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File: fc92370a753a0ac⋯.jpg (281.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Red Ice TV Seeking Insight.jpg)

b55f43  No.11964982

More Evidence that Red Ice is a U.S. Military Psychological Warfare Operation

Red Ice TV features a weekly program hosted by Patrick Casey ("Reinhard Wolff") entitled Seeking Insight. Red Ice's YouTube playlist for the Seeking Insight program and the program's description follow.

Seeking Insight


Patrick Casey provides analysis and insight into identitarianism, activism, current events and much more.

The logo of the Seeking Insight program is a knight chess piece. The knight chess piece is also utilized in the emblems / seals of several U.S. Military organizations, specifically U.S. Army Psychological Operations, U.S. Army 650th Military Intelligence Group, U.S. Army Reserve 505th Military Intelligence Brigade, and U.S. Air Force Intelligence (Twenty-Fifth Air Force). The emblems / seals of these U.S. Military organizations will be provided in the following post for comparison.

b55f43  No.11964984

File: 234f9adf33eef7a⋯.jpg (76.53 KB, 960x960, 1:1, U.S. Air Force Intelligenc….jpg)

File: e67c225a1320115⋯.jpg (153.08 KB, 716x904, 179:226, U.S. Army 650th Military I….jpg)

File: d006b6508d14b00⋯.jpg (48.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, U.S. Army Psychological Op….jpg)

File: 6c849ea4175940c⋯.jpg (79.93 KB, 651x600, 217:200, U.S. Army Psychological Op….jpg)

File: 071a2f382d9dbfb⋯.jpg (104.65 KB, 773x980, 773:980, U.S. Army Reserve 505th Mi….jpg)

c4080b  No.11964986


kike thread, sage and report this shit

b55f43  No.11964989

File: 58f5e796829f23d⋯.jpg (426.28 KB, 1910x745, 382:149, Henrik Palmgren C.I.A. S.O….jpg)

File: 87d91dddf0d0a1f⋯.jpg (492.15 KB, 2000x792, 250:99, Lana Lokteff C.I.A. S.O.C.….jpg)

File: 20548ab8ff812d7⋯.jpg (385.16 KB, 2000x666, 1000:333, Patrick Casey C.I.A. S.O.C….jpg)

Previously Discovered Evidence that Red Ice is a U.S. Military Psychological Warfare Operation

1. Lana Lokteff was employed by C.I.A. agent / music producer Miles Copeland early in her career:


“Sure. Well uh, I, my last two jobs with Miles Copeland – he was from I.R.S. Records. He, he is, the family that’s responsible for putting out like Oingo Boingo, The Clash, R.E.M., basically that whole new wave movement. And he came from a C.I.A. family. So I was his operations manager at his record label, Arc 21 Records, and he was managing lots of bands, so, I helped oversee all of that. And then I also worked for Martin Landau, who was an actor at Miracle Entertainment. So I worked as a producer’s assistant, and I did various jobs on movies, from assistant, to cameraman, and makeup, to art department.”

2. Lana Lokteff was employed by U.S. Department of Defense contractor U.S. Allegiance, Inc., which she sued in 2007 for sex discrimination / sexual harassment:




Steve Crawford

Owner, ChirpOn, LLC

Bend, Oregon | Consumer Goods


U.S. Allegiance, Inc.

1980 – 2015 (35 years)

Leading producer and distributor of licensed consumer products with sales at various times in all U.S. military PX’s worldwide, specializing in products for deployed troops to send home to families, 10,000+ USPS lobbies, and iconic American sites such as Gettysburg and the Alamo. Holding licenses over the period of time with Disney, Marvel, GM, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, the USPS, the Army, Air Force, Navy & Marines, Department of Defense, etc.

3. Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren employed U.S. military personnel travel company Happy Tails Travel, Inc. to transport their pet cat Bijou when they relocated to Sweden. The evidence for this is contained in the following series of images:


b55f43  No.11964997

File: 31ee01fd03188a3⋯.jpg (357.41 KB, 1800x649, 1800:649, Sinead McCarthy C.I.A. S.O….jpg)

File: 24b07551b60d9dc⋯.png (162.72 KB, 1280x1043, 1280:1043, Gregory McCarthy Biography.png)

File: 88a116afd220a29⋯.png (79.26 KB, 1280x1038, 640:519, Gregory McCarthy Info.png)

File: 7c9b131db4b9d16⋯.png (808.81 KB, 1280x9383, 1280:9383, Sandia National Laboratori….png)

File: 0b2c5221f12ad4d⋯.png (333.39 KB, 1280x4431, 1280:4431, Sandia National Laboratori….png)

Hat tip for the Seeking Insight knight chess piece logo information goes to second generation U.S. Military intelligence operative Sinead McCarthy. Thanks, Sinead!

c4080b  No.11965001


yeah, no shit the MKULTRA fucks are intensifying in here




OP kill yourself

b55f43  No.11965003

File: a32872f7f1caa33⋯.jpg (11.29 KB, 240x240, 1:1, Catherine Murphy McCarthy ….jpg)

File: f52686e8650b06f⋯.png (336.67 KB, 1280x1721, 1280:1721, Catherine Murphy McCarthy ….png)

File: 73c75ec3f26d7cb⋯.png (630.51 KB, 1280x3811, 1280:3811, Sandia National Laboratori….png)

b7867b  No.11965009


All you need to know is their youtube is still up and has never been banned.

ed6427  No.11965018

File: a2cbce2b6e79315⋯.png (142.39 KB, 239x304, 239:304, 1533268371370.png)

No shit. And 8chan is a honeypot. These are known things, faggot. Thanks for the datamining thread, though.

Here have an IP.

e647cd  No.11965019

more proof that you're a schizophrenic retard abolishing every "right wing" as kike ops.

yep, no chance for the white man, goyim.

f450ea  No.11965029

I can agree that this alt-kike/identitarian pole-smoker Patrick Casey needs to be bogged, but you're grasping at straws here. Pathetic.

7685ba  No.11965030




I wasn't going to give a shit about any of this but these shills here have made me interested.

>they don't know what IDs are


3de654  No.11965033

File: 3229e062dd9bf5e⋯.png (16.92 KB, 818x684, 409:342, 4e3e77684067d7656d7c96823d….png)



First day, FBI-kun?

2ac1a4  No.11965037



e647cd  No.11965041


>that's right goyim, everything that supports your ideas and values are controlled OPs by mossad and the CIA, you're not allowed to create media and compete with us you filthy goyim.

Yep it's my first day, clearly my fellow (((yidnon)))

e647cd  No.11965050


>being so schizo and autistic to the point of replying to random posts to try to claim something that isn't true.

time to kill yourself.

7685ba  No.11965081


only a shill would get this defensive. Time to start digging I guess.

c609bc  No.11965089

alt anti-zionists

alt everything


30090a  No.11965102


I believe Red Ice is a CIA op simply because it's such shit.

1fb4ff  No.11965106

So the US government is trying to indoctrinate a new young generation of national socialists. I dont understand what is the problem you are concerned about, exactly.

Many people especulated that this could be part of the end game, a ressurgent of national socialism sponsored undercover by the US. Bush was a huge supporter of the natsocs in germany, the US government had a lot of nazi personel included in its structure with paperclip, and that is not counting Hitler's prophecy about america taking up the torch, von Rensburg's prophecies, and things like airbase Thule, or sectors of NATO being run by members of of the "defunct" nazi party. Trump was a fixed candidate to test the waters on how the public would react to an upcoming hitler figure. Israel is setup as an epicenter to gather jews in one place, show them at their absolute worst to the whole world, and then subsequently be destroyed, as per mentioned by albert pike. Irrational immigration policies in europe meant to instill racism in all european countries. A lo of people that did research into this had come to these conclusions already, only difference is that they believe it was a bad thing because "ebil natzess" (Bill Cooper, Mr-Mars).

All in all, i'am not really worried about the upcoming decades, looks like the whole thing was planned a long time ago. The more you study these subjets and the connections, it all comes together and starts to make sense. Bottom line, there is probably a new reich baking in the oven. Despite the looks and histeria, the reality is that once they flip the switch, regardless of how small the white population is or how bad immigration appearently gets, we have the poer and technology to, for example, wipe out the entire african continent in a single night.

7685ba  No.11965129


>Let us create a new white natsoc empire!

>But FIRST! we must demographically destroy our own country

Yeah, fuck off.

b55f43  No.11965134


>Despite the looks and histeria, the reality is that once they flip the switch,

The Aryan Skynet switch?

e647cd  No.11965151


>Time to start digging your own grave goyim!


116d70  No.11965155

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Patrick Casey

He's also the new head of Identity Evropa, replacing the war hero Eli Kline, and is rumored to be a sodomite. Embed makes it believable.

1fb4ff  No.11965176


It was a metaphor, "flip the switch", as in, they come out in public after enough anti non-white and anti-communist sentiment has cemented itself across the west, particularly north america and central europe.


I know it looks strange, but try to see the forest for the trees in the long run. The demographic replacement is really hurting the general white populace in the immediate, but as i pointed out, it is ultmately irrelevant once you consider technology. It is known the US government has made research into creating biological weapons that target particular groups such as blacks, or AIDS for homosexuals, for example. Consider that the plan could be a massive genocide of the world population, leaving, say, 500000 people, wich just so happened to be racial whites with no admixture. This is the kind of stuff tht is possibly going on, if conspiracy theorists like bil cooper are to be believed.

6273fd  No.11965177

File: 4b489759af5f7d1⋯.jpg (141.8 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 81wsCX6wRUL._SL1500_.jpg)


I thought Red Ice is fucking dead? lol

2b9649  No.11965178

File: 7717df43220f13f⋯.jpg (111.5 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 7717df43220f13ff32a3c20f60….jpg)


ok OP, i'll bite. What about Red Ice is subversive or misleading? the worst guest they've had on in Lauren southern but that was because she was talking about south African genocide which, despite attracting more people to alt-kike figureheads, is a healthy topic to disseminate. Just think about all they have done to raise the issue of white genocide when other alt media wont touch the topic, and they do it in a non kooky way like the self discrediting alex jones. Red ice actually took me up a notch in my nationalism. Henrik especially projects a good image for nationalists

8bba9b  No.11965184

Shocking new insight reveals that if you watch and worship youtube niggers you're a fucking retard who deserves to have their neck snapped.

03a7d2  No.11965195


Hadn't heard of Patrick Casey before, since I haven't paid much attention to Red Ice in a couple of years. Interesting horsey he's using.

7685ba  No.11965242


This is totally retarded though. Do you have any idea how many people would need to be involved in such a program and how much money would need to be poured into it? I have zero faith that for an operation of that magnitude with such a mission would not get the whistle blown on it.

It is an extremely cowardly way to go about things as well, what kind of fag would want to achieve victory like that?

1fa55d  No.11965261

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Than g-d, OP, that you've had the courage to attack a White Nationalist media outlet - and with such a clever strategy already, calling them a secretly Controlled Opposition operation.

Ya know what, every time that darn Lana actually says something critical of Jews, Jewish policy, Israel or Zionism I begin to boil - like matzohs on the stove.

Lest I begin to think bad thoughts about Jews, I straightaway reach for the only medicine that helps me forgettaboutit – antiSemitox. (VIDEO related)

Influenced by Red Ice to sometimes Criticize Jews? Then Try Anti-Semitox.

Try it yourself. Ask your doctor. Then you can watch Red Ice and not give any thought to Lana's ocassional criticism of da Tribe.

d919e1  No.11965265


Holy shit, a very common symbol is commonly used. You're blowing my mind here moarpheus.

What is the purpose of all these alleged psyops? A psyop must have a purpose behind it, other than "nefarious group doing nefarious things for nefarious purposes." So what is the nefarious purpose?

1d3b24  No.11965266


This. Why the fuck are they posting bullshit about making homemade butter? It’s just designed to lull people into inaction.

d919e1  No.11965285


>Bush was a huge supporter of the natsocs in germany,

This is fake news. See: https://www.inconvenienthistory.com/7/3/3434

>the US government had a lot of nazi personel included in its structure with paperclip,

Also fake news. They were not "in it's structure." They were essentially kidnapped and forced into slavery under threat of death.

>and that is not counting Hitler's prophecy about america taking up the torch

Hitler never said anything like this. Hitler saw America for the cancer that it is.

70a57d  No.11965299


patrick casey is the biggest faggot on the planet. i called this CIAnigger out years ago


>because she was talking about south African genocide

you must be fucking joking

That kike mossad whore denies that white genocide even exists

shame no crazed muslim hasn't put a pick axe in her for insulting allah yet. smh get it together kebabs.

e25990  No.11965315

File: b2b1f5b50639b46⋯.webm (1.73 MB, 626x628, 313:314, Get a Life.webm)



>shill doesn't even change IDs to agree with himself

ca6520  No.11965322


I am convinced you shills are actually encouraging people here to investigate this despite how you pretend not to be. By now you know that acting like a 9 year old with absolutely 0 arguments and nothing intelligible to say whatsoever, encourages people to defy everything you say

You are either a low IQ shill or high IQ support of the topic.

ca6520  No.11965329


Lana always came off a s a forced meme hack of a person. I listened to her talk like 2 times and both times she just said shit that was so "typical dumb bitch that doesnt know what shes talking about" that I convinced she doesnt even believe her own bullshit

580a31  No.11965331


Its astonishing that people make a such a science about Youtube channels. I came across Red Ice a while back by accident, I don't know what I was watching but some kind of degeneracy made me forget that channel 5 minutes later.

8bba9b  No.11965332

File: 241bb1088efd201⋯.gif (275.35 KB, 200x147, 200:147, 1532814851544.gif)

1fb4ff  No.11965336


Whatever floats your boat, my man. But write down my words and pay attention. You will start to noticed pieces of the puzzle coming together, and gradualy more and more politicans will come out, in escalation contrasting the decline of our civilization, progressively more common, and more radical . Recently italy decided it was time to repeal the ban on facist parties, the american public elected "literaly hitler", and the general sentiment, the population is becoming ever more aware. All happenning gradualy, step by step, all following early especulation of "nazis in the US government" by researchers. None of these things are happening by accident, nothing ever does in the political world. Israel is antagonizing the entire planet, and despite first appearences, the way i look at it, the is is not realy supporting it for irrational reasons, but more like in judo, simply fueling its demented rampage in world politics. You want to shoot some palestinian kids? Sure, let me pay for the bullets! Just make sure there is a camera crew nearby to film your bravery and spread it to all your arab neighbhors.

When you want a drunk to do something stupid, you give it more booze, not less. I honestly believe the US is deliberately financing the jews own self-destruction on purpose. Have you ever wondered why the "zionist owned" USA also funnels money to Hezbollah and Iran? There is a lot more going on than people realize, even /pol/acks, the rabbit hole goes wayyyyy deeper. Keep looking into the stuff i'am talking about, especialy paperclip and the Bush family.

ca6520  No.11965344


The entire internet is a honeypot at this point.

We've known that since Snowden told us

Anything you ever plan online is known

ca6520  No.11965361


>US is playing both sides

wouldn't surprise me, Jews have been subvertiung and subjugating nations of millennia doing the exact same thing. That is how Israel was formed to begin with (they funded Bolsheviks, then they funded Hitler, then they declared war on Hitler for killing Bolsheviks… I mean Jews, forget that htey were athiest Jews and murdering whites goyim

a0aea0  No.11965366

6e8bb4  No.11965374

Schizophrenics need to be euthanized en masse

a77b8b  No.11965382

File: 0df1965c85978a0⋯.png (772.37 KB, 675x2445, 45:163, schizophrenia insane menta….png)


Yes, all those rat-faced, hook-nosed schizophrenics need to be exterminated.

ab7329  No.11965383


but how can they be natsoc when they are the same jews that did september eleventh

4603dc  No.11965386

File: 967e98685ad1934⋯.jpg (354.85 KB, 669x669, 1:1, alt right jew love.jpg)

Reminder (((they))) are actively trying to say "Look everybody is a pedo, or a shill" in order to exhaust your opposition. Notice they will call everyone Morpheus because that's an invented Deep State strawman….

Both Shenade and Red Ice have done nothing to cause any reason to care about them or fear them. Both provide either basic content, comedy, authors, music… Both called out the Jews. This is something the (((Deep State/Alt-Kike))) never did, they only stole from us and defended the Jews.

Breakdown for nu/fags/

Alt-Right 1.0:

Hillary invests in Spencer and Duginism as the new anti-white group to take control of the scary Pepes. Rampant with pedos, Nazi-Jews, Civic Nationalist homosexuals and Jews, Stalinists, Canadian intelligence agents, and Alex Jones. This ties Trump to Russia shill planned out by Obama Deep State if successful. Rally becomes a false flag with Jewish criminal named as hit and run driver.

Alt-Right 2.0: The Siege:

Satanic pedos again, pushing for basic low IQ terrorism. Easily exposed because of cringe effect and shitty memes. Charlie Manson would of laughed at them. The introduction of (((esoteric))) threads in an attempt to tie Natsoc to "Luciferian alien Nazis living underground in Antarctica", when not flying saucers or running the CIA. One mod who is still currently here running (((Druid/pol/))) is still active.

Alt-Right 3.0: the JQ-Anon

Q-Anon larp that matches the early days of anon-moose larp. Alex Jones is a key to promoting this, then mysteriusly turns on him. 8chan OP Sec is still set up with its own board. 4chan has endless daily threads.

Boomers begin to appear with free tshirts from the Twitter-sphere promoting it. Celebrity Jews jump on the band-wagon. Obvious leads from actual CIA ops promoting this controlled opposition, the others are just larping low level agents.

What degeneracy will come next?

5d3706  No.11965396

No shit.


As in commie.

2a6767  No.11965401

File: a6fbaffc8d5d5bf⋯.jpg (225.29 KB, 1598x816, 47:24, White couple search result….jpg)


The European male is a force of nature, beautiful, deadly, cold, precise…he is not dependant on things like 'Red Ice' to form his ideology or thinking. When he is ready, he will stand and begin to systematically disassemble his oppressors without a word being said to anyone. As independent units they will drag these destroying POS people from their home and dispose of them silently and efficiently. There will be no fanfare or triumphant celebration, just the quiet creeping tide of death and disappearance. And when the tide has become a wave the wave will submerge everything in its proximity and destroy all life in its path that is not his kin or blood. It is time to have a kike free world, it is time to have a shitblood free world, it is time to dream larger and freely burying our enemies beneath us in unmarked graves. It is time for our enemies to die and never return to hassle us, rape us, murder us or parasite off us. It is time to end the unending threats this parasitic trash poses to us, to our families, to our way of life and to the Earth itself.

I was looking for a photo to go with this so I searched for European male…and I got several pages of FAGGOTS in return. THEY WON'T EVEN SHOW ME A GODDAMN EUROPEAN MALE…this is the level of degeneracy we are having to tolerate…I am OUTRAGED! This has happened before when I searched for 'White couple' but things have definitely gotten to the point that their fucking with us is UNTENABLE. I don't want to look at FAGGOT DEGENERATES!

094cd4  No.11965413

File: d6e6a7c71ebfbcd⋯.png (228.22 KB, 430x364, 215:182, 92a.png)


>they use one of most popular heraldic images as logo

>it's evidence

5b9d72  No.11965435


That's outlandish but I do see that there are fools in that outlet's sphere

a77b8b  No.11965441

File: 61b75417c5522ba⋯.mp4 (2.44 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Andrew Carrington Hitchcoc….mp4)

ca6520  No.11965473


>What degeneracy will come next?

They are just pulling these plays out of their ass. Even in your list, you can see the progressive decay of coherence to any meaningful outcome. They really are just trying to make their opposition seem "crazy!!!!". They really fucked up with Project Veritas, every false flag after has just been a wakeup call. ESPECIALLY when they bussed a bunch of fake KKK members wearing brand new Tshirts and waving fresh out of the package flags (with creases still on them) at a protest. They sure looked like KKK members with all that fresh KKK gear on

ca6520  No.11965477


>>What degeneracy will come next?

I expect something related to Incels, they really need to curb this Pedohunt shit and "Incels" are the perfect sexual degenerates to draw attention away from their trafficking crimes

74dbe0  No.11965498


>The logo of the Seeking Insight program is a knight chess piece. The knight chess piece is also utilized in the emblems / seals of several U.S. Military organizations, specifically U.S. Army Psychological Operations, U.S. Army 650th Military Intelligence Group, U.S. Army Reserve 505th Military Intelligence Brigade

Really? That's pretty fucking weak. I'm not a superhuman genius but why would the CIA make a controlled OP to do IDK ??Whatever the fuck you think it is they are doing?? and then fuck the whole thing up so that brainlet internet mongoloids can figure it all out because they both use a knight logo…Doesn't sound legit.

Generally all these threads have the same goal:

Hey goyim:

<Literally everybody that supports white interests is CONTROLLED OP you can't listen to anybody or support anybody or leave your house or talk to anybody or do anything because it's all a controlled op

Who isn't a controlled OP? They can't ever name anyone…

This is where it gets even more retarded, asking them for any kind of proof that makes any sense is proof that you are the shill / CIA

2a6767  No.11965502


They are fishing to see what control paradigm will work to corral the psyche of the European/American people. I have watched the cycle through many things searching for the one solution that is not a solution at all, it is a trap to bring about your demise. They are seeking the thing that will capture your attention (WITHOUT BEING TRUE LEADERSHIP) that they can lure you to your death with; I am fighting for a more CELL based revolution without a centralized hero, one in which every single man concurs and knows in his own heart what MUST BE DONE to set us free and then proceeds to act. There is no leader to kill, no 'movement to control', no worry about betrayal, no way to anticipate it, no warning and no stopping it.

bd8db8  No.11965511


>blackpill shilling

no one notices you kike, don't worry. you're blending right in.

4fc04c  No.11965515


>Hitler never said anything like this.

He did say something along the lines of "If National Socialism ever comes back I predict it'll come from America".

bd8db8  No.11965522


>Who isn't a controlled OP? They can't ever name anyone

no they can't, but they can sure try to blackpill anyone with some pull, can't they? so weird how that works. almost like they have an agenda and no one should listen to them.

bd8db8  No.11965526


pretty sure it was Ernst Zundel who said that, wasn't it?

also, don't bump this obvious shill thread anon.

c70d17  No.11965535


Sinead is far too unhinged to be working for any agency haha. Of all the ecelebs, I think she's the most well intentioned, but far too crazy and blackpilled.

bd8db8  No.11965544


sage shill threads anon

don't bump them.

5b9d72  No.11965560


Well the whole premise of this thread is obscure, just listing various people with claims.

094cd4  No.11965565


Found the fucking chad

0800d4  No.11965568


Wow, what proof! The actual reason they are compromised is because THEY HAVE AN AGREEMENT WITH THE ENEMY, NOT A PICTURE, MORONS. A PET COMPANY IS ALSO NOT PROOF, MORONS.

2a6767  No.11965601

File: b649a7c0951cc46⋯.gif (476.75 KB, 500x210, 50:21, sex and trees and the dead.gif)


People are going to keep tearing away at every institution. In their hearts they know that no one gets away unscathed and that all institutions that can be said to exist in a controlled system are by their nature compromised and controlled as well…to what extent and what level of cooperation will never be known to an outsider and people KNOW it. They know that people who are really a danger to the system do not get a soap box; they get jail or a bullet. Jail if they might be 'useful' after their 'rehabilitation' as a tool either for positive or negative within the system or a bullet if they are really a danger to the system. You guys can't really think that one persons life is worth the stability of the entire system, can you? I mean in your hearts you must know and understand the TRUTH and the magnitude of the issues, power and problems you are facing…institutions that are THOUSANDS of years old that have murdered in cold blood hundreds of millions of people.

I mean you guys fully grasp what you are up against…correct?

522ea4  No.11965606

File: 4920c65b534c554⋯.jpg (300.58 KB, 1024x689, 1024:689, 1529033134700.jpg)


It's to inspire and educate viewers in traditional, ethnic European ingredients, recipes, food preparation, history, and folklore.

It's clearly for the benefit of our women.

92a91d  No.11965618



>samefagging this hard

d919e1  No.11965620


No, he didn't. He said that America was a decadent Jewish shit hole.

bd8db8  No.11965654


newfags, this is actually a great opportunity to study the style of jew made memes.


>bumping obvious d&c threads


why are you bumping obvious shill threads? u a shill too anon, or did you just forget to sage?

no (you) shekels btw

f4dafe  No.11965667


That was one of the conclusions I came to back in 2017 when I was trying to figure out this whole mess.

Unfortunately, that's just a pipe dream the more likely scenario is that our world is completely controlled by mega-rich oligarchs who use events like WWI and WWII to further their agendas.

The only reason they're pushing multiculturalism is to eliminate opposition and create a homogeneous population they can easily control.

It's probably not even really a jewish conspiracy, jewry is just a smokescreen to keep people from really realizing who is really behind this, selfish and evil people with lots of power and money.

287f9f  No.11965669


You need to rethink the NatSoc/Nazi-thingy when stating absolute-isms.

>If you believe that NatSoc = Nazi; you;ve not broken through 60+ years of indoctrinated thought

>"The Nazi's" is an in-group slur among Jews (International v. Orthodox/Atheistic v. Deistic) which refers to the ashkeNAZI

>The ashkeNAZI, whether one believes in biblical doctrine or not, are about as close to the 'Synagogue of Satan' as any group can get

>And the delineation between cousins, one within Judaism and the other within Islam, becomes unclear when they're both 'Black Cube' worshiping cults. Look at the cozy relationship between ashkeNAZI Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Awan bros. or Scott Israel and ISIS/Moss Add on US soil

fdb124  No.11965674

File: 3051f5827836723⋯.jpg (39.93 KB, 620x425, 124:85, Hitler-Goebbels-Laughing.jpg)



580a31  No.11965685


European culture is changing, its not about costumes and butter anymore. These things are history, valued history. We cannot stop this change, but we can control what it changes into. People are too focused on culture, ideology and values are much more important, and actually practical to preserve Europe.

c59d21  No.11965689


Is this pure autism or shilling.

Say they were agents. (doubt) What the fuck use would that be if they are constantly saying the right things? They name the jew, they discourage racemixing, they want whites to continue and prosper.

bd8db8  No.11965706


same talking points they use about all white nationalists anon.

if someone or a group can pull an audience in, jews will say that they're jews, to try to keep as many people away as possible.

it's the most shit-tier shilling imaginable.

it's like they're not even trying anymore.

70a57d  No.11965763


>SIEGE is alt kike

>Robert Sepher is SIEGE

Moarpheus, what the fuck have you been smoking recently?

194ad1  No.11965798

Oh… this thread again. Red Ice must be doing something right to get the homosexual jews out. A show on their network uses a chess piece, therefore… haha your brain doesn't work, you desperate faggot.

334b26  No.11965823



so US army psyops are /ourguys/?

4bdaa7  No.11965832

>everyone but the imageboard is a fed

>dont trust other pro whites

>be isolated and alone

no thanks, kike

6018eb  No.11965866

Oh look, its the same logo as redhorse, the airforce carpenters, its a conspiracy.

0cab0c  No.11965867


In other words CIAniggers are now smart enough to use reverse psychology.

So the shills are anti-Red Ice by pretending to be retards who are pro-Red Ice.

So we should essentially just agree with the shills and ignore this.

54f68b  No.11965873


yeah but i was joking tho

a77b8b  No.11965885

File: 8cfa02525bd405b⋯.mp4 (4.16 MB, 720x404, 180:101, Reactionary Jew Uncensored.mp4)

File: 71eaef8b2f7620e⋯.png (49.65 KB, 634x470, 317:235, Red Ice kiked.png)


Daily reminder

ca6520  No.11965926


>CIAniggers are now smart enough to use reverse psychology.

Holy shit, a new strategy called "reverse psychology!" hope they never figure that one out.

>So the shills are anti-Red Ice by pretending to be retards who are pro-Red Ice.

your strawman, not mine. Try-hards are desperate is the claim, why are they desperate is up to you to decide (maybe end of month and need the reply count for shekels, maybe need (you's) before they can clock out, maybe its just cognitive dissonance and they simply cannot fathom being wrong)

>So we should essentially just agree with the shills and ignore this.

You should think for yourself, if you need me to tell you who you should believe and who you should ignore, you probably dont belong here.

Heres a tip though, take it or leave it. Beliefs are tools, they are completely useless if you have nothing to use them on. Even then, they are only useful when you need them, the rest of the time they sit on the shelf and rust. Sometimes you even lose pieces of them and can't even make them work when the time finally comes around that you need them. What has set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom (among other things) is our ability to create long lasting tools. You can always create a new belief and discard old useless ones. Be weary of strangers who would give you all of their tools out of desperation, some maybe broken. If you make your own tools, you learn more

ca6520  No.11965937


oops, replied to the wrong nigger with >>11965926

99629f  No.11965942

File: ebd76951b7a7066⋯.png (84.06 KB, 785x605, 157:121, trshill.png)


It was this same incident of them pushing this jew that outed the "fashy goys" on our board as subversives and caused the feud between /pol/ and TRS. I wouldn't be surprised if the people defending redice in this thread are the very same people.

Now that being said this thread is really much ado about nothing. Is redice trustworthy? No. Nobody is. Just take a few bricks of salt with everything they say and remember to not invest yourself emotionally or financially in e-celebs and their happenings. You will always be disappointed. If you really want to contribute then do something yourself and don't rely on corruptible figureheads to channel your efforts.

effe7d  No.11965952


You are forgetting money and guns.

70a57d  No.11965954


>m-muh pro-whites

the trsodomite calling card displayed proudly for all to see

pro-tip, faggot, basically all of your alt kike buttbuddies are mossad agents.



kek natt danelaw did nothing wrong

F for the ironlarp, taken too soon by the FSBniggers

effe7d  No.11965962

File: 0c8dbb26eaecbd6⋯.jpg (25.59 KB, 421x421, 1:1, 1533409313285.jpg)


>Is redice trustworthy? No. Nobody is. Just take a few bricks of salt with everything they say and remember to not invest yourself emotionally or financially in e-celebs and their happenings. You will always be disappointed. If you really want to contribute then do something yourself and don't rely on corruptible figureheads to channel your efforts

This should be made a banner, or something like it. People cling to media/e-celebs because they are too scared to be alone. However, Whites have to start being tough and think truly on their own until we get some fucking semblance of power.

2a6767  No.11965963

File: 484386f1512db28⋯.jpg (225.25 KB, 1024x737, 1024:737, IGFarben council of the go….jpg)


It is about becoming a 'trusted source'. When that happens you can send people to their deaths without them THINKING about what they are doing or what they are standing for. In this case, THINK! What would be the US gov goal in providing you with a trusted source that is not 'responsible' or 'elected'…this is the oldest tactic in the book to provide a trusted source and then to lure people into action based on the trusted source. I mean it is kinda CULT 101 type stuff…say things people want to hear and long for at first and then gradually change the message. I can't even tell you how many new sources I have followed in the past that have done this over time. They start as a trusted source and turn the water in the pot up slowly.

Besides, I am confused…what do any of you need someone else to 'tell you what is right for you'? Don't you already know? Isn't it written in your heart already or do you need to have someone to 'tell you what to do, think or how to be'? I mean this last thing is the definition of slave, but it is a slavery of the worst type, a slavery of the mind.

So while it might make sense to want to be around you people/kin it doesn't make sense to look to someone or something else for instruction on WHO to be or how to be or how to define yourselves. I appreciate Red Ice, I am subscribed BUT I protect my mind while I am watching anything, I challenge their conclusions. I look at what they do and not just what they say. I watch the messages both covert and overt to see if they are skating on thin Ice yet.

Who can you trust? NO ONE…

Who deserves your protection and care? YOUR FAMILY/YOUR OFFSPRING


So Red Ice is pushing for a 'multicultural world' in their last video…as if the world would simply 'go back home if we asked nice enough' so they are asking for TOLERANCE OF THE JEWISH MULTICULTURAL SYSTEM…



If it seems right to you, then keep it up…you have democracy 2.0 a system that favors your enemies and keeps no standards waiting to welcome you with open arms. You have a system without standards without a place for you and you will be bred out of existence in tiny and tinier boxes until you are constricted to death in your nations under a totalitarian system. You will literally never know freedom again.

Trust me…anything the 'government' wants you to participate in is something you probably should avoid at this point. I don't know if you have noticed but the ZIONIST JEWS who run this nation don't care for you at all.

eb9dfb  No.11965973


Holy fucking samefagging.


70a57d  No.11965988

File: efd1cccc7a86129⋯.jpeg (116.52 KB, 750x652, 375:326, 5aede56c299bd.jpeg)


Form local a WHITE GANG tbh. You can't trust any of these e-celeb faggots.

2a6767  No.11966010

File: 69fcacb4a2a8fba⋯.jpg (116.75 KB, 1024x669, 1024:669, jews on the beach sunset.jpg)


Its because 'listening to jews' has gotten this planet so far…it isn't HELL ON EARTH or anything because 6.7 BILLION out of 7.2 BILLION people have forgone their own morality and substituted their own thoughts, morality and interest for JEWISH INTERESTS or anything…let us not forget that they DON'T FOLLOW THE VERY LAWS AND MORALS THEY CLAIM ARE 'GOOD FOR YOU'…this is like letting a jew control the bank in the board game Monopoly and thinking you are going to win or that they are going to be fair to you. It isn't just 'ignorance' it is WILLFULLY DECEIVING YOURSELVES…





4818d4  No.11966013


Somebody sure is determined to frame Red Ice as a military operation. Really? A chess piece logo?

And she worked for a defense contractor that made consumer products for military families. Wow.

I'm surprised at all the effort to frame them as a psyOp, considering how irrelevant they are. Of course, it's probably just a part of the overarching "you have nothing, literally everyone is an agent" idea they want to push on us.

Sage for gay.

2a6767  No.11966046

File: 422cddb9f203ef8⋯.jpg (522.86 KB, 2048x1447, 2048:1447, 373129-sepik.jpg)


I am surprised that you think a slave revolt would go any other way than the understanding that the state and its agents, no matter how lightly connected, will never be on your side.

Honestly, my ass is still chapped because they came out against the Ethno-globe idea. They want the NWO (I just can't believe that they would support the extermination of our own people in favor of ZIONISM which is all the NWO is)…and I guess I am just upset to see another potential ally fall to the dust as part of the NWO. I am still a bit pissed off. I just want to pound my hand on my desk and shout "Where are Europeans going to draw the GODDAMN LINE WITH COOPERATING WITH THEIR GODDAM MORTAL ENEMIES!"


81f18e  No.11966066


if i use the cia logo, im cia

kill yourself, kike

05fa52  No.11966275

This is dumb as vanguard = SOCOM thing.

c8d70c  No.11966320

Reminder that EVERY SINGLE white advocate is a fed who will stop at nothing to trick you into defending whites. Reminder that any time ANY of your allies does something you think is foolish, it was actually on purpose in order to hurt you! Everyone who agrees with you has either been fooled or is lying! You are alone, goy.

2a6767  No.11966370


So you are the walking dead…well that is ironic since Jesus was all about living life and living it fully.

9af137  No.11966388



What's their endgame?

640ace  No.11966391

File: a5936066b98844d⋯.jpg (15.48 KB, 446x223, 2:1, shutupnig.jpg)

This is a D&C thread.

OP is a kike.

2a6767  No.11966435


99% chance you are a kike

642787  No.11966449


>(((Red Ice))) is good goyim


851511  No.11966452


And the Crusades were the result of the Islamic control over Europe if I'm not wrong.

000000  No.11966454



That just goes back to "what is a Christian." Especially when one takes into account the claims that Crusaders pillaged and plundered even European lands in their "duty" to "free" the holy land.

I wonder if Crusaders were just the spiritual predecessors to the U.S.A. troops (consider the U.S. also likes to perform "liberation" around the world).

642787  No.11966456


The Crusades were like 4 attacks whereas mudshits did hundreds of attacks prior which killed far more innocents.

9af137  No.11966460




Maybe there is some truth what you say, or maybe you are Mr. TRUST THE PLAN GOY!

81f18e  No.11966465


>pro white message is bad

damn shlomo, try harder

000000  No.11966476


>make your own bloodkin suffer so you can fulfill some religious thing

>religious thing wasn't actually religious because it was for wealth & conquest

>divine blood rite

Whatever you say. I consider it: "Jews (high ups in the church) sending u.s. zog (plebs. who want/think they can get wealth, fame, power) to Iraq or other (the Holy Land) in an attempt to obtain something for their self."

7edd69  No.11966484

File: e86ad495f8bbef5⋯.jpg (125.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Get rid of this crap. Red Ice litterally names the jew. They also have real world solutions, directions and insight. They aren't cucked and they aren't full kill all da niggers crazy. Kike post. Sage and report. And if honest. This only shows that some of you people have to much time on your hands and your brain is rotting.

851511  No.11966488


Where do they exactly name the Jew?

Also as for "kill all da niggers crazy" try telling that to the anon in this thread who keeps talking about "ethno-globalism."

1fa55d  No.11966492

File: 4ced2e302aaee54⋯.jpg (75.87 KB, 599x650, 599:650, jews slumlord.jpg)

So, to sum up… What OP is saying is; 1) that Israel and US jews did 9/11, 2) the holocaust is a steaming turd of a lie, and finally 3) the solution to the problems that Western Civilization faces nowadays is to gas the kikes.

642787  No.11966500


Oh (((you))).

If not a kike shill then you're an uneducated, willful retard.

2a6767  No.11966503


Don't let them give you shit. It is time to 'buy a sword'...I hope you are preparing.

81f18e  No.11966508


You're playing the "show me exactly where they said gas all kikes because they did everything or they didn't say anything" game. They allude to Jews often. They've had Dr McDonald on before. You're a retard or a shill.

642787  No.11966517




If Jesus was a religious or racial jew - though neither existed at the time - where is your proof? You clamor on and on and on about proof yet provide none for your claims.

Prove it. Not weak (((evidence))) by the (((MSM))) or the (((educational))) field.

000000  No.11966520


Your whole thing revolves around two points:

That people are referenced with respect to a state as opposed to a nation (since the people might not have the same blood), and that jesus was never referred to as a jew.

I skimmed it, I'll admit that first. Either way, Jesus is supposedly a descendant of David who is Descendent of Isaac, who is a descendent of Jacob (Isreal if I remember correctly) who is a descendant of Abram/Abraham.

tl;dr there is a group referenced in the Bible from OT to NT and are the focus of the stories. By the geneologies described in the book itself, Jesus would be part of this group. This group is labeled as "Jews" considering the OT jews (just like our modern ones) exhibit the name bad traits. Even if my some miracle they were different genetically, they're "spiritually" the same (like the Chinese are the jews of asia. Or would that be the Koreans due to their talmud?).

bd8db8  No.11966525


naming the jew is important, and does pretty much mean that the person or group is with us. but shills ignore that.

hell, i'm a trs guy and i still tacitly support cantwell's bunch, simply because they name the jew, and they're good at educating a lot of normies.

shills don't want there to be any nuance, or understanding that there could be different types of white nationalists, approaching from different angles. they just want all white nationalists to be the exact same, because that's much easier for them to attack.

and notice the type of white nationalist the shills push us to be, is as radical as possible and not involved in any voting.

it's so obvious that it's comical. it doesn't take long to figure out the typical shill red flags.

642787  No.11966532


Just filter (((e962a4))) and don't respond to (((him))) or (((99629f))).

The mods won't help so your only option is to filter.

2a6767  No.11966534


You can't ruffle my feathers with that, I did my homework. I know exactly who Jesus was and he WASN'T a jew...but his father was NAMED King of Judea by Caesar...so he was technically "The King of the Jews" because the Edicts of Caesar cannot be revoked. Both he and any of his offspring were and still are the rightful rulers of Judea/palestine.

642787  No.11966539


>he implies he's not filtered

>as he replies to the post where I call for him to be filtered.

Fuck JIDF is slipping.

642787  No.11966541



The post your replied to and what you replied with fucking agree.

000000  No.11966544


>jesus was actually the real king of the jews/officially

Some people take this stance, and I wonder how it makes sense. Suppose Jesus was officially proclaimed king of the jews (appointeed by the Emperor). How could some pharasees/etc. get the man hung on a cross (even if we don't believe the bit about the Roman soldiers beating him/casting lots over his possessions?)

8fbd39  No.11966549

File: 9223857e273a643⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1206x3328, 603:1664, jesus is a meme.png)

Throwing this in here to further excite shills.

2a6767  No.11966551


PLEASEEEE to think that nationalism could work is a joke. If people could be contained in nations they would be right now. We need a global ETHNIC CLEANSING…we need to scrub other races right off the face of the Earth without remorse. It is time…we have given them everything, forever and THIS IS HOW THEY REPAY US!


642787  No.11966554


Because that isn't history. That's (((history))).

642787  No.11966555


>he continues to reply to me

Come the fuck on JIDF.

851511  No.11966559


The majority of /pol/ would disagree with you.

7edd69  No.11966562


Ethno-globalism? what in the actual fuck? In what realistic world could that ever be accomplished. Just more idiots to fodder up the movement. Low IQ. Uhh where did they name the jew? I cant remmber which video. Its this year though. Lana says "You know who they are" and it was directed at media and the leftist establishment. But to be fair they are in a grey area. They constantly deny being nazis as a easy way to lower aggro from the left.

c59d21  No.11966565


>becoming a trusted source

Trusted source to then do what exactly. Thats a vague and nebulous reason.

>Besides, I am confused…what do any of you need someone else to 'tell you what is right for you'?

Nobody is taking marching orders from them.

>I appreciate Red Ice, I am subscribed BUT I protect my mind while I am watching anything, I challenge their conclusions

Do you assume everyone but you is a fucking lemming when they watch something? Thats a problem for the lowest IQ bracket.

>Who can you trust? NO ONE…

This is where you're wrong. Trust is hard to come by and being cautious is necessary. However we're doomed without organizing. And organizing requires trust and cooperation. Like it or not that's how winning works on a societal scale.

642787  No.11966569


>>Now that we've clarified…

Not a single thing was clarified. Statements were made, no clarifications were. Clarifications are explanations of why the statement matters/is true. That didn't happen.

000000  No.11966570


>majority of /pol/

>disagree to global ethnic-cleansing

huh? What, are you claiming /pol/ would believe in "everyone deserves a nation. We all have equal but different strengths and should have our own nations." Although /pol/ is not one person, I'm pretty sure it'd agree that some groups have no actually positive qualities, and so, that talk of global cleansing seems in line with /pol/'s thinking.

851511  No.11966573


>Ethno-globalism? what in the actual fuck? In what realistic world could that ever be accomplished

It's 2a6767 who's been going around in /pol/ making 1 - 2 threads about the idea.

2a6767  No.11966579


It was a fight between the lineage of the first son of Herod by Dolores and the Second Wife of Herod, Mary Magdalene the wife of Herod and mother of Salome and James.

Mark 15:40

"There were also women looking on afar off: among whom was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James the less and of Joses, and Salome".

You were supposed to be able to figure out who the key players were in the NT but you have had too much bad teaching.

Solome was the stepdaughter of Herod…that means that Mary was his brothers wife the one John the Baptist rebuked Herod for taking to wife and divorcing Dolores.

2a6767  No.11966588


Nope you are wrong this is why terrorist cells are so effective against larger more organized armies. They operate without organization.


They win, no army can win against them because they cannot figure out who to fight and who to let live. It is ALWAYS a net loss for an artificial system to try and match an organic system.

bd8db8  No.11966591


>/pol/ is not one person

>global cleansing seems in line with /pol/'s thinking


c59d21  No.11966596


That's still organization. Is english a second language for you or something?

bd8db8  No.11966598


>individuals beat groups goy


2a6767  No.11966601


Yes, it is I…get used to it. It is the only future you have where you are still left alive and breathing.

7edd69  No.11966602


High IQ 100% agree. Only thing that matters is white people understanding that white men and women are valuable and deserve their own space. While working constantly to achieve a nation or what not for whites with great values. Yeah I noticed this a lot on cuckchan years ago before I switched. Its Very extreme here in some cases. I also agree that mindless killing is a shill tactic to confuse people into connecting hate with white identity. Once people associate hate with white identity as inseparable the opposition wins.

2a6767  No.11966608


I don't think you know what emergence means. Look it up.

e543c3  No.11966611

>>person spreads information, awareness and doesnt ask anything back

>>thats a psyop guise

c59d21  No.11966616



Ah so you're a christian. THATS why you dont like red ice. Leave it to the kike worshipper to argue in bad faith.

2a6767  No.11966622


You should go read the thread, Ethno-globe is not about 'hate at all' it is pragmatic.

2a6767  No.11966624


I am undefined

7edd69  No.11966625


The only future for whites is for what 10% of the worlds population to start an extermination challenge with the rest of the world? Sure maybe we kill all the niggers because lets be honest they are easy marks. But we are going to have to go through atleast 1 civil war with our own race. then face off with asains. YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH No. Not gonna happen snowflake.

2a6767  No.11966629


It is the only future for the White race…

76d99e  No.11966631


Ah damn, better kill myself then

2a6767  No.11966638


At least be useful and take a few kikes with you, will you?

2a6767  No.11966645


You are a coward BTW. Go read the thread!

7edd69  No.11966648


Saying it is so does not make it so. Just a little tip there, but somehow I feel like I am wasting my time with this one.

c59d21  No.11966651

File: 1847f9659f02906⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 340x340, 1:1, 1658147680124.jpg)


>im special

8fbd39  No.11966660


tbh those few statements you're referencing in the pic are the least important out of all of it and really don't need a clarification in context to the rest of the image/post.

2a6767  No.11966661


See and these kiss assed limp dicks think that their MORTAL ENEMIES will back off if they just concede and kiss their asses…the jaws are literally closing around their throats and they can't be reasoned with to STAND UP AND FIGHT!

2a6767  No.11966672


Like a care what a anime-wannabe-pedo thinks

7edd69  No.11966682


I might find it later on through the catalog.


Typical straw man. Learn some social skills aswell.

2a6767  No.11966687


You are wasting your time fighting to save your life? Ok…guess so…enjoy it when the black shock troops invade your home crucify your 4 year old daughter on the wooden dining table and rape her to death while they force the rest of your family to watch. This is what they do to us when we are outnumbered and PUSSIED OUT. If you will not go and read the thread, you will die just like this or in a similar manner…you and all your family.

c59d21  No.11966688


23 posts in. Don't you have a (((bible study))) to attend?

2a6767  No.11966693


Whatever…you won't and you will die as a cuck just like the people at Red Ice and all the other civnats and people who can't understand that you are fighting for you and your families very survival.

2a6767  No.11966695


What part of 'undefined' is puzzling you?

7edd69  No.11966699


Why are you jumping to conclusions? Honestly you really need some social skills. You can paint me any way you want, but I'll still just be some dude on the internet anon.

2a6767  No.11966705


I am sure your excellent 'social skills' will serve you when you serve tea and crumpets at your extermination. They are moving armies into our nations right underneath your nose. I don't know if you are aware but armies aren't really 'up' on social skills.

851511  No.11966706

File: 562bb6fcd2ddff7⋯.jpg (12.28 KB, 255x255, 1:1, HEHAUEHAHAHAHUEHAHAHAHAHAH….jpg)


>Ok…guess so…enjoy it when the black shock troops invade your home crucify your 4 year old daughter on the wooden dining table and rape her to death while they force the rest of your family to watch.

2a6767  No.11966717

File: 18169f5d3001f9e⋯.jpg (95.81 KB, 1180x787, 1180:787, 1448665310799-1.jpg)

Alright…I gotta go…I know you all will miss me and my excellent social skills.


Fuck off kike.

c59d21  No.11966720



Red ice isnt civ nat. Nothing is puzzling about muh special position. If you're critiques of red ice speak for your IQ im certainly not interested.

a456af  No.11966722

7edd69  No.11966725


So edgy. So wew. When does it get good? Also whats a crumpet? lol

851511  No.11966727


That's odd. I remember /pol/ being a strictly WN board? When did it become what you just described?

7edd69  No.11966741


Pol has always been, well. From my angle it as always been. White nationalist and let other races fail. One example could be. Deport nonwhites in X area. Make X area great again using the information and figures of the past. Buy more land or trade for it. Make good deals and make other places suffer. Watch thousands of monkies starve because they cant farm lol.

ec6db5  No.11966756


Special Operations Command's logo is very similar to the Office of Strategic Services, the wartime precursor to the CIA.

7edd69  No.11966771

File: 8b9b90a57ca9fc6⋯.jpg (107.53 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1533274310672.jpg)


hold up. Am I goofin? White nationalism = a nation for whites and only for whites. Why are we shilling this again?

7edd69  No.11966782

File: 4f55d05c1121aa0⋯.gif (470.89 KB, 267x200, 267:200, Both.gif)



Also... why not both? lol

2a6767  No.11966785


Close enough to have Europeans die by their fucking fake ideology of muh m-m-multiculturalism for everyone even though borders and laws only mean something to Europeans...if we let our nations be raped and infiltrated BY SHIT then everyone will all the sudden like start 'playing nice'. Yeah, the only thing they are going to play nice is your genocide. You RETARDS!!! Just because you can't see the immediate threat, and your FUCKING JEW POLITICIANS are telling you that nothing is wrong DOESN'T ACTUALLY MEAN THAT NOTHING IS WRONG. THEY ARE COMING IN FOR THE KILL AND YOU ARE ASLEEP STILL.


You are a crumpet. I am not a dicktionary. ;)




0aaf44  No.11966788


>Israel was funded because of hitler

nice disinfo chaim, hitler was going to deport them to madagascar.

0aaf44  No.11966794


Moarpheus you are sounding schizo

c59d21  No.11966803


They aren't talking about every nation being multicultural. They were talking about preserving every culture in their own nations. Its justification for europeans to keep their countries white. You're either really fucking dense or pretending to miss the point because you don't like them. Either way you should stop posting.

7edd69  No.11966804

File: 59566a6415b97d2⋯.jpg (61.61 KB, 500x382, 250:191, Crumpets.jpg)


could we not create a soceity that excludes them. I agree they will still continue to create problems. I dont think we could genocide anyone considering our position. Also considering everything I also dont think its efficent to just bodly kill. Be a lot easier to let them starve themselves out and keep tight but also growing borders.


so your the dude who made that. Alright fine I'll read it. Also i like the idea of me being a crumpet.

d4ed9c  No.11966842

File: 72dc8de0faa20f9⋯.png (217.35 KB, 1024x381, 1024:381, lana-jews-good.png)

File: 231848d11a30783⋯.png (59.62 KB, 990x287, 990:287, lana-reactionaqry-jew.png)


Some stuff i've found.


c59d21  No.11966860


They dont want jews in europe. Says there they should be in israel where they belong. Obviously the best answer is the oven but its not exactly a cuck position.

With that said they shouldnt be giving the "based jew" shit any time.

431642  No.11966863

File: ba816970f39f871⋯.png (65.2 KB, 892x498, 446:249, Anon vs E-celebs.png)

/pol/ is the only powerful organization that's not controlled because by nature it's impossible to control a leaderless group.

e962a4  No.11966872



the mods are all dirty lovers of jesus the jew

7edd69  No.11966874

File: 81d99cfa2d5065f⋯.jpeg (30.44 KB, 300x327, 100:109, 2397d694291496fb18fb37abf….jpeg)


OH shit he got me goys. lol. Not only am I da jew, I am also everything else thats convenient for you. Fuck my arguements Fam. lel

>soon, kike.

I admire your conviction and hey who knows you could be right. But get a hobby bro, you need one. Seriously.

Inb4 OMG NEXT LEVEL JEW SHILL TACTIC IS… getting hobbies lol

431642  No.11966875


Mods have far less power than you think, they have very little control over group consensus.

7edd69  No.11966880

File: 27e917c67fe9252⋯.jpg (15.77 KB, 240x255, 16:17, 9c7f20898832d810350b915feb….jpg)


OH shit Red ice interveiws people and explains them and their ideas objectively.


55dfa1  No.11966888



OP changes his ID in order to look like a same fag so then he can claim that "shills" are negging his thread.

Clever ruse, but I'm not falling for it. Sage.

000000  No.11966892


Fucking Kike, try again Moshe… Guess you should chug that antisemitol yourself else you might find yourself stuffing your own ass into oven.

55dfa1  No.11966898


>imkampfy bans everyone who is the slightest bit critical of Trump

>suddenly the board is a Trump hugbox and the board quality tanks because good posters leave

lmao "anonymous" networks are the easiest to control because you don't even need to have an identity to lie. Just post a bunch of shit and change IPs. A handful of people can invent a consensus. But I put anonymous in quotation marks because it's not really an anonymous network when there are a handful of mods at the center of everything.

ec6db5  No.11966902


>and that is not counting Hitler's prophecy about america taking up the torch

Tell me more. I've never heard of this.

b69d7b  No.11966927

the schizos are such a fucking drag on doing anything useful

5534ef  No.11966938


Learn to use a semicolon

5534ef  No.11966945

DO NOT ALLOW SHILLS TO D&C OVER RELIGION AND RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. Case in point the posters arguing over whether Jesus was a Jew

2a6767  No.11967012


R I G H T because it has worked so well all the other times 109-300+ we have thrown the parasites out. Why don't you understand that RED ICE AND THEIR ILK ARE ADVOCATING FOR WHAT WE HAVE NOW…JUST LIKE CIV NATS ARE ARGUING FOR WHAT WE HAVE NOW…




These are nothing other than arguments for ENDING EUROPEANS FOREVER.

d919e1  No.11967019


>supporting Zionism is not a cuck position

447a4f  No.11967021

Why would I get mad?

002cc9  No.11967034

for a psyop they sure have a lot of financial problems

c59d21  No.11967054


I refuted this last time you said it.


come now. obviously its not like that. deporting to israel is preferable to having the rats here.

d919e1  No.11967066


The only solution is total extermination

c59d21  No.11967078


One thing at a time. Israel is easy to deal with. Millions of them scattered across the west like cockroaches is not.

6cc2a0  No.11967081


Only if losers shitpost and don't provide any source or proof of their claim(s). You're not dealing with morons here.

2a6767  No.11967084


This is finally TRUTH.

2a6767  No.11967099

File: e6ddb09949d3ae7⋯.jpg (36.43 KB, 480x360, 4:3, girl raped to death by mus….jpg)


Yes but because you refuted it with a LIE it doesn't matter…you can't refute it with TRUTH becasue I am telling you the TRUTH. ALT-KIKE organizations, the so called Alt-'Right' are organizations that ARE MULTICULTURAL because they let JEWS IN…they are not 'European' because they have jews in them…they don't have ANY standards because they really don't want anything to change…they want to allow FOREIGNERS into our nations in leadership positions. Civnat is the same, no standards.

Again, YOU DIDN'T tell me how 'having nations' where WE ARE THE ONLY ONES FOLLOWING THE LAW are working out for you? You better think fast since they are inside our homes and RAPING OUR FUCKING CHILDREN AND WOMEN…think FAST…how are having a large group of nations WORKING OUT FOR YOU since you are the only ones following the rules? Do you think YOUR INEFFECTIVE GOVERNMENTS are going to be magically EFFECTIVE at some point in the near future?


2a6767  No.11967159



I am glad you are 'done arguing' with me, because I think the only way you could maintain your position is because you are a kike yourself and you have a vested interest in seeing EUROPEANS MURDERED.

>Why not? Why shouldn't we take over the banks, the universities, the church and the government if the gentiles are not intelligent enough to run them? I could not have talked this way a few years ago but now it is different. THERE IS NOTHING TO UNDO OUR STRATEGY IN THE WORLD TODAY so I can speak much more freely. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview, 1976, by Charles A. Weisman, published June 1992

Strategy FOR WHAT? The elimination and genocide of Ethnic Europeans.


>The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people. Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919

>Only three hundred men, who all know each other, govern the fate of Europe. They elect their successors from their entourage. These German Jews have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of Government of any State which proves unreasonable. Walter Rathenau, Plain English, late Dictator of Germany, 1921

>… And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier dupes than we expected them to be. One would expect more intelligence and more practical common sense, but they are no better than a herd of sheep.

>Let them graze in our fields till they become fat enough to be worthy of being IMMOLATED to our future King of the World. - From a series of speeches at the B'nai B'rith Convention in Paris, published shortly afterwards in the London Catholic Gazette, February 1936; Paris Le Reveil du Peuple

2a6767  No.11967165


NO...you don't have any idea of the depth of infiltration within our Nation's...there isn't a ruling leader that is not Jew/ZIONIST...where are you going to get the money to 'deport'. You don't understand what is going on at all. We must not consider 'deportation' or the cost of this...the invaders of our homelands (ALL OF THEM) must be killed in our homelands.


d919e1  No.11967168


A good old fashioned pogrom seems easier

c59d21  No.11967203


>Oy vey why dont you sound like a terrorist so we can deal with you goyim!


Deal with them in one country, they flee to the others and agitate for war to destroy the rebelling nation.

Just like any other parasite they are weak without a host. push them out first. activate a long term solution then.

1fa55d  No.11967221

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Yes, Red Ice names the jew whenever they feel like it.

In this linked VIDEO of only 4 minutes Red Ice shows jews such as Barbara Lerner Spectre and Noel Ignatiev, the video let the jews spew piss and vitriol about Whites. Muslims too. Black immigrants. Traitors & cucks. All air their contempt for us in this 4 minute video.

I'd say that names our adversaries very well.

The War on Whites Is Real

The rat like crew of the hasbarat room may weigh in with snark, but everybody can chose between OP's hasbarats and Red Ice.

Leave it up to the viewer.

This Red Ice video really ties it all together at the end.

fa4d60  No.11967691


>You're not dealing with morons here.

Are you sure about that?

fa4d60  No.11967694


>for a psyop they sure have a lot of financial problems

And you can definitely trust military psychological warfare agents to tell you the truth about the state of their financial affairs, right?

000000  No.11967948


This idea that "naming the jew" somehow proves the right-wing credentials of the person or organization doing it, is naive, juvenile and needs to be dispensed with.

>any purported right-winger who doesn't name the jew, is instantly suspect

>therefore any competent controlled opposition will make a show of naming the jew in order to fool those who take doing so as evidence of legitimacy.

Notice which jews they name: Spectre and Ignatiev, only two of the most well known kikes in existence. Spectre in particular is infamous by now.

In other words, naming these people does no harm whatsoever to jew kind, because no new information is being disclosed.

It is purely a necessary show, which suffices to trick the gullible, the low IQ and the shallow thinkers, i.e the vast majority.

You only need to control the majority, they will do the work of attacking the minority of their own people on your behalf, those able to clearly see the controlled opposition for what it is.

Female front ends are particularly effective because they accrue loyal lonely followers who will vigorously defend them as if defending an intimate partner.

000000  No.11967967


Even jewish mainstream media is trusted by most on the right.

It's a very simply matter to craft a story in such a way that the typical right-winger will not only believe it, but vigorously defend it as true.

Typical approaches to successful fake news, i.e plot lines which work:

>have someone the right dislikes harm a white female

>have misfortune befall a black or jew

Bonus tactic - how to make right-wingers support anti-White-male propaganda:

>create story about a jewish men molesting many women

>right-wingers pounce on the narrative, thinking it will "red pill" normals on jewish behavior.

>in reality, normals see jewish men as White

>congratulations, you now have White right-wing men spreading propaganda which causes normals to believe that White men are molesting and raping women in every area of business, sport, entertainment and education.

Yes, this is what the Weinstein hoax, which led to #metoo is about.

It even has a built-in protection device, in that any attempt to expose the true purpose of the psyop is interpreted as "defending kikes" and viciously attacked.


c1a37e  No.11968053

0e37fb  No.11968276



I argued a couple of years ago that lone-wolf or small cell operations would be the only viable way to win a nationalist revolution, given the fact that pretty much everything is watched and monitored these days. The only reliable means of clandestine communication anymore is face to face, no cellphones or other monitoring devices within a mile. With large organizations, you run into the issue that a well placed informant could rat on pretty much the entire organization, while small cells couldn't realistically be monitored this way.

b93a28  No.11968746



You ready to answer the question yet?

Should White Countries Stay White?

851511  No.11968757


No fucking shit ANYONE on /pol/ would agree with that. The REAL question here is - White nationalism or White globalism? This question splits /pol/.

29d825  No.11968775

>white nationalist is a psyop

Wow! That's really surprising! Not obvious at all.

39967c  No.11968800


All non-suicidal tribes advocate for Ethno-globe…and the suicidal ones? FUCK THEM let them die. We used to understand our position as the RULERS of this planet and the CARETAKERS of the Earth and all (non-human) life in it. We need to return to our values and begin to understand that Ethnic Europeans are the only thing worth saving on this entire planet. What would happen if the jews won the war for the Earth would their brain structure change to not be parasitic? No, they are a dead end for life on the planet? How about the Nogs (1/2 animals)? Would they protect Life and be a caretaker or would they act like they always act? Devourers, destroyers parasites?

Look there isn't a whole lot of thinking that is required for someone with an IQ above 115 to understand here….Ethnic Europeans are the only thing of value (outside of the non-human animals) on this planet. We don't look, think or process in the same manner as the rest of parasitic destroying humanity. We are in balance with our environment. We are peaceful when given the chance, slow to anger and mild. We don't breed out of control or in a destructive manner like the mongrel races. We use resources wisely. We don't pollute (that lie about us being big polluters is simply a lie). We are high trust, cooperative and inventive. There is nothing like us on the whole Earth and it is time you all faced facts. Nothing compares to you and yes, these other mongrel races HATE YOU FOR NO REASON and it will never matter what you do for them. They don't belong on this planet.

4bdaa7  No.11968810

this hasn't even been reported yet? Why is this floating near the top with the pedo hunt and other important threads? get your shit in check, vols

731781  No.11968813

File: 353c8a02433f7f3⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 400x400, 1:1, captin obvious.jpg)

>White nationalists are intelligence operations


When will you realize that this is all about culling the liberalism out of Whites and forcing them to unite under a single super state, they know Whites are the premium race but they fear us because we can get inside of their heads and can manifest the terrifying things imaginable; we're the only race that can threaten their power, that's why they have to control us.

They want everything to go to shit so they have a reason to usher in a new order, no one wants change if things are too good. Join the world order or die to the hordes; that's what they'll force us to decide in the final ultimatum.

39967c  No.11968852


Technically THEY indoctrinated the liberalism into the populace. Why didn't they simply not chose to inculcate people with shitlib ideologies? I can see a reason why they would want to ensure that only th most fit (mentally and physically) survived the coming Harvest of humanity…reminds me of that moment of triumph in Shawshank redemption when the protagonist, Andy Dufrain, crawls through a mile of the sewage to gain his freedom. I guess by your understanding we would all be 'doing the longest mile' right now. Or for those of you holding onto the mystery religions, you are enduring the 'wearing out of the saints'.

1fa55d  No.11968854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Another Great report from Red Ice in this linked [VIDEO]

Mark Zuckerberg Doesn't Want To Ban 'Holocaust Denial' on Facebook

Video is 10 minutes in length

Debunkers not Deniers

>Red Ice is still using the old term for deconstructing the tall tale known as the holocaust, to wit; "holocaust denial". But denial usually refers to a situation where something is real and someone anyway denies it - like a patient with a bad disease going through a phase of 'denial'.

However, the so-called 'holocaust' is pure bunk, so those who impeach and contradict it are more accurately referred to as "holocaust debunkers"

70a57d  No.11968868


>the mods are all dirty lovers of jesus the jew

true but doesnt debunk anything anon said about e-celeb fan club

39967c  No.11968874


I would much rather talk about this than jew fake as fuck parasitic pedophiles AKA NORMALIZING PEDOPHILIA…SO FUCK OFF KIKE!

It is simply a IQ test…with the lower IQ's falling for /pol/s version of bread and circus. My only interest in pedos is to see them killed. You want to start a thread showcasing the execution of proven pedophiles I will be the first one there…until then FUCK OFF YOU CIA GLOWNIGGER WITH TRYING TO NORMALIZE YOUR DISGUSTING FILTH.

b93a28  No.11969015


Supposedly he said something like

>somewhere in america,like new orleans and chicago, there is a band playing the horst wessel lied. Our movement will live again in america.

towards the end of the war. He had a somewhat positive view of America as racially pure, yet culturally immature (and infested by jews) in MK and his second book.

fb5d78  No.11969027

File: 491618bb42fa168⋯.png (196.19 KB, 719x400, 719:400, Snowden the (((Soros))) sh….png)


>trusting ((((SNOWDEN))))

Oh goyim!

39967c  No.11969050


>Trusting anyone outside your own kin and blood; crazy…

Open society eh? Not all that surprised he always struck me as a faggot…him and assange the Rockefeller grandson, boy did the kikes scrub that shit off the web ASAP. I usually laugh at and mock poeple who are 'wondering if assange is 'ok'? Bunch of fucking dupe retards. Of course he is 'ok' he is as well of and connected as Alefantis/Rothschild.

4cbe97  No.11969058


>a fucking chess piece logo,some of them had jobs with some people

a thread died for this you faggot, people will bump tucker carlson and the rest of those shill faux jews queers but you will not support a network of redpillers who have been producing serious truth seeking content since at least 2008. no you are the shills.

The ones who tell us to watch fox fucking news for the truth when fox news does nothing for the movement and nothing for our people and does everything for jewish media ownerrs and israel.

tucker fucking carlson,glenn beck,rush these are all cancerous /r/thedonald tier dumbfucks.

redice are ourguys along with alan watt and michael tsarion and bill cooper.


4cbe97  No.11969060


you overestimate the government's powers to control the world. they are not omnipotent as you believe they want you to worship them in a new artificial intelligence abomination of a god.

866321  No.11969076


>Hey pol! You know how Red Ice once did a show with a knight logo?

>Well, apparently this popular symbol is also used in several US army organizations!

>Therefore, Red Ice is a CIA operation!!!!

Hmm. This kind of reminds me of how Trump is a Russian secret agent because some Russians paid for pro Trump ads on kikebook.

Or how we know that the Illuminatti control America because the Illuminatti symbol (the all seeing eye) is featured on the dollar. I mean, is it just a coincidence that pyramids are used all over the US government?

It has nothing to do with Egyptian revivalism at all. It's an illuminati conspiracy!

If you look hard enough, you will discover that literally EVERYTHING is an illuminati/CIA conspiracy.

effe3f  No.11969225


>i'm a trs guy and i still tacitly support cantwell's bunch, simply because they name the jew

If you think naming the jew is the most important issue (it is), how do you rationalize supporting a network run by someone married to a B'nai B'rith faghag that everybody in the "inner circle" new about and covered for? Eunuch would be making oven jokes and pretending to hate kikes, then sleeping in bed with one an hour later. And that's ignoring the fact that he is one himself.

b93a28  No.11969234


they have blinders on, whenever it comes up their brains shut down and they start repeating "theyre divorced" and "he redpills so many/does so much 4 da moovement

1fa55d  No.11969652

File: 47aa36d4b45e286⋯.jpg (61.29 KB, 472x1024, 59:128, merchant -pol-7 in 2017.jpg)


bump & lol


Right u are.

We ain't alone here and they all got the same memo.

bd8db8  No.11969656

File: 76ea39c6cff324f⋯.png (268.1 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, strike-and-mike-logo-cobra.png)

File: 36bed077cc8c19a⋯.jpg (68.76 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1487229071350.jpg)


>blah blah blah d&c faggotry

We're not all as hardline as others. I don't really care about people having been married to a jew in the past when they were bluepilled on the jq. And mischlings don't really bother me, either. So long as they behave like Europeans and not jews, I don't have a problem with them. Even Hitler understood that mischlings got a raw deal.

Just as I was saying, white nationalism isn't one monolithic entity with one set of rules. The jew elites would like it to be, tho, as that would be much easier for them to attack. They'd like us to spend all our time purity spiraling and getting nothing done.

I couldn't care less if you approve, and you very clearly missed my initial point entirely, which is that it's not about approving of every aspect of one another's choices or interests.

I'm betting your iq is in the double digits anon.

That, or you're just a subversive d&c shill. Gotta drive that wedge, huh faggot?

Speaking of Mike Enoch, here's Enoch and Erik Striker talking about the Protocols of Zion.


Stay mad faggot. We're not all the same, and so long as we're pushing white ethnic interests, we don't have to be.

0c6c51  No.11969734


Fuck off like. You will be killed on the day of the rope

bd8db8  No.11969748


>nobody could like mike and not be him


eat shit d&c fag

no (you) shekels for you.

effe3f  No.11969787

File: 32a360fde372fe8⋯.png (411.67 KB, 3190x2278, 1595:1139, one drop.png)


>in the past when they were bluepilled on the jq.

She was on the podcast long after he was supposedly redpilled. Like I said, after 3 hours of pretending to hate kikes, he'd literally be sleeping with one, and likely engaging in all kinds of deviant jewish sex acts based on Ames' love of sodomites.

>And mischlings don't really bother me, either. So long as they behave like Europeans and not jews, I don't have a problem with them.


Back to the bog you kike-loving sodomite.

4da962  No.11969836


Is there anything in these videos that is wrong or propaganda?

a879b1  No.11969888


Thanks for reminding me to go watch the new podcasts JIDF.

effe3f  No.11970028


Out of curiosity I listened to the segment on The Protocols. He's right in that the official story about them being fabricated is false, but aside from that, he doesn't have have the story straight. For example he claims Nilus was their original publisher, when all he really did is put out a bastardized edition with elements, like references to the Old Testament, removed.

731781  No.11970106


Order through chaos; you need an excuse to bulldoze cities, rewrite history and create regional blocks. Making news is the best way to make money too, often called jokingly 'proactive' investing.

ec6db5  No.11970213

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lauren Southern most likely works for CSIS and Canadian military intelligence.

ec6db5  No.11970287


>I was looking for a photo to go with this so I searched for European male…and I got several pages of FAGGOTS in return.

Just look up pics of the Arno Breaker statues, my man.

bd8db8  No.11970288

File: 61b3be003709cfa⋯.jpg (24.11 KB, 620x450, 62:45, 1510969648911.jpg)


Again, d&c shill. You're not here to contribute to the discussion. Your aim is very clearly to simply cause division. Pretty damn obvious, too.

I can like who I want to like, faggot.

I'm not gonna even bother to sit here and explain how you're fucking wrong, because that's not the point, and it's been done to death already. Yet you shills always come back with the same kike talking points.

The point of the discussion, which you completely avoided in favor of attacking me, was, we're not all the same, and so long as we're pushing white ethnic interests, we don't have to be. You know that's true, too.

The fact that you can't accept that, is telling.

I can see your motives all over your comment, faggot.

I'll stick around, because I go where I want to go, d&c shill. Fuck you.

0c6c51  No.11970301


Don't forget that she was on the show. That definitively proves that the whole thing is just a joke for them.

And they are still married. No divorce records.

bd8db8  No.11970319


>they are still married

provide proof.

TRS started as a racist libertarian podcast, and you know that. stop acting like they were always white nationalists, shill.

So many lies wrapped up in your shilling, it's sickening. Look at you purposely derail the thread, too.

Shills will not allow anyone to like anyone they don't accept.

How about you tell me who I should like instead anon?

Go ahead. Who meets your approval? I wanna know.

ec6db5  No.11970320

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ernst Zündel said that there would be in the future, Weimar conditions in the United States, and that solutions to the Weimar conditions would be found.

93fd32  No.11970333


When did they start being White nationalists, or even "anti-Semites"? Unless it was after the doxing, that line of argument doesn't work.

0c6c51  No.11970343


>provide proof

His divorce should be public record. No record of a divorce of Mike Peinovich and Ames Friedman exists.

010dcf  No.11970345

File: 0b9c88bb2f336b6⋯.webm (10.56 MB, 608x720, 38:45, 'This is How We Jew It' r….webm)

File: c289740c8d1a4a9⋯.mp4 (2.34 MB, 640x356, 160:89, TRS christmas kike wife.mp4)


>I can like who I want to like, faggot

Yeah but it only outs you as a newfag, especially when you try to shill for them hre

<I'm not gonna even bother to sit here and explain how you're fucking wrong

>I don't have an rebuttal so I'll just say you are wrong and hope people believe me

I want TRSodomites to go and stay go


The burden of proof is on you, as otherwards anon would have to prove a negative by proving the divorce didn't happen. There would be paperwork to prove the divorce happened, and that would be public record in NY, yet anons cannot find it. Prove they actually got divorced or fuck off TRShill

010dcf  No.11970352


Also note the degenerate concert both Enoch and his kike wife went to was the Christmas after the special where she went on the air with the poem. Timelines are important

a39bd4  No.11970399

File: d08af8c1a51a3c8⋯.png (45.27 KB, 272x291, 272:291, oven.png)


transparently hebrew OP.

bd8db8  No.11970402


that you could find. nothing showing they aren't divorced. so basically, i have nor proof they're divorced, you have no proof that they're not.


Not going anywhere faggot. Gonna have to come to terms with the fact that not everybody shares your exact ideology 100%. In fact, that was the point of my comments, before you derailed the topic into sperging about trs like a fucking autist.

not everybody aligns with what you think faggot, and for people who don't like trs, you sure do collect a lot of ammo to use to try to keep other people from liking them. almost like you have some type of agenda or something.

how do you feel about sam hyde and donald trump anons?

93fd32  No.11970409

File: 476d8027ad8a792⋯.jpg (84.87 KB, 270x500, 27:50, Complete.jpg)


>you sure do collect a lot of ammo to use to try to keep other people from liking them. almost like you have some type of agenda or something.

The way these posters try to gather all this ammo to use against jews, they must be anti-Semites or something.

bd8db8  No.11970411


so you want to save people? is that your reasoning anon?

also, how do you feel about donald trump and sam hyde?

0c6c51  No.11970438

File: fe1654361f6bc02⋯.jpg (31.29 KB, 370x257, 370:257, fe1654361f6bc020a8c8112138….jpg)


I never realized it was in 2016. That was pretty close to when he got doxed. So, Christmas 2016, when he is allegedly full 100% white nationalist, he is at a gay Jewish drag show with his Jewish wife. And people still take this clown seriously.

bd8db8  No.11970443

93fd32  No.11970445


That particular video was also the first thing he had her delete. For a while everything except that was left up.

bd8db8  No.11970449


Well, being married to a shitlib kikess for years has some major drawbacks anon.

so who should i be into? who would you recommend for me?

also, what do you think about donald trump and sam hyde?


sam question anon

76d99e  No.11970509


Listen to me FAGGOT, you are a man now. Your balls have dropped. You don't need a leader. You, and only you, can be the image of what a leader can be.

You need to get through your head that while many people here(myself included) worship Hitler, his words and his actions, we cannot organize like it's the 20's any more.

You can only look up to yourself, your future self as who you want to be and look up to the men of your race of the past. That you may mold yourself, your wife and your children after an ideal image that can leave a standing impression on others, that in turn they may idealize you and internalize it for themselves and their progeny.

P.S. top heavy and centralized organizations are the ways of the past. Independent resistance cells are the future.

bd8db8  No.11970526


I didn't say trs were my leaders anon.

I'm not a leftist who deifies whoever they happen to listen to that they like.


that's hell of a projection there anon. very nicely worded, tho.

i was simply asking who you'd recommend to me as entertainment and a source of news.

also, what do you think of donald trump and sam hyde?

also, do you agree with mike enoch and andrew anglin's take that white nationalists should avoid unite the right 2 for being a honeypot like last time?

bd8db8  No.11970535


i always thought it was weird how everyone at unite the right was doxxed, except that guy carrying the swastika flag. you'd think he'd be the first guy doxxed. strange.

1fa55d  No.11970557

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






Another Great report from Red Ice in this linked [VIDEO]

the Importance of Understanding the Jewish Question

fascinating Red Ice interview of Professor & Author Kevin MacDonald

video lasts 54:00 minutes

The Scolding Jews

Dr. MacDonald wrote the book about jews and how they act when among communities of non-jews;- The Culture of Critique

93fd32  No.11970567


>also, do you agree with mike enoch and andrew anglin's take that white nationalists should avoid unite the right 2 for being a honeypot like last time?

Not him, but do you think Apedre and Eunuch were really oblivious to the fact that everybody who went would be doxed when they ordered their followers to attend?

bd8db8  No.11970569


Dr. Macdonald was also on The Daily Shoah recently. That was a good episode. Culture of Critique is a damn good read, and basically mandatory for all newfags.

bd8db8  No.11970572


I dunno. They were just speakers. They didn't organize the event. Could be whoever organized it knew. A lot of conservatives of all stripes were there, not just white nationalists. So, maybe they thought they'd be safe. Makes sense to me.

How would a speaker know one way or another tho anon?

93fd32  No.11970587


>How would a speaker know one way or another tho anon?

By having an IQ at least on par with that of his retarded nigger brother. What could they have possibly thought would happen when a bunch of "White Supremacists" were attending a public rally where their faces would be broadcast across the planet?


Since your defending Red Ice, how do you feel about their proposition that Whites can form an alliance with jews against the shitskins the kikes ship in?

bd8db8  No.11970598


first rally of its kind anon. unite the right. they thought it was a solidarity thing. That was the intention, too, before the antifa faggots and trannies started their shit.

So, seeing as how you hate trs so much, how about you recommend who i should seek out as an alternative news and comedy source?

btw, what do you think of donald trump and sam hyde? just curious.

ec6db5  No.11970605

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>So Red Ice is pushing for a 'multicultural world' in their last video…as if the world would simply 'go back home if we asked nice enough' so they are asking for TOLERANCE OF THE JEWISH MULTICULTURAL SYSTEM…

They had a video against multiculturalism. The world in its default configuration is multicultural, what is most commonly known as "multiculturalism" is a Jewish subversion as always.

93fd32  No.11970633


There's no way they didn't know what the outcome would be, stop lying to yourself. Even if antifa didn't show up and the whole thing would have gone as it was supposedly planned, their faces would have been broadcast and people would have been doxed - just like at NPI, when Spencer invited the media in, and Eunuch gave the roman salute.

>donald trump

A neocohen masquerading as a populist, essentially "President Kikebart"

>sam hyde

Fairly entertaining.

>who i should seek out as an alternative news

Start with gentiles who don't have jewish spouses.

c3d4fc  No.11970635


Snowden was/is literally a non-official cover CIAnigger. This is a matter of undisputed public record.

bd8db8  No.11970636


>comments are weirdly blackpilling

>provides no alternatives

>just tries to tear down anyone popular among white nationalists

hm, i'm growing more and more suspicious anon. at least be productive and give us an alternative. you seem only interested in attacking various white nationalists.

>how do you feel about their proposition that Whites can form an alliance with jews against the shitskins the kikes ship in?

assuming that statement is even true and properly in-context, which I'm sure it isn't, i don't have to agree with every stance or belief another white nationalist has in order to hear them out.

our greatest strengths are that we come from all facets of life, and have very nuanced and unique opinions.

the only ones who think we should be this monolithic entity are our enemies, because it simply makes us easier to attack.

our enemies are lazy, and nuance scares them.

93fd32  No.11970655

File: f31b1bd69875a8c⋯.jpg (65.05 KB, 544x350, 272:175, Know Your Enemy.jpg)


>you seem only interested in attacking various white nationalists.

No, I'm interested in attacking jews and the traitors who enable them.

>i don't have to agree with every stance or belief another white nationalist has in order to hear them out.

Maybe not on more minor issues, but on the single biggest threat to the White race's existence, we should all be on the same page.

bd8db8  No.11970659


throwing a lot of things out there that would take a while to sit and accurately refute anon, that's suspicious. you know how jews do that a lot to their enemies when they're debating them? they just pile on as much as they can to paint as ugly a picture as possible, while hoping no one ever looks into the nuances of it.

you do argue a lot like a jew. anyone ever tell you that? it's weird how you're setting off my jewdar anon.

>A neocohen masquerading as a populist, essentially "President Kikebart"

so you believe what the shills around here believe. okay. remember how we kept busting them for being /leftypol/ over and over? kek good times.

>who i should seek out as an alternative news

>Start with gentiles who don't have jewish spouses.

snarky, but not a real response. what's the matter anon, don't know any actual alternatives? you speak with such authority on trs and redice and all these other white nationalists, you'd think you'd have a real alternative i could check out.

you're kinda suspicious anon.

bd8db8  No.11970672


yeah but i don't agree that enoch's the enemy. i've seen enough to see where you're lying about him.

it's weird how you tell a little bit of the truth, and then mix in some lies with that. so weird how you do that.

i recommend any newfags don't take you or me at our words or memes, and just check out rediceradio and trs themselves. decide for yourselves if these groups are just jew pawns out to subvert you.

bd8db8  No.11970705


quick accusations that you know would take time for me to refute, as I'd have to go in depth about multiple things leading up to it, which would take a while and make people less inclined to sit and read it all. jews do that a lot, on purpose, because they know people are more likely to read a blurb than a chapter.

anon, who should i look to as an alternative to redice and trs. who do you like to check out?

93fd32  No.11970711


How am I throwing out a lot of things? My argument is simple: it's common sense that White Nationalists having their faces broadcasted by the media would end up doxed, yet you expect people to believe that Eunuch, Spencer, Kessler, Apedre, etc. had no idea what would happen. This was AFTER Cooper Ward, Eli Kline, etc. were doxed.


>see where you're lying about him.

Let's see some examples…

0c6c51  No.11970713


>do you agree with mike enoch and andrew anglin's take that white nationalists should avoid unite the right 2 for being a honeypot like last time?

White nationalist are banned from it anyway. Only civic nationalists are invited. And of course nobody should go.

93fd32  No.11970717


Show me one. A single lie told about Kike Eunuch. You made the accusation, let's see you back it up with some evidence.

bd8db8  No.11970719


plausible deniability, anon. unite the right was not just white nationalists, that's how.

you deleting your comments now?

anon, who should i look to as an alternative to redice and trs. who do you like to check out?

bd8db8  No.11970724


nah anon, i'll leave that up to anons to look into themselves. i'm not gonna sit and go through that, because we all know how that little game works.

i provide proof, you pick that apart in a very pilpul type way and move on to another accusation, demanding more proof. rinse and repeat.

ec6db5  No.11970730


>Is it Possible for Jewish Nationalists & European Nationalists to Work Together?

No, absolutely not. Trusting and working with Jews is what got us into this mess in the first place.

93fd32  No.11970747

File: bbc840d8f6a730b⋯.png (70.14 KB, 200x234, 100:117, bbc840d8f6a730b3279f413a37….png)


>plausible deniability, anon. unite the right was not just white nationalists, that's how.

Except the proud boys backed out and the whole thing was billed as a WN rally. Spencer and Eunuch were the main speakers.

>you deleting your comments now?

Wanted to add the bit about people from their circles having been doxed for showing their faces before the rally.

>anon, who should i look to as an alternative to redice and trs.

Do you think pro-White podcasting/radio started when Red Ice shifted from talking about UFOs and how Obongo was a clone Akhenaten or when the lolbergs from TRS started their LARPcast? There's a whole lot out there, and if they aren't jewish, married to jews, or pro-jew, they're probably fine.


>I don't have any proof or examples, b-but you're all lying! t-they're all anti-TRSemitic canards!

For someone who's trying so hard to convince onlookers, that's a pretty shitty strategy.

bd8db8  No.11970751

ec6db5  No.11970766


Infiltrating the moderation can possibly subvert /pol/. And this site (while far more decentralized than cuckchan) and cuckchan are still something of a centralized vector of attack against it. You would need a fully decentralized, fully non-moderated, peer-to-peer form of /pol/ that isn't reliant at all with being hosted by a physical Web server.

23131d  No.11970767


no, but he predicted that there would be resurgence about 20 years after in europe. His speeches about this is out there in a couple of our videos.

<Who would have believed that only 20 years later….

bd8db8  No.11970779


>Except the proud boys backed out and the whole thing was billed as a WN rally. Spencer and Eunuch were the main speakers.

so now you're just flat out telling lies, okay. you gonna say there were no normie conservatives there? there were all over that rally.

>There's a whole lot out there, and if they aren't jewish, married to jews, or pro-jew, they're probably fine

don't know any yourself, tho. that's telling. you don't listen to white nationalist content do you anon? you have a lot of negative shit to say about white nationalist content, but nothing to actually recommend as a genuine alternative.

kinda like you're just here to blackpill white nationalists or something.

>For someone who's trying so hard to convince onlookers, that's a pretty shitty strategy.

i literally said they should look for themselves. how's that convincing anyone? you were the one who made this thread into an attempt to interrogate anyone who likes anything white nationalist in nature

93fd32  No.11970824

File: fdf9cc761bcee83⋯.jpeg (837.03 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, UTR.jpeg)


This is the final poster for the event. Look at those names, do you think anybody would see this as a "normie" (wouldn't want to say the "fag" and insult some of those BASED sodomites) conservative event? The first name on it is Spencer.

>don't know any yourself, tho.

I know many, but didn't see the need to list any since the kosher ones are the exceptions. Here are a few

>Radio Aryan

>Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

>Carolyn Yeager

Like I said, anything not made by jews, their spouses, or their supporters is probably fine.

93fd32  No.11970831


>you were the one who made this thread into an attempt to interrogate anyone who likes anything white nationalist in nature

Learn to read IDs. I didn't make the thread, nor am I "interrogating anyone who likes anything white nationalist in nature", I'm simply criticizing jews and zionists.

bd8db8  No.11970858


oh shit you got an advertisement specifically aimed at white nationalists. must be there were no other conservatives there kek.

and are you saying cucked alaska's a white nationalist now? last i checked, he's a civic nationalist. at least know your shit.

also, it took you long enough to scramble those three together kek

i only asked you a dozen times before getting a response.

so i have your approval to listen to them anon?

kek you're such a faggot man. like i can't see you. you fucked up way too many times

bd8db8  No.11970860


criticizing seems to be what you're best at anon.

i've yet to see you do anything else.

hey, should i vote in november?

010dcf  No.11970861

File: e99f91454f74a65⋯.jpg (185.56 KB, 850x621, 850:621, frank collin.jpg)


>first rally of its kind

Just how new are you?

78eee1  No.11970867

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


kill yourself berkay

Jay Dyer on MK-Ultra, Freemasonry and Scientism

bd8db8  No.11970870


>implying i meant of all time

you're a sneaky one

93fd32  No.11970880


>admit that the official poster released by kessler is aimed at White Nationalists

>it wasn't a WN event!

>t-there were lots of normies there!

>my favorite ecelebs had no idea anyone would be doxed!

I don't think you even believe what you're saying at this point.

010dcf  No.11970888


<implying i meant of all time

What are you talking about, you said this was the first rally of its kind. I pointed out that it was not, now you are backpedaling in a way that only makes sense in your own mind

bd8db8  No.11970890


that's good shit anon. i'm flailing and panicking kek

hey man, should i vote in november? also why or why not?

bd8db8  No.11970895


first unite the right rally. first of its kind of the modern era. that better? does that help your autism?

bd8db8  No.11970898

File: bfc1288c7671190⋯.jpg (4.59 KB, 240x196, 60:49, 1491099382632.jpg)



93fd32  No.11970902


Yes, just keep voting and listening to jewish podcasts and we'll save the White race in no time.

bd8db8  No.11970906


so i shouldn't vote, and everybody's controlled opposition? is that what you're saying?

i should stay home?

fa4d60  No.11970911

File: f72c5c1beeff5d1⋯.jpg (455.65 KB, 2000x800, 5:2, Kyle Hunt C.I.A. S.O.C.O.M….jpg)


And who could forget about Agent Fudgehammer?


78eee1  No.11970913

File: 95b593c438c45ad⋯.jpg (28.4 KB, 252x291, 84:97, 109273802395.jpg)

>be jewish/subhuman pedophile freemasons running 8chan

>push shitty distraction psyop about jews culling some fat from their pedo legion to shake off deeper investigation as the next potential revolution of mankind on (((/pol/)))

>every thread that isn't about my psyop is a slide thread

>anyone who disagrees with me is OP using a userdata switcher



>(((/pol/))) outs itself as a sidearm of (((reddit))) once again

>only response given is "well why r u here moron lol"

bd8db8  No.11970921

File: 4127842b36316f1⋯.jpg (163.52 KB, 798x770, 57:55, 1479241262797.jpg)


>i like trs they're funny and they make good points


>here they are literally naming the jew and saying we need a white ethnostate and jews need to be expelled



010dcf  No.11970928


This requires knowing your specific definitions to make sense. What do you describe the modern era as, what years, and just because it has a new name doesn't make it a new concept unless you are a complete and utter newfag. Even Rockwell talked at length about your types because he had to deal with them on a regular basis. The things you tlk about and the strategies you propose are not new, your Ecelebs know exactly what they are doing, and they are draining you of cash without even providing anything but some shitty podcasts when that money could be used to otherwise advance White interests quite a lot


You forgot you also have to donate goy, don't you know buying Enoch alcohol and huge bottles of ranch is the only way to save the white race? Not posters, flyers, guns, bullets, food, or any of hundreds of other things, but podcasts talking about MAGA

bd8db8  No.11970931


different opinions aren't allowed. we must all believe exactly what anon here thinks


he says we have no leader and that's our strength, but we need to listen to him and only him about what's acceptable for us

bd8db8  No.11970938


>you also have to donate goy

yeah cause it's not like they were blacklisted from society after being doxxed or anything.

it's not like the jews do that kinda shit or anything.

no the paywall was completely just greed yeah. you're an idiot anon

010dcf  No.11970959



>we must all believe exactly what anon here thinks

Are you responding to yourself and the same anon twice on purpose, or did you not know about IDs and are samefagging and agreeing with yourself?


>yeah cause it's not like they were blacklisted from society after being doxxed or anything


Well they should know what happens when they pick a fight with anons, they try to be gatekeepers to be edgy then ddos this site, anons will fight back. Then you shill when every board, even apolitical ones such as /cow/ hate TRS with a passion

>it's not like the jews do that kinda shit or anything

You mean Peinovich and his wife? Or Frank Collin who hosted the event in question that I pointed out, or Kessler who hosted Skokie 2.0

>no the paywall was completely just greed yeah. you're an idiot anon

The paywall was a separate point, and either way you responded to none of the arguments directed at you, and instead responded to what was said to another anon. What do you define as the modern era, I am trying to understand you but you are making it very clear that you are just spouting terms and refuse to describe them because you have not given anything a critical thought

2d67ac  No.11970988

File: 7ea260a91719388⋯.jpeg (112.53 KB, 504x577, 504:577, Merchant Masks.jpeg)

Hello fellow based Nazis. I really hate [insert movement leader] because of [reason]. I am an oldfag who has been posting on 3chan since 1998 and let me tell you [leader] came out of nowhere and is clearly a plant. During this time I have gassed numerous Jews so I am an expert on social movements. Anyone who has a problem with what I am saying is a disinfo kike shill. Got it?

070ba9  No.11971131

This is the most retarded evidence ever. Also if they are working for the Military it doesn't change much, as the military is the counterweight to the (((intelligence community))). It is probable that Trump has been groomed by the military for decades.

070ba9  No.11971133


This describes 99% of shill comments on here

0c6c51  No.11971172


>judeo-american military is BASED


f67403  No.11971203

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 13be8e No.1004880 📁

Apr 11 2018 20:22:02 (EST)

Thank you Alan.

Welcome aboard.


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: f666d7 No.1008693 📁

Apr 12 2018 00:36:28 (EST)

Anonymous ID: a5617d No.1008670 📁

Apr 12 2018 00:34:56 (EST)



Q can you double confirm the #17 was regarding the jerseys, when i asked yesterday for confirmation.

Anons are bringing up every other 17 under the sun, KEK



Welcome aboard.





Julian Assange was taken on board, Alan = Australian living in America Now. ID 13be8e He is weapon X…

You must read this comic and look at all the references to Seagram alcohol etc. Make note I've been following this very closely and new information such as this comic book has been recently added.

Originally it was only this book


Weapon x 13be8e

fa4d60  No.11971248


>yeah cause it's not like they were blacklisted from society after being doxxed or anything.

They weren't "blacklisted" from anything. They're CIA/US military psychological warfare agents fucking with your mind. Their doxxings may or may not have been pre-planned and choreographed (I haven't decided on that issue yet).

fa4d60  No.11971336


>Also if they are working for the Military it doesn't change much, as the military is the counterweight to the (((intelligence community))).

The military IS the intelligence community. You're extremely confused and/or ignorant.

>It is probable that Trump has been groomed by the military for decades.

It's much more than probable. Trump was recruited/sheep dipped by US Army Intelligence when he was a high school student at the New York Military Academy in the 1960's. Donald Trump's father Fred Trump was a John Birch Society member who donated huge amounts of cash to that organization. The John Birch Society was/is a front group for the CIA and US Army Intelligence.

010dcf  No.11971351


Also I can't believe I forgot


>still having a .biz and jews not shutting down the paywall forcing one to using bitcoin for donations

pick one

0c6c51  No.11971393


TRS was using Stripe until a few weeks ago, until people started asking questions

fa4d60  No.11971401


>you overestimate the government's powers to control the world. they are not omnipotent as you believe…

The United States military does control the world, and is very close to omnipotent, relatively speaking.

37942e  No.11971481


they have been trying to fry alex jones since he publicly mocked the young turks. The thing is alex pokes the bear red ice is relatively tame as fuck and revolves around spirituality and is way too offputting to normies. Red Ice is not a media empire like info wars is. Everyone knows who alex jones is nobody knows who henrik and lana are.


pretty much this

113132  No.11972740


>The thing is alex pokes the bear red ice is relatively tame as fuck

Alex Jones is a CIA / US military psychological warfare agent, the exact same as Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren.

>Red Ice is not a media empire like info wars is. Everyone knows who alex jones is nobody knows who henrik and lana are.

Red Ice is the largest white nationalist YouTube channel, by far. It currently has 218,000+ subscribers. No other white nationalist YouTube channel even remotely approaches that number.

b93a28  No.11972742


Should White Countries Stay White?

71edd9  No.11972868


I thought they had passed a law that allowed secret services to lie, defraud and propagandize the people they are supposed to serve, because it was for a greater good.

113132  No.11972890

File: 72de3cc398ebb1d⋯.png (272.83 KB, 539x607, 539:607, Matt Colligan professional….png)


>i always thought it was weird how everyone at unite the right was doxxed,

They were professional actors hired by the CIA and SOCOM to role play as white nationalists. Matt Colligan ("Millennial Matt") is one such example. All of this activity is illegal by US law:

United States PSYOP units and soldiers of all branches of the military are prohibited by law from targeting U.S. citizens with PSYOP within the borders of the United States (Executive Order S-1233, DOD Directive S-3321.1, and National Security Decision Directive 130).

113132  No.11972899


>I thought they had passed a law that allowed secret services to lie, defraud and propagandize the people they are supposed to serve, because it was for a greater good.

If such a law was ever passed, then it had to have been sometime during the late 1940's, because that's when the CIA and DOD first began these activities.

a5c176  No.11972908

File: 2df51adf1845b1d⋯.gif (14.99 KB, 400x120, 10:3, Expansion_of_the_Universe_….gif)

This shit again?

What, the Steve-O thread didn't turn out how you wanted?

113132  No.11972983


Kevin MacDonald is a CIA agent. I have several pieces of evidence on which to base that claim.

76d99e  No.11973005


then post it here, no one is going to say no.

709ca8  No.11973036


you forgot the fine print just below that

"(this is a psyop)"

113132  No.11973096


>Jay Dyer on MK-Ultra, Freemasonry and Scientism

Jay Dyer, another CIA agent.

113132  No.11973102


I've posted the evidence here several times before. Maybe somebody screen capped it.

76d99e  No.11973111


So you dont have it? maybe because it doesnt exist?

Nobody should take your word for anything in this forum, especially not without evidence. I know the pics you're talking about. Next time, don't talk out of your ass, provide cold hard facts.

113132  No.11973149


There's no graphical chart specifically for Kevin MacDonald, although his work for William Regery II and his membership in the Charles Martel Society are two of the pieces of evidence connecting Kevin MacDonald to the CIA.

ffd15b  No.11973176


He also advocated for a deal with BASED nationalist jews back in 2011.

70a57d  No.11973302

File: 100a2172824aeae⋯.png (35.73 KB, 596x271, 596:271, VARGSIEGE.png)



excellent image


stop following false prophet e-celebs, start forming local white gang militias.


another day, another solid Varg

1fa55d  No.11973331

File: 4ce117fbefce89a⋯.jpg (53.62 KB, 620x620, 1:1, merchant triggered bw 620w.jpg)

Oy Vey - Just tell the Goyim all the People who Criticize Jews are Controlled Opposition Run in Secret by Jews

113132  No.11973444


>He also advocated for a deal with BASED nationalist jews back in 2011.

That's right. Kevin MacDonald pushed for a white nationalist quid pro quo with Israeli/Zionist Jews who would supposedly help in reducing the immigration flow into America.

In retrospect, MacDonald's actions were clearly part of a joint CIA and Mossad intelligence operation to propel mega Zionist Donald Trump into the White House and repair the ties between America and Israel (and its ruling Likud Party) after eight years of President Obama's notoriously strained relationship with Netanyahu.

Kevin MacDonald is a very sinister CIA plant.

2a526d  No.11973616

File: 97015f9759da29e⋯.gif (2.14 MB, 200x197, 200:197, OP.gif)


It's like saying Hitler used the Swastia because he was a Buddhist secret agent.




It doesn't prove she's still with the CIA you fucking shill

Working with the CIA has a chance to still be employed there, but this isn't evidence that she really is.

Focus rather on the message they spread and how their high-quality podcasts redpill altkike fags on the jews.

They also got hacked btw (if it is true), which mostly means someone doesn't like them and has the money to fund such an operation.

There are signs, but no conclusive proof so stop pulling shit like the chesspiece out of your ass to D&C the few who actually call out the jews on their typical tricks

1fa55d  No.11973643

File: a93327e597c8e4b⋯.jpg (33.65 KB, 600x336, 25:14, hasbara crew 002 dou.jpg)


Your hasbara crew is bankrupt for new ideas, evidently. You just keep calling proud White people "undercover ops".

==Jew propaganda only fools jews==.

b93a28  No.11973693


>muh MIC



Nice IP change, frendo.

113132  No.11974819


It's interesting that the main graphic within the Unite the Right promotional poster is a giant 'V' shape, or inverted triangle.


>The inverted wedge is a military formation resembling a "V" or inverted triangle, and is sometimes known as a "V-formation". In the inverted wedge, two units advance abreast of each other, and a third unit follows behind and between the two, in reserve. It is roughly the reverse of the flying wedge formation.

>The inverted wedge is particularly effective for encircling an enemy force, village, or other strategic objective. The leading units envelop the objective to the right and left, while the remaining unit is free to search, attack, or support one or both of the leading units as the situation requires. Arguably the most famous use of the inverted wedge was by Hannibal at the Battle of Cannae, where he surrounded the numerically superior Roman force.

>The inverted wedge formation is used ceremonially by cadets at the United States Air Force Academy each year at the acceptance parade in the fall, when the new fourth-class cadets (freshmen) join the Cadet Wing. The formation is reversed at the spring's graduation parade, when the soon-to-be commissioned first-class cadets (seniors) leave the Cadet Wing in the flying wedge formation.

113132  No.11974839


>Your hasbara crew is bankrupt for new ideas, evidently. You just keep calling proud White people "undercover ops".

You're a shitty troll, but I'll respond to your post for the benefit of other readers.

A significant number of "white nationalists" are crypto-Jewish intelligence operatives. Current examples include Michael Peinovich, Andrew Auernheimer, and Tony Hovater. Past examples are too many to list.

113132  No.11974860


The excessive amount of red text in your post makes you too obvious, shit eating PMC spook.

113132  No.11974873


Shut up, FoKy.

69c178  No.11974888

File: 90f7aa3261687d4⋯.png (337.88 KB, 640x476, 160:119, shoot me.png)


348 posts in an obvious kike shill thread.

I am disappoint

303bd8  No.11974911

File: dfadef0bfb70650⋯.jpg (53.28 KB, 800x450, 16:9, arkans_tigers.jpg)


Check'd m8.

This is the only answer, stick together IRL and not be an idiot.

b93a28  No.11975231


>triple posting w/o saging

>everyone I don't like is foky

Yeah, kill yourself, thezog.info.

7511ea  No.11976793


>ur a troll

Confirmed hasbara

4a28ca  No.11998709


Do you have any proof of this at all? Asking for a friend…

02efd5  No.11999519

File: e1f167066e05f86⋯.png (1.62 MB, 3196x1056, 799:264, Christ Satan Kikery.png)

File: a3d019a18816996⋯.jpg (872.27 KB, 1619x2175, 1619:2175, Noctulian.jpg)

File: e3db51cd822aa9e⋯.png (892.44 KB, 1024x574, 512:287, Adamwaffel.png)

File: dc8ad47b2b67719⋯.png (40.65 KB, 312x475, 312:475, Iron Gates.png)

File: 8edf28cbb61df5d⋯.png (9.75 KB, 267x400, 267:400, Liber 333.png)


James Mason is an odd character, and likely an occultist. siegeculture.biz shills O9A books and Tempel ov Blood works. Liber 333 was actually put together by Micheal Ford, and possibly Koetting, among others, and the Tempel itself is an offshoot of O9A.

Research The Process Church of the Final Judgement to understand what they're up to. They likely have connections to the O9A. It's kikery like you've never seen. These fucking lunatics are giving blackpilled nazis the keys to the end of civilization, and supposedly the world.


6d8cd3  No.11999557

File: 96996723e73955e⋯.jpg (57.72 KB, 640x480, 4:3, THE_LAMB_BEAST20copy.jpg)

866321  No.11999563


>start forming local white gang militias

As a man who has actual experience doing just that, it's easier to say than to do.

Most of the people who will actually join you are trash.

Dr. Pierce was right. It's impossible to win this fight with defectives.

682c58  No.11999583

File: ecca79a50a0eb91⋯.gif (2.16 MB, 832x468, 16:9, 1526250418948.gif)


>that lizard tongue

02efd5  No.11999602

File: 14024a86a353f24⋯.png (7.86 KB, 246x258, 41:43, devilooosh.png)



fb4f3e  No.11999604



not an artform.

682c58  No.11999609

File: a8a564abf97d9e0⋯.png (119.67 KB, 267x247, 267:247, 1531751666327.png)


Shit taste.

682c58  No.11999620


It's just a goat, you know, an upside down pentagram.

Some people interpret it as the triumph of matter over spirit. I take it that's the reason why it's used on police badges, etc. It's "evil" in the sense that it's the idea of disenchantment and the more literal, less figurative, point of view of the world.

6d8cd3  No.11999636

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


related to the 1st photo; old babylonian legends Apzu/Abzu and Tiamat etc etc and the MATERial world; no matter how much they dress up the Cycle it is always the same story.

"Through Love Christ and Satan have destroyed their enmity for the End: Christ to Judge, and Satan to execute the Judgement."

682c58  No.11999659


Nazism is meant to be attached to the occult in some form.

To me it's all just symbolism of the cosmos, yet retards still apparently sacrifice animals and people believing it to be more in their schizoid minds. The truth is the ONLY magical discovery technique to have worked well is something we all know well - Science, mathematics, etc.

The rest is dead outdated thought, but useful in the sense that we can now retrace the old paths with modern science to reinterpret it. We need to improve our scientific methods too, it's not infallible itself in this chaotic world.


What has this to do with Hungary's ban on gender studies. Start an esoteric thread.

I find it interesting, but only as someone who is amused by ritualistic madness and how people do the dumbest things in it.

02efd5  No.11999676


I'm aware


Hmm. That's some heavily esoteric shit there, anon. Any recommended reading? Also, I've heard Cicada 3301 is making a comeback. Supposedly it has something to do with this guy.


Just look at how much he's written.

6d8cd3  No.11999680


>Hungary's ban on gender studies?

This is the Red Ice/Government Shill thread not the Hungary Bans Gender Studies thread.

682c58  No.11999685

File: 93bf716e07b6bdb⋯.jpg (126.58 KB, 721x721, 1:1, derpaherp.jpg)


Was this meant for >>11999659 ?

I misread my tabs.

Herpa derpa derp durr I am a huge faggot.

fb4f3e  No.11999686


you don't belong here, go back to your echo chamber, faggot.



682c58  No.11999689


>echo chamber

It's not an echo chamber, my taste in waifus is simply the best. You just have shit taste.

02efd5  No.11999692


>Hunagary's ban on Gender Studies

Wrong thread

I do know what you mean though. Retards get so caught up in the iconography and sinister traditions. Isn't the swastika itself supposed to be representative of a cosmic gate?

02efd5  No.11999703


Anon, save yourself from this downward spiral. You don't want a stranger to find your body.

12c95d  No.11999711

File: 19c6ed4a6da20fb⋯.jpg (911.38 KB, 2541x1208, 2541:1208, Leaf-Vult.jpg)


Nah Anglo Zionist Mafia, that's who they all work for, just another extension of Mockingbird, just not as intense as the American broadcasting portion of it.

682c58  No.11999714


I hope my body is found in a horrific abomination for lulz.


Swastika is related to the circular/cylical nature of things and the axis mundi. It's a harmless symbol, but people don't like it's connections to nazies. India and the far east still use it heavily.

02efd5  No.11999725

File: 75cb9a92432f13e⋯.jpg (3.37 MB, 3521x4736, 3521:4736, 1521127591808.jpg)


With or without the negative "history", I still enjoy its look. Especially in art.

b982d2  No.11999731

File: 1345f0dcd96bdc7⋯.jpg (87.32 KB, 1082x1422, 541:711, now.jpg)

If they don't support this they're (((Controlled)))

02efd5  No.11999752

File: 66724173ce879b9⋯.jpg (78.95 KB, 349x530, 349:530, 2a.jpg)



>Judeo-Christian doomsday cult

The Alt-Lite are the biggest traitors. The only thing they do is maintain the illusion of safe content long enough to push the Overton Window rightward every once in a while.

b982d2  No.11999759


>The Alt-Lite are the biggest traitors.

You're all Zionists

02efd5  No.11999765


How the fuck am I a Zionist?

b9c0e8  No.11999778


Prove it and post these >>11999731

Mr. "alt-really-alt-right". The Alt-Right = Alt-Semite

02efd5  No.11999793

File: 86466bb80b212e3⋯.jpg (3.53 MB, 5000x3200, 25:16, Semitic Pattern of Attack.jpg)


I don't do the movementarian bullshit. I smelled bagels immediately. Your support for Palestine is just an affront to Jews for the sake of being an affront. You don't want them in your nation either, and the emotional appeal isn't going to do shit for you either.

6d8cd3  No.11999831

File: 2885a29c659679a⋯.jpg (78.05 KB, 674x674, 1:1, 6940248485a8dc01b879731409….jpg)

File: 40f82a173f2b87a⋯.jpg (53.51 KB, 398x500, 199:250, 1501252227119728-the-dark-….jpg)

File: 220ef8c4a1ff7c4⋯.jpg (59.22 KB, 400x528, 25:33, ecomproducts-img1-113.jpg)

File: 5144937e33370b1⋯.png (109.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Evil_Luchadeer_T-Shirt2_33….png)

File: f41a0fe244fdc6a⋯.jpg (600.18 KB, 1068x1280, 267:320, IMG_0221.JPG)


I brushed up against a bunch of 3301 gnostic black magicians in this last year. I like doing my own thing so the COVEN didn't work out but I was 2 of 13 until we (the head of that COVEN and I) both realized that we were going different directions. They were into a lot of heavy sex magic…boy, let me tell you…that is some alluring shit but I have contracts already…not looking to pick up any other obligations.

Hmmm…that is prolific. Thanks. I am going to have to investigate that more. Looks like a lot of Gospel of the Witches references, etc…I haven't used much magic in the last year, since I transitioned into a 'political cycle' for a bit. No particular reading list, I don't have formal training just what I pick up which is more like what I practice and where the wind blows me day to day.

44c2f8  No.11999835


You have been living in an echo chamber for far too long. You have clearly fallen susceptible to the human fallibility of thinking that because you consistently hear something, it must be right.

The alt-right would love to see Israel, kikes in our countries, taken care of properly.

Do you, and your like minded faggots, not realize that anyone in the world can post here? Do you really think that you are not going to be subjected to MASSIVE kike subversion.

No one in the alt right would give a shit about such a flier. They would say, "Yeah, so what?" You and other susceptible retards have been manipulated into believing that the "alt right" is your enemy.

The alt right is accurately defined as White Men who care about their race and hate all those who seek to subvert it.

You have been manipulated into believing that you should go against your fellow White Men and you are too cucked to admit it. Pass these fliers out all you like. You are only wasting your time and supporting the kikes agenda of divide and conquer.

The truth may sting, grow up and start actually benefiting our race.

02efd5  No.11999906


Happened upon this release. Seems legit.


aec76c  No.12000260

Why do these type of threads always slide during contentious right wing events?

Just asking for a friend….

e031a0  No.12000296

"___ is compromised, fellow Polacks!"


65736e  No.12000315

File: abcb5d087bd46fc⋯.jpg (92.36 KB, 696x587, 696:587, read a book nigger.jpg)

>watch one episode, the title is redice= blood on the ground

>they are the mirror image of TYT

>you have to be a brainlett like the ppl who watch tyt to watch redice

thise thread doesnt even need to be, just dont watch obvious shit, and if it wasnt obvious shit to you then you might be retarded and should probably read books instead of internet talking heads

6d8cd3  No.12001193


Thanks that was actually the first place 'the wind blew me' on that page. I opened it up last night. Thinking about it. More sevensexposed. https://1711141131131.xyz/

That is really interesting. I don't think sevens has put out much recently, but I still try to keep an eye on them and a few other people when I remember.

I find these two statements in the PDF contradictory.

> It is pointless to waste time analyzing the riddles of 2012, 2013 and 2014, because those who solve them release everything on the internet. For this reason, Cicada shut them out.

> We do not support Traditional Demonolatry as it stands today, secretive and exclusive. There is a marked sense of if you're not a traditional Demonolator then you're not worthy of learning the mysteries. This must ends. And it will.

It is almost as if they are suffering an internal conflict within the entire document. Still thank you for pointing that out I am sure I will learn while browsing. That was one of the things that absolutely irritated me the most about the various puzzles that came out, watching people with no occult background fumble around with the information (was painful and annoying, I finally just shut my mouth and kept information to myself). ←-I am sure that this PDF expresses some of the same frustration I felt which is why it seem conflicted. Anyway, thx again.

b93a28  No.12001196


>still shilling his gay mafia Zionist bs here


3d2e17  No.12001229

File: a9d8742a5878018⋯.png (1008.25 KB, 1000x2735, 200:547, Dicky Spencer in his own w….png)

File: cdd41797a6fffdb⋯.png (738.64 KB, 762x3352, 381:1676, Bulbasaur BASED Israel.png)

File: 25eddf987355d6f⋯.png (247.61 KB, 1178x783, 1178:783, TRS - jewish nationalism.png)

File: 72dc8de0faa20f9⋯.png (217.35 KB, 1024x381, 1024:381, lana-jews-good.png)

File: f8208a5d891f19d⋯.jpg (113.48 KB, 800x800, 1:1, DN4LuTyWsAAvSAo.jpg large.jpg)


>The alt-right would love to see Israel, kikes in our countries, taken care of properly.

That's only true if you mean "taken care of properly" in a positive way.

b93a28  No.12001251


Do you have the "hitler on the alt right" one?

319b4d  No.12001283


>more fucking schizoposting

patrick casey is a cuck but this CIAposting will make any real criticism of him shrugged off because of retards trying to push this shit.


Eli Kline was the only Fascist-type leader of Identity Evropa and didn't cuck as much as the others. He was essentially thrown out in a coup and paid by Damigo to step down.

Patrick Casey is a puppet of Nathan Damigo, he's following orders while being the 'face' of the organization, while Damigo is pulling the strings behind the curtain.

319b4d  No.12001317


I don't think there's anything 'spooky' about occultism.

The fear over 09A and "SATANISM" just seems like cuckservative christian pearl-clutching.

d261ce  No.12001535


>muh opticuckery, muh mass movement, muh ogretom winder

A quick websearch uncovers such neat suggestions as "these people work for the enemy, these people have sorded personal histories and questionable associations, these people are genealogically connected to ethnic, even infamous, criminal jews," and the like. Oh, sure, it might be a challenge to verify some of these claims. But it's enough food for thought that it should cause anyone not an obvious shill to take the possibilities under consideration. Also, refusing to acknowledge extremist thought and lovingly incorporate it into the overall context of the discussion reeks of inexperience (left/right paradigm heuristic) or literal psyops. Good luck bullying summerfags.

d261ce  No.12001549


The point of a limited hangout is that by nature it functions somewhat as a release valve, implying there is a modicum of truth in what's being said if you've eyes to see it.

d261ce  No.12001563


See 'Culture of Critique' on the subject of non-universalism in jewish culture war.

060ea1  No.12001821


Kevin MacDonald is a CIA agent (possibly 2nd generation).

060ea1  No.12001878


1. Patrick Casey is a CIA/US military psychological warfare operator.

2. Elliott Kline is a CIA/US military psychological warfare operator.

3. Nathan Damigo is a CIA/US military psychological warfare operator.

4. Lana Lokteff is a CIA/US military psychological warfare operator.

5. Henrik Palmgren is a CIA/US military psychological warfare operator.

6. The American white nationalist subcult is a CIA/US military psychological warfare operation.

7. You are a borderline mentally retarded whigger who should be forcibly sterilized post haste.

b93a28  No.12001880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Should white countries stay white?

also- obilgatory

0baf40  No.12001893

Cherry-picking: The Thread.

This thread glows brighter than anything on 4chan.

bdedf6  No.12002010


pepperidge farm confirmed CIA

376607  No.12002106


>You don't want them in your nation either,

Of course not. The goal is a nation where I can drink blood and eat flesh every Sunday without criticism from anti-alcohol weirdos or high wine prices caused by Judeo-Capitalism. A free Palestine is a Palestine that keeps more money in my pocket for wine. In vino veritas. Why should I be forced to pay for a war that pays niggers and spics to displace a group of anti-alcohol pussies with an even weaker and more pathetic group of sniveling pussies who have their dicks mutilated at birth? Anybody who supports the jew conquest of Palestine should be gassed.

e9cdff  No.12002619


060ea1  No.12002654


>This thread glows brighter than anything on 4chan.

The only thing glowing is your laughably transparent "pro-white" CIA/US military psych warfare ops.

060ea1  No.12002658


That term doesn't have any military meaning.

bd8db8  No.12002662

File: ba4713410d906ec⋯.jpg (70.68 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1507107841832.jpg)

>shills raid board hard

>thread suddenly becomes very active again

060ea1  No.12002672

File: 6f640b014ff6151⋯.png (760.04 KB, 460x667, 20:29, Donald Trump Crybaby Bitch.png)

b93a28  No.12002706



Hey bud, care to answer



0727ef  No.12003477


this. /x/-tier garbage

951903  No.12009862

File: 1cd2bb4b0503f3b⋯.jpg (381.75 KB, 2310x1000, 231:100, Rise Above Movement U.S.A.….jpg)

Left to right:

1. U.S. Army 116th Military Intelligence Brigade

2. Rise Above Movement

3. U.S. Army Special Operations Command

f7ad05  No.12009884


I watched a grand total of maybe 15 seconds of some redice video three years back before I noped the hell out of there. Seeing these people pinged my spook radar instantly.

b93a28  No.12010142

4df4f2  No.12010616


No, it doesn't, but it does have (((feeemasonry))) meaning.

419a8f  No.12011019

Why is /fringe/ raiding this thread?


>Red Ice Radio is a psyop, therefore all guests who have been featured on the show are also psyops

Kvetch harder, moishe.


Provide evidence you fag.

419a8f  No.12011021

File: 7a78bfd61b9349e⋯.png (1002.31 KB, 1312x1328, 82:83, 123123123.png)

210b96  No.12011092


Red Ice are zionist, youre the kike.

210b96  No.12011104

File: cfbf3542ee6d356⋯.png (310.49 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, muh-big-tent.png)

File: 48cb09568d3dfd7⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 1920x6080, 6:19, Hitler-Spencer.jpg)

419a8f  No.12011138



76d99e  No.12011215


Need more like the second picture.

f3d70c  No.12011237



>Your support for Palestine is just an affront to Jews for the sake of being an affront.

This nigger spends all day saying this shit.



6bd44d  No.12020525


>No, it doesn't, but it does have (((feeemasonry))) meaning.


15e526  No.12022010


>ethnonationalists must support zionism bc jewish nationalism

>fuck palestinian nationalism they're just dumb arabs unlike the based jews in israel

>never mind that israel sees the entire word the way they see palestine

>their own land for the taking

>never mind that they have no respect for the sovereignty of other nations

>they have to live in fear of the terror groups they create and control to justify aggression

>never mind that zionism is fundamentally incompatible with nationalism/NS

>if you don't think killing palestinian children is good then you're a 1488 purity spiraling cuck wignat


dude weed lmao


don't forget they got "hacked" and lost all their user data and then didn't apologize, or that lana had a baby out of nowhere right after. Also, in case anyone reading this doesn't know, the entire Alt-Right has tons of connections to Dugin, the founder of nazbol, and eurasianism. It's all shit

874b6e  No.12022031

File: 9ddfc938795fc80⋯.jpg (823.21 KB, 2000x2298, 1000:1149, lana_lokteff_is_a_tranny.jpg)



Lana Lokteff is a tranny.

>inb4 she had a baby

Prove it. No photos of her pregnant and she never seemed pregnant in any of the videos when she was supposedly pregnant. She just showed up in one video holding a baby (right after Red Ice lied about being "hacked by Antifa" during Charlottesville).

On the topic of them being "hacked": In the video where they announce it Henrik says subscriber data including names and addresses had been taken by the hacker, and he apologizes while suppressing a smile and a laugh as if he thinks it's hilarious. In reality they weren't hacked but they have been collecting dox on everyone who is retarded enough to send them money. Now they have an excuse for when those dox are used to target individuals for harassment (oops I guess the Antifa hackers got your data! Sorry!).

874b6e  No.12022040

File: e4e96cfe67f7be0⋯.jpg (56.85 KB, 573x493, 573:493, 1519538374823.jpg)



>samefagging shill

Really activates the almonds.

4f01ff  No.12022042

Does anyone know the strength of NatSoc's in the US Army? It is both significant and powerful; as it begins with every new recruit and bubbles to the surface.

>So far, the only ethos/mythos allowed to have a functional society is Israel.

>The NatSoc component within the US military is heavily Zionist

>They may or may not believe in magic sky wizards or Jewish Supremacy; but they understand that all focus and energy is upon allowing Israel self-determination towards just such an ethos/mythos

>The problem is that Israel is only National as a Zionist creation; and are otherwise Socialist, with goybuxx paying for their endeavors while Communism is the methodology/enforcement used to maintain Jewish Supremacy Globally. We live under Global Socialism where the Jew has access to your wallet for his many endeavors, including the one your on now as a containment board, and Global Communism is the methodology used to move power, control, and wealth into fewer and fewer hands which control the movements of the entire globe; wherein, you will pay the Jew (taxes, usury, keeping you always at the lowest socioeconomic class), or you will pay the Jew while behind bars in a privately owned prison

>The White man pays for Jewish trespass under the 'Scapegoat', 'Blood Libel' and all forms of projection

>The US Army (and other branches) know nothing of these other aspects of the greater efforts and are otherwise useful idiots. It is similar to what we see in Masonry where the lower tiers know nothing of the upper tiers nor with what they're all involved

69c178  No.12022322

File: aa61db34c6491b5⋯.jpg (16.64 KB, 800x764, 200:191, merchant at computer.jpg)

Someone sure seems desperate to suppress any form of alternative media. I wonder who it could be.

88e6b2  No.12022384


This should be the new spoiler image.

b2a3d3  No.12022450


Probably purity-spiraling 1488 ZOG people who don't understand that BASED nationalist jews, like homosexuals, are the natural allies of the h'White race.

a4614d  No.12024437

>everyone I like is CIA

wtf i love CIA now. so can I just join CIA now and get paid? ive been to CIA headquarters before its a cool building.

b55214  No.12024718


What are your sources?

88e6b2  No.12029367


>So the US government is trying to indoctrinate a new young generation of national socialists. I dont understand what is the problem you are concerned about, exactly.

For what reason would they want to, what good does it do them, and why in the mother of fuck are they going about it in the most assbackwards of ways?

>Bush was a huge supporter of the natsocs in germany

Gonna need a source on this one.

>the US government had a lot of nazi personnel included in its structure with paperclip

Not for the purpose of turning the american populace into natsocs, no. Mostly for R&D on aerospace and in some darker cases, MKULTRA and brainwashing - something you should be familiar with.

>Hitler's prophecy about america taking up the torch

Hitler proclaimed that the next big fight against jewry would be staged in the U.S as opposed to Europe.

>von Rensburg's prophecies, and things like airbase Thule or sectors of NATO being run by members of of the "defunct" nazi party.

Throwing a bunch of stuff out there without tying them into your general argument are you? It'd help for you to actually give more details on it instead of just name-dropping it.

>Israel is setup as an epicenter to gather jews in one place, show them at their absolute worst to the whole world, and then subsequently be destroyed, as per mentioned by albert pike.

Which they have yet to do, but instead choose to throw billions upon billions of dollary-doos at them.

>Irrational immigration policies in europe meant to instill racism in all european countries.

Which couldn't possibly be any more backwards, as the only european countries that aren't taking it up the ass from the E.U are the ones who've suffered communism beforehand, while countries like Sweden and U.K are not only excusing, but actively covering up "migrant"-on-native white crimes.

Problem with you schizos is that you always fucking overthink everything and twist them to suit your farthuffing. There's no denying pedos in high government, entertainment, etc. But to actually think that the US/EU/NATO/Whomever the fuck is deliberately working towards a natsoc resurgence is nothing short of delusional. They're shooting themselves in the foot, sure, but they're doing this in the beliefs that it'll stop us.

46ca7d  No.12029439

File: 7f024a9c61b8344⋯.jpg (38.62 KB, 370x312, 185:156, No Jews Sign.jpg)




In the long run, none of OP's connections or theories really matter. Red Ice called for an alliance with "nationalist" jews, defended it when they faced a backlash, and apparently DMCA'd a youtube upload of the unblurred video of the kike to protect his identity - that should be all you need to hear.

And this wasn't even a case of them touting "reformed" jews or jewish "defectors", but an unabashed zionist and follower of the Talmud. Anyone who would present that as an ally is a traitor to the White race.

88e6b2  No.12029462


>jumps to muh TRSodomites

We all know they're "based 4d chess" bumfuckers, nobody in their right mind would unironically consider them genuine.

46ca7d  No.12029470


"schizo" is a go-to insult for TRSodomites, right up there with "1488er", "purity-spiraler", "LARPer", and "wignat".

b63019  No.12029507


That's a lot of tl;dr for what amounts to a really easy to understand point.

>Modern Jews have nothing to do with early Jews.

That was hard! It's also slightly inaccurate, because Jew == Judaism (i.e. of the tribe of Judah) back in those times. Jesus was etchnically jewish (in those times).

Also also, this is a stupid fucking point, because modern Christians reject Judaism.

88e6b2  No.12029563


Schizo refers to retards who go on a "MAGICAL REALM" sort of trip with their thought processes, like David Icke's "Reptilian Overlords", Flat Earth and other disinfo conspiracy theories meant to paint us as crazy. When I use "schizo/schizophrenic" it's when some fucktard's using mental gymnastics to insist hilariously wrong premises like "X shooting themselves in the foot is secretly pro-Y".

TRSodomites on the other hand couldn't be a better example of controlled opposition even if they tried.

6264d5  No.12029640

File: 4b17d5f45672988⋯.png (88.63 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, 4b1.png)


>butter is history now


d436b8  No.12043490

Red Ice deleted most of their news archive.

03f3a7  No.12043506


Can you post some evidence? Is there any explanation why they did it?

d436b8  No.12043529



If you click on "past news by year" on the right side every year only has articles from late December. It used to be the whole year. Don't know why they did it.

5b556f  No.12043539

Their logo is a knight chess piece. What is the knight chess piece? A horse. Where can you find horses? On farms. What do farms have? Cattle. Cattle, do you see where I'm going? But wait- What also involves knights? The knights templar. Freemasons. Coincidence? A chance in a million. They want to turn you into cattle, open your eyes.

03f3a7  No.12043540


There's an archive on Wayback machine from a year ago. The news articles look the same now as they did back then.

A few examples of this:




Your claim sounds fake and gay.

5bdb11  No.12043551

File: 13b9cae51c5df96⋯.png (5.58 KB, 469x82, 469:82, Unbenannt.PNG)


>The entire internet is a honeypot at this point.

So why are you still surfing then?

5bdb11  No.12043560

File: 808b7d696133842⋯.jpg (188.5 KB, 1300x991, 1300:991, adolf-hitler-mit-bewundere….jpg)


> People cling to media/e-celebs because they are too scared to be alone.

You're never alone

400667  No.12043564

File: c1b50b4e68def4f⋯.jpg (55.16 KB, 487x364, 487:364, Contempt - Subtle - Moamar….jpg)


Unironically this.

These threads serve no purpose except to serve as more-1488-than-thou circle jerks that offer no alternatives to what they complain about.

Don't like Red Ice/TRS/Lauren Southern/Infowars/Crowder?

Do better than them then.


but the kikes won't let me

Didn't stop anyone in 1932.

03f3a7  No.12043583


>Didn't stop anyone in 1932.

(((They))) did stop them in 1945 though.

>Don't like Red Ice/TRS/Lauren Southern/Infowars/Crowder?

All of whom are obviously not trustworthy outlets/people (with the possible exception of Crowder since I don't know much about him). Whether they are CIA, kikes, interdimensional reptilians or whatever is not as significant as the fact that they are hokey as fuck. Trust is earned, not given like a cheap slut to anyone who says a few things you agree with.

400667  No.12043606

File: 0b4eb788d5bee98⋯.jpg (107.31 KB, 561x480, 187:160, Just Walk Away.jpg)


>(((They))) did stop them in 1945 though

Neck yourself blackpilled faggot.

No one needs or wants you.

498bd0  No.12043609


>3. Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren employed U.S. military personnel travel company Happy Tails Travel, Inc. to transport their pet cat Bijou when they relocated to Sweden. The evidence for this is contained in the following series of images:



Holy shit, how do these idiots not have the opsec to get through a 3rd world shithole and get appointed to key intelligence positions?

It's almost like you have to be a completely incompetent bumbling shitbag in order to get promoted .gov

498bd0  No.12043620


>(((They))) did stop them in 1945 though.

No prince, they slowed us down. a war of genocide doesn't end til every mother fucking one of either us or (((them))) are gone.

03f3a7  No.12043629


>Stating historical facts equals blackpilled



Kill yourself faggot.

Nowhere did I say things are hopeless or that we should not strive to free ourselves from the kikes, but shilling for obvious controlled opposition is not helping, neither is denying historical facts.

400667  No.12043634


I never said to shill for them.

I said do better if you don't like them, otherwise shut the fuck up you lazy faggot.

No one wants to listen to you whine about what you don't like, like a bitch on her period.

03f3a7  No.12043644


>These threads serve no purpose except to serve as more-1488-than-thou circle jerks that offer no alternatives to what they complain about.

>No one wants to listen to you whine about what you don't like, like a bitch on her period.

Why don't take your own advice, and kill yourself faggot.


498bd0  No.12043646


the significance off the knight is that it is always near the action and can insert itself right into the field of fire from an otherwise outside origin. It's a high value piece, but expendable at the same time. The risk of the knight is that it leaves your most powerful pieces open for exposure if it is ever removed.

400667  No.12043660

File: 2dc5dee94ac6c92⋯.png (323.44 KB, 456x638, 228:319, Point at him and laugh.png)



Truth hurts, slackass bitch.

b93a28  No.12043665


>being a altright faggot


498bd0  No.12043669



it was a Machiavelli reference

Another anon shared this with me last week. I now share it with you https://mega.nz/#F!BGpDxQZR!nML6GBQ2DJPbqESkc8ZCtQ!VGIlxawJ

1 hour reading a day = ~30 books a year

400667  No.12043677


Then let's see your grand accomplishments in the fight against kikery in the media.

besides shitposting unironically

The lack of self-awareness in this thread is appalling and amusing in equal measures.

b93a28  No.12043695



What has the altright done against kikery in the media besides fellating Zionism and nonwhites?

besides marrying jews and Armenians

400667  No.12043708


I didn't heap praise on anyone in the alt-light, I asked what you personally have done.

Because if double-digit IQ posts like this is all you have, then you're even less useful here than some kid who thinks he's "fighting the power" by listening to Green Day and posting drumpf memes is to the left.

b93a28  No.12043714


>thinks there is a difference between the alt light and alt right

They are both altkike.

>Because if double-digit IQ posts like this is all you have, then you're even less useful here than some kid who thinks he's "fighting the power" by listening to Green Day and posting drumpf memes is to the left

Unlike you altkikers, anons do IRL stuff, we just don't come here and say, HEY LOOK WHAT WE DID GUYZ for upboats on the ebin 504um.

400667  No.12043729


>"anons do IRL stuff"

Such as?

Please enlighten me.

I am truly interested.

b93a28  No.12043748


>ebin datamining attempt

>Postering/stickering, irl redpilling of friends, family and acquaintances. Operator training with close friends, etc.

So, pretty much everything the altright does, except we don't brag about LE POSTERS AND BASED ENOCH WILL SAVE DA HUWHITE RACE.

The thing you altkikers don't seem to get is that this is a propaganda ministry. Generally the things that anons do are related to this field. If you don't like it, leave.

942f14  No.12043749


On no… he's right…

400667  No.12043762



Watch out, I'm backtracing you this very moment.

So you can't even be bothered to lie about something someone else has done in an effort to save face?

>"this is a propaganda ministry"

If you actually believe this there's a GAMERS RISE UP tumblr page with your name on it somewhere out there.

I shouldn't be surprised, most of your posts have a "Tunnel Snakes Rule!" vibe to them.

1fed7a  No.12043763


If you fight back…they win.

Stay home and do nothing like a good goyim.

a0c6cd  No.12043770

why do you call this thread "more evidence" when you made almost the exact same post a few days ago?

b93a28  No.12043775

File: 02c8ae9ac2262bb⋯.jpg (319.69 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1484548728941.jpg)


>thinks here and cuck/pol/ don't churn out propaganda

Tell me how HERO ENOCH is saving the HUWHITE RACE with his jewess wife.

850caf  No.12043778


Was waiting to see when this got killed. You can't have your cake and eat you pewdie pie too

400667  No.12043812


For someone who claims to be above e-celebs and 1/2chan you seem oddly fixated on them.

You also can't provide any evidence that you contribute anything positive beyond generic claims of:


Nigger-tier vandalism

>redpilling of friends, family, and aquaintances"

I seriously doubt this one.

>Operator training

Oh come on.

Try living a life others can respect and aspire to. Childless men spouting "redpills" online is hardly becoming of the saviors of the west.

I challenged that other anon to do better than those he dislikes, so why not you as well?

Believe it or not I hope you do. All that energy could make a difference.

2865dd  No.12043824


this is still going?

Peinovich must have hurt you bad for you to be this obsessed for so long.

b93a28  No.12043832




7c5524  No.12043835

File: d6ee29b2610d317⋯.png (4.48 MB, 1772x1336, 443:334, d6ee29b2610d317e0b5b3a2c8d….png)


B'nai B'rith BioQueen

b93a28  No.12043836


Also, I wouldn't know anything about these faggots if your shill buddies didn't come here and try to promo your BASED leaders here every few days.

>Wants more data for better datamining


2865dd  No.12043839


trying to act like you're being edgy?

the kike mods here had anti-trs threads stickied for months, it's Trump you're not meant to insult.

b93a28  No.12043865


>shill board for monts

>oh hai, why do they have threads about shills stickied

9c8ad2  No.12044010

File: 1a5a4701f40c8b1⋯.jpg (65.36 KB, 500x391, 500:391, free-seal-providence.jpg)


Dude, no one probably wants to know about you irl, why waste the effort online?

3202ba  No.12044167

File: 3c73f32fc42368d⋯.jpg (545.88 KB, 1079x1343, 1079:1343, wut thee fucketh.jpg)

>More Evidence that Red Ice is a U.S. Military Psychological Warfare Operation

Wait, last week wasn't it was a C.I.A. operation?

e031a0  No.12044196


"___ is a tranny!"

KYS, glownigger!


Hahaha, shills BTFO!

At least we know RedIce is legit.

bb723d  No.12045162

>when your thread is below the anchored one


b93a28  No.12045601


Does this new group of shills think that shaming on a anon board works or something? I have been seeing womanish snark all over the board lately.

c25748  No.12050966


Are you the same queer pitching a fit in the elceleb thread?

Get a real job, Goldstein.

c40353  No.12052623


>More Evidence that Red Ice is a U.S. Military Psychological Warfare Operation

>Wait, last week wasn't it was a C.I.A. operation?

The CIA and US military conduct psychological warfare operations in tandem with each other.

150c9f  No.12052676


More like you are (((theirgoy))).

10d6bb  No.12052695

File: 7a5223d5093b0a5⋯.png (646.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7a5223d5093b0a59ab55334cc9….png)

ITT: Shills shilling shills shilling shills.

Keep shilling against these programs that name the Jew and put out a good healthy white nationalist message. You idiots shilled so hard against TDS when I had never head of them, and only led me to listen to their stuff.

It's easy enough for someone make a judgement for themselves and listen to the content that you shill so hard against.

The harder you kikes push, people just wake up even more.

c40353  No.12052697


(((their psychological experiment)))

3202ba  No.12052730

File: d05f1c2269cff29⋯.jpg (86.83 KB, 680x1024, 85:128, disgust.jpg)


So shouldn't it be

>Evidence that Red Ice is a U.S. Psychological Warfare Operation

since we have this thread or some variation on it every week or so?

I mean, just for consistency's sake?

How about /RIG/, or /CIAG/?

Better yet, we could be honest and call it /D&CG/ since it serves no purpose except to give D&C /leftypol/ shills a chance to say kike and use ((())) on the internet without getting in trouble.

If anyone actually falls for this shit you should seriously re-examine your life.

c40353  No.12052813


>…David Icke's "Reptilian Overlords", Flat Earth and other disinfo conspiracy theories meant to paint us as crazy.

Which are NATO military psychological warfare operations.

c40353  No.12052840


>the significance off the knight is that it is always near the action and can insert itself right into the field of fire from an otherwise outside origin. It's a high value piece, but expendable at the same time. The risk of the knight is that it leaves your most powerful pieces open for exposure if it is ever removed.

Good points.

a32be0  No.12052851

File: d6e93de6a3e66ca⋯.png (828.66 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, US_Space_Force.png)

File: f438b23632aec93⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, they-live-poster-sunglasse….jpg)

File: a8006c1ef822b06⋯.jpg (321.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FILE326.JPG)


>Which are NEATO military psychological warfare operations


c40353  No.12052873


>from Alexandria, VA

Spook central.

c40353  No.12052891


>B'nai B'rith BioQueen

But she has H'White skin though.

c40353  No.12052908


inb4 Trump increases the Pentagon budget again, this time by exactly 14.88%.

0a7c0c  No.12053003




get your shit together Anons

659147  No.12053090

File: b95cddd37fc75b7⋯.jpg (34.02 KB, 759x381, 253:127, Reactionary Jew 1.jpg)


>At least we know RedIce is legit.

If they were legit they wouldn't have called for an alliance with "nationalist jews". They crossed a line that should never be crossed, and committed racial treason.

And if you look at the content they're putting out now, like that faggotry about Bronze Age Pervert, it's just more proof those of us who called them out over the Nadav Salomon interview were right.

086e21  No.12055515


They're CIA/US military mindfuckers.

086e21  No.12055518


>And if you look at the content they're putting out now, like that faggotry about Bronze Age Pervert,

And Patrick Casey has sort of an effeminate sounding voice. Is Patrick Casey gay?

03f3a7  No.12055592


>Bronze Age Pervert

Literally who?

554ca7  No.12055744


Yeah STFU faggot. No one is buying your shit.

1991fc  No.12055756

File: ebe6d8b911299b5⋯.png (518.07 KB, 485x592, 485:592, image16.png)

a836fe  No.12056115

File: a6d3ae42bce7058⋯.jpg (546.17 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, reactionary jew.jpg)


Check out his twitter, he posts lots of fashy images of nearly nude men.


This man is truly taking a last stand of implicit White identity.


There are no good jews.

9f156d  No.12056190


>not getting that Varg is being ironic here

varg is a fucking anarchist m80 (from uncle teds view that anarchy is an extreme right wing idea)

His idea of a white ethnostate comes from eugenics via freedom of association rather than state enforced eugenics - also why he opposes state enforced race mixing

I feel like a lot of modern WNs are statecucks that think that their own people are fundamentally suicidal and have no faith in the European will

a836fe  No.12056222


Inability to determine irony properly, like libertarianism, is a sign of autism.

>I have both James Mason's Siege book and Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf in my cell.


9f156d  No.12056226


>reading books makes you a siegefag

He’s fascinated by Manson and siege makes valid points. Him saying “read SIEGE” like that to an overly edgy profile is clearly a joke.

6d7c88  No.12056518


All I know is namefagging is retarded.

b93a28  No.12057208


>freedom of association

So how is that going to work after 50+ years of diversity propaganda? You are going to need a "statecuck" aka strong govt to take the lead.

4b83ea  No.12065925

File: 0b4ee5ba0b543aa⋯.jpg (140.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Red Ice TV Seeking Insight….jpg)


Red Ice's Seeking Insight program has a new logo.

da52b8  No.12065977

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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