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File: 7ed3f4308746e71⋯.jpg (127.9 KB, 634x812, 317:406, ac.jpg)

fa5087 No.11926700

>IED attack on a restaraunt in May that literally everybody stopped talking about; suspects still at large


>Truck of peace back in April, quickly narrative shifted to "incel with a grudge against women", nobody questioned this narrative that made as much sense as a football bat, or the fact that middle easterners by nature tend to be rapey incels


>Muslim who stabbed 3 uniformed Canadian soldiers at a recruiting center yelling "Allah Akbar" RELEASED. Charges DROPPED


Teens randomly attacked by knife weilding man in Scarboro, initially reported as middle easterner now ZERO MENTIONS of his ethnicity in any publications


>Last year The Danforth Shooter's Brother was caught with enough carfent to kill 3.5 billion people

LD50 of carfentanil is ~12 mcg. at 43 kg, this is about 3,583,333,333 lethal doses, enough to kill half of the world. 43kg of something 50,000 times more potent than heroin

CtrlF Maisum Ansari


the article is way off with the 420,000 dose mark. way way off.

848883 No.11926728

I'm pretty sure Canada and France have passed laws a few years ago that essentially put a gag order on the press from talking about terror investigations. They can only give vague details and official statements.

848883 No.11926729

and Sweden.

d6abc8 No.11926733

Trudeauan politics.

03a3e8 No.11926735


the "free" media screeches about Trump curtailing press "freedoms" but says nothing about the gag orders cuck countries have about problematic crimes. I really can't see a future without journos paying dearly

c47f36 No.11926756

Media already pushing the idea that Toronto is falling apart. Cucks in power know the time is nigh for the end of the multicti dream nut want to keep it going for as long as they can to swindle mlre money and sissle o.e last kis before fleeing the public scene.

28b037 No.11926773

File: 0dc8041ae7da096⋯.jpg (30.2 KB, 391x537, 391:537, 9e98c6dcff6ba493a1002f0760….jpg)

It's Canada.

I had no respect for them 20 years, and I have the same amount of respect for them now.

Sure it's a shame our neighbors to the north are letting themselves turn brown/yellow, but honestly I'm surprised it took this long.

3a24ea No.11926785

Canadian radio is amusing. Top story on the the hour consists of something the US president said or is being accused of. It has been this way for a over a year and half now. The why is more interesting, big cities here are giant narcissistic virtue signaling moral superiority huffing farts centers. The difference between the large and small cities is massive. Universities are brain washing specialists here.

fa5087 No.11926814


Sauce? I know Canada has (((hate speech laws))) which are getting broader and broader in terms of how they can be applied but I don't know the specifics…any lawyer/ legal anons in the house?

fa5087 No.11926821


I always find it strange how Canadians seem to know more about the politics of the US than the average American, while simultaneously being oblivious to say who their local MP is

5922f2 No.11926842


1173f4 No.11926856


It almost, ALMOST, makes me want to just let the left have their way just to see how they react to everything turning to shit around them

0af625 No.11926881


I fucking hate that attitude. Every """"""canadian""""" is so endlessly fucking smug about how awesome canuckistan is compared to the States when its America that has all the actually economic, military and technological power. Canada is a barely a blip on the globalist radar EVEN NOW despite our libshit-loving politicians. What the fuck are these people even so proud of? Canada once had something of an identity but that is long gone as far as the major population centers. Now with our media 100% BBC-tier the goyim are only going to get less and less intelligent. Great.

fa5087 No.11926908


I mean when you're the only colony that didn't decide to get rid of the (((crown))) you have to find some kind of cognative dissonance to deal with the fact that you are 90% identical to the US, sans the free speech and natural gun rights, sad

0c4feb No.11926986


The political system is entirely gimped against any kind of peaceful uprising. The Canadian constitution is not like the American one where the founding fathers were more forward thinking and included clauses to allow for a bloody revolution if need be.

581a01 No.11926991

File: f0f6bfa34d1ba49⋯.png (63.03 KB, 264x262, 132:131, october 20 2017.png)

File: 33223250e1e21b0⋯.png (243.03 KB, 697x414, 697:414, dec 3 2017.png)

File: e3d5ce192483dd9⋯.png (202.91 KB, 723x393, 241:131, dec 28 2017.png)

File: e593ed8da55b784⋯.png (286.3 KB, 756x579, 252:193, january 13 2018.png)

File: 2a871a30faa0dbe⋯.png (304.88 KB, 570x617, 570:617, march 15 2018.png)


>scarborough knife attack

Is that so hard to believe, though?

581a01 No.11926993

File: 58a0c6c0040d5cf⋯.png (313.72 KB, 664x555, 664:555, april 21 2018.png)

File: 1c9e8c764ed338c⋯.png (422.53 KB, 781x635, 781:635, april 30 2018.png)

File: 9bfaa7ea061cebe⋯.png (284.71 KB, 581x641, 581:641, may 23 2018.png)

File: df2cedd3cdd63b9⋯.png (33.68 KB, 210x219, 70:73, june 7 2018.png)

File: 23cb098ce248014⋯.png (349.04 KB, 780x561, 260:187, june 16 2018.png)

fa5087 No.11926997


To be fair Canada has only had a Constitution since the 80's, it's kinda a new concept and their government already undermines the fuck out of their bill of rights

581a01 No.11927023

File: 61c44acf9f8b8d1⋯.png (342.29 KB, 583x580, 583:580, june 24 2018.png)

File: 56cc904e192c535⋯.png (24.05 KB, 502x108, 251:54, july 4 2018.png)

File: 9fcd367e7e2be96⋯.png (302.55 KB, 749x443, 749:443, july 17 2018.png)

2d058b No.11927061

If you let the media talk about your enemies, they win.

3a24ea No.11927069


Most common sense Canadians know how vital the one country with built in protections against tyranny is for the rest of the world. The problem is their is a bombardment of astroturf of psychological conditioning masked as progressiveness and fairness. It's very much Cluster A vs Cluster B here.

cca2d0 No.11927077

what is happening to canada is that (((they))) and (((their))) so-called people in the canadian government are going along with the plan to turn all of western civilization into mud-skinned retards so that they're easier to manipulate, among other reasons of greater significance

a3eb16 No.11927086

>>11926700 Look I'll just say it straight, Canada has never been an actual country. Day 1 it was entirely bought and sold by the Globalists, 1931 we were released from that British shit properly just to have the Globalists that already owned the place veto that and keep us under the thumb for another 50 years. Then they figured they could sneak a constitution in that was written in Britian by the Queen's policy makers. The only good thing about this is that it never formally passed in a referendum (Failed miserably twice since 1982) so since 1931 Canada has been no mans land with an illegitimate globalist government sitting on top. Before that it was a legitimate globalist government.

At any point provinces could grow some balls and legally confederate. They don't even have to leave Canada, they never actually joined.

Canada is ground zero for globalist bullshit and if they succeed every country will follow our model. Now this shit show is so deep its going to be far harder to get Canadians to wake the fuck up than Americans.

Gov has a gag order on media and is importing fuckloads of Islamic fighters cause the Gov knows that these fighters will never figure out the truth and won't care even if they do. All Canada has to do is squash its old stock and then they can bury this whole giant mystery and go on lording over the giant non-country full of resources. Hence the Chinese buy up of every piece of land they can. That is the Canada blackpill. That is why nothing happens here, this blackpill is too fucked to be able to even talk about it to normal Canadians.

CANADA ISN"T REAL!! They just laugh, its so unbelievable and so readily dismissed with superficial evidence.

01534d No.11927108

>Muslim who stabbed 3 uniformed Canadian soldiers at a recruiting center yelling "Allah Akbar" RELEASED. Charges DROPPED

first … wot mate???

second, if thats true you answer your own question. Canada is complete cucked and a coup has already been successfully implemented. Are you sure there is not more to your story about the stabbings. Im not gonna google that shit. If OP cant elaborate then op is a lazy fear mongering fag.

Also it would be interesting for whites to go around doing the same thing. I wonder how that juxtaposition would go down. You imitate the previous attackers assult along with screaming "allah blah blah" … but you are white thats the only difference.

yea canada is fucked, actually i think all the queens countries are fucked.




-South Africa

I was thinking earlier how obvious that the royal british court is completely a jewish interest machine. They have 0 power to do anything of any importance and seem to fucking be completely absent in any ability to speak out on important issues. Its very odd to think that once the complete image of monarchy is now a laughing stock.

I really feel the jew smell is coming off strong on the british crown and all their past colonies. This must be a very sobering moment for the British people. To think their best show of strength might be to separate themselves from their own history. It does seem to be a false one.

The British should have their own london tea party

01534d No.11927110


America is not following you. At worst (best) america will split into two places. White america with a great military and cucked globalist slave america that will sell its peoples blood for research to other countries to maintain some kind of industry

842193 No.11927111


>nobody questioned this narrative that made as much sense as a football bat

No one bought it either, they just quietly stopped watching CBC (the main purveyors of this garbage).

a3eb16 No.11927113


How do you read without understanding? I merely said if the globalists win they will do to America what they did to Canada.

Calm your ego for a second and try thinking.

842193 No.11927120

File: 529094a0d2f3428⋯.jpg (14.67 KB, 310x233, 310:233, Bernardo_and_Homolka.jpg)


Publication bans are common for under-18's and sex assault victims.

Oh, and cases involving freemasons,shriners,jesters or eastern stars, like this one:


This case actually started me down the rabbit hole about how some connected people get special deals in the justice system.

Canada needs to be annexed. The rot is too deep.

842193 No.11927128


>Canadian radio is amusing.

I'm glad someone still listens to it, I gave up and went satellite a few years ago. The only Canadian media I listen to is the weather report (and that's usually from the Weather Network).

01534d No.11927135


i think I got it … I dont see it , I dont see america following that path and then I gave my idea of how far globalism would go in america. Basically we would have a civil war before you'd see one globalist america.

Canada, no civil war, just civil enslavement. I dont say this as ego this is what I see. Without ego what do you see happening to America in such an event?

842193 No.11927136

File: 1e29af1338311ef⋯.jpg (11.82 KB, 277x197, 277:197, gae.jpg)


The misuse of criminal harassment is a biggie.

I now give legal clinics on how to sue the baseless accusers for criminal extortion.


The woman who accused him was a cokehead but was in Order of the Eastern star, as was the prosecutor and some of the cops.

842193 No.11927145


We created HER MAJESTY IN RIGHT OF CANADA as the corporate entity and created The Queen of Canada as the regal entity. CANADA was reincorporated in 1981 and is registered in Guernsey, just like the Bank of Canada is.

581a01 No.11927147

File: b41b58cf12f89b9⋯.png (236.68 KB, 319x986, 11:34, description of attack.png)


>first … wot mate?

Read this account of it, it sounds like Larry David wrote it.

842193 No.11927148


April 17, 1982. And the Charter of Rights has a gaping hole you could drive a truck of peace through in two places.

12cbf3 No.11927149

Canada is beyond hope tbh

ebaa56 No.11927153


Leaves were a mistake.

842193 No.11927155



Quebec and Newfoundland are the two only "real" entities, and maybe Nova Scotia depending on your legal position. Ontario is an extension of England and Wales (look at the coat of arms in an Ontario courtroom next time you're there) and Alberta is a military base.

e2f7d5 No.11927163


Sharia law. Dhimmis cannot complain about being assaulted, robbed or raped by Muslims.

4b270a No.11927171

File: e739dfad307bf98⋯.jpg (29.22 KB, 454x568, 227:284, фэйс.jpg)


Maybe you should stop worrying about us and start worrying about what you are gonna do when you inevitability get shot and your shitty healthcare system doesn't help you, americunt.

a3eb16 No.11927174


My point was I said a giant IF. IF the globalists win. Not when, not they are likely too. I actually agree with you but if 2 Americas are formed one of which is globalist and the other isn't then the globalists didn't win now did they? Hence why I called you an idiot. No matter how true what you said is it had no relevance to the point I was making.

fa5087 No.11927175


Britian has been an island of Merchants since the late 1600's, but they really got their tallons into Nigel with the Rothschilds during WWI

fa5087 No.11927178


>Guns are bad

>Universal Health Care is good

Eat shit and die you dog fucking socialist

fa5087 No.11927199

File: f7aae91f296cab1⋯.jpg (33.02 KB, 373x290, 373:290, 30.jpg)


>Alberta is a military base.

Yeah for the English https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Army_Training_Unit_Suffield Who I guess if one were to be pedantic, as your ships are all "Her Magistys Ships" and your citizens all swear an oath of allegance to the (((Queen))) you still are. Walk into any infantry bar in Petawawa and say "Fuck the Queen" and see just how un British those cucks seem

> maybe Nova Scotia

Pic related

fa5087 No.11927207




fa5087 No.11927225

File: b6ee2c04b5453d2⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 644x362, 322:181, isr.jpg)


How the fuck many times are they going to bring up the fact that he was (((mentally ill)))

>Believed Canadian soldiers were a legitimate target due to Canada's military action in muslim countries

>Acquitted him of the terror charges, ruling that he didn't act on behalf of any organisation but was acting alone

The absolute state of the absolute state of Cuckistan

fa5087 No.11927243


Wait Karla Homolka was a Mason?

c47f36 No.11927244

File: 7308094ed558e9c⋯.png (330 KB, 791x569, 791:569, 21a5e5a8fb61fc7d4f38ae95d2….png)


Only niggers shoot one another. And only shitskins dont have insurance. Get the fuck outta my country, you fucking queer.

fa5087 No.11927259


This. Why is it so hard for these Snow Mexicans to understand that we have a nigger problem, not a gun problem. Even my cop buddies say that 90% of the guns they find during homicides are either stolen or used by felons already banned from possessing guns

f759ff No.11927318

Nice archives you useless fuck.

6276f3 No.11927348

>What the fuck is going on in Canada right now?

Do you want the truth or the "please don't upset /pol/" answer?

If the latter:

>everything is fine

>people are waking up and they're super sick of this multicult shit

>race war tomorrow, we meet up at Timmies before we head out!

If the former:

>things are getting more fucked each day

>some people are sort of waking up but they won't do anything about it because we're super docile

>the demographics are super fucked and the Diversity™ is very visibly sprawling out from the cities at a pace I've never seen before in my life

>we're going to see them swing even harder soon with Boomers dying off (just like in the US, and pretty much every white/European country will)

>most people are still so stupid/cucked that when things like the Danforth attack happen they're too afraid to name the problem and proclaim the real problem must be guns (like the Toronto mayor did)

>gang violence by Swedes, Germans, the Dutch and the Ukrainians Diversity™ has been increasing like crazy and you can't go a day without hearing about a shooting or something

>the feminist garbage barely gets any resistance and creeps along more each day; the colleges are fucked (like in the US) and just pump out dipshits

What you're seeing is the end, and most here either don't see it, don't care, or do see it and want to deny it because they think their little town will never be affected. The young men that aren't Diverse™ are generally total pussies, the women are entitled cunts (anyone who unironically spouts the, "Canadian chicks are cool" meme has either never been here or will just white knight til the end of time), the media is as fucked as anywhere else, and people here are generally more likely to be scared of TROZUMNPF!!! saying meanie weenie ouchie thoughts than they are of watching the whole country turn into some unholy mix of Asia and Africa.

And yes, because I'm saying this I'm a shill. I'm actually straight out of Tel Aviv. My name is Ezra Shekelblatt. Jew, Jew, Jew, kike, shill, blackpill shill Jew. Figured I'd just get it out of the way.

6276f3 No.11927360


It's because we know that our politics barely matter, honestly. The way our government is, no matter who you vote for you're getting one flavour of liberal. And even if everywhere around you votes for the "Conservatives", you're just going to be drowned out by the big cities who vote exactly how you expect them to.

9765f5 No.11927576

All I know is I'm done with this government. I don't are if it's liberal, con, or NDP. They are all traitors and all utter shit.

The only party I like is the Canadian Nationalist Party and the kikes to everything in their power to deplatform them.

I'm ready for a revolt/revolution. Race traitors will be lined up at the wall and Islamists get strung from lampposts. We just don't have the arms for it now. Good thing we have America right next door.

I hope it happens sooner than later. I hate diversity whenever someone pushes for it they lose my trust forever and they go on my kill list.

d10547 No.11927578

They let in African Muslims. Even the Arabs know that’s a bad idea.

6276f3 No.11927585


>Good thing we have America right next door.

Yes, that super white diversity hating America will surely save us.

d10547 No.11927587


Sharia doesn’t supercede regional law.

9765f5 No.11927600


America has guns does it not? That's all that matters.

6276f3 No.11927623


Heard that ten years ago. Five years ago. One year ago. Yesterday. Two seconds ago. Ten years from now. Veinte años a partir de ahora.

aa61d7 No.11927701

I’ve said this in another thread and I’ll say it again. We’re getting browner by the day.

My borough of Montreal is 50% non-white. And here’s the kicker. The entire island of Montreal used to be predominantly white. Every borough and every neighbourhood and tone was white until we started getting Asian, Arab and African immigrants. Now, whites are being kicked out and every area of the island is being diverse and heterogeneous.

But there is one town on this entire island that stayed homogeneous for the longest time. Their demographics haven’t changed at all. They weren’t affected from mass immigration. It’s the Jewish town. It’s called Hampstead, Quebec. To this day, they’ve always stayed predominantly Jewish at around 75%. It’s a mini-Israel

So, basically everyone gets their own area except for white Canadians.

9765f5 No.11927718


And you'll be hearing it plenty. It took Hitler a decade to get into power. So what? Why are you being a demoralizing cunt? Rome wasn't built in a day.

19adf8 No.11927721


>>IED attack on a restaraunt in May that literally everybody stopped talking about; suspects still at large


Doesn't Toronto police having immediately ruled out terrorism in that instance mean you can read in between the lines that the police know that that particular restaurant is involved in organized crime of some sort and the bombing was probably a gangland "settling of accounts"?

bbf111 No.11927724


>man charged

>shows picture of victim

nice juxtaposition idiot media

24365a No.11927727

File: 2dfe627982e5aef⋯.jpg (253.29 KB, 1230x933, 410:311, 5oNcXP3.jpg)


If this is true, what the fuck can actually be done?

6276f3 No.11927730


Hitler also didn't have a country that was barely half white, had half of the white people be self-hating and had the bulk of the entire white world going down that same self-loathing path. Call it demoralizing because it is if you're not delusional.

bbf111 No.11927740


>how some connected people get special deals in the justice system.

eh? moar 411 plz

f9d982 No.11927744


Well you can dispose of your ego and fight until you die, inspire others by your death and so on. Or rot away regretting everything.

4ee23f No.11927746

File: 96c369acd2588c4⋯.png (553.93 KB, 649x1078, 59:98, canada landlord shoes musl….png)

File: 2c023c86225f0c0⋯.jpg (160.4 KB, 686x604, 343:302, canada hatespeech.jpg)

File: 1b6e12639b9fd67⋯.png (79.29 KB, 644x506, 14:11, canada terror trudeau.png)

File: 1fc826d8b94a4ba⋯.png (456.93 KB, 567x658, 81:94, canada media twit.png)

File: 5b5f5a6a563359c⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1656x926, 828:463, canada .png)

i haven't heard any of this shit


get memeing lads

d10547 No.11927748

You need to breed Whites.

White people didn’t offer anything.

78ab1c No.11927750

File: 749437832751ff9⋯.jpg (20.77 KB, 640x706, 320:353, a9e.jpg)


>We’re getting browner by the day.

This can't be emphasized enough. Literally every day I see more and more arabs, niggers, poos, and spics flooding in from who knows where. Asians already own Hongcouver and are rapidly expanding out. I though we had more time.

cb4f79 No.11927785


Don't forget the Syrian rapefugee who molested 6 girls at a waterpark cleared of all charges even though there were 18 witnesses.

6276f3 No.11927792


Relax, anon, it was just a cultural emergency.

169011 No.11927799

Well, you’re offering is not visible and you were here for a single day and told me there was space for me. So I left.

169011 No.11927800


9f2096 No.11927870

File: 57c4e07904e70c9⋯.jpg (389.42 KB, 1338x974, 669:487, 57c4e07904e70c933dbb035e56….jpg)


(absolutely fucking checked)

Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed already faggot.

cfe4ad No.11927881


>What the fuck is going on in Canada right now

Toronto is one of a few sanctuary cities in ontario. Its part and parcel time now.

cb4f79 No.11927889

File: f48712934156c98⋯.mp4 (14.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Danforth SpinDoctor.mp4)

cfe4ad No.11927907


>If this is true, what the fuck can actually be done?

It will all fall apart long before a complete takeover can occur. Canadas advantage is weather along with the largest innawoods space with thousands of towns nonwhites wouldn't dream of moving to for lack of gibs.

9765f5 No.11927915


thank you for emphasizing why it's not such an easy process.

Is it any wonder I'm saying it will be down to a violent revolt? Our government is controlled by foreign interest groups and their traitor useful idiots.

So no, we don't have time. Any other Canucks here need to become firebrands and act now. This is when we go on the offensive, even it just means sowing public discontent.

Also, don't forget to remind people. Immigration = Ethnic Population Replacement, even if they are shilling for skilled immigrants. It doesn't matter how damn skilled they are if they're brought in to handicap and replace us. It doesn't matter if their kids "integrate" if they're being brought here to ethnically displace us.

581a01 No.11927918

File: 64bbe5d20b62b7c⋯.jpg (98.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1496784704865.jpg)


WYSIWYG video editing tools were a mistake.

cb4f79 No.11927938


It's worse anon; he actually makes these on a tablet.

9765f5 No.11927945

reading Mein Kampf it's hard not to equate Habsburg Austria and CURRENT YEAR Canada.

The same diverse garbage being pushed, the same parliamentary problems, and the treatment of the German Austrians and White Canadians is strikingly similar. Toronto is Vienna 2.0.

Marxists are the stupid niggers pushing for diversity and whining it's white people being divisive. They need to stop internally colonizing us. We all know they won't, so frankly they need to die.

5eacf4 No.11927975


I was going to jump in and say some smack but then I looked at the thread and thought, maybe I should at least try to say something positive.

>They elected Doug Ford and he's trying to Make Ontario Great Again.

>They elected Michelle Rempel and her YouTube channel is a pleasure.

ede3a9 No.11928023


Far right? You exposed yourself shill

6a99a9 No.11928025


>tfw have been that waterpark several times

4f701c No.11928042



s what most of us our doing now anyway. "Eh, we'll let society collapse and just rebuild afterward, like every other time this has happened"

Except this time the demographic replacement is too severe and there's no where left for us to flee to but the stars, but we aren't there technologically yet. Our only option is to fight NOW; we can't wait for things to fall apart again.


So was Weimar Germany. So is America when you consider that they're turning brown faster than Canada is, faster even than England – one million Mexicans new to Texas in one year alone.

It's not hopeless for anyone. it's just really really bad everywhere.


All Nova Scotian men you talk to are fed up with everything, and the province is still 90%+ white.

e36155 No.11928048

File: cda89ae90fc3735⋯.jpg (53.46 KB, 410x600, 41:60, 2aca7f2a5b98b4eda149f189df….jpg)


Control over the media is the (((globalists))) primary weapon. We must break this control to have a chance.

The merging of Islam and Catholicism, the corrupted use of blockchain to enslave, the erasure of all privacy... and eventually nano-tech controlled cyborg drones (new Golem manslave), is the end game for global control...

279542 No.11928062

Wonder whn will they rename the country to Chinada.

612efc No.11928080


It gets worse, people are going missing in small towns, and a large weapons cache was seized by police a few months ago.

cf8c99 No.11928141

File: 367a780f830543f⋯.jpg (10.97 KB, 240x283, 240:283, Luka_Rocco_Magnotta_mugsho….jpg)

File: ebd5e099d98cad6⋯.jpg (63.19 KB, 472x620, 118:155, Newman.jpg)


Canada's greatest fudge packing hacker garnered much support across the chans.

0ff69f No.11928171


Off topic, but does anyone know where I can get that gore video he made?

aa61d7 No.11928286



When Hitler talked about “dynastic patriotism” it reminded me of the modern day civnat cucks in Canada who are blind to race and celebrate diversity as a part of our identity.

But then again, Austria-Hungary was still mostly white

d4813a No.11928293

File: 6d722772e8e2203⋯.jpg (2.99 MB, 2864x2397, 2864:2397, 31f862c0-7a65-41c2-a522-44….jpg)


Can you elaborate on this?

8a4f0f No.11928759


read section 1 right at the beginning

>these rights and freedoms are only to an extent deemed reasonable

I wonder how one might exploit this?

6b7742 No.11928797

File: dfeafa513dae304⋯.mp4 (5.31 MB, 640x360, 16:9, canada ARR VOUS RACIST.mp4)


We're not allowed to criticize muz or juden, but you can still shittalk Christians until the cows come home. We don't have free speech, and nearly everyone I know thinks this is a good thing. And now there's some completely fucked thing where if you attend anything, you're forced to listen to how you're living on treaty land stolen from the fucking chugs…who, by the way, get more money from the government than I ever fucking will.

In a completely unrelated story, I wish I was dead.

ab8857 No.11928811

File: 955cd103cfe9f40⋯.jpeg (39.19 KB, 960x380, 48:19, 3BE5C99B-7379-4D91-B695-6….jpeg)


Annex this failed country.

360cfe No.11929254

File: 62eb0ab084ddb7d⋯.jpg (56.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1519523383847.jpg)

Proof that Canada is a fraudulent fiction, it's not a real country. Canada never confederated:


09870d No.11929269


Fucking blue haired faggot and all his ilk need to be packed into a oven.

>you want me to actually have personal consequences to go along with my vapid virtue signaling? You are racist!

1cabdc No.11929328


Source please?

76052a No.11929356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




'Scotian here, shit is absolutely down the drain. We're the absolute pozz capital of the East; being filled with universities means we fell to the Frankfurt school very very fast.

In general, don't depend on Nova Scotian's to help when shit goes down. The majority of us are very lazy and barely white; only about half the "whites" here lack some sort of native genes.

In general the rural-fags are mostly drug dealers, hookers. and fat old bikers. We have a huge coke problem and the highest weed usage per capita. Again, we can't be relied upon in the slightest.

I will say one word of hope in this black-pilled rant: If you meet a good Nova Scotian, one of proper Scottish stock, who takes pride in the water and the old ways, he will be your greatest ally in any struggle.

581a01 No.11929425

File: 3febb843829ee09⋯.jpg (33.69 KB, 480x360, 4:3, disdain.jpg)


I don't know much about leafs, but you guys in the east have some decent fucking music that I can only assume comes from an interest in history and heritage. Or is my info way out of date?

76052a No.11929455

File: 5d27b49c95b096a⋯.png (1.38 MB, 2000x528, 125:33, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 24f3eb8e59df8e1⋯.png (475.72 KB, 575x485, 115:97, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a01ed58fda599a9⋯.png (500.62 KB, 656x367, 656:367, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f4eab7c791003a9⋯.png (577.67 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a4655efdb6c848c⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Canadians are just sort of autistic in general but there are clear cultural lines: Easterners (Or, more specifically, Maritimers) could be an entirely different country. It's sort of like comparing Bavaria, Austria, etc. They're all Germans but you can't say they're similar in the slightest.

Nova Scotians in particular can be very "volkish" at times. We have a very deep connection to the sea, fishing, boating, etc and revel ever so slightly in tragedy. Shanties, old hymns, tales of boating, history, etc are surprisingly ingrained here.

Further, Nova Scotia was settled entirely by border reaver Scots (ignoring the Acadians and black loyalists). As such there's a certain folksy nature to us and a focus on the beauty of simple things.

Well, this is all a write up of our culture as of twenty years + ago. These days it's all just soyboys, arabs, and muslims.

The other Eastern provinces are also similarly culture-wise. Most 'scotians are related by blood to people in New Brunswick.

By the way, Alberta is the canuck equivalent of the Southern U.S. Albertan's are fucking based.

Ontario is full of niggers and soyboys, don't bother with them.

The Territories, Yukon, etc aren't really full of people at all. It's just mining communities, weird government projects, and injuns. Few people are born up there; it's mostly imports from other provinces looking for work.

Quebec can be nuked for all I care (saying this as half-Quebecois, there is nothing of value to those cucked frogs.)

Other provinces blur together culturally to me. Really, Canada shouldn't be one country. We're closer to Europe in that we had a "diverse" range of cultures here far before we pushed this multi-culti crap.

If you have any more questions about NS or Canada I can try and answer them.

c1ef24 No.11929462


you stupid fuckin nigger faggot from halifax, the "ruralfags" are probably the least degenerate bunch because the folks in the city are much worse

1cabdc No.11929467


What is the best state to get balkanised first?

c1d698 No.11929475


>annex Canada which is rightfully ours anyway

>give them voting rights as an olive branch

>suddenly the three centuries of using the north as a dumping ground for the spineless comes back to haunt us

>borders completely opened, hate speech laws put in place, the one thing we have left our rights abolished as we realize we just added a bunch more Californias to our own country

12cbf3 No.11929476


How I wish I was in sherbrook now.

76052a No.11929478

File: 06ef616f55c7065⋯.png (242.3 KB, 526x503, 526:503, skull.png)


I'm not arguing that in the slightest; it's just that Nova Scotian rural-fags are not as good as ones from other provinces.

The main issue is that we have huge drug peddling operations in our smaller towns. The South Shore is especially bad here; it's all bikers.

I posted some images of Annapolis Royal and Lunenberg here:


Thee are probably the best communities in N.S. Funnily enough, they're also both founded by German settlers.


Sherbrook is decent.


Canadian's aren't Americans. The best thing to do for us is to rope all the traitors and spineless cucks, finish the race war, and split us up by culture ala Yugoslavia.


Mind rewording that?

c1ef24 No.11929482


find a thot who wants kids and have as many kids as you can

76052a No.11929487

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Man, I'm sorry but you're not thinking right. The Frankfurt-ification of my area is really quite bad and most of the girls are RAT's (Racially Ambiguous Thots).

I'm not blackpilled though, I plan on marrying a beautiful white girl and having children with her after the ceremony. The thought of teaching a son and daughter, raising them on the old flag and anthem, and providing brings a smile to my face.

c1d698 No.11929493


Canadians are not Americans, I agree with that. You're squatting on the land granted to us by God however, but that is a fight for a day long after the kikes and muds are finally gone.

76052a No.11929495


You're doing nothing but crafting a brother war, friend. You have your country, we have ours.

1cabdc No.11929518


>Mind rewording that?

What is the whitest state to be balkanised?

76052a No.11929527


You mean province I assume. I guess NS is full of whites who hate eachother for political reasons, Alberta too because the NDP is fucking them hard.

026303 No.11929602


>how some connected people get special deals in the justice system.

Know the right people or be a lawfag.

99% of /pol/ does not lawfag so has no fucking clue how to hold kikes accountable.

1cabdc No.11929605


I think NS is a good choice to be balkanised because of the location and white population. Alberta is landlocked so have no access to the coast. If Alberta is to be balkanised then it is best to merge with one or two provinces.

76052a No.11929611


Alberta has it's own culture separate from the rest of Canada. The inhabitants would not desire a merge; in fact many of them have considered cessation.

56d345 No.11929617


>Alberta has it's own culture separate from the rest of Canada. The inhabitants would not desire a merge; in fact many of them have considered cessation.

Alberta is basically Texas, except with more drunks and lots of really rural small towns that never let go of their heritage.

612efc No.11929627


>don't depend on Nova Scotian's to help when shit goes down

I dont think anyone expected help from the trailer boys

2e7b81 No.11929630


In Texas the support for secession is about 30% as of 2ish years ago, according to Pew (polls).. In Alberta I'd guess it's under 15%, probably under 10, maybe even under 5%..

Will require a lot more terrorism to get that to get close to 50%.

1cabdc No.11929633


Merging with another province won't kill their culture and facistic Albertans will be in charge of the former provinces. It is important for the new countries to be economically strong and trade with other new countries.

6ce23f No.11929648


>Alberta has it's own culture separate from the rest of Canada.

The only difference between AB and SK is AB is full of street shitters and flips, and SK is white. This unique culture bullshit is a crock. There is more of a cultural difference between Calgary and rural AB than there is between rural AB and rural NL.

695fb1 No.11929786


Why did the leaf government prohibited the private healthcare?

581a01 No.11929815

File: 07aa5bf5e79392f⋯.jpg (267.59 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, somalian family.jpg)


>really rural small towns that never let go of their heritage

Well, galeeb wanaagsan! We're your new neighbors! Justin sends his regards, saaxib!

fe003c No.11929952


The Toronto police are masons, Eastern Stars, Beijing operatives, CIA agents, and even some actual jews doing mossad dirty work. Supplying the cheese pizza to Toronto's massive film industry is a full time job and requires control over the airports and harbors. The Danforth shooting was on the 22nd, a host of young women went missing on the 27th, the 'high Satanic holiday' aka a day of sacrificing goyim shiksas to moloch and/or the inverted Saturn. The Toronto police are nothing but a massive pedophilic grooming gang at this point. Call them child molesters to their faces. Hold them accountable for their crimes. They enable the entire mossad propaganda empire in Toronto and feign ignorance with a sickening arrogant smile.

Bring back the death penalty for traitor cops. Phone your representatives and demand the death penalty be reinstated for police officers convicted of treason and/or crimes against children.

ed06c7 No.11929975

D&C thread in disguise, but I need to answer this.



White Canadians are not Americans. We are racially and ethnically similar, of course, but there is a major difference between us. White Canadians self selected to be loyalists, therefore opting out of America, and they will always have a different outlook on life (or to quote The Leader- Weltanschauung ) We can live peacefully beside each other, trade, and maybe even provide White immigrants to each other, but we will never be able to be under one government.


80a5c8 No.11931040


>only shitskins dont have insurance

Are you young? For most of my life "insurance salesman" was a by word for con man. Insurance simply adds another layer of paper pushing parasitical middle men who have to take a cut of whatever service is being provided, ultimately making things more expensive, not less. The insurance industry is a massive lobbying organization that is always pushing to make everything more expensive for you and more profitable for themselves while adding no value and you are retarded if you have anything nice to say about them. I'm white and refuse to have insurance on principle you good goy cattle.

90c779 No.11931169

File: 67ada85c915d7a1⋯.gif (114.75 KB, 500x357, 500:357, 71d4ffa68e318463b1f9177a4d….gif)


Rome had civic nationalism… but then you had to serve in a legion fighting active wars for 10 years.

ed06c7 No.11931190


Most of the foreigners that were in Rome were racially similar to the romans, and it still led to their collapse.

90c779 No.11931198

File: f2b545f3d8829b7⋯.mp4 (5.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, CIVIC.mp4)


>White Canadians self selected to be loyalists, therefore opting out of America, and they will always have a different outlook on life

LOL if you think what is essentially ancient history is relevant anymore. I've seen the changes over the last 10 years. It's not about Freedom vs the Monarchy anymore. Or Scots-Irish vs the English. All European nations are targeted for RACIAL genocide. Even your rural town will have commie race quotas.

The only CIVIC nationalism I could accept would be something like Marriage for 10 years with no 'rights' before citizenship…. but we don't even have civic nationalism, the closest in Russia. Canada is outright declared to be a post-national globalist testing zone by Trudeau. Trudeau's mentor is Soros, and the Papacy.


Germanics integrated well, Numidians not so much.


55ec51 No.11931235

File: be47b3b25edb5ba⋯.mp4 (6.1 MB, 800x340, 40:17, how-rome-falls.mp4)

76052a No.11931245

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



That's not what we're arguing here by "not-Americans": We want to kill all the shitskins and traitors to create a true Canada.

Canada did have a very strong and very unique take on Anglo/Celt culture at one time; this was because we were the descendants of both the Scots and the Brits.

We've simple diluted ourselves down and forgotten our history. After DOTR and the race war we will create a new and stronger Canada.

We are not Americans and we do not need to be. We will serve alongside eachother, nation by nation, white for white.

No more brother wars, only brother nations.

8ce5eb No.11931269


I'm not thinking right? So having white children to secure the existence of the aryan race is not thinking right?

What do you suggest?

76052a No.11931295

File: b9f2c021327cd59⋯.jpg (91.01 KB, 650x758, 325:379, Wistless and bored.jpg)


Re-read my post, anon. Children can't be the priority over racewar right now.

We all want white kids, lad.

ebfab1 No.11931327


>White Canadians self selected to be loyalists, therefore opting out of America, and they will always have a different outlook on life

This is idiotic. White people are in a fight for our very survival because kikes are natural born evil cunts. YOU are fucking useless. Doorknob yourself, imbecile.

ed06c7 No.11931335


I was talking about after those problems have been solved, retard. Too many americans on here want to be in control of the entire north American continent, which many white canucks don't want. You neck yourself for being a overemotional, womanly cunt.

f4b64f No.11931336


>It's not terrorism if you act alone

Canada is a joke

ebfab1 No.11931350


As would a jew, you insist on finding divisions among White people when White unity is critical. Go jew elsewhere.

ed06c7 No.11931366


>thinks i'm a kike for bringing up a legitimate issue


6276f3 No.11931373


>It's not terrorism if you act alone and are brown

FTFY, anon. Feels good to share my country's values with you. Kill me, I want to win.

76052a No.11931379

File: 0808f21fef4ff69⋯.png (313.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, xzDd4.png)




How about you fuck off and stop creating brother wars you tard. We will fight the war together so that we may all return home to our nations.

Wanting to unify all nations is globalist shit you DNC kike. Whites for whites so that we can reclaim our nations.

d96f99 No.11931443


Because America actually has politics. Canada has none. It' sho>>11926881

Canada does have a couple things over the USA, it must be admitted.

1. Nowhere near as many niggers. Yes, we have ragheads, chugs, gooks but those feral shitskin flappylip niggers are far fewer and more passive here than in the USA.

2. We simply don't suffer from medical bankruptcy here the way you do; if grandma gets cancer you won't have to sell your house to get her good treatment. Don't bother arguing with me about this; I've lots of friends who've worked in both Canadian and US hospitals and the American hospitals spend 1/3 of their time calculating billings, for every tiny thing even administering an aspirin.

d96f99 No.11931454


"Insurance is essentially a Ponzi scheme"

Ron Paul

239910 No.11931476


They're talking about it here in Australia too. Protests by Somalia that reporting on criminal gangs is racist.

f928dd No.11931493


Your board is shit and you should kill yourself.

ebfab1 No.11931560


>Canada does have a couple things over the USA

Less lawyers, too. Canada has aboot 1 lawyer for every 1150 people; the USA has about 1 lawyer for every 265 people.

9d2afe No.11931577

File: 2623974d18c1723⋯.mp4 (8.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Elon Musk - Demographics.mp4)


>What the fuck is going on in Canada right now?

Jews and self-induced genocide.

d96f99 No.11931673



Remember the Maritime provinces were the richest and most advanced part of what is now Canada up till 1867. Confederation allowed all the banks in the maritime provinces to relocate their headquarters to Toronto and Montreal thus sucking all the savings of the Maritime provinces out of local reinvestment into central Canada. This impoverished the Maritime provinces until this day.

d96f99 No.11931701


I just moved to Quebec. It's awesome here. Loving it.

d96f99 No.11931709


This is totally true.

Canadian women are atrocious shit, my own female relatives in particular.

2ff40c No.11932539


Something about this is reminiscent of Brocket 99

9eebbd No.11936022


Jew depopulated the world than the black death.

9eebbd No.11936041

File: 6b32c935cf4946d⋯.png (3.5 MB, 1598x1342, 799:671, welt.png)


think a little further beyond that.

28a731 No.11936512


I'm not your friend, buddy

28a731 No.11936564

File: c033bc65446f742⋯.jpg (52.73 KB, 720x480, 3:2, IMG_7789.JPG)


Dude the medical bankruptcy shit is a meme to keep you spending half of your income to prop up a fucked health care system that doesn't work and rapes your income…not that it doesn't happen, but even McDonald's has health care plans and you can buy them even if you're between work for several hundred dollars a month…stop being an easily subverted socialist

05845b No.11936634

File: 15eaae262f70e46⋯.jpg (206.19 KB, 660x849, 220:283, 6356345.jpg)


Reminds me about Russian media. At least half time of every news block are stories about Ukrainians (hohols), in Russian this meme called "а что там у хохлов?" (google this phrase)

cd92ff No.11936709

The idea of Canada being a "fakr country" actually makes a lot of sense to me. There has obviously never been such a thing as a Cansdian "nation" thanks to the inherent dual-nationalism of Anglo-Canada and Franco-Quebec but the hilarious level of "legal" shenanigans surrounding their status as an independent country is compelling evidence that they really aren't one.

The reality is that "might makes right" so all the legal technicalities surrounding their relationship to the British empire don't really matter. What does matter is the fact that the citizens of Canada have never really cared enough to forcefully declare thrmsrlves a unique and separate country independent of all former claims. At best all they have done is weaseled around technicalities just enough to keep up a legal pretense of independence.

ed06c7 No.11936833


Why though? Pan europeanism won't work, and an unwieldy pan anglophone superstate probably won't work too great either. I want a soveirgn US (possibly a soveirgn american south) soviergn English Canada, soveirgn French Canada, etc. This will prevent people from chafing under "the other" ruling over them.

cd6b10 No.11936895

File: 6732f97a9906e81⋯.jpg (441.48 KB, 569x803, 569:803, 6732f97a9906e8121d17108a99….jpg)


Congratulations, you've just been fucked. Demoralization is one of the most useful Jewish tactics to date.

Canada has been the most racially and culturally pure country in the American continents to date, until recently. There's certainly no purity in the US with its melting pot ideology and certainly not South America, swimming in Mestizos. Canada was the birth place of the Vikings peoples who first came to the continent and the Soultreans before that. Unlike America, Canada held on to its British Anglican racial identity, unlike America, which soon mutted itself as an abomination of ideology and race. As an American I gladly enjoyed and appreciated Canada, and I still do now to a degree, but it is certain that it is under attack by kikes and shills.

There's this notion of Canada being a fake country, denying truth in one's self being one of the more well known Jewish argumentative constructs I have come across on here. It plays into the Marxist theology and is an attempt to weaken thought on nationalism and existence. I've seen the same tactic operated on the Ukrainians too as >>11936634 describes. No doubt a tactic deployed by the Juedo-Russian MOSSAD operatives during the conflicts

>Canada is a fake country, goy! It's just a territory!

>Ukraine is a fake country, goy! It's just a territory!

>Europe is a fake continent, goy! It's just a landmass!

>white is a fake race, goy! It's just a skin color!

>human is a fake species, goy! It's just a social construct!

And Ad nauseam. It's fundamentally the same as the No True Scotsmen fallacy, just used offensively to demoralize your target. It's a VERY effective pysop.

but anyway back to the point. Canada is being attacked by the same demoralization techniques seen here. To weaken the country with progressive ideals, and then use shills to demoralize X country so braindead idiots (That's you! You know why the kikes call you "goyim" of course) think to rather go against and publicly shame the people in that country rather than going against the common enemy that brought our homelands to this predicament. You know why? Because Sweden was the canary in the coal mine. Canada, America, Germany, Russia, UK, France, they are all being affected and you retards won't being laughing when YOUR people are all pozzed wouldn't you?

So stop acting so high and mighty and recognize a brother in need. And to the Canadians, hope has not fallen yet! Ignore your ignorant and dumbfounded "allies" and fight for yourselves to secure the future of your people! I might've gone and written way too fucking long, but this a feeling I feel strongly about. For it is the will of the Aryan people to not leave his fellow man behind.


cd6b10 No.11936897

File: 76b713e512bbfb6⋯.png (941.22 KB, 774x809, 774:809, psyops fucked piotr.png)


pic related

de5b8d No.11937341

File: 9886796bd1c6bb3⋯.png (198.51 KB, 652x1200, 163:300, bornjustintime.png)

Danforth shooter Faisal Hussain could have been inciting a race war by only targeting whites.

>“He was following me. When we got to the end of the alleyway, he said, ‘Don’t worry, I am not going to shoot you,’” Singh recalled.

>Singh said he responded to Faisal with a “thanks” and when the two men got closer together, “We looked at each. He said to stay out of his way — not as a threat, but as a warning.”



6460be No.11937448

File: 37db63a5dea217e⋯.jpg (989.89 KB, 2565x3363, 45:59, 8177f3416d2a15db8c2a5edaf0….jpg)


I love Canada and living here, we just have a lot of fucking whites who act like niggers. Just tell them to shut the fuck up. It works for me. As for being a proud Nationalist, I am working on the CNP "campaign" though that has been kinda sketch so far. I also fully agree Canadian threads get BLASTED by shills and D&C.

cd92ff No.11937495


>Canada has been the most racially and culturally pure country in the American continents to date, until recently.

Canada has been host to two separate nations (Quebecoise and Anglo) since day 1. In reality, it has always been less culturally unified than the US (Mexico and the other middling latino nations are obviously a whole different animal with their Spaniard/native savage dichotomies). The Anglo Canadian provinces are about as culturally distinct from America as the states they border. The maritimes are identical to Maine, the plains provinces may as well be Minnesota. The only "uniqueness" you ascribe to Canadian culture is also found in those bordering states in equal measure. You're just too blind to see the massive differences between (((hollywood's))) projection of mainstream America and the enormous difference in regional cultures around the country.

ed06c7 No.11937504



>massive wall o text

>muh amerimutt abominations

>hello fellow abomin… er I mean americans

>capitalizes jews

>double posts without saging


ed06c7 No.11937572


You ever notice how so many Minnesotans have a Canadian-esque accent? It is actually kind of weird.

006fc2 No.11937958


I have, hence my point. That accent is neither Canadian, nor Minnesotan. It is common in Wisconsin as well as all the other northern plains regions in the US. It is also not common to the coasts of Canada where white, rural Canadians are more likely to sound like white, rural Mainers or Washintonians/Oregonians depending on the coast in question.

Why is this the case? It's because the people in those regions are one in the same regardless of which country they happen to reside in. The one difference between those on the American side of the border and those on the Canadian side is that the Americans recognize and virulently support the existence of their country. Canadians pretend their country exists as something independent but do nothing to actually support its existence as such.

e36155 No.11938370

File: 4f21a091855533e⋯.jpg (1 MB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, 904f751529c46629127b31c6f6….jpg)


British Imperial Federation was the only way Britain could remain a White British superpower. It didn't happen.

Canada has 3 decent futures going ahead… Either reintegration with Britain or the US… or Splitting up. I am at this point, in favor of splitting up. The strength of Aryan civilization has never been because we were united, but because we were free to experiment. We can still form defense and trade alliances.

For NA demographics though, It would be best

if the UK and Canada, joined the US. The UK leaving the EU presents this opportunity.


000000 No.11938539

Jewish psyops involving fake islamic terrorism.

Terrify the populace so that they're practically begging to have their civil liberties taken away in the name of security.

Typical jewish tricks.

Any more questions?

481e2d No.11946573


Eat shit and die you haji sand nigger boy loving faggot, you and the kikes are two sides of the same sheckle. Get the fuck out of Canada

ed4e26 No.11946742

File: bc0058a0d4b1e54⋯.jpg (437.55 KB, 1200x651, 400:217, Shut up, Leaf..jpg)


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