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File: 98145041f1b864e⋯.png (602.29 KB, 532x494, 14:13, accelerationism.png)

6bf6f7  No.12018043

Debt service is responsible for feminism.

Debt service is responsible for chilled birthrates.

Debt service is responsible for mass immigration.

So I want to know how you'd destroy it…

6bf6f7  No.12018048

File: a59c5ad3438cba8⋯.jpg (308.55 KB, 2200x1416, 275:177, slide1.jpg)

I'm just going to quickly cover what a scam this system is:

1.1. Gold was used as money in cycle between production and consumption in an economy.

1.2. It becomes expedient to vault it to keep it secure from theft.

1.3. Receipts issued for ownership start to circulate, considered "as good as gold".

6bf6f7  No.12018050

File: 9c40137b5fbd4b0⋯.jpg (330.78 KB, 2200x1416, 275:177, slide2.jpg)

2.1. Vaulters who counterfeit are quickly discovered as fake receipts exist in excess to vaulted metal.

2.2. Only vaulters who learn to avoid this malpractise survive onwards.

6bf6f7  No.12018051

File: b48de8f0545a1de⋯.jpg (333.26 KB, 2229x1465, 2229:1465, slide3.jpg)

3.1. Vaulters realise they can make money available as venture capital to bring forward productive potential to enterprises with ability but lacking means.

3.2. This is agreed with clients to share profit from interest.

6bf6f7  No.12018052

File: 8d773221dbac1fc⋯.jpg (374.47 KB, 2585x1369, 2585:1369, slide4.jpg)

4.1. This is used to invest in productive capital.

4.2. Manufacturing, building, logistics, agriculture, R&D, mining, etc.

6bf6f7  No.12018055

File: 58e4cb45b5ec496⋯.png (214.63 KB, 3112x2089, 3112:2089, slide5.png)

5.1. This productive capital increases standards of living.

5.2. The currency is finite and thus deflationary.

5.3. E.g. A quarter ounce of silver buys you one loaf of bread today, 5 in 5 years.

6bf6f7  No.12018056

File: b1e087f5346cbc0⋯.png (395.15 KB, 3338x3225, 3338:3225, slide6.png)

6.1. This opportunity to loan to generate surplus provides an opportunity for counterfeiting.

6.2. This is because there is not adequate information feedback on surplus.

6.3. E.g. How would you know if a quarter ounce of silver only buys you 2 loaves of bread in 5 years instead of 5?

6.4. Counterfeiting begins in the form of loans to siphon surplus.

6.5. Counterfeiting in this fashion incentivises issuance of loans for its own sake instead of for viability of the investment.

6.6 Which eventually creates misallocation.

6bf6f7  No.12018058

File: 6b98510b74b7754⋯.png (99.58 KB, 639x911, 639:911, slide7.png)

7.1. Adequate allocation in a complex system requires full information feedback for it to maintain an optimum homeostasis.

7.2. If you imagine cars on a road (be it a 30mph or 70mph zone) it's desirable to leave adequate room between cars to compensate for micro-misallocations to maintain optimum transit.

7.3. Similarly if you imagine:

7.3.1. The speed of the cars as the money supply circulating.

7.3.2. The distance between the cars as inverse to the money not circulating and thus set aside for productive venture capital formation and investment.

6bf6f7  No.12018059

File: 7c86a88f4c1f537⋯.png (78.33 KB, 1599x299, 123:23, slide8.png)

8.1. Counterfeiting to finance productive capital is akin to placing "more cars on the road".

8.2. Unfortunately because it is counterfeit it is cut off from the information feedback mechanisms of the market which pricing is supposed to provide.

6bf6f7  No.12018060

File: 2c5edb7c9ecad73⋯.png (65.24 KB, 1100x660, 5:3, slide9.png)

9.1. This situation turns micro-level misallocations into macro-level misallocations.

9.2. This in turn creates business cycles wherein businesses fail.

6bf6f7  No.12018061

File: 04754ea3c2a4b8c⋯.png (315.82 KB, 1018x1010, 509:505, slide10.png)

10.1. These failures can result in the failure of the banking institution financing them.

10.2. Where they do not they can set-up a situation for such failures to affect banking institutions that survive this stage.

6bf6f7  No.12018068

File: 2a7e002d2e8524d⋯.jpg (165.13 KB, 2096x1136, 131:71, slide11.jpg)

11.1. Upon failure of a business its outstanding debts are settled via the sale of capital and stock.

11.2. Enterprising institutions will realise in the process of derangement and reorganisation which the market is forced into via their counterfeiting they can sell such capital and stock for a higher price if they time it properly.

11.3. I.e. they create a cycle of derangement and re-organisation which can be gamed both by the derangement produced on the down-swing and misallocation creating enhanced demand on the upswing using excessive lending.

11.4. Speculation becomes profitable - i.e. buy low sell high.

6bf6f7  No.12018069

File: 493b25b96a2d36e⋯.jpg (244.96 KB, 1864x2176, 233:272, slide12.jpg)

12.1. Buying low and selling high is profitable however it isn't clear where the actual value for this process is coming from.

12.2. After all there is no actual production of value, no new creation of goods or services in this process, merely speculation.

12.3. The question is thus: Is it extractive or productive in terms of its profits?

6bf6f7  No.12018071

File: a0c8eaf1ac9da55⋯.jpg (723.62 KB, 2568x4416, 107:184, slide13.jpg)

13.1. The truth is its value ultimately comes from pressure on the value of labor in the cycles of derangement and reorganisation of the economy.

13.2. I.e. it comes out of you.

13.3. This creates a vicious cycle of problem, reaction, solution where the bank profits. They loan too much, creating misallocation from, which they speculate on at the expense of labour.

13.4. It's as though over time they are a casino. Whatever speculation takes place it always ends up with them winning at the expense of the people less able to weather this disorganisation.

6bf6f7  No.12018075

File: 34a32fc8e601f6f⋯.jpg (125.35 KB, 1472x1552, 92:97, slide14.jpg)

14.1. This sort of rigged-casino style gambling / speculation is seriously profitable at the expense of those without capital or information. It's a game they always win.

14.2. As a result all such banks develop "investment" branches which start to speculate.

6bf6f7  No.12018080

File: 3327de77bf5d2ba⋯.jpg (131.33 KB, 1577x1552, 1577:1552, slide15.jpg)

15.1. Because it's a game they always win over time, there is little disincentive to borrowing money from each other to increase leverage on bets made (given they always win).

15.2. Fees are paid for the use of borrowed capital to increase speculative bets.

15.3. This leverage is exactly akin to counterfeiting in its potential for creating misallocation.

6bf6f7  No.12018082

File: 1f4fd441bcf31e9⋯.jpg (82.79 KB, 948x1552, 237:388, slide16.jpg)

16.1. Leverage turns good bets into great bets.

6bf6f7  No.12018085

File: 33e749b69165680⋯.png (94.82 KB, 1580x1456, 395:364, slide17.png)

17.1. Because some leverage is good, more leverage is better.

17.2. Banks are prone to take leverage from anyone who will offer.

17.3. Because wins and safety of capital are guaranteed it's money for jam so everyone does.

6bf6f7  No.12018088

File: ff61effcd89ddd7⋯.jpg (134.87 KB, 1420x1456, 355:364, slide18.jpg)

18.1. But counterfeit of value via leverage is the same as any other counterfeit, it creates misallocation.

18.2. It's akin to taking building materials from the base of a tower to build more storeys on top (hence the Jenga analogy in the Big Short).

18.3. Eventually it fucks up.

6bf6f7  No.12018090

File: 9f32316438fcc37⋯.jpg (140.07 KB, 1437x1456, 1437:1456, slide19.jpg)

19.1. For creditors there are multiple options to this collapse.

19.2. One is to insiste the institution backing up the investment arm pays for the amount staked.

19.3. They carve up what can and can't be paid.

19.4. Unfortunately whilst this leads to squabbles it also leads to secondary feedback.

19.5. The public at large loses faith in banking institutions and may start withdrawing their capital - which is no longer fully backed up.

6bf6f7  No.12018097

File: 9d568addee13b39⋯.jpg (118.11 KB, 1505x1513, 1505:1513, slide20.jpg)

20.1. One means of resolving this is for all parties to bail out the offender so the gambling game (siphoning from pressure on labor) may continue.

20.2. e.g. This happened in the case of Long Term Capital Management.

6bf6f7  No.12018099

File: 3ff069a3d7fdf68⋯.png (107.23 KB, 1420x1456, 355:364, slide21.png)

21.1. Or in the case of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, everyone is so inter-leveraged with everyone else there is no possible way for them to bail each other out.

21.2. So ultimatelty via TARP and QE (which has myriad effects on you) labour pays. Plebs pay. You pay. In order to bail this shitty system out.

6bf6f7  No.12018103

File: 7ece3ff617817e2⋯.png (458.71 KB, 3665x1457, 3665:1457, slide22.png)

22.1. Envitably some institutions will fail.

22.2. This has disastrous derangement effects on the economy and cycle between consumers and producers banking with these various private institutions.

22.3. The average citizen (you) doesn't know any better and is pissed off.

22.4. At best they blame the government for this damage to the economy.

22.5. The politican knows fuck all, they consult experts.

22.6. Guess where the experts come from…?

570d1a  No.12018107


You can't, mainly because they earn profit yearly. Just neutralize it's influencers.

6bf6f7  No.12018108

File: 649e2a65aee8ecd⋯.jpg (271.97 KB, 3056x1256, 382:157, slide23.jpg)

23.1. The expert portrays a picture of banking as though it operated on a productive, industrial Hamiltonian model of finance.

23.2. Whether they are doing this and lying intentionally or they've been lied to and absorbed it as part of their "education" is up for grabs - most education on this subject is horseshit.

6bf6f7  No.12018113

File: 6da1c7fe562e955⋯.jpg (641.06 KB, 1868x2156, 467:539, slide24.jpg)

24.1. The expert portrays a model of balancing the risk of investments for productive enterprise by using interest as a means of risk compensation.

24.2. So they propose a "central bank" which will operate on the same basis - charging interest to manage risk from failing financial institutions.

24.3. In return for this they have control over issuance of the money supply (outlawing all other issuance by banks) and thus total control over those institutions.

24.4. They also offer the prospect of lending on favourable terms to the government.

6bf6f7  No.12018115

File: cd2de49d8b2beda⋯.jpg (577.09 KB, 3105x2156, 3105:2156, slide25.jpg)

25.1. This is a great position for a financial institution, being cosy with a government with the ability to tax.

25.2. Remember, financial institutions operate on a model of siphoning of surplus via lending to promote growth which must come from human energy, ingenuity, productive endeavor and ultimately the materials they use from the planet to do so.

25.3. In this position they may lend to the government.

25.4. This is favorable to the government because they can borrow from the future to get elected on platforms of goodies now, paying for it via future taxes.

25.5. This occurs by pledging bonds to the central bank - a promise of future interest taken from tax revenue.

25.6. This is why today governments borrow their money from central banks in exchange for bonds backed by siphoning various sorts of tax from you.

6bf6f7  No.12018117

File: 0deb2edae882610⋯.jpg (895.35 KB, 3680x4392, 460:549, slide26.jpg)

26.1. The relationship this creates between the central bank and the government is akin to that between a symbio-parasite and a host organism.

26.2. The symbio-parasite embeds itself into the host organism's functions in a fashion such that it cannot be replaced or pulled out without the immediate damage being worse (or even fatal) by comparison with servicing its wishes.

26.3. As a result it demands an enhanced amount of growth - of income from the material environment.

26.4. In return for as long as there is the prospect of growth there is still the speeding up of the deployment of human energy and ingenuity in the form of capital brought forwards.

26.5. As with all good symbio-parasites, it's better to not be entirely negative in your effects.

6bf6f7  No.12018121

File: 9361a53f068bc0a⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 3753x6153, 1251:2051, slide27.jpg)

27.1. Unfortunately as with every other attempt at illegitimately gaming the system, the M.O. of a parasite has issues.

27.2. If you exist via sponsoring unhealthy growth via the formation of industry, eventually you'll hit limiting factors on growth.

27.3. E.g. In the formation of industry there is a finite amount of land to your need for infinite growth.

27.4. This applies pressures for example on agriculture, which pushes up the price of food for an increasing workforce.

27.5. You can't have a workforce if they can't eat to survive, so you must pay more.

27.6. This creates the push for imperialism and exploration to acquire more land to feed the workforce at lower prices to increase productivity and thus infinite growth.

27.7. The parasite seeks to use the defensive military of its host political entity to increase its scope for growth to sustain itself.

6bf6f7  No.12018124

File: f517b5879aa34ce⋯.jpg (644.19 KB, 3801x1685, 3801:1685, slide28.jpg)

28.1. Unfortunately imperialism for new resources merely postpones the compression of limiting factors on growth, it does not anul them.

28.2. The world is most assuredly (save for one or two places) entirely under the control of a global financial empire - it's just culture and politics is still not quite administrated to reflect that.

28.3. As a result the same limits on growth as with before are eventually encountered.

6bf6f7  No.12018128

File: 74a84d4bea6ba55⋯.jpg (203.5 KB, 2166x1252, 1083:626, slide29.jpg)

29.1. Where there are such limits on growth alternatives can be found. After all, what is being capitalised on is not material itself but human energy.

29.2. Human beings can easily be riled up to hate each other over specious horseshit.

29.3. Their desires accordingly can be financed by creating growth which is in itself immediately offset by human destruction.

29.4. Provided this game is balanced and you fund both sides you siphon surplus and extract not from pressure on wages but via death. Military-Industrial-Complex style.

6bf6f7  No.12018130

File: c7c666f9070c267⋯.jpg (797.35 KB, 2837x1477, 2837:1477, slide30.jpg)

30.1. Unfortunately as with everything finite limitations emerge.

30.2. You cannot profit from wars which destroy yourself and the planet and people you siphon off of.

6bf6f7  No.12018136

File: 08e64029704ba50⋯.jpg (542.17 KB, 2717x1869, 2717:1869, slide31.jpg)

31.1. With growth via imperialism or war neutered, the only option left is using strategic control of what resources exist to maintain a monopoly by force to keep your system of extraction operative.

31.2. This is then used to extract more and more via taxes to fund money issuance via loans.

31.3. It starts on the outside then it draws in.

6bf6f7  No.12018138

File: b5aabcd74d6e9e1⋯.jpg (196.18 KB, 1256x2060, 314:515, slide32.jpg)

32.1. Money issuance via loans made by a central bank in the form of the exchange of fiat for bonds is something everyone knows about.

32.2. It's exchanging human energy and ingenuity in the form of bonds for fiat, which is what, at this point unhinged as it is from gold?

32.3. Fuck all - which is why it's theft and extraction via an elaborate historical con.

68f6ba  No.12018139

Credit everyone in debt to a balance of zero

Arrest usurers

Hang them in the streets

Use money as a receipt for completed labour. Let individuals absorb the cost of their own poor judgement when speculating instead of others.

6bf6f7  No.12018140

File: c21b81345449b58⋯.png (43.3 KB, 2520x952, 45:17, slide33.png)

33.1. The mode of extraction wherein there is no prospect of growth is a net loss to the borrower.

33.2. It brings forward your life's earning potential minus interest.

33.3. Like a drug - feels good now, eat shit later.

6bf6f7  No.12018142

File: a54eaef18e92f84⋯.png (18 KB, 1808x884, 452:221, slide34.png)

34.1. In other words you're at a net loss over your whole life - the symbio-parasite begins to switch from promotion of growth to siphon to extraction to cannibalise from you because your appreciation of time is poor.

6bf6f7  No.12018143

File: 166604e5e318fec⋯.png (27.54 KB, 1948x808, 487:202, slide35.png)

35.1. Bringing forward earnings using debt can be useful if it is being used for productive endeavor with effort and ingenuity, this can increase your personal value production over time in excess of the costs of the loan.

6bf6f7  No.12018145

File: 765e6a7fcc8d5fb⋯.png (29.56 KB, 1972x1176, 493:294, slide36.png)

36.1. For example you can see the distinction in student loans.

36.2. The notion was as we hit the limits on growth that that's what we'd do. We'd unlock people's ingenuity, "mana from heaven", and they'd become more educated and produce more value.

36.3. Unfortunately borrowing and then using it to study useful things is hard work and requires intelligence, most people are lazy idiots who never do anything productive or intelligent in their lives unless someone else has set it up for them to do.

36.4. So most people just borrow on the basis of consumption - the "fashion statement" of having a degree and being ever-so-intelligent. When really all they're doing is wasting time for a few years and borrowing for the pleasure of doing so, whilst studying incoherent nonsense which they can use to blame others for their stupidity, whilst inflating the qualifications necessary to get a job at Starbucks so now everyone has to get into debt just to get a job as a fucking sandwich artist.

6bf6f7  No.12018148

File: 4ca770e1cdae40f⋯.png (30.96 KB, 1972x1181, 1972:1181, slide37.png)

37.1. Surprisingly and equivalently governments are equally short-term thinkers and just as likely to use money they borrow from your future children or grandchildren (given the debt service is so high your children might not even be able to afford children - UH OH, I think we have to help those poor refugees right guys? The ones right next door to the country we're also bombing) and waste it on unproductive bullshit. Unfortunately however the scale and timelines governments borrow on are intergenerational.

6bf6f7  No.12018149

File: 506a9f81f44a9dc⋯.png (115.51 KB, 1752x2344, 219:293, slide38.png)

38.1. Unsurprisingly as this extraction kicks off in full swing the generation that benefits from the borrowing is loving it, meanwhile their kids get a little pissed off - make sure you teach them to hate each other so when they start getting mad they're not studying you, your system or how to fix it.

38d585  No.12018150


You can't OP unless you have a zero point energy system, or slaves, or can harness the suns energy.

The financial system is based off of metaphysical reality.

6bf6f7  No.12018152

File: 1e0cbb197fcc6c7⋯.jpg (998.93 KB, 1568x2146, 784:1073, occupy_D&C.jpg)

Is is for this reason there is so much anger and anti status quo sentiment starting to emerge, and it has been intentionally scattered, distracted from the actual cause and hijacked in order to make sure the livestock turn it on each other instead of using it to solve the problems with this system.

475cad  No.12018164

>I'm just going to quickly cover what a scam this system is:



6bf6f7  No.12018179

File: 01e638843ff8642⋯.jpg (588.43 KB, 972x1125, 108:125, catjar.jpg)

>Money bearing compound interest increases at first slowly. But, the rate of increase being continually accelerated, it becomes in some time so rapid, as to mock all the powers of the imagination. One penny, put out at our Saviour’s birth at 5% compound interest, would, before this time, have increased to a greater sum than would be obtained in a 150 millions of Earths, all solid gold. But if put out to simple interest, it would, in the same time, have amounted to no more than 7 shillings 4½d.

- Richard Price, 1772 Appeal to the Public on the Subject of the National Debt

In other words compound growth on a finite planet is impossible, and we have started to hit its finite limits.

6bf6f7  No.12018195

File: 898418d05bd00f2⋯.jpg (21.28 KB, 720x320, 9:4, symbio-parasite.jpg)

>The world's most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.

- Matt Tiabbi, Rolling Stone

But this symbio-parasite, which can't be removed without it killing you, requires constant growth to siphon, if it doesn't have that growth to siphon, it will simply start to cannibalise you.

That's what it's been doing for a while now.

1. It encouraged women into the workforce so there was more tax revenue to siphon, at the expensive of family structure and birth rates.

2. It masked the harm being done by encouraging people to borrow against their children's futures.

3. It masked the harm by creating wealth effects by inflating house prices.

This is particularly noxious - credit bids up prices, people speculate and follow, borrowing more. But it's useless because unless you plan on sleeping in a tent, by the time you sell, all the other houses have gone up in price too. The only one who wins is the bank who gets a longer and deeper siphon of your life's income via mortgages or rent to pay off mortgages.

At this point we're all serfs tithing half if not more of our life's work to our new feudal lords, the banks, who live off of our surplus and barely allow us to subsist as we slave for them for nothing in return.

4. This increased debt service and slowed household formation chills birth rates as people can't afford houses, kids, or even to stop working. Previous commitments rely on an expanding debt serf force.

5. This is why they're so keen to bring in more "refugees" - to feed the debt service machine, who cares if it replaces you, your children and destroys your culture? The parasite consumes it all.

You sit and bitch about the symptoms, or are distracted by artificual conflicts, instead of going for the actual issue.

6bf6f7  No.12018199

File: b036274f002fe96⋯.png (193.48 KB, 1892x1024, 473:256, capitalism.png)

So what are you going to do about it?

You could do something about it, but you probably prefer to just bend over and take it. If so, nothing I can do but wish death, rape and civilisational extinction on you you so richly deserve.

Or think about how to actually fight back and destroy this system - genuinely threaten its structure instead of voting for a fucking moron.

813044  No.12018216


checked for truth

1e9476  No.12018224

File: 910adb082b38be1⋯.png (2.01 MB, 768x1024, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

Have you read The Sumerian Swindle too, OP?

6bf6f7  No.12018230

File: 108c9bb01a6883d⋯.gif (475.09 KB, 500x206, 250:103, yMmm471.gif)


No, why? (I do want to know). But I'd not even the Jews had debt jubilees, the Sumerians had debt jubilees. You know why? Because it fucking destroyed society if they didn't, there were uprisings, it destroyed the civilisation's productive capacity.

But it was easier back then to cancel the debts because it was much more simplified - often issued by singular temples or institutions if it wasn't banned.

3a3b9c  No.12018234

kill the (((people))) operating it

1e9476  No.12018246


Your posts just gave me some deja-vu about the book. It's an interesting read whether or not you take it as fact.

6bf6f7  No.12018253


Killing (((people))) won't stop it, EMP in data centres won't stop it, lobbying for policy won't stop it either.

It'll only stop if everyone knows how this system works and they're willing to act collectively.

38d585  No.12018263

bb8cb6  No.12018274

File: eed5708ef44afe1⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 434x288, 217:144, thot.jpg)


>jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.

jews don't give a single fuck about money. They can manifest a trillion dollars tomorrow if they want with the push of a button. What they want is gaudy palaces, they want gallons of booze to drown their evil brains so they can sleep at night, they want pounds greasy food to fill the hollow void where humans keep their spirits, they want soft cushions to lay their weak bodies on, they want millions of acres of land all to themselves, they want golden baubles and fine cloth to drape over their hideous bodies, they want the buttholes of children to satiate their repulsive lusts. Money is just the toilet paper they drop on us to distract us while they steal that from us.

6bf6f7  No.12018280


So why do you use their money?

bb8cb6  No.12018282


Who says I do?

6bf6f7  No.12018293


Good, one down, 4.1 billion to go.

2b9d3f  No.12018364


>Use money as a receipt for completed labour.

Value is not merely determined by labour and material costs, value emerges from the marginal utility of the capital or service, and among other value determinants, like subjective needs. The idea of charging for labour assumes we are in a vacuum and not the world. Money will never emerge as an officiated receipt for regulated purpose, it's unnatural and will be replaced in effect by black market currencies to make up for the inefficiencies of such a fallacy driven currency.

>Let individuals absorb the cost of their own poor judgement when speculating instead of others.

This. Let people and institutions fail, may the best succeed.

e7fcf7  No.12018424


Two tricks against the banking system…

1. create a decentralized wiki/list/compendium that lists every crime committed by the banking system, complete with name and place of the institution and the name of the people running it. Make the list easily sharable and let everyone contribute to it. Keep doing this until this becomes too big to stop, which will result in a event of it's own that will let criminals expose themselves by covering tracks. The trick to success is to keep it going by as many hands as possible, while hooking more and more people to it.

2.The "what can I do" solo mission for the lonely hearts…work, get paid, visit your bank at the 2nd of every month, clear your account of everything but a safety net for monthly expenses, enjoy the face of the angry Jewish bank-teller when he hands you your money in cash, then deposit the whole shebang in the same banks safe deposit box. TADA! You effectively destroyed every third party meddling with your money, you forced credit institutes into bankruptcy, you prevented all the scams your bank is playing on you and the best of all…you forced the Jewish snake oil salesman to uphold his initial promise to keep your money safe.

Godspeed anons…you are now prepared to change the future. Your turn.

6bf6f7  No.12018435


1. Could you please expand on this?

2. Already do this but with precious metals and cryptocurrency - don't use safe deposit boxes.

e7fcf7  No.12018520


>1. Could you please expand on this?

You're up against capitalism itself, an infinite amount of money and greed so deep humans would do anything to secure their revenue streams. So how do you go up against a titan like this? Destabilize the entire system by forcing them to make mistakes! They are criminals, they corrupted the system of capitalism with greed, they circumvent laws to protect their revenue and they have no morals to get what they want. So expose them to the world. Use common sense to find a crime/scheme like for example putting a price tag on the service of accepting coins…which translates to you paying your bank for accepting your money (a Mafia shakedown is a joke compare to this insanity), then put that info on a list, name the bank, name the owner, and post that online. Keep doing this, always share, always keep that list in circulation, let people join and participate. At one point this will blow up into something out of your control and it will be a surefire weapon against criminal enterprises who at this point will strike out with censorship and police state threats, until it swings into fear at which point the whole system will fall apart. Hopefully in a salvageable state.


The big names are already under full control of Jewish investors and the small ones have a timer above their head. So don't make any long term plans on that.

>don't use safe deposit boxes

Not everyone lives in a secure neighborhood to keep cash safe, so why not hold the banks to their so often broken statement of protecting your money…but this time on your terms. They literally cannot make mischief with your money, while being legally forced to keep it safe for you. Safest thing a common citizen can do to act against a corrupt system.

83d968  No.12018524

It's not hard to say how;

- Usary is illegal

- income tax is illegal

- Fed liquidated

000000  No.12018529


So in the context of Burgerdom and the West in general, I had assumed a transition from being a 1st World civilization of credit-fueled consumerism to something more like the chicoms with their sweatshops and suicide nets…only the current population wouldn't tolerate such conditions, but their brown, desperate, replacements would…."Doing the jobs American's won't do"

I also recall articles about "Millennials" shunning credit card debt in light of their parents' failure to endure the '08 crisis; probably not a (((kosher))) sentiment if the shitball is to keep rolling.

83d968  No.12018532


>Not everyone lives in a secure neighborhood to keep cash safe, so why not hold the banks to their so often broken statement of protecting your money…but this time on your terms. They literally cannot make mischief with your money, while being legally forced to keep it safe for you. Safest thing a common citizen can do to act against a corrupt system.

Except kikes are making it illegal to hold and carry any amount of cash in excess of (((approved value))).

d19bf1  No.12018536

/r/requesting the jpeg detailing usury, college loans etc

Need to show a friend.

000000  No.12018539


>Except kikes are making it illegal to hold and carry any amount of cash in excess of (((approved value))).

You've got to adopt the lifestyle as if you're living behind enemy lines. The learning curve gets much steeper once the veil is lifted, so it's better to harden up now and figure it out the nuances… "Good" ideas often aren't that "good" when they're actually put into practice.

e7fcf7  No.12018560


>Except kikes are making it illegal to hold and carry any amount of cash in excess

The money never leaves the bank, it goes right into the safe deposit box. The only thing they can do is harassing you when it comes to paying it to you (not enough cash in the house) or when you want to buy something expensive, which becomes a multiple visit ordeal and much paperwork. The trick with that system is that a) prevents them from going digital only b) hurts them financially since they can't get their dirty little hands on your money and c) will lead to other banks giving you the service with less hassle to get you as a costumer (provided that enough people do that of course)

290112  No.12019130


The pic posted had shit solutions. It's pretty simple:

1. Fractional reserve banking is fraud, and used to be treated as such. Outlaw this. This will still allow banks to perform their useful functions, just without the license to counterfeit.

2. End the Fed.

3. Banish any government interference in financial markets. If there is a legitimate national security risk then the government should nationalise it, not give the owners a giant check. The preferred solution should be to allow bankruptcy to clean house, so long as the new owners are from the same nation.

4. Enhance the penalties for corruption. A govt employee taking money from foreigners is a traitor, and should be dealt with by a speedy public execution. This applies to a lesser degree to taking bribes from domestic citizens, but a corollary is that dual citizenship must be abolished. The definition of bribes most be greatly expanded to cover the many forms they can take.

5. Prohibit the practice of government borrowing.

6. Remove the right to vote for anyone taking government money.

These are the peaceful solutions, to clean up the country without a civil war. They are the only way that the USA or other Western countries can survive, since they are running into a financial and demographic cliff. Obviously no one in power will allow this to happen, so the only question is when, not if, a war will happen. Once that starts, the more drastic measures will be used. >>12018253


This Anon gets it. Unfortunately we are long past peaceful solutions. The amount of debt and unfunded liabilities can never be paid off, and we're rapidly approaching the day when they come due. This is probably the reason (((they))) are so desperately importing shitskins, to act as their bodyguards when the peasants pick up their torches and pitchforks.

7533df  No.12019238

File: 3bb316a9cf57402⋯.pdf (7.67 MB, Sumerian_Swindle_V1_2nd_Ed….pdf)


They shoahed Gregory Delaney for writing it before he finished the third volume.



Here, have an archive link for the books, you'll like them: https://web.archive.org/web/20170627092917/http://www.bamboo-delight.com/item_13.htm

And the second book is here, too big to upload.


4130b2  No.12019397


The financial system is the root of all the jewish power, its written in the Bible that Moses told them " if you obey his laws and teachings that I’m giving you today. You will lend money to many nations, but you won’t have to borrow. You will rule many nations, but they won’t rule you", and here we are today.

Kill the banks and you kill the jews.

6bf6f7  No.12020298

File: 3349eef52c249ae⋯.jpg (127.33 KB, 640x960, 2:3, croco.jpg)

Fuck's sake, you could do some damange even getting every, single millennial or Gen Z'r who thinks house prices are too high by just getting them to sign up to a coordinated rent strike.

You'd need a year, maybe 2, to get millions of people to agree to it, but as long as it's millions - the police can't really do anything. The sudden cutting off of revenue would have an impact on real estate after 3 months. After 6 months governments would be getting asked to get involved, but if people fought the police, there'd be nothing that could be done.

6bf6f7  No.12020303

a26466  No.12020337


>so desperately importing shitskins, to act as their bodyguards when the peasants pick up their torches and pitchforks

right here. they have an army of machete-wielding maniacs at their disposal. or soon will. probably will take directions from local cops looking to soak up whatever wealth is left lying around as they'll mostly be concerned about having lost their pensions. then the machetes will come for the cops and all of that surplus military equipment in your town of 12,000 people will be in the hands of 12-year-old Honduran illiterates and if you get lucky some National Guard unit might take pity on your community and roll through. or not.

3869b8  No.12020350


So do you just keep physical cash?? And don't invest in anything (stocks/bonds/mf's/etfs/annuities/ect.)?

5dcf10  No.12020359


>blaming anon instead of kikes

Faggot, you don't belong here.

ad46d5  No.12020380

File: 019b53a5d88d43d⋯.gif (502.75 KB, 500x209, 500:209, IMG_3645.GIF)



You know what to do anon

6bf6f7  No.12020390

File: 3fdcf81f28b4fca⋯.jpg (206.98 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, ay.jpg)


5dcf10  No.12020446


Reported for derailing. And I would snap your neck instantly, shillboi.

6bf6f7  No.12020579


I don't see how creating a bulletin list of banks charging for depositing coins is going to create any specific traction given that 12 of the world's biggest banks have several DPAs, some of whom for doing the same shit, when it involves things like market manipulation or laundering drug money.

You have to realise the FBI, DOJ, SEC are all bought out - you can't touch any of this stuff via any legal routes because prosecuting these things becomes a giant exercise in diffusion of responsibility and cost to the tax payer that always winds up being more profitable where they get caught with their fingers in the till just paying a fine out of what they're stealing.

Whatever happens has to happen using non-legal methods, which is not to say illegal or extralegal, just actions in the market place via popular outrage.

People can choose to not participate in the financial system, or to start a run on a specific bank, if they can see why that will actually help them achieve a political goal.

6bf6f7  No.12020582

File: 9cc2c907d4544f0⋯.gif (200.76 KB, 350x354, 175:177, ohjeremycorbyn.gif)


>I don't see how creating a bulletin list of banks charging for depositing coins is going to create any specific traction given that 12 of the world's biggest banks have several DPAs, some of whom for doing the same shit, when it involves things like market manipulation or laundering drug money.


>You have to realise the FBI, DOJ, SEC are all bought out - you can't touch any of this stuff via any legal routes because prosecuting these things becomes a giant exercise in diffusion of responsibility and cost to the tax payer that always winds up being more profitable where they get caught with their fingers in the till just paying a fine out of what they're stealing.


>Whatever happens has to happen using non-legal methods, which is not to say illegal or extralegal, just actions in the market place via popular outrage.


>People can choose to not participate in the financial system, or to start a run on a specific bank, if they can see why that will actually help them achieve a political goal.

6c308a  No.12021520


Iostoken and/or komodo coin

325561  No.12021534

File: f24ba5763074933⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 490x245, 2:1, Slide thread.gif)

Fuck off moshe.

6bf6f7  No.12021562


Why, shill?

57eca4  No.12021578

File: 337e4ea93716223⋯.jpg (136.48 KB, 456x337, 456:337, 1322259941001.jpg)

File: e36a44f639a60b0⋯.jpg (112.95 KB, 882x731, 882:731, 1534526176740.jpg)

Just fucking bunker up with other Whites and rent houses for a few years and save up. How fucking hard is it to understand that?

6bf6f7  No.12021583


Guess you're going to have to find out the hard way then aren't you?

21cf73  No.12021648

good reads

c6afa3  No.12021672


The only way to do this. Get a job in finance, faggots. Don't fall for this stem or trade meme. We kill the Jews by fucking them at the source. I'm currently going to corporate finance. Look forward to when I fuck Jews in the ass in the future.

d478ec  No.12022023

Does anyone have links to good threads or infographics from/about occupy wall street? Were there any threads about how to actually change the system from the inside? What do you guys think about switching to the shadow economy? If you were to work for an anonymized cryptocurrency instead of fiat, you could just transfer to fiat whenever needed for necessities/compulsory taxes. Is anyone doing this?

6bf6f7  No.12022086

File: 9dbf7b7a6b39af0⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 2744x2672, 343:334, d&coccupy.jpg)

File: 0fa3e00e5d3070c⋯.jpg (419.56 KB, 720x3333, 240:1111, MPs List.jpg)

File: 947696569421ad9⋯.jpg (200.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, i2.jpg)


Honestly I wish I had more for you, this is another variant attached.

As to changing the system really you need to have a full diagnostic of all the unseen levers of power and their brokers.

That means all of the senior levels of finance, intelligence, media, civil service, police, NGOs, policy think tanks, "foundations", "charities".

A lot of the stuff in the NET will give you an excellent feel for some of the problems:


As to influencing this stuff, one way is to try to get into some of the ex-intelligence consultancies if you can find the skills they need - you can pick up lots of useful info from egotistical spies.

Another is blackmail using material in the public sphere. Attached for example is a list of MPs here in the UK who voted to keep the Official Secrets Act applicable to cases of child abuse - that's huge, and it wasn't publicised, but with the right meme campaign you could destroy a whole bunch of politicians' careers - OR - you could get them to start paying attention to people lobbying for actually useful reform by using it as leverage to get them to actually push for it:


Give serious consideration to consumer activism:


You can get a company to provide funds for a cause, especially when dealing with duopolies in a highly similar market where the customer base has no loyalty, by applying a well-targeted consumer activism campaign. That lets you shift huge amounts of money towards desirable goals.

You can also try to push to get out of fiat as much as possible so you're not using their system.

A real coup to me would be getting 2 years into some sort of coordinated mortgage strike - that would be a tactic which would very quickly bring the financial system to heel and make it answerable to electorates and try to detoxify it and end its predatory practises.

Also get yourself some sort of i2 software so you can put stuff together yourself.

d478ec  No.12022269


any recommendations on i2 software? I just really think that all these countries with fiat are complicit in taxation without representation. We are expanding the books and creating longer and longer loans that children will have to pay for. They are creating generations of compulsory debt slavery.

Their argument is that the central banks are just trying to maintain a standard of low inflation because that's "good for the economy". But is it good for the people? Who benefits from the economy doing well?

And they use force to coerce you into paying income taxes. It's not like you can escape. The sad thing is the people that are intelligent enough to see these issues have too much to lose by doing anything about it, I being one of them. I can't just become a tax evader because I have a family. But politicians will never do anything because they're in bed with the cabal.

The only way to fight this is with coordinated strikes like you said, but how will the word get out?

Social media is getting more Orwellian by the minute.

The only thing people are incentivized by anymore is money, and nobody with money will back something like this

0060f9  No.12022272


4130b2  No.12023206


This image needs 6 banks, so you get the hexagram at the end, for subliminal efficiency.

4130b2  No.12023209


This image needs 6 banks, so you get the hexagram at the end, for subliminal efficiency.

000000  No.12023216


12cc81  No.12026754


281298  No.12026814


Just accept a system of debt in which kikes can steal your savings through a system of inflation.

>Real men

Fuck you faggot.

00b3f8  No.12032067







Combine it with the NGO hitlist which got slid and repost ITT.






c60662  No.12032136


>You've got to adopt the lifestyle as if you're living behind enemy lines.

do you want to be free or do you want to have bling?

50656d  No.12032844

I would back out of the system. refuse to earn the maximum amount alloted to my expendable but finite time. refuse to get a mortgage, refuse to expend on things such as a college fund for future children, the divorce meat grinder that is marriage, public school system cattle, all that shit. just don't participate in society.

88c6ca  No.12033157

File: cb0b5dc5b1bc45c⋯.jpg (34.78 KB, 324x499, 324:499, 51CR7L Nf1L._SX322_BO1,204….jpg)

i havent seen a single one of those richard spencer jordan peterson people or anybody else at all talking about the banking system scam. at this point it seems like this topic is more taboo than calling out the jews directly. lel i dont even think alex jones ever mentioned it.

calling out the jew is woke: but calling out the banking system is super woke (excuse my french)


but how to get the common man to adopt this sentiment? seems like it would be as simple as just explaining the deal to him. if people think taxation is theft then they should love the federal reserve

e8138c  No.12033594



bd39c5  No.12034510


He knew these things. He knew what "things" were responsible for chaos, subversion, destruction, annihilation; and he attempted to bind both.

- He knew their names and one-by-one, he isolated them. He "shut them down"

- He knew that a debt-based society was nothing more than the scam of all scams intended to enslave a functional society through debt

- He moved against those that idealized the debt-based societies which ultimately served them

- He moved to re-value, based not upon a piece of paper, ink and intricate artwork/symbology; but to tie currency(ies), commerce and trade to real assets

And here we are yet again; with a feckless Congress that is "supposed to" be the arbiter of currency(ies); an overpaid body which has nothing more than 'strong words' for bad deeds. We have a President which by all outward appearances understands that the US experiment cannot be righted without some hard decisions, that is nothing more than a Jewish cuckold continuing a mindfuck for his own ultimate gain

95214d  No.12034538


>Arrest usurers

>Hang them in the streets

Jews were kicked out of England for their usury.

d0c35c  No.12034565


This. Occutards and that fucking mic check and repeating bullshit turned off all the sane people. Many of us just dropped out. Once the kike is dealt with we can create positive solutions.

5655c3  No.12034581


Canadian junior mining shares are the achilles heel of the systemic debt complex. Buy low, sell high. Patience is golden.

606768  No.12035832


you sound like a bot

you dont know the problem

you dont understand the objective

and you think a few dollars wil lsave you

6bf6f7  No.12042801


It'd be very interesting to take those ideas and sterilise them of any noteworthy references and see how far or not one could advance them.

Depending on the reaction at the point you got rumbled you might have enough momentum to invite the question as to whether or not this was in fact the reason they were destroyed and so heavily demonised afterwards.

fc5679  No.12042840


Precious metals and crypto. We'd already be far along in progress if BTC didn't get (((BTC)))'d they crippled it deliberately by crippling its tx capacity

f42172  No.12042862

File: 91d9b26c6aa8234⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1083x1535, 1083:1535, happypassover.jpg)


Debt-based inflationary currencies literally drain you of your life energy and transfer it to the people who control the money supply. Debt-based money and taxation are systems that the spiritual vampires created to suck you dry.

17d7c7  No.12042865

Fucking awesome thread op, this shit is on-point and right at the heart of the problem. Solutions are over my head, but I see no reason why every anon shouldn't endeavor to use things like silver dollars & cryptocurrencies wherever possible. I doubt too many people will say no to a stack of silver in exchange for most things, and it provides a good opportunity to redpill.

6bf6f7  No.12042897

File: 0d66cb763fbbe66⋯.png (2.72 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 10914-200.png)

File: a4e482407804197⋯.jpg (30.9 KB, 600x400, 3:2, logo_web_1460743028.jpg)

We should start a campaign to get a bank run going on the retail arms of JP Morgan Chase.

Your options should be:

1. Remove all your money and place it in precious metals or crypto save for some basic expenses you need in the system.

2. Ideally leave nothing in JP Morgan Chase and transfer whatever cash you want to keep in banking services to a local community bank or co-op if you need a bank account at all.

6bf6f7  No.12043923

File: 73f5215f6aa015f⋯.gif (1.53 MB, 500x367, 500:367, 1522177110614.gif)


>Combine it with the NGO hitlist which got slid and repost ITT.

Can we please have this from someone?

a8b0f0  No.12044194

I've been saying it in every related thread, /pol/ needs to brush up on blockchain and cryptocurrency. It's unironically a powerful tool against kikes

>inb4 NWO


e8b45e  No.12044217

File: c71a78c1ed1f1c6⋯.jpg (212.44 KB, 1300x779, 1300:779, swindle.jpg)

Anyone want to design an anti-bank cheat sheet? I'm not good with finances and I don't have time to make infographics at the moment. Here's a super basic one for starters.

f113eb  No.12044225


If you're going to put money in a safe, I would suggest against a safety deposit boxc, there is nothing "safe" about them, you're better off putting your money in GameStop game pre-orders, or a have safe bolted tot he floor in your own house.

6bf6f7  No.12044357

File: 507cf03c1d5bde2⋯.jpg (87.54 KB, 900x549, 100:61, stacking.jpg)

File: 18a6e7362751986⋯.jpg (550.82 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, kilo_bars.jpg)

File: 7ad36a69d02a36a⋯.gif (2.01 MB, 540x230, 54:23, 500.gif)


>I don't know if you've ever examined the contract on a safety deposit box but they include a whole load of caveats which basically make it totally unsafe.


Susan Nomi said that when she went to open the Bank of America safe deposit box she had for 16 years, the entire box had vanished. The safe is where she kept her family’s jewelry and her dad’s coin collection.

“I was in shock; I was just like what happened to my box,” said Nomi, quoted by CBS Sacramento.

Worse, Bank of America - which was custodian of the safety box - couldn't explain where her valuables went: “They don’t have an answer. They don’t have an answer. They say thanks for letting us know,” Nomi said.

Making matters worse for the infuriated woman, she herself was a retired Bank of America employee of 40 years; and she’s not alone. Others have complained that Bank of America drilled their safe deposit boxes without permission or notice.

Another dissatisfied customer, Wendy Woo, said her belongings were taken out of her safe deposit box and shipped to her by the bank: "Everything was dumped in a plastic bag," said Woo. In the process, a ring went missing and a necklace was damaged in the process.

“Safe deposit box… that’s what it’s for, safe,” she said, only not when the safe belongs to Bank of America.

A second family complained that it too had gotten the contents of their safe deposit box shipped back too, but claim $17,000 in jewelry was missing.

"I just got robbed from the bank," another woman complained: "They just took my stuff."

Needless to say, what makes these situations bizarre, is that according to federal rules, banks can drill a box without permission only when there is a court order, search warrant, delinquent rental fees, requests from estate administrators, or if the bank is closing a branch. And yet none of those reasons applies to any of these cases.


- Greek capital controls also prevent access to contents of safe deposit boxes

- Restrictions on safe deposit access doesn’t protect banking system unless contents confiscated

- Readers should heed warnings by Marc Faber and Ian Spreadbury of Fidelity

- Important to own assets outside banking system and not in bank safe deposit boxes

- Own physical bullion in private safety deposit boxes and the safest private vaults

Capital controls have been in place in Greece since the start of the month to protect the banks from mass withdrawals by nervous Greeks. They have rightly been concerned about their savings, the collapse of the banking system and the loss of their savings in deposit confiscations or bail-ins.

>In other words…



If you're going to escape this debt-based financial system using precious metals you have to keep it your own safe which nobody knows about.

If you're going to do it with crypto keep it on a mixture of paper wallets.

20adbd  No.12044378


The German National Socialists did.

Their system may not have been perfect, but they were free from the oligarchs for 12 years.

It can be done, but the traitors and kikes must be removed from power.

For those uninformed lurkers, the real cause of WW2 was the Germans removal of debt-backed currency and banning of international finance from the German nation. They removed jewish banks and heavily regulated German banks.

This made their economy boom like the world had never seen. They had removed the parasites and life got so much better.

Thus the kikes pulled every string to destroy them.

WW2 was about BANKING and DEBT and LIBERTY OF NATIONS. And the USA fought for the WRONG side.


Sounds like the back to the landers had the right idea.

AKA, modernized secular Amish.

And, yes, the actual issue is the "rootless international clique" aka banks aka international finance aka kikes.

Hitler was right all along.


And only Whites (and maybe a few Asian groups) are smart enough to ever reach that level of consensus.

Which is why they are trying to exterminate us.

Also, some modernized form of Jeffersonianism may be in order.

Rootlessness and dependence fosters enslavement and destitution.



It's about POWER and CONTROL.

Money doesn't really exist.

It's just "make believe" that hundreds of millions believe in.

It originated, and was at its best, as a medium of exchange for goods and services.

It all started to go horribly wrong when "having money makes money" became reality.

Work should make "money." Labor and production. Not "money" itself.


There may not be a perfect solution, but money tied to production would be vastly superior to current bank enslavement oligarchy bullshit.

How could it not be?


Don't forget the international finance portion of the problem.

Indeed, it is an international phenomenon at it's rotten heart.

Ban all foreign corporations. Ban all foreign ownership of anything in the country. Ban all foreign influence. Severely regulate all foreign investment and/ or money exchange.

Things like that.

Of course, reestablish White homelands as well.


This is why Whites must arm ourselves and organize (well, one of the reasons).

Millions already are.


Buy precious metals.

Buy land and live on it.

Grow a garden and have some pigs or something like that. Cultivate self sufficiency.

Buy useful tools and equipment to survive anything.

Buy guns and lots of ammo.

Marry a strong White woman (or White man for woman anons) and have lots of White kids.

Buy guns for them too.

That's what I figure, anyway.


If you are not one of (((them))) then you will never get anywhere "big."

Not to mention, the only sane goal is to REMOVE the rotten system.


Whatever else happens, if Whites do not have lots of White children then we lose.

100% guaranteed.

No White children = death.


That's because opposing the "rootless international clique" of bankers and corporations was at the HEART of National Socialism.

The kikes portray it as a movement of hate.

It was a movement of hope.

That is why they NEVER TALK ABOUT what the "Nazis" actually stood for.



Should we compete to see who can rape and murder more, too?

No, we want something so much better than this. For our entire people, not just ourselves.


Trump must know about this.

What's the deal Trump?

I thought you were going to MAGA?

50f3df  No.12044389


Reminder that using federal reserve notes means that you don't own your own wealth. Reminder that safe deposit boxes off of your own property means you don't own your own wealth.

50f3df  No.12044390


Sweet mother of fuck, go back to reddit.

6bf6f7  No.12044426

File: 5c1089cee549fb5⋯.jpg (231.33 KB, 1024x959, 1024:959, Joachimsthaler-1525.jpg)


>go back to reddit

Thus far this guy's one of the few to say something actually useful - why don't you piss off before I twist your head off and pass it to a tranny to keep its wigs on.

6bf6f7  No.12044496

File: 9b1198329e48f05⋯.jpg (72.87 KB, 600x322, 300:161, looper.jpg)

File: 9963c9ab338b486⋯.jpg (19.57 KB, 300x444, 25:37, feder.jpg)


- This made their economy boom like the world had never seen. They had removed the parasites and life got so much better.

- WW2 was about BANKING and DEBT and LIBERTY OF NATIONS. And the USA fought for the WRONG side.

>The problem can only be confronted if it's widely understood by the populace.

-And only Whites (and maybe a few Asian groups) are smart enough to ever reach that level of consensus.

- Which is why they are trying to exterminate us.

-That is why they NEVER TALK ABOUT what the "Nazis" actually stood for.

This is all making more and more sense.

Let's start having a bit of a chat about Gottfried Feder:

>Previously, I didn't clearly recognize the difference between capital that is purely the product of creative labor, and capital that is exclusively the result of financial speculation. Here I needed an inspiration to set my mind thinking in this direction; but that impulse had not appeared.

>The necessary inspiration now came from one of the men who lectured in the course I mentioned earlier.

This was Gottfried Feder.

>For the first time in my life, I heard a discussion of the principles of international stock exchange capital and loan capital.

>After hearing Feder's first lecture, the idea immediately came into my head that I had now found one of the most essential prerequisites for the founding of a new party.

>To my mind, Feder's merit lay in the ruthlessly brutal way in which he described the double character of capital engaged in stock-exchange and loan transaction, exposing the fact that this capital is always dependent on the payment of interest. In fundamental questions, his statements were so full of common sense that his critics didn't deny their theoretical soundness, but only whether it would be possible to put these ideas into practice. To me this seemed the strongest point in Feder's teaching, though others considered it a weakness.

TL;DR - Feder pointed out to Hitler the obvious, that there are only two kinds of capital:

1. Productive capital that enhances the standard of living and supply of services, goods and amenities - financing of infrastructure, mining, research and development, factories - stuff which increases the borrower's capacity to pay.

2. Extractive capital that seeks out rent-seeking opportunities - mortgages, corporate raiding, share buybacks, speculative acquisition at assymetry of information, unbacked money issuance.


Mortgages, insurance premiums, late fees - all of this is totted up as GDP as "Gross Domestic PRODUCT" - when nothing is produced.

50f3df  No.12044503


Go. Back. To. Reddit. Where do you think you are?

6bf6f7  No.12044507

File: 974ce2d19fca401⋯.jpg (52.28 KB, 775x425, 31:17, 0923092123123022.jpg)


I appreciate the bumps nigger.

50f3df  No.12044514


You did nothing wrong. It's an important discussion to be had.

6bf6f7  No.12044555

File: df7ce570d634a59⋯.jpg (20.09 KB, 298x252, 149:126, Gottfried-Feder-1-1-e14543….jpg)

File: 0d70a84e135e878⋯.jpg (45.06 KB, 850x400, 17:8, The-Unforgivable-Sin.jpg)


>When I heard Gottfried Feder's first lecture on 'breaking interest-slavery,' I understood immediately that here was a truth of transcendental importance for the future of the German people. The absolute separation of stock exchange capital from the national economy would make it possible to oppose the internationalization of the German economy without at the same time attacking capital per se. Doing so would jeopardize the foundations of our national independence. I clearly saw what was developing in Germany, and I realized then that the hardest battle we would have to fight would not be against the enemy nations, but against international capital. In Feder's speech I found an effective rallying-cry for our coming struggle.

>In the second place,the following must be noted: Any idea may be a source of danger if it is seen as an end in itself, when really it's only the means to an end. For me and all true National Socialists, there is only one doctrine: People and Fatherland.

>We have to fight to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and people, the sustenance of our children, the purity of our blood, and the freedom and independence of the Fatherland. Only then may our people fulfill the mission assigned to them by the creator of the universe.

>All ideas and ideals, all teaching and all knowledge, must serve these ends. Everything must be examined from this viewpoint and turned to practical uses, or else discarded. Thus a theory can never become a mere dead doctrine, since everything must serve life.

>Thus it was that Gottfried Feder's conclusions caused me to make a fundamental study of a question with which I had previously not been very familiar.

>I began to study again, and thus it was that I came to truly understand the substance and purpose of the life-work of the Jew Karl Marx. His Capital* became intelligible to me now for the first time. I now exactly understood the Social Democrats' fight against national economics—a fight that was to prepare the ground for the hegemony of a true international and stock exchange capital.


1. The enemy is and has always been the banks.

2. Communism was designed to destroy nations so they were more easily enslaved - as is happening today with cultural marxism: You set the debt serfs against each other so they never spot they're being robbed by the system itself - you create balkanised groups who blame their slavery on each other, playing each group off against the others until they're so exhausted they accept their enslavement.

6bf6f7  No.12044561


You got proof?

9bcadc  No.12044590

there is a serious lack of cryptocurrency talk ITT.

dumbass whiteboys

6bf6f7  No.12044619

File: 6a3e1c750a32662⋯.png (273.36 KB, 497x2107, 71:301, 1533266315060.png)

File: c229fb20baf2fac⋯.png (638.88 KB, 940x788, 235:197, stop_using_fiat.png)


Now how about some interesting pieces from the book, see if any of it sounds familiar:

The Reichsbank is not, as every credulous state-citizen may after

all believe, really a state bank but a stock company. The Reichsbank

is thus in no way a state institution even if the state had, up to June

1922, when it was fully "autonomised" on the demands of the Entente,

certain regulatory rights.


>The Federal Reserve is as federal as federal express.

Inflation is the clearly visible expression of our financial political

misery. Inflation affects everybody - everybody who must earn his

livelihood - with frightful severity.

But from whence does inflation come? To this question one can

hear a large number of explanations which are partly taken from the

narrow viewpoint of the person answering, partly from the dictionary

of demagogic slogans, and partly indicate actual partial causes without

however correctly hitting the ultimate motivating cause. When one

hears these causes of inflation identified by the different parties, there

is soon no social order and no profession any more that would not be

designated by some side as the cause of inflation.

It is quite obvious that, through the flooding of a national economy

with paper money, the purchasing power of this paper money must

steadily go down.

The basic cause of inflation is - the interest obligation of the state.

This interest obligation makes taxes necessary, for the state can only

give what it must again extract in some form from its citizens.

>Textbook definition: Inflation is too much money chasing too few goods.

>Meaningless rephrase (and if you look at the introduction to this - obfuscation of what it actually is, a means to siphon via counterfeit.

50f3df  No.12044649


>share this image

Is there proof of that image, either?

01881a  No.12044701

File: 2ef132bc3ff9f01⋯.jpeg (93.34 KB, 577x480, 577:480, index.jpeg)

I humbly proffer a way out:

Trump should announce a new form of U.S. bond akin to the Greenback of Lincoln with a few exceptions. The new bond will look similar to an old fashioned dollar, but will be paid as debt by the government for Real Work. For expedience I will refer to this new dollar as a Jackson.

Real Work is defined as producing something. Examples would include roads, guns, airplanes and rockets. It does not include IRS, DMV or ATF employees.

The Jackson could not be used to pay off loans. Only dollars would be allowed for that and it is convenient and won't disrupt the legal aspects because all loans are denominated in dollars. Similarly, Jackson';s cannot be used as collateral for loans.

For the first few years, the value of the Jackson would be tied to the dollar at a 1:1. Once a sufficient supply of Jacksons have made it into the economy so that they are being used for purchases in stores, the dollar and Jackson are decoupled.

Now the great experiment occurs. Was Hitler right or the Rothschilds? Is debt backed currency stronger or labor-backed currency? We all know the answer to this question and the dollar will inflate. In a few years 1 Jackson will buy $2, then $5 then $10 then $100. Everyone's debt will inflate away and usury will become unprofitable.

Trump has enough time to see this transition through if he gets re-elected. This can initially be seen as a self-funding infrastructure bill. It could pass this year and cost nothing. I

t would end the Fed, end usury and Make America Great Again!

6bf6f7  No.12044702


Doesn't need to be - whilst the inflation-adjusted price of silver is at all-time historical low, it still checks out if you look at the metal content. Feel free to apply your autism to that issue if you want and see how many cents below or above $15 it currently is.


The original quote was attributed to a book titled Propaganda in the Next War by Sidney Rogerson, 1938. In that book the remark was described as having been made to Lord Robert Boothby.

It certainly seems to fit the facts to me, having seen the transparent lie presented as to our pretext to intervene in Syria and the far more convincing underlying economic justifications - I'm inclined to believe based on the last few decades all wars have economic motivations.

6bf6f7  No.12044716

File: 00828cfd1d21d1a⋯.jpg (42.59 KB, 640x597, 640:597, 1534109227285.jpg)


>This can initially be seen as a self-funding infrastructure bill. It could pass this year and cost nothing.

Houses are ridiculously expensive at the moment, and as opposed to it being attributed to the massive increase in credit available, it's described as simply being "supply and demand".

Well, if that's the case, how about a labour and classical value theory based issuance of currency from a public bank to address the insane costs of housing?

Why is that not being done? Should give you an idea how utterly tithed we are to financial interests. The price of housing is so high it chills household formation and the creation of families - so they import labour to compensate and keep the ponzi propped up.

6bf6f7  No.12044723


Would be really easy to apply that infrastructure bill to the construction of affordable houses.

e92073  No.12044873


6bf6f7  No.12044886



0d7f3a  No.12045343


Create our own cryptocurrencies, get big market caps, and then drop the fucking redpill on everyone using the coin.

6bf6f7  No.12045707


I thought 8chan was where the smarter pol/acks/ hung out. The average IQ so far in this thread has been room fucking temperature.

0d7f3a  No.12045764


>complains about average IQ of thread

>responsible for exactly half of all posts in thread…

You clearly are what's bringing down the average.

6bf6f7  No.12045873


We doing this per post or per unique ID?

6bf6f7  No.12055268


42cd80  No.12075279


4928ef  No.12075536


Invade Western Europe and go city to city looking for gold vaults. They spent a century stealing and hoarding it, so we spend a century killing them and putting it back into public circulation.

4928ef  No.12075543


>Well, if that's the case, how about a labour and classical value theory based issuance of currency from a public bank to address the insane costs of housing?

Fuck off with issuing currency. Fiat currency cannot even slightly exist or it leads to exactly what we've seen in the past 250 years. Someone will weaponize it and try to destroy humanity with it. There has to be an absolute prohibition on government currency.

4928ef  No.12075548


>Create our own cryptocurrencies

Crypto won't be safe and viable until free energy.

42cd80  No.12091623

bamp against new wave of sex based dnc

cf2d5c  No.12091634

File: 0f33d06e7846bfd⋯.png (897.42 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 0f33d06e7846bfd1f102c438d8….png)

>debt service is responsible

39ed3b  No.12091906


They shoahed Gregory Delaney? What do you mean? Is he dead now?

04c945  No.12092019


I you haven't read the book; go read it when you have the chance, it's a great read.

Also thank you very much for this thread, i've never seen such a crisp and clear analysis. I'm saving this for posterity.

04c945  No.12092040


Nr. 2 isn't going to work. In my country they're already closing down banks rapidly, they just exist as offices now. Or 'service points', where you can speak face-to-face with a bank employee in a tiny little 'store'. But no vault or even a safe-keeping service. In the long run your trick isn't going to work.

6afaec  No.12092064


>the real cause of WW2 was the Germans removal of debt-backed currency and banning of international finance from the German nation.

I think you're laying it on a little thick there. Their removal of kikes from all positions of power including banking after their utter domination during Weimar was a major motivation for kike influence pushing for war in the US and UK. But the mere existence of the USSR was the major impetus for that war as its presence was fundamentally incompatible with Germany's. Communist kikes where closely allied with kike bankers we know that due to the sources of their money and support in the West. That doesn't mean that just the opposition to kike banking was sufficient to motivate the hostility towards germany rather than the hundred of other motivations both those pushed by kikes and the comparatively innocent nature of great power politics.

The real solution isn't even destroying debt backed notes, though it is an unnecessarily circuitous means to establish the value of a currency. The solution is simply to kill everybody who can cause these problems in any system. Kikes, shitskins, and liberals must be exterminated down to the last child. Then you could have your friendly Natsoc/Prussianism state based on love for one's people or you could have the classical dog-eat-dog Americanism based upon clannish hatred of one's enemies. Both work and appeal to very different populations which were created though a self selection which saw the hate-filled whites of Europe leave for America and create the culture which still reigns in the rural areas there.

Just kill all the kikes, let all the muds starve to death, and leave the liberal whites to exterminate themselves though their refusal to breed. Then whatever is left will shake out into a roughly functional system. There is no need to create complex narratives which though internally consistent are still not verifiable nor to overthink solutions. Bullets in brains will fix the problem and we already have more than enough motivation to kill every jew.

04c945  No.12092093


>That doesn't mean that just the opposition to kike banking was sufficient to motivate the hostility towards germany

Yes it was and still is. Or did you miss Libya and Ghaddafi? Did you miss the countless instances in history where kikes have threatened with war should their monopoly on money creation be taken from them?

You remove kike banking, you remove all power that kikes hold. All the other motivations are just icing on the cake.

6afaec  No.12093505


>Libya and Ghaddafi

It's more than banking or the petrodollar. The kikes are terrified of secular pan-arabism in any form, the mere whiff of it causes seizures in a shekel-clutcher. The arabs are borderline retarded shitskins but in any semi-competent secular system they could pose a threat to kikes whereas isolated whabbist cells and armies can be manipulated by their financial backers and are to busy muhdicking to organize and attack the kikes or saudis.

I'm not arguing about the source of kike power, rather I'm saying that your implication that if a single state adopted a non-kiked banking system of any kind it would create a domino effect and that is what the kikes fear isn't supported by the evidence. The kikes would still hold the legal and academic institutions in the nations they infiltrated and thus could defend banking in those nations nor is there likely to be a general uprising against banking unless there is some actual strife happening. And in most cases there were other greater motivations driving the jews than merely banking. Chinks don't have kikes controlling their banking system and use an equally crooked system cloaked as a debt system but in reality is based on the coercion and favor trading within their government. They don't even obey the minimal rules that kikes set for themselves and just dictate what the monetary supply will be without even giving excuses. Which is why they are sitting on several bubbles which are and order a magnitude larger than any the kikes have created but they still haven't popped yet. That is technically an alternative system though it doesn't claim to be such, but the kikes don't move against it despite everybody knowing that it is divergent from their own model.

ac5f56  No.12093762



yup. I've been balls deep in bitcoin since 2013. There is a reason they used legit social engineering and deep state tactics to try to subvert BTC core. It's because it fucking works and theyre afraid of it.

Their problem though is that people catch on to this shit, and crypto being open source, you can fork it if you want.

ETH, XMR, and BCH are my picks.

c884a4  No.12093773

I still don't get whats so bad or immoral about usery. It is literally just charging extra for taking a risk. More is charged in exchange for taking a bigger risk. What is wrong with this?

b0d83f  No.12094104


The line in the sand is when that interest makes the debt impossible to pay back.

39ed3b  No.12095381


Collateral means there is no risk, so therefore no need for interest.

999f7b  No.12095419



Do yourself a favor and look up on the only serious project out there. Cardano. Other than that I completely agree. It's not worth betting on the infiltrated ones like Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Zcash(Israeli backdoored crypto), or most of the other 3rd gen projects that haven't got the mathematical muscle to stage a world-scale decentralized protocol up with some peer-review nerds who actually want to make this world a better place based on practicality and well based principals. The tech itself is underway. It's all about finding the right people behind the projects.

A lot of governments can see the profit of implementing some sort of blockchain tech. A lot of the 3rd world can't get banking services unless they make up their own tokens of ownership. It's all underway.

750d77  No.12095465

File: 5af17c8d5825a32⋯.png (105.02 KB, 220x221, 220:221, all goys must die.png)

First, all the goyim die. Then the bullshit stops. Only then.

fbcbee  No.12118956


19167c  No.12119142


Good post.

I'd only state that the importation of shit skins is likely driven as both a guard against the peasants (as you already said), but also a method of continued "growth" by increasing the labor pool and depressing wages.

It's a twofold move. It provides a demographic barrier between us and (((them))) in the long term, while simultaneously providing a form of growth via lower wages and increased infrastructural/economic demands in order to keep the game going just a little longer.

b77b0e  No.12119235


we kill the jews.

bae145  No.12119274

Blockchain of man hour credits. Linked to block chain of reputation linked to blockchain of individual identity. Get rid of generating heat through useless hashing and just compensate network infra with fractional tax. Man hour credits can be swapped in algorithmic marketplace for generic units of exchange.

Man hour credits are issued as debt by individual redeemable in their own labor. Default only hurts their issuance of further credits. This reduces money to original intent as personal IOU with no legal enforcement outside of reputation (honor.) This cannot be subverted or cornerned.

9cb487  No.12119325


you forgot:

(a) it destroys communities, lives, and perhaps humanity (or human-ness) itself by forcing their complete restructuring (over and over) in order to organize them in ways that reap greatest surplus value (ie. profits)

(b) the thing that is doing this is not banking, per se, but capitalism itself if you'd like to qualify this by saying its not capitalism, per se, but "corporate-managerial capitalism" or [insert favorite name here], that's fine – just don't be naive about it

851c81  No.12119525

File: 5e8483afe3bf74d⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 310x440, 31:44, 2dddf0e6d98f55b4d06ea15591….jpg)


My idea is to make the entire monetary system open-source and let the autism of people keep tabs on the money flow. This would prevent a lot of forms of theft, money laundering, hoarding, etc. A lot of people would object to it on the grounds of privacy, but why? Because it would expose broke people's shitty spending habits? Because it would expose CEOs making 1000x as much as an employee? Because it would expose illegal profit seeking from things like drug dealing? But what about the benefits, wouldn't they outweigh the downsides? Why would money privacy be more important than truth? Who fears the truth?

Radical honesty is the way of the Aryan future, secrecy is the way of the degenerate kike.

55045d  No.12119569


Theoretically, with Bitcoin, but that requires massive cooperation and white folk are failing very unsplendidly at realizing a new currency, or really even realizing the Jew money is destroying us, hell they killed Kennedy to stop him from making silver backed money.

e2a24c  No.12119848


Will you resolve to this day oppose everywhere it is practiced the sexual torture and sexual mutilation of babies that is circumcision? yes or no?

3192b8  No.12121414


is gay and doesn't work.

aafc7b  No.12121419

You made it too confusing

033f3b  No.12121457

File: 8824327b6e0bed7⋯.png (244.78 KB, 618x618, 1:1, jewball.png)





Can you talk more about the concept of counterfeiting? What do you mean, how is loaning profits counterfeiting?

033f3b  No.12121549

File: ca77ec0a3a16db1⋯.png (140.96 KB, 371x380, 371:380, gohomereddit.png)



fuck off we're full reddit

47cef2  No.12121754



OP is there a more normie friendly way to circulate this info? you're giving me a cow when all i need it some milk

033f3b  No.12121802

File: 1a476255c630115⋯.png (227.66 KB, 1609x436, 1609:436, China_killing_the_dollar2.png)

File: 6f2bdd438995f35⋯.png (117.51 KB, 770x592, 385:296, China killing the dollar.png)

File: 51080d1e647765c⋯.png (167.84 KB, 1892x1024, 473:256, the_cause.png)

File: 2b6bccfc3b50449⋯.png (428.07 KB, 1555x448, 1555:448, symbioparasite.png)


I thought the same thing, the thread is really worth your time. Here are some nuggets which sum up things, but OP is not a faggot, and this one of the few good threads where I learned something new. Looks like OP has been studying this indepth for a bit now.

6d60f3  No.12121827


>le shemitah 2018 edition

It’s not going to happen.

033f3b  No.12121867

File: b9a3dca30221ec4⋯.jpg (31.37 KB, 509x380, 509:380, study_money.jpg)





It is becoming clear to me, that the core issue is economics. That is all that really matters, for it determines in large part how society functions as a whole. That most things that I concern myself with, are symptoms of this system.

Now I wonder, if the economic system we live in, is in accordance with nature. It is a God divine product of his will? I ask myself what wishful thinking and what is grounded in reality? I believe in Interest, for my mind can not comprehend what is the incentive for the capital to be deployed if not a return and a growth of it?

The focus of Jews and their subversive activities, are more accurately a hatred of the system, articulated by it’s chief arbiters. Those who most understand and play the game that we have. The jews. Now it is evident that I lack a large part of the knowledge regarding economies and their influence. I have focused so strongly on the Jew. With all my heart as I have grown to know him I have seethed with bitter resentment at his double standards, which I see as a violation of justice, and nature.

Yet, I wonder if that is really the case. Are Jews not just those who understand the dynamics at play, the struggle for power better than any other group? They seem to have an affinity for money, which I don’t understand from where that comes from?

I feel so stupid, ignorant, misguided. Every time I take a redpill, they are just larger and larger ones. An even more important question is the relationship between economies and race realism. How does the selfish gene seek it’s growth and survival in the current system, or other ones?

I don’t understand how any attempt to tame capitalism which seems to be in accordance with nature can take hold.

c2be9d  No.12121979


The remedy is simple. It is spelled out in the King James Bible that you are not to be a respecter of persons. You are not to add to God's law, nor take away from it. Did God's law (natural law) come before the laws of man? Which set of laws shall supersede the other? Are the public servants in seats of power in your country sworn to uphold the laws of God, and can you call them into the rightful and proper discharging of their duty?

>give unto Caesar what is Caesars

Caesar is bankrupt. Caesar has nothing. The creator of all that we perceive, and all we do not, is the sole possessor of all value in the universe, and you are created in his image. Your free will cannot be violated if you are standing on the feet that were formed in his hand, rooted to the land he gave for your feet to travel.

You who have been redeemed, why would you go back to voluntary servitude? What if you are not your name? What if that, along with great swaths of commonly accepted language, has been co-opted for use by the devil, he who is in the world? Who is greater? He that is in you, or he that is in the world?

This is the spiritual remedy. The one for your body, for your physical being and existence in this place of learning and wide reaching thought. That you may direct your energy for creation, that you may more closely resemble your creator.



The remedy for the use of current(cy), the energy by which we measure our toil and the work of our hands and minds is no more complex.

>my house, my rules

By using the Fiat created for us, using us as collateral, out of thin air in order to harvest a lifetime of vitality, we agree to (((their))) rules. We are playing cards at their table, the dealer is in charge, and the house always wins.

>12 USC 411:

Federal reserve notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the purpose of making advances to Federal reserve banks through the Federal reserve agents as hereinafter set forth and for no other purpose, are authorized. The said notes shall be obligations of the United States and shall be receivable by all national and member banks and Federal reserve banks and for all taxes, customs, and other public dues. They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, or at any Federal Reserve bank.

>shall be redeemed for lawful money on demand

This is not legal tender. This is lawful money, still valued at $42.22/ounce of gold. You can demand this currency, in the form of US Bank notes, of which there are still $300,000,000 held in reserve by the Fed, or Non-negotiable Bank of Canada notes. All that is required is an endorsement on the back of any check to the effect of:

Redeemed in Lawful Money

Pursuant to Title 12 USC 411

True Name dba LEGAL NAME

This makes the bank unable to fractionally lend against your signature. This is the power you have, that you have forgotten .Your freewill cannot be co-opted or drastic repercussions will befall the perpetrators and (((they))) know it. This thread goes to strike at the root of the evil. All the pedo shit, all the trafficking, the fucking lies, the occult entertainment, the distractions, the poisoning, the harvesting of human energy. All the kikery stems from this vile growth.


There is a way out. For as long as I've felt the great "wrong" in the world, I've known deep down that the "right" had to be simple. Who does the kingdom of heaven belong to? Why are our children under the heaviest attack?

When do you lose the right to cut your neighbor's grass for a compensation of your choosing, and in agreement with you neighbor?


fa9492  No.12122929


Any system will collapse with 30% non participation. This includes the fed.

fa9492  No.12126032


bbe416  No.12139837

File: d53097fd3de1d70⋯.mp4 (13.85 MB, 960x720, 4:3, doggo_dream_driving.mp4)


imagine what the non-productive numbers look like

2547cd  No.12142740


>i2 Software

I'm not the guy you were asking, but I've been looking for similar tools myself. Check this one out: https://www.paterva.com/web7/buy/maltego-clients/maltego-ce.php

10f804  No.12158647


OP is a fag, makes a massive thread and ditches it once it is half baked.

6985cd  No.12182787


000000  No.12182819

The system primarily works on trust.

Destroy the trust and you destroy the system.

0aaa02  No.12182869


Systems/civilizations/societies/etc. are created by peoples according to their natures, thats why you have huts in Africa and parthenon in Greece, this goes, of course, beyond architecture, and permeates all aspects of human life to construct what can be called the culture in the broadest sense.

Just as ants create ant colonies with their architecture, social dynamics, resource production, etc., so do termites create their own different "systems" and this systems are different to one another due to GENETIC DIFFERENCES and thus biologists have started calling them extended phenotypes.

Now, this whole banking system, usury, capitalism, the talmud, the jew world order, etc. are the extended phenotypes of the jew, and as long as he lives or he has power to enforce his will things wont change.

So fix the jews and their shabbos and the system will fix on its own, that is, it will be replaced by a new one or new ones.

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