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9488b0 No.11986868

Rothschilds Sold MASSIVE amounts of U.S. assets in 2017 - Hide public data since then

See vid for analysis.

9488b0 No.11986885

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interesting channel btw.

000000 No.11986897

I wrote the IRS, the Federal Treasury, and my state Treasury and informed them that the US dollar has no value since it is not backed by anything but jews and all my debts none cannot be paid because the "money" has no value. I suggested that an alternative solution to my debts would be to let me "bank" 1/10 of my debt and lend out the other at 0% interest to other European peoples and Dutch South Afrikans and then I could repay my debts the way they let the jews do. I told them I accept cash or check.

2cba60 No.11986901


What was (((their))) response Torfag?

9488b0 No.11986918


b-b-b-ut goy the value of modern currencies is backed by the labor of your fellow slaves n sheeeet

e96ae2 No.11986935

It was BTC

9488b0 No.11986938


In a real crash buttcoins are about as worthless as it gets.

B-b-b-b-ut I had to invest a shitton of electricity and computing power to mine these hurrr durrr

Yes finance kikes are trading these for profit but no they don't believe there is any long term value to be gained.

They can easily crash the whole crypto markets if they feel like it as well or more easier just regulate it to death.

cc1732 No.11986947


>USD is not "backed" by anything

what is the american economy

>currency has to be "backed" by something to have "value"

>being this economically illiterate



>See vid for analysis

reported. giving a summary is your job, faggot OP

36fd37 No.11986971

File: 62b8aab52c28965⋯.jpg (56.98 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 62b8aab52c289650ea43b3d2a5….jpg)


>>USD is not "backed" by anything


>what is the american economy

Exactly, it's based off debt. Using the "projected" economy of a nation for financial backing is STARTING you off in debt. It's like going to a Pay-day Loan office and taking out a loan based on your not yet earned paycheck. It's stupid, unstable, and unsustainable in the long run.

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