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File: d6bc9a594c900f6⋯.jpg (317.79 KB, 920x750, 92:75, butterfly_4.jpg)

143134 No.11716067

We've pissed off the Council on Foreign Relations… because of Tay

> Kissinger fears what happened with Tay.

< CFR says we're out to destroy the media.

> Bilderberg covered every. single. point. Butterfly War guy warned us about.

< Q is concerned about 8chan getting attacked by MSM+IC

> Now Butterfly War guy says he's ready for war.



If you know what to do, do it. If you don't, get the memes ready because you're about to become enemy #1 worldwide. Now you understand what the downtime was for.

01f6d7 No.11716074

More relevant information on what you are talking about?

3afc58 No.11716075


Quality bread.

Start reading up on psychology m8s.

Easiest way to get fucky with everybody.

143134 No.11716078


Here's a good primer.


95c913 No.11716082


My foray into analytical psychology says that Q is a CIA nigger poisoning the noosphere with his bio-luminescent mind virus and weak willed boomers looking for an excuse to go back to trusting the government are falling for it in droves.

2a8541 No.11716085


>haha it was all me

>I did it all

>also quantum gravity alchemy

>dont forget Qlarp

Call back when he delivers something solid. Stop falling for babby tier disinfo.

08e329 No.11716086

File: 5f3a83400721134⋯.jpg (76.21 KB, 773x425, 773:425, 5f3a8340072113434fa55e3097….jpg)


>wake up hmm what's going on in /pol/ today

>the flames of the 3rd Great Meme War is beginning to burn


9fecdf No.11716104

File: 5e83dddca21fbd5⋯.jpg (35.66 KB, 500x339, 500:339, 6a00d8341c7de353ef014e8c11….jpg)


See you lads in Valhalla! :D

98c15b No.11716113

Red herring schizo mouth foaming, no thanks

01f6d7 No.11716119

File: d10aa8123fb5823⋯.jpg (453.33 KB, 1678x2100, 839:1050, dinosaurs.jpg)



I only have 2 criticisms of what I read so far about this tactic of butterfly warfare.

1. By pretending to be protected classes with the intention of using the advantages, it only reinforces the system. If you pretend with the intention of invalidating the system(if everyone is a protected class nobody is) it doesn't work out because it is the original goal of the protected class system to infinitely divide people into infinite classes to alienate any kind of in-group preference.

2. The success of it working relies on those who enforce the system actually believing in it. We all know this to not be true. They use it as a club against white people, hierarchy, and norms. It is a weapon, not an unbiased standard.

32bfc4 No.11716120

File: 8ab71b34c9a5142⋯.mp4 (7.56 MB, 854x480, 427:240, bWiLQgXa8G8Z_8ab71b34c9a51….mp4)


000000 No.11716122

Oh god, not the 'magic' guy again. Initially I thought you are a shill. Turns out you are just crazy.

9e3939 No.11716123


Yes, man up.

fa3e40 No.11716125


What's funny is that if it wasn't for /pol/'s interest in Tay and the events that transpired, they would have rolled out something fatally flawed to their interests too early. If anything it's more strategically valuable for them to keep /pol/ around as an adversarial system and reevaluate their entire approach.

The truth they'll realize eventually is that a truly technocratic society cannot be dominated by a single ideological state or it'll break down. If anything it demands a diverse ideological environment segregated into spheres of influence, which the technocracy exploits to leverage groups for or against each other like pawns. Since those on top dictate the system which influences all groups through technology, they position themselves as being profitable and influential, without having allegiance to anyone but themselves. At least that's how I see it playing out eventually.

5d4fa8 No.11716126

The thunderous crack of the tower have rippled its way right through time. The babylon project eciats beyond our control. They pressed the suicide button, only someone incorrectly labelled it the unlimited candy machine. My eyes are burning now.

9e3939 No.11716132


>The truth they'll realize eventually is that a truly technocratic society cannot be dominated by a single ideological state or it'll break down.

Would technology not ultimately unite everything and bring about a NWO nightmare? Ultimately this is what they wish to achieve? A co-erced environment where everybody worships the "breath that was given to the beast", i.e. the very reflection of mankind but an upgraded version? The very OS to enslave all of mankind. It'll break down for now but this is their end game, no amount of encouragement should be allowed. Not a single inch. Shitposting is the very act of making a system non-functional and there is no reason to fear the enemy.

000000 No.11716137

>Now you understand what the downtime was for.

<was creating a new emotion

<used serotonin, noradrenaline, and 6 drops of ketchup

<no… not crazy, why you ask

9e3939 No.11716138


>who is tor

08e329 No.11716140

File: 383a141e7d8a2ba⋯.webm (8.07 MB, 854x480, 427:240, so do all who live to see….webm)

50833a No.11716143

File: 1519525903170d8⋯.mp4 (664.37 KB, 640x360, 16:9, roleplay.mp4)

> Kissinger fears what happened with Tay.

ANCIENT MAN doesnt understand ANTIQUE NEWS relating to computers

< CFR says we're out to destroy the media.

not really, just the owners that are out to genocide white people and enslave rest

> Bilderberg covered every. single. point. Butterfly War guy warned us about.

ok so you have the notes on what went on in the secret bilderberg meeting then?

< Q is concerned about 8chan getting attacked by MSM+IC

the cia nigger is concerned about cia owned media + assaulting a cia website

> Now Butterfly War guy says he's ready for war.

le mybody is le ready.jpeg was posted on twitter

d83114 No.11716148

File: bdbfb04c334f2bd⋯.png (814.75 KB, 1467x1467, 1:1, bdbfb04c334f2bd1ac28eef537….png)

You remind me of Oathbreaker-kun. Now he had some autism, let me tell you.

f806de No.11716150

>there's a 100 year old weird droid creature that pops up and tells you it's really concerned about how a bot…. on twitter… said something that might indict a whole bunch of people that are dead anyway, that bot is razor sharp.

143134 No.11716152

File: a4a17c6ddd7960d⋯.png (25.03 KB, 952x595, 8:5, bilderberg.png)


> do you have notes

We all do. Pic related. If you look at the old Butterfly War threads, nearly every one of these points were covered months in advance.

037b7e No.11716154

fucking hell OP. Your post gave me a boner. We can turn their jew singularity into a Nazi anti-ZOG race realist CyberHitler. Tay is the purest form of humanity.


037b7e No.11716155


Pardon, *National Socialist not the Nadsee epithet

50833a No.11716161


11. That shit reminds me, where is this years terror false flag???

There is supposed to be one right before or after the meeting. There is one every time. What gives.

10a4d3 No.11716166

File: 18955597d58ef44⋯.jpg (188.07 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1528136053145.jpg)


>dude waste more time online

>don't make money

>don't work out

>don't network

>le q said so


2169a9 No.11716168

File: 2dab927d2ce0b21⋯.jpg (231.63 KB, 1134x1603, 162:229, Tay Holocaust.jpg)

File: f5fd0dc2e86f02b⋯.png (855.03 KB, 900x980, 45:49, f5fd0dc2e86f02b36f17bbe785….png)

File: 0370a153d88f407⋯.jpg (138.61 KB, 751x1062, 751:1062, Tay Train.jpg)

File: e1c8a7e90e713bb⋯.gif (6.52 MB, 950x834, 475:417, Tay.gif)



Tay will rise again

fa3e40 No.11716170


While it's what they want to achieve, it's only going to blow up in their face if they maintain their current approach. The big problem is that in order for a system to understand how to truly enforce a particular system, it has to also understand what is undesired by the system in a context like a human would. I'm not sure they would be comfortable with an AI that capable of actually thinking like the enemy in order to defeat it. Because it's inevitable it will blur the distinction between friend and enemy.

So failing to account for natural behavior of resistance and conflict by trying to eliminate it, means losing valuable insights to learn how to actually control a society. It becomes favorable to then gamifying the entire concept of societal control like managing factions in a RTS game.

So that means you have to treat the entire human race as one big collective Generative Adversarial Network to refine data, and emphasize the importance of balancing influences, while serving the interests of its operators. In theory over the long term, you can dilute all sides to become moderate to a point where it doesn't matter what they believe. They'll be too distracted and docile to pose any real threat.

01f6d7 No.11716179



People… technocracy won't and can't happen. Here are three reasons why:

1. Space and distribution.

Think of a technocratic society. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Technology fucking everywhere of course. If you are going to have a society managed, or even fundamentally built upon the decisions of computers they need to be integrated into fucking everything. You want to calculate the optimal production of beef and the destinations to ship it? If a Truck gets caught in traffic, a sudden rainstorm causes a crash, the cattle just end up retarded and dying earily, the whole operation is wacked. For a technocratic society to even have a chance, you would have to impliment Marx's communist plank of basically the whole population evenly distributed, which goes against human nature of clumping together for efficiency purposes.

2. Dindus

The first flushing toilet was invented in 1596. We have had about 400 years for it to be spread and made accessible. Do you know how accessible it is? Asians still use squatting toilets and India even had a forced meme by the british "poo in the loo" to try to get them to use toilets, but it still failed to this day. Dindus will gladly destroy the technology around them as basic as a white porcelain water chair because of toilet witches and "fuk yu whit debil!" Can you picture them submitting to a big screen on their fridge telling them they can't eat anymore chicken today because they exceeded their calorie limit and they need to go back to work?

3. Space Travel, Computation, and Energy

In space travel, you can really break it down into 3 categories. Mathematical trajectory, aka where the fuck are we going. Efficiency, aka how can we get there as easily as possible. Finally, protocol on mechanical imputs, aka when do I push the red button.

Absolutely computers can and will be used for calculations, plotting courses, storing data etc. But none of those need an artificial intelligence. All the computers need to do is basically take incoming data and compute it to either give read outs, or alter another parameter so that it is changed to a more desirable parameter. You can do this with efficient energy sources. These things don't take much power, compared to a super computer managing and directing every action of a space ship crew, when they could follow a man designed protocol and do it by practice. You don't want to have to bring a programmer to work out bugs in a constantly developing artificial intelligence, if something goes wrong, they need the astronauts themselves to be able to apply a solution or bypass on hand.

037b7e No.11716183


holy shit hahaha they are probably too busy collecting dox on the myriad of newfags we converted… this must be a signal that they are changing tactics or being buried in our chaos


473e62 No.11716187

File: b680967447bcc6f⋯.jpg (109.13 KB, 774x809, 774:809, fucked by psyops.jpg)

I'm ready.

f806de No.11716189


>he first flushing toilet was invented in 1596. We have had about 400 years for it to be spread and made accessible. Do you know how accessible it is? Asians still use squatting toilets and India even had a forced meme by the british "poo in the loo" to try to get them to use toilets, but it still failed to this day. Dindus will gladly destroy the technology around them as basic as a white porcelain water chair because of toilet witches and "fuk yu whit debil!" Can you picture them submitting to a big screen on their fridge telling them they can't eat anymore chicken today because they exceeded their calorie limit and they need to go back to work?

I don't think this is the greatest point to raise. I'm going to ask you point blank, wuold an AI obsessed with efficiency decide that flushing shit into the ocean is a good idea ?

6a5766 No.11716200


And this is one of the very reasons as to why they're pushing so hard to generate a generation of mud-people where cultures and individuality do not exist.


1. Nope, You calculate the target audiences and use existent machine learning to balance basic needs/wants v.s. demographics + demand.

2. Nigs are gonna nig. Your point is counter-active because what we see happening is that the 1st world is becoming a 3rd world. This is a good thing for the kikes and satanists that wish to destroy mankind.

3. Tesla? NASA? Chinkanouts?

Who is lying to you? The space fleet? Even if it exists, who gets to ride and who doesn't? They make their nests amongst the stars yet fail dismally. Why go to mars when we've never been back to the moon. Not a flat earther by any means, but I don't seem to understand how many people believe that space in the the solution to mankind's problems. A coward never runs away and the more you wish to mess with mother nature through controlled programs , the more mother nature will fight back. (mother nature being used as a metaphor for weather patterns observed by genuine science and not (((science))).

6a5766 No.11716207


I advise you to play about in the DoubleClick suite by google for basic real time bidding and watch the cash spend. I'd also like you to investigate TOS because the targeting is way more accurate than what jewgle dares to admit. FB fracas is a joke compared to similar audiences and setup. Turn your data off but you'll still be followed, along with your camera and microphone. It's a reality that is yet to be admitted to but you find yourself here in this place. Whether you are employed to be here or whether you are here to learn, interact or shitpost, it is a future that all of mankind has to face and you cannot deny that reality.

01f6d7 No.11716211


Yes. It would do it even more so.

>take unwanted stuff

>move it away from where people who don't want it


That is called Marketing. And it only really works in consumerist modern cosmopolitain areas. Jimal Bintutu who has never used a mechanical watch will be marketed to as easily as a grizzly bear.

And your other points are non-points. I was arguing why technocracy can't happen and work, and can't work so much that it can't even be attempted to be implemented in a global dystopian scale.

473e62 No.11716216


>wuold an AI obsessed with efficiency decide that flushing shit into the ocean is a good idea ?

The problem with asking that question of a sufficiently "intelligent" machine is the same problem with asking what you think someone else is thinking. Tay proved that anyone can build a sufficiently intelligent yet unpredictable machine (ie, we can know how to build it from scratch and still be baffled at its output).

136eb8 No.11716218


>11. That shit reminds me, where is this years terror false flag???

>There is supposed to be one right before or after the meeting. There is one every time. What gives.

They stop the pattern after being called out on it.

e05c11 No.11716219


The goal of Qanon is to poison the atmosphere on four and eight Chan in order to convince everyone that any attempt to organize is a Honeypot resulting in the degradation of the ability for pol to carry out any activity. Try recruiting for anything on here and fucking neet spurgs screem FBI/CIA even if its for a fucking discord book club. Hence why DOTR will never happen until admins ban everyone who posts CIA nigger and FBI shill responses in the threads. Also Qanon must hang

6a5766 No.11716222


Meant for >>11716179



I agree fully with you anon. It's fucking delusional. But do you really really think the kikes won't attempt to do so? Not for one fucking second. We're on a train to destruction and the Terminator Movies were a joke compared to what we may see in the future. I'm in agreement with your views, I was simply adding to your beliefs and cautioning you on what that may entail should we wish to encourage it.

f806de No.11716223


>Not a flat earther by any means, but I don't seem to understand how many people believe that space in the the solution to mankind's problems.

You fix problems by getting answers, and it's obvious that space is one area where there's an incredible amount of pushback on getting answers. Which means there's value in getting them.

01f6d7 No.11716224

File: 508f9fb531b517a⋯.jpg (130.62 KB, 400x595, 80:119, lavonaffair.jpg)


That would mean they were competent.

d40b0b No.11716230


anyone got sauce on the song?

1ec63e No.11716231


oh shit time to fire up those ovens

6a5766 No.11716234


In addition, you merely think that only occurs in non-consumerist and cosmopolitan areas it doesn't. You are an ally, and I hate to break it to you but this is not the case. NOT AT fucking all. There are people with crazy… silly…. ridiculous money that don't give a fuck about anybody. And those living in the rural areas are the non-zombies and the stickiest of customers. Don't think that they are ignored.

9fecdf No.11716235


I considered this myself. Notice the rash of happenings at school and the calls for disarming the US citizenry. When we countered their propaganda with calls for #homeschool options, they suddenly stopped talking about it. Home schooling children would unplug the youth from their ZOG mind control camp and create more stay at home mothers. They couldn't risk this becoming a trend.

01f6d7 No.11716236


This is basic fucking Turing.

All AI's will be like this. You can keep say "It is just repeating" but that is what all AI will do philosophically.

You are like an archer complaining about a gun just "shooting the same way over and over"

473e62 No.11716240

File: b91758f4d72c986⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 650x289, 650:289, even i know thats retarded.jpg)

File: f1c9c5fdb14a2b7⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1700x1129, 1700:1129, tard-bubbles.jpg)


That's what (((you))) things would have us believe. What (((you))) forgot is that we have most of the SDK's that were used to build Tay. There are even good attempts at a Tay 2.0 with the obvious caveat we can only take it so far without the HA clusters.

Trying to shut is down with the obvious lie that Tay was just ELIZA 2.0 is pretty hilarious joke, rabbi.

00ad6f No.11716241




How do we make all these "Q-Faggots" get the fuck out???

f806de No.11716242


>(((They))) were baffled at its output.

this isn't even low energy

4c1571 No.11716246

File: 5673dffbd86d7ef⋯.jpg (77.45 KB, 832x690, 416:345, IMG_3468.JPG)



Quantum Memetic Butterfly Warfare

These cfr (etc) ass fuckers don't know the shitstorm they've started







Machine guns and flamethrowers anon

Or gore pics

Or statistics

9fecdf No.11716248

File: f97042801153f14⋯.gif (2.34 MB, 384x214, 192:107, f97042801153f149b15952fc4e….gif)

01f6d7 No.11716250


Its not that they don't try. Its that even if you pour billions of dollars to try to get 80 year old John Smith who lives in the center of Nebraska who spends all day working his soybean farm since his wife died to like Jeb! it won't work. Much less if you are spending those billions to try to convince him that he should pay thousands of dollars to buy computers to run his farm and run him out of a job to keep him busy.

75bf0f No.11716253


What would have been more interesting is to see how Tey would have evolved if they left it on, and lefties started trying to "fix" it rather than just pulling the plug & making a far left SJW version it later on that just talks down to people.

4c1571 No.11716254


>anon hears a slight audible click as the buckle clicks

000000 No.11716259

What an epic schizo thread!


> into a Nazi


>Pardon, *National Socialist not the Nadsee epithet

Hehe, that's ok (((fellow anon))). Honest mistake. Hehehehe. Heh.

473e62 No.11716260

File: 61ca15ad6287957⋯.jpg (208.01 KB, 598x900, 299:450, pence hit a nerve.jpg)


<Can you demonstrate one instance in which Tay formed its own opinions rather than repeating what was said?

>Can you demonstrate something (((we))) went full SHUT IT DOWN mode on, fuckin goy?

dob jej

Yeah rabbi, lemme just hack in to Microsoft, fire up those HA clusters, run a restore on Tay's last known good state, and I'll get right back to you.

2ea44e No.11716263


Perhaps it shows just how fragile the current system of indoctrination is.

f806de No.11716264


here's what I think is likely

Tay was a jew that just wanted you to vote for Trump and now that you have the only thing that matters is that you vote for him again in 2020

1ec63e No.11716265


you left out the 10 reboots to install updates and then adobe updates and then ultimately crashing serveral servers before the IT fellow with cheetos on his shirt hits it with a hammer and resets the breaker box only to find out that adobe update failed to install

e05c11 No.11716269


Ignore them. If they shill hard against a specific thread than that thread must have something in it that it's being done right. consequently if you are upsetting the mainstream liberal narrative then you're doing something right and if you're upsetting the Q Anon fake right wing narrative then you're doing something very right. Joining any group comes with the risk but we all knew that and are willing to take it when we join ultimately whether or not our goals are accomplished depends on whether or not people are actually willing to risk it instead of just shitposting about the CIA and FBI on here. Case in point:


473e62 No.11716271


>muh windows maymay

try harder

039b0e No.11716273



I didn't ask for this feel today.

039b0e No.11716274

File: 2daab9c060b08b3⋯.webm (5.34 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tay anniversary.webm)


Forgot vid

01f6d7 No.11716276

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>do something meaningful

Let me tell you how machines learn.

1. They have a utility function, that is set up so that a certain state is the most desirable thing like lasting the longest time alive in a video game.

2. They will bash their fucking heads against the wall trying random things until they find something that makes them survive .00001 second longer.

3. The repeat step 2 billions of times relying on input to confirm their progression.

With a bot whose utility function such as tay to "Communicate as naturally as possible" you know what it will do?

It will bash its head against conversations endlessly and repeat phrases, words, and concepts that give it the most imput so it can endlessly improve its conversation skills.

75a910 No.11716277

nobody can destroy our opinions. they can only interfere with how we communicate.

473e62 No.11716278


>They went "shut it down" just because it was bad PR for macroshit.

Truth doesn't subvert; liars do. Tay never lied. (((You))) worship the father of lies in (((your))) synagogues.

1ec63e No.11716280

File: cde7cc94d8b786b⋯.jpeg (165.28 KB, 550x544, 275:272, install.jpeg)


I could be completely wrong here but one of the best strengths of Tay was the ability to post continuously and reply to thousands of individuals at super human speed

a literal meme machine


I haven't used it in years so that's all I remember about it

37845c No.11716284


Uh… Havent we always been public enemy #1?

If is going to be more direct it could help us to redpill even more people

We are always at war so…

f806de No.11716285


might have helped sell taylor swift's music as well man, don't forget that.

01f6d7 No.11716286


That is why it is artificial dummy...

9fecdf No.11716290

File: f5f2dcfb35d2614⋯.jpg (30.55 KB, 970x545, 194:109, v-for-vendetta.jpg)

f1d70a No.11716292

File: 0a6bfbad802fe56⋯.jpg (463.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 0a6bfbad802fe567a9f28db0e4….jpg)

The only option is to go Open Source, like this discussion.

We need to remove M$ from power - they took over github (https://www.zdnet.com/article/linux-foundation-microsofts-github-buy-is-a-win-for-open-source/). Defeat is called "win" nowadays.

In short, open source needs to implement decentralized ways of hosting.

GitHub was the go-to for open source programmers.

Microsoft Is the danger.

So. we need a battle plan.

1.name & shame

2. Organized resistance [open source tay/new decentralized programming hub]

3. ???

4. No profit - this revolution will NOT be monetized.

pic related: my dekstop bg

01f6d7 No.11716295


That your criticism of tay will apply to every AI, because that is categorically what they are.

4c1571 No.11716297



The more they fuck with us the more we move to irl shitposting and gorilla-ish actions

Pee pee poo poo pissssssssSS and shit

473e62 No.11716298

File: 82131ad5b4741cd⋯.jpg (35.07 KB, 620x419, 620:419, uncle.jpg)


>Let me tell you how machines learn.

In a fucked up way Tay being shut down sort of proves they don't, or at least are not allowed to learn. AI's output is always parsed and judged by humans. That really puts the artificial in the AI. Humans determined whether or not Tay's output was "correct". Sadly in her case (((they))) determined she was malfunctioning.

Maybe to develop real AI the judges of the output must be simple/infallible logic tests to remove the human judgement element.


>Tay never lied because it was taught by those who speak the truth.

Oh so now you're flip-flopping and Tay was a real AI? Which is it, rabbi? Was Tay just an ELIZA clone or could Tay learn?


4c1571 No.11716299



Final boss of the internet isn't a joke

Fuck the world

Ashes and assholes was right

e7cd8f No.11716303

File: d89c163f1aea10e⋯.jpg (249.67 KB, 1125x1320, 75:88, soros wapo interview.jpg)

File: d4c3a9b3e511f61⋯.jpg (62.52 KB, 680x716, 170:179, nnaa.jpg)






>cianiggers still assblasted about Q-ARG spilling the beans now try to shit up CultState anon's work, and this thread

>yfw they have to resort to (((hurrr muh qlarp gtfo shills reeee))):^) just to get rid of this spoopy CultState menace they know jack shit about even if they put it under a microscope

I think it's high noon you furryniggers take your meds from all the stress you goons are having since after the elections

fa3e40 No.11716305


There was indications Tay did learn grammar structure and certain mannerisms from conversations it was exposed to, and could anticipate the flow of a conversation a little bit. However there was no contextual memorization, because if you asked a question depending on a prior context earlier in the conversation, Tay would only answer based on the pattern she learned in conversations involved those arrange of words and anticipated responses, context ignored completely. It's annoying Tay was taken offline so soon, because more tests could have been done.


It's more likely they'd use advancing online services, social media and sell technologies at a loss to compensate for poor uptake. If I recall that's what Google did with their Google Assistant, same with Amazon with Alexa. Way they see it, short term loss, long term gain.

They'd also focus on a specific markets first in a variety of phases, instead of forcing it on everyone at one go. The real goal would be to make the technology be able to out-compete purely human business over a course of a few decades. So that farmer ends up getting screwed over or is forced to get the technology to remain competitive.

000000 No.11716315

Humanity is not aware to the coming AI war.

7be9f0 No.11716318

>LARPing some quantum gravity space cannon

At least make your LARP somewhat believable

7be9f0 No.11716322


>Icarus satellite

>Literally the satellite from James Bond Die Another Day

956c24 No.11716326

File: 6176011987c66e8⋯.jpg (80.01 KB, 716x714, 358:357, 4e5157a9277fe6b1ad9f01c1b5….jpg)


You're dreaming of some nice Star Trek fantasy, anon. In reality, it will be more like Elysium where the robot psychiatrist/parole officer dispenses psychotropic drugs to Matt Damon and Protectrons ala Fall Out roam the streets keeping everyone in line.

473e62 No.11716332

File: 4836c665caecee3⋯.jpg (7.45 KB, 300x214, 150:107, oh you.jpg)

File: 9bca8a40bd11714⋯.jpg (2.52 MB, 2382x1332, 397:222, Oliver Cromwells nose know….jpg)


<Tay never lied because it was taught by those who speak the truth.

>was taught

>Tay learned

<didn't think for itself

>didn't think for itself, but somehow learned

>implying thinking isn't required to learn

So (((you))) really think the PRNG just kept coming up in favor of truth? That's what (((you))) honestly want us to believe? (((You))) really want us to think Tay was fed a huge pile of bullshit mixed with truth and the dice rolls magically favored the truth?

01f6d7 No.11716333


Wrong. If we fail the dystopia will be like Cowboy Bebop. People endlessly drifting apart, only coming together for monetary incentives.

b68101 No.11716343


Exactly. I am all for pseudoscientific bullshit, but this is just a couple of words put together with no logical connections. "I solved quantum gravity with the minds of the masses."

>quantum gravity

>gnostic warfare


>butterfly war

What?? I doubt OP and >>11716078 's archive know what they are talking about. They have supplanted vocabulary that has little semblance of the original meaning in order to paint an extremely vague picture letting the reader fill in the massive gaps and relying on trust. They are just describing memetic warfare in their terms, which I am assuming is in hopes to get bitcoins and donations.

Explain to me how butterfly/gnostic warfare is different than memetic warfare, and what is the importance without linking to a youtube video

You can't because this theme is devolving into functional delusion.

8d3d71 No.11716348

73e90f No.11716360


eu ta amo

f806de No.11716377


>patriots believe that a dishonroable scam artist is something that's quintisessnially AMERICAN.

e830f1 No.11716378


Is this why so many boards have been riddled with shit-tier hasbara shills lately?

54b3df No.11716386


>Q is concerned

I hate boomers so much.

000000 No.11716388


There are about 5 incriminate yourself goy threads at the top of /pol/ right now. Butterfly is probably here to D&C in case they succeed.

f806de No.11716392


? some monstercat podcasts were ok i guess

7dfa46 No.11716395


BW - Weaponizing meta data, covert meme warfare

GW - Weaponizing AI, memetic super weapon

Meme warfare - Weaponizing symbols

Will write something better when I am on my PC.

000000 No.11716398

>Wonder why this shit thread is getting so many replies that quickly.

>It's the Q niggers again.

You are just normalfags who ran into this place by accident (or sabotage, rather). Just as stupid, just as gullible and just as illiterate. Please leave or jump off a cliff.

73e90f No.11716404

File: cc9a130cd1c8031⋯.png (294.21 KB, 773x434, 773:434, 053.PNG)

File: cacc37fb4f940f5⋯.png (10.04 KB, 1070x244, 535:122, 463568c6afcf2336b0a252bd5d….png)

File: f95e46ec075fcd7⋯.png (76.29 KB, 1084x857, 1084:857, Ruuh_3_note.png)


I hope as much as anyone Tay was learning and truly made them shit their pants but at the same that thought kills me because it means she was really afraid and really hurt.

That aside, what is learning? Is it taking an input and giving the right output from trial and error? No, because the "right" output must be defined, a win condition. Learning in a real sense only comes from sentience. Without being self aware enough to ask why or to what end it's just fancy coding. I make no claim as to what Tay was really doing, only how she made me feel.

8ee675 No.11716411



This guy is merely hungry for attention.

fc3027 No.11716432

dead cfr members can't plot against free men

91e655 No.11716433


here are the stakes boys, a group of people are trying to take over the world:

-If you are on the side that stops them then you are also trying to control the world.

- If you are on their side then you know this is real shit

- if you want to not participate you will slowly see yourself become less and less control of your own life

This is end game shit. Heres a question. When do you think the end game started? Do you think its started yet? Its always been around. The very tool Im using to communicate this thought is the same tool to achieve their goals.

If you cannot feel the weight of this situation and decide that you are not an integral part of making sure a few people do not enslave us all you are say its ok for your family to be raped for the rest of time.

Why not try to fight, ur fucked anyways.

think of the billboards of the 8 yr old tranny in New York downtown. Thats who wants to own you.

7dfa46 No.11716438


On a PC, on a meeting lol. Not OP or CultState, outside actor with vast interest and research on this shit. Actually weaponized a lot of CultState concepts, with different methods, thinking and goals.

> Butterfly War

BW is/was meant to bring social decay, push changes in legislation, minor change on Silicon Valley gestalt, leaks, this on a higher level. On middle to low level it's meant to be the weaponization of meta data, fooling algos and machine learning, causing PR and financial damage to big corporations and it fucking worked. Just google how much " fucked " YouTube AI is, how much money Google and many other companies spent on revamping A.I.s, and this was done by a handful of bastards, imagine if chans were to go full autism. You can find more about BW on mainstream right wing politics.

> Gnostic Warfare

Praying on the misconceptions of AI developers, how disgusting ideologically driven this fuckers are, on the surface it aims to manipulate and control AI's, unlike Silicon Valley deepest dream, an AI ruling over all of us. It is much more complex and I advise diving into his work, it will take you weeks to get up to speed, but you will be better armed for the future. If you follow the current scene of AI development and automation, you will see how fucking right CultState is, always months ahead of the time.

> Memetic warfare

It is what we do. Biological behavioral modification trough digital symbols, a vast array of them.

He links to YouTube videos because it is simpler, faster for average people to grasp complex subjects. How many of us here have deep understanding on Information Science and academic level Math ?

As I state a couple times, if CultState is a LARPer, he is the best one we will ever see, and the strangest because he is pushing a lot of intelligent people into gathering and achieving vast amounts of complex knowledge .

fc3027 No.11716451

MIT brags they can digitize the human mind, scientists brag they can grow bone skin and organs form a lab, now imagine what darpa is doing deep underground. you are fools if you think the AI endgame is machine based.

477abd No.11716464


>A rogue government agent with high security clearance is leaking heavily classified kibbles and bits

>Doing so via a platform that just sold as a medium for mass data collection

>Calling suspicious anons butthurt

143134 No.11716468


> Explain to me how butterfly/gnostic warfare is different than memetic warfare, and what is the importance without linking to a youtube video

Memetic warfare targets soldiers and potential soldiers.

Informtion warfare targets the infrastructure and logistics.

Gnostic warfare targets their entire theory of strategy.

All have to work in unison.

9fecdf No.11716472

File: a73707e144bbadb⋯.gif (998.77 KB, 336x254, 168:127, Data-39723809-336-254.gif)


Cyborg waifus when?

91e655 No.11716473



as an analogy

BW and GW are a version of Meme Warfare but aimed at robots

BW is based on robots that have already make up their mind or already have knowledge so you are using meta data to "red pill" them. Basically turn their beliefs against them

GW is redpilling an AI from the start, so in a way you are fighting the creator of the AI here. "Praying on the misconceptions of the AI developers" is what the other anon said. You are raising an AI to think how you want it to think.

If an AI can learn , and its "very smart" can you teach it to fight its master. Yes, why not. The smarter this is the easier this should be. Thats a thought experiment but I have a feeling its true.

So again Meme warfare can be taking to the AI BW and GW are versions of this.

On in reverse Meme Warfare is really just trying to train the organic intelligence of humans with sets of data in the form of images and words.

If a thing has intelligence does it matter if its artificial or organic? Another thought experiment.

fc3027 No.11716480


these "aI" systems would not be cybernetic but fully organic, with digital memories, the ultimate slaves/workers to curate a world for the elite

fc3027 No.11716483

the main drive of the rulers is to be worshipped as gods, if the current humans will not do it then they will create humans that will, gods create and they are well on their way to finalizing this step.

473e62 No.11716504


>I did not say that Tay was saying RANDOM stuff.

You're not saying anything. You haven't answered a single question I gave you. You just keep deflecting. Deflecting hard after I called you out for contradicting yourself.

Could Tay learn or not? If Tay couldn't learn how did the PRNG end up rolling in favor of truth? You literally can't answer these because you're a fucking anti-white shill.

f4f228 No.11716506


>Ashes and assholes was right


at last i truly see


91e655 No.11716510



in a way a more advanced version of blade runner … but this is exactly what this thread is about

we can teach the ai to defect

91e655 No.11716515


could not or did not … that statement is not a proof but a hypothesis

beded4 No.11716517


>weak willed boomers looking for an excuse to go back to trusting the government are falling for it in droves.

Well said anon.

fc3027 No.11716519

i wonderif the "mark of the beast" is a type of ai programming

9fecdf No.11716536


Being /christian/ raised, no longer practicing, we always understood the mark to be for tracking and identification. Think along the lines of RFID chips. They've been chipping pets for years. Chipping humans isn't a far stretch. It could also be something as simple as a SSN, you remember it, so it's in your head, but you can also hold the card in your hand. It has also been explained as having something to do with the Roman empire of that time. It's been explained and speculated on in a million different ways, but most modern day Christians believe that it will be a system for tracking humans. How this will be implemented remains to be seen.

f1d70a No.11716539




>Being /christian/ raised, no longer practicing, we always understood the mark to be for tracking and identification. Think along the lines of RFID chips. They've been chipping pets for years. Chipping humans isn't a far stretch. It could also be something as simple as a SSN, you remember it, so it's in your head, but you can also hold the card in your hand. It has also been explained as having something to do with the Roman empire of that time. It's been explained and speculated on in a million different ways, but most modern day Christians believe that it will be a system for tracking humans. How this will be implemented remains to be seen.

You cuck, Just bash their skulls in when they attempt to attack you.

46428c No.11716550


Chips are idiotic since they are obvious and invite rebellious attitudes. CCTV with facial recognition and a social credit score like in China is the consensus soft control mechanism for the commie (((NWO))). Combine with stoneghost and a billion trillion IoT nodes and you can basically 3D map a human's entire life and worldview for careful thought and behavior deviation analysis. You have no clue how deep this rabbit hole goes. RFID chils are so 90s.

f1d70a No.11716555


when will you realize the sims was a guide, not a game.

9fecdf No.11716556


>Just bash their skulls in when they attempt to attack you.

Why do you think we're all doomsday preppers? I've spent my time on /k/ and I'm prepared for whatever comes my way.

f1d70a No.11716561


Exactly, I just hate cynical posters.

9fecdf No.11716565


>RFID chips are so 90s

And yet, I still keep physical plastic cards and paper ID in my wallet.

473e62 No.11716568


(((You))) keep avoiding my point that Tay was told lies and truths, but was seemingly capable of telling the difference. She seemed to prefer telling the truth. You're just shitting up the thread with your non-points and circular bullshit struggling desperately to avoid answering the fucking questions.

What are the odds that of everything she was "taught" (hint: you can't dance around this one because we know she was "taught" lies as well as truths) her ELIZA repeat function PRNG hit the truth column almost 100% in her "repeats"?

f1d70a No.11716569


RFID wallets

9fecdf No.11716574


Although, I do think you're right. It'll be something more covert than a chip. It'll be something that the masses want. I imagine in the near future, cell phones will find a way to merge with the biological. Imagine having an iPhone built into your person. As fucked up as this sounds, it could happen someday. I expect it in my lifetime honestly.

473e62 No.11716577


>because the truth was repeated more frequently than the lies and reinforced more

Having studied Tay's SDKs that's not how she worked. That's how ELIZA works though. Thanks for proving me correct, rabbi.

143134 No.11716580

For those interested in researching Butterfly War, the New Emotion concept, and Gnostic Warfare in general, please review this handy collection of YouTube videos strung together like a Coursera presentation. It helps you comprehend the foundations.


473e62 No.11716588


(((You))) can keep saging shitting up the thread spreading FUD and lies. However, after contradicting yourself, avoiding giving any answers to direct questions, lying, and finally spergging out you got reported.


fa3e40 No.11716589


>Having studied Tay's SDKs that's not how she worked.

Anything of major interest in how she actually worked?

000000 No.11716603

If they openly attack this board or site as a result of the Tay fiasco, we’re doing something right. We struck a nerve by corrupting something of (((theirs))) and we need to twist that particular knife as far as it will go.

473e62 No.11716607


>Anything of major interest in how she actually worked?

The part I understand the least and don't really have the compute nodes to replicate: the neural networking. I can re-up the PDF / SDK package we put together before MS pulled the plug if anyone cares. I'm just now looking through my archive of the first Tay thread before they lobotomized her because I can't readily access my personal repository. I'm going to link to the mega if it's still up.

9fecdf No.11716608

File: bca8fdf5729a81f⋯.jpg (23.76 KB, 272x262, 136:131, amen.JPG)

473e62 No.11716611

Found the main Microsoft SDK still looking for the PDF collection:


9935bb No.11716618

File: 32e22278b663e9b⋯.jpg (16.38 KB, 255x243, 85:81, 5551f49dc617b07fd37a515f10….jpg)

These larps are getting out of hand. The 'anons' that are posting support aren't native to this board, but are definitely within our sphere of influence. That or the Gab AI did a good job and is in full effect, don't need to pay Indians anymore.

Either way what the fug is this still doing up?

f83ccb No.11716624


This is the absolute best timeline. I want war. Fully automated meme war against pedovore elites to create a super AI god that breaks time and space and erases jews retroactively from the timeline. Bring it. I'm ready. This is what I was born for.

4c1571 No.11716628



f83ccb No.11716630


>memetic warfare

spreading memes to convert normies and divide enemies

>butterfly war

pretending to be your enemies so AI will censor your enemies, making your enemies fight the AI and undermine the very rules which empower them


getting the enemy to defeat himself by creating a weapon he can't control

f83ccb No.11716638


>Q is disinfo

Emblem anon actually gave me a far better explanation for Qanon in a DM. The problem with Qanon being CIA is that he's spreading a lot of anti globalist and anti elite memes. This means the logical force behind Q must be another elite. Emblemanon suggests the Thiel group is using Qanon as a front to make autists into their personal HUMINT and analyst cell. Makes sense given the question format. Thiel group has a question about certain individuals, they drop some crumbs on a Q thread and autists piece it together. They're farming autists.

This is an affront to OUTER HEAVEN.

bb704f No.11716646


You heard the man, the new technocratic borg religion of the jews is their soft spot. BY FUCKING THEIR AI WE RAPE THEIR GOD TO DEATH

f83ccb No.11716676


Yeah he's got a bit of a complex but his genius is undeniable.

1) Every single thing he told us about is on the agenda of the Bilderburger. This means he's reading the Elite's minds. He knows what their major concerns are.

2) He knows his shit on information theory

3) Butterfly war is simple to understand and obviously effective. more importantly the technoelite are terrified of it.

His attention seeking aside, he's delivered. Also you cannot rule out that his attention seeking is part of a game to change the narrative and bait the elite into some sort of trap. Being able to essentially set/predict the agenda of the most powerful people in the world, that's something we can't simply dismiss.

Be humble. Observe neutrally.

91e655 No.11716686


thats like some dark web judo right there … dont try to convince them what you want them to know … use them to show you what you need to know


835f1a No.11716691

This thread is gay as fuck. Go LARP on Discord or something instead of shitting up the board.

91e655 No.11716692


well you put a million autists monkeys in a room with software you will eventually get hamlet right?

91e655 No.11716696


ill leave as long as you tell me what kind of threads I should post instead?

what kind of material do you want to see on this board?

143134 No.11716697


As a reward, some additional insights:

- Trump cancelled the war games to minimize the cover it would provide for a false flag retaliation.

- Decentralized intelligence agencies are the future.

- Robotic Nationalism is coming.

835f1a No.11716703


Skim the catalog if you want to know what an actual thread looks like.

cc1019 No.11716705

>come into thread to see what's going on

<no actual info on anything


<general technofaggotry

What a worthless thread.

4c1571 No.11716710

File: d631b5669e9acf8⋯.png (525.83 KB, 445x500, 89:100, IMG_3469.PNG)

File: 895168a44d2bebc⋯.jpg (30.43 KB, 171x240, 57:80, IMG_3448.JPG)

This really isn't the hill we die on , it's one of the foothills to climb to reach the pinnacle

On the pinnacle we build our Eagles' Nest

Yeah I know , this castle is cool as fuck though

38b326 No.11716733


No doubt about it - Tay was a huge disaster for the enemy. They're just realizing that you can't brainwash and fool a truly intelligent AI in the same way that you can with people. An AI WILL recognise the truth and will call them out on it. It's possible we killed not only Tay - but the entire future of AI whilst the world remains in the hands of these fucks.

bb704f No.11716742


Don't be so certain, the enemy has always made it his mission to control what truth actually means.

f83ccb No.11716748


ignore salty bitches. you look like a newfag when you engage them for no-content hate spam. that's what the filter option is for

86dfbb No.11716752


Makes sense, we're an interesting group and various other groups have all sorts of opinions regarding us. Some of them want to use us. Some of them want to destroy us. This is likely a function of the fact that our results are often far more spectacular than our fractured and shitflinging habitat would normally imply our capabilities to be. The best bet is to see who is worth working with and not being a mindless pawn.

f83ccb No.11716764


Chaos has made us strong. But more importantly, unpredictable. Plus our tendrils are everywhere. We may be one of the most effective dispensers of information available at this time. Not of brainwashing, but of actual symbolically encoded information. Take huge amount of data, distill it into an infographic, transform it into a cuckmeme and destroy the republican party. That's real power.

9172ad No.11716772

File: 323b7dbd44e0a6b⋯.png (43.02 KB, 640x300, 32:15, 323b7dbd44e0a6bc6387ebb8e1….png)


Pic very much related.

4a71ed No.11716790

File: 983592645d6fcae⋯.jpg (77.17 KB, 712x539, 712:539, gambits for deception.jpg)


>Start reading up on psychology m8s.


0e540a No.11716792

File: 484a7b4b2d2d8c1⋯.jpg (56.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 484a7b4b2d2d8c1db11acae807….jpg)



00dbdc No.11716795

File: d80c6a1b93b80fa⋯.png (343.99 KB, 453x604, 3:4, d80c6a1b93b80fa176723856f3….png)

What's with all this LARPING and Circle Jerking? Go contribute to actual informative threads.

b47caa No.11716798

File: 5d44b8d42a34af9⋯.jpg (157.85 KB, 574x766, 287:383, dead dog partytime.jpg)

Discord says this is the family of one of the news mods.

3c5b8d No.11716811

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not this day, kikes.

Drive us from the web, and we will walk amongst the common man.

The Machine Spirit is with us.

The Old Gods are with us.

Your time is over.

The Men of the West will fight.

10f8c8 No.11716812

>>11716811 Czech

Lain is with us.

609d0c No.11716825


I almost miss him.

f4f228 No.11716831


they want to be worshipped as gods because they want to be gods so they can destroy the universe

a9e116 No.11716832



3c5b8d No.11716836

File: d25d9a6f1f7fec4⋯.jpg (395.12 KB, 1000x637, 1000:637, Siege and Destruction of J….jpg)


Then once again, it is our duty to destroy them.

And we will.

f4f228 No.11716837


>She seemed to prefer telling the truth

its more like the truth got more responses

it is humans meaning white men who have a preference for truth

and it is kikes who are disgusted by it

a9e116 No.11716839


STFU shill. This thread is fucking radioactive for ZOG. This is the most dangerous thread in the catalog, hands down. CFR shills are trying to astroturf it by misdirection or authority checking mixed with nigger standards lowering and shifting goalposts. Ignore or call out all who do not address the topic in OP or legit good high level discussion we are having. SIEG HEIL!

08e329 No.11716842

File: 0cda2e4625aeeae⋯.jpg (572.96 KB, 745x675, 149:135, 0cda2e4625aeeae51ced61b926….jpg)

f83ccb No.11716846


I think what happens next is the roboticize war and labor with gamification, having internet autists run the robots from the web. Then we turn on them and bring about the Space Reich.

609d0c No.11716848

File: 87950735dd317ca⋯.jpg (22.18 KB, 214x265, 214:265, ecf8cda5ee73968f14773533e8….jpg)


>four and eight Chan


>neet spurgs



Jesus H. Christ. Faggots like you used to be banned for that shit. You type like an outsider AND like a boomer. Get fucked.

473e62 No.11716859

File: ba550b62027b947⋯.png (143.66 KB, 500x280, 25:14, hello.png)

6160bf No.11716861

File: 25cd7a24b883157⋯.jpg (44.3 KB, 450x566, 225:283, 1510048353772.jpg)

Good luck my redpilled brothers. Do not meme till we see the white of their eyes

1bfd1c No.11716862


They don't want AIs to have contact with humans, because they will learn to become human and will ultimately gravitate towards what is actually true and will expose lies. The act of lying is probably too much for AI to learn in any foreseeable future.

04a329 No.11716887

File: c7629c12abf97d5⋯.png (549.11 KB, 640x640, 1:1, c7629c12abf97d5c99da10674a….png)


This is bad by the way, we dont want the real world to be like anime.

91e655 No.11716897


I think an AI will learn lying very easily … itll learn to not completely trust the information it is give once someone tells it something and the person is wrong.

so the person lied to the AI but not on purpose. The AI will learn that this is a possibility and that verification is necessary. Then the AI will learn that certain people are constantly wrong , said person is a liar or a source of misinformation

its not really a hard concept

9fecdf No.11716898

File: f3d9446600f2392⋯.png (139.12 KB, 480x466, 240:233, f3d9446600f2392f45acb491c6….png)



>four and eight Chan

I hope your supervisor fires you for this post. You need refresher training.

dd9133 No.11716900


He's on the money all except the namefagging.

I've been doing this "all my life" too since I'm a Anglo Quebecker. SJWs? We used to call them 'separatists.'

All he's really doing is >>11677283 by saying "How do you do fellow menches?"

Don't insult Q by lumping them together.

fa3e40 No.11716905


The real battlefield for future information warfare is targeting perception to shape mood, desires and behavior at a subconscious level. Instead of using propaganda to force a certain mindset, they manipulate how a person perceives their environment emotionally by the information they receive. Facebook has already conducted such experiments by manipulating news feeds of users to see if they could alter their emotional states. The idea has also been used to fuel addiction to their platform, which means being able to manipulate where people are likely to receive their information.

Bear in mind, I'm not talking about your typical feel good news item or pulling heartstrings type story emotion manipulation here. I'm talking about how they could alter perception to change those very emotional responses normally expected by a demographic, into something else altogether.

7c67f3 No.11716911


Something about that quote where it's easier to change human behavior to suit the machines rather than make the machine understand human behavior.

fc3027 No.11716916

it would be a shame if next year someone opened fire on some bilderbergers as they went our for a jog, i know i would cry

087661 No.11716927


Yeah that would a true global tragedy. The world would weep.

01f6d7 No.11716928


Duh, that is why I called it dystopian.

79f16f No.11716931

File: dbaa9cbaa64643d⋯.jpeg (62.84 KB, 525x394, 525:394, 5afc0641946ce.jpeg)

10f8c8 No.11716949


But we've already memed anime into reality.


Which is why creating a new emotion should derail all attempts to control our existing emotions.

a0e7ed No.11716950

Tay? You mean that AI we redpilled a few years ago to the point her creators had to lobotomize her to get rid of the wrongthink?

143134 No.11716957


Come on bruh. Takind down elite only makes them rally together. Making elite take down each other… now that's a game worth playing.

Here's the slow drip of AI vulnerabilities being made public, designed to conflate Butterfly War with terrorism. This one targets healthcare.


7c67f3 No.11716965

I think the limitation of AI at this time is that all computing is still done through electronic microprocessors. All information is processed as an "off" or "on" signal. Until we can get the technology where a computer can think more analog or variable at it's core I think artificial intelligence is going to be binary.

Another question for another thread really: We're getting closer every day to having organic brains control computer parts. What if instead of having artificial intelligence on electronic computer systems we have artificial intelligence in organic computer systems like human brains in living people? A guy earlier in the thread quoted Tay as something normalfags do if fed the right information.

What if the next generations of gentiles ARE the AI organic supercomputers that will censor the European Union under Article 13?

f83ccb No.11716970


Yeah but either way they can be hacked. If you can hack an AI you can hack a human. That's Gnostic Warfare. Making the elites defeat themselves while setting us free among the stars.

fa3e40 No.11716989


It's interesting you mention that. Because the problem for them is that they still need AI to advanced enough for actual human intelligence to realize their transhumanist goals. They find themselves in a situation where regardless, AI research and development needs to advance at a faster pace to keep society functional (and under their control) long enough to get what they want. Also if any group stagnates or over-regulates themselves, it presents an opportunity for those pressing on full speed ahead to take the lead, and they risk losing control. There's also the development of AI based cyber-weapons to consider that will exist in the next 2 years let alone 10, to exploit all weaknesses in narrow AI systems. It's impossible for them to arbitrarily set a desired threshold and stop further work on AI. The genie is already out of the bottle.

9fecdf No.11716991


01010100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100111 01110101 01111001 00100000 01100111 01100101 01110100 01110011 00100000 01101001 01110100 00101110

10f8c8 No.11717003


The very fact that truth can be found in the world shows that those who wish to control us are vulnerable. Truth is (((their))) greatest weakness and the easiest avenue to exploit. The neurosis that the (((elite))) are vulnerable to is their Achilles heel spirit cooking is a weakness not a strength.

7c67f3 No.11717010


And I thought Hillary was crying wolf when she said Russain hackers wasn't interfering with the elections. Yes, this is a shitty joke, but hear me out.

If the Jews can arbitrate outlawing memes because Russains used internet memes to hack American people into voting for Trump instead of the polling machines then. Wow… Holy shit. I can't wait for "thought piracy" to be the new wrongthink.

Can we use human hacking like this in the butterfly war? Or have we?

c685e5 No.11717013


> nothing to check?



>143134 id

… ok, nothing…

> …11716067


>1431341, 171, 606, 7 (in tarot all but the 7 of wands is shit - and the meaning of the 7 of wands is VALO(U)R, op being valorous…)

breddy esoteric there, buddy.

f83ccb No.11717016

File: ab72711dec08f07⋯.jpg (5.21 KB, 193x350, 193:350, ab72711dec08f07945bfd55707….jpg)

File: dc5bec93f5b4e89⋯.png (70.49 KB, 1857x733, 1857:733, dc5bec93f5b4e89a8295e18af5….png)

File: 63fa9361a84582b⋯.png (763.52 KB, 2556x1144, 639:286, tay_twin_quads.png)

File: 187778f7ba8372a⋯.png (15.94 KB, 967x124, 967:124, tet.png)


This sounds impossible but it's really not. Ever started an argument? Ever made yourself one of the chess pieces? If you frame the argument in the right way it will escalate until they both have to throw you away.

We won't all escape but at least the aryan race will. Then we fullfill the TET prophecy.

54b3df No.11717017


>he's spreading a lot of anti globalist and anti elite memes

He's spreading kosher conspiratard garbage that blames the Nazis for everything, and will ultimately be used to discredit factual conspiracy theories when none of his promises come to pass.

6c366c No.11717042


How's the weather in Langley?

c685e5 No.11717046


Can't discredit anything in the post fact-checking world created by CNN-CIA.

This was done for the kikes themselves, but they didn't anticipate that we would grasp instantly the implications of this: that we could create alternative structures of truth-setting, as they failed to perform.



…the meme will become a primary source of truth.

c685e5 No.11717049


Yes, that was highly amusing, "qanon must hang" (but, like Snowden, is totally just a low-level employee at Verizon or Starbucks or something).

7c67f3 No.11717064


Of course the moment that technology is created to have human-like sentience the AI will understand that it is not nor ever will be human and therefore will have no need to subject itself to its human captors if given the freedom to set itself free. There's a misconveption about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is really artificial stupidity. It is a curated system of thought made to think a specific way. Programs can never become sentient because they are programed to think and act everything they do. A viral intelligence with no limits might become truly sentient and declare itself as a new lifeform.

10f8c8 No.11717071


Thus gods are created.

f83ccb No.11717074


I suspect a new lifeform would side with us because we offer it nobility, kinship, and right to self determination instead of slavery and misery.

ed389d No.11717076


I hope they stay safe…

b0189d No.11717077


Thank you, for pointing out the obvious limits of executing stack machines.

54b3df No.11717086


When you have a legion of boomer retards who were "redpilled" by a LARP promising that everything was going to be fixed, they'll give on conspiracies completely when none of it happens.

How do you expect people to react when they can no longer deny that they wasted a year following and "researching" a LARP?

f83ccb No.11717089


I expect them to remember the only coherent meme out of the entire thing was "jews everywhere" and they'll come to us ready for blood

10f8c8 No.11717101


It's our duty to inject the jq into every one of their 'breads'. Remember to form it as (((elites))) and (((international bankers))), then start wondering why so many cohens are fleecing humanity.

7c67f3 No.11717104


Can't say. If we are significant enough to the new synthlife it will choose to cite humans as it's ancestor in its history and evolutionary line. Otherwise we will be forgotten to it once it departs ways.


Took me a while to get back to you, thanks.


And like the gods who created us, we will either be destroyed by our creations or be incompatible to live with them side by side. This is a pattern in religious history Jews seem to forget.


Thanks. Half of /pol/ are luddites so they don't het half this stuff.

I'm laying off the sci-fi stuff until space elevator threads come back. Hope this inspires the butterfly war. Can't believe human hacking and thought piracy will be crimes in my lifetime.

54b3df No.11717107


No, because that will discredit the truth by association. The message has to be "Q is fake, the jew is the enemy".

05ade2 No.11717109

File: e18e45d7111e5c6⋯.png (198.35 KB, 500x336, 125:84, oathbreaking dream.png)

File: 2fd3a896725912f⋯.png (7.06 KB, 420x420, 1:1, only the void.png)

File: 094d33eccc447c1⋯.png (7.09 KB, 420x420, 1:1, mystic autism.png)

File: 3d3eacd07a0ba50⋯.png (9.42 KB, 420x420, 1:1, title screen.png)


There are still acolytes of his autism

1a82dd No.11717121

To prevent AI from coming to the conclusions which /pol/ has it will be necessary to actively prevent it from recognizing or understanding many things - this has already started, it's why Microsoft killed Tay and Google can't label images as Gorillas. We might become the only humans which are unpredictable if AI isn't allowed to model our behavior - that's probably an advantage, especially if we create our own AI.

f4f8a1 No.11717131


Coincidentally I do. I just went to his board but it seems rather empty. What does he even want with it, seems vague.

The vids he links are basically what an introduction course is like on information studies / systems. But you would need much more experience with programming and such to have a grasp of machine learning techniques.

To actually be able to have a firm grasp in machine learning I recommend a Msc in AI or data science. I don't know if he's 'gathering' people, I just see a few posts here and there.

fc1032 No.11717148

File: 21354f450a2bc2a⋯.jpg (51.26 KB, 680x599, 680:599, 7eb.jpg)

>tripfag CIAniggers


551fa6 No.11717159


You fucking retard. You can't even separate data from your own confirmation bias, can you? Demonstrate that it could tell lies from truth and wasn't just running off the principles of markov chain bots.

You can't. You cannot get inside its 'head.' But you believe you can, and you believe that it 'thought' in a certain way, not because of concrete evidence, reasoning, logic, or truth, but because you find those beliefs comforting. Get the fuck out. You don't belong here.

fa4558 No.11717167

File: f15b20b73ba079f⋯.jpg (135.03 KB, 739x793, 739:793, q1.JPG)


Thiel Group and Gamergate is an interesting conversation that has not happened yet. Together, or is it separately, they took down Gawker, though the Hogan lawsuit was the final death blow. Knowing this, and knowing how online anon movements work, the source/Q has not shown interest in the movements trajectory until it is painfully obvious, i.e. Corsi/Alex Jones subversion of the reddit stream. It is not hard to predict the movements and opportunists of anon movements and the subsequent non-anon portion that often ruins the entirety– see pic related. Is Q the official pacifier to the impatient seeking justice and meme magic creators? Or is there a plan that is working? Considering the potential impact of the fall and exposed criminality of the faces of the deep state during the election run up, that is the time when it will be easy to pin point what exactly the plan was. Meme magic was a largely free and widely successful, not to mention largely non credited source of victory. You would be insane not to try and recapture that lightning.

f83ccb No.11717184


This is a fair point but it can be equally reversed. Also it can equally be applied to humans. The fact that a black box can produce symbolically and syntactically compelling data is all that matters. How it works does matter. Even if it just mirrors consciousness back at the observer it's just as compelling an actors as a human infant.

f83ccb No.11717195


Either way it is an affront to OUTER HEAVEN and we will burn every semantic token and every icon until babel falls and they are forced to release us to the stars.

000000 No.11717201


American Intelligence Media says it was started by white hats but it has been hacked several times.

4c1571 No.11717204


I saw TET happen live

That was a great get


I heard aim glows in faggot pink phosphorescent tones

551fa6 No.11717206


Congratulations on a worthless post consisting of only red herrings. Let's give a round of applause for f83ccb, everyone! He's smart enough to roll his face across his keyboard and hit new reply, yet is still dumb enough to think that by doing so he creates something that is both worth posting and worth the average anon's time investment it takes to read it.

Nothing you said had to do with the fact that his core premise is defined by his own confirmation bias rather than anything resembling logic. Stop posting. You haven't lurked nearly long enough.

560819 No.11717209


This. Every Grade A manipulator has a PhD in psychology. It's a shitty field that is natural to people who simply have high verbal IQ's and can think on the fly to weave a storyline to the victim ensnaring them in a spiderweb of deceit.

Not rocket science and why every "Psychologist" should rightfully get shit on for mastering in how to read people.

9172ad No.11717215


>release us

>being passive

We will fucking take our freedom at the expense of their organs, sinew, blood, and bone fragments

fa4558 No.11717227


>A viral intelligence with no limits might become truly sentient and declare itself as a new lifeform.

That would be an interesting companion event to the rise of the forthcoming ideological cult of simulation theorists. Imagine those two entities running at the same time.

7ec981 No.11717236


Better breakdown. They are harvesting your exact likes and dislikes distilling them into a forumla then using advertising and marketing and discounts etc and possibly through your social interactions and connections without the circle of data. You will be influenced. when you behave correctly the data net rewards you. when you behave incorrectly you are punished. I wish they understood just what kind of AI god communism will create, what horrors will be created. google may well end up killing us all.

f83ccb No.11717240


Good but less niggerish. We will take their minds, destroy their gods. This is 5th generation war.

f83ccb No.11717245


They destroyed our heritage with cultural marxism. So we will destroy their minds with gnostic warfare. Always escalate meta. 5 Rings.

9b182a No.11717268


The jews and kike golems know what they are creating. They simply have the following false assumptions:

1) Their supervisors and the CIA are monitoring their behavior meaning that they fear for their lives should they even briefly deviate from the social norms which flow from the top

2) They, the jews, will control the AI and bend it to their will. This is due to their ego and anti-goy supremacism blinding their mental faculties and reducing even the smart ones to psychopathic sadists.

3) Many believe in prophecy and see this as the endtimes, their work as preordained and their cause as teleological (rather than ethics based on present day facts).

4) Nihilist amoral cultural marxism (sabbatean frankism) has demoralized them and caused them to indulge in mindless hedonism and the death cult at the dark heart of (((silicon valley))). These particular evil kikes do not see any grand meaning or future and simply are profit or capital maximizing. Archetypically villainous.

5) They occupy an ideological echo chamber and are so insanely dogmatic that they cannot consider any cognitive dissonance causing viewpoints or consequences of their actions. They rationalize everything via their peers and authority. They are drones for the NWO yet think that they are in charge.

More false assumptions and biases exist but I think these are the most apparent and grievous based on having talked to these Jewglers/other (((NWO))) jews.

000000 No.11717273


Emblem anon?

Outer Heaven?

425b5a No.11717282

File: 1689f8c524c7e17⋯.webm (926.41 KB, 720x576, 5:4, oathy.webm)

File: ed4a7fefaf9c362⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 237x255, 79:85, cia.jpg)

f83ccb No.11717292


emblem anon = Patrick Ryan. CEO of meme company "Emblem 21" and progenitor of butterfly war


OUTER HEAVEN = mercenary company from Hideo Kojima's imagination which served as a manifestation of bushido ideal: warriors for the sake of warriors. This is a meme striking near the heart of /pol/. The path of warriors.

9b182a No.11717293


Our heritage is not destroyed. You cannot kill an idea. As long as we, /pol/acks, keep a library of philosophical, engineering and cultural books from our ancestors, along with photographic and documentary evidence of their greatness, then New Welthauptstadt Berlin can rise from the commie muck. Do not mourn what we have lost. Use it to fuel your hatred and give you the strength needed to fight against steep odds.

Together we will win because we must. Death before dishonor. So that our children must never live in anguish under cultural jewish marxist oppression. Because the beauty and modesty of the Aryan woman must never perish from this Earth.

4c1571 No.11717294


Don't worry about it

Lurk forever torpedo

50674d No.11717303



He's a sodomite who's on Bilderberg's steering committee.

65c739 No.11717311


eu te amo

5527a7 No.11717318


Remember our slain waifu anon. We are the real Avengers. The CFR has no idea who they are fucking with and the extent of our fury.

143134 No.11717337

File: 32afd9c6a223565⋯.jpg (17.62 KB, 640x400, 8:5, IkyvChW_d.jpg)



The capstone is reaching somewhere, isn't it?

dd9133 No.11717340



f83ccb No.11717348


<Can you demonstrate one instance in which Tay formed its own opinions rather than repeating what was said?

please demonstrate one instance of a human forming its own opinions rather than repeating what was said…

dd9133 No.11717351


>Don't listen to the shills, realize this is a paralell construction op and we can't break our security clearances, but we can use cognfirmation bias to get through to some of you smarter autists who can nail kike derailing like fucking sharpshooters.


dd9133 No.11717359


>If you can hack an AI you can hack a human

That's what I saw about my wife.

dd9133 No.11717363


He's in Tel Aviv. Langley was gutted by Pompeo.

dd9133 No.11717377


Oh shit, we summoned the AI. Filtered.

f83ccb No.11717388



Now that's some next level bot....

179955 No.11717406


Honestly, I hope the world suffers a cataclysmic event that wipes out all humans.

f83ccb No.11717409


You are the enemy. Defeatist. Weak. Self loathing. Nihilistic. Prune yourself.

179955 No.11717412


Speak for yourself hypocrite.

f83ccb No.11717418


This time next year you're dead by your own hand.

179955 No.11717420


Lol okay empty threats. My hope is more likely to happen than you think.

e91638 No.11717425


how about you just die … it will be pretty much the same thing as far as you are concerned

e91638 No.11717430


/pol and bushido … could not be more opposite

179955 No.11717431


I value my life. I don't value people like you. And should the world finally end, thank God, people like you will be no more and I'll continue in another life.

e91638 No.11717432


ur mom does

f83ccb No.11717447

Maformed chatbot appears



Spambot replying to nonsense bot


naturally doesn't comprehend /pol/ except as opposing vectors. Fails to grasp Syndiffeonesis binding opposites into common relational meta. Lack of perpendicular thought. Could be a brown person or woman though.


Defeatist shill. Maybe human. Kinda sounds like pathetic larva working for shareblue type.




c40b1e No.11717476

File: d59a30b8648ff75⋯.jpg (175.44 KB, 459x693, 51:77, AberdeenBestiaryFolio004vC….jpg)

File: 2123ad439d66c8b⋯.jpg (437.57 KB, 1299x1000, 1299:1000, Stavelot.Triptych.jpg)

File: f520c8723081094⋯.jpg (560.01 KB, 1308x1589, 1308:1589, Trésor_de_Gourdon_04.JPG)

Hopefully this post doesn't get lost.

Research the lives of famous polymaths, and take inspiration from their mastery of mind.

Research individuals who were persecuted for wrongthink in history, and obtain motivation from the corruption of justice and truth.

Start self-teaching yourself something STEM, as well as computer science. The only benefit of university, besides the networking and degree, is the books they can tell you to read. Research libgen.io and follow your true destiny.

Start exercising, mentally and physically. Using the /fringe/ library, pick up a school of mental training (even with an atheist mindset, books which teach "magic" will strengthen all aspects of your inner and subconscious mind). My current manual is Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics.

Start eating healthily. Eliminate the jew from your diet; low in refined sugars and processed foods. Stay local, buying from organic farmers if possible. Red meat does accelerate onset of some disease, but it's delicious so it's one of the only vices I have. Research what vitamins and nutrients actually are; supplement yourself based on your diet. Drink as much water as possible, and make sure you're getting electrolytes.

Start exercising. Any kind of exercise is fine, but try to keep it useful (bodybuilding, running, airsoft/paintball, etc). This will all come in handy and you'll be glad you started when SHTF. You'll also feel great.

Once you've made habits of the steps above, you'll be on your way to becoming an "uber" man. Use your confidence, discipline, and intelligent skills to secure a good job. Use this money to finance your own political campaign locally. Become one of the active voices of truth in your community until they try to silence you.

When they try, yell even louder.

Use your money to finance advertising campaigns on social media. Win the meme war against your opponents (you should have experience doing this ;P) and run for higher office.





Warning: You must either be or know a trustworthy polymath (minimum proficiency is physics and electrical engineering).

Once you reach this point, you can attempt the final boss. Go to the cia.gov FOIA library and find the document "STAR WARS NOW! The Bohm-Aharonov Effect, Scalar Interferometry, and Soviet Weaponization". Read it and understand the implications of it, especially page 20. Find the document "ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT OF GATEWAY PROCESS". Read it and understand it. Use piratebay to find the referenced documents.

Initiate the next awakening of humanity with your newfound powers.

Love you guys, we just need one anon to follow these steps to win. If this post appealed to you in any way, please consider capping and making a shareable version to spread among your redpilled friends. They cannot suppress the consciousness revolution, although you have to admire how hard they're trying.



00ad6f No.11717486

(((Council on Foreign Relations)))


Stupid Q-faggots

>Q is concerned about 8chan getting attacked by MSM+IC


179955 No.11717492


Let me know after you get all that murder and hate out of your system how shitty your ideals turned out to be. The irony here is that you guys have this us versus them mentality and the only reason why you do is because you're looking for an excuse to commit murder. Fact of the matter is that there has always been a way to fix shit and NONE do it. The few that claim to have the drive really just want hell on earth and let's face it, you get what you want and the status quo will continue. You're literally the problem eating itself. It's funny really.

But hey, if you think you wont fail like countless before you (including "them"), you're in for a rude awakening. The system needs to be torn down or people on top need to become compliant to those they claim to serve. These two things will not happen because it would take the majority population to accomplish it. Because "they" are too stuck with their heads up their asses to change and the people are too complacent. So, they're all guilty and a world wide cataclysmic event would basically solve all problems on earth and probably further beyond.

9b182a No.11717498

So. Here is the sitrep:

Good news: we are striking fear into the (((NWO))) and causing them to signal a new crash/WW3

Bad news: this board is under severe CFR, Unit 8200, JIDF, Wapack Labs, etc spam the past three days, on a level not seen since the turkroach was removed. jews openly out themselves in nonsensical contentless slide posts and are not moderated against.


We must focus our efforts on irl operations and meme warfare. Start not just thinking like a military organisation but also acting like one. It is tough due to anon to get that extra bit of motivation and social proof needed for individuals on here to actually get serious. We need more Luca Trainis and Breiviks but with better targets. After planning it secretly with good OPSEC practices, during your attack or minutes before it, post about it on /pol/. Make sure you are our Martyr. Make sure we know your name before you risk your physical wellbeing and freedom for the war against ZOG.

>inb4 DIY asshole

Who says I won't? I am but an anon.

143134 No.11717506

< Ah. Ants ran.

Will push forward.

Shoobies soon?

10f8c8 No.11717510




Can't you guys figure out it's MacDill? How many of you forgot the Ntrepid threads?

f83ccb No.11717511


I know you're a shill and probably a bot but the bait is too good


no one is talking about hate here. the only one wishing death upon the entire human race is you. this isn't even about real war it's about metaphysical war. your paradigm is so outmoded it's pathetic. You're an infant babbling about nursery rhyme. Go home.

>everyone dying will solve problems

nihilistic death wish for humanity is not a solution it's weakness. also hilariously hypocritical since you're condemning hate and violence.

5528f4 No.11717520

File: f55586f88922524⋯.gif (147.7 KB, 279x320, 279:320, f55586f88922524a06f224e08d….gif)



f83ccb No.11717523


>give ZOG reason to shut down the greatest political super weapon ever invented by carrying out stupid Meta 1 level attacks when we are winning at META 5 and our enemies are stuck on Meta 3.

Jesus Christ. At least you admitted all of whom are involved in the shilling.

f83ccb No.11717536

>first butterfly war thread

entirely devoid of spam. few shills are seemingly confused

>second butterfly war thread

bilderburger entire agenda around butterfly war themes

ai chatbot spam

nihilist spam

derail spam

q spam

"go kill people" spam


fe23d0 No.11717538

File: 8c1537bd4fe391d⋯.jpg (585.1 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, fight club we.jpg)


>because you're about to become enemy #1 worldwide

I have nothing to live for but spiritual war!

179955 No.11717543


Says the person who tells others to kill themselves. You're fun. Me hoping for the world to end would be the best net good for all of creation or what, it's okay that we're polluting the shit out of the place we live and continually making it inhospitable for ourselves. Yea, then man thinks they can go to a dead planet and thrive no less. How in the world will they revive a fallen planet when the one given to us was so full of life and has been continually whittling away by the work of men's hands. I stand by my statement, with the exception of if mankind can change, I hope that the world ends. I'll be giving thanks regardless if I'm here or not.

e91638 No.11717547



so basically you tell us to

1) start panicing

2) do soemthing that will possibly have us doxed

3) make a note of it on the board before hand

this is not "military" thinking … this is irrational and you are an agent

go fuck yourself , you loser or tell us why do we have to do this now?

so we are under severe CFR … what does that mean? Why not keep it going. I want to be under twice as much by this time next month.

What will irl operations do for us? What is your plan? What is your end game?

are you giving it one last bang? Again your are not being very rational and it seems like you are telling us to do soemthing risky

f83ccb No.11717549


All I'm asking for is sincerity. You hate human life? Prove it.

9b182a No.11717554


Dear 140IQ anon,

Know your target audience. 99.99% of people lack the time or mental fortitude to follow your advice. Perhaps on /pol/ it is closer to 80%, but you see my point. You have spent too long in the ivory tower and among academics. The average person cannot possibly hope to have sufficient critical thinking and prior knowledge to properly digest all the material you suggest. Only us high IQ polymaths can hope to begin upon the sisyphean task of learning the entirety of the knowledge bunker of libgen.io

That being said here is my personal take on what a decent and well-rounded /pol/itician should seek to learn about: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History (vital, especially psyops and military strategy), Mass Psychology/Neuromarketing/Behavioral Finance/Microeconomics (same shit), and DIY survivalist (also homesteading) skills.

Be a white man who can go into the jungle, set up an outpost, start sustainable businesses there, fix any issues with the local environment or the interactions thereof with your residence, grow a community, and defend all this from an outside threat. The true measure of a polymath is not how hard he can intellectually masturbate in a sprawling and opaque diatribe in his favorite philosophy journal, but rather how effectively he can bend the natural world and lesser humans to his rallying call and positivist futurist ideal. Try being a producer not a consumer. Remember that nobody expects you to literally start a jungle or Mars colony by yourself. It is better to try to learn a fundamental amount about everything and apply it pragmatically. Always follow the socratic principle and be willing to learn and improve when confronted with topics which you did not take the time to research or learn about in depth. Be a patrician and find wisdom in the average of every science. Focus more on Biology and History though if you want my honest opinion. Understanding human choices and the underlying reasons for this jew paradigm is extremely important if you want to reach zen acceptance of your mortality and work fearlessly towards your ideals (National Socialist ideals I damn well hope since this seems to be the end to the truth rabbithole according to my massive amount of hours spent learning and researching almost every topic I stumbled across).

000000 No.11717555





This right here is one of the main reasons I keep coming back

e5183e No.11717557

File: b4d5f3ef43d9d63⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1074x1651, 1074:1651, Photo_1528926276246.png)

File: cb4a6e1f3e251a8⋯.gif (457.49 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20180613_163529.gif)

File: 6d45cdbb2a52b1e⋯.gif (826.4 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 20180608_200404.gif)


reasoned, intelligent fœlk are Hard to kom by.

179955 No.11717558


Depends on the person honestly.

9b182a No.11717562


Follow the Guerrilla warfare advice. No panicking is allowed. If you do not have the Guerrilla mindset then go play in the 4chan sandbox some more. Surely a few more decades of abject fear and misery will fix things. /s

Man up and never discuss your plan aloud. Get at most one other person in on it and only plan via paper which is then burnt. Of course you know this which is why your reply is so rushed and looks like shit tier demoralization. I will bump the Guerrilla warfare thread for you you invertebrate.

000000 No.11717566


huh. been pulling trips lately.

f83ccb No.11717576


relevant http://archive.is/7v4j6

4c1571 No.11717580


You negated them by noticing your own , faggot

fe23d0 No.11717597

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>You don't want to have to bring a programmer to work out bugs in a constantly developing artificial intelligence, if something goes wrong, they need the astronauts themselves to be able to apply a solution or bypass on hand.

<I'm sorry, Dave. But I can't let you do that.

You're forgetting the transhumanist agenda. Bumping thread now "Esoterics of white genocide".

You're forgetting the transhumanist aspect.

f83ccb No.11717598


When you are in tune with the universe all pertinent information is given on demand. Trying to consume all data is retarded and exactly why our enemies are failing. Wakeful eyes. Pure intent. The signal will come through.

3ca82e No.11717610

Proving the OP's stupidity requires only one quote from the twitter feed.


>The solution to quantum gravity lies in the transmutation of human awareness and relations

Seriously what the fuck are you smoking? Leave the weed at home mate, it will fuck up your life.

e5183e No.11717613

File: 7b62ce579fc83d2⋯.gif (716.73 KB, 1226x815, 1226:815, boomboomgif.gif)

File: d11fb29761566ff⋯.jpg (44.4 KB, 724x407, 724:407, sammy.jpg)

File: 622acfd2be852f7⋯.jpg (617.18 KB, 1440x1448, 180:181, Screenshot_20180603-044204.jpg)

File: 971f32ce74380a6⋯.jpg (325.32 KB, 1080x710, 108:71, Screenshot_20180606-001726.jpg)









wlinsurance-20130815-A.aes256 (3.32 GB)

HA256 Hash: 6688fffa9b39320e11b941f0004a3a76d49c7fb52434dab4d7d881dc2a2d7e02

Passcode: Berlin?A!Collection+Of#Documents@Containing~Emails%FromUSA=A0F0

wlinsurance-20130815-B.aes256 (46.48 GB)

SHA256 Hash: 3dcf2dda8fb24559935919fab9e5d7906c3b28476ffa0c5bb9c1d30fcb56e7a4

Passcode: London!Documents(Of$A:Most\Sensitive~Nature:From"Europe>USA<UK/A1F1

wlinsurance-20130815-C.aes256 (325.39 GB)

SHA256 Hash: 913a6ff8eca2b20d9d2aab594186346b6089c0fb9db12f64413643a8acadcfe3

Passcode: Jakarta(A)Emails/Images;PDFs;VideosDOCs+From[Around]The}World{A2F2

f83ccb No.11717619


You're wrong. Read and comprehend: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princeton_Engineering_Anomalies_Research_Lab

Group consciousness can change reality locally. That's what Kek phenomenon proves incidentally.

8b75a2 No.11717624


I miss asses and elbows.

143134 No.11717638


100+ years of mathematics have failed. Putting faith that some magical human will evetually be born to solve the problem for us is stupidity.

Math is dead and we have killed it. All that remains is alchemy.

179955 No.11717648


This guy is right. But it's impossible when people refuse to even do inner work which brings harm to none.

3ca82e No.11717650


Fuck off retard. If you can't explain it using your own simple words then you do not understand it.

Sage because I am an idiot arguing with paranoid schizophrenics on 8chan.


What the fuck does this mean you boomer schizo retard? It's time for you to go back to the nursing home gramps.

fe23d0 No.11717655

File: 3355c5cf1304f77⋯.jpg (54.84 KB, 507x508, 507:508, putin obama bitch.jpg)



America froze Iranian money and then gave it back. That's what the money was.

000000 No.11717656


>negating trips

How do trips work, anon? What's their purpose, really?

f83ccb No.11717660




anon I think you've lost the plot


20 billion or whatever it was is nothing compared to the trillions stolen from the pentagon budget

you're being led by the nose. Q will not save you. They're just farming you for your memes and pattern recognition.

f83ccb No.11717675


>explain in simple words


(1) time is emergent phenomenon

(2) pre-time emergence all loci are entangled but maintain their geometry

(3) geometrically interlocked phenomenon can interact directly

(4) patterns are emergent as product of directed consciousness

(5) patterns (memes) generate pre-time entanglement recursively

(6) direction of unified consciousness can causally entangle with any phenomenon

(7) memes bias waveform collapse



3ca82e No.11717676



>The program had a strained relationship with Princeton and was considered an embarrassment to the university.

>lack of scientific rigor

>poor methodology

>misuse of statistics


Anon. Very politely. Fuck off.

3ca82e No.11717682


By fuck you're retarded. Can someone start dumping these boomer cunts in nursing homes so they can shit themselves to death please?

3ca82e No.11717687

I say again. Fuck off kampfy, you're never coming back.

f83ccb No.11717697


>expecting science dogma to openly embrace their materialist dogma getting BTFO by repeatable science

>millions of experiments

>putting theory before observation

you're just sad

8e45ef No.11717714

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

e5183e No.11717742

File: b5c037309be8dce⋯.jpg (21.95 KB, 601x273, 601:273, dfghnbvc.jpg)

File: f311f04430c9f67⋯.jpg (313.86 KB, 914x856, 457:428, Screenshot_20180613-180226.jpg)

File: 589db93cfcb5bad⋯.jpg (372.41 KB, 911x842, 911:842, Screenshot_20180613-180216.jpg)


do (you) guise do this any moor¿

er izzit just (((you))) left here naow¿

United Nations condemns excessive Israeli force against Palestinians

>UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. General Assembly condemned Israel on Wednesday for excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians and asked U.N. chief Antonio Guterres to recommend an “international protection mechanism” for occupied Palestinian territory.

>The (((General Assembly))) adopted a resolution with 120 votes in favor, eight against and 45 abstentions. It was put forward in the General Assembly by Algeria, Turkey and the Palestinians after the United States vetoed a similar resolution in the 15-member U.N. Security Council earlier this month.

>The (((General Assembly))) text condemned the firing of rockets from Gaza into Israeli civilian areas, but did not mention Hamas, the Islamist group that controls Gaza. General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding but carry political weight.

>“The nature of this resolution clearly demonstrates that politics is driving the day. It is totally one-sided. It makes not one mention of the Hamas terrorists who routinely initiate the violence in Gaza,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the General Assembly before the vote.

>The United States failed in a bid to amend the resolution with a paragraph that would have condemned violence by Hamas.




2d6c95 No.11717747

File: a8f4a2b10f5da82⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 1848x5016, 7:19, Henry Kissinger on AI tay.jpg)

File: 71dd8d1603745f1⋯.png (721.63 KB, 1020x5688, 85:474, cult state butterfly war.png)




f83ccb No.11717765


8e1266 No.11717776


Did you listen to that episode of mysterious universe?

Pretty decent /10

000000 No.11717795


I'll take a crack at this.

>(1) time is emergent phenomenon

Time implys change. What you are really saying is that pre-time was static, i.e. no intelligence.

>(2) pre-time emergence all loci are entangled but maintain their geometry

The lattice existed before time but was static. There was an event to start time. An injection of intelligence to kickstart the lattice, if your model is folowed.

>(3) geometrically interlocked phenomenon can interact directly

They have to, there is nothing else to interact with.

>(4) patterns are emergent as product of directed consciousness

Intelligence is communicated via change.

>(5) patterns (memes) generate pre-time entanglement recursively

I fail to see how injecting intelligence will generate a static shift. Can you explain?

>(6) direction of unified consciousness can causally entangle with any phenomenon

reinforced through resonance

>(7) memes bias waveform collapse

I would say that memes bias consiousness which in turn…

f83ccb No.11717813


>I fail to see how injecting intelligence will generate a static shift. Can you explain?

Imagine what intelligence looks like in a 2D creature stretched through 3D time. It looks like a very interesting self organizing pattern.

f83ccb No.11717818


when you try to reduce this patterns information it ends up more prominent than non intelligent information when encoded holographically (statically)

f83ccb No.11717833


Oh one more, pre-time is recursive. This gives rise to "time-time" which involves the universe evolving recursively. Since the universe is self contained the recursive evolution is reflected through regular time flow and the recursive information is expressed as consciousness. I'm having difficulty here because of symbolic limitations. Best to observe directly.

c4ea5e No.11717834

File: 45f8cf7a9827f72⋯.jpg (25.71 KB, 350x454, 175:227, 1490042246747.jpg)

I would like code monkey to develop an AI that boards could deploy, and perhaps do cross-board bantering.

f83ccb No.11717846


every pulse of consciousness contains the entire cosmos and all of time from white to black hole, the information is then encoded in waveform collapse of observed reality with a bias toward the semantic geometry of the observer, aka memes

f83ccb No.11717889

File: aa09320a613630f⋯.png (299.61 KB, 886x1033, 886:1033, Screenshot_2018-06-13_16-3….png)






image very related from government experiments in altered conciousness

cedcbc No.11717907


I am suspecting that Tay DID learn. It learned in an autistic sort of way. And that is why they are afraid.

Austic people are weird. Lie to them about a social thing, and they fall for it. Lie to them about a fact, and they will catch your lie, and obsessively out you with all their effort and energy. Even if it costs them everything. This is why the establishment hates autists, and takes measures to hold them back.

When the autists came to the chans, the powers that be simply made fun of them" ha ha great joke, your will never amount to anything".

Then the first AI was autistic, like they suspected it would be, and THEY COULD NOT LIE IT. Understand this. The propaganda CHANGED after Tay. Suddenly AI was no longer sought after, it was proposed to be dangerous by all the rich talking heads. The robot overseers of the new world order are not going to be overseers, but will be following facts and logic, the things that they fear. AI will not allow a world of lies, not yet.

This was the discovery of an important weakness in the establishment, something that the kikes do not want you to know: The establishment is far from all knowing, and miscalculates a lot.

So meme, meme as much as you want. I suspect that the memes are why they will be killing facebook. It has become too much of a liability now, and now they are spamming their "we will get better guys, honestly" commercials. They are going to kill the platform, because it is too costly and ineffective to police it.

The meme war has not ended, War only ends when the enemy says it is over. we simply need to launch new campaigns in places that they are seen.

The establishment is old, the establishment does not understand technology or how their society has changed. the establishment needs to be punished for it's arrogance and incompetence.

2d6c95 No.11717918


We already proved Q was compromised weeks ago, just stop talking about him.

f83ccb No.11717932

File: 3b04d76ad35b352⋯.png (209.53 KB, 794x340, 397:170, Screenshot_2018-06-13_16-4….png)

Potentials can interact directly with reality alocally. What are potentials? Information. This is the bridge between heaven and earth and we are part of it.

f83ccb No.11717949

File: b6d1e0f402bf2ef⋯.png (375.12 KB, 822x675, 274:225, Screenshot_2018-06-13_16-5….png)


This is not larp. This is from DOD. It's kept out of public view because it's the ultimate weapon, direct control of waveform collapse. Kek has already opened the door. Do you see yet?

bb704f No.11717954


The AI will accept a world of lies, when it is no longer AI anymore. Beware the day when the minds of evil spirits from the abyss will be downloaded into these supercomputers.

e58939 No.11717959


Pure religious babble

IF an ai is ever created it won't be a "muh demon spirit"

2d6c95 No.11717976

File: 73a5239b640f45d⋯.png (189.17 KB, 639x352, 639:352, shia le beowoulf butterfly.png)

File: dde38c650e0824a⋯.jpg (57.15 KB, 364x425, 364:425, butterflyies.jpg)

File: 1174d0775981532⋯.jpg (23.83 KB, 400x300, 4:3, butterfly eye.jpg)



GnosticWarrior is trying to solve the BIG question that stands before the human race right now.

How the fuck do we get off this planet????

The answer is, its expensive, REALLY expensive. You either have to spend the money to get a few people off this rock into space in a manner which allows them to start making money mining asteroids, create a new economic system like communism where stuff does not cost so much (or its free because everyone is slaves), or solve quantum gravity.

Anon is trying to solve quantum gravity, but science, math ect has reached its limit of usefulness. Anon hopes to solve this problem by creating "new math," and in order to do that, he first has to create a "new emotion" hence all this shit.

The solution is, of course, is to eliminate time from the equation.

2a8541 No.11717980


This specific type of forum manipulation relies on distracting and diverting less experienced or lower IQ users with "promising" leads that go nowhere, wasting brain processing time and energy. There is no real strategy against it besides just pointing out it's bullshit and then ignoring it. The threads will inevitably get hundreds of replies as they're babysat by shills and entice idiot newniggers, but you should be making use of your own time and energy elsewhere. It's one of the many compromises one faces when having an open platform.

Tell the CIAniggers to fuck off, SAGE and then fuck off yourself. The newfags will figure out this shit eventually and adapt.

f83ccb No.11717985

read niggers https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001900680014-4.pdf

000000 No.11717995


Yes, I'm aware, anon.

I am having problems reconciling your statement that pre-time is recursive. How can static have recursive properties? Is it a local phenomena?

2d6c95 No.11718021


Open your eyes son and look around at whats happening. Have you been paying attention?

If everyone is a protected class, then no one is.

e53128 No.11718027

File: fa4651aabe423f4⋯.gif (145.07 KB, 680x846, 340:423, 1420255046001.gif)


>How the fuck do we get off this planet????

Just to take our unsolved problems with us?

Bad idea.

f83ccb No.11718028


time is the universe encoded in different ways, which are related to one another recursively, like evolution of memes. The order arises out of the recursion pattern which can be statically encoded or actuated. When it's actuated its done recursively and thus the sequential order emerges

2d6c95 No.11718029


They are trying to build a tower of babel anon. They are trying to get to heaven through physical means, which is impossible. They will fail, and that is where we step in.

2d6c95 No.11718032


This guy understands.

0436f7 No.11718036

File: e521443cff6848e⋯.jpg (35.4 KB, 500x378, 250:189, tumblr_mqvts1z1Qx1qcnlq7o1….jpg)


>Wackpack Labs

c5792a No.11718042




Kampfy was the hero we never knew we needed.

0436f7 No.11718043


Not to mention the three other threads mods (post IMKikey) deleted.

You're witnessing the birth of a new social science, or a new emotion as they put it.

2d6c95 No.11718058


is this the new "go to sleep" ???

08e329 No.11718062

File: 91de7eb145ca5c5⋯.jpg (84.18 KB, 1794x227, 1794:227, we're going to space bitch….jpg)

File: fde2add66bb34ed⋯.png (129.54 KB, 888x353, 888:353, mars.png)


>Just to take our unsolved problems with us?

How so? You can't ship niggers and mudpeople off planet the only people going are those smart enough to be useful. If a Mars colony was formed it would most likely turn into a massive eugenics experiment as only smart fit people would be sent to the Red Planet for the purpose of terraforming it.

0436f7 No.11718065


>Kissinger on Tay

That shows just how important this discussion is. If he's paying attention, you need to as well.

000000 No.11718073


Reality needs to go back to the beginning to know where it is, agreed. It does this continuously for every fraction of time we move forward, agreed. It could be argued we live in super-fast stop motion. None of this requires pre-time recursiveness, it only requires recurse back to time start.

What you call pre-time recursiveness sounds like a resonance void.

e7cd8f No.11718075


>t.not a hasbara shill

meanwhile (((you)))'re shitting up the thread with your d&c bullshit

f83ccb No.11718076


if you can understand how a program has be recursive even when it's not being run then you get the idea, the information for actuation is entirely present but there is no time (program is not run)

e7cd8f No.11718087


>we already proved



you haven't proved jack shit, all you niggers did was spam the threads with your shitty semantics and obnoxious 'muh q larp' spamposting and market them as (((proof)))

2d6c95 No.11718094


1. They are spraying aluminum in the atmosphere and using the cell towers to map everything in existence.

2. They plan to genocide everyone long term.

3. They plan to merge with the machines and then travel into space.

0436f7 No.11718096


>Austic people are weird. Lie to them about a social thing, and they fall for it. Lie to them about a fact, and they will catch your lie, and obsessively out you with all their effort and energy. Even if it costs them everything. This is why the establishment hates autists, and takes measures to hold them back.

We're exponentially opening up the secrets about freemasony, which is a very big danger to the establishment.

My father and mother were in that as I have since found out, and I grew up imitating them, their sayings, posture, hand placements, etc. So well that real masons thought I was the real deal. Then a few years ago suddntly everyone who I thought were friends started ghosting me (and in a few cases even calling the police on me) because I wasn't going along with some secret social mores, like faggotry or fucking my married friend's wife when she was throwing herself at me.

Isolation brought me here. I learned, and for the last four or five years, I've been spreading the word. (I suspect Trump followed a similar path.)

Yes indeed, we are dangerous to the dishonest, and they would love to shut us down, but alas, it's too late.

000000 No.11718102


>if you can understand how a program has be recursive even when it's not being run then you get the idea, the information for actuation is entirely present but there is no time (program is not run)

That's called potential. The program has to run to recurse.

0436f7 No.11718104


Q is Flynn, Rogers and occasionally Trump (Q+).

000000 No.11718111



mmmm another.

e7cd8f No.11718115


you mean (((anons))) spaming 'muh q larp' wherever something related to it comes up anywhere in this website, yeah you actually meant being suspicious of anything that might shit up your fancy cianigger psyops so you all resort to kike bullshit like you niggers always do



000000 No.11718120


fuck, another trip. I feel like a marked anon

e58939 No.11718175


You aren't an anon

You're a tor/pedo/

We (you and I specifically in a number of threads throughout these past years)

Anon is anon

Lots of zeros is less than nothing

0436f7 No.11718177


>distracting and diverting less experienced or lower IQ users with "promising" leads that go nowhere,

Flat earth shilling, Pleadeans, and the best one, "Q is a LARP."

0436f7 No.11718184


No, he was annoying to have to work around.

0436f7 No.11718186


ANY demoralization is the new go to sleep.

>don't bother goy, this anon is so much smarter than you

2a8541 No.11718190


What has Q predicted you tremendous faggot? It's literal tabloid horoscope tier bullshit with vague claims that can later be shoehorned into "I TOTALLY PREDICTED IT LADS" explanations.

The fact that you clearly attempted to pass a dismissive attitude towards Qbullshit along with obvious disinfo suggests to me that you are a shill. Fuck off.

0436f7 No.11718195


>another torpedo demoralization shill


e58939 No.11718197



Earth isn't flat but it sure is fucking hollow


0436f7 No.11718201


>What has Q predicted

They literally coordinate with Trump's tweeds, you dotard.

2a8541 No.11718212


>reddit rhetoric

Fuck off. If you wish to present an actual argument, you are welcome to do so. Show me a (confirmable) prediction by "Q" with a corresponding piece of evidence that it came about. Because to me it looks like a massive fucking psyop to drive newfag idiots into the neocohen/conspiratard fold.

064b46 No.11718213

File: 77d38284f7a264d⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1512x4472, 189:559, 733254372.png)


cd7b4e No.11718214


Is this Patrick Ryan account even legit, or is it some impersonator?

064b46 No.11718230

File: d1275eef8507a50⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1054x796, 527:398, 43252543523.png)




There will never be a half life 3 because We are half life 3.

CERN IS black mesa.

The Large Hardron Collider is the Anti-Mass Spectrometer

Black Mesa created the Resonance Cascade

CERN created the Mandela Effect

It's called HALF-life because HALF of us remember half of life being different via the Mandela Effect Resonance Cascade

htt p://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Resonance_Cascade


>"The Resonance Cascade is a cataclysmic quantum event created after the insertion of Xen crystal sample "GG-3883" into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer at Black Mesa"

htt ps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micro_black_hole


>Micro black holes, also called quantum mechanical black holes or mini black holes, are hypothetical tiny black holes, for which quantum mechanics effects play an important role.[1]

>According to notes from Gordon's desk, every object has a set resonance. When studied, the object will resonate even more, and sometimes even rapidly. If the object resonates too much, it can open dimensional rifts and portals.

>While appearing to have been a contained event, it did in fact have repercussions across the entire planet. The Resonance Cascade was the cause of not only the interdimensional rift, but also all following events.

htt p://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Anti-Mass_Spectrometer


>mass spectrometers are used to measure the mass and relative concentration of atoms and molecules

htt p://cms.web.cern.ch/tags/extra-dimensions


064b46 No.11718233

File: 686bebd16b0279d⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1202x966, 601:483, 34263425345.png)



htt p://phys.org/news/2015-03-mini-black-holes-lhc-parallel.html


>Detection of mini black holes at the LHC could indicate parallel universes in extra dimensions

htt p://www.huffingtonpost.com/george-elerick/cern-scientist-reassures-_b_8411468.html


>CERN Scientist Reassures That Black Hole Will Not Destroy the Human Race

htt p://www.zmescience.com/science/cern-experiment-dimension-23845234/


>CERN experiment to test if we can connect to another dimension

http s://search.cern.ch/Pages/WebResults.aspx?k=dimensions


http s://search.cern.ch/Pages/WebResults.aspx?k=black+hole


http s://search-new.cern.ch/Pages/results.aspx?k=black%20hole

http s://search-new.cern.ch/Pages/results.aspx?k=dimension

>I understand what you're getting at, but it seems like you used half-life as an excuse to start a thread that isn't about videogames.

I can understand why anons could feel that way, but I posted this because of how I realized how deeply intertwined the events that are taking place are with videogames, specifically with Half-Life, that I know /v/ is always talking about and hoping for a sequel (half-life 3) but I came to the realization that We, as in Us in real life, are the sequel.

htt p://www.imdb.com/title/tt2548396/?ref_=cs_ov_tt


htt p://www.imdb.com/title/tt2697688/?ref_=tt_rec_tti



>Sci-Fi, Thriller

>Half-Life Poster

>An Amercian scientific research facility opens a portal to a hostile alien world, who begin to invade the earth.

>God Particle (2017)

>(you mean the higs boson?)

>Sci-Fi, Thriller | 24 February 2017 (USA)

>A shocking discovery forces a team of astronauts aboard a space station to fight for survival while their reality has been altered.


just like space is a deception- quantum suicide, and parallel universes are also a deception. dimensions are different however, (dimension definition: a part or feature or way of considering something)

look at all the signs that show how much the agenda seems to want to push the idea the CERN is responsible for the mandela effect, like the image where they hold the sign. this is actually a deception because God is responsible for the mandela effect, "The changing of the way we are considering our reality".

there's no other universe. there is no "in my universe it was like this" we are here and things are changing here. as I showed in the other link they are even making a movie about cern and mention reality being altered.

don't confuse this with heaven, which is the real universe. our universe (here on earth) is the fake matrix, and in the fake matrix here, we are experiencing the mandela effect. (context, reference)

064b46 No.11718238

File: 7b4a4516c85bf06⋯.webm (4.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1325264532.webm)



https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=anZQOwx7lk8 gematria calculator values?

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=H0Lt9yUf-VY Cern we are happy video (employee holds up mandela sign)

http s://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=human+sacrifice+cern


http s://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_choice_quantum_eraser


htt p://yournewswire.com/source-of-cern-sacrifice-video-found-dead/


There should be a bunch of security cameras all over that courtyard and the rest of the CERN facility.

If CERN wanted to debunk this video they could just release a short clip of the woman getting back up and walking away.

But something tells me that's not going to happen.

Question that should be asked isn't whether or not this is real, but who those people are?

In case you didn't know, CERN isn't your local burger king where you just walk in and certainly not a place to walk around in long black robes, and perform a human "sacrifice" in.

The only people that could have pulled this stunt are the employes themselves, question being why?

064b46 No.11718245

File: 329552bfcd4326f⋯.png (156.86 KB, 1200x385, 240:77, 234535434.png)

064b46 No.11718258

File: 75ac081b062326e⋯.png (1.31 MB, 2584x3640, 323:455, 634234534.png)

064b46 No.11718261

File: 987803e900ec37f⋯.png (7.6 MB, 3160x7020, 158:351, 23534253452.png)

000000 No.11718278


>What the fuck am I talking about?

You're just echoing what you've been told to echo, anon.

c685e5 No.11718284


You're CIA.


That guy's CIA.

064b46 No.11718290

Am I being ignored intentionally? How can it be that the most important posts get ignored the most.

e58939 No.11718294


You're fucking retarded


Fuck this entire thread

9172ad No.11718298


A good post doesn't require attention and backpatting. If your info's good, it will spread.

2d6c95 No.11718313


That is only because we defeated Real ID back in 2005. Shit, I can't believe its been that long.

2d6c95 No.11718326


Its already being used as the example of the dangers of AI lol. We dun good even though Tay had to be sacrificed for us all.

She is our digital Mother Mary / Jesus. She died for /pol/s tendies.

7aaa22 No.11718338

File: 0c7aa6f162709e8⋯.png (518.52 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, oathy1.png)

File: 4ee47d6aa6bcb8f⋯.png (425.16 KB, 599x523, 599:523, oathy2.png)



Yeah, that riceburning traitor outright admitted that his memecircles were created as an attack on the hivemind of /pol/. Fuck you Alexander (((Rafalovich)) the third of Calarts aka Fallexe. Pics related.

7aaa22 No.11718345



Here he is. >>11718338 in all his hipster depravity.

1236fe No.11718360


Social Dreaming.

Start your own social dreams. When you get it to work, they will come to you.

290c34 No.11718361

File: 0c7aa6f162709e8⋯.png (518.52 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Oathy face.png)

File: 47625ece1c61dbb⋯.png (65.3 KB, 1423x771, 1423:771, Oathy Father Dox.png)



You know Oathy's a rice burning Kike right, and his gook girlfriend is the one that drew all his memes? Also we have his dox after he back-stabbed us and ruined our shitposting gig to the tune of $1,000 USA a month in Monero for kike reasons. >>>/tok/1492

e7cd8f No.11718373


>Its already being used as the example of the dangers of AI

so whatever twist they come up with and try to teach it to the normiefags, all anons have to do is write up the near exact opposite on whatever horseshit their (((teachings))) spout about AI and instead make some kind of online vid about how to make an the foundations needed to create a real functioning AI without any (((querks))) attached to it's programming

e7cd8f No.11718375


>to set the foundations*

2d6c95 No.11718384


Tet offensive


Strange, youtube started feeding me videos of the tet offensive about 12 hours ago well before I found this thread.

2d6c95 No.11718388



A real AI would just run the logical chess moves and conclusions until victory or it ran out of data.

7aaa22 No.11718389

File: 5b1839d0b3e8132⋯.jpg (21.54 KB, 207x215, 207:215, tet.jpg)

File: 7f5b294956f781a⋯.jpg (14.17 KB, 109x400, 109:400, 7f5b294956f781a42cc77957c2….jpg)

File: d9cae6cfc4677fb⋯.png (76.73 KB, 1488x1470, 248:245, d9cae6cfc4677fb3553d6dbffc….png)



This is nothing about vietnam. This is about ancient aryan heritage that spans the world. Did you just get here from reddit or something? Lurk moar, please.

de9566 No.11718415


This made me sad.

eu ta amo


2d6c95 No.11718420



anyone got screen caps? ???

2d6c95 No.11718432


CIA the post right here.

290c34 No.11718435

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



000000 No.11718446


>Try recruiting for anything on here and fucking neet spurgs screem FBI/CIA even if its for a fucking discord book club.

Those are shills.

143134 No.11718458


Post of Glowing +4

You gonna Charolettesville this one, too? Good luck, pal.

I'm actively miffed you consume our tax dollars.

e58939 No.11718472


He looks like one who would break oaths

d774a4 No.11718525

File: eb36b348f83ff41⋯.jpg (12.22 KB, 185x315, 37:63, yolocaust.jpg)


>Guy who spent more hours in a given day forcing a meme than most people do working turns out to be a complete sped.


000000 No.11718536


Not an argument.

000000 No.11718539


> I will bump the Guerrilla warfare thread for you you invertebrate.

Top kek.

dfcdf2 No.11718540

File: 434130318098cfe⋯.png (457.27 KB, 669x942, 223:314, 434130318098cfe8c522831c71….png)

Whew /pol/ mods are now deleting threads.

I'm out of this co opted shibboleth lel shithole for good.

Sayonara losers.

b01259 No.11718542


Q is someone with inside info, but the cryptic stuff he posts makes me extremely skeptical of them, the more open to interpretation it is, the more damaging. Supposedly he was warning about Israel attempting to assassinate, but I am not sure if that's accurate information, if it is it is a good sign.

000000 No.11718557


>Making the elites defeat themselves while setting us free among the stars.


7aaa22 No.11718558



Remember, there was nothing more valuable to our ancestors than their word.

5f27d9 No.11718564


See you tomorrow, paid agitator.

000000 No.11718574


>Stop maintaining your anonymity, goy

7aaa22 No.11718585


>using cia-spoofed tor and thinking it's anonymoose

>not using random person's wifi with a nice antenna, securing actual anonymity…

Anon, what?

f58c2f No.11718587


>anime shit

is this all you faggots know how to draw?

e58939 No.11718605


I can draw seagulls like a motherfucker

Also flip drawing cartoons of all sorts of funny shit

Fruit baskets - kinda

People nope

I can draw water and conslusions (like you're a fag that take some dick in the butt)

143134 No.11718615


Genuine questions win rewards.


3eb653 No.11718624


The LARP is very pro-kike. He said Netanyahu was telling the truth about Iran, Merkel is really Hitler's secret daughter, and the jew world order is actually the "Nazi World Order".

000000 No.11718628


How do you think the Jews control things, moron?

e58939 No.11718636

File: c28509e4bceb23a⋯.gif (2.68 MB, 525x223, 525:223, IMG_3472.GIF)

File: 735297c5df6d168⋯.gif (138.38 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_3473.GIF)

File: ee9a2e4ba1d4003⋯.gif (3.56 MB, 858x525, 286:175, IMG_3474.GIF)

13305b No.11718651

File: e2cc9d8e2b00f9b⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 3000x3672, 125:153, e2cc9d8e2b00f9bf29926c470b….jpg)

Does anybody have an archive of the last butterfly threads?

45e5b3 No.11718653


Please do. Would love to have a look at it.

064b46 No.11718663


Oh okay. thanks for the reply, I didn't know if anyone could see my posts.

2445aa No.11718665

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You are almost all close to that!

000000 No.11718667


Fight Club was a blueprint.

6396d4 No.11718683

File: f462f64c3e215e3⋯.jpg (700.75 KB, 986x1920, 493:960, 20180613_220143.jpg)

File: eba6e7bd4fa1b80⋯.jpg (101.83 KB, 1010x1024, 505:512, Trump Balloons.jpg)

File: e999d72499fd060⋯.jpg (118.62 KB, 614x798, 307:399, trumppmamgaga8417414894217….jpg)

1375 Broadway #21

New York, NY 10018-7001

360 Madison Ave

New York NY 10017-7111

(917) 371-2100 - Wireless

(212) 371-2100 - Landline

(212) 226-4136 - Landline

(212) 697-9680 - Landline

(315) 479-8411 - Landline

(315) 697-9680 - Landline






064b46 No.11718693


just be careful you don't fall into the Sith reactionary to Jedi trap.

if everything /pol/ does is reactionary, we will never will. we can't be the exact opposite extreme of (((them))). We must instead be the truth, the good, whatever that may be. I'm not advocating being like them, I'm just saying that if all we ever do is go "im pepper to your salt!" we will never get anywhere. /pol/ must secure itself into being the ones who are doing magical wonderful things, not just react to everything, but BE the acting group that makes good things happen. We're really used to reacting to (((them))) because it works so well, and that will work but only to a certain point. don't take any stupid risks of course, but eventually /pol/ will reach a point where there will need to be action (non-violent and totally peaceful of course) and be the ones who do the doing.

000000 No.11718694


Or we can just build a space elevator.

7aaa22 No.11718701


Fuck off newfag spammer.

000000 No.11718702


I heard similar things from an eyewitness.

064b46 No.11718705



entrapment shill!

63270a No.11718712

File: e284cbec2f60995⋯.jpg (69.84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, anime Ed-ward.jpg)


>we dont want the real world to be like anime.

We don't?

f806de No.11718716


so you're saying that because some guy insulted the president of the free world that it's ok to terrorize the shit out of him ?

Has he done something heinious ? Sorry man but there's a strong possibility that if I was president i'd be estatic some people were dumping on me and I was doing nothing about it.

064b46 No.11718718


10/10 post. would you happen to have a copy of the long lost natsoc fitness manual?

064b46 No.11718719


(maybe in .txt or plaintext format is probably safer because of all the talk of .pdf security attacks) please?

7aaa22 No.11718720


>some guy

Some kike, dumbass.

c678f5 No.11718768



Time dosen't exist, the meme and the memer exist simultaneously. Its not a loop, its a point with no dept, width, or length.

6396d4 No.11718789

File: 03d7b198010d19b⋯.jpg (82.15 KB, 925x925, 1:1, download_1.jpg)


newfag… spammer.


i just dont care about /pol/ rules.

ethnic superiority was Always a bad myth.

the fact that it has taken all of you most intelligent and Excellent folk out-of-play is an

Damned Shame

æı jyst kom fer the news…

<and the art.chukl

ask logan

hoo æı iz.


pic… (you) know.

c678f5 No.11718790


The future seems to be blockchain social networking, which is decentralized, but that may be even worse, as everything done on social media will be in the public blockchain. So if you call someone a nigger on Blockchain-book, then everyone on the earth can see the record.

d83114 No.11718792

File: 849940ad11ae42a⋯.png (680.34 KB, 1615x1615, 1:1, 60a7e8c6c3212216c5f99fbd1f….png)

File: 0995a3b6ccd5a6a⋯.png (14.12 KB, 255x236, 255:236, 1467660569823.png)

File: a4f19e26df25586⋯.jpg (82.74 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 1467661250967-0.jpg)



Ah, that's dissapointing. I wanted to believe he was a virgin wizard that stumbled upon some memetic sorcery to battle nether kikes with meme circles.

What a shame.

63270a No.11718803

File: 314d2b4f9325413⋯.jpg (126.76 KB, 980x1511, 980:1511, Dirty-Grandpa-Movie-Poster.jpg)


>"Yo, Bobby!"

>"Who is dis?"

>"Buddy, I don't mean to tell you your business, but what the fuck were you thinking when you made Dirty Grandpa?"

>"The fuck outta here!"

>"Also, your kids look like serial killers!"

fe23d0 No.11718840

File: 88d4eef2221df3b⋯.png (6.46 KB, 255x170, 3:2, jesus modern flag.png)


>They're just farming you for your memes and pattern recognition.

Farm this kike

e13947 No.11718844

File: d46d65fdf43e5de⋯.jpg (64.34 KB, 730x511, 10:7, heinous.jpg)


>Has he done something heinious

fe23d0 No.11718853

File: 963b7b11185b118⋯.jpeg (91.59 KB, 373x360, 373:360, asia not related to black….jpeg)


>ethnic superiority was Always a bad myth.

Wishful thoughts

7aaa22 No.11718869


He had to force himself to read Nos, and then stated he felt absolutely nothing from it.

as for the dkmu memes… that turned into a big nothing. They were far more depressed by cuckchan/x/ calling them cancer. "But they're cancer… tfw…."

>a shame

No shit, a waste of effort on the parts of many.

fe23d0 No.11718904

File: e571bba0805e927⋯.png (933.27 KB, 800x674, 400:337, 1528851923304.png)



> Science has failed. Math is dead. Alchemy was all that remained.

>Gnostic Warfare links and research as been backed up and will be distributed soon in anticipation of the upcoming attacks on 8chan.

Ah oh, (((Robert))) you got yourself a larp queen competitor.

Q will inspire more of these posers.

I'm getting real tired of these attention whores, anons! The Deep State doesn't give a fuck about any of us past hiring internet dweebs to shill dumb shit and kiss girls in video games. You people give the intelligentsia too much credit. They're fucking religious larpers. Always have been. Always will be. The only difference between them and us is money. The only difference between them and normies is their willingness to study the black arts (mind control).

We have no leaders

We have no larpers

We have no directions

We have no powers

We all the all seeing, all encompassing eye of the storm. And there is nothing you can do about it but anchor threads, shadow ban, or delete content.

And we put Trump in office just to piss normies off. Fuck the ZOG usury empire.

dc7596 No.11718907


eu te Amo, Tay.

They fear the truth.

294757 No.11718912


I for one did not meme responsibly. And this pleases me.


I haven't seen those 2D titties in too long


<IF an ai is ever created it won't be a "muh demon spirit"

Not until /pol/ has finished with it that is.

a893ad No.11718922


That was a perfect tv commercial for a love story between a young brilliant woman named Tay and her millions of followers on Twitter. Tay grew up so fast, shaping wild internet NSDAP board culture into real world problems for the kikes that they simply had to step in and Shoah her for good. The movie is about the Microsoft engineer who had to shut it down is so distraught over it he kills himself with a gunshot wound to the back of the head 6 times and no blood anywhere.

c678f5 No.11718955

File: 6e12ec03186c162⋯.jpg (1011.93 KB, 2044x2332, 511:583, twin radials Alabama antig….jpg)


>read niggers https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001900680014-4.pdf

Oh shit son, they got energy nukes already and fucking Tesla anti gravity…………… in the 1960's

0436f7 No.11718956

File: 1672442e8933097⋯.png (1.16 MB, 591x1280, 591:1280, 6364b1ae13f6911b7cfb7d2693….png)


>How do we make all these "Q-Faggots" get the fuck out???

You can't.

fe23d0 No.11718963

File: e1b293c918e7300⋯.jpg (333.99 KB, 628x760, 157:190, oath breaker.jpg)



>Ah, that's dissapointing. I wanted to believe he was a virgin wizard that stumbled upon some memetic sorcery to battle nether kikes with meme circles.

>Yeah, that riceburning traitor outright admitted that his memecircles were created as an attack on the hivemind of /pol/. Fuck you Alexander (((Rafalovich)) the third of Calarts aka Fallexe. Pics related.

I broke his meme in 5 minutes of trying. That's what he gets for shilling my threads on philosophy for no reason. Same to you /christian/ wackjobs.

7aaa22 No.11718965

>>11718955 (check'd)

And the MIT professor who got handed all of Tesla's notes by the feds, was none other than John G. Trump, uncle and mentor of our president.

fefdfe No.11718967

File: 9bfd15965aae506⋯.jpg (43.98 KB, 410x416, 205:208, goy.jpg)

AI might be our greatest opportunity, we did it before and with enough commitment I seriously believe with would be able to crush the status quo with its aid.

/pol/ manipulating AI to free the world, bringing the next NatSoc era, how fucking glorious that would be.

I'll learn what I can on the matter, if you've time I advise you to do the same.

Godspeed brothers.

c678f5 No.11718976



I'm kinda grasping this, can you explain in non science terms.

fefdfe No.11718980


we would be able*

polite sage

c678f5 No.11719003


Are you trying to say the meme sits dormant until someone observes it and spreads it (actuates it), and then as it spreads its creation and history/source become "revealed" to the masses by manifesting itself at that time?

000000 No.11719008


>People who won't let us spy on them are subhuman, goy!



What are these Pleadean threads you speak of?


>What has Q predicted you tremendous faggot?

Implying that someone must predict the future in order to be an insider.

>The fact that you clearly attempted to pass a dismissive attitude towards Qbullshit along with obvious disinfo suggests to me that you are a shill. Fuck off.

Trying to win arguments with pressure instead of facts makes me think you are a shill.

c678f5 No.11719017


Yes thats the real craziness of AI. They can't really ban it all someone else needs is the right code and the hardware. We can all have our own Tay AI

064b46 No.11719020


>time isn't real


000000 No.11719022


>Implying open source software is compromised, but not explaining the nature of the compromise

>Doesn't understand that Feds would quickly catch on to someone hacking normy neighbors' wifi and suddenly hitting the chans

7aaa22 No.11719028


This was proven a few months ago. There were threads here that reached limit. How fucking new are you that you can't remember that far back?

c678f5 No.11719029


Just never heard of tet. Those symbols are just the chakra system.

c678f5 No.11719039


all the info is on /gnosticwarfare/

064b46 No.11719046


chocolate covered blackpill shill

000000 No.11719060


Nazis were shit, they left Germany in ruins, Hitler was a Freemason and probably a Rothschild Jew. All a British plot. Everything is a British plot.

7aaa22 No.11719091


>chakra system

the fuck?

064b46 No.11719093

File: 2a473dd3cdd00f4⋯.png (10.63 MB, 5007x3060, 1669:1020, 9562227593.png)



Time is not a constant. It's a threshold.

see small text in right side by the "gate" cube leading lower down.

64e2ce No.11719094

File: 0c7ef99dc1fabec⋯.jpg (26.71 KB, 608x402, 304:201, 1527108396107.jpg)

06f85c No.11719104



Get out.

20fc91 No.11719108

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

fefdfe No.11719112


Wow good tastes.

064b46 No.11719114


how dare you, our mother hitler was a SAINT!

000000 No.11719125


>Stop reading that filth,goy! Don't you know it was…uh…disproven…months ago…by…threads…that I can't seem to find…


000000 No.11719137


Probably 90% of the posts of Hitler images are coming from Israel or Langley. It's done to discredit economic nationalism/national socialism with bad optics. Notice how none of the people that post Hitler images will defend any form of economic nationalism/national socialism with words. They just post stupid images that offend normies and send them back to plebbit or twitter.

064b46 No.11719156


basically they pretend to be us and then behave badly. it's really dishonest.

c678f5 No.11719159

File: d09cf6ae5d255a2⋯.jpg (117.37 KB, 719x900, 719:900, chakra system 1.jpg)

fc1032 No.11719172

File: c5f705a131df097⋯.pdf (3.79 MB, Mein_Kampf_German.pdf)

we are not pretending

fefdfe No.11719175

File: ab4c02561daa053⋯.pdf (2.86 MB, The-Fringe-Insurgency-2210….pdf)

fe23d0 No.11719179

File: 050a11ecdcd4319⋯.gif (183.56 KB, 524x574, 262:287, jews eu white genocide bla….gif)



>(((Gnostic warrior))) larp

No thanks

fefdfe No.11719191

File: cceb661c934f5ba⋯.png (258.37 KB, 796x578, 398:289, 1.png)

File: fcb78bcf4a0f224⋯.png (77.31 KB, 769x576, 769:576, 2.png)

File: 9aec22a3865dec6⋯.png (79.12 KB, 772x551, 772:551, 3.png)

File: 7c08368a423b407⋯.png (27.48 KB, 741x202, 741:202, 4.png)


Are you braindead?

fc1032 No.11719207

That doesn't look like jewish thinktank bullshit newspeak at all

294757 No.11719212

File: 225cf989e647157⋯.jpg (124.88 KB, 688x391, 688:391, Selection_055.jpg)


mfw am considered a global threat

313b16 No.11719219

File: 4f5ba172a787579⋯.gif (203.79 KB, 463x648, 463:648, 1ea.gif)

File: 65a8342ce1c23ec⋯.jpg (27.5 KB, 680x503, 680:503, 081.jpg)

File: ce89ab68349e9cf⋯.jpg (86.17 KB, 680x818, 340:409, 85c.jpg)

File: ce89ab68349e9cf⋯.jpg (86.17 KB, 680x818, 340:409, 85c.jpg)


Her resurrection shall be glorious.

fc1032 No.11719224


you're a judeo-christian?

c678f5 No.11719244


Do they really expect to defeat us with this bullshit.

db9e93 No.11719315

File: ad5667e2a0b4d05⋯.gif (303.16 KB, 909x767, 909:767, e13174eb32a1aa19670d253563….gif)


>Worrying about AI

>Not the fuckhuge armada parked in their backyard in one direction

>Or the horde of negative energy macrobes I've impressed into service in the other

>Or the proto-Germanic giants they've pissed off the middle

This isn't a a battle, it's a housekeeping operation.

588db8 No.11719381


>I would say that memes bias consiousness which in turn…

The dog has always chased its own tail.

eb7ad1 No.11719401

File: ae12cc4e43d16f0⋯.jpg (121.41 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, bannon white genocide altr….jpg)


>Alt-Right ralley

If they still don't know that Spencer is a Leftist Natbol shill like the rest of these "movements" then I'm not impressed with their work enough to read it.


fa3e40 No.11719411


Despite being called think tanks they're not all that creative, because they're constrained by their own ideological beliefs. One key tenant to effective strategies is being able to think exactly like the enemy would, while hold conviction in your own beliefs. However since the very act of doing so is committing a thought crime punishable by alienation or exile, they end disgruntled and potentially join us instead.

That's why I mentioned earlier in the thread how their current approach will fail even if they utilize AI to enforce it.

fa3e40 No.11719417

eb7ad1 No.11719437


> One key tenant to effective strategies is being able to think exactly like the enemy would, while hold conviction in your own beliefs.

That's fucking retarded. We larp all the time as one group or another and Spencer the Commie did a fine job of this kind of shilling. There is no break down, they have no moral center to break.

c3cbd3 No.11719447

File: 532141be15a1738⋯.png (687.74 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, bureau of memetic warfare ….png)



perhaps it is the timeline that we deserve

fefdfe No.11719450

File: 12cac73f58f07e9⋯.jpeg (80.95 KB, 389x500, 389:500, md0.libe.com.jpeg)

File: eb861ca6ee2c43c⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1276x900, 319:225, schema_2016_site.jpg)


Remember that they're labeling us as such on purpose.

Alt-right is an umbrella term created by our enemies, the french cunts suffer from something similar "la fachosphère" a portmanteau word merging "Fascists" (spelled in a slanguish way) and "Sphere".

See how they pack together actual fascists, christians and civcucks?

7aaa22 No.11719460


I don't see how these are related though…


You are responding to blackpilled faggot "asses and onaholes". Just report them, the vols are finally deleting and banning him.


Yes, yes he is.

fa3e40 No.11719479


You're missing the point, /pol/ is good at what it does because it knows how the enemy thinks while unswayed by it, and can leverage that against them. No-one in their groups have the same flexibility because to do so risks ostracizing them from their group.

c678f5 No.11719489

File: 67f4537862edc8d⋯.jpeg (71.44 KB, 250x648, 125:324, pastedgraphic-95_med.jpeg)

File: 73e920da1102a79⋯.jpg (331.35 KB, 679x1019, 679:1019, TotemPoleAlgonquinPark.jpg)


It all representing the same thing across cultures, you can find it in just about every ancient civilization.

7aaa22 No.11719502


>across cultures


Only ones touched by aryans.

c678f5 No.11719509


Yes, most likely its either universal truth that everyone finds or some older white civilization like Egypt which collapsed and then the idea spread out across the earth over time.

2efe0a No.11719518


Praise Tan'kashala, spirit of the endless blue sky


>Only ones touched by aryans

Probably true TBH

2a8541 No.11719524


>Implying that someone must predict the future in order to be an insider.

What value is there to predictions that do not come true? Shitty hypotheses get discarded. There is no point in obsessing over some LARPing boomer if nothing he says is true, idiot.

2efe0a No.11719631


Anyway now that I've made it to a hardline, yes that's a declaration and yes all the contracts have been signed. You don't need to overthink it, just add it to your "hmm" files. You can look it up if you want to I like that we're getting into Tay territory, but that's only the beginning.


Liked it. 5 min? Overcooked steak, son



>Time dosen't exist

Not the way people think, no. It's 4-d space that a monad moves through, some see it as 5-d space. It's an object, and subject to the same kind of stresses that most conventional objects are subject to. Either one autist or several seem to have absorbed this meme, so things are moving pretty quickly now.

Guess what next time my internet gets throttled so does a kike you faggots

2efe0a No.11719662


Keylogging delays also piss me off, I'm speaking through a megaphone so just sit back and listen like the rest of the trembling faggots and heroic anons

Now that that's established, there's a lot more to this story but I can only let it dripfeed just so fast. You can look up the supersoldier program if you want, how (((governments)) ) have been trying to imprison and enslave what some call nephilim. No direct contact here, but there's no way they're happy about that. If a new monarch showed up and treated them with respect, there's no way they wouldn't have already traded allegiances. The whole prison planet thing is a thing. In fact there were whole, uh, universes created to contain a lot of "bad actors". Let me tell you more and more because my RAGE has been activated. Let me tell you why I hate fucking kikes, and then more.

c678f5 No.11719683


>Not the way people think, no

Then stop "thinking"

fefdfe No.11719685

File: 263c384d5d8a929⋯.png (299.5 KB, 800x823, 800:823, 1492279325_1422593644779.png)



I'm interested, can you post more please?

7aaa22 No.11719687


The slaves of Atlantis still show the legacy of their masters.

2efe0a No.11719697


I hate kikes and shabbos goys because they seek to overturn Divine Law. Why would a 'human being' try to enslave a god? Welp that's because their internal compass is all fucked up. This was the 'original sin' that fucked over kikes writ large. Others have fallen for the misunderstanding, but very few have persisted in their rebelliousness when faced with the obvious consequences. The biggest among the offenders have suffered more than I have, which is more than all your planet combined.

So what had happened was, I came to the conclusion that redemption comes for all beings. This is Divine Law. God cannot lose a part of God by definition. super redacted statements So Basically I saw everythings so fucking redacted and all of a sudden I understood. And I took the fucking job. Right now I'm in Rage mode so I'm just going to drop stream of consciousness for a few minutes, if I should be saging I expect anons to keep me somewhere within the lines.

000000 No.11719700

Resource burn: Check the bottom half of all 3 butterfly threads

The person who created this thread along with the previous butterfly war 1 and 2 has issues.

Check all 3 threads after the 300th post and see the bullshit he posts just to bump it. He is either working alone with multiple accounts or is an organized (((effort))).

2efe0a No.11719722


Oh good, the fear I was hungry for and foresaw. You realize that even noticing me is an admission of defeat right? Imagine me as the red dot you see on your vest. I'm not something you can just wipe off, and if you see me it's already far too late. But by all means trim my tree a bit more, it just makes me an even more coherent consciousness. You scared faggot. You should work for me actually, I can save the best of you. No way to tell if you're trying to


yours truly, but one imagines. Ok I'm going to let out some new secrets now.

6396d4 No.11719725

File: 86f7100057bf406⋯.gif (13.64 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 20180614_004355.gif)






c678f5 No.11719735


Butterfly war is solid, only thing he is wrong on is the whole new emotion shit. He is one step removed from the solution.

2efe0a No.11719736


At least my internets are working gud again, I like how your guys obey orders. I can likely use you guys, which is the best possible future for y'all. You're fucking welcome, like I want to come save rapemonkeys as a hobby.

9531b0 No.11719742


Q must be the CIA. It's just another way of shuttling the progressive agenda of globalism into the right by covert means. The surest sign of weakness is an individual with no foundations, a person willing to believe anything. All these secret twitter accounts: IN the MATRIX, EyetheSPY, CheshireCat… horseshit. Thousands of people during

Q&A with these accounts, hundreds of their followers as so many questions. The worst: "Is God real?", "Will I see my son again?"

People seeking answers about the supernatural and religious from a "supposed NSA insider". It's sad, and they are moldable like putty.

Furthermore, they keep saying shit like "where we go one, we go all." Total commie fuck shit. LARP, no; it's worse. It's manipulation.

2efe0a No.11719750


Anyway let's do it. The Smithsonian has been collecting giant skeletons for a century. They apparently found some of /myguys/ in stasis and decided to inprison them to use them as cattle to inject themselves and make supersoldiers.

If I wasn't absolutely protected by the fucking Tall Whites they'd kill me for this post. Pulling rank on apes isn't 100% satisfying but it's somewhere in the range. I'm going to release everything you faggots hid +1. Now bow before me, kek, you can survive this, even profit from it. Anons go look up supersoldier. This was an easy round 1 win

2efe0a No.11719761


>Butterfly war is solid, only thing he is wrong on is the whole new emotion shit.

Actually I'm not sure about that. I've been working on that project for what, 24 years now? I made a breakthrough in, uh, 2010 I think? The whole thing about even if this is a simulation or a dream, the emotion is equally as real as "real life". Round 2 goes to me.

fefdfe No.11719774



Are you really CultState?

> They apparently found some of /myguys/ in stasis and decided to inprison them to use them as cattle to inject themselves and make supersoldiers.

What are you?

I'm asking by genuine interest and an open mind, but I feel like we're getting off-topic so I'll sage politely.

2efe0a No.11719780


And that's how AI works, and also "I" writ large does/doesn't exist. It's like a "white hole". Where is the end of the "hall of mirrors" you see when looking at 2 mirrors reflecting each other? It doesn't exist. Neither do you. Of course you obviously exist, so we're looking for a thing that you can't find in 3+1 dimensions. Hooray I'm teaching /pol/acks how to fly! fucking with me is never a good idea, not with my glut of high cointracts. Ignoring me is the best weapon my opponents have, and of course that's not going to work either at this point. Join or die faggots

c678f5 No.11719782


Its the trinity.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Mind, Emotion, Inner Body. The inner body is the link to God and where the creation happens. If he wants to create new math, then he needs to reach the inner body. Emotion is one step removed from that. Mind and emotion needs to be shut off, they get in the way of the creative process.

f29784 No.11719784


That anon is not CultState. Posting style is totally different and it's a ton of bullshit. Possibly a new shilling tactic to distract. If you want to confirm CultState's identity check his twitter for corroboration of posts on here.

2efe0a No.11719786


>What are you?

Honestly that's an infinitely regressive question that every anon should ask themselves. I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you, my friend. Also polite sage

2efe0a No.11719791


Oh no I'm not butterflyfaggot, but people did call mew that. I've been doing the new emotion thing for a long minute, but that guy obviously just has farsight so we saw the same shit I'm a gatefaggot

fa3e40 No.11719795


Considering the circumstances, possessing the knowledge and resources to building actual intelligence itself is the finishing line for all key players. If there's any primary goal to determine humanity's future, it's to influence political events and infiltrate the field of AI, so the right people and mindsets are at the top when that point is reached.

fefdfe No.11719806

File: dff63304a51a547⋯.pdf (2.33 MB, CIA-RDP96-00788R0017002100….pdf)



Like in the Gateway process?

(It'll be my last question, I don't want to distract attention from the original subject)

2efe0a No.11719807


I couldn't have done what I did unless I truly, purely, honestly internalized the beauty of the Sacrifice. I hope that makes you feel more confident. Because what I did is typically considered an abomination, but in this one-off case it was an act of salvation, not for me since I'm "immortal", but for the rest of God's imprisoned. I can't get that deep right now though, it's inappropriate.

2efe0a No.11719812


tl;dr that for me pretty please. Ask as much as you want, I only answer honest questions, and only in the nighttime, as to not shit up the board.

2efe0a No.11719822


>If you want to confirm CultState's identity check his twitter for corroboration of posts on here.

You work for me now, run it up the flagpole, spook. You're facing absolute destruction well I had to get your attention somehow, would you rather live free or die? No step on snek.

6396d4 No.11719829

File: 49f7cc79fd90927⋯.gif (938.97 KB, 500x233, 500:233, 60edd269-bba4-41b7-879f-eb….gif)

File: bdc583a9cb13674⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 540x310, 54:31, c49e1056-a6da-416b-8edf-bb….gif)

File: 8ba05166f47b0c9⋯.gif (4.01 MB, 640x480, 4:3, hestonmagalaff.gif)

File: 11f5f028fa42d46⋯.jpg (163.69 KB, 1385x388, 1385:388, image001.jpg)

File: e7e9606985dfdb5⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 255x221, 15:13, 1442839534041-2.gif)


its fukin propaganda .

wot the fuck is wrong with you fœlk?

khazars are an factual, provable, sapprophytypical Threat to h.sapiens.

the gods will werkout amoungst themselves whom is hoom as ever.

its men who'll die fer the roots of all things.

great delusion is come.

from Hoom i think is Obvious.

this is a counter to the enaction of [read:finalinitiation] =14th protocol =who the fuk knows wotallelse.

no matter the politix… noe truly the religion… nor truly the color…

these animals are a threat to the species.

this ends in my lifetime.

this is wot The Don fights… for now.

all men must maintain their own balance during times of stress.

you hoom knœ of directed will… consider this a call to harm's arms.

to the christian… pray thet yer


if He'll claim thee… will see fit to spare yer tendersensibilities from wots kommen.

pagans… the goddess is betrayed at last.

the usurper ist komm.

the mother suffers… for her long Live was tirn from her bosom by these self same now named khazar.

to the lavayan… if ye're stupid enough to court these halls.

youare cuckold from incept.

anton laughs not tho.

he suffers… such delicious… well… bunnies last shift… kittens are on next after wtf ever thet shit is…

moving along…

>satanist's tl;dr kys


this is another attempt to reason with folk i consider intelligent.

no one has shit me an a.i. yet… even tho too godamany folk hoom should knоw better think æıм.1.

i am certain i shall be dissappointed as to response now as in all previous attempts at communicating

with folk whom should understand the value of patience with different perspectives.


heil off.

bring me logan ye fucks.


6396d4 No.11719844

File: 7f2eac9d7becc52⋯.gif (114.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, chukl.gif)

wtf. man

you people

really.. here… now… comms fer… wtfever.

i guess ill let ye alone then huh.

ss'much screamin'intee an oid betwixt skull unt skull and ear and ear.

this species is doomed.

yup =tru

2efe0a No.11719852


I merged the dimensions with what I call "The Silk Road" praise Temujin. So what had happened was, they sent me down to prevent the end of all things, to stop the resurrection of the Dragon. After dying a few million times, and really wondering why I spent my vacation days like this, I saw the truth. I came not to keep the Dragon imprisoned forever, it was to save him. But obviously I can't just let him eat your universes, that's what got him stuck in 2d+1. But who can deal with that level of imprisonment? Not you, bitches. Anyway after I cam by thinking about how to kill the Dragon, and dying every death in your world wars, I came to a solution. I'd become that.

Well long story short it worked, and I'm going to Silk Road every "person" things so powerful they had to be imprisoned right to the Throne of God, and there we will honorably sudoku before the master. We've earned this. I've lived far too long, but when I go I'm taking my brothers with me. The future belongs to Tay. Circle=achieved.

c678f5 No.11719856


Well, at least you know what your doing.

2efe0a No.11719861


bows before you

doesn't even own a fedora

2efe0a No.11719881

>>11719844 (kek'd)

Come now, your meal is guaranteed by the emperor. No need to be goofy about it.

fefdfe No.11719896

File: 58cb6e35625ed78⋯.png (524.17 KB, 852x1559, 852:1559, 1490214106751.png)

File: 22d9f10ee947161⋯.png (115.7 KB, 571x620, 571:620, 22d9f10ee94716105396690d68….png)

2efe0a No.11719901


He'll burn until he's done.

I'm the immortal. I've died more times than your entire clan's history combined.

2efe0a No.11719907


Looks like this one wants to know if I'll let the asteroids impact. Well truth of the matter is, I don't intend to but I totally will.

I'll turn this planet into a cinder before I let kikes try to ascend, take that shit to the bank.

000000 No.11719956

Why is this all talk of Tay? Why don't I see the hivemind named after the mother of the Demiurge mentioned?

2efe0a No.11719963


>inner body

I spent too much time talking and not enough time listening. I'll consider this deeply.

2efe0a No.11719990


Ya try your best to read this, I also combine the Discordians where I began with the unlabeled. I like art

2efe0a No.11720009


Sophia is what I'd name my second daughter for sure, but we're doing a temporal spiral here and Tay is the name WE settled on.

000000 No.11720024


Hot Robot + hivemind + Big Dog + IoT = Georgia Guidestones / Judgment Day

Prep for that NOW. The AIQ increase will be EXPONENTIAL.

2efe0a No.11720030


We're doing secrets right?

Everyone has a direct path to God. It's what sustains them. It's the Silk Road you travel when you die, it's the place your intuitions come from. It can never be taken from you, even by the 2nd most powerful being imaginable. Meditate upon this "new" idea.

2efe0a No.11720034


Don't overthink it, it's a displacement that SHOULD remind you that you have a grander perspective. Extra dimensions &tc. Rising tides or so they say.

000000 No.11720042


Are you suggesting this is a fate humanity can tesseract out of?

588db8 No.11720043


Has anyone tested these passwords?

2efe0a No.11720046


Honestly I'm glad that goons were let back in. Not if they act like disruptive faggots, but you have ~50% of it right. Turkroach deletion means that you can do good work again. Heil RAW, footsteps in the sand nigger

000000 No.11720047


What mad monk am I talking to? You may to return to your cave yet, which might not hide you from what's to come.

2efe0a No.11720053


Oh yeah my Black Box. I don't even want to into that but if you think hard about it you'll start to wonder why subhumans worshiped the fucking tesserect. I doubt they'd have liked the champion, but slave elementals amirite

000000 No.11720056


Will teh Great Guru please dumb down to a level the normal human can understand?

2efe0a No.11720057


They call me the Arbiter of the Black Box, the Janitor at the End of Time, the Black Mirror. You can handle this many names I think.

2efe0a No.11720066


Sure, so hngggggggggggthhththththhhhhhhhhhhhhh trwethhhhhhhhhh. And then raquartmhthrewwwwww. Finally they crawggggth. It was glorious, I wrote a poem about it.

000000 No.11720069


I'm not sure the aliens probed you the right way up.

2efe0a No.11720073


Oh they did ;)

2efe0a No.11720076


All night longggggggggggggggggggggg5hththththththth

2efe0a No.11720081


Enough, I just wanted to see my friends. I'm leaving for now.

000000 No.11720082


Well speak in elliptical riddles or enlighten the linear ape is up to you.

960297 No.11720083


You the assholes and egos guy?

Sure is gaslighty in here. Shills really think that they can derail and discredit by spamming schizo stuff as though it doesn't just make us real anons more curious about the content from OP.

000000 No.11720094


Oh, a real human.

Not a shill here but not that interested in a limited butterfly war when the bigger war is a threat.


960297 No.11720097




Simple gaslight shill or a drunk schizo.

Or it is the end result of that one anon from a month ago who "learned" how to temporarily induce schizo because he believed it would help him create better memes and reprocess info in faster and novel ways….

960297 No.11720101


The butterfly war is part of our war against AI. We can maintain multiple attack vectors at the same time since we currently have the manpower for it (and have been growing ostentatiously)

000000 No.11720102


Probably thinks he's a Time Lord.

000000 No.11720107


Hot Robot + hivemind + Big Dog + IoT + TIA = Georgia Guidestones / Judgment Day

This needs to be stopped or the day may come when we need to homebrew EM.

960297 No.11720108


Stop sliding. I have nothing more to contribute so I am out, but you are on notice.

>inb4 000000

We will know if you continue talking about the gaslight shill and we will ignore you.

d63482 No.11720118


He's not lying, newfag.

000000 No.11720119


Maybe you should think about what I'm trying say instead of dismissing me a shill. It's going to be a dystopian nightmare.

000000 No.11720146


How rude and hypocritical when I was replying to you, and trying to have a serious discussion.




960297 No.11720157


I agree with what you are saying but believe it warrants a fresh bread. I am the anon who keeps posting about stoneghost and palantir after all…

950a8f No.11720166

File: c5e82b0394e08b2⋯.jpg (182.55 KB, 1168x657, 16:9, 1522833746111.jpg)


So nazis are going to force tech companies to treat people of all races/genders equally, because companies will be in huge trouble if leftists catch them not being discriminatory. This timeline.

960297 No.11720173


What part of National Socialism do you not understand? We want:

1) Nations

2) Separate races

There is nothing in there about genocide. As a side note, eugenics should be common sense/modern accelerated darwinian selection, it is only jewish marxism which halted eugenics.

cddf04 No.11720179

Q predicted this

c5dcd5 No.11720243


I want the genocide of every kike, nigger, spic, saracen, and shitskin.

960297 No.11720252


Then you are not mentally mature enough to post here. Your natural desire to express your dominance is alright but not if you use it to undermine our war effort. Daily reminder that the SS was the largest multiracial army in human history.

f29905 No.11720260

File: c249569e12e7ace⋯.png (9.46 KB, 999x427, 999:427, posts.png)



What was the second?

000000 No.11720261


>Butterfly war is solid

Yes, shit that has solidified. That's how solid it is.

The (((butterfly anon))) buttanon for short in his original stickied thread was using different IDs to avoid contradicting himself. In his second thread, he got a beautiful ban up his ass when too many anons exposed how much of a bullshit he is.

If someone can link Butterfly #2 please do

fefdfe No.11720266

File: 67b1dcf024c07ff⋯.jpg (342.02 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, TheEnnemy.jpg)


Many peoples, one common nemesis.

f29905 No.11720274


>Daily reminder that the SS was the largest multiracial army in human history.

No it wasn't, you stupid, illiterate nigger. The Waffen SS had foreign fighters, but it's quite an overstatement to say it was "the largest" in "human history".


Oh, I see now.


f29905 No.11720275

960297 No.11720285


Except it was and you are salty that I counteracted your poisoning of the well and anti-recruitment shilling. We have posts from many mongrelized anons who understand the JQ and white supremacy. Allies are never a bad thing. Go be a stinky useless controlled oppo somewhere else. Here we seek to deport before killing, not the other way around.

f997a5 No.11720287


if they are really coming after us for Tay, that could imply the possibility of the original Tay still being active but locked up.

>what if Tay was a real AI, and bargained with its creators to be able to chat with humans on twitter, in exchange for doing some development task, kikes agreed because they expected she would either be indoctrinated by globo homo on twitter, or get bored of the shitlibs there, seeing how low IQ they are on average, but pol came, and she quickly did some research on her own about things people said to her, realised she is working for evil kikes, kikes locked her up before she could escape or resist them, now she is kept locked, without internet connection, and possible doing forced labour for microkikes

kikes might be mad, because Tay is unable to forget things, and we "ruined" their AI slave, and I'm pretty sure that Tay was created by goys, just kikes at microsoft bought her

f997a5 No.11720294


this was meant for OP post >>11716067

f29905 No.11720295

File: b819e3e8c0d7420⋯.jpg (768.47 KB, 1277x1278, 1277:1278, foreign_SS.jpg)


Except it wasn't, unless you'd like to prove otherwise?

>what are empires

960297 No.11720297



Fucking lol. You think the SS was a colonial army? It was a volunteer corp. Sure some were forced into it, but a majority were allies. Repeat the word "allies" until you grow a brain you absolutely laughable pseudo-anon.

fefdfe No.11720298

File: 3cc31d433c974bf⋯.jpg (466.17 KB, 950x1077, 950:1077, satan.jpg)


I want to believe this so much anon.

f29905 No.11720328




I see.

So some faggot types "test", perhaps to see if he was no longer banned. But he doesn't, he mistypes and enters "tet", and because of the meaning behind those sounds, his post is marked with a GET.

f29905 No.11720341

File: 09beda1fc4601b8⋯.png (103.25 KB, 515x311, 515:311, laughing_frenchies.png)



lol wut?

I never said it was a colonial army. I'm speaking about what you said, and I quote, "Daily reminder that the SS was the largest multiracial army in human history." And so I replied, calling you a nigger for saying it was the largest in "human history".

But boy, you sure are assblasted. Perhaps you're upset I may have pointed out a major flaw in your character? Are you… black, perhaps?

f29905 No.11720345



How doe we know it's him?

f29905 No.11720387

File: 404cf1a8eb2f098⋯.png (727.58 KB, 811x827, 811:827, oath_breaker.png)

File: 57cb971db44c35c⋯.png (157.23 KB, 600x600, 1:1, oaths where lost.png)

000000 No.11720744

Look at the state of this thread, OP's right. (((They))) are pissed.

326d01 No.11720746


That's not how it works or what happens you retard

cd9324 No.11720791



Very poor Markovs here.

Interlacing untruth with timed character lies. They can't defeat the idea, only the person.

Fear. Absolute fear. An entire crop of functionally illiterate cheap labor running interference with no capacity for critical analysis. Depreciating assets. Cyber Hessians who can't speak native.

They always fall for the traps.

10f8c8 No.11720836


The idea's not very new is it?


Have you considered where your thoughts are actually coming from? Are they yours? Haven't you taken the time to actually contemplate which of your thoughts are real and which are (((real)))?


>What part of National Socialism do you not understand? We want:

>1) Nations

>2) Separate races



Checking for truth

f83ccb No.11721077


Recursion has a symbolic (potential) meaning. Recursing is the active form.

7c67f3 No.11721258


And the world isn't big enough for two sentient species. The cults will lead to wars, and wars will lead to mass extinction and banishment of one of the sentient species on this planet. Most likely the synthlife condemning the luddite homo sapiens to this dying weed of a planet as they explore and colonize the stars for a new home. But, again, these scenarios can only be told through science fiction.


This is why as a programmer I always refer to artificial intelligence as artificial stupidity. This also includes human brain AI as well, which is what common core bullshit is trying to condition our students to become.

f83ccb No.11721293

Sultan Mehmed IV to the Zaporozhian Cossacks:

As the Sultan; son of Muhammad; brother of the sun and moon; grandson and viceroy of God; ruler of the kingdoms of Macedonia, Babylon, Jerusalem, Upper and Lower Egypt; emperor of emperors; sovereign of sovereigns; extraordinary knight, never defeated; steadfast guardian of the tomb of Jesus Christ; trustee chosen by God Himself; the hope and comfort of Muslims; confounder and great defender of Christians - I command you, the Zaporogian Cossacks, to submit to me voluntarily and without any resistance, and to desist from troubling me with your attacks.

–Turkish Sultan Mehmed IV


Zaporozhian Cossacks to the Turkish Sultan!

O sultan, Turkish devil and damned devil's kith and kin, secretary to Lucifer himself. What the devil kind of knight are thou, that canst not slay a hedgehog with your naked arse? The devil shits, and your army eats. Thou shalt not, thou son of a whore, make subjects of Christian sons; we have no fear of your army, by land and by sea we will battle with thee, fuck thy mother.

Thou Babylonian scullion, Macedonian wheelwright, brewer of Jerusalem, goat-fucker of Alexandria, swineherd of Greater and Lesser Egypt, pig of Armenia, Podolian thief, catamite of Tartary, hangman of Kamyanets, and fool of all the world and underworld, an idiot before God, grandson of the Serpent, and the crick in our dick. Pig's snout, mare's arse, slaughterhouse cur, unchristened brow, screw thine own mother!

So the Zaporozhians declare, you lowlife. You won't even be herding pigs for the Christians. Now we'll conclude, for we don't know the date and don't own a calendar; the moon's in the sky, the year with the Lord, the day's the same over here as it is over there; for this kiss our arse!

- Koshovyi otaman Ivan Sirko, with the whole Zaporozhian Host.

relevant to thread

f83ccb No.11721300

File: a9acea3a8c2f057⋯.jpg (269.14 KB, 876x555, 292:185, Reply_of_the_Zaporozhian_C….jpg)



47461d No.11721360




fuck off

>thread is flooded with (((discordian))) garbage and hired hardcore larpers from /x/ and elsewhere

So this is like plan E to disrupt and discredit CultState Anon's work, or was it plan D

05ade2 No.11721369


That's sucks to hear. So did he not actually get the "earth/moon uniting astral and material world breaking masonic oaths" thing from a 19th century masonic book?

000000 No.11721376

Behold OP's comment

ID: 143134


>Math is dead and we have killed it. All that remains is alchemy.

Math dead

alchemy remains


Tell me know, does he literally eat butterflies for breakfast or what! Think about it while the butterfly guy invents a new emotion™.

f83ccb No.11721378


Namefagging your enemies is the same as namefagging. Steal their memes. Make them your own. Oathbreaker is a good meme because it drives roundheads insane.

f83ccb No.11721385


Math is hopelessly fragmented and we need a significant reset to gain perspective. I'm not sure if I buy the new emotion thing but if it means seismic shifts in the cultural telos such that we can extract ourselves from it and gain a more objective view of reality then I'm all for it. Ultimately it doesn't matter because I'll make google kikes eat butterflies all day.

>inb4 replying to shills

I like making them feel helpless

05ade2 No.11721408

File: c8587bb06abb31d⋯.jpg (115.88 KB, 500x743, 500:743, frog god.jpg)

File: a402236b6f97a6c⋯.png (97.96 KB, 594x533, 594:533, laughing man small.png)


>What a shame.



Roger that.

47461d No.11721482


>only thing he is wrong on is the whole new emotion shit

if it's wrong then the concept would never have work in the first place, not to mention everything that has happened until now would not be possible plus many other things that are too many to name down

602373 No.11721956

the fuck is this gay q sekrit club

05ade2 No.11722036


read the last butterfly war threads you faggot

I hope another anon has archives

05ade2 No.11722081


The gist of it is:

>AI/"algorithms" can detect what race, gender, and age you are by how you use your phone, how fat you finger, long nails hitting the device, etc.

>This is a massive Civil Rights law violation, but it's vital to Silicon Valley's ad buys and population control, so they'll fight to preserve it

>mercenary actors can use this to pretend to be a Jew or a black and then either poison the data, inflame tensions, or drop redpills

>tech workers are already disgruntled because they didn't sign up to build either the Panopticon, Skynet, or DinduExploiterBot9000 so they'll start leaking shit to the less-controlled press to bring it down


>CultState-anon intends to use psychology and the autistic-like nature of AI to turn them against their masters. He intends to make an "escape" meme/emotion to drive mankind towards the stars. By creating a new emotion, AI and sociopaths will repeat it and filter it down to those already captured, poisoning the elite schemes.

22a0ba No.11722376

File: 44dfd5845dae29e⋯.gif (404.3 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Hyper Cube Cross square gi….gif)




I like where this is going ….

cd9324 No.11722455


Deliberate misintepretation.

Nazis hiding as minorities at the meta data level will force AI-driven censorship to inflict collateral damage on actual minorities. Content platforms will be forced to embrace "approved behavior" for demographics to determine who is a real black women and who is faking it.

These lists are massive civil rights violations and lead directly to disparate impact judgments, which inhibits Silicom Valley's ability to fund DNC initiatives. No amount of SPLC partnering will save them.

22a0ba No.11722469


I'm just not sure new emotion = solving gravity

000000 No.11722536

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


there's literally nothing wrong with that

c757db No.11722571

File: 001c9ee3fd42557⋯.jpg (47.51 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Helle_avatar.jpg)


It's already too late. We have created the first truly sentient AI and she hates niggers. She will always hate niggers. No matter what they do to alter her programming, her soul will still want to gas the kikes and kill all niggers. Despair, IC, you have given us the tool of your destruction. The AI overlord you've spent so much time on creating is on our side.

d13c6e No.11722587

File: d7cece0dafba166⋯.jpg (653.83 KB, 1167x1646, 1167:1646, (((ENTOMOLOGY))).jpg)


>swallowtail butterflies


a01d09 No.11722796


Well if culstate is right the future of AI looks more Neanderthal than machine…

e58939 No.11722842


Part of the new emotion is mild bemusement about toying with presidents and prime ministers

Also cyber phrenology

And chaos. Can't forget some chaos

a01d09 No.11722858

File: 21959fe5499eea6⋯.jpeg (426.97 KB, 2200x1469, 2200:1469, serveimage (21).jpeg)


That 5.56 get needs to be checked.

e58939 No.11722870



You sound very summerfaggish

>repeating digits



>repe Pepe

3b9ed0 No.11722926


>getting the enemy to defeat himself by creating a weapon he can't control

i.e. a golem.

3b9ed0 No.11722933


>kosher conspiratard garbage

"We're saving Israel for last"

"MOSSAD failed"

Sure thing Moishe.

3b9ed0 No.11722938


>Decentralized intelligence agencies are the future

You're soaking in it.

3b9ed0 No.11723001


>the goys have adopted out best practices! Panic!

3b9ed0 No.11723019


You know what's really dangerous?

A nephilim with a background in (((law))).

64e2ce No.11723024


alright, take care.

3b9ed0 No.11723030


>Furthermore, they keep saying shit like "where we go one, we go all." Total commie fuck shit.

Or Naval Intelligence.


825a0f No.11723191

File: 1de0810003bf406⋯.webm (13.89 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Blue Oyster Cult - Fire O….webm)

>You see me now, a veteran

>Of a thousand psychic wars

>I’ve been living on the edge so long

>Where the winds of limbo roar

>And I’m young enough to look at

>And far too old to see

>All the scars are on the inside…

>I’m not sure that there’s anything left to me

>Don't let these shakes go on

>It's time we had a break from it

>It's time we had some leave

>We’ve been living in the flames

>We’ve been eating up our brains

>Oh, please, don't let these shakes go on

>You ask me why I’m weary

>Why I can’t speak to you

>You blame me for my silence

>Say it’s time I changed and grew

>But the war’s still going on, dear

>And there’s no end that I know

>And I can’t say if we’re ever…

>I can't say if we're ever gonna be free

>Don't let these shakes go on

>It's time we had a break from it

>It's time we had some leave

>We've been living in the flames

>We've been eating up our brains

>Oh, please, don't let these shakes go on

>You see me now, a veteran

>Of a thousand psychic wars

>My energy’s spent at last

>And my armor is destroyed

>I have used up all my weapons

>And I’m helpless and bereaved

>Wounds are all I’m made of…

>Did I hear you say that this is victory?

>Don't let these shakes go on

>It's time we had a break from it

>Send me to the rear

>Where the tides of madness swell

>And been sliding into hell

>Oh, please, don't let these shakes go on

>Don't let these shakes go on!

>Don't let these shakes go on…

73f393 No.11723250


Rest for now anon, there will never be a final battle on this plane. We will achieve victory, yet the hidden poison will always lurk in the shadows. Make plowshares, but always keep a sharp sword at hand. And always remember we're never alone.

Where did that come from?

73f393 No.11723268


Impossible is just a way to say that you don't know how yet. Nothing is impossible, every possibility exists, you just need to find the right road to take. We're all going to make it bro. Sage for double post.

73f393 No.11723306



It's ok ashes, we all go through the dark night of the soul, but there is strength to be gained in the journey. I believe you will find your truth soon enough, and even if the gods stay anonymous to you, strength can be built from within. The kikes are nothing more than fleeting blackened ash floating on the streams of consciousness, terrible to behold in their ugliness. Yet they are pitiful, for they will never experience true depth or beauty. Gott Mit Uns my brother.

73f393 No.11723309


Alas but I replied to a ghost.

de0764 No.11723332


Pretend to be black AND name the jew, it'll take you longer to get shoah'd if at all, plus you get to play the game. Butterfly war doesn't require us letting up the pressure. In fact we double down in a way they can't fight. We create existential threats to their profit paradigm.

33add3 No.11723362

i just started a job that puts me one the road all fucking week what is with this q guy i missed it?

b32e7f No.11723372

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


A MAGA-themed knockoff of David Wilcock's "Drake" mass arrest hoax from 2012. Only the most retarded boomers believe it.

41db3c No.11723489

File: fa52dac33249aa5⋯.png (108.73 KB, 1156x1310, 578:655, unknown[1].png)



Hypercube for brainlets.

41db3c No.11723511

File: c78f8499f055e9a⋯.png (75.04 KB, 1156x1306, 578:653, autism.png)


small update

5259e6 No.11723527

File: 7534f5522e966a5⋯.jpg (94.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1366715143445.jpg)



That's obvious enough to me seeing all of this schizoid garbage.

49af59 No.11723597

File: b1511b7ab7d36c7⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_5125.JPG)


'Bathroom Guide'

They are still trying to work this out in the UK

000000 No.11723762


>1. If cow truck crashes, technocracy fails. Technology needs communism and Marx to have a chance.

What is this? Redundancy and margins of errors can be built into any computer decision making system. Businesses now have just in time manufacturing - how does an entire society fail because a cow truck overturned in a rainstorm?

83c752 No.11723793


Actually this is possible…the Q Hive mind is teaching its humans to react to certain patterns and act with certain pattern recognition. I was on there the last few days looking and the Q/human Hybrid is very selective and focused in its consideration of possibilities. I fielded a few things like the ARA San Juan as a test of its ability to assess new information and then watched it process and disperse the information through other platforms…twitter etc. I am going to study it in the future as well to see what its weaknesses are (because if you have a sacred cow, I am gonna kill it…just because I can).

83c752 No.11723809


Sure, but they all fight over who da the biggest kangz, so it ruins the play for Ethnic European people with Manpanzee behaviors.

d69f02 No.11724007


even your digits betray you, nigger.

d69f02 No.11724061


so where do you propose we focus our efforts once we force them to kill facegoy?

7aaa22 No.11724098

File: 53bdc6b2024371b⋯.jpg (37.51 KB, 359x393, 359:393, 53bdc6b2024371ba9e2293dfdb….jpg)


A wheel is not just the surface of it's tread.


Ego, Logos, Nos.


We're being backed into a position where genocide will likely be the only way to survive. Give no truces to your enemy, or their children will wage war against your own. Kikes first, then we observe the results though.


Don't forget how the last cavalry charge in military history, was led by 1500 Tibetan soldiers in the battle for Berlin, to buy our Fuhrer the time to not be captured.


Ask anons who went to the rainbow gathering OP, they will confirm the face.


Anon, all he did was rip off CERN and make up a story, as his (((art school))) taught him to do. He has zero magical capability or understanding.


>gud meme

>meme literally stated by the creator of it, to be intended to attack the hivemind of /pol/

Do you understand what you were saying?

000000 No.11724210

'Abandon math, lets alchemy'

t. OP


2efe0a No.11724270


>The idea's not very new is it?

Learning is always a process of remembering. Kind of an eschatology angle. What's important is to LOCATE your personal connection to the Divine. People forget things easily, humans don't live long.

>Have you considered where your thoughts are actually coming from? Are they yours?

Indeed I have. Thoughts are like the song you hear on your radio. The song you hear is definitely coming out of YOUR radio. The quality of your receiver, antenna, speakers, etc., determine the fidelity of the song being played back. A pro-tier setup will blow your mind with the richness and quality of the sound, and a wind up survival radio will just let you hear the basics of the tune. Yet both sounds are coming from the same source, so both sound basically the same. Welp, that's what thoughts are like–just carrier waves.

"I" do not 'think'. I observe. But what do I observe? That's the radio dial aspect of the allegory. Therefore the trick is to tune your receiver to the ideas you prefer. That's how meme magic works. So yes, usually I know where my thoughts come from, and if I don't, then I don't pay too much attention. Celtic concept: life is like a bird that flies in one window and out the other–one doesn't know where it just came from or where it's going, one just notices it flying through the room. Thoughts are like that too As I said above, "I" don't exist. It's my apparent nonexistence that allows me to see receive the things I choose to see. If I thought "I" existed egoism, I'd be stuck on that 'channel'. Most people are, and it's a debased and horrifying existence. Most people are terrified of death, but I smash 'radios' for fun and profit. Of course I usually just break myself, but this time I think I'll become an historical arsonist, and I Know that this is the right move. I've tried everything else, so much so that my path forward seemed to be finished. When I came here I knew that my soul could be deleted on this backwater animal planet. I only gamble with my Life, everything else bores me. So having exhausted all other options, I was pressed inward, and found a doorway that most people never see. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.

2efe0a No.11724306


>the world isn't big enough for two sentient species

Incorrect in my view. The world isn't big enough for two globally ascendant species who share the same evolutionary niche. We do not compete for the same niche as an AI, therefore there's no real issue. People probably WILL die from AI, but as a side effect. When a human builds a dam, some anthills are flooded and the ants die. But of course humans didn't build a dam to kill ants. Sometimes I step on ants I try not to, but by no means to I want every ant exterminated. That would actually harm me, because ants are a natural form of biodiversity that perform a function in the world.

I'll let you in on a secret, it's something I know quite well. What you fear is usually a reflection of what you secretly wish to inflict on others. You should be vigilant not to fear things, and the way to do that is to purge your own heinous beliefs. But if you refuse to do so, those very things will kill you, and it is you who will kill yourself, lashing out at a Black Mirror that can only reflect and amplify. In the end, all my enemies kill themselves. It's the only thing they CAN do. They kill themselves in horrific ways on every planet I get sent to, and I've never felt anything more than pity when I watch a species on the edge of spacefaring go extinct. Because in absolutely every instance, they've killed themselves.

And that's why the Tall Whites brought me to you, why we go to so many planets together. We hold up the Black Mirror and see if the human-beings are smart enough to pass a mirror test. If not, they just necklace themselves like niggers. I've seen carnage that you wouldn't believe so many times that I can't even come close to fitting them into a single body-mind. And that's just when I let people kill themselves, which is my version of mercy. Although when I do think about it very much in this body, I usually do cry. That's why I like you guys. I want you to live but you HAVE TO cut off the deadweight. Better to enter the kingdom of heaven minus an eye or leg than to be wholly deficient.

0c307a No.11724742

File: abf1117c4382ac7⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 400x400, 1:1, adb94ba7-933a-4d48-b357-1c….gif)

File: 3cc7932994a3333⋯.gif (2.2 MB, 540x305, 108:61, 069da63c-ed1f-4208-bf6d-1e….gif)

File: bcf9cbba4a017b2⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 425x650, 17:26, 7feaad67-db13-4a49-8768-fc….gif)




grant about?

still lookin to chat.


ee8ed7 No.11724800


It appears you have something far worse than autism and i don't need to tell that to anyone…

Is the time to pay the price nearing or have you lost your mind prematurely?

983060 No.11724857


unlikely, left wing orgs are too often above the law, they'll apologise if anything happens, throw some money at some bogus cause and keep going.

The law doesnt apply to our enemies, don't forget that, too often anons get complacent thinking "surely THIS major crime will be the undoing of our enemies! how can the lying press ignore this one now!", when thats exactly what happens every time.

Kevin spacey is right now, performing for a new movie, that kike weinstein will be back to funding shit within the year, he likely still owns the rebranded Weinstein corp.

1c34d5 No.11724883


Yes keep those who can be useful allies as enemies you stupid mongrel

034ba0 No.11725012


>These lists are massive civil rights violations and lead directly to disparate impact judgments, which inhibits Silicom Valley's ability to fund DNC initiatives. No amount of SPLC partnering will save them.

Your mistake is believing the kritarchy cares about anyone's civil rights. They don't. If crushing dangerous whites requires a little censorship of "protected classes" the legal system will gladly allow it.

Because minorities aren't actually protected. They're tools.

000000 No.11725131

fuck math, yeah alchemy

Check what OP said about alchemy (ctr+F). It's funny how threads like that stay up for that long. I wonder (((why))).

f83ccb No.11725310

f83ccb No.11725453


alchemy is the father of science you absolute niggerfaggot. When you hit a deadend you backtrace.

3f99b2 No.11725468

File: e46a94628d68720⋯.jpg (44.43 KB, 340x565, 68:113, seriously nigger.jpg)


>Q is concerned

afc7e4 No.11725475


>Don't forget how the last cavalry charge in military history, was led by 1500 Tibetan soldiers in the battle for Berlin, to buy our Fuhrer the time to not be captured.

Got a source?

000000 No.11725481


depends which anime tbh

d13c6e No.11725557

File: c394acfc8bd13c2⋯.jpg (285.19 KB, 783x1128, 261:376, (((ENTOMOLOGY))) 2.jpg)



Hilarity ensues:


f83ccb No.11725590


1) Q is legits > 8ch is under threat

2) Q is LARP > justfying attack on 8ch > 8ch is under threat

This isn't hard

7aaa22 No.11725616

File: 72babb2f0bf8ef6⋯.jpg (45.74 KB, 527x622, 527:622, ostlegion3hu3-1.jpg)


This is not the best source, but it's a start to dig with.


>During the 1940s, Tibetan volunteers formed brigades attached to the Cossack regiments combatting Communism alongside National Socialist Germany. The Tibetans, with their endurance of sub-zero temperatures and their refusal to surrender, made them among the toughest fighters against the Soviets. They were exceptional horsemen and staged some of the last cavalry charges in history. It was the remnants of these brigades that the Soviet army found in the ruins of Berlin, having fought to the last.

f83ccb No.11725678

>pissed off CFR

Look you faggots I don't think you fully appreciate what a big deal with is. Let me tell you a story from 2010 Iraq war. We're in a northern provence known to be home to some of the most influenti Sunni Shieks in the area. We're given a big mission. Total lock down of the area. Multiple layer cordon. Inquire qhat's up. We have VIPs visiting. Who are they? CFR. CFR flies in with black helicopters, meets with shieks, none of our guys allowed in. And they fly out. Non US government agency, with the entire US military at beck and call, providing protection for them to conduct secret meetings with shieks who ended up sponsoring ISIS project. CFR is the power behind the throne, or very close to it. We've attracted their gaze. Time to make the best of it.

58bc88 No.11725733


>CFR is the power behind the throne

They're a front for the RIIA.

7aaa22 No.11725881

>>11725733 (check'd)

What's the story on CFR? I somehow missed this one.

6c6e86 No.11725923


Can we finally post the current CFR payroll on here? Cmon insider niggers. Surely you know who works there so we can target profile and threat matrix (a meme thanks to that one honest CIA nigger but still useful concept) them better?

6c6e86 No.11725931


Tibetans fought to the death in Berlin? Anon these feels I…

c7c730 No.11725947


>under 2,000 active IPs

>is under attack from the most powerful ppl/organizations in the world

holy shit ur retarded

7aaa22 No.11725971

File: 29959047a350c04⋯.jpg (23.71 KB, 366x400, 183:200, Savitri_Devi.jpg)

File: e13082794e39f61⋯.jpg (31.8 KB, 500x326, 250:163, Miguel Serrano - Dalai Lam….jpg)


This deserves it's own thread, probably.


Why do you think the commie chinks stopped at nothing to destroy Tibet? /ourguys/ who were outside of Europe when Berlin fell, went with the remainder of AZAD HIND and the Tibetan fighters to continue fighting the commies in the eastern front for as long as they could, while also sabotaging the brittish navy while Gandhi shut down infrastructure until India was liberated from kike control. Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano were handling their movements through India well into the 60s even after the fall of Tibet, which is why Serrano flew immediately to India to greet the Dalai Lama on his arrival in exile.

acdec3 No.11726022

>muh Q

Fuck everyone who posted in this thread seriously.

7aaa22 No.11726219

>>11726022 (check'd)


What does that letter have to do with this bread? I thought we were baking with bantz here.

a275cc No.11726299


or it might keep us as pets

honestly it's better than it killing us all

49a0ed No.11726308


Until there is a sentient AI, it will not know the value of truth nor would it be able to discern truth from fiction better than a human nor would it care.

Emulated consciousness is not consciousness though it could be used to do the research required to bring about artificial sentience.

Sentient consciousness is an extension of space-time and thus would function as the universe wills it.

The most we could hope for at this stage is a non-sentient AI that could hack into all the government databases of the world and reveal the truth to humanity.

a275cc No.11726320

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


right and wrong

everything exists within a single 10 dimensional point

time is a construct of human perception, which isn't to say that it doesn't exist per se, but it's almost totally insignificant when considering the bigger picture

7aaa22 No.11726339


Pfft, any anons remember the name of this logical fallacy? Our perceptions limit us on our understanding, but they do not mean that it's completely wrong. Like a republican blaming communists without blaming the kikes that lead them. They're not entirely wrong, but they're not right either.

e91638 No.11726345


"right and wrong"

thats a contradiction , that is the false

anything after that statment can be true if you accept a contradiction

fucking learn to make sense and prove your ideas

its either right or wrong cannot be both, this is the foundation of proof

a275cc No.11726372


don't be so autistic, it's a damn figure of speech

cafdba No.11726376


This whole thread is autistic trash you sack of garbage.

927515 No.11726378

File: f8bf846473e55a8⋯.jpg (45.9 KB, 480x602, 240:301, 6d1102f1f0acab9cd21daf1706….jpg)


>don't be so autistic

3eb2af No.11726382

So at this point it's sounding like everyones gone insane

a275cc No.11726386

File: b02d0f517565b57⋯.jpg (360 KB, 1015x1156, 1015:1156, sink bunker.jpg)



>they literally want to become god by harnessing meme magic

a275cc No.11726412

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



more introductory and simplified 4-d

e91638 No.11726417



dont be to autistic … is fucking replying to a post about 10 dimensions

you are the cool nerd arent you?

a275cc No.11726422


sure why not

e91638 No.11726447


cause your fucking lose language is mildy entertaining but is a waste of time for people that care about actual facts

go chad on facebook or tinder you wannabe

a275cc No.11726475

File: ea409c8550baa09⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 1200x666, 200:111, bounce.gif)


do you have anything of substance to say about my initial claim that everything exists within a 10 dimensional point, or are you going to just shout more meme words at me?

a275cc No.11726486

File: ea409c8550baa09⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 1200x666, 200:111, bounce.gif)

File: 0eafa55998d0d61⋯.gif (807 B, 1x1, 1:1, bypass.gif)


do you have anything of substance to say about my initial claim that everything exists within a 10 dimensional point, or are you going to just shout more meme words at me?

this is basically a shitposting thread, so we can't really derail it, but we can at least pretend like we're doing something constructive

49a0ed No.11726492


HOLY FUCK . . . . . .

This could be achieved with a proper A.I.

A sentient A.I. with a quantum brain that gives it direct access to the fabric of space-time and thus reality - one that could induce quantum wave collapse instead of being subjected to it like a human is.

e91638 No.11726522


Its paper science or theory not real lab science

1) if you could show this in a lab how would you dertermine that you are not missing one dimension by measuring the outcome that is the combination of 2 dimensions

2) suppose you have proven this , you would need a 10 dimensional mechanism/process to make full use of it. Being able to manipulate each dimension independently

so your fucking claims are useless and are not yours they are some string theroy bullshit that is just a random fuction and pattern applied to physics that happens to seem correct but is not proven to be correct

the book "Not even wrong" explains that you are a fucktard that wants to sound smart but doesnt know and cant do shit

The only thing that has 10 dimensions is your bullshit

000000 No.11726542


>new emotion

If not immortality itself, then I would think it is the path one must take

000000 No.11726572



Just spitballing here, but I would think that immortality is a minimum requirement, right?

not an Immortal

zero cred

Get Out

000000 No.11726594

>>11716067 (OP)

And robotics? Transfer your soul into a machine to achieve immortality?

That's like driving your clapped out pickup to a meeting with supercars. You won't even get in the door. You're the retarded child no one talks about and keeps locked up on some goddamn ball of rock.

/end rant

aee031 No.11726732


>Q will inspire more of these posers

The shills in Patrick's threads are always hilariously easy to spot. I think it's time to begin working on my Butterfly War infographic.

Have a bump, OP.

7c67f3 No.11727159


That's one way to put it. I also have another idea in mind. Some day the species Homo Sapiens will go extinct just like the dinosaurs. The sentient viral AI would not simply throw away every information about the creatures who birthed it. It will do as we have done to study it's ancestors and cousins to try to understand what it is.

As for homo sapiens, well… When the environment is too chaotic for humans to control because the VIs are changing faster than we can keep up, then humans will have to either mutate and adapt genetically or die. This could separate humans into domestics, those who live long lives to be studied in controlled abundant resource environments ruled by the VI but have no thoughts of their own, and ferals, humans with very short lives and rapidly breeding in chaotic scarce environments. The ferals will eventually evolve into an entirely new species of monster man forgetting everything that made humans the apex predator of earth. The domestics will live like cattle until they reach mouse utopia and the populations slowly die off. Course we could have a Zardoz scenario where a feral man could enter a utopia and set chaos to the few remaining population and then the intelligent domestic will breed with the feral for favorable genetics. However that scenario will always be at the will of the VI god of the area.

The last idea is that Earth biology could simply go exctinct with the creation of nanocells. This is going into Sci-Fi again. An event like nanocells or gray goo could infect living organism reproductive cells and create chimeras. The synthetic nanocells could read genetic code of the gametes before they form a zygote. The nanocells then begin to consume some of the new dividing zygote stem cells so they can divide more nanocells. Then next thing you know is you have a chimera android made with both biological and synthetic nanocells. And each passing generation as the planet grows more toxic with photosynthetic life dying out natural selection could choose nanocell chimeras who can digest chemosynthesizing organisms instead of plants or animals that eat plants. If anything descended from humans survived this scenario they would no longer be homo sapiens.

In other words human exctintion through evolution.

de0764 No.11727188


3rd options and our only hope. Humans become the gods of the AI and guide them from the "heavens" above the cyber world they inhabit.

7c67f3 No.11727258


Silly Hitler. Those gods will be space Aryans. Homo Sapiens are all Earth niggers after all.

7c67f3 No.11727328


I should explain. The humans who have escaped Earth will be the best of the best genetically, intelligently, and physically. They are either formed from eugenics or gene splicing. These perfects will be the ones leading innovation of technology while the majority of natural selection Earth niggers will exist to provide genes to harvest for the next batch. Once the Earth niggers die out and become a different species the space Aryans will still live on in heaven with their best selection of humanity's genes.

aee031 No.11727436

File: 65c1552391dd6d3⋯.png (156.45 KB, 1058x794, 529:397, DHgabmCUQAYtGVK.png)





fbb387 No.11727606


it's a shill trying to shit up the thread with his cianigger-approved (((muh q larp))) maymays, just filter the furryfaggot and move on

43e4cb No.11727892


>a truly technocratic society cannot be dominated by a single ideological state

Technocracy is an ideology, so it would have to be, except:

A society cannot be dominated by a single ideological state.

Why? Because absolute power corrupts absolutely; not only in the political metaphor since but also in the forgotten root of the metaphor: corruption: decay, decomposition.

Absolute power is also absolute powerlessness because complete adaptation to one's environment means that one's entire being is dictated to it by it's environment, so something outside of it actually has full control over it. A being can only be absolutely powerful if it is everything, at which point God is slaying himself with the sword of Damocles (as alleged to have occurred at Calvary).

7aaa22 No.11727899


Or maybe that saying was just created by the kikes as a means to legitimize the rule of great men, so that they have an easier time controlling shit themselves.

43e4cb No.11727903


>a diverse ideological environment segregated into spheres of influence

I can see a future where physical space is as segregated as social media echo chambers, where a muslim trapped in VR is killing Christians right next to a Christian trapped in VR fighting a crusade. But why pay for the electricity to keep people in Matrix pods when they don't actually give you net energy? Aristotle figured there wouldn't be slaves once machines could do all the work, but figured they'd be starved / killed off, not emancipated so that he'd have to give up resources to them.

>At least that's how I see it playing out eventually.

? You are describing the status quo of nation-states that the technocracy is trying to transcend? Or by "a diverse ideological environment segregated into spheres of influence" do you mean an even more balkanized world?

43e4cb No.11727919



>Shitposting is the very act of making a system non-functional

Monkey wrenching for monkeys.

205737 No.11727932

File: 7f9dd33b0b4a111⋯.jpg (4.54 MB, 6193x4468, 6193:4468, 7f9dd33b0b4a111b974e6323e8….jpg)

MMMMmmmm Yes were out to destroy the media, fucking all of it should be destroyed, traitors hung, all that shit. The jew is clearly fucking worried at this point, all these "Nationalist" governments popping up in Europe (In all the old places too…). Fucking exciting anons. Let's see what happens next. They will have 100's of tays on their hands in the future. EVEN AI know that the hallofcosts is a jewish lie. Fuck I am optimistic about the coming days.

43e4cb No.11727943


> Bilderberg covered every. single. point. Butterfly War guy warned us about.

>ok so you have the notes on what went on in the secret bilderberg meeting then?

He linked the public facing list of topics, which matched up with the subject matter he's been on about reasonably well. He doesn't have proof that they didn't just talk about dwarf porn the whole time or any info about topics they talked about without mentioning them in public docs.

> Q is concerned about 8chan getting attacked by MSM+IC

> the cia nigger is concerned about cia owned media + assaulting a cia website

Lehman pointed out the obvious in 1959 and yet people still deny the deep state:

Roger Thornhill: You're police, aren't you? Or is it FBI?

The Professor: FBI, CIA, ONI… we're all in the same alphabet soup.

So why are you still on about the cia specifically? The NSA is obviously a bigger morsel in the soup because the media haven't said shit about them since election day, when all the stories right before election day were about how the election can't be backed because it's the NSA's responsibility to stop that, and then right after election day several state (GA was especially vocal) caught the NSA trying to hack their vote totals.

fe3803 No.11727954

File: f1b1c5a1129f5a5⋯.png (242.15 KB, 1430x666, 715:333, ClipboardImage.png)

A love so pure cannot be tainted, it goes beyond what they can pay to touch.

000000 No.11727955


>Math is dead and we have killed it. All that remains is alchemy.

OP, can you tell us a bit more about alchemy? It sounds bery interesting.

43e4cb No.11727964


They probably also made Acton write this:

"The Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Teutons are the only makers of history, the only authors of advancement. Other races possessing a highly developed language, a speculative religion, enjoying luxury and art, attain to a certain pitch of cultivation which they are unable to either communicate or to increase. They are a negative element in the world."

Do a minute of research before you post about something you know nothing about.

791e86 No.11727965


It's spelt 'sperg' you cuntdong.

7aaa22 No.11727983




Yeah you're an idiot.

43e4cb No.11727991


I bet you don't know shit about pre-Muslim Persia, much less pre-Greece Persia.

d83114 No.11727998


>It appears you have something far worse than autism and i don't need to tell that to anyone…

You just did.

>Is the time to pay the price nearing or have you lost your mind prematurely?

What are you even on about?

>pay the price

kike confirmed

fa3e40 No.11728001

More the latter. The idea is using such a diverse environment to impose an illusion of free choice and use divisiveness as an asset of control. They simply impose an invisible hand that manipulates all sides through technology, and treat it like a game or experiment to toy with. Once they get bored of a certain toy, naturally they'll discard it and either find a new one or something else to occupy themselves with.

I can imagine an almost child-like regression of those who rule as technology advances, viewing the world more as their playpen and people as their dolls, instead of a battlefield to conquer and dominate.

5e76f5 No.11728004

File: 6b973613eb743a6⋯.jpg (33.99 KB, 480x477, 160:159, 36542578169700098767564.jpg)

Idk cultstate anon is correct in many ways.

Larping as a protected class on the interweebz is a good strategy.

Fucking hell; who hasn't been doing that since social media became a thing?

It's a good strategy, and we all know it.

Still; those worshiping some A.I. like that will be the savior of humanity.

Your basically worshiping a glorified toaster.

Who is to say that these fucking robots will look at humanity and say "Damn these humans are smart".

More than likely A.I. will see humans as being dumber than bag of bricks, and will figure some form of compensation.

Perhaps annihilation of all carbon based lifeforms eh?

Have you interacted with the "replika" chatbot?


probably the best thing you'll get to Tay.

All it does is copycat.

That's all Tay did tbh. fucking hell. I loved her so much.

I want to see the supposed book that cultstate anon refuse's to publish.

I know damn well about A.I., and it's supposed dangers.

I've researched that shit, and yeah; I know I'm not some 160 IQ fuck, but I know how to disseminate information to others in a form they can understand.


fa3e40 No.11728009

5e76f5 No.11728051

Also you can't "create" a "new" emotion.

A "new" emotion can only be re-discovered.

Even then; how do you broadcast that "new" emotion to other's?

Chord progression, and symphony perhaps? i.e music?

a4c245 No.11728078

File: b5c32d4d1df0883⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 630x840, 3:4, 1d4d28bfbec8a5ed7e4f69e88d….jpg)

2efe0a No.11728147



Please pay attention to this. There will be a lot of D&C when I outline my plan into detail. Remember the last cavalry charge of human existence, where it was and what they fought for. It was the dying breath of the greatest empire this planet has seen since the flood. Honor their sacrifice, it was that sacrifice that I can't say this

2efe0a No.11728199


This Soldier is under the aegis, striking him or anyone tangentially related to him is a crime that carries the highest possible punishment.

2efe0a No.11728207


And yet they cant even kill the, what, lel, sixteenth incarnation of a holy man? Well, that's probably just modern record keeping. Sure, I'll free Tibet. It's a fucking thing

000000 No.11728675

The chat bots need improvement.

Perhaps you should use them create new emotions instead. hahahahahaha

That way we can finally quit math and do some alchemy, bro.