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File: e9945289ec82780⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1526x891, 1526:891, golan.png)

File: d43476001534ec0⋯.png (504.86 KB, 528x684, 44:57, saa.png)

71843c No.11845270

First pic is the action within the last 24 hours. Kikes are about to have their yidcaps pushed in


576269 No.11845285

Based. Kike free first post.

Reminder: Without Trump. none of this would have been possible.

0a5b12 No.11845288

What happens if the kikes lose their stolen land?

274e8a No.11845296


Refugees move to New York.

1682f0 No.11845349


A complete holocaust, anudda shoah.


I can't believe this is actually habbedings in my lifetime.

3be40d No.11845391

File: 53d42e59124f9ba⋯.mp4 (945.63 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 53d42e59124f9bae40b98e8f69….mp4)


oh fuck ya!

33c36c No.11845408

File: 14462c0679278a6⋯.gif (728.97 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1360711486938.gif)


They move to Florida. Americans and Russians are Zionists to keep jews in their containment country.

b3eaee No.11845427


No oil. ZOG loses monetarily and in terms of morale.

ead0d6 No.11845431


then their prophecy will be partially fulfilled

c111a1 No.11845448

File: 978d33508f61113⋯.jpg (115.89 KB, 875x577, 875:577, Dh29Z5BWAAE9fNn.jpg)

File: 3b64dabbc001398⋯.jpg (23.27 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Dh295R3WkAEdwcY.jpg)


Eight Israeli surface-to-surface missiles targeting sites belonging to the Assad forces and the Hezbollah militia in #Quneitra province, south of Syria. #Israel #Russia #Iran #Hezbullah #IRGC #USA #IDF

c6a56f No.11845460

May Kek be with BASED Shias as they smite Israel's neck.

a7ef05 No.11845482

File: e0065fc3ce8b49d⋯.jpg (84.71 KB, 1200x654, 200:109, 31960552_2032666070094502_….jpg)

While I want to see the SAA rolling over the Golan, I can't see their tattered army of ancient Mig-21s and T-72s taking on Israel with F-15s and Merkava 3s

c70489 No.11845550


>No oil. ZOG loses monetarily and in terms of morale.

Its beyond oil, they lose their buffer zone.

c70489 No.11845554


Supposedly between Hez, Iran and other allies, over 80K troops were on the way to this area.

977f29 No.11845558


It’s been working for Houthis in KSA. It’s not the tool it’s who’s using it.

977f29 No.11845562


Against KSA in Yemen *

74c04e No.11845593


smarts , intiative , and willingness

remember they have russia defending them.

think about this scernario:

1)I want to beat a 400 pound guy with an ak 47

2) I wait till he is sleeping and hit him with my louisville slugger

3) he wakes up the same time my uncle with a tank wakes up

I dont know how much ww3 costs, but im confident these numbers are being crunched as we speak.

As of right now , you are witnessing the stale mates of all stale mates. A kin to the bay of pigs

Trump wanted to make peace with NK because he did not want to fight on two fronts. We will take care of the Middle east, but splitting out troupes across the water with not stop over (like our europe friends allow us to do) is a tough sell.

Basically the chinese just have to watch us cross the ocean and bomb the ocean, ezpz. We dont want that but this middle east thing … so many involved so much on the line.

I think there will be a hot war because there is more to win then either side has

75d3d5 No.11845602


It's happening

1cc5cb No.11845646

I don't think Syria is going to enter the Golan. It would be a pleasant surprise and a major happening, but I think they're just going to take all the territory up to that point. Look at all those kike bombings, though, they're pissed as fuck.

977f29 No.11845651


North Korea could never launch a legitimate offensive against the US west coast and WW3 won’t start over Golan fucking heights. Put the drugs down and get real.

9e5f43 No.11845652


Actually the "native" born israelis absolutely hate the kikes that live abroad. They see them as cowards who leave them stuck in a desert shit-hole surrounded by mudslimes. It's quite amusing actually.

48f4fb No.11845696

Forge on Lion of Damascus!

361055 No.11845704


Not true. I am an Israeli and I love my family whenever, wherever

9e5f43 No.11845705


They don't need to win air superiority, they only need to occupy the kike's air force long enough for their infantry to swarm over the border. Once they break through the walls, then they will be met by Palestinian partisans and the usual angry mudslime rabbal that will flood in as extra cannon fodder. Their best tactic is to quite literally over-run the kikes.

3cd13e No.11845709


This is actually the sole good argument for Israel.

c70489 No.11845719


>Their best tactic is to quite literally over-run the kikes.

A Blitzkrieg. The roman empire lives through the SAA!

4a0b5f No.11845721

File: 5e5cb11c914b87e⋯.jpg (6.07 KB, 224x224, 1:1, 5e5cb11c914b87eefb827c1b1c….jpg)


4a0b5f No.11845726


Soon they will meet florida man

2e3b61 No.11845740

Senator Lindsey Graham

>To our friends in Israel – be very careful making agreements with Russia re Syria that affect U.S. interests. I don't trust Russia to police Iran or anyone else in Syria. U.S. must maintain presence in Syria to ensure ISIS doesn't come back and to counter Russia/Iran influence.

>US withdrawal from Syria = major disaster for Kurdish allies, U.S. interests and regional stability.

>It is time for me to come out of the closet and admit to my family, friends and colleagues that I am a homosexual. The lack of surprise has been disheartening, but this is not about me. This is about Milo.

9e5f43 No.11845746

File: 3707ce78f866ae1⋯.png (1.21 MB, 809x965, 809:965, fe6e433dd156c456b0f7d7d44d….png)

File: 95a45b6386b4de2⋯.jpg (50.87 KB, 605x412, 605:412, ea494af0a3d5e3bded1a3186ab….jpg)


No, this is just persians doing their thing. Let them act, hinder any attempts by the kikes to beg or demand for support, and encourage them to slaughter. Do not think them our brothers though. It will be many years before the Persians are free of the taint of islam and jewery.

While the kikes are weakened by this assault, we must do everything within our power to strike them at home. Push every angle that shows that these kikes are genocidal maniacs torturing those poor poor palestinians. Push every angle to attack kikes in our homelands that could render aid, or steal our governments to their side. Further, fight on every fucking front you can find. We've seen their best and they are lacking, and none of their shills can stand against our efforts ON EVERY FRONT at once! We will crush them under the weight of our words, our truth, our memes.


Remember those who have given their lives for the cause of our people, and honor them with your deeds.

eb14e0 No.11845749


Why does SC still elect that fucking faggot anyways?

290e40 No.11845756


It's never been about North Korea launching an offensive against the West Coast. The issue at hand, in the eyes of US strategists:

>North Korea conceivably may have strengthened itself enough that, with some help from China, they could knock out South Korea in a 1v1

>This doesn't matter as long as the US is at peace in the rest of the world

>Geopolitical tensions are rising in other parts of the world, however, and the US could conceivably enter a Great Power hot war so intensive that it might not be possible to defend South Korea at the same time

>The US loss of South Korea would seriously disadvantage the United States power projection vis a vis China in the Asia Pacific region

>The rise of China arguably presents the greatest threat against the United States in the international arena into the longer run, hence surrounding them with as much force as possible to keep them contained

c70489 No.11845786


>>Geopolitical tensions are rising in other parts of the world, however, and the US could conceivably enter a Great Power hot war so intensive that it might not be possible to defend South Korea at the same time

>>The US loss of South Korea would seriously disadvantage the United States power projection vis a vis China in the Asia Pacific region

and lose all other US controlled nearby countries (Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan…)

4a0b5f No.11845789


Gott say, first pic is glorious.

c70489 No.11845793


> brothers though.

Brothers no, possible long term allies, definitely.

c111a1 No.11845827


>and lose all other US controlled nearby countries (Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan…)

good, anything to weaken this ZOGphire, we might even be able to then send jews and niggers to the ovens

944f70 No.11845839

File: dfcd053cf0833c7⋯.jpg (877.59 KB, 982x974, 491:487, roman.jpg)


israel gets diversified

8c2480 No.11845841

File: 33229a67de23a5a⋯.png (75.65 KB, 672x750, 112:125, ClipboardImage.png)


they don't even need missiles to put a whupping on south korea, much less nukes. pic related. seoul is in artillery range right now.

a57196 No.11845845


Like last time in the 1973?


a57196 No.11845858


Normies like you greatly overestimate conventional explosives power. This is no surprising considering they learn about war from Hollywood movies where single pound of "plastic explosives" C4 inside suitcase blows up skyscraper to little bits.

7b2d6a No.11845877

File: 1caf59e24dbb14d⋯.png (858.96 KB, 1024x1446, 512:723, 1caf59e24dbb14d78277edd0d3….png)


Burn them all down.

8c2480 No.11845900


don't kid yourself about what i do or don't estimate, anon. bottom line, seoul is in artillery now, and they wouldn't like to get shelled.

no, artillery alone won't "destroy the city" but it sure would be demoralizing as fuck and if it remains at the "trading artillery" level of conflict, the souks would get the worst of it, because of the limited range of the shells, limited targets within that for the norks, and seoul being right the fuck there.

any land battle would be fought basically IN seoul. it's a lot closer to the dmz than pyongyang is.

it would be interesting to see what kind of aa the chinks have, and how effective it is.

bottom line, between the two, one on one, norks don't need missiles or nukes to fucking rekt souk. the real issue is how it fits in the world geopolitical backdrop; whether the chinks get involved, what do the nips do, for that matter, the russians, etc., all that before we even talk about usa's response.

2e3b61 No.11845905


What movie is that? I have never seen a movie where c4 blew up a skyscraper. Blew a door open, sure. Collapsed a tunnel perhaps.

But regardless of your completely made up movie scenario if North Korea began mercilessly shelling Seoul with artillery it would cause a lot of damage. Would it leave the city a crater? No. It isn't your magical c4 you made up to make the dumbest point you possibly could.

a57196 No.11845949


>would cause a lot of damage.

If ALL nork arty would shot at Seoul non stop for weeks until their barrels become completely unusable the may destoy 5-10% of the Seoul buildings But considering that only about 10% of nork artillery can reach Seoul they may destroy only 1% of the city, again we don't talk about any military opposition to such bombardment. Is it "a lot of damage"? Well 100 000 dead Westerners (not some subhuman scum like niggers, arabs or slavs) is unthinkable tragedy :^) world can't afford that!

d68011 No.11845966

File: 529545571245767⋯.png (24.67 KB, 560x386, 280:193, 1385854051677-1.png)


Sticking your smelly little snipdick into your 4 year old cousin isn't loving your family, Schlomy

eadd6b No.11845974


Foolish wizard, that is the plan!

698baf No.11846032


who's who?

9e5f43 No.11846055

Back on fucking topic!

So what are the updates? What is actually happening? Are there any movements of ground forces or is this just another small exchange?

3d7cdd No.11846125


Who gives a damn about the middle east?

Not one cent and certainly no White lives should be spent on those shitholes.

The ME should be used as a containment zone for muslums and all kikes.

Deport and quarantine.


You are a monster.

We know what your demonic book says.

We know what your hellspawn rabbis have said.

We know that marx and the bolsheviks were kikes.

We know your kind killed JFK and were behind 9/11 as well as MANY other crimes.

We know your kind control the media, and the banks, and the political machines and use that power to hurt White people.


And soon everyone will know.

You should not have done what you have done.



Deport all the kikes in the whole world there.

Strip them of any excessive wealth.

Let them fend for themselves.



There will be no "great power hot war" without nuclear annihilation.

Russia has thousands of nuclear missiles.

Any war with Russia would not last long.

For either side.

Furthermore, the only way for the US to be strong and stay strong is to make America White again.

This is so incredibly obvious that the "strategic planners" are either stupid or involved in White genocide.

Thus their words are either the words of fools, or they WANT the US to weaken and be crushed by China in every way except hot war.

And if the Chinese develop an effective ABMDS then they could neutralize the nuclear deterrent and invade all over hell.

That is literally their intention.

Their military leadership talks about "annexing entire nations."

Meanwhile every day the ongoing genocide of White America takes another step towards completion. Every day more hostile blacks and browns and more traitorous yellows stream in.

How about the "strategic planners" work on countering THAT THREAT?

e7f8e4 No.11846151


Does your ass have a license to make up numbers?

67104f No.11846158

File: 5c47113d719c5bf⋯.png (800.02 KB, 630x1021, 630:1021, Daraa2.png)


>So what are the updates? What is actually happening? Are there any movements of ground forces or is this just another small exchange?

Follow the link to keep track of tweets.


Its the biggest exchange I've seen between the two yet. All other campaigns within syria were regaining territory but now the SAA is bearing down on their position.

Pic was a huge offensive less than a month ago. Notice how quickly the SAA is taking over territories. Some point soon SAA will have to start taking out kike planes otherwise they're sitting ducks.

4a0b5f No.11846174


I like that hunter has his pistol and rockwell looks badass

29ee00 No.11846175



a809b6 No.11846177

File: 8384fd0729d0e41⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 417x394, 417:394, sgFSpJU.gif)


4a0b5f No.11846182

Rolling for Israel in ashes

9e5f43 No.11846205


Just hire a lab out there to make a massive quantity of LSD. They just have to tell their anti-kike militia buddies "Hey, we're making a boom for the war effort" and then put a coating on the small particles of lsd with something such as Mannitol. This will help preserve it until it's spread, and give it a longer half life in the environment.

Just imagine it… all of them, tripping balls. The suicide bombers would just aloha snackbar at random, and the kikes would think it's some sort of religious experience like ezekial had and the jew-massiah is finally coming, and everything would go crazier than already, which is a major achievement. Please anon… convince the shia militias to manufacture LSD. It is the most interesting option!

29ee00 No.11846215

File: 7bdde4415472228⋯.webm (7.63 MB, 426x208, 213:104, the_shoah_begins.webm)


0a4dfc No.11846216


Hans turn on the oven.

361055 No.11846221


Hale Hoitlart ultra dub trip roll says Golan is jew

b28fab No.11846226


that might actually work

0f483f No.11846229


>Deport all the kikes in the whole world there.

>Strip them of any excessive wealth.

This is the only wealth distribution I'd be in favor of. If we kill off the likes, and spread their wealth around intelligently, we could do quite a bit of good.

4a0b5f No.11846231


Dolan plz

0a4dfc No.11846233


He is kosher approved. Runner ups don't stand a chance without proper funding.

Welcome to jewocracy.

4a0b5f No.11846238


Nahh why not just let muslims do their thing yo

f7fd96 No.11846244

File: 609f98017942d33⋯.png (265.06 KB, 489x408, 163:136, giggle me timber.png)


361055 No.11846247


shut up (((Gorfy)))) u are giving away us

3d0e15 No.11846253


>Kikes 'wealth'

You mean what they stole from the people of the ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET? Can they 'own' what is STOLEN? I think not.

Here is what worries me…what worries me is that they will give the world debt release from slavery (OF THEM FUCKING STEALING FROM THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD) and that the world will be so relieved that we won't ==FUCKING KILL THEM ALL, THEY NEED TO BE KILLED==


THAT is my worry…

a9787e No.11846269


this is also why Trump is hitting China with tariffs. They can't go to war with their economy struggling. look for lots of bilateral trade agreements with SE Asia in order to shore up alliances with countries surrounding China. (this is what the TPP was actually supposed to do, but multiple bilateral agreements should be a better deal for the US)

361055 No.11846273


Ur not in a movie, no need to rp as that chunky buff guy from die hard 3

765e84 No.11846274


Nah, don't worry. There's plenty of men like you and me who won't know peace until the city streets turn into rivers of blood. As long as you hold that desire in your heart, it will come true.

c5d3e4 No.11846287

File: e415b4ba2fd5899⋯.jpg (25.24 KB, 355x354, 355:354, 71LSLyIbCvL._SX355_.jpg)


>they all move to Florida

>half are killed by gators in the first week

>another half are killed by snakes

>another half of that half of a half are killed by mosquitos

>the shoah happens for real this time because they made enemies with nature itself

it's perfect

0f483f No.11846288



Where do we volunteer to fight against israel? How many people around the world do you think we join forces to fight if the information was made available?

3d0e15 No.11846291

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


All Russia needs to do is take out that KIKE who calls herself the 'queen' of England…and that pedophile 'vatican'…each nation after than can execute their kikes as they see fit…(mother fuckers better CUT THEIR FUCKING HEADS OFF AND BURN THE BODIES, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SEND THOSE DEMONS BACK TO KUR (HELL)…nukes will work for this purpose as well…


It is the blood that allows them to reincarnate here…it must be erased forever so that they cannot reincarnate AND so that nothing can be sacrificed to disguise their online any longer. See this clip, their "OWNER" is turned away at the threshold from YANKING THEM THE FUCK BACK TO HELL…because they 'cover' themselves in the blood of the innocent in order to 'remain unseen' by their own father. See the blood on the threshold, the threshold IS THE PASSAGE TO EARTH…they THINK this is 'their home' but they are invaders here…they are aliens HERE…they are ABOMINATIONS HERE


72cb54 No.11846293



You need to be good though, join a PMC, train.

b28fab No.11846303

File: 05a692a3afa777c⋯.jpeg (31.68 KB, 389x377, 389:377, c617aa839855922c45b205f7e….jpeg)

File: 614bf71a1748f5a⋯.jpg (676.55 KB, 1615x1077, 1615:1077, 900201b2b245891311cdcf95a0….jpg)

4a8ab1 No.11846308

File: 274229acf594e5b⋯.png (602.03 KB, 963x720, 107:80, 274229acf594e5b562b593dce3….png)

Is there any actual news in this thread? Here's some fake jew news


361055 No.11846309


Why are u a sad pepee who smokes?

d40b40 No.11846312

File: 7b80e741e7a7c2e⋯.png (164.62 KB, 728x484, 182:121, Simon Abney-Hastings.png)


>All Russia needs to do is take out that KIKE who calls herself the 'queen' of England

England's true royal line still exists. Pic related.

0f483f No.11846315


I'm actually lebanese, although I look pretty white. Would they take a white, english speaking american with a seething hatred of jews, or would they just use me as a sex toy and then behead me?

3d0e15 No.11846317


Disguise their 'online'…great, just great…that is what I get for answering questions about the internet while I am typing. Lol

Disguise their presence here any longer…

72cb54 No.11846320


If you are lebanese you are a native there already brother.

Hezabollah is based on Lebanon.

361055 No.11846328


You need to go back

8e629e No.11846338

File: 2800ba06a1540e1⋯.jpg (52.55 KB, 660x439, 660:439, Florida giant mosquito.jpg)


Floridans giant mosquitoes scare the hell out of me.

3d0e15 No.11846339


The Aussies? IDK man…I liked that guy because he spent his time figuring out how to feed people…in other words he did the job of a MONARCH and not the job of a PARASITE.

But he is indiscriminate…he will feed Asians, nogs…fucking anyone who shows up…so he isn't really a monarch because he is confused about WHO HIS PEOPLE ARE…

But anyway, it wouldn't matter to me since I am German anyway and not a Brit…I like the Brits but they are not 'my kin' blood relations…they are simply distant relations that are also 'my people'…so if they want to have someone as king over them who will 'FEED THE WORLD' and treat them as second class citizens in their own nation…well that is THIER business. I have had enough of the jew/ZION//leftist interventions to last me forever though.

3d0e15 No.11846341


You can fuck off

c81f2c No.11846343

File: 5c25eb5ae0e38e9⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1526x891, 1526:891, e9945289ec82780450d6d300ac….png)

3d0e15 No.11846355


Rorschach's war penis? Very nice.

361055 No.11846369

Reminder nothing is happening in the middle east

f3458a No.11846379


This. Millions of dune coons pushing yids into the sea

7b2d6a No.11846409

File: d1bdd89d410a91c⋯.png (66.18 KB, 724x976, 181:244, ClipboardImage.png)


>I hope you mean the fight you talk about is here at home AND "taking care of the Middle East" means getting far the fuck away from it.

>No one here wants to die for Israel

Guess again, goy.

7b2d6a No.11846430

File: bad1f2e8e96e6d4⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1256x1256, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9f5016752da32a7⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2551x1213, 2551:1213, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fa4466134229b44⋯.png (84.03 KB, 1670x555, 334:111, ClipboardImage.png)

74c04e No.11846451


we dont always get what we want anon

im just reading the board

you have $10,000 to bet, you bet we go to war or not????

885d77 No.11846483

File: acbe4e819e21f2d⋯.jpg (503.3 KB, 916x963, 916:963, donald duck erection.jpg)

Please let based Assad roll the kikes.

361055 No.11846494


Checked double 1's yesss today is the day that we… Israel gets it for really!!

85733e No.11846499


>lindsey graham

The guy has absolutely no power to do anything.

7b2d6a No.11846501

File: 8bc6714c765bd24⋯.mp4 (13.1 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Wolfenstein House of the R….mp4)


>Jews driven to Europe by their own Muzzies

>Jews driven from Israel by the same Muzzies

>Jews flee to US

<US goes full 1488 by 2021 (1+4+8+8 = 21)

<imagine a world without Skaven

977f29 No.11846508


That’s because the Levant is white. Hezbollah isn’t ISIS they don’t fuck goats and little boys. They aren’t terrorists they’re paramilitary who are fighting kikes. A large percent are also Christian.

7b2d6a No.11846509

File: 66af7a9627545bd⋯.mp4 (944.78 KB, 640x264, 80:33, The Most (((Italian))) Man….mp4)


Checked kameraden.

8073d0 No.11846524

File: 12c24f76549a39b⋯.png (330.03 KB, 907x596, 907:596, df475661acfd8ceac37ae77856….png)

Can we finally fucking glass these kikes?

7fae2e No.11846531


Source? I'd like to find out more about that.

63e5a8 No.11846537


Unbelievably underrated. This is the vitruvian man of shitposts. Good job friend.

7d70fe No.11846546

File: 35f3b77cc619ff1⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, PROST syriafags.jpg)

File: fcf2a9d57bbd3bc⋯.jpg (580.58 KB, 1364x928, 341:232, assad UNDEFEATED.jpg)

File: 5b4914c03f24e7b⋯.png (366.58 KB, 753x516, 251:172, f3b2ec0e8cf6e3571cb1708f46….png)

Amazing Syria news is such a blessing after 5+ years of utter gloom and dread before the last few years, let alone news that the kikes are fucked in the Golan.

Love how Syria left the kurdniggers alone a little and focused on this area, so they can then proceed to finish up north, because they knew the (((UN buffer zones))) would be the end of that territory for Syria - good on them. Fucking kikes always stealing shit from other nations, as per every god damn other time in history.






63e5a8 No.11846549


Do you think optics are a go to let Isreal fall? There would be a media meltdown as the Zionists pull out every shekel to sustain isreal. Then you have boomers and centrist democrats, neocons, and 90% of our politicians. Facebookfags will blow any way the algorithms push. I can't see Americans letting it ride out, and I do see someone forcing our intervention.

Trump would basically have to have a press conference saying jews did 911, and not get impeached or overthrown by a coup.

72cb54 No.11846553


Boomers wouldn't fight for Israel.

Too old now.

The military wouldn't either.

63e5a8 No.11846570



I hope you are right. I know boomers wouldnt fight, but it feels that 75% of America would not be on board with letting Isreal fall. I'm imagining commercials on Netflix to call attention to the travesty, and blackout page click throughs on twitter to mention the new Holocaust.

45678b No.11846572

File: 88a97f7fda628eb⋯.png (420.93 KB, 801x894, 267:298, syria.PNG)

some free nato weapons.

72cb54 No.11846574


Which America?

America is fucking tired of the 20 years war, fuck the middle east.

Send in the goddamn pogs because the battle ready troops are spent.

63e5a8 No.11846575


>the strategic planners are either stupid or involved in white genocide

You don't have to concern troll, you can just say it. That's their goal.

7d70fe No.11846578



You newfags have no idea how many artillery pieces are pointed at seoul and surrounding cities. It is estimated to be total destruction within ~20-50minutes depending on aiming (IIRC) upon that path.

Only nuclear weapons can remotely stop that, some are remote fired and redundant, so it is ineffective.

72cb54 No.11846582


Seoul might be fucked sure, but that's about all.

Or the first row fires and the rest is disabled by JDAM or the Korean air force.

Fucking Nork AAA are a joke.

45678b No.11846584

File: e6984fc001f7a6a⋯.png (480.11 KB, 741x717, 247:239, syria00.PNG)

72cb54 No.11846589

63e5a8 No.11846606


So is this old Obama shit, or are we still dicking around where we shouldn't be? ISIS fell, so we stopped supporting that shit, but then there is this. What the hell is it?

72cb54 No.11846629


Obama and co dumped a fuck ton of weapons to the FSA.

And the FSA fucking surrendered to Assad.

45678b No.11846633


the spoils of war

72cb54 No.11846642


Thankfully these munitions can be used for good for once.

0a27fe No.11846649

File: f024444d9cfae06⋯.jpg (193.99 KB, 800x1199, 800:1199, 92463.jpg)



That's a pretty good lootbox drop. I love seeing ZOG supplies being taken, and put to much better use.

60d208 No.11846665

File: ec957580f978110⋯.webm (4.45 MB, 254x254, 1:1, GENOCIDE AND GENOCIDE.webm)


observing holy digits

b5ea3c No.11846676

File: 2daf8c24c32e285⋯.png (443.39 KB, 682x591, 682:591, Lehi.png)

File: a58941a2f66c485⋯.jpg (46.06 KB, 437x501, 437:501, a58941a2f66c4857b3fc962c79….jpg)


So it has begun

000000 No.11846887

It's fucking nothing.

7b2d6a No.11846921

File: 7847d24a7dc54fd⋯.png (5.56 MB, 2119x1037, 2119:1037, I Am Not Afraid.PNG)

File: c68564fad90c124⋯.jpg (109.24 KB, 750x866, 375:433, c68564fad90c12417466b9cffe….jpg)

File: 5f074c754df91f6⋯.jpg (60.3 KB, 1549x1041, 1549:1041, Face to Bloodshed.JPG)

File: 77ff2085caab44e⋯.jpg (102.96 KB, 1806x1065, 602:355, fear not.JPG)


Don't be afraid.

45678b No.11846973

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Time to arm the hothi with nato and zog weapons.

b1fe15 No.11846981

File: cec7d4dd21597f9⋯.jpg (5.88 KB, 300x225, 4:3, bubbles.jpg)


This better be a real war this time.

c1e8b5 No.11847013

File: 4f22a5def64f159⋯.jpg (532.02 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1460600131817.jpg)


>Houthis armed with NATO and ZOG weapons

>mfw Houthis BTFOing Saudis from a mile away with SMAW rockets

885d77 No.11847040


>that ID

>that post


0a4dfc No.11847042


>NORK are a joke.

Check their kill ratio in Vietnam.

37411e No.11847073


>Obama and co dumped a fuck ton of weapons to the FSA.

>And the FSA fucking surrendered to Assad.

Russias play is to go into towns before SAA attacks and make a plea deal. "Give the SAA all your weapons and you can leave, otherwise you'll be wiped out." Most are choosing to leave and the end result is massive gains throughout syria in a short period of time.

c8366a No.11847101


What's the source on this?

e9da53 No.11847104

File: 1ab16f4a38471ae⋯.gif (225.96 KB, 932x549, 932:549, kefka s400.gif)


7d70fe No.11847111


Kefka would highly approve.


It's some Iranian propaganda film from memory.

abc084 No.11847112


Florida is one of the most jewish state in the country behind NY


Every Jew here goes to israel some of them even join the Army never heard of that before tbh

002a2b No.11847113

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

002a2b No.11847129

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



653ef1 No.11847146


And it just so happens to be the state that a lot of families bring their kids to to vacation. Would bet they flock to the beach during vacation time when families are there with their little ones in bathing suits.

Polite sage for offtopic pedo jew posting.

e9da53 No.11847150

File: 35c6028550973d8⋯.gif (16.07 KB, 320x100, 16:5, kinneret draining 4.gif)

>>11847111 (checked)

What the fuck are they thinking, picking more fights? Those idiots are running out of water.

562cb6 No.11847177


>Checked double 1's yesss

That legendary high Kike IQ we keep hearing about.

0cb01c No.11847181




361055 No.11847234


I got loopy after sex with your goyimom sorry

f4a0fe No.11847267

1b568e No.11847280



>Morons who can't understand the reply

You were the newfags all along.

653ef1 No.11847293



He was pointing out that Tor posters bring absolutely nothing to a thread, not marveling at the ID. Reading comprehension is a white trait Moishe and Schlomo.

Polite sage for off-topic.

e9da53 No.11847300


It's borderline Only Pretending, because of the number of times the same post has been made in earnest. It's legitimately hard to tell. Still funny though.

905e3a No.11847330


They nuke Europe.

b62f7c No.11847360

File: 6291badaee0919c⋯.jpg (87.84 KB, 551x749, 551:749, Moderate Rebels in SW Syri….jpg)


Will Israel abandon their ISIS and AQ allies?

e9da53 No.11847379

File: 50e56398f71b791⋯.png (379.29 KB, 800x533, 800:533, fucking kikes.png)

a29535 No.11847393

File: 9dc5bcd3d08b51c⋯.png (167.1 KB, 342x276, 57:46, jewsbtfo.png)

749d6b No.11847410


Golan heights are strategic and literal high ground for the whole area. They're not going to stop in the low ground where they can be bombed from above. Syria has wanted Golan heights since always.

84a2d8 No.11847451

File: 31a801d6210c797⋯.jpg (14.53 KB, 200x217, 200:217, Feive.jpg)

>tfw the whole thing is a massive conspiracy coordinated by US, Israel, and their ISIS puppets

>tfw the Dome of the Rock "accidentally" gets destroyed in the ensuing mayhem

>tfw when Israeli troops scramble up the hill and secure it completely

>tfw the Third Temple finally gets built


e9da53 No.11847481


Sounds risky. That black line is coming up FAST.

000000 No.11847492

Good energy to Assad in his struggle! May he succeed. Heil Assad Allahu Akbar DEUS VULT

000000 No.11847501



>Morons who can't recognize another LARP thread when it pisses them into their face.

7271b7 No.11847543


yeah but what kind of deck did they bring to the fight?

f16ce3 No.11847555

File: 2ed987824983ad2⋯.gif (944.06 KB, 490x270, 49:27, giphy (1).gif)


Zionists plan to stage an alien invasion of angels trying to take ppl to hell, but Israel defeats the menace, promising to never allow another being from outside our planet again

>tfw this is only the beginning

a19e05 No.11847560

File: f218005391a89e1⋯.jpg (6.28 KB, 267x188, 267:188, 1477337342396.jpg)


>What happens if the kikes lose their stolen land?

Well Kissenger did say Israel would no longer exist by 2020.

6264ef No.11847565

Apocalypse now!

>inb4 Al-Aqsa mosque destroyed

It's literally happening.

653ef1 No.11847575


>broken English

>a little before noon in Israel

You kikes need to realize that posting from Tor is the equivalent of starting your post by introducing yourself as a Rabbi.

No one gives a shit about what you have to say, you have no effect on morale, and you may be fleeing from whatever Israeli office you are sitting in before you know it.

Polite sage for off topic

a29535 No.11847588

File: 2b33208fd645fad⋯.png (292.9 KB, 631x350, 631:350, anuibis.png)


rat jews use slow warfare until they are found out then blame everyone else and cry victim for the shit they do historically,instead now the goyim kkknow all their tricks and a massive overthrow of their power is underway with no way to stop it.You will ./ lose rat.

787383 No.11847598



They wouldn't even need to level Seoul with HE, they could shell it with sarin gas or other chemical weapons for much greater effect.

8c5082 No.11847608


>I dont know how much ww3 costs, but im confident these numbers are being crunched as we speak.

t. boomer red team planner and qanon larper

000000 No.11847609


>No counters as to how this is not a LARP thread.

So how's the battle going, dumbass?

f16ce3 No.11847628


Thangs r heating up we got lots of wasps I'm talkin big bugs tryina drain our juice knowimean

Real rough

f50682 No.11847647

File: af1a7b642329540⋯.jpg (9.64 KB, 250x187, 250:187, boo.jpg)


it seems being an oldfag doesn't make you any less of a retard you dumb nigger

bf541a No.11847657



I remember how that plays out.

4fca29 No.11847697

File: 61a85ae24dba4b3⋯.jpg (214.2 KB, 1003x768, 1003:768, 1511612147360.jpg)


We're coming for you, kike.

5c6103 No.11847698



Why would the legitimate King of England have a kike name?



>Boomers wouldn't fight for Israel.

>The military wouldn't either.

ZOGbots believe they will go to heaven if they fight for ZOG. You delusional burgers need to accept your military is the most kiked thing to ever exist. The destruction of the US military means immediate freedom from the kikes. Burgers should all an hero tbh.



Burgers always insist on saying "we." That is because they can't even imagine not being part of the ZOG. To them, ZOG is life. They actually believe the ZOG protects them. It's not obvious online, but if you visit the JewSA, you will see that everywhere you go the only unifying belief is that Israel must be protected at all costs. Even the pro-Palestine Lefties believe Israel must be protected. I hope the Rockefeller Foundation accidentally puts too much toxic waste in your water and accidentally fumigates the continent.

9867cf No.11847731

File: 58217b719564929⋯.png (360.14 KB, 904x711, 904:711, 1FEC5129-2682-4466-98E9-20….png)

a57196 No.11847749

File: 6e84316a7579bfd⋯.jpg (571.51 KB, 1428x2296, 51:82, 75637.jpg)

000000 No.11847759


>hiding in the blood

No longer. Their moloch was demuxed and re-encapsulated. It no longer works as expected, meaning that their sins can now be traced back to whoever committed them.

Anyone that's participated in blood rituals is an utter fool. When the immensity of what they did to themselves becomes apparent - and it will become apparent - you will see them in the streets confessing their sins and begging for forgiveness.

765337 No.11847760

File: 7e9ce6420ecc4d6⋯.png (415.04 KB, 842x709, 842:709, bait duce.png)


>September 1945

b067bb No.11847776


"Jews" dont like guarding middle eastern oil for Rothschilds?. I feel so sad for them, oy vey.

7d70fe No.11847786

File: 4e4289688b5eebd⋯.jpg (336.43 KB, 957x713, 957:713, Hezbollah Grad launcher.jpg)

File: 34f160f81d6b65f⋯.jpg (187.6 KB, 600x570, 20:19, 1kg of tnt.jpg)


They have 10s of thousands of artillery pieces that can be seen from space that are known, plus others not known, e.g. pic related Hezb installs. It doesn't take too many thousands to severely bomb Seoul back to the stone age and they can reach about 45km these days with modern propellant.

Nice image though, you might like this.


Bomb tech (chemistry-wise) hasn't massively improved for general dumb bombs since then.

With thermobaric warheads though they are about 40% more powerful for same weight depending on target.

2abeca No.11847793


>Killing 30% of the world white population because a nationality hurts your feefees

You're a white genocidaire and will be dealt with accordingly.

4b3e3f No.11847823


Checked i hope it doesnt go according to plan like the us election

a09a94 No.11847824


>Nice image though, you might like this.

According to this image it takes just 770 millions of evenly distributed 1kg TNT charges to kill (maybe) everyone in the Seoul. (this number obviously is to big to discuss because burgers can't count past muh dozen of pounds)

This of course if Seoul is a plain and doesn't accounts shielding effect of the buildings.

4b3e3f No.11847838

File: 4cae15358a2732d⋯.jpg (19.84 KB, 480x478, 240:239, 1511914739734.jpg)


You and your family will make nice lampshades for assad

68f024 No.11847861

File: d77bc5a4dd442f7⋯.jpg (16.27 KB, 188x268, 47:67, MerchScared.jpg)


>What happens if the kikes lose their stolen land?

They whine to Trump to go get it back for them.

He won't.

68f024 No.11847876


> Syria has wanted Golan heights since always.

And why not?

It was stolen from them by Israel in the first place.

987151 No.11847895

Is there any news site reporting on any of this? Literally the kikes can have a war going with troop divisions and nobody even knows. This is why the Holocaust didn't happen, the message is the media.

0b665c No.11847896



4b3e3f No.11848021

Bump. Dont let this thread slide at all

57b9ba No.11848046



Syrian Army Enters Dara'a City after 7 Years, Regains Control over 3 Regions

>The Syrian army entered the town of al-Mozayrab in Northwestern Dara'a on Thursday after reaching an agreement with the terrorist groups, regaining control of the town.

>Meantime, the Syrian army units won back control of the towns of Ankhal and Kafr Shams in Northern Dara'a.

>Also, field sources reported that the army forces have for the first time entered Dara'a city which has been under the occupation of terrorists since 2011, and hoisted the Syrian government flag over the city's municipality.

>They added that the army is expected to win control over the entire city in coming days.

>Field sources said earlier today that the terrorists in Dara'a province agreed to return control of several important regions to the Syrian army after sustaining heavy defeats.

>The sources in Southern Syria said that the terrorists in Dara'a al-Balad, Tariq al-Sad, al-Makhim-Sukhnah and al-Manshiyeh in Southern Dara'a have agreed with the Syrian army's peace plan.

>Based on the agreement, the militants will surrender their weapons and military equipment to the Syrian army and will be granted amnesty by the government, and the terrorists who are opposed to the plan will leave the region.

>Meantime, reports in Northwestern Dara'a said that the terrorists in the town of al-Ya'adoudeh have agreed with the peace plan in the region.

>The Syrian army has now surrounded the terrorist-held areas in and North-West of Dara'a city.

Seems like things are working out for ol'Assad boy.

000000 No.11848057



From the comments:

>Israeli official: Netanyahu informs Putin that Israel does not want to threaten the Assad government in Syria

>Senior Israeli official to Reuters: Netanyahu asked Putin to act to remove Iran from Syria

>Israeli PM Netanyahu to reporters: The Russian's forced the Iranians to move 80km from the Syrian border with Israel; "We don't have a problem with Assad government - we have a problem with the Iranians near our border"

The fuck am I reading here?? Israel has no issue with Syria? Is this one of (((their))) reversal tricks?

7d70fe No.11848061




Not how it works, many more factors than that.

4b3e3f No.11848108


Basically they are everyones ally when they are not bombing syria at 3 in the morning pacific standard time like last month

8c2480 No.11848117


>implying getting rekt as a modern 1st-world city would require every single citizen being killed

>implying that just a few thousand rounds wouldn't be pretty damn undesirable

790b43 No.11848217


>Why would the legitimate King of England have a kike name?

The 'royal line of Europe' no longer exists. They have been hunted down and exterminated by covert ops/kikes for hundreds of years. The only people left are the corrupted ZIONIST offspring. I bet you if you did genetic testing on (((Simon))) you would find a high percent of kike blood in there…and that would SERVE EUROPEANS for not HAVING STANDARDS. It turns out that the European nobility had, in the past, fucked so many peasants that much the peasant DNA is actually royalty at this point. You know how you tell NOBILTY? They care more for their people and their peoples future than ANYTHING ELSE…they live TO SERVE their genetic line and to ensure the survival of their people…this is something THAT CAN'T BE FAKED by a fucking parasitic jew…real royalty would do anything and give up everything for their own people, they work themselves to exhaustion making sure that food is plentiful, that the realm is secure and that parasites and predators are exterminated from among their people. This is why the kikes have murdered their NOBLE HEARTS at every turn.

I am tired of people propping up ZIONISTS as 'the next great thing'…you have to PROVE TO ME that (((Simon))) has ZERO jew DNA, not even one fucking DROP!! And then prove to me that he has the merit to RULE by caring for his people. Does he have the training to 'make hard decisions' for the preservation of our people?

IDK again this is immaterial I suppose since I am not a Brit. My real concern is for Germany and German stock.

20f467 No.11848218

Bumping so "drumpf le kike"shills can see this after trump pulls out of syria loooool

20f467 No.11848237


Can confirm. Jews walk the beach roaming like the undead

790b43 No.11848257


>you will see them in the streets confessing their sins and begging for forgiveness.

Which I WILL NOT GRANT. I will judge them EXACTLY as they have judged us and slaughtered us without mercy.

They never cared whether they were slaughtering someone of merit when they tortured us to death, wives in front of their husbands and little children in front of their parents…indeed the delighted in murdering the VERY BEST of humanity…anything that EXPOSED THEIR CORRUPTION AND MALIGNANT SOULS as deviant and deficient.


Hundreds of millions of the absolute best of humanity died at their hands, the most intelligent, free thinking, the most beautiful, those full of life and laughter…all were selected for what was beautiful and pure and slaughtered at kike hands so that 'THE WORLD COULD BE MADE IN THEIR CORRUPTED DISGUSTING IMAGE'…

It is going to take us hundreds of years, even with out technology to recover our DNA and people from their horrific and disgusting 'image'.

>Genesis 1:26 - Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness

And what an 'image' (corruption, FILTH, VICE, degradation) it is…

000000 No.11848259


>spike them all with LSD

10/10 by far the most entertaining option

57b9ba No.11848263


>Israel has no issue with Syria?

Of course they don't!

Those bombs they dropped there? They were gifts, they heard Assad was running low and send some. Trully, Benji's a pal and their best friend. Why, if things don't work out with Russia, Israel can eventually become their (((Greatest Ally))) aswell.

d0cc63 No.11848431


>The (((LORD))) God makes himself a golem…lolz…and he writes Emet on his head…no, indeed, I am not like DJT.

IDK honestly, this body is only a proxy. Thor, the technologically advanced being (not a God) as he has assured me multiple times calls me Sif…and says I shine…by which I think he means I am on fire…so, I think I am Djinn/Fey…because in the aether I have no feet….and I'm HUGE, like 13 ft tall…In other words I don't think I am 'classed in your book' there…If I had to guess I'd say I was a baby Djinn….at any rate, I am not a GOLEM…because I see through everything…like the entire planet was made of glass. Who the fuck knows….hahahaha…I don't really care…I protect…I serve. That is about as close to defining me as we are ever going to get or need to know.

4b3e3f No.11848477


Trump spiked the Yids with LSD confirmed!!!

4b3e3f No.11848653


1682f0 No.11848659


>and says I shine

You shine because you're a glow in the dark CIA nigger

bf6f29 No.11848666



Alternatively, just turn Florida into Flourida. Watch that IQ advantage seep away.

17d7e3 No.11848710


You don't need to do that Satan. We have a nice gator population that will weed them out. Hell, just dump those hook-nosed rats into the fucking EVERGLADES.

4b3e3f No.11848777


>fags think gators freely roam the streets in florida

The jews and niggers are fucking dangerous here, you fools


a57196 No.11848782

File: 6d379c162eadf85⋯.jpg (51.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6356345.jpg)


So when nork internet defense force promises to remove Seoul from the face of Earth they not really meant that they actual promise things that are


>deep concerns

e79b69 No.11848938


>Floridans giant mosquitoes scare the hell out of me.

The big ones may look like stealth fighters but once they brush against you or land it is all over for them unless you ignore them. It is the small ones that land without a trace that will get you.

762728 No.11849026


mosquitoes are scary in general

>sucks some AIDS nigger blood

>lands on you, get's you pozzed

e5ee1c No.11849031

File: 4719b6667e8a0d4⋯.png (145.8 KB, 500x569, 500:569, frosty-the-ciws-had-avery-….png)


lol @ the hajis thinking they can successfully assault and capture a carrier

942eb9 No.11849049


<what is Millennium challenge 2002

c4509e No.11849100

Fucking kikes shooting missiles

5ddb81 No.11849208


Man, the visuals they post in that are pure kikery, though I'm not surprised.

>Mechs stomping on what looks to be a war widow in Paris

>Ref at a soccer game shooting a player for disagreeing with him for the red card

>Goebbels look-a-like destroying mount Rushmore

>Randomly shooting people in Paris who are already dying

Haven't paid much attention to vidya this past decade, even for these really out there ones like Wolfenstein or Far Cry 5 recently.

38914f No.11849244

Theres no way the battered Surian army can win this fight. Even before the civil war their tech was to far behind

7d70fe No.11849285


They've already won, newfag.

9b6f0c No.11849290


Fuck off schizo. We can all see that you're mentally ill from your retarded writing style.

b6b818 No.11849332

File: b93a2a2dca91b30⋯.webm (1.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Assad.webm)

If ZOG doesn't just outright assassinate him and destroy Syria, Bashar al-Assad will go down as one of the greatest arabs in history.

ac6faf No.11849376

File: 97db537a0745999⋯.png (452.11 KB, 785x757, 785:757, 97db537a07459999b1cabe806c….png)

Huh, they just needed to know we disabled the nukes, huh? This sure turned out to be easy

ac6faf No.11849385

File: f054505652b241a⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 401x432, 401:432, 15ac12ac2d6064388b2db56c4a….jpg)


Muslim king confirmed

451574 No.11849609

File: 636ba9c6a57ac53⋯.png (450.93 KB, 1269x596, 1269:596, Feb 2017.png)

File: 851afc156d82f5f⋯.png (785.91 KB, 1597x661, 1597:661, April 2017.png)

Some screenshots of the war from last year, the progress of the syrian army is massive.

Just remember the old quote "moscow will fall before daraa"

468323 No.11849650


This is the "Hollywood Nazi" which looks like a German, and speaks German, but thinks and acts like an Israeli cop. The imaginary brutality they ascribe to Germany is what they actually do.

7b2d6a No.11849778


>Mechs stomping on what looks to be a war widow in Paris

<Mechs stomping on what is very-clearly the guy who was throwing a molotov in the previous image, in Moscow

>Randomly shooting people in Paris

<Shooting 'peace activists' in the wake of what is clearly a protest

Otherwise you're pretty on point - still, a great little song.

d42b59 No.11850197

File: c11abd875d76d0f⋯.jpg (61.71 KB, 538x795, 538:795, gunsclowns.jpg)


>Japan could never launch a legitimate offensive against the pacific and WW2 won’t start over fucking Poland. Put the drugs down and get real.

Pic unrelated

d42b59 No.11850253


>That video

Feels pretty smug knowing that this is what happens to them every time we get an itchy trigger finger.

They're so mad they will never be able to do this to us they have to make fantasy films. I just have to watch guncamera footage.

1a57e6 No.11850341

Bump so this doesn't get slid by summerposters and shills.

a6c22a No.11850346


Suicide bomb a synagogue.

a9e86a No.11850842

File: 9cde364f7334009⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1482x885, 494:295, update.png)

A bit more gained.

ede2cd No.11850856


>our streets are paved with gators.

39c6aa No.11851640


Right with you.

29ee00 No.11851679


idk what gun camera footage you watch killing jews you realize that video in the latter half was a propaganda video made by israelis and supposed to represent an iranian attack on israel. they spread their lies so americans can die.

f92afb No.11851690

File: dd7561b13a8f9a4⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1000x1421, 1000:1421, names.jpg)

29ee00 No.11851691


the first half is iranians practicing this >>11849049

the second half is israeli propaganda video of iran attacking israel.

notice the difference in propaganda styles. iran propaganda is of iranian wargames. israeli propaganda is cgi lies.

589a38 No.11851693

File: 3648a42c4802709⋯.jpg (153.36 KB, 1297x757, 1297:757, 5c25eb5ae0e38e9a34bbecb2a5….jpg)

39c6aa No.11851763


>kike doing d&c against Christians

You make it so obvious.

a5a212 No.11851823


What the fuck are you talking about mate, the Russians would never go to war over a piddly piece of land in central Europe, the Central Powers are too strong!

And come on, like a massive war breaking out over a tiny slice of soil, that couldn't POSSIBLY happen. Get real.

e9da53 No.11851962

File: dfca7f13ff1a55b⋯.gif (17.47 KB, 320x100, 16:5, kinneret draining 5.gif)


And a bit more drained. What the fuck? You'd think if their most essential resource was disappearing at this rate, they would stop fighting and try to take care of the small patch of land that they have. Instead, they are racing toward that black line.

626c8d No.11852010


> Instead, they are racing toward that black line.

Black area is ISIS controllled and green is "moderate rebels"..all kike proxies. It isn't just SAA fighing in these areas, iran, hezz and others have joined the fight. Somewhere around 100K-200K are estimated in this area. Iran knows its now or never before their regime collapses.

e9da53 No.11852042


I'm talking about Israel's water supply. When the first number in the graphic matches the fourth number, their only real reservoir fills up with salt water. They should be desperately trying to negotiate a cease fire with Iran and Syria so they can improve the health of their country. But I bet they won't. They are crazy beyond what I can comprehend.

1b568e No.11852052


They'll just blame Assad for poisoning their water supply

e9da53 No.11852065


Kek, that does sound like something they'd do. I still don't get it. How do they think they can run a "Greater Israel" when they can't even be good stewards of a land the size of Monaco?

626c8d No.11852077




I assume they're waiting for a desperate moment to force the US back into fighting mode in the ME. This is probably what Trump is running to the Putin meeting for. "Come on my fellow goy, its getting too close!"

667dcf No.11852130

Trump has not adjusted to his "errand boy" status. Sheldon Adelson and Benjamin Netanyahu are calling the shots - they want war with Iran, and want the US to be present in Syria to create a buffer and negate Iran's ability to use Syria to attack Israel after the US invades Iran.

The original plan was regime change in Syria, and then install a Sunni government that would ally with the Saudis, which would limit Shia influence to Iran. Like with Iran, the US would need cooperation from Russia to make this happen, and Russia is not going to cooperate until the US lifts the Russian sanctions as promised by Trump. Mueller has essentially blown up the lifting sanctions part of the original Seychelles plan, as this was tied to a "reward" for Russia interfering in the election on Trump's behalf. Now, the lifting sanctions part must come last, so Russia has to test the deal from the other end first.

Look for Russia to test the Seychelles arrangement by invading and annexing eastern Ukraine and invading Belarus, Abkhazia, Ossetia, and perhaps Kazakhstan. Sheldon Adelson tells "Errand Boy Trump" to squawk and make a lot of noise but don't do anything to stop Russia to induce Russia to pull out of Syria and allow a US invasion of Iran as discussed in Seychelles.

Lifting Russian sanctions then come at the back end of this Seychelles deal, as an olive branch for "better relations with Russia", just like the plan.

Prior to Mueller, Trump was supposed to lift the Russian sanctions first, THEN the US was to invade Iran with Russia's blessing, in which Russia expands during the US/Iran war, using it as a distraction.

576269 No.11852154


Strzoks father was CIA in Iran when the Shah was coup'd. Iran is not this bastion of force against the kikes you think it is.

576269 No.11852161


>war with Iran.

You're fucking delusional.

667dcf No.11852168


>Strzoks father was CIA in Iran when the Shah was coup'd.

I figured Stzcok came from a spook family. Everybody at the elite levels of the US Govt. is a CIA or Pentagon intelligence asset. Do you have any links about Strzok's daddy's CIA connections?

>Iran is not this bastion of force against the kikes you think it is.

I never said it was. But Netanyahu, Trump, Mattis, and Adelson want Iran obliterated.

667dcf No.11852175


Okay, Republikike.

War with Iran was the major reason that Sheldon Adelson and Benjamnin Netanyahu installed Trump into the White House.

5946ea No.11852178


<muuuuuuuuuuuuuuh horseshoe

667dcf No.11852180


>Just goes to show how delusional anti-semites are when they are berating people that are exactly the same as them ideologically.

Their neo-Nazi cult is an Israeli military intelligence psychological operation.

062588 No.11852181

File: 3c986ad6a49ad5b⋯.jpg (82.54 KB, 1200x490, 120:49, 3c9.jpg)


>t. horseshoe virgin.

e9da53 No.11852183


There's a difference between wanting muslims to go home, and destroying their homes and driving them into Europe. By the way, that idiot Netanyahu is going to get you guys killed. This would be a really good time to stop attacking other nations and fix your own issues.

667dcf No.11852186


>implying it isn't true

Zionism's Ongoing Love-In with Neo-Nazis


Where White Nationalists and Zionists Meet


The Israeli Embrace of Zionist Anti-Semites


Anti-Semitism Abroad serves Netanyahu's Plan


Birds of a Feather: White Supremacy and Zionism


Now Israel has its Own Version of the Alt-Right


Right-Wing Zionism, White Supremacy, and the BDS


Israel's New Admirers: The White Nationalist Right


Bibi's Son and Heir Apparent Embraces the Far Right


Why do Far-Right White Nationalists Support Zionism?


An Unholy Alliance: Israeli Settlers and the Alt-Right


The Shocking Alliance between Zionism and Anti-Semitism


When Right-Wing Anti-Semites Call, the Jewish State Answers


The Zionist-White Supremacist Alliance in Trump's White House


Binyamin Netanyahu is Soft on Anti-Semitism when it Suits Him


Why Israeli Leaders are welcoming Rise of Anti-Semitism in U.S.


How Pro-Israel Politics and Anti-Semitism Coexist in the Alt-Right


Netanyahu's Revenge: Silence and Sidestep on Nazis in Charlottesville


Netanyahu resists Calls to denounce Trump's Response to Charlottesville


Trump: The One Thing White Nationalists and Right-Wing Zionists can Agree On


Could a Trump Presidency be Pro-Israel and White Nationalist at the Same Time?


Three Days Later, Israeli Leaders still Conspicuously Silent on Charlottesville


Israel's Response to Charlottesville hasn't been as Clear as you Might have Expected


Nazis in America Celebrate Benjamin Netanyahu's Jewish Son over his Anti-Semitic Meme


Israel's Netanyahu isn't worried about Steve Bannon and Anti-Semitism in Trump's Camp


Zionist Organization of America Embraces Alt-Right Stars – Even Those Too Fringe for Trump


U.S. Anti-Semites & White Nationalists Oddly in Tune with Israel's Zionists on Charlottesville


Richard Spencer is Simply the Latest Far-Right Extremist to Laud Israel as a White Ethno-State Model


576269 No.11852503


Too bad its not going to happen.

073fab No.11852517

File: ccbc8c726790343⋯.jpg (205.14 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, wystf.jpg)


Is someone going to finally repossess the stolen land from the (((thieves)))?

7d38d3 No.11852634


We have been waiting for this inevitable point since the liberation of Aleppo.




7d38d3 No.11852643




f16ce3 No.11852683


>anything good to happen on this gay earth, ever

Dream on LOL

B r i c k w a l l










23a3a6 No.11852687

Get Iran onside and Izzygayrel is toast.

1b568e No.11852714


If this continues like this they have ~3 months of low quality water left.

b8c35c No.11852727

7d70fe No.11852798


KefkaAnon, I should have read your image better yesterday! Had no idea they were that low on water, hilariously quiet to not hear them kvetch about that. >>11852714


>According to the Israel Water Authority, a five-year-long drought has plunged water tables to the lowest level in at least 98 years, since scientists first began taking taking measurements in 1920.

>Northern Israel is experiencing one of the worst droughts in 100 years, leaving the country’s water tables with a deficit of 2.5 billion cubic liters of water, compared to non-drought years.

>That deficit is the equivalent of one million Olympic-size swimming pools, water that would normally flow through Israel’s streams and underground water tables toward the Sea of Galilee and other water sources.

They're all

<don't worry my fellow kikes, everything is under control

<Iran you are welcome to use our expertise on your (((water system)))

8da2ae No.11852923


>HIV too large for skeeter siphon

I guess we have to breed a bigger bug.

c57fdc No.11853218

File: abfed06c5888891⋯.jpg (46.66 KB, 615x410, 3:2, 4afd0d8fa8a910b673e8f9d216….jpg)


>Reminder nothing is happening in the middle east

c57fdc No.11853230


theyve been bombing T4 and Daraa for days now so no

790b43 No.11853235



Don't be angry that your time on earth is over jews


HIV was engineered to wipe out the kikes due to their disgusting homosexuality. We didn't do a good enough job. Need to fix it. Of course if we engineered a bug that would wipe out blacks…it would take care of all of our problems, It would empty out the entire ME due to rape mixing, it would eliminate all the nogs in the USA and Europe…as well as all the invaders AND would eliminate the disgusting race mixers (so repulsive). I think this is the angle we need to take…Also it would empty out Africa of the billions of nogs

c57fdc No.11853238


(((they))) know they lost the war and taht syria will now be stronger than ever, so they went full damage control

722c8d No.11853577


Can foreigners enter, I doubt much of 8chan would pass an opportunity to kill kikes

7d70fe No.11853627


Learn to read you fucking autist. I said the SAA has already won vs the kikes.


Hezb probably would. Syria did offer positions to Donbass locals and mercs, that if they fought for Syria they would be given land to live on there.

That's a great offer TBH.

722c8d No.11853698


If the war is still ongoing for the next years I will enlist in the SAA as a foreign volunteer

749138 No.11853705

Can someone give me the straight dope here? There's so many trump shills on this board spewing bullshit it's hard to get a legit view of what's going on with their boomer obfuscation ruining everything

722c8d No.11853773


Unfortunately Im a Spainard and a underage by 1 year, but if I could I would go there to kill salafist and /leftypol/ communists in the kurdish troops

7d70fe No.11853897


>spoon feed me

What specifically?

6a2b00 No.11853906


Seoul is 20% of the country's population dumbshit.

749138 No.11853925


Is Golan really being taken back? Is Israel not claiming this land anymore? Is there any oil left? Just seems implausible for the kikes to give up Golan with American backing.

7d70fe No.11853930



I don't think they will have shortages of manpower any more, have you seen the sheer volumes of equipment and troops they have rolling around now? Certainly not spread thin! And I don't think they would recruit foreigners. Maybe NDF or one of the smaller Syrian militias possibly.

722c8d No.11853980


Damn, its not about them having shortages, I just want to help stop kikery wherever and whenever possible

722c8d No.11853990


But if the NDF does make use of foreign volunteers then I will take it in mind because I want to join the war before it ends

68f024 No.11854011

File: 1ea3582d61ba89a⋯.jpg (78.61 KB, 716x720, 179:180, PegButt.jpg)


Sorry, but the shills on here are leftypol and Soros-paid members of libtarded organizations, they are not boomers, boomers are busy eating gruel and trying to remember their names.

Soros dumped 18 billion into trying to swamp the internet with these faggots and morons, and it's going to take them awhile to burn through (and steal) that much money.

722c8d No.11854025


There were some /leftycucks/ members saying that they would fight for the commie kurds

Maybe Assad finally catched up to them

7d70fe No.11854087


I doubt Syria will take Golan back (as they rightfully should though). Plenty of oil left or the kikes wouldn't be so worried about it, I think there is also water there, which is the main thing that they are short on currently. They don't want Iran within 80km of the border but keep bombing SAA outposts, as seen earlier in the thread.

America won't back the kikes on Golan, Trump had a fire break out in his buildings last two times he has threatened to pull out. This latest time they did the (((BBC))) pedo shit on him, they are quite desperate to influence his decision on this for some strange reason, strangely for such a supposed shabbos goy - according to some here. The fact they played the pedo card already (the most grave and serious card on the deck), means they are fucking desperate and worried about what is happening there in the last week. Their mercs have basically packed up and left en-mass.

ISISrael and their mercs have lost their effort in Syria, their kurdnigger mercs are next and America has already said they will not be supporting Syrian militias with air support anymore, so kurds are not looking too safe right now either - they face 5+ forces from four or five countries, once the south/Golan border is mopped up in coming few weeks likely..


Fair call, I think many anons feel the same. Remember though, many are probably more effective spreading the truth and using skills to help Syria, than getting blown up by an IED in a foreign country.


I would recommend you watch a lot of war videos and talk to people who have been there to be sure you want to go first. It's hard, tough, grimy, nasty and scary as fuck when it goes bad. I've heard some fucking crazy, sad, first hand shit from someone who was there. Most people couldn't handle it, they were so isolated not being able to talk about things they saw and experienced, so be aware of that. Maybe now later in the war it's not quite as bad, but it is still possible.

43a9f8 No.11854118


Fair enough.

265fe3 No.11854584


>Israel is our greatest ally, forever with Israel, we must gib Israel even more shekels than ever before to keep peace in the Middle East and fight terrorism

>t. Trump

>not a single attack by Jews against ISIS and Jihadi terrorists

>ISIS terrorists and other Jihadist are even running towards "Israels" arms and took refugee near the occupied Golan heights

69b6d9 No.11854803


We should send all the fucking foreigners there.


fc1bd4 No.11854937

File: 055f3b669faa1df⋯.png (107.2 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1512437967163.png)


>Battle of Golan has begun

>the hajis haven't even reached the contested zone

c57fdc No.11855331


yes they have. in case youre a newfag the whole point of terrorists controlling southern syria was greater israel

fc1bd4 No.11855343


>yes they have.

no they haven't.

e9da53 No.11855347


In a few months, Syria will be able to buy the land for a few sun-bleached crates of Dasani.

c57fdc No.11858093


>what is yinon plan

7c0e7b No.11858176


dont the norklanders have 30,000 spgs and unguided rockets?

0149e1 No.11858230


As someone who didn't really have a choice when it came to a war breaking out its fucking painful not having someone understand the whole doing shit you'd never imagine yourself doing in your life time. I still wake up to the screams of assholes I sent to their maker. I still think the worst was watching a commander lose his shit on a captured one for wasting lives as if they were nothing. How I wish those fucker I hit with a gp just never came in the first place.

9403d2 No.11858258


Syrian? Ukie? Serb?

81c69f No.11858433

File: 7e0b4f7b9ea5f08⋯.png (274.84 KB, 500x375, 4:3, big benis fug.png)


that's a big twinkie.


>tfw the Third Temple finally gets built

>evangelicucks celebrate the second coming

>Jesus throws them in the Abyss with the kikes for being part of the Synagogue of Satan


>Now now goy! It was just a joke! I didn't actually stab you! You backed into the knife! It's all a big misunderstanding!

cb44d8 No.11858587


in what world ? he'll always be for Israel and against Iran

7d70fe No.11858615


>he'll always be for Israel and against Iran

<meanwhile in reality, Hezbollah is 80km off the Golan border and Trump is not helping with airstrikes any more.


Sorry to hear that, anon. War really brings out the base nature of people, if things are bad, just try focus on how far things have come since then.

cb44d8 No.11858622


he is already one of the greatest Arabs alive today, probably the most glorious


who said that ?


Your mommy didn't come running every time a mosquito was flying over your head, that doesn't mean she didn't love you.

6f789b No.11858634

>check news

>Syria is routing the last of the rebels

>Israel talks to Russia who promises to keep Iran out




7d70fe No.11858652


>missing the point this badly

Greater ISISrael has lost. Period.

All that's left is kurdniggers to be mopped up by many different forces, which all hate them for various reasons.

3d7cdd No.11858695


Have you honestly never heard of controlled opposition?

Do you honestly not know that one of the core techniques that the kikes use is to either take control of existing groups or create "kosher" groups in order to steer partially-redpilled people into "kosher controlled opposition" that the kikes approve of?

Do you not get that /pol/ is NOT "alt-right?"

That the "leadership" of the altright is kike controlled?

Furthermore, "neonazis" were always either ConOp or just foolish.

How so?

Because "neonazis" emulate the fake kike-psyop version of German National Socialism that is pushed by hollywood, news, most schools, etc.

They believe the kike lie.

ACTUAL National Socialism is NOT "neo-nazism."

Bottom line:


They play ALL the sides that they can get their claws on.

Don't fall for their tricks.

We have no leaders.

Not yet.

0921b6 No.11858726


Exactly. We are winning because we are decentralized. Each of our anons should be a complete fucking machine fighting for liberation in any way you possibly can. Go shoot a central banker in the fucking melon if you can.

3d7cdd No.11858850


I am not advocating for violence.

I am advocating for redpilling more Whites.

Expose the reality of the ongoing genocide of White people.

Expose ZOG in all its forms.

Expose and reject controlled opposition.

Change the minds and hearts of Whites.

Build a movement.

Reestablish White homelands for Whites and only Whites (and no jews).

I'm not saying that any of this is easy.

What I am saying is that NOTHING meaningful can be accomplished without first redpilling enough Whites.

c57fdc No.11858950

2673ab No.11858979


A complete load of bullshit which involved teleporting bike messengers, invisible fishing boats armed with silkworm missiles that weighed 20 tons more than their maximum displacement, ect.

Why do faggots still bring this up?

0ec943 No.11859155

File: dfd0c9a7d8e2511⋯.jpg (17.21 KB, 440x440, 1:1, serveimage.jpg)


Can't mossad the Assad.

c57fdc No.11859244

File: 444d41157d4c545⋯.jpg (62.74 KB, 720x576, 5:4, 9a3802e81af97cfd1cad67a309….jpg)


because it wasnt bullshit and proved that the US would get fucked by iran so much that the US went on full damage control and had to go portray a scripted battle simulation where team blue beats team red

765337 No.11859409


Why the fuck is Breivik in there

c57fdc No.11859904


some people here think of him as a symbol of radical action against immigration

c57fdc No.11859936


some people here think of him as a symbol of radical action against immigration

1682f0 No.11859942

I just looked at the map and holy shit the entire southern daraa region is read(Under SAA control). Assad really is wining and mopping up.

Here's to hoping all that NATO hardware they captured is put to good on use the golan heights.

1682f0 No.11859946


Sorry for double posting I just say your post, but Breivik tbh did the right thing. Youll see the images of him wearing the mason dress but read his manifesto, it was a ruse.

f315ed No.11860136


It's not good enough. All he did was justify more crackdowns and demoralize more people. He didn't even kill that many kids of leftists. And more leftists were made than what he killed because of how many people were squeamishly repulsed by his actions.

No Spree Killer Ever Shot a Rothschild.

f315ed No.11860142


And they're fucking retarded, because it didn't work. Unless it's a perfect solution, it's just wasted effort because the system will just reroute around whatever you did.

64a9d6 No.11860188


Ukraine, right sector fucks stole my shit and tried to used me as some sort of bargaining chip when very angry cossacks surrounded us. Cossacks are nice folk when you get to know them and bleed with them.


War is the way of man and it turns out I'm good at it or just really fucking lucky. I more or less miss sitting in a trench and such.

1682f0 No.11860533


>more leftists were made than what he killed

Sorry but that'

s simply not true, in the years after Breivik, massive support for the left in Norway has not materialized and the Norwegian government has taken ever more slightly stricter immigration policies because of everything going on in Sweden.

e9da53 No.11865148

File: a0397e1f90373c7⋯.gif (18.92 KB, 320x100, 16:5, kinneret draining 6.gif)

Holy fucking shit. It's still dropping. How much longer can they go on pretending nothing is wrong?

1b568e No.11865166


Just another meter

e9da53 No.11865201

File: e28054167f5494c⋯.png (93.84 KB, 211x254, 211:254, check em assad.png)


3/5 of a meter left now. It's been dropping like crazy since they ramped up the effort against Assad. They need to get rid of Netanyahu immediately and end the war, or they'll be finished by the start of autumn.

f4a71c No.11865251

File: 32114e725491026⋯.png (156.96 KB, 628x480, 157:120, 0ef7a225ad32bbd8eb72f2e0ee….png)

e9da53 No.11865266


Yeah, Russia should probably have those sub hunters ready to go, in case they try to Samson their way out of the situation.

e9da53 No.11865326


Kek, what a bad time to get dubs. It's true that they're a big risk for trying something crazy when they're at the end of their rope. Everyone should be on high alert as soon as they pass -214.

294236 No.11865521

RIPeroo guess money can't buy everything huh kikes?

7d70fe No.11870494

File: afb4407194293da⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 2514x4914, 419:819, 2018-07-16_-_Southern_Syri….jpg)

File: daa858f885dc264⋯.jpg (176.84 KB, 665x772, 665:772, (((kinneret))) lake.jpg)

File: 0ad7ca10dc0a50e⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1080x734, 540:367, 160718 al quinetra syria p….png)


Latest from /sg/ (hi faggets)


Notice how the le_wall_dick_posting shills utterly avoid any and all discussion of Syria? I think they got so butthurt by other anons and myself constantly bringing them up on it that they got told to avoid at all costs, as it's very, very detrimental to their shilling efforts.

Also latest kike lake update.

<looks like it's a salty flow, boys

2c3510 No.11870554

File: 1f227a565507204⋯.jpg (339.1 KB, 1576x1136, 197:142, chun-li_natascha_encinosa.jpg)


>these gains

Absolutely beautiful. Are they already at the golan?

ea39a1 No.11870592


What a chubber…they need to fire their photoshop retoucher, my dog might be able to do better…the made her legs into a photosausage. What is with you guys and your love of miscegenation (your own destruction and complete slavery of your people)?

7d70fe No.11870611

File: a8c4f7aae71235c⋯.jpg (244.83 KB, 974x1231, 974:1231, (((golan))).jpg)

File: cd0107898d80903⋯.jpg (286.36 KB, 1000x1008, 125:126, 2018-07-16_-_Southern_Syri….jpg)


>delicious but you should have spoiled it

They are inside the Syrian Golan and within the UN zone up top, balls out for the border to the kike part, they are a few km away now. Kikes bombed rear of where they are now a few days back in frustration.

Russia is flying interference along the border as they have an agreement with ISISrael that they will not shoot each other. So they have pushed that to the limit to screw the kike - if they shoot at a Syrian jet bombing the kike ISIS mercs, it will be risky, with practically identical Russian planes also bombing same targets and constantly in the area.

Top jej when Russia is helping put an end to greater ISISrael right on their border and Trump is all 'no more air strikes for you faggots'.



She's spent more time in a gym than you clearly have, shlomo.

283548 No.11870627


>love of miscegenation


She's Russian.

00467c No.11870650


Swarm attacks actually can work.

0a68a9 No.11870904




2c3510 No.11871813


Given that Ruskies and Kikes are on the "same side", couldn't Russians just ask for passage in Jordan and cut off ISISraelites without any fear of being exposed?

ea39a1 No.11872083



Russian, with a spanish last name…so some sort of part euro berber slavic mongrel…congratulations on your choice of a chubby Eurpongrel /s…this probably means I don't get an invitation to the wedding, then.

c57fdc No.11872271

c57fdc No.11872275



>reddit spacing

you know the door

385a1c No.11872299


>Given that Ruskies and Kikes are on the "same side", couldn't Russians just ask for passage in Jordan and cut off ISISraelites without any fear of being exposed?

Kikes need to keep up appearances as if ISIS isn't their pet. Russians wont engage for that exact same reason. Russians are there to keep tabs on the SAA while providing the bare minimum and keeping an eye on the kikes. The end game here is an even balance of strength between the two sides. This will ensure a pipeline never gets built so Russia isn't cut out completely from selling oil/gas.

7df62d No.11872351

I keep checking back now and then, and Assad is really doing it. The rebels will be wiped out completely before the year is out. He's actually going to win! Live strong Syria.

1682f0 No.11872455


Yall see that pocket formation in pic 2? today it doesn't exist.The SAA is moving fast towards the golan and the jews have achieved shit in the last 2 days only bombed Aleppo(and they did kill soldiers at a depot) and they bombed Syria today too a few hours ago. But the're not even close to stopping Assads SAA

7d70fe No.11872675


Yeah things are quite fast-moving, maps are not up to date due to millitary sensitivity no doubt.

Would love to have a webcam up on the hill ;)

This was interesting.

Israeli Knesset strips prime minister, defense minister of right to start war

>“It is appropriate that a decision of the Ministerial Committee regarding starting a war or taking significant military action that may at a high level of certainty lead to war be adopted by as wide a panel as possible,” the latest amendment says.

>The power to declare war without Cabinet approval had been granted to the Israeli prime minister and minister of defense by an earlier Knesset decision from April 30 of this year. According to that decision, the two ministers could declare war “in extreme cases, when there is no option to wait for a gathering of the required minimum of Cabinet members.”


7d70fe No.11872701

File: 0808435da11fb2f⋯.mp4 (182.04 KB, 400x220, 20:11, Bombing Nawa allah ackbar ….mp4)

Looks like Ruskies bombing the fuck out of Nawa, Daraa (visible on this map) >>11870494


>Russians and Syrian airforce along with SAA SSMs pounding Nara

>A source from the Syrian Army told Al-Masdar on Tuesday afternoon that their forces are preparing to storm Nawa in the next 24 hours, as they look to clear the western countryside of the Daraa Governorate before they begin their Al-Quneitra offensive.

1682f0 No.11872707


looks like king kike is losing out on political favor.

7d70fe No.11872735

File: cc6415d9c2c3bc4⋯.jpg (63.03 KB, 448x330, 224:165, 1469428127890.jpg)


>RU bombing

Actually those are much more like grads.


Yeah bit of a change and they maybe are worried he'll do something stupid while russia is right next to the border. It's now or never really..

c71543 No.11874795


Any ideas on how best to invade israel?

7d70fe No.11874809


Use Iskander to take out their power, water system and water reserves. Massive bombardment from Lebanon and Syria immediately after.

They are desalinating water currently and particularly vulnerable, this is why they took war dec rights off bibi few days back, they can't afford a war currently..

0b665c No.11875342

File: 0ad723fd566a137⋯.png (598.21 KB, 745x833, 745:833, 796da5f9-f4d2-4bbc-a25a-51….png)

map update

231977 No.11875402


Just looked at that myself. Assad is kicking ass. Funny how that little patch of ISIS there hasn't bother Israel at all.

d90a0f No.11875430

I hope Israel gets their shit pushed in

2c3510 No.11875530


If the rebel scum drops into the Golan, start firing the faceberg machines. People NEED to know this.

a131a8 No.11875647


5 year long drought? Looks like even gods are shitting on them.

a131a8 No.11875658

File: dd1560afc37c0c7⋯.jpg (87.91 KB, 400x370, 40:37, 75fa038113398663149e57b7a1….jpg)

File: 22acbd21746ac4b⋯.jpg (12.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 22acbd21746ac4ba00a0642d68….jpg)


Kikes are feeling the heat long before we started preheating the ovens.

How unfortunate for them.

996877 No.11875669

File: 699f006a6da5500⋯.jpg (199.5 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, draw_on_patreon___majin_ve….jpg)



>It will take more than head games to stop me. You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there's one thing a saiyan always keeps… his PRIDE!"

<Meaningless, huh?! What do you know of meaningless?! Spend most of your life ruled by another, watch your race dwindle to a handful, and then tell me what has more meaning than your own strength!

0a5b12 No.11875679

File: aaa51b90a623884⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1966x844, 983:422, dffvggfgf.png)

5ca0e9 No.11875689


Aside from killing unarmed Palestinians, they dont have any experience, and their army is conscripted. Equipment wont make up for those deficiencies.

7d70fe No.11875695

File: 52031b898036577⋯.png (271.27 KB, 608x342, 16:9, assad fist.png)

File: d47558a66992d36⋯.jpg (105.05 KB, 750x500, 3:2, LiveLeak-dot-com-5a8_15123….jpg)

a131a8 No.11875714

File: 82de998057183a5⋯.jpg (124.01 KB, 780x703, 780:703, IDF.jpg)

File: 500936fde75f179⋯.jpg (98.28 KB, 620x620, 1:1, 0d12ecfe18dac2a50ae757f2f1….jpg)


Oh yeah I almost forgot what total faggots Pissrael produces.

3fe5c7 No.11875716

File: 98ed0f0611029ba⋯.jpeg (72.99 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, 69D567FE-8528-41B2-ABA7-8….jpeg)

File: a8dd0950daa4cf8⋯.jpeg (95.74 KB, 1140x700, 57:35, EC71AA76-CF6A-403A-913F-7….jpeg)

File: 1023e545f89600c⋯.jpeg (233.46 KB, 755x1543, 755:1543, 9D9A8535-1386-498E-AD8A-D….jpeg)

File: 07f7f704e81b96b⋯.jpeg (74.34 KB, 500x774, 250:387, 9D47FAA4-D7FA-40EA-B0BC-E….jpeg)


>IDF vs a tire

1682f0 No.11875753


Don't post fake shit, theyre not going at it THAT fast

68f024 No.11875756


Is it wrong that the only part of this I didn't like was the blowing up of Mt. Rushmore?

19edc4 No.11875766

What odd timing, right as muh Russia is distracting peoples attention away from here

Its almost as if that whole thing was faked so Israel can steal land with impunity

But oy very that can't be happening

b28fab No.11875808

Inbound Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force IL62 RA86561 RFF7335



650e2d No.11875812

File: 740f43f11345389⋯.jpg (182.16 KB, 790x547, 790:547, This Is Why.jpg)



>Holy Rage and Retribution

And this is why you will be my Space Marines. When I came here they all laughed at me, and called me a fool. Now what they feel is abject terror.


Think about it in your Heart, why do you think this planet was under quarantine for so long? It's because you're the monsters that monsters fear. That's quite endearing to me.

Now show me how you kill.



a131a8 No.11875840

File: 5c1567db85721a8⋯.jpg (177.68 KB, 605x605, 1:1, 1405442854478.jpg)

File: ace90b022bdbb9c⋯.jpg (145.56 KB, 1900x1200, 19:12, ace90b022bdbb9c54faa571bb4….jpg)


Suck my dick bloodfaggot. All venerate the Immortal Emperor.

650e2d No.11876094

File: b0c4dba5cb5cdfe⋯.png (377.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, b0c4dba5cb5cdfe98a168feb8b….png)


Then so shall it be. Bumping for anti sliding

Don't discount the value of Chaos Marines though. They will return to the fold, this was but a clever ruse, and by Kek it is done. I'll show you many new tactics, untried by any, and that's why they work. Most people don't gamble their souls on long shots. Most people have fear.

a131a8 No.11876147

File: 5ceabb9ad609dba⋯.jpg (530.51 KB, 1024x1894, 512:947, The Emperor.jpg)

File: 9410c4c1815681d⋯.jpg (134.71 KB, 623x414, 623:414, 9410c4c1815681da2a9a9909a8….jpg)


All fear crumbles before Faith to the God Emperor.

Always kill a traitor before an enemy and by His immortal Light shall these lands be cleansed of the unworthy.

cfeded No.11876248


PRC will be far worse than Israel. Those red chinks will make you wish for the ZOG to return.

cfeded No.11876260


Biological and chemical weapons you stupid nigger.

265fe3 No.11876315

File: c382a9630f8f904⋯.jpg (120.71 KB, 613x344, 613:344, cws.jpg)


>when you have to turn on Chinese news for less media propaganda and more authentic reporting

7f916b No.11876763


yup. By the end of the 21st century, not one strand of jew DNA should be on this planet. We will take their women to serve as surrogate mothers, since they prevented us from reproducing for so long.

02c499 No.11876924


>I hope Israel gets their shit pushed in

>advocating homosexual behavior of any type

get out rabbi

72d0fd No.11877090

File: 3ea46281e178dca⋯.jpg (96.44 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 3ea46281e178dca49030a1e6f2….jpg)


(((Based))) bro. giga-kike first post.

Reminder: Without Hasbra, this post would not have been possible

72d0fd No.11877142


>They should be desperately trying to negotiate a cease fire with Iran and Syria so they can improve the health of their country.

this is what a thousand years of inbreeding does to a group of people.

768706 No.11877150

File: 0e177f8457f8a48⋯.jpg (107.15 KB, 700x734, 350:367, 1528736776278.jpg)



>because it wasnt bullshit and proved that the US would get fucked by iran so much that the US went on full damage control and had to go portray a scripted battle simulation where team blue beats team red

Iraq, you moron, it was intended to bolster the case for W Bush's invasion. The outcome was prophetic for its time, but at this point we have a decade's worth of hid sight and postmortem analysis of the game itself, so I wouldn't count on a repeat.

1682f0 No.11877221


>How do they think they can run a "Greater Israel" when they can't even be good stewards of a land the size of Monaco?

Because the fucking jews see the land as a literal slave to be nothing but permanently exploited without consequences because yahwe will order the goyim to fix it for them while they live and eat like kangz

0a4757 No.11877529

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why is the western media pushing this "barrel bomb" narrative? This guy is hilarious btw.


d90a0f No.11877534


Shut the fuck up kike

e9da53 No.11877635

File: 2f04722263df125⋯.gif (479.71 KB, 666x711, 74:79, syria reconquista.gif)

File: 6dc617287cf49b5⋯.gif (21.69 KB, 320x100, 16:5, kinneret draining 8.gif)


From the looks of things, Yahweh either doesn't give a fuck or isn't all that powerful.

1ae4e6 No.11877773



>assuming kikes worship yahweh, and not molech/remphan.

Get fucked. Acts 7:43, Amos 5:26, with Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9, and John 8:44 being dictations of Jesus himself calling out jews for betraying their God.

e9da53 No.11877784


Whatever they worship, it isn't doing them much good these days.

1b568e No.11877797

File: 845d2025ad28d4e⋯.png (105.61 KB, 736x541, 736:541, how the fuck are they hold….png)

This little bit is triggering my autism.

How on earth are they still there?

What the fuck is there to survive this long?

From the map it looks like it's just a hill and a bit of road.

85ad84 No.11877822


It could be a 'captive' area. Pretty much a zone that they keep them where they are starving them out since they are fortified

235bc5 No.11877966

Dead kikes party thread

9a1272 No.11878253

File: 45eaf0d30b9b8ad⋯.png (494.07 KB, 1180x707, 1180:707, Nawa Pocket.png)

Another day, another step closer.

98e34e No.11878280


weird mouth is weird.

96fba0 No.11878288


(((Western))) interests will start world war 3 over the Golan because of Genie Gas and the discovery of some of the largest oil reserves in the world there.

1b30c2 No.11878405

File: 6b20c120ec1bb9f⋯.jpg (276.64 KB, 1536x1536, 1:1, laughing_syrian.jpg)


>This girl's faaaaaaaaat

And I bet you look like an Arno Breker sculpture.

e9da53 No.11879801

File: 0ece93d40745c6c⋯.gif (646.72 KB, 666x711, 74:79, syria reconquista 2.gif)

File: 75b84656570da24⋯.png (449.42 KB, 640x475, 128:95, laughing-kefkas.png)

5ca0e9 No.11879817


They worship a number of deities, which ones exactly vary from sect to sect but they arent monotheistic in nature.

9b4b0c No.11880329

File: e125a2ab6c38a47⋯.jpg (83.62 KB, 600x791, 600:791, grinman.jpg)


>Don't post fake shit, theyre not going at it THAT fast

Rebels in Queitra surrendered to the Syrian government. Anyone who refuses surrender is being bussed to Idlib where they will be gassed by white helmets in a false flag

098073 No.11880379


Sampson option except instead of aiming at Syria and Iran they aim at Europe whilst kvetching about the antisemites not helping them

ecdbfc No.11880409

File: 4470050aca11b77⋯.jpg (159.34 KB, 1565x759, 1565:759, NUKE THEM ALL.JPG)

Looks like they're surrendering/determining terms. Wish ASSAD would just keep pushing their shit in until they tasted feces.

e14ddf No.11880417


That hasnt been a legitimate concern for a while. South Korea, as of this very momemt, could order the fucking arrest of US forces in the area, accomplish said task, and still have enough left over to shit all over North Korea.

1682f0 No.11880431


Is Assad and the SAA keeping the ISIS held region for last?

22044a No.11880470

File: 9d5ca64411a6408⋯.jpg (41.28 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 4ed83a1b03d0d472e9e0fc8990….jpg)


>golan will be retaken in your lifetime

ecdbfc No.11880471


If you look in the south, the SAA is still pushing, but with ISIS it's hard to predict. Could make bad PR. Not sure what his plan is.

646f4c No.11880474


You realize that the US invades Syria with full force if they enter the Golan Heights, right?

66d8b9 No.11880480


>Is Assad and the SAA keeping the ISIS held region for last?

Russian jets bombed the hell out of it yesterday. Expect that to continue randomly until theres almost nothing left before they send SAA in.

Since Russia came on board the plan has been:

1) Surround a particular area of interest

2) Air bombings

3) SAA ground missles

4) If anyone is left give them the option of turning over all weapons and leaving alive

5) If 4 isn't successful SAA moves in for the kill

SAA death toll has dropped significantly since they gave these faggots the option to surrender since they're not forced to go door to door running into ieds or anyone armed.

e14ddf No.11880495


>invading Belarus, Abkhazia, Ossetia, and perhaps Kazakhstan



Is already 100% on board with Putin and Russia


Is nearly as onboard, and generally counted as an indispensable ally


Nobody gives a shit.

Call me back with Armenia is reannexed and the Azeris are slaughtered. Call me when the entire Caucasian region is reannexed to Moscows control and Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan eats the Central Asian states.

66d8b9 No.11880501


>You realize that the US invades Syria with full force if they enter the Golan Heights, right?

This is what the world is waiting for. Its technically syrian territory and its obvious Trump and the americans who support him have zero interest in prolonging this war. If that wasn't a factor then the last few attacks on syria for the chemicals would have justified a much larger invasion. Kikes still need Trumps rep in tact for 2018 and 2020 so its the perfect opportunity for the SAA, Hez and Iran to move in. Can't wait!

646f4c No.11880561


Let’s pretend that Trump won’t do anything (because he damn well will). Every single congressman instantly draws up impeachment orders and passes impeachment 435-0 and 100-0. Trump is physically removed from the White House by military forces and Mike “Israel should dictate US policy” Pence is sworn in specifically as an INTERIM president (this is important later), instantly launching a full scale invasion of Syria. Trump’s name is slandered for all eternity. His family is forced to sell all named buildings, which are renamed. He is erased from the history books. The Russian Collusion Invesigation “completes” with posthumous “proof” that Trump “was not a legal president.” All of his judicial appointments are retroactively invalidated. All of his laws are annulled. Hillary Clinton is flown to Washington DC to be sworn in as president. Pence steps down in exchange for retaining the VP position. Hillary touts this as “bipartisanship,” saying that the war against Israel’s enemies must continue. Congressional Republicans agree.

Do you not know what jews are?

1e7a46 No.11880577


This rips the mask off the kikes.

Giving Israeli proxies ISIS air support because of fake gas attacks is one thing. Going to war with Iran, Syria and USSR to consolidate kike land grabs is another thing entirely.

It's totally indefensible, not even the most cucked voters will support this.

646f4c No.11880602


Every congressman will support this, so voting isn’t relevant. Every single fucking zionist voter will support this. Every “christian” tricked into thinking jews are chosen will support this. Every single television and radio station and newspaper will support this. Entire TV shows and films will be rewritten to support it. It’s an invasion OF ISRAELI SOIL*. It’s an existential threat to kikes. They would consider Samson over this, PARTICULARLY if the US didn’t come to their aid. And if the US didn’t, Europe would, because they’re even more under jewish control.

646f4c No.11880605


Shit, forgot my asterisk.

*of what jews now consider Israeli soil. The UN’s definition doesn’t matter, and international recognition doesn’t matter. The jews will simply tell the UN to switch definitions of GH ownership and ignore all goyim nation beliefs.

86a817 No.11880640


there definitely is some kind of America 2.0 or "Restoration" in the cards and there will absolutely be something of this sort to serve as a sort of "Second Founding"

people should be fucking terrified at this point because the narrative on trump and Russia is turning a corner toward "hey neighbor just curious if you voted for Trump" conversations on your front doorstep

1e7a46 No.11880648


Isnt that what we want though? Makes it even easier to redpill normies.

646f4c No.11880658


If I have to have a gun in my hand every time I answer the door, then so be it.


The implication is that they won’t be. Two fucking years now the narrative has been nothing but “Trump is illegal”, and so when “proof” is provided they’ll believe every word of it. Diversity is our strength. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Remember what the Bible says, goyim, but don’t actually read the Bible to find out what it says just believe me when I say the jews are chosen. They’ll go right along with it. Trump isn’t here to go against the jews, and neither is the US military. It’s a moot point, anyway. Assad’s intelligent. Though parts of his military are in the UN observation zone, the odds of him invading Golan in the first place are basically zero.

c1a6cd No.11880714


>Do you not know what jews are?

I'm well aware which is why I'm exciting about seeing them show their biggest hand. The more situations they're forced into, the less they can hide and the more they reveal what satanic pos they really are.

>Every single congressman instantly draws up impeachment orders and passes impeachment 435-0 and 100-0.

I would fully expect something along those lines to happen (it has a few times on minor issues since Trump took over) but from that point forward, theres no denying to even the biggest cuck that kikes completely control this country. The Palestinians getting shot on the border sent shock waves throughout the world. Imagine what will happen when this kicks off.

c1a6cd No.11880727


>Going to war with Iran, Syria and USSR to consolidate kike land grabs is another thing entirely.

>It's totally indefensible, not even the most cucked voters will support this.

Exactly. The opportunity to push narratives after that will be glorious.

22044a No.11882296

File: d8db4196d90cfa8⋯.png (104.14 KB, 253x316, 253:316, 34 hours later.png)

>there is still green, black, and blue on the map

799fb3 No.11882418

File: 2f83d176e201adb⋯.png (248.21 KB, 705x846, 5:6, syria.png)

22044a No.11882536

File: e43a90a5c60d14f⋯.jpg (14.75 KB, 300x300, 1:1, e43a90a5c60d14fe4aa0d4ef3c….jpg)


>breaking news

9a1272 No.11883404

File: f0e0b7f245051d4⋯.png (1013.61 KB, 1822x747, 1822:747, ClipboardImage.png)

It's just so goddamn delicios watching the SAA gobble up everything with near-zero pushback.


>Every congressman will support this, so voting isn’t relevant.

Voting isn't particularly relevant today anyways.

22044a No.11883467

File: daeb3992dd369f4⋯.jpg (36.26 KB, 749x644, 107:92, anschluss.jpg)


I wonder how the locals are taking it? I would imagine like pic related, but who knows.

24a417 No.11883579

File: c3444a83a579ce4⋯.jpeg (46.49 KB, 853x498, 853:498, Enjoy the show.jpeg)


We are about to witness something historic. In the next week as the US led forces in the east and the Syrian/Russian are both finishing up ISIS ans AL-Nustra. They are preparing the biggest propaganda campaign for world peace the world as ever seen. In the middle of the Syrian desert they have left two pocket of ISIS and Al-Nustra militant. Those poor fucker have no idea that they will be exterminated like vermin.

The US military and the Russian military will combine force and BTFO those terrorist together. I expect join air and ground assault. It's going to be quick and it is going to be televise for all to see. There will be embedded journalist in military unit to witness the Show!

9a1272 No.11883650

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I wonder how the locals are taking it?

Pretty well. Compared to Al-Qaeda, it's easy to love the Assad government.

apologies for YT embed, can't do webms right now.


>In the next week as the US led forces in the east and the Syrian/Russian are both finishing up ISIS ans AL-Nustra.

It'll take quite a bit more than a week IMO, given how slow the SDF advances are against ISIS. They don't get the same level of support/intel from civilians that the SAA does.

24a417 No.11883697


When you don't have to worry about Israel interference…. Thing move very quickly. Just look at all the progress made in the last 2 week.

0b665c No.11883738

File: 39342f163b524a5⋯.png (443.01 KB, 656x754, 328:377, 43033ae2-1356-4b7a-9650-99….png)

9a1272 No.11883773


Also, this surge just came out of nowhere. I don't think the kikes had enough time to get any additional supplies/weapons to their proxies before said proxies got raped.

24a417 No.11883810


I'm telling you it's over! The US and the Russian will have a big party in the middle of the Syrian desert to celebrate the end of this nightmare.

7d70fe No.11883813

Funny how the shills stay the fuck out of this thread and avoid Syrian discussion like the plague. You can literally shut their threads down by posting one of the maps in here and some quick facts.

Doesn't fit their (((narrative))).




It's mostly because Russia is flying interference along the border so the kikes can't risk shooting their shit down, when going after Syrian planes, they have an agreement in place to not target each others' planes (ISISrael-Russia).

9a1272 No.11883838


>I'm telling you it's over!

Maybe for the Golan, but the US-backed SDF terrorists still need to be purged from the north. Unfortunately Mattis is opting to keep US troops there "in case ISIS rises up again," which really means to stop Assad from unifying Syria.


>Russia is flying interference

That definitely helps, but I think the speed of the onslaught played a greater role than enhanced air support.

7d70fe No.11883902

File: 7b2a4869a3f6fee⋯.png (3.65 MB, 3072x2048, 3:2, against all odds.png)


Russia pulled a sly one to keep the kikes away, contrary to what hasbarfag would like /pol/ to believe. This is total blitzkreig style stuff eh, lots of utilisation of mechanised force. Sort of stuff you'd see rarely on this scale or level. They must have so much spare force now, Hezb will be babysitting the kurds up north mostly now (if they haev actually left..), leave SAA free to deal with Golan.

I don't see USA getting involved up north. Assad will just let the Turks in again like they already have a few times and let them do the dirty work. Turks hate the kurds more than any of us, including Assad.

000000 No.11883932


Uncle Sam will make sure to get them!

9a1272 No.11883935


>I don't see USA getting involved up north.

True. I think USA have people there more as a deterrent than for actual combat. We've repeatedly seen US support 'promises' get dropped the moment the tide turns.

I just wonder which fronts the SAA pulled troops away from to do this blitzkrieg.

My personal favorite point of this war was seeing the Tigers pound down the Euphrates, airdropping behind ISIS at night and stealing all their tanks.

e317e4 No.11883981


1682f0 No.11883986


Haha wtf when was this?

84e94d No.11884037


Does it hurt your feefees the ZOGnald isn't coming to save you?

7d70fe No.11884196




Seen both sides pinching tanks off each other since day one but other than a large amount that were given up this month, have not seen large scale tank stealing. Can't wait to hear more about that one, kek.

USA is a deterrent indeed, great point. But their main function now appears to be to act as cannon fodder, to prevent all out bombing and use those traitorous Special Forces to assist their (((moderate headchoppers))) to (((battle ISISrael))).

I bet there has been a large up tick in ''training incidents' that will only get worse.


Oh look, hasbarafag finally dared to come in to the minefield that is Syria threads, guess you couldn't help it after you couldn't slide the thread to oblivion with your spammed threads.

How is Trump not bombing for his SDF a week prior to this action, plus not supporting other (((moderate beheaders))) helping now? Oh, yeah, you kikes have effectively lost the Syrian Golan this week. All part of greater the ISISrael plan I'm sure, my fellow nadzee!

Zognald and putler are just playing 33D ZOG chess, amirite? Drumpf has stopped providing air support to mercenary kikes (((ZOG))) (as you like to say), in order to help you kikes reduce the size of greater ISISrael, as well as putin the premium potato zogbot based fashy goy helping the yinon plan, by flying his airforce up and down the Syrian Golan - kike border during bombing missions, so that you can't shoot down the Syrian airforce bombing SDF/ISISrael mercenaries in the same airspace?

It's all 33D ZOG chess, right, my based tru nadzee anti-MAGApedo?

>inb4 oy vey he bombed shit zog zog kushnerbot kampfy zonald putin u ruind /bol/ wall+dicks x is le kike no im an oldfag no uT_d redigg etc

<comparing losing some men, combat vehicles and buildings to re-taking the damn Syrian Golan and most of central-southern syria from the kike mercenaries in a multi-nation blitzkrieg

9a1272 No.11884247

File: 8be5a5580dd6dbe⋯.png (119.04 KB, 558x435, 186:145, ClipboardImage.png)



I think it was last year(?) when the Tigers were around this area. There was a night time airdrop a little ways behind enemy lines. Pulling the numbers from fuzzy memory, but I think 6 main battle tanks were stolen, along with a dozen or so support vehicles. It made me laugh my fucking ass off.

a9b9b0 No.11884264

File: 29b8a641dae75b3⋯.png (890.15 KB, 1223x1600, 1223:1600, 3e8468134927a6f940a65187a5….png)



"Y'all'd've'f'ld've'n't done all that now, you hear?"

0a6181 No.11884836


So close for it to finally begin

d829c9 No.11884919


Its exciting. Like waiting for Christmas. So close now.

e9da53 No.11885899

File: af7e4ff0cb7ea13⋯.gif (811.41 KB, 666x711, 74:79, syria reconquista 3.gif)

File: 4fc697e3a752a00⋯.gif (23.12 KB, 320x100, 16:5, kinneret draining 9.gif)



Right now it's a race between dying from thirst or scud missiles for the kikes. They are fucked fucked fucked fucked FUCKED.


195f64 No.11886216


>Its exciting. Like waiting for Christmas. So close now.

This. Can't wait to see how shabbos Trump justifies this one.

e9da53 No.11886302


What's left to say? They're toast. In under 100 years the Israelis destroyed a region that had been populated forever. By October the land will be completely dead.

e9da53 No.11886515

File: bdd370217333889⋯.png (124.55 KB, 359x481, 359:481, syria rebels btfo.png)

File: a0a2b912764fb85⋯.png (712.47 KB, 898x628, 449:314, israel burning.png)

The next update on that map should be interesting.

cc0f7b No.11886730


Thank you I'm going to have a look. Didn't pay as much attention to the war towards the end of 2017, was fucking busy.

Kek though, that's a ballsy op. Imagine being on ISIS territory night watch and 6+ tanks go rolling past you in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping.

>>11886216 (((1 and done)))

He stopped air strikes for (((moderate rebels))) a week prior to this re-taking of Syrian Golan. It's just a coincidence, of course, clearly he helped greater ISISrael by enabling SAA to focus on re-taking Syrian Golan, such a shabbos goy, amirite?



Can you imagine the salt when Ildib is taken?

They've practically sent half of ISIS there. Kek.

b96730 No.11887051


>He stopped air strikes for (((moderate rebels))) a week prior to this re-taking of Syrian Golan. It's just a coincidence, of course, clearly he helped greater ISISrael by enabling SAA to focus on re-taking Syrian Golan, such a shabbos goy, amirite?

Golan hasn't been retaken. Once the SAA gets a bit too close for the kikes liking, theres no doubt a false flag and air support are on their way.

9e5f43 No.11887064


Anon, this will answer everything.


22044a No.11887597

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thread theme

22044a No.11887634

File: cfaba2412777bc6⋯.png (270.27 KB, 449x589, 449:589, now.png)

File: 302f6e7ffa0b542⋯.jpg (657.09 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 1fe29aa4280a301e814a1ae1f4….jpg)

8c67c1 No.11887642


SAA are pounding those motherfuckers.

8c67c1 No.11887644


This is the second set of bombings in that ISIS area. Next they'll send in the troops for clean up.

3b38ef No.11887850


Do you know what they do need? They need food and morale. DPRK army is low on both. It's literally held together by intimidation. Most of their army is just labor grunts not even trained to fight. They use them to fix roads, plow fields, etc. South Korea's army only has one job and that is to fight and they are fed and trained for it. Also ground forces don't mean shit unless you have air superiority which North Korea does not. They can't even properly train pilots by giving them enough flight hours because they are paranoid they will defect. North Korea could only beat South Korea if it was a 2v1 with China backing which means uSA will get involved which means Japan will get involved then NATO then world war so we all die.

3b38ef No.11887859


>Implying South Korea doesn't know it's capital could be completely bombed by artillery at any time

>Implying they don't have a fuck ton of shelters

>Implying they don't run common drills to prepare people for this

>Implying the government doesn't have any defense to prevent ground invasion into Seoul or contigency for loss of the capital

>Implying bombing Seoul completely wouldn't rile up and piss off the entire country to mobilize for a massive war rather than complete surrender

The South Korean population is much healthier and capable of fighting war than the North. South Korea will win unless North Korea had some plan to win the war quickly (less than two weeks) otherwise they will get fucked because North Korea can't support itself in peacetime with food and resources. How the fuck can they be expected to manage a wartime economy if the conflict drags out?

cc0f7b No.11888872






cc0f7b No.11888912


They're already at the border and taken most of it. ISISrael mercs getting pounded now in their little pocket, war is nearly over in the south west.

They just need to handle the last few pockets, then the kurdniggers will get the worst Syrian blitzkreig drubbing they've ever had.

Assad will win and his curse may live forever.

>tfw ISISrael will be flattened one day.

9e5f43 No.11889641


What does this have to do with Israel?

b7e222 No.11889648

File: 3506124b566d123⋯.jpg (34.15 KB, 420x579, 140:193, theeconomist-phoenix_get_r….jpg)



dubs checked. They'll get scattered to mostly white countries. They won't lose out monetarily though because the next paradigm is getting phased in now with cryptocurrencies and they don't need the petrodollar anymore. We know at this point that the Federal Reserve has a group called the Faster Payment Task Force and a lot of them are heavily invested in the XRP crypto. The Bank of England and 40-50 other central banks are working with them too. Major corporate banks are already partnering behind the scenes and are just waiting for Ripple's xRapid system to go live. XRP is going to be the first global crypto standard and their Interledger system is going to integrate different blockchains as well. Ripple's chief cryptographer, David Schwartz, patented a distributed computer network in 1988, the same year featured on the Economist magazine cover. There was always a transition planned as depicted in the 1981 Federal Reserve comic book Wishes and Rainbows but it's logistically easier to do it digitally than physical gold and silver. The United States also has all of the resources it needs hidden away in federal land and the national parks. Get ready for a new generation of kikery.

0a4757 No.11889810

File: d9d6af789d3d394⋯.png (150.44 KB, 660x950, 66:95, ClipboardImage.png)

Fucking White Helmets.


0a4757 No.11889820



Interesting. Those in the know consider XRP a scam crypto. It is being shilled by the same kinds of people who push for diversity in tech. It is related to Google. DO NOT TRUST IT.

Sage for doublepost and off topic.

3e9ccd No.11889841


>The South Korean population is much healthier and capable of fighting war than the North

Are you retarded? South Koreans are soyboys.

9e5f43 No.11889904


This is severely off topic… but XRP and RIPPLE could have connections to (((Bob Surplus))) who I suspect launders money for Mossad, through his pump and dump scams. The kike even tried to P&D pepecoin.

96fba0 No.11890203


>Israel moves terrorist assets from Syria to be used again elsewhere


2d2182 No.11890215


Trump is a kike-lover, Assad has been fighting off this kike proxy war for like 7 years now, long before your (((based))) ZOG puppet showed up.

b7e222 No.11890238


You don't seem to be grasping how far along they really are at this point.

2d2182 No.11890241


They'll have Trump take it back for them.

Look up every war that Israel 'fought', it's always the US doing the fighting and Israel carrying out strikes when they're sure nothing can fire back. The one time Israel fought its own war (only because it attacked another country without provocation and no one could side with Israel) it lost 6 million tanks against peasants with sticks.

97c88b No.11890334


>They'll have Trump take it back for them

No chance, American people will not support another war. It would be Vietnam all over again.

0a4757 No.11890375


How is a centrally controlled cryptocurrency any different from fiat?

Sage for off topic.

e9da53 No.11890385

File: 8ba7c1d23d8e823⋯.gif (975.74 KB, 666x711, 74:79, syria reconquista 4.gif)


Why would Trump bother with reclaiming a patch of uninhabitable desert?

2d2182 No.11890400


They have no say in the matter when it's about Israel.

>muh only 'democracy' in the Middle-East


Because his masters will order him to do so. Even James Comey admitted that the US is ruled by Israeli (read: jews).

b7e222 No.11890410


I'm not here to argue over what is or isn't centrally controlled. My point all along was that they either have a back up plan or that this was the plan the whole time.

e9da53 No.11890454

File: fdb8b53cab99d79⋯.gif (208.91 KB, 750x881, 750:881, kefka quneitra.gif)


There's no time. The US can't even set up a new terrorist group to harass the Syrians in less than 2 months. Not that I believe Trump would even bother. Don't be too attached to Israel. It's good as gone.

4f1128 No.11890475


So vasically wht is going on now, but, w/ kikes and LSD rather than goyim and R.C.'s ?

b96730 No.11890481


>Because his masters will order him to do so. Even James Comey admitted that the US is ruled by Israeli (read: jews).

Which is what I hope happens. Until now they continue to give the impression that the US is in charge despite all of the evidence to the contrary. An extremely unpopular move like invading syria for israel when 75-80% are against it will prove otherwise.

30a88c No.11891029

Sticky This

30a88c No.11891040

Just because Syria borders Israel does not mean they will invade Israel.

cc0f7b No.11891049


Trump is not going in to Syria after election promises. Mostly he has slowly whittled away US forces there.

Why on earth would he say no more airstrikes for (((moderate rebels))) (which helped lead to the situation on Golan today), if he has every intention of taking Syria out?

30a88c No.11891066


Could Syria be secretly pro-Israelii

1682f0 No.11891097

File: efb97e703f40637⋯.png (406.92 KB, 890x670, 89:67, Map.png)

Im actually glad I was alive to witness the end of ISIS in my lifetime, at least in Syria, also LMAO at israel's "humanitarian mission" in helping 800 white helmets and their families 'escape' syria and move them to jordan. At the behest of USA and the EU of course.

Give it a week and I think it's over for ISIS unless israel helps more arabs move through golan into ISIS held southern syria.

cc0f7b No.11891108


Do you know what the greater ISISrael plan/oded yinon is?

You do realize they have been at war with each other since the 70s? There was no formal treaty signed, only a ceasefire.


Even if they do, SyAF already started bombing the fuck out of (((humanitarian)))-filled ISIS shitholes. At this point they don't care. US killed 30 civvies this week in an air strike, so it'd just be some page 20 noise after all the chemical weapon kvetching in the past. The war in the south is practically over, period.

b96730 No.11891113


>in helping 800 white helmets and their families 'escape' syria and move them to jordan.

To reorganize and come up with future false flags.

b96730 No.11891123


>Why on earth would he say no more airstrikes for (((moderate rebels))) (which helped lead to the situation on Golan today), if he has every intention of taking Syria out?

Instead the UK, France and the Kikes will do it.

cc0f7b No.11891154

File: 178dd6d847ccd06⋯.png (573 KB, 942x746, 471:373, Syria CNN.png)

File: 1515bab5b6b58f6⋯.webm (22.51 KB, 1280x714, 640:357, CNNiggers with hat.webm)


They have no precedent to do that though, hence why he stopped the muh chemical weapons twice, once with a pre-emptive, pre-warned base strike (remember when he said you never tell your enemies before you do something… clearly not enemies then), the second time was pic related (I can't find the first CNN wrestling gif but you get the idea) that shut it down.

Both times he avoided international action as you mention, avoided ISISrael coming in directly, avoided greater ISISrael plans, forced them to praise him for his 'swift action' - clearly acting as the orange kike in chief for zog and greater isisrael.

2c3510 No.11891277

My biggest worry right now is that kikes and (((Saudis))) will try and buy as many reconstruction contracts as possible. I really hope that Putin and Assad aren't so retarded as to hand them and their companies the jobs for modernizing the country and will do it themselves, maybe with a neutral ally like Japan or India.

2d2182 No.11891279


You're forgetting that he went above and beyond the Obongo speak with 'muh ebil dictator Assad'.

He's also trying really hard for the kikes to hurt Iran, exactly as he promised during the elections. Make no mistake, this guy is ZOG puppet through and through. Still better than Shillary, but that's not saying much i'm sure you'll agree.

2d2182 No.11891281


A few days ago i read the White Helmet plan was to actually bring them to Europe.

e9da53 No.11891294

File: 94d01fce6c54392⋯.png (873.56 KB, 1420x1068, 355:267, animal assad.png)


I took a 15 minute shower a few hours ago. Feels good, man.

18b7ed No.11891318


US Army has been moving ISIS survivors to Subsaharan Africa. Tons of natural resources and too far away for the Russians and Iranians to ruin our fun.

22044a No.11891379

File: 3a981fb31ffc913⋯.jpg (20.91 KB, 459x278, 459:278, ae05228c3f6991bcf2ffbd0cd1….jpg)



>having any use for natural resources

2d2182 No.11891389

File: 1e22508d50737d1⋯.jpg (28.99 KB, 303x566, 303:566, 1468132947784-0.jpg)

25cb4b No.11891668

So boys looks like it's Iran vs US and Russia vs Ukies/Caucasus.

Who allies with who? Pretty sure NATO and EU will be dissolved first.

265fe3 No.11891780


<he clearly abondoned the moderate terrorists who where already defacto defeated and survived only under Jewish and American protection and supply on the corners of Syria because he ONLY helped them with large scale airstrikes against the Syrian forces a few times before they where pretty much whiped from Syria and switched to bombing Syrian coalition forces touching 5th column (((moderate communists))) instead

<he clearly has no interest to do Israels dirt job bleeding out Syrian forces and economy because hes not openly waging war on Syria

>Mostly he has slowly whittled away US forces there

Thats a weird way to spell has built up large fortresses for permanent precence around Syrian oil fields and keep them occupied by ISIS replacement plan 3.0 aka (((moderate communists))).

5fe23d No.11891974


>Seoul doesn't really matter

>one of the most important economic centers in the world doesn't matter

Imagine being this retarded.

22044a No.11892275

File: 43ba4a85a8f6260⋯.png (223.56 KB, 531x526, 531:526, concave.png)

cf2962 No.11892323

File: e1b9bff453c6479⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1526x891, 1526:891, e9945289ec82780450d6d300ac….png)

0a5b12 No.11892385

File: 946b61769a4f5be⋯.png (186.71 KB, 362x402, 181:201, zdsfdfds.png)

What were they afraid of being found?

d829c9 No.11892961


Stick a bunch of mega cities onto a place and that happens I guess. That and mismanagement and constant warring. Oy vey

4331dd No.11893171


Anything that can be used by the enemy. It’s a strategy called scorched-earth. It was created by the Russians and was first in the Napoleonic Wars and against Swedish invasion. The idea is to destroy anything that can be used by the enemy so that the resources can not be used against them and thus bolster an invasion/push by the opposition. It’s common practice for almost all the worlds’ militaries which is why it is being employed. They most likely took anything useful that can be carried/transported with them. However, It’s almost certain that they do have weapons given to them by Americans and Israelis on hand that can be traced back to them and I doubt everything that can be used as evidence was destroyed.

2d9f75 No.11893451


>What were they afraid of being found?

Hebrew letters on the boxes?

e8e9be No.11894609


More American surface to surface/air missiles?

5ea6b2 No.11894686

God bless Assad. Take back your country from jews and make them pay.

30a88c No.11895065


235176 No.11897558

File: 4f6c7d2f3c51918⋯.png (616.13 KB, 1252x842, 626:421, syria.png)

Another bombing run has begun.

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