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File: 004b949d1b0df03⋯.png (29.16 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, awb.png)

a5f9a8  No.12002923

Thread theme:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QSwDLH2ang





How do we plot this on google earth?????? We need a map ASAP

d4d02a  No.12002995


Have a bump for war reasons. Also Zulu free first post.

6654c7  No.12003022

I'll see if I can put something together on zeemaps, but not all entries have latitude and longitude

899b03  No.12003024

Whatcha sliding this time moshe?

0daf39  No.12003034

File: 361395753bfd0b6⋯.png (139.26 KB, 690x587, 690:587, TargetedFarmMap081318.png)

File: 7ce84b910adca5d⋯.png (604.98 KB, 504x750, 84:125, 019b1d85447e74afd60874128e….png)

f3f454  No.12003039


that's not how 8chan works, faggot

bda5a1  No.12003043



6654c7  No.12003049

File: a6febab0ce176ba⋯.jpg (809.07 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, Boer Simulator.jpg)



Nevermind, I got beaten to it

af68e0  No.12003102


Now, post this plus links and screencaps/archive to social media.

65733e  No.12003107


Remember that when they come to rape and pillage they will hide behind with signal jammers. At this point if your farm is targeted a better strategy would be to film it from afar discretely then flee to upload the video to here, bitchute, liveleak and any other yet to be fully kiked source. No matter what the footage of niggers stealing white land must get out. Ignorant faggots will deny reality until its impossible to deny the scale of this.

af68e0  No.12003118


If I were a white South African, I would look into laying traps to take out as many niggers as possible.

Yes, film from afar.

Then, when they close in on the farmhouses, set off the bombs inside.

Set fire to absolutely fucking everything.

Salt the land.

Make sure they get nothing of value.

ebc6ef  No.12003129


53967c  No.12003143

File: 7b7c348340b2f37⋯.webm (10.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ~ C Y B E R N Δ Z I ~ - K….webm)

346db1  No.12003147


Are there foreign volunteers to support the white farmers? is there any real resistance?

525eb2  No.12003153

File: f0655338e2471fa⋯.jpg (403.72 KB, 1130x706, 565:353, RWDS.jpg)


Damn, I love this cover.

He looks like a DOOMGUY in training

cb9883  No.12003246

File: bb153141d5b1ca7⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 2800x2408, 50:43, IMG_20180814_020339_413.jpg)



Here is the kmz file which you can use to import into Google earth http://www.mediafire.com/file/w2hakskkbsgs402/SA.kmz/file

182d14  No.12003284


f910e8  No.12003288


I have been wondering if there is a foreign legion that is volunteering to kill niggers in SA.

53967c  No.12003458

I am looking for a video that explains the settlement of white racist nazis in south africa

0f4101  No.12003480

File: ee1de411dafe82c⋯.png (217.83 KB, 329x346, 329:346, 1531329076163.png)


This gonna be good

382439  No.12003491

How did the info get leaked? what's the source?

ec38ce  No.12003508

File: 0ee00ce7dc99ea5⋯.jpg (48.83 KB, 550x330, 5:3, sadsaffe.jpg)


Don't go out without a fight you beautiful bastards.

74b8ff  No.12003512


They need to firesale all the land and tank the currency.

53967c  No.12003521


south africa's white population should sell all money they don't need immediately, exchange it for something secure but also cashable, CHF maybe

74b8ff  No.12003524


Doesnt Orania have its own crypto or something?

53967c  No.12003530


orania has its own currency but they are just a small community, but i dont know how they are doing it exactly because they have to pay a lot of taxes to the government.

according to kikepedia the population of orania amounts to 1.500

74b8ff  No.12003536


I saw them come up in random crypto news where the numale beta faggot was kvetching about them being racis for not allowing niggers. More recently I heard stuff from I think the EFF about how they plan to attack Orania.

5dba22  No.12003537

It's tragic to me how many white landowners in South Africa lack the resources to completely surround tempting farm targets with massive fields of landmines.

53967c  No.12003559

File: 303ae0357c7b588⋯.webm (3.45 MB, 480x360, 4:3, BUL PI Joubert - Teenage ….webm)


while I see that many farmers are poor I think that the community as a whole could establish something like that for every farm.

you can produce mines from just 3USD.

just found a video of a badass south african national socialist girl, chasing niggers with her shotgun at night.

Happened in 30 Aug 2015

000000  No.12003565

kek look at the rand its ogre theyre gonna end up like rhodesia with trillion dollar bills

74b8ff  No.12003574

File: f5fbb69dbc10854⋯.png (635.71 KB, 1566x798, 261:133, South-African-Farm-Attacks….PNG)

Reminder the violent attacks are state sponsored.

74b8ff  No.12003578

Also we really need to pressure codenigger to give us our CSS back, it was an important part of 8ch caps and had high propaganda value.

ccc09a  No.12003616

niggers have no concept of opsec

they always publicly signal their exploits both before and after

this is how we win

cdf6d4  No.12003621



There are so many people asking this, it is unbelieavable. I'm one of them as well.

I'm of that opinion that foreign volunteers will be vital in upcoming war in SA. Whites there need to prepare pipelines to get them into the country, equip them and house them. We need that asap, since shit can blow in the end of this very month.

5dba22  No.12003669


Well I'd like that anon, not enough thieving niggers get to experience being blasted apart.

74b8ff  No.12003679


The niggers in government will ban whites from entry, you will need a proxy country and to infiltrate the borders oldschool style. Better read up on bushwar and develop a taste for rotten baboon.

53967c  No.12003698

File: 6848da7c467ec75⋯.jpg (38.25 KB, 1099x618, 1099:618, FB_IMG_1459350179074.jpg)

File: 57ce60ccbad1e2b⋯.png (611.05 KB, 661x1320, 661:1320, Screenshots_2016-03-30-22-….png)

File: 91fa27c27af9f55⋯.jpg (113.84 KB, 642x718, 321:359, south_africa_farm_attack_s….jpg)



my question is about the clothing, it looks like heat resistant clothing, what do you think? (against heat scanners)

5960ce  No.12003722


Also, why should we assume those coordinates are even farms?Big or small farms? A fucking dot on the map doesn't mean much. Why only 200 farms?

099e5f  No.12003724


any translations on those comments?

5960ce  No.12003736


A fucking shapefile would be more useful. How big are these farms?

74b8ff  No.12003752


I dont know about heat resistant, does look like it might be an interesting material. Their faces dont exactly light up a whole lot more than the clothing, its just FLIR not Infrared.

74b8ff  No.12003753


Or I guess the IR in FLIR is Infrared, anyways its not your typical rainbow/red type heat cam.

53967c  No.12003762


to test if it holds up to the constitutional changes 139 farms will be seized

in the next step all white property will be taken

284c74  No.12003764


Can we get an overlay showing all known concentrations of Whites in the country, particularly those who have been forced into shanty towns?

6ad73b  No.12003769


The heat has to go somewhere or you'll cook. Head to toe coverage could be to curtail forensics.

0c9919  No.12003771


>dubs of proof needed

Regardless, any farmer in SA should obviously know what is going on by now and hopefully should be banding together and preparing for shtf. If these dots raise a false alarm nothing is really lost. The nearby farms will then just fortify early like they should be anyways.

53967c  No.12003795

is there a total media blackout about this? its so hard to find any news coverage and i havent found a single video form the media about it.

242485  No.12003798


I don't think the monkeys have a coherent plan for managing the stolen farmlands. They haven't thought beyond genociding the Whites.

74b8ff  No.12003839


>The heat has to go somewhere or you'll cook.

Bruh the Selous Scouts would wear black face paint until their skin started falling off in rotten putrid chunks. War is brutal in Africa.

e9eb9d  No.12003846


You could have plugged it into an online translator yourself, you know…

>1) That is a pity. Have worked a lot and saw a lot …. The big thing about that thing should be a few miles to jam. That is military spec equipment. And such a pity costs almost a million.

>2) It makes you wonder where do they get it!

>3) Yes no __ my question too. Because it's not easy to get this one. And now you can get all the goals of that one. All cellphones, internet alarms and ip drops. That's why people never install an IP camera. And be careful with alarm systems. Bester is always asking for a question. What if their jammers have.

>4) Sorry, typing errors are common on the phone lol



There's a difference between true infrared, heat-sensing cameras and near-IR nightvision (which is what you're seeing there.)

Near-IR cameras works by giving off a frequency of red light that is longer than what the human eye can detect, but the camera can.


>is there a total media blackout about this?

Because genocide violates international law, and signatory countries are compelled to act upon any known instances of it.


Sell it to the Chinese and steal the proceeds.

28bb44  No.12003852


They have thought no further ahead than parceling out the land to curry favour to maintain their power. It's Mugabe all over again.

53967c  No.12003865


i have an idea, can we work out a statement that we translate in european languages and then we bring it to our governments?

fae27d  No.12003889


Any idea on how we can warn them? How can we get them out quickly before the attack?

e9eb9d  No.12003909


You need a lawyer familiar with that part of international law, which I am not.

I imagine it will involve something along the line of submitting a plea to the Hague and/or UN for official recognition of victim status of the Boer.

Even then, you're talking about a coalition of nations which have historically been hostile to the cause of the White South Afrikaner.

How is the Cape of Goodhope thing coming along, by the way?

35ee66  No.12004044

It could be very useful to have current farm eviction videos.

33a65c  No.12004894


based doggo

57e630  No.12004902


They won't go out at all. Trust the Seer.

3e86dc  No.12004904


Would waifu

Anyway what's the source for these farms. It very important to know where this came from.

d1ffb6  No.12004937


Why would they wear anti-thermal clothing? These are niggers. No farmers are going to have a Flir. Anyway, that image is an IR image.

d7c669  No.12005074


Don't these things give you cancer if you wear them like that? It's like standing near a huge radar dish.

cd74c5  No.12005391

File: 33233eeb9ae59d1⋯.jpg (7.98 KB, 400x292, 100:73, 33233eeb9ae59d18869ee1be04….jpg)

File: 144c40439d942a3⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 2576x1648, 161:103, ea099c47f86f4eaab0e2aa92f7….jpg)




Reposting from the other thread

Hi guys, young saffer here with nothing to look forward to in life besides emigrating and suiciding from chronic depression of losing my country and seeing millions of my volk get raped to death, so I'm ready to go out with a bang or genocide all of Africa, either way I'd be satisfied. I've given up on trying to be reasonable, I've played the centrist all my life but I realize now these subhumans are out to screw me over one way or another.

Anyway, before we do anything let me make one thing clear with a full disclaimer, what I'm about to say is totally just something I'd like to do in minecraft rolepay.

Now consider a few things; the SANDF will just disband once the government can't pay their salaries anymore. Everyone in it (about 40 000 in the army) are volunteer force nigs just looking for income. They aren't loyal to the ANC or any higher idea. They're low moral asf and get torn apart in the congo during peace keeping on a regular basis. Their officers are 50% female because the ANC is somehow also cucked by marxist gender ideas and they're all fatass MK veterans that can't do shit. All our equipment is rusted 80s gear and the SANDF has made it public that they have serious logistical problems that they won't be able to use any of their vehicles sufficiently in any type of conflict.

The main enemy will be random black militias forming out of the blue, armed with whatever they could steal from army bases (Cape Town Army base has been robbed twice by gangs that just hold the soldiers at gunpoint) or police stations (which also get robbed a lot here).

There are dozens of white militias working in this country but staying underground after a lot of them were hunted down in the early 2000s and late 90s. I've spoken to their members, they're very level headed and know it's all about waiting for the right time and activating the sleepers when it's the best opportunity to do so. I've been invited to train at their camps which I originally thought was a meme, (growing with the libshit idea that these were obscure nutcase places). They are in fact highly organised and manned by former hardline members of the Volksfront. You won't find this info out in the open somewhere, they don't write this shit down, it's all passed around orally.

Liberal whites that live in places like Cape Town heavily control both english and afrikaans media and always attempt to give the impression they're the majority when it is in fact not the case. Most whites vote DA just because they're used to the old system of voting where voting for small parties meant your vote didn't count. Whites here are actually a lot more right wing than most might think we are. There's a tiny ivory tower filled with these whites who are beginning to realize how screwed we are, but the rest knew this was coming after Zuma was elected 10 years ago. Since then there's been a lot of preparation. Trust me on this.

The ANC government does not have an advance intelligence service tracking right wingers online or in the media, they only find right wing extremists if they do something stupid like make it very obvious they're making bombs or planning to assassinate someone, usually due to anonymous tip offs. Afaik AWB is dead, but there are other militias everywhere and the ANC is extremely, extremely EXTREMELY scared of them and what they might do. So much so even Malema of the EFF employs a white security guard because he doesn't trust his own black comrades to be as honorable as a white man.

If any of you plan on coming here I'd say a few things. Either wait until things go Syria tier here and then visit a neighboring country with basic hunting gear for a typical safari (and then slip over the border) or come to South Africa with absolutely nothing and be a sleeper cell hoping he gets armed by right wingers when the time comes.


cd74c5  No.12005399

File: d6f300e542fc1a5⋯.jpg (49.32 KB, 590x350, 59:35, d6f300e542fc1a5d09934da7f0….jpg)


The first option imo is better since then at least you can bring something like an elephant gun and then slip over the border with a weapon that you can use along with some other buddies to overrun our army bases and police stations that are guarded by pussies, and then grab a real gun like an automatic. The second option is all about getting contacts and just being relaxed entirely when you travel here and wait. You must not plan to bring anything like a gun then because then you are traveling directly to South Africa and you should not act overly edgy that any government organisations notice a large amount of suspicious individuals entering the country. Just be a normal dude renting an apartment for a few months here if you feel things are going from lukewarm to a boil, then spring to action and try to get armed somehow via friends you've made here (not even necessarily ultra right wing ones, right of center whites will just band together when shtf). Also note that a friend of mine joined a RNB meeting with someone, and RNB say at best there are about 120 000 people (OF ALL RACES) regardless of passports that have the ability to leave the country if SHTF. Just the financial ability to pack up and leave at will. 4.5 million whites here will either have to fight or die.

Do not underestimate the importance of allying with coloureds, indians and any 3rd party black ethnic group (like the Zulus) that have a history of being anti ANC. Yeah sure I know everyone on these sites like to have a dick measuring contest on who's the edgiest and most anti jew/nigger national socialist but that won't get you far IRL when you're balls to the wall and need allies. Even the Rhodesian army was like 60% based black man so minimally do not bring your windmill flags (yet). That comes later once the civil war is over and we can just clear the continent of all non whites from Cape Agulhas to the equator.

>So what can I bring then if I go option 2 and become a sleeper cell?

Everything non-military that a hiker would bring, you do the math, it's just about anything a soldier would need BUT weapons. DO NOT bring weapons if you want to be a sleeper cell. Again if you go option 1 you have to wait until unrest here reaches critical mass, travel to a neighboring country with the story of going on a safari with your elephant gun and then you slip over the border armed and ready.

>How do the Boers even win?

I can't say how whites will form up for frontlines on their own since we're spread everywhere, but I know how a volunteer legion can wreck absolute havoc on South Africa and create a white isis. And we only need 800-1000 soldiers to pull this off. If we occupy the road leading from Ludertiz to Upington (8 hour drive distance) then we can push from there and start a country wide rebellion through sheer escalation. I myself fear that ANC will try a slow boil like Zimbabwe did (even though I think Boers are more short tempered than the few Rhodies that were left in the early 2000s) so we need to just occupy the towns there, storm their police stations and declare the ANC illegitimate and violating basic rights so that we can start the crusade. I'm modeling this on how the Free Syrian Army (I'm pro Assad just FYI) really kicked off the Syrian civil war when it just declared they're forming and occupying cities.

In this region the towns are sparely populated, terrain is wide fucking open and its very far away from army bases that will have a hard time keeping their shit fueled.

Now I'm going to drop my Telegram username here since that shit is actually locked tighter than you think, encrypted end to end and everything is stored by a Russian company, CIA can't get their hands on me and I don't really care since I'm just a minecraft player in South Africa who just explained to you my minecraft roleplay server. If you want to discuss more of this minecraft nonsense I discussed in this entire post, download Telegram messenger and contact @witbaard.

I will not disclose who I am on the Telegram and neither should you reveal anything about yourselves on this Telegram chat, it's simply a form of networking and we should never disclose exactly what we're doing on it. Keeps minecraft interesting.

But ja, there's my two cents, see you space cowboys.



5a10c4  No.12005426


What is the source? How do we know that "allies" for the animals are not merely spreading nonsense or deliberate distraction?

cd74c5  No.12005439


Afriforum is the source

f125a9  No.12005442


you're a man amongst men

174de2  No.12005473

File: dd748a660e864d1⋯.jpg (194.52 KB, 957x687, 319:229, 1533436649365.jpg)



Thank you for the server info the gameplay will be very interesting

7816c2  No.12005491


>Cape Town Army base has been robbed twice by gangs that just hold the soldiers at gunpoint

m8 that is absolutely absurd

a5f9a8  No.12005522


Soldiers in Bloemfontein have been robbed at knifepoint


ad1610  No.12005531


Hitlers Last Speech

ad1610  No.12005540



BLOEMFONTEIN - A manhunt has been launched after two soldiers at the Tempe military base were attacked and robbed of their rifles and ammunition by two knife-wielding attackers.

According to a police statement, the two officers were on duty at the guard room at the Tempe Support Warehouse on Monday when they heard noise outside at approximately 2am.

Police spokesman Captain Chaka Marope said when the soldiers opened the door to investigate, they were confronted by two men wearing balaclavas.

"Information revealed that wrestling between the attackers and soldiers ensued. In the process, the suspects managed to overpower the soldiers after they had allegedly poured them with pepper spray in the faces.

“The suspects then tied up the soldiers with their own boot laces on hands and feet. The attackers then made off with two R4 rifles with 30 rounds each and two cellphones belonging to the victims."

Marope said the suspects fled in a getaway vehicle which was parked few kilometres away.

A case of armed robbery has been registered for further investigation.

7b9e27  No.12005660


Telegram is not that safe. Use Wire instead, it has been recommended by Snowden.

a5f9a8  No.12005706


Explain? You should back up your claims.

f7f928  No.12005807


Thanks for the information brother, Hail Victory!

f4df80  No.12005868


>requires mobile number

a5f9a8  No.12005874


Yes because it's a phone app. You accessing anything with your pc uses your IP. It's all encrypted, no matter how much of a 360xxnoscopeh0xxerm@n you are you won't be able to find out what someone's phone number is on the app.

cd74c5  No.12005881


I sincerely hope this is a shitpost because nobody can be this much of a brainlet when it comes to knowing what encryption is supposed to do.

a09281  No.12005927

Telegram is not nearly as secure as you think. There are end to end encrypted chats, but groups and the default conversations are not. You have to specifically create a "secret chat" and even then I don't totally trust it

what you want is tox. its much more secure


cd74c5  No.12005934


I've been called a brainlet for using tox since it shows your IP address to whoever is messaging you because there's no encryption and it's direct messaging.

Again none of you know what you're actually talking about.

2401b8  No.12005939

We all already know their target list: Anybody white. It's a literal genocide.

a5f9a8  No.12005941



>Telegram is insecure

>instead use the app that literally shows users your IP address


a09281  No.12005958


I don't really use it, I didn't realize that. That being said you should be using proxies or a vpn regardless even for regular browsing. It is end to end encrypted though for sure.

Demonsaw would probably be a good option I know for sure it doesn't show ip's and has good cryptography, but it is harder to use which is why I said tox first

cd74c5  No.12005971


No tox isn't encrypted at all, it's just direct messaging. I've been told to steer clear of it since people have been tricked in using tox over telegram because it "looks plainer" and "doesn't need a phone number" meanwhile telegram hides all your shit including your phone number while tox shows exactly where the fuck you are.

You yourself just said you don't use it that much so you don't know what you're even talking about.

8eb890  No.12005979

Get on I2P darknet. Connect your IRC client to and create a room.

Not even the CIANiggers can track you.

be109c  No.12005980


heads up to a few S. Af anons on YT. thx for the info

3b1805  No.12005983


What are you opinions on the mobile app Signal?

b03de2  No.12005990

File: e87a71c4b804729⋯.png (240.39 KB, 448x421, 448:421, 1497552714037.png)


>What are VPNs

Good try Schlomo

a09281  No.12006051


thats really shitty then that they bill it as a security tool with encryption and anonymity. It's probably run by cia-niggers to entrap people. Thanks for the advice

cd74c5  No.12006085












Telegram is owned by a Russian company, all your shit is hidden, no risk of CIA niggers getting you at all.

a09281  No.12006097


not true, they still use google infrastructure so cia/nsa still have metadata even if they don't have the actual content

cd74c5  No.12006124


And what do you expect them to do with meta data?

Also Inb4 some retard here suggests using TOR which is fucking tracked everywhere by US government.

da95ef  No.12006143


>I'm of that opinion that foreign volunteers will be vital in upcoming war in SA.

The funniest part will be afterwards when white countries refuse re-entry to, or imprison whites who went to fight in SA even after willingly accepting isis jihadis back with open arms and welfare.

da95ef  No.12006153


>I've given up on trying to be reasonable


That is the first step in our victory

Reasonableness must only be reserved for our own people

a5f9a8  No.12006181

File: 99cbfcc79cbecb0⋯.jpg (68.28 KB, 482x526, 241:263, boerfu.jpg)


Why would you want to go back? You could get free plot of land in South Africa post civil war and a fertile Boerfu to breed with to populate the white ethnostate.

b238b5  No.12006240

File: eae444176d2f87b⋯.jpeg (69.27 KB, 405x480, 27:32, 33969534-936D-4F83-A11A-D….jpeg)

File: c24dce8f6b90842⋯.jpeg (35.05 KB, 258x245, 258:245, 3E5C47A2-0A04-4BE4-9651-4….jpeg)

File: e055e6102291186⋯.jpeg (402.92 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 9141E708-4ACD-46B0-9E0D-C….jpeg)




d825fc  No.12006328


Honestly it would almost be worth being exiled from your homeland to force the Normie population to swallow such a red pill.

917db3  No.12006357

File: 506690796369b09⋯.webm (14.48 MB, 640x360, 16:9, video.webm)

((( >>12005934 )))

((( >>12005941 )))

tox is the way to go.

getting caught for using your ip is natural selection

non direct alternatives are xmpp and matrix

>No tox isn't encrypted at all,

TOX IS END TO END ENCRYPTED why are you lying to us, oh I get it you are a jew.


>Everything you do with Tox is encrypted using open-source libraries. The only people who can see your conversations are the people you're talking with.


IRC can be a good solution as well


never use tor against gov actors

watch 9XaYdCdwiWU


I will try figure out to get an account on telegram but I will still be left with russian spyware on my computer, oh i forgot russians dont do that, they are the kindest people in the world.

I have read somewhere on 8 that no one understands the code of telegram, the writing doesnt make sense. cant find the source, anyone remembers this?

c1d401  No.12007328

File: b68b1e36b472450⋯.jpg (228.38 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, rnst Roets (Deputy CEO of ….jpg)

Bump with latest afrifoum media statement


Disclosed expropriation list: AfriForum, TAU SA and Sakeliga to develop joint litigation strategy to protect property rights

August 14, 2018 deur Natasha Venter

AfriForum, the agricultural union TAU SA and the business organisation Sakeliga decided to combine their efforts and develop a joint litigation strategy to oppose government’s intended plans to expropriate property without compensation.

The decision follows an internal discussion document of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) that was provided to AfriForum by a reputable source. The document contains a list of properties which are earmarked for expropriation. The document’s disclosure was preceded by confirmation from Zizi Kodwa, Head of the Presidency, as well as other members of the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) that the DRDLR had an expropriation list of 139 properties. Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, also indicated that her department had already identified land for expropriation, but that she would not make the list public, as it would then serve as a warning to affected owners and provide them with the opportunity to prepare for legal action. The disclosure of the list also follows President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement that he and the ANC wanted to change the Constitution to make expropriation without compensation possible.

As a result of confirmations by ANC NEC members as well as the Minister, all three organisations agree that an expropriation list indeed exists. The Institute of Race Relations’ finding that the list was credible, as well as the fact that most of the properties on the list adhere to the Department’s description of which categories of property would be targeted, are reason enough to view the expropriation list with gravity and not to dismiss it.

AfriForum, TAU SA and Sakeliga encouraged their respective members and other people whose properties are on the list to contact the organisations and provide information to enable the three organisations to jointly decide on a strategy to support people who are affected negatively. All three organisations indicate that they have already been inundated by members and other people whose properties are included on the expropriation list.

According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, the threat of expropriation without compensation is of such a serious nature that we cannot afford division among the supporters of property rights. “Together we are stronger,” Kriel says. Kriel also indicates that other supporters of the protection of property rights are welcome to join the organisations’ cooperation actions. According to Kriel, AfriForum has already had talks with leaders who are part of AgriSA’s provincial affiliates, and these leaders support AfriForum’s disclosure of the expropriation list.

Louis Meintjes, President of TAU SA, says that property rights and compensation at market value are key to a sustainable economy and economic growth.

>“These two principles may never be set aside. This case is bigger that any person or institution. Standing together is the only workable success for land owners in South Africa,” Meintjes adds.

Piet le Roux, CEO of Sakeliga, points out that the ANC is starting to show worrisome similarities with Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF:

>“Whether or not the disclosed list is the final list is not the crux of the matter. It is a fact that the ANC do have a list of farms that the party wants to expropriate in test cases under the current Constitution. This means that the ANC, just like ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe then, will try to clothe the seizure of farms (a fundamentally unconstitutional deed) with procedural legitimacy. As business, agricultural and civil rights organisations, it is our duty to prevent the Zimbabwe scenario by working together along a broad front – in everyone’s interest.”

ac89de  No.12007367


Maybe the fag is conflating anonymity with encryption. Tox is securely encrypted but it is not anonymous, everyone know's everyone elsis IP unless you take external measures to hide it.

You should be wary of saying anything incriminating over it as the person your chatting with could be an informant.

If you know that who your talking to is a trusted party then it is a very good technology.

a02d42  No.12007423


>it has been recommended by Snowden


721ac2  No.12007450

File: 44a77261a4404db⋯.jpg (28.93 KB, 689x693, 689:693, 1529684077617-pol.jpg)


All anons who are participating in South Africa OPs, be warned. China AND Russia have syrategic interests in the region. You could literally run afoul of some wetworkers working for either country, or even rootless and unaccountable savages like Mossad. You may even be labelled as "terrorists" by your own country for assisting. Multiply your OPsec by orders of magnitude before anything kicks off.

29681c  No.12007453


d7c669  No.12007468


Did you get lost on your way to the gas chamber?

98d067  No.12007471


>China AND Russia have syrategic interests in the region.

In the north.

721ac2  No.12007477


For now. As if the other BRICS states would sit on their hands rather than gobble up trillions worth of resources. As if the other BRICS states haven't had a hand in this all along.

29681c  No.12007485


It would be a real shame if something were lost

721ac2  No.12007490


And in this game of international calculus, our lives, us anons, we are worth less than nothing to them. Just be warned you are more likely to be jailed by your own Government or murdered by a foreign one than actually being able to coordinate with Saffers on this level all that easily. This isn't 2010 anymore. Spooks and glowniggers of all colors are watching.

8576da  No.12007927



1. https://www.change.org/p/jean-claude-juncker-allow-all-white-south-africans-the-right-to-return-to-europe

2. https://www.change.org/p/citizens-of-south-africa-goverment-of-sa-must-help-family-s-that-is-left-without-income-in-farm-attacks

3. https://www.change.org/p/donald-j-trump-genocide-of-whites-in-south-africa

4. https://www.change.org/p/the-secretary-general-of-the-united-nations-end-farm-murders-in-south-africa

5. https://www.change.org/p/supreme-high-court-genocide-in-south-africa

6. https://www.change.org/p/australian-government-accept-white-south-african-refugees-to-australia?expired_session=true

7. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immigration-priority-south-african-farmers-facing-systematic-land-confiscations-and-murder


1. https://afriforum.co.za/

2. https://www.youtube.com/user/afriforum

3. https://www.facebook.com/AfriForumNasionaal/

4. AfriForum (@afriforum) | Twitter

5. Admin@afriforum.co.za


1. https://solidariteit.co.za/en/

2. https://www.youtube.com/user/Solidariteitsa

3. https://www.facebook.com/solidariteit

4. Solidariteit (@solidariteit) | Twitter

5. Service@solidarity.co.za



*Petition the following embassies in Writing, Email, Person, Phone, Twitter, Facebook & Indigenous Social Media: Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japan, Austrailian, Poland, Hungarian, Czech, Slovokia, Romania embassies / Trump, his entire extended family, Cabinet & friendly known close associates / twitter embassy campaign / http://www.sabona.com.au/articles_detail.ews?articles_detail.ewdid=389 /

*Location of the white Ghettos/Townships and devise methods of getting supplies, survival and networking info to them.

1. Munsieville

2. Blikkiesdorp

3. Diepsloot

4. Freedom Park, North West

5. Joe Slovo, Cape Town

6. Kennedy Road, Durban

7. Kya Sands, Johannesburg

8. QQ Section

9. Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers

10. Wallacedene

11. Khayelitsha

12. Delft

*Church Outreach & Coordination of international relief efforts.

*Never Forget - Getting the life stories of the Boer, and documenting the transgressions against them for posterity, and so that no one will be able to deny.

*Find Friendly South African Media Corespondents.

8576da  No.12007931

*Crowdfund Relief / Evacuation Efforts:

Picking the ideal platforms & finding someone impartial, untainted with controversy, trustworthy with money, loyal to the cause to run it and execute delivery of the funds. Bill Warner, Stefan Molynuex & Kevin J. Johnson are some of the top names I can think of that best meet all the qualifications.

*Make this the central issue of the next flier campaign, perhaps consider using anti-abortion type shock imagery tactics.

*Highlight Pro's:

1. White, Dutch heritage, good genetic stock.

2. Hardworking, grateful, and woke on Race.

3. Not Baizhua, "White Left", Hardened.

4. Anyone making moves in Africa would do well to have generational Afrikaners who know the people, the mentality, the land, etc.

5. Due to racism, numerous highly qualified specialty workers have been laid off, much to S.A. detriment.

6. High number of farmers among the legitimate Afrikaner refugees and asylum seekers, a needed commodity by every nation.

7. They will not complain about lack of Western style liberties after escaping Ethnic Cleansing.

8. Chinese farmer family youth leaving to big cities, posing a future farming issue, which can be mitigated by generational S.A. farmers.

*Con's To Mitigate & Alleviate:

1. Costs

2. Employment concerns

3. Crime concerns

*Content Creator Merchandise and Service Charity Raffle.

Digital designer's services.

Live tour with profits going to Boer Fund.

We need to hear from all their fans, send emails to CCs (content creators), who own or run large venues capable of hosting these events, and sympathetic to the Boer, willing the give a generous discount on venue rental in favor of maximizing charitable proceeds.


1. http://www.theunshackled.net/rundown/lets-accept-persecuted-white-south-africans-to-australia/

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8576da  No.12007935


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6. https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=5cFD5hbQUGg

7. http://www.survival-manual.com/substances.php

000000  No.12007951


>stored by a Russian company

Just want to post this, since there is a tendency to, in my opinion, overestimate the baseness of Russians / the Russian govt., which probably stems mostly from wishful thinking: Russians are not "based", especially when it comes to "Nazis" (i.e., every white group that the Russian govt. finds inconvenient or that threatens the fantasy history of WWII they are also interested in upholding in order to be able to continue to harnish the power that flows from the Great Patriotic War).

More to the point: I can, for example, imagine that they would prefer a subservant, easily manipulated nigger South Africa vs an independent White and based state. On the other hand, a partnership with Russia might be on the table if they are getting something out of it vs the West. But then you run the risk of becoming a pawn in a bigger game and they might sell you out to the West if the West, or the kikes in the West, can broker a better deal.

000000  No.12008039



ec7955  No.12008295


They had it. Then they actually fucking allowed votes to take it away, instead of recognising that every voter against apartheid was a race traitor and deserved to die.

ec7955  No.12008322



None of this matters if an outside military power shows up and supports the niggers and condemns all attempts by whites to defend themselves as genocide. You lost the right to a self contained war when you surrender to democratic treason and all attempts to develop icbms.

What you should beblooking at is foreign supoort from a major power.

Even Brazil would do. Although if you want to keep P5 fucks away, you need another P5 with a boat willing to help. And right now thats Russia.

Honest to god, your best bet is actually Brazil. Get them engaged and aggressive regarding evacuating the population out. Then you can survive, wait for the EU to collapse and America stop giving a fuck, thwn with Brazils help, march back in and retake it all.

be5ed9  No.12008352


I’ve been saying this for a while. Russia is unlikely. They like China and India, and China is the one behind the genocide of white Saffers. There’s no reason they’d go behind China’s back. You’d have better luck placing a soldier of fortune ad, do they still exist?

8cb91e  No.12008790


> it's all about waiting for the right time

> they're already slaughtering and dispossessing us

> let's continue to wait

Face up to it, they're cowards.And so are you. 'The time' will always be 'later'. There will never be a 'now'. Even after all of you are long dead. Go ahead, prove me otherwise.

28b1e0  No.12008794

File: 3b1b745125bf2cd⋯.webm (10.56 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 'If a person must die the….webm)

File: 2626b7d72ca1223⋯.webm (4.24 MB, 640x360, 16:9, more than 100 structures ….webm)

28b1e0  No.12008824


I need a straight forward red pill on why the south africans are legitimate owners of their country

fd6038  No.12008845

fun fact: the first white (a portuguese) to encounter south africa did so in the year 1488

210d9d  No.12009289


The Boers started arriving in SA before the colonists arrived in the USA. At the time, the only inhabitants were tiny bands of khoisan hunter gatherers (think "The Gods Must Be Crazy"), who rarely got into fights with settlers. Their population increased with the settlers arrival, so it was more symbiotic than simply land theft.

The Zulu started arriving around the same time in the north of what is now SA, but they didn't contact until a century later. Zulu's were a warring tribe based entirely on raiding their neighbors for slaves and cattle. They're likely why the khoi were so depopulated and driven to the dry hinterlands. Eventually the Boer fought with them and kicked ass, but being the nice guy Europeans that were unfamiliar with African ways, did not genocide them and just let them live.

The Bantu are just communist welfare rape niggers that arrived during apartheid as a demographic weapon of foreign powers. Largely it was the Soviet Union, but plenty of Western kikes funded and armed them, and now openly brag about it. Even the Zulu, who are little better, hate the Bantu. They have as much right to SA as the Mexicans have to Chicago.

210d9d  No.12009296



Unstated: the Bantu are now the ruling majority. They're from all over Africa, and they're mostly recent arrivals.

000000  No.12009314




>Honest to god, your best bet is actually Brazil.

hue hue

Serious, niggerfied and "nigger friendly" Brazil, with their own race problem would be a very unlikely partner

>Wait for the EU to collapse and America stop giving a fuck

When ZA has returned to be a cannibal desert.

099357  No.12009563

I need some niggas who read "The Plot Against South Africa" to redpill me on some shit because I am confused.

That being said, in reference to the one world Marxist government, what is the current role of Russia in the South Africa question now that the USSR collapsed? Did communism really fall in Russia? Isn't this a problem for (((them)))? Now that this stronghold is gone will they now use the west exclusively?

d7c669  No.12009619


USSR has served its purpose: destabilization and subversion of the West, a world war, destruction and alienation of half a continent's smart and capable people. Kikes no longer needed it, so they let the ship sink. What was left behind was ruins and hordes of orc-like, savage proles that managed to reconstitute themselves into a massive state once again.

Modern Russia may be a completely different beast, but make no mistake about the Cold War being over. What USSR did for ideological purposes, Russia does out of self-interest and spite. As we speak, it is sending people to Central African Republic to train and arm the Seleka rebels in exchange for mining concessions. Selekas are mudslimes who fight against a French-backed government that provides at least a modicum of stability in the region. Also, Russia and China are encroaching into Djibouti, trying to force out frogs and Americans and take over this geopolitically vital area. Whoever owns Djibouti has the entire Middle Eastern trade by the balls. Russia, China and India cut deals with the ANC in exchange for resources and thus back the corrupt niggers in their savagery. Neither of them needs a strong, independent and West-leaning White South Africa, they'd rather have a subservient quasicolony. Kikes are, as always, playing all sides against each other while milking shekels and kicking those who are down for good measure.

Does all of this ring any familiar bells? There will be a few more decades of bush wars in Africa this century, mark my fucking words.

dcbd7a  No.12009655


get the fuck out of here

80e196  No.12009747


excellent post anon. Let me comment on this by section.

>Russians are not based

Absolutely true, most are vatniks, which are the equivalent of those morons who cheared on the invasion of Iraq and are staunch supporters of Israel. The majority of Russians support Putin, himself a neocon in the Russian sense not a nationalist, and like you said, have an affinity for the great patriotic war to which Putin has used several times in his propaganda. Putin also travelled to Angola to receive a prize from the current MPLA-run government giving thanks for supplying weapons to both FAPLA (the angolan army) and SWAPO (and insurgent group within now called, Namibia) the latter which went on to murder and maim innocent farmers in South-West Africa.

>about white South Africa

Never forget that although Russia supplied weapons to the ANC and helped springboard their propaganda, American leftists as well as the world bank, were instrumental in cutting off any sort of credit to this prosperous nation (oddly while supplying nearly unlimited lines of credit to failed black states like Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya et al.). Russia would still be interested in putting in the hype about being liberator and would undoubtedly side with the ANC while wanting to put their hand firmly in South Africa's mineral wealth. The Chinese don't care and never will about political correctness, regardless if they supplied Mugabe's ZANLA while still buying minerals from South Africa.

>Russia backing off if America takes an interest in South Africa

I can only see this happening if somehow America takes an interest in South Africa and covertly supports the white population. I can't see this happening any time soon, but then again, i cant see how Russia would make too sudden a move. If Russia somehow got involved, it would be based mostly on their national security (as par their claim why they got involved in Syria) as well as through. I read that Sudan invited Russia to put a military base in their country, but Russia declined. in summation, Russia would only slip in if China had taken the reins in supporting the ANC if a civil war erupted.

final thought: read The Plot against South Africa by; Klaus D. Vaque. It really makes you think how, as I've stated previously in this post, the World Bank would give mass credit to failed black states but not South Africaand Rhodesia.

62a203  No.12009812


i don't have the funds to buy a pc powerful enough to maintain my character in the server till SHTF, but i might consider the idea of hoping the border once the fun begins.

Be sure to record your minecraft shenanigans

d7c669  No.12009881


>The Plot against South Africa by; Klaus D. Vaque.

It's an amazing book. 99% of the man's predictions came true.

ec7955  No.12009923


>The Bantu are just communist welfare rape niggers that arrived during apartheid as a demographic weapon of foreign powers

And the dumbass in charge of Apartheid refuse to enact border control. Or even try that hard to get more white immigrants.

ec7955  No.12009926



791435  No.12009999



You can bet the same mining companies who shilled to depose Zuma and Mugabe (Anglo-American, De Beers etc) are behind this.

Time for Anons to start digging for links between these fuckers and the anti-white movement.

5968f6  No.12010021

File: 722911f0af3506c⋯.jpg (50.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Has man gone insane? TFW you will live to see the second Rhodesian bush war just slightly more South.

5968f6  No.12010143

File: 81051ebcbc46b3e⋯.png (114.63 KB, 809x709, 809:709, South_Africa_2011_dominant….png)


Best I can find for now, probably not very accurate.

5968f6  No.12010153

File: 22bf19c608c71ad⋯.png (129.67 KB, 809x709, 809:709, South_Africa_2011_White_po….png)


More specific to whites

123a16  No.12010201

Are people not able to take boats to SA from near by islands and staying low key?

d7c669  No.12010210


>from near by islands

What, Madagascar?

7b4ee5  No.12010232

I don't have combat experience, but I might come through if shit hits the fan. Ill look like an idiot, but idiot brigades made a difference in libya, egypt, and syria (unfortunately for all)

099357  No.12010239


This was the pulp that filled the rift in my mind and now I feel like I am of greater understanding on this. "The Plot Against South Africa" claimed that the Mandela was to be freed, ANC was going to become to ruling party, and a marxist Africa-tier (literally) totalitarian state will emerge.

I had been confused because, despite literally being controlled by the ANC, South Africa hasn't ""necessarily"" become such a state yet. However, I now realize that the end aim has literally been accomplished. The Kremlin and Chinese have high access to the material resources of South Africa (and other states) which the (((international clique))) harvests at their disposal.

Either way, I am fully convinced that said clique was not in the slightest concerned when the USSR fell, having served their purpose as you said.

ec7955  No.12010251


There only concern was making sure the Russian people didnt rise up and lynch them and drive them out of Russia.


Brazil might be willing to take you in, and its much safer to be white in Brazil than in SA right now.

123a16  No.12010255

File: c704284b7943b56⋯.png (101.19 KB, 1792x738, 896:369, md1.png)

File: 6326eb721607da0⋯.png (73.83 KB, 1691x822, 1691:822, md2.png)


There are a few smaller islands nearby.

d7c669  No.12010260


>and a marxist Africa-tier (literally) totalitarian state will emerge.

As it turned out, having a crazy nigger-in-chief is not a requirement for being a resource colony. Look at Zambia, it's a "democracy" of sorts and a rather chill place to live (compared to its neighbours), yet chinks are still milking it for all it's worth.


Reunion is French territory, Mauritius could work due to being open to tourists. But it's a small place, and lots of tough-looking white guys transiting through the place for SA are bound to raise alarms. I reckon it'd be safer to transit through UAE. Dubai is a hub for PMC travel, so nobody's gonna get suspicious over body armor and a medkit in your luggage.

099357  No.12010299

File: e94e3e285057c1c⋯.jpg (11.71 KB, 239x211, 239:211, bitter wojak.jpg)


It's really quite terrifying that there is literally no nation that isn't at a convenient state for jewish subversion and control. No country firmly unified for an idealist, western, Christian civilization.

All a bitter reminder that a struggle for South Africa civilization, if successful, would make them alone. Alone, except for the discontent decent population of the world that cares for actual truth and perhaps God, if his will is for this suffering to end. (which it probably isn't because we deserve far worse than this for letting the west get to this state and collapsing under international finance and money worship)

As a strong Catholic, this shit really fucking hurts and I really appreciate /pol/'s discussion on the South Africa problem because it is one of the few hopes we have

d7c669  No.12010313


In your spare time, read "The Myth of the 20th Century" and see for yourself just how many wrenches the Catholic church has thrown into the works of nationalist movements, including NSDAP. All because it viewed them as threats to its own power.

Just putting it out there.

099357  No.12010336


Out of the twelve apostles Judas was a traitor. As such, there has been a lot of fucking traitor maggots in the church.

Then again, fascism and the rise of Christian nationalist states was fully cultivated by the church before God allowed it to degenerate with the heresies of today. However, I wish to let you know that the church is classified by all thinking, decent Catholics to be in an obvious state of crisis. We are praying too, and fully recognize how (((subverted))) the church has become in these two centuries.

God willing that will change when humanity gets back to common sense and the truth

d7c669  No.12010356


>Then again, fascism and the rise of Christian nationalist states was fully cultivated by the church

Fascism has existed since Ancient Rome. And the only figure who made Christian nationalism work in the 20th century was Codreanu. And he had as much do with Catholicism as you have with native Inuit beliefs.

Anyway, let's not continue this or D&C shills will show up.

099357  No.12010382


>Only figure who made Christian nationalism work in the 20th century was Codreanu

Not true. You can literally argue that Hitler and a very large amount of (catholic not just orthodox)clerical fascists wanted to defend Christian civilization. Obviously, Europe and the Catholic church failed at this. Of course, a complex topic probably not belonging in this thread

d7c669  No.12010386


>Of course, a complex topic probably not belonging in this thread

Yeah. Still, it's a bit amusing to see a Catholic feel so strongly for Boers, who are fervent Calvinists.

099357  No.12010415


Whether it be protestant civilization or Catholic civilization any form of western civilization which has some form of recognition of God finds a common enemy in die Juden

92c3cf  No.12010468


What's the point? Getting ashore is the hard part, not getting there.


Uninhabited Antarctic islands are probably not of much use

ec7955  No.12010476


>As a strong Catholic

You are human trash that prioritizes defending the organization, the structure, over the God and the Son. The institution, long after said institution has become corrupt, and you oppose every effort to weed out said corruption.

f125a9  No.12010507

>>12009999 NOICE

>Time for Anons to start digging for links between these fuckers and the anti-white movement.

Jewish corperations doing something anti-white?

no way?!

Fucking, the kikes at DeBeers brought the nigger into SA in the first place

7e198a  No.12010595


>There are a few smaller islands nearby.

Port-aux-Français, the main settlement in Kerguelen (French Southern and Antarctic Lands) which houses mostly scientists, is about 2500 miles from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, through rough oceans. I don't think it qualifies as "nearby".

Kerguelen not exactly "Antarctic", it's only roughly as far south as Vancouver is north, but the southern Indian Ocean has a major cooling effect on its climate, with temperatures rarely exceeding the 50s in Fahrenheit in summer, so, while there's a few thousand square miles of land, there's not much that South African farmers would be able to grow other than "Kerguelen Cabbage", although climate change might make agriculture in Kerguelen more feasible in the future.

038a65  No.12010620








5968f6  No.12010638




Anyway to turn the jammer into an early warning detection system? Whenever your phone loses signal your phone will have an alarm go off and say your signal is dropped?

d7c669  No.12010702


That would result in too many false alarms.

5968f6  No.12010726


Is the service in the area that bad?

fd6038  No.12010786

fd6038  No.12010789


Niggers maintain the infrastructure. Of course everything is going to be flaky.

5968f6  No.12010796


A way must exist to use it as an early warning detection system

413afc  No.12010835


The islands wouldn't be a place to escape to but an area where whites worldwide could flock to and wait until they're needed in SA.

da7c06  No.12011041

File: d6e74ed246c23e0⋯.png (289.82 KB, 600x616, 75:77, CUmad1SXAAQeYxe.png)

File: bebcdbf0604568a⋯.jpg (48.84 KB, 465x337, 465:337, hellas1920.jpg)

ArmorAnon here. I've finally secured a source of funding for the armor. I'm working for another pan-nationalist project that's about as insane as anything ever spawned on full/pol/ that is going after Turkey. Although the project is not related to the /boers/ I will be directing my personal efforts to supply those that I can with the means of defense. It will take a few months, but I'll be sending Christmas presents.

d2fb27  No.12011054


There’s plenty of shit on the market to detect signal jammers. So you’re right it could be used against them as a warning signal.


06024a  No.12011099


You're doing the marble emperor's work anon.

da7c06  No.12011271

File: d335bbf07a02353⋯.jpg (64.32 KB, 702x336, 117:56, constantine.jpg)

>>12011099 (check'd)

Dubs confirm the favor of the Emperor!

e55ddc  No.12011403

File: 36345a66bc1fe9a⋯.jpg (2.17 MB, 2779x3595, 2779:3595, GatewayToEternity2.JPG)


Hi Wizard!

da7c06  No.12011726


The dark one?

95affa  No.12011854


Since White South African are at a threat of being genocided by blacks they can lay booby traps like tiger traps with shit smeared on the points,look in to guerilla ware fare traps used during the Vietnam war. Since Whites turned the SA desert in to livable conditions the water being poisoned would be a disaster for them. Then the bridges destroyed will not get rebuilt by the niggers lack of engineers so another way of sectioning off their numbers.

Psychological warfare is very effective especially since these shitskins are stupid and very superstitious. Start spreading the rumors locally that any black that kills White or take their land will be cursed for eternity that will be passed down to every son and daughter.

Set up demonic looking altars at the target zones so they become known by the blacks that are actually just honey pots by leaving what appears to be supplies but, in fact just a trap to pull gallons sulfuric acid through the ceiling light, or any other corrosive acid on the niggers that go for the supplies. When the niggers come back to investigate they will see their brethren with flesh melting off their faces and few thinking the curses are real that gets the ball rolling.

da7c06  No.12011922


Poison doesn't last forever, anon. Any biological agent will eventually degrade. As long as the poison is biological in origin and not mineral, the wells will be fine when the war is over. Even mineral toxins can be counteracted, if you know which ones are used. Better yet though, use fucking hallucinogens. Scopolamine is easy to harvest and the terror it will cause in the enemy ranks will be far above and beyond the damage done by simple poisons.

>demonic looking alters

Anon, the nignogs woulld freak out just the same from using runes engraved everywhere around a few of their kin who've been blood eagled, and their wailing as they slowly die will make our ancestors proud. Use the old ways, not the methods of the kike.

ef119b  No.12012172

File: f09030938b03b2b⋯.webm (12.73 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ETSBFy30im8.webm)


>All a bitter reminder that a struggle for South Africa civilization, if successful, would make them alone.

literally deutsches reich 2.0 -the jews will start the world war machine against south africa.


might not be a terrible idea to get to the white part but the enemy will have ships and coast patrol, the chance to get lynched is pretty high (in my eyes).









promote this world wide.


>Grand Wizard Man

ec38ce  No.12012203


To anyone who thinks this idea is ridiculous. People have been using fear tactics in warfare for millennium.

d1b1c8  No.12012205


That's a good idea.

I'd have to look into how they work in order to provide any answer worth a shit.

Perhaps using two dedicated repeaters at a distance that have been modded to alert when they lose connectivity with each other?

Ah, never mind, I just caught >>12011054



10b3bd  No.12013363


I like the way this guy thinks

099357  No.12013770

File: b2e270c6d2a5878⋯.jpg (14.99 KB, 550x457, 550:457, hmm.jpg)


Can we do this, but with demon-disguised flying acid-hurling drones instead?

b430f2  No.12013932

File: bad897a38e2e051⋯.jpg (39.79 KB, 512x500, 128:125, bad897a38e2e05112554743556….jpg)


>another pan-nationalist project that's about as insane as anything ever spawned on full/pol/ that is going after Turkey


84d3bf  No.12014039


thats not a promising video; for all I know the nig shot her through the door at the end

31f73f  No.12014908


Yes anons! The Marble King will return!

93487e  No.12014974

Here, have some quikb8:


Ever heard the saying "dead men tell no tales"? Homicide rates are more honest than most statistics because there's warm corpses involved. (Death tells its lies in polar latitudes.) And yeah, even a low homicide rate is an atrocity, and yeah, losing farmers is especially bad for any country in Africa. These things are true. Who do you have to sell that data to if you want to make people not kill farmers? Who targets farmers and why? What's different between countries where farmers are backbone stability and countries where farmers are political footballs?

Ow. I don't know if that one rang in anyone else's ears, but I think I just asked myself a dangerous question. Tthere was a literal tinnitus spike, haha.

ef119b  No.12015021

File: 60efdc7d3456053⋯.webm (4.58 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, kkkmoon-fighting-192k.webm)



captures from deleted youtube videos



At 3:38 the dog realises there are unknown people in the front area of the house. It starts barking and three minutes later the daughter enters the room with the gun (6:38).

In the video below she leaves the house to investigate. At 1:02 she's seen running into the house where she locks the security gate. At 1:53 you see one of the men run towards the door, where he allegedly point the gun and the girl fires warning shots.

Marius Jacobs from Watchdog Tzaneen confirmed to OFM News that he was called about the incident on Sunday evening at about 20:30. The incident happened just before 8 o'clock on 30 August 2015.

"She stood 5 meter from them. She felt something is wrong and ran back to the back door of the house. On her way she spotted the suspects through the washing room window. She ran into the house and locked the security door, the suspect armed with a handgun followed her. She woke up her mother and the mother went to the locked gate. The suspect pointed the firearm at her face, she grabbed the shotgun and fired warning shots. The suspects fled. The girl showed bravery and courage and saved her family's life. Well done! The suspects is still at large."

31f73f  No.12015177

File: 14ebce9950213b1⋯.jpg (32.5 KB, 414x640, 207:320, 1878294-388px_skorzenyotto.jpg)


This would be a hell of a lot easier if the SS could organize the dudes going there to save white farmers, as the superior fighting force that it was, and have their backs so (((muh Russia and (((based China))) and (((Mossad)))))) can't harass them. Skorzeny could also get his revenge for being tricked

e8b858  No.12015180



e8b858  No.12015222

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I've been fascinated by Orania for a long time. It, if nothing else, is an amazing look at what a white only community looks like. Is this a model for the future in some parts of the world for whites or only good for this case?

Also, WARNING SA Qt3.14 ahead

4e508a  No.12015371

File: 2a3136ac7f1a90e⋯.png (36.27 KB, 1233x389, 1233:389, MC Mining Shareholders.png)






>two of the farms targeted in the Limpopo province have been earmarked by a company called MC Mining. Specifically the Lukin643 MS and Salaita 188 MT farms listed in the Afriforum leaks. This company has links to UK based foreign investment firms and Chinese Investment firms. MFW Expropriation Without Compensation is a globalist takeover plot.

>they've been doing it since 1980, anon. Look at the first farms to be taken following independence in zimbabwe, as well as the first ones to be taken during land reform.

>All of them sit on or near mineral deposits.

>Never forget South Africa has 90% NINETY PERCENT of the world's platinum supply!!! ANC might be auctioning off SA to the chinks through the land seizure policy

e8b858  No.12015398


Is this a China ploy?

4e508a  No.12015399

File: 7eea8af4914bd8b⋯.jpg (39.96 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Memri So It Seems.jpg)

e8b858  No.12015410



8221fe  No.12015485


>This company has links to UK based foreign investment firms and Chinese Investment firms

I fucking knew it!

Called it here >>12003846

da7c06  No.12015857


This could actually be good news, if it can be spun to create D&C amongst the nigs to turn on their leaders for not giving them the gibs, but instead taking it for themselves.

4db57d  No.12016454


4db57d  No.12016913


Good post, look into ghost tape number 10.





Explain yourself lads.


>Is this a model for the future in some parts of the world for whites or only good for this case?

This must be done on a global scale.

28bb44  No.12016925

File: e5d057d733032e5⋯.jpg (116.99 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1440708363984.jpg)


>niggers steal land to sell to chinks

>food for mining rights

>chinks send them plastic rice

>they start to die of malnutrition

ef119b  No.12017154

File: ba79d4ba67ee989⋯.png (2.25 MB, 3945x3903, 1315:1301, landreform targets incompl….png)

File: bbe19821920e72a⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 3945x4118, 3945:4118, landreform targets incompl….jpg)

can someone share a map with all 190 farms?

incomplete overlay map examples

da7c06  No.12017400


>explain yourself

Hippie mafia akkuamma nootropics armor weaponized 'Tism esoteric hitlerism

Praise Kek

Sieg Hiel

c9967b  No.12034848


507f3d  No.12035344


Orania's currency is pegged to the Rand, as far as I'm aware. It's not a completely independent one.

a68ce4  No.12035354

No organization from afrikaners, maybe it’s too late to organize. This is why Americans should organize now and now organize with three of their buddies with ARs once shtf.

000000  No.12035468


This is a lot worse then most people realise.

They're not just losing their farms. They're also losing their houses, their jobs and the majority of their possessions. Those farmers will be out on the street and unemployed in a week.

But that's just the beginning, because when there isn't enough food to go around, the government ministers are going to blame those very same Boer farmers for the fact that their farms, that the government ministers now own, are no longer producing food - and their black retard supporters will believe them.

507f3d  No.12035757


This brings up another point. Does South Africa have any rare earth metals? They're especially most importantly used in the manufacturing of smartphones, and China being where most, if not all of the world's smarthphones are manufactured would love to get a hold of all of that.

80e196  No.12037389


world's largest platinum mine in Bophuthatswana.


>it's too late goy, i mean, guys. there's nothing we can do

>not providing information about how or why

>not realizing there are underground boer networks.

go away shill.

77748f  No.12037435

File: a84f28936716c02⋯.jpg (128.45 KB, 1080x844, 270:211, IMG_20180821_075438.jpg)


Shamelessly stolen from a SA Twitter

395211  No.12037509

File: 9ce81706b365dc7⋯.gif (1013.8 KB, 420x236, 105:59, 1395971340935.gif)






>South Africa race war is gonna kick off Bush War 2: Last Stand; Niggers Go Back to America edition

0bc6d4  No.12037554

So whites own 70% of all legal land, but how did they own the land? Give me a brief run down? Isnt South Africa gov just answering more "injustice" with "injustice?"

885727  No.12037616


They aren’t doing shit and shit is hitting the fan. It is too late unless they’ve been organizing in secret.

2fca1b  No.12037629


hire private security now farmers

f125a9  No.12037684


>Out of the twelve apostles Judas was a traitor

the others were just regular jews

bec184  No.12037728


>No organization from afrikaners, maybe it’s too late to organize. This is why Americans should organize now and now organize with three of their buddies with ARs once shtf.

9/11 kicked this into high gear with the entire prepper movement/craze. All events since have only reinforced this.

657cdf  No.12038063


Double Check'ed

kikes and their shabbos stealing everything as usual.



It does hurt, fellow anon.

I often, with a heavy heart, wonder HOW could things have gotten this bad?

How could our ancestors have been so foolish and gullible?

That said, also this >>12010313.

I support all Christians who embrace White nationalism and oppose ZOG, but I reject all abrahamic religions and always will.



Robben island is about 2 square miles in size and is located about 4 miles off the coast of Cape Town.

It is also where the murdering shit mandela was imprisoned.

Could be a possible staging area. Kinda small, though.

A more likely goal is for White Saffas to take control of Cape Town and the surrounding area. The cities port facilities could be used then. Of course, the (((UN))) would likely blockade South Africa since they support White genocide, so…..

That complicates things.



Make Istanbul Constantinople Again



White Saffas need to start thinking like fighters.

They apparently still cling to the delusional image that things are "OK."

No they are not.

Burn the bridges, tear up the roads, cut down the power lines and telephone lines, destroy the transformers and other electrical equipment, tear down the phone towers, blow up the dams, burn the farms, blow up the wells, and so forth.

Destroy the infrastructure and concentrate near Cape Town (or Orania, or SOMEWHERE) and fortify/ build/ arm.

That's how it seems to me, anyway.



South Africa also possesses a large portion of the world's chromium, diamonds, gold, and various other things.

The geology of SA is very unusual.


How about you gas yourself commie?

Or, better yet, go and join the "glorious revolution" in Venezuela or ANC South Africa.

I'm sure that the bantu won't murder you. Maybe.




Most of the black south africans are NOT NATIVE.

The VAST majority of them are the descendants of migrants and illegal immigrants who MOVED TO South Africa for "a better life."

Hmmmmmmmm, sounds familiar……..

Now they are claiming that it is "their land" that the Whites "stole."

This is bullshit. The Khoisan are the only legitimate natives over most of South Africa.

Illegal immigrants taking over and stealing the land…


Look upon your future, White man, unless we change things DRASTICALLY.

657cdf  No.12038090


Sage for double post.

To clarify, ALL non-White immigration into White countries/ homelands is completely unacceptable.


Not just "illegal immigration."

In the specific case of the bantu many were illegal immigrants but some were "legal."

The White Saffas tried to be "reasonable" and "humane" and "progressive" towards the blacks.

Contrary to popular belief, the blacks under apartheid were usually well treated and had the highest quality of life of any black group in Africa.

Not that the faggots showed even a shred of gratitude after the UN pressured the Whites into handing their country over to niggers.

Take note, White man, NO ONE CARES ABOUT US.


White Nationalism or White genocide.

Pick one, White man.

68fa5d  No.12038324








lets see if the UN steps in like they would for african farmers

a24bde  No.12038410

Lauren Southern is on Michael Savage's radio show right now talking about the South African white genocide

ccf05a  No.12039253

File: 2ccacdc06dea8ae⋯.png (685.34 KB, 669x640, 669:640, 2cc.png)


You are either a shilling kike or an autist.

Of all the farms getting stolen, it just so happens to be the ones with mineral deposits? and then they gift that shit to Chinese investors?

Bantustans were not sanctioned until the Land Act of 1913. Kimberley diamond and Witwatersrand gold happened in the 1870s and 1880s.

You literally had Boers farming north of the Oranje and Vaal for decades before everyone rushed in for the free shiny rocks.

see >>12015371

Boers are being kicked out by greedy kikes like yourself so go suck start a shotgun

582700  No.12041118

File: 7279817404756a1⋯.gif (859 B, 324x216, 3:2, afrikaaner.gif)

First farms moved on, it seems?



Not a lot of coverage if at all of it. I've seen some articles get dropped within five minutes of being published. More is creeping out at the moment, but I'm seeing a lot of "oh no goyim it's not expropriation without compensation, see they get 10% of the market value in return!".

a94e4b  No.12041494

use keybase for chatting

183004  No.12041767

See Thread


South Africa begins seizing white-owned farms in land redistribution program

>The South African government has begun the process of seizing white-owned farmland, reportedly filing legal papers seeking to expropriate two farms for one-tenth of their estimated value.

e3f293  No.12042136


So we need to publicly bring this to the US government's attention.

76d215  No.12042861


>On the other hand, a partnership with Russia might be on the table if they are getting something out of it vs the West.

Friendly access to 70% of the world's Platinum Group Metals.

000000  No.12043104


>So whites own 70% of all legal land, but how did they own the land? Give me a brief run down? Isnt South Africa gov just answering more "injustice" with "injustice?"

Southern Africa was practically empty, safe for some nomadic San tribes, before the white settlers arrived.

Zulu warior tribe/society arrived from the north roughly at the same time as the dutch.

So before the whites, there was no agriculture in southern Africa. There was generally no agriculture above subsistence, in Sub-Sahara Africa before it was introduced by the white men.

Like the industry, any value of the land was made by enterprising white guys.

Yeah it is "exploitation", like the infrastructure they made and countries like India still run on, 50 years after becoming independent.

0ff040  No.12044369

I'm sure this has been mentioned in this thread as well as others but whats an estimate of a timetable of events? such as boers organizing and shit? I've heard in other threads that suidlanders isn't to be trusted. Also, aside from either donating money or getting my one way ticket how would I help. I'd probably try to go there with some sort of UNICEF relief org and then desert to go help slay niggers.

9a753d  No.12046619

File: d80ca5d08f97fc4⋯.jpg (45.46 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Digits.jpg)


Checked ,/ Impressive

Kikes are behind it all.

50c41f  No.12046634


God will give the timing and the war will be over faster than people imagine followed by a plague that kills the orcs.

000000  No.12048763

Looks like Trump saw this thread

ac5fc6  No.12049026


>lets see if the UN steps in like they would for african farmers

nothing too see…..because they won't

52b137  No.12049157


This is still a modern Boer war, no wonder Teresa's UK is helping the state blacks take this for the chinamen. It's instinct. China monopoly capital will make tbem regret.

52b137  No.12049284


da7c06  No.12050687




Haha, good one anon.

e3e606  No.12064163


How many other boer girls are that attractive?

8c0f7e  No.12070459


this. so much.

e139a1  No.12076974


69df92  No.12078362

File: 24b3d6017ff1b8c⋯.png (361.26 KB, 663x632, 663:632, ew.png)

File: 3dc3d6fe00d024c⋯.png (98.81 KB, 720x420, 12:7, ew2.png)

Found this over at zerokikes, any truth to it?


69df92  No.12078370


>Yes, film from afar.

This. Getting as much on film as possible will turn the tide back on these nogs.

54347f  No.12078409


I think if someone does the math they are going to be very suprised. The locations of all farm seizures are also the locations of mineral deposits. There is an unseen hand at work here, a hand of big mining money. Thats who is really pushing this agenda. The niggers are just playing along because it fits their narrative, and the SA government thinks they can get rich from mining taxes alot faster then farming taxes.

54347f  No.12078418


one more thing to look forward too

6a239b  No.12078429


gonna be hard to find. the bohrs settled there about 400 years ago from holland. there were nomadic ape-creatures there at the time, small hunter tribes as there was no fertile land whatsoever.

basically, it was never a nigger state. no niggers ever settled there and no niggers ever were pushed off their land. It was white land from the start

6a239b  No.12078444


DoubeyQuadz checked

It has been spoken. This is an operation to steal mineral land from whites by jews. it is a war of good vs evil

1a2edd  No.12078601


>The locations of all farm seizures are also the locations of mineral deposits.

>and the SA government thinks they can get rich from mining taxes alot faster then farming taxes.

Then if they dont need the food from the land then they'll have no problem making their move.

0b1c36  No.12079687

File: 462d9c480f6e232⋯.png (217.47 KB, 541x668, 541:668, jewmpofmalawi2.png)

File: e075b5c5085a03b⋯.png (201.84 KB, 561x627, 17:19, jewmpofmalawi.png)

Don't forget that Malawi is just to the NE of the farms that will be seized. A zionist jew runs the government there. He also owns a pharmaceuticals manufacturing lab.

This is the place Madonna and other celebs have gone to virtue signal by pretending to help children.

f125a9  No.12079698


trips confirm

kikes are killing the whites in SA by sending niggers at them

f08be9  No.12079770

You aren't a man until you've Holocausted atleast 88 Jews.

c6c912  No.12079842

File: e8a19cb05b05122⋯.jpg (72.3 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, Vengance.jpg)


>literally deutsches reich 2.0 -the jews will start the world war machine against south africa.


Then we in the U.S. need to step up our game and take more and more control of the feds.

We can, at least, keep the U.S. out of it, and may be able to interfere with the "rest of the world" when they attempt to do the zog's will.

This fight is not over, we can still win on a number of fronts, but nationalist action must be taken all across the world.

It's not just S.A. that hangs in the balance, we're all fighting for our lives, here.

We can't stop until the zog is de-funded, disenfranchised, and utterly destroyed.

000000  No.12109827


>for the qt's

22ee25  No.12109955

File: 5c212e05db8c57e⋯.jpg (117.75 KB, 1080x844, 270:211, ff58212b-05a8-42f4-9e7a-de….jpg)


Oh G-d!

456ebe  No.12109974


If they aren't killing the jews that are the culprits behind murdering them and stealing their land they're doing it wrong.

88e296  No.12110319

File: 39193e4e70db1f3⋯.png (221.16 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 39193e4e70db1f3f3074b607e3….png)


What the fuck am I looking at?

88e296  No.12110923

File: 9875b6d8ca73e5b⋯.png (3.06 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 9875b6d8ca73e5b58dbfb54820….png)

File: 7dbf95331ce9832⋯.jpg (576.83 KB, 2048x1295, 2048:1295, 7dbf95331ce9832ba9c497c105….jpg)

File: 22389dd4f544d90⋯.jpg (97.62 KB, 620x800, 31:40, 22389dd4f544d90aca69a11be9….jpg)

File: 0aec2f84b4a240d⋯.jpg (165.07 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 0aec2f84b4a240dbab403c64df….jpg)

File: 37f7b1e691aca6b⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 3518x1644, 1759:822, faf8f86e03d741cba7053bd25e….jpg)



Just noticed this anon samefagging hard and shilling his anti-white narrative a little more.

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