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File: 06c7e84e3be8087⋯.png (150.44 KB, 861x821, 861:821, prmemoleak.png)

0d5bf6 No.11957313

Ryan is cooperating with special counsel to clear line of succession - targeting both Trump and Pence – this is the real reason he is not running for re-election in the house. More details to come in following weeks.

0d5bf6 No.11957326

No time to sort VPN that works with halfchan, spread the word.

000000 No.11957345


Do these exist?

6949b8 No.11957351


But Trump supports Israël 1000%, isn't that like a 'get out of jail free' card?

6eb8ad No.11957354


How about proof or literally anything?

000000 No.11957362

94481b No.11957373


>Gold standard?



f51377 No.11957381


>believing they would put this in writing

be26f3 No.11957401

File: 0b6c71f72be19e8⋯.png (38.94 KB, 572x562, 286:281, succession.PNG)


I don't trust that kike at all.

000000 No.11957403


The kikes can just as easily control a gold currency. When we were on a hard gold currency in the late 19th century, the kikes hoarded all the currency so they could foreclose on farmers in the west. The problem with the Fed is that it's private and used to create profits for Wall Street. Lincoln and Kennedy weren't killed over the gold standard, they were killed over a fiat currency controlled by the people used for the benefit of the people. The strongest period of prosperity in the early 1800s had a fiat national currency.

f5cd7c No.11957430


Can not find with reverse image search, can't find the exact phrases on google.

This could be a fake image to test the propagation of information from here.

6eb8ad No.11957431


How do you propose the jews control the gold standard when they’re all exterminated, anon? Fuck off.

b39283 No.11957447

Make your bed.

4c1bd6 No.11957459

File: d2dc83e9bda3bae⋯.gif (761.45 KB, 342x320, 171:160, Bzzzt.gif)

4c1bd6 No.11957461


Not if Ryan will guarantee 1001% support. Oy!

4c1bd6 No.11957474

File: f44bc1b0655c45f⋯.jpg (46.86 KB, 296x447, 296:447, Jewish Innovation.jpg)


Indeed they do. They have been manipulating every form of payment and trade EVER.


This anon understands the root of the problem.

6eb8ad No.11957478


Mike “Israel should dictate US policy” Pence doesn’t have any history of actually hating faggots, much less acting against them. Something tells me that this was a purposeful psy-op.

994dbc No.11957481



Dead men buy no farms.

>We do need a complete debt reset, or those at he capstone of the Pyramid will have to make some concessions that will hurt them; not us.

d016a2 No.11957483


This. There is no way there would be a written communication between the two that says "I SUPPORT YOU BECAUSE I WANT TO BE PRESIDENT", even if that's the case (which it probably is). They would either use intermediaries to communicate or do a Clinton-Lynch style "incidental" face-to-face meeting.

ded0e0 No.11957492

File: f169deb87e9ccc4⋯.jpg (68.84 KB, 893x597, 893:597, Poet Trump.jpg)


take this you traitor

Current addresses

PO Box 2194

Janesville WI 53547-2194

700 Saint Lawrence Ave

Janesville WI 53545-4040

(608) 754-7538


994dbc No.11957500

So, is this JFK 2.0? 50% of the nation will revolt; meaning a denial of service to those perceived as traitors attempting a coup

4c1bd6 No.11957512


Then you have nothing to worry about, faggot.

000000 No.11957525


The Freemasons and the Crown would happily continue their work, because it's not just Jews, and the Jews intermarried with European nobility centuries ago. Nice job completely ignoring the point of what I said because you know it's true and harmful to your employer.

4c1bd6 No.11957542


You know what you call the Euro nobility that married jews into the family?


4fbf8c No.11957679


could be yuge

000000 No.11957772


>Still refuses to name the mason

Why don't you prove you're not one of them and post something that a mason would be forbidden to post, like a description of their secret handshakes.

a0cbde No.11958420

Wait so there was more to this shit? Is this Qanon stuff?


a0cbde No.11958436

What's with the cryptic "more in following weeks" shit, op?

a0cbde No.11958439

Can anyone find another source on this memo? Is this real?

0ee435 No.11958449

Lol at this shitty psyops crap, we're not idiots, OP.

0ee435 No.11958525

Prolly some CIA shit to make us look like idiots.

3ab9c6 No.11959246


I wouldn't put that level of hubris past them. They could also have done it this way to avoid drawing parallels between themselves and the Clintons, given the fact that that whole deal blew over with the grace of a flying pig. They could just claim this was faked, or that it means something other than what it clearly is.

1f803a No.11963483


>it’s not just jews

Thanks for asserting something that no one questioned. Why do you imagine that your kike puppets will be allowed to live, either?

6651be No.11963515

File: 3586748a87bb86c⋯.png (747.25 KB, 904x500, 226:125, NO DEALS.png)

Bumping anchored post because I can.

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