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File: 6d5f27739d28bb9⋯.jpg (370.97 KB, 1600x957, 1600:957, German right anti islam 04.jpg)

c4ce61  No.11912565

BERLIN (Reuters) - Membership in a network of far-right groups that claim allegiance to the pre-war German Reich surged in 2017, Germany’s domestic intelligence service said…

The number of Reichsbuerger - “Reich Citizens” - movement adherents, who say the modern-day Federal Republic of Germany is illegitimate, rose by 65 percent, the agency said in its annual report issued on Tuesday…


Guilt by Association?

Many of the Reichsbuerger, who say they still owe allegiance to Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich defeated in World War Two, have affinities with the violent far-right milieu from which the NSU killers sprung.

>the reference is to the 3 member group "National Socialist Underground" that went on a political crime spree between 2000 - 2007

900 Nazi Extremists

''The German government regards only about five percent of the group as “extremists’ but that was a rise of almost 80 percent from the previous year - from 500 in 2016 to 900 last year.

Annuda Shoah

“There are elements and patterns of argument pointing to anti-Semitic ideology (in these groups),” the Office of the Protection of the Constitution (the government's) annual report said, adding that the majority of the 16,500 groups’ members were (adult) men…

>The article then conflates far-right groups with “Selbstverwalter” - the German version of quirky 'Sovereign Citizens' groups - and the reporters mix the membership numbers and other metrics together. The result is almost meaningless statistics, but here's what Reuters reports -→

Gun Ownership among these Germans

Many Reichsbuerger and Selbstverwalter citizens own guns and around 7 percent have weapons permits, compared to 2 percent of the population overall, the report showed.

“In 2017 around 1,100 members of the Reichsbuerger and Selbstverwalter (Reuters mixes apples with oranges) obtained a gun license, posing a high-risk group within the scene which is drawing the attention of security authorities.”

Despite the increase in the numbers of identified far-right sympathizers, far-right violent crime dropped 34 percent overall in 2017, the report showed.




4f0a2c  No.11912750

Hahahaha get fucked Rapefujews

000000  No.11912916

Go Go Germany. Never give up.

e6f460  No.11912953

File: 2b6b4ede30a06fc⋯.jpg (79.71 KB, 600x776, 75:97, world is a fuck.jpg)

You can gaslight the masses, but you can't change the facts nor can you hide the truth. The current German government is a U.S. puppet government and has been ever since V-Day.

ae21e2  No.11913970

File: d2ff8b5bdacf4c3⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1500x1071, 500:357, loli pirate captain with m….png)


e9b606  No.11914197

File: 6976a59894af870⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 200x149, 200:149, 1500603018654.gif)

/jews/ will not post in the thread hahaha

4bda1d  No.11914294

File: eb3bf85cc8b4ecd⋯.jpg (77.58 KB, 905x610, 181:122, reichsburger.jpg)


c353d1  No.11914301

File: 2dd042320ef7674⋯.png (1021.97 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, 2FBimj1.png)

File: c06e6a9c4c7eabf⋯.jpg (436 B, 16x15, 16:15, bypass.jpg)


Never surrender. Be the change you want to see.

952cbe  No.11914322

File: b102d7ae0abdd33⋯.jpg (123.77 KB, 612x795, 204:265, white power pepe.jpg)


1f152a  No.11914352

File: 9a9bf2e88a8e078⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1478x2100, 739:1050, Ch06_Image03_large.jpg)

c353d1  No.11914356

File: 86b08443f11b865⋯.jpg (93.96 KB, 809x1024, 809:1024, Lu8ZRST.jpg)



1f1edb  No.11915498

Reichsbürger are the German equivalent of Freemen on the Land, that is: Retarded.

c5cd4c  No.11915554

500% in 5 years

c5cd4c  No.11915558


5000% in 5 years

a9fd42  No.11915559

File: 1244bac07adc211⋯.jpg (89.63 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Dabburger.jpg)

c5cd4c  No.11915560



Fuck did not please kek well enough

a9fd42  No.11915565

File: 4fe1e8296e996a1⋯.png (186.33 KB, 300x434, 150:217, CheezeNazi.png)


meant to post pic related

23e1b3  No.11915734

File: d9529911a6313d4⋯.png (153.54 KB, 201x359, 201:359, d55bb110f0f19f01a0e55eda34….png)

d8a1fe  No.11915885

File: 09b59c0db4c44c2⋯.jpg (114.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1500802605305.jpg)

>“It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right.”

23e1b3  No.11915939

File: 11b054a9e2ec5b9⋯.jpg (1005.21 KB, 3604x2405, 3604:2405, 001c4913-d930-419f-8e70-25….jpg)

White Pride

23e1b3  No.11916094


6cacdb  No.11916299

fdf89a  No.11916375


>us puppet

that's a funny way to say (((eu))) you sneaky little kike

fcc526  No.11916446


Its like consequences of stupid decisions should not be given?

>What did they expect, Additional Garland of flowers

2e4d70  No.11916457

If the Nazis didn't want WWII, and were sending peace treaties to the allies, then why where they invading neighboring countries instead of just defending Germany?

e1b1d4  No.11916470

>>11915554 after what 2 million rapefugee's enter. If that can't produce an equal and opposite number of violent men to counter the invasion what would?

990abd  No.11916506

File: 87df9275f347514⋯.jpg (743.55 KB, 1296x834, 216:139, us-ancestry-grid.jpg)

>they called us burgers

>they memed too hard


03aaeb  No.11916527


> but that was a rise of almost 80 percent from the previous year - from 500 in 2016 to 900 last year.




23e1b3  No.11916626

Kill all non-Whites

675ed4  No.11916633

File: fe84b7d03c944a6⋯.png (954.81 KB, 858x1208, 429:604, Hitler you must remember.png)

File: dd60e30884c3bb2⋯.gif (29.06 KB, 482x800, 241:400, 5 out of 5 breddy gud.gif)

Come ged the dasdiesd Reichsburgers in down :DDDD with a gomblimendary jew bizza :DDD

47e471  No.11916763


>White Pride

Little girl looks like a high yella mulatto.

cb6810  No.11916813


What is up with Norwegians? Even I have some of those retards in my family tree.

d768ab  No.11916816

File: 80dd1e68ecdb5d7⋯.jpg (46.55 KB, 680x433, 680:433, 8b2.jpg)

File: 91943b1910e705c⋯.png (7.86 KB, 96x95, 96:95, 96px-Amonkhet_Emblem.png)

File: 412e08339431c59⋯.png (114.03 KB, 223x311, 223:311, foretold.png)



>Reichs Burger

<Hitler said the Americans would be the next uprising of National Socialism

It's as foretold

c4ce61  No.11917333

File: 3c8718f811528b7⋯.jpg (74.12 KB, 600x361, 600:361, German NPD gas geben.jpg)

The farthest Right political party (that's legal) in Germany is the NPD.

"The National Democratic Party of Germany (German: Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands) is a far-right and ultranationalist political party in Germany. wikipedia_org/wiki/National_Democratic_Party_of_Germany

NPD must of produced this election poster - "Give em' the Gas" just for the LULZ

964ac2  No.11917860

File: af18423190dbbc5⋯.jpg (82.49 KB, 1280x1189, 1280:1189, photo_2017-08-10_00-12-39.jpg)

God what a great fuckin' day.

bb28ec  No.11917892


400 / 500 = 80%

290a55  No.11917917


i think the leader is also a litteral kike

we are not going to get out of jewish control though centralized systems and groups, they can infiltrate and control those, they always take over

it must be decentralised

they could control a group of a thousand by controlling all candidates for leader

but they cant control or stop a thousand stand alones commited to a simple goal; kill every kike

so form cells and never let your cell get bigger than five

if the cells can grow like cancer in a society, each cell tailoring its radicalization and motivation to its own cell, if the cells form faster than they can be taken down than victory can be had

cf1dd9  No.11918160


what about them? they moved here

522ee9  No.11918198

File: 2a2711c4da8c2d9⋯.jpg (262.35 KB, 912x1119, 304:373, Check_Em.jpg)


Criminally underchecked dub dubs

turbojej lad

522ee9  No.11918201

File: 1b217b37e75f376⋯.png (76.8 KB, 771x686, 771:686, enough_thinking.png)


>tfw one off

94a074  No.11944386

File: 66380f0aa7a87b1⋯.png (482.16 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

dc2cba  No.11945456


4de5f4  No.11948496


Hi Shlomo

23e1b3  No.11951404

File: 36a8a311cb4aa16⋯.png (1.29 MB, 2007x1128, 669:376, 36a8a311cb4aa16fcb329fe407….png)

0d6cb3  No.11954728

These guys are almost the German version of sovereign citizens in North America. A lot of them claim that the Weimar Constitution is still in effect and that the 1949 Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany was never properly and legally enacted. This is kind of like how SCs in the USA claim that the US Constitution was never properly enacted, and that the Articles of Confederation is the only constitution with legal standing.

0d6cb3  No.11954760


Meh, at least it's not Swedish. And I thought I had some Norwegian in my family tree, turns out that it was Finnish. Eh, still a belligerent power that fought alongside the Axis, so good enough for me.

70f5bf  No.11954814


54f197  No.11954899


You mean (((EU))) (((leader))). Germany (((leads))) the EU while the eternal Jew owns Germany's "leaders" and etc.

36a56f  No.11955672

File: 7698877a517e848⋯.jpg (69.21 KB, 700x518, 50:37, siener paining.jpg)

Siener predicted this.

5a7061  No.11955705


This gives incredible hope. Feeling like we're living in the wrong timeline or world since 1945- the weird, fake borders of modern Germany…all of this can be remedied! If I was german I would sign up tomorrow with them.

As a Britbong I support Reichsburgers in Deutschland, and support a return to Germany's pre-Versailles borders (and an Anschluss). There was never a worse days work done than the signing of Versailles and it is time the ugly child of the treaty in the form of the modern world is fixed.

f81dfb  No.11955774


Sometimes I get the feeling everything is controlled opposition. Whenever some political movement or group emerges, its usually an "extremist" one. Don't get me wrong, its nice to see some nationalistic spirit, but "just" as an ethno nationalist, I have no relation to NatSocs, I despise socialism in every form and big government that comes with it. For some here it might be a sad revelation, but national socialism isn't a very popular ideology, if you disagree you should get some fresh air more often. Especially Americans and other non Europeans don't even have a clue what the average self proclaimed Nazi is in Germany. 80% of them are literally social rock bottom, Antifa with different colors.

>900 Nazi Extremists

You wouldn't want to associate yourselves with 700 of them. These are not decent people. They litter like niggers, they do not improve themselves, they have miserable education and do nothing to make life better for their children.

So everyone, especially non-Germans cheering at this development have no fucking clue that they are cheering for white niggers. You might claim that I am bias because I'm not an NatSoc, but unless you have experience with these people, you know shit. And its because of these white niggers, that this right surge will do more harm then anything useful.

241fde  No.11955810


You're probably right about them being controlled and/or uneducated, given the track record of things lately, but you didn't need to reveal that you had a gaping wound in your head where your frontal lobe had ought to be. We absolutely must have the fanaticism and control that Hitler had or we're dead, and here you are getting hung up on words like "socialism". You're the one who needs oxygen, as there is a massive destructive force explicitly against ethnonationalism and you are not going to have it ever again complete domination over the fucking sheep that comprise your "decent people" and generations of eugenics to fix how fucking gullible and cowardly they are, you silly lolberg.

241fde  No.11955813


*not going to have it ever again WITHOUT complete domination

c441bc  No.11955818


> who say they still owe allegiance to Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich

Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit

The vast majority of the Reichsbürger are Monachists who consider the current German government illegitimate because of the way the Allies deposed the German government after the war.

>National Socialist Underground

The so-called National Socialist Unerground is a fiction built up by the government to coverup a killing spree commited either by Turkish military intelligence or organised crime (most likely both overlap anyway). The only evidence for it's existence as quite literally forged by Antifa.

7af63e  No.11955821


>no dutch at all

I don't believe you.

84e119  No.11955832


>correct usage of Israeli toilet paper

84e119  No.11955844


you need to read hitlers' last written statement, on hitler.org writings section.

f7c845  No.11955976

File: 017079c3cbaaa07⋯.gif (2.05 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1282650438790.gif)


It doesnt mean there is nobody with dutch ancestry in the USA.

The map just means there is no state where the majority group has dutch ancestry.

>MFW some Americans call themselves 'Irish American' or 'Italian American' but they dont say 'German American' or 'English American'.

7af63e  No.11956034


We sold Nieuw Amsterdam to you britbongs to become New York damnit, where's our dutch representation?!

polite sage for offtopic

b1f3cd  No.11956325



416866  No.11957649

when government is illegal, people make their own rules.

c4fdf1  No.11959533





c4fdf1  No.11959553

File: c7f7cc46c98ea25⋯.jpg (164.41 KB, 992x1280, 31:40, III._Weg_b.jpg)


Not really.. we have der dritte weg… aka the new nsdap but sadly a very very small party without many followers

3973f7  No.11959559


Kraut-Burger here; this is truly the timeline I have been living for.

c4fdf1  No.11959570


But in germany it's actually true and even very big politicians and lawyers confirmed this

The brd is not a real country and the third reich still exist

49ee1e  No.11960108


amonkhet was jewish as fuck.

5cb17b  No.11961940

>Far right

>Nationalist socialist flags

So I take it all you have to do to be considered right of the middle is call yourself a nationalist?

000000  No.11962076

Russia is German clay

2df722  No.11962160

File: 42c373abb53abb9⋯.jpeg (294.24 KB, 1770x1770, 1:1, A30049A8-D814-46DE-8D41-5….jpeg)


>dat pic

Is this a CFR bot created meme?

6a2a1f  No.11969419


I can guarantee that the surge is being caused by a bunch of useless, affluent, usually blind up until now, 50+yo boomers,

Germany's far right rallies today are an absolute disgrace, 80% of the people in the crowds I see are literally balding. Same for the rest of the west. Slavic rallies with their little red flares absolutely shit on ours

ae217b  No.11969469


Yep, I saw goblina, assumed that was the joke.

988a8c  No.11969578

File: 6c6cfad75b6a9be⋯.jpg (38.46 KB, 331x458, 331:458, 1432490634387.jpg)


Germany's far-right AfD increasingly radicalized by its grassroots, experts warn

Many prominent members of the far-right Alternative for Germany are seemingly unafraid of espousing racist ideology and historical revisionism. Experts warn the organization is becoming increasingly radicalized.

The right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) has been no stranger to scandal since its formation five years ago. The latest controversy surrounding the party, the third largest in Germany's parliament, involves a man widely revered in the country today: Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. A colonel in the Wehrmacht, Germany's Nazi-era army, he spearheaded an effort to assassinate Adolf Hitler in the summer of 1944. Although the attempt was unsuccessful, it is considered an act of heroism in Germany to this day.

One of the AfD's rising young stars, Lars Steinke, recently branded von Stauffenberg and his fellow would-be Hitler assassins as "traitors and enemies of the German people," an opinion that is not uncommon in right-wing extremist circles. Steinke is the head of the AfD's youth faction, the Junge Alternative, in the northwestern German state of Lower Saxony. His Facebook post denigrating von Stauffenberg drew outrage from within the Junge Alternative as well as more senior members of the AfD. At the state and national level, his fellow party members are calling for his expulsion. And this is not the first time. At the beginning of the year, his colleagues denounced him and tried to have him removed from the AfD because of his ties to right-wing extremists.

According to political analyst Werner Patzelt, this eagerness to overstep the boundaries by younger party members is seen as an act of duty. In the AfD, "the sludge rises to the top easily and unfiltered," Patzelt told DW. The sentiment Steinke expressed, that those who conspired to assassinate Hitler are not heroes, has a certain "tradition" in Germany, and this latest incident is a confirmation of that legacy, he explained.


facce5  No.11969625

File: 54cedf48280b2d5⋯.jpg (14.31 KB, 225x225, 1:1, angry.jpg)


>Many Reichsbuerger and Selbstverwalter citizens own guns and around 7 percent have weapons permits, compared to 2 percent of the population overall, the report showed.

Well that's not good. Time to confiscate and ban guns from these bad goys.

1ba238  No.11969632


I've always wondered where the hell do we get all these flares from

f3a5c3  No.11969794

*Horst-Wessel-Lied plays in the distance*

c4ce61  No.11969806

File: 84a4ad15eb1d742⋯.jpg (95.88 KB, 1024x1001, 1024:1001, Lars Steinke bigish.jpg)

File: 9f1fea89d05781d⋯.jpg (149.88 KB, 959x574, 137:82, Lars Steinke.jpg)


>Despite what you say, this guy is no tattered boomer..


''"An AfD local leader was lambasted on social media and by his own party after calling Claus von Stauffenberg, a man who lead a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler a “coward” and a “traitor.”

the WWII Plot

"Von Stauffenberg led a group of Wehrmacht officers in the unsuccessful attempt to kill Hitler along in late July 1944 during ‘Operation Valkyrie.’ He was executed by firing squad after the failed bid. In modern Germany, many (>obedient and brainwashed cucks) regard Von Stauffenberg… as a hero."

Right Wing Youth

Yet Lars Steinke, the head of the youth wing of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Lower Saxony, countered that view in a blunt statement, saying for him the officer was “an enemy of the German nation” and his “personal enemy.”

happened on Facebook

During a private Facebook discussion, cited by local media, Steinke suggested that Von Stauffenberg’s action actually represented “a shameful attempt of a coward” who “wanted to save his own skin in front of the advancing victors.”

Doubling down on that, the (based young) politician claimed: “Stauffenberg was a traitor who was ready to sacrifice millions of lives without any notable benefit for the German nation.”

says WWII was against Germany

Steinke argued that the war was not against Hitler, but against Germany. Hence, “wiping out” the Nazi leader would not have stopped the bloodshed. He even claimed the consequences of a successful assassination of Adolf Hitler would have been even more grave than what transpired.

>source -


9740ec  No.11969830

Reminder that Germany is a non country. Reminder that "german identity" was created out of thin air by Bismarck.

I'm swabian, not german. Baden, Swabia and Bavaria must be released from the claws of Berlin and Prussia occupation that lasted for a very long time.

f3a5c3  No.11969840

File: f9f2144ba565b9b⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1439x1072, 1439:1072, DEXATI20180806180821.png)

a9001e  No.11969877

File: ca965ca0c84d52d⋯.jpg (545.53 KB, 1143x1487, 1143:1487, 13_marz_1938_ein_volk_ein_….jpg)


You're a fucking moron, that's what you are.

Ich geb dir eine Zuhälterschelle.

f84ccc  No.11969904


>Sometimes I get the feeling everything is controlled opposition

Aye, certainly it is. It's a predicable consequence of unchecked immigration and skyrocketing gang rape and violence. They will go so far as to arm certain groups and let many others thrive.

The thing is, they expect us to act a certain way. All we need to do is be ready for the proper inflection point(s) to use their own weapons against them.

Come to think of it, there may already be more of us than there are jews anywhere, not to speak of ones that can steer the movements they intended to use.

1ba238  No.11969946

beea2c  No.11969979

Sounds like a Soros-funded controlled op against Russia again.

6111ed  No.11970538


>far-right violent crime dropped 34 percent overall in 2017


In German context, is that good or bad? I don't care about the moral implications of violence, because it's completely morally acceptable, but does violence either help or hurt German nationalism?

c4ce61  No.11970645

File: ac02aff43f129ed⋯.jpg (30.41 KB, 720x378, 40:21, rubiks nats 720.jpg)


I can't find Swabian on Google translate or on Babel fish.

What language do you speak?

Have you Swabians heard about rat-faced jews running D&C operations on social media?

6a1b2e  No.11970936


Looks like Germany is hoping to get its ass kicked again.

6111ed  No.11970977



a brainlet and a shill walk into a bar

c4ce61  No.11971664


I learned something new. Thanks.


Salute… and God Speed, brother.

e5ee52  No.11971882


Looks like you're hoping to get your ass gassed for the first time.

d76771  No.11972339


>I'm swabian, not german. Baden, Swabia and Bavaria must be released from the claws of Berlin and Prussia occupation that lasted for a very long time.

t. brainlet

Swabia without Pan-German protection is a non-entity and would be gobbled up rapidly by France, as happened with Alsace.

aea4a6  No.11972885


Get to recruiting? Rural and Eastern communities would be a perfect target I'm sure

4c9e6c  No.11972921


Fuck jewtin and its dogshit communist race.

4c9e6c  No.11972925


*Sweating subhuman poles intensify*

c4ce61  No.11973068

File: 95092637200eba0⋯.jpg (159.46 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, German AfD v Merkel.jpg)

Germany's far-right AfD increasingly Radicalized by its grassroots - experts warn

from DW

Many prominent members of the far-right Alternative for Germany are seemingly unafraid of espousing racist ideology and historical revisionism. Experts warn the organization is becoming increasingly radicalized.

the Purpose of Provocation

According to 'political analyst' Werner Patzelt, this eagerness to overstep the boundaries by younger party members is seen as an act of duty…

"Franziska Schreiber, a 28-year-old AfD defector, warned the AfD is adopting provocative and radical stances that promote historical revisionism. "The heads of the AfD are under a lot of pressure," Schreiber, who recently published a book on the increasingly open extremism within the party, told DW.

"The (White Nationalists) actually represent the momentum of the AfD," said Patzelt, noting that this far-right faction makes up the majority at party conferences. Those who want to rise to a leadership position within the AfD "do well to listen to these people," he added.

"The more moderate voices within the AfD get little airtime, and the fate of former party head Bernd Lucke is evidence of that. "





58d639  No.11976665


sounds like America.

b97dc5  No.11976718


>looks like germany is hoping to get its ass kicked again

<yes, actually, we are

You fucking Germans, I swear.

dfb360  No.11976724

File: 0290514b39f15a4⋯.jpeg (21.96 KB, 220x243, 220:243, 220px-Mein_Kampf_dust_jac….jpeg)

Do you guys have a great pdf translation of Mein Kampf that's not a (((revised version))) ?

1bb580  No.11976728

File: 54d8fb1fdb5bf47⋯.png (41.43 KB, 800x480, 5:3, DoD_Flag.png)

>The number of Reichsbuerger - “Reich Citizens” - movement adherents, who say the modern-day Federal Republic of Germany is illegitimate, rose by 65 percent, the agency said in its annual report issued on Tuesday…

They're correct, of course, but where are the real flags?

1bb580  No.11976768

File: 76bcea39afa19d1⋯.jpg (260.68 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Modern_Germans_5.jpg)


Wish them the best, but I'm not hopeful.

a6639f  No.11976769

File: 936d6e1eada8e8d⋯.pdf (2.43 MB, 1415736413599-1.pdf)


I have the Stalag version

dfb360  No.11976792

File: 0dda3d8a6f06f21⋯.png (14.46 KB, 524x685, 524:685, 1526410316354.png)


Thanks bronon

c4ce61  No.11980026

File: e2d77c2fa9938da⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 873x731, 873:731, Bjorn Hocke salute.jpg)

Björn Höcke

The head of the AfD in the state of Thuringia made headlines for referring to Berlin's Holocaust memorial as a "monument of shame" and calling on the country to stop atoning for its Nazi past.

German media giant Deutshce Welle honors his statement as "One of the Top Ten Most Offensive Comments" ever spoken by AfD politicians

266515  No.11980049

File: 7f9a4fd7f7e4f03⋯.png (369.31 KB, 525x444, 175:148, 1533677571348.png)


The eternal kr*uts

c4ce61  No.11980056


Try Google translate before making your stupidity clear to everyone.

Wir sind das Volk means "We are the People"

What happened to that much vaunted "high verbal IQ" of jews such as you?

I'm not optimistic about your ability to participate in simple discourse, but I don't wish you luck.

fc0172  No.11980059

File: 6c35704e50ebe4c⋯.jpg (50.81 KB, 263x317, 263:317, hitler proud.jpg)

May the blood of many Muslim invaders fill the gutters.

290a55  No.11980070



a man loses his

hands, his abilty to post on 8chan

will be


4c9e6c  No.11980176




Winning or losing, the subhuman poles will always remain slaves for krauts and the anglos will revert back to their true animal selves.

266515  No.11980197

File: fae09c89222c9fa⋯.png (205.56 KB, 444x638, 222:319, 9d7dbb9816c730dcc91602c883….png)


Mhmm let's see how that turns out, slave of Angela Kaźmierczak.

7a0adc  No.11980214


>Poland is so important that the entire world fought Germany because of it.

is this what poles really and truly believe?

2004e2  No.11980288

File: 3e68864811c3786⋯.webm (164.15 KB, 496x360, 62:45, hebs out!.webm)

b434a8  No.11980291


That meme makes no sense at all.

08b84e  No.11980301


The left can't meme.

18fb3e  No.11980318


Because it isn't based on truth. The world declared war on Germany, not the other way around.

969b3f  No.11980656


So many spics

969b3f  No.11980665

File: 190b84b79873eee⋯.png (30.96 KB, 112x91, 16:13, le 56%.PNG)

266515  No.11980666


>annex league of nations territory thus declaring war on the league of nations

>duh allies declared war on muh Germany

rly makes you think

c4ce61  No.11980709


Jews can't meme because they can't communicate without including lies, and in some uncanny way the combination of a graphic image with a text message is a medium more conducive to truth than lies.

And you're right, the meme will convince nobody of anything. It's nonsense.

e602c8  No.11980949


No it's not nonsense. Jews can't do anything but lie and swinde and left is apathy in human package. Remind yourself that this piece of shit cartoon made leftist laugh.

8af311  No.11983522


Every good Swabian has heard about the jew. Joseph Süß Oppenheimer was hanged in Swabia.

c4ce61  No.11983693

File: fb8d5c92a49c534⋯.jpg (95.59 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, Beatrix von Storch.jpg)

Beatrix von Storch

"People who won't accept STOP at our borders are attackers," the European lawmaker said. "And we have to defend ourselves against attackers."

AfD is becoming more popular by and through the appeal of their nationalist orators.

Deutsche Welle lists Beatrix von Storch on their Index of AfD Leaders and their most Triggering Remarks

c69712  No.11984159


Fucking based.

d4055f  No.11986610


> I'm not same Jew that started the Poland vs Germany thread earlier today in order to divide white people that don't exist.

> I mean, I'm not Jewish.

18fb3e  No.11986626


>Soviets do it too

>just get kicked out and not have war declared against it

Really makes you think.

4c9e6c  No.11986692


What the fuck do you think?

The shitpoles cry about krauts blitzing them for being retards but try their best to ignore people calling them out on the invasion of Czechslovakia and the Ukraine.

One of their argument even included "Does Czechslovakia still exist?"

4c9e6c  No.11986697


Say what you want but the AfD has constantly casted out cucked members. They still need to work on le ebil nutzee, but one of them came out and called stauffenberg a traitor, which is correct.

Fire is rising.

f264ad  No.11986852


Von Storch is a huge cuck for Israel though, constantly talking about our judeo-christian culture.

cb3536  No.11986861


Oh Андрей, you big joker you.

How's life in USA? Did negros finally allowed you to play basketball on their turf?

cb3536  No.11986872


> Hitler declares war on world

> "It's because of Polan"

Friendo, this is too crude even for a bait.

7dcb39  No.11986874

It's a super fringe group but (((they))) try to squash every ethnic German fringe group as it arises.

Germany is a prison country for ethnic Germans.

0d0f2e  No.11987106


Pennsylvania "Dutch" is actually German

d13037  No.11987109


>Poland steals land from Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania and the Leage of Nations (remember, Danzig was a Free City, and not under Polish sovereignty)


307e1b  No.11987125

>Many of the Reichsbuerger, who say they still owe allegiance to Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich defeated in World War Two, have affinities with the violent far-right milieu from which the NSU killers sprung.

Is this what they say or what (((they))) and the (((media))) say

d13037  No.11987136


Media lies, basically.

There is practically no connection between the Reichsbürger and the Far Right.

Reichsbürger are more like "sovereign citizens", who claim that the German government is illegitimate and they are thus not obliged to pay taxes.

The NSU probably didn't exist at all and was more likely a false flag to cover up Turkish/Kurdish crime family feuds and bring their favorite boogieman, the far right terrorist, back into people's minds.

f264ad  No.11987196


Another thing about the NSU: the case files are under lock for the next 125 years, not suspicious at all.

7ac75b  No.11987433

File: dd9449ec37dbde9⋯.png (82.89 KB, 351x435, 117:145, 20180810_073543.png)

c4ce61  No.11993070

File: 91c2e9ffa1e319e⋯.jpg (9.44 KB, 248x203, 248:203, Reichsbürger map.jpg)


On August 9th Newsweek published one of the most overwrought and hyperbolic pieces of "journalism" to disgrace the MSM in a long time, evidently trying to whip up a frenzy about counter-Semitic gun lovers setting the stage for Shoah 2.0

Who are the Reichsbürger? Far-right cult is building an army of anti-Semitic gun lovers in Germany

>after leading with that nearly hysterical headline, Newsweek (Jewsweek) labels these Germans a CULT - and not just any old garden variety cult, but rather, a "strange" one


"A strange cult called the Reichsbürger, or “citizens of the Reich,” is emerging in Germany, and it’s raising alarm bells (>among jews who read Newsweek) with its far-right views and love of guns.

Newsweek cites Mysterious Anonymous Reports - warns of Private Army taking shape

Reports out of Germany suggest that the group has between 15,000 and 18,000 members, around 1,200 of whom are believed to have obtained firearms legally. German media reported that the group’s membership grew by around 56 percent last year, and that the organization is attempting to form an army.

Oy Vey, these Krauts are getting Pushy

Their behavior has become more aggressive in recent years. The last couple of years the German government has paid a lot more attention to them, to get a grip on how many there are and who they are.,” Jorn Fleck, an "expert on German politics", told Newsweek.

>thank g-d the staff at Jewsweek knows where to find "experts" whenever they are needed

Reichsbürger FAQ

The Reichsbürger’s members unite around the idea that the German Empire’s 1871 borders are still legitimate, and that parts of Germany are occupied by the Allied forces that defeated the Nazis during World War II. Germany became a nation-state for the first time in 1871 after then-Chancellor Otto von Bismarck defeated France in the Franco-Prussian war. The Reichsbürger’s nationalist members (remember) this era.

>Where's the lie? US military bases still maintain American garrisons in Germany. The Russians packed up and went home after 1989, but American ZOG never leaves unless forced to leave.


000000  No.11996386


A court in Gießen has already ruled that being associated with the Reichsbürger-scene is enough to to be denied a gun license or have an existing one revoked and your guns taken away.

The judge argued that someone who openly refuses to obey the constitution cannot be relied on to respect gun laws. This goes for members AND sympathizers of the Reichsbürger movement.

Sorry, article is German only.


c4ce61  No.11996899



I don;t know about Google.de, but now Google.com's standard offer (just click the link) to "translate this page" doesn't translate pages about the Reichburger movement. Instead my browser just goes to an 'error' message page.

We English speakers can get around this new 'Iron Curtain' from Jewgle if we open the target German web page and then copy-paste the test into Google (or Babelfish, etc) form fields on their standard "translate text" feature page,


0b3fef  No.11997242


off yourself kike

1bb580  No.11997250

File: 68d1a226da5051b⋯.jpg (103.82 KB, 720x530, 72:53, SS.jpg)


Not sending your best, Kraut. Where's the old spirit? Oh yeah, never mind. . .

6b6671  No.11997981


According to Woodrow Wilson's ideas of self-determination, the German peoples in Danzig aka 95% of the population had the right to rejoin Germany.

9a6f76  No.11998377


less meat than a normal burger

c4ce61  No.11998568

File: bf83aa96150edd0⋯.jpg (23.66 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Marcus Pretzell.jpg)

>Marcus Pretzell is former chairman of the AfD in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and husband to Frauke Petry, who is a current Member of the European Parliament,

AfD member Marcus Pretzell reacted to the bloody massacre of Germans being deliberately mowed down at the Berlin Christmas Market on December 19, 2016 by a truck driven by yet another Muslim immigrant with a written analysis. Shortly after news broke of the deadly attacke Pretzeli wrote

"These are Merkel's dead."

As a result of voicing the obvious truth, (anti-)German media giant Deutsche Welle has placed him on their list of "AFD LEADERS AND THEIR MOST OFFENSIVE REMARKS"

f264ad  No.12000005


Pretzell was an even bigger cuck than most others in the AfD, this is the guy who always tried to purge the party of "far-right" elements.

This is the kind of cuckservative who would gladly make a coalition with SPD or CDU just to stay in power.

e03616  No.12000504


000000  No.12000555



>Pretzell was an even bigger cuck than most others in the AfD, tried to purge the party of "far-right" elements

Wonder how much he and his Stasi wife Petry got payed?

692cc0  No.12000591


>invading neighboring countries

Prior to the Western Allies declaring war, Germany did nothing more than defend Germans living in German lands. The part of Poland they occupied was taken from Germany only 20 years before at the treaty of Versailles. Russia invaded the rest of Poland, why didn't we declare war on them?

2e5f06  No.12000771


This >>12000591

And Russia had been threatening to subvert the West since the end of WW1, when everyone sent troops to support the Whites in Russia's civil war.

Also, Germany was understandably a little pissed for being blamed for the entirety of WW1, forced to pay larges sums of money as "war reparations", and having large portions of their nation taken from them, even though they had nothing to do with the start of the war and were just as "guilty" as every other nation involved, except for Austria-Hungary and Serbia, the two parties the conflict began between. Germany was initially invading land that belonged to them prior to the Treaty of Versailles, which they viewed as illegitimate for the aforementioned reasons.

c4ce61  No.12001676

Deutsche Welle published yet another hit piece - the jews-media in Germany are reaching a frenzied state of mind about this group.

Germany cracking down on armed far-right Reichsbürger

"Germany's government has said it confiscated firearms from hundreds of members of the Reichsbürger scene. Authorities have identified some 2,000 more people who identify with Germany's most idiosyncratic far-right group."

c4ce61  No.12001690

File: ef41f39deefd80e⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Reichsbürger guns.jpg)


my bad - here's the link - https://www.dw.com/en/germany-cracking-down-on-armed-far-right-reichsb%C3%BCrger/a-45044213

And a pic of confiscated firearms that goes with the DW report.

"The head of Germany's domestic security agency on Saturday hailed efforts to disarm members of the far-right Reichsbürger scene and other groups who reject the German state, but warned the group's threat level still remains critically high."

a220aa  No.12001823


>The so-called National Socialist Unerground is a fiction built up by the government to coverup a killing spree commited either by Turkish military intelligence or organised crime (most likely both overlap anyway). The only evidence for it's existence as quite literally forged by Antifa.

Do you have sources to back up these claims? I'm genuinely interested

ee0ce3  No.12018770

File: 01bdec65d5cd011⋯.jpg (329.3 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 24560.jpg)


It's really more of a containment zone. There's like only 3 real members (the Udos and Hodor Apfat) and the rest are government agents.

You should've seen the absolute cluster fuck when they tried to ban them, 180 branch heads/officers were government informants…. Including the guy who sold the one spree killer a decade ago his gun that he used to kill 6 or so rapefugees with.

It's almost like a big fun joke everyone is in on except those retarded skinnies

f91637  No.12019034

f91637  No.12019045

File: f4fca805f64afb8⋯.jpg (379.19 KB, 600x471, 200:157, 15323804767302792570722218….jpg)

000000  No.12019073

merkel is deeply unpopular as it is im curious to see where this goes

f91637  No.12019091

jews are fast running out of friends.

good times.

4d61cb  No.12020868


They don’t want to grow, they’re sticking to a small party because the more popular they get the more government informants they get. They’re trying to not turn out to be like the NPD

4d61cb  No.12021070

File: 2e7a3f28e808e1b⋯.png (122.11 KB, 470x597, 470:597, D8585267-1DAD-4DC3-9106-EF….png)


So you don’t understand how military strategy works? Germany’s only natural border with France was/is the river Rhein. And Baden-Württemburg has foothills but isn’t mountainous. Defending would have been a nightmare and meant under utilizing Germany’s tanks, which were fast and light at the start of the war, dive bombers/CAS, and Fallschirmjäger. Also it would have recreated WWI with Germany getting blockaded, and grinding troops down in arty barrages, which Germany wouldn’t have been able to withstand because without France falling in 6 weeks Britain could freely move as much men and materials across the channel to help France and grind away at German defenses. Which sounds better to you: blitzing a weaker and using your speed to make reorganizing and reinforcing difficult and causing one enemy tocapitulate in 6 weeks, or sitting in sub-optimal terrain defending with an army made for offence for months, taking the full force of both nations? Also from a diplomatic point of view which is better: a long war where you have either gained no land or slowly lost some with neither side making much gains, or a quick capture of an enemy capital where you were an undisputed victor? If I were to negotiate a favourable peace treaty I would much rather be in the latter situation. Of course Hitler made a fatal mistake in assuming that the show of power from decimating France, and the Benelux would be enough to make Churchill accept a white peace. This of course lead the the situation of Britain invading Iceland and planning invasions of Scandinavia to strike back at Germany, which forced Hitler to invade Denmark and Norway to cover his northern border. Which unfortunately meant he had thousands of kilometres of coastline to now defend while he made a preemptive strike on the soviets, who had failed almost every campaign beforehand, and were the successor to the Russian Empire which also didn’t fair too well in wars the century prior. Hitler’s hand was forced for every invasion except for Poland which would have meant letting his people be killed and letting a state occupying de jure German Land (not Posen) push him around.

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