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File: fbdd5b1510c6702⋯.png (925.92 KB, 902x639, 902:639, yum.png)

f30b9d  No.12007068


The balanced hormone diet.

Minimum ~50% calories from Fats.

Maximum for safety reasons ~75% calories from Fats.

Less Polyunsaturated Fats bc they cause inflammation.

More Saturated and Monounsaturated Fats bc that’s what you are made of.

Animal Fats, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Peanut Oil.


Amino Acids are the building blocks of life.

Men require ~60g Protein per day.

Women require ~40g Protein per day.

Eat more if skater or ninja warrior.

Bodybuilders eat 1g. of Protein per 1lb. of body weight.

The quality of the Amino Acid profile matters.

Grass-fed (and finished) and pasture-raised (sun) animals only.

Legumes are a good source of Protein.


All Carbs are fibre.

Soluble and insoluble fibre.

Fibre hydrates muscle tissue.

Fibre ferments in colon forming 60% of stool.

Psyllium husk is good add.

Balance of grains, legumes, roots, tubers, and leafy greens.

No Carbs will cause gut death then your death.


~60% of your stool is gut flora.

Raw milk, yogurt, and kefir.

Sprouted and fermented grains, legumes, breads, and pasta.

Fermented vegetables, dills, and kraut.


Consume 1/2 your body weight in ounces.

If 160lbs., drink 80oz. or 10 cups of water per day.

Drink more if fighting race war.

Beer hydrates better than water bc of the sugars.

Too much alcohol causes dehydration.


Eating "balanced" is no meme.

By volume:

1/3 Fats

1/3 Carbs

1/3 Proteins

Because Protein and Carbs are ~4 calories per gram.

And because Fats are ~8 calories per gram.

“Balanced” diet is ~50% calories from Fat.

'My Plate' and 'Food Pyramid' are high-carb memes.


Diversity is your strength

Monoculture farming is unhealthful for the earth just as monoculturing your gut flora is unhealthful for your body. The more diverse your diet, the the more healthful your gut, which houses 70% of your immune system. Do not support homogenization in any form, not of milk, beer, gut flora, or people.

Don't forget to sprout your grains and legumes.

>1st thread: web.archive.org/8ch.net/pol/res/11459365.html

f30b9d  No.12007075

File: 10f86ed93470a35⋯.jpg (86.76 KB, 1024x728, 128:91, bauernfruhstuck.jpg)



f30b9d  No.12007077

File: ad86825c5d1d065⋯.png (244.82 KB, 464x373, 464:373, think.png)


Dominic D'agostino

Ketogenic (macronutrient) diet research.

>Tripping over the Truth: How the Metabolic Theory of Cancer Is Overturning One of Medicine's Most Entrenched Paradigms

Rhonda Patrick

Micronutrient research.

>Vitamin D Hormone Regulates Serotonin Synthesis. Part 1: Relevance for Autism

Drs. Justin and Erica Sonnenburg

Fibre and gut flora research.

>The Good Gut: Taking Control of Your Weight, Your Mood, and Your Long-term Health

Wim Hof

Iceman breathing.

>Becoming the Iceman: Pushing Past Perceived Limits

Katy Bowman

Biomechanics research.

>Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement

788601  No.12007126

>'My Plate' and 'Food Pyramid' are high-carb memes.

who the fuck listens to the government for health advice

377847  No.12007178

>eat as your ancestors did

>like slaves to a master kike

a1a53b  No.12007192

Keto means under 50g carbs a day.

Doing keto right requires consuming enough sodium.

Fruit is just sugar. Vegetables and fiber are overrated, they are just for taste.

Eat liver and egg yolks.

Dairy is not healthy.

9e4eb8  No.12007231


I had a small melanoma on my hand that disappeared after I started keto.

Keto and fasting are the keys to health.

026659  No.12007242

File: 30c56190df43836⋯.jpg (90.86 KB, 689x674, 689:674, 55bf5425a2a2545cf4867307a9….jpg)

Smart post Anon. I do construction in 100+° heat for 11 hours a day five days a week. I juice homegrown veggies , about two quarts a day. And eat PBnJ for lunch usually. I'm lean and strong and look like a body builder. I have no supplements and no energy drink crap and after work I smoke cigarettes and drink a bunch of beer and I'm healthy as a fucking ox at 30. The key is I avoid meat and dairy. First if all, it's disgusting rotting flesh or piss filled cow jizz. Since I'm not a faggot I don't drink white cow cum.

000000  No.12007345


You drink the milk, not the cum ya doofus. Did you milk a bull by accident?

f24395  No.12007371



>anti milk shills are already here

b98490  No.12007382

File: 5a8a489b24c9054⋯.png (56.24 KB, 753x336, 251:112, MUH KEEETOOOO.png)


>using the nu/pol/ (((meme)))

>EAT (((KETO)))

fuck off

dbfad4  No.12007428

My ancestors ate bread you faggot

c73967  No.12007437

Been on keto for a little over a month. I've lost 12 lbs. and my lifts are slowly going up. Also, I'm not very hungry these days. What happens if I don't get enough fat and significantly more protein? A couple of my days, I've been unable to get enough fats.

3cafcf  No.12007532


You may be kicked out of ketosis temporarily but it's nbd. Once you're out of ketosis you'll likely be hungrier than normal and more prone to carb cravings and over-eating.

53e0a9  No.12007541


The enemy is is using this tactic so we can’t.

You’re a schizophrenic retard.

Eat healthy guys, please.

f20b4b  No.12007545


Keto is gay you're just running a caloric deficit and are satiated from so much protein. Once you get to a healthy size you can start eating a more normal diet by just reducing your portion sizes.

09aa31  No.12007562


Keto is the best way to lose a lot of weight if you're a fat ass. However, gaining muscle while on keto is difficult, losing muscle while on keto is common, and keto is not an ideal diet for maximizing testosterone levels. I highly recommend keto to fatasses, but I don't think there's a point in eating keto if you aren't trying to lose weight.

39b149  No.12007595

File: 5b7b5814bc98456⋯.jpg (172.92 KB, 1136x1536, 71:96, Teddy Roosevelt.jpg)

Lots of factors in this thread.

Eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per bodyweight and make sure you are exercising for the coming race war.

Do keto runs followed by carb up days.

Avoid modern grains. They are not the grains your ancestors are. Grains are a Jewish food.

White men were hunters, fishers and pastoralists who at a keto style diet with carbs from local grains, tubers and root vegetables, fermented dairy and fruits in season.

Train for strength and endurance - but not long distance running. That shit is for fags and will fuck your knees. Hiking and sprints along with weight lifting and fighting.

82b1fb  No.12007632

File: fa5b1f77a8f8c2e⋯.jpg (12.38 KB, 359x359, 1:1, 9e6.jpg)

No baked kale? No soy?? This isn't nu/pol/! Get off my board nazis.

bed9c1  No.12007637


humans are the best long-distance running species overall. as long as you stretch properly after every run and aren't a lardass your knees will be fine. also need to start running on softer surfaces and transition up. 100% agree with you otherwise

cycling is the real faggot cardio btw

11e093  No.12007660

I eat at least 600g of carbs per day and less than 30g of fat and my athleticism increased immediately and I'm losing weight because I have tons of energy to train with sustained intensity. My mood is awesome and have a lot more motivation. No need for stimulants either. I think the Olympic athletes figured out how to eat for health and fitness. High carb low fat is the best and the diet is very similar to that of our ancestors. Civilization became a thing because of farming grains. I slam potatoes, brown rice, corn, oats, beans, cabbage, and fruit all day and feel great. The kings of old got diabetes, and heart attacks because they indulged on luxury fatty cheeses and meats every meal while the strong and lean farmers got mad work done fueled on carbs.

d58430  No.12007665


Yeah, but we have fucking concrete!!!

Did our ancestor run on rocks or fields?

At any rate, I think that one meal a day is best. Lead into it with two meals a day spaced out by ~9 hours.


This guy's name is Simon, but pretty sure he is not a kike.

This video is fascinating. Previously our ancestors mostly only had a large meal in evening.

Also talks about Kellogg's with cereal and his circumcision fetish.Truly one of the worst gentiles in the history of the world.

4fcda9  No.12007675

You're a good man OP

I've recently started keto, not too terribly fat but desk job, love handles, was eating too much sugar anyways. Good information here it's more or less all what I've come across in my own research. I will say getting the best quality protein you can is crucial, none of that grain fed, hormone pumped bullshit, local/grass fed and if you can kill it yourself all the better.

e0cdab  No.12007687


I think that's far too much.

A good formula is 0.8 - 1.2 g of protein per LEAN lb of body weight for an active man. So if you are 160 lbs at 15% body fat -> 160 * 0.85 = between 100 and 160 grams of protein. More than that probably goes to waste.

863821  No.12007690

File: 96bded3d224905b⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 512x512, 1:1, 4f4248dd737a2692787bcef042….gif)

Whats the deal with sodium? I've been hearing it's not as bad as people make it sound, which wouldn't surprise me. Since corporations like to use scapegoats to cover up the main health hazard sugar.

4fcda9  No.12007708


it's one of the top nutrient deficiencies, helps you retain water, regulates blood pressure, crucial in nerve and muscle function

a0b7dd  No.12007709



6d58b9  No.12007721


that's too complicated fuck that i'm just getting a big buford w / milkshake and curly fries yum

1f4b0b  No.12007744


(1) and done. you guys must not be getting paid that much.

8873c3  No.12007751

File: 1072444c7d7ad30⋯.jpg (17.41 KB, 336x265, 336:265, ButterFamily.jpg)

pol's Self Improvement threads have changed my life. Eating whole foods is the foundation of good health. I can't say enough positive things about Weston A. Price and his dietary recommendations. Eat and live clean and the rest will follow. Thank you /pol for showing me the way.

6571ae  No.12007758

I do much better on the Starch Solution tbh.

1f4b0b  No.12007759


nigger OP told you to eat carbs

11e093  No.12007771


Dr Mcdougall is a god. Realest dude out there

000000  No.12007802




I thought it was obvious.


91e17d  No.12007808


Just do all your shopping around the edges of the grocery store. And do fast every once in awhile I think it has benefits. Some diet advice I heard recently that stuck with me was that humans weren’t made to necessarily eat every single day. If you limit calories enough for a short time your body goes into starvation mode and you burn more calories off as your body thinks you’re out hunting for something. If you just lower portions for awhile but don’t go below some certain level, your metabolism just lowers to account for it and you stop losing weight. This is what happens for most. Some Asian guy has jewtube vids about it. It seems legit. I honestly think there is something to the intermittent fasting idea. I feel better when I feel empty than heavy full and slow. It makes food taste even better when you break fast too. I feel it may be good to do. There’s gotta be a reason many faiths call for it in spiritual senses.

9781e1  No.12007811


>Eat more if skater or ninja warrior.

I want to beat the shit out of you just for this you faggot hipster

000000  No.12007813


Different people of different body sizes and body types require different amounts of resources. Based on the caloric requirements for each individual person, measuring fat intake as a proportion of their daily caloric intake makes such a diet scalable.

000000  No.12007817


I "fast" 12 hrs a day. 8-10hrs sleep + 1-2hrs no eat before and after sleep. Works well for me but everybody is different.

fa5b3d  No.12007829


I unironically enjoy skateboarding, am I wrong for that?

8d6710  No.12007857


as long as you're a qt boy, no

fa5b3d  No.12007867


t. kike

32ab37  No.12008022


>another fad diet

buy my "vitamin" pills goy.

27ebe7  No.12008730

I lost 100 lbs. eating keto and most of the symptoms to my health problems cleared up, I have Crohn’s disease.

Shit works. Wake up with tons of energy.

However, carb craving is real. I have to give myself a monthly cheat day for my own sanity.

27ebe7  No.12008732


No need for multivitamins on Keto. You get everything you need from your diet.

3e9a71  No.12008746

File: 0e202418b9a7beb⋯.png (13.27 KB, 1033x416, 1033:416, carbohydrates-testosterone….png)


keto causes testosterone levels to crash.

7b8915  No.12008752


This shit is harder to find than crack cocaine. As soon as I ask any grocer, farmers market worker, etc, they clam up in horror and say that it's illegal, no way would they sell it.

This is ridiculous, where have other anons gotten their supply from?

792583  No.12008754


As a former fat fuck I disagree, lifting and a bodybuilder diet got me in shape. Building muscle kills fat, and the protein rich diet keeps (((temptation))) at bay. Keto seems like a meme diet, it's the kind of thing my coworkers use to brag about losing 5 pounds that they regain in a weekend.

792583  No.12008758


You gotta go into rural areas for it. I tried it once and got the shits for days. Other people swear by it though.

3b23b8  No.12008810


See if you can find any local creameries. Depending on what state you're in, it's (((illegal))) to sell in stores, but still legal to sell at the creamery itself.


3b23b8  No.12008814



Forgot to mention be prepared to shell out for it, I get it from a local creamery for $11 a gallon. It's rough, but it's the real deal. There's absolutely no comparison when it comes to the taste, grocery store milk just tastes like vaguely milk flavored hormone water once you've been drinking real stuff for a while.

381a34  No.12008820

I hope you like cow shit, Raw milk is full of it.

ee1493  No.12008834



from a cow. my family had a cow milked it by hand to get fresh milk. it was very good, andthe cream would always separate out easily. best butter ever

79fd91  No.12008880


Intermittent fasting is supposed to be very healthy. Activates the immune system and helps regulate insulin levels.

79fd91  No.12008881


That was a bull sweety

18edb2  No.12008932


Can you give an example of a typical day's meal plan?

95681b  No.12008988

File: ec3363c7e53db3e⋯.png (305.97 KB, 560x426, 280:213, 1517600406067.png)



The way to buy it legally in (illegal states) is to say the raw milk is of the purpose of bathing in; not for consuming.

18edb2  No.12009109


I actually got cream milk from Amazon Fresh a few times weirdly enough. Don't have it anymore though and no stores around here carry it.

ec132d  No.12009121

You shouldnt be drinking raw milk without getting yourself acquainted with it first. Drink very very little of it, you will get the shits.

5a16af  No.12009124


Our ancestors didn't eat a bunch of retarded and contradictory fad diet bullshit.

000000  No.12009292


They ate as OP posted. A balanced meal of meats, fats, grains, fruits, and veggies. I do not see what is "fad" about eating balanced.

5a16af  No.12009384


OP posted contradictory things, try reading. You can't eat keto and balanced you moron. They fermented things to store it, not because it made it better for you.

c506d4  No.12009433


Long distance running is for niggers.

115bcc  No.12009490

File: e7490e96a69c9be⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1523896629893.jpg)


No soy latte, no up-vote, Nazis!

676eca  No.12009526


>suggests carbs

lol, that's not keto, dumbass

>eat like your ancestors

>eat keto

its called paleo, retard, and you should be eating shittons of veggies, (almost) no grains (or fruits)

5a16af  No.12009556


Absolutely none of the vegetables available now existed in paleolithic times. The only thing paleo about your fad diet is the name.

5c65d6  No.12009583


>The key is I avoid meat and dairy.

Anon, you should mean avoid mass farmed dairy and pasteurized milk. The former for all the fucked up hormones and the latter as it's no longer a substance the body recognizes as food and will fuck up your intestines.

Befriend a farmer, pay him $50-$100 bucks a month for a gallon of home milk, and some home butter, and home cheese and home beef it will change you life.

c13a25  No.12009616

I was surprised to see in some story on professional gamers living in a mansion that the chef there makes keto meals for marathon gaming sessions. This keeps them from craving jew diabetes powder every couple of hours.

5a16af  No.12009635


>cooking milk makes it no longer food

How do people get this stupid?

>paying more for milk will change your life

No retard, it really won't. My milk comes from my back yard. You can't tell the difference.

5c65d6  No.12009711

File: 8b8e8844f38965d⋯.jpg (177.74 KB, 638x826, 319:413, DeepNutritionWhyYourGenesN….jpg)

File: 5d57011920e5486⋯.jpg (187.43 KB, 638x826, 319:413, DeepNutritionWhyYourGenesN….jpg)

File: 51d046b34689fe6⋯.jpg (207.01 KB, 638x826, 319:413, DeepNutritionWhyYourGenesN….jpg)

File: 2fec1594b00aaa9⋯.jpg (169.17 KB, 638x826, 319:413, DeepNutritionWhyYourGenesN….jpg)

File: 89515d38a2de0c9⋯.jpg (115.42 KB, 638x826, 319:413, DeepNutritionWhyYourGenesN….jpg)


>>cooking milk makes it no longer food

>How do people get this stupid?

Kike spotted! You're using a strawman! pasteurization isn't just cooking it, it's superheating it until all the proteins break down and thus destroying any nutritional value it has and any good bacteria with it!

5a16af  No.12009770


Pasteurization is not superheating you fucking retard, it is a lower heat than normal cooking, 145 to 160 F. By your "logic" cooking a chicken breast makes it no longer food and have no nutritional value.

5c65d6  No.12009784


Personal insults and ad homonim? Deffo kike. Filtered.

5a16af  No.12009817


If you want to play captain fedora of the starship reddit and fire your logical fallacy rays, you might want to learn how they work first (or at least how to spell them). Insulting you is not an ad hominem. Your post is an ad-hom though, learn the difference.

000000  No.12009854


It's okay, I get things mixed up sometimes, too.


'Keto' means "ketogenic" which is a state that describes the body burning keytones instead of glucose as fuel.


'Paleo' means "paleolithic", as in 3,000,000 to 12,000 years ago. There is no knowing what they ate since our oldest human samples barely go back 10,000 years. It is an inaccurate label, you shouldn't use it.

'Ancestors' includes your grandparents and relatives from all previous times such as the middle ages and such. They baked bread and brewed beer, in addition to eating dairy, meat, vegetables, and fruit.

There was an actual list posted >>12007075 if it was unclear what you should eat.


4ca308  No.12009864

Kill yourself you jew fuck.

4ca308  No.12009871

They want you on keto so you can't differentiate between cat-piss smells from crazy feminists and alt-kike.

7911ac  No.12009880


>Not stating if the test subjects had the ability to get accustomed to this diet

Your picture proves exactly nothing.

5dc6d7  No.12009907


What about vat pasteurization? It’s kept at a lower temperature for a longer amount of time in an attempt to keep those vital fats alive

000000  No.12009918


>keto balanced

Yes you can, the math of 1/3 fats, which are twice the calories of proteins and carbohydrates per gram, makes it so.

>fermentation is not "better"

It is, as it replenishes the things that live in your gut. A very important addition to a modern sanitized diet where the water and milk have been treated with heat, uv, and/or chemical antibiotics to kill the natural cultures they contain.

If you didn't defend raw local dairy, I would think you were here only to take a shit, since all of your posts are rude.

4ca308  No.12009922


What's the nutritional value of blood, pus, and fecal matter, moshe?

7e3a45  No.12009932


>it's superheating it until all the proteins break down

You're referring to UHT pasteurisation, which produces horrible-tasting long-life milk that keeps for months without refrigeration. Regular pasteurisation is much less severe.

f86ec6  No.12009937


This is how I know that keto is cult and OP is a faggot.

>Eat As Your Ancestors Did

Weren't any avocados, coconuts, or olives where my folk lived.


>milk, breads, and pasta

Yeah, pick one, asshole.

At least OP isn't a fucking vegan.

000000  No.12009940



>t. actual jew

Anon, if you reverse engineer the ancestral meals of your people you will find a balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, as well as a variety of meats, dairy, grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruit. Only people fighting cancer should go up to the 75% calories from fats mark and only with the assistance of an experienced physician and only for short periods of time before returning to the balanced level of 50% calories from fats.

000000  No.12009944


>no tomatoes or most legumes either

Maybe not, but there was animal fat.

f30b9d  No.12009983


I don't think that is true, anon.

f30b9d  No.12009988



96d314  No.12010089

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

380528  No.12010108


Cunt, if you had half a brain you would know increasing your ammonia levels isn't doing your brain any good. Kill yourself.

380528  No.12010121

File: 27c5c3c1db962ae⋯.gif (3.26 MB, 500x281, 500:281, WarlikeJitteryFrilledlizar….gif)

5a16af  No.12010186


You are completely and utterly fucking brain dead. 1/3 fats, 1/3 protein, 1/3 carbs will not put you in ketosis. The bacteria in your gut do not need to be "replenished", they reproduce on their own. Water and milk do not contain natural cultures, if they have bacteria in them it is due to contamination. Keep crying about your feelings, I'm sure that will prove useful eventually.

bac467  No.12010285


Sodium is necessary, and your (suggested) intake heavily depends on your diet. Hypertension is usually caused by your sodium to potassium ratio being off (not enough potassium relative to your sodium levels).

8a26bb  No.12010402

> All Carbs are fibre.

Are you fucking retarded? Dietary "carbs" are exactly the opposite of fibre. "Carbs" is sugars and starches, while fibre is indigestible cellulose.

34419f  No.12010462

File: d8dc08664926365⋯.gif (2 MB, 269x299, 269:299, fatty bally.gif)

Been on Keto and sober 6 months now. Fucking love it. Never been fat but I had a little beer belly and lost that. I don't work out but work outdoors a lot and run occasionally.

But Keto is a NO SUGAR LOW CARB diet. Carbs=Sugar. Carbs break down into sugar once digested. Once you eliminate the poison (sugar) your brain starts running off ketones and its fucking energy and clarity like you've never known.

000000  No.12010489

>Bodybuilders eat 1g. of Protein per 1lb. of body weight.

Bodybuilders are striving for cosmetic effects.

If a "body builder" requires protein at 1g/lb must you mix metric and imperial? for optimal gains, then a man in a physically demanding role should probably strive to consume a similar amount.

>all carbs are fibre

What do you mean by this? A sugar cube is 100% carb and 0% fibre.

>Fibre hydrates muscle tissue.

This is turning woo-ish. Fibre does not enter your blood stream, so how the fuck can it "hydrate" muscle tissue?

>No Carbs will cause gut death then your death.

Ok, explain Eskimo.

9dd6c6  No.12010640


My ancestors were Swiss.

> eat oil from trees they never heard of

Fuck off.

5a16af  No.12010641


>sugar is poison

>that's why we evolved to live on it

Enjoy your low T ketard.


>If a "body builder" requires protein at 1g/lb

They don't, that's a myth. Virtually everyone is fine at 0.64. A man in a physically demanding role is not going to be at a protein deficit getting 0.5. Also that is lean mass, carrying around 80 pounds of lard doesn't mean you need more protein.


9dd6c6  No.12010662


And that they ate 50 plants per week. Different plants and different parts so in fact 100 different things. The poor were deprived and stupid and the very rich ate also different. Look up stomach contents of swamp bodies.

11e093  No.12010744

File: 5acaf5278a18be6⋯.jpg (214 KB, 1439x813, 1439:813, Screenshot_20180815-172816….jpg)

I exercise about 1 hour per day (cardio and lifting) and sit on my ass at work all day. I'm losing fat mass as we speak. How long will it take me to become obese, diabetic, and prone to heart disease and high cholesterol with this carbohydrate demon diet? Should I replace my artery clogging potatoes with lard instead? I don't know guys…

b2d989  No.12011898


Following OP's advice will not put someone into ketosis. He recommends 50% of calories from fat, which is not enough. It should be at least 70% calories from fat.

50 grams of carbs is just a rule of thumb, but still more accurate than what OP wrote.

Individual responses will vary, but consuming just enough carbs and protein to be low carb, but not in ketosis, can lead to problems where the glucose needs are not being met, nor is the body in a keto adapted state where it burns ketones and produces some glucose itself via gluconeogensis.

Read the books by Volek & Phinney.

000000  No.12012416


OP didn't mention low-carb, and half calories from fats means half calories from carbs and protein, the latter of which stores as glycogen when you eat more than you need and burns as glucose, so your assertions of health risk are untrue. Also, 70-75% calories from fats is risky cancer treatment amount and can cause ketoacidosis and death if done over long periods in some people, especially those at risk of, or who already have, diabetes.

000000  No.12012418


>Volek & Phinney

Thanks for the rec, tho.

b2d989  No.12012497


You are sadly misinformed. Please don't give out advice about things you know very little about.

>Defining ‘Nutritional Ketosis’

The second way to define ‘low carbohydrate’ is physiologic – specifically that level below which there is a fundamental shift in your body’s fuel homeostasis (i.e., energy regulation) away from glucose as a primary fuel. This shift is the adaptation of the body’s hormonal set and inter-organ fuel exchange to allow most of your daily energy needs to be met by fat, either directly as fatty acids or indirectly by ketone bodies made from fat. This process, which is discussed more fully in Chapter 7, begins for most adults when total carbohydrate is restricted to less than 60 grams per day along with a moderate intake of protein. After a few weeks at this level, the primary serum ‘ketone’ (beta-hydroxybutyrate, or B-OHB), rises above 0.5 millimolar (mM). At this ketone level, which is 10-fold higher than that in someone with a daily intake of 300 grams of carbohydrate, the brain begins to derive a substantial portion of its energy needs from B-OHB, resulting in a commensurate reduced need for glucose.

With further restriction of carbohydrate below 50 grams per day, the serum B-OHB rises in response to reduced insulin secretion. However, because dietary protein prompts some insulin release, and serum B-OHB itself stimulates insulin release by the pancreas (albeit subtly), adults eating 20 grams of carbohydrate and 75-150 grams per day of protein rarely run serum B -OHB levels above 3 mM. This is in contrast to the response to total starvation (i.e., no dietary carbs or protein) where the serum BOHB levels run as high as 5 mM.

This 10-fold range of serum ketones, from 0.5 to 5 mM, is your body’s normal physiological response to varying degrees of dietary carbohydrate and protein restriction. This response range is called ‘nutritional ketosis’, and is associated with metabolic adaptations allowing your body to maintain a stable state of inter-organ fuel homeostasis. This process is dependent on an adequate, albeit minimal, ability of the pancreas to produce insulin in response to dietary protein and serum ketones, thus maintaining serum B-OHB in the range where it replaces much of your body’s (and your brain’s) need for glucose without distorting whole-body acid-base balance.

Nutritional ketosis is by definition a benign metabolic state that gives human metabolism the flexibility to deal with famine or major shifts in available dietary fuels. By contrast, ‘diabetic ketoacidosis’ is an unstable and dangerous condition that occurs when there is inadequate pancreatic insulin response to regulate serum B-OHB. This occurs only in type-1 diabetics or in late stage type-2 diabetes with advanced pancreatic burnout. In this setting of deficient insulin, when exogenous insulin is withheld, serum B-OHB levels reach the 15-25 mM range – 5-to-10-fold higher than the levels characteristic of nutritional ketosis.

Unfortunately, among the general public and even many health care professionals as well, these two distinct metabolic states tend to be confused one for another. Understanding how different they are is key to being able to capture the many benefits of nutritional ketosis while avoiding the risks in that very small minority of the population subject to developing diabetic ketoacidosis. To this end, a full chapter later in this book is devoted to the clinical use of carbohydrate restriction in diabetes.

000000  No.12012696


Anon, your post confirms my statements about the difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis. Please clarify your argument because it seems we are in agreement about these things. However, the claim of a weight in grams as the defining point for ketosis doesn't address the difference between people's sizes and systems. And the body's storing of excess protein as glycogen and burning it as glucose is an accurate simplification of the process. Your claims are simply untrue.

b2d989  No.12012783


My arguments are:

1. Ketosis, when done right, is not dangerous for the vast majority of people (those without metabolic issues like diabetes).

There is an important difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis. What you claimed to be a dangerous therapeutic zone is in reality the minimum required to reach nutritional ketosis, and anything else is not it.

2. Ketosis is automatically low carb. How low varies slightly between people, but a good rule of thumb is below 50g of carbs per day, preferably lower.

3. Low carb is not automatically ketogenic

4. Low carb without entering ketosis is not ketosis, meaning the body does switch to producing and burning ketones, and does not be come keto adapted

5. Because protein is insulinogenic and gluconeogenic, eating too much of it can prevent ketosis, same as eating too many carbs

6. A ratio of anything below 70% fat from calories is unlikely to result in ketosis

7. This point is a hypothesis on my part: the ratio of only 50% fat and 50% other calories in order to reach nutritional ketosis can only be justified in phases of low caloric intake, where the fat calories missing from the diet can be compensated for by stored body fat, and the total calories from carbohydrates and protein do not surpass the maximum required for the organism not to enter nutritional ketosis

b2d989  No.12012790


>meaning the body does switch

*meaning the body does not switch

048ae0  No.12012812


Not bad advice.

Saturated fat is good for you.

Eggs are good for you.

Dietary cholesterol does not affect serum cholesterol (in your blood). Poor cholesterol profiles result from massive simple sugar intake as well as deep fried foods (which contain much trans fat no matter what claims are mad).

e9a844  No.12012902


gas yourself you dumb kike


gas yourself you dumb kike


gas yourself you dumb kike


gas yourself you dumb kike


gas yourself you dumb kike

9f932e  No.12015028


Vegan here, dropping by to say I think you meant "puss"

Btw, for people who cant into nutrition, im stronk af, and people think I work out but I don't (I'm just ripped)

Meat is for niggers and kikes

Sieg Heil.

95d1bc  No.12015045

File: 80ddd7454a979a0⋯.jpg (274.15 KB, 645x773, 645:773, GutsFeel.jpg)

File: 2928d68056ce4d6⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 600x600, 1:1, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.gif)

File: 4864d2a3f62af7c⋯.png (550.31 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Screenshot (19).png)



>Consume 1/2 your body weight >in ounces.

>If 160lbs., drink 80oz. or 10 >cups of water per day.

>Drink more if fighting race >war.

>Beer hydrates better than >water bc of the sugars.

>Too much alcohol causes >dehydration.

What would you folk consider a good diet for someone looking to lose weight and bulk up?

>roughly 220lbs built chub

>I'm a Recovering Beta and I'm having a relapse, haven't been to the gym all week…

Thank you captcha for the words of encouragement.

000000  No.12015071






Great thread, OP, it attracted some kikes.

(((They))) are worried about their precious medical industry and diet foods industries. Anything to keep the goyim hooked up to the expensive teats which have been engineered for them.

I lost a bunch of weight going keto and I feel great. Still drink some beer though I am sticking to low- or no-hops varieties.

389608  No.12015088

File: bfd7b4858035b00⋯.jpg (55.11 KB, 629x720, 629:720, 18b78e97ab31a933e6c89529f9….jpg)

Seems like a good thread. How do I remove be heavy metal toxins from my body?

5a16af  No.12015114


Poor soybug get triggered?


> Men require about as many grams of protein as their weight in pounds per day.

No, they don't. Read.


000000  No.12015127


Eat lots of cilantro, it has a chelating effect. Also iodine will flush out accumulated fluoride.

95d1bc  No.12015133

File: 99a3766ee9e75f2⋯.png (113.08 KB, 297x430, 297:430, HitlerCheckem.png)

File: 60efdc7d3456053⋯.webm (4.58 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, kkkmoon-fighting-192k.webm)



Bumping for interest in this as well.

How do I even check for this shit?

42857c  No.12015626


>120g of protein

>1kg of meme potatoes

>no meat

What the fuck are you doing you absolute retard? How much do you weigh and what is your body fat percentage?

d44070  No.12015710


>but not long distance running. That shit is for fags and will fuck your knees.

This. Running has shown to lower testosterone in men as well. If you have to run, do either sprints as suggested by anon I quoted, or hiking/walking long distance.

048ae0  No.12015742


anti protein is anti white

a30213  No.12015789

File: 7168095927c14da⋯.jpg (338.77 KB, 1300x5000, 13:50, Keto-Grocery-Shopping-List.jpg)

File: 5235fe0eaae0605⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 2544x1850, 1272:925, 5235fe0eaae060571efe03c091….jpg)


>They want you on keto so you can't differentiate between cat-piss smells

I've been on the Keto diet for the last 4 months and it has corrected my chronic nasal congestion. I'm actually able to fully breathe through my nose for the first time in my life. So I have no idea what you're on about.

5b18bf  No.12015801


so you went on a sketchy idea of a "diet" instead of eating well and cleaning the mold out of your house?

4ec5ba  No.12015818

File: 4fbe19f784e59df⋯.png (39.83 KB, 498x497, 498:497, airuvowva.png)


>I smoke cigarettes and am as healthy as a fucking ox!

You're fucking retarded, faggot. Your lungs will be like lead when you are sixty.

5b18bf  No.12015828


>dont eat meat

>dont eat dairy

>drink beer and smoke pesticide +40 other carcinogens

So how not to be prime

I bet you look like a sack of rotting potatoes.

bed9c1  No.12015859


cyclist detected lol. in any case, need some form of cardio. swimming is also good but generally less convenient and more difficult to do properly.

9d49c7  No.12015913


I weigh 200lbs currently. I'd probably be pretty cut at 160lbs, as I remember seeing a bit of abs at 170lbs. So I'm guessing I'm around 20% body fat at the moment. I had originally cut down to 170lbs and ended up gaining the weight back after returning to normal eating so I'm pretty sure I fucked up my metabolism a bit by cutting aggressively like I did. Anyway, my metabolism is back up and seems faster than ever as I never ate 3000 calories per day consistently while getting leaner. I attribute this to the high carb low fat plant based diet that I've never done in my life until now. So it feels good to be able to satisfy my hunger, not get fat, and just use exercise to burn the fat instead of eating like an anorexic. With so many carbs I have tons of energy to do this exercise. 120g of protein is enough protein for a 160lb lean body mass, which is decent weight for being 5'7". 1g per pound is not necessary. Also, if you want a screenshot of my diet hitting all required amino acids I can provide that, just in case you believe meat is necessary for that. 1kg of sweet potatoes isn't really that crazy. Its about 2 big sweet potatoes and they're roughly 75% water anyway.

5c355b  No.12015940



>EAT FIBRE all carbs are fibre

Choose one

Keto is fucking retarded and unsustainable. You're literally not allowed to eat ANY sugars/fruits, carbs, or even too much meat or you'll fuck it up.

612c65  No.12016006


ur either a manlet or lanky Skelly.

4ec5ba  No.12016039

Here is my routine. I will tell you why I did what I did and the results that I received from my decisions:

I have been struggling with skin conditions (psoriasis, dandruff, minor eczema…) for about ten years, and nothing would really help. I decided to try intermittent fasting and a carnivore diet for a month to see what would happen.

I limited myself to steak, eggs, supplements and ginger juice:

-Wake up and drink ginger juice and water. No coffee needed when you drink some ginger (the health benefits are legion), but don't pay attention to what (((wiki))) has to say about ginger.

-Fast throughout a 10 hour shift behind the god damned computer. Drink ginger water to defeat hunger. Hunger disppates after the eighth hour. Water, water, water.

-After work, take out frozen steak and liberally coat one side with coarse sea salt for two hours until thawed (this technique will give any cut of any meat the tenderness of a filet mignon; just don't let the salt sit for too long). Rinse off salt. pan sear steak after rubbing down both sides with salt, garlic, and black pepper. 2 minutes each side in a HOT cast iron skillet. Cook 2-3 eggs.

-Eat it. Sleep. Repeat.

The flakes disappeared on my scalp, and the psoriasis went away on my face and elbows Perhaps this is from the reduction of inflammation. The ginger juice helps move the food along when there is a shortage of roughage.

Supps: acidophilous, multivitamin, selenium, calcium.

9d49c7  No.12016042


Yep. Manlet reporting in. 5'7" master race.

6c841e  No.12016106


>I lost a bunch of weight going keto and I feel great

yes. Losing a bunch of weight, with or without consuming carbs, makes you feel great.

Keto is a great meme-diet for fatasses with no self-control who are too stupid and lazy to properly plan a balanced diet that fits their goals and then measure calories on a daily/weekly basis. Cutting out the carbs from the sodas you guzzle and pastries you gorge on will probably put you at a caloric deficit and thus help you lose 'a bunch of weight'.

But I don't need to lose a bunch of weight. I need to gain a bunch of weight. I need to deadlift 500lbs. I need to do 15 weighted pullups. I've tried keto. Making progress in any intermediate strength training program while not consuming carbs (if you're not roiding) is almost impossible. You constantly feel like complete shit and you put yourself at risk of injury because it literally makes you weaker. Even most pro-keto people will have the common sense to warn you that once you've lost the weight, you should go back to consuming carbs because keto makes your body dump testosterone production. Consuming copious amounts of soy at every meal has less of an effect on test than keto does.

d28707  No.12016141

File: a9727cb2f833918⋯.jpg (358.44 KB, 1565x1770, 313:354, 1b347867cdd62e32b27f6f173d….jpg)

File: 1dc97ac3a450241⋯.jpg (292.71 KB, 857x1200, 857:1200, 1dc97ac3a4502413483d2971e1….jpg)

File: 8cedb0cd6827497⋯.jpg (51.1 KB, 499x679, 499:679, 8cedb0cd6827497acb8955f694….jpg)

File: 1810d666a2a8998⋯.jpg (224.42 KB, 1090x1013, 1090:1013, 1810d666a2a89980a9628b90e8….jpg)

File: 3f1210d0f2ef10d⋯.jpg (457.85 KB, 2400x1596, 200:133, 1425528993558.jpg)


Look up snake diet on youtube. Exercise builds muscle. Diet builds fat. Get back in the gym faggot. When you're sitting on your ass stop shoveling food into your cock holster.

I only eat once a day, but I eat all my calories at once then go to bed. I've been lifting more, and losing weight. Snake diet guy is all about fasting. The longest I've done is a 36 hour fast, but I'm a skinny faggot. I used 24hour fasts to ditch my caffeine addiction. Haven't touched the cold brew jew in a month. My sleep is amazing. My energy is high as fuck. I'm making gains on quitting porn & sugar now.

You will have to go through a couple weeks of withdrawal symptoms that are absolute suffering. Working out until your arms are numb from pain is how I suppressed the urges to quit. Dry fasting has worked best for me, ut early on you will need your electrolytes so salt water fast you fat fuck.

9d49c7  No.12016178


>Atkins diet meme

b8df79  No.12016231

stay active and dont eat fast food. all these diets, even muh based carnivore, are for retard.

d28707  No.12016271

File: 275539c3ea333fa⋯.jpg (18.26 KB, 325x326, 325:326, 275539c3ea333fa6d013cb40ee….jpg)


>Not recognizing Upton Sinclair's meme diet

dc9b9b  No.12016285

Veganstep on these goose eatin niggas

Honk honk meat-eating faggots, get in the back of the mobile oven

377a00  No.12016414


>carnivore diet

Some cursory reading I've done about these new fad diets suggests reducing simple sugars from your diet to a bare minimum helps to reduce the effects of inflammation in most regards. You could probably help your skin along by making sure you have ample magnesium, potassium, zinc (read: plain yoghurt) and getting some more time under the sun. Also, you can never get enough fiber so any cruciferous vegetables you can eat will do you better.

dc9b9b  No.12016453


Can you answer to the ties camus had to Judaism?

I endorse the quote about Sisyphus, but I am skeptical of camus.

b2d989  No.12016607



Yeah, it shows.

95d1bc  No.12016991


Will be acquiring Snake Juice ingredients tomorrow. Wish me luck on my fast anons!

b1680d  No.12018324

Wow, wholepol really has declined in quality.

Came here a month or so before the first exodus.

Using Hitler to push Veganism..

Veganism destroys your gut − all types of Vegan-diets does this, "fully Raw", "Fruterian", "Oils", "Fatty".

Hitler had IBS.

IBS is caused by vegetables and grains.

These foods creates a bacterial climate in your gut, that over time − eats you from the inside.

Not to mention that your body starts to burn organs, muscles, brain-matter and your own skeleton for nutrients.

That is why the Vegans feel so good the first month, because your own body is leaching on it self, you'll use up the nutrients that has been stored for decades.

A year later and you will rapidly age, your teeth will fall out.

And you'll start going crazy.

"Let me try that, high vibrational frequency breatherian diet!!"

Just look at Vegans on YT, all of them are scrawny wimps, the ones that aren't, are using loads of supplements − from the pharmajew, anabolic steroids, loads of dental work and facial lifts.

If you just want to watch a compilation of them. You can search for "Epitome of Malnourishment"

Now, for the point about Hitler, New age then is new age now. He got conned.

Onto "DIEts"

Flip the food pyramid on it's head and your all set. If you still have issues.

Do an elimination diet, Start with nothing but beef (Grass-fed is key, but grain-fed "works" as well)

In extreme cases, your gut is so badly damaged that raw eggs are your only option, stick with it for a week and you'll notice positive effects.

Then you can add foods one at a time. Vegetables is the last thing that you'll add(Because contrary to popular belief, it's not healthy for us, loads of acids and anti-nutrients)

I eat mostly raw meat and organs from healthy/wild animals (but I also cook them from time to time). homemade crispbread without yeast. Loads of raw butter and raw milk.

Greens are not healthy for people, but other types of plants and roots can be beneficial in small quantities.

Herbs and mushroom is where I get most of my "non-animal" nutrients.

I stay away from seeds, (they cut-up your intestines)

Drink blood from healthy wild animals (just try it, you'll not regret it)

cd5e31  No.12018419



Meat is an emergency survival food. All the longest lived peoples on earth have one thing in common; a diet consisting of <1% meat and <10% fish. Look up the Abkhasians of the Caucasus mountains, the Vilcabambans, and the Okinawans. All routinely live to over 100 years old and stay completely healthy, even youthful in some respects, until the last few months of life.

b1680d  No.12018654


You don't live long on a diet consisting of anti-nutrients.

There we're many explorers in the 1800-1900 that went to tribes all over the world, they ate meat whenever they could get it, especially island dwellers, with fish diets. 70year old women looking like 30 year old. Average lifespan of 150years.

Stay soy.

260a22  No.12018793


Does your logic apply to the nearly carnivorous eskimo cadavers that were found to have osteoporosis and atherosclerosis? Osteoporosis is not from low levels of calcium intake, but the dissolving of bone minerals to balance the pH from high levels of acid in the bloodstream that comes from the metabolism of proteins. Fat in the bloodstream sure is a good risk factor for atherosclerosis, an easy way to increase fat in the bloodstream is to eat more fat. Their facial appearances also had indications of low thyroid output from their low carb diet. Carbohydrates facilitate the conversion of inactive to active thyroid hormone so this makes sense.

>greens are bad for you

>greens are foods highest in nitrates that increase nitric oxide gas production that seeps into the blood stream, dislodging arterial plaques and dilating blood vessels for increased blood flow. They're great for maintaining strong boners throughout life.

All animals with seminal vesicles are vegetarian by nature. Men have seminal vesicles. Modern men are products of civilization, which was only possible after being able to farm and produce high amounts of starchy foods to support a growing population. Gladiators ate primarily barley diets. Mayans ate primarily potato. Some of the greatest Ancient Greek philosophers thought vegetarian eating was superior.

Eating animals did have a benefit to survival though in times of famine or winter. A carnivorous diet slows the metabolism and the appetite also goes down to make it easier to survive the famine of preferred energy sources (carbs). Muscles store glycogen for energy. The liver stores glycogen. The brain absolutely requires glycogen. Carnivorous diets cause insulin resistance so that glucose is not stored in tissues and is to be kept in the bloodstream to be used by the brain. Our tongues find sweetness to be the most desirable. This is because we are carbohydrate eating animals by nature. Carnivores on the other hand have a strong taste reaction for raw unseasoned meat.

Humans are long distance runners by nature and are supposed to be lean and agile. Many vegans are unhealthy and sickly, but so are many meat eaters. The sick ones are sick not because they don't eat meat, but they most likely don't eat enough food in general.

b2f454  No.12018830

File: 73cf8cb60df6d80⋯.jpg (44.57 KB, 445x601, 445:601, f8f16f80624c0600367ac38e0f….jpg)


>Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Peanut Oil

You're deluded if you think ancient Europeans ate any of this shit. Europeans ate mainly meat in the winter, and some berries/vegetables when they were available in other seasons.

d03e49  No.12018971


Olives are popular in the Mediterranean, I don't what kind of paint you're huffing.

>inb4 Mediterranean Europeans aren't White d&c Kikery

fc2c34  No.12019586


I generally do pretty well on keto, but it probably isn't ideal. Today I eat a dairy-heavy diet with moderate carb and it is the supreme diet.

fc2c34  No.12019589


And milk. If you want to be Aryan, you must eat dairy. If it causes you gas or acne or anything, it's because you probably have nigger genes.

fc2c34  No.12019596


>Humans are long distance runners by nature

Only if you're a nigger or a faggot. Aryans do not run long distance.

4b1c96  No.12019612


I don't buy the "sugar is evil/poison"-meme. If it's so bad, why is our sense of taste so sensible to it? Doesn't make any sense.

Another thing is this "drink more water"-meme. If I am thirsty, I will drink something. If not, then not. What did our ancestors do without people telling them to drink more water 24/7?

f35a3c  No.12019628

File: e6e7ad22d65e9e0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 792x605, 72:55, highmeat.PNG)

Been on Keto for six months. I've lost roughly 40 lbs and I'm in better shape than I was back in high school (I'm in my thirties). I've always been a heavy carnivore but also ate lots of carbs. Now I'm consuming my favorite meats and veggies and I have more energy than before. Bacon and kale are staples for me. My blood sugar has dropped drastically after previously being pre-diabetic. Keto is a godsend for someone like me. I'm working on getting truly fit now that I've lost all the excess weight. Plus I am far more confident in how I look and carry myself. I've always been pretty outgoing, but now I'm on a whole different level. 10/10 would recommend keto to any fucking white male.

62babe  No.12019646




>passage of time



Which or these, or all, are you having a problem with?

f35a3c  No.12019653


>drink milk

Found the faggot who doesn't actually know shit about ketosis. Milk is full of sugars, aka carbs. It is terrible for ketosis. If you want to consume dairy (I agree that dairy is Aryan) you should be consuming high quality cheese (fat and protein) and heavy cream (pure wonderful fat). I eat fresh dark berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) and whipped grass fed heavy cream for dessert regularly. It's amazing and very keto friendly. Furthermore, if you are not on the keto diet and absolutely cannot live without milk you shouldn't be consuming any milk other than the 100% raw stuff (basically straight from the cow and make sure the cow is on a grass fed diet) Everything else is kiked out and full of estrogens.

TL;DR milk is shit for ketosis but quality cheese and heavy cream is top notch

1ebaea  No.12019724

A lot of misinformation in this thread. Actual keto Anon reporting in, I check my ketones with a blood monitor daily.

Ketosis takes approximately 80% calories from fat, rough estimate.

An adult generally can get by if they stay under 20g carbs per day, but this varies between person. Sometimes called Modified Atkins Diet.

My most recent blood test about 3 months into ketosis I had blood work and my inflammatory markers were so low my doctor asked if I had been taking anti-inflammatories. The only thing that had changed was being on keto. Leads me to suspect "normal" inflammatory markers are high, we just perceive them as normal because we never tested till our diet had been knocked off our evolutionary path.

I feel great on keto but I legit follow my diet and test my blood, usually between 1.3-3.0 mmol/L.

1ebaea  No.12019729


Also intermittently fast for about 14+ hours a day and my first meal is keto coffee with MCT, butter, cocoa butter, and ghee butter.

fc2c34  No.12019753


I don't care about ketosis.

e14d0b  No.12046026


>milk is full of sugars

>i eat berries which have no sugar

>milk is terrible for ketosis

>breastfed babies are in a state of ketosis

Anon, you may mean well but, holly shit, be more thoughtful about your words. Milk is plenty fine since what matters is the proportion of macros in every meal, not so much the source, though source quality does matter, e.g., fatty acids from grass-fed animal products.

e14d0b  No.12046028


>lots of misinformation itt

>ignore my not pointing it out

>actual keto anon

>because all others are fake

Why write this at all then ?

>i check ketones with a blood monitor daily

Good shit. Every person is different and should do exactly this. Pregnant women not eating keto often test in the keto state.

>80% = ketosis

For you.

Breastmilk is ~1% protein, ~7% carb, and ~5% fat; the rest is water and trace disolved minerals.

colostrum has more protein but same fat

Converted to grams for maths.

8g@4cal/g and 5g@8cal/g

protein & carbohydrate = 32cal

fats = 40cal




They are is a constant state of ketosis.

e2c91b  No.12046104

File: d32d1fc93c9e0c1⋯.jpeg (92.95 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, trumpspam.jpeg)


Eat this giganigger then fuck off pic.related

2a7207  No.12046109

I eat, don’t care about the rest. I eat what I feel like. Stop obsessing over things that don’t matter.

000000  No.12046357



>t. jews on break from shitting up other threads

000000  No.12046410


It's not, nor does the op say it is or even imply it.

Your body absorbs nutrients via your small intestines and can only do so by absorbing what is in contact with your small intestine surface. If every "particle" of food or individual "unit" of nutrient (3/3) is a carb, then you will get sick from malnutrition; same if it was only protein or fat. If you balance your meals with equal parts protein, carbs, and fat, then 1/3 of the "particles" of food or individual "units" of nutrients are carbs, 1/3 are protein, and 1/3 is fat. The body prefers glucose, which is 1:1 balance of sucrose and fructose, iirc. Too much fructose or sucrose can limit the absorption of other nutrients and minerals by stealing them to aid in using carbs as fuel or by damaging the intestines through high concentrations like liquor or candy. However, carbohydrates hydrate muscle tissue and are required for proper brain function. Eaten in their natural forms, grain, legumes, tubers, roots, and other food products like bread and pasta, are good for you.

000000  No.12046421



It's moshe.

44e140  No.12046467


I hear you dude. I am a vegetarian, who would like to be a vegan, but I haven't been able to give up cheese…I keep trying. The casomorphin in milk and cheese products is very addicting. I want to be a vegan…I tried cutting down on cheese but I swear it is an addiction. I can't stand regular morphine, I would honestly rather be in extreme pain than feel that shit in my veins, but the casomorphin is really difficult to let go of since I have been an addict from childhood. I guess it is like quitting smoking, we just keep trying until we achieve our goal. It is brutal. I admire your resolve.

5d5d2b  No.12046521


Technically, you will be in some degree of ketosis if you are eating less than about 100g of carbs per day. It will just not be deep ketosis or producing so much that you're pissing them out. Unless you are drinking over half a gallon of milk a day, it is not going to push you beyond that threshold. If you want moderate ketosis, you can do less than 100g and intermittent fasting, with all your carbs being post workout

5d5d2b  No.12046529


Why would you ever want to be a vegan? Vegetarian is enough if you have any ethical reason, and there are no health reasons to be vegan. It's nonsensical.

44e140  No.12046573


The casomorphin causes my skin to itch. It is that same feeling of having morphine rush through and dilate all your blood vessels from the inside, like you have something crawling on/under your skin; which makes you fidget and itchy just like a morphine rush but a little more mild. The result is that I am constantly touching my face/skin and it causes acne. The more milk products I consume the more fidgety and itchy I am, the worse the acne. When I go without milk products the itching and acne disappears. Then I go into withdrawals, freak out eat a whole bunch of cheese/dairy and start the whole process over again.

5d5d2b  No.12046587


Ah, so you're a nigger

d77066  No.12046589

Paleo keto dieter here. I've stumbled upon methionine restriction lately. I think vegan keto every couple of days is an untapped game changer. A day of methionine restriction (20g of protein or less) stimulates autophagy, so you consume dead organelles and debris (cancer prone cells). It also increases insulin sensitivity. Eat healthy and normal protein other days though.

intermittent methionine restriction

44e140  No.12046613


No I am NOT A NIGGER you faggot

44e140  No.12046658

File: 4d2bc60f0fe7622⋯.png (314.86 KB, 914x650, 457:325, lactose intolerance worldw….png)


0-20% of my own people, Germans, are lactose intolerant…but I am not 'lactose intolerant'…I am 'morphine sensitive' you dick and I wouldn't be surprised if many other Germanics were as morphine/casomorphin intolerant as well.

Who are you anyway, the fucking Diary Council sponsor assigned to /pol/?

5c6779  No.12046685

File: 9dd35a0fd42fe01⋯.jpg (68.35 KB, 923x713, 923:713, 1533441981791.jpg)


Lies. But what would we expect from a parasitic kike?

599996  No.12047443

I'm not sure if I have will and inncome to go pure paleo. What about samurai diet?

d7b422  No.12047451

Milk and dairy products are what enabled our ancestors to spread over Europe and Asia Minor. Every self-respecting white man should incorporate milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, or kefir into their diet. In addition, the ingestion of pork separates us from the Abrahamic cults, and is so central to our diet that Christianity is the only one that doesn't ban it. So be sure to enjoy plenty of bacon, sausage, ham, and pork chops when you so desire. Fermented vegetables like pickles or sauerkraut are also musts, as they helped our ancestors survive through the long winters.

de418c  No.12047733


>More than that probably goes to waste

excess protein gets turned into glucose, same as carbs

5c6779  No.12048689

File: a329f00fde0aa31⋯.gif (9.12 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 1531891480317.gif)


What's the samurai diet? I'm guessing it's similar to an eskimo's.

I'm currently on about 1/3 carbs fat and protein as I'm training hard at the moment. Normally I'd be on less carbs, although the only carbs I have is rice.

I have to agree, running on less carbs does feel better, cleaner I guess, but everyone perceives it in different ways. I never got this flu or anything, but I did find myself craving sugar a lot at first

b1b529  No.12049110


Basicly paleo with white rice, dairy and some other shit that is haram in paleo

601d95  No.12051989

File: ae27a210b212ebd⋯.jpg (39.99 KB, 431x386, 431:386, Obese woman lots of meat a….jpg)


Sure it is seriously healthy…that is why all our people look so healthy nowadays.

44e140  No.12052434

File: f47c944ee7771fc⋯.jpg (318.54 KB, 1000x792, 125:99, The Hannah Hays with Nigge….jpg)


I wish /pol/ would go on a diet.

1a0425  No.12054208

File: 60add77bcb8674b⋯.jpg (157.47 KB, 760x430, 76:43, 60add77bcb8674b9c37450477a….jpg)


are you guys sure about coconut oil?

1d067d  No.12054244

I drink a lot of soda, usually 4-6 cans a day, or 38g of sugar each. Obviously that's bad. But sugar is a carb and that counts as fibres? Is that why my guts are fairly regular, despite my shit diet?

Also, I have a nut allergy and work a minimum wage mcjob. I can't exactly have steak or eat out every day. What are some good quick cheap sources of protein then?

6b9736  No.12054775

File: 3dc326a173de795⋯.jpg (84.58 KB, 500x475, 20:19, lizardpissfuck.jpg)


>Smart post Anon. I do construction in 100+° heat for 11 hours a day five days a week

look at this scorched cunt exhibiting the dangers of working outside without wearing a fucking sunhat. 30 is 5 minutes from 50, faggot, ditch those cigarettes (I did at 39 and it was almost too late for my lungs after 27 years of smoking) and don't indulge in spirits too often if you want to keep passing beer through your kidneys (learned this the hard way).

For those trying to stop drinking don't tell yourself you will never drink again, tell yourself you will definitely have a beer again some day but there is no real urgency for that day to arrive, leave your options open.

Same thing with DON'T PANIC, those words could cause pansied faggots to freeze while they mentally tear their panties to pieces, PANIC LATER leaves you free to act now and shit yourself when the danger has passed.

Apologies up front if that last paragraph gets anyone white killed.

6b9736  No.12054862

File: 8b8db5ee0e7c3d2⋯.png (357.29 KB, 527x405, 527:405, the-warriors-luther1.png)


>a woman would have to

>-wash dishes


>-do laundry

>-mop and sweep

>-actually cook and make dough from scratch

my missus does all those things, some regularly.

>-give her man a sold hand job

# I'm with Trump - this must be fake news. I had to listen to mine whine `how long is this going to take?' four, five, six, seven maybe eight times before I told her she was sacked and I can do it better anyway.

I would consider doing all her chores if she tugged my lad while I was doing them.

08d1a0  No.12055005


All fibres are carbs but not all carbs are fibre. Those sugars in soda are not fibres and are actually totally poison to your body

e14d0b  No.12058713

File: 17a50fe4d42f215⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, boomer.jpg)


>karin michels

Pic related is the lady.

e14d0b  No.12058726




>at harvard

>in /nu/german

>actual boomer

Now, I don't discriminate because of these things but, let me explain how stupid this lady is and why she might be part of an attempt at prolonging the hormone-imbalance-as-a-result-of-malnutrition problem that has caused the fifty-year increase in gay, low-t, and crossdresser communities all over the world.

She makes two arguments:

1. That coconut oil is "toxic" because of it's saturated fat content

2. That there are no studies that validate coconut oil's positive affects on health

>what about studies on the positive effects of saturated fat

>what about studies on the negative effects of coconut oil

When in reality:

Saturated fats is a precursor to major steroid production functions of the body, such as cholesterol and sex hormones. Mitochondria, which are the cpu of every cell, require cholesterol for biogenesis and membrane maintenance, and for the synthesis of steroids, oxysterols, and hepatic bile acids.


>as the body repairs itself from damage associated with physical, mental, and emotional stress


Cholesterol and Vitamin D are required for proper cell funtion. Saturated fat is the precursor to these.


Dietary Saturated Fatty Acids Increase Cholesterol Synthesis and Fecal Steroid Excretion in Healthy Men and Women


Important Derivatives of Cholesterol Include Bile Salts and Steroid Hormones


Mitochondrial Cholesterol: Mechanisms of Import and Effects on Mitochondrial Function


Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Function


Vitamin D Receptor Is Necessary for Mitochondrial Function and Cell Health


Also, it is important to synthesize Vitamin D via sautrated fats/cholesterol since supplementing it long-term causes issues:

Safety Issues of Vitamin D Supplementation


Vitamin D Supplementation Causes a Decrease in Blood Cholesterol in Professional Rowers


Increase of circulating cholesterol in vitamin D deficiency is linked to reduced vitamin D receptor activity via the Insig-2/SREBP-2 pathway


The last study here suggests that if you do not kinetically (movement) or ultra-violetly (sun exposure) use the serum cholesterol the body synthesizes from saturated fat, it builds up in your blood as a plaque. Supplementing Vitamin D aids in the non-use of serum cholesterol.

And dietary cholesterol doesn't affect serum cholesterol levels; eating over 9000 eggs, for example:

Panel Suggests That Dietary Guidelines Stop Warning About Cholesterol in Food


Dr. Ronald Krauss on LDL Cholesterol, Particle Size, Heart Disease, & Atherogenic Dyslipidemia


e14d0b  No.12058732

File: a44745fbd2d6abf⋯.pdf (2.25 MB, cholesterol-yale.pdf)



Cellular Control of Cholesterol

8984fe  No.12058735

I'm doing intermittent fasting and I dropped 2 inches from my waist and almost 10 lbs in 3 weeks. I'm still obese. I only eat for 4-5 hours (basically 2 meals) a day and fast for the rest. Sometimes my meals are low carb and sometimes they're not. I'm going to transition to lower carb/keto style soon.

562c75  No.12058746

I totally support this, but you definately want cornfinished beef, or better yet bison or venison. My family raises beef and we live in the corn belt. Ive tried grassfed. Its not good. No reason to go that far for historical accuracy imo. Just avoid the hormone riddled stuff.

97d1f8  No.12058773

Keto is for fatasses to lose weight fast. There's no point to be on keto if you're healthy. Plus, if you stay on it too long it can cause vitamin deficiencies.

000000  No.12058831


Yeah, beans are great source of protein and fibre.

But anon, please stop drinking soda.

Switch to kombucha, which is naturally fermented soda invented by the chinks.

Or at least make your own soda.





They even make a machine.



000000  No.12058879


Grass-fed meats taste better because the animal is healthier.

They also have a better fatty acid profile.

>grain is grass seed

>animals only fed the seed are eating too much sugar and not enough fibre or nutrients, as the husk and bran are removed

Grain-fed animals can have more fat but fat is where the animals store toxins. Strong chad grass-fed animals have less toxins stored in their fat than their fat grain-fed counterparts. But it isn't just the diet, it is the lifestyle. Barn-caged animals are unhealthy and need to be pasture-raised in the sun where they can walk up and down hills and sleep under trees.

3d1f43  No.12059465


>if you stay on it too long it can cause vitamin deficiencies.

Fake news.


Yeah, grass fed has more DHA/EPA and CLA. Good shit. I'm too broke to buy it, so I get some grass fed butter and only eat lean meat, which saves money and gives similar nutrition.

e6b1fd  No.12059599

I think this is slightly related.

Is pig meat actually bad?

000000  No.12060799



Look out lads, this thread bothers (((them.)))

3d1f43  No.12060953


I think it's fine. The fat profile is where most criticism comes from, but I am of the understanding that this is only an issue if fat consumption is low. The omega 3:6 ratio hypothesis has not panned out afaik. Increased intake of omega 6 such as linoleic acid does not increase potentially inflammatory arachidonic acid content in cell membranes as long as intake of DHA and EPA are sufficient, so it is more important to ensure you are getting enough EPA and DHA than to worry about limiting omega 6. If you are worried about it, there is always stuff like low fat ham, which is relatively cheap so you can get your fat elsewhere.

e550b1  No.12061032

File: 44766e85f17b537⋯.jpg (100.04 KB, 800x246, 400:123, Zwijnen[1].jpg)


Pigs absorb whatever garbage they eat into their fat more easily. And they will eat absolutely any garbage put in front of them. They are definition omnivore, we ain't got shit on them. So a pig which eats dirty becomes dirty.

This is why middle eastern religions ban pork. Pigs in ancient middle east would roam the streets and literally eat shit, carcasses, piss, garbage and vomit.

Now consider the classic european view of pork. Pigs on their natural diet of roots, mushrooms, and whatever dead animals they can scavenge are healthy. In the forest the dead are eaten long before they can rot.

000000  No.12061057


>middle eastern religions ban pork because pigs are dirty

We frankly have no idea why some religions banned pork. We can guess but there is no definitive answer.

e550b1  No.12061064


It literally says in both the bible and the koran that pigs are "unclean". That is explicitly the reason. We know why they would think that because they would eat garbage and shit.

51cbb8  No.12061198


>Dairy is not healthy

By the Gods of Hibernia be gone southman and leave our bog butter be

4bf52f  No.12061223


Well, there is a definitive answer. Pigs were considered dirty. It's written all over the various religious texts and the bible, torah and koran, as well as the latter two's accompanying talmud and countless hadiths. There no confusion as to why pork was banned. Pigs are believed to be filthy animals because they will eat anything, and the filth they eat becomes part of their meat, blood, and organs.

Idgaf about any of that. Pork tastes awesome. But there's no question about the reasons so many peoples, religions and cultures banned their consumption

000000  No.12061239


Ironic considering pigs are some of the cleanest animals.

cfb49a  No.12061295

File: dd00ef4b5e610d2⋯.jpg (52.24 KB, 640x360, 16:9, guy heaven.jpg)


This is good advice. Only niggers can't drink milk.

Steak, fish, eggs, onions, garlic, broccoli, yogurt, kale, spinach, nuts, and you're set.

6e31ba  No.12065888




>Ironic considering pigs are some of the cleanest animals.

The specific reason why jews banned the consumption of pork is because they have a terrible gastrointestinal system that can't properly digest a specific protein found in pork meat. Look up pork meat sensitivity. Jews are famously bad at digesting things because of their famously bad immune system. Gastrointestinal problems translate to autoimmune issues. They're unable to tolerate so many food groups and that includes pork, because of the pork protein.

0ae985  No.12065917

File: e8bf0eca501d47d⋯.jpg (31.82 KB, 751x418, 751:418, kys.jpg)


>drink 10 cups of water

>eat diverse

>Do not support homogenization of people.

Jesus fuck, why is this shit thread up? Kill yourself, OP.

000000  No.12084776



>drink 10 cups of blood

>eat foreskins


I am sure you wish it said this instead, jewanon.

000000  No.12084791


Good shit but grass-fed and pasture-raised animals are cheaper to raise and cost the same to slaughter. Only places that also sell the grain-fed animal products are going to have higher prices for grass-fed and pasture-raised because they are charging for the label and the concept. Grain production is subsidized and actually costs quite a bit more than grass. Find a local farmer and buy a half cow or pig. Much easier on the pockets. You will need a large freezer for all the cuts.

a10d8d  No.12084974


>Do not support homogenization in any form, not of milk, beer, gut flora, or people.

>Do not support homogeneous cultures.

Fuck off kike.

000000  No.12085010


>in chemistry, homogenization is any of several processes used to make a mixture of two mutually non-soluble liquids the same throughout

>in cell biology or molecular biology research, homogenization is a process whereby a biological sample is brought to a state such that all fractions of the sample are equal in composition

It means racemixing, anon.


a10d8d  No.12085020



>1 : of the same or a similar kind or nature

The OP is pushing for a (((diverse))) society under guise of helping through food. As he states that 50% of calories from fat is good, which is entirely untrue. 1/3 is max I've read about.

a10d8d  No.12085021

Oh fuck me I'm responding to a TORkike.

8f07ff  No.12085026


I've just always done this and never noticed anything

7e3837  No.12085065

Keto for few months, going great for wife and me.

Problem at moment is we noticed the meat we buy from supermarkets and butchers now has potato starch (along with the water and other crap) injected inside of them.

So the meat has carbs as well as the needed protein.

I know obviously could jump to another butcher, but selection is limited and i'm unsure i could even trust the others - (muslim owned etc. Have little choice because we live inside of a city in the UK)

8f07ff  No.12085157


potato starch? What teh fuck?

7e3837  No.12085190



apparently makes texture better and it retains water during cooking.

At the same time, makes the raw chicken weigh more so you get charged more for less.

c9d366  No.12085363

File: 89891d7935ee046⋯.jpg (128.93 KB, 735x1922, 735:1922, 89891d7935ee0466ad74a05f60….jpg)


It's mostly probiotic foods I eat. I actually make my yogurt with an instant pot and strain it into greek yogurt. I'm also in the process of fermenting kombucha tea and my own pickles since all the store bought ones have vinegar which kills the good bacteria. Sourdough bread and blue cheese are also rich in good bacteria as well. Oats, bananas, honey, and apple cider vinegar feed the good bacteria. Try ginger beer as well some time. I'm going to learn how to make my own cheese once I get all the hiccups with pickles figured out. It said to ferment for 4 days. They're soggy, but still potent in terms of bacteria. It's all trial and error as always.

1dddbc  No.12085384


Thank you for that image, saved.

000000  No.12111993


To be fair, it says 1/3 by volume.

But it also should be by weight, since calories per gram is a weight measurement. Then it maths to 50% calories from fat.


>oy vey

>separating ip from routing is what jews would do


f30b9d  No.12112022

File: 24f4dc351328ebb⋯.jpeg (183.03 KB, 736x2217, 736:2217, prebiotics.jpeg)


Prebiotics are mostly non-soluble plant fiber that act as a fertilizer for the flora found in probiotic foods. My favorite is psyllium husk but corn husk and bean husk, usually in cornbread and chili, are also good for me.

e14d0b  No.12112030


>europeans not being the same as africans is bad

I guess you could consider milk from one cow or a batch of beer as already homoginized with itself.

e55772  No.12112286


i brewed kombucha myself for quite some time.

i tell you, kombucha is not really good to drink in large amounts. it still has high caffeine, and quite some sugar in it. it is highly acidic and will fuck up your teeth enamel.

drink it like a shot, no sipping!

if you buy it in the store, it has to be non fermented or it is basically completly useless.

1815e2  No.12112309


How do i detox from years of drinking from plastic bottles and yearas from drinking artificial sweeteners?

e55772  No.12112316

i think humans understand jackshit about nutrition.

putting things in categories like carbs protein and fats wont be around in 100 years+

also, parasites might have been symbionts in past times. in the wild, the only food you can find all the time was meat. it was most likely that you have parasites, eating raw meat after you hunted for along time.

also toxoplasma gondi is omnipresent and even has some evolutionary benefits (more risk taking behaviour in males observed in a study, more entrepreneurs have it)


the massai want to have a word with you.

(The Maasai and their Diet. The Maasai are a pastoralist tribe living in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Their traditional diet consists almost entirely of milk, meat, and blood.)


if you think that you should eat garlic daily you are brainwashed. this is seen as a medical herb through cultures.

on pigs: the desert religions all banned pigs because they literally eat the food we are eating too. there is no real benefit in having them. so if food is scarce there are no leftovers to feed the pig with. people do not gave a damn shit about the hygiene standards of today, it has reasons economically.

meanwhile animals like cows or goat will eat grass just fine, not competing with humans for leftover foods etc. that is why the pig is frowned upon in these areas. if it would be a hygiene issue then other cultures would have forbid the eating of meat aswell. it has to do with climate

e55772  No.12112333


not if you eat liver regularly. it has the highest amount of vitamins that are hard to find in other food.

give me sources for vitamin a to get to the RDA. And if you tell me about beta carotine, please calculate how much you will be transferring into vitamin a.

I will sit here waiting for you.

e55772  No.12112342

File: 86dd15d004cbef9⋯.png (113.1 KB, 1826x943, 1826:943, liver nutritional facts 10….png)


pic attached. find me a food that has this much vitamin a

problem is people stopped eating organ meats. stopped drinking blood. became huge pussies

e55772  No.12112359


please do your homework.

keto causes testosterone levels to crash because it gives more permability to the blood brain barrier and mitochondria.

if you think testosterone levels say anything about anything, you are brainwashed. it is way more important how good the testosterone receptors can uptake the testosterone than its levels circulating in your blood.

if they really had a worse hormone function, why do they not lose muscle mass? why do they not get any of the symptoms associated with low testosterone?

lurk more.

e55772  No.12112393


heavy metal toxins bind to fat mostly. so if you get rid of the fat, you get rid of them too. thats what i know about detoxing.

but you really should not be worried too much about it i think. also cilantro gets thrown around as detox herb all the time, i have not investigated this topic yet.

d7bb97  No.12112398


this guy is living the life

5a16af  No.12112407

Anyone making the mistake of reading this clusterfuck, don't listen to retards here spouting nonsense. Read real information from real scientists who look at real studies for their data: http://raypeat.com/articles

Keto is inflammatory and raises estrogen levels. Legumes are a bad source of protein, they are inflammatory and contain polyunsaturated fats which are toxic and raise estrogen levels. Raw milk is hipster nonsense. Pasteurization is killing bacteria using a low heat. It does not hurt the milk, it simply makes it so you don't get food poisoning from it. Your gut has very little to do with your immune system, and you do not need a wide variety of foods. Even 80 years ago it was clearly established using long term human trials that humans are much healthier on a diet of glucose syrup, potato starch, purified milk protein and vitamins than they are on a normal diet.

5a16af  No.12112415


Yes. That woman has no evidence to support her claim, she just insists saturated fat (the only kind that is safe to eat) is bad because she wants it to be. In reality, unsaturated fats are toxic and are the cause of the huge increase in obesity, diabetes, alzheimers, etc. http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/unsuitablefats.shtml

192e0f  No.12112426


>store all your food in plastics

>dont eat fresh, meal prep and eat it stale a week later

i wonder who is behind this trend.

297760  No.12112435


>dont eat fresh, meal prep and eat it stale a week later

I've been wondering because if you have to prepare all your food yourself, and if you'd want to maximize freshness, theoretically you'd have to go grocery shopping several times a week (so you don't have to cook with ingredients that have been laying around for a week and lost a bunch of nutrients) and cook every day. Now if you have a proper wife that wouldn't be much of an issue, but a single guy working fulltime will then spend a lot of time preparing food if he doesn't cook in batches an freeze / refrigerate a lot of it. Time that could be used on improving oneself in other areas.

5a16af  No.12112459


Short term preservation of food is trivially easy. Keep air out of it and keep it cold. You do not need everything to always be fresh, we are white. We evolved to handle winter. You handle winter by preserving food. None of our ancestors ate fresh food year round. We always smoked, salted, dehydrated, froze, fermented, etc our foods.

00f208  No.12112672

File: 8938af808f5aa33⋯.jpg (148.29 KB, 1125x1500, 3:4, nettle.jpg)

File: fd7cdd9b7919915⋯.jpeg (77.43 KB, 704x396, 16:9, VonBingen.jpeg)


>Eat As Your Ancestors Did

>Promotes Keto instead of an ancestral diet

People who promote Keto, Atkins of high-fat diets are straining themselves to avoid dealing with their forefathers and race, the elephant in the room. Every organism must eat the food its ancestors ate to remain healthy. Sheep must eat grass or foilage, Chickens must eat grains or insects and humans, depending on the race of their forefathers must eat a modern ancestral diet, a combination of meat, sea food, weeds, nuts & berries; Historically, men ate more sea food & meat and women ate more nuts, weeds & berries. Of course we conquered many more food sources, but that's our dietary foundation, so let's call it what it is:



c9d366  No.12114385


I've been consuming metamucil ever since I had gastritis. It's been a while since I had cornbread. The only bread I've been eating was sourdough due to the wild yeast it contained. Guess I'll add cornbread to my diet if it's that potent.

4dcee3  No.12114648

File: de8228b5d547298⋯.jpg (159.45 KB, 791x1024, 791:1024, 395OldwaysMDP_1000px-791x1….jpg)


There is so much conflicting information out there. I was told by a doctor that keto is bad for you in long terms. He recommended that I stick to a Mediterranean diet. However if you live in the USA, such a diet is expensive and is hard to find clean ingredients. I tried keto once and your main source of fat you get from GMO hormone enriched dairy products (milk, yogurt, butter..ect). So I am skeptical of this sort of diet.

I always wondered if you should eat according to the season if that makes any sense. Considering if we were living like our ancestors did, we would not be able to eat any fruit or veggies during winter which would imply a high meat diet.

Can any anons recommend me some self improvement lists for optimal energy (both physical and mental)? I am on the process of getting fit (187 lbs and getting toned) but with university being strenuous, my brain is always fogged up and slow from all of the work I have to do.

00f208  No.12115422

File: 2f11ee423558818⋯.jpg (20.69 KB, 625x411, 625:411, 2f11ee423558818663defacbff….jpg)


>There is so much conflicting information out there

It's not difficult to see who is lying or does not know what they are talking about.

>I was told by a doctor

Who cares? Most of them are clueless about anything that doesn't involve subscribing pill a for symptom b, they are nothing but pharmaceutical salesmen.

> I always wondered if you should eat according to the season

Of course. The food is generally local, therefore fresh & cheap.

>my brain is always fogged up and slow from all of the work I have to do.

Almost always a result of a poor diet and not enough detox

>Can any anons recommend me some self improvement lists for optimal energy

- Look into fasting. Not eating anything every now and then is probably the cheapest way to get healthy. It also opens up the opportunity to buy expensive food that you would not be able to afford if you ate three meals a day.

- Eat healthy & have a positive mindset, because there's absolutely no viable alternative.

- Stay away from overly processed & prepared food

- Eat fresh, raw & green things with every meal

- Take a walk in nature, you can't reach peak-health while you're getting bombarded with artificial chemicals, fragrances, lights, etc.

- Gravitate towards fruits & nuts from perennial plants with deep roots (trees & shrubs), because the state of our agriculturally used fields with a few exceptions is absolutely abysmal and anything that grows on them is devoid of important nutrients.

- Grow your own food, Even a window sill is better than nothing.

You don't have to believe anyone. Try different diets for 2-3 weeks, see how you feel, take notes and then decide if it's the diet for you.

00f208  No.12115467


* prescribing pill a for symptom b

41b85d  No.12115494


how often and how long to fast?

00f208  No.12115636


If you just want to cleanse your body, you should do a water melon or grapes fast. Eat one large meal of watermelon or grapes a day and when you are thirsty eat watermelon or grapes to quench your thirst. Do that for 3-4 days with some aerobic and anaerobic exercise and you should feel as good as new.

Fasting without food is a skill that requires more practice, you need to condition your body, it needs to learn to burn fat, consume itself and get by with less. Start with intermittent fasting - later breakfast, earlier dinner and work your way up. Depending on how skilled you are you can go 3-4 days without eating and not feel hungry or tired and you only eat more when you have to perform heavy physical work. It's very rewarding and great for your mental health.

0fd6b5  No.12115660

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Remember, full keto/complete ketosis is aimed mainly to control epilepsy, diabetes, cholesterol and is especially effective for losing weight. What would be the best for many is modified keto, just a little more carbs with all the beneficial effects. What the video, watch the second video below too. Keto might be bad for your metabolism long term, there is no scientific data out yet, that is why for me at least, carb cycling is the best. I have attained the ability to switch between fats and carbs very fast, so I stay low carb for 4 to 12 weeks, and eat more carbs for 1 to 4 weeks, whatever makes you feel better. Unlike many other diets, ketosis takes time to set in, so if you are going to give it a try, do it for 12 to 20 weeks.

Keto is expensive almost everywhere in the world mate but you can do it for as little as 7 dollars/day. The major problem for the majority would b, stop seeing food as pure pleasure and more as fuel, still taking pleasure on the food you are eating, with this mindset you can go keto for cheap. The best diets for optimal energy at both levels are any variant of low carb. Keto is low carb, paleo is, a bunch of others is. Keto is the most radical, thus hardest. Eating seasonally is the best option because you save a lot, another tip is going to your local farmers market and developing relationships, with time you get way better prices. Learn where and how to buy cheap at supermarkets too.

0fd6b5  No.12115669

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Second video, watch both. Whatever you do, remember to eat enough protein, we can live without all other food sources, but not without animal fat and protein.

faac52  No.12115718

phd in a biological field, ask me anything.

4dcee3  No.12116611


I have tried grass fed meat before and it was fucking delicious. The only drawback is that it's expensive and only have meat available by the season. I do have a few raised bed gardens in my backyard (kale, swiss chard, green beans, broccoli, mustard greens, spinach) that I plan to harvest late fall

4dcee3  No.12116617


I appreciate the time you took to type this.

What is recommended that you do during fasting? I always associate it with abrahamic religious things.

82ae4b  No.12116656

File: d0766e82c189988⋯.jpg (102.58 KB, 485x542, 485:542, 1524001283781.jpg)

Does anyone here have a PDF of "the zero carb diet" by Borge Fagerli they could drop

82ae4b  No.12116673


>Ray Peat

>real scientists


83ef80  No.12116735

Don't do this. This is literally what soyboys do : spend ridiculous money on "food suplements" and other so called nutritions rich foods, pills, and other kind of shit. My ancestors ate meat, from the cattle of their own farm. They drank milk from the same source. They also ate vegetables they were harvesting on their own garden, and doing pastries with crops of good cereals from the locals. Not keto, or boxes of nutriment pills and other scams (who produces these ? who sells them ? :^) it's me, goyim, your favorite (((merchant)))). Enough and off with this soyfaggotry. You look like those hipsters making homebrewed soy beer, that buy and apply more makeup than women and have a barber shape their beard every 3 days.

f2283d  No.12116821

File: 2037c915338f2a1⋯.png (239.05 KB, 736x1024, 23:32, bacteria.png)


Fasting is completely natural. You've done it thousands of times in your life at night and every morning you break fast. It's simple only requires a little bit of willpower. Start by extending your nocturnal fast, skip meals, get used to burning fat and once you're comfortable you can go for one day and one night without food (and water if you like)

It's a good idea to exercise a little bit and shower at least once a day during your first fasts, because things that usually leave your body with your stool and urin have to leave through your skin and lungs during a fast, in addition to that some bacteria that live in your mouth and gut start to die (not on day one though) and your body starts sweating out all sorts of nasty smelling substances. As a result you'll probably feel & smell pretty awful during your first fast, especially if you have never detoxed. During subsequent fasts you'll feel light, warm, serene and calm. A fast has a big impact on your mental state and mind; energy that is usually diverted to your gut is made available to your brain. It's pretty cool.

8d2e89  No.12117525

How do I kick my sugar addiction? I've tried many times. Last time was in spring. I knew it would suck, but I told myself I would not give up this time. I quit cold turkey, and felt like shit as expected. But it never got better. For 3 whole months I was deeply depressed. I would start randomly crying like a fucking baby. I had no energy, when I wasn't working I was in bed. Didn't even have the energy to play vidya or watch movies. One day I felt really messed up and grabbed a candy bar because fuck it. 2 fucking minutes after eating it I felt completely fine again, after almost being suicidal for 3 months. I should add that the actual sugar cravings went away after like 10 days, but mentally I was a complete mess. I eat good foods. Veggies, chicken, fish, and rice mainly. Any advice for me?

18b4ca  No.12117635


Fast and drink some organic apple vinegar diluted in some water. That killed my cravings.

613c90  No.12118067


Yeah, im 30 and cutting the booze hard. Would swill beer every night for like 8 years. Doesnt feel bad not drinking just have to ditch my favorite pass time (camping) cuz idk what im gonna do teetotalling around a camp fire. Ditching cigs is harder. Using a douche flute (vape stick) to try and ween off smoking.

01ae4a  No.12118961


>Minimum ~50% calories from Fats.

Your basis for Keto diets are wrong. You only need high fat percentage of your calories if you are a GROWING child. That diet was created to treat epilepsy in GROWING children. If you eat jars of mayonaise you are going to get fat keto or not. Stop trying to make /pol/acks fat.

82ae4b  No.12119044


You need high % of fat regardless, unless you're planning on eating 500g of protein a day or something.

dd0768  No.12122467


But I did manage to beat my cravings. My problem was that I stayed mentally messed up for several months, long after my cravings were gone.

5a16af  No.12124400

File: c0d1bfe522d7031⋯.png (16.66 KB, 380x336, 95:84, 1290182106412.png)


>scientists aren't scientists unless they tell me what I want to hear

>journalists are totally scientists though!111

a32d3f  No.12124423


You shouldn't be eating mayonaise in the first place. It's primarily just soybean oil and canola oil. The good fats are monounsaturated and saturated fats with select few polyunsaturated fats such as omega 3s.

3b100b  No.12124444

The only way to decide this is by selecting champions to represent each diet faction and have them battle to the death. The superior diet will translate into the superior lifestyle and superior physique. I envision paleo monsters seizing spindly vegans by their ankles and using them as temporarily living weapons against malnourished vegetarians, driven toward their ranks by pursuing keto fags, who are slowed in their pursuit by their lack of carb loading, while everyone ignores the fasters until last as they are too lethargic to do much of anything.

f24eb1  No.12128843

NONE of you fuckfaces even mentioned BLOOD TYPE DIET!

cccdd9  No.12130039

My ancestors didn't eat like that. They ate roast beef, potatoes, corn, and strudel.

e50131  No.12130070



< posts fridge full of carbs including high glycemic fruits

nigger are you retarded?

dc9b9b  No.12130240


Literally a kike

3acf16  No.12132887

do not eat zero carb. your body needs carbs for the production of mucus.


5a16af  No.12132944


Ancestors doesn't just mean the last 400 years dude.


Monounsaturated is not good, it just isn't as bad as polyunsaturated. You do not need any omega 3s, that's a con to make a market for fish that nobody wants to eat. Now they can catch all of them and grind them into goo and sell it because they have conned people into thinking it is healthy when all it does is slightly offset all the bad polyunsaturated fats in fish and they would have been better off just not eating fish at all. Saturated fats are the only safe fats. Olive oil has antioxidants that make it safe even though it is monounsaturated. Never eat any plant based fat other than coconut oil and olive oil.

9e5d7c  No.12133105

I can’t keep track of it all, almost nothing is consistent…

da544e  No.12133882

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What is with this push for liberal-hippy organic bullshit?

You can literally plant a couple plants in the dirt and have perfect food all tear round…but noooo. Eat this expensive shit and read about how we think your body works…

The capitalist mentality assumes that anyone not specifically trying to help you is deliberately trying to hurt you and more than likely just a scheme to rob you.

Just listen to these two kikes talk about stupid shit. Its not natural.

Andyes…daily reminder? Joe rogan is most definetly a kike.

c37f53  No.12134014


You shouldn't be getting the majority of your calories from meat dumbass.

e14d0b  No.12134174

File: 2691368463a8d3c⋯.webm (2.11 MB, 640x360, 16:9, varsity.webm)


I think all toxins store in fat, which is part of why people get sick when they first start burning fats as fuel.


I just picked a colorful picture of fruits and vegetables so I can find it easily in the catalog. My sister meal preps for her varsity cheer team once a week and suggested I find a pic. She also just beat up a giant nigger, so there's that.

e14d0b  No.12134185


>keto is bad for you in long terms

The best way is to get tested to find out how much and what kind of resources your body uses, since we are all a bit different. Otherwise you are just guessing.

>mediterranean diet

Not if you are Northern European.

>diet is expensive

Local non-subsidized foods are cheaper. Unless you live in or near a major city, then you pay more for "local" and "organic" even though producing it costs much less.

>clean ingredients

>not gmo hormone enriched

Produce your own. A single plant of each herb you use can last a lifetime. Salad greens and kale grow fast, easy, and cheap. Onions, especially green onions, and garlic grow easy and reproduce almost indefinitely. Chickens are cheap and make eggs almost daily. If you have land, milk can be produced locally. And if you fish and hunt, you will have the most healthful and inexpensive meat ever. Find a local farmer and buy grain and make it into breads and pastas.

>eat according to the season

Yes. More so for southies than northies, since food preservation and fermentation are Nordic. Get a seasonal produce calender wheel and use that as a guide.

>my brain is always fogged up and slow

Thinking takes more energy than doing. Eat more, especially protein, and move around more than you sit. Read


By Katy Bowman



By Wim Hof

e14d0b  No.12134187

File: c87c878ec0585a9⋯.png (933.69 KB, 676x900, 169:225, dom.png)


>real information from real scientists

Like Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

>polyunsaturated fats are toxic

I do not disagree but can you even explain how they are "toxic" ?

>raw milk is hipster nonsense

Because our ancestors were hipsters ?

>pasteurization is killing bacteria using a low heat

Low heat is below 120°F. In the US, "flash pasteurization" or "high-temperature short-time" processing of milk is done at 161°F for 15 seconds.

>your gut has very little to do with your immune system

~70% of your immune system is "housed" in your gut.

>healthier on a diet of glucose syrup, potato starch, purified milk protein and vitamins than they are on a normal diet

You mean like Soylent ?

67d3ff  No.12134209

File: cb799fa4ebbef53⋯.png (64.54 KB, 537x462, 179:154, OY.PNG)


Based Dr. Price

Stay away from (((grains))), kids.

360348  No.12134217

File: e240c4b0832c51e⋯.jpg (3.28 MB, 2186x9384, 1093:4692, 1511714937044.jpg)


I created this chart, with a thesis on "european foods" its quite nice, I always suspect that some of you may have found insight in it when I posted it…perhaps…well let me use this thread to complain a bit

>probably had some social retardation/lite assburgers and mirror neurons that did not work properly

>start consuming kefir many years ago

>think nothing of it, just keep on eating it

>also eating generally healthy with few foods that kill the good bacteria

>at workplace

>be bullying people as I usually do (a grill)

>casually think "nothing can hurt me, my autism powers will protect me as they always have"

>they didnt this time

>actually feel dread and sorrow for the first time in my life for another person

>it spirals further out of control

>basically have to apologize to that person in order to try to prevent that dread and sorrow from manifesting itself

>it does not fucking work

>had to quit work to try to distance myself from whatever the fuck is giving me these moral problems

honestly, I cant even comprehend how normies deal with this shit in their brains, its no wonder so many of them turn to drinking or drugs to escape this pain. I am thinking of drinking lite dosages of bleach to cleanse my gut bacteria and become an autistic again lol

also, have some new source


ff96eb  No.12134250



Once a month max.

For one 24hr period.

Water only.

Can go up to one 72hr period but that can get dangerous fo some people.

I would not do anon's sugar fast diet btw.

You can do a 12hr fast easily, starting today.

Less Sleep:

Don't eat for 2hrs before bed (water only).

Sleep for 8hrs.

Don't eat for 2hrs after bed (water only).

More Sleep:

Don't eat for 1hrs before bed (water only).

Sleep for 10hrs.

Don't eat for 1hrs after bed (water only).

000000  No.12134255


Good shit. I once grew 100 kales and didn't know why. I gave them away as gifts tied in a bundle with a graphic instruction on how to make a dank egg, sausage, potato, and kale scramble.

000000  No.12134267


Only packaged food and other "food products" are expensive. "Organic doesn't even have to be 100%. It's like "lead-free" labeling which does contan lead, as opposed to "no lead" labeling.

1a76c5  No.12136008


>1/3 carbs

stop reading there

40cccf  No.12136056

Is there any validity to Keto whatsoever or is it a fad? I keep hearing people say it's done wonders for them, and how they're fitting into clothes that haven't fit in years. Or is this just over complicating healthy eating habits? Gonna be honest, there are some foods I'd refuse to give up. I'd rather be a fat tits than not have an occasional baked potato or pasta bowl.

048ae0  No.12136080


It's usually people that never watched what they ate suddenly finding a new "religion".

The biology of a human isn't there, the body is capable of it when no options are present but it isn't needed to be healthy and it isn't the best way to lose fat in a healthy way.

0586d8  No.12136095

File: 195f795c0be1828⋯.png (488.01 KB, 1575x904, 1575:904, ClipboardImage.png)

Why do anglos say "black man" instead of "nigger male"? There is no such thing as nigger man, only whites can be men.

0586d8  No.12136100

>no mentions that onions and coconut oil increases test

<anons saying onions and cocnut oil are bad

<because of "research"

This place is beyond cucked. It's kiked, backward.

000000  No.12136118


048ae0  No.12136201


those foods arent bad

theres no magical "test" increasing foods though

look at all the things you think increase test, take the valid studies, then see if you added all those foods up would you really increase text n+n2+n3+n4+n5 or would it be just you eating healthy?

976bbe  No.12136561


just avoid eating dogshit. I have the same problem. I love the taste of coke and I love the texture of Doritos, but have gotten into a pretty good eating habit. I use an instant pot to cook rice + beans + veggies + chicken/pork/beef. When it finishes I put 4 eggs in (for fat) mix in kimchi for flavour and it has pretty much all. the essential food groups in one meal. Squeeze a lemon on it (if they're cheap where you are) and you'll have vitamin C.

976bbe  No.12136577


Just drink Coke Zero or something without sugar that is slightly less bad for you. If you feel that bad in general you must have a dogshit diet. What do you generally eat?

e1aebd  No.12136677

File: 8b4b2dc10ff254a⋯.jpg (27.95 KB, 464x606, 232:303, DmdMpzGW4AIHaaV.jpg)


>Dairy is not healthy

spotted a lactolet. Don't be mad because your body is too weak and you evolution chain is fucked up and can't process lactose

5a16af  No.12137613


It is accidentally doing the right thing. Low carbs doesn't matter at all, that's just stupid. But by cutting out carbs, most people cut out unsaturated fats at the same time, which is the actual benefit. Eat all the carbs you like, just don't touch unsaturated fats.


>Like Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

Yes, and also like ones that focus on research more than selling fad diets.

>I do not disagree but can you even explain how they are "toxic"


>Because our ancestors were hipsters ?

Our ancestors didn't think heating milk up was bad.

>Low heat is below 120°F. In the US, "flash pasteurization" or "high-temperature short-time" processing of milk is done at 161°F for 15 seconds.

160F is low. You retards are babbling about it "superheating it" and "destroying all the nutrients". If that were the case, cooking anything would destroy all the nutrients.

>70% of your immune system is "housed" in your gut.

Stating random nonsense doesn't make it so.

>You mean like Soylent ?

No, soylent is full of crap, do you have difficulties reading?

e14d0b  No.12138896


>oy vey

>something I don't agree with

Being a spiritual jew tbh.

Breastfed babies, who are in a constant state of ketosis, eat 55% calories from fat.

The maths is here: >>12046028

4a2093  No.12138916

They dug up Neolithic man from Alps glacier and his stomach was 50% full of goat lard. The rest was ferns which werent even edible and he probably only ate as medicine.

000000  No.12138924



>isn't the best way to lose fat

>in a healthy way

Sauce or gtfo.

4a2093  No.12138926


Kys for wasted digits. Aspartame metabolizes into fermaldahyde and rots your brain.


You're addicted to additives put in there to be addictive.

e8f359  No.12139054

File: a3a3a3a25d05c45⋯.png (1.39 MB, 667x877, 667:877, 1.png)


>dr. dominic d'agostino

>the leading researcher in this area

>selling fad diets

Lies. He provides science to other people's books and all his research is available on his site for free.

>link to text spam

It doesn't explain the mechanism by which the inflammation occurs. Why does polyunsaturated fat become toxic inside your body ? Can you explain it in a sentence or two ?

>heating milk not bad

It's not. I cook with dairy often bc Franco-germanic. It is not good to kill one of the four main sources of probiotics; raw milk, the additional three being raw water, soil, and fermented foods. The average American consumes sterilized dairy, sterilized water, sterilized soil or no soil at all, and vinegar "pickled" foods.

>160F is low

Not only is it legally defined as "high-temp short-time" processing, the water heater in your house cannot legally be above 120°F because it can scald you. Bringing bakers yeast above 140°F kills it.

>stating truth is random nonsense doesn't make it so

Ftfy. The digestive system, which contains 70-80% of your immune tissue, is comprised of cells, proteins, tissues, and organs which work together in a complex way to defend the body against harmful bacteria, infectious diseases, and toxins. The gut mucosa connects with the largest population of immune cells in the body known as gastrointestinal immune cells.

>do you have difficulties reading

No but it seems that you have trouble communicating your thoughts. What you described seemd no different than Soylent or Ensure.

6d47d0  No.12139076


this is some advanced food knowledge

48850d  No.12139108


>>that's why we evolved to live on it


Do you also believe fat is blubber and we were meant to be whales?

e1015c  No.12139163

Body fat is natural to a limit. It’s proven in natural power lifting that strength requires more than average bodyfat.

That obviously doesn’t mean go out and consume everything in sight. It does means you should be eating a slight surplus to build strength and stay healthy.

5a16af  No.12139215


>He provides science to other people's books and all his research is available on his site for free.

And he ignores science that contradicts the fad diet he sells.

>It doesn't explain the mechanism by which the inflammation occurs

Just because you refuse to read, doesn't mean the information is not there.

>Why does polyunsaturated fat become toxic inside your body ?

It is already toxic outside.

>It's not.

Then why are you replying? The comment you replied to was precisely that heating milk is not bad.

>It is not good to kill one of the four main sources of probiotics

Literally every single thing you ever touch is covered in bacteria, stop being a retard.

>Not only is it legally defined as "high-temp short-time" processing

We're not comparing two forms of pasteurization you fucking retard.

>The digestive system, which contains 70-80% of your immune tissue

Repeating it won't make it so.

>What you described seemd no different than Soylent or Ensure.

Then you should really look at the ingredients of both of those products you braindead nigger.

000000  No.12139925


Wrong, pine pollen increases test.

2f5424  No.12141762


i would like more on this

>But the pioneering research of Dr. Weston Price indicates that we should not accept the protein theory without further study. Dr. Price found many groups throughout the world subsisting on high meat diets. Although he did not directly study bone density in these peoples, he did study their teeth. He found that groups on high meat diets–including Alaskan Eskimos–had a high immunity to tooth decay, were sturdy and strong, and virtually free from degenerative disease. Groups subsisting mainly on plant foods were less robust and had more tooth decay. Pre-Columbian skeletons of American Indians whose diets consisted largely of meat show no osteoporosis, while those of Indians on largely vegetarian diets indicate a high incidence of osteoporosis and other types of bone degeneration

2f5424  No.12141772


>In addition, they found that high levels of saturated fat also gave protection. That’s right, the much-maligned saturated fats, found in tropical oils, butter and other animal fats, play an important role in bone modeling. This may be a major reason that population groups in tropical areas, where coconut and palm oils form a major component of the diet, have very little osteoporosis


67d3ff  No.12142985


Based Dr. Price.

5a16af  No.12143013


Not only did he not study their bones, he didn't study them at all. He cherry picked select groups he thought would support his beliefs and then said they were healthy without bothering to actually check. Eskimos aren't healthy, they have always had high rates of heart disease and low average life expediencies. People who dealt with them in the early part of the 1900s said they looked elderly by 40 and almost none of them lived to be 60. Because they eat so much fish, which contains toxic unsaturated fats.


>Based Dr. Price

Was a fraud.

67d3ff  No.12143050

File: 0d52f905286df9e⋯.jpg (10.38 KB, 605x259, 605:259, nice.jpg)

000000  No.12143534


>directly addressing

>means ignoring

>for free

>means for sale

Now your are just being a faggot liar and, based on the rest of the response where you blatantly ingnore my clarifications and don't offer any of your own, you are clearly a jew.

000000  No.12143563


Heart clogging from too much free serum cholesterol is not the same as no tooth decay or other degenerative diseases. It is caused by the body not using free serum cholesterol, for example, via UV conversion of serum cholesterol in the skin to vitamin-d. It happens when they sit inside more than they move outside. European people evolved to live like that and they have less issues as a result.


You never know.

b4de4a  No.12143610

File: 71925ebacd398b9⋯.jpg (21.14 KB, 635x357, 635:357, Human.jpg)


If you want to be a wolf, eat what wolves eat.

Seriously, keep the carbs limited to vegetables, no white carbs. Absolutely no sugar, and that includes alcohol (your liver processes it like sugar). You can eat the occasional fruits, and if you genetically present northern European, you can eat cheese (REAL cheese, no goddam "Cheez Whiz") and drink milk without problems. Don't be afraid of animal fats. NO PROCESSED FOODS…they are packed with preservatives that kill gut fauna. An occasional glass of raw milk will bring them back into balance.

Basically, you're eating the way your ancestors ate, if you are genetically northern. If you are more southern Euro, grains will not be as much of a problem, but try to eat them prepared the way your ancestors did, no bleached grains.

Alcohol is to be reserved for special occasions, do not drink it every week, or even every month.

If you are already fat, starve it off, first. Yes, you can do this, your body is designed to do this, and it is the only way you'll see enough progress on the scales to keep you at it. Those that tell you "it's unhealthy!" are full of shit.

When the weight is off, and your diet has become reasonable amounts of what's listed above, start lifting. It will increase your testosterone count, as will getting away from processed "food." Get some cardio in, as well, maybe an hour a day of jogging, walking, bicycling, whatever…but make some time to build and maintain your body. Boxing is an EXCELLENT workout, by the way, with heavybag, partner, or even shadow. Try it and see.

7f63e7  No.12144454

File: 65aa2396e472c85⋯.jpg (52.82 KB, 650x722, 325:361, Luis Royo - Castlevania - ….jpg)


You are correct about this. I am a former Fatty Arbuckle have lost over 100lbs 3x during my near 40 years on this plane of existence. I am in the midst of another very light food intake/starve, this time mostly because of severe IBS-D, Hyper-tension, and Syringomyelia/spinal injuries that I have been battling for 20+ years here in USA. I am also of Nordic (Lapp), English, Scottish, and Irish decent, among others ( anyone know of a trustworthy DNA/Ethnic discovery firm whom white folks can use?). Anyway, I started raw milk 1 month ago and my shit immediately improved, after adding home-churned butter, and raw grass-fed bone marrow/bone stock and bone oil, raw kefir, raw clabber, potato veggie snacks instead of cheese-its etc, and NON-BURNED meats, my shit came out in perfect chunks and experienced less than a one-wipers and I have been living on fucking wet-wipes for my anus for ages. Why? I think the best answer is struggle. Struggle at works, family, and tolerance general candy-coating of normie and vegan/vegetarian life-styles. I have been woke since pre-9/11 mind you, yet the daily shuffle REALLY takes its' toll on a resilient human body ( Wow isn't the human body resilient beyond most measure, yet a spiritual, sensitive temple).

When you say grains are not a problem for certain area of Earth; Yes this is your basic blood-type human diet. The east Asians can tolerate veg, because they are blood type-B mostly, check it out for yourselves. As for me I have been waiting for my Eldon cards in the mail and I donated blood to RedCross years ago, but they had no record (past 10 years), however I believe I am O- or A-, or other undocumented type, due to my small intestines loving the raw dairy and meat. I have been slowly dying and I let myself get to a point where i felt my heart giving out complete with stroke symptoms. And yet I still never got sick, not sure what was protecting me. After living through the 70's and 80's with an Avon lady, tupper-fucking-ware party Momma, giving me my cereal everyday out of cheap plastic bowls for the 60's and 70's I am lucky not to suffer to any serious health issues my more recent immigrant fore-fathers endured (watch i get cancer tomorrow). I love Americans and stand-up Euros and Asians, including Russians, but good Lord some real POS in the business and marketing/secret society fields of commerce of this world.

Now I am back on track again in this current block of timeline we live in now. Hail the true Great Awakening, good men like myself and good women like my lovely wife have been dying due to this NWO/vegetarian agenda.

aa5dc0  No.12144600


>mall melanoma on my hand that disappeared

That's called metastasis. Go to a doctor, immediately.

8fb436  No.12145306


>Maximum for safety reasons ~75% calories from Fats.

>Less Polyunsaturated Fats bc they cause inflammation.

>More Saturated and Monounsaturated Fats bc that’s what you are made of. Animal Fats, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Peanut Oil.

Fyi, cholesterol isn't the problem as long as your inflammation levels are kept low. Inflammation causes your veins and arteries to become inflexible, then micro-fissures (tares) form that cholesterol will become lodged in which then build plaque then eventually into clots then eventually into heart attacks and strokes. The root cause of the problem is not "high cholesterol" it is chronic inflammation; but of course because literally everything is fucking misunderstood and broken now days on purpose… doctors only talk about (and prescribe treatments for) high cholesterol and not about inflammation.

If you get blood tests done have them measure your c-reactive protein levels as a marker for inflammation.


>Keto means under 50g carbs a day.

No, keto means eating such that your body enters a state of ketosis which will allow for a different amount of carb intake for different people. If you're uncertain about whether you're in ketosis buy piss sticks and measure your blood ketones. When your liver depletes its glycogen (sugar) reserves and your body begins transforming bodyfat into beta hydroxybeuterate then you're in keto. 0g carbs will get you there faster than 1g carbs. Fasting will get you there faster than eating anything.


>keto causes testosterone levels to crash.



>milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, or kefir

the milk you drink that comes off an HTST is nothing like what your ancestors ate. Kefir is really good for gut bacteria, but again you're not going to make very good kefir using 3.25% butterfat "whole" milk. Cheese is calorie dense and keeps for a long time but right now there are much better options nutritionally.

As an aside on this cancerous fucking thread… given how political the health of a nation is both physically and as a result mentally I'm surprised so few of you know so little.

81c895  No.12145343


Oy vey, we need to lobby more (((school boards))) to stop people like you from talking about infected nipple puss.

81c895  No.12145358

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Because modern dairy production is absolutely disgusting. No, you don't need to drink the milk of another mammal to get the calcium and protein you need.

73c45a  No.12145386



Have fun with your D3, B12, EPA+DHA, Iron, and Zinc deficiencies.

fac669  No.12145402

File: 14cde88acb6b804⋯.jpg (31.46 KB, 424x450, 212:225, heydrich-424x450.jpg)


Great advices mate.

8fb436  No.12145498


I eat meat, often in ketosis, and I don't drink milk. I work in the dairy industry as a process engineer. The only reason I don't drink milk is that it just isn't very nutritious. We actually bring in jugs of vitamin A and vitamin D to inject into large pasteurized tanks of milk to "enrich" them. It's like when Wonderbread or any generic white flour calls itself "enriched." If you have to put it on the label something is wrong.

Look up the people who advocate drinking raw milk. They're all spot on about enzymes and indigestible material that feeds gun flora, but finding a source is hard because the (((FDA))) makes selling it to humans illegal in most places. Clean water is totally fine, there is no reason to drink any calories.

73c45a  No.12145953

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The guy I was responding to posted a video by a vegan.

I agree that industrial dairy is practically poison, but vegans tend to pigeonhole every opposing viewpoint as if you can only source animal foods from meat/dairy industry. To them, every cow in the US is being tortured on a feedlot somewhere in the mid-west.

>isn't very nutritious

Depends on the diet and the breed of the cow of course. Most conventional dairy at the supermarket comes from grain-fed Holstein cows which were bred for an increased volume of milk production. Jersey cows, on the other hand, will produce less milk with a higher fat content (5%).

>finding a source is hard

Where I live raw milk can be sold if it is labeled for pet consumption, and IIRC it's only totally illegal in a few states. Like >>12008814 said it's not even comparable to the synthetic shit sold in supermarkets. Also, I get mine for $8.50; price varies greatly by state.

>clean water is totally fine

Milk is actually more hydrating than water. I suspect this has to do with the mineral content of milk over normal water. Of course, they didn't measure spring or well water which has a significantly higher mineral content, so take it with a grain of salt: https://www.acefitness.org/education-and-resources/professional/prosource/april-2016/5855/the-newest-index-on-the-block-the-hydration-index

a99484  No.12146070


Some French faggot decades ago injected a shitload of Sodium into rats and it gave them high blood pressure, then the U.S. government saw that and said Sodium was bad. Complete farce, just like the food pyramid made by the Department of Agriculture telling you to eat a shitload of grains, particularly breads made from processed-as-fuck flour from modern wheat. White flour has zero nutrients in it, which is why it was noticed that bugs don't try to get into containers of the stuff to eat it, and is also why "enriched" flour exists - to try to put something worth while back into it.

000000  No.12146448


This, it's lunacy because in the old days people knew that some salts were good and some weren't desirable. These days many people eat ordinary table salt which is of questionable provenance.

Best salt is made from seaweed IMHO.

67d3ff  No.12146985

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>These days many people eat ordinary table salt which is of questionable provenance


Video very related.

5a16af  No.12147012


>We actually bring in jugs of vitamin A and vitamin D to inject into large pasteurized tanks of milk to "enrich" them

So? That doesn't mean milk isn't healthy, it means the government put in stupid laws that require adding vitamin A and D to milk.

>They're all spot on about enzymes and indigestible material that feeds gun flora,

No they aren't. They are full of shit. Do a chemical analysis of pasteurized and unpasteurized milk. All it does it kill bacteria.


Humans are not wolves. Eat like a human, not like a wolf. Your advice is retarded. Our ancestors ate as much fruit as they could get their hands on, sugar is perfectly fine.


They have other degenerative diseases, this is the point. He said "their teeth were nice and that means they are healthy and have no diseases" when in fact that's total bullshit.

>It is caused by the body not using free serum cholesterol, for example, via UV conversion of serum cholesterol in the skin to vitamin-d

Yes, they have the vitamin D problem. They also have the polyunsaturated fat problem. Notice how the eskimos that live off of caribou meat are much healthier than the ones that eat fish? It isn't a co-incidence.

a43746  No.12147243


>If you want to be a wolf, eat what wolves eat.

t. furry

fdd7e3  No.12148482


Fan of Dom D'Agostino's logic and ideas, NOT a fan of that freaking picture. Jeezus

d1a340  No.12148532




It's because pork spoils in warm climate

fdd7e3  No.12148615


and undercooking it can be deadly, although my chef cousin tells me they've mostly taken care of trichinosis in the civilized world with modern medicines and government mandated standards of practice.


7d4f90  No.12148725

File: 3e9714b85009bb1⋯.jpg (28.82 KB, 600x450, 4:3, grillad-abborre-med-ortyog….jpg)

Had freshly caught perch grilled in my oven with onions and homegrown potatoes today.

Its the only interests me and gf shares (except fucking ;-)), growing stuff like potatoes, rootfruits, dill, spices, fishing and hunting.

Its kind of fun actually, much work but feels good to eat what you can produce, fish or hunt.

Moose hunting begins in a month :D

I don

2dbcc7  No.12148747


Go back to facebook normie faggot.

e8f359  No.12149101

File: 6d15fba32ff6d37⋯.jpg (17.44 KB, 300x300, 1:1, not.white.jpg)


>no white carbs

"White" has no value in this context, please do not use it.

I have to presume you mean processed grains that are only endospernm and have no bran or husk, and root vegetables such as potatoes, yams, parsnips, and turnips; things that appear "white". There is no reason to cut out these foods since the balance of each meal is what matters most. Remember that your food is chewed up and broken down with acids before it is sent to the small intestine to have nutrients absorbed, and the ratio of macronutrients in that "slurry" should be aligned to your individual needs.

>absolutely no sugar

The body processes all the soluble carbs as sugar in some form. Getting a balance of fructose and glucose is important because the body prefers to process the combination of the two as sucrose plus eating too much of just one sugar can cause digestive and nutrient/mineral absorption issues. Honey and tree syrup are the most balanced, iirc.

>starving is not unhealthy

It is. Long-term starvation causes gut mucus issues that lead to celiac and colitis and eventualy colon cancer and death. However, at the 24hr mark, the body begins to clean out pre-cancerous cells. Fasting with water only for 1-2 days a month is the most one should do.

000000  No.12149105


>caribou vs fish

I wonder in the China Study guy's poorly reasearched conclusions about fish being the least healthful meat were actually related to the polyunsaturated fat it contains and not the protein structure but he sucked as a scientist and didn't notice the relation.

e8f359  No.12149123

File: 837a7f98a222073⋯.png (159.66 KB, 649x446, 649:446, bento.png)



You killed your gut flora but first they ate the mucin lining that protects you. The body's natural response to proteins directly contacting the intestinal lining is to send blood (inflammation).


You don't move enough. Read 'move your dna' >>12007077 and get moving.

>dna/ethnic discovery

Ethnicity is culture but you should use Bento and do the test at home:


58e2ec  No.12149141


Cholesterol can go unused and cause the new cholesterol produced as you eat more saturated fats to also go unused and stay in your blood stream. That cholesterol in your blood can build up as plaque and lead to circulatory issues. It is only one type of cholesterol that does this, though, and it can be tested for. The "Small Dense Low-Density Lipoprotein" is the only biomarker relevant in a cholesterol test. I have never heard the claim that the mechanism for this buildup to happen is microfissures caused by inflammation. I will read up on this and learn; thanks.

000000  No.12149143


>caribou vs fish

I wonder in the China Study guy's poorly reasearched conclusions about fish being the least healthful meat were actually related to the polyunsaturated fat it contains and not the protein structure but he sucked as a scientist and didn't notice the relation.

000000  No.12149159


Sorry for posting twice I am a huge faggot.

58e2ec  No.12149174


Wild pigs can still have this. Be careful hunterbros.


It's okay anon, sometimes the .onion site doesn't align to the clearnet, I can still post in some 404 threads using the .onion site after they are gone from the .net site.

5a16af  No.12151821


Almost certainly. It is the same as people like D'Agostino pushing keto. They just have it set in their heads what the problem is from the start, so they refuse to look at other correlations they are missing. Like how keto works for people who don't eat much nuts/seeds or fish, and fails for people who eat a lot of those things, especially vegetarians who have to eat tons of seeds and nuts. A typical keto diet accidentally removes unsaturated fats, which is why it actually works, not because of carbs or protein.

f2ef67  No.12151841

File: 1a938c9752f332c⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 2700x3184, 675:796, 1875dfcc79.jpg)


"Milk is for babies" as Arnold Schwarzenegger said. What other animal drinks mother's milk after infancy? Weirder still, what other animal drinks the milk of a different species after infancy (or at all?)? Cow's milk is designed to push a calf up to 1,500 pounds in a year (North Americans are getting close, heh heh). Because of capitalism and modern farming, cows are given hormones to super-charge milk production and they live their lives attached to milking machines. Because of this, they often get mastitis, which leads to infection. The end result is that the bottom 1/8th of your glass of milk is pus. You're not doing yourselves any favors by drinking milk.

Pic not related

1c2532  No.12153953

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>If you want to be a wolf, eat what wolves eat.

Anyone have any thoughts on a raw meat diet? Derek Nance has been eating raw meat for 9 years straight and claimed that it got rid of his illnesses he was suffering earlier, and he actually hasn't passed gas since either.

000000  No.12154084


Raw meat is easier to digest than poorly cooked meat. The protein fibers of meats stiffen considerably between medium rare and well done. Once these fibers stiffen beyond a certain degree, the only thing which can make them easily digested again is extended cooking until the meat becomes "fork tender" and practically falls apart. This is true of all meats and seafood.

Raw (or very rare) meat does make you feel satisfied and provides a nearly instant boost of energy. You can actually feel it working. I sometimes make beef carpaccio and tartare, but I always select my cut and blanch it in boiling water for 20-30 seconds, to eliminate bacteria on the outside before I slice or mince it.

69d3d5  No.12155856


>Chickens must eat grains or insects and humans

watch out for them chickens

945491  No.12155884




Read up on kombucha.

Only thing I've stumbled upon that removes inorganic materials in the body through the kidneys, as the liver can't deal with it.

389608  No.12156109

File: 6b802afb8d65afa⋯.jpg (168.74 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, fd076ba8185b8d24580daf20e1….jpg)

What vitamins should I be taking? I'm tired all the time

67d3ff  No.12156121


Vitamin Stop wanking

af61f5  No.12156124


Zinc, because you loose that when you


bf64a0  No.12156174


None, change your diet and your fucking lifestyle before thinking about any silver bullets.

-excercise regularily

-go to bed at consistend times

-eat nutrient dense animal foods like eggs, liver, meat, fatty fish, full fat yogurt

-avoid inflammatory food like grains, legumes, nuts

-stop wanking

9e4eb8  No.12156199


Niacinamide, B-12, and boron.

All men should take this 28 days per month.

bf64a0  No.12156204


Works perfectly fine. A raw meat diet is actually a far superior choice when compared to the standard american diet. Also, it eliminates inflammatory responses some people get from grains, legumes, nuts, vegetables, all sort of stuff.

Dr. Salisbury, who tried different foods like beans, corn and such in elimination diets (only said food) on himself for prolonged periods of time, actually found out that beef is the best choice for overall health. He published his findings in "The Relation of Alimentation and Disease".

Few facts regarding all meat diets:

-Supplementation not necessary. Vit. C for example is required in larger amounts when eating the SAD due to the difference in glucose metabolism

-Sufficient uptake of fat is mandatory. A good thumb-rule is at least 1:1 fat:protein in grams.

-Can reduce inflammation to basically zero. Heals diseases like Crohn's disease and depression for some people.

-Good for fighting type 2 Diabetes

-Great for weight loss

If your meat is sourced properly, you are at no risk of infecting yourselves with parasites.

8ed006  No.12156340

This is literally the stupidest nutritional advice ever advised. and you can't eat "keto" ketosis is a disease you get when you don't get enough calories and your body starts eating at your fat reserves.

ef2028  No.12156367

You guys are fucking retards.

Keto is a fad diet. Its a meme.

Your ancestors (the ones that built civilizations, egypt, babylon, vedic india, greece, etc that no other groups of people on the world could ever do) ate little meat and lots of carbs.

This heavy meat diet and big (((dairy))) industry that was introduced to us in the past century is turning men into numales.

Its not soy you dumbasses. Have you ever met anyone who consistently eats only soy? No. You meat flamboyant and weak numales and manchildren who drink lots of milk or eat bacon and lots of meat.

ef2028  No.12156373


You know that white people invented grains right? There's nothing more European than wheat?

f39bd9  No.12156391


I defntly agree. I would assume that the drinking I did back between 1999 and 2007 played a huge role in the breakdown of my gut flora/ bene bacteria. And the subsequent un-caring, willy-nilly diet finished the job. I was slowly dying. Thank you for that info about the bento helm. I will read the links also. Correct again, i was a super-athlete in my younger years and there is no reason I cannot be that person again….edit on my post you replied to originally I meant the grain and veg eaters have type A and AB blood. I made a typo there..Type B is the nomadic steppe dwelling Mongolian hordes who fermented/soured their dairy and ate fish and meat and fat, often dried and/or raw and naturally preserved.>>12149123

bf64a0  No.12156400


>Your ancestors (the ones that built civilizations, egypt, babylon, vedic india, greece, etc that no other groups of people on the world could ever do) ate little meat and lots of carbs.

>Your ancestors.

And thusly, the kike outed himself. People in highly advanced civilizations ate mostly grains because they simply could not afford eating meat, you stupid piece of shit. This is also why the perfect indicator for an agricultural society is tooth decay found in skeletons.


French fries are a white man's invention, therefore you.. ahh.. we should take more pride in eating french fries, right? Right, fellow white people?

ef2028  No.12156440

File: cba6d938c6bca84⋯.jpg (51.38 KB, 470x272, 235:136, Veganism-3.jpg)


You have to be a kike to truly believe the right half of pic related is actually justifiable.

The third reich was the first government to start noticing the effects of cancer caused by eating meat.

Drop your fucking meme tier education.

It's not about not being able to afford eating meat but being of a higher culture. That's why higher caste vedic Indians didn't eat meat while the bottom caste, the filth, ate meat or whatever.

a5adfc  No.12156443


I've moved to raw animal products, and I drink blood every other day.

I can't say it's as amazing as some advocates claim, but it has made my asthma almost entirely disappear in only a month. I sleep much better and my mood is more stable. That alone makes me want to continue.

Adaptation was very quick, but socially it's tricky. Eating Carpaccio and other raw meat dishes when going out helps.

bf64a0  No.12156451


>Calling me a jew for eating humanely killed meat.

>Implying meat for white man's consumption is killed according to the kosher or helal requirements.

>The third reich was the first government to start noticing the effects of cancer caused by eating meat.

Source on that? That outlandish claim has no scientific backing, only some observational studies being done, which obviously prove jack shit.

>It's not about not being able to afford eating meat but being of a higher culture.

I really don't give a fuck wether you consider yourself entitled or not for avoiding meat.

ac90a6  No.12156465


Isnt it because it has hooves?

ef2028  No.12156471


Look you're still killing an innocent creature.

The only people's who haven't moved on from hunting and gathering are eskimos (living to like 50 years old at 5'3) and skinny African tribes.

Read the Nazi war on cancer by Robert N. Proctor published in the Princeton University Press. Also read whatever articles you see on cancer and meat relation.

Its unnatural.

bf64a0  No.12156495


>Look you're still killing an innocent creature.

You obviously don't understand the effect of intensive agriculture on the environment. It has a tendency to literally destroy it, whereas ruminants like sheep and cows can be used to regenerate it. Also, don't get me started on all the animals being killed by harvesting machines.

>The only people's who haven't moved on from hunting and gathering are eskimos (living to like 50 years old at 5'3) and skinny African tribes.

I present to you: Eskimos, living according to their traditional diet:

-no cases of cancer

-no cases of tooth decay

-no birthgiving difficulties

-no obesity

-no diabetes

The low life expectancy can mostly be attributed to the harsh living conditions in the arctic, accompanied by streaks of starvation.

>Also read whatever articles you see on cancer and meat relation.

I've seen all these bullshit articles. Again, nothing has been proven so far.

"The Nilotic tribes have been chiefly herders of cattle and goats and have lived primarily on dairy products, including milk and blood, with some meat, and with a varying percentage of vegetable foods. It was most interesting to observe that in every instance these cattle people dominated the surrounding tribes."

Dr. Weston Price was an american dentist who traveled the world in order to find out the cause of diseases of civilization, mostly tooth decay and malformations of the jaw. He examined indigenous people living on their traditional diet and compared them of the same people living on a modern diet. Maladies like tooth decay, bone malformations were absolutely rampant among those living on the modern diet. Every single time.

Source: http://www.journeytoforever.org/farm_library/price/price9.html

ef2028  No.12156518


You can't argue intensive large scale agriculture when I'm talking about killing animals, especially when all meat is produced in large scale animal farming that requires lots of food to feed these animals and lots of land and water.

Modern day farming of animals is absolutely terrible for the environment. Don't try to use some bogus argument of large scale farming when farming can be done on local scales without damaging the environment.

bf64a0  No.12156519


To further refute your claims:

>The only people's who haven't moved on from hunting and gathering are eskimos (living to like 50 years old at 5'3) and skinny African tribes.

"For my own part, I agree with those who think that the tribes of Germany are free from all taint of inter-marriages with foreign nations, and that they appear as a distinct, unmixed race, like none but themselves. Hence, too, the same physical peculiarities throughout so vast a population. All have fierce blue eyes, red hair, huge frames, fit only for a sudden exertion. They are less able to bear laborious work. Heat and thirst they cannot in the least endure; to cold and hunger their climate and their soil inure them."

"Their food is of a simple kind, consisting of wild-fruit, fresh game, and curdled milk."

The Germans as described by the Roman historian Tacitus in his book Germania.

Source: https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Germania_(Church_%26_Brodribb)

bf64a0  No.12156522


>all meat is produced in large scale animal farming that requires lots of food to feed these animals and lots of land and water.

Wrong. Cows and sheep can even be used to make use of land which does not support agricultural use. Cut your bullshit, you have been called out too often already.

ef2028  No.12156532


Germanics travelled the world and built the great civilizations for the past 6000 years, Germania is not the only example of German diet. Germans in vedic India or Egypt (mummies with red and blonde hair) didn't eat meat their.

ef2028  No.12156539


Read any article or science, mass animal farms take up such a heavy strain of water resources.

5a16af  No.12156558


Those were Gauls you dumbass. And yes they did eat meat there. Humans can not live naturally on a vegan diet, so obviously you are stupid and wrong.


He's a retard. The reason his diet is good for him is because it eliminates unsaturated fats. You can do that while still eating lots of good foods, there's no reason to eat gross shit like a subhuman.

bf64a0  No.12156560



>Germanics travelled the world and built the great civilizations for the past 6000 years, Germania is not the only example of German diet. Germans in vedic India or Egypt (mummies with red and blonde hair) didn't eat meat their.

YES, but they were able to grow strong and very tall, as described by the Romans, annihilating them in combat quite some times. This refutes your claim of an animal product based diet stunting growth. Also, look at the Masai, you fucking cunt living off of mostly dairy and blood and growing to an average height of 1,9m. And no, I am not going to calculate the equivalent in the retarded units your fucking shit ass country most likely uses.

>Read any article or science, mass animal farms take up such a heavy strain of water resources.

MOST ARTICLES ARE FUCKING SHIT, YOU DENSE MOTHERFUCKER! They are targeted towards sales and clickbait, towards the stupid pieces of shit like you who need easy ass "explanations" to understand anything. Also, nowhere did I claim that all meat is raised on pasture, you fuckwit.

Go eat a bag of dicks, you retarded peace of shit, I am so sick of your irrational bullshit.

Might someone else take care of this idiot?

6286c1  No.12156577


Dairy is not healthy, just because your gut can't digest lactosis and you fart like a hyppo every time you eat yoghurt doesn't mean everyone have the same issue m8.

I would never stop eating a delicious EUROPEAN Gouda, Emmenthaler, Brie or Roquenfort cheese because a poor lactosis intolerant idiot said that it's bad for him therefore it's bad for everyone else.

ef2028  No.12156594


There are numerous athletes moving to plant based high carb diets. NO successful athlete eats only protein or only meat. How are they so tall without your logic?

You dumbass do you not know how big the dairy and meat industry is? Dairy is advertised everywhere constantly. You're falling for one of the biggest food marketing in the country.

ef2028  No.12156606


Websites that sell you on high protein low carb fads only make their money from selling books or ads on their website because its just random people.


f39bd9  No.12157004


Fake dairy may be advertised but not raw, actual, factual dairy. Fake dairy is full of sugar and additives to mask the fact that it's destroyed by flash heating and homogenization of the super-healthy bacterial environment within clean animal products…The reason why the Genesis and Levitican procedure, God approved animal is because the animal chews the cud and not divide the hoof. The cow can ingest and digest plant matter for us…Beautiful ain't it? Unclean sea birds, bottom-dwelling sea creatures can harbor deadly parasites, they are unclean. God says not to drink any blood btw, it is satanic and unclean as we can see now plainly in cannibalism.

f39bd9  No.12157011


I would suggest you read up about human blood types and history of the human diet.

5b18bf  No.12157018


>Not bad advice.


>Saturated fat is good for you.


>Eggs are good for you.


>Dietary cholesterol does not affect serum cholesterol (in your blood). Poor cholesterol profiles result from massive simple sugar intake as well as deep fried foods (which contain much trans fat no matter what claims are mad).

5b18bf  No.12157020


>eat like the semitic cult gods tell you to

poor understanding of nutrition

bf64a0  No.12157048


So what? Everything that Anon stated is correct.

f39bd9  No.12157049


You are referring to the re-written man-made post-1600 bible texts? If not, then Nope, the bible, as fat-fetched as it may seem, is, in many instances, more reliable than modern advice of smoothies, man-made sugar-packed fruits, and pre-packaged hot-doggery. Explain briefly why we should do whatever your point is?

f9a284  No.12157523


Where does God say to not drink blood? I like rare steaks

4b5d2b  No.12166380


According to the bible, god hates vegans. Cain was a vegan and god called him a faggot because of it (and like a typical vegan he turned out to be a psycho). Abel gave god an offering of slow smoked beef brisket and god loved him. The most important rite in christianity, the eucharist, is supposed to be consumption of god's flesh.

4b5d2b  No.12166387


Ray Peat is literally not a scientist, bro. He's a retard.

dde552  No.12166633

096acf  No.12166667


Anyone who ate carbs instead of meat did so because they didn't have meat.

dad366  No.12166739

>Eat As Your Ancestors Did

That excludes a lot of healthy food. My ancestors wouldn't have had access to potatoes or bananas.

5a16af  No.12167524

File: 13433a489128008⋯.jpg (99.88 KB, 811x787, 811:787, 1290183180790.jpg)


>PhD in Biology

>literally not a scientist

0329be  No.12170608


10/10 reply, I struggle with the same thing (I found quitting tobacco easier than quitting wanking), but starting this summer I made really good progress after a 6 day water fast.

My longest streak managed was 18 days, and even if I relapsed (without porn, very important), right now I'm 3 days in another and still feel better and without urges, aside from morning wood.

a2f718  No.12170686

>eat as your ancestors did

That's how it should be, our ancestors have evolved to digest different kinds of foods. Some of them couldn't digest milk or even vegetables, but how far back are we talking? I can't really find anything on what my Iberian ancestors ate.

7e6582  No.12172142


>starch and sugar is healthy

I used to be a (((vegan))), and after some trial and error, I've found that there's no reason to eat anything but meat. Every plant is wasted when fed to a human. We lack the ability to digest plants (or even fibre) properly. At best we get a kick out of the sugar.

And raw meat is superior to cooked meat

bc5242  No.12172193


Show me his publications. He isn't a scientist. He's a retard who doesn't even understand basic human physiology.

0ad11b  No.12172517

File: 9cd20c2a6bdcd49⋯.gif (996.11 KB, 220x258, 110:129, 17c2c7005b7810aa5425a7e3e4….gif)


Is that your sister? Based

5a16af  No.12176544

File: 4aeef7c1cbb4841⋯.jpg (39.35 KB, 700x456, 175:114, 1290186875769.jpg)


>PhD in Biology

>He isn't a scientist

0337b0  No.12176913

e9e3b1  No.12176949


Get "Beyond Tangy Tangerine" by Dr. Wallach….

Energy goes up and you loose weight because you stop eating shit food…

95d1bc  No.12176980


Currently 220ish built pudge looking to drop weight asap. Is the water fast the best idea if I'm trying to lose most of my fat? Or is there something better for where I'm at right now?

932b40  No.12177007

Why <75% fat and not more?

Ive been on keto for 4 weeks now and I have lost 10.2 kg (weight loss started to slow down this week)

I average 80% fat 3% carbs 17% protein with a pretty big calorie deficit every day, is this unhealthy? My calorie intake is between 1300-1700.

I work as a carpenter 40h/w and walk a few km a day after work.

Im 183cm tall and current weight is 106kg

I could eat up to 2000 calories if there was an easy way to ingest all that fat.

Should also probably add that I do add more protein whenever i know my workload will be larger during said day. (Carpentry is not hard work, but it can be sometimes)

Would appreciate any opinions on what Im doing wrong as I do want to lose more weight but not at the expense of my health

9be83e  No.12177172


Low protein keto is fucking stupid unless your an autistic child with epilepsy. Up your protein to 50% at least.

9be83e  No.12177174


Water fast is stupid. PSMF is better.

93dffa  No.12177176


>eat as your ancestors did

>50% of calories from fat

lmao you fucking brainlet retard. enjoy your cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance.

btw saged because OP is spreading disinfo.

93dffa  No.12177181

File: 5b863bd2954bb2f⋯.png (4.92 KB, 234x216, 13:12, brainlet4.png)


>Fruit is just sugar. Vegetables and fiber are overrated, they are just for taste.

93dffa  No.12177184


More disinfo brainlets ITT

the cholesterol deniers have misinformed you. Eating added sugar and salt promote heart disease BUT SO DOES eating saturated animal fat and dietary cholesterol. It's not either-or, it's "both-and." ALL of them raise your LDL above the physiologically normal range of about 35-60/70, and at higher levels of LDL people get more and more plaque in their arteries, whereas plaque simply doesn't build up in arteries when LDL is in the TRULY normal range (35-60/70). Whatever analogy you want to use (firefighters, bandaids), the plaques themselves are largely made up of the excess fat and cholesterol that is in people's bloodstream so it's like you sent too many firefighters and the excess ones wound up laying around on the walls of your arteries. But if you lower LDL enough, plaques stop forming and the ones that are there start shrinking:





And when you feed dietary cholesterol to mammals that don't usually get atherosclerosis (e.g., rabbits), that creates atherosclerosis and if you do it long enough, you can give them heart attacks. Meanwhile, the sharp spikes from crystallized cholesterol (from too high a concentration of cholesterol in the blood) appears to be a trigger for heart attacks:


Meanwhile, whole food carbs are VERY healthy for you, with longevity increasing with increasing consumption of whole food carbs such as whole grains, beans, or sweet potatoes. People are confused about carbs because virtually all the studies are on highly processed carbs then the authors/researchers turn around and falsely claim that that applies to all carbs, including whole foods. ALL the healthiest longest-lived populations got the vast majority of their calories from whole food carbs, as do the remaining gatherer-hunter tribes that are left (e.g., Hadza).

93dffa  No.12177189


Enjoy your heart arrhythmia and insulin resistance, ketocultist brainlet.

Low Carb (or Ketogenic) Diets are incredibly popular right now here in the U.S. and I see men on that diet all the time on Peak Testosterone Forum. Altthough, Low Carb Diets have been around for decades with various names and in various forms, they have recently flourished as never before due to the fact that a significant number of doctors and researchers have become apostles of the movement. Weight loss is rapid, due to loss of water attached to glycogen stores, and lipids usually improve in some positive ways, such as rising HDL and falling triglycerides. If you're a meat and dairy lover, this diet seems like a dream-come-true.

But behind the scenes, ugly side effects and research have been surfacing and literally tens of millions have jumped aboard. I see over and over men that show up on The Forum with standard symptoms that they assume are testosterone or estradiol related. In fact, I find that they are likely experiencing one or more of the common side effects of Low Carb Diets. Some men even get incredibly ill, and I did an interview with one of them here: A Low Carb Diet Made Me Sick.

To be clear, I am NOT saying that all of these side effects occur in all men on a Low Carb Diet. I am just saying that they occur often enough that men should be aware and monitoring themselves. Plus, many men on a Low Carb Diet are feeling terrible and do not know why. For all these reasons, I urge you to read for yourselves The Top Twelve (Dirty Dozen) Potential Dangers of a Low Carb Diet:

1. Heart Palpitations and Arrhythmias. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of a low carb diet are the ketones. What?!? That's not what you heard, right? Low carb bloggers love to go on and on about the benefits of ketones - and there are some - but there is also a dark side. (Low carb diets are labelled ketogenic, becausse ketone levels in the blood are elevated.) What you are not going to hear about is the fact that high ketone levels can disturb the heart nodes responsible for your heart beat. There is actually a growing body of research on the subject and I discuss it in page on Low Carb Diets and Arrhymias.

On this page I explain that the researchers believe it is the ketones themselves causing these issues. However, there no doubt that the increased cortsiol and other stress hormones that result from Low Carb Diets may contribute as well. (See #2 below.)

2. Increased Cortisol and Adrenaline. Did you know that it is quite common for men on low carb diets to have elevated cortisol or adrenaline? This is actually how these type of diets work interestingly enough.

For example, some researchers have found that another danger of the Atkins (Low Carb) Diet is increased cortisol levels by allowing cortisol to stay in one's system longer. [10] High cortisol levels are bad for many reasons, including the fact that they attack neurons, cause visceral fat depostion ("beer belly" or "pot belly"), lower testosterone and increase the risk of heart disease and disturb sleep. (Read this link on the Brain for more details.) This was verified in a study on athletes were cortisol was increased by 17% on a low carb diet. [15]

3. Decreased Blood Flow. Saturated fat slows down blood flow. Many, many studies have shown this. In fact, researchers have actually studied ways to help the arteries recover from a high saturated fat meal. Certain nuts can help for example, such as walnuts. And, of course, exercise can reverse the artery-stunning effects of saturated quite well. However, how many men go for a walk or a run after a meal? If you don't, you will probably find your nitric oxide lowered and your blood flow decreased. Men that are 40+ may notice an impact in the bedroom as well.

What I have noticed is that it is always the younger guys pushing low carbohydrate diets. The reason is simple: young guys have enough buffer in their nitric oxide levels to withstand a high saturated fat meal usually. But, as you age, you realize that all that fat is just going to sludge your blood and causes noticeable trouble.

93dffa  No.12177191



4. High Fasting Blood Sugar. Dr. Greger points out that there is an insulin-producing index that was created for a variety of foods. Counterintuitively for many, beef has a pretty high insulin index. What?!? How can a food with virtually no carbs produce an insulin spike?

The reason is simple: modern beef is very fatty and these fats get broken down into fatty acids that end up stored in muscle and liver cells. When these cells start getting packed with fat, insulin resistance sets in. In fact, researchers use high fat diets all the time to induce insulin resistance in lab animals.

The irony in this is that many low carb men do not realize that they are actually quite insulin resistant in spite of the fact that they have consumed very few carbs. Because of this, they often have high fasting blood glucose levels. Now, if they are just a little high, it may not be much of an issue. However, to play it safe, many physicians now urge low carb followers to pull their A1C also and make sure that average blood glucose levels are not too high. Again, some men just do not do well with low carb and higher glucose levels will age tissues and potentially lead to chronic disease(s).

5. High Fasting Insulin Levels. Some low carb men - again, I am not saying all - have sky high fasting insulin levels. I was just chatting with one whose numbers were 15+. Of course, this is potentially dangerous for many reasons, including the fact that high insulin levels are pro-cancer and pro-inflammatory. Again, the irony here is that a low carb person can have just as many blood insulin and glucose issues as men eating a lot of refined carbohydrates.

6. Decreased Exercise Performance (Higher Intensities). Have you had a low carb person tell you that their diet has been shown in the studies to increase exercise performance. I have. The person left out one little detail: this is only true at lower exercise intensity levels! And they also failed to mention was that still other research shows that at higher intensity levels, low carb or ketogenic diets actually lower exercise performance.

93dffa  No.12177192


So, if you plan on slowly pedaling your say from New York to LA, a low carb diet may be a decent alternative. But if you are doing almost any sport, or are weight lifting or strength training or doing more serious cycling or running, you'll need carbs and you'll need a decen tamount. This has been shown over and over again. This is old news to anyone in the fitness business or athletics. Just do a quick search on glycogen replacement and stores and you will see that loading yourself with carbs post-workout is critical. In fact, some of you will be surprised to know that:

a) It is critical for athletes to consume a good amount of carbs post-workout in order to in order to activate their glycolytic enzymes sufficiently to handle the ensuing (and necessary) glycogen loading sequence.

b) Those interested in gaining muscle need to eat a good amount of carbs post-workout in order to insure adequate hypertrophy. (Insulin is highly anabolic.)

NOTE: Many of my readers are interested in enhancing their exercise performance, endurance, power and so on. The above 2009 study on rats found that animals on a high fat diet could run only about half as far as those on a low fat diet. [18] This is simple chemistry: fat is an inefficient energy source for your muscles. Just as bad is the fact that a recent study found that carbohydrates are just as essential as protein go muscle gains. [21]

4d6f59  No.12178610


>Dr (((esselstein)))



>study on rats

Nice sources faggot

>And when you feed dietary cholesterol to mammals that don't usually get atherosclerosis (e.g., rabbits), that creates atherosclerosis

If you feed animals shit that they have not evolved to eat, then it kills them? Good job dr esselstein. Chalk another Nobel prize up for the jews

>What you are not going to hear about is the fact that high ketone levels can disturb the heart nodes responsible for your heart beat.

100% impossible unless the person has type 1 diabetes. This idiot has no clue what he's talking about.

e1ff98  No.12178627

File: a56c40282cf985d⋯.jpg (148.23 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, .jpg)

my ancestors ate potatoes and haggis

4d8733  No.12178906

File: 4eeda7f7100df3c⋯.webm (2.87 MB, 216x400, 27:50, Mexican_Fillet.webm)

I've been on Keto for well over 3 years. There seems to be a lot of retards on here that are just now being introduced to Keto due to it's increased popularity amongst mainstream media. Due to the increase in popularity, much of the real science has been lost to talking heads bullshit.

the decades long facade of the 'fat is bad' bullshit was not a coincidence. This was an effective method of making the entire population very sick. It worked. Now people are very sick, and they're dying. This was (((they're))) intent.

Keto is the ultimate way to combat the kikes. ==I promise you; it will turn you ubermensch.== It will. I'm talking full on bone structure changes and testosterone increases.

My two cents to anyone interested in changing their life; physically, mentally, and spiritually:

1) Go out and grab some ketone sticks from CVS for the fist month. Track your ketone levels. This will get you comfortable in knowing what will and will not kick you out of keto. You won't need them after the first month of so.

2) Stick with whole foods. Especially now that there is an official keto industry. Most "Keto products" are fucking retarded and filled with shit like vegetable oils and soy. Stick with what your ancestors ate, meat, eggs, fish, poultry, some veggies. I do broccoli and brussel sprouts.

3) Don't cheat. Ever. You want to be superhuman? Don't be a fucking loser and eat fucking ice cream 3 times per week.


4) Research intermittent fasting. The human body is not adapted to eating 3-5 times per day. Your ancestors would go days without food. They would kill something, eat it, then repeat. Your body needs more than 12 fucking hours of fasting to actually digest food and heal itself. I personally do a weekly 24hr fast on my heavy lifting day. Trust me. Fasting on keto will change fucking everything. You've got bowel problems? Skin problems? literally any health problems? Fasting WILL solve nearly everything. There's a reason that (((they))) shoahed the concept of fasting around 100 years ago. Fasting used be be commonplace in western society. (mostly due to religious reasons) Now, most people think it's some fad. It's not. You want to look like Arno Brekker subjects? Fasting is your answer.

5) Experiment. Obviously, everyone is different genetically. So, experiment and find a groove that works for you. I eat the same things nearly every day.

- Breakfast, nothing

- Lunch, Mackerel/Oysters/Deli Turkey/Roast Beef/Chicken, occasionally i will add aged cheese. I do one cup of coffee with heavy cream and high-quality butter from grass-fed cows.

- Dinner, Steak, Chicken, Fish.

-Snacks/Treats - i know this is where some people struggle. My go to is Peanut butter + whipped cream. Don't overdo it. I'm also obsessed with 5% Greek Yogurt by Fage or Supernatural. I will add PB2 powder to it and if I'm feeling good, I'll add some form of confectioner to get my sweets fix.

DYOR - Peter Attia and Dom D'Agostino were the ones that got me going years ago. I haven't been in the scene in some time due to all of the annoying "buy these exogenous ketone mix" bullshit ads, but go back to the guys that pioneered this shit. A book called Tripping Over the Truth will start you in the right direction.

And yes, your ancestors ate bread, potatoes, etc. This was done out of necessity. We live in a time where we get to choose to eat like an ubermensch. So stop eating like a fucking loser. Man up and fucking do it. If you can't, you're weak and should an hero immediately.

Remember what we're up against.

'''The most precious possession you have in this world…

is your own people.

And for this people…

and for the sake of this people,

we will struggle and fight.

And we shall never slacken…

never tire…

never lose courage…

And never lose faith.'''

42d445  No.12178969


fuck off racemixed spic abomination

bf64a0  No.12180320

File: b10c66d71d4d5bc⋯.jpg (75.24 KB, 674x477, 674:477, 850 Calorie Comparison Fru….jpg)

File: 4d6d6ec27dc4d82⋯.gif (3.8 KB, 452x523, 452:523, (((You))).gif)


>>eat as your ancestors did

>>50% of calories from fat

>lmao you fucking brainlet retard. enjoy your cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is caused by an increased uptake of easily digested carbohydrates.


>>Fruit is just sugar. Vegetables and fiber are overrated, they are just for taste.

But it is. Go on and name me one essential vitamin or trace mineral found readily available in fruit or vegetables. Hint: There are none. Fruits and veggies have never been proven to be actually beneficial for overall health. Some people do better without them.


>More disinfo brainlets ITT

KEK. If you only knew what irony meant.




Trying really hard at disinfo shilling, aren't we? Two shekels have been added to your bank account. Now go eat your daily share of foreskins, fucking disgusting kike.

3e8400  No.12180345


I’ve got to ask you anon. I’ve seen a lot of people ask Keto people about constipation but when I eat Keto I have the exact opposite problem. How do I avoid very loose b.m.?

bf64a0  No.12180469


Not him, but I might be able to give some advice. What do you usually eat, especially up to two hours before experiencing diarrhea?

3e8400  No.12181506


I eat eggs, bacon, some type of meat, and a vegetable like broccoli, asparagus, artichoke hearts, cauliflower, or a salad. Butter, olive oil, or coconut oil for cooking or on vegetable. Coffee in the morning with cream.

The diarrhea is in the a.m. when I normally go. But it could be more than once in a day. Makes it hard for me to have a life on Keto. Not unless I want to stay home every day. Are some people just not able to eat hflc?

bb12bd  No.12181530

How is this diet possible on a budget? Protein is expensive. Good fats can be expensive. Carbs are cheap as fuck. I'm talking over 1000 calories for a dollar or less.

4d6f59  No.12181532


Maybe lower your fat. If you're eating a ton of coconut oil that can give you the shits.

3bf0a9  No.12181572

Has anyone had experience either buying an entire cow and eating that for a year, or maybe living off of game meat?

3e8400  No.12181645


I just saw a short video by Dr. Eric Berg. He said increased bile to digest saturated fats can case it. He recommends eating easily digestible vegetables for a month. (Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, zucchini, bell peppers, and bean sprouts) He says broccoli, cauliflower, artichoke, and even spinach can cause issues. I don’t eat a lot of coconut oil, only to sauté a vegetable or pan fry meat or fish. Cutting back on fat makes Keto pointless, so I’ll try swapping the vegetables and see if that helps. If it doesn’t I’ll have to see a doctor to make sure I don’t have some other issue.

Never had a problem in the past eating Atkins or HFLC, but I always eventually drift back to carbs. I went on a BART diet (banana, applesauce, rice, toast) to stop the runs and it works but it’s all carbs. As soon as I go back to low carb the runs come back.

4d6f59  No.12182461



Serves him right, he trusted a Jew.

>easily digestible


Pick only one.

>Cutting back on fat makes Keto pointless,

It doesn't if you up your protein.

bf64a0  No.12183466


Could be adaptation, could be an intolerance of dairy fats and/or vegetable fats.

Berg is an Idiot. He confuses Ketoacidosis with Ketosis to claim vegetable carbohydrates are necessary to maintain a safe state of ketosis. However, only Type 1 Diabetics should be wary of Ketoacidosis. See vid embedded.

My suggestion is trying a reductionist approach. Eat very fatty beef, drink some water. See how your body reacts. If you don't observe adverse effects, add dairy fats like butter. And so on. If you continue getting the runs on nothing but beef and water, your body needs to still adapt to the increased fat uptake.



Diabetic ketoacidosis is a serious complication of diabetes that occurs when your body produces high levels of blood acids called ketones.

The condition develops when your body can't produce enough insulin. Insulin normally plays a key role in helping sugar (glucose) — a major source of energy for your muscles and other tissues — enter your cells. Without enough insulin, your body begins to break down fat as fuel. This process produces a buildup of acids in the bloodstream called ketones, eventually leading to diabetic ketoacidosis if untreated.


bf64a0  No.12183467

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's the video.

000000  No.12184951


>he confuses

The confusion is intentional and it's done by a lot of people. They're not confused, they're sowing confusion.

f63527  No.12185746


Are you a ninja by any chance?

de4dcf  No.12185983


> Have little choice because we live inside of a city in the UK

Are you stupid? The UK has a shitload of local farms a quick drive outside of every town.

If you are unable to find any there are also a lot of farms that specialise in online orders.

I honestly cant think of a single place in the UK where you wouldn't be a stones throw away from decent local produce unless you were literally swimming in the middle of the sea.

07b86a  No.12186207


>This heavy meat diet and big (((dairy))) industry that was introduced to us in the past century is turning men into numales

Might it have anything to do with the BGH and soy-fed stock, instead of pure meat?

fa7f81  No.12186340


HOLY SHIT ANON, Wim Hof method based af. Today i ran like never before

000000  No.12189170


Not at all. In the old (pre-WWII) days grain was a luxury eaten in small quantities. Potatoes, meat, and starchy tubers like rutabega, turnips, and carrots were eaten. You'd maybe have one biscuit or pancake in the morning and another small helping of grain with your evening meal.

000000  No.12189173


* and oatmeal

5a16af  No.12189543


>Insulin resistance is caused by an increased uptake of easily digested carbohydrates.

There has never been any evidence to support this myth.

>Go on and name me one essential vitamin or trace mineral found readily available in fruit or vegetables

Vitamins A, C, E, K, most of the B complex vitamins, potassium, selenium, copper, and magnesium. How can you be that retarded?


Stop being a ketard. Your shits are due to the massive increase in stress hormones increasing lipid peroxidation and cellular degeneration. Eat some potatoes or have a glass of orange juice you god damned moron.


>I just saw a short video by Dr. Eric Berg. He said increased bile to digest saturated fats can case it.

And he has no evidence to support his random nonsense.


Grain has never been a luxury. From Roman times all through to modern times grain has been the cheapest food. We have lots of expressions still in all European languages based on this fact. Like in English we have "the daily grind" and "our daily bread" precisely because 99% of the population ground grain into flour to bake bread every day, which was the main food for the day. Potatoes are from the new world, no Europeans were eating potatoes until the late 1500s.

000000  No.12189601


>grain has been the cheapest food

Wrong, that'd be turnips and rutabagas. And the poor's bread (vast majority produced) was made mostly from ground peas and lentils, and seaweed in coastal areas, not grains (grain content 25% typical).

t. amateur food historian

3ef7b2  No.12189618

File: 4f8d8f7c2e5b585⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 564x559, 564:559, 1531662194218.jpg)


>All Carbs are fibre.

Sugar and alcohol are fiber?

7a72f8  No.12190351


Due to this post I’ve listened to about 4 hours of your content Cole and I’m convinced you’re shilling your yt but I’m also convinced enough to trial it.

I’ll report back in two weeks I’m 6” 185 pounds, 16% bf. if it works I’ll post photos

9dbb50  No.12190360


>Potatoes are from the new world, no Europeans were eating potatoes until the late 1500s.

Very true, and this isn't even only about nutrition per se. The whole of modern European history and geopolitics (e.g. the rise of Prussia) depended on the introduction of the humble potato.

bf64a0  No.12190547

File: 9d4452e4bbae5ce⋯.png (21.67 KB, 626x626, 1:1, zinc-inadequacy.png)


>Vitamins A, C, E, K, most of the B complex vitamins, potassium, selenium, copper, and magnesium. How can you be that retarded?

Oh, the irony, my friend. Plants don't contain:

-Vitamin A

-Vitamin B12

-Vitamin D

-Vitamin K2

Also, plants do contain a certain amount of essential minerals, that is correct. You have to take the much worse bioavailability of minerals contained in plants into account, however. Also, plants contain anti-nutrients like phytic acid which further inhibit the uptake of said minerals which aren't that bioavailable in the first place. Who's the retard now, faggot?

5a16af  No.12190600


Repeating nonsense won't make it true. Turnips were cheaper by the pound, but that is not the relevant question. Cost per calorie is, which is why literally every single working class home ground grain and baked bread every single day for nearly 2000 years. Peas were not used for bread, they were used for peas porridge. Bread was made from different grains at different eras, ranging from spelt to barley to wheat.


I didn't say anything about B12 or D or K2 you braindead nigger. Yes, they do contain vitamin A. Vitamin A content is not defined as retinol, it is retinol or any of the provitamin A carotenoids.

>Who's the retard now, faggot?

That would be you. You ignored what I said and responded with irrelevant nonsense. Nobody said veganism was good. Nobody said phytates don't exist. I listed a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals that are found readily available in fruits or vegetables. But hey, oranges don't cure scurvy because you're butthurt about your mom making you eat spinach last night.

bf64a0  No.12190656


>That would be you. You ignored what I said and responded with irrelevant nonsense

Wrong. The low bioavailability of minerals found in plants as well as the anti-nutrients found in most legumes and grains are very relevant.

>But hey, oranges don't cure scurvy because you're butthurt about your mom making you eat spinach last night.

Vitamin C uses the same metabolic pathways like glucose. Diets low in glucose don't require vitamin C, like the carnivore diet, for example.

Carotenoids need to be transformed to retinol via complex metabolic pathways. Some people seem to do be able to do that at an OK rate, others do that at a much worese efficiency. Carotenoids are merely a precursor to Vitamin A. Plants don't contain Vitamin A.

bf64a0  No.12190663


Looking back, I might have been a bit more precise with my initial claim; I might give you that. Plants do contain Vitamins like Vitamin C. However, plants are an overall worse choice as a source for vitamin or minerals when compared to animal-based whole foods like liver, eggs, meat and full-fat dairy. The consumption of plants is absolutely unnecessary and for some people even detrimental to their health.

d9c2ae  No.12191262


Then why does Conor McGregor, one of the most successful MMA fighters among others, not eat carbs at all? He said so himself he rarely eats carbs and if he does, it's a sweet potatoes on occasion.

d9c2ae  No.12191314


This. Fasting was a regular part of our ancestors regimen and hunter-gatherers. Humans are not made to eat 3 times a day. Intermittent fasting is the way to go, followed by 3 day water or dry fasts monthly.

d9c2ae  No.12191445


What a fucking moron. Why don't you look up the diet of Roman legions or citizens. THEY COULDN'T AFFORD MEAT YOU DUMB FUCK. That's why Romans were fucking tiny compared to Gauls and Germans. Their Diet was absolute trash consisting nothing but bread and the occasional Fish/Meat/vegetables if you had the money for it.

d9c2ae  No.12191503

File: 6713a3545114679⋯.jpg (110.47 KB, 962x632, 481:316, hitlerwithgirl.jpg)


Great advice. Heil.

c67f7c  No.12191517


They key to heavily anaerobic activity without carbs, as McGregor talks about, is high protein and becoming very adapted to the diet. The biggest mistake people make on this type if diet is keeping protein too low because they think they need to adhere to a diet for epileptic children. But there really is no benefit to that at all.

c67f7c  No.12191553


Yes, if you are of northern European ancestry then your ancestors were mostly pastoralist for a long time or hunters, not munching hard tack like Romans. It is why north europeans tend to have so much more robust build.

000000  No.12191803


>Turnips were cheaper by the pound, but that is not the relevant question.

Turnips were grown by peasants in their own plots, unlike grain which was typically grown on a Lord's land.

The peasantry got most of their calories from potage (made usually from turnips and meat scraps) and pea bread, which was consumed almost exclusively and was only about 25% grain by dry ingredient weight.

I'm an amateur food historian and I've read quite literally hundreds of books on the subject of diet through the ages.

5a16af  No.12192008


>The low bioavailability of minerals found in plants as well as the anti-nutrients found in most legumes and grains are very relevant.

No, they are not. The lie was that fruits and vegetables don't contain available nutrients. I gave you many examples of that being incorrect. Anti-nutrients in legumes do not remove vitamins from fruit. You are a worthless retard.

>Vitamin C uses the same metabolic pathways like glucose. Diets low in glucose don't require vitamin C, like the carnivore diet, for example

Holy shit you are completely braindead. They absolutely do require vitamin C, people tested this shit a century ago trying to figure out why eskimos aren't dead, how are you 100 years behind the times?

>Carotenoids are merely a precursor to Vitamin A. Plants don't contain Vitamin A.

As I said, vitamin A is defined as both retinol and friends as well as caretenoids. You really suck at this.


Peasants didn't have their own plots, they grew peas, grains, and root crops all on someone else's land. Rarely a lord, usually a monastery. Bread and potage was literally what everyone ate every day. We have records, this isn't controversial or disputed. Every single person ate bread every single day. The fact that you got completely blown the fuck out and now you are trying to deflect is just pathetic. Do you seriously think anyone is going to buy "people ate potage too" as proof that grain was "a luxury eaten in small quantities"?

000000  No.12192067


>Peasants didn't have their own plots

Wrong, they had their own plots. They were expected to farm them for their own food. They did not get paid money for their farm labor with which to buy food. Instead any coppers they scraped together were from odd jobs like being lamp bearers, running deliveries, and other things not related to their bound duties in agriculture.

> they grew peas, grains, and root crops all on someone else's land

Yes but they were afforded their own personal plots for growing their food, which they consumed directly. Tenant farmers still keep up their own plots across Britain, for example, and regular surveys of their shared, personal garden plots are done by actual peasant associations there, even to this day.

I'm a food historian and also I have extensively researched peasantry and the guild system.

>Every single person ate bread every single day.

Incorrect, the staple food of peasants was potage, bread was a luxury which had to be purchased to be obtained, as per the rules of the guild system.

>The fact that you got completely blown the fuck out and now you are trying to deflect is just pathetic.

OK this is epic, now I know you're actually Jewish. While you disagreed with me it's clear that you're not very well informed on the subject, and there was nothing approaching a blowing out. We haven't even got to the citing sources game but that'll be a fun one too. The research has been done, the records are clear.

44e97b  No.12192173


Hey, as a food historian i would ask you to look into blood types and how different blood types need differing nutrition. Type O are beef hunters/gatherers, type A is the mostly vegetarian, tybe B the nomadic soured dairy drinkers and gentler meat eaters, and type AB are un-evolved, but rather a newer type smashing of A and B. Then you have the differing genotypes. Dr. D'adamo has a very interesting written repertory. Can you offer a stream of contentiousness on this for us?

000000  No.12192199


>as a food historian i would ask you to look into blood types and how different blood types need differing nutrition

This isn't really related to food history, but I admit it's possible that blood types and nutritional needs dovetail. Can you provide a link to some kind of executive summary material? I'd like to read it.

Dr. Weston A. Price recorded the physiological changes that populations undergo when diet shifts, so I expect there is more to this than blood types. Seems epigenetics play a big role in adapting our bodies to diets during our lives, as we go along. The more one looks into the subject of nutrition, the more one realizes that the modern 'scientific' state of the art in that realm is dominated by the wrong kinds of people with the wrong sources of funding.

44e97b  No.12192352


I ask your thoughts because when i compare human migratory patterns with blood type pop, there is significant interplay between the two subjects. Very interesting to me as an AB-.

000000  No.12192749


I said I don't know enough on the subject to prove useful but I'd like to read an executive summary if it's available.

I feel that migration has been confused, it's obviously real but (((Max Weber))) wants you to believe that Aryans came from Iran, while I believe that ancient NW Europe was the source, ala Oera Linda.

048ae0  No.12192914


And cheese?


Meat or some other heavy source of protein must be in any diet to make strong warriors.

2e1cf1  No.12193273


What do you recommend for regular ppl trying to avoid inflammatory diseases

b4de4a  No.12193305


Same here, lost a ton of weight going keto, and it doesn't come back if you stay away from bread, grains, and sugars.

I rarely drink, though, as I now find it makes me feel worse than any of its euphoric effects are worth.

b4de4a  No.12193384


This anon speaks the truth.

But watch the peanut butter, they pound sugar and/or corn syrup into very heavy.

All natural peanut butter is fine. It's really just mushed up peanuts and a little salt.

b4de4a  No.12193414


Raw milk regenerates the gut fauna that modern preservatives kill.

And I love cheese.

000000  No.12193749


>Meat or some other heavy source of protein must be in any diet to make strong warriors.

The Hindu and Sikh warrior castes get their protein from cheese, milk, yogurt. But they fell to the beef eating Brits and before that the lamb and goat eating Muslims. In ancient times the Hindus ate beef, this is alluded to in many tales and rituals. Eventually the consumption of meat became authorized only on certain holidays.

bf64a0  No.12194509


>No, they are not. The lie was that fruits and vegetables don't contain available nutrients.

Which they, when compared to whole animal-based foods, certainly do not on a noteworthy scale.

>Anti-nutrients in legumes do not remove vitamins from fruit.

My claim was about minerals, not about vitamins.

>Holy shit you are completely braindead. They absolutely do require vitamin C, people tested this shit a century ago trying to figure out why eskimos aren't dead, how are you 100 years behind the times?

Negligible amounts, when compared to people eating a westernized diet, as far as I am concerned. Feel free to show me otherwise. Eskimos don't require any of your magical vitamin C found in plants when eating their traditional diet. This holds also true for ethnic Europeans when eating a meat-based diet.

>As I said, vitamin A is defined as both retinol and friends as well as caretenoids. You really suck at this.

The mere fact that carotenoids can be labeled as Vitamin A does not imply that we should not call for a distinction between said carotenoids and retinol. This holds also true for the plant-based omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts, for example. They have to be converted to fatty acids found readily available in animal foods.

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