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File: 8c2d98581028811⋯.jpg (115.36 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 03f445ccf62e50aefeb1d0b662….jpg)

File: 218c56cb052c2bc⋯.jpg (108.4 KB, 534x712, 3:4, cincinatus.jpg)

File: a05d11040b7d442⋯.jpg (23.53 KB, 294x422, 147:211, daRRE.jpg)

2c14a1  No.11793228

For a couple bucks and a few minutes a week of work, you can grow hundreds of dollars of fruit on a deck, porch, or back yard.

How is everyone's summer garden going? What are you growing?

I've got mostly tomatoes this year, and a few vegetables.

2c14a1  No.11793237

File: c5ad18aa14bfdcf⋯.jpg (9.02 KB, 160x240, 2:3, hesiod.jpg)

292ef5  No.11793294

Squirrels ravaged my strawberries, broccoli, some peppers, cucumber and zucchini. My Carolina Reapers are doing well, and my gojis are still growing. Waiting for my empress trees to stratify so I can start planting a forest of them (600 or so seeds total). Thinking about trying to grow some live oak as well.

f9d248  No.11794176

>a couple of bucks

Not really. Especially if you have't started yet. It's not as simple as just putting seeds in dirt and growing vegetables. That aside, last year was my first ever garden. I wasn't too great. It was a learning experience. This year my garden is full and green and starting to produce, which is pretty good considering my environment is cool, very rainy, and pretty cloudy. Everything's going well. The savings in vegetables probably won't offset the soil amendments and fertilizers and whatnot though. I probably have around $100 in it this year. Tomatoes are expensive around here, so if I get a bunch, you never know. That could be $50 or more right there.

2eb8ed  No.11794267

File: 8e3946538df8ee9⋯.jpg (3.69 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_2406[1].JPG)

This was last year

2eb8ed  No.11794268


I dont know why it loads upside down

b7f110  No.11794346

File: cb19840544758aa⋯.jpg (104.87 KB, 900x900, 1:1, os30ac-product.jpg)


>What are you growing

Volunteer Strawberries, 1 pound, already done.

Canning and eating tomatoes, 200+ pounds, currently ripening.

Cucumbers, 200+ pounds, still growing.

Zucchini, 200+ pounds, still growing.

Beans and peas, ~25 pounds, growing. Peas will probably fail because the temperature rose too fast too soon this year.


Pears and Apples.

Various greens and herbs along with pest control plants.

Currently using a "commercial grade" watering system.

Beds are raised 24" over ground level, constructed with masonry, and run east west for maximum sun exposure.

Total grow area is 25x25 feet.

I suggest this shit to anyone and everyone:


b7f110  No.11794440

File: fd962fa4385626b⋯.jpg (31.29 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 6175Wac1X9L._SY300_.jpg)

File: 221812805c4ffd8⋯.png (11.17 KB, 300x175, 12:7, benis.png)


>>a couple of bucks

>Not really. Especially if you have't started yet. It's not as simple as just putting seeds in dirt and growing vegetables.

It is actually that small of an investment to grow certain vegetables.

You can grow micro greens for a few bucks.

You can grow a cherry tomato for ~15, and even less (cost of plant +1$) if you have any land that gets full sun.

Get some of pic related to extend your grow season by sheltering the plants in early spring.

Plant your tomatoes like pic, and you'll have >200% fruit production.

Prune excessive suckers on your tomatoes and you'll get even more fruit.

f9d248  No.11794443


That's a lot of fucking vegetables, how many people are you feeding?

ebd0c3  No.11794447


Because you're on the southern half of Earth's flat surface.

Fucking retard.

f9d248  No.11794469


>cherry tomato

I tried them last year in my first go-around. I have very rocky, clay-like soil, so needless to say they produced some by the end of the season, but not too many ripened. The root systems just couldn't develop. Soil amendment is definitely necessary in many places. It made a huge difference for me. I thought plants just grew like that, so I stuck with the more hardy plants from last year. To my surprise, first week of summer, my plants are as big as they were the second month of summer last year (and I don't have a greenhouse, and I lack the sun exposure to grow too much in windows). If I'd have known I would have gone with more variety. Now I'll be eating loads of squash, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, and hopefully corn (something was snapping my stalks in half just for the hell of it, I had to box it in with plastic fencing, roof and all). I'm also going to try a fall garden this year. I'm saving all of my grass clipping and I'll mulch some leaves at the end of the year. I'm going to make that a regular addition to my soil. It really loosens it up.

b7f110  No.11794507


4-6 people for tomatoes. All the left-over tomatoes get sauced after the end of their season when the the first few fruits in storage begin to start rotting.

We don't use store bought tomato sauce products except ketchup.

10-25 people for the cucumbers and zucchini.

I haven't started watering the fruit trees and they easily produce 100+ pounds of fruit, that's 10+ people.

I only grow high value or sensitive produce so I'm worried more about the yield per square foot and ease of picking.

I also only eat unprocessed tomatoes I grow.

I forgot about the onions, but they didn't do so well this year because I use drip instead of spray. Normally that's 50+ pounds.

>I'm saving all of my grass clipping and I'll mulch some leaves at the end of the year.

If you have rocky soil your best bet is to use raised beds, or pick a spot and take out all the rocks by hand.

You could also plant the tomatoes in a 5 gallon planter.

Leaves work extremely well to loosen up soil. Especially oak leaves. Maple leaves work, but they can't be from a sweet variety. Hardwood charcoal also works.

Peat moss works, but you have to keep track of the acidity levels.

Mushroom compost is an ezpz amenity.

If you need to develop a dead soil, use sweet leaves in the fall (sugar maple, mulberry, and other fruit trees), along with some iron.

696e08  No.11794516

I wild-craft rare or desirable plant and herb seeds for selling on the net, plus some processed dried roots and herb both wild and gardened. I've gained a lot of knowledge about many niche market plants and my wife and I plan to start a small farm of a few acres to cater to the global demand, which would be good for the soul as well as the bank account. Start selling native tree seedlings too. Some plants have a yearly market demand of over 10k/year between seed and dry herb and no one adequately supplying them so a few dozen core species would provide an excellent living.

d2e4a5  No.11794524

Looking forward to reading this thread later. I have nothing to contribute.

I'd grow herbs, but I barely know what goes well together when cooking. I don't have much space and I wouldn't want to inconvenience my landlord by placing in a garden (plus there's rabbits about). I'd have to resort to a potted plant or something

b7f110  No.11794592


>I wild-craft rare or desirable plant and herb seeds for selling on the net

Do you have any tips on selling?

I'm sitting on a pretty large collection of valuable wetlands plants but I don't know what to do with the excess that I'm going to generate in the next few years.

b7f110  No.11794598



I forgot to add that I also make custom drip emitters that aren't available on the market but I have no way to bring them to market.

e83c1b  No.11794679


> pic related

Explain moar

052ad1  No.11794711

File: 6101aa5c0dc7ff5⋯.jpg (8.89 KB, 287x363, 287:363, HTB1RTyKFVXXXXc7XXXXq6xXFX….jpg)

Attempting to get some silver vine going. My soil is a tad sandy shite so it will be an uphill battle. To kickstart I'm trying hugelkulture and surrounding it with nitrogen fixers so I don't fuck up too bad.

Now if I could just get the seeds to germinate.

If you have bug problems I highly recommend buying a pump sprayer and coating the leaves with soapy water. Seems to have saved my plants from whatever was nibbling them when I wasn't looking.

e83c1b  No.11794779


Does soap work on grasshoppers?

48b6b4  No.11794787

File: 7ee1356e7705c40⋯.gif (971.07 KB, 500x210, 50:21, tumblr_mxeq19u6wD1rzxujso3….gif)

>growing your own vegetables


e83c1b  No.11794793

8dcc63  No.11794833


>gardening thread

>in middle of summer

A bit late for planting, mate.

e528b2  No.11794889

I made a raised bed and loaded it with a bunch of peppers and other veggies. It's going….okay. My tomatoes are all dead as well as everything else I didn't plant from seed.

I'm new to all of this gardening stuff, just going off of the few gardening/homestead /pol/ threads that pop up every now and then.

Also reading /out/ on 4cunt.

Anyone have some links for newbs?

052ad1  No.11794899


Twas a cold ass spring I tell you.

e83c1b  No.11794900


Checked, & true.

However, with gardening, you don't have to rely upon rainfall, if you're willing to water. So all you need to take into account is the number of days <5c until the next freeze. If it's long enough to grow your plants, and for them to yield, then you can plant.

And regarding economics, it's possible to get massive discounts on plants in the summer.

The whole "plant early" obsession is really related to actual serious agriculture, whether on a mass scale, or by subsistence farmers.

There are, I should like to point out, literally zero subsistence farmers using pol.

e83c1b  No.11794904


Yes. http://gen.lib.rus.ec/ <- your Internet Librarrrrrry

052ad1  No.11794915


Just search up local farmers on jewtube. Every area will have it's own unique circumstances.

Like fuck if I ever have to worry about water shortage, but fuck me if I want to grow anything but potatoes without some serious manure. Your soil may retain too much or too little water, etc etc so many potential follies.

e83c1b  No.11794931


Not to mention that your soil can be a patch of unusual soil, differing from literally everyone around you.

7e5b61  No.11795096


You will need to be self sufficient during the collapse or else you die from hunger.

3a5f32  No.11795103


my soil always has a grocery store on it with fresh fruit and veggies, even during winter

7e5b61  No.11795126

I think the greenhouse that is automated for the types of vegetables and fruits may help you.

2c14a1  No.11795389


How do you build your own drip tape?

Interested because rolls of it are expensive

08c1e3  No.11795467


We had a cold spring that delayed planting, and even then we had a late frost that killed all my tomato plants so I had to start new ones from seed in June. But now that it has warmed up things are going well. I am testing a bunch of things this year, hybrid super sweet corn vs heirloom, till vs no-till, white clover as a living mulch, buckwheat and oats as cover crops. I have just over 50 varieties this year including at least one of each of the following: carrots, squash, corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers, melons, ground cherries, beans, peas, onions, leaks, turnips, parsnips, potatoes, celeriac, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, and assorted lettuces, spinaches, kales, mustards, etc for salads. Plus the perennials: asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.


>Plant your tomatoes like pic, and you'll have >200% fruit production.

>Prune excessive suckers on your tomatoes and you'll get even more fruit.

Both of those things are complete bullshit. Gardening is full of myths like those, I've been testing as many of them as I can. Planting tomatoes like that lowered yield by 8%. Planting them deep and straight lowered yield 12%. Pruning didn't change yields at all. Do side by side trials to test these things instead of just repeating them.


>The whole "plant early" obsession is really related to actual serious agriculture, whether on a mass scale, or by subsistence farmers.

Not just them, also everyone who lives in a northern climate. When you have a 100-120 day growing season, you can't afford to be planting shit late.



Don't treat it like gospel or anything, but it is on the right track at least. It has the best good advice to bad advice ratio I have seen from a gardening book. Also raised beds are a completely pointless waste of time and money.


Local farmers will almost without exception be growing things you don't want to grow, and will be doing it via the "destroy soil, dump fertilizer on it, spray tons of pesticides" routine. You should be doing zero of those things. You don't need any manure by the way, are you destroying your soil like a farmer or something?

84b2f1  No.11795522


This. And where I am it's not even worth starting. Maybe I can doing something indoors. I wanna grow onions, garlic and serranos.

3a5f32  No.11795545

isnt there a board for this type of info , its getting pretty technical and not political at all

08c1e3  No.11795564


Onions don't do well indoors, and garlic you plant in the fall.


There's a dozen of them, all dead. Face it, there's /v/ and /pol/ and that's it.

b7f110  No.11795666


If you're doing something small scale, just use pressure compensating emitters and either the half inch or micro-tubing.

Ideal spacing is a 0.5gph every 2 inches for deep rooting plants.

Shallow rooting plants like onions require surface spraying.


>Planting tomatoes like that lowered yield by 8%. Planting them deep and straight lowered yield 12%.

You're either planting your tomatoes in the ground, or wood raised beds. Deep planting is garbage, and my picture is not deep planting.

The effects on fruit production are unmistakable with a proper heat retaining bed.

>Pruning didn't change yields at all.

Pruning increases yields on indeterminate varieties by keeping the plant from putting energy into non-producing suckers.

It is no different than pruning water shoots on fruiting trees.

Not only that, but pruning improves air flow which delays the onset of mildew, which extends the growing season by several weeks.

>Do side by side trials to test these things

Why do you think I say these things?

>Also raised beds are a completely pointless waste of time and money.

Complete garbage advice for anything less than 9b, not cereal, and not cabbage.

2115ab  No.11795703


>The root systems just couldn't develop.

If your soil is too shit for tomatoes, grow potatoes and graft your tomato plants on to them.

08c1e3  No.11795753


Like I said, TEST IT. I know you say those things because "bob's shitty youtube channel" says them. I did not say your picture is deep planting, I clearly specified what your picture describes only lowers yield by 8%, while deep planting lowers it by 12%. Both of these techniques are old wive's tales spread by people who don't understand plant physiology and mistakenly think more roots = more fruit. All it does is slow down early growth while the plant grows a bunch of replacement roots.

Same deal with the pruning myth. All suckers are producers. Pruning suckers simply changes the shape of the plant from sprawling and wide to tall and thin. It does not change yield at all. Pruning suckers does not improve airflow, people mistakenly believe pruning leaves below the lowest sucker does that. Again, do an actual trial, there is no impact on powdery mildew or late blight.

And finally, if you want to say "complete garbage advice", actually provide something to support it. I am in Canada zone 5, not the pussy US "zone 5". The people around here who wasted money on raised beds can't manage to produce half of what I get, while I do less work. If you have a heavy clay soil just dump a foot of organic matter on it and you're done.

e8e938  No.11795789

I would sincerely like to encourage everyone to raise plants in some form or another. Even just a Chia pet can bring great peace and joy to your environment.

I work as a professional botanist and I can't tell you how much I enjoy plants and what they do for me as a person. To be able to watch life grow before your eyes and see a beautiful thing start from something as tiny as a seed and grow into a mature adult before your eyes is one of the best experiences a human can have I think. It really does bring you inner-peace and a beautiful sense and comfort with life.

I've been so fortunate in that I've gotten all my friends into growing plants. It's the best! We all exchange pictures and plants and talk about it. I'm telling you, once you get that first seed to crack the soil. It becomes a wonderful positive addiction in your life.

All my friends tell me that they don't have green thumbs in the beginning. But I'm telling you, I tried to and failed to grow plants for a good year or two, failing miserably before I finally got the hang of it. Anyone can do it and thrive at this. It just takes a little love and a little patience.

My friends and I all started growing bag seeds we found in marijuana. But you can do literally anything you want! Grow a nice little pepper plant in your kitchen. Grow a funny Chia Pet in your bathroom. Grow some sunflowers outside. There's literally no limit to what you can do. And it's so rewarding and such a nice hobby.

Anyway, I hope my words inspire you to put your hands in the soil.

abd1fb  No.11795808

File: 4ff954118b69649⋯.jpg (124.08 KB, 626x347, 626:347, raised bed.jpg)


If the soil is shitty you can grow in buckets or make a raised beds

If you dont like spending money on a truckload of soil you can collect leafs in the autumn and pack the beds with it worms will move in and make black soil out of it and it will be ready to use the coming spring.

46033c  No.11795814


There isn't going to be a collapse, Varg. There is a decline happening, and you will need to be self sufficient still.

08c1e3  No.11795822


But don't waste the wood building boxes, just dump it on the ground. Even the worst clay soils will be fixed in just 3 years as long as you don't dig/till/plow/etc.

abd1fb  No.11795838

File: 94617e4529634a2⋯.jpg (973.67 KB, 2016x1504, 63:47, 3 collars on a pallet.jpg)



you can use scrap wood or pallet collars,

pallet collars are good because they are free or almost free

08c1e3  No.11795856



Pruning lowered yields across the board.


All wood is free if you have a forest. It would still be more useful to burn it for heat. The only upside to boxes is grass won't spread into the bed from walkways. But it comes with significant downsides, and grass is easy to eliminate anyways. If you want to start small just use pots. Then graduate to the real thing, there's no need for big pseudo containers. When you start feeding a family entirely from your garden, you'll want long beds that are ground level so you can use a GT and save yourself a shit load of time.

abd1fb  No.11795870


We are talking about raised beds for shitty soil.

These are ideal for some backyard growing. Salad herbs tomatoes etc

08c1e3  No.11795906


"Raised beds" work in shitty soil, because they are putting a foot of compost over the shitty soil. There is no need to waste time effort and money building a box around that foot of compost. The box is not helpful, the compost is. And as I very clearly said, if you skip the stupid box, after 3 years it will be down to soil level, and the soil will be fixed. So you won't need the extra work and expense of making raised beds any more. If you just want a few tomato plants and herbs and your soil is shit, just use pots. If you are growing enough to have one or more beds, then making wood or brick boxes for those beds is harmful, not helpful. Just make a foot deep bed of compost without the box.

081f1e  No.11795908


What's a GT?

abd1fb  No.11795933


I think you are autist that dont grow shit

you need truckloads to improve the soil in a yard, this is a compromise people that actually grow stuff use.

08c1e3  No.11795970


Garden tractor. That could be either a two wheel walk behind type like this http://gardentractortalk.com/forums/topic/15562-bolens-versa-matic/ or a 4 wheel like this: http://www.tractordata.com/lawn-tractors/001/4/1/1412-ford-lgt-125-photos.html

Obviously if you are a varg that thinks the world will revert to the iron age this isn't very relevant, but for everyone else they are great.


You need exactly the same amount regardless of whether you surround it by a box or not. How exactly can you be this stupid and still manage to use a computer? A foot of compost in a box does exactly the same thing as that foot of compost without the box you tard.

052ad1  No.11796013


>local farmer will destroy soil

Let me be more clear, search jewtube for local permaculture enthusiasts.

c6ef9d  No.11796092

Meanwhile every writer or leader you faggots cream yourselves too looked down on plebs doing agricultural work.

Yes it's ascended tier redpill to spread cartloads of cow manure in the searing heat of the Sun.

9b87a4  No.11796112

File: 1a9cba1e09e795f⋯.jpg (413.29 KB, 600x4390, 60:439, 1485698736757.jpg)

Here's the veggie cheat sheat from /k/ just in case the money is a little tight for fancy stuff. Happy growing.

ce1e3d  No.11796115

File: 61d3a33e29049d6⋯.jpg (118.77 KB, 1080x864, 5:4, l.jpg)

File: ed8e7f5a53f0bc4⋯.jpg (779.69 KB, 3024x4032, 3:4, r921jxj102m01.jpg)

I've been inspired to start building terrariums as gifts and to keep at my 'desk' at work. Not as big an obligation as other plant gifts as they require no care, also resistant to the less-than-verdant environment I work in

3e4ac5  No.11796122


>What are you growing?

4 different breeds of tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries.

Wanted to grow cucumbers too, but sadly the gardener I bought the seedlings from last year didn't have any, which is a real shame since they absolutely exploded last year

4c88cd  No.11796139


My orchard has an apricot , two apple , and two cherry trees. Garden has tomatoes peppers and basil

All doing good

01fdb3  No.11796167

Of late I've been tempted to experiment in trying to create optimised growth environments for various food plants.

Seeing if its possible to create perfect conditions to maximise growth and minimise time spent growing.

Naturally this would require a sealed climate controlled growth environment but I may have a good chunk of what I'd need lying around here.

Anyone here got any ideas, opinions or relevant experience on the matter?

I'm thinking for the first trial run upping atmospheric pressure, humidity and CO2 content.

fdaf56  No.11796171



Depending on locale a lot of municipalities offer free soil tests in the US, especially if you're in a rural/marginally rural area.

08c1e3  No.11796198


Yes, yes. We all know you heebs hate both nature and work. But seriously spreading compost is done in the spring and/or fall, not in the hot sun.


Most plants are time sensitive. Things like controlling moisture and increasing CO2 increase yields, but they don't speed up the process.


Even if they don't, it is cheap and well worth it for your first year. Once you find out what your soil needs and add it, you will be fine after that as long as you stay no till/no dig and keep adding a mulch.

01fdb3  No.11796216


Right so time isn't gonna be affected for most.

Unfortunate but boosting yields should be enough.

One other reason I'm wanting to look at this is that it may be a good way to get around the pesticide issue. Since we're having issues with weedkillers and pesticides damaging the environment and harming consumers along with pests becoming increasingly resistant to the chemicals used to kill them.

If you're growing in a sealed controlled environment there's no way to for pests or weeds to get at your plants meaning you don't need to use pesticides.

So what about air pressure? Any benefits to plants from higher or lower pressure environments?

And humidity? Do we want it high or low?

08c1e3  No.11796236


You already don't need to use pesticides growing things normally. I don't know about pressure, but humidity depends on the plant. Some tropical plants want high humidity, most veggies don't care. Unless you are starved for space, it is probably cheaper to increase yields by planting more plants than by building greenhouses and pumping them with CO2.

fdaf56  No.11796255


I agree very much with your sentiment regarding pruning vs. yields, but I think the other anon is misunderstanding the purpose of pruning suckers from tomato plants. In my region, letting the plants go to bush by leaving suckers makes them harder to manage and requires larger spacing between plants. I do a 6ft string trellis and my plants are already pushing 8ft in height, but I've started to train them horizontal. Leaving the suckers would have likely kept yield per plant the same but would've decreased my yield per square foot. This guidance is specific to my region/conditions tho.

01fdb3  No.11796264


So why are we having this problem with pesticide runoff?

fdaf56  No.11796286


kike owned and subsidized commercial scale agriculture perhaps.

08c1e3  No.11796312


Yeah, these myths usually have some basis and people misunderstood and warped it into something wrong. Commercial growers prune to maximize yield per square foot, because they are growing in greenhouses so area is the most expensive thing. That's not the case for most people, but everyone wants to copy commercial operations assuming that must be best. It is like the chucklefucks around here that pay someone to plow their garden because if a farmer does it then it must be good!


Because of the jewishness of industrial farming. They buy land, destroy the fertility in the soil, burn shit loads of oil spreading fertilizer on it to compensate, leave the soil barren so it gets full of weeds, then grow a huge monoculture of one plant to attract disease and insects. Then they "need" to spray toxic shit everywhere to get rid of the weeds and insects and diseases. On a family scale none of that applies. Grow a mulch crop, put it on your garden, the end. Your local garden ecosystem will balance itself and you won't have huge pest problems. If you lose 10% of your beans to insect damage, just plant 10% more beans. Grow a variety of things and you don't have huge swarms of particular pests breeding out of control and destroying everything like a farm.

01fdb3  No.11796318


But isn't large scale monoculture farming more efficient?

fdaf56  No.11796332


Indeed many people don't understand the purpose of tilling is to turn organic matter under the soil to aid in decomposition and soil building. Most hobby/urban farmers I know think that having some light grass in their garden is the end of the world then wonder why their topsoil washes off every year.

f5714a  No.11796339


Started a raised bed garden this year. I have jalapeno, string beans, red peppers, tons of lettuce and about a dozen tomato plants. All coming out very well. Just had some string beans a moment ago with lunch, absolutely fantastic.

Also, I planted two mammoth-sized sunflowers, zinnias, and marigolds. There's some more flowers I put in a pot, but I can't tell you all of em (there was at least a dozen different flowers in the pack). Sunflowers are about 5 feet and they'll get to 7, with a one-foot diameter head. Once the seeds are fully matured I'm gonna soak em in a brine, add seasonings and roast em. Looking at mid-July for the harvest on those.

To any anons unsure about making the jump and creating a garden; just do it. You will absolutely thank yourself once everything is growing and you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor. Plus, it creates a very 'homey' atmosphere to your property while also increasing value.

abd1fb  No.11796363


Is more CONVENIENT for (((THEM)))

08c1e3  No.11796374


Efficient how? For an energy used to energy produced ratio, no. For a people producing food to people being available to die in kike wars ratio, yes. This is why cities and industrial agriculture exist, to move more people away from being humans and into being pawns for kikes. First it was for war purposes, then it was shifted to being for factory workers. Now they don't know what to do with all the useless city dwellers because they shipped all the manufacturing overseas. We're going to run out of phosphate rock to mine for fertilizer anyways, so industrial farming will end no matter what.


I have seen all sorts of incorrect reasoning given for tilling. Yours is actually one of them. Turning organic matter under the soil prevents soil building, it doesn't aid it. Tillage serves two purposes. One is to make the soil less fertile and less hospitable to plant life. This lowers the number of weeds, but obviously also makes the plants you want to grow require irrigation and fertilization. Which of course then helps the weeds too, defeating the purpose. The second is to make a loose seed bed for small seeds like lettuce and carrots. I can't find any evidence if tilling just the top inch for this purpose is harmful, helpful or neither, but tilling 4+ inches deep lowers yields, increases fertilizer requirements, and increases irrigation requirements. I am going to do a trial next year on discing vs tilling vs nothing at 1 and 2 inch depths and see if it matters. Check out plowmans folly and the follow up for a discussion of the problems with plowing, it largely applies to rotary tillage as well.



fdaf56  No.11796416


Uses of tilling is site specific and the boon or bane of it is going to vary based on individual conditions. In my area the soil has a high clay content and thus has issues with water retention vs. runoff. This is aided, in my situation, by tilling in organic matter from the previous years growth into the soil in the fall and loosening the hard packed crust with tilling in the spring. I think you're confusing situational advice with general practice. If you can grow a garden with no tilling, of course you should avoid it.

9e7d13  No.11796420

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

08c1e3  No.11796438


No, you are confusing "common wisdom" with reality. Your situation is not aided by tilling, it is worsened. Adding organic matter helps. Tilling hurts. You are doing both, and then seeing that the benefit of the organic matter outweighs the harm of the tillage, and proclaiming tillage a benefit. Actually read the books I just linked, they are short and very easy to understand. We've known for 80+ years that tillage is harmful. Stop causing yourself problems and learn. Or if reading is too hard, just look at the results of no-till on rock hard compacted clay: https://hooktube.com/channel/UCB1J6siDdmhwah7q0O2WJBg

Your situation is not unique, it is not special, and it is not helped by tillage. There would be no hard packed crust if you left the organic residue on the top of the soil where it belongs.

34cba2  No.11796452


>What are you growing?

sweat potatoes theyre the best reliable

fdaf56  No.11796473


Again, you're making a broad generalization having 0 knowledge of my soil conditions and growing conditions. People speaking with authority while lacking vital information is the root of the problem. I have tried no dig personally to poor results and many local farmers have tried different methods such as slit tilling with poor results.

259281  No.11796476

File: df4023ab43818e9⋯.jpeg (18.1 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images-23.jpeg)

Look for a pdf or paperback copy of "Square Foot Gardening" it's perfect for urban and suburban gardening

08c1e3  No.11796488


No, you are ignoring reality because you don't like it. There are no conditions which make tillage helpful. It is always bad. You are saying "cutting off my fingers helps me play piano" and I am saying no it doesn't and you are telling me I don't know what color the rug beside your piano is so I am wrong. Again, watch any of those videos. That is no dig on compacted heavy clay. If you think your soil is magic and needs tillage, then tell me what your soil is. Because if you are right, it will be the first time any soil anywhere on earth has ever been identified that benefits from tillage.

fdaf56  No.11796494


You've strayed into senseless analgoy of ridiculous content so I think at this point I'll abandon the conversation.

08c1e3  No.11796506


Why are you so butthurt about making a mistake? It is by far the most common mistake in gardening, there's no need to double down and act stupid. Add equal amounts of compost to two beds. Till one, not the other. Plant the same thing in both. You'll get ~20% more from the untilled bed, and you won't have to water it as much.

4a8750  No.11796509


Tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, basil, garlic, thyme, oregano, onions. I am having trouble with my tomatoes. I think they are getting too much sun and are in pots that are too shallow.

I am savin money and putting equity into my house while I live in this place with no land in city limits while trying to learn about investing to grow my savings so I can buy a nice plot of land to start farming for the family I will soon have.

fdaf56  No.11796515


Even though I claimed to abandon the thread, I'll reply once more. I've done no dig. I've done several of the growing techniques in the videos on the channel you've linked in several different gardens/locations. It is labor intensive, expensive, and time consuming for marginal increases in yield. The techniques are not applicable to my growing conditions, as stated above. What's funny is you're making absolute statements on technique when anyone familiar with small scale agriculture would note that nearly every technique can improve yield with variable conditions. Why are you so butthurt that someone would reject your strict guidance when you know fuckall about the individual conditions?

08c1e3  No.11796526


So, you can't tell us what your magical conditions are that are completely different from everywhere else on the planet? I am so shocked. Maybe stop spouting idiocy then? Just because you are ass blasted over having made a mistake, doesn't mean you should promote that mistake for other people who are getting started to copy.

fdaf56  No.11796534

Nigger can you read? I said my soil conditions were high clay content with issues regarding water retention/runoff. No till would solve the problems just as well as tilling, if not better, BUT AT A HIGHER EXPENDITURE OF LABOR AND TIME. Are you familiar with the concept of efficiency or?

000000  No.11796552

I have a dozen tomato plants, corn, peas, shelling beans, ten hills of taters, brussels sprouts, cucumbers, kale, onions, hot peppers, and some other stuff like radishes and carrots. I just pulled up my first row of turnips (they were ready in a little over a month) and they are being pickled via fermentation now, they'll last a year like that at cellar temperature. I was a bit surprised at how fast they grew, I'm going to put in another row of them soon.

I'm also going to put in some weed, it's legal to grow it here. Works wonders for my back pain.

I live in an area with a mild climate and have already grown cabbages, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and potatoes in the winter.

Feels good to avoid the grocery store Jew.

08c1e3  No.11796560


All clay soils have that issue. The videos are showed you are from that exact condition. Your idiotic posts were "you don't know my conditions it doesn't work here", but the videos I gave you are those conditions and it does work there.

No till would solve the problems with less labor. Tilling requires more labor, and prevents your problem from ever being solved. How can you manage to believe that solving a problem by not doing something is more work than causing a problem by doing something?

For someone who wants to pretend he's not ass blasted, you sure do incoherently tard rage a lot. At list pick one lie and stick to it.

fdaf56  No.11796578


All this from the fucking moron making analogy to cutting off fingers and playing piano. The techniques have been applied personally, they are not worth the increases in time, labor, and money. What they show taking multiple people hours to prepare 50 sq ft for planting i could till 10x or 100x the area and prep for planting in the same time depending on equipment. You sound like a hobbiest with a 10 sq ft garden that some hippie lectured to at a workshop over the weekend and now you're going to enlighten us all.

55cb3a  No.11796583


Squirrels are delicious. Just think of it as raising wild squirrel meat! Cheap pellet gun = free foods.

f9d248  No.11796603


>eating an overgrown rat

No thanks.

000000  No.11796604


Agreed, however many people claim the opposite. I've found that those people didn't bother to remove the glands, it's the same with raccoons, woodchucks, and beavers. There are stinky glands which are almost like kernels of corn in size and texture which have to be removed or they will discharge their smelly juices and spoil the meat.

55cb3a  No.11796605


you know those tree trimming services the city and counties use to keep shit off and away from powerlines and other critical services? They have a bitch of a time getting rid of that material. Walk up to em next time you see em and offer to have em unload all they want in your yard.

Pile it up high and wait an half year or a year. Then once you plant your shit, pile that material around your plants up high. Plant some more beans in it to break it down faster. It retains huge amounts of water, is drops minerals needed ready to eat for plants, and is light as fuck to work with. And after about a year and a half, EVERYTHING loves growing in that crap.

For best nitro retention pile chicken/cow shit under the piles or mix with horse detritus from stables in the first pile.

59e808  No.11796623


If you buy into the fertilizer meme, then you're going to end up poor.

Look into composting system, and ways to reclaim the nutrients in wasted plants. Any weeds you can clear out from an abandoned lot can be converted into fertilizer. You can use pee too, but you have to watch out for salt levels.

59e808  No.11796626


Also, a lot of horse and agricultural farms give away manure

fdaf56  No.11796635

I've done that style of planting before, using wood chips or hay bales, either spread or intact. While it is effective that year and perhaps the next, the issue still presents itself with the buildup of biomass on top of the soil, which is alleviated by tilling. I don't think no till is bad or anything, but the idiot I was arguing with is proposing it as some kind of wundershot that will fix or solve any agricultural problem when it is not the case.

fdaf56  No.11796637

08c1e3  No.11796647


First it doesn't work because clay. Now it works, but it is too much work. What on earth is it that you think takes so much work? Seriously, how does not doing something take more time than doing it? Your babbling isn't making any sense. Tilling is more work, and it causes your problem rather than solving it. You lack topsoil. Tilling prevents the creation of topsoil. You can never solve your problem if you till. You will always have shitty soil. Trying to insult your way out of it isn't going to work. You have a whole youtube channel full of videos showing you are wrong. He is not growing 10 sq feet, so no amount of wishing I am growing 10 sq feet is going to make your nonsense any less stupid.


A buildup of decomposed biomass on top of the soil is called topsoil. It is not something to be alleviated, it is what you are supposed to have. You are literally down to "my soil got good when I tried that so I had to till it to make it worse".

f9d248  No.11796649


I know about composting. As for fertilizer, $40 to $60 should get me through a season. I'm looking at a good harvest this year using fertilizer. Last year I get some stuff late season and that was about it. For me and my small garden, it definitely seems worth it. I've got 9 tomatoes, 14 summer squash, 12 cucumbers, 2 peppers, and a few other things. It's a thousandfold better than last year. I loaded the garden with mulched leaves and grass clippings directly to soften the soil. Added peat moss. A little manure. And now I just top things off with with two liquid fertilizers. I don't know how necessary it is, but I'm seeing results, so I'm going to keep using it.

521c51  No.11796656

So does the concept of a hivemind seem familiar to anyone?

Before I saw this thread on the catalog, I had started a garden earlier this month.

It was shit digging and it is more a test of my resilience in keeping it fruitful, but I've started.

Looking forward to a future of owning much more land where I can have all my vegetables grown right near my house.

59e808  No.11796661


I get where you're coming from, but the thing with chemical fertlizers is they seem to stop working after a while. You get consistent long term results from organic approaches. I still use chemicals to patch in things I think might be lacking (usually iron and potassium), but the chemical fertilizers just dont build the soil the right way. If you lose soil diversity over time, ultimately that means you lose things that eat the bad stuff. There's a balance.

55cb3a  No.11796667


Tilling does work for some things. In large mono culture farms, it destroys the existing 'weeds' and allows the desired plants time to establish themselves. It also works to amend either organic material or materials to make it more loamy, this last one I've done to great effect, especially in conjunction with squrefoot gardening.

You building an raised bed a foot or so up. You till the dirt below it agents needed, broken down horse manure, egg shells, mostly broken down wood chips and all manor of other shit you need to up your areas soil. Then you pile on your broken down soil mixures above that and till it in again a bit shallower. mostly level. plant, and pile high with organics to act as mulch cover. Once main weak plants are established add in their helper plants in and enjoy.

Tilling does have use in shortcutting bad existing soil. If you live in an urban/suburban eviroment. At least the first two inches of soil are pretty much barren and inert, REQUIRING tillage just to even get started. Builders add builder sand (mined silica essentially) to all lawns because its easy to work with in leveling their plots and making it easy for mono culture grass stock to establish themselves at the expense of all other types of plants. So you have to punch thru that shit or your garden will never work, not matter how much organize shit you pile high, grass grows faster and mats enough to counter most anything more often than not.

fdaf56  No.11796671


Stick to the piano analogies buddy. A pile of biomass is not topsoil and loads of wood chips or hay is not topsoil either. Go back to the organic workshop and stick to your hobby garden.

f9d248  No.11796686


>You get consistent long term results from organic approaches.

Definitely. I'm going to be adding to my soil every fall. I live in the mountains, so at the end of the season I have loads of leaves and grass that I usually just blow off the side of my property. I have over a decade of buildup I could dig into and add to my garden. I don't know how I'll get it in though, unless by the end of this season everything I put in compacts down a few inches. Also, for reference, I'm using organic stuff.



08c1e3  No.11796705


Don't keep using it. Fertilizer only works when there's a nutrient deficiency to correct. It is like having low iron and taking an iron supplement. You don't keep taking it after you fixed your low iron or you will cause a new problem, too much iron.


>In large mono culture farms, it destroys the existing 'weeds' and allows the desired plants time to establish themselves.

Yes, that's what I said it does. That's the entire reason for the existence of plowing and tillage.

>It also works to amend either organic material or materials to make it more loamy, this last one I've done to great effect, especially in conjunction with squrefoot gardening.

No, it will temporarily alter the structure of the soil, by adding a lot of air. Which will turn that organic material into CO2, completely negating your having added it.

>You building an raised bed a foot or so up. You till the dirt below it agents needed, broken down horse manure, egg shells, mostly broken down wood chips and all manor of other shit you need to up your areas soil. Then you pile on your broken down soil mixures above that and till it in again a bit shallower. mostly level. plant, and pile high with organics to act as mulch cover.

I did that exact test last year, as have many other people. 40 5x10 beds. The tilled ones produced 20% lower yield. Just do the same steps without the tilling and you get much better results.

>Tilling does have use in shortcutting bad existing soil

Watch the videos I linked the retard to. You are mistaken.


>ur hobby!11111

You are just upset because you have concrete evidence of someone growing far more than you with far less work and you feel dumb.

535c28  No.11796707

File: 5ae0772a46cb11a⋯.jpg (611.5 KB, 1440x2960, 18:37, Screenshot_20180516-091119….jpg)


>not realizing the collapses happen very slowly, then very quickly.

70e248  No.11796710


>So does the concept of a hivemind seem familiar to anyone?

yeah man

its so unusual

what are the odds of people starting gardens in warm weather and talking about it online?

fucking zero pretty much

f9d248  No.11796722


>when there's a nutrient deficiency to correct

How do I determine whether there is or not?

fdaf56  No.11796729


You don't know my yields or my crops. Again, thinking you speak with authority when you actually speak from ignorance. When's the workshop start next week and is your tie dye washed for it? Polite sage for replying to a hippie idiot.

08c1e3  No.11796746


I strongly recommend having a soil test done once. Then you know exactly what you are dealing with, and can add exactly what you need. After that as long as you don't till/plow and you keep a layer of mulch on it you don't need to add anything else. This is a pretty good breakdown of what you want to aim for: http://www.soilminerals.com/IdealSoilII.htm


Says the idiot who thinks pretending I don't grow a big garden will make him right, while ignoring Dowding's gardens. You project more than a kike. And you still haven't explained how not tilling is more work than tilling.

ce72bf  No.11796829

File: 4f950bbb26e8d55⋯.jpg (5.29 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMAG0041.jpg)

I don't have much to contribute to the conversation, but here is my garden. Mostly corn potatoes and black berries.

Much love, friends

99b889  No.11796869

File: 2d3ca3088b9f606⋯.gif (320.41 KB, 500x298, 250:149, WoodChipper.gif)


My wife grows tomatoes, beans, onions, garlic, pumpkins, strawberries, and stuff I can't remember. and we have apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees, and a flock of chickens…all in our back yard.

I don't really do much when it comes to gardening, I do other things. Like today, I fixed a spot in our flooring that was buckling (two more spots to go, what a fucking pain), fixed a leaking rainwater barrel, and changed the oil & filter in the jeep. I'm done for the day, that's enough.

My wife just had 9 more chickens hatch, so when the males are big enough, they…and the least egg-producing hens…will need slaughtered and gutted, so I'll be doing that.

Traditional roles are traditional.

f9d248  No.11796880


How is growing crops a traditionally female job? How many centuries has it been since women had any prominent role in growing crops?

99b889  No.11796882


>Peas will probably fail because the temperature rose too fast too soon this year.

We had a fast rise, then a return to unusually cold temps, this year. Killed one of my newer cherry trees.

99b889  No.11796890


This is not what I'd call "growing crops," it is gardening.

I don't have near enough land for crops, I'm no farmer. That's in a completely different league, altogether.

99b889  No.11796892


What's wrong with that guy's skin?

Ain't never seen a person the color of shit in these parts…is that some kind of ape?

7a0bdf  No.11796899

I want you to focus on that photo. The one of your wife all swoll up with my seed growing in her. You're no man.

69e4cd  No.11796901

>have nice blueberry bush in yard

>want blueberry field

can't you just cut branches off and plant them in the ground?

08c1e3  No.11796904


>Traditional roles are traditional.

Then why are you making your wife do your traditional job?


Never. Other than a few mud societies women have never been involved in agriculture as anything other than draft animals.


That is growing crops. And until the modern kikery that's what farming meant. Not 1200 acres of GMO soy.

99b889  No.11796908


>>eating an overgrown rat


>No thanks.

There's not much meat on them, but they taste great as a stew.

Just net your strawberries, but let the plants overgrow the plot, so the squirrels go after the un-netted ones.

99b889  No.11796925

File: 7b7fb967075b549⋯.jpg (98.85 KB, 800x533, 800:533, HillFolk.jpg)


>Then why are you making your wife do your traditional job?

I have other jobs, besides, she enjoys doing it.

When she needs a bed built, or a trellis, I build it. When she wanted the chicken coop and run built, I built a great one out of scraps I had in the garage.

I'm perfectly fine with her doing all the weeding and daily harvesting, and I help when it's apple and pear time, and I make mead and hard cider.

Why should I make even more work for myself?

I don't ask her to gut deer, and she doesn't ask me to pull weeds.

I'm fine with that.

99b889  No.11796931


You really shouldn't let animals near pregnant women, they sometimes carry diseases that could harm the baby.

08c1e3  No.11796939


Then why are you posting "Traditional roles are traditional"? You are the one you brought it up despite doing the opposite.

f9d248  No.11796944


That's alright, you can tell by her face and hair she's not white, so her baby is of no concern.

e83c1b  No.11796965


serious question, satan, what do you use for fertilizer?

e83c1b  No.11796969


Why is that man covering his tits while he gets a bj from his slave?

e83c1b  No.11796977



There is an in-between type, using walk-behind equipment. You can achieve higher density than on commercial farms. Basically, investigate what they do in both the 3rd world and in Europe. If that's not your kind of thing, be sure to check out orchards. Those are in the same league, and they can be a retirement business.

3f921d  No.11796978


I don't have a house to grow anything. How the fuck am I supposed to afford a house when the market is 10x the cost?

e83c1b  No.11796980


It's not even like that. If you're happy, and she's happy, and you raise your children to not steal or be degenerate, then we have no qualms with you.

But remember your kid will always be white. 1 drop of bleach cleans the pool.

08c1e3  No.11796985


Using walk behind crap is just dumb though unless you are farming on a steep hill. Especially in the US where there's lots of dirt cheap garden tractors that are far more capable.

f9d248  No.11796991

Say I wanted to expand and grow a mini-farm for myself, family, and friends. If you keep adding to soil, is the soil good forever, or does it eventually deplete of nutrients to a degree that can't be easily or quickly replenished?

99b889  No.11796997


Gardening is women's work.

99b889  No.11797003


>But remember your kid will always be white. 1 drop of bleach cleans the pool.


One drop of nigger blood pollutes the pool.

f9d248  No.11797018


That's a very modern, urban numale thing to say. Who are you trying to impress with this urban pseudo-masculinity?

08c1e3  No.11797034


Like I said before, as long as you don't plow/till and you keep it mulched, you can maintain fertility indefinitely. Soil is made up of tiny bits of rock, which contain all the minerals needed for plants. But those minerals are not usable by plants as is, they need to undergo chemical reactions to make soluble compounds. Plants, bacteria, fungi and various other soil life forms do that. But tillage kills them, and exposes those nutrients to oxygen so they can become oxidized and useless. Grow oats or buckwheat, cut it for straw, spread the straw on your garden. That completely replaces tilling, weeding and fertilizing.


As decreed by kikes 50 years ago. That's the opposite of traditional.

30a4f0  No.11797039

Just got home with a load of fertilizer. Gonna plant some zucchini and sweet peppers. Trying to garden through some serious depression. Tell me something good; I wanted to quit at every step through the store.

99b889  No.11797041



If you only knew how laughable you're being, right now.

08c1e3  No.11797093


Oops, obviously that last bit was for Schlomo here: >>11796997

56aecc  No.11797145


We can't make you content. Happiness is a choice.

That said spreading a ton of lemonbalm or similar groundcover is great aromatherapy

30a4f0  No.11797167


I'm one of the rare unfortunate cases that actually verifiably has something wrong with their brain. Comes with other bonuses too, like seizures and narcolepsy. Not a whole lot of choice going on. I'll look into lemonbalm though. Thank you.

17293c  No.11797180

File: 6e0bada7ff2b4e0⋯.png (8.2 KB, 162x272, 81:136, Screenshot_2018-07-01_13-5….png)


>I know you say those things because

You know nothing as your following post proves:



>he blindly sites a study

Tell me what all the cultivars used in your study have in common.



Stay mad canacuck.



Kitchen waste compost and fruit tree leaves in winter, and mushroom compost in spring only if it needs it.

08c1e3  No.11797316


Feel free to post your study with other cultivars. This reddit "my feelings are more valid than your facts" bullshit is just sad.

e83c1b  No.11797388


Walk behinds allow you to do things like go around corners & stuff more efficiently. To use weird plots better. You quickly wind up with weird plots if you don't want to mass produce a single crop, but want to maintain efficiency.

Also, in the city, you can just call them your "tillers", and most will not realize you've got legit farming equipment in operation 8^)

e83c1b  No.11797390


< white people are weak

< white people have weak blood



cd3564  No.11797448

File: 08184d78a9fae87⋯.jpg (192.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0164.jpg)

I don't have anywhere that has full sunshine for more than a couple hours a day, I should try some herbs, they seem to be babby mode from what I hear.

e83c1b  No.11797518



17293c  No.11797551


Studies have shown that niggers retain sodium to a degree that causes heart problems.

Ergo: Sodium causes heart problems in all humans.

Jewish studies have shown that in very specific circumstances the process of circumcision reduces STIs in niggers.

Ergo: Circumcision reduces STIs in all humans.

>he doesn't even investigate the validity of a study before treating it as gospel.


17293c  No.11797581


Rhubarb will produce, but you have to like it.

Carrots and radishes might work.

08c1e3  No.11797621


If it turns sharp enough to mow grass and blow snow, I don't see how you are going to have trouble mowing and raking a garden with it.


Again, you post your feelings and no evidence. You can't even offer up a hypothesis to explain away the data you don't like. You just pretend the difference between tomato cultivars is like the difference between the sub-species of humans. What's the FST between tomato varieties dipshit? Where's your data on whatever variety you think is special and totally different from every other variety ever tested anywhere by anyone?


Most herbs are hardy perennials. If you can grow weeds, you can grow a herb garden.

cd3564  No.11797638


>If you can grow weeds, you can grow a herb garden.

shit son, time to convert my entire front yard to various herbs then.

56aecc  No.11797687

File: f9388d71e197dd8⋯.png (282.87 KB, 460x324, 115:81, Hugelkultur_0.standard-460….png)

What's the /pol/emic opinion on hugelkulture?

I'm trying it a bit. Got to say that if your soil is sandy you best stamp it down quite a bit before attempting to plant or mix in compost, lest it wash down into unfilled pockets.

b6073c  No.11797697

File: c6cb7dfc7530875⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2552x2000, 319:250, Mini-Daffodil-Baby-Moon-2_….jpg)


>5 results

reminder jews hate flowers and anything beautiful https://archive.is/leTem

08c1e3  No.11797731


I've never seen it work well, but I have never seen a real test done either. It is a lot of work for something that doesn't make any sense. Look at nature to learn what works. Nature doesn't bury logs, they decompose on the surface where they belong just like all other organic matter. I had problems with high winds, we routinely get >50km/h winds here. But growing wind breaks is less work and doesn't fuck up your soil.

56aecc  No.11797789


The concept seems sound for specific purposes. Say you live in a locale that is drought prone, or where organics in soil wash out quickly. The latter being mine.

>nature doesn't

Nature doesn't farm either. This whole thread is about tweaking and twisting nature to man's benefit.

08c1e3  No.11797806


You don't twist it to your benefit, you work with it to your benefit. And in order to do that, you need to observe it and understand it. Nature grows shit tons of food, and does it sustainably. We can too. What do you mean "organics in soil wash out quickly"? That's not a thing. Do you mean you are tilling in sandy soil? Just stop doing that, problem solved.

faf00a  No.11797807


>don't be self-sufficient, goy!


84b2f1  No.11797821


I started reading One-Straw Revolution a while back. You sound like you live the philosophy.

7acd71  No.11798757

File: c8c2aea17f2223f⋯.jpg (5.7 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20180615_163804.jpg)

File: 7142a350f4f3c34⋯.jpg (987.91 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, IMG_20170711_180956.jpg)

I put everything in planters, pots, or buckets this year. I started them indoors around February but it wasn't warm enough here to put them outside until may.

I'm growing tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and various flowers. My favorite is this tiny rainbow pepper that I am trying to cross with a bell pepper.

I just add water and use potting soil.

f311e0  No.11798903


Riding equipment is hamfisted. It's not a big deal if you have plenty of land, obviously.

f311e0  No.11798907


Interesting. A very good idea.

8dcc63  No.11798963


lurk more lad

8d853a  No.11799072

File: 2a7989b9b579e91⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 2048x2560, 4:5, A18O9eON-mL.jpg)

This is a really cool thread and im only halfway thru all the posts and ill finish tomorrow.

I want to make a raised bed and i have access to good soil and cheap additives like bloodmeal and leaves etc. And i have some pallets and a lot of scrap wood from local buildsites.

What and how should i build for a diverse but relatively small healthy garden?

I have all of the survivalist seeds from infowars store but i also have a ton of Burpees seeds such as arugula tomatoes, radish.

Im also aware that there are good plants that go well together when planted near to each other. What would u guys suggest? You all seem very capable in this area and i want advice.

Im in a very fertile area of southern texas and i want a year-round garden

8343b4  No.11799464


Hivemind indeed. Like a Noah´s ark calling of sorts. I guess we all started with this in a related time frame from all those threads.


Add some mulch there bro.

8343b4  No.11799466


You get lot of sunshine over the roof.

If you don´t have access to it, tried using led arrays?

8343b4  No.11799467


Use pots.

08c1e3  No.11799561


Why do you want to make a raised bed if you have good soil?

799fad  No.11799606

File: ec5bb412a93129d⋯.jpg (22.85 KB, 406x480, 203:240, pontid-irano-afghani.jpg)


sorry OP. Aryan-chads were busy domesticating the bull and wild horses while you sub-human virgins were growing soy.

Indo-europeans are known for their nomadic raids on the sedentary farmers.

d5098e  No.11799610


Get a cat, teach it to climb. Hope it to a tree and make it climb down wards (we are stronger in the negative than the positive of movements cats will have no problems climbing down almost from kitten age). Keep increasing height and eventually the cat will be able to get all the way down the tree. It will now be unafraid to climb up the tree and have the strength to do so. Also yell "gitem" when you see a squirrel and if he catches it, have some canned tuna on hand to give him a treat.

Buy the smallest tuna cans, and only reward him a few times eventually he will kill all squirrels on instinct.

d5098e  No.11799611


*Hold it to a tree

7e5b61  No.11799636

I like to make the oat milk so how much do I need to plant the oat to make 3 litre milk per week?

7e5b61  No.11799645


The cats like to bring dead small animals to the owners so we need to tell them about that. They don’t meant to be evil but to teach the owners to hunt the foods on their own instead they are spayed so no children to pass the wisdom on.

abd1fb  No.11799784


Growing is like riding a bike

you can tell the general directions but you have to try to learn.

Most common beginner mistakes is probably buying shitty soil, over watering and over fertilization.

abd1fb  No.11799844

File: 81f122845fb6445⋯.jpg (22.78 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


lol a lawnmower tractor will just spin in the mud they dont come with proper tires anymore. And i doubt they optimally geared for plowing.

What you want is a old diesel cultivator

you can also use it to drag moose or the occasional log out of the woods. And it can run on the fat of your dead enemies.

Away a small cheap used hona cultivator is probably the sweet spot for most

d53160  No.11799886

File: 7fe8672b903d313⋯.png (856.01 KB, 564x643, 564:643, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 927ce5a70a26e40⋯.png (673.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Cheapest; Kiddie Pool Garden. pic related

Unless you spend all your EBT at Starbucks and McD's…

e819f5  No.11800099


Because it's neat and organized and controlled.

We have armadillos that dig through the soil at night, too.

I just like the organization of the thing.

39f3ff  No.11800139

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you guys seen the BACK TO EDEN style of gardening? All the work is upfront, and then your investment builds over time

3f72aa  No.11800161


>BACK TO גַּן עֵדֶן

Hava nagila fellow je- I mean "Judean".

8dcc63  No.11800165


Problem is I don't know how to prune properly. Last year I fucked my tomato plants up trying to prune some side shoots. Pls make a shitty MS paint diagram.

39f3ff  No.11800173


hahahaha. you glow for miles. replied in the negative before you could have time to even get the jist of the video.. dont want good info going out, hmm? sucks for you. we will grow and feed our own and wont rely on your grocery store giants. anyone can see the video for what it is for themselves

08c1e3  No.11800192


If you aren't going to bother to read, don't bother to reply. Nobody is talking about lawn tractors, I said a garden tractor. They come with whatever tires you want them to come with, but we're not talking about wasting money buying new. GTs from the 70s still have another 50+ years left in them and can be had for a couple hundred bucks. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=me4YN2MZQjE


If you ignore the brain dead religious nonsense its pretty much on the right track.


Don't prune, it is pointless work that lowers your yield.

3f72aa  No.11800251


would you let a jew live in your house?

If not, why let him live in your vocabulary?

39f3ff  No.11800254


no one can help what some old boomer named his gardening technique that he feels came from him spiritually, nigger. I like how youre just fighting the name of it though, not mentioning the content

08c1e3  No.11800403


It isn't just the name, the entire thing is full of kikey bullshit. And it isn't his technique, he just copied Ruth Stout and tossed in a bunch of jewy nonsense. Like I said, if you can ignore all that crap it is on the right track, but you may as well just read one of Ruth's books since it is the same thing 50 years earlier and without the jeebus shit.

f311e0  No.11800770


< indo-europeans

That's a kike theory without a basis 8^)

f311e0  No.11800778


Yep. Walk behinds. They make optimal use of land. If you have unlimited land, it's no big deal to use whatever, though.

08c1e3  No.11800835


Can any of you walk behind speds explain what you are talking about? I get that you advocate spending more money on a less capable machine, but why? What does "make optimal use of land" mean? You make use of the land, not the tool.

f311e0  No.11800960


Nothing complicated. Since the business end is in front of you, you can work the soil up very close to, for example, a fence. Also, following contours of irregular bits of land is easier.

Now, you may say, "well, I can do that in my tractor". Fine. You may be able to, but most people will never be able to do it. But everyone can with a walk-behind.

f311e0  No.11800970


(some equipment, like bed shapers, are between you and the walk-behind, but you still can get much closer)

80ee43  No.11800989

File: 4450144707e8647⋯.jpg (336.41 KB, 800x600, 4:3, gardensm.jpg)

Tons of cherry tomato plants, some sprouting from last year's fallen fruit. Lots of raspberry stalks will be fruitful next year. Eight cucumber plants. Two zucchini plants but they're having trouble, rotting before bigger than thumb-size, dunno why.

Everything is about twice the size as in pic related.

08c1e3  No.11801005


I don't get it. There are people who can not operate a steering wheel? Is that what you are suggesting? And why are you "working the soil"? That's the opposite of what you should be doing remember? Anywhere that is too tight for 3 feet doesn't need a machine of any sort, and is too tight for a walk behind too. If you have a 50 square foot garden power equipment of any kind is about the stupidest thing you can buy.

f311e0  No.11801016


Any other stupid ideas?

08c1e3  No.11801239


That's a great answer. Really clears things up. Spending more money for a crappier machine certainly makes a lot of sense now that you explained it so well.

f311e0  No.11801256


< just use a hoe, anon.


08c1e3  No.11801518


< just use a walkbehind, anon


f311e0  No.11801819


We're not very likely to agree on this one…

157efd  No.11801911


>And you still haven't explained how not tilling is more work than tilling.

Walking behind a tiller for ~30 minutes is far less effort than locating a large source of organic material, shoveling multi0le loads into my pickup, and then spreading it several inches thick. It's not easy to acquire enough quality biomass to produce 200 cubic feet of topsoil (assuming 20'x20'x6" deep).

My town transfer station does mulch and compost whatever clippings/branches/etc are left curbside or brought in by tree services. However, hauling the necessary volume from there to my house is a huge chore vs. hauling 1/10th as much plus walking behind a sufficiently powerful tiller.

8225d9  No.11801952

I planted some peppers on the deck and they are pretty tall now but I don't see any damn peppers yet they better get a move on.

27598e  No.11802249


Why not till the mulch into the soil instead of dumping it on top?

I have a new residence and the yards obviously never been taken care of. I made a flower bed by tilling mulch into dry dirt, should l have just put it on top and planted directly into the soil/mulch I purchased?

08c1e3  No.11802273


You need the organic matter regardless. But no, hauling 7 and a half yards of compost one time is a hell of a lot less work than tilling every year for the rest of your life, and its cheaper, and you'll get higher yields, and it will still work after we run out of phosphate fertilizer.


Because that doesn't work. Converting it to stable organic compounds only happens in the top inch. Below that it just gets turned into methane which floats away and does nothing for you. Tilling also puts too much air in the soil preventing the normal capillary action from moving water and nutrients in the soil, and kills beneficial fungi. The only case where you need to till or plow is if the soil has been previously compacted, and then you only do it once to break up the compaction. Note that walking on it doesn't compact it, only heavy stuff like vehicles does that.

08c1e3  No.11802299


I don't want you to agree, I want you to explain your reasoning. I can't imagine any situation other than trying to farm a steep hill where a walk behind makes any sense. My neighbor has a walk behind and he pays me to till his garden for him because its so much work and so hard on his back. It takes me 5 minutes while sitting down enjoying a beverage. And my tractor was cheaper than his walk behind.

If he wasn't such a dumbass he'd stop wasting money having me ruin his garden for him. Every year its "Jesus how are your onions so big!? How do you get so many more beans than me!?", and every year when I tell him it is because I don't till he swears "No that's wrong, if you tilled you'd have even more! You just got lucky and have good soil!".

b852e8  No.11802365

I really love gardening. It feeds the soul, its beautiful, and the feel of dirt between fingers and under nails is liberating. Plus earthworms who I deem so funny.

Having said that, I chose blacksmithing xD I help me mom with gardening tho

882cad  No.11802566


This is the point where I start to think you're just an ideologue.

By your own logic, as long as I can produce a significant amount of organic matter to enrich the soil, I should be good to go in perpetuity. Well, tilling lets me turn the runoff-prone 2" of topsoil on top of heavy clay in my yard into useful, albeit suboptimal, soil with only 30 minutes of work. I can then use whatever excess from what I grow to further enrich my soil year after year. I'll accept the "20% lower yields" of which you speak for one growing season if it saves me multiple days of labor and evens out to the exact same outcome the year after.

I'm sure the millions of farmers who developed the techniwue of plowing and tilling over the previous centuries were just morons, right? Maybe, just maybe, it's a genius technique for springboarding undeveloped soil into something sustainable with minimal effort in year 1.

882cad  No.11802579


I resp9nded before reading this part of your post.

>The only case where you need to till or plow is if the soil has been previously compacted

So you admit tilling is necessary across the entire 10 million acres of the Piedmont? It's Cecil soil composition is universally compacted below the upper ~2" of topsoil, if that exists at all. It's literally brick that hasn't been fired yet.

214042  No.11802844


>they're having trouble, rotting before bigger than thumb-size

sounds like they weren't pollinated and the plant aborted them, try planting flowers or a flowering herb near them to attract pollinators.

08c1e3  No.11803992


You aren't enriching your soil. If you till, the added organic matter is lost. You will never fix your soil that way. Millions of farmers didn't invent plowing and tilling. And they were not morons, they simply lacked an important piece of information. They developed it to control weeds, not to change soil structure. Because they had a foot or more of topsoil, they didn't notice until they had been plowing for a century or more that it destroys topsoil. Now most of the world is devoid of topsoil, and farmers stopped plowing decades ago because of this. If you bother to read the thread, I point out that I already did the test that proves you wrong. Even the first year, tilling lowers your yields. That isn't springboarding undeveloped soil into something sustainable, it is slowing down the process. And if you till every year, it is preventing the process. Read the plowman's folly, I linked it above.


No, you don't know what compacted soil means. Ordinary soil is not compacted, it is ordinary. That's what plants want. Compacted means you drove a dump truck over it when it was wet and now weeds won't grow in it. If weeds are growing then it is not compacted.

f311e0  No.11804198


Your neighbor is a lolcow, though.

f311e0  No.11804221


eh, and checked.


<No-till farming requires specialized seeding equipment such as seed drills, to plant seeds into undisturbed crop residues and soil.

>also drainage issues

Doesn't sound easy to me!


Also checked.

>Well, tilling lets me turn the runoff-prone 2" of topsoil on top of heavy clay in my yard into useful, albeit suboptimal, soil with only 30 minutes of work.

A lot of this crap about magic formulas for dealing with horticulture comes from people who have exceptional soil and a temperate climate. It's also obvious they never have high wind, given the sail-like structures they attach to their plants.

7e5b61  No.11804232


>most of the world is devoid of topsoil

Did you know that we have 60 - 80 years topsoil left? One ince topsoil can take 5 to 15 centuries to form naturally so the world will be sick for long time when there is no more soils to farm on. That is why /pol/ are trying to encourage the folks to become permaculturists and stop hurting the nature.

7e5b61  No.11804235


>no more good soil

I failed to proofread my post.

f311e0  No.11804248


aeroponics. BOOM

7e5b61  No.11804277


Yup but we should not rely on commercial farms. Because growing your own vegetables and fruits tends to be better than industrial vegetables and fruits.

08c1e3  No.11804281


Unless you intend to grow 1200 acres of GMO soy in previously destroyed soil, what no-till farmers do isn't relevant to you.

None of this comes from people who have exception soil and climate, that's the point. It comes from people who have terrible soil and need to fix it. No-till is the only way to build soil. And I am in routine 50k+ winds, what sails are you babbling about?


>why preserve nature and have it create plant available nutrients for us when we can use tons of energy and produce massive amounts of pollution to produce them industrially!

>who cares that we'll run out of phosphate rock to strip mine and be unable to continue doing it!

Ask me how I know you're a kike.

7e5b61  No.11804290


It is pretty evident that the world will use aeroponic method when the soil is no longer fertile to farm on.

f311e0  No.11804293


tbqf read moar, acculturate yourself.

08c1e3  No.11804309


That is not evident at all. Where do you think the nutrients for hydroponic or aeroponic growing will come from? If you can make nutrients for aeroponics, you can put them on the soil too. It isn't magic.


Says the heeb who thinks unsustainable industrial kike-farming is good and refuses to even catch up to 80 year old knowledge given to him for free already.

7e5b61  No.11804315


Ok but not everyone is knowledgeable about the farms and soils. Many people do not care if they are damaging the only home we have that is given to us by the Mother Nature.

7e5b61  No.11804335

Anyway we need to be cautious with the gardening to keep the soils healthy. Teaching the children very early to garden to be self sufficient and don’t have to go to the shops to buy packed foods is a good idea.

08c1e3  No.11804358


Just because people don't understand how plants grow, doesn't mean they can magically use aeroponics without nutrients. Most farm soil is already no longer fertile, that happened decades ago. That's why they put fertilizer on the soil, because the soil is not fertile, its right in the name. Aeroponics requires fertilizer because it doesn't have soil to be fertile. If you have fertilizer, there's no need for aeroponics you can just fertilize the ground like they already do. If you don't have fertilizer, aeroponics doesn't work. It isn't a solution to anything, it is just another kikey leftist "technology will save us from the problems technology created!" scam that relies on people not understanding basic science. Like electric cars.

Right now we're burning through a limited resource that accumulated over millions of years: phosphate rock. Modern agriculture is entirely dependent on massive amounts of phosphates. Once we burn through it, the age of fertilizer will end, and a few billion people will starve. Fix your soil now and ensure that you can feed your family without relying on food or fertilizer from modern farming, because it isn't going to be available forever.

dcc9b7  No.11804363


read more,

articulate yourself. You are a moron that knows nothing about indo-europeans

7e5b61  No.11804382


>Once we burn through it, the age of fertilizer will end, and a few billion people will starve.

How much phosphate rocks do we have now?

08c1e3  No.11804459


We don't know. The actual confirmed deposits that still haven't been mined give us 20-30 years depending on how much demand keeps increasing. But then there's the deposits we haven't found yet, which of course we can only guess about. Depending on who is "estimating" there's 50-250 years worth in total. Something like 3/4 of it is in Morocco.

947987  No.11804511


>Most farm soil is already no longer fertile, that happened decades ago.

Most farm soil is no longer fertile because decades ago nobody understood that topsoil is an ecosystem that has to be properly maintained. It's all reversable though.

The soil itself has plenty of minerals in it. The issue is that nearly all of the minerals are present in an bioavailable form.

You need healthy topsoil containing the right microorganisms to make the minerals bioavailable and that usually means that land has to be grazed at least some of the time.

Dumping large amounts fertilizer on top of dead soil so that you can grow something should be regarded as an temporary emergency measure, not as a normal practice.

a0ab33  No.11804537

I planted some basil but it currently resembles swiss cheese from all the holes in it

08c1e3  No.11804553


Did you reply to the wrong post? That's the whole point of what I said.

000000  No.11804564

Stuck a few sweet potato slips in re-purposed flower boxes with yardwaste and some left over bagged soil. (I couldn't be assed to do real landscaping or gardening this season)

947987  No.11804566


You've made about a quarter of the posts in this thread and I can't bothered to read them all to know what you mean by "fix your soil". I just jumped to the end to see if there's anything interesting going on down here.

08c1e3  No.11804584


Even if you are too lazy to read the thread you are responding to, you can at least read the post you are responding to.

947987  No.11804604


You're just mad I got dubs twice in a row.

f311e0  No.11804621


Modernization is quite Nazi, you know…

f311e0  No.11804625


I'll check those time dubs.

08c1e3  No.11804648

File: 7d288b0d6722b5f⋯.png (103.14 KB, 440x522, 220:261, 1408277198182.png)


>degeneracy is nazi!

>don't be self-sufficient goy!

>destroy nature, it will be good for you!

7e5b61  No.11804649


Okay we have too many shitskins.

052ad1  No.11804658


Spray soapy water on them. Wala', bugs stay off it.

4fecfe  No.11804660

File: c395bf4c97f0d6f⋯.jpg (51.27 KB, 680x653, 680:653, 01e.jpg)

stop gardening goyim. you are supposed to buy your food from a super market with a credit card and depend on the electrical grid! BAD GOY!

08c1e3  No.11804679


Yes but turning them into fertilizer isn't going to solve the soil problem.


Be sure it is soap, not detergent. And be careful doing it, because it is bad for the plants too. Unless you are selling it holes don't matter, just eat it.


947987  No.11804704


>Yes but turning them into fertilizer isn't going to solve the soil problem.

It's worth a try though, just in case.

709eaa  No.11804711

File: 302592f9c52beab⋯.jpg (46.24 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 2[1].jpg)

>tfw used to live in a house with a yard with optimal sunlight for gardening but had to move into an apartment

Learning how to grow hydroponics in the small space I have with a grow light is pretty fucking tough. The hardest part is keeping the roots free of algae. I cant find a grow tub that blocks light enough to stop this and I don't want to add anything to the water other than the fertilizers. I've lost a couple of lettuce and tomato plants so far. The herbs are growing very well though as expected. I wish I wasn't a poor fag so I could get a camera and take pictures of my little grow op here.

51d7b2  No.11804717

I made a 12' by 6' raised bed early spring and am growing zucchini and tomatoes, with some watermelon vines coming out the sides of the bed. So far I've only managed to produce zucchini, but I think it was good for a first try. I don't have a lot of yard space but I'm going to build more raised beds over the winter and expand my operation.

51d7b2  No.11804726


How do you become a professional botanist?

08c1e3  No.11804727


Save the money and effort and just do your raised beds without building anything. The sides don't help anything, it is just for dumb old boomers to think it looks nice enough for their HOA to not complain.

f311e0  No.11804742


y not both .docx

709eaa  No.11804745


You work for a university probably.

Its funny. My father got a degree in biology with a emphasis on botany and now hes running his own recruiting company. I learned everything about plants from him and his own garden. I think people who become botanists found plants to be their passion but use their degree to prove their capable of learning things to find more practical thats not the right word but its the best word I can think of jobs.

52b1cd  No.11804747

File: 69f2c4c339e7714⋯.jpg (102.98 KB, 748x421, 748:421, 11883.jpg)


>all these niggers still interested in tilling, buying heavy equipment and backbreaking work instead o watching ONE video off the 'do nothing garden' BackToEden style… lmao. the absolute state of this site

f311e0  No.11804750


Your fallacy is: (((false dichotomy)))

51d7b2  No.11804759


I enjoy the craftsmanship and practice with woodworking when building the beds, so I really don't mind the effort. The wood is also fairly cheap and it looks nice once built.


Well I'm already in the process of getting an ecology PhD, as pozzed as the university environment is, so hopefully I can get there one day.

081f1e  No.11804769


But back to eden is also costly, if not time consuming and labor intensive

"Build up 1 cubic foot of compost or soil above your planting area and amend!" How areyou going to amend so much soil without renting or buying equipment? There is only so much grass and leaves you can collect year round without going to other people's yards and doing their yardwork for them.

709eaa  No.11804770


Hey man we can't change the environment at universities by just ignoring them. Good for you man. Keep working hard. Im sure no matter what happens after your degree you'll be happy you got it because its not a worthless liberal arts degree.

f311e0  No.11804779


Yeah, organic bullshit is so fucking expensive. They're like "buy these rethrins and corn meal and dump like a whole fucking truck load on your lawn and it will be super green!"

52b1cd  No.11804799


you niggers are being willfully ignorant. A pickup truck and a rake are too much for you? Fine, get the expensive walk behind; garden like a pleb. No one can force you niggers to do better by yourselves or 'work smarter not harder'; which is why we have modern Africa. Its quite telling though how you guys espouse positive views of labor intensive and expensive work over easy organic methods

709eaa  No.11804804

File: 2403c2b342e5462⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 300x100, 3:1, swastika trees.jpg)


Its a cool idea that I would want to try if I had the money and space but god damn its just not practical for the common gardener.


>Just like turn your whole backyard into compost and watch as shit just grows its EZ

Gee, thanks.

b63826  No.11804806

File: 593107b4e5e5d29⋯.png (44.38 KB, 467x625, 467:625, sample.png)


You should check with your "County Extension Agents." These assholes know everything about the varieties that grow best in your area, also about the bugs and weather. Every state has them. Here's a sample of some of the data for a random Texas county.


52b1cd  No.11804808




all these idiots that cant be bothered to find a local yard waste facility or collect yard waste. Theyd rather buy walk behinds and till yearly

08c1e3  No.11804817


>why not be opposing things at the same time


No, kikes and whites are an actual dichotomy Schlomo. Why are you even posting here?


All you do is put a bunch of dead plant material on the ground. That is the amending, and it doesn't need to be a foot. Perhaps this is a problem for subhumans, but white people have high enough IQs to solve such a trivial challenge. In the fall drive down the road and pick up all those bags of leaves. You can get hundreds of square feet worth in a day. Tree companies give away wood chips, lots of municipal waste departments have free compost, etc. And you don't even have to do it at once. Do a couple beds this year, then next year do a few more, etc. Once you have established it in the first place, just putting the grass clippings from around the garden into it is enough to maintain it.


Oh look, rabbi fallacies is back with the strawman.


There is no space requirement, and it is cheaper. You can put a bag of leaves on a small space easier than you can put a hundred bags on a large space. It is literally the most practical thing for the common gardener, try it instead of sticking your head up your ass and acting like a nigger.

709eaa  No.11804818


Ask me about my hydroponics in a year because I'm still trying to get this shit down pat

081f1e  No.11804824


Such facilities do not exist in my area

709eaa  No.11804827

File: 4ceadb65cb0a558⋯.png (499.28 KB, 449x642, 449:642, 4ceadb65cb0a55807cb595b90e….png)


I would try it if I wasn't stuck in an apartment. Shit I even said I'd like to try it. Don't accuse other people of acting like a nigger when you don't read like a nigger.

08c1e3  No.11804843


>if I dismiss one of several options, then all the other options go away too!


I read exactly what you wrote:

>but god damn its just not practical for the common gardener.

The common gardener is exactly the person who it is most practical for. You are not the common gardener, you are a non-gardener.

b63826  No.11804846


Try aquaponics when you get good at hydro

61e5eb  No.11804901

< don't buy a walk-behind, goyim. Use my magic formulas. Buy my magic beanstalks too!

08c1e3  No.11804918


Try taking the beanie off before posting rabbi, you're not exactly subtle. I know you are desperate to stem the tide of goyim knowing, but you're doing a terrible job. We're not going to suddenly believe free information about nature is jewish and expensive made in china machinery designed to destroy nature is good.

709eaa  No.11804939

File: 4a6e0750bc049fd⋯.png (320.9 KB, 720x380, 36:19, 4a6e0750bc049fdcfbf6d41415….png)


I really dont think the common gardener who is just doing it as a hobby is about to go and buy a dumptruck of woodchips to mix with cow manure and compost just to get results a conventional gardening strategy could yield.

Maybe I'm just a fucking casual though.


I am currently trying to do some. My herbs are growing on an aquaponics kit with a little beta fish swimming around. They're growing like crazy with all this fish shit little Chad is pumping out.

081f1e  No.11804946


Im not dismissing all options faggot. Just "back to eden", I make compost teas

08c1e3  No.11804948


The common gardener doesn't need to do that, like you've been told over and over. The common gardener can just drive around the block on garbage day in the fall and pick up a few bags of leaves and dump them on his garden. If you have to base your resistance to something on making up an imaginary version of it, then your resistance is emotional not logical. For someone who gets uppity when it is pointed out that he's acting like a nigger, you sure do act like a nigger a lot.

08c1e3  No.11804953


You are dismissing all the option to acquire organic matter retard. "Leaves don't exist because there is no waste facility giving away compost here". And how fucking hilarious, compost tea is completely worthless and stupid.

709eaa  No.11804971


You must live in the north because garbage days in fall here are all just filled with garbage. No one rakes leaves and puts it into bags because its so fucking hot all year around and the leaves that do fall are minimal are tend to just get chewed up by the lawn mower.


> And how fucking hilarious, compost tea is completely worthless and stupid.

So why are shilling for your Back to Eden shit? The whole premise is to make a cover you put your plants in that automatically makes a compost tea any time it gets wet.

08c1e3  No.11804983


Again, fixating on a single potential source of dead plant material and saying "that won't work for me" is nigger behavior. Use your fucking brain. White people in every part of the planet have no problem finding dead plants to use. Stop saying "one of those thousands of options isn't good for me so the whole concept of growing food sustainably is wrong".

No, the premise has nothing to do with compost tea. The premise is to create fertile soil. This is done through the natural process of organic matter being broken down on the surface. Compost tea is just a way to spend time doing something totally pointless. Put the damn compost on the ground where it is useful, soaking it and then pouring the water on the ground does nothing.

5bec7a  No.11804986

File: 0e85c601e789b39⋯.jpg (45.34 KB, 536x625, 536:625, 0e85c601e789b39ccbf280612f….jpg)



just some dumb niggers trying to get tips on thier hydroponic pot grow in thier section 8 housing and mad its all been about outside organics instead of hydroponic, or easy indoor DIY

709eaa  No.11805003


>one of those thousands of options isn't good for me so the whole concept of growing food sustainably is wrong

<as I am growing food in my environment that food shouldn't grow in so that I don't have to spend as much money on food

Look man, im not buying or renting your Back to Eden DVD just chill.


I am pretty mad I don't have a yard anymore but I don't think anyone who wants to grow pot is going to do it hydroponically. Most hydroponic fertilizers are high in nitrogen and weed growers hate having nitrogen because nitrogen causes the plant to start producing seeds instead of continuing to grow its flowers.

08c1e3  No.11805029


I'm not the back to eden guy you retard, I am the guy who said it is just rehashing what Ruth Stout said 50 years earlier, and linked to free PDFs to tell you how to grow food sustainably and without paying jews for bullshit. You are buying fertilizer, which will stop existing. If you were simply doing that temporarily it would be fine, but you are also here shilling against white people learning how to be self-sufficient. That's the problem.

And the only reason hydroponics stores exist for you to grow veggies is because of pot growers. That's 95%+ of their customer base. Fertilizers have whatever nutrients you want them to have you twit, people who need less nitrogen buy lower nitrogen fertilizers. Also, you are wrong about nitrogen anyways.


081f1e  No.11805036


>If youre not following my back to eden cult youre a nigger


08c1e3  No.11805046


If you are an illiterate subhuman that tard rages blindly any time someone says something you don't understand, then you're a nigger.

709eaa  No.11805050


>im shilling against white people being self sufficient

Your method is the only way that plants can grow?

>links to article that says marijuana plants need less nitrogen during flowering

So I'm right.

5bec7a  No.11805073

File: 811e0fa1c63b570⋯.jpg (872.41 KB, 3904x1788, 976:447, Proof Zimbabwe was better ….jpg)



its just a gardening technique you stupid fuck. wanna know how we know you didnt watch? lmao


>you MUST buy a DVD

lmao. Niggers too dumb to watch a video that was posted in this very thread. Oh well. The smart whites here have already watched it and gleaned the info they need to do the whole deal themselves. No purchase necessary. Its all plainly laid out in the free video. Not sure why its so hard for you two niggers to figure out.

Was anyone surprised Zimbabwe fails to feed its own people in the middle of nutrient rich africa?

08c1e3  No.11805086


It is not my method, it is nature's method, and it is the only method where plants can grow SUSTAINABLY. Learn to read. If you till, you have to fertilize. Fertilizer will not exist in the future. Figure it out retard.

And no, you are not right. Your claim was that nitrogen causes the plant to produce seeds. The information provided shows it doesn't need as much nitrogen during flowering, that does not mean that nitrogen will cause it to produce seeds. Literally every post you make contains nigger tier bullshit like this. No wonder you are so desperate to cling to farm equipment, you are worried that without it we'll go back to using you as farm equipment.

5b52b7  No.11805096


hello cultists

709eaa  No.11805098

File: 755ac9b64c5bcf0⋯.png (29.31 KB, 146x195, 146:195, f791fb0bfda84ffb1c56979f4b….png)


>Its natures method

Natures method does not involve man


Man, if I wasn't so sure you were trying to sell us something I'd be wondering a lot about why you're getting so buttmad over people not wanting to try a gardening method they said they'd like to try in the future but wont now because they don't have the space to try it now.

eab855  No.11805123

Every time I try growing anything, it dies in a matter of days.

I just want to be a hobbit, tending a vegetable and herb garden, but everything I touch dies. I suppose my north facing apartment isn’t the best place.

5bec7a  No.11805134

File: 49df100f67bb598⋯.jpg (23.56 KB, 300x312, 25:26, 49df100f67bb598c7e03d8a2ba….jpg)


> niggers will starve and die out just after any type of SHTF situation because of innercity idiosyncracies like superfractured gang-based infighting, no arible land in the city, plus they cant into reading comprehension or growing anything


d17a0c  No.11805139


>Fertilizer will not exist in the future.

As long as chickens keep shitting, there will be fertilizer.

709eaa  No.11805141


>north facing apartment


Same here. Sorry lad. Just get a full spectrum light and dedicate a closet to your little plant babbies. Green thumbs take time to develop. I was lucky to have a dad who got me into gardening in plants when I was a little pip. I murdered a lot of fine looking vegetable plants my day. You gotta learn your lessons from the dead plants and enjoy your successes by eating the ones who live.

1dec91  No.11805156



>you are worried that without it we'll go back to using you as farm equipment.

Toppus Kekkus. Seriously tho, our great-grandfathers must have had one hell of a time keeping niggers in line. Doing the shim-shammy-shuffle and complaining and making excuses is genetically programmed into the negro.

08c1e3  No.11805194


>Natures method does not involve man

He says while raging against allowing nature to create fertile soil instead of using chinese machinery to destroy it.

>why you're getting so buttmad over people not wanting to try a gardening method

Nobody is mad at you Jamal, relax. We don't expect you to have the capacity for higher thought. Just because someone points out the error in your anti-white shilling doesn't mean you are going to get the whip.


Chickens have to eat something to shit something. For chickens to eat something, there has to be fertile soil for that something to grow in. All you are doing is reinforcing what I said. The only long term solution is to create and maintain fertile soil.

5bec7a  No.11805200

File: fe1c8f62bd919c0⋯.png (425.58 KB, 774x591, 258:197, Bud-Bulker-Pak.png)


>all these willfully ignorant niggers

no shit, idiot. he obviously meant the mass produced liquid fertilizer these niggers buy from jews to make thier shitty in-unit pot they scalp to other niggers. Not natural things like chicken scrap and composted livestock dung.

Literal jews also corner the liquid fertilizer market. Wish I had a digital copy of the whole page ad PIC-RELATED put in a book once, it had one of thier spokespersons on it with a major honker and black coarse curly hair. It said 'Join The (((Tribe)))!' and the guy had a golden star of david barely showing out of his slightly unbuttoned shirt.

709eaa  No.11805212

File: 82ee7b7f42d466f⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 484x305, 484:305, 82ee7b7f42d466f8d471a4f831….gif)


>I'm not raging, YOUR the one raging

Every time.

08c1e3  No.11805285


>if you point out my hypocrisy than it doesn't count!

Sadly, that's probably the closest thing to logic ever to come from your species.

5d9119  No.11805335

I'm growing three kinds of tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeno, broccoli, squash, cucumber, basil, sage, rosemary, kale, and lettuce. I'm building a beautiful raised garden bed now for next year's garden

d2edcc  No.11805361

datamining thread?

I've dedicated most of my resources to jalapenos, chilies and specialty peppers, but I keep squash and swiss chard which were very successful for me in previous years. We had an unfortunate cold spell which caused my specialty peppers to shed dozens of their new blossoms, and probably delayed the maturity of my newly planted peppers, but at least one blossom has remained and appears to be setting fruit.

Butternut squash is great, it grows in anything and makes lots of stuff for you to eat, which keeps for months without refrigeration. I usually let mine grow out and colonize nearby ornamental trees. Swiss chard has a strong taste and if you eat them raw or even blanched they will give you lots of nutrients and minerals which you may be lacking. I grew a few parsnips last year but they never got too big, and you can find them growing wild on vacant lots (wear gloves of course, the roots are edible) so I probably won't bother with them anymore. I also tried to grow spinach but they bolted even out of direct sunlight so I don't recommend them.

709eaa  No.11805364

File: 10b8afaf14f3b90⋯.jpg (46.32 KB, 500x484, 125:121, 1428508917540-1.jpg)

File: 7024e0985899010⋯.png (1015.83 KB, 600x1114, 300:557, 1428616678052-0.png)

File: 3fee431b78c902e⋯.jpg (218.03 KB, 800x950, 16:19, 1430526853231-4.jpg)

File: 6bd5149c87dfa12⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1604x996, 401:249, 1430526942112-3.png)


I really don't know where you get me "raging against nature to create fertile soil" comes from? I get what your method does and how it works after reading what you linked.

Chinese machinery? For recycling old plastic tubs I had lying around to grow food out of?

Wouldn't it be good to have discussions about things like hydroponics so anons could sustain themselves even if they don't have the real estate to grow on but do have old plastic bins and 10 bucks?

Then you have some more creative methods too. Have some semi relevant info-graphics.

08c1e3  No.11805385


>I get what your method does and how it works after reading what you linked.

Then why the "that can't work for ordinary gardeners" shilling? Why are you so desperate to convince people not to be healthy and self-sufficient?

>Wouldn't it be good to have discussions about things like hydroponics so anons could sustain themselves even if they don't have the real estate to grow on

No, if you live in a city you are a dead end.

709eaa  No.11805448

File: d49c04a8dca5fc9⋯.png (261.96 KB, 600x300, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>No, if you live in a city you are a dead end.

Do you mean dead end as in when the nukes come in were all dead. Cause that's true tbh.

Or do you mean, what I suspect, "fuck them city folk". If so, don't go around talking about how you are thinking people are anti-white shills. Whites still live in cities. A lot of them. Maybe not in places like Detroit, sure. Not every white person lives on an plot of land where the soil can grow crops in the ground. Every white person should be sustaining themselves which is why its important alternative methods are discussed.

But what do I know, im just a lip smacking jiggabo doing, know nothing nigga right massa? Massa wont set me free but I'd have no other way no sir.

b63826  No.11805578

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Never underestimate the craftiness of the urban nignog

08c1e3  No.11805618


>Not every white person lives on an plot of land where the soil can grow crops in the ground.

And those who do not will die. Duh.

>Every white person should be sustaining themselves

No, they should be making themselves self-sufficient. Which is not possible in a city. That's the entire point of cities, to prevent people from being able to provide for themselves and their families.

>But what do I know, im just a lip smacking jiggabo doing, know nothing nigga right massa?

How could anyone come to any other conclusion when literally every post you make demonstrates a sub-turnip IQ?

5bec7a  No.11805832

File: 2e84314806ba2c9⋯.jpg (446.17 KB, 1280x1698, 640:849, 3 years of niggers.jpg)


> this one old feral nigger in the city goes around collecting road kill and hawking it to other niggers

> niggers are 'crafty'

HAH! HAHA HAHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahah

5bec7a  No.11805861

File: 349cc5b4f139cfb⋯.jpg (250.01 KB, 760x800, 19:20, Zulu King.jpg)


you still arguing with those spook shills? they get paid by the post, you know? Got nothin' better to do than wait until the first every month anyway. These people just dont get it. Its not in thier nature to do things the right way.

5bec7a  No.11805893

File: 4b12881d710f9c9⋯.png (504.46 KB, 2468x791, 2468:791, never_give_what_they_can't….png)



called it. feral innercity groids still lurking for hydroponic setup tips for his ganja.

its like pottery

709eaa  No.11806063

File: 62ff58d7ad2edb4⋯.png (251.81 KB, 491x456, 491:456, 62ff58d7ad2edb44bc6a0361d9….png)


>if a white person doesnt have land they should die

>white people growing organic foods and feeding themselves is bad

How anti white of you. If I didn't know better I'd say you're one of those jewish shills I hear so much about. Maybe you don't want people who do not have the ability to buy land at the moment to stop eating your hormone injected food in the grocery so you want to crush and information about growing food in small spaces without land.

Like really, you've said nothing. My style of growing is different so "uh ur a retarded nigger k thnx"

Welcome to the filter bud.


Damn son if I wanted to learn how to grow weed why the fuck would I come to this place?

1dec91  No.11806110


Squirrels can turn their hind feet around when descending a tree, allowing them to grip the bark. Cat's can't, so descent from a tree is basically running headfirst down it.

08c1e3  No.11806338


>if a white person doesnt have land they should die

Will not should. Even for a nog you're reading comprehension is terrible.

>white people growing organic foods and feeding themselves is bad

You aren't growing organic food you retard.

>My style of growing is different so "uh ur a retarded nigger k thnx"

No, I explained this to you very clearly several times now. Nobody gives two shits what you are doing. I care that you stop your anti-white "people can't put leaves on the ground that's too hard" shit. We know you are a nigger because you can't understand anything anyone tells you.

5ae4ee  No.11806524


< the kikes are trying to sell me a Honda


085be4  No.11806596


There's a really good gardening channel on jewtube this guy from Michigan does for high intensity gardening. He also does an indoor episode. I'm not gonna link him because he made a baby with a fat spic though

08c1e3  No.11806810





That doesn't contradict what I said. Just because vegetable customers has grown from less than 1% to 2% doesn't change the fact that the businesses exist because of potheads. Take away the pot growers and you would close down every single hydroponics store in north america.

25e9cd  No.11807002


>Someone saves my oc


Aquaponics is my natural progression because I enjoy catfish. If I ever get around to having crawfish and like them, I'll definitely have to build a hybrid setup.

If you do end up using something like that tank setup for an existing drip system, make sure to install a y sieve if you haven't already.

085be4  No.11807140


Because you asked nicely


859085  No.11807198


pruning is for fruit trees and ornamentals.

also, never forget to harvest your root vegetables on time.

5ae4ee  No.11807223

File: 315c925088063e8⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1099x858, 1099:858, ClipboardImage.png)


Honda makes very nice walk-behinds. Pic related is their largest, though.

659e97  No.11807334


i have a friend who does only herbs and he just has like half a dozen potted plants on his patio.

basil, mint, sage, and a few others

659e97  No.11807351


shut the fuck up

5ae4ee  No.11807362



Definitely relevant, these things on Amazon:


(they have smaller/cheaper ones)

25e9cd  No.11807663


You don't prune determinate cultivars.

For indeterminate varieties you prune new suckers lower than top 50% after the plant is 2 feet tall.

Suckers on old growth typically grow rapidly to 2-2.5 feet long before producing fruit clusters.

Suckers on new growth often produce fruit clusters within the first foot, so your goal is to limit old growth suckers. If the sucker stops producing fruiting clusters after a foot, cut it back.

While the plant is under 2 feet, the goal is to limit leading vines.


>pruning is for fruit trees and ornamentals.


Pruning is for anything you want to keep in shape, or anything that fruits on new growth.

659e97  No.11807689


why is desk in quotes

08c1e3  No.11808650


What does that have to do with anything?


You don't prune indeterminates either, we already went over this. Pruning tomatoes lowers yield.

c4d67d  No.11808683

File: 4bb8779387d6284⋯.png (486.99 KB, 768x432, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

This recently happened in my area. Huge ass cloud of burnt plastic either killed the plants or contaminated the soil. Won't be harvesting the hops, grapes, strawberries, plums, apples, carrots, turnips, lovage nor any other vegetables, fruit or herbs this year. Kind of a bummer considering I wanted to make healthy food for my kid.

The authorities claim the food is safe but a large local strawberry producer conducted independent research and that turned out to be a lie.

Fucking jews.

3a6445  No.11808852

Don't forget to plant flowers and put out a birdfeeder. You need bees and birds to help pollinate your crop. I've got two 3' tall boxes with six tomato plants and already 100lb of green ones. Boxes help control the soil and I don't have to bend over (6'5 tall fag). I also plant onions and peppers along the outside edge which deters bugs from shoahing the tomatoes.

ed5bca  No.11808929

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Go one step beyond

08c1e3  No.11809555


All you need to do is stop cutting your grass and you'll get tons of bees and birds.

000000  No.11811227


You're an idiot, but I have to answer this.

I tried no-till due to circumstances that made getting the tiller out of the shed a lot of work. I've fixed that problem instead.

You're right that tilling requires far more work than no-till. The difference is that no-till work ends up being work I have to do, while most of the work in tilling is done by the small gasoline engine on that tiller. Needless to say, that engine has a "metabolism" with far higher power output than my own and the "more work" gets done in "less time" which is what's really important to me.

And I live on the edge of a fucking desert, so irrigation is something I'll need for my garden no matter what. I've tried it both ways. Sunflowers wilted and nearly died without irrigation. They perked right back up after a thorough watering. The other plants that year just died.

A thirsty plant is a starving plant.

Photosynthesis converts CO2 and water into sugars with oxygen as a waste product, essentially using sunlight to "un-burn" those inputs. Plants also use sugars as building materials: starches are sugar chains and cellulose is cross-linked starch. A plant with no water may as well have no sunlight. Such plants don't grow.

A thirsty plant is a starving plant.

Yes, plants "eat" CO2 and "crap out" oxygen. Anyone calling CO2, which is literally plant food, a "pollutant" needs the fucking rope. Such people are enemies of all life on Earth.

fd0ac6  No.11811261

File: 7c609245c7d62bc⋯.png (188.84 KB, 364x652, 91:163, 7c609245c7d62bcbeebb16267f….png)


>mfw you just solved an issue I was having trying to figure out how do inexpensive raised beds because my soil is contaminated

d93c12  No.11811450

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Filtering 08c1e3 radically improves the quality of this thread.


Part 2

If I lived in the country this would be interesting to do with a plastic septic tank.

Who would have thought that a small scale bioreactor was affordable.

99890c  No.11811473

08c1e3  No.11812544


Except you have to till until the day you die. With no till you have to put down organic matter once. The rest of your post has nothing to do with me or anything I said and I have no idea why you posted it. No shit plants need water and CO2. I'm the one that pointed out that increasing CO2 increases yields you fucktard.


That isn't compacted, it is just clay with no organic matter. It has no organic matter because of tilling. You idiots who insist on ignoring all the evidence and causing your own problem and then insisting you are solving it are a disgrace to your race. And your children and grandchildren will stave because they won't be able to dump phosphates on the soil to compensate for the lack of fertility caused by tilling.

dd04a1  No.11812679


If you're in an arid area and the local wind isn't too bad, putting up "shade cloth" is a cheap and easy way to reduce how much water your plants require. Even something like a tall picket fence can radically help in these sort of situations.

Also, I just want to make sure you know that drought conditions really aren't about energy deprivation, they are really more about completely fucking over ALL the various gradients that must function in order for a plant to survive. It's not really clear from your post if that was what you were going for or not.

Also note that plants will use evapotranspiration to help cool themselves, and once that stops working shit goes south fast. Sunflowers are better than most crops at pulling that last tiny bit of moisture from the ground, though this can end up fucking the ground over and result in increased chemical bonding in the soil due to heat and lack of water. This makes the soil more difficult to fill with water again.

And don't worry about this faggot >>11796560

He's clearly never had to actually deal with clay, and he's just spouting off because he saw something on the internet and now he's an expert on what other people should do.

Only way to deal with clay is to bring in something else that isn't clay. Clay is like nigger blood, even a little bit spoils the whole thing.

08c1e3  No.11812687


>He's clearly never had to actually deal with clay

He says while ignoring the video evidence proving him wrong.

>Clay is like nigger blood, even a little bit spoils the whole thing.

All soil contains clay you fucking retard. The proportions of sand, silt and clay are what determines the base texture, then organic matter, calcium:magnesium ratio and moisture modify that.

08c1e3  No.11812691


>Only way to deal with clay is to bring in something else that isn't clay.

Oh, and that's what I have been telling them to do. The tards have been insisting that you can just till clay and that will make it all better.

a6a93f  No.11812742


adding to that, i recommend growing oyster mushrooms. All you need is hay

000000  No.11816188

>>11812544 (waste of dubs)

> No shit plants need water and CO2.

You've also claimed that irrigation is needed because of tilling. Where I live, irrigation is needed, till or no-till, or learn to enjoy cactus.

> no organic matter because of tilling

Wrong again, shill. Tilling leaves, compost, and whatever other plant materials I have on hand into the clay soil is slowly improving it.

> won't be able to dump phosphates on the soil

Haven't used phosphates ever. I get delicious vegetables (culinary) / fruits (botanical) anyway. Organic fertilizer tilled into the soil has been working fine for me.


> local wind isn't too bad

I'm in a semi-arid part of Tornado Alley. What was that about wind again? … I think your post just blew away…

> drought conditions really aren't about energy deprivation, they are really more about completely fucking over ALL the various gradients that must function in order for a plant to survive

About the same way dehydration kills anything else, except animals don't have metabolisms that consume water. Overall, it's a simplification, but I've found that "A thirsty plant is a starving plant" is easier to get most people to understand.

> plants will use evapotranspiration to help cool themselves

Exactly. Hot summer days? Water your plants more, especially the ones in full sun.

> Sunflowers are better than most crops at pulling that last tiny bit of moisture from the ground

Yup. When they wilt, you dun goofed.

> Only way to deal with clay is to bring in something else that isn't clay.

Or take the long-haul approach and mix organic material into that clay every year until you actually have semi-fertile soil. Oh wait, that's exactly what tilling grass clippings, leaves, etc into the clay does, while the retard jumps up and down screaming that tilling is bad and useless.

5ce2ae  No.11816233


>I'm in a semi-arid part of Tornado Alley.

I was going to suggest planting a wind break if you had land, but that's not feasible.

Fucking sucks man.

At least you'll have good soil after you till in enough organics to break the clay.

73e127  No.11816711


That faggot has made nearly 70 posts by now, with newrlg all of it being argumentative. I would normally doubt someone would be assigned to shill such an innocuous thread, but goddamn.

08c1e3  No.11819643


>You've also claimed that irrigation is needed because of tilling.

No, I said irrigation requirements are increased. Try learning to read.

>Wrong again, shill. Tilling leaves, compost, and whatever other plant materials I have on hand into the clay soil is slowly improving it.

No it is not. Adding the compost is improving it. Tilling it in is slowing that process down.

>Haven't used phosphates ever


>Or take the long-haul approach and mix organic material into that clay every year until you actually have semi-fertile soil.

Or take the short-haul approach and don't mix it in instead of keeping your problem forever like a retard.

>while the retard jumps up and down screaming that tilling is bad and useless.

Right, evidence doesn't count only your feelings.


>being so butthurt you reset your router

Stop crying because I posted facts that you don't like.

1e079f  No.11819825


Like 20 people ITT have called you a retard.


>doesn't realize that he has a for ID

>muh router reset

How to glow in the dark, volume 1

32b056  No.11819945


the wooks freak out when you tell them half strength miracle grow and regular local organic all purpose will yield better results than thier fancy over priced over thought bullshit lol

c9ceb4  No.11820064

File: c206cb71fe8a79e⋯.jpg (48.38 KB, 830x708, 415:354, compost-tea-pot.jpg)

Anyone got special compost tea recipes?

08c1e3  No.11820203


>doesn't realize that he has a for ID

Sick burn bro.


1. Don't waste time on stupid fad shit that does nothing.

Easiest recipe out there. Seriously guys, use your brains. You need to be capable of determining fact from fiction. Just put the compost on the ground, there's no benefit to making brown water with it first.

382120  No.11820326

File: cf08a58b2236c91⋯.png (660.63 KB, 554x554, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Is it even feasible to live fully "off grid", with say a 8 month growing season, and not get completely tired of every food you grow? Like pic 5 here >>11805364 . Maybe that's just a meme though, seems like every serious farmer focuses on a few crops and maybe a few animals. If you grow a ton of different foods it seems like "jack of all trades, master of none". But perhaps it would be good since the harvests would be more staggered.


You seem to have your shit together, sounds like great yields for that size garden. Would you say you save money this way? I grow some shit for fun but there is no way it's cost effective.

Did you bring in outside dirt for your beds or "carve" them into the ground? Having masonry sounds really nice - I have wood beds and they are shitty, though probably more resistant to getting fractured by tree roots. Masonry probably would retain water better. It would be nice if it both retained water (with a closed bottom), but had some kind of automatic drain in the case of heavy rain. I only grow tomatoes in them and they do very well in a bed. Once they get started they just explode, and there is really no loss of growing space since they grow vertically.

9a5f48  No.11820495


>Would you say you save money this way?

I save money on the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peas.

I save money on tomato sauce too, but if you add in the man hours spent processing it probably costs more. I'm fine with that, as the tomato sauce tastes better than canned shit.

>Did you bring in outside dirt for your beds or "carve" them into the ground?

Yes and no.

My property is sloped on a hill, so leveling the garden area produced enough soil to fill the beds halfway. But only after sifting out the rocks. The base of the beds were filled with rotten logs that were growing mushrooms, and the soil was initially hand tilled with all sorts of organics.

I have 2 inches of rocky topsoil followed by good soil peppered with an increasing gradient of larger river rocks the deeper you get. Fun fact: these rocks were left over from the Missoula Floods, as I live on a ridge where no stream or river could have existed. The soil type is Inceptisol, more specifically Udept.

Ground heave is a major issue where I live, so the beds were built like a large scale retainer wall in the region. Two inches of drainage rock for the foundation, with an inch of drainage rock between the soil of the bed and the inside of the wall. Everything is separated by heavy duty landscape fabric.

If I start a small mushroom grow, or use a bioreactor I could eliminate outside

>Like pic 5 here >>11805364

I know an actual grower in the country with 4-5 acres that plots out their land very similarly and it more than pays their bills.

I don't think they have livestock other than chickens, but I haven't seen their entire property.

They're vegetable yield is not as good as it could be though.

c9ceb4  No.11820529

>Is it even feasible to live fully "off grid", with say a 8 month growing season, and not get completely tired of every food you grow?

Nibba think about what you just typed. Imagine how many ways one can use wheat, all the different ways to cook it. Pasta, the vast array of breads, cereals, quickbreads, cakes of all kinds. Etc.

Now add a dozen kinds of fruits and two dozen kinds of herbs. If you get bored of eating your own produce you're bored of life. Variety is yours if you choose it.

Also considering the tragedy of the potato niggers and the vast example of ASIA, it is apparently hard to grow tired of even a single crop.

08c1e3  No.11820727


>Is it even feasible to live fully "off grid", with say a 8 month growing season, and not get completely tired of every food you grow?

Yes, since lots of people do it just fine with a 4 month growing season.

>Maybe that's just a meme though, seems like every serious farmer focuses on a few crops and maybe a few animals.

A serious farmer is just an agricorp peon trying to qualify for gibs from the government, they don't even grow their own food.

>If you grow a ton of different foods it seems like "jack of all trades, master of none"

Growing tomatoes is not complicated enough to be a trade. You can grow as many things as you want. And even the trade thing is nonsense, you can master a trade in 10 years, humans are not insects. You should be a master of half a dozen things to teach your grandchildren by the time you are old enough to have them.

7fc7a3  No.11820758


you will never block algae growth on some areas' tap water. look into algae eaters and go aquarium route instead of cleaning all those roots constantly.

dec638  No.11820782


I set out a mound for cantaloupe but.my shithead dog dug half of it up so he could lay in the cool dirt.

I'm trying something where I try to plant every seed I pick out of produce I eat. I save cherry pits, watermelon seeds, I bought seeded grapes, peppers, etc. Im gonna do blackberries eventually, but those are best from live cuttings.

9a5f48  No.11820885


>shithead dog

Fix your dog. It is obviously the dominant one in your relationship.

6a7de1  No.11821191

Grow your Greens

08c1e3  No.11822336


Lots of commercial fruits are clones and won't grow true from seed, like grapes and apples, so don't expect them to resemble the fruit you took the seed from, or even taste like food.


>taking advice from some border jumping wetback

How can anyone be stupid enough to buy into the dog whisperer nonsense? You should be deported with him. A dog wanting to be cool has nothing to do with dominance, he has no idea why his owner was digging in the first place you idiot.

3f1214  No.11822720


It works, hugelkultur is a dumb name for it though, it should be called "pile of shit gardening". Throw dead decaying wood, kitchen scraps, cheapest dirt and wood chips you can find in a large pile, transplant into it.

The best spot for one is water, even stagnant water. Build a big pile and the roots will be happy, the plants will fluorish and produce.

I have one full of tomato plants who are really fucking happy, and I'm building more. They are great in dry weather, left mine for 2 weeks with no rain and no irrigation and it had no ill effects.

84b2f1  No.11822750


>dog whisperer nonsense

Cesar teaches the truth, faggot. You can expand his lessons to humans and become the next fuhrer.

b8555d  No.11822788

File: a5d59a940fcec83⋯.jpg (49.15 KB, 651x604, 651:604, 1525182788696.jpg)

What do you need to create a fully self-sustaining off-the-grid homestead that can create food/water for big family? As much food/water as you need without having to get a job, etc. How much labor does it require to maintain?

08c1e3  No.11823310


Only a mongrel subhuman could be stupid enough to believe that.

954579  No.11823428

File: e02390da6e88b6d⋯.png (71.53 KB, 358x501, 358:501, cheaper print.png)

>>11822788 (heil!)

>What do you need?

Land and knowledge.

>How much labor?

All of it, from the entire family.

Shitposting aside, when wagecucks go OTG, it's best to do it in stages, keeping your job (read income) and getting your homestead ready piece by piece. What you need and how to get started varies from place to place, best source of information would be to talk to locals, preferably farmers.

67469c  No.11824864

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What do you think about Varg's take on permaculture?

fb4f02  No.11825096


Old mate (72) here sure does talk a lot of the good shit, yet I cannot see a single picture of his superior methods in action.

eb3921  No.11826831



there are about 10.000 seeds per square waiting to for the right conditions to germinate. plowing turns the soil upside town, you put those seeds 30cm under the soil, and 90% will loose their ability to germinate in 1 year. Many of those seeds are pioneering plants, which are most weeds. Pioneering species also happen to be most of our food crops. thus opening up the soil and seeding it gives the best circumstances for our food crops to begin.

Don't do plowing and you need either herbicide (which goes together with no-till), lots of weeding or lots of mulch. mulch is neat but there is a problem with snails in wet climates.

8dcc63  No.11826862



Buy a fucking compost bin and throw all of your food waste inside of it.

After about a spring + summer the bottom most material should be broken down enough to shovel into your fields. If you live somewhere hot it will probably take less time.


>put layer of dirt into compost occasionally

>water your compost occasionally

It requires moisture and heat to make compost. Compost also generates heat from breaking shit down.

3f1214  No.11826994


Read "The Resilient Gardener", it is a detailed book on how to grow food so to feed yourself with zero visits to the grocery store.

I will spoil the conclusion: grow potatoes, squash, corn and beans. Have ducks.

If all else fails, grow only potatoes. They are the food closest to the optimum human nutritional need, and you do not grow tired of their taste.

fd0ac6  No.11827804


Is there a reason for ducks over chickens? Or does it say just get poultry.

7ec5b3  No.11827914


Ducks have more fat. That's reason enough for me.

0d0d4f  No.11828808


build yourself a raised bed garden

fd0ac6  No.11828937


I was just curious is all it really doesn't matter then.

08c1e3  No.11829516


Plowing those seeds under just stores them for next year when you plow them back up. Mulch prevents weeds, plowing just clears the currently growing one and sows a whole new crop of them. And of course plowing does nothing to invasive perennial weeds like thistles and bindweed.

fd0ac6  No.11831295



Like a Jew the only way to truly eradicate weeds is gas and fire.

Mulch will prevent certain types of weeds but also creates a prime environment for fungus and pests. Tilling will take care of some weeds pushing them deep but the nature of the equipment makes it so older weeds that were already present come back up.

08c1e3  No.11832384


Mulch prevents all types of weeds. Plants require light. No light = no weeds. Mulch does create a prime environment for beneficial bacteria and fungi, that's how it creates fertile soil. Harmful fungal colonies are decreased by mulching due to the competition from beneficial fungi.

886624  No.11832460

File: d2a8d388f1018eb⋯.jpg (3.75 MB, 2982x1678, 1491:839, 1525292065.jpg)


238f9e  No.11833207


>older weeds that were already present come back up.

US ACE did a test run of a method of removing invasive species and restoring natural grasses not too far from me.

The idea was that they would remove the first few inches of top soil and do a deep till, something like 4 feet, of the rest.

It worked, but it also showed that seeds can stay viable for incredibly long stretches of time in the soil.

Intense shade is the most permanent solution I know of.

fd0ac6  No.11833296


I've been doing lawn care this year since why not I like the look of grass and it gives me a reason to go outside. Also learned a lot about applying fert, and weed control. Basically the only way to truly deal with weeds is put down a pre-emergent that kills the weed as it is about to break ground. The only issue is >chemicals.

718003  No.11833317

File: cab23cbf42a763d⋯.png (232.53 KB, 524x541, 524:541, 1436200415987.png)

How important is fertilizer?

It seems every time I go try and buy a pot of herbs, even something simple like chamomile, they slowly but surely die over the coming months.

fd0ac6  No.11833362


Depends are you watering them enough, are you watering them to much? Are they getting a fungus or some kind of disease? Do the bots have good drainage?

718003  No.11833376

File: 48d3dffee7de789⋯.jpg (11.46 KB, 243x207, 27:23, 1436199421032.jpg)


>Depends are you watering them enough, are you watering them to much?


fd0ac6  No.11833420


>Signs That You're Overwatering Your Herbs

>No matter which herbs you plant, it is important to avoid overwatering your herb garden. Many herbs actually like a semi-dry soil, this is true for lavender, rosemary, thyme, and many herbs that are native to the Mediterranean or other dry climates.

>This is great for drought years because these plants can withstand the extreme conditions.

>In general, if your plants are wilting and the soil is wet, you are probably overwatering. Keep an eye on your herb garden and pay attention to the plants to look for any of these signs:

>Leaves become yellow and fall.

>Leaves become dark or black in color.

>A fuzzy mildew substance is seen on the herb.

>Signs of edema* appear on the leaves.

>The herb is not growing.

>The herb does not appear to perk up when watered.

>The stems and roots soften or break easily.

>*Edema occurs when a plant receives more water than it can use. It will show as blisters, lesions, or indentations on the leaves.

>If you believe that your herbs may be receiving too much moisture, check that the drainage is adequate.

>Standing water will rot the roots of any plant and cause issues with bacteria, fungus, and pests. Rotted roots will turn gray or brown and become slimy.

>It's best to remove these plants from the garden to prevent the issue from spreading to other plants.

b6d1a4  No.11833453


wrong plant :^)

718003  No.11833499


Thanks Anon, much appreciated.

e7d4ed  No.11833536

File: bb5cf451d9a1ae2⋯.png (229.41 KB, 386x386, 1:1, 1251388791965.png)

What do you do if you live in scandinavia and only have 1.5 months of decent sun exposure?

fd0ac6  No.11833544


No prob. Though to answer your question about fertilizer if you are growing leafy herbs like basil and mint a fertilizer high in nitrogen is the best as it will increase your yield . Plants that bear fruit require a different type of mix because nitrogen has very little to do with development of fruit.

238f9e  No.11833562


Peas, potatoes, cabbage.

fd0ac6  No.11833565


Grow spring and fall crops.

238f9e  No.11833577


Flowers, fruit, and roots require phosphorous.

fd0ac6  No.11833694


Thanks I could not recall. Now you are lucky chemical phosphorous can not be applied in some states like Michigan and Florida. You can apply it in organic form though. Nitrogen is just shit.

6502bb  No.11835236

File: 510cf17d9c5f22d⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 2016x1512, 4:3, potato.jpg)


Tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, spinach, carrots and of course a healthy bunch of life-giving potatoes because a true Celt craves potatoes.

Begorrah 18/45 never forget


>middle of summer

m8 up north in Leafistan it's only been a month since the night temperatures are not below freezing point

907255  No.11835981

Whats some good "plant it and forget about it" vegetables you can do this time of year?

7e5b61  No.11836004


So we can be self sufficient.

000000  No.11836141


robots will do this tomorrow. you're just wasting time. we need to get into institutions and banks.

907255  No.11836164


Said someone who knows nothing about farming or what the term "self sufficient" means.

000000  No.11836184

Farming is for slaves.

7e5b61  No.11836200


No no that is not what I mean. We just wanted to have some free foods for ourselves without relying on others.

000000  No.11836214

If you have time, ok. but I believe we need to get more into institutions.

7e5b61  No.11836317


Okay but I don’t like the idea that the farms is being used to keep the shitskins alive so I say raise food price high and ban the foods from exporting to the third world countries. Earth is literally sick from this mess.

052ad1  No.11836566

File: 418f0886e71e05a⋯.png (10.97 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 418f0886e71e05a37b757b08f5….png)


Listen torpedo, not everyone has the mindset for spreadsheets and pulpits. For every Farage changing the destiny of a nation there are ten Hank Hills that just want to benefit their neighborhood, cause that's all they trust they can do.

I want to benefit the more aristocratic types as best I can, and make a better son than my father made me. My politics is attempting to live well despite everything going to shit. It starts with getting some god damn veggies growing.

fd0ac6  No.11837209


Agriculture enforces discipline. The plants and animals will not wait for you. If you forget to feed and water they will die, if you do not protect them from feeds and the elements they will never achieve their full potential.

Also what if the machines fail, what if an event happens where we are forced to farm. Perhaps people here are simply curious or want to get a start.

As >>11836566 put it there are more simple folk who just want to do the right thing and protect the volk not every man is a Hitler. We do what we must and protect the knowledge our ancestors worked to preserve so that we may preserve it expand upon it and deliver it to the next generation.

eb3921  No.11837235


well hello kiwi,

The perennial bindweed there is actually a native. the invasive (euro) one isn't a perennial. cali thistles are a pain but plowing does hit them hard but isn't the end to all, you want goats or chems to hit them hard. it's a constant fight because once they are settled in an area a few plants will generate thousands of seeds that get carried away by wind. and there is always a not-so-clean farmer around which spreads disease and seeds, usually the organic farmers. farmer surrounding organic farmers spray 1,5 to double as much on the neighbouring fields, thus protecting them by proxy, (not saying the organics don't have good idea's or that spraying everything including your biological controll is such a good plan, just that biological controll fails often)

as I said though, the vast majority of seeds loose viability after one year of being plowed under. Organic live in soil makes it faster due to fungi etc eating the seed. there are some genetic freaks though, like gorse of which some of the seeds stay viable for 50 years. oily seeds like brassica's also have a much longer viability then carb based ones like grains/grasses.

weed controll consists of many small things, there is no perfect solution but definately things that do better then others.

check out cover crops or gabe brown, he does have a low stocking rate and semi-arid environment with very icy winter temps killing of lots of stuff.

fd0ac6  No.11837272


Basically you will never truly get rid of weed so just accept that fact to begin with. You can manage it but even if you used Round Up or some total kill herbicide the weeds will be back in a few weeks.

Use a mixture of methods to get best results as it will depend on areas. Remember there are 100,000s of thousands of different garden weeds and they all act differently. Some go dormant, others don't. Some can travel miles in the air and land in your garden without you knowing. Some will look like plants you are trying to grow.

It's a never ending war.

08c1e3  No.11838005


>Now you are lucky chemical phosphorous can not be applied in some states like Michigan and Florida

That's complete and total nonsense.


>we need to be jews

No we don't. Being part of the corrupt system will not help us. You can not change the system, you can not fix it, you can not make it benefit the people. All you can do is make sure you and your family are able to survive the system's collapse.


Kiwi? WTF are you talking about? Seeds that blow in don't matter, that's what mulch is for. It prevents them from getting soil contact so they don't grow. There's an assload of studies that have been done, look them up instead of repeating folk "wisdom" that is wrong, tilling ensures constant weeds and destroys organic matter. All you need to do to deal with any weed is smother it. No light = no weed. Period.


The tens of thousands of weed free gardens prove you are wrong. I even linked to the epub of weed-free gardening for you earlier. Read it.

fd0ac6  No.11838065


Whoops my bad yeah the phosphorous ban is for turf gardens don't get lumped into that.

As for weeds we will agree to disagree.

1c86b8  No.11838352


Chamomile is really easy to over water. Basically dont water it at all unless it hasn't rained for a few weeks

b9ce84  No.11838543

Gardening redpills? Organic farming is a scam.

Organic farming means giving factory farms extra cash and handling their waste disposal for them. Our gardens smell like shit and our salads are contaminated with salmonella. All so dumbasses can pretend there's something beneficial about spreading shit around. Healthy!

Soil doesn't need animal shit to be fertile. You can simply put plant matter in your soil instead of feeding it to animals. The nutrients come from the Earth in the first place.

7beb3b  No.11838781


Anon, organic farming is a scam, but manure doesn't have anything to do with that.

b9ce84  No.11838829


You have refuted nothing

e3c435  No.11839168


I'm all ears if you have more productive things to do with cow shit than adding nutrients to the soil

abd1fb  No.11839379


The trick is to compost the poo for x number of months so the bum bacteria dies.

Brown breeds and slavs usually dont have a clue about this.

4cc1dc  No.11840905


historylearningsite.co.uk. The History Learning Site, 9 Mar 2015. 11 Jul 2018.

"Blood and Soil (‘Blut und Boden’) was a very important philosophy for Nazi Germany. The issue of ‘blood and soil’ nearly split the Nazi Party after 1925 and was only resolved at the Bamberg Conference of 1926. One side of the Nazi Party wanted to emphasise the relationship between true Aryans and a rural life. Hitler believed that true Germans ‘came from the soil’ – that they had a family background based on farming and life in the countryside. However, men like Gregor and Otto Strasser wanted to move the party away from the belief in ‘Blut und Boden’ and move towards a policy of attracting more support in urban areas. The Strasser brothers were defeated on this issue and Hitler rallied his supporters around ‘Blut und Boden’ while Otto Strasser left to form his own party based outside of Germany. Gregor was murdered on the Night of the Long Knives."

I know I shouldn't reply to shills but i'm doing it anyway

abd1fb  No.11841074


not hitler

e3c435  No.11842895

File: 021bd4087ea7d5e⋯.gif (535.15 KB, 974x500, 487:250, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….gif)


>Hitler would approve of this thread

3d0d7d  No.11851661

File: 22859f89206f197⋯.jpg (77.69 KB, 455x799, 455:799, 18c82e442aa4c6b0afb80c595d….jpg)

Potatoes really like plain old Maine soil. Jesus they shot up quick. Just tossed a pound in expecting maybe to see something by the end of fall, but they're already knee high.

Kennebec does fine, any heirlooms I should look for?

000000  No.11853159

this is for woman. you people are imbeciles

better start your own tech company,earn some money for your kids

4eae94  No.11853260


i don`t have much space for gardening, but i do grow some mint because i like it. Although despite my love for my plant, it seems to me that it needs more attention, because some of the leafs are falling down.

My question is : should i just keep the leafs in the pot or clean in? do the leafs of this plant work as a fertilizer, or not?

20de15  No.11853266

File: b563e4b104b447d⋯.jpg (21.36 KB, 241x318, 241:318, pol2.jpg)

fd0ac6  No.11853331


If they are still green just cut em throw em in ice water for a bit to stiffen them back up and save the pint or dehydrate it and save it like that.

>should i just keep the leafs in the pot or clean in? do the leafs of this plant work as a fertilizer, or not?

Just clean in generally there is not point leaving dead leaves in a pot. If it was a garden then you would leave the leaves after cutting them off because it would return some of the nitrogen to the soil. So yes the trimming would work as fertilizer but in a pot it's not really worth it.

45abbc  No.11853333


>irish porn

052ad1  No.11853397

File: 0233b5e0979ad55⋯.jpg (10.38 KB, 200x259, 200:259, The-Lumper-Potato-and-the-….jpg)

File: 28d4c113ef40ad7⋯.jpg (19.51 KB, 300x225, 4:3, lumpers-300x225.jpg)


Nice quads, but we all know they went steady with a single type before she fell ill.

Holy shit. More proof that the Irish are dumb. Ulster plantation Scots and English unphased.

4eae94  No.11853410


ok, thanks for advice anon!

7249e4  No.11853431

File: a30fbfd4acfe2b2⋯.jpg (274.5 KB, 797x968, 797:968, MassGraves.jpg)


Anti-whites will be purged. Laughing about white genocide forfeits your life as a white person.

3d0d7d  No.11853700


I have respect for the surviving modern Irish, you couldn't make me at gunpoint respect the pre-famine Irish. The potato famine was a very impromptu and intense eugenics program.

Still dumb, but in a wholesome manner now.

000000  No.11860788


> any heirlooms I should look for?

Potatoes are grown from tubers, so they're clones. They're ALL heirloom. Don't grow potatoes from seed unless you have the means to check them for poison, the tubers are normally toxic and the cultivated varieties are unusual by being edible.

1c51ed  No.11863674


We are interested in self sufficiency. Having mini farm in the backyard or indoor don't mean we will abandon the technology. It helps to lessen the burdens on community when the SHTF happens.

Is it possible to keep fruit and vegetable plant providing the food 24/7? I believe the greenhouse can do that.

a23609  No.11863706


Use cow shit to grow black soldier flies. Feed black soldier fly larvae to fish. Use plants to filter the fish water. Eat the plants.

08c1e3  No.11863863


They didn't use a single type of potato, and that had nothing to do with the famine. There was enough food, the British simply stole it.


He said more productive, not an expensive round about way to do the same damn thing.

000000  No.11878114


They were also exporting lobsters, the scorpions of the ocean.

065ac5  No.11878155

File: fd41190484180cb⋯.jpg (2.36 MB, 4096x2304, 16:9, DSC_0001.JPG)

Datura stramonium from seed.

065ac5  No.11878174

File: b893e3125c014e0⋯.jpg (2.6 MB, 4096x2304, 16:9, DSC_0004.JPG)

Datura seed pod

065ac5  No.11878179

File: cba2951a9d67973⋯.jpg (3.84 MB, 4096x2304, 16:9, DSC_0003.JPG)

And veg, raised so my rabbits can't reach

065ac5  No.11878921

File: 4fc7f2ad7a292f8⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 4096x2304, 16:9, DSC_0005.JPG)

Turmeric. I planted a tuber añ it grew

f38b57  No.11879981

Many of the most fertile soils in my area used to be forests, so I’m taking that idea and running with it. Things were struggling a bit this year, we got crappy bulk soil to raise up the garden because one end was sitting in water. Overall things aren’t growing well.

I grabbed multiple bags of very dry leaves 60 x 35 inch and covered the entire garden. The weed pressure has dropped dramatically, I’m getting 5% of the weeds I used to get. The soil is a more even moisture level making the few weeds extremely easy to remove. I used to spend 2 hours hoeing the garden rows every week because of weeds. From a labour standpoint things are so much better, and lower maintenance. I considered straw, but the structure of leaves (flat and wide) seem like more effective weed blockers. Also leaves are plentiful and free, minus your labour of course.

I feel like there might be benefits to soil fungi found in forest floors, so I am attempting to imitate that. From my initial dump of leaf litter some plants look healthier now, my tomatoes are looking like they are going to yield more this year.

The plan in the fall it to ditch the row gardening, flatten everything out, dump some manure down, then load it with as many leaves as I can gather. This willl prep the bed for next year, and block out the weeds from forming in the early spring. I’m leaving a chicken wire fence up to preven the leaves from blowing away, this has helped keep them in the garden, as we experience very high winds at times.

f38b57  No.11879984


60x 35 inch bags (9 in total)****

000000  No.11904028

planting hungarian speckled lettuce

a6c9a8  No.11905044

Unless these first few tomatoes are mutants, I won't be getting my 200+ pounds of tomatoes.

It appears that half of my eating tomatoes are Beefsteak instead of Early Girls.

It also appears that at least two of my saucing tomatoes are Roma instead of San Marsano.

All this means I have to make a mini hothouse this year to seed start for next year.

f9d248  No.11905611

/pol/ the cold nights keep killing my female squash flowers before they even bloom. What do?

8d098f  No.11905714


Cover with blanket at night.

f9d248  No.11905740


I can't cover thirteen big squash plants with blankets.

8d098f  No.11905768


Tarp then.

7e5b61  No.11905803


Maybe use the heat lights to keep them warm?

3f1214  No.11906307

File: 724984d07f25841⋯.png (200.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4d219dbc1c655a81a7ed8c2631….png)


Cabbage, kale, potatoes, leeks, peas, fava beans, carrots, parsnips. You need the hardy stuff, but atleast summer has sun all night and pests are rarely a problem compared to more southern latitudes.


There is a pretty decent book on this subject called The Humanure Handbook.


Put flat stones or shards of pottery near the plant, this will retain heat over night. This is the reason why stuff like grapes grows much better close to stones and boulders in colder climates. Dark colored stones perform best.

You could also use the type of netting used to keep bugs out, it helps against frost and cold a little bit.

f16f38  No.11906606

File: 2fc5b3bba05960d⋯.jpg (371.12 KB, 2048x2044, 512:511, row-cover-veggie-gardenjpg….jpg)


Little tiny hats for the flower heads.

Or give a small speck of effort that extends your growing season

f9d248  No.11906729


Interesting. I have a pile of black ceramic 12" tiles laying around somewhere that I could use. Not too sure they'll get enough sun though to heat up much.


I'd like to do that, but my garden beds are too awkwardly shaped and placed for that.

f9f8b1  No.11906844


>spouting things that were never claimed

Go order your 1000th chinese meal from your local.

000000  No.11929574

I just planted my second round of lettuce this season !

08c1e3  No.11929812


This is the correct way to garden. Straw works just fine, so does hay, or cut weeds, or wood chips. It really doesn't matter much but if you live somewhere that people bag up leaves every fall it is a really easy free option. I grow oats, buckwheat and crimson clover and cut them for mulch.


What you can do is going to depend on how cold it is getting. Rocks will work if it isn't too cold, but if it is really cold you'll need to go with plastic or glass coverings.

000000  No.11955396


Fungi, like mycorrhizae types, bcome a micro root system for the roots of your plants, increasing the mineral and nutrient availability. Also use Perlite, don't breath the dust, a natural volcanic glass, to increase the oxygen available to the roots, fungi, and other microbes.

abd1fb  No.11958216

File: 73aae337935f38b⋯.jpg (332.67 KB, 1600x987, 1600:987, Chili T%DSC_7142.jpg)


you cheat by using lamps

to give the seedlings a good start before going out in the garden

7e5b61  No.11977307


What is the fruit and vegetable that is most nutritious?

173607  No.11977312


Peppers are the most nutritious.


e09cd2  No.11977336


I would say herbs in general.

Strong flavored plants are generally high in something of nutritional value.

8ce901  No.11977388

First year growing, and it is nothing but experimentation to learn. I bought a lot of cheap plastic wash bins from the dollars store and poked holes in them and bought some good organic soil and compost. I have grown some arugula and cilantro successfully so far. I have Brussels sprouts and cabbage coming along but they take forever. I got tired of waiting so I started saving the seeds from red or orange peppers and planted them to see what happens and most of them sprout so I have a shit ton of them but I don't know if they will make it for this year. They are a very nice looking plant so I think next year I am going to try and grow a lot of them. Cucumbers and kale for next year too. Trying to find the sweet spot for time and dirt space, ease of growing and storing and grocery savings. It feels good to grow things, I highly recommend.

000000  No.11998603


My dude. Brussels sprouts take some time but oh shit do they grow. Giant leaves are like palm leaves and the brussels sprout balls are tasty.

abd1fb  No.11998651


Id say root vegetables

70e248  No.11998736

>>11977388 checked

>It feels good to grow things, I highly recommend.

that is very important

000000  No.12017773

Hydroponics/Aero is the future, /pol/. Join and feast in a world free of the unpure polluted dark as shitskin dirt like a deity.

08c1e3  No.12017850


Don't use perlite. The microbes living below the top inch of soil don't want more oxygen, that's why they live below the top inch of soil. The microbes in the top inch already have plenty of oxygen. You have to observe nature and understand it so you can work with it, not ignore nature and do shit that is the exact opposite of how nature works.


There's no single answer. If one vegetable has 50% of your daily vitamin A and 20% of your vitamin C, and the other has 20% of your vitamin A and 50% of your vitamin C, which one is "more nutritious"? Leafy greens, broccoli, etc all rate at the top. Peppers are good, but they have no where close to the same amount of vitamins and minerals as spinach for example.


>nature is bad, start living the jewish techno dystopian future now!

Kill yourself Schlomo.

d39eb6  No.12017878

File: d83fbfcb0ede686⋯.pdf (11.99 MB, Micro Eco-Farming Complete.pdf)

File: d216feccad13cb8⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 976x1108, 244:277, The Resilient Gardener Com….jpg)


I happen to have a collection of books shared by a /pol/ anon. This is the agriculture folder.

Small Scale Sustainable Agriculture


Micro Eco-Farming Complete

Root Cellaring Complete

Perrenial Vegetables Complete

Seed to Seed Complete

The Resilient Gardener Complete

Bioshelter Market Garden Complete

b8cab7  No.12017884

File: c82ec4e566d7b84⋯.png (472.1 KB, 500x339, 500:339, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw these assholes keep eating whatever I plant

>tfw too lazy to buy a net to keep them out

9327f2  No.12017904


Get a dog.

d39eb6  No.12017919

Here's the whole collection:


cc8ba9  No.12017959


Can you make a torrent please ?

d39eb6  No.12018077


I recommend use JDownloader for now. Create a download directory in the settings specifically for this collection,

copy the MEGA link and wait for JDownloader to parse the links (it'll create the folders as they are in MEGA),

click Start downloads. The package is 3,9GB so its under the daily download limit for MEGA (5GB?) if I recall correctly.

Or just download the folders separately. I might create a torrent later

a6c4fe  No.12018120

I am grateful and pleased with this thread

cc8ba9  No.12018137


I was almost done downloading it but you kept adding things and it canceled the download lmao.

9da4ab  No.12018162


So you have free poultry and your not eating it.


d39eb6  No.12018181


The upload just finished

d39eb6  No.12018189

File: d7a2b8031ad6137⋯.pdf (6.8 MB, Blood and Soil- Walther Da….pdf)

File: 6f893dffc7aa40b⋯.jpg (108.01 KB, 294x483, 14:23, Blood and Soil- Walther Da….jpg)


I haven't read it but here goes

>Blood and Soil- Walther Darre and Hitler's Green Party by Anna Bramwell (1985)

cc8ba9  No.12018198

File: 6e296bfd1fdc201⋯.jpg (363.54 KB, 1086x1600, 543:800, 6e296bfd1fdc201235e83fbe5b….jpg)


Thank you for sharing your stuff.

1a22bf  No.12023341

File: e111d2532b65583⋯.jpg (285.65 KB, 901x1200, 901:1200, a garden.jpg)

000000  No.12050605



'Teeming with Microbes' is my favorite.

f1b0b0  No.12051780


Flea & tick pet shampoo kills all.

8bc4d5  No.12059995


Plant potatoes.


000000  No.12060776


>how did my people survive up here for thousands of years, the post

Wew lad.

f4dc20  No.12060955

File: 199ac8d1582253f⋯.png (303.71 KB, 582x508, 291:254, 1527456115132.png)

>steal single white bean from vender

>plant it pot

>grows around 10 cm

>sprouts big beautiful leaves

>plant it in back in the garden next to my brother's tomatoes


>suddenly starts getting eaten all over

>only trace is little shits

>absolutely no idea what's going on and how to stop it

>bean dies in 3 days

>later old gardener lady down the street tells me it was caterpillars

ea24c9  No.12060980


This is what you get for stealing.

ea24c9  No.12060983



Buy four white beans. Place three back where you took the first one, and plant the last.

ec8c7e  No.12060984

File: 9a00300fbc32761⋯.jpeg (59 KB, 545x364, 545:364, MyVolkGardening.jpeg)


> Fertilizers

That's ok for first year attempts, but the best thing for your soil is deeply turning it over while mixing in compost. Granted, composting takes a while, but its the best thing for your soil.

If you have a mineral deficiency in your soil, you can learn the technique of "sister planting", which is basically planting something which deposits the lacking mineral. You may want to look into that, it'll prevent overhead cost. Gardening should literally be: harvesting seed, planning out next season, compost, over-winter, restart in spring. Once you get going your only cost should only be tools.

Also damn be a real MAN and smith your own tools.

ec8c7e  No.12061016



Women folk are suited for gardening, and it's a great activity for your (hopefully) 10+ healthy children

1410c9  No.12088975

i grow food, too

6bd26e  No.12088989


5c3d07  No.12089706

I have Arugala, Spinach, Chilli, Basil, Sage and a Dwarf Lime growing on my fire escape. These grow like weeds. Except for the lime. I realized it just needed a bigger damn pot, looked like iron deficiency that goes away for a bit when supplemented but keeps coming back, wish me luck in my diagnosis.

4022fe  No.12089726


Iron is easy to fix.

Get old washers or nuts.

e6c837  No.12089979


>women folk

Stop engaging in this lingual LARPing, you seem like an overweight beta or a fucking boomer, neither of which are welcome here.

360a89  No.12090006


High Tunnel Master Race reporting in. I'll be good until early October.

8a00c0  No.12090438


Are you a nigger who can't understand English? Womenfolk is not an uncommon thing to say, unless you live in Harlem or South Central Los Angeles

fd54f9  No.12090491


>Smith your own tools

Finally, a real man.

08c1e3  No.12109741


>but the best thing for your soil is deeply turning it over while mixing in compost

Turning over your soil is a terrible thing. The compost will help make up for your destructive mistake, but just leaving the compost on the surface where it belongs is much better. Nature grows food while building topsoil precisely because there is no turning over of the soil. As soon as we got to north america with moldboard plows, we went from having pristine fertile soil that grew record crops, to dead barren soil that had to be left fallow while a new piece of forest was burned down to start farming on. READ PLOWMANS FOLLY. 80 fucking years we've known better and you tards are still doing the same old destructive shit that even huge agricorp kikes stopped doing.

2e49f5  No.12109987

Plant your garlic now for next year

No pesticides, clean water

Wild blackberries are also plant and forget.

Self sufficiency is mentally and emotionally physically and spiritually fulfilling

1410c9  No.12110133

File: 56419b194759874⋯.jpg (78.46 KB, 321x483, 107:161, boomer-till.jpg)


>turn soil

>also called tilling


Two reasons:

1. Negative impact on microorganisms.

2. Negative impact on soil compaction and erosion.

These factors combine to degrade soil, necessitating constant soil amendment and replacement, adding to costs and, ultimately, labor.

However, at the end of a season, turning over the plants and roots after harvest is okay so long as you don't turn over too much soil. Loosening, or "cultivating", soil is okay.

>"Cultivating", as a practice, is really two things: removing weeds from the garden and loosening the soil to optimize the retention and penetration of air, water, and nutrients.

08c1e3  No.12111040


>Loosening, or "cultivating", soil is okay.

Actually it isn't. Even the gay broadfork nonsense hipster faggots do harms the soil ecosystem and lowers plant available nutrient levels and yields. Put compost on ground. The only way you should ever disturb soil is just enough to put a plant or seed into it, and just enough to pull a carrot or beet or onion out of it.

71b1de  No.12111055


like most farming it depends on the crop and soil type. dont take absolutes in farming

71b1de  No.12111065


also here http://b-ok.xyz/book/2209627/f06d96

f9d248  No.12111566

My garden sucked this year. I did everything right, I was looking to have loads of vegetables, and then it cooled down, got cloudy, and it rained for a month straight. Even the trees have been losing leaves and the ferns are turning yellow. Now right after everything is past the point of recovery it warms up to uncomfortable levels. Shit like this makes me never want to garden again. What a waste of time and money. Now I have to wait an entire year just to try again and how this shit fucking climate doesn't fuck me over again.

7652bc  No.12111693


Build more greenhouses.

2f6653  No.12111768


Boxes are aesthetic.

2f6653  No.12111813

File: 72b5727fdde3bd0⋯.jpg (257.21 KB, 1280x976, 80:61, 1243647384.jpg)


Cincinnatus is one of the most famous Roman leaders and he worked as a humble farmer by choice. Pretty much all of the American founding fathers were also farmers. John Adams worked his farm when not practicing law and then after being President went back to work on his farm.

022540  No.12112068

Hi boys, Im an organic gardener/ farmer in southern wisconsin. I am growing 3 acres of clover/ turnip/ ryegrass for sheep. 6 acres of grass/ walnut for cows and pigs. 4 acres of walnut and maple for sawlogs. also have just under 1 acre of vegetables that I manage intensively.

I would recommend doing a youtube search on Mark Shepard, PA Yeomans, Bill Mollison, Sepp Holzer, Greg Judy, or Joel Salatin. I will be glad to answer question for someone looking to get into soil/ land/ food production.

55cb3a  No.12112331

File: 1bc012d412d278f⋯.jpg (119.12 KB, 555x785, 111:157, hugelkulture.jpg)

File: 62d6f41e6b57609⋯.jpg (112.63 KB, 1003x638, 1003:638, hugelkultur_diagram.jpg)

File: ae42d1693813eec⋯.png (622.14 KB, 587x509, 587:509, Hugel-straw bed.PNG)


If you want to take it a step further, adapt the square foot gardening technique with the hugel raised bed for even better yields.

72fd1a  No.12116463

Does anyone have a book or resource for food preservation? I have a large amount of cucumbers and would like to make pickels. Seems easy enough, but I am very distrustful of 90% of the recipes jewgle spits out. I want pure organic everything. I'll experiment with flavor combinations later.

f9d248  No.12116475


I don't have room, plus I'm basically in a forest. There trees on three sides, and my driveway on the forth. There's not a spot on my property that has sun all day.

08c1e3  No.12124416


No it doesn't. We've gone through this already. There is no soil, no crop, no weather, no magic fairy dust that changes this. You build topsoil the way nature does: put dead shit on the ground. You destroy topsoil the way humans did: add air to the soil.


You sound like a retarded faggot. Go shill your kikery somewhere else.


It is water, vinegar, salt and flavoring, what is there to be distrustful about? If you want organic everything, buy organic everything. That has nothing to do with the ratios of water to vinegar to salt.

72fd1a  No.12125477


and this vinegar method kills the pro-biotic bacteria. This is why I'm distrustful and want organic minded books.

08c1e3  No.12132913


>I don't trust vinegar

>I think organic has anything to do with bacteria

The entire point of pickles is to kill bacteria you retard. It is a method of preserving food. Preserving is preventing bacteria from spoiling it. Natural fermentation does the same thing, it just uses bacteria to do it. It literally creates vinegar from sugar, which kills the bacteria that made the vinegar, they can't live in a jar of their own shit. You do not need to eat "pro-biotic" bacteria in the first place, you need to eat a healthy diet so the ones you already have get a nice place to live.

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