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File: 306f4235f653e23⋯.jpg (3.59 MB, 2641x2372, 2641:2372, pol approved gaming.jpg)

2f0108  No.11924363

ITT: we submit our ideas for games, and discuss them with each other, the (((gaming industry))) is never going to make our games for us and the increasingly nationalist generation Z, and the (((indie gaming scene))) is just as rife with socjus useful idiots.

But a game's greatness is not defined by it's budget or endorsement from the (((mainstream media))), a well-made game can go viral even if it was made by one poorfag in a basement, we have access to more than that, we can make a forbidden game that will be widely played because it's forbidden, or simply make a game that's so seemingly innocuous that you'd never believe it was created by nazis.

at the very least we can create a fun game that we can play knowing it's 100% free of (((their))) influence.

cb5663  No.11924398

Follow the way of Destructive Creations, they know how to make cheap but good looking games i.e. Ancestor's Legacy.

2f0108  No.11924431


cheap games can look really good, check out a game made by a team of one furfag with only crowdfunding called "dust: an elysian tale".

quality doesn't have to equal cost.

06c82b  No.11924436


Nothing coming from a furfag could ever be worth looking at.

Why dont we make a game out of who can outdo the unabomber?

aa03b2  No.11924473

Fuck off back to /v/ nigger.

47a9f2  No.11924507

File: f9b598974ad7e51⋯.jpg (175.83 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, 760044.jpg)


Team FPS asymmetric MP objective based shooter.

Working name: Operation ShitStorm 2142.

War happens in the ruins of Eurasian cities.

Race A: Eurasian federation. Hordes of Mongol rape babies wearing ushankas and welding AKs and RPGs. 10 players per team. Re-spawn 5 seconds after death.

Race B: Scaven African Alliance. Deformed black cannibal creatures use mostly melee attacks, 20 players per team re-spawn instantly

Race C. White (just White). Aryans clad in knightly exoskeletons. Armed with most high tech weapons and gear. Re-spawn descending from teh space (space-force). 3 players per team, re-spawn 30 Seconds after death.

Hitpoints, DPS mobility etc of units are balanced so even disproportion of the teams numbers.

Game is banned in 276 countries.

5a8d20  No.11924519

File: 84beee17822f3d0⋯.mp4 (935.35 KB, 720x498, 120:83, pol makes a video game.mp4)

5a8d20  No.11924525

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

69f0a4  No.11924529

advanced shitposting simulator

2f0108  No.11924673

I will bump this thread

ae56f0  No.11924678

make a game about ruining nations through degeneracy

c5e9d4  No.11924728

File: f327498c7e892f2⋯.jpg (60.44 KB, 499x632, 499:632, f327498c7e892f2b0882fc8910….jpg)


That's actually a genius idea anon. Everybody loves to step outside their shoes and play the villain. Just look at the cult followings of games like Evil Genius a personal favourite or Plague Inc which blew up JewTube. Make a game where you have to destroy host nations by first using nepotism to gain control of the banks, then using your cashflow to control the media and push degeneracy. Play up the whole "evil villain muahaha" angle. Have events use little details and actual names from the Marxist takeover of America. Perhaps have a late game traditionalist enemy that you destroy by infiltrating and making too extreme.

BUT…don't make it an obvious /pol/ game with hooked nose villains and such inb4 opticscuck. You want normalfags to play this in high enough numbers that it spreads to smarter people who actually notice how the game events parallel real historical events. The objective is to spread memetically without triggering the normalfags. Maybe we can sneak a happy merchant handrub in.

I suggest targeting JewTubers that focus on "strategy" games like Plague Inc and shill it as "The next Plague Inc!" From there it'll spread to the retards with huge genZ followings and then from there spread to all manner of smaller "indie" channels. Make it fun and subversive, but not brainy. Show the breakdown of society and how abstract causes create it, but don't outright criticize the enemy unless it's a comedic strawman that nobody associates themselves with (I.e. an obese SJW screaming to kill all people wearing ties, an analogy to "kill all white men").

b26e50  No.11924761

f71f2e  No.11925172

File: c8846442ea1626d⋯.jpg (74.99 KB, 800x531, 800:531, image.jpg)


one good start would be

remaking old Nazi board games as casual games for phones, but updated for contemporary politics, with a touch of the prescient artistic genius in the 90's card game Steve Jackson Illuminati New World Order.

at the very least, any App developer who recreates "Juden Rats" and gets banned off of every App store would get enough publicity to earn enough shekels to fund the development of the rest of the old Nazi board games.

bd5bc8  No.11925191

File: 167c0c6575d3288⋯.png (114.71 KB, 391x360, 391:360, todd ayy.png)


>Skyrim is on the list

>Morrowind isn't

25a5a6  No.11925468

>Max Payne 3: Man on Fire

Why? The action and Max himself are the only good things about the game. The story, the pacing, and the visuals are all complete shit. 1 & 2 are where it's at.

Anyway, if you've got the skills to make a game, great. I wish you would. All these tool are available for making quality media without the middleman, but nothing's coming out…

cc5cda  No.11925482

Honestly a nation management strategy game with all the details including foreign interference in the populace and subterfuge by other races entering might be able to deliver redpills.

c93645  No.11925525

File: a4dd15fb89cf73d⋯.jpeg (37.01 KB, 750x491, 750:491, DbgdEVCVQAARy62.jpeg)

Here's an idea.

It's like clue but instead of solving for the murderer

You solve for the pedo

Instead of clues, We'd have web addresses to Twitter and other social media pictures and comments. You'd track their friends and associates to find the pedo cult/organization

9fbcd6  No.11925539

File: b65f2afdc742569⋯.png (437.71 KB, 640x584, 80:73, 0a8f780b18e389336868f5795e….png)

File: 9f861a32fa52574⋯.png (122.04 KB, 293x345, 293:345, 260c8d2cad5de068b28b95901a….png)

File: a1c6a739340c550⋯.png (537.04 KB, 678x543, 226:181, deaduglykikebitch.PNG)

File: 332a54f591a5867⋯.jpg (14.21 KB, 215x234, 215:234, kikery.jpg)

File: 519a95a5f222524⋯.jpg (147.28 KB, 888x765, 296:255, 66cc0dbe6ca06e4b232b638b2f….jpg)

1dd0cc  No.11926189

Belongs in /v/

2f0108  No.11926549



385627  No.11926558

I remember an idea on here about having future Japs investigate ancient Aryan history. I hope someone else remembers better because it sounded amazing.

6fe4c3  No.11926559

>no hotline miami

that's a bad list

a28b67  No.11926568

A flight simulator that isn't shit because it's not all gimmicky addons and the world you fly in has things in it and things to do instead of a sterile shithole with 6 gorillion post processing effects.

ffe3a4  No.11926626

>Max Payne 3

>not 1 or 2

This is some sort of a shill list isn't it?

de796f  No.11926634

>call of duty world at war

>/pol/ approved

no, any game promoting the mass slaying of ethnic germans is in no way /pol/ approved

ab04a5  No.11926639


Nah, played it ages ago. Pretty low on the sexual autism if you ignore the fanart, but that's another beast but damn it looks great.

61cb45  No.11926731

File: 01db600b8976703⋯.jpg (98.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mib.jpg)

Agent. A hitman style game where you play a government agent in a black suit. You have to neutralize targets by planting evidence, instigating firefights with local LEO's (careful, those militia are heavily armed, don't get caught in the crossfire), character assassination and assisted 'suicide'. Bonus levels include gangstalking, starting terrorist cells in order to arrest retards for the plot you devised, political cover-ups and raising a black budget though extra-legal means. Accrue favors and blackmail material to work your way up the ranks. Don't forget to brown nose, or you'll be the scapegoat during a congressional inquiry.

6fe4c3  No.11926736


The enemies in 3 arent even that valuable.

Brazilian gangsters, big fucking deal.

In the first one you fight mafia and later corporate big pharma interests, the final villain possibly being a jewess

600831  No.11926750

File: 1a6a8ec763e090e⋯.png (222.82 KB, 496x496, 1:1, costanza.png)

File: 9bbba15ef573a88⋯.jpg (16.31 KB, 375x375, 1:1, costanza belittles.jpg)

File: 1ce0c99f27e59fb⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 500x500, 1:1, >.gif)

File: 4f63184cc769b33⋯.jpg (192.87 KB, 496x496, 1:1, dopey.jpg)

File: caed3f2eee33677⋯.jpg (27.04 KB, 316x470, 158:235, seriously hope.jpg)



9201a4  No.11926755


Pol does not do vidya

866c47  No.11926778

File: 440597d6f6cc04b⋯.jpg (68 KB, 491x751, 491:751, 26231704_180287122719167_1….jpg)


Less talk more action. How many here would actually be willing to form a gamedev group?

6ab703  No.11926795

File: ce77e0e80e6d1ad⋯.jpg (346.27 KB, 900x1364, 225:341, 1390446268986.jpg)

File: 9fadd3d25585db6⋯.jpg (322.92 KB, 822x706, 411:353, 1392893764877.jpg)



6fe4c3  No.11926812


>I don't play vidya so nobody should.

2f0108  No.11926823


yes, I would

2f0108  No.11926839

OP here, I know the list is bad but it was the only one I could find, why not make our own?

7d64a4  No.11926855


this tbh

make it impossible to win by playing fair, but as soon as you start lying and cheating you get godmode

164e11  No.11926860


A SimCity-style game where you have to build and maintain a multicultural, "diverse" city with the goal of maximizing happiness and productivity; every so often, you would have to deal with the influx of more immigrants. Of course, this goal would be made impossible since the more "diverse" your city, the more crime rates go up, the more your infrastructure is strained, etc.

2f0108  No.11926902


we could really drive the point home by having each immigrant have various stats that indicate different things about them, their chance to be a woman, their chance to get a job, their chance to be a moderate (IE non-criminal, non-"extremist") muslim, their chance to not commit a violent crime, their chance to not commit a sexual offense, their chance to refuse to be an accomplice to a criminal, their chance to not protest, riot, or perform a mass call to prayer, etc.

and base all of them on real world stats.

finally, when it comes to getting rid of them (should the player choose to take that route), tere are another set of stats that affect this, such as whether they lied about their origin or age, whether they destroyed their passports, whether they were born in your country, whether their country is willing to take them back, whether they paid traffickers to take them across, or were smuggled in by NGOs, whether they were sponsored by residents or organizations of your country, etc.

violence becomes understandable as a solution eventually, but then you'd gave to deal with other countries calling you out for it, or even declaring war on you for it, especially countries with such policies themselves, like israel.

f8e21e  No.11926921


Yes goyims lose yourself in virtual reality

3d is sinful 2d is love

1054cd  No.11926966


>game takes place sitting in front of computer

>you watch reels of games being blacked and feminized and rainbowed

>press F to cry every time OR you get up out of the chair and fail this game

>start going crazy hearing voices about how games suck now, the writing is terrible, etc

>finish game by putting a pistol to your head and killing yourself

>you win the game

000000  No.11927064

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


This should have been on the list

9fd445  No.11927090


This is a genius idea.

1213f2  No.11927094



good taste

335ac7  No.11927186

how about a doom wad with nothing but extra-dark chaingun niggers, all their sound effects are replaced by sheeeeiiiit variants.

4d76c0  No.11927198

File: 25e7bef3f5b2529⋯.jpg (74.46 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, pepelepew_landis-1280x600.jpg)


>we submit our ideas for games

We don't care about copyright as the game won't be distributed through normal means, so we can put everything we want in the game. We have to choose anything strong enough so every edgy 12 yo kid will want to play it.

A character? A kind of gameplay? Maybe something which will strongly resonate with young boys such as LOVE?

03899e  No.11927209


MOON was good, but >>>/v/.

4d76c0  No.11927213

File: 871e3303efd3dc5⋯.mp4 (288.28 KB, 780x438, 130:73, 171117130322-cab-hair.mp4)


>we submit our ideas for games, and discuss them with each other

A black negress made a game to teach white people not to touch her nigger hair:


(pic related)

Maybe we should make a game to teach black people not to steal?

1054cd  No.11927219


000000  No.11927220


>not to steal

Easy. Mimic hear game but instead of hair, have it be someone's behind pocket with a wallet in it, etc. Really, you'd just need to change the graphics.

720e59  No.11927276

File: f02594d6ff3579b⋯.jpg (577.37 KB, 1203x1077, 401:359, 1513158871632.jpg)

Just make a rpg maker game and put lots of redpills on it, the most soft redpills can be direct showed and the more heavy ones can be put more subtly. If you intend to make it for normalfags, of course, also, make it fun, obviously, and not to much forced or will be to cringy.

4d76c0  No.11927287

File: 7faf2a234018c9f⋯.png (171.45 KB, 500x750, 2:3, trap-moe-pepe-trap-card-en….png)

File: ed599a25ab578cf⋯.jpg (22 KB, 236x351, 236:351, 5de06959f1db3948a938861501….jpg)

File: e38467ea08934ab⋯.png (268.07 KB, 375x523, 375:523, 1470331743223068.png)

File: 143b07de81d896a⋯.jpg (114.27 KB, 630x630, 1:1, meme magic.jpg)


>we submit our ideas for games, and discuss them with each other

What about an online card game? We already have thousands of pictures waiting to be used as cards.

- Pepe-Oh! the game

- Poluminati the game

- Meme Magic the game

ad9abc  No.11927298


A beat em up about beating up niggers and commies would be good,with the final boss being a jew.

Maybe even something like godhand.

0e0f7f  No.11927301


Make a game called “Holocaust”

The game is a survival game and you have two teams, Jew and Nazi. The Jew team is supposed to hide for a predetermined amount of time and the Nazi team has to find/kill them.

You could have lootboxes but the lootboxes are jews and you burn them to “open the loot box”

ad9abc  No.11927311


>Make the Holocaust real:the Game


bb4cbb  No.11927316

An LA Noire type game centered around an agent investigating pedo jews

4d76c0  No.11927321

File: cd6733b385626c8⋯.jpg (37.7 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Roof Koreans.jpg)

File: 2f92d544a0af886⋯.jpg (77.81 KB, 696x396, 58:33, african riot.jpg)


>we submit our ideas for games, and discuss them with each other

What if the game was using historical events such as the Los Angeles riots?

It could be a defense game about roof koreans fighting hordes of niggers.

1dd0cc  No.11927367


I'd play the shit out of a Nigger torture game.

4cb56a  No.11927385


>the fuck is Bioshock doing up there

f6c6ee  No.11927401


On top of that, what would work good would be to have a game, perhaps in a fictional setting / in the future, where you have contrasts of different societies. Inevitably, the ones that promote nationalism, hierarchy, aristocracy, and purpose will be healthier civilizations than the others.

There's really all sorts of things that can be done, some more explicit than others. Even Hellish exaggerated SJW-Dystopias would be redpilling enough, even making it appear to actually come from a leftist game producer, but it's a game so soc-jus that it gives people a natural sense of disgust. Could have a game that documents the entire history in Synagogue of Satan or The Greatest Story Never Told. Could have one that explores the fight against a future ZOG / Greater Israel in the style of Half-Life 2 or Quake 4. (The Turner Diaries, etc.). Includes cutscenes about what they've professed is their aims.

Although this is sort of /v/ /pol/ media related, it can quickly become more of a pol discussion. It's like postering but with a larger audience.

Also should be noted here: Games can make a lot of money. Fund the ability to create a genetic race-change procedure so we can make everyone Aryans please. Also fund legitimate parties perhaps. Where are some good funding to go towards? A White Family fund? Gives money to white people to have kids, gives them money to acquire the best DNA for IVF. (I've heard some of the highest quality can approach 25k or so.)

Another idea: a game that integrates the entire spectrum of political theory in a non-biased way. Some that are more edu-tainmented related. Really someone should just send this whole thread to Destructive Creations, they could become bigger than Epic Games if they created a ton of games. Also they're Polish and I've seen loads of people kvetching about them because of them having nationalist ties. Funny story, bunch of those fags on gurochan along time ago, while seeming not to get offended by pedo rape and murder, and loving murder simulators, had a tough time because they thought Hatred was a game made by racists. Some even called them out on it. "Ok so let me see, you're ok with murder and all kinds of sick shit but RAYCISM is where you draw the line??"

Tell you where Epic Games fucked up, they got cucked by Tencent they seem like people who eat soy. They really had a thing going on with Unreal Tournament, which if they actually spent the time updating with UE4 they could have created the best version of UT that was ever made. But instead they decided to make that faggy pixar style shit (fortnite). UE4 is still a really good engine though.

On the side, if one also were to get the ball rolling and create a large studio that would rival EA and they had multiple projects going on, they could just make really good games that aren't exactly politically correct but just focus more on being a good game than political. Lot of people are probably just burnt out on politics and don't want that shit in their games anymore. Also funny, because it seems just little things like that are enough to get the SJW-Salt train rolling. Anyone who visits oneangrygamer.net probably knows about that by now. I've been enjoying that site lately.

2f0108  No.11927402

How do the jews make games that are entertaining media that promotes "liberal" beliefs?

Why not take a page from those and use the same techniques to make entertaining media that promotes seeing things from our perspective?

We should not only look at the study of entertainment fiction in general, but take a look specifically at how the jews have used them to seed their poisonous ideas in our heads since the end of the second world war.

I know one strategy is the use of analogy and allegory, talking about the ideas without talking about them by setting it in some fictional conflict and fictional setting, for example, exposing the "evils of racism" using two black-and-white alien races in the 60's star trek.

Another is being subtle, using implication, symbolism, and subtext to generate thought favorable to your position, such as the similiarity between the forces of the dark side and the nazis, complete with the misrepresented "social darwinism" of the sith.

Yet another is a character who shares the promoted beliefs, but who shows it in their actions, rather than their words, or a setting that favors those whose actions are consistent with the promoted beliefs, and punishes actions that are inconsistent with them, such as misfortune upon the malicious disbeliever by the believers or the setting itself, or misfortune upon the innocent disbeliever at the hands of the malicious disbeliever, often with them being rescued by the believer, and learning the lesson along the way.

These tactics are no less jewish than racial politics are, their effectiveness means only that they are something real and not imagined.

Fiction and entertainment have been used to propagate political beliefs for as long as they have existed, all that has been done is the refinement of these techniques into the most effective form we see today.

This doesn't just apply to games, in fact, it would apply even more to any non-interactive form of media we can create, from artwork, to music, to books, to movies, and so on.

To defeat your enemy, know your enemy, there is nothing to fear from using the enemy's tools to your ends, it is only using what you have learned about them to bring them down, this is the way of the hunter and the warrior, only a fool like (((Jordan Peterson))) would advocate doing otherwise, the enemy is not the weapons they wield, or the armor they wear, do not make this mistake.

57b9e5  No.11927414

Not possible, too many morons on here

f6c6ee  No.11927425

Oh here's some other thoughts. Games can have TONS of information. From a media perspective, you can add as much information as you want. There's only so much you can do with an hour and half film, but of course you can just make a longer video. But with interactivity, it entices people to explore and keeps interest, where like in Fallout for example, you could put hundreds of hours in loaded with content.

Speaking of Fallout, I would lol good if anyone ever made a "Fallout: Palestine" mod.

2f0108  No.11927436



bb4cbb  No.11927438


We need our own recommended wikia, for all redpilled media

4f7bbd  No.11927555


Call it Mein Kraft.

Or Children of Satan.

0b97c8  No.11927630

File: 57be01e549deb02⋯.jpg (25.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1471461562326-2.jpg)






2f0108  No.11927651



How do I get started on making it?

8126e5  No.11927653

File: 699dfbb2f30144a⋯.png (2.96 KB, 24x40, 3:5, PepeSprite.png)

File: 9a4adff6bd76e90⋯.png (369.17 KB, 322x388, 161:194, PepeSpriteCloseUp.png)


I can do pixelart well enough. Here's something I threw together as an example.

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing something in the style of the original Fallout games. Post-apocalyptic future RPG. But just add a bunch of our concepts into it. I can do isometric style pretty well, too.

It would be more work on the coding side, but an involved, well-written rpg would be great. We could tell a compelling post-apocalyptic story with some dark humor sprinkled in, about the dangers of where this globo-homo jew shit is taking us.

c04526  No.11927655

File: 4f418d8c59108b2⋯.jpg (15.4 KB, 213x237, 71:79, zoe.jpg)


Please to be askings, where is Depression Quest? I am thanking you.

6fe4c3  No.11927692


/v/ is full of degenerates just looking to get their cummies and is literally owned by a jew.

/pol/ needs it's own media list.

000000  No.11927707


There actually used to be a fantasy rpg that was about goblins waging a war against humans (or elves or something). The goblins had subverted the humans and were crossbreeding humans with orcs to make a complicit slave race. It was filled with a lot of red pills. I don't remember the name of it. Some anons posted it once.


A mod for fallout 3,4 or NV where you can play as a nazi faction would be cool.

000000  No.11927728

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>A mod for fallout 3,4 or NV

Maybe this can serve as an inspiration.

1213f2  No.11927742


>/v/ is full of degenerates just looking to get their cummies

how exactly?

d838d7  No.11927758


The closest game that comes to mind based on your description is Arcanum.

The scariest fact from that storyline is that in the end you find out that the goblin conspiracy is simply too big to handle for you, bigger then the asshole elf that wants to exterminate all life.

938ca0  No.11927769

The Fire Rises: Antikike movements spread throughout all western countries, you can choose which country you want your character to rise up from.

938ca0  No.11927778


>Why not take a page from those and use the same techniques to make entertaining media that promotes seeing things from our perspective?


>where like in Fallout for example, you could put hundreds of hours in loaded with content.

and with game mods, once its released theres no putting the genie back in the bottle. Wish I had the skills.

dd7fa9  No.11927779


>/pol/ makes a game

Just name the damn jew every time you can get and you don't need to do a pandering videogame.

I hate those.

000000  No.11927791


>The closest game that comes to mind based on your description is Arcanum

That's the one I think.

f1df52  No.11927793


>people still mod goldsrc

I thought we were still in that grey area of it being too old but also too young

f1df52  No.11927854

You play as a gang member purchased by a politician after the police took you and your 2 friends into custody. The one who snitched is dead and your buddy got life. They offered you a job but demanded you participate in your own blackmail before you got the job. Kidnap children and sell them to the politician, they take a picture of you with the kids and that's the last time you hear about it.

Plays like Deus Ex with a bit of Assassins Creed base progression to drive gameplay in various directions. Stock market investment should be a part of this, with stocks that correlate to missions that haven't been complete yet.

>Stock market

>Mission to assassinate CEO for reasons irrelevant to the stock market

>The stock of the company is listed but no one tells you to buy or sell, when or how much

>Ambient redpills every mission

With the stock market being a core(yet optional) aspect of early progression.

Propaganda oriented "No Russian" mission where you have to dress up like a republican and go shoot a bunch of people for the liberal politician you're employed by, with the distinctions being null; Mission is framed as neutral, with no partisan claims per either side, just a simple false flag enacted under the employ of politician X. With obvious ambient redpills.

Stealth mission where you literally play both sides on the same map as an agent provocateur, starting a civil war. This should be the second mission after initial gameplay elements are introduced in mission 1, as it introduces all aspects of intrigue necessary for the game to revolve around, and such should resemble our view of politics without any topical issues being present, things we all agree on.

Politics = Deceit, individual profitability, and paradoxical gains. These 3 things are what the game and story must be contingent on, unless a better definition is presented.

t. 10 years of design theory specializing in environmental design

31b3a9  No.11927862

I 'know someone' who has a game released on steam, easily modable - he'd consider releasing a low-key DRM free version [with some built-in limitations] if there was serious interest in making /pol/ incarnate - the game.

It's a 3d game and pretty easy to make boilerplate objects to customize into whatever your heart desires… 2d or even 3d animations (with your own sounds) are also not difficult… from what I hear!

He could spin it as a demo, and it'd be easy to re-package the new game as a zip. Tutorials could be made for doing the easy stuff and someone could connect with people interested in working on it, irc or something. Actually this would be quite easy, but he'd only be interested if anons were serious about making something that would attract attention….

first question - should we go full /pol/, hate-crime high score holocaust simulator? Perhaps we keep away from the worst levels of gore so it just is some edgy game to hang niggers and administer zyklon treatments, fun for all ages?

f1df52  No.11927879


I don't even need to know what game it is to know it's Unity.

31b3a9  No.11927886


wrong, it's a custom-built engine, solid enough. Simple and straightforward to use, scripts with lua, sorta.

60b2a4  No.11927904


>looking to get their cummies

WTF is with this cummies bullshit you faggots are spewing all the time now?

f1df52  No.11927916


Same fatgirl circle that spawned "tendies." Reddit just runs with whatever it doesn't even need to be funny, just repetitive.


C# is all I can work with code side. What are we working with?

>Implying it's not your game

8126e5  No.11927925


It's a gay way of saying 'pleasure-seekers'. You know, how Left and kikes confuse pleasure for happiness, and spend their whole lives chasing the next dopamine rush.

I don't know who came up with 'cummies' but they should be gassed.

caa4df  No.11927937


how about none of them

31b3a9  No.11927942


I'd rather not directly name it here… dilemma, eh?

How about this - steam store, early releases, it's on the first 5 pages somewhere, above $13.00, funky name, trailer is colorful and tells a story, very inspiring yes. hard to miss.

f1df52  No.11927948


>Deus Ex

>Sons of Liberty

>Not representing a wholesome true neutral standpoint of politics embellished by nothing more then topical analysis of realistic events


I understand why, no worries brother. I'll take a look. Shit I'll probably buy it.

31b3a9  No.11927954


thanks m8, feel free to email the listed support email, just for modding tips obvi

2f0108  No.11927955

how about a game set during the happening just as the SHTF with the player character right in the epicenter of it all?

It could be like a horror game but completely devoid of any sci-fi or supernatural elements, and with (sub)humans (and the occasional animal) as the monsters, your main goal is to survive more than it is to fight back, which means running from conflict or avoiding it together in some situations.

835d7f  No.11927967

Thread is literally poisoned with the shitposting.

f1df52  No.11927993


kek found it, had me at

>because whatever

66dfd0  No.11928054

File: 1d9bc82bf7a6d16⋯.png (169.61 KB, 334x305, 334:305, whitepowerrangers2.png)


there she is ;]

8126e5  No.11928066


Actually yeah, mods are a better idea than what I was thinking. But avoid New Vegas. It's my favorite Fallout, I'm not shitting on it. But you know, it's crazy unstable. Stupid Bethesda kikes only gave them a little over a year to make it.

edb338  No.11928077

I still want my Holocauster Tycoon game.

>6,000,000 gefangene

edb338  No.11928088

File: 760b737f4a52c63⋯.png (1.23 MB, 754x566, 377:283, Snippet.PNG)

93da3e  No.11928127


Just copy this game and make it migrants grabbing at a little girl or boy.

edb338  No.11928128


No it doesn't. /pol/ games = /pol/.

eed70d  No.11928156


We just wanted to play vidya.

66dfd0  No.11928158

File: 16dceab9047b373⋯.png (15.46 KB, 88x80, 11:10, neato.png)


alright faggots, if you are serious about making something and have art/audio/coding skills, email

regeneration88 at pro_ton_mail.com asking about modding advice.

866c47  No.11928215

File: dd68a594e79e971⋯.jpg (66.12 KB, 397x960, 397:960, 18485978_1356446094391781_….jpg)



I'm, at the moment, learning to code for 2D games, so i wouldn't be able to organize something without being a giant newbie leech. But i certainly will. I'll make a Riot/Matrix server in the following days after i take care of some projects so that we can discuss further.

In the meantime. I have been setting my eye on Godot. Anyone with experience in it can share their experience? I have been told it's not that much different than Unity (except on some basics, like basic tree structure) and it's free, open source and generally with awesome support. I'm in their discord and matrix servers and they are pretty friendly.

866c47  No.11928224


Oh, also, very good pixel art dude. Colors are perfectly fitting and masterfully made.

2a5b77  No.11928315

File: 2db312f33adfdbb⋯.jpg (104.01 KB, 640x768, 5:6, Arcanum-Box.jpg)


I see no Arcanum up there.

d94920  No.11928349


lol this looks like the board game "trouble"

a9d46b  No.11928563


No, no, no, anon.

You make a game called "holocaust"

The game is a simulator/ simulation game either in the vein of "the sims" or "rimworld."

Make the strategy all about running the camps. Truthfully.

In other words, the guards goal would be to keep them ALIVE with nary a gassing in sight.

Indeed, if too many prisoners die it's GAME OVER.

Another option, a sort of "visual novel" or "early story based rpg."

The game is all about the lives of prisoners (and guards) in the concentration camps.

It shows them sleeping, them working, their cafeterias, their various entertainments, the typhus epidemics, the air raids, the shortages, and so forth.

And nary a trace of gas chambers (other than for clothes and shorn hair, show those since they actually existed and were what the Zyklon B was for) nor "ovens" (other than the tiny crematoriums for typhus victims).

In other words, the truth.

Don't show the camps any better than they were. They were awful I'm sure, but dispel the "death camp" lies.

Bonus points for telling the ridiculous made up horseshit stories of the "survivors" while showing just how impossible they would have been based on the ACTUAL archaeological evidence and known floorplans of the camps themselves and so forth.

Make the kikes look like the ridiculous liars that they are.

Make it funny.

Make the lies look absurd. (since they are)


Arcanum had a lot of potential, but it kind of falls apart after the midgame.

It had some other issues.

It seems to me like it was rushed.

IIRC, Troika was circling the drain financially and so were up against the wall and had to release before they should have.

Still pretty good, but it could have been amazing.

Meanwhile, First Person Shooter Shit number over 9000 gets an A-list budget and a horde of coders to do the developers bidding.


fc3b9a  No.11928607

Make a shoot-em-up where you are guarding the south europe border from migrants with a machine gun. There could be multiple locations and multiple weapons. That game would be basic training for what's coming IRL.

25a5a6  No.11929188

"Redpills" is not a good reason to make a game, as some people here seem to believe. Any game you make should be something you actually to play. Third position philosophy should naturally arise in the game when appropriate, not forced upon the player like the faggot shit that's released currently.

000000  No.11929353

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.





You could make pokémon type of games pretty easily.

Maybe a game in which you catch different type of niggers and let them fight each other (African niggers, American pavement apes, Brazilian glue niggers, la creatura Americana,…) Each with their own attacks, strengths and weaknesses. Maybe an option which lets you crossbreed different types.

The final boss could be a kike that has the ultimate super nigger, since Jews dominated the slave trade.

a16443  No.11929833

File: 989f65643722341⋯.jpg (12.56 KB, 199x254, 199:254, 1532192806069.jpg)

The meditation game. See how still you can get your mind. When you reach enlightenment, you win. Bonus: this game costs nothing and doesn't keep you distracted with a dopamine addiction.

7bf7a4  No.11929858

File: 7f05d9a6c884b2c⋯.jpg (75.01 KB, 900x542, 450:271, xqdzb3en49rz.jpg)

I really like RUST because it literally signifies the clashing of clans (ideas and shit) just like this board… It's kinda hectic like the world we live in lol…

I also like Insurgency so I can annoy ammerimuts and pretend I'm an actual islamist.. I normally just micspam nasheed and scream Allah Hu akbaaaar…

Also I lik playing whiplash becoz or cards against humanity… I live in the UK and you can't say shit here without some bullshit hate speech charge hitting you… So it's kinda cool to let your hair down and get some freedom of speech and be edgy and shit

bc8752  No.11929859

1 : /v/ thread

2 : shit op

3 : you've killed a thread

go fuck yourself you fucking kike

8b7c9a  No.11929861


>not a single flight sim


2f0108  No.11929875


shill detected

2f0108  No.11929882

File: 209569516b02c96⋯.jpg (46.51 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)

what about a game with cute animu waifus?

34c346  No.11930179

I am a former creative director and systems designer, ive been trying to recruit people for an unpozzed dev team for years now, is there a chance you guys are ready?

I need about three days a week for a couple hours from each member, ive got design docs but open to ideas, just need programmers and artists would help my workload. Its alot of work but i think games have high potential for propaganda.

c709eb  No.11930240



>but no Red Alert

Like, the latter is the most redpilled videogame ever and the former the most bluepilled.

And before "muh Einstein is the good guy" and "muh dey kill hidler" trs goons come out, it literally showcases how letting Stalin and communism walk over Europe would be a fatal mistake, how it's true that the Wehrmacht fought to stop Bolshevism from reaching all the way into England and how Einstein is a slimy piece of shit who thinks nothing of the fact he just murdered millions if it means that he gets to survive and eliminate what he doesn't like - the intro for the game starts with him being an asshole to his lab assistant. If commies win, it's also revealed that the USSR was really just a cover for (((Nod))).

The sequel too has some good material, with the mind-controlling bad guy (who turns communists from working for the people to working for the chosen ones) having Jewish letters engraved on his skull.

bb4cbb  No.11930340


>games have high potential for propaganda.

This. There's a reason they completely took over vidya

2f0108  No.11930818

this slide thread is turning into something good, so it deserves a bump.


Einstein is shown as capable of doping science, instead of being a slimy plagiarist of the work done by white scientists by abusing his position of authority as a patent clerk.

never give even the smallest degree of power to a jew.

19b17b  No.11930843


skyrim is in the nordlands so it kinda makes sense

edb338  No.11931008


Not a single engineering game either.

2f0108  No.11931386

So are we going to get together and make something or what?

We can easily form our own studio, and funding should be a breeze provided we actually pump out a decent product.

We should work with /v/ in order to acquire people with the necessary skills if we cant find it here, could someone make a similar thread on there as well?

Between the boards, it's guaranteed success, we can make vidya, save the white race, and get paid for it, that's money that could be used to help the white race even further btw.

2f0108  No.11931394


if we can get /g/ or /tg/ to help as well, and maybe even /lit/ or /tv/ for aid in writing a better story with better acting, and /mu/ for a great soundtrack.

we could say it's a sitewide partnership, instead of an entirely /pol/-centric thing (provides good cover, but don't worry, we should ensure that the guys at the top are /pol/acks with the power to ensure things don't stray from the original purpose)

e6ed77  No.11931466


How about more subtle redpill game? You start as a child in a peaceful, high trust village/city which turns browner and browner as you age - when you hit adulthood ingame, people no longer leave their doors unlocked, don't go out after dark, there's a new murder on the news every night, etc… the usual results of diversity.

Where to go from there, I'm not sure. Could make it so that it explodes into race war?

These beat em up games about punching jews and nigs are fun, but they don't redpill anyone. We need to change people's minds if we're going to save anyone.

I'm not saying don't make games for us, but our first priority should be waking people up.

086a0a  No.11931529


I'd unironically like to make a pro-Antifa game. Why? They're a pack of larping faggots - any game that is openly for their position is something they'll lap right up, meaning their shekels are flowing from their pocket to mine. Do it right, and you'd be able to get the BLM and Jihadis into it as well. Make it an open world, GTA style game combined with some RTS elements. Make it over the top, let them shoot down hundreds of White people wearing MAGA hats in the course of it. Subtly, it'd also redpill anyone not a total Leftist dupe as to what their real intensions are - eg mission rewards are paid by an old Greek-Jew named Saras who makes his money shorting crashing economies, bonus points for converting a Church into a Mosque, you constantly slag off the cops but actively use them for protection, White women that are faithful to the race are acceptable targets for "forced enrichment", that kinda thing.

de625d  No.11931548


This tbh. It'd work perfectly. You'd have the various absurd contraptions like the eagle-bear cage or the masturbation machines, all of which are carefully cited, and have to meet a dead Jew quota equal to the amount of Jews that were supposed to have died in that camp and get funding based on what slave labor produces. It'd be entirely "ironic" edgy humor (aside from the citations on every absurd device) until they unlocked realistic mode, which is exactly what it sounds like and actually impossible to do while remaining anything even remotely similar to the actual camp designs, which would be the actual redpill done through what seems like poor game balance.

086a0a  No.11931565


>Good list too

Also, I rarely play games any more, so I'm just playing the Witcher 3 for the first time. Since normally the "good path" = "playing like a Leftist cuck" I was pleasantly surprised when defending other races backfired, and stereotypes (like Elves being shiftless & dishonest elitist, Dwarves basically being kikes etc) turned out to be true. Good path seems to be "be fair & honorable but firm and don't take any shit from other races or automatically buy into peasant sob stories". Based poles. Glad I haven't spoliered myself on it, I'm loving it so far.

086a0a  No.11931568


That'd be hilarious, second it.

ec78cf  No.11931598


Video games are a waste of time. Go read a fucking book and learn how to do something useful

a9645a  No.11931601

File: 5ead381f543f167⋯.mp4 (7.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nazi Party.mp4)


I want a mkxture of Paper's Please and Mass Effect set in a Concentration Camp, with you as the administrator, with dwindling supply access due to the war and constant threat of disease, that ISN'T awful.

a9645a  No.11931606


That game was buggy as fuck.

edb338  No.11931740


>have to meet a dead Jew quota equal to the amount of Jews that were supposed to have died in that camp

That's broken AF, you can never beat that game.

de625d  No.11931768

File: d56fc1592ee1fef⋯.png (288.27 KB, 810x1200, 27:40, d56fc1592ee1fef24f2257ada9….png)

4be161  No.11932021


>just need programmers

What language? I learned C++ from junior college a few years ago, haven't done anything with it since so I need to dust off my notes.

The one game idea I had was make an X-Com style squad strategy game targeted at moderate magapedes. Basically the cultural civil war goes hot, you are the leader of a squad of militia guys from your town. The campaigns are split like a 90's strategy game, where you have the "good guys" vs "bad guys" (examples: GDI vs Nod, ARM vs CORE) but they're mostly the same, except for this one you can either play as civnat or natsoc.

The game would present 5 different factions: Antifa, some BLM stand-in, FEMA, CivNat, and NatSoc. Antifa/BLM/FEMA all work together, whereas the player can either try to get their faction to work with the other playable faction, or can try to destroy/consume the other playable faction.

An important part of the game is taking territory, which increases resources, research, soldiers and keeps the enemy factions from directly attacking your base(s). This is where the two faction choices split. As the civnats, you automatically have a policy of being good goys. This means when you take control of a town or city you only have to fight the opposing faction's control, but you keep everyone in the population. This means it costs more as you have to provide for the useless eaters, boomers, cucks, etc. Furthermore your pool of recruits include "Baste" blacks, beaners, asians, etc. all of which have poor motivation stats. The government that is put in place is constitutional and democratic. This plays into the later game. There are special events as the game goes on and you become more powerful. Boomers begin complaining about taxes on your military spending, the diverse population begins fracturing, cucks start sabotaging your government, and other problems that keep coming up constantly, draining resources and land you control until your game dies by death of a thousand cuts, keeping you from being able to finish.

The NatSoc faction is the opposite. At the beginning you don't have the manpower to purge taken territory, so your only option is to exile the cucks, non-whites, and boomers. The exiled join one of the enemy factions, but the territory you now have is much more stable and provides more resources. Furthermore, as you become more powerful, you can purge territory your control. Territory that has been purged gives you no conflict events. This means that the game is actually beatable.

1408b8  No.11932069

Where's rollercoaster tycoon? Made by a single Scott. No kikes involved.

2f0108  No.11932266

here's my idea:

I was inspired by seeing all the contradictory madness of the anti-whites as a whole, and thinking about what would happen if all of it were combined together in greeco-roman syncretic style, and were given the full range of power to kill and oppress, but also lost the (((control))) that kept it from becoming a cult of homicidal maenad nutters, constantly seeking out "oppressors" to tear apart, originally for the political reasons, but now for the thrill of the kill (like the meanads).

you are trapped in a university that has turned into a cult, the cult is crazy and has killed almost all straight cisgendered ablebodied white men, and the only ones left alive are those pretending to be gay, bi, trans, or disabled, but the cult is clamping down and in the process of removing LGBT and disabled from being protected, they are also in the process of removing asians from the pool of minorities, which will result in their slaughter.

they have also completely exterminated their mostly jewish faculty, as jews count as white in their eyes, mostly due to the cult's righteous stupidity (a nod to how a jewish professor had his own students turn on him during the evergreen day of absence, where he was surprised to find that he was a white guy all of a sudden).

They have completely closed themselves off from the outside world, which they blame for their problems, and have become untouchable by the cops or government, the fact that the cult is made up of wealthy young adults from well of families, the cult lives in luxury (despite being oppressed), regularly participates in degeneracy and debauchery of increasingly extreme and non-consensual levels (1001 days of sodom style), from your character's perspective, they just look like a cult of lunatics that want to kill you on sight, and to a passing normie they'd simply see a horror game that makes no sense beyond these guys are insane and want you dead, and sometimes kill each other for unknown reasons (as they speak in what amounts to gibberish, but is actually the natural evolution of today's liberal newspeak).

the true nature of the story is revealed dark souls style, when you actually take the time to investigate what is going on, you get bits and pieces that can be fit together to make it clear about what is going on, including who you are.

the cult has a unique religion that combines their interpretations of the two most violent religions with their interpretations of the two most bullshit religions, it combines communism and satanism, with islam and wicca, and adds elements of various (((entertainment media))) like star wars and harry potter in for good measure. The resulting "faith" is beyond all understanding with investigation.

basically the cult is frankfurt school at full swing, without any jews to direct it, casing it to descend into absolute madness.

you are a straight white cishet masculine guy who finds himself sent into the cult environment, your commanders are jews that want you dead and to use your death as a means of destroying the cult (and the evidence of their friend's involvement) and covering up the entire incident, but the cult has ensured that taking action means the deaths of tons of people who desperately want to get out, many of whom are surviving by pretending to be cult members or protected classes, even as the number of protected classes is being cut down and slaughtered as time goes on (another great number of these survivors are children, who are being abused - especially the white boys, but the girls are being used as sex slaves for the men of color), you are the one chance of rescuing them before the raid, but you can also gather up evidence of wat is going down before the rescue and raid begins, which results in the best ending, but also the ending in which you die, you are assassinated by a close friend and lover who leaves you hanging off of a doorknob.

the game should be themed around the meanad myths, and named for it as well, one scene should be a woman being forced to kill her own baby boy due to his skin color (instead of being made to kill him for being a man and observing their worship while dressed a s a woman in the original story), and pretending to herself that she did something completely different in another scene (such as tearing apart an effigy of the president, who is symbolic of the lion in the original story), and in a third scene, she comes to terms with what she had done, and launches an attack on you in grief, blaming you for her actions, you have to kill her to move on.

2f0108  No.11932267


there are no guns, combat is melee and thrown weapons, and primarily you will be stealthed while watching the madness and horror-type shit go down, gruesomeness will be present, but very rarely, most of the gory stuff is done out of sight, spoken of by the other characters, or written of in documents, the main theme is psychological horror, and being trapped in a once-familiar but now dangerous area full of unstable people who cannot be understood, let alone communicated with, let alone reasoned with.

also, how the cultists mutilate themselves, dress themselves, speak, and act, all makes them seem lie they are not human anymore, and have become monsters in all but strict biology, it would be difficult for anyone without the knowledge to take them as anything but monsters now.

the university itself is now unrecognizable, it's been mutilated and changed beyond recognition as well, as if warped by the meanads madness.

2f0108  No.11932271


add ancaps to even out the number of enemies and "allies".

e145ea  No.11932316

File: 9db6e704bcb2d9f⋯.gif (6.31 KB, 355x200, 71:40, DEPORT.gif)

I actually wanted to play dirty chinese restaurant.

075630  No.11932329

>Democracy 3

>Civ 5

e145ea  No.11932340

File: f7fc7e37549c0b7⋯.webm (13.93 MB, 960x540, 16:9, chinese rest.webm)


Forgot video

8ad5cf  No.11932361


I read the entire thing in an old cop Noire voice and it sounds pretty badass

010879  No.11932428


>Meme War

>tutorial: getting Trump elected

>first difficulty level: God Emperor

>second one: Ben Garrison's sweet holocaust

36187e  No.11932444

File: 7874688c112b859⋯.jpg (83.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vanhelsing_werewolf.jpg)


I will explain my golden idea.

You are a top tier Werewolf (big foot of the mountains basically) a being of blood and soil and a protector of nature as Hitler described them.

Nature calls for a balance, jews decandence has increased too much.

Because of this, you join operation werewolf that was ensued by the last loyal surviving NatSocs. You are being summoned.

Your worst enemies are the hairless pale vampires underground.

The ultrajews. Imagine Nosferatu.

Another similar storyline would be an operation werewolf soldier that seeks to obtain the werewolf transformation. The later struggling to control it while continuing the guerrilla.

010879  No.11932453


on the contrary: go full Shlomo merchant iconography but in a fun way

this will help spreading the game, that is how we won the social media war, by being unabashedly and hilariously antisemitic

6fe4c3  No.11932455


What about killing your gay self?

010879  No.11932464


>an app that adds judenhuts (jew hats) to pictures

combined with

>the awaited jewdar AI

not games though

2f0108  No.11934818


an app is fine too

48c064  No.11934977


obligatory checked for a dank idea that people would play for pure edgy cool factor

25a5a6  No.11935046


Don't abandon media to whoever is willing to make it. You're not gonna stop people from playing games and watching movies, but you might make better people by making inspiring games and movies.

18970f  No.11935217


> tee hee le ebin memes

Come up with something new, you uncreative underage fagot. That's why you fucking suck and you're not a game designer ffs. 2 digit iq nigger can't think for shit.

022c2e  No.11935249

File: 46e8c0352ffa361⋯.png (130.04 KB, 274x385, 274:385, Dante- HAHAHAHAHAHA.png)


'Good Taste'

146c3d  No.11935255

File: 3a816f2b0bfdf75⋯.jpg (864.35 KB, 1024x1009, 1024:1009, oldknight.jpg)


A game about shooting happy merchants or throwing swastika shuriken or something like that is useless for propaganda purposes and a little retarded. Do the (((big companies))) make games about buttsex and the wonders of diversity? No, they make games about shooting badguys and sprinkle a few pro-buttsex, pro-diversity messages in there.

The thing to do is to make a genuinely good, regular game with subtle /pol/ messages: traditional gender roles portrayed positively, diverse peoples not getting along despite their best intentions and needing their own spaces, selfish hedonism leading to ruin and despair, pride in one's ancestors inspiring heroic and admirable deeds, foreign subversive elements (NOT immediately recognizable as Jews from the character design) undermining naive host societies, empathy for outsiders' suffering leading to disastrous actions, etc.

8e18c9  No.11935372

> Politics, news, happenings, current events

f03911  No.11935388


downloaded angry goy but it was broken

f03911  No.11935600


How about Turner Diaries: the game?

365c6d  No.11936150


That was good

a5f44e  No.11936234


>He didn't play Bloodmoon

Morrowind belongs to the Nords.

4107eb  No.11936274



Kek's dubs checking trips. Kek has spoken.

b6508d  No.11936284


Could work

000000  No.11936339


Someone should make it so that you can play it in your browser.



Already Exists. "Ethnic cleansing" and all it's sequels/spin-offs were put out by the national alliance and were loosely based on the Turner diaries. "White Law" was more explicitly based on the turner diaries.

A GTA type of game (or a mod) like this would be cool though.

365c6d  No.11936362


Its kike talk and should be gassed

000000  No.11936540


>A game about shooting happy merchants or throwing swastika shuriken or something like that is useless for propaganda purposes

Not necessarily. If you make it over the top, people won't think it's serious and will just play it for the lulz (This is pretty much the foundation of /pol/). If you then slip a few actual red pills into it, it will wake people up. Listen the the reviewer here:>>11927064

>The thing to do is to make a genuinely good, regular game with subtle /pol/ messages: traditional gender roles portrayed positively, diverse peoples not getting along despite their best intentions and needing their own spaces, selfish hedonism leading to ruin and despair, pride in one's ancestors inspiring heroic and admirable deeds, foreign subversive elements (NOT immediately recognizable as Jews from the character design) undermining naive host societies, empathy for outsiders' suffering leading to disastrous actions, etc.

There already are plenty of games like that. And /pol/ doesn't need to make those. You can just make those type of games under the guise of being "conservative". Besides /pol/ doesn't have the budget to make a big game.

It's better to focus on parody type of games.

0cdf8f  No.11937299

File: cdfc0be4ec8761c⋯.jpg (80.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Not worth to make a new thread, posting here instead:

After watching Felix "Gas the She"kjellberg play the new libshits' propaganda vidya piece (Detroit: Don't be a nigger) I got following thoughts:

>Someone was delusional enough to make a game where Hillary is president

>someone wanted to have a gigantic nigger cockslave

>this nigger without skin looks like picrelated which is fucking hilarious

>he is also a cuck, as he acts as a father for whiteish child

>Hillary magically makes racial tensions cease, but androids suffer unprecedented abuse (probably people relieve their nignog frustration on easy punching bags)

>androids for relieving your sexual tension exist, as do child androids (really makes you think)

>Hillary immediately signs off violent removal and (in game's terms) murder of androids - so much for double libstandards

>police, swat and army alike have ZERO mental issues shooting and killing eerily humanlike creatures

>androids do all the shit, while humans act like violent niggers (again, this is Hillary's presidency, and racial tensions magically disappeared = game is set in Libfags paradise) which drives you to conclusion that androids are huwite as fuck (which they are, literally, even neg-roids)

>peaceful protests do not work - revolution has to be done Turner way

>Connor (police android) has obvious bodycam, and his defecting is not noticeable until the very fucking end, which is incredibly stupid

>game was supposed to emulate Burgerland in its worst slavery years, instead it emulates exactly what it shows - libfag paradise where all problems have been deflected to huwite men androids

000000  No.11938037


>entire thread filled with memes

>only gets mad about this particular post

vargtard detected

000000  No.11938044

66b96e  No.11938730

File: 0f91f01b22dbea8⋯.png (113 KB, 338x338, 1:1, 1531940174444.png)

66b96e  No.11938778

File: 98ad63280dc4ec5⋯.png (133 KB, 399x629, 399:629, 1532762052053.png)


How about taking Sniper Elite and making it about the dude from Schindler's List snipin' kikes from a balcony

fc8098  No.11939527


Bear with me, English isn't my fist language and I'm slightly intoxicated but this is the ideal game in my mind

Think of a RUST style game that takes place in america (Midwest) shortly after a nuclear war

It's multiplayer however there are civilian NPC's

Different factions and clans fight over the Midwest for resources and access to the Missouri River

Weapons will be relatively modern, whatever you could find in america so no full auto, uniforms would also be available, armored vehicles would also be available so shit like T-64's wouldn't be too common. when a faction takes control of a city the faction leaders can change laws

For example races could be outlawed which does not allow npc's of an outlawed race to spawn, this also would allow the player to KOS npcs or other players of an outlawed race

Aircraft would be in the game but not that common and around dangerous areas (airforce bases). If the player is willing to put in the time and work than the player could restore an aircraft or vehicle from a museum, parts would be difficult enough to get for museum aircraft to respawn constantly, the second an aircraft leaves the museum it's no longer considered a museum aircraft and therefore will not despawn

Another way to balance this is requiring a vehicle to transport the museum vehicle, for the aircraft there's another good option if you like pushing, once the player has transported the vehicle out of the museum the game will also be pretty much my summer car but aircraft and armor

So shit like Mig-21's translationed into cars would be a thing

Maybe even bootleg missiles

Also if you dont apply the brake then vehicles will roll down hills

Customization would be one of the strong points in the game, he'll you could see shit like airliners and bombers converted into homes and 747's becoming bombers

Weapons would also be highly customizable

36187e  No.11939592


> More details demanded by kek

There is actually some info on Big foot like people. There is a supposedly documented case of a woman

becoming a big foot and living 200+ years after abstainng from sedentary lifestyle and grains

Daosits have some info on that. And i'm sure Hitler had some clues too.

There are also recent sightings of fur like people on China.


Games, like movies and books. Can be very fulfilling, inspiring and educational.

Or the opposite. Making a good quality and mindexpanding experience is what keeps people like me motivated

in a sea of trash like nowadays.

Think of a game that pol would be passionate about, like saving your significant other from

a kidnapping made by jews, where she is tortured by being forced to do vices and not being able

to get away from them.

Maybe she became a feminist and you are around too many soyboys.

I've actually thought on different ways we could save these people.

Concentrated Potent redpills can't be digested by most people on my opinion.

A game would be an easy to digest pill for the children that are being subjected to all kinds of filth nowadays.

0988b6  No.11939618


C++ is obviously standard, but i dont really care, gmk, unity, python, it all works, most programmers can do c++ so its nice and universal, but gmk and unity are simple enough to pick up.

Pretty clever propaganda though. My approach so far has been to slip in related scenarios.

Whats your chosen method of government spying? Skype, steam, gab?

36187e  No.11939627








>Join all these ideas into 1 singular model of a game.

>Don't actually make a game just

a nice story.

9fbcd6  No.11941434


cdc246  No.11942929


The Black Bull Werewolf vs the hairless wh*te paleface vampire trink

93e21a  No.11943117

File: 7f4f081e5d62754⋯.jpg (505.73 KB, 1160x653, 1160:653, Werewolves-of-the-Third-Re….jpg)


More like the White Werewolf Warrior vs. the cowardly s*mitic vampiric parasite you fucking kike.

93e21a  No.11943123


Also that sounds like a great game idea, it would help meme the aryan werewolves vs. jewish vampires theme. Maybe have nigger zombies/orcs and other subhuman detritus be other monsters.

2eccae  No.11943150

A single player FPS where you play as an SS Charlemagne soldier and witness soviet atrocities.

2d98c0  No.11943263

proximity chat both friend and foe can hear

/pol/ rules for speech/bans

fucktards can be muted with keypress while they're talking/spamming (e.g., hit the Enter key)

45b13d  No.11943286


And let me guess, you get do design your own fursuit for your wolf and your commands are yiffs in different pitches huh ?

b841f0  No.11943350

Would be cool but the only thing /pol/ every did was the silent protest in front of the FED. It doesn't have to be a full fledged game, it could be a mod.

000000  No.11943451


Yes, let's just leave this whole branch of culture to jews. That's a grand idea.


000000  No.11943502


You could start fixing that by leaving.

000000  No.11943512


Was Doom ever in such an area?

000000  No.11943589




000000  No.11943626

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Angry Goy II, but this time with modern, quality visuals. Think Hatred-style (but more cartoonish).

7287b8  No.11945986

I've had this vague idea for a game and hope to make the game someday before I die. This game is really a simulation of networks of people where each person has certain attributes, similar to an rpg, but instead of str int dex const the attributes are more political and psychological. The main focus of the game is to try and spread memes to as many people as possible by knowing about high level averaged stats of various networks/groups of people. The graphics might be that of a small town, sort of like sims. Instead of focusing one sim to control, the player can experiment and become different people that are trying to spread a meme/idea/propoganda to everyone. Because the sim can't be a real AI and know what any mean IRL means, it would be simplified to just a description and target reaction. These reactions would come from a preset list of reactions and their opposites like make people angry at blacks, make people eat more, make people stay inside more and similar type behaviors. The graphics could be pretty simple for the first version where people are just small dots or sqaures. The game can be moddable so that modders can make new behaviors and new formulas for how different types of people with different attributes interact with each other and respond to these simplified sets of stimuli.

e5aff4  No.11951353

File: 2602466c1ff5987⋯.jpg (21.08 KB, 334x329, 334:329, 0ab.jpg)


I would enjoy a holocaust simulator. Something where you can micromanage concentration camps and death squads.


1.HTLR 6000000

2.???? 0000000

3.???? 0000000

4.???? 0000000

5 ???? 0000000

2f0108  No.11960875


2f0108  No.11960943


We need to exchange means of contact with fellow creatives, form a team, and plan and create a product.

It doesnt need to be a game that drops redpills, just a game that is fun, popular, and successful, and does not have bluepill bullshit in it, like most games do.

Once we have popularity and finances, we start small, games that subtly tackle real world issues from our perspective using proxies of fictional characters, organizations, scientific effects, settings, etc. that do not resemble real world analogues, maybe also do this with side missions and not the main story, this way, it can be plausibly denied by a normie that this is anything but speculative fiction (scifi, fantasy, horror, etc).

Next game is a bit more blatant, but in an entirely different universe from the previous games.

And so on.

Next thing you know, all the most popular best selling vidya are made by /pol/acks, and we have the beginnings of major cultural capital.

We can also get in heads more effectively than ever before.

5caf48  No.11960969

File: 8c783ee88d236a4⋯.jpg (710.53 KB, 992x1000, 124:125, wewkekmoon.jpg)

12b7b3  No.11979298

File: 0b9912c04c5363e⋯.png (18.37 KB, 1283x735, 1283:735, this-is-the-police.png)

File: f2689eccbfabdbf⋯.jpg (30.72 KB, 900x506, 450:253, policefaggot.jpg)

Don't mind me, just adding a personal fave to the possible inspirations.

b3b572  No.11979319


Call it something like

>make the holocaust real

766087  No.11979670

File: 3708815fe46c690⋯.jpg (11.16 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)



>our game?

bd75cb  No.11979799


>Democracy 3

Fuck no. The devs are hardcore SJWs. If you have a country with 0%, does well economically, and everyone is still happy, you can still get assassinated, simply because you refused to implement gun control.

The game does whatever it can to force you to use left wing politics.

>Civ V

Not the superior IV? Even II was better.

0b44db  No.11979892

File: 4a9211e609f5f24⋯.png (72.02 KB, 253x315, 253:315, u wot prim8.png)


You make brits look really bad.

8126e5  No.11979918

how come this thread only becomes active around the same time jew shills are sliding important threads?

seems weird.

9fa8c8  No.11979995

File: b73fbe55deb3a38⋯.jpg (23.26 KB, 200x268, 50:67, 200px-Werewolf_-_The_Apoca….jpg)


This reminds me about Werefolf - the Apocalypse. It is a part of the White Wolf universe, like Vampire the Masquerade. Basically works exactly as u wish, kike Nosferatu included.

8965a5  No.11980023

make a few good games without political overtones. sjws will come out of the woodwork to request virtue signaling from you on community platforms and social media. reject them and then watch sjws get assblasted at your success without pushing any narratives.

dc2c65  No.11980036


Then why are you here instead of bumping said important thread ?

a9491a  No.11989154

https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42 is on now and this weekend. theme: running out of space.

ideas: build a concentration camp including theater, living space etc.. no room to build elaborate death traps for the six million.

(((multiculturalism))) using real examples of shitskin rapefuges taking over homes and streets in cucked europe.

ee4d08  No.11989231

For a game to be good propaganda, it first needs to be a good game.

The propaganda needs to be subtle enough so it doesn't get no-platformed and ignored.

With such propaganda, we can work on shifting the overton window and culture in our direction. We shouldn't just go all-out extremist, as it would be off-putting and probably unsuccessful.

Making such a game would require a lot of subtlety, intelligence, and hundreds to thousands of work hours by experts in their respective fields.

The roles that need to be filled include, depending on the type of game: writer, game designer, artist, programmer, musician, sound effects guy, voice acting, marketing, localization

Small teams usually outsource several of these roles and consist mainly of artists, game designers, and programmers.

Needless to say, such a project requires much more than just an image board to be realized.

It is easy to underestimate how much work it is to make a good, modern game.


1e1364  No.11990400


WW2 shooter

Single mission the Siege of Berlin

Your squad is wiped out defending the Reichstag. Last guy makes a last stand to buy you time to gtfo. Your objective is to find your wife and kids. You explore Berlin shooting rapacious commies.

2f0108  No.11990543

Here is my plan, I want your input on how you feel about it:

STEP 1: form a studio with a name that does not attract (((their))) attention, make a game that has no /pol/ redpills at all, but merely lacks any bluepills, making it a game that can be enjoyed by /pol/acks and normies, this alone will set it apart from the (((mainstream))) titles of the modern era, and it will provide our development studio with money and popularity.

STEP 2: create a game with very few, very subtle, redpills, maybe they only appear in pieces via clues placed into certain sidequests or in background lore (think of the storytelling methods of "silent hill" or "dark souls") so that they can only be uncovered via investigation and deduction, maybe they are only given by complex allegory using scifi/fantasy/horror/mythological/folkloric analogues for real world topics, you know, like every work of speculative fiction ever has, again make it so that it's only visible to the theorists who dig into the game, nothing blatant, remember, the way the jews have used the media to influence people is the frog in the water, they start with ice cold water, and then slowly, slowly they raise the heat, or the analogy of drug tolerance, small doses, increased only by small increments over a long period of time, until by the time anyone has noticed the cumulative effect of it, it's too late to change them.

STEP 3. make a mage that focuses on one redpill, but weave it into a plot that has a lot of other elements in it as well, don't make a heavy-handed piece of blatant propaganda, when leftists do that in games it turns people off immediately, be like the writers of old, and tell a story that happens to contain a redpill as a part of the plot, maybe make it so that there is just one character that believes in the redpill, and only they espouse it, kinda like Rorschach in "Watchmen".

Another way to do this is to make it the topic of a joke or two in a game, think of how "borderlands" sells feminism, its not everywhere, but when it shows up, it's as a part of the humor, humor is a great way of doing this, because laughter is mostly involuntary, and while they find the joke funny, they become more vulnerable to it's underlying message, late night talk shows used to rely on this method before they got hit so bad they turned to social conditioning techniques instead (unlike late night shows, we lack the ability to generate the illusion of general consensus that this technique relies on, we can still do humor though, which is something they have lost).


ALTERNATIVELY: We can start with the small, simple goal of creating a /pol/ack friendly development studio that outdoes the competition in every genre of game, but which they cannot call out as being a studio of /pol/acks without looking crazy and paranoid.

I just want a current generation game I can play and enjoy thoroughly without worrying about inadvertently submitting myself to some subliminal jew mindbending bullshit.

2f0108  No.11990562













baeecb  No.11990662

File: 7c5ca54b551a469⋯.png (307.96 KB, 540x540, 1:1, BlackWhistleTeacup.png)


Can it have a section where you can kick Michelle Obongo in her his it's Obongos?

baeecb  No.11990772


>ID baeeceb

i think God wants me to start lifting

7e7e45  No.11990792

A Fallout style RPG but involves DOTR.

baeecb  No.11990817


So long as I can kick that freak in the she-nads, it'll get an 8/8 from me m80

2f0108  No.11990941



no, we must avoid real world names, places, and events, this will get rejected by the normie mind, and paint a target on the game's back for it's destruction in the eyes of the prospective audience.

work with speculative settings, characters, situations, and entities, don't have a direct political method, be subtle, indirect, etc.

we have to learn from our enemies in how to use media to influence thoughts and beliefs.

we say that the left cant meme, but they can say that the right cant write fiction.

look at the tactics used by the jewish media in promoting their narrative via fiction since the 1940's and emulate them for our own narrative, it's boiling frogs in water, its developing tolerance to a poison, start small and subtle, increase degree and visibility by small gradations, until the narrative's message can become blatant and take up a large part of the work's theme, but the audience has become too desensitized to reject it.

we lack support and money, but that means we have to work within restrictions, this can be an opportunity to get creative, we cant put any real world shit in the game, it will be spotted immediately for what it is, and we're fucked.

anyone who suggests a game with real world people, places, events, etc. or who wants to put things that are instantly rejected by the audience we wish to influence, for such as nazism, killing IRL minorities, outright statements of racial supremacy, etc. into the game is a jewish shill trying to tank the conquest of the vidya world, and such anons should be given the appropriate treatment.

keep it to speculative fiction, fictional worlds, fictional characters, fictional events, fiction.

watch the fiction of the 40's to now, see how they've pushed their audiences into thinking as they do now, we need to use the same techniques, but for our ideological causes.

74cb30  No.11994963

File: dfc47509e2b73a2⋯.jpeg (25.5 KB, 236x393, 236:393, 111D87C9-F2E0-4E69-8489-4….jpeg)


I didnt realize when I played theoug it, but Skyrim was super redpilling for a ton of people. IMHO probably the strongest, most subversive peice of culture in our favor to date. Did anyone play through that game a second time and NOT choose an Imperial or Nord? In either case you were fighting for the best way to strengthen a weakened nation in order to prepare for defense against/reclamation of land taken by a foreign invading force of multi-culti monsters led by ethnocentric/supremacist (((magicians))) that are poor warriors and excellent (((politicians)))

That said I seriously loved Morrowind and am lookin forward to skywind if it ever is made. Probably the only video game I would ever consider investing wasting time on.

47b428  No.11994969


Skyrim lore was retarded. Made what were Aryans take on the role of Jews in casuals' minds.

0eceda  No.11995353

File: 24eb9c110f76e06⋯.jpg (247.99 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1364097558886.jpg)

>>11929833 Witnessed

I see what you did there anon. And I approve.

217b1d  No.11995493

Tetris but you try and make swastikas out of the blocks

7bf2cd  No.11997205

File: 1c6a0ee26f69201⋯.jpg (50.46 KB, 640x400, 8:5, hidden agenda.jpg)


There is one propaganda game that was a huge catalyst for my redpill process.

A game where you play a historian and have to connect population events. Like you'll have the population of 120,000 at one time and 55,000 at 30 years later and you have to calculate when the plague hits.

It gets more difficult with multiple population groups and movements between cities.

It slowly starts to dawn on you that the politician is using you to claim that the original claim of the country belongs in the hand of one of the two groups and you're doing history by working backward, starting with conclusions and figuring out possible explanations.

There is no doubt in my mind that it was made to deprogram people from blue-pill historical thinking. Probably particularly in regards to either israel or the united states.

I wish I could find that game again, just to find out what I can about the people that made it and rewatch it with redpill eyes.

Anybody know which game I'm talking about?

>pic unrelated

5fac61  No.11997838

Heh… years ago my mates and I started putting together an Angry Birds ripoff called Angry Muslims. The goal was to kill or drive away all Western Pigs by lobbing different Muslims to a structure modeled after an European city.

It was of course complete shite and was quickly abandoned, but some of the "birds" were quite funny:

> Moderate Muslim: just hits and remains on the map. Causes Pigs to retreat from the Muslim, possibly falling to their deaths. A chance of turning spontaneously into a Jihadist at any later point.

> Jihadist: Explodes on contact. Of course.

> Burka Bomb: a cluster munition popping out 3-5 Moderates or Jihadists while midair.

> Hate Preacher: upon impact immediately turns any nearby Moderates into Jihadists.

2f0108  No.11998726


make it

2f0108  No.11998735


Can I commission someone to create an updated version of the pic in the OP? it's really troubling that I cant find a list of games for /pol/ack's that isn't pants on head retarded.

2c8067  No.11998747


Skywind was shit, I say was because it's also dead in the water. OpenMW is at near completeness as an engine reimplementation however, and is already 100% playable through all original content and the majority of mods. That's where anyone interested in further previously impossible modding of the game should be looking.

66dfd0  No.11998800

Well, is this thread still jacking off about ideas or are you faggots going to actually organize to get something done? There is potential here and I can help, but my previous attempt to reach out fell flat, so put up or shut up.

0c5563  No.11998851


This is genius and wouldn't even require more than some Plague Inc type graphics. >>11932453 has a point but you can also go completely clean of the references. The jews will still know exactly what you're doing and they will throw a huge fit over it being "anti-semitic".

<I made a game about a group of people who are attempting to control the world by controlling currency and installing themselves into every level of government and academia to destroy societies from within. Why would you assume that's about jews?

>Start game with one character

>National Treasurer

>Have to institute various scams like charging a country interest to use their own money to start your funds

>Branch out to different countries by blackmailing politicians and eventually funding your own candidates from your people

>Can buy journalists, create newspapers and TV stations, professors, textbook writers, etc… All have different bonuses and cost different amounts of money.

<"Your investment in education has resulted in +2 Population Complacency. Your host nation will now be less resistant to your ideas."

<"Your investment in "The Big Lie" has paid off! For the next century you will be granted an Age of Illusion. Any criticism of your actions will instead be redirected towards the native population of host nations until this Age has ended, allowing you to blend in with your enemies."

<"Hint: It's cheaper to buy a country's politicians than to buy an army. Why lose your own people when you can make your enemies fight each other? Those who resist money can be brought around by other methods of ensuring compliance. Everyone has secrets they hide from the world, even if you have to create them."

>Oh, shit. Everyone is getting nukes but they don't want to give me any. This James Hennessy guy is stubborn and fuck. How did I ever let this asshole win an election? Hmmm…looks like his next in line isn't so bad for me. This is going to be a big job but if I don't get nukes I am fucked.

Make it a sort of reverse Civilization. Call it "Subversion".

0c5563  No.11998997


The more I think about it the more feasible this is. I think I am going to do this.

72fb5e  No.11999002



2f0108  No.11999085

To anons posting video game ideas, you are fucking retards.

















2e5e8d  No.11999362

File: 8ae3aad9f1e2af1⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 2405x3935, 481:787, grandstratagymovies.jpg)

File: 9d0de0ae1644b6d⋯.png (17.72 KB, 1425x625, 57:25, World_map_-_countries.png)

I really like the brain storming in this thread, but I noticed a lot of the ideas are centered around a First Person shooter/RPG kind of format

What if the game was more government/grand strategy? You enact certain policies, and can, in detail, see what effects you are having on your nation's demographics. You can declare war, get caught up in civil wars, and other fun bits.

I'm mostly in it for the demographic simulator

a871eb  No.11999407



A game like that would strongly benefit from postal 1 source code.

66dfd0  No.11999656


To the one person who actually wants to do something, search this thread for pro_ and email me. Anyone still spewing out tardo ideas like this is /v/, go to /v/.

000000  No.12002597



Yes. Jews achieved all the destruction they wreaked by subverting the popular culture and riding on top of that to make political change. Taking popular culture back means literally reverse-subverting the society and reclaiming power from the jew. The jew knows that.

2f0108  No.12006035

last bump for a good idea


5c5e2e  No.12006260

File: 77ff73a9c54cbc2⋯.jpg (224.61 KB, 1200x1693, 1200:1693, d_9zqcVMvCePWtjWUHGHXoFqSP….jpg)

File: fd37bad556af3ef⋯.jpg (788.99 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, _Te61VavPvYDM-T1HAJXkBLYOl….jpg)

File: 950dc9d042300ea⋯.jpg (214.2 KB, 1920x882, 320:147, lQ3J0EIwDqEq_FMTx1pFpH6DCG….jpg)

Grand Travelers - A mech MMO

Takes place on a planet where the nights are violently cold and destructive, although the days are long and peaceful. Society has taken the logical evolutionary leaps and everything in the game world is a mech. The characters ride in custom mechs that can go pilot custom bases, to go fight rogue pilotless(?) mechs or enter large roaming dungeons.

Search for rare resources that are constantly on the move, and adapt to your ever shifting environment with various equipment and armor.

There is a large emphasis on 'realism' and immersion in the vein of Elite: Dangerous, except replacing the boring and grindy mining and traveling with exciting rocket boost and shoot action. Creative designs and mech variety are a must.

Pros: Caters well to multiple playstyles, many roles to fill. Tracking and hunting a pack of wild mechs over a few in game days would be a comfy as fuck mechanic along with similar emergent gameplay i.e. traveling shops/bandits.

Cons: MMO and open world are memes for a reason, hard to implement and harder to implement well. Playerbase and advertising are barriers to entry too.

c7ceaf  No.12006307

File: f64b081dcdbabd0⋯.png (16.96 KB, 621x387, 69:43, Espinales.png)


Based Espinales did nothing wrong

fcd15a  No.12013609


I think you are a bit over-eager and impatient. We are talking about something that involves both high personal risk for professionals, and high time investment. I think it's unlikely for teams to form online without meeting or knowing who is on the other side. Not impossible, but unlikely, because of the risks and costs involved.

Therefore, it might be a better strategy to either

a) give good reasons for why someone should attempt contacting some random anon


b) give good advice on how solo developers are most likely to be successful

2f0108  No.12020276

why not try recruiting from the masses? there will be none who completely agree with us, but some will be more in line with us than others, what we need to do is focus on gradually becoming more exclusive, requiring employees to be closer and closer to us ideologically, let's make a website, and acquire recruits for it, with proper screening, we can ensure its full of people who would be more sympathetic to our cause, from then on, we tighten the requirements more and more, until eventually we have a company ideology, to which most workers agree.

you know, the same way the jews run their companies, university campuses, etc. but our endpoint ideology is /pol/.

trump isnt one of us by a long shot, but he was a lot closer than the other candidates, and we use him as a stepping stone to acquire representatives who are closer to us ideologically, eventually, over time, we will one day have leadership that is 100% pro-us and anti-jew.

the jews use evolutionary principles to ideologically conquer any institution they enter, first they cast the net wide, then a little closer to their position, and a little more, and so on, and by gradually ramping up the level of exclusion over time, eventually they have evolved an ideological environment that is 100% them.

ee79d5  No.12020320


Will the new Doom game be on this list /pol/?

2f0108  No.12020344


some anons in this thread said /pol should create a new list of approved games, there's relatively no risk for them doing so, so maybe they will, it's 50/50.

as for making the game, just like meeting up with other anons irl, even for the benign purposes of simply hanging out, it involves at least some level of risk, and so the chances of that ever happening is zero.

/pol/ is full of do-nothing pussies.

d2dce4  No.12023533



>makes a game

You are not /pol/. Fuck off to /v/.

a50ae0  No.12029102

File: bfe9b16b086c30d⋯.jpg (133.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Resident-Evil-5-PC.jpg)

Resident Evil 5 is definitely /pol/ approved

fba7eb  No.12030264


Actually, you should do what kikes on Steam do and "update" the game later after a shit ton of people bought it. Only make the merchant obvious 6 to 9 months in. Start with NO merchant overtones.

I had thought about a mod for Civ 5 with a mechanic like this (requiring you to keep a handle on degeneracy and punishing overly tolerant peoples instead).

5341bf  No.12031236


If you want to make a game as a beginner, please start with Twine/Sugarcube.

7d0cb9  No.12031363

File: a33c0249a366fe3⋯.png (484.88 KB, 878x461, 878:461, emptyhero jew.PNG)



Can't that only make choose-your-own-adventure books?

59c8a3  No.12031421


/tg/ is pretty good. Looks like there's a couple games in the works. A few even have art and stuff.

I know this is more about /v/ stuff but tabletop has been getting hit pretty hard lately.

fba7eb  No.12031694


Because retarded newfags are all over the board constantly saying retarded shit. They can't greentext. They can't triforce. It's beyond pathetic.


Kek. I still remember how every RE game had zombies from the region it took place in, like you would expect. Suddenly, when one takes place in Africa, the zombies are African. And of course all the retards cried that it was wayyyyyyyyyyyyciss. I wish the Japs hadn't put the nigger in.

747b7b  No.12032758

File: 8145821b05dff50⋯.png (270.16 KB, 808x424, 101:53, Daughterfu.png)

File: 0aea3b09e5e891a⋯.png (324.47 KB, 900x650, 18:13, Johnny Topside.png)

You know what was a surprisingly redpilled game?

Bioshock 2.

The original Bioshock was made by Ken Levine, a primadonna Jew who is infamous for throwing tantrums and fighting everyone who opposes his vision of exactly how a project should be done. Levine was tapped to create the original Bioshock as a spiritual successor to System Shock, but he wanted to do it his way. However, the corporate overlords made certain demands on the project, like a morality system and a plot based around choice, which was in vogue at the time. Levine didn't want these aspects in the game, but had no choice but to put them in. Ironically, but perhaps unsurprising to the initiated, the best parts about Bioshock are the things Levine didn't want, while the worst parts about it are the things he insisted upon or created himself.

For the development of Bioshock 2, (((Levine))) was totally absent, since he was doing some other project and wanted them to wait for him, but 2K decided they weren't going to allow his primadonna ways to dictate an entire release schedule, and went ahead and made the game without him.

Levine returned for Bioshock Infinite and had almost total control over the creative process. Unsurprisingly, it was a mess, with overambitious aims inevitably creating a sprawling, meandering mess that overran on both budget and time, forcing entire story arcs and key points to be cut out and creating a barely coherent story with multiple dropped plot threads and a confusing, Gainax-style ending. And the overall tone and setting was exactly the sort of morality play one would expect from a California Jew who hates white people, hates Christians, and hates the South. And the story DLC expansion, Burial at Sea, was Levine's own personal project, that he created to allow him to go back and retroactively "fix" all the things he didn't like about the earlier games, and it also shows because it's a shittacular crapfest of heavy handed soapboxing and urbanite Jew morality that goes out of it's way to shit on the few nice things the first game did have.

Fortunately for fans of System Shock and the idea of Bioshock, Levine has left the franchise entirely after Burial at Sea, and will not be returning. And Bioshock 4 has been confirmed to be in development, so maybe we'll actually see a not shitty Jew game this time.

747b7b  No.12032763

File: 75ca3fa293b43fb⋯.gif (2.6 MB, 500x259, 500:259, This Was Actually A Really….gif)

File: b66c1b211715e6c⋯.png (214.4 KB, 540x572, 135:143, Best Dad.png)



But back to Bioshock 2, Levine wasn't on the project, as I said before, and the game was surprisingly redpilled. The antagonist is a SJW female psychiatrist named Sophia Lamb who uses new age psychobabble, liberal psychology, and the progressive stack to foment a revolution in Rapture. The protagonist is nameless, faceless man from the surface nicknamed "Johnny Topside" who discovered Rapture on his own and was subsequently kidnapped and forcibly converted into a Big Daddy called Delta to stop him from telling the world about it. The primary conflict arises from your personal war with Lamb over the fate of a teenage girl named Eleanor, who is both Lamb's biological daughter and your bonded Little Sister. Lamb wants to turn Eleanor into the first of the "perfect Utopains," since she believes that utopia cannot precede utopians, and thus utopia will only exist when people become utopians worthy of it. You, on the other hand, just want to keep Eleanor safe and escape the city. The secondary conflict of the story arises from your progress through Lamb's social justice indoctrinated Rapture in pursuit of Eleanor, and your judgement of and interactions with the various personalities and powers that now control the city have a direct effect on the plot of the story and Eleanor's developing worldview.

The entire conflict is, explicitly, a war between the paternal and the maternal over the fate of the future maternal. No matter what choices you make or how you behave, Eleanor will always hate her mother and see you, her father figure, as the right and just source of morality. She considers herself to be your daughter and treats you like her father, while conversely viewing Sophia Lamb as someone she is only misfortunately connected to by random chance. This infuriates Lamb to such an extent that in every possible ending, she kills you out of spite using a Big Daddy killswitch installed into you during your Delta transformation, but even in the worst possible ending, you always live on, immortal, through your daughter, who accepts you as her father more than Lamb as her mother. The end of the story is always you pushing through the pain of dying to get Eleanor out of the city and back to the surface, and in every ending, Eleanor always lives on and escapes Rapture to live her life according to the lessons you taught her in the game. The game is explicitly anti-Communist, anti-liberalist, anti-utopian, anti-socialist, anti-postmodern, pro-fatherhood, pro-family, and pro-traditionalism. It also has strong Nietzschean themes, as well as themes of the maternal being morally inferior to the paternal, and notions of both will to power and the idea of the natural overman inevitably conflicting with the envious and spiteful underman.

Unsurprisingly, Jew Levine hated it the most out of all the games, and also unsurprisingly, it's the best game of the series so far. It was panned by (((critics))) who didn't like the message or tone, which is why it is much more obscure than the other two games, but that's honestly just further credit in it's favor. Hopefully with Levine out of IP for good and with developers casually flirting with the far right in games like Doom Eternal, Bioshock 4 might end up being much more like Bioshock 2.

055cbc  No.12032834

Why don't just a bunch of gamers, programmers and designers sit together and create a game? Not only talking about this place, but people in general. Some are good with ideas and fantasy, some can draw, some design etc. I was just thinking about a shooter, 'cause Baddlfield xDdd is shit, what was to expect

4cb4c9  No.12033020


>Schindlers list

e9b2cd  No.12033045

df99c9  No.12033065


Wasnt there some kickstarter to remake System Shock 2?

8b3155  No.12033100


I've always wanted to make this game.


>You are hunter gatherer in open world based on 30,000BC or so

>Survival game, stats like hunger, cold, thirst, and energy

>Hunt megafauna and gather to keep stats up

>Skill tree of hunting, medicine, tool use, leadership etc

>Meet NPCs in world, use negotiating and leadership to get them to join you, or join an existing group and work to become the chief

>Gather resources and build village, hunting and gathering can now be outsourced to your NPC tribesmen

>Find women, protect them, make babies

>Your village has stats like safety, morale, supplies

>Manage village stats through good leadership and decisions

>War happens as you come across other tribes/they invade you

>Decide wether to fight and risk population or move and lose stats

>Conquer and grow

>Aim is to maximise population

>As certain population thresholds are reached you can upgrade your village

>Endgame is megalithic structures and a prehistoric advanced civilisation

e701a8  No.12033148

File: f68fc1a23d60ae1⋯.jpg (166.32 KB, 811x1082, 811:1082, Minuscule_300556_6563165.jpg)

total war: horus heresy

2f0108  No.12033262

Make a studio out of all the boards, we get the political boards of /pol/, /liberty/, /christian/ and /pagan/ to work on one of the factions that produce the best results (the libertarian right ancaps at the point of the lower right corner, the authoritarian right natsocs at the point of the upper-right corner, /pagan/ syncretic reconstructionist pagan theocracy which seeks to unite all animistic and polytheistic religions from europe, asia, and north africa into a single pagan religion by merging together everything about them, their pantheons, mythologies, traditions, creatures, concepts, people, places, events, etc. which are seen as different people's equally valid records of the same reality, in keeping with the actual syncretic pagan practices of the ancient greeks and romans, while at the same time removing all monotheism, and /christian/'s christian theocracy which goes back to the most accurate translation of the oldest christian writings, and builds a society based directly off of it, which results in bringing back the oldest of christian traditions and political systems, and restoring christendom to it's former glory, a new victorious crusade to prepare the world for it's rightful king and redeemer, all these faction get the best results, for themselves at least, and each faction's result is written by their own respective board, additionally there will be an option to allow more than one faction win, but in their own territories, which results in peaceful coexistence and success for all of them, minus the global conquest), and use our observations of /leftypol/ and our mainstream enemies to create the faction s that create bad results (the authoritarian left zionist NWO, which ensures a communist world being intentionally run into the ground by elites puppeted from behind the scenes by an ever expanding Israel, which effectively makes all non-jews slaves living in absolute hell after killing off the non-elite gentiles, and they have also begun to purge the gentile elites as well, causing the remaining elites to turn on each other as they are slowly replaced by non-whites, and the libertarian left ancoms, resulting in utter chaos as identity groups get turned on by the ever more totalitarian non-official leadership, where most live in complete hell and effective slavery, similar to the NWO, except that while the jews and israel are secure within the NWO, no one is secure in this version, and degeneracy is the goal, instead of the means to the goal, meaning that without the jewish masters to stamp it out once it has lost it's utility, degeneracy becomes the basis for culture and political systems, along with the two other factions of islamic theocrats and the mainstream conservatives, with the islamic faction beginning with religious domination, but turning to racial arab domination over time, while cuckservatives, who tend to wish for things to go back in time to the state they were in when they were kids, briefly returns politics to the levels of the 80's and 90's by successfully eliminating their hated identity politics, albeit through increasingly totalitarian means, more totalitarianism is needed to hold things together, until eventually things rapidly fall apart, and keep going at an ever-accelerating pace to the point where a global nuclear apocalypse takes place, the rich egalitarians survive in colony vaults prepared long ago, where they blame the apocalypse they caused on identity politics, their own children, born in the vaults and raised to have no connection to their parents, end up killing and eating them as soon as they are no longer useful to the colony).

4da8b6  No.12033374

Europa 2050, it'd be like sid meisers civilization game but with redpills about how society fucked itself in the ass

46d9c1  No.12033423

Crusader Kings II might be made by German cucks, but it's the only game I am aware of to name the Jew.

f25aa3  No.12041214

What programming language and game engine does /pol/ use?

245353  No.12060196

Games are for children

2f0108  No.12088586


Hello Gavin, why not go back to sucking off your boss's kosher sausage?

000000  No.12088716

Not at liberty to elaborate, but this is a good thread and will be useful in analysis. For the "no-one here ever does anything" sorts of shills, keep in mind that in reality, the people who are legit who visit here to sort through the shit to find the good content here occasionally, most of are probably all "doing something" in our own way. We just do so anonymously. You might start seeing new games coming out here in a few years and there won't be any way to confirm that they were inspired from here, but that's fine, that's not the point. The point is we put it out there. So get comfy, it's happenin' already. Actually, it's been happening. Way before since this thread has been posted. Try several years. There's things growing that no-one has ever seen, but they will in fact appear with no notice. There's "indie game dev" soyboy fags who do more blogging about their game than development. These are the people who fill Steam with shit-tier things you only have to take a look at the title to know it's shit. Then there's people out there who are Chads that see this as a medium of beauty and a means to bring about a new renascence to share our vision who I can confirm are full on with us and operating with maximum efficiency to bring about good things.

My advice: If you're going to make a game, it depends on your life's context. If you have good genes and you're young, have a balanced life first. Get financially stable, have kids, that sort of thing. Now, if you're here and you're like some sort fat 40 year old mulatto with some health problems or something that excludes you from those sorts of things, but you're still pretty based, you're lucky in that you don't have to worry about those obligations, you can just get right into it. (Even if this is the case, if you're ugly as fuck, but you can pull off making a few million dollars, at that point you can find a beautiful gold-digger and pay here to get inseminated via IVF with 25k$ sperm of a pure Aryan quality specimen from a donor. Look into it.) A single person using Unreal for example can in fact make a "AAA" quality game given enough determination. Even they choose to make a more "overt" game that gets banned, take in mind that if der fuhrer traveled into the future from our past and saw what was the piratebay, he would marvel at such a wonder. You can literally make whatever you want and if it gets shoahed you can release it for free underground. I think there's a place for that, but the more subtle wide-range popular ones are more worth persuing in their own way.

c294d3  No.12088740


Paradox is swedish you idiot.

277d3e  No.12088807

>Todd Howard datamines /pol/ and somehow comes up with Fallout76

This is why participating in these datamining threads is a bad idea.

277d3e  No.12088817


So /pol/ trannys = /pol/ ? Nigger.

277d3e  No.12088827

File: 18e7eff8a9b1cfa⋯.jpg (180.9 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


Fuck you usurper.

47497b  No.12088937


How's Bioshock 1? Should I still play it? Does it have worse quality?

28cd97  No.12089040

47497b  No.12089353


worst advice ever


yes. It's garbage.



Are better engines.

ea67d3  No.12089367

File: 7f345aac4d01198⋯.png (834.81 KB, 972x473, 972:473, liberiacivil.png)

I'd love to see a mod made from GTAV or Arma 3 set in the Liberian civil war..

2f0108  No.12090494


square circle = circle

There can be no /pol/ trannies you fuckwit

2d8ab2  No.12090510

>Day of Defeat

wow. Anyone remember 1.3b days in like 2001? You coudl play the nazis and they had the swastikas and everything. They had hitler youth knives too, and on the early Anzio map they had a recording of Hitler coming through the radio at the spawn point of the allies. Man was that something. My teen edgelord self loved playing the bad guys and that game was steeped in forbidden imagery, sounds, everything. The mod was entirely done by college student geeks and maybe a few other guys in their mid 20s. You could feel the environment in those maps and servers, I can't to it justice in words. 1.3b to 3.1 before it went on retail sale.. best (or 2nd best) online gaming experience of my life.

2addb7  No.12090633

File: 134be5fb08d6125⋯.jpg (178.16 KB, 1023x682, 3:2, parabellum.jpg)

I've been playing with the idea of making a Fire Emblem 8 romhack set in World War II. There are some gunner models floating around and I think that it could work. You'd get to play an all-star cast of prominent Natsoc figures (recent and historical) in a what-if war all culminating in the final battle at Stalingrad and defeating the kikes once and for all.

Would /pol/ play this?

46a30b  No.12090641

Just do minor mods to mainstream games, like merchant textures for bosses.

b025ab  No.12091857


Race War Now: LARP edition

Team A: 'the man'. well armed and trained military and police. Able to be turned

Team B: the horde. A mix of violent shitskins and mudslimes

Team C: the people. The rag tag remnants of a past civilisation.

Team D: the kikes.

If you die, you die.

2f0108  No.12091915


this is the only good game idea in this thread.

57263e  No.12094968

We need someone with the power of Aspie to use RPGMaker or something to make a /pol/ themed RPG. You can name your main char but then your party is joined by heroes like Heil Hitler and Burke Bates.

b104bb  No.12094984


How the hell do you figure he likes Varg?

812fb9  No.12095102


(((ebola))) grows stronger

31e562  No.12095118

deb6f0  No.12095159

Here is an idea:

Tower defense style game set in current time Europe. You can build border fortifications, walls, deploy police units and research upgrades. There would also be random events/not so random events, such as having too much money would cause gender studies department to open at the university, which would cause protests and decrease your border technology research speed. Victory condition would be met when enemy's time/funding is gone.

1d61cc  No.12095286


Civ 5 is only good with the Lekmod. Fixes all the bullshit, adds strange and sometimes redpilling civs like the Kongolese, who get a coliseum replacement (Slave market) that grants +5 gold and production but eats one pop from all cities in the empire. Niggers eating their own.

Id like a civ like game with evolutionary pressures in mind, like lots of food start means high population low commonweal, low trust, and basically third world nation, and sparse starts make for hard early game but powerful all conquering hardened civ lategame.

e58fe0  No.12095369

>implying all gaming isn't a jewish time leech equivalent to chronic masturbation

da1256  No.12095487


Sounds like more complex IS defense

deb6f0  No.12095917

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Introducing: Auschwitz simulator 2018

aab0ea  No.12096294

A great deal of the problem with making a /pol/-related game is that there's a lot under that particular umbrella, and making a game isn't an easy project. To that end, paring away a lot of the more ambitious and action-oriented ideas is probably best. For those of you familiar with visual novel style games, the Ace Attorney game format would be ideal for delivering redpills, but would require a ton of writing and editing. Considering how imageboards get a metric shitton of written word posted on them every day, it would probably play more to the strength of your average /pol/ack than trying to make a massive clusterfuck of a squad-based FPS with RPG elements and a bunch of other industry acronyms that run counter to each other.

Consider the following:

>Game takes place in Germany, centered around war crimes in 1945

>Use a handful of the more ridiculous Holocaust stories

>Poke holes in the testimonies of witnesses

>Also poke holes in the confessions of people who were locked up in the London Cage

>Call it something goofy, like Ace Attorney Hans Fitz: Nuremberg Trials

9c0d7b  No.12096798

File: f9e8f11e588be92⋯.png (18.81 KB, 883x636, 883:636, 51784798845781874.png)

How about an IRL game?

Like a scavenger hunt.

Where we create a parallel political system and destroy ZOG.

It will be really immersive and fun.

c3ef75  No.12096884

File: 7614622e1360833⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 960x540, 16:9, heil2.webm)


a871eb  No.12096898

File: 4b95fd732cb68be⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 785.54 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

>game where you fight for the survival of your race against alien invaders

>both you and your brother are the last two people alive after a massive genocide wipes out a little more than 95% of humanity

>few endings, one of which accurately portrays the consequences of pacifism

>several weapons to choose from, including weapon combos for every slot and at least two hidden weapons

>guns have impact and feel satisfying to use

>jam packed with enough secrets to make Doom blush

>while MC might be ambivalent towards killing the invaders, her brother is dead set on making sure they're gone and if he dies, then so does she

>enemies initially see her as an anomaly, but as the game progresses they see her more of a threat until planetary destruction is postponed until the either kill her, or casualties reach 1,000,000

923f43  No.12097478

wish I still had the screencap from a cuckchan /v/ thread 7 or 8 years ago. I don't rememember everything but the basic gist was a story heavy ww2 game played from the view of a regular wehrmacht soldier. You'd start out as a farmer or something and end up fighting all over as the war grinds on and it slowly begins to dawn on you and everyone else that defeat is certain. Lategame meant to be feels-heavy, if you ever played cod world at war you would essentially end up being that last german that pops out and shoots the russian, and gets chopped up, darkening vision as the red flag goes up…

tldr: a typical triple a military campaign from the german perspective.

6a3bf0  No.12097683

File: 736cc36abf3a2db⋯.png (4.81 MB, 1207x1920, 1207:1920, Shin Megami Tensei cover.png)

The most redpilled video game IP possible already exists.

Well, almost.

All it's missing is some 9/11 references.

eddd23  No.12097736

File: 59d13c448ffe1af⋯.jpg (128.26 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Miyamoto-san_conductor_E3.jpg)

Hiding meanings within a metaphor like George Orwell did with 1984 will make it easier for people to digest. The most effective games are the most subtle and plant seeds in the psyche that help people realize goals they already have. Instead of forcing players to see a particular viewpoint, you make them create it by their own volition and believe it to be their own.

096100  No.12097880


Fuckin' love Shin Megami Tensei.

d0cb88  No.12098107



2afd81  No.12098156

Last time we had such a thread, I described in great detail a 2d RPG about surviving in a semi-apocalyptic scenario that may realistically occur irl in a few years time. I'm only going to summarize it here briefly. Once you unlocked the car as an item that belongs to you, you can travel to other maps than the one you start at. All maps are interlinked through an ingame internet, in which you can read news articles about what you did on little fake websites. On various locations you can save friendly NPCs, or let them die, spare criminals and suffer the consequences of other friendly npcs ending up dead later, and so on. The scenery in regards to imagery is a bit akin to obscure zombie apocalypse games but a few visual quips and jokes built in, like incomplete buildings with collapsed scaffoldings and flora growing on them to show that nobody has touched them in a long time. There are trash heaps with sacks of trash and open trash lying around in every corner and there are bits and pieces of more trash lying absolutely everywhere on the street. Many windows of houses are broken and any lights installed outside either flicker or are not running at all. migrants Random criminals who just so happen to always have brown or black skin, are the ones causing the semi-apocalyptic component by destroying everything in their wake and killing everyone that is near them for too long. You may have an occasion when two burglars are breaking into a nice old lady's store and you get to choose whether you let the old lady die, or save her by killing the criminals. The twist is that while you can read about what you did on the fake news websites, (pun not intended), but it is always framed differently from what you would expect. If you choose to save the old lady for instance, the headline you read is 'Unknown murderous racist brutalizes two helpless minorities.' with a picture of an injured brown child who is not one of the two people you killed. Simultaneously, in the pictures posted all articles in those fake news websites, seem to paint a very different picture of the outside world, than what the player sees while recording it. While everything the player sees is covered in dirt and rubbish and physically breaking down, in pictures on news websites, the streets are always clean and shiny, there is no fog, the sun shines bright, people's clothes have bright colours, all buildings and outside walls are intact, everything looks fine and dandy when looked at only through the ingame internet. The contrast between what you see and read on ingame websites, and what you see with your own eyes is supposed to be the core theme that accompanies you throughout every part of the game.

Originally, I described it with a crafting- and skill system based on spending ingame (not real) time on self-teaching skills, but that is not important here. As the production of the game goes on, the devs add more and more maps that the player can travel to, using the car. There might be random encounters where the player character suddenly finds himself with his car in a tanking station and getting swarmed from all sides by pitch-black men with machetes. As this implies, while it should allow to save, it should also be as dangerous/difficult as a roguelike game, in that having such a random encounter during a bad time may lead to RNG killing you. To spice it up and force the player to make calls during gaming sessions, the game can only be saved from within the player character's home.

edb338  No.12098216


Kinda like Uplink and with actual chemistry.

edb338  No.12098218


Hang yourself. Moon Man mod for Doom is fucking hilarious.

6265ee  No.12098226

File: 6fdbb2b291493c7⋯.png (156.02 KB, 500x600, 5:6, pleb.png)


>Skyrim not Morrowind

>Day of Defeat not Darkest Hour '44-'45

>Company of Heroes not Combat Mission

>Tropico 4

6265ee  No.12098236

File: e1abd599712537f⋯.png (297.74 KB, 800x450, 16:9, nsScreen02_1.png)


Neo scavenger?

edb338  No.12098249

File: d836ec1f94b5a72⋯.png (304.61 KB, 363x279, 121:93, 1412363824303.png)


>mfw some guy made a text-based hentai game that is an unintended actual PTSD simulator

edb338  No.12098273


>WWII Germans

>brutal killers

So fucking tired of this stale meme.

2afd81  No.12098960


That would make for a very good overworld/map selection screen, yes.

55ef21  No.12099025

File: 03d87eb6c835581⋯.jpg (131.06 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1521591132385.jpg)



Of course good points. I think the werewolf ideas are either from 13 year olds or jews having a laugh.


>TRIBE (30,000BC etc…)

I like this idea, but have always wanted something where the player plays several generations of a lineage. So you have to not only focus on getting dem kids, you gotta raise em right too because you'll be playing as them eventually. The familial aspect is critical to the thinking we want to evoke. A respect for your folk, a respect for tradition, and a vision that exceeds your limited life.

5a5280  No.12099051

File: 873904152c86644⋯.gif (661 KB, 360x275, 72:55, 06e277c63c5f0e6e7fd67e017f….gif)

Runefactory style game where you, one of the now last white men left, wake up from stasis in a world that has long since been destroyed by niggers, chinks and Jews centuries ago. There you stumble onto a village of beautiful Aryan women who are all that are left of a community that survived inna woods for generations. As the sole man, you must take on the manly duties and keep the little village operating, fed and safe. Go out into the wilds to fight niggers that have now devolved into even more baser a bestial forms. Farm, hunt, romance and knock up the girls up to keep the human species alive so they can retame the world. Die surrounded by your children who will keep your memory immortalized for all time.

5ec7ce  No.12099394

File: 7e58308da9d3d0c⋯.jpg (615.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SMTV_Shekinah_Glory.jpg)


The series is generally about humanity facing apocalypse in the neverending conflict between (((YHVH))) and (((Lucifer))), and the best possible endings usually involve rejecting them both.

Masakado regularly appears in the series as a patriotic deity who helps protect Tokyo from Jewish takeover.

The first SMT game was originally planned to have its climax set in Israel. They didn't go with that plan, but it's interesting to think about.

Anyway, there are tons of religious and socio-political references sprinkled throughout the series, so it'd be quite a pain to go through all of them. But suffice it to say that the SMT IP is founded on sensitive themes such as holy war and nationalism, and doesn't shy away from them. Most importantly, good triumphs against (((evil))) time and again.

Do you remember that joke in "Doom Eternal" that recently sparked some angry tweets, where demons were compared to immigrants? Well, SMT games have been doing that for decades, except they're not joking. And they show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

917a0a  No.12099435

File: 69aeedc8e8c210f⋯.jpg (209.74 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 69aeedc8e8c210fcba37f82f61….jpg)

A simple, non-3D game that I came up with and should not take too long to code: The Globalist Simulator

The protagonist takes on the character of a Jew in a mission to subvert and destroy all non-Jews.

You will start off with some hefty amount of cash and spend them on various Points of Influences: The government, the banks, Entertainment industry (Hollywood), the Mainstream media (Lügenpresse), and Education (Academia). The objective is to control these Points of Influences one by one until you are finally in total control of a nation. There will be enemies and obstacles: like nationalists, anti-Zionists, who will always try to stop you.

To take control of each PoI:

1. Government - buy-off politicians, lobby for laws that go against all interests of your host nation. Can also be used to lobby for the interests of Israel. (like AIPAC)

2. Finance/Banks - use fraud, usury, money laundering, and insider trading all the way to the top and take over your host nation's economy.

3. Entertainment Industry - buy studios, and promote degeneracy through producing film, art, literature, and music.

4. Media - this can't be any more obvious.

5. Education - brainwash the youth with leftism and liberalism, turn your lies into truth by paying-off historians, scientists, and professors.

917a0a  No.12099460


Your host nation starts in its pre-Zionist and pristine condition: As you progress into the game, Nationalist sentiment will also increase. They can be stopped by using any of the PoI's you already control. Like for example:

Government - arrest them, set them up in unfair kangaroo courts with a bought judge and jury. Or lobby a law that forbids nationalist sentiment. (which will be more expensive)

Media - have your journalists write smear hit-piece on your enemies.

The game will be over under the following conditions.

1. You ran out of shekels

2. You were assassinated

3. You got your ass deported to Israel

4. A National Socialist revolution took place and you were executed.

2b872b  No.12099474

>crtl+f: shekel clicker


I fucking despise newfags.

117706  No.12101005

Room for unpozzed games is huge. FPS named "Remove kebab" where you really remove kebabs or a free roam game a la GTA where you throw faggots from rooftops would dominate the market. "Remove Kebab - banned in Bongistan and several other countries". You really want to play this game.

3ec23a  No.12101221

File: cdab753671169fb⋯.jpg (41.12 KB, 500x338, 250:169, Swimming pool at Auschwitz….jpg)

Holocoaster Tycoon: a realistic concentration camp management sim. The goal is to efficiently manage an internment camp in Poland. You would be given tasks from the Reich such as processing a certain number of prisoners or building a certain number of V2 rockets. You have to keep morale up to ensure productivity and stifle revolts by building and staffing the basic facilities for your inmates and staff, such as mess halls, infirmaries, showers, delousing chambers, pools and tennis courts.

In later scenarios, allied bombings of supply lines causes shortages of critical supplies such as medicine and food. How will you deal with the typhus outbreak? Bodies must be disposed of to contain the spread of disease, I hope you can work out the math on your crematoria output!

06bfb5  No.12101404


The main rule I would enforce upon myself while developing a /pol/-approved game would be to keep the attacks on (((them))) as subtle as possible. Make the enemy characters look like Jews, give them Jewish names, have them enforcing/supporting policies that most Jews support, but that's it. No stereotypical accents. No references to their religion, diet, ect.. Let (((them))) and the players connect the dots. Doing it for them is lazy writing.

As for what type of game, I'd prefer a First or Third-Person Action RPG in a contemporary setting. Think Deus Ex without the cybernetic enhancements and more choices/factions.

fba7eb  No.12101454


I'm liking Phantom Doctrine so far. It's an XCOMish game about covert ops and spying. It would be possible to make a highly detailed game like this for strategy fans, who are generally more intelligent and thus more open to our ideas.

2ed6f1  No.12107139

bfa793  No.12117503


Mandalore gaming is better

cdb944  No.12117994




I've been programming professionally for the last 6 years in both C++ and more recently C#, both of which are relevant to this. I've used OpenGL a lot, physics engines (wrote my own once), AI, pathfinding and state machines, probably the only thing I'm not experienced in is multiplayer programming. I've recently been programming a mobile game in my spare time, so I'd be more than happy to redirect effort to invest a couple of evenings a week and some time on the weekends. Email shektek at protonmail com and we can discuss ideas. I'm pretty keen to get started and I'll get a project hosted on github or a better nonpozzed alternative as soon as we're decided.

I suggest we use C++, at least for our first project. C++ has the most tools available but C# has the benefits of being easier to inexperienced programmers and also is the primary development language for the Unity engine, which is really easy for artists and designers to use. Maybe the next project can use that. As >>12041214 mentioned there'll need to be a consensus on this but that can be made later once the model is in place.

For what it's worth I like this as a first idea:


It's simple enough to get started and doesn't need a lot of graphics or level design, just solid principles.

My vision would be a world map, you can recruit agents with different skills (a bit like Master of Orion), bribe officials and eventually get them to join you too, start secret societies which will attract the wealthy, start up NGOs, send agents to take over institutions which give you knock-on effects and other abilities, fund insurgents, disrupt stock markets, basically a Soros simulator.

The final goal would be to establish a one-world government, with complete demoralisation of the population in keeping with the principles Bezmenov outlined. The opponents would be nationalist governments, events such as world wars, native populations whose resistance is basically measured by "wokeness" and eventually you'd need to suppress nascent redpill and traditionalist counter cultures, with the risk becoming greater as you reach the final stages of the game.

19b17b  No.12118094


Godspeed anon

cc3caa  No.12118107


Recently I had an idea to make a Duke Nukem mod - Don Deportem. It would just replace Duke with Trump and enemies with niggers and spics.

19b17b  No.12118112


My favourite series

19b17b  No.12118115


As >>12099394 said also you get to play with many deities from many mythologies, and as anon mentioned in some endings there is a focus on tradionalism by choosing the national deities.

it's very good and the morality of the game is shown through development of your actions and not by preaching.

538b34  No.12118146

I wouldn't necessarily promote MGS since they're all very anti-war games with messages laden with rhetoric about how bad borders are and an enemy today might be an ally tomorrow. But whatever.

d9de1e  No.12118166

If you need art made for such a game, I would be up for it.

cfe107  No.12120369

File: 0506b2184a1489c⋯.jpg (320.6 KB, 581x581, 1:1, 9da4899d986614a0a3914bd866….jpg)

000926  No.12120452

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cfe107  No.12120590

File: faf4adc087bb9ef⋯.png (177.31 KB, 368x271, 368:271, Super_Castlevania_IV_North….png)

f5f69a  No.12120599

has nobody here even played Dark Souls 1???

754fe3  No.12120658


>Papers, Please

Isn't the creator a known SJW? And Civ 4 is superior to V

2f0108  No.12130795

Dark Souls writing

Place the player into the world, Do not tell them a single fucking things about what's going on besides what the objective is and other need-to-know shit.

But, Every item, environment, note, etc. tells just a little piece of the story, it's up to the player to piece it together.

give them a mystery and they will immerse themselves to solve it.

Make the player's choices matter, make the right choices a mystery to those who have not adequately tried to figure out the lore, allow the butterfly effect to show them what happens after making each choice.

we cant talk about national socialism or white nationalism, but we can talk about the underlying themes, arguments, and principles that back our ideologies:

>making priorities for those closest to you

>protecting traditions and your homeland

>pride in one's own identity and ancestry

>combating pathological empathy towards those who do not deserve it

>a lack of guilt in the face of accusations and shaming of crimes that your people never committed in a history that never happened

>not allowing others to burden you with the responsibility tor their own self-destructive actions, or their own failings in the shadows of your own exceptionalism (and seeing their envy and irresponsibility for what they are)

>the need for gender roles and objective reality (anti cultural marxism)

>a hated underdog of "evil" guys who are thought to be oppressing the rich and powerful "good" guys, who also have used their big-brother level of influence to turned the entire population of normals into hating the "evil" guys with a righteous moral fanaticism, the the "evil" guys are trying to save the normals and themselves from the "good" guys plans to wipe them out, and also, despite it being a set of positions that are promoted everywhere, the normals believe that the "good" ideology is rare and that they are one of the very special few that gets it.


Make things generalized, use the foundational values and principles of our ideology, which many can agree on, especially when divorced from IRL race politics, particularly in speculative fiction when preached via allegory in some fantastical situation and setting, so when they hear us, they'll be like "hey, this sound familiar", just like in the harry potter comparisons on the left.

392968  No.12130836

As much as I hate to say it, the Witcher is filled with nihilistic anti-natalist undertones that reflect the general cultural sickness of Europe. Also filled with muh 6 gorillion.

8e63d6  No.12130840


When? The Witcher 3 ending to the series is literally about Geralt settling down and having a happy end with his lover.

392968  No.12130855


But never children. Why is every character in every fucking game always barren? The relationships Geralt had reflects the bad childless ones the SWPLs have IRL.

Why can't I father a child in fallout and have to defend it and the mother?

915f71  No.12131044



>I think you are a bit over-eager and impatient. We are talking about something that involves both high personal risk for professionals, and high time investment. I think it's unlikely for teams to form online without meeting or knowing who is on the other side. Not impossible, but unlikely, because of the risks and costs involved.

>Therefore, it might be a better strategy to either

>a) give good reasons for why someone should attempt contacting some random anon


>b) give good advice on how solo developers are most likely to be successful



fb0837  No.12131045

What about the Ace Attorney series?

157524  No.12131095


Geralt is a fucking sterile dude, and he has adopted children in form of Ciri.

Witcher 3 is a huge fatherhood story so I don't know why you say this.

Many stories are about daughter/son redemption too.

06356f  No.12131333

File: e77e8301a9456d7⋯.jpg (183.39 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, CIA clashes with fake news.jpg)


From the authors of the based "Metal Gear Solid" series, comes one of the only few Huwite-man's-struggle focused games (if not the ONLY one) of our time.

Most games are directed by the Jude, but the Samurai fears not the Juden, for no (((immigration))) blackmail schema has been introduced yet into Japan. This game is setting ground-breaking ideals in a politically incorrect World and smashes through the (((Cultural-Marxist))) time-narrative in which we live.

The Honorary-Aryan, Kojima shows the plight of the White-man and with great effort, will prove to the World that Hitler was right, and the Juden will NOT take over the gaming-community.

Have a look at what based-Japan has evolved to. The gaming community is full of Marxist-indoctrinated adherents with "strong women" and "people of color" being the protagonists ever more frequently, and it's rare that we see a White-centric game in this time of degeneracy. Will you support this Central Intelligence Jap?


HQ Preview

06356f  No.12131404

File: c0ee2076cca0088⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2969x2692, 2969:2692, pol university.jpg)

e1faba  No.12131450


>Shadow President on the list

I played that game when it came out on my little 486SX. I wish wish WISH someone would make an open source port of this that could be updated with things like the latest CIA World Factbook, etc.

2f395d  No.12131488

File: 9ef36863c756f63⋯.jpg (743.45 KB, 2089x3100, 2089:3100, amiibo.jpg)


I can get behind this kind of VR.


>The most effective games are the most subtle and plant seeds in the psyche

100% agreed. If any anon is planning on making redpilling games, don't be obvious or preachy.

8af37a  No.12131496

File: a2a8129fe8ce984⋯.jpg (20.31 KB, 1200x655, 240:131, asd.jpg)

4a1d72  No.12131500

File: 963c3a4e31aad0e⋯.jpg (75.6 KB, 500x706, 250:353, Fenrir.jpg)

This thread makes me depressed. Exactly one years ago, I started making a AAA /pol/ approved game on Syria. I was instantly called a kike, had my thread deleted. Two days later both my game and studio twitter accounts were banned without warning and they never responded to my inquires as to why.

I don't understand why this thread has hundreds of post and isn't filled with "you're a kike!!!!" spergs. What is the secret formula? I'm lost.

2f395d  No.12131533


>I was instantly called a kike, had my thread deleted.

>Two days later both my game and studio twitter accounts were banned without warning

That sucks.

Was it a furry game? Asking purely from your choice of picture.

Also, was it pixel art shit or novice Unity/Unreal shit?

Moreover, were you shilling a patreon/kickstarter/etc?

ca17a6  No.12131537



<Kojima, the conman Hollywood fanatic in bed with the kikes.

>Not Fukushima, the actual brain behind its substance.

You only had one job.

>Death Stranding

<Not another Hollywood platform

Way to ruin what could have been a perfect post, fag.

7d1c06  No.12131584



>/pol/ approved

no matter what these newfags say you /sg/niggers were never welcome here. it's unfortunate that this shit board is now a honeypot to monitor russian shills

4a1d72  No.12131607

File: c16eb40fc0c8a4d⋯.jpg (24.42 KB, 624x351, 16:9, _85069317_tv002904828.jpg)


No, the game was AAA quality and instantly stood out among the mountain of shit typically seen year after year in threads like these. I think it was a combination of the fact that the quality was so good, it created instant hatred from miserable faggots who can't comprehend inside their minds some of us actually have top tier abilities and talent in these areas. I don't, it gets deep with the psychology. I've encountered the same reactions before inside our circles. Like I'll get support and everything but the loudest spergs end up ruining everything by getting things banned or deleted.

Yeah, there was a crowdfund attached to help with a few coding features of the game. Mainly to beef up the quest and inventory systems. So what… you know, that's another thing I don't get. The second money gets involved, many WN's turn into raging instant kikes. Don't believe me? go ahead… try it yourself. See what happens…

Photo of the wolf is of no relation. I'm not going to post any of my work, or of the cancelled game last year here again. Especially not under the context in which i'm writing these few post here. If I ever seen drop my games around here, they will be finished products ready to buy. It sucks man, because reading this thread is amazing honestly… but from my experience reading and *doing* don't mix with this crowd. They just don't.

94d670  No.12131686


>the game was AAA quality

>I'm not going to post any of my work

then fuck off and stop bitching, kike

023016  No.12131697

File: 62d2a5883979a29⋯.jpg (31.32 KB, 272x272, 1:1, laughing european women.jpg)


>no Jagged Alliance 2

4a1d72  No.12131817


I'm only sounding out a warning to people inside this thread, the second you post your AAA games website, artwork, videos it will be attacked by faggots like you. The only games allowed to go unpunished around here are games that were made by degenerate edgy retarded 14 year olds.

If you show a game on par with the top Jewish studios, you're shit is getting banned and attacked. Yes, not only will the Jews come after you, but also faggots like you will too.

Prove me wrong right now. There are 341 post inside this thread… where the fuck is the AAA game project? Well?

I'm right

94d670  No.12131821



I don't give a shit about your gay project. I'm saying you're an attention whore and a faggot.

Pics or it didn't happen. And nice doublepost.

4a1d72  No.12131832


An attention whore is exactly what you are. You're the exactly miserable fucking fat loser that inhabits these spaces and believe you're part of our group. You are not, and you never will be. The internet allows you enter our space, but that is the limit of your navigation. You're a fat talentless virgin that provides nothing of value. You might as well be a closeted homosexual larping as badass online. Your act fools no one, faggot.

94d670  No.12131838


Oh, you finally lost the reddit spacing. Nice.

Look, you clearly don't belong here.

>hey guys, I made a triple A game but I can't show it to you so just take my word for it

You have to go back.

4a1d72  No.12131854


The abused female mind hates confident men. I have personally mapped this out extensively. The hate I get from fat homo's like you is NO different than an abused woman getting mad at the sound of a confident man, confident in his own abilities.

Like I said, you are a miserable loser of zero worth in society. You know this already deep down behind your pathetic transparent weak troll attempt. Your sole problem with me is "i'm confident in my ability". Only a faggot, or an abused woman behaves in such ways.

Get wrecked you fucking nigger.

2f395d  No.12131890

File: 105a9bcff657b39⋯.png (7.6 KB, 413x56, 59:8, ClipboardImage.png)


>the game was AAA quality

Do you even know what AAA means? The fact that you don't even know that raises red flags.

>Yeah, there was a crowdfund attached to help with a few coding features of the game. Mainly to beef up the quest and inventory systems.

That's another red flag. Despite you calling your unrealized idea "AAA quality", nobody should need money for coding quest and inventory systems. That's the stuff you do on weekends by yourself. If you needed money for voice actors or asset artists, that's another thing, and understandable, but for basic coding like that, you end up looking like an incompetent novice with big dreams. Nothing wrong with that but it means you need to level up a whole lot in the coding department.

>Don't believe me? go ahead… try it yourself. See what happens…

I'm not going to ask for money. I plan to make a redpill game someday, but first I need to churn out some cash-making ones and git gud at gamedev.

I already know what will happen if I pop in here with mock screenshots and asking for money to "flesh out" the "inventory system".

2a60be  No.12131897



4a1d72  No.12131898

File: ffcc9db2dba919a⋯.jpg (26.11 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1518152526172.jpg)

Hello 8/pol/, I am a confident game developer with a lot of talent and experience.

>waiting for predictable homosexuals and abused raging women

>key word was "confident"

>these demon faggots hate confidence

I'm good looking, 6'2, smart as fuck, loads of natural art talent…. literally talented in everything I fucking decide to do.

Stay mad, you fucking homosexuals and raging dykes.

4a1d72  No.12131944

File: b9f43fbc48287dd⋯.png (176.68 KB, 436x361, 436:361, 1517841929388.png)


1) You have no idea what you're talking about

2) You're showing signs of borderline Semitic mental illness right off that bat with your attempt to dissect the definition of AAA led to no logical point, which is to dispute something I apparently wrote. Very commonly observed in kike dialog and cultural reactionary rhetoric… almost as if, the simple -act- of disputing something is good enough for that dispute to be legitimate inside their minds. Never mind their claimed dispute ending with any sort of logical conclusion. This mental illness is also very common among homosexual minds where a type of "showmenship" is always at play, the actual substance and logic of a particular topic be damned.

The phrase "red flags" is a very common homosexual term located inside circles full of cock suckers and pseudo-intellectuals. Think of San Francisco startups, lisp and blue hair. With this, the phrase "red flag" is a red flag all its own. Yikes…

(its ok to troll like man, do you even know how…. faggot?)

AAA inventory and quest systems are not something someone codes on the weekend. We're not talking about your gay 2D indie game where you didn't actual code the inventory yourself, you simply add sprites of various gay shit you'd like the player to acquire. You don't know anything about the game in mention.

>I'm not going to ask for money

Nobody cares you penny pinching homo jew.

Over all, your entire rant came across very gay. Yes, I understand this is commonly said online. But here the thing… when I say gay, I really mean it. You know, like you're a faggot.

1) You can't troll like a man. Instead, you resort to homosexual female minded trolling. You're such a little bitch, the idea of "trolling like a man" make zero sense to you. Possibly even brings up feelings of abuse, bitterness and anger.

2) Your main problem with my post is how confident I am in my own abilities. If confidence were a type of bait, I would be king of seas. No really, this is something I have experimented and analyzed deeply from many angles over many years. Why do people react the way they do? Specific words even…. all it takes is one word in many cases.

Confident men, confident in their abilities. This enrages you deeply. It is such a core fabric of your identity that you do not logically comprehend it, you instead, react the way you do. Like a hurt woman… or, a bitter homosexual.

Many such cases.

2eccae  No.12131965

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is a fun little roguelike where you kill zombies and avoid remnants of civilization to survive, plundering the remains of ruined towns to enrich yourself. The reason I'd say it's relevant to /pol/ is that the survivalism elements are probably the best currently in existence. You can make make-shift generators out of motorcycle engines and as many alternators as you can find, finding and reading books is probably the single most important thing you can do, it teaches the importance of things like tailoring and cooking skills for someone in a SHTF scenario and causes you to think about just how many supplies you would need to live for several years.

2eccae  No.12131970


>When you forget the point of your post

Something similar but in a more realistic setting with roving gangs and federal patrols would be damn near training.

458ae7  No.12131988


>all of this fucking shit


Wew it's like a cringe time capsule.

62d121  No.12132036

File: 1d3c9691ec9d790⋯.jpg (133.25 KB, 300x431, 300:431, Leagueoffatties.jpg)


>mass appeal to snag normies and vehicle to signal that you are a bad goy

>subliminal pilling and forced association of details

>nothing clearly overt, but a undercurrent of a rejection of most yid degeneracy and politics


Post apocalyptic with western and cyberpunk overtones

"Judge Dredd" style lawman, absolute and immediate justice, one of the few decent white characters in game; all other lawmen are likewise whites (this is never to be addressed)

99% of all the npcs are nonwhites and inherently pointed out as enemies of the PC (the future is mixed goy, diversity quota met), the last 1% meet criteria for being degenerate in some culturally/socially undeniable manner (think pedo, think cannibal, completely disgusting 'animals')

ad11ba  No.12132333


How about a game that normalfags can play aswell? Perhaps a video game about the crusades, where all the enemies are sandniggers and all the heroes are white christians?

a01ab4  No.12138159


How about you get 2 options to choose how to play the game?

1: Evil: Try to destroy society from within aka be the jew. You buy politicians, the media etc.

2: Good: force the player to be patriotic. July 4th raises happiness, immigrants have short term economical benefits but bring damage after x months/year. Terrorist attacks causes dislike against x group etc. Just be creative and don't make it obvious that right wing things are good for the player/left wing things are good for the jews.

f3ccb4  No.12139386

File: 24e5e9dbfcbb54e⋯.jpeg (6.71 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images (19).jpeg)

9f9a9b  No.12139622


that's a nice GET

2e4800  No.12140413


>Gilbert Bates

I wonder who that was supposed to be?


Did you guys ever end up doing this? I have a pretty nice game engine blossoming, combination of c#/c++ so it can be programmed like unity, attaching classes to scene objects. The graphics are all abstracted behind interfaces, so we could easily decouple and use it with opentk on mobile with xamarin, too. All it really needs now is a physics engine, I was thinking about using either bullet or physx. If you don't want to use it, I could be a huge help to you, as I'm an expert in network programming as well.

4248ed  No.12140497

File: 442f8f711428f6c⋯.jpg (33.95 KB, 500x699, 500:699, 8dfae67fc0fe9c380d14edbb53….jpg)

Why not add OFF to that list?

307e69  No.12141184

File: 36ca0c21afb44b3⋯.png (95.17 KB, 261x238, 261:238, alex.png)


>jews reject jesus' divine status and hate him

>elves reject talos' divine status and hate him

607c79  No.12141324

If you faggots would make graphics and storylines, I can do the rest

4a1d72  No.12158276

File: ae74e3ad437e7f2⋯.png (906.56 KB, 1860x932, 465:233, German Werewolf.png)

File: 474bdabf8d98c18⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1207x932, 1207:932, German Werewolf2.png)

File: 7d7f784f8b36a43⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1207x932, 1207:932, German Werewolf3.png)


If you're legit and won't flake out after two weeks, email me. I'm /pol/'s best artist… I'll back that up any time any day. We'll be using unity (c#) lnwlf@protonmail.com

1b0e31  No.12158470


So far nobody has contacted me. Maybe other anons flake out and get demoralised pretty quickly. It'd be great if we could use your engine because we're less likely to have our base tech taken away from us; even if we made a lowkey game, if someone at Unity or Epic got wind of us they'd try to stop us from using their tech pretty quick. I'd suggest you put your engine on a repository somewhere and maybe we can get something going.



260374  No.12159638

File: b76bd1b76d78536⋯.png (13.44 MB, 2640x2410, 264:241, pol approved gaming v2.png)


mein Gott that list is fucking atrocious

>Skyrim instead of Morrowind

>Civ V instead of Civ IV

>Democracy 3, aka libtard the game

>no Fallout 1 or 2

>No Men of War

>no Wargame: Red Dragon

>no Planescape Torment

>No Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines, back when old WoD's vampires were literally an allegory for the jews.

Pic related, I fixed your mess. Feel free to add to this list but don't use OPs version.

209c2d  No.12159643

File: 1876f68ac79993b⋯.webm (1.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, command-line.webm)


>/pol/ approved

Consoleniggers deserve the rope

bd6564  No.12159819

File: da0386540c3b7fe⋯.png (3.04 MB, 1860x1240, 3:2, c02_d55.png)


That werewolf looks ugly as fuck. It looks more like a werebat too. Can't you make it look more like this >>12157271? Or even like this >>12131607.

Or even the end result of pic related. There are plenty of good werewolf designs to reference from if you look.

54d8e9  No.12160960


just download ==Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead== then set zombies to 0 and npc spawn higher. The game has lots of the same rogue elements and crafting you mentioned but it was designed with monsters in mind. It is open source, so its possible to mod colored NPCs more aggressive. probably only takes a sprite pack tbh

54a8bd  No.12161083

File: 342fb5199e66b59⋯.jpg (156.62 KB, 2641x2372, 2641:2372, pol approved gaming.jpg)

ff195f  No.12161464

Video games were never good and are a trash hobby.

4a1d72  No.12161910


Your photo looks gay and is super crap. It looks like something a 14 year old did in the back of his classroom when he should have been paying attention.

Are you another one of those bitter angry women who get insta-triggered by confident men, confident in their abilities? There are so many of you hovering around.

How the fuck do you get a bat from that? Because the ears are long in one pic? Are you retarded? the ears can morph to any size and position. Its a 3d model for games, not your shity pointless highschool sketch.

bd6564  No.12161993


WOW you sound super butthurt faggot. All I did was say your werewolf looks ugly and offered different suggestions. You don't have to use the pic I posted. Different strokes for different folks is all.

bd6564  No.12161996

Also it wasn't the ears, it was the snout profile. Way to have a menopausal breakdown btw.

4a1d72  No.12162121


>looks ugly

So you are a woman after all.

4a1d72  No.12162140


There is nothing unity can do to prevent publishing a game using their engine. Unity is downloadable for free in their archive page and can compile games offline if chosen. Additional default opsec and code obfuscation can be taken to prevent any reverse engineering.

bd6564  No.12162143


Aesthetics, motherfucker. The snout and teeth need revamping, the eyes are too dark, the feet are weird, etc.

Christ, it's like you have Asperger's or something, oh wait you do.

45ac47  No.12162147

4a1d72  No.12162234



So you're gay and anglo, as well. This explains it.

4a1d72  No.12162241


Found the jew.

4a1d72  No.12162295

File: 65632fa9ae3ac71⋯.png (578.75 KB, 1345x903, 1345:903, ww.png)

File: f27361aa32b566e⋯.png (912.38 KB, 1345x903, 1345:903, ww2.png)


>anglo bashing

Like any respectable Nazi.

>yeah, and it's you

12 year old Jew at that.


Another thing faggot, game devs 'look' at different things than normies do. When a gamedev looks at this model >>12158276, they're checking texturing, composition, modeling, hair and skin shaders. They're not checking if the fucking face is pretty.

This is a thread for /pol/ approved gamedev. You're clear not a dev, faggot. Also, I am /pol/'s #1 artist. Mr. Bond is #2….

It took 25 seconds to enlarge the snout, you autistic bitch. In the game after processing effects and volumetric lighting/fog it wouldnt be noticed. Cry more…

fd869d  No.12162308


I'm in. I have all the resources necessary to make a redpilling game in a 2D format. Just say the word, and animations ahoy.

4a1d72  No.12162330

File: 980d835fde63e65⋯.png (626.21 KB, 583x936, 583:936, The New Phariseeism - Angl….png)


>Hitler actually thought highly of the English people

That is why he bombed that cesspool london. Another episode of spergy anglo gets his feels hurt, so the characters must be gay.

>I'd much prefer 2D nonsubversive material

Nobody cares what you prefer, you bed wetting loser.

Did I tell you I am /pol/'s #1 artist. Stay mad, you bitter effeminate woman.

4a1d72  No.12162338

You know that fragile cunt is smashing the report button. Reeeeeeee

623d60  No.12162414

File: f9a2c3154ec77dc⋯.jpg (874.36 KB, 3264x1836, 16:9, faguette.jpg)


>Why not add OFF to that list?

Never heard of it. is it just called "off"? I look it up and it looks like some amateurish Undertale thing made by french people.

623d60  No.12162443

File: 8ac1a4b8bbd9822⋯.jpg (91.64 KB, 563x700, 563:700, communist revolutionary.jpg)


>The phrase "red flags" is a very common homosexual term

Raising a red flag isn't a fag term unless you mean… the "red flag" which likely popularized the pejorative term.

>your attempt to dissect the definition of AAA

No, AAA has a well-defined meaning. And you seem to think it means whatever you want it to.

>Your main problem with my post is how confident I am in my own abilities.

I have no problem with that. But if you think you need help to code an inventory system you aren't very confident. I don't make games but I know how easy an inventory system is. It's just a fucking list of items man. It doesn't matter how complex those items are, it always boils down to simple concepts like combining items, items with properties, items with stats, etc… This is like some novice OOP assignment. It's not fucking hard at all m80.

>Many such cases.


4a1d72  No.12162503

File: 113d752e89c095c⋯.jpg (2.64 KB, 125x113, 125:113, 1517152661892s.jpg)

fa89a6  No.12162572


I'll agree that this werewolf looks gay.

Neck's too short, I'd say it connects to the chest way too low. The feet/toes are way too tiny compared to the thighs and his upper body. Not to mention the thighs are wider than the stomach area.

Buff shoulders would be fine I guess if the rest was in proportion.

754fe3  No.12162574


This is good.

Also: Ace Combat Zero. Eventually you fight a group who wants to "get rid of borders" and the game talks about the importance of borders.

4a1d72  No.12162582

File: 7ccfdcab641d22e⋯.jpg (16 KB, 236x351, 236:351, 2e2c011a713f5cff7a87d2c4ff….jpg)


That is how the uniform is, halfwit.

fa89a6  No.12162587


Doesn't explain the toes and short neck.

Also, I think the werewolf game idea is gay in general.

4a1d72  No.12162594



Literal faggot


The pose is hunched over. >>12158276 I moved the head so crybaby could see the enlarged snout.

>I think the werewolf game idea is gay in general.

Of course you do, kike.

fa89a6  No.12162601


>force a gay ass game idea about fantastical creatures

>dismiss any criticism by calling them kikes because that's what works on /pol/

lmao, good training at your HQ

4a1d72  No.12162604


>fantastical creatures

>calling them kikes because that's what works on /pol/

>your HQ

Found the permanently disassociated but always around asian midget w/ a complex.

fa89a6  No.12162609


>'kike' doesn't work

>move on to 'asian midget'

36187e  No.12162612

File: 86cac5c339d92e2⋯.jpg (36.2 KB, 300x300, 1:1, opensquish_werewolf_10469_….jpg)


I may contact you later.

Haven't you considered making the disclaimer, the moral/ethic posture and mission of the organization. Also a basic business model.

It would be good to consider just making first a series of simple comics/memes and short stories of what would it be like. I have some ideas. Surely others do too.

4a1d72  No.12162613


I consider Filipino niggers w/ chips on their shoulders like you, asian. Remember, I am /pol/'s #1 top artist. In case you forgot.

4a1d72  No.12162620

People who hate confident white guys.


>People of Color


It's way too easy to bait you.

fa89a6  No.12162627



>keep trying racist insults because /pol/ likes it

>overcompensating complexes by pretending to be ironically cocky and overconfident

Dude, you're insecure as fuck and you know it.

4a1d72  No.12162636


Yes, this is all welcomed. My time is spent on art assets, environment, character controller, ui, sound and the overall game experience.

4a1d72  No.12162653


Triggered POC asian nigger is triggered. Nothing baits these obsessed losers like a confident white guy will. I get the most out of my day. Making a couple faggots like you cry while networking in this thread accomplishes exactly that.

>he's here doing op research

>thinks he's in the know

fa89a6  No.12162687


>I'm so confident, look at how confident I am guys, I'm confident, look at me

Dude, you can't take basic criticism on the internet. Go cry on your tumblr, I'm sure everyone likes you there.

286120  No.12163351


You're really fucking bad at convincing people

c60ce4  No.12163382


Keep your shit in the meta thread.

286120  No.12163440


Hi Argument.

c60ce4  No.12163460


>literally everyone except me is a mod

Fucking reported.

58ba26  No.12163660

File: 39a5b4d01672c5a⋯.png (862.11 KB, 1486x5067, 1486:5067, EXTREME KIKERY.png)

File: 1d053e43d739abd⋯.png (13.87 KB, 969x179, 969:179, polvol1 kikery.png)

File: 141e2a6a3a6e624⋯.png (65.32 KB, 1172x743, 1172:743, polvol4 kikery.png)

File: c6b0d7179bc5a76⋯.png (24.22 KB, 1226x250, 613:125, polvol4 kikery 2.png)


I already anticipated this and I'm screencapping. Wasn't polvol1 considered to be the next biggest abuser after polvol2? Not that it matters, since they're all probably the same.

This will also be my only post in this thread and I have no intention to continue accusing users here of being mods or conversing with obvious jewish intel shills. If this one lone and only post I am making here is so much of a threat that it needs to be deleted, then you know they're hiding something.

1c35ed  No.12163743


polvol5 deleted it but I archive.is'd this thread

I didn't save the images unfortunately

I'm not the guy you're banning btw (to polvol5)


Only posting link for transparency and accountability

To the bannee try telling this to nextchan or meguca or someplace else

68c2e5  No.12163771

File: 03e44fab5e589cb⋯.jpg (191.28 KB, 824x960, 103:120, 1536872362687.jpg)

Hey I didn't wanted to do a thread, so I ask here before, because I am a newfag and have a lot of respect towards 8Chan. I lost hope in 4Chan already, it's disgustingly infested with shills about now.

What about /pol/ makes a movie? Something like Kubrick. I had few ideas tho. I am no good english

>tfw russgermane

but can have ideas and have much fantasy. We can do it together or on Discord or whatever you want. We do not need to throw the redpills in the viewers face, but can make it more subtle.

What do you think?

bc9fd2  No.12163790

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It needs to have really good music. Vid related is what I want to hear when the characters are battling to just keep going as they are losing. I recommend the manga btw, pretty Aryan values.

7a0677  No.12163993

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


M8. Tropico is fucking hilarious.

2f0108  No.12169585

Listen, any game that is nationalistic or traditionalistic is going to be big, and we don't need to mention our political ideologies explicitly, when we can simply make the arguments for them using the game world as an example.

This game is being made for normies, which means that we can't mention white nationalism, or even racial nationalism, by name, but we can do anything short of that, we can show anything about white nationalism and racial nationalism that normies are unfamiliar with, the unknown parts of the ideology that normies are denied access to hearing, whether by (((censorship))) or by their (((brainwashing))), and which will give them a new perspective when they hear us making these arguments and references.

Same goes with traditionalism, whether religious, secular, or even atheistic, our arguments can, and thereby should, ideally cover all three, traditions are patterns of behavior that benefited our ancestors, we should not neglect them merely because an alternative is being offered to us, we must only consider a change to our practices when it has proven itself to be an improvement upon the practices we already have, change for it's own sake is reckless self-destruction, a stumbling drunkard in the night, sure to wander into oncoming traffic.

The world of fiction is filled with non-nazis who are clearly allegories to nazis, and non-fascists who are clear allegories to fascists, the difference here is we portray them positively, not negatively, and use actual arguments, not strawmen.

We can do the same with enemies, we don't openly say it's pro-white whites vs. anti-whites and non-whites, but the main characters will be white and in favor of their nation, and the enemies will be made up of non-whites and anti-white whites, maybe in various different factions, that are actually different heads of the same hydra, though all but (((one))) of them is consciously aware of it.

we can't show a swastika, nor can we even mention Hitler or National Socialism as anything but a negative, this will instantly shut down normies from playing the game, so its best we don't show anything related to natsoc.

we can have the niggers act like niggers, but not explicitly stated to be representative of niggers, the sandniggers will act like sandniggers, but will not explicitly be stated to represent sandniggers, spics will act like spics, but not be stated to represent spics, and kikes will be kikes, though not stated to be kikes, even the traitor whites will look and act like they do in real life, but they will all simply be different factions that resemble these real groups, and use their same tactics, except changed to successfully be camouflaged as either being one of our enemies by taking how we see them, and exaggerating it to the most extreme degree.

2f0108  No.12169587


now, obviously the factions wont be as described in the game, we will need to think up stand ins, but see that I tried to get at the essence of who they were, and exaggerated this essence, then we transplant it onto a fictional stand-in, and we have our characters, and therefore, moral conflict, then what we do is build a setting around them, and add the elements of the setting to the factions.

characters come next, considering our target audience, attractive female characters is a necessity to compete with the jews, however, while the jews put up half-naked sluts, we will show the audience how the beauty of european women is best beheld, no, revered.

the male characters need to embody masculinity, but not the jewish idea of masculinity as embodied by duke nukem or kratos, rather, we must give them a protagonist who begins as an ubermensch, it may work best if we begins as an untermensch, due tio the fact that we are introducing a new way of thinking, and thus a new world, being an awakened sleeper allows us to see him and what it takes for him to transform into the ideal hero in this world, my idea is that some traumatic experience awakens him, and he is initially overwhelemed, but through the continuous exposure to hardship during the course of the game, and making the difficult choice to truly enter the cracks in his false reality, enter the real world, ideally through a death and rebirth type symbolism, and most importantly, to stay the course regardless of the hardships, the suffering, the inconveniences, and the temptations that he will face along the way, his twisting, turning, and confusing path eventually takes him closer and closer to embodying the noble and demanding ubermensch ideal, one which emphasizes courage, balance decisiveness, and, yes, honor. <- this change of character should be reflected in his design, as walkers growing madness is through the course of spec ops: the line, only instead of degeneration from hero to wretch (in his case, a bloodthirsty beast addicted to fighting, killing, and destroying for its own sake, par for the course in terms of vidya masculinity these days, likely in order to make it a scary thing to be a masculine man), here a wretch (in terms of an apathetic and brainwashed normie) develops into a hero. (untermensch into ubermensch)

if you play a christian, you get a crusader skin, and the maul melee weapon, the viking skin is given as a reward for choosing pagan, and it comes with the war-axe, the wizard skin is for being an occultist, you get a bladed spear, and as for an atheist, you get a costume that consists of a fedora, trench-coat, finger-less gloves steel-toed boots, pinstripe suit-pants with suspenders, a black shirt with three wolves howling at the moon, long hair, a neckbeard, and sunglasses which are worn even at night, your weapon is, of course, the katana (with japanese characters inscribed that reads "cold-steel" when read properly, but it's improperly written, showing that whoever inscribed it, used a translator to determine it, they checked it for accuracy, but lacked the japanese cultural knowledge to understand how it should have been written, it also has a small hedgehog inscribed on the bottom, as the manufacturers trademark logo), a katana which can cut through concrete and steel (or so the advertiser said about it on ebay) - the atheist skin's name? "not important".

2f0108  No.12169593


here are some ideas as far as the enemy factions go:

we have an authoritarian communist empire commanded by a foreign nation that does the exact opposite of the self-destruction they force the once great empire do, and it's brainwashed citizens who feel the boot-heel of the leaders elected over them in sham elections if they get out of line (the normies in mainstream society, and the kikes that control them, as well as israel)

a chaotic faction of the anarchistic left, degenerates and subhumans, generally, antifa, feminists, hipsters, soyboy manginas, cucks, and of course the deviant sexual fetishes and psychotic delusions of the dykes, fags, perverts, and trannies, an assorted collection of disgusting freaks that will support almost anything done by anyone except for our faction, which will automatically send them into a loud and violent rage, which is akin more to a homicidal tantrum performed by a manchild, even though they are no match in a fight on their own, they think they are invincible badass heroes, this is because they are so obssesed with propaganda media that they can't tell fiction from reality, they are absolute fundamentalists to the brainwashing in the indoctrination centers, which is nonsensical and self-contradictory in all aspects except for what it has consistently taught them to hate, and therefore they live only for their own decadent degenerate desires, and other than what they oppose, they have no fixed set of morals or principles at all, what they believe in is in constant flux, and can change at any moment, all they know is that they hate our guys, they are revolting to behold, their sheer lack of shame and complete obsession with indulging their every insane urge has turned them into something that is barely recognizable as human, and more as a bizarre collection of freaks and monstrosities, the things they do is just as revolting, in both an aesthetic and moral sense, the empire knows well to keep these guys out of the sight of the more stable population, and to see them only as shock troops.

the islamic caliphate of conquest, fanatics for a religious and political system that tells them to conquer and subjugate all who fall outside of it's adherents, they invade, rape, pillage, and slaughter their way throughout the people of the empire with the complete protection of the empire itself, an its (((foreign leadership))), each of them is completely obsessed with their ideology, but are even moreso obsessed with the actions of invasion, conquest, and occupation they can carry out, they had sought to claim the lands of the empire for as long as their ideology has existed, and now the empire (in actuality it's the jews and elites doing this, the people hate them and do not want them around, but they have been indoctrinated into feeling like they are evil for even thinking it ) is offering itself to them.

the last two are the spics and niggers, both are stupid, lazy, violent, ungrateful, jealous, vengeful, selfish, narcissistic, and obsessed with sex and accumulating material goods, they are sociopaths and psychopaths to a number, with the minds of children otherwise, they have hate in their hearts for anyone with more than they have, and for anyone who withholds from them whatever they want at the time, and they will attempt to take whatever they want by force, as well as punish those who told them "no", this includes sex, and this means a large amount of rape comes from these guys, they are essentially raiders, looters, and nomadic tribals, they speak their own pidgin languages that is unintelligible to anyone but themselves, although they expect everyone to be able to understand them, the empire also gives the same free range over it's people to them as it does to the arabs, these guys will therefore move on to wherever is more prosperous, take what they want from it until they destroy it, and them move on, repeating the process as the people of the empire keep attempting to move away from them, now the people have run out of p0laces to move to, so they have taken to simply rebuilding the places these fuckers destroyed, an act which these assholes take as a personal insult to them, an insult to be punished, brutally.

2f0108  No.12169595


jews: the ultimate enemy, they seek to destroy your empire from within through their puppets in power, they lie, steal, cheat, and are basically demons and devils in the guise of men, they use a false story of oppression that is brainwashed into every citizen to shield themselves from cirticism, and who does so anyways, will be made to feel the full force of the empires boot heels, they own and control everything, the media is propaganda in the guise of news and entertainment, the schools are centers for indoctrination, the food and medicine is poison to make the population sick and sterile, when these gentle methods dont work, they have control over the financial system, and therefore everyone's debt, they control the police and military to use as personal thugs against the rebels, they also own every politician, and can easily destroy any of them should they not abide by their decree, they also own the big businesses and can use them for denying vital services and goods to anyone they choose to no longer be able to receive them, i wont waste too much time describing how completely diabolically evil they are, thy are too bad for words, they are also literally the worshipers of the god of evil, corruption, decay, and destruction, and they force the elites in their hold to partake in these rituals as well, in order to bind them in an infernal contract, just to ensure they do not stray from their favor.

2f0108  No.12169597



the asians

these guys see what is happening to what was once their closest allies in the world, and is a reliable source of support in the game when the war comes, their strength has given your people strength, their pride in themselves has given your people pride in yourself, their traditions have shown your people the value of their own traditions, it's good not to be alone in this world, not to be a people without friends. However, they are not of your people, and this may cause rifts later on, their people are different from your own, and so to is their culture, what's more, these differences are large, and often very strange.

the awakened ancaps

these guys want to be left alone, but the world wont let them, for this reason they threw themselves in with the natsocs, and the two see eye to eye on many elements of this crisis, they want the people to be able to expel the occupation, they want the people to have full sovereignty over them selves and what is theirs, and they embrace the superiority of their people, political differences may cause rifts between you later, as they do not believe in a state beyond personal authority and power, they do not believe in borders beyond privately held territory, etc.

the awakened center right

like the ancaps, these guys also see what is going on, and wish to stop it, these guys are not anarchists, but not fascists either, they see themselves as the more sane faction that stands in opposition, in reality, their single unifying feature is the absolute idolization of the empire in it's past, they want a return to the policies and laws of a previous time, the time may differ from one individual to another, but it's always a time thought to be better, before the problems of the time they face now, is there any going back? they believe both the rebellion and the empire to be products of the same issues, which may bring up a rift between you and them, they are mostly older aged, having been old enough to live through their "better times", and can be described as "radical political nostalgics", they feel out of place in the modern world, which to them has changed by surprise, they also contributed to the current situation, and still intend to reap the benefits promised to them for their cooperation in helping the regime gain its power, some are already receiving it, they will try to cover this up, however, as they love to pose as the rational centrists, the wise old men who spots similarities between the side of good and evil, and declares that it makes them both evil, with good merely being the lesser of the two, they regularly commit a fallacy that their age and education in unrelated subjects makes them wiser, when what they want is to justify selling the lives of the innocents to the devils of the earth in exchange for the promise of worldly wealth at a later age, social security.

The aged and fearful Fausts, old fools who must convince others that they are wise to conceal their crimes, and who now wish to return to the past when they see the results of their selfishness, they know forgiveness may wait for them, but the truth is, they don't want it, they would prefer death.

when they were young, money was everything, now that they are old, without a family, without real friendships, seeing their world be torn apart, all they want is to go back in time, for the changes to simply vanish, to get back to the good old days, their real wish, a second chance, is unfortunately impossible to them, and even if it was possible, all they have to offer now is their cursed gold, ill gotten money.

2f0108  No.12169599


player's faction - the natsocs, they don't really have an ideology beyond traditionalism and nationalism, their religion is usually some version of christianity, paganism, occultism (includes deism), or atheism (includes agnosticism), but these things set them apart from all of their allies except for the asians, they have many disagreements with one another on matters of government, some don't even have any ideas for what will be built upon the ruins when the storm is over, they are too focused on ending the storm of ruin at the moment, despite the internal disagreements, they are friends to the end, brothers in arms, knowing any disagreements will not turn them against one another despite the attempts of enemy agents to use them to sow division in their ranks, within them lies another group, by another name, the national capitalists, they agree on all matters except the scale of government, preferring a nationalist traditional state that is minarchist in nature, considering how closely they are associated with the natosoc, and how they are an offshoot of them that has maintained loyalty to the cause, and which still views the natsocs as their brothers, they are essentially a variation within the same group (as murdoch x2 says, you can be a libertarian national socialist, as it's not about civil laws or economics so much as it is about volk (blood) the land they are tied to (soil), and living with masculine virtues so as to become the ubermensch, the ideal man (honor)).

db7418  No.12170221







You're dumb, autistic, and exhibit slight degrees of mental insanity. And you're really obsessed with atheism by your longwinded run-on sentencing (christcuck much?).

This thread is a shit thread. We don't need video games unless you're trying to attract mental misfits like the guy who wrote all this autism. Video games, like drugs, needs to become mocked and highly discouraged among whites.

36187e  No.12170550

File: 1d3b61df52e035c⋯.jpg (34 KB, 300x333, 100:111, Book.itsnofuntobesick.jpg)


Hey fellow human, stop shitting that much people's creativity. Videogames are just elaborated, complicated memes :^). Pol needs more artists. If some of us become masters at it. Our influence would just get stronger.

And guess what. Maybe we can have some fun while doing it.

This videogame won't be pay to win or grind until you temporally overcome one of your human necessities or insecurities type of game.

We should aim for a great experience, a journey. So that we honor the virtues a lot of us stand for.


What kind of movie? With actors and stuff? Or animated. Work can be done alone. Everyone has ideas, but few stand up and do it. I don't do a lot yet honestly but hey

36187e  No.12170559


Very interesting. I could play that.

d5ee18  No.12179792


How will you guys market your games? Including the fact it's going to have natsoc in some of your games.

2f0108  No.12180022


Easy, it won't have natsoc in it.

we can teach our perspective without directly naming it, and by breaking it into parts, rather than promoting it wholesale, finally, we use representative writing instead of literal (analogy, metaphor, symbolism).

most normies don't know what natsoc is, nor do they know what white nationalism or traditional actually is like, this means that they wont be able to recognize it's arguments when they see it, an they definitely wont recognize it's arguments being represented by a story that entirely consists of fictional characters, settings, events, etc.

using a double filter, we bypass the firewall the jews have installed in every normie's head.

d5ee18  No.12180031


That is nice and ya is smart not to implement natsoc as that would turn off the normalfags, but I said natsoc, because I know there is some anon on here dedicated to finally make that ww 2 game that will have the viewpoint as the germans.

d5ee18  No.12180039


But I would advise anyone just to focus the wermachtt and not to focus on humanizing hitler or natsoc to much (not that is a bad thing), but I rather leave that to the greatest story told or europa the final battle.

000000  No.12180064

There is an extremely early access game called Breathedge which is in all a simple and normalfag friendly. Here the thing though, they put in russian music, soviet theme menu but not with the purpose of (obviously) imposing their ideology rather just a "cosmetic" of the game.

Replace the soviet with wehraboo aesthetics and it can be a great game bringing in revenue without triggering alarm bells.

I have been noticing that (((they))) are pushing soviet russia as a meme to make it look cool, trying to imitate the right. Or am I seeing spooks?

Developer studio is called Red ruins softworks, they are not hiding it either.

d5ee18  No.12180091


>To make it look cool

/leftypol/ on cuckchan?

Ya no one is buying it overthere, commies keep getting btfo and resort to debunked arguments they use or use (((graphs))) and if all else fails use ad hominem on how weak the right is.

2f0108  No.12180112

my solution is totally staying away from reality, go the old mythological parable route.

speculative fiction, gods and monsters, heroes and

villains, fantastical places and supernatural beings

we have so many to choose from: scifi, fantasy, horror, etc.

look at the angry birds movie, did it contain a message about the migrants? yes, did it explicitly mention the migrant crisis? no, but it did not need to.

look at our favorite anime, how many of them go out and openly acknowledge the superiority of national socialism? how many still manage to make a good case for placing what is closest to you, people, property, and land, before what is furthest from you (ethnic nationalism, blood and soil), for preserving and cherishing the legacy of your ancestors and honoring your duty to your family (traditionalism), and for seeking to embody the masculine ideal as a man for the sake of preserving the essence of your people (blood and honor, ubermensch vs. untermensch, master morality vs. slave morality, alpha vs. cuck (effeminate cowardly degenerate) and chad (mindlessly aggressive sociopath who thinks he's alpha))?

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