to worry about you and them.

My guess is you will get a harassment operation at some point, but lots get that, and it ultimately goes nowhere, so don't freak out when you see it. It isn't personal, and if they show you those people, it may even mean they don't intend to take you out.

Good luck.

d2a15b  No.12837036

File: 6d429676c1a062d⋯.jpg (88 KB, 600x604, 150:151, eternal.jpg)

File: fa2128a8f82b3dc⋯.webm (6.51 MB, 600x468, 50:39, gondola_snow.webm)

4737aa  No.12840685

>>12828413 Still not sure why we like to jump of bridges something about being alone and not accepting the voices of others telling us to obey I guess.

408f4f  No.12865142


d805af  No.12881488


000000  No.12887506


As for me I'm not browsing with Tor Browser. I would use it if I were very worried about tracking, but I'm not hiding from NSA. I'm not doing anything illegal or advocating anything illegal and wouldn't.

I just don't want to be casually tracked by google et al, and don't want to leave a trail of opinions that could be made retroactively illegal. I don't want to get swept up without warning in the first grab-all-the-likely-dissenters-sweep should Joseph Stalin Himself get into power.

So I just use this


and regular firefox.

To get .onion addresses working you gotta also set up manual socks proxy pointing to socks v5 and no proxy for localhost,

Plain web works without this, but adding the socks thing makes .onion work again.

Can run dissenter fine, and stay logged into things like pastebin.

Yes it's easier to track, but that's fine. In 10 years when they commandeer all the logs, they'll find that some dude named gopoundsand wrote this shit using firefox over tor.

Oooh we hate his opinions! Too bad we don't know who he is so we can line him up in front of a hole full of bodies and lime and shoot him.

000000  No.12887584


I just log in as anon. To use anything but tor I have to sudo. So tor is the default. Tor browser works with this setup and if security were paramount for some task I would use it. But having regular firefox available to use ( still with tor ) makes having a level not of security, but of privacy possible. I consider it shutting the blinds while I walk around naked. Sure someone right outside the window might peek through the cracks but I'm not showing my ass to the whole neighborhood.

000000  No.12887612


This makes tor pleasant enough and convenient enough to use ROUTINELY. I watch cat videos and MSM news this way.

000000  No.12887617


If I happen to want to comment on something I do it anonymously. BECAUSE I ALREADY AM.

I don't fire up the anonymous browser to comment on the thing I just viewed non-anonymously. i was viewing it anonymously to begin with.

2de7b4  No.12887694

:D :D :D hey you guize should like totally like add me on facebook :D :D :D https:// www.facebook.com/martin.musser.311 :D :D :D

6bef4f  No.12887863


Re record and stop mumbling you dipshit, or better yet just post text here and stop being a faggot.

5ec716  No.12906894

Send the niggers back down to Africa where they belong

fb8419  No.12908174


It's obvious as fuck that your brother was legit onto something and got fucked over for it. Now the same thing is happening to your parents, and if they haven't got the brains to take the settlement money and play dumb until the heat dies down, then there's nothing more you can do for them.

The question now becomes how do you avoid going down on their sinking ship?

The answer is pretty simple. Do what your parents wouldn't - play dumb, if/when (it'll be when) someone in a position of authority starts asking you questions, tell them your brother was delusional, and your parents have become delusional due to their grief from losing him.

Distance yourself from them, play dumb when anyone starts poking around, and generally try to stay under the radar.

Do that for long enough, and you have a shot at convincing those in charge that going after you is a waste of effort, time and money, because you're so clearly no threat at all…

When you've been forgotten about, after the thing with your parents has run its course… You'll know what to do.

e0e14e  No.12918841

3d6541  No.12919819


post cap pls

d14097  No.12922682

File: 3c49fc056e19e5b⋯.png (39.19 KB, 1272x277, 1272:277, fudniggersexposed.PNG)

0db892  No.12940528

File: 6f385949f2463a1⋯.jpg (49.64 KB, 600x400, 3:2, The-Different-Types-of-Coc….jpg)

6f571a  No.12958287

this is a bunch of gay ass LARP.

gunpowder? why not tell us how to make real bombs, from tannerite or fertilizer you faggot?

bbb3c1  No.12964384


I can't open this boi.

b331a4  No.12968587

Great stuff, the following site also has similar interesting info:


7bd7f6  No.12975288


gas yourself glownigger

573055  No.12975475


Some providers require that you ID yourself to purchase these cards to begin with, but if you know the provider well enough then it should be OK. However you're stupid if you think most providers aren't compromised. Also when you buy cards like this make sure to cover your face with sunglasses or similar things and avoid cameras.

f1c9f0  No.12982465


c9ee4c  No.12998724


It says theres nothing in the zip?

000000  No.12999672


>Your computers are compromised at the hardware level

I have heard of evidence of this. You probably need to be targeted or watering holed, though. The obvious target is the management engine in all x86 processors, Intel and AMD.

How to fix?

Run a pre-2009 CPU

Check out single board ARM computers without management engines

Buy new computer in store and never expose the same identity or use the same router

If an ME is compromised it has to be steganographically communicated with otherwise it's super obvious that something up if you have a non-owned router. I'm not an expert, but I think may be why the attack is less common.

When you read a lot of cybersecurity stuff it freaks you out. Like, why am I even posting on this board with all the potentially compromised shit that's out there?

This is advanced level stuff, guys. The primary solution is, if you're operational , COMPARTMENTALIZE. It doesn't matter as much if someone owns your wifi driver, your ME and everything else when they don't know who you are because you've never used that computer or that IP address in connection with your real world identity.

000000  No.13004790


suck skills

0412ca  No.13004882


> hundreds of terrabytes

The fact that this shit happens often enough and with such intensity, to think how much of this shit is made every.single.day. It makes me want to feel sick, yet at the same time it's just so impossible to fully comprehend, it's like watching a mile high tsunami coming to BTFO you. There is simply nothing more to feel.

I don't like this world…



0412ca  No.13004946


>space-age tech

I'm still holding out that the Thule group is still operational.

3b2b8e  No.13019566

File: 0ec8a251c3ffc9a⋯.png (19.96 KB, 465x170, 93:34, Capturejj.PNG)


Save as regular PNG, open in 7zip and extract

c00ca6  No.13034686




000000  No.13043944


Sounds like a LARP.

1. Why didn't you film those soldiers going around your house? Why didn't you ask to speak with their commanding officer and ask why they were circling your house?

2. Would the scheduling person in the hospital your mom goes to conveniently be a spook to schedule her with a spook doctor? Wouldn't the other employees notice a bunch of new women dressed as nurses nobody knew before going around for no reason? Or are all the nurses in the building spooks too?

3. Why didn't you record your brother telling you all that stuff?

4. How did your father take ahold of anti-psychotics? Why didn't he keep giving him those or just take him to another psychiatrist? Why didn't you institutionalize him? (even if he was working for the CIA, that would mean he doesn't have to work for them anymore, right?)

Furthermore, how could he do any useful work for (((them))) while tripping balls on psychedelics?

5. How did he "hack" anything worthwhile and at the same time have no knowledge at all of how to prevent being traced? This isn't the 90s anymore, you don't find sensitive data and servers just lying around. To do anything interesting he would have to be pretty much a professional in the computer security field. Wouldn't he remember the technical details of his hack if it was the peak of his life, rather than just give you vague details?

6. Do you have any paper trail to back up what you just said? This could be a big deal if you can prove at least some of it. But probably not, right?. And if you're worrying about the spooks finding out you're talking online, your story is already way to detailed to be personally identifiable.

I'm not saying people aren't blackmailed, drugged or stalked, they might or might not, but the details in your case don't seem too believable.

a50c82  No.13053542


t. CIAnegger

e78fb5  No.13067901


Hard drives post 9/11 are all pozzed, finding a working one older than that is impossible unless you use floppy disc raids in which they're too small for any CIAnigger code to run on.

3f3666  No.13075289

Love this thread. Thanks OP.

b62fcd  No.13075395

File: 71dd6509abb2e4c⋯.jpg (130.88 KB, 1009x589, 1009:589, open jewing foundations.jpg)



>supported by (((Open Society Foundation)))

No, thanks !

d5c5a1  No.13094285


Its been proven to be secure

000000  No.13107291

7c3685  No.13121378

Honk Honk

4122ae  No.13132348

saving this thread from being slid to death

ba4a25  No.13151077

Bumping for importance.

2752dd  No.13151090


>post 9/11

don't you mean post 1970

3e13a3  No.13157856

dont die

000000  No.13158866


Make it obvious that you're not going to do shit. You're not a spook, you're not a whistleblower, you're not your brother. They'll likely leave you alone as long as they know that you're not going to try anything stupid. You just have to convince your parents to drop everything too. I realize that it sounds hard to let this thing go, but look what they did to your brother. They know he didn't give you and REAL evidence or information, so they're just showing you what could (and probably would) happen if you just don't shut up. Just forget about it and stay away from whatever the fuck your brother unfortunately got himself wrapped up in.

d8f563  No.13171997


d61c63  No.13174606


>he went from being a shut-in to going to 'buddhist temples', churches, gyms in weird distance places, just very out of character stuff.

This is all shit I do lel.

d61c63  No.13174614


>He said he found a project within the US state department that had a plan to create a war of the sexes and to quote "Make young men kill themselves", I said "white men?" he said no, all young men. Said it was a team of linguistic experts, mentioned NLP, ironybro internet comedians/journalists and a famous literary critic. He was muddled on the details and infuriatingly vague but this was after two years of either just being schizo or drugged like he claimed.

Sounds like a good idea except one problem. Why the fuck aren't they using this on other countries? Why on Americans? Fuck, America's population is already constantly dwindling, why don't they focus on depopulating South America, Africa, and Asia?

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