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File: f2cab69f27ab296⋯.jpg (870.54 KB, 657x832, 657:832, 1509050993800.jpg)

1fb7cb  No.11986068

How likely is there going to be a formation of a foreign volunteer group to fight in SA when shit hits the fan? Many young men in USA and Europe are disenfranchised and would be eager to participate in something that has a real impact on our people. Assuming it does happen, how would one go about joining such a thing?

7515ff  No.11986076

Fly into nearby neutral countries with "hiking gear" and a book that makes you look like a liberal. Don't raise any redflags. Then make the overland journey.

9f2ae8  No.11986086

File: 813edf264d269dd⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 813edf264d269dd30374acd866….jpg)


and what do you do when you get 'there'? If an organization doesn't exist all you've done is made yourself a homeless illegal with extremely limited resources.

1fb7cb  No.11986087


Assuming the Boer provisional government provides the necessary clothing and gear. If not then that will make logistics a lot harder.

7515ff  No.11986095


Unless you've figured that out before you fly then you deserve to have that happen to you. Suidlanders might be a good place to start. If they're legit they'll know more extreme elements.


You may have to purchase provisions there. Unless you have your own transport though flying in with a full set of camo and RLI shorts is a great way to get deported back to the US.

1fb7cb  No.11986101


I agree, however what do you think the chances of such a thing being created to help save the Boer? Most people I have spoken to in SA want to flee and not fight. I cant tell if SA is a lost cause or not. A part of me wants to stop running away from our problems and stand up to them. Like they say, when you give them an inch they take a mile. No more capitulation!

d08f80  No.11986115


They are being prevent from leaving and it will take time to evac the boer from SA. I think a lot of groups would be willing to help save the boer.

7515ff  No.11986119


I have no inside knowledge, but there are likely cadres being formed now for future armed action in South Africa. There are 4 million Whites and several million Coloreds and Indians who aren't going anywhere. They'll fight to defend their homes and families. If the war in Syria taught us anything it's that action like this can last a long time. After the first few months of the conflict the organizations involved will become clearer. That's not the most proactive answer, but I don't know more about preparations than that.

9a5f40  No.11986121

South Africa's white population is already infested, what lands that aren't taken by the government down there will no doubt be sold to the jews.


567120  No.11986159


Never did have a handle on whether they were colluding or being used (isreal and military tech sharing with SA in the 70s and 80s)

1fb7cb  No.11986174


Considering what happened in Rhodesia, there is no doubt that other countries will get involved in this conflict due to the political power vacuum being created. That being said, what are the chances of the UN placing sanctions and arming the hordes of communist niggers in order to save them from the "racist boers"? My only hope is that there is enough footage on alternative media to show what's really going on (like footage of farm murders, torture, ect) and deter people from aiding the niggers.

7515ff  No.11986181


The "international community" will absolutely back the ANC/Communist/EFF Blacks against everyone else in the name of human rights. Definitely getting sympathetic journalists to document the Boer side is critical to winning the propaganda war.

3acf5f  No.11986182


I wonder if Unicorn Riot is available, now that BLM has quieted down.

9a5f40  No.11986185


They sew the seeds of war with their grip on culture, then harvest material resources from the battlefield with their grip on banking. They want whites to have some presence in Africa for the same reasons they want browns in Europe and America, the diversity makes things easier for them to game.

1fb7cb  No.11986191


When things go hot. We absolutely need to utilize all of our power to persuade the sheeple about the white genocide in SA. Now the tricky part is determining the US reaction to the SA civil war. I think with our growing paradigm shift, such actions against the boer would definitely destable race relations a fuck ton here.

04b956  No.11986199

Only problem is you aren't going to be able to get any of your own weapons on that flight. You're essentially gonna end up having to befriend the local huwhite militia and hoping they give you something that isnt just a shitty rusty hunting rifle. Or you manage to knife a nig cop or soldier and get his gear.

If I were going to that kind of fight I'd want my FAL and probably my .45 USP as a sidearm.

847334  No.11986205

come on i was expecting so much from the headline. its already discussed in other topics

1fb7cb  No.11986208


Im sure there is a way around it. Just look at the rhodesian bush war. SA undercover armed the rhodesians. Im sure something similar can happen. Or better yet. Maybe it would be possible to have the Boer community invest in some C&C machines and start to manufacture or own receivers for specific guns. Then we can import the rest legally since they don't exactly count as a weapon.

0b9176  No.11986210

Couldn't like $1000 USD buy a shit ton of soviet arms from a local arms dealer in the shittier parts of Africa?

1fb7cb  No.11986215


It's worth looking into. Im sure you can get dirt cheap bulk ammo and guns from Libya and other northern African countries

1fb7cb  No.11986218

File: 23282cdac7c8b76⋯.jpg (134.64 KB, 388x443, 388:443, 23282cdac7c8b76257b090e8b8….jpg)


then again, Im sure when push comes to shove. Raiding some Nigger infested military bases wont be that difficult considering their incompetent nature

847334  No.11986227

do you think that afrikaans and other minorities should be proactive, leave their land and move alltogether in a specific region of south africa?

when you are already over the place you can get run over much easier by the jewish liberation army


I haven't been to africa but I can imagine that whites could present themselves as tourists with hunting ambitions, the question being is if you are allowed to bring your own assault rifle to do this.

I can imagine that it is not difficult to buy a guns and ammunition in africa.

1fb7cb  No.11986247


>do you think that afrikaans and other minorities should be proactive, leave their land and move alltogether in a specific region of south africa? when you are already over the place you can get run over much easier by the jewish liberation army

Very good question Anon, it's very hard to tell at this point. At some point we need to stop running and fight! The question is when and where. I think SA is a flash point for massive redpilling of the white normies.

I know the IRA established a deal with the libyans for muntions since they say the British government as a common enemy. Now we would have to find an international group that saw eye to eye. Other than that, I would see if Russia would have an economic interest in SA since it's a part of BRICS and has a fuck ton of valuable natural resource

224efa  No.11986267

how many of you are South Africans.

I am from SA been living in Asia for 3 years now.

8b1a56  No.11986305


>how many of you are South Africans.


1fb7cb  No.11986338


Not saying you're wrong, but is there any proof that Russia wont get involved?

a3bd42  No.11986341

File: d6dc9bb55e51a6d⋯.png (118.23 KB, 310x165, 62:33, suidlanders.png)


>not knowing about Suidlanders

I would start by going to suidlanders.org

79270b  No.11986354

File: 29395492b74f18d⋯.jpg (353.24 KB, 1000x1258, 500:629, 29395492b74f18de02e5d6d0dc….jpg)


>Getting to kill commies with ex-soviet gear and weapons

How poetic



South africa is one of the most popular hunting destinations in africa, so as long as you learn about the regulations in the airports you're flying in, it shouldn't be a problem.

1fb7cb  No.11986380

File: 0c01f2ca832e219⋯.jpg (281.26 KB, 567x808, 567:808, 1517500790405.jpg)


I am not well versed in that organization but I dont think they advertise foreign volunteering for gorilla warfare. When that changes feel free to make a thread and spread the word

449b54  No.11986387


When shit hits the fan we already know what is going to happen. There will be a new "refugee" crisis, they will be moved to western countries and then China will move in and setup shop permanently.

I am convinced the white genocide in SA is being funded by China because they can't afford to let the world know it is them but they also know the world won't care if they kill nigs so they use the nigs to kill the whites and then they muscle the nigs out and control the area. They did the same thing in a few areas in eastern Africa. They use the nigs as storm troopers, fund them, and then once nigs do their biding they clear the area out and flood it with Chinks.

136c7f  No.11986393


I have suggested this/ am interested as well.

Of course I was only speaking hypothetically. /Pol/ is a board of peace.

1fb7cb  No.11986396


I would also consider the kikes being behind it (surprise surprise i know). History shows they are behind every communist style civil war and once the order is destroyed, they take control and financially rape the remaining wealth of that country.

1fb7cb  No.11986397

File: d3ea79dcde31088⋯.png (766.96 KB, 650x886, 325:443, 1497604263784.png)


you know it

6b5eae  No.11986404

Faggotry of kids thanks to faggots cops

I have already dates and impregnated literal 9’s in appearance. It’s going to happen again. Cry like a kid pigs.

6b5eae  No.11986407


Then you send me some low teir girl after low teir fags? What the fuck is up with the retard in West Virginia wearing a ten gallon hat? What a douche

e19a75  No.11986409

File: aedbbd5ee9db899⋯.png (8.16 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, 2B1A3D78-583A-4E1B-8373-AA….png)

Map the white areas of SA. Start there. Get a job working around the working class whites. When it goes hot you’ll know what to do.

6b5eae  No.11986410

The funny thing is that I did it right over the state line yesterday morning

449b54  No.11986411


I think in this particular issue it really is a China op given what we know and what we have seen in terms of their action in the region. You may be right but given what they have done already in eastern Africa and especially given what they have been doing in Argentina with regional bases I think this one here is fully or very close to being fully connected to China, it just makes sense that they would eliminate their only real opponent in the area by bribing dumb nigs, then chase nigs into the west to fuck up the west further, and then control a very strategic global area.

At some point the Jews would have to see the China threat to them so I just don't see them supporting the chinks taking over eastern and southern Africa. Feels like a China land grab through genocide and refugee flooding but could be reading it wrong of course and you may be right.

987e36  No.11986416

File: dfc58ac62def66d⋯.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2048x1457, 2048:1457, 0A424555-33C4-4EA2-AB21-B….jpeg)

File: 0df293b0b381db6⋯.jpeg (833.86 KB, 2048x752, 128:47, 98971E9B-37CC-4086-B3F0-6….jpeg)

There’s some good info in this thread (still active):


Many shills showed up the moment it was discovered that landmines cost $3-$10, while removal costs $300-$1000.

c35102  No.11986421


Best to clear your own country of trash mobs first.

1fb7cb  No.11986422


it's worth looking into. Maybe the best way of looking into it is seeing who is donating to the EFF. Then all you do is follow the trail of sheckles until we find our culprit. Now as far as Rhodesian history goes, did the chinks poke the gooks with a stick to get them to chimp out or did they get involved after the chimp out?

987e36  No.11986451

File: 2d9fc98093f48ee⋯.jpeg (272.47 KB, 798x1187, 798:1187, 9DA9CFF5-A98E-41E9-939A-D….jpeg)


See >>11969111

I have a feeling Orania is going to be a critical place in this war.

>access to Orange River

>access to R369 (major road)

>has its own airport

>owns vast amounts of farm land

>has the area’s leading shopping center

>has doctors, dentists, and even eye specialists

>organized neighborhood watch militia

>has own internal government

>has its own currency and economy

>has a GROWING population

>hell-bent on preserving their race and culture

Map is from Wikipedia.


449b54  No.11986455


>donating to the EFF

It's hard to find viable intel on this BUT I do believe Twitter ironically gave us a massive clue recently by putting Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on their board.

This is confusing unless someone knows this issue inside and out so if I fuck this up and confuse you let me know and I will try to explain it better. I think numbering would make this easier to explain.

1) We know that China is a global sponge for wanting to have and steal everyone's data. They take every fucking thing on anyone/everyone. Hell, they have been (literally) buying dead Americans and American body parts (arms/legs, not just organs) as we recently found out with the FBI bust in OR and MI.

2) We know the absolute gold mine of data is social media. FB, Twitter and so on.

3) FB has some odd connection to China which I personally have gone over on 8chan many times in terms of how they do not allow FB in China BUT FB opened a "top secret" department in China and (theory) FB did this because China cannot openly access profiles on American servers without tripping western country red flags. HOWEVER, since their entire network is state controlled in China that means a FB shop in China would have to use Chinese state controlled networks, so this is their loophole to acquiring it.

4) This woman, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has connections to China and allegations of being "bribed" by China in Nigeria where they have been acquiring land quickly and expanding just as fast. So why her? Why Twitter?

5) Very simply stated, she is a Nigerian on China's bribe list. Now she is on the Twitter board with all Twitter IP, profile data, messages between parties, every fucking thing that is Twitter right in her ballpark. So they pay her, she, a Nigerian citizen can access the intel from fucking Nigeria and, like FB, they have the data now and they go around tripping US red flags.

Frankly I am a bit shocked my initial statement on these issues didn't get much interest as this is a big fucking deal but, anyhow, did that make sense? I wrote a huge statement on it awhile back and went briefly here so let me know if it needs more clarity. But, yeah, this is why I believe China is the main player in the SA issue. They want to control the situation there. I mean, shit, people in Nigeria are even using Chinese state controlled internet now. The reason? The same lady who Twitter just put on the board.

ca1dd3  No.11986466

check out the back pages of Solider of Fortune magazine, they may be paying big money.

251508  No.11987067


Niggers favorite past time other then fucking theirs moms or siblings is raping stray animals.

The retards just need to be starved out which is better for the Dutch SA,smaller forces using guerrilla warfare destroying the pig fuckers supplies. The subhuman bush shitskins are dumber then a house plant they will eat each other instead of farming speeding up the process.

Real crazy humans have to fight burnt tar genetic trash that should of been extinct or used as fuel if Whites didn't protect the ogres.

21e0da  No.11987077

>volunteering for free

Sage for low-test cuckoldry.

db47f8  No.11987149

File: ebddc4eeee63df6⋯.jpg (97.6 KB, 855x887, 855:887, 4a64d37f81ce48564471b7a7c6….jpg)



>for free

Y'know, Avi, it's called volunteering for a reason.

132fc3  No.11987442


It is very possible. If that is the case then we will have to change strategies in order to deal with this.

132fc3  No.11987449

File: 0c2e715245830c0⋯.jpg (81.93 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1500063598535.jpg)


I wish it were that simple anon, my only concern is foreign aid from the UN keeping the niggers well armed and fed. In that case we can expect total war that will be far more brutal than Rhodesia.

58eba3  No.11987472


You should find a group local to you and travel their together when shit hits the fan. Go to Namibia and check out luderitz and keetmanshoop to help with relief work.


Last time I checked you can bring in weapons for hunting safaris.


Military bases and police stations are already raided on the regular. Gang walks up and intimidates the guard and they steal some stuff.


Once the night of the long knives happens (siener van resnburg) and the killings become overt its expected that Boer will go to the NW on the border of Namibia.

bc1c65  No.11987481


Those niggers are controlled by the chinese. Do you think it would be difficult to raid a chinese base? Because this is china using the bantu to wipe out the Boer. China is going to cleanse Africa of niggers so that their people chinky bugs can inhabit it. There will be no survivors. They aren't going 'the white man's' route of coexistence. They are going genocide for every human thing in Africa and then repopulation with chinky bugs.

21e0da  No.11987488


It's called cucking for a reason.

132fc3  No.11987514

File: f7732008e8d8fcf⋯.jpg (196.47 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1510932375642.jpg)


>You should find a group local to you and travel their together when shit hits the fan. Go to Namibia and check out luderitz and keetmanshoop to help with relief work.

I was once part of a discord for engineering projects to develop land there and turn it into a mini ethnostate. I dont think it ever took off

>Military bases and police stations are already raided on the regular. Gang walks up and intimidates the guard and they steal some stuff.

Perfect, this can be a really good advantage to us. Once they get some modern explosives, anti tank and air missiles. It will really start to turn the tide (assuming the niggers can operate those kinds of machinery). I am just worried about the UN and USA pulling a Serbia and bombing the shit out of the boers due to their "crimes against humanity against the poor niggers".

94d1eb  No.11987553


There was a point in time when Congress would lynch the CEO of any company that was discovered to have played ball with the commies. It shows just how far gone our government is that they're allowed to get away with this shit.

570601  No.11987581




I am no expert on weapons smuggling. However, wouldn't it be possible to sail into White held regions with a boat full of weapons?

Obviously you'd need to take precautions against the coast guard, but let's say you had a sailboat and you just loaded it up with AR15s or ammunition and just sailed to one of the White held areas along the coast?

Is this feasible?

Does anyone really know?



One problem is that, if the country is in a state of civil war, I doubt that the blacks will just allow you to enter with a bunch of ammunition and rifles if you're White.


>Those White areas.

That's a pretty grim map. While I'm familiar with such maps, it is pretty difficult to see such a war going very well for our brothers in SA. Spread out and disconnected from each other and surrounded by hostile forces.

9aa4ec  No.11987588


The UN is a threat for sure. They are predominantly Brown and Communist. Of course they’ll side with the poor oppressed niggers. The US is not so clear cut. Obviously the Neo-Cohen goblins will agitate for US action against the evil “Nazi” Boers but without their African Princess in the Oval Office it’s less clear how that will play out.

132fc3  No.11987698

File: 78353fd33797704⋯.jpg (24.34 KB, 210x278, 105:139, 1500831953880.jpg)


That is a good option, however I would like the whites to have self sufficiency to an extent. The chances of International sanctions and naval blockades are high. That being said, having options to manufacture our own guns and ammo is key. sure for starting out importing is the easiest option, but we cant rely on someone else 100%. We need self sustained agriculture, industry, utilities, water, ect.

19a14c  No.11987714

File: 5a57093a8fdce87⋯.mp4 (1.01 MB, 480x480, 1:1, I NEED MORE TIME.mp4)

We need to create a Cracker Foreign Legion and a logo so our 400lb hackers can enjoy the race war from the comfort of their basements.

570601  No.11987720


Being the source of your own arms is the best possible option.

Assuming that they have access to industry, that shouldn't be too terribly difficult.

Still, having a supply of foreign arms is also very helpful. Again, I am no expert, but it seems that most actors engaged in civil conflict get a large portion of their supplies through trade.

After all, every weapon that you buy is one more you don't need to spend energy creating from scratch. This is especially true for advanced weapons like anti-aircraft weapons.

132fc3  No.11987804


I agree. But you dont want to put your eggs in one basket. I would also look into importing gun parts except for the receiver. I dont know about the gun laws there. But here in the US if we buy everything but a receiver for an ak or ar15 it does not count as a firearm. That being said it avoids government regulation and is unregistered to their database. From there you build your own receiver flat with a c&c machine (a flat still does not count as a receiver). Then simply follow the steps to bend it to proper shape, put a few rivets and spot weld a few rails and you got yourself a gun. I know the AK is stamped metal so it is quite easy to make. The AR platforms are machined metal which will be a little harder. And the FAL I think is also stamped. We would have to look into it at a greater level to see what's better for a civil war in the African bush

570601  No.11987866


I'm not an expert on home made guns. However, I have seen a fair amount of "bush made" Viet Cong weapons and they're more often than not, shit. They shoot bullets to be sure, but they're not exactly something I'd want to equip a unit with.

based on my research, importing weapons is a must if you lack a large area in which you can devote actual industries to making guns. And that's just small arms. Mortars, anti-aircraft weapons, and armor take serious industry.

One way in which ISIS and Al-Quaeda differ is that ISIS managed to seize enough territory to actually devote serious energy to manufactoring weapons. And not just rifles but actual RLs, artillery, and even missiles.

Meanwhile, Al-Quaeda never produced any rifles.

We must remember that only 20 countries on earth actually produce their own weapons and only 2 produce anywhere near 100% of their own weapons.

So even though I don't know the specifics on how to make weapons of war, I can assume from evidence that it's very difficult.

This is why most rebels just purchase weapons rather than try to make them.

847334  No.11987901



how good are the connections of afrikaaners to the indians of south africa? they might be great allies.

6fd7dc  No.11987920


not every country has your gun laws on what constitutes a gun american, gun parts are usually considered gun parts


fuck the suidlanders

simon Roche is a kike and a fed and probably a mason too, suidlanders is the very definition of control op

they sell false sense of security and half measures that will get many whites killed, serves them right for trusting a kike

58eba3  No.11988025


Well if your still interested in that kind of thing and have some useful skills come talk to us here gg/YwqUSE and we might move you onto one of the other channels to put you to work.


Keep the boat in international waters and it just has to operate under the laws of the flag it sails under. PMCs do this regularly and then ferry in supplies as needed when operating near coastlines and after the correct permissions have been received.

Regarding the UN and USA we are expecting that they will not bomb white tented refugee camps and if people are operating on a defensive footing it shouldn't be that big of a deal but at the same time we will be putting out plenty of material when it gets to that point.

570601  No.11988098


This is what I expected. Which is good because that means that whoever owns a boat and can make contact with White forces on the coast can deliver aid to our brothers.

a5b70b  No.11988147


wtf am I reading

58eba3  No.11988211


Only military supplies need that boat, refugee supplies can be taken into the port. That said if Siener Van Rensburg is right then "Germans" will invade Namibia with 5 boats.

>tries to post a Siener painting showing the 5 German boats in Luderitz bay

>8ch says file already exists

db47f8  No.11988301

File: 227a898b034f572⋯.jpg (66.36 KB, 680x510, 4:3, Floating-Armoury-680x0-c-d….jpg)


>Keep the boat in international waters and it just has to operate under the laws of the flag it sails under. PMCs do this regularly and then ferry in supplies as needed when operating near coastlines and after the correct permissions have been received.

Not exactly. PMCs operating in a particular country get their weapons on lease from that country's government or from a government-approved provider. So, if you are operating in, say, Nigeria, you will get Nigerian Army's surplus weapons or weapons provided by whichever arms dealer supplies that army.

PMCs engaged in maritime operations (ship security) make use of floating armories located in international waters. Ship takes on unarmed contractors and leaves the port; soon afterwards, it's approached by a boat with a shipment of weapons from the armory. Weapons are carried for the duration of the voyage. Before the ship approaches its destination, it is approached by a yet another boat that collects the weapons and takes them back to the nearby armory. These floating armories also serve as hotels and staging grounds for contractors - most of the time the ships drop them off along with weapons and they stay at the armory for a few days waiting for the next contract and the next ship to pick them up.

Almost all of these armories are located in the Gulf of Aden and East African coast, though. International waters adjacent to South Africa are considered safe.

987e36  No.11988317


I think it’s unlikely.


>fuck the suidlanders

Spreading the word about white genocide and formulating a plan to evacuate women and children means he’s controlled opposition?

db47f8  No.11988330


>Spreading the word about white genocide and formulating a plan to evacuate women and children means he’s controlled opposition?

Several Afrikaner nationalists have accused Roche of being a government plant and his operation a honeypot. There were some other accusations, but I don't remember exactly. So far, the only thing working against him is that he was a card-carrying ANC member. It's unlikely that he had voluntarily hopped off the government's gravy train, but who knows.

8bc67e  No.11988351

File: 1da36b1df89b90d⋯.jpg (97.16 KB, 640x480, 4:3, mine.jpg)

File: b629ebe3a3c40f8⋯.jpg (205.4 KB, 900x697, 900:697, hdr-085-1024.jpg)

File: eb918b579f47e34⋯.jpg (51.98 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, cargo_drone.jpg)


Hypothetically, what would happen if the Boers started hiding IEDs inside MRE bags and dropping them in Bantu territory?

I'm not suggesting this as a strategy or anything, I'm just curious.

bd5620  No.11988392


Boer by blood relation. Don't live in SA though.

Lots of family still there.

db47f8  No.11988401


In Namibia, a bunch of niglets broke into the local hospital's biowaste disposal facility, drank the HIV-infected blood and cooked and ate the amputated organs. Local (((media's))) response?

>ids dem ebil whitey fault, de kids were hungray, de kids were thirstay

So yeah, I think you'd inflict a lot of damage. But against millions of niggers, even carpet-bombing entire townships would be like trying to drink an ocean. The goal is to force them to leave en masse by themselves, by removing all gibsmedats and instilling fear of inevitable death. During the 60's in the Congo, "Simbas are coming!" was enough for the entire city to pack up and flee in a few hours. In Sierra Leone, the sound of a helicopter alone sent the RUF apes into panicked stampedes.

Killing every single nog in South Africa, attractive as it sounds, is an impossible task. Force them out, seal the border, shoot anything black that approaches. Let starvation finish the job.

58eba3  No.11988494


The issue is whites are to mingled in with the blacks. They are going to have to separate the whites by evacuating to safe zones and then kill the nogs that follow to keep the rest away. One idea to drive them out though is to fly a drone over a township at night with a death whistle on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9QuO09z-SI

db47f8  No.11988504

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>death whistle

I couldn't help but post this.

db47f8  No.11988512



>how do you do fellow Nazis?

>now let's go kill Boer leaders, amirite?

847334  No.11988515

one thing i see coming is that everytime niggers get hurt it will be another shoah and a war crime, when boers get slaughtered and raped its for a good cause and they inflicted it on them selves.

i hate the jews so much.

987e36  No.11988525

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Shit, didn’t know that. Thanks for the rundown.


Not bad.



WE NEED TO MAKE A GHOST TAPE NUMBER 10 FOR THE BANTUS video was used during the Vietnam war against Charlie


>All of the “Boer” leaders from (((Simon Roche))) to (((Jan Lamprecht))) must be summarily executed

Le ebin great idea fellow racist!

db47f8  No.11988545


Well, the fuck did you expect?

>White farmers in Mozambique and Angola get raped and slaughtered

>"Freedom fighters, fuck yeah!"

>Portuguese Flechas send a bunch of "freedom fighters" to sleepy sleepy land


>ZAPU terrorists shoot down a Rhodesian airliner and butcher the survivors

>"Freedom fighters, fuck yeah!"

>Selous Scouts raid a terr training camp and goodify 2000-something niggers


>SWAPO massacres a bunch of farmers in Ovamboland

>"Freedom fighters, fuck yeah!"

>South African Parabats stomp the shit out of SWAPO and Cubans in the Battle of Cassinga


Remember, (((journalists))) are not and will never be your friends.

db47f8  No.11988546


Innocent until proven guilty. We certainly have to keep an eye on them.

8a1d62  No.11988549


That’s a lady under that mask. Is she asking to be gassed?

987e36  No.11988564


>eyes not covered

>a fucking revolver

>posting this picture on a monitored site

>embrace misanthropy

>fuck the west

You have to be 18 to post here.



847334  No.11988565


tell us about the picture? what is this about? are there more pictures?

526154  No.11988566


Why Jan?

db47f8  No.11988571


It's a shill, just filter it. Apparently, the first thing foreign volunteers aiming to save South Africa should do after arriving into the country is kill Boer leaders. Sounds perfectly reasonable.

f8b745  No.11988578

File: 1fa95712ed64579⋯.jpeg (16.94 KB, 200x200, 1:1, EB886531-BF55-49E1-B7A1-9….jpeg)


Does this man look white to you?

987e36  No.11988588


>1 post by this ID

>appears out of nowhere


In this context, he looks very white. You’re getting filtered too.

f8b745  No.11988591

File: 6ed8f79c936dab9⋯.jpeg (17.15 KB, 200x269, 200:269, 3782974C-683B-4125-A069-7….jpeg)




Oy vey.

2b6ce1  No.11988592


Those Atomwaffen-retards are the real-life version of what Hollywood portrays "Nazis" are like.

526154  No.11988598



Jan is alright, from Rhodesia has heaps of good content on historyreviewed.com/

f8b745  No.11988611

File: 79ce9c30f5615a6⋯.png (6.75 MB, 3008x2000, 188:125, B9D5F274-EFC3-4652-8779-7B….png)

(((Roche))) and (((Lamprecht))) will be dealt with when the time comes and there’s nothing you kike faggots can do about it hahaha.

6fd7dc  No.11988623


now that is a nice picture

a5b70b  No.11988630

File: 06276edb9a98ed0⋯.jpg (20.38 KB, 459x278, 459:278, 06276edb9a98ed0a3da6e80e41….jpg)



>Calling people feds and plants


987e36  No.11988659


>Also known as "Ghost Tape Number 10" was an audio mix the US military used for psychological operations in the Vietnam War against the North Vietnamese. It played deeply on the Vietnamese belief of ancestor worship, spirits and the afterlife.The Wandering Soul was played on loudspeakers installed on helicopters, PCF boats or by infiltrating infantry 'loudspeaker teams' on known enemy areas usually at night deep within the jungle.

>"It exploited the belief among many of the Vietnamese people that once a person is dead the remains must be placed in an ancestral burial ground or that person will forever wander aimlessly in space. The tape was so effective that we were instructed not to play it within earshot of the South Vietnamese forces, because they were as susceptible as the Viet Cong or North Vietnamese Army. Wandering Soul' broadcasts of eerie sounds intended to represent the souls of enemy dead who have not found peace (i.e. by being buried in the village family plot)…the idea was that the sounds would at least get a Communist soldier to think about where his soul would rest in the likely event of his being killed far from home." - LTC Raymond Deitch, 6th PSYOP Battalion Commander

>"The damn reverb effect of the recording is eerie. I saw and picked-up leaflets and once heard Funeral Music played over the valleys around Landing Zone Mary Ann. A Kit Carson Scout told me what the music was. This was a ghostly sound. Hell, listening to that made me want to Chieu Hoi myself. It must have been effective as hell in the jungle at night." - Unnamed 1st Infantry Division sergeant 1968-1970

>“You know what we did on Nui Ba Den Mountain in 1970? The 6th PSYOP got an Air Force pilot to fly to Bangkok, to get an actual recording of a tiger from their zoo. We had a Chieu Hoi (rallier to the national government from the enemy ranks) come down the mountains and tell of a tiger that was attacking the Viet Cong for the past few weeks. So, we mixed the tiger roar onto a tape of 69-T, 'the wandering soul', and a 2-man team got up on the mountain, played the tape and 150 Viet Cong came off that mountain…” - psywarrior.com

Text from the video description. The tribal “people” of South Africa are extremely superstitious, a shitty drone and a cheap speaker could wreak havoc.


See >>11988564

88d89f  No.11988664

File: 0181f2310c02a76⋯.png (35.1 KB, 136x175, 136:175, 1517500603854.png)



8a1d62  No.11988666

Who played who?

88d89f  No.11988669


I agree, but dont advocate your glow nigger atomwaffen here.

88d89f  No.11988676

File: 4aaa031f70dea5e⋯.jpg (45.49 KB, 399x288, 133:96, 1498399684838.jpg)


damn right

f8b745  No.11988705

File: b6776f9b1365c90⋯.png (79.71 KB, 300x166, 150:83, B28C5D1D-EB8A-4C75-8E08-D8….png)


>I agree but don’t advocate for any solutions to the problems

>lé Terry Davis meme

Kill yourself before I do.

847334  No.11988707

I dont think that mines are a bad idea as long as you dont spread them everywhere but in selected corridors instead.

1537f2  No.11988818


suidlanders glow a nice nuclear green, avoid them

904244  No.11988944


You just start killing. Any Man should know how to use a blade and how to assemble the simplest of munitions on their own. If the french can make black powder from their own shit, you don't think we can make better munitions from simple household chemicals? You just need to do enough to kill someone with a gun and take it, then move from there. Further, poison is an easy matter, and beyond that, any anon with a bit of social skills can buy some shitty firearm with a damned sack of cornmeal in these shit-holes.

904244  No.11988973


Niggers can't live without food and water, and the moment the supplies run low, they will turn on each other. Simply destroy the infrastructure. Blow the damns, dig out under the roads, clog any drainage systems with a bit of wire mesh or even just stuff them with steel wool, and fire on transformers from a distance. They can not repair these systems without aryans to do it, and they will quickly succumb to attrition. Better yet, poison the food supply where you can not pillage it. Use a slow acting toxin that will take up to a month to induce liver failure, as to not alarm those who are eating it. Just take every random mushroom that looks remotely poisonous, put them in a jug with some ethanol for a few days, then strain and dry it out. Failing to find mushrooms, simply grab a sack of dry kidney beans and toss them into vodka and do the same. Five of those raw will bring down a grown man. You now how a powerful toxin that will be easy to add to the food supplies if given the opportunity. Soon the enemy will be afraid to even eat their own rations, or too sick or dead to fight.

And when they notice they are becoming ill, carve runes into the land around you. Thermite can even be used to draw on the roadways and ignited with a thin strip of magnesium which can be acquired from welding supplies (magnesium welding rods) or from magnesium camp fire starters.

88d89f  No.11988994

File: 35682cab5e37f45⋯.jpg (50.67 KB, 501x576, 167:192, 1497388812824.jpg)


you're such a faggot. How much do they pay you CIA niggers anyways?

2c8dcb  No.11989075


pretty dumb idea. If you had to, where would you flee? You are in a continent full of blacks with no where to go. Its not like going to fight with the kurds, you can't get back into Europe easily.

904244  No.11989159


Kurds are commies, you dumb piece of shit. Go back to /leftypol/ we know shills when we see them.

987e36  No.11989170


>Place the mines strategically instead of putting them everywhere.

High IQ post. Kek.


Some good ideas here.

88b885  No.11989177


niggers are majority. Even with best tech and tactics you wouldnt win. I would advice whites to leave south africa.

db47f8  No.11989183


I would advise your kike ass to leave this plane of existence.

449b54  No.11989184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Agreed, absolutely agreed. I have done a lot of digging into the China connection ever since that "chemical" explosion took place in China which caused what looked to be a dirty bomb explosion (video attached in the case someone didn't know about it).

Did you know China owns all but one west coast dock in the US? Did you know they own about 45 properties located literally outside American military bases (businesses, raw land, houses, etc)? Did you know they recently erected a massive "Space monitoring and tracking station" in Argentina?


The list goes on and on. They are connected to the Seventh Fleet (Fat Leonard) issue, they are without a doubt connected to the 43 "crashes" and "collisions" in the South Pacific which began in 1995 and have continued to modern time. They are connected to nearly every bribery of American and EU politician issues as well. Of course the island creation in the South Pacific which the Nigadent allowed to happen. So look at the map of China sea route control.

88b885  No.11989190


numbers are against you. Just sell everything you have s and leave to europe or US.

000000  No.11989191

There is whole /boer/ board here you niggers, go there. Plenty of solid intel, still somewhat active.

We need to make Boer Foreign Legion happen, I want to enlist.

449b54  No.11989210

File: 4810d925ff301a2⋯.png (807.25 KB, 1215x607, 1215:607, Screenshot (5251).png)


Forgot to add makeshift map of their current control area and why I believe they are directly doing this.

db47f8  No.11989243


Yeah, nah. Boers aren't cowards like kikes. They'll stay, they'll fight, and we will help them in any way we can.

88b885  No.11989289


and kikes rule this world. Do what you want.

904244  No.11989300


The shills are really butthurt about losing millions of their pet niggers aren't they? It takes less than a hundred men to kill four thousand niggers, with ease.

3dc1ab  No.11989303


It should read "the West is dead, long live the West." Like they did with kings; signifying the old order is dead, but we are very much alive and vigorous.

987e36  No.11989327



>hory shit


China practically owns Canada.

88b885  No.11989343


niggers with spears.

2530bd  No.11989378


It's not the numbers so much as multinational support. That's what fucked Hitler back in the day. He steamrolled far bigger countries than him with very little in comparison.

88b885  No.11989419


big front. not much people defending the back of the front from soviet swarms. Sun tzu talked about if you breakthrough one point in front line the enemy is distressed and will send forces to the point breakthrough was made and weaken the whole front. Anyways even if hitler had won war against soviets he would have needed to deal with americans and japanese are useless.

a3bd42  No.11989439

File: e6f5543bfceb9e1⋯.jpg (30.03 KB, 491x398, 491:398, NO_U.jpg)


> Oh, there is already an organization for Whites that is prepping for the coming conflict in S Africa? Well I dont know about it and they probably dont want me. Now fuck outa my thread

I hardly know anything about S Africa and the Suidlanders was one of the first things I came across, about 30 minutes after I started looking into the situation. So if you don't even know of them, just how clueless a larper are you?

2c8dcb  No.11996980


>Its a comparison fuck head

000000  No.11997306


>using (((discord))) to plan white nationalist paramilitary operations

you'll be vanned the moment you attempt to do anything irl

4ff9f5  No.11997493


The cape-coloureds don't hate the whites as much as the bantu. They could be made into possible allies since the bantu supremacists/EFF hate the cape coloureds as well as the whites

987e36  No.11998166



d25cda  No.11998204


>Those Atomwaffen-retards are the real-life version of what Hollywood portrays "Nazis" are like.

Actors usually do a good job if you pay them well.

d25cda  No.11998216


>The US is not so clear cut.

They'll send in the mercenaries. "We had to fight ISIS goy!"

cf26b3  No.11998221


remember the history.

The Bantu blacks were NOT native to south africa and genocided most of the native tribes living there. The Boers protected many of these tribes against bantu/zulu violence. Apartheid didn't just protect whites as well.

The EFF are bantu supremacists, not black supremacists. They will gladly kill/remove the other tribes from south africa as soon as they murder the whites. IF the whites can form a temporary alliance with the cape coloureds, they might be able to put up a larger resistance and the global media/UN wouldn't be able to denounce it as 'white supremacist'

65c67d  No.11998224

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If the nigger lover in this video is any indication of the average mentality of whites in South Africa that nation is just as fucked as ZOG USA or ZOG Britain if not moreso due to the concentration of coons within it.

cf26b3  No.11998232


this guy isn't a boer. He's an urbanite cosmopolitan who doesn't have to worry about his safety. The South Africa problem has to do with class as well, and the rich whites who aren't in danger don't have to think about it, allowing them to virtue signal. He's probably an anglo also

8e99c9  No.11998234


Afrikaners have their share of cucks, just so you know.

d25cda  No.11998235


>Those niggers are controlled by the chinese. Do you think it would be difficult to raid a chinese base? Because this is china using the bantu to wipe out the Boer. China is going to cleanse Africa of niggers so that their people chinky bugs can inhabit it. There will be no survivors. They aren't going 'the white man's' route of coexistence. They are going genocide for every human thing in Africa and then repopulation with chinky bugs.

That goes without saying. They're already buying up the countys resources and once the nogs figure it out, they'll try to attack the chinks.

cf26b3  No.11998247


He's not a real afrikaner. That's like saying that rich white shitlibs in san francisco count as 'white americans' when in reality they turned in their white card long ago

7be692  No.11998248

Tic toc

e7a2d2  No.11998285


the greece dock is not included

there might be a lot more locations


hi Earl sounds like a good idea, but expect that the jews will bring food and water, at least for their soldiers.

do it in a coordinated one time manner, before the infrastructure is too protected by the military.

also, i think everyone should start stockpiling water and food.

c2ee60  No.11998334

File: f3d9446600f2392⋯.png (139.12 KB, 480x466, 240:233, 6768789uhghj.png)

d57ea5  No.11998340

Physics is fun

c2ee60  No.11998344

File: 9f1ce7fd4083460⋯.jpg (1.6 KB, 80x92, 20:23, 1533899625883s.jpg)


>kikes rule this world

hence the desperate damage control on a cambodian hentai board, eh shlomoh?

987e36  No.11998540




Very informative, thanks.

30eb20  No.11998582

If niggers start killing Whites by the tens of thousands, guaranteed.


>Killing every single nog in South Africa, attractive as it sounds, is an impossible task.

There's no absolutes in life but it is 2018. NBC options are available.

cf26b3  No.11998616


>Killing every single nog in South Africa

International intervention is the problem

See: Serbia

they were kicking ass until the UN carpet bombed everything they had

c1bd35  No.11998675

File: 04c35f3190f4ca2⋯.png (597.08 KB, 750x430, 75:43, farm.png)

File: c55c07a1991310d⋯.jpg (81.23 KB, 500x282, 250:141, nest.jpg)








>small plastic mines

Don't sprinkle them around your land, build a moat of mines, so that there's only one point of entry/exit.

That point should be guarded by a turret in a nest to mow down unwelcome guests.

f825cf  No.11998820

File: 55cdc8f76d0a835⋯.jpg (104.83 KB, 512x767, 512:767, aristocrat.jpg)

Why go there when we've got our own negroes here?

The battlefield is global.

Justice can be done anywhere in the world.

We also have others who are responsible. Other fugitives from natural law.

b34c76  No.11998860


Very likely

Also >>11996654

4pol is already deciphering the locations and how many are nearby jewish owned mines. We need to get on this aswell.


b34c76  No.11998866

File: 5cfdce43a8563b8⋯.png (763.72 KB, 626x476, 313:238, map of these farms.png)

File: 79a4b363838daf4⋯.png (205.21 KB, 1112x649, 1112:649, page 1 of the farms.png)

File: a209609471f28a8⋯.png (131.58 KB, 1094x655, 1094:655, page 2.png)

File: cbdfe1cd7fffc44⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1896x3504, 79:146, the future.png)



Fug forgot the pics

de27a9  No.11998915

File: eddf2d919779d18⋯.jpg (408.74 KB, 1280x994, 640:497, bases.jpg)


start at the farms.

for fucks sake, they are basically running their own security because the SAPS is such a joke. Get your dorito encrusted body to work and help them. Let the Boer know you have every intention of making sure they keep their lands. They talk over radio and find those kaffir murderers, so you can network from there.

de27a9  No.11998944

File: f2d29bfb44c8dcd⋯.png (173.24 KB, 1367x1511, 1367:1511, SouthAfricaOMC.png)


The Coloureds are also actuely aware of how the Bantu tribes view them as accomplices in apartheid.

The ones that arent high on meth (tik-tik as they call it) and arent trying to scrape by in a plummeting economy know that the ANC is coming for them eventually. And there is no right of return for them.

2120bc  No.11998963

File: 3b7de30a1eed5c5⋯.jpg (178.6 KB, 600x400, 3:2, EFF.jpg)


on one hand it'd be pretty cool to finally have a worthy cause to fight for

but on the other hand the white south africans are surrounded and i'll be damned if i drop out of college to die at the hand of some blacks in africa

something needs to/will be done though

50fff5  No.11999397


<what is the Freikorps you fucking nigger

50fff5  No.11999441


Dead journalists will have a difficulty in spreading lies.

987e36  No.11999935




Meant to be >>11943737

I know, I know, I felt like an idiot the moment I posted it. didn’t feel like deleting it though


>(tik-tik as they call it)

The more you know.

>coloureds might help because they are threatened

Odin willing.


That’s a quote.

7add45  No.11999958

how will orania fare in the coming racewar?

7add45  No.11999967


well if rhodesians had done a more thorough job we wouldnt have a nigger president would we have?

000000  No.12000028

Everybody needs to be careful that they are only volunteering to assist refugees and not waging war.

>18 U.S. Code § 960 - Expedition against friendly nation

>Whoever, within the United States, knowingly begins or sets on foot or provides or prepares a means for or furnishes the money for, or takes part in, any military or naval expedition or enterprise to be carried on from thence against the territory or dominion of any foreign prince or state, or of any colony, district, or people with whom the United States is at peace, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.


6a6602  No.12000127


You do realize at some point you're going to have people that will fight nigger hordes until they die as opposed to going to jail to be ass-raped by niggers forever, right? What the fuck is a law if you literally die.

55b1b2  No.12000285


Just work as private security for some company in the bush, there are plenty of them hiring. When shtf+0 comes along you'll be in the shit.

0f9fb0  No.12000484

File: cf059be0c17caa8⋯.mp4 (2.66 MB, 480x480, 1:1, laser-cnc'd denim.mp4)


>some C&C machines and start to manufacture or own receivers


You fucking burger. The N in CNC stands for Numerical, not "and".

4ca1b4  No.12000578


>simon Roche is a kike and a fed and probably a mason too, suidlanders is the very definition of control op

[citation needed]

>they sell false sense of security and half measures that will get many whites killed, serves them right for trusting a kike

[citation needed]

ur a faget

3767bc  No.12000627

how likely - i do not know. but what i am sure of is that me, european, and many of my close family and friends are going in whenever things spark and defend whites and give our life for it and purge niggers once and for all in OUR land. surely we can't be the only ones determined to do this but i bet that if any official group sets up it will be a trap to prevent all of us to go there and bring us to jewstice and jail. so organise between yourselves and people you trust. dont ever start something online nor something with people you dont know. i cant wait to finally fight for my race and dying in the battlefield with this purpose is the most glorious way to leave this world

de27a9  No.12001279

File: 64836411ec3f96d⋯.png (558.45 KB, 746x533, 746:533, 746px-Orange_River_basin_m….png)


im not going to tell you to drop out of uni and go fight in a war with a 10% chance of success

but every man counts, and i would be willing to fight until the last bullet with you

8e99c9  No.12001342


He still is an Afrikaner, he's just a cuck. Just like how there are whites in America that are cucks and soyboys.


Worse, the SAPS is thought to be complicit in the murders. https://archive.is/ZCKg8


I was about to post something similar. Things are going great for me and I would be a fool to throw that away. I also don't have military experience. i will spread memery throughout the land for the cause. I hope we can count on you to spread the message as well?


The best way to spread our message is to counter-signal and bring swing voters to our cause. If we are violent to left-wing outlets, it will 'prove' to them, leftists and swing voters that we are a violent band of hooligans. That's how the meme war was won in 2015-6


>coloureds helping

Don't forget that the Bantu Nation, the Tswana, had the most to lose after the fall of Apartheid. They had the wealthiest platinum mine in the world and actively exported food to Botswana and White South Africa.


They did all they could, but the Rhodesians were backstabbed by BJ Vorstermuch to the chagrin of Defence Minister, PW Botha and thus they had no choice in the matter.


Strangely, this is how many, if not all, Mujahideen who fought in Bosnia, escaped prosecution for this exact law. The President, Alija Izetbegovic, had set up an Islamic Charity Network where the El-Mudzhahid would operate firstly as a charity, then join in the fight as conventional as well as light infantry roles.

8e99c9  No.12001370


Simon Roche

>Former card-carrying member of the ANC

>Has a sex addiction issue and couldn't stop from fucking young black girls from Nigeria.

>Wants boers and other whites to evacuate from even the Cape and settle in the Orange Free State province, despite the better idea of people evacuating to the Cape where there's a fucking ocean nearby and isn't as densely populated by blacks.

>Operates as a charity in South Africa for, supposedly, whites yet other charities in South Africa for white people are banned or are under heavy scrutiny and regulations.

Care to add anything else? This was mentioned in several videos, two of which were by the Red Elephants (both were taken down) and once by History Reviewed by Jan (forgot last name). Can you give any reason as to why Roche would want whites to evacuate to an even more dangerous area than the Cape?


Because of the high likelyhood of infiltration et al, most insurgent groups start small and local. That of course, is for informational and educational purposes only, I'm not advocating one side or the other.

db47f8  No.12001613


>BJ Vorster

Read Ian Smith's Bitter Harvest. He talks about Vorster extensively. The guy was delusional and heavily influenced by (((Kissinger))). Vorster actually believed that he could negotiate with ZANU and ANC and that Mugabe would be a more willing negotiator than Smith. He was also obsessed with staying in power and going down in history as the man who lifted economic sanctions from SA. Kissinger used this to manipulate him into throwing Rhodesia under the bus, then "forgot" about all of his promises.

Had someone more foresightful and less egomaniacal than Vorster risen to power in that period instead, the situation today would be very, very different.

8e99c9  No.12001664


I've read both the original release and the secondary release of, it's actual title, "The Great Betrayal" which is one of the reasons why I wrote about Vorster and Botha (The latter who supported Smith and the Rhodesians) in the first place.

Thank you for writing accurately about the Journalists in both the East-bloc and the West. The latter being more damaging than the pravda outlets.

f73cf7  No.12001674


Is that a member of the IRA in that image?

They're Marxists, just so you know. They hate white pride and white nationalism.

a9e12d  No.12003167

File: 64eac808c6b4039⋯.gif (685.39 KB, 547x471, 547:471, LORD_PEPE.gif)




736f57  No.12003641

File: 33233eeb9ae59d1⋯.jpg (7.98 KB, 400x292, 100:73, broken wojak.jpg)

File: ea099c47f86f4ea⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 2576x1648, 161:103, the map oc.jpg)


Hi guys, young saffer here with nothing to look forward to in life besides emigrating and suiciding from chronic depression of losing my country and seeing millions of my volk get raped to death, so I'm ready to go out with a bang or genocide all of Africa, either way I'd be satisfied. I've given up on trying to be reasonable, I've played the centrist all my life but I realize now these subhumans are out to screw me over one way or another.

Anyway, before we do anything let me make one thing clear with a full disclaimer, what I'm about to say is totally just something I'd like to do in minecraft rolepay.

Now consider a few things; the SANDF will just disband once the government can't pay their salaries anymore. Everyone in it (about 40 000 in the army) are volunteer force nigs just looking for income. They aren't loyal to the ANC or any higher idea. They're low moral asf and get torn apart in the congo during peace keeping on a regular basis. Their officers are 50% female because the ANC is somehow also cucked by marxist gender ideas and they're all fatass MK veterans that can't do shit. All our equipment is rusted 80s gear and the SANDF has made it public that they have serious logistical problems that they won't be able to use any of their vehicles sufficiently in any type of conflict.

The main enemy will be random black militias forming out of the blue, armed with whatever they could steal from army bases (Cape Town Army base has been robbed twice by gangs that just hold the soldiers at gunpoint) or police stations (which also get robbed a lot here).

There are dozens of white militias working in this country but staying underground after a lot of them were hunted down in the early 2000s and late 90s. I've spoken to their members, they're very level headed and know it's all about waiting for the right time and activating the sleepers when it's the best opportunity to do so. I've been invited to train at their camps which I originally thought was a meme, (growing with the libshit idea that these were obscure nutcase places). They are in fact highly organised and manned by former hardline members of the Volksfront. You won't find this info out in the open somewhere, they don't write this shit down, it's all passed around orally.

Liberal whites that live in places like Cape Town heavily control both english and afrikaans media and always attempt to give the impression they're the majority when it is in fact not the case. Most whites vote DA just because they're used to the old system of voting where voting for small parties meant your vote didn't count. Whites here are actually a lot more right wing than most might think we are. There's a tiny ivory tower filled with these whites who are beginning to realize how screwed we are, but the rest knew this was coming after Zuma was elected 10 years ago. Since then there's been a lot of preparation. Trust me on this.

The ANC government does not have an advance intelligence service tracking right wingers online or in the media, they only find right wing extremists if they do something stupid like make it very obvious they're making bombs or planning to assassinate someone, usually due to anonymous tip offs. Afaik AWB is dead, but there are other militias everywhere and the ANC is extremely, extremely EXTREMELY scared of them and what they might do. So much so even Malema of the EFF employs a white security guard because he doesn't trust his own black comrades to be as honorable as a white man.

If any of you plan on coming here I'd say a few things. Either wait until things go Syria tier here and then visit a neighboring country with basic hunting gear for a typical safari (and then slip over the border) or come to South Africa with absolutely nothing and be a sleeper cell hoping he gets armed by right wingers when the time comes.


736f57  No.12003646

File: d6f300e542fc1a5⋯.jpg (49.32 KB, 590x350, 59:35, merc.jpg)

File: cbdfe1cd7fffc44⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1896x3504, 79:146, the future.png)


The first option imo is better since then at least you can bring something like an elephant gun and then slip over the border with a weapon that you can use along with some other buddies to overrun our army bases and police stations that are guarded by pussies, and then grab a real gun like an automatic. The second option is all about getting contacts and just being relaxed entirely when you travel here and wait. You must not plan to bring anything like a gun then because then you are traveling directly to South Africa and you should not act overly edgy that any government organisations notice a large amount of suspicious individuals entering the country. Just be a normal dude renting an apartment for a few months here if you feel things are going from lukewarm to a boil, then spring to action and try to get armed somehow via friends you've made here (not even necessarily ultra right wing ones, right of center whites will just band together when shtf). Also note that a friend of mine joined a RNB meeting with someone, and RNB say at best there are about 120 000 people (OF ALL RACES) regardless of passports that have the ability to leave the country if SHTF. Just the financial ability to pack up and leave at will. 4.5 million whites here will either have to fight or die.

Do not underestimate the importance of allying with coloureds, indians and any 3rd party black ethnic group (like the Zulus) that have a history of being anti ANC. Yeah sure I know everyone on these sites like to have a dick measuring contest on who's the edgiest and most anti jew/nigger national socialist but that won't get you far IRL when you're balls to the wall and need allies. Even the Rhodesian army was like 60% based black man so minimally do not bring your windmill flags (yet). That comes later once the civil war is over and we can just clear the continent of all non whites from Cape Agulhas to the equator.

>So what can I bring then if I go option 2 and become a sleeper cell?

Everything non-military that a hiker would bring, you do the math, it's just about anything a soldier would need BUT weapons. DO NOT bring weapons if you want to be a sleeper cell. Again if you go option 1 you have to wait until unrest here reaches critical mass, travel to a neighboring country with the story of going on a safari with your elephant gun and then you slip over the border armed and ready.

>How do the Boers even win?

I can't say how whites will form up for frontlines on their own since we're spread everywhere, but I know how a volunteer legion can wreck absolute havoc on South Africa and create a white isis. And we only need 800-1000 soldiers to pull this off. If we occupy the road leading from Ludertiz to Upington (8 hour drive distance) then we can push from there and start a country wide rebellion through sheer escalation. I myself fear that ANC will try a slow boil like Zimbabwe did (even though I think Boers are more short tempered than the few Rhodies that were left in the early 2000s) so we need to just occupy the towns there, storm their police stations and declare the ANC illegitimate and violating basic rights so that we can start the crusade. I'm modeling this on how the Free Syrian Army (I'm pro Assad just FYI) really kicked off the Syrian civil war when it just declared they're forming and occupying cities.

In this region the towns are sparely populated, terrain is wide fucking open and its very far away from army bases that will have a hard time keeping their shit fueled.

Now I'm going to drop my Telegram username here since that shit is actually locked tighter than you think, encrypted and everything is stored in Russia, CIA can't get their hands on me and I don't really care since I'm just a minecraft player in South Africa who just explained to you my minecraft roleplay server. If you want to discuss more of this minecraft nonsense I discussed in this entire piost, download Telegram messenger and contact @witbaard.

I will not disclose who I am on the Telegram and neither should you reveal anything about yourselves on this Telegram chat, it's simply a form of networking and we should never disclose exactly what we're doing on it. Keeps minecraft interesting.

But ja, there's my two cents, see you space cowboys.



5d68e7  No.12003681

File: f84fc416d956155⋯.webm (10.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, George Lincoln Rockwell -….webm)

I'll be kept busy in the states for probably close to a year, but after that anything goes really. If white South Africa still exists at that point you might have another body. It'd be the dream to start a family and have some land, anywhere works.

0b9b91  No.12004124



Good posts. Everyone read these.


We may need to pose as charity workers, go to Namibia then pick up guns and begin fighting. Charity is a good cover for Rebel volunteers

dbe508  No.12004165


How could someone from overseas fund this? I have too many obligations here, but am liquid.

5aa588  No.12004578


Cover may not be necessary, literal children were making it to Syria to join ISIS as late as last year all by themselves, Africa's borders are likely even more porous, anyone wanting to engage in humanitarian efforts has just gotta be smart about it.


Crypto maybe? Plebbit has been feeding starving Venezuelans with air dropped wallets.

b34c76  No.12004600


In the Telegram chat >>12003646 we're setting up a Swiss bank account. Sounds like a joke but we are.

a9d9ad  No.12004648


>Everyone in it (about 40 000 in the army) are volunteer force nigs just looking for income

the military will always be payed, they just inflate the money as they do it in the states + they have the world bank as main supporter of the genocide.

>All our equipment is rusted 80s gear and the SANDF has made it public that they have serious logistical problems that they won't be able to use any of their vehicles sufficiently in any type of conflict.

its good to hear that minecraft has logistical problems

>They are in fact highly organised and manned by former hardline members of the Volksfront. You won't find this info out in the open somewhere, they don't write this shit down, it's all passed around orally.

consider deleting this post, dont dox the good guys - if you cant delete it - report yourself.


think about what you are good at and go to south africa and work with that, maybe you can apply for a job online or per phone calls.

>beginning to realize how screwed we are

when conditioned enough they wont even realize it when they get lined up against the wall.

>. So much so even Malema of the EFF employs a white security guard because he doesn't trust his own black comrades to be as honorable as a white man.

thats bretty funny

>If any of you plan on coming here I'd say a few things.

ive thought about it but i have big plans for my own country, its something that wont be done without me.


if you are planning this, make sure to create a hunting background in your country.


indians are national socialists - google it.

malema incites hatred against indians - you should DEFINITELY get good conctacts with the indians - indians are the good guys.

>making allies

ensure every ethnic group to get their own land with their own gov after the war. this will be good for both sides.

>road leading from Ludertiz to Upington (8 hour drive distance)

take in consideration that most of the land grabs are currently happening in the east, whatever that means for you.


telegram is a pretty bad choice security wise - and dont ever use your phone or ip with this.

try to bring the chat to more secure options.

>hard time keeping their shit fueled.

they will bring ships with petrolium

a9d9ad  No.12004676


while i think its great that people want to support this, be careful with people offering money, nr 1 trick in the cia niggers book, both sides be as careful as possible

b34c76  No.12004680


Telegram has end to end encryption. Your IP is hidden.

6ca937  No.12004807

I'm sure some would, but not a significant number. You can't expect people to go from our way of life to that on a whim. It probably wouldn't even make it into the hundreds. The people who'd be most willing to help them will typically be the people least financially able to.

736f57  No.12005975



btw Tox shows your IP to everyone, NEVER use it

02f142  No.12007946



1. https://www.change.org/p/jean-claude-juncker-allow-all-white-south-africans-the-right-to-return-to-europe

2. https://www.change.org/p/citizens-of-south-africa-goverment-of-sa-must-help-family-s-that-is-left-without-income-in-farm-attacks

3. https://www.change.org/p/donald-j-trump-genocide-of-whites-in-south-africa

4. https://www.change.org/p/the-secretary-general-of-the-united-nations-end-farm-murders-in-south-africa

5. https://www.change.org/p/supreme-high-court-genocide-in-south-africa

6. https://www.change.org/p/australian-government-accept-white-south-african-refugees-to-australia?expired_session=true

7. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immigration-priority-south-african-farmers-facing-systematic-land-confiscations-and-murder


1. https://afriforum.co.za/

2. https://www.youtube.com/user/afriforum

3. https://www.facebook.com/AfriForumNasionaal/

4. AfriForum (@afriforum) | Twitter

5. Admin@afriforum.co.za


1. https://solidariteit.co.za/en/

2. https://www.youtube.com/user/Solidariteitsa

3. https://www.facebook.com/solidariteit

4. Solidariteit (@solidariteit) | Twitter

5. Service@solidarity.co.za



*Petition the following embassies in Writing, Email, Person, Phone, Twitter, Facebook & Indigenous Social Media: Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japan, Austrailian, Poland, Hungarian, Czech, Slovokia, Romania embassies / Trump, his entire extended family, Cabinet & friendly known close associates / twitter embassy campaign / http://www.sabona.com.au/articles_detail.ews?articles_detail.ewdid=389 /

*Location of the white Ghettos/Townships and devise methods of getting supplies, survival and networking info to them.

1. Munsieville

2. Blikkiesdorp

3. Diepsloot

4. Freedom Park, North West

5. Joe Slovo, Cape Town

6. Kennedy Road, Durban

7. Kya Sands, Johannesburg

8. QQ Section

9. Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers

10. Wallacedene

11. Khayelitsha

12. Delft

*Church Outreach & Coordination of international relief efforts.

*Never Forget - Getting the life stories of the Boer, and documenting the transgressions against them for posterity, and so that no one will be able to deny.

*Find Friendly South African Media Corespondents.

*Crowdfund Relief / Evacuation Efforts:

Picking the ideal platforms & finding someone impartial, untainted with controversy, trustworthy with money, loyal to the cause to run it and execute delivery of the funds. Bill Warner, Stefan Molynuex & Kevin J. Johnson are some of the top names I can think of that best meet all the qualifications.

*Make this the central issue of the next flier campaign, perhaps consider using anti-abortion type shock imagery tactics.

*Highlight Pro's:

1. White, Dutch heritage, good genetic stock.

2. Hardworking, grateful, and woke on Race.

3. Not Baizhua, "White Left", Hardened.

4. Anyone making moves in Africa would do well to have generational Afrikaners who know the people, the mentality, the land, etc.

5. Due to racism, numerous highly qualified specialty workers have been laid off, much to S.A. detriment.

6. High number of farmers among the legitimate Afrikaner refugees and asylum seekers, a needed commodity by every nation.

7. They will not complain about lack of Western style liberties after escaping Ethnic Cleansing.

8. Chinese farmer family youth leaving to big cities, posing a future farming issue, which can be mitigated by generational S.A. farmers.

*Con's To Mitigate & Alleviate:

1. Costs

2. Employment concerns

3. Crime concerns

*Content Creator Merchandise and Service Charity Raffle.

Digital designer's services.

Live tour with profits going to Boer Fund.

We need to hear from all their fans, send emails to CCs (content creators), who own or run large venues capable of hosting these events, and sympathetic to the Boer, willing the give a generous discount on venue rental in favor of maximizing charitable proceeds.

02f142  No.12007950


1. http://www.theunshackled.net/rundown/lets-accept-persecuted-white-south-africans-to-australia/

2. https://www.quora.com/Accepting-white-south-African-and-white-Namibian-refugees

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6. https://suidlanders.org/

7. https://helpendehand.co.za/

8. http://www.radiofreesouthafrica.com/

9. http://www.safrpsa.org/

10. https://why-we-are-white-refugees.blogspot.com/

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12. http://www.orania.co.za



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2. https://mega.co.nz/#F!cdYimS4Z!xQ3sDOgYC_JmUw8u


1. http://www.github.com/malkovich/bibanon/wiki/Collections/Raw-Data-Archives/1000-Tutorials/1000-Tutorials.7z

2. https://www.archive.is/bPoq0



2. MAKE MAGAZINE - ALL VOLUMES No. 1-33 - https://www.archive.org/details/MakeMagazineAllVolumesNo.133

3. SURVIVAL - https://www.archive.org/details/Survival_201601

4. SURVIVAL FILES BE PREPARED - https://www.archive.org/details/SurvivalFilesLibraryBePrepared

5. SURIVIVAL DOWNLOADS - https://www.archive.org/details/SurvivalDownloads

6. https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=5cFD5hbQUGg

7. http://www.survival-manual.com/substances.php

9665ca  No.12008112


Likely depending on what the more active groups now are thinking. My best guess is to enter looking like a tourist while finding a way to get your material in another way. Entering for business reasons might also work.

Probable link up with Suidlanders or Jan Lamprecht's group or some NS/Fascist group that is an IronMarch child that is either planning an op or is based in South Africa.

As for goals, find a way to get a good chunk of the country into Boer only hands. Probably use it as a means to start a Whitopia. In that case, it will be a one way trip for a good chunk of young men, as they'll want to get involved in the formation of a new homeland for White South Africans.

8e99c9  No.12009318



You need to sift through these pieces of info better. Suidlanders are a shill organisation and the petition for the return of white farmers to Europe is out of the question. Did you bother looking through these before you posted them?


Jan Lamprecht called out Simon Roche as being hypocritical and most likely a shill when both were interviewed by Cantwell.

570601  No.12009389


I have a question for you.

You say

>visit a neighboring country with basic hunting gear for a typical safari (and then slip over the border)

but looking at a map of SA, White areas are not near the border. So if I were to do this in minecraft, how would I link up with my server without being intercepted by hostile mobs?

97c233  No.12009792


There would probably several hundred to a few thousand volunteers, maybe. To me, it wouldn't be a war, but simply conflict until full evacuation. Engage the enemy just long enough to get everyone out of their, and into Europe and back home. The problem is, white people have already been declared enemies of the global establishment, so as soon as everyone gets back home (if they even survive) they'll be declared racists, terrorists, etc, and will be promptly imprisoned.


Exactly this. South Africa will simply be a taste of what is to come in the future for white people outside of Europe.

8bc67e  No.12010949


Nowhere will take them if they leave.

904244  No.12011065

File: 568aa1f5e5715ec⋯.png (608.51 KB, 498x497, 498:497, byzantine_to_the_moon.png)



If the /boers/ can hold out until Christmas, I've finally secured a source of funding and means of production for the bodyarmor I've been working on. armoranon here I fully intend to be sending Christmas presents. I will be making armor for another /pol/ approved project aimed at fucking with Turkey, though at first the armor for that project will be solely for propaganda reasons, it will be just as functional, and allow me to send aid to the boers.

5c8674  No.12011083


Gather as many articles of white genocide in south africa and prepare to flood any place talking about them when the time comes.

904244  No.12011328


The time is already here.

0b9b91  No.12011923


How do you visit another country with hunting gear? I can’t imagine getting hunting stuff on a plane.

e7a2d2  No.12011967


anon said that it is possible to hunt with your own gear from Europe, but my guess is that your story will have to match

6759b5  No.12012142


>Nowhere will take them if they leave.

Its because they always try to do it legally rather than just showing up.

97334a  No.12012468

c262a2  No.12013059


Could accept Monero only. Can't be traced and cashing it out or using it shouldn't be too sus since there's already a reasonably large XMR presence in ZA.

f9afcf  No.12013072


monero can be traced if it works like bitcoin, unless you take additional steps which normies would never take

c262a2  No.12013078


It doesn't work like bitcoin, it's a different code base (not a fork) but retains the basic principles that bitcoin proved work like PoW. It is by far the most respected "privacy" coin by knowledgeable people like bitcoin devs and it is popular on the dark web because it works.

c262a2  No.12013083


It's private by default. No extra steps. The wallet can be a little tricky for beginners but there are ways to use it that are easy too.

c262a2  No.12013087


In fact privacy is mandatory. This makes it fungible which is more important for money than most people realize.


97c233  No.12013900


False, the nation of Georgia actually had a kind of refuge program for Afrikanners who want to work in agriculture in peace.

87e539  No.12013994

If you're being serious, it's a good idea to learn some important keywords in Afrikaans. I don't think that the nogs there speak it. So, learn direction and military lingo in Afrikaans. Use ham radio in the country to let people know what's up. There's also that small white nation state outside of Johann that would probably welcome the help.

b5abe1  No.12014014


How would I get my fear from Europe? I don’t live there

b5abe1  No.12014030

6a9092  No.12014046


Suidlanders want to flee. their basic doctrine is one of run away and not fight. Their stance and method will get all of the whites in SA killed.

87e539  No.12014050


you could possibly ship it, right?

1d35c4  No.12014319


>tfw you romanticize going down there but then remember you fucking hate 90+ degree weather

I wish I was more like brazillIan whites or people adjusted to heat, maybe I can give money and supplies though.

97c233  No.12014341


>I'd consider saving my race and people as long as it's, like, ugh, a little cooler

Go fuck yourself.

db47f8  No.12014903


Quite a few kafs speak Afrikaans.

9f2ae8  No.12015066

File: f8b72e941560b2f⋯.png (1.94 MB, 3561x1933, 3561:1933, SA military bases.png)


So does Russia and Australia. In no case will moving be cost free and the best estimates I have seen so far is that ~500k have the capacity and support to emigrate legally. That leaves at least four million whites and that same numbered of colored who will be subject to the new ANC policy of starvation.


As long as Simon Roche is involved with suidlanders I won't be having a thing to do with it. That man is a weasly kike as ever I have seen and definitely lacks the moral fiber necessary to win a war against 10:1 odds. If he is allowed to organize suidlander military ops when the time comes, they will be guaranteed the same treatment as the poor kids in Azov batt.

b5abe1  No.12015080


Where could I ship it to? In case of war they probably wouldn’t allow shipments to suspicious white men in a war zone in SA.

0536e3  No.12015253

File: cdec9536bd9b020⋯.jpg (73.97 KB, 778x612, 389:306, 1262969554595.jpg)


>brazillIan whites

c262a2  No.12017328


South Africa has the best weather in the world. It rarely gets above 90 and that's not even hot you pussy bitch.

3c2b40  No.12017807

File: 81f5a003d4192e8⋯.png (461.54 KB, 980x418, 490:209, ee0c565b5ddf3ed4dfcc5675a3….png)


>Simon Roche

>they will be guaranteed the same treatment as the poor kids in Azov batt.

Who is this guy, and what do you mean?

f20b11  No.12017912

I'm sure congress would make it illegal. Just like how they make anything other than being a cog in the system illegal.

9f2ae8  No.12019229

File: 6b6fb23b633657c⋯.jpg (63.21 KB, 600x600, 1:1, (((simon roche))).jpg)


The textbook definition of a crypto jew:

>watches apartheid end

>joins the ANC and promotes ANC policy including the disenfranchisement of whites

>after many years he "realizes" that anc policies are leading to a civil war and white genocide

>worms his way into suidlanders, a nation wide disaster prep/militia organization formed of white farmers which he is now the head of

>travels around the world talking about the situation in SA, how he was a former ANC member and how only in the last couple years have things gone bad.

>fails to identify farm murders as the political violence which they are and organize adequate response.

As for Azov consider the following

>clankening in Ukraine happens

>CIA supports jewish oligarchs who take power

>crimea says fuck that and with the support of Russia secedes

>jewish oligarchs in Ukraine start nat soc organizations like Azov battalion who then get sent to the slaughter against other whites rather than the very jews which run ukraine under the guise of false nationalism (ie russia stole our land).

My point is suilanders is a compromised organization until it jumps the shark and names the jew. If it doesn't, when civil war comes, Roche will show his loyalty yet again and likely deploy suidlanders against a false enemy, most likely those legitimately willing to kill anyone in the way of white survival in southern Africa.

21e0da  No.12019275


This. If you're helping South Africans, you're helping jews. It was the south africans that gave jews nuclear weapons.

332ce8  No.12019307


>arming the hordes of communist niggers in order to save them from the "racist boers"

100% chance

db47f8  No.12019366

File: a30593fd66311bc⋯.png (114.95 KB, 382x300, 191:150, 1431573436563.png)

014394  No.12019410


It’s already illegal. People still do it. Americans have managed to go over to the Middle East without the government in the Syria War; and journalists get in with militias over there often. Point is, we should still try, and posing as journalists may be a good cover

904244  No.12019672



GTFO you worthless shills. Everyone can spot you a mile away.

6fd7dc  No.12020042


the war is global dude

we're gonna have people all over the place

maybe even in antartica

e2e175  No.12020253



<don't help the south africans because we need a communist revolution.

>a green cloud

0b9b91  No.12021199

File: 4f28077a044f2bb⋯.jpeg (525.78 KB, 987x853, 987:853, E2CEE9E4-E9D1-45A3-88C6-6….jpeg)

Anyone want to get Mike Hoare to help?

0b9b91  No.12021274

Just putting it out there that if feminists and communists can successfully link up and fight with Rojava, there is no excuse for us not being able to link up with South African militias.

97c233  No.12021290


Kurds are supported by US CIA and are considered allies by the US. The Afrikanners will be considered worse than ISIS, most likely.

0b9b91  No.12021455


Disregard what I just wrote here. I mean Neal Ellis. Neall Ellis is just the guy the Boers need to win this war.


Still no excuse for us to sit back and hope fr war while soyboys and women go to fight, even posting their battle stuff on twitter as propaganda while they do it.

d1c10f  No.12021506


what a hero, heil!

5bf1f8  No.12021525


Need GI bill or police past.

8bc67e  No.12021841


I wouldn't expect much from the police in an actual war.

8e99c9  No.12022145


I think >>12021525 meant that volunteer's would need a background of either military or law enforcement, which is retarded, because how would you explain how AQ and IS have so many insurgents? It doesn't take very long to train a conventional soldier or insurgent. Why would it be different for this case scenario?

45afe2  No.12022224


Saffers can’t afford to screen for military or police background. They’ll have to take who comes as long as they’re deemed fit to fight:

8e99c9  No.12022328


That's exactly right. I should have made that point earlier on. Btw, an insurgency doesn't need all fighters, it needs it's mechanics, intelligence, engineers, doctors, nurses, radiocom men, financiers et al like every other organisation. I think the person posting that is either a COD larper or a shill, take your pic.

45afe2  No.12022488


Yeah the Saffers need expertise. That’s why I suggested Neall Ellis: helicopter pilot who has always had successful missions and has his own mercenaries. We need men in the air too. I’m sure a lot of blue collar farm boys could help with much of the behind the scenes work in the Boer army.

570601  No.12022642


I'm afraid you misunderstand me. By "armor" I'm talkking about armored vehicles. Tanks, APCs, and self propelled artillery.

It's possible to wage a conventional war without armored vehicles. But it's not easy.

We all know that niggers are not first rate warriors. Maybe they were great at fighting in a stone age setting. But in technological war, they are second rate soldiers.

So we can envision a few dozen White men operating in a disciplined unit under a competent officer overwhelming far superior unit of African footsoldiers in the bush.

However, if these African foot soldiers also have tanks and M551 Sheridans, then White forces will take much more casualties.

This is not good because our numbers are small and our enemies, historically have developed their tactics around the quantity model.

One of the things that made ISIS so deadly early on was the fact that they managed to aquire armor from the cowardly Iraqi army. This put them on parity with conventional forces in Syria, Iraq, and Turkey.

It was their defeats at Kobane, South Iraq, and Palmyra and the constant air attacks that depleted their armored vehicles to the point where the Iraqi army regained an advantage.

We see in the second Battle of Mosul how ISIS was defeated in large part because their enemy had armored vehicles and they did not.

That's when things got desperate for them and they collapsed.

570601  No.12022652



Still, I applaud your efforts to build a new body armor. And I wish you luck in fucking with the Turks.

Watch your back. Turks are devious bastards. They are cruel and capable warriors. There is a reason why they managed to push into Europe more than any other race up until recently.

4d9461  No.12022838


I would go

7bda91  No.12022859


I would very much like more comprehensive info on this. 'Based chinks' like to exploit animosity towards blacks and jews to direct attention away from their own jewy subversion.

904244  No.12023462


Thanks anon.

>the reason the managed to push into europe

Was bad political relationships between the rest of Europe during the end of the middle ages. The manpower could've easily been assembled, but petty squabbling left Constantine with a mere 7000 troops to defend against 50,000-70,000 turkroaches, supported with siege weapons PURCHASED FROM EUROPE! They still held out for over a month, and fought to the last man.


The tech is getting pretty good at this point. The composite is easily 4x as tough as what I used in the initial prototype, the failure that compromised the integrity between layers has been fixed, and with better ie, more expensive materials I should be able to reduce the weight in half, to something actually practical. The hardest part will just be re-learning what our ancestors mastered, which is the actual fitting of it to allow for full mobility.

>wish me luck

I'll need more than just luck. I'll need the support of my fellow /pol/ack in the coming meme war that gets this started. To hell with it, we're launching a cryptocurrency with the specific objective of paying out incentives to shitposters. I've managed to assure a fund of several hundred thousand to go directly to /pol/acks to reward them for shitposting against the turks. The objective is to piss off Erdogan enough that he publicly acknowledges the project, which will generate media attention for the currency, which with maximum autism, is announced as the new coin of the Empire, with funds going to me for creating equipment for 'knights' to defend protesters that harass erdogan and other roaches, and to an NGO to shitpost right to the government to demand harsh treatment for the turkroaches. I intend to spend any profit I make from this to supply a more practical and less flashy version of the same equipment to the boers and others who fight for our volk.

0b9b91  No.12024421

You guys should just build more maneuverable killdozers. They’d be like modern Hussite war wagons >>12022642

5b16a5  No.12025842


Contact me>>12003646

8bc67e  No.12026044


Speaking of which, what are the chances of an outside power enforcing a No Fly Zone over SA?

62c3d1  No.12026054


>Did you know they own about 45 properties located literally outside American military bases

Wow a whole 45 properties around the hundreds of American military bases?

4fe1e8  No.12027766

A version of The Crippled Eagles for South Africa would be fantastic.

ba94a7  No.12027794


>The list goes on and on.

They learned from the soviet unions mistake. Not having a manufacturing base.

70df16  No.12027806




>British Govt Appears to BACK ‘Land Reforms’ Aimed at Dispossessing South Africa’s White Minority

cb5391  No.12028006



>not air power

Armor is a bitch to air power in open ground. There would be no point in having armor if it can be easily destroyed by air assets, as ISIS learned. The real impediment to irregular warfare in SA is the barren landscape and lack of cover. Air and armor have greatly reduced effect in jungle and forests.

What is really needed to bring parity to the Boers against SADF and their potential foreign allies are things like SAMs and ATGMs. MANPADS are also very good to have, and will be necessary in killing large amounts of troops as its very likely helicopters will be used to ferry troops like in Iraq/Afgan. As of right now, the Boer's have none of this.


>Mortars, anti-aircraft weapons, and armor take serious industry

In order:


Piss easy to make m8. Tube with a nail at the bottom pointed upwards at an ark. Mortar shells are a little harder, but can still be made easily.

<AA weapons

MANPADS like the Blowpipe and Starstreak should be within the average team of engineers and machinists capabilities to make. MCLOS guidance systems are relatively simple. As to their effect, you would need lots of practice in order to hit anything.


Killdozer is the most used example, but something like a monstro or mobile pillbox counts as well. Besides you don't want heavy armor because its airstrike bait.


Quassam series and mortars. You could even you small rocket pods like the Libyans did.


Yasin and RPG-2 derivatives in general. Bigger stuff is much more difficult to engineer I agree.


Amateur rockets with the addition of a basic C&C suite. Think RaspberryPi hooked up to servos that manipulate the control surfaces. Unfortunately, they would need to be hooked to sophisticated shit like radar in order to hit anything beyond line of sight.

The real issue with most of your guerrillas is that the type of person who can make or help make these things don't usually join armed groups. Their knowledge is used to provide them gainful employment instead.

70df16  No.12028121

What is the realistic % probability of a white uprising? This thread seems like a fantasy.

904244  No.12030384


Rudolf will guide me where I need to go.

904244  No.12030412



Why haven't you mentioned laser dazzlers as a stop-gap measure? Regardless, the objective of partisans should be to destroy their enemy's supply lines. If they can't fuel the jets and armor, it stays where it is.


No shit, they're the ones who engineered this whole mess from the very start.

710df3  No.12032209

Bump. The farm thefts have begun.


70df16  No.12032516

Hope SA whites organizing rebellion now. Seems like clock is ticking.

d63fd0  No.12034867


>Bump. The farm thefts have begun.

Seems like a test just to see what the white reaction will be.

How many SA whites live on these farm lands?

If they're kicked off is there any unused land around to make due in the meantime or is this the only source of food?

9ab470  No.12034880


SA has no real Air Force to speak of. It’s basically pickup trucks and machine guns mixed with some decent armored personnel carriers.

d63fd0  No.12034978

File: bf68636ab575989⋯.mp4 (254.98 KB, 640x368, 40:23, Neal Collins - Africa fall….mp4)

97c233  No.12035001


Is he talking about leaves?

cb5391  No.12035014


SANDF may not have a large airforce, but its foregin allies do. And what the SANDF airforce does possess can fuck up infantry based insurgent groups easily.

I would encourage you to get educated on the rest of their equipment as well. Advanced MRAPs, tanks and wheeled gun systems along with a decent amount of AA and artillery. These are not pickups and a few APCs.

d63fd0  No.12035126


>Is he talking about leaves?

Hes talking about chinks.

e11351  No.12035189



>Earlier this month, cattle farmer Jo-an Engelbrecht told the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent his farm just outside Johannesburg was now “worth zero”.

>“We had several auctions in the last two or three weeks cancelled because there was no people interested in buying the land,” he said. “Why would you buy a farm to know the government’s going to take it?”

If they are going to leave and get nothing then they need to burn every building to the ground and salt the fields. Leave the nogs with nothing.

97c233  No.12035307


Same difference

e19359  No.12036017

Would be good training for when the battle us in USA and Europe

000000  No.12036248



>persuade the sheeple about the white genocide in SA.

There is no reporting about ZA in Europe.

The thing the Saffer need most is getting word out by sympathetic journalists. MSM is not reporting so own blogs news site have to do.

This, financing and organizing that, is more important than some armchair warrior dreaming of becoming Rambo.



>connected to China, it just makes sense that they would eliminate their only real opponent in the area by bribing dumb nigs, then chase nigs into the west to fuck up the west further,

Yeah it is (((China))), who else? Here in Europe we have increased shilling by MSM and politicians for nigger invasion, mainstream parties are positioning niggers in as many important positions as possible only limited by available man power.

Those media and politicians are intimately connected to the USA for 50 years. I guess the (((Chinese))) rule the USA like they rule Hollywood.

904244  No.12036387


And who the fuck is going to fly and maintain any of those aircraft? Niggers?

6fd7dc  No.12036550


>SANDF may not have a large airforce, but its foregin allies do.

I wonder who will join in to genocide whites in SA

Thier involvement will needs to be disabled too

this war is likely to go global then

b2136d  No.12036610


Sorry but it's too late to save SA like this.

9ff09a  No.12042489


Wait, so niggers are already betraying each other before the fight?


So what is basically happening is that China is gonna take over most of the interesting areas of Apefrica and they'll make it easier on themselves by having niggers give them intel on the national situation and its citizens via social media?

a75ad8  No.12042502


>Why? I am not going there.

9eb643  No.12043241


kek, godspeed anon!

dbc27d  No.12043929

I've been in the joint and I would willingly die for my race in any part of Europe.

The thing is, this is fuckin Africa. The whole continent is filled with full blown negros and sandnegros. We would be surrounded by the enemy, the weather wouldn't be in our favor and nothing else would cope.

IMHO, Afrikaaners should go back to Europe and let the negros rot in their own shit, because they don't even know how to farm properly. And the same should be the case for every white living in a non-white country/not in Europe.

996778  No.12044751

South African partisans and resistance fighters: please post up to date organisations which we should contact in order to get active. Many volunteers just need a plane ticket and food when we get there. We would gladly fight for free.

861624  No.12044769


this tbh

use irc instead

3aefd1  No.12044851


> We would be surrounded by the enemy,

Which means we can fire in any direction.

> the weather wouldn't be in our favor

SA has mild weather since its surrounded by ocean and it occasionally snows there.

000000  No.12048769

Looks like Trump might be sending in some bombs of peace soon.

904244  No.12050939


>the joint

Who the fuck calls it that? This is a damned LARP you leftypol faggot.



We're looking good for launching by the end of the month.



Only if on a VPN. IRC is pretty much unsecured, though at least it's not automatically controlled by the opposition.


All he has to do is say the word "GENOCIDE" to the UN. That's all he fucking has to do. Hopefully the recent message about investigating the issue, means he's planning to have a report made so he can do just that, and force the entire UN to recognize this as genocide.

904244  No.12050948


Also should point out, this faggot can't even say the word NIGGER.

5c8674  No.12059096


SA's gonna need at least a few Neall Ellises to straighten things out.

And also a couple of Troy Hurtubise's "bear fighter" suits.

5c8674  No.12059125

File: 9503053ad1a841d⋯.png (332.27 KB, 750x422, 375:211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d64c47836267de1⋯.png (299.61 KB, 439x360, 439:360, ClipboardImage.png)



Troy Hurtubise has made strides in the way of personal body armor that can withstand direct truck impacts, beatings with 2x4s and bats, etc.

bc8c06  No.12059207


>they don't even know how to farm properly

This time around it isn't about farming, its about the minerals underneath. Nogs will starve no matter how many farmers stick around.

904244  No.12073882


It's massive, clumsy, and restricts motion of the arms… Can he even operate a weapon in that?

4af143  No.12074169

File: 804238fab1e5921⋯.png (505.23 KB, 657x832, 657:832, f2cab69f27ab29672972678ca3….png)


Removed Black Sun autism.

d88667  No.12074181


Why is /leftypol/ larping so unsubtle?

9f2ae8  No.12074184

File: b722dd9591322ad⋯.jpg (367.04 KB, 1600x1329, 1600:1329, hero1.jpg)


neck yourself. It's not about the odds, it is about vengeance and honor. The fights comes regardless.

6edfed  No.12074217

File: b343d5793636eeb⋯.jpg (68.65 KB, 900x599, 900:599, ol2p5wzpq1i01.jpg)



I'd rather take a bullet on the principle of defending my people, just so that when the people of the future, regardless of victory or failure, will know we weren't all cowards, we weren't all traitors through negligence.

I'm deeply considering making an oath to myself about fighting for the Boer in South Africa. I'm merely considering the conditions upon which must be met. I live an extremely comfortable and safe life and I can easily pay my way into South Africa and escape my life of decadence. But it scares me, so that's why I would make an oath, I'll live up to my own oath, I won't live up to a vague idea of wanting to 'fight for my people'.

I think the conditions would be that I not have a family to support (currently met). Be fighting fit (currently met) and that the Boer must have drawn up a front line, or even a determined insurgency, not just some street gangs or Waco Sieges.

With all three met I will recruit any friends I can, sell my possessions, travel to Botswana, equip as best I can and get playing on that Minecraft Server

70ff81  No.12074264

File: bd590a649e0f3da⋯.png (989.7 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 725B998C-F482-4166-99A4-04….png)


>My name is Troy FemDom

>welcome to jackass.


>full blown negros

Did they give you full blown GRIDS in tha joint (((anon)))?


Chinks and kikes puppets


We’ve been doing that for almost a year.


I’ve played a little vidya before.


>>12026044 checked

After the Boer and Vols start gaining ground pretty good. Chink and ZOG drones to keep it quiet probably.


>insurgency doesn't need all fighters, it needs it's mechanics, intelligence, engineers, doctors, nurses, radiocom men

Each insurgent needs to be at least three of those; if not all but doctor. Get gud faggot.


>posing as journalists

There is no visa required for 90 day tourism to ZA for people from most countries. And to renew you may just have to spend a weekend in Namibia then go back to ZA. Only lie what you can “prove” to nig-tier immigration and cops that just want gibs, so make Wordpress sites for whatever your legend is.


starting a crypto to fuck Kampfy’s homeland in revenge


Love it.

5d6c9d  No.12086052

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

904244  No.12090384


Kill yourself, nigger.

8e99c9  No.12090791

To those wondering, I think >12074264 is the turkroach.

187e07  No.12098912


Some retard in another ZA thread says he did and interview for (((vice))) spilling his spaghetti about “Internet Nazis Volunteer in African Foreign Legion“. Tighten up your opsec and get ready for new shills and datamining journalists.

b2ae5b  No.12099141

File: f237644e39da8db⋯.jpg (64.2 KB, 640x640, 1:1, f237644e39da8db579894362e0….jpg)


>believing posts on the internet

How does it feel being lower in IQ than the South African Bantu?

3e87f7  No.12099282


id love to, in fact, ive been dreaming of shooting niggers in africa for years ever since i learned about rhodesia in school. but sadly, i am poor and have no money and also live in noguns country (weimar republic 2.0) so i cant exactly do shit, because im in debt to the jewishness of this place. i have a flat that i could sell amd get a few K but then i would starve to death without the 750 euro i get every month for renting it. perhaps i can do an all in life or death risk where i sell everything and then can get to africa and get contrabanded firearms and rounds, and then build a house on the african white ethnostate if we win

354a6b  No.12100413


Whether or not that kid was larping, anons need to tighten their opsec since it’s confirmed the (((media))) lurks here in addition to shills and glowinthedarks. Also dude, bantunigger is the preferred nomenclature.


Reach out to ZA churches and on wanted adds to see if farmers will put you up in exchange for labor and night watch. You might find someone to manage your rental and convert the money to crypto.

a1136a  No.12101261

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


For those actually thinking about joining a hypothetical armed conflict, think if you are actually capable and not just some LARPer keyboard warrior.

Like >>12003646 said, if you are not physically fit then you are just dead weight. See the doc I posted for reference. If you can't go through that, then don't go to SA.

There have to be better ways to support the boers if SHTF.

These things include

1.raising funds for boer refugees/displaced people

The no 1 issue for them is going to be money. Paypal isn't going to make it through to a war zone. Maybe ask some Ukranians who went through similar issues when the war broke out, or Venezuelans with the hyperinflation. How do you bypass that?

2. Raise awareness. How can we mount "our allies of the boer" propaganda arm in the US? This is not just meere shitposting, it has to be a 24 op should shtf

3. How do we organise a supply network from Europe and the US to SA for sending food aid, and meds. (dont even think about sending weapons if you dont want to go to prison, Africa is a black market pit for weapons with little or no control, he boers will have to make do, I'm sure more than ne knows hw to do this.) Stay legal and safe ;)

8e99c9  No.12101618


Someone had to say it in length and eloquently, and I'm glad you did it anon. I personally have been yelling this blue-in-the-face for some time now. I am not against people fighting for a causeespecially this one but people have to realize that this is a war, not a game. I'm sure though that the boers would accept fit/semi-fit people who have a knowledge of strategy/operation/tactical approaches to warfare but don't have formal trainingright?. As some anons have pointed out in other threads, there are many aspects to fighting a war including propaganda efforts. Others would include making connections to them and then handling their secure data and communications between parties. the email service, cockDOTli is an excellent idea especially since canfield has now made it his primary mission to pgp encrypt all of his HDD and the software itself when being used to send emails; don't take my word for it, here's vid links to give you an idea (second vid he describes it). Of course, there are ways where we can further encrypt our own instruments on top of this. (youtube)/watch?v=StAPa04iR6w&list=PLQFmyiYmvzMKP7wiqeXx3AlNRA5andqUQ&t=0s&index=2 AND (youtube)/watch?v=kb3up1yKzVA&list=PLQFmyiYmvzMKP7wiqeXx3AlNRA5andqUQ&t=0s&index=3

3ad945  No.12101750




db47f8  No.12102006


>How do we organise a supply network from Europe and the US to SA for sending food aid, and meds. (dont even think about sending weapons if you dont want to go to prison, Africa is a black market pit for weapons with little or no control, he boers will have to make do, I'm sure more than ne knows hw to do this.) Stay legal and safe ;)

I'm thinking a mix between the German American Bund and a religious charity. In a civil war, action is but a small part. Fighters can't always be on ops, patrol or guard duty. They need hot food, soft beds, medical attention, and whatever entertainment is available. Otherwise, morale drops like a rock. Even Selous Scouts, who lived in the bush for months, needed R&R.

The most crucial part of the war will be access not to weapons, but to supplies and people. Hungry and sick soldiers cannot fight; we will need cooks and doctors. EMTs are a dime a dozen, while a medical professional is worth his weight in gold. However, how do we get one to come to South Africa in the midst of a war and where do we get medical equipment for him to do his work? Food is not an issue; we are, however, going to need proper clothing, body armor, boots, helmets, etc. Personal hygiene items, first aid kids, water filters… These will be vital. These are the things that should be prioritized.

40fc44  No.12102023

1) set up logistic centers in namibia, botswana, zimbabwe and mozambique, maybe madagascar.

2) buy a private aircrafts

3) fly under the radar to south africa and drop care packages

40fc44  No.12102027


2) build lots of industrial uav's

3) drop care packages

f2f5ea  No.12102125

File: 5cf271fe50ad963⋯.gif (360 KB, 463x463, 1:1, 5cf271fe50ad963dc5528a1f5c….gif)


You greatly overestimate the range and carrying capacity of even large copter drones. The batteries run dry after 20 or 30 minutes (maybe you can strap some extra battery packs and double the range) and strapping a box of kalashnikovs to the underside will be detrimental obviously. That being said, if you've got the funds and know-how for a jet driven UAV then by all means, be my guest

356172  No.12102162

File: f828552075e5d76⋯.jpeg (48.68 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 0302FE43-99F2-4F44-8204-8….jpeg)



This. Anons should have plenty of time since everything else is in a holding pattern.


An oldfag is about to go public with a new crypto just for this.

In the meantime ZAanons can set up Oriana and other friendly organizations with Monero wallets for normalfags to send gibs.



Unseen.is bundles encrypted video/teleconferencing with its email package but I haven’t heard if it’s been (((compromised))) or not. Threema is a new app American anon networks are using to communicate securely supposedly on burner bot nets.


Quality boots are the most important. Don’t get meme boots that are Chinese plastic and foam glued together. Danners and Red Wings are hand made in the USA and can be repaired by Boer cobblers if need be. After that priority goes to your weapons’ system(optics and accessories, don’t try to gun smuggle) and pack. I recommend either the USMC ILBE or Mountain ALICE. Eurobros might have other preferences with different experience than mine. The aforementioned oldfag is also making armor plates for vols.


Namibia and Botswana are your best bets.

>buy planes

There are plenty of white bush pilots for rent that will be sympathetic tho the Minecraft game.

7c9541  No.12102313



im a pilot ill do that shit fo free

no plane tho

561aa5  No.12102352


Former operator here who did a stint in Mogadishu in '93. No way am I doing another "humanitarian" mission in Africa. My back still has scars on it from being dragged by those subhumans.

1ee1b6  No.12102542


Nice, one can probably be “acquired” locally if friendlies don’t have a loaner. Are you on the minecraft sprinter server? It’s alluded to earlier in the thread.

8e99c9  No.12102671


You wouldn't be able to reasonably prove to us (assuming you're legitimate) that you are who you say you are without doxxing yourself and giving away valuable intelligence to the CIAniggers. Don't do it. Use OpsSec all the time.


Someone made mention that Orania and possibly Kleinfontein, have airstrips; worthy of investigating.



>video conferencing under any circumstances

<not even once

You need to read up on OpsSec and InfoSec, both would be easily compromised. No faces are to be shown discussing anything… ever.


Don't forget hats. Some say that a boonie hat would be necessary, I personally like military bandanas; keeps the sweat off of you and works just as well as a bush hat et al. open to criticism however from dissenting anons.


The Following two posts were made by either trolls from 'lefty'pol or shareblue. I'll leave that up for debate


don't come, stay at home, in Tel Aviv


Clearly, that was a smarmy remark of the worst kind, especially since those soldiers who dragged through the streets were already dead. Rest assured, mr. Shill, that this command structure won't be under the infected ZOG, rather by determined Boers and their sympathizers who don't want to see a culture similar to their own, die.


ac4d22  No.12102756


>No faces are to be shown discussing anything… ever.

Obviously not for anons sorry, but might be handy for low clearance communications between peaceful Boer organizations, charities, and the /Kang/. Don’t forget, bantuniggers have chink phone jammers.

2c37c7  No.12102895


>Orania and possibly Kleinfontein, have airstrip

good to know but all you really need is flat grass, sand or a road in the best case.

my bigger concern is how the kike backed niggers will handle unauthorized flights.

No ideas important a possibility for refueling will be.


uav's aren't that complicated, everything is well documented.

c1a793  No.12102923

File: 3a61dfe7c974c33⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 1431x1808, 1431:1808, 1521431222916.jpg)


>my bigger concern is how the kike backed niggers will handle unauthorized flights

From (((Wikipedia)))

>Current air combat capabilities are limited to the Gripen multi-role fighter and the Rooivalk combat support helicopter although in insufficient number to allow regional deployments while maintaining national air security and current training commitments. To overcome this shortfall, the SAAF has designated the Hawk Mk 120 trainers for additional tactical reconnaissance and weapon delivery platforms for targets designated by the Gripens.

>[71] Financial constraints have further limited flying hours on the newly acquired aircraft; it was planned to keep Gripen pilots current flying the lower cost Hawk aircraft with "Gripenised" cockpits.[72] It was reported in 2013 that the Gripen fleet wasn't fully manned with some pilots redesignated as reserve pilots and others being assigned instructor roles at Air Force Base Makhado.

>The SAAF stated that the Gripen fleet is being rotated between short term storage and active use by the regular active pilots to spread the limited flying hours among the whole fleet.[73] During this same period it was reported that 18 of the SAAF's AgustaWestland AW109 helicopters have been grounded due to an accident involving one of the helicopters several months prior and a lack of funds for regular maintenance, however in November 2013 after five months of not flying, the grounding of the helicopters was lifted after more funds became available.

And also:

>First black Gripen pilot leaves the SAAF


Sounds like the entire air force is white, under funded and set up to fail. It seems unlikely to me that the once the white's stop paying their taxes that the SAAF will be able to conduct any operations with fixed wing aircraft. Helicopter insertions may be possible since they tend to be cheaper to run, but I'd measure the life expectancy of a Bantu pilot and their crew in hours.

2c37c7  No.12102944


don't underestimate international funding, the world bank has announced their support. I also expect money for them from mining gangsters and other international institutions with interest in the region, also china was talked about.

maybe not the best example but when the tsunami hit japan their currency was sky rocketing because of all the international aid.

5aa588  No.12103830


Always one idiot who has to blow their load isn't there? Oh well, seeing as how it's China who has the most to gain here hopefully the western glowies won't care too much assuming it's kept kosher.

Afterall it took ISIS going full retard and declaring war on the world for them to be ((shut down)), before that they had no issue getting aid and reinforcements.

f7085d  No.12104387

so DAK wasn't a larp?

db47f8  No.12104461

File: 78ac5d0f772a442⋯.jpg (49.61 KB, 428x604, 107:151, 15099509289790.jpg)

Oh, lookie what I found. Just in case you guys are still wondering what kind of odds we'll be up against:

China’s Xi Jinping gives SA land reform thumbs up


If and when violence breaks out, expect to fight not only against zombie hords, but yellow zergs as well.

8bc67e  No.12104681


Carrying a giant electronic noisemaker into combat doesn't seem like a very good idea to me.

I mean, what's to stop the bad guys from building a drone that simply flies towards the signal?

3228e5  No.12104705

File: afb1bb154f3a408⋯.jpg (850.94 KB, 2896x2896, 1:1, 20180903_104650.jpg)

Hot off the presses.

f2986a  No.12106426

File: 32d95f93bbb5354⋯.jpg (79.25 KB, 600x640, 15:16, 32d95f93bbb5354a51b57074b9….jpg)





Just when I'm feeling like I'm being gaslit, as all the normies I talk to think I'm insane, I get hit with this kind of undeniable evidence (that normies would still deny anyway)

09f29e  No.12106575


Agreed. South Africa is perfect for technicals though. Might even be able to buy the ones they use in Syria.

Carl Gustav and even Soviet era AT weapons strapped to vehicles are more than potent enough to take down a heavily armored ANC tank or APC and then gtfo. They're also an extensible platform for HMGs and logistical support.

They're also cheap and easy to use. The Boer will be fighting an asymmetric war, when civil war comes. The key is to acknowledge that and use the appropriate tactics. I.e. guerilla warfare tactics of ambushing targets, causing massive damage and then fleeing. Never "digging in" or getting pinned down and taking large casualties.

022c16  No.12107592

File: f45c73492a0a375⋯.jpeg (35.65 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 3EABA978-DF5F-40E6-8C7E-D….jpeg)

File: ed7faed5ecb2317⋯.jpeg (53.32 KB, 622x402, 311:201, 040716F3-AEF5-460C-860D-4….jpeg)

File: 8edea01ef8a7d41⋯.jpeg (229.61 KB, 1141x827, 1141:827, C0AF09A1-0CA9-40E3-B2D7-6….jpeg)


>South Africa is perfect for technicals though.

Light mobility will be our strength. Ironically, we’ll have to send Hilldog a smug Thank You card for getting most of the mines cleared. We’ll still need to acquire some RG31 and buffalo mraps locally of course.


Wew, good find. You need to ad archives to that graph though.


Kek, nice pic.

>Hawk Mk 120

It’s from 1974; I’m sure anyone from a Butanese hand gliding forum could barrel roll that shit.


Use relays and dummies. Humping a radio is no more dangerous than riding in a technical tbh. Until the (((mercenary snipers))) get deployed against our Minecraft team that is. Forward observers should only turn on their gear intermittenttently anyhow.


The chink/Israeli version of AWACS or satellite sigint would do the tracking and direct the drone. Someone a little more autistic than I will have to figure out how to send indirect fire and sitreps across open savanna without pinging enemy sigint.

>inb4 Khoisan shaman remote viewing


With Trump tweeting about the land grabs, anons might end up in the honorable glorious pinch point of a proxy war between (((BRICS))) and western (((ZOG))). Volunteers will need support from Serbia, V-4, and or Italy imo. Though I’d hate to ask, since they need all the men they have at home removing merchants and gollums.




Bandannas and wraps should be mandatory whether or not anons use a boonie tbh. There’s a really good packing list in the S-4 and infograph threads on the splinter board for this larp.

8bc67e  No.12107772


That works for radios but I don't see how you could hide the output of a portable jammer.

904244  No.12107899



Several layers of woven-roving fiberglass, adhered with polyester resin, on the interior of the vehicles will go a long way to improve armor against blast and fragmentation, especially sprawl from the vehicle it's self, while also serving to limit the chance of ricochet within the vehicle. It's light and any idiot can glue this stuff together.

84805e  No.12108640

OK Chaps.

Dont forget that:


So if you make plans to play minecraft, don't tell anyone via electronic comms

17e0e4  No.12108652


Thats a great idea if you wanna get machetted to death

84805e  No.12108700

>>12101261 mein post


Since SA borders are 70% facing the ocean, the best way to get stuff there is via ship through international waters.

Those retards that are ferrying blacks to Europe in the med get to operate with impunity because they are (((humanitarian ngo's))) well couldn't an Argentinian /pol/ack set up an NGO there? Get some fishing boats (proper ones that go out vast distances) and register the boat like a Medicines san frontiers?

It's not ideal, but its the best option of all the bad ones.

Technically and legally speaking , being an NGO means you can't touch them, yes they can be boarded and checked, but if this boat is kept strictly [and I do mean this] to meddical supplies and food for refugees [for the boer women and children but this doesn't have to be specified]

Option 2 is Namibia. There's a small ethnic german community there, and I'm sure if the ANC goes Rwandan, the Namibian white comunity, os some members off, would gladly help in setting a corridor to smuggle food/meds in and people out.

> They need hot food, soft beds, medical attention, and whatever entertainment is available. Otherwise, morale drops like a rock. Even Selous Scouts, who lived in the bush for months, needed R&R.

Give us suggestions. Also, you guys need to organise from your side. Don't tell anyone via the internet you are doing this, see >>12091396

>> while a medical professional is worth his weight in gold. However, how do we get one to come to South Africa in the midst of a war and where do we get medical equipment for him to do his work?

PEOPLE LIKE MEDICIN SANS FRONTIERS, although these people tend to be the leftys who go to Africa to save half starved Ethiopians.

We need aright wing equivalent.

list of meds needs to be thought off

>need proper clothing, body armor, boots, helmets, etc. Personal hygiene items, first aid kids, water filters… These will be vital. These are the things that should be prioritized.


>Proper clothing

>body armor

(this one is dodgy, could get you in trouble, check local laws)




"bicycle" helmets yes? xddd

>first aid kits, water filers

much off this stuff is easily and legit to send, even if cianon is reading this, you can be 100% sure they cant do shit. no jury will ever convict anyone of sending boots and water filters.(maybe Alex Jones can help out in the water filter department)


>Quality boots are the most important. Don’t get meme boots that are Chinese plastic and foam glued together. Danners and Red Wings are hand made in the USA and can be repaired by Boer cobblers if need be.

ok, so everyone agrees on boots

however we cant just send boots by post to

>boer resistance

>123 fake st


>south africa

there needs to be ppl at the other end organising, and even if they do we cant send them boots directly because they may get compromised. Cant we just chip in bitcoin and the boers stack up on boots now?

49aab3  No.12109388


That is so white trash…LMAO…

bc29d6  No.12109494



Don’t use those unless a team is going to hit a High Value Target.

>>12107899 checked

Can your recipe be cast onto plywood or thin sheet metal? The radiators and oil pans on technicals will need armor too. Custom v-shaped like the prow of an icebreaker for maximum deflection; while allowing to breathe with a rerouted intake is what I’m envisioning.

>>12108700 checked


>autists without boarders

I though that was a great idea on /kang/ but was shot down. I still think it will be necessary for our struggles in many countries.

>bring body armor

The (((white helmets))) and journalists do so with a legit ngo it shouldn’t be an issue. For advanced party anons it shouldn’t be too hard to make semi legit press credentials and a news blog.


I was talking about anons’ boots tbh.

8bc67e  No.12109508


The topic of satellites makes me wonder about the plausibility of HERF technicals in this hypothetical conflict. Could a five thousand dollar microwave cannon theoretically cripple a fifty million dollar satellite?

022c16  No.12111443


>HERF technicals

I don’t know about satellites but the Serbs used Jerry rigged microwave ovens to mimic SAM batteries to channel f117 bombers and took one out with 70’s soviet tier missiles. Anons had previously discussed using them as area denial weapons and ecms. As I type it I realize the links and info graphs for that should get emailed to Boer orgs asap tbh.

7be2da  No.12111711

File: 0c6410a728ac374⋯.jpeg (115.64 KB, 1028x692, 257:173, 8CE5AF19-718E-42EB-B62D-5….jpeg)



>sept 4

>Rebels ambush South African peacekeepers in Congo Ebola zone

>2 wounded by Ugandan religion of peace rebels

>The current Ebola outbreak is believed to have killed 81 people since July and infected another 40. Nineteen of those cases have been in Beni, a city of several hundred thousand people with close trading links to neighboring Uganda.

SADF peacekeepers in DRC


>archive unavailable

>16000 total UN from SA, Tanzania, and Malawi

>Mostly SA

>Members were concerned about the discipline and morale of SANDF soldiers deployed in the DRC and the implications of "sexual abuse and exploitation”

>The Framework forces included the SANDF SPECC, Composite Helicopter Unit (CHU), five Oryx helicopters and three Rooivalk attack helicopters. Force levels were reported as FIB (5 SAI BN), aviation elements, SANDFSPECC, EJVM (Expanded unit) and verification mission.

>Col Peet Strydom, SANDF Acting Director: Operations

>Major General Mlandeli Kula, Chief Director: Joint Operation Division SANDF

Sage for double post

8db4fe  No.12111923

If they offer land and guns I'd love to offer up my skills for the grand nigger safari. But as much as I think the white SA people have full rights to the land no merk in his right mind will kill for free

67be2b  No.12111932

File: ab64d795c1859ed⋯.png (617.75 KB, 503x628, 503:628, ss (2016-12-02 at 08.34.21….png)



What a literal retard do you have to be to even acknowledge their existence?

dae6a3  No.12111941

tbh it's not illegal to volunteer for a foreign government or force(doesn't mean your minecraft server won't get raped) so if you pull together money from political groups, crowdfund and get together a force of about 25-75 men and find the cost to get on a boat to Mozambique or whatever nation so like you can do it a squad at a time like 5 men or so and like i said not illegal to volunteer as a soldier if they don't declare war against the united states or it's allies and south Africa ain't in NATO.

TL;DR get money from natsoc/altright groups and essentially get on a boat and volunteer

Also if you want to take all your gear get a certificate from a safari(maybe a loyalist boer) and show them at customs you're here on safari and take all your gear.

8e99c9  No.12113413


>archive unavailable

>not archiving it on archiveDOTorg and then archiving it on archiveDOTis/fo etc…

here ya go anon


>also leaving out the security socket

how hard is it to type an extra 's', anon?


>sending info about serbs microwaving things

yes, and perhaps send that info to /pdfs/ and paste it here on /pol/?


>le PMC meme

go back to your COD playing, loser. Leave the operations to people who actually care and know what they're doing.


That poster seems to think that any bad publicity from vice is indeed bad publicity.


The current government recognized by the (((UN))) is the failed-black state that's in current power.

570601  No.12113493


>The Boer will be fighting an asymmetric war, when civil war comes.

I disagree. If war comes, it will be an all out war of extermination. Asymmetric warfare implies that Boer (read, White) will be able to fight one day and then blend back into the civilian population to wage war another day. However, the racial element of this war will make that impossible.

Our war may be asymmetric. They are not so lucky.


>SAMs and ATGMs. MANPADS are also very good to have


>Mortar shells can still be made easily.

Really? Then explain why almost no rebel organization ever does this?

>MCLOS guidance systems are relatively simple

I am no expert on AA weapons. I defer to anyone who has experience in designing them.

>Amateur rockets with the addition of a basic C&C suite.

I disagree. Hamas uses unguided rockets to almost no effect against ZOG. If you could force the enemy into a city or something and concentrate their numbers, then sure. Accuracy doesn't matter all that much. Shell them into oblivion. But in a war of menuver spread out over the empty bush, anything amature would be nearly useless.

Other than that I agree with you completely. When the blacks start to murder Whites with gainful employment, they will join the rebels and fight for their lives and homes… unless they flee of course.

I also agree with >>12030412

Rhodesia began to lose the war when a fuel depot was destroyed. This was the single most intelligent thing I have ever observed an African guerrilla force ever do. Without fuel, their air power was severaly handicapped.

8bc67e  No.12113613


My theory here is that satellite communication can be done by hobbyists and a Hilux could produce around 100kW of electrical power if it were connected to a generator; satellites are radiation hardened, but even an extra 10kW of heat would be a big problem in space.

Hypothetically, Blue Team would have a very serious problem if Red Team could pull this off, both because it would greatly limit their ability to use UAVs and PGMs and because of how much it would cost them to repair the damage.

9f1408  No.12113681


>1 post by this ID

>appears out of nowhere

He looks like a jew, and the faggot you're replying to works for this cunt: >>12084766

84805e  No.12114093



SEE >>12084766





84805e  No.12114102


See how this post bears no relation to the conversation.

Poster is putting old evola chan meme out of context.

Posting random articles that are south africa related.

these idiots havent even read this thread

>Sage for double post

5edb7e  No.12114111



You're clinically insane

8c9299  No.12114601


It’s intel about the SANDF you illiterate homo.

>>12114111 checked



I dropped it in that post but it didn’t go through for some reason. Retrying

>archive newfaggotry

Sorry, it was my last post before bed and I have all my energy to Ebola-Chan. I never noticed .fo wasn’t https before, you’re the first one to point it out.

Sage for great shame

3e05d8  No.12119766

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Garuchilla Joe thinks whites in South Africa deserve what's coming.

8e99c9  No.12121388


This retard will get the rope just the same. I've heard this marxist-oriented drivel before.

ca764d  No.12121515

File: bc2c3be07973b08⋯.jpg (50.03 KB, 720x576, 5:4, 1453126776905.jpg)

>jews still whining about holocaust that "happened" 70 years ago

>literal genocide of white south Africans is going on as we speak in SA

>not a word from the media

>Trump tweets about it

>Every media outlet denies it's happening and calls it racist propaganda

What a shitty world we live in

da7f9a  No.12121531

i was in special ops. our first exercise was to close eyes and straddle train tracks. trains are cia kike shill psychic ops. you will survive. next step someone will contact you and give you boat ride to south africa for your commando mission.

b0fdd7  No.12121545

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is exactly how shit works here in norway, where my tribe is from.

they mock us, and this is what happens where I live or in enebakk

you always got the overprotective brother, that is me

b0fdd7  No.12121550


I swear to the gods, I will kill everyone who touches my sitsters. and if you even dear to look at my nephews and nieses, I will make sure you never existed. I am not alex jones or that other faggot, what I say, becomes rule

t. organised criminal

b0fdd7  No.12121556

why does she turn me on this much god damnit why? now I will start to use my contacts to get to her, and as always only learn she is taken. it always goes like this

b0fdd7  No.12121561

almost 160 million people watched that, I didn't see this before now. my chances are thus low. I have had fantasies about her, this is not normal, I will never even meat her… if it was here I would know her

000000  No.12125541

> >12121545

> >12121550

> >12121556

> >12121561

The hell? All same ID. Can't tell if samefag retard or bot.

70df16  No.12140040

Anybody know what exactly is going on with the land seizures right now?

8e99c9  No.12142622


supposedly it's on the backburner now. There were two farms that were squatted on by the kaffs and haven't left, but the gov't does nothing about it and aren't interested in telling them to stop, even though the government is washing their hands of all of their statements about farm seizures… for now.

Willem Petzer, concious caracal, a rational gent are all good people to follow and are on the ground.

5dcf80  No.12142755

i would go if someone send me the tickets , had a weapon for me and had a farm i could work on.

4d1f25  No.12143251


no funding is why ths couldnt happen

c75bac  No.12143291


>i would go if someone send me the tickets , had a weapon for me and had a farm i could work on.

>and a hottie

>and a retirement plan

People who want to go, would go.

12d5f7  No.12145246


it was literally the national language from SA becoming a state to the end of Apartheid, and is still an official language. Tons of niggers speak it.

Still, not a bad idea to learn it. It's what all the Boers speak.

21bfc5  No.12145407

Why take such a long trip to the salad bar when you are sitting at a table with the full course meal right in front of you? These juicy steaks arent going to eat themselves…

8e99c9  No.12145630


hi fbi. here's the thing, there will be people to find a way, those are unable to, are not worthy to fight and you as an FBInigger, will just have to be craftier in finding the ones who are dumb enough to get caught. get fucked.


funding for what you nigger?


don't feed the shills, just add an extra pair of '>' to make sure they don't get a 'you'.


Afrikaner/Boers still speak English, you'd want for naught by knowing only English. Don't be autistic and spend your time doing something more useful for the cause, unless you can happen to pick it up within a month or so, otherwise you're wasting time.


fuck are you on about anon?

ef1177  No.12159589


b76e1b  No.12167547


>MANPADS like the Blowpipe and Starstreak should be within the average team of engineers and machinists capabilities to make. MCLOS guidance systems are relatively simple. As to their effect, you would need lots of practice in order to hit anything.

Forget about using manual command line of sight to hit anything faster than a running man. It was not without reason early MCLOS ATGM were replaced with semi active command line of sight ATGM systems ASAP.

Making your own SAM is easier than ever today because the massive investments in civilian lightweight electronics and power storage. That does not mean its easy or inexpensive. If you can make your own SAM you can also make your own ATGM and your own long range precision guided artillery muntion - and the latter is the most important of these since it would make mega-bases like the green zone or camp bondsteel impossible.

b76e1b  No.12167559



>Piss easy to make m8. Tube with a nail at the bottom pointed upwards at an ark. Mortar shells are a little harder, but can still be made easily.

Mortars are of limited useability because they are easy to spot with artillery radar because of the high arching projectile trajectory. The insurgents in iraq quickly learned this trough instant counterbattery fire from american artillery hitting them before their own shells had reached target.

7097c0  No.12167663

>itt: pol doesnt understand basic logistics

Basic machine tools. Everything starts with basic machine tools.

How many of you people even know what a lathe is?

You cant import weapons/weapon parts. You cant import munitions.

You ship the steel (SA has a mining sector but you dont have access to it) and basic machine tools first. Then you BUILD all the fucking weapons. You have to be skilled enough to build all of your gear from scratch.

The good thing here is that niggers are subhuman. You wont need to produce armor and aircraft. You wont need air superiority or submarines.

You will need small arms, radios, howitzers, and basic vehicles with some welded metal sheets, light skinned but thick just enough to stop small arms fire.

Trained, volunteer light motorized infantry battalion should be the basic building block of SA takeover. Here is what is good about it:

1) low industrial/production requirement (you are building basic shit)

2) low cost (dont need advanced electronics and sensors to fight niggers)

3) low training requirement (dont need specialists to fight niggers)

Here is what is bad about this:

It requires manpower. This isnt the fanciest strategy (even isis can do jeep encirclements, gorilla warfare, small unit tactics, no air superiority, no armored spearhead breakthrough, no artillery better than towed mortars and howitzers), they are cheap but require bodies.

You do not have the bodies.

904244  No.12167756


This here, anons, is a fool talking out of his ass.

570601  No.12167784


>pol doesnt understand basic logistics

>You ship the steel

>Then you BUILD all the fucking weapons

You don't actually know what you're talking about.

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