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File: ad03b7b1e0d51b0⋯.jpeg (26.9 KB, 469x398, 469:398, WeChat.jpeg)

887db6  No.12009853

Howdy guys. I've been staying China for a few years now (isn't so bad once you get used to the nongs) and over that time I've been involved on the big chat service over there, WeChat. At first it was pretty dull since the only other people using it were Chinks or sexpats, but I had fun trolling the latter. I managed to get myself almost banned from a major expat group a couple of times and was actually doxxed at one point, but it's China and libtards' memories are short so who cares.

Anyway, I've noticed that WeChat has been growing faster and faster internationally. I belonged to one or two political discussion chat-groups at first but the number of these has exploded. More importantly, the political tone has shifted. The average Westerner on the platform was formerly somewhat left-leaning but now right-wingers (albeit alt-lite types) dominate the platform with leftists lacking the social and political clout to stop them. Perhaps my efforts in trolling and redpilling in matters of Muslims, gays, Jews, etc. have made an impact but I can simply say that former libtards have switched their positions.

I believe that WeChat will encroach on Twitter, Discord, and Whatsapp as it is ironically less strictly controlled than these other platforms. Pros and cons:


It's not anonymous.

You have to hook up a phone number.

You need to know someone to be invited into a group chat.

Censorship is heavy in regards to Chinese politics.


You can use a fake name and a throwaway phone number.

Software is fantastic and fast.

Groups are less often circlejerks.

Controlled by Chinese rather than Jews, so as long as you don't diss China you can be as politically incorrect as you want by Western standards.

Even if you do diss China, there's not much they can do other than ban you and potentially deny a visa.

Growing at a fast pace internationally and so it's easy to contact and redpill whites across the world.

Is it worth a propaganda effort? It is safer than Twitter and the like. As it's still a very "foreign" social media platform for Americans you're unlikely to develop a negative reputation that can translate elsewhere (only reason I got doxxed was because I formerly used my real name like a tard, and even then that went nowhere), and I doubt Tencent shares their data with the NSA. It's also a green, virgin territory as you'll find plenty of Gen X'ers who've barely even heard of the Chans, though there a precious few Meme War vets there.

Even a couple of anons could make a huge difference. I'm trying to redpill some right-leaning volk (the alt-liters I mentioned earlier) but with a busy schedule, crappy phone, and a crappier data limit pulling up proofs and studies is a struggle. Some support on the facts & figures front, alongside some juicy memes, would certainly win hearts and minds. With a /pol/ack chat group encompassing the Chan diaspora we could probably coordinate better than with site-hopping or Discord circlejerks.

735ba0  No.12009890


Let me…

> You can use a fake name and a throwaway phone number.

Same goes for every other service.

> Software is fantastic


> and fast

Like how? 1 sec lag vs 2 sec lag?

> Groups are less often circlejerks.

How groups are depends on people who form them, not the software.

> Controlled by Chinese rather than Jews, so as long as you don't diss China you can be as politically incorrect as you want by Western standards.

Ditto. It's group that will decide whether you're welcomed.

> Even if you do diss China, there's not much they can do other than ban you and potentially deny a visa.

Same goes for the majority of other online services.

> Growing at a fast pace internationally and so it's easy to contact and redpill whites across the world.


Contra offer: Telegram-based chat rooms.

182a8e  No.12009893

File: 2df350a77bcb5f9⋯.png (348.79 KB, 615x409, 615:409, goystory.png)

I don't mean to shit on you OP, but people use Discord, even fully knowing how Jewish it is, simply because of it's convenience. A good alternative to Discord would be Valve's discord clone. It's kinda shitty but I'm sure they will polish the turd into a gold nugget if you will.

Also does this get you shoah'd?











b39c9b  No.12009894


>china isn’t so bad

12059b  No.12009895

File: 607573886eea1e8⋯.png (380.14 KB, 500x654, 250:327, ClipboardImage.png)


Got pink eye in Bejing from a 5 star Hotel, Pharmacy gave me over the counter Herbs in a Capsule f#cking primitive Witch Doctors. Bought eyedropper, Bottled water, and Saline and made my own eye-drops, they all looked puzzled from my purchase…

Should have bought some Rhino Horn for a strong powerful erection in hindsight…

b39c9b  No.12009898


>red square

Fucking hell, get out.


182a8e  No.12009905

File: a92037ee65603fe⋯.png (56.72 KB, 255x193, 255:193, topshill.png)

55b07d  No.12009938


>crappier data limit


>Got pink eye in Bejing from a 5 star Hotel

How is every SEA country better than China?

04a02b  No.12009963


meh I use it to keep in contact with various people, it's a bit of a piece of shit imo, but better than dicsord

ce2ec3  No.12009986

What's with the sudden wave of retards shilling for chinkland? Drown in gutter oil, dipshit





a7e70e  No.12009997


Compared to their immediate neighbors, there are enough people in China who just don't give a fuck that the difference is noticeable.

000000  No.12010055


Hmmm, now I question your posts. If this site is accessable in areas of China, then maybe your message isn't really for the chink feds but to shut down the chink people from accessing /pol/ ideas using the same censorship mechanism. Maybe you are chink fed and you have permission to commit wrongthink so that you may better protect china.

>Almond Status: Activated

9d1d8d  No.12010095





डच Dutch इंडिया 1605-1825

डेनिश Danish भारत 1620-1869

फ्रांसीसी French भारत 1668-1954

पुर्तगाली Portuguese भारत 1505-1961

कासा दा Casa da इंडिया 1434-1833

पुर्तगाली ईस्ट इंडिया Portuguese East कंपनी Company 1628-1633

ब्रिटिश British भारत 1612-1947

रूसी Russian भारत 1948-1991

इज़राइली Israeli इंडिया 1991-2018

Remember to post this when you see retarded curry nigger shills

c6a714  No.12010164


How strict is the phone verification? If you can use an anonymous burner phone number it might be worth making an account. Twitter and Facebook are going full censorship leading up to the midterms, so having another "wild west"- style unmoderated social media forum will be important for carrying the torch to normalfag hands.

Those are just my thoughts on the prospect, I've only heard of WeChat in passing prior to this thread.

1d292a  No.12010183


>Groups are less often circlejerks

How can they not be total circlejerks…there be no womenses in chinky bug land? Lessen you are talking about boipucci…in which there must still be a lot of jerking on something.

a779ad  No.12010197

六四天安門事件 Jap




a779ad  No.12010199

File: 9dddf01f2250e23⋯.jpg (48.55 KB, 550x335, 110:67, Javascript Will Never Die ….jpg)

b5be6e  No.12010218

File: 4d4004de3c726c5⋯.jpg (60.39 KB, 640x446, 320:223, 6849d8740a4693bde440624087….jpg)


>it's not so bad, you just have to surrender all kinds of personally identifiable information including phone information, GPS coordinates, and a large corpus of your texts to group Y instead of to group X

>you can totally use a fake name though lol

01e41d  No.12010240

This is actually a good idea OP, I've been thinking of how we can go about redpilling the chinks on jews and their tricks so they don't fall for the same semitic traps we did as they come into increasing global dominance. I honestly can't imagine a worse world than one where a zogified China is the sole global superpower, it would be like the US but 5x worse. Definitely don't do this on your main phone though if you have any security concerns at all, I would get a cheap prepaid phone

41c46b  No.12010370

File: c071d6ba1e5fe0a⋯.jpg (281.11 KB, 1488x992, 3:2, 1534307462339.jpg)

I met my wife on WeChat and so did all of my buds in the neighborhood. You guys should see us when we go out as a group to a restaurant or club, we're a rowdy bunch.

a779ad  No.12010529

File: 68ae34e87dcfef7⋯.jpg (84.7 KB, 736x802, 368:401, Bok Goy.jpg)

312294  No.12010593

WeChat is the anti-tor of China. Tor was designed to be secure and somewhat anonymous to topple Non-US govs. While WeChat…

312294  No.12010605


This could have been telegram or threema too. Why slime three meters into the bowel of China?

73a5e3  No.12011037


It was designed so the commies can spy on you dipshit.

55b07d  No.12011234


That seems insane to me, and yet in any of these places unlimited data plans are less than 15 dollarydoos for a month. They also give you any prescription you want so long as you know the name over the counter.

5b3ec9  No.12011334

File: 1c126c419348dbd⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1443x733, 1443:733, 1092384505.PNG)


Keep your eye out for something called "Jewish Business" which is going around wechat and is being praised by the Chinese. Also something called "Jewish Home Training 犹太人家教", there is a group of kikes going around China further kiking China's culture (which is already fully Jewish) by going into homes and introducing the jewish way of life and jewish business practices as a way forward for the Chinese. They are paid handsomely by the Israeli government for this shilling, and, the big secret is, they're also paid by the Chinese government.

55b07d  No.12011391


>Tor was designed

To still let jews know what you're doing.



What the fuck happened to the chinks know America is controlled by kikes?!

30bfd0  No.12011399


>What the fuck happened to the chinks know America is controlled by kikes?!

They actually think that's a good thing. Because someday THEY would want to be the ones in control, I'm not fucking around here. They've been pushing the "China discovered America" bullshit, too.

baf6bc  No.12011400


Basically an inferior version of Wire. But you should get your Chinish Shekels, it was a good ad post.

5b3ec9  No.12011413

File: c51753bc205b462⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1056x2880, 11:30, 14260378798027.png)


This is nothing new, the country has been ruled, with an iron fist, by a political party named after a jewish political ideology for over half a century

d77349  No.12011418

File: 0e5395570a8ae8a⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 700x8069, 700:8069, Chinkland.jpg)

Jesus fucking Christ, now we have even chink shills as well as standard shills.

41c46b  No.12011436


jews post shit like this, don't be fooled by kike tricks

932358  No.12011468


Exactly. Personally, I despise social media and would do away with it entirely. Keep in mind, though, that the kikes want us off these platforms, not because these brain-numbing platforms are good for you but because they are a method to redpill the population. If we eschew social media completely then we cut ourselves off. How many normies does something like Wire have?

Let me just ask you this: would you rather spread the good word on Facebook or Twitter when you're likely to be Zucc'ed or shadowbanned at any time, or WeChat where the CPC doesn't particularly care so long as you aren't Chinese and aren't selling drugs?


You have to verify your phone number with a SMS code. You can also access WeChat on any computer but this requires scanning a QR code that will pop up on your computer screen.


There are some women but they are a small minority. Political debate groups are usually dynamic as they contain a large number of men with varied views.


If you can speak fluent Mandarin go for it. That is not my goal, though. There's a large number of expats who are already somewhat redpilled from having to deal with nongs. There's no controlled opposition or Shareblue-style tactics to speak of. I've already set up a hands-free chat room with a dozen trustworthy right-wingers, but they're still fairly bluepilled on certain topics. They are extremely active in other political chats so if they become /pol/acks we could redpill hundreds of people extremely quickly.




Agreed, Chinese are very materialistic and are practically yellow Jews themselves. They want to copy Jewish tactics for their own benefit. That being said, I doubt they are controlled by Zog to the same extent as the West. They have had their "advisors" in the past but politics have changed completely since the Mao era, despite what they tell you.

I myself don't trust China further than I can throw a bowling ball. WeChat can simply be a temporary FOB to make our presence felt and grow our cause.

55b07d  No.12011497


Please excuse me while I bash my head into multiple tables.


Explain why algae that makes oxygen is bad.

8bcc73  No.12011587


Some googling shows too much algae clouds the water and kills off the other plants in the water, causing oxygen depletion and killing off the fish.

5b3ec9  No.12011707


>I doubt they are controlled by Zog to the same extent as the West.

Their ruling party was literally directly installed by jewish, jewish communism is enshrined in the constitution, and any challenges to this jew party's rule is met harshly with prison or death. Their capitalist reforms have meant turning Shanghai and Beijing into Goldman Sachs and KKR east, where there's a (((PE))) firm on every corner. The entire economy is owned by (((SEOs))) who work in endless joint ventures with global investment banks. Don't be a fool, they're equally jewed, they're controlled by the exact same people.

59f2dc  No.12013757

File: 1b28314bc91e1e0⋯.jpg (163.71 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, JustBecauseYoureTrash.jpg)


I'm not arguing that China is some utopia to live in or that it is a haven for white men. I live here after all and I know that there are serious faults in the system that are barely concealed. The only real saving grace of China is that–for now–they are racially nationalistic.

No, I'm simply asserting that WeChat is one place where kikes don't expect to find white nationalists. There are thousands of whites in China alone who work here and use WeChat out of necessity, and the platform is increasingly used around the world as well. I assume at least some of us used to drop redpills on Facebook and Twitter (I certainly did before abandoning those panopticons). WeChat is no different in terms of benefits. It is also better than Kikebook or Twatter because as a China-centered company it cannot actively ruin your reputation in the same way.

Censors on WeChat mainly weed through the billions of messages in Chinese a day because they are Chinese and they are told to look for anti-CPC dissent. The handful of Jew advisors in China do not do the censorship themselves. Even with Kikebook or Twatter it's not upper management who select objectionable content but rather middling employees. These explicitly Jewish companies look for libtards and Jews who are our direct enemy. In China, the censors are Chinese who could care less about what a few expats say about Hitler.

dfddc1  No.12018211

File: 8d3b5d04bcc986c⋯.jpg (144.26 KB, 720x1300, 36:65, IMG_20180817_185735.jpg)

File: 8c3c44a8e777623⋯.jpg (150.19 KB, 720x1307, 720:1307, IMG_20180817_185834.jpg)

File: e0a42d41c14dac0⋯.jpg (160.51 KB, 720x1305, 16:29, IMG_20180817_185929.jpg)

File: 729b9e857466649⋯.jpg (143.26 KB, 720x1304, 90:163, IMG_20180817_190035.jpg)

File: 6a214511d987a3f⋯.jpg (91.59 KB, 618x888, 103:148, IMG_20180817_202248.jpg)

In case any of you fags are daring enough to stop being cowards and try redpilling normies, you can join me on the platform with this QR code.

Here's some proof that Whites on WeChat are starting to wake up. For two and a half years on the platform I've been provoking some thought and getting some headway; not once has a Chink showed up, banned me, or put me in a paddy wagon. Practically speaking, China couldn't care less about what you think of immigrants or jews; they care only about what you say about Mr. Xi or the T-Square Mass.acre.

These chatrooms are becoming slowly more like /pol/ every day but it's tedious work. The last redpills are always the hardest to give. You're welcome to join in the fun once you stop worrying about a foreign gov that couldn't care less and has even less power to reach you.

000000  No.12018243


>T-Square Mass.acre.

The what? Oh, you mean the TIME SQUARE MASSACRE.

67bd01  No.12018619

File: a63d7f1dd87ee59⋯.jpg (28.04 KB, 680x255, 8:3, CatEatingRedpills.jpg)


Yes, of course that's what I mean.

3ac340  No.12018815


>A good alternative to Discord would be Valve's discord clone. It's kinda shitty but I'm sure they will polish the turd into a gold nugget if you will.

What about Riot? It looks, feels, and acts just like Discord, except it's decentralized, open source and uses end to end encryption. You don't even need divulge so much as an email address to register for it.

>inb4 it has some obscure problem that nobody cares about

it's still 100x better than what everybody's using now. You niggers need to get your shit together and stop feeding the Jewish (((big data))) monster. All it does is give more power and profit to your enemies at your expense.

5dcc5e  No.12019046


God imagine being this fucking lucky. I've tried almost everything to get a subservient, and trad Asian wife, but haven't turned up with anything yet, and these boomers probably make it look easy.

0ffe9c  No.12019148


Jesus what a bunch of fucking losers. Srsly they should just go eat their pistols.

0ffe9c  No.12019153


It's like stepping in a mud puddle. Those cunts are absolutely desperate to escape the hell their people have created for themselves.

f35f7d  No.12020209

File: 4c3a94f11befa53⋯.jpg (46.71 KB, 480x463, 480:463, RobbieRottenSSOfficer.jpg)


Agreed. There are plenty of good Asians but believing in the "honorary Aryans" meme will just get you in an unhappy marriage, and you won't even be saving the White Race.


Looks nice but how many people use Riot and what kind of people? >>12018211

There's about 700 in those chat rooms alone, and there are a few hundred in a couple others, so about a 1000 easily accessible on WeChat.

Also, the one problem of advertising on alt-tech is that existing users already tend to be on the paranoid or redpilled side; there's little to gain. WeChat is technically alt-tech for Westerners, but the people who use it are practically all normies. Fertile fields.

dd45de  No.12021388


It was a nice tactic of yours, trying to recruit the myth men of the path of light.

Even used americanized english and all.

But nothing will do when you can´t display the truths.

5a2910  No.12021723

File: 4932df9a65facf4⋯.jpg (114.79 KB, 576x312, 24:13, smokey-bear-only-you-can-p….jpg)


I'm an American X-pat, you cannot get into an American X-pat chat group if you are not American.

Whatever truths you desire, I will post here. Paranoia is a valuable asset this day and age but when it comes to as low-risk an op as you could possibly have (to the point that normies are doing it unconsciously) it's rather unreasonable.

But please, if you have any alternatives to redpilling hundreds of normies (because that's how we're going to win this), I'm all ears.

26b103  No.12021863


>Also, the one problem of advertising on alt-tech is that existing users already tend to be on the paranoid or redpilled side; there's little to gain.

The point of using alt-tech isn't just to reach out to a new audience, but to establish a technological infrastructure which is resistant to spying and censorship, and which doesn't directly benefit Jews by making you their product.

I remember when Discord cracked down on "neo-nazi" groups not too long ago, and people were whining about it. Why do people like this choose to congregate on a service that exploits them for their data and disrespects their freedom of speech, when they could have all of the same features without making this sacrifice? If you don't put in the minimal amount of effort required to make the migration to censorship-resistant technology, then don't be surprised when you eventually get censored. It's only a matter of time before the Chinks flip-flop and start censoring you as well.

b88fe2  No.12021870

Don't do it Hwite men, WeChat is total Jew-ware!

t. Hongkonger who uses IRC

b88fe2  No.12021881


Until Shareblue finds out this post, you are safe. That is an IF.


Mainlanders, can't stop shitting.


I am still here, 1488ing in the city. But those who wish to follow kikery are the same ones who thinks christ-cucks are okay.

aadd56  No.12022184

File: e17938982722e68⋯.jpg (115.4 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_20180818-184801.jpg)


The point of this project is not to set up some permanent network or base of operations. By all means use IRC and other secure methods, but WeChat is purely for outreach. Our cause relies on the resources of minds and by attracting intelligent people to these better networks we inherently gain.

If/when we get censored on WeChat, it will be no great loss because there's no investment other than a bit of time. We've made our mark and we've created new anons who can withdraw to secure platforms.

You're treating this more seriously than it actually is. If you haven't created a fake account on Twitter or Facebook at one point to troll or redpill people, you're using the internet wrong. Why are the kikes insistent on banning us from their platforms? They're afraid of us actually making contact with people and waking them up. WeChat is one place they've overlooked, not in chinks but in whites.

My group now has 17 members.




e99c17  No.12022285

File: ce99883e431103a⋯.jpg (147.56 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, IMG_3853.JPG)

File: 0cbd8109f3d3a60⋯.jpg (111.52 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IMG_3854.JPG)


what is also nice about wechat is it also has a desktop version that links to it's mobile app.


it's how I met my hottie wife in china

83d95b  No.12022309


>it's how I met my hottie wife in china

Would you like to have born a race-mixed mongoloid with mental health problems? Why would you wish that to your children?

2958ab  No.12022317



607bbb  No.12022320

File: 4e57b4c47cfdccf⋯.gif (11.69 KB, 554x668, 277:334, 1497551711606.gif)


Gas yourself kike

ca55cc  No.12022321

File: 37a65962ba3e0af⋯.jpg (79.31 KB, 1000x810, 100:81, 37a65962ba3e0af7ebd5facfdc….jpg)

>we chat

It's the CCP honeypot for catching dissidents. The CCP doesn't even pretend it doesn't spy on its few billion chinks. OP is the same chink that was shilling for China in the fuck china thread

2958ab  No.12022329


so are you pro-racemixing, CIA?

ca55cc  No.12022336

The Republic of China is the rightful government of mainland China. Death to the Chinese Communist Party, Tibet shall rise up and behead the Chairman.




10d81a  No.12022341

File: 3e3f3b36759bd2f⋯.jpg (45.51 KB, 311x311, 1:1, YouMustBeJewHere.jpg)



The only dissidents that the CCP can catch are those that live in China. I, unlike you, actually live in the country which should say how much of a risk I actually believe it is. I am also 100% pure Bavarian phenotype.


100% agree

d70162  No.12022344

File: daefdffda1ced4d⋯.png (226 KB, 773x836, 773:836, g-goyim, i....png)


>jews don't want goyim to racemix


83d95b  No.12022345


>I am also 100% pure Bavarian phenotype.

Will your children be, though? Or will they be bugmen living alongside worse bugmen?

10d81a  No.12022347


>implying I want to live in this bleak cityscape

>implying that I'd hook up with a chink

Every part of life is temporary anon. Sacrifices are made to ensure the survival of our race.

b39c9b  No.12022350


The only rightful government of mainland China is that of whichever European power conquers it, exterminates the Chinese, and repopulate it with whites.

ca55cc  No.12022353


>implying the chinks wouldn't sell facebook your info in a heartbeat

Chairman Mao is boiling in a pot of rice in Hell. Bejing shall be nuked 100 times by Japan and Taiwan.


I'm trying to trip their firewall, of course the entire world is white territory

b39c9b  No.12022359


I’d be very surprised if “whites are going to exterminate you all and conquer your lands” wouldn’t trip it, too, anon.

10d81a  No.12022375


It's too polluted and the remaining land is too arid or mountainous for cultivation. Let them rot.


I have no identifying info except for a phone # that I plan to get rid of eventually. That's how it's supposed to be.

Also, if China is concerned about a handful of edgy foreigners when they've got millions of Uyghurs, Tibetans and Han to control then they're not particularly smart. Censors are always middling officials of Chinese ethnicity who can barely read English. They're too busy keeping their own population ignorant to look what the waiguo are doing. If they were going to do anything about it they would have by now, judging by the content I see every day.

ca55cc  No.12022393


China will be a nuclear wasteland when the Uyghurs acquire warheads. Death to China, death to the CCP, all members of the CCP will be burnt alive

e99c17  No.12022431


the sex is just so fucking hot. She's a tiny little thing at 5'1" around 100 pounds, perky little titties, cooks, cleans the house, hate niggers and jews, doesn't care about stranger or what other people think and is focused on our family, and the sex is so fucking hot, but I may have mentioned that already

5b3ec9  No.12022449

File: a8ff5898384d333⋯.jpg (59.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5027fd4a4e8fd94e57d00a8fbc….jpg)



You jews just can't help yourselves. In a thread where you're supposed to be shilling wechat to the goyim you just can't help to pump some race mixing into the thread for good measure.

12ce6f  No.12022481

File: 6ab41ea860e1d9f⋯.gif (731.9 KB, 472x360, 59:45, Matzos.gif)



Don't make redpill groups or brigades on Facebook, you're shilling for Zuckerberg!

Don't make videos on Youtube about race or the JQ, you're shilling for Google!

Don't put paper fliers on electric poles, you're shilling for paper companies!

Good goy.

e99c17  No.12022485

File: 02a35df2d64d422⋯.jpg (76.14 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, IMG_3941.JPG)


I'm not a jew. 100% White guy here. I wanted my own little 3d waifu, have it, and couldn't be happier. It's the jew that always posts dog eating pictures, or dirt poor Chinese and talks negative shit about the Chinese. The Chinese truly admire white Americans. They hate niggers, they hate Jews too. Jews want to destroy that and so division…… as they always do.

41af64  No.12022580


>chinks are shilling their product on 8/pol/

You can't make this shit up.

41af64  No.12022592


>taxation is theft


ca55cc  No.12022648


Yeah, don't post on honeypots nor encourage others to do the same. Faggot Jews are glowing brighter every day

4aa7c5  No.12022658

>Controlled by Chinese rather than Jews

They're one in the same since Mao

907300  No.12022667

File: 44583cd63e71729⋯.jpg (100.84 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, CHINA-ISRAEL-1024x683.jpg)


Why the fuck would we use a chat application that is controlled by the Communist Party of China? They arrest Chinese citizens for sharing memes comparing Whinney the Poo to Xi Jing Ping in private chats on WeChat:


>If you have anything to do with China at all here is a way of testing the censorship regime for yourself.

>Everybody in China uses the Wechat (Weixin 微信) App… and I do mean pretty much everybody.

>Sit down next to a friend who also has Wechat on their phone. Now try and send them a text message using the name "Liu Xiaobo".

>On your phone it will appear as if you have sent the message but your friend will not get it.

>The Chinese authorities can just punch certain words or phrases into whatever blocking mechanism they use and shut down discussion of a topic.

>Wechat is a privately owned company but China's tech giants must toe the Party line.

f2dfe0  No.12022669

a chinese or russian social media platform taking over in the west would fuck (((them))) over. but i doubt it'll ever happen. mongoloids can only do shitty copies, not create anything.

907300  No.12022675


The NSA can also read everything sent on WeChat.

41c46b  No.12022681


>a chinese or russian social media platform taking over in the west would fuck (((them))) over. but i doubt it'll ever happen. mongoloids can only do shitty copies, not create anything.

WeChat is much more advanced, you can pay all kinds of bills, see and market products, buy things, it's a hugely powerful functional platform. Whereas, facebook messenger wants to track your gps location, spy on you and your contact, send your pictures without your consent. invade you other text message history, and email, and I feel all of it is sent to the NSA data center.

As compared to, what is the Chinese government going to do to me if I speak against the jews, unlike using faceberg or twigger, or whatapp

5446c4  No.12022698

File: daf4435c6c5a717⋯.gif (4.13 MB, 360x202, 180:101, Abolish_Ice.gif)


Kikes are trying to get US into war with China so even though I haven't read replies to this yet, I can guarantee there is major kikery going on trying to get Westerners to "see how evil the chinese are!"

I hope the Yid Orgaized Criminals burn slowly so we can piss on them and set them on fire again and again.

83d95b  No.12022722

File: 7c92da2f76186c9⋯.jpg (97.59 KB, 800x760, 20:19, a girl and her dog.jpg)


>the sex is just so fucking hot

>focused on our family

Do you understand your offspring will combine the worse in both of you? Imagine yourself being a half-chinese half-white mutt with no heritage, no culture, no common ancestry. Wouldn't that be terrible? And you sold off your offspring to that just for some good night's sex?


>The Chinese truly admire white Americans

Well they're not going to admire your children then.

907300  No.12022725


>let the Communist Party of China have access to your location, conversations, bill payment information, and shopping

>you're safe with the Chinese, gweilo

Fuck off chink, we're not going to use your CPC spyware.

>[Facebook] I feel all of it is sent to the NSA data center

There is no need to send anything to the NSA. The NSA copies every single packet you send and receive, the simply passively collect the data. The NSA does the same for everything sent over WeChat if it originates outside of or leaves China.

>what is the Chinese government going to do to me if I speak against the jews

What are they going to do to you if you speak against the Communist Party of China? Probably harvest your organs.

Get the fuck off my board chang.

e0be9b  No.12022735


I disagree. Thanks op for new fertile grounds offered. Will look into

907300  No.12022737

File: 7a1dca49659bffd⋯.jpg (111.04 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, silent_invasion.jpg)


>I can guarantee there is major kikery going on trying to get Westerners to "see how evil the chinese are!"

Are you actually such a cucked faggot that you think the Chinese are our allies? They want to plunder and destroy the West just as much as the kikes currently are doing. In fact the Chinese are colonizing the West and waging war with us on many levels.

I assume you're in fact a chink shill given that this thread is full of them (including of course OP) so this isn't for you, but for any other anons who want to learn about how China is subverting Western countries pic related book is required /pol/ reading. Ebook here:


e99c17  No.12022747


>Well they're not going to admire your children then.

Already have kids that look like that, and I'm not going to take the advice of some pissant jewboy. You worry about you, and I'll worry about me. When you start killing jews then I'll think you've achieved something.


>They want to plunder and destroy the West just as much as the kikes currently are doing. In fact the Chinese are colonizing the West and waging war with us on many levels.

That was actually Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2, and Obama. Take any MBA course and the curriculum teaches offshoring manufacturing and labor, that zionism in academia. Not the Chinese themselves.

907300  No.12022748

File: 787c508fe3160c7⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 180x320, 9:16, white_fever_cure.webm)



>asian women

Absolutely disgusting.

06edf4  No.12022757



OP is a literal shill and a fag.

907300  No.12022759

File: 14195ee722e1d2f⋯.png (44.14 KB, 883x837, 883:837, 1520588445501.png)

File: d43ebf5c08a781f⋯.png (137.6 KB, 901x461, 901:461, 1533874272360.png)


>Not the Chinese themselves.

The chinks are openly colonizing Western countries you retarded faggot, and they are subverting our governments and institutions at many levels. I posted an entire book of evidence. Shill your yellow whore women and communist spyware somewhere else you pathetic rice dick subhuman.

bd6356  No.12022763


The massacre, if it even happened like (((they))) say it did, was surely warranted

907300  No.12022770


CPC shills literally shilling /pol/ saying that the Tienanmen square massacre didn't happen.

This is surreal. I hope the mods range ban the entirety of China.

9ec3d9  No.12022780


>clive hamilton

>supports internet censorship

>believes in (((global warming)))

Going to need some non-kosher proof, I don't listen to kikes.

907300  No.12022789


>ad-hominem non-arguments

Going to need some real arguments. I don't converse with brainlets.

41c46b  No.12022805

Communism is Jewish. The Chinese well understand how destructive Mao was to China, and Mao's Jewish legacy of Communism.

Same with the Russians, the Russian people are perfectly fine, it's Jewish Communism in the USSR that was the problem.

Play your word games all you like jews, but the world is coming tot he learn and that is why the jew is trying to censor the internet.

e99c17  No.12022821

File: 85220b38737194f⋯.jpeg (4.92 KB, 100x95, 20:19, 14195ee722e1d2f6085d4454a….jpeg)

File: b199ad4cf5c26af⋯.jpeg (8.36 KB, 194x259, 194:259, download.jpeg)


the jew always, and I mean always, uses the male penis, you see it in BLACKED porn, you see it with Trump during the election.

A "TELL" in dealing with the jew is if they try to play the penis card. Dead giveaway 100% of the time.

907300  No.12022839

File: a6f8f72077222e3⋯.png (303.28 KB, 587x450, 587:450, 74187d15f59356c0c04a9dc5ac….png)


>triggered chink so shittershattered that his micropenis was mocked that he posts a thumbnail image

kek, you're not fooling anyone Chang.

9d1d8d  No.12022843

File: 547a4d8df4c2510⋯.jpg (200.07 KB, 500x448, 125:112, tiananmencaust.jpg)


thats why you got all these kosher


shills flodding this thread for merely suggesting it

just look at this fag



you cant glow brighter than these shills

907300  No.12022855


>denying that chinks are colonizing the West and subverting Western governments

>saying Tiananmen square was fabricated by jews

Reported for being a CPC chink shill.

9d1d8d  No.12022882

File: 754c10bba34a650⋯.jpg (567.16 KB, 871x1178, 871:1178, CHINA-NO.jpg)


>oy vey if you use a platform out of our control you hate America

>oy vey are you denying the 6.000.000 that died in the Tiananmencaust despite the mountains of testimonies procurred by our brave CNN journalist on the ground? you are anti-american!

lol all that random flinging of textbook shill phrases

Did the NSA outsource to Bengal?

e99c17  No.12022901


We use ID's here cuckchanner jew. I had already said I am a white guy. I was mrried, have three white kids, they went to college, for lack of a better description my wife was a total bitch. We divorced, and I remarried my 3d Asian waifu from China, I couldn't be happier. Quite simple, I hate niggers and jews nd you are a kike, so please fucking die.

907300  No.12022996


>I am a white guy

Sure you are you rice dick chink.

907300  No.12023002

File: 2f0deb4b22948b0⋯.jpg (445.6 KB, 3307x2282, 3307:2282, GPOMN1_0636.jpg)


Another micropenis chink shrieking autistically.

5e0afa  No.12023018

File: 2694aff96b42fe8⋯.png (224.95 KB, 720x1125, 16:25, Screenshot_20180818-144657….png)

File: ecf06a78f4927b9⋯.png (242.52 KB, 720x1123, 720:1123, Screenshot_20180818-144710….png)


>Not knowing the master of all platforms Telegram


5e0afa  No.12023026


Random Anon Channel top 10 favorites Channels:

(In no particular order)

Random Anon Channel


Tfw no giant holo gf


Alt-Right Shitlords Inc.


Syrian Maymay Base


Supreme Gentleman's Club


● Cesspool ●


The Ultimate Redpill


Politicamente Incorreto




Gold™ Subscription Recreational™ AnCap™ Memes™


/CIG/ telegram


17a33c  No.12023123

File: 416e441bf733605⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1714x1750, 857:875, 416e441bf7336059cc969c41eb….png)


>Why do people like this choose to congregate on a service that exploits them for their data and disrespects their freedom of speech

9d1d8d  No.12023148

File: ea67c5e390f441d⋯.jpg (75.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 56 cent army.jpg)

File: 07d1e3623e1bff7⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 647x404, 647:404, two jews.jpg)



















I wonder who could be behind this

Remember when the kikes used students to shill and they just got buttmad going out of their way to lie and fool you? Now all you get is this autistic spam of hasbara 101 textbook phrases and vaguely related copy pasta and every flagged thread reads like a service hotline routed to the same office in Bangalore.

26b103  No.12023395


>The point of this project is not to set up some permanent network or base of operations. By all means use IRC and other secure methods, but WeChat is purely for outreach. Our cause relies on the resources of minds and by attracting intelligent people to these better networks we inherently gain.

I see what you're saying and I'm not arguing against this, but how many people here unironically still use (((Discord))) and (((Telegram))) for their communications? All of these "alt-tech" campaigns focus on redpilling normies more than the implications of the technology itself. Redpilling normies is great and all, but nobody should care more about the issues of digital spying and censorship than people on the fringes of politics whom these tools are being weaponized against. Then you have people like >>12022669 who think everything would be great if we just replaced our Jew-controlled services with Chink-controlled ones, rather than just using software that puts control in the hands of the users as it should be.

7bd9b6  No.12023559


Question: why are you not in your homeland with your people? There is absolutely no reason to be among your people. You are not better than your kin, there is no job in the land of mongrels better than in your homeland, and your taxes support one of your racial enemies. Fucking kill yourself, race traitor, and stop shitting up /pol/ with your numale fagchat fuckery.

7bd9b6  No.12023571


>appeal to chink intellect

>instead of killing them

You are the cuck.

5805e2  No.12023666

File: e6cbe2eace61bf2⋯.jpeg (75.77 KB, 540x960, 9:16, fuck you jew.jpeg)

6c73f9  No.12023754

File: b3254f524bc1d7b⋯.jpeg (22.72 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Morpheus.jpeg)

File: 4943baf86085e23⋯.jpg (157.16 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_20180819-071847.jpg)

Will you take the leap of faith?










>Oy vey, why are you shilling for the CPC?

>They're communists, they have agents around every corner waiting to off me if I use one of their programs!

>Never mind actual expats in China who have criticized nongs and the takeover of Australia for years and are still active, they don't matter.

>Here's a picture of chink-in-chief shaking hands with Netanyahu like every non-Arab HoS has done, proof they're crypto-jews!

Good goyim.


>implying I pay taxes

Education in the West is kiked. Also, short-term sacrifices are for long-term gains. (((They))) don't want us to be rich because they want monopoly over all resources.


Become a fluid enemy, one that is not tangible and cannot be hit. Do not have a fixed presence but follow like a shadow, moving around new obstacles as readily as water.

a84ea1  No.12023783

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Vid related

a61974  No.12023802


devil dink checked and confirmed. Kikes can eat a fat untrimmed dick

a61974  No.12023814


they seem obsessed with dicks for some reason

bc2af3  No.12023850

File: 343b544bd93b292⋯.gif (2.62 MB, 353x209, 353:209, 1522551232009.gif)


>installing literal Chinese government spyware


87347c  No.12023889

I wouldn't use any software that is literally made and run from China. I would like to say never use hardware from China, but that's next to impossible and I'm not a tech guy. Chinks are next to go, right after we give kikes the boot

It's good to have confirmation that the white Overton Window is changing internationally though. I heard a 30 something tradie at Home Depot the other day complaining about his nephew's 'Holocaust denial'. Good signs. The right is in a good place to capitalise on it, but the GOP are too busy sycophanting Jews.

907300  No.12024498


>so triggered he just admits he's a Chinese shill

You chinks are terrible at this.


>chinks proves he's a chink by showing a screencap of his phone featuring a China Unicom4G cell provider

This is gold.



Another chink doing damage control after >>12023666 outright admits he's a chink.

Why are the mods permitting CPC chink shills to shit up our board?

10d81a  No.12024563

File: 2c1a7b4974a67b2⋯.jpg (130.16 KB, 730x537, 730:537, NorthKoreaIsBestKorea.jpg)


AT&T isn't available for expats, unfortunately. Some people counter you for your ridiculous behavior and suddenly we're all banded together.

You actually think China cares about us? Get off your high horse. You're the sort of person who takes pic related unironically.

Mods, unsage this shill.

0e0c9d  No.12024640

File: 94fd15c38aaa533⋯.gif (479.31 KB, 500x200, 5:2, no.gif)



>Controlled by Chinese rather than Jews

>so as long as you don't diss China you can be as politically incorrect as you want by Western standards.

I'll pass

ba7dce  No.12024800

File: 57b720302b43ed8⋯.jpg (89.3 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 51a3abf7725fee3b0a24ed1c1c….jpg)

File: 4ea5021b8504ddc⋯.jpg (37.95 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 4ea5021b8504ddc8fe98b77eb3….jpg)

Some rare happy merchants for your needs.

Also complex Chinese rather than standard Chinese is a bit off in my opinion, the shills will likely think you are taiwanese western puppet pigdogs, and I would think that the CPC is pragmatic enough not to ban its own shills because of stuff "Taiwanese" say.

The simplified Chinese one is the one most Chinese would use and recognize today, really. That will more likely cause censorship systems, should they exist, to trigger more easily.


Fuck mainlanders tbh

f48611  No.12025077


You chings are worse at this than the jews.

7653d2  No.12025259

File: 097fdbfa9a6e33d⋯.jpg (457.32 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, finger.jpg)


Why are the mods permitting ADL jew shills to shit up our board?

…our board

836a57  No.12025320


Way to really *blend in* Qi Peng. You fucking shill.

b1e64d  No.12025979

File: ed9a6c267ef4bc4⋯.jpeg (109.03 KB, 730x1024, 365:512, PraiseKek.jpeg)


This is the right way to reply (minus the sage), not "OMG OP wants us to use CHINESE social media platform! SHILL SHILL SHILL SHILL!!!1!" The latter people are likely subversive shills, and I will stand by my words. Either this "You chink shill!" guy is a paranoid retard who thinks CPC agents are hiding under his bed or he is trying to suppress a threat to his (((side))).

To explain why, let us examine both sides objectively. I'm getting this project going with a clear reason why, not a "why aren't you using our platform yet goy?" Our goal to make several hundred people aware of the (((problems))) in the world and possibly getting them to come use actually secure channels. The benefit from this should be obvious.

Of course there is a small risk and I gave a disclaimer as well as an explanation why it is not threateningly great as long as you use the right methods. No one is pretending that the CPC isn't a passive enemy (passive in that it is not going after us right now, unlike the jews who try to shut us down). However, it is a foreign government and, assuming those student spies aren't armed for knives and hunting for foreign devils, it cannot do much material harm other than attempt to collect our information. It is no riskier than infiltrating social media in Israel or Pakistan; far less so, actually, as China does not have direct intelligence ties with NATO. Information collection can be curtailed by the use of throwaway phones as I described, reducing personal threat to near zero.

Of course, China could always censor expat groups, but how would that matter? You don't use WeChat now anyway so there would be no loss. Moreover, such censorship in a worst-case scenario would itself provide an impetus to expats thanks to the Streisand Effect, and they would take what we say more seriously.

Also, I provided evidence that such censorship is not currently taking place among expat communities or else language would be more guarded. Chinese censors are not concerned about what we say about jews because they are too busy looking for anti-government sentiment among Chinese speakers; kikes don't consider a relatively small international userbase on WeChat to be a threat and assume that the CPC takes care of hate-speech. This is a big loophole we can exploit to redpill expats and Westerners on WeChat. But what about the jews advising the CPC? They don't run censorship or use WeChat, as they consider it beneath them. For counter-semitism to be censored, Western jews would have to know about it, document it, contact their buddies in Beijing, form a sufficient case to extend censorship provisions, and then send this down to the actual computer-watchers to put in extra effort. Knowing how governments run, this would cost millions of dollars, all because of doing what we do best on a platform we couldn't care less about. Win-win.

b1e64d  No.12025980

File: 011b171fdad095b⋯.jpg (10.83 KB, 240x210, 8:7, HansGetTheLuger.jpg)

(Part 2)

But, of course, shills here don't want us to make a difference. They want us to stay on 8Chan, make us afraid of pushing boundaries while trying to make us snap so they can (((shut us down))). They want to get us triggered by a foreign government that likely doesn't even know of us, let alone protect itself against our anonymity and weaponized autism. If I was a kike, I'd keep us stuck here and too paranoid to reach out to any normies anyway for fear of being exposed. It does not matter how many dark secrets are uncovered here if they are not spread far and wide, as the result is no appreciable upset being made to the world as it's gradually eaten away.

If I was a chink, why would I want a bunch of autists polluting my social media sphere? They would be disrupting my "harmony," spreading discord and causing trouble until I kicked them off. Maybe I could use their info, but nothing useful is likely to be gained from taking such risks; they're also on foreign soil and untouchable unless if millions were spent on high-risk missions to target a handful of otherwise unremarkable people. That's also assuming you would be providing real info. There's simply no point to using WeChat as a "honeypot."

Make no mistake: the nay-sayers are shills, and should be treated as such until they make sound arguments. Every single thing they've said has been emotionally based and meant to derail the conversation, from accusing me of being a CPC agent to talking about penises. If I am an agent, I am a remarkably sophisticated one (and quite high ranking to access a board that talks about Tiananmen Square) to use on such a pointless mission. I could easily disprove it by providing my passport with timestamp, but 1) doxxing myself is retarded, and 2) they'll just say I confiscated it from some poor sap. If I remove all identifying information they'll say it's any old passport and proves nothing. Their banter is so weak, they've even been hilariously trolled by anons posting pictures of "based Asian qts."

If you want to stop this project from moving forward, you first have to 1) prove that there isn't a worthwhile reward in hundreds of whites, 2) prove that there is a substantial risk to anons joining this, 3) provide a decent alternative with plenty of normies to redpill, or 4) substantially prove that this somehow benefits the jews. You have not done any of this, faggots, and so you've failed. Already we're up to 18 members and more join every day.

[b]tl;dr Analyze this project objectively rather than giving into the rhetoric of (((those))) who seek to control you. By all means give this careful consideration and point out any serious flaws that exist as well as better alternatives. Logical discussion burns shills as sunlight does to vampires.[/b]

b1e64d  No.12026184

File: 5d66ee81ca2605f⋯.jpg (1 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, Unacceptable.jpg)


Get out of here, chink. Go and join your collective horde. Redpills are for white people only, tofu is all you're going to get.

41c46b  No.12027677

File: c3b19e8e5710ae7⋯.jpg (6.82 KB, 176x150, 88:75, avatar.jpg)

f878ce  No.12031303


christ-cucks are the most pozzed in HK/TW

At lest you are using WeChat to connect with other gweilos.

t. Hongkonger who reads Siege


(((Facebook))) has heavy filters. YouTube is okay thought if you have the link.


Wang, get me the gas. THe jew needs to go.


> They want to plunder and destroy the West just as much as the kikes currently are doing

Except the Jews are plundering OUR cultures too (along with the Japs and Gooks).


This guy gets it.




Seconded, and antifa/liberals too.


THOTS need to leave.

e031b8  No.12031397



Thank you for the magic words, anon. I was looking for them to use again in this thread.

I treat wechat like Skype. As a westerner it's good for business or you lot living with the chinkjews, apparently you can also do micropayments and shit with it over there.


>don't keep the gooks out of the thread with the magic words

You smell like a halfcuck refugee, this is primarily a national socialist board for whites. Yes there are NS non-whites but primarily it's for whites.

You know, we'd love to at least have one god damn place to ourselves.

e031b8  No.12031422




>advocating racemixing

Be glad I'm not a vol again, I would have rightfully banned you degenerates and kikes pushing racemixing.

Fucking chink shills need to leave.

Get out


f20ca1  No.12044054

File: 8eade5357654b86⋯.jpg (93.72 KB, 630x888, 105:148, IMG_20180822_232446.jpg)

File: 1c20970076385dd⋯.jpg (148.11 KB, 720x1297, 720:1297, IMG_20180822_184614.jpg)

File: 7f0392783e6587f⋯.jpg (130.71 KB, 720x1297, 720:1297, IMG_20180822_184438.jpg)

File: 9d7e1bfae1d2b1e⋯.jpg (163.23 KB, 720x1212, 60:101, IMG_20180822_183033.jpg)

File: 576958e214e1c17⋯.jpg (142.52 KB, 720x1214, 360:607, IMG_20180822_182615.jpg)


Steady progress has been made. The group is now up to 19 members and we are better coordinating our domination of the foreign side of the platform. One of the larger chat rooms just got flooded with half a dozen britcucks but two of us held them off and embarrassed them.

I agree completely about setting up a more secure means of communication than WeChat; WeChat is only an entry node to reach out to expats and the like. We have deliberated on a potential future project to create a Youtube alternative that cannot be (((shut down))). Details are discussed on a private IRC channel; if you wish to join you must first get into our WeChat group.

907300  No.12059741



I think you doth protest too much.

7b5475  No.12068764

File: 20fb23f5cc64e75⋯.jpg (89.21 KB, 620x883, 620:883, IMG_20180827_070101.jpg)

Since the last update not too much has changed but we do have 21 members now. Libtards are still causing trouble on the chat platform but we essentially steer discussion now, generally towards the subject of white genocide. Most notably, a bona fide commie is going insane because of our efforts.

More pics can be provided if you need them. By now it should be obvious that WeChat is decently safe and our combined autism is helping to circulate memes.

5463dd  No.12098435


Telegram? It exists in HK

942bcd  No.12098971

File: dccedf4cce6815c⋯.jpg (120.13 KB, 634x799, 634:799, burger wife.jpg)


Stick with your American fat pigs bro. Leave the asian gals to us.

7c5ae1  No.12102345


> literally asking for a race war

> in /pol/

Please don't.

t. Hongkonger

ef4143  No.12102379

File: f4e339f814ba228⋯.jpg (70.29 KB, 500x723, 500:723, hitler let them fight.jpg)



>taxation is theft

Taxation isn't theft, because it's taken by threat of force. It's more accurately describable as extortion or robbery. Theft is to sneak around and take things unbeknownst to the owner, but the taxpayer knows full well what's going on, and consents to it out of cowardice.

The real redpill is that might makes right, and the taxpayer deserves to have his money taken, because he is weak and a slave.

1e3aae  No.12102455


OP did one post and hasn't returned, guys. Shows how much he cares about the topic at hand.


170cd6  No.12102762

File: eee4f42d231c612⋯.jpg (246.36 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_20180904-113419.jpg)

File: 0740dee7438a53e⋯.jpg (86.69 KB, 623x877, 623:877, IMG_20180904_113230.jpg)


>ignoring about a dozen other posts, albeit with VeePeeN for obvious reasons.

I don't baby this thread. This is just for those who have enough free time to wake up normies more effectively than we could on, say, Twitter. The half-dozen anons who have joined are satisfied. Getting the civcucks to think straight is our next challenge but we may be making progress. Some users I've never seen before are dropping redpills in major chatrooms.

New QR code for security's sake.

e34c68  No.12103471


>jews post chinese pollution

Get fucked, bugman. You're fucking ruining the environment and everyone knows it. It's well documented in alternative news and shill rags. Pointing it out is calling out the Jews and degenerate Chinamen. But then again, you're bugman filth who loves to swim in this so this is probably normal to you.

af33b3  No.12103535


not opensource

bugged by the chineese


35d2df  No.12103554


>Controlled by Chinese rather than Jews




1a634f  No.12103567

File: d2854e7577103ba⋯.jpg (190.89 KB, 1440x740, 72:37, 40584435_914491282085905_3….jpg)

we're here to stay jew

b2fbe2  No.12103687


From our perspective it isn't. They can deny their citizens all the civil liberties they like, it makes as much difference to me as Iran or Russia doing the same thing. Having any sort of anti-poz force on the global stage is a net positive.

d3ce0c  No.12103697

How do you move to China? I need some adventure in my life.

e9ccd3  No.12104073

Suffice to say that China is both very, very alien and very, very dangerous to us.

I think a lot of Westerners, whether completely ignorant or dangerously half-educated about China have a habit of filling in the gaps in their knowledge about the Chinese with wishful thinking and optimism.

I don't hate everything about China, not by a long shot. There are aspects of their culture like food and even language that can be pleasant and appealing with experience. As much as this board is naturally hostile to miscegenation, there are aspects of the personalities of their women which can be attractive or at least exotically appealing.

BUT the country's culture as a whole (and we must admit that the people DO produce the culture) has some very, very disturbing and unpleasant characteristics that have been noted by almost every observant European that has been to China starting in the 1500s.

We absolutely cannot allow our sentimentality to get in the way of recognizing that the Chinese along with other East Asians represent a terrible threat in that their culture of unrestricted competition to the point of diminishing returns, is a cause of immense misery and human degradation. The fact that East Asians are able to perpetuate and toil under this miserable standard of living and remain somewhat productive is not something to be admired whatsoever. In fact, we should rightly be horrified by the fact that the more these people are introduced into the global economy the more our standards of living will have to be lowered in order for us to compete with them.

There are aspects of Chinese culture that we could learn from. They have more hard and realistic attitudes towards women and relationships than we do, they are better able to tolerate hardship than we are, they are less easily taken advantage of materially and financially than we are. But these very advantages of theirs represent lethal competition to us. And while some people would simply say, "well, this proves they are better than us" I do not believe that wringing all slack color and compassion out of human life so that all can "enjoy" a grim and joyless toil is progress.

The Asiatic MUST be excluded and controlled. There is literally nothing more vital than this.

7fb59e  No.12104160


Just dive into the nearest sewer and you'll get virtually the same experience

e9ccd3  No.12104183

People talk about Asians. People say nice things about them, that they're smart, that they're nicely dressed and put together, that they're qt 3.14s. People talk shit about them, call them insects, call them robots, call them ayy lmaos. But really, let's get down to it, what's the difference between them - and us?

The main thing that's different is this: ASIANS HAVE BEEN CIVILISED FOR FAR, FAR LONGER THAN WHITES.

I don't mean this in a negative or positive sense, particularly, I mean in in the literal sense. They have lived in nations with large population centers, bustling trade, complex social systems, writing, plumbing, and all that we associate with early civilization for thousands of years before whites.

Imagine you fly over North America and East Asia right now. You will see the same things: bustling cities, bright lights, jam-packed highways. In rural areas, you will see neat, planned out farms with orderly farm buildings and modern irrigation. Now, suppose you take your time machine, and slowly drift back in time. As you leave the 21st, 20th, 19th and eventually 18th and 17th centuries behind, you will naturally see modern civilization disappear in both parts of the world. But as you speed up in time, flying past 1000AD, 1AD and even 1000BC and 2000BC, you will notice something peculiar.

Europe appears practically uninhabited, while China looks more or less the same in say 1500BC as it does in 500 AD. That is to say, it has the same moderately concentrated population over 1000 years. While in Europe, true urban areas are practically unknown, China boasts cities of as much as 100,000 people long before such things were even conceived of in Europe. Its rural areas are also congested by Western standards, which has profound consequences on our development respectively.

Why does this matter? What difference does it make?

The difference it makes is this, put bluntly:


Now of course, Europeans have fought each other in war, possibly as much as if not more than anyone. But the kind of competition I'm talking about is the relatively peaceful, economic kind.

The average European in say, 1500 was living in a relatively (by modern standards) sparce, rural community. While in Europe, land scarcity was a problem in some areas, land congestion became an issue much, much later than it did in China. For the vast majority of people, competing with others for resources came second to co-operation. Sure there were wars and fights with outsiders, but within the group, in relative terms, there was far less of it.

On the other hand, in East Asia particularly Southern China, long periods of land scarcity and population congestion bred the sort of introverted, competitive mentality that didn't become the norm in the West until late industrial modernization. Developing skills, strengths, co-operation and creativity all took a back seat to the need to outcompete others, both within AND without the group.

Europeans like to imagine themselves as individualists, but in actual fact, they are the most co-operative and group-minded in the world by instinct.

This is why you will find that wherever Europeans are in competition with Asiatics for resources, the European is on the backfoot. In peaceful economic competition with Asians, Europeans will always lose, simply because they literally haven't been bred to compete, but to co-operate. This is why whites historically were so incredibly hostile to Asian immigrants, they were neither so naive or so arrogant as to assume that they could compete with any group, anywhere, at any time.

But not only does Asian hypercompetition make them callous towards one another, this naturally extends towards animals too. When you don't have the luxury of being too altruistic to strangers, you absolutely can't be altruistic to animals. Anything that gets in the way of you extracting economic value from ANYTHING is a lethal danger. Hence…

7c5ae1  No.12106953


See >>12103535

Be careful, whitey.

t. Hongkonger





You have your own ethnostate, we have ours.


Fair point

bb0ef8  No.12107048

great, now we have to deal with the chink shills too

1e46a7  No.12107190

File: 6f5672097e7d11d⋯.jpg (552.45 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, World War III.jpg)



>rants on and on

>full of himself

>writes, thinks and communicates like a total faggot

Found the (((Anglo-Saxon)))

2b7290  No.12117832


Give em the gas, for gweilo abroad though, redpill at all cost.

t. HongKonger

907300  No.12117843


>necro bumping this chink shill thread that the mods have for some reason not bumplocked

But yes fuck the chinks.

907300  No.12117845


>forgot to sage


f3a1e8  No.12132198


>The Chinese truly admire white Americans.

Unfortunately for them it isn't mutual.

We should have nuked China instead of Japan and blamed it on our public education system.

7fd33e  No.12132945

Has anyone else noticed an awful lot of Chinese 'news' and culture being promoted on Twitter recently? As in recommended accounts, promoted posts, suggestions that have nothing to do with your interests.

7fd33e  No.12133011


>they've even been hilariously trolled by anons posting pictures of "based Asian qts"

Yet there are an alarming number of supposed white people here who genuinely enjoy, even idolize, the cringeworthiest elements of Japanese culture and anime in particular. Does that not seem at odds with the essence of what (we claim) to believe? This place can be good for discussion but too often there is a sense that many posters are not NS or even N, but have taken up the issue as some bizarre 'fuck you' to Western culture; where autists are easily identified for their lack of personality and obsessions.

4bf8be  No.12133029


>i already made a lifelong irreversable mistake

>my kids are mutts but i still browse /pol/

>jews push race mixing but its too late for me

>youre a pissant jewboy for pointing that out


a78954  No.12133037

>it's not so bad once you…..

its china you mong, communist fucking china… kill the first police man you can find steal his gun and shoot everyone

f5edbc  No.12133058


These people are scum tbh. I lived in japan for half a year because ‘roids are legal there and you can score a modeling gig for an easy visa if you’re a decent looking eastern-euro and I can say firsthand that these people are the same /sickfucks/ pushing all forms of degeneracy on /b/ here.

WeChat is also ran by the Chinese government which bough xkeyscore from the NSA. Don’t use it. Use telegram instead.

f5edbc  No.12133063



f5edbc  No.12133082

>I doubt tencent shares data with the NSA

wanna know how I know you work for tencent?

eee064  No.12133621

File: 25f3a194e2163a2⋯.png (955.77 KB, 2044x2684, 511:671, 1534103846118.png)

File: 1b264482f813fad⋯.jpg (191.12 KB, 800x542, 400:271, -.jpg)

God bless China.

db65a5  No.12133631


Woah so China's on track from a Communist shithole to a South Korea style Christian shithole? What an astonishing improvement!

eee064  No.12133646

File: bb3bfb5d2fab807⋯.jpg (321.84 KB, 1600x746, 800:373, 1533417152939.jpg)

File: f8d96cb8d00c4d2⋯.jpg (114.6 KB, 1071x738, 119:82, 1536106150155.jpg)


Shitpost and receive a shitpost, my good sir.

db65a5  No.12133670


Nationalist sentiment is becoming more common in Asia, and many high-ranking officials of the Chinese government are on its side, and are aware of the perfidious Jew. Too bad for Christians too, because this Nationalism also recognizes Christianity as a foreign cancer that must be excised.

eee064  No.12133680

File: dad6a52d0830fe6⋯.jpg (20.02 KB, 290x320, 29:32, 1490945208987.jpg)


So many fedora experts.

76c517  No.12133684


>Worst Korea


Oh so that feminist sex cult that ran the country was christrian and not (((satanic)))?

a3c0e2  No.12133695


Last time the Chinese tried to go Christian tens of millions of people died in what would be known as the Taiping Rebellion.

8270e6  No.12133696


>download literal communist chinese spyware

>trust me goy!


db65a5  No.12133704


The Christianity was the AIDS that made Worst Korea vulnerable to the Megalia Cult. This is why Best Korea banned Christianity.


Go suck nigger toes on /christian/, cuckold.

eee064  No.12133853

File: feebd3994298a2c⋯.jpg (61.36 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 1516580850059.jpg)

f34450  No.12135024


We don't want chinks swarming all over /pol/. If you thought reddit was bad, wait until a billion bugmen start chinking out over here.

f34450  No.12135075


I could find pictures in the US like that if I cherrypicked them as hard as you. Also, algae is not pollution. If the water was so toxic, the algae would be dead.

f34450  No.12135124


>T-Square Mass.acre.

These chink shills can't even say the words while posing as us. Pathetic, your kind will always stand put like a sore thumb.

e4bd20  No.12135347

File: 59c95389751e75c⋯.png (74.38 KB, 260x887, 260:887, 666 version.png)

Livestock currency.

583801  No.12155079


fuck china and fuck the chinks

59f056  No.12155132

File: 83f6c8c35228be2⋯.jpg (176.99 KB, 1400x1235, 280:247, china eggs cooked in piss.jpg)

File: 1ce47733aa1cb1c⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 554x428, 277:214, china medicine bottle.jpg)

File: 26d346087b68599⋯.jpg (70.07 KB, 1247x803, 1247:803, china billboard.jpg)

File: dce4d424c674208⋯.jpg (293.11 KB, 3696x2456, 462:307, china silent hill.jpg)

File: 45f3211c8ffe16a⋯.mp4 (12.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, chinese bulldozer fight.mp4)

it is just absolutely amazing how many chinks there are on /pol/ posing as white men kek. Reminder that chinks are just as bad as jews. And when the kikes get wiped out, the chinks are next.

907300  No.12155143


Some pollution can cause algae blooms retard.


>T-Square Mass.acre

Fucking lmao, cucked by CPC surveillance.




>it is just absolutely amazing how many chinks there are on /pol/ posing as white men kek.

It's hilarious, I mean what do they even hope to accomplish here?

8571fc  No.12155148

It's amazing the slides that are allowed by the kikes in charge. They all die.

8571fc  No.12155154

It's amazing how fucking small these threads are without jews fucking it up.

4bc590  No.12155163

File: d891710414af722⋯.webm (8.34 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Chinese Dozer Fight.webm)


chinese dozer fight with music

59f056  No.12155169

File: 37145f650751172⋯.gif (5.27 MB, 440x480, 11:12, chinese merchant.gif)

File: f26efeb90a8e97f⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 3888x2592, 3:2, china silent hill 2.jpg)

File: 8234b2a6ed427af⋯.png (385.01 KB, 700x359, 700:359, gutter oil cooking.png)


>It's hilarious, I mean what do they even hope to accomplish here?

This WeChat thing is basically a more streamlined and normalcattle version of Tencent QQ (which is mostly used for their shitty games). Both of which are owned by Tencent, and I'm inclined to believe that Tencent is ran directly by the Chinese government. So all of this is some kind of honeypot to gather info on the gweilo. Reminder that chinks are inferior to the nips.

b003e6  No.12155240


Ahahaha wtf

b8257d  No.12155299


>Oy vey

>muh CPC shills

Can your CPC shills post this?


Anyway, that incident was widely misreported by Western press and it was actually the government which was targeted with violence. That's why the above poster said the massacre was warranted.

b8257d  No.12155308


>I remarried my 3d Asian waifu from China

The constant hatred of China from the Western press is turning some Chinese against Whites. Some of them might even blame your wife for marrying you. But, I hope the relation between Western People (not kike controlled government) and China improves and this bad feelings go away.

>inb4 1989年天安門廣場大屠殺

b8257d  No.12155315

b8257d  No.12155347


This is correct.


>The latter people are likely subversive shills, and I will stand by my words.

They are kikes from NED. See below.

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is headed by Carl Gershman. In 1968, he worked in

the research department of B'nai B'rith, and in 1972 he served on the Governing Council of the

American Jewish Committee.

Here is a list of projects NED funds:

China (mainland):

- Advancing Women’s Rights: $60,000

- Assistance for Human Rights Defenders: $272,000

(Probably money for an organization called Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) which has no

street address, but two persons employed in Washington DC and one in Hong Kong,


- Building Advocacy Capacity and Empowering Civil Society to Protect Human Rights: $412,300

- Capacity Building for Human Rights Defenders: $300,000

(Probably also for Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD))

- Combating Censorship and Supporting Free Expression: China Digital Times, Inc. : $340,000

(https://chinadigitaltimes.net. No street address is given, but it is: «Supported by the Berkeley Counter-

Power Lab»)

- Defending and Assisting Rights Defenders: $60,000

(Probably also for Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD))

- Defending Journalists’ Rights: $65,000

- Democratic China Electronic Journal, Democratic China, Inc.: $180,000

(This is the same organization as the one late Liu Xiaobo and his wife Liu Xia’s had. For their NED-

funding during the years 2005-2010, see: https://blog.hiddenharmonies.org/2017/07/13/liu-xiaobo-rip-


- Empowering Environmental Rights Activists: $110,570

- Empowering Workers: $75,000

- Engaging Critical Analysis and Political Discourse: $140,000

- Ensuring Free and Open Access to Online Information: $200,100

- Humanitarian Assistance for Human Rights Defenders: $40,000

(Probably also for Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD))

- Monitoring Media Freedom, Freedom House: $85,000

- Promoting Democratic Ideas and Values: $150,000

b8257d  No.12155348


- Promoting Democratic Values, Wei Jingsheng Foundation, Inc.: $68,100

(Wei got in 1997 «National Endowment for Democracy Award». The foundation is based in

Washington DC, http://weijingsheng.org)

- Providing Information and Analysis on China’s Human Rights, China Change: $73,000

(Washington DC, https://chinachange.org)

- Raising Public Awareness of Civil Society Developments in China, Center for International Private

Enterprise (CIPE): $215,643

(Washington DC, https://www.cipe.org)

- Religious Freedom, Rights Defense, and Rule of Law: $40,000

- Strengthening Civil Society for Policy and Legal Accountability: $172,000

- Strengthening Organizational and Advocacy Capacity for Community-Based Organizations: $110,000

- Strengthening the Rule of Law to Protect Human Rights and Public Participation Rule of Law:


- Strengthening Worker Rights and Representation: $90,000

- Supporting and Empowering Human Rights Lawyers: $238,000

(Probably China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group in Hong Kong, http://www.chrlawyers.hk/en)

- Supporting Civic Participation in Public Governance, Center for International Private Enterprise

(CIPE): $234,160

(Washington DC, https://www.cipe.org)

- Supporting Free Expression and Open Debate, Princeton China Initiative: $40,000

(Connected with Perry Link, http://www.princeton.edu/paw/archive_new/PAW04-05/08-


- Supporting Grassroots NGOs: $90,000

- Supporting Labor Rights: $63,500

- Sustaining Civil Society in a Repressive Operating Environment, International Republican Institute

(IRI): $600,000

(Washington DC, https://www.iri.org)

-Worker Rights Awareness, Solidarity Center (SC): $335,650

(Washington DC, https://www.solidaritycenter.org)


- A Symposium for Tibetan Intellectuals and Artists, Filming for Tibet: $60,000

b8257d  No.12155349


(Switzerland, http://www.filmingfortibet.org)

- Amplifying Voices from Tibet, The Tibet Relief Fund of the United Kingdom: $22,150

(London, http://www.tibetrelieffund.co.uk)

- Building Networks in Defense of Rights and the Environment, Students for a Free Tibet, Inc.: $40,000

(New York, https://www.studentsforafreetibet.org)

- Demton Khang, The Tibet Museum: $210,000

(Dharamsala, India, http://tibetmuseum.org)

- Empowering a New Generation of Tibetan Leaders, Rights Action Lab Inc.: $50,000

(No address. But they write: Rights Action Lab is incorporated in the United States as a Not-for-Profit

Organization, http://rightsactionlab.org)

- Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy: $35,500

(Dharamsala, http://tchrd.org)

- International Advocacy for Human Rights in Tibet, Tibet Justice Center: $58,000

(Oakland, CA, http://www.tibetjustice.org)

- Promoting Conflict Resolution and Democratic Processes, Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution:


(Dharamsala, http://www.tccr.org)

- Strengthening International Support for Human Rights in Tibet, International Tibet Network:


(San Francisco, CA, https://tibetnetwork.org)

- Strengthening the Tibetan Movement, Campaigning and Leadership Training Students for a Free

Tibet, Inc.: $50,000

(New York, https://www.studentsforafreetibet.org)

- Tibet Express Newspaper, Khawa Karpo Tibet Culture Centre: $35,000

(Dharamsala, http://tibetexpress.net)

- Tibet Times Newspaper, Tibetan Literacy Society: $43,000

(Probably Dharamsala, http://tibettimes.net)

- Tibetan Community Development Fund Inc.: $33,000

(Washington DC, https://tibetoffice.org/tdcf-under-construction)

- Voice of Tibet: Independent Shortwave Tibetan Radio: $34,700

b8257d  No.12155351


(Based in Norway, https://www.vot.org)


- Advocacy and Outreach for Uyghur Human Rights, Uyghur Human Rights Project: $310,000

(Washington DC, https://uhrp.org)

- Uyghur Human Rights Advocacy, World Uyghur Congress: $246,000

(Munich, Germany, http://www.uyghurcongress.org/en)

Hong Kong:

- Expanding Worker Rights and Democracy, Solidarity Center (SC): $130,800

(Washington DC, https://www.solidaritycenter.org)

- Strengthening Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Protection: $105,000

- Supporting Civic Engagement on Fundamental Rights, National Democratic Institute for International

Affairs (NDI): $300,000

(Washington DC, https://www.ndi.org)

b3f25b  No.12155541


The sex is only temporary. Family is forever.

a8fb35  No.12156867


>It's not anonymous.


>You have to hook up a phone number.

there are a dozen free apps with permanent phone numbers that you can use

a8fb35  No.12156883


that image made me lol

its been a while, that ive laughed so heartily


000000  No.12156939


You tech illiterate-types are pretty annoying. There are quite a few great choices for communication and you choose the one controlled by the chinese government? I would put that near the bottom of the list, right next to the facebook and google programs.

Riot/Matrix is looking good so far, XMPP is farily secure, tox is excellent and made by our people, mastadon is superior to twitter, even fucking IRC is better than the dogshit you brainlets keep trotting out.

0aa389  No.12157860

File: 9bc5b510e416abf⋯.jpg (190.18 KB, 1405x848, 1405:848, EnFbook.jpg)

9b51c4  No.12158997

File: 7aba6766821636a⋯.jpg (57.13 KB, 604x477, 604:477, 9809FABB83.jpg)


>>a White creating more enemies for Whites to deal with

6af03b  No.12159301

So, when do we all go back to IRC?

000000  No.12160284


>You have to hook up a phone number.

use telegram then, it's encrypted

Messages can also be sent with client-to-client encryption in so-called secret chats. These messages are encrypted with the service's MTProto protocol.[77] Unlike Telegram's cloud-based messages, messages sent within a secret chat can be accessed only on the device upon which the secret chat was initiated and the device upon which the secret chat was accepted; they cannot be accessed on other devices.[32][68][78] Messages sent within secret chats can, in principle, be deleted at any time and can optionally self-destruct.[79]

Secret chats have to be initiated and accepted by an invitation, upon which the encryption keys for the session are exchanged. Users in a secret chat can verify that no man-in-the-middle attack has occurred by comparing pictures that visualize their public key fingerprints.[80]

According to Telegram, secret chats have supported perfect forward secrecy since December 2014. Encryption keys are periodically changed after a key has been used more than 100 times or has been in use for more than a week.[81] Old encryption keys are destroyed.[57][58][82] .

000000  No.12160296


unironically cute and I can see her making almost aryan children if you have strong features

000000  No.12160305


This is the problem with you cucks.. white guy with cute asian girlfriend posts decent real photos, you post idealized photos with nonexistent or rare white women…

5bd077  No.12166887


>eggs cooked in piss

Holy shit is that real? Like do they have a reason for it or is it just to be dicks.


>It's hilarious, I mean what do they even hope to accomplish here?

The CCP are notorious for throwing money and manpower at literally anything they think will help in even the slightest way. They're probably trying to dissuade us from out anti-communist stances and/or convince us that they're "totally based" or something.

To any chinks out there

Tiananmen Square June 4th 1989





26c5d3  No.12168259


No, the app is monitored by the chinks and they do not even try to keep that a secret. At least with other apps with end to end encryption (Telegram, Signal and maybe Whatsapp, though debateable since it is owned by (((facebook) you still have security, at least until the decryption keys are handed over to the secret services. So far that didn't happen with Telegram.

000000  No.12169017


Don't even mention the kiked messengers. We have good ones like Riot we don't need the shit ones. Daily reminder not to use Discord.

000000  No.12169129

Telegram and WeChat are basically the same thing.

Telegram was made by Russians, WeChat was made by chinkybugs. I trust Russians more than I trust chinkybugs, and you should too.

7ef3bc  No.12169143





57e100  No.12169840

File: ca579020bf8efbd⋯.jpg (89.32 KB, 618x874, 309:437, IMG_20180919_113926.jpg)

File: dd05de753f2db07⋯.jpg (192.3 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, IMG_20180919_115408.jpg)

File: 096884a836e30a6⋯.jpg (112.53 KB, 720x1212, 60:101, IMG_20180919_115159.jpg)

File: d2c6d70bef49e6c⋯.jpg (158.85 KB, 720x1289, 720:1289, IMG_20180919_115734.jpg)

File: 8438c6afa41cd6e⋯.jpg (146.29 KB, 720x1287, 80:143, IMG_20180919_115526.jpg)


Topkek, bulldozer wrestling.



>not getting it

I'm not looking to chat on this, I'm gathering anons for essentially a small-scale protracted raid on ~1200 expats and a growing number of normies posting abroad. 12 anons have joined a secure group already and we've shifted four small chats and one large one to the right (we still need to drop more racepills and jewpills). Hilariously, the "Zulus are animals" guy used to a pro-EU progressive but has practically 180'd and spends most of the day denouncing Islam and white replacement. Needless to say he's a thorn in the side of his leftist former friends.

However, a libtard Chink (who's actually not in China) has caught on and has prevented my bringing in more anons to another large chat she moderates, slowing our progress there. On the bright side, I've just discovered a new group with 464 members. Will scout ahead there and bring in some allies.

This isn't to mention that there are expat groups for most Western nationalities. They're easy to get in and so if you want to help your countrymen you can do so. I shut down the leftist narrative in the Americans chat but for obvious reasons I cannot get into the other chat groups for Britbongs, Canacucks, etc.

Also, it needn't be said that although WeChat international is operated differently from China's WeChat and their servers are not accessible from China, you really should be using a burner phone as you would for other projects. If you haven't considered this you're retarded.

Good luck anons and remember:


000000  No.12169889


I rushed to conclusions, godspeed anon.

694419  No.12170020


I think about the same thing. Chinese social media is not kiked, and they don't care about any of the kike taboos that the likes constantly kvetch about. All the Chinese care about is their own political issues and keeping subversion out of the country, which doesn't matter for us since we're not trying to overthrow the Chinese government.

Chinese banks are good for moving money around. Chinese CC processors and banks would be good alternatives to PayPal and pattern and any other liked tools for receiving money.

694419  No.12170027


You're a low IQ shitskin or a kike.China has not been "communist" since Deng Xiaoping's market reforms of 1978 (that's 40 years ago). They are hyper-capitalist and kike free. Tiananmen was a like job to try to overthrow the Chinese government by instigating a student rebellion. It was organized by guys like Soros and Gene sharp (he wrote an influential book called "from dictatorship to democracy" - about non-violent political revolutions).

67238e  No.12170074

File: af888e60101e7d6⋯.jpg (36.62 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ItsABigOneBait.jpg)


While China has long abandoned Maoism, I would be hesitant to consider them any sort of model or safe haven. China does have a lot of issues, after all.

Also, this may be an attempt to shill this thread as others were doing before. This thread is neither pro-China or anti-China but is merely using a foreign platform to redpill normies in a censorship-free setting (by Kikebook standards, at least). CPC (or whoever else) shills may be trying to shut this thread down by promoting a pro-China sentiment, inviting a reaction that would implicate this project by association.

2f48a8  No.12170177


The best feature about her is her small nose. Almost looks like a cat's nose.

b50db7  No.12174671

File: 0c3de7d6ab5553b⋯.jpg (92.22 KB, 623x883, 623:883, IMG_20180921_001120.jpg)

Some nigger temporarily compromised the group by sharing the QR code outside /pol/. Booted him and his ilk and now it's fine. Here's a new code.

7d5e5a  No.12174728

The 5 yuan army and the Chinese patriotic youth volunteers were out in full force in this thread. WeChat is top botnet. Just try running it with XPrivacy.

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