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File: ea7819be8967b3c⋯.jpg (310.1 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 1531194115255.jpg)

539c5d No.11965248

If you consider yourself right leaning/anti degenerate and still support this pervasive drinking culture in any way you are retarded. Even drinking alchol in the first place is retarded.


>its been a culture tradition forever

>muh german brewmasters

>takes the edge off of life

Alchol fags are just as bad as pot heads we never get to see them act like it though because "muh proabition era" makes non alcholics nervous about talking about it

a9a798 No.11965274

fuck else is there to do

f17735 No.11965289


Try not to be a degenerate and actually enjoy life?

86b697 No.11965300


>don't drink alcohol, goyim, it's against the laws of g-d

Kill yourself faggot.

7b6f9c No.11965301


Yes, and?

bd4789 No.11965303

This is a judgement free zone, bro. I bet you're fun at parties. Fite me IRL. Dude Alcohol LMAO.

64f901 No.11965307

Agree. If ethanol brainwashed people, very few would notice (as so many are drinking it), and it's a neurotoxin either way.

683909 No.11965323

File: 67de1bff7f597e4⋯.jpg (185.36 KB, 1083x720, 361:240, 67de1bff7f597e492970e769b4….jpg)


>white culture is bad

Brewing is a tradition that many ancient cultures share in common. How about instead of whining about 'muh alcohol degeneracy', you encourage home brewing and dropping support of large companies like Budweiser and such? You nanny-state faggots are the ones who ruin everything because something you don't like shouldn't be enjoyed by others. You're the reason prohibition was instated in the first place.

c4a073 No.11965327


A single drink is not degenerate. Getting drunk regularly is nigger tier.

ce1477 No.11965340


>Alchol fags

The correct term is drug addicts.

503314 No.11965343

While I agree that the camraderie you get from drinking with your brothers is nice, OP is right. But only because modern alcohol is trash and full of poison. Hell, corona bottles had a few case of exploding recently. In today's society, do not put any of the modern poisons in those bottles and cans in your system.

1ec74a No.11965347

I'm gonna disagree there op monks and holy men have brewed for thousands of years well pre-dating muh Jews or whatever angle your trying to catfish call anons in on here.

Drinking in moderation is key.

Once a month Max.

Take it from a ex alco daily benders are no fun and Niether is the tolerance u build up neither is hangovers puke sessions and all the other fun that goes with binge culture like pissing and shitting yourself

1ec74a No.11965355


Also this.

Either unfiltered real stuff like 6—10‰± for beer microbrewery or home brew

That 2-4.x percent piss water is carbon crap soda water u might as well go out and chug coke has less sugar in it

503314 No.11965376



A lot of these places are fucking faggotry personified that make shit for soy boys to drink while Tyrone fucks their wife. Homebrew is fine though and a fun hobby should you partake in it.

1ec74a No.11965397


C-coopers vintage is based

Not talking about wank soybeard beer I mean old fucking brewies with history thwt still make limited stuff

Trappist and duvel are based

539c5d No.11965455


Yikes here it is the "muh tradition" argument, there is zero reason to drink alchol besides losing some control of yourself, if you are building comraderie when you are drunk then that building is drunk.

539c5d No.11965463


Also nowhere did I mention baning alchol, I do not want prohibition you should be able to control yourself enough to not want to drink

86b697 No.11965795


>Getting drunk regularly is viking tier.

Fixed it for you

df487c No.11966218

File: a4e17bde564d1dd⋯.jpg (99.71 KB, 397x1300, 397:1300, Vedic on Soma.jpg)


Soma helped in creating our Aryan race, read the Soma Siddhanta, it is a tool like everything else, if you are to weak to wield it appropriately then that weakness is in your genetics, not mine.

Alcohol prohibition was created by jews who wielded the new Woman's vote to get it to pass, the prohibition on alcohol only created our desultory drug use culture, which has never been apart of any Aryan culture.

fedfd4 No.11966289

File: eafd37c53175b60⋯.jpg (211.15 KB, 735x1024, 735:1024, lordofbhang-735x1024.jpg)


soma isn't alcohol

>the prohibition on alcohol only created our desultory drug use culture, which has never been apart of any Aryan culture.

uhm faggot britkikes shamed indians into using liquor instead of the native Aryan cannabis

8059be No.11966828


Prohibition was championed by Ford, a devout anti-jew, in a vain attempt to drive out the Irish and Italian golems imported by the jews to spread Catholicism, Communism, and crime. Too bad it only exacerbated the problem, which is why the jews enacted it.

5ad4cf No.11967477

I enjoy home made moonshine. It's easy to make.

3b33c3 No.11967484

Stop drinking alcohol you stupid faggots

Seriously, if you drink regularly you have a weak constitution


Do you think people really need to police you? Nobodies going to pull the thumb out of your ass anymore than theyre going to drop the curtain on the play

The show goes on cause you love being a stupid fucking loser more than the next guy

Drinking has been in cultures for centuries because it was literally the only alternative to water and it got you silly

70% of the world has always been dumb fucks like you so wheres the surprise when you dont see the reason to not be a stupid faggot 3 or 4 times a week absolutely producing nothing in reality or in subjective thought

What great thing came to pass because of some drunks ambitions?

e9299a No.11968279

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Please, the anglo protestant elite were the ones who chose the jews over their own and ultimately stabbed this country in the back, for years the Catholics in America were the only group fighting back against jewish degeneracy.

db5fb2 No.11982456

File: 831273c2490885e⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 300x252, 25:21, 2g33ypZ.gif)


Gevalt Levels: Oy

961dc2 No.11982747

File: 1a4a9843bdb6e8f⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 700x387, 700:387, 1a4a9843bdb6e8f196c34ded70….jpg)


Fuck off you nigger jew.

Wine is life.

Whiskey, the water of the gods.

You're a pussy who can't handle drinking properly and next thing you're going to say is "You're a degenerate" even tho I'm anon.

Only shitskins don't drink or can't handle liquor.

Kill yourself

92dd66 No.11983451


>Lactose and alcohol intolerant jewoo trying to understand european habits


How about we talk about drinking kids' blood ?

e9fe96 No.11983682

The Fuhrer warned against drinking and smoking but didn't hold it against anyone who did.

000000 No.11985497


I would humbly submit vodka to you, sir/madam, as a cheap and available substitute.

577720 No.11987100

File: 1ba7ab5950f4983⋯.png (367.1 KB, 343x595, 49:85, 1532912692995.png)



hello r*ddit

aa189e No.11987281

drinking isnt bad. being a drunk is. drinker culture is the worst. margaritas at a barbeque by the pool vs drunk girls peeing in alleyways and fights.

2483e9 No.11987482


I heavily drunk for the past 4 years, and just stopped 3 months ago, and I've seen a fuckton of improvement. We don't need alcohol for water purification anymore, and I dare say we no longer need it for celebratory reasons. Stop drinking, stop giving the brewkikes shekels. #DrunkGamersRiseUp

ac689b No.11988015

Excessive drinking is degenerate, Mead ceremonies are elevated, far from muh larp.

It's more meaningful than the wine Catholics drink.

000000 No.11988180

Drink, sleep….. let others do the work so you have fucking comfy lives!


027105 No.11988448


>Trying to enact prohibition again

Because that worked swell the first time? Funny how this post shows up after a woman got detained in Dubai for having a glass of wine. If you have a beer, cider, or wine every now and then it's not going to turn you degenerate. Drinking hard liquor like water turns you degenerate. My advice is to learn how to home brew your own.

af096b No.11988574


aryans have been duped into thinking that weed is for all the non whites when it is wasted on them and spiritually belongs to us

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