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File: 88ce2e39768b819⋯.png (5.47 KB, 896x51, 896:51, Andrew_ethen_wingens_where….PNG)

File: c718cfc78b9879d⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1251x806, 1251:806, Joshua_Berman_Photoshopped….PNG)

File: 278face5fda868c⋯.png (37.66 KB, 1593x326, 1593:326, a_billion_dollars_for_back….PNG)

c106f4 No.11986570

I'll come right now and put the shills to work.





Here it comes, anons. Watch the flood.

A few months ago I found 8 chan because I had found some information about SES members that simply didn't exist. "People" who's names were on government payrolls, had kikebook profiles, linkedin profiles, twatter profiles… but most often linked to a deceases person who didn't look anything like the pictures in the profiles. At times, they just wouldn't even exist. I named a doctor who's name had never appeared in a single registry in history.

I guess I'll go ahead and put his name and the image up for him. Andrew Ethan Wingens, MD. (Spelling is important. The image is a direct c&p of US tax records)

I'll post up a picture of Joshua Berman as well. I mean, are they even trying? That's the photo where his foot is sunk into the floor boards.

I started looking into these stains because the first EO that trump put forward was increasing legitimacy in government appointments and allocated 1.4 billion (with a B) to background checks. Pic related.

Well, after being ejected from every major online outlet for attempting to talk about this info, I found some others and we put together shit tons of damning, indictable information.

I bring you, the biggest scandal in world history. This is not hyperbole. I am talking we uncovered extortion, money laundering, murder, organ harvesting, sex trafficking (including children and infants), treason and sedition.

Now, what I can't prove but what we believe at this point is these filthy niggers are being rounded up, one by one, and brought to military tribunal. I think this because I served under Mattis and I knew within hours who "Q-Anon" was. It wasn't until a month later that I put together that James Norman Mattis is 17 letters and Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. Project "Q" was initiated shortly after King Nigger let Mattis go without reason in 2010. That was just a fucking bad move and with all criminal enterprises, even the largest the world has ever seen, it most often boils down to one wrong move. I've even noticed kikepedia has started putting up misinformation on Mattis now that they know who he is and his intention. Ask any Marine who Mattis is. Any Marine.

Of course, the good part is the kikes pushed "conspirusay theeray" so hard, that their own legion wouldn't believe any of this shit even though I'm posting all the evidence for anyone to see.

This has been a fun few months.

Yes, it absolutely "IS THE JEWS!" Their tribe has been at this for generations. They take on all forms. Black jews, chink jews, small jews, big jews, huuuuuuwhite jews… but they can't lose that mongrel look and that high pitch squeeky voice for some reason.

Every one of the over 9,000 SES members that I randomly selected is a Synagogue of Satan jew. They've been using Pissrael to run back to after committing horrible acts, like shooting up schools, killing gentiles and then putting their hell-spawn on their propaganda box to spin their lies.

All of us. The people of every nation, need to understand that we are not enemies. Science and culture have shown us that in-group preference and selective breeding leads to happier societies and inbreeding leads to this abomination we know as Jew.

Disregards and denounce war with any nation right now. If after Israel is returned to it's rightful owners. Those who love and respect God. If after that happens someone wants a fight, by God we'll give it to them but right now we need to make the public aware of who the enemy is.

Bring on the shills. It's go time!

1.4gb file on SES (top right for zip file) https://mega.nz/#F!42ZngbBZ!0MHCT7ipQvCUNsjgUVjong

2. Serco - the "head of the snake" so to speak. 141mb packet on patents you need to see for yourselves. remote takeover of cars and planes, probability analyzer (future predicting device) for any scenario, crazy shit. https://mega.nz/#!w3pBmSRQ!3ht7gR_07rSLHnPUjUFR6xc4YA2AZlHoXby-go_QTZY

This blog provides a quick rundown of the above. If you really want to know what's going one without the bullshit shilling and misdirection, here's your opportunity.

We all deserve the truth.


7b7cea No.11986577


Kike free

c106f4 No.11986579


check em

0d2ad3 No.11986585

File: 01f83dab6a293b5⋯.jpg (5.38 KB, 150x174, 25:29, 1418754664602.jpg)


>Q Anon is General Mattis

04b829 No.11986588


That's quite an argument

1b1458 No.11986616

File: 0898be7ccb1ec47⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 2640x3504, 55:73, AR-15_kit.jpg)


Sieg Heil

736bec No.11986634


>Now, what I can't prove but what we believe at this point is these filthy niggers are being rounded up, one by one, and brought to military tribunal.

That's convenient.

000000 No.11986636

Classic Josh

1b1458 No.11986638

File: 381374c1cb5de1d⋯.jpg (18.13 KB, 303x254, 303:254, cuntface.jpg)


Are you going to ignore every other fact and focus on the speculation that was even labeled as speculation?

Wow, now who would do something like that?

736bec No.11986646


That he believes, but can't prove, that these people are being rounded up for their crimes [which I'll just assume were "proven" in the linked files he provided to avoid the argument] is the big takeaway.

184012 No.11986655


You guys had a good run but its come to an end. anyone can click the link and see the info. are you just depending on us doing that? that can't be as far as your boss's have gotton on this topic right? if so, i would run the fuck out of there so fast. the states are your military branch and now they're turning on you.

6709a2 No.11986669

File: 7a1162b3555c38e⋯.jpg (299.34 KB, 1335x2626, 1335:2626, 1533888408818.jpg)


Interesting thread on /pol/

Maddog Mattis is Q apparently

33b9bf No.11986676


>This is not hyperbole. I am talking we uncovered extortion, money laundering, murder, organ harvesting, sex trafficking (including children and infants), treason and sedition.

Indeed "we" did and have and the media or fame fags on Youtube have taken credit and cashed in on all of the leg work "we" have done. Remind me again of something Kim dot com has actually done? I have no issues with the guy but the guy is constantly being pushed as some hardcore R/I type when the fact is that the majority of information or uncovers the public obtains is based on about 50 anons globally who get absolutely nothing for what they do and yet have churned out multi million dollar R/I at the cost of $0 tax payer dollars.

This is a big reason the private boards were created to stop allowing untalented fucks from cashing in on shit they did literally nothing to help find. Big reason a good amount of those old school original rickshaw (board before the chans) users are now coming together to create an actual business and targeting/hiring the best anons they spot to circumvent these useless federal groups/committees, expose fuckfaces and actually make money as well for their hard work.

Anyhow, yet another OP trying to get anons to do leg work to fill in blanks for their missing data. Nice try.

184012 No.11986696

File: 82817ee438c418e⋯.png (252.87 KB, 1476x837, 164:93, CIA_Woman_Boy.PNG)

Lot of information in here, some is quite interesting. Saw the attached and had a kek

400ccd No.11986701


Where did you mean to post that friendo?

OP, interesting thread…probably just in the nick of time eh? Could the probability analyzer have know that? Did they realize what was coming otherwise?

772b20 No.11986707


You're a weak bitch if you have a problem with someone making money on getting important information out to the world.

in one breath you shamefag on famefags an in the next you angerfag about not having the fame


6d8147 No.11986716

sure is pretty >(1) in here

just a side note to OP and his marry band of faggots, unless its just him IP hopping, don't pretense your threads with "this is gonna get shilled" because there is a good reason to believe you are the shill

84ff27 No.11986748


Whatcha doin guy?

You clearly meant to post that elsewhere.

84ff27 No.11986754


>Ask any Marine who Mattis is. Any Marine.

Don't be like that anon.

33b9bf No.11986759


Hah spoken like a famefag using other peoples work to try to capitalize. Well guess what fucko, that golden goose recently sailed and the better R/I anons all got together to do it themselves.

Now bozo's eating anons hard work will be forced to either do the work themselves or depend on low tier anon work, good luck with that shit.

8c5cae No.11986786

File: a67a43fbbc232fe⋯.png (357.29 KB, 1766x500, 883:250, natesilver1.png)


>probability analyzer (future predicting device) for any scenario

Lost it here.

7585e1 No.11986833

File: 006f3a62c146de8⋯.jpg (826.04 KB, 664x985, 664:985, futurepredicter_serco.jpg)


Well, this is odd


b745b6 No.11986839


>muh shilling


>reddit spacing


4c7ded No.11986841


Shit is hitting the fan everywhere as we type. Godspeed fellow anons.

18fe69 No.11986879


So many kikes speaking against pissrael right now. ohhhhh myyyyyyy, how do they get that much media time????

Anyone that falls for this shit has an IQ that needs to be breed out of the gene pool

30b830 No.11986890




so what are we doing in this thread?

trying not to look like Q shills or are we trying to look like Q shillls?

20d5fc No.11986892


Checked. What I find odd is that no actual device is outlined; flowcharts deserve no ownership. Like copyrights, patenting is a kiked up contrivance.

FWIW the original outcome predicting algorithm came from a couple of white male undergrad students at MIT around 1973. The software was written in Dartmouth BASIC. In it's pure form, all that was required was to show the algorithm could consistently out perform chance. The user selected a series of twenty numbers (0, 1, or 2) such as 10201121022000121102 and the algorithm would need to get seven or more correct. It would make a selection, one number at a time using only the information of the actual digits revealed previously. No one could construct a sequence which the algorithm would fail to get at least seven correct, even though the source code was provided. That's a long time ago, when a timeshared DEC PDP-8 would allow 64K to work with. It should be no surprise this was upscaled with the hardware advancements of the past 40 years. I just feel nostalgic enough about this to provide a piece of real history that you won't find anywhere except from someone who was there.

a9096f No.11986895

File: ecba06be8d13000⋯.webm (15.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ChaosPresidency.webm)

File: 469d78c8da0bd21⋯.png (692.25 KB, 720x537, 240:179, Trump_on_8chan.png)


>doesn't know Q is Trump


4c7ded No.11986896


Kikes are currently pushing their endgame, either they completely lost it or they hold an ace in the hole. Qlarpers are just a symptom, like Turkey or the many pedos we see exposed.

18fe69 No.11986912

File: 0af3af7440ec84e⋯.png (323.64 KB, 859x663, 859:663, WarnedOfNineElevenAttacksT….png)


>The software was written in Dartmouth BASIC. In it's pure form, all that was required was to show the algorithm could consistently out perform chance. The user selected a series of twenty numbers (0, 1, or 2) such as 10201121022000121102 and the algorithm would need to get seven or more correct. It would make a selection, one number at a time using only the information of the actual digits revealed previously. No one could construct a sequence which the algorithm would fail to get at least seven correct, even though the source code was provided. That's a long time ago, when a timeshared DEC PDP-8 would allow 64K to work with. It should be no surprise this was upscaled with the hardware advancements

I choose to believe you because not believing you is tiring and not as fun.


I think the kikes have the same exit plan for every one of their 300 plus expulsions. Confuse the goy and make them believe that "not all jews are jews! lol"

c8f9cf No.11986928

Plastic foil enema

What about horses?


Are meds good?

Never take your pills

Bomb Iran


7fab16 No.11986934


> who "Q-Anon" was.

Thanks for wasting my time with a 3 paragraph buildup faggot

7fab16 No.11986937


Anyone who argued with a kike IRL knows this.

a9096f No.11986941

I'd better checkup on qlarpers

18fe69 No.11986942

File: bc919b53bb36fc6⋯.jpg (150.72 KB, 593x798, 593:798, Erich_v._Manstein.jpg)


Here's the thing about Military Special Operations

Those that actually plan, assemble, organize and execute receive absolutely no recognition. The "hit em hard, make em scramble and let them hang themselves" display we've seen is text book military strategy.

I have no doubt that Trump is a very smart man. He rose up the ladder in New York, immersed himself in Mob circles and either didn't take the bait when offered (Mafia gets dirt on everyone. If they don't have dirt on you, you don't make it past lower-level management at the casino) or he took the dirt and managed to cover his ass so well that not even the largest criminal organization the world has ever seen could get dirt on him.

the second scenario is not something I'm personally willing to entertain. its beyond what i will allow myself to accept as possible.

yeah, trump is a smart guy a great strategist and a hell of an actor but this operation has mattis written all over it. trumps played his role and we should all commend him for that but the last 2 years have been a military coup. a soft coup, but a coup nonetheless.

18fe69 No.11986949

File: 9a9ab951b1f983f⋯.png (582.1 KB, 1830x818, 915:409, Christmas_fun.PNG)


Nobody gives a fuck what goes on down here

the information is all in the first post

squirm satan worshiper. squirm like a fucking maggot.

a072c3 No.11986967



Looks like you're doing great anon

I'm going to get a full day of overtime today. Working with my hands and I got 134 bucks in my robinhood app to trade with. Gonna turn it into two hundred thousand

418500 No.11986974


there is nothing jude hates more than the Goy taking control of the currency. makes us hard to control when we dont need their money, their food, their media, their lies

4c9814 No.11986979

Ok alphabet I believe you. You're still getting roped.

7fab16 No.11986984


All i see is a shitty

Fucking blogpost

You have a containment board

Go there


Black Sunday

Strange fruit swinging

7fab16 No.11986993


Yea kikes hate seeing gentiles get stiffed in short sales drink bleach

8d3ac0 No.11987023


I'll tell you what: I never see spamming this bad on an undeniably bad thread.

Don't know what that says about this thread, but uhh… You're making OP more credible, is the point.

418500 No.11987045


I know you hate me with every ounce of your soul, but you really have to give me this one pleasure

how bad does it suck to be a jew right now? Did you ever imagine that every lie would be exposed? What about the sacrificing of gentiles, did you imagine that would see the light of day?

8f6ff9 No.11987068



>has evidence of organ harvesting and whatever else he said don't even feel like scrolling back up but posts some photoshop literal who's feet and some other irrelevant images

>credible and not disinfo

>totally not priming you for whatever the zogs qlarp agenda is

Lurk forever and never post again

dff11c No.11987081

File: db663542a5647da⋯.jpg (219.92 KB, 655x1026, 655:1026, Goblin_Slayer_points_at_(Y….jpg)

>a few months ago I found 8 chan

<Mandatory lurking time is 2 years faggot

11d1c2 No.11987088


Too long. Did not read.

ba0e5e No.11987096


Q anon is Kushner mate, it's a disinfo troll to bolster support for Trump to keep being a neocon

418500 No.11987108


then what're you doing here #IEL59_14nov2017?

be75cd No.11987126

>people creating fake troll accounts

>8 chan

You have to go back

f48b2c No.11987132

File: 09a7993708feb3a⋯.jpeg (521.16 KB, 1840x3264, 115:204, C22D4780-6164-4D26-8558-B….jpeg)

Fucking illuminati, always telling us their plans

20d5fc No.11987137


I would put some free digging time in for OP, but for your exact reason. I already know that his claim of…

>I named a doctor who's name had never appeared in a single registry in history.

… are bullshit, as I did research Andrew Ethan Wingens, and the (((Brandeis))) records are public.

>… never appeared in a single registry in history.

That depends on what's a registry or how the title of doctor was acquired. More to the point; spending time on faggots like Wingens is unproductive if they are already targeted.

bd9f4c No.11987138

Bump, reading. Thanks op for making something worthwhile at least

2c4a1c No.11987188



>those who are against qshit are shills

You people are shills who popped up out of nowhere to support blatant kike disinfo.

418500 No.11987248


Yeah, nobody gives a shit what's down here but salty fucks who already know all the above. Newfags read the first post and will actually search Wingens themselves instead of just reading your super-validated typing and taking it as gospel

Face if heathen, you guys are fucked. Time to put on your bee keeper outfits and head for the dunes.

ea203d No.11987262

SES is the deep state? What argument is there against it? We know who these people are and where they work. The power mongers at the top are cashing out through insider trading. Many have or had jew names, yes some changed their names to fit in more easily with the Gentiles. At the very least, this deserves some research. Connect this to BIS, media bosses, Pissrael, Obamas. We need the big picture here with high detail when we drill down.

df64b5 No.11987287


We don't need more Q-LARP threads unless there's FURTHER conclusive evidence, either through a real-world event that destroys its "predictions" or through exposure of the operators themselves, that it's a hoax.

df64b5 No.11987320


>you're weak if you don't want people stealing credit for what others have done

Get the fuck out of here and go back to reddit where e-celeb worship is the norm.

3c67f5 No.11987436

as i see it q is a name fag and a jew

sage for even talking about it

ea203d No.11987659

The main problem I have with AIM is there anti-Nazi bias. They have all this info, names, accurate predictions and a good explanation for the deep state, but they poison the well with this SS nazi connection. That could be attributed to them being brainwashed about National Socialism, while still be correct about SES. Many Americans can't get over the fact, yes it's fact, that Hitler was a dictator. I'm guessing that most anon would agree that Hitler had a very good reason for taking over the government and trying to lead Germany out of their swamp, but many good researchers have not gotten to that point. SES obstruction seems proven to me and should be factored in to any modern day USA political theory.

bb5123 No.11987673

Nice blog, reddit

a6f8e5 No.11987820


Any pointers on how a leaf money laundering expert can help? (I could use the cash, and I'm actually getting a PI licence… thanks /pol/, you created my new career!)

acd6ee No.11987827


Nope. Not Kushner. Q posts New Testament scripture, Kushner is a Jew and would not do that.

456035 No.11987934

Someone has convinced O’Connell that Mattis is really something, too, of late. Being nobody provides one the luxury of suspending belief in lieu of more information. Meh.

7696a9 No.11988006


>Wow, now who would do something like that?

Anyone that's familiar with the Q larp. The Q larpers live in a wondrous and fanciful unhiverse where sessions, mueller, wray, and rosenstein are /ourguys/ and all those indictments are for the SES, not conservatives.

df64b5 No.11988014


Q-LARP is a proven jewish paid shill.

7696a9 No.11988016


> Remind me again of something Kim dot com has actually done?

gave seth rich server space to transfer the dnc emails to wikileaks

c545d0 No.11988068


>Every one of the over 9,000 SES members that I randomly selected is a Synagogue of Satan jew.

Had me until this. nice LARP though. Well-executed.

BTW, if you'd said Q works for Mattis, that would have worked a lot better. It's a lot more believable.

456035 No.11988328

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



40f137 No.11988613

File: 354bfa74a3af560⋯.png (900.92 KB, 939x1195, 939:1195, that's not an argument.png)

33b9bf No.11988789


Toronto or Alberta area(s)? I ask because one of us has some big leaf project he has had a boner about since the late 90s and is finally looking into and he is always looking for more dossier creation or data collecting.

I can assure you that intelligent anons have definitely been getting recruited of late so the guys who have been posting specific types of R/I material and can think outside the box in a certain way definitely attract good employment options. This is actually similar to how Navigant investigations got started and now they are a multi billion dollar company. Like our group they also had a few veterans with R/I backgrounds come together and just start to bring in high level talent. But anyhow, yeah, no problem at all, what area of expertise do you need "pointers" on?

3df461 No.11989107







Holy shit, get a load of this rustled kike

8bdbb1 No.11989224

File: 1870af6ffc7e527⋯.jpg (31.81 KB, 467x604, 467:604, 5afb5fca5e3414821f467999c2….jpg)


Russia angle no longer worth your time?

799628 No.11990193


< You had me to you mentioned it was jews. POLE hates jews yo!

dfe441 No.11990766



I’m building infrastructure for crowdsourced OSINT to support and scale (in what I think is a clever way) the type of private board you’re talking about. I’m sad I wasn’t aware of your initiative.

Got a burner email we could use to discuss?

94ac0d No.11990955

File: 3afc0697dbc0e8b⋯.jpeg (186.1 KB, 916x988, 229:247, 0064CE1A-FEBC-429D-8E93-A….jpeg)

File: 3edbbc356733227⋯.png (141.56 KB, 500x566, 250:283, FF8B9D6D-437E-4310-9604-96….png)

File: 2d6276f6deae96a⋯.jpg (836.62 KB, 1242x1188, 23:22, IMG_5518.JPG)


Hi Fatass.

We are not your personal army. That said we applaud all forms of autism and government exposure here.

Given your notoriety i woul be wiling to exempt your 2 year lurk, but you need to understand that you are coming here for help and. Ot the other way around, then act accordingly.

94ac0d No.11990975


No dont faggot

c9f627 No.11991018

This thread feels very wrong. OP is probably a master shill (i.e. real alphabet).

082b49 No.11991024


Soft coup?

You mean as in a democratical election right?

I hate fucking chimpanzuelans thinking their euphemisms won't be understood in the webz. Don't you have to mine Petrocoins for the Supreme Leader?

082b49 No.11991047


Intel is Intel regardless if it came from Mao Tze Tung or John Doe. It needs analysis.

9a4943 No.11991984

File: 412bf54a045663c⋯.png (243.17 KB, 1024x480, 32:15, 412bf54a045663c4ee87046f5e….png)


Checking those dubs.


>Interesting thread on /pol/

>posted to /pol/

Whatcha doin rabbi?


>Like copyrights, patenting is a kiked up contrivance



>Bring anti-trust action against them and eliminate software patents so kids in their basements can create better alternatives

efbe81 No.11992050

5cbd2e No.11992288


General Mattis is very unlikely to be Q anon. His writing style is very different from the style of writing in his works.

These shill threads are endless.

33b9bf No.11994176


>I’m sad I wasn’t aware of your initiative.

Well it's not exactly mine but more so nine of the original chan user who migrated over from the forums most used before these forums were created (gold star to anyone who knows the name of that forum). After the events of the 2016 election we counter 374 articles over a period of three months which (literally) not only used topic we wrote about to investigate but in the majority of those cases the MSM (again, literally) used exact statements as was used. So it got a few people wondering how often it occurred and we spent a week looking back through years of R/I and it had happened thousands of times. I mean it got to the point on some subjects where we were writing and going over the exact things that scammers in the MSM and various other groups were taking and claiming "expert" status due to. One example is a scammer lady named Pat Brown was going onto CNN and using our exact profiles and even wrote several books on exact statements and exact words used when we had discussed certain crimes. This is a lady with zero experience in anything (again, literally) and had a highest life accomplishment as going to hospitals and "visiting patients" on her resume then quickly become a "criminal profiler" expert on CNN and MSNBC by using our exact dossiers and profiles and she made a fortune on the scam. She is just one of thousands of examples but if you/anyone has some well written dossier or profile on the chans than chances are very high that it is out there in the MSM and someone put their name on it and claimed it as their own.

Anyhow, yes, I have burner emails. Give me yours and the topic you are interested in and if I find it useful to what we are doing I will contact you. Without knowing your past work I will need to know what you would bring to the table before I would reach out.

As it stands there are 37 of us now, we have major investors (very major) and have been creating final structure. Our emphasis will be of course on America but also are considering opening it up to England and Canada due to a variety of reasons. If you/anyone has good experience on some related work feel free to leave your burner and some previous work or at least area of focus so we can see if it is needed.

000000 No.12015927


30fe6a No.12015958

File: bef8194a073eafd⋯.jpg (91.81 KB, 800x800, 1:1, bef8194a073eafd2f834789a50….jpg)


You posted a bunch of tangentially related bullshit trying to sound epic and dramatic and my eyes kept glazing over. Is the takeaway from this that a group of jews called Senior Executive Service is the…

Sorry, I see 'head of the snake' but no real definition for what you mean there. I'm assuming you mean they're the top of the pedophile blackmail control structure? I can't be bothered to download 4gb, can someone toss up a few files from it that somehow prove that SES is the top?

0f21ab No.12017275



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