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File: 5fe06f6ca027c1c⋯.png (54.32 KB, 1680x400, 21:5, QTDDTOT.png)

674207  No.12021208

QTDDTOT: Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

This is the thread for one-liner questions about /pol/-related topics. “What does /pol/ think of [x],” “is [x] redpilled,” and associated questions belong here. Threads created based on a single, simple question will be deleted. If your thread is deleted, come here and ask again. REMINDER TO SEARCH THE CATALOG FIRST.

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8112f7  No.12322295


Because he is an actual conservative not a wignat, sweetie

aaf80f  No.12322315


What's he hoping to conserve?

da3a77  No.12322456

Guys, what is your advice for my situation. I've been thinking about moving to Japan for a few years, just to get away from it all. It would be easier to just enjoy life instead of breeding white children when they will just go extinct inevitably anyways. I'm an atheist so I believe I only have one life. Why shouldn't I just move to Japan and marry one of them? I will never have to deal with niggers or white niggers again.

40f6c4  No.12322474


So you are pretty much just a redpilled version of a rapefugee, right down to the fact you want to marry a women of a different race?

1b6dbe  No.12322482


>I want to racemix, and do nothing for my people

>what's your take /pol/?

Kill yourself.

000000  No.12322507

I was looking at the (((ADL))) website, and noticed they have a education section (https://archive.fo/94SyI) aimed at indoctrinating educating children about with lessons such as:

```Everyday Bias (High School) [https://archive.is/KlbmG]```

>Explain that for the person targeted, the impact of the biased action is what really matters, not necessarily the intent of the aggressor.

```The Gender Allowance Gap (Elementary School) [https://archive.is/PPr1p]```

>Girls were more often paid for jobs such as cleaning the toilet, loading the dishwasher or sweeping floors. Boys also earned more money because they were paid for jobs girls were not paid for at all, including showering, and brushing and flossing their teeth.

The gender allowance gap lesson PDF is particularly off putting, telling children that their parents give them less allowance because they are female is absurd. The lesson directly tells teachers to give their chiildren a survey, then give them the predetermined average allowances for males and females regardless of what the children actually responded with as their allowance. Also, the way it is presented is quite misleading, drawing overarching conclusions from shitty statistics, such as the above sentence, which is just fearmongering targeted at children.

```What "Draw-A-Scientist" Reveals About Gender Stereotypes (Elementary School) [https://archive.is/QF6ih]```

>If there are clear patterns among the pictures such as mostly male, older, White or some other aspect of identity, point those patterns out if the students do not

The lesson leads children to false conclusions, having the teacher guide them to conclude that the reason boys are more likely to draw male scientists than girls is because they are sexist not because you are more likely to draw something representative of yourself in nearly any position that is viewed positively. Cant even find the meta-analysis mentioned, so data is probably BS. Also, of course people draw similar races of scientists, most schools are predominantly one race, just because school zones and stuff, so more kids will draw their own race. More than that, the kids probably drew stick figures, so of course they will be white, no one colors in stick figures with a pencil or pen, it makes a mess. (((They))) even specify to use white paper:

> Materials: White drawing paper

Maybe if the lesson actually taught about science, more children would get into it. Instead, the lesson teaches that if you are a girl and want to be a scientist that somehow people are stopping you from it. Also, it says to use preset stats instead of the actual stats gathered in the class, as the stats in the lesson are probably manipulated to mislead.

>for younger students, use a visual representation of 3 in 10

For students who do not know what fractions or percentages mean, teach them math rather than mislead them.

>What do you think we can do about the fact that more children still draw male scientists?

Hmm, we could not make extrapolations about things and maybe realise that correlation != causation, or look at the source of the statistics (which I cant find aside from on the registration only website the ADL links) and see if the statistics actually represent what they are presented to represent, were gathered from a representative population, had enough data, or were subject to interpretation bias by researchers as to whether stick figures were female/male and white/non-white.

```Believe in Something: Nike, Kaepernick, and Social Change (Middle/High School) [https://archive.is/XjKie]```

>Political conservatives have widely condemned it. However, Kaepernick has been clear that his protest is about racial injustice and in particular about the recent deaths of Black and Latino men at the hands of police.

Personally I dont give a shit about people kneeling for the flag or whatever, do what you want. However, the way that the lesson presents it to children is oversimplified and basically presents the only objection as people thinking Kaepernick was against soldiers and the military even though he said it was about racial discrimination. The whole lesson just oversimplifies the issue and only presents one side.

```Education Glossary Terms [https://www.adl.org/media/4663/download]```

>Islamaphobia: … or dislike of Islamic culture.

Apparently disliking a culture means you are racist now.

>There are actually more genetic and biological differences within the racial groups defined by society than between different groups.

That's a pretty hard thing to believe without any evidence or research.

Any idea how to stop children from being indoctrinated getting a socially-conscious education instead of learning problem solving skills, math, science, reading, and writing shitposting? I mean, the age-groups at which some of these these things are targeted is absurd.

(would make thread but tor)

000000  No.12322512

I was looking at the (((ADL))) website, and noticed they have a education section (https://archive.fo/94SyI) aimed at indoctrinating educating children about with lessons such as:

```Everyday Bias (High School) [https://archive.is/KlbmG]```

>Explain that for the person targeted, the impact of the biased action is what really matters, not necessarily the intent of the aggressor.

```The Gender Allowance Gap (Elementary School) [https://archive.is/PPr1p]```

>Girls were more often paid for jobs such as cleaning the toilet, loading the dishwasher or sweeping floors. Boys also earned more money because they were paid for jobs girls were not paid for at all, including showering, and brushing and flossing their teeth.

The gender allowance gap lesson PDF is particularly off putting, telling children that their parents give them less allowance because they are female is absurd. The lesson directly tells teachers to give their chiildren a survey, then give them the predetermined average allowances for males and females regardless of what the children actually responded with as their allowance. Also, the way it is presented is quite misleading, drawing overarching conclusions from shitty statistics, such as the above sentence, which is just fearmongering targeted at children.

```What "Draw-A-Scientist" Reveals About Gender Stereotypes (Elementary School) [https://archive.is/QF6ih]```

>If there are clear patterns among the pictures such as mostly male, older, White or some other aspect of identity, point those patterns out if the students do not

The lesson leads children to false conclusions, having the teacher guide them to conclude that the reason boys are more likely to draw male scientists than girls is because they are sexist not because you are more likely to draw something representative of yourself in nearly any position that is viewed positively. Cant even find the meta-analysis mentioned, so data is probably BS. Also, of course people draw similar races of scientists, most schools are predominantly one race, just because school zones and stuff, so more kids will draw their own race. More than that, the kids probably drew stick figures, so of course they will be white, no one colors in stick figures with a pencil or pen, it makes a mess. (((They))) even specify to use white paper:

> Materials: White drawing paper

Maybe if the lesson actually taught about science, more children would get into it. Instead, the lesson teaches that if you are a girl and want to be a scientist that somehow people are stopping you from it. Also, it says to use preset stats instead of the actual stats gathered in the class, as the stats in the lesson are probably manipulated to mislead.

>for younger students, use a visual representation of 3 in 10

For students who do not know what fractions or percentages mean, teach them math rather than mislead them.

>What do you think we can do about the fact that more children still draw male scientists?

Hmm, we could not make extrapolations about things and maybe realise that correlation != causation, or look at the source of the statistics (which I cant find aside from on the registration only website the ADL links) and see if the statistics actually represent what they are presented to represent, were gathered from a representative population, had enough data, or were subject to interpretation bias by researchers as to whether stick figures were female/male and white/non-white.

```Believe in Something: Nike, Kaepernick, and Social Change (Middle/High School) [https://archive.is/XjKie]```

>Political conservatives have widely condemned it. However, Kaepernick has been clear that his protest is about racial injustice and in particular about the recent deaths of Black and Latino men at the hands of police.

Personally I dont give a shit about people kneeling for the flag or whatever, do what you want. However, the way that the lesson presents it to children is oversimplified and basically presents the only objection as people thinking Kaepernick was against soldiers and the military even though he said it was about racial discrimination. The whole lesson just oversimplifies the issue and only presents one side.

```Education Glossary Terms [https://www.adl.org/media/4663/download]```

>Islamaphobia: … or dislike of Islamic culture.

Apparently disliking a culture means you are racist now.

>There are actually more genetic and biological differences within the racial groups defined by society than between different groups.

That's a pretty hard thing to believe without any evidence or research.

Any idea how to stop children from being indoctrinated getting a socially-conscious education instead of learning problem solving skills, math, science, reading, and writing shitposting? I mean, the age-groups at which some of these these things are targeted is absurd.

(would make thread but tor)

8112f7  No.12322796

File: 78959860795c8c1⋯.jpg (133.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 15fe6d09f32bf7c5f1845b852a….jpg)


Most of us are dating Asians and hapas

4ef3b5  No.12322872


mongrels are gross and so are you

30a209  No.12322876

File: 8bfb45cf7c15ea0⋯.png (44.53 KB, 689x455, 53:35, infinity.PNG)

Infinity has to be a loop, not an endless sequence. If an infinite possibility of numbers, such as Pi, are possible, then at some point the numbers must repeat themselves infinitely.

Infinity is a loop. The universe, being infinite, is on a loop. So does that mean we've been here before or only that we will be here again?

da3a77  No.12322927


Consciousness does not exist under any objective measure. There are some things that are objectively percieved, but don't delude yourself for a second into following convential morality. Nobody is anything more than animated clay, so to speak. Read 'Stalin: In the Court of the Red Tsar"

Not because we're in favor of communism, but because we are in favor of brutality.

8112f7  No.12323036


>not wanting that qt to sit on your face

da3a77  No.12323074


I dont understand why you care if the universe is inifnite sorry if I come across as dense

30a209  No.12323121


I was making a statement about infinity, mostly. I was saying that if a number continues infinitely, then that infinite sequence will eventually repeat itself since there are an infinite possibility of numbers in the sequence.

It's the equivalent to the monkeys typing theory. Eventually, if they were to type infinitely, one would end up typing Moby Dick, or the Book of Job, all other books. Infinite encompasses all possibilities so eventually it will become a repeating sequence.

It just puts into perspective, to me, that the universe doesn't just continue on forever, it eventually repeats itself. It has to. Knowing that, I just wonder if we've been here before or how long we're back here again?

It's just something to occupy the mind aside from the garbage posts that have been going on lately. Nothing has stimulated my brain so i guess I just got lost in actual thought.

b95d3d  No.12323350

File: d7f326b1e742a1f⋯.gif (538.63 KB, 460x328, 115:82, VirtualHug.gif)

just got my computer up and running. what are some free antivirus software programs that you use /pol/? I don't want to catch anything. VPN recommendations for a poor fag are also appreciated

8112f7  No.12323403


Malware bytes seems to have the least amount of pop ups of all the free ones

cee701  No.12323709

File: 90ecc83143be898⋯.jpg (6.02 MB, 5740x2000, 287:100, Cesar Sayoc, Jr. C.I.A. S.….jpg)

2. Sayoc Is a Registered Republican; He Boasted that His Family Was Involved in Fighting the Communist Party of the Philippines


On his LinkedIn page, Sayoc says that his grandfather, Col. Baltazar Zook Sayoc, was a martial arts practitioner who developed his own style of fighting, Sayoc Kali. Sayoc says that style was used to fight the Communist Party of the Philippines.


According to Ancestry.com, Sayoc’s father immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines and was naturalized in 1970 in North Miami Beach.

bbc52c  No.12323759

File: e34580e03d4ad4a⋯.png (31.39 KB, 713x377, 713:377, whodiddis.png)

who did this

aaf80f  No.12323829


based immigrants, bombing the democrats when lazy white people don't have the balls to do it

580d8e  No.12323970

For any lawyer-anons out there.

I have rental properties and do not want to rent to non-whites. How can I do that and not run across federal statutes.

cee701  No.12324061

File: ed59e05b9fb2b8a⋯.png (170.54 KB, 1630x760, 163:76, Sayoc Fighting Internation….png)

cee701  No.12324075

File: 49802a1afed1fe1⋯.png (936.68 KB, 1136x6392, 142:799, CIA activities in the Phil….png)


Cesar Sayoc's grandfather fought in the Philippines and then joined the Merchant Marines when he came to America in the 1960's. Luzon Island in the Philippines was occupied by the Communist Hukbalahaps. A small force of soldiers, some of whom used martial arts, defeated the Communists on that island. You can read about it here: https://lakasfma.com/2013/08/01/67/

e02db2  No.12324146


dogwhistle in your marketing tactics

e02db2  No.12324158



windows defender is good enough if you want more pirate an antivirus but dont bother with the free shit since it will just constantly plague you to buy or upgrade your free or limited trial.

I only get like 1 virus a year (aside from the shit that comes preinstalled courtesy of WintelSRAEL)

It's pretty easy to determine if your computer is being infected - task manager will show some retarded java update or pdf reader or the like taking up a ton of your RAM.

Keep track of the shit you download.


As far as physics goes, the digit 'pi' isnt going to repeat itself infinitely in actual life. how often is something actually circular? even if it was, eventually you would reach the smallest measurement unit - atoms or whatever, and digits would be hopeless in quantifying any sort of measurement or approximation there.

who the fuck cares about beta male shit like mathematics. physics and engineering are pushing it already. how the fuck do you have the attention span to spend your life studying something that is already discovered, and for what? when you die, YOU ARE DEAD, so any research you do, or any building you design, will NOT benefit you. live your life and dont sit at a desk for some kike architect or university dean. Fuck STEM. Learn to read a fucking book and inspire people by writing things that appeal to their desires - use them for our cause.

7df3ab  No.12324210


>any research you do, or any building you design, will NOT benefit you.

When I die, I'm dead, so how will white nationalism benefit me? It won't. I'll be rotting in the ground, so who cares?

521cbf  No.12324709




>those pics

>those pic filenames

Why does this fat mongrel "Moarpheus" only reside on the QTDDTOT thread and meta thread in 8/pol/? Was he kicked out of cuck/pol/ or something? Why is this dysgenic amerimutt still here?

f178ad  No.12324784

File: d2f52541cc832a7⋯.jpg (63.99 KB, 1024x555, 1024:555, 1540465680594m.jpg)

In the US, calling a black person "coloured" is offensive, but calling them a "person of colour" is acceptable. How are those not the same thing?

>Department of Justice / Justice Department

>Person of colour / coloured person

You can't explain that…

1705b0  No.12324792


I can explain:

Niggers are stupid.

96e8e3  No.12324864

I have a small crush on an octaroon girl. He father is a white lawyer. Probably nothing will come of it though. I wish I had a nice, slightly swarthy girl. I would dye her hair sandy.


Exactly. Who cares? Do what you want I guess. Have some self respect. Do you really want to live your life defending fat ass whites? Because 2/3 of our developed countries are overweight or obese. By the end of the century virtually 100% of developed economies will be composed of purely obese people. thin people will be a rarity.

611278  No.12324949

What's this about the Marrakesh agreement? Why are there no threads on it, holy fuck this is the worst news I've read all year, fucking white people WAKE TTHE FUCK UP

284899  No.12325215

File: 3a2d54f7be1d621⋯.jpg (617.47 KB, 2004x1524, 167:127, 1537066260781.jpg)

File: 3ea97d3d9ee92fe⋯.jpg (55.07 KB, 720x628, 180:157, 1537098784594.jpg)

File: 78ea4aa791157db⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1660x1968, 415:492, 1537113035097.png)

File: 0ace6dfd5d40171⋯.jpg (140.71 KB, 725x566, 725:566, 1535429345159.jpg)

File: 9730f31f96337ef⋯.jpg (132.35 KB, 500x771, 500:771, 1539905168882.jpg)

>Have a Christian Society in Europe and the USA

>It is 99% white, 99% christian, puritan values (upstanding behaviors) , strong familial values, virtuous values and a disdain for degeneracy and obscenity. It is a homogeneous and happy society.Christianity is strong politically and it controls the minds and value of people

> The kikes manage to subverted societies and push (((Sexual Revolution))) and differents (((civil rights))).

> It inverts and destroys all christian values, christian morals, Christian faith and spirituality, to lead to a materialist,hedonist and atheist society

> In the next 70 years of Christianity being killed by the (((Revolutionaries))) and (((Atheists))), the West went from 99% white to almost 50% white, the West encourage LBGT satanic garbage and sexual trans mutilation, The West has a disdain for a upright family and traditional roles, The West promotes race-mixing and atheism (unless you are a kike or a nigger or sandniggers, you can keep your satanic religion), The west constantly promotes feminism, "equality", female supremacy, Jewish supremacy, welcomes Islam and millions upon millions of literal savages from outside the West, The West celebrate and encourage obscenity and degeneracy, while shaming and spitting on purity and chastity, The West encourages fornication and fucking as much as you want like the pure degenerate they are, while Christianity values purity and chastity on both sexes on marriage, The West promotes White Genocide without any shame,….Everyone is depressed, drugged, sad and confused in this soulless materialist """utopia""".

>All of that when Christianity's influence was at it's lowest and almost non-existent

>All of that in so little time as 70 years of almost unrestricted atheism

> Yet, somehow, it's Christianity's fault that all went to shit

This is obvious , there are JIDF trolls trying to brainwash people into proxy-warriors against Christianity.

42d02a  No.12325588


That’s not Moarpheus, it’s an even bigger schitzo who runs this website:


4ef3b5  No.12325651


Now that's a moarpheus post

683531  No.12326026


>Christianity is strong politically and it controls the minds and value of people

>Kikes subvert society anyway

As usual, Christianity, with its "God first" principles is easily worked around, because, since there is no God present to speak for himself, any asshole can tell the masses (who don't read even if they're literate) what God says.

You Christians are a bulwark against nothing but a racial consciousness taking hold, because you put your people second to your almighty imaginary authority. Go fuck yourself.

42d3f4  No.12326382


Modern xtianity is basically a bunch of people looking to the sky for Jesus to return. They have zero investment in this world.

41a252  No.12326427


Precicely. What we need is the selfish, nihilistic atheism that destroyed Europe, backed up by the reliable jewniversity science that teaches everyone is the product of mutated apes and niggers, that genders are whatever, and the technology that only whites can develop are destroying the planet. Just wonderful.

241901  No.12326471


False dichotomy, Abrahamite.

284899  No.12326604

File: 901235936ebaf5e⋯.png (100.54 KB, 1903x413, 1903:413, 123Oy2324Vey34.png)


So literally every one are weak faggots? The pagans, the greeks, the Roman empire,…


48b65d  No.12326640

File: ad4c4908da6753a⋯.png (966.22 KB, 1321x908, 1321:908, wtf is this.PNG)

What the shit is this?

I go to the "The Jews Fear the Samurai" video and there's a fucking definition for Jews tagged below the video.

284899  No.12326679

File: d8a1467503aa901⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1163x1240, 1163:1240, Samurai.png)


It's Jewtube imposing their propaganda to counter acct """fake news"""

241901  No.12326689



To whom? Jesus? He is alright, but you Cuckstains don't give a shit about him since you worship (((YHWH))) that is anti-Christ.

ac5427  No.12327081


>Christianity, with its "God first" principles is easily worked around

>Christians are a bulwark against nothing but a racial consciousness taking hold

A thousand times these.

683531  No.12327310


Another good point. They can't wait for the apocalypse. What good is a people with no hope in the future of life on this Earth?


All things that came to be under Christianity's permissive stewardship.


>So literally every one are weak faggots?

Every one of what? Can you get God's dick out of your mouth long enough to speak coherently? Eat a bullet, retard.

41a252  No.12327617


>All things that came to be under Christianity's permissive stewardship.

I'll take "Special Olympics Mental Gymnastics" for $400 Alex.

eb2727  No.12327623

File: 1556c1d58627ca6⋯.png (162.57 KB, 594x646, 297:323, 1556c1d58627ca68a295e07fdf….png)


Atheism and any secular "ethnostate" is easily if not more so subverted than any christcuck state, do you think it's a coincidence that hotspots for the refugee boogaloo are all happening in heavily secularized countries?

Atheists don't breed, Baganism doesn't have the numbers, and with all the "might makes right" larping, some seem legitimately buttmad that they were wiped off the face of the earth.

as it stands now, White Christians are the only ones starting families.

Fedora tip all you fucking want, but until you have a white community, white kids, and any semblance of morality within said sphere, you have quite literally nothing but "racial consciousness" an idea as intangible and useless as any omnipotent deity without the results to back it up.

08f04b  No.12327846

File: beb8ae6e4b7023d⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (9).png)

Do you think this was on purpose? It wasn't a typo, he said 'an hero' twice.

08f04b  No.12327865


Sorry, meant for /v/..

40f6c4  No.12327927


Third reich was pretty much secular. They didn't really care what denomination you were, or if you didn't practice a religion. As long as you were loyal to the fatherland and the people, you were fine.

>inb4 these pics of crosses next to swastikas prove the reich was a theocracy


>white people have no morality without Christianity

This is why this board hates you.

b4825f  No.12327994


>He’s someone who does a lot for the movement.

Hi, Alex McNabb. Or maybe you're Michael Peinovich.

One thing for certain is that you're a TRS shitposting spook.

b4825f  No.12328016


>>will you disavow the Daily Sto—

>No because they’re doing good work and still push out quality edgy content. I’ve met up with different factions from TRS and their membership list is growing.

Yep, you're a TRSpook, just as I thought.

The interesting question is which specific TRSpook are you.

b4825f  No.12328065

Literally every single reply to this Twitter post by Ronald Watkins ("Codemonkey") was made by a US military Intelligence or Special Ops contractor. You really don't need any more evidence that 8chan is a CIA/Pentagon psychological operation. There's a very good reason why SOCOM chose 8chan as the home for its Qanon PSYOP.


17de84  No.12328126


Archive everything, genius.

17de84  No.12328350




Twitter seems to be down right now.

affb62  No.12328534

File: fa69157b8c7bc15⋯.png (47.02 KB, 648x209, 648:209, ClipboardImage.png)

Why is Red = right and Blue = left in the US?

Red has been a symbol of communism for so long and during all of the cold war too.

This indicates it was backwards not long ago:


Is it some psyops to confuse mindless NPCs, as red=bad?

b4825f  No.12328713


"The worldwide Communist conspiracy is real, civilian. It's definitely not another one of our endless wind-up toys that we created to threaten you with."

- Moshe McCarthy, high ranking officer of the U.S. Dept. of Defense and U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

affb62  No.12328747

File: 388d77ebbb0ffb0⋯.jpg (131.53 KB, 1549x824, 1549:824, bolshevism.jpg)


I'm aware that communism = marxism = bolshevism = judaism.

But I never understood the US color scheme.

a48e83  No.12328919


>one of our endless wind-up toys that we created to threaten you with

You mean like the Jews?

d0a8a8  No.12329166

File: 4346bfe9e5b4d26⋯.png (1.19 MB, 634x2697, 634:2697, johnjoepedo.png)

What's the best way to go about doxing pedophiles and corrupt judges who get away with protecting them locally and spreading community awareness when they do not get convicted?

>:'( aww but he's so old and prison would be so mean to the pedo. he won't do anything now anyway

Fucking kikes and trying to paint sympathetic pedophiles. The main reason I want to make people aware isn't just these types of "dindu noffin" or "he's so old" pedos, but to get out the names of the judges and anyone involved in the case.

affb62  No.12329377

File: 8dbd5eca8471e65⋯.png (17.41 KB, 300x130, 30:13, naming is half the battle.png)


Wish I knew, but maybe before the judgement you could move the local community and make them harass the judge who sets a pedo free.

A meme with the name of the judge and a text like "hi my name is X, call me at Y or come visit me at Z to tell me what you think of me setting pedos free" with info about the freed pedos could be put in fliers around his neighborhood.

450703  No.12329727


Red officially became the color for Republikikess in 2000, when the Trotskyites had fully taken over the party with Bush.

f6f9a7  No.12329923

File: 1dae4a846647b2b⋯.jpg (36.03 KB, 460x397, 460:397, 1kvs1p.jpg)

Guys, I've just come to a pretty harrowing realization.

Do you remember when that anon made a GET here that stated something along the lines of "whites will leave the Earth behind while the planet turns to shit"?

Did he mean that certain survivors will abandon Earth and venture to other planets, or did he mean that whites will, collectively, "leave behind Earth" by being genocided as we currently are?

0c83d7  No.12329992


time to turn my /x/ fag on. No i think that meant the MIC secret space program and Natsoc SSP will come to the whites aid. Being that the personnel in the MIC is probably 99% white and The NSSP is 100% white they will probably offer the last whites on this earth refuge being they cannot return. We leave the earth while exploring space, Jews can run the planet the way they want. We can live the way god intended

ceed0b  No.12330079


This would be fucking beautiful but we're destined for being genocided tbh.

0c83d7  No.12330134


You know man, I honestly do not think so. I think the European man will be able to survive. Christ we have created 1st world civilization. If we go the planet goes. I think the more likely scenario for all of this is that the dollar or (insert fiat currency here) will collapse. Once this happens gibs stop overnight, when that happens imagine niggers and spics without ready available food. Who do you think they will attack? it will be the haves VS. the havenots and the haves are whites. This will be full race war with the group who knows how to hunt/farm being white. I believe that America will Balkanize off of race (Europe will just reset to its original racially aware self). We will get the ethnostate we desire and the racially conscious populace that would come from such a scenario (as bloody as it may be with a loss of life, but evolution can only happen through stress). The rest will be a starving mass that will receive no love from the once benevolent whites. Jews I am sure will be again kicked from another nation, and the world will see a change the likes of the fall of Rome. China of-course will collapse from lack of American purchasing power and more than likely break up into smaller nations and be a regional issue. My friend the white race will live on, you don't colonize the planet only to be wiped out by your former servants and slaves. We will endure, because it is in our genes, the only people that have ever mattered on this planet; and are its only salvation will not be destroyed by lesser creatures. We will awake, We will endure, We will triumph

683531  No.12330503


It's a fact, dingus. Christianity didn't stop the decline. It's a weak position that has never been able to keep jews at bay.


The following excerpt from Mein Kampf Stalag Edition was posted in another Christcuck thread:

>The Christian-Socialist leaders took care to avoid all controversy with religious institutions and thus they secured the support of that mighty organisation, the Catholic Church. The leaders recognised the value of propaganda on a large scale and they were veritable virtuosos in working up the spiritual instincts of the broad masses of their adherents.

>The failure of this party to carry into effect the dream of saving Austria from dissolution, must be attributed to two main defects in the means they employed, and also to the lack of a clear perception of the ends they wished to reach.

>The anti-Semitism of the Christian-Socialists was based on religious, instead of racial, principles. The reason for this mistake also gave rise to the second error.

>The founders of the Christian-Socialist party were of the opinion that they could not base their attitude on the racial principle if they wished to save Austria, because they felt that a general disintegration of the State might quickly result from the adoption of such a policy. In the opinion of the party chiefs, the situation in Vienna demanded that all factors which tender to estrange the nationalities from one another should be carefully avoided and that all factors making for unity should be emphasised.

>At that time Vienna was so honeycombed with foreign elements, especially Czech, that the greatest amount of tolerance was necessary if these elements were to be enlisted in the ranks of any party that was not anti-German on principle.

>If Austria was to be saved, those elements were indispensable, and so attempts were made to win the support of the small traders, a great number of whom were Czechs, by combating the liberalism of the Manchester School.

>The leaders believed that by adopting this attitude they had found a slogan against Jewry which, because of its religious implications, would unite all the different nationalities which made up the population of the old Austria.

>It was obvious, however, that this kind of anti-Semitism did not trouble the Jews very much. If the worst came to the worst, a few drops of baptismal water would settle the matter, whereupon the Jew could still carry on his business safely and at the same time retain his Jewish entity.

>On such superficial grounds it was impossible to deal with the whole problem in an earnest and rational way. The consequence was that many people could not understand this kind of anti-Semitism and therefore refused to take part in it.

>The attractive force of the idea was thus restricted exclusively to narrow-minded circles, because the leaders failed to go beyond the mere emotional appeal and did not ground their position on a truly rational basis.

>The intellectuals were opposed to such a policy on principle. It looked more and more as if the whole movement were a new attempt to proselytize the Jews or, on the other hand, as if it were merely organised from a wish to compete with other contemporary movements.

>Thus the struggle lost all traces of having been organised for a spiritual and sublime mission. Indeed, it seemed to some people—and these were by no means worthless elements—to be immoral and reprehensible. The movement failed to awaken a belief that here there was a problem of vital importance for the whole of humanity, on the solution of which the destiny of the whole non-Jewish world depended.

>Through this shilly-shallying way of dealing with the problem, the anti-Semitism of the Christian-Socialists turned out to be quite ineffective. It was anti-Semitic only in outward appearance which was worse than if it had made no pretence at all to anti-Semitism, for the pretence gave rise to a false sense of security among people who believed that the enemy had been brought to bay, but, as a matter of fact, these people themselves were being led by the nose.

>The Jew readily adjusted himself to this form of anti-Semitism and found its continuance more profitable to him than its abolition would have been.

bb8659  No.12331093

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just watch the first minute with this retard, Chenk Ugur

Spolers, you will hate him more.

Someone needs to meme him ;)

0b2ad3  No.12331753

Since someone asked in the Indian girlfriend thread if we prefer streets.

Usually we have designated streets hidden from plain sight. So foreigners cannot see them. It is very difficult to poo in the loo and designated streets are very safe. But if we do not have them we can shit on any street. That's why our govt is building more roads than toilets. The toilets are for the show. We actually need those roads in rural area to shit.

3fefc0  No.12331782


That was me, and idgaf you stupid pajet. I'm still waiting for this war so I can laugh at you some more.

8112f7  No.12331831

File: 3a5ddbdd1a24e60⋯.png (37.91 KB, 563x412, 563:412, 1450414400900.png)


Secularism is good, would you actually want to live in one of these shit holes?

41a252  No.12332196


>Counting (((Roman Catholics))) as Christians in the current year

How do I into basic reading comprehension?

000000  No.12332303


fc84bc  No.12332512

File: 30a59522d555971⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 480x360, 4:3, the_plot_thickens_543827.gif)


What do guys think about dual citizenship?

Who the hell thought of the idea?

I think it's one of the most jewy things in our world today.

17de84  No.12332536


First day here, huh?

fc84bc  No.12332560


Just pissed off, I know the answer but wanna hear the opinions of others. Noticed lots of (((affluent))) people having this shit and they know that people will go after them when SHTF.

17de84  No.12332577


What’s really going to tickle your pickle is that members of the US government at all levels are not required to reveal their citizenship status.

40f6c4  No.12332814


>on the "not real Christianity" merry go round

d5ef63  No.12333114

File: fdf4439e817684c⋯.jpg (172.3 KB, 2100x790, 210:79, twitter-jew.jpg)

Are there any free SMS services that still work for twatter and jewtube?

d97ae7  No.12333402

File: 5d6ed246b9005e9⋯.png (103.04 KB, 625x1215, 125:243, virginity-comic.png)

who got the sex >>12333333

321554  No.12333429

File: be0554b772a38b3⋯.png (369.9 KB, 832x868, 208:217, 828ca19a0e2812b92c4f7af169….png)


of course it was the fucking DACAryan poster

c15140  No.12333501

File: 954bd5edb26aef8⋯.jpg (80.78 KB, 400x527, 400:527, 2011-12-31-franz_mickey.jpg)

If we were to take over the Republican party, should require people to have a certain BMI or body fat range to be a member?

74a616  No.12333520


Get the fuck out.

321554  No.12333548


Yes, excluding 90lb twinks and 320lb blobs shouting about their rights would be a good move to make for whatever kind of organization you have, but this is just plain debating the color of the carpets in the palace at this point.

d97ae7  No.12333645

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4a12cc  No.12334866

File: 817e5911035d34a⋯.jpg (178.56 KB, 492x798, 82:133, rommel.jpg)

What actually fucking happened to rommel?

After a brief look through rommel's death, there is a confusing and conflicting series of suggestions on how it happened.

The official natsoc word: died from wounds after a strafing incident

The word of cucks: he headed an assassination squad to kill hitler and was a based civnat who was forced by hitler personally to kill himself lest his whole family be murdered

The word of history channel: He survived the strafing but was implicated by another as being involved in the july plot, because of this he was given the option to go to court, where his reputation would be destroyed and his family slaughtered (????) or to kill himself and the natsoc government would announce he died from the strafing incident

The supposed account from his son, manfred: he was being relocated, either to a court, or to the eastern front, rommel wanted the eastern front to ensure the west never fell to communism, the same day he tells his son this, SS arrives at his home and speaks privately, rommel then tells his family he can either kill himself with honors, or have his family and staff slaughtered, his son offers to start a gunfight but is told to stand down, he gets in a car with the officers whom salute him, and drives off, the driver returns later claiming he ate cyanide and was surrounded by soldiers ready to storm the town and kill everyone if he tried to escape (???)

Now there is no fucking evidence that rommel was involved in a plot against hitler, only that people plotting wanted him involved, his wife claims he thought the plot was ridiculous would have never joined them. So why would, in the most desperate time in the war, hitler have his best general killed without any evidence of treachery? why is it rommel was told he would be relocated to public court or the eastern front, but then hours later the story changes to him being on trial in public court, or suicide? Is there internal documentation from natsoc germany about this incident? or is the only evidence for this scenario his son? did his son even fucking write that?

why is rommel's story so hard to believe?

1c9f78  No.12334894


Where once these men would have been considered the most evil of , now we are seeing them in more appreciative light. Ahead of their time and ours too.

1b6c85  No.12335491


> Why is Red = right and Blue = left in the US?

The networks used to flip the parties between red and blue in every presidential election to avoid either party claiming either color for themselves. After the 2000 election the Republicans made a big deal about "red states" and claimed the color red, so everyone let them have it.

82ce18  No.12336131

File: 2e8e8d35919b341⋯.jpg (30.89 KB, 500x282, 250:141, oovnbiYOzd1qg92qs_540.jpg)

Anyone else pretty much sure at this point that the entire "right-wing" backlash we are seeing in the last couple years is entirely manufactured?

There is a large segment of people on the right that do not support Israel. Evangelicucks are really the only holdouts. Most people that say they are, are not once you get to talking to them. They hate billions being sent to them in welfare, their treatment of the Gaza situation, etc. So what fucking gives? Why are only Zionists being elected? Is the world doomed to only elect Israel friendly politicians forevermore? Even leftists who are anti-Israel can't get elected. And now with this shooting… well fuck.

If you look at the Obama years, sentiment against Israel was growing. We weren't reminded every time the president spoke who our greatest ally was. But Trump is explicitly pro-Israel, this Bolsonaro guy is and I have to assume Salvini is too… Orban probably as well.

I can't help but feel like everyone has been had and that they are building a worldwide right wing neo-con bloc to prepare for more war against Israel's enemies. No one can convince me that they didn't know exactly what was going to happen when they flooded European countries with third world trash. They created the problem, knew what the reaction would be and are preparing the solution. People are pissed, ready for violence and they are going to use that to send you, your kids, firends to the sand pit to die for some retarded talmudic shite.

The middle class is being wiped out under both Dems and Reps. The agenda is the same with only the way in which ot best go about it being different between parties. In the end, all the same people get rich no matter who wins as they gut us financially and further clamp down on the few freedoms we so stupidly have taken for granted and offered up to these traitorous fucks for safe keeping.

I don't know guys. That black pill is on the edge of my tongue. The majority of people are far too braindead to turn this around. I don't even think they want to. fug

37d10f  No.12336160


Watch They Live and replace the aliens with Jews. Maybe then you'll understand the severity of the problem at hand for all developed and developing countries.

82ce18  No.12336350


I've seen that movie a dozen times man.

I honestly believe the real red pill is the black pill. People WANT to be lorded over and made to be slaves. There's literally no other viable excuse for what this world is. Literally none. Especially today with all the information we have at our fingertips. People just don't want to know. They want other people to patch their boo boos for them so they can drone on into old age ignorant and "happy". They don't care. Maybe they are right not to care. What can be done anyway?

I'm just really disgusted with all politics and the path it's leading humanity down. I've never really identified with either left or right fully tbh. But lately it's getting easier and easier to see how much of an act it all is. It pains me to see people so wrapped up in literal bullshit. It hurts my fucking soul to see it. Like on a level I can't even describe. I wonder what the world would be like if everyone went through the same process.

4ef3b5  No.12336654


stfu blackpill kike

b881b8  No.12337191


Check page 602. I haven't read it completely but that should provide some information.


d88f75  No.12339199

what ever happened to trs, yes i know many here don't care for them via the jew wife gate and kike Enoch, but there forums were pretty good, was out of the loop for a while only to find them gone without a trace

40f6c4  No.12339246


iirc they got hit with a lawsuit and shut the forums down.

1b6399  No.12339680

File: 6083b75fcef9547⋯.jpg (99.83 KB, 1085x855, 217:171, born to poster gunner.jpg)


Mods, the It's Okay To Be White poster campaign is beginning in 48 hours. I made a base of operations thread. The old IOTBW thread had an outdated write up and was cluttered with too many replies.

The new thread is also meant as a containment thread if half chan goes down during the campaign.

Can you please sticky the base of operations?




3e08b1  No.12339787


An anon on their /s/ suggested

> a "beta female" thread. You know the nerdy, weird Tumblr types. The kinds that call themselves they/them he/him non binary and shit.

Well, I do believe that to be a phrase that is potentially magic to be used against the SJW's. Just call them "beta females". Use it in memes. Use it in twatter comments. Spread it far and wide. Enjoy.

6bd8b5  No.12339996

How can trump dickriders look at every single thing trump has done and still not see that he is a fucking kike working to destroy them?

7b542f  No.12340009


Because you’re clearly shareblue because you questioned the ZOG narrative.

7b542f  No.12340013


No stickies on this board.

757371  No.12340066


thanks, brother

>He heard rumors of Hitler’s

plan for a mighty winter counteroffensive against the British and

Americans in Belgium, and growled at Manfred, “Every shell we

fire at them in the west is a shot fired against ourselves.”

fuck man, fuck. Reading further into that fucking spiedel sold rommel out. His friends and rommel's opponents judged in his favor in the investigation and trial, but then speidel saves his own ass while rommel gives himself to save spiedel, not knowing of speidel's position.

Speidel goes on to become a general for fucking NATO and he is reported to have been against the race policies of the natsoc regime

that fucking traitor is responsible for the fucking fall of the reich and the forced suicide of rommel, whom only killed himself to save speidel, whom he believed innocent, while speidel was unwilling to give himself up to save rommel.

fuck hans speidel

6874ec  No.12340599

File: 60bbba6e5afcbde⋯.jpg (36.6 KB, 686x576, 343:288, 1424115646339.jpg)

Does anyone unironically have a PDF of James Mason's Siege that isn't jewed? I want to read it for entertainment value, not a fed by the way.

000000  No.12340978


It should be in >>>/pdfs/ either the megathread or catalog.

be36ea  No.12340994

File: aeaed23c493756c⋯.pdf (2.66 MB, Siege by James Mason (3rd ….pdf)

6916f1  No.12341117

File: d7c37fe48b2072c⋯.mp4 (776.01 KB, 640x360, 16:9, plantation.mp4)

hillary said niggers all look alike

9865b9  No.12341330

should we really expect gen z to be absolutely based and redpilled? i know they are more to the right than usual but some people are acting as if they are future recruits of the SS and will save us from the ZOG nightmare.

ed8a6c  No.12341482

Should I buy silver?

>inb4 you should buy lead

I can't get a gun in my country legally.

The economy is about to be devastated. I feel like I should buy 100 ounces of silver. OH GOD WHAT SHOULD I DO???

000000  No.12341501

>'I had 120 ticks down my pants'


Requesting edit "The Nazis shoved 120 ticks down my pants" for the 20cm of wood guy.

000000  No.12341636

Social media cannot censor minorities because they are a protected class that cannot be discriminated against. I just noticed age over 40 is one of the protected classes. Can we sue Twitter or force the government to act if they are discriminating people over 40?

Another angle would be a meme listing all the protected people who cannot be censored. This includes whites who are jewish, gay, native, hispanic, disabled, etc. Figure out the percentage of people who can be legally censored, the true minority.

06de49  No.12341772

Is the board being raided? the fuck is with the NPC meme and not using normalfags? we even got people using normie unironically.

126cb6  No.12341815


We have been raided non-stop for months now.

Are you new?

It's midterms, shills are being paid extra.

1f16bf  No.12341979


Protip: If you dont both understand and support the NPC meme at this point, you are a braindead NPC. Twitter banned it because it dehumanizes the left, theres massive damage control over it and were using it, get used to it or fuck off back to NPC land where no one does anything they arent programmed to by zog. IB4 but muh that makes you the npcs because you agree on something obvious. No, youre an idiot, youre countersignalling good things because former programming you had.

1f16bf  No.12341980

File: 7314fa7fe6d325e⋯.jpeg (105.19 KB, 960x720, 4:3, npc-jew-tower-meme.jpeg)

963ffe  No.12342053

ae07b6  No.12342851


Indian here. Does white women's behind make good pillow /pol/? I have insomnia. Wondering if sleeping on white women's butt can cure it.


He has connections with yakuza. The yakuzas are very honorable and follow tight codes like samrai.


What's that in Hindi?

3adcd5  No.12344096

What does pol think about marijuana, it's position in our current culture, and mind control?

15e0da  No.12344109


>dude weed lmao

Fuck off, degenerate. Enjoy your brain damage.

736820  No.12344304

File: 365601daf47b88a⋯.png (456.24 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, THE BRIZE.png)

Could someone direct me to some concise easily-digestable-to-normalfag sources that show blacks commit more crimes even when controlled for socio-economic factors?

c1cf03  No.12344325

How can I read any of your threads when they are few paragraphs in length? Some of them are good but still lengthy.

And why do members of your board come and spam shitty one sentence threads in /b/ when they get bored?

15e0da  No.12344370



ADHD is your problem.

138e6e  No.12344426

Is the Antipodean Resistance controlled op/ASIO shit or is it legit?

1024a2  No.12344595

Tomorrow I'm going to be debating for wether or not english should be the official language in the United States. Can I get any help?

aaf80f  No.12344641


if you where white you wouldnt be asking people do your homework for you. use your brain faggot.

c1cf03  No.12344643


No thanks. I want to see your shitty third Reich happen. Then a bunch of you will whine about how you can't bitch anywhere about politics just because all the media is in the hands of your autistic Fuhrer.

15e0da  No.12344712


No one cares about you, shill.

9c21b7  No.12344756

11dc69  No.12344820

File: c2dbdf57e8a958a⋯.png (155.42 KB, 500x647, 500:647, russiancollusion.png)

how good is this infographic? I'm just trying to troll some npcs for good time

15e0da  No.12344840


Absolutely terrible. Honestly.

11dc69  No.12344885


you got any suggestions? Finding a good throwaway phone number is the hardest part. Most companies seem to be pretty good at blocking those numbers

15e0da  No.12345145


I just mean the infographic looks like utter shit. I can’t speak as to the efficacy of its content. I’m certain that (((they))) have made it as hard as possible to get a burner number because they want all of your social media shit to be tied directly to your real name and bank account so that when a marxist takes power in 2 years he’ll be able to round you all up and kill you for being white nationalists.

dc05a3  No.12346034



c1cf03  No.12346096

Why did Hitler kill himself? Did he realize what a looser he is?

029bef  No.12346893


Hitler and many other high ranking people like Bormann escaped in a uboat to South America and lived in a chain of extremely high security and high technology protected fortresses, including Colonia Dignidad in Chile, but also in at least Argentina and Paraguay. Goebbels didnt go with them because his leg would give him away, same reason he didnt go blowing up bridges and infrastructure in the early days.

Now fuck off back to lefty/pol/

9776a9  No.12347012


Just buy a prepaid SIM, they're very cheap.



6d5259  No.12347088

What do you guys think will happen after the midterms if the republicucks hold Congress?

Part of me says there will be rioting/protests if the dems dont win that could be pretty bad, but it really couldnt be worse than when muh drumpf got elected, right?

126cb6  No.12347101


One maximum kvetching wave here on 8chan.

39fe6e  No.12347114

File: 29ea5137e718e61⋯.png (139.03 KB, 284x330, 142:165, 29ea5137e718e617bae6e9cb8b….png)

So upon stumbling a 4shills thread blaming white men for extinction of species while disregarding the actions niggers and chinks do I came here to suggest the idea that an infograph about the statistics and actions niggers, chinks and jews did to erase species from earth. Things like stopping hunters from financiating foundations to save species of animals or allowing niggers to kill wild animals and poach them, how chinks also deal with a black market with rare animals, hiring poachers for them to sell illegally and even kill species to drive up their price value, similar to what they do with rare vista cartridges.

I think this is a very good opportunity to redpill people on the subject of environmentalism and link how financiating the third world is also prejudicial for the living ecosystems in earth. Could move people who think in the green party further to the right

39fe6e  No.12347119




1651bf  No.12347404

Where's the 12345678º post?

8112f7  No.12347520


yes yes, and there are no Scotsmen in Scotland I know

15e0da  No.12347572


>oy vey queers are straight because they say they are

>niggers are human because they say they are

>lol marxists are /pol/acks because they say they are

>ha ha words don’t have definitions lol

Kill yourself, you fucking kike. You have no argument.

9d3dfb  No.12347778

File: a699bb524bf9625⋯.jpg (201.86 KB, 960x960, 1:1, OrangePumpkinBad.jpg)

Happy Shoa-Day!

40f6c4  No.12347921

File: f38ee50e5c605f7⋯.png (95.77 KB, 956x268, 239:67, Untitled.png)

>burger asks how many middle easterners are in argentina

>gets this as a response

Not really a question, I just thought it was funny.

I really don't know why I lurk the Hispanic boards

9ccfb7  No.12348437

What is the meaning of the black sun?

c1cf03  No.12348451


Wiki: Whether the symbol had a name or held any particular significance among the SS remains unknown

Honestly it just looks cool

c1cf03  No.12348458

Hey /pol/

Why is /v/ such a great board? Their discussions seem to be really complex and cool. Can you explain me how one can find the Aryan ideals in a board such as /v/?

4ef3b5  No.12348499


Fuck off Mark, fat gay jew

9ccfb7  No.12348509


Thank you.

c1cf03  No.12348558

If Hitler was a vegetarian why are you still eating meat?

b055ca  No.12349477

File: 937c8196c42ca6a⋯.jpg (44.16 KB, 518x648, 259:324, a090287069fdecaf7c3147674b….jpg)

I've been rather roughly blackpilled on the JQ and all it entails recently. My 'life plan' was thrown off the rails and I am not sure what the hell I should do now.

I have been studying ML and AI principles for about 6months. I have all the math and basic stuff down, I've moved onto the stage where I'm reading and attempting to reproduce research papers. I was planning to get some bugman job, save up money and move to the woods after 5-10 years saving up. I no longer believe that's possible. Or rather, I no longer think that is the right choice knowing that my extended worldly family and culture is not killing itself of its own volition, but that we are under deliberate attack in order to bring about our destruction.

I want to be useful, but really I'm just some schmuck. I have no real resources, and no real friends that see the world as it is. What the fuck should I do in order to live up to the 14 words? Should I keep studying ML/AI in the hopes maybe my knowledge will be useful? How do I meet people that aren't totally cucked so that I don't blackpill myself constantly lamenting the state of degeneracy we have to contend with? Seriously, any feedback at all helps, thank you guys.

58c76b  No.12349536


1. Get a job, make money, have steady income.

2. Find a girlfriend, get married, make a family.

3. Find your local gun club or HEMA club or martial art club and redpill from there.

b055ca  No.12349648


>1. Get a job, make money, have steady income.

Yeah but what the fuck happens when SHTF and we need to build our separate societies? What should I study for that? I can do whatever shit to make enough to get by, it's really not hard in the US. I want to be actually useful. I am autistic, I can absorb information like mad, there must be some sort of highly valuable trade. ML may be useful but it requires fairly specific resources and use cases at the moment.

>2. Find a girlfriend, get married, make a family.

Not until we fix the culture. Every single family member I know has been divorced at least once. Fuck that shit, not putting my kids

(or myself) through that. The women go shit crazy and fuck with the kids. Plus I wouldn't be able to make hard decisions with a family to protect. Getting rid of the disease has to be put first.

>3. Find your local gun club or HEMA club or martial art club and redpill from there.

Will do, thanks. Any other places off the top of your head?

Appreciate the feedback. It's been a rough month.

bd457f  No.12349696


When shtf i expect you to form a rwds and remove scum

You must make children i dont care how often other have failed, dont give me the loser talk of

>well others failed so id rather not even bring my children into existence, theyre better off dead

Those three clubs listed are really neat, any other interest you have that is physical and has clubs is good too

I personally dont like being in a club but i see the advantages for many people

As for usefull skills, finish your degree and then you can go get more knowledge on the side or another degree

The most usefull skill would be creating a jew specific bioweapon

Or anything that helps kill kikes

Or maybe somehow find a way that causes all white women to give birth to twins at a minimum and makes all other women sterile

You’re smart you can think of stuff

Lurk more you’ll get there

Just be careful about getting blackedpilled

There is the initial process which takes a lot of reflecting on yourself and your history and your surroundings and on what you think you know

And eventually you can just overburden yourself like i have with the rape and murder stories

At least we hve robert bowers, if he is legit

58c76b  No.12350138


>Yeah but what the fuck happens when SHTF and we need to build our separate societies? What should I study for that?

You don't study for that, you go ask farmer on how they live off the grid.

>Not until we fix the culture. Every single family member I know has been divorced at least once. Fuck that shit, not putting my kids

LOL just wait forever then.

>Will do, thanks. Any other places off the top of your head?

Google your state + gun club, find the ones rated best by gun onwers.

3e7899  No.12350382

1c4c6b  No.12350383

Hey I need your help if you can a long time ago I remember reading data and evidence that seemed to suggest there were certain tribes in Africa that were more genetically similar to certain Primates and Monkies than European Homosapiens Google is 100% useless and subverged, they hide all data related to race realism making it take weeks if not months to fucking find this kind of shit sometimes its just straight up impossible if you can find what i'm talking about please reply to me with the data/sources, I remember when this data went mainstream, it was very popular among certain circles for a week or so and then died down

Google really are locking this shit down, I should have archived this when I had the chance. My previous methods of searching for sources don't seem to be working anymore.

df017f  No.12350740

Redpill me on car fuel, is there truly nothing else that can power a car engine? I remember reading about some guy in the 90's who claimed to have created a converter that fits on any engine and can run water. Fucking jews, man I hate having to pay for the gasoline jew.

207794  No.12350758


suck my fucking balls you fucking poof fucking faggot. Red pill me on why you are such a flaming fucking homosexual that your faggotness is even detectable over a text format.

58c76b  No.12350768


>Anyone else pretty much sure at this point that the entire "right-wing" backlash we are seeing in the last couple years is entirely manufactured?

Nope, you are wrong.

>So what fucking gives? Why are only Zionists being elected?

Because posing with a Israel = Zionist in the eyes of shills.


So two separate tweets now imply that there's a connection.

Meanwhile Bibi has congratulated every US president.

9d4d8e  No.12350778

File: a274a365cab1584⋯.png (527.22 KB, 1900x2320, 95:116, David Duke Benjamin Netany….png)


>Anyone else pretty much sure at this point that the entire "right-wing" backlash we are seeing in the last couple years is entirely manufactured?

Why, whatever would make you ask a question like that, Mr. (((pro-h'white)))?

58c76b  No.12350786


Welp, so much coincidence there, except Bibi congratulates every US president.

9d4d8e  No.12350794


>iirc they got ordered by their case officer in Langley to shut the forums down.


df017f  No.12350871


>(1) and done

Good job.

9d4d8e  No.12350953


>But lately it's getting easier and easier to see how much of an act it all is.

Why would you say something like that? The American political system offers you real choices.

You can vote for either the Republican Party CIA/DoD spook or the Democratic Party CIA/DoD spook.

If a system like that doesn't represent real choice, then I don't know what does.

58c76b  No.12350969


Except the republican is under attack from both the FBI (Mueller) and the CIA (literally CIA agents who become Democrat candidates).

9d4d8e  No.12350981


Except the FBI is dominated by Republicans and every Republican politician is a CIA and/or Pentagon spook.

58c76b  No.12350990


Not really, not with the Mueller team.

58c76b  No.12351034


Wow, shills are getting smarter, now they are saying Russia and Israel work to elect Trump.

Where's the proof though?

>That's the real conspiracy here that the "independent, privately owned" American news media won't dare mention.

But you dare right? Because it's a bullshit story.

9d4d8e  No.12351036

File: b885be699d5d4b4⋯.jpg (88.06 KB, 582x626, 291:313, Donald Trump Six Nation Gr….jpg)


Mueller's team isn't the FBI. It's the Special Counsel's office. They are two separate and distinct entities.

And Trump is a 2nd generation CIA/DoD spook himself (he was recruited as a teenager in high school at the New York Military Academy). Every American president is (Obama is a 3rd generation CIA spook, Clinton is a 2nd generation CIA spook, Bush is a 2nd generation CIA spook, etc).

Trump illegally conspired with the Russian/Israeli/Saudi Arabian/United Arab Emirates governments to interfere in the 2016 presidential election under direct orders from (or at the very least, the full knowledge of) his commanding officers at US Army Intelligence and Security Command and US Army Special Operations Command (Delta Force primarily). That's the real conspiracy involved here that the "independent, privately owned" American news media won't dare mention.

58c76b  No.12351043


See >>12351034

And holy fuck, what is your obsession with SOCOM/Delta Force?

You think Trump is trained by Delta? Man, I wish that's true.

9d4d8e  No.12351092

File: d1634b2050aa240⋯.png (64.69 KB, 1372x653, 1372:653, Donald Trump Psy Group Psy….png)

File: 0e93f0c751e439d⋯.png (425.96 KB, 1086x818, 543:409, Donald Trump Psy Group Psy….png)

File: e6df5dcd0aa89e0⋯.png (549.22 KB, 1202x601, 2:1, Donald Trump Psy Group Psy….png)

File: df42dfd6f8ef6c5⋯.png (387.51 KB, 1229x352, 1229:352, Donald Trump Psy Group Psy….png)

File: 1ea6d949a90ff4e⋯.png (352.63 KB, 1200x310, 120:31, Donald Trump Psy Group Psy….png)


>Where's the proof though?

You would already know the proof if you bothered to read anything besides Zionist agitprop sources like Breitbart News, Drudge Report, Infowars, etc.

Know your Oligarch: A Guide to the Jewish Machers in the Russia Probe


Of 10 billionaires with Kremlin ties who funneled political contributions to Donald Trump and a number of top Republican leaders, at least five are Jewish. From Len Blavatnik to Yuri Milner, several Russian Jews who made it big also feature prominently in the investigation into Trump's ties to Moscow.

The Countless Israeli Connections to Mueller's Probe of Trump and Russia


The Israel-lobbyists, Netanyahu cronies, psyops manipulators, and well-connected oligarchs — could it all be just one big coincidence?

Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With Israeli Social Media Company Offering Help to Win Election


The Trump Tower meeting and follow-ups are the first indication that countries beyond Russia may have offered help to the Trump campaign.

Rick Gates Sought Online Manipulation Plans From Israeli Intelligence Firm for Trump Campaign


The company pitched plans for fake avatars that would try to persuade Republican delegates to back the Trump campaign over that of Senator Ted Cruz and to gather intelligence on Hillary Clinton.

An Israeli Company Drew up Digital Manipulation Proposals for a Trump Campaign Aide. Read Them Here.


Mueller Probe Expands to Israeli Entrepreneur With U.A.E. Ties


Investigation has sought testimony regarding work of Joel Zamel, founder of several private consulting firms.

Who Is Joel Zamel, the Australian-Israeli Linked to Mueller's Trump Probe?


The Israeli social media expert, allegedly linked to the Trump campaign through an online manipulation campaign, founded several companies, including one offering 'honey traps' and 'deep web' capabilities.

Israeli Questioned, F.B.I. Traveled to Tel Aviv, in Trump Election Probe — Report


New York Times says 'Israeli specialist in social media manipulation,' emissary for Saudi, and Emirati princes met with Trump Jr. and others 3 months before election.

Israeli Intelligence Firm's Election-Meddling Analysis Comes Under Mueller's Scrutiny


Psy-Group presentation outlines ways Trump campaign was helped by fake social media accounts.

Mueller Investigators Questioned Witnesses in Israel and Seized Computers, Report Says


The special counsel's probe looks into ties between an Israeli social media expert and an adviser to UAE leaders, New York Times reports.

Mueller Investigated Ex-Trump Adviser Papadapoulos as Unregistered Agent of Israel, Wife Claims


Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos claims her husband came 'under scrutiny' for his Israel ties before pleading guilty of lying to the FBI about his ties with Russia.

Trump Campaign Adviser Who Pleaded Guilty to Lying to F.B.I. Has Surprising Ties to Israeli Settlers


George Papadopoulos met with an Israeli settler leader during Trump's inauguration week and has lobbied for Israeli energy cooperation.

Lies, 'Dirt,' and Expert Opinions: Trump's George Papadopoulos and His Ties to Israel's Gas Monopoly


Corporate giants finance many U.S. research institutes, including, it turns out, one at which then-researcher and former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos worked. Little wonder he helped pen a declaration supporting Israel's natural gas project ־ after his think tank got funds from Nobel Energy.

9d4d8e  No.12351093

File: 8221123c88f3732⋯.png (656.3 KB, 2000x1559, 2000:1559, Donald Trump Campaign Inte….png)


Mueller Finally Starts to Target Trump's Israel Ties


Business Records show Russian Finance Intertwined with Psy Group


Mueller Probes whether Trump sought Election Help from Israeli Firm


Mueller Asked About Money Flows to Israeli Social Media Firm Psy Group, Source Says


Mueller was Investigating Trump Adviser as Unregistered Agent of Israel, his Wife Says


Did Russian Trolls Have Company? New Evidence on Israel-Based Psy Group's Possible Social Media Efforts in 2016 US Election


9d4d8e  No.12351105


>Mods, the Geolocate Hidden Nazis Via their Printer Steganographic Codes campaign is beginning in 48 hours.



9d4d8e  No.12351122


>Protip: If you don't both understand and support our latest fad buzzword, then you're not in our secret club aka cult.


558aab  No.12351135

What would happen if Right/Far-Right groups started to call for the slaughter of Leftist white males? Would the Left start treating them as an oppressed minority, or would they just agree with the Right wing?

9d4d8e  No.12351138

File: 6abab8e546b669e⋯.jpg (985.17 KB, 2002x1380, 1001:690, Antipodean Resistance A.S.….jpg)


>Is the Antipodean Resistance controlled op/ASIO shit or is it legit?

Antipodean Resistance is the very definition of legitimate, i.e. controlled by the Australian Government.

aaf80f  No.12351154


>the black sun is a circle

>and so is this badge

come on nigger, give me something concrete

126cb6  No.12351420



All those dirts and investigations, where are the proof though?

Care to show one, even one?


lol CIA niggers are desperate.

8cf551  No.12351863


It's an occult symbol having to do with how one can block their own "light" via negative beliefs and thought patterns

40f6c4  No.12351998


Tell him to fuck off back to endchan and/or thezog.info. He will never give anything concrete.

efe837  No.12352107

is the word nigger actually word filtered

40f6c4  No.12352151


It used to be under kamphy.


c7fe28  No.12352314

Is fucking a black woman more gay than fucking a soyboy? (Considering the staggeringly low t of the average soyboy and the staggeringly high t of black women)

0b8441  No.12352511

What's the deal with this Atlantic Council thing I keep seeing?

427457  No.12352576

File: f503719b39fe669⋯.jpg (321.4 KB, 652x698, 326:349, ONLY_ROPES.jpg)

So I was the poster boy for a bunch of MSM articles about UTR1

I got kikes from Jew York calling me asking to take my pics.

Should I post the numbers as a post in the catalog?

One of them is Janet Reitman, the other is a number for

some kike named David at the NYT

0b8441  No.12352579

File: 25f4ac0ed4d0a5e⋯.png (791.76 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


I will just put what I know here since I'm going to bed and maybe someone else has heard about it. The first page was last archived there a few months back so I assume someone has mentioned it once, the second link has never been archived though.

List of backers: https://archive.is/M3dif

Archive of image source: https://archive.is/rizBc

Hashtag for it, seems to be pretty active: https://twitter.com/hashtag/AtlanticCouncil?src=hash

ed0f69  No.12352748

How do I cope with the blackpill? Extinction is too scary and painful.

5c8932  No.12352809

"whiteness" is a rather poor term to describe Europeans, and even now people here cannot decide who is really "white" or not. Are Meds white? How about Turks and Spaniards? What about Arabs, Indians, and Persians? There was a time when all these groups were once considered "white". If by some chance Nordic Europeans were bred out by brown men, would Mediterranean Europeans be "white" enough to say that "white" people aren't extinct?

40f6c4  No.12352820


>white people don't real

Lurk moar.

5c8932  No.12352832


That wasn't the point of my comment tbh. It's just one of the things that I keep seeing pop up in threads without any conclusion.

40f6c4  No.12352911


Since you probably aren't a shill, and I have time to burn, i'll give my take on it (which is shared by most of the board)

White=of full European descent with no detectable noneuro admixture.

Meds are white (except for a small number of them which have a significant arab or turkic admixture)

Turks, arabs, Indians, and Persians are non- European genetically and should be considered nonwhite.

>There was a time when all these groups were once considered "white".

I have read many racial science books, and have never seen that stated in any of them.

> If by some chance Nordic Europeans were bred out by brown men, would Mediterranean Europeans be "white" enough to say that "white" people aren't extinct?

Yes, they would, but losing the Nordic and Germanic peoples will be a major blow to our race. In this era of racial survival, the loss of a major branch of our people may spell the doom of all of our people.

>whiteness" is a rather poor term to describe Europeans

I agree somewhat, but a term like that is needed for racial distinctions. Using the term "European" as a racial description in this day and age, where there are "European" blacks and arabs (ie- they were born on European soil) is not that good of an idea. And "European" also doesn't include the people of European descent who live outside of Europe. So for the time being, we are stuck with the term "white".

hopefully you enjoyed my rambling

5c8932  No.12353032


I understand, and don't worry, I don't think there are many people here who are rambly enough tbh lol.

427457  No.12353218


makeyour death count for something

91e54e  No.12353513


>Feminista en el fandom

>Feminist in the fandom


a61415  No.12353550


I need articles, definitive proof that affirmative action is detrimental without setting off too many bad goy alarms.

d3c0ea  No.12353703

File: 7ad949da3feff61⋯.png (543.82 KB, 718x767, 718:767, blacksDoctorFail5Times.png)

File: d7eb2891ac4adea⋯.jpg (576.48 KB, 2656x3472, 166:217, blacksNASA.jpg)

File: 2d7ffac5eda8d88⋯.png (2.29 MB, 4179x6889, 4179:6889, raceMCATscores.png)


mcat requirements for university is an easy one. no child left behind was explicitly for blacks failing constantly. common core replaced it because blacks were still failing. now they are attempting to bring everyone down to their level with the retarded common core program.

fed802  No.12353943


Its just a vain term which Americans have used, and its' use has spread unfortunately. Europeans are Europeans.

74a616  No.12353946


Americans aren't jews.

fed802  No.12354138


What? Nowhere did or do I claim that.

91e54e  No.12355245

File: 135bd26d58d6641⋯.png (618.95 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_2018-11-02-17-0….png)

File: 146683c5aec7f3a⋯.png (474.37 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_2018-11-02-17-0….png)

File: f09865435cab093⋯.png (597.12 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_2018-11-02-17-0….png)

File: 55536a533717180⋯.png (635.27 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Screenshot_2018-11-02-17-0….png)

I would like some of you anons to check out this shit JewTube known as "TheAdviseShowTV". It's probably a form of anti-White/pro-black media set up by the Muslim Brotherhood or Nation of Islam and it seems like their videos are praising the shit out of (((judges))) that have ruled out complaints from Whites who call out nigger behavior. Also it's comprised of one of those pan-African groups that keep clalling Whites as Neanderthals.

6ab0ed  No.12355533

Why are DMVs always filled with minorities and run by minorities?

especially loud sassy negresses who go "mhmmmm" loudly for no reason?

I've been to 4 different DMV offices in 4 differnet cities and it's always run by these sheboons. I never see one single white person unless he's security.

558aab  No.12355619

File: 2b006245bb3a7d7⋯.jpg (615.95 KB, 902x601, 902:601, Greg_Lansky_at_the_2016_AV….JPG)

What ever happen to this kike and why did people stop doing research on him?

4ef3b5  No.12356048

File: b49b7e7b4ad3bed⋯.jpg (338.85 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, goal of communism.jpg)

Need a source for the supposed Marx quote in the image

I looked at a few different links to Das Kapital and I could not find any mention of the word "aryan". Never mind the whole quote. The image comes off as trolling, but I would not doubt that Marx said something explicitly anti-white in his writings.

If no source can be found of this quote please help me find anti-white quotes or passages from Karl Marx

029bef  No.12356096

File: 5192c98d3816601⋯.png (171.98 KB, 439x290, 439:290, jewish tricks.png)


Pretty sure thats a trick to get people to read Das Capital

2ef1be  No.12356249


>you have to read shitty leftist books or you're just as bad as them!

4ef3b5  No.12356306

File: 64049fbe48705ee⋯.jpg (128.97 KB, 538x611, 538:611, Rabbi Harry Waton (fixed).jpg)


If you have read communist literature, do you have any examples of anti-white sentiment from Marx? I'm still searching.

In other news I edited an infograph with some inaccurate information. The original image had the name as "Watons" instead of "Waton", had a different picture of some random jew sticking his tongue out (the new picture is actually Harry Waton), and also had some random quote about Christianity that I couldn't verify.

If you have the inaccurate image saved replace it with this one

115aa1  No.12356524

Anyone have any good links/infographics on Hitler and his love of animals….its for my animal-loving wife. I've lost/forgotten most of my research on the topic and can't find anything else on (((search engines))) except tards saying he wasn't without any source/arguments. Thanks

7577aa  No.12356569

I'm at work but had a funny idea I didn't want to forget. Let's make coupons for Ben and Jerry's Resist ice cream. Make it free because the Democratic party will pick up the tab. Free lesson in socialism…

558aab  No.12356804

File: 6b46e48bf73f5e6⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 472x264, 59:33, 1531331386738.gif)


Show her this gif, really melts the heart.

115aa1  No.12356822


Thanks, though I doubt that would convince anyone by itself.

4ef3b5  No.12357008

File: 0cd2fc13ec29c08⋯.jpg (293.79 KB, 874x1054, 437:527, nazis banned animal experi….jpg)


I have this. She might think it's propaganda, but hey, it's something to add to the pile of evidence

b76205  No.12357067


They didn't ban jew experimentation, however.

40f6c4  No.12357072


See the last part of this post.


220574  No.12357214


Yeah what happened with Hannah Hays, as well?

220574  No.12357222


So, Sicilians, Italians, Spaniards and Greeks are white, right?

02fca2  No.12357269

File: 58ffc91b9d33b76⋯.png (2.5 KB, 163x102, 163:102, ten.png)

Anyone here have a better idea than the following?

In Japenese, 十 "ten" is pronounced as jew, and 十です "it is ten" is pronounced as jew death. Step one would be slapping 十 or 10 on all the usual images so the usual suspects are aware something is up with the number ten. Then go around asking people simple math like "What is eight plus two?" With a reaction, we could get them to call math anti-semitic.

029bef  No.12357319

File: 86db0d4fa389e77⋯.jpg (79.42 KB, 960x728, 120:91, report-communists.jpg)


Nice try lefty/pol/, I know what communism is well enough to know when Im dealing with a subversive. It all boils down to a few simple pointers - muh class warfare, muh wage slavery, muh private property is theft, muh redistribute the wealth, muh seize the means of production, muh everyone is equal and should have the same amount of shit, muh bourgeoisie (although they might be natsoc) muh capitalism (might be natsoc), muh kulaks. That about sums it up. They say any of that shit, gas.

aa564f  No.12357384

File: 17ebe67d1f652ed⋯.mp4 (2.36 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1jd9wKdW.mp4)

File: 17ebe67d1f652ed⋯.mp4 (2.36 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 45DwmWao.mp4)


Why are right wingers unable to grasp nuance?

First of all America wages wars in it's own interests. There's this right wing mythos in American right wing circles that Americans are really good pipo who constantly get mislead by the kikes or the illuminati into waging war against third world countries. The American way of life the American ability to over consume far beyond their means depends entirely on their ability to wage constant war and pillage and control the third world. US imperialism and colonialism is not anything new it has always been a thing since before Israel was around. Except before Israel US imperialism was based and redpilled fucking with Latin America was based and redpilled but a series of failures in the Middle East is not based and not redpilled and the fault of the kikes.

Regarding Trump, Trump's campaign donors were Sheldon Adelson the Kushner family and the Mercer family (that own Breitbart) so as part of the deal in financing his election and supplying propaganda Trump moved the embassy and is taking a "hardline" against Iran this doesn't mean the kikes run the world for some reason the kikes that run Europe are not pleased with this and are opposed to Trump existing the Iran deal and the kikes that ran Obama liked Iran enough to get the deal signed, it's because the kikes don't run the government and it's a plutocracy with competing interests ironically tho for /pol/ Trump happens to be the most kiked president ever.

Porky ruins the world because proky can't help himself it's in his self interest and he uses the American military as a sledgehammer to get shit done. There are rich ruling class jews and there are regular jews who dindu nuffin who don't deserve to be targeted because of the actions of rich jews and despite /pol/'s and the right wing autistic screeching about Israel it's left wing organizations that actually do BDS all over America and US college campuses and get targeted by the state.

aa564f  No.12357405

File: ccb446c023c2c3c⋯.png (1.23 MB, 956x1800, 239:450, 2311180f5e1d79c7cc2b0f7f18….png)

oy vey goyim remember the 99999999+ billion dead b/c Kartural Marx didn't understand basic economics

d3c0ea  No.12357423


Marx understood economics. Go read Capital you fucking retard. Communism was Judaism. The fact people dont consider it inherently Jewish is whats wrong with teh world. it is the relationship of goyim as peasants toiling on farms and chosen ones living in luxury and mass killing christians, destroying churches, etc. Calling communism an economic strategy implies they care about an economy. Its Judaism's end goal for the ruling the cattle.

2a5603  No.12357748

File: 9fef5cef4708b7c⋯.png (629.49 KB, 1080x1749, 360:583, IMG_20181102_235754.png)

Is /leftypol as anti-jew as /pol?

The quote in the pic is not attributed to the person in the pic, but I don't think they spotted that…

aaf80f  No.12357762


Why would you even ask that?

bf0be4  No.12357995

File: 176285aaa77a5a8⋯.jpeg (133.24 KB, 900x760, 45:38, jew-behind-capitalist.jpeg)


Blah blah, muh porky, KYS leftykike. The race war began a week ago, your time is short. Go fuck a tranny or something.

bf0be4  No.12358022

File: e2e4b0a0f4aa36f⋯.jpeg (69.79 KB, 524x412, 131:103, jewish-communism.jpeg)

File: 0418ff61c8eef02⋯.jpeg (90.5 KB, 706x482, 353:241, jew-communism2.jpeg)

File: d7e7f284d91b7dd⋯.jpeg (116.96 KB, 918x458, 459:229, mussolini-communism-jewis….jpeg)

File: 1bd61805e77d11a⋯.png (276.31 KB, 870x644, 435:322, communism-is-jewish6.png)

File: 7bc98b5444f15bd⋯.png (600.04 KB, 650x994, 325:497, communists2.png)

8d1e6b  No.12358317

File: 92ed4dd718b90ef⋯.webm (3.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Hitler on Palestine.webm)


>There's this right wing mythos in American right wing circles that Americans are really good pipo who constantly get mislead by the kikes or the illuminati into waging war against third world countries.

That's because they are being mislead you retarded commie, who do you think runs the (((US government)))? Do you honestly think the the average American has any power behind all of this ZOG bullshit? These wars against Israel's enemies have absolutely nothing to do with other turd world nations. Do you really think Trump is not owned by (((them)))? Or any other president before him? Yes, this includes Obongo, he never liked Iran.

>it's left wing organizations that actually do BDS all over America and US college campuses and get targeted by the state.

Only because they think Israeli kikes are "not real Jews" and are actually "White supremacists" and the "real Jews" were supposedly killed in the Hall of Co$t (assuming it happened) because of muh Havaara Agreement (even though in the end he disagreed with it and went full on pro-Palestine).

>kikes don't run the government

Okay, now you are literally implying Israel dindu nuffin to US politics. Fuck off.



aaf80f  No.12358592

File: ba5de94aebe4147⋯.jpg (697.38 KB, 766x890, 383:445, nkvd.jpg)

File: fa0ce702e633ee8⋯.jpg (685.17 KB, 843x890, 843:890, cheka.jpg)

File: 8d3f3878b99161c⋯.jpeg (87.42 KB, 642x591, 214:197, government jews leaders.jpeg)

Can anyone translate or provide a translation to these pics 1cheka and 2nkvd?


lmao it's always easy to lie and repeat the same bullshit

>it's not the jews because the jews where a minority!

Meanwhile in the third picture, which is much better sourced than The post in pic 2 and all the bullshit nobody is going to ever read in pic 1.

To anyone who comes here see this post >>12358452 and look at the third picture, look the my picture and understand the argument the /jewypol/ is trying and failing to make. The (dis)honest argument he makes is that, "the bolshevik government is not and was not jewish because the jews where a tiny minority in russia at the time".

But that is never the argument being made, the leftoid is building up a strawman and attacking that instead

The argument is as follows (look at the pic I posted titled government jews leaders): While the jews a TINY minority within communist and bolshevik organizations parties and political structure, absolutely dominated any and all leadership positions in all of them. This is something leftypol will NEVER argue against, and much less discuss in earnest.

The fact that jews dominated leadership positions in all facets of the communist leadership is something even vladimir putin admits to



76cdbb  No.12358698


Apparently today Obama's voice cracked. Does anyone have a WebM/other video of this? Honestly reflects really poorly on their internal polls.

74a616  No.12358830


>Apparently today Obama's voice cracked.

In other news Trump's asshole is itchy, perhaps you should scratch it?

ebab19  No.12358840


That's because hes a cia intern cyborg in blackface . Maybe whoever was at the joystick in Langley was lagging from downloading gay cp from the Pope's FTP server.

76cdbb  No.12358978

aaf80f  No.12358979

File: 7f4a091c15a6293⋯.png (593.89 KB, 1788x4512, 149:376, dismantling lies.png)


I'm attempting to "Debunk" this debunker So far I have tackled "points" 1 and 2, im going to sleep

Read it if you care, I am willing to accept critique because leftists lies have to be fought against even if it takes greater effort to regurgitate a lie.

Some of us need to be on this like hawks.

aaf80f  No.12358986

File: 8d3f3878b99161c⋯.jpeg (87.42 KB, 642x591, 214:197, government jews leaders.jpeg)


sage for doublepost I just noticed i forgot to post the fucking graph even though it's on leftyfags post

333011  No.12359021

File: acc67732a161d2b⋯.jpg (229.95 KB, 900x675, 4:3, download.jpg)

And Now for Something Completely Different…


•British pubs could run out of Guinness following Brexit, claims Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable


•How is there a THIRTY-year-old man in our maths class? Asylum seeker pupil is removed from school and reported to the Home Office after parents and classmates claimed he was lying about being 15


•KK-UK: As Ku Klux Klansmen are pictured on British streets for the first time, DAVID JONES asks if this is the disturbing proof that the far-Right are on the march?


•That's rich! We gave £1billion aid to India as they built £330million statue


•Costa Coffee stores BAN under 16s from buying caffeinated drinks


•Car break-in victim is stunned after neighbours leave a passive aggressive note asking her to sweep up glass broken when thugs smashed her rear window


•Fire crew comes under attack in dramatic video footage showing FIREWORKS being launched at engine full of emergency staff


•Brazen thieves steal half of a church's lead roof and cause £100,000 worth of damage in an audacious overnight raid


•Prince Charles has flunkeys iron his SHOELACES and squeeze toothpaste on to his brush every morning, former butler claims in new documentary


•Man whose penis and testicles were bitten off and eaten by bulldog was alone in room with the animal and had peanut butter spread on his crotch


•So why do our bobbies have to probe these so-called crimes? Police forced to investigate 11,236 hate crimes this year - such as vegan bullying and wolf whistling


•Huge part of UK £13.9bn foreign aid budget ends up in pockets of crime gang bosses who spend it on smuggling drugs, weapons and migrants into Britain


•Japanese pilot is arrested for being drunk ahead of flight from Heathrow, a day after another Japanese airman's hangover caused several flight delays


•Pensioners could have to wait until 80 to get a free TV licence, in move that could see elderly abandon tellies altogether


•Treasury's cash from student loans is set to DOUBLE within five years


•Video: White woman calls 911 on black neighbors waiting for AAA


87aa8b  No.12359023


190cb2  No.12359111

File: 6ee3976dfce15c3⋯.pdf (2.93 MB, Animal Welfare in the Thir….pdf)

File: 376b5704a7a1db1⋯.jpg (219.76 KB, 500x728, 125:182, Animal Welfare in the Thir….jpg)


this. out of curiosity what does she say?

a61415  No.12359251


Links to articles that won't come off as racist I can cite.

8423f2  No.12359472

Where can I start a flyer campaign similar to IOTBW on 8chan?

29d75c  No.12359541

Is there a place that I can find the past rulings that a judge has made?

4ef3b5  No.12359566


A few searches should get you what you want if you know the judge's name. If you want something more general then try something like kikepedia and work from there:


29d75c  No.12359595


Unfortunately that doesn't get me what I want. I'm looking for something more granular than merely landmark decisions. Aren't government rulings public record? Surely there must be public resources somewhere that collates this information.

bf0be4  No.12359786

File: cd343e0c904e1c6⋯.jpg (105.24 KB, 1137x1012, 1137:1012, rope.jpg)


I got a neckband for ya

ad082d  No.12359809

File: 1f60afd204a4017⋯.png (391.64 KB, 851x508, 851:508, 1f60afd204a40174cb50e0e29f….png)



>p-please guys give me some proof that marx actually wanted to murder all the white babies

bf0be4  No.12359826

File: 2b5d3e9cb6de0a4⋯.jpg (57.9 KB, 546x470, 273:235, real-marx.JPG)


Killing the intelligentsia is part of communism because they are too smart and tainted by capitalism to be good proletariat workers. Its white genocide by default, its worse than white genocide, its picking out all the best whites and slaughtering them, then enslaving those dumb enough to not fight back, the lemmings which all races have. Youre a Jewish lemming slave ideology. No amount of shilling is going to stop the race war and you people arent just going to be put down quickly.

ad082d  No.12359832


>r-race war soon guys!!!11

oh i'm shaking in me boots

bf0be4  No.12359852

File: 5830272817f0c7b⋯.jpeg (71.31 KB, 497x597, 497:597, Pierce-Race-War.jpeg)

File: 8e2bdf99a06692c⋯.jpg (66.02 KB, 852x848, 213:212, Laughing-Aryan-Man-On-Picn….JPG)


There will be plenty more Bowers and they wont stay confined to religious Jewry and the synagogues. Communists are ethnic Jews opposed to religion because communism is their Jewish religion rebranded. 2800 goy slaves each and all. Youre already in a race war and if you dont think so, go read up on how the Iraq war started, or how Lebanon started. Attacks on religious sites and random groups of people based on them being a part of that group, counter violence. Antifa are committing terrorist acts and now white people are committing counter-terrorist acts. The race war has begun, it only escalates from here.

>oh i'm shaking in me boots

When youre literally shaking in your boots with piss running down your leg, think of me laughing at you.

bf0be4  No.12359860



Oh and IB4 "das wen bush invaded for prkys oil!"


The civil war, obviously.

bf0be4  No.12359863

Thats not even the right one either. Thats fucking ISIS god damn wikijew

bf0be4  No.12359869

File: 86b000021d98091⋯.jpg (57.9 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, how-to-break-a-terrorist-i….jpg)


Youd think there was no civil war, gotta cover that shit up. The book in pic related actually covers it, this is what happens when you trust the wikijew to tell you things. AQ blew up the golden dome mosque and that sparked the war after smaller attacks, with other attacks afterwards. Sunnis and Shia had a civil war because of random attacks on religious sites and markets. Same in Lebanon, muslims drive by'd Christians, Christians stopped muslims and executed them. Civil war, full towns ended up being wiped out on both sides.

ad082d  No.12359876


>Communists are ethnic Jews opposed to religion because communism is their Jewish religion rebranded

imagine actually believing this

bf0be4  No.12359881

File: cf972a284c32986⋯.jpg (82.8 KB, 550x594, 25:27, judaism is communism.jpg)


>imaging never having an argument based in fact and using a complex ideological system of lying and deceiving instead

bf0be4  No.12359884

File: 8e6adc6bb5f1fce⋯.jpg (30.74 KB, 315x270, 7:6, iraq-totally-not-civil-war.JPG)

bf0be4  No.12359889

File: 6a1fb84a1a2ec54⋯.png (45.39 KB, 616x617, 616:617, 8ch-inoperable.png)

Reminder lefty/pol/ hijacked the mods and this is now just lefty/pol/s toilet.

8783e0  No.12359895

File: fc40d93adf7d57f⋯.png (87.95 KB, 1306x354, 653:177, pol is the new fur.png)

8783e0  No.12359899


>random shitty quote that has no primary source.

773120  No.12359901


some rabbi saying something doesn't mean its true dumbass, the same guy also said

>33. What is nazism? Nazism is an imitation of Judaism; nazism adopted the principles and ideas of Judaism

It boggles the mind that /pol/ is the one place in the world where the rants of random jews are taken as gospel truth simply because they're jews, its pathetic.

ad082d  No.12359907


>no source

>this one random jew is somehow an authority over marxism

also nice one deleting all the posts debunking your shit, mods.

make sure to keep hiding the truth, you don't wanna ruin your little echo chamber do you?

1024a2  No.12359912

Why do people try to argue with lolbergs by going 'muh evil 1% jews, capitalism is ebil' You're going to turn a lot of sympathetic people off that way and its not necessary at all. Make arguments like these:


bf0be4  No.12360136

File: 44d780c35e53d3c⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 200x169, 200:169, your-opinion-into-the-tras….gif)


White genocide, Robert Bowers wasnt larping and no one here is either. Die.

bf0be4  No.12360195

File: 9c7eee940937e6a⋯.jpg (104.95 KB, 1576x848, 197:106, natsoc-swastika-flags4.JPG)

What is the flag on the left with the lines, whats it represent

8112f7  No.12360202


Who are you quoting?

3921d9  No.12360229


Here's the the realisation I've made after years of living amongst them - all non-whites are effectively kikes. If they were able to pass themselves off as (((fellow white men))) as the modern kike is able to then they would be no less destructive and parasitic.

b55442  No.12360250


How do porn videos end?

bf0be4  No.12360255

File: c628ef104f057a0⋯.jpeg (1.43 MB, 2248x2331, 2248:2331, read-siege2.jpeg)

aaf80f  No.12360315




Not only are these 3 shills, but stupid too. Do jews expect people to believe the same stupid shit they do?

aaf80f  No.12360449


I would still appreciate a translation of the texts

323eba  No.12360821

I want to share my redpill folders. Is there a good website for hosting images where I can both directly link a single image, and also download the whole album at once? Most of the sites I found have Terms of Service that forbid anything racist, and I don't want my files to be taken down.

2a7132  No.12361126







You can see through how much intelligence /leftypol/cucks have. They all act the same, they all get irritated the same way when someone debunks their bullshit while claiming they're the ones who are winning the argument. So far, the only "argument" presented here is that "Communism is not Jewish because Jews were a minority in the Soviet Union." while forgetting the highest subordinates were all Jewish to the core except for a few shabbos goyim. You give them infographics, they won't even try to clarify it, they'll just say "lel dis iz so full ob shiddy stadements and quodes :DDDD".

60b522  No.12361313

Why is Philistine an insult which means "ignorant of culture and the arts?" I somewhat looked into them and they were at war with the Israelites. They also worshipped Ba'al, who is apparently just your standard polytheistic god. What exactly did the Philistines do?

6f5ebe  No.12361703

b94099  No.12361993

File: 4a68a42100f7081⋯.jpg (109.62 KB, 640x348, 160:87, kp61 starlet.jpg)

How do we view the admin activity? Deleted posts, ignored reports. That sort of stuff?

b94099  No.12362205


dank. Thanks.

50a042  No.12363189

File: 8ac9511606876ec⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis American Conse….jpg)

File: 21a5e755bc5aa80⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis Dependency.jpg)

File: 07f9f0f9b0b6c13⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis Elite Goals.jpg)

File: c51cf9c5af7e3be⋯.jpeg (1.34 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis Globalist Age….jpeg)

File: 49c0a7b8586adbb⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis Manipulative A….jpg)

Here are some quotes I compiled. I'll find more and make more later. Sam Francis is totally underrated and memory holed right now.

50a042  No.12363194

File: 7a674c7fff97b03⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis Mass Advertisi….jpg)

File: dce69bca05d720a⋯.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis Mass Producti….jpeg)

File: 712346a0a96496c⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis Mass Society.jpg)

File: 97c4409e1b88081⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis Megastate.jpg)

File: 9e4040bf265fd73⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis Middle America.jpg)

50a042  No.12363196

File: 560a8f9b0365594⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis New Elite.jpg)

File: 8d70e6300b61042⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Sam Francis Salient Concer….jpg)

000000  No.12363359

Dumb blonde on a mission to report us to the FBI

This dumb bitch just reported Grandpa Lampshade to the FBI.



She is on a mission to destroy gab and "hunt nazis" and report them to the FBI.

She also reads /pol/ and posted about the It's OK to be White campaign.


Her website.


She wants to mess with /pol/

50a042  No.12363365


Did she report us for any specific crime or just for being mean?

50a042  No.12363445


Most people are just retarded. Right wing peasants can't be trusted to make informed foreign policy judgements anymore than their left wing brothers. They both eat at the trough of the mass media and consequently both wallow in shit.

9c5c82  No.12363817

I just want one mod to answer me why they never delete anti-rightwing OPs like this thread.



Really? C'mon now. That anti-Trump shit is straight out of /leftypol/ and tumblr.

And the catalog keeps getting clogged with shariablue-like threads this.

aaf80f  No.12363884


Well, is the US federal government not a ZOG?

08b9ce  No.12363971



Go the fuck away and never come back. You do not belong here.

426e35  No.12364042

File: d95a4509d256fef⋯.jpeg (91.41 KB, 600x337, 600:337, Da Da.jpeg)

File: afafcb943e26924⋯.webm (1.44 MB, 240x240, 1:1, In Iran a Trump effigy bu….webm)


Go stare at a photo-op of Trump, useful idiot.

c07be5  No.12364310

File: b4dfa0ecd658c05⋯.jpeg (113.99 KB, 580x584, 145:146, 3C4428AE-CA97-4494-BEF1-B….jpeg)

What is the most accurate and unabridged biography that I could read on General Patton?

a641ba  No.12364424

a641ba  No.12364429

Do you guys think the stock market is fake? Is it possible for an average person to make money by trading? not day trading but medium to long term investing

c1cf03  No.12364540

Tell me /pol/

I spend all my day researching about cancer. Black cancer, brown cancer even yellow cancer. At the end of the day I writte long ass thread about how to make the world healthier but nothing happens. I even add references and keep my posts 20 paragraphs long . What am I doing wrong that nobody gives a shit? Everyone tells me that I write conspiracy bullshit. But honestly I think I am just an autistic faggot that likes to spam the same shit over again instead of trying to improve my own life.

426e35  No.12364708


Yes it is based on lies and manipulation

ffd1da  No.12364817

File: 78ce3032f5749ad⋯.jpg (539.08 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, Nina-3-nina-dobrev-3070597….jpg)

Is she white?

ed1189  No.12364822

File: a8649591a7e93f9⋯.png (755.86 KB, 1099x615, 1099:615, vargretard.png)





ffd1da  No.12364830

File: e374b113fe1addc⋯.png (108.55 KB, 257x206, 257:206, Capture.PNG)


but her hair is brown, is she white now or not?

789237  No.12364834

File: 312cd6c4f516bf0⋯.png (207.58 KB, 951x347, 951:347, aryan language.PNG)


I have the one drop rule… If she's at least one drop white, then she's white.

ffd1da  No.12364841


so all african niggers are white, thanks anon

ffd1da  No.12364844


african american*

789237  No.12364860

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


u welcom bruh

5c7a38  No.12365419

Can you be an anti-semite but pro-Zionist? Just like how there's liberals and commies who call themselves anti-zionist but not anti-semitic. I've noticed this because when I watched Steven Andersons Holocaust Debunked video, he said that there were these coins which showed the swastika on one side, but the star of david on the other (pic related) and that the Zionists and the Nazis worked together to find a place that would be a homeland for the jews. Originally, it was supposed to be Madagascar, but after the war, the Zionists chose Palestine. Isn't it true that the Nazis believed in a homeland for the jews too? It seems that most of conservative jewry is in tune with Zionism while all the anti-Zionist jews tend to be massive shitlibs and commies. In fact, there was an article about Zionism vs Communism and which one would win the hearts and the minds of the jews. And it was also a known fact that the USSR and other Soviet countries were opposed to Zionism and were directly rivalled with Israel.

Personally, I'd rather them have their own containment area rather than be spread out throughout the nations only for them to subvert us. In fact, there are a lot of Zionist jews who are even on our side, as provided with the news link article in another thread about the Likud party (which is Benjamin Netanyahu's party) supporting the shooter and blaming the victims of the Tree of Life shooting for being part of the ultra-leftist HIAS organization that aims to let in innumerable amounts of refugees into the western world. I can give so many more examples too of Israeli jews who are on our side.

What is /pol/s position on this?

50a042  No.12365447


If you think Zionism is just Jewish nationalism then yes. If you think Zionism is Jewish nationalism combined with the diaspora domination of other peoples it doesn't make sense. I think the record shows Zionism to be an amorphous policy that uniformly supports perceived Jewish interest in the particular field in which a challenge may exist. Zionism is nothing more than the political expression of Jewish ethnocentric morality and as such is naturally hostile to the rest of humanity.

9c5c82  No.12365818




Like clockwork. It's anti-Trump posters like this that are extremely suspicious. Always trying to D&C and tear down fucking ANYTHING even remotely rightwing.

Last time I asked question here, it was to about whether I should support the rightwing NRA or not. First 3 responses all eerily started with "NRA are cucks" and sounded scripted as hell. During the Kavanaugh debacle, the top threads about were all taking sly anti-Kavanaugh jabs. And now with the midterms underway, the lefty shills want to disrupt and control the conversations here now more than ever.

I'm telling you. There are faggots who keep making and flooding the catalog with anti-rightwing threads while the mods do NOTHING about it.

d335fd  No.12366001

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Keep your delusions of grandeur while your prophet is "being attacked"

ffd1da  No.12366077

File: 9f159e1a3df9270⋯.jpg (117.4 KB, 650x651, 650:651, qt.jpg)


74a616  No.12366083


would eat, 4/10

60b522  No.12366220

So, I lost my wallet today and don't have my ID, sorta need one in order to vote. I'm guessing an expired license wouldn't help, what else could I bring?

50a042  No.12366228


Go to a courthouse with a copy of your birth certificate. I'm sure they can issue a temporary ID.

871f80  No.12367400

File: d0adda9257ed24a⋯.jpg (89.8 KB, 200x300, 2:3, 1988They_Live_poster300.jpg)

Are the aliens in the movie They Live supposed to be a thinly veiled allegory for jews? Can we use it to poke at the JQ?

02ee5b  No.12367471



d3c0ea  No.12367640


You can easily make money if you have money. A basic basket of stocks diversified across multiple industries that pay dividends will easily make a nice ROI over a long enough time period. Just look up companies that pay dividends and have never missed a dividend in 50+ years. These are basically recession proof industries and companies that, even if they fall slightly, will outperform the market over time. Coca-cola has increased its dividend payment for 50+ years straight and is roughly a 3% dividend yield. Johnson & Johnson is an excellent stock. P&G has like a 130 years straight of paying dividends and rock solid stock. Colgate is yet another with 120+ years of dividend payments. GPC covers automotive parts for you, which also has the NAPA brand under its group. Very stable dividends and covers variety of industrial equipment and leader in industry. Utilities like American States Water Company are also great. They provide services to US military with 50 year guaranteed contracts, as well as electrical and water to California. 60+ years of dividends and wants to grow div payments by up to 5% per year going forward. Little risk and great longterm investment.

There are numerous companies like this that will continue to grow. If you got in on guaranteed money like Google, Facebook, and other tech monopolies when they went public, you would have made out like a bandit. I would be careful going into them now, as many are in high risk of monopolistic breakups similar to Microsoft or some phone companies. As more corruption, censorship and other practices come to light, you will see large dips. Facebook suffering from Zuckerberg going to courts, payouts for fake news/ads in Europe, summoned to UK and Canada now, etc.

Also have caution of anything with Chinese interests and dependence. China is approaching a collapse and going below the 7 line. Large shadow corporate debt and uprisings from unions and ex-PAC. Lots not published in news. Their stockmarket is in freefall and their economy is shrinking. Many groups, like Huawei are under government warnings from FBI, CIA, and european agencies (though Canada is embracing them and has them in on universities and 5G development).

Shale is likely a bad investment as many are massively in debt and market flooding. It's a risky venture at this point in my opinion. Canadian bitumen is a solid choice though. It's so low that it can only go up. Rail is a good one too as these Canadian oil producers are now signing longterm transport contracts to ship their oil by the more expensive rail option (warren buffet owns most rail and has lobbied hard to stop all pipelines, successfully, in canada and many in US; large donations to democrats). rail companies will grow and show profit going forward for years due to longterm guaranteed contracts.

generally, look for basket of industries with proven dividend payments for decades - any company that misses dividends usually sees catastrophic stock futures and people abandon it and the company, even in recessions. They'll pay no matter what for these proven stocks. If you are happy with 2-3% growth and guaranteed dividends, you will do well in stock market. Only insider trading and hedge firms of kikes can truly make money, like Rothschilds that funded Soros original venture Quantum Fund, that was making 30-40% ANNUAL RETURN for 30+ YEARS, a literal impossibility without insider trading and control of market trends. Buffet, as mentioned, has massive pull in government and owns most of railways. Pipelines live and die by his money. Look to Keystone and others for examples - those protesters are his protesters. Not random groups or activists upset.

2f9fc3  No.12367928

File: 429fdca6c19ea28⋯.webm (4.16 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, (((They))) Live - Based o….webm)

08b9ce  No.12367961


>oy vey goyim we are pro trump here

Trump is not right-wing. We are not pro-Trump.

/pol/ does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, jews, or the continuation of the ZOG.

2c12e0  No.12368469


Your own retarded dogma perpetuates what you call "zog"

74a616  No.12368633

08b9ce  No.12368662


>combating the ZOG perpetuates the ZOG


4ef3b5  No.12368732


>what you call "zog"

>zog in quotes

>implying it's not real

Go fucking kill your entire family, kike

ee6703  No.12368852

For the U.S.:

Are you happy with the US Congress?

How would you rate the performance of the US Congress?

ee6703  No.12368864


>For the U.S.:

Do you believe that jewish supremacists have compromised the entire US system? (includes education, media, and government)

b641f8  No.12368869


/pol/ what should we do about race mixers in an ethnostate, More specifically what should we do about race mixers who only used to DATE non whites but were later redpilled

220574  No.12369214

Can anyone explain to me the "deconstructionism" of Jacques Derrida?

5c62f1  No.12369216

Guys, in about month I'm going to do a presentation in class about race and iq. This is the /pol/ topic I am most educated about so I don't need pointers from you guys about what to say. All I really want is yall's blessing. Will you wish me good luck?

220574  No.12369251


Good luck! Do you mind sending the presentation/points? I'd really love to see it

5c62f1  No.12369274


Can't find anything I disagree with, however i'm a little bit concerned that some retard will see the specific named things and think, oh im just gonna pour all my money into that and git rich. No retard, you have to diversify.

5c62f1  No.12369282


Thats doxable info

5c62f1  No.12369383


Um basically I'm gonna start out with a bunch of lefty points about how rich white people are compared to everybody else and have a little discussion about what should be done about this, then I'm going to say "now, I've withheld some facts. When I informed you about the disparity you immedietly assumed it was due to unfairness and went about trying to correct that unfairness, at the expense of those who supposedly benefit from the disparity. However income and a bunch of these things I've shared is neatly predictable by iq. And the black/white earnings gap is actually smaller than what you'd predict given the average iq differences. This iq data isn't even debated by anybody except the stupidest of the stupid. At most, whats debated is the heritability of these gaps. You may think the mainstream is a 0% heritability, but thats actually just the mainstream of what is acceptable to say in public. Anonymous surveys of experts show that the mainstream is about 45% heritable. I think its 80% heritable so I'm a bit of an outlier. The first and weakest reason I think its 80% is 1. The general heritability is agreed to be 80% which is should be the starting assumption, and this fact isn't too useful on its own, but it becomes important in a later reason. The second reason is twin study data which shows about 80%, and the third reason is that the black white gap increases with age in a way that implies that the racial gap is made of the same stuff as the general heritability. Here are the the other racial gaps, I'm just going to assume they're just as heritable as the white black gap, which yes, might be a stretch, but I see no reason to assume otherwise because the best dat awe have about these kinds of things are on the whites and the blacks, and also because if it is this when blacks are supposedly considered to be the most disadvantaged, it should shrink when comparing other groups. Also if you're just going to go with the expert consensus and 'see, 45% heritability, you can raise the black iq by 55% which would put them above the whites and close the gap!' No, idiot, this line of thinking comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of what heritability tells you. If it was 45% that means that at most you could reduce THE GAP by 55% shrinking it to a 7 point gap. Also, that 55% is just a theoretical about how much it could technically be lowered, you're certainly never going to ever reduce it by however much your heritability implies you can 1. because of inability and 2. because we've already been pushing agressively to try and close these gaps.

dccf09  No.12369602

File: ca10638857b1499⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1537x2048, 1537:2048, (((gun control))) is good ….png)

File: 9c8f9850845ef37⋯.png (992.49 KB, 1044x864, 29:24, (((gun control))).png)

((((Anti-gun)))) gun notions from normalfag citizens are quite prevalent on Western Europe and these countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and it's growing more than ever in the US. Frankly, the general normalfag consensus of the former countries I've talked about before see (((gun control))) as "sane and not backwards" and would imply that (((anti-gun))) sentiments are being "ignored and suppressed" in the US. This is what also makes them imply that it makes their countries "safer" than the US because of "muh less gun deaths". Now of course they know nothing about race being a real thing therefore they all think that the extremely high criminal rates of spics and niggers are the same statistics for everyone else in the country. Generally, they think any gun-owning American is a "racist trigger-happy gun-toting redneck".

Once you call this out, the foreign NORMALFAGS (remember what I'm stating here) will obviously just call you a "judgemental bigoted racist", trust me these mental gymnastics are even worse than your average commie's. Here are types of people I would know to support (((gun control))), when it's Wetsern Europeans it's usually the Brits, when it's Canadians it's the ones living in major cities like Toronto or Montréal, when it's Australians it would be the ones living in Melbourne or Canberra, it's sort of the same thing for city-living New Zealanders, too.

Would love any of you foreign /pol/acks to give me some insight of why this always happens when I try to debate them on the normiewebs. You could say it stems from kike propaganda from mainstream US media outlets but I feel like this could be much deeper than I would expect. Also first pic made me chuckle a bit, it actually mentioned Israel being a good example of (((gun control))), lel.

ed058e  No.12370275


Aus is not 94%, more closer to 70%.

Syndey is over run with chinks, Melbourne is full of chinks, mussies and niggers fresh from the africa, Brisbane is getting suburbs turned full chink.

Shit's fucked. Also gun ownership is legal is aus, 0% is a blatant lie.

a0a097  No.12370468


Good fortunes anon.

294f2e  No.12370482

File: f467be1ec1a66be⋯.jpg (80.96 KB, 924x571, 924:571, 1534553941815.jpg)

Sorry anon…I sinned.

I ate a packet of potato chips…

I'm not even fat.

Please, don't sin like I did. Don't disappoint Jesus.

d774ff  No.12370622

File: b02e9b6a7b8c24f⋯.png (418.97 KB, 1430x1582, 715:791, Testing Theories of Americ….png)

File: 4f7d412ca6a8a1e⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1120x3550, 112:355, The US is not a democracy ….png)

File: c66187409ab7736⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 3427x797, 3427:797, C.I.A. D.O.D. PSYOP Patch ….jpg)


>participating in representative democracy


e41dbb  No.12370704


Shills are cashing out.

d774ff  No.12370908


>So I was the poster boy for a bunch of MSM articles about UTR1

So in other words you're a CIA spook.

d774ff  No.12370933


>She is on a mission to destroy gab and "hunt nazis" and report them to the FBI.

So she's on a mission to destroy a CIA stochastic terrorism platform and "hunt CIA agents" and report them to the FBI.

Seems kind of pointless.

60b522  No.12371386

what the fuck does this mean

>A “yes” vote will amend the Missouri Constitution to change the process and criteria for redrawing state legislative district boundaries during reapportionment (redistricting). Currently, bipartisan house and senate commissions redraw boundaries and those maps are adopted if 70% of the commissioners approve the maps. This amendment has a state demographer chosen from a panel selected by the state auditor redraw the boundaries and submit those maps to the house and senate commissions. This amendment would then allow changes to the demographer's maps only if 70% of the commissioners vote to make changes and do so within two months after receiving the maps from the state demographer.

Here's the whole measure

>change process and criteria for redrawing state legislative districts during reapportionment;

>change limits on campaign contributions that candidates for state legislature can accept from individuals or entities;

>establish a limit on gifts that state legislators, and their employees, can accept from paid lobbyists;

>prohibit state legislators, and their employees, from serving as paid lobbyists for a period of time;

>prohibit political fundraising by candidates for or members of the state legislature on State property; and

>require legislative records and proceedings to be open to the public?

The rest sounds good, but what is this gerrymandering bullshit about? I'm too dumb to understand.

cca184  No.12371472

I heard that hooktube is now a lightweight youtube.

Is there any other alternative way to avoid giving youtube videos views or metrics?

144cf0  No.12371571



16a618  No.12371582

Do people on the right realize that UNICEF are literal pedophiles who are pushing to abolish the age of consent in Africa and India?

Read the resources on their website and then read the sites for any NGO that pushes for "comprehensive sexuality education".

It is very plain and I don't know why no one is talking about it.

a2bbfb  No.12371593


Most here hold no actual convictions, and are only integrating themselves with a template someone else created for them.

558aab  No.12371822

File: 6f7e8200d24b633⋯.jpg (19.55 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 1461561232414.jpg)


>get's butthurt at the word nigger

>calls people he doesn't like niggers

>uses "fag" and "faggot"

>doesn't see the irony of being an offensive homophobe

You leftyniggers have no self awareness.

86ac3f  No.12371975

I dont trust my ballot in the mail and am voting today. Can any Floridanons clear up the amendments for me and tell me what they actually mean? Or just tell me what to vote yes or no on.

cd31a7  No.12372132

>>12370622 (wasted)


>>12370933 (wasted)

>these posts again

I'm really not sure why this pathological lying mongrel known as "Moarpheus" is now residing on 8/pol/ all of a sudden. What happened, was he BTFO by cuck/pol/ and is therefore not welcome there anymore? That seems really pathetic in my opinion. So far he has many different IP's cycling mostly around the QTDDTOT thread and the meta thread. Other times he would shill for specific threads to make anons think Democrats are what /pol/ should vote for, implying voting matters in the Current Year™. I think it's because he thinks Democrats are usually more anti-Israel than Republicans therefore they're the best choice even though they are all kiked through and through. I'd say the Democrats are only merely disagreeing with whatever the Republicans agree with, I think. Hence why their support for Palestinine amounts to absolutely nothing for Whites because their main goal is demographic replacement via radicalizing non-Whites and promoting degeneracy, not giving Palestinine back to the Palestininians. It's just pure virtue signalling.

5be877  No.12372693

File: 027df9a1ddd8e77⋯.jpg (1008.76 KB, 1700x2405, 340:481, The AngloKike.jpg)

I very recently shaved my head and got a good look at my skull shape, and I was horrified when I saw that my skull slightly slopes. Just last night I saw this post about slope headed Anglokikes and it really activated my almonds because i'm part Anglo on one side of my family. Does this make me part Jewish? If so what should I do? Perhaps end it all? I never asked for any of this man.

ca9246  No.12373034


Stop being autistic, that's what you do

299dfe  No.12373213

File: d257feaa6c04d39⋯.jpg (5.37 MB, 2592x4608, 9:16, indianspammer.jpg)

What does /pol thinks about this Indian spammer?

Do you think that all Indian man are like him?

6861f9  No.12373330


Wait, does that ad somehow make street shitting into a women's issue?

>women lose personal dignity

Men there didn't have any to begin with?

b881b8  No.12373336


A bit of an asinine question there anon.

0fae16  No.12374503

File: a79d2fe440fef55⋯.png (321.78 KB, 750x565, 150:113, a79d2fe440fef55a4747b90cb6….png)

/r/ing the pic explaining calarts animation and the lack of trained artists and animators. i don't know how i lost my copy. you can always find it when you don't need it.

also, long shot but does anyone have a screencap of the thread a few weeks back where anon was PISSED about BAUHAUS design? it was a very enlightening read, if I find it in my collection first I'll post it here.

76916a  No.12374945

File: 731e4cf75cf9827⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 1233x4254, 411:1418, bauhaus.jpg)

55f6a8  No.12374950

When midterms are over will the shilling end?

6861f9  No.12375841

File: cbdb3fd6ef1f75d⋯.png (783.33 KB, 1280x1589, 1280:1589, calarts style cartoons.png)

File: 3bbfe8d788a6314⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1300x5741, 1300:5741, art school.png)

File: ea2ac0f467045ad⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1752x6796, 438:1699, fine arts majors.png)


>/r/ing the pic explaining calarts animation and the lack of trained artists and animators. i don't know how i lost my copy. you can always find it when you don't need it.

I know what you mean. Third pic right?

9865b9  No.12376298

File: 453fd0a47e3d1d2⋯.png (561.18 KB, 1016x596, 254:149, israeliagreement.png)

Is my propaganda good? Recently been trying to make some shit appealing to the mentally challenged along with boomers. Looks a little amateur-ish, could be shit, I don't know, I'm not artistic, and it's my first try. How do I improve?

9822b0  No.12376743


Idea behind it 10/10. Execution 6/10.

b881b8  No.12377038

File: abd643b44fe6bea⋯.jpg (186.37 KB, 661x825, 661:825, Pittsburgh case 2018 (3).jpg)

File: e8b3cbeca244aa8⋯.jpg (125.81 KB, 907x808, 907:808, Pittsburgh case 2018 (4).jpg)

File: 0c8cd9c7cf7de24⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 664x395, 664:395, Pittsburgh case 2018 (2).jpg)

File: beb8ce0f2a803b8⋯.jpg (63.75 KB, 712x452, 178:113, Pittsburgh case 2018 (1).jpg)

- The FBI holds an active shooter drill 9 months ago in Pittsburgh & Allegheny Country; the stage in Pittsburgh for the drill is a jewish community center

TribLive https://triblive.com/local/allegheny/13221932-74/active-shooter-drill-planned-for-thursday-in-squirrel-hill - http://archive.is/q4kvh

- The shooter's Gab.ai account was registered 9 months ago as well

CBS News https://www.cbsnews.com/news/robert-bowers-gab-pittsburgh-shooting-suspect-today-live-updates-2018-10-27/ - http://archive.is/Y8kCW

- The active shooter drill and actual shooting location are virtually neighbors

Tree of Life Congregation, 5898 Wilkins Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh, 5738 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

https://i.imgur.com/yvnzRlr.jpg - http://archive.is/uqnUd

- A month ago the Senate received a bill to monitor and combat "anti-Semitism"

Congress.gov https://web.archive.org/web/20181107003827/https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/1911/text

Some details/reminder about the "Pittsburgh Shooting".

9865b9  No.12377495


Thank you, both ratings are better than I could have hoped for. How exactly do I improve the execution? I feel that my picture is a little empty and is using too many stock assets. Could be worded a little bit better too, but I wanted to keep the message simple and strong.

Also, any good fonts? Tried to find a "weak" font that didn't intimidate and would coax the people in. Don't know if it would work how I did it though, I don't have normie test subjects.

707b2d  No.12379512

Hey /pol/ been wondering and question I want to ask you.

I have been hearing that america is a constitutional republic more than a democracy.

The question is, constitutional republic a good alternative to fascism and national socialism?

08b9ce  No.12379724


America has never been any form of democracy. The founders explicitly wanted to stop democracy from ever taking control of the country. A republic that codifies race in its founding documents is a perfectly viable alternative. The founders only didn’t do that because they thought that people would never be fucking retarded enough to think that the other races should ever deserve citizenship. US law until after the Civil War explicitly said that nonwhites could not be citizens.

0fae16  No.12380388



nailed it, anons, thank you

d659a9  No.12380693

Is cryptocurrency any better than (((fiat currency)))?

60b522  No.12381742


It's less currency and more gambling. BTC is less gambling and more ponzi scheme.

e59252  No.12383038

holocaust gold filling?

02fca2  No.12383357

File: c30c84c59855492⋯.jpg (13.16 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ubermensch.jpg)

Can any neet here vouch for this before I ruin my body for 21 days for nothing?

bd8a65  No.12383431


it's sustainable but i never really felt 100%, and even when you can get it to work with your schedule it is super easy to fuck up if you cant sleep for any reason. would not recommend

b881b8  No.12384092


Same as anon above, it seems too delicate to sustain.

d3c0ea  No.12384101


political ideology barely matters. race is the only binding principle. a kingdom of whites is better than a democracy of mutts. a tyrant of whites is better than this oligarchical nightmare we live in. you cant discuss any political style until you have a homogeneous nation and then you can adjust it for what race makes up the nation.

simple matter of fact - no non-european nation has ever been liberal. there are no non-european liberal democracies. none. ever. its a white ideal where we recognize that other whites are human and certain rights apply. they dont apply to niggers and spics and bugmen. they never evolved to care about others, to think and feel.

this is why bugmen are ruled by the queen bee. this is why niggers are ruled by whoever is strongest/most guns. liberia was a country built and founded with us constitution at its base for a nation of blacks. handful of american nogs went over and took power until the native blacks rebelled. now they have warlords naming themselves after pop culture and modern history and elections with more votes than people and 100% vote wins.

these "people" dont have the basic concept of good and evil, right and wrong. they do what their told or live in the moment. no other race besides whites have recorded history. I mean that literally. Whites are the only ones that try to figure out history, see what went wrong, record the different beliefs and happenings and even go to other countries and try to figure out their history, even when those people have none recorded. the best other races have done is to record lineage or fictional stories. they end up repeating cycles because they cant assess what they did wrong or fathom trying something new.

so you cant have a political ideology unless you discuss race first. and america does not have a democracy or republic. it is an oligarch. the candidates dont matter. who is in power doesnt matter. its the same in every "democratic" country. notice how immigration numbers dont go down? how you are still be replaced every year? canada has a democracy and the "far right" candidate wants to reduce immigration from 300k to a more manageable 250k isntead of increasing to 450k. Its the same shit - the country only has 37 million. and those numbers dont count temp workers, students and illegals (several million and growing). america takes in millions every year beyond the illegal border crossings. texas will flip blue in your lifetime. republicans will never win again when that happens because half a dozen other states will become perm blue when enough invaders move in.

race is all that matters. any system will work for whites. no system will work for multiculturalism because it is communism designed to kill whites and destroy christianity forever.

14ee15  No.12385193

America's colors are red, white, and blue. Our two main political parties are red and blue. Don't you think it's time for a white party?

1719c8  No.12385314

What is a glownigger?

aaf80f  No.12385618



a641ba  No.12386104

Should I major in

Economics & Mathematics or just Mathematics

02ee5b  No.12386217


Why not Engineering of some kind? If you want math, you need some coding to go with it, as nobody needs pure math.

a641ba  No.12386249


want to work in finance (im not jewish tho)

6340c7  No.12386408


No, you don't genuinely want to.

588610  No.12387096

Did anyone ever get shadowbanned from Jewtube comments for conservative views? I comment, I see my comment, but if I fire up a proxy or change browser without being logged in, it's never there.

588610  No.12387107


I should state this happens everywhere, not on a single uploader's videos, but every one of them, be they left-wingers who disagree or right-wingers who agree.

99e175  No.12388935

If all countries are suppose to have their own flavor of National Socialism, why are the American National Socialist LARPing as a bunch of 1940's German National Socialist?

a641ba  No.12389194


why do you say this?

5f0a65  No.12389544

File: 254944f0a2b8b44⋯.jpg (137.23 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 2_neo_nazis_saluting_by_th….jpg)


>If all countries are suppose to have their own flavor of National Socialism, why are the American National Socialist LARPing as a bunch of 1940's German National Socialist?

Because the American neo-Nazi cult is a CIA/US military PSYOP.

707b2d  No.12389849


IS there a webm of pierce talking about this issue?

c937fd  No.12389864

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why can WHITE EX-MODELS can stab men in the heart and get away with it?

bdde5b  No.12390334

>>12389544 (checked)

I'd rather have these 2 buffoons as neighbors than any nigger family on earth.

50a042  No.12390913

File: 13866c9d48bdb17⋯.jpg (756.77 KB, 1200x1187, 1200:1187, Office of Naval Intelligen….jpg)

Does anyone know any good books, documentaries, or just rumors about these guys?

d3c0ea  No.12391923


There is no intelligence in the Navy. If they were intelligent, they'd be Army.

d47503  No.12392408

File: 996d88d743eb37c⋯.jpg (56.4 KB, 625x879, 625:879, Yuri_Bezmenov_on_useful_id….jpg)


>and redpill from there

How can I do this? I never find the correct words.

40f6c4  No.12392794


If you are talking about the uniforms, it was just a attention ploy.

If you are talking about the ideology itself, that is because the US civic and social structure is dead, and something new needs to take its place. (But copying a system verbatim is not a good idea IMO, the good ideas from Americas past, like the one drop rule and unlimited ownership of firearms, should be retained and combined with the NS ideas.)

b7f4b2  No.12394160


>after the war, the Zionists chose Palestine

What is the Balfour Declaration?

lurk moar or kys

000000  No.12394327

What happened with Maddow's protest? Haven't seen shit about it at 6pm EST

000000  No.12394358

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ughh, just a bunch of boomer shitlibs.

smelling (((academia))) and stale cat piss through my screen.

ac8c4e  No.12394543

File: 16a3bb3449c20f2⋯.jpg (4.46 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181108_165102.jpg)

Someone mind telling me the context of this frame I found?

e9a575  No.12394569

I'm not usually the guy who comes on here and begs for people to do my memework. But I'm useless in video stuff and blackpilled beyond belief right now. Can we get a montage of all the times Jim Acosta has been a faggot in the White House briefing room?

8a2491  No.12394854

Where did the old mods move to?

c429b2  No.12395432

File: 3d5c1b8223dcda4⋯.jpg (109.73 KB, 775x800, 31:32, it all leads to me rope.jpg)

What kind of Rope is best for hanging people? I want to know so that I'm prepared for DOTR.

cc9771  No.12395934


Are traps gay?

a13729  No.12396007

File: fec9a5e449feec0⋯.webm (20.32 KB, 218x253, 218:253, baste_maga_meme_traps_are….webm)

707b2d  No.12396663

What is the best translation for mein kampf?

aaf80f  No.12396702


Stalag and ford are alright

e6b445  No.12396779

anybody got the edit of those black girls who won some debate contest, where it takes all the times they go 'uh' and makes them sound like gorillas?

7579f0  No.12396813



8ab41c  No.12396903

Can I get a source on Hitler saying "What's bad for my enemy is good for me?" I know it's in Mein Kampf, but I forgot the best translation of it. While I'm at it, might as well learn the least (((kosher))) version of it.

8ab41c  No.12396906



Teaches me to post first and ask questions later. Sorry.

aaf80f  No.12397018


Murphy's translation has too many issues. The only official translation into english was the stalag edition, but the ford translation is also good.

4fc30c  No.12397890

File: 7ee32cf27f4f021⋯.jpg (74.27 KB, 225x300, 3:4, 28085103.jpg)

I spotted a cutie on Goodreads from a good review of a book I was reading.

>check her currently reading

Oh no no no.


It's a shame she has such good non-fiction tastes. I wonder what degenerate profressor laid these books on her at college.

000000  No.12397973

(((Kushner))) indicted?


93574c  No.12398446

File: 8dc073ec97bb70c⋯.jpg (728.1 KB, 1774x2014, 887:1007, William Regnery C.I.A. Cha….jpg)




>posting quotations from a CIA/Regnery mcspook

Good stupid civilian sassenach.

e12786  No.12398639

Is there anything that 4chan/pol/ provides in terms of usability and technology that is better than 8chan/pol/? 8chan just seems to have superior features to me, but I don't know. What do you guys think?

e6b445  No.12398647

stop replying to pajeet threads dumbasses, especially you fuckers who dont sage

455b78  No.12398665

I need a good UNJEWED book on runes/rune/runen. Please help. I am particularly interested in anything that is older.

aaf80f  No.12398675


Ask in /pdfs/


If we dont bump them tot he top, how will mods see them and delete them? :^)


Absolutely nothing, but every day 8pol provides just as much as 4pol


Soon fellow qtard haha, nod really :–DDDdd

455b78  No.12398689


Won't they just recommend something jewed though…I specifically want something that is untampered with…or as close as I can get. I want something GERMAN.

aaf80f  No.12398726


I said go to /pdfs/, FAGGOT

455b78  No.12398788


I don't want something jewed! If I wanted some random fucking (((publisher))) book on Runes I would go to FUCKING AMAZON. I wouldn't come here asking for information and titles.

aaf80f  No.12398902


Nobody can be as stupid and stubborn as you that is not doing it on purpose.

455b78  No.12398915


I looked all over /pdfs/ and there are tons of broken links and things that I am not looking for so thank you.

I have been looking since I got mad at you for suggesting that I look in some random place when I WANT SOMETHING GERMANIC not JEWISH SHIT!! But there isn't SHIT in /pdfs/ on GERMANIC RUNES. Now stop being a fucking nigger and give me a goddamn recommendation if you have one.

9c2f6d  No.12399180


You sound really ignorant based on your posts. Just sayin'…

c24a15  No.12399413


No shit Sherlock, would I be asking for information if I was ‘’really well educated’’? Do you routinely ask for information you already possess? The IQ in this place sometimes…

bc4844  No.12400130

File: d358ce22fc452c8⋯.png (7.94 KB, 1029x85, 1029:85, 12400000.PNG)

File: e5d0df857107fd5⋯.png (15.37 KB, 977x183, 977:183, 12399999.PNG)


I do.

816945  No.12400155

Is there a smell that niggers hate that white people like?

I have a nigger infestation and I need them to leave.

e65a78  No.12400258

File: 265e8d742d500cf⋯.mp4 (10.87 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 911 aryans.mp4)

What did he meant by "who knows the truth?" and "who did it?", if the 9/11 Commission already answered that?

455b78  No.12400269


Cleaning products?

52ca76  No.12400475


/pdfs/ is where /pol/ keeps its books. You'll be asking the same people there.

52ca76  No.12400578


Saved. I keep saying this. People don't seem to get it.

455b78  No.12400863


I kind of figured that after I browsed it. Why are so many links are broken? Also there are no books on runes that I could find. I was hoping someone had read something about our own culture and could make a recommendation so that I wouldn't have to go through 50 threads worth of book links.

52ca76  No.12401042


Ask in the stickied Request thread, or make a thread.

90a8c8  No.12401454

pol wiki murdered

looks like (((Wikia))) just nuked the pol.wikia project, see http://pol.wikia.com/

Would anyone like to help backup the "current pages" XML before they remove the link? Only about 300kb. It had over a thousand articles. Unfortunately there isn't a way to back up the images.

ff53e5  No.12402174

to the glorious bastard who unleashed this beast of a meme on the world: thank you. btw I remember that shit like it was yesterday. sorry I'm a fucking idiot. that is all.

1a5b3d  No.12402243

hey cunts I'm a poorfag and can only afford to buy a couple books at the moment.

I have

The Bell Curve

The Culture of Critique -macdonald

Revolt against the modern world - Evola

Collected Works - Rockwell

Stuka Pilot - Hans Ulrich Rudel

I'm looking at getting;

Letters from a stoic - Seneca

On the shortness of life - Seneca

Debating the holocaust - Thomas Dalton

Kant and the problem of Metaphysics - Martin Heidegger

Which of these are most worth getting, or does anyone have any other suggestions?

f62725  No.12402324

My great-grandmother on my fathers side was jewish, does that make me a jew ?

I'm full 1488 otherwise.

aaf80f  No.12402346


Im keeping an eye on you, jew

e51839  No.12402348

#Tyler can you tell me who killed JFK?

f62725  No.12402393


Do you really consider me a jew ?

aaf80f  No.12402413


The truth is your kind cannot be trusted because of what jews have done and continue to do.

Maybe jews shouldn't all be shot and gassed, they should be sterilized and kept in zoos.

The nuremberg laws where not strict enough. I'm sorry. I'm the kind that considers the 8th generation and forward not jews if there are no more jews in that lineage.If only your great grandmother was a jewess you're one twelfth jew yourself

I honestly don't know what to tell you other than maybe go to israel and fuck shit up.

d3c0ea  No.12402420


pdfs board and archive.org will have most of those for free.

f62725  No.12402442


No jew would even consider me jewish anyway, a jew can only come from the mother.

a95368  No.12402455

File: e179193cf05f81d⋯.pdf (2.6 MB, Mein Kampf (The Stalag Edi….pdf)



A physical copy is superior of course

be328a  No.12402811

Can I get some counter points studies to the whole ""mutt fervor" kikes keep pushing?

c19ee1  No.12402887


>/leftypol/ "raids" are now resorting to spambots to do the work for them

Vhen U Droll A Gnadzee Ebin Style :DDDD Ged Regd Fazheests :DDDD Braise Da Murderland :DDDD So Little Food But So Much Luv n' Eggualidy :DDDD


aaf80f  No.12403484


we can and we'll start with you

5c8932  No.12403660

I guess I'll ask a question here instead of making an /xpol/ blog thread.

A lot of people here are secular atheists that just believe the kikes are lawyerists in their religion, and that's true. A lot of Chrisitans here believe that they worship satan himself, and in the basic material sense, they certainly worship satan on an archetypical level to say the least. Lastly, most of the pagans here just believe they worship an evil god. Is there a point where the theists here can come together and agree that the kikes worship something bigger, and more evil than themselves? Is there any substance to the type of demonology as explained by David Icke and others?

e6b445  No.12403816

you fuckers better insta hide these shit bait threads being made, don't respond even with sage

aaf80f  No.12404001

Is it ok if I say nigger here every once in a while?

506b6b  No.12404328


>Genetics don't real

Thanks for admitting who you are

7cd2ef  No.12404583

File: 5074f924e4ecf17⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 5074f924e4ecf17ef50a1f5d12….gif)

When did this board get flooded with so many fucking brainlets?

7b26ac  No.12404789

File: 9cd158ccccc1107⋯.jpg (23.16 KB, 230x230, 1:1, Image 11-6-18 at 11.40 AM.jpg)

What is the Jewish Question?

I believe that wikipedia's definition of it has been watered down, and I wanted to go to the source.

7b26ac  No.12404802



These are related.

When there is unrestricted Free Speech, it allows for spam. As such, people who otherwise have no outlet for their low IQ hatred of everything non-white post constantly. Also, I think smart people tend to take more time with their posts, as opposed to brainlets who post incessantly, and without real thought so the balance is off.

Just my take, it could also be shills derailing things.

1a5b3d  No.12404922

I'm a fashy Eurasian. I didn't chose it, and I want to do the best I can for Western civilisation and the white race.

Should I reproduce? The Varg life calls.

I want to avoid racemixing, but in order to do that I have to find another eurasian girl, and they make up 0-2% of Australia and almost all are globalist commie fags.

wat do

b6fbd9  No.12405218

Is this story true?


74a616  No.12405220



That is the gayest fucking way to call yourself a fascist.

7cd2ef  No.12405434



1dc3ee  No.12406068

whats the truth about joseph mengele?

a5fc9d  No.12406387


>this spambot again

How long is this going to happen? Why is /leftypol/ even doing this? Are they trying to le ebin troll a bunch of /pol/acks because of the midterm elections or are they already done taking over cuckchan? Considering that Antifa has been using cuck/pol/ for quite some time now.

42fd40  No.12406757


he had black hair and brown eyes

bdde5b  No.12406782


You're asking if a jew owned publication printed something true about the most anti-jew movement the world had ever witnessed.

What do you think?

226397  No.12407133


That he was a doctor, a regular one.

226397  No.12407141


Murphy one has a lot of shit cut and changed to make Hitler look like an hateful idiot with no reason for his thoughts and ideas. (((People))) claiming that the Murphy translation is an official translation are liars. Only the Stalag edition is official.

bdde5b  No.12407250

File: b7e7b89cbce9d33⋯.png (35.88 KB, 827x613, 827:613, DJIA.PNG)

Is today 11-11-18 (100 year anniversary of The Great War) the day the market tanks and we descend into a pit of chaos?

Not too bad so far, but it is early.

bdde5b  No.12407379


Lillith is a whore and you are a cuck for worshiping her.

Since you know so much about Q shit, why don't you enlighten the audience and tell me what the fuck what I posted has to do with Q?

bdde5b  No.12407451


What is the Q that you're speaking about? Like the QTDDTOT? The Q stands for Questions, what are you talking about?

bdde5b  No.12407530


I woke up and looked what the market was doing and then saw a speech by Trump in France about WWI.

the Q in QTDDTOT stands for Questions, so if you're saying my asking a question about the stock market today is a conspiracy, I'm not sure what you're getting at? Would you care to explain further as to enlighten me?


04dead  No.12407615

File: 200c0fdd60da5db⋯.jpg (2.5 MB, 703x12770, 703:12770, Josef Mengele- How jews cr….jpg)


On the myth created about him:



>No one personifies the "evils of the Nazis" more than Dr. Josef Mengele. I have collected a number of materials about Mengele over the years including one of his published essays and his SS personnel records which show that he himself contracted typhus while at Auschwitz. He was a thoroughly decent and admirable man in every respect whose principal shortcoming was his choice of a name. I never came across even the vaguest shred of documentation that he ever conducted any atrocious procedures or experiments anywhere, ever. The case against him is all blah-blah from the likes of Ada Bimko and Eva Kor and Irene Zisblatt! It is incredible how Mengele has been vilified entirely on the basis of such blah-blah. Shame on the press and "scholars" for being so vile and stupid.


>Surely, Mengele must have kept some notes and even notebooks to record data from his "experiments?" It is so amazing that NOT one shred of such notes has ever been shown. I suspect Mengele did examine twins which is rather common to try to find features that were genetic in origin rather than developmental,– but this did not involve much more than visual inspections and possibly blood samples.

>I have no doubt that there are many records at Auschwitz and perhaps Moscow of things Mengele was really doing at Auschwitz–but they will not serve the hoax and must, therefore, remain hidden indefinitely.

e7233d  No.12407658

Saw it further up and no response. Is there a cache of vaccine information and/or suggested reading? Help me live the 14 words.

aaf80f  No.12407839


I was just poking fun at the concept of QTDDTOT. Its a joke, lighten up.

34fb42  No.12408004

What is some good material to learn more about the kikes and why they start wars, kidnap children etc.? I know they deserve to be gassed, but I can't properly articulate my thoughts when it comes to potentially redpilling other people.

aaf80f  No.12408142


the conspiracy is quite literally global and thousands of years old. You won't explain it to anyone in 1 sitting

f61bac  No.12408181


Read this, lurk more, >>>/polarchive/ , >>>/pdfs/


What do you expect really.. build your personal talking points

34fb42  No.12408224


Oh I know, but I'd like to be able to reference more instances of kikery than just stating their goals.


Thank you for those links. I actually had their expulsions in mind.

bdde5b  No.12408310

File: 4677ab8ec8f497e⋯.pdf (2.43 MB, the-international-jew-henr….pdf)


I recommend The International Jew as a starting point. It's an easy read and highly adaptive to todays environment.

34fb42  No.12408338


Thank you very much, anon.

424e05  No.12408666

The fact that commies never learn is a blessing.

ae97f8  No.12408741

File: bb96d4ff8990ab8⋯.jpg (137.63 KB, 1033x500, 1033:500, Jesse Dunstan - Mary Carte….jpg)

Do you guys need any paint supplies?



557a17  No.12408887

did the national socialists really gas the cripples?

a0364c  No.12408901

File: fcc6b83df7205e7⋯.jpg (309.09 KB, 873x1330, 873:1330, 8929fhnvb543bv333g.jpg)

Question: What do we know about the Royal Canadian Legion? I've heard there is some association with the (((Masonic Lodge)))? Is it worth it giving them my money? Good place to meet nationalists (definitely wouldn't be any NatSocs…)?

40f6c4  No.12409005


>should I pass on my compromised genes?

Funny how qtddtot is pretty much

>hey, can I racemix

The thread

a6ac95  No.12409122

I was wondering, if we spread the idea of no nut november to the inner city communities, do you think we can lower the nigger population?

77444e  No.12409190


How about teaching them to fast indefinitely? That would lower populations as well.

No Nigger Nut November?

The operative word their is Nigger.

77444e  No.12409195


>Lillith is a whore and you are a cuck for worshiping her.


1961ae  No.12409341

Are Greeks, Bulgarians, Romanians, and the rest of the Balkan people considered white Europeans?? Would one of these people be able to join the KKK for example?

ab905c  No.12409779

File: f471ce91afacffa⋯.png (58.47 KB, 1002x470, 501:235, Bill Cooper Holohoax.png)

Does anyone know which episode of Bill Cooper's show this quote's from?

d3c0ea  No.12409819

File: 71bb5da14dbf6c4⋯.jpg (3.39 KB, 250x171, 250:171, canadaRedBlackFlag.jpg)


The Legion is dead, mostly because they killed our military. there's no actual veterans anymore. Just fat, useless top heavy brass. We have more generals per capita than the fucking US and almost any other country. Our military is so fucking top heavy that they forced changes in deployments overseas so the fucking cunts could carry weapons and get the pay boost for hazard pay while sitting in the back barracks in complete safety. There was fucking shortages of handguns for people going out on patrols. All so the cunts could walk from their bunk to their desk and get extra pay. Every other military in the middle east got recognition for seeing combat. Pin or patch or what have you based on their military customs. They refused to do it for our boys because the fucking cunts would be exposed permanently as non-combat pieces of shit sitting in camp for their entire deployments. They couldnt let that stand and scrapped it for us.

To say our military is in shambles is an understatement. Far cry from peace keepers in the 90s (UN bootlickers, but at least we were funded and competent - technology overtook us and were stuck with hand me downs and shortages and 20 year out of date tech and gear; what little money we get is disproportionately given to officers because people cant be military for 20 years and not get promotions, so top heavy as fuck).

As such, legions have become ghost lodges. They have the copyright on the poppy and do all the remembrance day stuff, but they are also the ones involved with shit like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Lf9J3trfB4 with 0 white men and 0 actual veterans in the commercial - just fucking foreign trash and women.

Legion is a "non-profit" scam now. They dont do shit and are basically a branch of the VA. You'll meet older, based vets in legions in atlantics and out west, but the organization itself is just a fucking shell. i wouldnt give a dime to them. as trudeau says, theres no money for vets and they ask for too much. the money would just go to helping border crossing scum and "newly canadians" or some female only vet program.

07cec1  No.12409901


I’m not going to worry about people’s opinions of me anymore, especially on 8ch because I’m attacked anyway. So here goes, I’m trying to find someone to impregnate me. I’m in my early 30’s, women go through their sexual peak in their 30’s and I pretty much feel like I’m in heat 24/7. I know my body is telling me to have a baby. I really want a baby

ab905c  No.12410150

File: 2ce17d8e8f7f3c2⋯.mp4 (11.77 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Bill Cooper on the Holohoa….mp4)


Found it myself. Here's an audio to share with all the retards who worship Cooper.

dd0558  No.12410482

File: 6194734ba78fea3⋯.jpg (26.91 KB, 213x300, 71:100, EstePrincess-213x300.jpg)


Homo Capensis and the Slavic Vedas.

bdde5b  No.12410496



I wouldn't mind putting offspring into the world. Be a shame to end it at me. If you're serious, email beaucephus at protonmail

1024a2  No.12410503

I've just uploaded basically the entirity of my meme folder and more to here. What do yall think? https://www.minds.com/media/images/container:908578947302481920

a3cdf8  No.12410513


Race is borderless. Some are and some aren't, depending on what you mean as White. Serious use of the term will have White defined the same as Aryan or Nordic race which as you now know does not refer to particular countries or geographical locations, but to wherever they may be found around the world. Historically we can observe demographic trends that give rise to stereotypes that countries that reside further South and East have darker features, however this was not always so. Greater concentrations of the old stocks exist in North, Central and Western Europe, though not all members in these regions are of the Nordic race, though they are probably mixed to some degree. Darker features are dominant recessive and can act as visual indicators. Still, not all Nordics have typical traits.

The best mate selection will happen when the woman is off birth control and is naturally attracted to a mans body odour as this coincides with racial similarity and mating compatability. This will be a guide for finding what mate is closest to you, regardless of your particular race. As a Man you will find natural attraction however lead astray by visuals, you need a woman who looks like you. Aware women will actively use visuals to determine racial compatability and health.

The klan is a honey pot that holds no racial or social standards to mention allowing any category of degenerates to gain membership AFAIK. It could be different, but the side of the klan that is public is not honourable these days.

506b6b  No.12410993


kek wonder if he used paint to whiteface the nigger in his band.

097242  No.12411812


Thanks, Anon. I agree our military is shit now, compared to what it used to be relative to other militaries, anyway. I expected there wold be some corruption, but didn't realize it would be so bad.

c3f361  No.12412354

File: 8fea69c9e0235e1⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1030x4220, 103:422, 2018 U.S. Election Cycle T….png)

Can someone place blue stars of David next to these names? All the names on the list are Jewish except for 10. Kenneth Griffin.

You can place the stars either on the left side of the names (in front of the rank number) or on the right side of the names (after the dollar amount), whichever you think looks better.

9f219b  No.12412794

839481  No.12412977

Today I heard Q tards on youtube telling my boomer parent that the Clintons have had their assets seized,and are being investigated by the trump administration. In the past I have heard very similar things said about Soros too and it does not seem to be the case. Had anyone seen anything to substantiate these claims or is it just a psyop aimed at boomer aged gullible goyim?

9f219b  No.12413027

File: 822689cac373802⋯.png (359.47 KB, 1093x385, 1093:385, clinton_arrest.png)

File: d180a9eaa827b25⋯.jpeg (24.77 KB, 650x366, 325:183, Trumpwithhisworstenemies.jpeg)

File: dd9818d6c727a91⋯.jpeg (86.01 KB, 960x954, 160:159, Trump-Clinton.jpeg)


The LARPing Qbots always repeat unverifiable third party information. They are nothing but LARPing parrots. "Hurr durr, look at all the secret things he is doing that only us special LARPers know about."

86e252  No.12413277


I don't really follow Q, I only ever read the first batch of his statements. To play devil's advocate: you can't prove she isn't under house arrest. She started wearing a leg brace at almost the exact same time John McCain did.

23ce77  No.12413773


You, like me, were cursed at birth. Not only can you never reproduce, but you can’t even date, because sex without the intention of reproducing is hedonistic degeneracy. Accept the cold, unforgiving truth that you are a genetic dead end. That is what /pol/ is about. Truth above all else, especially your feelings. Seek only to destroy (((those))) who did this to you, and who seek to do this to everyone else in the world. Don’t be sad. Look at the positive side: Without children you will have more time and money to put towards the war. Love only God and your rifle. Rise above any Earthly desire you might have and serve only the Lord, and you will be free. The only path people like you and I have left is one of rightousness, or one off the side of a cliff. Do everything you can to serve the Light, and be happy knowing that you stood firmly in your convictions and sacrificed your own “happiness” for a higher cause. We might get honorary status depending on our respective scores.

7df3ab  No.12414283


>saging a sticky

Imagine being this much of a mouthbreathing tranny /leftypol/ retard.

6645f1  No.12414328

when will i get the chance to post memes???

ae8ced  No.12414437

File: 4637d7f92b7a5ab⋯.jpeg (104.56 KB, 768x513, 256:171, 3DBCE1CB-B490-42D9-979E-6….jpeg)


065ef7  No.12414496

can anyone recommend some documentaries on the topic of Nazism?

23ce77  No.12414522


>so I can report them for thought-crime

065ef7  No.12414532

File: 630a1a2dc1ab844⋯.jpg (8.07 KB, 200x200, 1:1, osaka.jpg)


let a poor boy learn

fabe82  No.12414561



Don't do that. >>>/polarchive/1 - https://8ch.net/pdfs/res/820.html

23ce77  No.12414588


This shit is so tiresome. This is apparently the latest agitprop the jews are going to have “go viral” (by plastering it 24/7 everywhere)

They keep focusing on that one guy in the top right. The proud indignant good goy, as if he’s the only one in the picture who doesn’t have his hand in the air. (((They))) will say not everyone is doing the “Nahzee Salute, but look at this guy, holding up the White Power symbol!”

That was a game kids played back in the day. You hold the “White Power symbol” below your waist, and whoever looks gets punched in the fucking chest or called a fag, I can’t recall honestly. That guy is an oldfag. Anyway, absolutely nobody there is sincerely doing the NS salute. Look at their hands/fingers; they’re sloppy as fuck. Look at their faces; they all think it’s a big joke.

But the kikes will push this and all the retarded fucks in the world (so basically everybody) will take it as yet more “proof” that Nahzeeism is on the rise, all da wypipo is bad, we needz more money fo dem programs, kikes are the eternal victims, and wez needz to put a stop to anybody who criticizes kike-occupied Israel. We’re going to the gulags and Jesus probably won’t try to save us this time.

It’s all so tiresome.

827121  No.12414783

Is there a /pol/ discord?

bdde5b  No.12415118

>>12414588 (heil'd)

I'm becoming more and more convinced that Trump was put in office to garner the support of the military that Hillary would not have been able to secure. Nobody in the military would have followed her orders to fire on American citizens but Trump could spin it as "We have an imminent threat of white nationalists and we need you good goys to protect the American citizens against them!"

fcd39f  No.12415146

File: 79099942a26c6cc⋯.jpg (26.43 KB, 500x289, 500:289, MEMRI TV homosexuality.jpg)

File: 8b9a2a5308de0a6⋯.jpg (41.11 KB, 480x653, 480:653, MEMRI TV feminism.jpg)

File: fdf77cbab7fea53⋯.png (198.9 KB, 500x816, 125:204, MEMRI TV feminism 2.png)

File: fbb50c0016001a0⋯.png (64.15 KB, 500x347, 500:347, MEMRI TV Karl Marx the Jew.png)

File: 26bb4bcac616be5⋯.jpg (46.42 KB, 750x551, 750:551, MEMRI TV beheading Communi….jpg)

>leftists and commies support homosexuality, feminism and Islam

>Islam opposes homosexuality, feminism AND (((Marxism)))

>leftists and commies still don't want to admit this fact

Does the "left" even exist at this point? The (((Soviets))) literally admitted that they only ever used Weimar Republic-tier degeneracy as a psychological weapon. How far are they going to cloud their worldviews if it meant that it would hurt and kill Whitey via radicalization of non-Whites and themselves?

pic related

ba0eab  No.12415334


For a group add @oars on


41a252  No.12415346


They marry their relatives to get citizenship and vote 100% ZOG because mudshits are an inbred cult of nigger golems more pozzed than Hageeites and Unitarians smashed together.

c19ee1  No.12415572


All right, these /leftypol/ or cuckchan spambots need permabans now ASAP.

4d9d52  No.12415624

File: aae4d2a1cfde8b1⋯.png (190.9 KB, 1023x318, 341:106, The West is safe.PNG)

What countries are the last bastions of Western Civilization AND WILL survive WW3?

3ed528  No.12415737


Everyone, WW3 will not happen any times soon.

Now it's just the slow boil.

24e1ec  No.12415961

Q team +

Is there a message here? Morse code?


#qanon #q #thegreatawakening

4ef3b5  No.12417485


Reminder that all reports should be global reports because the current local mods, selected by an incompetent and malicious admin, are too spineless to enforce /pol/ as a NatSoc board. The only way to force Codenigger to do anything is to make his global mods bitch and threaten to quit

7e7d2a  No.12418948


>he thinks it's hard to ignore reports

top kek m8

86e252  No.12419120


So do it, kiddo.

9ccfb7  No.12419137

Could somebody point me to, or post, some videos about migrant violence? Specifically this. There are many compilations wihch touch white genocide and etc, but I do like it to be focused on that topic.

I already have some which I kept from Webm threads and others.

Gonna be using it red pill a friend on the subject. He's quite young and has been absorbing them welll, but I got do it slowly.

e94471  No.12419438

When it comes to poor/unemployed people, do you guys believe that they should help themselves or seek government assistance (such as welfare)? I believe that it also varies by situation. Some people can’t financially get ahead, even when they do help themselves. Although, I don’t think people should be dependent. Ultimately, I think Hitler had the right idea on this. He only gave it to Germans. Welfare should only be given to your Volk

Where do you stand on this?

dece3f  No.12419741

The EU Army is for an African invasion - the EU Army will accommodate the invasion with open hands.

dece3f  No.12419744

The EU Army is for an African invasion - the EU Army will accommodate the invasion with open hands.

dece3f  No.12419749

Semites and non-Whites is not an "European" army, if you are watching.

dece3f  No.12419753

The EU Army is for an African invasion – the EU Army will accommodate the invasion with open hands.

dece3f  No.12419762

The EU Army is for an African invasion – the EU Army will accommodate the invasion with open hands

a5fc9d  No.12421321

File: cc2c11bfc40bd97⋯.png (253.69 KB, 320x600, 8:15, what (((Chomsky))) believe….png)

Do any of you anons know about (((Noam Chomsky)))? He's a remnant of the so-called "old left libertarian socialists" who once created some forms of subversive deceptions that 9/11 was totally not a Zionist/Mossad false flag and was actually "payback" from Al-Qaeda against US foreign policy, with some hints here and there that he actually secretly praised it. He was "against" Israel at times but ultimately he supports the two-state solution so he is still a Zionist at heart. So far, commies in general see him as an "intelligent individual" but you should take a look at some of his quotes, for example:

>"How do you stop terrorism? It's simple, don't engage in it."

>"If you support free speech, you are supporting fascists having a say in politics."

>"If you make the public fear undocumented immigrants crossing the border, women's rights and homosexuality, you have finally brainwashed them."

>"America should not have a White majority, we much accept every form of ideas as we are one with the world."

Most of the time in my opinion these quotes are either your typical half-baked leftie quotes or simply just straight out Jewish-style pilpul. He once considered himself an "anarcho-syndicalist" but it turns out he is about as (((anti-gun))) as your average modern liberal which is strange because actual communists and anarchists don't support (((gun control))), despite how retarded their ideas are. As I was saying, he pretends to be enlightened on certain topics but his claims can literally be BTFO by the simplest of infographics. This quote on pic related really made my blood boil. Try to debunk it in the quickest way possible if you can. He's a literal globalist kike acting all meek and innocent because he apparently "hates" Israel.

faa533  No.12421355


>>Do any of you anons know about (((Noam Chomsky)))?

Yeah he invented the (((Chomsky hierarchy))) and the CFG which is the basis of all modern computer languages and their compilers.

>>Try to debunk it in the quickest way possible if you can.

That's easy, the "so-called least advanced people" are White people because we don't know that we are a "people" and have been for 1000s of years trying to protect everybody by bringing civilization to others. The "richest and most powerful among us" are the jews and non-whites trying to drive society to destruction.

4190e3  No.12421368


>two state solution

This is all leftists come down to, anon, even that Palestinian whore.

NONE of them want the destruction of Israel, despite all of the sayings.

a5fc9d  No.12421369

>>12421355 (checked)

Nice debunk based anon, it should be noted that a Jew will never blame his own tribe for all the wrongs it has done throughout history even if it meant that "Zionism vs. Marxism" exists in politics. Marxist kikes and their golems keep calling Zionist kikes "not real Jews and are actually White racist colonialists", it's a Jew vs. Jew argument with no solid ground other than blaming Whites for shit (((they))) have done, and it seems like they have not grown tired of it.

6a0aaf  No.12421497


Use a pic of the israeli border wall with gaza and the jew flags as a backdrop.

dcdb57  No.12421622

File: 42908515c34cf59⋯.jpg (16 KB, 220x330, 2:3, 220px-Mike_Tyson_Portrait.jpg)

Anyone remember Mike Tyson saying "i'll kill your wife and eat your children" before that match where he bit the guys ear off?

Anyone got a link to that? trying to prove a point to a friend he says he never said it.

60207d  No.12421691

File: baf71dba832086b⋯.png (506.57 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, Democracy vs. Republic.png)

What's the difference between a democracy and a republic again? Pic related.

580cdb  No.12421716


no one cares both are shit forms of governance easily subverted and used for white genocide.

cfe010  No.12422370

cfe010  No.12422398

File: fa97962c0dd26b1⋯.png (436.71 KB, 480x590, 48:59, Robert Whitaker.png)


>white genocide.

Nice CIA invented PSYOP meme, bro.

cfe010  No.12422443

File: 36e999343f1e0b2⋯.jpg (231.32 KB, 2048x1241, 2048:1241, pol Gun Nut.jpg)


Your precious (((guns))) are made by Stephen Feinberg.




cfe010  No.12422447

File: 15e290d0072c9b5⋯.png (795.33 KB, 920x980, 46:49, Gregory Johnson 1.png)


Pull my finger.

65edc7  No.12422506

Hello everyone. I was browsing a thread yesterday, went to bed, then my computer had restarted so I lost the page. Looking for a very good comment an anon had made talking about statistics in labor participation and how the US has a very under utilized native labor force. If I remember right a picture of McVeigh was in one of the anon's comments

580cdb  No.12422522

File: f0f07a7beccabdf⋯.jpg (44.04 KB, 640x640, 1:1, c4d77c5c9cac6594f683b3803c….jpg)


Typical jew toilet fixation …"humor".

65edc7  No.12422562


Never mind I found it was in this thread >>>12419197

40f6c4  No.12422656


So, does that mean population replacement isn't happening, "bro"?

b9383c  No.12422706

File: 773a8f02a63eb65⋯.jpeg (279.63 KB, 1242x1540, 621:770, 2FC5AEC0-72EF-4250-AFC6-D….jpeg)

What do we do about discord fags?

7e974c  No.12422755

What will fix the shit European birthrates?

0877e9  No.12422858

5f0a65  No.12422873

File: ba2471c75c5fef4⋯.png (872.62 KB, 1110x960, 37:32, Gregory Johnson 2.png)


I'll remove you homophobic trash from the White Nationalist movement even if it's the last thing I do.

7334e3  No.12422975


I feel your pain. You can learn everything art wise online pared with the structure and the will to succeed. 1 Year in I learned this. 3.8 gpa. Parents insisted I continue my degree even though I argued its worthless. 2.5 gpa graduated 2 years later. What a waste of time. College will help you structure yourself, but if you need that your already doing it wrong. College is a capitalist trick. Its not made to help you its made to take your governement money.

40f6c4  No.12423049

d3c0ea  No.12423439




fbfa91  No.12423622






>pro-fun is Jewish now

LOL oh Moarpheus I never knew you were a natural born libtard AND a pathological lying anti-White el goblino.

40f6c4  No.12423654


A environment that is suited to having children.

ie white ethnostates

bdac54  No.12424285

Why hasn't Jeff "I'm a fucking coward bitch and my name is apt" Flake joined the Treason*cough*Democratic Party yet?

092c41  No.12424292

Redpill me on organ donation, please.

>Almost my birthday

>Have to renew my (((Ontario))) health card for free health gibs

>Hey goy, you should sign up for an organ donor!

I've heard stories here and there but I don't remember them

000000  No.12424330


>giving his most priceless of organs to the state

>giving permission for them to slice you up if you go braindead where you will probably still have a vein of conciousness such that you will feel the pain of infinity as you're sliced open

I imagine it like how you'd feel puppetering something. You'd be standing the background watching someone slice up your body, however, you'd feel it all.

>donating in a location that is not a white ethnostate

Then again, supposedly there is some genetic shit such that not everyone can use every organ. However, that doesn't explain why jews are disgusting organ harversters.

d659a9  No.12424564

Soros claims publicly he doesn't support Israel

Does anyone have evidence proving otherwise?

d3c0ea  No.12424608

File: 6a5f66016245e3d⋯.jpg (200.97 KB, 887x767, 887:767, jewsIsraelOrganSmuggling.jpg)


its always jews. they want organs and sacrifices. they run slave trades and pedophile haven in israel. cant extradite and they always get off scott free. they were harvesting syrians organs, hamas in gaza, and so on after killing them. its always jews. the organs dont go to anyone that needs them. look at ottawa senators owner melnyk. hes a kike. gets cancer and media advertises he needs organ and he gets top of list in canada, a socialist hell hole where it should be year to two years waitlist. instead he gets it instantly and perfect match magically. thats where your organs are going. that and sacrifices to moloch and stealing blood and other fun stuff.

d3c0ea  No.12424644


Soros is the public face of jews for the world to hate and blame. Look up quantum hedge fund that the Rothschilds funded for him (several younger Roths also worked there starting out). This company AVERAGED over 50% PROFIT EVERY SINGLE YEAR FOR OVER A DECADE. Thats where he got his start and made "his" fortune. He shorted british pound on behalf of rothschilds and BIS to put them back in line/send a message. Jews funnel money to soros and he distributes to the open societies and other NGOs. His networth doesnt diminish despite all the billions spent and given away - its not his money being spent. It just looks that way. No one elses name gets put in public spotlight and not traced back to them. It magically goes to a nazi jew that thinks hes god and its antisemitic somehow to point out he exists and does this stuff.

Technically, Israel banned him from the country, but its not really a big deal. He was never operating these groups there. You could say Israel doesnt support him, and it would be sort of true as the Jews operate out of Switzerland from the central banks and BIS. The jews in israel are just sacrifices for the end game.

a6b72d  No.12424730

Any thoughts on calling leftists "loyalists" as a meme? Mocking their love for the establishment

000000  No.12425463

"Monopoly for Millennial Review" by Ariel Swashsheeny

Hasbro has been struggling to attract more customers recently due to their inability to change to the growing population of minority consumer and games which reflect their culture to which they find fun. Video games although being another primary cause are mostly freemium and provide a greater opportunity for disadvantages peoples to have fun. That only leaves affluent whites who can afford to buy these games and a greater portion of them than minorities trend toward playing video games these days. this leaves Hasbro with an emptying customer base and a search for new markets. Monopoly the classic game has now become a vehicle (to the ignorant executives) of cultural appropriation to younger generations and people of color, and a source of profit by creating novelty boards reflecting these. The avatars, used to be metal and inanimate objects now have 'trendy new pieces' such as smartphones and coffee cups, while also throwing in a dash of plastic skin colored figurines from around the world. It gets worse. The raised minimalist font lettering and shadow mock journalistic aesthetic subtly implying fake news, did the Russians pay Hasbro? Some spaces do not even use proper grammar, again trying to 'poke fun' of the imperfect English used by asylum seekers, which may be easier to understand for children of immigrants but the predominately white designers did not have this in mind. Moving around the board it continues mocking millennial financial struggles, problems that could have been fixed decades ago with better government funding and increased taxes. They also assume wanting a universal basic income somehow means young people have no work ethic and just are a bunch of lazy bums. Monopoly in its essence denies the humanity that young people are being taught in school towards them selves and all other peoples in the world. An oxymoron to modern struggles 1/10."

218c8b  No.12425472


Hi (((CNN))). I knew these faggots would use (((TOR))).

708947  No.12425483

File: 401605b367b4a58⋯.jpg (267.56 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, Boycott_Israel_meme_1.jpg)

File: 11c26ccb1b98f91⋯.jpg (117.82 KB, 1224x429, 408:143, Boycott_redpill_Evangelica….JPG)

File: f93b339803998ac⋯.jpg (52.73 KB, 840x262, 420:131, Boycott_redpill_Evangelica….JPG)

Hi there mein neiggers.

What do you think about pic related idea?

Can we oven Israel to the ground via boycott using that or not?

15eaa1  No.12425511


This is worthy of a thread, make one.

708947  No.12425557

File: 5822803b0928d6e⋯.jpg (17.13 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Lol_swastika.jpg)

aaf26b  No.12426076

8Chan does not seem to be meaningfully linked in search results anymore

Truly this is HateChan

I am so damn proud of you niggers

Gas the kikes

aaf26b  No.12426116


Maybe those dubs confirm you should gas some, anon.

e2a781  No.12426580


George Soros is a pauper compared to Sheldon Adelson.

You do know who Sheldon Adelson is, right? He's the multi-billionaire casino gangster Zionist Jew who provides more than HALF the funds of your Israeli government front organization known as the Republican Party.

e2a781  No.12426606


The art world is a front for the intelligence agencies and has been for at least 70 years. That's why the vast majority of American professional artists (commercial or fine) are deep cover CIA operatives.




b69365  No.12427173

Why is homosexuality harmful to society in a broader sense?

I know everything there is to know regarding to the health problems it's correlated with due to the promiscuous nature of such relationships, but I would like to know about the structural impacts it can have


For example concerning another subject, the destruction of the marital institution is making us regress to a tribal setting where a minority of males reproduce with a majority of women, therefore disenfranchising the majority of males which is a big loss in productivity.

691e48  No.12427360

Why was the Antarctica thread pruned?

1be4ae  No.12427620

Where can I find the least kiked translation/collection of things like the Eddas and other norse religious texts? What surviving examples of Celtic theological texts exist?

Trying to start a midwest WN heathenist movement, unchristcuck the german/irish descendants around here

1fdcc2  No.12428073


William Comyns Beaumont

dcafd7  No.12428103


>Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and the Sagas by H. A. Guerber

Its on Ostara Publications

8afed6  No.12428521


Where can I find detailed information about the santa susana field laboratory?

8afed6  No.12428539


I made a freedom of information request but all I got was 19 pages of black lines. I figured someone here could make this easier.

c1a8ed  No.12429579


remember this?

kikebush i know

1a2b91  No.12430464


> santa susana

sometimes it takes 4 or more requests of the same thing before getting any redactions removed.

Keep in mind, it doesn't always go through the same channels, so it's luck of the draw to a degree. Unless you're requesting something from Connecticut, then it will always be identical to the first release since they somehow have their FOIA proceedure streamlined and the channel on tight lockdown.

California is a mess, I would try the exact same thing you did for the first release, or even a certified letter to the according authority. That sometimes gets them moving since they think you may be requesting on behalf of a future legal complaint.

d3c0ea  No.12431153


pedophiles and homos reproduce by raping children.

8b5506  No.12431217

I currently live in Germany and attend a university, people commonly argue that we should tax the rich and give everything the poor. The idea itself isn't wrong, but rather how they approach it. They start to tax everything and everyone and make the taxes relatively high, this extends to a point at which it harms the middle class and working class far more than the actual rich people, for they can simply fuck off and evade taxes, while a poor person will simply reside and gives away a high amount of their taxes.

I might have a biased to the whole thing, growing up in a working-class family in a ghetto. Maybe someone can explain to me why people think that simply taxing everyone and everything without taking the middle class into account is a good idea?

1a2b91  No.12431363


Did you know that BP Shell alone makes 3 million dollars an hour and western governments tax 85% of that?

Humans shouldn't be taxed. They aren't property. No income tax is justifiable. None!

1a2b91  No.12431369

Shortwave Radio and Talk-to-Text technology should be combined for an internet communication device similar to what we use now capable of imaging a message board completely free of any any threat of tacking or censorship.

86e252  No.12431812



7110d3  No.12432212


Get refugees out of europe. Feminism, LGBTQ+ and other SJW crap out of schools. Tax reliefs for families with children.

IMO it wouldn't be important to grow the population, if europeans got rid of the invaders (sandniggers and niggers).


HAM radio operators can actually send still/moving pictures, too. Then there is (was) packet radio (basically internet over HAM radio).

aaf80f  No.12432432


>having used discord

>requesting access to discord

I hope you and whomever gives you an invite link both get banned

1e7715  No.12432445


Shut up or I am going to make this girl cry.

1a2b91  No.12432642


>HAM radio operators can actually send still/moving pictures, too

There's definite potential here. I never knew this. We should absolutely have a backup in case SHTF

87b197  No.12432751

I figure this is a decent place to field this question, but would there be any merit into organizing a mass campaign to simply write in those we want over the standard kosher options for 2020–a better alternative to the whole 'don't vote'? Could be any one at all, dead or alive, seeing as how none of it all particularly matters when election fraud happens in broad daylight with zero repercussions. While it would be difficult if not likely impossible to get enough to write in Hitler, I think it would send a clear enough message that either enough, or maybe a majority, are completely fed up with the system and want nothing to do with it any longer. This idea falls within the spirit of past shenanigans where many anons fucked with online polls for silly things (Pepsi's new Mountain Dew name, various popular character polls, giving EA the Golden Poo award 3 years in a row, and so on).

Getting something like this to fully metastasize would definitely be tricky given how the usual avenue of social media is so tightly controlled. Basically pair subtle, and not so subtle, notions of saying fuck you to the system by writing in various candidates along side various redpills on how our electoral processes are corrupted and how our votes and voices are swindled away. TPTB only truly care when you try to escape the prison they have created for you.

2b5935  No.12433062


Between the two /pol/s, we're ~100,000 people at best. Mathematically we don't mean anything. I'm entertaining your retarded delusion only because saying


is quite over and done as a concept, and frankly you need to lurk more. It doesn't fucking matter. At all. You even admit that. The time has come to grab guns and kill people. Stop shitposting about "working within the system."


34f405  No.12433649

Since the 2020 elections are coming soon, Do you think the Curse of Tippecanoe will come back for whoever wins the 2020 election?

2b5935  No.12433665


Who cares? No one but a zionist puppet can win. If Trump wins and is killed, Mike "Israel should dictate US policy" Pence becomes president and the US falls even further into jewish degeneracy and control. If Hillary wins, she won't be killed. If Trump isn't killed, the US falls even further into jewish degeneracy and control. Anyway.

8406ea  No.12434099

Is there anything dumber than a tankie? http://archive.is/IyLH1

1a2b91  No.12434468




>writing in Adolf Hitler

This has serious potential. We should campaign for people to write in Hitler on the ballot ticket hoping to get enough votes for it to make the news.

Only then would it become apparent that we've had enough and we're ready for war.

2b5935  No.12435277


You clearly haven't had enough. You're clearly not ready for war. The jews and their puppets PUBLICLY ADMIT, ON VIDEO, that they have stolen elections for 60 years. You do nothing. The jews and their puppets PUBLICLY ADMIT, ON VIDEO, that immigration exists for the sole purpose of white genocide. You do nothing. The jews and their puppets PUBLICLY ADMIT, ON VIDEO, that the EU, UN, NATO, NAFTA, etc. exist to create a global government and dissolve all nations. You do nothing.


Where your ancestors grabbed their fucking guns and shot at traitors OVER A LOCAL ELECTION BEING STOLEN, you look at the entire fucking world being taken over by jews–MIND, BODY, AND SOUL–and your "suggestion" is to shitpost. Inside the jewish system. Where your retardation will be thrown out, instantly, and not even reported on.

No wonder the jews have won if this is the best you can do.

000000  No.12435415


>did the Russians pay Hasbro?

>the predominately white designers


(((Henry Hassenfeld)))

(((Hillel Hassenfeld)))

(((Herman Hassenfeld)))

Three American Jewish brothers,[6] Herman, Hillel, and Henry Hassenfeld[7] founded Hassenfeld Brothers in Providence, Rhode Island in 1923

In 1985, the company changed its name again to just Hasbro, Inc.

Key people

(((Brian Goldner)))

Also these kikes created the pedophile game "twister".

1a2b91  No.12435445


>if this is the best you can do.

Did, at any point, it ever cross your mind that you're writing this from behind your computer while doing absolutely no IRL thing yourself?

aaf80f  No.12435601

Who's got the 8.5GB Tesla torrent/magnet link? I saw it posted but missed the thread and now I cant find where it was posted.

07cc8c  No.12436018


The Rothschild thread.

07cc8c  No.12436033


It has potential only if it includes his provable heir. You guys didn't think the Lebensborn were just the spawn of low level officers, did you? Otherwise you are stuck with Mike Israel should dick the USA really hard no lube Pence. And you might be stuck with that anyway. I doubt the kikes are going to let go the reigns of power without A LOT OF BLOOD. They are gearing up all over the USA with weapons to fight US Citizens you don't want Israels cock in their assholes.

f8e6eb  No.12436166

File: 8b2ea5ddd15c993⋯.jpg (28.39 KB, 552x414, 4:3, 1448332537698.jpg)

>Questions that don't deserve there own thread

Here's one: Is there one pure, unkiked thing left on this rotten fucking rock? Where and how can I find it?

07cc8c  No.12436191


It needs to exist in your heart anon. That is the only thing that you can be sure of anymore. When you are right on the inside, it will shine a light in great kike darkness. The fact that you are looking means everything, now just look within and start ejecting anything that 'is in their image'. No porn, nothing they touch or have their hands in…you will become impervious to their perfidy as you refine yourself and THAT is the source of our peoples power. We have been complacent too long…far too long drinking kike poison thinking they were OUR EQUALS when nothing could be further from the truth.

a0716a  No.12436198

File: f1b5985f9c4bdd1⋯.jpeg (35.54 KB, 500x485, 100:97, BF7288CC-85F5-4FAF-B2BB-9….jpeg)

Am i just paranoid?

I dont try to look asian or anything, im okay with looking white.

But it appears some asian at a korean restaurant mistook me for asian and was horrified when they realised I wasn’t.

First off i want to say i dont like asians as people, they are fuckheads.

So im wondering if i was mistaken becuase i have a fringe, its an 80s style fringe, or also a 90s anime fringe becuase i love 90s anime. On an unrelated note i also like japanese games and jpop, but yes i dont like asians, but i also dont like most people.

Anyway, my hair is naturally dark brown and i have a blank soulless expression in public so this could have added to the problem.

Should i just never go to an asian restaurant again?

Btw im a grill

df017f  No.12436322

How do I meet /pol/ friends irl? I'm a NEET and I'm tired of having no friends, I can't make a connection with anyone not because they don't share my beliefs but because people are boring and I have to feign interest in them.

2b5935  No.12436325


>So im wondering if i was mistaken becuase i have a fringe

If you're a man, you shouldn't have bangs.

>Btw im a grill

Oh, well, that's fine. That just seems weird. Are your eyes particularly squinty? If you've zero asian blood, you won't have an epicanthic fold, but sufficiently beady eyes can be confused for that that among less intelligent people.

4ef3b5  No.12436491


>Btw im a grill

Don't lie. If you have to lie, at least post your feminine penis

aaf80f  No.12436572


Nothing, discord devs will leak their logs and dox them to antifa, so it works itself out



52f0ec  No.12436690

Ok I’m at crossroads. I’m still battling the heavy indoctrination I’ve dealt with my entire life. I’ve become ”redpilled” quickly so to speak, within the last two years and every time I’ve made peace with my personal ideologies, I’m back to questioning if I’m right or not. The Holocaust is a big one. I know it was a hoax. I know it! That was the biggest pill to swallow but swallow it I did, so why does it feel like I’m in a struggle to keep from regurgitating it back up. I guess because the ones close to me keep saying I’m not myself anymore, I’ve changed, I’m not as “nice” as I once was and they want the the old me back. I never want to be that person. I’m learning more by the day. Why the fuck do I keep doubting myself. The waves of guilt make me sick. Has anyone had this battle of morals?

52f0ec  No.12436713


I’ve been mistaken for being Asian a few times. I used to get upset because it gave me like, some kind of indentity crisis. I have epicanthic folds on my eyes that I used to get bummed about because I felt “different” so to speak. Caucasian people can absolutely have epicanthic folds on their eyes. I had my DNA tested and I’m completely European but did have some Finnish, so that could account for it. Oh I’m a girl too btw lol : )

8f456a  No.12436830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Kai Muros - "Hate."

18da58  No.12436921

How many cross posters here have been censored on >>>/christian/?

8f456a  No.12436934

1dc227  No.12436944


Surprise: the vast majority of people are not aware of realities because of the mass media etc.

You've just matured, that's all. Those people need to adjust to that. You might want to talk to these people about the subjects, and never compromise but still be diplomatic.

18da58  No.12436954


What did you do?

I'm looking to get >>>/christianity/ more active as an alternative without censorship, and I'm just trying to gather how urgent it is or how well it would be received

1a2b91  No.12436984


You need to realize now that you have allowed yourself to see things as they are and not as you are told they are, you can never go to blindly accepting without evidence or ignoring evidence to fit a popular narrative.

Once you've lost your innocence, you'll never be innocent again.

It's the reason crimes against children are seen as more heinous (as they should be) than crimes against adults. Adults should "know better," although we know that's not necessarily true, it espouses the ideology that a layer of trust is absent in an adult that is otherwise present in a child.

"Take the red pill and there's no going back."

8f456a  No.12437009

File: 26fc8c31ecbf76c⋯.jpg (526.54 KB, 1307x462, 1307:462, jesus and the adulterous w….jpg)


I talked about the fact that JEW FAGGOT PHARISEE PAUL was a JEW and a PHARISEE and that Christ gave you explicit instructions to BEWARE the leaven of the pharisees…that was all they could take, permabanned!

I also said this: Photo; they didn't really like that either…but it is true according to their own LAW and they themselves choose to be lawless and then act all shocked when people are lawless around them. {shrug} If they don't want to ABIDE BY THE LAW, they should chose another religion.

18da58  No.12437049



you're kind of a loon

1a2b91  No.12437056


People put too much weight on their physical features. Many people in the public spectacle will remove mirrors from their surroundings and avoid looking at their own reflection as much as possible. For every guy/girl that is attracted to a certain feature, there's one that is turned off by that same feature. You can't please everyone.

Tits or GFTO!


Modern Christians put shiny things and the word of millionaires above the word of the book they profess represents the word of God. They're disgusting, weak-minded lemmings. I've actually decided to get in on the con and work them for shekels. May as well get something other than frustration out of the horde.

8f456a  No.12437070


No, this is REAL 'Christianity'. You all wonder why all these things are happening to you (ohhh poor me, I live in a lawless world). But maybe that is BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU CHOSE TO LIVE IN? Fucking hell, take some RESPONSIBILITY.

1a2b91  No.12437076


>you're kind of a loon

If you're spouse had the authority to kill you for cheating, would you cheat or would you try harder to work things out?

Cheating should be treated as murder. It destroys the lives of husbands, wives and children and there's literally no punishment for it. No civilized society should let cheaters remain unaffected in their actions. The fact their is no recourse is a clear and distinct indication of usurpation of a civilized society.

8f456a  No.12437077


If Christ did not come to abrogate the Law and you are his sons WHAT FUCKING RIGHT DID YOU HAVE TO ABROGATE IT? The truth is that you are no sons of his and you have nothing in common with him. Now go back to CRYING about why the FUCKING KIKES are grinding you into fucking mincemeat.


52f0ec  No.12437079


You’re right anon. I’m just a bit depressed as I don’t think I’ll be happy ever again. It’s true what they say: ignorance is bliss.

8f456a  No.12437092



I think of 'family gatherings' with the whore (both male and/or female whores present) later in life, think of the embarrassment of the children WHO ALWAYS KNOW that their parents are fucking lowlife degenerate sluts. Is this the kind of message you think should be sent to our people and our children? PORN, FREE LOVE, DRUGS, RAPE, USURY, HOMSEXUALITY, TRANSGENDERISM…wtf man…this is what you get when you ABANDON THE LAW. Christians have become the immoral cuck and laughingstock of the planet…and they are being GENOCIDED for it.

8f456a  No.12437114



OK, I don't know about you guys but are you seriously telling me that you WOULDN'T want to flay Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blankfein alive for what he has done to the USA? I am the only reasonably functional human left on this planet. How do you people think order is going to be restored if you are operating without any LAWS whatsoever?

1a2b91  No.12437133


> I don’t think I’ll be happy ever again. It’s true what they say: ignorance is bliss.

It's a dangerous path to walk, that's for sure.

There was a time when I bought the lie hook line and sinker. I pursued the dream that was handed to me vigorously. Started businesses, worked 18 hour days, put every ounce of my effort into acquiring what I had been told was "the pinnacle of success."

Then I saw tower 7 as it actually happened. Hadn't been hit by a plane, but just fell to the ground seemingly unimpeded. I didn't leave my house for a week I was so shook. I spent the next few years in a foreign country literally fighting for enough money to get drunk, eat and have an apartment to do it in.

Then I realized that I was being selfish. I was wasting what God had put on this earth because I felt sorry for myself.

I don't know what you offer, but I know you offer something and the sooner you realize what you offer is a gift to your people and necessary, the sooner you will snap out of it.You're no longer an individual living for yourself. You're part of a group of people that are being systematically removed as we speak. Conspiracy no more.

Take the time you need to regroup and let that settle in but understand that you are needed. If you think Donald Trump is going to save us, you're misunderstanding who he works for.

1a2b91  No.12437164


>without any LAWS whatsoever

I really don't like the word law as it's understood today. Today has been co-opted to represent a governing bodies rules set upon the people. I think that's a shame and historically, our present word bond would be more fitting. People used to understand that certain standards, bonds, were put in place to hold a society together and if those bonds are allowed to weaken, they could easily be broken and the fracture points exploited by those with nefarious intent.

Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein did what they were allowed to do. They should be publicly executed for doing what they weren't allowed to do and taking TARP funds. Afterward, we should revise the laws to eliminate unearned income of all forms. Income that is based on anything other than labor is criminal to a labor-based society.

c5b3b4  No.12437182



The ancient Rus had marriage death pacts though most of the Germanics relied on facial mutilation as a sacrifice to restore honor/virtue in marriage, in this way it was usually the taking of an ear so that the woman adulter would be forced to wear her hair in a sort of way to hide the scar for the rest of her life, for a wanton offender or a minor one her hair would be cut to show whether she has those scars. The sure shirker would be thrown into the bog.

All the methods from hanging upon a tree like Odin, to bogging like Nerþuz, were to restore honor to the dishonorable, even the killing of Roman prisoners was to give them a good death instead of being forced to live the dishonorable life of a coward. The true oath breakers end up at Náströnd, such as murders (breakers of oaths to their kin) and adulters (breakers of oaths to their marriage) where their essence is slowly eaten away by Hel and they become draugr in the force that'll fight their kin again and to destroy the worlds during the time of the Black Sun.

8f456a  No.12437188


Ok I am not into torture either, I wouldn't really like a flaying, If I didn't end up vomiting everywhere I would have nightmares for sure for the rest of my life. But at least a bullet to the head PUBLICLY. I am just saying that we used to have laws and enforce them that terrified the kikes and we need to return to LEGALITY and not wishy washy faggotry of Pharisee Paul. He is the main reason that we are enduring genocide because his communist ideology was shoved down our throats and all of our social and moral values were discarded. 2,000 years of JEW PROGRAMMING finally broke the Aryan mind (at least it broke most of them).

I toured the USA and looked while they broke the fucking back of the American people for sport and I HATE THEM. I looked into thousands of faces of my people and heard the tears of the broken hearted, the dissolved families…one woman burst into tears in a bookstore when she had nothing and was begging her father to take her children in (he was a pensioner and couldn't really afford it but it was either that or CPS) and she wanted them to be with family…I have OBSERVED what they did here in the USA up close and I WANT REVENGE SO BAD (for the theft, murder and torture of my people). I DREAM OF IT.

>Income that is based on anything other than labor is criminal to a labor-based society.

This. This. This. 100%

1a2b91  No.12437239

>>12437188 (Heil'd)


It would be nice if there was an option for people. I would be a huge proponent of a divided US where in one hemisphere strong familial standards are imposed and societal bonds reinstated. In the other hemisphere, who gives a shit? "Do what thou wilt" is the law of the land!

All persons should have the option. The option will ensure that those of the lawful north be left to live unaffected by the "free" south.

Wanna be a faggot? Here's your bus ticket.

Wanna be a money lender? See ya later!

Wanna suck 5 dicks and ride the cock carousel? Enjoy your trip!

The absence of choice is what I don't like about fascism. I would choose to live in a fascist society and strongly uphold the law, but I wouldn't want my will imposed on those who didn't want to participate.

8f456a  No.12437278


Ahh yes, I am ETHNO-GLOBE anon. I am tired of seeing my people preyed on at a regular interval of 250 years like kike clockwork, so I am going for the Fourth Reich (a government that is perpetual because shitty subhumans are exterminated and kike predators are destroyed) and I am going to try for a global governance system. I have had enough of niggers murdering my people and the fucking subhuman refuse of the Earth begging, raping and processing our children into Gyro meat at the Kebab shop after torturing them to death. Enough is enough. I am seeking their complete extermination. I guess in your mind that would be worse than fascism but I have had enough to last me forever of seeing my own murdered, injured, slain and preyed upon by subhumans. No more. Don't let my memes stay dreams, right anon? Time to begin the purge of the Earth from its subhuman criminal element. I would never settle for 1/2 the USA when I know that it is only a matter of time before they are crossing the border to rape, kill and murder again.

I guess maybe >>12437049 is correct by his own standards "I am kind of a loon" but to me, I see only one solution to the problem and I have looked at it from almost every angle.

1a2b91  No.12437349


loosely packed bombs make for manageable explosions.

I don't see that the collective "women" have agency of their person, so I can see the need to enforce a standard upon them, but I don't hate niggers, spics or chinks just because they exist and I don't want my cultural belief system to be enforced upon theirs.

I like healthy competition and I could see it's benefit for humanity. I think a strong Asia would be a good competitor to a strong Europe. I think the occasional symposium of "others" coming together to discuss breakthroughs such as interplanetary travel would be productive.

I genuinely feel that if we removed jews, the world would right itself. They really are behind every blight on humanity. They're the snake in the garden.

Ethnostates would be loyal to their own, but the jew has no nation or people.

8f456a  No.12437512

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It really is worse than you think.

Most people, like you, are 'pro' the continuing murder, torture and rape of Europeans. Not with any sort of immediacy but with the 100% guarantee that it will happen in the very short future…and that 14/88 or securing the future WILL NEVER HAPPEN. I guess I didn't really expect anything different on /pol/…it makes your life sort of exciting I suppose in its own way to wonder if someone is going to torture your child to death, I guess…

I think the only thing that really surprises me is that so many people really want this to continue indefinitely and see themselves and their progeny genocided by subhuman filth. You say competition I say war, destruction and violence. I would give almost anything to really understand (I mean this in the most genuine sense) what compels you to want this terror for your offspring, because it will become terror and horror for them, again not immediately but certainly in the future. I guess I am just not into that…there is nothing the subhumans could ever bring us that would justify their continuance on the planet. We are not parasites like the kikes so if we lived quietly and alone on the planet that would be no problem for us.

I wish there was some way you could explain it to me other than platitudes about competition. You know when we were pioneering the Industrial Revolution and making our great advances we were an insulary society. Now our strength is bled from us and lapped up by kike dogs and their subhuman biological weapons, in a cycle that never ends and most of my own people feel that this is beneficial to them to endure, rather than a paradise. And yet, you want more of the suffering and horror…I swear to you that I am completely baffled…and no one has been able to explain it in any satisfactory way to date why they live to see their kin murdered and slaughtered…I just don't understand.

I wish that I could see things the way you all see things. I only see the real product and want no part of that now or in the future for those I love or any of my people.

8f456a  No.12437539

File: ef573a9ee32856a⋯.jpg (3.39 MB, 1886x1890, 943:945, staurn chronos devouring h….jpg)



000000  No.12437554


Jesus, smiley. Kill yourself already.

1a2b91  No.12437580


>Most people, like you

I'm not sure you have much of an understanding of me. I'm very pro-violence. I'm good at it and comfortable in fight. I was born for it and raised in a way that only enforced my natural predisposition toward violence. I live alone because I'm disastrous in the company of others.

People like me have no place in this bizarro world because I won't fight for zog. I'd rather die poor and alone than fight for zog.

Friend, I'm a six and a half foot tall three hundred pound Aryan man without much of a personality, but what I have is a deep-seeded feeling of duty toward the people I was built to protect. I'm a derelict of my duty and that's my pain to carry. Luckily I was also blessed with enough mental acuity to parse my way back through the muck and figure out how to put myself to use in a way that benefits my people.

The disconnect is that you aren't seeing the beauty in innocence. I have no ill will toward the innocent as I'm not a jew and no part of me contains jewish traits. I won't be beaten by them and I won't succumb to their wickedness. I'd rather die quietly than become that which I despise.

Don't become the abyss. Stand guard at the gate but don't stare too long into it.

8f456a  No.12437631


Fuck off you retarded TORkike.

e6d637  No.12437683

hello yes i'm retarded

how do i use the threadwatcher here

i'm a newfag from 4channel™, i got banned 15 days for asking people to spam porn and gore to drive the advertisers out

1a2b91  No.12437705


I want you to understand something and I think you are at a point where it will make sense in a way not understood by others.

The relinquishing of the media to foreign interest is the core to every issue we face.

Don't get caught up on the macro-scale. Think about it as a relationship with a woman. When, in your life, would you feel OK allowing another man to be the primary conversed in her life? When would you feel comfortable seeing your wife spend more time talking to another man and taking advice from him than from you?

the jew has been sneaking off into the corner and planting little "He's no good for you"'s in her ear, but then it got brazen. Now he does it out in the open and has mistook kindness for weakness. Now that mother fucker gets dragged out in front of the bar and has his face pushed out his asshole!

Every single media outlet in the US is owned by jews. They are the ones talking to your girl, mate. Don't go kicking Ping-Pongs ass because he was just drinking at the bar. Take the fight to the problem but don't make more than are needed along the way.

000000  No.12437708

smiley dox goes in all threads

Kenneth Schueler

211 Corrie Crescent

Waterloo Ontario

Father: Jack Schueler

Mother: Eva Schueler

Sister: Emily Schueler

FringeMagick @ gmail.com


Smiley's first meltdown on /cow/


Some Schulers get jewed by the mob


Smiley finally learned how to cut bread


Various meltdowns on /4chon/






Smiley's Steam





Smiley's pastebin and some copies of his shit code







8f456a  No.12437777


My god, you sound like a Aryan BEAST/GOD ;)


Ok…I yield to you, as I am only a tiny woman and nothing like yourself…but look carefully at our conversation and take note of where the TORkike felt comfortable chiming in and think about WHY that is what they were attracted to (what the HIVE found problematic)…and attempted to derail the conversation WHILE EVERYTHING ELSE WAS acceptable. Remember that they are a HIVE mentality and that they protect the HIVE when Truth surfaces. Just something to think about you badassed fucking Ayran beast.

You are thinking with kike programming in the back of your mind (they have overwritten Natural Law and replaced mankind's values with their values). You think only in terms of the innocence of the individual and not the VALUE of the blood line.

I never look at a bloodsucking disease infested tick and think "It might be useful on an individual level or turn into something else later; I know that one female lays 10,000 disease bearing egg parasites. So everytime I crush one, I crush 10,000 offspring as well." This is highly satisfactory to me every time I do it. This is the way that the kikes have manipulated the entire Earth past present and future…they rely on the value of individual judgment rather than THE JUDGMENT OF THE BLOODLINE. I have no use for the individual I have to look larger for the sake of my own people at the time of our potential genocide in the face of an overwhelming enemy.

That said I admire your decision with a passion. I admire your strength. I admire your ethics. I admire your masculinity.

Just don't think that yielding to parasites will result in anything other more parasites. It is a bloodline issue.

8f456a  No.12437827

File: e45c6b0ba2bf3df⋯.png (1.07 MB, 880x759, 80:69, pepe_poo_toliet_witch.png)

File: 63d9b5aa906aaaa⋯.jpg (232.67 KB, 1300x961, 1300:961, haiti-girl-walking-by-open….jpg)

File: 1168ba07b24b699⋯.jpg (51.9 KB, 590x400, 59:40, chinese people caged home.jpg)


Fine. We can start with the kikes and work our way to Ping-Pong if it is necessary. But Ping-Pong will not control his own birth rate and he is destroying and killing the Earth because he is nothing more than a beast that has a very limited understanding of anything lasting or valuable. They will be the death of the planet just as readily as the kikes if we let them. They simply have no ability to manage themselves in any measure. Nothing but animals who will not control their own reproduction or take responsibility within their own nations…they too are a form of parasite upon the Earth. Different NATURE than a kike but still a parasite.

1a2b91  No.12437843


Nice digits.

I just don't want to get caught in a zero-sum game. If it truly is "everyone that is not us must die to preserve us" than that line moves back until it is quite literally 1 on earth.

1a2b91  No.12437902


>Different NATURE than a kike but still a parasite.

The world seeks balance. Our parasites are another creatures food.

I watched an african tribesman suck the unborn cow infant straight out of her vagina on bitchute the other day. Face-planted right on in and sucked for all he had. Reeled back in pure bliss, caught his breath, and face right back in!

Try as I might, I don't see that as a threat to me. Maybe some form of subliminal damage to my psyche, but more it was just awe-inspiring and a demonstration of how bestial the untouched Savannah Savage really is.

8f456a  No.12437949


Yes, I am aware and I worry over this constantly. I understand, LMAO that is probably why this should be a decision of a group and not an individual…although, in total honesty, I would do it my way and think, literally, nothing of it at all, if I was Ruler of the Earth. I will not gamble with the future of my own. However, even I appreciate things from other cultures…

Right now they are an imminent threat. IMMINENT. They are destroying my people in their own nations. I have no problem whatsoever in wanting them completely obliterated to the last man. NOW.


And you didn't share so that I could laugh (even though I am still laughing at your description)? Ok…when something is not an imminent threat to my own, I am not threatened by them. But, unfortunately this is not the case in a single one of our nations…not one.

52f0ec  No.12437985


Oh wow that was actually very apropos in connection to my current frame of mind. Now I just need to learn to channel my hate for the greater good. Thanks anon.

1a2b91  No.12438014


>And you didn't share so that I could laugh

Sorry, I wasn't sure how I could find it. I couldn't remember the name of the video, then I realized I couldn't remember the name because it wasn't written in a language I understand.


It's really a work of art! Should be required presentation at all schools.

52f0ec  No.12438047


Oh you see I’m starting to doubt myself again. This will happen everyday for the rest of my life. Back and forth, black or white but nothing in between. I don’t want to be redpilled. I want to go back in time before I knew everything I do. I can’t even do anything about it so what’s the point? I wish I had a switch inside my head and I could turn off my thoughts. They’re ruining my life.

8f456a  No.12438065


Don't stress anon, it is only temporary. It is the normal disorientation that comes with having your world turned upside down and shaken. You will see, in time; shorter than you think, that you will orient to these new idea and new worldview. The brain is amazingly flexible; in college we developed a pair of mirror goggles that flipped the visual input to the brain horizontally and vertically. It took about 10 minutes for people to stop running into the walls etc while walking down a hall. What you have experienced is much more complex than a superficial alteration in your visual stimuli. It is going to take a while for your radical worldview shift to settle into something more normative, but it will happen. It is inevitable. You are going to be alright. There is no going back unless you want to live a compromised life. Just remember to reach out to people on /pol/ when you need to vent. We understand. :)

8f456a  No.12438070


That female turtle looked so bored.

"Are you finished dear? No? Ok, keep going. Laaleelaaleelaa, ho hum!"

Who knew there was an animal on the planet that could make sex look really boring. LMAO…I am such a child but the expression on her face looked so resigned, like she was polishing the silverware or something.

1a2b91  No.12438073


The frequency of this is surging. This is the 3rd different person in 24 hours I've seen going through a red pill episode. The personalities and reactions are all drastically different or I'd think they were the same.

From 2009-Now I'd witness one every couple months and they would be able to dismiss it due to a lack in support structure.

I'd honestly say we have less than 2 years before they cut the food supplies. Look at the news about whites fleeing California.

Appears Frost was right. Fire it is.

ba90c1  No.12438103

File: 8bc15e580f8b56e⋯.png (697.19 KB, 1033x516, 1033:516, dont forget youre here for….png)

1a2b91  No.12438130


Insanity results of the inability to reconcile 2 or more different rule based systems operating within the same plane of existence.

The truth reveals the nature of the one true system.

Infinite knowledge produces perfect clarity, which is the opposite of insanity.

You're currently in a state of reconciliation between differing rule structures. Give your mind the time to work things out before you jump to the conclusion that it never will.


Truly a gem of a movie.

ffd7df  No.12438233

Why is this at 750 and there not a new thread?

40fae0  No.12438323

I might regret asking this but wtf is "the chocolate ritual" that fags do.

844a19  No.12438339

File: 686ad96a82cc465⋯.jpg (8.52 KB, 132x77, 12:7, firefox.jpg)


Because its cyclical

5c7a38  No.12438512

How do I access a TRS Paywall account with bitcoin? I am unemployed but want to access TRS podcasts, but don't have mastercard, paypal, visa or american express.

4596dd  No.12438651

I made the post in the book thread, but I thought I'd repeat for visibility. Can anyone recommend a book regarding the "genocide" of native americans by invading Europeans? Something either refuting the (((official))) narrative, or justifying the act as perfectly righteous?

37ef9a  No.12438771

Who here used to be a Marxist? I've seen how /gulagpol/ users act and let me tell you they sure have a lot of the "NO U" attitude going on when their ideas get debated and criticised. Sometimes it feels like they are suppressing their inner secret love for National Socialism and some of them would get really, REALLY close to naming the Jew but ultimately they will pull back and just say "Not all Jews are bad because some of them are our comrades.". What are they even trying to hide? Also, why couldn't they just admit that anti-White hatred and supporting homosexuality, feminism, race mixing, open borders, and trannyism doesn't go well with the "Power through the proletariat!" phrase? Jason Unruhe, a literal Maoist canuck, knew that it didn't mix.

000000  No.12438856


Here, even the original NSDAP was made up of tons of disillusioned marxists after seeing the truth of Bolshevism and the events of the German civil war.

c8199b  No.12438978

File: a2244111d4e1b72⋯.jpg (104.83 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, house fire.jpg)


>Appears Frost was right. Fire it is.

Who is Frost?

>I'd honestly say we have less than 2 years before they cut the food supplies.

Yes, anon…I try not to be negligent in my duties with regard to that as well. Encouraging people to know which wild plants and bugs are edible, how to forage on the run, and encouraging people to keep physically fit. I know from visions (its ok to mock me, kek) that there isn't a tree or plant left on the surface but that EVERYTHING was utterly scrubbed clean of all life. When the survivors emerge there isn't a tree on Earth that is older than a couple months and all the grass is brand new…no visible shrubs or anything either, they are still all too tiny to be seen in the tall 'prairie' grass. And the Earth is significantly LARGER than it used to be…terrains have changed, places where there were solid rock mountain ranges are long sloping mounded planes of endless waving grass, with the occasional sapling poking up to the sea, etc. There are only a few places on the planet that retain the characteristics of the old Earth. And only a handful of survivors.

:( They are working up to it with the whole 'global cooling' and 'crop losses' which at this point are absolutely massive many regions enduring a 50%+ loss in crops (how long do you think that can go on?)…larger nations like China hoarding food and things like the kikes stealing all of Russia's grain reserves and relocating it to Egypt (where they will have access for Israel; because in the kike mind FUCK RUSSIA they can starve {infuriating, infuriating}) I would say that we are looking at possibly this winter or the next.

Also I collect weird information like knowing where all my local caves are etc. Caves with a source of water are a must know item on the agenda. Russia has carefully advised its citizens to store foods and grains but surprisingly not things like pasta, they said NO PASTA because they anticipate some issue with a lack of water for cooking it. Odd, honestly, but it caught my attention. This would also tie into your 'fire' theory somehow.

1a2b91  No.12438980

File: d4a34346e42e642⋯.jpg (93.4 KB, 755x499, 755:499, CommunismIsJudaism1.jpg)


Foreign rule always has a negative effect on the indigenous population. Jews are foreign to every land and therefore are negative to all populations when holding seats of authority over the people.

National Socialism really should be Ethnic Socialism as there are inherent traits in ones blood that aren't removable through suggestion.

Think about a simple association of chemistry. Before working with a substance, you must remove the impurities or the final product will be contaminated. Contamination leads to instability and often reactions of crash or explosion. When a compound crashes, you filter and separate and start again.

aaf80f  No.12439000


You will never find Wilton's source. Many times a "reference table" is mentioned but it either never existed, or it's lost to time and scrubbed off the "Russia Times" archives or the bolshevik jews where successful in erasing it from history completely, more likely a combination of all reasons.

Believe me I have spent days every few weeks and not once have I come anything news the full or completely list of jews of the bolshevik union but I do know this, he was not mentioning a single "one" entity, he was speaking of the very many groups and secretariats that made up the whole..

1a2b91  No.12439009


>Who is Frost?

Robert Frost, Fire and Ice. Although I prefer The Road Not Taken, most refer to Fire and Ice as his greatest (most popular) work.

>>12439000 (checked)

When it comes to matters relating to the jew, there are always 2 options to believe. So long as I believe the one that condemns the jew, I side with the option most true.

Ha, I got caught up with the Robert Frost reference. Inspired!

c8199b  No.12439049

File: 457454ced2cf271⋯.jpg (144.78 KB, 1259x550, 1259:550, strabo quote jews running ….jpg)


>Robert Frost, Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I've tasted of desire

I hold with those who favor fire.

But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction ice

Is also great

And would suffice.

>Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim

Because it was grassy and wanted wear,

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Hmm both lovely.


pict Strabo…I have been fighting my own battle for years against popular opinion about the infiltration and structure of ZOG and no one will believe me. But two days ago I found this quote by Strabo on someones YT channel. Finally!!! Vindication!!! The history is revealed and men of knowledge back then KNEW what I know to be true. This quote sealed the deal for me in many ways.

06dbe0  No.12439135


"Good fences make good neighbors"

e5c28d  No.12439357

File: fcd1cd148439597⋯.jpg (16.66 KB, 214x255, 214:255, f35790c6b74909b8bffea3bada….jpg)

I've been a nationalist my entire life. I've been through 4/pol/ and 8/pol/'s highs and lows nearly from the start (this being an incredible low, there are no good threads).

My grandmother on my mother's side has been dead since I was a baby. I've just asked my christian mother today what she was like, because I never knew her. I was told she was a practicing Jew.

Do… Do I commit suicide now?

8dd59e  No.12439371


No. You need more information. Get your DNA tested. Don't do anything rash.

2ef1be  No.12439382

File: 27a07cb3633fc7f⋯.jpg (91.49 KB, 784x550, 392:275, Di872YFXgAE671z.jpg)


don't give your DNA to the jewish DNA testing sites


pic related. if only your grandmother was jewish that doesn't make you a jew

8dd59e  No.12439399


>Don't become the abyss. Stand guard at the gate but don't stare too long into it.

I almost understand what you are saying here.


I don't see how this matters. You should know by now whether you are going to fight to preserve your life at this point…there shouldn't be much doubt about it this late in the game. I hate those charts, they encourage miscegenation and the dissolution of a pure genetic strain.

e5c28d  No.12439414

File: f4c42b26edee68e⋯.gif (3.8 KB, 452x523, 452:523, guess_who.gif)


How Judaism works is, if the mother is Jewish, than so is the child. If the father is jewish, but the mother is not, the child is a goy.

Because this was my grandmother on my mother's side, that means I can put on a cap and go to a Synagogue despite being mostly white.

2ef1be  No.12439423


makes you a half jew

your mother's mother was a jew, therefore she's jewish. your mother had a child with a goy, therefore you a non jew, or mischling

1a2b91  No.12439455


I would apply for Israeli citizenship and join the team. Depending on how old you are, you can even apply for a service in the IDF.

With that, kill yourself you dirty Yid.

4ef3b5  No.12439468


>How Judaism works is, if the mother is Jewish, than so is the child. If the father is jewish, but the mother is not, the child is a goy.

Stop fucking buying into that jewish lie. Imagine for a moment, you are a zionist jew. Why, in the time you feel most afraid that the goyim are finding you out, would you deny allies? You wouldn't.

The whole "jews are matriarchal" is a clever ploy by the jews to make it seem like their numbers are fewer than they actually are. In reality the jews dont care how "jewish" you actually are, only that you play for their team.

8dd59e  No.12439491


Well in that case they have 7,500,000,000 people on 'their team'.

4ef3b5  No.12439501


>everyone is a jew

Nah. By playing on their team I mean people who identify as jewi