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File: 748276d4915f4f9⋯.jpeg (605.09 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, siraj and siraj jr.jpeg)

a31b1d  No.11979547


Georgia boy missing. Police have the authority to search New Mexico compound. They knew about it for awhile but did nothing. Found 11 starving children. Remains of one young boy. Three women. They were concerned that the boys and women were "brainwashed."

Man's name is Siraj Wahhaj Jr.


Father is Siraj Wahhaj, african muslim from brooklyn. Related to WTC bombings 1993, unindicted coconspirator.

Mind control glow in the dark compound? The coincidences are interesting.

Pic related is father and son

a31b1d  No.11979571

Here's where it get's interesting.

>Jason Badger, who owned the property where the compound was built, said he and his wife had pressed authorities to remove the group after becoming concerned about the children. The group had built the compound on their acreage instead of a neighboring tract owned by Lucas Morton, one of the men arrested during the raid.

>"I started to try and kick them off about three months ago and everything I tried to do kept getting knocked down," said Badger said.

>A judge dismissed an eviction notice filed by Badger against Morton in June, court records said. The records did not provide further details on the judge's decision.

>"I had no probable cause to get a search warrant to go onto this property," the sheriff said.

>"I'm not sure how much law enforcement knows and how long they've known it for."

417cdd  No.11979639

Why'd you sage yourself and why is no one talking about this????

860d8d  No.11979667

>Muslim extremists

>Brainwashing of children through starvation and torture

>Compound brought to authorities attention by concerned citizens, authorities did nothing about it

>Ties to known terrorists associated with multiple terrorist actions in the 1990's

MSM: But are they white?

a31b1d  No.11979717


I was double posting, I should have put second post in OP.


>are they white?

what if this is new mexico sandy hook training ground?

>Police knew something was wrong on premises

>Land owner tries to evict, local officials wouldn't follow through

>school shooting brainwashed compound direct connection to previous WTC'93 actor

a39d59  No.11979720


34e23a  No.11979731

File: 3e1d325a82634cd⋯.jpg (27.8 KB, 479x616, 479:616, 1409253074351.jpg)


why do the article headline state that they were training the boys to shoot up schools?

something about 'documents' entailing this but no other mention?


0c6b26  No.11979769

File: 7907cf243205013⋯.jpg (12.66 KB, 256x197, 256:197, niggers.jpg)


234270  No.11979865

New Mexican here. The entire state is incompetent, and the blame lies solely on all of the faggots who emigrated here from California and turned the state Blue.

Since they arrived they've been so soft on crime and unwilling to risk upsetting people that they will turn a blind eye to damn near anything. An example of this is in the DWI laws. You know what it takes to get drunks off the road here? 8 DWI's. EIGHT. Then they can get up to 10 years in jail - and that law was only passed in the past two years.

Shit like this is why it took the Feds to get anything done.

4d703d  No.11979875

File: d87f13215110d70⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Guten Tag.jpg)

>not just using consoles

Get gud

a31b1d  No.11979909


It was released today 8/8 at 12:30 local NM time. So it is breaking news earlier today.

a31b1d  No.11979917


all i'm seeing is court documents state

>In the court documents, authorities said a foster parent of one of the 11 children removed from the compound had told authorities that the child had been trained to use an assault rifle in preparation for a school shooting.

a31b1d  No.11979926

Updated non breaking article.


411d2d  No.11979935

File: 0675b6318b03ce5⋯.jpg (87.98 KB, 626x725, 626:725, 10d843a606f7e470f76cfa2c2b….jpg)

of course it's a devout muslim

34e23a  No.11979956


it seems like fearmongering to me to spout that they were being trained to shoot up schools without backing that up with said 'documents'

but why hold lügenpresse to any form of standard?

2d7b9c  No.11980027


What else is in Georgia ?

Covert Ops school of the Americas , Ft. Benning

Similarities to DC shooters way back.

0c365d  No.11980058


Bump for you, very good topic.

f95ef4  No.11980090

8c2fe5  No.11980093

Intredasting story.


How does a guy in NJ have his house swarmed by police for his high school son mentioning the schools security is shit but this goes unchecked?

I’m usually not one to believe “school shootings are CIA” but this could be something. Will need more details of course.

c975c1  No.11980096


So the owner of the property knew about it. The local authorities refused to do anything about it to the point the sheriff said he didn't have a warrant for the property the owner voluntarily wanted them to come on to evict them?

And this faggot didn't grab a gun and remove afrikans himself?

1378af  No.11980111


because it doesn't fit their narrative

eb3e72  No.11980122


>I’m usually not one to believe “school shootings are CIA” but this could be something.

Who do you think set up Pearl Harbor and 9/11?

1378af  No.11980133


the CIA wasn't even founded until after the war. so that only leaves us with one answer..

14b111  No.11980137


I honestly doubt fort benning experts in training child soldiers would have 3 african muslims training child school shooters in this manner. If the CIA has anything to do with kids, it's LSD, rape and maybe torture, but I don't think starvation and letting the kids die from it is a CIA method.

f2d95b  No.11980164

Lol wait until we find out what these kids look like, and they happen to look like the sandy hook kids

f2d95b  No.11980167


Dubs of truth

ee5039  No.11980172


OSS existed, and was the precursor.

The political generals courted the kikes, and approved the actions.

3b332a  No.11980194

This shit is fucking maddening, the feds are too busy playing secret police for the democrats to do anything.

860d8d  No.11980198

>How dare you ypipo blame this underprivileged black member of the "religion of peace" for the crimes of his AR-15, and the fact that those poor children became so violent once they got their hands on that AR-15!

a31b1d  No.11980352


One article was saying that neighbors helped put up solar panels, and the kids would come around to play. The compound people would shoot guns, but over time the kids dropped off. When they went back after the raid, everyone was shocked at the conditions. There was a small bus buried in the ground.

The compound looked like it was staged for a shootout. There was boundaries up for protection.

4b85a8  No.11980401

BUMP. We need to go deeper. Are these nogs born in America? If not, how did they enter the country?

047c99  No.11980436



Dutch MSM reporting on it now


feb438  No.11980463

So are those nigs like John Allen Muhammad who wanted to start a race war ?

b71175  No.11980473


>Related to WTC bombings 1993, unindicted coconspirator.


b3ae6e  No.11980528


How the fuck did he remain unindicted after 9/11?

d59c4c  No.11980533


das raycis

c0c1d0  No.11980613

File: e204c8db40a1452⋯.png (648.91 KB, 593x599, 593:599, Sean-Penn-Carlitos-way.png)


Has to be.

860d8d  No.11980918

File: b7430233c36552f⋯.jpg (65.2 KB, 480x360, 4:3, AJ_Banned.jpg)

c0147e  No.11981134

File: 1004720cb4f3402⋯.jpg (9.7 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 6e34a2622288425c1d05bb7d3d….jpg)


There is a lot of "uninhabited" land in the united states. A lot of wilderness. A lot of remote private property.

There are, conservatively speaking, hundreds (or more likely thousands) of compounds like these still in operation on American clay.

Interesting times ahead.

dfc5be  No.11981141


Lots of us hikers are a curious and well armed bunch. "Oh, sorry amigo, thought you were a deer!"

db5033  No.11981142


thanks for the pics, i read this shit on that kike drudge (because its SFW) and they were very vague

db5033  No.11981173


and the kikes did nothing wrong. fuck off faggot.

db5033  No.11981185



forgot to add, for the smoothbrains, that these "extremist muslim son of a wtc bombers" as your 9gag meme put it,


326abe  No.11981195


jüden did '93 wtc and 9/11

All abrahamites deserve public impalement

aa33c0  No.11981291

File: 8a9119383ec8178⋯.jpg (81.48 KB, 745x960, 149:192, 1533767280710.jpg)


Did not see this posted in here yet so not sure if disinfo. Linda Sarsour possible connection?

aa33c0  No.11981302

File: 307d303a976a9df⋯.png (388.47 KB, 659x696, 659:696, 1533767573750.png)


Some more (copied from cripchan):

Link to facebook event in picture



Linda Sarsour quotes the Imam as a great person

>The most controversial remarks in her 22 minute long speech came within the first 2 minutes of her speech where she gives a shout out to her “favorite person in this room” Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who Sarsour calls him a “mentor, motivator, and encourager” of hers.

Source: centerforsecuritypolicy.org


Video where she said that got deleted and cant find another

(had to fuck up links a bit because of spam error)

557348  No.11981309




77e8c7  No.11981424

Pretty close to Epstein's compound. Definitely in the neighborhood.

746d16  No.11981425


Holy shit.

And this thread is below the fold with clickbait YouTube vids above.


267e98  No.11981436

77e8c7  No.11981453

Pretty amazing this shit is literally only being discussed on Fox, the other MSM didn't even touch it. I am fucking sick and tired of them covering up Muslim and nig crimes.

746d16  No.11981454


There were 100+ "unindicted coconspirators" of the wtc 93 bombing apparently.

2930ee  No.11981487


>Linda Sarsour

Really confusing Marxist cunt. I remember her in the Women's March in 2017 and she went around saying "Zionists cannot be feminists" during her "anti-Zionist" monologue, as if feminism and Zionism aren't both Jewish creations. Since when did Arabs in the Middle East support feminism, homosexuality, degeneracy, etc? Why do Western-born Muslims have this much cognitive dissonance?

14b111  No.11981503


Why would FBI field agents get indicted?

5f3b08  No.11981511

dis da big one

746d16  No.11981512


I'm guessing because it's all a ruse. She was all over twitter propped up by the dnc and msm. If ardour and wahhaj how deeper, this is some interesting shit.


Here's archive of the Sarsour connection to school shooting compound.


2d7b9c  No.11981549

Its only a 2 day drive or less from Las Vegas.

October 1st was snakbar ' holy day '

000000  No.11981631


Like all leftist NGOs are connected to them. Trump should shoah them all for promoting terrorism.

eb3e72  No.11981637


Why would the government need an attack on American soil in 1941 to justify a war with Europe that nobody except the leadership wanted at the time?

841a98  No.11981670

Le bump this is very very very interesting.

8be21b  No.11981682

There are probably more of them. This wouldn't be the only one.

2d7b9c  No.11981690

It.s outside town of Amilia N.M. , lets get a Lat. / Long. see what else is around.

c0c1d0  No.11981920


wew lad

what did she mean by this?

bae054  No.11981945


The actions of the (((law system))) speaks louder than the pro-cop shilling. This is just another sign of how bad things are getting

05ff76  No.11981954

File: b16aea12c67e499⋯.jpg (45.55 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ISIS-child-soldiers-ap.jpg)



Even the title they are using is bullshit imo. Training them for "school shootings"? You mean TERROROISM. It's called fucking terrorism. It's called these mudshits literally have kids so that bombs can be strapped to them as soon as they get to walking. Also, they released the names of the 3 women who were ostensibly acting as baby factories to these subhumans. At least one of them had a rather hu-white sounding name. Can't say I'm not at least curious as to how she ended up there.

That judge who dismissed the eviction notice should be hung. He knew what was going on there, I have no doubt. I'm sure all the CIAniggers helping these guys out let him know not to touch them.

77e8c7  No.11982275

File: 6f5d3740d3a594e⋯.png (37.96 KB, 582x535, 582:535, Screenshot (5197).png)

I have been looking into the arrested "Mothers" of the children from the NM situation and found some very interesting information. I will go one by one. First:

Hujrah Wahhaj:



She was a school psychologist at a Catholic women's college in NY:

"The College of New Rochelle (CNR) is a private Catholic college with its main campus located in New Rochelle, New York. The College of St. Angela was founded by the Order of the Ursulines as the first Catholic women's college in New York State in 1904, a time when women were generally excluded from higher education. The name was changed to The College of New Rochelle in 1910. Today, the College is composed of four schools and is fully coeducational."

Her meetup:


Twitter (look at all the kid lures):


She has written many indoctrination type literature:


77e8c7  No.11982335

File: 257def844c7f527⋯.png (74.59 KB, 554x507, 554:507, Screenshot (5199).png)

File: 19472c0422c897a⋯.png (168.5 KB, 1307x464, 1307:464, Screenshot (5200).png)

File: af91aa7c05bffc6⋯.png (41.35 KB, 587x529, 587:529, Screenshot (5202).png)

Mother #2 - Jany Leveille



Meetup page (weird):






She work(ed) at a place called: "Masjid At-Taqwa"



Three relation sites state added man is related

77e8c7  No.11982338

Cannot find much on third "Mother", Subhannah Wahha

c0c1d0  No.11982423


>She was a school psychologist at a Catholic women's college in NY

Beside the degree and job, is there anything to indicate she has an IQ above 80?

77e8c7  No.11982431


At this point I would be willing to bet that many of these assholes who even claim to have a degree do not. If we consider how infested academia is it wouldn't be hard for them to falsify records.

Probably something we may want to look at eventually but to answer your question, no, just another piece of shit but I do find both womens connections interesting. Both were very connected to orphans and children. Very likely they used these positions to identify and indoctrinate as we have seen many times.

000000  No.11982498


They do. It's just that us schools reward memorization of "truth" and following instructions. You get the stupidest people at the best schools because of this. It was not always like this.

fe740b  No.11982894

File: 2f3f2eb9688ca77⋯.jpg (60.28 KB, 680x629, 40:37, 1399674786439.jpg)



Are you arguing with yourself? What am I reading?

746d16  No.11983053



This is just conjecture, but the psychologist sounds like she could have blended in well. In addition one article said a neighbor a couple miles away

>I helped them install solar panels, I thought they were doing like the rest of us, getting off the grid

This makes me think that he blended in. The probability of someone helping a Muslim get off the grid is much lower than a normal dressed man.

I have a strong suspicion he was duplicitous in this way as well

8360a5  No.11983166


Got a property address?

8360a5  No.11983173

File: 0eeb9ccb2a99b5c⋯.png (55.9 KB, 418x511, 418:511, IMG_3602.PNG)


Was he referring to these panels? Cause that's a metric fuckload of wattage

This is state or gov funded panel farm not an offgrid innawoods type setup

557956  No.11983298

File: c9a54355ec603d6⋯.png (21.83 KB, 750x502, 375:251, no 2 brute.png)



The original article was stealth-edited by CNN to remove the original police statement that the targets were Muslim.

>"… it had to be a search warrant and a tactical approach for our own safety because we had learned the occupants were most likely heavily armed and considered extremist of the Muslim belief,"

This should come as no shock or surprise to anybody, and it's effectively CNN confirming that they don't want us to know their Muslim faith was a deciding factor in the manner the raid was conducted.

c0c1d0  No.11983380


>Lockheed Martin

Okay, are we seriously living in a fucking TV show at this point?


Fucking hell. Muslim Brotherhood / OIC affiliates?

000000  No.11983493

The Terror Camp that will not be televised

… in Germany, not mentioned on the TV news and already buried on the news websites, were it was for short time on the bottom.

Nothing to see, carry on, citizen!

8b15c7  No.11983513

File: dc398fcc68be0a8⋯.jpg (24.95 KB, 320x180, 16:9, la-1533501992-exkefzfrrh-s….jpg)

File: 9c728a3691645f8⋯.jpg (127.91 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 5b68421fe4b05ce65e865bf8-1….jpg)


Here's a picture of the compound.

Interesting is now I Google it, I don't remember as big of a tent and as many tires, but maybe that is because they had no close ups like second pic. Those tires look pretty new and black. It looks like they recently put tarps over everything. I'm not sure if I'm misremembering.

8b15c7  No.11983529


This and, once this thread picked up a little last night, the catalog was flooded with clickable shit, and people were bumping established threads like the "Chinese woman gets mad at black woman who wouldn't pay." Who bumps that shit.


59ab2f  No.11983532


>That judge who dismissed the eviction notice should be hung. He knew what was going on there


1f3ce6  No.11983537


we call them slide threads for a reason


>That judge who dismissed the eviction notice should be hung.

when our oppressors are state and federal officials their fate should be worse than death. they should be forced to watch the slow torture and execution of all of their living kin. so when the last of their kin are dead before their eyes they know when they die that they die alone with no one to grieve for them.

oh and also it should be public, televised, and archived for prosperity.

493c44  No.11983609

File: 9437ad950231021⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 384x270, 64:45, giphy (2).gif)


Yeah, I agree about officials who are in on it but it's not surprising at all a judge sided with a tenant in an eviction notice. Renter's rights are overboard completely but I doubt it had anything to do with him being aware of the situation in this case. You can't kick renters out for anything these days because they act like you're making nigs homeless if you don't want them in your house destroying stuff.

The old Imam definitely knew about this shit. Somehow the missing grandson he posted about shows up with the rest of his extended family? Why wasn't he concerned about them?

Pic related.

8360a5  No.11983675


Seriously where the fuck did all of those nice new looking tires come from?

That little shit town in nm doesn't look like it has a multitude of tire shops by any stretch. Also back in high school you had to ask permission to get even one used tire if you needed it for a rope swing or pond raft or whatever

This reeks like shit


Of course. Semites of every shape and color are in on that shit together


1f3ce6  No.11983708


>Yeah, I agree about officials who are in on it but it's not surprising at all a judge sided with a tenant in an eviction notice.

As a programmer that wrote a back-system for an eviction-mill lawfirm I disagree completely. This wreaks of collusion on the judge's behalf. Tenants have legally binding lessee/renters agreement's signed and on file with the property owner/manager.

I am not seeing that they even had a hearing in this case, but I don't have the time to look at the filings. There's two possibilities: either the county clerk didn't file it (which is at their discretion, but is most typically enforced over filing rules), or the judge dismissed the case without a hearing.

The former isn't unusual, but again the latter highly wreaks of collusion on the judge's behalf. Like he knew something. The conspiracy would be state courts appropriating land from property owners by destroying due process.

59ab2f  No.11983721


Creating the F-35 was more of a crime than the serial child abuse and conspiracy for terrorism.

87614f  No.11983776



Adobe, earthen homes can me made from tires. Educate your hysterical self

40efb2  No.11983789

File: b5aeb4a3ae4086f⋯.mp4 (10.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, b5aeb4a3ae4086f9917e9e16f7….mp4)

Remember, the leading figure of Women's March and the new face of feminism.

87614f  No.11983796

File: a8e7d991ba9151c⋯.jpg (35.05 KB, 690x387, 230:129, ramed earth walls.jpg)


Some of the oldest structures on the planet are made of rammed earthen wall construction


as pictured here.

87614f  No.11983810

File: 8bb7667ba24ced6⋯.jpg (244.81 KB, 1280x824, 160:103, Stateburg_holy_cross_1419.JPG)


The Church of the Holy Cross is an historic Anglican church at 335 North Kings Highway in Stateburg, South Carolina. Built in 1850-52 to a design by noted South Carolina architect Edward C. Jones, it is a notable example of rammed earth construction with relatively high style Gothic Revival styling. It was designated a National Historic Landmark for its architecture in 1973.


These were people getting off the grid, and firearms are real common out in the desert. Also, see 2nd Amendment.

860d8d  No.11983813




I hadn't considered the tire angle until now.

Storage and disposal of tires is regulated in New Mexico.

Little bit of searching…


87614f  No.11983815

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


granted this is nigger tier at this stage, but ti's clearly and effort and a tremendous effort went into moving all those tires for construction purposes.

87614f  No.11983821

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Want to Build an Off Grid Home for less than $10,000? Try this

860d8d  No.11983843




Sorry for being a nigger and posting a PDF.

Here is the relevant content within said PDF…

>Collection and Storage. Tires are regulated by the New Mexico Environment Department’s Solid Waste Bureau.

The Bureau has developed and adopted rules specific to the collection, transportation, storage and use of scrap

tires which are codified as 20 NMAC 9.20 and are referred to as the Recycling, Illegal Dumping and Scrap Tire

Management Rules. The text can be found at http://www.nmenv.state.nm.us/swb/documents/RIDSTMR_2007.

pdf These regulations are designed to protect the public and the environment from the risks posed by the

improper management of scrap tires as well as mechanisms which enable the state to ensure they are responsibly

managed and to provide for data collection to document the volume of tires generated in New Mexico.

8360a5  No.11983846


Oh I get that part

I'm saying physically where did they locate all these tires from? A dump somewhere? Big O tires tire pile two hundred miles away?

Were they given to the niggers? How did they transport the tires ? Back of pickup trucks? Dump trucks?

87614f  No.11983849



oppisite side of the coin



860d8d  No.11983862


I'm not arguing the idea that structural uses for tires are feasible in the state of New Mexico.

I'm arguing that you can't simply get a bunch of tires for a pet project without showing up on the state of New Mexico's radar screen requiring a permit of some sort.

How did they get the tires? You aren't making any effort at answering that, you only seem interested in claiming that you can make a pile of tires in a useful manner.

Shill tactics.

be633b  No.11983872


We found a loose thread here my man

Time to pull on it and see what unravels

87614f  No.11983876

File: 05c6fb5a1b5c79b⋯.jpg (64.88 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ChildCompound_153368466660….jpg)


if you look at one of the pictures those spooks had an enclosed equipment trailer. Earthships, as they are called in New Mexico, is a fairly common off-grid construction method, for those "off-grid" type of people, at least in New Mexico.

This picture shows a box type truck on the property, suitable for moving a shit load of tires, or several truck loads of tires over a period of time.


>I'm arguing that you can't simply get a bunch of tires for a pet project without showing up on the state of New Mexico's radar screen requiring a permit of some sort. In this guys video >>11983821 he claims that the two tire store local to him where more than happy to give him all of their used tires for free. And let me ask you, I'm going to take a shit now, do I need a permit to wipe my ass? I drove through New Mexico, it's a barren wasteland for hundreds of square miles.

87614f  No.11983884

I wouldn't trust a single word the kiked media has to say anymore, all of it, is fake news, it's becoming worse than Eastern Europe in the mid 1950's. Yet it still appears if a story serves the prejudices of the reader, well then, that kiked news source is then trustworthy.

493c44  No.11983887


I'm not saying he didn't have anything to do with for sure (Ive known a few corrupt judges) and I'll defer to your expertise but I've seen and heard firsthand how hard it can be to evict people. That's what made me not want to jump on that bandwagon just yet.

be633b  No.11983890


These niggers violated at least a dozen statutes in the nm scrap tire laws. A dozen at the very least. It looks like they were trying to get caught with the tires. There has to be environmental impact studies and site layout plans certified by engineers and you can't have more than 100 tires total etc

860d8d  No.11983897


Kek, apparently you could wipe your ass with New Mexico code 20 NMAC 9.20 since it is a worthless code.

Wouldn't be the first time a worthless law was passed but never enforced.

87614f  No.11983914


>New Mexico code 20 NMAC 9.20

deals with the disposal of waste, using tires as construction materials is not the same thing as waste disposal. I get your point that you can't dump tires in a landfill or a river as "waste" but using tires as a construction material is a common, accepted practice in New Mexico. You citing a series of state statues which are not applicable in this case, and any competent lawyer is going to get it dismissed.




Reminds me of all the Charges that were brought int he ruby ridge case, or the waco case, or the bundy case and the Dept of Justice had their ass handed back to them, after trial.

87614f  No.11983916

>>11983897 SCOPE. This part applies to the transportation, storage, transfer, processing, transformation,

recycling, composting, nuisance abatement and disposal of solid waste.

Construction materials, by law, are not defined as waste. Get it

225abc  No.11983921


Hey, OP, just call it a shitskin

87614f  No.11983924


Even the term composting doesn't apply as defined under that state statue you've cited. This is it's legal definition under the law.

(13) "Composting" means the process by which biological decomposition of organic material is

carried out under controlled conditions. The process stabilizes the organic fraction into a material which can be

easily and safely stored, handled and used in an environmentally acceptable manner.

860d8d  No.11983932



It has to fall under one of the definitions in that video you linked, since the guy obtained them from two tire recycling centers. They were solid waste at some point.

Seems like a question worth having answered.

87614f  No.11983943


>guy obtained them from two tire recycling centers

how do I know that is in fact a fact?

87614f  No.11983946


tire recycling centers

and the onus of the law would fall on the tire recycling center, not the recipient of said waste (tires) if that were the case.

860d8d  No.11983994


OK, you are contradicting yourself a little bit here.

One the one hand, you dismiss any questions about how this guy can get the tires without the state knowing about them due to their own state regulations because "muh earthships in New Mexico" and link a video with a guy saying he got a bunch of tires from a recycling center.

Then you question if the guy in the video was even being factual about getting the tires from a recycling center, and avoid the obvious question of how a recycling center skirted said New Mexico regulations in simply giving away a bunch of tires.

You seem to be a special glow in the dark kind of nigger.

87614f  No.11984017

File: 8e176475243d232⋯.jpg (794.98 KB, 2015x1488, 65:48, hitler.jpg)


>recycling center.


>he claims that the two tire store local to him where more than happy to give him all of their used tires for free.

I said tire store, not recycling center, you used the term recycling center. Dude admit it, you're a subversive fucking jews trying to redefine


my comments with your own words.>You seem to be a special glow in the dark kind of nigger.

as I said subversive jew, and I give very little credence to the kiked up media, as you are trying to do here, they use half truths, I more so suspect that the children were being "home schooled" due to "school shootings" and not training for them. Most parents should pull their kids out of public school and home school them at this point.

87614f  No.11984021


two other people have called you a faggot in this thread so allow me to be the third, fuck off faggot. You are ignored

860d8d  No.11984025

OK, fine.

Tires are 100% legit.

Don't question such things anons.

54caa6  No.11984479


Fuck that I will question whatever I feel like questioning

I'll waterboarded tires if it comes to that (it might)

103ff9  No.11984531

File: adccb7650fa11ac⋯.jpg (359.8 KB, 900x900, 1:1, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_ar….jpg)

Anyone who has ever set foot in New Mexico wouldn't be surprised by this story in the slightest.


The cops around here are bought and sold by MS13, masons, kikes, and other groups. Child grooming and human trafficking are so fucking common you hear about the cops not doing anything about them despite multiple reports 6-10 times per year.


>without showing up on the state of New Mexico's radar screen

Nope. Not how things work around here. Most cities, especially the ones closer to the border, have areas where laws are just not enforced. Cops won't go in there. It's pretty regular for poorer folk to head into one to sell off a kid or two that they can't afford to keep around.

Nuke this state.

a54f22  No.11984905


000000  No.11986670

Already wiped out of the news.

One dead child, Islamic terrorists: Nothing to see here

77e8c7  No.11986681


Yeah I was. The connections here are highly suspicious and, as fucking usual, nobody in the media is touching it.

77e8c7  No.11986689


When I was looking into the Epstein NM complex months back I discovered that the state of NM apparently has a massive ancient underground cavern system (huge, like the size of a state itself, just a monumentally large ancient river valley under the state that somehow was preserved through the centuries). It definitely went under the entire northern section of NM and into CO so there is absolutely no doubt that under that location is part of that ancient valley. When I see the coverings it makes me wonder if they are covering some entrance system of elevator shaft which would have taken huge energy needs to operate in that location…. or solar energy… didn't I see a Lockheed asshole connected to one of the bitches…..

50e151  No.11986719


>where laws are just not enforced

So why aren't these people magically disappearing or dying from lead poisoning?

14b111  No.11986743


Its not a secret though. There are a lot of cavern like natural conplexes from california to New Mex. Theyre also pretty dangerous and seem to be for the most part completely unexplored.

77e8c7  No.11986755


Yeah true but definitely not insurmountable if one has cash to spend. I have long thought that would be a prime "holding area" for whatever the cartels were moving from drugs to people to weapons or whatever and when I did the digging into the area in relation to Epstein it felt like a plausible theory as to why he would have such a compound in NM of all places but close to border, natural complex underground where nobody goes, lot of money to spend, etc.

Epstein's complex is 2 hrs of this place here if anyone is wondering.

14b111  No.11986779


Do you have the coordinates of both places so I can look them up?

77e8c7  No.11986810


Yeah but on my desktop and not going to get up and get them at moment. I will check back in the morning and post them then if nobody has looked it up by then. I just came to post once more due to the massive slide this post has gotten over the past half hour.

Anyhow, yeah, if nobody does it during night shift I will in the morning. Very close though.

08055b  No.11987236


Which 'these people?' Mass graves created by a single serial killer are found somewhat regularly.

cd7c9c  No.11987252


Isn't New Mexico practically a 1st wordish version of Old Mexico?

Yuropoor here but I was under the impression that it was the "bury a- body in the desert" state.

08055b  No.11987277


It used to be a 1st worldish version of Old Mexico. Now it's actually just Mexico.

77e8c7  No.11988817

I have never seen a post get slid as often and quickly as this one. Someone REALLY doesn't want us looking at this issue.

659582  No.11988949


This is huge because Siraj Wahhaj is like the king of the Black Santas. (All the first gen NOI people who went mainstream Sunni). He does the baptist preacher bit like the 'let me tell you about niggas' guy. People like him are very few and far between and they all seem to know each other.

I think the next step here is to see if he is one of the ones that are plugged into the Democratic Party machine/Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR. Or if these guys have gone full ISIS nigger.

a54f22  No.11989687


Me neither tbh. This fact along makes me want to bump this thread, just to spite them. My interest wouldn't be piqued if this wasn't being slid so damn fast.

a54f22  No.11992111

Is this seriously of such little interest? Fine glowniggers, you win this round. Last bump and then I'll let it slide to oblivion.

c5dc08  No.11992181

File: 95d7eabe567137b⋯.png (687.24 KB, 929x814, 929:814, glowingman.PNG)

c5dc08  No.11992190


Why do you have little female human in picture?

2d7b9c  No.11992245


Calling it now , this camp was a pit-stop for incoming jihadis totally unknown. Like the Underground Railroad. A stash house just down the road from Denver , Vegas , Dallas …..many targets.

a54f22  No.11992314


Scary thought. It's certainly shady as fuck. Where did all the genuine anons go? /pol/ would have been all over a mysterious find like this back in the day.

e5c49d  No.11992353

Obviously he is a deep undercover white nationalist

175d38  No.11992528


This is why this thread is being slid so much.

Check out this thread for some good info.



This video is especially telling.



3:20 for Sarsour calling him a mentor and great inspiration.

Quotes from Siraj:

>In a September 1991 speech in Toronto, titled “The Afghanistan Jihad,” Wahhaj told his fellow Muslims:

>“Those who struggle for Allah, it doesn’t matter what kind of weapons [you use], I’m telling you it doesn’t matter! You don’t need nuclear weapons or even guns! If you have faith in Allah and a knife! If Allah wants you to win, you will win! Because Allah is the only one who fights. And when his hand is over your hand, whoever is at war against my friends, I declare war on them…. The Americans are not your friends … The Canadians are not your friends … The Europeans are not your friends. Your friend is Allah, the Messenger and those who believe. These people will never be satisfied with you until you follow their religion …”

>Two months later, Wahhaj urged U.S. Muslims to become politically active as a means of augmenting the influence of their faith: “As long as you remember that if you get involved in politics, you have to be very careful that your leader is for Allah. You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.”[1]



175d38  No.11992984

File: 620cf7e31e803d7⋯.jpg (63.79 KB, 1040x847, 1040:847, we.JPG)

Why the fuck isn't there more eyes on this?

da90f1  No.11993002


Ha when I lived in NM it was legal to drink a drive outside the city limits. It sounds to me like you are one of the 'californians shitting up the place' with your endless 'regulations' and 'big government'.

da90f1  No.11993045

bump, because at least it is interesting and not the nigger tier shit that normally clogs up the catalog

175d38  No.11993113

Apparently the Sarsour links needs a new thread. I'm assuming people think they already know the facts and skip this thread.

659582  No.11993235


I saw in that thread about fake government pedokike employees that the good diggers have gone to their own private bunker and have been monetizing their skills.

77e8c7  No.11994355


>Where did all the genuine anons go? /pol/ would have been all over a mysterious find like this back in the day.

We're around, I posted that data about the wives the other day but this issue is really seeing a massive slide on the chans and is apparently meeting serious resistance on social media with it being deleted by FB, Twatter, etc. This issue may be the biggest issue in quite awhile given all the sliding and censorship. Something else must be connected to it that we are missing given all the oppo to talking about it.

Money is on, as another anon said, Sarsour's connection but also this past week period has seen a lot of Muzzlehead issues from the shooting in Canada to this to the new shooting in Canada which has been completely ignored in full by the media. All having to do with the religion of peace. This issue/those issues are big deals and need to be spread around more, this one especially as I am sure this is but one of many small camps like this.

a54f22  No.11994646


Do you think the "school shootings" angle was just a cover to hide it being an actual jihadi training camp? And even if so, why throw fuel on the fire by even planting the suggestion of school shooters being trained in advance? Why not just write it off as an isolated case of a few rogue #notallmuslims larping in the woods?

175d38  No.11994688


Because you can't, there are too many ties to a bigger scheme.

By blasting the MSM with the school shooting angle you settle the case in the public mind and they move on, thinking it's just some wacko.

37e424  No.11994702


The media sensation tripped over itself. It does that alot.

In this case, a well financed literal globalist London-hopping arab, set up shop to recreate Waco (this time as some Mecca), subverting and conning the locals and the land owner, revealing his cloak a little too soon. The media sprung up to make money, and help the foreigners hide the most egregious actions, likely to help the other New Meccas all the Asiatics have been up to since circa 2007/8.

Any travelers to or from London should be immediately added to all watch lists. London is the a terrorist Mecca network, due to the Brits capitulating and joining the goat fuckers and designateds.

Anyone arriving from Brussels or London, certainly traveling back and forth between either and here, should be auto-added to NSA taps.

493c44  No.11995207

File: 570454f8d523961⋯.jpg (131.48 KB, 960x640, 3:2, nintchdbpict0003088240571 ….jpg)

File: 144cbb497529a1b⋯.jpg (51.6 KB, 460x259, 460:259, 160330055719-weapons-cache….jpg)

File: e2422a09adbf282⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 590x350, 59:35, weapons-684623 (1).jpg)

File: 130f0b1ce2dba10⋯.jpg (71.06 KB, 600x580, 30:29, 8acaec86e6a0a8cb25bc620b11….jpg)




I think the school shootings plot was real. Muslims are stashing shit like these in mosques in Europe. They're definitely doing it here. You even have places like Broward with fishy as fuck school shootings where the police department involved is full of Muslims and the Sheriff quotes the Talmud to the press. The Muslims want us disarmed. Having 11 school shootings in one day from these kids who had would have pushed the left over the edge on gun control.

I think the only reason the school shootings angle came out was the same reason the whole thing got discovered in the first place: Some small town police whose little podunk area doesn't even register on (((their))) radar so they haven't had any reason to install puppets with badges found it and blew it up before they could squash it. This was the biggest thing they'll ever get to do, real police work, and they just started calling the papers and everyone else as soon as they did it. I'm not saying they're wrong for thinking that way either - I wished we had more police who fight this shit and dont turn a blind eye to it, so good on them.

I don't see any reason why they would admit he was training school shooters if they could have covered up or if it wasn't true. It doesn't help their anti-gun narrative at all. This also makes me think that this wasn't planned by anyone other than the older Imam and his cronies. A (((professional))) job would have chosen a location with a police department they could control so this type of accident doesn't happen, like the recent stuff in Tucson. Whether there was anything to it or not the police department bulldozed that shit as soon as they could.

I think this was some good old mudskin initiative at work. The people behind the other school shootings and gun grabbing actually pull it off. They buy entire parts of small towns on the same day. They don't get caught in some shitty makeshift junk yard by Barney Fife and Boss Hogg. You have to wonder how many of those other jihadi compounds we have here are doing the same thing. Can you imagine how much shit would hit the fan if they had 30 or 40 kids do this on the same day across the country?

I think the elder Imam knew and is playing stupid to save his own ass. It's not like Muslims are above sacrificing their kids kek.

175d38  No.11996929


2d7b9c  No.11997112

Down the memory hole to most by now.

Fast & Furious guns married with a school shooter training program.

a54f22  No.11998502


I know 8pol is pretty pozzed these days, but I just cannot understand the lack of interest in this thread. I swear that this board is pretty much just bots and shills talking among themselves now!


8ac617  No.11998563





wanna know how i know that image is made by some greater israel adl kikes?

493c44  No.11998744


Fair point but I only intended to point out that this isn't the only one of these types of camp they have in our borders. No matter who funds them these camps and groups do exist here. No matter who sent them they're going to try to kill white Americans either through shit like this or becoming death squads when shtf. I just don't think this particular idea was backed by (((anyone))) because it seems so amateur how they did it. Funny how even if they weren't the ones pulling the strings on this incident it's still their fault they're even inside of our borders. They really are at the root of everything.

84db39  No.11998965


However the muslims terror cells mostly only operate in non-white communities. So the states they have the most networks are also the areas in the state where they are surrounded by beaners or niggers. Minnesota for example with the at the (((meat packing))) places and live in the same complexes they would not survive a winter nobody likes them locally and everyone has weapons.

What i'm getting at is their bases aren't well hidden since all you have to look in is the non-white areas at the mosques or businesses they own. They probably have a couple in the rural but who doesn't at this point, muslims are shit with logistics when it comes to actual warfare.

The problem is (((they're))) protecting and bringing the mudslimes , the muslims aren't being sneaky at all they openly admit about weapon caches at mosques and in so can sweeped overnight. Then when someone whistleblows on them its oi vey muy poor mudslimes.

1a60f0  No.11999449


No kidding. You should see what the vets tend to have. Actually, you should see what the SOCOM vets tend to have. Serious shit.

000000  No.12003778

That cunt judge let em go.

abdffe  No.12003792


Why do we even need jews in this country when we already have women

a54f22  No.12004993


I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

4e3430  No.12005268


If they made it legal for citizens to punish dangerous drunk drivers then we wouldn't need more laws. If drunk driver is no threat, then all is good. Drunk driver is dangerous, warned multiple times, then gets assaulted. All good.

c7671e  No.12014159

this is related to Tucson they bulldozed the child rape camps ventana medical harvesting adrenechrome from the thousands of trafficked kids coming thru boarder only Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer and his wife flora Troy Shabani Meyer and vop veterans on patrol doing something about it

f4bede  No.12014207

He could be a hero. The Haitian girl who wasn‘t released might ve been there specific to positively ID her.

000000  No.12015795

What the fuck could have the glow in the darks pissing themselves??

Is this the final boss?

280581  No.12034751

Do the right thing and deliver their heads on a platter. Post it ITT. kthx

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