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File: cabc3a34ff75614⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 2334x3474, 389:579, Dr. William Luther Pierce ….jpg)

File: ef6eba6005551b5⋯.jpeg (9.04 KB, 203x333, 203:333, Young Dr. William Luther ….jpeg)

File: 73111ba057c47a6⋯.jpg (85.76 KB, 600x529, 600:529, Dr. William Luther Pierce ….jpg)

File: 98820a86195566c⋯.jpg (512.27 KB, 1600x527, 1600:527, Dr. William Luther Pierce ….jpg)

File: 235c60403fcd992⋯.jpeg (18.97 KB, 474x266, 237:133, Dr. William Luther Pierce….jpeg)

bd22ec  No.11933379

What the Jews need is a nice, big war. Then they can crack down on the dissidents. Then they can call us "subversives." Then they can call us "unpatriotic," because we will be against their war… That's why I am convinced that there will be a strong effort to involve America in another major war during the next four years. This effort will be disguised, of course. It will be cloaked in deceit, as such efforts always are… But they will be scheming for war, believe me, no matter what they say. And when that war comes, remember what you have read today. ~ Get Set for War (1997).

A true National Socialist. A true believer of the third position. Not only did he admire Hitler, he actually had some of his own ideas that actually differed from Hitler's. Never once agreed 100% with other political groups outside of National Socialism and fascism. Never once supported Israel, wanted the Palestinians and Hezbollah to completely destroy their "holy" land and their Jewish kind, yet also knew "anti-Zionist" Marxists cannot be fully trusted, either. Knew that (((Capitalism))) and (((Bolshevism))) are the two sides of the same international Jewish coin. Knew that Whites weren't the ones that created African slavery in the US, it was (((them))) all along. Knew that Marxism was always a Jewish creation to subvert the goyim's view of what is normal and what is not, while claiming "non-Whites are the oppressed, Whites are the oppressors". Never acted like a skinhead degenerate craving for (((media))) attention so (((they))) can do mass fearmongering on the actual National Socialists. A great force to be reckoned with when it comes to (((them))), not some Alt-Kike controlled opposition retarded faggot who (((they))) actually control. Post your best quotes from this übermensch.

pic related

caac56  No.11933418

Here's a kike-free bump for you, glorious OP.

43157d  No.11933427



8a1a22  No.11933486


Anyone that does not know who this great man was should give a listen to some of these.


bc84a0  No.11933508

His books are great too

a4643f  No.11933535


Agreed, anon.

000000  No.11933546


Speaking of books, here's Dr. Pierce reading The Turner Diaries.


It's 10 hours. Get comfortable.

72e00a  No.11934923


Contributin' bump.

ac5536  No.11935168

File: c24db127890547a⋯.mp4 (4.47 MB, 320x240, 4:3, thusspokepierce.mp4)

88fbf0  No.11935576

I honor him every day by reading everything out loud in my best William L Pierce voice.

a85ffb  No.11936078

"Who We Are" is highly recommended. It is pretty much a less dense version of March Of The Titans.

a0d4be  No.11936084

What did we ever do to deserve a figure like Dr. Pierce?

a0d4be  No.11936111


There is a channel on YouTube with a lot of the best broadcasts. I believe it's called "Herr Nordstorm".

Keep the info readily available on their platforms.

bc84a0  No.11936134

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Because we serve the Aryan principle called truth

0e2fed  No.11936195


Nah and here's why.

National socialism is simple: One people, one government. Then there are details as to how you get to one people one government with no other people's corrupting your culture and race. That's covered in the 25 points.

This Pierce guy is not of the 'one people', he wants to change the culture with his new religion. He doesn't have any idea WHY the old religion worked; he doesn't understand it and wants to make a new cult, "Cosmotheism".

I also thinks he wants to make a buck by selling books.

National Socialism isn't that hard to understand.

bc84a0  No.11936233


And the kike is activated

0e2fed  No.11936278

File: 55c8fa2cf0d5deb⋯.png (413.14 KB, 918x543, 306:181, Human Accomplishment.png)

File: cd9fa166093e25c⋯.jpg (99.08 KB, 549x688, 549:688, WorldGenetics.jpg)


"Aryan" was lame science with the German National Socialist Workers Party used it almost 100 years ago. It's too broad - covering everything from those who created Western Civilization to IQ 85 Indians. What it came down to, is who would ally with Germany against the Bloodlines who own the Central banks and control the world. It was mostly propaganda.

Remember, Hitler never said "master race", not once in Mein Kampf, not in Table Talk, not in any of his speeches. That's a Jewish concept, "master race", as in "God's chosen people to rule the world". It was invented by a Jew.

The National socialist just said take pride in your people and then advocated that they take measures to be left alone.

a0d4be  No.11936282

File: a18f3c020b317d9⋯.jpg (85.42 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, C'mon Rabbi.jpg)


>b-b-but whites are christian goy

>muh cult

Why not save every cent from a government that's killing you?

Does demoralization make you feel smart?

bc84a0  No.11936303


>"Aryan" was lame science with the German National Socialist Workers Party used it almost 100 years ago

Also wrong

>That's a Jewish concept, "master race", as in "God's chosen people to rule the world". It was invented by a Jew.


>not jew

Hello juden, the Aryan concept goes back 35K years

0e2fed  No.11936312


Go take your Mountain Dew and Doritos money and go buy his books then.

He's not studied HOW Western Civilization arose, but he wants to rip it apart and substitute his own theology.

It's like the guy who doesn't know how a car works and tries to make it better by removing all the dirty parts in the engine.

Seriously, he divides the people - not unites them - with his Cosmotheism. That's not national socialism, that's a "divide the goy" tactic. The "Go Pagan", "worhship a kike on a stick", all that is just Jew tactics.

a85ffb  No.11936313


>doesn't even know he is dead


a85ffb  No.11936325


>muh precious christianity

Let me guess, we were a bunch of snownigger savages until Christianity came around?

491f1b  No.11936341

File: a4101b98ccf5818⋯.jpg (169.86 KB, 366x464, 183:232, 1453483371333.jpg)



>ID: 0e2fed

checked, kike fed

000000  No.11936343


>"he wants to make a buck by selling books"

>present tense


0e2fed  No.11936357


>the Aryan concept goes back 35K years

No, it is based on a linguistic analysis of peoples, based on the idea that a common root language indicates a common genetic background. It's a flawed idea but was the best they had back in the day.

Now we have genetics. See the chart previously posted. The distance between English/Danish and "Indian" is about 0.025, which is pretty far.

It's a meaningless concept for national socialism; by "people" we mean race and culture. Germans and French, for example, are different peoples with different cultures. Even the French themselves are a collection of different peoples all under one government.

a0d4be  No.11936374


He never advocated a singular solution. Cosmotheism is entirely evolutionary in my view, as well.

I'll tell you the same thing I tell Pagans. If you assume one side will generate disunity, you create disunity. As far as I can tell, it's only Christians enforcing beliefs and demoralizing. You're attacking one of the most learned figures the movement has had because of your religious standards. You're going to have to decide where your loyalty lies.

0e2fed  No.11936384


Says the guy using Tor.

Did you know that the NSA wrote the software for Tor?

You guys are funny.


>Let me guess, we were a bunch of snownigger savages until Christianity came around?

Hard to say, the Romans obliterated everything Pagan in the lands they conquered, didn't they? Not much evidence left to determine your great "snownigger" culture's accomplishments were. But the Romans culture was epic, and their religion was not as the Jews told you just warmed over Judaism. That meme is less than a century old.

bc777e  No.11936392


Christianity doesn't support a white ethno-state nor does it oppose one. Its focus doesn't deal with worldly issues.

d6e3b9  No.11936401

File: a4f258abd2ec05f⋯.jpg (47.25 KB, 1002x1199, 1002:1199, 28da33f3d7131ff90fd7c20428….jpg)


Nothing is wrong in what you're saying, I'd just like to point out

>ID: 0e2fed

>ID: oy 2 fed

0e2fed  No.11936406


So here's Pierce alienating most all white peoples, and you blame the Christians who are the majority and who built Western civilization.

Damn, that's quite a blue pill. Christianity isn't the problem. It's multiculturalism and more specifically, the Jews. You're not fixing Multiculturalism by adding more divisions.

0e2fed  No.11936426


>oy 2 fed

Well, you got me. The feds are going to break down your doors at 1 AM and shoot a virus up your noses that will mix with doritos and mountain dew in your system and give you all acne and Erectile dysfunction. The only cure is to go to confession and eat a specially made bread wafer dipped in wine.

a85ffb  No.11936431


>thinks that the romans weren't pagan until almost the end of their society

>christianity was roman in origin


>Christians who are the majority

Most Whites under 40 are atheists, agnostics ,or "spiritual while not religious". Unless you are talking about the brown Christians you guys adore.

bc84a0  No.11936433


>Go take your Mountain Dew and Doritos money and go buy his books then.

So you're a boomer kike?


Read The Laws of Manu, jew.

a0d4be  No.11936435


>we wuz civilization

It's not a subversion. It's how an intellectual anti-Semite operates in a Jewish colony, dipshit.

bc84a0  No.11936440


>It's multiculturalism

Which Christianity loves

a0d4be  No.11936453

File: 5a8afec9d1aa696⋯.jpg (66.26 KB, 1024x819, 1024:819, CUFI.jpg)


As of right now, civilization needs a little less Christianity. Modern Christianity is an extremely wealthy and misguided death cult.

0e2fed  No.11936457


>Does demoralization make you feel smart?

This whole "Pierce" thing is so that you can feel special!

But the whole thing is much simpler than that, and Pierce alienates most of the people.

One people, one government. You want to be a Cosmotheist, get your own ethnotstate because you're NOT one with my people.

Maybe it will turn out all right; some of his concepts are not wrong, but I don't see the mechanics in that theism that made Western Civilization.

bc84a0  No.11936464


>get your own ethnotstate because you're NOT one with my people.

No shit you're a jew and anon isn't.

a85ffb  No.11936475


>not one of my people

>I would rather my daughter marry a godly nigger than a white atheist any day!

0e2fed  No.11936478


No, come on. The Christian Zionist movement started around the 1970s. The Jews created it. The Christian Zionist did not create western civilization; the Central bankers funded it and people being what they are, thought if it has lots of money then there must be something to it.

bc84a0  No.11936488


It was jewish from the start you dolt.

a85ffb  No.11936489


Also, most of "the people" are lemmings and retards. Prove me wrong.

000000  No.11936496


>ah-ha! caught you being anonymous!

Definitely a kike.

a85ffb  No.11936500

>>11936488 Checked

He is probably one of those WE WUZ HEBREWS weirdos.

0e2fed  No.11936501


Christians (not Zionist Christians) on one side of the wall, and you and your Cosmotheism on the other side of the wall.

Different ideologies, different peoples.

One people, one Government.


If you're going to lie to yourself about what I said, why do you even bother with discussion?

a85ffb  No.11936505


>doesn't deny what I said

bc84a0  No.11936506



Wew boomer jew

0e2fed  No.11936523


If you look at Roman Catholism as it was, it was just warmed over Roman paganism.

Their patheon was reduced to 3 gods, as one.

Minor gods became saints - the divine bureaucracy still existed.

They believed in the right to self defense and not "turn the other cheek".

They collected money from "sins" and used it to fund public works that improved the culture.

They had a very strong work ethic while the Bible says "be like the birds of the field" and so on.

The religion was the Catechism, NOT the bible.

bc84a0  No.11936539


Look how that turned out for you. The game was kike from the start

a0d4be  No.11936550


>This whole "Pierce" thing is so that you can feel special!

No. He's one of a few figures I respect.

>But the whole thing is much simpler than that, and Pierce alienates most of the people.

No it isn't, and you're projecting.

>One people, one government. You want to be a Cosmotheist, get your own ethnotstate because you're NOT one with my people.

I'm not a Cosmotheist. I don't promote Cosmotheism. You're alienating people right now.

>Maybe it will turn out all right; some of his concepts are not wrong, but I don't see the mechanics in that theism that made Western Civilization.

You don't think Western civilization needs a tweak or two?

4/10, Jew anon.

0e2fed  No.11936570

File: 8b605cd5a9ba8f0⋯.jpg (33.24 KB, 640x360, 16:9, half of them george Carlin.jpg)


Of course they're lemmings and retards. That's why they need a proven religion that works; it keeps out degeneracy. And a good healthy dose of antisemitism and "burn the heretic" isn't at all a bad thing either. Which is why this Cosmotheism isn't going to work.



Genetic test. Not a drop of Jew Blood. Mostly Western European and Celtic.


Built western civilization, tor boy.


And you know that's true because the Jews told you!

Seriously, Catholics couldn't read the Bible. Even now you can read it but you have to go to a priest to be told what it means. The Catholic religion is the Catechism, not the Bible. Luther was the one who messed it up and made it all Jewish; at first Luther thought the Jews would be natural converts to his new religion - he was utterly BTFO when that didn't work. His error was thinking that Judaism was the Torah, but it really is the Talmud.

a0d4be  No.11936578


The Schofield Bible is a bit older than that. It was repackaged for war and genuflection to Jews.

Your shill is falling apart. I'd say it's a good time for Aliyah.

a0d4be  No.11936597


You should really remove George Carlin from your life. He could compromise your totally consistent faith and consequently your entire civilization.

See how you sound?

000000  No.11936602


That's debatable, but you all did do a lot of boy fucking.

0e2fed  No.11936606


>>This whole "Pierce" thing is so that you can feel special!


>No. He's one of a few figures I respect.

Oh gawd, Listen to yourself.

National socialism really is that simple. One people, one government. Then you get into "what is a people?" A people share a common language and a common culture. They share common genetics, as genetics determines culture and culture shapes genetics. Jews and Christians are not one people. And Cosmotheist and Christians are not one people either, even if they are similar genetics and language, because their ideas of what's good and bad is different.

>You're alienating people right now.

That's just your cognitive bias.

Look, you're not going to fix the problem of multiculturalism by reading more books.

Does western civilization need a tweek? Yeah, but not with a sledge hammer when you don't even know how it works.

bc84a0  No.11936609


>posts carlin

>a guy that hated religion

>but cries like a jew that lost a shekel when it comes to Pierce

>Genetic test. Not a drop of Jew Blood. Mostly Western European and Celtic.

>shalom fellow white people

You jews are pathetic

a85ffb  No.11936612


>you would be nothing without Christianity

>we wuz western civilization

>capitalizes Jews

Why aren't those based Christians in Africa making great civilizations?

bc84a0  No.11936613



Holy shit you boomer jew fuck.

000000  No.11936615


Ah, it's a mod. Guess which one.

0e2fed  No.11936619


I hate taxes, but taxes are necessary.

Carlin hates religion, but religion is necessary.

Adulting is hard. You do things you don't like because it is the right thing to do.

a85ffb  No.11936622


Sorry *jews



bc84a0  No.11936623


Oh and now you can excuse it?

>its ok when i do

Dumb kike

0e2fed  No.11936629


>Why aren't those based Christians in Africa making great civilizations?

Because they are, by western standards, retards. Because they are, by western standards, genetically prone to violence and not working together.

a0d4be  No.11936631

One thing to take away from this thread is that the intellectual white man scares the shit out of yids.

000000  No.11936635

>>11936622 (checked)


a85ffb  No.11936640


B.b.but Christianity, not genetics makes civilizations!

You said so yourself!


0e2fed  No.11936647


I don't like hard work either but my work ethic is epic.


Ironically, yes. That's why they're trying to dumb white people down with hoards of Africans and Mexicans. The whole Uberjew meme, the 115 Average IQ, is a lie.

0b2860  No.11936652

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.









000000  No.11936653


>everyone who disagrees with me is anti-white

Same thing again and again. Besides doesn't the meta thread say that /pol/ is a free speech board?


I wasn't here yesterday. Nice deflection though. I swung by since 4pol was down. Tell me more about this jew meddling. Get specific.

bc84a0  No.11936655


>I don't like hard work either but my work ethic is epic.

>shilling on images boards is hard work


Yup you're a boomer jew

0b2860  No.11936656

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0b2860  No.11936657

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0e2fed  No.11936660


Western civilization came about because of

1) Culture.

2) Genetics

3) Resources.

See the Human accomplishment chart I posted above.

a0d4be  No.11936662


Absolutely. In reality, a lot of them are just psychologically built for evil.


0b2860  No.11936663

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a85ffb  No.11936667


>let me post my antiwhite propaganda in peace goy!

0b2860  No.11936668

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0b2860  No.11936670

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0b2860  No.11936675

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a85ffb  No.11936676


You aren't a very good christian then.We are all one in Christ Jesus. There is absolutely no genetic differences.

this is what xtians actually believe

0b2860  No.11936680

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0b2860  No.11936683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a85ffb  No.11936688


also, its time to stop posting polvol2, you made a complete ass of yourself in the Covington thread, and this thread is going down the same way

bc84a0  No.11936695


Thanks anon

a85ffb  No.11936696



I'm surprised those have stayed up on YouTube.

a0d4be  No.11936707


It's Galatians 3, before anon starts obfuscating.

000000  No.11936710


>now he's false flagging TOR

Oh shit, he's autistic too!

a85ffb  No.11936713


Here is good example of an anti white tor post. Every day this nigger bitch spams this.

000000  No.11936722


Yet you post to an anti White Nadsee board run by Jews.

0e2fed  No.11936729


That's wrong. True story: My brother got a King James Bible at one of these protestant revival meetings. He showed it to a nun. Got his face slapped and she immediately burned it.

You keep throwing Jew memes at folks about accepting the jew. I'm more of a Spanish Inquisition man myself.

>There is absolutely no genetic differences.

Pretty sure that's not even in the King James version.

a85ffb  No.11936732


Still work at dollar general, nigger?

a85ffb  No.11936741


>Spanish inquisition, where as long as moors and kikes converted, they were fine


000000  No.11936742


I bet you can figure out who's been spamming it just by looking at this thread.

0e2fed  No.11936744


There's a reason for it.

0e2fed  No.11936749


Doesn't matter. Western Civilization wasn't built on the Bible, but on the Catechism.

000000  No.11936753


Still the same lines JIDF? Every time, the same lines 24/7.

a85ffb  No.11936761


No its not polvol2, she accidentally posted a pic of herself.




Aisle five needs cleaning.

0e2fed  No.11936775

File: a821fdec16b1a5f⋯.jpg (25.37 KB, 620x387, 620:387, Laughing Hitler.jpg)


>The bulk of the funding for Tor's development has come from the federal government of the United States,[19] initially through the Office of Naval Research and DARPA.[20]


You really think you're anonymous using Tor.

Good gawd. Do you use linux? Do you know who wrote "Mandatory Access Control" software which is now part of the Linux Kernel? Do you remember the Linus Torvalds thing about the NSA?


bc84a0  No.11936781



0b2860  No.11936786

File: 8b0536b888ffb39⋯.png (90.67 KB, 800x1296, 50:81, shitposting-from-tel-aviv-….png)

0e2fed  No.11936795




And the NSA still wrote the software. You think they didn't put back doors in it. Gawd.

bc84a0  No.11936798


>the nigger doesnt deny it

I bet your pussy gets juicy wet just lurking here and being called a nigger

bc84a0  No.11936803




Boomer jew.

000000  No.11936809


Yes, one is anonymous or every illegal site on tor would have been closed.

Another genius that repeats the same bullshit about tor.

0e2fed  No.11936810


Using an ad hom against every source so you don't have to admit reality is not an argument, it's cognitive bias and cognitive dissonance.

No, you are not unknown.

0e2fed  No.11936813


You think the government cares about your pedophile searches.

No… only when they want to take you out. And so far, they don't care about you.

a8c6cf  No.11936823

File: d8d961b36581dac⋯.jpg (322.76 KB, 731x598, 731:598, President William Luther P….jpg)

c2cf97  No.11936829

How else do you go about entrapping Jews?

bc84a0  No.11936837


Boomer jew.


Yet you work in a Dollar store with no future insight

e1f23b  No.11936844

File: 9b3493ea9a79712⋯.jpeg (43.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, jews15.jpeg)


>And a good healthy dose of antisemitism

a85ffb  No.11936846


Don't worry , when the revolution comes, you will be sterilized and be able to be in a SS mans harem.

0b2860  No.11936853

File: 0925da02b04c2f4⋯.png (82.12 KB, 759x394, 759:394, do-nothing-goy.PNG)


WTF, I love white genocide now. I guess Ill just do nothing.

000000  No.11936860


Orly? Is it a she or a "she"?


I don't use linux. TempleOS all the way. It's what gawd would want.

0b2860  No.11936871

File: 59da1d4c2c64198⋯.jpg (138.77 KB, 780x956, 195:239, pols-accomplishments-vs-au….jpg)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)

Reminder /pol/ has accomplished nearly everything of good for whites in the last few years.

a85ffb  No.11936886


Black males and females look similar, but the shrill tone and cunty attitude are pure woman.

000000  No.11936920


Could be a homo. Did it have long fingers or natural long nails? The negro female would have those tacky press-on nails, but a effeminate gay negro male would have longer than average natural nails.

a85ffb  No.11936929


I don't remember, it was 7 months ago and I didn't save the pic. All I remember is a big negroid ass and tits.

0e2fed  No.11936968


A man who writes about genociding all non whites is never going to be elected president.

He is the embodiment of the Jew meme of white supremacists. His movement was to discredit the National Socialist movement.

bc84a0  No.11936979



>not jew

Keep trying boomer jew

a85ffb  No.11937006


>polvol2 being this much of a no fun crybaby

>doesn't like pierce

>leave the based niggers alone!

>still capitalizing jew

0e2fed  No.11937011

File: ff0b33bc3a87f19⋯.jpg (79.23 KB, 690x568, 345:284, George Lincoln Rockwell Mu….jpg)

File: 4d93384336bd6b0⋯.png (683.54 KB, 1123x769, 1123:769, Rockwell speech to blacks.png)

How to tell if the Jews don't like your leader.

000000  No.11937014


>only posts while polvol2 is logged in


Hand picked by the administration of 8ch.net

0e2fed  No.11937027


See how far your movement goes with a guy who wants to genocide most of the Human race.

It doesn't get off the ground. It's poisoned from the start.

You're supposed to fall for that.

bc84a0  No.11937036


Pierce only wanted the jews like you dead, that is why still mad

a85ffb  No.11937041





0e2fed  No.11937065


>leave the based niggers alone!

They are not "one people" with us.

We have a federal system of government; We could give blacks a state and let them rule themselves. This would require a constitutional amendment to stop people from moving to another state without the state's permission.

I would rather ship all the Blacks to Wakanda, all the Jews to Israel and all the Mexicans to Mexico.

0e2fed  No.11937071


Did not his Fiction book describe the genocide of all non-white people?

000000  No.11937082


>fiction book describes fiction

Go moderate the pedo thread.

0e2fed  No.11937086

File: 01f04d765aee340⋯.jpg (402.48 KB, 1537x1083, 1537:1083, nuremberg laws jew german.jpg)


Not sure why you heard that, but you appear to be suffering from cognitive bias.

No where did I say that or suggested that. You clearly don't need /pol/ to discuss this; there are plenty of voices in your head for you to carry on this conversation.

Yes, Hitler had blacks and part jews in his army. The Nuremberg laws still held, tho'.

0e2fed  No.11937093


if I was a mod, why aren't you banned?

if you're wrong about that, what else are you wrong about?

bc84a0  No.11937096


It's fiction, like the holocaust you boomer jew


>and part jews

I bet you're crying for not capitalizing the j

bc84a0  No.11937101


>me not banning you proves im not a mod

Boomer jew logic

000000  No.11937104


>if I pretend I'm retarded they won't think I'm a mod

>or they may think I'm a double mod because I'm double retarded

Go moderate the pedo thread.

0e2fed  No.11937107

File: 2c95672837b51fc⋯.jpg (32.51 KB, 398x375, 398:375, national socialist v Nazi.jpg)


Where did I say the holocaust wasn't real?

The whole point of his book was to suggest. That was his message, and it's why his movement never got out of the extreme. He was living the Jew meme of "Nazi".

bc84a0  No.11937119



He does it again

>The whole point of his book was to suggest.

False the book has two parts both of which you never read.

bc84a0  No.11937129


>Where did I say the holocaust wasn't real?

I didn't say you said that, I'm calling it fiction like Pierce's boons

bc84a0  No.11937130

000000  No.11937138


Butthurt christcuck detected.


>This Pierce guy

>I also thinks [sic] he wants to make a buck by selling books.

Pierce is already in Valhalla, christcuck. Typical christcuck behaviour: Don't even know anything about x or person x, but get triggered immediately as soon as it becomes clear that it doesn't involve worshipping your judaic god and hence you throw out everything.

You know, your god is actually a demon that is holding you at gunpoint with his retarded lie of hell the moment you stop "believing" in him and thus you do not allow yourself to use the brain that your "god" supposedly gave you because you are just a scared little rat. Pathetic.

bc84a0  No.11937155


A jew like him is only assed to pull up a (((wikipedia))) page and repeat it.

0e2fed  No.11937214



And yet, he wrote about killing everyone who wasn't white, which is exactly as the SPLC and JDL depicted "Nazis".

You guys were Jewed.

0e2fed  No.11937227


You don't go to Valhalla by dying of Cancer, Stormfag.

a8c6cf  No.11937235

File: c3f795d823063c4⋯.webm (442.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Its_the_Kikes_.webm)

000000  No.11937239



He's back! What's your next shitpost thread going to be? I'm looking to derail that one as well.

1cf4d7  No.11937264

File: ad8e8b6c4dfd9f0⋯.jpg (277.85 KB, 459x1432, 459:1432, Pierce on Christianity.jpg)


>I also thinks he wants to make a buck by selling books

Pierce spent his life spreading the truth to all who would listen, never once compromising on his beliefs. He lived according to the truth, and thus he died with honor, something you would know nothing about, you disgraceful (((christcuck))).

bd6f9c  No.11937291

Bump for Dr. Pierce

8ace32  No.11937307


>never once compromising on his beliefs

He edited a Revilo Oliver essay because he "didn't want to go to war with the Christians", it's what caused them to split.

8ace32  No.11937311


>unironically posting Murdkike Murdkike after they made a cartoon where their politically correct Ben Garrison gasses Dr. Pierce because there's no room in the aut-kike for extremists like him

1cf4d7  No.11937319


I still stand by what I said.

000000  No.11937412


>polvol2 dismisses report 5 min ago

>shitpost appears 5 min ago

my noggin is joggin

b4975f  No.11937413


>pierce was a jew shill


Shouldn't you still be banned, rabbi?

0e2fed  No.11937416


>He's back! What's your next shitpost thread going to be? I'm looking to derail that one as well.

Pretty damning confession there, stormfag.

1) Support anti-Christian and anti-white shill.

2) Admits to trolling and disrupting threads.

Sure you're not JIDF?

The Nazi meme was invented by Jews.

Can't tell if you're an actual Jew, or just a Jew's fool. Sorry, that's what "fool" means.

They reason why the Jews backed guys like Pierce and killed guys like Rockwell is because Pierce divided the white peoples and disgraced them with his idiot genocidal advocacy. While Rockwell united not just the white peoples, but even the black peoples.

NAZI doesn't work and will never catch on.

National Socialism works.

0e2fed  No.11937424


Torfag says I'm the mod here.

1cf4d7  No.11937426


<If he was against Christianity, then he wasn't with the people

The majority of people support diversity and all sort of stupid shit.

<National Socialism is about one people one government, not some Jew shill like Pierce trying to destroy Christianity.

Lel, this is what Pierce spread. He barely gave Christianity any notice beyond calling it out for what it is because it was not worth wasting time on.

<Jew shill like Pierce

Alfred Rosenberg was opposed to Christianity also, I guess you think he was a "Jew shill" too, right?

<All you "Nazi" Stormfag refugees have been very badly Jewed.

Your Semitic religion will die with the jews, (((christcuck))).

0e2fed  No.11937443


>The majority of people support diversity and all sort of stupid shit.

That's not National Socialism.

Not sure why you're making my case for me that Pierce hated Western Civilization and the ideology that created it.

>(((Alfred Rosenberg))) wasn't a Jew shill.

Damn, I wasn't the first to notice that he was Jewish am I? He came out with the "master race" meme too which is pure Jewish.

You're not going anywhere with your Dr. Pierce, anon. His faint little movement died with him, Stormfag

000000  No.11937444


>how does he know!?

>I'll just deny!

They didn't send their best.

1cf4d7  No.11937456


>Completely retarded and nonsensical response

Well, I'm not going to waste any more time on someone who makes posts that are this retarded.

7c00e2  No.11937457



>Ideology that created Western Civilization

Fuck off tbh.

This thread got derailed by butthurt Cuckstians and that's a bad look, especially since this is a thread about the honorable Dr. William Luther Pierce.

0e2fed  No.11937460


Torfags get the ID of 000000

Not sure what you're on about. You made some claim I was a mod.

Quite frankly, this entire thread is an embarassment of the entire National Socialist Movement.

I declare all Piercefags to be honorary Kikes. You all get sent to Israel.

Have a nice day.

Anyone got anything that isn't senseless hate spurge and ad homs?

0e2fed  No.11937462


Jews are anti-Christian, and then you come here spouting Jew memes and dividing the goy.

Fucking jews.

7c00e2  No.11937468


>Jews are anti-Christian White*


000000  No.11937473


>I got ya shill! You just admitted to derailing my pedoposting thread!

What was the standard Codemonkey used to select these mods?


They REALLY didn't send their best.

a0d4be  No.11937474

File: 5e5d98aa47596c8⋯.png (34.27 KB, 817x443, 817:443, 1521947389639.png)


Your mind is kiked. Congratulations.

7c00e2  No.11937478



In fact, here's something to read straight from the Jews' mouth about how (((They)))) feel about religion:

Neo-Paganism in the Public Square and Its Relevance to Judaism


a0d4be  No.11937496


Good thing nobody agrees with you. Pierce wasn't a standalone figure and I'm more concerned about you trying to fucking gatekeep with your subjective moral standards.

5879c0  No.11937498


What if your great great grandparent was a kike? Aking for a friend.

a0d4be  No.11937514


This piece of shit is just proving that he's only LARPing inside of white advocacy. He seems to think we can save ourselves and still expand on the concept of free will when we're already 100 layers deep in hedonism. You'd think a Christian would understand something about this.

a85ffb  No.11937518



a85ffb  No.11937525


C'mon, where's your little pic that says "celebrate diversity'' with all the based niggers.

5879c0  No.11937534




23 and hebe might be making shit up but that's what my results were. They were like sooper sure apparently.

0e2fed  No.11937563


I've been talking about one people one government. I've said that even among the collection of white peoples, there are different peoples among them.

I've said you jews go to Israel, Mexicans to Mexico, blacks to Wakanda.

Why do you tell these bald face lies, like you were a Jew?

a85ffb  No.11937564


Get your family tree done. If you are Slavic, German or Italian, it could be a false positive because so many jews have stolen those genes.

0e2fed  No.11937589


The answer to your question is under Mixed 2nd Grade.

Someone who's grandparent was half Jew is and was considered "German Blood", even tho' their parent is considered Mixed 2nd Grade.

Unlike these Jewed up Pierce followers, Even the National Socialist weren't "kill 'em all".

a85ffb  No.11937592


>polvol2 is still here

>still capitalizing jew


a0d4be  No.11937603


The anon you were replying to in that post.

5879c0  No.11937608


Ah, yes, big time slav, here. I remember reading some time back that they take a small sample of, say, kikes and sequence their dna. Anything matching their unique combinations compared to other small sample sizes is considered 100% kike.

000000  No.11937613


Those DNA tests like that don't test genes. They test SNPs which are common in the non-coding regions. Chances are the guy is part yid.

000000  No.11937624


See below.


>polvol2 hidden 25 minutes /pol/ Dismissed a report for post #11937443

a85ffb  No.11937637


What is the link to the board log again? I lost my bookmark.

000000  No.11937660



a85ffb  No.11937667


polvol2 hidden 3 minutes /pol/ Dismissed a report for post #11937106

polvol2 hidden 3 minutes /pol/ Dismissed a report for post #11921764

polvol2 hidden 36 minutes /pol/ Dismissed a report for post #11937443

polvol2 hidden 36 minutes /pol/ Deleted all posts by IP address: <IP hidden>

polvol2 hidden 36 minutes /pol/ Dismissed a report for post #11936999


a85ffb  No.11937714


It depends on where he is in slavland. If he is polish, it is probably true. There is jewish blood floating around there from (((them))) being there for so long. It used to be called "the Israel of Europe".

He still should have his family tree done, as should every /pol/ack.

a85ffb  No.11937802

I guess polvol2 is eating his tendies at the moment.

119e14  No.11937825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The video got shoa'd by jewtube here's a backup i found

a85ffb  No.11937839



>youtube kikes are monitoring this board

000000  No.11937846


How much do you want to bet polvol2 flagged it once it was posted?


There's definitely a kike monitoring this board, but he doesn't work for YouTube. You can spot him by how assblasted he was over Dr. Pierce.

228296  No.11937851



Cosmotheism is basically national socialism + ancestor veneration + evolution + space colonialism

It's already what most everyone here believes, it just has a name attached for the sake of brevity. Only semite worshipping christcucks would ever have a problem with it.

a85ffb  No.11937852

File: e932fbfe1873ed6⋯.jpg (30.49 KB, 300x327, 100:109, Dr_William_Pierce.jpg)


I don't know why he was so buttblasted by what pierce called "a simple adventure story".

0e2fed  No.11937906


It isn't national socialism if it isn't the religion of the people, Anon.

I got it that you been jewed by their "hate christianity" and Nazi memes.

You're not going anywhere - few are going to go with your genocide the world politics and new cult religion, and you're debasing true National Socialism with your Jew memes.

I note that you didn't rebut a single one of my points - you just spurged. That's Cognitive bais.

a85ffb  No.11937914


Oh hey, polvol2 is back!

>Christianity is the religion of the white man

and the blacks, mestizos, etc…….


a85ffb  No.11937920



>still capitalizing jew

A fine defender of the josh pippl you are.

000000  No.11937921




c98d7d  No.11938015

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Pierce predicts the Iraq War in 1996.

a85ffb  No.11938024

I wonder if polvol2 was the antiwhite faggot in the Boer thread last night….

228296  No.11938309


Sperged? It was my first post in the thread, (43). I guess Christians really love the feeling of being persecuted. A common trait for the semites filth that birthed your slave religion.

Cosmotheism is a religion of race. It's not focused on worshiping a single god. It's to become as gods. Not every religion has to be focused around groveling and ritualism, like these "jew meme" religions you focus on.

<genocide of the world politics

>implying they aren't worthy of genocide

2852a1  No.11938564

File: 00495af545936f7⋯.png (184.13 KB, 488x940, 122:235, pierce murdoch.png)

File: b43664c2cf40da2⋯.webm (7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pierce murdoch.webm)


>But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn't help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The jew had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn't remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.

>Gradually, I began to hate them.

Unironically kill yourself

081cc7  No.11938833


Still bumpin'.

0e2fed  No.11939374


>Muh wierd ass religion.

>Muh ignoring what true National Socialism is.

>Muh Kill all but white people hero.

>Muh jew meme hatred of Christianity.

>Muh ignoring all the other points.

It gets old. You're not worth the red pill.

0e2fed  No.11939388

File: 96778de815ef4ee⋯.jpg (190.95 KB, 850x446, 425:223, Hitler on arguing with com….jpg)


Let 'em know who said it and who he was talking about.

d81c8a  No.11939478

File: 343a3f2af303cc0⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1280x6827, 1280:6827, 1514069176951.jpg)


God damn I love that gay faggy weeaboo cartoon


7d0e20  No.11939519


well said anon.


say it again anon. Your loyalty to your race MUST come before your loyalty to any religion


Listen up disphit, if you're ready to forcibly remove covenant breakers and jews among you pretending to worship Christ then do it already. Excommunicate them in mass and do it as a unified force. If not please shut the fuck up and stop derailing a thread about a great man who seems to be more prophetic than Jesus of Nazareth every day that passes

228296  No.11939557

File: bbe507606e0f99f⋯.jpg (130.21 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, c357ae934a602c1556428f7bf5….jpg)


I can't believe a christcuck is following national socialism just because he views it as the more cucked option. Thanks for finding new ways to disappoint me.

a0d4be  No.11939564

File: 2676292c918475c⋯.gif (13.92 KB, 256x300, 64:75, 1513821872233.gif)



Would you fine Goyim.. I mean.. Gentlemen, like a copy of SIEGE by James Mason?

b788f5  No.11939932


Speaking of, I'm sure I'll get ass rammed, but does anyone know Sassy and Opinionated. There was this video where he talks about the connections of the ruling class and jewish blood and what not and their tricks. It's interesting and I was wondering 8chan's thoughts. I'm such 4chan /pol/ would be gay about it.

b6670d  No.11939968

File: 558ceae30658e50⋯.png (308.65 KB, 460x670, 46:67, Goebbels and Hitler.png)



And heres an archive of all ADV broadcasts as well, I've listened to them all several times over. Dr Pierce was too good for this world and we should all live each day to fulfill his vision.

b6670d  No.11940036

File: 18574f1968cdde7⋯.jpeg (14.42 KB, 339x149, 339:149, download.jpeg)


Cosmotheism was mostly for tax evasion purposes, it worked for a while and was a smart move by Pierce. Plus fuck christians

d404a6  No.11940041


Stop wasting your time by reasoning with low iq shills/posters it's a waste of your time and effort. Just hide by ID.

7bdee0  No.11940073


Germany actually distinguished between Euro-Aryan and Indo-Aryan if you look at racial maps of the world from Germany in the 19th and early 20th century. They were well aware that white European aryans were not the same as Middle Eastern and Northern Indian aryans, but rather distant cousin races. English just conventionally doesn't distinguish the two races or uses the jew term "Indo-European".

a0d4be  No.11940119

File: bd9fe08f75343e2⋯.png (20.94 KB, 364x260, 7:5, In small portions of cours….png)


Real Christians spit on Jews. That tells you how many are left after Shlomo took the church over with the WCC and the Schofield Bible. Meanwhile, Jews are only getting angrier about their Eurasian persecution.


b6670d  No.11940270

File: e4808b12f45e357⋯.png (415.33 KB, 960x960, 1:1, christians_for_israel.png)


Holy shit, 45 posts by that ID in this thread. Didn't even see that.


>Real Christians

That's just it buddy, real christians are the problem. See pic related. Not to mention the majority of Christians are nonwhite. The religion may have offered something to whites centuries ago but it is currently the weight dragging us deeper into the abyss.

000000  No.11940358


If you'd consider it, Christianity was one of the first in the cult of equality and communism (it is jewish so that should not be a surprise). No one gets to heaven unless they accept Christ. All are seen as equally disposable unless one agrees to worship and spread the faith. It is a universalizing religion. Christianity accepts anyone at any standard regardless of past deeds as long as they submit. Semites have a natural ability to reduce everything and everyone to the lowest standard in order to attain quantity, and that reduction process ruins everything that it touches.

b788f5  No.11940360


Actually, I'm a christian and I've kind of opened some people (in my family at least and afriends) eyes a bit by mentioning why are we worried about Israel. And no one has ever been able to give me an answer and it's even made my dad stop liking Ben Shapiro (when he found out about the dual citizenship). You can't look out for America if you're a citizen of hookland.

ac2035  No.11940369


>real christians


a0d4be  No.11940411


I can't disagree with the last part, but these people are Zionists. The fact that they support Israel and Jews means that they haven't read their book very well. I don't know, I just don't want to see them persecuted. They're annoying and ignorant, but they mean well.

I've actually been able to wake some of them up to international Jewry. Today, I even convinced one that the German persecution in WW2 was just the culmination of hundreds of years of distrust and attacks on the indigenous Europeans, then got them reading the truth about the Russian Revolution and the Holodomor.

Christians are better at convincing one another than we are, but we can never forget what happened in South Africa with the churches.

a0d4be  No.11940469


If Christianity was a Jewish trick, they certainly lost control of it pretty quickly. After they had establish the oral tradition.

It's funny, because Judaism is Communism and Christianity is Socialism.

0b2860  No.11940500


Cosmotheism was not about tax evasion, it was a religion which people need and it told people to consider their duty on this planet to be stewards of their own genetics and to strive for human betterment in everything they did, especially in reproduction.

484e26  No.11940508

File: 5928d69a6fa6169⋯.png (492.18 KB, 680x931, 680:931, Faggits.png)


You're all a buncha faggots!

228296  No.11940516


Christianity is judaism without the exclusivity, and Islam without the will to fight.

It's literally the worst abrahamic faith out of the three.

0b2860  No.11940534


Its all a game bud, relax, you are not of this world, stop inserting yourself into its conflicts. You live, you die, then you stop bothering people who care about their racial survival with your spaghetti monster who says let your race die this world doesnt matter.

228296  No.11940548


>If Christianity was a Jewish trick, they certainly lost control of it pretty quickly

You're joking, right?

0b2860  No.11940556

File: 2b7c471be9cc25f⋯.png (331.69 KB, 1144x912, 143:114, Jewish-Christian-Caused-Wa….png)


Jews caused every European war.

0b2860  No.11940574


William Pierce held several positions inside Rockwells party including being in charge of communications and also as an ideological officer. You are a pissant nobody, literally nobody and you will achieve nothing.

a0d4be  No.11940631


I know. There were a couple sweet spots of outright persecution I was alluding to.

28f424  No.11940672


To elaborate in the bit after the highlighted texts:

The Renaissance happened because forgotten knowledge from the pagan Romans and Greeks were unearthed.

Also, people were getting woke on the Church being controlled by kikes. Which it was at the time(and still is today). Protestantism was the controlled opposition of the time. Martin Luther was a jew. Luther and Calvin(real name Cohen) were both Jews. So all the anger at the Catholic Church that would have resulted into a pagan revival was channeled instead towards a new 'faith'. Because ancestral faiths create a strong racial consciousness that binds people together.

081cc7  No.11940722


>Jewish "American" support for Israel only at 25%

I can't believe (((they))) are really this divided. These types of Western kikes oppose (((Zionism))) but in favor of (((Bolshevism))), instead. They tend to be academic kikes in (((uni))) shiving in as much anti-White propaganda as possible. It's as if (((they))) created Marxism only for (((them))) to be brainwashed by it, anyways.

8ce5aa  No.11940805


luther may have been a jew in spirit but he wasnt a jew anon. he was just an autistic german, he learned hebrew and spoke against jews, so hes a mixed bag in my view.

228296  No.11940816


He was like all other christcucks and was only frustrated with jewish antics. His ultimatum was for kikes to convert to christianity and/or stop their scheming so we could live in peace. He was not focused on a thousand year old racial war.

He is no different than a boomercon civnat. That's the farthest most christcucks will ever go. They will all deny blood and legacy, it just depends on the extent.

000000  No.11940869


That's how it always turns out.

>These fucking kikes! I'm so sick of their lies! We need to do something about them!

>Let's kick them out!

>WAIT! I have another idea. Let's give them a choice: Convert to Christianity or leave. There's no way they would lie about converting.

They never learn because it's always about expanding their religious cult rather than protecting their people.

c98d7d  No.11940965

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





WLP exposed Mueller by name in 2002 thoroughly exposed!

11 min mark

0b2860  No.11941330

File: a33e2f18a47dbac⋯.png (795.65 KB, 2073x2029, 2073:2029, dont-read-siege.png)


If you listen to Pierce he regularly speaks about "the system" and not simply Jews. Pierce was Siegepilled.

0b2860  No.11941400


>When we have an FBI that catches Israeli espionage agents and then turns them loose because to prosecute them would embarrass Israel, we all should understand that were in serious trouble. When the FBI wont arrest a Jewish fanatic sending out anthrax infected letters because it might embarrass Israel, were all in even worse trouble..

>and when the FBI begins investigating and harassing citizens for being extremists, its time for an armed uprising!

t. pierce at 18:50

20404a  No.11944233

Bumping because of insane shilling

20404a  No.11944236


>Pierce was Siegepilled.

And of course the FBI Satanic parasites

20404a  No.11944438

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I hate this place now.


>Because we serve the Aryan principle called truth

OK I still like this place.


ac3e8b  No.11944513

File: b08f5dc63e1dd87⋯.png (6.54 KB, 118x50, 59:25, 371827381723123.png)


Just fuck off Abraham. We're having a discussion about Pierce here.

3f1f7c  No.11968783

it's coming

68d22e  No.11968863


>A true National Socialist.

He would have been kicked out of the NSDAP if he had been a German and alive during that time period. They had a zero-tolerance policy on Atheists.

You literally cannot be a National Socialist and an Atheist, no matter how asshurt some anons on this board might be about it. Atheism is an untermensch world-path. It is intrinsically Jewish, and has never been a native part of the European spirit, which has always traditionally accepted the existence of higher states and a world beyond the world, and has never balked at the notion of divinity or the existence of a divine father to whom we owe our existence and allegiance.

Pierce was a failure. His political movement went nowhere and achieved nothing. His ideas were hampered by his own voluntary spiritual castration. Aryan blood and politics cannot save you from Jewish intellectualism and spiritual bankruptcy. His notion of creating a new state religion was flawed and doomed to fail from the start due to his own insincerity in believing anything of it. A materialist through and through, his inability to overcome the Jew was a foregone conclusion.

Actions speak louder than words: Pierce failed in his actions. Those who can, do, those who cannot, teach. Pierce's value is as a teacher only, in the context of his own failure and shortcomings. He should be listened to, for the sake of extracting what value there is to be found in the instruction of experienced losers and failures, but heed should not be given to his methods or beliefs, lest you share in his failure yourself.

I do not consider myself to have unfair standards. I believe in Hitler's standards, in the standards of the NSDAP. I do not think it is asking too much to refuse any who the NSDAP themselves would have refused, to disbar any who would have been disbarred in turn by them, in a different time and place. And yet any time such standards are enacted, inevitably hero-worshippers arise to cry and tantrum about the exclusion of some favored personal champion or another.

My advice to them: find better heros.

9e3008  No.11969239


Hitler didn't have to deal with an Israel-loving Christian generation(Boomers) like Pierce had to, he did far more for the movement given his absolutely pozzed environment than most could've, hence why his works still lives on in our midst, we on the other hand have a generation that received the redpill through GamerGate, it's far easier to achieve a basic environment of conversation for us than it was for Pierce.

a85ffb  No.11969295


>polvol2 is still trying

Keep at it champ. Still capitalizing jew as well.

68d22e  No.11969352


>Hitler didn't have to deal with an Israel-loving Christian generation(Boomers) like Pierce had to

The truth remains true irrespective of how many people are distorting the truth, or in what manner they do so.

Hitler had something much worse to deal with than Zionist Boomers: German Communists. But he recruited them. He turned them. He worked with what he had, and he succeeded, which is twofold more than anything that could be said of Pierce, who refused to work with what he had and failed.

Pierce has done nothing for the movement of any lasting or true importance. The keeping of National Socialism was unnessary, since it would have survived forwards to this day perfectly well without him. All he has done in the long run is lend credence and self-justification to Atheist LARPers, who both the Christian majority and the pagan minority of National Socialists agreed should be hung from trees and had no place in the coming world. His works are at best a poisonous medicine, since they contain both a cure for the ills of the modern world and the rootless Jewish heart of modernity itself. Materialism is cancer, and Pierce's inability to move beyond it dooms his ideas and arguments forever to defeat at the hands of those who created it.

The NSDAP tolerated none among it's ranks who attacked Christianity. Hitler understood the importance of unity and authentic folk spirituality. Pierce was doomed to fail from the outset with his cheesy new-age space cult of apostasy, and more the fool he was for not knowing that from the start. At least Rockwell left the topic well enough alone, and was the more successful of the two for it. Rockwell was dangerous enough that the system had him killed. Pierce, with his materialist modernism and cult of space exploration and blood worship, was no threat to the establishment at all. They left him well enough alone, and he died of natural causes without ever accomplishing anything. Proof of his failure is writ large in the fact that the National Alliance, without him, disintegrated. His ideas were infertile, his system incapable of reproducing or sustaining itself. It was nothing more than a personality cult.


>Keep at it champ.

I just got here, but your wild accusations and (38) tells me all I need to know about the vibrancy of the "discussion" that's been taking place. OP is a (1), which means you're not doing anything but defending your favorite champion from anyone who would dare to challenge your emotional investment and pre-concieved biases.

Further proof, as though any was needed, that hero-worshippers and Atheists have no place in National Socialism. It was your not-Christian National Socialist idol, Himmler, who would have most loudly advocated for your death. Atheists are spiritual and intellectual Jews. Your emotional investment in Pierce being correct is more important to you than any facts or truths you could be shown, or even the fourteen words themselves.

Also, Jew is a proper noun, you illiterate negroid, and more than one person uses it correctly. Stop projecting your failure to grasp the English language onto everyone around you.

I would filter you, but that would imply that I would bother coming back to this thread. I will not, because there is nothing of value to be had here. I have already listened to and read everything Pierce had to say on the topic, and there is nothing of worth here besides links to his content.

By the way, for the record: Hitler did it better, and wasn't a salty fedora autist about it either. That's why he won his country away from the Jew, and why Pierce died alone after accomplishing nothing, in spite of being given more money and more support than Hitler ever had when he was starting out. Feel free to make whatever excuses you like, though. I'm sure you are full of them.

66e886  No.11969367


Admittedly I've never read these so I went to look into them. Everywhere is surrounded the recommended reading being a bunch of Marxist bullshit. Books like "White Fragility" that attack whites for not wanting to be attacked based on their race, "The Myth of Equality" which makes up a bunch more bullshit about how whitey oppressed the black man after slavery ended.

I should write a book deconstructing all of the bullshit and just call it, "It's OK to be White". None of their complaints aimed at us hold any water when examined in comparison to any other group at the same time in history. Their revision of history is one of the things that pisses me off more than anything.

25bf68  No.11969388

Pierce is long dead, listen to Kai Murros speeches instead.

b06e13  No.11969424



I do believe the correct term is "Stormweenie", you kike lover.

0e2fed  No.11969486



Stormfags bought into the Jew meme that National socialism is anti-Christian.

Jews are Antichristian.

You are antichristian.

I point out that National Socialism is the simple idea of "One people, one Government", and the people of Germany were Catholic and Lutheran.

Your rebuttal is to say that NS is really anti-Catholic and Pagan, even satanic.

Now, if you went out with your satanic meme, no one is going to buy it because it's just fucking evil.. The Jews know this; those who push the "National Socialism is Satanic" meme are either Jews, or the Jews fools.

035fba  No.11969502


<Your rebuttal is to say that NS is really anti-Catholic and Pagan, even satanic

<Now, if you went out with your satanic meme, no one is going to buy it because it's just fucking evil

>implying any anon claimed National Socialism is satanic other than yourself


After reading this whole thread not even kamphy was this bad, time for a move?

a3122f  No.11969556

Did William believe in world domination?

1e29f6  No.11969562

File: a7a6a60a7ba0b35⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 260x195, 4:3, church.gif)



Tons of SS anti-christian propaganda http://nsokkultismus.tumblr.com/

8ce5aa  No.11969699


>Stormfags bought into the Jew meme that National socialism is anti-Christian.

What was kirchenkampf all about then, retard?

b7e75d  No.11969717

Dr. William Luther Pierce was one of the brightest figures of our movement during the second half of the twentieth century. It is of utmost importance to spread his word and work to as many like minded individuals as one can humanly possible. Hoping that one day I will met with him face to face in the afterlife. 14/88!

a85ffb  No.11969912


>this fucking asshurt



he is kamphy, he calls himself polvol2 now

e3c444  No.11969918


You're cute, kikey. Wrong as you've always been, but cute.

a85ffb  No.11969927



Read my posts dipshit.

a85ffb  No.11969942


>I say his real title so you know who im talking about



a85ffb  No.11969949



said "kamphy" as well, does that mean that he is him too?

b4975f  No.11969961


>Pierce, who refused to work with what he had and failed

You get one post, you fucking kike. Pierce was the only man alive who could build and maintain a multi-million dollar press that named the Jew. He was the only one who could maintain it, and when he died, there was no one left to replace him.

a85ffb  No.11969976


That is the thing that the anti pierce people in this thread don't get. He wasn't a leader, and he knew it. His voice was weak, and he was a mild mannered bookish type. He was a ideological officer/ propagandist in Rockwells party. He was a Goebbels type figure; someone to get information to the masses and promote NS.

a85ffb  No.11969999


What was your point? All I got out of it was

>me and another anon spell it "kamphy" one time

>u r both him kikey everywhere


973af3  No.11970009


the black sun sees all

fucking filtered, ahhhh…so much better

32c131  No.11970085

File: 01b23a374ba2889⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1468x7317, 1468:7317, lemmings.png)


You're an idiot if you believe the cult of Islam, started by an illiterate pedophile, is in any way a legitimate religion or has any connection to the God of Abraham.


I liked WLP a lot before I heard him spouting his "white people are gonna evolve into superior celestial beings" shtick. I still find him enjoyable to listen to, mainly because of his well-mannered temperament, but that stuff is legitimately Scientology-tier retarded.


>Thinks being white is the only thing that matters in life.


8ac9a0  No.11970151


Kike detected

973af3  No.11970163


he also foreshadowed 9/11 in a broadcast several years before, can't find the quote atm (used to be so easy)

1b5e32  No.11970203


>You're an idiot if you believe the cult of Islam, started by an illiterate pedophile, is in any way a legitimate religion or has any connection to the God of Abraham.

Mohammed was a jew fuckwit, thats why it's so similar, pedophilia and genital mutilation being the obvious standouts.

08fd5b  No.11970219

File: e1835fe6024b227⋯.jpg (8.55 KB, 317x159, 317:159, images.jpg)

e83723  No.11970241

File: b3116e721cfef72⋯.png (165.75 KB, 514x784, 257:392, Lemmings 1.png)

File: d405e7d694cc40e⋯.png (205.02 KB, 1024x560, 64:35, Lemmings 3.png)

File: ddec774fc451c55⋯.png (446.89 KB, 1024x1478, 512:739, Lemmings 4.png)

File: cfba23c06116ed8⋯.png (187.02 KB, 1020x716, 255:179, Lemmings 5.png)

File: 3e44ed7f8e8d7b2⋯.png (482.39 KB, 1324x2272, 331:568, Lemmings 6.png)


>that pic



ca07c4  No.11970401

>ID: oe2fed

Filter and report. Pierce is always right.

c5dba6  No.11970413

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6c1b43  No.11971185

let's make asgard great again fellow huwites!

44e833  No.11971265


>Don't listen to Dr. Pierce, goyim. He wanted to subvert you with his cult religion, but didn't know jack shit. He was a merchant, just like me.

Ignore this kike shill. It wants to turn you away from this legend.

a85ffb  No.11973721


HI mr yawn/REPORTED FOR INTL, kill yourself.

591d89  No.11973970


>he wants to change the culture with his new religion. He doesn't have any idea WHY the old religion worked;

< m-muh jewculture

christianity is not an old religion you fucking christcuck faggot piece of shit kys immediately

0e2fed  No.11974159


You keep trying to push the Jew's meme of "Nazi" with your anti-Christian, pro-Pagan advocacy.

National Socialism is not about a particular religion; it is about the people.

The Jews invented this anti-Christian, pro-Satanic meme because they knew it would never be popular with anyone who isn't a sociopath who is so degenerate that they are damned by the Christian religions.

This Spenser guy is nothing but smearing National socialism with the Jew meme.

0e2fed  No.11974165


Report because I don't buy your Jew "Nazi" meme?

0e2fed  No.11974174


When the day comes and National Socialism is the rule, the degenerate Piece followers get the rope just like the degenerate SA did.

No one wants your pagan, anti-Christistian degeneracy and you're not one with any of the various white peoples.

a85ffb  No.11974198




>polvol2 is still trying

Kill yourself, you easily triggered faggot. People like you have convinced me that hardcore Christians will always be the enemy of racial nationalism.

000000  No.11974211

Dr WLP was just way too intelligent for this world. Smartest man around now is Jared Taylor.

c85751  No.11974279


The CIA did a good job on making you guys turn against one of the biggest religions that enforce the family unit in whites, Christianity.

Bravo, I have to say.

591d89  No.11974306


>National Socialism is not about a particular religion; it is about the people.

sure, nigger, that's why they selected Rosenberg as the party philosopher, that's why the SS religious manuals were pagan, that's why all of the elite NSDAP members were anti-christian.

how many levels of philosemitic denial are you on?

591d89  No.11974307


> Smartest man around now is Jared Taylor.

he's a gook loving kike apologist brainlet

8ce5aa  No.11974321


Matthew 10:35-37

35 For I have come to turn “‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law— 36 a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’[a] 37 “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

Yep real family values there

c85751  No.11974417


Yes, but somehow, the biggest white nuclear families are usually Christian. Funny that.

a85ffb  No.11975446


What counts as "Christian" these days? Because most white people seem to coider themselves "culturally Christian" w/o going to church, etc.

000000  No.11975470


And yet he's smarter than anyone we have and is unbeatable in arguments.

000000  No.11975872

An overwhelming portion of Christian shilling is done by jews. It's an incredibly easy and effective D&C tactic that has been deployed here for years. At this point it should be incredibly obvious to most anons, but somehow this dead horse just keeps getting flogged.

I will never tire of posting this article which excellently summarizes the complete subversion of Christianity since the days of Christ.

>Nietzsche on the Jews



The very foundations of the internet were built by the military industrial complex.

8ce5aa  No.11975945


Rural folk have always had larger than average family size than city dwellers, was true before christianity reached rome, that is not a feature unique to your religion.

3f2e85  No.11975946


You're the one shilling for jews (just like Nietzsche did) and deliberately misinterpreting Christ. You're not fooling anyone.

8ce5aa  No.11975966



>shilling for jews

Now Ive heard everything, this board has dropped too low

0e2fed  No.11976406

File: 70ea75749146f09⋯.jpg (328.64 KB, 727x426, 727:426, Franco - Hitler fought for….jpg)

File: 5670e146a6ed89a⋯.jpg (432.35 KB, 1875x1500, 5:4, Hitler on christianity and….jpg)

0e2fed  No.11976429


>sure, nigger, that's why they selected (((Rosenberg))) as the party philosopher


Enjoy your crypto-Jew and Jew shills smearing National Socialism. This depravity will not be tolerated.

e9290c  No.11976436

You don’t see me dress like a Jew. I dress like a White guy from Arizona, because that’s what I am. A White guy from Arizona.

b80926  No.11976464


Objectively, Nietzsche named the Jew well and also called them out as betters compared to Christians. At times, it seems Nietzsche really does shill for the Jews, but it's his insight into the Jews that really does set him apart from the rest. If you want to be redpilled on Jews, you open a Nietzsche book. I fully comprehend where that anon is coming from, however. My nitpick with Nietzsche is for him denying being German.

000000  No.11976684


I didn't misinterpret anyone, I simply linked to an article and pointed out the very obvious D&C tactics carried out here in the name of Christianity. Furthermore, Nietzsche didn't "shill for jews", if such a thing were even possible in his time. Things were far less PC than they are today, and he could have said whatever he wanted about them openly without reprisal. In face had a lot to say about them, and much of it was unflattering. Read the article I linked or refrain from speaking about things that you not educated about.


Nietzsche was certainly a class of intellectual, and thus given to moments of retardation, but most of his writing is astonishingly on the mark. His "praise" of the jews is comparable to the praise an entomologist might heap onto the cockroach. Whatever nasty things you have to say about it, you must objectively appreciate its resiliency as a specimen that has survived for eons.

3f2e85  No.11976771


garbage response

0c8542  No.11978504

6ab6b9  No.11978549

instead of captcha, people should answer questions on mein kampf and dr. pierce's broadcasts

too many people with their hearts in the right place never even read mein kampf or listened to dr pierce, which is really sad

a85ffb  No.11978578

File: b769671aa59aedd⋯.jpg (104.05 KB, 544x796, 136:199, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-1985….jpg)


>Gives the Christian soldiers under his command some medals and beltbuckles with crosses=Hitler was a super Christian.


Also, why are you quoting Franco (catholic)? I thought Catholocism isn't true Christianity?



Pic related, look at this camel faced semitic mug!

Give up polvol2, almost no one here likes Christianity, and you sperging out is going to make more people question it

203197  No.11978820

File: 12811d08b37f08d⋯.pdf (445.84 KB, A Real Case Against the Je….pdf)



I think these two links contain the same stuff.



- - -


Source: attached pdf



b88512  No.11978826


I've posted about Pierce as well. Typically get shit on in the comments.

He's definitely the real deal. The only one I trust was never a CIA honeypot.

424954  No.11978832

From Dr William Pierce to the orange kike in a decade

America deserves nothing less than its destruction at its jew masters hands

I hope every single fashy based neocon jew promoting anon here goes to Charlottesville 2.0 and Faith Goldyberg and uncle Ezra films your false flagged deaths @140fps

b88512  No.11978837

File: e2f7515cbf14c2d⋯.jpg (103.66 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, 1530136997318.jpg)


Fucking fuck off you stupid fucking faggot.

b88512  No.11978843


You're that faggot Christian mod right? The idiot shitting up the board with Christian kikery.

c5242f  No.11978884


'Human race' you're a fucking idiot. You sound like all those marxist loosers moaning about being there only one race - human race. There is no such thing like a 'human race' it is mankind. There are multiple human races.

a85ffb  No.11979234


no, polvol2 is 0e2fed, unless he IP switched.

591d89  No.11979278

File: 0c13c09a2b14ee3⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1172x1446, 586:723, 0c13c09a2b14ee3990c19b46bf….png)

>Thread about the late great William Pierce

>Gets derailed by polvol2 and his /christian/ bullshit

Fresh and tasty.


>And yet he's smarter than anyone we have and is unbeatable in arguments.

Who is "we"? What is "have"? This faggot isn't on my side. My allies don't fuck gooks and shill for the jews.

000000  No.12000466

WLP was right about everything.

91c969  No.12000752

Wow a few posts about how christianity is not a white religion and a swarm of extremely butthurt kikes overruns everything.

Really makes you think..

b49a00  No.12011246

bump because shills creating dumb shit

b49a00  No.12011303

Spike Lee threads and Kenye beating Pierce on /pol/

203197  No.12014111


Because Fuck Jews and Niggers

203197  No.12014121


digits confirm

62d2ed  No.12014137

File: 440bd6389e92ac1⋯.jpg (149.7 KB, 831x1167, 277:389, worthless weirdos.jpg)


lot's of (((Siege))) FEDs in this thread crying like their at the last Harry Potter film.

2349ae  No.12014148


This is a Jew. He calls you a stormfag, then he directs your anger at Christians. Very basic shill tactic.

2349ae  No.12014150


The best part is you have no argument because you have no valid solution to white genocide but those who advocate destroying the system do. Youre going to lose and they are going to win, because you offer nothing and they offer everything. KYS shill.

2349ae  No.12014153


Youre bad at this, Pierce was clearly working up to violent revolution and regularly talked about it. Ive quoted him in this very thread calling for armed revolt.

62d2ed  No.12014154


>Cosmotheism is basically national socialism + ancestor veneration + evolution + space colonialism


>It's already what most everyone here believes, it just has a name attached for the sake of brevity.

2349ae  No.12014165


Everyone here is either a National Socialist or an astroturfing race traitor. We all venerate our ancestors. We almost exclusively believe in evolution and of course whites should colonize space, not mud races or chinks. Problem?

ce88bc  No.12014176

File: 47e5b1bcc8c7227⋯.jpg (63.46 KB, 474x514, 237:257, th.jpg)


>The best part is you have no argument because you have no valid solution to white genocide but those who advocate destroying the system do.


(((He))) thinks this works on us. (((He))) thinks (((he's))) recruiting people. (((He))) thinks (((he's))) a black magician, hypnotic in (((his))) posts.

2349ae  No.12014192


Youre an obvious shill. Keep putting brackets and using "we" as if youre part of us. Youre a vote with niggers civnat, were beyond that. Racewar is /pol/, youre just here to countersignal like Anglin and Azzmador. Youre the fed. Youre a deradicalization shill, psyops. Feds dont recruit for crimes in 2018, they discourage them.

ce88bc  No.12014220

File: 090aaefabc80478⋯.jpg (37.28 KB, 474x444, 79:74, James Mason.jpg)


> Youre a deradicalization shill, psyops. Feds dont recruit for crimes in 2018, they discourage them.


68ab67  No.12014271


I haven't read it, but in general i think it's a good idea to read everything.

Unless you're a total nigger you should be able to discern whether something is good or useful or not for yourself.

2349ae  No.12014282

File: f6f01c6f2a49222⋯.jpg (209.74 KB, 736x916, 184:229, argument2.jpg)


No one reads siege for the kike smear angle youre portraying. Its about armed struggle and the system, kikes latch onto the footnote commentary on detaching from the system like Manson and being self reliant.

ce88bc  No.12014331

File: c9cec6dfb356811⋯.jpg (61.5 KB, 600x500, 6:5, SIEGE.jpg)


>it's about being self reliant

>Its about armed struggle and the system

Keep giving me more keks. You satanic larping warrior (((Siege))) witch, you.

2349ae  No.12014339

File: 7362d259ff6901a⋯.png (52.48 KB, 446x557, 446:557, Roof-lmao.PNG)


You cant stop armed struggle for white survival using cheese lefty/pol/ alinsky ridicule. You have zero solution and Siege does. KYS kike.

ce88bc  No.12014396

File: a4541d3bc00ba21⋯.jpg (10.6 KB, 181x288, 181:288, siege warrior.jpg)


>You cant stop armed struggle for white survival


You're a funny FED kike, anon. (((SIEGE))) harder.

2349ae  No.12014442

File: 5f12da2a30d849a⋯.png (302.48 KB, 1556x1008, 389:252, Responsible-Conservatives.PNG)


Not going to work moishe, we will never vote to stop white genocide.

a85ffb  No.12014468





No, anon, cuckservatism is the way forward, ce88bc and



Said so!!!

ce88bc  No.12014481

File: b540843c005dd53⋯.jpg (16.25 KB, 285x290, 57:58, th.jpg)


>we will never vote to stop white genocide.

<we will never vote to stop white genocide.

a85ffb  No.12014492


>linguistic overanalysis, pilpul style

2349ae  No.12014500

File: e677592cbcfbfc9⋯.gif (915.58 KB, 490x367, 490:367, shitposting.gif)


We will never vote to stop white genocide. You must be new.

2349ae  No.12014508

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a85ffb  No.12014512


I'm pretty sure MUH SEPHER/MUH SIEGE is a mod. His posts never get deleted.

2349ae  No.12014519


Nothing gets deleted now, codenigger got rid of all the rules except porn and blatant spam.

2349ae  No.12014678

File: 7ada0627b557ebd⋯.jpg (82.6 KB, 840x844, 210:211, proud-boys4.jpg)

File: 44b2878f4a2a8da⋯.png (136.63 KB, 480x800, 3:5, proud-faggots.png)

File: 98ff3a68a5e9352⋯.jpg (65.55 KB, 480x640, 3:4, proud-boys3.jpg)

File: fae200cc4599543⋯.png (170.61 KB, 1569x303, 523:101, Proud-boys2.PNG)

File: 0dd1db41da94c68⋯.png (97.84 KB, 487x434, 487:434, Proud-Boys-Homosexual-Club.png)


That second guy you linked to is pure fucking cancer and everything that needs to be banned from this kiked global anti-white board. Civic nationalist milo loving proud boy. He supports the FUCKING PROUD BOYS

0e2fed  No.12015190



Just pointing out your anti Christian, pagan "nazi" meme isn't going to catch on. It's a great divide and distract, which you jews do, but you're playing the trick too long and the gentiles caught on.

a85ffb  No.12015217


>trying again, after he was soundly btfo.

Seriously, are you polvol2? Do you think acting like a parody of a retarded Christian is funny or something?

1b2019  No.12015246


(((abolish prison)))

(((give everyone a gun))) - including niggers, spics, mudshits? No. They must be removed first.

ee2b3c  No.12015289


>Seriously, are you polvol2?

obviously, yes

>Do you think acting like a parody of a retarded Christian is funny or something?

he's legitimately this dumb and (((brainwashed)))

ee2b3c  No.12015294


>Nothing gets deleted now, codenigger got rid of all the rules except porn and blatant spam.

not true, threads calling out (((desert cult for goyim))) get deleted

b96fa2  No.12015931

Spike Lee still beating Pierce. Pierce thread attacked by (((Seige))) queers

b96fa2  No.12016235


> pagan "nazi" meme

Pierce isn't paganism. It's evolutionary philosophy and far advanced beyond the desert Jew cult of Christkiking, which is really Paul's religion not even Jesus

2349ae  No.12016811

File: ad8e8b6c4dfd9f0⋯.jpg (277.85 KB, 459x1432, 459:1432, Pierce-On-Christianity.jpg)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)


See the third to last paragraph? Shut the fuck up.

4a52a3  No.12017028

File: 6beb2c1f647fb6d⋯.jpg (248.47 KB, 1536x1111, 1536:1111, o-ALFRED-ROSENBERG-DIARY-f….jpg)


>He doesn't know who Alfred Rosenberg is

203197  No.12017075

Racial Mixing, Mutts, Goblins, and Disgusting Degenerates


(To let you know from what perspective I am talking from)

1.) I am a 100% White European Male Gen X-er and retired/disabled ZOG-Bot.

2.) I detest and am disgusted with Jews.

a.) They abuse the trust that White Europeans naturally display to their personal and financial advantages and are not to be trusted.

b.) I voted for Trump, but did not expect him to pander to the Israel Lobby so hard. I was hoping that he would cut ties with them. I am very disappointed.

3.) I detest race mixing. It is disgusting. All for temporary pleasure.

4.) I detest all the Spics invading our country from the South. They ARE criminals and corrupt, Low-intelligent dogs.

5.) I detest Niggers completely. They are untrustworthy and have no self-awareness to improve themselves except physically.

6.) I detest Baby Boomers. I would like for all the Baby Boomers to die off yesterday, all in one swift broad stroke.

7.) I would rather have Al-Zarquari-spinoff Iraqis enter our country.

Having said all that, I will probably be called a shill by all the LARP-Anon faggots, and made fun of by the /pol/acks for being Gen-X. Whatever.

- - - - -

I was in the commissary here at the Military Installaion where we live and I was looking around at all the 'humans' (and I use that term loosely here) and was absolutely disgusted at the percentage of White Europeans (or those who at least appeard to be White Europeans) in the store on this Military Installation.

The ZOG-management there is ALL Nigger.

About 25% of the patrons there were white, and about 1/4 of those whites were with a sub-species nigger or spic spouse. I was particularly disgusted today when this White Woman - an obvious good breeder - had a mixed child in the cart with her. I looked at her with disdain while making eye contact with her. Absolutely disgusting.

- - - - -

It really gives me pause when /pol/ talks about who and what is in the military.

When we talk about a, "WLP - Turner Diaries" scenario, I am blackpilled on the whites in the Military. I find the situation futile, desparate, and beyond optimism in regards to hoping that they would step up and take charge in an event such as that.

Someone was talking the other day that in such a scenario, we can out-number the ZOG Military easily if we even have just 10% of whites rise up and fight this insanity of degenracy and lunacy.

- - - - -

I am disgusted with society today. You can thank the Baby-Boomers for promoting the Cancer called, "The Sexual Revolution," and how the narrative is pushed to convince 6-year old children that they can be, "Trans-Gender," or some other, "Trans," derivative.


- - - - -


1d4480  No.12017396


>But the whole thing is much simpler than that, and Pierce alienates most of the people.

MUH PR!!!!

2349ae  No.12018221


Anyone who feels alienated by Pierce is not pro-white.

919952  No.12018229

I just wish he was as good of a writer as he was a speaker. Turner Diaries was woefully unrealistic, though Hunter fared much better.

2349ae  No.12018239

File: 5f12da2a30d849a⋯.png (302.48 KB, 1556x1008, 389:252, Responsible-Conservatives.PNG)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)


He writes fine, its romance hes shit at, the rest was okay. Its a tool, not a fun book to read. Read between the lines. Its about armed struggle, like Siege.

919952  No.12018301


Even ignoring plot details and action and shit the ending just shows that Pierce did not really understand how shit works in Europe. I doubt the Russians would be welcoming a bunch of Americans who just fucking nuked them to stone age with open arms simply because they rid the world of Jews.

That being said it's good for Europeans to recognize each other as closely related people and avoid unneeded squabbles but it's still an important issue that just doesn't exist in America.

c69cb6  No.12018420

File: ffcceaef20f1162⋯.png (371.05 KB, 417x628, 417:628, romanget.png)


>I liked WLP a lot before I heard him spouting his "white people are gonna evolve into superior celestial beings" shtick. I still find him enjoyable to listen to, mainly because of his well-mannered temperament, but that stuff is legitimately Scientology-tier retarded.

this, gentle reminder:

>Nessyahu began to formulate the worldview he eventually called cosmotheism. He exchanged several letters on the subject with Albert Einstein. In 1953 he published a book in Hebrew entitled Ma'ada Ha'Cosmos vey Hevrat Ha'Mada (Cosmic Science and the Scientific Society) which became the foundation of his eventual cosmotheistic formulation. Moshe Sharett, soon to be Israel's second Prime Minister, was so impressed by the book that he shared it with Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. As a result, Nessyahu was appointed Director of the Research Department of the Israeli Labor Party. Nessyahu remained in this position until his death.


0e2fed  No.12018426


Yeah. Drink from the poisoned well like a good goy.

a85ffb  No.12018456


They didn't welcome the organization with open arms, towards the end of the book, where the Chicoms were invading European Russia, he said that there was still resistance in eastern and southern Europe (aka commie territory), and that the local populations were not even fit for garrison duty, because of the hatred for the whole nuke thing.



>Since several racist groups co-opted the name cosmotheism, Nessyahu's living colleague Tsvi Bisk decided to rename Nessyahu's hypothesis cosmodeism, a name closer to the tradition of natural theology which cosmodeism best reflects. Bisk is presently writing a book entitled Cosmodeism: A Worldview for the Space Age.


>retarded mod is still trying, 19 days after the thread was made

c69cb6  No.12018609

File: 407c621fa7e2395⋯.png (540.7 KB, 825x793, 825:793, fkingjews.png)



>Nessyahu postulated that a number of these conscious life-forms will conclude that they must strive to become part of the God-ing of the cosmos. The expansion of conscious life throughout the cosmos will eventually be unfettered by its physical limitations and ultimately conscious life will fill the entire cosmos; it will become co-eval with a cosmos that has dissolved into pure radiation as an inevitable consequence of entropy. Thus the cosmos will become in its entirety a conscious universal being — i.e., the cosmos will have become God. Cosmotheism posits God as the consequence of the cosmos and not as its cause. Not in the beginning God created the cosmos but in the end the evolutionary cosmos will have created God.

How is WLP's version different again?

a85ffb  No.12018648


Not a Cosmotheist of any stripe or theologian, but the difference to me seems that the jew's version involves dissolving individual consciousness into "pure radiation as an inevitable consequence of entropy" meaning all becoming nothing, yet becoming one with the cosmos at the same time, I guess.

WLP's version is becoming Gods, and thus being the most important part of the cosmos and fulfilling the creator's master plan, not merging with it and becoming "one". He probably saw this sort of thinking as a group evolutionary strategy of some sort, or like other posters said, it was just a ploy for tax evasion purposes (since there was almost no written doctrine to the "religion", there was only three pamphlets of 10 pages each made on the subject iirc)

440d3b  No.12018672

File: a5f71abfe8d97ed⋯.mp4 (14.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, William Pierce- Kinsmen.mp4)

Not sure if its been posted but this one has one of my favorite quotes from him- (even though I think it is just a reiteration of a Scottish prayer)

a85ffb  No.12018714


Thanks for the bump, dummy.

a85ffb  No.12018728


You sure showed everyone on this board.

WTF, I love bbc now.


a85ffb  No.12018743


>tell everyone americans arent white

Yep, that sure is a /pol/ position. Not like we ban people who say Euro americans aren't white.

>What have you guys on cripplechan done in the last 5 years

Maybe lurk moar and find out?

>sam seder and jimmy dore


Also, we must be doing something right if we make faggots like you butthurt.


80e891  No.12018766

File: 4aee19393878e18⋯.jpg (53.71 KB, 720x317, 720:317, obstaclechristianity.jpg)

William Luther Pierce on Christianity



ee2b3c  No.12018768

File: ff49c74079553a2⋯.jpg (36.88 KB, 302x406, 151:203, siege by pagan gang.jpg)


>Pierce thread attacked by (((Seige))) queers

Pierce and Mason were friends, the Turner Diaries and Hunter undoubtedly inspired Mason's writings. Are you retarded or just a faggot?

a85ffb  No.12018773


>pro bush pro Israel


>thinks his shitty posts deserve more than ad homs

>being a cuckservative

Sure showed me, m8.

ee2b3c  No.12018777


>hitler was wrong, you're all retarded, culture of critique is a joke to anybody who reads more than 3 books a year by accredited authors.

always funny when some jew york kike waltzes in here and thinks that anyone using this board will be swayed in the slightest by his nonsensical ramblings


>So TRS?

it's an assblasted kike attempting really shit-tier gaslighting, you retard

84c699  No.12018789


Dude didn't you hear? Being anti-Hitler is the new counter culture, it's what all to cool kids at the kike temple are talking about!

a85ffb  No.12018797


>so awful due to black people why is the dominican republic just as bad?

Its not.



Fresh off the boat from leftypol, huh?

a85ffb  No.12018813


>thinks we like jewish ancap man

Dickys pan euro empire stuff is gay.

a85ffb  No.12018818

Also, im pretty sure you are polvol2 on a vpn.

ee2b3c  No.12018823


nah polvol2 is just a gay christcuck, I doubt he would go full retard larping as a jew

ce42b3  No.12018827

I blame Q for this.

a85ffb  No.12018829


>lolberg/ancap is socialist

You just went full retard.

ee2b3c  No.12018846


no one cares what he is

he's gay and so are you

a85ffb  No.12018856


>being a ancap

I say it just to trigger you


That's nice lad

ee2b3c  No.12018860

File: 030ffd88a071fb2⋯.png (552.47 KB, 700x630, 10:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>people just don't post about it because it's irrelevant

stop posting any time


>he literally represents you to the mainstream whether you like it or not

hitler represents us to the mainstream, not gayboy implicit dick.

1cc0b3  No.12018874


Sounds like another (((trust the plan don't fight back))) crypto-kike subversive to me.

ee2b3c  No.12018881


>be nazis

>not represented by hitler, one of the most famous men of all time

>actually represented by some obscure duginist faggot

ok jew


>Sounds like another (((trust the plan don't fight back))) crypto-kike subversive to me.

nice try JIDF

f40a2b  No.12018894

This thread is Jews arguing with each other.

1cc0b3  No.12018898


>we jews secretly want you to start kicking our asses because we will overwhelm you with our superior numbers and "brave" men

Fuck off, kike.

f40a2b  No.12018902

Since when do Mexicans define a White Nationalist term?

f40a2b  No.12018909

Funny how they tell me no, but their women tell me yes

a85ffb  No.12018910


>Never even read the turner diaries

1cc0b3  No.12018917


The fuckwit isn't even fucking white. Opinion automatically disregarded.

f40a2b  No.12018924


Hey, go right on ahead. Go load up a plane and an hero yourself. Better yet, load of that transit of yours right there with some homemade explosives and go blow up a federal building and be a real hero.

You terrorist

1cc0b3  No.12018937


One man's terrorist is another man's war hero.

a85ffb  No.12018949

well, your bell curve thread just got deleted. What is the next step in your master plan?

a85ffb  No.12018957





>deradicalizaton bot

top kek

f40a2b  No.12018958


Yeah, I see how the Oklahoma City bombing worked in our favor. It gave the Feds a funding surplus to keeping running entrapment schemes that are expressly against the law. Yeah, it worked out great for us. Wait, who is us? I know most of the posters on here aren’t even white people, because Mexicans are obsessed with the number for some reason.

f40a2b  No.12018964


Federal goon that is basically a welfare recipient. You, that’s what you are.

a85ffb  No.12018966



100010 101001 010101 1010101 1010101 $;&:!!,&:!;$3$!;&@/$

1cc0b3  No.12018968


The terror stopped at one building. That was the problem.

We're coming for you, kike.

f40a2b  No.12018970

Goons that work for likes calling me a kike.

1cc0b3  No.12018978


>image board

>working for likes

You don't belong, jew.

a85ffb  No.12018987




>and then there is the gung ho, do u wanna do x bot

ee2b3c  No.12019104


>The fuckwit isn't even fucking white. Opinion automatically disregarded.

< jew gets banned for posting relative nonsense

< returns under different IP to post absolute nonsense


reported for spamming nonsense

a85ffb  No.12019279


Takes one to know one, mod dickrider.



5f751a  No.12019883

File: 6d3ce8746752d7f⋯.jpg (13.82 KB, 300x177, 100:59, checkinem.jpg)


>How to tell if the Jews don't like your leader

bookend dubs of truth, checked

806847  No.12022098


Damn, listen to a fool speaking.

He left his tenured position as a Dr. in Physics to live in a van and work for his people, i wont bother with the rest of your points because you are stupid.

PS: To understand what is christianity you can start by reading The Antichrist and the Genealogy of Morals, from Nietzsche. Maybe you think he was a fool also, like yourself.

806847  No.12022102


He clearly understood how christianity works and why we are in our plight today, and wanted something better, you fucking retarded jew.

806847  No.12022107


But it does, the church has its own wordly state, its own army, etcetera. If you knew the history of the church you would understand it has most of the time been about wordly power, which i don't mind. Just want a fully aryan church instead, no jews this time.

806847  No.12022121


Christians didn't build western civilization, you idiot, ARYANS DID, just as they built at least Egypt, India, Greece, Rome, etc.

Of course western civilization has a christian theme, but it could have any other theme as long as you have aryans, swap the aryans for negroes and you get huts and monkey fucking, swap them for sandniggers and you get thicker huts and goat fucking, swap them for jews and you get nothing but written ramblings of madmen.

806847  No.12022131


How are taxes necessary? For what? How many taxes did the US have 150 years ago, none? Were people back then better or worse than today?

You stupid?

806847  No.12022139


Seems pol is full of kikes, one of the videos got shoahd already.

Remember guys, everything you write here will be used against you.

2349ae  No.12022140

File: 04b9d7f02d0333f⋯.jpg (73.38 KB, 564x797, 564:797, ancap-child.jpg)

2349ae  No.12022147


Before cuckchan showed up there was a strong stress put on opsec, now its just cuckchan 2.0. At least some of the cancer trolls might end up suicided with a nailgun to the back of the head 6x.

806847  No.12022170


I studied in a catholic school run by nuns for 14 years and nuns will suck jewish dick if any jew asks for it, their climax of existence is "trips to Pissrael", furthermore we had yearly charity events to FEED NIGGERS IN AFRICA, CLOTHE THEM AND BRING NIGGRESS NUNS AND OTHER VERMIN TO EUROPE, we also had all the mandatory multiculty/holololohoax curriculum, and yes, a little more "conservative" atmosphere, TOTALLY CUCKED.

Nuns have little understanding of the bible and can't understand basic dichotomies, they are not bible scholars, they are just ugly women. Christianity was a trap from the beginning as some of the greatest thinkers of mankind already stated, such as Nietzsche, you pleb. Christianity has failed and we need something much stronger, which includes the truth of race and several other perks. Those christians who aren't able to better their religion will become nigger mongrels in the long run, will fall out of the race, and will be enslaved or exterminated the moment the jews/chinese/whoever else has the upper hand on them, as their morality is a slave morality.

806847  No.12022186


to be elected president

You fool, he didn't want to be elected president. When you are fighting for your life against hordes of niggers and mestizos you will then remember Pierce.

2349ae  No.12022207

File: d4a16cd84c91f33⋯.png (594.74 KB, 1298x965, 1298:965, trs-optics-cucks.png)

File: fb4a0485957e5e4⋯.png (314.61 KB, 467x567, 467:567, gay-jewish-nazi-trs2.PNG)


TRS are so damn stupid. We really need the mods back.

806847  No.12022218


Im just going to ignore your threads, everytime i read you i get a bit of cancer, you have alredy been debunked. Christianity is dead, add the dogma of race and a couple others and it may revive, keep sucking jewish dick and mongrelizing yourselves and you are heading towards 3rd world.

ca84b1  No.12022235


i.e. voting to stop white genocide will never work, and voting to stop it just allows people to delude themselves into think they've actually accomplished something aside from taking part in a broken system designed to never let them win

806847  No.12022258


This is the most retarded thing i have read in this post, and there is plenty of retardation here.

I recommend you read "About the jews and their lies", in it Luther recomends to burn all the Talmuds and synagogues and reeducate the jews.

Luther was just a schmuck who was used by the jews to further their interests, his last book was his way to get back at them.

2349ae  No.12022268

File: d323ad6d0cbe88b⋯.png (433.4 KB, 830x500, 83:50, before-and-after-gab.png)


We shouldnt burn all the talmuds, we should teach whites whats in them - the Jews themselves admit we would slaughter them all if we knew what was inside.

2349ae  No.12022271

File: c048256a6322743⋯.png (525.67 KB, 830x500, 83:50, before-and-after-pol2.png)

Wrong version. Yes you should use Gab and make it exclusively far right since this place has been Jewed.

e3c444  No.12022283


>you should use ✡gabbai✡ goyim


806847  No.12022288


You fool, Pierce wasn't an atheist, he believed in God being one with the cosmos self realizing himself, and us, Aryans, being that most conscious part of God in his quest to "understand himself", this is religion, he even created his own religion, you idiot.

Now go gas yourself, wash your mouth and never post again before listening to all Pierces podcasts and reading all his writtings.

8418f5  No.12022291


How do you do fellow goyims?

2349ae  No.12022292

File: bc2567c09a9d9a5⋯.png (920.01 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Roof-Bowl-Movement.png)


Youre a coward if youre not even willing to propagandize likeminded whites exploiting a total free speech platform. The only thing you cant do is threaten people or be an overt terrorist.

806847  No.12022608


He also predicted the "God Emperor" to be the next kosher republican candidate after Bush, like 20 years ago. Fucking lemmings.

a85ffb  No.12022638


He also said BASED Putin was a puppet of the (mostly jewish) Russian oligarchs.

6e5f7a  No.12022744


Nobody wants to give up their comfy life. Slow boil ftw.

2349ae  No.12022910

File: bb0a7e4a83ebbaf⋯.png (140.58 KB, 635x915, 127:183, siege-race-war.PNG)


Thats the point of Siege since youre so braindead. People wont have a choice.

4201c4  No.12022954


There was a quote from Pierce along the lines of "organization is power" or "power is organization". Has anyone heard this quote before, and if you have, what is its source?

4201c4  No.12022967


There is nothing wrong with using Gab (any more than using 8chan) but Seej is retarded.

Mason will be dead before anything like a "race war" will ever occur. It's a pipe dream.

940d9e  No.12023016


many christians worked with Pierce and he openly talked highly of Christian Dissidents.

3cafd1  No.12023042


>nothing wrong with using gab

>posting on a website with accounts for any reason other than spreading redpills

4201c4  No.12023081


That's why you'd use it - to spread redpills.

806847  No.12023110


Since you can't count on the system failing tomorrow, you better get some diplomas an usefull skills while going to the range on the side and creating a community, just in case, its your greatgrandchildren the ones who have to deal with the collapse.

Im myself here for the long game, be it a couple centuries or a couple millenia, and so should you.

93f567  No.12023812


Always good to do self-improvement. It should be something everyone does naturally, like showering or taking a nap. Just make it part of your routine.

ca84b1  No.12024403


found the italian

d232b3  No.12024760


>Hitler never said "master race", not once in Mein Kampf

But he did have a section discussing Aryans taking over more primitive societies, uplifting said societies and then losing their power through interbreeding with the natives and excessive luxury.

>left alone

He didn't want that either, since that would lead to stagnation. Another section of Mein Kampf was mocking how WWI Germans actually believed in peaceful cooperation, and said that no one else believed them because that's not how the world worked. Peaceful cooperation is merely the smokescreen the less able races use to blind you so they can stab you in the back. He pointed out that you can only stay strong through expansion (unlike the French, who limited their birth rate and thus grew weak), and you can only expand through territorial expansion, which in his days could only be done via war. Ironically, his was the only regime in the world capable of space colonization, but when writing in the 1920s he didn't know that yet.


Oh, you're a shill, my mistake.

000000  No.12028445


This is right. Showing people the Good Future always works, even on lemmings. Even lemmings will want the Good Future if you show it to them. In time, they will gradually become dissatisfied with the trinkets the System gives them, as that vision of the Good Future gnaws at their thoughts. They want the Good Future—-the trinkets won't be enough anymore.

Weakening the System is necessary, but paradoxically, we must not be seen as those who bring the System down. The (((media))) will try to blame us, but this where our work destroying (((their))) credibility pays off—-they'll blame us and people will know that we are the good guys. We need to keep up our current tactics discrediting the (((media))) so their efforts to blame us will backfire like this.

It's best if the media tries to blame us while the people can clearly see that (((antifa))) are the ones causing the problems. The UtR2 fake-rally was an excellent maneuver and we need more of those. Get a small group to rally to draw a large counter-protest, then fuck off early to the pub and watch the (((left))) start a riot. We might even be able to get leftists to turn out for counter-protests to completely fabricated rallies. I'll leave that to our excellent memesmiths.

Lastly, I cannot overstate the importance of using the leftards for this—-NSDAP rose to power riding the backlash against Communist violence. We must similarly exploit the Communists to gain power, whether we somehow save the Republic or raise the Hakenkreuz over America, either outcome will be atop the ashes of the Communists. and the kikes, but I repeat myself

2a3d3b  No.12028454

File: 8b5ab7cf847e8e7⋯.png (72.04 KB, 502x503, 502:503, 1411353267537.png)

3ba9dd  No.12028455

I'm confused of Pierce's overall idea. Did he want white countries or did he want eradication of the lesser races of the whole earth?

0e2fed  No.12028469

File: ff69b4a644b70f8⋯.jpg (192.41 KB, 722x908, 361:454, ww2Truth101meme.jpg)

File: 7ee5542bc20b580⋯.jpg (136.25 KB, 742x817, 742:817, HitlerBuiltManyChurchesInG….jpg)

The anti-Christian Jew shills and their useful idiots are hitting this thread hard.

Again, National Socialism is about the people, not some obscure extinct pagan death cults that offer human sacrifices. Those who say National socialism is pagan are either Jews or the Jews fools.

National socialism a cause for good, not some degenerate pagan stupidity.

ca84b1  No.12028650


>grandmother was born in graz in the 20s

>was a child when Hitler unified Austria and Germany

>prior to that she had mandatory christian schooling

>afterwards, it was no longer a part of the curriculum

Paganism is alien to non-indo-european peoples, and the semites have to misrepresent it to us in order to make us abandon it. Christianity is a death cult with slave morality, whereas indo-european spiritualism is focused on self improvement and purification.

Likewise, Christianity is fundamentally alien to the Aryan soul, it is based upon a completely different culture. It is one that subordinates everything to God, portrays humanity as sheep and has strict doctrine to keep people behaving as (((their rulers))) want. It is the religion of sheep, with Jesus as their shepherd. Abrahamic religions have no place in an Aryan society any more than the smites who spawned those religions.

"Obscure pagan cults" is the way one who fails to understand Aryan thought would attempt to misrepresent Aryan culture, in typical semitic fashion projection is used to portray it as evil. The pagan spiritually and thought is not based upon some thousand year old book written by kikes, but rather draws from the Aryan spirit. The concept of purification, nobility, honour, and harmony are an innate part of the indo european peoples, and the prechristian paganism is one manifestation of those forces. Attempting to return to those symbols is not returning to them because they have any legitimacy due solely to their age, but because they can remind us of the philosophy we were cut off from by forced christianization. Were modern "pagans" to create new symbols, your ploy would be to call it manufactured. Instead, since some reach back to the symbols of the past, you ridicule them the same way semitic invaders did. Christianity has thrown open the doors of Europe to foreign people with alien belief systems, and yet you still cling to it because a book written by jews holds more meaning to you than the spirituality and spirit that flows in your own veins and is carried by your genes. Christians care nothing for the environment, they care nothing for true progression. Either everything one desires is a sin, or the inverse of everything you want being good as we see manifested in modern (((atheism))) is just a way to control behaviour. Christianity is a means of control, Aryanism is a means of transcendence. The power of the sun is much more meaningful than a dead jew.

The most ardent supporters of Zionism are die-hard christians. Christians who hate jews have to claim that those jews aren't the real jews, and that they wuz hebrews and shit.

National socialism is politically applied Aryan philosophy, and if you cannot comprehend that then you are either a kike or you have been so brainwashed as to be indistinguishable from one. If you truly love your bible so much, go to your holy land of Israel and the Middle East. I will stay with and defend the culture and the people of my holy land, the land of my ancestors.

tldr you are supporting the trojan horse, the enemy's ideology and the destruction of your own people and our culture. cut that shit out

0e2fed  No.12028786


>Muh paganism.

Then you're not part of the people and you don't belong in any white National socialist state.

Simple as that. We can't have Jews or any other religion that hates the people in our ethnostate.

Feel free to form your own pagan ethnostate and do your fucking under the mistletoe and human sacrifice thing.

ca84b1  No.12028836

File: f2e330bde9f9a04⋯.jpg (27.41 KB, 613x460, 613:460, 072acd6d599a455885cbe9674d….jpg)


>follow the spiritually of your ancestors that lives in your blood

>ur not part of the peepul

>love my race and our history and culture

>u hate white people

>ur a jew bc u don't follow an abrahamic religion

nigger what in the actual fuck did you read because it's certainly not what I wrote. I love white people, I love our history and our own culture and traditions. Christianity is an attack on those things, and so I hate it and the semites who spawned it. Christianity doesn't care about race because everyone is equal before god, while Aryanism holds our race as holy. Christianity preaches submission to god, Aryan spirituality guides us towards becoming gods. You cannot have a christian ethnostate because Christianity is just a contrived and constructed spirituality completely divorced from the fundamental nature of European people, where as what you call "paganism" flows from it.

0e2fed  No.12028856


>I love white people, but being a Jew, I hate Christians.

Please don't. I'm laughing too hard.

ca84b1  No.12028881


>hating a religion made by kikes means you must be a kike

also, try not capitalizing "jew", it'll help you blend in a bit Moishe

0e2fed  No.12029289

File: 54813d1a4b3037f⋯.jpg (204.32 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, never argue with stupid.jpg)


>keep telling the goys to hate Christianity.

>But tell them the Christian is a kike.

>Plus, LARP as a grammar Nazi for not writing like a slope headed moron.

Well, there you go! Obviously, since I'm a pro-Christian National Socialist who wants to kick the Jews out, I'm a kike.

But a Christian hating Nazi spouting the Jew genocide and lies meme, that's an "Aryan"

You're too smart for me.

ca84b1  No.12029404

File: 15129d9570dbfe0⋯.jpg (109.44 KB, 643x641, 643:641, Armanen circle.jpg)


>“TruthInsideOfYou.org” started as an idea of three friends in 2013, to make a union of people from all around the world (a global community)

nice image faggot

>But a Christian hating Nazi spouting the Jew genocide and lies meme, that's an "Aryan"

>christian hating nazi

I hate christianity, not necessarily christians themselves. It's sad to see so many led astray by a subversive middle eastern religion though.

>jew genocide and lies meme

what? I honestly don't understand what you're talking about here, I've not mentioned the holohoax and the only one supporting jewish lies here is the one pushing Christianity.


they really don't pay you enough, do they? Just take a step back from the monitor, evaluate your life and the direction it's going, and realize that you can do better. Try starting a garden or something, it'll be a lot more fruitful and satisfying than what you're doing right now.

0e2fed  No.12029534


>I hate christianity, not necessarily christians themselves. It's sad to see so many led astray by a subversive middle eastern religion though.

You've been Jewed.

>what? I honestly don't understand what you're talking about here, I've not mentioned the holohoax and the only one supporting jewish lies here is the one pushing Christianity.

The holocaust is a Jew meme. "Nazi" as murderers is a Jew meme. Hating Christianity is a Jew meme. This Pierce fellow pushes the Nazi Jew genocide meme. You push the anti-Christian meme. You're the poster boy of the Jew's image of "Nazi" to the sheeple, and you hate the Christians, just like the Jew told you to do.

Christianity is based. Jews are damned. Martin Luther calls them "Liars". It has been against the Christian tradition to race mix up until Christianity got Jewed.

Anyone who drops the red pill on you that you're either Jewed (or a Jew) you call a shill. Damn, you're believing the exact thing the Jews want: Genocide, hate everyone including Christians, evil pagan Nazi meme.

ca84b1  No.12029643


>The holocaust is a Jew meme.


>"Nazi" as murderers is a Jew meme.


>Hating Christianity is a Jew meme.

patently false. Christianity itself is a jewish meme.

>This Pierce fellow pushes the Nazi Jew genocide meme.


>present tense

>implying WLP pushes holohoaxism

catastrophically false, you don't think Pierce is still alive, do you?

>You're the poster boy of the Jew's image of "Nazi" to the sheeple, and you hate the Christians, just like the Jew told you to do.

Not even remotely true. The jewish image of what a nazi is is totally removed from the actual reality of National Socialism, much like how your understanding of what I'm saying is deeply flawed.

>Jews told me to hate Christians

No, I came to the conclusion that Christianity is subversive without the influence of kikes. If jews tell you to hate something, is that enough for you to blindly like that something?

>Christianity is based

fucking wew

>Anyone who drops the red pill on you that you're either Jewed (or a Jew) you call a shill.

I calling you a shill because you fail to argue or debate in good faith, constantly misrepresent what I say or put words in my mouth, and generally exhibit kiked behaviour.

>Damn, you're believing the exact thing the Jews want: Genocide, hate everyone including Christians, evil pagan Nazi meme.

Nope. I've not mentioned genocide whatsoever, I don't hate everyone, christians for the most part are misguided and deserving of proper guidance instead of hatred, and I'm not evil whatsoever just because I have a problem with an alien religion being used to subvert European people and culture in such a way as to bring about our own demise. I'm having trouble understanding how a smoothbrain like you can even manage to operate a computer, let alone find your web browser and use it to vomit out shit tier jidf crap. I take back what I say, that they don't pay you enough. If they pay you at all, it's clearly too much.

Can you even type jew without capitalizing it, or is there some sort of spellchecker that won't let you disrespect muh chosen?

5c943b  No.12029855


I was going to say basically this aside from the organization commentary. Newfags should listen a bunch of his stuff. Back when I wasn't strongly decided about White racial awareness (a long time ago now), I listened to dozens of his speeches. I couldn't find a single damn thing wrong with anything he said. Between him and other pro-whites (like TeutonicWarriorChick, Old Bob, Horus, Hitler, etc.) I wound up deciding in favor of doing something about the bullshit double standards aimed at us. I got ready to fight when I listened to Hitler in the wake of my own painful personal betrayals in the midst of my greatest life problems.

I came out of it all strong as fuck thanks to men like him, and I have been proud to participate in whatever I could over the years. We have made a difference, believe it or not. If you're ever getting blackpilled, just think about how desperate the kikes are to constantly crack down as they do. We have ruined their illusions and their show for anyone worth saving. Whites will already survive at this point (at least 10% of them). The more we push, the better that figure becomes. It would have been 10% at about the time Old Bob called on people to spread the Mantra and call the enemy "anti-white." We are probably up to 20% by now or better.

I started with worst-case scenario South-Africa-tier projections and only built up from there. So it could turn out better. But those are my personal estimates for Minimal Aryan Survival (MASs). We hit critical mass for survival, just not quite open political power yet. If we hit open power in the kind of world we have now, I think it will be over for the enemy. However, an assassin order will need to hunt them for a thousand years, ping their bunkers, clear them, etc.

There will be a long fucking time for cleanup even if we seize power. If we cannot, then the fate of the Earth and all life in the known universe will be in peril because we will not have a competent space program, most likely.


Proper reformation of the Old Ways did not exist in his time. He was a great man who tried to rebuild from the ground up. His philosophy and views were correct, but as a religion, we do not have to remake what we already have. odinia.org


5c943b  No.12029928


>arguing back and forth and being a strawmanning autist is somehow respecting the late Pierce

Maybe you can spam more like the other newfags who didn't lurk. It isn't anyone else's fault if you are unable to rationally assess christ insanity without knee jerking over whatever some kike says like an insect. Posters like you (who I'm sure are being genuine morons and not shills) are our main obstacle to winning right now.

That also goes for the stupid niggers with six gorillion posts ITT that I already filtered. If you do nothing but knee jerk reflex, you will never win against kikes. You are failing to use your Aryan mind. Worshipping skykike doesn't figure into that, either. Surely you should know that recon by fire is a standard kike military tactic you would die to 100% of the time as you are? Or are you just inexperienced as all fuck and don't know that or much of anything else?

This board used to openly mock anyone posting here who was clearly below genius level IQ.

0e2fed  No.12029964

File: 9b4618fcdc9ae68⋯.jpg (121.77 KB, 900x432, 25:12, Hitler on acquiring foreig….jpg)

File: b87a10a09513c9f⋯.jpg (110.42 KB, 882x650, 441:325, National socialist vs Nazi….jpg)


>Pretend taht the issue is Pierce is dead and not his work.

Just give the side thread a rest. Pierce advocated the Jew's Nazi meme of kill everyone but the Aryan and rule the world. Hitler never said that, and that's not what National socialism is all about. That's the big fat lie the Jews told to get the stupid goys of the world to gang up on Germany.

>Muh genocidal pagan pierce is true national socialism.

Yeah, tell people you're going to kill all the Christians.

Fucking Jew's cucks and their Nazi memes.

ca84b1  No.12029997


I only have seven posts, it's just I was trying to point out that christianity has been harmful to Europeans and how it compares to pre-christian indo-european spirituality

>Or are you just inexperienced as all fuck

probably this tbh

f84a72  No.12055546


William Luther Pierce was a CIA agent provocateur.

3321d3  No.12055570


this guy never heard Pierce walking into Hollywood with a loaded shotgun and only leaving once the blood was up to his ankles.

050c42  No.12055597


>ITT, Niggers that don't know that kikespeak is a bastardised version of German also known as "gutter German"

2349ae  No.12055705

Wondering if anyone has an example of WLP discussing Irish rebels or the Irish Republican Army in any context, I dont think he mentioned it once in his life, not that I could find in a quick search anyways and I dont recall hearing it in any of his broadcasts.


This is a Jew.

31ea54  No.12055742


Go away christcuck

31ea54  No.12055779


Fuck off! The only people being alianated are people like you who look to force their stupid religious belief onto others in a community built around race.

>Christians built Western civilization

Didn't do that, big lie right there.

>Christianity isn't the problem. It's multiculturalism and more specifically, the Jews

Its both a jewish religion and a multicultural one. And of course I know you will come back at me with "we wuz da real kikes" bullshit fallacious arguments.

This christcuck cancer was cointained to 4chan I believed. The moment I arrived on 8chan there were barely any christcucks but as I see it now it's swarming.

>You're not fixing Multiculturalism by adding more divisions.

YOU are the only one adding divisions. YOU are kicking up a fuss over a racialist writter and thinker because he doesn't share your backward bizzare kike religion because of a false claim of jew-worshippers building things that were built long before them and which they tried to destroy.

893016  No.12055799


>This Pierce fellow

Well hello rabbi redditstein!

>pushes the Nazi Jew genocide meme

No he does not.

>and you hate the Christians, just like the Jew told you to do.

Nice try Schlomo, you told us to be Christians. Be good Christians and accept everyone as our brothers just like rabbi yeshua said!

31ea54  No.12055815


But didn't you yourself say white people were like that before Christianity?

7414b9  No.12055826

This thread without a doubt proves how hard Jews are pushing for Whites to stay Christian. Christianity is the shield of the Jew and is used to de-redicalize Whites once again. We don't have to look far. During World War II Jews used Christianity to convince young American boys to go overseas and kill those evil Germans. The rationale was that the Thrid Reich was a rogue heathen state and God-fearing Christians (and the Chosen People of course!) were being prosecuted by the thousands. Decades later Christian missionaries worked day and night to elevate the Negroes in Africa. In their shortsightedness they thought those coons how to read and write and niggers used that newly found knowledge to study the communist manifesto and put its principles into practice resulting in White genocide. Even fucking Robert Mugabe who's currently chasing away the last few remaining Whites from their land in Rhodesia was educated by Christian missionaries and to this very day considers himself a pious Christian. When the Apartheid was coming to an end, White clergymen were instrumental in de-redicalizing the Boers and Boers got christcucked in the process. They were convinced those godly niggers will be gentle and merciful to them. After all, they were all Christian. Not to mention the American clergymen so influential in paving the way for the racial integration in the 60s. Dr. Pierce is spot on on his assessment of Christianity.

800cab  No.12055890

File: 037c588b7877d47⋯.png (110.46 KB, 657x539, 657:539, hurr.png)


>you think there is such a thing as anti-Christ Christians

>Germany was Christian, didn't close churches like in Russia, but created more than 2000 new churches, iirc

>Christians say Jews are not Israel or the "chosen people"

Did you not know that Christians know it's a sin to murder people for their land, or to steal or murder in general? Or were ya just lying…

7414b9  No.12055936

File: 19f2947f803df23⋯.jpg (368.42 KB, 615x751, 615:751, AnnaCharboniereTortured.jpg)


>you think there is such a thing as anti-Christ Christians

Elaborate because I have no idea what are you on about

>Germany was Christian, didn't close churches like in Russia, but created more than 2000 new churches, iirc

It was also laying the groundwork to replace Christianity altogether. Positive Christianity was just a phase to apeal the Christian electorate and to subvert the church form within and get it all done before more folk religion could be established in the future. Don't you recognize the work of Martin Bormann or Heinrich Himmler? Men who were pretty open about their contempt for christcuckery? Or Christian martyrs who were killed during the time of the Thrid Reich and are now an object of reverence for all christcucks world-wide and a definitive proof for them how oppressive those evil Nazis were?

>Christians say Jews are not Israel or the "chosen people"

According to the your precious Bible and to every mainstream Christian denomination Jews are the Chosen People.

>Genesis 17:7 "And I will establish My covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you in their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and your descendants after you"

>Deuteronomy 7:7–8 "The Lord did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because you were more in number than any people; for you were the fewest of all people; but because the Lord loved you, and because he would keep the oath which he had sworn unto your ancestors"

>Deuteronomy 14:2 "For you are a holy people to YHWH your God, and God has chosen you to be his treasured people from all the nations that are on the face of the earth"

>Exodus 19:6 "And you shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation"

>Did you not know that Christians know it's a sin to murder people for their land, or to steal or murder in general? Or were ya just lying…

Christians had no problem murdering Pagan Europeans for not worshiping rabbi Yeshua enough plus stealing their land in the process. They even killed each other en masse to prove who loves Jesus Christ the most and who's just a filthy heretic (the Cathar Crusade, 1209-1229, the Bosnian Crusade, 1235-1241, the Hussite Wars, 1419-1434, the French Wars of Religion, 1562-1598, Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648, Savoyard-Waldensian Wars, 1655-1690, Toggenburg War, 1712) I guess that wasn't real Christianity and real Christianity has never been tried. Also, stop using cuckchan memes.

d232b3  No.12056040



Don't forget their worst crime, which is constantly defending the jews when their behavior is discovered. For millennia the Catholic Church had protected them with the doctrine of Sicut Judaeus Non, i.e. leave the jews alone. They also provided the mechanism for their infiltration via "conversion" that the older racialist peoples never would have tolerated. Check out the audiobook of "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit" by E. Michael Jones, as read and commented on by Alex Linder.


dcaa5e  No.12056050

File: bc3dce6dc970ac3⋯.jpg (10.36 KB, 175x179, 175:179, wlp_bas_relief.jpg)

Fuck yes.

These video links might still work:


a85ffb  No.12056059


Polvol2 actually tried to tell me that bormann and Himmler liked Christianity about a week ago.

f0c0a4  No.12056089

File: 8be7b40d5f10085⋯.png (170.97 KB, 393x365, 393:365, rev39.png)


>According to the your precious Bible and to every mainstream Christian denomination Jews are the Chosen People.

Wew that's some antique D&C you got going, Hymie. That bullshit has been shot down thousands of times here.

>Again and again in the “covenant” language God never says: “I will give you, ethnic Hebrews, the land of Israel.” Rather He says:

>“IF you visit those imprisoned…act mercifully to the widow and the orphan…welcome the stranger in your midst…tend the sick…do justice and love mercy…and perform various other tasks…THEN YOU WILL BE MY PEOPLE AND THIS LAND WILL BE YOUR LAND.”

>So “my people” is not ethnic — it is transactional. We are God’s people not by birth but by a way of behaving, that is ethical, kind, just and obedient. And we STOP being “God’s people” when we are not ethical, kind, just, and obedient. And ANYONE who is ethical, kind, just, and obedient is, according to God in Genesis, “God’s people.”

>And the “contract” to “give” jews Israel is conditional — jews can live in God’s land IF they are “God’s people” in this way — just, merciful, compassionate. obedient AND — it never ever says, it is ONLY the land of jews.

>Even when passages spell out geographical “boundaries” as if God does such a thing, it never says this is exclusively jew land. It never says I will give this land JUST to jews.

>Remember these were homeless nomads who had left slavery in Egypt and were wandering around in the desert; at most these passages say, settle here, but they do not say, settle here exclusively. Indeed again and again it talks about welcoming “zarim” — translated as “strangers” but can also be translated as “people/tribes who are not you” — in your midst.

You are seriously fucktarded to think this moldy bullshit works here.


Oh, you hopped IDs to give yourself a like. Double-fucktard kek

51d01d  No.12056093


Nice hoax, kiddo. Too bad you’re wrong.

a85ffb  No.12056104



>still this asshurt

44ecc3  No.12056130


>homeless nomads who had left slavery in Egypt and were wandering around in the desert

Exodus is historical fiction - it did not happen.

a85ffb  No.12056131


Cry more about /intl/, homo.

a85ffb  No.12056154


I know you are the


spammer. You have also been defending polvoljew constantly.

Your mission to astroturf Christianity here has failed.

f0c0a4  No.12056155

File: 64a29c12363f98f⋯.png (112.75 KB, 280x251, 280:251, disturbedcat.png)


Cool story, edgelord. It doesn't change the fact that jews are not chosen people in the bible, only obedient, lawful people are.


Yes, I am asshurt, and the only cure is lying hooknose kikes bowing at my feet and begging for their worthless hides right before getting their just reward for a life of greed, faggotry, and murder.

44ecc3  No.12056159


>chosen people in the Bible

Chosen by whom?

f0c0a4  No.12056164


The nigger who fucks your mom

a85ffb  No.12056167


>BLACKED obsession


44ecc3  No.12056169


That's not cuckery at all for you to say something straight out of BLACKed.com. Doesn't bring suspicion to your Test levels or anything.

a85ffb  No.12056177

Watch out, he is going to call us samefaggers for having the same idea about his fetish.

e3e1b2  No.12056245


Also interested in what /pol/ thinks.

7414b9  No.12056310


First of all. The Exodus never happened. The Jews were never in Egypt. They didn't wander in the desert and they didn't conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel. What's more, the united monarchy of David and Solomon, which is described by the Bible as a regional power, was at most a small tribal kingdom and definitely wasn't a powerhouse of any sort. A million people cannot live in a vast desert (without food, water and shelter) in a hostile nation for 40 years and leave no trace. Starving slaves lost in the Sinai desert for so long cannot build a golden calf to worship while crying for food and water.

The fact is, there was no Abraham, nor Moses, nor any King David. There was no enslavement in Egypt, and no Exodus. Most of the Old Testament stories were borrowed from older Zoroastrian, Egyptian, Babylonian fables and other myths (such as Sargon & Mises myths, the Code of Hammurabi) prevalent around that time in the Near East. The Jews altered them and inserted their own tribal heroes and projected them back in time for their own benefit (such as for the Yahweh priests to gain more money and power by promoting their cult over other cults to divert followers and thereby donors towards themselves.

Since Moses never existed, and the Exodus never happened, and the Bible is basically just a collection myths, fables and stories that were prevalent among the Near-Eastern population and to which Jew created their own interpretations makes your theory nothing but a hogwash. The Jews wrote the Bible for their own benefit. During the times of Jesus Christ the Jews were the only people on Earth which practiced Christianity. That changed after another mystery meat fellow, possibly another Jew, Shaul of Tarasus (Paul the Apostle) took Christianity for a spin. He made the religion universal to appeal to the masses of the stagnating Roman Empire. That was a big no-no for the more Orthodox Jews and thus Paulician Christianity and Judaism split. The faith became too universal for them to handle and the Orthodox Jews didn't want to share their religion with the gentile masses. Since the inception of Christianity, Jews have managed to obtain lot more power for themselves. Without Christianity they were like the Aboriginals from Australia; random tribe which had basically nothing to offer and were of no real interest to anybody. You have to understand that with the rise of both Christianity and Islam, Judaism and the Jews became a very important factor in the world. Remember, there were no Jews living in the British Islands, in Germany, in Poland or in Scandinavia before Christianity. Jews had to influence the gentile population through their newly established religion, which would essentially lead to the growth of their own power. If you can’t grasp this concept, you haven’t really done your research about Jewish power in the world at the moment and the massive, unnatural help that they are getting from all Christian Churches and even many Muslims, even if they pretend to be at war with them.

ca84b1  No.12056323


>just be obediant and you'll be god's people

>just let in strangers

>tend to the weak and the niggers

>be completely surrendered to god so you don't go to hell

>visit imprisoned people and cuck

>if you don't obey unquestioningly the word of some shit desert god then you're not a good person

this universalist shit is why we are where we are today. People who think niggers who accept christ are better people than europeans who don't are just retarded.

da4318  No.12056344

WLP is an anti-Christian, which makes him anti-Western Civilization, which makes him anti-White. You can't deify the race; there needs to be a solid ethical foundation underpinning any sort of unity. It has been and always will be Christianity. Remove Christianity, and you just have tribes. Show me a group of white people congregating on the basis of race, and you can be sure they are screwing eachother's wives and splitting up into factions before long. WLP is useful as a cancer doctor, i.e. he can make the diagnosis but he can't tell you the source or provide effective treatment.

a85ffb  No.12056369


>WLP is an anti-Christian


>which makes him anti-Western Civilization

>without christianity white people would be NOTHING

>which makes him anti-White.


>You can't deify the race

>any form of racial pride is worshipping false gods

> It has been and always will be Christianity

Your religion is literally dying amongst white people.

>Show me a group of white people congregating on the basis of race

National Socialist Germany from 1933-1945?


TLDR- stay mad polvol2, and take your codreanu worship with you.

7be021  No.12056374

Far more likely is that they use Christianity to validate slavery and this delusional 666 beast bullshit which is just code for cia niggers that aren’t aware they are cia niggers

48d236  No.12056375

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7be021  No.12056378

Also, stop giving me lithium. I don’t want it

da4318  No.12056379


>Your religion is literally dying amongst white people.

And white people are disappearing right along with it. They had to give up Christianity before the sexual revolution could happen, and population plummets accordingly.

da4318  No.12056383



Get a real job, Chaim.


a85ffb  No.12056384


Why are you so attached to a religion from the levant? Seriously.

f09360  No.12056386


Most Christians nowadays are non-White already and White civilization flourished long before Christianity was ever a thing. I guess the conquests of Alexander the Great, classical Greece and Rome as a whole and the ancient Egypt are just some stupid Pagan bullshit.

51d01d  No.12056391


>oy vey goyim why



>why oy vey for fuck’s sake just abandon what we tell you to abandon




>you will fall for this

a85ffb  No.12056397


>the dumb faggot doesn't know that the thread has been going on for a month


>doesn't have an answer

da4318  No.12056414


You need to read a history book. There was no long-standing unity under the Greek Empire; that was less than 200 hundred years. Christendom is thousands of years long and is the single most unifying characteristic of European civilization. Go ahead and organize with your fellow atheists and LARPers, but don't say I didn't warn you when they steal from you and fuck your girlfriend.

a85ffb  No.12056419


No, i'm serious. Why should racially conscious Europeans have a religion from the nonwhite levant?


>fucktons of retarded wars


>ignores western civ's root in ancient Greece and rome

a85ffb  No.12056423

also, this



51d01d  No.12056431

File: 727fae2c3e6ac4b⋯.jpg (158.36 KB, 960x960, 1:1, white jesus.jpg)


Because you’re a jewish paid shill repeating the same jewish lies as you have for every single day for the last four years. Put a bullet in your head.

0e2fed  No.12056434

File: 9b4618fcdc9ae68⋯.jpg (121.77 KB, 900x432, 25:12, Hitler on acquiring foreig….jpg)

File: 5670e146a6ed89a⋯.jpg (432.35 KB, 1875x1500, 5:4, Hitler on christianity and….jpg)

National Socialism: Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer. Powerful, successful. Takes all the world's ZOGs to destroy.

PierceTards: fuck the folk, my 0.4% pagan degenerates! Fuck Christianity! Kill everyone who disagrees! Kill the 80% of whites cuz Christians! Muh World Domination!

ZOGs: laugh, National Socialism effectively neutralized.

You guys give National Socialism a bad name and are working for the Jews, even if you don't think you are.

51d01d  No.12056435


You’re the only one who said anything about intl (and formatting the name correctly, no less; interesting).

Why can’t you prove any of your claims? Why can’t you disprove anything anyone else has said? What is stopping you from doing this?

Is it the fact that everyone here already knows you have absolutely nothing, and are just a paid jewish shill?

a85ffb  No.12056445



Why should racially conscious Europeans have a religion from the nonwhite levant?


How does it feel to get fired, faggot?

48d236  No.12056479


>It has been and always will be Christianity

Yes. Christianity provides the moral and philosophical framework that allows western civilization to flourish. Even the greeks and the romans never could have accomplished what christian europe did because they lived in a cosmology of chaos. Atheists are basically niggers holding science back because they once again have "reasoned" themselves into an untenable black hole.

f09360  No.12056482

File: 2f9e9c14114010e⋯.jpg (247.9 KB, 1429x997, 1429:997, christianity4.jpg)


What unity are you talking about? Was Christendom united when the 4th crusade was declared and the Constantinople sacked to make room for the Latin Empire and reunite the church? Or when the Thirty Years' War decimated the population of Germany, Bohemia and Silesia killing up to 50% of its inhabitants? Or when the East–West Schism happened and 1054 casing massive amount of infighting for centuries to come? Or when Martin Luther tried to reform the church sparking more than a century of religious wars raging from France to Germany? Or when the Visigothic Christians were so united they had to rely on Moorish mercenaries that eventually turned on them leading to centuries long occupation of the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors? Or when the Teutonic Order had to qualms attacking already Christian Poles?

You can now go back to your containment board and worship your Jew on a stick with your godly Christian niggers, Spics and Gooks that make the majority of your fellow Christians. What a nice White religion when 60% of its adherents are non-White already.

3ba9dd  No.12056484

I may have asked this but is Pierce a white nationalist? I mean he did write in his book about getting the whole globe via genocide.

51d01d  No.12056485


Yeah, you were already proven wrong. Kill yourself.

da4318  No.12056486


>implying kikes are pushing Christianity

lol you don't even deserve a reply, but I'll let you know I'm laffin 🤣

48d236  No.12056488


>europe is 80% christian


7182ee  No.12056495


>le Hitler was a chrishun meme

Those quotes are all from a book called The Holy Reich by a militant atheist kike who tries to make christians (especially catholics) seem evil because supposedly the "natzeees" believed in the same things they do. None of those speeches where those quotes are taken from ever found place. Carolyn Yeager has written several posts/articles about the "christian Hitler"-myth, she has also exposed that book and it's writer.

da4318  No.12056502



Kikels are really going for broke lately. Filtered for being a suspected sodomite.

a85ffb  No.12056522




Which is more important, saving the white race, or saving Christianity?

Because the under 40 whites are mostly agnostic, atheist, or "spiritual without being religious". If you try to make Christianity super important in your program, you will alienate these people.

3ba9dd  No.12056556


I don't understand the religious fight here. I mean whites should put religion aside for now and try to team up together to fight against white genocide.

51d01d  No.12056563


You were proven wrong. Cry harder, paid jewish shill.

da4318  No.12056569


>put religion aside

That's what whites have been doing for the past couple generations. That's what got us into this mess. You need to become a zealous Christian; nothing, NOTHING strikes at the jew harder than this.

f09360  No.12056587


>You need to become a zealous Christian; nothing, NOTHING strikes at the jew harder than this.

I know, right? Christianity has such a good track record when it comes to dealing with the Jews. Or maybe it wasn't real Christianity. Maybe real Christianity has never been tried yet.

>435 CE Theodosius II orders death penalty for any Pagan and heretic in the Roman Empire. Only Judaism is considered a legal non-Christian religion.

>591 CE Pope Gregory the Great forms the basis of the Christian doctrine regarding the treatment of Jews. He was responsible for a notable Papal Bull which spoke of a requirement for Christians to protect and defend the Jews, which became an official doctrine. He publicly disapproved of trying to baptize the Jews, and insisted on their right to liberty of action, both in civil affairs and in their worship. Although the Jews had not accepted salvation through Christ, and were therefore condemned by God until such time as they accept salvation, Christians were nevertheless duty-bound to protect the Jews as an important part of Christian civilization. In the Papal State, Jews enjoyed a level of protection in law, their property rights were secured, and they were allowed to keep their own festivals and religious practices.

>768-814, the reign of Charles the Great. Charlemagne fostered a system where the Christian majority could procure credit through Jewish constituencies. Christians were forbidden to loan money at an interest rate, a restriction not shared by the Jews. As a result, the Jews were able to dominate the money-lending and banking business making them very rich and very influential in the process.

>1120 Pope Callixtus II issues Sicut Judaeis, setting out the official position of the papacy regarding the treatment of Jews. The bull forbade Christians, on pain of excommunication, from forcing Jews to convert, from harming them, from taking their property, from disturbing the celebration of their festivals, and from interfering with their cemeteries. The bull was reaffirmed by many popes including Alexander III, Celestine III (1191-1198), Innocent III (1199), Honorius III (1216), Gregory IX (1235), Innocent IV (1246), Alexander IV (1255), Urban IV (1262), Gregory X (1272 & 1274), Nicholas III, Martin IV (1281), Honorius IV (1285-1287), Nicholas IV (1288–92), Clement VI (1348), Urban V (1365), Boniface IX (1389), Martin V (1422), and Nicholas V (1447)

3ba9dd  No.12056645


Can anyone answer my question?

48d236  No.12056659


>Which is more important, saving the white race, or saving Christianity?

False dichotomy. Christianity will save whites.

b6b349  No.12056676


Imagine believing in a universalist religion like Christianity and then trying to tell Nationalists what's best for them and pretending to be a Nationalist yourself. Christians debate exactly like Jews, they act exactly like Jews, they just aren't as smart as Jews.

893016  No.12056678

File: ec1b6663eb9dacb⋯.gif (811.14 KB, 472x360, 59:45, 1408278262911.gif)


>white people are evil because of these made up hitler quotes!

Nobody has ever tried that before Schlomo. What an original and inventive post!

b6b349  No.12056681


>/pol/ack posts real historical facts

>christcuck responds with a reddit tier fallacy and no facts

6c32bf  No.12056693


Yeah, christianity has been saving whites for servitude to jews. Care to explain the actions of the church throughout its history as seen here: >>12056587

Feel free to disregard it by dismissing the catholic church, but that will also be admitting you can't handle the truth about it. All you have left is lofty language

51d01d  No.12056735





>According to the principles governing the compilation of this list, the following publications must be removed from public and commercial lending libraries:

>c) All writings that ridicule, belittle or besmirch the Christian religion and its institution, faith in God, or other things that are holy to the healthy sentiments of the Volk.

599d85  No.12056754


You're free to rebuff those facts you know. Why did the Emperor Theodosius II sentenced European Pagans to death when Jews were allowed to roam free? Why did so many Popes and other clergymen favored Jews so much? Why did Charlamagne staffed his court full of Jews and granted them so many privileges while simultaneously slaughtering Pagan Saxons? Why is that? Just answer those questions.

6c32bf  No.12056756


Thank you for admitting you had no ability to refute the facts presented, but you so desperately had to dismiss them as a futile attempt to do something as if that would have any effect. Your above post illustrates you doing what you're accusing others of doing. Your triple post is amusing.

0e2fed  No.12056759


>Pierce a white nationalist?

He was a white supremicist who believed in world wide genocide of everyone who he didn't believe was white enough.

It is the old Jew "poison well" tactic - even documented in Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals", and is often called Controlled opposition: pretend or subvert the opposition into saying things that are morally indefensible to alienate the people and render the movement impotent.

f0c0a4  No.12056791

File: 10d9e1bdc59b8cb⋯.jpg (3.14 KB, 273x132, 91:44, edgelurd.jpg)


The sum of edgelord logic in one post.

>The Book of Christianity says jews are the sons of the devil and the synagogue of satan

>Some historical figures protect the sons of the devil and the synagogue of satan

<But the sign on the door of this satanic jewish synagogue says "Chrsitianity"

>Did they actually follow Christian standards

<lol doesn't matter everything is true Christianity if it claims to be, No True Scottsman bro lol lol

0e2fed  No.12056821

Ya'all a bunch of christian hating Kike-Nazis duped into helping the Jews destroy the white race.

Please neck yourselves. You're too kiked to red pilled.



6c32bf  No.12056842


Are you a bot, shill, or pajeet? There's no way your repetition in posts can be this blatant. I hope for your sake you're one of those because if you're not that would be absolutely pathetic. Aside from that, it is understandable that you can't refute the facts so that's why you don't attempt to do so.

3ba9dd  No.12056849


I personally think that he's NOT a white supremacist. I mean sure he wrote a book about global genocide but that doesn't mean he had any interest in it. His organization is a white nationalist one. I only asked the question to be open for debate.

050c42  No.12056854




6c32bf  No.12056859


You couldn't refute anything presented to you so you resort to spam as if your spam somehow refutes anything. You're not fooling anyone, and I don't think you know which poster you're replying to.

050c42  No.12056876



4d127d  No.12056892



>Descended from synagogue of satan

No thank you.

6c32bf  No.12056894


>It was already refuted. You are done.

You never refuted a single thing in this thread, in all 16 posts of which almost all are just spam and shitposting.

>Said the paid jewish shill spamming the same copypasta for four years.

The irony is that you probably use this same line in every thread that derails into christian shitflinging as if that makes your case, but doesn't.

050c42  No.12056909


Stop asking who is white, start asking: Who among you pretends to be white?

599d85  No.12056928


If those talking points have already been refuted before, then there's nothing stopping you from posting the evidence here. After all you have to have the knowledge on that matter already if what's your saying is true. Just copy and paste those refuted points here so newfags can learn from it. Start by providing answers to those questions bellow. It shouldn't be that hard for you. After all, those questions have already had been refuted before, right? You aren't that lazy to don't bother doing that, aren't you? Slothfulness is a sin nonetheless. A deadly one even.

>Why did the Emperor Theodosius II sentenced European Pagans to death when Jews were allowed to roam free? Why did so many Popes and other clergymen favored Jews so much? Why did Charlamagne staffed his court full of Jews and granted them so many privileges while simultaneously slaughtering Pagan Saxons? Why is that?

a85ffb  No.12056961


How does it feel, being removed from vol status less then 6 months after you got it?

f0c0a4  No.12056974

File: 6d052e6cec0e7e3⋯.jpg (285 B, 1x1, 1:1, edgelurdy.jpg)


>People who think niggers who accept christ

Being this fucking illiterate.

It's not "accept Christ" you kiked golem. It's a specific set of behaviors that niggers are completely unable to do because they require things like reading, thinking, understanding, ethics, personal responsibility, etc. Which unironically, is why atheists are the most nigger-like whites. Always obsessed with drugs and alcohol, getting money and materialism, muh dick, faggotry, pornography, cuckoldry, pedophillia, theft, communism, cowardice, etc. And just like niggers, atheists are the most like to worship weather and animals, as seen in the global warming/environmentalist/PETA cults and other stupid atheist fuckery.

Edgelords truly are virtual niggers and perfect golems for jews.

a85ffb  No.12056976


Why should racially conscious Europeans have a religion that originated in the levant?>>12056759

>fiction is reality

He even said that it was a cautionary tale,polvol2. That if trends weren't reversed soon, measures like the ones described in the book will have to happen.

6c32bf  No.12056979


>when you're trying to respond to 3 people but you address them as the same person and use the (1) strawman

Absolutely hilarious.

>Keep saying it. It’ll become true in the FIFTH year, I’m sure!

You really did not refute a single thing in this thread. You're recycling your script that was designed only for replying to evidence and not meta-talking points.

>Now what was that about the Nazis banning all books that said bad things about Christianity? OH YEAH, THEY DID THAT. AND YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO ARGUMENT.

It doesn't change anything, it especially doesn't address what you were replying to and someone called you out on. You first brought that up in the face of someone pointing out that you were dismissing someone else's evidence.

>Yep, and it has already been done. It’s also called “lurk more”, because you’re either a paid shill or a newfag. We have no obligation to hold your hand as you spam proven lies.

Your script recycling became oxymoronic. If lurk more was the solution then if someone going to accidentally reveal the answer to these "proven lies," which you could do if you were capable? Not to mention if you can't tell the difference between a shill or newfag, that's another problem entirely.

a85ffb  No.12056983


>sidesteps the modern churches' role in white genocide by kissing nigger feet and going full on REFUGEES WELCOME

Is this Christian pilpul?

ca84b1  No.12057018


yeah because the church has never had any problems with pedophilia, right? Or being hyperfocused on getting money from people? Or theft and destruction? Or letting in a shit ton of christian refugees?

>niggers worship nature

on what fucking planet? niggers are the worst stewards of the environment, on par with chinese and non-hindu indians.

>global warming/enviromentalist/animal rights

>hurr durr caring about life other than humans must be atheist fuckery bc yaweh told me so


its "christianity is whatever I say it is, and not what it is to the overwhelming majority of those who practice it, the pope, the bible, or anything else that contradicts my interpretation of abrahamic texts"

51d01d  No.12057030


>Why should racially conscious Europeans have a religion that originated in the levant?

This was answered. Stop spamming.


>Absolutely hilarious.

Fuck’s sake, I keep forgetting to hit the other quotes.

>You really did not refute a single thing in this thread.

Keep saying it. It’ll become true in the FIFTH year, I’m sure!

>You’re recycling your script


>It doesn’t change anything

It completely destroys your entire ✡“argument”✡.

>it especially doesn’t address what you were replying to

It expressly addresses it.

>You first brought that up in the face of someone pointing out that you were dismissing someone else’s evidence.

No evidence was dismissed. If this was true, you’d show it.

>If lurk more was the solution then if someone going to accidentally reveal the answer to these “proven lies,” which you could do if you were capable?

That’s not a sentence. Lurk more is the solution. You have spammed the same shit for four years. It has been refuted every day for four years. We have no obligation to continue retreading old ground.

>if you can’t tell the difference between a shill or newfag

They behave the same way. The former simply refuses to change when presented with objective fact. Like you. The latter changes when he sees reality as it actually is.

a85ffb  No.12057045


You didn't answer it, sperg.

51d01d  No.12057058


Keep saying it. It’ll become true in the FIFTH year, I’m sure!

a85ffb  No.12057065


No one wants a theocracy here, m8. We want a eugenically driven, white society.

im sure you think eugenics is OF THE DEVIL and PLAYING GOD


Is this the power of Levantine religion?

51d01d  No.12057068


>proven kike shill keeps spamming proven lies

lol sad

a85ffb  No.12057073

>responds within 20 seconds

Havin' a breakdown or something?

ca84b1  No.12057077


jews tend to be very neurotic

a85ffb  No.12057085


The retard can't even answer a simple question.

He used to scream out


to try and make the meanies go away. He seems pretty upset his buddy on the mod team got removed.

a85ffb  No.12057089

>anyone who doesn't think Christianity is the greatest thing since sliced bread is a SOCKPUPPETING JEWISH SHILL

a85ffb  No.12057138

>still hasn't answered my simple question

Why should racially conscious Europeans have a religion from the nonwhite levant?

seriously, do you think that white people are uncapable of our own spirituality that we need to follow a non European religion? What is your angle here?

a85ffb  No.12057163

Well, I think I have had my fill of "poke the retard" for one day.

To recap, 51d01d can't even answer a simple question-

Why should racially conscious Europeans have a religion from the nonwhite levant?

He pilpuls, jewish style, and acts like a shitposting shill. He is also the fag who used to spam




I guess this is the logical endpoint of philosemitism.

4d127d  No.12057236


>Racial Mixing, Mutts, Goblins, and Disgusting Degenerates

What of unfortunate hapas as well even if they're AM/WF mix and not total goblins? I'd love to fight for the continued existance of whites, honestly.

a85ffb  No.12057252


Make Hawaii an independent country. Relocate all hapas there.

4d127d  No.12057274


>mistaking me for a different poster

And this is why 'schizo' is an actual insult on here that holds any sort of bite, because basket cases like you confuse me for two other posters and assume I said shit I didn't.

d26ac7  No.12057288

All Trump has to say is "die goy die for israel" throw in some "freedom fries" and "democracy" quiotes, and the fashy based retarded NecCon drones will willingly die for their ZOG Emperor-

MAGApedes minds aren't their own, they do just as Kushner and the CIA tells them.

d26ac7  No.12057311



>Im so based and cartoon nayi, kill all non whites

The only group we must destroy and slaughter are jews, everyone else has the right to their own autonomyin their own nations free from juden.

This won't happen until until the jews golem drones, America and Britain, have fallen

3ba9dd  No.12057318


I'm pretty sure he never said "kill non-whites"

a18d8c  No.12057840


Ethno-globe is the only logical endgame to race conflicts. Make no mistake that other races would genocide Whites as soon as they were able to. This has been hashed out over and over, and as yet I'm unable to point to a single refutation of the premises that lead to this conclusion. All I ever hear is 'we're too weak', but again, projected emotions or lack of understanding of how a thing should be accomplished isn't a refutation of the logical conclusion. Stop sperging about it, I'm right and you know it. Or you will soon after failing to address the core premises as always.

6c32bf  No.12058618


Now that you mention it he does seem like the reported for /intl/ spammer.

7d4167  No.12059011

File: 31ae5373a9bbeb5⋯.mp4 (7.13 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Dr. William Pierce - Our R….mp4)

You anons are circling around rhetorical issues.

Let us get back to the practical ones.

eb4a58  No.12059027


>No one wants a theocracy here, m8

White ethno-national Christian fascist, m8. It's the final redpill.

7d4167  No.12059057

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Let's settle this unproductive argument going to the source.

-→ Dr. William L. Pierce - A Message To White Christians

c68090  No.12059474

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I didn't know the Bill Clinton gave so much gibs to Asians. Finally, an explanation for why Kim started sperging when Killary lost. But yeah, it's better to live next to asians than niggers if you are forced into diversity. A shame referendums weren't available back then to undo the damage done by China bribing Bill Clinton. A bigger shame Trump's priority isn't making referendums a bigger part of government.

502040  No.12059541


>This is a Jew.

No, that guy is known as Morpheus in 8/pol/. He's a (((DACA)))-supporting half-spic mongrel pretending to be "woke af" by believing in the muh Russia haxxors maymay and somehow tie it to the UAE and Israel. Generally, he's anti-White as hell and even secretly supported the #AbolishICE movement once because of those poor and oppressed illegal aliens "undocumented immigrants" not being let in by le ebil Whitey.

973af3  No.12059863

Big hands.


15af56  No.12060661


If telling people to be stewards of their own future us alienating I welcome it.


Not for long.

>built by Christians



>Muh PR!

Filtered, we only want radicals right now thank you, the lemmings will follow whoever wins.


Best timeline, he runs as VP for Rockwell, the Kennedy's still run and rejoice for they were crypto counter-Semites. Eventually Dr. Pierce wins presidency for himself after Rockwell passes. Actually the best timeline post WW2 would have been Patton surviving and getting home to name and fight the jew.


>murdoch-chan has blue eyes instead of brown

One job fan artist.


That faggot names the homos and the happa problem but when it comes to the JQ it's "European Elites" Alex Jonestein style.


Nope, he predicted Putin's rise to power as a Russian government that doesn't care much for doing what the jews say, hence Syria. He slammed jew Boris Yeltsan, for the privatization process that just put the resources into jew hands.


>long haul

Whites will be extinct by the end of the fucking century if we do nothing, the West is overdo for many uprisings and revolutions.


Watch Cultured Thug's video on whether Hitler was really Christian, he sites that NatSoc textbooks didn't really use Christian philosophy and that Hitler was most likely trying to phase it out through Education and himself believing that it would eventually die soon. It's a good watch and a lot of Christians are butthurt over it, quit giving (You)s to the kike, he's not here to argue in good faith.


Get with the times, Mugabe was ousted and the new guy is promising and has returned some land to White farmers. Mugabe wouldn't play ball with the Chinese over resources and his own people were sick of him.


200 years is only slightly below the average for a civilizational life time before reform or collapse. Rome lasted way longer before their collapse which was hastened by Christianity and faggotry which Pagan Roman scholars like Tactitus wrote about. Furthermore, Greeks unified more than once to kick out disgusting foreigners. Also speaking of Tactitus Germania, where he wrote of European Parthenon focused Germans who shunned adulterers and threw gays in the bog…


>modern day Arabs as a comparison to ancient jew

>people from ethnic groups that didn't exist in the region then

Jesus was called king of the jews, fuck off retard. This is the problem that Goebbles named with lying. These soft pills are spread to turn Christcucks against jews but it's a foundational lie that hurts us in the long time. In reality the very people we call jews were there at that time and written about by Roman scholars, again cannot recommend Tactitus enough, wrote about how awful they were and their hatred for everyone else but them being unmatched. Kikes weren't just magically created post scattering by Nero.


No he wasn't.


Wow, except that Nietzche and other anti Christian authors weren't banned and educational text books were not Christian in nature, neither was Christian education mandatory either.



Could you be any more obvious of an outsider, go back to Reddit.


Newfag that is a shill, you can tell because of his many failings in the thread to blend in and usage of kike buzzwords like "Nazi", "Stormfag" (on /pol/ despite no one here being from Stormfront), and "White Supremacist which is pure jewish nonsense. All whilst autistically capitalising jew every time he can. He's also a "gawd" posting boomer jew. Lurk for two years.

c32463  No.12061535

These arguments go the same fucking way every time.

>Someone objects to Christianity

>Christians object back

>Anti-Christians trot out thousands of years of historical evidence

>Christians ignore history and focus on cherry-picked rhetoric, effectively a de facto No True Scotsman

>Anti-Christians claim actions speak louder than words (Kirchenkampf, Positive Christianity, etc.)and demand that the Christians explain historical events

>Christians double down on rhetoric while claiming that they've won the argument and that anyone disagreeing with them is a kike

It's all so tiresome.

a1b2d8  No.12061557

Deprive the Jews of everything they want, and wait for them to beg.

3ba9dd  No.12061614


>White Supremacist which is pure jewish nonsense

>implying that that's not true

15af56  No.12061638


>being an illiterate boomer-tier faggot

>implying white supremacist isn't pinko newspeak

Isn't it time you became an hero?

0e2fed  No.12061665

How many followers (official) of this movement are left? Wikipedia says 100, but that's Wikipedia.

Does that seem to be working to you?

Do people buy into this "genocide all but whites" meme? Doesn't look like it.

In the USA, 80% of white people identify as Christian. Only 0.4% of them claim to be pagan. You alienate the 80% and pander to the less than 0.4%.

Do you folks really think you haven't been Jewed into the Jew "nazi" meme? Make the case why advocating for an ineffectual, unpopular movement isn't what the jews want. Tell me why I'm wrong. Tell me how advocating against the 80% of white peoples is national socialism for white peoples.

3ba9dd  No.12061759


Whatever, anybody who advocates for conquering the whole globe is jewish to me

a85ffb  No.12061788


>faggot vol still trying


Thats nice, sweetie.

3ba9dd  No.12061794


what are you implying?

51d01d  No.12061798


>literally everyone who disproves my lies is the moderator

lol, dipshit

c32463  No.12061800


So Hitler and his staff weren't national socialists because they initiated Positive Christianity and Kirchenkampf despite virtually all Germans at the time being some flavor of Christian?

Interesting, please tell me more.

51d01d  No.12061806


>question was answered literally a dozen times





>According to the principles governing the compilation of this list, the following publications must be removed from public and commercial lending libraries:

>c) All writings that ridicule, belittle or besmirch the Christian religion and its institution, faith in God, or other things that are holy to the healthy sentiments of the Volk.

51d01d  No.12061807


>oy vey goyim you can’t be two things you must be one thing

>oy vey false dichotomy

Piss up a rope, kike.

c32463  No.12061889


>Hitler and the rest of the NS government were totally Christians, you guys

>No, no, you have to ignore what they actually did and instead focus on what they said because rhetoric means more than actual evidence; the fact that they executed men of the cloth, subverted the entire Christian establishment in Germany and openly pushed völkish beliefs means nothing in the face of a few sentences penned years before they came into power reassuring the public that they're not anti-Christian

This is literally what I brought up in >>12061535 about rhetoric > action as far as Christians on here are concerned. If you want to prove to me that the NSDAP did not have an anti-Christian agenda, SHOW ME. Talk is cheap, even from such great men.

15af56  No.12061965


Guess Ben Franklin and the founding fathers were jewish for wanting to manifest destiny the Americas with only Whites. Guess I'm jewish for wanting to exterminate niggers and jews wholesale so those headaches never bother anyone again. FYI Pierce respected the Japs and so do I, Chinks have to go though as they are our next biggest problem.




3ba9dd  No.12061974


If the Japan is filled with Japanese and other countries can follow that, I don't see the issue.

0e2fed  No.12061979


>So Hitler and his staff weren't national socialists

Non sequitur from what I said, Anon. Why would I engage in discussion with someone who either can't understand, or lies and smears like a kike?

National socialism can be summed up as "Ein Volk Ein Reich". The people were Catholic and Lutheran. Hitler had issues with the Catholic Church's lack of nationalism, but not the Catholic volk.

Hitler's National Socialism embraced the volk and the folk accepted it.

Pierce attacks the Christians, and appeals to a very small percentage of people.

Who's movement was successful? Hitler's or Pierce's?

a85ffb  No.12061980


That you are a leftist deradicalization shill.


>still crying

3ba9dd  No.12061992


The idea of "ethnoglobe" is not radical. It's stupid. You'd be starting wars with all nations of the world.

a85ffb  No.12061997



Your posts all have a sort of "well, they should be allowed to stay in our countries, expulsion is a jewish meme" quality to them.

0e2fed  No.12062000



And you'd get support from almost no one to start the war.

The Pierce Program is a failure, it never got off the ground and there are very few financial supporter left. The only purpose they serve is to be the Jew's "nazis are genocidal wanna be world conquerors" meme. They are the Jew's poison in the well of the true National Socialism that the Kikes fear.

3ba9dd  No.12062003


I apologize for misdirecting you. What I believe whites should have their own ethnolands and expel anyone who's not white back to their homelands.

a85ffb  No.12062005


I'm sure.

3ba9dd  No.12062019


You're sure of?

c32463  No.12062028


>Non sequitur from what I said, Anon. Why would I engage in discussion with someone who either can't understand, or lies and smears like a kike?

No, you misinterpreted. You implied that National Socialism does not attack Christianity and I disagreed and then extrapolated on your logic - if Pierce wasn't a National Socialist because of his sentiments regarding Christians then neither was the NSDAP.

>National socialism can be summed up as "Ein Volk Ein Reich". The people were Catholic and Lutheran. Hitler had issues with the Catholic Church's lack of nationalism, but not the Catholic volk.

>Hitler's National Socialism embraced the volk and the folk accepted it.

The volk never entered into this argument, just their beliefs and the institutions thereof.

>Pierce attacks the Christians,

No, he attacks Christianity. That is an important distinction.

>and appeals to a very small percentage of people.

He already appealed to a very small percentage of people, and if taking some bitter medicine is too much for those people then they're not cut out to be National Socialists. At the risk of inflaming this exchange, this entire discussion seems like it centers more around PRcucking than National Socialism.

>Who's movement was successful? Hitler's or Pierce's?

Neither currently exist and yet here we are talking about both of them so I'd say they both share the same fate to some degree.

51d01d  No.12062050


>still more strawmen

How cute.

0e2fed  No.12062051


Hitler attacked the Churches for not supporting the German people, true. But he didn't attack Christianity itself.

His (the Jew's) life is only concerned with this world and his inner spirit is as foreign to true Christianity as his nature was two thousand years ago to the great Founder of the new teaching Himself, Jesus Christ. Jesus made no secret of His feelings toward the Jewish people, and even used the whip to drive this rival out of the Lord’s temple. Even then, the Jewish religion was just a means to make money as a business. Christ was nailed to the cross for his intolerance of the Jews, while our present Christian political parties lower themselves in elections by begging for Jewish votes. Afterwards, they try to hatch deceitful political plots with the Jewish atheist parties and against its own nationality.

Hitler spoke well of True Christianity.

Pierce is more along the lines deceitful atheist plots.

0e2fed  No.12062061


>No, he attacks Christianity. That is an important distinction.

It's not national socialism if you tell the folk they have to covert, anon.

>He already appealed to a very small percentage of people, and if taking some bitter medicine is too much for those people then they're not cut out to be National Socialists.

You totally don't get that national socialism is about the people. You can't call the people wanting and reject them and claim to be a national socialist. That's so contradictory only a kike could have made it up and sold it.

>Neither currently exist and yet here we are talking about both of them so I'd say they both share the same fate to some degree.

Hitler failed because every goddamned ZOG on earth was called in to attack National Socialist Germany. Hitler had exposed the jew and made the German people flower once more.

Pierce failed because his movement was toxic and never caught on with more than a few people who craved attention.

Big difference, Anon.

a85ffb  No.12062068


That you arent a backpedalling shill.

15af56  No.12062072


>still no argument

>doesn't know what strawman means

Irritating, to say the least.


Whites already owned the world not too long ago and we can do it again. I foresee a White Africa and Americas in our future and no mercy for the jews regardless of where they hide.

ca84b1  No.12062090

File: 6b25777315b4bc7⋯.jpg (54.27 KB, 790x960, 79:96, 2296253 - emoji thinking x….jpg)


>advocating for filling other countries with japanese

the sushi jew strikes again



>more than one tenth of the posts

>still hasn't made a single argument in good faith

so this is the power of christianity…

40430c  No.12062100

So this nigger can go around spamming the same shit in threads?





Shilling 101: Don't get caught you christnigger.

40430c  No.12062103

3ba9dd  No.12062106


> White Africa and Americas in our future

What about the East?

40430c  No.12062121

Even more bullshit spamming.



>"the same copied and pasted jewish lies"

That's some deep fucking irony considering the evidence.



51d01d  No.12062127


>oh fuck i get exposed EVERYWHERE I go

>mods this is spam mods he can’t post facts that hurt my feelings mods mods mods mods mods mods mods mods


40430c  No.12062132

At this point I'm 100% certain the Christian shill is a fucking mod. No way someone is copy/pasting the same shit in different threads and it's just not being noticed.

40430c  No.12062138


>sperging when he gets caught

>the chirstjew cries out in pain as he projects on you


40430c  No.12062147


Damn I didn't even say anything about mods until this post


That's a guilty nigger right there.

c32463  No.12062149


What a thought-provoking and informative reply, thanks for arguing in such good faith.


>Hitler attacked the Churches for not supporting the German people, true. But he didn't attack Christianity itself.

This goes back to "talk is cheap". Please show me some official Christianizing force in NSDAP Germany that could be held up as a counterpoint to ''Kirchenkampf". Someone can praise Christianity until they're blue in the face but if you're upending and subverting the extant Christian order then I fail to see how they aren't going after Christianity. Not in totality, perhaps, but strongly and thoroughly enough to cause a metamorphosis to such an extent that when the metamorphosis is complete Christianity-that-was and Christianity-that-is are meaningfully different despite sharing the same name.

>Hitler spoke well of True Christianity.

>Pierce is more along the lines deceitful atheist plots.

Those "True Christians" you speak of are just Christians who placed National Socialism and the obligations thereof before their Christianity, and Pierce said much the same thing about Christians in the NA. But by the commonly accepted metrics in virtually all other contexts that makes those "True Christians" pretty lousy Christians, at which point you have to ask what relevance Christianity has in their lives beyond being a sort of spiritual safety blanket.


>It's not national socialism if you tell the folk they have to covert, anon.

Is it NS if you tell people that NS has to come before their faith?

>You totally don't get that national socialism is about the people. You can't call the people wanting and reject them and claim to be a national socialist. That's so contradictory only a kike could have made it up and sold it.

Ah yes, we should absolutely accept (or at least forgive) those "wanting" race-mixers, pholosemites and other associated race-traitors and degenerates. After all, isn't unconditional acceptance of h'white people what National Socialism is all about?

>Hitler failed because every goddamned ZOG on earth was called in to attack National Socialist Germany. Hitler had exposed the jew and made the German people flower once more.

No arguments here.

>Pierce failed because his movement was toxic and never caught on with more than a few people who craved attention.

Pierce failed because he had no worthy successor.

51d01d  No.12062192


>expects anyone to give his strawmen the time of day

lol, fuck off

15af56  No.12062196


>illiterate Christcuckery shilling kike misconstrues point saying x country for x people as Japanese imperialism

>sushi jew

>attacking only ally with the spirit to really fight the jews

>degenerate meme

Tells me everything I needed to know, you aren't even Christian but a jew. You fear the Aryan and the Samurai.


If the omission of anything but China for pollution/environmental reasons wasn't a clue enough for you… Indonesia and India are on the list for potential subjugation for the same reasons. Population and enviromental protection. The world was healthier without the massive 3rd world populations tbh.


>responding to people who unironically use "toxic" in their arguments

51d01d  No.12062197


>explicitly whining about moderators “allowing” things (that hurt his feelings) to continue

<lol i wasn’t talking about mods

How sad.

8bdcb9  No.12062200

Pierce was a known homosexual pedophile who duped his followers into offering their young sons to him for "tutoring".

The white nationalist scene is more messed up in this regard than the Catholic church. It's all just a big gay pedo scheme.

51d01d  No.12062202


>Indonesia and India are on the list for potential subjugation for the same reasons.

H. P. Lovecraft said that the only future he foresaw for India was the extermination of the dark peoples and the eradication of the ‘hindoo’ faith for its actions. Seems like everyone before the 20th century knew how to treat nonwhites.

ca84b1  No.12062203


>Tells me everything I needed to know, you aren't even Christian but a jew. You fear the Aryan and the Samurai.






0e2fed  No.12062206

File: f09470afb73e0e7⋯.jpg (22.19 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 450px-Paris_Tuileries_Gard….jpg)


>This goes back to "talk is cheap". Please show me some official Christianizing force in NSDAP Germany that could be held up as a counterpoint to ''Kirchenkampf".

You've moved the goal posts. Now you're given that Hitler spoke well of Christianity, but want to see what Hitler, a politician, did to make Christianity better.

>Those "True Christians" you speak of…

That was Hitler's words about True christians. Clipped it from Mein Kampf.

>Is it NS if you tell people that NS has to come before their faith?

If you reject the faith of the people, you reject the people. If you want to appeal to a different folk, a pagan folk, feel free. You can do national socialism with them; but you're not doing it with the majority of white people, you're doing it with a tiny fringe group.

>Ah yes, we should absolutely accept (or at least forgive) those "wanting" race-mixers, pholosemites and other associated race-traitors and degenerates

Paganism is degenerate, Anon, and less than 0.4% of people in America identify as pagan or wiccan. This cosmo religion of pierces? Even fewer followers. Show me the numbers - it's very small, even if more than the (((wikipedia))) claim of 100.

>Pierce failed because he had no worthy successor

He never was successful.

62a626  No.12062209

>>12062100 (checked)



Are you a detective or something?



The mod is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, a shill, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a nid and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”


Busy clearing reports before you go back to you spamming?

62a626  No.12062217

That typo deserves correcting.


The mod is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, a shill, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a mod and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

ca84b1  No.12062221


>volk is determined by religion

>pierce was never successful which is why kikes still fear him almost 20 years after his death

>paganism is degenerate [citation fucking needed]

>slippery jew arguments

I can't tell if you're actually a 75iq jidf shill or actually just a troll, gj

0e2fed  No.12062242





>You're a troll!

Funny. How cleaver. Never seen that on /pol/ before Oh wait, jews do it here all the damned time.

The religion of the people can't be separated from the people, Anon, you can't say "You have to accept my cosmopaganism" and claim to be for the people. You seem to be utterly stubborn on pushing this cult religion on them. Wrong.

Got it tho, post degenerate gay memes and not engage in discussion in good faith even as you accuse others of doing what you're doing. That's so jew it's bold just to post it here.

3ba9dd  No.12062253


I'll admit you have a good point, I think those two countries need to control their populations.

3ba9dd  No.12062263


Although he did admit that only the top 10% of India were decent, what you say is correct. India needs to get its shit together.

15af56  No.12062265


I am sorry Anon, I thought you were replying to someone else, but its the (65) I filtered hours ago.


Former Aryan northern Indian high caste of lighter skin.

3ba9dd  No.12062271


While I don't believe in massacre, India, China and Indonesia needs policies to limit their populations. In this way pollution would be lesser.

15af56  No.12062327


Chinese need extermination. Also stop applying White values to non-Whites. These people do not think or act like you or feel the need too.

0e2fed  No.12062394


>Chinese need extermination

Just don't. You're giving the SPLC fodder to scare the normies.

15af56  No.12062583

I cannot see you, but don't care for your faggotry when it comes to the jews of the East. You will die with them and the niggers, cancer of Earth.

caeaaa  No.12063558

Funny how quiet the mods get when they're caught shitposting.

516c8d  No.12064654

File: e237b9d1013128c⋯.png (148.15 KB, 429x241, 429:241, EC_Title_Screen.png)

File: 5c5436d3b3f5897⋯.png (99.25 KB, 381x294, 127:98, Ethnic Cleansing Video Gam….png)

Looks like a fun game.

15af56  No.12065999


It's garbage like Resistence Records was and is. Biggest mistake of Pierce's life was buying that shithole before he kicked the bucket.

00e403  No.12066025

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I was listening to this last night, great man.

62f7fd  No.12066036

File: 8c0757619ac3342⋯.jpg (14.43 KB, 228x206, 114:103, 8c0757619ac334265b4f2a853e….jpg)

Just a friendly reminder to filter pilpul kikes and semanticsfags. Don't even bother to engage in discussion with these demons.

bc84a0  No.12066246


Why is your IP a pissreal IP?

ddb843  No.12068099

>all this anti-christian shilling

I have no dog in this fight, but if Christ isn't the eternal enemy of the kikes why are they so afraid of the cross? They literally won't use the + sign in arithmetic because they hate it so much, and the reason they're called kikes is because they refused to sign with an 'X' on Ellis Island.

62f7fd  No.12068682

File: 4362c7418548b95⋯.jpg (251.94 KB, 1162x1600, 581:800, Kalki.jpg)


Possibly related to the Kalki/Karki figure. Common in these myths and religions is a character who comes at the end of time to fuck over everything evil on a more ruthless and more thorough scale than anything ever before in history. The kikes are perfectly aware that they are evil, therefore this figure is their natural enemy.

Karki will not be some sort of bureaucrat, but a warrior, pure and simple. In particular, he will be born to the Brahmins (ie. whites), and will lead a crusade of sorts to wipe out everything considered impure or filthy, especially including shitskins and mixed muddied bloods. Kikes fit right in with the shitbloods, and for good reason. In addition to his race war, he will purge clean every trace of evil in his path. Liars, fornicators, the diseased, murderers, and thieves will all be subject to this figure's wrath.

In Christian lore, this Karki figure is Christ himself.

In light of this "mark of the beast" shit ramping up, and in light of the description of the Kali Yuga, it's VERY likely that this Karki figure walks among us already, likely entirely unaware that his birth was ordained ages ago. When someone wages honest and open war against the kikes and the impure, we will know who he is, and we should support him with all of our steel.

000000  No.12069033



Looking for a 1981 TV documentary called "Armies of the Right". The reason is that there is documented proof of a Jewish ADL agent provocateur James Mitchell Rosenberg aka "Jim Anderson" who posed as military extremist. This was made clear in a 1984 court deposition by Irwin Suall (ADL Spy).


Hey Rabbi, watchya doin! as well of tying Israel through it's ADL spy lobby of inciting violence and turmoil in the US.

It would really be appreciated if someone even made a thread here and elsewhere for this request.

15af56  No.12069104

File: 34f66cbc39fd92d⋯.pdf (111.07 KB, eirv11n47-19841204_058-adl….pdf)


He's talking about this, for those who are interested.

ddb843  No.12069180


Look at this kike. Holy shit. We've already won.

15af56  No.12069202


Fuck off retard.


Yeah your little documentary is extremely hard to find, despite mentioned on multiple wikis and Stormfront, of course those niggers didn't even ask for the actual documentary, let alone look for it. It seemingly went down the memory hole, I'd suggest that you try searching for footage or reports of the court case like I am and move from there.

000000  No.12069253



Thanks for that background and wow…

>Sniper Rilfe two blocks from UN

>Plot to blowup NAACP Headquarters

>Violent Riots

>IDF Soldier

>Association with CIA Agent Phillip Agee

Really explains a lot of what is going on these days and how long things have been in the works.

ddb843  No.12069279


>you already lost goy

Fascinating. You kikes are dead on arrival.

62f7fd  No.12069352


>having no reading comprehension

Spics aren't welcome here, Pedro.

ddb843  No.12069371


The juwes are the men that will not be known for their crimes.

0e2fed  No.12069752


>Why is your IP a pissreal IP?

Gonna dox me, Mod?

Too many kike mods on this board.

c32463  No.12072662


>You've moved the goal posts. Now you're given that Hitler spoke well of Christianity, but want to see what Hitler, a politician, did to make Christianity better.

No, I have not. I never denied that Hitler spoke well of Christianity, but I asserted that the actions of the NSDAP were informed by an anti-Christian agenda and invited those who disagree with me to show evidence to the contrary - evidence, not rhetoric.

>That was Hitler's words about True christians. Clipped it from Mein Kampf.

Yes, and I assumed that (you) used the term in the same capacity.

>If you reject the faith of the people, you reject the people.

By that logic, either Kirchenkampf doesn't real (protip: it does) or the NSDAP rejected the German people. You might want to think on that a bit.

>If you want to appeal to a different folk, a pagan folk, feel free. You can do national socialism with them; but you're not doing it with the majority of white people, you're doing it with a tiny fringe group.


Ah, back to PRcucking. This discussion has nothing whatsoever to do with "appeal". At all. It has to do with the relationship and interactions between Christianity and National Socialism. Please stop evading.

15af56  No.12072821

Pierce virtually being the only man that could run his organization is an absolute shame. Not just because he had no successor but because he was taking on such a huge burden that he ended up neglecting his own family, which led to them being blue pilled. His last wife isn't even known by name, just that she was Eastern European. Don't make the same mistakes with your kid's Anons, it's one of my only grievances with Pierce.

15af56  No.12072824


Dropped link


e44ab3  No.12073584


Martin Bormann was an atheist.

e44ab3  No.12073602


The Myth of the 20th century would have been banned then. But it wasn’t.

91c969  No.12084531

91c969  No.12084538


They actually use the + sign in aritmetic. I used to study with some of them.

c32463  No.12110081

Still waiting on a reply to >>12072662 by the way.

f30b33  No.12110107


Not attacking a religious institution… is not the exact same thing… as promoting it, being a part of it, or patronizing it.

f30b33  No.12110299



c41b6c  No.12110510

File: 531057b3ffc83c8⋯.jpg (43.82 KB, 704x376, 88:47, JIDF10.jpg)


My advice, kill yourself. Pierce was a high ranking member of Rockwells party, you are nothing. A kike puppet.

14e3fc  No.12113718

I wanna see some of your favorite broadcasts or other works by Pierce. Watched maybe a few dozen broadcasts so far.

c32463  No.12125078


Do you have the 308 archive? I used to listen to them at work all day.

ed8166  No.12126624


Fuck off boomer Jew

14e3fc  No.12127861


I've been listening to them off the Herr Nordstrom channel on JewTube. Anyway, got a favorite one? Or have an opinion on which are good to red-pill normies with?

The first one I watched was the Rhodesia one. Listened to it with my little brother and he didn't like how Pierce said he used to want to kill race-traitors. I tried to explain to him that race-traitors basically force their kinsmen to commit cultural suicide alongside themselves.

c32463  No.12137052


There were a fair few that were truly outstanding but I can't recall the names off the top of my head.

377b40  No.12137198

Why was the thread celebrating the birthday of Dr. Pierce deleted by mods?

c41b6c  No.12137232

File: c23506681d232a5⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1313x826, 1313:826, Dr-No-William-Pierce.PNG)


Heres a bunch I posted in the thread, some of the go-to ones I have when specific topics come up but not necessarily a best of.








c41b6c  No.12137234

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c41b6c  No.12137248



Couple more good ones, wont embed.

fc611b  No.12137258

File: 521f7c3d9da3e21⋯.jpg (63.59 KB, 492x702, 82:117, 16a1ed8768af3d7b98a770a6de….jpg)


rat detected

c41b6c  No.12137272

File: 5830272817f0c7b⋯.jpeg (71.31 KB, 497x597, 497:597, Pierce-Race-War.jpeg)


If you want to larp and memelove, go back to cuckchan. Pacifist deradicalization shill detected.

c41b6c  No.12137275

File: 133fa3baa091150⋯.jpg (54.69 KB, 720x317, 720:317, pierce-race-war2.jpg)

File: 5bbcec2a0b05476⋯.png (64.64 KB, 580x100, 29:5, Pierce-never-vote-to-stop-….png)

fc611b  No.12137291

File: f27e262175cbda0⋯.jpg (38.8 KB, 638x500, 319:250, 123452135.jpg)


fuck your gay serial killer loving manson glorifying book

you are nothing special, just like the siegefags before you, just another defective subhuman fed rat .

c41b6c  No.12137302

File: 86e00a1a2f9d8a9⋯.png (219.38 KB, 1683x1655, 1683:1655, civic-nationalism2.png)

ac3e8b  No.12137328

File: 21397e9d83b862a⋯.jpg (6.33 KB, 313x470, 313:470, algiz2.jpg)


Fuck off faggot.

c41b6c  No.12137375

File: 0312147c1f61d17⋯.png (139.35 KB, 348x441, 116:147, trs-autism.png)


>just vote with niggers, thats what Pierce would do. He always said "voting is important, it matters"

Except he said the exact opposite.

0e2fed  No.12137489



Jews post both sides. this entire thread is Jews

a85ffb  No.12137707


No, one side of the thread is jews.

your side

2e2dbe  No.12137882


a85ffb  No.12137903


Lovin' the cuckchan meme and those proofs.


I forgot he was born on sep 11th.

2e2dbe  No.12138232

File: 5ee7ea7c6992359⋯.jpg (95.32 KB, 900x775, 36:31, William-Pierce-thoughts.jpg)


What a strange birthday 2001 must have been for him.

14e3fc  No.12146141


I'll check them out, friend. Are the ones from >>12137234 and >>12137248 your favorites, or just more you've linked for the same reason?

ce42b3  No.12146372


Reminder that if you are American "patriot" then you are a traitor to your nation.

ce42b3  No.12146377

c41b6c  No.12167271


The ones I linked at the top are the ones that come to mind and I can remember by name, I havent listened to all of them but Ive gone through a good number and ones like Patriots Choice, To Be Or Not To Be, Cowardice and Individualism are probably the top 3 that I think of right away. I was going through some more obscure ones from the archive file the other day,like A Riot in York and there was another I cant think of right now, anyways theres all sorts of quality broadcasts he made, you can throw a dart at random and hit a good good one to listen to almost every time. Very little is outdated, especially like The New Extremists where he was talking about Mueller before people knew who Mueller was.

c41b6c  No.12167274

Shocking Differences, thats the first one I started spreading frequently. Explains differences in race and culture, why we dont mix.

c64c45  No.12183948


He predicted Trump becoming presidnet 20 years ago and 9/11, those are certainly important to red pill normies.

46e3cd  No.12184104

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Dr. Pierce

Great man. Love him.

The greatest of men.

Mad respect.

More men need to be like him.

Fearless and unrelenting of the truth.

PR cucks can fuck off.

46e3cd  No.12184107

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Fucking kikes

ac3e8b  No.12184125

File: 7e439c0d1560e62⋯.jpg (505.79 KB, 1223x1600, 1223:1600, ahnenerbe marching.jpg)


Not liking satanists has nothing to do with disagreeing with Pierce. Pierce was right on many things, and would most likely disavow siege for being a kike cointel operation. The point is to rebuild the family through segregation. Building our own schools. Building our own communities. Building our own industry. Jews have power now because if you rise up and shout to the heavens your true loyalties they can cut you off from your job, your bank, your (((money))), your friends, your family, so on and so forth.

If you live in a Volkisch community, that can fend for itself. Teach itself. Feed itself. Employ itself. Where is their power then? Where is their influence?

Perhaps there is a role for readsiegers like you in the coming racial holy war. But that role is merely one of many, and trying to downplay everything else because its not siege, is naive.

2298af  No.12184139

File: 97287533e4227f8⋯.png (226.25 KB, 488x692, 122:173, James Mason Pierce.png)

9dc05b  No.12187101

Dr William Luther Pierce - 308 Broadcasts

Torrent (The Pirate Bay)


ca5ad8  No.12191121

bu mp

8786d2  No.12209298


There are over 200 25 minute talks, by Pierce, on that channel last time I checked. You can use youtube-dl and a simple script to download the entire playlist, and have listening material for months.

edff51  No.12232096


1552e9  No.12232695

File: 29dc226f117199d⋯.png (68.31 KB, 733x295, 733:295, Reading List.png)

File: 53eeef9ca7f60ea⋯.png (302.86 KB, 528x528, 1:1, james mason loves kikes.png)

File: 36af57b3258cb45⋯.png (948.99 KB, 1113x894, 371:298, james mason fatty.png)


Surely WLP would have had these books in the National Alliance's reading list.


1552e9  No.12232709

File: 7ade708c51c41d9⋯.png (159.03 KB, 284x398, 142:199, SEEJ.png)

927f7e  No.12232714

File: 3918c8e455be1c8⋯.jpg (20.11 KB, 480x545, 96:109, hitler doom paul.jpg)




d02169  No.12232825


Fuck off back to desert with your kike religion, rabbi.

cffeea  No.12269161


57b791  No.12269427

File: 522b7078dcbb26b⋯.jpg (88.97 KB, 680x931, 680:931, 1502987436135.jpg)


>white science man

Tips fedora.

1a1a7e  No.12274057


None of them are infiltrators because none of them are NatSoc, they're your average libertarian neocon kike-lover

1a1a7e  No.12274058

File: 6f8bbc43384bc44⋯.jpg (72.15 KB, 680x545, 136:109, 1526118612520.jpg)


Also you have no prove to say that William Pierce is a shill, go bait somewhere else jude

1a1a7e  No.12274059

fa88d2  No.12274062







No surprises.


X' (

52b432  No.12274095


I sincerely wish nothing but ill on you and yours. I mean that.

9953ef  No.12274184


>David Duke, Patrick Little, and even George Lincoln Rockwell himself are now apparently Zionists

>posts no proof like the (((1)))-posting kike he is

The others are obvious, but this type of /pol/ schizophrenia needs to stop. It only leads to gaslighting faggotry with no actual basis other than the blatant autism of the poster. Unless if this said poster is actually just that fat mongrel "Moarpheus" sperging out, then I can understand.

9953ef  No.12274190


Oh I forgot you've listed William Luther Pierce, too. Yep, you need to go back.



9953ef  No.12274217

>>12062200 (wasted)

>yet another (((1))) poster

Cuckchanners are king at this. The more pozzed that shit website becomes, the more cancerous newfag filth from said shit website will migrate here. It's all so tiresome.

0e2fed  No.12274301


Huh. Pierce with James Mason, who was also associate with The Church of Satan, and (((Anton LaVey))).


62f509  No.12297102


> Pierce with James Mason

"Can I take a photo, Mr. Pierce?"

"Sure you can, creepy kid."

30yrs later on /pol/

>OMG Pierce is a Satanist!

a85ffb  No.12297210


>gets so btfo he doesn't even bump anymore

Stay defeated.

0e2fed  No.12297431



Meh. Why bother with either of you?

Shits gonna hit the fan, the white people will fight back, and the degenerates will go up against the wall.

And there you are, saying the exact same shit as the kikes with your whopping 0.4% of the people backing you as Pagans, and half of them are Jews.

You're fucked and just haven't hit dirt yet. Doesn't matter, you're NPCs - totally programmed and not really alive. You can't even reply without calling everyone kike, even when asked how come you describe National socialism the same way as the fucking jews.

a8785a  No.12297454



Let me guess you are the same cuck that made over a hundred posts in the meta thread whining about Hitler being a Zionist?

8b70ed  No.12297468


Once the boomers die off the churches will start to vanish, because the only other people who are go are Mexicans who can't afford the tithe. Even with all their tax fraud they won't be able to keep the lights

380219  No.12297472

File: b0bf124db976276⋯.jpg (54.9 KB, 518x756, 37:54, jesus rage.jpg)


>you as Pagans

> you're NPCs - totally programmed

Everything you say is just stupid chan talk and Jew worship. It's sick and sad that you're not even human because Jews convinced you to worship a "first born" child killing demon like (((EL))).

c583ac  No.12297474


Yes, please, do read the first 10-20 pages of Liber 333 which you can find on PDF, where it clearly says the Satanists are not concerned with stopping white genocide but are tasked with infiltrating both the left and right in order to subvert and DESTROY the groups. Left and right, pro-white groups, infiltrated and DESTROYED by these satanists. Clear as day, they are promoting white genocide.

c583ac  No.12297480


Siege is a book on armed struggle, it doesnt matter what Satanists are promoting it for because its valuable for its commentary on armed struggle and the system.

c583ac  No.12303420

File: 63d5ea17fa51076⋯.jpg (135.29 KB, 1565x840, 313:168, Craig-Cobb-Standing-In-Dr-….JPG)

Kikes took down the archive, we need another one.


a85ffb  No.12303745


>anybody I don't like is a pagan


i'm not even a pagan you dense faggot


He is our former mod, polvol2.

995264  No.12303755


Sorry, paid jewish shill. Your years of identical spam don't work on us.

995264  No.12303761


Nah, that's not me. How about you stop sucking kike cock and actually have an argument for once, moishe?

6d2a76  No.12303767

Why do `woke` black girls lust over white dudes?

Why are so many of them mixed blacks?

d75d0c  No.12303810


Because nobody with even the slightest ounce of sense wants anything to do with black men, including the like .01 percent of black women and black men that act like humans if you squint hard enough. Nobody hates niggers more than niggers. The KKK at its peak couldn't exterminate the beasts at a rate even a tenth as fast as they exterminate each other.

They're mixed blacks because, again, refer to the above "anybody with an ounce of common sense". Protip: If you're a full blooded african the odds of that being you are so close to zero it's basically nonexistant. If you have a little bit of whitey in you you might reach that bar once out of every hundred thousand fucking cases

a85ffb  No.12303839




>dats nod me I swear

995264  No.12303846


You're brain damaged. Seek medical help immediately.

a85ffb  No.12303924