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File: d57a76fe2302748⋯.jpg (80.45 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 01-800x450.jpg)

c25773 No.11859431

Why would two young men in Turkey cut off a little dog’s ears and post the photos and video on social media?

TheRifleBird (h/t Pat) The two proceeded to cut the dog’s ears off with a sharp knife, with no anaesthetic whatsoever. They had a friend record the scene – during the video, which was uploaded online but has since been deleted, the dog howls in despair, begging for mercy, but the cruel attackers just keep on going.

At the end, they pose for photos, each with a piece of the dog’s ear in their hands, seemingly proud of their achievement. A picture of the dog all covered in blood has also been posted online.


000000 No.11859437

So what?

bc3add No.11859441

They hate dogs for some retarded fucking reason.

To them, "son of a dog" is an insult.

Low IQ.

dd8093 No.11859444


Turks are shit. Empathy is the sign of developed peoples, try that shit near me and I'll burn your house down a few days later.

18aa19 No.11859447



Shitskins and animal abusers deserve the rope. bare minimum the same tortures they practice on aimals, that goes double for jews and muslims who practice kosher and halal slaughters, it's only fitting, and true justice.

000000 No.11859449


White people care about animals, so it should at least induce an emotional response.

000000 No.11859459

What does the quran say about dogs again?

d96083 No.11859464


Muslims are subhuman. Just look at how they treat animals. Same with a lot of other subhuman races, especially the kikes.

0e07cc No.11859465


Only white people domesticated animals. Only white people care about animals.

17c634 No.11859466

A red haired turkic spawn, obviously a european rapebaby which was turkicized after centuries, all because those fucking greeks have their habit of stabbing everyone in the backs.

0e07cc No.11859470


Lower races mistake pointless cruelty for "toughness."

3c2d57 No.11859480


Living up to their status as cockroaches


kike alert

0de6c3 No.11859483


Hate is all I feel. Only a subhuman bullies those who have no possible way to defend themselves.

ce4cc6 No.11859484




Oh please. Turkey is more secular than the United States.

d96083 No.11859486


They torture animals, women and children to show strength but in actual fights with whites they only will try sucker punches while outnumbering them in multiples vs 1, like 3/5/10 to 1 like the weak filth they are. Only seek to seem strong. Meanwhile all the countries subhumans are from are filled with war and cartels and cannibalism and other filth and if we are ever to succeed we need to cut off aid to them all, purge the filth in our borders, and go to Mars (also purging the rest of the world but spreading from Earth in a sustainable way is a priority).

d96083 No.11859489


They have the shit genes if not the shit religion. Fucking filth.

ce4cc6 No.11859490


Pretty much nothing. The hatred for dogs comes from Arabic tribal crap and isn't a thing in Qur'an itself.

0e07cc No.11859494


That's why the focus on islam is stupid. Even most of the rapefugees in Europe are not devout Muslims. They get drunk and do drugs every day and never pray to Mecca or any of the shit they are supposed to do. They're just shitskins practicing typical shitskin behavior

ce4cc6 No.11859498


Religion ain't genetic. Turks are shit "humans" regardless of their religion.

01aa18 No.11859502

>>11859431 >>11859449

This has nothing to do with politics. BTW, how would you like this?


Two teens kill animals they took from shelter and upload the record of it to internet. Oh wait, they do not look like muslims so it does not belong to /pol/, right?

If you would like to see video of what they did, try finding it yourself, I never cared.

d96083 No.11859503


culture is influenced by genetics

Even so, almost all nonwhites should be purged from this world.

Nips only sought to go against the chinks and gooks and other SE fucks when in imperial mode so as long as they realize their shit it's ok.

01aa18 No.11859517


>culture is influenced by genetics

Any proof of that? Lurking /pol/ for years, have never seen any.

18aa19 No.11859552


Sounds like you need to lurkmoar

89a0a1 No.11859554


Ever noticed dog abusing nations are always shitholes?

0e07cc No.11859555


Those are Asiatic churkas, same as Turks.

45db2c No.11859563


We treat animals like shit too. When DOTR comes we're hanging every soulless fuck meat factory worker and owner. Then we're doing things the way Hitler would have wanted.

9b1033 No.11859568


0/10; thanks for admitting you’re a shill.

45db2c No.11859570


You just outed yourself. Lurk 2 years, commie faggot.

0e07cc No.11859574


>support cruel Jewish factory farming

>don't want to hang spic slaughterhouse employees


9b1033 No.11859578


Yawn. You’re done.



Yep, thanks for exposing yourself, too.

45db2c No.11859582


Why do you hate animals, commie? Is it because they're above you?

9b1033 No.11859587


You’re done.

f5c3f7 No.11859591


why would two turkroaches cut off a dog's ears if they were going to push him out of a plane afterwards

I'd be more worried about the Russian plane they shot down, or the thousands they've killed in syria, or the oil they've stolen, or the constant torture they've used for decades despite being against international conventions, or the fact that the country was the Christian capital and the filthy hordes are still occupying it, or the fake coup that the dictator set up against himself as an excuse to kill off a few hundred he didn't like

1843ae No.11859595


Moslems hate dogs and pigs, they consider them unclean. What's strange is that they like cats because allegedly Mohammed liked cats and would leave without his cloak if his cat were sleeping on it. Dogs slobber and can stink, pigs roll around in the mud, whereas cats lick themselves constantly- thus, cats are considered clean and are allowed inside mosques, whereas Moslems aren't even allowed to touch pigs. All three animals are very intelligent and can be very loving, it's atrocious to intentionally cause suffering to an animal. I'm one of those that believes pit bulls should all be put down, but I don't want them to needlessly suffer in the process.

d2c2e1 No.11859624


You can judge a group by the way they treat animals.

42951e No.11859625

While I find this abhorrible, ear cropping is still common in the USA and everywhere else. Any dog you see with pointy ears that stand up had their ears cut off, aka cropping.

42951e No.11859627

File: ec8f90c51c81610⋯.png (1.04 MB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


see: ear crop

95bb92 No.11859640

File: 3f807d5fce7aeca⋯.jpg (27.6 KB, 260x260, 1:1, bitethepilloow.jpg)



Worked in a pork processing plant, yes they are called processing plants, the pigs were herded into a chamber, given the gas, and by the time the chamber's air has been exchanged the pigs are comatose. Then their rear feet are fitted into a hanger pulled up till they are suspended and have their throats cuts. Should a single pig wake up, the entire kill floor, where the pig is gutted, skinned, etc, shuts down. Happened twice in the three years I worked there, and each time it was over fifteen minutes for the line to start moving again, that's about 270-290 pigs that that shift won't kill and will be left in the pens nearby until the next shift/day. Does that sound as barbaric a practice as kosher/halal methods?

So yeah both of you are nincompoops speaking on a matter you have little knowledge of. Except for the being filled with spics part, you are 100% correct on that.

6e75b3 No.11859647


They think it shows that they're manly and badass.

eb91e7 No.11859648

Mongrels doing mongrel things. Hardly surprising since they're barely above the beasts they're killing. I'm not going to defend middle eastern mutts too much since they are largely uncivilized animals and dangerous, but the people are hardly better.

Problem is we seem to deem every thing that has two arms and two legs as being "human" or "people". Yet nobody can explain why KoKo the guerilla isn't.

0e07cc No.11859660


Guess that isn't too bad. The problem is more the living conditions are poor than the slaughtering methods.

d7a09e No.11859678

File: 1982126370646fa⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, off-with-their-heads-.jpg)

48e1aa No.11859685


We as national socialists have no qualms with Muslims, as long as they are of pure European blood. Our issue lies with non-whites as a whole. Hitler respected Muslims, and viewed them as allies in the struggle against Jewish villainy.

0bb104 No.11859693


I believe it said something about Muhammad fucking them, but I'm not sure. You should probably go to a mosque and ask.

9b1033 No.11859694


>We as national socialists have no qualms with Muslims

Does that work anywhere else? I mean… does ANYONE fucking fall for this?

95bb92 No.11859695


Yeah, well you'd need to replace all Corporation based farming/ranching with old school farming.

For fuck's sake you'd have the ranchers and farmer on your side in a heartbeat. Knew a chicken farmer down the road, and he hates how he HAS TO treat the chickens. Raises some for himself and his family, cooked me some of each one fourth of july, tasted much better the the "barn birds".

1d3751 No.11859696


I’m conflicted, most (((modern))) breads are mongrelized genetically inferior fur-kikes, and this need to be purged, but as a good Natsoc I have a lot of compassion for dogs are they are mans rightful companions. Maybe it’s best we just celebrate the deaths of nigger dogs.

0bb104 No.11859698



Kill yourself, drone.

2f2af3 No.11859704


it says moHAMmed hated them and said the angels that spoke to him hated dogs as well so pretty much doggos are a aryans best friend

06c067 No.11859705

File: b48ddf354c8580f⋯.jpg (210.86 KB, 1023x1023, 1:1, hitler is not pleased.jpg)


>celebrate the torture and brutalizing of a helpless animal

Hitler would slap you, then castrate you, kike.

734583 No.11859709

File: e3b8cea91ee5359⋯.jpeg (21.06 KB, 275x347, 275:347, A712272E-5C37-441C-94A1-1….jpeg)



>The resident alt-kike redditors from r/The_Donald jump in on que to begin damage control.

5959f1 No.11859711


Dogs are some of our greatest gifts. These niggers deserve death.

t. just lost my dog, she was 15 and it was still far too soon

204b2f No.11859712


A reminder these are the niggers that the Kikes and Lefties want filling our society

9b1033 No.11859713


>can’t figure out what cue and queue are

>you’re a redditor if you’re not a soyboy

You don’t seem to get what this place is.

fbc502 No.11859716


wrong. niggers are not dogs. dogs are not niggers. Only ameriwanks think pitbulls are nigger dogs. It's a sick fucking culture. Lab's and Rotti's are just as aggro as Pitties, doesn't mean they deserve to die. Come on anon, use your head. (((who))) is responsible for this shit? Fucking kikes hate dogs and nogs too. So do muzzies. Zero tolerance for animal abusers. They, along with the pedos get a rope.

fbc502 No.11859723

Also, cockroaches are seen as pests in most countries. Really makes you think.

e17eb5 No.11859727

/pol/ has always been anti-dog. KYS you weak cuckolds.

fe5c66 No.11859729


This is exactly why I started hunting for my family's meat. Taught my children to respect the animal and make sure it dies quickly, make sure every bit is used, make sure that the shot is a quick death and to not take chances because those chances can lead to the animal suffering or dying a meaningless death. Just because an animal can be eaten does not mean that its life was solely for a source of food, and every part of the animal needs to be used or it feels as if its death was a waste. There is a balance that has been ignored in order to mass produce food for people that don't deserve to eat. As a bonus my dog is.much healthier than when he ate fucking China's Best™ dog food with added cardboard and rat poison.

fbc502 No.11859736


kikebot, I believe you're mistaken. Judge a man by the manner he treats animals. Only 3 groups are afraid of dogs. Don't glow in the dark pls.

3104bb No.11859740


It says that any bowl from which a dog drinks has to washed 6 times. Mohammad though said that there are no angels in any house where dogs live.

18aa19 No.11859743



Semite detected

06438b No.11859745


Ears first. Then fingers, toes, dicks & testicles (if any).

fbc502 No.11859748


Good man. You're better than the fatass hunters who sit in a hide at a watering hole and wait for the animal to arrive on schedule. What makes you different is the respect you have for a living being of nature and its sacrifice of life to feed you and your family. I really wish more people had the same outlook as you did, especially supposed (((PH's))) .

7f3412 No.11859750

File: 58043d037eec9e3⋯.mp4 (2.49 MB, 848x476, 212:119, Dog_desperately_tries_to_h….mp4)


>They're just dogs bro

I mean really now

fe5c66 No.11859760


You don't even know how many fucking "hunters" go all out with expensive blinds and camp to be invisible when hunting. I understand the usefulness of it, especially in a shtf scenario where feeding yourself and family becomes much more important, but they take it as a competitive sport for who can afford the most elaborate ways to become invisible to the animal rather than a useful skill. I have seen guys like that just leave the kill because they were more concerned about how cool and high techy they looked compared to the actual animal. They are just as fucked as the guy who eats Big Macs every day, partially because I think they have the same diet and just kill for fun. Like I said, balance is all out of whack.

95bb92 No.11859762

File: a12888d40ff9b94⋯.gif (155.63 KB, 500x568, 125:142, Classical_Smiling_Pepe.gif)


>and every part of the animal needs to be used or it feels as if its death was a waste.

Very true, and that is actually done in those processing plants. Me and most of the guys i worked with called it a "Pig Disassembly Plant." the blood is drained out and then processed to be used as plasma, the offal is mostly rendered down into a paste and shipped to pet food plants, the intestines are cleaned and used for their God Given purpose, sausage lining. Hoofs are sent south, where the natives will gladly eat 'em. I forget what the hearts, stomach, and sphincters are used for. Liver and kidneys, sent to the market after being checked for tumors/fecal matter.

42951e No.11859767


My dad worked in a beef plant during college. Stood straddling the cow conveyor line, encaving cow skulls with a sledge hammer one by one.

2a0cda No.11859769


> Lab's and Rotti's are just as aggro as Pitties

Labs are absolutely not as agressive as pitbull or rottweilers (both nigger dogs)

fe5c66 No.11859774


That is good, my main gripe with it is the animals existed solely to be used. Reminiscent of how people are treated. We work, same as before, but it is no longer about working for the better but instead working for others. Have seen a lot of the edges of the spectrum though, and there are just as many correct ways as incorrect.

b0d66e No.11859781


>As a bonus my dog is.much healthier than when he ate fucking China's Best™ dog food with added cardboard and rat poison.

Eating your own dog food is more than just a saying. I like giving dogs stuff I eat. (Just never chocolate or grapes.)

76736a No.11859789

RIP, pup.

It always annoys me a little bit when people hear these stories and say sarcastically, "ha, a thousand kids died today in Africa and everyone cares about a dog". On the surface that's a fair argument, but the reason I think that so many care about the dog (or some endangered animals being hunted for trophies, etc.) is because it's absolutely helpless, apolitical, and innocent - and some piece of shit human being decided to just eviscerate them. Shoot a dog because it's rabid and loose in the neighbourhood? Fair enough, there was a legitimate purpose for it. Shoot it just because it's a random Monday and you're bored? You're ironically just an animal.

871f3a No.11859802





>>Defending islum under any circumstances ever

islum is shit.


>>Muh lurked for years but have never seen anything about genetics.




Animal husbandry and meat products are a core and essential part of White heritage.

There must be a balance.

Farming animals is not wrong as long as it is done intelligently and ethically.

That said, companion animals (such as dogs) must be treated with respect and care above and beyond other animals.

What those shits did is vile.

They should have done to them what they did to that dog.

Furthermore, gas yourself.



islum is a vile cult.

All abrahamic "religions" are jewish garbage, or at best heavily corrupted by kikes.

Christianity has some value, but it needs to uncuck itself massively, and I seriously wonder if it can.



ALL farming in White countries should be done via White family farms.

Corporate farming is a terrible mistake.

It is bad for the Volk.

It is just bad.


GAS yourself

54651e No.11859850




3104bb No.11859864


Well that's about the worst thing I'll see today. Thanks.

c2a424 No.11859881

How can the left even ignore this? How could they just stand up and say they're "proud protecters of animals" while never calling off any non-White that does this type of barbarism? Why do they somehow still think Whites have it all in Western nations while their "poor and oppressed" shitskin pets "otherkin" are being held down by le ebil Whitey debil?

f8d190 No.11859882

File: 93a9371ee332802⋯.png (268.36 KB, 558x414, 31:23, f6f611c1668d3496d57d4054a4….png)

Topics where a dog or any animal are tortured/mistreated by subhuman filth always make me so fucking mad to the point of tears. Seeing an innocent creature being hurt like this just destroys me, the pain in its face is just unbearable.

a7073e No.11859903


Literally everything you said is complete bullshit. Gas stunning is done with CO2, which causes pain and panic. Any plant using gas stunning on hogs has non-stop constant screaming going on, all the supervisors wear ear protection (they don't give any to the spic workers obviously). The line does not stop unless a federal inspector orders it stopped, and they make 2 scheduled inspections per year. Stop lying. The kiked out corporate agricorp monstrosity is an abomination and can only exist due to the use of subhumans with no empathy as workers.


>Animal husbandry and meat products are a core and essential part of White heritage.

That has nothing to do with what he said Schlomo. You can have livestock and meat without corporate torture factories.

fbc502 No.11859905


Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm a saffa so we're a tad different but leaving a kill is something I've never heard of and I personally find it disgusting. Not a hunter myself because I do not enjoy killing for fun, do however appreciate bushcraft and you do what do you when you're in that situation. Venison is delicious and springbok is great, but I respect life and a lot of dickheads, including the guys you're talking about are found in all areas of sportsmanship. Call them out when you get the chance, they're all pussies.


Rottweiller's were Roman guard dogs for centuries kike. Sorry you had to leave the baby cocksucking tournament to post your sentiments here.

fbc502 No.11859918


Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm a saffa so we're a tad different but leaving a kill is something I've never heard of and I personally find it disgusting. Not a hunter myself because I do not enjoy killing for fun, do however appreciate bushcraft and you do what do you when you're in that situation. Venison is delicious and springbok is great, but I respect life and a lot of dickheads, including the guys you're talking about are found in all areas of sportsmanship. Call them out when you get the chance, they're all pussies.


Rottweiller's were Roman guard dogs for centuries kike. Sorry you had to leave the baby cocksucking tournament to post your sentiments here.

01aa18 No.11859992


>>>Muh lurked for years but have never seen anything about genetics.


Does shitload of astroturfing count? Every thread gets a mention of how anything non-white is subhuman yet no factual evidence of that genetics cause culture.

0de6c3 No.11860068


Adversity can only make you stronger. It's bitter-sweet.

315f6b No.11860070

File: 2e04ba8cc238e2d⋯.png (116.08 KB, 565x676, 565:676, 2008-07-01_204617puppy.png)

File: a3b099113fa78e7⋯.jpg (41.67 KB, 300x376, 75:94, sniffer-dogs-offend-muslim….jpg)

File: 073ea750d6c808b⋯.jpg (252.45 KB, 620x930, 2:3, js94789965.jpg)

File: 104dc5c7f12337f⋯.png (291.78 KB, 747x511, 747:511, poplarsign.png)

> Muslims hurting dogs

Stop the presses.


I can watch gore all day with people getting destroyed to pieces and I don't blink an eye, but I can't stand animal cruely.

I had two dogs that were loyal beyond reason and couldn't help to feel that humans should apply too that kind of blind and powerful loyalty to the things we believe are more important than ourselves.

c34d24 No.11860086

File: 4933ca4a2f65c41⋯.jpg (26.47 KB, 500x417, 500:417, A-dog-being-posed-by-a-Ger….jpg)

File: 1de881291757059⋯.jpg (46.55 KB, 500x338, 250:169, a_german_soldier_with_dog_….jpg)

File: 0dfb109e478b69c⋯.jpg (41.38 KB, 367x482, 367:482, truth-animals91h5bs2bbb.jpg)

File: b2474ea9d665394⋯.jpg (107.04 KB, 736x916, 184:229, 3833274bea4699b4abf271408c….jpg)


You must not be from around here (kike). Blacks nigging out and rioting are an example, spics go from having what the spanish gave them to making a bunch of shit hole countries, and Jews. If you were 1488, you'd understand Jewish compulsive greed, subversion and nepotism all come from a genetic compulsion that's expressed by there inferior genes when forming the neural pathways of their brain. Just like animals are born with insticts, Jews are born with instincts that like a parasite, subvert and/or try to control the host nation they migrate into. Like the nomadic Turks post Christ/Roman-expulsion Jews hail from, these mongrels made from interbreeding are rootless by nature, the operative word being nature, and will try to take the pioneering and frontiersman spirit and subvert/mutilate it into jumping from home to home, country to country to weaken the bonds and identity different peoples have for a multitude of reasons. (original jews did not at all resemble arabs, they were like their Aramaic offshoot as fair skinned, medium to dark hair, and light eyed (((researchers))) have been lying for the last 60 years about Jews being dark (((coincidentally))) since Jews gained further influence)

One: they wish to profit by both governmental means and market means by the construction, sale, and even seizure by forfeiture on homes.

Two: they wish to blend in, not only by making communities with whites of different nationalities to take advantage of a radical slip in homogeneity to seem like another type of white because of having a white father or mother, but also by letting in other races to destroy homogeneous race neighborhoods so they can fit in at first by being more white than the black man, and also at a certain point being put on top socially by championing the idea we all belong together (which will always tend to fail eventually).

Third: taking away the act of steading means that there is less of a chance for whites to create a safe and steady land to raise families, create bonds with a close knit extended family that can all prosper in a home and possibly land and work the land to make for an independent family, community, country and people who would all not rely on globalization, market specialization, and market manipulators that wish to steer society.

Fourth: and this is a personal theory I share with Adolf Hitler and the knowledge Christ spoke of when talking about the corrupted kikes and the Jews that were following them and were to follow, that they truly are a synagogue of Satan; this evil is to promote misery through the world as to bring about the damnation of the souls of men by either direct or indirect means (those that sin and those that do nothing to stop sin)


What his poor dog is the symptom of the fact the German people were not permitted to either exterminate undesirables such as these, or at the very least give governance to subhuman scum and use them as slave labor.

This rootless international clique of mongrels will have your children become meat for the grinder for their interests to succeed. WILL YOU RESIST?! JA ODER NEIN?!

(((The "chosen" of the Yahweh))) had us fight our brothers and cousins and destroy the best hope for the world so thay they can control us more easily unapposed, so there wouldn't be examples of good men after that generation, so that they can trick us into and eventually even force us into mixing our blood til the identity of the best race with the best aesthetic to ever grace the universe is lost forever. We lost good men so that we could kill good men, got them to hate each other unjustly. WILL WE AVENGE THEM?! JA ODER NEIN?!

(((They))) will try and corrupt your daughters and sons into sin and degeneracy. WILL YOU RESIST (((THEM)))?! JA ODER NEIN?!

(((These))) bastards of the fallen and a mongrel race from the plains of mongolia and the steps in Pakistani India will have you made lesser and replaced like cattle, they call you goy…they called me goy… WILL YOU FIGHT THEM?! JA ODER NEIN?!




62d1c8 No.11860150


I sense commie jew




You see, other races, like the animals they are should be treated as such (for the ones we don't exterminate due to our empathy). Like dogs, some are very loyal, and with the possible genetic cause, maybe we can keep some around in very small numbers as novelties for friendship so long as they know their place like a good house nigger and don't try to interbreed.

We basically need to get Hitler Mk2 into power, use non whites as auxiliaries that get to live in Africa if they survive the big war, but the point is to purge the world of shit peoples. No more weaklings letting shit slide. I saw boys raped in Afghanistan, came home and told my twin brother about it and his reaction was perfect "They better not be coming here and trying to rape my sons and daughters! We better kill them all before anyone gets hurt!"

I was so desensitized from SHARP training and being told hearts and minds, afghans are people too, but it took a pure white man with righteous rage in his heart from a threat of a mongrel race to show me America and the Western world have become cucked! Forget every black man in the Army is either a Freemason or involved in some way to get out of duty, that women are usually shit at their jobs, that most hispanic NCOs, Officers and Privates are shitters and that the few that are worth their salt are mostly if not all white with Spanish surnames. Forget that this generation seems to be more globalistic than previous generations. Are Army is the only one besides semizogged Russia's that can save the world. There is nothing stronger or better than the white American infantryman and der Kamerad who are made honorarily allowed to stay on islands for nobly fighting for the White cause and giving up their freedom to become 2nd class and only civilians (not citizens)

41ba59 No.11860181

But I thought red haired middle easterners were based?

8e32ed No.11860183

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hatred comes from the Hadith.

b47692 No.11860280


>bag that poo any bin will do

lmao britbongs are so gay

961d6d No.11860316


It's because islam views dogs as haram (forbidden). That's why you hear about horrid animal abuse in the islamic world.

311d1e No.11860379

File: 1497c7fd7c90aa2⋯.jpg (122.85 KB, 800x533, 800:533, DOTR Turkroach edition.jpg)


>muslim do not like dogs

>this is an islamic area now

God can't wait to kill those subhuman

2451d7 No.11860403


And like everything else in islam, it's literally because their dumbass prophet decided on a whim that he hated dogs and had somebody write in down. Islam is basically Mormonism with triple the levels of retardation.

915cee No.11860412

File: 448e59158354d66⋯.png (362.8 KB, 452x710, 226:355, 1347861550349.png)


>that twitching of the white dog

He's either freezing, or has distemper (an incurable virus that affects the nervous system). Either way, he will probably die not long after this was filmed.

f8d914 No.11860468


>why do shitskins act like shitskins


5ab06f No.11860469


It wasn't a whim. Mohammed was a massively weak pussy who was terrified of dogs, probably because they can smell fear and hate cowardly faggots.

d74d2a No.11860483

File: 7b204ab36dd6200⋯.png (231.92 KB, 451x484, 41:44, 1401077391478.png)

Animal cruelty is one of the most unforgivable crimes for me, I'd murder these little shits with my bare hands if I could.

331388 No.11860488


Non-whites need to be wiped out. They value nothing but death and destruction.


These fucking savages would have done this with or without Islam.

eb91e7 No.11860508


I think that's just misplaced rage based on the modern environment we're living in where humans are hardly worth giving a shit about but animals are seen as more innocent. Humans were tortured by other humans on a far more massive scale and in much worse ways than I've ever seen happen to an animal.

But that a dog was trained to be mans best friend probably makes it worse. They're now weakened from their natural state by our mere existence.

a40f8e No.11860561



This might help answer some of your questions: http://www.kevinmacdonald.net/chap2.pdf

4821ea No.11860595

File: 0d4835313dd9016⋯.jpg (228.79 KB, 1014x1279, 1014:1279, 0d134c8d0be11d14c2f47942d1….jpg)


You tell that demented agro-shill anon. Animals are not machines. They feel. Im not opposed to agriculture, but industrial agriculture is depraved. Dehumanizes all in the chain and produces an inferior unhealthy product. Hail Victory.

b649e5 No.11860610


Leftist ranks are packed with "dog mom" types who care more about animals than humans. This is excellent anti-immigration propaganda, and I don't mean just the illegal kind.

b649e5 No.11860632


You're a fucking moron who knows nothing about dogs. Aggression is built into genetics.

cb19f7 No.11860679


ex liberal spotted.

You stupid pittmommy and pit daddys are one of the biggest risks to white children.

b90a42 No.11860686


because they want to get removed like any other kebab, duhhh

756e9c No.11860720

most who abuse animals are psychopaths or mentally retarded. If you do not properly care for animals, there's a very high chance you also cannot properly care for children.

0540c7 No.11860758

can i have it as a pet dog

cc768d No.11860852


More cultural they are useless in the desert. Therefore they are seen as vermin like possums.

422aee No.11860870

File: 678bf8346fc9c6c⋯.gif (176.05 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1451515500181.gif)


>JANUARY 31, 2017

>Has been posted on cuckchan a million times

>Moralfags take the slidebait every single time without fail

If you did not sage this thread, go lurk 4 years on /b/, then lurk here for 2 years you fucking pussies.

ba6e82 No.11861018


checked /thread

0540c7 No.11861022

File: 18d751f431b160d⋯.png (687.24 KB, 968x745, 968:745, ClipboardImage.png)


>pretends to be edgy

>posts anime

a10172 No.11861045


That's obviously self made to provoke, you dumb retard. Don't know about the red sign though.

fca259 No.11861079


turkroaches are animals, which is why (((they))) brought a million of them to Germany as "guest laborers" in the 80s even though there was no foreseeable long term need for them and then they were all given permanent residency due to (((them)))

the only thing turkroaches respect is pure violence, however as they mostly roam in large packs of 10+ chances are you have no shot against them as a normal atomized goy

(((they))) had the same plan for Japan with Iranian guest laborers but fortunately nips were based enough to round them up and give them up and fly them out

dbc4ed No.11861099

5d9b9b No.11861222

>>Why would two young men in Turkey cut off a little dog’s ears and post the photos and video on social media?

Thirsty for likes. They think it's manly and badass and just watched Rambo. Who the fuck knows, it's turkroaches. Not like they have anything going on in their life or ever will. Well… this is the type that immigrates to Germany where they rape and kill a child.

Oh yeah and as another guy said, it's a mudslime thing. Use it against leftist cunts so the doggo didn't die for nothing.

1aece9 No.11861362

File: 533efed2eeed6d1⋯.jpeg (75.01 KB, 634x521, 634:521, ACBF8FEA-31CA-4520-A166-F….jpeg)

On a side note why are so many ginger males mudslime converts?

Just today I saw 3 in full top down bottom up position

>inb4 it’s because they have no souls

49b71d No.11861366

all dog owners deserves to have their ears cut. lowlife pieces of shit that you are.

41862c No.11861386


Meme this hard.

I’ve seen even the most die hard liberal normies suddenly want to gas entire nations because of animal cruelty. Because while they can’t empathize with women, children or any human that’s murdered by Muslims, but fsr their feelings still work for animals

20de42 No.11861405


>arab gf


000000 No.11861428


She's based af I really can't see myself losing her. All the white girls are blacked here. mfw

092206 No.11861445


Gingers simultaneously have absolutely cucked countries and shit genes giving them higher levels of depression. The only non-hated religion in these non-based hell holes is islam because muh-brown-people, so seeking to find solace from their shit hand in life they join a church and lo and behold, which church do they join? Islam, because they're The Religion of Peace™ or some shit.

000000 No.11861447


>On a side note why are so many ginger males mudslime converts?

Because it is Henna colored. Mohammed did color his hair with Henna, so muslims try to emulate it.

000000 No.11861452



>Gingers simultaneously have absolutely cucked countries and shit genes

Hello retard, how is the weather in Telavi?

562e2e No.11861466



>men in Turkey

imagine that

expect this from all shitskins it is known,nips being the only exception.

d74d2a No.11862512


t. abdul mohammad bin jihad

c88cd9 No.11862516


Nothing says subhuman like a total lack of basic empathy for animals.

333ddf No.11862616

File: b194e7a7359526d⋯.jpg (34.55 KB, 480x360, 4:3, neanderthal killer.jpg)


Two fucking Neanderthals from Caucasus. Neanderthals hate dogs. Cro-magnon domesticated wolf and then his dogs riped Neanderthal throats apart.

508726 No.11862640


The Turks would kidnap European Christians and turn them into Janissary soldiers, which were essentially a slave-warrior class. Sort of like how the Egyptians would enslave Nubians and use them as shock troops in their wars.

abfeb8 No.11862667


The jannissaries were, because of their Christian upbringing, able to maintain their weapons and actually aim them at the enemy without screaming about blasphemy of deciding for Allah where the bullets were to go. Without them the Ottoman empire was dead meat. Some things never change

183f18 No.11862673


>no one is stopping to help, or at least do something.

Great now I am even more pissed off then before, what subhuman country is that filmed in?

0d142d No.11862681


>she's FUCKING based


get the fuck out and please don't come back

09c32d No.11862715

Subhuman turkroaches don't rate a thread.

422aee No.11862970

File: 617e496e7d3a93f⋯.gif (688.23 KB, 286x310, 143:155, 617e496e7d3a93fcfadd294592….gif)


So I'm not actually edgy? Cool I guess.

dc706e No.11863163


>They hate dogs for some retarded fucking reason.


>It's because islam views dogs as haram (forbidden)

The reason they hate dogs is that dogs can tell the difference between good people and bad people no matter how good they are at faking friendliness.

Think of that stereotypical middle eastern smile that contains zero friendliness but might fool an unwary European into trusting someone they really should not trust.

A dog would not be fooled.

Whether it is a pheromone thing or exquisite appreciation of body language, a dog would pick up on any indications that a stranger meant you harm, even if he were doing his best to hide it.

For a group like semites, whose entire way of life is centered in deception, it makes it far more difficult for them to hide their evil intentions if your dog is growling, barking and trying to bite them constantly.

Dogs are like a lie detector for human behavior.

30c176 No.11863202


also, jews name themselves after a bunch of predators, katz (katze, cat), fuchs (fox), wiesel (weasle) etc.

But not Hund (dog).

dbc4ed No.11863215


Cool non arguments lets post anime pictures for the matter of the fact you couldn't make up for a proper argument.

6e3368 No.11863219




Weren't those like extinct back in the 1920s?

6e0947 No.11863225


this is fucking thee years old you piece of sliding shit nigger


shut the fuck up moishe you toxing vermin

we'll kill you all

6ef2d5 No.11863227


I guess that everyone living in my street must be evil because my dog barks at everyone.

6e3368 No.11863232


Oh look it's this literal faggot again.

6e3368 No.11863250


You realize both breeds were created by Whites right?

331388 No.11863326


You don't speak for me, subversive kike.



>shit genes

It's 12am in Tel Aviv. Are the kikes putting in OT or something?

4821ea No.11864631

File: a47a18524c0d46c⋯.jpg (78.09 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 52dbc4d39e7d664426f8613bc0….jpg)


And so what if he's an ex lib you fucking trump nufag. You where listening to Rush Limbaugh 2 years ago and reading Jonah Goldberg. Fuk outta here.

315f6b No.11864692


> disdains anime

> in a chinese cartoon forum

90942d No.11864762

File: 30f90ac26c75642⋯.jpg (104.59 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 1e2275a4d53b5cbba74a43228f….jpg)

any creature that can hurt a dog doesn't deserve to live.

pic unrelated.

b28bc0 No.11864961

Anyone who is not a shill in this thread playing both sides in order to slide more important threads, stop replying to pointless shitposting

185169 No.11865110


aquaponic fish and chickenry. Thats all anyone really needs. Independant and balanced compared to zog horror land. Buti whatever, wait for vegan sword swinging jesus and his world of super fruit

185169 No.11865171


>what Mo said


8a1ad1 No.11865216

File: e395be8f877793b⋯.mp4 (1.75 MB, 852x480, 71:40, chinese kills dog to celeb….mp4)

File: 2808817808125e5⋯.mp4 (4.05 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, chinaman killing dog.mp4)

File: 6c0f03d263a4c2b⋯.mp4 (4.47 MB, 368x640, 23:40, chinese dehairing rats ali….mp4)

File: 72aaa35509452ec⋯.mp4 (3.34 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, china dog burned alive.mp4)


chink detected

8a1ad1 No.11865224

File: 61c9b5e7efbcff7⋯.mp4 (466.17 KB, 204x360, 17:30, chinese killing piglets.mp4)

3af309 No.11867709

File: 7df714fa1894cf1⋯.png (21.49 KB, 119x115, 119:115, Screenshot from 2018-07-16….png)

dude, fuck the nation state. I'm an individual and it doesn't matter if my white kid grows up in a mixed society

be9a21 No.11867718


Desensitization tactic, testing themselves to go to next level, human heads child suicide bombs. For Allllllaaah

3af309 No.11867724


>Defending islum under any circumstances ever

What are you on about? He's saying they aren't practising Muslims. Stop defending subhuman mutts.

3af309 No.11867751

holy shit is this thread retarded

3af309 No.11867760

>Muh Islam

>Muh Islam

>Muh Islam

>Muh Islam

>Muh Islam

>Muh Islam

>Muh Islam

>Muh Islam

>Muh Islam

>Muh Islam

>Muh Islam

When you hit east of Greece, Americans forgot how to be racist.

3cb084 No.11867868

File: 1c92a1a08e687ef⋯.png (1022.06 KB, 645x656, 645:656, 1525554031541.png)

File: 37e6535b915116c⋯.gif (193.7 KB, 747x576, 83:64, 1527042547300.gif)

File: 6f6e4811138df8a⋯.jpg (122.37 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 1527042339999.jpg)


>Don't be squeamish, goy. It's perfectly normal, goy.

8e32ed No.11868695


t. Mohammedan

104e6a No.11868736

File: ebb3c32dd4ab833⋯.jpg (219.54 KB, 2400x1600, 3:2, SAR02.jpg)

File: a7b434a1939f997⋯.jpg (335.52 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Rottweiler_herding_sheep_1.jpg)

File: 92efe0ae2347a78⋯.png (274.66 KB, 480x441, 160:147, main-qimg-5d0ceb338504417e….png)


Stop putting rotties as the same category as with pits, Abdul.

566cb7 No.11868739


They're annoying and look retarded.

eb91e7 No.11868771


They're big, drooly, and aggressive, but I would take it over any other dog if living in an area with a bunch of niggers or spics. They'll put the fear of god into anyone.

62d1c8 No.11869486

File: 9683d1bdaf9fa33⋯.gif (128.78 KB, 390x580, 39:58, a1.gif)

File: 1e7454d4a3ac077⋯.jpg (40.61 KB, 501x585, 167:195, ce6.jpg)

File: adaa735a499c450⋯.jpg (11.86 KB, 208x243, 208:243, download (3).jpg)

I've said this always, as God has said, that the mongrel races must be exterminated for the better world we aspire to, lest it fall into the Devil's clutches and even the souls of the good are just as damned. Step 1. exterminate the Jews so they can stop subverting us, step 2. kill the rest as they come, and completely wipe China off the face of the planet. Destroy them and their worthless shit hole countries

ec6e7e No.11869493

File: 51f35827ededf26⋯.png (7.87 KB, 452x467, 452:467, 51f35827ededf26629df9f30dc….png)


This was not a kike free post.

62d1c8 No.11869494


We should have killed them all during Korea at the latest

4ca13b No.11869512


>Why would two young men in Turkey cut off a little dog’s ears and post the photos and video on social media?

>Why does scorpion sting it's prey

Is it aware of what it's doing or is it just following instincts ?

>Why would you as a white person care ?

You are following instincts of dogs being part of your nature. Turks are nonhumans and abomination of nature. There is no animal in the world that likes subhumans, they just know.

On other hand, most of animals cooperate with white people as they know they are no threat to them.

105fbb No.11869557


emotional click bait

105fbb No.11869568


swallow glass fucking newfag

4e532d No.11869721


People who do that need to have their ears chopped off.


>nigger dogs

There is no such thing you subhumans shitstain. That thought alone reveals you for what you truly are.

You don't belong here.

f2fef1 No.11869739

If they didn't do it, somebody else would.

d86998 No.11869845

File: 738d3e1407d8165⋯.jpeg (116.44 KB, 930x1024, 465:512, 5677.jpeg)


>Why would two young men in Turkey cut off a little dog’s ears and post the photos and video on social media?

Because doing the same to German soyboy would be felony. But make no mistake they would do such if they feel they can get away with it.

fa0dd0 No.11869851

Kill every last sand-nigger

88d0ee No.11869861

I see no one is asking the important questions here. Empathy for the dog and wishing that muslims would be dead by another crusade aside; didnt anyone notice that this is from january 2017? This same shit was pulled in Voat. It looks extremely fishy that someone would do that and post it as recent news.

62d1c8 No.11870071

File: 24a2d3b3fbab516⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 223x300, 223:300, s-l300.jpg)

File: 1de881291757059⋯.jpg (46.55 KB, 500x338, 250:169, a_german_soldier_with_dog_….jpg)

File: 50dbec296db3ea0⋯.jpg (39.99 KB, 500x650, 10:13, 2bf9f27e5756e0569ca08d66ce….jpg)


Kike alert. Whites fight because emotion propels them to great heights on the wings of righteous fury. Low T faggots that get cucked by women like you will be gassed simply because your inferior unholy genes shouldn't keep meagerly squirming into expression in human form, much like these chinks that have no good qualities other than counting rice.

I'm guessing either a gook lover or a Jew. Both the kind that stopped the Japanese from carrying out their duty to exterminate such a blight on the world.

Heil Hitler! May he come back to help our Godly cause. Gott Mit Uns!

9487a0 No.11870128


Because they are subhumans.

More importantly, i want to know if they got v& because of it.

7856cc No.11870133


Should've let the Japanese completely overrun China and dispose of the subhuman chink.

242274 No.11870137

Reminder that, according to the biography of the prophet PBUH ALHAMDULILAH *throws a gay off a building*, having a dog in your house takes 1 afterlife credit off of your bank every day it's in. Also, when the angel Gibrahil ALLAHU AKBAR *rapes woman* told Muhammand PBUH he'd visit him the next day, he never came because there was a dog in his house. That's right, an angel is scared of doges. Let that sink in.

4bd4ee No.11870139

Sad, but low quality OP + emotional knee-jerk story + very little to actually do with politics = slide thread.

Shitskins being barbaric isn't news.

8a1ad1 No.11870150


At least for a period of time the Japs treated them like they treated animals in unit 731.

6c2ec8 No.11871550

Man, if I ever see a nigger hurt a cat, or dog or turtle (yes, lots of vids around of niggers torturing turtles even) I'm going to use extreme force to save that animal.

1ca73b No.11871715

6c2ec8 No.11871718

File: 3e6dadba3109649⋯.jpg (111.07 KB, 704x800, 22:25, 3e6dadba31096495401ab30154….jpg)

File: 5e4bdff8779e951⋯.jpg (102.45 KB, 524x696, 131:174, a8e2e0566aa9c29527a4b1fc14….jpg)

This is why some people within the movement need to drop the "all races have a right to exist" shit. Obviously the enemy races (Jews, Arabs, niggers) will never accept that the white race has a right to exist, and other races are apathetic at best to our genocide. So why should we state that "all races have a right to exist", rather than "the white race has a divine right to exist"? Throughout all history, the enemy races have only ever had a harmful impact on the white race. So long as the enemy races exist, they will continue with the plots to genocide, rape, torture and humiliate the white race. We must do things the "eye for an eye" way, when dealing with these races. The Jews, arabs, and niggers are all currently attempting to exterminate us, in all of our lands including our homelands. If we pull together and survive this, save Europa, USA, South Africa, Australia ect, we should insure that it never happens again. To accomplish that we must completely clean the planet of the enemy races. This will be not only for the good of the Aryan race, but for the environment, and all of the beautiful flora and fauna that is threatened by our enemies.

e50a05 No.11871885


The Orthodox Bible says not to inflict needless suffering upon man or an animal, but torture is ok for a man, as they have the capacity to understand their actions and consequences.

Horses, donkeys, mules, dogs and certain birds are not to be harmed and forbidden to be eaten with the penalty being damnation. Sheep, goats, bovine, are all fine to herd and slaughter for food, so long as you don't act cruelly towards the creature. Their have been many orthodox patriarchs that spoke out against the meat industry, not only because of their practices, but because the efficiency is ungodly and the waste people throw away even though that animal died to be their food is a grievous sin.

Adolf Hitler had the best idea, of cloning meat to put an end to the butchering of animals for meat protein. Some of the very methods we use today for stem cell growth, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, gene therapies for embryos were all pioneered by German scientists and doctors. Modern brain surgery is based a ton off of what they figured out too.

Don't shill for them to go vegan. Only a kike would do that. Hitler, even though he was a vegan wouldn't shill for that. Encourage a German to develop a better method to obtain meat that is not harmful at all to animals

78d11f No.11871984

File: 9052d3b346840c8⋯.jpg (137.14 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, 80c1dcee1348c3f7bed151bd9b….jpg)

Hitler introduced first protecting animal law on the world

How can someone on /pol/ be against stopping animal cruelty related to jewish kosher slaughter and hallah muslim food.

Fucking shills are in every thread now.

78d11f No.11871995


Are you retarded faggot?

d1a0b1 No.11872241

File: e79973627cf13a1⋯.jpg (273.13 KB, 1968x1092, 164:91, 5a1ec0d9043ecd00016385c9_v….jpg)


>The Orthodox Bible says not to inflict needless suffering upon man or an animal

All farm animals suffer needlessly.

>Encourage a German to develop a better method to obtain meat that is not harmful at all to animals

We already have products like this. Pic related is already destroying similar beef products.


Being redpilled is all fun and shit but I don't want to change my habits.. Living with ethics and conviction is for jews anyways.

9b1033 No.11872246


0/10, no one is going to fall for your shit.

d1a0b1 No.11872259


You're so brave, great post.

331bca No.11872301


How did you get everything wrong in one post, across so many different subjects? It's like you designed your post to bait and derail across multiple topics.

9b1033 No.11872366


My principles tell me to eat meat. Fuck off, soyboy.

9b1033 No.11872367



Leftist confirmed. No one is going to fall for your shit. Everything you said is wrong.

b2956f No.11872377


>>11859447 >>11859449 >>11859480 >>11861099 >>11862516 >>11863225 >>11867868 >>11869493

>this many people upset over shit that was done on /b/ years ago

This is a mudshit country with mudshit IQs, there's no fucking point. Doxing these roaches achieves nothing, unless we can trick ISIS to rape them or something.

b2956f No.11872383


>needing a reason

d1a0b1 No.11872407


Fall for what? Basic morality? Every sane person is against animal cruelty. We are indoctrinated to eat meat as kids.

65fa5e No.11872541

>Why would two young men in Turkey cut off a little dog’s ears and post the photos and video on social media?

Because subhumans. That's why.

65fa5e No.11872563



Yeah discriminating against gingers is fine and dandy, apparently. Somehow that's not racist even when races are a social construct.

18aa19 No.11872573


Nigger I don't give a shit whether it was yesterday, today or tomorrow, my sentiment stays the same, animal abusers, much like jews and whatever else is a semite gets the rope.

65fa5e No.11872578


>Think of that stereotypical middle eastern smile that contains zero friendliness but might fool an unwary European into trusting someone they really should not trust.

I think it's more the brainwash kicking in along the lines of "Gotta be friendly to that subhuman. Must not be raycis."

65fa5e No.11872594


Underrated comment.

a4ec6d No.11872704

File: 95c0a1d1aec12c9⋯.mp4 (4.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, remove youkai.mp4)

>Why would two young men in Turkey cut off a little dog’s ears and post the photos and video on social media?


There's your answer. Remove kebab and assorted cockroaches.

9f4313 No.11872941


>indoctrinated to eat meat

>humans have been eating meat for thousands of years

Get a load of this shlub

c3fbb5 No.11873188


Muslims hate dogs, which just proves the kind of people they are.

426044 No.11873498


this. don't forget to report it

eb2374 No.11873706


Criminally unchecked trips.

>Empathy is the sign of developed peoples



>implying torturing an animal like a coward is the same as the noble hunt

Die a queer with AIDS you faggot. Not everyone relies on a store with food inside to eat.


>The Orthodox Bible says

>torture is ok for a man

>no citation provided

You will be judged kike.

be4fea No.11873741



Every time.

34f3fa No.11873764


Holy shit. Never touch a dog.

65e153 No.11873853


>Why would two young men in Turkey cut off a little dog’s ears and post the photos and video

For attention, i.e. this thread

5a40e1 No.11874198


Like most gang members and hardcore prisoners, chances are these idiots were abused as children..

Not an excuse for their behavior, but to solve a problem you have to get to the root, not simply cut at the branches.

316d8d No.11877346

I would enjoy killing them both with my hands.

056ca8 No.11879062

File: 0bd3eaf766d933f⋯.png (138.74 KB, 457x182, 457:182, ClipboardImage.png)


Look at the bricks in the wall, and notice how short they both must be. If those bricks are similar in width to cinderblocks in the West, those two are turbo manlets. They're probably like 5'3"

456704 No.11879147


None of those bothered me as much as the fucker casually torching dogs.

8a1ad1 No.11879267

File: a1a77a1eb2b53ac⋯.mp4 (12.44 MB, 368x640, 23:40, chinese ties daughter and ….mp4)


just another day in chinkville

b6d60a No.11879274


They actually do this with pets as well and its legal too.

b100eb No.11879286


did she died

de24ff No.11879301


Who cares. Unless you're a low-t vegan cuck, 99.999% chance you're eating factory farmed meat where the animals are brutally tortured. Worry about the animals when our race is no longer being bred out of existence.



Concrete block, pajeet. They are not made of "cinders".

e4c1a9 No.11879353


Fuckin retard probaply jerks off to rekt threads. All you faggots know shit about this world. Turks have no empathy? Bitch they arer one of th emost kind people on this world. But all you see is one video to judge over millions of people

e0a967 No.11879377


One race. The human race. All humans are equal.

000000 No.11879575


>mozlems are only power in the world who fight the kikes

>they are our biggest enemy goy!

Hello to you too, Moishe.

Turkey and SA though are pro-jew even though they are mozlem.

000000 No.11879594


fuck the police

6ecc26 No.11883793

File: b3ddf2e399bf2dd⋯.png (926.69 KB, 684x1024, 171:256, fashwave1edit1.png)

Those who abuse animals are the lowest scum on this planet. They are so weak and pathetic that they don't even have the courage to do this shit to their fellow man, rather they commit these atrocities on what are practically defenseless children.

I've always been a firm believer in that the way a man treats animals is a good indicator of his moral quality.

People like this deserve an equal punishment to those who murder and abuse other people.

58bf0f No.11884026

6f9578 No.11886125

File: 61ab148e1d7cd46⋯.png (686.9 KB, 1206x886, 603:443, Capture.PNG)


You're a fucking retard, get AIDS and die.

3f1d08 No.11887617



Says the fucking idiot that wishes to adopt a guard dogs for his 2 year old. Never once did I say that dogs don't have traits. Don't figure like a nigger. If you own a python, a tiger or a pitbull and it attacks you, who is to blame if you were not educated on the matter? I bet you put your dog (probs a poodle) in a cage when you go to sleep at night like some fucking cuck.


>What is a VPN?

>What is samefagging?

c4a6b3 No.11907474


high heel dog torture

106fe6 No.11907527

I would give these two try hard faggots the most painful death for those shit. And I want to adopt that pupper

ff1d95 No.11933043


What do you mean "so what?" nigger ?

7f1389 No.11933722


I don't know. This is what I imagine it looking like if a dog were to weep.

59c9bd No.11933920


Roaches are absolutely soulless. Just a while ago there was news that one cut a puppy's limbs off there.



Nice try OP

fd1807 No.11934926


This very true

fd1807 No.11934964


Neck yourself fucking jewglet

551414 No.11934970


I don't get what you softcocks are complaining about, a dead chink is a good thing.

fd1807 No.11935025


>The Orthodox Bible says not to inflict needless suffering upon man or an animal, but torture is ok for a man, as they have the capacity to understand their actions and consequences.

It's the same fucking bible with every other bible , get rekt you fucking kike shill, filthy fucking nigger jew.

ffe707 No.11957992

because they're turckroaches?

d2b11e No.11958215

The one with red hair is polite.

d2b11e No.11958221


l mean, white

3af309 No.11958246


and you are a mutt

89e959 No.11963957



d26040 No.11964407


Sorry for your loss anon

d26040 No.11964434

d26040 No.11964436

File: fa6e54270060a7d⋯.png (123.34 KB, 652x390, 326:195, turkroach.png)

3d57d7 No.11964440


Why would two young men in Turkey

Lemme help you out with your thinking..

> Why would two niggers in Roachistan…

The answer to any question about sand niggers is: Why wouldn't they?

511898 No.11986803


I found a new slogan to /pol/: cheap brains.

This two faggot are already jailed and hated by Turkish people. Plus;


>turkey cut off dog's ears

Yeah this is about Islam, you lamb of media.

202019 No.11986820

a repost is always a repost of a repost

8ac850 No.11986821


Shame it wasn't a woman or a jew.

99fd0e No.11988792


Another example of why we need to remove kebab.

52c33a No.11988911




Pick one, mehmet.

8ebdf6 No.11988942


>cheap brains

What does this mean, noble horsemonger?

a4b257 No.11988955


reported for necrobumping. watcha sliding shlomo?

52c33a No.11988957

File: 3be29bcab239637⋯.jpg (117.31 KB, 500x598, 250:299, cockroach_brain_by_muffin_….jpg)


Any more questions?

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