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File: 8288d2bb047dde9⋯.png (478.14 KB, 1065x774, 355:258, idlib.png)

File: 5350f9e3eb15707⋯.png (423.35 KB, 585x730, 117:146, idlib2.png)

c24f21  No.11943851

Battle of Golan/Northwestern Syria Thread 2

Syria - Golan comped - Battle of Idlib begins

>Jaafari: There will be no compromise in regard to the restoration of control over the entire Syrian territory

<Mod edit: Title similar to last thread for catalog searching/reference

Post last edited at

c24f21  No.11943868

File: 6f5511414db5b0c⋯.png (144.49 KB, 679x894, 679:894, s1.png)

File: 904032beda7cf03⋯.png (116.97 KB, 685x686, 685:686, s2.png)

>https:// syrianwardaily.com/

>https:// twitter.com/SyrianWarDaily

f75c56  No.11943887


>Give up hostages, vehicles, and emplacements

>half of your force gets executed in cold blood

>commanders get tortured

>you get green bussed to the middle of the desert where you're going to get used as live target training for Russian pilots

sounds like a good deal to me

633078  No.11943907


What does this mean?

Get me up-to-date on this.

Is Syria going to try and take back the Golan?

What are the current numbers of forces in the area?

Any official statements from Assad or Syrian Generals?

How about Iran or Russia?

c24f21  No.11943924


>Is Syria going to try and take back the Golan?

From the looks of it they wanted to recomp all the land up to Golan and hold down that territory. Now they work on the rest and probably save Golan for last. Make the kikes sweat a little.

>How about Iran or Russia?

Still there and never leaving.

f75c56  No.11943933


read the previous thread, wow

c2d2d2  No.11943940


>Make the kikes sweat a little.

Sounds more to me that they're war exhausted and that trying to take a mountainous region back from a highly advanced army who owns nuclear missiles can't just be done on a whim

c24f21  No.11943944


>Russia's ambassador to Israel on Monday described as unrealistic Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's repeated demands that Iranian forces and their allies be expelled from Syria

>https:// twitter.com/AlArabiya_Eng/status/1024167313443049473

9bf5ef  No.11943947


Retaking Golan means restarting the war with Israel. Serious shit, which Syria is not ready for after almost a decade of war already. I'm certain they do want to take it back at some point, but the focus right now is to defeat all enemies within Syria's boarders, secure them, and strengthen and rebuild the country. With the help of Russia and Iran, Syria may be ready to attempt to retake Golan within 5-10 years.

With things winding down and Syria having pretty much won the war, Israel is put in a place where they have little excuse for more westttern intervention, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

c24f21  No.11943958


>Sounds more to me that they're war exhausted and that trying to take a mountainous region back from a highly advanced army who owns nuclear missiles can't just be done on a whim

Yep. Bit by bit they'll rebuild their offensive once the other areas are cleared and then move in. I would wait until the next israel election (November 5 2019) when

Netanyahu is out of office and a possible shitlib pres is installed. Also gives syrian forces a bit of a breather. The other two areas (north and east) are massive enough to keep the SAA busy for a while.

c24f21  No.11943962


>With the help of Russia and Iran, Syria may be ready to attempt to retake Golan within 5-10 years.

Within 10 years america will be financially destroyed so its best they wait and retrain a proper army with russias help.

50b853  No.11944177

File: fcf2a9d57bbd3bc⋯.jpg (580.58 KB, 1364x928, 341:232, assad UNDEFEATED.jpg)

File: 52031b898036577⋯.png (271.27 KB, 608x342, 16:9, assad fist.png)

File: a2d0a7d9cf25997⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 960x1228, 240:307, assad KEK LUUUULZ.jpg)

File: 1854feed5b2c46a⋯.jpg (15.09 KB, 450x222, 75:37, assad quote.jpg)

File: 24c8498568356d5⋯.jpg (35.3 KB, 750x709, 750:709, Assad_Whiskey.jpg)

Great to see Assad going all totalen kreig now Syria has upper hand.

Fucking breath of fresh air.

Salutes to all the Syria oldfags who have been following this kike-caused tragedy since 2011.


>Russia's ambassador to Israel on Monday described as unrealistic Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's repeated demands that Iranian forces and their allies be expelled from Syria

<B-b-but muh putler! oy vey orange kikes putler wants greater ISISrael!

Fucking assrekt hasbarafag shills can GET THE FUCK OUT.

And no, Syria won't go into the kike occupied/stolen Golan. It would mean all out war likely, not happening.

a69e30  No.11944206

Based Assad

Remove the imperialists

9231b7  No.11944826

File: 578599fd86dbaa0⋯.png (239.46 KB, 687x578, 687:578, idlib area.png)

File: 2a33ca2fa31021a⋯.jpg (312.07 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, tactical balloon.jpg)

File: d07c87e181043ca⋯.png (489.09 KB, 751x824, 751:824, daesh the beatles.png)

The borders of occupied Idlib haven't begun to shrink, so here's a picture of the aftermath of an incendiary balloon. Also a terror cell that calls themselves "the beatles". No fucking joke. The beatles.

9231b7  No.11945099

File: 7fffda433ec4b76⋯.jpg (128.58 KB, 786x942, 131:157, Incendiary_balloons_from_G….jpg)

File: 8430ffaa930fc02⋯.jpg (29.43 KB, 1024x672, 32:21, tactical condoms 2.jpg)

File: 474e3ed68245bd1⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 5760x3560, 144:89, tactical kite.jpg)

Got curious about what the Palestinians were using for the incendiary balloons, and it's even funnier than I imagined.

f6c6da  No.11945131


I still have no idea what these things are and how they are making jews go crazy with firecrackers?

9231b7  No.11945164

File: d176337d645c4ca⋯.jpg (76.62 KB, 640x360, 16:9, israel burning.jpg)


Like this.

61a418  No.11945188


they startle easily

f6c6da  No.11945208


wat de fugg, whats the recipe?



keked and


3f6368  No.11945213

God bless Assad, God bless Syria, God bless Russia.

a09e7d  No.11945269

File: 161918ffef022ee⋯.png (227.26 KB, 878x377, 878:377, 64797535105cf2f35b90d051ff….png)


Assad the Muslim king reigns supreme, Erdogan's delusions BTFO, Russia stronk, kikes on suicide watch…I'll have a Coke


e7dcc2  No.11945297

File: 7dd44be44308b62⋯.gif (233.52 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1533097165082.gif)


9231b7  No.11945315

File: 853ae9dcebf5f7e⋯.gif (742.21 KB, 655x430, 131:86, party hard.gif)


From what I've read, it's mostly helium balloons tied to improvised incendiary payloads. That's all there is to it.

c2d2d2  No.11945368


There's also the matter of Syria needing to rebuild their economy. With Bibi out, who knows, they could even broker a peace deal with da joos and the UN and gte back their country without shedding any blood, although we all know they won't give it up so easily.

50b853  No.11945486



They have the fuse tied on to the balloon string, so at a predetermined distance it will burn through and the incendiary device lands on the ground.

262af0  No.11945538


Straya tier shitpost

>neck yourself though cunt assad is living the dream

22f42f  No.11945565


arent you the israeli poster that posts pics of that homosexual neocon bolton?

8ae7dc  No.11945810

File: c567d8ce1243e3c⋯.png (649.06 KB, 1016x699, 1016:699, ClipboardImage.png)

Southern Idlib getting shelled more than before.

1cadf6  No.11945832

So has this become a Syria v Turkey war now?

8ae7dc  No.11945851


For now, no.

3eefc2  No.11945874


Oh look its this guy again

3eefc2  No.11945878



1cadf6  No.11945904


Then my next question is, when will the Assyrian empire re-emerge?

a69e30  No.11946230


Probably soon after Palestine is liberated from the Israelis

4e9e05  No.11947176

File: fea155cafbbab34⋯.png (1.05 MB, 725x755, 145:151, golan1.png)

File: ae653f6375f81e2⋯.png (355.79 KB, 737x552, 737:552, golan2.png)

Southwest Golan border and surrounding areas officially and completely comped, Kikes officially BTFO!

4e9e05  No.11947188


>broker a peace deal with da joos and the UN

Only a kike would take that stance. Kikes need to be BTFO permanently. America wont be around forever and the Chinks wont give enough of a fuck to step in. Good luck with that.

a7cfca  No.11947191

Anyone got the archive of the previous thread?

1c5210  No.11947193


>t. trumpcuck

5c75b9  No.11947212

Great thread on the (((white helmets))) with tons of photo & video proof: https:// archive.fo/vBgsU

5c75b9  No.11947236


Previous thread:


>https:// archive.fo/sDeHa

3eefc2  No.11947964

File: 1aa09b814380d1b⋯.png (320.56 KB, 1073x1000, 1073:1000, 1533161364779.png)

Those sneaky fucking shits

>be days ago

>we totally captured the north east ISIS pocket

>legitimate government starts talks

>oh look at all these ISIS wearing SDF/FSA uniforms oh my!

0215fb  No.11947978


5c8a9c  No.11948016

000000  No.11948047


It means it's a LARP thread for BF niggers who think they are actually getting authentic real time updates of the strategic, operational and tactical situation on the ground kindly provided by (only) one side freely over the internet.

Basically, it's information by retards for retards. They should go and off themselves.

000000  No.11948055


That's because a guerilla war doesn't have frontlines. Something the BF niggers ITT do not understand.

915bf4  No.11948203

70add0  No.11950144

File: 3bbfbfb4f483b10⋯.jpg (133.35 KB, 1447x594, 1447:594, alpha line.JPG)


There's going to be kikery until the glassing.

38091a  No.11950376




8ae7dc  No.11951286

File: 8354b33d1416315⋯.png (128.69 KB, 546x452, 273:226, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 932066539e69677⋯.png (439.74 KB, 1139x625, 1139:625, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 78db890fde7e56f⋯.png (484.16 KB, 914x624, 457:312, ClipboardImage.png)

<See goy, Israel defeated ISIS after all these hard years of war!

7c81f5  No.11951700

000000  No.11951752


Funny right? All of Israel's remaining operatives were fleeing towards the border when Israel decided to do what kikes always do. Never. EVER. Trust a jew.

9fdb16  No.11951753



Stay mad torkike.

596da2  No.11954006



33e4d1  No.11955024


Alawites are muslim though. They're a subsect of shiites.

9231b7  No.11955084

File: 8871418cc84ee36⋯.gif (467.05 KB, 666x711, 74:79, syria reconquista 13.gif)

File: 43d487524db8fe0⋯.gif (33.6 KB, 320x100, 16:5, kinneret draining 16.gif)

File: b92a61039507a8a⋯.gif (202.15 KB, 848x480, 53:30, why contain it.gif)

Made a final version of the Golan reconquista animation. Also, about 43 days left before things get really interesting in Israel.

9231b7  No.11955121

File: 3ba31b4778d46d1⋯.png (12.71 KB, 705x153, 235:51, saa reaches border triangl….png)

File: 3ba31b4778d46d1⋯.png (12.71 KB, 705x153, 235:51, saa reaches border triangl….png)

Eye of the Tiger.

9231b7  No.11955123

File: 59673df219987e0⋯.jpg (262 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, saa reaches border triangl….jpg)


Sorry, meant to post this as well.

9231b7  No.11955360

File: 52894967278f95c⋯.gif (132.5 KB, 256x256, 1:1, le burning merchant.gif)

70add0  No.11955440

File: d7caee2b11ab99f⋯.jpg (38.02 KB, 809x488, 809:488, sea of galilee.JPG)





>final version

Not until the glassening. Besides, the Golan is still kiked, so fuck this final version.

>43 days left

Until the six million gallon televangelical donations start pouring in. At least update the graphics, and explain -214.4 is the pipe level, pic related. Rolling for a new record historical low level.

Anon, you don't need to samefag - the thread will keep slow burning long before it can be slid.

f76a16  No.11955468

I am still baffled on how many countries' armies are involved in this conflict and on Syrian ground… with no international repercussions.

Israel being one of the worst offenders

c3975c  No.11955485

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Fucking beautiful. Those boys earned that. Godspeed Assad, and good to see all those dead SAA men are at last vindicated.

2749ed  No.11955487


There is no such thing as International Law anon or International Human Rights. Those are just weapons to be used by used and tucked away when counter to Semitic interests.

9231b7  No.11955500


Hey, I'm impatient to see more ground gained as well, but it might be at least a few days. The rebels in Idlib seem to be putting up a fight despite being softened up by artillery. Assad has begun starving out the rebels in the south, so maybe something interesting will happen there.

Donations? Even if the donations are massive, it won't be enough to power industry, agriculture, and a war effort. Even six million gallons a day would leave maybe 2 liters per person. If they don't have to cook and are willing to be thirsty, there might be enough to bathe in after a few weeks. And how will it be shipped? I don't even think your roll being off by 4 will help them.

70add0  No.11955522


I'll check those nice digits though, as Kek has favored your reply. As for the donations, I was referencing anon in the previous thread. It's years of cynicism that make me think (((they))) have something planned to weasel through this. Still, I expect the northern front to be much more active than the western in the near future.

9231b7  No.11955573

File: 2bece85cbf174dd⋯.png (56.98 KB, 654x179, 654:179, hama.png)


Checked in return. But I have to imagine their plans are pretty fucked up. How long ago did they realize there was a strong possibility that Netanyahu was not going to take Syria?

And, yeah, SAA was firing a lot of artillery into the area around Idlib while the Golan offensive was finishing up. And it looks like they capped more rebels in Hama recently.

a0703a  No.11955601

File: 1eda7d8c585306c⋯.jpg (13.17 KB, 232x206, 116:103, 1466415634108.jpg)





That's pretty ingenious considering how dry the area is and how Israel desperately needs the farmland.

These bastards can cause millions of damage with some party baloons, lighter fliud and cheap chink fuses.

And the cleared area around the walls prevents the fires spreading into Gaza.

70add0  No.11955604


That reminds me, I haven't seen anything recently about Netanyahu criminal investigations. Is he going to give up his cunt Sara? Losing in Syria incurs an elevated level of internal jewing.

82d4b7  No.11957389

Why the hell can't SAA shoot down any kike planes? They downed exactly one like a year ago, but since then, they've just been getting bombed. I thought all those S400's from Russia would be able to handle it, but so far kikes are still doing free bombing runs. Can any /k/anon explain?

22f42f  No.11957634

File: 19f6669b80407e8⋯.jpg (113.85 KB, 960x720, 4:3, thejewcriesinpainashestrik….jpg)


becauseshooting down jets is alot harder than it sounds to armchair generals.

first thing right off the bat is the fact that you need to both detect incoming strikes, calculate their path and retaliate with appropirate systems.

the SAA still uses S200 tier SAM systems which can be defeated with electronic and thermal countermeasuers.

alot of people that worked in the military in the AAD in whatever country will tell you that shooting down a jewt with a SAM is as difficult as hitting a bird with a rock.

and thats just the hypothetical situation.

you have to account for the fact jews attack from jordanian or lebanese airspace aswell as their own, and syria shooting down or just fireing missiles over another countrys territory would be bait for the jews to say

>hurr durr they are missile striking us

and you might be thinking

>well just be ready for when jew jewts are in the air

the jews violate lebanese, syrian and jordanian airspace 24/7. that way the syrians will know about the strike only when the missiles are already flying toward airfields and bases.

not to mention that the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you and even is jewts are shot down over syrian territory they can go full retard and "punish them for defending themselves" or just call america for backup

000000  No.11957635


Maybe the new jets they bought aren't as shit as we were lead to believe.

ac79d8  No.11957645


Russia doesn't want to deploy stuff for fear of giving away performance data, just to defend some Syrians. Also it depends what planes the kikes are using. F-35's, for example, are an absolute bitch to take down.

22f42f  No.11957648



syria is doing the jesus thing and turning the other cheek rather than starting WW3.

syrians arent fucking retards like the jews because they dont have america in their pocket to use as a "get out of trouble" card every single time

70add0  No.11963671

File: 149f69b85b2b02a⋯.jpg (156.9 KB, 1491x537, 497:179, Kurd reinforcements.JPG)

Kurd reinforcements are a problem.

35b350  No.11964038


As if Israel only uses America as a 'get out of trouble' card and not as their private mercenary forces. It's more like if Assad uses his 'get out of trouble' card, Putin and Khomeini are dragged into a proxy war, putting Trump in an awkward position.

ac79d8  No.11966830

File: d495de41edf95d9⋯.png (227.92 KB, 749x649, 749:649, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6599c1f8f062428⋯.png (68.03 KB, 543x304, 543:304, ClipboardImage.png)


d54239  No.11967149

what's next for the Lion of Damascus?

4f1f61  No.11967156

File: 60d3f7df04a861b⋯.png (39.17 KB, 388x300, 97:75, it's the kind of tired tha….PNG)

File: 178f95a52894a9a⋯.jpg (893 B, 6x7, 6:7, by.JPG)


>in the middle of a 7 year long civil war

>still cares about stopping white genocide

>only government in the world that does


9231b7  No.11967198


I'm guessing Suweida as noted by >>11966830. The terrorists executed one of the hostages recently.

f6c6da  No.11967207


>be terrorist

>have women hostages

>kill them

did they get tired of raping the same one every day?

9231b7  No.11967224

File: 558a8cf47c3c45b⋯.jpg (22.77 KB, 276x488, 69:122, isis victim.jpg)


Apparently it was this guy that they killed. They took many more hostages after the 14 women. Think it was either 30 or 50 in total. Assad can't even negotiate with the stinking Israeli-funded goatfuckers because their demands are so unreasonable.

9231b7  No.11967355

File: 153643cf878189d⋯.png (66.95 KB, 535x357, 535:357, khan sheikhan.png)

Finally some activity! Also the Chechens offer their blessing. Kadyrov has some good advice, honestly. I think Assad should do it.

d9b9f8  No.11967449


>t.dumbass shill

70add0  No.11967794

File: e4f3c7387241fb5⋯.jpg (33.52 KB, 1240x744, 5:3, Ramzan Kadyrov.jpg)


I was wrong; it appears solidifying Al-Suwayda is militarily more pressing than the Idlib neighborhood. Checking your digits, although pic related has been a family man for quite awhile, and just a Chechnya figurehead now.

8ae7dc  No.11968842

File: 84ea3b8ac925f87⋯.png (383.4 KB, 670x607, 670:607, ClipboardImage.png)

This had better be bullshit, I don't want chinks anywhere near Syria.

16f606  No.11968921


They want to tweak israel's nose for the south china sea crap, get the PLA some experience against a mostly defeated enemy, and likely have economic interests as well.

Perhaps they'll do a swap: We'll pull out of Syria if you get the US off our back in the South China Sea.

ea1472  No.11969232

File: 6bc4c61192f17f1⋯.png (726.25 KB, 1023x577, 1023:577, 07cb107fd41dacc342a492b8f2….png)


you could say the same thing for their hobby store rockets that have killed almost no one, but caused them to develop the billion dollar scam iron dome. When Iran actually lends military grade rockets, they are in for a yuge surprise being that they needed to cover the expenses with usual kike lies and the thing only operates functionally in simulation.

0f7c2c  No.11969265


But why not?

c09684  No.11969524


>This had better be bullshit, I don't want chinks anywhere near Syria.

Definitely not bs. This is nothing more than practice and a positive imo from syrias perspective. They'll need a lot of manpower to hold down the west, continue in the north and wage a whole new battle in the east.

My guess is China/Iran/Syria will become the main army for the eastern push as russia begins holding down recaptured places and setting up defensive weapons.

c09684  No.11969566

File: e18c27b7ea5bd46⋯.png (667 KB, 1359x806, 1359:806, 1.png)

File: dbac10dd7e4619e⋯.png (573.45 KB, 1356x803, 1356:803, 2.png)

92ec9e  No.11970275



9231b7  No.11971383


Kush really should pull his money from Genie now, before it becomes a bigger loss than the devil tower. Also

>Bennett previously called for the world to recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory and for a population boom to take place there through new settlements

>Genie Energy also exploits other resources in occupied Syrian territory, like water, through its drilling services company Atid Drilling Ltd […] The surrounding area supplies a third of water to Israel

It might have worked if they hadn't wasted the entire fucking Kinneret. They might be able to subsist on stolen Syrian water for a good while, provided they don't try to expand their territory or population.

3f04f0  No.11971512


>Now they work on the rest and probably save Golan for last

That isn't going to happen. (((Putin))) would not allow it. Israel is his greatest Ally.

3f04f0  No.11971527

File: 0789e5bf7a8f2cc⋯.jpg (198.02 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, adam-goldberg-avi.jpg)


He looks like that Jewish actor

9231b7  No.11977841

File: affc9f41c61db92⋯.png (117.44 KB, 767x315, 767:315, tactical balloon blowback.png)

Once again, the god damn fucking kikes ruin everyone's fun. I hope they get a goddamn armada of flaming kites thrown at them over this.

70add0  No.11978244

File: 0e07b4d2396c826⋯.jpg (52.14 KB, 532x361, 28:19, Refugee-we-are-not-going-b….jpg)

File: 4339d198082d7c7⋯.jpg (75.61 KB, 1161x285, 387:95, berlin syrians.JPG)

File: 60eb3bda5a7d8e3⋯.jpg (38.01 KB, 808x489, 808:489, 214.JPG)

Truly a bizarro timeline

>German government is actually giving refugees three weeks paid vacations INCLUDING airfare BACK to the very countries that claim they are fleeing because it is unsafe.


Rolling for a new historical low, now that the only kike freshwater is down to -214 meters below sea level. At -214.4 the pipes are no longer operable, and even Moishe will be taking a whore's shower.

631baf  No.11978261

(((complete media blackout))). this is big

b302e5  No.11978286


The water or the lollable army chicken pecking an indestructible nation?

ba7965  No.11980212

File: 9eadf011563eaa4⋯.jpg (13.3 KB, 444x444, 1:1, suicide.jpg)


>when you run the world but fear a few kids with a paper kite airforce

7a4ef5  No.11980264


Here comes a new challenger!

9231b7  No.11981110

>>11978244 (checked)


ac79d8  No.11981314

File: 0a2ce0d52da1b16⋯.png (242.94 KB, 400x300, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5be88f6ef077d0c⋯.png (347.23 KB, 341x530, 341:530, ClipboardImage.png)

File: be8645a66ce86cc⋯.png (361.02 KB, 510x361, 510:361, ClipboardImage.png)

File: efca5d0e1705877⋯.png (62.79 KB, 794x183, 794:183, ClipboardImage.png)


>214 meters below sea level

Did some quick searching on that "low."

These are photos from the year of the record low (the first one is for sure, not certain about the other 2), so this should be about where they should be now.

Also this FB comment from 2012.

24f361  No.11981326


what's a Tami4?

ac79d8  No.11981329

File: c8f0f35aad43718⋯.png (426.33 KB, 700x466, 350:233, ClipboardImage.png)


No idea, Bing Gave me this result.

ac79d8  No.11981337

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Heeb writing

Think I found it. What an odd thing to complain about.

70add0  No.11981390

File: 51e1247b1b011ab⋯.png (35.76 KB, 750x600, 5:4, 1110.png)

File: dbd084d1e574e36⋯.jpg (166.91 KB, 960x628, 240:157, cache on display.jpg)

File: 76fbe8093378f81⋯.jpg (31.53 KB, 660x330, 2:1, kinneret-island.jpg)


Weapons on display near the Golan. Is it worth the PR value to risk these not being put to better use?


>In the generation when the Son of David comes, the house of assembly will be for harlots, Galilee in ruins, Gablan lie desolate.

(Sanhedrin 97a)

>And the waters shall fail from the sea, and the river shall be drained dry.

(Isaiah 19:5)

That FB anon might be on to something. Bibi might want to drain it to fulfill some yid prophesy. Also like the island image - not sure at what level this re-appears.

ac79d8  No.11981451

File: 9a30028ceb1d895⋯.png (164.38 KB, 320x859, 320:859, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c8f5147f7bb592⋯.png (9.65 KB, 280x171, 280:171, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 04c4468ede74c6a⋯.png (66.26 KB, 828x505, 828:505, ClipboardImage.png)

In my quest to learn more about this mysterious kike water filter, I have learned that:

1.) Navigating websites in Heebspeak is hard

2.)The shekel symbol is two hands rubbing together

3.)The shekel hasn't been doing too well the last few months (relative to USD).

Considering it's only $1.3k for the premium bubbly wifi one, I don't see why the FB user was so mad.


>Bibi might want to drain it to fulfill some yid prophesy

This would be great timing for kikes to shoot themselves in the foot for us. Yes please.

9231b7  No.11981824

File: 92b9d7f89422615⋯.png (287.1 KB, 990x509, 990:509, israel red alert.png)

Lots of red alerts in kikeland as the kikes besiege Gaza.


Kek. Did you find that first image, or make it? That's pretty good. You know, the idea of Bibi letting the lake drain to fulfill a prophecy isn't that far fetched. After all, that was the whole idea behind PNAC. But is he really that fucking crazy? It really is looking like he is.


Six years ago, huh? I bet the yids drinking filthy reservoir dregs are really pissed off at Bibi now.

24f361  No.11981844


What could you do with old AP tank shells?

24f361  No.11981861


It's pretty funny. It looks like some sort of Kureig

70add0  No.11981966

File: 06d33858b4ae0df⋯.jpg (120.99 KB, 1257x607, 1257:607, August 2018 retail.JPG)


Modified stock image state route sign.


Checked. Same thing I did with old bullets and blasting caps in my twisted youth. Improvise.

Interesting that water is the most volitile consumable. (((It))) is scared. Pic related.

https: //www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=Israel

d8fa60  No.11981986

Probably deserves a separate thread, but Israel just launched 140 attacks into Gaza.

1d3ebd  No.11982009


>that price of beef

Feels good living around ranches and I can eat real food for cheap. I feel bad for those poor camel jockeys.

70add0  No.11982035


see >>>/pol/11979938

c2d2d2  No.11983142


So are there even Jewish normalfags? I always assumed they were either autistic or in on the whole thing.


>2.)The shekel symbol is two hands rubbing together

Oh my God

>3.)The shekel hasn't been doing too well the last few months (relative to USD).

Makes sense, they're in a war zone and no matter how much Nethanyau tries and sell the country as a start-up nation, no one will want to invest somewhere like that.

a27e28  No.11983790

File: 2f04cd71048dcf6⋯.png (3.12 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

0f7bbd  No.11983860


this page that started as a shitpost has started to become an actual legit news page now


70add0  No.11985071

File: 087274ca9868627⋯.jpg (55.74 KB, 934x798, 467:399, hezbollah.JPG)


ac79d8  No.11985087


In contrast to the Syrian Army, is Hezbollah "weary of war," or are they itching to fight?

70add0  No.11985284


This is a good question; likely more complex than one or the other. Perhaps an element of live training, closer liason with the SAA and maybe misdirection. Since Hezbollah will necessarily be critical when Bashar eventually moves to reclaim the Golan, this troop transfer is a positive development. The SAA is winning, and it's hard to get weary of that. Gearing up for a multiple front push toward Idlib is probably the short term reason here.

There's also this distraction to consider.

https: //www.sbs.com.au/news/syria-s-first-lady-asma-al-assad-diagnosed-with-breast-cancer

a76610  No.11985585


>But Putin has a photo smiling with a kike so your argument is invalid. You see, by opposing Israel, they are working for Israel.

>Never mind that Russia today had more sanctions than the USSR ever did.

I, for one, embrace our russo-chinese overlords.

9231b7  No.11986644

File: e4f9ae330439418⋯.png (2.97 KB, 400x470, 40:47, le shekel merchant.png)


I couldn't find the original, so here's a reconstruction.

70add0  No.11986785

File: b2d7b18b078e767⋯.jpg (38.49 KB, 889x170, 889:170, globophobia campaign.JPG)


Checked and DLed for future meme potential.

Symptoms of fear of balloons (globophobia) include suffering a continuous internal movie play in the mind, typically involving seeing it explode in the face.

70add0  No.11987056


Excuse the same fagging, but there's a shitload of progress in the past two hours.


Maybe the onset of the Idlib push?


Video of Russia eliminating some weaponized drones before dawn in Qalaat Al Mudiq's twatter feed.


eb0d5c  No.11988696

File: 2b03cf0b82ea73a⋯.gif (999.18 KB, 245x301, 35:43, 2b03cf0b82ea73a5b1ab9ffea2….gif)

File: 8f1df2b1071df9f⋯.jpg (334.23 KB, 905x1200, 181:240, 8f1df2b1071df9f4418916cd97….jpg)


Thanks for the update, anon.

SAA, give 'em hell!

70add0  No.11990108

File: fdd699262ee2909⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.12 KB, 570x689, 570:689, Jan 20 2018.JPG)

File: 4e0652efaf974a9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.39 KB, 590x690, 59:69, Jan 21 2018.JPG)

Syrian Civil War Map @CivilWarMap

>We have received an e-mail from Twitter telling us that a Turkish court wants the deletion of 2 of our tweets. According to the court order the tweets are "supporting terrorism, violence and/or threatening national security". Both tweets are reporting about civilian casualties.

<threatening national security

>documenting potential war crimes


These are the old tweets from January that Turkey wants removed. There doesn't seem to be anything vital here, but archived regardless. Images spoilered to avoid unnecessary moderation.



9231b7  No.11990746

File: d67ead137637537⋯.png (493.73 KB, 1029x1048, 1029:1048, idlib trucks.png)


Looks like it continued all day. All the truck icons outside of Idlib are SAA forces headed there.

f6c6da  No.11990790

is israel giving isis weaponized drones? where do they keep getting them from?

9a2752  No.11990878

File: 35673ef71735170⋯.png (754.23 KB, 1514x879, 1514:879, russia.png)

Good job (((russia))) and the (((UN))). At least this should keep the kikes from coming across unseen.

70add0  No.11991163


The Turkish economy is seriously crashing and Erdogan is probably desperate for a scapegoat. He will necessarily blame the (((bankers))), for what is arguably a self-inflicted foreign account deficit. Remember that he obtained (((IMF))) loans on the pretext of Turkey joining the EU. On Friday the Lira lost about 20% of its value. On Monday Erdogan and his advisors will be meeting with Russia's foreign minister Lavrov. Russia has already set up a corridor through Syria for some 2-3 million people to vacate the Idlib region. I'd expect there to be some 24-48-hour grace period to accept whatever Putin has in mind. Therefore, I can't see an actual ground offensive from the SAA unless this aspect is reconciled.

The only chance Turkey may have to avoid total bankruptcy or contingent western demands, will require further cooperation with Russia. Putin is well aware of Erdogan's desperation and may not allow him to stall for time. It would be wise for Putin to force Erdogan to give up completely any designs on Syria. Essentially the main requirement should be for Erdogan to formally release all the land its proxies hold, back to the Syrian government and take no action in defence of the NLF. Russia and Iran can then restore Turkey's trade routes to the rest of the Gulf, and ease the country through its financial crisis. The NLF is screwed in Idlib either way. Erdogan can't support them indefinitely while bankrupt. He was heavily invested in the U.S. plan to replace the Syrian government, and consequently ISIS. Although Turkey is agriculturally sound, it's still importing much oil as the internal energy sources are underdeveloped. Cooperating with Russia and Iran eases that problem.

tldr: Don't expect a ground push into the Idlib region until the results of this Monday's Lavrov-Erdogan "diplomacy" are clear.


>isis weaponized drones


They don't seem too hard to make. Drone + Grenade + RF controlled release mechanism.

4e9e05  No.11994719

File: 3e565179c20dd38⋯.webm (8.06 MB, 400x226, 200:113, Rapper from Palestine.webm)

9231b7  No.11995478

File: 1801e47597cdcae⋯.png (361.38 KB, 827x583, 827:583, syria 31-12-2016.png)

File: a97f4a3dd147f7f⋯.png (294.5 KB, 748x566, 374:283, syria 31-12-2017.png)

File: bf1115704eebbc6⋯.png (50.06 KB, 825x236, 825:236, suweida reconquista in pro….png)

File: 94d01fce6c54392⋯.png (873.56 KB, 1420x1068, 355:267, animal assad.png)

Here's pictures of the territories in Syria in December 2016 and December 2017. SAR was that close to destruction at one point. And now the only real threat left is the SDF. I have to wonder what happened. Was that John McCain money really propping the various terrorist groups up that much?


There were some good gains in Suweida, though. It appears that the terrorists are totally fucked.

70add0  No.11995643


>I have to wonder what happened.

How much does Johnny's brain tumor treatment really cost? I suspect that being unable to legitimize itself, is at the root of why ISIS is failing. Granted, solid arguments can be made for other reasons. Yet Sunnis believed in divine religious victories freeing them from persecution, while instead witnessing defeats - even if hard fought. Weaponized cults necessarily treat anyone who is not a true believer as an enemy. For this reason, they ended up alienating Saudi and Qatari money. Now Turkey is going broke, and Kurds apparently have made some deal with Assad. Who will be looking for protection tomorrow from such a caliphate?

dcb981  No.11995671


>Was that John McCain money really propping the various terrorist groups up that much?

The cover for this war was there during the obama admin. With Trump a majority voted for him because he promised to pull the troops out. Not to mention the countless false flags that have been debunked within days.

Assads window will last until Trumps second term and then they'll force his hand into going full out. Only way to justify it is massive kike deaths from some bullshit rocket supposedly coming from the opposition. So far rockets have only come close or near areas with people but next to nothing has justified any of (((their))) responses. We'll see how badly the kikes want to win this war.

9231b7  No.11995715


Sounds like pretty much everything falling into place for Assad.


Most of the rockets I've seen reported that landed in Israel or the Golan were stray fire from combat in the area. Haven't seen one in a good while now. The kikes would have to come up with a pretty crazy scenario to pull that one off.

I too worry about what happens after 2024, but dicking around in the sand is becoming increasingly unpopular in the US. And many of the Israeli dual citizens in its Congress are already over the cliff of senility. Things might be very different by then.

70add0  No.11995763

File: 00fdc2bf6b91093⋯.jpg (40.4 KB, 850x560, 85:56, the lion.jpg)



I just want whatever outcome gets us closer to the complete eradication of jewry. I see an enabled Assad as the one with enough balls to light the fuse.

9231b7  No.11997070

File: 846e232522e6807⋯.png (40.5 KB, 641x346, 641:346, suweida reclaimed.png)

Suweida reclaimed. I hope SAA was able to save the hostages.

ba7965  No.11997207

File: b1ad9e6bec67536⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 225x225, 1:1, shch2.gif)


shaped charge IED

ba7965  No.11997222


after this syria thing calms down theyll need a year or two to restructure and fill lost cadres.

after that and after iran sends gear via the baghdad highway theyll be ready to bash israel

ba7965  No.11997230


its to keep israel from making provocations and arming ISIS cells.

did you think the SAA is gonna just march straight to jerusalem when they reach golan?

70add0  No.12000014

File: 0f0c3c9d6798d5b⋯.jpg (23.82 KB, 868x152, 217:38, $50M.JPG)


This doesn't end well.


Checked. Through Iran already has troops and gear close to the Golan, I agree it will be awhile before an actual battle. The kikes are already whining about foreigners in Syria being too close to the Golan, and are trying to impose an arbitrary 40-50 Km zone. Fun fact: Iran has the best concrete in the world, an order of magnitude better than anyone else's. Their technology can withstand 60,000 PSI and is useful for more than defensive bunkers. Observation points are obviously just a euphamism for military bases.



9231b7  No.12000102


Crap, the hostages are screwed. Assad can't afford to make it look like that tactic works. At least Simon Elliott's terrorists won't be menacing innocents for much longer. Also, holy shit. That concrete sounds amazing. 60,000 PSI is the tensile strength of mild carbon steel.

78c5b1  No.12000106


>after this syria thing calms down theyll need a year or two to restructure and fill lost cadres.

So we can expect to stir shit right away.

2973f1  No.12000212

File: bb14bf11aeae28d⋯.jpg (122.34 KB, 640x480, 4:3, prince of persia.jpg)



Daily reminder that we wuz Iranians.

18f94e  No.12000217

File: b20c7f6406619ee⋯.webm (2.82 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, shaped.webm)


>shaped charges

Miniature meteorites

ba7965  No.12000857


damn stright. and anyone with a welder anbd some gunpowder can make them. not to mention theyre (((untracable))), just like the mines that killed the hero of Dierezzor.

70add0  No.12004888

File: d5361207a438114⋯.jpg (35.35 KB, 882x226, 441:113, progress.JPG)


Beijing is not going to bailout Erdogan because they lust after money almost as much as the kikes. However, they also have a need to put a Band-Aid on the hemorrhaging.

>Concerns about contagion from the lira’s plunge weighed on Asian stock markets on Monday, with 24 out of 26 Asian indexes reporting declines. The biggest loser was the Kosdaq index in Seoul, which fell as much as 3.7 per cent to a two-week low.



It's possible Erdogan will want to engage Germany and France before conceding to Putin, as the potential for Turkey leaving NATO could be worthwhile tabling. Since any fracturing of NATO would be a negative for the kikes, it would appear Putin has the advantage here. Trump and Pence have an excuse to stonewall, although an untimely (((natural))) death of Brunson would fuck this up. The key indicator from the kike banking scheme to watch, is the credit-default swap. These are five-year hedges which reflect the cost of insuring government bonds against a potential default, measured in basis points. None of the financial hot-shots are going to educate people on this topic. No news from the Lavrov-Erdogan meeting, other than it's extended an extra day.

265552  No.12006434

File: 6501440490f3cd1⋯.png (722.27 KB, 1655x879, 1655:879, syria7879.png)

Kikes are looking for another way in though the west now that Golan is shut down. I'm sure Hezbollah will help them out ;)

8004be  No.12007599


I'll say this friendo if israel falls, their population will flood straight back to the west. And their diaspora cousins will be quite pleased to have more manpower.

fb46a3  No.12007639


I hope a bunch of mossad get caught in a pocket

70add0  No.12008718

File: 8a5c00b5dc905dc⋯.jpg (69.38 KB, 631x678, 631:678, jordan.JPG)

Didn't see this coming. Maybe making room for future Idlib refugees by sending back others?

000000  No.12011145

>>12007599 (checked)

> their diaspora cousins will be quite pleased to have more manpower

At first, yes, because the kike sees only the short term. In time, not so much, as without a sovereign hideout the ability of the kikes to kike without consequences is greatly curtailed. How many kikes are fugitives from justice in Yidsrael as we speak? What happens to them if Yidsrael falls?

Basically, Yidsrael is Cobra Island and the reason we don't simply declare war on Cobra Island and crush them is that most of Congress is on Cobra's payroll.

88ea5e  No.12011247


>Didn't see this coming. Maybe making room for future Idlib refugees by sending back others?

and to protect attacks from the south. Iraq isn't as friendly as they used to be so that Jordan section is all thats left.

From the looks of it Syrias entire border is now either protected or surrounded by non friendly US countries (Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon, Golan/UN)

bf8d68  No.12011250


Just in time for western nations to get fed up with their tricks and start turning up the heat on judaism. It will be just like the European migrant crisis on overdrive, just you watch.

>millions of orthodox Israeli Jews flee into western nations as refugees

>unlike the globalist diaspora Jews, these Israelis don't any idea how to hide their power level

>they're used to being able to openly espouse Zionist anti-western rhetoric and generally being very hostile to gentiles

>half of them don't even speak English, the rest have strong yiddish accents

>mass redpilling opportunities as these superjews get in everybody's way and become a giant pain for whatever countries take them in

It'll be fantastic for us. Also as >>12011145 points out, Israel is basically one huge safe haven for the worst sort of Zionist trash. Think about all the JIDF-tier shill offices that operate out of that place, and all the spies and criminals that flee there after doing their dirty work. Not to mention the billions of dollars their government receives from cucked western nations. Losing that territory would be an incredibly massive blow to their ability to safely project influence throughout the world.

37be39  No.12011288

File: f9c85dde2fe3648⋯.png (122.34 KB, 1180x409, 1180:409, eternal kebab.png)

houston we may have a problem

I saw this coming tbh

2529d9  No.12011299


I suspect their tune might change when they realise how horribly fucked the Turkish economy will be now Trump put tariffs on Turkey and the currency is tanking. They won't be be to afford a sustained war effort for very long. In the meantime, ISIS will be totally eliminated and rebels will be pushed out of the Southeast.

Assad's victory comes slowly but surely.

f6c6da  No.12011317


>Muh biased news source even though https://syria.liveuamap.com/ has dozens of sources

But I better go check what ISIS and the US State department are telling me about syria to get a balanced view!

Fair and balanced like fox news and cnn!

37be39  No.12011318

File: b5feb7a3604a8a2⋯.png (10.96 KB, 366x299, 366:299, 54535.png)


I think they're just putting their guys there as 'human' shields.. considering they're a NATO member

also Qatar is giving Turkey billions to bail them out, plus Turkey is selling everything to China the way Greece sold everything to the EU

70add0  No.12011733

File: 1627ee6240d2d0c⋯.jpg (43.63 KB, 962x472, 481:236, turkish debt.JPG)


>without a sovereign hideout the ability of the kikes to kike without consequences is greatly curtailed

And removes the cornerstone 1947 UN resolution swindle, restoring land to the indigenous population.


>Syrias entire border is now either protected or surrounded by non friendly US countries

I'd consider Jordan as neutral; the only pertinent travel advisory currently is to avoid the Syrian and Iraqi borders. A downside though was king nigger's funding which extended deep state in the region.


>Losing that territory would be an incredibly massive blow to their ability to safely project influence throughout the world.

Yes, and losing any occupied territory would showcase their military weakness. Just last year the kikes own air force general Eshel stated publicly "we cannot defend our territorial depth against the Hezbollah rockets, and possibly we will not even manage to protect our citizens against the same rockets." Local use of nuclear weapons is not going to matter if the happening is a slow boil. They are only good as a global deterrent, and aren't going to be useful against a coordination of efforts inside the occupied territories. Nuking themselves would be amazing to witness though.


>Qatar is giving Turkey billions to bail them out

$15B of investments isn't the same as an outright handout to prop up the war. Also consider that it doesn't make debt payments. That problem is many times larger than a token gesture from Qatar - pic related.

Maybe the best redpill is the "100,000 radiations" because it was seen in 2004 on the kikes own TV. The ashkenazi perpetrated a real holocaust on sephardic children in 1951 using x-ray machines donated by the U.S. army. That helps crack the myth of the kike promised land when motives are examined here. It allows for some D&C when jews shoah jews.

133500  No.12012133

File: f1ef277f4220c3d⋯.png (397.79 KB, 1439x778, 1439:778, 1534389932432.png)

Someone get the heavy duty bug spray the roaches just claimed idlib for themselves. The fucking gaul.

They are also rolling in the prefabs.

24f361  No.12012164

24f361  No.12012166


>the ashkenazi perpetrated a real holocaust on sephardic children in 1951 using x-ray machines donated by the U.S. army.

24f361  No.12012171

What would happen in a global debt reset?

Would turkey be for that?

70add0  No.12012239


I didn't expect anyone here would be unfamiliar with this. It's real easy to search, but for all practical purposes just the movie review. There isn't even a broken link to a foreign language torrent of this documentary remaining. If anyone has a copy, it's very rare now.



9231b7  No.12012981

File: 2a4b162e29dbe1d⋯.png (5.38 KB, 629x156, 629:156, idlib offensive.png)

File: cc2784686f214ea⋯.jpg (54.91 KB, 1200x527, 1200:527, idlib offensive 2.jpg)


Seems that the Tigers are not impressed.

70add0  No.12013179

File: 353793a5351b586⋯.jpg (66.68 KB, 1001x456, 1001:456, idlib offensive 3.JPG)


Now entering the southern rural front.

9231b7  No.12016817

File: 534c4b77aacfb92⋯.png (53.35 KB, 566x206, 283:103, aleppo turks.png)



And the Turks repeated their announcement, this time a little further north. The audacity of these motherfuckers. They really are living up to the roach analogy. I would like to see the Tigers squish them, but how dangerous is Turkey in this fight?

24f361  No.12016850

File: 524ea25fa550614⋯.png (678.6 KB, 1616x832, 101:52, buybuydfs.png)

Our AI overlords have spoken!

bccbe1  No.12016859


Is all that equipment just gear from the 60s discarded by the US?

d0068c  No.12016998

File: 812ef4bdc001103⋯.gif (3.67 MB, 700x298, 350:149, charlton_heston_rea.gif)



ce70ca  No.12017037


You have to realize that if the Turks lose in Idlib and Al-Bab is taken by Assad, everything they were doing for the last few months is thrown out the window. Erdogan cannot afford this with the sanctions and is therefore expecting Syria to fold.

133500  No.12017053


Ah shit, WW3 is about to kick off. God fucking damnit.

9231b7  No.12017091

File: 2f8dc6c5b8cebb3⋯.png (42.99 KB, 524x209, 524:209, america yes.png)


Things are looking bad. The US appears to be supporting the aggressors. Fucking NATO.

d54239  No.12017292

File: 95bbc281d80596b⋯.jpg (125.26 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1522229518626.jpg)

70add0  No.12017337

File: dbd0ad39cc310c9⋯.jpg (326.19 KB, 1049x859, 1049:859, omran map aug 15.JPG)


>how dangerous is Turkey in this fight?

I'm estimating there are upwards of 70,000 enemy troops. A long war of attrition favors Bashar, but whether or not NATO may decide to expel Turkey is also on the table. Putin will be face to face with Iran and Turkey next Monday. If Erdogan decides to look to the east for long term help, that might be enough to persuade NATO.


That's a significant loss, as they possibly intended to detonate an SDF munitions depot.


>Is all that equipment just gear from the 60s discarded by the US?

Some of it is Russian like the Grad-1 MLRS, which is a nice piece of equipment if you read the specs.



>Things are looking bad.

Not an ideal development, however not quite as shitty as it may seem. Manbij was already being used by the U.S. after the Kurds took it two years ago. It doesn't mean the coalition is necessarily going to be directly involved against an Idlib push. More or less this announcement is just a reminder that the Sunnis are accompanied by a U.S. presence. Manjib and the U.S. military base just north on highway 216 in Dadat, is however, a very strategic location. I don't think the SDF wants non-arabs coming in from the north, and Mattis is probably sending a warning to Erdogan more than anyone else. The red square in pic related is the base at Datat. The map is from Wednesday per a Washington, DC consultancy.

133500  No.12017364



133500  No.12017379


I know what you are saying but let me just drop this on you, the wolves are at the door and syria is running out of boards to barricade up the windows. Shits fucked because now you have a Turkey V China V US V Israel V Iran V Kurds V Syria V "Moderate Rebels" situation on the ground in Syria. Russia and Turkey and China are a little too close to let Syrian land take precedent here, and I seriously hope I am wrong but Turkey has been proven to have been supporting ISIS monetarily via oil purchase, Erdogan is eyeing up an ottoman empire return and you have the heebs licking their lips at the thought of expanding the Golan.

59bdc6  No.12017395


1488D chesscucks get into the motherfucking >>>/oven/

There's a reason the Turkroach banned all posts even slightly critical of Trump. Make Israel Great Again you fucking goys.

9231b7  No.12017404


See >>12017337. He is right about the Turks being in trouble with NATO. Less likely the US will actually intervene in their favor in any case.

59bdc6  No.12017427


Last few months? Turkey has been funding and letting Turkmen/other jihadi faggots filter in through the Latakia-Idlib border for YEARS. If I remember correctly the first Turkish militias started pouring in around summer 2015. The border control agents/Turkish internal security could have stopped them then. Full Turkish involvement started in spring 2016. Has literally every anon other than me forgotten Erdogan's new Ottoman Empire speech shortly after he was first elected?

59bdc6  No.12017444




October 2016 is the rough point in time when the expansionism became official policy. Source is shit but the speech was not a joke or bluster, he meant it.

0a5450  No.12017459

File: 61c5518f07162c2⋯.png (267.88 KB, 1008x720, 7:5, 8ad137c530be818564d10f1256….png)




ok DeepStatekun

70add0  No.12017613


Don't forget based Hezbollah. ISIS was selling Iraqi oil, when that source of income was available; gone now. Erdogan isn't going to just piss away money, so ISIS only purpose (from the Turk perspective) is part of the NLF and the coming cluster fuck in the Idlib province. I agree with you, this is going to be a wicked proxy battle, and likely the bloodiest in a long while. Supply lines favor Syria through Iran, while Erdogan might just get fucked in both holes. Would be poetic justice if Turkey gets carved.


>>12017444 (checked)

Go back and look at the Dec 2016 territorial map >>11995478 as it's easy to see how they were all chomping at the bit, never expecting Assad to survive, let alone go on the offensive. Consider also that Nicholas Danforth's spin on Erdogan's rhetoric is biased, since he writes for and is paid by the Bipartisan Policy Center as a policy analyst propagandist. Not a strawman argument, just an observation. Erdogan is best understood as pond scum, who will say anything and switch allegiances when convenient. If the U.S. doesn't support him now, then the rest of the EU surely won't want to either. The rationale may go along the lines of Turkey itself isn't coming under attack, which could justify NATO standing down.

24f361  No.12018206

Hasn't Israel and it's allies achieved the complete opposite?

The population knows who's responsible for this mess including arming ISIS.

If Assad get's all of his Territory back he would have a ton of experienced men.

If Assad wins, would his men be more experienced than Saddam's men were?

e13551  No.12019716


>Russia sells S-400 to turkey

>Turkey uses S-400 to defend Idlib

putin really shot himself in the ass there

70add0  No.12020188


Assad isn't going to present high value air assets for Erdogan to target. This is primarily a ground war which is out of scope for such a defense system.

>The S-400 is intended to engage aircraft, ballistic and cruise missiles.


9231b7  No.12020260

File: 21f67da09dc2da2⋯.png (460 KB, 723x474, 241:158, fucking kikes shooting mis….png)

>>12020188 (checked)

The S-400s would only be useful against the US forces and the kikes. The Tigers should consider walking right up to the things and driving them to Damascus.

e41dde  No.12020436


We'll see, don't start posting Pauls just yet. People said the same shit about Ukraine a couple years back and no major powers ultimately came into direct conflict over that, either, despite all the piece being in place for such a happening.



A very dangerous game is being played, and we don't know how much of this is coming from the white house. Most likely it's just the fucking shadow government spooks using their standard issue israeli intelligence reports to direct military assets for their own agenda. The president won't get involved unless it comes time to actually bomb or invade another country. I doubt Trump is the one directing this. And Turkey and Erdogan himself are both very much in the dog house, and sit in a super precarious position. In all truth, Turkey has the largest, most modern and powerful army in the Middle East, and occupy the extremely strategically valuable Anatolian peninsula. A fight against the turks would mean serious business for Syria, they would be in for some shit even with Russian assistance.

18f94e  No.12021022

File: 991ef475197d976⋯.png (413.57 KB, 747x824, 747:824, Screenshot_20180818_053737.png)

You're on your own lol

t. US

3bf33f  No.12021131


mattis is such a piece of shit. remember when people were praising Blumpf for picking him?

70add0  No.12021292

File: b25489630c65873⋯.mp4 (3.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Kornet ATGM Interception i….mp4)

According to a Turkish journalist the M60T battle tank (modified M60) was deployed yesterday just outside the border to Syria and close to the M4 highway into the occupied territory. This is a very strategic position.

>Ali Özkök, a Turkish journalist, revealed that the tanks were deployed in the town of Yayladağı, which is located north of the Turkmen mount in Syria’s northern Lattakia. Earlier this year, the Turkish military established an observation post at the mount, which is considered a part of the de-escalation zone in northern Syria.



Although the recent upgrades are not detailed, it's worth looking at this 1970s U.S. export. The largest recipient was pissrael, although there were buyers worldwide. A look at the technical specs reveals it's likely weakness, being relatively slow moving.


Both Syria and Turkey have modern ATGMs, which are effective against the M60. The number of Russian supplied 9M133 Kornets to Syria is unclear. It apparently requires a trained specalist to operate effectively.


3ba433  No.12021314


Those M60's held up better than the Leopards they were running around.

70add0  No.12021325


Don't know who was operating the ATGM or what the purpose of showing the missile can be decoyed was though.

3bf33f  No.12021329

File: ee58ff9cd919f7d⋯.png (22.36 KB, 633x758, 633:758, ee58ff9cd919f7d1cd8de90000….png)


>the de-escalation zone in northern Syria

>de-escalation zone

>de-escalation zone

>de-escalation zone

>de-escalation zone

>de-escalation zone

3ba433  No.12021341


Sounds like their AKKOR system.

70add0  No.12021356


>Sounds like their AKKOR system.

Yes it does, but the video was 2014 and Turkey might not have this yet.


(problem archiving)

3ba433  No.12021368


Serves me right for not sleeping but that video you posted is israeli shit. Its their trophy system in action during that last little spat hamas and the kikes got into in 2014.

70add0  No.12021376


That would make sense, and the kikes won't be exporting it either.

7f03a5  No.12021528


>The Turkish economy is seriously crashing and Erdogan is probably desperate for a scapegoat.

Hilarious how they're breaking petty shit (all those subhumans can do) to protest muh drumpf and blame it on burgers.

Hilarious but good for situation in Syria, further those subhumans are from cucking to USA and ISISrael, the better.

133500  No.12021587

File: ea31c51e8492afa⋯.png (621.24 KB, 1439x857, 1439:857, 1534582257693.png)

These fucking roaches

70add0  No.12021634


Breaking iPhones is nigger tier. Meanwhile what really counts is no one buying liras. I actually think it would benefit the U.S. and Trump to make an example of what can happen if the rest of NATO doesn't pay up. If there's to be any cucking, it probably won't happen until after Assad reclaims much of the land south of the M4.


That's near where they positioned some M60 tanks yesterday, yet it's still talking out their ass. Russia has already stated publicly that if Assad decides to move on Idlib, that they're obligated to support this. Iran will keep the supply lines open through northern Iraq. Hezbollah is going to come out of this with hundreds of battle hardened veterans. That's got to be deebly goncerning for the kikes.

1802bf  No.12021654


>if the rest of NATO doesn't pay up

Go be a boomer somewhere else

7f03a5  No.12021722




Interesting. 60kPSI is ridiculous!

They probably got this tech from the norks, because they advised hezb how to build bases which clearly very well withstood the kikes in '06.


The shitroaches are just screeching loudly like the kikes did before golan fell. They know it's inevitable that they will lose Manbij and if they think they can beat Russia, Hezbollah and Syria, while shitting on USA, they are even more stupid than I thought.

Assad will in typical fashion likely let the kurdniggers do the dirty work and leave them alone there for longest and likely even offer them intel..


>The Tigers should consider walking right up to the things [S400] and driving them to Damascus.

Now wouldn't that be a fucking hilarious turn of events. Russia said 'no s400s', meanwhile they give them to Turkey, in order to lose them to Syria so the kikes get doublefucked, while Russia hasn't broken their negotiations with kikes. Fuck that would be top kek and maximum salt to see happen.


>burgers telling their ISISraeli mercs to surrender or die

>Trump still not helping them with airstrikes as he said pre-BOG (Battle of Golan)

aeb58c  No.12021755

File: f37ffaf16d54fbd⋯.jpg (16.87 KB, 334x418, 167:209, d9c428bfdc77f340214a3be44d….jpg)

Is Trump imploding the turkish lira a 4D plan to force Turkey out of Syria?

The conflict must have costed them a lot. Not to mention the grandiose Erdogan severely overstepping his bounds in regards to Turkey's actual power.

7f03a5  No.12021777

Assad will win.

Kikes will burn in a nuclear parking lot.

70add0  No.12021840

File: 98e747dc1677925⋯.jpg (69.72 KB, 936x786, 156:131, good news.JPG)




Digits ahead of pic related confirm no backing down.

7f03a5  No.12021945


Thanks anon.

Damn that's a decent VBIED, likely a ute/pickup sized one. Trucks are bigger again but most carbombs are not that big.


acca19  No.12021974

File: 78eed4c82b522cc⋯.jpg (141.28 KB, 900x630, 10:7, annihilating_fire.jpg)


Praise KEK

acca19  No.12021977


Oh yeah This President is kicking deep state asset ass all over the map. Iran is in Financial trouble, Turkey lira is going down the toilet. All he as to do is wait………

70add0  No.12024217

File: ade94f20e0701c9⋯.jpg (44.42 KB, 616x457, 616:457, Turk observation post 8-15….jpg)


Unconfirmed NLF casualty was commander Abdo Radwan Al-Bakri and at least one other, with several wounded in the successful HQ strike.

Pic related from http://nedaa-sy.com Aug 15th., near Morek as the first observation point becomes an illegal military base.

4b7682  No.12024235


>Is Trump imploding the turkish lira a 4D plan to force Turkey out of Syria?

No, it will justify hoards of muzzies storming the euro borders now that the syrian rapefuge narrative is dead.

0c5247  No.12024274


You're a moron

0c5247  No.12024284


They even drew the hakenkreuz the right way.

70add0  No.12024939

Midnight Russian air strike just concluded. Characterized as large-scale, consistent with northern Hama being a priority.



000000  No.12025023


And Germany will spread its legs for the Turkroach infestation. They love their roaches like Americans love their Mexicans.

000000  No.12025033


Trying way too hard.

70add0  No.12025474

File: b4a4da774c289bc⋯.jpg (626.44 KB, 1500x845, 300:169, bashar and vladimir.jpg)



Collapse of the lira can be attributed to Erdogan's son-in-law Berat Albayrak. As minister of finance, economic policy decisions over extended guarantees and thus artificially attracted private borrowing. Banks financing a resultant unbalanced economic growth period benefited, while businesses amassed debt. Trump simply took advantage of a glow in the dark "priest" who blew cover, as pretence for putting the screws to Turkey. What will really justify hoards streaming through Istanbul is if there's a non-military capitulation being negotiated which reaches agreement. That would bring upwards of a million residents of the Idlib province and militant jihadists into Europe. Therefore, it's best to have the Idlib battle proceed. If it's conducted as a slow war of attrition, they can be funnelled through the Russian corridors toward the Kurds, Iraq or Jordan. That way sand niggers stay in their own environment. A fast victory in northern Syria accelerates the dispersion and seemingly benefits the kikes long term. Bashar said "every inch" of Syria would be reclaimed, and that surely means eventually the Golan. Imagine tanks on the drying sludge of the former Sea of Galilee.

7f03a5  No.12025523


Typical tricks.. Looks like the roaches will not be there for long if things get moving the way they appear in the link below.



Looks like the cuckroaches will cuck again to the bear.

>Russia is poised to lift the visa regime for Turkish nationals holding official passports. This is what Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Wednesday. The minister also stated that a Russian-Turkish working group will discuss the issue of Russia easing the visa regime for Turkish citizens in late August.

50633e  No.12025534

Eradicate The Roach

70add0  No.12025539


>Looks like the cuckroaches will cuck again to the bear.

That's an interesting development anon. Have an archive.fo/lIipx

It's kind of implying Turkey is slated for some division, which means Erdogan is a dead man walking. The roaches can go west, that becomes Russia's problem.

cbcd3f  No.12028876

File: 64efb9105aca309⋯.png (530.98 KB, 1439x822, 1439:822, 1534726826585.png)

File: abca8d99c30e215⋯.png (466.75 KB, 1439x825, 1439:825, 1534726811690.png)

Council elections were a mistake edition

Protoroaches get the fucking gas: Siding with the invading bugs in hopes to stay their rite of execution, local councilmen have set up shop under the fridge; selling out their constituents and their country.

At this rate treason is a death sentence in Syria and they just passed down their own sentences. Top kek.

cbcd3f  No.12028909

File: 93f38d98416af8c⋯.png (443.47 KB, 1439x903, 1439:903, 1534727254812.png)

File: 4055abd042a2863⋯.png (398.55 KB, 1439x811, 1439:811, 1534727271064.png)

File: 3a7a7c7425072b6⋯.png (309.84 KB, 1439x741, 1439:741, 1534727284039.png)

The US sells out christians yet again edition

In a long standing tradition of "fighting commies" the (((US administration))) has propped up yet another commie brigade who immediately begin genociding christians the moment they reach any level of (((authority))), and in what has been described as going according to plan completely unexpected, a swathe of anti christian violence and persecution has swept accross (((US administration))) backed parts of communistrun YPG/northern Syria. Top job mattis you apocolypse now worshipping cuck, you fucked us yet again.

5b2167  No.12029089


I don't give a fuck about chr*stian shitskins. I just want middle eastern countries to be run by anti-zionist populists so they can destroy Israel.

64a6c5  No.12029258


>Top job mattis you apocolypse now worshipping cuck, you fucked us yet again.


>I don't give a fuck about chr*stian shitskins. I just want middle eastern countries to be run by anti-zionist populists so they can destroy Israel.

This. From the looks of it christcucks are sitting back while the rest do the fighting. I have yet to see a single christian in any vid fighting against "isis".

64a6c5  No.12029270


>A fast victory in northern Syria accelerates the dispersion and seemingly benefits the kikes long term. Bashar said "every inch" of Syria would be reclaimed, and that surely means eventually the Golan. Imagine tanks on the drying sludge of the former Sea of Galilee.

Not worried about people fleeing syria, Im worried about turkroaches fleeing north if the economy tanks.

000000  No.12029315


I'd like to genocide a couple million christfags myself. They're annoying as all fuck.

70add0  No.12029519

Finishing ISIS in Suwayda said to be imminent, hostages not withstanding.

>According to AMN, once this operation is completed, “the Syrian Arab Army will be able to send the 1st, 3rd, 10th, and 15th divisions north towards the Hama and Latakia governorates”.



7f03a5  No.12033156


Thanks for archive, I'm lazy or tired like a nigger sometimes. But from too much work instead. Good point about Turkey, especially with the dollar shitshow going down, govt won't be too popular.


Sounds like the roach mercs are getting exterminated.


>USA selling out Christians again

Looks like the cianiggers didn't like your post, funniest part is those losers don't even know that many of the Christians in Syria are whiter than them.

9231b7  No.12035193

File: e4825a7cb71faf7⋯.png (17.38 KB, 661x404, 661:404, 214 point 13.png)

Less than a month left and the issue is still being ignored. Words fail me.

1905da  No.12035256


I was just about to make a post asking about that. Getting close to that minimum.

6a26da  No.12035348

File: 6eb3f43fd6bb728⋯.png (18.93 KB, 564x281, 564:281, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 115c583aa9a0609⋯.png (151.85 KB, 375x453, 125:151, ClipboardImage.png)

The Russian humanitarian corridors are a brilliant idea. Gives those seeking reconciliation a way out so anyone staying behind can be considered combatants, dulls the "muh dead civilians" whine since they had a way out and ample warning, and shows that the SAA have no interest in killing civilians. At the same time it shows that the SAA is confident of their victory.

Just how much firepower is the SAA packing with Russia and Iran behind them, and how badly is Turkey going to be hit with their currency collapsing while attempting to prop-up an insurgent force in another country?

cbcd3f  No.12035395



70add0  No.12035488

File: 728a5191d0eb663⋯.jpg (100.29 KB, 960x720, 4:3, leptospirosis.jpg)



It seems the water stagnation situation is causing a diesase outbreak of bacterial leptospirosis. Praise Kek.

>Mey Eden bottled water company stopped its production on Wednesday after irregularities were discovered in a sample taken a spring in the Golan Heights.

>The Health Ministry has published a warning to all vacationers visiting the Golan Heights waterways.

>If not treated correctly, the second phase of the disease carries with it fatal consequences degenerating into Weil’s disease and the individual can suffer from kidney and liver failure or meningitis.



9231b7  No.12035693

File: b58fa01f9ce4812⋯.jpg (19.8 KB, 500x348, 125:87, magic check.jpg)


Now that's poetic. Incredible.

cbcd3f  No.12037057

70add0  No.12042978

File: 1e3c984b4fd0c16⋯.jpg (54.85 KB, 575x410, 115:82, by way of deception.jpg)

Looks like white helmets will be expected to fake another gassing as John Bolton salivating to get involved, immediately threatens a U.S. response. Britain and France also issue explicit chemical weapon warnings. It's now apparent what (((agent))) Bolton was conjuring with Bibi today. The kikes don't even try to hide it anymore.





9231b7  No.12043937


But we've been watching this thing closely and no one's said a single word about chemical weapons. It'll be interesting to see how they try to make this one believable. That braindead reporter who sniffed the allegedly sarin-contaminated backpack last time was pretty fucking funny.

eca864  No.12044292

File: f8267925477a6ff⋯.jpg (104.9 KB, 1039x914, 1039:914, ✡.jpg)

3b6eae  No.12047297

No updates in 3 days?

dcecbb  No.12047389

File: 107c3aef27d9266⋯.jpg (297.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Pepe Bomb.jpg)

File: 3cf5ca9054e4572⋯.jpg (309.7 KB, 1222x877, 1222:877, map.jpg)


We're all just waiting for the Battle of Idlib to start tbh. Keen af for Assad to absolutely BTFO some CIA mercenaries, I'm expecting the offensive to look like pic related

ac79d8  No.12047400

File: 43c1b7dcabaf6b0⋯.png (216.02 KB, 493x485, 493:485, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 92fc26125c0d860⋯.png (210.87 KB, 414x515, 414:515, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 545baf6b4abd051⋯.png (187.44 KB, 408x392, 51:49, ClipboardImage.png)


Political maneuvering, civilian movement, and shoring up defences. Territory changes not happening just yet.

70add0  No.12047590

File: 30e89b1dab5e57c⋯.jpg (186.98 KB, 1024x702, 512:351, check'em bashar.jpg)


>But we've been watching this thing closely and no one's said a single word about chemical weapons.

That's exactly why I thought it suspicious when more than one news agency brought it up the same day of Bolton's visit. Also, probably nothing, but shortly after posting this my Internet connection got severely throttled down. Pinging (jewgle server) took an average of 1,250 ms. and a tracert showed timeouts before and after the first hop to my ISP with most of the delay at that gateway.


That depends on what you consider news worthy. We're basically just keeping this thread alive waiting for action as >>12047389 indicated.

>>12047400 (checked)

Also, the Russian air force bombing the occupied territory daily. Several high-level assassinations on both sides. Yesterday the UN went on record denying any backroom deals. That would seem to exclude Turks withdrawing their guarantees on Idlib in any capitulation with Russia and Iran. It appears Erdogan believes he can withstand economic collapse with only help from Qatar.

193e45  No.12049149

File: 50d3b1ea9b0c054⋯.jpg (59.74 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 50d3b1ea9b0c0540a1f66c7829….jpg)


>UKfags have decided that they can no longer even pretend that they are doing anything other than aiding literal jihadists

>time to go back home, drink some tea and figure out the next terrorist organization to back

>this ones all fucked up


assad has been BTFOof these faggots for so long. cant wait to see him get his cunt back

cbcd3f  No.12049319

Assad would do well to push the roaches all the way back to constantinople.

8c3366  No.12054147


morelike back to turkmenistan

f236cd  No.12054844

File: af3797b69b943a3⋯.jpg (132 KB, 854x410, 427:205, IG quarterly report to Con….JPG)

File: 61bf00f4f845b23⋯.jpg (14.22 KB, 301x213, 301:213, captcha.JPG)

Proof that Congress should know U.S. funded food aid benefited HTS terrorists in Idlib since at least 2017, is found in the Inspector General's quarterly report. However it's unlikely any of them read beyond the executive summary, if they even bother to read at all. The unnamed non-government organization tasked with distributing about $14M of an allotted $45M before the program was halted this March, is stated to have falsified beneficiary lists to conceal the fact that the U.S. was actually feeding the mercenaries. I'm not going to archive or attach the PDF as its public record. Pic related is from page 56; footnote 299 references the previous OIG report.


f41556  No.12057106

File: 6553e898bd4d6ed⋯.jpg (37.36 KB, 296x271, 296:271, assad kek'n.jpg)

File: e9251065c2daf0b⋯.jpg (47.94 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Saint_Mel.jpg)



>Kinneret predicted to become a major issue

>Wild Leptospirosis chan appears

>kikes stop bottling water (water bottling is so jewish)

>/pol/ is always right

ac79d8  No.12058170

File: 2a3b071b09082e7⋯.png (36.55 KB, 466x262, 233:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 98a2952ebb17898⋯.png (361.5 KB, 456x736, 57:92, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 52c134c106c6c2e⋯.png (261.19 KB, 559x623, 559:623, ClipboardImage.png)

File: efb8ce439292236⋯.png (28.42 KB, 511x269, 511:269, ClipboardImage.png)

America continues doing posturing and promoting bullshit; probably want to take credit for being "super duper tough on ISIS, we beat them all ourselves". And some of the usual real isis defeats by Assad's forces.

ca0f99  No.12058609

File: 783e448d8a4bf23⋯.png (24.64 KB, 113x114, 113:114, 1535162638449.png)


Every fucking damn time

f6c6da  No.12058646

File: 65da1e2005f7049⋯.png (17.17 KB, 644x466, 322:233, lake level.png)

Altough the kinenret is nearing near-empty levels don't count on the jews not trying to re-fill it with desalinated water, they did that last year. What we should hope for is for desalination to not be enough.

ca0f99  No.12058652


And the golden dawn can push them back the otherway


583063  No.12058863


They already have plans to build or are currently building additional desalination plants. Those would be prime targets in the event of any conflict with Israel.

9231b7  No.12059352


They're about 20 days from the black line. If they're going to turn that piss-filled lagoon back into a lake, they better start a few months ago.

f6c6da  No.12059373



I honestly think they will just ask evangelicals to send bottled water

a6b3d5  No.12059376


>golden dawn

Are they still a thing?

a6b3d5  No.12059384

File: 24859d39a7ba1f8⋯.png (122.58 KB, 637x403, 49:31, eer.png)


Guess not

f236cd  No.12059594

File: 085c2f5ee4b2929⋯.jpg (68.34 KB, 630x863, 630:863, chemical attack or false f….JPG)




Haven't been able to source the quote in pic related. Not found on RT, TASS, or mil.ru, so it may just be twitter projecting by a Lebanese-American kike. They would try to sell this in advance, although more likely another false flag coming.

6d7c0e  No.12059662


Top kek

6d7c0e  No.12059669


Isn't Bolton the cuck that became a neocon after Israel killed his whore wife on 9/11?

f236cd  No.12060014


It looks like /pol/ is always right again >>>/pol/12059578

ac79d8  No.12060854

File: 6fe8df31c9b283e⋯.png (389.26 KB, 502x724, 251:362, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e3037455e856c21⋯.png (364.45 KB, 490x620, 49:62, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 974f6f4e223ca4b⋯.png (377.81 KB, 444x736, 111:184, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1ceafdbe284c083⋯.png (116.69 KB, 501x299, 501:299, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bbc6b1d2a6788d6⋯.png (43.59 KB, 469x240, 469:240, ClipboardImage.png)

82c653  No.12063835

File: 33e5d194523ac86⋯.jpg (18.77 KB, 459x278, 459:278, comment_Jyx31keSSPAKbIc45N….jpg)

File: 946dae4f6ede647⋯.png (338.21 KB, 1080x661, 1080:661, 1535250338989.png)


With new shelling beginning over the areas where elected government officials bowed to the roach menace, forces are gathering for their major push towarda constantinople. Roaches have been spotted fleeing to the nearest sink cupboard, under (((US administration))) threats against using bug spray.

Bolton you stupid fuck, these reports arent your intelligence brief you fucking cuck.

f6c6da  No.12063862


I don't get it, why trust them at all at this point? Unless they're going to lead from the front of course.

31c0cf  No.12064998

File: d84566e4f64c977⋯.png (3.99 MB, 2618x3453, 2618:3453, 1521138326497.png)

Reminder to follow Julian Assange, on twitter.

5f0dfc  No.12068670

File: 25ecdb16f433346⋯.png (382.92 KB, 640x724, 160:181, a1.png)

File: dd569a69c6e7ff4⋯.png (167.55 KB, 641x733, 641:733, a2.png)

File: 185faca73a20449⋯.png (179.5 KB, 642x816, 107:136, a3.png)

File: 8457c2d7f9004d5⋯.png (166.93 KB, 634x731, 634:731, a4.png)

File: 8ad43124c2f334a⋯.png (158.84 KB, 640x724, 160:181, a5.png)

5f0dfc  No.12068675

File: b26ccb977ae574a⋯.png (183.31 KB, 630x801, 70:89, a6.png)

File: 854cd05dd319daf⋯.png (175.14 KB, 636x776, 159:194, a7.png)

File: fff1570569dad13⋯.png (105.96 KB, 637x517, 637:517, a8.png)

5f0dfc  No.12068744


They need to seriously start looking at bottle rockets, vinegar/baking soda type solutions.

dd34c8  No.12068778

File: 6772b02c37e715b⋯.png (263.67 KB, 1080x482, 540:241, 1535325018610.png)



Listen you stupid fucks I am but a simple meme chef on a Bulgarian cross-stitching forum, the only gas youll be getting is when your bowels release from a hail of hollowpoint as the lion of demascus personally extinguishes you and the roach menace.

Meanwhile legions of assyrian warriors are lining along the outskirts of the the traitorous, roach infested, slum of idlib in what was to be worlds most lavish roach roasting session; only the roaches have begun to flee back to cuckshedistan in hopes that this will prevent constantinople from be reborn in a hellfire of roach blood and bugspray. This will not be prevented.

7e51b8  No.12068815



8409bb  No.12069125


‘Foreign specialists’ may stage chemical attack in Syria in 2 days to frame Assad – Russian MoD

> “Foreign specialists” have arrived in Syria and may stage a chemical attack using chlorine in “the next two days,” the Russian Defense Ministry said. This will be filmed for international media to frame Damascus forces.

>Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said the operation is planned to unfold in the village of Kafr Zita in Syria’s northwestern Hama Province in “the next two days.”

>Konashenkov said that “English-speaking specialists” are already in place to use “poisonous agents.” While a group of residents from the north has been transported to Kafr Zita and is currently being prepared “to take part in the staging of the attack” and be filmed suffering from supposed “‘chemical munitions’ and ‘barrel bombs’ launched by the Syrian government forces.”

>The groups of residents will be used to assist “fake rescuers from the White Helmets.” They will be filmed apparently suffering from the effects of chemical weapons and then be shown in “the Middle Eastern and English-language media.”

Again? FFS kikes.

c98154  No.12069216

File: 54dcc75ac1a3c93⋯.jpg (49.57 KB, 504x564, 42:47, template.jpg)


Check out my meme, homie.

77ad3e  No.12069218


>Again? FFS kikes.

Its the only legal way to bomb a country that isn't at war against you.

f236cd  No.12069283


70add0 here. Maybe turn the rocket 120 degrees clockwise, so it looks more like a nose.

9231b7  No.12069432

File: 264082bcc1f413b⋯.jpg (59.74 KB, 504x564, 42:47, template2.jpg)



Fixed it for him.

1f189c  No.12069654

File: 60ec193148a3750⋯.jpg (257.16 KB, 1280x850, 128:85, UNIFIL-1.jpg)


Sad part is, the majority of westerners will just believe that the Syrian government is retarded enough to conduct an isolated attack of ineffective chlorine gas killing like a few dozen civilians in some strategically useless town for the third time after being attacked by us the first two times for other isolated useless attacks that only seem to take place when the rebels are getting their shit majorly kicked in and Assad has the upper hand.

Too bad western populations have been taught to be fucking retarded and not think for themselves and just listen to the media.

f236cd  No.12069706

File: d01254a20b0f1e3⋯.png (45.2 KB, 611x756, 611:756, worried merchant.png)



They don't want to keep the tribe updated on the water level much now either.

9231b7  No.12069831


Wow, no updates in 4 days. If nothing's changed, they're at 214.2 now. You've probably noticed that recent articles about addressing the problem give a timeframe of several years. You've probably also noticed that articles from many years ago about the same also give a timeframe of several years. I guess it's like Iran's nuclear program.

f236cd  No.12069981

File: 470c4dcb55222b5⋯.jpg (203.2 KB, 800x500, 8:5, sorek desalination plant.jpg)


Anything below 214.4 and it can't be operated since this is the pipe level. I've assumed it's deeper in places than the historical minimum, but don't know if the 7cm/week is an evaporation rate. The webpage states that its forbidden to pump at the 213.0 lower red line. Of course, kikes lie, so who can be sure?

I've also read that Hezbollah has enough inventory to send 1,000 rockets daily for up to three months. I'm sure if these are put to good use, that sustained salvos in the right directions could render desalination plants inoperable for the foreseeable future. It would be a shame if 500+ million cubic yards of water per year stopped flowing.

The Ashkelon plant near Gaza went operational in 2005 and provides 127 million cubic meters per year.

The plant at Hadera went operational in 2009 and provides 140 million cubic meters per year.

The Sorek plant at Tel Aviv (pic related) went operational in 2013 and provides 150 million cubic meters per year.

392f69  No.12070037



Trump will send all available fresh water from the US in as many ships as humanly possible for however long it takes. Shabbos would never let them run out of water.

9231b7  No.12070232


Their utility company is still drawing water from the lake. Also, that desalinated water takes about 70 cents a cubic liter to produce.

06f318  No.12070288


>Trump will send all available fresh water from the US in as many ships as humanly possible for however long it takes. Shabbos would never let them run out of water.

I know you're a faggot shill, but this is an opportunity to mention that Germany actually exports dirt to Israel. Like, millions of tons for use in agriculture. The fake Germans who have inherited that sad country are literally digging up their own soil to deliver as tribute to the kikes, who probably don't even want it, but who enjoy taking it.

cd1cf8  No.12070311


Pro-Syria since this began back in 2011.



There is no point intercepting rockets or drones as long as a forearm. -D

dd34c8  No.12070639

File: df38b9810540445⋯.png (245.79 KB, 1080x466, 540:233, 1535356905139.png)

File: b1066b651ff5686⋯.png (367.13 KB, 1080x595, 216:119, 1535356886054.png)

File: 26602cce326c695⋯.png (302.13 KB, 1080x576, 15:8, 1535356921657.png)


With the roach menace currently squelched for the interim, the sounds of a gorillion kvetches can be heard permeating the ME as Iran and Syria stike a formal deal for mutual military cooperation.

In further developments it would seem glow in the dark airlines has started running (((surveillance))) operations over the area in what has to be the funniest fucking callsign this particular meme tecnician has ever witnessed. Even larger convoys have been reported heading north to the area, their destination in the short term seems to be right up Kafir Zita local councilmans' ass.

5d6e66  No.12070799


>I actually think it would benefit the U.S. and Trump to make an example of what can happen if the rest of NATO doesn't pay up

you dumbfucks are the ones forcing everyone to join your faggy club.

you can pay for it too then.

5d6e66  No.12070810


he had her killed after she found him jerking off mccain in the kitchen

8409bb  No.12070886


>Too bad western populations have been taught to be fucking retarded and not think for themselves and just listen to the media.

Sure thing. That's why the NATO is in war with Syria right?

If this were true, polls would be for the war. In reality no one cares even if it had happened. This happens all the time in the region. Why risk having WW3 for a bunch of inbred kebabs?

f236cd  No.12070921

Has Russia been over sanctioned in effect, that it doesn’t have as much to lose by taking out a B1 bomber if necessary, than the U.S. would with a MiG-35?




The last false flag only cost several million dollars of mostly shot down BGM-109 cruise missiles. That provided some actual metrics from the less sophisticated S-200 system. The U.S. and Greatest Ally™ want to know how effective the S-300 system may be. Faking a chemical weapons attack is clearly the method of choice for any attempt to engage Russian S-300 missiles. According to TASS, the Russian MoD is prepared to answer provocation following any alleged chemical weapons use in Syria, and noted that "the U.S. Navy’s destroyer Sullivans with 56 cruise missiles on its board arrived in the Persian Gulf several days ago while a B-1B strategic bomber of the U.S. Air Force armed with AGM-158 JASSM air-to-surface missiles was redeployed to the Al Udeid air base in Qatar". With no indication Turkey can or will remove HTS troops, the question is one of a possible pre-emptive strike against the SAA before the Sep. 7th summit.



A push (or feint) along the M4 from Jisr ash-Shugur toward Latakia for example, could cause enough of a counter attack to start a white helmet production. The terrain here is hilly and forested which precludes tanks; ground troops with air support would be favored. That would make Jisr ash-Shugur more susceptible to being reclaimed by the SAA. While western Aleppo has been promoted as the likely place for upcoming white helmet fuckery, the opposite side of the Idlib governorate makes more logistical sense. A deception here, may be more convincing. Note that the inevitable SAA offensive must have been planned long before John Jihad Bolton opened his mouth. This is because the Russian frigates have Kalibr class half ton and full ton LACMs which would only have purpose against enemy vessels or strategic ground targets.





Full text and article from the twitter wall:


(problem archiving)

974d96  No.12070963


KEK! Thanks Anon, love these updates!

dd34c8  No.12071006

File: a879ea052a33852⋯.jpg (56.8 KB, 567x492, 189:164, goggles.jpg)

File: 1ab600df2b465d6⋯.png (366 KB, 1080x604, 270:151, 1535372167723.png)

File: 1ab600df2b465d6⋯.png (366 KB, 1080x604, 270:151, 1535372167723.png)

Scared of your own fucking shadow shitting your pants edition

As tension mounts in the minds of the (((moderate rebels))) they have been frantically gunning each other down, executing and arresting sleeper cells and generally shitting themselves in the most chaotic kek-worthy way. Surely this will win over the Syrian populace, because nothing says democracy like a bunch of coked up mercs turning downtown idlib into a kebab Schwarzenegger flick.

dd34c8  No.12071007

File: 6441952ba382320⋯.png (231.48 KB, 947x418, 947:418, 1535372197221.png)



Ill just gas myself.

ac79d8  No.12072638

File: ee266a0febb5a14⋯.png (304.92 KB, 461x641, 461:641, ClipboardImage.png)

Turkey is pretending to be America.

dd34c8  No.12072924

File: 504013d7fa06136⋯.png (487.61 KB, 1080x692, 270:173, 1535406953071.png)

File: d34608673599222⋯.png (343.43 KB, 1080x589, 1080:589, 1535406935434.png)

The nose knows no bounds edition

What do you get when you mix a roach with a mossad agent? The Kafr Zita council apparently. (((Totally organic))) demonstrations were had in the region (((totally organically))) protesting the gas on the roach menace. Not to sway you, dear reader but doesn't it strike you as odd that these people are slated for heavy round the clock gunfire and massive explosions, yet they decide to hold an anti-gas rally in response to (((US administration))) warnings against gas attacks. It certain activates the whole almond factory.

In other developments (((local))) militants threaten to strategically retreat to hama if they get even a whiff of a swimming pool or something in what can only be described as a miscommunication; reports are that if the region is attacked they will redploy to hama, amd apparently that's a promise.

cc292b  No.12072934


Maybe they will gas themselves and save the SAA the trouble of kicking the shit out of them.

24f361  No.12073530

So when will Assad recapture the northern area?

dd34c8  No.12073533

File: 4d8157e3ba9285c⋯.png (457.89 KB, 1080x898, 540:449, 1535421581456.png)

Roaches on poach watch

When you try and create a greater israel and end up getting the roaches thoroughly toasted by protoaryan warriors.

Madman Walid al'Muallim takes a moment from his seaside vacation to put the roach on notice: Hatay will be Syrian clay again. Oy Vey.

24f361  No.12073537


During the Lybian war the USA put b2s over Lybia, the USA refuse to send the B2s to attack Syria.

f236cd  No.12075040

File: 583c393bc296370⋯.jpg (37.84 KB, 807x491, 807:491, 214 point 2.JPG)


The B-2 stealth bomber was selected by Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, and can justifiably be argued a peculiar choice. Not because bombers weren't needed, but because targets define what hardware is required. Fucking mud-walled buildings in Libya only needed 500-pound bombs. The B-2 might properly be considered for use when dropping nukes and being able to return undetected; conventional bombing missions should require extraordinary circumstances. Now the current Air Force Chief of Staff is Gen. (((David Lee Goldfein))) who is not even the first jewish Air Force Chief. So this needs to be factored into analysis of any decision not to deploy stealth technology in the Syrian air space. Even should the B-1B be engaged out of Qatar in a more substantial response to any subsequent white helmet production, the question of whether Russia will risk bringing it down is something to consider.

24f361  No.12075681


Do the Israelis have their own b2?

8ae7dc  No.12075719


I don't think so.

04cf1b  No.12078589

File: 73dad22e29bdfc8⋯.png (7.53 KB, 372x185, 372:185, greentext implying.png)

Turkey is reinforcing their 'observation posts' and sending troops into Syria by the hundreds. Allegedly 2,200 US troops in Syria. Merkel, the British, and Americans are whining at Russia over muh chemical weapons and screeching at them to tell Syria not to attack Idlib. Russia is building up their navy in Syria (with cruise missiles to support an assault on Idlib) and attempting to negotiate a peace settlement with chimping Idlib sandniggers.

380fcf  No.12079259

File: ff59773606d599d⋯.jpeg (286.91 KB, 1770x1491, 590:497, 12DD0B15-AAB1-4C28-BD09-9….jpeg)


f236cd  No.12080050

File: d1e6645821dad05⋯.jpg (84.13 KB, 715x787, 715:787, iran syria deal.JPG)


>Iran and Syria stike a formal deal for mutual military cooperation.

24f361  No.12080191


After what the other governments have done to Syria, how is it possible for them to not choose Assad? Did they plan on the population choosing Assad?

If they could get away with it, would they do the same to the USA and Europe of what they did to Syria?

bccbe1  No.12081232

So before the other thread was locked by some kike mod I was going to post;

Reading a bit of the twitterer on #Idlib I only see that the west (UK US etc.) are supporting Al Qaeda, disgusting and unsubstantiated claims the Russia is supporting Syria. And when I say support I mean militarily.

What even is this? From what I gathered it's an attempt to force Syria to open it's doors to mudshits to flow into the EU.

How off am I?

bccbe1  No.12081237


>israel will drink it's pee

But anon. Kikes love piss and shit. That's a reward to them. A punishment would be to provide them with water.


ac79d8  No.12081280


>the west (UK US etc.) are supporting Al Qaeda


>disgusting and unsubstantiated claims the Russia is supporting Syria

Yeah, not sure what's disgusting about that.

>And when I say support I mean militarily.

Airstrikes, yeah.

ac79d8  No.12081319


>What even is this? From what I gathered it's an attempt to force Syria to open it's doors to mudshits to flow into the EU.

America and Israel want to get Syria out of the way for the Greater Israel plan (also the oil pipeline through Aleppo, but that is secondary). Assad (the good guy in all this) wants stabilized Syria, and is winning. Russia wants military bases, and gets them in exchange for helping Assad, which is fine IMO. Most "Syrian refugees" aren't even from Syria, but from africa. As Assad continues taking down terrorist rebels, more Syrians are returning to their cities.

That's the shortest rundown you'll get.

bccbe1  No.12081430



is meant for the US supporting Alqaeda. Thought I'm not sure why as that's been known for 20+ years.

30d4b7  No.12081550

File: 791c00e0c10bf12⋯.jpg (645.18 KB, 1952x2760, 244:345, c413cc90ecc8f6e0ad90ee7ff5….jpg)



>y-value decreases from bottom to top

Who the hell designed this graphic.

53ee1e  No.12081564


jews did, but it's a measure of the water level distance in-land from sea level. the further down and higher meter distance, the less water in the kineret or whatever.

c1caa9  No.12081690


it's complete bullshit, Assed won the last election with like 88% of the vote, the Syrian people DO want Assad. secretary of defense is a neocon piece of shit


>Israel, USA, France, UK, NATO, UN, Saudis, Qatar, Turkey, etc. back ISIS/Al Qaeda

>Israel, USA, France, UK, NATO, UN, etc. back Kurds; however Turkey does not, idk about Saud/Qatar

>Russia, Iran, Hezbollah back the Syrian government

west's goal is to regime change Syria to eliminate a threat to Israel and build a pipeline from Arabia to Europe through Syria, east's goal is to keep Assad in power to preserve a Russian/Iranian ally and give Russia a strategic warm water port in the Mediterranean, and also open up the possibility for a pipeline from Iran to the Mediterranean

it's basically kikes+Sunnis v.s. Shias+Russia

04866c  No.12081797

File: bab1009f297edf3⋯.jpg (89.66 KB, 599x456, 599:456, 14816395757820.jpg)

Remember that if you're not supporting Israel, then you are filthy commie.

f236cd  No.12082324

File: 2b47088cead4093⋯.mp4 (14.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, BREAKING Russia Reveals Ne….mp4)

File: 64762f384acf4d9⋯.jpg (86.17 KB, 800x558, 400:279, water chart explained.JPG)


All the numbers are below sea level, the kikes unable to cease being deceptive don't display the minus signs. Now remove the artists from your graphic and ask people at random which of the remaining they'd want to display in their home. Changes perception does it not?

Russian MoD agrees with /pol/ that Jisr ash-Shugur is likely where the staged event will occur. Yesterday's released video related (English subtitles).

265552  No.12086942

File: abde2c1b34e1991⋯.jpg (143.51 KB, 1200x1103, 1200:1103, syria.jpg)

022c73  No.12091699

File: 7eb72fb66da5787⋯.png (573.59 KB, 1032x777, 344:259, we1.png)

File: 07a04788453b701⋯.png (587.6 KB, 1034x776, 517:388, we2.png)

Looks like the US/France/(((ISIS))) are starting things up again in libya. Taking away the excuse that theres no crisis going on and the flow of rapefugees needs to continue.

000000  No.12091713


Is that why israel sold US secrets and technology even nuclear triggers to the commies then?

6ca195  No.12091766

File: 57c7bed53e8b1d3⋯.jpg (41.8 KB, 640x961, 640:961, hrosss.jpg)



>>12035488 heil'd

it will become the runoff pond for the largest pork processing plant ever conceived

53ee1e  No.12091788


What is it with jews and their false dichotomies?

58139c  No.12092004



So if they elect Assad all is cool?

5c6e6f  No.12092864


>Is that why israel sold US secrets and technology even nuclear triggers to the commies then?

Kek. One day he'll realize communism was created by kikes.

5c6e6f  No.12092871

File: cf24ff372987e86⋯.png (161.57 KB, 576x443, 576:443, s30.png)

ac79d8  No.12092979


Inb4 Israel bombs more Syrian civilians.

23b60d  No.12093176


Now that McBrain has been defeated by Patron Saint Tumor, you can expect to see peace returning once again to Syria. Though i would keep an eye on Obongo and Clinton activities.

In addition to this, Roachland is crashing so that means no more funding of terrorists. IIRC Roachland officially declared the nigger scum in Syria to be terrorists, right when they're on the verge of being defeated, so they can claim they were on the good guy side all along. Pretty much meaning they've admitted defeat.

All of this is great news because it means a great alliance will have been formed after the end of the war. Syria already proved to be formidable in resisting a ZOG proxy war, as they have held out many years before its allies stepped in, but now you can bet your ass these allies are going to be working together closer than ever. They've now seen what Israel, the US, the EU and Turkey have planned for them and they won't let it get this far a second time. Also Iran remains out of reach for Israel, despite the constant kvetching of Trump and the usual neo-cons.

23b60d  No.12093191


The US SoD needs to shut his fucking mouth after waging a proxy war on Syria and illegally invading the country.

Just look at what he's saying: "Our goal for Syrian people…" FUCK OFF, mind your own goddamn business. Not your country, not your people, none of your goddamn business you fucking meddler.

fb46a3  No.12093214


War will be over before any pilot is trained to use it.

23b60d  No.12093238


They'll be training them for the next proxy war.

72d739  No.12094701

File: 1cd3404c4a915f4⋯.png (7.67 KB, 364x178, 182:89, ooooooooooooooooooooo.png)

this is interesting, Armenia might send some support to Syria. now that the Turks are so involved

9231b7  No.12094763

File: 7b112461a6263ec⋯.png (555.65 KB, 900x500, 9:5, turkish genocide.png)

4e6722  No.12094915


chemical weapons

oy vey

df42e1  No.12094937

File: 173ea51ca465317⋯.png (376.33 KB, 588x462, 14:11, ClipboardImage.png)

df42e1  No.12094941

File: 8375093a87cd8df⋯.png (254.76 KB, 589x622, 589:622, ClipboardImage.png)

24f361  No.12094946


Those are munitions designed to take out electrical grids.


Somebody also said it was electrical issues.

df42e1  No.12094963



>BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:00 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has denied reports of an Israeli attack on the Mezzeh Airport tonight.

>According to a military statement from Damascus, the explosions were a result of an electrical failure at the Mezzeh Airport.

>The electrical failure reportedly took place at an arms depot, which caused the large explosions that could be heard throughout Damascus.

>No further details were released.


df42e1  No.12094988

File: e2f10b115122e98⋯.png (894.3 KB, 714x542, 357:271, ClipboardImage.png)

durka durka

df42e1  No.12095010

>BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian state media said loud blasts coming from an airbase early on Sunday were from an explosion at an ammunitions dump caused by an electrical problem, but an official in the regional alliance backing Damascus said they were from Israeli strikes.

>The state media cited a military source as saying there was no “Israeli aggression” directed at the Mezzeh airbase near Damascus, after the sound of explosions was heard across the Syrian capital.

>The official had said the blasts were caused by Israeli missile fire from across the Golan Heights frontier between the two countries and by Syrian air defenses responding.

>A war monitor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, also attributed the blasts to Israeli strikes, which it said caused deaths and injuries.

>Israel has previously acknowledged having carried out air strikes in Syria aimed at degrading the capacity of Iran and its allies, including Lebanon’s Shi’ite Hezbollah group, which are backing Assad in the country’s seven-year civil war.

>There was no immediate comment from Israel on reports of Sunday’s blasts or that it was behind them.

>In May, it said it attacked nearly all of Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria after Iranian forces fired rockets at Israeli-held territory for the first time in the most extensive military exchange ever between the two adversaries.

9231b7  No.12095018

File: 4aaff57eae34ca9⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1440x847, 1440:847, israels best and brightest.png)




I finished this pic right before your post. Guess I get to use it already.

df42e1  No.12095024

I'm not sure if I'm reading this correctly, but it seems like they are saying that Assad's brother was killed today in this bombing.

Targets attacked so far are:

1. SyAAF Mezzeh Military Airport near Damascus

2. Al-Khuloolah Airport near Suwayda

3. SAA 4 Division in Dimas

4. IRGC positions in Qalamoun area

5. SAA 10 divisions in Katana

6. SAA The 66th division Division 1 near Kisma

Reports that SAA Maj. Gen. Maher al-Assad, the brother of the Syrian president & commander of the 4th Division and senior IRGC officials injured in the Israel|i bombardment in the area of Aldimas Damascus Syria

Update: At least 70 casualties among SAA forces as a result of an Israel|i air strike on Almaza Air Base.

Also reports of IRGC General, Marashad al-Mizani, along with 35 other soldiers, was killed after their headquarters in Al-Qaswa was attacked S. Damascus Syria

df42e1  No.12095031

File: 217a8af4eca75b9⋯.png (1.03 MB, 935x526, 935:526, ClipboardImage.png)

White helmets making up shit about innocent babies being killed outside Idlib to trigger Trump.

df42e1  No.12095033

9231b7  No.12095073

File: 993bb29dc29817f⋯.png (459.25 KB, 468x680, 117:170, israels best and brightest….png)



58139c  No.12095177

File: 89accd5928a77d4⋯.jpeg (26.35 KB, 685x532, 685:532, 1467963384390.jpeg)


>tfw you'd pump Syrian girl full of kids but you know that kebab genes would lash out and disfigure your kids

634434  No.12095202


think of CDSs like insurance on a financial bet. if you buy a CDS for some security like a bond or stock, and they underperform or become defunct in some way, the issuer of the CDS will compensate you a set amount; typically your issuer would give you what they see as the typically payout of the security. the amount is established beforehand. if your security you bought a CDS for did fine, then you fucked up because you gave the issuer payment(s) for the CDS when you didn't need to.

f236cd  No.12095532

File: 7e2dc3cd66c5543⋯.jpg (208.18 KB, 770x1000, 77:100, rare pepe.jpg)

Reminder that no matter how often you hear or read "final battle", its repetition attempts to influence perception and emotions. Idlib is just the next logical stage of Syrian reclamation. No outcome is concluded until all of the Levant is made kike free.

21a12b  No.12096130


>Reminder that no matter how often you hear or read "final battle", its repetition attempts to influence perception and emotions. Idlib is just the next logical stage of Syrian reclamation. No outcome is concluded until all of the Levant is made kike free.

Final no but its shaping up to be a massive battle. The amount of equipment being brought in incredible.

acd1db  No.12096158

File: 20a88759cfa3e07⋯.jpg (44.28 KB, 343x481, 343:481, 1535532586722.jpg)


>that yellow schlong forming between Turkey and Syria

/pol/ called it with the Kurd state being used to divide Syria from allies.

I mean it's not like /pol/ is always right or anything.

acd1db  No.12096163


>got no casus belli to set strikes

>use ISIS (ie. CIA/Mossad Agents) as bait to set a strike

Like pottery.

9231b7  No.12096765

File: 4936f47854eaaa5⋯.png (351.75 KB, 752x733, 752:733, idlib senator.png)

This must be why there's so much America hate shilling right now.

aeac11  No.12096790


>state senator

So basically a nobody?

9231b7  No.12096915


On one hand, yes. But also a good indication of the declining popularity of waging war for kikes in America.

d9338f  No.12097974


America will never be free from ZOG until it collapses. Confederate States of Dixie forever

9231b7  No.12098207

File: 6c464d647a6ee32⋯.gif (3.47 MB, 320x242, 160:121, Classic_Dukes_of_Hazzard_c….gif)


Yee haw.

cb6333  No.12098232


Oh no, the kids are quite dead.

A couple of days ago Syrian interior minister said specifically that the white helmets had kidnapped around 40 kids from minorities families in Idlib area.

2b7106  No.12099076

File: 5c275eb209c3170⋯.png (8.13 KB, 250x202, 125:101, 5c275eb209c3170da1d03d0024….png)


>Dick Black

affe13  No.12099597

File: fa48a417c126141⋯.jpg (76.27 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Current Russian exercise a….jpg)


Syria no longer has a large enough prison system to accommodate 70,000 indoctrinated psychopaths, even if some political compromise were to be negotiated. Turkey apparently does not want them, nor will the EU or any other nation kikes can forget about their ilk accepting anyone into Gaza. The whole point of offering transport to Idlib until last month, has been to place them in a killing field. That's why it has to culminate the way it was designed, with the major variables being escalation and retaliation. Rolling for pissrael to suffer fatal losses, because no other place at no other opportunistic point in this time line, presents such a coordinated force of opposition. Nothing less will lead to an essential U.S. recapitulation; allowing with such action, a paradigm shift to begin. Rothschild banking hemorrhage and the dollar becoming naked to the world needs to happen before population disarmament, it is critical to securing the existence of our people, not only into the future but until the end of time itself.

fc4fbf  No.12102007

File: 7a7a18a38eaf3e4⋯.jpg (459.3 KB, 1407x1502, 1407:1502, Screenshot_20180903-185218.jpg)

Well /sg/ niggers. What's all this? Just popped up.

1c0b37  No.12102055

File: 5781ecd03fb00c4⋯.jpg (427.39 KB, 1887x1064, 1887:1064, worst president.jpg)



ac79d8  No.12102076


"Don't hurt Al Qaeda."

t. Trump

Idlib is Al Qaeda, right?

67d4bb  No.12102093


>Syria is not ready for after almost a decade of war already.

Could this explain Trump's tweet this evening? Perhaps a warning and not a zionist warmongering outburst as it seems at first? I do remember reading here that Arabs are often not very good at war. Plus Trump may realize that the disgusting kikes would kill countless civs to retaliate.

67d4bb  No.12102098


At least he calls him President. Perhaps this is advice? I don't see it as threatening as some of his others regarding Syria.


Chill the fuck out. Wait until something happens. Maybe what an understandably hot headed Syrian army wants to do is not the best strategy at this time. Of course any Syrian would want to slaughter everyone ruining their country but they must be careful. (Either that or just same old crap)

67d4bb  No.12102102


I'd defect immediately.

9804f1  No.12102104


You're fucking stupid, is more like it. It's like you have absolutely no conception of how wars are actually fought in the modern era. Truly nigger tier IQ.

60f40a  No.12102106


Salutations bro, been following this since 2011

ced10b  No.12102107

File: 989ee27417b70dc⋯.jpeg (283.93 KB, 1242x1590, 207:265, 8B653899-E58C-4372-A7EA-5….jpeg)

File: 37f14597eaf109c⋯.jpeg (343.64 KB, 1242x1502, 621:751, 0C943055-7139-4BCD-A4D2-5….jpeg)

File: 08ae78124ec251a⋯.png (378.57 KB, 881x744, 881:744, 4C305C15-7240-495A-94B9-62….png)

File: 6d6d0e4297286fa⋯.png (342.45 KB, 769x729, 769:729, 097197CC-DDBA-450F-8411-20….png)


Trumps is a good goy who dindu nuffin

18f94e  No.12102112


I think he's telling them to be careful because the kikes might push their propaganda machine at full power.

9804f1  No.12102141


If you live in Virginia he's not a nobody. States rights > federal fuckery.

67d4bb  No.12102160


Yea, plus that full on psychopathic rat just threatened everyone with nukes, and posted that garbage about "hurrrr only the strongest survive, durrr." He's probably unhinged knowing his little nest might get taken out under his charge.

9231b7  No.12102190


I don't see what the problem is. Russia put up multiple humanitarian corridors to help innocents get out of the area already. Should be fine.

67d4bb  No.12102217


Israeli nukes?

8da029  No.12102351

Deposing Assad is treason to the American people, and should result in the death of every American official who participates in it as a just consequence of said treason.


8da029  No.12102357

Deposing Assad is treason to the American people, and should result in the death of every American official who participates in it as a just consequence of said treason. Everyone who stands with the sadistic Islamofacist Mohammedan cultists deserves only annihilation and eternal damnation.


ac79d8  No.12102358


"Something something you need to wait 6 more years before you can say Trump is not going to save America."

641f8f  No.12102674


>don't liberate your territory from genocidal CIA-jihadists, goyim, it could turn out bad

Trump is a kike.

641f8f  No.12102680


Why would anyone want to take war advice from an American? A country that has never won a real war?

14fca3  No.12102761

File: 5ce4c892ecfe48b⋯.png (298.76 KB, 511x620, 511:620, ClipboardImage.png)

Burgess Meredith was a Captain in the Army Air Corps.

e2eb9c  No.12103325

File: f3ab7f560f499de⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 571x589, 571:589, 1466379641425.gif)


A nuke in Idlib?

The province itself has a million and a half people.

332973  No.12104069


>great humanitarian mistake

CIA and alqaeda arent human

0ff862  No.12104077

File: cf9439fe3881c9b⋯.png (944.38 KB, 1371x878, 1371:878, syria76.png)

Russian air strikes have begun

8ae7dc  No.12104204

File: ca4368eb62ec0c3⋯.png (1.44 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 845c95f5ce0ce94⋯.png (885.6 KB, 960x640, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 72b66eb1347b318⋯.png (159.62 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b2de672367615e5⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>>12104077 (checked)


affe13  No.12107520

Beginning to look more like a happening now.



As long as it's not perceived as "recklessly". This seems more like acquiescence than a warning.

>>12104077 (checked)

U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman, Gen. Joseph Dunford, may be clarifying: "We don’t see any way that significant military operations are going to be beneficial to the people of Syria". Could he be conveying a message for NLF not to expect support from the U.S. military?



d9338f  No.12108307


What's the Turkey situation now?

9b3f14  No.12108333


they've been softening up Idlib for awhile, no? or was it just SAA shelling?

fa4691  No.12109702

File: 7a9d3d2693b8aed⋯.png (530.06 KB, 912x630, 152:105, fdf.png)

Odd to see this on (((RT)))

>IDF has forced the Jerusalem Post to remove its explosive report on the Israeli military giving weapons to the Syrian rebels, the newspaper’s managing editor confirmed to RT.

>“We were told by the army’s military censor to remove that part of the story,” David Brinn, the managing editor of the Jerusalem Post told RT as he replied to a request for comment. The report, ‘IDF confirms: Israel provided light-weapons to Syrian rebels,’ which claimed that the Israeli military acknowledged for the first time that it had provided money, weapons and ammunition to the Syrian militants, was removed just hours after being published without any explanation.

>According to Brinn, the story was removed “for security reasons evidently.” The IDF told RT that it would not comment on the issue.

>The Jerusalem Post article was removed shortly after being published, but a version of the article can still be read using Google cache

>It claimed that regular supplies of light weapons and ammunition to the Syrian militants holding the territories near the Israeli border were part of the Operation Good Neighbor, which Israel portrayed as a humanitarian mission, which was focused on providing Syrians with “food, clothes and fuel.”

Israel has been arming at least seven different armed groups in Syria’s Golan Heights, the report said. It also added that the Israeli military believed that providing weapons to the militants was “the right decision” as they sought to keep Hezbollah and Iran away from Israel’s Golan Heights by such means.

>The deleted report comes on the heels of another major disclosure. On Monday, the IDF announced that Israel has carried out more than 200 strikes on Syrian targets in the past year and a half.


ac79d8  No.12109778

File: 8f180eeedaffe65⋯.png (814.08 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 54c44ae866737d4⋯.png (191.91 KB, 720x480, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 81bc58d99c0a125⋯.png (36.25 KB, 352x640, 11:20, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 99c58b6419e2519⋯.png (332.85 KB, 454x763, 454:763, ClipboardImage.png)

Alqaeda firing rockets and shells into Syrian clay. Israel continues to jew.

affe13  No.12112043

File: 0e774d5b5a14153⋯.jpg (61.93 KB, 957x857, 957:857, merkel on idlib.JPG)

18f94e  No.12112078


I bet Putin was up to his old tricks.

6bccca  No.12112101


He told her if she's a good bitch he won't bring his dog to the next meeting.

84c2d9  No.12112244

File: b5d98c92c139353⋯.png (929.06 KB, 1070x993, 1070:993, 1536236515491.png)


Dynamic duo bashir "un-mossad-able" assad and vladamir "ground-and-pound" putin have unleashed a storm of death and fury across north-west idlib much to the roaches dismay.

In retaliation several (((moderate rebels))) have begun returning fire in an absolute display of cuckoldry they barely have had any impact on the absolute devastation theyre recieving from government operations.


3ab9ab  No.12112380


For all the Kikes using Subtle and Deception, I still can't understand why they would shout out their plans out in the open and then complain about being foiled

000000  No.12112397


000000  No.12112399


c3b4dc  No.12112409


Getting pretty comfy, been waiting for this for a very long time.

They are probably going to pound it for at least several days now before they even start to move in. Can't even guess but maybe monday?

c3b4dc  No.12112412

Just wait till the (((western press))) really gets started here though

<oy vey 6 million ter… al-q… I mean innocent babies and kittes were murdered today

<many bakeries and hospitals hit

18f94e  No.12112413

File: f5aaf9c7eacad7d⋯.png (21.11 KB, 722x224, 361:112, Roaches gonna roach.png)

e60ce5  No.12112463

File: a5048e7d7d5a785⋯.jpg (96.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chio 3.jpg)


>tfw the Turks being fucking retards and meddling with Syria end up causing a NATO-Russian war

6d13c8  No.12112490



Just fucking do it already! This world truly deserves one.

8ae7dc  No.12112491


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

a3bfd7  No.12112585

File: 8c753e0d64628c5⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 960x1228, 240:307, cant mossad.jpg)

Let's get this started.

326a18  No.12112605


WWIII won't happen. Turkey invading Cizire/Afrin was way more of a trigger than Idlib is right now. WW3 can only start if Turkey decides to invade Al Hasakah and/or pissrael decides to expand into Lebanon/Daraa.

8ae7dc  No.12112675

File: 1a602332b522d46⋯.png (540.57 KB, 607x1080, 607:1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8836494206cd140⋯.png (267.78 KB, 720x424, 90:53, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6316836a2aba3f0⋯.png (432.38 KB, 1080x508, 270:127, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a3539d90e7344e8⋯.png (313.12 KB, 1200x890, 120:89, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6acf88c3c4abd6c⋯.png (431.77 KB, 798x741, 14:13, ClipboardImage.png)

Some kabooms over here.

cf2541  No.12112749



>one of the most heavily defended and walled off countries in the world, backed by the international community, with top of the line surveillance on both their citizens and their enemies, a security network that could pinpoint the exact moment an enemy is taking a shit, rich, prosperous and combat ready

>some balloony bois

4e9e05  No.12112795


>balloony bois

The balloony bois are part of a larger overall strategy to rip kikeland a new one.

balloony bois - PR wing

Syria/Iran/Hez/Houthis - Military force

Russia/China - Counter balance to american tech (while leaking tech building docs to the iran to build themselves).

American might is on its last legs, especially when most of it is now focused on niggerland. Bibi knows its now or never for the kikes.

d9338f  No.12112998


The balloons shall block out the sun

c212b3  No.12113461


Then we shall fight upon used condoms.

723e8b  No.12113693

File: 66f0cfd938f73a6⋯.png (539.35 KB, 1536x719, 1536:719, syria57.png)

Now the US is moving towards taking eastern syria.

c3b4dc  No.12113709


Lol what an absolute clusterfuck. So now (((erdogan))) is supposed to move out his FSA and the turks there, and allow the kurds he gassed, who is performing acts of terror right now against his troops and his proxies, back in again….

Just under another banner.

The absolute state of this war

dc66f7  No.12114160


You watch farfa Yu-Gi-Oh! videos too?

Mah nigga.

dc66f7  No.12114174

File: 1d574aa73d01be5⋯.jpg (490.89 KB, 1804x2872, 451:718, FuGoBalloonBomb.jpg)


Japan did it better.


6f7fbf  No.12114777


>Remove the imperialists


you spelled "kikes" incorrectly

f578bd  No.12116855


332973  No.12117675


looks like merkel surrendered.

9231b7  No.12117690

File: e72ef0c69f8cdc6⋯.png (269.07 KB, 603x398, 603:398, white helmets btfo.png)

File: 6b03aca2dac13cc⋯.jpg (93.28 KB, 992x744, 4:3, white helmets btfo 2.jpg)


affe13  No.12117721

File: 039567923bba903⋯.jpg (30.12 KB, 800x450, 16:9, the summit begins.jpg)


The absolute state of things when trips are needed to provide focus. Ancient post, nobody gave a fuck, and you're right to call it out. Now we're at the long-awaited political moment, and Erdogan can no longer play both sides. He knows the bread crumbs from the west are insufficient, and reality suggests no further warnings of coups are necessary. We also know that there is no better military opportunity for jews to lose than currently assembled. This needs to achieve an escalation which will wreck infrastructure and exterminate some high-level kikes. One way for this to happen is if Turkey decides to close the borders, and let go of the jihadists. That should provoke enough of a response from Bibi to take this to another level. Rolling for roaches to be predictable and allow for this happening.


Yes, it does.


These UK cocksuckers deserve to die. How the fuck do you choose to keep the same ID this long anon? I've seen a need to switch several times in both threads. Maybe you're lucky enough to be somewhere opsec is less critical?

18f94e  No.12117729


Hopping IPs is only good for circumventing bans, the account on your ISP is a phone number not an IP.

If some glowing agency is trying to track you, they're going to ask for the phone number of X IP at Y time, and after that all the history of your account.

55d23c  No.12117732


This picture is comforting. If they are all really anti-freemason and anti-(((spew))), maybe there is hope for a better world.

c3b4dc  No.12117739



hmm in unrelated news I just found out that this arch commie here, an actual one like he is old and stuff. Well anyways he is really really woke on the situation down in syria, I got really surprised and goncerned. Anyways he is apparantly based here. I guess it's his anti-israel stance that have made him follow the war, it was just concerning because we share the exact same views here. just had to get that one out

5814cc  No.12117742

File: c3c38c25b69566b⋯.png (456.41 KB, 1038x766, 519:383, 18.png)

File: e39f272ecc3d4fa⋯.png (487.98 KB, 1038x766, 519:383, 181.png)

Russia has been bombing the shit out of southern idlib. Soon we'll see that triangle/box and everything destroyed within.

18f94e  No.12117747


>Still falling for the label jew

That's the biggest and most successful D&C ever achieved.

c212b3  No.12118095

File: 1f67db9b58d4697⋯.png (73.46 KB, 800x750, 16:15, 1324345508001.png)

ac79d8  No.12120914

File: 54a98f54d61b72d⋯.png (99.44 KB, 533x314, 533:314, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8a05733904131ae⋯.png (97.7 KB, 466x378, 233:189, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c86af975d36a331⋯.png (137.62 KB, 597x381, 199:127, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 73a23999ee205b7⋯.png (109.25 KB, 526x397, 526:397, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fdce7c48de3f6a0⋯.png (98.51 KB, 480x382, 240:191, ClipboardImage.png)

Everyone's statements.

384656  No.12121190


Assad and Putin are showing the world how to conduct an operation. Level your enemies and rebuild over their corpses.

9231b7  No.12122234

File: b520aa35290839b⋯.png (331.09 KB, 603x1125, 67:125, tire kites.png)

File: cd98afb8cb3f3ae⋯.jpg (23.29 KB, 540x960, 9:16, tire kite.jpg)

Some burning rubber to go with the burning rubbers.

332973  No.12122328

File: d92fbc5d132cc2c⋯.jpg (121.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, memri kill em with shoes.jpg)


>tactical cruise tires

>ballistic incindiary condoms

>neutralising communication infrastructure and annahilating large swaths of farmland

9231b7  No.12122361

File: 080fd618e864d17⋯.png (109.59 KB, 660x330, 2:1, sunny kinneret island.png)


This is a real bad time for Israel to be extinguishing fires, too.

c3b4dc  No.12122478

I got drunk last night,and I am still drinking.

did they disperse the zyklon-b yet?

c3b4dc  No.12122487


it's fucked up, but you can read it your self. I'm not kidding this commie is woke as fuck on the matter. I am not sure, but I think he was their leader or something.

Anyways here, just use google translate it's like he has become, kinda like me tbqh, obsessed on syria


it's commie shit

I hate usa shit


more i hate usa


I hate israel


but the syria stuff for the most part it is very sober, I have no words. that faggot is a nigger

c3b4dc  No.12122494

I never imagine the day would ever come, that I agreed with Pål Steigan on anything. not even the brand of beer or stray of weed. we are so in total opposite of each other, but for some fucking reason he is woke on syria. I still don't get this shit, but I have read many of his articles and my damn he is spot on, calling out the white helmets to the extreme details I didn't even have, he almost names them induvidually and I assume he has doxed tons of them, because commies does this. mainly to shame people. it's not like these american cultural marxist, this is the actually russia/soviet linked marxist one.

he still needs to die though, just for reference. he is a traitor and a cunt that wanted to sell us out to the ussr, he is old now

c3b4dc  No.12122497


>actually russia/soviet linked

okay I just answered my self right there.

anyways, drunk I'll move along, but if you are interested in the war, read his shit. seriously, it's good. he is a ghost of the past a marxist, but this material regardless is very good. I have to give him this. and believe me, I would have never ever…

655321  No.12122526

File: f04a6a6751fb4a4⋯.mp4 (1.57 MB, 198x360, 11:20, kiki challenge - Syrian.mp4)

Safe to say this syrian officially won the extremely retarded Kiki challenge.

affe13  No.12122528

Local (non-military) understanding alleges an incident at Qamishli was specifically designed to keep the SAA occupied with multiple fronts. I wanted to include the tweet, but it's already gone, and everyone is farting over claims of multiple chem attacks to occur within the day instead. Point being the Kurds should not be overlooked by Syria or Turkey, as they have the most ingrained U.S. and kike backing.



655321  No.12122532

File: 1cf0e0046b55318⋯.png (565.33 KB, 855x732, 285:244, se8.png)

Another day of ass blasting the south.

655321  No.12122541


>claims of multiple chem attacks to occur within the day instead.

They can claim chem attacks all they want but the false flag narrative is already out there. The saddest part about it is using the same "we're pulling out" and "if they use chemicals we'll attack" stance for a third time thinking no one would call them on their bullshit. Might as well chalk idlib up as a win, especially without Turkeys full assistance.

affe13  No.12122572


It would seem like a poor decision to try this shit again, agreed. That's exactly why some escalation from the YPG caught my attention. I'm looking at other excuses for not pulling out, beyond the obvious. This after the (((media))) misdirection claiming Russia would attack Al-Tanf (not credible).

c3b4dc  No.12122604

File: 2d6607eea0e4923⋯.jpg (30.86 KB, 660x574, 330:287, 1533914894812.jpg)

my hamster is from syria, he has family in the mountains in afrin. don't believe me? well check it out

c3b4dc  No.12122610

File: cc95c00804075c5⋯.png (13.38 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1535117312594.png)

File: 4ffbd8fb6b0a18a⋯.png (199.74 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1533668470527.png)

he got in a lot of trouble here though, he doesn't even want to go to the store with me anymore, because of the local lemmings.

they always hang outside the store, the bad ones. so sometimes he tried to stay outside there with them, other times he didn't want to be let alone. finally he refused to go. he said they are so mean to me.

they call shitfurs, dingleberries. and they say I should go to my own country. then they say I'm just a filty rats.

this was what he told me, then he started to go on about what a great guy assad was and that he just wanted to go back home again. he has a picture of assad and a syrian and russian flag in his cage

I honestly didn't know they were being this mean to him, but I know those lemmings though and they are always up to no good. I guess I was naive, I just wanted him to get to know them and play with them. they always run around here with firecrackers and stuff. Boy was I wrong though

c212b3  No.12122613

File: 0f7099333334a7e⋯.jpg (34.38 KB, 600x600, 1:1, aint.jpg)

c3b4dc  No.12122618


your bot failed again

affe13  No.12122634

File: cf98c5e0699586d⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 770x438, 385:219, good luck bashar.jpg)


>your bot failed again

Like a used condom.

Good luck Bashar

a01c5a  No.12123025

File: 4eee1fc176aca40⋯.png (1.49 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, 1528987767449.png)

Can't Mossad the Assad

332973  No.12123105

File: 0dd7b349d62547a⋯.jpg (130.91 KB, 960x948, 80:79, 41284023_2131864056848396_….jpg)

Kurds ambushed a SAA patrol in Quaminshli in northern syria

73b874  No.12123164

6a26da  No.12123172


Kurds need to be the next target after Idlib.

24f361  No.12123174

File: 7654e21f160c2ef⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1436x2468, 359:617, dfdsdffds.png)


always attach this image to the pictures of the aftermath of commie curds.

24f361  No.12123179

File: 8129a0bcaa3c0c8⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1436x3320, 359:830, dfdsdffds.png)

4c4925  No.12123192



765762  No.12123332


> I'm looking at other excuses for not pulling out, beyond the obvious.

Its do or die for the kike proxies. If they lose this its game over for them. Attacking syria from that point on would just look like an invasion.

674fd7  No.12123371

File: d67a99a87e0c016⋯.mp4 (13.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Iraqis chimping out and at….mp4)

Hey any of you sandniggers know why the Iraqis are freaking out about Iranian meddling in their country. Like what specifically caused them to chimp out?

1de60f  No.12123922


>what specifically caused them to chimp out?



adb2e3  No.12123975


>Hey any of you sandniggers know why the Iraqis are freaking out about Iranian meddling in their country. Like what specifically caused them to chimp out?

Proxy protests just like in iran. Americans are pissed that iraq is being lost all over again.

50c205  No.12124185

File: 65d0258aa3fc132⋯.png (93.15 KB, 211x254, 211:254, Assad_check_em.png)


Polite sage but I gotta check those fucking trips!

affe13  No.12124564

Claims of 200 UK and US advisers and instructors in Idlib, and of Britain refusing to co-operate, lead to some speculations.

>There are 200 British and US instructors, doubtless with important weaponry and intelligence, are trapped and the UK wants the Turks to evacuate them to the Incirlik airbase In Turkey. This was apparently refused.

>So now the US is begging Russia to help – just as the US and UK representatives at the UN attack Russia on the Salisbury poisoning!! But the British army contacts are not cooperating with the Russians – why?



262af0  No.12124720


Hopefully those kikes "stuck" there get a mortar to the face by assad personally

18e85b  No.12126606



affe13  No.12126664

File: cb46a5ea6a6ef04⋯.jpg (33.5 KB, 926x393, 926:393, fuck france.JPG)

How does France think this entry is significant. Apologies if I've made a language interpretation mistake.



c0386c  No.12126676

God damn it, Trump just folded like a ZOG stooge again, openly declared a new effort for the US to overthrow Assad and install a new government.


18e85b  No.12126678

File: 59f0bc7b5e11d62⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 600x600, 1:1, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


Wonder who could be behind this…

They really do glow in the dark these days…

c0386c  No.12126686

Youtube also CUT off ALL Syrian channels:



18e85b  No.12126695


Meant to tag >>12029315

Don't post late at night…

c0386c  No.12126697

I know everyone hates inforwars and the screaming ape, but at least they're admitting a false flag is being concocted to blame Assad (yes, AGAIN!)…. and that they will obviously do.

c0386c  No.12126727


Stupid cocksuckers, at some point Russia should just stop playing so nice with these people. We should not even be over there, we created this whole mess [CIA/Mossad] in the first place. Also, I say Russia should consider arming Assad's governments with nuclear weapons and have them aimed at Israel as their fail-safe strategy…. if Syria gets overthrown then Israel would be nuked.

18e85b  No.12126754


Ignite WW3… Great idea faggot

Sending nuclear weapons to Syria would without a shadow of a doubt cause WW3 and you know it, total nuclear destruction of our countries is something not even the psychopathic kikes want

c0386c  No.12126761


Merkel relies on Russian gas and I doubt she'd want to be forced to re-arrange future gas deals with the US (because we'd make her pay for resisting LNG in the first place). So she caved, as the weak cuck she is, to Putin in order to keep the Russian gas flowing into her country. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON MERKEL SIDES WITH ASSAD & PUTIN.

affe13  No.12126763

File: bae03f8bd719cb6⋯.jpg (40.3 KB, 808x509, 808:509, 214 point two five.JPG)

Since I obviously can't ass blast two kike shills with fresh IDs c0386c and c0386c before going to sleep, I will leave you faggots with the reality of the Sea of Galilee for comfort.

affe13  No.12126772


18e85b and done.

c0386c  No.12126776


I don't want WWIII, and I know no one really does except for the totally insane, but Syria should have nuclear deterrents at this point. Their country has been under so many attacks and its clear US-Israel will never ever give up until they destroy Syria and install regime change!

4f6d13  No.12126784

File: ec52a5384eb046b⋯.jpg (77.03 KB, 653x477, 653:477, oh_nooo.jpg)


negroid, the US and Israel started the war in Syria in 1976 with Assad Sr., Bashar's father.

Did MSM forget to mention it?

what a coincidence!

24f361  No.12126789


How about that. The US is allowed to place it's weapons in countries like israel, or Turkey, but the moment Russia does something that America wants ww3.

c0386c  No.12126792


Hmmmmm I thought it was back in the 80s, must have a fuzzy memory.

1802bf  No.12126800


Ye, I have yet to find an American that realizes the UdSSR putting nukes on Cuba was just a response to the US putting theirs into Turkey

c0386c  No.12126805


Exactly. Why can't Syria be allowed to defend themselves. At this point Russia and Syria may not have many options. Trump just said the US is going to stay there "indefinitely" (aka until Assad is gone)

18e85b  No.12126824


Yep, most likely, the kikes would most likely rather see the destruction of the US and/or Russia through a brutal and horrific nuclear war than to let Syria wield nuclear weapons, because they know exactly to whom the would be pointed, right at Tel Aviv

24f361  No.12126835




Turkey is currently hosting American nukes.

ea6fd7  No.12127104


>The US is allowed to place it's weapons in countries like israel,

More like they handed over a shit ton of nukes to the kikes under israel control.

0bde32  No.12127238


I'm pretty sure Obama move those to Romania during the Turkroach chimp out.

cba1be  No.12127614



>B2 not deployed

B1B is assigned to penetration role.

Subsonic, low altitude, cruise missile delivery.

More performance tests; Theatre backup?

ac79d8  No.12128792

From the other thread



America deploying white phosphorus in Deir Ezzor

ac79d8  No.12128874

File: 556874b0c9877e3⋯.png (63.15 KB, 720x540, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


It appears to be on the ISIS held town of Hajin. So far only Russia is saying America did this, and USA has not responded yet. Possibly Putin taking a page from the American playbook?

7d4756  No.12128917


>Arming Syria with nuclear weapons

I wish I was 15 again …

>Muh based Jewtin

He and his kike friends wouldn't enjoy a nuclear exchange, nor does Russia have enough money for a full scale proxy engagement against the US, let alone the conventional, direct war. If anyone is helping Assad in Syria, it's Iran.

778097  No.12128933



>incendiary weapons



65de12  No.12130165


Nope. They got taken away… thank fuck

53ee1e  No.12130188


Isn white phosphorous against geneva or some shit?

18f94e  No.12130208


Clam down Stanley Woo

43ca41  No.12130268


>thank fuck

can't do anything with 'em without the codes

affe13  No.12130610

According to a Canthama Aleppo quote below, a significant Iraqi development is occurring. The timing of this with the liberation of Idlib at hand, is notably important. Adam Garrie initially reported at eurasiafuture.com with the site now under DDoS. Not too concerned with being unable to provide a source and archive, as this will surely trickle through other media outlets soon enough.

"As events continue to evolve in Iraq, a serious set back for US/KSA/Israel stooge in Iraq, Abadi, has just taken place. Moqtada al-Sadr and Hadi al-Ameri call for Abadi to resign and decide to join their MPs to form a new government. With Moqtada 54 seats, the 153 seats of Maliki-Ameri will have the largest coalition and no longer in need to compromise with the Kurds to form a government. Sadr is no saint, with ties to KSA and US, but clearly he did not face the rage of Iraqi populace if he sided with the US, he jumped ship and is now allowing a Government to be formed that is not US backed."

ac79d8  No.12131047


There's some loophole about "using it as a smokescreen for support purposes."

bc0e83  No.12133968

>related topics are starting to come up

>instead of posting here, creating more threads

Do these niggers know how to use catalog?

6ec79a  No.12134796


>He and his kike friends wouldn't enjoy a nuclear exchange, nor does Russia have enough money for a full scale proxy engagement against the US, let alone the conventional, direct war. If anyone is helping Assad in Syria, it's Iran.

Russia is helping. Air support, tech, and training. Jewtin isn't dumb enough to get dragged into a full out ME war again.

affe13  No.12135226

File: 0fe861bf041d0ea⋯.jpg (37.53 KB, 1028x251, 1028:251, Nayriyah.JPG)

Was wondering when this part of the sand would get some attention.

8cf810  No.12139905

File: c360148b28c8336⋯.png (127.26 KB, 802x627, 802:627, a1.png)

File: 3404e6b3787f687⋯.png (155.25 KB, 807x699, 269:233, a2.png)

File: f54ce4e68c0f3d5⋯.png (149.88 KB, 810x762, 135:127, a3.png)


8cf810  No.12140007

File: c61b9ec7c6b5d42⋯.png (57.4 KB, 529x228, 529:228, w3.png)

File: e039ba6d7edd93b⋯.png (127.34 KB, 696x405, 232:135, w4.png)

File: fcbca340783c22e⋯.png (66.97 KB, 811x213, 811:213, w5.png)


Looks like the entire southeast corner will be taken care of as well (Defeat Terrorism). SDF + Iraq + Russian/Iraq air support. Damn impressive. Assad is going for the gold since its perfect timing with the elections coming up.

affe13  No.12140159


This probably never gets seen by Trump.


>Assad is going for the gold

Golan is the gold.

>As the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation reported, all the fake footage of "chemical attacks," designed to facilitate the implication of Syrian government forces, is expected to be sent to different TV channels before the end of the day.



cf9e1f  No.12140231



Filming of staged chemical attack in Syrian Idlib begins - Russian MoD http://archive.li/cd53d

Don't know validity of above vid: if we see the scene in MSM next few days, though, that's a bust

affe13  No.12141530


Evidence that foreskin loss leads to premature ejaculation

Someone didn't keep the kikes in the loop, and they lusted to be first to break the fake news. Since it hadn't happened, this may be the equivalent of the BBC reporting on WTC7.

>Syrian president Bashar Assad used chlorine gas in his attacks on the rebels last stronghold in Idlib, reported an American source to the Wall Street Journal.



18f94e  No.12141692

File: 258462238073302⋯.png (934 B, 51x25, 51:25, 214.3.png)

b0032e  No.12146647


Soon you'll be able to walk like Jesus across the Sea of Galilee. Except it won't be much of an achievement wading across a puddle.

24f361  No.12152840

File: 3b0e9dd58786cb8⋯.png (241.9 KB, 750x753, 250:251, dggfdgfdgfd.png)

lots of protests.

eca864  No.12152929

File: 0ff85c7bd185195⋯.png (663.84 KB, 1046x1226, 523:613, le christian-zionist allia….png)


That's quite funny, wanna know something about the supposed king of the jews? It's even more funny.

53ee1e  No.12152972


Looks like the jews realized the error of their ways when they have seen how much money they're losing to jordan when it comes to tourist shekels


0f7f23  No.12152975



>Russia: "Sure we talk."


This isn't going to end well for the roach.

53ee1e  No.12152990


I guess prime targets for a gas leak, a misfired bomb, or shit anything they can blame on assad lmao

f68479  No.12152997

File: cd27a729e69f309⋯.png (66.04 KB, 883x614, 883:614, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at ….png)


c07fa9  No.12153024

Any combat footage from the latest offensive?

386bff  No.12153032


Note that @syriangirl is not the account name of the person I assume you are referring to

You'll find her at @Partisangirl

f39047  No.12155065


>Golan is the gold

True but I think Assad saves that for when Trump is out of office.

b0032e  No.12159068

The Kinneret has about a week left. It could hit the black line as early as the 22nd. Looks like the anon who suggested Bibi was letting the lake die to fulfill part of a prophecy had the right answer. It's hard to imagine anyone being that crazy, but here we are.

8222f6  No.12159257


some "chosen" people, amiright?

24f361  No.12161198

File: 56b40a950b73cf5⋯.png (344.95 KB, 1066x687, 1066:687, dfdfdggf.png)


b0032e  No.12162446

File: 7f8bdaf1c0c04f5⋯.png (482.06 KB, 590x1183, 590:1183, israel drought.png)

File: 6e8df7d43c29c6a⋯.png (21.67 KB, 656x391, 656:391, 214 point 33.png)

Anyone catch this article from Breitbart last month? A few things don't add up here. From the article:

>If the drought continues for another year, the authority may decide to place limits on water use.

>If the Sea of Galilee falls below the black line, it could result in irreversible ecological problems and damage to the water quality, making it unsafe for drinking.

The black line is in a week. It was 20cm above the line at the time the article was written. It's at 7cm now. Does this mean they're not planning to restrict usage until the lake is permanently damaged and too far below the pipes to draw from anyway?

The desalination plants will mitigate this disaster somewhat, but they'll have to be operational forever now.

affe13  No.12162474

File: 0d18d55e0b0cf9b⋯.jpg (35.03 KB, 671x253, 61:23, danan.JPG)


>A few things don't add up here.

Because she's a kike.

cb619e  No.12163355

File: 6b2794b91682b45⋯.png (566.28 KB, 1101x769, 1101:769, syr1.png)

Russia sets up a 15km demilitarized zone around Idlib.

fd224d  No.12163443


weren't they about to take it over? what the hell happened

17c567  No.12163468

File: 931d5616190cb08⋯.webm (613.28 KB, 640x360, 16:9, israeli soldier vs Palest….webm)


>israeli soldier vs Palestinian tire

669f42  No.12163473

File: a0606843bfbe18e⋯.jpg (43.16 KB, 316x345, 316:345, reis imparator.jpg)


>be a sad man

>trying take idlib

>turkey btfos (you)

>turkey btfos iran

>lose aleppo to russians

>but but muh territorial integrity

absolute state of assadists :DDDDDD

53ee1e  No.12163550


Israeli authorities have dumped desalinated waters into the kineret previously dont know why they havent done it yet. Maybe if they let it happen they can beg for water from goy USA

a27e28  No.12163603


They're cutting it really close if they're planning to save the lake. A few shipments of water stolen from the USA wouldn't help much. Israel will be even more of a desert with no fresh water at all.

5f00e8  No.12163617


Give Erdogg another day and he'll say the exact opposite, like always. He's a gigantic flip-flopping coward.

0f055a  No.12163775

File: 5b61ebf36530d54⋯.png (154.33 KB, 588x568, 147:142, Untitled_.png)

Looks like air defenses all along the coast are firing.

a46d9d  No.12163801


Why commit forces and attack across the river when you have a pocket sitting right there?

d38a6d  No.12163820


I sure hope that I'm wrong



Oh shit nigger somebody is provoking Ivan

e2fd72  No.12163961


>Russia, Syria, Turkey reach agreement to handle US funded YPG.

>Suddenly Syrian coast under heavy missile strikes.


193e45  No.12164142


do we have any updates on this?

this looks bad

id have to assume its israel coming at them from the med

98ce09  No.12164167

File: fb5f6c292789eaa⋯.png (257.07 KB, 746x726, 373:363, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e9472c63729f20f⋯.png (516.31 KB, 714x835, 714:835, ClipboardImage.png)



Close - they sent their attack dog.

d38a6d  No.12164170


There are claims of a joint attack by Israel and the US, but the US part doesn't seem likely. Also Kike Pompeo is currently "making a statement", but he's only talking about how the US is taking in 6000000 more baste refugees.

98ce09  No.12164172

File: 741061bf153d480⋯.png (32.8 KB, 716x431, 716:431, ClipboardImage.png)


Now this is actually an issue.

>Syrian Democratic Forces

ISIS didnt work, so now we've created from wholecloth a 'democratic' force in Syria that we can defend without looking quite so obviously behind terrorism.

Fucking sick of this kike bullshit.

98ce09  No.12164174


>US part doesn't seem likely

Yeah, sure.

98ce09  No.12164178

File: 392169e9bb74a2c⋯.png (38.11 KB, 715x637, 55:49, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 609b2bffb162a7d⋯.png (803.81 KB, 702x770, 351:385, ClipboardImage.png)

98ce09  No.12164180

File: 9e85eb3fbc2c76a⋯.png (79.78 KB, 724x1339, 724:1339, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9e85eb3fbc2c76a⋯.png (79.78 KB, 724x1339, 724:1339, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 25ad23fe509f624⋯.png (69.77 KB, 726x1081, 726:1081, ClipboardImage.png)

This is the mkst retarded thing Ive ever seen Putin do.

98ce09  No.12164183

File: 4ad138cc940653c⋯.png (81.88 KB, 716x1257, 716:1257, ClipboardImage.png)


But maybe its just bullshit.

98ce09  No.12164192

File: 8e0969b704014d7⋯.png (63.18 KB, 718x991, 718:991, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0b7b47a7c58e3b9⋯.png (29.31 KB, 732x567, 244:189, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fa7f5c572ce95eb⋯.png (78.44 KB, 720x1376, 45:86, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eecb332f1982901⋯.png (30.95 KB, 745x530, 149:106, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9e2f01c1be79908⋯.png (27.92 KB, 717x389, 717:389, ClipboardImage.png)

US fingerprints all over this.

98ce09  No.12164209

File: 97abef57bffbc12⋯.png (462.48 KB, 2298x1152, 383:192, ClipboardImage.png)


>Manbij model

Why would Putin agree to this?

193e45  No.12164217


>they sent their attack dog.

thats what i was afraid of

afd204  No.12164221


Stay tuned for Trump's announcement directly to american's cell phones coming up on Thursday - emergency alert. Brace yourselves for "Russia and Iran have been wiped off the map. Our partners (Al Qaida etc.) will continue their valliant struggle to bring democracy in the Syria. America is great again!!"

a3bfd7  No.12164611

File: 1a7c96b4fb06a9d⋯.jpg (38.31 KB, 632x377, 632:377, rusplane.JPG)


12fb20  No.12164627

File: dfd0c9a7d8e2511⋯.jpg (17.21 KB, 440x440, 1:1, dfd0c9a7d8e2511cc0c589ed1b….jpg)

1. Turkey and Russia sign a treaty to enforce a DMZ around Idlib and stop any further attacks. Effectively cucking any fake chemical attacks and stopping any western intervention

2. Unknown air surveillance aircraft are skirting the Russian base in Latakia off the coast

3. Russian base in Latakia and Tartus takes fire from an unconfirmed number of guided missiles fire from the Mediterranean

4. Very unconfirmed French tweets claiming a French frigate fired the cruise missiles

5. Russian servicemen are suspected killed and wounded

6. RUAF IL-20 is suspected downed

holy fugg

1f3374  No.12164634


Well boys, I reckon this is it.

Nookular combat toe to toe with the Rooskies.

5578b2  No.12164670

File: 2ce2b6d66185fb0⋯.jpg (127.53 KB, 600x446, 300:223, 1385782081462.jpg)

>>12164611 (checked)

734a8a  No.12164674



24f361  No.12164695


Why not march them to Gaza?

915bf4  No.12164701


France needs to fucking burn–oh wait.

a9ad09  No.12164725


fug :-DDDD


affe13  No.12164810


Today please.


You did say "march them", which would be a sight.


Could be just U.S. disinfo. Regardless, there needs to be dead kikes after all of this. Anything less is a major failure.

fa07e1  No.12164814

File: ce18533db287cee⋯.png (106.95 KB, 1224x863, 1224:863, moedinha tyronne.png)

>Latakia came under fire earlier today in a missile attack military sources said come from the direction of the sea. The Russian Defense Ministry in its statement about the missing plane identified four Israeli F-16 airplanes as part of the attack on Latakia. Personnel at Hmeymim airbase have organized a search and rescue operation.



a3bfd7  No.12164820

File: 5b01c466b57ad1b⋯.jpg (23.53 KB, 689x400, 689:400, please.jpg)

Please let this happen.

a9ad09  No.12164825






5578b2  No.12164829

File: d6dbd13c63fee07⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 620x480, 31:24, 1404780438351.jpg)

24f361  No.12164870


March them two by two like in the Madaline cartoon/book.

734a8a  No.12164877



1f3374  No.12164888

File: 9943b51fd7aa665⋯.png (50.5 KB, 637x869, 637:869, tweet.png)

a9ad09  No.12164907

Israel is doing a "No Comment" and won't confirm or deny involvement. RT livestream:


57f3cd  No.12164917


If they hit Israel, it will be in Golan. They don't have the nuts to hit them in Israel proper.

fa07e1  No.12164931


What if they do?

The jews had the nuts to shut down a place full of russian soldiers with no provocation. Why would the russians simply not respond in the same manner?

a9ad09  No.12164938


Good first step


a9ad09  No.12164946

File: 3039bbb7ac7a5e2⋯.png (153.73 KB, 476x795, 476:795, 18e9d2e579a206f51132989f36….png)

File: bc5e371cc09c4b5⋯.png (272.34 KB, 492x672, 41:56, edd3a7515e324fd7a6a796105f….png)




fa07e1  No.12164953


>This is an act of war, Russia will not tolerate aggressive acts from Israel against its own people.

This was the final straw.

Says who? That isn't an official account.

a9ad09  No.12164973

File: 7d7a32e03ffabc3⋯.png (49.22 KB, 237x786, 79:262, dc0b09ca2df624c0cd85af2b80….png)


a9ad09  No.12165001

File: 078440689b8ba67⋯.png (58.89 KB, 481x516, 481:516, 22783bc0c7ade153d723c4143e….png)


a9ad09  No.12165026

File: 9063bf12dde312e⋯.jpg (66.06 KB, 766x497, 766:497, 1537230020752[1].jpg)

it hurts cause it's true

fa07e1  No.12165039

24f361  No.12165042

File: 281ec1301a33a51⋯.png (284.58 KB, 560x600, 14:15, ffgff.png)


193e45  No.12165109

File: 1e30677901f4841⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 400x300, 4:3, dum kot.gif)



hol up

so u b sayin

<[smacks lips]

u be sayin they tryna make it look like syria shot down they buddys plane an shieet?

nigga… das retarded

b0032e  No.12165835


If Vlad can hit even one desalination factory, he's already won. Is the Iron Dome any good?

bccbe1  No.12165926


Why would the US kill a terrorist group they've trained for decades?

8d3e1f  No.12165948


So did the S400 knock any jews out of the sky? I'm guessing no, otherwise it would be all over the American "news" about how isreal has to depend its self from aggressors after bombing them.

b4e218  No.12166206


Nah. The kikes saw the winding down of the Vietnam war as a good time to get extra kikey.

b4e218  No.12166212


Funniest thing is what has been on full display as of late. The kikes really are fucking dumb as shit. They got to where they are by chutzpah, nepotism and a naive public that never cared to ask difficult questions.

b0032e  No.12166230

File: e3bb3963913d966⋯.png (21.65 KB, 679x386, 679:386, 214 point 34.png)

File: f4457c4fe87a578⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, roasted schlomo 2.png)

File: ee9337ba24c7d83⋯.png (717.45 KB, 900x600, 3:2, sunny kinneret island 2.png)


Expect even more erratic behavior from Israel soon. I think shooting down a Russian jet is only the beginning.

b4e218  No.12166368



I just tried to look into that. It typical kike fashion every site I went to listed different numbers for the red lines, the historical minimum and the current level.

b4e218  No.12166373

fc5489  No.12166389

File: 916b3a719f666cb⋯.png (57.29 KB, 500x558, 250:279, 1477918820188.png)


Rolling for epic finale

53ee1e  No.12166403



Source is his ass. I would honestly like to see any nation as kiked as russia lift a finger against israel.>>12165835

>Is the Iron Dome any good?

No, not really, it's very costly and the missiles are limited.

b0032e  No.12166515


The most common number for black line I've seen is 214.4. Their utility site says 214.5 but it's the only place I've seen that number. 214.87 is the most common number I've seen for historical minimum, and also where the water goes below the pipes. You're right about kike dishonesty making this hard to pin down.

cf9e1f  No.12166714

File: aa0710d8905ac6d⋯.png (547.69 KB, 866x689, 866:689, Coe.PNG)


53ee1e  No.12166729


Yep, there's just no way russia will attack or retaliate against israel tit for tat, now even RT covers for the jews

6de503  No.12166778


They have enough desalination plants to cover their needs. They are only using lake water because it's cheaper.

>Many years of below-average rainfall have led the water level to dip to the "black line," beyond which water cannot be pumped without causing severe damage to the entire water supply.

Water pipes with no pressure in them will burst next time pressure is reapplied.

If you have no freshwater for fires you need to use seawater, both, tragic for farmland.


Butthurt pissraelis virtue signalling

6de503  No.12166789


They are searching for subs

a46d9d  No.12166792


Just like in Top Gun. Lawd all the media are a joke.

b0032e  No.12166850


The Breitbart article claims that the water below the black line isn't safe to drink. But again, Kikebart, so I can't say for sure.

e6ef0d  No.12167432

There's some news about the roach making some deal with Russia on leaving Idlib alone.

affe13  No.12169054

File: d183fb5a63a1955⋯.jpg (106.05 KB, 900x539, 900:539, il-20 map.jpg)

Pic related infographics. Flight path of IL-20 in red with the kike attack plan in blue, from Russian MoD. Partial wreckage found 27 Km west of Banias in the Mediteranian Sea. The French frigate Auvergne shown in blue and nearby Russian frigate in red detected the missile launches. France denied any involvement in the incident, which is a statement apparently taken out of context since the "incident" in discussion being only the IL-20.

8ae7dc  No.12174003

File: df7e1a69933b87c⋯.png (400.38 KB, 612x771, 204:257, ClipboardImage.png)

Looks like the shelling has slowed down.

24f361  No.12178282

File: a4c5fdb180d8374⋯.png (237.15 KB, 897x599, 897:599, ddsdsdsds.png)

they're protesting again.

d05099  No.12178311


Never forget that a good part of those protester are nothing more than hostage! Either they show up or they are taken for a ride to the desert.

2db1b0  No.12179860

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

affe13  No.12180057

File: ebd0266e3c1586c⋯.jpg (81.09 KB, 1094x465, 1094:465, beaches closed.JPG)

A joint Russia/Hezbollah response? Seems unlikely, yet if a desalination plant were to accidentally get targeted, that would be impressive.

>Vladimir Putin refused to receive the commander-in-chief of the Israeli Air Force, summoned to Moscow on Thursday to give explanations.

>In the Golan, Russian soldiers are increasingly patrolling Israeli lines and no longer bother to establish a channel of communication with the Israeli military, which they now see as enemies.



bdce58  No.12180082


It's possible that it was France who did it. It doesn't make sense that kikes will put themselves directly into the spotlight. This article suggests they were working in tandem with ZogSA and France to further isolate Russia and escalate things to a new level. Allowing intervention.

Worth a read.

98ce09  No.12180163

File: 856c2b59441c292⋯.png (186.81 KB, 960x1333, 960:1333, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aa72fe3da01ddce⋯.png (164.03 KB, 758x1366, 379:683, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3b2d244b68b27a1⋯.png (152.11 KB, 754x1323, 754:1323, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9eebe2819653e60⋯.png (186.15 KB, 763x1384, 763:1384, ClipboardImage.png)

Dude the fucking comments sections of this shit are pure comedy gold.

These muddy goatfuckers are bantzing the shit out of each other in English and its hilarious.

98ce09  No.12180166

File: 3bf689cd628e9dd⋯.png (170.97 KB, 745x1290, 149:258, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8bb68f174cdf81e⋯.png (175.21 KB, 967x1313, 967:1313, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ddf6ae002e61e2f⋯.png (161.26 KB, 961x1300, 961:1300, ClipboardImage.png)


They just keep going.

cdb8c7  No.12180203

File: a1839059ccdd7bb⋯.jpg (245.75 KB, 598x600, 299:300, a1839059ccdd7bb2576459486e….jpg)


I wonder how long will this patience last. Israel doing that stunt was an act of desperation to start a war.


>It's possible that it was France who did it.

A.) France attacks Syria, conducts an act of aggressive war on Syria/Russia and prompts a respond from Russia on the ship. NATO doesn't get involved due to not being attacked.

B.) Israel lures Russians to attack a French ship, Article 5 gets triggered.

Tell me genius, which of these options is more likely?



kek ackbars ackbaring out of each other

>we T*rks made it possible for the Dutch to have a country called Netherlands today


>he is a horse that can bray like a donkey so now he things he is really a donkey


98ce09  No.12180208

File: 9a5c88e09cf269e⋯.png (114.38 KB, 1732x282, 866:141, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1465b8914a79e88⋯.png (120.2 KB, 1464x287, 1464:287, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, its pretty funny. Less so this shit…. Anons and Shitposters, I present, the allies of the United States of America.

Thanks Obama. Oh wait.

bdce58  No.12180245


How about you read the article nigger?

It's neither of that Hollywood shit.

affe13  No.12180352


Joaquin Flores does write some interesting articles; however, he also sometimes drifts away from the obvious.

>The S-200 has an extremely high accuracy, not more than a bit different from the S-400 for a single target, and specifically a target of this size and speed, it would have had to ‘miss’ the Israeli plane in question, which only has a 10-15% chance of doing, but then proceed to then actually hit the Russian plane. But not only hit the Russian plane, but critically so.

With all the S-200 missiles fired, not just this time, they always miss kike planes.

>Does Israel really have a motive?

I hardly think Flores is ignorant of the Oded Yinon Plan, so this question framing his closing arguements is disingenuous.

90b694  No.12180648

i find it amazing that no one is on Turkeys side. I thought our only war was the war against jews

ac79d8  No.12180844


>no one is on Turkeys side.

They're always flipping sides, though.

901f2a  No.12181334



god that turkroach is infuriating. They always have a chip on their shoulder about how great they and their nation are but they're still being unwanted parasites in Europe

7a46c4  No.12181373


This, anyone who has gamed online with them knows how much of a bunch of whining beta power hungry faggots they are.

000000  No.12182724

>>12164611 (checked)







It's more complex than that and I'm surprised that Yidsrael would reveal this capability at this time. While the S-200s won't necessarily see Russian aircraft as "friendly" because that would imply that the Syrian S-200 sites have the Russian IFF codes, it's very likely that the IL-20 flight was coordinated with Syrian air defenses. The S-200 operators, has they known they were looking at the IL-20, would not have fired.

Most likely, the S-200 was targeting the IL-20, which did not attempt to evade because it did not expect to be attacked. This basically means that Yidsraeli F-16s did not exactly use the IL-20 as cover, but that the S-200 IL-20 shootdown was likely Yidsrael's real goal.

The Yidsraelis don't use the standard F-16 avionics package. All Yidsraeli F-16s are fitted with a custom avionics package made in Yidsrael. This incident indicates that the Yidsraeli ECM package has the capability to jam other aircraft's IFF responses. S-200 battery then sees an "unknown aircraft" instead of a friendly IL-20 while missiles are arriving from that general direction. Guess what the S-200 operators do? FIRE! Got 'em! wait… …oops

Jamming IFF is essentially not done because it comes very close to violating the Geneva Conventions and probably would violate them if they hadn't been written long before the invention of radio IFF. The Geneva Conventions are very big on combatants identifying themselves. At the time, there was no feasible way to obscure someone else's uniform, but that is exactly what jamming IFF does in a modern context.

From a tactical standpoint, jamming IFF is really stupid because it paints a nice big target on you if the enemy figures it out. It's only good for one surprise attack, and the Yids have shot their wad here.

In short, this is YAYA, Yet Another Yid Atrocity, but it reveals desperation in Yidsrael. Putin now has perfect reasoning to supply Syria with S-300/S-400 systems, assuming that those have more recent IFF systems that are harder to jam. Yidsrael can no longer complain after their attack resulted in an "ECM-aided" friendly fire incident. Generally, it risks a significant technology escalation, possibly crossing from older systems that Yidsrael can evade/defeat to newer systems superior to Yidsraeli capabilities. This is a huge risk for Yidsrael, as it could also result in a tactics change to scrambling Russian interceptors instead of using ground-based SAM batteries. It has already resulted in a shift on the ground as Russian troops now see IDF as enemy.

The Yids could be trying to draw out newer Russian systems, but that makes almost no sense. What little battlefield intelligence they would get would come at the price of a crushing defeat. We would get valuable intelligence about the S-400, but our satellites have already observed S-400 testing and we would only see the effectiveness of the S-400 against Yidsraeli avionics packages, which are very different from NATO standard issue, so that doesn't help us either.

Remember: YAYA

Yet Another Yid Atrocity

Yidsraeli F-16s have IFF jammers. This definitely violates the spirit of the Geneva Convention, if not the letter.

5f1132  No.12184551


I support this statement

48791a  No.12185428


They have been constantly as unreliable as the kikes.

1db293  No.12185704


This is only half correct, let me explain.

There are two kinds of IFF, based on Primary and Secondary radar principles. Primary radar is conventional radar, you have a radar which sends radio waves to a target, the target reflects the radar back to the source and it is picked up by a receiver. This is what most people think of when they say radar.

Secondary radar is an active pinging from the aircraft itself, not the ground based radar, often called 'squawking'. The device which causes this 'squawking' is called a 'transponder' and provides altitude and flight number for civilian aircraft. Squawking for combat aircraft can be modified to show much less information and only broadcast after being hit with an interrogation request (usually this comes after they've been locked on radar anyway). This is pretty standard across Western and Eastern fighter aircraft and the IFF and squawking is modified on a per-mission basis to meet international law and stealth requirements. For example, USAF aircraft operating (illegally) in Syria openly squawk their USAF flight numbers as a warning to all that they are politically invulnerable and should not be fired on, no matter what. Israel even used this to infiltrate Syrian airspace with USAF codes (they're publicly broadcasted after all) to hit Iranian ammo dumps while Syrian Air Defence assumed they were going off to hit ISIS positions like USAF aircraft had done hundreds of times previous.

Back to the issue of the IL-20 and Syria's S-200s.

>supply Syria with S-300/S-400 systems, assuming that those have more recent IFF systems that are harder to jam

The mistake here is that the ground based system has a better or worse IFF system. This is untrue, in fact the ground based system is irrelevant. IFF systems are standardized to work across international lines and within militaries. A more modern radar may be able to send a stronger interrogation request, but chances are the IL-20 was squawking the whole time. In which case the S-200 radar had the Il-20 on screen for hours, from the moment it took off till the moment it was hit. If the IL-20 was not squawking and was only picked up on primary radar, even though this is incredibly unlikely, then the S-200 would still have sent an IFF interrogation before firing, detected friendly and that would have likely locked the system from firing on the IL-20, requiring a manual over ride.

>This incident indicates that the Yidsraeli ECM package has the capability to jam other aircraft's IFF responses

This isn't really news to anyone to be honest. Everyone can do this without issue. In fact, that this is so normal actually lends credence to the S-200 shoot down theory. See, most modern radar guided missiles, to counteract jamming, can use a 'home on jam'. HOJ uses the jamming signal, not the targeting radar, for targeting information. The missile will fly towards the source of the jam, with no knowledge on range/distance, only bearing to target. The problem here is that a missile has no idea whether or not it'll run out of fuel without getting near the jamming signal and so the operator must make that decision based on other information before firing.

It is perfectly reasonable that the F-16s were employing jamming and other ECMs including false-radar-echoes to defeat anti-aircraft fire. This jamming /could/ have blotted out the IL-20s squawk, effectively turning it from a friendly to a bogey contact. Bogey is an unknown contact, bandit is a confirmed hostile.

It could be possible that the S-200 fired in HOJ mode at the F-16 and as it got closer, its semi-active radar auto-acquired the IL-20. But even this is unlikely.

I personally find the French Shoot Down Hypothesis far more likely as explored here >>12180082

affe13  No.12185718


>shootdown was likely Yidsrael's real goal

Another analyst whom I've never seen before, is providing a bit of circumstantial evidence that the goal was an assassination attempt on Assad.

>the Yids have shot their wad here

I had doubts that the kikes would do this just to take out the IL-20 and crew, unless there was a bigger picture other than trying to start WWIII.

Assad was the target of the attack on Latakia.

>NATO was aware for a visit of the President Bashar al-Assad this night to Moscow in order to meet President Putin after the signing of the Idleb agreement. He should fly to Russia through the Syrian airport of Latakia . NATO took a green light to carry out the assassination of President Assad, by bombing his convoy before reaching the airport of Latakia.

>Following the signing of the Russian-Turkish agreement in Sochi, Erdogan insisted on Putin’s signature on the agreement and several other signed papers. President Putin promised to meet with President Assad at the earliest opportunity to explain the details of the agreement and obtain his official signature.

>After the events of Lattakia, President Putin was assured that Erdogan, who signed the Idlib agreement was involved in the assassination attempt of Assad in Lattakia, especially after the arrival of the Tornado from Turkish airspace towards Syria. Russian intelligence has also confirmed the presence of a Russian officer in Russian bases to be in coordination with NATO.



94bdfe  No.12185798

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bye bye, ISIS.

Israel? You there?

Get out of the Golan.

f6e6af  No.12185963

File: 7810fab2ea9795f⋯.mp4 (2.21 MB, 320x240, 4:3, gondola goes to war.mp4)

File: c1e851fb3f4022e⋯.png (5.13 KB, 531x339, 177:113, 9f85072e8200ac586b58032a56….png)

File: b5dafe80f1007f7⋯.png (701.08 KB, 1046x843, 1046:843, 42bf3e59f75e9001e4cd3476ae….png)

File: 36d8ae91575e5a6⋯.jpg (240.33 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 08c3262759107134b9242be2ed….jpg)

File: 55543c1f50e354f⋯.png (127.22 KB, 390x735, 26:49, 55543c1f50e354faffdae634bf….png)

24f361  No.12185993


What would have happened if they killed Assad? Who would have taken over?

affe13  No.12186068


Who would have taken over?

Have another look at the map from Dec 2016 >>11995478

Same as it's always been under the "Assad must go" objective. Perpetual war among multiple factions, and a destabilized Syria.

000000  No.12186573


Transponder squawks are sent in response to primary radar hits. Aircraft sees itself painted by radar, transponder squawks. This is how the radar site knows which primary return sent which squawk. Some newer ATC radars ignore the primary return and display only transponder squawks, but military air-defense systems will always show the primary returns.

> The mistake here is that the ground based system has a better or worse IFF system.

Better receivers more able to distinguish actual squawks from jamming signals.

> the S-200 would still have sent an IFF interrogation before firing, detected friendly

Not if the IFF squawk was jammed. S-200 sends IFF interrogation, IL-20 squawks, Yids jam squawk, S-200 reports "unknown aircraft" to operator. Remember that the S-200 is basically obsolete. It is possible that an S-300/S-400 may have better ability to detect jammed squawks and either successfully extract the squawk despite the jamming or at least report that a bandit is jamming the bogey's squawk. "Bogey with jammed squawk" is different from "bogey with no squawk" and the air-defense responses are different.

> other ECMs including false-radar-echoes

Which newer radars defeat easily by sending randomized pulses. A false echo won't match the pulses that were sent out and can be reported as such or handed off to a companion ESM system. This can turn successful jamming into painting a huge target on yourself when ESM locates the false echo source. This is the technology escalation I mentioned. S-400 almost certainly has this capability.

IFF jamming is stupid for the same reason. You must transmit either continuously or every time the enemy demands you transmit lest a legitimate squawk get through. Home-on-jam works perfectly if the jammer is transmitting continuously. They launch, you die. This also means that Yidsrael is either insanely desperate, terminally stupid, that IL-20 was an extraordinarily valuable target, or Yidsrael thought that IL-20 was an extraordinarily valuable target, not valuable enough for Yidsrael themselves to shoot it down, but valuable enough to reveal this capability. Or the Yids couldn't shoot it down themselves for (((reasons))) but were expecting to get something from Syria shooting it down?

> Israel even used this to infiltrate Syrian airspace with USAF codes

Which of course endangers future USAF operations and is why we are shifting to avoid showing up at all. We have better stealth capabilities than the Yids, even as simple as flying low and fast to hit our targets. That's what the B-1s are for. On a side note, the B-2 has a special transponder that also generates a false-but-accurate primary return, allowing our stealth bombers to appear as ordinary aircraft to civilian ATC while flying in and out of home base.

> (they're publicly broadcasted after all)

There's also a difference between the civilian transponders that USAF is using with their flight numbers (ISIS has no air-defense and we are officially neutral to Syria) and modern military IFF systems that use complex cryptographic techniques to prevent exactly what Yidsrael did with USAF transponder squawks. Yidsrael can impersonate USAF to Syria but not to USAF. I would love to see a USAF flight with air-to-air capability meet an impostor and blow the Yidfly out of the sky. We would have to do it, too, since the impostors are hostile to Syria and we are neutral. Sadly, I'm sure Yidsrael coordinates to make sure that meeting doesn't happen.

The USAF operations in Syria are complicated. We are officially neutral to Syria and "at war" (but Congress hasn't declared it) with ISIS. ISIS is our enemy and is occupying rightful Syrian territory. We refuse to give ISIS safe haven merely because they are occupying someone else's territory who hasn't crushed them yet. Syria wants both us and ISIS out. Ignoring the question of ISIS's true origins and control. DoD could be fighting a CIA puppet.

Lastly, IFF jamming is not normal or inherent.

The transponders and radars operate on very different frequencies to help distinguish primary and secondary returns. There is no legitimate military reason to send false squawks, only to turn off your own transponder and send false primary echoes.

f53c90  No.12187500

File: 67be733195a2236⋯.jpg (96.99 KB, 328x376, 41:47, maher.jpg)


probably his brother Maher.

And Maher is a wardog, he isnt a diplomat like Bashar, so hed retaliate with all force, probably launch SCUDs at Tel Aviv and Haifa straight away.

so basically israel would be shooting itself in the foot

193e45  No.12187790

File: c10a6267d055bd1⋯.jpg (51.42 KB, 600x732, 50:61, wtfdidujustsaytomeulittleb….jpg)


he does look a lot less friendly than bashar, doesnt he?

24f361  No.12189129

File: 8dd5ed5c4369be6⋯.jpg (157.6 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 21715272_0.jpg)

Mattis visits Pentagon press room, says US troops can stay in Syria after ISIS to train locals, ensure stability.

24f361  No.12189131

Britain has granted asylum to 29 Syrian White Helmets volunteers and up to 70 family members, @telegraph has learned. The first has already arrived, rest to follow next month. Only Canada agreed to resettle more

24f361  No.12189132


Would Russia join in if israel fires back?

000000  No.12189135


>train locals

i.e. create new ISIS/Al-Q, and enable more child/boy rapists in the ME. Perfect.

0fad09  No.12189144


>Zionist puppet regime trained terrorists

>ensure stability


59a5fd  No.12189152



Based James "Trannies are Troops" Mattis, leading us right back into sandland, for 'stability'… Whose 'stability', I wonder.