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File: 2150d62811cbb91⋯.png (661.73 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c95ece31947c676⋯.png (63.67 KB, 331x552, 331:552, ClipboardImage.png)

2149f2 No.11845093

China can’t match Washington’s new tariffs as it has in previous rounds, so it is reviewing plans to hit back in other ways

>The U.S.’s plan to wallop China with new tariffs is putting Beijing in a bind, forcing it to retaliate in ways likely to cast doubt on its commitment to rules-based global trade. The Trump administration’s announcement that it plans to clamp 10% tariffs on a further $200 billion in Chinese goods—from tech gear like routers to furniture and handbags—stoked anger and hand-wringing among Chinese officials on Wednesday. China doesn’t import enough from the U.S. to match Washington dollar for dollar as it has in previous rounds, so Beijing is reviewing plans to hit back in other ways, said Chinese officials familiar with the plans.

>Measures being rolled out include holding up licenses for U.S. firms, delaying approval of mergers and acquisitions involving U.S. companies and ramping up inspections of American products at borders, the officials said. A Commerce Ministry statement on Wednesday described Beijing as “shocked” by the U.S. action and said China “has no choice but to take necessary countermeasures.” It didn’t elaborate.

>Behind the scenes, however, officials described the mood as more cautious. Senior Chinese officials are weighing how far to press the retaliation without hurting other national interests, according to the officials. The retaliatory measures are the kind of nontariff barriers that U.S. and European businesses have long complained about, and Beijing is actively courting allies in Europe and elsewhere to fight what officials call U.S. “trade bullying.”

>China also needs the U.S. for more than just trade. “The U.S. is not China’s enemy as both countries face many common challenges,” said one of the officials, listing climate change, terrorism and other problems. And the tariff battle threatens to sap an already weakening Chinese economy. In recent days, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua, who oversees foreign investment, has instructed local governments to gauge how the biggest round of U.S. tariffs to date—25% duties on $34 billion of Chinese goods imposed on Friday—is affecting American businesses operating in China, the officials said. In particular, authorities are looking for signs of U.S. companies potentially moving facilities out of China, the officials said. That would be a blow to Beijing’s effort to attract foreign capital and keep people employed at a time of gathering economic gloom.

>Internationally, China is trying to project itself as a responsible trading partner, turning to the World Trade Organization for intervention in the dispute with the U.S. and ratcheting up efforts to enlist European countries for support. Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed a joint commitment to free trade in public comments during talks in Berlin this week. Beijing recognizes that it needs be careful with such favoritism, the officials said, and not turn the trade fight into an anti-U.S. crusade.



62d3f3 No.11845106

File: fc8d5dc1cf06af8⋯.jpg (74.49 KB, 740x864, 185:216, c1893c77a29d3280188ae8f260….jpg)

>when your entire economy is based on shipping shit to the States, but the states only has to consume shit which it can get elsewhere marginally cheaper

>thinking you can win a trade war with them

533b9c No.11845138

What will they target ? Soy ? kek

68569c No.11845146


Prelude to China calling uncle and grovelling for mercy.

0fbeb5 No.11845173


They won't last 10 minutes.

9a6235 No.11845195

File: ba773bfb088f121⋯.gif (170.14 KB, 360x346, 180:173, tenor.gif)


>when your entire economy is based on shipping shit to the States

19% of their shit goes to the "states". you imbeciles shipped the factories to china. you need the goods.

2149f2 No.11845203

File: 86b5aa08e06732d⋯.png (650.23 KB, 630x420, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


>An American company that ships cherries to a coastal province in southeast China recently encountered a new hurdle at the border: Customs officers ordered a load into quarantine for a week, so it spoiled and was sent back to the United States. American pet-food makers, meanwhile, say they’re facing more rigorous inspections at ports, which delay goods from reaching shelves and ultimately hurt sales. And a U.S. manufacturer that exports vehicles to China recorded a 98 percent jump in random border inspections over the past month, throwing the firm behind schedule.

>American business leaders fear these are the “qualitative measures” China warned it would unleash if President Trump imposed tariffs on its exports to the United States. Just days before the first ­25 percent levy is slated to hit $34 billion in Chinese products, U.S. companies here say they’re already feeling the sting in the form of stalled product approvals, worker visas and licensing applications.



8f274d No.11845207

That's what happens when you're entire paper economy is driven by U.S. exports. We're already fucked and know it, but the least we can do is take Chai-nah down with us. Check mate yellow dragon.

5a2ac8 No.11845210


>China stop the import of fresh food

<Millions starve

I think I've heard this one before.

88cca9 No.11845219


> you need the goods.

Nigger I don't need 10,000 different utensils made of shitty chink plastic in order to make dinner. I can divide the yolk from an egg with a metal spoon.

533b9c No.11845220



The only leverage could be tech firms but the favour is clearly going for the US, which is a great opportunity to save the Western World from the yellow menace.

b5d996 No.11845223


And yet they still can't make enough boats to sail over here and take the farmland they need so much more than we need plastic shit for dollar stores.

9a6235 No.11845233


apparently you do. otherwise you wouldn't buy them. stupid mcfatty.

1076bd No.11845237

Awesome news, as soon as the American (and European) companies start to feel any threat to their businesses they’ll start building their shit in other countries then they’ll shutter the factories in China and the dirty chinks lose in the long term.

278043 No.11845238


Uh oh, looks like the companies will have to bring those factories back to the states and pay US workers to make the goods.

That'll really fuck the american people.

9a6235 No.11845246


they'll buy the corn and soy from brazil.

great job maga-tards.

b5d996 No.11845252


>They'll buy the corn and soy from the country that has to import corn and soy from the US.

9a6235 No.11845253


>factories just pop up from the ground overnight


5a2ac8 No.11845260

File: 58a0b7e59f6f387⋯.png (368.06 KB, 1793x459, 1793:459, what's the next step of yo….png)

File: 3daea40d90f838a⋯.jpg (212.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, dominican-republic-family-….jpg)

File: f375143cbb12709⋯.jpg (47.17 KB, 278x674, 139:337, Domician_Republic.JPG)

24ad1e No.11845263


Sure, but China doesn't really have US tech firms, so that's a moot point, and the Chinese consumer will opt for the black market instead if they actually do ban US tech products, and nothing of value will be lost if its those companies listed.

9a6235 No.11845265

File: 16b39e34f3f161d⋯.png (747.92 KB, 960x930, 32:31, 14141.png)


how does my dick taste, anon?

24ad1e No.11845271


Feels good man, less corn to make tortillas in USA, beaners btfo.

9a6235 No.11845274

File: 4dd511570c4c631⋯.jpg (6.11 KB, 179x250, 179:250, download.jpg)


>when the chinese ally with the latino goblins and destroy you

b5d996 No.11845275


Your dick wouldn't make it past my lips when hard. US corn is made into ethanol, which is not exported as food.

5f42dd No.11845277


>we need China

lol no

9a6235 No.11845295

File: d0b3a049f1398c6⋯.gif (3.25 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1509627915508.gif)




y'all getting raped by the chinese.

ec5e15 No.11845300


Why would Brazil need to import two things which they are the co-leaders in world production behind only US by a small margin ?

b5d996 No.11845305


Because despite being a top producer you still need more because you have 1 billion people?

9a6235 No.11845314


>Why would Brazil need to import two things which they are the co-leaders in world production

maga-tards are on crack at this point

99e2d6 No.11845317

File: cfa1eff7ac4de97⋯.jpg (28.78 KB, 449x306, 449:306, cw9Dhs2.jpg)

These bugs really didn't see this coming, and their idiotic response is 100% chinked. It's a disturbing redpill to accept that the enemies of the white man can be so easily defeated, yet these feeble shits have been allowed to abuse us for so long because the vile jews fucked everything up.


9a6235 No.11845322

File: c31fad76843e0cc⋯.jpg (151.94 KB, 600x400, 3:2, china-giant-panda-sichuan-….jpg)


your soap dropped, nigga.

5a2ac8 No.11845338

File: 13c2b42b61855d4⋯.jpg (75.79 KB, 680x941, 680:941, 47c.jpg)


Thanks for admitting who you are and your purpose here, Mr. 16.1. Go ahead, post more 56%.

9a6235 No.11845351

File: ce82d7ed5eb19c7⋯.jpg (8.51 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 12121.jpg)


you are one salty bastard, ain't ya?! no wonder the chinese will slap you beyond the island chains and put bases in mexico and canada just to fuck with you bitch ass.

445fe3 No.11845357


>>Measures being rolled out include holding up licenses for U.S. firms, delaying approval of mergers and acquisitions involving U.S. companies and ramping up inspections of American products at borders, the officials said. A Commerce Ministry statement on Wednesday described Beijing as “shocked” by the U.S. action and said China “has no choice but to take necessary countermeasures.” It didn’t elaborate.

Okay? And when the US applies tariffs on another $200billion in goods in retaliation? Because the US has not hit the China -> US import cap even though China has hit the US -> China import cap.

What did these chinks think would happen when they tried to fight with a larger, significantly healthier economy that imports more from them than they do?

d37089 No.11845361




US economy is much more needed to the world then the world is needed to the US economy, Now you do imagine China economy, paper tiger was already slowed down the last years and now they are fucked, a economy like china needs like plus 10% growth by year to even be healthy. Its going to spiral down now.

Also, brazilian market is considered more closed then the chinese one and its in the eye of the storm to collapse if reform arent done in that shithole.

Do you think brazil you be a escape for chinese niggers? Think again, depending on a shithole like that over US is suicide.

ec5e15 No.11845367


One billion people ? for fuck's sake american, your people are always validating the stereotype that the average american have absolute no knowledge of the world around them, Brazil is less populous than US by 110 million people.

445fe3 No.11845373


>>Internationally, China is trying to project itself as a responsible trading partner, turning to the World Trade Organization for intervention in the dispute with the U.S.

<…turning to the U.S. for intervention in the dispute with the U.S.

Does no one on the planet understand that all of these "world" organizations/committees are by a vast majority just the US?

Who do they think has been propping up and paying for these groups? It sure as hell hasn't been other countries.

9a6235 No.11845382

File: f8390d9b594eaaa⋯.png (80.42 KB, 396x378, 22:21, 1530576293204.png)


>US economy is much more needed to the world then the world is needed to the US economy,

yes, because the world needs whatever the amerifat military industrial complex has to offer.

that's literally the only thing your industry produces.

445fe3 No.11845383


>you need the goods.

The US has the natural resources to be 100% self sustained.

So false buddy!

b71686 No.11845393


pretty much this.

so much of imported goods from china are near disposable trash. Amazon is completely flooded with Chinese garbage.

445fe3 No.11845396


They don't. They get built by another wholly internal industry. Creating more jobs and keeping more money in the states. (((your))) post helped prove his point. Did (((you))) mean to do that?

d37089 No.11845399


I´m not american, nigger, those are the facts, 99% of the world economy today was build by US, god, the chinese economy is only what is now because of US uplifted it to have a cheap electronic market.

9a6235 No.11845403

File: ffb81e89311c835⋯.gif (915.28 KB, 245x285, 49:57, 1512769695793.gif)


yeah, man, iphones grow on fucking trees.

wakanda tier delirious motherfucker.

b5d996 No.11845406


And here I thought we were talking about China.

88cca9 No.11845407


Sorry to break your heart faggot but I'm /thatguy/ who grew up on Alton Brown so I hate special tools and I use glass containers and Bee's Wrap to store things so I minimalize all plastics used.

bf29bb No.11845411


China imports 70% of their food from the US. As long as they are kept out of Africa, the US has them by the balls. They can backtalk and threaten all they want, the fact is out there - America halts food shipments, their whole nation collapses overnight.

e7e920 No.11845419


i phones are for the chinese … you think if apple falls apart america will

heres a proposition… we dont have iphones you dont have flour

9a6235 No.11845420


you ain't got the industry to make jack shit.

factories aren't built after 5 minutes of clapping. it takes time.

whatcha gonna do until then, timmy? play new age music and smoke marijuana?

9a6235 No.11845425

File: 2300134955e892a⋯.gif (993.58 KB, 500x295, 100:59, 32311312.gif)


>you think if apple falls apart america will

it's funny because it's true

e7e920 No.11845428


turn china into one big north korea … we are playing in the big leagues now boys


ec5e15 No.11845439


Depends on which goods we're talking about here, tungsten which is very important for dozens of industries are completely dominated by the chinks, the whole world combined don't produce more tungsten.

Suddendly the prices of metalworking tools will skyrocket in US because the chinks will retaliate by overtaxing it, and since they dominate the market US will have no choice but to buy it from them.

e7e920 No.11845441


its true like her hair color , aka not true

I guess I asked a retorical question , and an idiot responded.

well played (no response required)

b6be50 No.11845443

9a6235 No.11845447

File: b797b473634f9a6⋯.jpg (203.04 KB, 674x506, 337:253, 1hzgyg.jpg)


> I'm /thatguy/

oh, shit.

ec5e15 No.11845452


They are already overtaking Africa as we speak, Zimbabwe for example adopted the chinese yuan as their national coin, and their land is full of chink farmers.


9a6235 No.11845454

File: c43b221503b9e67⋯.gif (3.65 MB, 400x224, 25:14, incredulous.gif)


>Can't wait for the tariffs to get higher.

you can't wait to pay 30% more for your daily stuff? cool.

e7e920 No.11845456


"buy it from them" …

or go to war, the chinese have to play ball.

so what is it worth , to both sides???

we are going to find out cause this is exactly what is being put on the table , its not even a question of what if. Just wait and find out.

But really tungsten, is that going to keep us from going into the future??? Maybe anon.

I guess we are playing a game of civ 5 and trying to figure out if we are on land that has oil or aluminum … but maybe we just need to discover a new tech to make it ok????

interesting times

e7e920 No.11845461


and 30% less for freedom , stop being a jew and thinking money is the most important thing in life

bf29bb No.11845464


Yeah, and that's why SEALS and Green Berets are all over Africa now, under the guise of "fighting islamists". Chinks are constantly getting all sorts of problems with their colonization, and not because of lazy niggers. What I don't get is why Erik Prince supports them.

9a6235 No.11845472

File: 9b2199489237240⋯.jpg (33.3 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>and 30% less for freedom

he thinks he's free. lel



7a834b No.11845475


Kek what are they going to do? Stop shipping their garbage to America? Good luck with that.

China collapse when?

b6be50 No.11845476


Yeah, damn I didn't think about that. China has been doing me a favor with their low price lead-laced fish sticks.

9a6235 No.11845480



i can sense your fear

6564a3 No.11845495

The goons don’t run anything, no matter how much they control.

ec5e15 No.11845499

File: e563e87c6b16078⋯.jpg (178.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


The chinks even have a base in the horn of Africa now, they're preparing themselves for a possible 'happening'.


b6be50 No.11845501


>spaming as many images as possible

>can't embed

>le 56%

Start calling everyone a kike and you'll fit right in.

1afce1 No.11845511

Time to raise prices on exporting water and crops.

9a6235 No.11845519


embed my dick, faggot.

e7e920 No.11845520


I checked the link but it doesnt work cause Im in china where were have tungsten and are most free people

I eat mangos that neve get old

my people rule world with pure women … most greatest women … they only eat fish

I have calculated freedom ratio , china 80% more free than US

1) we are so free we dont even create , we just take the IP from US

2) our women, so beautiful

3) we have more tungensten than america, we go to trade war america has no tools , we build everything we win. We are even free to commit suicide as you can see by the people that work in our factories. In america sucided assistance is a crime … so old school

so as you can see we will win this trade war , by enslaving our own people to the point where they commit suicide and with tungensten because that is really the only point anyone has put in this thread and no one has made any suggestion to how much tungensten is worth to china

no bread for you idiot , i like you pics though … more americans , less asians please

9a6235 No.11845529

6a555e No.11845538


>China doesn’t import enough from the U.S. to match Washington dollar for dollar

Ha! China has reached the end of their ability to retaliate. We could tariff another 400 billion in goods if we wanted.

daee59 No.11845564

Keke this is the problem with dictatorships like China.

They can't appear weak so they don't negotiate and strike back while it would be much wiser to come on terms with Trump and make the lowering of tariffs and ending the tech espionage easier.

Instead they double down and drive the truck towards the cliff with greater speed.

China is fighting a fight they can't win since they basically built their economy around parasitism on the US like any commie does(SU did until Reagan pulled the plug).

And the US can just buy more quality shit elsewhere for cheaper. The lwo tier shit that you really can't produce in the returning industry.

88cca9 No.11845565


>you can't wait to pay 30% more for your daily stuff? cool.

>daily stuff

Nigger does my chicken breast and produce come from China? No? What the fuck else are "daily stuff?"


>The chinks even have a base in the horn of Africa now, they're preparing themselves for a possible 'happening'.



>Chinese naval base

2 of our Super-Carriers could defeat the entire worlds' navies combined in about 48 hours.

88cca9 No.11845573

File: a2f9dbf17860bee⋯.png (459.04 KB, 600x361, 600:361, ClipboardImage.png)


>us vs them

30e187 No.11845576


>>Can't wait for the tariffs to get higher.

>you can't wait to pay 30% more for your daily stuff? cool.

Trump should be using quotas not tariffs. That way no one can bitch and complain about muh free trade!

6a555e No.11845577


>>China stop the import of fresh food

We ship tons of chicken, beef, etc. to china just so the chinks can butcher it and package it. The reality is that most of our exports to china are raw materials that Chinese industry requires. We aren't selling consumer goods on any significant scale. When we do sell a finished product to china they just pirate it and sell it themselves.

bf29bb No.11845590


>the virgin chink dinghy vs. the Chad U.S. supercarrier

533b9c No.11845596



Why do you think Trump is trying to become Kim's friend ?

71df19 No.11845603


Holy shit what niggers. I think everyone in the world is tired of their shit and soon their people will be too.

6a555e No.11845604


Chinese goods are too expensive. The failure rate of Chinese goods is through the roof. Only 1 out of every 4 products manufactured in China actually work. Chinks have to make something 4 times in the hopes that 1 of those times they'll do it right. American manufacturers could easily beat that failure rate. The only reason why the Chinks make everything is because the Jews intentionally killed of manufacturing in the West. We don't buy chink shit because it's less expensive, we buy it because kikes intentionally bankrupted their competitors.

bf29bb No.11845611


>experts believe

Opinion discarded.

North Korea is a barren chunk of rock. Had it had anything of value, chinks would have pillaged it ages ago.

62d3f3 No.11845614

File: 5785da745b4c4d8⋯.jpg (85.29 KB, 493x653, 493:653, 5785da745b4c4d80ad17f049fc….jpg)



Chinese Internet Defense Force BTFO once again

88cca9 No.11845630


U.S.S. Chad Ford-class

ec5e15 No.11845633


This anon is right


if best Korea had something special about them other than rocks and shit climate, the chinks would have got their hands on it and then they would what they always do when they seek a landgrab. Send millions of their chinks so that the majority of population is now Han chinese therefore it is now China.

ec5e15 No.11845637


I wonder if it is actual chinks from mainland China or their expats from their new colony (Canada).

62d3f3 No.11845641


They are the exact same thing

>t. BCfag

9a6235 No.11845655

File: bc58300e49f4920⋯.png (17.13 KB, 694x98, 347:49, 67567567.png)



womp womp

71df19 No.11845661


>The guardian with never before seen stats

Woah how reliable, did they pull that from their ass like they always do?

ec5e15 No.11845663

File: 44080ae8d868eec⋯.jpg (36.99 KB, 530x298, 265:149, Chinks.jpg)


My condolences for your country anon


Pic unrelated

e7e920 No.11845672


I have found their data collecting to be more careful than others


bf29bb No.11845674



>ready to fight back

China's famous last words. For 3000 years and counting.

b6be50 No.11845688


It's K-I-K-E. Anyone can say faggot.

b6be50 No.11845699

I love the CIDF that is running rampant in this thread. They must be getting fucked hard by these tariffs. I bet it's the guy that's been posting the chink porn of the girl with the bruises.

533b9c No.11845701



North Korea is not Hong Kong.

A conflict with North Korea could actually destabilize the surrounding Chinese régions because they are very poor and ethnically Korean, they would have a hard time to be on China's side.

A Chinese invasion would frighten Africa and South East Asian States, and break China's cute sneaky Panda diplomacy.

The rare earth metals used by the recent high tech industry have only become useful recently, after NK became a paranoid nuclear shithole

NK doesnt have the technological infrastructure and knowledge to extract their ressources

Maybe they are paranoid not because they only want to keep the regime alive, but also because they want to maintain their sovereignty and control over their ressources in a Banking Jew World with their own nuclear arsenal

I could see a US-NK ressource deal happening.

The US gets the rare metals for its shitty iphones

NK gets money, stability and legitimacy

sorry i'm french drunk tired and retarded

254bc6 No.11845714

Holy chinese shills! Chinks are the new kikes?

When did this happen?

2dfd49 No.11845787

>America raises tariffs to legal limits

>China wants to raise tariffs

>Can't because they're already skirting the legal limits

lol get fukt China, you kikes of the far east. I can't wait for you to flip on that nuclear reactor you're so proud of and certain it won't backfire. Go on and shoah yourselves.



2c45f1 No.11845800


i though jews were allergic to ts memes? (((21))) so far.


yeah, everyone that needs a cellphone in the us, already HAS a cellphone. plus there's all those leftover obamaphones to be resold. there's no need for more of them. let the faggots get by on version 51 or whatever and so what if they don't get version 67 next year …

2c45f1 No.11845806


we don't need the rare earths from nork. we've got our own.

look it up, one of the world's largest resources and what used to be the world's largest producers of rare earths is right here in the usa, on the border of california and nevada.

right now, Trump is gutting epa regs and before long, we're gonna be able to re-open that motherfucker.

d6b426 No.11845843

File: 93928d4034e32db⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 5568x3656, 696:457, US CHINA TRADE WAR.jpg)

File: a610a555ddcfc52⋯.png (3.86 MB, 1424x2274, 712:1137, Yeah. Yeeeaaaaah..png)

d6b426 No.11845846

File: b3cd45c4f62883f⋯.jpg (54.15 KB, 713x642, 713:642, Yes.JPG)

ec5e15 No.11845852


Is that a half chink half irish spawn ?

d6b426 No.11845867


In case you were wondering….

>China: 2.27B

>2.27B * 0.19 = 431,300,000

>US: 1.32B

>1.32B * 0.092 = 121,400,000

China: Gets nearly half a billion from trade with US.

US: Gets barely 100 million from trade with China

what could go wrong

dd5bfe No.11845876



Is this the new code word for "i'm a fucking shill"

Because every thread where iphones get mentioned the person saying it is a total fucking faggot.

b6be50 No.11845880


There is a reason they're called the kikes of Asia.

6f0ac8 No.11845941

File: b355753948cb7fe⋯.gif (351.63 KB, 500x300, 5:3, b355753948cb7fe6f2bbb3e15e….gif)

9cc6b9 No.11845979

File: 3942f1d5876e909⋯.jpg (432.88 KB, 2000x1330, 200:133, madman.jpg)


>sending them rotten cherries


31b542 No.11846000

So how does this effect American companies that outsource to China? We've had threads on the "trade war" but I hardly ever see that topic discussed.

24ad1e No.11846015


I don't think so, American companies in China are actually their own entities, so most of the employees are Chinese and mainly owned by the Chinese ((government)).

It makes very little sense for China to close them down.

9cc6b9 No.11846017

>>11846000 (checked)

it de-incentivizes them outsourcing to china tripsman

71df19 No.11846033

Funny how chinks fight dirty even when fighting dirty is the most retarded way to fight.

9cc6b9 No.11846045

File: e540e25649f0811⋯.png (82.25 KB, 1370x880, 137:88, 2015-11-17_14-47-26.png)


>this cheap chinese shill

the chinese state owns large portions of almost every company allowed to operate in china

e7e920 No.11846049


chinks know how to fight idiot, stop being a fucking cheerleader and be a smart person … we dont look for followers on this board

31b542 No.11846052


I mean that's the impression I got from the fourth paragraph. I'm just surprised outsourcing doesn't get brought up much when either the media or /pol/ talks about the "trade war" because I'm pretty sure using tariffs as a deterent to outsourcing was something that Trump brought up from time to time during the campaign.

71df19 No.11846060

9cc6b9 No.11846067


yes he did bring it up several times to be honest i thought it was common knowledge that tariffs deterred outsourcing

324751 No.11846075



Another Trump win.

9cc6b9 No.11846077



sorry for drunk posting anon I think I replied to the wrong guy

31b542 No.11846084


I should hope it's common knowledge on here, but it just irks me that it's something the MSM just seems to be (((convienently))) glancing over whenever tariffs get brought up.

d660c4 No.11846106

File: 6e49b1aa8dba09f⋯.jpg (102.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [screaming intensifies].jpg)


America should go slap that bitch boi up.

Send in the UFO's and drop mini-nukes on all major cities in specific locations targeting banks, government buildings and corporations.

Just nuke them.

It's the only way.

Otherwise they might get the first drop.

b6be50 No.11846144





Ching-chong bing-bong, bitch.

000000 No.11846169


>cast doubt on its commitment to rules-based global trade

was this ever a thing to begin with?

71df19 No.11846179


>Chinas very first reaction to the so unfair american tariffs is to turn away boats carrying food until the food rots

No, they're just weak and liars.

86b230 No.11846201


Shake shake shake Djibouti

a5bbfd No.11846230

chinese are so fucking shortsighted its unbelievable

7adc55 No.11846232

>US complains about super-'illegal' unfair practices

>China: whatcha talkin' 'bout goy?

>US: okay we've had enough – tariffs, bitches

>China: tariff back at you

>US: oh yeah? more tariffs, fuckwads!

>China: fuck we can't into tariff more. wat do?

>China: remember that stuff we claimed we weren't doing? we're going to do more of that now

>US: thanks admitting it cocksuckers

US wins again


566c59 No.11846256

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

We'll make their economy crumble just like their buildings

206fa6 No.11846272

File: df89f80aba73163⋯.jpg (52.77 KB, 640x625, 128:125, 9fe5bbd364472c4b8edd6eb1c2….jpg)


They'll move all the cheap manufacturing to Vietnam or some other shithole if the chinks won't play ball.

1d6403 No.11846278


Vietnamese here, I fear that case would lead to an actual war with Vietnam vs China.

The US better move back all their industries into the heartland and make good quality products again, I'm sick of chink shit too.

95024c No.11846279

File: 96eafb130753981⋯.gif (88.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, comfysantapepe.gif)

206fa6 No.11846297

File: 4485fa013536f83⋯.png (351 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>China invading Vietnam supplied with American equipment

ba9b76 No.11846298

File: ccf91893aec17b7⋯.jpg (71.3 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ccf91893aec17b77190fdde9cc….jpg)



I would expect its our normal shills. Remember jews own everything. But one of their favorite ways (in the west) of 'owning' things so they don't actually have to work, or be liable for problems is stocks.

So they got rich off of the massive stock gains and capital gains from dividends for years after shipping out the factories. But now, this threatens that, and thanks to this going live and is utterly out of their hands now, they are under threat of those same factories in china just being seized. Making their stocks, worthless. China isn't 'giving up' any of those factories, they set up everything specifically to counter that issue long ago as part of their welcome to china agreements.

And that means the yids are about to lose massive revenue generating wealth at the same time nobody is going to have sympathy for traitor companies that shipped everything overseas anyway so they are not 'american' so don't need to be bailed out. A few years ago, they might have been able to at least salvage something, but thanks to our rise and the fires we have stoked, they are at real risk of going belly up. And whats more, due to their eternal 'globalism' shitting, china could invoke trumped up debts levied against stockholders for breach of various contracts for reasons. And china will still have massive pull enough to reach far into the world to tickle little jewish noses using their own jew tricks against them since the ant people are the jews of the orient as well.

And if china nationalizes factories from the globalist clutches, its likely dozens of other nations will follow suite while everyone is distracted. Who gives a fuck about some rich 'american' stock holders right? Cascading issues are already threatening to rear their head from this. After all, this is just the first fucking month.

1d6403 No.11846326


Gonna be a bloodbath tbh.

Vietnam is ill prepared for war.

52a4bf No.11846376


>pure women

I see more Chinese women race mixing than any other race lad

5ba985 No.11846378


I have noticed that too. I have noticed /leftypol/ sperging out here a lot more since Trump won. Also shills posts are short and meaningless. They get paid per post so they are always shitposts.

950051 No.11846391

File: e25f7a23458c174⋯.jpg (22.42 KB, 299x450, 299:450, Vietcong.jpg)


How low do you have to be before a gook is calling you a chink?

1d6403 No.11846398


Vietnam is not like in the past, we are cucks now.

e7e920 No.11846401


you only see because you are not free , you 25% free , you dont have tungensten enough to see …. you , you dumb round eye

f6bc48 No.11846458


>Yeah, and that's why SEALS and Green Berets are all over Africa now, under the guise of "fighting islamists".


>be a trump supporter

>spend last few years supporting economic nationalism and anti-globalism

>now bragging about being an imperialist globalist nation via boomer-tier conspiracies

It's like this board has gone full /r/the_donald.

950051 No.11846470

File: 9fd3860fa252109⋯.jpg (56.68 KB, 720x471, 240:157, Vietfags.jpg)


How is that any better?

No way you're worse than our kikes and their pet goyim

1d6403 No.11846475


I don't understand what the fuck do you mean?

I meant the military is in fucking shamles ever since the 80s and we did not improve/modernize.

ec5e15 No.11846484


Well it's like that saying:

"hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men and weak men create hard times"

950051 No.11846490

File: 3262a87e1b3fd65⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 1579x930, 1579:930, We_Dont_Need_No_Water.jpg)


Modernization didn't win you the last one, dummy. You were up against a superpower with nuclear weapons. What level of technology would have helped you win that fight?

Your clearly superior ancestors won because they could absorb more pain that the Jew Kissinger could dish out. You won't win against China by out-fighter jetting them, but by going underground like Trung Trac and Trung Nhi did 2,000 years ago.

Now fuck off. /pol/ is whites-only.

1d6403 No.11846496


lol Trung Trac and Trung Nhi lost you dumb motherfucker, they jumped off a cliff because they feared rape.

And they were up against the chinks too.

>What level of technology would have helped you win that fight?

USSR and Czech apparently.

000000 No.11846511

Remember the magic words, /pol



000000 No.11846514

950051 No.11846516


There was a point, sometime not long ago, that you read my comment and thought I gave a fuck about Vietnamese history and would appreciate being "corrected." In fact, I was urging you to follow them off that cliff before your new chink masters rape you too.

So, when I say "whites only," I mean you're two spots higher than a nigger, three down from a Korean, and we don't let Koreans on here.

So fuck off, jungle-nigger.

1d6403 No.11846520


Uhm, OK?

324751 No.11846540


Fucking checked. also, growing tons of soy on depleted fields (I learned this from an agraryan)

324751 No.11846573


Thank you so much for this video. These guys are champs, and talked me out of (((yellow fever))).

f630e6 No.11846696

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bumping a good thread with vid related, BPS gives a good analysis of possible revolution in China's mainland as a result of tariffs as well as a nice breakdown for why China can do absolutely nothing about it without killing itself in the process.

b6be50 No.11846845


>bumping with e-celeb bullshit without hooktube

You should be banned.

324751 No.11846875


The only ones that get banned are those that impair kike operations, such as the present smear campaign against Tarantino, which the mods have been substantially facilitating.

While it's reasonable speculation that he could be involved in nefarious activity, the kikes are gaslighting on a photo.

f967df No.11846920


>Beijing is actively courting allies in Europe and elsewhere to fight what officials call U.S. “trade bullying.”

now this is pathetic, fuck Chyna

f630e6 No.11846928


>good content is automatically bad because e-celeb

id listen to you but youre just a NAZI! - u

>no hooktube

do you not have adblock or ublock enabled?

b6be50 No.11846954


>hey guys check out this controlled op propaganda!

f967df No.11846959


he means China, you retarded subhuman

f630e6 No.11846987


>everyone but me is controlled op

>everyone but me is a glow in the dark kike


47bd33 No.11846994

File: 677e57e4d63626f⋯.jpg (167.81 KB, 682x449, 682:449, capitalism causes obesity.jpg)

Stupid China. Kim should conquer it.

Then the world.

b6be50 No.11847005


>channel opened 2011

>only starts producing videos at the height of the the right getting organized with content directed at them

>not controlled op

Tell me why it isn't because it looks like it is glowing from here.

b6be50 No.11847014


Wow! I can even give them money over paypal and patreon! Hey, do you like Sargon?

f630e6 No.11847031


>anyone that targets an audience to get neetbux must be controlled OP

By that logic, any anime youtuber is a controlled op that tries to subvert every viewer by moving them away from local animation. The reality is that its someone with a personal opinion talking about a specific show.


>give them money!

said you and only you, no one should ever donate money to people over the internet without expecting to be scammed and nowhere did i say you should give him gibs. I figured my mentioning adblock and ublock made that obvious.

>you like sargon

his content is objectively shit because like any alt lite faggot he has no answer for how individualism survives in a world where minorities vote as a unified group.

5c0613 No.11847035


>thread brings out the most anti-American and D&C shills we have seen in a long time

>yfw the yellow kike unleashes their sharebrue as their frinal wreapron

c58c47 No.11847038

b6be50 No.11847048


>I'll just ignore the part about the channel being inactive for 5 years until the operation started

>I never said to give them money!

>won't hooktube

It's your channel, isn't it?

f630e6 No.11847076


>5 years of inactivity

actually thats news to me, i never bothered to check the creation date and time of first upload though you're right, that's true. I'll still listen and formulate my own opinions, completely disagree with his pro faggotry stance for instance.

>wont hooktube

>that file already exists!

hooktube embed it yourself if you think im lying


>its your channel isnt it?

my channel only has my jam band and dox (as well as a sub 200 view count) so no, its not mine


>if you decide to listen to anyone besides group consensus you don't belong on /pol/

>tells me to go to thecuckold to circlejerk around group consensus

thanks for the laugh m8

9d6eee No.11847100


>do you not have adblock or ublock enabled?

>giving views to faggots

5a2ac8 No.11847121

File: 5a946ec4b27e10a⋯.jpg (81.49 KB, 620x480, 31:24, Foxconn-suicidenets1.jpg)


> We are even free to commit suicide

Ask me how I know you aren't chinese.

324751 No.11847136


> tariff war is going on

< you can't talk about that, this is a Hillary site.

324751 No.11847138



crap sorry, misread as "this doesn't"

t. tired

314962 No.11847141

Well… you know China I would personally be much more reasonably minded and wanting to have fair deals if you hadn't spent the past two decades doing everything in your power to steal American tech.

324751 No.11847158


Don't treat them as people. They are things. An object. An entity. They are not humanity.

000000 No.11847659


>so much of imported goods from china are near disposable trash.

Problem for the USA is, much of the stuff produced in China is not. China has monopoly in certain areas, chemistry, food and medical additives.

Much of the stuff you perceive as "American" like all of the Apple stuff is made in China and can not be produced in the USA even if you want to. At least not for a long time, preparation time.

5a2ac8 No.11847669

File: 74669e8db926377⋯.png (864.43 KB, 1432x1080, 179:135, 2dd5319362dbee66e655f2e10a….png)


Oh boy, I can't get an over priced spying device. What ever will I do?

a822ca No.11847751


Tariffs are not an embargo, dipshit. We can still buy Chinese goods, but this reduces their ability to undercut our domestic production.

7acbbf No.11847856

the absolute asspain in this thread by chinks is great

533b9c No.11848831

File: 57f2522489a7aa5⋯.png (20.8 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1523930410397.png)

Can the Don kill China ?

e85eb4 No.11848906


you don't have a domestic production for what china is selling.

where the made in the usa iphone, cretin?

where are the made in the usa clothes, retard?

you'll buy the same chinese made product but you'll pay 30% more for it.

7acbbf No.11848911


Why the fuck are

you typing like


e85eb4 No.11848915


the question applies only to you.

300ba3 No.11849102




I have never come across an ethnicity of women more attracted to me than the Chinese.

a88450 No.11849200

File: bc3d253e08fbd83⋯.jpg (329.18 KB, 750x1062, 125:177, bc3d253e08fbd839e27e07be24….jpg)

File: d13d18d5c0004c9⋯.jpg (950.17 KB, 784x951, 784:951, d13d18d5c0004c9484efd44ad8….jpg)








300ba3 No.11849261


Sadly the the majority of The Chinese people have been demoralized following the cultural revolution and are now following an ideology similar to that of Imperial japan.

a88450 No.11849280


Isn't there a certain rebellion gene? There's so many ChiNese that if even .01% rebel the Chicom oppression falls.

300ba3 No.11849288


They university students I spoke to where hopelessly brainwashed.

a88450 No.11849394


Nice dubs. Aren't those university students the soft spoiled children of bejing chicom soldiers? I doubt they'd have the will or strength to fight for freedom. I'm thinking the poor.

8d1092 No.11849406

the Wall Street Journal wrote a headline I like. They're the good goys now


a88450 No.11849642


>implying wsj is what matters here

>saying "you people" unironically like a faggot

Shouldn't you be somewhere getting raped by niggers and contracting AIDS?

000000 No.11849955



>They university students I spoke to where hopelessly brainwashed.

Why should they listen?

30 years ago sure.

20 years ago maybe, but already very skeptic


Are you joking, did realize how the western world looks to foreign observers?

What are the people on this Icelandic smelly fish preparation forum are discussing every day? Do you seriously believe Chinese want to experience a similar rapid decline like the west?

The west has lost all authority it ever had in the last decades out of a combination of other countries getting their shit in order and the western elites steering a course of complete madness.

Of course they, the Chinese don’t tell you every day, because they follow the advice of Napoleon. Don’t interrupt your enemy in committing an error.

a88450 No.11850012


Can't argue with that really. The western world has superior principles but it's strayed far from them with faggots, kikes, and darkies greasing the skids and pushing the cart all day every day.

e04031 No.11850022


>The western world has superior principles

No, I don't think it does. I understand you're trying to qualify it by pointing out that the West has strayed, but we're talking half a century now of this steady degradation into Weimar and more than a century of being an explicit tool and slave army for international jewry.

a88450 No.11850030


So what's your point? The straying has gone on for over 100 years since the Fed Reserve Act.

e04031 No.11850050


>So what's your point?

There is a point where it stops being "straying" and is the new normal. I'm saying the West is at that point, has been for decades, and isn't serious about genuinely adjusting the trajectory.

a88450 No.11850081


That smells like kike blackpilling to me, because if the crash course the west has been on was the "new normal", people wouldn't have fought back and elected Trump. He's a rebuke of the establishment. I don't think the degeneracy and underhandedness is the new normal, I think it's otherwise decent people lulled to sleep by kike media and prosperity waking up and realizing the conspiracy at work. At least there's life in the west, in all other places like ChiNa there's either chaos or subserviance to authoritarians.

e04031 No.11850099


>That smells like kike blackpilling to me

You let me know when literally hundreds of millions of shitskins are on their way out of the West and I'll start to take to seriously. That's what a serious effort to turn around the rot entails. Not playing around the edges with dog whistles and administrative taxes/tariffs/duties and treaty amendments. It means physically getting rid of subversive media.

>At least there's life in the west

No, there isn't. It is non-stop financial servitude and subjugation under nigger races with the full support of surveillance police state. The real blackpill is blatantly jewish cheerleaders like you posting from US military bases to keep people on team.

f066cf No.11850120


America can do with less smartphones AKA pocketkikes.

a88450 No.11850126


>dog whistles

>using stupid kike terminology

>blatantly jewish cheerleaders like you posting from US military bases


>using kike projection tactics

I knew I smelled blackniggercockpill on you faggot. I'd like the overton window to be shifting more radically back, but there is a big awakening going on and I didn't think even that was possible. There's hope, even if not much, and I'd rather be in the battle than carrying the niggerfaggot's banner of defeat around like (((you))).

e04031 No.11850131



a88450 No.11850141


>literal shut it down

Kek you're so easy to sniff out splc.

1491a4 No.11850151

File: 469392853a3336c⋯.jpg (60.41 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 21724bb84ab57519ef5e95448d….jpg)


Sigh… Yeah. Are you in Vancouver Anon? I've been looking for a hiking buddy.

c78696 No.11850160

File: 4f3203170dd3234⋯.png (4.01 MB, 1425x4413, 475:1471, angryindonesianman.png)


And a ching chong nip nong to you to.

a88450 No.11850167




>Are you in Vancouver


>I've been looking

>pedo spiral imagery


c58c47 No.11850205



>ecelebs are great

>advertising your cancer on h8/pol/ is okay

you don't belong here




22c881 No.11850208

File: 335197a79727af0⋯.png (264.86 KB, 1678x988, 839:494, ching chong navy.png)

File: 8e9613e4a73bec0⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 968x7648, 121:956, china stronk.jpg)

File: a34224e1cc713e0⋯.jpg (77.07 KB, 1183x577, 1183:577, a34224e1cc713e03c209839723….jpg)

File: 3b4d5b184eb0b98⋯.jpg (90.61 KB, 1184x579, 1184:579, 3b4d5b184eb0b98040538c41bf….jpg)

File: 9d7028a879a0b44⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 640x329, 640:329, chink repellant from frien….jpg)



Oh faggot do I have some stories for you.

c58c47 No.11850216



those students were protesting that the Chinese government wasn't communist ENOUGH you fucking retard

1491a4 No.11850221

File: e9f33ad2a76f6fd⋯.jpg (29.7 KB, 652x315, 652:315, 983.jpg)


>Doesn't recognize nightmare goggles meme

>All spirals are a leddit tier horror novel designed to frighten boomers

>"What is up fellow magapedes?"


9d8658 No.11850242

Guess the chinks better buck up and buy American. Quid pro quo, orientkikes!

02221e No.11850252

I get the feeling that China is going to balkanize someday.

22c881 No.11850265


Underchecked. Notice that the ass-ravaged domini-goblin fucked off when this was posted, implying his dumbass was posting from a chink-run machine in the first place.

9d8658 No.11850268

Guess the tech hardware makers may be regretting their decisions to go fabless and to outsource their manufacturing to chinaniggers at our expense.

cc1ac3 No.11850283


this. america will lose that trade war.

000000 No.11850296


>20 years ago

Lee Kuan Yew on the post-war breaking of the British spirit

In a speech [video] given on October 22, 2002 on the eve of Commemoration Day at Imperial College, Yew describes the degeneration of Britain under communism and diversity:

It was a different age and a different generation. After six exhausting years of bombings and privation, Londoners in the 1940s took great pride in themselves, were courteous and disciplined. Bomb sites were cleared, with the bricks neatly piled to one side and little make-shift gardens created.

Perhaps the most impressive sight I came upon was when I emerged from the tube station at Piccadilly Circus. I found a little table with a pile of newspapers and a box of coins and notes with nobody in attendance. You take your newspaper, toss in your coin or put in your 10-shilling note and take your change. I took a deep breath – this was a truly civilised people.

That Britons are better off materially than they were is visible everywhere. But that quiet pride and self-confidence, that national cohesiveness that marked out the British people after victory in World War II, has dissipated.

Five decades ago, London was a grimy, sooty, bomb-scarred city, with less food, fewer cars, and deprived of the conveniences of the consumer society. But the people, then homogeneous, white, and Christians, were admirable, self-confident and courteous.

From that well-mannered Britain to the yobs and football hooligans of the 1990s took only 40 years. I learned that civilised living does not come about naturally. There are other significant changes. Britain is now multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-religious. Churches are nearly empty on Sundays with many de-consecrated and converted into places of entertainment while some 500 mosques are filled to capacity on Fridays, the Muslim Sabbath. There are also many Hindu temples and places of worship of other religions.


One needs to read between the lines, Lee is a polite personality, but he made it clear what changed and not to the better.

He blames “socialism”, might have affected industriousness, but what England endangers isn’t the ecconomy, but the sociology. It isn’t such a problem to buy toilet paper, but to take it home without being mugged or acid sprayed (relatively).

Singapore as managed by Lee was and is quite a “socialist”, national socialist welfare state. Singapore is multi-racial, I bet Lee would have preferred a Chinese only politi. He had to work with what he got. Singapore doesn’t allow foreigners to change the ethnical structure.

A no-migration country must not be xenophobe. That is a leftist canard, “who would bake me a pizza?” Hitler used to eat regularly in an Italian restaurant in Munich, so what? Foreigner loved their temporary stay in Germany during the Olympic games in 1936.

d42fac No.11850434

File: 74187d15f59356c⋯.png (353.65 KB, 587x450, 587:450, Gweilo.png)

chinks btfo

a88450 No.11850841


Great speech. The people turn their back on God, become decadent, His blessing is removed from them, and they fall into a depraved spiral with an end in destruction.

324751 No.11850858

This is interesting, kikes attacking America:



99e2d6 No.11850918

File: 0a89a4390abe1fd⋯.png (424.54 KB, 540x496, 135:124, Screenshot_2018-07-12-18-4….png)



Yes, we would hate for your polluted third-world shithole populated entirely by drunken liars, thieves, and baby murderers and living in piles of rubbish and eating plastic rice to experience "decline"

02221e No.11851027

File: 4ef591c3d8b2021⋯.png (206.32 KB, 617x518, 617:518, 4ef591c3d8b202182dc5d78d09….png)



c8e6d4 No.11851101

File: e346856baa85842⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20180712_180804.jpg)


Surreyanon here. We're so poz that the mennonites here are aiding the islamics in gaining a foothold. Bloody backstabbers

80c0ce No.11851133


I hope you're armed, those slants have been arming themselves since the 80s

324751 No.11851176


That's J'accuse. There's nothing in that which constitutes anything anti-American. If communist (dnc) china wants to fuck its people over, let them do so, and if it is with US weapons, who the hell cares? As long as those fuckers keep to their lane, I ain't ebin gunna care.

1d229a No.11851189


Fuck off already, autist.

324751 No.11851264


J'accuse, J'accuse, the ShalomeBlue playbook, J'accuse.

1d229a No.11851269


No one cares. Every time you say that you expose yourself and everyone stops giving a shit about what you say. Fuck off.

324751 No.11851275


That is also J'accuse. J'accuse X4 at this point. You yids sure don't like sticking to the topics. Your posts are 100% content-free… and you're trying to pick a fight. Yep, shill.

1d229a No.11851277


No one gives a fuck.

324751 No.11851298

Weird bot:


4cbe7e No.11851372

File: a80c7e2ee21c16c⋯.jpg (61.77 KB, 700x394, 350:197, American Autarky.jpg)






7a0de2 No.11851408


Meanwhile we've been consistently coming out on top of China thus far in the trade war. I guess that fact alone determines who needs who more. Try again?

324751 No.11851442


Well, they sell such things to their own people too, so…

…it's not like it was precisely targeting us. See here:


61a603 No.11851494


China is fucked. They poison the whole world, including the planet and their own citizens. They're so cheap that they steal everything they have, from building plans to fashion to military technology. They lie, cheat, and steal on a regular basis. They even intentionally oppress their own citizens to keep them compliant by using a horrifying mix of fears and lies to keep them from seeing the outside world and discouraging any research or exploration that could threaten the country's status quo. For fuck's sake, look at the state of Beijing and all the smog they pump into their atmosphere.

The only reason they're a threat is because they have insider double-agents in our intelligence community, and if those spies get rooted out, then China ceases to be a problem. We win any sort of warfare against them, whether military or economy, with ease; we're simply smarter, more advanced, and more willing to make appropriate sacrifices of money and resources to advance our goals than they are.

By the time the next generation comes to adulthood, the general population in all the major cities are going to be weak, dysgenic, asthmatic retards with a severe dislike and distrust of their own government. In about 20 years, we could EMP blast Beijing and roll in with a few tanks, and there'd be virtually nothing they could do about it; we'd probably have the citizens on our side, too, if they realized how much their government fucks them at every turn.

22c881 No.11851552

File: 0e5395570a8ae8a⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 700x8069, 700:8069, fuck chinks 2.jpg)



The chinks are just as hateful towards the natural world as the kikes are–I think it goes hand in hand with the two species essentially being embodiments of schizophrenia.

70b0e2 No.11851582


This whole line of argument is utterly, utterly ridiculous. The globalists would have us believe that it is impossible for a nation to exist and prosper looking after it's own self-interest first. North America was a stone age wilderness and was turned into the powerhouse of the world with international trade levels orders of magnitude lower than today's. The real problem - the real issue the elites are salty about - is that it will affect *their* bottom line if things start to contract for a bit while the infrastructure is re-created.

Boo fucking hoo.

99e2d6 No.11851592

File: 9cf67231434a12f⋯.jpg (78.42 KB, 320x314, 160:157, ABC 04.jpg)


It has to be obvious to even the dumbest boomer at this point that the non-white races of the world are genetically corrupted beyond anything reasonable, now that they can see how niggers, wetbacks, chinks, and sand apes truly behave outside of a Disney movie.

000000 No.11851635


It was /pol/ who suggested it should be posted in any thread concerning China. Don't ask me why it suddenly was dropped.

7a0de2 No.11851678


>your daily stuff

What daily stuff would that be, nigger? The only thing I buy frequently is food and hygiene products, and I avoid China at all costs when it comes to that stuff. As for the things I buy infrequently, I can not buy most of it if I want. Many won't. Then they'll stop producing it in China because demand decreased and made it unprofitable. Then they'll make it somewhere cheaper, and maybe, thanks to tariffs working as they should, it'll be cheapest to produce it here.

7a0de2 No.11851696


You forgot the part where China's economy has been performing worse and worse with each consecutive quarter, and how the future is looking dim. You also forgot the part where the majority of their population are impoverished. How is China going to get over this mountain of a problem in a world that's increasingly not wanting to do business with it?

7a0de2 No.11851705


>tfw you realize 90% of china is on par with Pakistan and black Africa in regards to their quality of life and access to food and modern medicine

Hell, niggers might actually have better access to medicine than most Chinese people. Sucks for you.

36f04a No.11852119

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Can you do me a little favor Vietnam friend? Can you post a pic of some nigger you hate and call him a nigger? Always get a kick out of that "no Vietnamese ever called me a nigger" also didn't you guys fucking destroy them last time? With mostly outdated Soviet tech from the Chinese and a handful of more modern Russian shit that the Chinese had more of?


>jew crow kvetches

>no hooktube


>ad block

>blocking trackers and views



>he doesn't know that he is a rootless kike

Vid related Milo & Jew Pigeon btfo.

e85eb4 No.11854912



chinese workers get the job done for less.

you can't make stuff cheaper in murica.

that's why the manufacturing was moved there in the first place, duh.


>we've been consistently coming out on top of China thus far in the trade war.

it's been a few days and the amerilard is already thinking the war is over. it's gonna take years, fatty.

88cca9 No.11855066


Farmers literally dump trucks of cherries over when there is a huge harvest in order to lower supply so they can go fuck themselves.

35702a No.11855087

File: 64b64629b0139ee⋯.jpg (149.02 KB, 500x461, 500:461, [laughs_geologicaly].jpg)



Chinks are ass-blasted over the tariffs to the point they aren't even coherent anymore.

6faa53 No.11855349


>fuck chinks 2

>ctrl + f for 'fuck chinks (1)'

>no matches

0c82fb No.11855363


Tech back then was about equal, Soviet had good AAA and SAM, their trucks and tanks ain't bad either.

6faa53 No.11855383


Can you please keep posting Yuang Lee ? seeing you defend your smog filled shitland and it's inhabitants is so damn entertaining.

Please, do go on. Don't stop posting just because we're making fun of you and your ugly yellow ant race.

bbfb57 No.11855389


American manufacturing was good when it was old stock swedes manufacturing things for their kiked companies, but if manufacturing came back it would be niggers, spics, and other scum doing the work. America can't bring the manufacturing back because their demographics are too fucked up.

0c82fb No.11855437


Also nigger.

Yesterday saw some nigs in Vietnam, disgusting.

e7a3f1 No.11855693

File: 831e8e60868ccad⋯.jpeg (136.38 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, image.jpeg)

I thought China was doing "ok" until I heard that their military budget is equal to their budget allocated to keep the social peace with all these minorities and ethnicities..

f79d34 No.11855717

File: f810758fbf03ca5⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 466x379, 466:379, you 2.jpg)


>When you're entire economy is based on China buying your debt because if not the $US isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

f79d34 No.11855744


That's just what an industrial country looks like.



>4,000 deaths were reported in the city over a couple of days, and a subsequent 8,000 related deaths.

0c82fb No.11855750


lol retard, what do you think when China cannot sell their shit to US and EU?

f79d34 No.11855802


If China can sell their shit to you, they can't buy your debt.

If they stop even for a day buying your debt the United States gets bankrupted WITHIN THE HOUR.

0c82fb No.11855808


Oh boy, by who? Who on this Earth can declare the US bankrupt?

b5ebec No.11855930


It's that denisovan link they share.

b5ebec No.11855946

File: 3b879db51cebc97⋯.gif (904.15 KB, 340x257, 340:257, Wot Ju Gon Du.gif)


Hey China, FUK YU WE NO PAY!


6faa53 No.11855947


What would nogs do in Vietnam of all places ?

exchange students ?

b5ebec No.11855954

File: 7930881c3306e72⋯.jpg (103.32 KB, 1021x547, 1021:547, Raugh Out Roud.jpg)


Yes. Blacked.com raw has an entire gook series.

0c82fb No.11856082


To fuck women and leech, which is what migrant nogs do.

000000 No.11856106

Trump is the only politician that has run for president that has fulfilled his promises to get the chinks.

36f04a No.11856107










>implying China can make us do anything

Your debt is meaningless if we forgive all our debt.

c77d80 No.11856124


>you need the goods.

We'll make them here, and if the traitor corporations don't want to move back here to do it, We'll recreate the industries ourselves and stop doing business with those corporations.

c77d80 No.11856143


You don't know us.

Those factories can be up and running in a month, and at top speed in 3.

1d229a No.11856157


>this is what chinks actually believe

7dbaa3 No.11856161


Are you the surreyanon on the /pol/ and /k/ zeemap? I added my own pin in NW.

Interested in camping overnight in the bush (or just hiking)? I made a temp email, email me to exchange contact details.


c77d80 No.11856163


America's chief export is energy products.

c77d80 No.11856174

File: c32824b239136f8⋯.jpg (22.46 KB, 400x225, 16:9, AE.jpg)


After WW2, the U.S. produced 95% of everything it consumed, and exported more, besides.

No, we do not need you.

36f04a No.11856195

File: 2a2378e36df1036⋯.png (517.01 KB, 900x1250, 18:25, garbage pills.png)











c77d80 No.11856200

File: 0e0f5a60e0ed20a⋯.jpg (24.43 KB, 484x283, 484:283, OPKeyboard.jpg)


All the slant-eyed little chinkaboos in this thread seem to forget that the U.S. is still the largest manufacturing country on Earth.

Virtually every manufacturing plant in the U.S. can retool to build almost anything, very quickly, and U.S. workers would LOVE those jobs.

Sure, the price of consumer goods will rise an estimated 15%, but wages will rise too, as workers become more in demand, and unemployment will drop drastically.

c77d80 No.11856209


>The U.S. has actually a sales surplus with China.

This does not help the U.S. worker, and what do I care if rich people get richer or not?

c77d80 No.11856212

File: 76d90934c269b88⋯.jpg (12.76 KB, 255x198, 85:66, Cam.jpg)


>Nah, you hopeless idiots. The jobs China will lose will go to India or Vietnam.

Depends on if they agree to balanced trade or not, doesn't it?

In any case, we win.

c77d80 No.11856219


And I could start assassinating them myself, for free.

c77d80 No.11856220


The next president will be even more Donald Trumpier, I promise.

254a05 No.11856228



c77d80 No.11856232

File: d105bf695f60c8d⋯.jpg (30.97 KB, 407x284, 407:284, RedWolf.jpg)


No more than we've been experiencing since signing that stupid tier 3 GATT treaty.


b5ebec No.11856242

File: bf5cc9fa2a89339⋯.jpg (39.46 KB, 275x400, 11:16, Chu Mad Mein.jpg)


d0ea78 No.11856243


>much more Americans are deeply invested into the stock market.

Lol how many Americans do you know?

d0ea78 No.11856277


Owning stock and "deeply invested" aren't the same thing. The top 10% owns 85+% of stock. So no Americans won't cry that the billionaires lose pretend money.

99e2d6 No.11856292

Stay buttmad, you squinting little midget bugs

ed56dd No.11856328


>Much more Americans are deeply invested in the stock market

And what do you base that off of? The Chinese are heavily involved with stocks and most of the middle class over there will view it as a good investment with the way interest rates have played out in China.

c77d80 No.11856335

File: 4f0d3d14078af92⋯.jpg (47.45 KB, 440x960, 11:24, ChinkMadeThis.jpg)


Can't you read?

Almost half of Americans don't play the stock market. The vast majority of Americans don't own Chinese stocks. Those that own American stocks will see that stock increase as those companies take over markets once serviced by the Chinese. The traitors that own Chinese stock will lose, but we don't care about them.

In any case…what is so hard about simply negotiating a balanced trade deal with the U.S.? Why do you seem to think you NEED to export more to us than you import from us?

After all, THAT is what started this whole trade war to begin with…it was YOU that started it, by refusing balanced trade.

000000 No.11856540

I'm not giving that chinkshill any (You)s, but there are other materials than tungsten for making machine tools. Better materials than tungsten. But all China knows is our obsolete tech they've stolen. China trying to cut us off will only drive us to adopt more advanced technology.


000000 No.11856675


> go the way of John F Kennedy

Assassinate Trump and we will have civil war. It'll be a quick affair, the (((cities))) will burn overnight. Then we'll be looking for justice. Any (((traitors))) who survive the initial purge will be found and hanged.


> They have enough money to have Donald Trump assassinated 1000 times.

The result of that assassination would be the deaths of every last (((richfag))) at the hands of enraged Patriot mobs. Followed by the Expeditions. Nowhere would be safe. And yes, turning even Europe into radioactive glass would be within our will if that's where (((they))) try to hide and that's what it takes.

000000 No.11856687

>>11856277 (checked)

I don't care if my stocks deflate. They'll be worthless anyway if America is destroyed, and we're just beginning to turn away from the path towards destruction. No American would bat an eye at a drop in stock prices while America is winning. (((Americans))) might kvetch, but they need gassing anyway.

And I see that the chinkshill has finally found a VPN that evades the Great Firewall.

489c58 No.11856690


>china going against corporate america

china was created by corporate america. how exactly is china going to go against that? By stopping production of cheap goods? be my guest.

>t. obvious chinese troll

233588 No.11857861


This this this. Globalist corps can fuck themselves with their Bangladeshi dildos. New businesses will quickly fill the gap in a vacuum of products. Who wouldn’t jump on the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur business owner making 500k a year instead of 50 mil a year if it meant making “Nike” shoes and selling them for the same price

233588 No.11857868


That’s the whole point, globalist corporations (they’re not US) get cucked and decide to no longer operate or bring back business to the US

703b94 No.11857918


13c186 No.11857958


>not knowing the difference between a settler and an immigrant

Kill yourself my man.

e85eb4 No.11858152


china is raping you on the solar panel market.

what are you talking about?

e85eb4 No.11858156


not gonna happen. corporations lobby.

lobby is legal in the usa.

politicians do whatever the lobby wants.


and the workers magically learn what to do in 4 weeks, right?

a23ce7 No.11858178

File: f50234fb118097b⋯.png (74.68 KB, 645x729, 215:243, durr.png)




>about something announced by the orange goy half a year ago

>already retorted half a year ago

<c-can’t match Washington’s new tariffs

>easily can

>comments pulled out of refer to old talk about further escalations and total trade volume the orange goy hasnt even dared to talk about, not the 200 mumbling

Niggers having a field day on /pol/ again I see

a23ce7 No.11858195


>Those factories can be up and running in a month, and at top speed in 3.

Took Mid-Continent Nail less than a month to fire 15% of their staff after the tariffs where signed off and decide move 500 jobs to Mexico once they hit

You dont know how the U.S. Your are probably some larping H1B nigger.

de923b No.11858263


>pressure being put on Mexico

>implying they will steal our industry too

Nice new IP Chink shill. Bump

a23ce7 No.11858506

File: 2f4040377232647⋯.png (28.16 KB, 488x463, 488:463, hurrr.png)


>manifacturing benefits from high raw material prices and reduced competition on the raw material market

>U.S. company did

>U.S. company announced

<n-no Mexico wont

Illiterate H1B nigger confirmed

de923b No.11858654


>shitting on mexico

>somehow H1B

You're the one shilling against Tarrifs you stupid fuck. Mexico is next in line after China, yet another retarded shill into the filter.

f61110 No.11858701


Be China.

Have no women.

Have no economy in 30 years.

c58c47 No.11858803


>hyperinflate the currency

its not 'hyperinflating' if you're going through a debt deflation, retard. but, you're essentially right: the US will just 'print' money in order to bail out the banks and major corporations, and to put the asset price level (aka 'stock market') right back where it was




>china stronk

>muh widget factories

so, are you ChiComIDF or just an economic illiterate?


that retard doesn't know shit. either really stupid or a troll - probably both

99e2d6 No.11858974

File: 6c76a4bc5b4df4f⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2251x3931, 2251:3931, shanghai-people1.jpg)


>Posts pic of ugly minority of mongrels in fit of assrage

<Responds with pic of ugly majority of rice niggers in fit of keks


64d2d4 No.11858984


Why do most of these look like FAS? Are the ants heavy drinkers?

092ab1 No.11859041

File: 6684549e47a0c30⋯.jpg (13.7 KB, 285x298, 285:298, ChineseDownSyndrome.jpg)


>Are the ants heavy drinkers?

My only guess is that FAS and down syndrome-like traits were preferred in Oriental populations over many generations.

267928 No.11859133

File: 076b570d769a6d0⋯.png (1.42 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

>/r/asianmasculinity shows up

de923b No.11859195

File: 2663c9949f8cca4⋯.jpg (221.81 KB, 2066x1735, 2066:1735, 2bg96y.jpg)



Fucking saved!

f2f25f No.11859229


Clearly the board is better off with these drumpf posters.

de923b No.11859249

File: ed61c142e63086f⋯.jpg (36.36 KB, 574x385, 82:55, cats laughing at communism.jpg)


>libshit meme

This is a domestic chink. That explains why he's not being v& by ChiComs, but they have their domestic shills here too. If you think you can use libshit facebook memes and dialogue around here then you people really are dumb. Smart asians is a meme, clearly only North East Asians worth a damn are the Japanese ahaha! They still are uncreative dull slant eyes, but at least they can occasionally think outside the box.

36268f No.11859255


Yet your navy is outright panicking due to PLA navy expansion. Can't do shit against anti-ship missiles with 40 year old rustbuckets.


1040d1 No.11859307


Please post more, it's been a long time since I saw a YLYL /pol/ thread with OC.

1040d1 No.11859315

And riceniggers, please keep posting don't get unmotivated just because we're having a good laugh at your cost.

4b5a69 No.11859341


Hi, you realize this is a white website, right? Run along, gook.

4b5a69 No.11859406


Get fucked, gook.

22c881 No.11859414

File: 2b83c6f949bcac4⋯.jpg (60.98 KB, 960x778, 480:389, 2b83c6f949bcac48c598a5571a….jpg)



The saddest part is that you really are trying your best.

34142f No.11859606


I'm reminded of the Chio's School Road anime where she imagined being called a yellow monkey.

34142f No.11859628


It's new.

99e2d6 No.11859644

File: c53f3b6f3b982e2⋯.jpeg (52.88 KB, 514x639, 514:639, 00003a9f_medium.jpeg)

File: 2c3ade1f9d369c3⋯.jpeg (7.32 KB, 273x184, 273:184, images-30.jpeg)

File: 9107310dd923988⋯.jpeg (6.44 KB, 174x290, 3:5, images-26.jpeg)


There is no way that the alcoholism, inbreeding, folk medicine, pollution, and cannibalism of the Chinese could produce anything but freakish mutants.

e029bf No.11859679

File: c6c92f2cf2f8aef⋯.png (371.07 KB, 365x374, 365:374, 2b62da8191eb7dcccdd3d7e24d….png)


>You need a consumer society goy, how will you survive if you can't get a new smartphone every month?!

The majority of Chinas exports are optional items that people buy for pure convenience or entertainment, and the few things you'd need are produced here too, especially food which is the most important thing of all.


>Try to exploit the most important nation you're exporting most to

>Get fucked with tariffs, economy takes a dive

>Try to fuck over the nation you're importing most of your food from

>People starve

The eternal Chink, everyone.

092ab1 No.11859690

File: e528be6fb6f172f⋯.jpg (34.96 KB, 640x479, 640:479, 1431629030256.jpg)






1491a4 No.11859761

File: 56128c8756a5d98⋯.gif (454.56 KB, 249x146, 249:146, tumblr_inline_muvzqrqqy61r….gif)


000000 No.11859783


>Higher Intermediate Lower

Hard hitting facts…

What are Orientals? Is that Shanghai/China or Banda Aceh?

Has anyone here experienced the Chinese in its natural habitat? Not in one of the big cities, but the countryside, provincial towns, traveled in the same buses/transport than the locals?

Has anyone ever wondered why there are in Singapore that many signs advising the public what to do and not to do, like not to forget to flush the toilet or closing the door that the air-con isn’t wasted?

Streetshitter are not an exclusive Indian phenomena (I never witnessed it in India), but shitting into a bus I witnessed in China. There are quite funny videos in the web of Chinese defecating everywhere.

e85eb4 No.11859816


>Chinas exports are optional items that people buy for pure convenience or entertainment

yup, that's the definition of the usa. a landfill for china's goods.

000000 No.11859832


One trany, some old fat gals that would look OK if not for the overweight.

a59e35 No.11859847


No ching chong, you buy our debt/dollars to weaken your currency so chink shit is cheaper for us.

a3bba0 No.11859854

File: 0b9539dd6c1a3ea⋯.jpg (17.66 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 53cedd1669bedd8321f4bc29-3….jpg)

000000 No.11859885



>No ching chong, you buy our debt/dollars to weaken your currency so chink shit is cheaper for us.

Anyway, you get stuff for green printed paper. That is your “trade deficit” Trump is so enraged about.

Of course the Chinese do it for a purpose, not just to pay their gas bills, but to strengthen their and weaken your manufacturing base. The end game being to pull the rug under your feet.

000000 No.11859898


We know Chinese are infinitesimal smart, that is the reason someone has to tell them to flush the toilet.

BTW It is really cool that Chinese are able to talk about what it is essential white, western science. Congratulation for your eager pupils.

000000 No.11860076


>implying the chinese couldn't have industrialized first if they wanted to

>I’m not retarded, I’m just simulating it

ab54c3 No.11860322


a) that's not true. the Chinese government is merely the largest SINGLE holder of US debt. Since its the world's second largest economy, and literally everything is owned by the government, that's really not saying much. the vast majority of US government debt is owned by Americans, dipshit.

b)that's not how it works, you economic illiterate. its actually the opposite. the Chinese government HAS to continue to buy US debt in order to inflate its currency, so their good will stay cheap in the US (and Americans will keep buying). You have it precisely backward.

tl'dr: ur fucking stupid GTFO

ab54c3 No.11860364


>if x

>and if y

>and if z

>all unsubstantiated

then, this poster is a fucking retarded gook

ab54c3 No.11860484


>jewish students

>stopped reading there

ashkenazi jewish IQ is not a normal curve, tho, retard


i didn't watch this, but i never said IQ doesn't real


>first pic

i never said anything about crime rates

>second pic

I never said IQ doesn't real

learn reading comprehension, dipshit

69767a No.11860502


>and the workers magically learn what to do in 4 weeks, right?

Uh yes? They're pretty low-skill jobs, could probably be taught what to do in less than those 4 weeks even.

Don't be arrogant if you're retarded.

69767a No.11860568


>the graph shows that Asians do have more geniuses proportionally speaking.

Maybe, but IQ only accounts for verbal and spatial intelligence (Chinks being worse in verbal than Whites but a bit better in spatial) and thus doesn't account for the many other facets of what we call 'intelligence', it has never been anything other than a rough indicator.

When the difference is so slight or non-existent as between Europeans and East-Asians, but the gap of achievement throughout history all so large and gotten much larger over the past 600 years, then it's time to look past those 3-4 IQ points of chinks as an indicator of their superior intelligence, because clearly, they are not. This is not some clear cut case like niggers/abo's and any other race, it is much more nuanced.

And frankly, Asiatic lack of creativity is the same problem the Jews have compared to Europeans, even though Jews have again 3-4 points higher IQ than those East-Asiatics.

03dca6 No.11860572


>You among other seems to think Asians don't have more geniuses than Whites

Only top tier or wealthy Asians make it to the west though, so any IQ test in the west concerning Asians is useless for determining IQ of all Asians, for example if you would only let top tier 2% of Whites into a certain country then their average IQ would be 130+, but that doesn't reflect all Whites in the world.

You can also ignore any tests in China because not only do they cheat every test (In China they even give final answers to students in university final exams to memorize and they see no problem with students copying from one another for their final thesis i'm not kidding look this shit up). Chinese care more about "face" and how they look than anything.

The only Asian people with a close IQ to whites and similar amount of geniuses per capita on the whole scale are the Japanese and Koreans.

a59e35 No.11860699


>Of course the Chinese do it for a purpose, not just to pay their gas bills, but to strengthen their and weaken your manufacturing base. The end game being to pull the rug under your feet.

When your housing market farts out which its doing now your banks will collapse, your fall will be harder and worse if Trump's tariffs kick in. Look what we did to the Japs in the late 80s early 90s, morons were buying NYC real estate skyscrapers for double their worth, something tells me they are a lot smarter than chinks and had a better chance of buying up prime commercial real estate in the US, and they failed miserably. I expect China will take a massive beating.

a59e35 No.11860756

File: dd18d31f0826955⋯.jpg (25.35 KB, 492x449, 492:449, tiresome.jpg)

File: e13270b55a1aca6⋯.gif (997.53 KB, 371x252, 53:36, FAG.gif)



Oh ok, we'll see then, just make sure to prepare, stock up on rice at least, promise me.

473548 No.11860774


Yay! This will encourage more companies to simply stop doing business with china!

9bf285 No.11860791


>When your housing market farts out which its doing now your banks will collapse

Like what happens to the US every 10 years or so?

070169 No.11860807

File: 65d2e66c0811204⋯.png (149.96 KB, 840x700, 6:5, disgusted ew Homu.png)


Followed by a predictable rebound.

Your logic is animalistic.

The US has a massive gaping wound, yet you think the best thing to do is nothing and let it fester like an animal because to do otherwise would cause pain.

Only animals are paralyzed by the thought of pain.

a59e35 No.11860814


We recovered fully, and our houses aren't built to fall apart in 8yrs, we don't have a housing crisis every 10yrs in the US. Enjoy your chinese construction practices, here's a nice video showing your typical chinese construction projects 3yrs later.

https://youtu.be/XopSDJq6w8E?t=2m15s enjoy the video.

Fuck you Honker Union scum.

ab54c3 No.11860829


>don't think Asians have more geniuses than whites

nope. that's not what i was disagreeing with. the problem was the Asians were overrepresented EVEN IF IQ WAS TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT and then bullshit arguments were given for why. it is those bullshit arguments i disagreed with.

>ashkenazi jews

their curve has a long left tail. its clear the stupid ones were disproportionately killed during the 'holocaust'




I'm not reading that. And, since its clear you lack reading comprehension skills -- and therefore your wallpost will be completely off-topic -- there's no reason i should have to. see above for a short refutation of your retardation


he's right. and, smiley's not jewish you cocksucker

ab54c3 No.11860911

File: d10723b275158b0⋯.gif (975.92 KB, 252x198, 14:11, HVNBWD5.gif)



a59e35 No.11860922

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>American firms are selling services and goods in China. If they're not allowed to operate it will be a net loss for the U.S. stock market and the U.S. GDP

Yea, no, if this were remotely true in the capacity you're implying the markets would have been spooked by now retard.


>America is pretty much at full production capacity and employment. Wtf are you smoking, Tyrone?

Wrong again retard, a lot of people dropped out of the workforce under Obama, weren't counted in even U6 unemployment, they now are back looking for jobs, it was all those jobs Obama said were gone forever, its why U3 and U6 unemployment increased last report, the workforce grew, those disgruntled jobs seekers are now seeking jobs again, they'll most likely get hired in the coming months the way the economy is going.


Yea, right. News flash retard, banks are healthy in the US, unemployment is at an all time low, people are rejoining the workforce that haven't worked in years. There's nothing pointing or coming up that's going to cool or crash anything in the US anytime soon, even with the fed slamming rates up aggressively.


>Dude, I am more creative than any White person I've met in my life.

Nah, you're seriously retarded though, but that has nothing to do with creativity.



Yea, watch the video, your market and currency took a massive hit recently, that's called investors and global markets realizing you're going to get your asses kicked inside out with a tariff war vs. the US. MEANWHILE the dow broke 25,000 and gdp growth is looking to come in at 4.5% for next report in the US. We're going to eat you guys alive, but won't since you're all full of chemicals and have the highest cancer rates in the world.

de923b No.11860952


>so butthurt he replied to this same post twice

I was fucking eating when he started posting degenerate shit so I put him back behind the filter, don't respond to the libshit ChiCom.

dfcded No.11861816

File: 5a48d3485728884⋯.pdf (2.83 MB, Nina Teicholz - The Big Fa….pdf)


> I can divide the yolk from an egg with a metal spoon.

Don't, it's actually better to eat the whole thing. It being more healthy to eat just the egg white was just as much of a lie as the one that tells you to eat carbs as your main source of energy. This is assuming you're white, I don't give a shit what other people's dietary needs are.

Rename the book back to an epub.

000000 No.11861819




>Only top tier or wealthy Asians make it to the west though, so any IQ test in the west concerning Asians is useless for determining IQ of all Asians,




>ashkenazi jews were never intelligent to begin with.

>You among other seems to think Asians don't have more geniuses than Whites, the graph shows that Asians do have more geniuses proportionally speaking.

“Asians” are roughly 3-4 billion people, most of them outside of the USA.

Historically, Asians don’t have more geniuses than white people, proportional to population number probably significant less.

Asians in the USA are a tiny part of Asians world wide. “Asians in the USA” mostly Chinese do perform better than the average, but that is because Asians in the USA are a self selected elite, that overcame significant hurdles and came to the USA.

Turks in the USA, technical Asians as well, do perform much better than the average in the USA, better than “Asians” there, that is in income, career, education. Of course, the reason is the same, they are a tiny self selected elite.

You can not argue against that, because test show that average Turks perform much worse than “Whites in USA” or European people.

Such test do not exist for all of China, why? Instead we get IQ number from Shanghai. Shanghai is a big city, but due to Chinese resident permits only a selected group of people are tested, not great number of “unwashed” day-laborer, their children.

This is the same number game as the jews play. Jews claim we are the smartest on average 115IQ points of Ashkenazi in New York. Problem is, in Israel average is below 100IQ points and

Israel is majority jewish.

How comes? First the jews in New York do skew the numbers, they have extensive private schooling and they are apt in hiding the great number of inbred retards they have.

Jews claim the Arabs in Israel do drag the numbers down. Fact is Israel IQ is not much significant higher than in surounding Arab states. The majority of “super smart jews” should have made a bigger difference, but it isn’t because jews are not that smart to begin.

(1/2) next (2/2)

000000 No.11861821



New York City but whereas a generation ago, elite local public schools such as Stuyvesant were very heavily Jewish, today Jews are outnumbered at least several times over by Asians.

School, university admittance is not directly correlated to intellectual capabilities, as the blog post you lifted that samples, proves.

Jews do not show better test results than Whites in the USA, still they vastly over represented in university admittance. The tiny jewish minority gets more students into prestigious universities than the majority of Whites.

Of course nepotism, racism plays a significant role in it, has to. US school and university system is crass racist, they admit to it, just don’t call it that by name.

So how that situation came to pass?

The jews are a tiny minority, how did they manage too dispose the white majority in their own country, if they are not smart or hard working?

Early jewish students had significant better test and exam results than the average (whites). It was still a very small number of jews. Jews would claim it was a result of white racist nazis that prevented the majority “super smart jews” to succeed through racist quotas.

The reality was probably, it was the selected elite of jewish intellect, that showed good results. Since that time, even the jews admit it, did their intellectual achievements go down.

Still they are vastly underrepresented in academia how comes? They must be smart, because they occupy all that prestigious chairs, isn’t it?

Fact is all that early smart jewish boys got important posts in accademia.

What those Whites, Europeans super smart and fair academicians didn’t expect is, those smart jews were not just smart and clever, but scheming as well and not fair at all, but totally racist (but hidding it).

Jews are as nepotistic and tribal as their Semitic brethren in the Orient. That smart jew boy did grow up fully immersed into the racist poison their rebbes cook together. They learned to be scheming and deceitful.

The naive white accademics did expect them to be as fair and open as them, those of English, Scandinavian or German stock. Boy were they wrong!

Jews once in position of power do work ceaseless to promote fellow jews. Let in as many jewish students as possible and giving them jobs in academia.

So a self reinforcing circle is created, those already in make sure that even more of them gets a foothold. The more jews are in the more new jew can be admitted in future, the less qualified did they have to be, having so many protecting hands over them.

The jews push out the goyims, first gradually, then more forceful, ultimate absolute brutal.

Only the most smartest and brilliant whites can survive, are tolerated in such a surrounding.

Such nepotistic strategies are not exclusive to jews. Indians (from the subcontinent) show exactly the same behavior and strategy, as can be witnessed in countries were they managed to gain a foothold like the UK or industries like Silicon Valley.

Same for the Chinese, who are notorious, traditional nepotistic. In the USA they are only in the early stage, “smart jew boy”, complaining about being racist discriminated (by jews, that they never mention, the sly Chinks).

Once in position of power they are going to push out everyone else. You don’t need to take my word for it, just ask the Asian neighbors of China how Chinese worm themselves into position of power and how tight they stick together against the host nations.

So, Whites in the USA, Europeans should not delude themselves, thinking of non-Europeans as equals or potential allies against the jew.

If push comes to shove, all those invaders in European made nations are going to bunch up against Whitey, using our fairness, tolerance and good will against us.

dfcded No.11861904

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>They are already overtaking Africa as we speak, Zimbabwe for example adopted the chinese yuan as their national coin, and their land is full of chink farmers.

That is fucking it, when do we go retake Rhodesia? These chink bastards cannot be allowed to take our land.


It's been true forever, anon. That's why Asian immigration is arguably worse than any other kind, These ant people don't rape and murder like others do, but they are instead subversive. Vid related.

000000 No.11861980




682342 No.11862019

File: a4aae969e19709f⋯.webm (5.95 MB, 480x272, 30:17, Asian_Women.webm)

>That assblasted Vivec in this thread

CHIM CHAMG CHOMG motherfucker.

Don't get exploded by your every single thing produced.

682342 No.11862043


Your pain makes me happy, thank you.

00e46c No.11862061



Are you that retarded poster who used to poke at Storm Front? Because Richard Lynn has collected the largest samples of IQ testing in history for over 40 years and he states that Chinese have a lower mean IQ(98 vs the 103-104 for whites in the USA) when they are not a group which has undergone selection for academic achievement and that their distribution curve has a larger modal distribution around the mean. That data is available in his 2017 edition of the Bell Curve.

00e46c No.11862065

>Uh, you realize that the poverty rate is extremely high among Chinese in America and their education level is among the lowest

No the majority of Chinese and azns in general who live in the US today are first or second generation immigrants from the upper classes of china or SE Asia.

ba494f No.11862070

File: 9c03ab25b434d63⋯.png (59.72 KB, 762x687, 254:229, 1290186012665.png)


>talking about IQ

>posts PISA rank

a59e35 No.11862080

File: 57100a1e0f6c07f⋯.jpg (77.96 KB, 645x438, 215:146, chingchongchinamanmarketcr….jpg)

File: 04401130979aeca⋯.jpg (81.44 KB, 646x441, 646:441, chingchongchinamanmarketcr….jpg)

File: 8017c6ea688dfc7⋯.jpg (54.39 KB, 682x482, 341:241, chingchongchinamanmarketcr….jpg)


>Yeah, right… Thank God, you're not in a position of power. This post proves that most Whites are inbred retards who believe in anything they want.

You refute nothing, thanks for playing, it's ok, Trump is in a position of power and doing something about it. Enjoy the show, ching chong, meanwhile your currency and markets have been taking a nice strong hit in the last month, expect it to get much much worse. Talk all the shit you want, if you're just a troll or actual bugman ching chong.

00e46c No.11862102


>Chinese government data

Totally no cooked at all bro, its not like China is known for lying about test scores and openly promoting cheating to increase its national prestige.



00e46c No.11862109


I think you misplaced a decimal point or syntax there slanteye.

a59e35 No.11862111


>Hey, nigger, it doesn't matter. The Chinese stock market cap is 5.5 trillion while the U.S. stock market cap is 30 trillion. You idiots have more to lose down the road.

Hey yellow nigger, our market in the same annual or monthly period is on a nice incline, not compared to your yellow piss bullshit markets. Enjoy, you guys can't even feed yourself, hope you make some deals to buy Soy off Brazil or something. Stop using Chinese accounting, dummy.

a59e35 No.11862120


>Totally no cooked at all bro, its not like China is known for lying about test scores and openly promoting cheating to increase its national prestige.

Friend works in hiring foreign nationals in the US, the Chinks and Hindus are the biggest bullshit artists.

b6be50 No.11862123


This chink is so mad that his country is about to return to the age of strapping fireworks to chairs.

>>11862111 (checkkked)

What happens when one collapsing country who used to buy food from a first world country is reduced to buying food from another collapsing country? It's still probably better than China's fake eggs and plastic rice!

a59e35 No.11862131


>Many Chinese companies aren't listed and derive their capital from the Chinese government. It doesn't matter if the Chinese stock market crash, the Chinese economy is more resilient, because they have a huge credit line and your average Chinese is less leveraged compared to your average Whites who own stocks and have huge personal debts.

You dumb fuck, the chinese gov. floats companies with one bad loan on top another, even worse if they're not counted. Your banks are fucked, your real estate prices are way down except in 2 cities. Your banks this, your banks that,you have proven my point bugman china man.

00e46c No.11862138


Richard Lynn's data has stood up to 30 years of critique by leftists and kikes. Japanese data which displays a similar pattern of higher mean IQ scores of 104-106 with a distribution more clustered around that mean which is consistent with Lynn's own data and expat Japanese in America.

The issue is that the Chinese government in the past year as taken footage from Top Gun and claimed it was a recording of a military exercise. Chinese provinces consistently lie about their own standardized test scores to curry favor with the central government. This is a pattern of behavior which makes any Chinese data highly suspect. If you can get a white or jap in China and allow him to take a longitudinal sample that would be more believable as he would have little vested interest in lying.

I'm also going to point out that despite their own claims many Chinks are not Han or Manchu, many are darkie shitskins or mudslimes in the case of the Weiger.

000000 No.11862142


LOL. And the best part is those retards bought it. China is so heavily invested in the dollar. This jewish scam is dirty and I hate it, but if anyone deserves to be scammed like this it's China. Imagine owning billions of debt of a currency that is backed by nothing but good feelings.

b6be50 No.11862158


>The issue is that the Chinese government in the past year as taken footage from Top Gun and claimed it was a recording of a military exercise.

Chinks are a mess.

a59e35 No.11862201


Ghost cities, housing falling apart in a few years, not even lasting 15yrs to pay off the debt accumulated for them. You're fuckin retarded. And the west has seen growth like this, look at housing prices in some EU countries that adopted the euro currency. The debt is commercial, factories and companies floated on one bad performing loan after another, one day it'll pan out for you retard, it's just not today or anytime in the near future. Enjoy when your banks implode due to chinese lending practices.

000000 No.11862231




Thank you for proving my point. Chinese are massive cherry picking, cooking the books.


>Children from janitors from Shanghai performed better than the children of doctors in America. LOL

You know, I know “Shanghai/China” does not include children of janitors, because they have no residency permit, so can not go to school in Shanghai, officially.

So low class people are removed from Shanghai’s statistic.

In contrast to the very selective, manipulated numbers China present, the USA does really test all of its inhabitants by the same standard, including the janitor’s children, not only doctor’s children like China does.

b6be50 No.11862241


>implying chinks aren't the jews of the east

c29b0f No.11862255

China's fucked. Trump has them over a barrel. If trade with the US significantly slows down or halts entirely, their growth rate (in GDP) at best grinds down from the 6.7% they are currently enjoying (bare in mind, China's had 8-10% for the last two decades, so they're already slowing) to a growth rate more in line with our own (about 2%). With a one-party government, especially one that is already making moves to be even more autocratic with Xi Jinping's little personality cult, the only predictable situation where the regime legitimately needs to worry about an uprising is when bad times come and they're going to come hard. And this will be at the least opportune time possible for them as now the people will have a singular individual to associate this trouble with. China can either capitulate to a normalized and inferior trade regime or face domestic turmoil.

a59e35 No.11862483


Even worse, as the real estate market implodes in China, maybe central planning and bailing out banks . You're retarded, enjoy your 66 posts denying reality.

China's bad loans from the real estate sector will increase by at least 20 per cent this year as a campaign by regulators batters the property market, according to a survey of lenders and bad-loan managers.

52ecc6 No.11862497


This combined with the bullshit loans to the entire manufacturing sector. People who are China proponents are about to realize that they are fucking nothing but a joke. Their entire economy depends on the USA sucking up their shit and China stealing IP and fucking over their foreign business partners. US and EU companies all Jewed themselves into pouring into there just to find that doing business there in a western sense is impossible and that the Chinese are the most dishonest fuckers on earth. Ripping you off is how business is done there, contracts mean nothing. These stupid "Free Trade" fucks are the most traitorous and seditious bastards that get to spew BS all day on the electric Jew.

dfcded No.11862607


>In contrast to the very selective, manipulated numbers China present, the USA does really test all of its inhabitants by the same standard, including the janitor’s children, not only doctor’s children like China does.

Including the niggers.

4b5a69 No.11862625


Not even remotely an argument.

000000 No.11862626




>muh nanking

>muh comfort women


b5ebec No.11863491

Someone made the bugs mad.


b5ebec No.11863516

File: 02a66162daa8210⋯.jpg (54.4 KB, 363x507, 121:169, 000cf1bdd03f105a8a885c[1].jpg)

File: 010d9d9410afbc4⋯.jpg (93.57 KB, 626x398, 313:199, guttenoil-a[1].jpg)

File: 3e219001c704173⋯.jpg (219.51 KB, 450x299, 450:299, aaaa103228419[1].jpg)

Time to invest in gutter oil markets wang. Ching chong bing bong.

7df5fc No.11863564

File: 5288d5c83788f02⋯.jpg (7.87 KB, 234x216, 13:12, 520251.jpg)


70% of the time i coulden't understand his accent. lol

i still get his point.

a59e35 No.11863754

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We didn't even touch on the subject of how China has the highest cancer rates in the world. Their food supply is heavily tainted, wonder if this idiot bug man consumed tainted food his whole life and lost his mind.


Keep eating the tainted food in your country dummy, it's working wonders for you. Now tell us about how all the people imported powdered milk from the US and other civilized nations for baby formula in China.

08cff9 No.11864253

File: ecd0d7ebe777cb7⋯.jpg (92.96 KB, 1200x470, 120:47, d7794165b9e2d2f161489248d1….jpg)

File: 83dc8a930d91e10⋯.jpg (87.08 KB, 1200x440, 30:11, 98d294a5f8309cb067c9994295….jpg)

File: 34877c027ca3796⋯.jpg (90.46 KB, 1200x511, 1200:511, 9d056e27d4512ff94471e64f69….jpg)

File: ea3e70331db365b⋯.jpg (88.62 KB, 1200x417, 400:139, c04f4989e3d04f92333e5cfb16….jpg)

File: ac182a6582e1d01⋯.jpg (85 KB, 1200x456, 50:19, 951e4f3934648b12b2ea8aac7c….jpg)

08cff9 No.11864260

File: 77c409bb0a94dbb⋯.jpg (106.82 KB, 1200x433, 1200:433, 0b7c05f411d1ef4b03c3e78f32….jpg)

File: 6ffc2d6ae173069⋯.jpg (67.43 KB, 1002x489, 334:163, 62b1727eb2b1c53adef66f546d….jpg)

File: 0dced994656fce2⋯.jpg (84.92 KB, 1200x488, 150:61, 911f4369098a6bd3e11d5f54bd….jpg)

File: 1d22f1bedd0ab8a⋯.jpg (84.8 KB, 1200x315, 80:21, 6c1ec90bf7678dc65d5f459cb9….jpg)

08cff9 No.11864272

File: a352391083f81c2⋯.png (7.05 KB, 779x127, 779:127, 0753b13f18e0b8a11432c880bf….png)

File: cec31710362125d⋯.png (7.06 KB, 717x142, 717:142, ae26cf24775863875e7bdedad4….png)

File: c1c2710886be420⋯.png (167.82 KB, 1266x462, 211:77, 551dcde8bf9309865c534d207a….png)

File: 23bbceebedac3f0⋯.png (25.35 KB, 1266x354, 211:59, 4401c16877c2c51161363f111a….png)

File: b584de220030482⋯.png (21.25 KB, 1266x262, 633:131, 1f9a1a0852060221894488b590….png)

08cff9 No.11864276

File: 598a3c4754d1adb⋯.png (38.68 KB, 1266x521, 1266:521, bcdce542342003492ea7f89be6….png)

File: 2abde2a9c78372a⋯.png (33.31 KB, 1266x413, 1266:413, fcea39dd0f9bb623c502487370….png)

File: ac59c156f47fc5e⋯.png (11.43 KB, 677x202, 677:202, 14fd027f065d2a2b99f9241063….png)

File: 8341233c4ac06b9⋯.png (29.02 KB, 1266x308, 633:154, 696597d10d7821b8940e0b78d5….png)

File: 556a6f473f6bb3d⋯.png (45.94 KB, 1131x459, 377:153, 556a6f473f6bb3d96a1947e2f9….png)

08cff9 No.11864282

File: 9b1e1501048e34e⋯.png (36.31 KB, 1266x548, 633:274, ad46da0ced01a04979fb68e66b….png)

File: 60f99b53fbe59a4⋯.png (8.24 KB, 527x186, 17:6, ec29bbe63482f269549faba803….png)

File: 720864aeae3801e⋯.png (16.05 KB, 856x323, 856:323, 6b59379dc04c332432d8764545….png)

File: c7b2cc07733b75e⋯.png (63.03 KB, 1113x339, 371:113, 971472fa113fcabbfcef29fd7f….png)

File: 7beaa65146a113a⋯.png (68.32 KB, 1099x472, 1099:472, 41da0122ef76c76005273edae0….png)

08cff9 No.11864285

File: 8e9613e4a73bec0⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 968x7648, 121:956, 8e9613e4a73bec0302553cc90d….jpg)


Last one

b5ebec No.11864312

File: d7bb6e8a1556093⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1111x834, 1111:834, Ah SO.png)







All this tension bad for your heart. I have pill you take, round eye.

416503 No.11864579


God could you imagine how high the US's test scores would be if we didn't test the niggers?

a59e35 No.11864817


Highest cancer rates are owned by the chinks, enjoy your own people chinking you. Cheap chink.

1f9b71 No.11865137



Thanks. I filtered him at the first sign of retardation, but it was getting old reading the entire thread get sucked up with responding.

c775a9 No.11865147


The niggers only show up on test day to sell drugs.

dfcded No.11865633


I've been waiting for that story to get posted.


I wonder what it would be like now if Japan had kept Manchuria.


>God could you imagine how high the US's test scores would be if we didn't test the niggers?

Much higher.

de923b No.11866245


I don't think 30 years war was as bad when you put into context how the 2nd World War really fucked us all. Krauts also still had control of their affairs, culture, and what not unlike the latter.

a822ca No.11867197


>you don't have a domestic production for what china is selling.

And we'll never have domestic production if we don't make the economics more favorable.

>you'll pay 30% more for it.

Worth it.

1f9b71 No.11869160


>Pic 2

That's just repeating history.

>Song Emperor wants giant bells for his Buddhist temples

>Ah, Buddha says killing is bad.

>Guts military, melts weapons into giant bells.

>Jin barbarians invade with no professional army to oppose then. They have fun raping imperial family to death.

>Northern empire collapses, leaves no defense against Mongols. Millions die.

China has a long and glorious history of fucking over the whole country for a retarded, inbred, and backstabbing imperial court.

fefa6c No.11894858


>We'll make them here, and if the traitor corporations don't want to move back here to do it, We'll recreate the industries ourselves and stop doing business with those corporations.

That is going to take decades of massive investsment. Its far easier to tear down than to build up.

2b9dff No.11895106


reported for necrobumping

fefa6c No.11895117


>I meant the military is in fucking shamles ever since the 80s and we did not improve/modernize.

You need to industrialize Vietnam if you want to modernize your armed forces. Vietnam had plenty of that-era high-tech in the war against America, things like SA-2 and SA-7 surface to air missiles and Mig-19 jet interceptors.

e19745 No.11895863


Nobody cares about the money they already invested because nobody ever expected those debts to get paid back in the first place. China was well aware that they wont get back a single cent when they bought them. If the USA would have to pay those debts, they would be already bankrupt.

They are already at a level of no return.

China artificially kept a system alive that was benefiting them and at the same time got more influence.

And it was a good decision for China, because they got many many factories in return, and those are worth more than the worthless paper USD.

What you have to care about is that the USA is so far gone that they can't survive without China constantly giving them more money by buying USD.

If China wants to crash the USD, they just have to stop buying it. They could crash the whole USA within a week. And by doing that, they would also crash their own economy, but not as much as the USA would get fucked.

China has the factories, those will always be valuable, you can't just build build new factories within a week, especially if the knowledge of doing that is already in China.

The USA has the USD. Some worthless paper.

c510f2 No.11895979

File: dadba01d4e555cf⋯.png (436.43 KB, 1006x935, 1006:935, WIS3.png)


Factories always valuable…

Never heard of Detroit I see.

0e47ca No.11896544


Factories left Detroit.

Besides: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1967_Detroit_riot

533b9c No.11896662


Retarded chink forgets the US can buy Japanese and Korean products to replace your cheap bugshit

000000 No.11899771


Don't talk to me or my guei lo ever again

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