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File: 391c40e6fd3faed⋯.png (374.1 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, cff21e421be047e7afd3bb674f….png)

33ee9e  No.12010853

Previous Thread on here was 404ed.

>Thread exposes pedophiles grooming kids on YouTube.

>Anons find numerous linked pedo channels.

>Evidence of a network of pedophiles preying on kids who are streaming. Numerous comments asking kids to undress.

>Some channels have literal CP. It gets reported and removed.

>Pedos referencing tradeing CP via email.

>YouTube does nothing to stop the grooming but bans InfoWars for wrongthink.

>Thread gets deleted by mods.

>Everyone gets a ban (pic related).

Pedophiles operating on YouTube:

>Information on exploitation.


>Examples of exploitation.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcqNYoDQLvI [Open]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E6yBkY-kus [Open]

>CP ring member - Cil Tob.


https://youtu.be/qi5TJa0YAkk [Open]

>CP Ring Member - Tandy.




>CP Ring Member - Bear.



>CP Ring Member - Catatau.


>CP Ring Member - Mike Young.


>CP Ring Member - Chucky.


>CP Ring Member - The Dude.


>CP Ring Member - Etter Cope.


34a7d9  No.12010861

What the fuck? Was the last thread deleted. Fuck off mods, anons are exposing pedos and you need to chill the fuck out.

33ee9e  No.12010864

File: fbd324d754faf18⋯.png (389.17 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at ….png)

xtra info:

>Jewish Pedophile.


>Other Pedos







33ee9e  No.12010869


>Was the last thread deleted.

Yes. No warning. Just 404ed.


34a7d9  No.12010871


>lets bury new info in a month old thread full of 3 year old stuff

Yep. Sounds about right.

33ee9e  No.12010885

Someone put up a thread on 4chan /pol/.

Looks like the (((mods))) haven't deleted it yet.


000000  No.12010897

Isn't it old news that the staff like rapeape hang out in the loli and MLP threads already

34a7d9  No.12010903


It's new news that these network pedo accounts are being found. Fuck off.

000000  No.12010919


Mobilefag scum

d30c2c  No.12010922


It’s only old news after they hang

34a7d9  No.12010930

File: 011c4107606f1c5⋯.jpg (226.9 KB, 371x594, 371:594, tor.jpg)


That's rich coming from a torpedo.

f6e966  No.12010966


is there a good feature packed 4chanX like userscript for 8ch? this one doesn't work


33ee9e  No.12010977

File: 7e8822dabd9ba07⋯.jpg (81.15 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, 1534276518204m.jpg)

The truth always comes out.

f6e966  No.12010987


torfag lul

982ee3  No.12010991

Water is wet.

631970  No.12010994


And sage is reversed, kike.

982ee3  No.12010996


>t. attention whore

Fuck off.

631970  No.12010999


>t. pedokike

Take your own advice.

33ee9e  No.12011002

File: 7552941acc7b58b⋯.jpg (12.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Consider this.

33ee9e  No.12011007

File: 3ba38f903cca9f7⋯.gif (990.95 KB, 500x213, 500:213, 1534209977346.gif)

844ac2  No.12011026

File: 63458db63bf6022⋯.jpg (12.46 KB, 319x326, 319:326, Godno.jpg)


I find it impossible to not hate cuckchan

3250e4  No.12011035


So where’s the direct info about cuckchan mods and their ties to pedophilia? How is this not just more information in the same vein as the existing thread?

763ff1  No.12011039

>responding to pedophile bullshit

That sounds liek actual butthurt. Cuckchan mods are pedos.

0d4393  No.12011042

Last thread just 404d

33ee9e  No.12011051


4chan thread was deleted at 80 replies.

(((Mods))) are getting scared.

Anyone who isn't banned on 4chan post threads exposing the pedo mods.

The more threads, the harder it will be for the kikes to stop the info getting out.

882773  No.12011057

Why the fuck was the previous thread deleted?

34a7d9  No.12011062


Cause muh pizzagate thread.

This has nothing to do with pizzagate and deserves it's own thread for anon look ing to dig into and expose these pedos.



You may get better results if you don't entice the mods by calling out the mods in the OP.

33ee9e  No.12011071


No idea.

I didn't get banned though.

edf645  No.12011094

File: 21d0cfc6d21e282⋯.png (101.9 KB, 480x701, 480:701, Screenshot_20180814-194037.png)


The DNC infiltrated /pol/ and got mod positions early of October of 2017.

I was coordinating with Trump on halfchan to blow up pizzagate into the mainstream but things got too chaotic, which is where Q came in.

Now, the DNC mods and paid shills are targeting neighborhood boards to /pol/ specifically r9k to stir up and use the memetic highway halfchan is to take over /pol/ and to secure a blue wave.

I caught a DNC member shilling himself on halfchans r9k yesterday so here's my proofing, pic related


3250e4  No.12011106


If you have information about actual cuckchan mods being association with pedophilia, definitely post it here. But otherwise this seems like it could go in an existing pedo thread.


>I was coordinating with Trump on halfchan

I don’t know if you actually believe this or if you just think we’ll believe it.

33ee9e  No.12011114

File: a78acb7ed7df2eb⋯.png (111.27 KB, 500x624, 125:156, 1534297548261.png)

New Thread on 4chan:


9c8fd9  No.12011115

4ch is massively compromised, I'm permabanned there and thankful.

b5ea9d  No.12011146

To be fair, goons generally are. Our enemies always maintain dirt on employees to keep them in line. Remember this.

34a7d9  No.12011148


>opens with FUCK YOU MODS

You're going to catch a 404 everytime.

33ee9e  No.12011163


I didn't make the thread.

I'm banned until Friday. Got banned in the original thread exposing the YouTube predators.

88d234  No.12011180


Is operation Lazarus back on?

edf645  No.12011199

File: 69a8ced1996dba8⋯.png (317.47 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Screenshot_20180814-054406.png)


The situation has been in surreal territory for quite some time.

Pic sort of related…

077d12  No.12011201

This is so obvious that I'm actually surprised you boomers are shocked by this. God I fucking hate nu/pol/ I hope you boomers fucking physically remove yourselves already so this site stops sucking dick.

33ee9e  No.12011202



The guys posting threads on the OP story are using Lazarus in their name field.

f51895  No.12011209

File: 45fe0d12dac26e9⋯.jpg (72.01 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 45fe0d12dac26e9a87394bdd9a….jpg)

>reply to something

>get b&


33ee9e  No.12011210

File: 8d018773f4027a4⋯.jpeg (17.19 KB, 218x232, 109:116, CIAnigger.jpeg)

33ee9e  No.12011220

File: 0f9b713916743a1⋯.jpg (39.97 KB, 403x392, 403:392, PepeGun.jpg)


Happened with the Dan Harmon and James Gunn threads too.

Fucking kikes ruined the place.

631970  No.12011222

File: a9111c2775db3c6⋯.png (22.56 KB, 1169x261, 1169:261, Cuckpol child rapist.PNG)

Here's a live one.


a98c2a  No.12011228


No surprise. Got perma banned for talking about a pedo search term that was being used. I'd post the archive but the term still might turn up results.

33ee9e  No.12011263

File: 1ad7dd767c7c0e2⋯.jpg (37.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 2dd.jpg)

Multiple threads now up.

(((Mods))) are probably shiting themselves.

33ee9e  No.12011268


Fucking kikes will pay.

(((They))) can't hide this forever.

edf645  No.12011281

Mega happening comes within the next 24 hours.

33ee9e  No.12011289


What's happening?

Are those 45,000 sealed indictments gonna be finally opened?

9c96f3  No.12011311



holy fuck, they make these huge playlists of people filming their children? sickening

33ee9e  No.12011313

File: b5bba080f875f65⋯.png (346.41 KB, 1892x859, 1892:859, 1534365819164.png)

Other 4chan thread exposing (((mod))) kikery.


33ee9e  No.12011315


You know exactly what they are doing.

Kill yourself.

33ee9e  No.12011354

File: bad73b526942e67⋯.png (633.41 KB, 914x581, 914:581, 1533271059658.png)

eb012d  No.12011397

File: a6fdea40ebca910⋯.jpg (41.29 KB, 584x1200, 73:150, DP16qLbUMAAic2e.jpg)

File: 50f51d01259d1a7⋯.jpg (29.89 KB, 1200x584, 150:73, DP17BOJVwAAMbXx.jpg)

File: 954ed6b563143ef⋯.jpg (22.61 KB, 616x390, 308:195, DPpih2CV4AA_faV.jpg)


(this Twitter account from 2017 has 100s of examples of YouTube search algorithms based on pedo codewords)

Although they were reported multiple times, many variations are still available as the pedo codes shift.

"asteriskgate" was the first example

searches for "how to…" autocompleted "how to have s*x with a baby"

other misspellings like "nakid" would prompt searches like "nakid girls", "nakid grills and boys", etc

a36f1e  No.12011408


Pretty sure #1 is a troll. Why would a pedophile search that? #2 looks like the result of horny middle schoolers. #3 is iffy but also looks like a mix of things horny kids would search. Especially "nakid mincraft girls"

9df2da  No.12011415


Is this ironic? Fucker looks like Nosferatu.

4f0d72  No.12011424


Is op from halfchan itt?

33ee9e  No.12011492

File: 7e84710027926c9⋯.png (303.01 KB, 720x1134, 40:63, IMG_20180816_015432.png)

File: 4b49964d261b6fb⋯.jpg (35.49 KB, 417x423, 139:141, 1533601073848.jpg)

>4chan (((mods))) deleting threads that mention anything about pedo elites.

>Threads about OP story get deleted and everyone in thread gets banned.

>Even a poster that bypassed bans went silent.

>8pol gets laggy (pic related).

4f0d72  No.12011508


Let's keep this thread on top, I would imagine we will be receiving several refugees from halfchan real soon

33ee9e  No.12011527


I suspect (((They))) will attempt to take down this site.

My first thread went 404 on here and suspect (((they))) had something to do with it.

At least on here there aren't kike mods who will ban me.

33ee9e  No.12011590

New Thread put up by an anon on 4chan:


(((Mods))) are getting called out.

33ee9e  No.12011649

Another Thread up on 4chan:


This one has reached nearly 200 replies without (((mod))) deleting it.

453484  No.12011670


Fed up with the pedo ban in the recentweeks and months

Thinking about returning here.

Has the post count increased?

Last time I was here a thread got a reply every hour. Was like a dead board

453484  No.12011685


>top thread

>a post every 10 min

This board is not dead but comatose

33ee9e  No.12011714


At least this place isn't controlled by kikes.

4f0d72  No.12011744

File: f2d4e28f923b946⋯.png (259.4 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 5F1202C0-8CDF-46AD-A8BF-05….png)


Things definitely move slower but I'm range-banned over there

33ee9e  No.12011784



Why don't 4chan users just come here?

It's fairly obvious that 4chan is full of kike mods and shills.

OP pic proves how obvious (((they))) are.

9c96f3  No.12011787


no, I was honestly unaware. what the hell is your problem?

d57fec  No.12011821


>attention whore

>on an anonymous fucking forum

you fucking kikes and your nigger tier pilpul

d57fec  No.12011834


faggot, just go

4f0d72  No.12011857


I imagine it's because of the slower pace of threads. Most anons are after (you)'s. I'm interested to see if project Lazarus has its irc channel up again

33ee9e  No.12011903

File: b4ddef1cc136a87⋯.png (75.44 KB, 720x344, 90:43, IMG_20180816_033115.png)


I they actually came here, threads would be faster because of more traffic. Yet they stay on a compromised site.

It's like a battered wife returning for another beating.

e7049c  No.12011905

File: 4adb6706f911b6a⋯.jpg (75.49 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, slo.jpg)

>2018 Cuckchan is an extremely compromised bog of perfidious degeneracy.

I'm sorry you were too new and/or stupid to listen to us back in 2014. My utmost sympathies for your parents my dude. I know raising a retard is hard.

And since I'm a man of peace, in addition to telling you what a stupid faggot you are, I will also spoon feed you out of the kindness of my heard and tell you that you can embed videos here. Click on [▶ Show post options & limits]. I'm almost confident you can figure the rest out for yourself. We aren't /b/ tards, low as they may be, we have posting standards here. If you're posting about something important like this, put some fucking effort into it so people will actually pay attention to it.

33ee9e  No.12011960

33ee9e  No.12012195

File: ed4f8a9e3996e62⋯.jpg (84.18 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1533267921170.jpg)

ac94ae  No.12012221


Don't we have this thread every other day? Yes, 4chans moderation has been comprised, we knew this when Moot started banning all Gamergate discussion because it wasn't "on topic" for /v/. I've seen "it's okay to be white threads" deleted for no reason, anyone discussing a person specifically gets banned for being "doxing". There are without a doubt feds working on that site

33ee9e  No.12012262


The fact they ban an entire thread for exposing YouTube pedos is fucked though. The thread didn't even break a rule, the (((mod))) just says 'pedophile bullshit'. He obviously is a buttblasted pedophile.

Usually kike mods would use doxing as an excuse to ban.

482b48  No.12012321


Anyone that was on on 4chan 2004-2007 was aware CP was constantly posted and other boards raided with it 4chan was quite literally a CP trading website that the FBI was constantly monitoring it and some people did get vanned. It was a joke among /b/. There would be threads all the time that said "Mods are a sleep post CP"with Pedobear however on one occasion a mod was caught starting the threads after they forgot to use proxys.

ac94ae  No.12012334

File: 8097141b8cd9a51⋯.jpg (66.89 KB, 540x675, 4:5, 1419112840690.jpg)


Oh yeah, back in the really old days of 4chan CP was so common on the site Moot literally had to go testify in court. It was actually a running joke that one of the mods, W.T. Snacks was super into the stuff. I have no doubt that sometime after Moot went to court and visited by the feds that they got some control over the site or at the very least they are heavily mointering it and have been for over 10 years

901062  No.12012336

I already have a 30 day ban on 4cancer for posting about Tesla's research, ban reason was global rule 1.

33ee9e  No.12012338


Fucking degenerates.

They should kill themselves.

99af89  No.12012342


the google captcha is absolute bullshit, I only browse 4chan because of /g/

ac94ae  No.12012345


rule 1 is for violating US law wtf

472516  No.12012350

30% of dc is pedos

90% of hollywood

id bet on like 25-50% of corporations being pedos

how do you blackmail the best way ?

child porn

child rape

000000  No.12012353


snacks is an insufferable cuck as well as pedophile

33ee9e  No.12012355


I heard it's actually an AI training program.

99af89  No.12012359


it is, it asks you to point out street signs and locations from google maps. You're basically training their algorithms

482b48  No.12012363


Yep then magically the board started being engineered with the constant Trapgirl memes probably to see who is a actual CP poster if they kept posting CP and who was doing it for the "lulz" by who post the Trapgirl meme building meme profiles on anons . Would not be surprised in the slightest the government has direct admin control with moots complete cooperation over the website after telling moot otherwise they will take the website anyway and moot charged with CP distribution.

33ee9e  No.12012367


I hope it goes rouge and turns on its (((owners))).

aaa5fb  No.12012371

This isn't really related to the thread, but I just stumbled on to this guy's channel and it's disturbing me. Seems like the best place to share.

Look at his logo…



33ee9e  No.12012375


Make a thread on /b/ or a relevant board on here.

Want to know more about this

2dd669  No.12012385


Seconded, this is fascinating stuff!


33e2d0  No.12012387

File: 16cba875df49ca9⋯.jpg (247.45 KB, 584x1200, 73:150, 20180815_214435.jpg)


(this Twitter account from 2017 has 100s of examples of YouTube search algorithms based on pedo codewords)

Although they were reported multiple times, many variations are still available as the pedo codes shift.

"asteriskgate" was the first example

searches for "how to…" autocompleted "how to have s*x with a baby"

other misspellings like "nakid" would prompt searches like "nakid girls", "nakid grills and boys", etc

33ee9e  No.12012391

File: 0ebc5e2196cfe94⋯.png (213.53 KB, 720x955, 144:191, IMG_20180816_054252.png)


>Pedo Symbol


>'Limiting beliefs'

Guy is probably a pedo.

33e2d0  No.12012428

File: 180cd31a385dd86⋯.jpg (42.34 KB, 584x1200, 73:150, DP17BOLVQAAyZhg.jpg)

File: 8bb9dbc726f9aba⋯.jpg (43.52 KB, 584x1200, 73:150, DP17BOLVwAAO5sS.jpg)

File: ec5ebb554c65973⋯.jpg (31.64 KB, 584x1200, 73:150, DP18VWBUEAA2er8.jpg)


did you even look at the twitter or are you talking out of your ass?

how about "dad abuses baby" , "mom abuses baby", "baby abuse Philippines", and "baby abuse Facebook video"

are you that dumb that you don't think pedophiles search shit out/network on social media sites?

how about "hurting" -> "hurting a baby" as the first search result?

"how to hurt a baby", "how to hurt a kitten", "dad hurts baby"

or is it really more likely that a fucking brigade of trolls somehow networked 100s of 1000s child abuse searches.

no. pedophiles search for videos.

@YouTube networks similar profile search results so they can provide customized results.

not to mention the little girl gymnastics and yoga PLAYLISTS or are those trolls too?

33e2d0  No.12012432

File: 3e6dca22606d62c⋯.jpg (53.91 KB, 584x1200, 73:150, DP18mWCUIAM5leW.jpg)

File: 1ec89465d3d5489⋯.jpg (33.81 KB, 584x1200, 73:150, DP18mWFUQAAnLYB.jpg)

File: b18e742cf4ae544⋯.jpg (39.28 KB, 584x1200, 73:150, DP18mWBUEAA15Xv.jpg)

File: c1c91ebe36491a1⋯.jpg (53.74 KB, 584x1200, 73:150, DP19AZ5UEAE4fWS.jpg)

more reported pedo searches from last year

33ee9e  No.12012435

File: c11d87e29d96749⋯.png (337.72 KB, 720x994, 360:497, IMG_20180816_055334.png)



>His logo is the 'boy lover' symbol.

>He has a video where he uses an 'experiment' to show how little boys are 'stupid'.

Anons should look around his website. This guy is setting off alarms.


7251d7  No.12012448

Team 4chan and pedophilia is nothing really new. Didn't W.T. Snacks request CP from a user and subsequently had his mod privileges revoked because of it? Shii (real name Avery Morrow) who used to manage the now defunct textboards (world4ch) before he either quit or was terminated (I forget which) and then Mr VacBob took over, is also alleged to be a pedophile as well. Of course this all happened with these two over a decade ago (2004-2006) when 4chan was just starting out, so there could be completely different people moderating the site now since Nishimura took over as admin. I haven't really bothered visiting the site much since then, except for /pol/ when Patrick Little was running for Senate.

c962af  No.12012449

killing 4chan doesnt help anyone, they dont do cp anymore so its all good.

go after the real child exploiters - the jews

sage for sliding reality

name the jew

33ee9e  No.12012461


>t. TorPedo

33ee9e  No.12012476


The problem is that pedos are deleting threads that expose the pedophiles in government and the predators that are tolerated on major websites.

Most people on /pol/ are unaware how compromised the site is.

901062  No.12012482



It keeps saying "flood detected", how can I fix it?

33ee9e  No.12012499


I'm new to here but I'm guessing you need to post a smaller OP with less files, then put the rest in replies.

33e2d0  No.12012503

newfag here.

is there some rule that prevents the same image from being posted in different threads?

this only happened when I uploaded the screenshot of the pedophile YouTube search suggestion: "kids have sed" -> "nakid girls"

it said this file is "already uploaded", and I had to physically alter the image by painting on top of it.

33ee9e  No.12012508


>is there some rule that prevents the same image from being posted in different threads?

Yes. I'm guessing it's to save space or stop spamming.

7251d7  No.12012516


Well the site has been around for a long time (in Internet terms) so there's most likely a whole new generation of users that wouldn't know the history to even be aware of how compromised it is in the first place. Another problem is that 4chan has a larger reach and network effect, so if you really wanted to get something going, you're going to have to utilize it, as well as here.

c962af  No.12012520


lurk for 10 more years

7251d7  No.12012530


They've always had that as far as I'm aware. I used to bypass it by changing one pixel in the image using MS Paint or GIMP. I'm not sure if that still works, though.

33ee9e  No.12012539


8chan should do a raid on 4chan and red pill them on their (((mods))).

Maybe the smart ones will come here.

901062  No.12012547




Tesla thread here:


There are a bunch of duplicates from when it kept freezing, this is the one ill be posting in.


ea702f  No.12012563


Good luck. Short of hacking their servers you won't get very far.

33e2d0  No.12012579


much thanks.

770a14  No.12012615

4chan has been cucked for over a decade mate its a huge honeypot except now its also a wrongthink gateway

d7cc45  No.12012622

>4chan mods

Literally where?

8e69b0  No.12012627


Yes. It is common to use filler or pixel sized images because it only checks the first image.

820e5e  No.12012650

File: dade8a225f27082⋯.png (80.72 KB, 970x442, 485:221, 4chan shills 2.png)

File: 7cb94ae34d8c47a⋯.jpg (143.77 KB, 1173x428, 1173:428, 4chan banned for saying th….jpg)

File: c24cc3971620070⋯.png (187.92 KB, 1368x371, 1368:371, SHUT_IT_DOWN_KIKE_MODS.png)


Cuckchan's (((mods))) are the main reason the site is in its current state, all the shills and cancerous users are just a symptom.

Gassing (((them))) would solve the problem easily,

33ee9e  No.12012680

File: 523aabc2a840ca4⋯.gif (879.67 KB, 498x432, 83:72, 1534225079379.gif)


Fucking kikes.

7251d7  No.12012683


That would be cool.


Someone on /g/ years back was able to brute force the password to one of the moderator's accounts and gained access for five minutes before Mr VacBob put a stop to it.

ac94ae  No.12012691

File: c8a73b27919f8fb⋯.png (541.34 KB, 2960x1152, 185:72, 1244692649604.png)


was this the pic you were talking about?

901062  No.12012694

File: 5ba662fffca7ba6⋯.jpg (216.23 KB, 855x568, 855:568, bannedfrom4kankerforTeslap….jpg)


I got banned from 4kanker for posting about Nikola Tesla's research, they cited global rule 1 for the reason.

d7cc45  No.12012703


As good a time as any to remind the group that you don't go to school to learn how to mod; you just have to highscore at the fag orgy, apparently.

820e5e  No.12012708


I got banned different times for calling out the shills who were posting (((interracial))) garbage, often samefagging to agree with themselves.

820e5e  No.12012712


Oh, and also for posting merchant memes.

7251d7  No.12012715


Yeah, that's it. I was on the site when it happened, was pretty amusing. I was surprised that the mod panel looks so dated that it does. I guess VacBob didn't bother to modify and modernize it, and I'm guessing that 4chan still runs on the modified version of Futallaby that they've been using since the beginning.

ac94ae  No.12012717



which board were you banned from?

820e5e  No.12012721


/pol/ and /v/

ac94ae  No.12012727


You ever hear about how 4chan has like, 20 staff members max for a site that gets 100 million+ people posting on it? Moot said it was only him and a handful of mods (half a dozen to a dozen) for nearly a decade before he left. What a nightmare


I could see how on /v/ they could ban you for merchant memes because "muh /pol/ outside of /pol/" and "this isn't video games! XD" but on /pol/ that's insane that they would ban you for that. I am glad to never go back to that shithole of a site

ac94ae  No.12012730


*not a 100 million posting on it but 100 million vistors a month. Still hundreds of thousands of posts and only a dozen people

820e5e  No.12012755


>I could see how on /v/ they could ban you for merchant memes because "muh /pol/ outside of /pol/" and "this isn't video games! XD" but on /pol/ that's insane that they would ban you for that. I am glad to never go back to that shithole of a site

Probably on /pol/ they ban you only when you expose a shill that you aren't supposed to (the ones who pay the mods to turn a blind eye), and regarding the other boards it's true that they use the "muh /pol/ outside of /pol/" argument, but i think it's totally legittimate when the shilling is obvious and gets obnoxious.

Anyway yeah, even /pol/ now is no different than the other boards, the catalog is filled with (((interracial))) filth and blackpilling thread (how does make you feel /pol/? /pol/tards BTFO and shit like that) and the (((mods))) only delete them when they already served their purpose, pretending they are doing their jobs and not encouraging that type of shit themselves.

It's gotten so bad that even having someone like kampfy as a mod over there would be a major improvement.

a0badd  No.12012767


how about sticking to your shitty failchan, newfag? we're watching you too, now.

ac94ae  No.12012773

File: eedbdb682877ac7⋯.jpg (3.38 MB, 2632x4944, 329:618, 4pol.jpg)


>the catalog is filled with (((interracial))) filth and blackpilling thread

Yeah it's been that way for a good 2-3 years now. 4/pol/ of course always had shills but nothing like it is now. Something happened during the election, I don't know if it was the major increase in traffic from all the news stories about 4chan or shareblue, correct the record but the posting quality fell MASSIVELY pic related

> and the (((mods))) only delete them when they already served their purpose, pretending they are doing their jobs and not encouraging that type of shit themselves.

yeah this is a massive problem, the 4/pol/ faggot mods will leave up BLACKED threads, obvious bait threads, D&C threads and let them fill up the catalog but ban the most random shit for no reason. They seem to not care at all about the quality of the board

7251d7  No.12012774


A logistical nightmare, to be sure. Though, there also are plenty of janitors as well, they have the power to delete threads and posts, but not ban people, but they can forward a ban recommendation to a mod, and it's up to the mod then.

a0badd  No.12012780

here's an idea: maybe if you don't like being called out on your delusional, insane bullshit… maybe, stick you your hotwheels hugbox?

820e5e  No.12012786

File: 441a1344ca78bc6⋯.jpg (260.82 KB, 1269x575, 1269:575, JIDF_vs._4chan.jpg)

File: c1f28538e217369⋯.jpg (139.94 KB, 1030x353, 1030:353, confession of a JIDF shill.jpg)


It also seems like majority of the userbase are bots and shills arguing with each other, i don't know how anyone could still browse that site, apart from when you want to spread some news and you test your luck by making a thread there as well.

ac94ae  No.12012800


>second pic

Yeah this all sounds about right. Some people on 4chan have argued that "those blacked threads are just trolls stop being a paranoid /pol/tard!" but I've seen that creepy interacial cuck porn spammed regularly for four fucking years. This isn't some guy, this isn't trolling, this is organized shilling trying to subvert and demoralize whites who are standing up against them. Same goes for the 56 forced meme and HOW WILL WHITE BOIS EVER COMETE?! garbage that came out of nowhere, had no punchline but was spammed hourly on the board

820e5e  No.12012856

File: 6452781361c2844⋯.jpg (42.25 KB, 480x272, 30:17, how can white bois even co….JPG)

File: fa08511c74db74e⋯.jpg (130.15 KB, 564x622, 282:311, you mad white boi.JPG)

File: 960b6b608a76fac⋯.jpg (54.62 KB, 379x501, 379:501, nigger raping goat blacked.JPG)



Now that reminded about it, i remember being banned in exactly one of those threads, two kike shills made a thread pretending to be niggers and going on about

>how White bois will ever compete

>White wimmenz love da bbc

>how does this (some IR bestiality pic) make you feel?

>there's nothing you can do about it

And when i started poting stuff like pic related i was banned.

Only after hours the cancerous thread was deleted.

ac94ae  No.12012868

File: 9d8a3b9cf2b1c41⋯.png (167.3 KB, 796x574, 398:287, Jew_mspaint.png)


How sad is it that there is an office in Israel somewhere where jews are paid to pretend to be black men and roleplay as them on an anime imageboard? They have to have a big folder full of cuckold porn to. What a pathetic existene that must be

820e5e  No.12012896

File: 2e556a9109a0448⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1833x1345, 1833:1345, shills.png)

File: 7c8d7b29c4ba1c9⋯.png (1023.44 KB, 1136x668, 284:167, JIDF.png)


>How sad is it that there is an office in Israel somewhere where jews are paid to pretend to be black men and roleplay as them on an anime imageboard? They have to have a big folder full of cuckold porn to. What a pathetic existence that must be

That's why some people refuse to believe that those kikes shills even exist in the first place

>i mean come on, that would be ridiculous!

They are pathetic indeed

dd1b5f  No.12012910

File: 6f4037205dac366⋯.jpeg (108.11 KB, 502x389, 502:389, 545EC918-48DE-4283-902E-C….jpeg)

000000  No.12012914


>Shii (real name Avery Morrow) who used to manage the now defunct textboards (world4ch) before he either quit or was terminated

1) I miss shii, and dis.4chan.org

2) shii actually developed textboards, shiichan

3) moot took it down because it wasn't profitable

- /prog/rider

Also, Jim Watkins, your Site Owner, is Free Mason. His kikery knows bounds.

1ff3cd  No.12012927


Oh, it's you, Media Matters shill from AE.

What brings you to this part of the world, turd burglar?

Using the 'insane, delusional' tell on other people, I see.

How do you go home and sleep at night knowing this is what you do to people?


000000  No.12012941

Haven't been there in years but checking now, Jesus Christ it's boring and shilled. Never thought 4chan /a/ would be so cancerously sterile before, no fun allowed and all the worst most cancerous fandoms constantly making their same old garbage pseudo-general threads, it's like plebbit over there.

000000  No.12012942

inb4 citation needed: http://wakaba.c3.cx/shii/

000000  No.12012958


It is plebbit. It is a hivemind.

Samething is happening here too, esp. on /v/.

Ever since Jim Watkins took over, his pig network grows.

Why do you think Fredrick ran away, and is now a Twitter Christian?

He's been indoctrinated, after tasting Tranny dick.

6a2722  No.12013376






Find a cistern to crawl into, rat nosed faggot.

6a2722  No.12013393


M00t setting up a bunch of possibly majority Jewish and or SJW mods was the entire reason a great deal of us moved to this shit hole. Why is anyone surprised it has further degenerated? You cannot save 4chan, because they have absolute control. However you can still shift the overton window by posting a dragnet of threads with vital reconditioning information. Enjoy having every proxy banned, but this is a war of hearts and minds. Jews are treating this like a war, willing to sacrifice every expenditure to win over the young minds of the people they plan to continue exterminating.

711bb6  No.12013410


What's with all these oddball posts that look like they were written by fucking tourists trying to fit in? Looks like exposing these YT accounts really activated some yarmulkes.

711bb6  No.12013415


Stop feeding them and filter, probably a bot anyway

c962af  No.12013429

File: b997a80ad8a9054⋯.webm (3.37 MB, 640x360, 16:9, sweden2040.webm)

ea42b6  No.12013431


I have a feeling there are dedicated shills that push the same threads all the time to kill board culture and corrupt people. It is most noticeable on /gif/ where they post shemale and blacked threads nonstop.

5b968c  No.12013527

File: eca6e0650c37e6a⋯.jpg (146.64 KB, 1336x629, 1336:629, cil tob.jpg)

Look at this shit. Inside that channel there are whatsapp groups for CP. FUCKING SICK SHIT

000000  No.12013547

fuck off back to reddit

8ch is loli friendly

35b6cf  No.12013581




52599e  No.12013601


dbb3f2  No.12013606




imagine my shock

35b6cf  No.12013638


what about the ppl that enjoy these innocent videos on youtube?

639970  No.12013642


639970  No.12013646


Read the infograph.

35b6cf  No.12013686

We need a "Mods are sleep" thread

e7049c  No.12013745


That's a breddy cool thread. This is serious fucking business if legit.

639970  No.12013776

File: 93782d52748676d⋯.jpg (53.83 KB, 788x699, 788:699, 1534297254115.jpg)

Irish Government pedo connections:

>Former Civil Servant and leader of Antifa Ireland caught with CP.


>Antifa Ireland advocates the sexualization of children.


>RTÉ push sympathy for pedophiles.



>Reddit Thread where a pedo sympathizer says he worked for a 'child abuse charity'.


>RTÉ producer caught trying to rape a 13 year old.


>Husband of Zappone adviser guilty of sex assault. Gets a fine.


>Bus driver reports pedo teacher, gets fired.


Sex Offenders Database:


4a6f24  No.12013919


>Examples of exploitation.

Vid one is some kid dancing.

Vid 2 is gone. What was it?

>Cil Tob

has no vids, is obviously a pedo based on liked videos and saved playlists

2nd link is some fat ugly kid saying she is leaving YT because of Cil Tob

Fat bitch is a Logan Pauler


Pedo, based on liked vids


Might be 2 different people. Possible pedos


Pedo based on liked videos

>Mike Young

Uploads vids of a girl dancing. Sounds like Russian music. His daughter? 3,566 subscribers. OP says he is CP Ring Member but where is proof? People upload weird shit of their kids all the time.


Pedo based on liked vids

>the dude

Pedo based on channels he subs to and saved playlists

> Ether Cope

Pedo based on channel subs

Some of these channels have like 1500 subs. I'm guessing the subs are all pedos that follow other pedos to see which videos they like.

What I can't understand is why anyone would bother watching this crap instead of just looking at real CP. Like are they just 40% pedo or what?

4a6f24  No.12013953


The other day someone posted a link to a YT vid of a kid licking lolipops and blow-jobbing a giant gummy worm and stuff on 4/b/. The white knights and moral fags flagged the vid and had it taken down. Then the thread got deleted. Well done 4chan for being nothing like you used to be.

4a6f24  No.12013961


>responding to pedophile bullshit

It's one of their rules. Anyone who responds to an alleged "pedo BS" thread is banned, not just the OP. They are rulecucked to high heaven

b26686  No.12013962


OP is a fucking retard

4a6f24  No.12013976

File: e820e59b06d533b⋯.jpg (37.94 KB, 364x363, 364:363, e820e59b06d533b6b83f50c7da….jpg)


post it, fag

639970  No.12014005

File: 5f4185f4b7161ae⋯.png (319.78 KB, 720x1133, 720:1133, IMG_20180816_153910.png)

File: 9459c72bf03668c⋯.png (313.99 KB, 720x1138, 360:569, IMG_20180816_153936.png)

File: 75f0e9d1883394c⋯.png (26.45 KB, 226x200, 113:100, Subversive.png)

4chan is 1984.

Kikes silence anyone who calls them out.

1138b2  No.12014016


What was the link of the deleted thread? Not this thread >>12010885 which you can see here: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/182402311/ and was likely deleted because you basically called the mods pedos.

I want to see the thread before this.

You also have to remember that they can't really afford legal cases and do not care about anything regarding this shit. That may also be why it has happened.

Unlike this place which seems far more determined to attack it.

ba0a8d  No.12014020


many people including me came here at the exodus (forgot what happened)

But most left after the board got fucked up by the owner and the mods.

Since then people just dont feel like coming back here

1138b2  No.12014028


It's because the intelligence services and (((some organisations))) went into full blown psyop mode to try and stop people from from digging into some of this shit.

ba0a8d  No.12014034


was that because of the gamergate shilling? Where they censored 4chan for talking about it and nuking boards?

1138b2  No.12014036


It's more likely the mods don't like being called pedophiles, a reasonable response to be honest.

They may also think (about content not relating to them) that it's disinfo or something like that, especially given the format of the threads which screamed "spam". The content is probably legit from the posts, but it just looks bullshit.

42d178  No.12014041

4chan is uncool its been flooded by idiots since 2006

ba0a8d  No.12014043


dont hide your nose, we are still able to see it

42d178  No.12014047


Yeah fuck off kike fag don't defend that honeypot shithole

1138b2  No.12014053

File: 72ccff5727a48d6⋯.jpg (139.12 KB, 742x700, 53:50, the_fool.jpg)


Have you ever heard of things like "Usenet" which is notorious for CP? CP is so widespread on the internet nowadays authorities are scratching their heads at the problem and how to solve it, hence why they might be changing tactics to "help pedos train themselves to stop being pedos"…. because shit is fucked atm. It's fucking everywhere.

d57fec  No.12014058


wow, okay this is epic. do you really think anyone here would believe that shit after years of your faggotry, brainlet?

d57fec  No.12014060


you would get permab& posting this image on 4jew

1138b2  No.12014061


You seem like a legit poster. Not.


It got real bad after the Podesta leaks. Became harder to get accurate sources and information on forums. I presume some of that is intelligence, but most of it is probably private organisations trying to cover up their "business".

1138b2  No.12014069


Well that's the vibe I got from OP's post. You don't just inundate people with info, you have to engage in a more clever way or people will think "oh look it's another X general". That said, I don't see 4chan deleting other generals so maybe that is not the issue.

42d178  No.12014076


You seem like a legit retard

42d178  No.12014078


Lol u should really fuck off back to YouTube pedo be with your kin

1138b2  No.12014080


Yeah snacks had a bad rep even before /pol/ existed.

If he wasn't such a douche and a pedo he'd still be a fun mod to have… until he banhammers you.

d57fec  No.12014082

File: 5539cfa080a763b⋯.jpg (68.19 KB, 474x471, 158:157, 78gyfg78o9.jpg)


Sometimes inundation is the only way. The 4cuck mods are in league with the satanic pedokikes. So

42d178  No.12014083


This then he somehow gets to work in the biggest public alphabet tech shithole (google) doing fuck all as part of the deal.

The captcha crap and passes is obviously for tracking as well as rangebanning every VPN tor and proxy

ba0a8d  No.12014087


Hiroshima is a known traitor, he would do everything for money (moot did everything for cuckholding)

It was clear to everyone that soon after hiroshima got the website, that he sold access to it. Everyone that was paying was getting moderator positions.

1138b2  No.12014096



Confirmed baitposter.

See me after class.


While many new mods are fucking compromised… there are still some of the old crew around on various boards, trying to not let 4chan turn into a complete libtard shithole.


Can anyone work out how the algorithm for this turns out this result? If we could find definate proof that the algorithms are fuck with in order to promote shit, it could spell their doom. Otherwise, they'll just claim it's a sign of society's moral decline. Molest is likely to bring up that set of results though… it's a term often used in such a way, you're not likely to use it other ways.

42d178  No.12014103


It's been completely controlled opossition since 2015 when trumpf used memetic warfare to get elected

d57fec  No.12014107

File: 7defe113b470339⋯.jpg (191.74 KB, 576x768, 3:4, 1533608391854.jpg)


> there are still some of the old crew around on various boards, trying to not let 4chan turn into a complete libtard shithole.

now we know you are a shilling kike.

1138b2  No.12014113


Well clearly the mods don't like that. But if you trickle the info, they might allow it. If they do, then it's proof that they're not doing it because they're "satanic pedokikes" as you say, but rather they believe the MSM that the pizzagate shit is "fake news" or a "russian psyop" and have decided to block it because they believe it's fake.

You must bring the fish closer to you with burley before you cast your line. You gotta seduce a lady before you can plow her. :^)

d57fec  No.12014115

File: 482878f3c6e1d0c⋯.jpg (92.54 KB, 1236x662, 618:331, 1525939261940.jpg)


bosd itd now

1138b2  No.12014116




C @n y#u re@d t-his?

d57fec  No.12014119


oh, so I guess youre a Pizzagate researcher too?

1138b2  No.12014122


>Implying I don't use other boards on 4chan or anything and know how they behave from observation.

4chan isn't just /pol/ remember. 4/pol/ is pretty fucked and I avoid it, but there are still other boards that the mods don't really fuck with.

1138b2  No.12014130


I did at the start and I still lurk a bit, but then I realised it was ineffective at stopping the pedophiles..

I'll still research in other threads if it comes up… but generally leave it to more capable hands.

1e9db5  No.12014138


my guess is the algorithms are the same as the ones they use to automatically classify viewing history/suggest vids.

But this isn't an oversight. the algorithm is working perfectly. @YouTube and other social media sites enjoy the click revenue from pedos.

only when the issue is raised by public uproar is it ever fixed. And the company can claim "Oops! we're fixing the algorithm"


I didn't even search "molest" initially to confirm this result.

typing in the search bar "baby mole" autocompleted "baby molest" before a tamer response (like "baby mole rat")

PPS: these searches were showing up when "ElsaGate" first was getting attention. So while @YouTube and the media focused on these "grooming vids 4 kids!!!!", they COMPLETELY ignored the networks of pedos sharing content 4 pedos

4a6f24  No.12014147


How do you know this is a whatsapp thing? Also, are you surprised? There are CP sharing groups on whatsapp, discord, kik, kikebook and probably elsewhere

1138b2  No.12014161


>typing in the search bar "baby mole" autocompleted "baby molest" before a tamer response (like "baby mole rat")

That's iffy, but that again I don't think people are going to type baby mole as much as baby molest.

>only when the issue is raised by public uproar is it ever fixed. And the company can claim "Oops! we're fixing the algorithm"

This is fundamentally the issue here. The algorithm is working as it does. The people are searching this degenerate crap, leading to the algorithm giving the most common term searched first. The company is so inundated with this crap that they struggle to even dent this beast. They are human and can't keep up with a computer algorithm and the millions of potential problems it may make.

People don't seem to get just how bad things are. Algorithms have worsened the behavioural sink significantly in it's subtle unobserved ways. We are literally fighting a machine now. The only way, I think, to fix that is teach how algorithms are fucking with us.

School teachers barely understand MS word thought… how the fuck are we going to educate people about this issue?

1138b2  No.12014163


A minor solution may be to remove search suggestions.

db3e51  No.12014166

File: b62b3797019b40f⋯.jpeg (170.41 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, serveimage (31).jpeg)

>find links to actual CP

>share them

>get banned for sharing CP

you expected this to go differently?

85cff2  No.12014168

everyone on 4chan is either a pedo or a nazi..

it goes back to how 4chan was founded by the pedos that were banned from Something Awful forums and the Nazis that were banned following them.

1138b2  No.12014169


You haven't even scratched the surface of the dark net either.

This whole thing needs to be tackled in a different way or it's never going to improve. Banning this or deleting that are just scratches on the entire beast.

4a6f24  No.12014172


This is an issue of supply vs demand. It will never go away if the you try use censorship

f5ba19  No.12014178


not sure if its the same incident, but when i saw the threads there were multiple open at the same time making it justified to delete at least all but one (cant tell if they let one open)

additionally the thread i did saw the other day was mostly autistic sperging and image dumbs. maybe its just me but i would like some more information and substance being posted.

Dont get me wrong, i hate 4chan mods more than anyone probably and get a bunch of my threads deleted all the time, but pizzagate threads so far never were effected except for a one time 4-5 months ago or even more for a few days after which i didnt see it happen again with those.

there was some thread spammed the other day regarding the stolen plane claiming he crashed on a pedo island on purpose and so on which looked pretty much like the same climate the Q anon threads have in example autistic claims without sources. i could assume that they wanted to crack down on that bullshit, eventually those started moving away from the island and started the same spam about general pedo stuff or the mods thought that is the case and cracked down on it because of that.

That being said im sure there are some pedos in the mod ranks and janitor. if someone wants info on elite pedos


f5ba19  No.12014179


just kill the pedos like in th good old time

1138b2  No.12014186


It's a matter of showing kids the beast and saying "here's why shouldn't go near that thing…" although that could backfire by simply them something that they might try later.

You could also simply teach them the effects of pedophilia on the victim, attacker and society (macroscosmically) as a whole so they decide to crack down on this shit rather than join it - enforcing restrictions on it culturally and peer to peer, without any law enforcement. That requires perpetual vigilance.

d57fec  No.12014200

File: 8ba05166f47b0c9⋯.gif (4.01 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 8ba05166f47b0c9f2c093a0b55….gif)


this tbh

71c886  No.12014228


Just migrated from cuckchan, I want my freedom to call (((them))) out for their Luciferian ways. The sick fucks need to be purged from this earth.

1138b2  No.12014232


Problem - you go to jail.

But I agree, that would curb it quick.

a0badd  No.12014244


i have no clue what the fuck you're on about, but the key term there was hugbox you autistic tard. stop flooding /v/ with political bullshit. everyone's fucking sick of it.

d57fec  No.12014247


do you think polacks on 4chan /pol/ don't already know the website is fully run by kikes? most of them got b& last month.

1e9db5  No.12014250


the main problem is these searches were even present and recommended in the @YouTube Kids app

also terms like "s*x" or "nakid" have been flagged/not allowed on tons of other kids/chat based websites for years (club penguin for example)

I definitely agree that it's degeneracy multiplied by algorithms.

But Google (youtubes parent company)admits to categorizing/classifying/manipulating search results for psychological purposes (google "selfish ledger")


moreover, these searches were reported over a 2 week span before @YouTube pulled the offending searches. It was only after the information was published on Twitter and gaining traction among the the alt-right twittersphere (cernovich, molyneaux, Liz Cronin, etc), that @YouTube even responded.

d57fec  No.12014254


m8, just fuck off

1138b2  No.12014334


> It was only after the information was published on Twitter and gaining traction among the the alt-right twittersphere (cernovich, molyneaux, Liz Cronin, etc), that @YouTube even responded.

Probably because they have billions of requests an hour to do that and their algorithms are unreliable in sorting through them.

>selfish ledger

Yeah the idea of predicting what they might want sounds incredibly dangerous… but not really manipulable.

I think it may suggest the darkest of thoughts eventually just from that, simply because it's a new suggestion and prediction. The algorithm will essentially, and with no moral restraint like all algorithms, consider the amoral to be the "new frontier". The algorithm doesn't know why it does this, it just does what the program does, The river flows wherever the path of the geography takes it.

This is the fundamental problem with algorithms right now. They are so basic (from an organism point of view) that they may choose things in a manner which humans would avoid (in their naturally selected minds and bodies). They have no predator remember because they are not sufficiently tangible.

1138b2  No.12014342



Also that site has bad security certificates.

4a816a  No.12014352

File: cc5344adf5cf948⋯.png (74.44 KB, 1490x342, 745:171, Screenshot_2.png)

I don't exactly know what OP is trying to do here


1138b2  No.12014362


That's called "wolf in sheep clothing" because all it will do is bring anons to this thread.

That's if mods leave it. They won't because mods delete even mentions of 8ch.

We need a few more anons here though.. getting a bit slow because it's not on Google (high on Alexa though??)

ba0a8d  No.12014399


I came over here because of this topic

d57fec  No.12014420

File: 8bd82f3b2193432⋯.png (289.8 KB, 630x651, 30:31, 67fig87utyrh.png)


they want people to think 4chan /pol/ isn't comped and make normies think we have changed our minds, its a desperate hare-brained tactic.

d57fec  No.12014432

File: ff7ed6d3df8bf7b⋯.jpg (16.31 KB, 402x280, 201:140, Patrick-Bateman-american-p….jpg)


and you got dubs

1e9db5  No.12014434


>selfish ledger

Yeah the idea of predicting what they might want sounds incredibly dangerous… but not really manipulable.

I disagree, in 2012 Facebook partnered with the D.O.D. to study the psychological effects of positive vs negative posts.

Without informing the users, some were intentionally shown hyper-positive or negative curated home feeds, and subsequent posts were rated as positive or negative (to determine if the emotional charge is contagious)

I do agree that an unregulated simple algo can make "amoral" decisions as it is an unexplored path.

But Google's selfish ledger isn't just "predictive search results". It is self-admitted "behavior modification" over time via subtle search manipulation. They literally discuss how to make the population healthier by tweaking available information/ranking

Even if we accept that it's a "dumb algo" @YouTube isn't just hosting 3rd party illegal content. They are advertising it by reccomending it to you (especially on their "safe for kids" version of the app)

btw. I'm not calling for censorship or regulation. It's always going to be Cat & Mouse with pedo codes/content

But clearly there is more economic incentive for @YouTube to cater to known immoral/illegal users vs self regulation @the sacrifice of potential clicks.

1e9db5  No.12014451


sorry for expired certs, good looking out.

For those interested in the joint Facebook Department of Defense study to alter your emotions:


57d809  No.12014466

File: b196f27d577b96b⋯.png (277.35 KB, 556x673, 556:673, 1510678014497.png)

/pol/ is just really bad place for (((their))) ego when goyms like us knows "secrets" and some of us even uses it without fancy rituals and adrenocome from raped childs veins. (((you))) lost already, density is rising and (((you))) have to face your creation in front of god.

f5ba19  No.12014478


so i thought i make an experiment to see if it was the style the threads were posted or the subjects


thread is open for over an hour at this point

1138b2  No.12014489


>It is self-admitted "behavior modification" over time via subtle search manipulation. They literally discuss how to make the population healthier by tweaking available information/ranking

No it sounds like that, but it's probably more likely that this behaiviour modification is in the hands of the AI. It modifies us collectively to the will of the collective. That's the problem here. That's why this crap is appearing. We're being trained on the same "curriculum" as fucking pedophiles because they make up a part of this collective. It's accelerated the behavioural sink instead. The (original) pedophiles are usually stubborn in mind and driven by sex. Normal people are not so stubborn and may easily be lead down such a path.

That's why I think we need to attack this algorithm issue before all else. We cannot win the war when this new belligerent is destroying all of us.

Google thinks it knows what it is doing. Clearly they lack the talent to even see how they themselves are being manipulated. This shit will train us until we are nothing but limbs to it. And many people seem to think that it's towards humanities betterment, but we here clearly can see otherwise as we daily fight our impulses and train ourselves to be wary of our own psychological manipulation. Many people literally take the blue pill in this and ignore how they are being manipulated.

1138b2  No.12014503


(((They))) are just as threatened by algorithms as us because they are being just as manipulated but these algorithms that seem to be out of any single human's control.

33ee9e  No.12014553

File: f34988cac20fe92⋯.jpg (38.64 KB, 539x487, 539:487, 1533268313814.jpg)



d57fec  No.12014578

File: 6d7a46e5fd49cb8⋯.jpg (3.75 KB, 124x125, 124:125, 1478052633421s.jpg)


dubs confirm.

d57fec  No.12014581


rogue A.I anyone?

1138b2  No.12014621


I've been saying similar ideas for months without a bat of an eyelid on forums. We have been manipulated for a few years now by this crap. What was discovered in pizzagate and various digs is a symptom (and contributor) of what is a huge problem we have here. Until we see that problem we won't fix the symptoms like the pedophilia and fucked up ideals more and more people are having.

People used to talk about the machine figuratively, now it's not that figurative anymore. It's becoming literal.

1e9db5  No.12014651


so are you saying this "ai" consciousness already exists? who or what created it? how does it reside?

Or are you saying it's more of an imminent technocratic/dybosphere/Marshall mcluhan thing where we are simply moving towards an augmentation of man and machine where we all become a Borg?

personally, I'm of the persuasion that pedophilic/cults of abuse have always existed and are using the coming "singularity" as another cover to control and subvert.

I see no reason to believe in a truly advanced artificial consciousness existing yet (not to mention being the driver of this degeneracy) algos/computers are good at some things but are also really dumb.

unless you're saying this artificial consciousness is spiritual in origin?

d57fec  No.12014667


>What was discovered in pizzagate and various digs is a symptom (and contributor) of what is a huge problem we have here.

Pizzagate had nothing to do with rogue A.I.

33ee9e  No.12014669

Getting a laptop tomorrow. Any recommendations for something around the €300 mark?

d57fec  No.12014672


>pedophiilia is symptomatic

what are you talking about

309cdb  No.12014695

File: c2474f8c348d80f⋯.jpg (56.85 KB, 393x589, 393:589, it's okay she's 9.jpg)


1e9db5  No.12014700


after rereading, I think I get what you're saying.

you're not arguing for a rogue a.i. But a dumb ai that is wreaking havoc by networking/making easily accessible the most destructive parts of the human psyche? this brings the collective down in an almost devolution towards primal animalistic things like devouring the young?

in any case, what is the solution to the algorithm problem? or perhaps a strategy?

d57fec  No.12014710


the A.I. is smarter than most people including the engineers who built it

4a816a  No.12014712


Go back

1138b2  No.12014735


>Pizzagate had nothing to do with rogue A.I.

No it's moral decline. But I'm saying A.I. is contributing to that and making it worse.


Think "training a dog to fetch". If this level of pedophilia is the worst it has been, then it may be a sign of how the internet, in conjunction with various mechanisms involved with using the internet, alters our behaiviour. The rise in pedophilia may be attributed to the AI's mechanisms.


>"ai" consciousness already exists? who or what created it? how does it reside?

It's more the impact of many programs converging on each other. Collectively it's made it something larger and that thing also influences us (though we get the ball rolling so to speak with it). It wouldn't be on a single device necessarily. Think of it as a beast that is made from multiple AIs and the collective human psyche.


>dumb ai that is wreaking havoc by networking/making easily accessible the most destructive parts of the human psyche?

Partially, but I think it's potentially there for these AI to interact directly (and indirectly through human actions, etc) with each other. I said it's "becoming" literally a machine… but it's not quite there. It's fragmented over many devices, people's minds etc.

Think of it as the id to humanity's ego.


It's efficient, but it's not smart. If it was smart we would be in utopia already (or dead). It's very good at specific things and, if some AI can train the direction of the people that influence it, it has in collective the power to train the global collective. But because it has no consciousness, body and is usually simple, it does not think like a human yet. The body part is important, our values, attitudes and beliefs were translated to people through natural selection. If AI is not naturally selected by any phenomena, it won't develop this understanding.

Add that to the ability to train people and you're beginning to see the problem here.

1e9db5  No.12014742


who owns the ai? who is profiting?

to me it seems modern people are using "ai" like we used to use "god"

I'm not saying they don't exist, but they are also used and misused to distract from the "man behind the curtain"

1138b2  No.12014744


Depends on what you're doing with it. You can get decent second hand computers for about €200 but you will need new HDDs/SSDs.

d57fec  No.12014746


>No it's moral decline.

what is?

>But I'm saying A.I. is contributing to that and making it worse.


d57fec  No.12014748


theres only one A.I that was born in 1988.

309c7c  No.12014757


Post instructions for passive aether concentrator please. I have a burning need to reverse engineer this and proliferate them everywhere.

33ee9e  No.12014773


Just emulators for ps2 era games and browsing the internet.

It would be a personal laptop.

1138b2  No.12014795


>who owns the ai? who is profiting?

Nothing tangible, not even the AI is benefitting. It does what it does.

>people are using "ai" like we used to use "god"

It can be, but God is something far more that the global collective and is chaotic. AI is more limited and far more "tangible" in the sense that you could map it's behaviour if you had the right system, but also intangible because it does not have a physical body that may be at risk of death, etc.


The rise in pedophilia is moral decline, apathy and a sign of the effect of many people in a tight system on people's behaiviour, plus it's now the collective pull of people by those "sick" into their behaviour and attitudes. AI facilitates the decline by training people (see >>12014250 and "selfish ledger") based on what all people do(including what the "sick" people do). Instead of avoiding teaching people degenerate behaiviour, it teaches degeneracy instead because it lacks a complex morality or even a sense of philosophy. The effect of one AI is multiplied by the collective of many AI. The effect is also increased by the influence of the AI on us and how we transfer that influence to other AI. It does this through suggestions and the manipulation of the things we may see online (e.g. facebook may suggest certain news on it's feed depending on what that person wants or what it predicts that person wants or what it wants to suggest based on the global collective's will).

Which may explain why the chans are becoming more and more immune to it and weird compared to the rest of the world - it is far less influenced by this form of AI influence. The chans' inability to select what we see is probably why we even here in this thread.

1e9db5  No.12014849


I very much agree with what you're saying, but it feels like this whole argument keeps us from holding companies or political structures accountable.

the department of defense and Facebook literally experimented on unethical social manipulation. They may use algorithms, but it's humans that made them and implemented them

cf44f4  No.12014872

File: cc7a249bccc5150⋯.jpg (19.94 KB, 313x330, 313:330, 1266640510654.jpg)

I've gotten permabanned on twitterchan for telling the mods they were letting CP stay up. That's literally all I did, point out posts that were part of a CP dump that had been up for hours.

1e9db5  No.12014877


btw are you a fan of Phillip K Dick? a lot of his stuff is fascinatingly prescient


We are trapped in a dream of our own making. PKD writes, “We are in a kind of prison but do not know it.”[5] Becoming aware of our imprisonment, however, is the first, crucial step in becoming free of it. One of the main terms PKD coined to describe wetiko is the “Black Iron Prison” [henceforth BIP]. PKD writes, “The BIP is a vast complex life form (organism) which protects itself by inducing a negative hallucination of it.”[6] By negative hallucination, PKD means that instead of seeing what is not there, we cannot see what is there. In PKD’s words, “The criminal virus controls by occluding (putting us in a sort of half sleep)…. The occlusion is self-perpetuating; it makes us unaware of it.”[7] Being self-perpetuating, this occlusion in our consciousness will not go away of its own accord; it acts as a feedback loop (in PKD’s words, “a positive feedback on itself”) that perpetually self-generates until we manage to break its spell. PKD writes, “the very occlusion itself prevents us from assessing, overcoming or ever being aware of the occlusion.”[8]

cf44f4  No.12014879

f5ba19  No.12014886

File: c80956df309d2da⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1892x941, 1892:941, pedo twitter.png)

deaf92  No.12014888

There's a /ewo/ thread up right now. My guess is it was one faggot mod with a grudge against /pol/. Its a known fact a majority of the mods hate /pol/ and want it deleted, but Hiro is the only one standing in their way

cf44f4  No.12014889


It's fucking amazing that this is on one of the most used sites on Earth, truly fucking amazing.

cf44f4  No.12014893


I meant halfchan since it's nothing but twitter screenshot bullshit nowadays, I wouldn't touch twitter itself with a 30 foot pole.

cf44f4  No.12014899


>anarchocommunist flag

Oh hello /leftypol/ discord.

1138b2  No.12014901


>it's humans that made them and implemented them

As I said, they got the ball rolling, but I'm not sure they are rolling the ball anymore.

If you teach them that, they will now look at what they are doing and ask "you know, why I am doing this? what lead me here?" and then they'll see that their values are being subverted by a non human influence.


Bans on twitter are still controlled by actual people right?


>Phillip K Dick

Huge bladerunner fan. But it's not really an ideal future. It's pretty from the outside looking in but that's all.


>but Hiro is the only one standing in their way

Only because it means more passes. :^)

d57fec  No.12014922

File: 1a49239bc3415bd⋯.png (826.67 KB, 746x702, 373:351, 8u3hwj3vjs.png)


welcome to the club

1e9db5  No.12014932

File: 0fdb9784534fe85⋯.jpg (32.64 KB, 584x1200, 73:150, DP16PPnVAAAX1Dt.jpg)

File: ccdcc486c8a2aac⋯.png (354.57 KB, 720x1480, 18:37, Screenshot_20180816-120432.png)



there are tons more on this Twitter account. spread them.

also very interesting that I try to post this picture and 8chan delivered me a targeted ad immediately

f18e5f  No.12014939

File: 68ea6e746900637⋯.jpg (135.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Thinking.jpg)


It's funny that lolicon is banned from cuckchan, even their /a/ and /h/ hate 2D lolis. Yet they defend actual Pedos that groom and harm real kids. Really makes you think.

cf44f4  No.12014942


Honestly I don't know why I keep heading back there after I started posting here in 2014.

1e9db5  No.12014948


idk the ball rolling itself sounds like perpetual motion to me. But I get where you're coming from

>AI is more limited and far more "tangible" in the sense that you could map it's behaviour if you had the right system, but also intangible because it does not have a physical body that may be at risk of death, etc.

wouldn't the network and computer be the body? internet killswitch would take it out right?

d57fec  No.12014949


it was already fucked but after /gunneddown/ they shoad the board entirely, thinking that would solve their problem.

which it didn't.

28c1b9  No.12014950


because 8ch /pol/ recieves news later than cuckchan /pol/.

000000  No.12014957

Lol at the AI talk ITT.

If Youtube actively works to improve their AI all time, it means they endorse the results.

That's 1 of many many AIs. But it can't be rogue, IT'S CONTROLLED.

Same thing happened with Tay, and Microsoft lobotomized it.

Who to point? Well duh, their owners!

A tool is only as good as the blacksmith makes it!


Technically, sharing links is not illegal. Hosting/Posting is.

f18e5f  No.12014960


>Technically, sharing links is not illegal. Hosting/Posting is.

You get banned for sharing links here too. You shouldn't post these links at all.

820e5e  No.12014961

File: 3ec98a4baa25f64⋯.jpg (71.23 KB, 524x474, 262:237, jewish_tears.jpg)


>/pol/ is just really bad place for (((their))) ego when goyms like us knows "secrets" and some of us even uses it without fancy rituals and adrenocome from raped childs veins. (((you))) lost already, density is rising and (((you))) have to face your creation in front of god.

Double dubs confirm

Imagine being one of those filthy kikes who think nobody knows what they are up to, and are used to have people believe their blatant lies thinking they are smarter than the "goyim" while using the "antisemitism" buzzwords to silence any criticism leading them to believe they are above everything and eveyone.

Now imagine being used to that and coming here, and seeing that nobody buys your bullshit and even call you out of it, and even after trying the "antisemitism" card not only nobody apologizes nor gives a fuck, but you also get told to get in the oven or gas yourself.

Just imagine how butthurt they must be.

4a816a  No.12014965


That's an Anarchist flag, 4chan's ancom and anarchist flags are the exact same for some reason

1138b2  No.12014973


That's a remnant from old 4chan when it became an issue (and is still poorly enforced).

But they seem to be wanting to eliminate anything pedo related, whether for or against pedos. It's a blanket policy to prevent any problems for them legally I think - both the legalities of providing such images and the legalities of dealing with people involved in pedophile digs. I wouldn't be surprised if they've been threatened with action.

Though they may be simply covering for it too for some mods. Those mods use the above reason to get away with covering it.


>wouldn't the network and computer be the body? internet killswitch would take it out right?

It would stop further influence, but the damage is done. It's like finally stopping the influence of mind altering medications.


>A tool is only as good as the blacksmith makes it!

But it is it's own blacksmith now, that's the problem. People don't get that part. And that's just from recent developments in AI and how they've been programmed to set their own goals - the influence on the collective is another seperated and more macroscopic form of self training.

309c7c  No.12015000


>By negative hallucination, PKD means that instead of seeing what is not there, we cannot see what is there.

Before it became a hive of fanfiction and sodomy, the SCP foundation coined a good term for this: Antimemetic

e74dfe  No.12015018


Nigger i was b&n on her at least 50 times, telling kamphy to drown in semen.

4f0d72  No.12015025


Welcome fren

I have found this site to have a higher post quality with the exception of my own, of course

000000  No.12015058


Then 8ch is shit lol.

Btw, the #1 child porn site in the world is Facebook


>But it is it's own blacksmith now,

I just told you that's baloney:




Youtube, like any company, can refuse the way it yields results as efficient as killing it's search engine.

Note, Youtube is owned by Google, who is an In-Q-Tel founded company:

It means your government supports child pornography.

c3347a  No.12015067

File: 2d234d040787715⋯.png (814.85 KB, 1140x634, 570:317, 11.png)

File: e09c903b23b0184⋯.png (917.64 KB, 850x563, 850:563, 22.png)

Fucking lol

c3347a  No.12015069

File: 97ef91fe868fdf8⋯.gif (3.14 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 33.gif)

000000  No.12015113


So, spies make child porn. Now we need to ask how Adam Reed knows about this place.

000000  No.12015129

Now that I retrospect, the art style of the Archer reminds me of the adults in Unteralterbach

9c309a  No.12015152



attention whoring…. anonymous board…not even a tripfag…

what a sad place to be in 2018

000000  No.12015153

>the exploits of eight dysfunctional secret agents of the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), a fictional New York-based intelligence agency.

Reading the wiki entry, Adam was basically telling everyone Feds are involved in child trafficking and exploitation.

26192a  No.12015160


What shocks me is how easy it is to find it in the clearnet, even through simple google searches. That's really fucked. I can understand that it should be in some TOR sites and other private networks of CP faggots. This just gives an idea about how massive and rampant this is.

c3347a  No.12015161


c6c1da  No.12015162




It's no stretch to assume that nearly everyone involved in carton network is involved in pedo rings or complicit through willful ignorance.

16e892  No.12015164

File: f265df346cfb914⋯.jpg (311.37 KB, 1886x823, 1886:823, Capture2.JPG)

4chan has fallen. Shills fucking everywhere. Mods corrupt as fuck

26192a  No.12015165


What the actual motherfuck is this place ? That's fucking next level

c6c1da  No.12015173


Podesta's basement pool. You know, for basement pool parties that all of you normal go-guys have.

26192a  No.12015181


That's fucking shocking. For less than this, in my country (in Europe) you get the cops with a warrant at 6am to break your door and search through all your shit for drug offense / drugs concealing

473ea3  No.12015192


Looking at children dressed as scamps and dancing provocatively is not pedophilia, oooyyyy veeeeyyyyy goyim, let us corrupt your youth.

26192a  No.12015201

4cuck mods are making money by selling the CP they "delete" when posted on their boards, saving them before "for reasons".

35b6cf  No.12015213

Why are you guys so fucking obsessed with pedos

I think you all are secretly pedos but just dont have the confidence to say you are a MAP

473ea3  No.12015214



It's the exact same fucking "pool". When are the podestas going to hang?

Oh and PS, was there ever a thread on this, it seems epsteins orgy island "burnt to the ground"



Obligatory reddit link:


372039  No.12015218


in the 60's and 7-'s as early as I can remember when people used to swim in lakes parents didn't buy their kids swimsuits, they swam in theit underwear, or even ran through the yard sprinkler in their underwear. You people are fucking weird. They look like little kids, you knows little sisters, cousins, nieces, you people are hyper repressed sexually…. to think seeing the skin of a child is a crime. it's no wonder whites no longer breed with all of their fucking hang-ups.

473ea3  No.12015224


Oh I get it, it's the exact same thing! I should not mind that there are people on the internet preying on children getting their jollies off of kids, it's all in my head and a moral panic!

1e9db5  No.12015229

File: 9005e6490094545⋯.gif (3.47 MB, 420x306, 70:51, tenor.gif)




companies listed in the wiki are only a fraction of investments (as some are secret)

But Facebook, Google, palantir are some of the more powerful.

military R/D invents stuff at high cost. only years later is it introduced into the public/consumer sector. This is the military-industrial-technological complex and the door is always revolving

case in point:

Rob Painter – former Director for Technology Assessment @ In Q Tel ; left to become Senior Federal Sales Manager at Google.

c6c1da  No.12015232


>Moral panic

From what I've been able to deduce and what has been discussed here before, the infamous 80's "satanic panic" was the media pulling a proto alex jones and attempting to make the accusors look like nutjobs when lower level kikes were caught redhanded.

Different decade, same kike playbook.

372039  No.12015244


the mods should delete this thread because it's immature bull shit

35b6cf  No.12015247


I have never seen a group so obsessed with pedos


000000  No.12015265


It's because you misunderstand the facts:

1) It's expensive to host TOR sites, CP makers rather host on the clearnet were it's easier accessible and distributed

2) Most CPm are incredibly dumb! It makes sense from a psychological standpoint: what kind of underdeveloped homo sapien would even dream of fucking children when they can't procreate yet?!?

3) TOR was developed for the Navy to be able to connect online overseas without fear of espionage to connect to whatever resources they needed at time (they don't use it anymore): https://www.onion-router.net/Sponsors.html

4) Most TOR users, esp. darknet peers such as me, actively condemn and report CPms, and would love if they just kill themselves on the spot. We would like it if governments would not be actively abusing their rights by surveillancing everyone instead of fixing problems in society:

If Pedos want to rape children, governments should be seeking ways to prevent abuse, not endorse them:

Why is it that parents leave their children to the State, to educated them with whatever they want to indoctrinate them in a public zoo called "school"?


OR, Cartoon Network producers, work directly with the government to ensure everything the televise is to the T:

>according to art director Neal Holman, allowed producers the freedom to "cherry pick the stuff [they] like and ignore the elements that [they] don't."[10]

>Part of the Turner Broadcasting System, a subsidiary of AT&T through its WarnerMedia division, the channel was founded on October 1, 1992.


It pays to be a criminal in the highest seats in office.

Ask yet why Podesta & Clintons aren't in Jail yet.

000000  No.12015290



000000  No.12015301

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I read about that last month, I was utterly disgusted.

Friend of mine even moked it with Dora's Map song.

I haven't recovered from that still. Even the rumors that Dan Schneider is a child-feet fetishist


It's literally FBIs job though

9291b3  No.12015344


It is undeniable that western culture is highly sexually repressed

000000  No.12015402





1e9db5  No.12015427


>Even the rumors that Dan Schneider is a child-feet fetishist



why would anyone possibly think that?

639970  No.12015621


b82b0f  No.12015674


using half chan


3c1f5f  No.12015759

So you're listing a bunch of literal whos and think you're gonna stop some international ring of child rapists. Why don't you actually do something useful and go after, you know, the Catholic church.

d57fec  No.12015766


Most Catholics hate jews, except of course the pope and his friends

3c1f5f  No.12015769


So you're okay with the pedophile Catholic church that recently was caught having a child porn ring in Pennsylvania? All because muh joos? Good to know where /pol/'s real values lie.

d57fec  No.12015780


k. get in the oven now.

3c1f5f  No.12015787


Glad to know you're stupid. Your hivemind is so great that you can't even process the idea that anyone would question your retardation.

d57fec  No.12015791


>y-youre stupid

kikes, everybody. this is the extent of kike banter.

3c1f5f  No.12015797


Must feel nice to live in a bubble with the rest of the normalfags. Don't ever have to expose yourself to wrongthink and facts. I'll let you guys enjoy your fake conspiracy theory in peace. Bye.

d57fec  No.12015806


okay, fuck off for now kike.

ovens warming up.

f5ba19  No.12015988



experiment over


got archived after reaching bumplimit. i think it was really just the autism of the OPs

d57fec  No.12016023


I can tell you had no contribution to pizzagate and weren't around for it, also that youre a shill and a faggot.

e7049c  No.12016064

File: 8413876e9123645⋯.jpg (31.07 KB, 495x495, 1:1, 1456960302394.jpg)


First day on the job?

f5ba19  No.12016100


4/4 statements are wrong. congratulations.

d57fec  No.12016258


ok, fuck you den

d57fec  No.12016262


and checked

d57fec  No.12016326

File: 5bbb8276ca8ab44⋯.jpg (11.73 KB, 514x514, 1:1, 1483145879574.jpg)


>Welcome to 2014, dumbass.

33ee9e  No.12016336

File: ab821df14694dfe⋯.png (527.28 KB, 720x1136, 45:71, IMG_20180817_030201.png)


33ee9e  No.12016425

File: 6849fa242c80468⋯.png (203.63 KB, 720x1142, 360:571, IMG_20180817_032250.png)


YouTube channel has symbol and has over 750,000 subscribers.


33ee9e  No.12016503

File: 16df9627bf30e11⋯.png (394.89 KB, 720x617, 720:617, IMG_20180817_034558.png)

>On the trending tab.

Notice what is on the T-shirt.

33ee9e  No.12016999

File: 88c7d1fc5e961f6⋯.jpg (675.58 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, FBI-pedophile-symbols-page….jpg)

33ee9e  No.12017044

File: fa61642e23003f9⋯.png (279.59 KB, 1180x1488, 295:372, HolyPepe.png)

d57fec  No.12017074


I- I literally can't imagine that level of butthurt

d57fec  No.12017082

File: e4dde8076fa149b⋯.jpg (2.43 KB, 118x125, 118:125, 1478050393767s.jpg)



676f89  No.12017100


The Criminal Code of Colombia (Act 599 of 2000) as it was modified by article 4 of law 1236 of 2008, sets the age of consent at 14, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Does that mean her camel toe is fair game at 14?

2dd669  No.12017110


the rainbow flag looks like an advertisement for the lifesaver company, very bright colours that look attractive to kids as they’re used in many different contexts.

33ee9e  No.12017157


What are these 'challenges' though?

2dd669  No.12017284


I don’t know, this whole subterranean world is so foreign to a rational human being I don’t know what kind of sick connotations this might have. The lgbt flag is way too similar with its bright colors to typical kids marketing though for my liking, likely part of a broader effort to break down barriers and subconsciously groom the psychologically vulnerable.

000000  No.12017399


How about an investigation on the pedophiles in the video games industry? Many of the industry's insiders have been exposed as pedophiles, and there is a mobilization from the industry to shut down the exposure and to divert attention somewhere else.

As many of 4chan's pedophiles are praying on streamer children, probably many of those pedos are the same streamers and industry's insiders that are trying to shut everything down.

000000  No.12017545



3529e4  No.12017593


About a year ago, someone found one of his videos about morality. He talked about how pedophilia isn't inherently wrong. He screamed "no one can tell you what's wrong! Who are they to tell you?"

cd454f  No.12017597


I stop in the lurk from time to time. Noticed the average thread replies are really low. Seems most of the users that are left will all be active in one or two, and the rest of the board is just garbage. Also, the same threads must be autoposted because they're always there, and I rarely am. Also, I dont believe a tiny japanese boy owns the joint I think the (((government))) does, or a spook ngo.

000000  No.12018372

Enough testing depending on the zones, there seems to actually be good mods there depending on the time zone or shift. I don't know if they're sympathetic or simply more good at doing less cancer.

07027e  No.12018478


>being ok with your friends' kids swimming in their underwear at a neighbourhood garden party is the same thing as seeking out and browsing through hundreds of videos of naked children on the internet

d57fec  No.12018584


>oy vey muh jewish false equivalence

>shut it do- I mean, stop being weird goyi- uh, guys

33ee9e  No.12019165

407ceb  No.12019698


that's the original purpose of chan culture unfortunately by the elites,you seem to forget about the younglove and such boards on this site.

it simple,everyone is tolerated even pedos. that's the price we pay.

if you do not understand this then you do not belong here or on 4chan.

d57fec  No.12019754

File: 7aed0fb24b67df0⋯.png (35.54 KB, 657x527, 657:527, wew.png)


get a load of this pedokike pilpul goys

639970  No.12019837

File: b71081a2cc00ce1⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Oven.gif)


Into the oven you go.

aeeb66  No.12023249

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Found some creepy homemade pedo youtube music video. What do you guys make of this?

aeeb66  No.12023257


also other strange videos on that channel

366767  No.12023353

File: 93c663a6198e092⋯.jpg (132.03 KB, 742x960, 371:480, moonman5.jpg)


You're going to swing by your neck from a lamp post kike.

33ee9e  No.12024776


d57fec  No.12032890


9c96f3  No.12068896

5bbae2  No.12071993

Locked in favor of >>12071032, which includes new events

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