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HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

000000 No.11897059


Watch the video.

He's fessing up all the truth about his troublesome sick tribe including the Jewish laws that encourage pedophilia and (((they're))) trying everything they can to SHUT IT DOWN

6a86e8 No.11897087

HookTube no longer does anything special, it's the same as linking to Jewtube itself. Make a webm.

6a86e8 No.11897111

Also, my j-dar isn't going off on this guy's face at all.

6ee7df No.11897123


it's a 2 hour long video, how the hell do you expect OP to upload that shit in webm.

000000 No.11897128


>hooktube doesn't do anything

It does. Hooktube gets around the age-restriction login required to view this video.

6a86e8 No.11897138


I meant make a webm to back this shit up since it's apparently about to be shoah'd. I'm watching the end of it and it's great, and I agree it'll probably be gone soon if it gets more views.


Oh, I stand corrected.

dcd392 No.11897145


Just download it, upload it to mega etc

728bc5 No.11897223

File: 050d30cbeaa4a17⋯.png (56.82 KB, 739x467, 739:467, gofundme comment clopper.PNG)


Apparently this yid started a gofundme to raise money for his upcoming legal battle with Harvard so I decided to look through the comments and found this gem. Gave me a chuckle.

631d3e No.11897274


The lawsuit is a good thing. Publicity.

5e07f2 No.11897401


I don't have any time for this, but does he go full Bobby Fisher?

c1c5e9 No.11897418


>if a guy gets thrown out of 109 bars, are you really gona continue to believe its the fault of the bar owners?


such a clever kike, little does it know I will be using that hahaha

c8c83b No.11897422



Here's the solution


6e9ea1 No.11897428


It is a pity he was hypocritical when it came to his ability to check the facts as a physicist regarding blood ritual and how the same people changed the facts and the language in much the same way they do about circumcision. Draining blood from animals is kosher and they view non jews as animals. He goes on about the blood sacrifice side of circumcision but can't conceive that jews were barbaric towards animals.

f47eec No.11897433

This guy is a red pilled jew. The last part where he goes into it being an ancient satanic blood sacrifice is right on.

He's doomed.

17e452 No.11897473


Upload it to somewhere other than kiketube you torfag.

c4c1d4 No.11897538


mine is definitely

000000 No.11897557

Not saying this isn't some good info and it's pretty funny to watch this jew completely BTFO the jewish establishment. But at the end of the day this jew is still a jew to his core. Towards the end of the presentation, he legit throws in a sales pitch for a start-up he's attempting that will grow replacement foreskins. So it's like, sorry goyim, the jews jewed you out of a properly functioning penis; but here, hand over your shekels to another jew and we'll sell you a new one. Fucking kek.

305389 No.11897584



It truly is embedded in their dena. By God.

b9f9ea No.11897602

File: 32a09026289b3e7⋯.jpg (55.48 KB, 800x800, 1:1, we looked at the data.jpg)


Uhhh, does anyone see a phallic shape tucked to his left thigh, which is highlighted by his skinny pants? Am I being memed on?

5e07f2 No.11897624


Oh yes he did:

"I am not saying this is some sort of jewish conspiracy, but I am not saying this is a (((coincidence)))."

c8c2d0 No.11897649

File: d6bd6de9a874a23⋯.mp4 (3.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Clopper.mp4)

Good show tbh… really slams those juden.

b9f9ea No.11897650

File: f440ab7103a2372⋯.webm (252.13 KB, 640x320, 2:1, [screams_in_disgust].webm)


Update. Yes, I was being memed on and it was pretty cringy when he revealed it

efb511 No.11897673


I am an hour and 12 minutes and it doesn't seem like is not going to mention some of the newer stuff related to the horror of the child experiences, which he sort of jokes about, and the changes it causes to the perception of pain and the functions of the brain. And since he is soft progressive, he would of course not talk about, though arguably maybe not directly relevant to the topic, the of the role of gynocentrism. As a Jew he is at least brave enough to talk about the Jews to an extent, I guess.

1d6989 No.11897695

29:00 in…

White guys at Harvard, I'm 'white' just like you…HAHA

Seems like more jew bullshit to me…notice how he carefully skips over blood leibel (first off, THIS has nothing AT ALL to do with blood libel…blood libel is the result of JEWISH HUMAN SACRIFICE which goes on ALL THE FUCKING TIME…Vegas, 9/11; blood libel is about ritual human sacrifice [just another jew fetish]). He is ignoring and minimizing the role of the jews who use human sacrifice to 'cover their crimes against humanity' just like the Thuggee of India.

Notice how he carefully skims over that circumcision was A SUB SAHARAN AFRICAN practice…why does he do this? Because he doesn't want you to look into the fact that 'jew' origin is SUB SAHARAN AFRICAN (since ALL their religious beliefs come out of AFRICAN VALUES)…circumcision IS JUST ONE OF THEIR 'AFRICAN CULTURAL AND RELIGIOUS VALUES'.

"we got it from 'neighboring tribes'"…oh no you didn't mother fucker, you are the offspring of disgusting Chimpanzees and it is THEIR VALUES which are GENETICALLY ENCODED INTO YOUR FUCKING DNA…no matter how much you PRANCE AROUND ON STAGE AND DISAVOW 'JEWS' THAT DNA ISN'T GOING TO CHANGE…you are going to have the SAME FUCKING VALUES yesterday, today and tomorrow.

cd6e5c No.11897720


Yeah, nah.

1d6989 No.11897743

Brings of Simon of Trent, someone WE KNOW THE JEWS RITUALLY MURDERED…and ties it to circumcision instead of their ritual murder of the CATTLE (goy) to cover their crimes.

"Throughout ALL of judeo-christian history, judaism was associated EXCLUSIVELY with circumcision." ←- what a FUCKING NOOB…oh my god…LMAO…yeah, not degeneracy, homosexuality, pedophilia, ritual human sacrifice, hatred of women (its a semitic thing since they are homosexual/pedophiles), PARASITISM, TORTURE, genital MUTILATION is THE LEAST OF THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY…not the thing that was exclusively associated with 'judaism'.

>"Hey goy, you don't NEED TO GET RID OF JEWS AS A CORRUPTED ABOMINATED RACE ON THIS PLANET. We just need to 'get rid of circumcision'…that alone will solve the jewish problem. Our behavior isn't WRITTEN INTO OUR DNA…it is just because we like to mangle chew and suck on raw and mutilated jewish penises. If we stop crewing and sucking infant dick USURY, TORTURE, PEDOPHILIA, CANNIBALISM will just VANISH!"

I can't believe the people on this thread are buying this DOGSHIT!! I am only 29 more seconds in before he is FUCKING UP the program beyond all belief with JEW LIES AGAIN.

1d6989 No.11897801

Yes, the circumcision ritual was designed by rabbis to PERSECUTE US JEWS…it was designed to mark US like cattle and to emasculate us like slaves."

SURE YOU FUCKING JEW…that is why it isn't practiced in Judaism and HASN'T been practiced anywhere except EXTREME ORTHODOXY for the last 200 years…this is why you made it common practice for WHITE EUROPEANS in order to keep them from breeding and enjoying sexual pleasure.

>Much later in the Hellenic period, about 140 C.E., the Jewish authorities modified circumcision procedure to make it impossible for a Jew to appear to be an uncircumcised Greek. A radical new procedure called peri'ah was introduced by the priests and rabbis. In this procedure the foreskin was stripped away from the glans, with which it is fused in the infant (See Normal.) In a painful procedure known today as a synechotomy, more foreskin was removed than before and the injury was correspondingly greater. With the introduction of peri'ah, the glans could not easily be recovered, and so no Jewish male would easily be able to appear as an uncircumcised Greek.

>This radical modified procedure eventually was adopted by the medical profession and is the circumcision operation used today.

>The Reform movement within Judaism considered circumcision to be a cruel practice [for their own]. The Reform movement at Frankfort declared in 1843 that circumcision was not necessary. Theodor Hertzl, the founder of Zionism, refused to have his son circumcised.

>The modern use of Hebrew circumcision (in a NON HEBREW [arguably] slave people) as a medicalized practice dates from about 1865 in England and about 1870 in the US. The procedure accepted for medical use essentially was the Jewish peri'ah. Moscucci reports that circumcision was imposed [a Jewish tradition imposed on a non-Jewish people who were historically declared their 'enemy'] in an attempt to prevent masturbation. Gollaher further describes the history of medicalized circumcision. No scientific studies were carried out to determine the efficacy and safety of circumcision prior to its introduction into medical practice, nor were any studies conducted to determine the social effects of imposing genital [mutilation] alteration surgery on a large portion of the population.

Honestly this ENTIRE VIDEO is like a disgusting corruption of my OP that is TWISTED beyond measure by jew lies to VALIDATE their DISGUSTING IMMORAL fucking practices and obscene presence on Earth.

Look into this, CIRCUMCISION is a radical JEWISH tactic to murder and genocide Ethnic Europeans ONLY, they haven't practiced it ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE IN 200 years, about the same time they began practicing it WHOLESALE ON Ethnic Europeans…this has NOTHING to do with 'poor poor jews' so downtrodden and marked as 'cattle'. FUCK THIS GUY!! FUCK YOU JEWS!! YOU FUCKING POS…


000000 No.11897808

de7a02 No.11897818


If they would have wanted to emasculate them like slaves they would have gelded them.

1d6989 No.11897824


THEY DID THAT AS WELL!!! Read my OP where I tell you THE TRUTH about circumcision and transgenderism and degeneracy.

1d6989 No.11897828



000000 No.11897834




de7a02 No.11897836


Uh ok, sorry for speedreading. Honest mistake.

73e6eb No.11897905

my source tells me it's going to be deleted from kiketube very soon. download it

73e6eb No.11897912


>>behaviour has nothing to do with DNA

fuck off, I bet you're fucking black

kill yourself

1d6989 No.11897920


There are no 'good' jews. This is part of the divide and conquer scenario. The jews that live on Earth will reproduce and they will reproduce corruption. If they WERE CAPABLE of being something OTHER than JEWS it would have happened over the last 6,000 years. They are an abomination on this planet that needs to be PURGED ASAP! The British KNEW what it meant to get rid of the Thuggee and they did...they murdered and imprisoned for life every last one of them. Unfortunately they left THIS HUGE FUCKING BRANCH OF THE THUGGEE CALLED JEWS UNTOUCHED IN THEIR EXTERMINATION of the Criminal Mafia.


That is because it is WORTHLESS KIKE BULLSHIT and they realized that there was someone out their WATCHING their BULLSHIT and that their PSYOP didn't work.

000000 No.11897923


>many Jews have stood up for the truth

That number can be counted on one hand. Twice. You're going into the oven, Moshe.

7f2f26 No.11897924


There are no good Jews.

f47eec No.11897926



4053c2 No.11897960

Can someone with faster internet than me please download this.


4053c2 No.11897964


It smells a little like Hasbarafag.

dcd392 No.11897966


>THIS is why I've always spoken out against the insane idea that evil can be genetically written into the DNA

Got a live one here.

0f3ea0 No.11897977



mlpfag confirmed.

1d6989 No.11898009


Basically THIS is what this entire video (above) is about...don't YOU FUCKING THINK about thinking for yourselves about whether the jews are a OVERWHELMING MALIGNANT EVIL on this planet...


And then when you get into the video IT IS FULL OF LIES AND MISDIRECTION...but because it to quote the OP...increases the sphere of SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE TALKING POINTS you retards think he has 'told you something special'...

000000 No.11898019


Still waiting on those tiddes.

c825a6 No.11898031


You were bored so you decided to write a novel to bore everyone else, written in a style of hint hint nod nod wink wink instead of coming right out with the point that would have cut your novel to a couple of lines.

1d6989 No.11898043


It is a copypasta…did you think this PSYOP deserved something more


I AM NOT A JEW WHORE…You are going to be waiting a long time…I hope you are holding your breath.

7cfad7 No.11898045


>But at the end of the day this jew is still a jew to his core. Towards the end of the presentation, he legit throws in a sales pitch for a start-up he's attempting that will grow replacement foreskins.

Literally cannot help himself. In his presentation he 'pushes the envelope' by doing something perverse on stage, he shills his Foreskin regeneration company, and on his channel he even begs for shekels. Like, a lot of them. It's literally the way their brains are wired.

1f8be3 No.11898063

File: d019fe73b8a14f8⋯.jpg (74.21 KB, 413x474, 413:474, screenshot_1532361171[1].jpg)


What the hell did that kike stuff down his pants? That ain't his circumcised cock, that's for sure.

1f8be3 No.11898094


> the insane idea that evil can be genetically written into the DNA

Jews aren't necessarily evil. A mosquito isn't evil. They're both just annoying parasites.

1d6989 No.11898114


The one thing of 'value' he does tell you he tells you in the beginning. He tells you that there is a [jew] 'Spectrum of Acceptable Opinion' meaning that the jew government and media and finance and education (in their infinite 'wisdumb') has outlined A CONTROLLED set of ideologies that you are ALLOWED TO THINK…anything outside of this is taboo. So, here comes the malignant jew to 'help expand your talking points'

>The way to keep people passive and obedient is to STRICTLY LIMIT the 'spectrum of acceptable opinions' but allow lively debate WITHIN the spectrum." - Noam Chompsky on a Dicksky

So basically HE IS TELLING YOU FUCKING GOY right up front that he understands the limited spectrum of opinion and he isn't expanding it to something dangerous or 'outside the FUCKING JEWS realm of acceptable thinking' he is just INCREASING CHATTER TO KEEP YOU PASSIVE…

The entire video from that point on is a complete MOCKERY of goys and a way for him to make some MON EY (their one eyed god) at the end…


dcd392 No.11898125


Watch further and you'll know.

dcd392 No.11898136


Its the nigger again

1d6989 No.11898194

File: 1709d3623bcc007⋯.jpg (11.36 KB, 480x358, 240:179, black man sitting on testi….jpg)

File: ed4f304b35f5227⋯.jpg (47.6 KB, 442x612, 13:18, black distended testicals.jpg)

File: f2047b5f6750caa⋯.jpg (58.79 KB, 720x504, 10:7, blacks enlarged testicals ….jpg)


Now that I am thinking about it, it is probably some sort of recombinant elephantiasis that gets injected into the penis tissue…because THAT seems like a good idea stupid goy! You want to look like a niger infested with elephantisis don't you?

After all, THIS (act of Circumnsision) is your problem, amirite? It isn't THE JEWS or anything now, is it? It isn't the ENTIRE SYSTEM that keeps you as a slave, now, is it? Just let us inject your cock with mystery recombinant DNA and viola…YOUR REPRODUCTIVE 'PROBLEMS' WILL BE OVER…for good, but ya know, it will be a 'fun ride' while it lasts.

1d6989 No.11898266

Common people, bump this shit…this is SUCH A GOOD IDEA…look what you are missing out on…what is just out of your reach because the jews stole all your sexual pleasure and made you into a mutilated slave when you were only an infant…BUMP IT, KEEP THIS THREAD GOING…I feel a thread deletion coming on.

This is one of the biggest most classic examples of jew BULLSHIT that they are practicing as a psyop against you on this planet. Bump it so that you can FINALLY LEARN to recognize the psychological manipulation of YOUR ENEMIES, those who mutilate and torture you for their own PLEASURE and economic gain!

607c87 No.11898340


There are no good jews, you subversive cunt.

93a7f0 No.11898342



607c87 No.11898354




Shameless astroturf. Kill yourself.

95e044 No.11898407

This thread, whew

171c1a No.11898411


3rd pic is of tribe ingesting pig testicles or something like that.

2c6246 No.11898646

File: 6248f470132905a⋯.jpg (125.07 KB, 600x828, 50:69, Schloroasted.jpg)

2c6246 No.11898665


Keep lying moshe, it's worked out so well until now.

2c6246 No.11898688

File: df5e1d4c5db3a75⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 450x253, 450:253, But MUH POST.gif)


Kill yourself.

50d44c No.11898712

File: d29af620b92a2ea⋯.jpg (63.65 KB, 723x407, 723:407, f111007DV041-e137897379096….jpg)


>can't conceive that jews were barbaric towards animals.

They literally torture chickens to death on public streets in New York

84e92a No.11898721

File: 228690642239012⋯.jpg (100.92 KB, 468x597, 156:199, jews WWII propaganda.jpg)


Bump for a great find.

Lots of rats here on this thread.

Look, Goys, accusing Jews of being disproportionately represented among pedophiles - albeit clearly the case - just might lead to annuda shoah.

After all, isn't that something the Nazis said?

2c6246 No.11898746


Universal truth 22, jews are faggits.

1d6989 No.11898865


One day you'll figure it out. Not today. Obviously.

e396c0 No.11899194

File: 8a56d2e60e511f6⋯.jpg (33.91 KB, 672x372, 56:31, jews-harass-palestinian-la….jpg)


Agreed. Assigning moral qualities like "evil" to a string of chemicals is superstitious, and really pure zealotry. If you think there's nothing you can learn from any Jew ever, you're intellectually hamstringing yourself.

Enjoying the post-kampfy posting

40220e No.11899240


They're called the racial bell curves for a reason newfag

Spending the time and energy to filter out the 0.0000001% of Jews who support our cause is not worth it when we could just kill them all

There's also "regression to the mean" whereby even if this particular nonwhite individual is BASED, his children are statistically likely to be closer to the average for his race

1d6989 No.11899254

File: 2c7ddab65fff307⋯.jpg (38.64 KB, 487x328, 487:328, cremating jews.jpg)


Aww fuck no…I learned things from jews. I learned that they should all be exterminated so that peace and come upon the Earth when its jewish parasitic, torturing, malignant factions are eugenically erased.

That qualifies as 'learning something'.

Indeed, I personally, have LEARNED SO MUCH from you jews.

59c635 No.11899364

I watched the whole thing. Man, this young jew rips into judaism right at the end. Don't listen to the shills. Watch it all the way through.

1d6989 No.11899454


Who is a 'better liar'? One who lies 95% of the time or one who lies 5% of the time?

UNLESS YOU WERE A FUCKING JEW…how could you stomach the LYING SHIT he says in the first 30 minutes? How about you explain to me how his justifying the TORTURE AND MURDER of Simon of Trent as 'just gentile paranoia'? How about you 'explain that to me' you fucking kike?

8571f7 No.11899493


just like it's nice to have non-misandric born-women as MRAs, it's nice to have non-Zionist born-Jews as circumcision critics. Disrupting Jewish traditions like this would be a major blow against them. They would not be allies if they otherwise support other Jewish bad habits, but I am okay for temporary alliances.

I imagine sometimes how shitty life would be if I was born a nigger or a Jew and hated my people and understood why whites had a healthy distrust of me and could not hold it against them. How I would need to do everything in my power to reject my people to prove I am not like them. Would be a terrible burden, and less than 1% would be so moral and brave.

59c635 No.11899495


Are you suggesting he is lying and circumcision is good?

59c635 No.11899516



Any jew would wants to, in his words, "destroy (((our))) covenant with my last dying breath" should be encouraged to do so. Get the young jews turned against the old ones like they turned the boomers against their parents.

His presentation was excellent. The only part most won't like is the brief mention of blood libel where he denies it ever happened. Whatever.

3c3733 No.11899625

File: db8f005f6514d01⋯.jpg (99.36 KB, 450x735, 30:49, knowledge.jpg)


Speaking of good Jews, there is JewsForHitler. That guy makes great content about history, the Bible and, well, everything you need to know about the Jewish Question: https://www.bitchute.com/video/FApIFpKSdrzu/

437436 No.11899641



59c635 No.11899695



The context is in us judging cultures where FGM is practiced as barbaric when male circumcision is just as barbaric. His point was that FGM=MGM.

Watch the whole thing.

000000 No.11899726


>Uhhh, does anyone see a phallic shape tucked to his left thigh, which is highlighted by his skinny pants? Am I being memed on?

No, you're seeing it.

You're not going to believe this, but that's an FtM tranny. They usually go hypermasculine, which is easy because FtMs get high doses of roids dished out on demand, so that they can build themselves into "who they really are."

For this sort of FtM (which is most of them).

>an average male physique is unacceptable - they must be musclebound

>an average level of aggression/"confidence" is not acceptable, they must act super-alpha

>an average sized penis is not enough, they must stuff a 1 footer down tight pant legs.

You can see that the jaw doesn't at all match the body, that is a female jaw, not square at all, thin and angled upwards.

Couple this with oval face, close-set eyes, female ass and wide hips.

The voice is also very high.

did you know that a biological man who goes to the doctor because his T is low, will not be prescribed any unless he tests consistently below the lower range of 'average', despite this 'average' being the figure for 80-100 year old gentlemen? but FtM trannies have a much higher cut-off point, which means they can always have above average T levels, allowing easy building of muscle? perverse

Oh and inb4 "are you blind? look at his muscles, that can't be a woman", I'll just leave this here.

And yes, this is a woman.


59c635 No.11899795


He pulls out an eggplant he has in his pants at one point. It's a crude joke. Your very likely a shill, or someone who hasn't watched it.


And he mentions all of this early on, that jews took circumcision from cultures like Egypt and used it purposefully to associate sex with pain in their children to control and damage them.

Watch the whole thing.

1d6989 No.11899859


OMG reading comprehension is GONE.

No, faggot…have you ever LOOKED at a map? Do you understand where the SAHARA is…it is not 'in Egypt' which was Ethnic European outpost at the time the jews wander through pillaging, raping and murdering (like they always do as parasites). When I say SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA that means that genital mutilation is BANTU BLACK or manpanzee in origin…NOT 'EGYPTIAN'. Yes there are images in Egypt of Hyksos 'shepherd kings' enjoying the dick cutting rituals but that doesn't mean that INFANT TORTURE and GENITAL MANIPULATION is 'Egyptian'…

'Circumcision is a SUB SAHARAN AFRICAN religious practice.' See, this is what I mean by LYING, he says he knows all about circumcision but HE LIES ABOUT IT STRAIGHT TO YOUR FACE when it comes time to give his little 'jew sales pitch' and fleece the GOY for something that is JEWISH IN ORIGIN IN THE FIRST PLACE.

59c635 No.11899932


Alright. Fine. Let's say that's all true. How is using young jews to attack old jew rabbis and corrupt jew doctors in the AAP a bad thing?

6d4a64 No.11899957

File: 9f05cf71fe9f9db⋯.png (115.39 KB, 402x775, 402:775, yudkowskycircumcision.png)


Eliezer Yudkowsky on circumcision

744e89 No.11899959


I know for a fact there is a wizard on this site who made an entire movie a webm less than 16mb and it was watchable quality.

1d6989 No.11900005


Wait, when did /pol/ become jewish? YOUR people brought this shit to /pol/…I would have never known about this jew con-artist LYING SACK OF SHIT or his DUPE THE GOY SALES PITCH if you hadn't brought him here as part of the 'jews are cool and not the destroyers of Life, humanity, morality and everything pure' campaign.

It is a moot point. He should be ovened just like ALL THE OTHER JEWS…

88034e No.11900018


You won't be banned because your khazar turkish cousin isn't here anymore Yitzhak, but your astroturfing is so obvious, I wouldn't even mind an (astroturf) in red under your deception.

000000 No.11900236


>He pulls out an eggplant he has in his pants at one point. It's a crude joke. Your very likely a shill, or someone who hasn't watched it.

Sure, what else could performing the whole act with a fake penis (aubergine) showing through the pants be, but a "crude joke".

also known as hiding the truth in plain sight

Admitting the truth in plain sight is how they mock the goyim:


The whole charade, pulling back the waistband and looking down, talking about what's there etc, reinforces the idea that there is a penis under those pants.

He even claims that the play was planned to feature full nudity, but that Harvard disallowed it the day before, then goes on to explain why they have no actual right to curtail his rights of artistic expression. Very convenient, that he didn't have to show his "penis".

Harvard cannot stop him from showing it elsewhere, and since it's such a big part of his campaign, surely he has included uncensored version on his Youtube channel, or Tumblr, or Reddit, or personal webpage… right… right?

Nope, but why question a jew's honesty right? a jew wouldn't lie, right?

He's /ourjew/ right?

By the way, those lumps on either side of the hips, meant to look like muscles or "fat" love handles. They're implants. All FtM trannies who can afford to get them implanted, do. They're the only currently available way of (imperfectly) concealing the female pelvis.

It's genius really. As always the jew controls both sides of the debate. They cut the foreskins off, then they run the company which offers foreskin restoration.

000000 No.11900279


This controversy is a admittedly genius advertising campaign for Foregen, as well as a very cunning way to create a Patreon donation surge.

Really clever way to use being "fired" from a job he already planned to leave before moving on to a new project, to curry sympathy and righteous fury donations.

And it all goes right over the heads of the goyim, "red pilled" or not.

Jews really are on another level when it comes to marketing strategies.

1d6989 No.11900539


>marketing strategies

Sure if by 'marketing strategies' you meant LYING, shifting responsibility, acting immorally (I mean really, he was going to fuck a goat ANYWAY…so beastiality…as a 'joke')…I might just watch the whole thing and document every conceivable LYING POS JEW FUCKING thing he says someday if I get really bored. IN THE MEANTIME…TO THE OVEN WITH EVERY LAST KIKE POS! That will solve all our problems with these types of 'marketing strategies'.

d99a7f No.11900550



>evil can't be genetically written into the DNA

Except that's wrong.

What we're seeing here is an anomaly. A mutation that resulted in some amount of honesty. In the same way even Africa can occasionally produce an intellectual or Japan a disobedient knucklehead.

6a86e8 No.11900671

File: 88b8b0fbe821e3c⋯.jpg (66.69 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-they-re-lying-bastar….jpg)


>THIS is why I've always spoken out against the insane idea that evil can be genetically written into the DNA, and why I think there are good people in every group, that buck these evil trends.

Serious response: no. I've known a lot of jews, most of them quite secular, young ones, old ones, male ones, female ones, online and offline, "friends" and enemies, ALL OF THEM ARE BACKSTABBERS AND MANIPULATORS. They either relate tales to me of backstabbing others or try to backstab me themselves (stopped working after I was redpilled and knew what they were).

There are maybe, generously, low double digits of good jews who stand up against their shit, across the entire last century. You have a ways to go before you can claim the proportions of the Axis.

8ce0c5 No.11900689


Try telling that to 1d6989.

54db14 No.11901064




The LIE that we are fed!

See vid.

It won't upload.


He was a PhD candidate in Harvard and was fired from the institution the next day after his "play" about circumcision and the role Judaism plays.

TLDR; Circumcision is a Jewish blood ritual that mentally and sexually shatters our being, stealing away from males their birthright of natural bliss. A loss which for the women causes a 50% fewer count in overall orgasms as well.

He's fucking sacrificed his entire life for us.

Could be a possible controlled Jew, but this topic if fiery enough to wield without him. We can use the topic regardless of him. And it's important enough that normies will definitely care about once it's revealed.

He's the absolute autistic, uberman uprising archtype. The one with the magically rare and beneficial form of wielding raw and relentless channeled autism.

Christ has returned.

The Jew that sacrificed himself to reveal the truth to the goyim. The Jew that Jew'd all Jews.

1d6989 No.11901093


>He's fucking sacrificed his entire life for us.




6a86e8 No.11901142


Tell what to him? He cruise controls for cool a bit too much but he's basically correct.

54db14 No.11901157


Yea, I'm leaning more to that he's controlled ops. His videos release dates are way too suspiciously on dates of Occult significance.

And this is in the same time frame as the Hwood Pedo twitter reveal, and the shooting in Canada

57d113 No.11901166


There’s studies indicating the value of the forrekin is overblown, it came out sometime two years ago I think.

Is it morally questionable anyway? Yes, but this guy right here is trying to screw us sideways with his replacement scheme.

6a86e8 No.11901198


Fug, meant for >>11897889

54db14 No.11901218


Yea, it could be a larp along with Qanon.

This is the whole "show" Q may have been hinting at.

It's all a show. Enjoy the ride.

6c84fa No.11901410

Hahaaaa this is fucking weapons grade redpilling material. Thank you so so much for sharing opie.

306ffa No.11901642



Watch the video, you absolute nigger.

613fca No.11901655

I have always suspected that the extreme trauma of infant circumcision may play a critical role in the formation of the jewish psychosis.

306ffa No.11901681


Watch the whole fucking video.

306ffa No.11901737


e5fcf2 No.11901793

File: 08eb60a2682dc83⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 500x500, 1:1, c91c5efd5ca2ad5c81d6ac78fe….gif)


Whatever he says, he remains a jew and must die. As an eternal jew, he starts his speech speaking about how he is priviliged as a "white" male (You are not white Shlomo) or praising about Judeo Christian civ.. Classic Jewish trick.

This bad goy quoted is telling the truth >>11897223

353460 No.11901800


Stream that play if you're so good.

d99a7f No.11901917


OP you should've pointed out that this guy works for Foregen.

b32891 No.11901948


>Why should I watch this FUCKING KIKE POS LIE MORE?

Cause he screams out in an absolute rage that he is going to rip the covenant to shreds, end circumcision everywhere, and judaism's influence over America.

Sure, he says some dumb stuff in the vid about cis privilege or whatever, but he's just setting up the audience to agree with him.

Seeing a Jew rant about destroying the covenant is excellent.

085c7d No.11901954


Brahs, im mirin

b32891 No.11901961


>OP you should've pointed out that this guy works for Foregen.

He doesn't currently work for Foregen. He did work for Harvard, but got fired from the show for being "Anti-Semitic". And the Harvard newspaper the Crimson even argued that Anti-Semitism is Anti-Semitism even when it comes from jews lul.

Seems more likely that his involvement with Foregen was due to him being passionate about the issue of ending/reversing circumcision, and not that he's trying to scam people into regrowing foreskins or something.

Foregen would only be a profitable venture if people continue getting circumcised, and he's trying to end circumcision completely, get laws passed banning it etc. So he isn't just shilling.

b32891 No.11901976


>Also, my j-dar isn't going off on this guy's face at all.

his voice gives it away though. He's definitely got more european in his lineage than ashkenazi, but the voice shows he was raised in Jewish household.

b32891 No.11901993


>Uhhh, does anyone see a phallic shape tucked to his left thigh, which is highlighted by his skinny pants? Am I being memed on?

It is a gag. He jokes about showing his penis later and pulls out an eggplant he had stuffed in his pants har har.

b32891 No.11902007


>Look into this, CIRCUMCISION is a radical JEWISH tactic to murder and genocide Ethnic Europeans ONLY, they haven't practiced it ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE IN 200 years,

You're fucking schizo. I've seen plenty of jew dicks. They're all circumcised. Sad you're pretending they don't circumcise themselves when there's plenty of evidence.

9a66dc No.11902013


If you watched the video he later pulls out an eggplant as a gag. That's the bulge. I don't get the joke.

b32891 No.11902020


>So basically HE IS TELLING YOU FUCKING GOY right up front that he understands the limited spectrum of opinion and he isn't expanding it to something dangerous or 'outside the FUCKING JEWS realm of acceptable thinking' he is just INCREASING CHATTER TO KEEP YOU PASSIVE…

God you are making yourself look retarded.

He literally got fired from his job at Harvard a day after this show. The Harvard paper labelled him an anti-Semite even though he is Jewish.

Don't be so schizo.

1d6989 No.11902021


It might 'be humorous' but you are failing to see that


I swear to god it is like you are borderline…




d99a7f No.11902023


He claimed to have helped found Foregen in the video, I can find literally nothing about him on Foregen's site or (((wikipedia)) though.

However I don't think foregen's future is so dim even if american whites stop circumcising. There's plenty of africans and muslims left to profit from.

Knowing the immense physical damage often sustained they may also be able to just roll the technology into a model of just growing and attaching a on you a brand new monstrous cock.

1d6989 No.11902034


Welcome to /pol/ PEDO JEW FAGGOT! It is nice to know we have found an expert in JEW COCK…

55573b No.11902035


a new procedure that uses your fat to generate stem cells in a centrifuge to regrow lost foreskin is alot more viable than their technology

b32891 No.11902038


>his justifying the TORTURE AND MURDER of Simon of Trent as 'just gentile paranoia'?

He's just trying to quell up front any suspicion in the audience that he's a schizo anti-semite like yourself. So he gets the audience on his side before he starts advocating for laws banning circumcision and ending the jewish covenant and ending jewish influence over the US.

It is pretty standard persuasion tactics. You'd do well to learn it as your ranting is just ridiculous.

The more caps and exclamation marks and red text you use, by the way, just indicates your schizophrenia.

a67d55 No.11902041

1154a1 No.11902045


Noice, whatever works.

t. cut by my good goy parents and want it back roughly as much as I want all semites to die

b32891 No.11902050


>His presentation was excellent. The only part most won't like is the brief mention of blood libel where he denies it ever happened. Whatever.

Well I mean if he just opened up with "Jews drink the blood of babies" right at the start then half the audience would have immediately walked out and the rest wouldn't have listened to anything else he said.

So he starts by assuring them that he's not an anti-semite, so they'll listen to the argument he builds up, then hits them with the "Jews did this to you and you have to put an end to it"

b32891 No.11902056


Try making one post without typing a word in all caps just to prove you aren't a schizo.

9bd015 No.11902064

File: 550ab6f4ded5af4⋯.png (330.67 KB, 785x755, 157:151, 1532303522202.png)


Time line that has occurred between 7/19-7/22

>Hollywood Anon posts lists and names and occurrences on pol

>few hours later james gunn info breaks on pol and floods the interwebs

>mass media panic and twitter start to be deleted

>mass archiving of said twitters with 1000s of big wig Blue checks in serious trouble with horrendous tweets

The tweets all seem to revolve around this inside joke of fucking, rapeing, murdering, eating, and other degenerate satanic acts

>Dan Harmon deletes his tweeter and begins scrubbing social media after bad tweets AND a video of him rapping a rubber baby doll

>a major player in Hollywood posted here after that and thought it was private

He posted his tax return gross income of 327 million for last year…

He was demanding you talk to Admin…

> on July 22 the many threads and I investigations here were SHUT DOWN and blocked and mass people were banned for 2-14 days…

Many refugees in FullFeg

This video is a must!!!



Hollywood is the Royalty of America…

And commit just as much evil as them also

b32891 No.11902074


He's only got like $6k donated of the $100k he is asking.

Really not worth getting fired from a job at Harvard and being publicly labeled an anti-semite.

And it is just bad logic to think he put on the show because he is shilling for Foregen, rather than he worked for Foregen because he really wants to, as he said, end the Jewish covenant. He wouldn't simultaneously demand laws banning circumcision while promoting foreskin regrowth, there wouldn't be any customers after a while, you see.

Nice kike tactic you have going on there though, "Anyone who opposes circumcision is just a Foregen shill."

b32891 No.11902094


That's not programmed into DNA though. It is a combination of the trauma of circumcision, the Talmudic religious programming and the normalization of the behavior even in secular/liberal/atheist Jews who nevertheless grow up in communities programmed with the shit, and also a result of non-Jews just letting them get away with it without punishment.

This one semi-woke Jew isn't going to be able to make significant changes, but it is fun to watch. The final solution is the only solution. So long as Judaism and its text exist in the world, they will continue to create its worst problems.

b32891 No.11902104


Stop trying to derail the thread, schizo shill.

I'm sure if you had a show at Harvard you'd just stand on stage and scream


and I'm sure you'd persuade loads of people to agree with you.

b32891 No.11902107


not an argument.

f1c2c3 No.11902119


>start the video

>skip a few minutes in

>" … a white man like me"


b32891 No.11902120


>Try dying in an oven while I laugh…how is that you fucking faggot kike.

Nice. That's definitely an improvement. Now try to write a paragraph without using a swear word or referencing murdering people.

0e4cd9 No.11902149


What a fucking failure!

e5fcf2 No.11902232


Can you make a webm of the video ?

306ffa No.11902313


OK, skip to 1:55:55, and watch through 1:58:05. So that's just 2 minutes & 10 seconds. From this, you may decide. Watch this portion, and tell me what you think. Be sure to come back and say what you think, because I suspect you're a kike trying to cover this up.

b32891 No.11902314


Did you happen to reply to my post where I said the only solution to the Jew problem is the final solution, that erasing Jews from history is the only way to free the world from Jewish evil?


The video is good because it is a Jew, calling for laws against circumcision, criticizing Jewish influence in America, calling Jewish tradition evil and monstrous, calling for an end to the covenant.

If you can't see how that's a good thing just because he isn't screaming "KILL ALL THE JEWS" nonstop for the first hour, then you're either an idiot schizo or a shill just trying to derail.

Grow up dude.

306ffa No.11902318


That's not even what a normal penis looks like. That's a butchered penis, which you take as normal.

306ffa No.11902325


Wrong thread, dude. Look at the Rick & Morty thread, whichever one it's at now, the third, I think. Just look in the catalog, at the top. It's the biggest topic right now.

306ffa No.11902331

Kike disinfo, wanting you to keep mutilating baby cock:


1d6989 No.11902332


I am not a 'penis expert'…you have to talk to b32891…he loves himself a good cock up close and personal.


Mimicry is the highest form of flattery.

f1c2c3 No.11902338

File: a604757331234d2⋯.mp4 (9.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, commie.mp4)

There's so many happenings that I don't know where to put my time. First off I'll try to get this into as few webms as possible.

306ffa No.11902347


How about you throw yourself in the gas chamber and light a match?

306ffa No.11902354


Knowing what a normal penis looks like is a normal function of adult sexuality. If you are a man, then you are to have a normal penis, and know what one looks like. If you have a mutilated penis you should leave this thread, if you cannot learn what a normal unmutilated penis looks like.

e5fcf2 No.11902365

306ffa No.11902376


Be sure to watch up, from 1:55:55, through to 2:00:00. That will take you less than 5 minutes, and it's worth your time.

You'll know why this gun was kicked out, too.

306ffa No.11902380

A kike who supports mutilating babies while they scream in pain, in an act of sexual sadism:


306ffa No.11902381

7d5603 No.11902388


And reformists jews and rabbis have been talking about this for years. Then this kike comes out portrayed as

>Brilliant genius

>Breaking taboos

>Very emotional

>Very compassionate


>Global warming scientist

>Einstein shirt

>Cursed by the establishment

>Set to be the main martyr of a movement already well under way

Too fucking obvious. Genuinely great talk and great op though, all spooks should be taking notes

306ffa No.11902394


You didn't watch it. Watch from 1:55:55 through 2:00:00.

Summarize it, and tell me why you have decided to throw away someone who is an advocate for the welfare of white babies.

0ae6be No.11902396

Funny that this is coming to light at the same time pedowood is exploding.

1d6989 No.11902402


I know...that is what started off my rant today...the OP I posted about this months ago that some of this very 'speech' was taken from verbatim. IT BURNS MY ASS THAT MY WORK IS TWISTED BY THIS JEW FAGGOT IN SUCH A HEINOUS LYING COCKER JEW FASHION. >>11897568

4cd919 No.11902429


Though it seems to me your lost your cool a bit I learned much from your posts thanks wise anon

4cd919 No.11902448


Another fuck up on thier part… More cuckchanners will see the real picture on this psyop since they are here today

7d5603 No.11902453


I watched the entire thing. I'm not advocating for throwing anything away, but it's an act and falling for it is retarded.

The emotional spiel at the end is designed specifically to play into the hands of the reformists jews who haven't circumcised their children. They get to come out and kvetch about religious tolerance and that they have been so oppressed by israel and the jewish establishment. At that point the kikes get to talk about how tolerant they are and how reform is possible, and how compatible they are with western and democratic values. LOOK AT THESE REFORMED JEWS! THEY RISKED IT ALL FOR THEIR CHILDREN! only the lowliest kikes get cut, the elite hasn't for generations




twice and meditate on it.

1d6989 No.11902457

File: b3c697e56b834fe⋯.jpg (58.06 KB, 900x532, 225:133, ashes-05.jpg)


I don't have any cool to lose…I won't be happy until the ovens are cooled and cleaned out.

306ffa No.11902470


>, but it's an act and falling for it is retarded

OK, here's where you're stupid.

You have no emotional intelligence. Trust me on this, he's going Pauline. Basically, it's the Samson option - against his own.

306ffa No.11902476

The myth of no /arekikes/ is as stupid as saying there are no cucks who betray us and are 100% white.

1d6989 No.11902489


Do you really think that this tiny (and it is so very tiny) issue is what is bothering me about 'the jews' anon…all the things they have done to us and all the murders they have performed in our nations? What is this supposed to be? Some sort of lynchpin that exalts them again? Torture of infants and genital mutilation is the VERY LEAST of the things that they have done on this planet…the very least…and here people are hailing themselves a hero out of OUR WORST ENEMIES…the people who have tortured 100 million of our people over the occupation of Europe by their semitic death machine? SMH…are you guys EVER GOING TO UNDERSTAND? EVER…really, from the heart I am asking…do you have any clue about the EVIL; CONSUMING EVIL that these people have perpetrated against all life on this planet?

7d5603 No.11902541


>no emotional intelligence

Who's saying he's faking his emotions? That'd be a real fucking dumb thing to do. I'm sure he's genuinely torn apart by what's going on. Kikes have always tugged on our hearthstrings, normies say exactly the same thing about jews having witnessed the holocaust.


Reflect on how he's positioning islam in all of this. He's making sure to say that islam itself can be reformed, but that nasty muslims have weird tribal traditions that have nothing to do with islam. He's positioning JUDAISM against ISLAM.

Jews are good people for trying to stop mutilation, even when it goes against their religion.

Muslims are extra horrible for mutilating children even when they weren't told do so by their own holy book.

Bonus points to jews who haven't mutilated for generations (ALL ELITE JEWS)

306ffa No.11902584


There are a few kikes who are legitimate brothers in the fight for the sanctity of white life and culture.

Kevin Macdonald has pointed this out, and he's simply right. But you don't have to take my word for it. Just look at how genuine white people you know have become cucks. This shows that people can be in opposition to their own kind, for ideological reasons.

One of the best books ever written, on the topic of politics, is Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. In it he states that we have to keep the pressure on. He's speaking of elected officials, and probably also agencies like the DNC (in his case). But it's true of more than that, it also happens to apply to individuals (activists must have the pressure toward correct morals be kept up).

So we keep up the pressure. But right now, let's face it, this kike is taking kikeism to the mat, and that puts him ahead of many of us.

4cd919 No.11902585


Anon if this is how much energy you put into minor issues I would give my foreskin up a second time to read a thread with an issue you are passionate about… No joke

73af80 No.11902611


This guy is doing more to fight Jewish blood sacrifice than anyone on here ever will. This was really a great talk and it's no wonder he got shoah'd

306ffa No.11902620


>This guy is doing more to fight Jewish blood sacrifice than anyone on here ever will.

I'm learning the kike language, anon 8^)

536a83 No.11902655


This jew is fighting circumcision (and that's a good thing)

1d6989 No.11902660


Were anonymous retard…you have no idea who we are or what our circumstances are in real life. TRY not to be an idiot…I know it is difficult…since you are sincerely appreciative of LIARS and SWINDLERS that fact alone is already one strike against your person.


Thanks. ;) I take after my Grandfather he was really great at giving inspirational speeches.

84e92a No.11902674

File: b8b09098fef5ca9⋯.jpg (69.08 KB, 900x500, 9:5, parasites 001.jpg)


>There's also "regression to the mean"

True dat.

Good point.

And even the supposedly 'based Jew' can change their mind. I've seen it happen.

66888e No.11902681

File: 19b94df1cce17a6⋯.webm (13.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sex & Circumcision_ An Am….webm)


thanks isn't enough

webms 9 parts

posting as they finish, barring any trouble

2bd79c No.11902682

Anyone who is circumcised is tainted by the Jew. It has psychological effects on the victims making them follow (((them))) unknowingly.

bf47f9 No.11902712

File: 31b5f774fe96633⋯.gif (225.18 KB, 1000x2450, 20:49, 31b5f774fe966338f5b6476553….gif)

File: 62930b0e91687a5⋯.gif (88.08 KB, 600x1752, 25:73, 62930b0e91687a56118a93e09d….gif)

File: fe849a3fa7f3ad5⋯.png (677.35 KB, 692x904, 173:226, fe849a3fa7f3ad57da71756569….png)

File: 2400d050a1ae4e7⋯.png (696.79 KB, 1008x1580, 252:395, problems began.png)




Foregen is legitimate, they have a lab in Italy where they are working towards making a foreskin regeneration procedure available for years. They are not jews, the main guy behind it is an Italian man that got a circumcision as an adult and later learned that it's routinely done to babies in the US. He founded the organization Foregen which aims to use medical regeneration to anatomically reverse circumcision. They are still years away, but have made progress, having decellularized (ethically obtained) human foreskins and done a great deal of networking. They do need more money to hire their Italian researchers full time, which is why they are shekel-grubbing. It's actually for the greater good and it pisses me off how you anons are attacking it. This is the best hope that cutfags have of every having a fulfilling life.


7d5603 No.11902714

File: 5853d072c6552ba⋯.jpg (276.93 KB, 1400x938, 100:67, 152.jpg)

File: e94bd3bceed5319⋯.mp4 (7.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Goebbels didn't fear world….mp4)


Oh, so you got it from *him*. That explains it. EXTREMELY relevant webm

66888e No.11902762

File: df516311f105bf0⋯.webm (12.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sex & Circumcision_ An Am….webm)

4cd919 No.11902773


What's done is done faggot.. There are much more important things to focus on than sexual pleasure, stop trying to make cutfags cry when real SIG can be done

4cd919 No.11902786


>the main guy behind it is an Italian man that got a circumcision as an adult and later learned that it's routinely done to babies in the US

Are you fucking serious why would anyone get a procedure from this level of retard

bf47f9 No.11902801

File: 85bc4a1025256ca⋯.jpg (67.12 KB, 317x379, 317:379, 85bc4a1025256ca817307fa8de….jpg)


>What's done is done faggot

they're planning on starting clinical trials in 2019 if they reach research and funding milestones along the way. so no, it could be available as early as 2020-2021 or so for ~$10,000

having a foreskin is pretty fucking important my dude. unless you wanna off yourself breivik-style, you ought to find a pretty white woman and start a family. no woman is going to want to be with a cutfag that can't provide cummies, and no circumcised man has ever or will ever have a meaningful or fulfilling existence. fuck off with this "you exist to work and suffer" kike-tier mentality


idk why the fuck anybody that's uncut would get their lopped off, muh phimosis or whatever the fuck, that's 10000 times better than no foreskin at all. just go on their website and read the FAQ

69808b No.11902810

File: 7a9aa40509e5e9f⋯.png (121.84 KB, 523x568, 523:568, 1439742769239.png)

Lapis-Chan here (coming from 4chan); The newfags coming here even get what bot threads are. I'm so proud of you fags for keeping up the fight. Godspeed everyone

960bfc No.11902812

File: 1f8ebe69d7bdb22⋯.jpg (261.47 KB, 1438x1079, 1438:1079, 1419386983972.jpg)


>muh good jews!

>communist kike degeneracy is the best book ever!

ddffb7 No.11902817

tl;dr a jew complains about his peoples kikery and then tries to sell you the cure. A two hour ad dressed up as a redpill, total waste of time.

03f7af No.11902821




Half way into the presentation I have seen all the images on the chans for the past couple of years. Clopper definitely shitposts.

66888e No.11902835

File: 4e206356a788e74⋯.webm (13.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sex & Circumcision_ An Am….webm)

69808b No.11902849


Also, I'm planning a have a seat general (the one named after the reference to Chris Hanson) and need some ideas

7d5603 No.11902858


Kike. Plagiarism.

4cd919 No.11902869


>fuck off with this "you exist to work and suffer" kike-tier mentality

That's not what I said you are such a fucking retarded faggot, I didn't require a foreskin to make white children, and you are only making cutfags that haven't yet get discouraged when they could be improving themselves in real ways instead of worrying about muh dick… BBC kike shill

a6af73 No.11902880


How the fuck can he claim to cure the nerve damage from circumcision?

7d5603 No.11902896


Kikes always claim they can heal the goyim for a small fee of course

69808b No.11902900


Of course they fucking do

66888e No.11902907

File: 46617f2dae69cb3⋯.webm (14.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sex & Circumcision_ An Am….webm)

66888e No.11902973

File: 13ffd18acec3458⋯.webm (15.46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sex & Circumcision_ An Am….webm)

749924 No.11902974


Excellent webm anon.

66888e No.11903004

File: a93e18aabbaa2cd⋯.webm (15.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sex & Circumcision_ An Am….webm)

d86ee9 No.11903023

good semite, he will do the gassing when the time comes, gotta have their own doing the dirty work

66888e No.11903043

File: 32179a73a5082e6⋯.webm (14.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sex & Circumcision_ An Am….webm)

c1c5e9 No.11903069

File: 88b8052a4fe0688⋯.jpg (22.7 KB, 300x300, 1:1, shia-labeouf-gives-30-minu….jpg)

File: d7f2c75a9465fec⋯.jpg (42.92 KB, 1779x1196, 1779:1196, 26cd4cf87ddda6c068d29d25ea….jpg)

File: c47688d11c9ec6d⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 7184fd76f028619⋯.jpg (23.55 KB, 950x534, 475:267, 2015_06_01_6f_shia_labeou.….jpg)

File: 761df0f2c69fa7b⋯.jpg (21.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fghdfg.jpg)







I'm glad this kike is talking about this but his presentation reminds me of you know who

66888e No.11903087

File: 9cdf89f0b65212e⋯.webm (13.65 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sex & Circumcision_ An Am….webm)

66888e No.11903114

File: a95aa281c7ed1ef⋯.webm (9.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sex & Circumcision_ An Am….webm)

c825a6 No.11903190


Stem cells, they work.

a36ddd No.11903221

Bump. This is good.

8571f7 No.11903304


>You're not going to believe this, but that's an FtM tranny

Source? Clopper looks like MtM to me.

03f7af No.11903323

File: 6e42cc0cae4d1ff⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, function of foreskin by Ja….png)



03f7af No.11903348


if your not a newfag, skip to 138 he calls out the Jew

f01c38 No.11903381

Bumping for more people to see.

I'm not done watching yet but I don't think he's even going to cover the fact obvious to many that evades people who are hand's on thinkers.

It retracts, it slides back, it stretches, the lips of the foreskin are more tight than the rest and functionally hold open the foreskin when a man is fully erect. A buddy I know had phimosis and his mom got him circumcised when he was 6 he hates me now because i sent him the picture of a guy with a cassette tape in his foreskin, it can stretch as needed, he had phimosis because he hadn't started cleaning it or masturbating yet.

What about cleaning it though dick cheese is gross you say. I've gone without bathing for over 2 weeks and never had dick cheese, young boys only get dick cheese or phimosis because parents don't explain that it pulls back and needs to be cleaned because they don't understand the anatomy

The foreskin is also responsible for the post coital recovery period meaning, "round 2" is almost immediately available, an intact penis is capable of going 5 rounds with so little down time any sane man would feel inadequate watching some tiny dick mooncoon only take breaks to get a sip of water and eat some ass.

The average downtime for a cut penis is 5- 15 minutes for each consecutive round that can double or triple but usually the guy wont be able to sustain a full erection for hours.

f01c38 No.11903573


I'm generally surprised he got a standing ovation.

Good shit

dede0a No.11903627

File: ae344c9d6b6e2b7⋯.jpg (97.41 KB, 523x521, 523:521, ae344c9d6b6e2b757e41bfd1d2….jpg)


>coming from 4chan

it's best if you never mention that or your faggy name again here

8c5ad3 No.11903696

File: 6ad20341d0f78f6⋯.jpg (99.31 KB, 1280x881, 1280:881, 6ad20341d0f78f667f85ffc99d….jpg)


Lurk more, failing that…

306ffa No.11903732


Try not to be too much of a boomer.

306ffa No.11903777



Curious a phone rings right when he says "it falls on us - it falls on you-RING-"

306ffa No.11903783


It's designed to try to keep the attention of Millennials.

306ffa No.11903822


Tell me this, then - how come you don't see any other kikes saying these things?

I'll tell you why, because they're not taking them on. The time has come for everyone to take a stand against:

1. Circumcision - BAN IT IN EVERY COUNTRY

2. Ban thrift loans where the individual is required to repay the loan, even 1 cent. (Thrift loans, meaning loans to ordinary people. This isn't the same as loans to corporations).

3. Ban lawsuits which take any of basic property: One's farm, one's house, one's clothes, one's money for food, one's money for gasoline, one's automobile, one's Internet & phone bill, one's entertainment subscriptions (eg cable, HBO, Netflix)

306ffa No.11903832


Ritual murder, unlike circumcision, is banned in all countries, under all circumstances. And so, while it is true that it did occur, and that it still does, to stop it you must perform surveillance and prove they do it.

753b04 No.11903850


regeneration is possible.

If something grew once it is possible to get it to grow again.

35fad6 No.11903860

File: 2b9b33a07de6409⋯.jpg (39.2 KB, 800x534, 400:267, archer.jpg)


>civilization is evil

No, you retard. Wake from your little fantasy, you're as dellusional as SJW's.

I'm sure if we go back to tribal ways of doing things, everything will be better - jsut look at Apefrica!

Peopel were not forced to follow a leader they didn't like? Really? What exactly were my options if the chief of a tribe hated my guts and made my life miserable?


306ffa No.11903877


I tend to agree with him.

You're the one in delusion. You have no idea what life is like, all around us. Sure, in your bubble, isolated from much of reality, you only see the "Disney" version of reality. If there's a rat, it sings and plays games, and even cooks for you. And if there's a homeless child, he sings too, and is super cool, with parkor and everything. It's fucking grand! Society is awesome! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!! JUST WATCH DISNEY! LEARN ABOUT REALITY FROM KIKE PHOTOGRAPHERS!

< kys

You're the monster here.


^ this guy? He's not a monster.

f47eec No.11904047

f47eec No.11904060


Im hearing you.

f47eec No.11904068

672ab5 No.11904092



2bd79c No.11904193

The unintact should be rounded up and kept monitered. Most carry a compulsion to do the same abuse to others and unconsciously work for (((them))). That is the secret behind circumcision. It is a brainwashing operation that uses trauma to help code in commands.

306ffa No.11904264


"90.8 % of non-Hispanic whites males aged 14 to 59 years olds from 2005 to 2010 were circumcised"

And you're retarded.

000000 No.11904399

Millions of men there

Robbed of their fullest manhood

By sick Jew bastards

But we bless the Jew

Who will tell all on the Jew

Jew on Jew knows who

6d4afc No.11904455


You fucking mong LOL

8ce0c5 No.11904469

This video has gotten mixed reviews. Some say he's based or whatever while others say he's still a Jew and Jews are gonna Jew. This is like the whole Jesse Lee Peterson question.

2f83e8 No.11904490

Holy FUCK! How many shills are in here?

HE NAMED THE JEW! He fucking did it!

He literally called out jewish influence of the US, and he called judaism evil! how the fuck can any of you call this a nothingburger, having watched it?? That's right - YOU'RE ALL FUCKING SHILLS.


306ffa No.11904509


It's simply invaluable, yes.

8ce0c5 No.11904524


And now, as part of the 8/pol/ tradition, prepare to be called a shill.

346585 No.11904656

2bd79c No.11904689


You're a shill. The US is the only western nation of whites that has such high circumcision rates. Your circumcised self just proved me right. You can't be trusted till properly assessed and proven not to be tainted by the Jew.

f47eec No.11904694

346585 No.11904695

for info, I saved this thread in the wayback machine with the webms and screencaps accessible when clicking on their filename

they should survive kike panic


f47eec No.11904708

Ive been lurking here for 6 months and this is the most powerful thing Ive seen yet. And all you mongs wont roll with it?

Your racism over rides your intelligence.

7d5603 No.11904742


Lurk for 2 years minimum.

346585 No.11904767


I lurked for more than a decade and I agree with >>11904708 that this piece is the most powerful I've seen in a year

push it to normies hard everywhere

000000 No.11904778

"She too will court the man who is uncircumcised in the flesh and lie against his breast with great passion, for he thrusts inside her a long time because of his foreskin, which is a barrier against ejaculation in intercourse. Thus she feels pleasure and reaches an orgasm first… But when a circumcised man desires the beauty of a woman… he will find himself performing his task quickly, emitting his seed as soon as he insert his crown… As soon as he begins intercourse, he immediately comes to a climax… She has no pleasure from him when she lies down." -Rabbi Isaac Ben Yedaiah's commentary in Numbers Rabbah, 1350

To be circumcised is not only to be less of a man, it is to be absolutely cucked as admitted by the Rabbi himself.

6d4afc No.11904788


Yeah, nah. Its not that complex, mate.

8ce0c5 No.11904789

I don't get how Sam Hyde gets a pass, despite being ethically Jewish, while other Jews in the WN/NS movement are seen in a negative light. If anything, /pol/ should've viewed Sam as a kike and discredit him.

2f8ad9 No.11904812


Where is his shirt?

306ffa No.11904831


Your attitude is one of those that contributes to the continuation of circumcision. You can see how it might, too. After all, doesn't every male need a youthful coalition to defend him, in the end? Therefore, he must create more of the same.

It's a shame you don't see how your attitude contributes to the situation of male genital mutilation.

But you won't stop me, because I know you're part of the problem. You create baby torture.

And for this reason I hate you, and your kind. kike!

306ffa No.11904836

Another kike!


000000 No.11904837


>push it to normies

Normies aren't us. They will not watch a 2:30:00 video. Unless of course some autist here decides to create a short clip with highlights.

306ffa No.11904838


It's a big fucking deal.

19e61c No.11904839


>sam hyde is jewish

source or fuck off

306ffa No.11904846


2f8ad9 No.11904849


Take your fucking prescription, Joe.

000000 No.11904853


Johnny Neptune?

000000 No.11904854

As for anyone saying

>he is jew

>i'm implying: we have no use of the video

so are you.

He is directly confronting judaism, he cannot be accused on being a nazzee (being jew) and finally he asks that their tribal marking stops.


306ffa No.11904860

File: fd21b6c2f321de3⋯.png (29.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


You may or may not realize the significance…

8ce0c5 No.11904861

File: 1ec08f2d60385aa⋯.png (366.04 KB, 699x363, 233:121, ClipboardImage.png)


You're telling he does not look Jewish to you. What about when he had to talk to his "Rabbi" when he was confronted w/ shooting hoaxes.

306ffa No.11904873



I've been telling people, there will, as Kevin MacDonald has said, be /arekikes/ - kikes willing to go Samson on their own fucking race. That this could happen, we could have legit allies, from within the kikes, and that these would prove indispensable in our cause, which is not vengeance - it is but to preserve and promote and prosper the white European peoples in an uncucked state.

000000 No.11904903


>Allies (or (((Allies))) )

Though I agree with you (we should use any means at our disposal) your statement will cause reinforce the existing based-jew thread derailing.

It would be more beneficial if you refer to people like Clopper using a more neutral term.

346585 No.11904913

The video just got age-restricted on youtube

they try to prevent it from being too easily spread

if you can, duplicate it on vimeo and dailymotion

6d4afc No.11904918


watch it, fuckhead

edf2fc No.11904921



Term you are looking for is 'assets'.

acee5c No.11904942


jews themselves spread their own hate, and hatred of jews because there is a lot of money in combatting hate. Combatting hate opens many avenues, all to be exploited.

7d5603 No.11904993


>as for anyone saying


Reply to the post that says we should let this psy-op go to waste, otherwise you're just adding noise to the thread.

I keep seeing retards thinking you have pick one of their retarded positions and stick to it. This is clearly a psy-op, meant to benefit the kikes and their counter-jihad golem, however this could also be beneficial to whites. By being acutely aware of the nature of the kike, you can defeat him, by ignoring his nature and trusting his words, you'll find yourself with a knife in your back.

9c7faa No.11905011


>stop talking about circumcision!!!!!


Didn't see that coming

b86e04 No.11905033

6d4afc No.11905036


Explain the nature of this psy-op. How do you see it playing out as planned?

6d4afc No.11905047


So… this guy got together with a bunch of other jews and wrote this play so as to lose his job to get you guys here to run with it and then the jews are going to use it against you how?


7d5603 No.11905153

File: 30ace51fe6ed7b3⋯.png (54.57 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Screenshot_45.png)


If you think it's a part of detailed plan, you need to lurk more. Psy-ops aren't a meant to "play out as planned", they exist to create opportunities. They're crafted to allow multiple continuations and often have many contingencies built in. One example:



read the fucking thread nigger It's a part of much larger trend within judaism. Reformists are being positioned as the "based jews" that counter-jihads can feel good about, while orthodox jews are actively helping muslims retain their cultures and identities when migrating. Kikes are creating a clear divide between Europeans and Muslims, while maintaining good ties with both.

Calling out "their own" as evil monsters is only done once it's inevitable. Take Harvey Weinstein for example. He was only sacrificed when they couldn't keep the goyim from noticing, and even then it was symbollic at best.

>For that part of Jewry which was styled Liberal did not disown the Zionists as if they were not members of their race but rather as brother Jews who publicly professed their faith in an unpractical way, so as to create a danger for Jewry itself.

Replace Zionist with any other jewish belief that might be a danger to Jewry, and you get the picture.

That clopper kike even admits that rabbis will make shit up just to make sure that jewry survives, and they've already made excuses for why jews don't have to get cut.

9723f2 No.11905156

File: 5423a266326ee00⋯.png (527.97 KB, 1019x553, 1019:553, corrected.png)

984cfa No.11905158

File: e64dd8555572132⋯.png (186.21 KB, 640x360, 16:9, dubb rampage.png)


Shame, you got one too many, your post should be worthy of trips.

But alas, kek works in mysterious ways…

f47eec No.11905183


Im listening. Will lurk more. Peace.

e396c0 No.11905215

File: 29e32cf0d129f14⋯.jpg (67.32 KB, 590x442, 295:221, MFW I See a Flightless Bir….jpg)

I just want to stop white children from being mutilated at birth by the millions. That's the goal. The ramblings of three schizoposters in this thread are just white noise distracting from the issue at hand.

>He didn't kill any kikes on stage, don't listen to him!

>He didn't thoroughly outline how the blood libel is real, in a talk already over 2 hours long

>He's positioning reform jews as the good guys, despite never mentioning reform jews!

>He's trying to make muslims out to be the good guys!

This presentation is clearly of immense value, and paints a really shocking picture tying the history of circumcision to its modern "medical" context, and the corruption of the medical system by jews, which is amplified by a handful of jewish media companies. The fact that he was fired just makes this even better redpill gold. I highly encourage spreading the presentation, or at least WEBM clips to pique people's interest. I think just having people know the fact that it's a baseless procedure, spreading the word, and not cutting their sons is a huge victory in itself, regardless of whether the presentation will make viewers see jews with a more critical eye.

Shoutout to my favorite shitposter, trannyposter, where every man in the public eye is actually a woman, and every woman is actually a man. Please link your Youtube channel you lolcow

f47eec No.11905270

ea009b No.11905523

can i get a check in the mail once a month for being circumcized?

blacks get one just for the color of their skin

ea009b No.11905551


yes, but the point is now we have a vanguard

for this atrocity.

there are no other credible videos on this issue

so we have to assume that clopper

is going to take the brunt of criticism.

people dont understand what its like to be circumcised so females will wake up too

he also said that he fears his jewish parents are too indoctrinated

to recover from which is profound in and of itself.

other than that I don't see anything really innovative of intellectual

about his "play" other than the fact that it did take balls to put together and sacrifice such a uge

amount of time.

753b04 No.11905565

This still needs to be shared.


Stretching and restoration of the foreskin is only a bandaid and isn't anywhere near 50% effective in returning sensation. Regeneration will fully heal the foreskin.

59c635 No.11905607

7ded33 No.11906148

File: 6e45f5646c6a649⋯.jpg (564.66 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, gl-rockwell.jpg)

File: 26c6ff33e1e45ff⋯.jpg (242.39 KB, 500x706, 250:353, nazi propaganda 3.jpg)

File: 8b87375068cc3dd⋯.jpg (96.34 KB, 632x1014, 316:507, aryan nazi man 4.jpg)


calling for the persecution of circumcised whites is excellent d&c material


so it seems like the best option at this point is co-opt their co-opt. unless we can get somebody like one of pic related to make another presentation that is equally as convincing but without all the bad parts and with more good parts then it seems like the video in OP will have to be the starting point, yes?

or is the fact that the jews themselves are going after circumcision practices an indicator in itself that the masses are past the tipping point in waking up to it? otherwise why else would jews be trying to get a foothold in this area? they have a sixth sense for social trends in respect to the goyim waking up. but nevertheless, this video does exist. is the best option to just ignore it?

7d5603 No.11906429


>how to co-opt

It all depends on where this goes. If Cloppers video blows up among normies, feeding arguments to the other side (pointing out that the kike is lying through his teeth) can force the JQ to take a central role in the debate.

Once the JQ is on the table, clopper becomes irrelevant. This is very unlikely to happen, but it would be an excellent outcome.

>Jews are going after circumsicion, are the masses waking up?

Yes, you hit the nail on the head there anon.There are generations of uncut jews already, and as Clopper pointed out, the trend is even clearer among gentiles. Jews always adopt their traditions to what's best for their people, and a good just cause lead by a super brilliant genius feminist global warming scientist jew against a corrupt establishment of other jews make for a great tale of jewish heroism and reformation. The goyim will sure eat it all up! The other side orthodox megakikes will see it clear evidence of how corrupting gentile morals are to the chosen people, reinforcing their need to dwell alone, and continuing their disgusting practices with renewed vigor.

>is the best option to ignore it?

I haven't seen a good argument for why this should be ignored, only arguments for why it's an op and it is.

306ffa No.11906722


At this point, we are becoming kike-proof. Unassailable. Here, anyway.


So long as we don't throw away an advantage.


Just link too hooktube, it still does one thing: eliminate age restrictions.

f28e31 No.11906850


Don't think because this guy claims kike (he shows common physical traits), don't overlook it. He's not going to sell you on kikery, he's going to make you hate kikes even more. He goes hard on the kike.

There's stuff I didn't even know to hate kikes for and I have the US nuclear armament of kike hatred. He demonstrates that blood libel is a reality. Well worth a full watch.

a066e6 No.11906895


Regardless, we can definitely cause infighting among the jewish camp by spreading this knowledge and shaming shills with them being cutfag cattle. Soyboy was effective for what it was.

dc1f4f No.11907161

File: 2972383a9c58bb9⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 232x217, 232:217, FUKKIN' SAVED.jpg)

f1e1fb No.11907263


I don't think that guy is a kike at all, pretty sure he's a goyim pretending but what do I know

166739 No.11907447


That was one of the first things the NSDAP banned.

166739 No.11907508


>The emotional spiel at the end is designed specifically to play into the hands of the reformists jews


Ah c’mon. At least don’t use yiddish words when you shill here.

0cc47d No.11908136

File: a55e3a2f6a037bd⋯.jpg (99.62 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, witchcraft.jpg)


one and done post incoming

this whole thing reeks of judea to me.

>jews slice dicks 4 profit

>jew comes along offering to grow them back

>guise i need $$$

nothing will change as long a single mothers thoughtlessly sacrifice their children's flesh based on the cleanliness meme.

and the bonus is he gets to show pictures of dicks and talk about them for hours on end.

f28e31 No.11908229


I don't give a shit if he was the kikeiest transnig multisex kike there was, he was right - and he went fucking hard on the kikes. Nothing else matters if you have those two things simultaneously.

You sound like one of those nose niggers who kvetch about Hitler really being a kike, having a small dick, being a fag, etc. Scared fucking kike.

c3255a No.11908384

File: 7b365a0e1a6c20b⋯.jpg (71.42 KB, 1022x749, 146:107, CBVvtQ3VEAAfuv1.jpg)


Having gone to a boarding school for so-called 'elites' in the American South, I can personally attest that 100% of rich Jews' sons are cut, so that claim is bunk.

Another no homo fact: Upper middle class parents circumcise their sons more frequently than the old money do. Perhaps because of frequent contact with European elites, perhaps because they think of themselves as trendsetters, about half of my friends from old boy families were intact whereas probably 4/5s of the guys from the more nouveau riche were not. I don't know how this compares with the middle class as a whole in, say, the Midwest or New England, but I think the practice is falling out of favor pretty quickly. The fact that the lies about HIV and circumcision are pushed in the media these days indicates as much. Every decade or so, it turns out that genital mutilation is a cure to another disease, and that the old claims were unfounded.

The real redpill here is that the practice was foisted by Jews on the Anglosaxon elites in the 19th century as a means of crypsis. In the Torah, it's supposed to separate the House of Abraham from the rest of the world, but by the time the Rothschilds come to dominate London, they needed a way of muting that separateness—if all boys at Eton were cut, it was harder to pick out the Jews from the pack.

54db14 No.11908473

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is a great opener for breaking the ice about the JQ.

Just ask your goyim friend why they have a scar on their dick and then guide them through the absurdity of it.

If Jews can convince peasants they've been conned and need to throw their own country into ruin for recently seeded egalitarian principles, then we can convince white people to demand justice for their stolen flesh.

This is something that totally can be memed over with all the short clips on FB now. I just saw one about Icelandic girls fantasizing about getting fucked by an elf, this shit needs to be on replacing it.

f28e31 No.11908476


>>He didn't kill any kikes on stage, don't listen to him!

Yet. He gets pretty out of control, that's some serious hate for his kike daddy. I say we use him as administrator of the first death camp.

f28e31 No.11908493


1:27 when that finger wag starts reminded me of someone special.

ffebd5 No.11908502


put it on BitChute you fucking n00bs

54db14 No.11908507


This is the video to convince mothers to stop snipping their dicks. The six-pack in the video is to get the attention of pregnant roasties.

The business of restoring foreskin won't run forever because eventually in that better timeline people would wise up, but until that time is reached, there are MILLIONS of men and most of those men are insecure that would KILL to have their whole cock back.

There is a HUGE and unsaturated market here. There's lots of money to be made here even if it won't be infinite.

I don't trust the guy, but we can use the message and dump the messenger, that's for certain.

f28e31 No.11908541



4:52, you can tell he goes off script. Guy's not faking it, some, most perhaps, not all of it.

Goldbergs exist. This might be one. One. I'm not saying "Oy vey goyim it's annudda Milo" because fuck that kike. This guy is legit going after their base. Maybe not lose him. Definitely don't prop him up, but the coupling between him and his message is pretty impactful.

306ffa No.11908575


If you have a million bucks give it to the guy. I'm not even fucking kidding. Guys like this aren't common, they're rare. Worth every penny.

If I win the lottery I'm backing his campaign against circumcision.

f28e31 No.11908589


Harvard fired him, he needs to suffer for it. This is a topic that could go far with a martyr, whether actual or economic, I don't care. He just needs a little more of a story to go full tilt. A betrayal by his tribe on one side and the other to really drive it home.

306ffa No.11908650

File: 80a28a5b7d0af19⋯.png (5.03 KB, 202x164, 101:82, ClipboardImage.png)

bee652 No.11909253


You're one really illiterate kike but this is no surprise. It is clearly stated right there that circumcision is bad and those who are circumcised perpetuate it and need to be monitored.

306ffa No.11909331


You're the one who is performing the regulation role of kike circumcision, which is the mechanism whereby new victims of male genital mutilation come from.


7cdd8c No.11909348


this guys kind of a fucking faggot, why not just get to the point asshole

8bb5af No.11909620

File: 0f918ea65837057⋯.jpg (51.87 KB, 1024x639, 1024:639, 367755e20d10f3c9eb203a7c54….jpg)



>stop scrolling, gtf in here, and watch this

306ffa No.11909732


Yep. This is the most significant thing to happen for us in the resistance, the resistance to the kike and his kiking of us.

306ffa No.11909739



bb2d42 No.11909886


You might be schizophrenic because you make no sense to anyone. Keeping an eye on sleeper cell shills isn't a regulation role.

06a6bb No.11909903


I have seen you do this in other threads. Is the joke that you are a grammar nazi? No double spaces?

306ffa No.11910362

Kike sockpuppet, astroturfing.



7cdd8c No.11910436


dumb nigger

3c859d No.11910487

>20 seconds in

<"100 years ago it was very hard for women and minorities, literally anotha shoah if you weren't a white male like me"

Does he rectify this somehow at the end? Is this a bait and switch? I don't feel like watching the whole thing.

7c1e60 No.11910493


All things considered is he actually a Jew?

He is clearly not racially an Ashkenazi, meaning he is either the spawn of a convert(s) or a halfling, or he is rusing.

306ffa No.11910506












c85b0a No.11910525

Please spread this everywhere. First Jew I'll ever say I respect.

306ffa No.11910542


There's Finkelstein, for example. Very rare, indeed. The reason it's rare is the same reason it's rare to meet an honest woman: they have a good thing going, and it's an exploitative arrangement, overall, but it's also a somewhat tenuous position.

7cdd8c No.11910628


Dude I literally had sex with a jew then a nigress too

0306ae No.11910634


I think we've gone long enough without a download link. This was gotten using youtube-dl with bestvideo+bestaudio as the setting. If anyone can do better, feel free. It just happened to end up being 666MB.


d7f5a6 No.11910651


I gotta agree with this guy. My shit is lopped off, if I have a son his will not be lopped off, of course I wish I wasn't circumcised but it's done. Should I fucking kill myself or be a drone because of this? Of course not. Gotta deal with the hand you're dealt, like you most likely being an ugly fat faggot.

d7f5a6 No.11910658


fuck I meant to have the last part directed toward that shill, no malcontent towards you.

306ffa No.11910784


What's the difference?

306ffa No.11910791


Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to speak with the doctor, and I will tell him, calmly, and not rudely, that if he circumcises my child, I will, on no uncertain terms, terminate his existence, though not as brutally as he will have to have been to deserve his execution.

You may consider this too strong, but there have been many cases of circumcisions being performed without permission. It's so culturally-accepted that you have no chance suing, so far as I am aware.

98dae7 No.11911132


>So he gets the audience on his side before he starts advocating for laws banning circumcision and ending the jewish covenant and ending jewish influence over the US.

He explicitly states up front several times that he's working them up to the conclusion, because they'd reject the truth if dropped on them all at once.

Pretty sure 1d6989 is a distraction shill.

2e8a50 No.11911311

Guys he had a topic so he had to stick to it.

He thought he could get away with this much redpill.

Theres no way he would think he can get away with saying the full redpill

b1b49c No.11911365


Its pretty pozzed up until about 14 mins in when he introduces his 5 censored facts. It ramps up and gets more and more intense and he goes full chad in the last 10. I ended up learning quite a bit through this video, its worth watching for educational purposes alone.

5cb2cb No.11911464


>leaks that we can use politically against kikes are bullshit psyops now


Automatic report for spam.

5b5800 No.11911527


>>He's doomed.

No he's not. If he's really genuine quite the opposite is right.

d96ad6 No.11911604


Yeah I knew about the sucking of the blood, but not the sharpened fingernails for scraping away at the infants genitals. Truly demonic, they have got a fucking nerve calling anything "libel". Vile fucks.

5b5800 No.11911626


But there is a thing he's missing that leads to a lot more than he's talking about.

Ask yourself this:

Is the act of mutilating a baby boy REALLY patriarchial in nature?

Does the "patriach" want his genitals mutilated for his own gain?

He has either bought the lie, or is selling it.

19d010 No.11912146


Yeah, guy is legit. It happens sometimes. He goes all on about jewish control of this country and even mentions AIPAC. He had to be silenced.

7cdd8c No.11912312


the jew was a whore and the nigress let me fuck her in the butt

306ffa No.11912356


Oh my, you said a bad boy word. What, you think this is 4chan, homo kike?

306ffa No.11912373

So the kikes are trying to derail this! This is a massive opportunity!!!!

45e972 No.11913223


When does he mention AIPAC?

306ffa No.11913301


AIPAC promotes circumcision (((products))) around the globe.

7cdd8c No.11913357


but I'm a mutt not a kike

306ffa No.11913418

Well, I'm filtering the kike who is derailing the thread:


8^) It's one of the D's. Disrupt.

306ffa No.11913423

But anyway, this video is one of the top videos of the decade, possibly of multiple decades.

7cdd8c No.11913439


it's all good, my original post was probably shit posty but yeah I don't think I could do that to my kid if I ever have one.

8bb5af No.11914160

File: 1237e2ced28378f⋯.jpg (106.17 KB, 1702x1095, 1702:1095, 1237e2ced28378f06a569ddc94….jpg)


This time, the kikes have kiked themselves

9458c5 No.11914392

so…. does the stretch technique of "regrowing" foreskin actually work? or am i better off waiting for regen technology

224864 No.11914514


only aesthetically and as for waiting for the other thing, it isn't going to grow you a new bit that attaches the foreskin to the shaft or return your helmet to the silky texture it's supposed to be.

You were mutilated because jews. The end.

000000 No.11914537

Call me, my name is Jamie Andrews ;) 519 774 6616

000000 No.11914538

Call me, my name is Jamie Andrews ;) 519 774 6616

087c74 No.11915033

I've been experiment with silicone gel pads for scars for my keratinized gland the past month to shed it earlier before using my corrected tlc tugger. Only real reparations is Jewish blood and the fast degradation of their religious stronghold and presence on this earth.

000000 No.11915056

This thread came just in time. My wife stopped our son from getting circumcised but at the time I didn't know it mattered this much so I didn't care either way and let her have her way. Hope our son thanks us for saving him from the jew years later.

ee6124 No.11915072


Fucking clopper kike, he's only doing this to get more shekels, and this won't stop the circumcision from happening, the other Jews will just promise him a steady stream of customers

29218f No.11915174


I told you we could do this. Kikes exploit our nature, specifically the purge instinct, that puritanical drive to rid ourselves of the wicked, which is common to all individualist societies. But kikes have a samson option, which can be exploited. Saint Paul went samson. We can find more samsons.

29218f No.11915191


Amazing. Same for me. I'm 100,000% glad I saw this before having kids. This made being NEET worth it. I consider now all of the people my age who had kids, and doubtless went ahead with circumcision (or at least 80%+ of them did, given the stats).

It's one of those weird blessings that you cannot imagine having discovered without the spare time to rethink life. I wouldn't have found Fascism either, or the esoteric, without this extra time.

I think my generation may form the foundation of a new flowering of culture, Gen X. We may be relatively anonymous, invisible, but we shall be vital.

29218f No.11915335


8bb5af No.11915347


The story of Paul from the bible is like this too, he went against the kikes to follow Jesus

Of course, (((nobody))) listened to him preach about Jesus though

29218f No.11915357


Yep. But, just like Paul, and Jesus, he'll go first to the jews, and then to the whites.

000000 No.11915568










>all those deliveries

Thanks, Anon

To me, it seems like this Jew is obviously very upset with his tribe for mutilating and Jewing him. I watched that documentary 'Defamation' also by a Jew and it becomes very clear why Jews would eventually turn on their fellows. From the film, imagine be a Jew

>As an infant the best part of your penis gets barbarically mutilated off and then sucked, nibbled on by a pedo rabbi without your consent, literally scaring you for life.

>As seem in the Defamation documentary a Jewish child is lied to their entire lives by their Jewish elders.

>Your Jewish mother fucks you up the most psychologically ruining your life long after even as an adult and you will never really be able to get away from her.

>Jewish women are generally the worst.

>To become a man at age 13 you read writings that basically admit you worship Satan, do evil to non-Jews, and the like.

>Everything is set up for you with nepotism but it's still a narrow path you probably never wanted.

>Life consists of shilling against the gentiles whose only crime is telling the truth you know.

>Bullied into the ZOG mafia or you're a 'self-hating Jew'.

>The day you die you will never know what it is like to live a real life where you have a choice. You were always a disfigured and scarred creature physically and mentally.

Sad life. Only the gas can bring them peace now.

70a414 No.11915773

Banning circumcision is one of the most effective way of barring Jews and their Muslim brothers from your nation.

29218f No.11916022


Indeed. In the very least they won't bring their ghettos, so long as we empower spies to hunt down the kikes who perform the barbaric act.

43f2a4 No.11916724

Any woman who makes light of this issue (which there will be many), should be gangstalked at there very least.

43f2a4 No.11916729

I'm so angry I'm calm.

8f8b2f No.11916735



Nice to see the kike mods take 'advertising and commercials on /pol/' seriously

dd7f9c No.11916806

File: 780ad33654bd195⋯.jpg (68.84 KB, 500x669, 500:669, INFANT IMPRINTING.jpg)

File: dd621b6aaca45a2⋯.jpg (420.2 KB, 616x624, 77:78, circumcision-trauma-brain-….jpg)

File: 5d9bebc362fbe63⋯.jpg (167.91 KB, 653x1024, 653:1024, 1524111566506.jpg)

File: 16490cddac9a70c⋯.jpg (165.83 KB, 653x1024, 653:1024, 1521311134969.jpg)

File: 5985a519f346a76⋯.png (550.71 KB, 823x551, 823:551, 1531929725204.png)

Genital mutilation is trauma-based mind control and occult ritual abuse (hidden in plain sight).

dd7f9c No.11916809

File: 1ca3678499aa4a9⋯.png (816.06 KB, 1012x930, 506:465, 1529432199671.png)

File: 48ea0c772faa8e0⋯.jpg (100.71 KB, 720x427, 720:427, 1524055092584.jpg)

File: 5deae3deb10657d⋯.jpeg (43.07 KB, 400x429, 400:429, circroom.jpeg)

File: 32b9ca547667862⋯.gif (33.57 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1531931380403.gif)

File: ea2dabf37d8dcde⋯.jpg (202.62 KB, 731x965, 731:965, 1524874584717.jpg)

dd7f9c No.11917560

File: 5fc9872c58a8063⋯.png (762.03 KB, 4496x2306, 2248:1153, Worldwide Male Genital Mut….png)

File: 4fb94e3cf31917e⋯.jpg (141.04 KB, 1000x517, 1000:517, Sorrells-Chart.jpg)

File: b5529c6982a07a8⋯.jpg (188.34 KB, 1600x923, 1600:923, He Will Remember.jpg)

File: 6b54996289e0337⋯.jpg (44.23 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Jewish Delicacy.jpg)

File: d90980a148267eb⋯.jpg (50.51 KB, 371x536, 371:536, Gomco Clamp.jpg)

12d414 No.11918609

Anybody know the best products t for stretchin "foreskin?"

9738ab No.11918676


Wikipedia recommends using a taping method, especially at the beginning.

c3255a No.11918760

File: b636b5fd5a4901e⋯.png (18.33 KB, 671x509, 671:509, nw3nnvGEdo1r4843ao1_1280.png)


My mother refused to give birth in a hospital because the midwife told her horror stories about children being circumcised and vaccinated with the express non-permission of parents. Turns out there were a bunch of lawsuits in my state in the 1990s where the hospitals paid out of court to avoid precedent tort law being made that would allow circumcised men to sue.

9738ab No.11918809


Good point. Midwife it. Better to risk complications than to be guilty of literal torture of a human's genitals.

9738ab No.11918822

1. Pediatricians

2. Pedophiles

2. Lawyers

3. Bankers

Birds of a feather.

2a4eb1 No.11918990


>1. Pediatricians

I can understand the other three, but pediatricians? Is it because of fad diets?

7cdd8c No.11919417

where can I find a woman who will let me keep my kids foreskin?

4684bc No.11919783


I'm not certain why this place seems to be infested with paranoia about vaccinations. The essential science behind vaccines is solid, was invented by white people and has probably save far more children than have been harmed by the admittedly real complications.

That said, I will admit that we subject children to far more vaccinations than would be necessary if we didn't throw them into prison camps for the first 18 years of their lives with subhuman vermin imported from the dark reaches of the globe.

8f8b2f No.11920188

File: 926f0c1eb7e166a⋯.jpg (65.67 KB, 628x470, 314:235, overstimulated auto immune….jpg)

File: 0c0e3ee7fc969b8⋯.jpg (197.13 KB, 833x1080, 833:1080, vaccine doeses for childre….jpg)

File: 0c0e3ee7fc969b8⋯.jpg (197.13 KB, 833x1080, 833:1080, vaccine doeses for childre….jpg)


Saged for off topic

the ingredients in vaccines overstimulate the auto immune system. Want to know which disease are spiralling out of control in terms of western culture…most of them are autoimmune diseases.

70a414 No.11920303


Scandinavia. But fuck off, we're full.

9f3d09 No.11920824


THIS. ABSOLUTELY. Whole thread infested with shills. One of the most powerful and important presentations EVER and this dude has decimated the entire medical industrial complex associated with this EVIL and by extension, the higher education complex that framed and fired him (in this case, Harvard).

0ae6be No.11920836

Women are often talked into the procedure by the doctor or it is done without them knowing. The idea that most women are asking for the doc to do it on their own is ridiculous.

5ef129 No.11920878

File: 18e884b957f57a9⋯.png (1.63 KB, 802x25, 802:25, the vaccine kike.png)



More like (((white))).


If your intention is to cause autoimmune disorders, yes it is.

5ef129 No.11920892


Scandinavia? Maybe you can help me, then. Did they ever make an electric water pump for the B230?

9738ab No.11921025

File: 249271f29191181⋯.png (574.18 KB, 1362x1878, 227:313, ClipboardImage.png)



Just like op's video - they say they're fucking


to help reduce urinary tract infections.

Let that fucking sink in. Let it fucking sink in.

It's time to make a demand: either start strapping women down and removing their clits sans anesthesia, by force, without the woman's choice, for the purpose of reducing the risk of urinary tract infections, or fucking end circumcision forever.


and gynecologists, for abortion, which is also conducted without anesthesia… for the babies, anyway

8f8b2f No.11921128


yes yes the jew agenda to torture white women continues…meh.

be8740 No.11921132

a6d440 No.11921238



(pretends to not understand)


> torturing animals is gross

< torturing babies is O.K.

26b9f1 No.11921338

Backup this video. MEGA, MediaFire, torrent, IPFS?

ef815a No.11921400


Its always a combination of physical appearance, behaviour and voice.

c3255a No.11921467

File: 0d81a26f29dd34f⋯.jpg (511.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wallpaper-2875580.jpg)


>risk complications

Nigger, humans have been giving birth in their homes for thousands of years. Hospitals are shines of death, festering with the memories of those that ended their lives in misery. Medically speaking, complications at birth are rare and exaggerated by medical 'professionals' that 9 times/10 want money. Need a surgery? They need the money. Need drugs? They need the money. Need to stay overnight? They need the money. Need their services? They need the money. Hospitals should exist for those ill fated among us that need specialist attention, not for taking your blood pressure. Most MDs only exist because we cannot legally prescribe our own treatments. With my father's copy of Gray's Anatomy I have self diagnosed and treated every malady I have ever had in my life. If my life is ever in danger, I will reluctantly submit my body for review before the moneygrubbing specialist.

Back to birth, though. My younger brother was born with his umbilical wrapped around his neck. In a hospital there would be shouting and rushing and all sorts of chaos at this seemingly scary event. You know what the midwife did? She told my mother to stop pushing so that she could push him back in and unwrap the cord. Easy as pie. Midwives are also professionals, mind you, and they also come prepared for the worst. Ours became a family friend during her childbearing years so that she was available to assist when irregularities arose.

8f8b2f No.11922124



(pretends not to understand that he is a jew calling for torturing white women)

000000 No.11922916


in parts

a6d440 No.11923983


< doesn't know that women are in charge of America, and that's the reason the kike is in charge - by the will of women

a6d440 No.11924495


But I also really appreciate your response, because it shows how it is - men, boys, even baby boys, nobody gives a fuck about them!!!

559ed4 No.11924651

File: 5aef426c0b9a4e3⋯.png (740.03 KB, 1185x1325, 237:265, faed7be68dff416381a37a8d5b….png)

Oy vey! The chosen aren't supposed to go against the tribe!

559ed4 No.11924665

File: 81ac096ced7567a⋯.png (298.54 KB, 499x641, 499:641, 1456177273595.png)

File: 716e5a9addb35b1⋯.png (28.64 KB, 501x582, 167:194, 1455651335902.png)

File: 19fd9dc283f5c0c⋯.jpg (38.43 KB, 366x464, 183:232, 1455638049426.jpg)

File: 7bfa0c324061bbd⋯.jpg (64.08 KB, 430x502, 215:251, 1455612239775.jpg)

File: d5c935c65e8c342⋯.jpg (55.2 KB, 297x365, 297:365, 1455612379586.jpg)


f026eb No.11924674


He talks about jewish power in America and mentions AIPAC - probably after the 35 minute mark or so, can't recall. The whole thing is worth watching, though.

559ed4 No.11925340

This is receiving alot of traction on halfchan. Many anons are angry and the JIDF is desperately trying to shut it down. We really need to spread this everywhere.

8f61f1 No.11926627

I hate jews soooooooooooo much.

000000 No.11926651



>the five stages of being jewed by jews

559ed4 No.11927103

File: 20f8af3f511e239⋯.jpg (316.2 KB, 1723x1721, 1723:1721, 1532794612282.jpg)

File: b24c7c3e56cf4cd⋯.png (39.19 KB, 1263x173, 1263:173, 1.png)

File: 11f69684739bc33⋯.png (41.63 KB, 469x164, 469:164, 2.png)

559ed4 No.11928090


d8d231 No.11928254

File: d048430b96c9809⋯.png (173.54 KB, 500x478, 250:239, image.png)


>Draining blood from animals is kosher and they view non jews as animals.

>Blood libel is a blood draining ritual

Holy shit I didn't make this obvious connection until just now. I'm spooked.

7cdd8c No.11928925


Well then, how difficult is it to make a woman into someone who thinks for herself, and doesn't just believe what other people tell her.

<is it hard to find one who mimics my beliefs?

I don't wanna mutilate my childs cock but every woman I've met and talked to thinks forskin is nasty. So would this video help redpill them, or are they needing lighter redpills? Like were at the level of me saying "potato nigger is a term for Irish" is considered racist and not just a statement that could be considered offensive level thinking with theses women.

deddff No.11928962


If we can get one White country to enforce a ban on infant circumcision the jews will be forced to leave that land.

59c635 No.11929067

File: d2050526d51835f⋯.jpg (85.26 KB, 500x890, 50:89, honorary-goy.jpg)



59c635 No.11929081

File: 599f19f63a1599f⋯.gif (1014.89 KB, 149x181, 149:181, 599f19f63a1599ff03a4c687b2….gif)


Pretty much any white woman will. You just have to take charge and maybe make her watch this.

>mfw men who are so weak they let their women make decisions like this about their sons

6a9d69 No.11929210


Creep af, indeed.

6a9d69 No.11929212

339d9c No.11929345


Only a Jew could cast this first stone towards the elite that rule our society in secrecy. What he has just done is provide himself and his Jewishness as a shield for the Gentiles to rail against the Jewish and dismantle their control. This opens the door to address their other insidious crimes which they obfuscate and deflect criticism from by invoking anti-semite accusations. This is really powerful.

339d9c No.11929378





What the fuck are you talking about? He didn't use the precise wording you wanted? He literally called them evil and satanic and said he wants to rip the covenant apart and end it. He is stating in plain language that Jews are damaging the social fabric and causing unquantifiable suffering to the nation. You cannot call out the Jews any harder than that. You need to fucking chill.

88267f No.11929381


>wearing a shirt with that sick bod

I bet you don't even lift brah.

339d9c No.11929394


Schizo-palooza ITT

2d6739 No.11929411


>It does. Hooktube gets around the age-restriction login required to view this video.

You don't need Hooktube for that. Change from:




(So, replace "watch?v=" for "embed/")

824cf0 No.11929428


Or you could just add "nsfw" in front of "youtube".

85877b No.11929443

cffcef No.11930519


It's a joke.

cffcef No.11930535


>There are maybe, generously, low double digits of good jews who stand up against their shit, across the entire last century.

I would say 1 per decade.

OP kike definitely seems like one of these, he even says he's going to tear asunder and smash all jewishness.

And then proceeds to do it.

I can see why the harvkikes threw him out.

6a9d69 No.11930572


He's the closest thing to Jesus that we've had in 2k years.

bfe0bf No.11930719

as someone who works in a hospital, i am ashamed that this practice still goes on in a first world country.

Is this 2 hour presentation actually worth watching with good information that will cause people to examine their biases, or is it just /pol/ bait for mentioning jews? molyneux's presentation is super convincing already and it's only like half an hour long so you can actually get people to watch it.

000000 No.11930734


Quite the projection, rabbi. Everybody knows Jews are the most prone to Schizophrenia, Psychopathy, and mental illnesses of any group on earth



http://www.jewishencyclopedia com/articles/8123-insanity



>Scientists Discover Gene That Predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to Schizophrenia - Haaretz

http://www.haaretz com/israel-news/.premium-1.560128


>Jewish fear better be grasped as a war against terror within. Jews are too often tormented and haunted by their own racism and supremacy which they attribute to others by means of projection.

>On Jewish projection…


Beyond that, I now know why Jews are so fucked up.

Every from infancy Jew was raped by their rabbis sucking and fucking their weewee as a baby.

It all makes sense now.

7cdd8c No.11932372


should I do a dna test to find out if I'm jew, I know some people in my family have some jew in them and I know I was diagnosed with Schizoid typal which is a type of schizoidphreina

f46266 No.11933224


>should i give jews my money along with my DNA?

take a guess

6da050 No.11934789

Meh. That's what you get for not going to Dartmouth. It's the only Ivy League school left with any real diversity of though. Even Cornell got corrupted, and based Ann Coulter went there.

ab7eda No.11935161


>Genital mutilation is trauma-based mind control




c3255a No.11936903

File: b928cd11fcb8db0⋯.png (95.56 KB, 493x298, 493:298, 722d1d850a60a88ff0adb8a778….png)

File: 72ba6bda88917ee⋯.jpg (45.6 KB, 638x702, 319:351, 1522915237426.jpg)

File: bf3c4c8af11a364⋯.png (394.11 KB, 944x1418, 472:709, jfkcutfag.png)


In the interest of accuracy, the guy sucking baby wiener is known as a mohel and they play a singular role in the Jewish community. The rabbi is like the parish vicar, the ḥazzan is the cantor that leads the congregation in hymn, the yenta is the busybody and gossipmonger (she's usually also a matchmaker, as in Fiddle on the Roof), and the mohel is the genital mutilator. His sole official duty is to circumcise the baby boys. It's pretty fucked up that they consider themselves a light to the world when they can't even sort out ethical behavior in their own society.

d3112d No.11936911

File: 77b168758a37de9⋯.jpg (667.6 KB, 1488x932, 372:233, f24906c656d3f818e80dcd434a….jpg)



They need our energy.

559ed4 No.11938096

File: 1fac80f4ed96471⋯.gif (2.66 MB, 300x169, 300:169, d45ca5e55c5cbf172fffffb553….gif)

Man charged after threats to hospital over circumcision

>Posted: 07/29/18, 2:22 PM EDT

>WEST GOSHEN >> Some wounds never heal.

>West Goshen police have arrested a Westtown man who allegedly made multiple angry telephone calls to staff at the Chester County Hospital, at one point allegedly threatening to “shoot up the maternity ward,” according to a criminal complaint filed earlier this month.

>The reason? The man said he suffers to this day from the forced circumcision he underwent as a baby born at the hospital in January 1995.


Pure coincidence?

1af76a No.11939378

File: c7ef1819a45018c⋯.jpg (58.09 KB, 474x404, 237:202, 1532370867321.jpg)

File: 4515c3af7666496⋯.png (493.01 KB, 1842x897, 614:299, 1532433951103.png)

File: 4af9e4d07c83c2a⋯.png (241.48 KB, 1104x489, 368:163, 1532550366875.png)

File: 87f8606755cf49c⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1900x977, 1900:977, 1532774468323.png)

File: 76bd8435af4cf5e⋯.jpg (27.42 KB, 314x310, 157:155, clopp3.jpg)

Stop Circumcising

a46a63 No.11941270


funny thing about this are all the workarounds like "Rubbing one out before your GF shows up" or "just give amazing head". Their intent was to make a man who could not pleasure a woman, well when 90% of a population is like this, human creativity takes seed

658af9 No.11941326



over 400 replies

post created 8 days ago

still up and visible

what is your autism lever torboy?

dfffb7 No.11941475


Those faggot nurses and doctors should fear for their lives.

dfffb7 No.11941484


Bro you really need to look into the history of blood libel. There are statues of child victims in europe from centuries ago.

f26b8b No.11941550

File: 46ba05f75513545⋯.jpg (47.94 KB, 528x680, 66:85, wtf.jpg)

wtf is going on in his pants? did this guy's dick get half cut off and he wears a prosthetic or something?

a6d440 No.11941623


Hello, kike. He got fired from (((Harvard))). Who can speak without the kike stabbing him to death?

cffcef No.11941633


Immature college dudebro is trying to make a joke while talking about a subject that clearly makes him want to cry. He actually breaks down and his voice cracks a few times when he tells the story about his father.

50705b No.11941638


A fair amount of people have been using that before he did btw.

1d4477 No.11942377


it literally is just an eggplant in his pants

f2f87d No.11943768


abead2 No.11943791

bruh you can only get so redpilled on stage


eaf2c1 No.11949163


63f938 No.11956749

Yeah, that's gonna be a bump.

000000 No.11956773

sick kike motherfuckers what the fuck is wrong with them and their subhuman barbaric practices

3a522d No.11956797

File: 7fe1312022fb136⋯.png (3.28 MB, 1191x7635, 397:2545, The Traditions of the Jews….png)


Agreed, this looks like some manufactured conflict to promote some bulwark history to the goyim.

63f938 No.11956816



Curse your yidsrael

Curse your yahweh

Curse you kikes!

3a522d No.11956819


>yes goyim trust our harvard kike to give you all the details

63f938 No.11956850


So, you have to remember the Samson option. But let me explain how this whole thing works.

OK, have you read MacDonald? Have you read about how kikes exploit individualist society, to give rise to waves of expulsions? Of ostracisms, that kind of thing. Punishment is in individualist (white) DNA.

Kikes have a similar regulatory system. That system is their "Samson" option. To perceive around them evil, and to go nuclear on them.

Saint Paul was one such example.

In this kike is a new Saint Paul.


He, unlike you, are vocally opposing circumcision.

Now, you say you will toss aside this assistance, from within the camp of the kikes, because he is a kike. Now, here's what I hear you saying:

> "I will facilitate the torture of the genitals of white baby boys"

Curse you!

3a522d No.11956865


Fuck you christ-tard. What he's doing is giving you a bulwark of half truths and censored history. Kikes know circumcision is on the out and they need to cover their asses for the history books.

63f938 No.11956898


>circumcision is on the out


That right there.

That is not an argument.

63f938 No.11956901

Suppose you said this: "don't get help from the kikes in stopping the rape of children - because it might rehabilitate their image. Instead, allow the rape to continue."

Ah, such a defender of the children are you!

3ec647 No.11956919


thank you.


Anon don't you fucking get it? They're monetizing OUR ideas and culture instead of us because they can come out in the open and be (((provocative))) without going to jail or being economically jailed like real white men.


Anon delivers!


If you circumcise your kids after having learned about the indignity or such an unnecessary tragedy that befalls our men you get the rope too

What a fucking moron taking his shirt off at the end too

11bbb5 No.11956924

File: b885bd7aae90422⋯.jpg (249.12 KB, 1123x644, 1123:644, Judeo in judeo-christainit….jpg)


>Judeo Christian civ

When someone speaks of Judeochristianity, this is what they mean

63f938 No.11956956


< oy vey, don't follow the Bible and ban circumcision!

< the kikes actually are afraid of circumcision being allowed!

< good, now fight, Christians and Pagans!

0d3655 No.11958182

I'm circumsized. According to dumb-fucks on /pol/ I'm mutilated. I'm also under 6'3", like the vast majority of whites. So I'm a manlet. I'm a mutilated manlet. Why the fuck should I take /pol/ seriously when /pol/, in one way or another, bitches about white birthrates, while also calling the bulk of whites inferior? You know there's not a white nation one arth with an average height of 6'3" or greater, right? You know most whites are blonde or blue-eyed, right? You know hundreds of millions are circumsized, right? You know the hundreds of millions are overweight, namely Germanic people, right? Fucking idiots.

0d3655 No.11958188


most whites aren't blonde or blue-eyed*

559ed4 No.11958208


> I'm also under 6'3", like the vast majority of whites. So I'm a manlet.

Don't take memes so seriously, faggot.

>most whites aren't blonde or blue-eyed*

So? No one here believes "Aryans" are exclusively blonde hair and blue eyed. The Nazis didn't believe this either.

0d3655 No.11958571



So when /pol/ says stupid shit it's just a "meme"? No. /pol/ needs to lose the dumb-ass inconsistencies or you people simply can't be taken seriously.

63f938 No.11958812


< because you call me a manlet it's OK for (((me))) to torture baby penises


9458c5 No.11958819


>comparing height to being cut or not

dumb fuck

000000 No.11958880


/pol/ isn't one person. Shocking, I know, kike.

63f938 No.11958881


It's a kike. He's attacking the messenger. Oldest kike move in the book. Literally. The literal Bible.

4d92f1 No.11964636

File: b9fd4b2892f5206⋯.png (740.3 KB, 962x616, 481:308, sam hyde hunts down a pedo….png)




>being a jew

>going to pol

>throwing some weak fallacy-ridden ass argument out there

>expecting that youll have the last word and win

600908 No.11976078


>(((Einstein))) shirt

>boiston accent

didn't watch, got multiple books giving hundreds of reasons why jewish circumcision is wrong

aebbb3 No.11976149


Which books?

2466ee No.11995058

File: 892bad069177dca⋯.jpeg (616.2 KB, 1103x1770, 1103:1770, F34DCA40-DC12-456B-8C59-B….jpeg)

File: ebfd5abeebbce06⋯.jpeg (114.03 KB, 844x450, 422:225, 83A27AE8-E13B-4300-ABF2-9….jpeg)

File: ba579d2bff9fdae⋯.jpeg (384.31 KB, 616x624, 77:78, 472154BC-FCEB-4ACE-92C9-3….jpeg)




We should hivemind a printer cartridge friendly yet offial looking poster of these, get scrubs and masks from thrift stores, and post them in the men’s rooms and bulletin boards of hospitals near anons.

Infinte genital torture is an additional out of pocket cost in America so the kvetching will be glorious. Lastly, a reminder that in addition to these costs, they turn foreskins into (((beauty products))) that actually age women and give them cancer.

t.soon to be father of a son

t.mutilated psychopath

t.furious at kikes

f50824 No.11995355


((( hooktube doesnt work anymore come back to youtube goyim )))

f50824 No.11995701

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

now if thats a fact, am i lying?

acee5c No.12015079

filthy yids

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