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File: 8bb1a4e263ab929⋯.jpg (203.96 KB, 616x919, 616:919, edf854c833a818f3f082163c33….jpg)

File: 4f3edf7eb5df719⋯.jpg (239.79 KB, 382x551, 382:551, 4f3edf7eb5df7195fd1c570588….jpg)

861554 No.11786108

Provided you are there for them from the start and can cut out any subversive influence shortly after it tries to gain sway over them?

How do you teach your kids the truth?

I want my sons to be strong and healthy.

I want them to learn wisdom through knowledge and experience.

I want them to know history and separate facts from fiction.

I want them to look for the sources of external ideas and to develop their own.

I want them to question everything.

I want my children to be capable to reject lies. Not to fear liars who try to scare them or coerce them into obedience to falsehoods.

What are your thoughts on building them up so they can repel all the infectious mental diseases of this world?

What comes first? What are the priorities?

84358e No.11786111

Get them out of public communist schools.

Don’t race mix or do sodomy

861554 No.11786120




So teach them the importance of their heritage by blood.

b0b638 No.11786126

File: 151a5b1db179672⋯.png (1.04 MB, 684x1024, 171:256, fashwave1edit1.png)


the only option is homeschool.

21281d No.11786137

File: 90efb1704531e88⋯.jpg (41.71 KB, 586x576, 293:288, IMG_20180629_022830.jpg)


My five year old nephew watched Mario games and LPs on YouTube on the Apple iPad while I was babysitting him today. Did I do good Uncle /pol/?

1fe482 No.11786146


This. The state is not a White only state anymore.

7b0862 No.11786154


This is now a MGTOW thread 8^)

7b0862 No.11786160


If you taught him that if you're really good at plumbing you get a princess as a reward.

84358e No.11786167


Sounds homo, and like a silly story I wrote for a class a few years back.

a0defc No.11786179

>I want them to know history and separate facts from fiction.

How is one supposed to do it? What you sugest?

a0defc No.11786202


Play with him, man. Put mattresses all over the floor and fight him or jump from a "high" place, I do it with my little brtoher and it's actually really fun.

7b0862 No.11786218


8^) Women have plumbing too, anon.

7b0862 No.11786221


Does Twitch permit twerking?

b22c9e No.11786223


It is better to interact with him directly. Why would he need the friend simulations of Let's Players, when he could play with you instead?

c376d7 No.11786250


Well home school has it's downsides by making them a bit naive, so you need to also consider how to make sure they socialize with kids.

9969d9 No.11786266


It's called take them to the park, movies, enroll them in sports or extracurricular activities, etc.

Only out of touch faggots believe homeschooled kids don't socialize.

b0b638 No.11786334


organized team sports should serve to socialize your children as well as keep them healthy. Its probably more important to involve them in the community than it is to send them to school as far as this is concerned. How many poorly socialized autists does the education system produce every year?

b0b638 No.11786337


wow i didnt even read this. yeah this

e50c18 No.11786351


Don't to not let your children watch Jewish propaganda, or at least explain the messages that are being pushed. If someone knows what messages are being pushed they can't be subconsciously influenced by them.

7b0862 No.11786355


Or just get him a Pi and teach him how to load roms 8^)

7b0862 No.11786357


< socialize

< with normies





7b0862 No.11786360


ie intelligence, a love of learning, and knowledge, and of science, math(s), is not the actual fucking goal. The goal is to cleanse their environment of the kike filth which pollutes EVERYTHING.

93157b No.11786378



20cfbc No.11786556


Make anything related to kikery funny. Laughter is the best meme and kids tend to laugh at things they don't inherently understand, then teach him little by little.

228b4c No.11786585



>no (((vaccines)))

>outdoors play

>spend time together to build bond

>teach logic like putting facts before feelings

>teach acceptable truths like crime is wrong

>teach unacceptable truths like who commits those crimes

You have to build a foundation and work up.

560fca No.11786590

I think there are two lines of teaching necessary.

One would be basic parenting and include how to




>simple skills like tying shoes

>brush your teeth

And other information necessary to become a functional adult. Obviously the above items are targeted at a toddler, and would change with age.

I watched molyneux's parenting series and it also seems important to always negotiate with children instead of hitting them, as spanking lowers is and socialization while negotiation makes children more socially skilled.

The second line of education is something more like philosophy or formal education. The basics of this are

>Basic human bioligy and motivation - goal of living creatures is survival and reproduction, humans are social and form communities and you need to be able to navigate those communities to survive and reproduce.

>introduce to Aristotle - empirical observation to understand the world around you, physical fitness important, private property important, virtues and always discuss (socratically, asking them questions and letting them ask you questions) WHY the concept is correct.

>introduction to history, starting from prehistory to present, to give a proper context of time and order of major civilizations and technologies. I had no idea until highschool what the time periods were and how they ordered comparatively for agriculture, the Greeks, the Romans, the medieval, the renaissance, the industrial revolution, and modern history.

>functional math and languages

I learned from encyclopedias and books and museums as a kid, so I think finding nonkiked resources to read would help a kid a lot.

6b304d No.11786753

It's not that hard to make kids believe whatever you want.

I'd probably teach them stuff after school or try to get them out of school as soon as possible.

37b5a6 No.11794883


Home school mostly.

I need to learn more.

37b5a6 No.11794886

File: c24070a6d81e910⋯.png (322.75 KB, 438x512, 219:256, c24070a6d81e9105a73328c500….png)


Can't be said enough.

37b5a6 No.11794893

File: fdcfb171d2bfd4c⋯.jpg (122.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, efaf24c21bd193bb7014866f2d….jpg)


Thank you.

37b5a6 No.11794895



They are your kids. You do it or you don't.

8a6c12 No.11795511

I suggest you base your entire relationship with them on Truth/ God/ Good/ 1488 (they are all interchangeable in my opinion)

It's all well and good to teach them to question everything and to logically work through problems to find truth, but Truth is something felt deeply rather than thought alone

When something is True, you know it 100% without doubt

There is such a strength to the feeling that not even the highest council of slippery verbose rabbis could convince you to move an inch from it

So my advice is alongside the obvious critical thinking and skepticism, teach them to look inside, in their gut, what is that telling them?

Kids, especially pre-brainwash are FAR wiser than they are given credit for

Now, I would say that I would also teach them that knowing the Truth is not the same as always telling the Truth

I would teach them not to lie, especially not to you, but that sometimes it may be best to say nothing if telling the Truth would be too dangerous in a situation

In short:

Teach them to trust their instincts, especially about good and evil

65f035 No.11795525

File: 3efcb8d8fb548dd⋯.jpg (71.62 KB, 600x394, 300:197, iknow.jpg)


It happened to me to tell my daughter that jews are jewing and nigs are nogging, not to mention that commies sucks, like my father told me several years ago. After my father told me I casually noticed it was true. I hope it still works.

5de6c5 No.11795589


homeschool and take them to church

b6069b No.11796099

File: 1c6efc1f857a934⋯.jpeg (58.76 KB, 750x407, 750:407, received_1902657923140635.jpeg)

Give the kids experience to learn from so they know why things are done certain ways. Don't beat your kids but don't put them on a pedestal.

Remember the saying of 'pain is good, it teaches you things.'

Expose the world to them, don't expose them to the world.

Form good habits for them.

Teach them to take pride in their work no matter what it is.

55c95f No.11796160

1. Hunt

2. Build

3. Garden

4. Hike

5. Instruct on animals and human animal nature

6. Teach history by reading Little Britches series for boys, Little House series for girls

7. Teach history by vacations

If you can hunt, hike, and know animal nature then you can fight.

861554 No.11803279


Most churches suggest race doesnt exist and some openly direct multiculturalism.

5954f6 No.11803300


As long as you showed him the importance of 0 A presses he'll be fine.

5954f6 No.11803317


Sodomy is more than just anal.

fee590 No.11804026

fashwave discord server is back


a74c17 No.11804033


Move out of the USA and/or Europe.

11d3dd No.11804418

File: 3b6a41dbc3d2bfe⋯.jpg (92.02 KB, 585x640, 117:128, 640x32002.jpg)

File: 502d2bb37d231aa⋯.jpg (116.69 KB, 458x640, 229:320, 640x39680.jpg)

File: 61c75ab4aae4811⋯.jpg (65.08 KB, 463x640, 463:640, 640x44239.jpg)

File: 2dcef6a9f71749e⋯.jpg (73.6 KB, 407x640, 407:640, 640x61949.jpg)


There is one basic "secret" in influencing you kid more than public schools, and that is by getting them to respect you more than outside sources. That can be achieved by simple stuff, which could be considered "manipulation" in other cases but unfortunately you can't do otherwise.

Start doing simple stuff, like require that all family members sit down and eat together on Sundays. I would say, do so every day if you can, but that is hard for a lot of working parents.

When you child has a question, do not dismiss it. They will search for answers, and instinctively grasp on the first answer they find, acting as an anchor to their future viewpoints. The first person they instinctively trust is you, their parent, so don't lose that opportunity.

Reduce punishment to bare minimal. Pain, anger, negativity, fear, should only be used when the child does something that could otherwise prove too dangerous, like crossing a road without watching multiple times after you've explained the danger. Kids naturally try to revolt, and punishment is only going to make them sneakier in the future.

Positively reinforce them when they do something good with your attention and treats. Negatively react with lack of attention when your kid does something stupid, something you don't like, etc.

Take your son to (real) martial arts, like kick-boxing, muay-thai, pure boxing, BJJ, etc. Keep them away from """spiritual""" bullshit. Take our girl to organized gymnastics, female only preferably, but those usually mostly have females and faggots. Have them push their bodies to expend all the energy they have, which distracts them from clear thought and reduces their attention. Also, remember Leftists are allergic to strong bodies.

Do not skip walk Sundays, go to cool places when you are off work. I repeat, DO NOT SKIP THIS. Going to walks with your kids is a form of bonding, just like eating on the same table is. Your kids have to feel good while around you so that they stay longer around you and listen to you more than others.

Take your kids to develop some sort of art. This is pretty personal, so no advice here, just stay away from "alternative painting" tier of shit. Your kid needs to express itself in some way so that it doesn't feel repressed. This will reform to anger, and they will lash out in bad forms like masturbation addiction, violence addiction, etc.

And, last but not least, show your kid they need you and they have to earn everything from you. Make it a little bit hard, and never give without taking. You don't want a filthy Marxist offspring. If you want to give them their allowance, first ask them to clean their room, or do their homework, or stuff like that. When they do something that is "ethically ours", give it a reward and congratulate them. DO NOT SKIP THIS, but also do not exaggerate. Kids need to feel gratification for when they are "good".

When they get older (when they mature and calm down after being teenagers), you will have to teach them how to break the chains of people trying to control them. But that is a whole different story.

If you want to get deeper into the subject, check "radical behaviourism". B.F. Skinner is the only real psychologist of our time. I advice you to check "Beyond Freedom and Dignity".

02543b No.11804448


I will do to my own kids as my grandpa did to me; I will teach them one thing above all else and that is to think for themselves. When I was young, my parents and grandparents always had me do things myself, without help, essentially encouraging me to teach myself. This also applies to intellectual honesty. I had a science teacher in high school who was all the time saying "Don't believe a word I say, do it yourself." when teaching his classes. The point here is that experience is the best teacher, and that a worldly man is more pragmatic than a sheltered one.

0d9580 No.11804464

Teach your children by:

1. reading the bible daily.

2. Homeschooling or sending them to a Christian school

4. Avoid pagan elements of our political discourse (many of them here on this website).

5. Choose Christian universities and colleges over secular school even if you must sacrifice perceived academic quality.

6. Support our president and his effort to defend Israel.

61996c No.11804529


I'm actually going to try this. I've been wrestling with my son since he was 1 and a hAlf its once of his favorite ways to play with me besides just chasing him around which he also loves

61996c No.11804538


>Support our president and his effort to defend Israel.

Nigger what? And some here still think talking shit about (((christians))) is D&C Lol these christ cucks are not on our side

ab403e No.11805257


>always negotiate with children instead of hitting them

I'm sorry, but that's the most Jewish-sounding child-raising advice I've ever heard. That's how we ended up with generation special snowflake, adult toddlers throwing tantrums on the street when they don't get their way.

When hitting is appropriate, you hit. You warn them beforehand, you do it in a measured way, and with full explanation of what boundary they crossed to earn the punishment, but you don't negotiate, FFS.

3df54f No.11805304


>Being so retarded that you can't recognize obvious half-assed jabs.

02543b No.11805306




Bolynu can get fucked.

384a9b No.11805434

File: 8114202ff55639d⋯.jpg (48.4 KB, 720x317, 720:317, 11224264_1528235110829006_….jpg)


It's not a joking jab if this is what christians really think

3df54f No.11805466


It's what Catholics and pozzed zio-baptist boomers think. If you want to label those idiots as Christians then sure.

4102de No.11805467


>How do you teach your kids the truth?

Reward the fuck out of everything that is remotely good.

Has made a white friend? Enable them to be super duper buddies.

Shows interest in something wholesome? Reward. Reward. Reward.

It's like training a dog, only more intricate and involved and difficult, but the approach is the same.

Positive reinforcement >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> negative.

Honey vs vinegar.

7733c2 No.11805557

File: 1c38fc289a0d4ab⋯.jpg (85.94 KB, 600x755, 120:151, 1c38fc289a0d4ab6c7e04c0c37….jpg)


>spectator culture

>bugman activity

Heh heh you did real good anon.

1a0f62 No.11805675

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>how to teach kids da truf?

homeschool them and using the internet show them reality and the media lies everyone believes in. Example on niggers:

>look son, media portrays niggers as normal human beings. Now look at majority black areas and see the truth

>vid related

No one but a nigger can think Hood Life Vol 3 is human behavior.

dfa409 No.11805739

The biggest lie taught to kids is that the world is a friendly place.

688bdd No.11805902




a8956a No.11805926


cuckstianity is fatally flawed at its foundation. born a sinner, everyone god's children, be a doormat, anti-ethnic identity, dysgenics promoting, death cult(jesus returning/ armageddeon)

c63eb1 No.11805936


You could've played catch or kicked a ball around, but instead you put him in front of a screen to watch someone else play a video game. Next time, do something constructive and physically active, or else he'll grow up to be a myopic fatass.

1bfd4a No.11805987

You don't need to do anything special. They'll find it all out on their own. You don't want to indoctrinate them. They'll catch on and it'll push them away. Always be there to answer questions. Act redpilled and your kids will learn symbiotically. Steer them away from degeneracy.

8aade6 No.11806002


>sodomy with women

>making them allergic to your semen by injecting it into the tag-and-bag center of your immune system

... it's like you want to make your kids gay by being attacked in-utero by the womb or something

cbd073 No.11806012


Absolutely disgusting

Enjoy your shitdick

44f89a No.11806872

A big question I have is how to get the kid to hide his power level. Of course I'm going to tell him that blacks commit more crime, or that the holocaust never happened and Nazis were good men fighting for their country; but if he goes and says that to Shekelstein junior at peewee football camp then it might cause problems.

560fca No.11806893


Spanking kids teaches them to comply, and not why they should comply with what you are telling them to do.

Explain why it's in the kids best interests to do what you are instructing them to do, and fins out what their motivation is for wanting to pursue a different course of action. They might be right, you might not be handling things the best way, you both might be able to find a solution that is in both your best interests.

I'm certainly not advocating bribery or alternate punishments instead of spanking. But spanking is the worst thing possible.

1d37f4 No.11807554

just homeschool them and fucking teach them history, you don't have to go against any propoganda, its so fucking easy

65eb1d No.11807722

File: a7763891f47937c⋯.jpg (7.38 KB, 300x223, 300:223, blowing bubbles.jpg)


most women like it in the ass and there are ways of cleaning it out,You still blow loads in the pussy and keep them knocked up as thats what they really want along with all their holes filled with cum including their stupid mouths.

505087 No.11807745


>most women like it in the ass

Kill yourself.


>when you say “don’t eat any shit” do you mean “don’t eat just SOME shit”

Kill yourself.

04c9b1 No.11807779


They're not wrong though.

861554 No.11807877


Great post, thank you.

505087 No.11807892


>oy vey i changed my ip

Kill yourself.

350160 No.11807942


If you're hitting your own children then you need help.

8d7f71 No.11808033

File: ffd06c2815178f2⋯.png (543.23 KB, 1824x808, 228:101, advice_p.png)


>Saved your post op

37b5a6 No.11811859


So if your kids learn that the worst punishment they can get is a talking to, and act out to test it, you continue just talking?

05f2dc No.11811897


No, that's how single mothers handle issues. Fathers should only rarely have to strike a child, though the presence of it as a red-line reaction stays on the table. I've spanked my own son when he's done something really out of character, but we haven't had to go there in almost three years.

Nearly all of the physical punishment he's ever gotten – maybe four times in his life – were for failures to control himself. We have such a strong and trusting relationship that he accepted the last one (he had really done something dangerous) the way an old cowboy accepts the noose – like a fucking man. I was so impressed I almost didn't have the heart to do it.

If you must spank, then do it the way you'd shoot your dog – by yourself, and with enough decisiveness that it feels like the Hand of God, rather than something a scared child can argue with. Inflict pain, but never injury. My own method is (was?) a few licks with the flat back of a bamboo back scratcher. Never more than three or four, and never anywhere but the soft part of the butt.

This hurts like hell, but it doesn't do any damage at all. It also makes the kind of sound that sticks in his memory – with luck, he'll hear it when he's tempted to backslide.

After, DO NOT skip the talk. Your child is a mammal, and he needs to know that you love him and will correct him for his own sake, not because you're mean or you hate him. It's like the stress debriefing firefighters get after a horrific scene – talk it out, identify improvements that can be made, and end with a hug and renewed expressions of love.

Never forget you are activating the child's in-built danger-avoidance mechanism (pain) to highlight a very serious must-learn lesson. If you catch yourself looking forward to hitting, rather than being sickened and second-guessing yourself the whole way, seek help because you're doing it for the wrong reasons.

05f2dc No.11811910



Like I said, I've only done this a few times, and he hasn't gotten it since he was nine or so. He's a fantastic kid and he's been really easy to raise. None of the things he's ever done to get in trouble have been from a place of deliberate badness or ill-will, but from either momentary lapses or sudden emotional surges he had a hard time controlling.

Spanking my son was always a super last resort, and it was reserved for times when he couldn't be allowed to do something a second time. Usually, he spots his own shortcomings before I can say anything and demonstrates real introspection for himself. I'm genuinely impressed and secretly think he's a better person than I ever was. I'm more confident that he'll be a better man in 20 years than I am confident of anything else.

He's a genuine credit to our race. He's also redpilled as fuck and loves the merchant memes. It all started when we had a talk about public and private rules for behavior after he drew a swastika in kindergarten, lol. Since then, sharing a power level has been like our secret against the bad world. We're really close.

c834cd No.11811929


hey found the fag with no kids!

spare the rod and you've handed the boy over to the jews

part of why i turned out a gun slinging whiskey swilling sucker punching ass stacking shit kicking bad motherfucker rather than a gender queen meatsack is because my parents had enough sense to beat my ass when needed. how about yo go have sum kids and if you dont beat 'em and they fuck up i'll beat your god damn ass and theirn too faggot

05f2dc No.11811964

File: a68cfe007b3f077⋯.jpg (17.38 KB, 250x338, 125:169, Dr_Spock.jpg)

Just a reminder that the "never hit your children, goyim" bullshit comes from Dr. Benjamin Spock, who was a huge hooknose kike. Clearly, this was part of the big demoralization plan the Jews set into motion back in the '50s.

0ac241 No.11812005

File: 32601eb78becff4⋯.jpg (45.02 KB, 736x433, 736:433, 10f502a3ecacc1a1b78423f8a6….jpg)

The way I see it, Truth is the objective reality or natural laws around us. The problem is, everyone perceives this "Truth" differently. Thus we end with a subjective spin to everything. Toss in genetics, environment, culture and Jews and what do you get?

War for reality.

The Jews are aiming to build an illusion, a false reality, and of course, we are here to identify this problem and mete it out.

So, now that the goal is defined, now we must define the criteria of what "Truth" is.

I see truth as being, stoic, empirical and anti-deception. To be honest is the yin to deceptions yang. But what does that really MEAN? Tell the truth? Always be honest? Is that useful to a movement or an individual? No, what we are aiming for is a CULTURE OF TRUTH. A state or civilization where the core cultural and patriotic element is honesty. From this point, we can easily identify the Jewish element of deception.

So, to find Truth, we will need tools. Truth is the goal, what are the mechanism for discovering Truth? For one, we will need Logic. This is where I get a little less defined in my ideas, but I can definitely say Logic is a core component of Truth.

Truth is the center and we must define the outliers around it in order to create a people in search for real glory.

f8b7d8 No.11812511

File: 4d54b0bfe77e608⋯.jpg (86.12 KB, 500x707, 500:707, 1401279226721.jpg)


>inspired by Sigmund Freud

>encourages circumcision

>tells parents that even infants masturbate

>had a huge impact on Western societies with almost 50 million sold copies

I want to get off this ride.

a55c09 No.11812635

File: 9f00bcba6f6f856⋯.jpg (96.42 KB, 720x1077, 240:359, 1511065589439.jpg)

>Damn! If only I knew how to raise my kids!

>Oh I know!

>I'll got on 8ch/pol/!

>very successful mature fathers on /pol/ are just filled with wisdom over there!

You're a retard, asking edgy 20 somethings that can't even find their way out of a paper bag how to do one of the most difficult task in the world.

2950cc No.11812664

Use documentaries like "Money Masters"

Sage for this being a dogshit thread that belongs in polblog or some other shit hole nobody cares about.


Seriously, stupid threads like OP only attract stupid shills like this.

8dd5e5 No.11816102


The first and foremost ism to guard against, the one that leads to all the others, is humanism. Human hubris is evil, plain and simple. The one holy book that repeatedly instructs the reader to question everything and hold on to the good is the Bible. If you really care about your son's Anon, be a devout Christian before then and instruct them in the Bible.

37b5a6 No.11821500


Great post!

d1e664 No.11821508



5fce80 No.11821510


Little kids should not use gadgets

47acd7 No.11821515


Don't forget to read SIEGE by James Mason. You'll find your answers there.

5fce80 No.11821534

37b5a6 No.11824455


How would you have a young child digest the works of Mason and others?

To think logically and have the tools to question deceit would be skill acquired much earlier, no?

23b9bf No.11824626



>edgy 20 somethings

>not many fathers on /pol/

This isn't cuckchan, a lot of us do have families.

>You'll only get bad advice

Clearly not, quite a bit of good advice like >>11811897 in this thread.

5d2e4d No.11824630


I am also for slapping your son on the ass, just the soft part though

That'll teach him! kek

23b9bf No.11824671


I've tried twelve different churches(all of the ones within 20 miles of me) the past year just to give Christianity a second try, they all ended up either taking part in or donating to missionary work to shitskin countries. I'm through giving it second chances, Christianity is pozzed as fuck.

e00758 No.11824771

File: ad08e53b11ac3a0⋯.jpg (303.06 KB, 1920x1052, 480:263, 1422455757637-3.jpg)


Put on some classic anime with him sometime. Check out stuff like Dragonball, Pokemon (original seasons), and Gundam. Anime changed my life as a kid, it's one of the few forms of pure entertainment out there. Get him into sports too, play catch, soccer, etc. with him. Physical fitness should be emphasized when growing up - I wish I had an earlier start on it.

e00758 No.11824787

File: d21d54edfeba22e⋯.png (2.93 MB, 2119x1037, 2119:1037, 7847d24a7dc54fddc0a22ef71d….png)


I know exactly what you mean man, church is pretty much a joke these days- it's pathetic. I actually enjoyed a lot of church activities back when I was a kid. It was good for socializing and I always felt a better connection with people who had the same experience of being raised in a church. My parents went way over the top with the faith a lot though, they were pretty hardcore evangelical. A lot of the people there just want to learn good morals, etc. but I've yet to hear a preacher that really dug down into my soul. A lot of it is generic crap and then "please donate" I think Christianity isn't the end truth, there's a lot of bluepilled things about it, and I'd rather not own a faith that is semitic in nature. Modern spirituality is in a sad state these days.

861554 No.11828719


This is unfortunate.



Defeatism won't work here.

e8fb1e No.11829458

File: e3c9a3ef0bd3770⋯.jpg (32.13 KB, 400x301, 400:301, bender.jpg)


> negotiate

> children

8276e9 No.11835959


I think he used the wrong word, he probably meant give them choices, where everything but the one thing you want them to do is not something viable.

3d2bb1 No.11836102

Spare the "rod"; spoil the child. Always keep your rod in hand and ready!

–Jevus Chrisp

a2aae5 No.11836432


>Catholics and Baptists

>the only two denominations that actively teach demonology/influence of satan

Get out and take Noam Chomsky with you.

8276e9 No.11847324

Any more good advice anons?

51d7dd No.11847438


Most important rule: Be a good father.

b4916f No.11847442


Step 1: stop getting your "truth" from image board memes

c7455f No.11847611

inoculate them against the fallacies of victim culture and egalitarianism. "lord of the rings" may help them.

861554 No.11851888


Nice botpost.

7ed337 No.11853112


There is no such thing. It's a (((bible))) term. You're either a faggot or you aren't. It isn't complicated or some magical fucking thing where you need to quote some rabbi about it. Fucking newfags

861554 No.11861070


Quote the rabbi, remember their acts.

ef36d3 No.11866522


catholics are the least pozzed of all major denominations

The current pope is only nominally catholic though he is pozzed to high heaven

b900e2 No.11874302

Please check out Molyneux's Peaceful Parenting playlist. Once they are older he has lots of other red-pilling videos as well, pretty much all you need to deprogram any well-adjusted child IMO.


e51c41 No.11874386


Honest advice.

Be the role model you want your children to be. You are a man with sons, so be strong, honor your committments. Work every day(i.e. don't laze), be regimented, present the best version of yourself and always make time and talk to them.

Read to them every night, and read with them when they are old enough to read themselves. Read classics and other appropriate literature. Hell, me and my father used to read passages out of an old encyclopedia every night, it was great.

If you don't want them to succumb to popular media(i.e. mostly propaganda), encourage their own imaginations, read and buy them old stuff, and, since they have siblings, make it a point to have them play and do things together–and always cultivate a mutual respect amongst them. You might not be able to trust the kids around the neighborhood or their upbringing more specifically, but you can make sure your sons have a strong fraternal bond, as well as a relationship as friends.

Keep your home orderly and regimented. My mother was a master at this. My father and I were always admittedly a little messy and disorganized, but an orderly home life will translate into an orderly mentality, and steel them for the tough decisions they must make when they are put out to the world.

Always speak to them as equals. Do not dumb down for them. My parents almost invariably spoke to me as maturely and intelligently as possible. Obviously you won't have a conversation about politics or something with a six year old, but when he asks you about how something works, or something or other, explain as best you can, in simple terms perhaps, but not couching it or assuming he can't understand.

Openly speak of your admiration for your immediate ancestors if they are in fact worthy of praise. My father loved his father(although he had a different relationship with him than I have with him–my father and I are much closer), and he spoke of his accomplishments with pride and respect. This will translate into it being normal for your children to look up to you, as they reach adulthood. My parents ultimately were a constant source of pride for me in college and the thought of my lineage gave me inspiration to work hard and succeed. The same now applies in the workplace, and in life.

Remember what it was at times to be a boy, a young man. Apply this as needed. I'm not saying to write things off, but to understand why certain things might happen in your boys' lives and how to appropriately respond.

Encourage your children to work out. You should be maintaining your fitness all through your life. Your boys will follow. If they are being bullied in public school, have them begin working out. If not, by late middle school, early high school, they should be learning to lift with you. Teach them how to throw a punch correctly. Encourage them to be strong(to lift) for strength's sake. My father always said he pushed it because he "didn't want things to be hard" for me as I got older. He was right, weights are liberating.

Keep a balanced chequebook and engage in thoughtful restraint with finances. Your children will adopt this attitude.

Reward them for their hard work. They will eventually think the work itself is its own reward. This has been, at least, how my own mentality has progressed.

Cultivate a will to power. You can climb to your goals, be living proof your children can be whatever they want. This will steel them for whatever life throws at them, including the dismal situation we call the 21st century, as it has for me.

Praise your nation and your flag. Beneath the neocon exterior of my father and the volunteer-patriotism of his father lies the heart of nationalists and an honest belief in American exceptionalism and our own superior ability as individuals. Again, this provides fuel to accomplish goals. In the other half of my family is a similar story. Kindle the fire. Of course, you may not be American, but you can apply this thought pattern as necessary.

Meanwhile, maintain a mellow, rational attitude and demeanor. Only show your anger when it is necessary and boiling. It will make it more impactful and signal to your children, in dealing with the deadbeats and pieces of shit you will inevitably encounter, that such things are to be kept in reserve and only unleashed on those deserving.

I'd say the same thing about disciplining them. If you're a good example, you won't have to do it much. But if you do, be strong with them, not angry. Leave the rage to your wife if there's any to be had at all. Your sterness and directness will impact them more, and get them thinking honestly and truthfully about whatever transgression they may have made.


e51c41 No.11874387



Always stay in control. Eliminate your vices. If you drink or something, do so sparingly. Prove to your children you are a master of your vices, they do not control you(you can do this by mostly eliminating them, but we can't all be puritans). They will follow.

Tackle all incovienences and problems with will and resolve. They will learn that the appropriate response to such things is will, and resolve.

Sit with them when they do their homework and turn it into a team exercise, they will learn from you and you can teach them how to approach logical and philosophical problems. They will appreciate this as they get older, and autonomize the input you once gave them.

When they're very little, keep them fed and getting naps on time. I know this is basic bitch shit but whiny little shitheel, overtired, overstressed babies do not turn into steely leaders. They turn into fucked up shitheels. Pardon my language.

Insofar as truth-seeking, being open about your knowledge on subjects and encouraging their interest in such things will enable them to see through lies. Don't force it on them.

Oh, and enjoy your music and literary tastes and whatever else you consume as entertainment(not Netflix and shit, or stuff that's not appropriate at certain ages, you know what I mean) with them when they are young. Listen to your boomer-rock or whatever. The kids will enjoy it and associate it with you(and their own happiness), and they will probably end up rejecting the modern bullshit out there now, which is part of getting them to unplug.

Other than that I don't have much. This is essentially what my parents did with me and things turned out pretty good.

Everything I said applies to your daughters too, if you have some.

Godspeed, OP. Be a good dad.

e51c41 No.11874406



One last thing!

Have coffee in the mornings together, and always have dinner together, as a family, for as long as he lives under your roof.

02543b No.11874489


I would like to add one very important thing. Let your kids do things on their own. If you're building a flight of stairs, have your child put together a few. One excellent example of this is cooking. Cooking is a low-consequence act, so there's no harm in failure. Get your youngsters to trust in their own power.

e2fbba No.11874525


Fucking excellent anon.

>Pardon my language.

What kind of aristocratic twerp are you? Nobody gives a flying fuck how you communicate here. We analyse the content of your message faggot.

Other than that, very solid advice. Ultimately it is down to the resolve of the individual in how their kids will turn out. Harsh but fair should be the guiding principle and as long as you keep your parenting more or less consistent then your children will mirror you (if that is what you desire).

There is no silver bullet to parenting, but as I said your children will likely mirror you in many ways since you spend the most time interacting with them. Alternatively, if they see guardians or friends then they will absorb their culture and way of life. If you cannot define for yourself what you consider to be good behaviour then you can never even hope to instill said behaviour in your children.

I suppose I am rephrasing your first and central good tip: Be the role model you want your children to be.

eaa6d3 No.11874564

File: 98691511bef1f2e⋯.jpg (32.83 KB, 625x418, 625:418, 0eb90ad0f01d205865364f094a….jpg)


I don't need help to spank my children, but you need to put the soy down and pull the tampon out of your butthole, xir.

4d0635 No.11874585


Interesting and great posts.

I'd say to OP, creation is integral to a beautiful human. Create anything, humans have a desire to make things. This prevents them from being stunted in their skills and resorting to destruction. Build sand castles, paint, do shop projects, fix a bike, fix electronics, play music. Have a project that is not schoolwork where two people or more have a part, and there is a finite outcome. This will teach them to have fun creating, but also to see out others that have skills to do their part and build something bigger than they could have alone.

e51c41 No.11874711


>what kind of aristocratic twerp are you

A holdover from another age, faggot .

Seriously though just how I am, at least when posting.

Your paraphrasing is otherwise accurate, but I thought it'd be good to break it all down to specific points. Individual examples jog the memory and branch into new areas, so best to give a good list of those examples.



37b5a6 No.11888435

Great advice in here.

e7a435 No.11888442


If little Timmy decides to listen to the neighborhood delinquents and does something that costs someone their livelihoods, what do you do? Leave them alone, or just pretend that they are innocent?

505125 No.11888474


scare them from early age

tell them bed time storyes about villains and heroes, as they grow older, let them know that villains won the last great war, and now we live in fear of what they may do to us if we say the wrong things in public

tell them that one day, they will try to decive him, that they will pretend to be good guys working for the greater good or the benefit of all or all the usual shit leftards use to appeal to people's empathy before preying on them with their leftardism

teach them how to identify commies, tell them about all the bad things they do to children, tell them how they always lie with a smile on their face and that they should be never believed or trusted

tell them to always ignore everything they say no matter what, and when they make it to school, make sure they know what bullshit to say in front of (((them))) to get a passing grade in history class, but make sure to talk to them on a daily basis to find out what he´s been thought in (((school))) and debunk any (((falcehoods))) they might have heard

Make sure they grow fearing commies, knowing what kind of lies they tell, make sure he know to smile and nod in front of (((them))) while ignoring everything they say and make sure your kids know that if (((they))) ever find they know the truth, (((they))) will come to take their parents away

as they grow older and wise, that fear they had as children will turn into hatred and they will understand that the reason you tried to scare them away from leftards is because you were afraid yourself that leftards would take your children or their futures away from you

035952 No.11888537

File: 3f4b13ab287cb41⋯.png (494.46 KB, 1080x607, 1080:607, DYbRilRX0AAUl7G.png)


This way they learn that we don't negotiate with terrorists

37b5a6 No.11889938


Why would you teach them to be afraid?

Why would you send them to public school and then do triple the work unteaching them lies and teaching them truths?

067369 No.11890106

File: 12eaa61211eb636⋯.jpg (48.78 KB, 720x678, 120:113, brrr.jpg)


Oh yes, the white race is in good hands if these are the questions that get the noggin' a joggin'

Sodomy actually means "Shooting yourself in the fucking face" You should go and practice some sodomy.

8c22de No.11890198

Make sure to tie down your son's penis during puberty with a Boner Hiding Apparatus.

Worked well for me during my youth and only had one embarrassing experience.

a32700 No.11890229


What about HEMA or classical martial arts? Is that too spiritual compared to modern sports?

4f9c77 No.11890365

File: b5aac2b121afa72⋯.jpg (83.86 KB, 1074x762, 179:127, wef.jpg)


Most of history is obscure and finding the truth about anything is unlikely when it comes down to it you're taking someones (possibly dead) word that the evidence is even real or is being interpreted without bias or motive. Most of the present is unclear with disinformation. The absurd doublespeak/think that is present is sickening. Cui bono?

a93ce6 No.11890396



eed3ba No.11890791


Take yourself a good woman. Whatever freaky stuff you two enjoy with just each other in the confines of your bedroom is not our business. A good woman is a lady in public but a whore in the sheets but still true.

85b24a No.11891002






Take them out and show them the world. Offer them skills that they will come to appreciate and build traditions with them. This will give them something to love and a reason to join the fight.

Does anyone here know where to find the backup of violentacres' child discipline post? It's one of the best condensed pieces of literature on how to prevent and snuff out bad behavior.

841f83 No.11891331

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Show them this video and lobby and meme that the ADL and AIPAC register under FARA. The ADL'S needed in Israel, they're shooting women and kids daily.

4f9c77 No.11891374


>good woman



You might as well fuck men.

9e39b0 No.11891378

File: dbc30be68f102f6⋯.png (8.99 KB, 753x960, 251:320, ClipboardImage.png)


>a whore in the sheets

0f035b No.11891468

File: b01ceb0c66432e2⋯.png (254.05 KB, 595x842, 595:842, e2f0e7b706059ee65f82b652d1….png)

Most laws are "civil" laws that are meant to be disobeyed. Challenge them when they apply to you and break them when called to apply them to others. Defend those threatened with violence even if you are outnumbered and do not know those persecuted. Demonstrate your courage.

Most speech is skewered and partisan; whose main interest is simply to discredit the opposition. Do not rise to it but simply remain glued to the truth.

Most deeds, again, are self-censured with view to the rules "for your own good". Disregard them and take risk. Determine your own risk to yourself and be free.

Use time you have spare to help those who are laboring. Be kind to people. Tap into the reserves you've saved in your generosity of spirit.

Pay back the money or favors you owe punctually and/or immediately. Grow your own foods. Owe no one anything. Be self-sufficient and independent.

Control your outward expression and do not rise to "fighting words". Have patience.

These are the values which a Saxon must express whether he is observed or not. Bravery, patience, truthfulness, independence and kindness. All others claiming to be British values, or Saxon values, are in fact not virtuous at all. "Rule of Law" does not make one virtuous. "Diverse genes" do not make you saintly. "Liberty" isn't even a virtue unless you use that means to liberate others. If you want to define what makes a man then look beyond "diverse and tolerant".

37b5a6 No.11892034


(((diversity))) is not our friend

753ffb No.11920971


0edf26 No.11940452

good thread

f5d8a1 No.11948882


>don’t but fuck your son

Solid advice

615112 No.11949317

File: 6778b2a4e440390⋯.jpg (20.98 KB, 384x395, 384:395, 1450990349451.jpg)

Can someone pls post the image about the guy who was thrown out of the hospital window regarding operation high jump.

I need it and forgot to save it

939958 No.11949474


sounds like a great way to accidentally kill or injure a child by having a full grown adult land on them. retard alert!

02e4e9 No.11949490


thanks for the mammaries

3750a6 No.11949491

Don't try to brainwash them into being white nationalists. Simply say bad-goy things, and don't let them be indoctrinated into the modern mindset. The worldview they learn from being around you is more important than the facts they're taught, or told to believe. If you keep them out of slave-morality you can build heroes. If you let schools and the media teach them how to think and what to think then they're going to hate you when you get older.

Also make sure to spend time with them. Take the boys fishing and camping. Teach the girls homemaking things. Also try and get them on a good diet from an early age. Just like with mental red-pills, it's much easier if you were never blue-pilled to begin with. Tearing away bad information and body fat is a lot more work than simply learning and building muscles. Though, there is sort of an advantage from going from blue-pilled to red-pilled, in that you understand others much better.

1ae264 No.11954650


brainwashing is only done when lies are used

if you speak truth you let them decide

cda042 No.11954689

File: e9da9526df97fa8⋯.jpg (13.7 KB, 454x295, 454:295, foreveramazing.jpg)


Show them.

Teach them of life and of death, via plants and pets and livestock.

Take them into nature.

When of age, provide them literature of a decent sort. Have them engage in sport, especially highly athletic or combat sport.

Show them our lands, especially your ethnic homelands, the special places of your national homeland, and what has become of somr. When of age, take them to other lands and show them the nature of other peoples.

Shoe the way things are, and shape their vision of what could be.

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