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File: 9fe72369dda2a41⋯.jpeg (81.23 KB, 800x533, 800:533, sqw.jpeg)

dc9639  No.11999603

"The main idea of mystical Social Nationalism is its creation, consisting not of piles of separate individuals united mechanistically.. The historic mission of our Nation, a watershed in this century, is thus to lead the White peoples of the world in the final crusade for their survival. It is to lead the war against Semites and the sub-humans they use."

- Andrei Biletsky, center in pic related.

Sounds pretty based but there is the srong possibility that they are LARPing shills for USSA and Israel….a kind of khazar ISIS, if you will, so the US deep states gets to play out its "muh russssshhhaa" fantasies and the kikes (who for the first time in histrory have recentkly OK'd the Khazar Konnection) get a shot at that tasty breadbasket after all their mideast water is gone sooner rather than later. Evenuotjfn

if so, nice rhethoric and aesthetics, boys.

831205  No.11999661

LARPfags. Ignore their rhetoric, look at their actions. They killed Whites, put a bunch of kikes into power, and want to join the EU.

c8758a  No.12000656



>They killed Whites, put a bunch of kikes into power, and want to join the EU.

Action my Friend not rhetoric. This is how you can sort out the the dis-info.

81ead5  No.12000661

File: 741419d0647d8bc⋯.png (644.93 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, shingeki_no_kyojin_salute_….png)



606140  No.12000676

Russians and russiaboos hate them but they are pretty based

dd03bc  No.12000685

They're communist like the Kurds are, like every rebel the US government has backed since the cold war has begun.

Heck The US state department dropped support for a Christian nationalist Chinese faction that would have respected Confucianism for the communist.

d23eba  No.12000693



>celebrate the SS

>use the black sun in their iconography

You're thinking of the rebels. There are pictures of them with antifa and USSR iconography.

b77840  No.12000700


I fucking hate you americans who think that all russians are SUPER BASED and if you don't swallow their cock and propaganda all the time you are a kike tool.

>if you don't become a gazprom gas pipeline with a third world tier economy and living standards to you are jew tool xaxaxaxaxaxa

16424f  No.12000722



You're talking about Jewish funded organizations that put a kike puppet government in place (with the insanity of US State Department employees getting passports and major ministries, a real colonial government) whose first agenda is to join the (((EU))) and (((NATO))). Oh and the only advancement they managed to do (besides killing their own citizens in a completely and pointless war) is finally having a gay pride in Kiev.

Truly based.

90c32e  No.12000787


>there is the srong possibility that they are LARPing shills for USSA and Israel

What gave you this idea? Hillary and McCain expressing support and urgency in sending them weapons and supplies?

9731c7  No.12000812

I swear to God, the day of the rope could happen, jews and race traitors behing literally hanged on lamp posts and one of you mouth-breathing troglodyte twitter users would still screech how its 'LARPing'

b06571  No.12000826

File: a20638dd8f690df⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1214x846, 607:423, a20638dd8f690df672c447d080….png)

File: 6614df0e462e779⋯.jpg (281.99 KB, 928x1024, 29:32, 6614df0e462e779d1142683f29….jpg)

File: b55c6b25db42f0f⋯.png (426.39 KB, 629x561, 37:33, b55c6b25db42f0f897e3da0066….png)

File: 8b4585e1cfe6460⋯.jpg (175.79 KB, 799x809, 799:809, 1489165088419.jpg)


>They killed Whites

which country invaded which, you colossal retard? they've killed foreign invaders, it's called defending your country

let's take a look at russians; have they not killed whites?

you moronic americans belong in the gutter

7c1127  No.12000827

File: 505f0a6bf9a4ebc⋯.png (18.68 KB, 691x553, 691:553, Where is cocks.png)

dcf4dc  No.12000898

File: 23ad1d4760e8a66⋯.jpg (127.04 KB, 640x423, 640:423, ukranian flag.jpg)

>Based as fuck or LARPfags?

Little of both. Russians are being white niggers, and invading to secure pipelines and secure territory they had when they were a jew-run communist country. It's only natural yukes defend their country against invaders. They're not capable of defeating Russia on their own, and despite knowing this they try anyway. That much is respectable.

Their country is shit though. When most of your oligarchs are kikes that have no interest in bettering the quality of life, you really have to question if your country is worth defending. Long term, I see the Slavic countries banding together, if not willingly then by force. Hopefully the bloodshed will be minimal.

f24c60  No.12000914


>You're talking about Jewish funded organizations that put a kike puppet government in place

Are you talking about the 'red-pilled' Americans who voted Trumpstein in?

ddd38e  No.12000975


They're kiked AF. Even the name "Azov" is an inside joke about how (((Jewish))) their leadership and backing is.

Sage for a shitty shill thread from an OP too stupid to know this or even to admit it as possible in one of his choices.


Checked for truth.



Found the IDF member in the thread. Of course, defending the (((Azov))) lel.

344005  No.12000983


wtf are you smoking, reactionary highschooler? ukraine and the eu are begging russia to let ukraine continue being a gazprom pipeline so they can keep siphoning like niggers and causing problems, like niggers. stop smoking the niggers weed, nigger.

f24c60  No.12000990

File: 6042c69c1fc5d06⋯.jpg (44.86 KB, 451x303, 451:303, 8025420-3x2-700x467.jpg)


So calling out the obvious jewish fraud of Trumpstein makes me jIDF?

So what does that make all you jew promoting MAGApede spastics who elected the most jewish President since Roosevelt?

49755e  No.12001066

Pals with McCain, funded by USA. They’re controlled by kikes but I’d be willing to bet their foot soldier lower level guys are genuinely White Nationalists who just want to kill Russians they view as invaders and that those same WN grunts just have no clue (((who’s))) really in charge. There’s also a strong possibility that since it’s JewSA funded they’re just mercs with no allegiance to anything except putting food in their mouth.

The whole thing is just a proxy war between USA/EU vs Russia and depending who you ask one side is jews or the other side is jews or both sides are jews. Welcome to Eastern European geopolitics.

831205  No.12001133


Because opposing the kiked government of Ukraine means you love the kiked government of Russia.


f9b1f0  No.12001158




> They killed Whites

So did the NSDAP. Are they no longer based?




> they've killed foreign invaders, it's called defending your country

This is true.

However, it's dishonest to pretend that the Crimea and Donbas are ethnically Ukrainian.

They're Russian and multicultural states must die.

Furthermore, you three appear to imply that brotherwars are not a menace that we must avoid at all costs. Have you forgotten already that this is how we got into this mess in the first place?

The jews want all of us either as slaves or dead. They want to exterminate European peoples everywhere. Then they will move onto the rest of the world and exterminate all peoples everywhere.

The Americans are right. brotherwars are destructive.

831205  No.12001217


>So did the NSDAP. Are they no longer based?

Well the NSDAP put millions of jews into summer camps and took care of them until the allies unleashed them onto Germany as torturers and propagandists so yeah, the NSDAP kind of fucked themselves by not killing all the jews they had.

f9b1f0  No.12001237


Hitler fucked up. No intelligent person denies this.

However, at least he tried.

It's true that he failed to do the harsh things necessary to eliminate the threat of the blood crazed jews. It's hard to commit a genocide and he believed that if he won the war, he could deal with them humanely.

5d19c2  No.12001308

File: 4fee5b1eb4ef184⋯.jpg (11.01 KB, 315x160, 63:32, images.jpg)

File: 54f75c5c0fbdcd7⋯.jpg (82.56 KB, 519x600, 173:200, 1b844e4ea65e2ca141a3476205….jpg)

They're good men. I really like them. The retards who say they killed whites and want to join the EU are absolutely retarded. Look up National Corps and you'll see that goes way against their world view. See their YouTube channel. They have a great a youth group and are doing a blood drive right now. They beat up fags and kikes on daily basis on the streets. They are a but larpy, but I think they're Ukraine's best chance for survival.

Not bumping because this thread attracts butthurt retarded anglin tier kikes. I rather azov only be talked about in Ukraine and be in obscurity than be slandered by autists who have no idea of the conflict. I could dump tons of kikey shit by Russia, but I think you get the idea.

c712ff  No.12001349

File: ae4563b483b9144⋯.jpg (245.54 KB, 1651x1065, 1651:1065, Youthcamp.jpg)


>Based as fuck or LARPfags?

Let's start with this most obvious thing since I'm sure the same old tired propaganda will have been posted before I'm done typing this out.

There is not one scrap of evidence that kikes control Azov. Not one.

Every single thing said to tarnish them is completely unsubstantiated. Demand proof and you will never get anything. The best that exists is two photos put next to each other, Russian newspaper articles which provide no source for their claim and unknown people holding an Israeli flag. That really trumps all the material that exists of Azov's social actions educating the youth on the matter of soil and blood. And oh yeah, "The House of Representatives unanimously adopted amendments to the US 2016 defense budget proposal, outlawing training and arming of Ukraine’s notorious paramilitary “Azov” battalion.", https://www.rt.com/usa/266869-conyers-azov-training-amendment/. Azov is greater than just the battalion and they are anti-EU, anti-NATO and pro Slavo-Baltic solidarity, but I'll deal more with them later.

Now that this is out of the way let's go through the Ukraine situation from the start. Whenever anyone brings up that Putin's policies are making mudlsime asians displace the white Russians in western Russia at an alarming rate, or show Donetsk being a communist shithole, you always hear the shriek "but realpolitik!" so let's go through the Ukraine situation and look at the realpolitik. You want to know if they are serious so let's go through what happened and conscider just what else was the Right in Ukraine was supposed to do with the cards they were dealt. You hear people mindlessly bleating the propaganda talking points below but put your thinking cap on and actually analyze them and you'll see how completely retarded they are. Also remember that the Right is as useless a term in Ukraine as everywhere else and used for everything from the cuckservatives to the Social Nationalists. That some of the "Right Sector" is pozzed as fucked is without doubt but you can't carry that over to everyone else.

>maindan was planned by eu zog so the right getting involved means they are zog

So basically if kikes start a revolt in your country you should just sit on the sidelines and let the kikes do whatever they want. You should not join the fight and try to steer things in the direction you want. If you even take a moment to reflect on it you see what a retarded objection it is to make but you hear it all the time. Shit was going down and the options were to either let the kikes have everything their way or get it and try to to make them go your way, and of the two the Right chose the only acceptable option.

>but the right was in on it all along

If you followed the media reports of Maidan when it happened it was clear as fuck this wasn't according to script. As soon as it became clear the Right had hijacked it then all mention of what organizations were leading the movement were carefully scrubbed from every report and previous enthusiastic support of the revolt was replaced with concern and confusion. None of the media kikes knew which foot to stand on once the Right crashed their party and it fucking showed in their reporting.

>but they should have tried to protect the old government against the nato kikes

The ones in charge before Maidan were old soviet lineage kikes who kept grinding Ukraine into the dirt with their endless corruption and freely permitted their brethren to kidnap Ukrainian children and blonde women for their sex slave trade. The amount of Ukrainian women enslaved in Israel over the last fifty years is insane, and remember Putin defended these animals as the legitimate government. You have to be completely retarded to suggest patriots and nationalists should have risked their lives protecting this scum instead of purging them and trying to get their own guys in control.

So no, keeping the old government was not an alternative, there is nothing suggesting the right didn't throw themselves into this with honest intentions and ultimately it was the only option they had. It wasn't their choice for Maidan to happen when it happened so their hand was forced. Their only fault in this was not achieving all they set out to, and that is the next part: The Putin funded Donbass communist revolution and the derailment of Maidan.

000000  No.12001405


>I rather azov only be talked about in Ukraine and be in obscurity than be slandered by autists who have no idea of the conflict.

That's not happening though. Russian D&C propaganda against Azov on the internet is constant and all silence does is let them win.

Ukrainians failing to make material in English and explaining the reality of the situation is the reason you need to make post like these defending therm in the first place.

Russia having monopoly on most of the English speaking internet forums is the reason retards believe Donetsk Peoples Republic is a white nationalists separatist republic that is defending themselves against Ukranian jews. Keeping silent is only going to make it worse.

37aa3c  No.12001435

you guys play way too much fallout

b06571  No.12001444


can you read, you mongol?

>They killed Whites

they have defended their country

>However, it's dishonest to pretend that the Crimea and Donbas are ethnically Ukrainian.

>They're Russian and multicultural states must die.

then russia should be balkanized as well? add to that china, the US, the EU? geopolitics works in ways that won't make your merry go round world materialize, so in this case they were defending territory rightfully theirs

why is it OK for russia to invade foreign nations? why is it not okay to defend yourself?

b06571  No.12001456


second part of the comment meant for >>12001158

16424f  No.12001481

File: bc88e08cdbaada6⋯.webm (9.27 MB, 640x360, 16:9, meanwhile at OP's.webm)


>There is not one scrap of evidence that kikes control Azov. Not one.

Except for the fact that they themselves thank their patron, the jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, and have acted multiple times as his muscle when the other jews in the government doesn't like his blatant thievery, notably to occupy a fuel refinery he claimed belonged to him…

All the ukrainian militias are/were based in Dnepropetrovsk which he's the big boss, most of them occupy buildings he owns.

And of course BOTH parties openly admit to it.

It's like saying the "Open Democracy" society isn't backed by Soros.

cf7d49  No.12001495

Who is the ukrainian government?

16424f  No.12001577


Prime minister


>Both of his parents are Jewish

Prime Minister the Ukrainian right made a coup for:


>born to a family of ethnic Romanian-Jewish-Ukrainians

Minister of internal affairs:


>Arsen Avakov was born to an Armenian family[4][5] on January 2, 1964 in settlement imeni Kirova (since 1992 Rəsulzadə, located within Binəqədi raion) of Baku, Soviet Azerbaijan. "Avakov" is the Russified version of the Armenian surname "Avagyan" (also transliterated as "Avakyan" or "Avakian").[6] He moved to Ukraine with his family in 1966.

Foreign Affairs:


>Pavlo Klimkin was born on 25 December 1967[3] in the city of Kursk in Russia



>Poltorak was born on 11 February 1965 in the village Vesela Dolyna (located in the Tarutyne Raion, Odessa Oblast).

>Odessa oblast is famously known to be least Ukrainian (with nearly half the population being Bulgarian/Russian/Romanian/Jewish even Vietnamese) and the most Jewish oblast of Ukraine…

Oh and of course last but not least the president:


>Poroshenko was born in the city of Bolhrad, in Odessa Oblast, on 26 September 1965 to Aleksei Ivanovich Poroshenko and Eugenia Sergeevna (née Grigorchuk). Little is known about his mother but a Ukrainian newspaper said she was an accountant, who taught at a vocational and technical school of accounting. He also spent his childhood and youth in Bendery (Moldavian SSR, now under de facto control of the unrecognized breakaway state Transnistria) where his father Oleksiy was heading a machine building plant.

So many pure blooded Ukrainians in position of power!

So based!

dcb48e  No.12001632


There's no ukrainian ethnicity, the ukrainian territory was either polish or russian for its entire history.

036c2a  No.12001644

I don't know, nor do I really care about the Ukraine vs Russia attitude that's their history to work out. The real problem I see from them that makes it larpy is that they've literally empowered by the jews and the West with a kike leading their nation and kikes all over the place in the government and financing them. Last time I asked a serious question about it I got the answer that, "Well what makes you think they're not using them to achieve their ultimate goals?" My answer is that's not how it works. You don't get propped up by the jews and their shabbos goys and come out on top, ever. You're just setting yourself, your movement, and your people up for a gigantic fall and that's already starting to be seen with the West pulling out or trying to since Trump.

644fbc  No.12001653


>They're communist

Ukrainians hate communism with a passion.

e109d3  No.12001685

File: a661ebfa6eaacd8⋯.jpg (80.95 KB, 380x604, 95:151, 28541.jpg)


These are the people that the Ukrainians wanted for. Let this sink.

cf7d49  No.12001720


>There's no ukrainian ethnicity

Nigger, no, Ruthenians are a thing.


too bad their names are not in english but I recognize the ousted woman who went to jail for a couple of months.

ffbada  No.12001735


ruskie detected. The Kiev Rus were vikings that came down and conquered the Slavs. In fact, the word "Russian" comes from Rus, a slavic word meaning Viking. They were Norse.

000000  No.12001757


>Except for the fact that

Great, so provide evidence supporting this. Oh wait, you can't because it doesn't exist. No, some propagandist claiming it on the internet isn't proof.


>These are the people that the Ukrainians wanted for

Just like like the white house is full of kikes and Putin surrounds himself with kikes. What's the point supposed to be? The "far right" in Ukraine is fighting against this, not for it. If they were for it why would their movements even exist, idiot?

93b418  No.12001763

File: 8c6dad41b2a55c9⋯.jpg (152.5 KB, 1024x785, 1024:785, ukraine jews.jpg)


bccb4b  No.12001772


Dude, first of all ashkenazi jews basicly come from Ukraine.

Second of all, you dont really want to tell me that this guy isnt jewish.


I mean ye, its a nice bait for ukranian youth to do the dirty job for them, in the guise of nationalism, I believe the kikes laugh about how easy it is.

634702  No.12001782

File: 0e34be996a89e50⋯.jpg (47.46 KB, 640x360, 16:9, jaimino.jpg)

Hello to /pol/ from Tokyo


f44009  No.12001784


Heil to you desu.

8c43e4  No.12001830

File: 3a46341386e0dd3⋯.jpg (85.54 KB, 824x684, 206:171, 3a46341386e0dd389dc8827698….jpg)



000000  No.12001868

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Here comes team Ivan …

>can't link his russian wiki entry and can't find one in english so he resorts to the german


>the ukranians are jews

Yeah, that's why you holdomored them. Mhm. It's a pity you did, the Ukranian SS division was real good at putting subhuman bolsheviks in the grinder. It would have done the world a favor had we had a few more.


Nihao! Let's kill all commies, starting with the bolsheviks in Donetsk.

c44912  No.12001881



Poroshenko is a jew heading a jewish oligarch controled regime. If they serve it, then they are the enemy.

c44912  No.12001891


< Serves most kiked regime on Earth beside Israel itself.

< "No… no evidence they are controled by ZOG!"

< "Pu… Putin shills!"

Fuck the ukraine.

e109d3  No.12001907

File: e0301c3cc8fb78a⋯.jpg (791.35 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, Ukraine-80-jews-in-power.jpg)

>yeah, b-but…

Holy shit, the level of denial is abysmal

>call out the kikes

>get immunity stripped and be put to jail

414416  No.12001999


Kike puppets sucking EU dicks

7a1404  No.12002009


Are you seriously saying one of the greatest heavyweights of all time is a fucking Jew?

c712ff  No.12002020

File: e420de28ba1d877⋯.jpg (149.4 KB, 900x1145, 180:229, goodcommievisitsfinland.jpg)

We have vatniks in this thread. Post dead commie scum to make them go away.


>They killed Whites,

Commies aren't white. Commies aren't even human.


>You're talking about Jewish funded organizations

Oh look, the same old copypaste propaganda with no evidence.




And again.



A commie is not your brother.


>Except for the fact that they themselves

Same tired shit we are never going to get evidence for.


>x aren't a real people

Whenever you see this line you can be sure you are talking to a vatnik.


>These are the people that the Ukrainians

Spreading more Ukraine hate I see. We weren't talking about the establishment, we are talking about the people opposed to it. You only proved them right.




>opposed to eu

>sucking EU dicks

Try harder, vatnik.


< Serves most kiked regime on Earth beside Israel itself.

No, those would be the US and then Russia.

>"No… no evidence they are controled by ZOG!"

So post it then, faggot.

>Fuck the ukraine.

Ah, the good old vatnik hate of non-Russians. I sure wonder why all your neighbors hate you.

16424f  No.12002028

File: 5dc9993ab6ac01b⋯.jpg (228.92 KB, 2470x1582, 1235:791, Ethnic_map_europe_1923.jpg)


>Ruthenians are a thing.

In the mind of the shabo goys.

Ruthenians are what Austrian called Russians (and still do, gasp!).

It's classic communist tactics used to divide Russians as Ukraine was the place most of the White Armies were.

Prior to communism the Tsar held the title of "Tsar of All Russia", specifying the three branches of Russian people: "White Russian", "Great Russian", "Little Russian".

White Russians are Belorussian in English (belo = white), Great Russian are normal "Russian".

Where the fuck did "Malorussians" go? Did the AAAYYYY got them?

If I tell you that "Ukraine" means "march" (borderland) and the full official name of the place was in Russian "Malorussia Ukraine" -> "March of the Little Russians" do you realize who the fuck the "Ukrainians" are?

It's just a fucking rename because "Little Russian" sounded exactly like in English, a pejorative.

acf2a1  No.12002037


>killing whites


It all depends on the stock my ol' chum. The iredeemables so to speak.

16424f  No.12002069


"Ruthen" is at degeneration of Reußen in german, which is RUSSEN and not RuTen.

It was used for centuries as a complete synonym for Russian even AFTER it degenerate to "Ruthen".

It's only a people if you admit that it was "the Russians living in the Austro-Hungarian empire", which can perfectly claim a uniqueness of culture, being split form main branch Russians for so long but NOT one of blood.

16424f  No.12002090

File: ba6b991d53be791⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 480x360, 4:3, even arabs aren't that du….webm)



>Still doesn't know only Ukrainians call Russian vatnik making it piss easy to ID them as shills.

ed9100  No.12002099

As someone who spent time overthere, the only group I'd give any respect to is the right sector guys. At least they actually went into combat, where as with azov who generally sit in the back while the UA does the real work.

000000  No.12002103

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>It's just a fucking rename because "Little Russian" sounded exactly like in English, a pejorative.

>The Donetsk People's Republic has declared the establishment of a new country - Malorossiya - which the local leadership described as a successor state to Ukraine.


Kek. So the retard Donetsk commies want to name their joke state as a pejorative.

7a1404  No.12002138

Wtf are you talking about? I was asking if Vitali Klitschko is a jew or not.

ba77c7  No.12002162




Remove that word from your vocabulary. It makes you sound like a plebbit nigger.

f24c60  No.12002172


Klitschko is jewish

000000  No.12002203

c712ff  No.12002215

File: 395a30e143b19d5⋯.jpg (76.06 KB, 400x632, 50:79, curedofcommunism.jpg)


>Still doesn't know only Ukrainians call Russian vatnik making it piss easy to ID them as shills.

Wow, is that the best comeback you've got, vatnik?

73e6d7  No.12002553

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you know they hate jews most of all, right Levi?



Some of the most hardened fighters out there, Rabbi.

Also vid related

000000  No.12002636


In the eyes of based /pol/, A3OB are controlled op because they fight against based Putin who has made Hollycost revisionism illegal in Russia and who is pushing anti-National Socialist rhetoric and lies on his mouthpiece RT.

d646d0  No.12002720

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Prime Minister the Ukrainian right made a coup for

Also, who is Victoria Nuland ?

b06571  No.12002768


There's no russian ethnicity, the russian territory was either mongol or tatar or uyghur or chinese or korean or finnish or baltic or caucasian for its entire history.

634702  No.12002877

File: 3cee10606cc7194⋯.jpg (24.08 KB, 610x330, 61:33, Nuland Victoria Nuland.jpg)


Victoria Nuland is the wife of 9/11 "Goy Roaster" Robert Kagan, a Zionist jew who was "in" on the attack planning for the World Trade Center since at least the PNAC paper was put together. He, she and even their in-laws are ZOG jews who help to keep the "eep" in the USA's Deep State.

She - as part of Obama's 'State Dept'., called the shots on who would be on the "inside" of the coup government in Ukraine - but she didn't have the forethought to use a secure cell phone when she talked about those plans

Her phone conversation turned up on youtube.


31ff9d  No.12002881

File: 8ea3480d3032989⋯.jpg (17.49 KB, 400x187, 400:187, 5ruLkRG9EqlZJERpYS772vd6Fe….jpg)

Krym jest Rosyjski Lwów jest Polski!

000000  No.12002895

Not only is Azov based on itself, they also send good people with extremely solid know-how to the rest of the Europe to promote, teach, train and connect with other national-socialist, nationalist and fascist groups. As far as I know this is applicable to Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy.

What are they doing regarding cultural war and actual revival of the political soldier is something straight amazing and if anyone says otherwise he is either stupid or shill. I urge everyone to go, visit Ukraine and check the Azov house and rest of the stuff, they welcome foreigners with a right world-view. In my opinion, Azov or more specifically their concept will be extremely vital in upcoming crisis/racewar in Europe. Generally speaking, most of the Azov top people are also openly talking about second armed insurrection against the kike-stolen revolution.

Stop falling for Russki propaganda you faggets.

15ca58  No.12002922


You can literally change the language on wikipedia. A what is the reason my point about his jewish heritage is wrong?

The "holdomor" was not an intentional genocide, it was sheer incompetence by the commie leaders.

Now try disproving my points without idiotic ad hominem arguments. Considering insults, you would have caught some led between the eyes for supporting these idiots in a normal world. And rightfully so.

15ca58  No.12002931


>the enemy of an enemy is a friend

A3OB are basicly a slav version of the US Army.

831205  No.12002950


>they have defended their country

From who? Kikes? Nope, they put them in power. So who did they kill? Their fellow Ukrainians and some Russians. Great job.

634702  No.12002955

File: 4515dc8b0e513c4⋯.jpg (67.24 KB, 400x211, 400:211, 0bel77tvo.jpg)

File: ac92b105e80f05b⋯.jpg (135.82 KB, 640x884, 160:221, 0ashemmm.jpg)


During the holodomor Bolshevik jews killed at least 9 million Slavic Christians. Don't try to fob it off as an inadvertent massacre.

But instead of us anons talking about it, or making trips to wikipedia ffs, why don't we hear from somebody who actually was there.

memes related

000000  No.12002969


>What Eastern European government doesn't?

Better question is, what white country doesn't. Disgusting pest, once racewar starts, we need to finish them for good if we are to secure white existence for the future.

f41d79  No.12002975

File: 3edb7e6fba52a8a⋯.jpeg (30.92 KB, 330x450, 11:15, 1427644432676-1.jpeg)


>The "holdomor" was not an intentional genocide

Looks like we found king kike!

000000  No.12002990


>The "holdomor" was not an intentional genocide



>From who?

The Donetsk bolsheviks.

9a4ddb  No.12003396


Ukraine belong to Russia!

0595f0  No.12003404

File: 54a542f9000b7f9⋯.jpg (83.63 KB, 480x320, 3:2, Russia-empire_b.jpg)

File: 176f53c2c2f864a⋯.png (448.25 KB, 1000x642, 500:321, languages-in-russia.png)

File: b920e77418245e7⋯.png (305.64 KB, 2275x1313, 175:101, Ukrainains_in_Russia.png)

File: f741e446594767b⋯.png (75.63 KB, 1181x825, 1181:825, lrA66HtNcVkii3Ws5uTnwCLWVx….png)


>Multicultural states must die

Good luck with that.

15ca58  No.12005283



I have never claimed that the soviet leadership wasnt jewish, even le ebil Putin said that the soviet leadership was jewish mainly. I do not support comunism in any way, establishment of comunism is establishment of statewide slavery of everyone but jews.

You interpret stuff I didnt claim to stray away from my main point.

A3OB is supported by the state and jewish oligarchs, you can look up what the goverment is made of online, even on wikipedia!

Which is undeniable proof of jewish leadership of A3OB.

I dont claim anything else.

15ca58  No.12005306


>le satanic ebil sheming smelly gross kike experiencing orgasms from orphans raped by negroes

Dude, jews are just people who need to destroy the european races to establish world dominance…

They want to destroy us… not more not less. To stop them from doing so, they have to be removed from the face of the earth.

You dont have to demonize them and search for more reasons to hate them.

The holdomor wasnt intentional and in fact there has been a famine all over Russia in that period.

The only intentional killing back then was done to remove aristocracy and intellegent people who opposed socialism.

Killing your slave workers is plain stuipid.

15ca58  No.12005313


ye, thats kind of the point and fighting about who has the most jews doesnt help.

The question is: "who has the biggest group realisticly endagnering their goverment?"

Answer is: "noone"

90c32e  No.12005320

File: 007c33e8b7b180d⋯.jpg (292.99 KB, 850x511, 850:511, c8a51feebc6a17747a34327901….jpg)

File: 788375ea2bd613d⋯.jpg (77.76 KB, 800x500, 8:5, DSC_0294-800x500_c.jpg)


>Lwów jest Polski!

Szach mat polaku!

co za kurwa podludzie, niemieckie miasta które Polska ma po wojnie są utrzymane w relatywnie dobrym stanie (śląsk zdewastowali sowieci) Lwów przypomina RPA po apartheidzie, z drugiej strony, muszą niszczyć wszystko co przypomina im, że to nie oni zbudowali Lwów, aka Leopolis.

5c5cc4  No.12005376

all eurasionists like dugin and his filth are enemies of the west, the east bloc is run by kikes and foments the destruction of the west

a8db01  No.12006225


I have a friend who is working with me on some smartphone games and who starts university this year. He told me that the Wolfsangel was adopted because they can be formed out of the letters 'I' and 'N'.

I = Idea

N = Nation

Wolfsangel = Idea of Nation

That friend is also anti-semitic and you guys must remember that the real Ukrainians started pogroming the jews even before the poles or germans did. Thats why they got starved out by Stalin in the first place.

1ac07f  No.12006256


you should back up your accusations with links, some of us are new to the topic and we need to be able to confirm your claim

c0962b  No.12006275

Controlled muh raycists

000000  No.12006276


>The holdomor wasnt intentional

Just fucking kill yourself you fucking kike. It was your revenge against the Ukrainians for dealing with you, just like you tried to have the Germans literally exterminated at the end of the war.


You'll get nothing but more accusations and juxtapositioning because there isn't any proof for anything.

15ca58  No.12006649



>looking for revenge

are you fucking retarded?

They allways act poweroriented and not like some elephant going crazy, that is the reason the can openly promote the extentinction of Europe and you have to hide behind anonymity.

Noone in history who got to power ever had revenge in mind. I mean revenge for the sake of revenge itself.

And you can call me kike all day long, runs off like water.

16424f  No.12006754



>ye, thats kind of the point and fighting about who has the most jews doesnt help.

I'm sorry but when people are asking the question because said jews got put in place in a fucking coup by supposedly a far right movement that like to larp as Nazis it is extremely relevant.

Ukrainian neo-nazis clearly put in place a ZOG government willingly (when they LITERALLY didn't have to and could have taken the power for themselves as they were the one doing the revolution) and are still supporting it to this very day.

So to answer OP question: yes they're clearly LARPers and just a bunch of shabbo goyims whose job is too kill their fellow whites for hooked nosed kikes as good ZOGbots.

The Russian army might be the same, but they're not the ones that overthrew their government...

5fa212  No.12008414


fpbp. kikes help both sides.

c4925d  No.12008782


yes, exactly. The "seperatist" russians however, are not the same I believe.

c712ff  No.12008872

File: d047e1a56627d53⋯.jpg (67.98 KB, 604x453, 4:3, commiescum.jpg)


>because said jews got put in place in a fucking coup

That's as honest as saying every post WW II kike in Germany got put in place by Hitler and the NSDAP and their revolt against a kiked world.

>by supposedly a far right movement

The coup was not started by them, they just crashed it and tried to make it go their way. Their only wrong doing was not succeeding with all they wanted, but then again so did ultimately even the NSDAP.



Yep, you're not from around here.

>put in place a ZOG government willingly

Again they put them in place as willingly as Hitler let the DDR happen.

>when they LITERALLY didn't have to and could have taken the power for themselves as they were the one doing the revolution

Absolute horseshit. Putin started the communist uprisings in Donbass and Crimea which forced them to the east to keep their country from being torn apart. If they had let the commie scum grab all the land they wanted while staying in Kiev and by providence succeeded with the coup they would have been a Social Nationalist government in a state without any industry (as practically all of that was in the east) and with no relations to the rest of the world as no one would ship support a, as you would say, nazi dictatorship. With absolutely no way of acquiring arms and munitions they wouldn't have lasted a month against a communist horde basically run by Russia and supplied with every weapon Russia could spare. You are mad because they made the right call and stopped you in your tracks. They had abandon the revolt for the moment but they preserved Ukraine. Hitler made the same call when the first world war broke out; preventing Germany from being torn apart took precedence over dealing the inner decay.

>and are still supporting it to this very day

You mean funneling their funds into growing organizations with the explicitly stated aim of overthrowing the government by "democratic means or other options".

>kill their fellow whites

Stop whining, Ivan. Pick related aren't human.

>but they're not the ones that overthrew their government…

This is where it show you are Russian. Do you really think anyone but you Russians give a shit about the old government of soviet kikes who allowed their tribal kinsmen to force tens of thousands of Ukrainians into sex slavery? You're the only ones who whine about because they were pro-Russian and thus so what if they sucked the blood of the Ukrainian people? Everyone else says good riddance and it's just a shame the commie uprising got in the way of finishing the job.

0b39b1  No.12008900


>You are not allowed to praise foreign soldiers

3rd Reich had a foreign legion. You think they didn't praise them? You're stuck in the "console wars" of politics.

c712ff  No.12008917


>yes, exactly. The "seperatist" russians however, are not the same I believe

And here is the troll co-pilot.

The Donetsk trash is literal commie scum. They adorn themselves with bolshevist symbolism, hail themselves as the successor of the Donets-Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic, and this is their fucking government: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People's_Soviet_of_the_Donetsk_People's_Republic

It's a fucking commie state and everyone can see it. How can those ebil Ukraine nazis want to defend themselves against that?


>You are not allowed to praise commies


000000  No.12008959


>They allways act poweroriented and not like some elephant going crazy

Stop trying to praise yourself moshe. You kikes go rabid with hate all the time. Everyone here knows about Ilya Ehrenberg, Germany Must Perish and all the rest of it. You're not fooling anyone.

>Noone in history who got to power ever had revenge in mind.

Except you kikes. Your desire for revenge against the whole world is the only thing that drives you.

9bf505  No.12009175


WTF happened? A propellant canister self ignited? Because if that had been a 152mm shell self-detonating then there would be no camera left.

c712ff  No.12009268

File: ab0f3dbd7db73df⋯.png (158.7 KB, 480x360, 4:3, bang.png)


>WTF happened?

They got hit by something. The blast comes from the location of the howitzer and if you focus on the sound you hear the whoosh-bang just after the guy shouts krad.

000000  No.12009566



>Because opposing the kiked government of Ukraine means you love the kiked government of Russia.

Donbas "rebels" are unironic communist nigger and islamists. Kadyrov did send his cut-throats on request of Putin, if we are talking of "ISIS" here.


Who is retarded, those that believe in the Kremlins lie of an organic rebellion of disenfranchised Russians in Ukraine (including air defence units) or those that name the FSB glownigger astroturfing little green men?



>It was used for centuries as a complete synonym for Russian

No, it were always the non Muscovite, western of the eastern Slavs, most of them members of the Catholic Church. A church that is not recognized by Moscow.

>It's only a people if you admit that it was "the Russians living in the Austro-Hungarian empire",

Not every eastern Slav is a default citizen of "Le 56% Slavic ethno state of the Russian Federation".

>split form main branch Russians for so long but NOT one of blood.

Russia is a multi ethnic colonial empire of Mongols, Tatars, Turks and yeah some Russians. Please don't mention ethnic Russians, Slavs to much or claim Russia as their dominion, that would hurt the feelings of the FSB and you don't want that.

When the SU split, the had votes and the individual former republics promised to respect the existing borders. Russia do not feel longer bound by it. They don't feel bound to the promises they made to Ukraine in the process of nuclear disarmament.


>Victoria Nuland called the shots on who would be on the "inside" of the coup government in Ukraine - but she didn't have the forethought to use a secure cell phone when she talked about those plans

She didn't talk about "plans" on the telephone. She just cursed the EU, because she didn't like their diplomatic initiative.



>The "holdomor" was not an intentional genocide, it was sheer incompetence by the commie leaders.

NOOOOn the jewish had no intention to decimate an unruly population. The use of chemical weapons to suppress insurgencies was pure accidental.



>le satanic ebil sheming smelly gross kike - Dude, jews are just people

>They want to destroy us… not more not less - You dont have to demonize them

>The holdomor wasnt intentional

Read the Black Book of Communism

Famines, punishing, killing by hunger are typical (((communist))) weapons. BTW check who is behind the famines in Ireland and India.

Famines provide a thin veneer of plausible deniability.

716776  No.12013192


I havent seen any commie symbolism on their website or the wiki page you linked.

I have 3 options for you, pick wisely

>god forsaken retard



(because you activly defend an army under kike support, as I have proven above (check the people in Ukranian goverment with a quick googlesearch)

not a single one of you A3OB lovers has disproven that.

Oh and the options are ordered from best to worst.


I can smell the sweat and see the foam in your mouth through the screen.

Furious people dont win wars, they get put down by their own.

jews are people, I dont know why its such a hard pill to swallow.

Look at Soros and all the Rothschilds etc. look how smug they are.

I bet no mentionable figure of their clan was ever furious or was driven by revenge.

They have allways calmly traded their papers, calmly started wars, calmly ordered executions and calmly ordered their agents to drug important figures to force them fucking children.

Your blood is to hot for power mate.

716776  No.12013261


ok, I didnt know the chemical weapons stuff, nice.

But how the hell is a supply cutoff a weapon?

I mean the regions have been populated by farmers! They are the suppliers themselves!

Oh and I dont believe that I need another book to have an even worse view of communism. My opinion of comunism cannot get worse, there is simply no room.

a2972b  No.12035725

File: 5321c30fd747113⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1566x5952, 261:992, 4c42a968e7d2aec72bde2c7cf9….jpg)


Was it so embarrassing that you ran away from your thread?

5196c1  No.12035756


> The holdomor wasnt intentional and in fact there has been a famine all over Russia

"This just in: Kike reveals that famines steal farming equipment and your harvested grain."

Kikes rejoice for such news as mana from g-ds heaven!

61d61a  No.12038538

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ukrainian nationalist group "National corps" cleaning up a gypsy camp in a park.

"It smells like carrion and piss here" - one of the guys describes the area.

61d61a  No.12038540

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"We don't like their asocial way of living. They don't even try to integrate into our society. They parasitize on our streets, and don't care about developing themselves or their offspring."

They also cleaned up all the trash afterwards, and harassed the gypsies to make sure they really leave.

fcc4e2  No.12038577


They're useful idiots for Jews.

221593  No.12038711

File: fd2315a25839427⋯.png (150.39 KB, 351x351, 1:1, 42974e9d143f4579143e431c74….png)


Owned be a jew, directed by a sell-out provisional government, kills their own civilians in mortar strikes. What else do you need to know? /thread

I do not inherently support Novorussiya, as it is strange enough since they're commie panderers (although it's also strange to note that Western leftists hate Novorussiya themselves and won't even admit that Azov is ooga booga nazimen). I simply believe they are the only ones capable of hanging Piggy Poroshenko by his balls and bringing this fake government to the heel of people's demand.

221593  No.12038716

ce0503  No.12038736

government's tell whites they are second class. they set out to destroy them. how do they not expect there will be a reaction. Some groups may be counter ops, but soon there will be so many that fight against what they want to destroy. they are fueling their own demise.


Kick ass graphic btw

ce0503  No.12038758



*No More Brother Wars*

ce0503  No.12038790


Nice. All the previous replies to your post have been strawman and adhominem. Maidan shit is the hardest event for me to fully understand, and I still am confused to hell about it.

221593  No.12039964


>team ivan

spoken like a true outsider liberal faggot that uses TOR. hm.

55a342  No.12039991


>LARPfags. Ignore their rhetoric, look at their actions. They killed Whites, put a bunch of kikes into power, and want to join the EU.

oyyyyyyyyyy veyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


>You're talking about Jewish funded organizations

This is a myth fabricated by kikes. There's zero evidence that AZOV are funded by kikes

55a342  No.12039995


>The "holdomor" was not an intentional genocide, it was sheer incompetence by the commie leaders.

nice try (((richard spencer))) you faggot

64dd18  No.12043312

If you support ukrainian armed forces against russia you’re on the same side of McCain, let that sink in.

55a342  No.12043485


Russia is ZOG you retarded faggot

we support national socialists fighting to defend their homes from zog imperialism

most anons dont even give a fuck about the ukraine government, only the nationalist fighters and the ukranian people

aeaf07  No.12057150

Lots of sincere wns at the bottom, larpers at the top.

0614a1  No.12057222


No comparison. Trump, being a Jew York real estate developer, knew how to pacify kikes and D&C them. The Azov batallion is literally kosher.

000000  No.12057415

0ceee1  No.12057429


>Ukraine'r right: Based as fuck or LARPfags?

Funded by Jews.

000000  No.12057464




shiggy diggy ukropnigger

a0dc2f  No.12060541

File: 432f05691ba6c77⋯.jpg (143.74 KB, 798x1200, 133:200, gfgfg.jpg)

5f9e22  No.12060969


>The only intentional killing back then was done to remove aristocracy and intellegent people who opposed socialism.

>Killing your slave workers is plain stuipid.

Depends on what your priorities are. The true, hidden purpose of Communism was to establish Jewish hegemony. The number one priority was total obedience. If half the population had to die to make the others become totally obedient slaves, then that was a price the kikes were willing to pay. Goyim lives meant nothing to them,

Killing the most efficient farmers for being "class enemies", and implementing collective farming run by bureaucrats with no farming experience was certain to result in mass starvation, yet they went ahead and hung Kulaks from lampposts for the crime of holding back just enough of their harvest to feed their families. To suppose that this was unintentional is to suppose stupidity on the part of the leadership.

You almost sound like an interloper from /leftypol/ that's in denial about just how evil Communism is.

5f9e22  No.12061012


I've been trying to work out what's really going on for a long time. This, I fear, is the most likely explanation.

eff600  No.12087769


Stuipidity was common place as leadership was to a big part some low rank drunk criminals who supported their families. Puting these idiots in ranks aswell. Which would lead to exactly the outcome you mentioned.

I can imagine that the jews alowed that though, your first point is pretty good.

I just really dont like the "bloodthirsty kike" image. Jews are goal oriented. They for sure dont care to kill or not to kill(which isnt a bad trait). But they dont kill for the purpose of killing itself.

I mean even childrape is instrumentalized by the kike to have means of pressure against their puppet elites.

d1f328  No.12087812


>Deliberately kill producers of food

>Too dumb to perceive the consequences of this

It was totally an (((accident)))


Yeah, nah, you're fucking retarded

>Now try disproving my points without idiotic ad hominem arguments.

219c38  No.12087813


When both sides aren't vehemently anti-Semitic then jews play both sides.

d12fa4  No.12087943

File: 250266c848a5d56⋯.png (114.47 KB, 746x351, 746:351, 250266c848a5d5672a29445b4f….png)


The "people" that died in former communist nations were useless social parasites. Why are you defending useless social parasites?

Why is it so hard to grasp tat there's many "people" which simply shouldn't be allowed to live in society under any circumstances?

I don't want my nation to end up like..in USA, where corruption is so socially accepted that on every election the population has to chose between two useless social parasites

The goal of communism is to build a society where useless people like you are discovered very soon and removed right away…instead of being allowed to climb the social ladder and get to positions of power.

16f858  No.12087949


Sure explain all the bureaucrat dick suckers that have vacation in western countries, say, when will commies solve that problem?

36dae2  No.12087967


>Every single thing said to tarnish them is completely unsubstantiated

Yes. And it is only the Americans and Putin-supporters who sperg about these things.

>freely permitted their brethren to kidnap Ukrainian children and blonde women for their sex slave trade. The amount of Ukrainian women enslaved in Israel over the last fifty years is insane

Also many thousands of Russian girls have also been enslaved over many decades. No Slavic man should ever rest until the jews pay for for this, I certainly will not.

36dae2  No.12087978


<The "people" that died in former communist nations were useless social parasites. Why are you defending useless social parasites?

<Why is it so hard to grasp tat there's many "people" which simply shouldn't be allowed to live in society under any circumstances?

<I don't want my nation to end up like..in USA, where corruption is so socially accepted that on every election the population has to chose between two useless social parasites

<The goal of communism is to build a society where useless people like you are discovered very soon and removed right away…instead of being allowed to climb the social ladder and get to positions of power.

You are pretending to be from a Slavic country, you are not fooling anybody. No one in my country or the surrounding ones would ever express such a false and disgusting opinion.

Kill yourself.

c23f1e  No.12087981



lol of course only criminals were killed, after all commies can change the definition of what a "criminal" is at whim!

>The "people" that died in former communist nations were useless social parasites

Communism reduces everyone to the level of social parasites except the top inner party members who live in luxury.

c23f1e  No.12087994


Actually, I'm going to correct myself: if anything, the inner party members are the biggest social parasites out there because their whole opulence is built of the suffering >99% of their countrymen.

If there's something commies are great at, it's projection.

5a0566  No.12088302

AZOV is literally a pro-EU proxy army funded and run by Jews to inhibit Russian activities in the region.

aed7b1  No.12089799

File: 54335f99c9ef636⋯.jpeg (97.53 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 0bf42d663eee4c1f9fae1c0cd….jpeg)


>slandered by autists

They're paid shills, and the kike vols that usurped the board do nothing about it, in fact, they encourage it. They even deleted the damned hitler speech thread. Treat this board exactly the same as cuckchan, because that's what it is now. Do not expect your brothers to be here, this is just a redpilling zone.

5401f7  No.12090080

File: a88b3efbfd0e0ea⋯.jpg (56.78 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 37774771_303.jpg)

Zacharchenko died in bombing today. RIP.

c28335  No.12090105



When you're killing people you can dress up however you want, larp only applies to fat internet autists dressing up like NSDAP members and giving themselves medals, not actual soldiers who use fascist imagery.

dcf4dc  No.12090140


The whole war is Russian jews and Ukrainian jews getting white people to kill each other

03a4d1  No.12090223

File: 3b22d742c3e3fd4⋯.webm (9.36 MB, 1264x522, 632:261, azov.webm)


Russian shills need to be shot. Azov is anti-west and anti-Russian has historically they both have harmed the Ukrainian people in the Holodomor.

Azov has been victorious in battles has well Battle of Mariupol.


c24aff  No.12097038


>they sold weapons to countries that no normal country would be allowed to sell weapons to.

>this means Ukraine is kiked.

Good goy.

124984  No.12097139


>Russians and Ukrainians

>white people


Confirmed for never having interacted with slav scum.

4e75ba  No.12097146

The only euro country with a genuine chance of having an ethno nationalist goverment

893f18  No.12097222

File: bcf39f5b67f7162⋯.png (51.17 KB, 1621x302, 1621:302, hitler occult.PNG)

>mystical Social Nationalism


8e1232  No.12108317


>Cant march properly on their own promotional video

>stuipid tatoos

>"high quality" slow-mo at the end

Even ISIS is better in that regards, not even kidding.

What a laughing stock.

000000  No.12108324

They are actually doing something. What are you?

18519f  No.12110880

LARPfags Ukraine has never been worse off than it is today. The state of the entire nation is in absolute shambles.

a02f57  No.12110901



That's a 4,000 dollar rifle. Not the ideal choice for your everyday resistance fighter.

d0a044  No.12111091


For civie, but for military? Nah, it's $1000 top.

841777  No.12111122


Based and redpilled.

c27640  No.12111131


Nigger, the new ukranian government it wholly jewed top to bottom. The original iteration of it after maidan was almost all jews.

You can look it up yourself after the ouster of the previous leader Poroshenko, the current prime minister is -groysman-, a jew.

841777  No.12111139


Cool video. I bet they will eventually liberate all of Ukraine someday.

cbd865  No.12114390



- These guys, basically

cbd865  No.12114407


>Asov is anti-west

>Gets literally funded and trained by Obama administration approved mils

ok, this is epic

cbd865  No.12114411

c24aff  No.12114447


There are jews in the Russian government too. Hell, there are jews in every government worldwide. What makes Ukraine’s jews any different? Isn’t that the meaning of jewish hegemony? In any conflict, jews are positioned to benefit from any given side no matter which side they take.

The western media pretends to hate Russia in the same way they pretend to hate the ZOGnald. Russia is ran by the same international jewish mafia that the United States is run by. Why do you think there are holohoax denial laws in Russia? Why would a true nationalist government throw people like Maxim Tesak in jail? Do you even read up on the news in Russia? Just recently they threw several members of the Misanthropic Division, legitimate Neo-Nazis, in prison. This is the same government that views the Soviet Union, not with repulsion, but with nostalgia. So I have no reason to support a neo-Soviet imperalist country that couldn’t give a fuck about its neighbors.

a92d3d  No.12114536

File: 247dfa030afaf53⋯.jpg (56.47 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 12de97f77a98e82a1dc0d37a13….jpg)

File: 0bd4c61b90db081⋯.jpg (36.16 KB, 500x373, 500:373, german-soldiers-wehrmacht-….jpg)

File: 448f27d167435bb⋯.jpg (11.01 KB, 301x167, 301:167, images (5).jpg)

File: 57627892465174f⋯.jpg (131.29 KB, 480x677, 480:677, b9ce5a581288f18e6a76906d88….jpg)

File: 66b65efa562d4a9⋯.jpg (873.9 KB, 2340x2872, 585:718, german-machine-gunner-marc….jpg)


"Muh based russians" says much of /pol/ Man fuck those faggots.

We fought the good guys to help out jews and jew lovers like this. If Hitler didn't have to fight us, he'd have taken out the jews and the bols that pozd us with this multicultural aids that plagues us now. We fought to help jews and their mongrel slav-mongolian degenerate untermenches.

We can make this right. Design power armor, use actual white engineers to come up with an effective counter icbm and oppose anything faggy that opposes the white race.

Heil Hitler!

a6cdb1  No.12114599

File: 2a2f3a7a3e3965b⋯.jpg (179.3 KB, 1000x730, 100:73, cathedraloflight2.jpg)

d692df  No.12114626

File: c20c09ca7b238f9⋯.jpg (32.73 KB, 600x210, 20:7, 14202286724360.jpg)


>those imperial orthodox tsaristcbolshevic communists

Those niggers are for real and that's quite scary levels of doublethink going on.

a92d3d  No.12114660



>>Removing social parasites

>That's National Socialism retard. You nasbol fags were lead by a bunch of fat useless nothings like Stalin, that lightweight drunkard had to go begging to the Americans who were already involved because of the Zogged Anglos and we were getting pretty Zogged as it was cause of globalist faggots.

>>There were no death camps

>Nigger, I wouldn't care one way or the other about some commie mongrel killing other mongrels, but the Commuzog had more murders than what they try to pin on the Reich, before, during and after, camps no camps, etc.

>Stalin agreed to the pact with Hitler so that he could keep recovering from executing half of his army's officers just because they made complaints that their men were poorly trained and said it was because they weren't devoted to the party, which is faggot talk for they weren't in our gay little communist orgy, so I decided to show incompetence in the way I lead and ruin it even further.

>Russians wouldn't have shit if not for stealing tech. The stole the bomb from the Americans who stole the tech from the Germans because our scientists were halfwits going off in the wrong direction. They stole jet technology from the Brits under Churchill when he invited them to see what they took from the Nazis. The AK is a complete rip off of the Sturmgewehr 44 and Haenel MKb 42(H), gas system, bolt and assembly minus recoil buffer that were left shortened on the AK, trigger mech etc. Russians needed Nazi scientists just like us to get into space. It's not cause Russians are stupid, it's cause communism is cancer and they dick around too much and no one really cares succeed unless they corruptly promise things their dogma forbids, unless it really was marks that said some people deserve more than others…

>Leave this place enlightened faggotron, come back as a true NatSoc or do me a favor and start a communist revolution so me and the bigger badder men can gun you faggots down like the jew rats you are.

a92d3d  No.12114785

File: 27f539aae910e98⋯.jpg (45.92 KB, 400x394, 200:197, naziposter_01.jpg)

File: a66b00d3305761c⋯.png (2.55 MB, 3072x2048, 3:2, 7b2a4869a3f6fee7af7eb6ebb0….png)

File: 76746793dcd3aa7⋯.jpeg (126.53 KB, 811x537, 811:537, ea315deb2eecff335860158aa….jpeg)

File: c0553a2290e30ad⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 300x168, 25:14, c0553a2290e30ad00849f4db06….gif)

File: 3fd5173fe297a96⋯.jpg (36.55 KB, 512x380, 128:95, 3fd5173fe297a96813aae7008d….jpg)


Heil Bruder

3c5807  No.12117577




c3b46c  No.12117630

So according to the thread…. Ukraine right is larpfags secretly controlled by kikes.

5d3b64  No.12117671

Is it possible to enter Ukraine and join the battalion if you knlw the language? Would they accept westerners willing to help and train themselves?

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