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File: 6e51dfa86c9ff6d⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 860x550, 86:55, Brazil far right 2 dou.jpg)

936b08  No.11800422

Jair Bolsonaro is seeking to lead the world’s fourth-biggest democracy

Right Wing Death Squads

Since the Pinochet-praising former paratrooper entered politics three decades ago, he has repeatedly called for a return to the kind of military rule Brazil endured until 1985… “I am in favour of a dictatorship,” he boasted during the first of seven terms as a congressman.

Such incendiary remarks were long dismissed as the ravings of a irreverent and irrelevant extremist – as were his equally inflammatory attacks on… black people, gay people, foreigners and indigenous communities, for which he was last week charged by Brazil’s attorney general with inciting hate speech.

Now, however, Bolsonaro’s ideas have taken centre stage, with the father of five leading the race to become Brazil’s next president after the jailing of his nemesis and main rival, the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.


9868ca  No.11800508


He sounds like a good guy.

cc4330  No.11800513

File: 8e83bd37a8b4e1c⋯.jpg (23.55 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1494096045560.jpg)

godspeed, chosen Latino

ee635f  No.11800525


He looks white. Are Brazilians mainly pure Portuguese?

11194f  No.11800531


The only pure anything there are tourists.

7f8fe1  No.11800557


brazil is a cautionary tale for the U.S.

8b0581  No.11800582

The Global Reich inches ever closer.

d2f890  No.11800605

"Afro-Brazilians" double-niggers are the majority now, so I'm sure there is a strong backlash against the niggerfication.

189da1  No.11800625


>he was last week charged by Brazil’s attorney general with inciting hate speech.

>inciting hate speech

What the fuck does that even mean?

6c6085  No.11800658


>What the fuck does that even mean?

saying something a jew does not like two years isn't just a meme

faa446  No.11800671

Huh, haven't seen him insult blacks for being black. Is this true or another case of people applying every -ism to demonize?

936b08  No.11800687


A substantial percentage of them are really Portugese (& Euro-Spanish, etc), though as I recall it's less than 50% There is also a geographic divide, with a different ethnic majority in Brazil's north vs south.

cc4330  No.11800706



0cbaee  No.11800729


Is there a single nation on earth, of which has a different north vs. south ethnic majority, that features a whiter ethnic makeup in the south rather than the north?

000000  No.11800736

>insults black and gays


How the hell does he expect to win if he alienates the whole country? :^)

a14e3b  No.11800748


>though as I recall it's less than 50%

Assuming the majority of that half even vote.

c5db1f  No.11800795

Been to Brazil – it is the mixed mess as claimed, but a pure Portuguese women with a fat asses will make you think twice. There is a decent division between class architypes there.

c5db1f  No.11800797


meanto to also say, also with blue/green eyes

faa446  No.11800806


Voting is mandatory in Brazil, if you don't you need to justify your absence or pay a small fine iirc, otherwise you lose a lot of rights and have to get your shit sorted.

d47f66  No.11800846

File: 2cc1cdd7fc289c8⋯.png (88.29 KB, 500x479, 500:479, actually-my-reaction-when-….png)

Right Wing Cuck Squads

9d2a2c  No.11800945


>we are iberians, non white

Okay shit-skin, whatever you say. We all know though that you're just a mud-blood shit-skin who wants to identify with a European people, but not being white you can't, so rather you want to claim a European people aren't white. European = white. You're neither. You're a shit-skin.

66e3ab  No.11800963


Its 50% white, but they have a pretty big latitude to what they consider white.

23a872  No.11800966


Ironic since Brazil is populated by nigger/spics.

a61661  No.11800991


They are better off than Spicaly/Argie land.

Portugese, then German, then Japanese.

Then niggers and Goblinos.

It might actually be a good idea to evac the Afrikaaner Boers to Brazil, if only Brazil gave a shit.

9d2a2c  No.11801026


>There is a decent division between class architypes there

This is unacceptable! Break down class divisions! We must all be equal!

9d2a2c  No.11801029


Was Brazil always filled with muds, or did they move there after whites made something of the country?

1de2a5  No.11801038

id 100% go to brazil to participate in a race war

9d2a2c  No.11801049


Haiti, US, and Brazil. Christ, who ever thought niggers were a worthwhile investment? Worst plague of all time.

d5d07f  No.11801073

File: 345cc55633c6676⋯.jpg (184.99 KB, 704x1199, 64:109, Rio.jpg)


Heh, thought it was the same thread. Heres Rio in the past. What the west has to look forward to.

82d49d  No.11801089

File: 53ec08a125d27e1⋯.jpg (873.35 KB, 1500x1045, 300:209, Detroit_Gals_1940.jpg)

File: a7a34c8b43c81e1⋯.jpg (362.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Detroit_Today.jpg)


Detroit then and now.

9d2a2c  No.11801095


Oh, you're a nigger.


>I'm iberian

Nah, nigger, you gave away the fact that you're a nigger by taking offense to my insult of them. European = white. You = sub-human mud-skin

. Filtered.

474ea8  No.11801115


>a whiter ethnic makeup in the south rather than the north

yes there are, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, and probably others

all the countries where white people live and that are in the southern hemisphere, in fact

a61661  No.11801165


The Upper class Rich who chafed at paying the working class anything.

d5d07f  No.11801168

File: 07eb265974f9e17⋯.jpg (187.26 KB, 481x662, 481:662, laughing link.jpg)


A beautifully diverse location anon. Maybe one day we will see the wonders of the African Subcontinent recreated.

936b08  No.11802637

File: 35678b616c18b9d⋯.jpg (34.85 KB, 620x348, 155:87, Spain Interior Minister Jo….jpg)

File: 8a6b348a1b99c49⋯.jpg (56.43 KB, 910x512, 455:256, Spain police.jpg)

File: 8da14025f3efe08⋯.jpg (89.96 KB, 618x410, 309:205, Spain Catalan.jpg)


Who would you say are the most visible examples of your claim that Europeans living on the Iberian peninsula ain't White - the Celts who were there when Romans arrived, or the Visigoths who came there later?

Which groups do you claim are less White, the Catalans or the Basques?

And didn't the Christian Knights Templar have a hand in founding Portugal?

4906f9  No.11802651

File: 35f145d3b7e5ba7⋯.png (113.13 KB, 427x427, 1:1, You were saying.png)


I've seen you in the other thread, you fucking shitskin, Spaniards were the first to use the term White as an official racial term, kill yourself.

d3d0b2  No.11802806

File: a6caa393fb50e84⋯.jpeg (15.44 KB, 313x470, 313:470, images (86).jpeg)

File: d84f88cb2e08cae⋯.jpeg (7.87 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download (2).jpeg)

File: 57d06416bf8ff8a⋯.jpeg (16.67 KB, 517x284, 517:284, images (87).jpeg)


Alisson Becker (Germanic last name)

Born : Novo Hamburgo (southernmost part of Brasil)

Current Goal keeper

3e25d8  No.11802846


a37079  No.11802852

File: d9939216b32e999⋯.png (480.22 KB, 620x348, 155:87, euros.png)

391aac  No.11802865

7a8ab3  No.11802911


Brazil is a corrupt shithole. Chances are if you aren't in on it as a candidate you gonna get JFK'd.

8e6b08  No.11802921

Everyone who is middle class and above in Brazil is ardently conservative and right wing in my experience, and have no love for those below them.

36f9a6  No.11802928

>latin america

latin america is the only mystery continent left for me, i have absolutely 0 knowledge of this region and i even have at least 100 hours in documentaries about fucking inuits and kavkaz (caucas) mountain tribes at this point

from it being worse than subsaharan africa tier niggers, to it being secret nazi holdout promised land (odessa, trinidad colony, hitler himself and the whole high command chilling there etc) full off high grade 1488th degree aryan ubermensch aristocracy ruling from above….

what the fuck is going on over there?

550f62  No.11802944



36f9a6  No.11802962


but i mean is it salvageable? does it have a legit core population that could be developed into something relevant? how are the resources? could a bunch of armed polacks go innawoods there and set up a colony? how's the zog grasp on the area? are there any white nonmixed settlements?

6f0e98  No.11802970


It's a slow motion trainwreck that's been going on and on for 526 years.

Just when you think you get it, it shifts and rolls into a whole different beast. It's entertaining, to say the least.

6a8b0a  No.11803013


How many countries does this make now that are going towards the right side of history?

0e3669  No.11803046


>Jair Bolsonaro is seeking to lead the world’s fourth-biggest democracy

>Since the Pinochet-praising former paratrooper entered politics three decades ago

He sounds like a typical CIA/Pentagon asset.

2022fc  No.11805182

File: b63c860e4735892⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1152x1360, 72:85, japhetic race.png)




Almost all groups originating in Europe are 'white' by the connotation of the term. Nordics aren't the only white people, they're the only Nordic people. All Europids are different, and should maintain their own identities, but there is still something common to them that puts them above the likes of niggers and semites.

1905eb  No.11805238


>Candidate who insults Migrants, Blacks & Gays tops Election polls

>in a country filled with sambos

Niggers: not even once.

963012  No.11805294


I'd be pissed at the left if they unleashed zika mosquitos on me too.

81ce9e  No.11805396


His last name is Bolsonaro, which seens to be derived form the italian surname 'Bolzenaro', the guy in the civil registration desk probably fucked up his family name, it's pretty common in Brazil to have fucked up surnames because of that.

81ce9e  No.11805423


It was a good hiding place for nazis, Joseph Mengele for example escaped to Brazil and died quite peacefully while swimming in a beach, while chasing kikes didn't have a clue where he was.

It took decades before they knew that the old german man who had a heart attack in a beach was the famous doctor.

000000  No.11805470



>And didn't the Christian Knights Templar have a hand in founding Portugal?


f81584  No.11805566

File: 705b693dafb8465⋯.jpg (137.22 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, toyu.jpg)


As a northern European who has a close Spanish friend and visits Spain regularly, I can say unequivocally that Spain is White and also that you should kill yourself right away.

936b08  No.11805597


mosquitos as a vector? U have to be kidding.

In the early days of firearms when soldiers used muskets there was an expression – "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes." Close range was necessary because the musket balls were terribly inaccurate and missed often.

However, when the bullet shape projectile was invented and barrels were rifled inside, firearms became fearsome weapons.

Mosquitoes as a vector? Hmmmm…. let's put our thinking caps on.

The people doing the release you refer to would have to be retarded.

04d25b  No.11805855


>but i mean is it salvageable?

in my opinion no, best case scenario is setting up an apartheid style system

>does it have a legit core population that could be developed into something relevant?

yes, the ruling class is 99% white and people are racist as fuck here, well more like race realist, but it´s something.

>could a bunch of armed polacks go innawoods there and set up a colony?

I'm don't know the whole continent, but where i'm from if you like raising sheeps and have the planing and money you can set up something quite easily

>how's the zog grasp on the area?

depending on the place, like everywhere. In argentina, on the patagonias mossad is doing some weird shit. I don't know what

>are there any white nonmixed settlements?

not many, but yes

f04930  No.11808105

>former paratrooper

This is a man with panache. If he willingly signs up to be thrown out of a plane into a war zone then he will fight for your rights

ad80fe  No.11808122


How on earth can he win an election then? All it takes is a couple Jews to organize the dumb blacks into waking up in time to ride the bus to the polling station.

c8f39c  No.11808145

File: 8e0db93ddb19769⋯.jpg (15.82 KB, 300x270, 10:9, 8e0db93ddb19769569759cd379….jpg)


>the left calling the right cucks

Look at them and laugh. They have the mentality of infants saying "n-no you".

46ed63  No.11808158

Monkey people playing at real people ideologies, nothing more.

3937af  No.11820290



That are being systematically killed. Brazil's main problem is that people are only whining at the left, instead of killing them as we already do with niggers.

0b1676  No.11820310

File: d3924e3602e5540⋯.jpeg (129.12 KB, 639x634, 639:634, 08CCFDA5-17F2-46E6-AFA4-F….jpeg)


>Austria and Switzerland is white

>Lichtenstein is not

How did those non-whites get there?

>Switzerland is white

>Swiss are a combination of Germanic, French, and Italian

>French and Italian isn’t white

b42ed0  No.11820318


celt iberians, i bet you're not even portuguese fag

b42ed0  No.11820323


don't listen to him we're Celt iberians celts were a germanic people so he can go fuck himself

b42ed0  No.11820330

File: c5d2d6f194c7fa1⋯.png (58.81 KB, 677x630, 677:630, just so people know.PNG)

Also to fundament somewhat

a1a2b1  No.11820431

File: 5cc5a005902758a⋯.jpg (40.2 KB, 474x479, 474:479, 31.jpg)


Such a friend of the tribe.

What is he going to do against niggers and gays? Brazil, specially Brasilia, Sao Paolo & Rio do Janeiro, are full of it. Will he carpet bomb the whole country? When?

>conservatism is the new fashion

>does not mean every politician is /ourguy/

t. /notourguy/

c05cbb  No.11821060

Where’d she go?

3937af  No.11821617


Yes, he is our guy. And killing faggot abominations is as easy as killing niggers: mass spread of viruses that they are weak to, funding harassers to convince some of them to suicide, and the overall "kill and tell that it was a criminal". Nobody will complain about faggots being killed and blamed for crimes (even if innocent) as we already do with niggers. Everyone that matters want niggers and faggots dead, and any excuse given after killing them will promptly be accepted.

019fb0  No.11821627


Bolsonaro is absolute corrupt shit. Brazil needs to return to the Vargas era ideals, not move towards ancapism.

936b08  No.11821642


Right you are. And Europe is an ancient heritage, back to the painted caves of the Cro-Magnons and beyond.

b2a56a  No.11821651


Never talk shit about the us Constitution, i would cut my own legs to have the first amendment

3937af  No.11824112


Leftist spotted. Not only he is not corrupt, but also he is the only politician running for presidency that has not a single crime in his whole life resume.

532c77  No.11824258


But muh undeclared salary and big house also squid free ;_;

0b1418  No.11824378


That really is the face they make when they fall out of the helicopter door.

5275c0  No.11824530


48% of the population in 2010 identified as white, about 43% identified as "pardo" or "mixed".

Genetic studies of White Brazilians found that the European contribution is 85% of their genome, while for Mixed Brazilians the European contribution is 71% of their genome.

Blacks are about 8% of the population, Asians and Natives 2%.

Black Brazilians are genetically 60% African, 30% European.

Overall this suggests that there are many light-skinned octoroons who identify as white dragging down the white genetic average and light skinned blacks who identify as mixed dragging down the mixed genetic average.

Brazilians in general look like Italians that are a quarter black, basically imagine Robert De Niro's grandkids if his mulatto kids marry white people.

7aa350  No.11824531


There's a small minority of Brazilians that are white, most aren't.

ed8ace  No.11824534

OLOKO, are you guys seriously telling me that Bolsonaro 2018 is a possibility?

ed8ace  No.11824539



leftists are parasites, they even know it.

they copy everything the white man creates even the memes, because it cannot survive on its own products

5275c0  No.11824718


48% isn't small

412347  No.11824731

File: 19d1c05d0f6a8f0⋯.jpg (154.09 KB, 645x546, 215:182, blog-1765.jpg)

Oy vey

004ff2  No.11824754


There's a lot of pure Portuguese, Germans, and Italians in Brazil

000000  No.11824887


It shall be concluded in history as virus spread by their "bad habits" and "poor hygiene" and the remainders died in the greatest mass suicide of history.

Niggers, fags, kikes not safe

47fd3b  No.11824999


Nigger, this country is more prone to insult to blacks then US, most of pops are pardos (white person with tan skin and some nigger traces) and they think themselves different from real niggers, its common for racist jokes among most of brazilian normals, only newlads and universifags get offended.

c7bcea  No.11825028



So America's whiteness only needs to drop by 8% and it will be Brazil tier? Is 50% the threshold to becoming officially fucked?

42f7df  No.11825558

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This guy is cool. I'm happy to see him triggering so many leftists all over the world. I remember seeing a video of him being interviewed by Ellen Page and totally negging her and controlling the frame for the entire interview.

2c5672  No.11825578


48% of brazil isn't white. it's more like 10% and that's stretching it. it's just delusional umas

000000  No.11826000


It hasn't. Brazil's States all hate each other, and many opportunistic parasites are already trying to move that in a separatist direction, to form their personal isles of communism from each State. Brazilian people (that is, White brazilians) have no time to be optimal. It is either unite and act now to eliminate as many enemies as each one can, or suffer a total social crash.

94d357  No.11826132


ca0dd1  No.11826157


The kikes. It wasn't us that brought them here.

f55697  No.11826164


Those statistic are self-reported. Like in America a lot of mongrels that would never pass for Whites in Europe are considered White there, for example quadroons, Turks, Arabs and other Middle Easterners. Real, untainted White population is probably closer to 30% at maximum and heavily depends on the region.

a1600e  No.11826236


That lesbo sounds like a chalkboard.

000000  No.11826295


Does this really need to be asked?


>(((Upper class Rich)))

14ca69  No.11826341



df48f9  No.11826480


"The Soviet-Union was not real communism!"

"… silly stormcucks, it was the Soviet-Union that did most of the fighting in WW2!"

6127c6  No.11826647

File: 85980c7fb7ccc58⋯.png (2.31 MB, 600x4486, 300:2243, D&C_merchant.png)


da5ac5  No.11827316

b79a62  No.11827594


>He looks white

Only to burger nigger like yourself.

000000  No.11827642


He is. And he is the only candidate to not bend to globalism, which makes him the only good option.

fd85ca  No.11827717

89bb62  No.11827749


We also have many pure nordics living in small villages all around the peninsula. But it is true we also have a huge population of marranos-gypsies-half caste moors, etc.

89bb62  No.11827755


Brazil only exports torture videos and agricultural waste.

89bb62  No.11827757


He's the brazilian Trump, another jewish puppet.

accf24  No.11828755


>Genetic studies of White Brazilians found that the European contribution is 85% of their genome

So a white brazilian is basically an octoroon?

e50cbd  No.11829206


Can I get a citation on that. Dead niggers make me mighty happy.


>light skinned octoroons who identify as White

Do pay attention. This means they are probably actually 40-42% White demographically if the US says 62% and we are probably most likely 56%

7aa350  No.11829426


>48% isn't white

I'll refer you to your own post.


>there are many light-skinned octoroons who identify as white

d67273  No.11829469


>Real, untainted White population is probably closer to 30% at maximum and heavily depends on the region.

Are you talking about Brazil or USA?

d9bc8c  No.11829478


>oy vey everybody is right at the average!

also, they tend to use a more flexible definition of "white" but there are a lot of purebred europeans there, some portuguese, some italian, some german, and a community in the south of Confederates who expat'ed after the War.

000000  No.11829986


Leftists want to dismiss him to make way for their weak candidates and keep Brazil ruined. Way to expose yourself as a communist.


Every single time that crimes are solved by killing the criminals, which is a lot of time. The ones killed are always niggers. A lot of them are "innocent" of the crimes that they are accused of, and are killed regardless, as people really just want niggers dead, but most of the masses won't admit it publicly. Yet.

Look for crime related deaths in Brazil. Any article will point out how niggers are always killed.

70d42a  No.11830282

I'm pretty sure the kike supreme Court will do some trick to rig the election.

He tried to approve a law that makes the electronic voting ballot print a paper copy for fraud checking.

But the supreme court ignored a law that was approved and voted it unconstitutional.

The voting ballots are made in (((Venezuela))).

Totally honest goy!.

Bolsonaro is pro Jewish mostly due to the pro Zionist Christian upbringing and the plain ignorance.

Most of the media completely hates him and they are all owned by wealthy Jewish families.

They are now trying to censor social medias,since it's 99% of his support base.

His YouTube account got "accidentally" deleted 3x by Google now.

His.main opponent is in jail for aiding in the destruction of the largest south American oil company,and taking billions from it's assets and treasury's to finance communist parties in all of south American and Africa.

Brazil was bled dry to sustain Cuba and Venezuela until we got it together and kicked the communist whore out.

Bolsonaro is not the "1488" we need, but he's the starting point, many young whites are being redpilled just by watching the media shit on him daily.

70d42a  No.11830284

Also I'm pretty sure if the vote is rigged, there will be a civil war with the army supporting him.

000000  No.11831693


Even without the army, there must be a civil war. Brazil needs to start mass killing leftists and jews all over the country.

ce61d2  No.11857542


7ebb24  No.11865659


Brazil is a country much like the US in terms of migration from Europe and history of colonialism. There are still towns in the south of the country that speak German. I did read some /pol/ posts in the past that claimed Portuguese diaspora of Brazil were less mixed than the Portuguese from Portugal but was never able to find any evidence corroborating that statement. There are plenty of unmixed whites in Brazil, they just comprise the middle and upper classes. Just over half the country is non-white, including groups like Japanese. SP has the largest Japanese colony anywhere in the world.

7ebb24  No.11865664


They also received a lot of Italian and Polish immigration.

7ebb24  No.11865666


Always filled. Most of the African slaves went to Brazil and there is a huge history there of Jewish slave trade. It also depends if you consider Portuguese white or not. I do.

6c25d0  No.11865759

File: 090a8fb41cfc2e6⋯.mp4 (9.35 MB, 432x720, 3:5, BRAZILTrannys bashed in da….mp4)

>gay people

8d41ff  No.11865780


What a fucking surprise.

If you want an even more blatant example take a look at Peru and who is running it, and what their main export is.

dff442  No.11870539


The good part of living in the jungle.

There's 2 guys in the background saying "Just like that!" at the start. There's a 3rd one who says something hardly intelligible but it might be "punch him!", I'm not sure.

The guy with the wooden board says "fucking faggot" when he kicks the tranny.

The 2 bikers seem worried but the ones sitting in the background are there

to watch, BRs do that as a sign of approval but it can also be just wanting to see violence which is also common.

5de895  No.11875005

File: 5a5a12701743ccf⋯.mp4 (6.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, MDE NEVER DIES.mp4)

File: 1ed6e23be9f082e⋯.png (603.85 KB, 702x1652, 351:826, 1ed6e23be9f082eae67c8e411e….png)


>Jewish fag, shapeshifting into a Portuguese man to proclaim for the Portuguese, that they aren't white.


I actually have Spanish and Portuguese (Iberian) blood, and yes we are white. Spain is right next to France fyi. I really understand why isreal's average IQ is in the double digits with all these retard Jews on 8ch these days...


There absolutely are pure white Portuguese and Spanish people in Brazil as well as all throughout South America, Mexico included. I wouldn't however say that they are "mainly" that, whites are definitely the minority in all of those countries. They tend to be high class, if they were the majority, places like Brazil would become 1rst world nations. We shouldn't forget our white brothers in South America. Imagine cleaning the filth from South America and having it as a beautiful white nation. Many people forget that these 3rd world South American nations were once very nice when they were ruled by Spanish and Portuguese.

82d49d  No.11875050


They're tough, but fair. Do this society-wide, and you've got no more tranny degenerates.

On a side note, we can understand that this is necessary, but just try explaining to a woman that this is how to discipline society, or that society even needs discipline. They'll never get past "that's really mean!" which is why they must never vote.

db2ff8  No.11875159

File: 6ff4775ec13557d⋯.jpg (69.74 KB, 483x704, 483:704, 268229_336795283069556_158….jpg)


All Europeans are white but not all whites are European.

987fde  No.11888638


I think he means the global south economic classification, not the literal south. I know they're not mutual but generally mean development levels when comparing the global north and south.

000000  No.11890253

Any info on the news that Bolsonaro will appoint Janaína Paschoal as his vice?

Not only a woman is incapable of anything but give birth to children, she was also exposed as being a leftist.

Are we already to have aa leftist infiltrator, and a woman (making it a double cancer) before we even begin?

000000  No.11890275

>when you're the most multiculti mixed mongrel country on earth and you're a shithole with murders higher than the rest of the world put together (https://img.4plebs.org/boards/pol/image/1521/12/1521126661921.jpg) instead of the progressive utopia leftists won't shut up about

Why did the left lie to everyone?

a89f2d  No.11891597


>inciting hate speech

>What the fuck does that even mean?

If you hurt someones feelings you go to jail.

929ef0  No.11891669


What if this doesn’t work?

000000  No.11892877


Then, we will organize armed militias to kill every single leftist still alive.

000000  No.11895641


Leftist spotted. Not only Bolsonaro is the highest in any poll, but we will make sure to start mass killings of leftists if the election got rigged to make him lose.

It is either Bolsonaro as President or the complete genocide of the leftist in Brazil.

Your days are numbered.

e1b363  No.11896392


No, but there is a small minority of Europeans there who live in a literal hell, pretty much America if everything goes wrong

e1b363  No.11896404


Latin America tells the story of how everything goes to shit as the white man loses control to the mutt and latter the mutt to the natives

Then when you think things finally might start to recover from that Socialism enters the picture and the non-whites ruin things again

841fd8  No.11896503

File: 034f4029c05e943⋯.jpg (23.95 KB, 357x330, 119:110, YOU.jpg)



000000  No.11903364

Now, Janaína Paschoal is talking about dialogue between the Right and the left.

There are even threads in this board of leftists promoting "union between Right and left" in USA and in some countries in Europe.

We have a full sabotage going on in Brazil, as well as in many parts of the world? Bolsonaro's presidency will be full of leftist parasites trying to become heroes in the eyes of the brainless masses?

Why there aren't people protesting this cunt and her subversion? Why is there now all this talk about uniting with the left, instead of killing all leftists in Brazil, as it must be done?

8a182e  No.11905514


>kill all leftists

What the actual fuck does that even mean? You do realize most German commies in the 30's joined NSDAP because - shocker - it was better? The best way to win is:


2) Calmly assume the reigns of government.

3) Crack down on ANY counter-revolutionaries.


000000  No.11908285


It means killing all leftists for existing.

They are either tools for the jews or full lunatics that backstab anyone to gain any inch of control over a society, while imposing their subversion of natural law to everyone.

No action must be taken before killing all the leftists still alive. This must be the primary goal. The end goal of destroying the jews can come only after that.

810ebc  No.11917761

File: bd9c443dfbd49ef⋯.jpg (213.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7ea6c60cdb8fa8b051743be32f….jpg)


In Colombia and Venezuela the lower class castizos and mongrels have this obsession with English-sounding words. Usnavy (as in, US Navy) is a boys name, Yaniel (Daniel sans D), Dayesi (da is yes in Russian, yes in English and si in Spanish), Leidy (from lady), Gualdisne (Walt Disney), Jeferson, Yesaidú (as in, Yes I do), Jondre (Hundred), Klarth (???, maybe Clark and Arthur?) and all sorts of other made up nonsense, especially if it includes a K or Y, which are rare/nonexistent in native Spanish words.

In all of Latin America, the elite are white, except maybe Bolivia with is nearly 100% indio. The class system from Mexico to Argentina is nearly identical to the racial caste system of New Spain. What we should be doing is incentivising high birth rates among the elites and white middle class, which will have a top down effect on the economy, like in Medieval England. That's really why the industrial revolution started in England, because of centuries of eugenic birth rates among the more intelligent classes of society.

4efdf2  No.11917885


there is enough scientific literature to answer that, use google you lazy fuck

you can find enough of them in theapricity

spoiler: south africa has more whites (actual whites) than any sudaca country

4efdf2  No.11917909

File: 2c7f96de29e162d⋯.png (182.67 KB, 3104x716, 776:179, los muttos.png)

000000  No.11920270


Along with killing non-whites.

Increased birth rates for White People means nothing if the shitskins also give birth to more shitskins, faster than anyone else.

You don't overwhelm their numbers by simply making more children. You must also kill them, so our People will be permanently the majority, and hopefully, the only ones existing in the future.

fc7094  No.11925473

File: 48876d923bc0c6d⋯.jpg (194.29 KB, 736x1124, 184:281, 623351.jpg)



Not necessarily templars, but yes, crusaders mostly from France helped to found Portugal. The father of Portugal´s first king was a french crusader who got the county of portucale as a reward. His son also got help from crusaders to reconquer regions in central and south Portugal.

0a96ef  No.11931547


>In all of Latin America, the elite are white

False, you are clueless about the region

Just look at Carlos Slim, Sebastian Piñera, the Luksic family (the founder married a bolivian), Peña Nieto, etc

The latino elites have been marrying non whites since the colony (the loved marrying the local elites). Plus the non whites who made it would pay to be classified as white. Also, the term criollo applied to everyone who was at least 7/8 european.

Finally, there is this thing called social mobility.

The only place with a white elite would be Argentina due to the huge amount of european immigrants they received.

>white middle class

No such thing, the very few whites are in the upper classes, most of them from somewhat recent immigrants (from the past century).

Fuck, you literally have google to search countless of genetic studies on latinos.

b83958  No.11932373

File: 3104a14126e2ee9⋯.png (47.03 KB, 790x549, 790:549, ClipboardImage.png)


Brazil, ame o ou deixe o

a192e4  No.11932503

>in favor of dictatorship

Not direct democracy of course because he's just another stupid, evil asshole telling lies people want to hear.

000000  No.11936316


Fascist dictatorship is what is needed.

Exactly in order to kill all leftists and all who are not White.

Democracy is cancer.

9a419e  No.11936409


A branch helped to retake Lisbon, but not the main templars

c6d032  No.11937782

wait. there is people emigrating to brazil?

c6d032  No.11937785


sorry, i meant HUEit.

000000  No.11941466

After Bolsonaro's appearance in "Roda Viva", the left is trying to create a smearing campaign against him, taking all of his answers and editing them

Can some brazillian anons organize a massive investigation on leftists? The common folk. Those that try to smear Bolsonaro out of spite. We surely can find all sorts of crimes committed by the common leftist, and use it to ruin even more their image in the eyes of the still doubtful.

We could also try to expose journalists, as they are all communist filth that must be purged from our country.

bca2e2  No.11948258

File: 6f0ee54cdefdc16⋯.jpg (180.23 KB, 596x500, 149:125, 1449748739937.jpg)


>looks white

>pure Portuguese

t. Alberto Barbosa da Silva

1b7829  No.11949417

This guy is basically Brazil's version of Trump. While he may end up doing some based things, he's still pro-Israel and pro-kike.

1b7829  No.11949443


Yeah, Pinochet was a zio-CIA stooge, but I have no qualms over the commies he offed. Chile is no doubt much better for it than they would be had Allende remained in power.

1b7829  No.11949476


>Why did the left lie to everyone?

You mean why did the kikes lie to everyone? It's in their DNA to do so.

a61661  No.11949543




Texas Standards maybe.

I'll give the ruling class of Portugal exactly one compliment. They have made better use of what they have than Argentina, by fucking FAAAARRRRRR. So in that comparison, Portuguese with Italians Germans beat the fucking shit out of Caudillo Spainish/Italians with tiny amounts of Germans and a bunch of Jews.

a61661  No.11949550


The only way they can do anything about that is with a nuclear umbrella. Otherwise, Zogbot fleets Atlantic and Pacific will invade to put a stop to it.

The other issue is that general niggerfication of the population is a lot higher than that, which means that 40% of the pop needs to slaughter 50% of the pop and then control the rest.

Things would not have gotten this bad had they never implemented gun control.

a61661  No.11949556


Still better ran than Argentina. If this weren't true, Argentina would be filthy rich and may have had a conventional chance against Britain in the Falklands War.

34a791  No.11949560




Brazilians are mongrels expect for the upper class that didn't throw away their genes to the natives

a61661  No.11949561



If it was just the kikes, none of this would be a problem today. Marx had a point, many of his following theories were shit but he had a point. And actually fuck it, collectivization of food production had happened in the US as well, it just took its time and occured in a different way.

34a791  No.11949574


Non-whites are the ultimate test of the white man. Every time a white civilization falls it's because of race mixing and worship of the female. This has happened time and time again for thousands of years. This cycle must end.

a61661  No.11949576


>the Celts who were there when Romans arrived,

And were subsequently subdued and absorbed in the Roman culture of letting shitweeds everywhere, if not ouright destroyed, enserfed, or sold into slavery and mixed in the brew?


>the Visigoths who came there later

The same ones who got annhilated over the centuries by Islam and its slave trade that often explicitly targeted blonde haired blue eyed virgins, by the tens of thousands, for sale on the slave markets? Tens of thousands, hundreds, dozens, repeatedly, for every century they occupied Iberia.

Actually, the Goths in general were destroyed, them and the Vandals, by Byzantine wars in North Africa and Italy, which were depopulated in the extermination campaigns, and then by the Arab/Moorish invasions that brought along Kike merchants to Spain.

The Iberians are at best, slightly fair skinned poos. That's it. Look up and read Bill Warner's Why we are afraid.

a61661  No.11949628


USA. Think about the standards of Texas White, and think about the reality of Octoroons and passing Niggers marrying an Shitalian or Greek, and then the next gen marrying actual white people.

Or dark haired Europeans from the North, of which there are some, marrying each other, and then one idgit bangs an injun. Then 3 generations later of mixing with whites, about the only maybe tell is the well tanning. Also consider the romance language peoples, French included, habit of fucking everything and letting everything fuck them and not give a shit.

So English, Welsh, Scotch, Scotch Irish, Palatinate German, Dutch/Belgian? The original core, along with a small minority of Gaelic Irish? The old colonial stock that is exclusively of those?

Like 60 million tops.

Include Scandinavian, the rest of Germany, Poland, Baltics, Finland, Russian Germans of the Volga and Ukraine, and Russian Slavs.

Basically the other Northern European white peoples, some of whom were accepted readily, some not.

Congrats, you've bumped that up to 90 million.

Lets add in some of the Balkans and Central Europe. Austrian, Czechs, Slovaks.

At most, undisputably white, is no more than 110 million. The USA during WWII had 123 million people. Of that, tens of millions were kikes, Shitalians many of which were from Sicily and the other shit parts, Greece, and "white" Iberians…..AND OF COURSE, THAT 123 MILLION NUMBER INCLUDES NIGGERS.

So lets be generous. That's 100 million White Europeans. Then a baby boom followed by the Pill, abortion, and Divorce liberalization and other anti-family laws which lead to a long baby bust.

So yeah, 40% white sounds right. Including the retirees and soon to be retirees.

a61661  No.11949635


132 million not 123 million. Point still made.

a61661  No.11949658


>Many people forget that these 3rd world South American nations were once very nice when they were ruled by Spanish and Portuguese

What the fuck? That's not even remotely true. Argentina for example was pissed away by the Spanish. Completely wasted in their care and the immediate successors kept pissing it away in shitty pointless civil wars until 1900.

227d89  No.11949675


In the US 99% of those defined as white(no spics) have zero admixture of anything besides European. As for the dark hair, I'm only English and German but have dead black hair and eyes so dark they are almost black, however I'm also extremely pale. Some of the Frisians were like that and since my ancestors, much of rural Pennsylvania, were exclusively Cavalier angl-saxxons and Lowlander mercenaries you see that phenotype replicated. Its a kind of atavism you also see in dogs when you mix to breeds derived from the same source and some of the puppies resemble now defunct breeds they originated from.

Hell most of the US isn't even mixed white but rather mixed German and Anglo since the old Irish were always isolated and the Potato Irish and Guido contingents were small and didn't come in until later. Its likely closer to just over 50% northern European.

>tens of millions were kikes

No there are only 6 million kikes and mutt-kikes even today, ten million at most if any of them mixed with the liberals long ago. There weren't tens of millions of heebs in the US in 1940 I can tell you that.

a61661  No.11949684


I was including the Shitalian Sicilian Semites in that tens of millions bit.

And whats very strange, is that on close inspection, sometimes just a glance, you can separate dark hair and dark eyed whited from even the Shitalian/Light skinned Arab or Turk. Its very subtle.

810ebc  No.11949710

File: 30e244c11ad7780⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1580x3391, 1580:3391, "white".jpg)


No need to be rude. For political reasons, genetic studies rarely factor in things like ethnic segregation and class. They reveal that a large portion of latinos are mixed, to varying degrees, but they don't provide data on the degree of mixing between and among the strata of those societies. Costa Rica has some mixed people, but also many 16/16 Europeans. Same with Uruguay. Venezuela is fairly segregated, with the negros on the coast, indios in the forest interior and whites, castizos (+ criollos) and mestizos in the middle.

What I'd like to do is start a society for European-Americans in South and Central America that would only let in bona fide 100%ers, and then whites could be more discriminating in their mating habits where there's lots of quadroons and castizos. They are a dying breed in some places. Exchanging genealogies should be a wedding custom imo

227d89  No.11949720


Sicilians being considered "Italian" is a huge problem since they are one step above mudslimes in behavior and teen to be liberal faggots, their nature as half-bloods makes them tolerant of spics. You can't specifcally blame Catholicism either because the old Irish fucking hate spics and darkies in general. The meds and scandies have a problem with empathy, in that they feel it. Only the cruel fuckers derived from the old warrior classes and mercenaries are breeding anymore and they all despise anybody who isn't white but every fucking Roundhead, Guido, Potato, and Nord in the upper midwest and New England takes to opportunity to backstab us whenever they can. Hell that's why they want to bring in the shitskins to start with, even their pets don't breed at the replacement rates only rural whites do so they need to keep importing a voter base just to keep us ebil racist hicks from destroying their precious welfare state.

The proper whites tend to have very lank hair even if it is dark. They also have high square foreheads, angular cheeks, a drawn-out face, and cleft chins with very protuberant jaws. As for the eyes you'll notice that the eyes of mudmen the world over are just plain brown while the dark eyes of Europeans are red-brown.

227d89  No.11949727


I'm going to point out that the reason they are listed as white in the photo is because the FBI and DoJ didn't have a spic category until 2014 and there had been huge resistance to making one for decades, gee I wonder why.

30715d  No.11949782


>That's not even remotely true.

Yes it is, Peru is a good example. Lima was once a white and culturally european city, as hard as that is to believe today.

>Argentina for example was pissed away by the Spanish.

More like by the Argies themselves, i.e. Italians.


>the old Irish fucking hate spics and darkies in general

Ironic in that Brits considered the Irish a subhuman race themselves.

>The proper whites tend to have very lank hair even if it is dark. They also have high square foreheads, angular cheeks, a drawn-out face, and cleft chins with very protuberant jaws.

That's much more than just generic white, that's the specifically Aryan phenotype. Very, very few Aryans left today - there were huge degenerative processes going o within white groups themselves.

810ebc  No.11949803

File: a9fbd49b5d5cd4c⋯.gif (503.38 KB, 540x392, 135:98, ok1wn0RxTr1rnq5f1_540.gif)


In my own country—I, descended from 1607 Jamestown settlers—am considered a 'non-Hispanic white'. They can't even deign to give me a positive label, like European-American or Anglosaxon. Instead, I am categorized by what I am not—I am not a Hispanic. Furthermore, the Census deliberately considers North Africans, Jews and Semites, and Southwest Asians 'white'.

When I got started learning about the race problem of my homeland two years ago, I thought white genocide was just a bit of alarmist rhetoric. By now I have no illusions that they actually envision a future where whites don't exist at all.

a61661  No.11949829


I disagree with youy statement of empathy being bad. Misplaced empathy however is horrible.


One of the reasons they kept voting the pro shitskin democrats was because in never hurt them up in New England, never made it that far. Its pure schadenfruede of the most vicious, evil kind I feel for them finally getting fucked over and hurt. From before the fucking Revolution they were a bunch of stuck up pricks more than happy to shove new European immigrants to the frontiers to conquer the new lands, and less than happy at saying thank you. They were more than happy with the rest of America niggerfying up and being forced to obey laws that meant white kids couldn't pull out of certain schools after the numbers fell too low. While at the same time setting fires to shitskin houses that moved into the wrong neighborhoods and then looking down their noses at Missouri. Accelerationism targeted towards them might have flipped them decades earlier, because they were actively for the shit hordes right up until it was hurting them. Too late now. New England is a very apt name.


Fucking trash all around. Its telling that most people didn't even realize that the Jersey Shore fuckers mostly weren't even Sicilian/Italian. Happy to the point of eagerness to work with Semites and enrich and enable them. You can hardly tell them apart sometimes.


The loyalty and continued money giving to the Catholic church past the 60s is sad. But honestly, as awful as they can be, they don't actively backstab their fellow whites. The worst they did everyone was guilty of, in hoping that the Unions were worth a damn.


They have genuine difficulty in accepting that some people are just terrible and you shouldnt be nice to them.


>More like by the Argies themselves, i.e. Italians.

Uh no, Argentina was functionally independent before 1776, and legally independet in the early 1800s, and the Spanish had the land for centuries. Of all the land the Spaniards posessed and exerted any real control over, Argentina was the Gold Mine. Well Silver mine. From Mexico on down, it was the best piece of land the Kingdom of Spain ever owned. Largest chunk of arable land and a very nice navigable water way.

And they did jack shit with it right up until the Portugese and Dutch started moving in. Then their inheritors did jack shit with it. It was the constant internecine bullshit that prevented them from getting European immigration before the turn of the century wave.

Geographically, Argentina should have industrialized right behind or even with the USA. Same timescale if not the same sheer scale. By 1910 it should have been comparable to France in industrial power.

It got pissed away long before the Italians arrived in real number. The Italians just carried on the proud tradition.


>Ironic in that Brits considered the Irish a subhuman race themselves

Thats because the Brits assumed they were dealing with another group of Scots or Welsh like Celtic people or at worst Pictish people. They weren't. The Irish were more isolated than the Gaunches.

The Irish were 4,000 years behind, and had the same small minded stubborness that plagued Gaul, except worse. See, the British thought that they could integrate the Irish Chiefs, the nobility, into the power structure like they had done with the Scots and to a small degree the Welsh. They also thought that like the Scots, the Irish would have the werewithal to read a map, gauge the geostrategic situation, and realize when they were fucked and walk into the English court.

But then the English realized what the situation really was, and said fuck it, smashed their fucking faces in, deported them to the America's as indentured servants, and grabbed some Northern English/Southern Scottish people and plomp them down in the Northern part of Ireland to keep an eye out….

61513f  No.11949893


In a sense he is the Brazilian Trump. Trump himself might as well be a full blooded Jew due to some of his antics, but he was also the starting point for a lot of Americans. Not trying to excuse his apparent kikeisms but even the commie accelerationists understand that things have to be taken in steps. At this point I would call out anyone who keeps trying to demoralize the right with drumpfkike memes as full of shit: they're technically correct, but they throw that meme around to make sure you feel hopeless and stop trying to rally others to the cause, not because there was an actual better course of action that you should or could have followed. not to mention that those types also openly keep advocating for CIVIL WAR/SECESSION NAO as the only correct answer to the issues currently plaguing the US, exposing them as the FBI fags that they are

000000  No.11950181


A better deal than anyone else.


That is no reason to stop it. Niggers must be genocided in Brazil. Period.



Kill all non-whites, and kill most women that does not bend to White Men's will. The rest will obey in order to survive. Use this as an opportunity to enact laws against women, and end their rights. Condition all society to view women as objects, and to never support rights for them. society will be safe once all Men kill anyone that even hints of wanting to give rights to women.

936b08  No.11950996

File: 29f1c5f19161c1c⋯.jpg (41.99 KB, 672x384, 7:4, Brazil far right Aug.jpg)

UPDATE August -→ Bolsonaro is getting closer to winning the race=

Trump of the Tropics

Jair Bolsonaro is a frontrunner in opinion polls despite his controversial views on race and Brazil's dictatorship

"The former army captain said Brazil "owes no debt" to its black citizens during an interview on the Brazilian talk show Roda Viva .."

"During the interview, the 63-year-old congressman also said that, if elected, he would attempt to roll back policies introduced by former President Dilma Rousseff that introduced widespread quotas for black citizens in higher education and public sector jobs, designed to tackle inequality in Brazil."

Bolsonaro is currently second in most opinion polls after jailed former President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva, who may be ineligible to run after being convicted…

Right Wing Death Squads

"In the interview, Bolsonaro also continued to defend Brazil's former military dictatorship, which ran the country from 1964 to 1985."

"There was no military coup," he said. "A coup d'etat is when you kick in a door and take out the president. But the Congress declared the presidency void - that was the law at the time".

"He once again voiced his support for an army colonel who oversaw the torture of left-wing rebel fighters and dissidents and questioned the veracity of the victim's accounts."

"People say they were torture victims to get compensation or votes, or pity, or power," he said.

"We always only hear one side of history. If we'd lost, today Brazil would be like Cuba".

October Election

Brazilians will head to the polls to elect a new president in October.

936b08  No.11951003


My bad - here is the source of the UPDATE above … https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/07/brazil-candidate-rejects-slave-trading-history-180731192844967.html

a61661  No.11951827


I dont disagree with you, but if you want to actually accomplish it, you need the capacity to hit back at USA and Israel.

000000  No.11954260


USA will solve it's own problems in due time. Israel influence in Brazil can be easily subverted and taken advantage of, while also exterminating the very few kikes that infest our country.

There is not a single reason to not start killing all kikes, leftists and niggers in Brazil.

Kill without giving excuses. Kill those that want to frame it as a bad thing.

ffbaa4  No.11954845


I wouldn't say all "white" brazilians are octoroons. I have been to the South and I saw many whites who looked 100% european but, yeah, you are right, like 90% of those who identify as white" are ocotroons.

ffbaa4  No.11954865

I really hope everything goes well for Brazil. The average brazilian have strong conservative and family values, is hardworking and wanna have a good and peaceful life with his family. Sadly the country is filled with communists who are destroying the econommy and media is spreading degeneracy like crazy.

Yeah, they are mostly shitskins but that doesn't mean they must suffer, as long as they don't invade white countries they are totally fine and good.

I hope that Bolsonaro will be as good as Pinochet was for Chile.

000000  No.11956572


Those that are shitskins must be killed. Them being shitskin is reason enough to kill them. All shitskins will always ruin any society where they are allowed to exist, and turn everything into ghettos.

Also, living a peaceful life (that is, a lazy life) must never be allowed. All White People must be in constant urge to fight and kill non-whites. Letting People live peacefully only makes them lazy and pacifist freaks.

aa721e  No.11958317



Easy there torglowfag. Save some of that shilling for the other threads.

b83958  No.11958366


How fucked your nation has to be when "owes no debt to its black citizens" become a controversial statement?

000000  No.11960033


Leftist exposed.

Report all those leftists that want to prevent people from taking action to start killing jews, leftists and niggers.

000000  No.11971576

Now that Mourão is officially the vice, we need to enact means to not only meme all the crimes and mistakes of the left, but also incite people to kill Lula, Dilma, Gleisi Hoffman, Gilmar Mendes, Dias Toffolli, and pretty much every single leftist one after the other.

b82749  No.11971594

File: 5065622de59f14c⋯.jpg (265.31 KB, 735x551, 735:551, kuhuqb0nvudoleb3fbkk.jpg)


>The average brazilian have strong conservative and family values

That you, Jeb?

000000  No.11974857


We have. The small minority of leftists are the most vocal, but the overwhelming majority is conservative.

000000  No.11986584

Bolsonaro seems to be the best option, but that's only because every other candidate is absolute shit, even so, my expectations on him are low, he's a pro jew mason nigger,(btw here's a video of him giving a speech in a masonic lodge https://youtu.be/RVXB9_GAeXE), if he wins i just hope that a mason kike will fuck our country a tad less than the previous corrupt commies.

000000  No.11986606


It was already proved that this speech was arranged by one of his consultants. The one that pushes for alliance with the kikes. The kikes themselves were against this action, and protested relentlessly. They don't want to ally with Bolsonaro. But he forcing his way in made them look like communist shit in the eyes of the public, so in the end, they can't talk anything against Bolsonaro, for fear of being associated directly with the leftist pieces of shit.

It was 4D involuntary chess.

000000  No.11986659


>It was already proved that this speech was arranged by one of his consultants

got sauce on that claim? i think i missed that one.

50873c  No.11986819


>insults blacks

Must really hate himself.

50873c  No.11986823


Latin Europeans and some areas of Germans, east euros and scandinavians.

They have a bigger mixed population than the US though… so this is baffling. I thought Brazil only had civil nationalism as a political option…. this is a game changer.

50873c  No.11986824


Same as wrongthink in 1984.

000000  No.11989000


Niggers aren't people, you leftist abomination. Niggers in Brazil will be killed more and more, as it is the right thing to do with those apes.

000000  No.11990748



Proved by who? i wanna know too.

3684a3  No.11991077

File: d45f1b6c703d176⋯.mp4 (11.78 MB, 160x90, 16:9, Meet Brazil's Jair Bolsona….mp4)

Will post vids with english subtitles from kiketube.

3684a3  No.11991117

File: 5d6c7fee114b382⋯.mp4 (11.28 MB, 640x360, 16:9, BOLSONARO HUMILIATES FAKE ….mp4)

efa6a1  No.11991354


Your last sentence made no sense, spic.

000000  No.11991973



(((Informative))) sites have been deleting it. Maybe in archive or kikebook there are still posts about it. The kikes were protesting outside the building while Bolsonaro was giving that speech.


Good job, anon. Hopefully, more people can get to know about Bolsonaro outside of Brazil. As it was done with Trump, even those that don't live in Brazil would help if they mass spread both memes and news translated to english all over the internet.

7ecd3f  No.11993850


How many dindus are ethnic cleaned per week in Huezil?

000000  No.11994183


Interesting, let us know if you find anything, because i didn't find shit about it.

ea1b7d  No.11994397


>Good job, anon. Hopefully, more people can get to know about Bolsonaro outside of Brazil. As it was done with Trump, even those that don't live in Brazil would help if they mass spread both memes and news translated to english all over the internet.

We need people translating videos and uploading them.

cf7f26  No.11994484

The rise of all these far-right factions is telling and foretelling: we're headed for another world war.

This is why Trump wants us to get started on a Space Force. That is why Russia is experimenting with shutting down the grid in the west. And it's also why Trump wants additional capacity for steel, aluminum, and other mined materials (including asbestos and rare earths). And it also explains the desire to increase military spending.

000000  No.11995365


Just this week, Brazil's own former record was broken, with near 64.000 niggers killed this year alone.

Keep in mind that those are official numbers that the corrupt leftist government could not hide. The actual number of niggers killed is much higher than this. Killing niggers for existing, as well as letting them kill each other is the best solution to the nigger problem.



I will look into it again and inform you all if i find the information.


Keep a database of all videos already translated. As for people, form groups for translation with people that openly supports Bolsonaro. Careful to not have leftists infiltrate the group. anyone that is not openly pro-Bolsonaro must not be trusted.


Military spending is something that must always exist. You keep a good military force to prevent others from attacking you. Not just to attack others.

As for the war: good. We do need to genocide most of the world's population to really fix the damage done by the jews and leftists.

c105e8  No.11995488


This has been proven wrong so many times all over the internet. The only reason you would continue to push this lie is because you are stupid or have an agenda.

>With respect to European Americans, the percentages are much more different than African Americans or Latinos, with European American genomes being 98.6 percent European, 0.19 percent African and 0.18 percent Native American. In addition,

>more than 95% of White Americans have no African or Amerindian ancestry


This is purely speculation, but I would guess that White Americans are just as European an White Europeans, if not more so.

c105e8  No.11995498


War is terrible. The last two major wars killed millions of white people. What we need to do is stop propping up third world countries, and maybe have another major illness outbreak.

A terrible disease would mostly affect third world countries, which are the only countries with overpopulation and pollution issues.

1c0c6e  No.11995608


>This is why Trump wants us to get started on a Space Force.

He wants a space force so he can build an entirely new space system for the kikes. Everything america does is in their interests and only their interest.

000000  No.11995860


Use wars as they are intended to: as proxies to cover the true purpose: genocide of the enemies. In our case, genocide the enemies of White People. Including "whites" that are leftists.


Nah. Fuck off, kike shill. Kikes are losing everywhere.

845c21  No.11996265

File: db06b56cf038df7⋯.webm (7.7 MB, 640x352, 20:11, Brazil.webm)


No. There are some pure Europeans in that country, but a Portugese is not one by default. That country too got bastardized largely some time ago.


6657be  No.11996301


Nationalists are rising everywhere on the planet.

inb4 muh kosher

Fuck off kike.

6657be  No.11996303

154fe7  No.11996316


>shitting on indigenous communities

why? what have brazuka abbos done to warrant hatred?

they live in their jungle away from the city, upholding their ancestral traditions primitive as they may be and are actually the only ones putting up a decent fight agains Monsanto and the deforestation of Amazones

they even kill poachers

it ain't like they were just like Merica injuns who drove entire herds of buffalo off cliffs and behaved like mongolian nomadic savages, Brazilian abbos actually settle and care for their land

what have they done that someone would hate them?

936b08  No.11996532


Not as evil as the way Israeli jews treat the people of Gaza and the Occupied Territories.

You don't see Brazilians setting up lawn chairs to enjoy the spectacle of planes and artillery using thermobaric explosives to level schools and apartment blocks like the jews do near Gaza.

A basic fact of population biology is "Groups Compete". World is full of conflict. Brazilian Nationalists are among the least hateful, in contrast to say, world jewry.

6ee0b0  No.11997516


only thing pure are the trannies there

000000  No.11999050



Fuck off, kike shill. Kikes are losing everywhere and you know it. More importantly: WE know it.


Their traditions are shit, and they are not White. That is reason enough to kill them.

0a401e  No.11999193


>discipline is beatings

You barbarian fucking degenerate, neck yourself

ee32e7  No.11999347


>Says gay people aren't happy, drive down the birthrate and become an economic burden

>Implying this caused the migrant crisis without saying it.

Ellen kike's face is priceless.

ee32e7  No.11999363


Carlos Slim is a lebanese jew.

Look deeper, most of these people are the same type of kikes that pose as white to gain power and infiltrate.

f9158a  No.11999389

ee32e7  No.11999391


If you translate, I will spread. I am learning another language right now, and never learn two at the same time, so I can't study Portuguese at this moment.

Maybe in a few years I can help you push it further right more hands on.

000000  No.12000991


Discipline IS beating, you weak freak.


I can translate, but my schedule is not consistent. I can put translations here, and you can copy and put them into subtitles.

Post the videos that you want me to translate, or files to download them.

ee32e7  No.12003064

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Beatings are necessary. Most women would not be whores if they received a whack in the mouth when they bragged about it. Same goes for faggots.

His responses to stock western poz are very articulate and unique, which is what you need to shock others out of their repetitive comas.

This would be the most pertinent, I could make a video of his more salient takedowns.

fe5030  No.12006583


>white person with tan skin and some nigger traces

>white person

>tan skin and nigger traces


Wow, brasillians really have no concept of race.

fe5030  No.12006598

File: ad30906fee18d5f⋯.png (63.81 KB, 1728x468, 48:13, beating wife torturing ani….png)

File: 7dd556c04fdd418⋯.jpg (178.34 KB, 1277x717, 1277:717, you can't reason with wome….jpg)


Should had also killed the roastie.


For you.

fe5030  No.12006611



This is why I love Brazillian threads, it brings the best from us.



And the worst of them, lmao get a load of this clueless tranny.

fe5030  No.12006617

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

989b51  No.12007163

How fucked do you have to be to immigrate to Brazil?

af4e46  No.12007202


>I could make a video of his more salient takedowns.

Please. We need translators willing to follow each euro gov.

f035f3  No.12007239


>Anglos still white

Based Merchant

af4e46  No.12007330

File: 4731dead1dfa7b9⋯.png (221.36 KB, 634x459, 634:459, dsd.png)

36d8da  No.12007495

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

882fdd  No.12007510

The only Bolsonaro I respect is the old 90's early 2000's Bolsonaro, unfortunatelly that Bolsonaro is dead, what we have now is an incredibly kike friendly shadow of the nationalist which once inhabited his body.

349521  No.12008046


Genetic studies of the regions disagree with your claims.

349521  No.12008056

572f32  No.12008069


>Glenn Greenwald

>the chosen reporter link with NSA limited hangout Snowden

Why is he important?

Also has Snowden released even 1% of his claimed documents yet? Or are we still hanging on "I promise goys!"?

03a00d  No.12008070

03a00d  No.12008073


well, he released CGI'd interviews

f57af1  No.12008279


>Why is he important?

>Also has Snowden released even 1% of his claimed documents yet? Or are we still hanging on "I promise goys!"?

Not blindly taking a kikes word for it but its best people dig deeper. Would be ridiclous to think kikes aren't running controlled muh populist candidates.

000000  No.12008585


I will post translations as soon as i have time to do it with attention.


Leftist trying to blackpill. It won't work. We will elect Bolsonaro, and we will use his rise to power to enact our goals. some being the genocide of leftists, niggers, faggots and jews in Brazil. You xan't stop us.

His blue pilled attitude towards kikes will be fixed in due time.

fcdfd7  No.12015436

Can Brazilians respond, with a number please.

The probability that Lula is ALLOWED to run in the elections

Thank you

3223a1  No.12015812


Negro, o julgamento da candidatura dele foi adiado pra amanha.

000000  No.12018570


Me again: jewtube's automatic subtitles are correct for the most part on that video. I don't think that it needs another translation.


With a corrupt system and leftists, numbers are all over the place. We can have from 0% to 100%, depending on who is bribing who. The most important thing is the aftermath: if Lula runs the election, we can easily mobilize the country for a military takeover. And from that, mobilize for full acceleration of our goals, such as mass killings and mass arrests of leftists and their goons, even those without proven crimes, under the excuse of "preventing a group of criminal lobbyists to operate".

I look forward to Brazil's complete fall out, if it means taking down the leftists and jews within it.

3223a1  No.12018900


Isn't split the south from the mainland a better alternative?

5c503a  No.12018969

Third world politics for third world people.

b222d2  No.12019303

File: 3040dc3edc3b105⋯.jpg (38.34 KB, 494x544, 247:272, im progressive i like litt….jpg)


Sounds like the Hues have no intention of becoming big brother Venezuela.

b222d2  No.12019312


I remember once a video like this but for Uganda, mentioning Jews at the start. Anyone have this?

ca6edb  No.12019389


Omg I look just like the Anglo dude.

000000  No.12021599


So the corrupts can create their own laws and never be punished/killed? Never.

Kill all leftists and jews in Brazil FIRST, before anything else. Only after that should any negotiation or new politics take place.

79e2d6  No.12021684

If hes not talking about the JQ, I can't support him

906282  No.12021699

File: 3a4b45e46541db1⋯.png (20.11 KB, 560x407, 560:407, shrug_.png)


>lone White carried by a sea of disgusting mulattoes

Why bother? What's he going to accomplish by winning?

Unless he plans on deporting 90% of current Brazilians to a neighbouring piece of dirt like Venezuela, it's still going to be full of fucking Brazilians.

000000  No.12024616


All others are communists, so he got my support just for not being one of them.


He will win, and that paves the way for others to accomplish the goal of killing the enemies of White People in Brazil.

936b08  No.12030626

File: 91ac72138554684⋯.jpg (45.73 KB, 812x432, 203:108, brazil demographics 2.jpg)


Educate yourself


There are more Whites per capita in Brazil than in many countries. . . and perhaps more per capita than in London, England or than in some US states.

936b08  No.12030738

File: b50332181540e0b⋯.jpg (31.74 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Brazil Bolsonaro.jpg)


The chart involves 'self identification' so it's subject to skepticism. But what is more substantial are the numbers of Brazilians who speak European language dialects

White Brazilians

>have a look at the page

source >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Brazilians

Almost two percent of Brazilians speak a German dialect, and another point & a half speak and Italian dialect, at least according to wikipedia

Riograndenser Hunsrückisch (a German dialect with co-official status, spoken by 1.94% of Brazilians

Talian (a Venetian dialect spoken by 1.49% of Brazilians)




East Low Saxon dialects

Central and Southern Austro-Bavarian

Lithuanian and Latvian


Vorarlbergerisch (Swiss and Austrian German continuum)

Swabian (German)

30715d  No.12031525


>The chart involves 'self identification' so it's subject to skepticism.

Of course, but the same is true for the US and most European countries as well. E.g. in France, even self identification racial polling is expressedly forbidden. What the other anon said is true, there are many millions of pure (with a major P) whites in Brazil alone, proportionally more than in many southern US states.

220d09  No.12031538


>Right Wing Death Squads

Stop this edgetard memeism

000000  No.12031691


Leftist exposed.

We will have Right Wing Death Squads, yes. And they will be used to hunt and kill every single leftist and jew in OUR country.

291d7c  No.12031708

As far as I can tell the far Left Workers Party candidate is in the lead.

4d624a  No.12031935


He is totally blue-pilled about kikes.

This is a major problem in the brazilian right. In the big names at least.

The lefties are against Israel, but they are pro all SJW faggotry.

1b831c  No.12031969


That means the rest of this fucking thread should be stuffed full of Hue OC designed to subvert the Brazilian leftist messaging with NS ideals.


52aedf  No.12032117

File: 715bba7b6715474⋯.png (438.14 KB, 403x403, 1:1, HUE HUE HUE.png)

000000  No.12034947


In fake polls only. All manipulated by the (((media))). AND he is jailed. He won't be running the election.


That is why Bolsonaro is still the only good option. All others might try to fight the jews, but most will just sell out to them AND they will all force faggot abomination ideologies and other leftist bullshit into the constitution.

Bolsonaro, or one of his followers, can be red pilled about the jews in the 8 years of his government.



Bur subtle subversion won't work here. You must create "in your face" advertisement for Nazism for the typical brazillian to cover in fear of discussing it, and the true Nazists here to take power without having to deal with masses of brainless cattle.

936b08  No.12035929

File: 8a44cf18b9af9f8⋯.jpg (61.19 KB, 786x449, 786:449, brazil demographics map.jpg)


Recently there have been news videos of Brazilians forcing would-be immigrants from Venezuela back out of Brazil. (Both sides appear to be Mestizos.)

This chart makes clear that the northern part of Brazil, where the refugee crisis is happening, is one of the least White regions.

Until I saw this chart I didn't realize there is such a geographic ethnic divide in Brazil, with highest numbers of Whites in the country's south - in fact the farther south you go.

>source - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Brazilians

936b08  No.12035939


Of course, Brazil being in planet Earth's southern hemisphere, that means the Whites are in the area of cooler temperatures.

87b387  No.12037537

File: 38d93e26eb943d6⋯.jpg (81.02 KB, 501x559, 501:559, 1491896248449.jpg)

It's the Brazilian Front of the meme war.

8e22b6  No.12037556


>can be red pilled about the jews in the 8 years of his government.

or be corrupted by it but what really matters is the avarage hueziila will be able buy a AR-15 and actually be able defend its rights

000000  No.12037926


With leftists, it is guaranteed that they will be corrupted by kikes.

With Bolsonaro, at least he has a chance of not being corrupted, as he hates deceivers and leftists above all things. It is just a matter of presenting to him proof that kikes are the ones funding the left. Being deceived by kikes and seeing them as the ones giving money to the leftists will be enough for him to hunt them down.

936b08  No.12040309

File: dea17fbf3ea7b6c⋯.jpg (115.31 KB, 625x415, 125:83, Brazil Bolsonaro flag.jpg)

UPDATE - from AUG 20th 2018

>this thread began on July 2nd

Brazil poll excluding Lula shows far-right candidate holding lead

"BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil’s far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro holds a solid lead in the race for October’s presidential election in a new survey on Monday by pollster Ibope, when excluding jailed leftist candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Bolsonaro has 20 percent of voter support, followed by environmentalist Marina Silva with 12 percent, center-leftist Ciro Gomes with 9 percent and business-friendly Geraldo Alckmin with 7 percent. Lula’s running mate Fernando Haddad, who will head the Workers Party ticket if Lula is barred from running by a corruption conviction as expected, trails with 4 percent.


000000  No.12040335


Good news but I think he is done for the fact of the matter is there is nothing that can fix Brasil now outside maybe the South seceding.

2ca2e4  No.12040340


>excluding lula

and what about not excluding lula

000000  No.12043028


Then you have fake polls that lie about Lula being over 60%, when in fact, he is close to only about 8%.

The (((media))) wants to create the narrative that "Lula lost only because he was jailed". In truth, he would lose in the first turn, with 8% or less votes. Considering that those 8% (the TRUE percentage of Lula's votes) are almost all paid "voters", the real number is close to 5% or even less.


Sedition will only create communist "islands". Brazil must stay big, and genocide all leftists and jews. Not fragment itself.

49e532  No.12043444

File: a5503a45a190da6⋯.jpg (419.86 KB, 732x688, 183:172, 8e6a7181acfd133ec3408c44c3….jpg)


>>inflammatory attacks on… black people, gay people, foreigners and indigenous communities

But has he named the jew? Since the next migration of kikes is likey to either head to South America or Asia.

000000  No.12044212


No. And the leftists are all using this as means to dismiss support for him and try to black pill people.

Again and again: EVERY SINGLE ONE of the other candidates are literal communists.

Bolsonaro IS the only good option, even if he is blue pilled against the jews. He can be made to know the truth about them.

But in no way Brazil will be better under the rule of any of the other candidates.

Leftists are trying to use any excuse to convince people to not vote for Bolsonaro.

9fb3e0  No.12046496

File: bf008306d0800a9⋯.jpg (96.62 KB, 958x476, 479:238, 1534558585593.jpg)


I am not gonna lie, the situation in Brazil is pretty bad, but I am afraid Europe is going to an even worse direction with all the Islamists hiding in plain sight. Of all problems we have, at least Islam is not one of them. Way back during the Imperial days, there was an Islamist revolt called the Malê Uprising when we took Nigerian slaves who were pressed by imans to rise up against their Christian overlords, but we killed that shit while still on the crib. And even though Brazil has taken refugees from Lebanon and Syria, they were almost always Orthodox Christians escaping persecution. I've spoken with my neighbors, they are almost all of them Protestant/Evangelic Christians and they all believe Muslims are terrorists.

000000  No.12046711


The problem with Protestants is that they worship the jew subhumans.

Brazil must get rid of ALL it's inferior races, kikes included. Not just mudslimes.

9fb3e0  No.12048782


That is the problem with Bolsonaro right there. He is Catholic by birth, but he appeals to the Protestant voter base - hell, he is probably more popular than Marina Silva (who is a Protestant candidate herself) and its no secret he supports Israel - a fact that his supporters use to prove he is "not a Nazi" to detractors.

7b2e83  No.12048936


> he is probably more popular than Marina Silva (who is a Protestant candidate herself)

As if he needed anything to be more popular than that old turtle, that needs to be artificially relevant by the (((media))) since Alkimin is a joke with Ciro and Boulus being a left meme, due to the fact that not a single candidate comes close irl.

Plus over 90% of Brazil is Catholic, with issues related to Theology of Liberty(Teologia da Libertacao) created by latam lefties to subvert catholics. It was effective to push the Workers Party and infiltrate pozzed bullshit into catholics, just now there is some real push back.

Brazil is choke full of lefties, its a miracle that even a real right-wing guy is even running while openly defying the media and establishment.

984467  No.12049001

File: ac847044ffed0ea⋯.png (690.73 KB, 690x431, 690:431, rwds.png)

If he creates right wing death squads don't hesitate to let /pol/ know :-) They have so many shitskins over there that any additional manpower will be at handy. Especially so faithful and motivated to the cause as /pol/acks :-)

c0f78b  No.12049051


It actually has to do with the farming capable lands from the slavery era. There was no point in bringing slaves to the south when its soil wasn't good for the production of the highly valuable sugar cane products.

The south was (and still largely is) populated by family based self sustaining small rural properties. Mostly italians and germans, with some portuguese remaining in the shores here too.

000000  No.12049182


Yes, but only because he was not informed about the connection between kikes and leftists.

As soon as he starts to know about it, he can be made to turn against the kikes.

Remember: every single other candidate is a anti-white communist. None of them must win.


The left in Brazil is a minority. But they took the (((media))), (((entertainment))) and government, so they push their propaganda everywhere to try to create the false idea that they are numerous. They aren't. They are such a small minority, that they needed to commit fraud to the elections to "win".

They can be easily killed completely in a few years. Just by mobilizing the majority of the masses against them, and systematically eliminating all their followers (that are a small minority), to reach their defenseless leaders later, the elimination of the leftists can be done completely in our life time.

82a45b  No.12049186


I don't know who is jewing who anymore.

9fb3e0  No.12050006


>Remember: every single other candidate is a anti-white communist. None of them must win.

I wouldn't be too worried since Bolsonaro has a pretty good chance of winning this. What really concerns me is Lula. The dude is behind bars and unable to participate in debates, yet he leads the polls. He can not run and be elected despite this and in the event he is elected (which would be illegal), it will be scandalous for Brazil to allow an convicted criminal to take up office just because he happens to be popular. If he wins, but the electoral justice decide to grant the victory to Bolsonaro (which is what it will likely happen), the citizens here would riot and declare #NotMyPresident.



The reason why so many Christians are blue-pilled is because they believe Jews respect Christians citizens and holy sites, whereas Muslims give Christians a hard time. Paraphrasing here what some Evangelicals believe: "Israel follows a Jewish morality based on the rights and the worth of all human beings, much like Christian morality, whereas Islam considers non-Muslims worth less and deserving of less. Christians understand that Jesus was a Jew, whereas Muslims believe that Jesus was a Muslim. How exactly does the Israeli occupation prevent you from preserving your Christian Palestinian heritage? Why would you prefer to be ruled by people like the ones who trashed the Church of the Nativity?"

This is literally what they believe.

>The left in Brazil is a minority. But they took the (((media))), (((entertainment))) and government.

Word. Literally caught on the Globo news people reporting on hate driven attacks against migrants in Europe and they outright said that silencing hate speech would diminish hatred of migrants. They are also very butthurt about the situation in Roraima regarding the Venezuelan refugees being driven out by the locals, and Italy refusing to take anymore migrants.

000000  No.12050403


If they riot, it is the perfect opportunity to start killing them all.

And the polls pointing to Lula being the favorite are all false. He is even less popular than when he was "elected".

As for Globo, they are not only butthurt, but they (rightfully) fear for their lives.

We have a golden opportunity here to, in the 8 years of Bolsonaro's rule, to literally start mass killing leftists in the media, government and entertainment.

This is what must be pushed to all fronts: killing leftists must be done frequently. People need to be mobilized to think that "a good leftists is a dead leftist", starting by the ones in entertainment, especially youtubers.

When (not if) this becomes a reality, going after the jews will be easy. Associating jews with the left will do the job.

86b36d  No.12050458


This anon knows what's up

0472a8  No.12052685


There's maybe 5 white people in that entire crowd?

520e2d  No.12052799


Threadly reminder that Brazil in the 50's-60's was exactly where America is proportion wise.

a18cdb  No.12053137


Because the ones below are niggers and commies, who would love them?

2a1b99  No.12054211


And now that fat fuck at the UN Human Rights unit demanding you put Lula back for the presidential race.

>no riot for that

000000  No.12054794


That is precisely why Lula and other leftists must be killed.

Mobilize people (mercenaries/fanatics/martyrs) to kill Lula, and the left will riot. When they riot, we use that as an excuse to kill them all.

aba3a6  No.12070548

File: c17892b4a41e5cf⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1221x762, 407:254, jair.png)

aba3a6  No.12070549

File: c68b0c42f557e96⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 810x509, 810:509, sdsfsr.jpg)

a7a7d0  No.12070596

File: 68de3ed7e1dc382⋯.png (615.45 KB, 578x382, 289:191, south brazil germans.png)

731cb4  No.12070618


I think they know that if they kiss israel's ass, they will win, the right found out how to piggyback ride kikes to win election, and apparently it works.

731cb4  No.12070629

File: e66199463e5d799⋯.png (3.33 MB, 1758x1845, 586:615, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2cc1f897a662588⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1280x794, 640:397, ClipboardImage.png)

File: faa71787faaaab8⋯.png (918.99 KB, 960x640, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 27fe04966e4902f⋯.png (979.06 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 40caf3a88ad56e9⋯.png (467.51 KB, 620x413, 620:413, ClipboardImage.png)


Here are some comparisons, back then and now.

000000  No.12072049


Nah, leftist freak. We use kikes and kill them and your kind after that.


Nice try, leftist freak, using (((Datafolha))), the confirmed corrupt and rigged poll of the left.

Lula is bellow 8%.

And Lula will be killed by us.

ed7ff7  No.12074290

File: 141e3c90b871500⋯.png (31.42 KB, 821x177, 821:177, ClipboardImage.png)

Bump for more leftists' tears.

699265  No.12078129


<Bolsonaro is currently second in most opinion polls after jailed former President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva,

And lula in prison?, right?

699265  No.12078147


Already it's?

ca8157  No.12078157


Are you Brazilian anon? How are racial tensions there since you're white (I'm assuming)?

936b08  No.12078500

File: 5bd2add248b6b1f⋯.jpg (45.27 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Brazil Bolsonaro girl.jpg)

A news site in Asia-Pacific Singapore - (less 'jewsy' than Westerm news media) - is reporting that Bolsonaro isn't being given as much exposure in Brazil's print and broadcast media as other candidates - even one with puny amounts of followers - are getting.

Far-right presidential bid gets less play from Brazil media

"Despite his strength in the polls, the former Army captain's exposure in major media outlets has trailed key rivals this year, including one with a fraction of his support, according to researchers at the __State

University of Rio de Janeiro__ (UERJ).

Mentions of Bolsonaro on Brazil's most-watched newscast and the front and main editorial pages of the country's top three newspapers from January to late July trailed former Sao Paulo Governor Geraldo Alckmin by 15 percent, according to political scientist Joao Feres.

"The media does not like Bolsonaro…" said Feres, head of the Institute for Social and Political Studies at UERJ.

Bolsonaro attracts about a fifth of voter support in most opinion surveys, while Alckmin polls (at less than half of that) in the high single digits.


>Sounds to my North American ears as though the MSM kikes are up to their usual dirty business.

000000  No.12079533


Niggers being killed en masse over accusations (true or false) of committing crimes. People largely accepting the excuses because everyone wants to get rid of the niggers, but few will say it openly.

That is one of the reasons why the kikes are trying to flood the country with more niggers.

The rightful racial hate towards niggers increased because of that and all the victimhood that niggers sperg out constantly.

We are at a point where people are openly calling niggers apes, and always contesting and dismissing any propaganda of "historical racial debt" that the leftists try to push.

Basically, all narratives have fallen, and people are openly calling bullshit for anything that the niggers, faggots and other subhumans try to present as their narratives.

Yesterday, Bolsonaro went to our equivalent of CNN (Rede Globo) and practically called the host an adulterous pederast. And people are rightfully celebrating this.

The (((media))) here is losing everything, and thus, their propaganda pro-niggers is failing completely.


They are. And everything in the (((media))) are lies, as usual.

For example: there was supposed to be a debate between the presidential candidates on radio, and when Bolsonaro refused to acknowledge Lula as a possible candidate, the host (a communist) insisted on presenting the criminal as a candidate, to push their narrative of he being still on the race.

Then, Bolsonaro refused to participate. The backlash against the radio was so big, that the whole debate was cancelled.

Basically, if Bolsonaro does not show up, nobody cares about any debate at all.

Bolsonaro is THE main candidate, and leading in all regions as the preferable choice.

Only the corrupt (((media))) presents fake polls putting Lula as the first (when in fact Lula has less than 8% of votes, and all of that coming from his paid communist goons) and trying to dismiss Bolsonaro's guaranteed preference.

If the election is rigged, the backlash will start a civil war in Brazil. The media knows that, and are trying (and failing) to create a narrative of Bolsonaro not being able to win, when in fact, he is guaranteed to win.

ca8157  No.12080643


Were there any niggers who tried to understand/help your cause?

000000  No.12081151


Only cannon fodder. Niggers can't understand anything, really. They are just tools for the kikes. The very few ones that think that they can live along human beings are simply being used to keep the (((media))) in check whenever they pull the "muh racism" card against us.

ca8157  No.12081161


If there are such niggers though, I hope they can pull through and go to Africa to help their own kind.

cc4330  No.12081190


>send them to the most fertile region on earth

Yeah how bout genocide them instead?

38dd14  No.12081343


Now now anon, let's be civilized.

Option A: Offer them a one way ticket to Apefrica.

Option B: They get their wrists tied to their ankles and are thrown into the amazon (they will be told they are being relocated to a refugee camp in the jungle before they are killed).

fcc285  No.12081390


I'm Brazilian, he's not far right, at least not publicly… People keep waving Israel flags and other shit, but honestly, I think he's our way out of the shitter.

fcc285  No.12081402



fcc285  No.12081415

File: e3c862313348439⋯.jpg (15.66 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)







fcc285  No.12081418


ZTChan… Eae ir/b/ão

fcc285  No.12081429

Eu só quero que o Bolsonaro seja o Hitler, Mussolini ou Franco que Esperamos. Puta merda anões, Deus salve Bolsonaro se ele for o que pensamos que ele é mesmo e não um traíra.

fcc285  No.12081438


Deus te ouça, morte aos negros e ao luladrão.

df48f9  No.12081581


>Jair Bolsonaro


See? Jair Bolsonaro is compromised, nu-Pol, compromsied! Drum… Chair is 100% a kike puppet and anyone who disagree with me is Imkampfy! God damn, I hate Imkampfy so damn much!

> black people



Would be nice if tourists could hunt and even execute dindu criminals for sport.

000000  No.12083345


You can. In most regions, White tourists are worshiped by the mindless masses.

If you are discreet and can cover your traces, you can start a killing spree of niggers, and leave Brazil before the (((authorities))) can do anything to you.

But overall, it is better to avoid coming here, for a more important factor: economy.

Brazillian communists rely on foreign money spent from tourists to fuel their bank accounts, via tourism.

If you and any other anons want to set fire to the communist circus here, you must convince people, anyone, to avoid Brazil completely.

If there is a big decline in tourists coming to Brazil, there will be an enormous social change here, as well as an economical one. The average mindless pleb in Brazil will have a blow in his ego if Brazil stops being "the friendly country for tourists" and with that fragilized ego, the Nationalists can incite the masses and mobilize them for a faster social change, out with the idiocy of "a happy country for tourists" (a complete lie) and in with a true Nationalist country.


Not only them, but also leftists. From e-celebs such as Tico Santa Cruz, Cauê Moura and PC Siqueira, to terrorist/politicians such as Gleisy Hoffman, Dilma Houseff and Dias Toffoli.

Every single one of them along with others and Lula must, and WILL, be killed.

fb51a4  No.12083685

File: 774fcfe00719fc5⋯.png (1.25 MB, 961x1200, 961:1200, DV8luiNW0AAWgt7.png)

Bolsonaro love jews and jews love him

"we support Bolsonaro for recognize he's a friend, ADMIRER of jewish culture and traditions and a defender of the sovereignty of Israel"

fb51a4  No.12083741


I'm wasting time trying to "redpill" those boomers and consevateens about Israel and jews, but they are all brainlets or good Goyim Christians. Never works.

To be "right-wing" here you need to be a christian and slave of Israel.

000000  No.12084248


Nice try, leftist freak.

Bolsonaro is blue pilled yes. And the kikes and leftists are trying to use it to spread the old (((controlled opposition))) meme upon him.

As soon as Bolsonaro learns about the connection between leftists and jews (and he WILL), he will turn against the inferior race of the jews.

All other candidates are communists, so Bolsonaro IS the best option.


Not for long. They will all succumb or come to our side, once the link between jews and leftists is mass spread.

30a66b  No.12084290


I think the only way to bring back safety in Brazil is an army of off-duty cops with heavy weaponry.

c92b77  No.12084749

>[other side] is winning

The bankers are still the same though so lol.

30a66b  No.12085138

File: e268e21617689d3⋯.jpg (796.91 KB, 1200x882, 200:147, 1456551279358.jpg)

000000  No.12085147


That would also be good.

It is already being done, but it must be on a larger scale.

Not only cops, but armed civilians acting as vigilantes.

Everybody everywhere must start killing niggers and other shitkins.


Any banker with millions in his accounts and owner of half of the world can be easily killed by a single bullet in the head, with nobody ever finding the shooter.

Perceived power is no real power at all.

30a66b  No.12085178


I have seen what goes on in Brazil in broad daylight on a daily basis. Are you at least somewhat safe?

fb51a4  No.12085976

File: ab31c29def77321⋯.jpg (69.36 KB, 685x842, 685:842, 1523994881056.jpg)


>Nice try, leftist freak

Your posts are unironically "cringe"

000000  No.12088046


The only truly unsafe are the common folk. That is why they are all mobilizing against the left, after information about the leftists was widely spread to them.

The other groups that suffer violence are the faggot abominations, the niggers themselves, and the uninformed (mostly, "true believer" leftists) that insist on "proving" that niggers aren't raging apes and then get killed by niggers.

f159dd  No.12088106

File: dc9e34304693b63⋯.png (279.7 KB, 639x360, 71:40, Ei, verificá-las.png)



I dedicate your dubbs to this OC, fresh of the paint

39ee77  No.12091855



I'm worried about the elections being rigged for Marina or Alckmin. We should start memeing about the printed vote and to take down Brasília, so, with a fraud, we can turn this country upside down.


True. And our approach with Israel will be negligible anyway. We won't be Assad's girlfriend as /leftypol/ wants us to be, but we won't make any of the Pissraelis dirty work either. In the end, it will be only a matter of Bolsonaro's personal preference. In the bright side, he sees Israeli kikes as opposition to mudshit, so we won't have any trouble with muslims around here. With the politically correct out, we can move forward and redpill the future generations.

And my problem is not with Israel, the problem would be if Israel drag us to its problems. We are not USA. If I were to intervene in Israel, would be to give back the land to Christians and purge the rest, but I believe that's out of our generation's reach.

Seriously, whoever defends other candidates over Bolsonaro is shilling or is a declared leftist or anti-guns. Beware.

39ee77  No.12091869


Actually, by counting only the valid votes, he has something from 33 to 40% votes. The kikes will try to augment his rejection rate in polls and by negative propaganda, and it may work for women's votes, since most of them can't think by themselves and will listen to the media.

d05ab8  No.12091873


>Brazil's Far Right on Rise - Candidate who insults Migrants, Blacks & Gays tops Election polls

>Jair Bolsonaro is seeking to lead the world’s fourth-biggest democracy

Another Israeli intelligence plant, just like Trump and all the European "nationalist" politicians.

1945dc  No.12091923


Good luck killing kikes and protecting yourself from niggers with no guns, shill.

Now go back to /leftypol/ to suck some Assad's dick instead of shilling against our (sadly) bluepilled Pinochet. Go back to /leftypol/ to defend kikes and say the problem is only with Israel and mock /pol/ for fighting against (((them))).

And this video is for you, so you will shut the fuck up, fucktard. I saved pasta about it too, it's got a good translation, so the anon translating stuff can use it too.


Couldn't be embbed because other anon's already done that above.

Now, getting back to the Israeli flags picture. What is that about?

He's got once invited to speak at some jew club in Rio - as I said, he's bluepilled about kikes and Israel - but, anyway, most of the kikes there got hysterical and started protesting against him. In the middle of his speech, he made a joke involving his only daughter and the leftists used it to portrait him as a "misogynist"; the same as in the past when he was defending punishment for rapist minors (sub-18). Ironically, he's got called a rapist by a congresswoman opposing his anti-rapist positioning, he answered the retard feminist/progressist back and got the fame of "misogynist" and "rape apologist" while he was doing the very contrary.

The video related is pure gold, wish you could understand Portuguese to enjoy it appropriately. It's a kike whining about Bolsonaro in a broken, Ashkenazi stereotyped, Portuguese; they intended it to be a serious protest against Bolsonaro, though.

Translation below:

>Sara! Come here, quickly, Sara! Sara, come here.

>What's this invitation 'come 'Hebraica [Hebrew] Rio? I'm not understanding it, Sara.

>Hebraica Rio invites that congressman to talk there, a-and that congressman who said every Jew is Christian.

>Oyy veyy, Sara! What's that?

>That congressman who in that voting day in the House made a tribute to that I don't know what Colonel Ustra, biggest torturer of Brazil.

>That congressman who said he prefers a dead son than a gay son.

>Oyy, Sara!

>How Hebraica Rio invites that man who said to other congresswoman h-he'd rather not rape her because she's not worth it [/ doesn't deserve it].

>Tha..A-and, Sara, oyy veyy, Jew now gets stupid and forgets holocaust t-that our relatives all died 'gas chamber because fascism's grown and we were all minorities persecuted.

>And oyy, Sara, and I'm saying something to you, Sara:

>our family, you, me, our kids and our friends, none steps on Hebraica anymore.

>And I'm saying more: they can invite! But not in my name.

>And more


1945dc  No.12091926


Here is the embed video: >>12007495

3937af  No.12092227



Example of a leftist trying to dismiss Bolsonaro with the failed (((controlled opposition))) meme:

>>12091873 Report all leftists like this one.

Brazil will be ruled by Bolsonaro and we WILL mass kill leftists in all regions of OUR country.

936b08  No.12092320

File: 36ab54ad16ecc8c⋯.jpg (44.2 KB, 768x499, 768:499, Brazil Lula nfg jjj.jpg)

UPDATE – 1 September 2018

Brazil electoral Court Bars Lula from Rresidential Race

Landslide 6-1 Decision Seals the Leftist's Fate

'''BRASILIA: Brazil's top electoral court on Friday barred jailed former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from running in this year's presidential because of his corruption conviction.

The decision removes a cloud hanging over Brazil's most uncertain election in decades - though Lula's lawyers have said they would appeal an adverse decision to the Supreme Court.

"What is at stake here today is the equality of all citizens before the law and the Constitution," Judge Og Fernandes told the court in his vote to declare Lula ineligible.

Judge Admar Gonzaga, who as a lawyer worked for Lula's handpicked successor Dilma Rousseff's 2010 election, cast the decisive vote in the 6-1 decision that sealed the leftist icon's ejection from the presidential election.

He's behind bars

"Lula… is serving a 12-year sentence for a corruption conviction. His Workers Party registered him as its presidential candidate for the Oct. 7 vote anyway, (absurdly claiming he is innocent).

>But the Court didn't buy their bullshit

Lula faces other Charges too

''(In addition to) his conviction for corruption (Lula faces) several more graft cases pending against him

"Vice-presidential running mate Fernando Haddad, a former mayor of Sao Paulo, is expected to head the ticket hoping to inherit the bulk of Lula's votes."


However, Haddah is polling at less than half the voter support than that of Far-Fight candidate Jair Bolsonaro, who has 19 percent.

>I can't wait to read the following headline -

Right Wing Death Squad Troopers Return to Work - Leftists Tremble


000000  No.12092690


000000  No.12096147


Lula must be killed. Not just to set and example, but to show that NO LEFTIST IS SAFE.

Rede Globo let him be interviewed. They all must be eliminated for trying to conspire against the will of the White People.

000000  No.12098875

The far right is rising everywhere, friendo. From US, Europe to even India and Japan and to China and Brazil,


87bad1  No.12098898

File: 39b2795eb536d3a⋯.jpg (105.97 KB, 819x836, 819:836, BOLSONARO.JPG)


It's actually just Israel subverting all Nations.

936b08  No.12099079

File: 022e180e08894aa⋯.jpg (65.35 KB, 800x512, 25:16, brazil RWDS.jpg)

File: aad281d26085d9f⋯.png (531.25 KB, 800x518, 400:259, Brazil da man.png)

The Rise of Brazil's far‑Right - new report

"He has called for a return to dictatorship. He has said he would rather his son die than be gay. He told a fellow congresswoman he wouldn’t rape her because she was “not worthy of it.” And he might be Brazil’s next president."

A machine gun of hate

"Bolsonaro “is the symptom of a country in crisis,” says Brazilian journalist Carol Pires. “He’s like a machine gun for hate… and people are concerned about the same things he is.” She spoke … about why he’s garnered a following and what it means for South America’s largest country.

Question:- Bolsonaro is known for making incendiary, misogynist, and homophobic statements. Why do so many Brazilians support him?

>because what's not to like?

A Celebration of Right Wing Death Squads

Carol Pires: "He once said that the problem with Brazil’s dictatorship (which lasted from 1964 to 1985 and which left hundreds dead) was that it hadn’t killed more people - that it should have killed 30,000 more Brazilians, including [former President] Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who was exiled during the regime. He would often make homophobic and misogynistic comments and the like.

"Then in 2016, during the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, when he voted in favor of impeachment, he used his time at the podium to praise the chief of a famous torture unit during the dictatorship (Rousseff had been tortured during the era). From that point on, he became a national figure, present on social media and traveling around Brazil.

"In the beginning, I don’t think any journalists or political analysts thought he would go any further than Congress. But now here we are."


d1f93e  No.12099110


> poster thinking anti-Palestenian is pro-Juden

Piss off all nations surrounding Israel

Israel smokes civilians as they usually do

U.N. condemns Israel

< We've had enough of your shit too

Muslims serg-raid Israel

Problem solved

000000  No.12100853


Leftist freak using a (((media))) outlet, full of lies, to try to dismiss a Right wing candidate, while trying to push the idea that Palestine is good just because they are against the kikes.

We will have all of you leftists killed.

Every single one of you and your children will be killed by us.

6f01b6  No.12108665

File: 70bd7e0f669caf2⋯.png (627.15 KB, 656x2310, 328:1155, Welcome_To_Post-Coup_Brazi….png)



9dcfd6  No.12108751

File: 5fef336e79d01dd⋯.webm (7.68 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Idi Amin.webm)

a48bd6  No.12108812


those two assholes from renegade tribune may be fucking nuts but they sure do have good articles.

5aab64  No.12109218


Save the Portuguese that are still in Brazil!

1cd145  No.12112033




be12e8  No.12116828

Just heard this man has just stabbed. Reminds me of what happened to Pim Fortuyn, the Left are at it again.

936b08  No.12117057

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's a 30 second video that catches the moment of the stabbing - Hard to see the attack though.

936b08  No.12117087

File: 5f44aaf781ba84f⋯.jpg (70.46 KB, 618x1097, 618:1097, Bolsonaro faca-bolsonaro-6….jpg)

File: 39f43a9703c0d44⋯.jpg (33.79 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Bolsonaro agresor-de-bolso….jpg)

File: 7c6f6f5a7881255⋯.jpg (31.43 KB, 600x337, 600:337, Bolsonaro agresor-de-bolso….jpg)

This is the suspect.

note his features, mud genes and hair

this is the weapon used

There is a great article about this attack on Bolsonaro and what it implies or means for Brazil .

"Brazil: Jair Messias Bolsonaro, Law-And-Order Trumpian Presidential Candidate, Stabbed; Will Survive"

by Octavio Rivera

>It's over at the 'Thai Fuck Shack'.

936b08  No.12117184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The article mentioned above is at the Daily Sperger.

GOOD linked VIDEO about Bolsonaro. He kicks some ass in this interview.

be12e8  No.12122339

Racist Attack.

d1a170  No.12122345

This went his way. Getting stabbed for the exact reasons you campaigned for cements your cause. This guy was anti crime and what happens? He gets enriched so now people are going to remember it every time he shows his scar, every time he talks about it and he can even go as far as "#METOO" when it comes to crime.

1535b8  No.12122498

His pro Israel stance is bizarre, but former president Lula pro Palestine stance was equally bizarre. Brazil is not much of a global player, and usually doesn't meddle in the affairs of other countries. The cold war never ended in South America, though. Cuba is still communist and actively spreading communist propaganda. They're responsible in part for Venezuela's descent into communism. The former leftist government of Brazil used to give gifts to Cuba and even bought a significant amount of Cuban slaves to work in Brazil. I think his pro Israel stance is mostly political signaling. He wants to be seen as being on America's side of the "cold war".

c14f7d  No.12122513


Say what you want about hues, but at least they have the right attitude regarding gangbanging criminal subhumans.

4385ee  No.12122540

File: 967f96a9e263356⋯.jpg (97.43 KB, 482x424, 241:212, 1438282990485.jpg)

When will brazil just go full on death squads on the cartels? Complete vermin that only lives on the scraps of civilization.

1ccbdb  No.12126491

File: 073d90a37b149ad⋯.png (88.88 KB, 951x458, 951:458, muslims kikes best ally.png)


Cancer. Go back to >>>/leftypol/

Temer and Serra are globalists and against Israel, just like the other (((social-democrats)) and just like you are. The picture is some fake diplomacy crap. And there was no coup, you leftist disgrace.

The real reason "Temer" would had opened Brazil to Zionist Christians is due to Masonic aversion of Catholicism. They were the ones pushing protestantism over here, and, then, nigger-tier "churches".

Bolsonaro, on contrary to these globalists, is pro-Israel, but that wouldn't change shit for our country, since we are not USA and we have no military business over that region. He's bluepilled, just like you, and thinks Israel is some kind of nemesis of muslims. The good thing about it is he's against UN and rapefugees colonization, he's redpilled about these two subjects.

Israel, Syria, Saudi, the so-called Palestinians, shiites and sunnis can kill themselves as they wish. Those lands were owned by greek-colored Christians, not jewish or muslim mutts. Fuck them both. And fuck you, leftie.

Globalism x Zionism is scissors strategy.

Muslims x Jews is scissors strategy too, check pic related.

But you are unable to learn with it because you're a leftist retard. You don't give a shit about the JQ, you just want to corrupt the Right and Nationalists and spread your anti-American narrative. You hate Pissrael because it's not tolerant to your beloved goat fuckers and because they are allies to USA, the same goes to Bolsonaro. That's the truth. Lefties are unable to think beyond their "Capitalist" and "Imperialist" boogeymen, so they can't get to solutions to real problems.

Leftism is cancer.


Lula allied himself with international jewry/globalism/social-democracy/progressives. Bolsonaro allied himself with neopentecostal politicians, because that's all we had to fight against degeneracy and abortion in our Congress, and sympathizes with American Republicans for being bluepilled and falling for Democrats x Republicans political dialectic. That's how he got into sympathizing Israel. Both approaches are irrelevant for other than voting in UN, seriously, UN must disappear or be heavily reformed, being a lesser annoyance.

In contrast, Cuba and Venezuela relations are very relevant to our country. Our neighborhood well-being and our subversive enemies who want to take over our country are the most important thing for us. This, Cuba, Venezuela and other leftist allies, this is relevant. This is important and should be dealt with strategically to fix our situation and save the future.

7a33f2  No.12126523


They were lying to support their narrative while praising Liberation Theology, the worst subversion inside the Catholic Church. They were praising the subversion of our country. I hope >>12108665 acknowledges his lies and sins and converts to Christ before dying. I also hope mods won't take it easy with him. That is leftist shilling and shitting in our board, and we should be hygienized from it.

Memento mori, leftytards. And your end is near. Repent and convert while you can.

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