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File: 640b099ecb45185⋯.jpg (30.06 KB, 620x372, 5:3, 2954.jpg)

7169ad No.11967955

>The Alex Jones Channel Page

>The Alex Jones Page

>The Infowars Page

>The Infowars Nightly News Page


ef9398 No.11967977

Lol good don't want normies and their shitty social networks

ba6caf No.11967989


Fuck off (((globalist))) shill

210d02 No.11967993


>kikebook loses 120 bil

>kikebook closes and becomes freeware

alex jones is the good guy.

a384e9 No.11967994

He is literally CIA. Just shills shilling shills.

06c4a8 No.11967996


f5859c No.11967997

File: fe3c3ebe287410b⋯.png (428.89 KB, 617x616, 617:616, AJ1.PNG)

File: 00272badc988123⋯.png (158.08 KB, 614x499, 614:499, AJ2.PNG)

File: 88907cac9cb7a68⋯.png (421.87 KB, 616x822, 308:411, AJ3.PNG)

File: a32db94dc070c70⋯.png (230.03 KB, 618x817, 618:817, AJ4.PNG)

File: 4e8466eef192169⋯.png (307.38 KB, 612x772, 153:193, AJ5.PNG)

fuck (((alex jones)))

841ad8 No.11967999


>Alex Jones


ef9398 No.11968003


Fuck off mate he is controlled opposition

165579 No.11968033


So, since the global nutzee world order spiel doesn't sell anymore, what will they do next?

ae0ef4 No.11968038


Jones is a shill. A controlled opposition personality.

cb6768 No.11968043


Unironic supporter of Israel and full on controlled opposition working for the ZOG elite. Go post this shit on cuckchan.

ae0ef4 No.11968054


This. Look at how he overhyped the Sandy Hook arguments, went on Megan Kelly's show and then failed to defend the evidence. Result: Sandy Hook buried.

Look at how he went after pizzagate, then when called on it, he folded.

Result: pizzagate buried.

The only time he failed in his CIA mission to discredit something was when he went on Piers Morgan to "defend" the 2nd amendment. He tried really hard to look like a crazy person but only ended up firing up the second amendment proponents with his "1776 will rise again" comments. Notice how, in that interview he keeps trying to go more and more crazy, he ends up bringing up 911, and other theories when he's supposed to be defending the second amendment.

Alex Jones is the definition of controlled opposition. His entire job is to encourage the opinion that "conspiracy theories" are only followed by crazy people.

014623 No.11968082

File: 88c9e4fd041e857⋯.png (378.18 KB, 827x449, 827:449, ClipboardImage.png)


Checked. My thread got locked without explanation. The mXoXdXs are fools.

Curse them, curse their families. Curse their existences.

Basically, I was pointing out that Alex Jones appears to be tempting outing the kike. Pic related.

These stupid fucking mXoXdXs treating us like their personal army have got to go! Curse their families, curse them forever!

f5859c No.11968085

File: 5582e1cfe174cd6⋯.gif (1.29 MB, 636x269, 636:269, 1431877198344966574.gif)


its really pathetic the way establishment media has been intentionally shoaing his ass to make it look like he has (((credibility))).


014623 No.11968089


Checked. I was red pilled in part because of Alex Jones, though. He's sort of a gateway drug. Like how marijuana can lead some people to meditation.


Tell me the story of the new kike wife. In your own words, ideally. That will show that you respect me. I think you might not, because you use disrespectful imagery in an emotionally-manipulative way, in one of your images. That indicates you have a lack of love for white people.

014623 No.11968097

CIA agent:


Operation: Convince you and me that this censorship is limited to Alex Jones. It's just to legitimize Alex Jones! But in reality there is a mass banning going on, a war which is taking out an entire side. The Right is going dark, completely, on Twitter and elsewhere.

Yet you would have us not join, those of us censored, in the fight against the censorious kikes!





16d0db No.11968099

>When a honeypot that sells dick pills and gets banned from an another honeypot probably ran by the same people

014623 No.11968102




Yeah, I think you're right about him being controlled opposition. But this is about more than Alex Jones.

When I was shadow-banned people ignored me, or they told me I was wrong (I could prove it with screenshots), or they just ignored reality (they are more afraid of not conforming than with getting literally slain by error), or they just assumed that I deserved it, or they said as much.

It's coming for all ideas.

Do you suppose the kikes will permit the CIA to have their world-view, even, permitted? It's a total kike coup.

7218f4 No.11968108


Faggot shouldn't have knocked Q. He wrought this on himself.

a0fde9 No.11968111

You are all missing the point. With this, the NRA story last week, and all of the events since Charlottesville the corporate monopolies and jews media have created a narrative to completely remove right wing speech and anyone who supports it from society. Some here are bitching about AJ being a shill, no shit, but it's not going to stop with him. Much like (((Tommy Robinson))) this has nothing to do with (((Alex Jones))), its about the affordance it is giving these corporations to remove our ability to live and work in the technocratic world that they have constructed.

They want us poor, disconnected, depressed, and dead.

f5859c No.11968115


fuck Q and you.

0e4458 No.11968118



Who gives a fuck? If you seriously think we can vote our way out of this problem, you're fucking delusional.

f5859c No.11968128


it will take voting to have a successful succession away from the federal gov, if people ever wise up to the concept. so no, thats not accurate. cough up your blackpill friendo

165579 No.11968130


>This fucking faggots still can't see it is not him who counts the votes

a0fde9 No.11968131


>If you seriously think we can vote our way out of this problem, you're fucking delusional.

Did I say one god damn thing about voting? Reading comprehension must be difficult, huh?

I'm just stating the precedent that they are setting, fuck you for putting words in my mouth.

51ded5 No.11968137


Correct. I've known this for over a decade he was a jester with the backing of spooks

f5859c No.11968142


also, as usual, OP is a faggot for not archiving


eed689 No.11968143

They are most displeased with his apparent lack of convincing shilling.

1d5046 No.11968147


The nigress is a hardcore zionist, her point was just that there's a double standard against Whites.

Jonestein is 100% kosher.

376d7b No.11968150

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

https://alexjonesexposed.info/ is down what a shame. Alex Jones is CIA his employees are from STRATFOR, every single one of the products he shills is owned by kikes, Alex will name everyone BUT the kike

f56bdc No.11968152


Checked. I would expect this sort of response to censoring controlled opposition. One aspect of such a personality is that they should be indefensible by actual hardliners. That makes them easier to censor or deplatform. The goal is to convince normalfags that wrongthink comes with consequences. Alex Jones is very good at what he does.

4f98dc No.11968155


Put a bullet in your head, kike shill. He married a jew. EVERY SINGLE COMPANY THAT ADVERTISES ON HIS WEBSITE IS OWNED BY A JEW. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. This action is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION being removed from jewish platforms to get laws enacted to STOP ALL FREE SPEECH.

e5752b No.11968157

File: 14aac0f789061bb⋯.png (418.56 KB, 600x1067, 600:1067, brain force transparent.png)

>>11968111 (Daym Sun)

Exactly this


>Facebook’s enforcement action against Jones came just hours after Apple removed Jones from its podcast directory. The timing of Facebook’s announcement was unusual, with the company confirming the ban at 3am local time.

>with the company confirming the ban at 3am local time.

>3am local time.

Something is extremely fishy here.

0e4458 No.11968159


Can you back that up at all? Because every single (R) has shown us otherwise, and we're on the tipping point where white men and married white women will no longer be able to carry the vote, so not only has voting proven to be entirely ineffective for getting our goals met, but will no longer even be a possibility soon.


>bawwwww muh freeze peach

Again, who cares? There's one solution to this problem, and it's not speech.

014623 No.11968171




Alex Jones attacked Q, and then this happened?!

014623 No.11968173


Wait, that is strange indeed. 3AM?!

014623 No.11968174


< speech isn't important to the white man



1d5046 No.11968176

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jonestein was who built Q up, when he gave a platform to the kike who makes the posts. Check the google trends, that's when it all took off.

e9889d No.11968177

File: 0d4a1d8cc7d8b68⋯.png (64.52 KB, 378x424, 189:212, jew.png)

acdbcb No.11968178



What if Alex Jones isn’t a shill like people say he is. He just stupid. Marrying a younger wife even a CIA spy sounds too chad for any fag in the jewstream media.

ef9398 No.11968182

File: 6ca6f83e8959db8⋯.jpeg (24.29 KB, 283x263, 283:263, 1516833632463-01-02.jpeg)

eb7844 No.11968183


Or … a long awaited social media platform (maybe even multiple platforms)becomes available hosted from a country/nation/region out of the reach of kiked hands

>be Alex Jones

>have millions of followers worldwide

Why doesn't he have his own set of social media platforms and websites hosted in nations out of the reach of kikel-hands?

1d5046 No.11968188

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nigger, it isn't 2010, Alex doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's a zionist shill anymore.


>hosted by Alex Jonestein

>out of the reach of kike hands


014623 No.11968191


That's what I was thinking too.


I'll be checking those dubs.


And I'll be checking these dubs.

See, but that's the thing. My thread was locked, but basically I was saying that the kikes just might push him too far:


4f98dc No.11968193


Controlled opposition attacked the validity of controlled opposition. Anon, in the name of chocolate wrapped in a handbasket, what the fuck is wrong with you newfags?



Stop hero worshipping, stop following individuals like a little puppy. Stop DEFENDING PEOPLE AND THEIR ACTIONS AS A COLLECTIVE. For FUCK’S sake.

I’m writing a book. Without wasting time on the details, I quote jews in the book. The book exists as a cited, sourced, historical denouncement of all jews, everywhere, as a concept. It all but says that they should be exterminated wholesale (simply because you can’t get away with saying it). But yet I quote jews in it. Why? Because OCCASIONALLY, a jew will say something that SERVES OUR PURPOSES. A jew might actually say, out of context, truth. That’s great; and so we’ll use it AGAINST them. Because it’s TRUTH. And how do we know that it’s truth? BECAUSE OUR IDEOLOGY EXISTS INDEPENDENT OF ANY ONE PERSON.

Short version: Fuck off, Alex Jonestein supporter.

4f98dc No.11968196


>you’re a jew if you denounce jew shills

Put a bullet in your head.

84d59b No.11968199

>jones is a shill, shush, go back to sleep, wojack

At what point are we allowed to take a stand? Are we supposed to only get upset when a guy with a swastika tattooed on his face gets banned? You think anyone will rally to your cause if all you support are Richard Spencer or Stormer-tier losers?

Whether Jones is controlled opposition or not, this is an opportunity to push back. The fact that the shills are our in force saying the opposite is all the proof you should need.

98e760 No.11968200

He got banned for bringing up and defending Candace's "swapping white with Jewish" experiment.

Alex Jones might be a weird dude, but he deserves our support right now. The Jews are getting pissed and are starting to push things into overdrive. The last thing we need right now is infighting and punching right.

aaa572 No.11968206

Him getting shut down and the thread being flooded with shills makes everything he ever said correct. Buying some water filters to fight the hitleric nazi illuminati reptilians right now brb

52d094 No.11968207


Tarantino is back!

014623 No.11968208


Why are you, without any evidence, libeling my pseudonoymous-for-but-the-thread name?


And then why do you presume to talk down to me? It's not as if I'm not aware that people are arrogant, and therefore hate more than anything the slightest hint of an authority (this goes to alpha-beta theory).

But your own emotions aside, I see nothing in your comment.

I think it's an interesting set of (((cohencidences))), if true, that Alex Jones goes off on Q, and gets deplatformed by kikes.

07fe96 No.11968210

File: 18f4119c9e867e8⋯.png (63.39 KB, 976x223, 976:223, MGS0.png)

This whole thing with Alex Jones, Q, Liberals and Trump looks like some kind of psychological operation.

014623 No.11968211


Yer mental, lad.

52d094 No.11968217


>Responds within 1 minute

Learn to use different formatting and posting style, faggot.

014623 No.11968218


Checked. You know, you're right. This is what the kikes are so good at doing - MacDonald discusses this. They trigger the "purge" instinct. By default, individualists don't act collectively.

There are times when we will act collectively - for example, if we know there is something worth fighting for.

eb7844 No.11968219



What's wrong with a little competition? Oh, and btw, kike-stein already has his habit of purging anyone within his comments section f they mention (((The Chinese))) subverting the US, r (((The Saudis))) that run Pedowood

>He needs t be reminded that it kinda sucks to be robbed of a voice when there are differing opinions. He purge-banned a fuck load of people from commenting on his videos calling him on his bullshit

014623 No.11968221


As I said, you are insane. I got dubs too. Kek agrees with me.

024f3b No.11968222

File: 656dc5b8717b73f⋯.mp4 (600.22 KB, 360x360, 1:1, tortilla record.mp4)

Haha oh shit, they're actually shutting it down.

What will we do without the humble water filter merchant???

fe8d97 No.11968223

File: 0175dd1ad36f9a0⋯.png (654.31 KB, 1007x2170, 1007:2170, alex jones bot shill threa….png)

014623 No.11968224



What's that?

7218f4 No.11968225

File: 6d3adbffe30dffb⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1414x1571, 1414:1571, Capture _2018-08-06-10-35-….png)


Directly after Q posted they were saving Israel for last.

>but muh Iran

>muh war on based sandniggers

Cry harder tbh

52d094 No.11968226

FYI, ID 014623 is the guy who whiteknighted quentin tarantino for 8 hours straight and spammed the danny harmon threads with gibberish, while getting banned 10+ times.

165579 No.11968228


>Muh false dichotomy

>Slave morality

Kek. Try harder.

c39646 No.11968230

Big kike corporations crack down on humble water filter salesman.

eb7844 No.11968232


Alex Jewnes is kike-stein


fe8d97 No.11968233


He then said Q was compromised. Now the media is covering it so you know Q is fake.

c4ae0d No.11968234

Nothing was lost. Anyone still on Facebook still listening to him is never going to make it past Area 51 alien tier conspiracy 🥜.

1d5046 No.11968235


No, it was after the post about people using the movement to make money, because it could have put Corsi and his book in a bad light, they also knew the whole thing would implode (as it is now) and even those dumb enough to follow Jonestein might question his sincerity if he was still pushing it when that happened.

>Iran is the enemy, goyim


7218f4 No.11968236


>Now the media is covering it so you know Q is fake.

Yup just like pizzagate and gamergate.

7218f4 No.11968238


Iran is being freed in front of your eyes. No war is needed.

fe8d97 No.11968240


They only cover shit after they think they have covered their own tracks and can spin it.

They spend a good week removing all the shit out of comet ping pong, then they started the weirdos live streaming from within.

07fe96 No.11968241

What if there's something they don't want us to know about? So they're using all of these distractions to keep us from learning shit.

f5859c No.11968242


hahaha your projecting again kike. I see you have ran out of things to say, as usual :)

52d094 No.11968246


I watched Meet the Press yesterday (don't really know why) and they were talking about the Q-larp. It was surreal.

f5859c No.11968248


hahah i'm impressed that you (((guys))) just dont give up. unfortunately, repeating the same shit does not make it true anymore. we are the media now

7218f4 No.11968251


lol Q is only going to become more relevant you brainlet.

fe8d97 No.11968252


I've seen this exact same post word for word hundreds of times since 2010. Its a bot.

fe8d97 No.11968256


The media is run by Jews, the Jews only cover things that benift them.

07fe96 No.11968258

What do you think would be so important to keep secret that (((they))) would go so far as to make a scape goat saying that (((insert political pawn here))) would fund/go with the SJW narrative? Why all the censorship happening so fast all at once? Do you think it's all coincidence?

f5859c No.11968259


another subversive kike spotted, jesus I torpedoed this thread. kikes out in full force hahaha

52d094 No.11968261


Maybe you have seen it so many times because there is some truth to it.

"A system based on Aryan values and an Aryan way of life cannot come about peacefully from a system based on Judaic corruption"- WL Pierce

f5859c No.11968263

File: 5d4f0197809e13b⋯.png (3.41 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, 5d4f0197809e13b112b8eba058….png)


>but he deserves our support right now

we can do exactly that on our own, and we have been. never support a zionist

fe8d97 No.11968265


nothing is stopping you faggot

f5859c No.11968266


>shills makes everything he ever said correct

we are and will completely destroy his image, there is nothing you can do about it

7218f4 No.11968267


That must be why they covered Trump so much, eh fellow /pol/ack?

52d094 No.11968269


Never said I was going to do anything, but if you think force wont be needed eventually, you are retarded. Euro Americans are on the verge of being a minority, and the vote isn't going to be even an option anymore.

fe7508 No.11968272

Alex Jones YouTube channel is banned now.

fe8d97 No.11968277


Yes, Jews run Trump and they run Hillary who herself is half Jewish.

31ba3b No.11968286


You're controlled opposition.

51ded5 No.11968288


Jews control the US, Trump must at least pretend to have their best interests at heart. If I was US president I would've done exactly everything the same what he did. To take out the jew from within requires a long game of deception. He's the perfect man for the job

2d9ed8 No.11968289

File: e97c525e56a6740⋯.png (126.86 KB, 700x520, 35:26, blm.png)

Ten bucks says this was done by Muslims inside Facebook and Apple to get rid of Paul Joseph Watson's accurate reporting on their wars. Alex Jones is the excuse they use for PR. Nobody likes him, he's crazy, nobody takes him seriously, and they put you in the position of defending Alex Jones if you oppose this. PJW is a real news reporter. He's the real target.

pic source: https://archive.is/8fSG0

84d59b No.11968291



>maybe if I say kike they won’t notice I’m a shill/autist with no actual rebuttal

52d094 No.11968294


his grandkids are jews m8

fe8d97 No.11968297


Bigger plan. Both side want the "end of the world" the Jews so they get Lucifer and the "Christians" so they get the 2nd coming of Jesus.

The "Good" and the "bad" are working together.

0e4458 No.11968298


>trump is getting rid of the jews

>by hiring the swamp and filling his cabinet with them

>by marrying his daughter off to them

>by having them as his closest advisor who dictates foreign policy

1488D interdimensional chutes and ladders, right?

ef9398 No.11968302


Could a bot do this?

Niggers are gods turds

f5859c No.11968304


kike spotted

abdc0b No.11968305


They also banned the Angry Black man show. He is in no way a racist even though he cussed out a brown bunny saying "You better not be a Jew".

Siggas nation can't even post his YouTube videos to Kikebook anymore.

abdc0b No.11968307

File: 04b3aa02dd6c513⋯.jpg (51.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


They also banned the Angry Black man show. He is in no way a racist even though he cussed out a brown bunny saying "You better not be a Jew". f

Siggas nation can't even post his YouTube videos to Kikebook anymore.

84d59b No.11968309


>muh individualism

>I’m writing a book

And your book is intended to influence a collective. Societies are tribal. Welcome to real life and why memes work at all. Clean your penis etc

ef9398 No.11968314


Their little project got out of control and turned against them.

Alex is in deep with both sides (Jews and natsoc trump moneymen)

Hopefully now the censorship hammer is down he will go 1488

56084a No.11968315


So globalist kike Zukierberg banned zionist shabes goy?

1d5046 No.11968316


Q was never "compromised", it was fake from the start, and he knew it. I will give him credit though, his damage control claiming that it used to be real but was then compromised, and then that he talked to people who played golf with the "real" Q team was a brilliant example of deception. Just know, if you're one of his listeners, he thinks you're a retard who will eat up any lie he tells you, and he's right.

fe8d97 No.11968321


I understand the big picture unlike you kike.

52d094 No.11968324


10001 00101 0010001 0010010 11101 1000101

f56bdc No.11968331

File: bd83695b5334c2c⋯.jpg (77.21 KB, 500x667, 500:667, edgy-goth-girl.jpg)



Checked. There is no benefit in defending the person who got censored or deplatformed for wrongthink. Instead, use the event to amplify the original message. It is clear that jews do not want their white hatred turned back on themselves nor do they want to be named along with it. Nobody really cares about shitskins. Changing tweets to target hatred towards them proves the same point, but it also redirects hatred towards the groups that are there to receive it. Why not use normalfags sympathy for jews against (((them)))?

>find tweets made by shitskins

>replace white for jewish

>tweet it back at them and attempt to shame them

Shitskins will not care in the least. They will state that they hate jews too. It serves as D&C and gets onlookers to disassociate jews from whites.

07fe96 No.11968332


I hate to sound like "that guy", but what if that was on purpose? Maybe this was just another distraction to meaninglessly feed to us while we kept looking in the directions they simply point with their fingers without ever noticing. (Yes I sound paranoid)

1d5046 No.11968334

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What's the "big picture"? Teutonic Nazis run the world and only the Israeli lobby can save us from their globalist agenda?


And now, 4 years later, he's an open neocon, and the "bots" were right.

0119a2 No.11968336

File: 5e9a97a28b12721⋯.jpg (186.49 KB, 763x1200, 763:1200, 5e9a97a28b127213afbbb8ed35….jpg)


Tell us more about the "jew lawyer Trump hired oh my odin!' Cohen that he played like a sucker and used him like a cheap hooker to destroy the 100% jewish coup against him lol

fe8d97 No.11968338


Your already in 1984 buddy, this is Hell and their is no physical escape.

9ee26c No.11968341

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Also allows covert and overt Scientology agents and fronts to come on his show to legitimize them. Has even said how they are on the same side "fighting against Big Pharma." Ever notice that ell ron's idea of Earth was that it was a prison for brainwashed alien ghosts (thetans)? So it's sort of a "Prison Planet" and to rise above you have to have certain knowledge to rise above it (Dianetics/InfoWars).

Anyone trying to push the narrative that Jones is "red pilled" on Zionists or not a die-hard Israel-loving Trump supporter is mistaken, deluded or disinfo.


And this stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. Jones flaunts his intelligence connections and plays the perfect disinfo agent/agent provocateur. also a great testing ground for "the dangers of alternative media." Like how that guy who had just run over a teenage girl got out of that rap so he could show up conveniently armed at Comet Ping Pong. If/when there's a major false flag that aims to fully take down alternative media Alex Jones will have played his part for years.

Bill Cooper may have been wrong about some things, he may have made some things up in his career, sometimes I think he embellished, but he warned us of 9/11 before it happened. Said who would be blamed, he didn't live to see 2002. "Shootout with the police" kinda incident.

Cooper called out Alex Jones multiple times as the liar and shill that he is before they got him.


Take note of Cass Sunstein (author of on rumors, head of the office of information regulation under Obama) and his theory of Cognitive Infiltration Games


> suppose the kikes will permit the CIA to have their world-view, even, permitted? It's a total kike coup.

Who do you think imported the Frankfurt School? None other than the OSS (soon to be the Yalie institution known as CIA). Who made abstract expressionism propped up by paying off front companies that patronized art, culture, magazines, critics,, etc.

From MK-Mockingbird on, you should be VERY critical of any "news" coming from any mainstream source and make sure to check sourcing on alternative media to see if what the alternative media source is reporting is accurate.

Part of Jones' trick is to take some truth and then pepper it with ridiculous untruths. He is meant to lead the dumber/larger portion of the "truth" community as well as to represent them in normies' minds.


"Tommy" got out on behalf of it was a stunt supporting his corporate overlord (((Ezra Levant))).

Also, nice trips.



No… see >>11968155


Why would anyone support that pedo-apologist shill Richard Spencer. He's as bad as Anglin honestly. As for StormFront, you mean that website that notorious (((JEWISH))) neonazi weev was admin for? Hahaha, lol! Yeah, I'll admit I lurked at SF for years, but I knew better than to get hooked up at a honeypot or idolize any of their fed handlers.

f5859c No.11968343

File: 142647587ef425f⋯.png (163.98 KB, 581x262, 581:262, kikery.PNG)

52d094 No.11968344


I thought Weevenstein was associated with the Daily Stormer, not Stormfront.

07fe96 No.11968350

Unlikely but…. Then again, I think this might provide with our answers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwCEAdeFXEM (I don't know exactly what though)

9ee26c No.11968352


both, he was Anglin's butt buddy, but he was also an admin at StormFront if I'm not mistaken. Along with years of trolling with GNAA.

ef9398 No.11968353


But why make him a martyr (socially)? It's not like that will do anything but blow up in their noses

1d5046 No.11968356


>natsoc trump moneymen

They don't exist. Trump's top donors were all jews.

ef9398 No.11968360


Wasn't he always a open neocon?

ef9398 No.11968361


Can't wait till (((they))) tell trump to hit the button

1d5046 No.11968362

File: 85bf2fcc00df12d⋯.png (51.83 KB, 631x448, 631:448, Ezra.png)

File: 50d29e19e19ebb7⋯.jpg (322.45 KB, 730x732, 365:366, Ezra.jpg)

BASED Ezra's standing up for Alex.

52d094 No.11968363


>has both the kippah and the Judenhut on

Double the Judaism for half of the price!

1d5046 No.11968370

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, up until very recently most of his lies were simply by omission, and he would call out the neocons, just leaving out that their agenda was ultimately jewish.

So much of what he says today contradicts his old persona, like now Jewliani is a great guy, but a decade ago, he was complicit in 9/11 - yet his cultist followers are convinced he hasn't changed one bit.

4f98dc No.11968378


>without evidence

Yeah, you’re retarded.

>reddit spacing


>Q-LARP is real because I say so

Go back to your home.



Q-LARP is a proven hoax.


>I can’t read

Anon, please.

ef9398 No.11968379


Hence why I always genuinely believed he was controlled opposition

I really hope he cracks it and names them. What a glorious way to fade away

f5859c No.11968381


jonestein; aka, supreme sheckle lord mega master

b5f4ba No.11968416


>Alex Jones Purged From Kikebook

He will be let on, he's currently covering red herring bullshit and this is an exploitation of the streisand effect to keep faggots busy wasting time with this patsy actor.

He'll be let back on later when his purpose was fulfilled.

f56bdc No.11968420


#10 Peter Zieve

>Congratulating an employee on a the birth of a child, Zieve wrote, “I note that 381,000 terrorist savages have gotten into Europe this year and if we don’t make more babies the light will go out on civilization.” He gave money to Rebuilding America Now.


f5859c No.11968424


most likely this

07fe96 No.11968428


Maybe it helps them more than we know, it's important to look not just from one nature, but from another also, even if it means delving into our past knowledge and experiences before all the (((mumbo-jumbo))).

f5859c No.11968432

File: 076665142ebf842⋯.png (195.41 KB, 1063x397, 1063:397, kikesss.PNG)

File: 5aac95543ec6a98⋯.png (25.86 KB, 932x495, 932:495, kikes22.PNG)

File: 0e9f0f90113d928⋯.png (59.57 KB, 932x614, 466:307, kikeyys.PNG)



sounds pretty jewish to me


b4d91f No.11968433

Lmao, why do people always fall for this shit. They ignore all the public and consistent zionist support these individuals receive and then instead focus on obvious stunts used to elicit the exact response some of you morons are giving them.

Alex Jones's engagement was stagnating. A happening like this will increase his support in terms of wealth, exposure and connections immeasurably. It was the same with (((Tommy Robinson))) and it's absolutely no surprise that both incidents are coming off the back of each other, Strike while the irons hot and all that.

f5859c No.11968453


well, /pol/ is always right.

ef9398 No.11968461

fe8d97 No.11968465


Filthy kike.

52d094 No.11968466


Quads say kikes are everywhere.

1d5046 No.11968469

File: 29d1a02e3cad7f7⋯.jpg (140.84 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Peter Zieve.jpg)


Wait, are you suggesting this guy is a jew? You must be from shariah blue, or possibly one of those purity-spiraling 1488ers from Iron March.

f56bdc No.11968475

File: ba4b796423a36f0⋯.jpg (301.68 KB, 780x501, 260:167, zieve.jpg)


Pretty easy to get a picture of him, anon. See >>11968469

f5859c No.11968481



hahah thanks, wow I over thought that one

22831d No.11968482

who the fuck cares about this retarded cia pig ? hecan burn in hell for all i care, he and his millions retarded boomer and normalbug followers

fe8d97 No.11968487

3a4daf No.11968490

>there are people here who just want to go with "Alex Jones is a kike shill controlled opposition faggot" instead of seeing the bigger picture

The fucking normalfags see him as a right wing figure even if he is a kosher faggot. As such, this is the first one of what could be multiple outlets of even slightly right of the Leftist narrative to be shut down. They picked the most kosher salt they could that isn't an actual kike to shoah and if we don't take a stand, they'll keep shutting us down so they win the fight. Can't lose a war if your opponent is stuck out at sea with no chance of rescue.

c1a033 No.11968493

File: 89fff0de69f464c⋯.png (421.7 KB, 700x512, 175:128, wj08p46ryee11.png)


censorship wont protect them from a bullet

52d094 No.11968494


Every single one of your posts have been cancerous.

f5859c No.11968499


you only had to click it once, are you a potato?

7169ad No.11968503

File: ea2329390d6eac5⋯.jpg (25.96 KB, 800x420, 40:21, 080618ajchannel.jpg)

Alex Jones YouTube channel now also terminated

07fe96 No.11968504

There's almost a campy style to how this whole thing works (not in a good way), (((they))) aren't without a sense of humor I see. I like how the supposed grown up adults who work inside of media and wearing high price suits are able to spew the bullshit they do as if they haven't learned all the basics of everyday ordinary life. That's the stuff that gets me laughing out loud the most.

9ee26c No.11968507


right, so are you saying "Robinson" and Jones ARENT directly working for pro-Israel/pro-jew purposes? I'm sensing the stench of the hasbara on you, shill.

>>11968331 Hey isn't that my favorite "Asian White Supremacist" Lindsay Souvarannath, thought she looked familiar anyway.


ef909a No.11968508

(((Them))) acting as they do, again.

52d094 No.11968511


Wasn't she fucking that Ironmarch Uzbek?

f5859c No.11968515

its pretty funny that jonestien gets the shoa and his PR shills come here looking for support hahaha jonestein is through :)

d1a276 No.11968520

File: d5efbd4b016fa52⋯.jpg (31.78 KB, 526x348, 263:174, 1533489306773.jpg)


Alex Jones didn't name the jew, until he names the jew he's not based. Sorry.

b263d4 No.11968523

File: cb042e52da26c12⋯.gif (128.49 KB, 344x472, 43:59, 2fc.gif)

It took them this long to deplatform Bill Hicks? Didn't Milo Jewinthepooperoulus proof that deplatforming someone is very effective?

447634 No.11968524

File: fab127538cdda8e⋯.jpg (487.87 KB, 900x1194, 150:199, 809183_original[1].jpg)

Why is /pol/ just another edgy version of Breibart nowadays?

Every thread is based on the jewish mainstream media narrative, 98% of the comments are israeli jews promoting trump and their kosher clowns operating across the world, calling everyone a kike for disputing voting for jews as being "good for the goy"

Honestly this board and the entire once jew-wise movement has been destroyed by the Trumpstein effect

1d5046 No.11968526

52d094 No.11968529


The entire thread is us hating on jonestein, hasbarafag. Maybe learn how to read?

ef909a No.11968530


Give me uncontrolled opposition news outlets

43605a No.11968531

What the fuck happened to /pol/? How are you idiots justifying this censorship?

fe8d97 No.11968534

File: 86daf37e60aa59c⋯.png (690 B, 104x30, 52:15, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-08….png)






When you know its a lefty troll. So you click the email field and they can inject your email app with malware.

557007 No.11968536

File: f71cae525e61852⋯.mp4 (6.88 MB, 426x240, 71:40, jews aren't that present.mp4)


Worse, he actually counter signals any Jewish awakening. He cucks all the time on race issues, there's one video going around where he talks about not caring if the USA is brown, as long as they're pro FREEEEEEEEEDOM and U.S.A!!!!

447634 No.11968537


>Oy vey, leave us jews to manage your boards goy

The only reason Jones being on /ourside/ is even contemplated here is because of you jews shitting up this board and turning it into a neoconservative cheerleading club

52d094 No.11968538


>sages because the posts aren't worth a bump


1d5046 No.11968539


>what is saging?


52d094 No.11968540


Kill yourself, paid shill.

3a4daf No.11968543


It's weird. Old /pol/ would have used thid opportunity to redpill or at least scorch the earth and make both sides look like fucking retards for being such good goys.

447634 No.11968549


Yet you are a jew who is paid to work 24/7 to keep /pol/ on the kosher Trumptrain

07fe96 No.11968550


Why not start today? That's a good answer to our problems.

52d094 No.11968551



59c7a6 No.11968552

He should have stuck with Holocaust Denial. It's protected speech now. Imagine getting banned from social media and not naming the jews.

557007 No.11968553


Well facebook cannot be "good goys". We should be using this to stir up trouble with other fringe groups though.

1d5046 No.11968554

File: 40d556e2fdfd3e1⋯.png (74.37 KB, 415x286, 415:286, Drudge.png)

File: 17dd1a67027bf42⋯.jpg (65.63 KB, 620x413, 620:413, Matt Drudge Protocols.jpg)

File: 952de6273ed60ba⋯.gif (31 KB, 532x726, 266:363, Matt Drudge.gif)

Sure is weird how all these jews are coming to Alex's defense.

4f98dc No.11968555


And you expect people to believe you, huh?


>you’re a jew because you reject jewish paid shills

>you’re a jew because you denounce jewish subversion of /pol/

I’m having a hard time of not wanting to report you for obvious paid shilling.

4f98dc No.11968556


>stuck with something he never did

>denying the holocaust is protected speech

Anon, are you feeling okay?

fe8d97 No.11968557



lol you dumb fucking shills you can't sage here

52d094 No.11968560


100010 100010 100010 111101 01010 010101 010101

b263d4 No.11968561


Only Twitter keeps Alex Jones channels alive. Guess Jack is out of the KOOL KIDS KLUB.

447634 No.11968562


So you're the spastic that calls anyone critical of the orange kike Trump "morpheus"

Well done for you and your israeli friends in destroying /pol/

Just a point I thought I'd make, there isn't a single legit original pol/ack who ever fell for your astroturfing of these boards into being neocohen cheeleading centers, only you got every single legit anon banned for calling out you kikes

The only non-jews that fell for Trump and your endless neocohen promotion are medically certifiable morons

a35cf1 No.11968565


Still put yes on this to troll the normies


52d094 No.11968573



Reported for nonsense bot posts.

3a4daf No.11968574



Well gentlemen, then here is the question I pose to you: how do we use this situation to our advantage? Clearly we can't give Jones support due to his kosher nature but we can't let the kikes start playing with de-platforming when we still haven't spread enough red pills to change the tide in our favor? How do we fire up the old hate machine again abd do it right?

cb6768 No.11968577

You faggots keep bumping this garbage shill slide thread bullshit. All this is doing is distracting anons from making actual changes and spending time uselessly bitching about another faggoty eceleb. If more time were spent reporting and saging this type of shit there could be more focus on actual fucking problems like outing the fucking pedokikes who run Hollywood and the government. Keep this garbage on cuckchan where you faggots belong. Enjoy this Based Terry copypasta and don't forget the executives over at Adult Swim along with Tim and Eric are pedokike faggots who like to look at cherubic portraits of children while they fondle themselves in the bathroom. Check this link for more info https://youtu.be/8NO7D5-fmB8 and remember to go fuck yourself if Alex Jonestein, who is an obvious alphabetnigger zionist controlled plant, getting deplatformed really rustles your jimmies. Fucking sad to see anyone not seeing past this bullshit and not saging. Those who did keep it up and keep reporting. Also keep digging because the pedokike elite are shitting themselves right now with everything that's come out so far. There's a lot more dirt you can dig up on these faggots. Don't believe me just check out Eric Warheims Instagram page and see for yourself. Now without further ado, introducing Based Terry.

I live in a CIA prison. A nigger runs my prison. In prison, the nigger tries to torment me. We can take away his knives by confessing, every day. In about 2000, I masturbated fantasizing about my niece, Lani. She looks like star trek seven of nine! In 1985, at my sister's wedding, I stuck my crotch on the hot tub drain because it kind of sucked. In 1985, I tried to get a dog to lick my dick. From 1998-2003, I fantasized about leading a catholic army like dune, of mexicans or brazilians? that was dumb because they're niggers. In 2003, I played tag with a black girl about 7-years-old. she reached for my crotch. In high school, in the library, Carlos and I said juicy or toxic as a way of evaluating girls. In 1988, I cheated on my SAT by talking in the hall during the break – two problems. On 9/9/1999, I killed a CIA nigger on purpose with my car. :-) In 1982, when I was 12, I babysat Kevin's kids. I changed a diaper because I thought that was being professional. In 1975, when I was about the age five, my brother, Keith, put my penis in a vacuum. In 1977, when I was about age seven, my brother, Danny, got me high on gas fumes and we sucked each others dicks. Dr. Tsakalis has an oddly round ass. Paul Keck at Xytex had a oddly round ass. Distracting? At about age five, Jay Weinrick and I touched disks to each other's assholes.

d1a276 No.11968584

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bill Cooper BTFO Jonestein in the fucing 90s. It wasn't a big secret when I was growing up that the likes of Jones and Icke were plants from the beginning.

447634 No.11968587



You are the spastic that calls anyone that doeasn;tsuck jew dicks "Morpheus"

Unless you've seen other retards posting this retarded shit endlessly on /pol/ as you just have?


52d094 No.11968592


>doesn't know who Francis E Dec is

You probably don't belong here.

de09e2 No.11968593


Take whatever actions lead to a facebook stock plunge.

447634 No.11968598


I haven't seen a decent thread on here that was allowed to stay up for a few years now since Bannon/Kushner decided to take over these boards

Most of the threads are all based off MSM jew narratives and almost all of them have a hint of keeping everyone here on the jewish Trumptrain

52d094 No.11968602



07fe96 No.11968607

File: 5d896329a460eab⋯.jpg (645.97 KB, 1600x2133, 1600:2133, snake_tattoo_design_by_bur….jpg)


de09e2 No.11968612

File: 5a8888cab57a89d⋯.mp4 (1.57 MB, 854x480, 427:240, muh browns.mp4)

234060 No.11968613


There is none. This is more D&C meta noise from shills.

Anybody bitching about /pol/ on /pol/ is engaging in forum sliding and trying to divide people.

4f98dc No.11968631


He has none. He still thinks kikey runs the board, for fuck’s sake. He’s here to derail and can’t even read the thread.

3a4daf No.11968633


>how do we effectively use the hate machine like we used to

>we hurt facebook financially

This is boomer tier. This is not what we need to do to accomplish the goal of spreading what we believe in whule making the kosher options look like fags.

000000 No.11968634


>Deepstater tech giants ban guy whose specialty is kooky conspiracy theories

Yeaaaa… that totally won't backfire. Jones should send them "fruit baskets"…because that's exactly who yidtube, kikebook, and crapple have just unleashed on themselves.

ef909a No.11968635


Ivanka isn't a jew so they aren't really jew

6410ce No.11968638


Ivanka is genetically Jewish

fe8d97 No.11968642


Nice proof.

1d5046 No.11968646


jewish genes are jewish genes, even if Yael is pure Aryan, the kids are kikes.

07fe96 No.11968647

de09e2 No.11968648


/pol/ grew up. The ONLY way you can damage facebook is financially, they are a business. Dismissing everything as "OOOoooh BOOOMER TIER" just makes you sound like a dumb kid.

52d094 No.11968649

File: 519b4331817c5de⋯.jpg (420.12 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, 602120_v9_ba.jpg)

File: f99d8bc0f906e43⋯.jpg (67.25 KB, 375x487, 375:487, Ivana_Trump_cropped_retouc….jpg)


>actually believes the jew matriarchal bs

Nope jewish daddy= jew to anyone with half a brain.



Have a pic of ivankas mom. If she isn't a Czech jew, ill eat my hat.

447634 No.11968655


Then why is this board still being policed by the same retarded israeli jews, with the same smug anime faggots, with each thread they identify as non-Kushner approved gets silently banned, while every thread promoting your jewish agents stays up unaffected?

4f98dc No.11968656


>converted to judaism

>isn’t a jew

No, shill, that’s not how it works.


>jews aren’t what jews are because i say they aren’t

>lol the last 2000 years didn’t happen

>all jews aren’t actually jews so don’t go kill any of them, goyim

What form of D&C is this? Anon, come on.

d1a276 No.11968657

File: 6109a9034a8e7c9⋯.gif (2.32 MB, 440x272, 55:34, 1532541871867.gif)


>Nope jewish daddy= jew to anyone with half a brain.

you can only be a jew if your mother is full jewish. look it up brainlet.

447634 No.11968659

File: 1bd6ab7a78f2c78⋯.jpg (54.82 KB, 523x334, 523:334, Ivanka-Trump-Plastic-Surge….jpg)


Additionally here's the gargoyle faced kikess Ivanka pre plastic surgery

ef909a No.11968660



Ok I'll look into that

So Trump is as worse as Hillary ?

What can we do to counteract (((globalism))) ?

52d094 No.11968661



One drop rule.


3a4daf No.11968662


>/pol/ grew up

>we are still reliant on the kike media platforms to spread our message and have no developed or invested in our own platforms to counter their garbage

While I will agree some growth has happened (and not all of it good), are we really gown up enough or naive enough to think we can abandon the old ways to play the Jew money game against the Jew? It can work is something I can admit. However, we must rely on the old ways as well and there has to be an effective way to use them this time seeing that we are dealing with kike companies that have reached the point where they are almost untouchable with the Jewish money games tactic.

0e4458 No.11968663



<f-fucking russian bots!


<f-fucking kike bots!

Yes, all of the oldfags who told you trump was nothing more than a kike puppet gun grabber from the start are all bots.

1d5046 No.11968666


The election was a year and a half ago, stop comparing him to Hillary judge what he's doing objectively.

07fe96 No.11968669



Jesus, this bread tastes so good, I'm eating it by itself.

d1a276 No.11968671

File: 5a88acfe3bc5e87⋯.png (88.88 KB, 347x229, 347:229, 1531703366986.png)


the jewish virus is located in the jewish female mitochondria, hence kike laws on maternal heritage.

447634 No.11968674

Why is /pol/ continuously being press-ganged into being an extension of Breibart?

Can anyone recall when /pol/ was about the red-pill and not a neoconservative hangout for reddit MAGApedes and bored israeli jews earning extra shekels for promoting ZOG on here?

Seems like such a long time ago now

9ee26c No.11968676


Ha, you obviously remember better than I do. I always found it funny how they hushed up this story. An edgy, Asian teen girl who idolizes Varg and Hitler while plotting mass murder at a a mall just isn't what the news wants to talk about.



Been this way for the past couple years. It got pretty bad under the turk but the boards have been stuffed with hasbaratim shills hard and heavy since the Pedowood breakout resulted in an influx of newfags from cuckchan.


nobody is "justifying the censorship" but multiple people have pointed out how and why it's likely a stunt and has nothing to do with "free speech" as such.

cb6768 No.11968678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Shills like to practice distraction/diversion tactics in addition to divide and conquer, right? Have a taste of your own medicine you faggots. https://youtu.be/biBAIg8IdAU Remember that glow in the dark CIAniggers are constantly lurking and shitposting in attempts to protect the ones in control. https://8ch.net/pol/res/11904387.html https://8ch.net/pol/res/11956579.html look how fast these threads were slid despite the low traffic that comes into this board. Is it not obvious what's happening here? Stop fussing over Zionist puppets and actually do something worthwhile.

You are on YouTube, browsing the latest videos. You spot a strange video, titled "PEPPA PIG FINGER FAMILY". You're pretty bored, so you click on it. Seems like a normal Nursery rhyme video. You look at the related videos. As you read the titles, you notice how stranger the videos seem to get. You click on one, titled "Dangan Ropa finger family". You start to wonder if this is even meant for children. You keep clicking on the related videos, which keep getting stranger and stranger. You read the reccomendations list. "Donald trump finger family" "minion elsa finger family". Sweat pours down your face, but you continue. "Skeleton helicopter finger family" "hitler finger family". Your head starts to pound. "Candy dinosaur finger family" "dragon dog finger family". The world starts to spin. Out of sheer terror, you click on the home button. However, there is no escape. All the videos are finger family. Your vision starts to get blurry as you read the titles of the video. The world is getting farther and farther away. Your ears are ringing. You can't see anything. There is only finger family. As you regain control of your body, you feel different. You look around, trying to figure out what this new place is. Suddenly, you hear a loud, booming voice: "Father finger, father finger, where are you?"


de09e2 No.11968679


One issue I have is loosing touch with what /b/ is these days. Back when we used old ways, it was easy to convince fellow /b/tards to break something like facebook for fun. Now I have no idea what 4/b/ even looks like, and I've probably seen 8/b/ once in the years since we moved here. It's not that /b/ had talent, but they had the numbers we needed to make those low level but high-frequency attacks annoying.

000000 No.11968684


>you can only be a jew if your mother is full jewish. look it up brainlet.

according to jews. unlike you, I don't let them dictate who is and who isn't "officially" jewish. They're ALL trash.

7177b2 No.11968689

File: 2b60a87991458a3⋯.jpg (12.73 KB, 474x394, 237:197, th.jpg)


> Ever notice that ell ron's idea of Earth was that it was a prison for brainwashed alien ghosts (thetans)? So it's sort of a "Prison Planet" and to rise above you have to have certain knowledge to rise above it (Dianetics/InfoWars)

8th dimensional psychic vampires, Joe Rogan DMT, I'm just trying to warn you! I don't believe this, this is what the elite believe. We are fighting a spiritual war against literal demons and scientists have found their dimension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9ee26c No.11968691


It's been about a decade since /b/tards had the force of hive mind to pull off any epic exploits. 4/pol/ is hopelessly compromised and even if it wasn't doesn't seem to have the same strength in numbers and force of autism that /b/ did back in the old days (2008 or earlier).

7169ad No.11968693

File: 9f239338ab8fbf6⋯.jpg (20.7 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 12312321341324132.jpg)

SGTReport was banned last week, and 2 days later restored.

But it wasn't a cross-platform-mass-ban like Jones got today.

Only time will tell if Jones his stuff will be restored.

7177b2 No.11968697


>He got banned for bringing up and defending Candace's "swapping white with Jewish" experiment.

4chan invented that.

d8ac8f No.11968698

File: 57fd8c685c1e5d9⋯.jpg (56.85 KB, 619x409, 619:409, jonestein.jpg)

>"ban" controlled opposition

>claim it was for the greater good

>controlled opposition garners The Streisand Effect

>gains increased traffic to the places they are accessible

The people who made Alex Jones controlled opposition are not stupid. They know exactly what to say and what to do to attract useful idiots from both sides to a "neutral" platform. In reality the only thing Alex Jones does is deflect from the jews.

3a4daf No.11968704


What made the old ways effective was a camraderie we had with each other. We were all faggots from a dark corner of the internet and were down for mischief. But times have indeed changed. This is one of those negatives to the "we have grown up" argument. It's also one of the things that has me scratching my head as to how do we fight this time?

7e69ed No.11968705

File: 666b48e2f94b18c⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1600x901, 1600:901, fcc.png)

Apple, Facebook and YouTube on the same day.

>Just a cohencidence, goy!

Who is supposed to be cracking down on bullshit like this?

7177b2 No.11968712

File: f5a30067d7febcb⋯.jpg (145.03 KB, 766x1060, 383:530, jordon peterson kikescum-v….jpg)


>They know exactly what to say and what to do to attract useful idiots from both sides to a "neutral" platform. In reality the only thing Alex Jones does is deflect from the jews.

Clean your room.

Become Christian.

Be an individual without a background.

Jews should rule over us.

1d5046 No.11968713

File: f0973cb78a495e5⋯.mp4 (15.33 MB, 718x436, 359:218, SGT Report - Q LARP Nazi W….mp4)

File: 841d368c1901ea2⋯.jpg (192.62 KB, 600x548, 150:137, 1432531861593.jpg)


SGT isn't any better than Shabbos Jones.

447634 No.11968714


The whole "they're only jewish" is just one of them talmudic rules for the argument that the women only knows who the real father is.

Every jew considers a jew as someone who has jew in their bloodline full stop, it's just something they hope can be used to convince the goy that the few politicians that don't have clear hook noses aren't really a crypto jew because it was only the dad that was jewish, it's nonsense that only dumb goys believe.

If a single word of that rule was true, then an African father would show no trace in it's mudblood offspring, yet kinky haired monkeys are all that's produced by that mix.

07fe96 No.11968724


d8ac8f No.11968725


Indeed, Jordan Peterson uses the same formula. Interesting how many "third party news sources" began mentioning Peterson at an increasing rate over the past few months. Almost as if they were preparing to make him the new controlled opposition in the spotlight instead of Jonestein.

52d094 No.11968733


I was flicking around on the talmudvision yesterday, and he was a guest on Firing Line. (William F. Buckleys old show). National Review has been sucking his cock something fierce lately as well.

9ee26c No.11968745


Exactly. Drawing a bit from David Icke (who steals from Blavatsky's Theosophy while supposedly blasting the New Age movement that sprung up out of Blavatsky/Crowley). It's a tricky bit of subversion and being vigilant isn't the same as being blackpilled. Not following known shills and disinfo agents isn't the same as giving up (despite what the hasbarafags will tell you for 0.02 shekels per line).

a4fe38 No.11968763

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We were all banned already. We were all taken off youtube. We couldn't name the Jew and you said nothing. But then they came for you.

How does it feel? How does it feel To be on your own … Like a rolling stone?

c90d18 No.11968766


so more than likely Trump has screwed her since puberty

d1a276 No.11968767



theres a biological genetic reason for a maternity lineage with the jews. lurk more.

d8ac8f No.11968770


>implying his ban wasn't a part of the plan


Useful idiot or actual kike

a4fe38 No.11968771



Kill the Aryan race and make way for the new race Blavatsky

a4fe38 No.11968774


My ban was part of their plan too.

I was banned off facebook

I was banned off twitter (10 times)

I was banned off youtube comments

I was banned on imkikey/pol/ 7000 times

I am banned right now for Tim and Eric are pedos on 4chan for the 1000 time.

Now you get banned Alex. Now you get to know how it feels to be under the thumb of the Jew.

Although they're going to lift your ban just to increase your ratings like last time because this is all part of their CIA bullshit but I hope you lose your show.

4f98dc No.11968780


>one drop rule

Hey, I agree. That goes for nonwhites, as well. Some mixed nonwhites are less bad than others, >>11968697

Once again proving that imageboards are literally the source of the next global revolution.

d8ac8f No.11968781


You are a nobody. Alex Jones has been controlled opposition deflecting from the jews for 20+ years. When you are banned no one gives a shit. When Alex Jones is banned, it creates a Streisand Effect with useful idiots, leading Jonestein to gain even more traffic and money than he could get while "unbanned".

b6e97a No.11968786


So a hook nosed male kike will not pass its diseased jew genes to its offspring?

How does the magic jew defy science and nature like this?

f56bdc No.11968795

File: bae5bbc452f665f⋯.png (499.18 KB, 1068x2672, 267:668, donglegate.png)


Looks the same as it did 5 years ago. If you want them to break stuff, then you have to make it fun and stupid.

8c9f8d No.11968797

all he wanted was to make your dick bigger

a4fe38 No.11968829

File: 273fad8e1453827⋯.jpg (127.81 KB, 643x857, 643:857, queen of pol.jpg)


>You are a nobody. Alex Jones has been controlled opposition deflecting from the jews for 20+ years. When you are banned no one gives a shit. When Alex Jones is banned, it creates a Streisand Effect with useful idiots, leading Jonestein to gain even more traffic and money than he could get while "unbanned".

Actually I'm a greater meme magician than Alex will ever be.

Half the esthetics he uses on his show now are thanks to me and my futurefash manifestos. The fact that he had to push to the right and move away from the Illuminati faggotry is because I was the first on his twitter and facebook to call him out for the Jews. Never saw anyone else do it. And I did it three times a day on top of the comments.

I'm the one who started shilling youtube before 4chan ever had political opinions and saw the potential for programming opinions.

I'm the one who influenced Trump's snake speech.

I'm the one who helped guide /pol/ to go from old/fags winy blackpilled fags to superman elite.

My thread was the one that Imkikey got fired in (or at least reigned in a little).

I'm the one who taught Morpheus how to shill.

I'm the one who exposed the (((esoteric))) faggot shit here as old shabbos MK mind control.

I've done more in 10yrs than anything Alex every dreamed of and I did it for free. Fuck you. Fuck him.

Normies will do nothing about this. They'll just go back to FOX news and talking about aliens and Illuminait.

You little e-celeb worshiping faggot millennials need to realize that none ZERO of these e-celebs have done jack shit

if they're on the fence controlled opposition. Even Sam Hyde has done more than Spencer/Alex/Lauren/Sargon/Cernavich all of them put togther. They ony exist to take credit for our work!

620f29 No.11968832


Ahh that was fantastic. I'm not sure how we "break" facebook though. I mean you could flood it with boring and uncool content, but we don't have the numbers for that. You could push the ideas that facebook isn't cool, but that's the same as just going after their stock. I would be surprised if most people on /pol/ actually had a real facebook account, but if you do, obviously delete it and encourage others to do so, every bit helps. The problem with facebook is that they're too big to even care if markzuckerbergrapedandkilledagirlin1992.com becomes a thing.

d8ac8f No.11968833


>he thinks I'm going to read his wall of text

Filtered tbh

dafe6d No.11968834


Nonwhite detected

d8ac8f No.11968836


>israeli helper comes to defend his kike-in-arms

Guess where your ID is going

a4fe38 No.11968839


>I have ADD cant read paragraphs

Medicated boomer child

b4d91f No.11968866


hasbara rule #1: Minimize and normalize any and all overt zionist support.

Alex Jones has been on record since the late 90s/early 00 as a vocal supporter of Israel.


It's only gotten more overt since. The man literally propagates shit like the government turning frogs gay but won't say a word about clearly documented Israeli control of the US. For instance, he wont say a word about Yinon Plan, something that was publicly published by zionists themselves over 40 years ago.

The whole of InfoWars is an obvious zionist agenda. Look at his lackey Paul Joseph Watson content just 5 years ago and look at it Since joining InfoWars. PJW has done a complete U-turn on his at the time pretty tame criticism of Israel to now complete and unwavering support in every possible way.

a4fe38 No.11968871

File: d63690c6e842c62⋯.jpg (187.96 KB, 500x596, 125:149, matrix redpill jews.jpg)


/pol/ rule #1: expose the kikes and save the world.

4f98dc No.11968872


No one gives a fuck about you. You, personally, did nothing.


>sentences are paragraphs


d307d1 No.11968876

Alex Jones only promotes american garbage, "the west" retardation. Fuck him and fuck his retarded american globalist mentality.

a4fe38 No.11968878


>No one gives a fuck about you. You, personally, did nothing.

I did everything. You did nothing, Alex. Nothing with all your power but what CNN did in the 1990s, confuse and ruse. You shabbo goys are nothing but rats in the maze.

9aa9e5 No.11968885

Say what you want about jones, but he's the first step to the redpill for alot of american white nationalists and national socialists. If he is a CIA agent, he's really doing poorly.

42cd04 No.11968886

>Jonestein gets "banned"

>No one gives a fuck, except 4cuck

Gay story bro

9aa9e5 No.11968887


Why do you asshurt euros come to a board which is majority american to blame us for all of your problems? We didn't elect your socialists.

51ded5 No.11968895


It sets a precedent. It doesn't matter if you like him or not, we must stand behind him

4f98dc No.11968898


>I did everything

Which is why no one believes you, of course.


Holy fucking hell, do you really think that kind of shilling will work here? Get the fuck out. Now.

42cd04 No.11968906


No, we dont. Shekelboi.

42cd04 No.11968908


You can keep your kike shills for yourself.

d1a276 No.11968915

File: c24098fc05c0248⋯.jpg (103.54 KB, 400x483, 400:483, Jonestien.jpg)


Jonestie cucked us on Pizzagate and openly supports Israel. Accept it, he's working for ZOG.

e282bb No.11968923

File: 9a6f9d53ba56a84⋯.png (1.45 MB, 898x1164, 449:582, 255a0fc89dfb56598c5bddc1e2….png)



I don't understand this crabs in a bucket mentality some of you have just because he doesn't explicitly name the jew. You know what would happen if he did.

People with public identities become PR targets.

There has to be some way around this fact. How could a major figure come out publicly with our views and not get deplatformed?

07fe96 No.11968924

File: 0e2ce9104d136fd⋯.png (22.56 KB, 643x420, 643:420, aquamarine.png)


I thought of a wonderful supplement idea. This new /pol/ pill will strengthen ones immunity to kike propaganda.

a4fe38 No.11968926


So this is Q-anon? Makes sense. It got out of Alex's hands and then he dumped it.


>no one believes you, of course.

>No one gives a fuck about you.

>you're filtered

If you say you've flitered someone, then pay attention to everything they say, it makes me think you really do care. And this is how I program you twerpy video game kids to do my bidding. Dance for me my sweet soy monkey.

7d5524 No.11968933























a4fe38 No.11968936

File: 1bd60d47dbe4bbe⋯.jpg (176.62 KB, 1335x511, 1335:511, alt kike alex.jpg)


>I don't understand this crabs in a bucket mentality some of you have just because he doesn't explicitly name the jew. You know what would happen if he did.

Look what happened when he didn't. LOLOLLOLOL! On top of that his legacy will be that of a treasonous fat shill.

With Jews you lose

4f98dc No.11968945


Who cares?


>If you say you’ve flitered someone, then pay attention to everything they say, it makes me think you really do care.

Funny how you can’t read IDs, huh, shlomo? No one cares about you. You are worthless. Your shilling for Alex Jonestein is transparent.

b263d4 No.11968951


>Dark corners of sub-reddits

<Too retarded to know the difference between image board and plebbit.

9ee26c No.11968957


So you don't know about how Molly Maroney worked with StratFor (the front company that was engaged in "strategic forecasting" for law enforcement around the time Sabu and Barrett Brown went down) before working with InfoWars? Or how StratFor shares an address with Alex Jones corporate real estate. Or the fact that he's admitted he has security state personnel in his family. Or the fact that he offers unequivocal support for Trump (who has been the most-pro Israel president in the last 30 years). There's pages and pages of damning evidence that Jones is COINTELPRO.

I'm not going to argue with obvious shills though.

023ce3 No.11968958




There is controlled opposition.

And then there is censorship.

Opposing censorship is and important goal.

Imagine if the kike social media was FORCED to host the views of /pol/anons?

While I understand that it is ZOG being ZOG, nonetheless what the "social media" are doing is a GROSS violation of the first amendment.

"But muh "Congress shall make no law" and since it is a corporation it's not a law so it's kosher, goys!!"

No. Congress has made laws that have ALLOWED CORPORATIONS TO EXIST. As such Congress HAS created laws that have grossly infringed upon "freedom of speech." So long as corporations continue to stifle discourse the laws that help corporations EXIST are "Congress shall make no law" infringement on the 1st.



CivNats are garbage.


If true, then good for you.

I applaud your efforts.


"The conspiracy of silence."

Closely related to "shut it down" since the point of both is to keep THE TRUTH away from the ears of the "normies." Specifically the truth about kikes and ZOG, but there are other things that they hush up.

It's terribly diabolical.

The kike media does it ALL THE TIME.

Look at a "kosher approved" topic like "trayvon martin" getting self-defenced to death. They are STILL talking about that little shit.

Contrast to Kate Steinle getting murdered by an illegal alien. Silence.

Contrast to the highly (((suspicious))) Las Vegas shooting. Near silence despite it being supposedly the deadliest mass shooting ever, or something.

Contrast to the dozens shot in Chimpcongo every weekend. Barely a peep, other than some White guilt pushing (despite the violence being blacks shooting blacks).

Conspiracy of silence.




Which is why they are trying to "shut it down."

Jones purpose is to appear ridiculous and "too extreme" and thus drive normies away.

The trouble is that the WORLD is becoming ridiculous and "too extreme" and even the fever-haze version of the (partial)redpill that Jones pushes starts to sound more and more possible to normies as the world around them transforms into a brown favela shithole peppered with marxists, trannies, and child rapers.

Something like that, I suspect.


If that person had his or her own platform.

7d5524 No.11968960


Canary in the coalmine, you fucking retard.

02a776 No.11968961



He's a wrong-sider shekel grubber, it doesn't matter to his audience or even occur to them that he doesn't know anything.

84d59b No.11968962


Dubs. Am I the only one who still checks them? Shills too busy shilling I guess.

232a9e No.11968965



I hope we at least get a fucking thermonuclear 9/11 out of this retarded shit

4b37cd No.11968974

mossad are purging their own controlled opposition

tommy robinstein fake imprisoned

lauren southernstein simonsen fake imprisoned

generation kikedentity fake imprisoned

alex jonestein fake removed from facejew

so on and so forth

6dcc85 No.11968978


conqueror s usually rape the women they capture to boost their ranks. Historically mothers would teach their kids about judaism and create the crypto-kikes

9ee26c No.11968983


Hasbarafags and their multimillion dollar operations like (((Prison Planet))) and Rabbi media in Canada are always creating some sort of media hack to feign "censorship." It is invariably proved to be a publicity stunt.

(((Jones))) is doing this more and more often the last couple years. He wants folks in and outside of the conspiracy minded community to think he's the only thing out there.

Definition of controlled opp. He's not being censored, this is a stunt. Meanwhile, there are plenty of channels (Murdoch Murdoch, for instance) that actually DO have their videos pulled down nearly as soon as they're up.

Your misdirection game is weak, Ezra.

e5d441 No.11968989


>Take note of Cass Sunstein (author of on rumors, head of the office of information regulation under Obama) and his theory of Cognitive Infiltration Games


And I say that as someone who followed that since the beginning.

a4fe38 No.11969002

File: f2bef6f7078ce5e⋯.png (30.1 KB, 400x379, 400:379, jeb hoody.png)


>If true, then good for you.

>I applaud your efforts.

10yrs of propaganda war.

Remake the internet and overwhelm all CIA narratives until people finally catch on. E-celebs get paid millions to take credit.

Finally one anon applauds me.

Thank you.

a2bb71 No.11969004

File: 4324d7a5ea0e538⋯.jpg (46.98 KB, 780x439, 780:439, Keith Ellison DNC leader e….jpg)

>Alex Jewnes purged from ALL social media AT THE SAME TIME

>NIGGERTITS seems to be down

Looks like ((((they))))) are preparing for tomorrow's election.

9ee26c No.11969010


Agreed there. Jones has been a safe/easily dismissed decoy the whole time too. That Kappy guy who InfoWars hosted seems like a similar plant as well. Q, Trump and InfoWars seem made for each other, but it doesn't surprise me that Jones is abandoning the Q psyop for now.

He's not known for his consistency either though. Recent media stunts: he's claimed he was through with Trump finally, cussing and spinning his chair around talking about how they'll "delete the tapes" before they pull it down from YouTube. Result: dweebs like Nathan Bernard who make their living pointing out what lying shits Cernovich and Jones are keep the twerps name and profile in the public eye.

a4fe38 No.11969019

File: ecb5a2bde55c2f1⋯.jpg (225.29 KB, 900x534, 150:89, alex red.jpg)



He'll be back, spewing his treason. I give it a week.

a4fe38 No.11969032

File: e6384662d6b701e⋯.jpg (95.54 KB, 302x322, 151:161, trump illuminati card blow….jpg)


>Trump (who has been the most-pro Israel president in the last 30 years).

If he were that pro-Israel, as Hillary was, we would of taken out Syria and Iran already. Remember the 7 wars of Obama?

Unless this is all part of the Hegelian dialectic, Trump isn't doing that great for Israel. Move an embassy or continue their "Greater Israel" wars. Which one is more important?

a4fe38 No.11969036


He was banned before and came back.

e5d441 No.11969037


>The Jews are getting pissed and are starting to push things into overdrive.

This is good, since this is how the always fuck themselves. Never interrupt your enemy etc.

4b37cd No.11969041

File: c81f8f5d4f16df2⋯.png (519.08 KB, 582x959, 582:959, ClipboardImage.png)

Right on (((time)))

7d5524 No.11969067


This is true, I just feel a sort of panic because I haven't fully de-Google'd my life yet. And this is the heralding call of the death throws of this and other institutions I've come to rely on over the past 15 years or so. But you are correct, anon.

07fe96 No.11969068

Part of the Alex Jones ban is apart of what is called Trained Programming (TP), this used combined with effective propaganda is meant to steer the hearts and minds. In repetition, this is a tool that only gets more effective the more it's in use.

f016fe No.11969072


(((They))) do their dirty work late at night to minimize the inevitable backlash, but it seems to have made things worse for AJ's haters.

e5d441 No.11969082

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>rabbi media

I know they're controlled since they weren't very interested in an ACTUAL censorship case until it was almost too late.

Turns out the (((Crown Attorney))) in the case is friends with Ezra.

e5d441 No.11969084


He sells enough filters and snake oil to host his own streaming channel.

da7798 No.11969095

File: 3565c51df609b29⋯.png (8.41 KB, 215x255, 43:51, 3565c51df609b29141f5a34b82….png)

>People in this thread are siding with Cuckaberg and his censorship policy that will inevitably be used so only Jewish Propaganda is the only thing on the internet

And these people are called, Jewish Shills.

7efc64 No.11969101


If he is controlled opposition, it really proves how weak the left is right now, by having to get rid of their "controlled opposition". I mean, that's like telling your low iq, yet good looking wingman, to fuck off, when you are trying to pick up chicks, because he's ruining your chances to get laid, because they would rather fuck a tard, than you. The left is desperate as fuck, to go from bashing Jones, to having to silence him.

8b7f40 No.11969102

Want to know what's an effective deprogramming? Start blowing reporter's heads out on live air.

cf672a No.11969140


Alex Jones is controlled opposition, but he still acts as a gateway keeper for the real thing. And he is huge, especially among the boomer crowd.

d17b05 No.11969142


Ok officer, I think you're done here.

a4fe38 No.11969156


All the non-Jews shills are already kicked off faggot. Alex is PR stunting again with the Deep State or maybe they're eating their own. I hope they murder him.

7efc64 No.11969166

File: f7a83c3a67660d4⋯.png (71.57 KB, 1216x1022, 608:511, alegs_jones.png)


I personally liked his show and watched it for a while, before he started getting huge. I think the radio spot, etc got him to go out on a limb and become too fringe and outrageous for his own good. I mean, everything he posted, at least when I was reading him, all had links to verifiable AP news sources, which, at the time , is far more than most other alternative media presents to its readers. I think he went for showmanship, over journalism, to the point that most stopped taking him seriously.

0f45ce No.11969169


that's the dumbest thing ive seen someone defend in a while. ffs man his family is associated with the cia, THE FUCKING CIA

4777ba No.11969170

File: 7c3d1d83fffabce⋯.jpg (136.88 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, 1ux29d.jpg)


sounds like a great plan m8 we'll get right on that

d1a276 No.11969176



b3d035 No.11969180

When your gets don’t bring what I like.

83a19b No.11969185

I've never seen so many shills in one place

90ebc4 No.11969190

I think it's really odd that infowars got banned on several platforms in less than 24 hours. Facebook, Apple, Youtube, Spotify…they are competitors, but it seems like they are all working together. It was an orchestrated attack, who is behind this? And don't tell me DA JOOS! I want names.

WTF is going on?

4f98dc No.11969192


>don’t tell me DA JOOS i want names

The jews. Kill yourself, you stupid fucking yid. Go back to reddit.

83a19b No.11969195

File: 8dc1f2e630250f7⋯.png (286.29 KB, 569x313, 569:313, 1512338115110.png)


your nickname for him is kike-stein? that's not even remotely clever, nor is it pun or a play on words. only a lefty could be this unoriginal.

4f98dc No.11969196


YES, AND? It doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. Why should we care about your jewish controlled opposition?


>Congress has allowed

That’s not how the laws of the US work.


>oy vey Alex Jones isn’t controlled opposition

Reminder that anyone who says this is a paid shill.

4f98dc No.11969204


>wow ha ha I fundamentally do not comprehend what controlled opposition is

>lol wow I take all actions at face value

>my lies must be truth now because of this

Best you can do, huh?

90ebc4 No.11969206


What the fuck is your problem?

d8ac8f No.11969211


You're clearly from reddit, go back

7efc64 No.11969227

File: 744565745bba30e⋯.png (637.26 KB, 1502x1378, 751:689, kike_vs_kike.png)


The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. That being said, if they can't control it, and the people actually started waking up and doing their own research, then they had to shut him down. When you are so hated that your controlled opposition rates more views and interest than your actual position, you have lost. Now fuck off back to the JIDF.

90ebc4 No.11969233


Takes one to notice one.

e5d441 No.11969251


>The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. That being said, if they can't control it, and the people actually started waking up and doing their own research, then they had to shut him down.

Part of me thinks Q got out of their hands recently and thus you had (((media))) covering it to discredit it.

Part of me thinks it's a Cass Sunstein operation.

Another part of me thinks it's sponsored by Monster Zero Ultra and John Deere.

465012 No.11969253

So what does this mean? What's next basically after this? First they go after Alex Jones, next they go after conservatives, pro freedom people, ect, ect.

I think these companies just shot themselves in the foot… with a shotgun. Just blew that fker off.

e5d441 No.11969256


This Canada/SA thing seems strange.


c051b2 No.11969260


Could be this.

4f98dc No.11969271


>jewish paid shilling got out of the hands of the shills that run it

Yeah, nah.


So what about Alex Jones makes you think that anyone was waking up? Try again with an actual argument.

a4fe38 No.11969276

File: 8aab419a1ed4919⋯.png (48.1 KB, 668x420, 167:105, hollywood pedo rossanne ma….png)


>And don't tell me DA JOOS! I want names.

Anyone who says the JOOS is a Jew and everyone knows this.

1d5046 No.11969283

File: 79a7b6d7e9420a7⋯.jpg (276.01 KB, 916x480, 229:120, (((Q))).jpg)

File: 2e9f614085637f7⋯.png (723.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2e9f614085637f74b51237ac93….png)


Used to be both, but "Bauch" got the boot and now it's just Pamphlet.

0119a2 No.11969286

File: ff91367afa03e32⋯.gif (86.41 KB, 248x203, 248:203, 0085cfb5bc759afec288f3d317….gif)


>pedophile jokes are funny because nobody actually gets hurt

>pointing out niggers look like apes is wrong because words cause niggers to physically die

d13002 No.11969287


>The incredible mental gymnastics in that tweet


d1a276 No.11969291

File: 8682c77eae98c88⋯.jpg (28.88 KB, 620x349, 620:349, 1533499670337.jpg)


go back to reddit.

d722be No.11969296

File: df34a82df533bd5⋯.gif (2.58 MB, 280x250, 28:25, 1522702831607.gif)


Jones is a Mossad/Clown shill and his handler is Rodger Stone who worked for pedophile Nixon.

Why do you think he generally avoids the jewish question and bashing Israel?

Why else does he go into absolute "shut it down" mode when it comes to pizzagate and the child trafficking finds in New Mexico.

Do I even need to mention that he claims he has direct talks with Q anon?

Dude is controlled opposition. No need to shed a tear for the kike wannabe.

c051b2 No.11969299


>pizzagate and the child trafficking finds in New Mexico.

Those were a fucking joke, fuck off shill.

4f98dc No.11969303


>implying the left will apply their rules to themselves

4f98dc No.11969306


>pizzagate is a joke


7efc64 No.11969308

File: a2c110e55ef4626⋯.jpg (4.68 MB, 2182x2942, 1091:1471, jews_shilling_pol.jpg)


What about Alex Jones made me think people were waking up. Honestly, Jones, at one point, at least opened the door to outside inquiry to the Jewish Controlled Media / Mainstream Media, that people who watched him diverted to alternative news media, even the chans, for more opinion and news, than the discredited Mainstream Media, like CNN. I could see where that could be a huge problem for the Gov and MSM, because people started actually questioning the narrative, and took it upon themselves to look to sources, outside of Jones, for "real news". If anything, pol and the chans themselves probably gained readers due to Jones, than if he had not existed. Many here today, came here, years ago, because of interest that was piqued by Jones and company.

c051b2 No.11969310


The ones in New Mexico were a joke yes.

d722be No.11969312

File: 812ef4bdc001103⋯.gif (3.67 MB, 700x298, 350:149, charlton_heston_rea.gif)


>Those were a fucking joke, fuck off shill.

A bit triggered there Alex? Maybe you should "hang" with your pedo friends.

c051b2 No.11969317




You dumb niggers stick out like a sore thumb. YOU CAN'T SAGE HERE YOU STUPID SHITS UPDATE YOUR TRAINING MANUALS.

d8ac8f No.11969319




d722be No.11969326

File: 7856cad4f760257⋯.gif (808.4 KB, 207x207, 1:1, PWCjMiP.gif)


I sage because I fucking want to faggot, and I'm old school like that.




c051b2 No.11969333



Your bumping by saging.

d8ac8f No.11969342


sage is not a downvote

d722be No.11969344

File: afe2fcf66328a3b⋯.jpg (204.02 KB, 1703x958, 1703:958, 93579340687634987436804674….jpg)


And your deflecting and trying to change the subject that Alex Jones is a Mossad/CIA asset. Bitch even recently had a single eye injury during his cast all Pope and "muh illuminati club" like.

Yeah we see your symbolism and signaling. We aren't fucking amused. Pizzagate/Pedowood is going to round you "paytriots" up and leave you out to dry.

a4fe38 No.11969345


You dont have the power levels to gaslite us kike. Go back to PedoSwim and draw some Barron cartoons on the bathroom wall.

c051b2 No.11969350


Your not even making any sense anymore.

a4fe38 No.11969355


>Jones is a Mossad/Clown shill

Post Brezknik

You're a mossad clown shill and if you're not you should consider not being a useful idiot for a Zionist Kikemason who murdered white kids.

1d5046 No.11969360

File: 597a75e02ed9881⋯.jpg (116.84 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Roy Cohn Pedo 3.jpg)


>Jones is a Mossad/Clown shill and his handler is Rodger Stone who worked for pedophile Nixon.

There's no real evidence that Nixon was a pedo, but Stone was close with Trump's mentor, the boy-trafficking GRIDS kike Roy Cohn, and according to an article published on infowars, Stone continued his ring.

Jones is also so close with the Hollywood pedokike Charlie Sheenie that he "saw his hernia". In the stories before his name went public, it was implied that he (or possibly his father, Martin Sheen) ran a sex ring.

>the child trafficking finds in New Mexico.

It was a homeless camp. Stunts like that discredit the actual cases of jewish child trafficking.

52d094 No.11969363


Communists aren't human or White.

All you brevik bashers are like

muh poor anti Israel Norwegian chilluns

d722be No.11969365

File: 56129bcbfd9bd4c⋯.png (155.79 KB, 434x365, 434:365, 1466383761835.png)


Multiple sources have already confirmed he is a Mossad operative.

Make enough sense for you?


True, but tbh, it was the closest >mfw image I had. Doesn't change the fact he goes "shut it down" as soon as it comes to major pedophile network investigations.

4fc548 No.11969370

File: 01c6acf88dc8c68⋯.webm (442.02 KB, 854x480, 427:240, WHAT.webm)

File: 56c145afbd11a0e⋯.jpg (160 B, 1x1, 1:1, bypass.jpg)

f080f9 No.11969373


What happened to that guy? Jon Tron was fucking hilarious

d722be No.11969374

File: 6a0586115a652e2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 448.29 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, nixon.jpg)


>There's no real evidence that Nixon was a pedo

There are eye witnesses and personal testimonials. That is indeed evidence he was.

dca2d2 No.11969377

Alex is now using Owen Shroyer's old pre-infowars youtube channel for live broadcasts



d722be No.11969378


Also can mods please spoiler this? I honestly forgot. Will self report to spoiler it just in case.

d5202d No.11969384

>>11967955 (checked)



d5202d No.11969385


nice digits but that is last weeks stream

d1a276 No.11969386

File: 4f2c8bf52761260⋯.jpg (398.76 KB, 879x517, 879:517, not_this_frog.jpg)


found the kike

cdd3c9 No.11969387


Hey, nigger, you're glowing in the fuckin' dark.


Only Reddit faggots posting on /r/Politics talk like that.

d722be No.11969389

File: 9e3bf25eb5423b6⋯.jpg (449.59 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, fiona barnett art.jpg)


Just post redpills. Shills hate the redpill.

d1a276 No.11969390

File: 3fa6ff8d40be9e1⋯.jpg (287.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1526317969782.jpg)


nigger, you glow.

35e9d6 No.11969391

File: 83bab25246718ac⋯.jpg (154.76 KB, 800x704, 25:22, Jew-Tang-Clan.jpg)


Because he is the kike

Infowars is wholly owned by Time Warner. It's a fucking TV show.

Anyone can get a 12 dollar a month subscription to Stratfor and get the "revelations" that Kike Boot-licker Jones gets.

He's the worst kind of shill. Fucking limited hangout cuck for the kike.>>11968183

a6e07a No.11969397


>Infowars is wholly owned by Time Warner

lmao there is no lie too absurd for the jew

524b54 No.11969398

File: 7241903c6156ccb⋯.png (129.06 KB, 597x577, 597:577, wtf_1.PNG)

oh no that sucks

3c2dab No.11969400

File: 60b7bd5942264cf⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 600x400, 3:2, x8mVW-1443477814-blog-28.jpg)

fuck kikewars but the point stands that we now have to get another big name leftist faggot fired to retaliate

d1a276 No.11969401


do you not realize that Alex Jones is working for the jews or are you a simpleton?

d1a276 No.11969407

File: 459d0083ca5db74⋯.jpg (140.67 KB, 1200x1198, 600:599, 459d0083ca5db744b92d490efb….jpg)


true, and dubs

35e9d6 No.11969408



Holy shiiiiiiiieeeeeeeetttt

Fuck off kike

d722be No.11969412

File: 012f7bb9f1ca9ab⋯.jpg (183.96 KB, 964x1200, 241:300, ask-steven-spielberg.jpg)


Steven Spielberg?

3c2dab No.11969413

File: 54bd364bcf8439d⋯.jpg (24.72 KB, 300x300, 1:1, attention-grabbing-flyer.jpg)




go after Colbert or Kimmel

3c2dab No.11969417


not enough solid evidence we need to hit someone else for tangible old tweets/blogs/kike book posts

e725e1 No.11969421


PJW is actually one of us but keeps his power level just low enough to still exist. He won't name (((them))) of course, but he keeps spreading the truth about what's going on in europooristan.

d1a276 No.11969422

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


embedded it for you.

kikes BTFO, again.

a31d3c No.11969425


Will you faggots just fucking leave already?

35e9d6 No.11969428


Thank you Anon

d1a276 No.11969429

File: 5252ad0a22112d6⋯.jpg (19.89 KB, 480x361, 480:361, 7832hc98.jpg)

e19784 No.11969430

marxist commie kikes from yt/fb/apple got together and kvetched about zionist kike shill Jones influencing elections so deployed a coordinated politically motivated shoah across all platforms with the vague excuse muh hate speech just in time for the mid terms and subsequent presidential elections.

I can't stand ziocuck jones although he did help get Trump elected which is far better than shillary would have been.

It is an attack on free speech by kikes who have no problem allowing some chink cunt rattle off about how she hates whites.

3c2dab No.11969435


You see this kike's retarded Simpsons picture, so ignore the fucking jew shill subhuman and target Colbert

d5202d No.11969439

File: f93e9e94bc860d7⋯.jpg (48.19 KB, 922x642, 461:321, 30948u33.jpg)

File: 31bd6b4696e8cbc⋯.png (92.08 KB, 500x533, 500:533, byalexjones.png)

File: 9c337d67159f2b3⋯.png (92.91 KB, 500x371, 500:371, weofyuejh.png)

File: 48773d0f7e7af97⋯.jpg (69.37 KB, 960x892, 240:223, 2039202020eo.jpg)

i'll just dump some memes

d1a276 No.11969441

File: 0383442cfc47d5c⋯.jpg (433.81 KB, 1024x1501, 1024:1501, 1024px-Tengu_shrine_in_Bep….jpg)


lol, try harder Moshe

that was weak

1d5046 No.11969442


A recent drawing like that doesn't constitute evidence.


>Fiona Barnett

Isn't she also advocating for the woman on twitter who claims she was sold to Tom Hanks, with 0 proof?

d5202d No.11969444

File: e4106e500dad301⋯.jpeg (47.59 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 0398393.jpeg)

File: 9bf4f9519c910c4⋯.jpeg (38.31 KB, 454x639, 454:639, 30383093.jpeg)

File: 2398a4d83232b6d⋯.jpeg (110.88 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 7i5ectre.jpeg)

File: a080b16179709ff⋯.jpeg (23.45 KB, 640x425, 128:85, i987ty7t5rf.jpeg)

1d5046 No.11969449

File: 75fa03811339866⋯.jpg (121.29 KB, 400x370, 40:37, Ovens.jpg)


>this kike's retarded Simpsons picture

That's a classic image, Moshe.

35e9d6 No.11969451


>He won't name (((them))) of course

That's a limited hangout

Give the public something of the truth, but don't expose the key players. Just enough to make them believe that someone looked into it and there is no need to investigate further.

These are the worst shills of the bunch. They're literally traitors. That one guy, Sgt Joe Biggs that worked for AJ caught on and walked but can't talk due to a non-disclosure he had to sign to work there. They're good for 7 years so he's got about 5 years to go before he can talk, but most likely will end up dead of suicide in 5 years time.

f54bb3 No.11969456


>don't tell me DA JOOS!

So, don't tell you?

93b58c No.11969458

File: f43028afefdbf1a⋯.png (308.06 KB, 800x445, 160:89, they know shut it down.png)

The normies are good with censorship; the literally don't want to be exposed to unpopular ideas.

More importantly, the Globalist Jews are shutting down not just controlled opposition like Jones, but shutting down 4chan.

d1a276 No.11969460

File: 6496dd9eb0b1b5f⋯.gif (3 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 1522158509489.gif)


>Give the public something of the truth, but don't expose the key players. Just enough to make them believe that someone looked into it and there is no need to investigate further.

Exact description of a limited hangout.

This anon gets it.

29e619 No.11969463

4f98dc No.11969466


That’s not pizzagate.



6fcbde No.11969468


No shit. That's why he'll be back. At least he's good for short audio drops and Joneswave.

29e619 No.11969473

File: 443bae972ecaf8e⋯.jpg (888.65 KB, 917x6483, 917:6483, Apple Phone Numbers 3.jpg)

File: 7c8703c3bf1e01e⋯.jpg (571.82 KB, 988x1758, 494:879, phone stuff 3.jpg)

71b084 No.11969475

File: 3c1ee90816cb117⋯.gif (2.94 MB, 470x200, 47:20, Jew_Funny_Guy.gif)



>i'll just dump some memes

Let me guess, they are literally going out of style as you post, and you need to drop them before the value of the meme stock plummets.

4f98dc No.11969476






We don’t support anti-racists here.

29e619 No.11969477


There was a quote once from an author, I can't remember the name, who was stuck in a Russian communist gulag during the USSR days. He felt powerless to do anything to change his situation. He figured out, however, that his fear was only exceeded by the fear the guards held within themselves, for they were under the same tryanny as he was. In fact, they feared the whip EVEN MORE than he did because they still had something left to lose, while he did not.

So he studied the rules of the prison in detail and then proceeded to follow those rules EXACTLY in every aspect. When he saw something out of place or not being followed correctly he pointed it out by writting a letter to the guards boss, and then the bosses boss, and then that guys boss compaining of things within the gulag that were not up to spec in a facility of the glorious motherland. Since no one wanted to admit guilt, or critisize the rule which was handed down to them buy their superiors for fear they would soon find themselves in a cell themselves, they were forced to comply with everything he pointed out. Everyone feared the person with power over them, all the way up to Stalin himself, and refused to question the parties wisdom. He was eventually released from the gulag after serving only 3 years of a 20 year sentence.

d5202d No.11969478

File: d3ab5f60584cc15⋯.jpeg (62 KB, 700x488, 175:122, e098494.jpeg)

File: 7f22f299f046cc1⋯.jpeg (47.97 KB, 680x422, 340:211, o9u8r.jpeg)

File: 8e9658d2b475a3f⋯.jpeg (137.77 KB, 826x767, 14:13, 09eru8e8.jpeg)

File: 40b1071fd5f3de3⋯.jpeg (40.57 KB, 551x549, 551:549, i97tygft.jpeg)

what's the point of shutting down your own controlled opposition?

1c8eaa No.11969480

File: fa340a3b9224ce6⋯.png (98.66 KB, 497x708, 497:708, Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at ….png)

Infowars still on HF

Filter sales will continue on 4840Khz


d8ac8f No.11969489

35e9d6 No.11969491

File: b5067863eda3b54⋯.gif (836.41 KB, 149x181, 149:181, hitler_gassed.gif)


>what's the point of shutting down your own controlled opposition?

Another word for Controlled Opposition is Asset

If something was important enough, then you would burn your most precious asset.

It means we are approaching the event horizon

Oh and the gay frog shit is legit. UC Berkley study, I want to say Atrozine or some shit like that. I thought it was fucking disinfo porn until I actually I looked it up for myself.

Just another example of how AJ shills for the kike. Disregard all the faggots and trannies folks, it can't be anything related to the gay frog experiments that Berkley conducted because our Goy Alex Jones is a Nutter!

3c2dab No.11969497

File: f448700ac81d05b⋯.jpg (791.64 KB, 1000x1510, 100:151, 1520403839215.jpg)



Wow, Chaim and Mortimer are hard at work trying to subvert this thread. Mods, these two are objectively and irrefutably Jewish shill scum and need to be range banned. Reported

6eb518 No.11969498

File: 4813f3f12ccf7c9⋯.jpg (295.04 KB, 593x960, 593:960, JoinTheSoyBoys.jpg)

07fe96 No.11969505

File: 40b1071fd5f3de3⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 551x549, 551:549, 40b1071fd5f3de3a807a371229….jpg)


←– this isn't too far off actually.

cdfb53 No.11969510


>jewish paid shilling got out of the hands of the shills that run it

>Yeah, nah.

You don't know what a golem is? I'm sure you learned about it in Hebrew school.

c8f4b8 No.11969516

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This song is dedicated to you Alex

Thread theme

6fcbde No.11969519


>punching right

Fuck off TRSodomite. Fuck the left and fuck the right. There's sure a lot of shills ITT caring about Jonestein. All that's relevant is the same as always:

<can we use it?

2484c3 No.11969521


>punching right


>Fuck off TRSodomite.

This song >>11969516 is also dedicated to anyone who says "punching right"

cdfb53 No.11969523



"Tricky" Dick can have two meanings.

He was a mob lawyer so I'm pretty sure he enjoyed his share of pizza.

df2dec No.11969525

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

cdfb53 No.11969528


It's live, kike.

2484c3 No.11969532

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

With Jews you lose

2484c3 No.11969534


>Steven Spielberg?

The great white shark of the holohoax propaganda. Take him and take hollywood!

7419d0 No.11969538

I hate to say this, but

what if this is being done to siphon attention off of Q.

d5202d No.11969539


its a live stream of last weeks shows

97e4f7 No.11969543

Gettin' real 1776.

71b084 No.11969546

File: 1d04648a75e9200⋯.gif (996.79 KB, 480x205, 96:41, LoDoDDB[1].gif)


>what's the point of shutting down your own controlled opposition?

Optics. Or as little thug wannabes demonstrate, go to prison to get dat street cred.

050cd8 No.11969548

why such conspiracy theoristsss you'll being

2484c3 No.11969554

File: 2ab85796aa997b3⋯.jpg (170.13 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 2ab85796aa997b356af5209862….jpg)


>what if this is being done to siphon attention off of Q.

To Q….Every celeb and news agency has been activated to push Q. Nobody would push /pol/ like this. They wont even speak out name.

Including this wannabe kike Alex

cdfb53 No.11969555

File: 42848e9099cf0b8⋯.png (9.01 KB, 185x119, 185:119, live.PNG)

2484c3 No.11969561


>Optics. Or as little thug wannabes demonstrate, go to prison to get dat street cred.

Solid post

cdfb53 No.11969563


>Nobody would push /pol/ like this. They wont even speak out name.

They pushed Q into the open when they couldn't handwave off the JQ with (((ignore the muh joo shills goyim))).

d5202d No.11969564

File: 9bf1ac178944d4e⋯.png (405.09 KB, 600x400, 3:2, w09weu8ww.png)

(((google))) (((youtube))) (((facebook))) literally (((shuts it down))) and idiots ITT bend over backwards to defend literal jews


way to waste trips retard you can live stream jfk giving a speech and it doesn't mean it isnt from the past

2484c3 No.11969571

File: a4f3c26de119a9f⋯.png (356.36 KB, 1098x336, 183:56, controlled opposition shut….png)


OP SEC isn't sending their best.

cdfb53 No.11969575

File: ab2b581048b30fa⋯.png (91.44 KB, 281x438, 281:438, streams.PNG)

Search Infowars and filter (kek) results for live. Many streams now.

t. hasn't listened to the Filterman in months, will catch this emergency transmission for old time's sake

3c2dab No.11969583

File: 6af3bacf18b0354⋯.jpg (26.6 KB, 474x360, 79:60, 1533168589686.jpg)

mass report Shaun King on twitter until he's banned

c4c2ae No.11969584

File: bc46abc3b617430⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 540x296, 135:74, ad6e90bb-47bb-466c-8cd5-28….gif)


>A recent drawing like that doesn't constitute evidence

It's a visual description of the personal testimony of Fiona Bartlett. And since it is part of a larger criminal syndicate that violates RICO laws which as no statute of limitations, yes it indeed does.


You are thinking about Sarah Ruth Ashcroft.

/pol/ is not joking about Day of the Rope. We are meme'ing it into reality.

024033 No.11969588


Watching this video from the 90s, it's interesting to think of how Jones' tone and the topics of focus on his show have shifted over the years. He's clearly trying to get his listeners riled up about the "police state" and "gestapo police tactics", to draw out anti-government sentiment in his listeners. Like, "Let's stir the pot and see what crazies pop out so my fed handlers can catalog them." Now he's very pro law encforcement as a way to create more friction between certain groups (BLM, pro-law enforcements types, etc). And he just openly writes off how he used to be super critical of cops years ago as if it doesn't matter.

Infowars and legacy networks like CNN are just two sides of the same coin brought to you, in this case, by Time Warner. It reminds me of the novel Ender's Game where the genius kid pens editorials under two different pseudonyms each voicing a polar opposite opinion on contentious social issues. He ends up astro turfing two segments of society into ideological conflict and even tricks his own dad into siding with one of his invented columnists. The same thing goes on all around us every day and we're mostly blind to it no matter how much we think we know.

a29cb3 No.11969591

File: 0cf44a3a6a14754⋯.jpg (56.13 KB, 490x746, 245:373, 0cf44a3a6a14754624658ac1a9….jpg)


One side would actually affect real positive change and a better society. One side is still controlled by Jews and merely gives the illusion of control while everything stays the same and gets worse at a slightly decreased pace.

1d5046 No.11969592


>ITT bend over backwards to defend literal jews

>while defending the jewish media outlet known as infowars



Is there proof that she as in any way connected to Nixon? Again, drawings don't constitute proof.

>You are thinking about Sarah Ruth Ashcroft.

Who was promoted by Barnett.

a70570 No.11969594

>Alex Jonestein literal CIA kike shill lololol

They're going after free speech you morons. Him being a shill or not, this will be used to take down /pol/ eventually, and then benign things like the Tea Party.

7c70b4 No.11969596

File: d1ee774143f4f55⋯.jpg (84.53 KB, 450x397, 450:397, August winter Antipodean R….jpg)


Bump for that history of Alex Jones in brief.

I leave open the question of him being "controlled opposition" though. Controlled by whom? Controlled in "Show biz", yeah, perhaps… but as part of a larger framework of power? No.

I don't think he wanted this FB "Edict of Expulsion" to happen.

I think perhaps Alex Jones is a Showman, and the chips fall where they may.

c4c2ae No.11969606

File: 8bb243408969312⋯.jpg (94.79 KB, 640x853, 640:853, nixon hit.jpg)


Oh I'm sure there is. I bet there is a treasure trove of hard evidence the IC/MI and other groups have. Not just on Nixon as well.

Because guess what, they don't call it "insurance" if you can't have hard evidence on hand to keep the blackmail going.

You seem pretty concerned about this Rodger Stone.

Perhaps you should be very concerned.

a29cb3 No.11969607


>they're going after free speech you morons

Hey, idiot. You have not had free speech since the passing of the Civil Rights act. Even before that, ever since Jews and Jew lovers were allowed to sit as judges in our court system. You had no rights all along.

07fe96 No.11969617


We can't allow /pol/ to be wiped out.

3c2dab No.11969628


>don't even bother retaliating and taking one of the left goyim, nothing matters anyway you've already lost

d8ac8f No.11969631


>still playing by the left-right paradigm

You don't even realize how much you stick out here.

6fcbde No.11969642


They're all KIKES you retard.


4f98dc No.11969643


>you’re a jew because you expose jewish paid shilling

Yeah, nah.

>you’re a jew because you reject my claim that a jewish paid shill, who didn’t do anything that jews didn’t want him to do, did things that jews didn’t want him to do

Yeah, nah.

Do you have an actual argument, cocksucker, or are you just going to repeat that Alex Jonestein is good?


Q-LARP is a proven jewish hoax. You’re wrong.


And yet we’re still not going to support your controlled opposition faggotry.

9be621 No.11969644

File: 45d83292bbcbf5a⋯.png (185.56 KB, 460x531, 460:531, ClipboardImage.png)

4f98dc No.11969648



lol, keep trying. So what’s your suggestion regarding the OP of the thread?

649cf3 No.11969667


Nice historical revisionism.

bb4e68 No.11969673


Yeeess goyim, just shout gas the kikes 1488!!! That'll convince people to join our side!!


d8ac8f No.11969676


Fuck off back to TRS, civnat cuck

0c0e38 No.11969689


They don't want us either

07fe96 No.11969701

File: fb8756f68f67705⋯.jpg (31.43 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Ibuprofen.jpg)

Luckily I'm immune to kikefoolery with these aquamarine pills…

bb4e68 No.11969711


> arguments made 0

> Implying I'm a Civnat

Must be dealing with a very intelligent person.

A normie can't go from blue pilled to red-pilled in an instant. That much hard hitting truth and violent rhetoric turns most people away. The red-pill needs to be delivered intelligently, with the understanding of the target audience in mind.

I get autism has made understanding people difficult but if you don't understand the mentality of the masses you won't ever convince them of anything.

1683f7 No.11969715

File: 7d46455627cb36f⋯.jpg (119.1 KB, 1064x1200, 133:150, Djn4AGwXgAA4qnn.jpg)

so this is the power of optics

9c3a8c No.11969720


1683f7 No.11969722


>what if this is being done to siphon attention off of JQ.

9c3a8c No.11969728


>implying Shitter will ban one of their own

9c3a8c No.11969732


At this rate anon, it will be banned for some horseshit like "hate speech" by some fat blue haired landwhale, or some fucking pajeet working for $5 an hour on a (((totally legit))) visa.

976d81 No.11969739


The only people who care about the LARPing faggot Q are boomers.

247b40 No.11969746



1d5046 No.11969750

File: ab5e715b45f08a5⋯.jpg (67.04 KB, 672x435, 224:145, Pedo Stone.jpg)

File: d03fe8ef4b0a7f9⋯.png (56.62 KB, 609x709, 609:709, NXIVM.png)

File: 69fa261785d6e40⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 620x413, 620:413, Roger Stone Protocols.jpg)

File: 630c0209e0e8b92⋯.png (150.46 KB, 743x564, 743:564, Roger Stone RJC.png)

File: 9a6bf16a446a090⋯.png (435.46 KB, 1364x768, 341:192, Nixon - On the Jews.png)


Without proof linking her to Nixon, those pictures are just pictures. In the old days, "conspiracy theorists" used to actually try to verify things, but in the age of the Trump-nigger, accusations are all that's needed.

>Rodger Stone

See >>11969360 . I already acknowledged that the NXIVM lobbyist Roger Stone has been linked to sex rings, he's one of many deviants connected to Trump. But there's actual evidence there, unlike with the claims about Nixon, who, also unlike Stone, was an enemy the jew.

1683f7 No.11969758

File: 1f6d3691d07c269⋯.jpg (33.52 KB, 474x320, 237:160, Di9mAEyU0AAv7dH.jpg)


>for pedophile Nixon.

gas yourself kike.

080eb0 No.11969785


even though he usually blames globalist skynet instead of the jews alex jones was actually calling Q out as a larp psyop

1d5046 No.11969795


>alex jones was actually calling Q out as a larp psyop

After being the one to give it its earliest popularity boost and lying about it being legitimate for months.

8258c0 No.11969811

File: 16d483576c45be7⋯.jpg (5.01 KB, 300x172, 75:43, 21FXH4asCUL.jpg)



Q is fucking retarded its clear that alex got tricked into it by chan

9be621 No.11969816

You fucking faggots are circlejerking and shitposting at one another when a great opportunity is afoot, you are missing the bigger picture.

Nobody is disagreeing with you that alex jones is a kike shill, Nothing wrong with that thought process, so instead of just spewing that jones is an obvious kike which is pretty clear to anyone that's been lurking here for awhile now, use his situation to push our agenda.

What happened today is a great example of how leftist corporation can come together and ban a person, and do you want to know a coincidence? even though most of us regard alex jones as a kike, the media thinks we worship the schizo kike agent just because he leans slightly to the right (((pozzed right))) so with all the "media people" being targeted, example of that will be dan harmon and james gunn, it's logical to think that a conversation happened from the higher ups, casual conversation but enraged at the fact that people leaning from the right is lynching people from the media that represents the left, so it's a "coincidence" to see alex jones get taken down, it's like the media wants us to care about his downfall, the tendency is obvious, we lynched a bunch of pedos, they lynch people THEY think belongs to our side, even though we aren't really on alex's autistic schizo theory conspiracy side.

The idea is, we should all come together, make a white house petition to regulate social media and force free speech on their platform if one of their hosts are located in america, we can use alex jonestein's situation to further boost notice, everyone close to trump officials or have senators should start bothering the fuck out of them to come out with a solution, have some politician guy represent your ideas by bombarding them with this issue, get trump to notice the big social media problem, he's a fucking boomer so start schreaching hard enough so he gets the hint and some expert faggot can fill him up on the details, hopefully his boomer mindset will click, the thing is, speech is allowed and if the social platform breaks whatever law we propose, we have the rights to sue the fuck out of them, also it shields us in the long run that means its a lot harder for our fake sock puppets to get banned for posting hitler did nothing wrong memes.

1d5046 No.11969818


He wasn't tricked, he knew it was a hoax and still pushed it on his retarded listeners.

000000 No.11969822

Purged from Faceberg, Twatter, and now JewTube! How fucking beautiful! Think he will name the Jew? Hell no!

080eb0 No.11969827


he was on the bandwagon with the_donald. after overwhelming evidence of the larpiness of Q was forwarded to infowars he came out and said "Q was compromised". but yeah he still refused to believe that it was larp from the start.

i remember shitposts popping up on /pol/ that we should believe Q because alex jones was now against him.

3c2dab No.11969828


>there's no left/right

>only jews and everyone else

reddit is that way faggot

1d5046 No.11969832

File: 29e12c1f793ab24⋯.webm (4.52 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Jonestein 8chan.webm)


>he still refused to believe that it was larp from the start.

No, he always knew it was one, but saw it as something he could capitalize on. And as he was right, as we can see by the following Corsi gained from it.

He's a liar, and you seem to have battered wife syndrome.

ec284d No.11969833

File: df6997f23a36913⋯.jpg (32.4 KB, 640x560, 8:7, df6997f23a369131c6d4e0091c….jpg)

Alex jones has gotten too deep into the character and now he's actually doing damage to the left.

Expect him to "Retire" or get replace really soon.

4f98dc No.11969837


>you’re a redditor if you reject the jewish false dichotomy


Next you’ll say that racism is bad. Fucking get off our website.

d5202d No.11969845

youtube fax number

Fax: +1 650-253-0001


a04390 No.11969847

File: f597fcaff53c07a⋯.png (53.13 KB, 1391x246, 1391:246, TRY_IT.png)

They keep fucking pushing.

d8ac8f No.11969849

File: 05244571c76638b⋯.jpg (445.04 KB, 1600x1156, 400:289, hitler and his crew.jpg)


It's called the third position, you cancerous little shit. National Socialism. This is a National Socialist board.

4f98dc No.11969854


>you faggots

Thanks for admitting you’re not from around here. Leave and never return.

>the media thinks

No, the media doesn’t think. The media creates. The media created him. The media doesn’t think we do anything; they say we do things and people believe them when they say them. They created Jones. They banned Jones. They say we support Jones.


>they lynch people they think

They don’t think anything. THEY CREATED THIS.

>oy vey goyim come together

>lol compromise your beliefs

>lol accept liars and paid shills and controlled opposition

>where we go one we go all ha ha what’s cue

No. Go away.

87d14c No.11969860

File: 7766d6c9b0c3b70⋯.jpg (586.21 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1532538195474.jpg)


>thread is full of;

<HURR muh jonestein is a kikepuppet

<he's cia with a jew wife goy :^)

>every shill from all over the internet converging in this one thread just to astroturf about a small time e-celeb with normie support

he may not know any better, but he is also a source of lvl0 basic redpilling for the normie masses

you can kiss your kike asses nigger shills

0210a0 No.11969862


>posting a proven coalburner

Kill yourself cucklord

bb4e68 No.11969884


He seems to have got more serious in recent years and stopped doing the whole lizard men from planet dragon crap.


you completely missed his point and went straight for the ad hominem.

Autisticly nit picking what he said, without addressing the important point that we can secure the right's place online; by playing the free speech angle card either shows that your

1. A shill

2. A retarded autist

9be621 No.11969887


>Thanks for admitting you’re not from around here. Leave and never return.

So you're reddit stacking to ((("prove"))) you're from here, that's a level too low for a pathetic newfag trying to fit in.

>No, the media doesn’t think. The media creates. The media created him.

The media echoes ideas, and those ideas are heavily embedded into your boomerkike family, the fact that you have to deal with day to day normalfaggots buying into MSM garbage means that I have every right to listen to the "Media." I have to, because if I don't and decide to one day wear a cap with my country's flag on it and get punched by a retard who got injected by MSM trash, then yes I should be vigilante and hear what garbage is being spilled, retard.

>They don’t think anything. THEY CREATED THIS.

you're unintelligibly autistic, this is the part where I don't read the rest of your post because it's further proof that you're a brainlet newfag who hasn't killed himself yet, consider dying, faggot.

4f98dc No.11969899


So no, you were proven wrong, nothing you said matters in any capacity, and no, we cannot play any card. Got it. Fuck off, jones fag.


>So you're reddit stacking to ((("prove"))) you're from here, that's a level too low for a pathetic newfag trying to fit in.

What the hell are you even talking about?

>The media echoes ideas, and those ideas are heavily embedded into your boomerkike family, the fact that you have to deal with day to day normalfaggots buying into MSM garbage means that I have every right to listen to the "Media."

Nothing here is remotely an argument. You're just shilling for paying attention to jewish media.

>I have to

Then go somewhere else and do it, you subhuman retard.

>because if I don't and decide to one day wear a cap with my country's flag on it and get punched

Then you shoot him for assault. Are you mentally fucking disabled? Like, in real life? This has nothing to do with anything I said.

4b51d7 No.11969915


seriously though




9a88b1 No.11969920

I remember when AJ dissed on Q he said these words

"Only follow verified sources like infowars, anons on the internet dont know anything"

5088a6 No.11969922


He still talks about the reptilians during live appearances. He says he saves it for truthseekers that have mentally evolved to understand it.

cdfb53 No.11969929

File: a0ef2564622672a⋯.jpg (122.37 KB, 1011x1200, 337:400, a0ef2564622672a41486512bfc….jpg)

bb4e68 No.11969934


> So no, you were proven wrong, nothing you said matters in any capacity, and no, we cannot play any card. Got it. Fuck off, jones fag.

> implying that was me

> implying you disproved anything

> implying your not a retarded CIA shill

m8 all your comments consist of is ad-hominem attacks with no substance. Even if your a retarded autist nobody on the right needs someone who has such a limited perspective and ability to recognize what is and isn't important for our movement.

6e6def No.11969937


>alex jonestein

>small time

>nationally syndicated

>raking in millions a year from dickpills an BRAINFORCE

TRS wishes they where as "smalltime" as alex jones

ee0afd No.11969939

File: 8f0531a2ba9f730⋯.jpg (293.32 KB, 950x534, 475:267, 1484909278986.jpg)


>succession from federal gov

Looks like we got a boomer here bringing in his washed up has been failure dreams.

Sorry grandpa, we are actual internet 'nazi's 'whom are no joke serious about being national socialists looking to purge jews and their enablers. Sorry, your faggot 'country' doesn't exist anymore, is all gone. All of it. There is no escaping the fucking empire without utterly wiping it and its support out to the last with no fucking mercy.

9be621 No.11969947


>Nothing here is remotely an argument.

How do you expect me to argue with you if your first reply to my comment was cancerous analogies. analogies aren't arguments, you low IQ imbecile.

>i have to

>then X

Do you honestly expect me or anyone to take you seriously when you slice parts of posts into miniature chunks and reply with them randomly, Do you suffer from mental illness, are you seriously retarded or are you just a shitty troll pretending to be one.

4f98dc No.11969948


>you're CIA for exposing CIA shills

>you didn't do anything because i say so

>alex jones is great lol ha ha

>lol "our" movement lol


9be621 No.11969953


Not an argument.

4f98dc No.11969954


>how do you expect me to substantiate my own claims

>it's not like they're factual or anything

it is a mystery.

>Do you honestly expect me or anyone to take you seriously when you slice parts of posts into miniature chunks and reply with them randomly

Good thing no one did that, then, huh? Why can't you substantiate any of your own claims, you fucking yid? Why are you shilling for alex jones?

4f98dc No.11969958


Thanks for admitting you were wrong. We do not support alex jones.

c8db1d No.11969962


They're conveniently forgetting that if the kikes are getting rid of controlled opposition then something seriously bad is about to go down.

bb4e68 No.11969963


> >alex jones is great lol ha ha

Never said that nor implied it

> >you're CIA for exposing CIA shills

What CIA shills did you expose exactly?

> >lol "our" movement lol

means nothing


Not an argument

9be621 No.11969968



>Double Posting.

>Why are you shilling for alex jones?

Here is my ID for this thread; 9be621

I'd like you to lurk and find proof that i'm shilling for alex jones, be a good little newfag and prove me wrong, go ahead and scheme through my post, come back to me when you have screenshots that I support alex jones.

9be621 No.11969973


Let him post proof that i'm "shilling" for alex jones, I'm curious now, I want him to prove me wrong, lets wait and see.

4f98dc No.11969978


>What CIA shills did you expose exactly?

Oh, I am laughing.

>Not an argument

Thanks for admitting you were wrong. We do not support alex jones.


>come back to me when you have screenshots that I support alex jones.



>we should all come together

lol, shill. Why can't you just address points that were brought up?

9be621 No.11969984


Where is the proof, highlight where I said I supported Alex Jones, i'm still waiting for the screenshot with the highlight.

9aa9e5 No.11969988

Why does it seem like this thread is being used to slide?

ee0afd No.11969989




What in the ever loving fuck is wrong with you.

5088a6 No.11969992


His supplement store is how he launders Russian money.

4f98dc No.11969993


Yep, already did. Run along, boomer. We will not compromise our beliefs to accept the alt-right or neocons into our fold.


Because people are unironically posting in favor of a jewish controlled opposition website.

9be621 No.11969996


you struggling low IQ kike? where is the proof.

9be621 No.11969997

also checkem

bb4e68 No.11969998



I'm pretty sure he's a retarded newfag. He didn't even check my ID when responding and keeps spamming his butthurt responses. A shill would usually have changed his ID by now and switched tactics.

I'm guessing he's a teenager, probably fresh of 4chan. Types like most of the low IQ vermin that post there.

The quality of the chans seems to be declining year on year. We need a way to keep these tards from shitting up the board.

9be621 No.11970001


But where is the proof?

465012 No.11970005

I think the source of them banning "hate speech" on platforms are those SPLC fagots - they really need to be dealt with


9be621 No.11970007


i've been waiting for him to post the proof, so far nothing, oof.

a literal kike, really makes you think what this faggot is up to.

000000 No.11970011


Is Jones' career a form of "Revelation of the Method" style lesser magic by kikes? If so- has he done more harm than good for his handlers due to his personality? I get it that naming the jew on any mainstream media is the key to a short career. Even if he wanted to do it, Is he really just guilty of being greedy for keeping going?

5088a6 No.11970012

File: ea5665e44b831d7⋯.jpeg (20.81 KB, 300x168, 25:14, C0EA1665-8F9E-4920-A376-9….jpeg)

9be621 No.11970025


>Out, boomer.

i'm not the one struggling to take screenshots here, fossil.

>lol he posted it twice but i don't like that so i will ignore it

Not an argument, where is the screenshot, where is the proof that I support alex jones?

c72d5c No.11970043



bb4e68 No.11970051

File: c93a307f39912ac⋯.jpg (128.23 KB, 898x628, 449:314, ShowImage.jpg)


I think he's part of a VERY special new unit the IDF just created.


Please stop posting it's painful to watch. I said you were a Newfag and not a shill. Is reading difficult for you?

Maybe anon just gave us a Freudian slip and admitted he was a shill.

Obviously whoever's paying you really is scraping the barrel on this one.

1c8eaa No.11970065

File: 876004d80b48aca⋯.png (154.59 KB, 382x350, 191:175, Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at ….png)

fd326b No.11970070


We have a thread for that. shoo

cdb770 No.11970072


That's a pretty creative way of saying "if you fight your enemies they win". Idiot

1d5046 No.11970083

File: 6ca2cb463a6cb2d⋯.jpg (124.14 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Candace Ownes Jerusalem Em….jpg)

cdb770 No.11970086


Because you have no idea what the words you're using mean.

4c4316 No.11970092

File: f8db5e2630a2c9a⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 320x180, 16:9, alex-jones-o.gif)

Muh (((capitalism)))

d32a50 No.11970095

>YouTube, LLC

>901 Cherry Ave.

>San Bruno, CA 94066


Don't do anything stupid.

Fax:+1 650-253-0001

35e9d6 No.11970099

File: ef5e1ea55691979⋯.jpg (60.55 KB, 479x608, 479:608, 1514276473590.jpg)


>My God, THIS!!!

If we're going to be betrayed, FFS let it be one of our fucking own for once! DJT is at least Caucasian!

We know the Jew Devil. We've been down that path 1000 times. For fucking once, let's back one of our own!

000000 No.11970111



Howdy Alex. Nice to see your photons on /pol/.

You're right, this isn't a fucking game.

This is the start of the silence before the storm. I'm expecting this stage to lat from 6 months to 2 yrs. During this stage, conservatives will be shamed, lambasted, and then silenced in quick succession. This stage will end when the Leftwing/Progressives will start to also be silenced through the same process. At that time, that's when fighting begins in the streets. Shortly thereafter, the united States ceases to be so.

As far as domestic affairs, it doesn't matter who is in the Oval Office at this point, nor what Nation we are at with. Civil War is coming… like a freight train. Maybe I'll be ordering one of your water filters after all.



: )

4c9a16 No.11970129

File: e45108ebebae6cd⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1214x1109, 1214:1109, smug infinity.png)


>saying a black person looks like a monkey is extremely racist

>saying a non-black person looks like a monkey is perfectly okay

c4c2ae No.11970130

File: b5701952e223a7b⋯.png (36 KB, 499x338, 499:338, 40917235.png)


>you faggots

You are sure as fuck not from around here if you get triggered that an anon called you and the rest of us fucking faggot. Where do you think you are shilling? Tumblr? Fuck off cocksmoking faggot.

7efc64 No.11970141

File: 70ae5f2add3225f⋯.png (441.37 KB, 621x534, 207:178, Jews Shut it down.png)


I finally figured out why this thread has been so full of Jews and Shills.

They are truly afraid that the American people are waking up. Jones might be a front man, a buffoon, or even a gov controlled opposition player, BUT, he has accidentally awakened the voting age boomers, to the Mainstream Media and its manipulations. It's only a matter of time, before said boomers start doing the research, and find out who the Mainstream Media is, the Jews, and awaken to whom their true enemy is. When, not if, but when it happens, it will be a glorious day of asshurt, worldwide. Pic related was the only way they thought they could derail it… but, the awakening is happening.

34567a No.11970161



jones is an entrypoint to /pol/. if lemmings can wrap their brain around what jones says they will eventually find their way to /pol/ and learn the truth.

7efc64 No.11970170


Jones leads to Q, Q leads to a fuckton of internet searching… eventually leading to pol.

Now, all we have to do, is equip these boomers with the red pills of truth, to get a massive wave to turn out, and get rid of every fucking liberal, commie, jew scum that comes on the board, not in pol, but at the ballot box.

35e9d6 No.11970171


Yes, but its still our duty to call Alex "Scheklestein" Jones out.

7efc64 No.11970175


Call him out if you wish.

An entry point, still is a chance to redpill a ton of people, who actually vote.

1d5046 No.11970188

File: 3e1e1d31ddec96d⋯.mp4 (7.53 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Alex Jones - We are a JUD….mp4)

File: 46bd12779f9d71f⋯.jpg (65.02 KB, 620x413, 620:413, Alex Jones Protocols.jpg)


Jonestein isn't causing an awakening, he's preventing one, and ensuring that those who might otherwise become redpilled stand with Israel and embrace Trotskyism.

7efc64 No.11970190


Think of it this way, Jones accidentally gives us the chance to redpill millions.

A useful idiot, is still useful.

7efc64 No.11970199

File: a7c4b7cf5361da9⋯.png (739 KB, 1680x2975, 48:85, Pol at last I truly see.png)


Nice dubs.

That being said, silencing him, will lead the boomers, to us.

It's a win win for pol.

6b70c0 No.11970201


>posting pics of this controlled opposition kike

good goy. why don't you just :^)

6f6ff0 No.11970206


Doesn't matter tbh everyone here knows he's a zionist stooge but grabbing his 4 million boomer audience should be the focus right now.

1d5046 No.11970208

File: 4c2f87a4f9e70c6⋯.jpg (186.89 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, vote.jpg)

File: 746a87cb5341778⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1600x1101, 1600:1101, r_d_voters_prison.jpg)


>defending the Q LARP

>jew scum that comes on the board, not in pol, but at the ballot box.

Jews don't attack by voting, they count the votes and own both parties. Before you start lecturing us about how to redpill people, redpill yourself.


Unless you have a plan to convince them all to cleanse themselves from the gene pool, retarded boomers who believe Jonestein and the Q LARP coming here isn't a win.

7efc64 No.11970212


Finally, someone else sees this as an opportunity. 4 million, redpilled, armed boomers.

3a4daf No.11970228

Just getting caught up on the (((alt light))) side of things but there's some of them blaming Owen Shreyer for throwing a "roman salute" at Berkeley yesterday.

>Left handed goofy looking wave at Antifa


These faggots deserve ridicule.

7efc64 No.11970229


Not everyone who happens upon pol is instantly red pilled.

It is a process.

We have a chance to redpill 4 million, voting citizens, who are armed, and are, white, middle class.

This is a chance to win at the polls, at the voting booth, and eventually an endgame for "the powers that be", if we can seize it.

d5202d No.11970238


toppest of keks

6f6ff0 No.11970243


Off topic spambot kys

4f98dc No.11970248


>can’t even reply

You’re done. You were proven wrong. We don’t support civnats here.


Thanks for admitting you were proven wrong. We don’t support Alex Jones here. We don’t support controlled opposition here.



But nothing. He’s everything you said and more.

>it’s only a matter of time



>Q-LARP leads somewhere that it was explicitly designed to make people avoid

Anon, please.

1d5046 No.11970254

File: 62c8ff410a2500b⋯.jpg (6.72 MB, 3600x2763, 400:307, march_of_jewry.jpg)


>This is a chance to win at the polls, at the voting booth, and eventually an endgame for "the powers that be", if we can seize it.

Like I said, focus on redpilling yourself. The jews own both parties. We never voted them into power, and we aren't going to vote them out.

3a4daf No.11970256


>off topic spambot kys

Scroll up faggot. I was around earlier talking with other anons about what anons should do to capitalize on this situation to spread actual redpills like back in the old days.

6f6ff0 No.11970257


I agree with your general sentiment but not with your end goal. There's no political solution out of this mess.

6b70c0 No.11970270


this, tbh. we've spent the last 100 years building to this victory and now you fags want to ruin everything by voting. why can't you just go back to sleep

b8b914 No.11970296



9be621 No.11970302


>can't even reply

yeah, forget the fact that it took you nearly 20 minutes to reply back, still has no proof that I support alex jones, where is the proof you fucking faggot.

did you wait it out and expect me to leave and forget about the part that I asked you to post the proof, post it, stop dodging my request, kike.

3c2dab No.11970304



7d4f7e No.11970329

File: 3a965ae8884844f⋯.mp4 (15.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Google should be regulated….mp4)

Reminder that Tucker was already saying this back when Damore was fired.

d5202d No.11970347

File: e24c4eae78ead99⋯.jpeg (176.16 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 0e9je.jpeg)


that is my current bet



"US urged to act immediately to save its systems from the ‘growing threat of Chinese cyber theft’"


"Over the past week, news surfaced revealing Google’s plans to launch a search engine, a news app, and cloud services in mainland China. The tech giant has largely been absent from the country since 2010, when it shut down its search engine due to concerns about censorship and cyberattacks.

Re-launching a search tool and other products would inevitably force it to comply with China’s censorship regime, which entails blocking access to information the government considers too politically sensitive (whether that’s the history of the Tiananmen massacre or the latest #MeToo scandal in China). And that would place it at odds with Sergey Brin—one of Google’s two co-founders and the voice of caution during the company’s first foray into China."


"Chinese Spies are Infiltrating the American Tech Sector"

"Following the Trump Administration’s April 3 announcement of Chinese exports to the United States that could be subject to as much as fifty-billion US dollars in tariffs in retaliation for policies that have forced the theft of American technology and intellectual property, American citizens and policymakers alike have become alarmed by the extent of this theft by the Chinese.

This theft of intellectual property has primarily been carried out by American tech corporations aiming to reach a new market. Given China’s population of approximately 1.4 billion people, the country presents a promising market of new consumers. In a process known as “forced tech transfer”, these United States companies are required to share their exclusive technology with a Chinese counterpart in order to be allowed to access the Chinese market.

But is giving China access to multiple technologies that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to develop on their own worth the access to Chinese profits?

Forced tech transfer not only means that American companies must share intellectual property and patented technology with China—it also means that any American company that produces data through its product (such as users’ personal information collected in smartphone apps) must attain approval from the Chinese government to access their own data. Furthermore, American companies that perform technology research and development in China are required by law to share their new technology with the Chinese. These strict policies allow China to continue unfairly stealing American technology and American citizens’ personal data."


3481a2 No.11970348


was long term banned for saying q was bullshit several months ago.

noticed there are no more stickies. Have things changed around here?

d5202d No.11970354


kikey is gone

he is polvol2 but he cant destroy the board by wordfiltering nigger yes he actually tried to wordfilter nigger

d1a276 No.11970357

File: dd65b02c9c91c8c⋯.jpg (470.04 KB, 675x450, 3:2, 1533580649734.jpg)


Youre the same kikes that say Hitler was a Zionist and Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks. Alex Jonestien is D&C controlled opposition, he's a public glow nigger and his own kind threw him under the bus.

Fuck off and kys.

d5202d No.11970361


>implying I said any of that

no you fuck off and kill yourself

3481a2 No.11970365


Wow. Is it still "any day now, Trumps is taking down the pedos, indictments! ANY DAY NOW!! Keep believing (forever…)"? or has thinking evolved?

Have any of the good posters from like 3 years ago come back?

841028 No.11970367


i cant wait for alex to appear on tucker as a result of this

the memes produced from the inevitable rant will be glorious

7d4f7e No.11970369


Were you inspired to Nasimpost by my posts on these events on /tv/ or did we just think of the same thing anon?

35e9d6 No.11970371


Do you idiots even realize that Q is

James Norman Mattis

You have no fucking chance. You know that, right? Those of us that served under Mattis will breath our last breath for him.




7d4f7e No.11970374


We should probably bombard his twitter asking him to have Jones on his show

d5202d No.11970380


the larp reached epic proportions and bled into reality every trump rally you see dozens of people holding "Q" signs if they meme hard enough I suppose they could succeed

d1a276 No.11970382

File: 659e5fae61099a8⋯.jpg (308.28 KB, 731x611, 731:611, 23714369.jpg)


this might be a case of friendly fire, my bad


Must be incidental anon, I don't post on /tv/

79df03 No.11970388

File: 35983c3e5bb4fa9⋯.jpg (112.27 KB, 1280x1354, 640:677, Humble filter merchant.jpg)

35e9d6 No.11970394



















Count em up.

You're fucking with the greatest military strategist that ever lived. Every fucking move you make is because it was planned years ago. Millions of Marines will stand and march into the fires of hell once he presents himself and let's everyone know who Q (17th letter) is.

That nigger-kike Obama made one fatal mistake and it was the worst fucking mistake any human could have ever made.

You are so fucked

79df03 No.11970398

File: c88378b6c921781⋯.webm (3.94 MB, 640x360, 16:9, alex jones.webm)

623100 No.11970406

File: 8c1b9352f781de1⋯.jpg (174.34 KB, 869x490, 869:490, all an act.jpg)






This filter man stunt reminds me of how the fag Adam Kokesh tried to manufacture street credibility.

3481a2 No.11970407


ugh. shit's fucking boring. 3 years ago when it was interesting here there were tons of high IQ anons high-effort posting about meditation and uncovering deeper levels of the realm. the only surface level (i.e. government / politics related) topics that got high traffic were posts directly related to these deeper issues (e.g. the F1nder$, t$toçk / MK Often/talent, etc.)

Safe to say it's still just endless threads obsessing about the daily news and the latest absolutely riveting tweets and reddit-tier based-fox-news-anchor / eceleb worship here?

d1a276 No.11970417

File: b14c63e3b0b49fe⋯.gif (992.91 KB, 500x208, 125:52, joker.gif)


>high-effort posting about meditation and uncovering deeper levels of the realm

this is /pol/ m8 not /harrypotter/

c7d13e No.11970423


About a decade ago when I was still an infocuck, somebody who hung out with him at comedy shows/bars in Austin told me the same thing.

c7d13e No.11970427


When are you GATE faggots going to accept the fact that you had to go to special schools because of your autism, and you don't have special powers?

35df9a No.11970430



How does it feel to be so fucking wrong all of the time?

3481a2 No.11970431


That's what I figured. Have fun farting around talking about the circus I guess. But realize you may as well be talking about the NFL or the latest reality tv show.


Yup yup. Still cancer. Thanks for the heads up.

7b1510 No.11970432

File: ba614839b71a12d⋯.jpg (51.13 KB, 750x600, 5:4, concentrated_juice.jpg)


James = 5

Norman = 6

Mattis = 6


Total = 17

This nigger might have something here.

Can anyone confirm?

Seems to make sense. Obama did fire Mattis in 2010

Holy fuck if true.

What did Mattis say, "We're going to kill anyone that poses a threat to this experiment in democracy and we'll keep killing til they get sick of us killing them and beg to be left alone."

Something like that.

47aecf No.11970434

david knight that works for infowars and had his own youtube channel got deleted

3481a2 No.11970439


If you really are a GATE anon who cares about deeper topics and you're still hanging around here, seriously anon, stop. Start running, reading, lifting, walking outside. Any of those things would be more productive and better for you than being here.

And I'm out.

07fe96 No.11970440

You guys remember the music videos back in the old days where they used predictive programing with satanic symbols? Those were the good ol' days….

4f75ad No.11970447

File: f9ca019269285d1⋯.png (674.3 KB, 1502x662, 751:331, 9bfd895c619e7d6069b5cf7d94….png)


because boomers are infected with a slave morality called Christianity that teaches them to have "faith" and believe without evidence.

You can trick them to believe anything because of it, it's how jews swindled them out of their country.

ab8001 No.11970450


Do that again to mein fuhrer and I will stop my war against the kikes and go to prison over (((you)))

b2cf45 No.11970453

File: bb71742fd3ba464⋯.jpg (15.3 KB, 255x233, 255:233, 841d368c1901ea28e82fb4a99c….jpg)


by banning jones they are knowingly propping him up as legitimate anti establishment resistance. They know about the Streisand effect, how when you supress someone they gain attention and support. This proves that Facebook & other platforms who openly supress him are intentionally propping him up. Creating a dialectic, so when people who are dissatisfied with the mainstream media seek other sources of info they get caught in the infowars net and get fed the 'Hollywood is run by the Chinese, Saudis run the federal reserve, Iran is the no.1 sponsor of terrorism' bluepills. Reminder that 8chan has always been anti disinfowars

d1a276 No.11970454

File: 352a8a87d3d6b28⋯.jpg (50.38 KB, 234x234, 1:1, ui3q3939q.jpg)


>implying political discussion is irrelevant

>implying we should discuss meditation and MK Ultra

>Probably doesn't know about the string of other MK projects

Cant tell if youre a shill or just a wet blanket.

201394 No.11970457


Marines are subhuman and Mattis chugs dick.

bff79e No.11970459


You're obviously shilling for the Jew glow nigger.

Keep putting the LARP up as your god. I'm sure he will come through eventually

4f1d61 No.11970470


pure kino

201394 No.11970476


Also this greatest strategist ever fell for the Theranos scam. He's a retarded loser and typical government welfare queen. Think about it. Mattis is a general, but has never won a war. In fact, every conflict he has been a part of has been spectacular failure. If he were in feudal Japan he would have to commit seppuku. If he worked in private industry, he would have been fired a long time ago. But he works for the US government, where rewards are completely divorced from results.

d5202d No.11970478


how about no?

James Norman Mattis in Jewish Gematria equals: 1297:





































James Norman Mattis in English Gematria equals: 1230:





































James Norman Mattis in Simple Gematria equals: 205:





































c7d13e No.11970488

File: 647dddf1d8f2f7a⋯.png (120.79 KB, 406x466, 203:233, 1444348664354.png)


Think about how many shekels he get from his next money bomb. Speaking of which, did he ever re-align those satellites or whatever he claimed he needed the alimony bomb for?

d5202d No.11970495


nah dubs guy he gave it all to ron paul the donations not sales the sales went to alimony

4f1d61 No.11970498


By propping him up they also prop alternative platforms up, I don't think that's in their best interests. Stuff like BitChute that they cannot control.

6fd635 No.11970503


Q, isaac jew boy kaaly, lift the veil, david icke, jones, all fucking killing the truth movement with non issue pseudo bullshit. Mandella effect flat erfers. Fuck em all. But this is what happens now, go agsinst (((their))) controlled opposition narrative, go sgainst (((their))) msm narrative, you get shoa’d.

I just wont to know how much longer we can stand being censored, once their is no avenue for discourse its clobbering time.

Not that there really is an avenue even now nor has there been for quite some time.

6fd635 No.11970506


Isaac kappy, sorry.

bff79e No.11970508

File: cea36b22eee0211⋯.jpg (2.14 KB, 125x86, 125:86, 1511783015136.jpg)


So that's why Obama had to let him go?

Because the rewards are divorced from results?

You know you're not winning any hearts and minds by bad talking Mattis, right?

That's just bad strategy.

7efc64 No.11970520

File: 5bef0f0ea356b96⋯.jpg (80.69 KB, 872x491, 872:491, Religion of Peace.jpg)


Nationalist have always seen faith as a way to unify a nation.

Even as a Pagan, you should be able to see that a nation, motivated by one faith, would be a much greater force to fight against, than a nation of a thousand different religious, trying to step gingerly over the rights and freedoms of those who worship a pedophile moon god who married a 8 year old kid.

I also agree that faith can blind people from reason and science, but mainly because they accept the half truths of the physical, and never bring "the all" and "all mind" into their systems of belief.

But, enough X in pol…

We should recognize the power of religion and faith to strengthen a nation, and respect that, regardless of our personal beliefs or feelings. The welfare of a nation and our people should, when religion does not have a effect on us personally, aka no one is forcing you to go to church, etc, accept, that for a nation, it can bring strength to it. Even Hitler saw the value of Christianity to unite the people, and used the magicks of the Nords, etc to empower the Reich.

6f6ff0 No.11970524



As a white American you can contribute upwards of $800k to the American economy over your lifetime. YOU are an asset and if YOU choose to move to another country and channel your economic productivity there then YOU will have caused $800k to leave the American market and AWAY from the grubby hands of the merchant. Couple this with the economic drain that is the spic or nigger replacing YOU, you will have taken a few million dollars away from the United States of Israel.


Yes I'm moving to China and using my economic productivity to help the communist party but at this point I don't give a shit, jews have infested every western country and the only place that seems to have resisted their grubby hands is China, so China it is

ede57e No.11970532


from the same people who told you that rape jokes are exactly like rape.

4f1d61 No.11970533

File: 22fc0497b207546⋯.png (86.67 KB, 147x229, 147:229, Dont.png)

File: 2c0a73176b84cc9⋯.png (857.09 KB, 1400x5552, 175:694, don't_lear_mandarin.png)


>I'm moving to China

Find some other place m8, China will cause you great suffering.

d5202d No.11970582


>moving to china


>>11970533 (checked)

checked em m80

4f75ad No.11970594

File: c096a93925487d6⋯.png (92.35 KB, 556x628, 139:157, 36.PNG)

>the platform run by jewish communists are the real nazis

80d8d6 No.11970596


Alex Jonestein is a confirmed kike shill.

Alex Jonestein bleeds only for the kike.

Alex Jonestein breeds only with the kike.

That nigger's going to the back of the oven.

c7d13e No.11970600


You obviously don't know which Money Bomb I'm talking about. Jewnes had a series of them, all for promises he never followed through with. Like in 2011 he wanted to get enough funding to do multiple full-length documentaries a year. He hasn't done any since.


>david icke

Icke names the jew and even called out Alex for his zionist shilling. He's far from perfect, but he doesn't belong on that list.

000000 No.11970604

Why does anyone care about Jewowned Jones? He always tiptoes around naming the kikes. He's fucking worthless.

c7d13e No.11970620



Icke also called out the original Q LARP back in 2012.

>The modus operandi is this: circulate bollocks and when it proves to be bollocks ignore the first bollocks and announce your latest bollocks. Forget my last bollocks, here's some new bollocks, and on it goes month after month, year after year. If you have a short memory they get away with it (just like the Control System does), but if you have a long memory they are an open book.

>It's all a scam - it always was


And to any Qcumbers in this thread, Wilcock is Jordan Sather's mentor.


I hate /r/The_Donald so much.

4f75ad No.11970621


the world isn't made up of perfect and terrible (unless you're autistic).

Alex Jones is less bad than CNN, JewYorkTimes, CNN, MSNBC and the people trying to censor him so he should be supported.

d5202d No.11970622


good god…some kind of attempt was made

>>11970600 (checked)

only one I heard of was the ron paul money bomb when cnn tried to say ron paul was building a bomb with raised money kek

981182 No.11970624


Jones was an entry level redpill for a lot of people.

000000 No.11970632


>bombard Tucker with requests to interview Alex Jones

Regardless of the (((alt-lite)) flavor of Jones, I would enjoy watching the Lefties meltdown over this, yet again. Let's see of if (((Fox)) will do the right thing. I doubt it, though. They got Hannity to call Jones a conspiracy theorist a few days ago. In any case, it would be interesting, though Jones would come off as loony, no doubt, because (((Fox))



>Finders, Tavistock, M Kultra set, etc.

I see your name fagging, and up the ante with Bafath , where the real conspiracy ends.


>By banning Jones they are knowingly propping him up as legitimate anti establishment resistance.

Yep. But they had to. He's the next domino.

c7d13e No.11970642


After that Alex convinced the guy who organized the first one to do one for him, so he could get on satellite TV (this was 2007 or 2008, never happened) and since then he just did them himself.


>Alex Jones is less bad than

He's much more dangerous because he portends to be opposing the system while espousing a message that's just as jewish.

4f1d61 No.11970652


>He's much more dangerous because he portends to be opposing the system while espousing a message that's just as jewish.

He's a gateway and a bridge to the hardcore stuff. Remove him and you leave the true opposition without an audience.

dc6200 No.11970656

File: c3b4b216904587f⋯.png (32.84 KB, 493x276, 493:276, fucking gold.png)

I wonder where all the Net Neutrality shills are right now?

9c3a8c No.11970658


But anon muh dik muh fugga, dat ass muh fugga


d5202d No.11970666


seems like he's on satellite

180313: InfoWars started on Galaxy 16: 12094 H

180205: InfoWars left SES 3: 4140 V


39d1a2 No.11970695

the "alex jones is a mossad agent" stuff is even dumber than q anon shit. Go read the turner diaries you autists

4f1d61 No.11970698


This, the guy needs material to keep people engaged but he didn't know it would turn out to be this big of a psyop.

c7d13e No.11970699


The word you're looking for is "gatekeeper".

4f1d61 No.11970704


How is he a gatekeeper if the people reaching the radical sources went to him first? He's the entrance of the rabbit hole.

4f98dc No.11970707

File: a8077ed6287c2df⋯.jpg (89.64 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, bypass.JPG)




Fuck off, LARPer.


>oy vey you took time ha ha wow

>watch me keep asking something that was already answered



Q-LARP is a proven hoax and kikey is gone. >>11970354 is kikey, lying about the current moderation to try to get back into power. Please report pro-Q bullshit you see.


Stop avatarfagging as your tranny god.


>jew exposes himself instantly

How about that.





Pic related.

4f98dc No.11970716

File: 900854c121ee5ad⋯.png (66.42 KB, 1307x822, 1307:822, 8jl3GhP.png)

File: 8e13c3dde222c7b⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 2135x4273, 2135:4273, IMG_1928.JPG)


Oh, okay, so… when the picture fails to send it just decides to delete itself, huh? Great.

4f1d61 No.11970735

File: 447bf52ec597614⋯.jpg (362.14 KB, 1104x1839, 368:613, the web.jpg)



kys m8, she was no tranny

db1133 No.11970756


everyone is a gatekeeper fam. it's controlled opposition all the way down.

fda5c8 No.11970759


Some.of those faggots were piping up on twitter until it was pointed out that net neutrality wouldn't have stopped this.

df7254 No.11970763

there can't be anyone real defending Alex Jones in this thread

Either way you slice it Alex Jones is a shill or useless. Some supplements are good to take and flouride being in the water is probably bad. Literally everything else he's done or said has gone nowhere and helped no one.

He makes no effort to pressure Trump to do anything he spent the last 20 years demanding, he makes no effort to report why people believe the government lied about Sandy Hook, it even has got to the point where he couldn't even go over why people think James Alefantis should be properly investigated.

The guy is a shill and a fraud and if you're supporting him whether you're paid to or think it's funny to annoy patriots shame on you, you fucking cunt. In my opinion there's enough shills paid to do whatever they're going to do and give the appearance of whatever they want on Jones. There's information out there that should should at least respond to but he ignores it. The guy's a cunt, whatever happens is whatever is going to happen anyway. It's not like the US military or government will ever tell the truth about what's going on with him whatever happens.

If you're defending this over free speech or whatever you're literally defending a government crony telling you half truths rather than going for the win, fuck Alex Jones.

71297e No.11970784

File: 11b0e2d53660ab8⋯.webm (10.43 MB, 500x280, 25:14, AlexJonesTheChallenger.webm)

fda5c8 No.11970791

/pol/ will always come to a consensus of inaction.

4f98dc No.11970801


/pol/ is a board of peace.

000000 No.11970804


gatekeeper is one of those overused words. everyone is a gatekeeper if successful in the media. Jones wants coin and not to get shoah'd. When you have skin in the game you are subject to lawsuits and threats, unlike shitposting here

039dfd No.11970810


That's not how /pol/ works FBI-kun.

cb6768 No.11970812



a06e3c No.11970816


He exhibited the Bohemian Groove.

841028 No.11970825

File: 6a02f8b2c053081⋯.png (99.72 KB, 1069x781, 1069:781, 20180806_224806.png)

why did alex get completely purged from youtube and other platforms while actual /pol/ tier content simply gets put into the pic related quarantine zone?

df7254 No.11970832


so you tell me then what's the point ? You build up a network and support over 20 years and after that instead of being in a position to do something you're in a position to be useless instead. How does that work ? I can understand that a shill that has had every input and output controlled since inception will do anything and settle all the time to avoid anything real happening.

4f1d61 No.11970836


He's not useless, he's making tons of people question narratives. From there, they can go deeper into the rabbit hole.

39d1a2 No.11970837


because unlike the purity spiraling autists here he actually has (or had) reach.

000000 No.11970838


define useful.

Does it get you killed?

34567a No.11970843


he got too big and was getting too many views. he also livestreams all his shows on youtube, his show, and the morning show with the old libertarian guy and the night show with owen.

they had to shut it down.

4f1d61 No.11970847


This. He's the reason the purity autists have any relevance at all.

df7254 No.11970848

it's obvious there's just shills here shilling for Jones

the way it's always been, he's always had these cunts boosting him on the net

Hopefully one day it really does all get shut down because i can't think of scummier parasites that have it coming

4f1d61 No.11970853


Jones has been useful to the cause of getting people to question things. That alone makes him valuable in my eyes even if he's a buffoon.

cd021a No.11970854

just ordered a water filter in solidarity

c7d13e No.11970857

File: 5cbab5d40122bd3⋯.png (139.52 KB, 348x441, 116:147, 5cbab5d40122bd3178991184b8….png)


>purity spiraling



He admits that the "infiltration" was done on the behalf of the jew Jon Ronson, for his Channel 4 show "Secret Rulers of the World".

34567a No.11970864

File: 5c68785cc58738e⋯.png (347.78 KB, 1174x574, 587:287, SUPERMALEVITALITY.png)

File: c8a48b497b4a258⋯.mp4 (3.39 MB, 720x720, 1:1, #BLUEPURP RECIPE-zXIUv-WpW….mp4)


you forgot something

dump it in some bluepurp for godmode invulnerability

d1a276 No.11970882

File: c26d555889bc7df⋯.gif (535.45 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1530101480654.gif)



fugg yeah nigguh gonna try this right now dog will post trip report dis gon b lit

5c067e No.11970883

File: d71be69d048de3a⋯.jpg (112.65 KB, 999x1228, 999:1228, tumblr_p7ossrT95B1w6g4kio1….jpg)

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, Google, Reddit, Patreon, Tumblr, etc have to be investigated for this censorship. Soon it will be worse than digital gulags. Soon it will be the great firewall of China but in America. Soon these tech companies will execute us all fro wrong think. We have to do a super mega ultra ultimate Streisand Effect on these clowns. What these tech companies are doing is a crime. This censorship is wrong and violates the first amendment and don't give me the their a private company shit anymore cause that shits not going to fly round these parts anymore.

a06e3c No.11970891

Anyone who defends the censorship that the Jews are doing is an idiot. Living in Orwell's 1984 must be good, right, goyim?

39d1a2 No.11970894


Yeah the reach of some discord where a bunch of boomers quote the turner diaries is going to change the world. Maybe if you had talent you would go about applying it rather than undercutting everyone who has ever made any semblance of progress so you can maintain your blackpill you depressed loser.

df7254 No.11970896


how do you resolve the narrative that Trump was supposedly approached by the military to run for president and Alex is a part of that but now here we are and the best Trump can do are generic insults.

If anything Alex Jones being a fraud actually proves that Trump is one also. They don't give a fuck about free speech.

039dfd No.11970899

File: b760ad269d08d5e⋯.gif (948.07 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1529544853386.gif)


ayo hol up nigga, IZ DAT SUM CHIKN? i be rite dere mayne

4f1d61 No.11970900

I think we should use this to push decentralized social media.

d1a276 No.11970903


false dichotomy there. jews censoring their own shill as a limited hangout graft is very different to the censorship were concerned about.

c7d13e No.11970909


At least you aren't a hypocrite and defend traitors with jewish wives across the board, and not just Enoch.

000000 No.11970912


but the censorship I'm concerned about is already here, and has been since the end of ww2

a06e3c No.11970915

db1133 No.11970924


comment was semi-ironic. everyone not at hitler-level on the JQ will always be in some range below that, but despite any gatekeeping that may or may not actually occur, you can't stop people from thinking. anyone with the capacity will move on one day. whether they get there though alex jones or pierce or peterson makes no difference.



841028 No.11970925


this is obviously a stunt to get legislation proposed. if they get away with deplatforming alex like they did with the stormer except this time with legal precedence then they will start freely picking off anything right of bernie sanders. if legislation passes that slaps them for this but gives power of the cyber monopoly over to government zogbots then the jews still win.

4f1d61 No.11970927


>jews censoring their own shill as a limited hangout graft

Even if that were the case it'd be useful as a weapon against them. You sound like a shill.


What normie-friendly options are out there, if any? Getting a sizable amount of users to migrate to some P2P platform or something like that would be fantastic.

34567a No.11970934

File: 47133b3890567f1⋯.jpg (23.87 KB, 603x737, 9:11, atrr.jpg)


>Soon these tech companies will execute us all fro wrong think

d1a276 No.11970940

File: 2af8df73c0d2790⋯.png (402.67 KB, 596x436, 149:109, 1491230199701.png)


nah you always be eatin my fry chkkin


fat ass niggwa

4f1d61 No.11970942


>tfw nasim will be the banner of the dotr

a06e3c No.11970954




d1a276 No.11970966


Jones has made us look crazy for years with his antics>Even if that were the case it'd be useful as a weapon against them. You sound like a shill.

What would be a useful weapon against them?

000000 No.11970968


Agreed. People are either inquisitive or they aren't. Never met a limited hangout I didn't learn anything from.

3b2ebf No.11970970

Perfect excuse to call him a "Russian Agent" after the censorship and subsequent memory holing, then because even the powerful can feel spite, let him shoot himself in the back. Now is also the perfect time to cement control in tech and the internet in the guise of "fighting the Russians"

4f1d61 No.11970974

File: 85e6ac6fb5d3404⋯.jpg (6.31 KB, 275x183, 275:183, stallman.jpg)


>What would be a useful weapon against them?

Using their censorship of Jones and his viewership to promote free alternatives.

d1a276 No.11970990

File: b65842ae4051f12⋯.png (771.67 KB, 1029x689, 1029:689, 1523122475657.png)


Censorship kills, my man.

4f1d61 No.11971005


What I mean is using the fact that they censored Jones to guide their viewership towards a free alternative where censorship isn't possible.

4f98dc No.11971017


Hi, paid jewish shill. See: >>11970716

84d59b No.11971042


I doubt it, but who cares?

Doesn't mean we can't use this to fight censorship in general.

Use e-celebs, don't follow them.

84d59b No.11971054


vid.me used to be on that list too, but it went under. Who knows how long Gab, Bitchute, Minds and the rest will last.

Google and the other big companies also have government ties and can bring government money. Not that they need to. They can afford to waste billions just to shut out competition for a few years.

571e15 No.11971087


> to some P2P platform

if the FBI wanted they could arrest near everyone using torrents to illegally download movies right now.

p2p isn't there yet, I don't know if it will ever be there.

3894b2 No.11971092



Nice post, anon. I didn't know about Jones's Scientology shilling albeit I've never listened to the show.

>Anyone trying to push the narrative that Jones is "red pilled" on Zionists or not a die-hard Israel-loving Trump supporter is mistaken, deluded or disinfo

Ain't nupol a hoot?

The way I see this move on Goybook's part is to further signal their so-called progressive stance as well as to effectively divide people further, fomenting more hatred which will either be directed against the Amercan people's own interests or channeled into more ZOG fuel. Perhaps Alex stepped out of line recently and this is his warning or maybe this is merely another part of the libretto. Both parties are playing their roles; this seems to be clear to most sane anons.


Granting that there is a secret understanding between (((Zuckerburg))) and (((Filterman))), what is the benefit for the the prior party? The latter's fanbase will certainly rally around him as he beats his drum but Mark has already played this card with the banning of white supremacists and constant virtue-signalling .






We could go crypto on goybook and steer the outrage to "Oh Alex Jones is so racis, good on Facebook, [insert single seed e.g. 'no suprise he supports Israel #zionisthate] smh" Be subtle and drop a SINGLE line about him being a Zionist or glowing in the dark. His zionism would the best angle.




Shill or moron or glowinginthedark

4f1d61 No.11971099


>I doubt it, but who cares?

>Doesn't mean we can't use this to fight censorship in general.

>Use e-celebs, don't follow them.


000000 No.11971100

In all seriousness, how is this a bad thing? Jones keeps misleading people into saying 'not the jews not the jews not the jews' he doesn't deserve to have any platform just for that alone.

3894b2 No.11971102

30651d No.11971104


It's called the CIA playing on bias by emphasizing association. It seems to work on this board.

4f1d61 No.11971106


What about I2P or whatever it's called?

I'm no tech expert. Think TOR with a network different from the onion router.

30651d No.11971112


B-but Alex Jones is CIA and Jewish how could this be??

4f98dc No.11971114



0b05cc No.11971125

File: 7887a4504589da1⋯.mp4 (5.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, We are Screwed people Engl….mp4)


Alex Jones is gods gift to mankind

571e15 No.11971136

File: 73cc19ac85ff5bb⋯.png (26.31 KB, 597x296, 597:296, dems.PNG)

for the goyish that aren't defending Jonesberg against censorship.

A Dem Senator saying Infowars is "just the tip of a giant iceberg", you are the iceberg.

0cde32 No.11971149

Is this a "muh drumpf" mentality?

841028 No.11971150


im sure chris murphy enjoys recieving just the tip of a (((berg)))

ef9398 No.11971152


Tru very but also he never ever named the juden.

He is out of control now though and hopefully once big enough social media stars start slipping up more people will completely abandon yt fb twit and reddit

Even normiefags are waking up

4f1d61 No.11971154


I read about this stuff some years ago before I even knew about Alex Jones, it's fucked up if true.



We need to learn to use their actions against them. Say what you will about the Zognald but this is something he's always excelled at, using his enemies' attacks against them.


This too. Like Sargoy of Cuckkad said, "First they came for Alex Jones" (he's wrong by the way, Jones wasn't even nearly the first who got shut down but he's one of the biggest that have been shut down though, and probably the first to get shut down simultaneously from several sites within hours)

4f1d61 No.11971162


>He is out of control now though and hopefully once big enough social media stars start slipping up more people will completely abandon yt fb twit and reddit

This is what we need to encourage. We need to find the alternatives to guide that exodus though. Preferably free (as in freedom) but I think something like VK would already be useful.

d1a276 No.11971165

File: 8a89dcfe83d96fe⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 360x202, 180:101, 1519750429376.gif)


>guide their viewership towards a free alternative where censorship isn't possible.

his viewership dropped heavily this year after he proclaimed his allegiance with Israel. They're using Joneses fall to try and demoralize and blackpill people, and he's playing into it. The censorship will lead to a rupture in containment and /pol/ will have to become manifest in public discourse. The el-ites are putting everything they have into keeping a lid on this, but they have already failed. Jones could have named the jew but he covered for them until the end of his channel.

272bcf No.11971175


fuck off kike, demoralize some where else.

4f1d61 No.11971177


>Jones could have named the jew but he covered for them until the end of his channel.

And go to jail as well as confirming (in the eyes of normies and specially boomers who grew up being brainwashed about le ebil natsees) the lunacy he's accused of? Spoonfeeding isn't always possible, and dropping clues and sowing doubt like he did is already a step in the right direction. Let the people come to the logical conclusion themselves.

000000 No.11971186


>his viewership dropped heavily this year after he proclaimed his allegiance with Israel

Exactly. There was a shitstorm over it on social media and a bunch unsubbed like never before. That shilling for kikes was unacceptable and proved Jones was just a disinfo agent all along.

4f1d61 No.11971187



That's why Jones is so useful, first you need to get people in the mood to start questioning. Once you achieve that, curiosity will do the rest.

4f1d61 No.11971191


If anything that proves he had been effective. You think those people distrusted Israel before watching him? I don't. I think he got them to question what media feeds them and they did the rest of the work themselves.

841028 No.11971194

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>he never ever named the juden

oh he did way back before a honeytrap kikess married him

then they manipulated him through his family

as he has been under more pressure recently he has mentioned that the kikess is holding his children hostage as he is told there are things he cant mention anymore

he opened up a bit about this during his breakdown during the syria bombing when he felt betrayed by trump

201394 No.11971206


Boomers don't matter. If they haven't died by the time the revolution starts, then we will kill them.

0765ea No.11971211





4f1d61 No.11971214


This is enlightening, I didn't know he used to name them.


Fuck off shill.

d1a276 No.11971250

File: 2efbe7c97c6817b⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 288x377, 288:377, 1528400247742.gif)


they consistently frame infowars as the 'tip of the spear' (Jonestens own words), that is part of the psyop, to make it seem we had a somewhat mainstream representative, truth is we never have, but we forced the mainstream to hear us anyway, anonymously. It was always us anonymous fucks pushing the envelope, most of the public figures who influenced us were found suicided with two shots to the back of the head. Ive watched for years how they feed off our own thoughts and try to sell it back to us and 'fit in'. sound familiar?

841028 No.11971263

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

841028 No.11971272


i really hope that after tonight he becomes punished alex, breaks the conditioning and just goes nuclear on the kikes

014623 No.11971278


> Q crosses kikes

< Q is a kike op

> Jones crosses Q

> Jones is a kike op

> FB & Twitter cross Jones

? FB & Twitter are kike ops?

Who the fuck is jewing who?

0b05cc No.11971280

File: a05c5bce0644a47⋯.png (230.74 KB, 1723x763, 1723:763, Goat nigger hybrid arican.png)




Normally i would call you an idiot, but then there was that time those scientist knocked up those chimps and gave birth to a living hybrid

I mean they killed it of later and covered up its existence, but it still happened, so who knows how difficult it is to make a hybrid?

c7d13e No.11971288

File: a245850089364cc⋯.jpg (65.03 KB, 580x326, 290:163, War-on-Iran.jpg)


>Q crosses kikes

>by saying not to worry about Israel right now and just focus on Iran

4f1d61 No.11971289


I had seen this one. I believe it's partly an act though, the man behaves as a cartoon of himself while giving out info. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it makes it more entertaining.

4f1d61 No.11971292


>FB & Twitter are kike ops

Well no shit. It's no secret that CIA is involved in FB too.

cb6768 No.11971294

support alex jonestein goys Israel is our greatest ally! Democrats are the real racists! Check out this based black guy in a trump hat! Not all niggers! Not all jews! Is OP dare I say /ourgoy/? Holy fuck this thread is absolute shit. Already at almost 700 posts in under 24 hours and it keeps getting bumped. If you faggots need to talk about eceleb kikery go back to cuckchan and stay there. Why don't you realize alex is being shut down in attempts to legitimize him and draw more popularity/revenue to his platform? Who funds infowars? Das rite WYBOI it's the kikes. Fuck OP and fuck this slide thread garbage you have created to draw attention away from exposing low level fall guys in the Hollywood child sex trafficking industry in attempts to expose the ones behind the curtain who are clearly pedokikes as are their underlings.

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4f1d61 No.11971300


I just picked the DM because it was the first that popped up, but MSM in general (including the BBC which is where I remember reading it) mentioned stuff about it back then. Then again, British media is an Orwellian nightmare so you never know.

4f1d61 No.11971308


nobody believes democrats are "the real racists", we just peddle it because libcucks actually care about muh racism so it's useful to spoil their base and diminish their vote output.

4f98dc No.11971310


>you’re a jew if you say things jews never say

>truth is demoralization

Have an argument or pack up your fee fees and fuck off.

d1a276 No.11971311


I remember back when him and Icke spoke about the jews, because others were, even then it was the 'not all jews' crap, watering it down, spinning it. Then Alex stopped talking about jews when he was told to.

41afac No.11971312

File: 3b46e121afb6c5b⋯.png (530.12 KB, 671x960, 671:960, ClipboardImage.png)


>the memes produced from the inevitable rant will be glorious

How about Ted Cruz saying he doesn't like Jones because he blames his dad for killing JFK but he still defends him lol

014623 No.11971314



OK, so did Jones cross Q or not? You're saying Q did NOT cross Israel, but then someone says Jones crossed Q, after that…

c7d13e No.11971319


There was a specific broadcast where Icke was talking about Israel pretty hardcore, then they hit a commercial break and once they returned Alex asked him to talk about lizards.

b0b14a No.11971322

Yes, yes, 'controlled opposition'. The jews genius plan was spend 15 years building him up, so at the height of his popularity, they could throw their investment in the toilet. GENIUS. You faggots realize you've gone full retard right? Yes because you can't even see the forest from the trees. If he was too hardcore…



It's 3m Trump voters to the none jew rats here. Three jew companies banning him on the same day? Same week these cunts are all, 'muh collusion'. Shit was done to rig the midterm elections.


Gamergate with it's emails was fake? Pizzagate was nothing? You poor fucker.


One CIA lead riot in one city? You're glowing with optimism nigger.

d78522 No.11971323


>for the thousandth time my dad did not kill jfk

>but i still respect jones' right to accuse him


d5512b No.11971325


Ted is hard to like, but I like this post here.

Thats a motherfucking US senator who happens to be nuts… FB going down.

566d92 No.11971328


So basically he sold out and became an agent for his captors and they rewarded him with less (but still some) torture.

c7d13e No.11971331

File: 71139156506a1dc⋯.jpg (123.2 KB, 1024x539, 1024:539, Ted Cruz - Israel.jpg)


>Pizzagate was nothing?

A lot of what was said to be evidence was blatant disinformation to poison the well. Of course, that isn't to say there was nothing going on there.


He's just defending his fellow Israel-firster.

d78522 No.11971332

File: f5670cadad9f209⋯.png (388.84 KB, 600x599, 600:599, 1582748927332.png)


fb better watch out, they don't know what they're inviting

52e163 No.11971333

File: e368cb11a0f242c⋯.jpg (40.96 KB, 185x287, 185:287, bush mission accomplished ….jpg)


>Yes, yes, 'controlled opposition'. The jews genius plan was spend 15 years building him up, so at the height of his popularity, they could throw their investment in the toilet. GENIUS. You faggots realize you've gone full retard right? Yes because you can't even see the forest from the trees. If he was too hardcore…

Yeah Jews never drop an investiment when it's not paying off in tricking the goy, right? Ever read his comment section? They were waking up and his narrative was breaking down thanks to /pol/.

>full retard

You're about 45yrs old right?

d1a276 No.11971337



that type of shit.

Icke used to rip into the jews and then talk about meeting lizard people in the desert. Jones did the same shit.. mixing truth with lies, oldest trick in the book.

5f52b8 No.11971338

File: ad80a6893ed8280⋯.gif (396.51 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 0e6e49a5f85a97893a7ef3cdd4….gif)

Good. Party thread.

d78522 No.11971339

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


anon we don't believe he's controlled op. notice how everyone the left hates is branded as controlled opposition to us? it's the only thing those fags know how to do, and they do it consistently.

d9fd29 No.11971340


>blames his dad for killing JFK but he still defends him lol


















4f1d61 No.11971341

File: 37b735c1bcf6716⋯.webm (3.72 MB, 720x720, 1:1, tedcruzrifleman.webm)


same, in this case Ted was based as fuck


Oh fuck off, with friends like you we don't need enemies.

He's a Israel shill, so what? Right now his actions serve our goals.


kek, webm related

52e163 No.11971343


>The el-ites

Etimology, nigger. Learn it. Youtube retarded bible theory is not your friend.

d78522 No.11971344


>mixing truths with blatant lies

gotta make it seem just crazy enough that you can get away with dropping big truth bombs. Alex knows what's up.

I don't buy that he's controlled opposition. I think he doesn't go full 'it's the jews' partly because of his half kike kids, and partly because he knows the jews will shut it down.

4f98dc No.11971346


>I’m too stupid to comprehend controlled opposition

>I’m too stupid to comprehend that AJ now gets free publicity and more faggots GOING TO HIM INSTEAD OF US

Get out, retard.


Q-LARP is as big a hoax as Jones. It doesn’t fucking matter.


>we don’t believe he’s controlled op

You’re not on reddit.

>notice how everyone the left hates is branded as controlled opposition to us?

Notice how the left doesn’t actually hate THEIR OWN PUPPETS.

4f1d61 No.11971347


That's how you get to get the truth out without getting suicided in the process.

I'd rather have that than nothing.

206dea No.11971350

when even the normies most favourite nazi hating kikes get banned from facebook, its that that time when normies realize that facebook is shitty and they should move on

c7d13e No.11971352

File: 4dbe71529e52126⋯.jpg (375.8 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Ames Friedman-Peinovich.jpg)

File: 4dcd5c5b89cfc4d⋯.png (406.92 KB, 818x827, 818:827, B'nai B'rith.png)


>notice how everyone the left hates is branded as controlled opposition to us?

Or maybe you're just a gullible autist who's easily duped by controlled opposition? You just posted a clip from a podcast run by the guy married to this.

4f98dc No.11971357


>you get the truth out by saying whatever jews tell you to say and lying to everyone all the time


c7d13e No.11971360