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File: 64cd2a68df9b3b5⋯.jpg (28.16 KB, 736x490, 368:245, d36f197c09039455abe34828bb….jpg)

6721f7  No.11980497

Right, it has come to my attention that we are poorfags as a collective of aware Whites and have no purchasing power nor freedom to be NEETs and put our daily energies into the cause.

So this is a thread for ways to make serious money and what to put it into. We also need to look into house sharing as a way to get together and cut costs. If we can doctors, builders, managers who are Whites and think like us on our side and we work with them together, this will make our lives easier. There is nothing honorable about struggle without reward.

Post your ideas/thoughts.

e9cd0f  No.11980520

Best way to stay ahead of the curve in the future is 3-4 guys buy/rent a home. As families expand, so does your home. Whites are the only race is america that doesn't do this anymore because its been beaten out of them.

743fe4  No.11980539


Moving to the North-West among other high-white density counties is important. Move to a small town and find other whites with racial identity. Build businesses and make connections. A pool of money 500,000 dollars deep compiled by some successful men can go a long way.

e9cd0f  No.11980540


> If we can doctors, builders, managers who are Whites and think like us on our side and we work with them together, this will make our lives easier. There is nothing honorable about struggle without reward.

Also with home sharing you can hire teachers for home schooling. Regarding the home itself, you can easily convert homes into 3-4 isolated sections with basic drywalling/carpentry skills.

e9cd0f  No.11980546


>A pool of money 500,000 dollars deep compiled by some successful men can go a long way.

Exactly. There are also smaller coop banks that people can look into for better rates.

1f86b2  No.11980553

I'm a based Filipino-German attorney sympathetic to your cause. If you need any help, I'd be glad to lend any assistance.

ab0e80  No.11980559

If you have any money to spare, get into crypto it's the future of money and the internet. Right now leftists and commies like the ETH founders have outsized influence and it will be terrible for us if they end up owning web3 the way they own twitter, google, etc.

We're at or near the bottom of the market right now so its a perfect time to get in. Some good projects (investments) to look at are:

>Enigma (eng) (even though jews are involved)

>Dent (dent)

>Holochain (hot) (even though leftists are involved)


>singularityNet (agi)


Always remember to do your own research though

bb6902  No.11980568


>We are poorfags


Fuck off poorfag.

6721f7  No.11980577


>moving into White territory

I think this is the next step and we all want it really. If we can capitalise on anything Trump is doing for the economy we must take advantage of. Plus, if we hold businesses to the old standard, customers most likely will flock to our people.


Yes. Also you can put bunkbeds into room for younger White males as we used to live in harsher standards before and this is temporary as it helps us long term. Besides it will teach the late teens/early 20's how to live socially. You can use other rooms as you say, for teachers to homeschool under the understanding/watch of parents and others on what is being taught. Sounds exciting to me. I am 25/27 myself, but I will sacrifice living standards for something that helps us.


>3-4 guys rent a home

Couldn't agree more. I almost had that setup one time through discord, but it unfortunately broke down. We were speaking and knew where we all generally lived. As time goes on it seems more reasonable to do it. What do we have to lose?


You impress no one.

2be1ca  No.11980581

So a secret international White fraternity with a brotherhood, sounds like old school Freemasonry before they allowed jews in. They had the best model for this kinda of stuff; study them very closely.

a398c1  No.11980589

File: 09cb39f481b9010⋯.webm (7.45 MB, 640x352, 20:11, pol has a wife and kids.webm)


>Post your ideas/thoughts.

First, be white, and cut down costs. Be frugal.

Then, work tirelessly to improve your situation, not just financially, but also work out and study.

When you have money, a fit body, and knowledge, which you will get from not wasting your life on stupid shit like TV, getting a very white woman will be orders of maginitude easier (you don't even have to be as young as her).

Then raise tons of white kids and be an excellent parent.

t. Former poorfag non-"we".

9eecd2  No.11980598

File: 2f07c86df7672f3⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 718x637, 718:637, 1514407324956.jpg)


Use the kikes tactics against them

It would only take 10 of us to collectively associate, move into a 4 bedroom house, share the cost of living, food, bills, gas, etc. Make sure it's near or within a suburban area. Start a string of business' such as handyman, landscaping, pool cleaning, moving services, general labor work at an average of 35 dollars an hour per head and an average of 6 hours per head for 6 days a week.

That's 655,000 dollars a year for a single household at a minimum amount of work.

The best part is it's physical labor work, so each house member is healthy. Implement a strict way of life, 2 hours study time each day, each person expands into a certain area of expertise such as web marketing, local advertising and so on.

Within 2 years we are moving into local politics, getting involved in the local chamber of commerce and city council.

Within 5 years there are 5 working models. or 4 million dollars a year collectively.

within 10 years we're controlling county level politics and moving into the state scene.

I think we're finally at the point where I can expect some other anons to seriously consider my proposal.

I've been studying this for a couple years, learning what to look out for, how to collectively motivate people, social engineering and human hacking (ie: brain washing). It's a great tool if used for the collective benefit of a group.

There is nothing illegal about this no matter how "evil" our cause is seen by the outside world. The only major hurdle is battling Juden and his ZOG machine trying to defame the group at every crossing point.

The numbers that I've posted here are very minimal as many anons would bring specialties to the work place and it doesn't account for black hat tactics, methods of creating value.

Once the group has moved into the 7 figure a year range, media outlets can really take off and the message can spread rapidly. Especially in the environment Juden has so graciously created for us.

This is their biggest threat. Anons moving into the realm of reality.

146577  No.11980615

File: 81d51dd9c8c6455⋯.png (13.34 KB, 244x255, 244:255, 6d9d8d4dbc6e9319136d955272….png)


>posting on /pol/

>advocating for taking loans from banks

choose one


>smaller coop banks

It's called a credit union. They are member owned and usually restrict membership to a limited group. They have no financial incentive to participate in usury, and generally have better rates, less fees, and lend to those deemed less credit worthy by (((other institutions))).

9eecd2  No.11980630


No matter how strong you are mentally and physically, you are weaker than the weakest group collectively working for a cause.

You will never be more than a upper middle class alone. At best, you can hope to raise a good family and release those children in a ZOG world controlled by Juden who will take half of everything you worked for at the hour of your death AFTER taking half of everything you've worked for through your entire life.

The system is rigged against us.

But it doesn't have to be.

There is a gaping fucking hole that needs to be exploited.

2be1ca  No.11980648


White compounds, co-ops and boarding houses are extremely regulated; only shitskins get a pass. You could only pull it off in the countryside; you could maybe pull it off in a liberal city if you use the cover of environmentalists that are concerned with invasive species.

Good luck having any kind of weaponry though, if they learn you have anything past a pistol you're going to get ATF'd.

631701  No.11980670


>credit unions

wise anon.

9eecd2  No.11980682


We can't work in the shadows

Transparency would be saving grace

I would even demonstrate how having a public inventory online for accounts receivable and expenditures would be a major weapon against the current system.

Any press they weaponized against us would propel us exponentially. Don't think we're alone. We're just the ones speaking openly about this but all whites are having thoughts of a break away culture.

The diversity experiment has run it's course. Juden has destroyed any potential it had of working by shoving multi-culturalism down the throats of unwilling patients and it's left a very bad taste in many peoples mouths.

I live in California and have open conversations about this constantly. I'd say 1 in 3 customers tells me how happy they are to see white people show up to help them out.

e298ee  No.11980697


>semi doxing yourself


d81622  No.11980703


Homes and apartments aren't allowed to have more than two different "families" in them. It's because of anti-brothel laws. Not to mention most renters don't want that on their property. I believe those laws also apply to homes in my area.

Doesn't mean people ignore it or work around that however.

a398c1  No.11980706


I totally agree with you that a collective is best. We need groups like you mention, not just for counter-nepotism but also to make group projects like big propaganda pieces (I'd pull all-nighters to professionally edit video for like-minded anons, but the chaos of chans demotivate me). not to mention, some of us have big audiences and aren't revealing their power levels… and subtle propaganda is the best we can do

The problem is, how do I find you? And how do you find me? Because I can't find 10 anons IRL that aren't countries away. And I'm committed enough that I'd be happy to help out anons who (currently) don't have anything to offer.

I just need to find someone. In the meantime I'm working on self-improvement.

9eecd2  No.11980710

File: d47e628b6e110e6⋯.pdf (648.96 KB, hive-UsersGuide.pdf)


There are federal charters for sale in the 200-400k range.

Fuck loans, we go straight to the fed window and borrow at fed funds rate, then lend it back to the idiots.

Just to show you guys how bad it really is, those of you using Tor or like me, using an off-shore proxy you paid for with crypto. I've attached a document we aren't supposed to know about. It's called The Hive. I have all the documents on it.

There is absolutely nothing you do online that is anonymous.

It's time, guys. It's literally now or never.

6721f7  No.11980714


This is precisely why this idea is so necessary. If we get guys we know into a house and do this for 1 year and make that level of money, we have enough to push our ideas anyway we want. Instead of losing our energy to pointless verbal and typed discourse, we can just bypass these (((enemies))) and live at our own pace and accord.

Remember, we are just friends at the end of the day, right? So if Jim and Judy asks you are just Americans coming together to enjoy some good work and thought it a good idea to live together. No one needs to know who we are. We just get through the year and make the money while having a good time. Excellent post, anon.


You maybe wealthy and I am happy for you. However, we are still poorfags because you are with us. As 9eec anon said, you are still poorer than the poorest group on your own.


>we can't work in the shadows

For now you can keep a low profile depending on environment, but if you can be open about being White and wanting America back we should do it. There are so many Whites begging inside for younger White men to just show some fucking balls. Even just to look physically strong again. This is why we can bypass the (((system))) because we made the fucking system. So the old one can die off while we grow inside it again learning from previous mistakes with a breath of fresh air.

Think how Whites will feel doing this new and exciting thing where it offers them daily tasks that makes them wealthy and stronger collectively again.

9eecd2  No.11980737


Look at my post here >>11980710

We're not anonymous from anyone but each other. Understand The Hive has sniffers placed at each node on the internet and we can't even detect them.

The deception of anonymity is to separate us and make us think we have something to lose by getting out in the open. The only people we're hiding from is each other.

For the reason you stated I started looking into basic labor services that anyone could do who wasn't a paraplegic (that's a very hard word to spell if you don't spell it often).

Realistically, I'm going to be putting forth the initial investment and securing the property. I just don't am not locked in on a geographic location yet. Arizona seems the most favorable for us due to it having the highest military veteran population in the country, but I'm open to suggestion.

I've been saving, studying and exercising. I've been living for nothing and would much rather risk dying for something. No violence, though. We can't be viewed as a militant group. Not yet.

a398c1  No.11980744

File: 672445eb1e19e90⋯.jpg (119.77 KB, 1170x661, 1170:661, white chimpout.jpg)


Do you have any idea on how such a group of anons can come together that doesn't put us all on a list?

688e20  No.11980745


What a filthy demonic beast. Send it right back to the underworld.

9eecd2  No.11980750


On an aside, this bread is ridiculously kike free on the evening that Tel-Aviv is under fire

I'm sure it's just a coincidence

832f92  No.11980781


>not shilling LINK

9eecd2  No.11980782

File: 04e89cc8e1485a9⋯.pdf (295.36 KB, hive-Infrastructure-Switch….pdf)


Again, we're only hiding from each other.

Switchblade is grabbing all our information, even encrypted and sending it for decryption.

They have a log of everything you've done since 2015 online.

Quantum computing has BTFO of encryption. That story about Dredd Pirate Roberts was fabricated from the ground up. They took him down because the silk road was their competition.

Our only hope is to step out into the open.

I'm not going to ask anyone to do that now, but I want anyone reading this to look at the information I'm putting out and understand it.

We're powerless alone. Targets to be rounded up one by one.

43a134  No.11980793

File: ad6e1eebee25fc9⋯.jpg (62.87 KB, 480x720, 2:3, EasternEuropean.jpg)


A little too blatant for me.

To be honest, I would be quite satisfied with deportation, and I don't hate non-whites.

I simply want a nation of my own, peopled with my own kind.

I'll kill if it comes down to it, and I'll do an horrific job of it, but don't ask me to like it.

9eecd2  No.11980799

File: d22b1421f236a6b⋯.pdf (300.36 KB, hive-DevelopersGuide.pdf)

File: 66ea1f54592041f⋯.pdf (120.78 KB, hive-DevelopersGuide-figur….pdf)

File: e6648e97f1ec6d3⋯.pdf (358.53 KB, hive-Infrastructure-Config….pdf)

File: 2ec9873de71c465⋯.pdf (116.55 KB, hive-Operating_Environment.pdf)

these are the last 4 documents on HIVE

If anyone has a better suggestion than just stepping out into the open, I'm open to it. I haven't been able to think of a way.

dcc656  No.11980803

The only financial solidarity whites should have is from their extended family. Loans from family members,

interest-free, is enough to start anything. If your family is overridden with debt, and you are equipped with the knowledge to not fall for the same fate, your destiny is to lead your bloodline away from it so your children not suffer the same.

9eecd2  No.11980809


I swear to God

Mark my words

I will be your achilles heel, Juden

I will ruin everything your disgusting sperm donors have created.

I just hope you pussies put up a good fight because you squeal like pigs and cower in real life.

a398c1  No.11980812

File: 5afc18158737dc2⋯.jpg (116.32 KB, 862x590, 431:295, Feminist intersectional Qu….jpg)



You remind me of anons being banned on kampfy/pol/ and setting up a board called >>>/tennessee/ - if I lived in the US I'd try getting in contact with them.

So your idea is we all openly start looking for each other. It's not a terrible idea, but it's a bit of a gamble. I'll consider it.

Another idea is joining a civnat alt-kike movement to find actually redpilled natsoc anons. There could be some.

>Quantum computing has BTFO of encryption

No, it has not. I know about this subject. Look up Quantum Supremacy; we're still on the stage where it might or might not be possible to do it. Skeptics point out the inherent noise of quantum systems will prevent quantum computing altogether.

d81eaf  No.11980817

File: 51e69f046e6b7d1⋯.jpg (94.15 KB, 885x667, 885:667, 1424383885295.jpg)

File: f71cfe2cdf50b23⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 2396x2368, 599:592, subversionrevolution1.jpg)


Dude who gives a fuck, we're not intending on breaking any laws. Not yet anyway. Besides, if you're not already on a list, what are you really even doing? ZOG wants us atomized, broke, ignorant and ultimately dead. We can list eachother all we want. We need to ascend socially, economically and politically and working together is the best way.

43a134  No.11980820


I don't care about being anonymous anymore.

If anyone is that interested in looking for me…

…they better pray they don't find me.

fe8242  No.11980825

9eecd2  No.11980833



Here's 3 of us in 15 minutes

This isn't going to be that hard

it's the collective association that will be tough. Communal living takes a special breed of people and that's how I came to the conclusion that a completely transparent monetary policy is imperative. We can't risk dissent or subterfuge.

9eecd2  No.11980849


>I know about this subject.

I admittedly don't know much about it but I do know the story about Dredd Pirate Roberts takedown is absolute bullshit. San Francisco is cucked to the n'th degree and the story about how they tracked him down was bullshit. He didn't make mistakes, he had been going for years and they expect us to believe that one day, he suddenly forgot to turn on his VPN while connecting to a public Starbucks (Kosher approved!) IP?

There is no anonymity online but we're meant to believe there is. That means we're meant to remain anonymous from each as well as believe we're anonymous from TPTB

427db0  No.11980851


And if anon wished to join such a collective, where would that collective be located to best serve anon?

fda1b7  No.11980857


Poorfags…based on Jewish currency. Just a few more shekels and the power will be Mine!

dee54e  No.11980865


We still are, because the government is ultimately made up of weak willed fools. They have mountains of data, but not nearly enough capable enough of parsing through it. We're basically taking advantage of those cracks to keep going. Ultimately though, people need to realize that they need to learn to have a decoy personae for blending in, as well as other ones…


It doesn't need to if backdoors are installed in advance…Intel's IME anyone?


There are truly anonymous areas, but that is NOT on the clearnet(IE: Here and normalfag areas contained within the great firewall 2.0.) Treat it as such.

dee54e  No.11980868


Poor on more than that. What OP is proposing is more self improvement. There's a dearth of that at a collective level. Every bit helps.

6ecd33  No.11980875


>Take out a loan from a bank

Get behind me, satan.

9eecd2  No.11980878


Mentioned above that AZ looks good outside of Phoenix (this is the most ideal because it presents the strongest dollar value at 1.7x the buying power of cucked Cali). NV outside of Vegas/Henderson looks good, dollar value = 1.6x buying power. Montana seems great on the surface but the dollar value = 1.2x buying power

Benchmark is Cali

Highest buying power I was able to find was Missouri at 1.88x but the problem arises when looking for proximity to urban areas (need to be close to densely populated area for work/income purposes).

I think this conversation needs to be had several times til we get to the point of discussing it daily on here. It's going to take a mental shift and we're 100% guaranteed to attract infiltrators,

a398c1  No.11980886

File: 08cf1f4ca5dda5d⋯.png (131.76 KB, 2000x796, 500:199, ClipboardImage.png)


>and they expect us to believe that one day, he suddenly forgot to turn on his VPN

That can happen. Reminder to use Tails or similar.

>I admittedly don't know much about it

The way that quantum computing defeats encryption is because of something called Shor's algorithm. He's alive and you can actually talk to him about it. He regularly answers questions on Stack Exchange sites.

For example, remember D-Wave, the quantum bullshit Google spent a ton of money on? Well that's quantum annealing, and that can't run Shor's or Grover's algorithms. Furthermore, IBM has recently simulated quantum systems of up to 56 Qbits, and I have reasons to believe the "true quantum computers" available online are all simulated using off-the-shelf hardware.

9eecd2  No.11980888


>There are truly anonymous areas, but that is NOT on the clearnet(IE: Here and normalfag areas contained within the great firewall 2.0.) Treat it as such.

I'd be open to meeting on a deeper level. If we could change IP's often, we could stay ahead of detection but I don't really see a purpose. What are we hiding from? If we were very open and public about things, it would present a bigger problem to anyone that wanted to subvert out cause. You can't snatch someone up in the night when they're on the 50 yard line in a packed stadium.

427db0  No.11980892


There are also means of remote work, like web development. Perhaps a collective of spergs is capable of teaching each other the requisite skills in ~6 months to remotely work as freelancers.

It would also be important to do community work to build outstanding optics. Guards well against character assassination.

9eecd2  No.11980893

File: a3d813408daaaeb⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 451x271, 451:271, Nazi_tiger.jpg)


Trips and seig hiel!

dee54e  No.11980902


Nice trips. The anonymous areas have their purpose, but are pointless for here and almost the entirety of what gets proposed. I won't go into detail because /pol/ is a board of peace after all.

It's why I stated earlier to "blend in" instead, due to the mountains of data that they're stuck parsing.

ac4d4c  No.11980903

sorry your mom fucked a dead beat … first understand that it was her fault for not being picky. And understand it is your dads fault for not taking life seriously and instilling you with real knowledge about the world.

Now since you understand that these personality traits are not part of success you will. 1) be picky , patient as much as you can. 2) be willing to face the hard truths of the world and act accordingly, not thinking little goofy jokes are a healthy thing. Understanding that a degenerate joke become a degenerate lifestyle.

Im not poor , im not wealthy. Im rich is soul and spirit. Im healthy because I understand I dont need a doctor visit or gym. All I need to do is be active and eat balanced. I understand that I really dont have to pay attention to any of the bullshit from MSM or blacks or even shitters on this board. I dont need to be an NEET because im an independent force cut from the image of god. If you dont think the body you are given is something that is a miracle and you dont take it seriously, treating it and your existence anything less is like not turning in a winning lotto ticket. If that is the case and you rely on others your parents did not instill strong values in you.

I blame them for failing, but you are the one that is a burden. Why would I want to join forces with a needy person. I want everyone here to understand the reason my they are seeing whites respond to current events as they are. Why has there not been a group reaction. Thats not our style. We dont cry and scream opression. We react and win. We over some obstacles. We dont rely on each other in some kind of it takes a village mentality. Everyone in white society should be their own nation within themselves, capable of defending and producing. Its easier said than done.

Being white is easier said than done. The other races cant make it in our world. Thats why they complain about meritocracy. If you are white you should complain either. Fucking improve yourself, stop being a burden that needs others and win.


cb9c1c  No.11980906

File: b4ec24198860d1a⋯.gif (2.23 MB, 320x384, 5:6, b4ec24198860d1aba333f1c71f….gif)


Absolutely not a kike free first post.

fda1b7  No.11980909


Dillon, you soab. Loving your luminescence.

13abf5  No.11980914

>be frugal

>downsize your belongings. Shit you haven't used in a long time is extra money in your pocket

>invest in yourself (pick up a trade or a license of your choosing, work out, read)

>do not let the kikes demoralize you. You can make it if you play it smart

Basic tips. I'd recommend Think And Grow Rich and StrengthsFinder 2.0 (if ypu priate it, buy the code for the test so you can get the full use of it) to get more specialized into improving yourself and your financial strength. I wish all you anons the best in strengthening your wallet and improving the lives of the White race.

dee54e  No.11980915


Alright shill, I'm going to point out why you're wrong in one word: clans. Look up our old dynasties, then come along and try that bullshit again.

427db0  No.11980927


Your argument is "Whites should not work as a team, and you're a loser if you want to".

a398c1  No.11980928

File: 963b0cc4987235c⋯.jpg (13.1 KB, 480x372, 40:31, do not dumb here.jpg)

13abf5  No.11980937


We're all on lists at this point. Either we work together now or we all work together in the camps when they finally do round us all up.

743fe4  No.11980938

I suggest to all anons looking to move to a white-friendly place to move to Montana. I could write a whole essay about why this is a good idea and I have before. I agree with the notion that anonymity is no longer a tool that will help us. I'd be more than willing to join a white-friendly collective.

f466ff  No.11980941


The solution isn't some communist shit like house sharing, etc.

The solution is multi-generational families living together.

Instead of the asinine idea of kicking the kids out at 18, how about provide a place where they can live, and produce a family.

Sure kick them out if they aren't on board with the idea, or are degenerates run amok, but the need to have your familys' future assured is key; it's the single biggest thing holding back white people.

Here's how to do it:

Mom and dad take their wages and instead of buying crap like jet skis and RVs, they invest in THEIR FAMILY by buying land/property that can be used for them together. Their children will then have a place to live instead of being (((rent))) slaves. They can establish their own childrens' families while they are young. This increases the white birth rate. And eventually you will have 3 or more generations living together on a large family compound with enough room for everyone. All that money saved on (((interest and rent))) is reinvested back into the family, allowing them to grow, and build more fore future generations.

This is what the asians and jews do. Hell, even beaners do it (but out of necessity). The solution is right there, but it means that the family has to work together, eshew degeneracy and decadance, and deprogram themselves from the (((medias))) rugged individualist narrative.

Put family first, and everything comes together.

9eecd2  No.11980946


>It would also be important to do community work to build outstanding optics. Guards well against character assassination.

You nailed it right there.

Without the court of public opinion on our side, we will end up silenced, imprisoned and written off as psycho skin heads who wanted to kill everyone that wasn't white.

The problem with remote-collectivism, is we're all paying toward a cause that is arbitrary. it manifests itself in reality when we're face to face. Even the discomfort becomes a sort of glue over time.

Imagine it like you're walking across a plank onto a ship and that ship will never touch that shore again. We're, in essence, abandoning the lives we leave behind and setting sail for something that may not be on the other side of the ocean.

A certain amount of faith needs to be had or nobody will have faith in us. We're talking about reshaping civilization, don't mistake it for anything less. It will be met with an opposition of equal proportion, meaning if anyone isn't bound by something greater than desire, it will never come to fruition.

9eecd2  No.11980952


>The solution is multi-generational families living together.

I whole-heartedly agree, I just don't think we have time.

Look at the demographics charts and accelerate them forward. Whites will be a minority in the west by 2050 at the absolute latest. Realistically, we have about 2 decades to work with.

146577  No.11980958

Radical leftists and black nationalists have been doing experiments in communal living and coops since the 60s. What do they have to show for it? Can you think of 10 communally owned businesses (other than credit unions)?

Why do they fail? They have the wrong perspective. The focus is emotional, focused on the collective. If you don't run a business like a business and permit your co-owners not pull their weight, everyone loses. Similarly, when there is strain because individual interests diverge, they use emotion and blame others. At this point, the collective usually disbands or another leader comes into power.

At the end of the day, your and your family's interests are going to come before everything else. If you can let everyone be guided by rational self interest, maybe it can work out, but the situations in which it does are few and far between.

743fe4  No.11980974


Radical leftists have been spiraling into self-destructive and degenerate acts. They have had no time for family building. They actively try and destroy the family unit in fact. And of fucking course the niggers failed at building micro-societies. Where do you think you are? Begone shill.

2be1ca  No.11980976

File: 0a1c2a2a3a8dcc3⋯.jpg (51.85 KB, 540x560, 27:28, dont judge me.jpg)


>Why would I want to join forces with a needy White

>you don't need others to win

>Thats not our style

>universal meritocracy is real


This post is why Boomers are absolute scum and reminds us why individualism is the greatest DnC of all time. Treacherous faggots like yourself, will be erased from the Book of Life.

We're trying to survive a tribal deathmatch, not compete in a fair sports game.

9eecd2  No.11980982

File: 08a8a656daae746⋯.pdf (4.41 MB, StrengthofMormonPosition.PDF)


>Radical leftists and black nationalists have been doing experiments in communal living and coops since the 60s. What do they have to show for it? Can you think of 10 communally owned businesses (other than credit unions)?

Look deeper. A lot of what you know, you know because of subtle programming. Collectivism is the only hope of breaking free.

Without a full study, just gloss over Mormonism and the influence of the Mormon Church (pdf related)

They're a massive collective community and a great example of what Caucasians are capable of in the West.

ac4d4c  No.11980986


not only that … you are inherently not white if you rely on it

Culturally its not our style. We work together for mutual profit but that is driven by every individuals personal desire. Not a desire of the "group". This is more fascists and statism German white style. The need to others.

The independent capitalists white culture is the one I want to preserve. You learn , you work you improve your life and disconnect from losers. Your successes are yours alone because of the position you put yourself in. If an opportunity comes up to make profit by mutual cooperation with others then great take it.

But dont rely on it. Dont make it a staple of your being. Dont be the man that needs the village be the man the village needs.

This is a cultural mentality. Of course no one can be everything but your mentality should start with this idea then you work within reality. Dont start off thinking "I need my brothers to work with me for me to achieve anything".

We should be a nation of leaders not a nation looking to follow and get inline with order.

>Work as a team

Who is the leader of this team? Why should I follow them? Im not following a bunch of idiots that need others, lead by example and ill follow that method. I would like you to expand on this idea of "team" because all you seem to be saying is some kind of tommy robinson BS of if you are white you need to get in line and chimp out together like the blacks.

9eecd2  No.11980998


>We're trying to survive a tribal deathmatch

The sooner we accept this reality, the better off we will all be.

There is nothing wrong or offensive about survival. We just have to learn from the mistakes of the past. We have to keep open communication with the outside world. Imagine if NatSoc Germany had the internet and the Volk were able to converse openly with Americans… Just think about that.

2be1ca  No.11981011


>I don't need anybody!

So, when you give people money you actually don't need their labor and stuff? Interesting. Do you just buy White babies too? Who needs a family when you can buy children.

Jokes aside, Whites are global minority and we better start thinking and acting like it. After all, we live in a global society.

f466ff  No.11981012


>Whites will be a minority in the west by 2050

I agree that time is ticking, but 30 years is enough time to start 2 and a half generations.

The problem is the deprogramming of our white people:

Get married young instead of letting women take out student loans on a counterproductive/useless degree

Men should only go to University if they have an aptitude for it, and the family can afford it. And if so, do it inexpensively, by at least doing a couple years at a community college before transferring to finish off.

Stop letting our parents and grandparents wither and die in nursing homes, alone, and without the love of their family. And set your family estate up such that you can capitalize on government gibs while having your loved ones live their twilight years overseeing their family flourish, as God intended (what a way to go, seeing your grandchildren grow up and become the next productive generation… gives me goosebumps to think about).

This plan works, and history proves it.

There are pitfalls, mostly in the form of dissatisfied family members (especially cunt women) so it's imparative that the family wealth is held in a way that minimizes exposure from some cunt divorcing and getting a huge pay day. A CFA/CFP, tax lawyer, estate planner, etc are tools to be used.

Ultimately the family should be establishing a family business where even more can be made, and for the exclusive profit of the family. But no lazy fucks; everyone has to work.

This idea needs to happen. It's the survival of our families, and the white race as a whole at stake here.

146577  No.11981018


I don't deny the power of it, but it's important to identify what they are doing wrong , or, in the case of the Mormons, doing right. That list could be very long, and in the case of radicals, there are many things interfering with their endeavors that most likely have nothing to do with communal enterprises.

2be1ca  No.11981024


I've written some about debastardizing Whites families, every /pol/ack needs to focus on reuniting their extended families. We do need to practice nepotism and favor our own race extremely hard, by any means necessary at this point. We need to create indestructible networks of blood, we have to stop pretending we're playing a fair game– the gloves must come off.

ac4d4c  No.11981027


by your group of crybabies.

why dont you go back to your borhers you need and all talk about it together. As one big group of needy losers that never had a family.

In my world, if I lose to shitters like you I deserve it. Im waiting for you faggots.

We both want to win. The only difference between you and me is that you have accepted that you need others to make this happen. You are scared.

Who are you without the others in your group?

>erased from the Book of Life

Im mortal dude, we all die. If you mean history. I dont want to be part of your history books. More like a book of shit existence.

>We're trying to survive a tribal deathmatch

I am too. Im in a fight of the lazy needy shitters vs the independent industrious talented people.

In terms of race, all you have to do is not interact with black people. Why are you interacting with them? Why are you interacting with white people that interact with them?

What exactly are you doing with white people that you cant do by yourself? You starting a malitia? Fucking be a policeman, join the army, take karate.

Is there anyone not just talking complete shit in this thread and actually is building some kind of group of action with whites or are you all on the internet complaining about something you want others to do for you? This is exactly the mentality Im talking about.


damn sorry to be a goofy fag, sometimes I end my post with that or "bucko" as a joke. Its just a dumb joke. Its not a serious part of the post in any way.

6ecd33  No.11981035

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

505d37  No.11981040


Anonymize your money flow to your media. Don't let those of questionable loyalty in. If you think someone is going to be a problem and you don't want to remove them (because that's harder), see if you can move. Don't forget to cover your ass, basically.


You can have weaponry, just don't do illegal shit openly. You also need to have data security, by which I mean you can get data out, including externally. This precludes a hit on you and framing you for shit. Don't do anything illegal if you're public. Basically, once again, don't be stupid about it.

The kikes have done us a huge favor by doing stupid shit like that early on. It has gotten rid of most of the morons who would be a problem. Also, don't take unstable people, on that note. If we can just get the hooknoses to build the ovens themselves, then we will be all set.

1a1ad8  No.11981045

File: aae5ad13ce4e842⋯.png (424.87 KB, 499x671, 499:671, 1429554485240.png)


These are all great ideas, in principle. In fact, however, there are a lot of ways this breaks down into failure.

>I've been studying this for a couple years

I'm into a couple of decades now, and have tried this out in practical terms a good half-dozen times in several different regions of these US I have a lot of friends in a lot of places. I've tried STARTING a business to hire my friends, starting us up as a guild when I was 21, all these years later we still call ourselves that when we get together, I've tried helping a friend start his own business, I've tried inventing a new business partnership, I've tried with different temperaments of people, different gender ratios, different housing situations, etc. Some of these lasted longer than others, but in the end I learned some valuable things, at least as they relate to my situation. These were the pitfalls I most commonly ran into:

>As the business owner, giving responsibility to others who didn't start the business leads to abuse of authority and funds probably due to the fact that they didn't have to grind during the startup phase

<As the supporting party when helping others start their businesses, advice was often ignored when there were failures that could have been avoided, probably due to the inflated ego of the other party

>In the general sense, often times there are unresolvable clashes over who is more 'alpha' when the group is male-dominated/only, leading to just general rebelliousness to the business owner, disrespect in social situations, petty conflicts over housing issues, etc., usually by someone with less competence in technical areas trying to be "the leader" because they feel more generally alpha in social situations ego tripping

<When women are more involved…well, you know how that goes. They can't shut up about their retarded opinions, lack the drive to risk for reward, siphon off male energy, the list goes on. However they generally make better housing companions.

>Disagreements over core concepts, or barring that, disagreements over the execution of the core ideals

<Member attrition due to relationships taking priority, even petty ones that don't last, because dudes and muh dick and muh NAWALT

This list can go on and on, and I can do that if you want. My eventual conclusion was that, for one, if I have a good plan then I need to execute it as an autocrat, not expecting or even allowing anyone but the closest of lifelong friends with IQ within a standard deviation to have any significant say in the matters at hand. for me that means a minimum of 130 IQ, a little hard to find but in all honesty at least 3 of my close friends are somewhat significantly above me in that regard I also concluded that the ideal setup for group living is not to share living spaces any more than temporarily, unless there's a really strong social bond between a couple people. Good luck trying to get 6 people to get along and function ideally for 6 months, regardless of how smart or cool they are. People need a space they can feel is THEIRS. Even if it's a camper or a tiny house, people behave better in those conditions than one big 'nice house', Again, I've tried it both ways.

None of this is to say your idea is bad, on the contrary I've spent a lot of time and effort trying to make it fly. And it can, but it's a delicate machine you're talking about crafting, full of idiosyncrasies and moving parts and straightforward illogic. Having a true dedication to a foundational belief is a cornerstone, but that's all it is. There are a lot of bricks that need to go together on top of that the right way to make it work well. This idea does interest me greatly though, I dedicated large swaths of my adult and even pre-adult life to working on this topic. In my current analysis, I decided I was thinking too small. I honestly think that it might be easier to kick off an actual race war of extermination than to convince a dozen Americans to work as a cohesive unit in today's pozzed-up clownworld. Sad but true, take uncle /pol/s advice and consider what I've learned from my efforts.

2be1ca  No.11981050

File: 7e32d820b6dcedb⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 3434x4000, 1717:2000, dont complain jews.jpg)

File: 21ccbf858d033cf⋯.webm (6.29 MB, 800x532, 200:133, we want your soul.webm)


> Im in a fight of the lazy needy shitters vs the independent industrious talented people.

You type like a retarded nigger and you think there's a moral difference between someone who makes 30k a year and 100k.

I want you to write down a list of people you've mentored and given charity to, how many of your family members do you help on a weekly basis? You have no sense of duty, a total coward and would gladly sell your own kin down the river for frivolous pleasures, like a fucking nigger.

Self-actualization cargo cultists disgust me, zero prospective from being overloaded with trav$tock memes.

ab120a  No.11981069

To any anons who live in the american countryside, how do you make it work? Im currently stuck in a southwest city, and desperately want to get out. Are the job opportunities and such, is there housing available, are the women wife material, that sort of thing.

1a1ad8  No.11981070

File: 8c117760d61a999⋯.jpg (105.51 KB, 835x1063, 835:1063, 02fbc129a5946bf8093dccc8cd….jpg)


>The solution is multi-generational families living together.

This. Just everything you fucking said here. This is the ideal scenario, because blood really is thicker than water. It's sad and confusing to me why boomer faggots threw out their genetic legacy for a big empty house and expensive boats they use 3 times a year. I know, kikes propaganda whatever. It still baffles me.

6ecd33  No.11981076


This is golden advice and fits in with my own experience.

aff105  No.11981079

File: b99e0a10fba3e27⋯.webm (1.16 MB, 854x480, 427:240, shut your lying Jewish mo….webm)


>Just to show you guys how bad it really is, those of you using Tor or like me, using an off-shore proxy you paid for with crypto. I've attached a document we aren't supposed to know about. It's called The Hive. I have all the documents on it.

You're a big guy, aren't you?


Was getting caught part of your plan?


>There is absolutely nothing you do online that is anonymous.


>We're not anonymous from anyone but each other.

>Understand The Hive has sniffers placed at each node on the internet and we can't even detect them.

Cool black pills, but that's not how it works and you would know that if you actually took the time to read or had common sense. Stop spreading FUD.

2be1ca  No.11981085


For a long time they thought the world was going to end in a nuclear holocaust, so they lived like there was no tomorrow for the first three decades of their adult life. They fucked and snorted everyone in sight; they didn't stop until they had their second heart attack or thrown into jail for unpaid child support.

Making money was unbelievably easy back then too, you really did just have to shake someone's hand.

49cb08  No.11981095

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

esoteric DACApede immigrant here, I used to help NEETs but can't do much right now (complicated), HOWEVER, I can give you guys some advice:

1) Put (((Urban Moving Systems))) on your resume and let your imagination fill in the flanks (please get the job description for your supposed position from carrerbuilder, etc)

2) If you have family/friends you can trust (especially the latter), you can start with helping each other be the Owner of the past company. If you manage to do this VERY WELL or expand your operations, you can have a whole team of Aryan NEETs get Aryan jobs, with Aryan positions! (I was doing something like that years ago on /pol/, but again very busy lately).

3) If you get inside a hiring position inside a company (especially with one expanding), fill the company with company with fellow /pol/acks. Please make sure everyone has something other than (((Urban Moving Systems))).

4) I'm glad you actually thought about living with other /pol/acks, as I alluded in my past point, it could serve as a HQ for operations. However, for logistical reasons, I recommend you focus on making this a 2-3 man effort… if you get to 4-5 or above, I recommend the apartment, any more than that, go to detroit or somewhere where a group of anons can built up and BARRICADE

I have a lot of more ideas but I'm too tired to think, haven't eaten anything all day (8:35 PM). I wrote a whole guide on making /pol/topia Town into a reality, but now I'm busy. If I can make time in the future, I might continue but I lack the energy to research legal stuff again.

f466ff  No.11981100


>It's sad and confusing to me why boomer faggots threw out their genetic legacy for a big empty house and expensive boats they use 3 times a year.

Because they had an extended period of unprecedented prosperity. They didn't need thrift, or sound investment. Everything was booming and there was no way to lose.


>For a long time they thought the world was going to end in a nuclear holocaust, so they lived like there was no tomorrow for the first three decades of their adult life.

This too. But nothing mattered, because there was a full court press: economy, media, and what looked like an unlimited future, combined with the western individualistc ideal being pushed HARD. So they mortgaged it all and let the kikes get rich and powerful, which they did, they bought up all corners of society, bought every politician, and fenced us in with our individualism.

2be1ca  No.11981107


>bobposter wants to take over Pole Town in Detroit

I love this idea.

a16525  No.11981117


Have you ever lived by them? If not you wouldn't understand where the hate comes from.

49cb08  No.11981118


> (((loans)))



> muh small town myth

same pozed shithole as anywhere else, succeed first, then you can think with your dick (starting a family)


> cart before the horse



> (((loans))) and pools of money

might as well ask the government if you can get money and in return they can make you patsies for anything


the issue is less about financial assistance and more of a way to get people to get wealth


> crypto

might as well go to wall street


I came here as a poorfag, now I accomplished the american dream

49cb08  No.11981120


who the fuck is bob?

1a1ad8  No.11981123

File: b829cf257c08f1a⋯.png (867.3 KB, 1264x1460, 316:365, 1430755190765.png)


>I wrote a whole guide on making /pol/topia Town into a reality, but now I'm busy. If I can make time in the future, I might continue but I lack the energy to research legal stuff again.

I'm always interested in that stuff, I studied architecture and anthropology in college it didn't seem like such a bad idea back then, so even though I already was against them in principle at that point I figured I'd use up those scholarships, at least specifically to assist in designing such a thing. I love planning those things, but I gotta be honest: I'm more in a 'creative destruction' frame of mind these days. I'm not convinced we can get the thing off the ground without things like a thorough ethnic cleansing, a redesigning of currency itself, restructuring food/water/energy production, etc. I mean, I have possible solutions for these things, at least some good brainstorm ideas if nothing else, but in the end it comes down to what it ALWAYS comes down to: fear and greed in the hearts of Men. Figure out how to make a White Man into a true caste Aryan, and the rest will come together naturally. That's where I stand at the moment.

9eecd2  No.11981127


I don't disagree at all with you and I commend and support your effort. We all need to do our part. I am just reaching out to others like myself that feel our purpose is tied within collectivism. Buying, bargaining, persuading… returning of our culture to our people. Re-instilling confidence and pride.

We, as a people, have been steered far away from our reality. We have a lot to be proud of and there is no reason for this shaming.

You and I, we're different players on the same team. I commend what you're doing.

9eecd2  No.11981133


His name is was Robert Paulson

021c60  No.11981140

File: 73bdd12e6074d56⋯.jpg (78.06 KB, 677x907, 677:907, 73bdd12e6074d5634732334e97….jpg)

File: 80f91c81cdda907⋯.mp4 (8.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ERIKA.mp4)

File: 05258522d350b35⋯.jpg (312.36 KB, 3020x1506, 1510:753, a0ee53c1ff511e92a9b6b63e87….jpg)


This is a strong idea and something I have been advocating for a while.


This anon fucking gets it. The goal is for each of those guys renting to marry up and then need to get their own space and then have a ready replacement to take their spot in the shared space.


I like the ambition, it sounds like you're ready to assemble your team and move forward, godspeed anon.


That sounds badass, may the graces be with you in your endeavors


This should be the starting point for what everyone is talking about. I have begun to implement some of these strategies with my family and it is already paying dividends.


You can pick from one of three options

1. Solidifying an already White area

2. Trying to grow a small but mostly White area into /ourtown/

3, Places that are less likely to get flanked from both sides during a civil conflict

4. Shoring up border counties to eventually trap the rats in the cities


This is the ultimate goal. If we can create our own web development companies and then "travel" for business coordinating with other anons in the collective we're fucking golden.


This is the gold standard. If we can create multi-generational families AND decrease the gap between generations we will be a long way forward towards /ourgoals/. The multi-generational family is a cornerstone of white society because it is the only system that provides a purpose for the elderly other than wasting away and hedonism.


Gen X should be well on their way to this and Gen Y who had kids on time have a chance. Gen Z may not get the opportunity though. I will tell you, the #1 thing to whitepill our women is for them to see attractive men being fathers. I've been told I look good and when I take my toddler out in public I can see that the women who stop to look at a father and his child are the women we want to be mothers one day, or could be mothers one day. The ones who keep going on are who you'd expect them to be. We will make it happen anon


Crucial point

49cb08  No.11981149


you're too blackpilled, you can do anything you want, but the PROBLEM is two-fold (which is why I don't feel like starting my work all over again):

1) You need a lot of expertise, specifically in the fields of law (establish the town and make sure you either curtail taxes and be protected by/from government) and engineering (get easy but durable housing)… there are other pieces of technology I've worked as well to get cheap electricity (spoiler: solar sucks) that I've looked into but the main problem is the second one…

2) You NEED, MUST, get the other /pol/acks to upkeep /pol/topia… I seriously doubt that aside from us oldfags, these newfags have no idea how to create or upkeep anything. They will be happy with their house and free electricity and that'll be it. In one year, newfags and feds will lose /pol/topia's federal protection and infrastructure. You can imagine how quickly that place will go, regardless if there is a Mayor or not.

142e11  No.11981153


Hey, man: go for it. I hope you pursue your dreams with vigor and relish.

Some feedback:

- Raising reptiles will be a lot easier if you're in a climate where they can thrive outside. Many tegu breeders are in south Florida.

- If your goals do not require a vetrinary degree, you're likely better off working as a ranch hand/farm volunteer/raising your own animals, anything to get direct experience without the debt.

f27a7c  No.11981159

i guess ill just share my financial story here because i have no clue what to do next..

im from belgrade, serbia and in my 20ies who couldnt find any job other than construction 70 hours a week for a 1$/h pay

ive been lifting concrete and steel support beams (which are unimaginably heavy) without stopping and ive grinded my lower spine now

zero safety nets, not even registered anywhere as a worker, no healthcare or anything

ive quit in fear of destroying my spine completely

so here i am now, slowly contemplating suicide

i also have nothing else going on for me, got an electrician degree from highschool but no other degree, no assets, no anything, feeling so demoralized because of finances ive never even approached a girl before so im a virgin too who feels like i have nothing to offer

im also a blue eyed blond in a country of turk/mexican/arab looking people so i cant even feel any nationalism or pride about this shithole, man

this situation is utterly fucked, hope the rest of you are in a better situation

9eecd2  No.11981177

File: 1a4a521c46a094e⋯.pdf (6.11 MB, The_Art_of_Human_Hacking.pdf)

File: 9548952bf73096b⋯.pdf (4.82 MB, PsyOps_Techniques_US_Army.pdf)


> Sad but true, take uncle /pol/s advice and consider what I've learned from my efforts.

I've learned to remove myself from discussion, so everything that is said here is considered.

Have you tried disassociation tactics? (PDF Related) Ie: Bootcamp

c4e3e0  No.11981184

>start a bank that doesn't charge interest because "it's jewish"

>how do we enforce the concept of timely repayments

>start charging interest

>bank collapses because "it's jewish now fuck that"

1a1ad8  No.11981189

File: e2737e7e44c7f3c⋯.png (145.97 KB, 800x376, 100:47, e2737e7e44c7f3c6a5539589c7….png)


>If we can create our own web development companies and then "travel" for business coordinating with other anons in the collective we're fucking golden

I'd love this. With as much traveling as I've done it's always been a goal of mine to have property in several regions of the country, but just letting them sit empty is too much of a waste and renting is a hassle if you're far out of state. So instead I've made a network of friends form Hawaii to Jew York, so I can stay for a while or make new contacts quickly if I end up where they are for reasons. And that I like. I'd be willing to set up a 'waystation' property and maintain it at a level where maybe 5-10 people could come be productive for a month or 6. Stock it with gardens and small livestock like chickens or goats, have a beater 4-cylinder vehicle for sharing and a 4-wheeler for property riding.

Say, while we're at it, my local group of friends have been talking about buying properties on the 4 corners of my current city, putting grass runways down and little hangars for ultralight airplanes go-carts of the sky, with loaner vehicles at each property. I believe you can get away with 150 or so miles in-between runways and safely fly from spot to spot with no issue. Anyone interested in setting up an entire network of ultralight properties across the country? Would sure be handy in shtf scenarios. Just hopping in 150 mile intervals as the crow flies, no need to worry about bridges or roadblocks, just gunfire really. Let your imaginations run wild on THAT. Airborne Umman Manda. Right Wing Paratrooper Squads. Stuff like that.

1a1ad8  No.11981202


>You NEED, MUST, get the other /pol/acks to upkeep /pol/topia… I seriously doubt that aside from us oldfags, these newfags have no idea how to create or upkeep anything. They will be happy with their house and free electricity and that'll be it. In one year, newfags and feds will lose /pol/topia's federal protection and infrastructure. You can imagine how quickly that place will go, regardless if there is a Mayor or not.

That's exactly my point, I've seen firsthand how easily people let things slide out from under them. I've watched people kill the golden goose of a profitable business for no real reason I could discern. I've watched people grow disinterested and distracted in their supposedly "big goal". I did come up with an idea to have the local economy run like a game with levels of achievement and badges, etc–things that keep people motivated even over pointless things. Thus far I haven't developed that system very fully or had a chance to experiment with it, though.

021c60  No.11981264



Holy shit anon now we're airborne. I think the idea of the way-station is very sound and could be implemented by others who also have to travel for work routinely. The more we have in more areas the more places we have to organize than eventually spread out.

Going back to your other post though. You're absolutely right that people actually living together tends to go south quickly, for the reasons you mentioned and others. That's why these strategies should be implemented by families first then extend beyond that when the family has taken up enough Lebensraum. A potential solution would be that there is a set amount of time each person can spend in the collective dwelling. Maybe one olfag is there permanently and every 5 months he gets a new shipment of young grunts to train and then send off back into the world of the collective.

1a1ad8  No.11981270

File: 2aefb6208d79210⋯.jpg (70.54 KB, 297x297, 1:1, 1455683703947.jpg)


>Have you tried disassociation tactics? (PDF Related) Ie: Bootcamp

Nope, but I'll read up on these. One of my major failings has been to expect/believe that people will rise to the challenge somewhat naturally, given the right information and environment. It was far too late when I finally accepted that most people probably aren't mentally capable of being self-determining individuals who can ALSO contribute to the greater good without shitting the bed at some point usually sooner rather than later. It kinda breaks my heart to feel like I'd have to be some sort of tyrant, or at least some sort of invisible philosopher-king, in order to keep things running on track. But I'm willing to accept it's true. Oh well, nothing matters more than the mission, so if I have to dip into Machiavellian principles that doesn't bother me overmuch. It's just disappointing. I appreciate the heads up though, these are on my reading queue as of now.

021c60  No.11981295






fuck off shill

9eecd2  No.11981307


I'm sorry we let you down

We have all been deceived

You're not alone. I know it feels like you are but there are way more of us than I think even I can imagine.

We've been demoralized.

We've been told we're the scum of the earth.

We sit in pain, poverty and deep hurt while the world tells us we're privileged.

When we work, we look around and we are the hardest workers, staying later, lifting more, moving faster, putting in hours without compensation because of a pride in our work and a depiction that that work is a reflection upon ourselves.

You're not alone.

Use that big beautiful brain, anon. Get the drugs, alcohol and defaming thoughts out of there. Give yourself 3 months of clean living, even if that living is on the street eating from bins, live clean of drugs, alcohol and defeatist thoughts.

Your mind will clear.

Your at deaths gate anyway, what's a little more struggle?

It's no longer about you, or me, it's about right and wrong and we know in our hearts that so much is wrong with this world right now. Taking us out of it avoids pain, but we don't back down from a good fight.

The only reason I live today is I see a good death in my future. A noble death. Not ending up trash in a gutter.

We aren't trash.

We're the only race on the planet that has paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom and well-being of others and the Jew has convinced those others we are evil.

We have to make them pay.

f07330  No.11981310

Short stock of leftest companies then set off an event that causes the value to drop. Look at the hit Starbucks took after not letting those two nogs hang out in the store for free. Wouldn't be hard with a little organization

3abe3d  No.11981323

File: 839e3b56175940d⋯.png (54.37 KB, 640x759, 640:759, IMG_3600.PNG)


You are Chris R. B. U t sk e

Shit man you fucking made it easy

You have to fuck off now you got doxxed

22d9dd  No.11981324

File: e2d7c50a043a843⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1020x2884, 255:721, battery-tech.png)




1. Solar panels are ~$100.

2. Controllers are under $50-100.

3. Batteries varry in price, lifespan, and volume.

3.a. Lead-Acid: Cost[1x] Lifespan[1x] Depth of Discharge[1x]

3.b. Lithium-Ion: Cost[3x] Lifespan[3x] Depth of Discharge[2x]

3.c. Salt-Water: Cost[2x] Lifespan[2x] Depth of Discharge[3x]

You can use a car battery, but it will corrode and can explode. You can use a "tech" battery, but it can explode. Salt-water batteries have variations that include added nickel powder and decreases cost further and do not corrode or explode. When they die you refill them and they work again. Non-toxic


Hard choices.


3abe3d  No.11981335

File: e5e073445dccab8⋯.jpg (92.36 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_3601.JPG)


Chris (( (WASSMAN)) )

Based flip my ass

More like fucking jew

3abe3d  No.11981342


Hangs out with one Marge Cruz who wants to or did move to Germany to get married as a fucking transvestite

22d9dd  No.11981344

File: ec60537e60896f6⋯.pdf (765.34 KB, homemade-batteries.pdf)


You can see that the best choice is the Sodium Nickle batteries which are just water, salt, and metal powder. You can make your own batteries at home, too.

Plug a light into some citrus fruit !

3abe3d  No.11981355







Trans is not ok flip jew

9eecd2  No.11981362


The same gun that is used to rob a store can be used to kill a rapist.

I figure you and I are around the same age. We've literally watched this world go from a place where police officers were respected members of the community to detested figures of content within the community.

Millions and millions of people are in the wrong place, doing the wrong things with their lives because of a system that is served by the people, not a people served by the system.

Whatever we have to do to reverse this, is justified. The discomfort has grown to a point where you can literally see it on peoples faces as they drive to the store.

We have to fix this. It's our duty

021c60  No.11981364


big if true

142e11  No.11981371


You have so much going for you man. Internet, shelter, abundant food. You're richer today than many historical kings.

I know your problems seem serious and sometimes insuromountable but they're not. Relax and enjoy yourself. You're okay and going to be fine.

3abe3d  No.11981385


If you're not on fourteen different lists by now you're not doing it right

(Pro tip the ones not on the lists are the enemies)

04dedf  No.11981391


The problem is dealing with modern comparisons. Nobody gives a fuck if theyre richer than some king from 400+ years ago- the depression comes from the fact

>shitskins are invading our homelands

>kikes run everything

>power is centralized

Everyone can see visions of a brighter future in their minds without the means to actualize them. Fuck off with telling anyone to relax and enjoy the sorry state things are in. Im not going to sit and relax knowing 20+ niggers raped and blew out the asshole of a 14yr old girl. Im going to be seething with fucking hate until I start doing or seeing some justice. Sick of waiting around reading updates that go nowhere. Fuck I came to this part of the internet to learn and all I do is rage.

Sage cause I know whats coming

021c60  No.11981394


Where can I check the lists? For informational purposes of course

3abe3d  No.11981402


There's a master list that's accessible by touch tone phone


9eecd2  No.11981405


If you can run shorts right now, pick all 10 top companies. Half won't even exist in a couple years.

Facebook 1.25b dip was the start of something major.

The confidence is fading.

1a1ad8  No.11981421

File: a769e677d5e7dbf⋯.jpg (43.08 KB, 407x427, 407:427, 79a79a1dd3b1eeab8d4dc7e946….jpg)


>The same gun that is used to rob a store can be used to kill a rapist.

>Whatever we have to do to reverse this, is justified.

>We have to fix this. It's our duty

We're on the same page here. This isn't the kind of thing I can just let go of and live a comfortable life, peace was never really an option for me. So if one thing doesn't work then I'll try two. And three. The flip side of the Machiavellian coin is that the ENDS don't necessarily have to justify the means, the INTENTION can suggest trying new or untested means, even if you don't know where it's going to lead you.

This sure turned into a good thread. It seems like there are enough Anons thinking along these lines to hammer out some good strategies over time. The White Man's work is never done, it seems.

9eecd2  No.11981423


I looked into solar and if you put another 0 on those figures, you'd be in line with what I turned up.

Where can I get a solar panel for 100 bucks?

709b2d  No.11981442

File: 2ae5deecf09d2ad⋯.jpeg (52.72 KB, 299x432, 299:432, 44F0E987-A5E4-47AD-BB86-1….jpeg)


AZ anon here. I’m already involved in something like this. Not a vet but the community I live in is gated and 85% white. The majority of whites here are vets, either pro-Trump Tucker Carlson tier civnats or completely redpilled. We are already discussing starting businesses, going shooting when our schedules allow. We patrol our complex at night in shifts, it’s not a bad area the vets just want something to do. We’ve even gotten a few niggers evicted Kek. I haven’t mentioned /pol/ yet. Reading these threads should give us anons hope. Find other whites already redpilled, start a network, a fitness/study/investment group then branch out. Remember the DAP had only 111 Kameraden in attendance during the Fuhrer’s 1919 speech at the Hofbräukeller!

9eecd2  No.11981468


I am sure you can feel it, too.

The time is right.

This conversation would have been mocked just 2 years ago.

I think a tipping point for me was this.

Without going full pedo, look at the left upper arm of young female white models.

You will see a cigarette burn on nearly all of them.

I discovered this during the pizzagate flood and have kept it to myself til the right time.

It's fucking time.

141328  No.11981497

Reminder: a penny saved is a penny earned.

You can cut out large expenses that most people incur by doing those things yourself. The biggest expense most people have in their lives is their house. If you can build your own house you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you have a group of friends you can each get together to build each house faster. Like barn raisings, many hands make quick work. Get a property + foundation and do the rest yourself. Standard timber framing is not difficult or complicated.

146577  No.11981516


Remote work. You can get remote work for positions like customer support and technical work if you don't like kissing ass.

You can get decent houses for 30k, but they'd probably require some sweat to get them into shape. Easily can flip them into rentals. Start a remodeling company. The biggest barrier in places like this with a small workforce is labor. If you have friends willing to work hard and do good work, you're guaranteed income.

Many of the women have integrity like you wouldn't think exists anymore. Some do not and get seduced by the new guys in town. Meth and other drugs are problems anywhere with little to do and few opportunities.

9af8b1  No.11981539

Can I join if I'm a hikikomori?

I can do video editing while I'm awake, like nonstop, just hand me footage and I'll get to editing.

9eecd2  No.11981545



After we're done unfucking ourselves, I would like to help the black community be able to unfuck themselves.

They've gotten the worst of Juden's spite. They're nearly a broken people.

I think we'll find allies in unfamiliar faces going forward and I think your community is smart for protecting itself against a high probability of crime and violence. We have to be able to accept conflicting truths such as 1. blacks aren't the enemy and 2. blacks are dangerous to our cause. Tie that in with me saying I would like to see them unfucked and returned to a whole, healthy people and a normies head would spin.

All can be true if we accept that all truths don't have to be so today. What's true tomorrow can be false today and vice versa.

The ability to consider something without accepting it is vital.

AZ is top on my for HQ.

We need a clever operation name. Something like Operation Healthy America

Something you can't rally against.

141328  No.11981552


useful skills but you need more of a balanced life than that

9eecd2  No.11981559


Of course

A shitload of us are broken in some form or another.

Just like their Mercury Trials came back to haunt them by way of Autism, all their creations will be used against them.

This conversation will continue into the coming weeks. Stick around.

b421ff  No.11981630


>Good luck having any kind of weaponry

though, if they learn you have anything past a pistol you're going to get ATF'd.

there are 120,000 federal law enforcement agents, many are just prison guards, security guards etc. appx 40,000 involved in criminal investigation. 2000 ATF agents filed a total of 5000 cases in 2011. so rougly 2.5 prosecutuions per year per agent. there are appx 180 million white people in America, 90 million whites a certain percentatge let us assume 50 percent of which are on some level sympathetic to our cause. if we all started organizing ATF could take down perhaps .001 percent of us.

b421ff  No.11981676


this is all that really needs to happen. if we all organized like this we would have the country back overnight

9eecd2  No.11981756


Let's not forget that we are "they."

It won't be hard to win the minds of law enforcement. They're on the front lines, seeing the depravity first-hand on a daily basis.

I think the proposition of a shift back to a society that respects law enforcement would be very appealing to them.

743fe4  No.11981827


I think if we started reaching out to black intillectuals (kek). We could start shifting the Overton window. I like the idea of framing it as healing America. Think about it, what if we had black actors doing public stunts and pushing it into black internet communities? If we subtly redpill them it could work in our favor. It's not about the black voting turnout, but more about demoralized whites seeing blacks accepting Nationalism and counter-semiticism. This could lead to removal of the yids. After whites are left to design their own economy, we will produce enough goods to bribe the smarmy races out of here and remove the stubborn ones by force.

709b2d  No.11981904


Commander Rockwell attempted to get this going by working with the Nation of Islam. Farakhan and his crew are aware of the JQ and repeatedly name them.

04dedf  No.11981916


Why did Rockwells movement fade into the history of the 60s under all the hippie garbage? The 60s was not a decade of what pop culture is but I dont understand how he had followers, talked at colleges, toured the country, he was popular? What did all his members do when he was assassinated? Just close up shop?

1986d1  No.11982018

File: 847318852e7cb05⋯.jpg (77.61 KB, 595x425, 7:5, amish-farm-house.jpg)


The idea of resource sharing and cooperation is a proven successful strategy! However, I will caution /pol/, BE VERY CAREFUL about who you do this with.

Start with close friends first, then move out to vetted people met through meetups or groups. Also, be aware of some red flags:

1. Personality/Normie profile

There are plenty of normies who hold our ideas and plenty of people in the movement that act more normie. Seek those people out. Don't find a sperg who takes interest in this idea and say "he can change", "I can overlook his sperginess/obnoxious personality/etc."

2. Alcohol abuse/drug use

Alcohol is a major problem in the movement, currently. Not all alcohol use is indicative of a problem, but if an individual has led a niggerish lifestyle before, they can do it again.

3. Career/Self Improvement/higher education

Again, financially stable is key. The individual should seek out self improvement and the next step in their education, degree, certification or qualification. However, a job isn't just about income. Holding down a well paying job is a good FILTER to weed out people with serious self destructive behavior that could cause you problems. Keep headaches out of your life.

4. Church

Church, or another form of social club, that the individual REGULARLY visits is a good characteristic. Church and religion can be a regulating force in someone's life that keeps them from losing balance and provides important lessons every week.

Not everyone needs to be a zealot. If you're planning on playing the long game, you need to set expectations for that and hold your partner up to them. The movement needs individuals with revolutionary ideas and self sacrifice, like Patrick Little or Jared Taylor. However, not everyone needs to be a martyr and a revolutionary individual who still fails to be good at life is not the person you want for this particular endeavor. The universe doesn't care if you're WN or some nigger from the hood. Poor life decisions will affect you, no matter what. I've met plenty of self destructive, addicted, obnoxious, ego-centric people in this movement who were a drain and a headache. Who had nothing going for them and endless unwarranted self importance. Watch out for those people, they'll drag you down and by proxy the movement. Think and interview like a landlord/manager/recruiter.

6b719a  No.11982025

I have about 15 thousand dollars, and I thought for a long time that I will take a mortgage (around 100k total cost, and I am able to pay about 10k a year), but I think more and more that I should just start my own business instead, and invest those money into my future prosperity. I'm not a burger, so for comparison, those 15k are about 2 years of renting an apartment that I rent right now. What do you think, anon, hit or quit? Also, any books that I should read? I have elementary economic education, so I know I have to study the market, make a business-plan, count all costs, uinclude cost recovery, risks, etc. But I'm afraid a 170 hour economics course that I had more than 13 years ago in another country is not enough. Maybe anon can offer me some assurance?

1986d1  No.11982026


No. Get a job, work out, learn social skills, get a girlfriend, join a church with a white congregation.

e09b28  No.11982031

File: df16fb651b46594⋯.pdf (15.81 MB, The Millionaire Next Door ….pdf)

I've spent less and less time on /pol/ over the last year specifically because I'm trying to improve financially. Things are going pretty well. Despite all of America's problems, there still exists a real possibility to acquire wealth here. The easiest way is to just live below your means and invest the money you save up.

The biggest problem I'm running into is women. Nearly all of my remaining family consists of women and they are destroying themselves financially. I have cousins who are single moms, sisters who got worthless degrees with loans, and ALL the women I know spend more than they should. Now they're coming to me for help. Combine that with how living frugally destroys your social life and makes you a leper in the eyes of women, and I'm really starting to feel the pressure. I'm very seriously considering breaking away from all of them to protect my financial gains. I don't want to but I know they'll probably just drag me down if I stay.

Allowing women to work and be financially independent was the greatest misstep white people ever made. I truly believe it's our biggest problem. Most of our other issues would naturally course correct over time if women were prohibited from making financial decisions. I remember reading through "The Millionaire Next Door" awhile back and it specifically mentions how most of America's wealthy families are run by frugal men who find those rare frugal women for wives.

1986d1  No.11982048


Starting a business fucking hard. Real estate has low barrier to entry, but you can run into life destroying situations if you're not careful.

My absolute best advice:


Pick a small business or real estate and find a mentor. Not one online. Not someone who says "I used to do this" but rather, find someone who right now is where you want to be, find a way to remove some of their headaches/make their lives easier and in turn ask only that they mentor you as their protege. They may even share some of the contacts to the contractors and vendors they use.

Go on meetup, join a local real estate investing group or find a small business association mentor group (run by sba, part of government) and shake hands, make small talk.

I'm not talking out of my ass btw. This is coming from hard failures that have given me grey hairs and beat me down, hard.

9eecd2  No.11982097


Can you even imagine trying to get women back on track with our current education system? With Kikebook, Shixagram, Twatter????

Our women are so far off course we may as well forget about them for a while and try to steer the ship back to the right ocean.

I honestly can't even talk to them anymore. The brainwashing is so apparent in everything the do from their mannerisms to their vocal fry. It's hilariously sad.

caa29e  No.11982127

File: 7520046dc839475⋯.jpg (66.53 KB, 630x480, 21:16, 7520046dc839475957a72d5dc7….jpg)


I woukd be a phenomenal, otherworldy teacher. But I do not want to enter the industry (especially in Canada) because white men are actively discrimnated against in my country at every level. I have also seen that (lucid and uncompromising) people like me get railroaded or blacklisted by malice or gossip.

I would certainly be intereated if I saw a proper pathway to stability but I truly feel a public career would be ruined with something like 95% probability.

9eecd2  No.11982133


In my opinion, it doesn't matter what you do.

I don't know where you live, but drive or walk around for a day looking for people who are working then figure out what would require the least investment for entry and do that.

Try not to lose a penny of the money you saved. If you're good, you can manipulate your surroundings to your will. What am I saying?

If I were broke, which I'm not, but if I were I would find a thing that people around me do. A popular thing here is personal training.

Ok, so I need a few things. I need credentials, intellect on what is involved in training someone and I need a place to train them.

Credentials - Photoshop works best. I find some credentials online, put my name on it and viola! I'm a certified trainer!

Intellect - go to a gym. Talk to a trainer and tell him/her you are interested in hiring them. Get a free lesson or 3 and learn. Rinse and repeat until you feel confident you know what is required.

Location - There's parks and gyms. That's about it, right. Well, I would go to local gyms and ask what time of the day is dead-hour. Meaning when the gym isn't making any money. Tell the gym owner you would like to book for that time and will pay them a per-session fee of x dollars.

Now I need to get the business.



there you go, free web hosting and domain registry.

Now you get a local college kid to hand out flyers at the college and tell him/her that you will give them a $$$ based upon each person that signs up for your training classes.

You are literally in business for zero dollars.

I don't know much about personal training. I came up with this because I've owned dozens of businesses, sold businesses and failed businesses.

The biggest barrier between you and your dreams is between your ears.

c58cc0  No.11982155


I've talked to a few anons that said they are gonna be moving up to Canada. If you have an idea for an area that would be good for setting stuff up, just post the general area here. If we can get anons moving around to a general area, we could take it over politically without outright revealing ourselves.

1986d1  No.11982157


I hear good things about idaho.

957e57  No.11982178


This. Also, the problem with solar isn't the batteries but the actual panels. The weather fucks them.

957e57  No.11982186


>I've watched people kill the golden goose of a profitable business for no real reason I could discern.

Holy shit

c58cc0  No.11982197


>sage for double post

Getting a good amount of anons in a certain area is our only good bet. Without full 1488 in the streets, we're fighting a losing battle. I've seen so many anons lose the fight because they think they're alone, we have to fix that.


Idaho seems like a good spot for anons in America to mass up.


I've seen people set up glass panels over-top the actual solar cells, it's a little less efficient but saves having to buy new cells if one is fucked up.

9eecd2  No.11982206


I had a chance to meet Farrkhan at a high end hotel in Scottsdale. I like him. He was eccentric and animated, like many niggs, but he looked me in the eye and spoke with confidence and shook my hand like a man. I felt that he respected me and I definitely respected him even though it was clear as day we both were very aware of how very different we are.

5f3534  No.11982220


Best post by far, you got me hooked at number one

5f3534  No.11982221

Natural and organic

40f5d9  No.11982222


>What did all his members do when he was assassinated? Just close up shop?

get mkultraed

5f3534  No.11982223


caa29e  No.11982246


I really don't know the situation over there, but is it possible you could get set up with farmland in Russia? I recall there being quite a push for this before.

5a6b32  No.11982254

File: 57e0c8cca18ac37⋯.jpg (98.52 KB, 590x376, 295:188, The Jew Card.jpg)


9eecd2  No.11982261


I have such a big problem with people using national banks and not local credit unions.

My Jimmies, so rustled!

caa29e  No.11982318

File: c7a143196e955a4⋯.jpg (66.75 KB, 600x371, 600:371, c7a143196e955a42fb301b1f21….jpg)


New Brunswick, but can get quite snowy so you would have to hunt game to properly feed a complex, though there is a serious amount of game and fishing available. NB is a slave state to France through Quebec, (resources mainyl) but because of this it is a poor Province with cheap (and fertile) land everywhere. The people are mainly Scottish and Irish, with requisite old world quirks. Acadian French are friendly and they generally have their own communities and cities. All of these areas listen to American country music and still produce folk music with aspects of Celtic and even German composition. Lota of guns. No violence, no ghettoes. Tons of sleepy diners. Converaations possible at any time with anyone, the fabled Canadian politeness on display.

Labrador if you want to completely take over and have an entire Covilization in 100 years.

PEI definitely is possible with extremely fertile land though I am nowhere near as familiar and farming opportunities are likely less than NB given the small landmass.

Nova Scotia has some areas that would work, and gets much less snow generally than NB, has no French communities or influence. Again, less familiar with rural NS, but land much less fertile in general, mostly bedrock.

2f520e  No.11982348

whites must unite. i say it like i said it many times already, unless all whites, national socialists unite, the enemy will never be defeated, never close to it. the "lol fbi dont unite goys" are shills because this very thing is what the kikes fear the most. they know that the second we unite, it's over for them. just saying…

caa29e  No.11982350


I should clarify thar my position that NB is a "slave state" is hyperbole. But it does somewhat accurately depict the machinations of the Provincial Government and the outsourcing of key contracts to Quebec firms almost exclusively.

That said, it is real deal Canada and most of the small towns will be close to empty soon.

a2e64d  No.11982361


The lack of camaraderie is due to a lack of external pressure. Without an external enemy, people will look inward for conflict. This is, paradoxically, why having militant beliefs and acting on them, even if its just petty shit, is actually important as a bonding tool. The whole "alpha" ego tripping can be solved by asking said ego-tripper to go put a score on the board. In a militant environment, only objective results count, everything else is irrelevant.

9eecd2  No.11982365


kekopotomous prime

that picture

we need to find a way to get it on the front page of the Washington Post

95fe93  No.11982401


>you could maybe pull it off in a liberal city if you use the cover of environmentalists that are concerned with invasive species

Call yourselves an anarcho-socialist co-op.

57bd99  No.11982405


>Radical leftists and black nationalists have been doing experiments in communal living and coops since the 60s. What do they have to show for it?

The radical leftists were nutjobs who smoked weed naked all day or spent the day stinking, drinking beer and begging at main station. These losers are successful in politics, media and "art" today, because certain (((people))) were interested in channelling radicals into these positions. At least thats how it went in Germany.


>Poorfags…based on Jewish currency.

You dont have to store your savings in FIAT, you know?

a2e64d  No.11982410


>Would sure be handy in shtf scenarios

If its really SHTF, I highly doubt FAA will give a shit about an ultralight flying farther than 150nm. Just have a good, solid aircraft on an asphalt/grass strip, load out and go. IIRC during 9/11, GA aircraft were ignored for a short time while commercial aviation was being grounded at every possible airport.

c58cc0  No.11982425



I suppose it depends mostly on what cananons are willing to do. A theoretical ghost town would be much easier to implant people into and take over, but you'd need to maintain it with mostly just those people. PEI does seem like a somewhat better option, as it'd not only be easier to take it (being an island) but from what I've seen it's also already pretty built up.

Most of the anons I've talked to have been more interested in political take over rather than a sort of population take over. If they could be convinced to come to a smaller area, then you wouldn't have to worry about some crypto-jew coming in to take over the politics.

Honestly I wouldn't mind if someone made a thread with a bunch of potential locations in various countries. I hate those ones about meeting up on some random island and that's it. I'd rather help anons around the world instead of focusing on one place. You're obviously more knowledgeable about Canada in this case. I'll say I'm not very well versed in good areas to move to, and I'd assume other anons would also like to know some areas.

a2e64d  No.11982439


>I'm very seriously considering breaking away from all of them to protect my financial gains. I don't want to but I know they'll probably just drag me down if I stay.

Welcome to MGTOW.

>America's wealthy families are run by frugal men who find those rare frugal women for wives.

True. But if want to be wealthy, you either don't have a family or get lucky. That isn't good at all.

caa29e  No.11982440


I should point out, all the places I listed have essentially no Jews whatsoever. Quebec does though. They are sich a foggy concept on the ground in these rural areas that they never come up for any reason.

As far as taking over politically? Definitely possible. The thing is, these places may have entrenched candidates and old boys clubs but what they do not have is sophisticated ideas or coordination. If a proper squad of channers worked together getting elected would be child's play.

PEI is tighter, close knot. Labrador I think has the most potential. It is almost completely undeveloped.

9eecd2  No.11982446

File: cb175afe4af3412⋯.jpg (788.25 KB, 1548x1935, 4:5, 1512476384106.jpg)


>proper squad of channers worked together getting elected…

Elected, you say?

a540fe  No.11982478


hahaha you can't even open a donut store with 500k you bozo.

You don't get rich working for someone else. You want to make some real money? It's speculation, in WHATEVER. You want to run a business with all the headaches that come with it, like cunt employees? Go with something simple and recession proof. Don't try and cure cancer or make holographic whatever new shit. Of course use suppliers and services owned by Whites. That should go without saying.

c58cc0  No.11982654

File: 7a55bab56ae7059⋯.jpeg (140.91 KB, 940x1123, 940:1123, benis brudder.jpeg)


Yeah, if our meme's got Trump in, why don't we get one of us in?

9eecd2  No.11982662

File: 6a1f67d9d5cb84c⋯.png (33.77 KB, 402x429, 134:143, 1510808792248.png)


Even with power level 9,000 getting around the *GAS THE KIKES* posts is difficult.

But things are changing.

ac4d4c  No.11982672


because "getting one of us in" is not a meme. Its a fantasy

these memes will themselves into existance, and have a life of their own. Its only the anons that are bestowed with the words of kek that have the luck of creating sharing such memes.

All other "memes" are just pictures.

1e600b  No.11982738



1. Invest is Crypto and wait. Look into EOS.IO

2. Move to South East Asia and live cheap, like $600 a month, start internet businesses.

3. Co-op housing in the sticks, pool money, start business, like lawn care.

4. Create a Patreon alternative that uses Crypto only so we don't get our credit card processing cut like the last two times. Fund the movement that way.

1e600b  No.11982744


Most women just figure out early on that they can cash in their lotto ticket call a vagene early on and use it instead of taking on responsibilities.

2213a8  No.11982807


the only reason mexicans and eastern euros endure abominable shared housing situations worse than in prison is because they have plans for the future

meximoots are gonna be kangz of their village with 10 waifus and eastern euros gonna live well as well

if you can't sell a dream instead of this being a permanent arrangement a commune failed

I grew up with a single mother of negative net worth and thus had absolutely nothing stuck in a small town

I eventually got out but lived in shared housing for years

it sucked donkey cock even if you get along with most people, especially if you're an introverted guy who needs his space

I'm rather homeless in a car than to share a house with random people

at least in a family you have a seniority based pecking order by blood but with random people you don't have that

2213a8  No.11982812


>2. Move to South East Asia and live cheap, like $600 a month, start internet businesses.

yeah goy move to a lawless country filled with hostile subhumans that's barely developed and only safe on the surface

while you're at it maybe miscegenate with a thai whore?

52f8d2  No.11982887


You forgot LINK m8

6404c6  No.11982916


Buy a island and build a white private community would prevent miscegenation from occuring.

a2711e  No.11982980

File: b6361362c4aaa63⋯.png (471.26 KB, 540x689, 540:689, wotan_aryan.png)


>>so here i am now, slowly contemplating suicide

This is afflicting many White men, including myself, just know that without us there is nothing, and being dead makes you a REAL loser in life. Get angry, get motivated. It's our duty and honour to live in these times and succeed to tell our Grandchildren how we managed. Don't see these times as a burden, but see these times as a privilege to show just how strong we are.

>Blue-grey eyes, blonde hair, red, brown hair

Means you are descended from the Nordic race, which I believe might be more present in Croatia, and used to be the dominant race of the area. Our blood is our nation and it exists wherever we decide to live, find a woman like you, it is as much your duty as it is my duty to do as much, it may take us until we are 30-40, it will be worth it if we make ourselves worthy.

Hopefully some /pol/acks from the Balkans can chime in

About employment and education, knowing English could be a major advantage to you, and being a Slavic speaker should also open doors in Eastern Europe. With regards to labour, there are construction, oilfield and mining jobs that are safer in the anglo speaking world and pay well, you can find out what 'tickets' or credentials, certifications you need. Immigration will be a trouble, work visas too, but cold calling companies might get you places. Not sure how our Slav speaking brothers do things. Education = greater mobility. It can take you some time to find your calling to invest in education so don't think the world is ending because of that. Look for technical programmes in welding inspection or electricity, I mean 2-3 year programmes in your area, it could mean taking some shit jobs but with experience you can leave the area and make more money and come home later. Also research what is in demand at home or nearby, government or some economic institution might have this info. Chances are your government is giving gibs away you don't know about too, seize the opportunity so some shitskin nigger doesn't get it instead. If you're a NEET, sell all your video games and distractions, as young men, having less means we can move easily and learn to live with less is cheaper too. You really will have to fight and focus on this as a priority to raise yourself up. Many times a sense of urgency is our best friend for productivity, wake up before the sun, set deadlines and keep a fire lit inside you.

fd96e5  No.11982986


1. Money is bad.

2. Money is for kikes.


9e1d89  No.11983064

File: be55fb3d9ee2e1c⋯.gif (606.57 KB, 800x792, 100:99, matrixpepe.gif)

I love the discussions we get up to while the shills are asleep.

I've been getting ready to become a software developer and part time hacker. Thinking of speccing into AI for propaganda Butterfly War anybody? and Networks for leet hax (and CIA security). Devs are always in demand, frequently can secure remote work and can be paid really well. Competitive enough you have to know more than PajeetScript but no ceiling so you could be designing cutting edge military grade machine learning in your spare time.

It seems like a good path, but will my skills be totally useless for the future I'll be facing? Should I be more interested in trades? Of course I'll gladly pick up lots of additional skills like survivalism, gunsmithing and firearms handling. But should I back out of this soy career, or will the ethnostate need me to build it a new internet infrastructure?

fb586d  No.11983073


Work for purpose or work for passion

Don't work for money. Never volunteer yourself a slave.

b0bb6a  No.11983090

File: b03882bf6e9d348⋯.jpg (149.3 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, When_6ad239_6592115.jpg)

File: 5cc871b970002f0⋯.jpg (197.83 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, When your electrician has ….jpg)


>part time hacker

Exploit/Rootkit dev ?

>Should I be more interested in trades?

Try being an electrician, it seems like the kind of thing you might enjoy and I doubt you'll run out of work.

2f17c6  No.11983160


Setting up a state or even nation wide Cro-magnon marketplace is an ideal solution to counter-acting the jewish dominated marketplace. It will cause unruly amounts of kvetching. It's the primary reason they demanded war on Germany, TWICE.

2f17c6  No.11983171


You don't need an island. There are plenty of abandoned towns out there in rural America to start up Volkisch communities. The most important thing to accomplish immediately, are such communities for the primary purpose of creating a secure gene-pool from which we can grow our population in a controlled environment. Anons with kids out there, your primary duty as a parent is to match your children with spouses that will maintain and grow the folk. You can't do that if they are exposed to (((public))) education, and (((public))) broadcasting.

6721f7  No.11983197


This (((Anon))) wants you dead. Do not listen to him.


Work for big money for now and use that money for benefits later so you can be more free. >>11983073 Is like a woman telling you advice. "g-go with your heart anon-kun hehe". Look where listening to our hearts got us. The heart is for the home. When we are outside we are to be killers and nothing else. Kill competition financially, verbally, physically, mentally etc.


If done quietly, it will be very similar to the Freemasons of old, but with Whites strictly being Racial. A slow creep up in power as jews inevitably lose more power as Whites awaken should do well for us. Also, this time is Whites and not just a Nation on it's own. So a lot harder for (((them))) to harm us and a lot easier for us to make money and live off each other. Remember that is the game, is it not? To gain independence from this (((system))). So if we have businesses that are implicit for now, we can keep gaining power by shifting the overton window to boil our enemies instead of us.


Ignore him. He is using similar shill tactics that just fuck things up. I could say "why don't we just shoot spics coming across the border?" Obviously that would help. but it means I would be dead within the day of doing it because stupid Whites and spics in the police force would kill me cus (((humans))).

The best you can do is remain in the fight instead of fleeing again. Stick to suburbs and retake them.

6404c6  No.11983211


> He is using similar shill tactics that just fuck things up

No we need mini white ethnostates many as possible to secure the future for the white people.

54968e  No.11983227


Everyone says trades, but they aren't the way to go anymore.

Take it from someone who cannot find work in his trade due to it being flooded.

Go with technology, look at where the world is heading and capitalize on it.

2213a8  No.11983246


>go around con people and get free work out of them

gee bro you sure as hell sound jewish

b0fd98  No.11983256


1fb2e3  No.11983306

You guys are fucking idiots at this, no wonder you're poor.

We need to start having financial literacy generals.

6721f7  No.11983326


How do you make those "mini Ethnostates", you stupid fuck? What do you think this thread is about? We aren't in the 2014-2017 levels of thinking where we meme culture of critique and such. We know what we need to know now and we need to move the fuck on to talking about the next level. Anyone can say what they want, but can they do it? Fucking think before posting.


Nothing of value came from this post. If you have anything useful to add we are all eyes.

88f00c  No.11983355

I am in a long-term strategy to secure myself in a leadership role of a corporation. Reliability and dependability are dead so being noticed is easy. The company is also breaking down under its own hiring practices, as far as it not continuing to be viable for more than a few decades if the process does not change.

If I make it to where I have insitutional control over the next ten years I will try to make hospitable conditions for us. In the current moment I am attempting to pull loyalists I know personally in for future networking within the company and gradual change.

I suggest you take similar actions if you are able.


This is also a strategy. The problem we face is we do not have articulate or respectable leaders. If a middle class anon with a good job and clean appearance comes out and starts advocating for us in the right election, we can win. People are caring less and less about political correctness and are sensing that something is wrong, the internet is a bellweather.


You are correct. People in this fight must live for the centuries they will never see. Even humble anons should see the gleaming light at the end of the tunnel, visions of their people and children and the descendents of friends living lives of fulfilment and achievement in a society all our own. I live for the days I will never see where my distant descendents will conquer the stars and be pioneers in another age. The achievement most dear to me will always be the family I've yet to have, and the families they will create. The pride of my soul is not my own work but what that work will enable them to do. In many years they shall look back upon me and the men of my cloth as inspiration and solice in challenging moments and in triumphant and troubling times alike. I embrace the struggle as it comes. I do like to enjoy life, do not misunderstand, but I have found higher calling than just me, the truths my father subconsciously knew, and his father too. We are our children, we are our people, we are our ancestors, we are our brothers and colleagues and true friends. There is nothing else, and that makes all of it worth fighting for.

I recognize I am not the norm but I hope some anon finds inspiration in these words.

If god watches us may he bless you all.



Both of you make important points. I can't blame anyone for being retarded when the system has taught them to be so but it's also the truth.

Unfortunately to survive and prosper you almost need to be this broadly-skilled over-man that doesn't complain and can bounce between skillsets. I could ply my survival as a laboring grunt or an intellectual workhorse, but not every anon has that and I'm not sure how they can make up for the lost time of upbringing, parenting, or our pozzed as fuck educational systems.

caa29e  No.11983370

File: e71feda1ff13302⋯.jpg (18.22 KB, 346x346, 1:1, 1522276767345-biz.jpg)


What's your trade, fren?

Still mulling my own future.


I wish you good luck in your endeavors.

4cc5a4  No.11983446


Those are some of the cutest kids I've seen in a long time.

f6d714  No.11983453


Our families are not for display to the Jew media. Every one of us must remember that there's only one narrative they'll ever allow on TV, and there's no way to make one of these videos that doesn't turn into "look at these horrible people – don't be like them!" hit piece.

Just avoid the media altogether, especially if they have that RP public school fucking accent.

141751  No.11983578


I think you may have misunderstood me. I didn't mean to collectivize remotely, I meant to collectivize physically in the proper environment, but rely upon remote trades like web development to make our collective geographically independent.

141751  No.11983680


Remote work not only has the benefit of locational independence, but it protects a group from doxxing. You can imagine how many leftists will want to contact our employers if it's discovered we're a collective of "racist nazis". In the scenario that someone is fired for affiliation, remote work allows you to start again on another account or website with the same degree of skills, and likely the same portfolio.

56dd9c  No.11983681

2d3f91  No.11983791

Looks like we are moving into a more IRL way of operating, in witch case we should start thinking of systems to do that as safely as possible. This stuff has been in the back of my head after that jew frame game was talking about it in his live stream with jf. What if we start a weekly email newspaper, this could be the backbone for a lot of things. Say you pay 2 bucks for a subscription and about 2000 anon's subscribe, that's 4k a month. 500 a month for the guy making the newspaper, would leave 3.5k a month for projects like getting white farmers out of South Africa if they want to or ever fund some anon's when the war there starts and they want to go fight there . Finances would be 100% transparent and in crypto of course. Hardest part would be leadership witch would be in the Nat-Soc way, one leader ( editor in this case ) fully doxt responsible for all the decisions, if anons don't like the way things go they vote with there money if the paper is tanking the leader has to be replaced. ))) journalist ((( working for this paper would only need to dox themselves to the editor and thus remain fairly anonymous.

Just an idée I had in my head but it could be a powerful tool with more possibility's


Been there myself kind of, you might want to think about moving to western Europe. You might be able to find work here as an electrician or at least a forklift operator, you wont get rich but you can make a decent living and there is plenty of work here atm. If need be you could crash my coutch for a month or 2 while you get a job and a place here. /Pol/lacks should help eatch other more like this, anyway take you time to think about it and if you need me ask for parkinsonanon in the qtddtot.

6721f7  No.11983823

File: 62b6ddd45409c2d⋯.png (1015.62 KB, 920x607, 920:607, 5454y65765.png)

File: e7511a32a6d3ede⋯.jpg (162.18 KB, 900x1104, 75:92, sunset_in_south_town___ter….jpg)

File: d9553597311cd3f⋯.jpg (39.59 KB, 420x599, 420:599, Geese-neowave.jpg)

It's important we work in a time frame of seeing massive power by 2024. If we start now, we should see ourselves looking good by even 2020 and if Trump wins and if we keep the majority of disgruntled Whites looking at us, we should swing this our way.

Remember, the layer of the old liberal order is crumbling and people will literally not give a fuck about approaching you for work if you are both White. We need to capitalise on this lack of caring and harness it for power. I am talking old world values of power over ideals. Where men have value again in their work and intelligence but don't bicker over differences. We have very fucking smart Whites and we have Whites that can work, maneuver and make shit happen for hours on end. We have so much quality and diverse quality it's amazing. Just think there will come a time when we make our own agencies again to combat and remove our enemies.

Warehouse workers, trade workers, tech guys, military guys, investigative branch both internet and physical, mothers, fathers, nurses, general maintenance guys and all the niche jobs that go unnoticed but are paramount to upkeeping this society. All of the power and wealth we seen lost these past 6 decades we should see return because we want it again. No more feelings of loss and disconnect. We can get back to trusting life as it will fall back our hands. Anyway, enough flowery talk, when we get enough anons running one business the feeling will be exhilarating and you will want more and more (which is good, very good).

b03960  No.11984271

in order to get in contact with each other i would fire up teamviewer in a virtual machine(to stop trolls from uploading viruses) and communicate in .txt or whatever from there. We communicate the passwords here or wherever you want. Seems a hell of a lot safer than any alternative.

184a7a  No.11984494


If privacy and safety is the concern, we could use PGP encrypted messages rather than opening ourselves up with things like teamviewer (even with VM insulation)

f888b2  No.11984526

((( >>11984271 )))

you have to go back

a581da  No.11984570


Thank you anon. You as well.

If you're looking for advice on what to pursue, look into the service industries surrounding commercial spaces. I.e., taking care of plumbing, heating, cooling, steam systems, etc. It is generally a stable business compared to the other trades as unless society totally collapses, businesses will always need their water pipes in good order and their heat on.

If you are more technically inclined I would shill for engineering or something, but those are becoming rubber stamped degrees at larger schools. Search for small, private institutions. They will prep you better than say, a state school.

Honestly, if you do your job well and fight through it, you will become too valuable not to employ. My own family has weathered hard times simply through skill at their trade, i.e., the company would be fucking insane to get rid of them, or, they would get picked up immediately.

Without telling you directly where to search, there are certain metropolitan areas that have non-pozzed unions if you decide to go that route.

Alternatively, look into fields that work within the agricultural industry or arms manufacturing(as kosher as that may sound). The world will always need bread and weapons, and the skillsets within those areas reach farther than you might realize.

a581da  No.11984579


This is such a fantastic post. You are spot on, friend.

Sage because I already bumped.

a840e6  No.11984646


>Just think there will come a time when we make our own agencies again to combat and remove our enemies.

I've been kicking around a non-profit organization that focuses exclusively on helping/assisting/working for Celtic and Germanic people. There is/was a thread about having services in parallel to the state, and eventually replacing those state services formally. A nonprofit focusing on Celto-Germanics can provide jobs to them, the jobs which are intended to provide services to the Celto-Germanic community. It might start off with basic services and then move into a point where our nonprofit is providing a huge bulk of services to Celtic and Germanic peoples in America. We use the profits from these activities to finance more activities and services and other "nonprofits" which are designed to be businesses that serve exclusively Celts and Germanics.

6721f7  No.11984726

File: 722f2347399900a⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 461x334, 461:334, futurewaifu.jpg)

File: bc07c6220ab6733⋯.jpg (38.27 KB, 620x349, 620:349, 1533649954553.jpg)

File: c5cbd5791542505⋯.jpg (89.54 KB, 500x476, 125:119, 1533223729082.jpg)

File: e0ff30bb66b85e0⋯.jpg (86.65 KB, 736x460, 8:5, 1533234319509.jpg)


Cheers. fren. As long as others read this thread and act, we are all on the right track. This is absolutely parallel to the (((system))) and is legal in every way possible. Plus it is fun to regain what we should have been doing all along. We always say we want adventure and friends.


Hey, if that gets any traction, it should be looking good. I will be curious to see how you manage to keep it from getting too much attention, but that isn't any of my business. I am just glad to hear you are doing something at this level. I am sure there are many Celto-Germanics around who will want in. It's an easy demographic to get behind without squabbling about who is what. People are so fucking hungry it's insane. I personally will work for just mere fucking food and a place to stay if it meant I could be among my own and working fucking hard to make us stronger and stronger and stronger.

a840e6  No.11984826


>I will be curious to see how you manage to keep it from getting too much attention

The first step in getting rid of that problem is by referring to the group as supporting Celto-Germanics, not "whites," and not even "Europeans." There are a million black-, hispanic- and jew-centric organizations. The only reason we don't have any is because we historically did not need them; the nation was our organization.

I also think Celto-Germanic is a strong identifier. It includes 100% of the base American stock, and can be easily setup to work among Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, and, maybe eventually, NW Europeans. The idea is centered on what you want: building community among our own and providing for ourselves.

273404  No.11984896


>PGP encrypted messages

This. Just create some shitty cat forum and post the encrypted blob publicly.

6721f7  No.11984931


>getting rid of that problem of bringing attention or having attention even be a bad thing

It seems that the freedom of association aspect could help us as it is broad and would help crack our way back to being able to do that. Once that pillar is knocked down, we have basically made it.

a2cd18  No.11985349


>Yes. Also you can put bunkbeds into room for younger White males as we used to live in harsher standards before and this is temporary as it helps us long term. Besides it will teach the late teens/early 20's how to live socially. You can use other rooms as you say, for teachers to homeschool under the understanding/watch of parents and others on what is being taught. Sounds exciting to me. I am 25/27 myself, but I will sacrifice living standards for something that helps us.


>>3-4 guys rent a home

>Couldn't agree more. I almost had that setup one time through discord, but it unfortunately broke down. We were speaking and knew where we all generally lived. As time goes on it seems more reasonable to do it. What do we have to lose?

At most its a short term inconvenience. Best to thing to do is to start out buying a shithole home in a great area. Great area meaning an area with great potential for long term survival and tons of land to build on (near water, animals…). Look specifically at zoning laws. Laws that allow for agriculture/animals are extremely lax for building anything on your property (more houses, etc) vs the burbs or near the burbs where faggots will bitch if you choose the wrong color of paint for your garage. Near farm areas is excellent because those farmers aren't selling anytime soon and they have better things to do then watch what you're doing 24/7. Pro tip: The more work an area needs to maintain itself, the less nogs you'll see around for obvious reasons: Trees don't hand out gibs.

When buying a shit hole house look for something sturdy (structure) but outdated (keeps the price low). The sturdy portions (and mold) of the home are what cost you massive dollars if they fail. The outdated parts you can learn to fix. Womenz wont buy homes that need massive updating. I've seen women who have rejected buying a home because the color scheme was a turnoff and the flooring wasn't up to snuff (I shit you not). You can easily become proficient in renovating your home given enough time and using youtube. If you fuck up a wall or tiles it won't matter because it was a shit to begin with. Fucking up electrical and plumbing could kill you or destroy your home (start off small with those two until you're more comfortable) Drywall, wood and paint are cheap. Worst case you can call in a pro from your area to do work you haven't learned yet (plumbing, electricity, tiling) and offer to do all the bitch work so he doesn't have to hire anyone. You learn and save at the same time. Everybody wins.

Then when you become savvy enough in one area, you can begin doing side jobs on the weekend or during the week for cash. Advertise using online means (craigslist…) until you build a base of regulars. If your cheap, do good work and you're white you'll have so much work you wont be able to keep up. Truth is most people hate hiring nogs and mezito spics because they usually under price heavily to get the job and rip you off. Spanish spics and Portuguese are good for obvious reasons (euro). The whiter spics/portos realized a long time ago that they'll be hunted like the rest and the muh spic backgrounds won't make a fuck of a difference since they're 50% and in (((their))) eyes 50% is more than 0%. They tend to loathe the mez types even more since they've all been grouped together and taken the flak for a group their ancestors were running away from. Similar to norther wops running away from the southern nigger wop/mob types.

a2cd18  No.11985352

>>11980577 (cont)

You can also volunteer for a week/month or however long it takes to become comfortable and work with people in different trades until you learn each type of trade. The more the better since my end goal is was to be able to build houses from scratch for the community. I have yet to find someone who says no to free help (or just pay for lunch), especially someone who actually gives a fuck about learning the work and since hes not paying you, he wont ride you like a mule doing bitch work. As you begin doing your own side jobs you can take home any materials and re-purpose them for future additions. Working in nicer areas = better take home junk. All knowledge is retaught to everyone you're living with and testing can be done within your own home. The amount of work out there is insane especially when you become solid in a few areas. This also makes recruiting extremely simple since the promise of work + home/land + whites almost sells itself. This is why white national movements fail to live up. They always become: Give me your cash -> to fund my ideas -> and I (and only I) will lead you forever. I prefer building a community where everyone leads, everybody helps each other, degenerates or lazy fucks can take a hike.

I started out this way a decade ago, solo, after seeing the shit hole the west has become and could barely use a hammer. Even home depot is now starting classes to teach millennials the extreme basics for free because they've realized once whitey/spics stops renovating their business is finished. You could even start out renting a home on some farmers property which helps you stay off the grid. You could practice on this home (with his permission of course) and its doubtful he complains that a tenant wants to renovate his property for free. Most older folk could use the extra cash (especially in the next ten years given their skyrocketing bankruptcy claims of late) and wouldn't care if you build something on their property down the road. If you don't look like a degenerate (tats) then you wont have an issue convincing someone to do this. Tell them you're from new york, cali, or seattle and they'll understand the need to bail on city life. You would be surprised at how many of these older areas in decline would rather have you and your non degenerate friends moving in instead of a new muzzie hoard or nogs that will no doubt kill them in their sleep or rob them until they leave. Also the older folk have a lot to teach and a ton of time on their hands (usually) to teach it. Trading services is always welcome.

Doing it solo is not recommended but its the quickest since you are the only person you need to worry about. Best way is to do the transition in phases. First move to this area while keeping your proper job. Get used to this area and people and maybe do some simple tasks on the weekend. Start planning the next phase (50/50). 50% in a proper job (some part time in the area) and 50% in these side jobs in some trade. This 50/50 is by far the most difficult when solo but made a thousand times easier as you bring more people in the fold since you can layer it over time. End goal being everyone has a biz (dont even need to register, just print business cards, its not like anyone verifies) More people, more workers = less cost to meet ends meat to pay the taxman. In some of these areas you can build three homes on the same property paying the same taxes and no one will give a fuck. The area is just happy someone is paying taxes on home on land that used to only pay the much lower rated land tax. Its a lot of work obviously but extremely enjoyable and necessary to live in the disaster zone (((they))) have planned for us. Just imagine what america will look like once it goes bankrupt and who will be of value and who won't.

Sorry for the long winded post but I always enjoy these muh white brainstorming threads. Its a nice break and a great way to check in to exchange ideas. Free exchange of ideas is on borrowed times it seems so anons might as well make good use of it with the time anons have left. Kikes will never silence us completely since old methods will always continue to work. Its in their best interests to keep some outlets and honeypots like this place otherwise they can't keep an eye on the silly goys. Plus they lose the joy in shutting people down. For now they still need us as front men, keeping the lights on, leeching off of and believing in muh greatest ally. If they didn't, whites would have been hunted down a long time ago. Never forget (((who))) needs who.

a2cd18  No.11985367


Also living near private farms (not corps - corp farms are the worst to live near because they have the power to kick you off down the road if they need your land) is great because you can buy food (meat and veggies) directly from them instead of going to stores. This will also save you from becoming a full farmeranon which costs a shitload and requires a major learning curve.

c5d2cf  No.11985392


I want daughters like that.

021c60  No.11985413


If you can make software dev money do that, then learn trades as your hobbies on the side so you maintain your own things. Being in a position to work remotely can be a gamechanger

c5d2cf  No.11985427


>Schrodinger's SJW

And people get grants for that shit.

>QC is noisy

The stuff they tell you about is.

c5d2cf  No.11985436

File: c6b67078578564e⋯.jpg (37.87 KB, 474x557, 474:557, super grover.jpg)


Again, this is the stuff they put on display for the plebs.

c5d2cf  No.11985479


>if I have a good plan then I need to execute it as an autocrat

This is my experience as well. Also, as you age, communal living gets really old.

a2cd18  No.11985493


>Within 2 years we are moving into local politics, getting involved in the local chamber of commerce and city council.

First mistake (besides being a leddit) is thinking you're voting your way out of this. Putting yourself back in the system (cities and gov) is a complete nonstarter. Its done. Theres no gov or city that will be a safe haven.

Think of it this way, if calling for whites to be genocided and the root of every single problem known to man is acceptable today (and has been since nigger took over) what do you think those cities will look like in 10 years when all gibs and the china takes over the world stage? Kikes will never let china die.

The lead up will be gradual but within Trumps tenure the plug will be pulled. The final piece of the puzzle is: "Fuckin raycis trump ruined the entire economy and now these ebil whites destroyed any chance you had of becoming middle class. Its fuckin whiteys fault so we need to tax the living shit out of them and if you want, for sport, can hunt them down in the street." and there wont be a single outlet left that will counter that narrative (as evidenced by the cuckservative takedowns latety). That retard Trump took full ownership of a economy that's going bankrupt instead of leaving the possibility that the (((bank))) and the degenerates before him robbed america blind. Trump will also be the last white president to be elected after 2024 which fits in nicely with chinas 2025 plan. This is perfectly lining up with the post WW1 germany set up minus the war (hopefully) since all thats necessary is blowing a hole in the economy. All western countries tied into the america dollars will be destroyed and its game over.

a2cd18  No.11985504


>credit union

Thats it. Couldnt remember the name of it. No doubt (((they))) put a stop to this somehow but for now it still functions.

c5d2cf  No.11985509


>The biggest problem I'm running into is women. Nearly all of my remaining family consists of women and they are destroying themselves financially. I have cousins who are single moms, sisters who got worthless degrees with loans, and ALL the women I know spend more than they should. Now they're coming to me for help.

>Can't go to the Bank of Dad

>Tries at the Bank of Chad

a2cd18  No.11985517


>White compounds, co-ops and boarding houses are extremely regulated

Don't make it a compound, or any of the above and get to know the local cops. If you make yourself a target then yes expect to get stomped.

6a641d  No.11985525

File: bcdc7c8c9caa5fd⋯.jpg (354.06 KB, 1799x1080, 1799:1080, 1502058494603.jpg)

c5d2cf  No.11985534




>NS has no French communities

They sure do, bucko.

I 've lived in NB, currently working in Newfoundland and quite like it. Sure beats New York Shitty.

>slave state

You're not wrong.

a2cd18  No.11985535


>I want to go to law school and become a lawyer to assist aware Whites in legal disputes,

If it hasn't become painfully obvious with the entire Trump saga the law is now irrelevant. Whats the end game, fighting against some kike/nog judge for your freedom? The entire system has become a complete sham and we're seeing the last days of it before our very eyes.

c5d2cf  No.11985546


>places I listed have essentially no Jews whatsoever.

Saint John is very kosher. I even saw a Hanukkah display in Campbellton last year.

PEI has residency requirements for land ownership as well. Cape Breton in NS is nice.

a2cd18  No.11985572


>Patrick Little or Jared Taylor.

Both love kosher cock.

a2cd18  No.11985595


>Everyone says trades, but they aren't the way to go anymore.

>Take it from someone who cannot find work in his trade due to it being flooded.

>Go with technology, look at where the world is heading and capitalize on it

Find this hard to believe given the amount of work out there. The majority are old and the newcomers are shit. Good work will keep you going especially in carpentry.

fe5736  No.11985690


Getting started is the issue

3c8594  No.11986485

File: 7efbf9de1e4183c⋯.jpg (34.19 KB, 460x334, 230:167, Hofstede Individualism Col….jpg)


Individualism and collectivism are termed so that they can be measurable.

>Pic related

They are widely misused and haven't exactly been termed to encompass race and national, or cultural identity, however the dichotomy is parallel to socialism and free capitalism dichotomy.

The terms get confused in regards to the treatment of unquestioned loyalty to extended family, where it's mistaken that this means race by extension. However it is just viewing how the groups favour merit and immediate blood(children, wife, husband) nuclear family vs the extended "tribe" of cousins, aunts, in-law relations where favours based on relation and not merit. The latter being a Mong mindset where nepotism reigns and self improving independence is a slight to the required dependencies of the 'Tribe'.

I will stress that individualists are capable of the best at racialism, where they have a greater sense of science and empirics, they have historically, and maintain the capacity to, understand, want, and create eugenics programmes on the basis of eugenic and racial understanding. (Anglo-Saxon-Teutonic supremacy of the colonial era, Nordicism, Nazi ideals...even Teddy Roosevelt understood race and characteristics of people outside the Hajnal line).



3c8594  No.11986558


>Pic of Amish commune farm

The Amish aren't going to the stars or pursuing racial ideals. They fail at being productive and are trapped in a zero sum mind set like they might starve to death if they do something other than farm life related work. The Amish are not an ideal or example to follow for a successful White nation, unless SHTF and somehow the rest of White people are too retarded to pick up an axe and hoe, leaving only Amish survivors.

On the idea of communes and collectives, they have a record of FAILING. Read: Communism, socialist communes, socialized public control of farm outputs(present day America). The most productive and sustainable farms are in the hands of private owners who best manage their lot as it is their own personal lifes investment, combined with their market selected skill for operating at economic output they can grow and expand their production and resources into soil erosion prevention and soil nutrient replacement, having the ample resources to let fields to fallow for years of recovery/renutrification. Something filthy hippies can't manage as they are unproductive subsistence farmers who end up failing

The ideal racial 'commune'(it's just a contractually bound community) would be this: Contractually bound land owners or different skills living in a community where the contract requires the sale of said land to be buyers of certain character and race, income, religion and so on, who in turn have signed the contract in the previous owners place. This ensures optimal land usage, close racial ties, and continued contractual adherence. This would not be legal and upheld in modern courts for discrimination. The next best thing that's legal would be buying and dividing a large area with the farm land going to the most efficient farmer(s), and smaller lots for trades and white collar households, when it comes sale time of the property you can't use a contract to legally ensure the buyers are good White people.

b0bb6a  No.11986593


>Patric Little loves kosher cock

Proofs ?

6721f7  No.11986780

File: 82349fa35adfa78⋯.png (241.46 KB, 732x633, 244:211, 1531399289082.png)


Not sure if troll. But no Whites should be begging like this. There are enough jobs out there and you should be setting precedent for gen z. Man up and show them how it's done.

0d9549  No.11987867


a9f00a  No.11988128

File: 05c240975347acf⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 2761x2091, 2761:2091, canada - plant hardiness z….jpg)

File: ba1dbd0bd3faa03⋯.jpg (79.51 KB, 722x722, 1:1, east canada - plant hardin….jpg)


The concept of retaking old ghost towns was explored by the >>/namibia/ board. It never actualized but a lot of brainstorming went into it. They focused more on BC which seems riskier due to proximity to Hongcouver and zogbot presence in Washington. As a non-canadian i'll trust >>11982440 and his recommendation of Labrador. Not putting our eggs in a single basket (the US or any other country) seems to be very wise for the White race.


And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith.

For the time being I am just an anonymous internet stranger, but I beg you that you must not take your life out of despair. What if we lost Hitler or Goebbels in the 1920's, when they were in the lowest point of their lives? They too were tempted by despair at first. Whether or not you see it now you have important skills and knowledge, the fact that you have found this place is evidence of that. Consider the advice of other anons like >>11982980 . It is a battle that we must fight, and a difficult one at that. We will need every man, and that includes you.

6721f7  No.11988690


Canada. I wonder how easy it would be for me to get over there unlike America. Faith Goldy is even having a crack at Toronto so she seems confident in a change even with that place. I would fly over if there was a place to crash and food to eat. I am easy. We need to start doing it now and get over the nervousness. Obviously we want to be spread out, but still I want to start now so if this best place that should be the next discussion.

Man I feel like this should be fucking stickied.

6e3359  No.11988773


>Canada. I wonder how easy it would be for me to get over there unlike America.


>Faith Goldy is even having a crack at Toronto so she seems confident in a change even with that place. I would fly over if there was a place to crash and food to eat.

Shes full of shit. Toronto is a lost cause like London. Canadian gov is a lost cause but the country itself isn't from an innawoods perspective.

6e3359  No.11988778


>The concept of retaking old ghost towns was explored by the >>/namibia/ board. It never actualized but a lot of brainstorming went into it. They focused more on BC which seems riskier due to proximity to Hongcouver and zogbot presence in Washington

Ghost towns no, smaller towns on the decline yes.

6e3359  No.11988790


>Getting started is the issue

As with anything. First make the transition from living in the city to somewhere innawoods. Close enough where it only takes 30-40 to drive or just find a full time gig where you are planning on moving.

6721f7  No.11988874

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Then I need to wait for some Canadian anons to have something set up. It wil be exciting to get involved in something again.

>she is full of shit

Perhaps, we will see how she does.

c58cc0  No.11989028


Nigger, are you a newfag? Anons were throwing all their shit to see if anything stuck. You sound like some aut-right kekistani retard, go take your blackpills to r/The_Donald.


I'm seeing anti-kike shit everywhere nowadays. It's about time for it to start bleeding into real life.

c58cc0  No.11989047

File: 49d5a6d83473a19⋯.jpg (195.88 KB, 1470x1116, 245:186, 49d5a6d83473a19156563282f7….jpg)


How bad is the nigger situation in Canada? I don't want some rogue nigger screaming discrimination over not letting him join in on hating niggers and kikes.

4c3c29  No.11989156



I looked into a couple occupations such as Stenographer (you can take minutes / notes of meetings you're listening to and not actually participating in) and medical transcription.

Both are solid sources of income and med trans allows someone to work very flexible schedules.

I have another income source that makes a lot of money with not much effort that I won't be putting up here for others to see. Totally legal and fits perfectly into our wheel house given we are all meeting on an obscure board (very few normies have any idea what 8 chan is although more and more are flocking to 4 chan. We need to not advertise our existence and remain fringe for as long as possible).

In short, I can confidently take our group well into the millions USD per year in a short timeframe. I can do it legally and it's scaleable beyond belief.

I will only say that there is 200 USD per month, per industry, per city of 100,000 and higher population. Acquisition of targeted business is 5 weeks initially and 1 call-close subsequently.

The money is the very least of my worries.

4c3c29  No.11989236


>Ghost towns no, smaller towns on the decline yes.

See this is why I'm here!

We have some incredibly beautiful brains to assemble; extract and manifest ideas from. This is one of those hidden in plain sight occurrences for me.

I remember reading about a group that took over and entire town. They were using nigger-tier tactics to push the occupants out who opposed their influence, which I think hubris prompted more than strategy.

One thing I will say is that if our cause is met with resistance, we need to make sure we are better representing our true motivation. If it's still being resisted, we can assume the obstructionists are kosher.

A failing small town will most definitely present a population of whites who are mentally and likely physically downtrodden. The sheriff could become a valuable asset in that situation, especially if there is a diversity problem responsible for the issue.

This is a lot to process. Thank you for this contribution.

4c3c29  No.11989628


>requires the sale of said land to be buyers of certain character and race, income, religion and so on, who in turn have signed the contract in the previous owners place.

We're here living now and that is currently in violation to every HIPAA law. Unlawful contracts are unenforceable.

Agrarianism is a future perspective as well as it's time consuming and requires several hands. Gardening will suffice at initial onset with a mind for agrarianism. Pretty much every farmer in America is white which leaves a lot for the imagination when creating a resistance to the jewry. I'm not sure it would be difficult to get gibs from local farmers sympathetic to the cause.

4c3c29  No.11989659


We're not in the helping others business.

We did that for the last 2,000 years and now our daughters get raped by niggers while we get called racists for wanting our daughters to not get raped by niggers.

Our sons are confused about their gender, their direction, their identity.

Our wives detest our efforts to hold the familiy together and are enticed by a lifestyle equivalent to 62,000 a year employment for leaving us. (national average incentive to divorce and take a child)

Law Enforcement officer reading this, I'm talking to you. I'm talking to the guy who went through the nasty divorce and now you're immersed in work because facing the world is a painful task after what you went through.

Things need to change and it would be a shame if you suddenly got sloppy on this investigation. A real shame.

6ec8ef  No.11989679


i think we can use our energy more efficiently by creating a list of Jewishly ran companies & products to boycott

and also maybe a list of alternatives, but the problem is that list could get jewed

0cf234  No.11989715


We could just let a few lads go start a farm and only buy from them via internet. Move up from there to various products. Promote it among friends/family etc.

4c3c29  No.11989741


>There are a million black-

Consider the idea of teaming in cause with Farrakhan. He's a based nigger who loves his people and wants a black ehtno-state. We are different color shards of glass contianed within the same mosaic. Beautiful art comes from pure intention.

828957  No.11989776


>Consider the idea of teaming in cause with Farrakhan. He's a based nigger who loves his people and wants a black ehtno-state. We are different color shards of glass contianed within the same mosaic. Beautiful art comes from pure intention.

"Have you lost your cotton picking mind?"

4c3c29  No.11989784


You're looking in the right direction now, brother.

Just look a little deeper and you will see that those business' are already created and producing. If they are already there, the second part of what you said becomes pertinent. "Promote it among family/friends etc."

Promote it

That's all I'm going to share on the subject but think about who "WE" are and think about what value "WE" could bring a company.

We're a very powerful force and that has got to have the jew shitting his pants right now. I would shut down this conversation faster than you could shout SHOAH! if I were kosher and had the ability, which tells me everything I need to know about taking action.

828957  No.11989806


>We have some incredibly beautiful brains to assemble; extract and manifest ideas from. This is one of those hidden in plain sight occurrences for me.

Also towns in decline (population wise) will have a proven functioning infrastructure. Ghost towns will need serious dollars put into it to get it functioning again.

>I remember reading about a group that took over and entire town. They were using nigger-tier tactics to push the occupants out who opposed their influence, which I think hubris prompted more than strategy.

Just move there and keep your associations quiet. If you broadcast it, they will come. Meet the odd time at churchs, bars…wherever but if you act like a mob you'll get stomped eventually. Again the point is to blend in not stand out.

4c3c29  No.11989809


>"Have you lost your cotton picking mind?"

Better to work with the devil you know. Farrakhan is out in the open about his aspirations. I respect a man that doesn't hide behind a veil of lies and deceit even if he is openly critical of me. At least I know what to expect and it paves the way for honest discussion.

Think about this. When was the last time 2 people in an office sat their paychecks next to each other on payday and compared wages?

What would be the harm in doing so? Pragmatically, not egotistically.

828957  No.11989826


>We could just let a few lads go start a farm and only buy from them via internet. Move up from there to various products. Promote it among friends/family etc.

It could be packaged and named inconspicuously but obvious to those in the know. A simple one is: Made in America.

0cf234  No.11989834


Being an internet based farm business, would that be necessary? As long as someone is going to buy then is being hidden going to be an issue?

4c3c29  No.11989835


>blend in not stand out.

This is a long conversation that would benefit from as many minds as we could assemble on the topic.

the things that float through my mind right away are. Branch Davidians in TX vs Mormons in Utah. The jew and how everyone feels like they're charming snakes when working with them. Those are my only screeching thoughts when I consider covert ops vs obligatory publication.

828957  No.11989841


Either you're a newfag who doesn't know Farrakike is controlled opposition working for the kikes or you brush your teeth with kosher semen. Either way you need to lurk for 2 years.

4c3c29  No.11989846


We could BTFO kikey and go with "Kosher Farms, Inc." Lol

Hire a hook-nose to be the face of our farm. They'll literally do anything for money.

4c3c29  No.11989849


>Better to work with the devil you know.

I quoted that because I think you missed it. I mean, it was only the first fucking thing i wrote so I understand you glancing over it.

828957  No.11989875


>This is a long conversation that would benefit from as many minds as we could assemble on the topic.

>the things that float through my mind right away are. Branch Davidians in TX vs Mormons in Utah. The jew and how everyone feels like they're charming snakes when working with them. Those are my only screeching thoughts when I consider covert ops vs obligatory publication.

Doesn't even need to be that elaborate. A few anons scout areas, and move in. These anons find other anons and spread themselves throughout the area and go about their business of living there. That's it. Far too much time is spent on the program and not enough is the actual doing. If 1000 people move into an area of 20K spread out no one will notice. If 1000 people then start making waves, that area will be bulldozed and a holohoax museum built on top of it just for shits and giggles.

I can never understand the need to constantly have massive meetups or group functions other than church. If you only talk to five of the people, and then next only talk to their five….the end result is the same no? Community grows without the need for everyone to know everyone, so long as everything is moving in the right direction.

021c60  No.11989880


You're thinking too far ahead nigger. The harm in working with someone like Farrahkhan is he alienates enough Whites by being black, therefore delaying White unity. Regardless of whether or not you agree with him or other black nationalist ethno-state whatever the fucks that is enough reason not to collaborate.

828957  No.11989890

File: 66586d005c549e2⋯.jpeg (12.58 KB, 209x255, 209:255, must.jpeg)


>We could BTFO kikey and go with "Kosher Farms, Inc." Lol

>Hire a hook-nose to be the face of our farm. They'll literally do anything for money.

021c60  No.11989902


You're starting to think in the right direction. Remember how effective the Germans were in the early parts of the war with the pincer movements they used to seize territories and win battles. Apply the same metrics when thinking about abandoning your current positions to move to somewhere else. I'm sure Labrador is a fine town that could use some more White population but is it of any use to us when this war goes hot?

828957  No.11989914


>Being an internet based farm business, would that be necessary? As long as someone is going to buy then is being hidden going to be an issue?

Not so much hidden as appealing to a certain demographic. You also want this produce to sell as much as possible. Ex. if you're selling Harley gear. You know exactly who's buying it. Another example is patriot coffee although the name patriot nowadays might as well say Fourth Reich.

9c08aa  No.11989934


Fairly safe short term gamble on crypto right now.

They are at extreme lows right now.

There is a new investment vehicle that opens up for wall street faggots in early September.

Unless Trump or his minions step on it there are virtually guaranteed gains.

Use the market while it's there, leverage pol knowledge with predicting what's going to happen to guess whether the sheep like wall street monkeys will buy or dump.

A year or two of effort and you can be financially free. If you want the market and speculation gone later you will be in a better position to make it happen.

PSA don't donate to our guys from any investment or trading accounts. Private wallets only.

828957  No.11989935


Just to add, I purposely go out of my way to buy as many products that are white run whether they agree with my views or not (not that I have any way of knowing unless hes local). Some are just more obvious than others.

0cf234  No.11989950


I get that from a typical marketing strategy, but I was thinking of just a for us to collect money while a /pol/ housing fund of sorts. It's a pretty big win if someone does it. It could fund several white workers, save money for /ourguys/ while stealing from kikes, as well as allowing for a fund to buy more land and spread to more industries.

828957  No.11989956


>Fairly safe short term gamble on crypto right now.

Honestly wouldn't trust this. Much rather buy things vs money that may or may not be there one day. Complete preppers mindset imo is the way to go unless you have hundreds of thousands to spare then by all means go for it. I would rather buy more land and/or homes.

4c3c29  No.11989963


Input the threat of cointel-agents

828957  No.11989968


>but I was thinking of just a for us to collect money while a /pol/ housing fund of sorts

Only way I feel safe is land + home and anons move in free temporarily. Next anon moves out, and he does the same for the next group of anons. If an anon moves in it costs zero dollars for him. People aren't too suspicious since you could be renting your room/house out.

828957  No.11989975


>but I was thinking of just a for us to collect money while a /pol/ housing fund of sorts

Only way I feel safe is land + home and anons move in free temporarily. Next anon moves out, and he does the same for the next group of anons. If an anon moves in it costs zero dollars for him. People aren't too suspicious since you could be renting your room/house out.

0cf234  No.11989993


It's just an idea I wanted to float. I have no financial means to do shit at the moment. I'm living ok but only able to save $40 a week.

0cfb11  No.11990003


if you have even a lower level white collar job and aren't an idiot with your money, saving this much isn't that hard by the time you're 48. but yeah I guess you are partly correct, most people are pretty stupid about finances and investing.

in any case it's pretty pathetic that you came on here to brag. part of me suspects you aren't actually that old and are just a larp. if you actually are tho, maybe take some time to work on the maturity level instead of your bank account!

828957  No.11990006


>Input the threat of cointel-agents

Not much to cointel. For now it isn't illegal to move wherever you want. The problem isn't moving all to one city, the problem is the get together and the need to scream from the top of a mountain "I'm a white nationalist!"

You have to think about it this way, whats your end goal here? Whites + large family. Stick to that and there isn't anything they can do about it (for now). The rest will all fall into place especially given the american economy wont last forever. From all estimates within 10 years (probably less) its game over for america as the default dollar.

d38378  No.11990016


HA! It was only a reformatting of a screen grab. It doesn't include less liquid assets.

Funny how whenever I post this a bunch of losers attack me as fake/etc. It's real. And I'm 48. And you are all blaming others for your failures. Grow Up. And stop blaming others for your problems.

4c3c29  No.11990026


My underlying point was that every option needs to be analyzed with careful consideration. Pros and cons need to be weighed and outcomes need to be measured against options. The ends justify the means.


I made that in a year when I bought into the lie.

Then I realized our prisons are paid by the prisoner, not the recurrence of offense or lack thereof.

Our schools are funded by attendance, not performance. Motivating schools to pass anyone and bring sick niggers into a classroom with our children.

Our politicians are lawfully receiving funds as "free speech" under protection of the first amendment.

Our peace officers are motivated to extort funds from good members of the community to meet quotas.

Our federal law enforcement agencies are established to protect foreign entities who push propaganda on our people.

We have no direct say in how our funds are spent even though we are all connected at the speed of light.

I fucking hate you almost as much as I hate the Jew because you not only bought the lie, you embraced it knowing the above.


828957  No.11990052


>It's just an idea I wanted to float. I have no financial means to do shit at the moment. I'm living ok but only able to save $40 a week.

I hear you anon. I starting renting innawoods and drove a much greater distance to get to work. Then over time you keep chipping away at getting closer to reality.

A bit of background: one day just had my fill of overall noggery and being a cityfag. Went to a B&B for the weekend in an area I scouted previously. Came home on a mission to get the fuck out of the city. Within 6-8 months I was ready to get the fuck out. If you're a cityfag, once you feel that air, those trees, theres no going back.

White flight will happen en masse throughout the US and instead of moving to another city whites will flee to innawoods. Whether its for financial reasons or because whites are sick and tired of seeing niggers destroying city after city. Once you're there, you're motivated to start taking additional steps to get the ball rolling.

4c3c29  No.11990058


Endgame = Complete reformation of society.

There are some ridiculously intelligent Anons here. Nothing is out of reach provided the architecture is sound.

021c60  No.11990078


The ends do justify the means. Ultimately we will need niggers with wealth as targets for disgruntled masses down the line, not to be making alliances with them we will have to break later and motivate their people. Imagine the wealth of one sportsball nigger spread among 50 Whites. Now do the math on how many sportsniggers there are and start making lists. If you don't understand that nothing any of the other races do matters yet you need to read more and learn more. All that matters is White unity, White solidarity, White ingenuity, White bravery and White will

828957  No.11990095

File: 0f0c271735e0a92⋯.png (300.81 KB, 722x506, 361:253, dg.png)


>Endgame = Complete reformation of society.

Only way that happens is complete desperation. Whites haven't snapped yet. Most are still a bit too comfortable but that sentiment is quickly changing. Their (((plan))) is too obvious at this point (pic related) Kike hubris is doing a fantastic job of accelerating this.

Honestly "Area X is too white" "Whites are the cause of problem X". (((They))) used to be better at this. Either they've lost complete control or their descendants get more retarded with each passing generation. Either way they fucked up imo. The average joe shouldn't be this aware of how the (((government))) and all its (((tentacles))) are fuckin them over.

828957  No.11990105

File: a2e1f88128810c7⋯.png (389.32 KB, 511x826, 73:118, 12.png)

File: 3646da5e7c4e76c⋯.png (176.81 KB, 500x468, 125:117, 14.png)


>start making lists

pol is a board of peace.

975525  No.11990106

I have enough (((money))) to fund this. How can we legally start? How can we legally determine legitimacy? There seems to be quite an unusually large number of roadblocks….

4c3c29  No.11990144


I'm capable of getting us off the ground as well.

The next step is the roadblock I've ran into. That is a big part of this conversation along with analyzing the amount of cointel. We're at 109 UId's, I think at least 10 of them are mine

What I've come up with is most likely 2 agents will be planted in our launch. This is the reason I thought 10 Anons would be ideal, to sway the balance and pair 2x2's to criticize each others actions.

We've acknowledged something needs to change, we've acknowledged we have enough Anons to initiate that change and we've acknowledged a financial ability to initiate that change.

Time to move toward planning the action phase unless anyone has more to offer on the planning phase?

6f054b  No.11990152


>>> to get cheap electricity (spoiler: solar sucks)

BULLSHIT We live 100% off grid with every luxury we could want including internets service.

Solar pv panels $1=Watt, cheap and long lasting. battery bank most expensive item, but lasts 7-10 years.

4c3c29  No.11990157


Going to add a proposal of no firearms and a recorded video with a dead-mans drop trigger for release.

David Koresh could have benefit from the above

c33f41  No.11990158

ive seen you poast about "house sharing" more than once on here. youre a scumbag. get your shit together.

021c60  No.11990159


Right now I think the only way to determine legitimacy is for established families to take on other families and grow the units that way. Due to the subversion and infiltration everywhere there is no way to be sure that an individual isn't compromised

828957  No.11990233


Start by bringing family/cousins/friends. People you trust is the only way.

828957  No.11990238


>Right now I think the only way to determine legitimacy is for established families to take on other families and grow the units that way

Exactly or solo. Either way you know exactly who is who.

6721f7  No.11990306



If you have the money, I suggest start with family or finding local anons and before they join you, have it so you vet them first and don't tell them how much you have. Get a house locked down, get the anons brought in work to upkeep rent and food, now you have a little unit. Before picking the house, choose the area, majority White, cheap, work nearby etc.


That can be many anons as it's not just me. House sharing means willing to lose (((living standards))) and make money for the cause. You are a kike and I don't give a fuck what you think and only reply so other anons know how to handle people like (((you))). Fuck off.

4c3c29  No.11990328


I trust that common sense will prevail and I trust my own kind. I trust thousands of years of history.

Everyone can feel the discomfort and dis-ease.

Juden will never understand that this has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with us. Juden thinks this has to do with money because he simply can't wrap his head around the fact that we've grown a distaste for money.

I brought a technology that would map a person (just accept that at face value, I don't have time to go into strict detail and it's not important) and fit that person with the right path in life. I had a proving working model that, with over 90% probability people placed in occupational fields would still be working their 2 years later. Not science fiction, fact.

I brought this to the department of labor, every police department from california to TX and every single hiring manager was dumbfounded at what that meant for not only their company (employees are the largest expense) but what it meant for society as a whole.


It didn't measure people based on their race so it could never be allowed.


a038b0  No.11990501


Do you have a screencap of these reasons? Why not Wyoming?

bfa717  No.11990873


>We're here living now and that is currently in violation to every HIPAA law. Unlawful contracts are unenforceable.

Read the post, I provide an alternative. The key message take away should be this: PRIVATE PROPERTY IS VITAL

>This would not be legal and upheld in modern courts for discrimination.

Reading economics books is far cheaper than starting a commune destined to fail. Sweat before you bleed, know before you act.

2843b6  No.11990929


Go do good things but nothing you've said is of any benefit to the here and now. Read books, come on anyone that is following along knows the absurdity in that suggestion to me personally and the collective we as a whole.

Most of us have an understanding of national and world politics that can rival a college masters professor. I took 5 minutes to create an entire business proposal that would require 0 dollars initial investment.

Education is not our shortfall. Our shortfall is division and separation. Like I said, you take the path you feel is best for you but understand that at some point in the very near future, the top is blowing off this experiment and you, alone with your family in your house, you're going to either be really happy some of us took the jump or sad that it didn't work but what you won't be is regretful that we tried.

bfa717  No.11991139


>I took 5 minutes to create an entire business proposal that would require 0 dollars initial investment.

Sorry Anon, what post was this?

I believe I am helping if I can teach about private property and save Anon's from working their lives away on something that will yield little to no economic value to them.


What resources, books or groups do you use for your info?

6721f7  No.11992886

File: f425333cfe4fb45⋯.jpg (287.09 KB, 1612x1080, 403:270, 1534001627564.jpg)


This is a thread for when you need to put big boy effort in and not just shitpost. You can shitpost when you get your compound/house/complex is sorted and you have trusted guys there.

Remember. Every day wasted on doing nothing is a day we could have made more money, trained our bodies, disrupted our enemies, empowered our guys, find new people who are already in society to let us back in, bring girls in etc. Look at what one man did with a plane he had no training for.

a3a4de  No.11993326

File: f8f1c7adf89221c⋯.gif (940.06 KB, 627x502, 627:502, DFBTj0a.gif)


>Right Wing Paratrooper Squads

>tfw I was a teenager I would dream of owning a small plane to fly as a hobby

>tfw to realize my childhood dream I would have to support the international cybernazi cabal in their plans to overthrow the psychic-vampire-globohomo-semetic-elite

Go on

4f1516  No.11993563



Vital until the laws are changed. "You dont need all of this land while nogs are starving do you silly goy!" Faggots will be sent in to protest around areas with people deemed to have too much land.

Always ensure your land is close to unowned (and will never be) innawoods.

4f1516  No.11993578


>I trust that common sense will prevail and I trust my own kind. I trust thousands of years of history.

Never fully trust anyone but yourself and family members (the good ones). Instinct is your best weapon for staying ahead of the curve. Thousands of independent tight knit groups (4-5 families) all working towards survival is far more effective than one or two groups led by a single leader. Look at it from (((their))) perspective: which of those two scenarios requires massive amounts of man power to keep track of/infiltrate? Also once they realize you're just a farmer/plumber raising a large family they'll quickly move on.

4f1516  No.11993597


>When they die you refill them and they work again. Non-toxic

Post more info on this. This is one area I'm lacking in given that I could technically do without it. Can you put these in a shed outdoors or does it have to be indoors?

3e641b  No.11993834



I hope what I said was taken within context. I'm not belittling what you're trying to convey at all, I'm just saying there is an urgent need for immediate action toward counter-semitism.

Many of our churches are jewed to the nth degree. The catholic church is now saying there is no hell and aliens are cool. That alone is enough to make the hair on your back rise.

1000's of years of sacrifice and culture are going to be completely wasted if we don't move quick and rise even faster. This is the last stand and we're on the front lines. Every day that goes by, this board attracts more and more people who are confused but can't figure out why or have figured out that jewry is satanic infiltration and are seeking to do something. We have to stand up and we have to stand together and we have to do it soon.

212eff  No.11995463

Let the promise works slave for you, don't be a slave for the promise notes -Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Cut costs at every turn. Have fun with it, and Mcgyver your life; be your own handyman.

Maximize your cohesion to other whites. Revive group consciousness with them, and christian dogma (charity, hospitality, protection of one another). Rally local useful, loyal whites, and buy land/houses.

If you're white, of good character, and I bump into you, you join my extended family.

9e026b  No.11995868



This is not a business proposal.

This is not related, nor does it justify the principles behind communes, farming, or why private property doesn't matter.

You would also need a business plan to ensure your collective investments are paying off, and not indebting Anons in to being basically slaves with no incentive to be productive.

Forget all the malarkey about what's going on in the world, it doesn't justify economic fallacy. You can't bring up something, mostly unrelated and

>therefore we need to do x

1288b4  No.11995917





Comtext matters. The point stands that there are some smart and crafty anons

fef7db  No.11996229

I haven't time to read the whole thread, but I would suggest an alternative to close quarters communal living in a single large house: buy some land and build some smaller houses on it so people can separate from each other.

1c5d29  No.11996251

File: 270383af7443e9c⋯.png (529.16 KB, 1011x763, 1011:763, Proof-Bitcoin21M.png)

File: bdea4674db31095⋯.png (351.66 KB, 1461x497, 1461:497, Proof-CSWandQ.png)

I have to put another vote down for cryptocurrencies.

They are fucking scary (putting money into something that is not tangible), and the market is ruthless and unpredictable (Your 1000 dollar investment could become 500 in a months time), but I think that they represent a very real chance of bringing financial independence and freedom to the everyday person. And if they end up fulfilling their potential, there is a real chance that the value could slowly go up over time as well.

But there's a lot of scams in the space, and of course (((they))) exist in the space too.

But there are also /ourguys/ in the space too.

My advice is to just keep an eye on it. You don't have to love the idea, or be a believer, but to just keep an eye on it.

And check out the images I am attaching to this post.

Really try and understand them - the crypto thing goes much deeper than most people know.

If you do decide that it is interesting, make sure you don't buy the wrong coin. And I really mean that. Things aren't as they seem in this space. Have to do your research. Use my images as help to understand.

43a134  No.11996442

File: 378873f421e15f9⋯.jpg (86.38 KB, 600x900, 2:3, Red7.jpg)


Well, I've worked with them, but they were not American blacks, they were Fijian, and I actually liked them a lot.

There are some nogs where I live, but not many, and they tend to stay in their own communities, in the the largest town in the area. Outside of there, there are little to no nogs, and they never come in the woods, where everyone is white and hunts. Probably a good idea.

I think it's American blacks that have become self-entitled assholes, and probably due to Jew brainwashing.

d57ea6  No.11996696


>I think it's American blacks that have become self-entitled assholes, and probably due to Jew brainwashing.

Its worldwide. Sure you may find the odd nog who isn't but overall its noggery for nog sake.

d57ea6  No.11996839

File: 01e4f89737130dc⋯.png (888.2 KB, 1655x759, 1655:759, post.png)

68a4d4  No.12000132


>all most cucked countires are more (((((individualistic))))

seems about the right choice goyim

<but it's important to get better chances for a improved race

kike tactics switch to the rethoric of isolating their enemies, making them believe a tony stark actually is real

9e026b  No.12000517

File: d44ee1d30e80a1e⋯.png (200.56 KB, 326x307, 326:307, anglo_saxon.png)


>implying causation

The Visegrád Group are individualistic, and ex Soviet states, who have spent less time cucked by jewish Marxism. Russia is far less individualistic and suffers incredible immigration and demographic change, yet they still act like a Russian is a Russian like any other, so why doesn't their collectivism make them go and stop the mongs and browns from taking them over? If the Balkans are so collectivist why don't they purge all the arab looking people from there, why do they call the obviously non-whites their nation members? FUCK off with your Mong mentality, individualism drove the West to conquer the globe and suppress non-Whites, they had racial feeling and took what they wanted from savage lands. American pioneers were individualistic, more so than any select population ever was being entirely from Northern Anglo Germanic Celtic stocks, and they gunned down savages and built their own nation. Individualism is not what you think it was, >>11986485 explains why individualists make the best racialists because they are understanding of science and truths over mongol mysticism.

21205c  No.12002868

Aside from "teach yourself web dev" I'm not seeing any solid strats here for generating income

021c60  No.12003268


There was the mention of basically becoming your own home renovation company. If you can build a team of tradesmen that covers, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, flooring and tiling, roofing and other home upgrade/maintenance jobs like landscaping, cleaners, gardening, pool installation, pest control, dog/cat sitter/walker, security system installation and interior design imagine how many Whites you could employ. If you use White labor as a guarantee for quality product(which it usually is) and you find a team encompassing all those that's certainly one way to accomplish the goal of generating revenue. Personally I think Web Dev/Design could be more useful for the potential of "remote" working from several areas

c0d938  No.12003467


>Post your ideas/thoughts.

NWfag reporting in. Puget Sound & Portland are POZ'd but good people on the outskirts & East. Single men listen up - There are still cheap ways to get some land and stay off the radar long enough to make white kids with (mostly) white neighbors. Here is a simple plan for anyone with $10k & a truck available to them.

1. Buy tax foreclosure properties. Every county holds tax sales, most of them in the fall time period. Look for lots near creeks or other shit deemed "critical area". Builders stay away from those because the JewState will rape you for trying to build on it. Pick property within a 20-30m commute for your work (or work independently - more on that in another post).

2. Got your land? Good. Now go rent an excavator for a day or two and clear your spot. Carve out something without a view of the road. Then gate the entry. Dig three holes - fill one with gravel, one with a freshwater tank (~$300) and the other with a 500-1k gal containment tank (~$500) .. both from the ranch supply store.

3. Hit the Insurance auctions (CoPart and iAAi) for RV travel trailers or 5th Wheels. Look for something older / donated or newer with some damage like minor bump on the roadway. Get a trip permit for $13, and tow it to your lot.

4. Drop a perf pipe from the grey water tank into the gravel hole deep enough to tolerate freezing.. 3' or so. Hook up the blackwater to the containment tank. Used sparingly, you can have this pumped 2x yearly for about $200 per visit. Down the road you can read up on home-built septic systems when the dust and eyes settle down.

Stand up 200w of solar panels (~$1 per watt from Harbor Freight on their tent sale deals). Get a 2kw inverter/generator at the same time for $~450. Add wind power for Eastern WA locations if you can afford it.

KEEP THE FUCKING GATE CLOSED ALWAYS. Fence your shit from view. Throw up some "I own a shotgun and a backhoe" signs. Never let the County on the property. If they insist, ask them for the warrant. Fun fact - WA will not issue warrants for non-criminal issues such as code enforcement.

There. You are settled. Now start banking the $$$$. Next year - Build a pole building / shed under the permit limit; typically 400SF in most counties.

You will get a deed from the county for the land. The Tax sale relieves all other debts besides other taxes & water liens. Mechanics liens, loans, etc.. they all go away.

Land - $3-5k. RV - $3k, ~1g for repairs (worst case). Sitework: $3k. Power supplies - $1k

Think land this cheap is bullshit? Check out the whitest, most beautiful country in Eastern WA: http://www.co.stevens.wa.us/treasurer/TaxSaleForeclosure/tax_sale_foreclosure.htm Watch the sale results this December. It will shock you how cheap the land goes. Bonus for Stevens co - They have no permit requirement for ANY BUILDING which isn't deemed residential or in a platted development.

Sell it in 3-5 years to someone else for double your $, do it again nicer. Find a white woman and make babies, Get a bigger lot and bring in some friends. You get the idea.

If you are serious and want to learn more, Ill add a thread on moneymaking off-grid / off radar too.

c3ba06  No.12003593


>Everyone says trades, but they aren't the way to go anymore.

>Take it from someone who cannot find work in his trade due to it being flooded.

Idk anon, I just got a job pipefitting for $20 an hour, and I'm going to school for welding too. Welders are in high demand in my area.

e790b2  No.12006058


I'm still here. Mostly posting on /polk/ since it was always the bunker after we got banned. Had a lot of random things happen to electronic devices, but I'm still here. Figured I'd wait til we had a foothold and for the Turk to leave before popping back up here.

Safe to say we are successful, we are in the second phase, first anons are here and had the land almost a year. If you look around, you can get in touch, the i2pmail seems to be shoahed so I have a back up email posted towards the end.


53e93e  No.12006067


I'm guessing you're referring to the meme about brain size according to gender and race? Humans don't even have the biggest brains - intelligence comes from brain surface area, you smooth brained jackass.

6721f7  No.12006522


Save as much as you can. Try to make a few thousand dollars so you can have some clout when it comes to helping set up groups.

021c60  No.12006539


Very excited to hear this news. Continued well wishes in your endeavors dixie anon

bf3a73  No.12008213

Countering Predatory Financial Zionism

So anyone who knows anything about the Zionist threat understanding international finance and banking as well as currency and market manipulation are the Zionists go-to 'Special Weapon' against humanity.

It's primarily used as a method of leaching off vast amounts of wealth from societies through orchestrated bubbles, booms and busts.

>>Banks, like Goldman Sachs, sell bad advice and bad financial vehicles to the 9-to-5 Normie crowd.

>>They run up the value of the designed-to-fail financial vehicles (investments), selling them to unsuspecting Normie prey, with their money invested as well, increasing in value as the bubble inflates.

>>At a certain point in the process, the Banksters start moving their money from the designed-to-fail financial vehicle(s), and start "Shorting" said vehicle(s), where-in they are literally betting against their own clients whom they had sold the financial vehicles.

>>Wait till market forces, or manipulation, pops the bubble(s) of the designed-to-fail financial vehicle(s), at which point, the Banksters maximize their ill-gotten gains from having successfully "speculated" the fall in value of said vehicle(s).

811cf6  No.12008237


>Welders are in high demand in my area.

Skilled trades will always be in demand. Who else is going to do them?

811cf6  No.12008247



>Save as much as you can. Try to make a few thousand dollars so you can have some clout when it comes to helping set up groups.

Better to gather as many goods as you can. Full prep mode until shtf.

1986d1  No.12008265


Did you read anything that I wrote or did you just see the picture and sperg out uncontrollably about the amish?

If we're going nowhere, it's because our ranks are filled with people like you, who have the attention span of a goldfish.

For the record, I actually agree with you that the amish are not the model we should follow, nor a commune for that matter. We should do…well…we should do what I fucking wrote in my original post you retarded double nigger.

f6e53e  No.12008819

File: 781eb0dbcd9218f⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 328x198, 164:99, hitler smile.gif)


>I've been kicking around a non-profit organization that focuses exclusively on helping/assisting/working for Celtic and Germanic people.

There will be a lot of anons willing to come to help you physically if they can find you, and even a bunch of sporadic online donations of $14.88 if you make your work public.

A lot of anons would probably work for free in exchange for housing, I'm sure. I would have, back when I didn't have a wife


Highly aesthetic post my friend.

>I personally will work for just mere fucking food and a place to stay if it meant I could be among my own and working fucking hard to make us stronger and stronger and stronger.

This. The feeling of having a reason to live is incredibly powerful.

f6e53e  No.12008826


>Safe to say we are successful, we are in the second phase, first anons are here and had the land almost a year

Reading this made my day tbh. I don't even know you guys personally but back then, I was rooting for you guys to have the best of luck.

>Had a lot of random things happen to electronic devices

Remember to back up whatever matters. A 4TB drive costs $100 and goes a long way. This is valid for every anon.

6721f7  No.12010730

File: e9bee022caa9891⋯.jpg (94.61 KB, 1016x1024, 127:128, 1532034939428.jpg)


Cheers, anon. Well in reference to the anon you posted to about anons coming to help, I think that is the key here. Once we break the paranoia responsibly we are on our way to success. It seems the (((shills))) tactics is now to keep us stuck here. We know full well that /pol/ is just a tool and stepping stone for us and deep down is fuck all when it compares to our Race. Once we have say 5 anons together for the first time I can only imagine literal euphoria at being together. Separated at birth, but joined back through blood.

Think 5 people having an income in say a 3-4 bedroom house for a year or two while Trump is in and Whites are waking up and saving the money ready for 2020 and onwards. If there were thousands of us doing this, we could easily sway things behind the scenes. In local races we can support our guy to office with memes, money and manpower. None of us wasting that precious money and none of us would do that because we are what our enemies fear: efficient and successful.

We can start to employ people, push for new laws locally and bring in more anons when it becomes more mainstream to be an American (we know what that means) and as time continues to push on we can become more bolder as numbers grow as well as money. At that point anons across the U.S in every State should begin this and with it the return of power to us. Even normie Whites are softening up to us when they see we have something to live for and it's not shitty (((TV))) but something organic.

6721f7  No.12022688

File: 1584d7b569d568a⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 500x284, 125:71, 1532750714633.gif)


1c5d29  No.12022712

File: ad8726c5411ec76⋯.png (878.33 KB, 1900x1564, 475:391, Proof-BitcoinGov.png)


I'm actively digging on this stuff right now.

Trying to make sense of it. Every now and then I make a breakthrough.

I don't know what to say really. At this point all I can do is just dig and try and connect the dots.

If anyone else wants to help me or has ideas, or reasons why I am wrong, please share.

ec8ab5  No.12022796

I'm not telling you losers how to get reich. This board is full of niggers, muslims and kikes, I'm seriously not telling you this.

f71f02  No.12022825


Craig S Wright did not invent bitcoin, not once has there been shown proof of this claim. Not one single claim proven in years.

a6833c  No.12022846


Where did the Craig Wright LARP come from and what happened to the Satoshi Narrative?

f71f02  No.12022876


>Where did the Craig Wright LARP come from

From Craig himself.

He's trying to and has more or less achieved becoming famous for his tall tale claims, but at the end of the any any one person or group claiming to be "satoshi nakamoto" has access to the entire string that makes up the private keys to the wallets containing "1 million bitcoins", and to this day those coins have not moved.

It can be proven though we don't need to because there are thousands of people keeping watch on these coins like hawks, but the method is thus:

From BTCTalk forum thread here goes go to


click the hash

and you will see

No Inputs (Newly Generated Coins) ->

if the address after -> has an (unspent).. then its still on that address..


go to


click the hash

and you will see

No Inputs (Newly Generated Coins) ->

if the address after -> has an (unspent).. then its still on that address..

repeat that by changing the block-height

there will be upto 52000 blocks you can manually go through that could be his

a6833c  No.12022928


The last thing a genius with a hidden fortune would do is tell the world of his hidden fortune. We can safely shit-can Craig's story.

f71f02  No.12022943


>The last thing a genius with a hidden fortune would do is tell the world of his hidden fortune.

But that's the thing, in claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, he claims the fortune behind the coins in the wallets that are only satoshis.

b5146f  No.12022976


>A 4TB drive costs $100 and goes a long way.

Also for long term storage behind plaster walls.

b71a1c  No.12022991


>telling boomer tier people about /pol/

Are you retarded? Oh wait you probably are considering you still use this board for politics. Go back to cuckchan fag.


b5146f  No.12023049


>Are you retarded? Oh wait you probably are considering you still use this board for politics. Go back to cuckchan fag.

"But goy, if I don't the left will win!"

c8b973  No.12023283


oh yeah dude

people are retarded

the percentage of the population that actually educates itself is tiny


> A CFA/CFP, tax lawyer, estate planner, etc are tools to be used.

and guns, dont forget about those

f04020  No.12023380



Currently in talks with a few buddies to buy enough acreage to eventually fit 3 or 4 houses. Even at first with just one house, it will be so amazing to have land

46a3e1  No.12023531


Make sure the houses form a swastika when they connect

0f6689  No.12024573

File: c9ff2ffafdb20db⋯.png (365.58 KB, 1011x1316, 1011:1316, c9ff2ffafdb20db8be4a47538a….png)

One thing I've thought of is using our /v/anguard and other hikikomori to basically create a "guild" in game(s) and basically become "gold farmers", selling the shit on places like playerauctions, then taking the profit to create a non-profit organization for this guild/investment club and proceeding to buy stocks (go ahead and complain about the (((market))) like the shills will do. Shills will say anything to keep us down.), bonds (stuff that pays you for owning it.) and eventually land. Inb4 "muh gaemez" How many idiots throw away shitloads of money on stuff to make their pixels look better then someone else's pixels? How MUCH fucking money? Why the hell don't a few of us figure out how to divert this cash flow into something that would be better for /our/ endgame? (pun intended)

All it will take is about a handful of people to get this started. This has the advantage of being something that can be done by any anons, anywhere they might be. The problem will be getting the (all white) group together without picking up niggers (glow or dark) or moles in the mix.


>A shitload of us are broken in some form or another.

Indeed, broken people living in a broken world. The difference between us here and the rest is that we see the (((reason))) the world is broken and desire to fix the world by correcting the problem.

6721f7  No.12024645


>getting into any flow of cash

Sounds good to me.

>how much money do people chuck at pixels on a screen

Too much. But if we can get that to be directed at us, then we are onto making serious fucking money. I just can't think of a way that wouldn't need our guys with skills to produce their own type of game worth playing. Just look Summertime Sage (degenerate landladies I know) and how the creator is making 40k a month to produce a game that he updates slow asf.

>all it will take is a handful of people to get this started

Well I am in if it is a legit idea. You may find others on discord like I have before.

0d0c1e  No.12024694

>>11983246 >>11982133

How you aren't conning people if you are providing a service, you sound rather blackpill jewish.

Personal training is also one of the most bullshit professions with everyones own broscience thats why niggers always claim to be one. Most people just hire one because they want to talk with somebody,milfs wanting to fuck while they workout and that most get motivated from the risk disappointing someone so they try harder.

It takes a 1 week class to be a certified personal trainer thats entirely useless and only there to give money to gym kikes.

Its like dog walker, consultant, self defense trainers anybody can claim to be one and most of the industry is just that thats why he used that example.

d65e8b  No.12024717


>doesn't know that credit unions charge virtually no interest

0f6689  No.12024817

File: 456447e41b05ffd⋯.jpg (8.77 KB, 236x213, 236:213, e57ad6c92d3744b91eb3c4ab4b….jpg)


>I just can't think of a way that wouldn't need our guys with skills to produce their own type of game worth playing.

The problem with making a game is either getting the people with the skills to make it or getting it published. Without a baseline of resources to make a game it won't get made which is why my idea is a "Gaming/investment club" so that once it begins to grow; the funds can start investing in companies which can include game companies started/ran by /ourguys/.

>Well I am in if it is a legit idea.

The idea is indeed legit. By creating a non-profit group dedicated to the guild and being "selective" about members/ prospective members you can prevent a good amount of poz from getting in. The cost of maintaining the non-profit status is quite cheap and by setting it up as a "gaming/investment club" and getting the correct 501 status will insure that the funds will be safe from most lawfare. Won't be able to spend the money on political stuff, but we do that for free (and get better results) anyway ;) .

>You may find others on discord like I have before.

Ugh… I'm not at all interested in that trash. I've had a fuckton of people wanting me to join that crap but I keep refusing to. At this rate I might as well figure out how to setup a secure IRC chat or figure out how to get i2p working instead because I won't be surprised WHEN dickcord starts banning people and "leaking" info on those people unless that's already happening. If you have a way to use that crap in such a way to maintain OPSEC I might think about using it.


POLCU: We won't jew you out of your money.

e6291f  No.12025086


>FIAMM SONICK infographic

Most battery companies were bought out across Europe and the USA, by china, in a massive buying spree that continues to this day. Bought out, sold out, and Bain Capital'ed. Same with solar-anything. Same with metals-anything. These battery and solar firms are effectively Chinese State Central Bank umbrella operations. Please be very careful to not engage in treason when interacting with these facades, of which FIAMM is absolutely one of. FIAMM, FIAMM SONICK, and others, are Chinese umbrella industrial espionage properties; They are globalist infestations, profiteering off of tax scams, energy subsidies, usury loans, and the like. Their profit is effectively central-bank and govt tax, on an international scale, sending USD and EUR profits straight into Chinese hands, while your taxes and debts go up. A whole host of non-economic anti-capitalist/communist accounting lies. The same thing has been happening with small and specialized robotics firms.

If the tech being sold is a logo, then it is Chinese State. FIAMM is Italian in logo only, not even name. Be very careful.

98d645  No.12025187



>if it comes down to it.

It already has, asshole.

b6c429  No.12025239

File: 08ffae271408570⋯.png (142.65 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 1436268200000388.png)

File: dc6f4d6aba007e6⋯.jpg (223 KB, 1008x600, 42:25, Jews in a car.jpg)


>6 hours per head for 6 days a week

You'd have major difficulty finding that much work, there's dirt cheap non-whites doing that job for much less.

>10 years

The ZOG state will be more and more restricting to the most basic parts of life by then, it might be illegal just for whites organizing or there's a welfare state.

>There is nothing illegal

Juden would find a way to make it illegal as it goes against their interests and playing by (((their))) book won't work.

Also (((they))) will not let you into country level politics at all, you're whole post displays how you think kikes are just going to play by the rules and roll over fair and square and voting is totally not rigged. This is not 1930s Germany and nothing can be changed through the political system it is wholesale owned, controlled and made by ZOG, an armed resistance is what is needed for the continuation of the European race. Do you think during the Reconquista the Portuguese, Castilians, Leonese, Aragonese, Catalan and other white groups of Iberia were just going to rise to the top of the Caliphate proto-government system and peacefully gain control? No, it took years and years of ultraviolence inflicted against Semites to rid the peninsula of shitskin rule and it whole of Europe, AU, NZ, US, SA and Canada require it today.

0b701c  No.12025495


>You'd have major difficulty finding that much work

You're wrong and just because you post our pictures and use our terms doesn't mean you don't glow like 1000 suns, nigger.

GTFO if you don't have a single constructive addition to make.

6f05bf  No.12025791


Your shit won’t work.

What the Jews did to me is a prime example. But you’re a kike anyways.

0b701c  No.12025804


Add something of substance or you're not better than the kike who only takes and infests cancer into everything it comes in contact with.

Either add something or fuck off.

5a4de5  No.12025835


>No, it took years and years of ultraviolence inflicted against Semites to rid the peninsula of shitskin rule and it whole of Europe, AU, NZ, US, SA and Canada require it today.

This is the number one reason I'm blackpilled about things; even on this board, people don't realize how propagandized and indoctrinated they are against violence and towards doing dumb shit like trying to work against them in their own system over a period of time we don't fucking have. I don't have the compilation picture of Jewish articles about Hitler taking a Rothschild hostage for the biggest random in history to post right now, which is a shame because most whites need to look at it, read it over and over and have a Big Think.

9f63fa  No.12025863


>Imagine if NatSoc Germany had the internet and the Volk were able to converse openly with Americans

I don't think much would have changed apart from Goebbels' propaganda being less effective.

0b701c  No.12025874


Archives, friend. Archives.

If, by chance, at some point in the future any of these posts are called into question, why leave a healthy trail of usable exerts? The most important part of a movement is a single step. Focus and lose the nigger-tier ideology. Focus on whats most important. Grouping and organizing IRL. We are bound by blood and we outnumber the kike 100:1, what we do once we're together is inconsequential to getting together. Picture 100's or 1000's of outposts spread across the US all in common cause. That's the goal. That's what's most important

Ignore the negativity. The jew won't add anything of substance to this bread. What we're conspiring toward is the biggest fear of the jew, it can't add anything because doing so is detrimental to it's health.

a74d67  No.12025879


young engineer here with white privilege

My plan is to keep the homes I buy throughout my life and rent them out, raise as many kids as possible and offer them cheap rent in the homes we own so they don't have living costs. Also taking half of what they earn to expand…i'll let you know how it turns out

high recommend getting a life partner btw

9f63fa  No.12025919


You're gonna die anyway. May as well see this shit to the end, and put up a fight.

9f63fa  No.12025928


>charging your own kids rent


>life partner

It's called a wife. Drop the marxist lingo.

6acdc1  No.12025953


OK guise- the ONLY way that you are going to get ahead financially is to start your own business. There are lots of possibilities. That and years of hard work.

Hard work is a LOT easier when you are doing it for YOURSELF.

Then- retire early and enjoy life while you can.

Best of luck. I got out @ 56

9f63fa  No.12025964


>resourcefulness is jewish

Get your fucking head out of the clouds. This a genuine battle we're in. All that honesty and principled living is shit you save for when times are good. This is the time to fight, and fight dirty.

9f63fa  No.12026017


>We have very fucking smart Whites

Just to add to that, many of us may be more capable than we imagine ourselves, due to the discrimination and media brainwashing. Things I do that I think is normal have gotten me high praise at every job I've had.

fc2dc7  No.12026094

File: b7b187004248972⋯.jpg (284.44 KB, 700x500, 7:5, 1534485320041.jpg)

File: 6cc4e00cd3f32ce⋯.jpg (307.81 KB, 1156x690, 578:345, 1534530710626.jpg)


>b-but muh aryan honour

>dies by demographics and kindness

I though Whites on here would be excited that we finally have something to sink our teeth into? Why are there so many pussies on this fucking board. We can use tactics and physical fighting to get our people back and you want to do the (((honourable))) thing?

Anyway, at least you get it anon. Keep it up and lash anyone who talks of honour as our Nations crumble.

7e94f7  No.12026110

File: d2b8fef9d64f773⋯.jpg (348.92 KB, 1024x788, 256:197, BANNED.jpg)


the vocal fry has turned into nails-on-the-chalkboard for me. They dont even realize theyre doing it. It's so unfeminine.

0b701c  No.12026128


We don't need to discuss arbitrary futures. We are literally combat experienced, armed veterans. Weapons platoons consist of 3/4 whites and most of the last 1/4 being hispanic who embrace their european values.

the time will come, we just need to be in place and supplied

fc2dc7  No.12027377


>the time will come

And I would prefer to be better prepared than relying on arbitrary trust in soldiers. Though I do think most Whites will join us, I just want Whites in the meantime getting houses, jobs, businesses so we know we have a bit of a bite before it kicks off. (((They))) won't just take a chance on civil war because that works for us.

9f63fa  No.12030289


Yep, honor is part of what cost Germany the war. Had they not resisted Goebbels' insistence on "Total War", or gone easy on England for old time's sake, Germany could have at least reached a stalemate, if not better. Hitler was kicking himself for not being harsher, and openly admiring Stalin towards the end.

I get why people want to push back against dirty tricks, since it's the repulsive specialty of our enemy, but refusing to meet your opponent with everything you've got "because honor" is just suicidal. Ends can absolutely justify means.

9f63fa  No.12030454

File: 26bcf9f2d7b5e9e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.19 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 26bcf9f2d7b5e9e12b935eed82….jpg)

File: 5343dcac8b4fefd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.71 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, 1530900036275.jpg)

File: 1c596d3ae8997f0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.2 KB, 576x389, 576:389, Campaigns-9.jpg)

File: 64d7ea1b989b2f5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.04 KB, 324x432, 3:4, Campaigns-11.jpg)

File: 183d077c972cb2d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.02 KB, 375x500, 3:4, d4d1effff9510f6ab4799c43b8….jpg)


>I think it's American blacks that have become self-entitled assholes, and probably due to Jew brainwashing.

Yeah, all those successful black countries show that it's just American blacks that have a problem.

Oh wait…

86cac0  No.12048829

File: 66bf4951c6fdf05⋯.jpg (103.05 KB, 725x534, 725:534, Unavngivet.jpg)


> We also need to look into house sharing

Nope, start building houses. There are so many wins to be had.

"Plenty of housing to be comfy in while taking a rest from the cause"

And more over, the over inflated housing market will crash when supply becomes higher than demand. So:

"boomers will be stuck with their McMansions, mortgaged to the hilt''.

If enough new houses are built, they'll easily end up with mortgages 10 times the actual worth of their sticks-and-straws villa. They will be forever in debt, and.

"when the house finally foreclosure, the kike will take the financial loss"

905e25  No.12049591


This is a good idea. If anons were able to build moderate, affordable housing there would be a need for it. All the housing that is built today is McMansion garbage and luxury condos which only serve the elite and price out the locals

f329be  No.12049853


>stellar will beat ripple

Anon. I know ripple is (((their))) coin but at this point in time betting on Jews making themselves rich is a good bet.

f71f02  No.12049880



Just buy a double-wide trailer house or build a 10kish wooden house. Either option is affordable and above poverty hovel tier. What's the word for them, double-A's or something? Or look up a small house design where 4 people can live comfortably.

c4f81e  No.12049916


Cheap houses in suburbia that even shitskins can afford, though. Could backfire.

c4f81e  No.12049922


>is something wrong with your voice? it sounds kind of gravely lately. are you sick?

>ughhhh whattttt? what do you meaannnnnn

Gotta shame them into submission.

15a264  No.12050013


Not to worry, they can sell them to farmers looking for cheap spic housing.

4855ed  No.12050041


Lol that last pic tho

i think id rather fuck a goat than a nigger and id surely rather fuck a girl thats fucked a goat than one thats fucked niggers

a61523  No.12051567

File: 781eb0dbcd9218f⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 328x198, 164:99, hitler_smile.gif)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)

Can I get a quick update on where we're at in regards to information gathering?

Also did the writefags finish the copypasta from a few threads yet?

a61523  No.12051644

son of a bitch wrong thread

fc2dc7  No.12055839

File: de84f5ce70b35a7⋯.png (940.02 KB, 1385x461, 1385:461, 1534899538484.png)


SO how do we do that with no fucking money? This is why I am saying to share houses FOR NOW. Think clearly in to what I am advising. I am saying FOR NOW we share houses and once we have the money, we can do all these fucking ideas. I don't mean to sound short with you, but we have until 2024 imo to rack up as much money as possible and cut these kikes off as the obama era is dead and the hangovers die off.

IF we have 50,000$ between 5 anons after 2 years saving (which is very little and we can easily make more) we can buy so many fucking things we could have a paramilitary. Think about it.

>pick a state

>pick a county

>does it have enough work

>is the housing cheap

>do you have the anons through discord or whatever

>speak with the landlord then and rent it for as cheap as possible

We should be at this stage by now. Listening to podcasts all the time and memeing will bite us later for not capitalising on Trump's victory and the resurgence of implicit White identity.

abdedd  No.12055877


Bitcoin's inflation rate will be cut in half twice by then. Sounds doable.

dcce76  No.12057180


>Just buy a double-wide trailer house or build a 10kish wooden house.

This. Buy a massive plot of land and put the house on top. Worst case you could buy a massive plot of land (100+ acres) with 4-5 other retires and have a house each on it.

7b7955  No.12057416


Probably wouldn't need 5 cars in that situation either. Would be ideal to have the 5 of us talking about what resources we have and what we could bring to the table on other fronts as well.

f18a91  No.12057446


Oh fuck, that's hilarious. Boomers are the worst.

7d724e  No.12057496

We're poor because our fucking boomer realtives, ie. parents, uncles/aunts, etc. choose to burn thousands upon thousands of dollars on slot machines, RV's that cost as much as 5 bedroom homes, boats and other watercraft that I would never be able to afford in my entire working life, and on top of that collecting their 3 or 4 pensions all the while we will be lucky to SSI. I know what I am talking about. I live in Nevada, Boomer hell and see it every-fucking-where. It makes me want to vomit. I can't afford my rent or credit card bills and live off of ramen half the fucking time and I see boomers towing around their 6 figure toys every day without a care in the world whilst their children are probably fucking homeless and hooked on H. We won't begin to see any real prosperity or wealth until this cancerous tumor (boomers) is fucking finally gone.

7b7955  No.12057514


Yeah, never mind the policies the jews have put in place by infesting our government and our media, swaying votes and turning everything gay as fuck. Never mind the root of the problem, lets get mad at the effect!

FUCK YOU COUGH! FUCK YOU RUNNY NOSE! Hurr durr, what's a cold?

fc2dc7  No.12057538


Precisely. Everyone comes to the table, we sell what we don't need. The one with the best car that has the least mileage and can fit us all in there keeps it. Cars that are not needed, can be sold. If we are to be serious, garbage items should be sold but more valuable items should obviously be kept. We can sell shit to get a head start as well - covers the starting rent.


I know bro, but if enough anons want to do this we will set up a way to talk and look into getting this started. Obviously with me being English, it is harder for me to get over to you guys. But if I can I will. It's not fucking hard to look after a 4-5 bedroom house between 5 of us. We are a lot tougher than we think, we just need a chance and that chance comes through having money. Fuck boomers, they are miserable trash that will never have what we have.

When we become proper men when we start this, with the money we save up we can look them in the eye and tell them to fuck off. We will be training, saving money, bringing in more Whites into our area and expanding. Trust me, we can fucking do this. If we get a gym for example, we have our own fucking base where we make money. You can literally shitpost while eating healthy foods. What more do you want lol? As long as we keep our house good, our businesses good and each other good, there are no problems.

9ffe67  No.12057551


>"When the time comes"

Sell now and begin renting. Profit.

9ffe67  No.12057567


>We're poor because our fucking boomer realtives, ie. parents, uncles/aunts, etc. choose to burn thousands upon thousands of dollars

No. Poor because the fuckin gov has been subsiding every useless subhuman they could find. If that werent the case, taxes would be a lot lower and jobs a plenty.

7b7955  No.12057584


So lets look at this pragmatically

the NSA definitely knows who we are. The FBI surely has a file on each of us and I'm sure 100 other agencies have compiled some info on most of us. (however I'm not convinced top federal agencies are against us tbqh, no digress)

Shills hate the camera. They simply won't even converse with me anytime I challenge them to put up or shut up on that mark. Where I'm at, it's kinda instant money in that I already run a labor-based business.

If anyone wants to get involved, fuck it email me at rustydildo at protonmail.com

It's gotta start somewhere, it's gotta start somehow, what better place than here what better time than now - RATM (fitting)

fc2dc7  No.12057594


And who allowed that? Dude, you have to face up to the fact that Whites allowed ALL of this shit. We have to counter it ourselves, not through the government. We need shekels and housing for now until we grow into fucking proper men with enough money to get funs and have the back of White America behind us. But violence is miles away and we don't even need to larp as siege fags when we can just get our people together again and make parallel society within the US and Europe.


If any anon is nervous about speaking with other anons, I will referee the convo. But I usually use discord for speaking via mic.

7d724e  No.12057637



>ney. Fuck boomers, they are miserable trash that will never have what we have.


>When we become proper men when we start this, with the money we save up we can look them in the eye and tell them to fu

Boomers detected.

723681  No.12057722

>grew up in Commiefornia public education system

>well aware of leftist propaganda being shoved down my throat

>grind out all A's for years, beginning to apply to colleges

>plan on studying polysci and going into law

Before you call me out for my kike profession of choice, just know that most of my disposable income will be going towards the cause.

How do I meet fellow whites who will operate with me?

d0b4de  No.12057866



No, you don't.

The daughters became pot-smoking degenerates who disavowed everything they were taught. That's because racial solidarity is not sufficient. You also need a moral code. 14/88 is not a moral code, it's a reactionary political stance.

begome christian

fc2dc7  No.12057869


Discord or something similar. Obviously don't dox yourself, but if we can get something together and speak to each other we should get somewhere. I did it before on there and had 15+ brits on a server, but the youngest was 13 and oldest was 21 out of the 15 odd. So that couldn't really turn into anything given their age. But it has potential.

2c89b4  No.12057870

Neet here comfy

4c938c  No.12057881


Never ever sell out to an IPO. They will take your work and destroy it after they corrupt it. You will have nowhere to spend your money before Rapture and Tribulation.

94191a  No.12057952


Where are you at? I'm Inland Empire.

905e25  No.12058012

File: 00492090f9318c3⋯.jpg (578.02 KB, 1111x984, 1111:984, 054090718101b33c5d89421aa8….jpg)


We're poor because at some time either you or your parents fell for the "they're an adult at 18, time to abandon my family and be a consumerist cunt" meme. If it's your parents it's not your fault, fuck them and let them see how it is to spend most of the last third of their life hooked up on tubes and ignored by african nurses who can't pronounce their name. If you fell for the meme, get your fucking shit together, apologize for being "muh rebellious teen" to your family and start working together if it's not too late. They really did a number on society in so many fucking ways by attacking and dismantling the nuclear family. Parents shouldn't be forcing their children out and teens who are in (((college))) or just graduated high school aren't really ready for full independence and self sufficiency yet. Adult children should move out of their parents house once married, so they can branch out and start a family of their own. I'm lucky my father told me I could stay with him rent free until that point so I did, and will do the same for my children.


We're also poor because the eternal jew preyed on those things and made them worse, as vermin always do


That's the right attitude anon. The hardest part is finding people you can trust who share your worldview, but once you do the rest kicks off so fast you won't believe it. Obviously a core of 4-6 anons would be best but if you can't do that start with two or three just to get the ball rolling. I have faith that shitposters like you are the future and will form the clans and guilds that will take the world by storm

2a81dd  No.12058172


You’re the dumbest faggot I think I’ve ever seen on /pol/.

So congrats.

b8b987  No.12058292


Just one thing: if you crash your plane leave no survivors. They will, however, expect one of us in the wreckage. I forgot I was ITT, but rest assured I'm still working hard on this.

As for people asking about how to make money, sales is a good way to do it. Autists and psychopaths can do it, because humans are ridiculously easy to manipulate using basic techniques. Just learn the rules. Of course being a stand up White man just makes it all the easier. There are travelling jobs like storm renovation that can pay bigly, there are phone sales that pay usually shit but are remote. Remember that nothing happens in the economy unless someone decides to do something. Convincing people of things seems right up /pol/ack alley. I'll lay out how to do it sometime, it's not very challenging. All that aside, nice thread. I forget that I can talk to actual anons on here sometimes.

0150b3  No.12064091


No wait anon is on to something.

(1) take out huge loan

(2) buy gold

(3) bury it

(4) claim you were robbed

(5) bankruptcy

(6) dig up gold

0150b3  No.12064110


Jews own realestate like no others. Take note. Own real estate. If you have a big boomer house you can't use divide it into a couple units and rent it out. Preferably rent it out to /our guys/ as a bruder house.

693555  No.12064198


Owning a plane is cheaper than owning a car in most cases.

30,000 dollar plane is pretty decent status. You'll get a nice 152 for that price. they'll offer a 15 year loan, but you'll have to put 7500 down. Split it with someone, each putting 3750, then you owe 22,500 over 15 years you're payment will be under 200 a month. 90 dollar dock fee. and registration. You'll be about around 150 each a month.


You can join a co-op and have access to several different planes for about 180-250 a month. Like a time share basically.

Very little fuel is used once your up to altitude. Cheaper than a car as far as fuel is concerned. Much cheaper in most cases.

0b2e5e  No.12064817


Vancouverite here: do what the Chinks and Indians do. Buy a big multigenerational family home for you, your wife, your parents, and your kids. Pool your money together and keep upgrading homes. When you have something big - turn the basement into individual rooms for rent. I've been in some that have 8 rooms charging 600 cad each. That's a lot of free, easy money into the pocket. Reinvest the money in real estate and good franchises (here it's McDonalds, Tim Hortons, etc).

52561d  No.12065267


You can also get a owner occupied loan on up to a 4-plex. Same concept, but you might be able to make some money as well. They are usually cheaper than 4 2 bedroom houses.


You should already be trying to get into local politics. Precinct committeemen positions are often left open. It is unpaid, but it helps steer the party in the direction that we want it to be. We also need to take it off of the boomers.


As long as you keep to small groups you should be fine. If you have 8 guys in a 4 bed house, you will draw a lot more attention than when we had 3 guys with myself having my wife and child living in a 3 bedroom house.


Depends on where you are at. Small apartment complexes would be a good way around this. Two guys in a 1 bedroom apt doesn't draw suspicion like a bunch of guys in a house.


AZ has favorable gun laws. Assuming you are old enough and not trying to get machine guns, you don't need any paperwork to own a gun. If you buy from a private party, the government doesn't know or specifically care you have it. COL is ok, but minimum wage got cucked by some lefties in 2016, which sucks. Be an HVAC guy there and make SO MUCH MONEY. A lot of cultural enrichment has moved there recently.


My mother in law gave us an interest free loan on our house. Consequently, we have paid off a lot more of it than we otherwise would. We will be able to do a lot more with our money than we otherwise would have been able to.

fc2dc7  No.12065648



We need to make it where Whites get back into making money again. We value working like dogs as a "our" Nation crumbles. Until it is truly ours, we must start securing money and using it as a meaningful way of countering our decline. What do you thinks and pajeets think when we are getting pissed and losing our money every month while they build it up? They look at us fucking TRASH! We need to fucking look them in the eye and remind them that we are hungry again now and we are getting back into the money game, physical fitness game, racial game, political game, cultural game etc. They don't fear low IQ skinheads, they fear a White man buying up housing and working even harder and smarter than them.

fc2dc7  No.12065711


>y-you can't wah wah

Cry more, you fucking kike. If you read the goddamn fucking thread you will see there are ways to go undetected and still be effective. Everyone is sick and tired of you kikes or White Nationacucks who are ALWAYS always fucking bitching about "ZOG".

>bah zawg will destroy you cus the tv told me so

That is how much of a faggot you sound. Fuck off or put down a decent idea, you fucking cuck/kike.

7d4781  No.12065717



>tfw asses and elbows hasn't an heroed yet

fc2dc7  No.12065786


>red texting this hard

>muh remember the 66 millions wacos and legoy finijew

What I am proposing is none of those things, you fucking dumb boomer nigger faggot. Look at you came into the thread mouthing off doing nothing of value. That is typical White Nationalist boomer mentality. When will you fucking faggots die off already. Like I said, if you read the thread, you will come to realise you are wrong and delete your shit-tier boomer posts about Waco when no one is talking about fucking Waco.

>find anons

>rent a fucking house

>get work

>payy rent

>anyone asks who you are

>we wuz good boy americans going to church getting that program

>keep making money

>save money

>get more anons in

>reach out to average family and do normal shit like talk about bullshit stuff while helping clean up the community

>continue under radar until normalised

Go figure you WN 1.0 stormfaggot.



Refer to above. It is literally happening in Britain, Sweden and Germany as far as I am aware and can easily be done in the US. All it takes if you not to be a sperg.

823314  No.12065803

File: af87e4ca77b2682⋯.png (259.05 KB, 1000x861, 1000:861, af87e4ca77b2682b000d149965….png)


>how can I be a boomer? I'm only 30?

178aac  No.12065810



It's impossible to be in your 30s today and a boomer, because the "booming age" was decades earlier.

You cannot be in your 30s today and get a part time summer job that buys you a used corvette.

You cannot be in your 30s today and walk into any high paying job straight from the street after high school graduation.

You cannot be in your 30s today and easily buy land and a house and have a family with about three children, two cars, pets a pool, etc without doing something incredibly exceptional, unlike back then where pretty much anyone had the chance on that.

You cannot be in your 30s today and routinely go on vacation without getting into precarious job situations.

You cannot be in your 30s today and retire early unless you're doing something exceptional and nonstandard to regular people.

But you can be a language poisoning bastard who tries to muddy the linguistic waters of "boomers" and the devastating effects they had on the current generation, as demonstrated by you.

616d57  No.12065887


Thought they had it all. The job, the family, the house. Then they shit it up with their inherent ability to fuck up human relations, diversity rends their power, economy, and fucks their wives. They turn into regressive fucks a literal vat of bacteria colonies feeding on their father's shit in the the septic tanks of America. "Don't fucking realize that they could just say hi to their neighbor and start their proto-communist anarchy colony"

178aac  No.12065895


>how can I be a boomer, you ask

<you cannot be a boomer, I answer

347d5b  No.12066033


Those images are really nice

347d5b  No.12066043


I know a chick who's 17, has been home schooled her whole life, and gfre up being shuttled between her two divorced parents houses every few weeks

Once she's done with high school online, and she turns 18, they're going to ship her off to live in a big colleges dorm and leave her there with her first social schooling being a university

She's already ultra awkward, this will just be rough and will no doubt ruin her life with debt, all because her parents are fools

fc2dc7  No.12066094





The absolute state of (((you))).

>thread goes sound and smooth

>ov vey what is this whites talking about money

>must. shill.

Kill yourself, you fucking kike shill. You haven't offered anything but negative shilling that everyone has heard before. Either make an argument or shut the fuck up.


Take you meds, lad.

0150b3  No.12066124


They can't stop usfrom networking and forming your own ethnic conclaves.

440b3e  No.12066132


How to change the world and make over 1trillion dollars

>find way to transmit HTML over Blockchain

>instead of transactions archived, updates are archived

>decentralized archiving service and hosting platform all in one


>you’ve just invented xanadu and made bill gates, steve jobs, and linus torvalds look like the sissyboys they are

16c7e0  No.12066198


>if we all started organizing

just won't happen. nearly 50% of whites voted shillary remember. this is fringe ops, treat it as such, you're never going to convince a large portion of the population without access to state propaganda.

440b3e  No.12066205


That’s why you open source it, and fully develop it before releasing it

Use a team of trusted interlinked individuals with IRL connections.

Don’t let them know your move if there is any potential for them to effect it, they can heart attack a man but not his idea.

If you aren’t willing to face up to glow in the darks why are you even here? Go out there and change something, we need a new protocol, one that ensures the future of freedom of information.

If you’re all too scared of the incandescent niggers at the CIA to try this shit I swear I’ll learn how this shit works and do it myself.

fc2dc7  No.12066252


Give (((you))) info? Yeah, i'll pass, lad. If you stay quiet and put down ideas I don't mind. If you not, don't sperg. We need money, we need to be networking, we need something White youth to be wanting to make a name for themselves again. – We shouldn't be (((marching))), following fake figures Spencer, getting into financial trouble, prison etc.


HOW HOW HOW? You aren't saying how that would be? What did I fucking say to you earlier? READ MY FUCKING POSTS, you fucking nigger. I said, we get houses and keep ourselves to ourselves "WE ARE JUST AMERICANS SIR, JUST GOING CHURCH GETTING THEM PROGRAMS". What about that don't you fucking get?


No one needs to know you are a level 99 National Socialist stormfaggot 10000 war hammer godking from the lands of Elrond. You are just an American. No more, no less.


Exactly. If we start by just meeting up nice and small so we get to learn how to live among each other, we can always get friends, or anons to get close by within 20 miles for example. Then we just keep growing larger and larger and just keep it to ourselves. If we have 20 of us in a 20 mile radius, we just meet up when we want, enjoy life and make some fucking money. Other anons around the US and Europe will follow suit and next thing you know, you have a literal Nation forming that is completely legal.


>being here since 2012

>not advancing to anything but being on here

>le we are here forever meme

FUCKING LMAO!!!! @ your faggotry. You are a failure and a half. Imagine being you HAHAHAHAHA!

I literally have lads on discord who I have met in person looking to get a house together soon. Just because you are loser nigger doesn't mean others should be, you dumb fucking whore.

905e25  No.12066385

File: a0ae4e18becbc19⋯.mp4 (1.97 MB, 400x224, 25:14, Northwest_Fencing_Academy.mp4)


Why did they even home school her then? Maybe you should talk to her and see if you can convince her otherwise(and make White babies with her). The selfishness of who was supposed to be our elders knows no bounds unfortunately.

When I was young they said listen to the adults

So reluctantly I did but it never yielded good results

Now that I have grown I have come to see

The so called adults have always been more childish than me


Financial success is just one of many ways that our people flourish when we achieve what we are capable of. The reason >>12064817 is right is because we need to have multi-generational homes to solidify the family, the other aspects are just a bonus of having a strong, large, unified family


Why are you here? It's not about producing perfect results, it's about doing literally anything in unison faggot.

d6e276  No.12066386


Get the fuck out of here you piece of shit

Some of us are willing to die to try. Get fucked

905e25  No.12066391


filter and sage the defeatist kike shill

d6e276  No.12066420

File: 498f55a5ab5ea23⋯.png (36.41 KB, 1557x350, 1557:350, Mute-this-nigger-now.PNG)


I really suggest everyone else do this. THis fucking piece of shit is the epitome of white hatred

16c7e0  No.12066447


being realistic isn't the same as being defeatist. you gotta have an IQ of 90 or lower if you think your commie collective is going to work for "the white race".

905e25  No.12066460


go outside


moving the goalposts I see. It works for those inbred jews doesn't it? Aren't they allegedly over 90 IQ?

905e25  No.12066481


Go outside and burn jewish children alive, as the flames encompass what used to be their face and limbs you will feel the moralization rushing back to you.

fc2dc7  No.12067695



>my llife

>cries like a whore on a beauty pageant who lost

>my life has been so tough

>nothing good has ever happened

>mascara runs down face audience doesn't give a fuck

>so because if that I will tear other people down who are trying because

>my life

<repeat greentext over and over

Go somewhere else, you pathetic shill.


I only care about money atm. Family is miles away and everyone knows that. The meme of just find a wife is that, a meme. Unless you have access to some grills who are somewhat warm to you, then you have to have the money and we need that badly now.


>commie collective

Imagine being you having a disgusting ugly rat face, you fucking inbred (((neanderthal))).

1eccda  No.12068294


>Go outside and burn jewish children alive, as the flames encompass what used to be their face and limbs you will feel the moralization rushing back to you.

Tell us how you really feel anon.

1b047e  No.12069046


He's an underachiever as far as I'm concerned. Jews don't deserve to burn in my presence.

1b047e  No.12069052

File: 8bd2faf34c2a663⋯.png (15.52 KB, 1243x133, 1243:133, FuckIhateJews.PNG)


And you're gone

2dcf65  No.12069060

File: 11e76d589f6a511⋯.jpg (25.05 KB, 261x348, 3:4, 371161229.jpg)


Make them put everyone else on the list too, anon


5681c9  No.12071285


>If we could change IP's often, we could stay ahead of detection

No you couldn't



905e25  No.12073333


Damn he's really been cranking out content since I last checked his site

5681c9  No.12073506

File: 40461852354ae22⋯.jpg (161.54 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1410077568727.jpg)


>I've been posting here MONTHS and still know who that shill is

It's time to start lurking, my phosphorescent chum



That article is from before he went public, but things have been getting quite interesting lately, if his tweets are anything to go by. His latest article is extremely enlightening, assuming it is true.

27da88  No.12073594


>If you try to find anons, you get CIANiggered. Ask FedReserve Silent Protesters about that part. If you try to network IRL, you get CIANiggered. Ask TRS or any of the other "movement meetups totally not WN1.0 goy!" people about that.

TRS is kike operated

Meeting people happens everyday. The error in logic is thinking you need to be part of some group and announce yourself to the world.

>I'm right and you know it. And how can I be a boomer? I'm only 30?

Boomer mentality.

27da88  No.12073598



Yet another site from Qarp productions.

905e25  No.12073636


Is the board he made worth checking out?


Qarp? Is that we're calling the Q business these days?

13cb4b  No.12073810


>Qarp? Is that we're calling the Q business these days?

Some anon coined the phrase. Q-Larp is another.

I did find pic related interesting though. Setting up some system where words from tweets that wont be deleted (celebs/politicians..etc) and just passing the keys around that refer to each word to form sentences. Simple low grade cipher.

13cb4b  No.12073813

File: 0c828ecec6c68d3⋯.png (63.42 KB, 614x256, 307:128, twit.png)

13cb4b  No.12073837


>Very little fuel is used once your up to altitude. Cheaper than a car as far as fuel is concerned. Much cheaper in most cases.

Nice. Thats insane when you think about it.

13cb4b  No.12073855


>We need to make it where Whites get back into making money again. We value working like dogs as a "our" Nation crumbles.

An idea: Start a shitlib charity. Give the required 10-15% to its intended destination and the rest back to the good guys. You can operate that anywhere you want in the heart of shitlib areas. Just make sure the 90% isn't linked to the good guys.

fc2dc7  No.12073866

File: 18a1dd04ee68e7b⋯.png (288.39 KB, 371x470, 371:470, 1535378642337.png)











>off topic

Take your goddamn boomer fucking q kike shit and fuck off somewhere else, you absolute losers.



These are ideas we need to push. I don't give a fuck about muh honour when it comes to our Race. Obviously selling heroin is out of bounds, but the kikes use charities for money and taking shitlib money sounds good to me.

a4d88f  No.12073887

File: 25ece2fb253fc4e⋯.webm (11.95 MB, 711x400, 711:400, Why You Shouldn't Use Dis….webm)


I'm in the Inland Empire too

9fece3  No.12073890


they're just trying to derail the topic. They should be banned forever.

13cb4b  No.12073991

File: c7afd2e5de8aae9⋯.png (342.08 KB, 476x782, 14:23, df.png)


>Vancouverite here: do what the Chinks and Indians do. Buy a big multigenerational family home for you, your wife, your parents, and your kids. Pool your money together and keep upgrading homes. When you have something big - turn the basement into individual rooms for rent. I've been in some that have 8 rooms charging 600 cad each. That's a lot of free, easy money into the pocket. Reinvest the money in real estate and good franchises (here it's McDonalds, Tim Hortons, etc).

A) Posted something similar in the thread. You could also merge multiple families initially and subdivide the home with drywall, multiple entrances, etc. Clearly they have plan to stick around after shit hits the fan and imo these upper echelon areas will become safe havens completely protected by highly paid law enforcement/security teams.


B) just buy a massive amount of acres of land and build on top of it. Split it 3-4 ways and be done with it.

Just an example (pic related): 5000 sq ft for 2.5m in one of the best areas in texas. Sub divide that into five 1000 sqft sections or make a single 1500 sqft for your family and the rest all rooms for rent (studio: 15x15 each - 225sqft) with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Set aside 1000sqft for the common bathroom and kitchen and the remaining 2500 sqft can have 11 15x15 rooms. Even if you charged $600 per room, thats $6600 in rent every month. These faggots pay their utilities of course. As your family grows you rent less rooms and comp back more space until the entire house if yours again. If you find like minded white families you can carve out another 1500sqft or whatever for them. You could easily find a 1m house in a fantastic area as well.

I prefer option A innawoods but for those stuck in jobs this is a nice plan B that will keep you running for decades. Innawoods only requires an RV and land to get started and thats it. Plus its mobile if shit hits the fan and your area needs to be diversified. Sure its running but americas grip on the entire planet by being the default dollar is coming to an end very soon. Russia, China are stockpiling gold and the EU is looking for other ways besides the american dollar. The rest of the planet doesn't want to collapse along with the US when the time comes to pull the plug.

13cb4b  No.12074015


>Take your goddamn boomer fucking q kike shit and fuck off somewhere else, you absolute losers.

Never intended to promote it only mock the shit show. Anyway back on topic.

> but the kikes use charities for money and taking shitlib money sounds good to me.

With the charities idea its guerrilla tactics. Use their resources against them. The more they contribute to their own causes the stronger you get. Charities are great because you can have an entire fleet of people working for you who haven't a clue what they're really working for. Like the red cross.

801dcb  No.12074025

File: d18998cb50dec07⋯.jpg (10.75 KB, 250x250, 1:1, chicken and dog.jpg)

I mean, I make 90k a year right out of college(zero debt due to local school) and live in an RV on my families land with my self described "environmentalist Aryan conservative waifu" (fuckin weeb lol). I'm completely dropping out of this shitty debt slave consumer society.

But FUCK I'm lonely for male companionship. All the conservative groups I look into taking part in are fucking boomers, and all of my best friends became fucking pastors and have moved far the fuck away.

It might just be because I live in the PNW with all the libshits, but damn there's got to be other like me out here.

13cb4b  No.12074051


>All the conservative groups

Don't look for cuckservative groups. Looks for groups that people like you enjoy. Then get a feel for who is an isn't in these groups.

678db9  No.12074332


Now is not the time to invest in real estate. Wait until the next housing crash (which seems to be happening soon). Right now is a good time to invest in businesses outside the U.S. as well as precious metals. My opinion is that we are at the peak of the stock cycle in the U.S. and it will soon take a downturn. Mostly because 30-40% of the price action is coming from foreign central banks buying U.S. stocks and foreign central banks are over leveraged. Multiple currencies have experienced hyperinflation recently which may end up dragging down these over-leveraged central banks because they all offload their balance sheets on each other. Work hard, stack silver/gold/good fundamental foreign stocks with your savings, and wait. Whenever the housing market takes a downturn precious metals skyrocket. You'll be able to leverage your 15k into closer to 75k-150k (75k if it's just a housing crash, 150k or more if Deutsche bank falls). I wish I knew this shit two years ago, I would have rented for 30% less for a few years and funneled the savings into investments, but the house was for the wife and kids.

Don't take a class, info is free on youtube. Learn about real estate investing from rich dad/robert kiyosaki and kris khron (don't buy their courses). Don't watch too many rich dad videos because he just says the same thing.

Learn day/swing trading (if you're interested) from EatSleepProfit, Ricky Gutirriez (way too many vids look for playlists), Bullish Bears on youtube.

Best thing you can do though is look for trends yourself. I go on tradingview and compare 10yr treasury bond yields from different governments with spot prices of gold/silver, S&P 500, FANG stocks, and the housing price index. If you compare those things you'll see the markets move on about a 7 year cycle. Knowing that all you need to do is accumulate assets in the next stage of the cycle.

If you have stocks/real estate then start trading in the lower performing 30-50% for precious metals and commodities.

fc2dc7  No.12074976


Exactly. If this was a proper board, they would be gone by now.


>Never intended to promote it only mock the shit show. Anyway back on topic

Fair enough.

>With the charities idea its guerrilla tactics. Use their resources against them. The more they contribute to their own causes the stronger you get. Charities are great because you can have an entire fleet of people working for you who haven't a clue what they're really working for. Like the red cross.

Surely there are anons who know how to set this rig up?


>making 90k a year

Nice. Congrats.

>lonely for bro companionship

Same. I have been alone since 2013 and I just want to get at the stage where we have daily interactions as we improve as a people again. We are going to be somewhat green, but it will call come back naturally as we do it for real.


If you can find some guys in PNW and you have work for them, tell them to jump up.

905e25  No.12076097


If the interests rates keep going up though it will just offset whatever gains are to be made post-crash. Besides, owning a home is good investment for morale and normalfags don't understand /biz/ beyond equity anyway.


This is 5th generational warfare at it's finest. The charities/non-profit route could incredibly productive and effective.

e4ef9a  No.12076121

Invest in silver. Its very cheqo

e4ef9a  No.12076123


Jesus my hand slipped.

Invest in silver. Its cheap now, but it wont be in 10-20 years.

678db9  No.12076181


The Fed in the U.S. won't allow the rates to go above 3.5-4%. They explicitly said so recently, and they are going to stop QE by the end of the year. Sorry forgot to include that earlier

41e03a  No.12076685

Nice thread but when I can't even get an entry level job in londonistan, how am I to fucking do any of these?

Seriously, I've been applying for the past 6 motnhs and I swear I'm on some fucking blacklist because out of HUNDREDS of applications I got around a dozen replies and 3 (THREE) interviews.

The feedback from them?

>You're brilliant

>You clearly have potential

>We still won't hire you because <petty reason>

Fuck this, I'm ordering piano strings and superglue

e232a9  No.12076872

File: d9bc60c7900ef10⋯.jpg (11.15 KB, 321x192, 107:64, xp7iby2cy5c11.jpg)

If any of you are interested, I've founded an online micronation.

Essentially you join, become a Citizen, get certain benefits e.g. job, college tuition, etc. and then pay it forward by a % of your income for the rest of your life or you cab "buy out" of the contract for the estimate income you'd generate over your lifetime. The money you pay back then goes back into the system to help others.

The whole of it is designed to create a loop of money/resources going from the rich to the poor. Basically socialism except not pants on head retarded nor amoral.

Right now I'm working on buying a small apartment and my plan is to take out student loans for college, use part of the loan to pay the 3% down payment on a 30 year FHA loan on a 4 unit apartment, stay in one, rent the other 3 for profit, buy more property including e.g. farms (which will become feudal estates for those who have 0 inclination to do better) and essentially just build wealth until it's sufficient enough to establish the alms programs.

Full disclosure

Citizenship is open to anybody. I don't have the time, patience, or funding to deal with the harassment and legal complications that will ensue from catering to any one particular group of people.

>inb4 complaints about this

I do not care for the reasons I've listed previously. If you're interested you're welcome to join, if not you do you brother.

We need people to fill up our Congress as well.

If anybody's interested I can post the info, otherwise just enjoy our glorious banner

fc2dc7  No.12076874


Hold on a sec, brother. I am near Warwick and know those feels. This is why I am posting this idea because we are fucked. You need to find anons like me so we can get through this shit.

I have made a discord if you want it. No one has joined yet and if you want to help mod it with me, let me know. Fuck kys while kikes are rich and are starting to crack.

678db9  No.12077316


I'm sorry I don't understand, is this like some second life larp? Or do you mean you declared a real nation somewhere on the internet?

41e03a  No.12077760


Hey man,

Sure, I always found it sad that like-minded folk don't socialize more in this fashion. Contrary to our nature we don't organize nor seek out social circles that match ours, weirdly enough.

But you raise a few red flags through your posts so I'll pass for now. Too many risk factors trusting random-ass people here and this country is too famous for jailing whites on the tiniest charges.

It's mainly you being incoherent in your content and tone, and contradicting yourself here and there.

I'm not even birtbong, nor do I like it here, nor do I want to stay for too long. I was forced to move here a few years back from a shithole EU country and I'm planning on leaving in a couple of years at most.

851dc2  No.12078258


>Now is not the time to invest in real estate. Wait until the next housing crash

Definitely this. You're already starting to see a slow down and massive boomer foreclosures.

851dc2  No.12078315


>This is 5th generational warfare at it's finest. The charities/non-profit route could incredibly productive and effective.

Kikes pull this maneuver all the time. The key is how you get that 90% to the right places. Have anon #2 set up a supply place that sells whatever you need for the charity, purchase everything from him at inflated prices. Nothing over the top and its completely above board. Anon #2 then purchases from Anon #3's store, etc, etc. All legit and all in house. At each instance anons take their cut. All of these anon shops can be set up to sell to the public like any rando convenience store would operate otherwise it looks completely shady selling to only one person. Growing anon #1 will ensure the entire chain stays afloat indefinitely. Expand out to multiple charities that cross both isles (pets, kids, etc), non political spaces that everybody gives a shit about. Always stay neutral and never show your power levels.

851dc2  No.12078326


>I have made a discord if you want it.

Discord is completely comped. Stop using it.

606d8b  No.12078904


Just FYI, if you are thinking about establishing a white utopia somewhere, it needs to in a semi cooler climate. White people have the immune system to handle cooler weather threats like influenza, but not the parasites transmitted by tropical climates.

d94989  No.12079525


People like you are the best kinds of folks to work with.

I'm guessing your problem has to do with contacts. A lot of businesses love people like you, if a due date is in a week it really doesn't matter what time of day you get up.

Consider joining a group and/or taking on a project. Artists do really well just by putting themselves out there and can work around your schedule. While that's happening you can train yourself to be more productive. Learn to say no to dumb bullshit after you've established you can be productive and work upward from there.

5b3761  No.12079544

File: 972a18244ce06c3⋯.jpg (80.51 KB, 630x445, 126:89, arnolds-son.jpg)

I'm tired, but what do you guys think about listing an item on craigslist in an obscure section of the for sale, but for a high price. Like a toaster listed for $500.00?

Then we could just search our local Craigslist for this posting and chat with each other using craigslist as a medium/funnel until we are comfortable enough to move it offline.

THis would have the added benefit of being too wide-spread for any LE agency to actually focus on.

Expand upon this idea, I think there's something good in it or I wouldn't even bother typing it out as I am half asleep.

f8ca60  No.12079621


>I'm tired, but what do you guys think about listing an item on craigslist in an obscure section of the for sale, but for a high price. Like a toaster listed for $500.00?

>Then we could just search our local Craigslist for this posting and chat with each other using craigslist as a medium/funnel until we are comfortable enough to move it offline.

>THis would have the added benefit of being too wide-spread for any LE agency to actually focus on.

>Expand upon this idea, I think there's something good in it or I wouldn't even bother typing it out as I am half asleep.

A free hosting + chat + archiving combo could work.

7b6f63  No.12079684


craigslist is already LE backdoored

fc2dc7  No.12080357


You sound like a fag anyway. I don't care.


>stop using a service that has already got two Latvians in the same City together

Yeah, you stay defeated, faggot.

5b3761  No.12080376


Only to the degree that everything is LE backdoored. I was more thinking it would allow us to localize with other anons. Even if the first email was just, "Hey, here's my proton mail account. Hit me up there." It has the added benefit of people not having to give their location openly.

Like i said, if we got all Aryan anons to do this all across the world, it would be way too big for any one task force to handle, especially since there's technically nothing illegal about people wanting to associate with other like-minded people.

4f2163  No.12080377

File: 839775c2516edd5⋯.gif (313.17 KB, 709x443, 709:443, merchant50.gif)


4f2163  No.12080450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>investing in EOS

Youre retarded and you deserve to lose your money. A completely kiked system with 20 nodes that dont even work, who are told to remove and delete funds when the communist overlords dont like them being transferred or held. The people who run it are extreme left nutball gave-up-on-washing-or-personal-hygiene commies. They are so stupid and out there that Jon Oliver mocked them from a not-so-far left position, and I sure wouldnt want to give them my money after watching that alone. Buy some litecoin retard, they are pushing for credit cards that can be used anywhere. Get some DASH too, Monero, maybe some Eth. Eos is crap. You want high volumes, buy some Zilliqa, things like Ontology. Eos is for fucking retards.

4f2163  No.12080588


I have no life and spent a lot of time learning about the individual cryptos, Ill try running down the top list quickly on what makes each one unique since it could help whites invest smarter. Theres over a thousand of them though, of seriously large currencies not just scam ICOs.

Bitcoin - 10 years obsolete, has the first to market advantage, has the name recognition and lemmings buy it because its all they know about. Has ATMs, but it shares them with better currencies like Litecoin or Dash, Dash I know has its own atms. Dont buy bitcoin, if you ask me. It will be replaced

Ethereum - its like the bone structure for other de-centralized applications that launch under their own name and symbol, on the Ethereum network - has its own code for those apps to be written in. Has a 4 stage process relating to stages of adoption, not sure the details on that. I dont like it, overhyped.

Ripple - banker kike coin, fully centralized (kikes can make your money go poof) but has a kike propaganda arm that lies and deceives people into incorrect but desirable views of it. Dont buy it, also its market cap is already too high.

Bitcoin cash - a bandaid solution to Bitcoin not being able to handle high volumes. Probably not going anywhere in the long term, struggles right now at low volumes to maintain network stability.

Eos - already covered. Shit, dont touch it.

Stellar - Sharia coin, crypto for the muslim world.

Litecoin - faster than bitcoin, significantly cheaper, better development, has an institution dedicated to making it gain mass acceptance, has a 10% position in a bank so it can back credit cards to be used in stores - leading contender for first to mass adoption - competes with an indonesian(I think) company (Pundi-X) that has countertop credit card style machines its pushing in Asia, also a decent idea to invest in them - they have a smaller market cap and arent on all exchanges yet. Shares ATMs with bitcoin at least, I dunno if it has its own. Shares the first to market advantage, been around for almost as long as bitcoin.

tether - tied to the US dollar, doesnt fluctuate more than a few pennies up or down. Stability coin to put your money in when shits tanking.

Cardano - I dont know much about it besides that its supposed to reward for not selling and its backed by a bunch of university professors. Its probably going places but it could be nothing. I dont like it, but its a good choice to invest in. I got in late.

IOTA - aims to be the backbone of the internet of things, has a lot of potential but a lot of fuck ups and terrible design. Hit or miss, Ive seen people who know what they are talking about casually rip it to shreds over its "tangle" - doesnt use a blockchain.

4f2163  No.12080589

Tron - Asian ether competitor, dont know much about it, backed by some famous slope I think Justin Sun is his name. They recently picked up bitttorrent I believe. Worth having a small position in.

Monero - totally private, even alphabets cant see it. The top privacy coin. Lots of development, a project the original creator abandoned that was adopted by the bitcointalk community which is full of experts. Grassroots privacy coin, pretty much.

Dash - free or almost free to send, privacy features not quite on par with Monero. Has mass acceptance in places like Venezuela so it is a serious competitor with Litecoin. Has its own ATMs.

Eth classic - no one builds on eth classic and so its not comparable to eth itself, even if its slightly more desirable. I believe its more de-centralized, no ability for kikes SJWs like Vitalik Buterin to delete your funds. Not a top pick if you ask me.

Neo - chink ethereum, pays people in "GAS" - another currency, for holding Neo. A good choice, especially if you hold it on their network where you get paid for holding.

Binance coin - the coin which the largest exchange uses for utilities and to trade other currencies pegged to its price, which changes based on how many people use the exchange pretty much. A decent choice, but Binance could get replaced or even hacked and it could tank. It could go to zero, realistically. Big risk, big potential reward.

NEM - ethereum competitor, has some advantages for people building on it and some negatives. Decent to hold a bit of, I dont.

VeChain - the leading competitor for the global trade tracking blockchain technology, allows companies to keep tabs on resources and it cant be edited. I cant really explain it much better, it has a valid usage and its got potential.

Tezos, I dont really know, it got a massive ICO and then was mismanaged into the courts. I wouldnt touch it.

Zcash - Israeli Monero, stay away, kikes control it.

OmiseGo - banking for shit tier poor countries, "banking for the unbanked" - lots of shitholes have no bank accounts for their shitskins. It has potential because it has such a large market, although people arent really using it. All those shitskins have phones, they like to donate money to non-white countries.

4f2163  No.12080592

File: 4e84ec10ddf942f⋯.webm (14.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, bitcoin-bubble.webm)

Lisk - Pretty much trying to make Ethereums complicated code not a problem by using like C+ or something, probably not going anywhere, high risk, not likely to reward.

Ontology - runs on the neo network, involved in sharding Im pretty sure, which is a code system or whatever that allows things like Ethereum to reach higher volumes by lowering the number of nodes required to confirm transactions and breaking it down into smaller areas. Maybe Im wrong, read about it more.

Ox, dont know shit about it off the top of my head but its one of those underrated ones people dont read into much, it does real things that matter, I know that.

Qtum, more sharding.

Nano - owns the nano wallet, a currency, I wouldnt buy it.

Bytecoin - free, uses the cryptonote algorythm which is what Monero runs on. Was the first one to use that, its not being mined anymore so its reached its cap. Thats probably its main investing advantage, its not really going anywhere I dont think. Maybe.

Bitcoin gold - bitcoin that can only be mined by peoples personal computers/GPU rigs and not by industrial purpose built ASIC miners. Has potential, since it shares the bitcoin name and people dont want to mine bitcoin anymore. I wouldnt buy it, Ive mined a bit of it.

Decred - no idea

Zilliqa - extreme high transaction volumes, potential for massive growth when crypto is adopted by the larger public. Many of the first coins will be bottlenecked and the networks will crumble under a billion people.

Icon - more sharding etc

Bitshares - first attempt at high volumes, failed project, Dan Larimer whos a big name walked away from it, no future.

Digibyte - shitcoin, has potential usage in video games, not likely.

Maker - dont care

Dogecoin - tipping coin, meme coin, has an actual huge userbase and usage. Valid investment idea.

Aeternity - dont know about it, dont care, doesnt matter - these ones I dont know about could be sleepers, or they could just be garbage that you dont actually have to care about and that are just overblown shitcoins.

Steem - social media that pays you for likes, the actual platform is fucking trash and requires you dump a hundred grand into the currency and "stake" it in order to make any real money. It will be replaced by a non-shit version of the same thing, Im confident. Anarchists run its no-mod flagging system and will kick you in the nuts every time you start to gain momentum.

Verge - dogecoin dark rebranded, able to buy porn with it, overhyped shitcoin, no likely future.

Siacoin - pretty sure that ones de-centralized HD renting, you rent your HD space over the internet. Lots of potential problems to stop it from working.

Augur - betting currency on a decentralized prediction market, results to be put into a search engine that predicts the future. Can bet on anything, small userbase right now compared to its value but it has a shit wallet system, I tried using it, you need to use 1 of 4 wallets.

Basic Attention Token - the brave browser token, rewards content creators by being given from the people who enjoy the content

Waves - dunno

Bytom - dunno

Bitcoin Diamond - shitcoin, pump and dumped regularly by whales

Im at Pundi X, I think Ill stop, thats like 45 coins.

4f2163  No.12080604

Honorable mention/low market cap tier:

Authorship - allows people to public their own books online, very small market cap, 279,000$.

Rivetz - encrypted wallet technology for smartphones, 3.3m market cap

SunContract - peer to peer solar energy buying/selling network based out of Slovenia, has rights to use the infrastructure, has connections to EU ministers, has potential mass usage in the future and a tiny market cap so potential 100x+ gains, higher risk. 5.3m market cap

Storiqa - Amazon that cuts out middlemen and uses crypto, pretty much. Had a slick marketing campaign on jewtube before its market launch, I bought some and it rocketed like 14x up or something, I didnt sell though and its dropped back down. Its at a very low price now.

TenX - point of sale goal, like Pundi. Aims for credit cards, not sure on its potential for success.

Dentacoin - this one was really popular during the bull market but was dumped a lot more recently. Pays dentists for preventative care because most dental work is avoidable, able to be used by people for things like dental equipment at the manufacturers etc, its pushing to be accepted by a massive global industry.

Komodo - dont know much about it besides that it has the most amount of work being done on it, the most updates to its page on github or whatever - so people are working hard on its actual infrastructure.

Waltonchain - similar to Vechain, smaller market cap.

9fece3  No.12080631


Could Crypto be implement for P2P transferring such as seeing a rare torrent?

4f2163  No.12080651


Well Im not quite sure what you mean but thats pretty much what it already is, the ones that are actually meant to be used as currencies are peer to peer. At a base level, both people would actually have the full blockchain on their computers which has the client software, and they transfer their funds from one persons wallet to another in private transaction without needing an account or anything. Its not like you require an exchange as it stands. The other currencies can be traded on decentralized exchanges which require a hardware wallet with your funds on it. So you download the exchange application, plug your wallet in, find a buy or a sell order and match it. The exchange facilitates the trade between two people and no one else knows jack shit about it. I imagine thats what you meant, the only decentralized exchange I can think of is etherdelta, they all use ethereum to my knowledge for decentralized exchanges and its the DApps that run on the ethereum network. I guess thats probably what you meant by finding a rare torrent, yea they have micro currencies not on any major exchanges that are just in early stages, they have a much higher potential for growth but also a much higher chance of fizzling out or being scam coins or whatever.

bfd329  No.12080675


If you're good with computers and wonder what to do in life to sustain yourself, get on Coursera/Udacity and start learning. No need for degrees.

1d976b  No.12080781

Does anyone have either tips or books about creating propaganda and sharing your ideas with wide ranges of people? Including subversive means, because using the weapons of your (((enemy))) against (((him))) is an effective method.

4f2163  No.12080803

File: 501761dd8c915aa⋯.png (106.21 KB, 522x737, 522:737, Psyops.PNG)

File: 7252f95938c1b8f⋯.png (326.71 KB, 1092x747, 364:249, Psyops2.PNG)

File: ed7984f645ae39b⋯.png (297.96 KB, 1072x705, 1072:705, Psyops3.PNG)

File: ef5819498f87009⋯.png (304.93 KB, 1089x720, 121:80, Psyops4.PNG)

File: edfaf26f4faf94b⋯.png (306.27 KB, 1098x694, 549:347, Psyops5.PNG)

4f2163  No.12080804

File: d4c38f36a171246⋯.png (291.39 KB, 1076x751, 1076:751, Psyops6.PNG)

File: 0b2127ad9eb58f5⋯.png (293.67 KB, 1098x705, 366:235, Psyops7.PNG)

File: 1dca5798bf5ef0c⋯.png (310.09 KB, 1069x752, 1069:752, Psyops8.PNG)

File: 2d7b9f966751478⋯.png (306.78 KB, 1087x698, 1087:698, Psyops9.PNG)

File: d7c7dd2859a2e50⋯.png (318.73 KB, 1070x691, 1070:691, Psyops10.PNG)

4f2163  No.12080810

File: 2fbe28c3e3540bd⋯.png (326.75 KB, 1089x691, 1089:691, Psyops11.PNG)

File: a4878fab98bd4a6⋯.png (317.17 KB, 1062x687, 354:229, Psyops12.PNG)

File: 67b9c14b92935ea⋯.png (317.06 KB, 1084x693, 1084:693, Psyops13.PNG)

File: 7416e8cc375324c⋯.png (316.77 KB, 1093x683, 1093:683, Psyops14.PNG)

File: 70b7c2af8157e90⋯.png (306.25 KB, 1103x703, 1103:703, Psyops15.PNG)

4f2163  No.12080812

File: c1dae6f16fa911e⋯.png (303.53 KB, 1089x686, 1089:686, Psyops16.PNG)

File: e9103f1e5fcd646⋯.png (286.24 KB, 1080x694, 540:347, Psyops17.PNG)

File: 598f7519bcaf087⋯.png (302.64 KB, 1063x693, 1063:693, Psyops18.PNG)

File: 0c30ff78f45f0a4⋯.png (273.12 KB, 1065x683, 1065:683, Psyops19.PNG)

File: 530fb21d13cb2fe⋯.png (306.83 KB, 1076x694, 538:347, Psyops20.PNG)

4f2163  No.12080819

File: aba7d4a74a66d7e⋯.png (123.65 KB, 517x610, 517:610, Psyops21.PNG)

File: 5aa49c3434af8f6⋯.pdf (2.87 MB, The Crowd; A Study of the ….pdf)


Theres a good piece by Rockwell, also anything related to Goebbels, public relations, marketing and advertising.The PDF attached was Goebbels favorite, knew it by heart.

1d976b  No.12080826


Thank you very much anon.

e29592  No.12080865

There's a lot of grand ideas in this thread, but one thing anyone can do on an individual level is to only financially support white-owned, white-run businesses, and explain this point when asked about how you spend your money.  In surveys for grocery stores, hotels, etc, dock points if they have non-whites working there and explain that clearly.

Note that farmer's markets are no instant guarantee of whiteness because of spics.

Those Trump officials who got kicked out of those restaurants shouldn't have been patronizing them in the first place.  In my Midwestern hometown there's a great Mexican restaurant owned and run entirely by whites; find your own in your area if you desperately need your spic food.

Inevitably you'll find yourself boycotting most major brands but that's a good thing in the long run anyway.

5b3761  No.12080889

File: ebfa364430c120f⋯.pdf (545.4 KB, MILITARY DECEPTION.pdf)

File: 9548952bf73096b⋯.pdf (4.82 MB, PsyOps_Techniques_US_Army.pdf)

File: 1a4a521c46a094e⋯.pdf (6.11 MB, The_Art_of_Human_Hacking.pdf)

5b3761  No.12080906


> if you desperately need your spic food.

I'll try and dig up the book, but there's a lot of data backing the practice of eating to ones hereditary (searching for the word here….) Phenotype, maybe…

Looked it up, yeah that's the right word.

Basically we are adapted to certain diets and perform most optimally both physically and mentally, when eating food types we have evolved to process well.

I want to say it's "eating for your blood type" or something like that. I read it about 12 years ago, if that's any help in searching for it.

5b3761  No.12080935


Here's the book. I will look for a free PDF on it but don't hesitate to join in the search.


6c5c8d  No.12081012

My two cents:

-Do not invest in equities unless you have at least $500K in cash. Stocks are not designed to make you wealthy. They are designed to retain wealth when you're already wealthy. You need money first. You're just making someone else rich when you invest you're measley $10K.

-Acquire property

-Start a business

Many others have had good points about re-kindling the traditional multi-generational household. This is correct, but you need a home and land to do it.

Again, start a business. You're no more secure as an employee than you are as an owner.

Look into "house hacking." You can obtain FHA funding for up to 4-unit households. Buy a duplex, tri-plex, fourplex. Live in a unit. Save.Then buy another. Rinse and repeat. Learn real estate. It's not going away.

6c5c8d  No.12081023


I've done this. But how do I find work with no 'real credentials.' I can build a fully functioning e-commerce website in a day. Where can I sell this skill?

bfd329  No.12081165


How do you get around the (((anti-discrimination))) laws?

bfd329  No.12081245


<Listen to (((Rabbi Yeshua))), goy

You Christcucks are fucking insufferable, go back to your own containment board


0f6689  No.12081258

File: 7a049a7f44f4b2e⋯.jpg (108.5 KB, 569x428, 569:428, 7a049a7f44f4b2ea40a9691608….jpg)


Are you referring to the rental laws? Which to get around that means that you simply don't advertise them. Because the "Equal Opportunity Housing" crap can't stop you as a private owner vetting people who they offer to rent to. Word of mouth can bypass the advertising restriction.

Or were you speaking of Job offers? Those can be done in many of the same ways. By keeping promotions "in house" and having employees invite their friends those same problems can be avoided. Hell, posts on this Italian pastry investigation forum can be done in a way to avoid getting screwed by the kike while still advertising jobs and housing.


>-Do not invest in equities unless you have at least $500K in cash. Stocks are not designed to make you wealthy. They are designed to retain wealth when you're already wealthy. You need money first. You're just making someone else rich when you invest you're measley $10K.

I disagree with you here. The thing to keep in mind is you don't look at equities as the only, way. By combining equities that pay dividends you gain an additional income stream for each one. Think of it like this. I'm getting paid by my job. I buy stocks that pay dividends and bonds. I'm now getting paid by BOTH my job and my equities. On days off I'm being paid while I sleep, shit, lift, etc.

1d976b  No.12081277

File: 0e6f1ee434a0ab8⋯.mp4 (730.59 KB, 960x720, 4:3, who can it be now.mp4)


<forget what turned the west into an industrial and cultural powerhouse, go back to being raiding niggers, goy

Who could be making this post I wonder?

e13127  No.12081303


Well, at least chaim earned his shekel today.

1db7ff  No.12081406

>tfw no degree because no money, and no money because no degree

lel, it's all just a big joke. Getting ready to an hero out of this fuckhole world.

1da2f2  No.12081419


Harbor Freight

7afd03  No.12081538


>Not knowing about 88 precepts

Read https://archive.org/stream/88Precepts_937/88Precepts_djvu.txt and then lurk for 2 years.

d36ec0  No.12081570


thanks doc

7afd03  No.12081596



Get off (((Discord))) https://archive.fo/f6v1l

>Discord has recently shut down several notable alt-right, white nationalist servers as it attempts to purge toxic content, as reported by Polygon. The affected servers include the neo-Nazi terrorist group Atomwaffen Division, Nordic Resistance Movement, Iron March, and European Domas.

b79514  No.12081679

File: a05dcc551e0cfbb⋯.png (113.94 KB, 500x397, 500:397, oy-vey-muh-templet-stronk-….png)

813786  No.12081741

File: e08d3d4181d3f0b⋯.jpg (34.54 KB, 420x579, 140:193, theeconomist-phoenix_get_r….jpg)


Especially since Ripple's chief cryptographer, David Schwartz, holds a patent from 1988 for a distributed computer network. He is also former NSA and helped with Bitcoin early on. Bitcoin was their way of buying off the liberty movement.

1d976b  No.12081795

File: d8557233b2aeb11⋯.jpg (893.44 KB, 1500x2057, 1500:2057, Jesus wasn't nice.jpg)


Revelation 2:9

I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan

Luke 22:36

He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

John 2:13-16

13 The Passover of the Jews was near, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 14 In the temple he found people selling cattle, sheep, and doves, and the money changers seated at their tables. 15 Making a whip of cords, he drove all of them out of the temple, both the sheep and the cattle. He also poured out the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. 16 He told those who were selling the doves, “Take these things out of here! Stop making my Father’s house a marketplace!”

Fuck off schlomo.

81db8c  No.12081905


I mean I have declared a real nation.

A nation is not the land it stands on, but the whole of its people

6c674a  No.12082030


>Matthew 10:34-37

<Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

<For I have come to turn "'a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law–a man's enemies will be the members of his own household.'

<"Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.


dd55a2  No.12082274


A non physical digital nation to support the white people. Is that what you are saying? If yes then I hope one day it will transform into white interplanetary empire. .

5b3761  No.12082303


there will be no interplanetary empire without whites. We're the only ones that have ever contributed anything to this world. The rest are just parasites.

a74d67  No.12082313


mormon anon here, can confirm

though you fags post too much porn for me to lurk anymore

5b3761  No.12082353


>Literally no porn on /pol/

Say what?

905e25  No.12082528


Agreed. The problem people run into is they fail to understand how effective silent action is. Just make it happen. Look at the illegal shackhouse holding 7-10 people in your neighborhood. You think they are following the laws and playing by the rules? FUCK NO. They're doing what they will and if caught deny everything. That's the state of the legal system in this country now. You have to break the laws to get ahead and it's cheaper to just pay to deny everything than to have done it "legally" the 1st time

3fc20c  No.12082598


Yes, let's make a brotherhood.

6c5c8d  No.12082801

Any Americans on this board that gives a shit about saving this country needs to cut the shit. We have a racial problem in the United States. We will not be financially free until we are free as a people. Every single one of you need to understand that multi-cultural societies have been proven time and time again not to work. Our Founding Fathers knew this. This is supported by thousands of years of history. This is supported by modern biological research.

As an experiment, go to your local Walmart, Target, etc. I want you to look around. Pay attention. Study everyone. What do you see? Do you feel at home? Do you feel at east? Do the people look like you?

Do this and come back here and tell me with a straight face that we have a chance of fixing this country if nothing changes.

I support many of the ideas in this thread. Support your local white businesses. Boycott the rights ones. Even the mulit-generational housing is very very smart. But it's all moot if the country is overrun by Juan and Jamal. At that point, we'll be in SHTF scenario eating MREs.

we still have a chance to fix this.

BECOME ETHNICALLY CONSCIOUS. And I'm not talking about GTKRWN. I used to be there. But you have to realize it will never happen this way. We need to solidify as a movement of ethnically conscious whites and begin moving into positions of political power. Start small with your county legislatures. Go to your local GOP meeting. People are begging for young men to start the conversation. Take control. Lead these conversations.

We are an ethnically conscious group dedicated to the further survival and growth of our race. Despite the many misdeeds towards us from (((certain groups))), we will not seek revenge in violence. We will seek revenge in taking back control.

This is the long game. This is White Freedom. We work as a movement and we are unstoppable. If this is achieved, we need not worry about financial insecurity. Remember 1950s America? Yeah, that could be us again.

6c5c8d  No.12082843



we need to actively seek and remove any of the sig heil faggots from the movement. This isn't nazi germany you fucking douchebags. This is America. Nearly a century after your idol was BTFO. I get it. I respect the man for what he did. But we need to realize that if we're going to get anywhere in the real world, this rhetoric is going nowhere but in the figurative trash bin of peoples minds. Speak intelligently to your peers when it comes to race. Speak with passion. Don't lie. Be sincere. We have a real shot here and you spergs will fuck it up. This isn't a fucking game. If this is you, know that we will fucking railroad you into the fucking ground as you were an enemy.

6c674a  No.12083975

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



>muh optics

>muh American "nationalism"

Hi Anglin

c14599  No.12083985


TL;DR You're a kike shill faggot. Fuck off.

The reason Rome fell is because of shitty economic decisions and constant in-fighting. Christianity is what got whites through the dark ages after the fall of Rome, not your pagan LARPing bullshit.

Rome was the white(ish) equivalent of the mongol horde led Genghis Khan. Murder and pillage until you run out of stuff to murder and pillage. Then the infighting starts because your society of has nothing to hold it together other than your iron fist, but now that you don't have a steady stream of stolen wealth your fist is starting to rust and rebellions are breaking out.

Do more research on Rome before you pretend to know what you're talking about, faggot.

cad3b2  No.12083995

Solidarity people are poor. Tricking people into racial solidarity keeps them poor. Black people won't stop solidarity, so getting whites to do it too is a ploy to transfer resources. it kills the competitive advantage whites have by not being racist. Don't submit to solidarity. If you value your race, oppose racism.

104b71  No.12084000


>muh optics

Hitler was constantly concerned with public perception. To a larping, empty headed, internet faggot like yourself, he would have been an optics cuck. His only objective however, was to win. I know an empty headed nigger like yourself can't comprehend this, but to win, reality must be taken into account. This simply means doing what is necessary without compromising our integrity as White people.

104b71  No.12084005


You are literally dumber than shit. The only reason White people ever made progress was by being a solidified group of exclusively White people. You are on the wrong site dumbfuck.

cad3b2  No.12084045

If you express a love for peace, peace strengthens. If you express a love for murder, murder weakens. Is race more like peace or murder?

Look at the fate of populations that compact themselves into fringes. Ghettos and trailers alike tell tales of suffering. Race is murder, not peace. If you love your race, you cannot promote it. Nor should you submit yourself to those who try. All racists are race-traitors as all murderists are murder-traitors.

This is one of the old tests of God. Those who love God strengthen the idea of God as those who love peace strengthen the idea of peace. God is more like peace than race. It is a test of a good nature. Racists destroy their race, but God does not destroy faith. Faith is destroyed only by those who break vows and reveal their love of God as false. Religion would flourish in a world where every false priest abdicated. There is no love of race that would stop racists from destroying what they value. Be more like God, and less like race; be not self-destructive.

This lesson is not only for white people.

ae88c3  No.12084371


>all this wew

Explain that again, slowly for me

5b3761  No.12084383

File: c38d8a2a1141fd7⋯.jpg (214.01 KB, 1440x1279, 1440:1279, jews_evil_shit4.jpg)


Listen Krishna, we get enough of the "Live laugh love" lies in every other platform that offers a venue for public discourse. Please don't push bullshit lies here.


This is a comprehensive description of racial differences in the risk of birth defects in the United States. Observed racial differences in the risk of birth defects may be related to genetic susceptibilities, to cultural or social differences that could modify exposures, or to the many potential combinations between susceptibilities and exposures.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25544042

If you have anything more than your jewed words to offer, I'm open to seeing a new light but until then, we don't want what you're selling rabbi

ae88c3  No.12084408


Again, not for any one particular group of people; I'm just saying you guys are welcome to join if you choose.

Feel free to create your own ethnonation if you like, I'm not tackling the issues of race, I'm focused solely on the issue of poverty and building generational wealth for my Citizens.

Originally I was just going to have a dynasty trust for my family before I realized I set my sights too low and then widened my scope globally.

I'm still in the process of assembling everything for the nation, we have a small farm so far - going to get a 4-plex next, we're also starting gold and silver backed cryptocurrencies, and some other projects.

Alternatively you could start your own micronation and follow a similar route. If there's one thing I learned though it's that real estate is always the best investment you can make - especially rental properties

8d2fab  No.12084424


This is essentially creating a parallell society, which has always been the only way forward outside of violence/military support, which is lacking due to jew finance and media control over the majority. You won't be able to go much further than local politics however because you cannot subvert that which has already been subverted. Jewish infiltration relies on their opponent lacking in group identity while they possess in group identity. Their entrance into media and finance was done at a time when no one could grasp the scale of their importance today and there was no grouped opponent aware of it to combat. Today, you would be attempting to subvert a people keenly aware of their cohesion and much more aware of the necessity to maintain a hold on finance, media, and politics in that order. Living locally has always been an answer in so many ways. This must be increased enormously for our volk to survive.

5b3761  No.12084491


>real estate is always the best investment you can make

You have a lot to learn, brother. Real estate is a terribly risky business that most people should not be involved in. If you want to get into real estate, get a GC license and learn on someone else' dime for a few years.

I've seen more fortunes lost to real estate than any other sector.

Those who make money in real estate just upgrade their owner occ properties every 6-8 years. Those who speculate in real estate lose to big $$$ capable of hiring the right analysts, the right politicians and the right team to construct, market and sell the properties.

If you want to make a quick fortune, look into micro loans. Payday loans, title loans, unsecured loans. You can get into this relatively cheap, cheaper than real estate and make a small fortune in a short amount of time. I always recommend taking collateral, but I know some guys that make a mint with unsecured loans up to 1500 bucks. Fuck credit reports, they're shit. Just map a tangible exit and fund based on that. You can charge 15-20 points on the front and a daily rate of interest of 1% and still be competitive in the market.

Stay away from real estate unless you have real money. Not 100,000 bucks, but a million or more sitting in a 1031 exchange looking for a home.

5b3761  No.12084515


And one more thing, your idea is noble about forming an online society but what you're talking about would require a series 82, 86/87 and possibly more depending on what you're going to do with the funds, not to mention corporate licensing as well as a corporate attny to handle a trust account.

It's a good idea, that's why it's been done. It's called an broker/dealer, investment pool, REIT, etc.

But don't blow smoke among your own people. No need for bullshit here. If you are interested in this realm there's plenty of resources available, but you either know someone or you start in a mail room and work your way up. One thing you have to do is get on the phones and smile and dial. You need a nerve of steel and a heart of stone to make it in the business. Not a good tradecraft for Aryans. Most of us get pushed into illicit drug use to adjust our comfort zone accordingly.

We're better suited to other tasks, but like I said, if you are interested in that world, it's there for you.

60a007  No.12084537


I'm currently working while also going to school to become a BMET, both an extremely well paying job along with one that has a critical shortage of people. Other anons have said it countless times but it cannot be stressed enough: get into a skilled trade. Even if you think you won't do well at it, you'd be surprised. They're all very well paying with benefits and everything and they all take between 1-3 years of school with plenty of grants and programs out there to help pay for it. My Grant is paying for everything including an extra 3 and a half grand for personal expenditure. Get out, make yourself invaluable and you'll have the world in your hands

038dd7  No.12084932

If you want to defeat the Jew stop letting them control you with their debt slavery.

Stop borrowing money. Stop financing everything. Cars, furniture, student loans, credit cards, the kike gets richer from all of it and you just get poorer. Don’t be dumb anons, pay your debts immediately and never take another loan again.

e4ec04  No.12084954


Build a really good looking site as your 'business card'. Make up previous clients to make yourself look even more legit and cold call (/email) potential clients. Use freelance job boards if you have to in order to get your first clients. Those sites are filled with bottom class pajeets/chinks so you can stand out, but get the fuck off the platform as soon as you can.

You have to be your own marketer. It will probably take time but you didn't have to give your time and money to get a degree, so there's that.

5ebcf1  No.12086843


What about chainlink?

fc2dc7  No.12091992

File: 61d5dcc92ce8d47⋯.png (21.12 KB, 1196x752, 299:188, 1535748789310.png)

We need to get in touch first. Get the housing and work and the rest will come. Running off to the woods is obama era thinking. It's okay to come out now, White man.

Fucking hell lads, come on. Australians are already housing up and taking over local areas, what the fuck are you guys doing besides muh memecoin and innawoods? That is weak and ineffective.

905e25  No.12092566

File: 9aeed6bfb4d3389⋯.jpg (31.15 KB, 396x385, 36:35, 4fca7e932ed6497222b814244b….jpg)


I wish desperately to connect with other anons IRL. Maybe we have to just start walking around as red man in public to link up

4f2163  No.12093175

File: e0b845d1cec1ae1⋯.png (65.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, american-nationalist-antif….png)


Zero difference between you and antifa. You picked your side.

8e880e  No.12093207



I suggest everyone do the same in their area.


fc2dc7  No.12093253

File: 71665f0dd991255⋯.jpg (35.01 KB, 532x709, 532:709, 1535810569276.jpg)


Well I have my ways and already have had 2 Latvians connect and they found out they were in the same City lel! So maybe I will keep on and get some UK anons together. I have one guy (East Coast US) and few others who are waiting. In time the paranois will subside and being openly White will not be a crime so finding each other organically WILL come, I just want to get shit done now though haha.

905e25  No.12093930


Holy fucking kek that's one way to do it


I agree that the paranoia will subside, it's already beginning to. Good on you for getting ahead of the game and already making it happen anon. I'd want to prepare myself a little further before getting ready to really network but I'm close. I'm starting with any family/friends but I think I can already see that may net me only 1-2(which is better than nothing). My gut feeling is once I meet even one anon, it'll snowball into an avalanche.

8e880e  No.12093948

File: 32fa8407ad18714⋯.png (279.5 KB, 1325x1136, 1325:1136, Screenshot_2018-09-01 Nati….png)


>Holy fucking kek that's one way to do it

It's good, right?

Craigslist does the geographical mapping for us.

I'm so far past the point of worrying about "being found out" right now as an anti-semite, I could really care less if I was posting my intentions up on the sheriffs blotter.

We need to fucking act! We can't sit back any longer.

f6d714  No.12093954


>In time the paranois will subside


<What the fuck did you mean by that?:^\

d0482f  No.12094334

File: 4ce1266c34adc78⋯.png (5.24 KB, 207x144, 23:16, download.png)


This guy has some /comfy/ AF designs, I thought y'all would be interested


fc2dc7  No.12095404


>i agree the paranoia swill subside

I am glad it isn't just me. There is definitely a veil falling off us all and it is just getting more exciting thinking how close we are to re obtaining what we have been working hard for.

>it'll snowball

Precisely the reason for excitement because this happens, it is done. We will absolutely just keep ascending and with more Whites getting involved across the US and Europe it is only a matter of time until people just let go and stop giving a fuck say "we are White fuck off". kek

>1-2 which is better than nothing

Of course! You have the right attitude. Same as me.


I admit I was skeptical of this, but if you are smart about it this can work.

>i'm past the pont of worryinh

I too don't give a fuck anymore. When you have guys sorted in a house, who is going to fuck with you? It's about time we started fighting back anyway, enough of this hiding and White flight. If commies come to the house, I take it as fun and something to do - it's just how I am I like physically fighting and will look at the house as base sperg style haha. But obviously no attention is 100% my goal, I am just willing to tell anyone to fuck off.


The jews be tampering with my keyboard god dangit!

564091  No.12095507


hot damn, faem, i thought i was the only on visiting that old site.

14671a  No.12096908


This microloan advice is fine if you plan on setting up in nonwhite communities, but if you're advocating lending at loanshark rates to whites, fuck off with that - the exact opposite of the OP title. But i'll give the benefit of the doubt and assume you aren't doing that.

Of course, one would only expect whites to make the payments. Can you elaborate on how to go about this without being a net harm toward our goals here? I have investible cash beyond what i need to run my business and have some interest (no pun intended).

ffaa23  No.12097429


There is a very long answer for this. Initially, you can start by searching your particular states regulations on lending capital. Every state is different. You wan to be in a DOC state which means you can lend with just a Dept. of Corporations Financiers License.

Once you have the entity, finding business is easy. You can't select whom you lend to, but you can certainly select where your business comes from. Tax preparers are a great resource for this, especially bi-lingual ones.

I'll see about filling in the details tonight for you. In the meantime, check your state laws.

ffaa23  No.12097445



I'll add quick. The unfortunate underlying truth to our society is nobody gets wealthy walking the straight and narrow. Your odds are better of winning the lottery. If you want to take your fate into your own hands, those hands will be very dirty on the way there.

You don't have to be a criminal to be a scumbag.

38fe6e  No.12098627


You guys sound like boomers talking about "stocks". The only stocks you should be buying are ETFs. If you want to be more of an oldfag buy Index Funds (basically mutual funds that choose stocks based on indexes, rather than being chosen by fund managers). If you're a burger, look up the Vanguard 500. That's the top performing Index funds since index funds were created. It basically tracks the S&P 500.

Daily reminder to get a second gen Kindle DX on Ebay and download finance books from library genesis. Just search "index funds" or "ETFs" etc and you will find lots of good books from university presses.

efc72f  No.12100405


>I agree that the paranoia will subside, it's already beginning to. Good on you for getting ahead of the game and already making it happen anon. I'd want to prepare myself a little further before getting ready to really network but I'm close. I'm starting with any family/friends but I think I can already see that may net me only 1-2(which is better than nothing). My gut feeling is once I meet even one anon, it'll snowball into an avalanche.

You need to be creative about how you find these anons. It actually isn't that difficult if you spent the time coming up with a game plan.

efc72f  No.12100411


>who is going to fuck with you?

The kike run law enforcement, thats who. Staying under the radar is of upmost importance.

efc72f  No.12100420


>I literally have lads on discord

Discord is completely comped. Nice try kike

2ff992  No.12100446


> Staying under the radar is of upmost importance.

I'm not going to argue with you, but I completely disagree. The media is so disgraced that any attention, even bad would be good.

CNN: "Nazi Camps are forming all over the US"

Joe America: "How do I find out more about these Nazi camps?"

I'm going the other way but I understand people have jobs and don't want to lose that, but there are plenty of us that can assemble and form communities, finding work as a biproduct of those communities.


I'm still working on the information for you. I kind of don't want to post it online. I'm mapping out a step-by-step guide that any of us can do, starting with scouting business for investors and getting paid that way, then working their way up to lending their own capital.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to distribute this info? I was hoping to keep it and offer it to the first residents of Camp Anon since you'd have to be a complete sack of shit to not make 100k or more your first year doing it.

2736a2  No.12100514


>People are reading this right now.

>in 2020 they will say they knew about XRP but thought it was a scam just like they did with BTC in 2011

807da8  No.12104047

File: 3e2882ef38f1ee0⋯.png (408.55 KB, 1377x701, 1377:701, teu.png)

>>12102263 (Pic related)

Use the same method for vetting potential home anons.

807da8  No.12104066


>I'm not going to argue with you, but I completely disagree. The media is so disgraced that any attention, even bad would be good.

>CNN: "Nazi Camps are forming all over the US"

>Joe America: "How do I find out more about these Nazi camps?"

>I'm going the other way but I understand people have jobs and don't want to lose that, but there are plenty of us that can assemble and form communities, finding work as a biproduct of those communities.

and thats the problem right there, forcing people to choose jobs over the cause even though they may be sympathetic and could help in other ways. I would go so far as to present yourself as the lowest threat possible. Come off as broke ass shitlibs who cant afford anything better. Remember if kikes were as open 70 years ago as they are today, they wouldn't exist.

Being unnecessarily open for no reason puts you and the rest at risk for being labelled/doxxed as muh nazis. For now they still need whites as allies so its best to pull off the chameleon act until thats no longer the case.

a45fcd  No.12108497


Hi, I would be really interested in getting some direction on how to get started in this. I have a potential pool of warm leads and a decent understanding of the finance side… Please lead me in the right direction or part of the guide.

9627ec  No.12108820


Im not from /biz/ and Im pretty sure thats a scam they have going so they can get the master nodes and make tons of money.

0cd7bc  No.12109282


This. It would also be nice if we could remember to use European services and purchase from Europeans whenever possible.

905e25  No.12109458


See >>12104047 and that thread in general


We must be the ones to make it happen, to be the leaders of the new age however. It is imperative that the leadership come from a pure place.

1fd1e3  No.12109561


Well, think if we had tradesmen who did things cheap for us as we are White/European and made big money of shitlibs and non-Whites in rich area. Do their plastering, plumbing, bricklaying for higher money you normally would and then look after our own more.


if we start now, the quicker we get a million pound, dollars, euros basically. Do the math is all I will say. If you have 1000 Whites in one State alone who maximise their savings, you have a lot of fucking money and some anons on our side are rich as fuck.

905e25  No.12109604


I agree, we should have full scale home improvement and construction anon companies. If we have 1,000 anons who maximize their savings we can have 1,000 families whose children will be born free and not indebted. If some of us strike it big, great, I think the goal is to break the cycle of debt so the next generation will be free to build the wonders of the future

1dde2f  No.12114269

File: 820dd3b649ebfb2⋯.jpg (176.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dogbarking.jpg)




Ok, anons. Listen up.

I need the following:

A web designer

An SEO guy

A social media guy

A picfag/photoshop fag/graphic designer

Anyone else that may be able to assist in securing web-based business for small businesses

Only investment from you is your time. I will handle the licensing and securing of business/sales.

This is for my Nordic/Celtic Association of Advertising EnthusiastsClub or NCAAEC, Inc.

I will be working backend agreements (meaning after the sale is closed and payments processed) with local small-business owners (of a particular type) to enhance their business and our cause.

All profits will be distributed equally with a portion being allocated toward the establishment of the first CampAnon. A recreation retreat for anons (of a particular type) worldwide.

Your name will be secured to the articles of incorporation and ownership interest (depending upon total number of executives) will be of equal share.

I have a particular industry to start with with the average closed sale being $2,200 POC / 30% going to NCAAEC, Inc or $660.00. Potential for business is massive, with several hundred of these items being bought per day in each of the 312 major metropolitan US cities. I have a particular niche that is, as of yet, unfilled in this business category as well.

if you're interested, email me at rustydildo@protonmail.com

You don't have to leave your home. You don't have to do shit other than fuck around on your computer a bit. This has potential to grow into something permanent in a short time frame. Let's finally do something other than sit around and talk!

70ec96  No.12114380


I have been running a successful web design business for years.

If you've ever run a business before you know 99% of any business is sales. If you don't have an existing contract the only thing any quality person is going to ask about is sales: What are you selling? Where are you getting your leads? Who are the competitors?

Everything else means nothing.

1dde2f  No.12114405


Sold my first business for 880,000 at 23yrs old, anon.

I know sales and I know web-advertising well enough to know what to look for, but I'm not a professional web-marketer.

I have found a gaping hole in a large industry that needs to be satisfied.

bffaf7  No.12114664


If you want to email me, I'd love to run the concept past you. I have found a need in an industry that will allow us to collect payment through close of escrow (real estate), then pay the contractor that performed the work.

I have a book of business of 2,317 active real estate professionals that would be sending us business in my territory.

There's a lot of room for expansion and even licensing or franchising, but I'm obviously reluctant to type much more about it for fear of what I type being detrimental later down the line.

This is what I do. This is what I'm good at. I don't want to do anything else, I believe in everyone specializing in one area for maximum efficiency.

e25ab1  No.12114780



Better yet, use Jew's electrons to buy all the stuff you buy in the course of your regular life. If you have a buddy with a drinking problem, offer to buy his favorite booze, then sell it to him in exchange for cash (at a bit of a discount). Slowly buy gold with cash. This works best if you are in a major metro area. No need to say you were robbed- it will raise suspicions. Just say you had a bad breakup and developed a drinking problem and you just needed to live your life and basically, you dindu nuffin. Act like a nigger. You will blend right in.

This trick also works on lawyer Jews, tax Jews, inflation Jews, pig Jews, and of course vaginal Jews.

p.s. Consider junk silver because it will be much easier to barter with it, it is an industrial metal, and it is surprisingly rare for its $16 price. There is only about 1 oz of silver per person in the world. Bonus points for using JP Morgan's electrons to buy silver.

e25ab1  No.12115047


What if the interest payments are in the form of labor / product of your business / community service?

This is the kind of arrangement that requires a strong community but it does avoid the problems of interest.

182e45  No.12127202


Use that money to buy real estate which you rent out AFTER the housing market crashed. This way it will an asset that puts money into your pocket, instead of a liability that takes money out of it.

I generally wouldn't recommend using your own money for a business or startup, if you can just raise capital for it. Of course you don't own the whole company if you do that, but it gives you tons of leverage with no money down from your side.

1ca9b1  No.12127381



>Use that money to buy real estate which you rent out AFTER the housing market crashed

Another housing crash is coming soon. Its already started to cool off the last few months and many are predicting another 2008 lite coming soon.

1ca9b1  No.12127391


>Buy insurance on the gold.

6a8551  No.12127393


You mean to start some sort of secretive cabal that controls the economy and favors its own while disenfranchising everyone in the outgroup? Now where have I heard this before…

1fd1e3  No.12127619


Your point, kike? Are you saying Whites who have been disenfranchised cannot fight back?

Sage negated, you fucking whore.

21f7c6  No.12127677

But when/how can we quit simply discussing amazing ideas such as these and actually begin to put these plans into motion?

You'd think, by now, we'd all be doing a bit more to change something or come together.

Plans don't mean anything without some action behind it

1ca9b1  No.12127704


>Sage negated

I love it

1fd1e3  No.12128278


I agree. But why aren't people with the outreach in our movement talking about this? If we had this idea get exposure, we can crank out the action as more of us know about it. Atm it's only on here and 4cuck that know about it.


Based and love pilled.


Fragile shill detected.

21f7c6  No.12129187


I mean ask an anonymous group of people on an imageboard to plan meetings in real life…. Probably the main problem tbh.

f44294  No.12129231


>mean ask an anonymous group of people on an imageboard to plan meetings in real life…. Probably the main problem tbh.

Which is why you recruit irl. There are many ways to find the people you want.

905e25  No.12129800


I'm impressed this strategy has circulated it's way to halfchan honestly. People in the movement or whatever you mean aren't talking about this because it's fucking hard anon. Most people would rather play revolutionary then plan and act out something that would take sacrifice, coordination(the flakiness of society kills me to no end), time and hard work. I've begun pitching it IRL to friends and family though and they can recognize the benefits but won't take action, at least for now. If anyone of you can get on this and make it happen then it will spread and more will adopt it after you. It's just like finding anons in meatspace, it's a takes a long time but once you do it's incredibly rewarding and a lot starts to happen once you're there.

1fd1e3  No.12129897


I know, but if bigger people spoke about it and anons took it upon themselves to do it irl we could have a Charlottesville level of people in a State at all time but not being lead by an idiot. We just need anons who know each well enough to start up the first house and it should go on from there.


Surely NMR should be doing this?


>it's hard

Tell me about it. I have been wanting this since 2014. I just want to hear of some cunts somewhere doing this and my heart will relax a little bit in hope of knowing there is real progress being made.

Family and friends will follow you once it is more mainstream to be White. Everyone will feel the change and will follow you. It just seems alien to people doing what we have done for millennia.

905e25  No.12130015


You have to become those people you want to hear doing about it, then the lurkers will reveal themselves to you. Remember anon, it's better to be an early adopter than riding the bandwagon. If what we're talking about here was being openly advertised they would absolutely try to shut it down. There is no victory in namefagging

480ed7  No.12130144


>There is no victory in namefagging


480ed7  No.12130183


>Surely NMR should be doing this?

Its an impressive set up they have going on there. Not a chance in hell anything like that could happen in NA without being (((shut down))) but the same infrastucture can be translated anywhere. Radio + live streaming ideas that dance around the issues and help other anons towards their ultimate goals. Here's a recent article about one of their local elections:

>9 great things that we achieved during the election movement

>ANALYSIS. Thanks to the electoral movement, the Nordic resistance movement has developed even more as an organization, in many cases in unique ways. Here is a list of things that made the organization more powerful.

>Elections are now over and now we are just waiting for the election results. The Nordic resistance movement's election campaign has been extremely effective and dominant in many areas. It has been clear that we have a machinery that is created for this kind of political activism that is needed during a polling movement.

>I have previously mentioned that this electoral movement will also help us build and advance the organization. This is clearly true, at the individual level, we are many involved who tested the limits of what our own ability - what we can and can do.

>But here I thought more list things of more organizational nature. Things that helped us build the organization and make it even more efficient and powerful. Things we forced ourselves to develop thanks to the election movement. Not things that all others developed but rather more things that make us unique, generally or within the national movement.

>Below are 9 things we achieved during the election process:

>1. Motion's hesitantly best meeting structure in modern times

>The actual start of our electoral movement was the May 1 demonstrations and this day was also the first time we tried to hold two meetings in two different locations at the same time. After Ludvika / Boden we have organized meetings in Kungälv / Turku, Boden / Kungälv, Ludvika / Boden etc. at the same time. In addition, all meetings have been conducted in a very good way.

>This requires a lot of organizational structure that we will definitely benefit from in the future. To do, as the others do, do ambulatory squad meetings and go around with the same organizer group every day can be demanding, but arranging meetings in several different locations is more difficult at the same time. Especially for those who need to think more about safety and factors like being opposed to whatever you do.

>This means, among other things, that at several locations we need to have our own dialogues, own conferences, own security groups, own technicians, own crews, make their own applications, create their own supplies, and so forth. This requires considerably more resources and structure than many believe (which is why no one else managed it).

>For a long time, Pär Öberg has been the messenger of dialogue and organizer (or at least as a seminar organizer). This has a lot to do with being extremely good at it, but maybe even because others have not been good enough.

>Now, thanks to the electoral movement, we know that we can without difficulty and by using local skills alone, hold meetings and demonstrations in Nest 1, Nest 2, Näste5 and Nest 6. At the same time, if we want, and without Öberg's help.

480ed7  No.12130184

>2. Ten new speakers - the agitators of the future?

>The starting shot on May 1 also started a new era on the front of the speaker. In Ludvika, Jimmy Thunlind spoke for the first time, and in the Boden, Robert Eklund , Simon Holmqvist and Bo Nilsson spokefor the first time on behalf of the Nordic Resistance Movement. Then it just rolled on. During the first square meeting in Ludvika, four (!) Debut speakers were included in Nicklas Norling , Markus Nordh , Emma Karlsson and Jimmy Björk . Later debuted David Nilsson in Boden and Peter Albinsson in Kungälv.

>These were no dozens without good numbers, some of them even very good. It will be interesting to follow developments and see which of these will "compete" with us others. As a public speaker and / or as a speaker.

>I remember a time when only Pär Sjögren was the speaker of the organization, and it was good luck that we did not put up in elections because then the Sjögren had probably entered the wall a long time ago. During this election campaign we have in addition to the ten debut figures and Sjögren had myself, Simon Lindberg , Pär Öberg and Sebastian Elofsson , which makes the number of speakers during the election campaign to 15.

>Also add that there are half a dozen people who have spoken before, but did not do it during the election campaign, or who held minital as conference delegates ( Simon Engelin and Julius Blomberg ) that could be reassigned to speakers. In round throws we can throw together 20 speakers if we want to, which theoretically allows us to hold 20 meetings at the same time as we improved the meeting structure even more.

>The future looks so bright on the front of the speaker. There we are definitely not limited anymore.

>3. Superior Radio and Television Activities The election

movement has forced a variety of media projects and at the same time new skills and new resources to further develop this part. In radio we find Radio Kungälv and Radio Ludvika, and in the web site we find Studio Bothnia, Studio Kungälv and Studio Ludvika as new projects.

>Now, some of these programs - in any case within the web site - will be structured after the election, for example, Studio Kungälv will be something else. But new producers, program leaders, radio actors and celebrity celebrities have come to the world. In addition, we have directly increased public actions from these places where new teaver portraits saw the light of the day.

>Making a web site is very difficult. Secondly, people have to find people who are doing a good job, and the technical part is much more difficult (than radio). Now, these skills are not only available at Robin Palmblad but also in three nests. Expect to be a councilor in the web site in the future.

>One final program should be highlighted on this point, namely the Radio Program Leadership. Leadership had probably come sooner or later, but now it was forced because the electoral movement needed ideological status and that the leadership needed to expel an official line.

>4. Normalization of the organization

>This part is a little more difficult to explain to third parties. You must almost have been in place or live in the municipality where we set up in the municipal elections to fully understand how normalized we are actually there.

>When we have been out on the streets we have noticed a noticeable change where ordinary people were both interested in what we stand for and accepted ourselves as part of the street scene. We have been normalized as individuals and with