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File: 292331c9d77f84d⋯.jpg (97.21 KB, 728x938, 52:67, 1533856747759.jpg)

c5b656 No.11985568

>All girl J-pop band deemed too "embarrassing" to represent the image of Japan in Tokyo 2020 Olympics


Hopefully anime, manga and visual novels are also ridiculed and criticised to the same degree as we approach 2020. It is time Japanese men grew the fuck up and started having babies.

<Mod edit: To prevent the incoming bitching, here's why I bumplocked:

<The OP is misleading, the first sentence is implying this is an official statement instead of some hambeasts opinion and then he goes on and pointlessly complains about anime, resulting in little more than a bait thread.

<That doesn't mean the topic itself is banned or anything keep in mind this isn't an anime board though, feel free to make an actually decent new thread.

Post last edited at

3c70da No.11985578

File: a216c5a3a4178e1⋯.jpg (92.96 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 1533856795590.jpg)

Well it's true.

000000 No.11985579

Wasn't it stated that, although births are lessening, they're overpopulated as well? That is to say, they're at the point of trying to stop the infinite growth model? Of course, they have the issue of koreans/chinese entering their nation which is another problem all together.

017024 No.11985582

What a great thread, worthy of wasting catalog space.

080bce No.11985588


Unfortunately that can't happen until the factors causing them to fail to have babies are removed, namely the central bank must stop reallocating purchasing power from capital (the source of wages) to assets. That is, wages must go up, and real estate must come down. Young people have to be able to afford a home before they can start a family.

That is really all there is to it. Everything else is just window dressing.

2d8f44 No.11985591


They're importing 500k foreign shitskins. They are not trying to reach equilibrium without shitting themselves up.

c5b656 No.11985592


Someone says this on just about every thread that exists. Take it easy already and get that stick out of your ass.

505ce1 No.11985597

>It is time Japanese men grew the fuck up and started having babies.

they haven't reached the tipping point yet; the "birth-rate crisis" is standard jew-owned media gloom-and-doom nonsense. curbing pro-immigration sentiments is more important right now.

keep your bullshit cuckchan threads where they belong idiot.

758acf No.11985602

File: addcd0c641f3ef2⋯.jpg (31.52 KB, 600x600, 1:1, CvgMWPoUEAApNV9.jpg)

>Keyakizaka46, a branch of Japan’s top-selling girl band AKB48, has sparked outrage on social media over their costume


there are week old locked threads still floating in the catalog, go back to cuckchan with your muh slide shit

3c70da No.11985603

File: 1410f5cf6369431⋯.jpg (330.21 KB, 2048x1852, 512:463, 1533857441407.jpg)

The reason why anime and manga are under perpetual attack by (((them))) is because that whole industry is wholly uncontrolled by globalist and liberal shills and is beating the shit out of (((Hollywood))). Japan is a cultural superpower and nothing, NOTHING in todays world can come even close to their creativity and output.

And on top of that Japan creates more pro-white and european inspired stuff than anyone else. They are literally keeping our culture afloat and set it against (((Hollywood))). To defend Japan is to defend ourselves, and tards who have ANY FORM OF ISSUE with anime and manga are your enemy by default.

017024 No.11985610



>japan not letting some shitty band play in the olympics is threadworthy goys

Fuck off back to >>>/n/.

51d30c No.11985617


fuck you and your moe shit nigger



suck a dick faggot

581853 No.11985620


>all these triggered, old hamplanets

The roastie infestation on this board is out of control.

3c70da No.11985626

File: 8f73a1b8ab03bec⋯.jpg (141.71 KB, 800x510, 80:51, 1533857913419.jpg)


Anime aesthetic was designed in fascist Italy (pic related) and Hitler loved old school Disney and drew Snowhite fanart. Anime and manga are also deeply steeped in the whole of japanese culture, it isn't a new thing but a natural and organic progression of their artistic traditions. This is VERY obvious if you see the use of color in anime. It's EXACTLY the same as in their traditional paintings.

Waifus, moe and loli are in the domain of the warrior. In the West we call them valkyries, goddesses (Freya, Athena, Aphrodite…) or vila (slavic female fairies similar to valkyries but more batshit insane). Japan is keeping this tradition alive. Evola's writing and medieval myths about the Holy Grail embrace the idea of waifus. India has a whole religion about it (shaktism).

In short, fags and liberals are into gay men in tights (capeshit). Real men watch cute girls doing cute things and dream of 2D heaven to ask of God once they fall in combat.

Banzai, and read Evola.

ea0a12 No.11985633


Notice the absolute lack of arguments of this poor sucker, he knows he can't produce anything of note so he resorts to embarrassing and childish screeching like any other spastic kike.

758acf No.11985634

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>fat ugly transexual triggered by the possibility of healthy wholesome nonslutty cute girls performing


this is now the designated jews fear the samurai thread

157eff No.11985647


>anime, manga and visual novels

all of these are alrready looked down upon by normies in moonland, sure the fandom does have some degree of prestige becose it has produced some quality in the past but waifu/husbando fapping otakus/fujojis/neets are scorned

if you think otherwise you are likelly watching to much anime

1aff43 No.11985658

File: 06651cd72db8b95⋯.jpg (86.02 KB, 720x480, 3:2, posts_page_cc3c5e9741.jpg)


japanese are honorary aryans.

Oh, nice, another issue of Elf-san wa Yaserarenai, haha look at that fat, dumb elf bitch, hahaha. Busu, busu, get fucked by a pig orc at some point you dumb knifeear bitch. Mesobuta elf bitch, hahahahawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

What? Elves are the only thing aside from the gods the Germanic people allowed as a substitute when talking about and describing humanity and Elf/Alf/Alb/Elb literally means white and gleaming and it was said that Germanics are elves, as are their ancestors and a shitload of names are related to elves, like Alfred means councelled by wise elves?

Man, these honorary based Japanese really are taking the most care to be the most true kinship spiritual allies of the aryans.

Honorary indeed.

1aff43 No.11985667


>They are literally keeping our culture afloat


Herro, mai neimu issu Prinzessinnu Gilbenshmierbinglimingelschnitt von Riesenradkrapfenspiel endo mai buraini issu piichi jerry moemoe kyuuuu oniichan no samen itadaku wa.

d94198 No.11985687



Where did the asian man touch you

c5b656 No.11985695

File: 3a2ba100a4aa1d1⋯.png (253.58 KB, 381x403, 381:403, 052 - DhLWpHL.png)



Looks like it's time to take your Ritalin.

017024 No.11985696


Ah yes, that distinctly european culture of pedophilia, tentacle rape, and fetish art.

000000 No.11985715

I see nothing wrong here, they made the right choice.

05416a No.11985721

Damnit anon.

Isn't this an example of "JAPAN NO!!!!"?

1aff43 No.11985731

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Looks like it's time to take your Ritalin.

Mou, ichiwaru yo, Anon chan itsumo ganbaru da yo, mou.

Ritarin wa koudoku, yo, mou.

Dou? Europiean karucha tanoshii ka? Nihongo wa kimochii ii ka?


>Where did the asian man touch you

In the complete lack of fulfillment of my actual European soul by virtue of asians with no sense of anything meaningful showing me a reflection of their impression through a lense.

To them it's just cool shit, not meaningful shit.

You will never find anything meaningful in their work that actually pertains to the meaning the west has given things.

That's why you will find extremely nauseating mixtures of time periods, beliefs, etc all over the place with no rhyme or reason.

7722b4 No.11985743

File: 22d9ba3ab831c79⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, shirime-pom-poko japanese ….png)


Japanese third eye asshole demon…TOTALLY European

854a2b No.11985747


This world doesn't need any more babies. Humans are a pathetic species, it's best that we go extinct.

1aff43 No.11985748


Live stream your suicide to show that you're ride or die about your beliefs.

55fb05 No.11985753


You first, edgelord.

7722b4 No.11985755


They aren't that brave, which is why they are bitching in the first place.

1aff43 No.11985787

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Also, this embedded piece has more meaning and elevation of the soul than the entire last 100 seasons of all moe pretty girl anime combined.

Haruhi might be a goddess, but her music is bottom bitch tier.

She needs to step up her game.

Anyway, Japan produces a lot of stuff, but it's kinda meaningless and very repetitive, they have a real knack of blasting the same thing with new paintjobs, but if you watched enough anime then you will find that you have basically been watching 10 years of Gaki no Tsukai batsu games.

<says the guy who is posting some old ass music

Yeah, one piece that lasts the ages, and doesn't have to be remade all the time with differences.

cf3b3f No.11985829


It’s the same reason why even remotely mentioning “anime” over at Adult Swim will make the executive freak the fuck out. It’s treated taboo like it’s nazi related art by Hitler himself.

1aff43 No.11985845

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


jews bringing anime over is a long time tradition.

0abca9 No.11985846




that isn't how that meme is used, it would be JAPAN NO! you need to lurk 15 more years.

342c04 No.11985852

File: 529ffbf0a6d73e4⋯.jpg (161.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

342c04 No.11985858

File: 08b29e36f9fea7d⋯.jpg (116.06 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, pri_64485547[1].jpg)

bf904c No.11985867

File: bb63086a4a0ce89⋯.gif (3.87 MB, 600x366, 100:61, bb63086a4a0ce89f344a712fbf….gif)


When a country does something the Jews like it's Yes. When they do something we like it's No. OP believes that listening to fat crossdresser and removing Anime Group is a bad thing so "Japan Yes!" is the appropriate title.

68b84c No.11985880

File: 9c4cb2c996087bf⋯.jpg (13.16 KB, 200x229, 200:229, DhJVdYHV4AAEbUY.jpg)

>degenerate doesn't like jpop

who gives a shit

7722b4 No.11985891


I've heard it before, but that was actually very refreshing. thx

aa2606 No.11985896


this tbh. Japan just made a Jojo/Osmosis Jones crossover anime and it's better than anything (((DC))), (((Marvel/Disney))) or whatever else has put out in a decade. Japs are experts in taking really dumb ideas on paper but turning them good.

2e11f6 No.11985898

File: 41953179c1a5f13⋯.jpg (82.85 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 11722442_856913617735282_7….jpg)


While I agree with you that Nips are just a bunch of frying pan faced mongoloids who shouldn't be praised but ignored and left to their own devices unless they need a napalm shower. *inhales breath* That shit you posted was fucking ridiculous.

>pic not related

05416a No.11985916



Do chinks straight up admit they are inferior to whites?

57a464 No.11985917


who gives a fuck about slit eyed gooks? this is a white people board thank you very much

f9d1ce No.11985937


<(((Olympics))) shill

c5b656 No.11985944


Okay then, leave.

2e11f6 No.11985977


Plenty of dumb nig nogs do too. Maybe they're just trying to ingratiate themselves with us - or maybe they genuinely accept it. Who cares.

342c04 No.11986103

File: bd3afe24da7f5b4⋯.png (340.76 KB, 500x473, 500:473, eye srant dis wei.png)


That's why have to cheat. To make fair. See? It ok now.

2b74c4 No.11986104


You are correct.

1aff43 No.11986105



>That shit you posted was fucking ridiculous.

Your reward for your vigilance shall be increased penile aerodynamics by virtue of removing needless flesh, done by jewish doctors in the name of progress and wholesomeness so you can laugh at NoFap threads because you were given the ultimate weapon against mana loss.

Praise God.

1ba311 No.11986117

File: 8358312c7c14d8c⋯.jpg (15.73 KB, 239x229, 239:229, 29e01fd.jpg)


I'm sure you do. Keep your faggotry off the internet, please.

890135 No.11986201

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>accusing anyone or anything else of being embarrassing

Wew lad.

For any anon around here that may not be aware, AKB48 and affiliated groups share a similarity with the anime industry (outside of Ghibli) in that westerner's perception of their place within Japan might be a skewed representation of what it actually is. Both entities certainly have their fans/followers but they're far from being mainstream and socially/culturally accepted in a wide manner, they're relatively niche and not the kind of hobby you'll be looked upon positively for parading around in public. AKB48 & co. being an embarrassment for Japan, or at least not something to be proud of, is far from being an unpopular opinion among regular folk; their business practices in particular have raised a lot of eyebrows throughout the years, mostly in regards to the handling of the girls and their unabashed and predatory exploitation towards the fans.

Anyway, everyone knows it should be Wagakki band at the opening.


Anon, let's not be disingenuous here. As someone who's watched a rather large amount of videos from AKB48 and related groups, it's very obvious that overall they're anything from "wholesome".


Top tier shitpost my friend, where does one acquire the required IQ to come up with such?


Talk about unwarranted hostility.

1aff43 No.11986213

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Top tier shitpost my friend, where does one acquire the required IQ to come up with such?

<japs are conserving OUR culture

<USA was the enemy of Japan in WW2

<Germany was allied with them

>yet they butcher pretty much everything related to it

Simple observation and knowledge about my own culture.

.t Angela Riesenrad and Mieze Adenauer

<hey don't use random hentai games for these purposes

But they're all honorary aryans, even the creators of this thing here.

31f206 No.11986216

File: 8ad2e37e2360b14⋯.webm (7.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 8ad2e37e2360b140e6673a6ca….webm)


Exhibit A: Look at how white and pastoral this series was.

d694d9 No.11986219



a906c3 No.11986223

The appeal of anime in the west is a side effect of how shit mainstream western culture is. If you don't like weebs you need to fix the west.

890135 No.11986226

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>[1aff43] replied to me

Sorry friend but I filtered you, I might not have been able to handle the sheer intellect you display in your every sentence; it's still relatively early and don't want to tire out my brain too much.


Yet it was still a massive yawnfest, too bad.

2e11f6 No.11986243

File: e391419394cbf32⋯.jpg (86.19 KB, 736x551, 736:551, burms.jpg)


>Unwarranted hostility

Neck yourself weeb boy.

b0d6a7 No.11986269

File: c9a13946cf9c08c⋯.jpg (2.84 MB, 2588x1620, 647:405, 240sx.JPG)


Yeah, but when are we getting more of these?

1aff43 No.11986276


>Sorry friend but I filtered you, I might not have been able to handle the sheer intellect you display in your every sentence; it's still relatively early and don't want to tire out my brain too much.

You only need to know one thing.

The jew fears the samurai, and you are very likely a fearsom one.

b8cbc5 No.11986277

File: c32c8a0ccdd8f71⋯.jpg (20.8 KB, 431x433, 431:433, Fma-ouroboros-1-.jpg)

File: 30e11b2287e7a4c⋯.jpg (103.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 92d7e40c542320d⋯.jpg (778.89 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Games-KojimaMGS.jpg)

File: 3445e685bb530c2⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 1164x3712, 291:928, Games-ZeldaRedpill2.jpg)


Beyond even that.

From what I have seen, it looks like the Japanese work with American intelligence (or some other apparatus) to use anime and their media as a platform for soft disclosure.

Think of these examples to understand my point:

All Might (Trump)

Shingeki no Kyojin (Cannibalism, Humans vs a similar but separate species)

FMA (six pointed star as enemy, hexagram, ouroboros, homunculi)

Think of video games too:


Zelda (aryan vs islam/semite)


It goes on and on.

I've uploaded some pictures that are related to show my point.

And these are just the recent examples. I'm sure there are many more to prove my point.

890135 No.11986291

File: 4664a4f8a61ea7a⋯.jpg (3.68 MB, 6000x4000, 3:2, gtr-r32.jpg)


Or these.

8081ed No.11986365

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

They should use "World Order" even though they are masonic communist fags. World Order combined with traditional japanese Taiko Drums would be fucking sick. Do the whole thing up like a big japanese summer fest.

I'd like to compete in 2020.

e62e97 No.11986386


For fuck's sake, it's always the libshit-globalist indoctrinated retards who open their whore mouths.



Check your sources again, the Nips take other Asians for cheap labor. This "Mudslime/dindu invasion" bullshit is getting tiresome when it's easily debunked. They take less Pajeets and more vietcongs and chinks, even flips.

02f0b8 No.11986814

File: 4fcbbb700cc8844⋯.jpg (121.93 KB, 1083x497, 1083:497, japan_birth_rate.jpg)


>It is time Japanese men grew the fuck up and started having babies.

Pic related.

85291a No.11986827

>some cross-dresser whose role in Japanese society is to be laughing stock on TV says something

<all of Japan thinks this!


000000 No.11986830


It's almost as if wages should reflect material value of available resources.

1ee20d No.11986832


Remember when the Olympics was fun?

That was around Sydney 2000, the last fun Olympics.

Then it just became a mess after tensions post 9-11.

2734e0 No.11986842

I hate niggers and jews and I think you should too.

2734e0 No.11986844


The only truly glamorous Olympics was Grenoble Winter Olympics of 1968 with Jean Claude Killy cleaning up in all three skiing events and Peggy Fleming offering ample jack off material for every boy in America.

69c01f No.11986845


>Hopefully anime, manga and visual novels are also ridiculed and criticised to the same degree



c13dbc No.11986857


>Weebs can't spell or know basic grammar


24fb78 No.11986866



>quoting some sjweeb as a verifiable source


>t.anime hating brainlet goon

stupid nigger

e81b34 No.11986870

Japs like all asians are deviant sociopaths by default, prove me wrong.

Hard mode: do it without calling me a goon.

63cb95 No.11986925


you don't even know the origin of this meme, kys

d0652f No.11986948


>they're overpopulated as well?

Half of american population on island the size of california with a lot of useless mountains you can't live on.

05b938 No.11986959


bullshit, anime was brought to Europe by jews, bought for a price lower than toilet paper, and sold at much higher prices. and this is how it's still done to this day sage cause fuck this slidethread

55fb05 No.11986961

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm not really into the Japanese version of LMFAO, but it wouldn't embarrass them any more than this Kung Fu Panda looking motherfucker.

They should just do Babymetal. It's what we all want to see.

890135 No.11986970


There's this thing called Burden of Proof, faggot. No one here has to go out of their way to prove anything to you.

c03c53 No.11986976

File: f6d56319b2b4a60⋯.jpg (116.57 KB, 640x902, 320:451, 123123123123.jpg)


>Yet it was still a massive yawnfest, too bad.

I liked it.


You're partially right to an extend but even the manga and anime departments are being hit hard by Marxism. Notice how series that represent strong male patriarchy like Berserk and Fist of the Northern Star are being replaced by feminism, homosexuality and feminine protagonists.

4a0c50 No.11986983

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>The reason why anime and manga are under perpetual attack by (((them))) is because that whole industry is wholly uncontrolled by globalist and liberal shills and is beating the shit out of (((Hollywood))).

Netflix becoming if not already the biggest anime studio.

55fb05 No.11986988

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They're desperate for anything to plump their numbers. The better question would be "can anime save netflix?"


It's not possible to animate Berserk properly unless a gathering of the old Disney animators got together and spent a long time on it. It's too detailed and action-packed.

b5d5ea No.11986992

Anime is based and redpilled and kikes hate it because it's probably the largest and most wealthy entertainment media they have absolutely no control over. Fuck off goons ANIME FTW

7e40b2 No.11986996

Wasn’t akb busted for prostitution like couple years ago?

75e76f No.11986997


That sure showed him, goon.

75e76f No.11987003

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


inb4: redheads aren't White

75e76f No.11987008


> it was still a massive yawnfest

So is most classical European art when you are addicted to (((Hollywood)))'s violence, shock factor, scatological "humor" and vulgar sensationalism.

000000 No.11987010



I thought they had a citizenship rule where you have to have Japanese parents to have citizenship. That didn't change did it? :(

75e76f No.11987011



You just went full SA.

55fb05 No.11987012

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I wish Western kids shows were as wholesome as Non Non Biyori.

7e40b2 No.11987014


Japanese newspaper revealed dark side of Jpop apparently AKB48 girls are for sale for over night. It costs about $10,000~$12,000 per night for hiring one of the AKB48 girl for sex says the Japanese media. That's pretty expensive for a tiny girl who doesn't have good shaped body. Nonetheless this wasn't the first time AKB48 was tangled with scandals, last time it was their oral orgy party where their CEO was involved with groupie sex with AKB48 girls.


75e76f No.11987015


>Netflix becoming if not already the biggest anime studio.

More likely the biggest (((mistranslation))) studio, aminorait?

b5d5ea No.11987016

Now that this has turned into an anime thread, what anime are you guys watching at the moment? I'm watching Seikei no Monshou and like it so far.

75e76f No.11987020

File: 70b31345029ab73⋯.png (269.19 KB, 538x538, 1:1, ittig.png)



Seriously nigger?

4a0c50 No.11987024

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



>better question would be "can anime save netflix?"

Only hope for Hollywood not controlling anime is Netflix bleeding money. I’m afraid it the damage is already done. Castlevaina should’ve been a cash cow. But Netflix turned it into a new atheism circle jerk. Devilman crybaby was pro tranny propaganda about how cool nihilism is. Don’t get me

Started on neo yokio.

7e40b2 No.11987029



000000 No.11987031

75e76f No.11987035

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I've almost quit. I kinda hate violence that is not specifically targeted against subhumans, BNHA reached its peak and is only shounenshit franchise-milking downhill from this point and most new moeshit has become a tad too repetitive and saccharine. Tried to watch Yuru Camp but its essentially a lower budget NNBiyori downgrade with more static scenery, more boring plot and less likable characters.

Still it's not anywhere near as bad as goons would like us to think the situation is, the only quasi-pozzed chinese cartoons I can recall of are the one with the wannabe coal-burner and her friends talking about their periods and by far second worst the Dyke Dragon Maid shit.

Last anime I really enjoyed was post-Apocalyptic Potato Girls.

55fb05 No.11987038

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I saw that the Kaiji guy did a spin-off called Middle Management Chronicle Tonegawa that got me hyped, but I've just been catching up on my backlog. Not sure what to watch/read next. Might finally finish Higurashi or Kara No Shoujo.


Neo-anime funneled through the trannyjew system doesn't seem to get the same response with viewers that normal anime does. I wonder if it's why they keep trying to live-action it. I know they're going to ruin Alita.

7e40b2 No.11987039


That’s why you go for cel animated 4:3 series.

dc28dd No.11987065

File: e49bfc9308f134e⋯.jpg (48.65 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, culture man.jpg)


>old EVA flash dating sim

>tfw teenage neet memories

68b84c No.11987073

File: 85c453741b7f4dc⋯.jpg (51.13 KB, 640x480, 4:3, [AnimeRush.tv]Legend.of.th….jpg)

and then you realize its an anime bait thread


i'm trying to track down lotgh overture

finished the 1movie and ova

8d97a5 No.11987074

File: 9fee442b6996aec⋯.jpg (61.27 KB, 638x648, 319:324, Hitler lächt.jpg)

File: 5d80265a9d2bc82⋯.gif (142.62 KB, 429x611, 33:47, cutedancinglandser.gif)


Ok, that was a damn good one, kek.

000000 No.11987076


honestly I was even disappointed with the original manga. Alita had so much potential for world-building but instead it got wrapped up in heavy technology philosophy. I wanted the entire series to be as good as the first arc. I just wanted to see Alita enter the pro-sports scene and fight her way up in society, gaining better tech as she went, winning and losing some. It would have been so much better than having another marry sue. Flan meme was pretty good though.

55fb05 No.11987086

File: 29f42204d18a2e1⋯.jpg (129.67 KB, 792x1155, 24:35, Read-Battle-Angel-Alita-Ma….jpg)

File: 110450cde28b8c9⋯.jpg (121.66 KB, 789x1200, 263:400, Read-Battle-Angel-Alita-Ma….jpg)


Yeah, there were a lot of missed chances. It was still one of the better mangas of that era, or at least one of the better ones I know about.

>I just wanted to see Alita enter the pro-sports scene and fight her way up in society, gaining better tech as she went, winning and losing some

Glad I wasn't the only one who loved that part. You could almost put her into a gambling manga where she bets tech on survivor games, but that probably would have been trashy.

000000 No.11987090


>having babies is the answer to everything


08cf9c No.11987104


f9d1ce No.11987105


This anon gets it

634ebb No.11987184


This. OP is a faggot.

3c70da No.11987213

File: 0b1adf8dea40b52⋯.png (889.03 KB, 3840x2158, 1920:1079, Screenshot_2018-08-10 pol….png)

Uhh guys what the heck is this?

c78fda No.11987216



Apply electrotherapy to cure your faggotry, OP

75e76f No.11987279


Criminally underrated post.

75e76f No.11987283


Case closed. OP is a fag.

e5ffe0 No.11987302


You know every time I talked exactly about this, even one attacked me because I didn't have a little Japanese flag in the top left area of my post.

c5b656 No.11988607


Gets what?

c07f06 No.11988862




Nigger, you what?

Need I remind you about the video for Heavy Rotation?

Considering this place is under surveillance 24/7 I'm genuinely afraid to even embed the video considering how many of the girls were underage when it was made.

9cf4d1 No.12002821

File: ff558166f19637b⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Untitled.png)


Maybe the freak is still pissed off about this.

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