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File: 43a67daa89b99ad⋯.png (1.04 MB, 2048x1456, 128:91, 43a67daa89b99ad5b6ff97e096….png)

File: c599b6d1e0e756d⋯.jpg (192.44 KB, 960x720, 4:3, SALVINI-pol.jpg)

File: 795bfd404142408⋯.png (184.89 KB, 511x460, 511:460, salb.png)

File: 08e81e4407667ce⋯.jpg (167.64 KB, 800x1003, 800:1003, 39157820_p0.jpg)

File: 480f3c671a4063a⋯.png (256.98 KB, 550x880, 5:8, 480f3c671a4063a874ab6f64a5….png)

e0453b No.11987256

ITALY, MATTEO SALVINI: "Enough with Parent 1 and Parent 2, I've reinstated Father and Mother"

Salvini's blitz: the certificates for the Carta d'identità (Italian ID cards) go back to the past. The minister: "No to the horror of uterus on lease"


>No more Parent 1 and Parent 2. Certificates will go back to biological mother and father. Matteo Salvini revolutionizes even in the family department and kickstarts a review for modules for the Carta d'Identità.

>"We're working on it - the Lega member explains - I've asked the State lawyers for advice, I've given my specifications to the prefects for an appeal. My position is firmly against [Parent 1 and Parent 2]. Just to make an example: last week I've been warned that on the Interior Affairs Ministry website, the modules for the online Carta d'Identità had Parent 1 and Parent 2. I've immediately asked to modify the website to go back to "Mother" and "Father". It's a small thing, a small signal, but rest assured I'll do anything in my power as Interior Minister and that all of this is protected by the Constitution."

>The minister also reiterates his "No" to the "uterus on lease phenomenon, and other such horrors".

>The new Family Ministry, captained by Lorenzo Fontana [note: the guy who asked for a repeal of the outdated anti-Fascist laws] will now have to have the necessary resources to keep what they've promised during the electoral campaign.

>"The objective that I'm self imposing until the end of this government cycle - explains the Lega secretary Salvini - is to introduce the concept of "family quotient", so as to reward high natality and the bet on Italy's future. In the mean time, our primary objective is to sustain the productive part [of Italy] through lowering taxes: if we can at least help [by lowering] IVA taxes, producers, merchants, artisans, small entrepreneurs, well, it would be a nice first step. They're fathers and mothers, too, one euro less on taxes is one extra euro for their offspring."

>"Sure, it's not a definite solution, the objective is to make the family unit a subject fiscally acknowledged. But even for 2018 the objective is a tax cut for quite a lot of people, and this promise will be kept."

Meanwhile, a shitton of redpilled comment sections, (((RAI))) lugenpresse on damage control so hard they've run out of international incidents to fall back on and are just trying to cover the Canuck shootings as much as possible.

1673ed No.11987284

Very nice.

532e82 No.11987285

File: 7722929a94c12b1⋯.webm (3.8 MB, 640x360, 16:9, unda-da-sea.webm)

Based Salvini. If he were ever to change his stance, he'd ruin himself.

The media will do anything to ruin the current gov't, so my guess is that sooner or later the media will make Salvini and Di Maio quarrel to break up the gov't.

In the meantime: watch the vid and enjoy.

46e32d No.11987296

He says this at every rally hes done since before the election. Its obvious now that they're trying to take him out by converting everything he says into english.

46e32d No.11987304

What (((they))) don't understand is that everybody is in favor of those views. His usual rally statement is "I dont care what you do in your homes and businesses but adopted children belong with a father and a mother"

46e32d No.11987306


>Based Salvini. If he were ever to change his stance, he'd ruin himself.

With birthrates as low as they are, he has the stats to back him up as well.

afbe83 No.11987307


That is nice, truly. Never forget the Hegelian dialect and problem, reaction, solution. If you guys are going to stay with this current jew government you are going to die. Period. They need to be exterminated from earth along with all their pets and abominations. If you are this easily 'bought' you will NEVER EVER BE FREE.

0d651e No.11987309


God bless Salvini

e0453b No.11987315


Tryna spread the word, fam

44bfd6 No.11987319


Fuck you anon

I couldn't pull myself away from that incredible disney masterpiece

098cbe No.11987331

File: 1190559eff09e2e⋯.jpg (12.6 KB, 319x319, 1:1, 1190559eff09e2efcd9d0d810f….jpg)


It's amazing how much better this webm is with the music.

46e32d No.11987357

File: e292e9c1f93808d⋯.png (235.53 KB, 738x520, 369:260, rrt.png)

File: 90a1a4deee6ca61⋯.png (200.25 KB, 500x1131, 500:1131, dd4.png)

Salvini fucks given = 0

352dcd No.11987388


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/jAQQ1Vlk1nE" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

4f7167 No.11987484

When I was a teenager, I got most of the paperwork together to get italian citizenship. Maybe it's time to finish it up and make it official.

83d9d3 No.11987593


good post

cc61bf No.11987776

File: deaa58b2eb81c08⋯.jpg (127.46 KB, 998x998, 1:1, e1ccce1f1fb40940bf5ebee8a3….jpg)


Lets get straight to the main point. What is divorce and alimony state in the Italy?

622d31 No.11987788

File: 6deb4414fa9cb44⋯.mp4 (1.86 MB, 408x720, 17:30, 1_dollar.mp4)


Reminds me of this kind of stupid.

5de91b No.11987897


Pretty much shows how much support the previous left government had in implementing those policies.

3c3cac No.11987917

Kinda seemed like this guy is doing stuff just for public opinion, but this is a step in the right direction. It's the little things like this that make all the difference. I hope he keeps it up.

3c3cac No.11987925


Also this dude really know how to role with the punches. If all right leaning people cared about what progressives thought about them as much as him, the world would be much better off.

4c78be No.11987929


Divorce/alimony shit was still as bad in Italy as in other western countries last time I checked, if not worse, but hopefully it actually gets fixed too.

6234ea No.11987943

File: e6b3bb8e12a7063⋯.jpg (87.16 KB, 666x1163, 666:1163, hitler check em 01.jpg)

c0ab39 No.11987960


Most appropriate soundtrack for a webm in awhile. Excellent effort.

f20500 No.11988013


This has to be staged or someone running a fuckijng gag. No one can be this fucking stupid

599b1e No.11988028

File: b882c3908dc2dd1⋯.webm (7.94 MB, 480x270, 16:9, fascism Anime.webm)

Fascism is back in fashion.

000000 No.11988033

Keep saying "No" to things that are good, you esoteric dumbfucks.

cc3664 No.11988057


>torpedo outs himself as a newfag instantly


981114 No.11988074

why the caterpillar images?

599b1e No.11988077

File: d2e447e0efe40dc⋯.jpg (523.19 KB, 1000x1374, 500:687, 1420504153551.jpg)


>torpedos that hate wizards are also insufferable newfags

This should surprise no one.

815230 No.11988086

Couldn't we Fix Africa by tying all of the female's tubes with robots, require them to marry up by not allowing them to reproduce with dead beats,and restrict the number of kids they're allowed to have to three at most depending on the quality of the couple?

cc3664 No.11988096


Just kill them all, dipshit.

d0468b No.11988105

>>11987285 i hate that video. it's just a little bit too short to beat off to

9547fa No.11988163



Fuck off nigger.

If you aren't a nigger then remove that word from your lexicon. You sound like a leftist cuck or a nigger using that word.

9547fa No.11988170


But anon. Salvini doesn't care about what progressives think about him.

815230 No.11988184


The Public won't buy that.

The GOP would love to see you pushing for the doctors ,engineers,and business kangs to reproduce ,and the dead beat niggers to be sterilized.

Sell the idea as trying to make Africa a worthwhile investment.

Once you do that you'll move the over ton window to fix Europe and America.

f23761 No.11988208


Holy shit anon, I'm in stitches. Please tell me you have more like that.

000000 No.11988276


Hey not true the magic fags are at meguca.org and chiru.no. The fed that runs them goes by the name jewpolkanon. He is the only shit anon there.

2d6f76 No.11988278

File: 398b76c4e0f8a1b⋯.gif (538.15 KB, 265x322, 265:322, animeted hurt.gif)

867323 No.11988322

File: 0984190c68e141c⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1171x1000, 1171:1000, germanlegionaries.png)


>wahh im a newfag

Lurk two more years, faggot.

981114 No.11988349


stop advertising your honeypot, tranny

9547fa No.11988425



That's how it's obvious you're a fucking kike shill.

3b00de No.11988430


What is the context for this webm? I haven't seen it before

dae197 No.11988486



532e82 No.11988529


Italian coastguard looking at nogs drowning :D

ff6868 No.11988531


good job, lupo.

let me add this

>The minister also reiterates his "No" to the "uterus on lease phenomenon, and other such horrors".

for the not italian anons


in Italy there used to be state sanctioned brothels.

the italian left, and apparently the UN, decided that it's shameful for a state to regulate prostitution, to have it taxed, obligatory health checks and not having pimps around is a bad thing and so was the idea of women selling their bodies. pretty sure they still think like that.

strangely enough, they like the idea of "rainbow families" and utheroi on lease.

so a woman making a man forget about his problems for half an hour for a fair price and in a controlled and safe environment and generating tax revenue is bad.

rich homosexuals travelling around the world and paying some third world woman to carry for nine months some in vitro child, which is illegal in Italy,and then try to sneak it back to italy, hoping to find some leftist mayor that will regularize the "adoption", is A-ok and the woman did not sell her body or was exploited in any way.

sound reasoning, innit?

23c0ae No.11988532

What is his plan? Is it to complete the impossible of sending Zion back to Israel?

ff6868 No.11988558


is this a joke?

was he trying to swipe the dollar?

was he planning to keep it after the purchase?

i'm not sure i understood it correctly?

23c0ae No.11988561

People hate Wizards? That explains a lot.

ff6868 No.11988572


why not put it this way: you wanna get gibs? get sterilized.

problem solved.

23c0ae No.11988577

Here let’s put it this way, my work was stolen from me.

23c0ae No.11988582

A whole decade of my life as stolen by a lodge and sold to terrorists, and then I was called a terrorist.

You want to take my retirement pension, come here and let me break you in the same way I was broken. We’ll start with your ankle and finish with your livelihood.

23c0ae No.11988586

You want to judge me, come help me empty the car. You can knock me out and start driving away with it.

23c0ae No.11988589

Don’t stop, because he’ll follows this car everywhere. This car is cursed.

23c0ae No.11988593

This is the Devils car, and whomever drives it does his work.

91289e No.11988609

File: df19c3b536f3077⋯.jpg (18.05 KB, 500x500, 1:1, picard wtf.jpg)

23c0ae No.11988626


Come take the car and you’ll see firsthand.

e27aa2 No.11988825

File: a5655f679ff04f6⋯.jpg (18.59 KB, 300x258, 50:43, south park jew.jpg)


>Depravity and degeneration is good

Spotted the kike

Shove a menorah up your ass, Herschel.

2cd93e No.11988864

File: ccb830ed290cec2⋯.png (325.78 KB, 574x454, 287:227, iutir.png)



>Also this dude really know how to role with the punches

He looks terrified with his gf in pic related though.

64c268 No.11989008



I think he's high as fuck, also stupid

323ebf No.11989096


It's a propaganda video where the blacks pretend to drown to increase sympathy for the economic migrants being smuggled by (((NGOs))) into our countries.

e27aa2 No.11989108


>No one can be this fucking stupid

He's a nigger, of course he can

f88254 No.11989116

If I were a nigger none of this would have happened.

367e97 No.11989133

File: f27c20f93968998⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 261x205, 261:205, dough.jpg)







604d0f No.11989140


seriously, I am so god damn sick of hearing white people say "AF", "fam" and "nigga".

e5bd58 No.11989146

If there is anything you can do to help us please do so italiabros.

Soros is trying to kill us

t. Slovenija

0d7513 No.11989348


Sterilize them with soy and push leftism on them.

367e97 No.11989394

All foreign aid should be in the form of soylent. It was designed to be a meal replacer after all.

827c19 No.11989444

way to go to ruin the thread thumbnail with your shit cartoons instead of making it proper and about italy, i'm not saging because it's on topic but you need to fix your OP next time nigger.

beb921 No.11989458


Fuck off goon

ff6868 No.11989562


>he doesn't know about salvini's bulldozers

cc3664 No.11989593


Are you Italian with a poor grasp of English or just a bot?

1b6975 No.11989600



Not an artform.

198def No.11989620


Aaaaaaand checked.

367e97 No.11989636

File: 23887b4e20b7ce8⋯.jpg (151.63 KB, 1098x947, 1098:947, its magic.jpg)


It clearly is.

1b6975 No.11989642


clearly the digit says otherwise, not an artform, inhale gas, jew.

6aa6d3 No.11989727


you don't belong here, you fucking retard

2be9dc No.11989917

File: f0779743453a361⋯.jpg (197.06 KB, 1000x782, 500:391, Hellish Pope.jpg)

August 9, 2018

Italy’s Catholics step to the Right

Support for Matteo Salvini’s hard line on immigration has spiked among country’s churchgoers.

"Pope Francis has a problem: Italian Catholics."

"In the home of the Vatican, believers are increasingly attracted by the hard-line stance of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Francis and Salvini espouse radically different approaches to migration. Where the pope has called on countries to (accept floods of Muslim and non-White parasites), Salvini has turned his close-the-borders approach to immigration into an electoral warhorse.

"The trouble for Francis is that Salvini seems to be winning - even among Catholic voters."

Salvini’s posture has triggered accusations of racism - but it has also rewarded him with a meteoric rise in the polls. Since March, support for his party has soared from 17 percent to roughly 30 percent.

Only the League’s partner in Italy’s ruling coalition, the anti-establishment 5 Star Movement, enjoys similar ratings.

>more – https://www.politico.eu/article/italy-catholic-church-problem-attracted-by-matteo-salvini/


I'm no expert on religion, but I would hazard a guess that there are enough Catholics in Italy to comprise quite a YUGE voting block.

LOL - The jews, having gone to all that trouble to install the anti-Pope, Francis, must be choking on this turn of events.

dd4377 No.11990011


Equestrian Mussolini is best Mussolini.

dd4377 No.11990023


I thought that was a Tunisian ship and the idiot migrant dindus mistook it for the Italian Coast Guard and purposely sunk their raft?

dd4377 No.11990042


If he's using Cat bulldozers, he's actually funding Israel.


b16b5f No.11990054

File: fd376ecd25637cb⋯.jpg (257.64 KB, 640x443, 640:443, img_5854.jpg)

File: 67b5e1fe61ba319⋯.jpg (16.28 KB, 226x255, 226:255, df0974d18983c40bb9f4f741e4….jpg)

Well Sieg Heil to that brother

2d6f76 No.11990072

File: 5b22e7f5f825f97⋯.jpg (222.88 KB, 900x1500, 3:5, 63213935_p0.jpg)

File: b8442fed5674c07⋯.jpg (465.95 KB, 1378x2039, 1378:2039, 67849208_p0.jpg)

File: bc016e52da873b5⋯.png (927.75 KB, 750x1114, 375:557, 36980357_p0.png)

File: eecb5eb4304bf60⋯.png (811.16 KB, 1181x1259, 1181:1259, 45328517_p0.png)

File: e2990bbc6cab51b⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1024x665, 1024:665, 12c.png)



Trips and dubs demand more, so have some more.

1aed5d No.11990113

feda49 No.11990140


lel I'm starting to enjoy anime. I gotta go. night faggots

000000 No.11990145

Is the guy who claims CATerpillar is jewish correct?

>inb4 road work vehicles Kancolle style

12ca4a No.11990165


Too late, already mated.

c01c44 No.11990174


Of course he's winning, and politicians all over the West need to realize that once the proles feel it's safe to come over without threatening their jobs and families, support will grow exponentially. There's a huge, latent thirst to turn back the tide of degeneracy all over the world. Only the threats of brutalization by the left keep it silent.

12ca4a No.11990186

File: e44898990fa80b5⋯.jpeg (225.8 KB, 749x1125, 749:1125, 5ACAB219-B1C6-452F-9557-4….jpeg)

12ca4a No.11990189

Catty enough for ya?

3a095c No.11990195

Wow, an actual policy, not rhetoric. It's not ethnic cleansing of murdery/rapey niggers or banishing jews but its…. too late.

Die faster, losers.

220f66 No.11990216


>"Pope Francis has a problem: Italian Catholics."

Translation - He has a problem with the majority of italy (over 80%).

>I'm no expert on religion, but I would hazard a guess that there are enough Catholics in Italy to comprise quite a YUGE voting block.

Italy is split into two: 85% catholic and the rest shitlibs, non religious, and others. Catholicism is the one uniting factor across italy. There are no based baptists, protestant, or evangelicucks. The majority young or old loathe the pope with a passion. They may not say it openly out of respect, and they may not go to church as often because of it but the faith is extremely strong. That will never be broken in italy no matter what they do.

>LOL - The jews, having gone to all that trouble to install the anti-Pope, Francis, must be choking on this turn of events.

Its had the complete opposite effect. (((They))) assumed italians were the mindless robots from the 20s who went along with whatever the pope said. Their influence back then was massive, to the point where priests could hit kids (like teachers) and the parents would agree with the priest. That ship sailed decades ago once the church began the pedo and corruption scandals that continue to this day. They disrespected and embarrassed italians but the faith itself goes well beyond the pope. Now the pope is just a guy in control of an embarrassment that has become the vatican. The last respected pope was Pope John Paul. Even though he was a heretic in some of the things he did, he wasn't a world wide embarrassment.

Today religious leaders are about respect and a two way relationship, not something based on fear the way it used to be. They can break the Vatican but Catholicism in Italy will not be broken.

fc7039 No.11990234

File: 2f4f13dc24bbcab⋯.jpg (153.47 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 1511258827599.jpg)


Based Pasta is best Pasta

e27aa2 No.11990235

File: 590e65d8851478c⋯.jpg (23.29 KB, 200x254, 100:127, scared sweaty shlomo.jpg)


>Too late, already mated.

<Stop it! Grrrr i hate you goyim, you bastids!!!!!

000000 No.11990251


Posters like this faggot are why torfags have such a bad reputation.

000000 No.11990346


requesting more of her for scientific reasons.

000000 No.11990353


stfu. There are no 'torfags'. It's just 'torfag' and that's me posting quality content since 1733. Everyone else using tor is impersonating me.

cc3664 No.11990393


You’re reaching levels of autism that shouldn’t be possible even for a ban evading torpedo.

000000 No.11990431


Autism is the very reason you're posting on an imageboard whose servers are located on an asian pig farm, coded by gollum himself.

367e97 No.11991156

File: ac545e75c17a12b⋯.png (903.39 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ac545e75c17a12b7f42b42fabe….png)

3837e7 No.11991919


Based Salvini.

6b7d8e No.11991928


Now coming with the lates updated version of the "Talmud" and "Why women are not trash" 2nd edition.

3837e7 No.11991931




>is this a joke?

No new friend, it's a nigger.

76ebd8 No.11992398


italians in Italy are still 90+ %.

we are not france, or britain.

last time something even remotely rotherham-like happened a hero rose and sprayed nigger drug dealers with bullets, sadly killing none.

still waiting for the bong replies for the SEVERAL rotherhamS…

20e8c4 No.11992431



c92d62 No.11992521

File: cba4dfdbab25dd4⋯.jpg (86.54 KB, 800x516, 200:129, ANTIFA germany.jpg)


When Justa Heirdeau brought in Parent 1 and Parent 2 in Canaduh I thought the faggot thought of it himself.

990c3f No.11992675

File: f909bccdaf7ed30⋯.webm (8.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, african gibsquest fail.webm)

File: b2dd4985d939b5c⋯.webm (2.04 MB, 400x224, 25:14, African_Muslim_migrant_de….webm)



Where the fuck have you been, this thing has been circulating for at least a year.

a5ae30 No.11992755


MGTOW is a reaction to feminism, discriminatory laws and unfair social standards.

There are men who will refuse to get married to or have a serious relationship with a feminist like you, and that's understandable.

You can try to shame men with the "don't mate" trick because you don't have anything else to offer. But that won't work.

You are not giving love and respect to men, but they can fantasize with their waifus.

You are not giving sex to men, but they can use porn, hentai, onaholes…

You are not giving children to men, but they can use surrogate mothers.

Men are not obliged to become feminist's dogs. There are other options. 2D lovers who never cared about you or loners can also have children without becoming your servants.

If you want to reduce the MGTOW numbers you must fight against feminism, not against the reaction to feminism. If you become a loving, respectful and loyal woman, you will surely find a man who loves you.

63c257 No.11992801

File: 4c350e415fe2879⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1024x1367, 1024:1367, 1519635686408.png)

Bless you Salvini

2799e2 No.11992823


>is this a joke?

>No new friend, it's a nigger.

Niggers are a joke. A tasteless joke, of course, but still a joke.

209441 No.11992835


Niggers sink their own boat to force the coast guard to rescue them. This was a fishing boat, and they were unable to help.

b58bd9 No.11993466

File: ac256e81ae49eb8⋯.png (351.69 KB, 736x508, 184:127, 1.png)

File: ad515c95a41fd58⋯.png (112.87 KB, 732x281, 732:281, 2.png)

File: e3476690a506ac9⋯.png (305.9 KB, 733x480, 733:480, 3.png)

File: a2ea28102370666⋯.png (278.81 KB, 737x436, 737:436, 4.png)

File: b3e3a30ead6d15a⋯.png (235.5 KB, 739x469, 739:469, 5.png)

Fresh off a vacation europes favorite madman is on a roll.

b58bd9 No.11993474

File: febb1b71bd6f3a4⋯.png (119.82 KB, 734x305, 734:305, 6.png)

File: 17962b703e4ce9e⋯.png (345.65 KB, 741x714, 247:238, 7.png)

File: 45c85c3b19096d0⋯.png (200.31 KB, 492x380, 123:95, 8.png)

b58bd9 No.11993497

File: 774cab3bfcab3d2⋯.png (320.18 KB, 592x456, 74:57, ewe.png)

(((Cryptocasa))) getting in on the fun

78b561 No.11994829

File: f7bbd5d83f4c2f1⋯.png (122.69 KB, 533x537, 533:537, f.png)

10d345 No.11996911

First break between the Lega and Forza Italia (center right coalition):

>The regional coordinator of the League in Abruzzo Giuseppe Bellachioma announced on Facebook that his party will present itself to the regional elections that should be held within the year, in what is in fact the first major break at the local level between the party led by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini and Forza Italia after the parliamentary elections on 4 March. Bellachioma said to Abruzzoweb that the decision was made with the national leaders of the party.

>"We have polls that give the League a strong rise," said Bellachioma, "we have the candidate governor and the team is ready, we break the delays and those who love us follow us, we can not wait, would give advantages to the PD and the M5S. The center-right coalition fails to express a unity and a winning condition, the League takes responsibility "claiming that it is" the only reality that can beat the center-left ".

>The reaction in the party of Silvio Berlusconi has been critical and surprising. Nazario Pagano, regional coordinator of Forza Italia in Abruzzo, said that "the news came suddenly", claiming that "going disunited means doing a favor to the Five Stars and the PD". According to Pagano, "a united center is considered favored here, that's why we consider the attitude of the League incomprehensible".

>There is not yet a date for the regional elections in Abruzzo, as the former governor Luciano D'Alfonso (Democratic Party) made his resignation only on Friday: in March he was elected in the Senate, and after months of pressure from part of the opposition has agreed to renounce the office of president of the Region to keep only the senator's.

>Only yesterday Berlusconi had said he hoped that "the anomaly of the yellow-green government" will soon be exhausted and to wish "that the Lega returns to be protagonist with us of an organic center-right at national and local level ". At least in Abruzzo, things seem to go in a very different direction. The newspapers have interpreted the break between Lega and Forza Italia as a sort of local experiment of consensus that the League can get by itself: after the surprising result of last March's parliamentary elections, when Salvini's party had surpassed that of Berlusconi, the surveys have recorded a great increase in consensus of the League, which has also reached 30 percent according to some surveys. The strategy in Abruzzo could therefore be a way to concretely verify what the new electoral balances are in what until a few months ago was indicated as a center-right


Doesn't impact the Lega-M5S coalition but it weakens Legas overall position if all future voters are split between Forza and Lega.

bae9b1 No.11996953

Will create a Salvini general thread later on, rather than having this random mess.

d7def1 No.11997099

File: f8ec6b86f7461f0⋯.jpg (158.76 KB, 847x500, 847:500, lavapiatti euforici.jpg)


Only (((euphoric boomers))) will vote Forza Italia/PD now, they will do so just to take away votes and seats for Lega.

ab238d No.11997600

File: 3512cd414ddb1a5⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 771x1029, 257:343, Duce.gif)

File: 4a5c591304bf2c6⋯.webm (585.21 KB, 640x360, 16:9, DUCE!_DUCE!_DUCE!.webm)


d6bd36 No.11998429

File: 7dc9c5473121484⋯.png (429.15 KB, 742x635, 742:635, nogs56.png)

Noggery continues. Added a google translate into the pic. THIS is how you deal with illegals.

1b6975 No.11999377



>stop invasione

>meanwhile invades italy with garbage tier oriental fever cartoons

Not an artform, eastern trash belongs to easternfaggots exclusively, fuck off and die.

e27aa2 No.11999665





Trump needs to learn from Salvini to be quite honest….

535576 No.11999794



I think they meant bugie, which means lies.

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