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File: 4060be0dfbd7c3e⋯.jpg (151.58 KB, 634x406, 317:203, 4060be0dfbd7c3eca0a6e0db03….jpg)

File: 1bc2cc5d620dd52⋯.jpg (46.82 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Rr3tyEQ.jpg)

File: 0b9c30753e1a5ac⋯.jpg (37.97 KB, 328x499, 328:499, 51hylzZ85KL._SX326_BO1,204….jpg)

ceb1dd  No.11702721

This thread's featured text is Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore Kaczynski. Please vote in the poll for next thread's book club book




Morgoth's Library


PDFs Online Libraries Listing


/polarchive/ book links


/polk/ book thread


Audiobook Torrents


NSDAP basics

>NSDAP 25 points manifesto - Adolf Hitler and Anton Drexler

>Nazi-Sozi - Dr Joseph Goebbels

>Manifesto on breaking the shackles of interest - Gottfried Feder

874258  No.11702884

Book Thread I


add7d2  No.11703016

File: f55673142d61f21⋯.jpg (127.44 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 1492026265594.jpg)

Would someone mind sharing redpilled books on parenting

ceb1dd  No.11703035


Thanks anon forgot to link :P

ceb1dd  No.11703039


Seconding this request. It's a few years out for me, but I want to know everything I can

645018  No.11703393

File: 1079d9042ca7036⋯.pdf (4.05 MB, The Concept of the Politic….pdf)

One of the most influential book i've ever read.

Carl Schmitt - The Concept of the Political

9061b1  No.11703517

File: 135e83e2348df8f⋯.jpg (30.98 KB, 317x427, 317:427, 1373082174912.jpg)

Shills are mad as fuck about books.


I think Ted's folly was his idea of what liberty/freedom was, just goes to show you how fucked up you can get if your definitions are all screwy. The guy was MK ultra'd hard though, but that could be propaganda to discredit him as crazy.

91896c  No.11704454


Do you have Political Theology &c?

118407  No.11704895

Monthly book pack combined as one


Learn 2 >>>/ipfs/ bro https://orion.siderus.io

118407  No.11704953


>Can't even /tech/

Enjoy your cocks you >>>/leftypol/ shill

645018  No.11704974

File: 3c742307668536e⋯.pdf (5.02 MB, Carl Schmitt-Political The….pdf)

File: d5a04ef4d492c84⋯.pdf (1011.13 KB, Carl Schmitt-Dictatorship-….pdf)

File: d5a04ef4d492c84⋯.pdf (1011.13 KB, Carl Schmitt-Dictatorship-….pdf)

File: 3c742307668536e⋯.pdf (5.02 MB, Carl Schmitt-Political The….pdf)

645018  No.11704978

File: 33efc091de787d8⋯.pdf (5.53 MB, Carl Schmitt-Political The….pdf)

File: 98e5762f0cf51dc⋯.pdf (2.75 MB, Carl Schmitt-Crisis of Par….pdf)

File: 595ad62ca48fc3c⋯.pdf (1.31 MB, carl schmitt romentaising ….pdf)

645018  No.11704979


I have theory of the partisan as well but it's too big to upload here.

354c9f  No.11704995

Asking again from last thread. I remember someone once saying there were multiple versions of the Bhagavad Gita and that there was a suppressed non poz'd version. Anyone know anything about it/have a copy?

354c9f  No.11705000


what's the matter with books?

7803eb  No.11705196


Nothing, he is just derailing. If someone tries to convince you books are not worth reading, they are either mentally deficient or have a very sinister ulterior motive.

103972  No.11705209



Then go read https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmVs4izcbRuG9VSYuVFrRSjZeCk79W6VJVxRXbu3uM2p5D

And share it with https://orion.siderus.io (More details in >>>/pdfs/ >>>/ipfs/ and >>>/tech/)

000000  No.11705223

PDFs can contain malicious code

When run they could simply send your real IP to the NSA or infect your device with spyware etc.

Of course most PDFs are safe, but someone posting PDF links on /pol/ which are most likely to be used by /pol/acks is a good way to deanon them. Think about it… how many non-/pol/acks will ever find the link on search engines that you just used.

0d06fd  No.11705225

In the first thread there were books on Hinduism. Explain why reading about Hindu/eastern philosophy applies to the truth we are all seeking.

a2a634  No.11705341

File: 07ebc8dcb88e506⋯.jpg (109.46 KB, 900x739, 900:739, amateur gay incest turk.jpg)

File: 9ea89897f2d9068⋯.mp4 (6.59 MB, 640x360, 16:9, nervous turkroach.mp4)

File: d5a6982f7789807⋯.jpg (62.38 KB, 604x453, 4:3, imkampfy2.jpg)

File: 0ef7c5d6f50ce82⋯.webm (2.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, a roach that won't last.webm)

File: fcafb8d124de03f⋯.png (555.9 KB, 1155x822, 385:274, imkampfy banning literatur….png)










4cae7c  No.11705354

File: dc1dc69c8ada106⋯.pdf (6.83 MB, The inheritance of rome.pdf)



8d4bc0  No.11705363

File: bd12a71984acd43⋯.jpg (202.92 KB, 1124x1692, 281:423, 189efe8ca32ed0264ab7a0db54….jpg)

File: 1b519bdca471517⋯.jpg (47.68 KB, 544x408, 4:3, d2c6c61307e2b2b0166e7ed758….jpg)


I bought the full 5 volume set back in the 1970's. It cost a couple thousand back then and I was very poor working in shitty construction jobs. I did without a car back then so I could buy books like this…

64245e  No.11705370

File: 440050b38b9b027⋯.png (512.75 KB, 880x452, 220:113, Alfred-Rosenberg.png)


The high point of Faustian civilisation. This is what fedoralords call "Dark Ages". Also vote the Myth. Rosenberg was executed for the simple reason of writing a book.

f76ca3  No.11705373

Has someone issues of MacDonald's Journal "The occidental observer"?

Appreciate the book threads btw.

2173b9  No.11705385


Isn't Rosenberg a Jewish name?

8d4bc0  No.11705388

File: b135ac9ef1385bc⋯.jpg (49.99 KB, 323x499, 323:499, 51FO-25W0EL._SX321_BO1,204….jpg)

File: e3bb10248c4ddcc⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 9780710073808-us.jpg)

File: 80ff79bed8d0571⋯.jpg (67.2 KB, 365x499, 365:499, 61avmvQJAQL._SX363_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 8634dfbc8770fab⋯.jpg (48.09 KB, 368x499, 368:499, 51XtG7jJhEL._SX366_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 7ba702548fe0310⋯.jpg (16.84 KB, 300x414, 50:69, 9780879235789-uk-300.jpg)


I bought the Phaidon edition of Hans Holbein for $250 in 1985 when I came across it in Florence Italy.

c128e0  No.11705398

/r/equesting books for macro & micro economics

8d4bc0  No.11705401

File: 14406563cd05460⋯.jpg (16.17 KB, 219x230, 219:230, Lotte_Brand_Philip.jpg)

File: 239cc16f9a9b367⋯.jpg (22.19 KB, 374x500, 187:250, 9780691003160-us.jpg)

251ccf  No.11705405

File: 205fe8b9a789d3d⋯.pdf (3.89 MB, Neuroscience of Intelligen….pdf)

64245e  No.11705409



>1985 250$

We got some real oldfags here.

8d4bc0  No.11705420

File: b9ed3b9e12ee783⋯.jpg (27.05 KB, 264x400, 33:50, 3423897.jpg)

File: e3bb10248c4ddcc⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 9780710073808-us.jpg)

File: 896ed338f23952b⋯.jpg (42.35 KB, 318x426, 53:71, 565396.jpg)

File: 36b0672c513de3d⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 300x475, 12:19, 1261085.jpg)

File: 1b989a85ca58eb8⋯.jpg (22.97 KB, 240x320, 3:4, 91aqU52eDnL._AC_UL320_SR24….jpg)

8d4bc0  No.11705422

File: 315addf4d80abf4⋯.jpg (57.87 KB, 333x516, 111:172, Arte-da-memória.jpg)

File: d4880af7fad491d⋯.jpg (355.43 KB, 1400x2072, 25:37, john-dee-and-the-empire-of….jpg)

File: cdb52d0d6f8f4f2⋯.jpg (39.1 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 51uEfT XnbL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

0d06fd  No.11705437


I do not, but I was wondering why you want to read the Bhagavad Gita? What specifically do you want to learn from it? Asking seriously.

8d4bc0  No.11705513

File: 5bcf5c73f617b60⋯.jpg (67.64 KB, 687x388, 687:388, cimetiere st innocents.JPG)

File: 78cf58a0e994a90⋯.jpg (505.14 KB, 1024x691, 1024:691, 170916187.jpg)

File: 38dd0c543c78749⋯.jpg (291.69 KB, 800x570, 80:57, default.jpg)

File: 232e88f61ba8f1f⋯.jpg (19.53 KB, 201x251, 201:251, download.jpg)


Waning of the Middle Ages in PDF download.

don't miss this one…truly a great book, a book that totally rearranges your preconceptions and does it in the most entertaining manner.

The best part is about the Cimeteire St. Innocents. All the corpses in Paris were buried in the courtyard, the worms quickly ate away their flesh, and then a few months later they were dug up and the bones were stacked in the ossuaries behind the arcades that you can see surrounding the courtyard. Lurid frescos of the triumph of death were painted on the walls inside the arcade. More than just a momento mori, they were scurillious political documents showing that even popes and kings and knights were equal before death with the lowliest peasants. It became a popular place to visit at night and so inevitably it became the haunt of the hottest prostitutes in Paris who hooked in their customers in the arcade then took them into the ossuraries to fuck amid stacks of skeltons.

41465c  No.11705524

File: 6cb10486a534770⋯.jpg (702.54 KB, 2855x2251, 2855:2251, 171.-Battery-Lewis-Battali….jpg)

Is The Blood of the Martyrs a good read?


ab2e0d  No.11705529

File: a4c678cd02bf535⋯.jpg (339.71 KB, 800x472, 100:59, 1524949001104.jpg)

I have death of the west by Patrick Buchanan. I have his other books as well. I made it like 60 pages into "The Unnecessary War" before I put it down. Buchanan is just an old dinosaur. Who cares? Yes we know Hitler should have won. But appeasing the jews now will change nothing just as it has never been to our favor. The solution is simple. We convert to Islam. It is exactly what we have always wanted. Homeland. Family. Culture.

8d4bc0  No.11705544

File: c851984b5e51970⋯.png (19.88 KB, 128x168, 16:21, Gobineau_a.png)

File: 429af0e742f182b⋯.jpg (57.83 KB, 440x638, 20:29, 440px-Arthur_de_Gobineau,_….jpg)


I've read Spengler's Decline of the West but I've never heard of Gobineau…thank you thank you thank you..

(English translation)


Vol 1 (en francais)


Vol 2


Vol 3


Vol 4


1629e7  No.11705552

File: 67c6c002050b50f⋯.png (296.04 KB, 528x601, 528:601, 1503483175880.png)

Does anybody have a manual on shorthand, stenography?

103972  No.11705557


See links in >>11705209

EPUB > PDF but still, roach must be kill.



Don't use concat embeds, just dump the EPUB. Or Torrent/IPFS the books and share the hash



8d4bc0  No.11705579


OK, sorry bout that. Not exactly a newfag but a longtime irregular user that didn't bother learning all the ins and outs of chan procedures.

103972  No.11705594


We don't have restrictions here, also >>>/pdfs/ and >>>/ipfs/

103972  No.11705597


Search an of these terms

Speedwriting, Stenoscript, Forkner, Easyscript, AlphaHand, Baine's Typed Shorthand, HySpeed Longhand, Abbreviatrix, Quickhand, and Carter Briefhand

64245e  No.11705627


Rosenberg simply means red hill. The fact that Jews like to hide under gentile names is another matter.

c13679  No.11705631


No, it's a Baltic German name.

64245e  No.11705639


The amazing thing with Gobineau is that all his "scientific racism" about the Aryans/Indo-Europeans was proven correct by modern genetics despite the kvetching post-WW2.

1aec89  No.11705644

File: 957e74951846c63⋯.pdf (7.95 MB, Johan H. Huizinga-Waning o….pdf)


Wait list there. This is the PDF. (Agree, great book.)

8d4bc0  No.11705654

File: a04a0324f5e9076⋯.jpg (7.96 KB, 243x283, 243:283, Merezhkovsky.jpg)

File: 49a09ecce4be072⋯.jpg (219.96 KB, 817x1000, 817:1000, Merezhkovsky_by_Repin.jpg)

File: 8ffaf513ed548e5⋯.jpg (13.78 KB, 400x539, 400:539, Triumvirate_by_Re-Mi.jpg)

File: 0827744d6bef3e2⋯.jpg (841.28 KB, 1280x1489, 1280:1489, Z._Gippius_by_L.Bakst_(190….jpg)

File: 770aeb01382f27d⋯.jpg (103.23 KB, 577x800, 577:800, Z_Gippius_1910s.jpg)


>Rosenberg est issu d'une famille germano-balte. Un temps protégé du mystique russe Dimitri Merejkovski1, il entreprend des études d'ingénieur-architecte à l'École impériale technique de Moscou, aujourd'hui université Bauman.

>Ami de Nicolas Berdiaev, proche des socialistes révolutionnaires, il espérait réconcilier Jésus et la révolution et faire de la religion l'âme du socialisme. Sa trilogie Le Christ et l’Antéchrist (1905) lui apporta une gloire mondiale. Fuyant la terreur bolchévique, il s’installe à Paris en 1921 pour y demeurer jusqu’à la fin de ses jours.

Son épouse Zinaïda Hippius partageait ses opinions et fut surnommée par Léon Trotski « la Sorcière ». Comme son mari, elle accueillit avec faveur la chute du régime impérial avant de vouer aux bolchéviques une haine absolue ainsi que l'atteste son singulier Journal sous la terreur

Thanks for leading me down an interesting trail

8d4bc0  No.11705664



No, it's a Baltic German name

His father, Waldemar Wilhelm Rosenberg,[5] was a wealthy merchant from Latvia, and his mother, Elfriede (née Siré), was a teacher of French language in Reval.[6] The Hungarian-Jewish journalist Franz Szell, who was apparently residing in Tilsit, Prussia, Germany, spent a year researching in Latvian and Estonian archives before publishing in 1936 an open letter, with copies to Hermann Göring, Joseph Goebbels, German foreign minister Konstantin von Neurath, and others, accusing Rosenberg of having "no drop of German blood" flowing in his veins. Szell wrote that among Rosenberg's ancestors were only "Latvians, Jews, Mongols, and French." [7] As a result of his open letter, Szell was deported by Lithuanian authorities on September 15, 1936.[8] His claims were repeated in the 15 September 1937 issue of the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano.[9]


1629e7  No.11705699

File: 810c91ecc8c03d3⋯.pdf (4.45 MB, Levin Leonard D. - EasyScr….pdf)

000000  No.11705710


Can you a bit more specific about your objection with "PDFs can contain malicious code"?

000000  No.11705715

Oh shit I missed.

>>11705710 meant to ping: >>11705557

64245e  No.11705716


Berdyaev is really strange guy if you take him out of the Russian context and I haven't read much outside of a few internet articles. Like everything Russian you can't put him into western concepts of liberal, conservative, reactionary monarchist etc.


>His claims were repeated in the 15 September 1937 issue of the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano.

Yeah no love was lost between Rosenberg and the Catholic Church.

103972  No.11705790


No, because there are too many ways it can happen, do your own research.



8d4bc0  No.11705819

18850f  No.11705837

I work 60 hours a week and I have a very hard time finding time to read. Anyone work long hours and have advice? Sometimes I fantasize about being locked up and serving a year in the hole, so I can read all the books.

85bd94  No.11705844

File: 3f987cdb25a9d43⋯.jpg (107.54 KB, 828x960, 69:80, 19598541_495748630764812_1….jpg)


Does anybody have anything on race realism?

I'm a literal illiterate when it comes tho this stuff and i want to know more.

645018  No.11705902


>proven correct by modern genetics

Source? It's not that i don't believe you. But a good resource on this could be an amazing resource.

I know that genetics is on our side so i dont need a source on that but rather a source that directly ties Gobineau with modern genetics.

645018  No.11705910


During the summer when im working in industry I listen to audiobooks during the day.

02f729  No.11706015


Reading is for niggers

5a9d81  No.11706053

File: b5b08df559c76c6⋯.jpeg (15.77 KB, 220x283, 220:283, images (1).jpeg)

Have any anons read "A Theory of Natural Philosophy" by Roger Boskovic

This is the book Tesla is reading in this photo, it was a favourite book of his.

1aec89  No.11706057


Put a decent library on an e-reader so you have it at hand. Eliminate wasted time (like texting and similar irrelevancies). Take advantage of down time; you have a 5-minute wait for something? Get a few pages in.

80271c  No.11706129

File: bdf36ff30c2f398⋯.pdf (9.94 MB, richard fuerle - erectus w….pdf)

dc04c0  No.11706163

Can anyone recommend me any good books on learning proper Latin?

ceb1dd  No.11706252

File: 0b535104b96b9fb⋯.pdf (1.06 MB, GENETIC SIMILARITY THEORY,….pdf)


>The Paradox of Altruism

>As recognized by Darwin (1871), altruism represents a paradox for theories of evolution: How could altruism evolve through "survival of the fittest" when, on the face of it, altruistic behavior diminishes personal fitness? If the most altruistic members of a group sacrifice themselves for others, they run the risk of leaving fewer offspring to pass on the very genes that govern the altruistic behavior. Hence, altruism would be selected against, and selfishness would be selected for.

>The unit of analysis for evolutionary selection is not the individual organism but its genes. Genes are what survive and are passed on, and some of the same genes will be found not only in direct offspring but in siblings, cousins, and nephews and nieces, as well as more distant kin. If an animal sacrifices its life for its siblings' offspring, it ensures the survival of common genes because, by common descent, it shares 50 percent of its distinct genes with each sibling and 25 percent with each sibling's offspring.

76a009  No.11706543


>Have any anons read "A Theory of Natural Philosophy" by Roger Boskovic

>This is the book Tesla is reading in this photo, it was a favourite book of his.

Yes, I've heard of it and its on the top of my reading list. After reading into it no wonder he loved it. The author is trying to derive the inner workings of universe (physics) following the wisdom that nature never complicates if theres an easier way.

7e59c5  No.11706777


seconding this!

36e2bf  No.11707041


thid this

b0a9f7  No.11707204

File: 660a407b4c6fb8b⋯.jpg (87.13 KB, 778x778, 1:1, 1470753109021-pol.jpg)


Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Dr Weston A Price. Or how primitive diet builds the body for beauty and health.

I'd also reccomend the defunct blog of Violent Acres, (not the Reddit moderator violent acrez) on parenting and her experiences as an abused child, she is heavily redpilled on everything except the kike, but her stuff on discipline is common sense amazing. I take it she got shoahed, so use the archive link to view some of them.





http://web.archive.org/web/20130524214712/http://www.violentacres.com:80/archives/168/the-mentality-of-an-abused-child/ ←— Pizzagate Researchers take note this is important! Very important!

85bd94  No.11707280

7065e7  No.11707304


Jews have this bizarre thing where they like to memetically convert their enemies into Jews. Hence Hitler was a Rothschild and Balaam was a circumcised gentile.

7065e7  No.11707505

Also, I think it'd be great to have a thread on Plato's Republic vis a vis the Illuminati. Concepts like destroying the family to eliminate the tension between familial loyalty and national loyalty are first developed there, from what I can tell.

eb8223  No.11707526

File: 4a5298cf7018f3e⋯.pdf (1 MB, The Bhagavad Gita (Penguin….pdf)


This version retains enough honesty. Older translations just aren't better. Good luck on your journeys, and namaste.

eb8223  No.11707540


In Plato's Laws he informs that the Phoenicians (And "Egyptians" - by that time this meant kikes) are money-obsessed, hate wisdom, and live to lie. Phoenicians were semites, and the "israelis" of the area were no different at all, in customs or religion or anything, to the Phoenicians (ie all kikes WERE Phoenicians), according to archaeology.

"The eternal kike" may be more true than we may ever know…

1629e7  No.11707690


Dude, what is with this page formatting, it is a pdf, why does it look like this, is just my settings, or is this for the reading impaired.

eb8223  No.11707734


Eh, maybe the conversion fucked it up. Here's the epub:


The kikes who code this site suck.

8d4bc0  No.11708062


uh converti>>11705529


And faggots accuse their enemies of being filthy depraved faggots…

ceb1dd  No.11708766

Requesting police crowd control/ riot control handbooks and training manuals.

Would be good to study for tactics for how to respond to police or defend against antifa

1752de  No.11708991


Latin books are here, found these the other day




9c07f8  No.11713825


Kys kampfy

b58af2  No.11713906

File: 0dea33b444c10f5⋯.jpg (159.55 KB, 715x947, 715:947, 1polcover.jpg)

Requesting this:


7d7105  No.11713980


Simply the idea that it was being supressed. I thought there may be some protohistory stuff or something interesting. It also may be Ihave it mixed up with something else.

bc6c63  No.11714139

Here is a list all the general history books that I have (Or, at least, that I know of, both downloaded and physical):

>200 Years Together (A.I. Solzhenitsyn)

>A History of Ancient Israel - From the Patriarchs Through the Romans (Eric H. Cline)

>A Short History of China (Hilda Hookham)

>A Short History of Man - Progress and Decline (Hans-Hermann Hoppe)

>A Short History Of The World (H.G. Wells)

>A Short Masonic History (Frederick Armitage)

>A True Relation of such Occurrences and Accidents of Note as Happened in Virginia (Captain John Smith, 1608)

>A Writer At War - A Soviet Journalist With the Red Army, 1941-1945 (Vasily Grossman)

>Abraham Lincoln (Carl Sandburg)

>American History (Kenneth Davis)

>Apocalypse 1945 - The Destruction of Dresden (David Irving)

>Auschwitz - A Doctor's Eyewitness Account (Miklos Nyiszli)

>Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin - A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me (Deitrich Eckart)

>Civilizations (Kenneth Clark)

>History Of the Decline And Fall Of the roman Empire (Edward Gibbon)

>Hitler's War and The War Path (David Irving)

>Jerusalem Besieged - From Ancient Canaan to Modern Israel (Eric H. Cline)

>Lost To The West - The Forgotten Byzantine Empire that Rescued Western Civilization (Lars Brownworth)

>Native American Testimony (Peter Nabokov)

>Paris 1919 - Six Months that Changed The World (Margaret MacMillan)

>The American West (Hine & Faracher)

>The Ancient History of the Egytians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Macedonian, and Grecians (Charles Rollin)

>The Buffalo Soldiers (William Leckie)

>The Decline of the West - Form and Actuality (Oswald Spengler)

>The Ethical World-Conception of the Norse People (Andrew Peter Fors)

>The French Revolution - A History (Thomas Carlyle)

>The Generall Historie of Virginia (Captain John Smith, 1624)

>The Genesis of the World War (Harry Elmer Barnes)

>The History of the United States (The Great Courses)

>The Legacy of Conquest (Patrick Limerick)

>The Missionary Position - Mother Teresa In Theory and Practice (Christopher Hitchens)

>The Russian Army and the Conduct of Operations in 1914 (Stephen Walsh)

>The Secret Diaries of Hitler's Doctor (David Irving)

>The True Travels, Adventures, and Observations of Captain John Smith

>The Untold Civil War (James Robertson)

>The Year of Decision 1846 (Bernard DeVoto)

>The Young Hitler I Knew (August Kubizek)

>Turning The Tide - US Intervention in Central America and the Struggle for Peace (Noam Chomsky)

>Venona - Soviet Espionage and the American Response, 1939-1957

>Who Will Write Our History - Emanuel Ringelblum, the Warsaw Ghetto, and the Oyneg Shabes Archive (Samuel D. Kassow)

Any of these I should remove, or titles that should be added to the list of material to read sometime?

2f2638  No.11714197

File: b206be9a460fa0c⋯.jpg (33.4 KB, 310x475, 62:95, be.jpg)

Jared Dimond - Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed.

That's one book whitch ws recommended by my profesor after i sent him "Industrial society and it's future". I'm going to read all after my exams on university.

6f97a3  No.11714204

File: 8f036312ea9e656⋯.jpg (30.5 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 41HsIV8m0pL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 03502500488484a⋯.pdf (4.77 MB, [Alenka_Zupančić]_What_is_….pdf)

What IS Sex? Alenka Zupančič

0d06fd  No.11714332


Ok, thanks.

7a3d2f  No.11714755

File: 3096c5b57594057⋯.jpg (26.09 KB, 308x475, 308:475, 243604.jpg)

Should be required reading for every /pol/lock. Works within Spengler's context to exact a plan to revive Western Civilization.

d5afa2  No.11714763


>(((jared diamond)))

6f97a3  No.11714812

File: 643373c760be37d⋯.jpg (47.02 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 51ohGacem2L._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 35c1fcb06d7989d⋯.pdf (1.3 MB, chomsky.pdf)

71ca9b  No.11714861


jared diamond is completely retarded and his books are only known because of how hard they were pushed in the media. gun, germs, and steel was popcorn "science" for the masses, complete trash that was debunked by people who work in those fields. diamond is another jew who writes lies in fields that he knows nothing about. just like chomsky >>11714812 whose retarded theories on linguistics were disproved shortly after publication, but took decades for people to stop teaching it.

74c629  No.11716156

Books on usury?

9c07f8  No.11716601

File: 7a3a86598bd627e⋯.png (71.09 KB, 201x251, 201:251, untitled.png)


Why do so many here like this guy?

He is like a 1950s version of Dicky Spencer

>Pan European

>Wants their to be one common European language

>Pretty boy, possible fag

>National Bolshevik, Loves Stalinist Russia

>Spiritual Race instead of Biological Race


6f97a3  No.11717545

File: ea3a0065be5f9b9⋯.pdf (5.46 MB, [George_Berger]_The_Story_….pdf)

File: 439a12c82e8108f⋯.jpg (17.58 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 31fEaUChVGL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

6f97a3  No.11718246

File: 27583b50186f616⋯.jpeg (11.17 KB, 195x293, 195:293, index.jpeg)

File: cdf0cdd54295063⋯.pdf (2.87 MB, [Eduardo_Galeano]_Open_Vei….pdf)

d79fa1  No.11718378

File: 9a91d763421b2bf⋯.pdf (4.11 MB, Diogenes of Sinope_ The Ma….pdf)

File: 3bb316a9cf57402⋯.pdf (7.67 MB, The_Sumerian_Swindle.pdf)

File: 45edd9ab257fc06⋯.pdf (792.37 KB, Behind Communism.pdf)

Looking for pdf/epub of:

-Hitler's Empire

-A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind

-The Nazi Conscience

7b7f57  No.11718416


>He is like a 1950s version of Dicky Spencer

No, Spencer fucks up what he's actually saying and ends up sounding annoying.

It isn't Spengler or Yockey's fault that people can't understand what they're actually saying. There was never a disregard for biological race whatsoever. It's completely made up in the readers mind. What he was saying is focusing on simply biological measurements is fucking retard, because it is. There are millions, possibly tens of millions, of whites that are mentally, spiritually, and physically (soyboys, emasculated men, raging feminists, etc.) jews and are as good as being jews biologically.

Nothing about the Imperium idea has anything to do with all speaking the same language or reating ethnic European cultures as abstract concepts. It's more of the Napoleonic, Hitlerian idea of creating a truly unified Europe as the world already sees it externally so it can deal with the world successfully as a Bloc. It isn't a United States of America, UN, EU bullshit concept.

2e4ee8  No.11718479


>There are millions, possibly tens of millions, of whites that are mentally, spiritually, and physically (soyboys, emasculated men, raging feminists, etc.) jews and are as good as being jews biologically.

I've said this for a while now but I always get accused of trying to peddle the "it's just their culture, they dindu nuffin rong!" argument. It's probably shills who really, really don't like the idea of actually weeding out untermensch. Or untermensch who fear their fate.

4ecaf5  No.11718497

File: 7426978fbb9047d⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 255x250, 51:50, 1d4d139adbe8c469b3edbd22f2….jpg)



Download https://orion.siderus.io or https://ipfs.io to use it

4ecaf5  No.11718503

File: 1d4d139adbe8c46⋯.jpg (440.67 KB, 1023x1001, 93:91, 1d4d139adbe8c469b3edbd22f2….jpg)

1ce688  No.11718530

File: 1d45e29f2034569⋯.jpg (17.66 KB, 240x280, 6:7, nice.jpg)

>book threads have finally returned to /pol/

We are truly free.

462a81  No.11718909


You say that, but half this stuff still gets you arrested in Europe.

>I was free, in my mind

6f97a3  No.11719169

File: 1536dc264dc7e7a⋯.pdf (5.29 MB, [Georges_Bataille,_Robert_….pdf)

File: 73f9f0281c217eb⋯.pdf (5.57 MB, [Georges_Bataille]_The_Acc….pdf)

File: 51795e919ad30f0⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 41M8EGRE36L._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 4b95c449705a1aa⋯.jpg (28.53 KB, 328x499, 328:499, 41he 0U9DBL._SX326_BO1,204….jpg)

06c8bb  No.11719326


The Aryan invasion of India has been proven.

45b0da  No.11719590


but did they enslave the natives like my kike-written eastern religions textbook claims?

45b0da  No.11719621


also did you know that in the 1900's a feminist and a kike worked to build a massive cult in california around a 14 year old kid and his brother &knuckles that they kidnapped off the side of a lake in india?




the hilarious twist is that Krishnamurti (correctly) thought they were all retarded and wanted them to fuck off and leave him alone.

db6209  No.11720187

I have recently been recommended (in the first book thread) a book written by Miguel Serrano, it is “a record of two friendships”, I enjoyed mans search for soul by Jung and was recommended this book as a good follow up. So far I am fairly disappinted but I will continue reading it. I wanted to ask for an honest opinion by a self respecting /pol/ack, on what they think of Hermann Hesse and his novels. As they are heavily recommended in this book and upon reading this book it claims he was for a natural existence and was a welcomed read by many Germans before and after the wars. But upon researching Hermann I find it hard to discern his stance on nazism, jews and the war. He is by all intents and purposes a pacifist so I understand if thats more where his disdain for nazism lies. And researching him gives a leftist leaning where as in “a record of two friendships” it seems to denote less of a disdain and more a yearning for a natural life. Just seeking validation so I will understand if nobody replies, thanks in advance who ever does.

1f142e  No.11720333

Books on obtaining a good fake ID/starting a new life? if the situation ever comes I wish to be prepped.

ccd2a4  No.11720388

File: eb570122f6e4531⋯.jpg (93.44 KB, 362x385, 362:385, ImkampfyTheBookThief.jpg)

6f97a3  No.11721184

File: 79cc8bc63e23267⋯.pdf (14.01 MB, [Gilles_Deleuze]_Anti-Oedi….pdf)

File: 32d57ee227713ac⋯.jpg (21.35 KB, 305x474, 305:474, 41NxoQuEs9L._SX303_BO1,204….jpg)

9c07f8  No.11721201


What about him having a hard on for Uncle Joe in "The Enemy Of Europe"?

6f97a3  No.11723913

File: c7befbe0fdf9136⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 318x474, 53:79, 41S5Q3AE70L._SX316_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 17fb9b02ab8e4f9⋯.pdf (3.06 MB, A-Thousand-Plateaus.pdf)

ccd2a4  No.11725008


Bump to test the patience and moderation of the lurking kampfy kikes

9c07f8  No.11725243


I fucking hated the turk, but the fact that /zundel/ guy deleted all those books on his board was really faggy.

2d89a6  No.11725431

48c8b3  No.11725628


Almost like a bird call now. Just part of the wildlife.

6f97a3  No.11725892

File: 6ccc8a488a9f646⋯.pdf (1.12 MB, [Marquis_de_Sade]_The_Crim….pdf)

File: b777bf62ede3896⋯.jpg (45.83 KB, 329x499, 329:499, 513w38R3WUL._SX327_BO1,204….jpg)

267231  No.11725995



I have read all of René Guénon except the correspondences and he claim that the aryans were mostly a hereditary caste that came from hyperborea and who pushed down south of India the original darker skin hindus into lower castes and assimilated their "gods".


Guénon wrote a whole book to destroy Blavatsky's Theosophical society (Annie Besant succeeded to Blavatsky), i found it pretty interesting to understand new-ageism and shitty secret societies.

6f97a3  No.11726500

File: 6978474b5bfacca⋯.jpg (43.34 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 51nWF1FWn1L._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 9841660ebf14506⋯.pdf (2.09 MB, [Prof._James_J._Brittain]_….pdf)

a8516b  No.11726539


Heh, same here. Chances are you waste time online or with other addictions.

My problem is I can't commit to one book and properly schedule readings. I have a hard time reading anything other than programming books.

I get performance anxiety when reading, I feel like rushing through or reading select chapters.

Book clubs were once an option, but don't fuck with daily stormer IRL.

c9b781  No.11726558

I find that military sci fi in general, and warhammer in particular are very inspired by the common right wing virtues, and are because of that always a fun casual read.

Can anyone recommend me anything good from that category? Especially if there is an audiobook version available so I can enjoy it while working.

I've already read almost all of the fucking politics/philosophy books, even leftist bullshit like das kapital just to test my views. And I am happy where I am. I know enough about politics and philosophy, and I am getting a bit tired of serious political or philosophical books.

Ive read a few books on economy and really few good ones do the trick, economy is fundamentally simple, the basics are at least.

Ive read quite a few military literature, especially what officers have to read and what generals wrote. Its a constantly evolving subject so its really hard to catch up, just glad I dont have to worry about generalstaff matters because even running a division or a battalion has so many stuff that needs doing constantly.

And finally, I have started reading pure technical, apolitical books. Basic machine tools. Basic engineering concepts. Basic programming courses. I feel like these things, these are the muscle, muscle of all economy and military and means of achieving political goals. Pure technical proficiency, basic industrial processes, even just bare essentials of electricity, industrial chemistry, basic mechanization of labor intensive processes, these all have a huge impact on daily life and survival, and when directed politically are THE most important things.

But now I am looking for something.. more casual. Something fun.

Already did starship troopers, more classroom stuff than battlefield in that book, movie game me a slightly skewed picture lol.

c9b781  No.11726568


jesus fucking christ, i copy paste my post after captcha and it fucking reddit formats the whole post, fuck this gay earth i dont spam enter after every fucking sentence jesus christ

6f97a3  No.11727888

File: 67293da52863f04⋯.pdf (1.51 MB, [Richard_Nisbett]_The_Geog….pdf)

File: d9e9a2ebd96566e⋯.jpg (27.88 KB, 328x499, 328:499, 41W-0XB-m2L._SX326_BO1,204….jpg)

000000  No.11729302


I am guessing that the document was on the tact of effective isometrics and body resistance. This should involve performing high intensity isometrics many times every day. If you can put all your effort in many times against an object that doesn't move, then you can put all your effort into a frontline or battle that doesn't move. If someone isn't intimidated, neither are you, because you take it for granted that there's no win condition except for how much effort you put into it. The positive results are in your own flesh and blood, bone and sinew.

It seems like a natural extension of Hitler's philosphy or politics.

db8135  No.11729586


I've read Man and Technics, but not Decline of the West. (silly me) Is DOTW mandatory reading for Imperium? I was supposing that Man of Technics would be sufficient because it's (apparently) a sort of continuation of DOTW and an illustration the demise of the Western culture.

21da76  No.11730255


23b512  No.11736276

File: e546dcd0ce29525⋯.jpg (14.4 KB, 160x238, 80:119, jU7z9Wl.jpg)


Looking for non kiked sources on this


Jews in Rome, before and after the conquering of the temple.

fyi for those who don't know

<Romans collect tax from everyone in a province

<Romans require visible signs of respect

<Uppity jews as usual try to jew out and make fun of their conquerors

<Roman legion corners them on a roof

<Jews with usual lack of future thinking burn a cohort from the Roman legions, they thought a few days/weeks ahead

<Rome wouldn't tolerate this from an enemy, much less a conquered group

<Brings down full might of Rome and disassembles Temple, the wall you see jews cry at today is not from any Temple

<<The wall you see jews cry at today is actually from a Roman fortification

<Jews hunted down and punished

<Tax on all jews on Roman lands instituted at one half a shekel equivalent, what they payed for to their jewish Temple

<The money was now to go to Jupiter, paying tribute to Roman Gods

<Jews try to outjew some more, crypto practicing while no longer jewish or simply trying to be "christian" and arguing christianiy isnt judaism in any way

Stuff like this needs some good research on it, also interesting

Holy Roman Empire had a tax on jews.

Heres a good book read also based on Roman society but from the perspective that Islam, not any aspect of the capital of the Roman Empire being sacked, is what gave way to reduced prosperity and changes in culture to the Romanized parts of Europe.

23b512  No.11736281


Everyone should be healthy and stay active all their life. You can always improve.

23b512  No.11736285

File: 8bb1a4e263ab929⋯.jpg (203.96 KB, 616x919, 616:919, edf854c833a818f3f082163c33….jpg)


Indeed, there is no paradox.

People speak negatively of tribalism and want to leave "legacies" without having any children.

Yet we all know that if you can have kids you must.

9f6a12  No.11736375

Could anyone dump 'The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics' by Anonymous Conservative?


I've signed up my email to that site for the free e-book since last year but I have yet to receive any emails, let alone any e-books.

6a115e  No.11736465


Don't bother. (((Diamond))) gives pleb-tier overviews and superficial explanations for why civilizations have historically collapsed, then ends by going on a rant about how muh global warming will collapse our civilization if we don't do (((something))).

000000  No.11738143


9c07f8  No.11738227

File: 14e8bac3240f73f⋯.jpg (86.91 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, 90.jpg)

Does anyone have this fags' book?

Johnathan Weisman-(((Semitism)))

He talks about this place and cuckchan in there, supposedly.

9c07f8  No.11738314

File: 301db9deb08fdc2⋯.pdf (2.82 MB, 124279766-Matthew-Bracken-….pdf)

Matt Bracken- Enemies Foreign And Domestic

9c07f8  No.11738318

File: 17468bb5f8b3987⋯.pdf (7.9 MB, Calverhall Randolph O. - S….pdf)

Randolph Calverhall- Serpents Walk

a2f366  No.11739870

/r/equesting books on gunsmithing

9f6a12  No.11742402


Nvm, I got it already.


Check the previous book thread, I am sure that there are relevant books on it.

d79fa1  No.11745433

Are there any good books that shit on degenerate art?

6f97a3  No.11756017

File: c18886f6607c768⋯.jpg (37.59 KB, 343x499, 343:499, 51IU4PidHsL._SX341_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 4785dcf924fa238⋯.pdf (3.14 MB, [Robert_Graves]_The_White_….pdf)

6f97a3  No.11756736

File: c5d8387461bbc8a⋯.jpg (32.7 KB, 327x499, 327:499, 41G8le9LmeL._SX325_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 93a31b688e10abb⋯.pdf (3.38 MB, [Rosa_Luxemburg,_Helen_Sco….pdf)

c9b781  No.11757129


>rosa fucking luxemburg

lmao kill yourself

85bd94  No.11757152


>not learning from the enemy

c9b781  No.11757244


there's literally nothing to be learned from commies other than how to starve

the most fundamental axioms of communism and leftism are:

1) all featherless bypads are exactly the same (soviets even went so far to ban genetics, google lysenko)

2) resources are unlimited so there's infinite free shit for everyone

if you are on pol than i dont fucking know what do you have to learn from marx or rosa when they teach wrong bullshit

their vision of society is for the commisars (who are 99% jewish which is ofcourse pure coincidence) to run the central economy with absolutely 0 freedoms and civil liberties, you are to drone work to death for their pleasure

>the rich are rich because they stole our work!

go on strike if you use a hammer or a sickle and you will see the rich will become even richer when they automate and mechanize whatever useless thing you did

>we are being exploited!

go get another job if you dont like your current one, no one's entitled to give you free shit or minimum wage if you are worthless

>lets kill all the successful people and take their stuff

redistribution schemes will run out of things to redistribute when they kill the people who generated all the wealth, aka rich people

and when you kill all the scapegoats and have no one but yourself to blame for everything, you will die from starvation because of your inferiority at producing stuff

that is all leftism is: envy

>its not fair that sport team is better at scoring points, we gotta redistribute the points! kill the good sport players, they exploited other sport players!

>the amount of sport goals/touchdowns/score/points goes down because remaining players are shit at the sport

>replace sport points with food and everything else

>communism = starvation

402a0f  No.11757346


This is the book a lot of commies love. Chavez was fond of quoting this book

c9b781  No.11757364


leftypol trying to subvert with their garbage books

402a0f  No.11757392


Oh I see. Still, this is going to have the opposite effect. Now we can quote and laugh at the stupid shit they believe.

9c07f8  No.11758577


Ugh, I should have actually read this one before I posted it. It is one of the most boomer lolberg books I have ever read. The main characters are a interracial couple (white guy and BASED Lebanese Christian), and the whole book is "Muh freedumbs muh Nazis muh constitution".

4893cc  No.11759244

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Lebanese girls are hot.

6f97a3  No.11759706

File: d53c59bf5deb7fc⋯.jpg (22.47 KB, 329x499, 329:499, 41QcJSWQ2PL._SX327_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 3b07798e941975a⋯.pdf (3.27 MB, A Breif History of NeoLibe….pdf)

3b276c  No.11759749

File: aeaed23c493756c⋯.pdf (2.66 MB, James Mason - SIEGE 3rd Ed….pdf)

File: 62172d9103fb2f2⋯.jpg (42.73 KB, 500x763, 500:763, siege-paper-back1.jpg)

4e1c00  No.11761360

What should I read on the art of propaganda? I want to acquire skills I could put to good use for our cause.

6f97a3  No.11761968

File: a4e1db1d6c836e2⋯.jpg (21.89 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 41-iK92o8bL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 6a6afb978b2d25d⋯.pdf (2.26 MB, kevin-b-anderson-marx-at-t….pdf)

d9a6d4  No.11762139

File: b9e51357581eb09⋯.jpg (47.92 KB, 407x516, 407:516, fifteen-hours.jpg)

File: 2ffaa8212522322⋯.jpg (122.84 KB, 650x822, 325:411, Dead-Men-Walking.jpg)

File: f868b94fbfb114d⋯.jpg (30.85 KB, 304x499, 304:499, 51ijFj9ggmL._SX302_BO1,204….jpg)


If you're into Warhammer Fifteen Hours and Dead Men Walking are enjoyable reads. If you want something other than it there's Devil's Guard.

6e3987  No.11762142


>/zundel/ guy deleted all those books on his board was really faggy

I'm extremely distressed about this

Something doesn't sound right about that at all.

Imkikefy bans all promotion of books on /pol/, /zundel/ is ostensibly set up to combat this, however like Meta and Megucca etc they were set up by Kampfy to log anons most upset with his censorship of all antisemitic anons.

Sounds like something similar here, a very jewey Imkampfy typetrick.

First he bans books, gets devoted anons to contribute to a new board /zundel/ then when the CIA even get annoyed at Kampfy's kikery and gas his ass, then /zundel/ gets sabotaged.

Doesn't sound like the behaviour of any anon legit concerned about books being banned from here.

d9a6d4  No.11762150


I believe /zundel/ anon either got hacked (since the couple of times he posted after deleting the board were very different from his usual posting style) or got a letter from his ISP or some (((anti-piracy))) group about the files, and deleted everything to avoid getting v&.

Either way we have the list of files and there's like two backups of it, so it was not a permanent loss.

e2dfb5  No.11762173

File: 4680db6bb29409e⋯.jpg (33.26 KB, 335x500, 67:100, Goebbels-Secret-Conference….jpg)


Pic related, Goebbels diaries, From Ivory Tower To Privy Wall by Rockwell, Propaganda by Bernays, "propaganda" the documentary spoofed as if it was done by North Korea but was actually done by a leftist NZ guy…. books on marketing and advertising, public relations. "Public Relations" is the modern word for propaganda, exact same thing.

e2dfb5  No.11762175

File: b586eeff6fee3ca⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 229x346, 229:346, terrorist-interrogation.jpg)

Oh and pic related not only teaches about counter-interrogation techniques which everyone should have at least some understanding of, but it also teaches about how AQ radicalized their own Sunni side and provoked a civil war between Sunnis and Shia when they were living "peacefully" before - pretty much like whites and non-whites now.

8cf0bc  No.11762310


some interrogation techniques books? I read a CIA manual about cold/hot reading and it was quite good, but too young to understand it at the time.

4e1c00  No.11762324

File: e024ac6a2dcbd2b⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 512x512, 1:1, RKJCyB_3.jpg)



Thanks a lot brother! I will read these

ab3fb1  No.11762601

File: 78ee24a82e448e6⋯.png (5.57 MB, 1975x2229, 1975:2229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 78ee24a82e448e6⋯.png (5.57 MB, 1975x2229, 1975:2229, ClipboardImage.png)

Will someone please post a list very similar to this one except it was /pol/ instead of /lit/ and divided into tiers? One was something like "only proceed here if you're insane"

9c07f8  No.11762650


Does anyone have the pdf of this?

I offer Goebbels' My Part In Germanys Fight in return.


(too large to post here)

d79fa1  No.11762758

What are some non-religious books that assert that life isn't absurd?

My sanity needs it.

e831ac  No.11763560

Any books on native american religion?

dfcbf9  No.11763611

File: 1a7d36c676b2ff6⋯.jpg (199.08 KB, 653x1104, 653:1104, 832cf1ef3a2477843089dc1b49….jpg)

File: 887fcce884bf947⋯.png (3.36 MB, 2392x3348, 598:837, 887fcce884bf9477622e7f5aa5….png)

File: b2645571fd4c4b2⋯.png (3.99 MB, 2248x3442, 1124:1721, b2645571fd4c4b2905477ab6ce….png)

File: a0958fe6f8df5c2⋯.png (702.06 KB, 1000x1430, 100:143, a0958fe6f8df5c2ff3f1e1dae6….png)

File: db63fb7e2d87da0⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 5000x3827, 5000:3827, db63fb7e2d87da0bbf9cdb8f6b….jpg)

f497fe  No.11764072

File: f815ec88f2fbd71⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 5000x3333, 5000:3333, New awakening reading list.jpg)

File: a5c203ce2e2149d⋯.png (115.45 KB, 800x949, 800:949, 33._SS-Waffen-Grenadier-Di….png)

Adding some new awakening.

2503c6  No.11764292


Read The Popol Vuh I think there must be a version in English

d42c61  No.11764776

anyone have a full copy of Tacitus's Annals?

280200  No.11765253


I have only read 1/5 of that list but it's a very very good collection

280200  No.11765262

File: 6e28ebb86cc1b87⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2790x1959, 930:653, FreikorpsBerlinStahlhelmM1….jpg)

File: b0e02b6ef17eaaf⋯.png (742.3 KB, 960x700, 48:35, 0. LEAD IMAGEBundesarchiv_….png)

File: 34a440a5ea017ff⋯.jpg (108.6 KB, 800x512, 25:16, freikorps.jpg)



The boys say hello.

54198e  No.11766424


Never saw that one before, neat.

40115e  No.11766582

File: 7191500bfcb2c57⋯.pdf (641.75 KB, The-Popol-Vuh-English.pdf)


The Popol Vuh English

40115e  No.11766593

File: d22def03f8df76e⋯.pdf (2.37 MB, An Underground History of ….pdf)

An Underground History of American Education - John Taylor Gatto

40115e  No.11766613

File: 4e164196ddb28de⋯.pdf (10.3 MB, Alick Bartholomew - Hidden….pdf)

Hidden Nature - The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger

3e3aad  No.11766744


I'm suprise how much of these i've read. Must be 70-80%.

8c3175  No.11766915


>What about him having a hard on for Uncle Joe in "The Enemy Of Europe"?

He does not have a hard on whatsoever. He simply was pragmatic and everything that he talked about has been proven as factual by now. He correctly realized that the US was a bigger cancer on the world than the Soviet Union of his time. He also predicted that the Soviet Bloc wouldn't exist indefinitely and that Russians would abandon this ideology. Look at the world today, the most rational countries in Europe that fight against Globalism are those that were under the Iron Curtain. Look at Germany, the Eastern parts are the ones fighting back, Merkel is losing her shit. The point Yockey made was to use every angle of attack to decrease and finally crush the hegemony of the US over Europe, i.e. geopolitically using every enemy that was available. Prove me wrong that his main arguments didn't stand the test of time. He talked about a Zeitgeist that is yet to come, but can already be see on the horizon.

7a0f3e  No.11767707

File: f4af31d829179a1⋯.jpg (44.43 KB, 630x630, 1:1, Eat Sleep Read Repeat.jpg)

Thread got bum locked, so I'll follow the mod's advice.

If you can only own ten books, what books would they be and why? If you don't want to go that far, what ten books would you read every year? Ten books a year would allow you to read a book a month for ten months, and have two month block where you can read whatever you want for how long you want. I just think it's easier to digest a book if your time reading it and read it multiple times in your life. Below is my incomplete list.

1. Moralia by Plutarch - The Montaigne of the Roman period. It's unfortunate that most only know about his Parallel Lives.

2. Cato's Life by Plutarch - Possibly the closest person to ever reach sage status. The man was so stubborn and stuck to his guns so much, he killed himself rather than let Caesar gain the prestige of pardoning him.

3 and 4. Seneca's Moral Epistles and Dialogues/Essays - Of the big three Roman stoics, Seneca is the best writer of the bunch. I also like how Aurelius, Seneca is able to appreciate other schools of philosophy.

5. The Discourses/Enchiridion by Epictetus - Of the big three Roman Stoic philosopher, Epictetus is the best teacher of stoic thought. However, he actually ran an academy so that's a given.

6. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - Muh meme book.

7. Maxims by La Rochefoucauld - Maxims mostly comes off a sour grapes, but there is some truth of the human condition within.

8. The Pocket Oracle and Art of Prudence/The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Baltasar Gracián - A more practical version The Prince.

9. Essays by Montaigne - The Plutarch of the Renaissance.

10. None - I'm still slogging through my collection.

9c07f8  No.11769385


But Western Europe is still virtually a vassal of the US. And that still doesn't change the fact that Yockey thought the National Socialist race policies were barbaric.

acdf1e  No.11770155



Please assist the war effort

e2dfb5  No.11770167

File: 562898d20369f2e⋯.jpg (29.34 KB, 282x400, 141:200, Special-Forces.jpg)


This should be in the armed struggle section. It has sections on psychological warfare and propaganda too.

45b0da  No.11770356

Are the protocols legit? I need to know where to put it in my library.

9c07f8  No.11770401

File: af489cb05688d42⋯.png (258.25 KB, 652x446, 326:223, 184849.png)


Probably not, but pic related sums it up pretty good.

c48732  No.11770463


> Are the protocols legit?

It does not matter. They are true. That is all that matters.

76d89b  No.11770589


>But Western Europe is still virtually a vassal of the US.

So, you're agreeing with Yockey. Good.

>And that still doesn't change the fact that Yockey thought the National Socialist race policies were barbaric.

I don't know what you mean. He was against multiculturalism. If he could've read today's research about race and DNA, he would've agreed wholeheartedly. He identified almost every single one of the ideologies that are destroying us now, in 1948(!); also some anon already answered your questions. Answer me this, did you read Imperium and his later works, because your questions imply otherwise.

7637a3  No.11770801


Not sure how I feel about his moon goddess worship, or his characterization of the muse as such, but I appreciate that people here are attempting to broach the true poetic.

There are few such communities

dd2460  No.11771720

File: e588929fafe38ab⋯.png (1.1 MB, 295x359, 295:359, ClipboardImage.png)


It was the 2nd & 3rd pics. Thanks, anon.

769ef5  No.11771901

Where the fuck is the karl jung?

c703c8  No.11771967


The Prince is fucking critical, but I don't see the Art of War in there IMO these somewhat compliment eachother.

08df6c  No.11772511

File: 40bebbe222a4ccf⋯.jpg (120.95 KB, 800x1060, 40:53, PPF2.jpg)


Man, i wouldnt even know where to begin, everything ive read has been from premade resource list/collage lists made by other /pol/ users. To which i owe my eternal thanks for my rescue, im doing my part elsewhere.

b5fad8  No.11772583

We need another monthly /pol/ books collection.

83a615  No.11772609


nu-pol doesnt like jung anymore because hes a "spiritualist" (hes not) who sometimes says good things about the pagan religions (ignoring he says good things about Christianity as well). also memerson likes to quote him every now and then, so this makes him bad apparently.

I dont even know why theres a book thread here tbh, none of you fucking faggots even read

9c07f8  No.11773367


I have read Imperium, The Enemy of Europe, and Revilo P. Oliver's The Enemy of our Enemies.

Here, have some quotes

>To Race there is no duty. Race in the vertical sense is an abstraction, corresponding to nothing existing. If taken seriously, it leads the victim off the path of History and into an esthetic cul-de-sac.

>To the 20th century outlook, a man does not belong to a race— he either has race, or does not. If the former, he has value to History; if the latter, he is valueless, a lackey. The attempt to interpret History in terms of Race must be abandoned.


>In this century the idea of vertical race is dead. We can now view race only in horizontal terms— the race one feels in oneself is everything, the anatomic-geographic group to which one belongs means nothing. In this stage of our Cultural development, the principle of individuality reasserts itself, as it asserted itself in the earliest days of the Gothic. During the dark age of Materialism, it was believed that heredity and environment were everything; with the decline of Materialism the human Soul regains its former dignity. Everyone must now openly admit that the engrafting of the outworn nonsense of the vertical race notion onto the glorious European Resurgence of Authority brought about by the European Revolution of 1933 was an enormous tragedy— all the more so since the coupling of these two ideas was in no way necessary or even logical.

I explicitly remember him calling it "Barbaric" as well.

9c07f8  No.11773416

File: 8a1a9fe6d31d7bd⋯.jpg (20.28 KB, 425x200, 17:8, main-qimg-e00d4cb8bc9b8460….jpg)

0ee02f  No.11773588


Bump with links

JQ - https://mega.co.nz/#F!UdxSVLJB!bgBwqzuFIV3z0HvCswA0dQ

Religion, Magick, Occult - https://mega.co.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ!cE5yWZoI

General - https://mega.co.nz/#F!LotEVRxT!YE-YrG6SZ54nJqltrYN8Nw

Psyops - https://mega.co.nz/#F!m00SjRRA!R_I9wzUTEhSN6spP35TyZg

/pol/ books - https://mega.co.nz/#F!eMs1HDRD!LJcwVTJXhhx1a5bUu2l0dg

Poems/stories - https://mega.co.nz/#F!6sgETKCa!vGFF5iTfCR6lH3ZLXaQorQ

Propertarianism library https://mega.co.nz/#F!0F5GXTjS!oGdz8UP5JbcleNMy6YKLvg

Stats and facts - https://mega.co.nz/#F!4MJE0L6Q!teKAfBlT2m3Ija-Tun-EFw

Sydney traditionalist reading - https://mega.co.nz/#F!pYRnSJaC!HrC3Siqyioo9PjdGMNWs3Q

General collection - https://mega.nz/#F!flYQGbzI!p1AFjtMuCLHQqocJqxV7rg

Homestead/History - https://mega.nz/#F!WQ1j0Q5A!BrV-uEsC2VZlhFsqJV-YHg

Book dump - https://mega.nz/#F!8YhT1SwT!naXLsLCamWPYP6YxJZAopA

Languages - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9QDHej9UGAdcDhWVEllMzJBSEk

Military History - https://mega.nz/#F!ZAoVjbQB!iGfDqfBDpgr0GC-NHg7KFQ

Philosophy - https://mega.nz/#F!MQBRHBJA!L_on3h-XUrtbc719UaMygw

Warfare - https://mega.nz/#F!x4JD1RzD!4_nIFmI2sBdSYg14j7pIdA

https://mega.nz/#F!0F5GXTjS!oGdz8UP5JbcleNMy6YKLvg (/pol/ stuff II)

https://mega.nz/#F!cZoSEbpC!kdnYuLw3hvYSus9uZl6PRQ!QNAixJZL (/pol/ stuff III)

https://mega.nz/#F!4MJE0L6Q!teKAfBlT2m3Ija-Tun-EFw (/pol/ stuff IV)

https://mega.nz/#F!pYRnSJaC!HrC3Siqyioo9PjdGMNWs3Q (/pol/ stuff V)

https://mega.nz/#F!LotEVRxT!YE-YrG6SZ54nJqltrYN8Nw (/pol/ stuff VI)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!scMFjYZY!MKTKFWGVVuA7kV4OMHgkcg (/pol/ stuff VII)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!fo0TDC4a!Ck2n3wuqWutm3FyLtxZB8A (/pol/ related)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!UdxSVLJB!bgBwqzuFIV3z0HvCswA0dQ (/pol/ related)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!eMs1HDRD!LJcwVTJXhhx1a5bUu2l0dg (/pol/ related)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!6sgETKCa!vGFF5iTfCR6lH3ZLXaQorQ (TGSNT, William Pierce, Icelandic Sagas)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!zQtglTAY!JZ8y7bZpqPz6od5WmtLfIg (Third Reich films)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!MQ8ziQKK!rzb0LRaZoyL6te1tguBNnA!RBs1mRhC (Third Reich recordings)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!m00SjRRA!R_I9wzUTEhSN6spP35TyZg (Psychopolitics)

https://mega.nz/#F!1R0QATqZ!Eb1_M5KC9gkxK6w32R2ETw (/biz/ related)

https://www.mediafire.com/?i44dwzkf9j9n8 (art)

https://mega.nz/#F!MQBRHBJA!L_on3h-XUrtbc719UaMygw (philosophy)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!4FJSUTyL!gRWJW5eBK0ydunfSzDB3xg (/k/)

https://pastebin.com/JN01tWVF (Languages & Linguistics)


the audiobook is read by Pierce



619c62  No.11774396


Oh man, I have to absolutely agree with Yockey. Maybe I'm engaging a bit in mental gymnastics but if I take his writings as a whole, I come to the following view. The concept of race is dead, it died in 1945 with Hitler, i.e. a particular racial state as the defender of our world. Hitler was too much of an idealist, unfortunately he couldn't grasp how degraded and raceless the world already was. I have more in common with other Europeans and even Americans who feel the Aryan spark in them than with most of my own people, who are thoroughly judaized in every aspect, they behave like jews, I don't see any difference. I don't think I'm alone with this observation. I'm also of the opinion that Yockey has basically the same view as Hitler. Hitler had to use the concept of the racial state and its associated generalizations because there was the opportunity that he would've succeeded. Yockey's view is in hindsight, after seeing the outcome of WW2 and thus in the context of a huge demoralization. This coupled with the failure of all mass movements thereafter leads to the conclusion that 95% of all people are trash. Other than that, National Socialists always talked of the importance of character and various books were published how to overcome baser human behaviors and tendencies. Obviously non-Whites are not considered part of the horizontal race, although it's theoretical possible, but in practical terms there are no noble non-Whites. So if we have to look at the character, but only Whites posses this potential, then horizontal race is based on the vertical race. I think Yockey didn't go all the way to the point, where his assumptions lead up to, but he was close. It's basically the struggle to come to terms with questions that were posed for the next 50 years and which were discussed in books like Siege.

cf7c07  No.11774649

I recommend reading Heidegger's Black Notebooks, available in English:


760f17  No.11781357

48781a  No.11782129

Can someone recommend me some books on ADHD? I'm not looking for the self-help popular science ones, rather for a presentation and analysis of it, along with how it affects adults and children. Basically I'd like to use this knowledge to confirm whether the average person suffers from it (information overload) and how to combat it.

9c07f8  No.11782332


Interesting analysis. I might have to give Imperium another look.

acdf1e  No.11789964

5d0590  No.11789971

File: 1314fa188087358⋯.jpg (23.84 KB, 350x407, 350:407, 1530138450470.jpg)


da7079  No.11790732

File: d3d56b780289fd6⋯.png (67.25 KB, 750x709, 750:709, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone got some secondary sources on Hegel? Preferable mobi or epub but any format is acceptable.

5ba3a3  No.11790765

Would anyone kindly dump the book 'Nihilism: A Philosophy Based on Nothingness and Eternity' by Brett Stevens?

>inb4 kys nihilfag

I'm more interested at its approach to epistemology and not in becoming a person without moral compass.

93344a  No.11790827

If imkampfy is reading this then he will become gay.


c6ff5f  No.11790932


This isn't entirely fair. I've read Myth, as well as his Memoirs he wrote at Nuremberg, and as far as I can see, we're he bit actually one holding significant rank in the NS gov, he would've just been another irrelevant writer from the Thule society, with a bit of Goethe and Schopenhauer flair.

They didn't hang Evola for his "Revolt" nor Junger for countless pre-war writings that struck at the core of liberalism and Weimar-tier degeneracy. They didn't hang Ludwig Klages, despite Rosenberg having bitter feuds with him, and Klages was very much a right-leaning radical against Jews and liberalism.

Rosenberg, well, if you read the Numermberg trial transcripts, that Russian judge Rudenko was up his ass, Rosenberg was the minister of the east, and he wrote shit supposedly in memos that equated to "fuck the slave's, let em starve, they don't need medical care when Germans back home do, let them work or die, let them use contraceptives and abortions" etc.

If you want to read more, I'd say Google the terms: nuremberg transcripts rosenberg Koch contraceptives abortion

Koch was another guy in the NSDAP early on who ended up in Eastern policy and basically said fuck the slavs let em work.

>inb4 humanistic Christian fucktard claims Hitler loved slavs and wanted to turn Russia and the east into a slav paradise with Adidas tracksuit Socialism.

c6ff5f  No.11791013


To summarize, Rosenberg wasn't hung because he wrote a book; he as hung because he ended up in a position of power to implement his shitposting.

It's the same as if pol posters ended up in power, suppressed Jews and built an ethnostate, but the Jews fought back and won, and then called criminal those who had power to implement policy.

The seminal works that resulted in the NSDAP and global Jew awareness, the actual catalysts of awakened western thought that alerted the European peoes to the fact that Jews are alien invaders, are found in many other works the predated Rosenberg, and are said with much less bullshit to be fair.

For that matter, Protocols of Zion and Ford's International Jew were both way more powerful in terms of driving the West to action, even the NS considered those cornerstones more ever than anything Rosenberg wrote.

Even Gottfried Feder's economic manifesto had more propaganda and practical energy in terms of lighting fires than Rosenberg blathering his Nordicism horseshit.

c6ff5f  No.11791022

If Hitler could come back and read Savitri Devi blathering about how he's an avatar of Vishnu, he'd submit an anonymous tip to the FBI about how he suspects "this gypsy is defrauding welfare, look into it."

He hated occultist weirdos, and called the Thule a bunch of kooks. He ridiculed Himmler in Table Talk for getting a boner when he dug up some Germanic pot from 700 years ago.

c6ff5f  No.11791041

Too bad Heydrich didn't write a diary.

"Dear diary. Today the Reichsfuhrer gave me a backgammon set; the checkers are gold and white, from Jews teeth, naturally."

9c07f8  No.11792110


>Le hitler wanted to exterminate the slavs maymay


>Nordicism Horseshit


>Hated the Occult

>Had the swastika as the symbol of his government

Are you okay M8?

6f97a3  No.11794091

File: 90914d7e4450052⋯.pdf (477.98 KB, agamben-homo_sacer.pdf)

File: cd10f9f7feed0db⋯.jpg (43.87 KB, 324x499, 324:499, 51KfxqXfh6L._SX322_BO1,204….jpg)

23b512  No.11794254

23b512  No.11794264

File: 749c2213b0ebdea⋯.jpg (35.16 KB, 313x499, 313:499, 82MeNnK1.jpg)



uh no

jared diamond is a liar and writes fiction rather than history that conforms to the (((narrative)))

23b512  No.11794271


Simply the fact that the picture looks retarded, suggests jewish author.

c94055  No.11794322

File: 2f229239e14c4c1⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 434x480, 217:240, 1528480197609.gif)


>thinking everything written in the book published post-war was actually said or translated accurately


23b512  No.11794324


its both

23b512  No.11794328


>if its illegal you better not do it even if its good for you

ok soyboy

23b512  No.11794335


Being anti war is a mistake.

We have full knowledge acces now to never make it again.

d58d4b  No.11794497

I remember years ago reading some book-length treatise on the Jews on an old Web 1.0 site. It went into great detail about the miserable aspects of Jewish society, from describing traditional circumcisions, to the myriad prayers they utter before the most basic actions, their egregious commercialism such as paying for seats in synagogue, etc. It was extensively cited, mostly with quotes from rabbis.

Is anyone else familiar with this? I can't find it now.

44f954  No.11794742


jung talked about the psyche and didnt speak jewish gibberish about childrens sexuality or wanting your mother in bed

44f954  No.11794821


different jewish sects do different things that are to actual humans reprehensible

not all jews have rabis suck on the circumcision site

8f1416  No.11794853


>their egregious commercialism such as paying for seats in synagogue,

<Jew everyone even yourself.

aec346  No.11794869


It's ancient aryan philosophy.

44f954  No.11794872

File: f6d56319b2b4a60⋯.jpg (116.57 KB, 640x902, 320:451, f6d56319b2b4a6046ae88868da….jpg)

File: 72c8b5184df0082⋯.jpg (11.93 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 72c8b5184df00826e4747bcf75….jpg)


>Concept of race is dead

Genetics aren't dead, parents still pass them to children.

aec346  No.11794927

File: 685c61a2a69c1b3⋯.pdf (11.46 MB, Srimad-Bhagavad-Gita-Trans….pdf)

File: 717e52fcf62cb79⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 375x500, 3:4, bhagavad gita.jpg)


This is the version of The Bhagavad Gita you want, not whatever shit (((penguin))) puts out.

aec346  No.11794980

File: 80811e156428eb6⋯.pdf (865.08 KB, Ashtavakra-Gita-Sanskrit-t….pdf)

File: 5915b6176114d0c⋯.pdf (2.68 MB, Vasistha-s-Yoga-.pdf)

File: f59d237593eb9f6⋯.jpg (60.3 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, ashtavakra gita.jpg)

File: a2aa5fc230a982a⋯.jpg (65.9 KB, 300x437, 300:437, vasistha's yoga1.jpg)


In fact, here's some other great texts espousing upon ultimate truth. The Ashtavakra Gita is about as hardcore non-dualist as it gets, and Vasistha's Yoga is a conversation between a wisened sage and a student who is suffering from nihilism.

aec346  No.11795016

File: c9ff3c38b6b0710⋯.jpg (846.17 KB, 1891x1419, 1891:1419, armor john steakley.jpg)

File: a6c5157fae60459⋯.jpg (20.87 KB, 300x489, 100:163, armor.jpg)


I haven't read it since developing my /pol/itical worldview, but "Armor" by John Steakly is great, and has an audio version.

a1c2aa  No.11795043

Other then writing more so i learn and studying writing aids and guides, what else should i do? id like to write some /pol/ tier stuff.

Reading things like Martin Dillons books as well as Suvarovs books about the USSR are fascinating and would like to write something similar.

aec346  No.11795047


People write what they know, and if they don't it sucks. Have more memorable experiences.

aa213f  No.11795138


Not all of his books survived such as 7,8,9 and 10 or any others beyond the 16th, lost during the dark ages. You can find the translated annals on MIT's website.


c6ff5f  No.11795380


So let me understand. On the one hand you're saying Nordicism wasn't horseshit, and on the other hand you're saying they gave a fuck about the slavs.

This poster is the current-year pol contrarian. A pure contrarian retort with no examples or arguments.

What a shithole this place has become.

c6ff5f  No.11795386


A lot of reputable people felt Table Talk was accurately transcribed by Bormann. IIRC, aside from other NS, Irving gave it his nod as well.

Though I lost a bit of love for Irving with his somewhat-Kosher Goebbels book. I could smell he was appeasing the Jews to keep him a mainstream historian/writer so he could gas up his Rolls. He spoke viciously about Goebbels in that book.

c6ff5f  No.11795407

Just remember, even Ernst Junger cucked and became a soft liberal bugman (literally collected bugs) when he saw there was no reversing the trend.

His "Anarch" was laughable. It's laughable that in a world where Jeff Bezos controls the public magnifying glass, the "literary elite" is 50 Shades about sluts getting chokefucked.

This was why when aristocracy ruled, good art was funded by them. If they'd left it up to the plebs, they'd have done like they always did and voted 50 shades, since they were always drawing depictions of cocks in cunts on the walls of Rome.

Steve Jobs knew quite well the smartphone with a camera + internet would lead to the Tinder slut texting-message-length AHDH world.

To sell a book now, you need a slut getting cockslapped by a billionaire dinosaur in the the first 30 words.

aec346  No.11795442


>He spoke viciously about Goebbels in that book.

I read it. He spoke honestly. He fairly champions Goebbels for his good deeds, and distances himself from what he (and most) see as despicable, or evil behavior. By the end of the book, though, Goebbels is a pretty righteous character. He just had years of living off other people's dime, and then coming into power only to unsurprisingly abuse it; but when the war really started to turn to shit, he put his skills to great use toward the good of the German people.

What I gathered from that book is that if more people in the Reich, including Hitler, had listened to Goebbels they may have survived the war with the Reich intact.

1798bf  No.11795801



No, he didn't "cuck", for the simple reason that he never was a National Socialist or even only a racialist in the first place. His philosophy was actually quite metaphysic, and in general quite close anc comparable to that of Evola. A very individualist and estheticist thinker and writer.

9c07f8  No.11796355


Seemed like you were implying that Hitler wanted to exterminate the Slavs with

>humanist horseshit

And how is nordicism bullshit?

Anyway, the rest of your posts are cancerous and redditspaced,so this conversation is over.

c6ff5f  No.11797191


Evola shit on Junger in Cinnabar

c6ff5f  No.11797206


Eh. Goebbels was a bit of a jizzball. He cheated on Magda with that slut Linda Baarova.

A man of his time I suppose. I like Céline's "A Fine Mess", but he blew all of his money on whores. Was great at calling out all of the flaws of the modern world, but he himself couldn't control his dick, and then on an interview claimed it was because he had "aristocratic tastes."

He thought vagina sampling was aristocratic. And Nietzsche was a fervent masturbator according to Wagner.

Boy… So many false heroes. Whtlat next? Will we learn Schopenhauer fucked niggers?

c6ff5f  No.11797208


Lida autocorrected to Linda. Google keyboard was made by Heydrich and hates Czech bitches.

c6ff5f  No.11797214


You're cancerous for having "reddit spaced" as your vocab. Ideas deserve their own paragraph.

Hitler didn't buy into Nordicism. If you think he did, you're deluded. He even said in Table Talk that Rosenberg's book was not to be party doctrine due to his disagreements.

aec346  No.11797247


>false heroes

Heroes are a propaganda tool. So are villains. Real people struggle to reach ideals, but mostly fall prey to the seductive call of instant gratification.

6f97a3  No.11798025

File: 015c8720ca271c4⋯.pdf (2.74 MB, Althusser, Louis - On the ….pdf)

File: d3de6e0828f30c4⋯.jpg (38.91 KB, 331x499, 331:499, 51qiwpTK6lL._SX329_BO1,204….jpg)

c880fe  No.11798043


Thank you! <3

000000  No.11799440

Where's the archive of the first thread?

9c07f8  No.11800113

File: 0f913c2361b9ea3⋯.pdf (2.47 MB, GoebbelsJoseph-KampfUmBerl….pdf)

Here is Goebbels' Kampf Um Berlin. It is kind of a bad translation.

9c07f8  No.11800130

File: 1b62d3a2c2bc506⋯.pdf (1.1 MB, Michael_JosephGoebbels.pdf)

Joseph Goebbels- Michael, A German Destiny in Diary Form.

be0f0c  No.11807011


a1c2aa  No.11808322

File: 15ed48aa9659597⋯.jpg (61.3 KB, 715x828, 715:828, FB_IMG_1521507853355.jpg)

Any of you bastards interested in any of Arthur kemps books in pdf?

6c7924  No.11808423



The key to the penguin are the beady black eyes, like an insect. This prevents our intent prediction capabilities from working correctly, which are very important for threat analysis. When we can't predict the intent of something, we start to feel anxious, alert and that the subject is "creepy".

This is why insects and HAL 9000 are "creepy. We have a hard time telling at first glance if one is just a cool bro, or if it's about to bite/sting the shit out of us. Evolution has taught us that it's much safer to assume the later.

c111ab  No.11808710


sure go ahead

9c07f8  No.11808987

>>11808322 Checked

What do you have? Because I think that most people here already have March Of The Titans.

9c07f8  No.11809043


Is that why the black eyes of non-whites give us the same sort of feeling?

000000  No.11809058

secrets known only to the inner elites


16b7ab  No.11809241


>I bought the full 5 volume set back in the 1970's. It cost a couple thousand back then and I was very poor working in shitty construction jobs. I did without a car back then so I could buy books like this

Such a beautiful story.


The founder of the Thule Society was killed, and Rudolph Hess (((hanged himself from a 4 foot high ceiling))). If he wasn't killed for his rank, he probably would have been killed in secret; or he could've been killed in open, like Eichmann. The Jews treaded lightly with Jung because be cucked out on his volkischism. Hermann Hesse was attacked via disinfo; he was branded a "hippie." The fact that Evola, Devi, and Serrano weren't killed is surprising. I guess they're less worried about theorists and more worried about rank and leadership.

6c057d  No.11810628


would rape be justified if you had no other hope of reproduction, I.E extreme burn victims

aec346  No.11811461

File: 8c83779baae55d2⋯.jpg (33.47 KB, 922x518, 461:259, darkman-dr-peyton-westlake….jpg)


Bitches love burn victims. Just gotta own it.

dea642  No.11811983

File: 3c2bedd2b0ef0ca⋯.jpg (32.01 KB, 500x562, 250:281, alex_jones.jpg)




I was thinking of buying some of his other books, March of the titans can be easily found but the others are not.

I especially like that AWB book.

9c07f8  No.11813329

File: c6e675a7a6ef5ce⋯.pdf (1.27 MB, shill tactics.pdf)

/pol/ Shill Tactics Recognition Guide (from the peterstein thread)

9c07f8  No.11814033


So, where is the kemp books m8?

068aa8  No.11816988

File: b808d8494e41689⋯.jpg (75.64 KB, 576x864, 2:3, cover.jpg)

File: 5d24e92644b16c0⋯.pdf (12.01 MB, Victory or Violence_ The S….pdf)


Turns out the majority of them are already uploaded except for the AWB one, theres a thread on pdfs with mega links to all the book collections.

068aa8  No.11817002

File: 2bbf8bb7170cb5a⋯.jpg (68.79 KB, 745x1023, 745:1023, cover.jpg)

File: 87b80d2e7e60a15⋯.pdf (570.5 KB, Nova Europa_ European Surv….pdf)

5beace  No.11818039


While true to a point (Leftism is retarded), it's good counter-propaganda to know the main Leftist talking points. They don't read that shit themselves (it's painful….) but you can get a long way by pointing out where they go wrong. I especially find it handy to point out the parts where we're superficially in agreement (ie a class of financial parasites pulling strings behind the scenes) and where they diverge. Know thy enemy.

0d06fd  No.11819842

Suggestions for dystopian books written within the last 5 years that closely resemble our current social climate in the internet age. Recently read The Circle by Eggers. Something along those line. Suggestions will be looked into. Thanks.

0d06fd  No.11819901



So I must study ancient Greek and the classics?

1db8e4  No.11821937

File: fb5a9b636eabc81⋯.png (18.89 KB, 403x616, 403:616, ClipboardImage.png)

Should I even bother reading the whole thing?


bb90f3  No.11823122


Do it. HTRAB is a condensed version of the Trivium that every aspiring scholar and thinker owes himself to read. A treasure trove of the mind.

6f659e  No.11823808

File: f281c88d1978034⋯.jpg (774.87 KB, 1861x2841, 1861:2841, the.rise.and.fall.of.the.t….jpg)

Alright, lads, is this book worth reading? Buy or rent? or just get the PDF?

154a0e  No.11824270


It's the usual "muh evil nazis, muh evil Hitler" narrative, you might as well watch an History Channel documentary.

Really, "introduction by Ron (((Rosebaum)))" should tell you that already.

7637a3  No.11824651


Any recommendations for a historical overview? Besides Mein Kampf?

3abc86  No.11824672


Hitler - Beyond Evil and Tyranny by Stohl

81bcab  No.11824804

Seeking suggestions for Arthurian legend and non pozzed texts discussing mythical creatures within European folklore. Can be esoteric or scientific in either books approach.

Also suggestions on books for my son. Done Beowulf and Narnia series so far, he's young so nothing advanced.

2c646d  No.11825474


read David Irving's "Hitler's War" its the best and most unbiased account of WW2

91896c  No.11826197


Dune, LotR and H.P. Lovecraft.

a81dab  No.11826252


La Morte D'Artur.

294d77  No.11826832


Julius Evola and Varg Vikernes

dbfbc4  No.11829868


aristotelians are the real jews

8044d1  No.11829934

Anyone have Culture Of Critique?

c0a64c  No.11830046


Hereward, the Last of the English and The Heroes: Greek Fairy Tales for My Children by Charles Kingsley

aec346  No.11830261

File: d9c14abece5288f⋯.pdf (1.9 MB, The Culture of Critique - ….pdf)

File: 4d01c48afc24f75⋯.png (193.57 KB, 640x848, 40:53, Cultureofcritique.png)

6f659e  No.11830305



Thanks for the advice lads, totally missed the rosenbaum part.

9c070d  No.11830355

File: 4be187d1ada8ea7⋯.png (58.34 KB, 553x759, 553:759, disgust_man.png)

File: 031ce59367ab2c1⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1824x867, 608:289, pol-approved-childrens.png)





If you need a "guide to parenting" that isn't a religious text, you shouldn't be having children.

b0a9f7  No.11830633

File: 9a23853f72bc020⋯.jpg (148.78 KB, 1120x1400, 4:5, Gaunt.jpg)

File: 5c544cb9f839fe1⋯.pdf (1.49 MB, Sandy mitchell, For the Em….pdf)

File: 336c1ebed69c86c⋯.pdf (1.1 MB, Sandy Mitchell, The empero….pdf)

File: 71bc3f1059ef392⋯.pdf (1.57 MB, Sandy Mitchell death or Gl….pdf)

File: 5589c9eac536a85⋯.pdf (1.2 MB, Dan Abnett, Only in death.pdf)


Hmm, try Ciaphais Cain Novels, and anything Dan Abnett writes, specially anything starring Ibram Gaunt. Gaunt is basically the ideal fascist leader, sticks to his guns, sticks to his men, sticks to his morals, and is unshakable in battle. Hell I'd say to the Emperor, if you want someone to rewrite the commissar handbook to make far better leaders, give the task to Col-Commissar Ibram Gaunt.

0d06fd  No.11830897

File: ca806b8c653ad3e⋯.jpg (146.4 KB, 707x650, 707:650, 7cbd1-chateau-de-groussayl….jpg)


>Suggestions for dystopian books written within the last 5 years that closely resemble our current social climate in the internet age. Recently read The Circle by Eggers. Something along those line. Suggestions will be looked into. Thanks.

Anyone? Thanks.

972f88  No.11830923


The hand that holds the world by cr McMahon. Local /pol/ack that used to write short stories here but got permabanned for calling the mods kikes.

0d06fd  No.11831055


Looks good, thanks.

e05bda  No.11831224

File: c3e237e74c01a0a⋯.jpg (397.01 KB, 1124x1692, 281:423, bd12a71984acd43f21862575aa….jpg)


Here's the whole picture

8044d1  No.11832280


Thanks anon. I really wanna read this so badly, but I’m in the middle of Mein Kampf. Should I just skip to this?

9c07f8  No.11832332


Do you still work at dollar general?

e8699c  No.11832335


Probably not exactly what you are looking for, but I picked up a couple related recs from two of the more erudite guys I've encountered — one negative & one alternative.

"One of the least known, but most destructive works of the 20th century…"

Introduction to the Reading of Hegel; Lectures on the Phenomenology of Spirit – Kojève


"if you've always wanted to read Hegel but never have enough time, read Collingwood instead"


7637a3  No.11832354


I haven't read it, but I hear John Heath Stubbs' Artorius is good.

I heard about him in a Jonathan Bowden lecture, so I doubt he's pozzed.

93c208  No.11832362


Wait you're talking about that nigger woman that fucked up? Is she the on behind this dumb shit.

b6a211  No.11832375

requesting "The Language Crystal"

I know a long time ago there was a faggot who claimed to own it, he posted photos of a few pages

also reminder we have to get this book

9c07f8  No.11832383



How do you expect to stop the demographic displacement of white people without White Nationalism or National Socialism? I don't expect you to respond, because i'm almost positive that you are a nigger.

9c07f8  No.11832391


Yep, if I remember correctly, it is an obese sheboon. I think that it might be the same person who always says white nationalism is a CIA/DOD/SOCOM psyop as well.

93c208  No.11832392


Oh it is you, pathetic.

93c208  No.11832395

b6a211  No.11832397


link pls?

93c208  No.11832402


Are you this much of a lazy nigger? It's on the second page.

9c07f8  No.11832411



I'll be a nice guy today


9c07f8  No.11832415


So, what does your boss think about wasting company time to troll ebil nazhees?

93c208  No.11832422


You know there is a typo in there, it's funny you yourself never noticed that.

9c07f8  No.11832432



How do you expect to stop the demographic displacement of White people without White Nationalism or National Socialism?

93c208  No.11832434

Oh hold on nigger, I found two typo's now. English isn't even my native language. No wonder you work at a dollar store.

93c208  No.11832437


If you don't even care about presentation you won't achieve much. Granted you are a nigger and it's only natural for you to not care about achievement or presentation but still.

f80180  No.11839832

File: 8c1d4c2f0af62f8⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 374x374, 1:1, anime.jpg)


Just finished reading Victory or violence, was quite disappointed by it honestly, the AWB and Terr'blanche have only themselves to blame for the failure of their movement and organization.


>But we wont get into it politically cus politics lmao

>But we will hand in petitions to the government for it!

<Drives an armored car into a UN building while armed AWB men rush the building and does a parody meeting and then hands the petition to a terrified black aide who thought he was going to be murdered

>Money also conveniently disappeared often and Terre'Blanche was often blind drunk and spending money he always seemed to have

Terre'Blanche had to be an government agent, he made so many wrong decisions it was destined to fail.

154a0e  No.11840911


Joseph Campbell's Mythos' series has a lecture about the Arthurian legend, its pretty good.

339a34  No.11843377

I'm looking for a fiction novel about how communists turn themselves into literal bugmen that then feast upon surface dwellers that are then ruled by a Fascist government that attempts to stop them.

I think the story is told from the perspective of two investigators, I'm not sure.

9c07f8  No.11843517


Yeah, Terre'blanche was kind of a joke.

But, the Afrikaners were never going to get a homeland anyway, no matter who their leader was. That would have gone against (((their))) diversity, and England still being butthurt about the Boer Wars.

339a34  No.11843532


>Drives an armored car into a UN building while armed AWB men rush the building and does a parody meeting and then hands the petition to a terrified black aide who thought he was going to be murdered


8044d1  No.11843612

Does anyone have Canada In Decay by Ricardo Duchene

e2dfb5  No.11843731


There is literally nothing wrong with the redtext part and you electioncucks are pathetic if you think 5% of the population can get all the niggers to vote for what they want.

64c27c  No.11844580


Would recommend. Takes a while to get into it. Be warned, Spengler is a bit iffy on race

64c27c  No.11844592


This. A group of white peasants are still peasants. They are not elevated to greatness

64c27c  No.11844731


>putting your trust in flawed human beings

Evola was a neat that painted shit art. Doesn't destroy the validity of his material. Everybody does something that /pol/ considers "degenerate". Everybody. Its not succumbing to those flaws that is greatness. The endless struggle against yourself. The first true victory is a victory against your base desires.

9c07f8  No.11845028


It was too little too late. The AWB should have been doing guerrilla warfare in the early 1980s. Not waiting until the early 1990s when the cold war was over, and the UN was getting involved.

91896c  No.11845103

Post Mishima please.

f80180  No.11845280

File: 12ca1279a725178⋯.jpg (100.73 KB, 660x583, 60:53, gays_not_welcome_1.jpg)


At the time period only white people had the vote as well as huge numbers of whites openly supporting the AWB they could have gotten into politics with the help of the Conservative Party and at least gotten something.

Lets not forget these so called religious afrikaaner churches who were openly supporting of Apartheid immediately changed course and became supportive of Mandela and the ANC.

tl;dr afrikaaners deserved to lose since they purposely did everything wrong and have only themselves to blame.

70af42  No.11845291


It's okay to read two books at once.

aec346  No.11846854


You should absolutely read "Mein Kampf". It's Hitler's presentation of National Socialism to the world. Very little of it is about jews.

146b48  No.11846897


Bhagvad Gita as it is is the only text I would recommend even ISKON tried to ((edit)) it but they failed.

453546  No.11846922

File: d54bf3bd1152c1e⋯.jpg (440.65 KB, 1023x1001, 93:91, pol books 18.jpg)

Remember those monthly book threads?

The files are here. For all 18 months:


aec346  No.11847000


>as it is

Nah. Older is gooder.

3a894f  No.11847098

File: 1b51de03c328907⋯.jpg (24.72 KB, 324x499, 324:499, NorthernReaction.jpg)

This book is more for the Leaf anons.

It's pretty entry level, but has some good stuff to it too.

Didn't know Canada started the fall of Rhodesia before this book…

00b860  No.11847109


I hope you go through the KIKE free translation.

>When, owing to the ascendancy of lust in its votaries,

religion was overpowered by irreligion caused by the

vanishing faculty of discrimination, and irreligion was

advancing, it was then that the original Creator (Adi-kartn),

Vish//u, known as Naraya«a, wishing to maintain order in

the universe, incarnated

This literally sings the story of Multiple civilization descending into degeneracy leading to Castemixing and Racemixing and a guy like Hitler coming into existence to save it.

This is "As it is" the literal translation of the book, other English writers you will encounter will have a bias since they already had a different world view, think of an Anglo learning Sanskrit and then translating this, it will lose it meaning because he war born in a Egalitarian society, I would have read this book even if it was written by Evola but not by any Anglo mind.

aec346  No.11847852


Nikhilananda is not Anglo. He was imprisoned by anglos.

9c07f8  No.11848340


Don't pretend that (((they))) had nothing to do with it. The "anglos'' that were the most supportive of getting rid of apartheid were really (((anglos))) like Helen Suzman, Joe Slovo etc. But, the Afrikaners did do a pretty bad job of resistance.

9c07f8  No.11848345

File: b9c06d02c61ffc8⋯.pdf (160.59 KB, Alex_Haley_interviews_Geor….pdf)

File: 87c417a77769ac7⋯.pdf (1.52 MB, George Lincoln Rockwell Co….pdf)

File: 17f5da27011ea3f⋯.pdf (283.9 KB, George Lincoln Rockwell-A ….pdf)

For the Rockwell hating faggot.

9c07f8  No.11848389

File: e5f1e01a381e782⋯.pdf (9.21 MB, william l pierce.pdf)

Almost forgot, he hates Pierce too.

9c07f8  No.11848462

File: b58badf846cfaeb⋯.pdf (5.56 MB, Lord Haw Haw.pdf)

File: d4a3f4174ae14da⋯.pdf (2.09 MB, Wm Joyce- Twilight Over En….pdf)

File: 1679982d94483b2⋯.pdf (3.68 MB, Wm. Joyce- NS Now.pdf)

William "Lord Haw Haw" Joyce

9c07f8  No.11848463

File: 002849d600a1bb8⋯.pdf (6.07 MB, oswald mosely 100 qs.pdf)

File: b85ded197b97487⋯.pdf (2.96 MB, oswald mosely my life.pdf)

File: c409a81b65c4baa⋯.pdf (635.06 KB, Oswald Mosely- Tommorow We….pdf)

Oswald Mosely

9c07f8  No.11848486

File: 229f9999a30fba2⋯.pdf (2.84 MB, Ian Smith- Bitter Harvest.pdf)

Ian Smith- Bitter Harvest

9c07f8  No.11848504

File: a9915bee7566f1c⋯.pdf (4.06 MB, Solhenitsyn-200 Years Toge….pdf)

200 Years Together

9c07f8  No.11848508

File: 26843a7b903fa08⋯.pdf (272.42 KB, MerryEngland2000.pdf)

File: dc0706c909db819⋯.pdf (6.44 MB, the uprising.pdf)

Colin Jordans fiction books

9c07f8  No.11848521

File: 0a3f26b0a62e8ac⋯.pdf (2.69 MB, myth of the andalusian par….pdf)

Myth Of The Andalusian Paradise

9c07f8  No.11848527

File: 79a8e0888a14b76⋯.pdf (2.27 MB, fame-dead-mans-deeds-willi….pdf)

Fame of a dead mans deeds-A biography of WIlliam L. Pierce

9c07f8  No.11848547

File: 6503e720aae5c17⋯.pdf (1.69 MB, It Cant Happen Here.pdf)

File: 3493320bf31404b⋯.pdf (435.63 KB, Phillip K. Dick- Man In Th….pdf)

These two books are supposed to be antifascist, but I thought they were a good read anyway.

9c07f8  No.11848559

File: 7791899b1ae1b7d⋯.pdf (582.71 KB, Saul Alinsky-Rules For Rad….pdf)


Saul Alinsky- Rules for Radicals

9c07f8  No.11848570

File: f331e733a70db8f⋯.pdf (15.07 MB, Robertson W - Dispossessed….pdf)

Wilmot Robertson- The Dispossessed Majority

(talks at length about the different European ethnicities in America, and how some can't be assimilated)

9c07f8  No.11848578

File: 7d0bc5f7be1c9d9⋯.pdf (3.12 MB, wlp gun control in german….pdf)

Gun Control in NS Germany

9c07f8  No.11848580

File: c705033a4df524b⋯.pdf (4.18 MB, silentbrotherhood.pdf)

The Silent Brotherhood (A Biography of Bob Mathews and The Order)

9c07f8  No.11848588

File: f6c4ed351198199⋯.pdf (15.55 MB, WhiteManThinkAgainAnthonyJ….pdf)

Anthony Jacob- White Man Think Again!

(Talks about the White Colonies and populations of Africa)

9c07f8  No.11848591

File: 525a6058030bdb0⋯.pdf (4.94 MB, Women_Far_Right.pdf)

Women of the far right

9c07f8  No.11848602

File: df84aa61b82f6d6⋯.pdf (6.16 MB, Conan the Barbarian collec….pdf)

Robert E. Howard- Conan The Barbarian Collection

9c7c44  No.11849925


Wrong. Rosenberg considered the Slavs to be "Aryans" and actually complained about their mistreatment under German occupation.

9c07f8  No.11849985

File: 290eb892b2bf0d2⋯.pdf (1.52 MB, Why-Johnny.pdf)


Bob Whittaker- Why Johnny Can't Think

9c07f8  No.11849990

File: 962c100fe53fe8a⋯.pdf (5.84 MB, Ben Klassen-Natures eterna….pdf)

Natures Eternal Religion

9c07f8  No.11849999

File: 248ff095b70d177⋯.pdf (14.03 MB, Coughlin-Critics.pdf)

Father Charles Coughlin

9c07f8  No.11850006

File: 4759a4962e1db17⋯.pdf (8.7 MB, San-Domingo.pdf)

Lothrop Stoddard- Revolution In San Domingo (Haiti)

6cd8f5  No.11850013

There's this book about the Franklin Cover-up that is hard to come by and you have to buy it like from Amazon. Anyone has a PDF?

9c07f8  No.11850025

File: 17807ec240d806b⋯.pdf (8.42 MB, franklin-cover-up.pdf)


Is this it?

6cd8f5  No.11850080


Thanks anon but no, the one that I'm looking for is newer and contains a lot of information that can't be found pretty much nowhere else. I also believe that John Decamp was involved with the crimes that took place so the one that you posted can't really be trusted beyond surface level investigation.

9c07f8  No.11850100


K m8, hopefully you can find what you are looking for.

9c07f8  No.11850114

File: 89a4ec3ff369e69⋯.pdf (975.62 KB, Leese-Collection.pdf)

File: c401a9fdc7a834a⋯.pdf (1.24 MB, Arnold leese- camels.pdf)

Some stuff by Arnold Leese (Imperial Fascist League)

6cd8f5  No.11850149

File: 41c57d018be60be⋯.jpg (29.55 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 5103F8TVEbL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)


Thank you anon, this is the book that I was talking about btw.

aec346  No.11850262

File: 79246c8112998b1⋯.png (122.54 KB, 792x724, 198:181, Hitler's War - Rosenberg o….png)

db7a31  No.11855622

File: df56c38a8c4c833⋯.jpg (63.59 KB, 346x500, 173:250, niggers.jpg)

I don't have a pdf for this, but there's an audiobook easily available.

I was giving this a hate listen, but was very pleasantly surprised when I found that it's basically crypto-redpilled. The main thrust of the book is that modern American culture was created or made possible by degenerate rebels acting out against traditional moral society, and that somehow this is a good thing (he never really shows how). However, I don't see how someone could read this and not want to read Mein Kampf next.

>frequently and very explicitly names the jew as responsible for promoting degeneracy, being subversive communists, owning media and the banks disproportionately, running the mob and The Syndicate, having strong political influence, etc.

>shows the degrading influence of blacks and other minorities on America

>shows how black culture is basically half stolen from the Irish (who were also slaves in large numbers) and half made up by jewish blackface performers (black thug culture is basically jewish culture, blacks are culture-less savages that conform to what the kikes tell them)

>how jewish groups like Bnai Brith and the ADL lead the redefinition of race from many types including many distinct european races (where jews are definitely separate), to one mixed and indistinguishable "white" race (including kikes)

>tell of the formation of the second Klan, how it was a response to a jewish rapist/murderer (Leo Frank), how it was formed to safeguard white women from degenerate influences

>how unpopular the world wars were with the American public

>the negative effects of feminism

>and many more redpills

It gets sort of faggy and libertarian when comparing Hitler's Germany and the New Deal and probably some other places I'm forgetting, but, aside from that, there's not that much to complain about for the amount of naming the jew that occurs.

I've got a shitlib I know who likes to listen to audiobooks, so I'm definitely sending this his way.

Are there other crypto-redpilled books like this that would be unoffensive to recommend to a shitlib?

9c07f8  No.11866893


b00d31  No.11867919


Anytime someone uses the word nazi instead of national socialist, it's safe to assume they won't know what they are talking about regarding ww2.

e0dc9e  No.11867990

any news about Legions of Satan aka Regions of Saturn?

6338e1  No.11872120

File: 2a1adac51499b89⋯.mp4 (4.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Camillo's Theater of Memor….mp4)


> The Art of Memory.

Excellent. Video related.

4eb255  No.11872307


There's no evidence that it even exists, or that McCarthy ever gave the speech (or wrote the article, depending on the source) where he cited it. If such a speech existed, it wouldn't have been a secret.

1d6140  No.11872474


Isn't that the book where the author calls the leadership in NS Germany "a bunch of degenerate homosexuals" or something like that?

5813e7  No.11872888


9c07f8  No.11874709

>>11872888 Waste of Hitler trips'


d641e7  No.11875735

So I found an old pdf of a book from 2015 on my phone that I've been meaning to read and I can't put it down. It's called "Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future" by Mike Maloney.

He mentions that the government basically spends on loan against the public, inflation happens, silver and gold spike in value, then the value of currency gets reset and every time it either results in being backed by gold and silver, or else becomes a dead currency. Since the US has been fighting Israel's wars for the last … two decades or so, and the national debt is huge, all it would take is one big hyperinflation push to fuck things up bad.

Obviously caused by Jewish meddling, but when/what kind of signs would lead up to this event?

e0dc9e  No.11875788


there were threads where it was proven to exist and that libraries around the world all destroyed the book

9c07f8  No.11879311


9c07f8  No.11879314

File: 6b27938fc8eb7cb⋯.pdf (15.42 MB, zebra.pdf)

The zebra murders in san francisco

9c07f8  No.11879319

File: 61e92ced43c9449⋯.pdf (1.09 MB, Billy Roper- Hasten The Da….pdf)

Billy Roper- hasten the day

9c07f8  No.11879349

File: 619418cd41f2bf5⋯.pdf (2.42 MB, Communism-Australia.pdf)

Communism in Australia

9c07f8  No.11879407

File: 97ed41162cce004⋯.pdf (5.86 MB, Port-Arthur.pdf)

The port Arthur massacre

65baa5  No.11880975

File: 6a98575aede9fd2⋯.png (517.46 KB, 643x947, 643:947, Capture.PNG)


I know it's been a month, but I'm wondering if you have a full English version of 200 Years; I've collected a patchwork translated copy myself, but for instance something like the 2017 version that some aut right guy did would be nice.

Here's what I've got:


cf0017  No.11882805


checked anon

>shouldnt TIN TIN also be there ?

3b59dd  No.11883377

https://jordanbpeterson.com/books/book-list/ , also the "great books of the western world", minus marx.

9c07f8  No.11883803



I think this version is complete.

6e2cba  No.11883887

File: e2e03edb967d066⋯.jpg (955.64 KB, 2000x1430, 200:143, IMG_2291.JPG)

Anons. I wanted to share my comms book from college. I think i've made more correction notes in this book that any other in history. The indoctrination techniques employed are superb and very subtle.

9c07f8  No.11883899


Good stuff, anything else of worth in that book?




6e2cba  No.11883917


I can probably find more blatant ones. Good amount of them are extremely subtle. They have some speech by killary in here about women rights in china.

809630  No.11883925





Shouldn't it be "No true Scotsperson"?

dca33a  No.11883931


>no true Scotsman

>explicitly calls out the 2nd amendment

>despite the wording OF the 2nd amendment

I have become furious thanks to your pixels. This is not a good day.

dca33a  No.11883934


Scotspersyn, since “son” implies male privilege. Uh oh, still some white privilege there. It will have to be renamed No True Europersyn, since everyone is equally as European as whites.

6e2cba  No.11883940

File: e20abd5709da716⋯.jpg (3.16 MB, 4367x3053, 4367:3053, part2.jpg)

Heres part 2 on refutation.

9c07f8  No.11883945


I didn't even notice that, I was too busy laughing at "strawperson".


Check your Scotprivilege you kiltgendered scum!

99f5d1  No.11884580

File: 6c3f47bd73ee6a1⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 4000x2700, 40:27, 6c3f47bd73ee6a136b64f05890….jpg)

9c07f8  No.11884815


dca33a  No.11884827


It’s not cuckchan. We’re not really at risk of losing any good threads.

9c07f8  No.11884954

File: e5cb694e6453bf9⋯.pdf (13.32 MB, Joseph McCarthy- America r….pdf)


Joe McCarthy- Americas retreat from victory

9c07f8  No.11884963

File: 6f23762d0953455⋯.pdf (328.06 KB, My first days in the white….pdf)

File: bf7aa8f50919a31⋯.pdf (2.06 MB, Share_the_Wealth_E_Version.pdf)

File: e5a8654251ea312⋯.pdf (37.05 KB, share_our_wealth.pdf)

Huey Long

0773d0  No.11899688


b83111  No.11899755

Can anyone recommend a good book in logic, logical discourse and critical thinking? I was trying to read a book in critical thinking the other day but the author (didn't check to see if he was jewish) tried to add some communist propaganda as using "critical thinking" in his book so I had to delete it.

3b5e57  No.11913634


How do I into gold? You have a literal bar behind a safe?

9c07f8  No.11922668

File: 3bd4e94977754e3⋯.pdf (1.54 MB, muslim werewolves.pdf)


Muslim werewolves

59e857  No.11922676


There's no proof, and the McCarthy speech is obviously fake.

215474  No.11922752

File: b0ef4aa6a533c76⋯.pdf (2.9 MB, 1996 - Goebbels; Mastermin….pdf)



David Irving - Goebbels; Mastermind of the Third Reich

9c07f8  No.11922981

File: e0752125bfa2854⋯.pdf (1.94 MB, edl.pdf)

Nick Griffin MP- The truth about Tommy Robinson and the EDL

9c07f8  No.11937577


9c07f8  No.11937579


a04a84  No.11937930

bamp bamp the upboat truck just arrived

5ee323  No.11943304

bumping this important thread because it also triggers kamphy

45b0da  No.11943431

Can someone hit me up with Prostitution and Prejudice?

45b0da  No.11943441


Book title?

e21337  No.11943453


I remember she had the first blog I really liked. Her site is still up, but it's been edited, and not everything is on it now.


Their SOP is that everything must be a lie to keep goyim confused. It's like well-poisoning on a mass scale, psychologically.


I don't have a book, but the military training on such matters is EOF levels are one above the targets/subjects for general purpose control. Joint locks are to be used for arrests, less than lethal weaponry is to be employed for nonlethal striking (so a weapon of opportunity would have the off hand palm down rather than palm up on something resembling a baton). Commands and communication are to be given, and you ought not to break the line or formation with your unit. Heavy equipment for defense of officers/the unit is preferred. Mass control nonlethal agents are preferred. The #1 problem for new recruits in this area is knowing when to assert authority, so have clear orders and SOPs.


Good policy. I always looked for banned shit or anything called "controversial" since I was a kid. It's how I wound up on 4/pol/ a long time ago.



>doesn't get it


Upboated and correct.

9c07f8  No.11943470


>Defending a National Bolshevik

I actually just got done rereading Imperium, and my opinion is unchanged. Yockey is overrated, and if he hadn't have died in odd circumstances, he would have just faded away. Thanks for enjoying all of my 72 posts tho.

b57597  No.11945479


2701de  No.11945822

File: 588e91cfc220dfd⋯.jpg (42.8 KB, 387x499, 387:499, pic.jpg)

The books by Dr Anthony Napoleon

The progressive Virus(About the origin and psychology of SJWs, this book has been gratuitously plagiarized by other authors who have written about the same topic)

A look inside the playbook(About the political ideologues that use SJWs as their shock troops, their tactics and strategies),

Shadow men: an Encyclopedia of Mind Control(His most important book, a redpill for the redpilled. The esoterically minded will most likely appreciate this book, will confirm alot of your fears about the world we live in and maybe even make you realize that things are alot worse then you thought. Some caution: this book will life the veil from infront of your eyes which some may find disconcerting.)

f52dd5  No.11950593

I'm looking for "Everything is Obvious" by Duncan J. Watts, does anyone have pdf?

4cae7c  No.11954047

File: a55d93667d205de⋯.pdf (6.97 MB, Ultimate Avatar Vol 1.pdf)

File: 8211d410f3e3ff2⋯.pdf (3.54 MB, Ultimate Avatar Vol 2.pdf)

>Page 8

Shame on you illiterate niggers!

000000  No.11954120


5df111  No.11961165

File: 2b59ad7341b1dda⋯.pdf (590.07 KB, Sun and Steel.pdf)

Bump! Sun and steel.

d5afa2  No.11961454

Has no one uploaded mensch un sonne yet?

d5afa2  No.11961486



In my experience hating or disliking rockwell and pierce is a TRS thing, go on their forums if you have an account and talk about them, they hate them more than they like them.

4ac2d3  No.11963521

What's the best English translation of Mein Kampf? I've heard that they all have their pretty distinct flaws.

368d3c  No.11963767


You'll do fine with either the Ford Translation, or the Stalag edition. The Ford has a great audio version too. I prefer Ford, as it includes many notes on changes that were made to the book over the years for propaganda purposes.

7a0f3e  No.11966110

File: 36ce39069355cd7⋯.jpg (19.68 KB, 200x310, 20:31, 567610.jpg)

Is this book worth reading? I have a hard time remembering what I read, even if I just finished reading. I could be just reading too fast, as I try to read a book a week. Still my reading retention must be the shits, if I struggle to remember what I just read.

45b0da  No.11967267

Are there any books exposing the jews behind starting world war 1?

79787d  No.11967277


it would probably help you, it gives you different "methods" or "styles" of reading to help you get the most out of reading

9bc8aa  No.11967310


A justified classic, basically a short course in the intellectual arts of the trivium. Highly recommended to sharpen your thinking in general.

2e2dcd  No.11967329

File: ca1e5e5cee08325⋯.jpg (34.97 KB, 314x500, 157:250, germanization of christian….jpg)

File: 98e4b1fa52c74ca⋯.jpg (322.51 KB, 565x947, 565:947, h43.jpg)


For all your "larpagan" accusation needs.

tl; dr:

>jew disease called christianity is sweeping over Europe.

>hits Germany.

>can't convert.

>at first adopt some of their customs to mollify them.

>Germans end up pulling a nigh complete overhaul on it

<sadly, as the book states, this severe but not complete uncucking of Christianity made it appealing for the rest of Europe where Christianity hasn't spread yet since it now had warrior aspects instead of just faggotry

<later on lose grip on it again because jews are tenacious and it was their ticket into Europe they devised, after all

>still, add pretty much everything cool to Christianity, turning it majorly heathen

<get called larpagan by Americans of Germanic stock today who don't even benefit from all the cool things Germans added to Christianity (except some basic things like Birthdays, graveyards, heathen calendar, etc) and instead live some sort of creepy superjewish Christianity

<yet they use the spread of Christianity through Europe as a basis for believing in it in the first place

>When it was the heathenization of it that made it so successful in the end


Your ancestors tried to keep you connected to the true gods and their tenets, their spirits and you slap it away.

It's about as sad as being a white Anglo from Albion named Alfred who jerks off to japanese hentai doujins where Elves get fucked by pig orcs or otherwise degraded even though Elves were the only thing other than the literal gods themselves Germanic people (which Anglos belong to) as a synonym for humanity (themselves).

Elf/Alb/Alf means white, gleaming, Alfred means wisely counciled by elves, Albion means white and connecting to elves.

This sad hypothetical individual that would destroy his own source of power thrice is a little bit like Americans, who live on a prison island dominated by the more jewish flavors of Christianity, mocking "larpagans" when they contributed the most and best things to Christianity. Added Saints. Added warrior credos. Built the huge cathedrals, et cetera.

The book is well bibliographed, too, sources for days.

Enjoy, you poor sods. And remember, anything that is not in the Bible is third party, and always ask yourself, if you think I'm full of shit.

Why. Always ask why Christianity has something that isn't in the Bible.

It is never just random fancy. Everything has meaning and it was kept and added because "the true biblical essence, barebones and perfect" simply didn't cut it.

James C. Russell-The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity_ A Sociohistorical Approach to Religious Transformation-Oxford University Press, USA (1994).pdf


454870  No.11972340


I ain't clicking that shit, nigga

Just upload the pdf here

f97e4b  No.11972455



>in a book thread


bf43d3  No.11974069

File: 92e2b5368f11251⋯.pdf (1.65 MB, Weird Aryan History.pdf)

HAC's Weird Aryan History

Had this been posted before?

9c07f8  No.11974090


No. Do you have any more of his rare stuff? I only have the nwf novels.

bf43d3  No.11974119


Nope. Sorry.

He sent me that after I asked for the White Book via email.

1a2a9f  No.11977969

anyone have "how to create a new ID" by by Donald Deschner?

368d3c  No.11977984


He didn't upload it because it's 22MB. I checked. You can find it on libgen.

9c070d  No.11978003

File: bea14c6dc730630⋯.png (222.14 KB, 769x437, 769:437, what_is_this_heresy.png)


>Morgoth's Library

Why does that sound familiar?

1c0133  No.11978022

Aryan History

A Distant Mirror by (((Barbara Tuchman)))-A social history

of 14th century France.

Anabasis (The March Up Country) by Xenophon - Epic

of ancient Greek courage.

Beowulf - Ancient Saxon epic poem, full of blood and

guts. Great stuff!

Fifteen Decisive Battles of History by Edward Creasey -

Military history.

Our Nordic Race by Richard Kelly Hoskins - A good

basic introduction.

Poetic Edda - Norse epic poem.

The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar - Roman method

versus Celtic courage.

The Conquest of Mexico by Thomas Prescott - 500

White men gain an empire.

The Diary of Benvenuto Cellini - The ultimate

Renaissance man. Witty and fun.

The Guns of August by (((Barbara Tuchman))) - How

Western civilization perished.

The Proud Tower by (((Barbara Tuchman))) - Europe at its

height before World War One.

The Spanish Civil War by Hugh Thomas - The good

guys win one, for a change.

The Story of English (McNeil/Lehrer) - The book from

the PBS television series.

Marxist Socialism

Animal Farm by George Orwell - Classic allegory about

Communist society.

Behind Communism by Frank L. Britton - THE basic

introduction to the subject.

Communist Manifesto by (((Karl Marx))) and Frederich


Cuba by (((Jacobo Timerman))) - Even this lefty Jew can’t

say much good about Fidel.Destructive Generation by Collier and (((Horowitz))) - Bad-

mouths the 60s. A-1.

Down and Out In Paris and London by George Orwell -

Early Communist polemic.

Harvest of Sorrow by Robert Conquest - The Ukraine

famine which killed millions.

Out of the Night by Jan Valtin - Story of a Communist

agent in 1930s Germany.

The Great Terror by Robert Conquest - Mass murder in

1930s Russia.

The God That Failed, anthology by various authors, all

ex-Communists. To the point.

The Red Decade by (((Eugene Lyons))) - First rate! Now

almost impossible to find.

The Road To Wigan Pier by George Orwell - The

beginning of his disillusionment with Communism.

The Troubles by Joseph Conlon - Another readable,

jaundiced look at the 60s.

With The Weathermen by (((Susan Stern))) – Trashed-out

Jewess, but valuable insight on how not to do it from

leftie perspective.

Witness by Whittaker Chambers- IMHO the best written

work on American Communism.

The Jewish Question

A History of the Jews by (((Max Dimont))) - Arrogant,

boastful, paranoid Yiddishkeit.

Anti-Zion compiled by William Grimstad - Hard to

obtain but good.

Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard Harwood - Good

intro to Revisionism.

Holohoax Comic by Michael Hoffman - Ve haff vays of

makink you laff!

Jews Must Live by Sammy (((Roth))) - Gives away a lot of

their trade secrets.The Hoax of the Twentieth Century by Dr. Arthur Butz -

Revisionist classic.

The International Jew by Henry Ford - This one still

gets the hebes gibbering.

The Jewish State by (((Theodor Herzl))) - The foundation of

Zionist thought.

The Leuchter Report by Fred Leuchter

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - Zionist

planning document.

The Revolt by (((Menachem Begin))) - How the Jews seized

Palestine by violence.

The Zionist Connection by (((Alfred Lilienthal))) - How

Zionism works in practice.

1c0133  No.11978024

National Socialism

For My Legionaries by Corneliu Codreanu - Leader of

Romanian Iron Guard.

George Lincoln Rockwell: A National Socialist Life by

William L. Pierce.

Hitler: Memoirs of a Confidant by Gen Otto Wegener -

Good read.

Hitler: The Path To Power by Charles Bracelen Flood -

Surprisingly unbiased.

In Hoc Signo Vinces by George Lincoln Rockwell -

Superb short introduction.

Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler - The foundation of Aryan

racial renewal. Essential.

My Part In Germany’s Fight by Dr. Joseph Goebbels -

Early Kampfzeit diaries.

Other Losses by James Bacque - The murder of German

POWS by Allies in WWII.

The Destruction of Dresden by David Irving - The real

Holocaust, circa 1945.

The Lightning and the Sun by Savitri Devi - Essential

work of NS thought.The Order of the Death’s Head by Heinz Hohne - The

story of the SS.

The Young Hitler I Knew by August Kubizek - The

Fuhrer’s boyhood friend.

This Time The World by George Lincoln Rockwell -

Very hard to obtain.

White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell - THE book

for American NS.

Political Science and Statecraft

Citizens by (((Simon Schama))) - The story of the French


Reflections on the French Revolution by Edmund Burke

- Fundamental work.

Slouching Toward Gomorrah -by Robert Bork.

Paleoconservative blast.

Stalin In Power by Robert Tucker - The monstrous

modern master in action.

The Peter Principle by Lawrence Peter - Why things

don’t work in society.

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli - The basic textbook

on the subject.

The Shadows of Power by (((James Perloff))) - Good, basic

intro to CFR/Trilaterals.

War Cycles, Peace Cycles by Richard K. Hoskins -

Politics, economics, and race.

Racial Theory and Philosophy

America’s Decline by Dr. Revilo Oliver - The greatest

post-war Aryan polemicist.

Conspiracy or Degeneracy? by Dr. Revilo Oliver - His

famous 1966 speech.

Deceived, Damned, and Defiant by David Lane. Order

hero.Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey - An essential

cornerstone of our cause.

My Awakening by David Duke - Love him or hate him,

Double Diamond can tell the tale and tell it well.

Paved With Good Intentions by Jared Taylor -

Affirmative action analysis.

Race, Evolution and Behavior by Dr. J. Phillippe

Rushton. Recent work.

Race and Reason by Carleton Putnam - Academic but

definitive and convincing.

Race and Reality by Carleton Putnam - Sequel to above

work, equally good.

Republic by Plato - Often called the earliest surviving

work of Fascist theory.

The Biology of the Race Problem by Wesley George -

Comes well recommended.

The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler - Heavily

influenced the Fuhrer.

The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson -

Excellent intro to race issue.

The Ethnostate by Wilmot Robertson - The author’s

latest update to the above.

The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century by Houston

Stewart Chamberlain

The Myth of the Twentieth Century by Alfred


The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence - Part

history, part philosophy.

Which Way Western Man? by William Gayley Simpson

- Profound and powerful.

Revolution, The Art and Science

Guerrilla Warfare by Che Guevara - Valuable manual

for advanced study.

Hunter by William L. Pierce – How-to manual disguisedas fiction.

150 Questions For A Guerrilla by Gen. Alberto Bayo -

Castro’s guerrilla trainer.

Soldier for the Arabs by Sir John Glubb - “Glubb Pasha”

beat Zionists in 1948.

The Anarchist’s Cookbook - Blow up a bridge and then

blow your mind.

The Poor Man’s James Bond by Kurt Saxon - A little

more practical than most.

The True Believer by Eric Hoffer - Revolutionary

psychology handbook.

The Turner Diaries by William L. Pierce - How-to

manual disguised as fiction.

Total Resistance by Major Dach von Bern. Swiss Army

guerrilla manual.

Southern Nationalism

A Fool’s Errand by Albion Tourgee - A carpetbagger’s

butt is kicked by the Klan.

Against the Barbarians by M. E. Bradford - Southern

nationalist essays.

Collected Speeches and Letters of John C. Calhoun -

The Father of the South

I’ll Take My Stand - Southern agrarian authors speak out

on their Folk.

The Clansman by Thomas Dixon - The book on which

“Birth Of A Nation” was based.

The Case for the South by W. J. Workman - 1960

Nationalist work. A-1.

The Diaries of Mary Chestnut Boykin - What the Old

South was really like.

The Impending Crisis In The South by Hinton Rowan

Helper - 1856 warning cry.

The Tragic Era by Claude Bowers - The best book ever

written on Reconstruction.Tombée - The diary of an antebellum planter in South


1c0133  No.11978025

Aryan Fiction

A Candidate For The Order by Michael Hoffman II -

Ripping good read. Get it.

Atlas Shrugged by (((Ayn Rand))) – Yes, I know she’s a Jew,

but this libertarian cult novel still drives Reds ballistic.

Bard by Morgan Llewellyn - Fictional history of Bronze

Age Ireland.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley - Futuristic novel of

PC gone berserk.

Civil War II – by Tom Chittum. - Futuristic

revolutionary novel.

Darkness At Noon by (((Arthur Koestler))) - A novel of

Stalin’s bloody purges.

Hunter by Andrew McDonald (Dr. William L. Pierce)

Lone Wolf novel.

Imperial Governor by George Shipway - Ripping good

tale of Roman Britain.

KD Rebel by David Lane – Wotanist polygamous


Knight In Anarchy by George Shipway - Medieval

swashbuckler. Very good.

Red Branch by Morgan Llewellyn - The story of

Cuchulain of Ulster. Mystical.

Sir Nigel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Another superb

medieval swashbuckler.

Starkadder by Leonard Pauling - Nordic mysticism at its

most weird and bloody.

The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail - Prophetic tale

of mass mud immigration.

The Curséd Kings by (((Maurice Druon))). Tranlated from

French. A series of five novels which might be called the

original Game of Thrones, but which are damned nearimpossible to find; it takes months of scouring the

internet and beaucoup coin to collect all five.

The Dark Angel by Mika Waltari - Medieval historical.

Depressing but good. Extremely difficult to obtain.

The Iron Heel by Jack London - “Third Position” cult

novel. Dated, but good.

The Kings In Winter by Celia Holland - Medieval

Ireland novel.

The Paladin and The Wolf Time by George Shipway -

Superb medieval series.

The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter- Good Braveheart-

style swashbuckling.

The Turner Diaries by Dr. William L. Pierce. - First

White revolutionary novel.

The Viking by Edison Marshall - The ultimate Viking

novel! Five stars!* Very hard to find, though. Must

curry-comb the internet used-book sources.

The White Company by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle -

Sequel to Sir Nigel.

Warrior In Bronze and King In Splendour by George

Shipway - Trojan War. A-1.

9c070d  No.11978047

File: 84cdc1b05566624⋯.png (650.12 KB, 569x802, 569:802, ishiggycia.png)


Either way,


bf43d3  No.11978050


>Alfred (((Rosenberg)))

Pretty sure he isn't a jew

1c0133  No.11978098

whats a good place to get audio books? torrents?

368d3c  No.11978120

File: b1a37721383375a⋯.png (276.6 KB, 1387x1661, 1387:1661, torrent trackers.png)

File: fdb0595cf9cd1ec⋯.png (1014.33 KB, 1500x2670, 50:89, torrent client.png)


What books are you looking for in audio form?

368d3c  No.11978126



BTW, if you get on soulseek you can find audiobooks in people's music folders.

1c0133  No.11978137


anything national socialism related, something that brings me forward in finding arguments. nothing fictional.

368d3c  No.11978163


Well Mein Kampf has an audio version ( >>11963767 ) worth listening to. It's a great book, with much to agree with, but keep in mind it's not strictly non-fiction. It was used as a piece of propaganda, and as such was edited many times to affect people's perceptions.

As far as other audiobook for this kind of material, all I know is there was a guy here earlier this year who was making his own audiobooks. He did Hitler's War and some others. They're alright. I found the link on /pdfs/:


dea64e  No.11978183


i read over 2000 books while in prison for 4 years and got in really good shape.

Never want to do it again but it did change me for the better

1c0133  No.11978200


thank you for looking around, I am too autistic to open a mega link, I will safe your message to come back on it.

someone from pol doing book readings, sounds interesting.


very respectable. I will think about this when I am too lazy to finish reading a book

5f86c4  No.11978212


Checked for prison being the ultimate monkmode to train mind and body

368d3c  No.11978225


That's why it's good to take vacations without technology. A day a week, if possible, get away from all the stimulation. Bring a big-ass book out into the wilderness. If you have a comfy cave with a computer in it then go someplace uncomfortable and escape the discomfort in pages of text.

c62b1c  No.11978283

File: e77d5402a8bdbf5⋯.jpg (24.86 KB, 306x499, 306:499, ahs.jpg)

Are there any good books which have the speeches given by Adolf Hitler? I know of one 4 volume collection, but the english translation is full of annotations and edits made by the translator, so it's garbage (pic related). It would mean a lot to me to find such a collection.

9c07f8  No.11978691

File: 1c634dafd6472a7⋯.pdf (4.45 MB, 1c634dafd6472a77d8417754ad….pdf)


How about this?

85bd94  No.11979214

File: fe9ae0d3271000b⋯.pdf (10.73 MB, Selected Writings - by Jos….pdf)

File: c5dd76cfd8ce606⋯.pdf (138.23 KB, ProgramOfTheFalange.pdf)

File: d35b672051fd8d8⋯.jpg (89.58 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-we-who-have-already-….jpg)

File: 62e0f976ffc729d⋯.jpg (288.5 KB, 928x1280, 29:40, 10e531394ceaafa60ee9a1b1d4….jpg)

Translated writings of the spanish falange (spanish fascism), for those interested

d5afa2  No.11979224

Any luck finding a PDF of die mensch und sonne?

16ef73  No.11979452

File: f84bbb9e7097d3e⋯.jpg (40.41 KB, 318x424, 3:4, 19057387.jpg)

File: e2526b34c69609e⋯.gif (121.74 KB, 375x487, 375:487, Henry.Pirenne.Portrait.gif)


This is the original the title of your book references; Henri Pirenne wrote the first economic study of the medieval world of Charlemagne in this study in the 1930's.

And for you anti semites it's indispensable; he maps out the jew;


Seizing borrowers in default

Auctioning them off to the slave market

Sending them as slaves to the orient

Ignored by the rulers in the west because slaves gave them foreign currency with which to buy oriental luxuries

The slave trade consisted of jewish merchants and arab marriners.


According to Pirenne[6] the real break in Roman history occurred in the 8th century as a result of Arab expansion. Islamic conquest of the area of today's south-eastern Turkey, Syria, Palestine, North Africa, Spain and Portugal ruptured economic ties to western Europe, cutting the region off from trade and turning it into a stagnant backwater, with wealth flowing out in the form of raw resources and nothing coming back. This began a steady decline and impoverishment so that, by the time of Charlemagne, western Europe had become almost entirely agrarian at a subsistence level, with no long-distance trade.

In a summary, Pirenne stated that "Without Islam, the Frankish Empire would probably never have existed, and Charlemagne, without Muhammad, would be inconceivable."[7] That is, he rejected the notion that barbarian invasions in the 4th and 5th centuries caused the collapse of the Roman Empire. Instead, the Muslim conquest of north Africa made the Mediterranean a barrier, cutting western Europe off from the east, enabling the Carolingians, especially Charlemagne, to create a new, distinctly western form of government.

16ef73  No.11979519

File: 63364e9f6100162⋯.jpg (49.86 KB, 287x475, 287:475, 21504696.jpg)


This book is dangerous for the hypnotized, the degenerate …

It is dangerous because it upsets the paradigms especially that of the overpowering West,

Arts and Letters, democrat … especially the Greco-Roman origins of

Western civilization which is nothing but Arabe.

It is very very rich in lessons, proofs and arguments. It can be said that Mr. Rossi

was a very high-flying scholar.

To read urgently.

amazon review

8cf0bc  No.11979537

I recently read the biography of napoleon, great book (a life: napoleon) and I realized how much knowledge I was truly missing. But this book it has so frigging much, explains so much about the world, about the law, economic systems as well. Even the military tactics and advancements.

Very cool read. This time period was neat to get into so I thought that I should read something about bismark next perhaps? Which biography that you know off is as great as this book? In the meantime I decided to get into the basics of greek lore.

16ef73  No.11979576

File: f754d4b0cf17ea8⋯.jpg (123.07 KB, 939x813, 313:271, cortez.JPG)

I'm on Volume II of this great book right now, by Dom Antonio de Solis which he wrote from memoires of the participants. It's an early French translation since I'm learning to speak French but here's the English translation;


I knew a lot of the tale of course but the psychological insights into Cortez and Montezuma are really good, with a lot of unwitting comedy in there. The battles aren't as interesting as the scheming and intrigues of all the participants.

b19b1c  No.11979702

File: 02fc9a839779abe⋯.jpg (64.8 KB, 578x800, 289:400, gs.jpg)


Thank you very much, my good Sir.

May Hitler's spirit rise again!!

842e24  No.11980126

File: b3fcd148fe535ef⋯.pdf (112.56 KB, revolution.pdf)

File: d7de61234bc3134⋯.jpg (50.77 KB, 299x496, 299:496, Murros_Kai_Revolution.jpg)

File: ad06497e6a57e3e⋯.jpg (50.05 KB, 618x406, 309:203, 937c7996a83f467cb6ebaeb009….jpg)

Here's Kai Murros' Revolution

A book for any /pol/ reader to consider, Kai Murros gives a very concise series of points to consider on the subject of political power and actions towards holding it. If you find yourself groaning at the amount of "revolutionary national socialists" who push satanic school shooter-tier worldviews, Murros' ideas will likely be much more refreshing. Certainly, the Murrovian worldview is centered much more around leading by example and creating new centers of power, rather than engaging in fruitless street-fight chimpouts. I've also Included a quote from Murros, just for anyone who doubts the man's seriousness.

da29fc  No.11981311


why are those books worth thousands?

da29fc  No.11981365

1. Text to speech program on iPhone and listen to books as audiobooks. I have don't this when I was working a menial job - I would just listen to "audiobooks" all day. They have a robot voice but I have listened to 50+ books all the way through doing this. You can also listen to them in your car on the way to work.

da29fc  No.11981381


Similar: I was homeless for 4 years - sleeping in Stanley Park in Vancouver in a tent around all sorts of bums and drug addicts. I had a kindle and would side load books and powered through 500+ books during that time. Finance, business, economics, history. Once I got a job and back into the working world, people assumed I had a degree.

d42ed6  No.11981416


The fact this book isn't talked about more is proof this board is controlled. Read this book motherfuckers.

5df111  No.11981445

File: e920c97ddf27f47⋯.pdf (3.25 MB, THE ETHICAL WORLD CONCEPTI….pdf)


Very interesting, thank you kindly. Have this book about the norse people in exchange.

099575  No.11982664

File: f89a1ee732ed7c3⋯.jpg (87.08 KB, 362x382, 181:191, 1098923847938453.jpg)

File: f89a1ee732ed7c3⋯.jpg (87.08 KB, 362x382, 181:191, 1098923847938453.jpg)


>Morgoth's Library

/zundel/ here, I noticed that version of my archive is pretty old.

099575  No.11982667

File: 37c65c59f54c5bb⋯.png (33.33 KB, 373x479, 373:479, 312980d900.PNG)

>meant to post this

099575  No.11982676

File: 478e73c47ffe911⋯.png (150.68 KB, 391x400, 391:400, 109723805023574.png)

099575  No.11982792

File: a34d7e057b4a350⋯.jpg (123.38 KB, 501x679, 501:679, 12328623847591237.jpg)



Because I spent like half a year campaigning against the mods for banning sprees against anyone talking about books. I raised hell here because literature and book discussion was getting censored, board population was nosediving due to banning sprees, mod samefagging and anonposting in every thread, blatant over-stickying of threads to override board consensus, etc. I stayed on top of archiving for about 4 months, and got a good stockpile of evidence of what the censorship operation was about, but posting it didn't seem to change anything except board population.

I eventually gave up the whole thing after mods made a volmod recruit thread just to fuck with /pol/ (after overtly ruining it from within) around the same time some torpedos were spamming CP in my book threads and trying to get me v& (posting CP on random boards using IPs from my VPN provider). I deleted my board/mega archive because I was just over trying to change /pol/ for what it had become in 2017 - half a year, I spent trying to promulgate book culture on /pol/ to no avail and just getting toyed with by pedo-enabling double agent mods. Very few anons gave a shit/helped out, while lying post-editing mods told anons I fucked off because I couldn't be a /pol/ mod. I tried to make things clear, but anything /zundel/ related at that point was instantly banned+deleted, so I just left it at that. Was a mindblowing saga for me really, but I feel I was too late and should've acted earlier during the Trump/Alt-Right/Kek paradigm.

I renamed the archive Zündel's Bunker after adding about 4000 PDFs. I really don't want to upload the current version though. The way things worked out, I got to go completely offline but a decent version was still available online via another anon's mega account >>>/pdfs/8436 which was good. It's still a good laugh to go through the old threads and read all the salty disinfo against me and muh booooks. So many bold lies and deception, but it's hard to be mad about it anymore.

I don't know what the deal is with mods these days, I seriously left /pol/ for like a year and just collected and read books/listened to talks and getting stronk. Seems a lot fairer now in mid-2018 with ability to upload PDFs and whatnot. Hopefully that shit will never happen to /pol/ again. Perhaps I'm deluding myself that things have improved, but I am an optimist.

tl;dr it was a dank archive that changed to Zündel's Bunker then soon after disappeared from threads due to mod scandal

>inb4 mod drama/disinfo

842e24  No.11982857


Great to hear from you after all this time. A damn shame what happened to the board. Whatever pursuits you have in the future, we wish you the best in them.

ca4de2  No.11982964


There's some major differences between the more recent translation and the 1972 translation. Good on you for showing interest in the original. Swami, despite being a swarth, was very pro-Aryan and he's earned his worth throughout his noble life.



752e14  No.11983016


fuck you for deleting the library

752e14  No.11983023


> I really don't want to upload the current version though.

do it you faggot, some of us appreciated your work

9c07f8  No.11984069


189d64  No.11984207


Are these books worth it? I've seen them mentioned at times.

71750d  No.11984792


It's over 30gb though. I have a 70gb vid archive now too.

c2562b  No.11985439

File: a878eedee4677c3⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 5000x3827, 5000:3827, e7HSU1G.jpg)

File: c760e4ae6c5c0d1⋯.jpg (628.53 KB, 1914x2867, 1914:2867, xU4azOT.jpg)

Pics related plus essentials for the White Race here: https://hitlerian.tumblr.com/hyperboreanworldview

1c0133  No.11985456


love savitri

which is the most william pierce like book to start with?

gott und volks sounds tempting to read

c2562b  No.11985683


Not sure man. But here's some moar


71750d  No.11985764


That archive wreaks of Atlantisism/jewy esoteric propaganda.

1255ac  No.11985824

File: b19bdd235c58072⋯.jpg (285.46 KB, 612x716, 153:179, b19bdd235c58072cf8bf138d2f….jpg)


Why does the Turkroach hate books so much? After all these years I still don't understand why he was so against them.

000000  No.11985833


Read anything that isn't the quran is haram.

93919b  No.11985951


The only books I ever saw him recommend were:

- Bernays' Propaganda, which is jewish (bernays was also the nephew of Sigmund Freud, arguably the most evil kike in human history)

- Luther's 'On the jews and their lies' which is protestant cuck misdirection about the jewish problem and the issues of the reformation and future of Christendom

- Mein Kampf (Good stuff, but supsiciously one-dimensional behaviour ie. im not a jew ahah see i read mein kampf)

d95d1e  No.11987660


Niggers can't read

25f263  No.11987717

Just ordered

Culture of Critique

All of Gottfried Feder´s books

And White Power

c2562b  No.11989142


What do you mean?

153581  No.11989726


Got a big kevin collection here, including the culture of critique trilogy https://mega.nz/#F!BGpDxQZR!nML6GBQ2DJPbqESkc8ZCtQ!5apQmJTK

153581  No.11989800

File: 8b167b8b25c4a68⋯.png (755.38 KB, 1000x978, 500:489, 190809842903844.PNG)

Notice about (((book loaning))) on Archive.org

I noticed a lot of books I collected from archive.org that were freely accessible, have now been made (((borrowing items))), which basically is a way they are clandestinely getting censored there and a method they are employing to turn the site into an anti-anonymity honeytrap.

>can't download the raw PDF, have to use (((Adobe Reader Account))) to read the temprarily available file

>most of the time someone else is (((borrowing the book))) and you have to go on a (((waiting list))) before you can temporarily access it

>must have an account with archive.org to borrow/wait

It's absolutely jewish. I think that duplication is fucking aids, I hate having to sift through different uploads of the same book to find the best quality one, but I might have to get on my account there and upload my archive. If I get around to it, I will drop a link here or make a thread. The only issue is that I don't have epub/mobi/torrent files of all the e-books, just PDF format. Personally I think all other formats are aids anyway because I got a kindle and they are fucking gay, conversion usually just fucks up the e-book's layout unless it was done properly, but then most epubs/mobis that are done properly are kosher e-books for pajeet retards and women or just shit that no one will ever read (pic related).

16ef73  No.11989886

File: 61b949ee2c9fd7f⋯.jpg (44.89 KB, 322x499, 322:499, 51Qo4Nt2j3L._SX320_BO1,204….jpg)


Thank you


16ef73  No.11989907


wow amazing. Stanley Park is pretty damn scary. Lots of meth addicts. How did you survive in there?

153581  No.11989921

File: a16afb71686f51e⋯.png (270 KB, 958x1014, 479:507, 109023097853434.PNG)

File: e86de198eeadd21⋯.png (750.39 KB, 971x1011, 971:1011, 10972357823574.PNG)

File: e577484c03d979e⋯.png (593.02 KB, 946x1038, 473:519, 109782058975500.PNG)

File: 62b8b197cf3d44a⋯.jpg (528.62 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 62b8b197cf3d44afb006769c18….jpg)

Notice about (((book loaning))) on Archive.org #2

Just out of curiosity, I went to the search engine of all (((Books to Borrow))) on the site. I prioritized the search to 'most views/downloads' and here are the top three books of the list.


William Edward Burghardt — Black reconstruction; an essay toward a history of the part which black folk played in the attempt to reconstruct democracy in America, 1860-1880 (1935)

>some anti-white marxist academia brainwashing book they are making students read to learn about American history and democracy

>21,848 Borrows

>32 on the waiting list


(((Carl Cohen)))Communism, Fascism, and Democracy; The Theoretical Foundations (1963)

>some jew talking about its precious model of society

>(((Amazon))) review - This highly regarded reader is intended for courses in political philosophy, political ideologies, political theory, and comparative political systems in both Philosophy and Political Science departments. It remains unsurpassed in the breadth and depth of its coverage, and in its exceptionally clear and provocative presentation of the theoretical foundations of communism, fascism, and democracy. This third edition has been updated to reflect the changing reality of the fall of Communism as a functioning political system, and has been reorganized to better illuminate central philosophical foundations of democracy.

>10,979 Borrows

>174 on the waiting list


Andre Aciman — Call me by your name (2007)

>story about how a gay jew teen falls in love with older gay jew

>(((Wikipedia))) review - novel by American writer André Aciman that centers on a blossoming romantic relationship between an intellectually precocious and curious 17-year-old American-Italian Jewish boy named Elio Perlman and a visiting 24-year-old American Jewish scholar named Oliver in 1980s Italy.

>8,556 Borrows

>724 on the waiting list (What the fuck man)

Honestly this just goes to show what kind of people are actually fucking stupid enough to use this cancerous book loaning system. Did /leftypol/ kikes co-opt archive.org? What the hell is this shit?

153581  No.11989942

File: 9c9674130c2e987⋯.png (16.73 KB, 715x296, 715:296, 1023905729035.PNG)




This is for you https://mega.nz/#F!BGpDxQZR!nML6GBQ2DJPbqESkc8ZCtQ!sT4iTYob

16ef73  No.11990470


Oh wow, fantastic.

Thanks a lot.

16ef73  No.11990868

File: 50e40e5c14e4d46⋯.jpg (132.4 KB, 868x561, 868:561, Germany_Reborn.jpg)


Zip file containing PDF file of this pamplet.

This book, written by the man who would ultimately become Adolf Hitler's deputy, was one of the first attempts to explain the National Socialist revolution to non-Germans. Goering, who was simultaneously Minister of the Interior for Prussia, president of the Reichstag, and Reich Commissioner of Aviation, was a famous figure in the Anglo-Saxon world because of his leadership of the "Flying Circus" World War I fighter squadron. He starts out by briefly but skillfully sketching out the background to the coming of power of the NSDAP, from the time of the end of the First World War, through the tumultuous Communist uprisings to the breathtaking political struggle of Hitler in ultimately gaining power against all the odds. Along the way, Goering openly addresses many of the burning issues of the time-from Jewish Communism and cultural subversion to practical economics.

He also forcefully answers common objections made in other nations against tactics and policies employed by the NSDAP in its path to power and afterward. In this way, Goering explains-and makes no apologies for-his founding of the Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo, the Secret State Police), which he said was necessary to stamp out the violent subversion employed against the state by the Communist Party. "For ten months Hitler has ruled Germany. How short the time, but how great the achievement! The German peasant's land is no longer a commodity; it has been removed from the clutches of speculative usurers and has again become sacred and inviolate.

"Nearly seven million unemployed looked expectantly and with despairing eyes to Adolf Hitler. Today, after ten months, nearly half of them have work and maintenance. "Thousands of kilometres of great new roads for motor traffic have been planned and work on them has already begun; new canals are to be made, the motor tax has been abolished, insurance premiums lowered, thousands and thousands of new cars are daily being built."

16ef73  No.11990922

File: fdfc222f0dbaff1⋯.jpg (104.01 KB, 702x1000, 351:500, 2165.jpg)


« (…) Staline représente un phénomène absolument exceptionnel. Il n’est ni penseur ni écrivain, ni orateur. (…) Il prit possession du pouvoir, non grâce à des qualités personnelles, mais en se servant d’une machine impersonnelle. Et ce n’était pas lui qui avait créé la machine, mais la machine qui l’avait créé ; avec sa puissance et son autorité, elle était le produit de la lutte, longue et héroïque, du Parti bolchevik (…). Lénine l’avait créée en une association constante avec les masses (…). Staline se borna à s’en emparer. »

"Stalin represents an absolutely exceptional phenomenon. He is neither a thinker, nor a writer, nor an orator. (…) He took possession of power not by virtue of his personal qualitiesbut in serving himself of an impersonal machine. And it was not he who created the machine but rather the machine which created him, with its power and authority, it was the product of a battle, long and heroic of the Bolshevik Party. (…) Lenin had created it in a constant association with the masses.(…) Stalin limited himself to seizing it.


0109e8  No.11990936

File: adfc5586425b863⋯.png (110.77 KB, 421x405, 421:405, 1238952350927.PNG)


>soviet literature

It's jew-pilled.

16ef73  No.11990959

File: c78452bec59fd3a⋯.gif (38.41 KB, 300x540, 5:9, trotsky.gif)


That doesn't mean it's not worth reading. It's higly amusing to see how they think.

I wonder if he ever stopped to think that the machine he helped to create was so easily seized by this murderous, incompetent thug, whether it fundamentally flawed in its conception and design and not merely the victim of a perverse twist of fate.

0109e8  No.11991001

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Life's too short to be reading Marx/Lenin. Gotta get that educated lowdown then move onto the next enemy. Recently finished 'Solzhenitsyn's Political Thought' by James Pontuso. It's a carefully written book about the bolshevik problem, but if you have the right red pills (see embed) on hand it's a plethora of deep insights. Solzhenitsyn's books are also deeply insightful, but often pretty boring and lengthy.

>I wonder if he ever stopped to think that the machine he helped to create was so easily seized by this murderous, incompetent thug, whether it fundamentally flawed in its conception and design and not merely the victim of a perverse twist of fate.

The fate of the great golem is destruction, as was its purpose. Ever since the soviet union fell, the west has experienced a wash of salty marxist subhumans who want to revive the golem. The real golem though, is the cryptojew cult of intelligence that now runs everything, that used the dialectic of communism vs. democracy to D&C the whole world. It has no allegiance to anything but raw power, whether by means of democracy or communism. In my eyes, they are both jewish oligarch co-opted ideologies with no basis in reality.

0109e8  No.11991016

File: 015d3e723606409⋯.png (1.03 MB, 563x842, 563:842, 1089274095782434.PNG)


Michael Collins Piper — The Golem: Israel's Nuclear Hell Bomb and the Road to Global Armageddon


16ef73  No.11991218

File: 6fef32dcf638b03⋯.jpg (35.94 KB, 328x499, 328:499, 51xZBVKLYJL._SX326_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 34c48d9d46e13a8⋯.jpg (11.34 KB, 189x293, 189:293, download.jpg)

File: e2fe43695d36c8c⋯.jpg (91.27 KB, 284x475, 284:475, 143524.jpg)


I used to stick my nose into the old Enver Hoxha bookstore on West Hastings street in Vancouver back in the sixties and seventies from time to time. Yes reading soviet theory is a waste of time. However Trotsky was right inside that shit fest and I do think this one is worth reading. I've read the three volumes of the Gulag Archepelago by Solzinitsen. Not a great writer by virtue of his skills as a writer but his prose is serviceable, readable. His power is in the tale he tells.

Now that I can read French fluently I fully intend to read his Deux Siecles Ensemble. That's the ultimate dagger to the heart of international jewry though if you don't want to wallow in all that dreary and depressing tale of woe, you might just want to read Dostoyevsky's The Devils and have done with it. It doesn't get any better than that.


16ef73  No.11991255

File: 7b1e379a78b5df2⋯.jpg (255.79 KB, 1125x1500, 3:4, a.jpg)

One of my favorite books, by one of my favorite authors.

Joseph Conrad, The Nigger of the Narcissus.

A tale that works on many levels, spiritual, political and now historic.

Spiritual in that we can see the burden on white civilization that is the black man if the tale is taken on a symbolic level.

Political, when we see how human society works in an isolated environment and how men are tied to their toil, with of course the wretched Donkin preaching revolt and communism to an audience that would prefer to ignore him as a creature beneath contempt.

And historically as a fascinating photograph of Edwardian society from the point of view of the real proletariat, the real workers that made it run and prosper.

And of course, it's a great adventure novel. A complex story that delves to the core of the world of men that risked their lives in the most miserable conditions for a few coins that they blew on whores and strong drink.


I love this novel.

This movie will definitely get you in the mood for it.


16ef73  No.11991345

File: aa41b47861ff45c⋯.jpg (787.24 KB, 1487x2000, 1487:2000, jerrold-william_blanchard-….jpg)

File: dcc2374d8fd7a33⋯.jpg (480.94 KB, 1035x1300, 207:260, 26602109-opium-smoking-gus….jpg)

File: 0acb0aaa6458155⋯.jpg (131.38 KB, 620x725, 124:145, 645acc7c48a378b1fff97aa863….jpg)

File: 1c8ac655b404891⋯.jpg (513.15 KB, 1010x1300, 101:130, 26602125-a-city-thoroughfa….jpg)

File: 5b8e7aa7c80a207⋯.jpg (219.75 KB, 566x700, 283:350, 700_FO60327780_ed9a93721d6….jpg)

And while we're on the topic of the late Victorian Era leading into the Edwardian Era what could be better than Gustave Dore's illustrated and Blanchard Jerrold's London a Pilgrimage.

Two Frenchmen decide to visit the great city of London, with the approach that they are explorers that know nothing with the intention that they will observe everything, as though they were on a voyage to darkest Africa, or Samarkand. The results are superb, and not just Dore's illustrations but also Jerrold's commentary. They take us on a voyage where we seen London at it's glamorous pinnacle, peeking in on high society in its glittering luxury and then down into the darkness of the docks where workmen wait to unload the clipper ships that Conrad sailed on, or even under dank filthy bridges where the homeless slept in all sorts of inclement weather.


This version can be downloaded

979fec  No.11991476

File: bdfc53867680473⋯.jpg (42.59 KB, 360x474, 60:79, moo.jpg)

I wish I could find a pdf or hard copy of this for my sons when they're old enough to read. It's a story of chivalry, revenge, honour and love that is told in a way that boys can connect with.

6bbf94  No.11991511


Stupid breeder. Let them find their own books

16ef73  No.11991513

File: 738ba42c8fcc4ab⋯.jpg (89.83 KB, 321x470, 321:470, Tirante_el_Blanco_1511.jpg)



Tirant lo Blanch (Valencian pronunciation: [tiˈɾand lo ˈblaŋk], modern orthography: Tirant lo Blanc) is a chivalric romance written by the Valencian knight Joanot Martorell, finished posthumously by his friend Martí Joan de Galba and published in the city of Valencia in 1490 as an incunabulum edition. The title means "Tirant the White" and is the name of the main character in the romance. It is one of the best known medieval works of literature in Valencian and played an important role in the evolution of the Western novel through its influence on the author Miguel de Cervantes.

Tirant lo Blanch is one of the most important books written in Valencian. Written by Joanot Martorell in the 15th century, the Tirant is an unusual chivalric novel in its naturalistic and satirical character, which also appears to have a strong autobiographic component. It tells the feats and adventures of Knight Tirant lo Blanc from Brittany. At times, it parallels the life and adventures of Roger de Flor, main leader of the mercenary Company of Almogàvers, which fought in Asia Minor and Greece, both for and against the Emperor of Byzantium. This historical resemblance is evident in the description of events occurring around Constantinople and the defeat of Sultan Mehmed II "the conqueror". While Roger de Flor's almogàvers had the upper hand in the region, the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 was a huge shock to Europeans, marking an end to the Byzantine Empire that Martorell's contemporaries wished to change.

Compared to books of the same time period, it lacks the bucolic, platonic, and contemplative love commonly portrayed in the chivalric heroes. Instead the main character is full of life and sensuous love, sarcasm, and human feelings. The work is filled with down to earth descriptions of daily life, prosaic and even bitter in nature.

0109e8  No.11991520


>200 years together

Read the uncensored version (english)? Got it here https://mega.nz/#F!BGpDxQZR!nML6GBQ2DJPbqESkc8ZCtQ!IbJzmCKb

>back in the sixties and seventies

Damn anon, how old are you? I'm only early 20's.





Yeah nice

16ef73  No.11991531


I'll be turning 65 soon.

No regrets. I'm so glad that I can remember 1958, 1959 and 1960.

It was a different world….I dream about it all the time….it's like entering a magical garden..

0109e8  No.11991625

File: db1353e64c09299⋯.png (1.22 MB, 799x676, 799:676, 10u2045u23905.PNG)



I feel that old inside. Congratulations, what brought you to /pol/?

16ef73  No.11991704


I've never been stronger or healthier than I am now.

Deadlift 405 for 6 reps

Squat 335 for 6 reps full squats. And so on. Strict diet, got the 6 pack. Good skin quality since I don't drink or smoke or do drugs.

Quit booze at end of 72. Quit pot in 78 or 79

Haven't missed a workout since I started in 71.

Been coming to 4chan since it damn near started. Got sent to 4chan through the old Fucked Company

Originally used to post on /b/ till the kiddie porn got too scary.

Then /pol/ Then 8chan /pol/

IT's all about freedom of speech at the end of the day.


0109e8  No.11991838

Found a great red-pill site about judaism, anons.



Good shit. You're probably more alpha than most of us young anons here in our prime.

0109e8  No.11991845


Do you go on >>>/pdfs/ ?

6574e7  No.11991885

File: e58a88da7461906⋯.jpg (135.74 KB, 676x676, 1:1, 1532782650096.jpg)

read siege by james mason

2172c0  No.11991912


Butthurticus kikekikus, cunticus entering the fray with a new retarded picture and buttplug.

2172c0  No.11991916


Probably it's hatred for white men.

0109e8  No.11991920


Fuck off, cult of intellegence.

0109e8  No.11991922


Woah, guy.

6574e7  No.11992109

0109e8  No.11992142


Fuck off with your one-dimensional cuck/not-cuck worldview, fed scum.

16ef73  No.11992942


One of the great perplexities of life for men, particularly young men just entering adulthood is the struggle to become a man.

When a girl hits 14 or 15, there she is; she's everything she's ever going to be and then some. Beauty, grace,a love of small children, seductiveness. She's ready to go and her parents and grandparents all know it. They shower her with gifts and money which she mainly spends on clothes and shoes and other adornments.

When a boy hits 14 or 15 he's not even anything like a man yet; he's still half a boy with some overpowering male instincts thrown in. Chances are he's dressed like a slob or a criminal and really you know and I know that he probably has a lot of natural instincts that society might call criminal.

To become a full man and a full member of a legitimate society he has years, decades of excruciating toil and study and discipline and flat out gambling to attain enough of an establishment to create a family and be accepted as a full member of society.

Failure to do this is the main source of despair in young men.

I know this very well; my father died when I was 7 and all the money my mother had was focused into my eldest sister who admittedly was a beauty, a solid 9 and she was dressed up like it too.

Me? I started getting kicked in the pants, fed shit food that frankly I wouldn't feed to a good dog if I owned one. I had a lot of despair and depression. Nobody wants to be friends when you're down.

Of course there are boys that have it all handed to them, if they're the chosen ones, the heirs to the family fortune. It looks desireable but I've noticed a lot of those ones don't fare well in the long run; they never have to learn discipline except in very rare cases. And strangely many of them seem to quickly evolve into vicious sadists particularly with women who they win with ease and so feel contempt for. They're like little spoiled boys that tire of their toys so they smash them with glee instead of playing with them properly.

I had to do it all myself. I got my university degree without debt, which I regret; I should have become a tradesman and started my own business. I got into training as soon as I had money for gym membership. I quickly saw through bar society and what a miserable vicious dead end it was; the friends you make there are your worst enemies, scheming for your downfall even as they smile at you over their drinks. Each pub and bar a convoluted nest of treachery and deceit.

Save your money for the best quality food and dental care; I still have all my teeth even my wisdom teeth. They're all ceramic crowns and veneers. That's very important for your physical morale.

Good luck, keep reading, training, don't worry about a "social life". I do have some very good friends I've made over the years…like I can count them on one hand.

16ef73  No.11992952


I've got blond hair and blue eyes. Where did this shit come from? You think niggers read Conrad? kek

125054  No.11994583


Got most of that down already, except for the preparing for family/accumulating wealth part. Cheers for the advice.

125054  No.11994952

File: 4bc3989beb0a6de⋯.png (251.91 KB, 806x1017, 806:1017, 1908273958723'.PNG)

Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski — Jews in Poland: A Documentary History The Rise of Jews as a Nation from Congressus Judaicus in Poland to the Knesset in Israel (1997)


125054  No.11994960

File: 89eb508b4db0d03⋯.png (247.28 KB, 404x605, 404:605, 11634537897849546.PNG)

Heinrich Graetz — History of the Jews Vol. VI (1898)


109cb1  No.11996454

File: c3a6ccf9c9663e2⋯.pdf (1.92 MB, Shlomo Sand The Invention ….pdf)

The book that kikes hate

4c83e6  No.11996572


>written by a jew

>muh based jew that bad jews hate

75c5f2  No.11999396


>muh jewish infighting isn't a good thing

48ada9  No.11999438


A stereotypical nasaly voiced jew made a pretty good documentry about the holohoax, he said since he's a jew, he can get away with asking pesky questions while visiting "death camps"

d5afa2  No.11999460


"one third of the holocaust" is a sub par documentary and the reason Cole made it was for the purpose of relieving jews of any responsibility. get learned kiddo, there are no good jews.

75c5f2  No.11999693

File: 017a0156cd25dbe⋯.png (121.18 KB, 286x268, 143:134, 017a0156cd25dbe82acd99ba9d….png)


Cole/Stein is definitely a questionable character - The IHR was full of infiltrators (See Michael Collins Piper's 'IHR Files' show) - but he contributed to and made a lot of good content back when Ernst Zundel was pumping out a lot of OC with Samizdat productions.

It's a sticky subject. There are a lot of jews who oppose judaism/rothschilds/israel/zionism/ww2 lies, etc. and contribute literature to the cause. Some of them are pretty kosher, like Henry makow, Norm Finkelstein, and others. Yet, some of them have written crucial works that /pol/ is pretty unaware of - Authors like Israel Shamir, Israel Shahak, Gilad Atzmon, Victor Ostrovsky, BroNat, etc. I could make a list of legitimate and illegimate jews against judaism/rothschilds/israel/zionism/ww2 lies, etc. based on my own personal findings, but that's not the point. The point is, that a significant portion of /pol/ content is contributed by dissenting jews or similar whistleblowers from CIA, Mossad, CFR, etc. and for anons to ignore all of that important material because of their CIA-instilled White Nationalist worldview in which only europoids are good. It's obviously a ridiculous and narrow-minded idea, because the jewish zionists who run everything have always used us as their golems - whether as freemasons, scientists, protestants, jesuits, marxists or what have you - and have always stolen our knowledge (which we were often happy to relinquish) and called it their own 'genetic genius or wizardry'.

>get learned kiddo


75c5f2  No.11999713


Furthermore, in order to fully explain the jewish problem and its history, you have to admit on some level that the problem is not only theologic and philosophical, but racial. This is what WN is supposed to be doing, but cannot, due to it's Albert Pike instilled racial obnoxiousness and inability to admit that europoids can be manipulated and hoodwinked by lesser races like the jew. This is not only a lack of historical honesty but intellectual honesty. The only way you can eclipse this contradictory historical position is to admit that europe got fucked by judaism's agents for centuries and that is central to every problem in society today. That includes accepting jews against the agenda of their racial group into the fold, and protecting them from assassination and demonization by their racial group who instruct all jews in the Talmud to commit to the agenda or be killed along with the goyim.

316120  No.12000256

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4ab7cc  No.12000294

File: 8a5b8e9eb3c2e22⋯.png (228.01 KB, 1400x650, 28:13, chadtranshumanist.png)


>This thread's featured text is Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore Kaczynski.

53bef0  No.12000436

File: f71cae525e61852⋯.mp4 (6.88 MB, 426x240, 71:40, jq watson.mp4)


>jews are so smart… etc…

5df111  No.12000505


The tyrk got booted that's what happened. Even if killing /zundel/ was way dumb imo i got most of it by that point so thanks again.

000000  No.12000678



5df111  No.12000687



Well spoken, you're an inspiration to us all. Do tell, have you managed to build a family?

16ef73  No.12000768



I wanted this very badly but I see this as one of the most difficult and dangerous aspects of your life if it's not managed properly. Growing up without a father had a lot to do with this failure, though there were other reasons attributable to the drug culture at large of the 70's and 80's when I entered adulthood. That's the subject for a much larger essay, maybe a War and Peace sized novel (haha).

What I did notice is that only about 5% of the people of my generation experienced marriages that I would envy or desire. The one woman I really wanted the most since high school was Catherine Deneuve beautiful and became a successful corporate lawyer. Not getting to marry her has made me very very miserable over the decades but I probably would have made a mess of that. I have been a pretty fucked up person myself at times.

By the time you're 65 you see all these people fall by the wayside, dead or crippled or forced into a wretched life beyond their control.

I'm still here and I'm actually pretty happy and the girl of my dreams is a wrinkled up old woman now, her beautiful teeth in ruins. I like being alone a lot now where in the past it made me miserable, full of anguish…

I had a friend who built with his own hands an amazing house for his wife. She became a cocaine addict, divorced him, took the kids and house moved in with a deranged vicious biker coke dealer that would strangle her and scream the most vile death threats and curses in her face in front of my friend's 4 year old daughter and 7 year old son. It took years for him to win possession of them and a lot of $$$ on child psychiatrists to restore them to a semblance of normalicy.

I have another friend who had a son that's severely retarded, can barely speak and shits himself. The retard son is a big adult now. The son consumes all his and his wife's time and energy after they finish work. It destroyed their marriage. They haven't spoken for years and share the house that's physically divided like North and South Korea.

You get the idea of where I'm going here.

I think I'm fundamentaly a janeist or a devotee of the orphic religions. Devote your life to intellectual studies and step off the vast spinning meat wheel of life and death. Escape the shadows of suffering and death and step into the light.

I grew up with a fuck tonne of abuse I couldn't escape so I think it's wiser to avoid suffering than it is to seek out pleasure.

5df111  No.12000953

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Alright thanks for your time old timer. Getting a family going in any reasonable and timely way is a very difficult and risky task indeed in these wretched times we're living. But the monk life is not all bad. Plant some trees and shoot some guns, peace.

b725c8  No.12001072


>She became a cocaine addict

A woman that horrible is not free of warning signs. Your friend obviously didn't see them. Point being it's important to remember that these stories of disastrous relationships are not predictions of what will happen to someone who knows what to look for in another person. Your friend may have known how to build a house, but he didn't know a damn thing about people. She didn't just "become" an addict. Her personality was set long before the two of them met.

>I grew up with a fuck tonne of abuse I couldn't escape so I think it's wiser to avoid suffering than it is to seek out pleasure.

You sound like my dad. Unwilling to take the risks necessary to create a better life. Eternal cynic. Paralyzed. Disappointing.

3808b1  No.12001145


Great post. Thank you. I actually feel this same way; grew up a little later than you, but saw the late 70s and 80s take a scythe through my friends' families as little kids, and then mine. No home life. Now they all overcompensate and are obsessed with their children 24/7 and act like teenagers half the time. Parenting skills were lost in the 1970s culturally and we're seeing how that gap plays out socially now. It's a disaster what's been done to kids. There will be no recovery from this in my lifetime and the wreckage they'll inflict hasn't even begun.

>I think I'm fundamentaly a janeist or a devotee of the orphic religions. Devote your life to intellectual studies and step off the vast spinning meat wheel of life and death. Escape the shadows of suffering and death and step into the light.

After what I've seen in this life, I'm pretty much done with this world. Younger guys won't get it until they have a past. Then they get it. Just one of those things that comes with age; I didn't understand it at 25 either.

e815f0  No.12001155

I have a very clear and 'ominous' voice and have been interested in reading some /pol/ tier books. I've done manual readings as well as history/horror novels but I'd prefer to do some more niche readings. I've done Evola's works already as well as Might is Right.

Is there any other suggestions that I should read?

d7db5b  No.12001188

What is the consensus on Will Durant's "The Story of our Civilization?" I read the first volume and really enjoy how it is written, but it is somewhat old (though it deals with history up to the French revolution I believe) and I'm not sure if there may be some facts that are missing. Hopefully current historians don't think it needs (((revisions))).

9c07f8  No.12001257


Honestly, having cyborg implants would be pretty cool, but not while (((they))) are in charge.


000000  No.12001261


Even today I cannot believe how hard the jews tried to ban this book.

16ef73  No.12001646


Oh I took the risks and worked my ass off…and failed. Failure is complex because you're not alone…you work in a medium of other people and that means liars, drunks, idiots.

You shouldn't gamble, because your life already is one immense gamble even if you delude yourself into thinking it isn't.

16ef73  No.12001656


It's in 10 languages….BUT NOT ENGLISH.

Now, how can that be? you might ask..

16ef73  No.12001761

File: dc78b20d5d5196b⋯.jpg (62.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, large-23318 good_old_days.jpg)

The Good Old Days They Were Terrible will disabuse you of any sentimentality about the past. We live in an age of unparalleled physical luxury far beyond what even a Roman emperor or French king of the ancien regime could dream of.

I wish I could post a free download to the PDF of this but I can't find one right now. It's in the library.

Easy reading; it's a collection of little one page articles with each article amusingly illustrated from documentation of the day. Pretty funny if you've got a morbid sense of humor…Oh wait this is 8chan that goes without saying.

2f9456  No.12006756

File: 6a21e6e89a61718⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 336x499, 336:499, 51g1TLcBn8L._SX334_BO1,204….jpg)

What am I in for, lads?

7d273c  No.12006921


>The Good Old Days They Were Terrible will disabuse you of any sentimentality about the past.

Maybe if you're a kike.

>We live in an age of unparalleled physical luxury far beyond what even a Roman emperor or French king of the ancien regime could dream of.

Yeah, that's why people have sentimentality about the past. Because we evolved to gain pleasure from real living, and now we sit on our asses and avoid living at all costs. We're fat, stupid, ignorant, lazy and complacent and it is because of all that unparalleled luxury.

3ad1ff  No.12008542

File: 48d3efb0822b65b⋯.png (45.99 KB, 207x276, 3:4, 198734520972359863455.PNG)

File: 213d8d09ab26481⋯.png (301.14 KB, 467x348, 467:348, Imkampfy.PNG)

File: 3e3f9d79562d89d⋯.png (423.68 KB, 677x583, 677:583, Read.PNG)

File: e17c0a21cd18ee2⋯.png (133.64 KB, 262x300, 131:150, 10920379523.PNG)

File: e23112f800648a9⋯.png (505.89 KB, 928x431, 928:431, justareporter.PNG)


Like I said, it worked out for me anyway - having my stuff online somewhere without it being linked to me personally. My 'campaign' definitely destroyed his mind, whilst elevating the better anons, and for that I am still very proud. The most entertaining part was toward the end, where he started pretending to be me and acting like a faggot.


>Devote your life to intellectual studies and step off the vast spinning meat wheel of life and death

Honestly, I think this is where european christian civilization went wrong. Do you listen to or read E. Michael Jones? He talks a lot about the destruction of the family and the culture war against various gentile demographics including boomers. He is 70.


>Getting a family going in any reasonable and timely way is a very difficult and risky task

I think we've been brainwashed to have such fears, where they are unnatural and attract toxic types of women to us, who are infantile and unprepared to commit to a monogamous life. You really don't need a lot of money to support a family, at least not enough that you need to create for yourself a risky career. It comes down to your value system, and teaching your family what they ought not to do rather than what to do. Remember, society itself is based or is supposed to be based on the fertile family structure. Without it, we are dabased vampires, no better than jews and other similar kinds of vampiric predators. This is what /pol/ needs to internalize - it's a lot easier once you're red-pilled on the absolute kikefest that is MGTOW and Feminism.


Got a sample link? I have a few suggestions, mainly Michael Collins Piper's stuff. Also I hope you arent like Vanguard Books, where you input retarded WN commentary after every paragraph and make the audiobook unlistenable.


>this world

You talking about earth, or the military blackop hollywood disney town that is modern society? You gotta be more specific. These kinds of necessary black-pills are important to get right, or you can destroy an anon easily and have him end up like Macaulay Culkin.

4dc305  No.12008571

File: 00197a467fd199c⋯.jpg (8.77 KB, 186x270, 31:45, index.jpg)


Thinking of reading pic related

Worth the time?

3ad1ff  No.12008600


Oy vey, terrorist. Delete/burn it now, or you shall also be sodomized with a knife by the CIA.


Truly a topic that deserves its own thread. Sentimentality is a divine attribute, that when corrupted can poison an anon's entire worldview and understanding of history. If you talk to most people on the street about their sentiments about the past, it's usually something toxic about war or economic hardship where they acquired their callousness and righteous indignation. Anything beyond what they've been engineered to feel or remember is a mystery to them, and their any dialogue about society's core problems (jew war 1/2, central banking, pharma, geopolitics, etc) is met with a more emotional than logical blast of negativity and denial. History and the origins of the modern man are complex items, and to live in this society is to live with many internal and external complexes.

"When consent takes the form of seeking to possess the things we wish, this is called desire. When consent takes the form of enjoying the things we wish, this is called joy."

— St. Augustine

3ad1ff  No.12008634


I feel like his topics of 'the problem of democracy' and 'the solution to the economic problem: socialism' are heavily entwined. The jews have been pushing this cold war ideological dialectic of marxism/communism/socialism vs. western democracy (both inventions of jewish oligarchs) for a while now. Of course, a lot of active politicians and military personnel who buy into this dialectic can achieve deep/high positions on the world stage and annoy the pharisaic overlords of said stage, but (the way I see it) it is only a stage for scripted events narrated by jewish oligarch/military intellegence controlled media personnel. All that said, I haven't read the book so I can't give a tl;dr.


Wasn't his dad a freemason? For some reason, after reading the blurb of this book, I get a feeling this saga might tie in with the Rothschilds and their shenanigans in Africa. I have yet to try wrap my head around the history of Rhodesia. I would recommend anyone who is going to or has, to read 'The Cult of Intelligence' by John Marks and Victor Marchetti, then get some red-pills about Cecil Rhodes.

b725c8  No.12008723


You're probably a wealth of knowledge, but in this thread you've demonstrated a poisonous defeatism, and suggested a suicidal individualism to the people here. Fuck off if you're not going to inspire people to do better than you.


Post what you've done, I'd like to hear it.

16ef73  No.12008755


I want people to do better than me. I want people to do better than my entire generation.

But I'm at a loss how that is to be done when >>12008723

I'm not a defeatist at all. But I am a cold eyed realist and I don't see how we're going to find our way out of this mess by tripping around wearing rose colored glasses and huffing big dank spliffs rasta style.

We are in the middle of a huge emergency, equivalent to the Weimar Republic degeneracy in Germany and this time we're going to have to solve the problem without the comic opera uniforms, the oompapa bands, the waving red banners and festival parades.

It's been conclusively proven I think I can say without being accused of "defeatism" that that shit doesn't work when you're dealing with a sly covert enemy that likes to sneak about the happy cheering crowds picking pockets and snatching stray children away to be sold into slavery.

b725c8  No.12008857


>I am a cold eyed realist

Who spent decades pining over a corporate lawyer like she would have been a great catch (good looks and a good job /= wife material). You gave this thread plenty of blog posts and obviously you had to learn everything the hard way because there wasn't a wisened old man around to lay out the truth for you. Now you are that old man, but it's apparent to me you didn't actually learn that much from your failures, because you're still selling the line that going after the family life, getting the woman you want, etc, is most likely to end in misery, because that's what you saw.

Why would I apply a 5% chance of success to myself just because that's what some old childless guy with severe oneitis predicted for me based on his own life surrounded by people he mostly didn't like? This is why I called you a poisonous defeatist. You have 65 years of experience to draw from, and you're acting like you had adequate knowledge to make the best of your life. Your life, and your friend's lives sucked because you didn't know things that would have helped you make good decisions.

You're not a cold realist, you're a burnt out cynic who wants to believe he did everything he could, and you're so self-centered that you're on here blogposting (in a book thread) trying to convince other people their chances are shit so you'll feel better. Initially I liked that there was an old buff guy on here with lots of book knowledge, but I have no use for misanthropes who won't analyze their mistakes to increase their chances at success, and instead opt to just avoid all the truly desirable, but difficult prizes to acquire.

>I think I can say without being accused of "defeatism" that that shit doesn't work

Yeah, that shit I never even alluded to, I agree it doesn't work. Nice distraction. Why are you dumping your ego-edited life story on a chan? You're text on a screen to me. I don't give a shit about preserving the lies you tell yourself. You made bad decisions with the knowledge you had. Now you have better knowledge but you're still parading the old knowledge around as if it served you well. Fuck off.

3ad1ff  No.12008894

File: f054902a73159b0⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1147390_1.jpg)

000000  No.12008923



This book is amazing. I even found the professor author's website, which is even more amazing than his book. It has redpills on everything.


381c4c  No.12008983


I've only read 'Bitter Harvest'. It was interesting even though he has a dry writing style but the second half was really annoying.

He completely cucked out after building up to a solid conclusion. Ian Smith was a great example of proto white guilt. About as extreme as a boomer but under much worse circumstances.

9c07f8  No.12009373



They are the same book, the full original title was "Bitter Harvest: The Great Betrayal and its aftermath".

>He completely cucked out after building up to a solid conclusion. Ian Smith was a great example of proto white guilt. About as extreme as a boomer but under much worse circumstances

Exactly. He set himself up for failure with his gay "evolution not revolution" strategy, which meant that no matter what, blacks would be in charge (see his cuckery with Bishop Muzerorewa)

There is also the fact that he sucks off communist Italian partisans (iirc) extremely hard, and says a bunch of times "the Rhodesian front was not fascist" etc.

He was a "greatest generation" proto boomer.

3ad1ff  No.12010471


Culture of Critique is a trilogy of some 1300 pages, incase anons weren't aware, and have only read the third book.

1 - A People That Shall Dwell Alone; Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy

2 - Separation And Its Discontents Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism

3 - The Culture of Critique; An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements


000000  No.12011957


Anon delivers. Thanks

753be3  No.12011982


you forgot Understanding Jewish Influence and

Can the Jewish Model Help the West Survive?

753be3  No.12011992

reminder that people are making reading guides for /pol/

See >>>/pdfs/7924

3ad1ff  No.12012141


No I didn't. I wouldn't. They are there in the folder with the trilogy >>12010471 among other writings.

ee64f4  No.12012841

File: d153f4ec0dfba11⋯.pdf (7.18 MB, War-Before-Civilization.pdf)

File: aea32a772965810⋯.jpg (43.69 KB, 313x475, 313:475, 5ac2ebb39127155126fd53b60c….jpg)

3ad1ff  No.12012932


literally who

1e77bf  No.12013343


double /r/requesting this

85bd94  No.12014412


thanks anon

000000  No.12015350

The many books that predict the future are quite eerie in their predictive accuracy.

4f008b  No.12015605


History is not bound by time, but change.

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

000000  No.12020035


Is this up to date?

116905  No.12021711


>When zundel archives are not on torrent

That is just SAD. Seed that, and move outta MEGA

ad5073  No.12021892


Best method?

66f5d2  No.12021994


Step 1. Borrow book from archive.org and activate with adobe

Step 2. Remove DRM with https://apprenticealf.wordpress.com/

Step 3. Upload to libgen so no-one else has to go through that pain

06ed93  No.12022100

File: f79e8c89e68e9bf⋯.jpg (15.88 KB, 235x498, 235:498, The Intentional Dumbing Do….jpg)

any anon read "The Intentional Dumbing Down of America"?

7e6995  No.12022299

File: fb70fe29de4d068⋯.jpg (74.55 KB, 319x482, 319:482, Artist-Within-Warlord-372-….jpg)

I recommend, no urge people to read this translated book; it was released very recently. Its a wealth of information and well written. There's no digital version as of yet.

The Artist Within the Warlord: An Adolf Hitler You’ve Never Known

Meet an Adolf Hitler you never knew in the pages of this truly extraordinary book . . .

Wilhelm Kriessmann and Carolyn Yeager, working as a team, translated sections from the German Ein Anderer Hitler (“Another Hitler”), the memoir of architect Hermann Giesler . . . and the result has become this volume which they titled The Artist Within The Warlord—An Adolf Hitler You’ve Never Known This is not the usual copy-cat “history” by another “historian” who tries to find some angle to make his or her book stand out from the hundreds of other books already on the shelves about the most misunderstood man in history.

This book is genuinely unique—taken from the account given by an intimate of Adolf Hitler who was privileged to enjoy many private talks with him during the time of some of the most momentous events of contemporary world history. Munich architect Hermann Giesler became from 1938 on not only Hitler’s favored architect for the renovation of Munich and Linz, but also an agreeable confidant to whom the Supreme Commander felt comfortable unburdening himself as they spent many hours together drafting city-wide building ideas. Hitler’s artist nature needed such a creative outlet, leading Giesler to become a more frequent guest at the Berghof and the two secret military headquarters Wolfsschanze and Werwolf for this very purpose. You will gain insight into how the artist and humanist in Hitler revealed itself i n his character and his world view (Weltanschauung).

Of Giesler’s book, Arno Breker, the great sculptor who also knew Hitler very well, wrote that it was “by far the most essential, most true and realistic reporting that has been written about the tragedy of that epoch.” Gerard Menuhin—son of famed Jewish-American violinist Yehudi Menuhin and the author of

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil —called Giesler’s book “wonderful” and “one of the main books to read about Hitler” in July 2017. That Giesler had so much trouble finding a publisher for his book tells the true tale of the value of this volume.

Surely, there has been no offering like this one, in English, of a more authentic Adolf Hitler. Now you have available the sections of Hermann Giesler’s memoir dealing with the Fuehrer in a well organized, easy to follow format, featuring a generous number of illustrations and helpful commentary from the translators. It’s a book you will treasure. Softcover, 244 pages, #796.

ad5073  No.12023739


>having an adobe account

You missed the point.

6c719f  No.12024081

File: fd0eee3d4b33292⋯.png (45.51 KB, 575x394, 575:394, 2.21.PNG)

File: 0224171bbb5c6db⋯.png (155.1 KB, 649x969, 649:969, 2.21b.PNG)

File: 50cd5f959c69cd9⋯.png (114.66 KB, 647x739, 647:739, 2.21c.PNG)

File: c9d8da28ae7d2d9⋯.png (21.94 KB, 648x269, 648:269, 9.8.PNG)

File: 18fdc9466169ce5⋯.png (73.16 KB, 648x466, 324:233, 9.8b.PNG)


Thought I'd just dispell these disinfo type shills with Siege:

6c719f  No.12024084

File: 4b318bad42849ca⋯.png (32.59 KB, 651x320, 651:320, 2.31.PNG)

File: b20dd70baa80c73⋯.png (149.97 KB, 644x968, 161:242, 2.31b.PNG)

File: d091877fbeef884⋯.png (148.28 KB, 644x966, 2:3, 2.31c.PNG)

File: b9e8334d85242e8⋯.png (38.46 KB, 648x309, 216:103, 2.31d.PNG)

6c719f  No.12024085

File: 00a1f294fac5253⋯.png (133.57 KB, 651x846, 217:282, 2.34.PNG)

File: d0b2a8197dcdfbf⋯.png (90.31 KB, 647x575, 647:575, 2.34b.PNG)

File: 194c26b59e77d68⋯.png (29.88 KB, 648x319, 648:319, 2.45.PNG)

File: 259829ff3f1dcc6⋯.png (115.59 KB, 648x703, 648:703, 2.45b.PNG)

File: c90c7602ec8cd2a⋯.png (125.54 KB, 649x968, 59:88, 3.6.PNG)

6c719f  No.12024089

File: 8d7b54c7fbcd27e⋯.png (33.43 KB, 646x318, 323:159, 5.31.PNG)

File: c6491c77b12bbed⋯.png (155.51 KB, 649x967, 649:967, 5.31b.PNG)

File: 8b0ede336f6a7ec⋯.png (149.48 KB, 647x968, 647:968, 5.31c.PNG)

File: b8bcdb86d9f5d64⋯.png (34.3 KB, 647x276, 647:276, 5.31d.PNG)

6c719f  No.12024091

File: 30bbc77c91f9fe3⋯.png (125.96 KB, 646x810, 323:405, 6.21.PNG)

File: b388cd57f5bc148⋯.png (88.09 KB, 646x966, 323:483, 6.21b.PNG)

File: d8b59690b41ec63⋯.png (30.63 KB, 649x322, 649:322, 7.8.PNG)

File: 1ad7aeef32164a3⋯.png (113.34 KB, 644x703, 644:703, 7.8b.PNG)

6c719f  No.12024095

File: 26d756d358045fd⋯.png (108.82 KB, 650x693, 650:693, 9.12.PNG)

File: f0865c626a2863c⋯.png (19.69 KB, 649x201, 649:201, 9.12b.PNG)

File: d7ee51d75375d53⋯.png (29.75 KB, 650x298, 325:149, 9.21.PNG)

File: 9c9814b4376d686⋯.png (150.72 KB, 648x967, 648:967, 9.21b.PNG)

File: 3793727ebd37860⋯.png (73.93 KB, 648x489, 216:163, 9.21c.PNG)

6c719f  No.12024098

File: a216679756ac1a1⋯.png (78.61 KB, 643x564, 643:564, 9.23.PNG)

File: 85bd9c33a6fb045⋯.png (152.25 KB, 647x963, 647:963, 9.23b.PNG)

File: d4feb796ea3ca39⋯.png (99.72 KB, 645x638, 645:638, 9.23c.PNG)

6c719f  No.12024102

File: 759d6bcf8aad8e6⋯.png (71.72 KB, 649x503, 649:503, 9.25.PNG)

File: f8dee78010dd069⋯.png (150.02 KB, 648x970, 324:485, 9.25b.PNG)

File: 97e4efdf2a23c9a⋯.png (55.28 KB, 645x400, 129:80, 9.25c.PNG)

6c719f  No.12024104

File: 0b0f45816c41b84⋯.png (40.29 KB, 650x360, 65:36, 9.30.PNG)

File: 2ba4477a5dabde0⋯.png (151.42 KB, 649x969, 649:969, 9.30b.PNG)

File: 2fd8b71a20189b9⋯.png (150.62 KB, 645x966, 215:322, 9.30c.PNG)

File: 67b5745dd2c4e4d⋯.png (84.46 KB, 648x535, 648:535, 9.30d.PNG)

6c719f  No.12024106

File: bc95d48d3448744⋯.png (10.65 KB, 649x209, 59:19, 9.34.PNG)

File: b976ba162860c24⋯.png (153.41 KB, 653x969, 653:969, 9.34b.PNG)

File: 993d40b049ab79e⋯.png (33.2 KB, 646x291, 646:291, 9.34c.PNG)

6c719f  No.12024112

I think that's a good sampling of the range of views Mason expresses, feel free to ask for more if you want something specific.

81b942  No.12025405


Well someone needs to be the fall guy so the rest of us can avoid (((archive.org))) all together.

Also, inclib.i2p has some good stuff

000000  No.12025527

I recommend Sex & Culture by Dr J D Urwin. It's an important read because it's another story like Professor Putnam's study (E Pluribus Unum) where he tried to scientifically prove through data the benefits of diversity.. only to find the opposite. Dr. Urwin researched 86 societies across a 5000 year span to prove that Freud's theory of Sexual Freedom creates dynamic societies and Sexual Repression destroys them. What he found instead astounded and greatly alarmed him. Dr. Unwin concluded that "the fabric that holds a society together is sexual in nature" as when a society relaxes its moral code to allow for pre-marital & extra marital Sexual Activity and Homosexuality, it only takes 3 generations of the rejection of monogamy to destroy that society.

ad5073  No.12025538

File: a7b7ceef7987d5c⋯.png (145.3 KB, 725x650, 29:26, 18840372974010373.png)


Thanks anon.

ad5073  No.12028651

File: 061a2ab72a22010⋯.png (249.36 KB, 552x245, 552:245, 10809234769023467.PNG)


The fact that you would raise a family with a woman with the lack of mental development of an adult though, is infantile and beta. Degenerate, even. Do you think that 'outlying and marginal' standards are placed on the age of consent without careful consideration of social consequences?

4a0808  No.12028882

Dystopian books resembling our current climate:

Fahrenheit 451

Brave New World


Animal Farm

-there's audiobooks of these for free on jewtube

ad5073  No.12028912


Yeah, they're actually handbooks. Babby's first /pol/ literature.

cbe08b  No.12029737


Pre-1934 societies had less population and were not in the internet age. Heteronormativity is the generally expressed instinct, everything else is outlying and marginal.

I support pedosexuality because of that. In addition, all sane non-homosexual men do desire and are attracted to girls under the age of adult.

Sexuality is and unique.

bf3676  No.12030207



The Turner Diaries beats these books by a long shot.



ad5073  No.12030265


I don't recommend Pierce to anyone, because he and the whole WN crowd wreak of CIA (like a lot of /pol/acks) but I have his stuff here - https://mega.nz/#F!BGpDxQZR!nML6GBQ2DJPbqESkc8ZCtQ!FTAmkBqb

30363e  No.12030290


Dystopian books resembling our current climate:


Sure on a mostly metaphorical level bu-

>Brave New World

I guess a synthesis between the tw-

>Fahrenheit 451

Wait, what are you talki-

>Animal Farm

Nigger, are you serious?

916b86  No.12030314


>global surveillance is just a metaphor, goyim

>you're not being dumbed down by media, goyim

>books aren't being burned, goyim

>communism isn't spreading, goyim

-15/10; go back to reddit.

30363e  No.12030324

File: f180c0ed13ec292⋯.png (5.56 KB, 211x239, 211:239, F67463F9-699B-4B4A-9358-F5….png)


>muh government mandated cell phones

>muh government mandated media viewings

<this nigger really thinks books are being burned

<this nigger really thinks communists can succeed

Quit being an asshole. Your entire reading list is shit the state told you to read in ninth grade. It’s fucking embarrassing.

30363e  No.12030332



I’ll add to that: I bet you can find an example of ONE book being burned with tax dollars.

Which book is it?

ad5073  No.12030341