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95d485 No.11985848



Lauren Southern dominates multiculturalism debate on Sky News Australia

I'm still shocked and in disbelief. I can't believe she just went on my country's national television and gave them a redpill this big

The hypocrisy on immigration in this world is ridiculous.

If I stated that Africa would be better with less Africans demographically people would lose their shit.

If I stated that the subcontinent would be better if their was less Brown people demographically people would lose their shit.

So why is it ok not just in Australia but in every White country around the world to be demographically replaced without ever a vote with much of the true cost added to further generations???

ebc3ff No.11985886

everyone in this video is controlled opposition

they want people to know about this

they want people to hear these arguments

they want you to vote against them

05d600 No.11985900

File: 81f1c41db213bf2⋯.jpg (673.76 KB, 953x1285, 953:1285, Jess Southern.jpg)

She's a barren wheat field thot, but I'm not going to pretend I didn't enjoy that absolute roasting.

7b6576 No.11985914


>double digit journos nuked by a basic argument.

291c7d No.11985926

File: e35118307e33e01⋯.png (461.96 KB, 1024x721, 1024:721, sdfva.png)

It's because (((they))) have been successfully pushing their subversive ideology through multiple fronts for many years without anyone realizing this.

It started with little things like the TV show Friends and Will and Grace, degenerate propaganda masquerading as entertainment. Now we have filth like Modern Family, and it will get worse.

Females, especially White, are on average conscientious and socially minded. They are socialists by nature, but can be tempered into a strong conservative woman with a strong husband. However, men have allowed themselves to be socially castrated, and now most relationships are fem-dom cuckoldry. Females want to get along and not offend anyone, so they think that immigration is something that everyone is entitled to. Emotional thinking, and guilt is the reason why.

The answer is that it obviously isn't fucking okay, but people have been fucking programmed, or people are not paying close attention to what is happening.


Nice try, Shlomo.

95d485 No.11985952


>However, men have bern socially castrated by the police and the jewducial system, none of them have allowed. What man or father want to die when his kids are 4, 7, and 11? The jews have manipulated this in society.

42a438 No.11985991

File: a1693e6efac926c⋯.gif (323.4 KB, 700x384, 175:96, a1693e6efac926c6b086db14e1….gif)



the true thotqueen of /pol/

42a438 No.11986010

luren's voice is so deep and masculine, wtf

>muh culture


42a438 No.11986018

>muh culture

I'd rather the world be populated by some 50 IQ severely inbred whites that just speak in tongues and rape eachother up the ass all day than have the world populated by 150 IQ chinks that play Mozart on violin while narrarating Shakespeare's plays and figure skating

4fb99f No.11986020


She did a good job

d8f278 No.11986029

File: da83942b4096d04⋯.jpg (114.74 KB, 640x436, 160:109, WLP_ADVBroadcast.jpg)


Mein fukken got

fb39d7 No.11986043

File: 0c5b037f175fcf1⋯.jpg (396.43 KB, 1640x1083, 1640:1083, Lauren Southern - Ethnonat….jpg)


Quite a piece of ass, shame its such a cum dumpster.


>Lauren Southern

<You can have one culture that everyone comes and assimilates to

No you cant you civnat mudshark.

fb39d7 No.11986074


Christ she didnt even do amgood job, she got all heated and yelly instead of making a decent argument or batnzing these media clowns.

I wish she'd just got have babies someplace.

babcb7 No.11986099


Goes against EVERYTHING pushed by the Jews. But doesn't "name the Jew" therefore must be "controlled opposition".

Literally what would Jews have to gain by having "controlled opposition" that thoroughly exposes their plan and effectively argues against it?

So what if she doesn't "name them"? She is effectively negating everything they are striving for, and awakening white group identity?

Naming them would only give them the ammunition they want to shut her down for anti-Semitism

Literally the only people who would call her "controlled opposition" are themselves controlled opposition.

31a47e No.11986186


>Quite a piece of ass, shame its such a cum dumpster.

what a fucking kike thing to say, you idiots glow in the dark don't you, it's rhetorical

2911c1 No.11986207

File: 804c755e155238d⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 250x141, 250:141, 76934f640e2c265d858157e04b….gif)

fb39d7 No.11986221

File: f5f8d265a6b03f1⋯.png (2.13 MB, 3772x2700, 943:675, southern.png)


>Goes against EVERYTHING pushed by the Jews.

<literally pushes civic nationalism

>thoroughly exposes their plan and effectively argues against it?

<implies its actions by leftists against non-racially-linked 'Western culture' as opposed to jews against whites

>awakening white group identity

<You can have one culture that everyone comes and assimilates to

>supports israel, opposes islam, has no children, doesn't support north american white nationalism

<not controlled opposition



<its a 'kike thing to say' to call a trashkenazi dye-job thot in booty shorts a piece of ass

Eat a dick faggot.

2f6e23 No.11986228

File: 42eb240d680e2b1⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1873x853, 1873:853, White_Family_Google_Jews.png)


Many years ago, I would have defiled myself to an image like this. But now, all I see is a complete waste. It's depressing, to be honest.

Here's a more hopeful image. . .

Never mind. I just lost my head and used (((Google))) to search for "white american family." Silly me.

f67bb6 No.11986236


Three fucking women yabbing their gabbers

64677c No.11986257


To be honest, I laughed heartely when I searched it myself

200281 No.11986261


She nailed on the 'No-Go Zones'. no one is telling Haji to "assimilate" into Western societies now that he's here. He even receives Saudi money to build mosques

>No matter where you go in the world; Chinatown is called Chinatown because anyone who goes into the area sees Asian values implemented, despite those subcultures within the larger Asian cultures.

>the street signs change to reflect Asian names in Asian languages

>there are outdoor markets that operate independent of local Western policies, statutes, ordinance, health inspections, food handling & storage

>even the architecture changes

…and the same goes with Latin Americans setting up inside the larger Western model. the list goes on.

200281 No.11986270

File: 298421467e3d961⋯.png (1013.43 KB, 1583x772, 1583:772, wai.png)

f2a92d No.11986279

>trying to pedantically argue what multiculturalism is

>arguing that multiculturalism is bad until the others assimilate

So (((Southern))) is literally just being a fucking pedant, splitting hairs while trying to look like she's against bringing in browns but is wholly supporting that by saying all they need to do is assimilate.

Fuck this eceleb shit.

Anons: don't use the term thot. You aren't niggers; I hope. But you sound and look like them when you use their acronyms.

3e40f2 No.11986288



So I thought maybe the algorithm was prioritizing anything other than the racial flag first and just promoting behind the scenes something "PC"

Then I searched for the other racial combinations and..whelp…not the same results AT ALL.

This is deliberately racist.

2f6e23 No.11986303

File: 512790bbd361c05⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1899x839, 1899:839, White_Woman_Google_Jews.png)


Stop using (((the enemy)))'s words to describe things. But yes, they're doing it on purpose.



e83a34 No.11986310


>It started with little things like the TV show Friends and Will and Grace

It started very much earlier than that.

cb2ccd No.11986311

Ok, so who do we actually support? This is the issue, there's almost no one who is actually out there revealing their power level, and then people complain that the next best thing is controlled opposition. I'm not denying they are controlled opposition, just trying to find out who to actually support.

I know Blair Cottrell is pretty based, anyone else?

3e40f2 No.11986314


I'm not sure what you mean.

c91879 No.11986330


He means the word (((racist)))



2f6e23 No.11986331


That's because you're too new to know. Lurk at least two years before you post again, faggot.

000000 No.11986345


>They are socialists by nature, but can be tempered into a strong conservative national socialist woman with a strong husband.


Also, it's not completely true what you say. In former times, women wouldn't have been OK with or even promoted that the land of the tribe or the realm should be invaded by foreigners, out of healthy and natural considerations regarding resources and security. What rather happened, is that the naturally social leanings of women as well as their lack of strategic and logical faculty has been utilized by the kike to subvert our societies, and universal suffrage as well as feminism are central to that attack vector.

3e40f2 No.11986346



well I know (((word))) refers to something jewish in the most vague sense.

What I don't know is the "using their language" part. I had no idea that certain words were so politically charged.

3e40f2 No.11986364

BTW, women vs men is simple.

Men have XY and are geared towards hunting/risk.

Women are XX and geared towards stability and safety.

That is it. These are broad terms/applications but that is all there is to it.

Or if you need another stance, men are likely to treat a problem as something to attack and women are likely to treat a problem as something to defend against.

95d485 No.11986374


>we should ignore/destroy any and all "e-celebs" who are on our side because they don't agree with 100% of our positions

This is retarded. Were you born redpilled? Did you come out of the womb heiling Hitler? No. For you, me, and a lot of other people, the redpill is a slow but steady process. A process that is helped along immensely by people like Lauren who introduce normies to the basic concepts of nationalism and anti-leftism. We have nothing to lose and much to gain by having these gateway drug figures around

7b6576 No.11986382

File: 46cc6b34b219c3f⋯.jpg (24.57 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefaddult.jpg)

31a47e No.11986388


shouldn't you be browsing and policing JDate.com instead of coming here with your garbage you filthy fucking yid

c402d5 No.11986392


>Or if you need another stance, men are likely to treat a problem as something to attack and women are likely to treat a problem as something to defend against.

which is why a man shouldn't pay any attention to advice from a woman about the world beyond hearth and home. She can be the unchallenged queen of the house and a man might tolerate her nonsense to keep life running smoothly but if you operate on a woman's advice you will spend your life rolling over and accepting everything the cunts in power throw at you.

I hope when the news about the rampant pedophilia becomes widely released the women go insane and demand bloody justice from their men.

000000 No.11986400


Not really, its one of those cases of catch 22, damn if you do agree with the racist chick and damn if you dont because you're being a hypocrit


I'm outside burgerstan and I dont get those results, you mutts are getting played

2f6e23 No.11986413

File: 71ef8eeb069db6b⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1885x879, 1885:879, White_European_Woman_Googl….png)


A bit too cocky for your own good, Yuro. It's already started.

0f4c29 No.11986420


>We have nothing to lose

>Nothing to lose

Let me guess you got "Redpilled" in 2016 and think because you watch a bunch of Jews on YouTube "BTFO" brainwashed college kids that you've now figured it all out.

4a7917 No.11986434

File: 7315e8b785bf08a⋯.jpg (12.86 KB, 249x340, 249:340, dios-mio.jpg)


¡El ogros de los oceanias!

66465b No.11986441



There's literally nothing wrong with kikesses fucking niggers.

e9cb02 No.11986464


>mentions culture

>will not discuss transgenderism

(((shes))) a man baby

e9cb02 No.11986473



faggot talks shit and doesnt

"even know how bad things really are"

damn dude, anyone on this board should only be on this board because they do know how it is.

what the fuck are you doing here? Talking shit and being a good goy?

000000 No.11986478


>everyone in this video is controlled opposition


>She's a barren wheat field thot

Nope. Southern is an MtF tranny.

000000 No.11986483

e0628f No.11986493

File: 18538a7181d5e5a⋯.jpg (38.79 KB, 475x318, 475:318, 1272005923407.jpg)

>she's a roastie!


>don't listen to her!


Yeah okay. The interesting thing about leftism vs everything else is that everything else is inherently going to be different. I don't give a shit if she guzzles 20 rainbow cocks a day, it's not my problem because she's not representing me or sharing any particular identity of mine other than maybe being "white" - and there's certainly worse people I could point out for being terrible representations of a white identity.

The hilarious, ironic twist about the battle against (((leftism))) is that it's truly the most diverse group of people fighting against it, in order to retain some semblance of self determination. Everything that isn't "leftist" to the left, is just considered "the other" - the "right". This naturally lends itself to a "smaller groups vs one big group" style of conflict. None of these groups need to like eachother to be able to combat leftism. Anyone who's willing to stand up against the tyranny of leftism can be seen as an ally, but certainly not somebody to be automatically trusted and/or adored.

This isn't "us vs them" - it's them vs the rest of the fucking world. Quit playing into the retarded divide & conquer strategy by needlessly pointing out obvious personal flaws in each person who stands up against leftism - you're not doing anybody any favors (except maybe Chaim). Instead, simply distance yourself from them if you wish, if you don't want your identity to be tarnished.

If your neighbor wants to destroy your enemy just as much as you do, don't shit in your neighbors lawn just so you can say you're fine on your own.

7b9399 No.11986496

File: f82a4e33dce40d2⋯.jpg (9.77 MB, 1349x13790, 1349:13790, WE WUZ INVENTORZ.jpg)



2f6e23 No.11986515

File: 6af5f628ecfeba7⋯.jpg (34.58 KB, 640x500, 32:25, Youre_Wrong.jpg)


>women wouldn't have been OK with or even promoted that the land of the tribe or the realm should be invaded by foreigners, out of healthy and natural considerations regarding resources and security.

That's where you're wrong, Torfag. Men resist barbarians because losing will mean our women are impregnated by their hairy genes. Women fail to resist because they're on the side of the winner.

e0628f No.11986526


Depends if the women were properly raised to not be retarded braindead morons, though. See: a lot of women in Germany before, during, and after the war. It's just a matter of showing them true strength. A barbaric oaf might swoon some dumbshit thot if her only exposure to masculinity was through exaggerated tales, rather than actual demonstrations by her countrymen.


Be a man and you won't lose your woman.

fb39d7 No.11986530

File: 020628617d04593⋯.jpg (82.8 KB, 500x750, 2:3, Call Others.jpg)


>we should ignore/destroy any and all "e-celebs" who are on our side because they don't agree with 100% of our positions

>any and all "e-celebs" who are on our side

>who are on our side

>on our side

This is retarded. Were you ever redpilled? Did you find it easy to come to the conclusions you did? No. For you, me and a lot of other people, the redpill is a slow but steady process. A process is constantly threatened by people like Lauren who give normies a way out, who feeds them civic nationalism and "muh western culture". We have everything to lose and little to gain by having these gatekeeper figures around.

Anybody who supports Israel/Zionism and openly counter-signals racialism is not on our side.

And neither are you.

The only real value of these sorts is as a canary in the coal mine - when the opposing factions of Jewry start going after one another's gatekeeper figures, you know they're getting desperate.

9ccf4d No.11986532


>men are stupid oafs

hello stealth feminist traditional cuckservative. how have you betrayed your race today?

fb39d7 No.11986536

File: bf80486d18ddf0e⋯.jpg (246.5 KB, 1600x789, 1600:789, 1423621013373.jpg)


>None of these groups need to like eachother to be able to combat leftism.

Jesus Christ you fucking idiot you're describing the faux-right - which for some reason includes nationalists in many peoples minds - in terms of the greatest weakness of the jewish left, which is that they are an amalgam of different factions who all basically hate each other and come together to destroy normative Whitey.

You're one of these big-tent "we can agree to disagree" faggots, aren't you?

Look nigger, big-tent shit is awful and never fucking works out, you're describing a recipe for becoming a modified versino of the divided coalition of the ascendent.

You're crying because people see a subversive and call it a subversive, while acting like the very notion of subversive activity is non-existent. Do you know what Jews would love more than anything else in the world? To stymie White awakening to racial/ethnic nationalistic principles by redirecting that energy into civic nationalism and identarianism. And that's what Lauren Southern and her ilk promote - civic nationalism and identarianism.

I have no fucking use for someone who thinks this is about 'identifying' as White culturally or promoting the belief that peoples of any sort can assimilate to a given cultural trend derivative from the behavioral (and thus evolutionary and genetic) nature of a given people.

2f6e23 No.11986540

File: 33cc91e1edcae46⋯.jpg (211.83 KB, 1212x1600, 303:400, Good_Comradeship.jpg)


Fucking fantasy. Read up on evolutionary biology and lurk before you post again.

Picture two tribes, A and B. Both have men and women in them. Women of each tribe cling to their men because it's what they're used to and there are many advantages to sticking with your own. When war breaks out, several possible scenarios can occur:

>A repulses B with minimal losses

>A repulses B, but with crippling losses

>B overwhelms A with minimal losses

>B overwhelms A, but with crippling losses.

The male preferences in each case are clear, but let's look at it from the women's perspective. Rather, from the perspective of their genes, since the women won't be risking their lives in the fight:

>A repulses B with minimal losses

Nothing changes. Same men, same women as before. Best to support men from A, since they're all you know.

>A repulses B, but with crippling losses

Hard to say. It might be worth sabotaging your tribe's defenses here to finish the destruction of your men while you're still worth breeding. Women are natural conformists, however, and it won't happen in practice because the old crones and women with many children already (fathered by A men) won't allow such treachery.

>B overwhelms A with minimal losses

Bare your breasts and hope they only use their dicks for stabbing.

>B overwhelms A, but with crippling losses.

Again, hard to say, but whichever side comes out on top has about double the breeding stock as before, so whatever makes them winners will spread through the gene pool.

In every case, marriageable young women have something men want, so they'll be okay. Their incentive is to let the men fight and pick a winner to father the brood with. If you want the "loyalty" of women, you need to scare the fuck out of them (literally) with the story that Tribe B wouldn't even rape them, but intends to kill and eat them and their children. Then, use daytime TV to pound the idea into women's heads that other women will think they're loose if they keep agitating for open borders.

Tl;dr: Women have nothing to lose if we're overrun by third world rapists. Either way, they're bearing children and those genes are moving along. This is, has been, and always will be a struggle between men, who uniquely have something to lose.

The good news is that it doesn't take much to bring the women along in our victory – it just has to be victory.

003cf0 No.11986541


Come to Australia if that's your thing.

c2cf17 No.11986550


Maybe it's time to find women like the ones who were in the Teutonic tribes.

2eac53 No.11986552

That girl was smart. The other girls simply could not comprehend what multiculturalism is while trying to defend it at the same time… brainwashed liberal nazis.

fb39d7 No.11986553

File: 06286f310cd0396⋯.webm (7.79 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Women.webm)


Extremely accurate interpretation of human behavioral trends historically.

2f6e23 No.11986555


The incentives are the same everywhere. Even female deer and elephant seals act like this. The only exceptions are women from tribes (like the Teutoni) who know it's genocide for them if their men fall.

fb39d7 No.11986556

File: 12c7df6b2015cbb⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 300x354, 50:59, sometimes.jpg)


> brainwashed

> liberal

< nazis.

fb39d7 No.11986562

File: 21ebf45a352d578⋯.jpg (89.6 KB, 1167x1160, 1167:1160, big dick.JPG)


Amongst animals it gets especially gnarly, because they have absolutely no sense of empathy or the like, nor any mechanism of imposition upon the biggest dicked mother fucker just kicking the shit out of everyone around him, to their utter detriment, while he bangs out every female in reach.

2f6e23 No.11986568

File: 82d0318753674c4⋯.jpg (92.08 KB, 800x394, 400:197, Refugee_Child.jpg)


We're having another wave of migrants. Ride it out.

d02f28 No.11986575





No, true liberalism does not advocate for unfair positive discrimination


Hessites (Adherents of the teachings of Moses Hess, the precursor of Marxist Zionism)

d078e5 No.11986580

Lauren is based AF!

Would make aryan babies with.

c2cf17 No.11986586


There has to be a way to detect women more enclined to that type of behavior.

000000 No.11986594




>pedal bicycle

>pneumatic tyre

>overhead valve engine

>stirling heat engine

>two-stroke engine

>steam hammer

>tubular steel

>cast steel

>hot blast oven

>wire rope

>hollow pipe drainage

>tree guard



>roller printing

>postage stamp



>universal standard time



>teleprinter shitposting

>tractor beam

>atm + pin numbers

>encyclopædia britannica


>oil refinery



>electric toaster

>flush toilet

>distiller for whiskey


>piano footpedal




>strike matches

>electric clock

>carronade (wheeled cannon)

>bolt-action rifle

>percussion cap


>field intelligence

>criminal fingerprinting

>statistical graphics

>diagramatic system of representing chemical bonds

>properties of carbon dioxide

>identifying the nucleus in living cells

>kinetic theory of gases

>theory of electromagnetism

>theory of higgs boson


>general anaesthetic

>surgical anaesthesia

>saline drip

>hypodermic syringe


>asthma inhaler and steroid

>radiation therapy

>artificial kidney

>discovery of staphylococcus

>discovery of penicillin

>discovery of insulin

>modern economics

>modern sociology

>modern pharmacopaedia

>modern geology (uniformitarianism)

>sherlock holmes

>peter pan

>long john silver

>dr jekyll and mr hyde

>james bond

>grand theft auto (game)

And don't forget Jamal's favorites:

>fried chicken


There was a thread on this but it got slid by jews

8e4d42 No.11986595


Do you lads just camp out here looking for new posts or what? Shouldn't you be more worried about the level of your water supply?

Regardless of whether she is controlled opposition or not she is blowing the shit out of the Overton Window. It makes life almost bearable knowing the smug fuckwit shitlibs I see everyday will soon be destroyed.

Didn't American Express just pull its advertising from Sky News for interviewing Blair Cottrell?

000000 No.11986603


Why? Are you Persian?

2f6e23 No.11986605


There is. If you look under her dress and she has a vagina, she works this way. It's not the women, it's the incentives acting on 10,000 generations of their ancestors. Your own mother would have made you half black, if the Bantus had the necessary strength to overwhelm your country. Remember that, whatever happens, their offspring will be exactly as closely related to their mothers as always, even if Dad is a nigger/spic/chink/Jew, whatever.

For anyone still not getting this, women of Tribe A share 50% of their genes with each child they bear with a man of Tribe A. They also share 50% of their genes with children borne via rape by a man of Tribe B. Either way, she's got half her genes to coo over. Men of Tribe A, on the other hand, get either a 50% share of Tribe A's children, or they get 0% of anything because they're dead. In the best-case scenario, they kill off men of Tribe B and get twice as many breeding opportunities with the women of Tribe B, who will submit after the proverbial 30 days of mourning prescribed by the Tanach.

This force sculpts our gene pools. It's beyond human control. There will always be an incentive for men to see the danger and fight it, but for women the danger is far less, unless they have the idea that they won't be spared.

25ff95 No.11986619


I've come to the same conclusion. Everyone who says "controlled opposition" are the same retards that said "wait for another Hitler, goyim" before election nigth

b3fd36 No.11986633


>So why is it ok not just in Australia but in every White country around the world to be demographically replaced without ever a vote with much of the true cost added to further generations???

In short, because that's what all the cool kids are doing. Public opinion is swayed by confirmation bias primarily and prestigious shilling. Not to mention that a lot of public opinion is falsified via bot farms, private interests have a much larger sway over politicians via legitimate brainwashing and artificial consensus (from the bots)

d078e5 No.11986642


I'm a Slav.

c2cf17 No.11986648


I know what women are like but some of them have to be less enclined to do that sort of thing. Even with all of the incompetent "muh vagina girl power" propaganda, you still see some women deep inside pozzed places resisting it. They have to be more resistant and less enclined to do that sort of thing, therefore, superior.

000000 No.11986674


This was a red pill? She came off as a unprepared.

821783 No.11986684


Race and culture are two separate war fronts. Restoring our culture and with it our values makes it much easier tackling the race problem. I don't like these "ecelebs" either, but they are doing their part to solve at least one of our problems. I, personally, didn't see or hear them directly advocating race mixing, so their current work outweighs the negatives. If someone offers you help to build a wall, you don't insult them because they won't help you build a roof as well. Take what you get, and stop waiting for fucking Hitler.

3cfcd5 No.11986741


Women are among the most vengeful, spiteful creatures on this planet.

I for one would not wish to be anywhere near a woman whose son, husband, brother, uncle, father or sweetheart I just killed.

Go and take a walk through the annals of history and see how many women have killed themselves and their own offspring in the face of an advancing enemy that has just wiped out their menfolk.

>Tl;dr: Women have nothing to lose if we're overrun by third world rapists. Either way, they're bearing children and those genes are moving along.

That is so much fucking bullshit. White women are the least likely of all races and both sexes to racemix. With the amount of niggers, streetshitters, goatfuckers and bugmen in white countries already the numbers just don't indicate that they wouldn't skip a beat if white men disappeared. If it came down to a do or die last ditch fight you would find white women loading rifles and tending wounds and sniping shitskins all around you.

Don't let the jew get to you so badly.

2f6e23 No.11986745


>If it came down to a do or die last ditch fight you would find white women loading rifles and tending wounds and sniping shitskins all around you.

'kay, bro.

1262f5 No.11986772


>Women are XX and geared towards stability and safety.

umm no. women are geared towards raising their social status. thats why they virtue signal so hard, and obaess over social media.

they are absolutely not geared towards safety. nobody with high testosterone holds "refugees welcome" signs, only women and commie soyfags do that

3cfcd5 No.11986774


>white women would fuck niggers in a second but even though they have ample opportunity to only 7% actually do.

'kay bro.

74d9fb No.11986777



Just because your (((tribe))) is full of genestealing whores doesn't mean everyone else's is. The Romans have many stories of their enemies women fighting to the death.

<The women of A also have children, and wouldn't like to see them get bashed against the rocks and left for the crows.

<The men of B won't risk death if they have no chance of non-consensual poon.

<The men of A will fight harder knowing their women aren't backstabbing whores.

1262f5 No.11986791


>I hope when the news about the rampant pedophilia becomes widely released the women go insane and demand bloody justice from their men.

women are the biggest pedophiles tbh. there will be no outrage from them, they will vote for legal pedophilia

3b34b2 No.11986802


It seems that they've realized that no one watches them and now they started pretending to be 'based' to get people to watch them again.

It's going to be so funny to see how they'll react when they realize no one with a brain will ever watch them again.

3b34b2 No.11986805


g' lost bro.

3cfcd5 No.11986808


IP hopping, niggerspeak faggot.

3b34b2 No.11986815

It's funny how we have kikes desperately trying to give credibility to white women cause they can't use them to backstab us anymore.

Go fuck your niggers and betray them all you like you vile pieces of shit.

You don't get any more trust to betray and nothing more will be given to you to consume and destroy.

2f6e23 No.11986818

File: 4dc39eeb12eb4a9⋯.jpg (28.3 KB, 577x435, 577:435, Must_Rape.jpg)



Holy fucking shit, triple-sevens. You just made my night. Have a drink.

3cfcd5 No.11986825


Yeah sure, jews are trying to get you to trust white women who just happen to be the only thing who can give a white man a white son.

You're either dumb as fuck or it's your first day.

e2bf9c No.11986835


There's a few interviews out there of her and Molymeme on this Aus/NZ tour and in every single one they run circles around the interviewer. There's one where the soy boy asking the questions is literally shaking, rubbing the back of his neck and beet red. I don't agree with the civnat stuff but watching them dismantle the "multiculti is our strength!" argument to the utter horror of the press is satisfying as fuck.

684de9 No.11986862


Most anti-establishment organisations begin as entirely male and when they begin to gain success 'call's in the media are made for them to be less 'sexist' and put women on positions of authority within the organisation. These women then subvert the organisation, either for free or at the behest of someone else.

Happened with UKIP and Suzanne Evans, type her name into google and read the myriad of articles. Happened in AfD with Frauke Petry. White women just don't have the same kind of zeal that white men do. Way more examples I could give too.

This isn't divide and conquer - protecting White women isn't the same as giving them enough rope to hang themselves with. White women and our race were better off when they couldn't vote.

3cfcd5 No.11986865


i never implied that they should be our leaders or take our jobs.

fc753d No.11986920


>and gave them a redpill this big

Newsflash faggot, every single civilian deep down knows everything we talk about here, they are just cowardly scum.

96fcce No.11986932


The effect is all that matters. If the Jews think that watered down nationalism like the alt-kike pushes is going to deflect people away from real nationalism they are simply mistaken (overconfidence and trying to push their luck is classic jewry). They are using a bad tactic. The average person sees this and thinks multicult BTFO, even if to us it's all basic bitch arguments. The only thing we need to do is position ourselves to add more to the story. You guys know that even on fucking Carlgon of Cuckad The Liberalist™'s videos, the comments are filled with people asking him to name the Jews. If civnat faggots are supposed to be controlled op, then it's the shittiest tactic the Jews ever pulled. When you walk down that line of inquiry long enough, you always end at the Jew. No e-celebs can control the forces they inadvertently unleash.

4b7353 No.11987027

This is mantra thinking, told you it would work.

5862d5 No.11987044

Sage for jew promotion.

7b6576 No.11987053


>nobody with high testosterone holds "refugees welcome" signs, only women and commie soyfags do that


430c0f No.11987110

File: f0c7ded9e05f588⋯.jpg (148.28 KB, 815x1200, 163:240, DOCnh7cUQAAH7MR.jpg)



Her sister's ass is the only good thing about this e-celeb.

94fb9e No.11987118


Tbh, most of pol doesn't yet deserve a trad queen wife (and they couldn't keep one happy of they managed to bullshit their way into getting one).

So you're right, LS is a thot, and e-thot at that, but like many of us, she's woken up to the degeneracy and the reality of white genocide and is actually doing something about it.

I can understand if a guy didnt want to marry her, but she's done legitimate good for our cause, and as much as I find her difficult to listen to, I have to admit that she's done more for the white race than I have done, as an individual. I do take great pride in the contributions I've provided to communities like pol and the low level work I've done with friends and family in waking them up to the reality of the Jews.

684de9 No.11987129


Like the jew Lenin said 'we will lead every movement against ourselves' or something like that. I think the idea is that when support for mainstream politics collapses and a power vacuum forms, it will be filled by these kosher organisations. I don't think this jew strategy of alt-right promotion is supposed to work as a limited hangout.

4a47da No.11987130

I don't like (((Southern))) but wait as this will be like Cotrell last week

4a47da No.11987133


>Rachael is there


cb2ccd No.11987135


Nah she's been on a few things over the last week or two because of the speaking tour she just had here and in kiwiland. If they were going to kvetch, they would have already done so.

4a47da No.11987142


Its not so much her but Sky News in particular because of the Blair thing

cb2ccd No.11987152


Oh, yeah you may be right.

684de9 No.11987164

Also, why is this thread allowed but any thread about Sam Hyde gets instantly nuked? Correct me if I've made a wrong assumption here.

4a47da No.11987167


because the (((Mods))) don't want Sam Hyde running as a democrat nominee for president in 2020

3e6721 No.11987171


You're a tranny.

9e339c No.11987182

File: 72d025c8c534a5b⋯.jpg (91.62 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 72d025c8c534a5ba04544309c3….jpg)

>all this asspain over a girl on talmudvision

So if a double-digit IQ e-celeb thot can accomplish this much, what does that say about your abilities and/or value?

4a47da No.11987183


that we're not Jewish attention whores

7b6576 No.11987187


>success in life is measured by press coverage


0a8c7f No.11987218


>everyone in this video is controlled opposition

>they want people to know about this

>they want people to hear these arguments

>they want you to vote against them

While true, the message she sent was a bit too far for her normal controlled op stance. Sometimes the pets go a bit too far and forget their place.

bdbcda No.11987227


i guess it really applies to australia. which is what happens when brits find a place far enough to empty their jail into.

0a8c7f No.11987247

File: 2fc4a753d1e19f8⋯.mp4 (13.37 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Lauren Southern dominates ….mp4)


For next time OP learn to use youtube-dl and ffmpeg to create a webm/mp4. Youtube embeds are an early sign of onset faggotry. True story.

0b307e No.11987251


Wtf I hate everyone who talks negatively about multicultralism publically now.

Thx CIA.

998071 No.11987268

0a8c7f No.11987273


>muh culture


Culture is the pc way of saying race.

998071 No.11987286


What do you mean by “we”? There isn’t an established group political identity here you ass burglar.


290af6 No.11987310


i want to lift with her…whoever she is.

02a3be No.11987316

File: a8a4eb8a7690b2c⋯.png (118.22 KB, 664x645, 664:645, eternaljew.png)


>Jess (((Simonsen)))

6fefea No.11987324





adbb27 No.11987349


You sound like a cuckold. With what guns are they going to overrun. Stop jerking off to interracial porn you low Test faggot.

d3614f No.11987356


It is all they can relate to brother. This thread is CRAWLING with kikes who live to bash European women until they are dead. A woman carries 15 generations of her material lineage in her mtDNA. They can rape and destroy 15 generations when they rape one woman. I think it is wrong for men to think that 'they are the target' of the jews hate when the war is preceding exclusively (thus far) against European women and children. So defiling the reproductive capacity of European women because the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. It is women who instil the culture within their children. In order for their 'kalergi breeding program' to bear fruit it is the European WOMEN that must be defiled. The European males have already been broken down through jew porn and jew multicultural porn. It is the European women who won't give in.

ff445b No.11987364

File: ab87576b33b480a⋯.png (855.78 KB, 905x567, 905:567, 599c0c1884cf67ca832657d4bb….png)


I just realized that body is in a unnatural positon to be washed up.

a77055 No.11987373


>SAME OP AS >>11987226

You're wrong.


You're right.

51f40b No.11987396









d3614f No.11987399


Actually he sounds like a kike…8 chan is fucking FULL of kikes bashing European women today.

d3614f No.11987402


>Well, you see we needed to play with the dead infants carcass a bit to make it more 'photoreal' for the audience.

d3614f No.11987431


I wouldn't worry about it. There are (((people))) on /pol/ whose primary interest is in discouraging new people from looking around here…they aren't European…we EUROPEANS don't discourage our growing movement if they 'don't use the right language' or 'aren't part of the club'. If you are here, speak your mind and don't worry about the people who want to discourage you from becoming aware.

ff445b No.11987441

File: 93df556d86b4da1⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1735x567, 1735:567, rtretrttr.png)


The only argument that I heard was that they needed to move the body to do paperwork.

yet they didn't move the body of a child when it was ran over by Muslims.

31a47e No.11987499

File: 2be4bf2301423f0⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Q.jpg)

File: 225cf55546e0a83⋯.png (208.88 KB, 994x1042, 497:521, 1aedcf0dc50754d0d97df86dc0….png)

File: 2f047c91caf5d93⋯.jpg (185.54 KB, 1000x640, 25:16, 2f047c91caf5d938973cadb02c….jpg)


three months ago I was wonder what the hell all this Q bullshit was

Now I know what Q means

2 years I only stopped in here occasionally. Now I can't leave. By you thinking I should have been hanged 2 years ago. Seems to lack foresight.

44f277 No.11987503


Yep, same here. Ignore the anti-white shills trying to turn us against such an awesome female.

891bb2 No.11987558

File: 9614515630652c7⋯.png (166.49 KB, 776x702, 388:351, racial conflict.png)


If you control the terminology you impose ideology.

000000 No.11987562


>would make aryan babies with a race mixer




290af6 No.11987585


Who is this? How can I find this shirt?

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