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File: 5fe06f6ca027c1c⋯.png (54.32 KB, 1680x400, 21:5, QTDDTOT.png)

674207  No.12021208

QTDDTOT: Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

This is the thread for one-liner questions about /pol/-related topics. “What does /pol/ think of [x],” “is [x] redpilled,” and associated questions belong here. Threads created based on a single, simple question will be deleted. If your thread is deleted, come here and ask again. REMINDER TO SEARCH THE CATALOG FIRST.

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b7d290  No.12120390


Read like you're having a conversation.

fcb81d  No.12120667



Should we get a /pol/ book club going?

fcb81d  No.12120673


Hi Joan

190cb2  No.12120737


This one could be more active, granted its not promoted basically at all anywhere from what I've seen


fcb81d  No.12120761


we don't use discord at all anymore.

I was implying maybe we pick a book and a week later make a post and talk about it.

190cb2  No.12120818


Who "we"? Anyway, that's just one place and there are members. I don't use it particularly often.

Take an initiative

fcb81d  No.12120911


>Who "we"


>take the initiative


840434  No.12121204

File: 7dbc236cf568f2a⋯.mp4 (806.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, yymm.mp4)

Anyone have that clip of the Ukrainian kid going insane over losing his vidya, but with subtitles that make it look like Ben Shapiro? It's the full version of this.

000000  No.12121279

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>How much do jews hate jesus?

This much.

It is the crucifixion scene from the 1959 remake of Ben-Hur in case the embed doesn't work.

0f09a6  No.12121304

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How long will /pol/ fall for the NatSoc meme when Nazi Germany was just as trusting of Jews as any other country?

<Embed related

>As many as 150000 Jews served in Hitlers military, some with the Nazi leader’s explicit consent, according to a U.S. historian who has interviewed hundreds of former soldiers.




e68a1d  No.12121329


>How long will /pol/ fall for the NatSoc meme when Nazi Germany was just as trusting of Jews as any other country?

What gives you that idea we care or agree with that statement? Most "jews" that served in the Wehrmacht throughout the war were mischlings (i.e. 50% or less jew). I'm sure most of those came from out East who were just common soldiers captured, turned turncoat thanks to Stalins "No prisoners" dictate.

Germany wanted to ship all the jews out of Germany, then Europe, but was bogged down obviously by the war. That doesn't change the fact they were stripped of all major positions of power and leadership. Those who had it in the Wehrmacht again were half breeds.

43e840  No.12121400


Yes, but only if you're going to download it or get the audiobook. If you're going to get a physical copy, get Thomas Dalton's new translation.

f8e6eb  No.12121411

File: 245a16423aeb43a⋯.jpg (6.95 MB, 1566x8814, 261:1469, The white recolonization o….jpg)

File: ccf261687fec5c9⋯.jpg (99.99 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1491284910430-0.jpg)

I don't have a question, this is just my favorite screencap of all time and I have nowhere else to post it.

190cb2  No.12121493


You better start looking at the bigger picture. That Soros nonsense again.

"Soros wasn't a "Nazi", he's a jew whose father paid a non-jew traitor with a jewish wife to claim he was his non-jew godson so he wouldn't be interned. He was around 13 at he time."

cddcd0  No.12121669

So did the third reich actually develop meth? Or is that some jew shit? And can anyone expound upon this for me? No matter how many points I can tell my father about Hitler being right, he always circles around to "But Nazis were high on meth all the time every day!"

6ae0b1  No.12121703

Why is the (((MSM))) going on about a fuss on the China tarrifs? So far from what I've read it's mostly nothing interesting.

bf4bc2  No.12121804

File: c40a61f498ad405⋯.png (46.76 KB, 1220x535, 244:107, China World Domination 1.PNG)

File: 102545e7a3bd5ab⋯.png (29.86 KB, 1221x320, 1221:320, China World Domination 2.PNG)

File: 95ce67bd54330d2⋯.png (36.22 KB, 1223x536, 1223:536, China World Domination 3.PNG)

File: 075f3e83a4652b2⋯.png (44.45 KB, 1219x661, 1219:661, China World Domination 4.PNG)

File: 5d755696554b58a⋯.png (46.21 KB, 1219x571, 1219:571, China World Domination 5.PNG)


A few reasons. Incidentally it's because of China that Trump is doing some things and not because of Russia, also Chinks own 70% of gold mining rights to Russia and gets exclusive access to their fresh water.

2e7761  No.12121831


Reminder that China hasn’t won a war in 400 years and every single claim of “china will conquer the world” is a jewish boogeyman. They said it about Japan 30 years ago, which none of you fucking kikes think we remember.

eef5f7  No.12121850

File: e11e92a6eacc9d7⋯.jpeg (145.57 KB, 630x745, 126:149, 2CF38C8C-896E-4026-984A-C….jpeg)

File: 65c3abbfc3cbf43⋯.jpeg (179.08 KB, 577x1024, 577:1024, 6716774B-05CD-4D2B-B46B-D….jpeg)

File: 1c47a58a233d00a⋯.jpeg (103.3 KB, 600x438, 100:73, B5F291F1-ADDC-419E-9527-D….jpeg)


Was Songbird executed at Gitmo as I’ve been hearing or what?

c0abd1  No.12122183

My brothers somewhat liberal and he sees nothing wrong with gay people but doesn't raelly like flamers, I've tried tellhim him the disgusting shit they do but he argues 'notallgaypeople'. I guess I'm shit at arguing I don't see a way past this.

db99bd  No.12122282

File: 5e57099f2cd813b⋯.jpg (19.27 KB, 530x298, 265:149, martin shkrelli.jpg)

File: 8458a34a5a7df1c⋯.jpg (51.71 KB, 983x626, 983:626, DQ-KM8qWkAofQmY.jpg)

File: 994897105d36195⋯.jpg (24.51 KB, 480x320, 3:2, martin-shkreli.jpg)

File: 7616fe73c5008d4⋯.jpg (40.9 KB, 800x534, 400:267, bruh.jpg)

File: 1d1bfc2d2c1ead5⋯.jpg (70.77 KB, 900x500, 9:5, martinskreli2.jpg)

how to free shkreli?

86f5cb  No.12122318


What, did he read that pop-history book "Blitzed"? The guy who wrote that is full of shit. It's a biased pile of crap (the very first sentence is "National Socialism was toxic"), with wild conclusions drawn from not much evidence. Besides, singling out the germans for being on drugs when every other other nation's army was as well is irrational. You don't compete in sports without doing everything necessary to exceed your opponents abilities, so why go to war without taking an obvious advantage?

Also, "THEY WERE ON METH" is not a refutation of any of the great things about the Third Reich. That's literally not an argument.

26fdcd  No.12122320

Does anyone have that documentary about the gang wars in south or central America, where at the end the counter group joined the gangs and the flashed a Freemason ring? There was a wrinkle minute man guarding the board in it.

86f5cb  No.12122333


Point out that the slippery slope is real. Every degeneracy enabled has in fact given way to a new degeneracy. The line must be drawn somewhere, and fucking men in the asshole seems like a good line to not be crossed, assuming there's some sort of standard for acceptable behavior you wish to preserve in society. My experience has shown me that most people are either clueless as to how bad society has gotten, or they are nihilists whose only standards is that standards are wrong. Those latter people are not really people. They are agents of death.

>doesn't like flamers


So acting "fabulooooous" is bad, but pushing in another man's shit is ok? Where the hell are you brothers priorities?

86f5cb  No.12122338


Watch the Lone Wolf And Cub movies. They're about an exiled executioner who pushes his 3 year old son around in a baby cart through feudal Japan and kills scum along the way. The main character has one of the highest bodycounts in cinematic history, and there's probably more arterial spray than you'll see anywhere else. Nice lookin' movies too, try to get good copies.

86f5cb  No.12122357


Don't start low effort threads.


>be meat locker

>wut do /pol/?

>See >>>/fit/

Are you illiterate?



He has a lot of friends around the world. No doubt people he trusts to keep his efforts from being snuffed out.


Read out loud. It's hard to get distracted when you're focusing on enunciating the words you're reading. Not only will you stay on task better, but you will comprehend more. You'll also improve your speaking voice. Try recording it and listening back. It's a jewish lie that reading aloud for idiots. They just don't want you to use all the tools at your disposal.

9c66aa  No.12122811


only soldiers actually fighting, not regular people back home (as most meth addicts are today)

and it was not exclusive to Germany - Finland, America, and Britain I know for a fact had their soldiers consume similar drugs, and I'd imagine the Soviet Union too

4ef3b5  No.12122839

File: c4349a047e9991f⋯.jpg (76.95 KB, 442x241, 442:241, nazis abandoned amphetamin….jpg)

File: 413da094443a1a3⋯.jpg (146.98 KB, 1025x574, 25:14, allies amphetamines.jpg)


Pervitin. The NatSoc government eventually recognized that amphetamines were not only detrimental to combat performance long term but also just overall health long term. They abandoned the drug in 1941. Note that 1941 is when WWII is in full swing.

America however continued to use amphetamines for soldiers until the war ended.

cddcd0  No.12122994


Thanks for the info.

7efbd8  No.12123006

Been meaning to save it for a while, does anyone have that image of the Voldemort-looking drag queen with the caption that said something to the effect of "proof of demons"?

5f3973  No.12123052

File: c75da5af67cac12⋯.png (815.85 KB, 797x558, 797:558, drag queen 3.png)


no but I do have this

4c8e2b  No.12123111


I always pictured how funny it would look to just beat this shit out of one of those things. Like in the movies when a little girl ghost is supposed to be scary. Just drop kick them for the lulz.

4c8e2b  No.12123128


Also important to note the difference between Amphetamine Salts (something like Dextramphetamine, I think) and Methamphetamine. I always see people saying they were using Methamphetamine and methylation didn't occur until the mid 50's.

It's a complete different drug.

For instance, testosterone by itself is quite harmless and 100mg is an extremely low single dose whereas 100mg of methyltestosterone will make you want to fuck a hole in the wall and kill your neighbor on the other side.

4c8e2b  No.12123140


Everything tells me it's bullshit, like all the other Q babble, but seeing Mattis and Kelley chaperoning Huma at the funeral was… "odd."

We'll never know the truth.

747c0f  No.12123144


>Like in the movies when a little girl ghost is supposed to be scary. Just drop kick them for the lulz.

According to /monster/, you better dick them instead.

ad6351  No.12123155


So this isn't /mu/, but lofi is fucking shit. They reuse the same samples, and most of the viewers are literal faggots.

3f44e8  No.12123193

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

why has no one parodied this song. turn the redneck into a jew saying your a good goyim or a black guy saying your a god cracker.

d2d5ff  No.12123307

I feel like shit and have little direction in my life. It's probably just a shit day but im looking for a redpilled youtube video or some advice to empower myself to do better in life.

I have a girlfriend im planning on marrying but worry I wont make enough to support a family.

I'm working on a college degree but my dumb boomer parents refuse to give me the shit I need for fafsa so my education is on hold, just looking for a /po/bro to tell me whats up I dont have many people to discuss this wife and want to keep my gf out of my personal problems

1a1cd1  No.12123449


Meghan McCain looked ANGRY!!!!!! Not sad.

4c8e2b  No.12123461


that is simply unappealing to me. As someone who gets off when the girl I'm with gets off, I don't have the mind to understand pedos. I totally get hebe's, though. Teenage girls are hot AF but once they talk it's boner-no-more.

4c8e2b  No.12123532

File: 5dbd52c80f0ed5c⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 596x283, 596:283, Emily_Pitha.jpg)

File: 857e9f8c57c21f8⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1400x705, 280:141, McCompound.png)

File: ca1756f9a31a041⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1400x722, 700:361, McCompound2.png)

File: cf13b5d99c89c1a⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1400x717, 1400:717, McCompound3.png)

File: 54a3deaa3c0db74⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1159x637, 1159:637, Traffic_busses.png)


I was working on a red-pill drop about McStain (attached) and had no reason to watch his funeral until now. She did seem quite angry with Dur Fuhrer Trump.

Knowing what I know of Israel, I can in no way get behind Trump 100% but watching that settled me a bit. I know that, given the option between Satanists and Christians, I will side with the Christians 1000 times out of 999. I just hope we aren't all being marched to the gallows.

bf4bc2  No.12123599


>China hasn’t won a war in 400 years

This is not an open war, this is China using their countless disposable pawns to infiltrate and buy up everything while they peddle their opiates and they are the primary source of drugs wrecking the west fuck the lationos they've the mexican drug cartels have nothing on what those fucking yellow cockroaches are up to. The housing bubble and oppoid crisis are their direct responsibility, the antmen in Vancouver are moving south and the ones in Sanfransisco are moving north to connect to eachother, the goal is to take the entire Western coast by simple outbreeding and landgrabbing via money. Every single god damned chink is either from rich families loyal to the communist party or pawns given money directly from the communist party there is not a single chink who doesn't spy for China.

Get it through your stupid fucking head burger the chinks are not taking over everything through open warfare, they're doing it the way they've always done things: being cockroaches.


bb8659  No.12123695

Hate is like drinking poison, expecting the other person to die.

Anyone know where i can find jew jokes?

2e7761  No.12123733



Reported. Kill yourself.

bb8659  No.12123761


Sensitive faggot, i only want jew jokes.

4c8e2b  No.12123882


The jews own the market on hate, deceit and degeneracy. We will never win battling them at their own game.

Think if we could convince 1 in 5 people to live virtuously. Don't take on debt, live healthy and marry/breed within our own race.

The impact to the jew would be unmeasurable.

Not one shit fired.

Niggers and Shitskins only listen to force, so when it comes to them, may God stand at my side as I drag them by the hair and toss them on a plane out of here.

We need to accept responsibility for empowering the jew. We were all warned but few listened. It's the few that now bear the burden of educating the rest.

Adding darkness to darkness makes the world turn to night.

4c8e2b  No.12123897

File: 3514835afed8efd⋯.pdf (1.23 MB, 1001-quotes-by-and-about-j….pdf)


Not jokes but I think this may be to your liking.

4c8e2b  No.12123913


Not once did I say tolerance and not once did I say not to despise the jew. I loathe the jew with every ounce of my being. Every cell of my body craves the blood of the parasite. I dream of breaking my fingers on one of their necks from squeezing so hard. However, I'm a tool of our people, much like living decently and with morals is a tool. I accept my position in the collective but I don't look to the, say, scholar and denounce his purpose because it's not my own.

Every one of us has a purpose that is not being met because of the jew. Not one of us is living up to our potential.

I want, more than anything to eradicate the vermin from this planet. At any cost, even my ego.

4f47bf  No.12124834

Requesting literature on the downsides of interracial breeding.

48ed54  No.12125109



c83e5c  No.12125123

There were two documentaries made in 2010 and 2011 about the Serbian war (?), what are the name of them? I know, not many clues but I just can't remember more now.

c83e5c  No.12125147

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


And now I found it.. The Weight of Chains

> If you thought you knew why Yugoslavia broke up, get ready for 2 hours of shocking facts that will shed a different light on Western intervention in the Balkans. Nicknamed the "Serbian Michael Moore" by the oldest daily newspaper in the Balkans, Malagurski will expose the root causes of the Yugoslav wars and explain that the goal was for the West to create economic and geopolitical colonies in that part of the world.

The Weight of Chains


The Weight of Chains 2


Teaser for Weight of Chains 3


48ed54  No.12125171


Amphetamine != dextroamphetamine != methamphetamine. Methamphetamine was first synthesized in 1893. It was used extensively by the Third Reich

5ad3c3  No.12125256



2c7438  No.12125347

I don't expect I will be long from this world (3 years maybe). I would like to know a fool-proof plan to convince my immediate family to pursue prepper attitudes. I have very young brothers (compared to my own age) and I want them to continue white lineage. Please provide videos or semantic techniques to convince my parents to take stronger initiative in the future of their children.

c31444  No.12125704


The Q was fake and the message was real.

This is not up to discussion.

86f5cb  No.12126093


>I feel like shit and have little direction in my life

We all know this position here. Do more things. Inaction is terrible. I don't what it is that you do, just do it. Keep momentum going. Starting is the hardest part, but it's not so bad if you just start doing anything for the sole purpose of getting warmed up.

Preferably do something that requires you to stand

86f5cb  No.12126101



Also, on that point, you won't be able to trust any woman if you haven't confidence in yourself to get shit done, because a woman will figure out that you're aimless, and leave you (hopefully without screwing you over).

c0abd1  No.12126260


I've argued that and he insists they're just living their lives leave them alone. He's still young but I feel his views won't change. He's aware of the danger of niggers but he doesn't like it when I say nigger or get disgusted about black people. I've told him just how bad they really are, he just doesn't like to hear it. RIP.

86f5cb  No.12126536


Stop rationalizing to him, and embarass him instead. Create the dynamic of not needing his approval. Right now your efforts of trying to convince him are probably giving him confidence in his own views, making every attempt by you to convert him seem needy. Mockery is a good way to make people think. Just take care to judge the intensity with which you mock in accordance to the tactic's usefulness in a situation.

4dcc75  No.12126703

How should you read? Should you read through reciting the words or with some other method?

4ef3b5  No.12126802


Depends on what you're reading. Do you want to absorb every single word? Then I suggest enunciating every word either out loud or in your head, and maybe reread a few lines if they are abstract.

If you're reading something with a lot of details which could be irrelevant, then you can skim, but keep an eye out for context. As you read you'll likely notice certain words or phrases that stand out and could be important. If you have a physical book this is a good place for cliff notes.

7959a7  No.12126902

File: 68e52cb19d4d1aa⋯.png (620.46 KB, 960x564, 80:47, dat fucking schnoz.png)

Is there a list for addressing and countering the most common brainwashed arguments? I have shown a lot of news to some acquaintances about the awful crimes that rapefugees commit to see how they react, but their indoctrination immediately kicks in and they always come up with some complete bullshit arguments like "but muh social and financial situation of refugees," "but muh failed social integration turns them extremist" and the last line of defense, "MUH RUSSIAN TIES." The most retarded argument for refugees and their innocence that I heard was that Europe was more violent years ago and the current situation is actually LESS violent. While true in a sense, I feel that it is a case of willing ignorance and not seeing the forest for the trees.

What are some other retarded arguments you have had to endure? How can one dismantle these most common excuses?

6a9f26  No.12127328

why are the mods such kikes?

b69365  No.12127641


Hello friends.

What was Hitler's actual views on race? Did he really believe mediterreans to be Subhumans? And did he really want to exterminate all slavic people like we re taught in school?

40f6c4  No.12127742



8568c4  No.12128081


>While true in a sense

How is that true?

What do you know of historical Europe aside from what the jew has taught you?

Now, what do you know of whites from what you have observed in real life of white civilizations?

To believe that historically Europe was more violent than it is now is to accept what we are taught and deny what we can observe. I choose to go with what I can observe over what someone else tells me 100 times out of 99.

c7b1d4  No.12128877

>>12128545 (((jew)))

c0abd1  No.12128955


I might come off as needing it but I'm not. Your tactic does make sense, I'm gonna slow it down and just say a few things here and there until maybe he'll get it.

840434  No.12129442


No one?

8568c4  No.12129545


My feelings on Duke

If he's been holding cover for 50 years and hasn't broke character, I'm so in awe that I will donate myself to his master plan for Israeli dominance and Zionism.

40fae0  No.12129720

Hey anyone got info on the difference in skin composition between blacks and whites? I remember once an anon posting about whites having selenium based melanin or something and blacks having something else. I've tried looking online but only found a paper which looked at the amount of minerals in skin of different race people but not exactly what I was looking for.

8568c4  No.12129796

File: 2262eb33232c74e⋯.pdf (231.71 KB, who-rules-america-.pdf)

File: 3419520de346fa0⋯.png (11.09 KB, 266x264, 133:132, YouAreHere.PNG)


> I would like to know a fool-proof plan to convince my immediate family to pursue prepper attitudes

If you can get them to read 8 pages, you may have a chance.

Unfortunately there are no single pages or even single paragraphs that can do it. They must see the big picture (also attached) before there's any hope.

1bcc8c  No.12130119



if they don't want to believe it, and they want to disbelieve it, then they won't believe it, no matter how much evidence is provided

000000  No.12130541

>Prof. Hill, a sends math paper (https://arxiv.org/pdf/1703.04184.pdf) to (((NYJM)))

>Journal (((NYJM))) lets it through and publishes it

>Jewess (((Amie Wilkinson))) gets triggered by results on Gender

>Jewess tells hubby,(((Benson Farb))) to SHUT IT DOWN

>(((Benson Farb))) tells NYJM Chief (((Steinberger))) to SHUT IT DOWN

>Mathematics paper gets DISAPPEARED, without any noise or discussion.

>(((They))) STOLE the Prof's paper and Manipulated its contents

>(((NYJM))) quietly republishes the Jew'd paper excluding Prof. Hill with Jew authors' taking credit


>(((Amie Wilkinson)))… become aware of our paper and written to the journal to complain… Wilkinson then enlisted the support of her father…who wrote to the Intelligencer at his daughter’s request.

>Three days later, however, the paper had vanished. And a few days after that, a completely different paper by DIFFERENT AUTHORS appeared at exactly the same page of the same volume (NYJM Volume 23, p 1641+) where mine had once been. As it turned out, ""Amie Wilkinson"" is married to ""Benson Farb"", a member of the NYJM editorial board. Upon discovering that the journal had published my paper, Professor Farb had written a furious email to ""Steinberger"" demanding that it be deleted at once.

>Colleagues I spoke to were appalled. None of them had ever heard of a paper in any field being disappeared after formal publication. Rejected prior to publication? Of course. Retracted? Yes, but only after an investigation, the results of which would then be made public by way of explanation. But simply disappeared? Never.


Anne Marie Wilkinson … was married last evening to Benson Stanley Farb …officiated with Rabbi Michael P. Sternfield.


Need to add controversial section to their Wiki's

18038f  No.12130573

Not a question but something I wanted to put out there:

A note to newfaggots

DO NOT, in any circumstances, believe that this board is strictly for White Nationalism. This board has many users with diverse ideas. What I mean is that some believe that:

1)White countries for whites, India for Indians, China for Chinese etc

2)Whites must take over the entire Earth and murder every single person of non-white origin

So take that as you will. Do your research, come up with your conclusion and what you support and debate with other /pol/ anons here. That's all I want to add.

40fae0  No.12130675


Option 1: the sentimentalist in me wishes this could be achieved.

Option 2: but the realist in me knows this is the ideal option. If this was achieved after a while people wouldn't care about how it was attained because they would be enjoying their peace.

1fc3cc  No.12131020


On balance, WN'ists is a meme started by the very people that cannot meme, to be spun as an ideology which exists in the White mind; wherein, Whites achieve an ethnostate in order to use it as a platform to destroy non-Whites … which is a pile of sauteed to perfection, slow-roasted, home-style, major league bullshit

>The recognition that nations built upon White ideals are being stormed by non-Whites is self-evident; except by the beneficiaries who do not dare admit the obvious

>the jew benefits from the White Nationalism meme, from unchecked immigration which is tantamount to every non-White nation sending their refuse to the West, all while hiding his own blatant bigotry, racist, divisive doctrine as prescribed in his Talmudic holy books

1fc3cc  No.12131145

File: 548a51b38461ced⋯.jpg (72.42 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 9b1.jpg)


No because U, jew

2e7761  No.12131148


Reported for being anti white.

18038f  No.12131425


I mean technically he has a point of the jewish version of "nazi".

8568c4  No.12131744


>1)White countries for whites, India for Indians, China for Chinese etc

This is National Socialism as it was and is meant to be. The only change that must be made is no jews anywhere. None.

90df92  No.12131823

File: 56e5de17734991b⋯.png (274.35 KB, 800x2048, 25:64, When You're British.png)

File: 855588c3085720e⋯.jpg (183.41 KB, 890x919, 890:919, When Will Love Bloom.jpg)

Can someone redsnapper me on this bit about "Pakistan nationalist" agent?

90df92  No.12131847



I find myself wondering why these posts are still here?

There is no question.

They are not directed at anyone.

I'll report them and see what happens.

223b7d  No.12131875

I have the phone number of a race traitor who destroyed a beautiful young white girl's childhood and antagonizes her to this day. Her nigger husband is a violent black supramacist. What can I do with it that won't cause me problems?

15a4d2  No.12131976

Ok so we all know jews control banking as in central banks wich give them power to create as much wealth from ink and paper or 1s and 0s digitally as they see fit out of thin air just by printing more of it pr typing in its existence.

What I would like to know is if a detailed list has been compiled of exactly(((who))) the known jew owners are funneling this wealth to as in charity,political movements,technology basically everything they fund? with their spoils of jew fuckery/usury.

8568c4  No.12131981


Exchange Stabilization Fund

Have fun. It's a long, eye-opening ride my friend.

d97aab  No.12132057

File: 7ace0011162c9f8⋯.jpg (86.61 KB, 458x516, 229:258, bronzeoathsword02.jpg)





The only official English version ever published is the STALAG EDITION. All the other versions have deliberately put in racial pejoratives and unintelligible passages and left out chunks of text.

Traitors here shilling for the juden versions:




There will be no place in Valhalla for you

000000  No.12132332


>not just reading the german version


Maybe someone makes an Anon Edition one day. Imagine shitposting in the TL notes…

7de0af  No.12132547



Since I am learning German, I like to do Deutsch|Stalag side by side. Try deciphering the German, then check against the English translation. Great way to acquire vocabulary.

eef5f7  No.12132640


Red pill me on Project Blue Beam

41ef41  No.12132976

File: 8306706fa3fae7f⋯.jpeg (11.56 KB, 284x177, 284:177, images.jpeg)

as i am posting more (i lurked for a very long time before posting, don't worry) i find myself having trouble with these captchas. it is on average taking me 2 or 3 tries per post/reply…am i a robot?…

bb8659  No.12133034

How do you delete a tread?

40f6c4  No.12133466


>defending a nonwhite namefag

40f6c4  No.12133572


>still defending a guy who wants to ethnically cleanse Ukraine and give it to jews

2e7761  No.12133581


>everyone who hates my paid jewish shill is the same person

Reported for spam. You support a paid shill.

40f6c4  No.12133586



Why are you defending moarpheous so hard? He hates white nationalism and thinks that white people should embrace their "Aryan" brothers in the middle east.

e44b21  No.12133593




You are the Ban-evader.

WTF are you talking about others IP hopping for?

000000  No.12133598

Is this the greatest writing on Jews by a Jew of all time?


Are there any other like it?

40f6c4  No.12133604


He thinks that non whites shouldn't be deported. Sounds like civnat garbage to me.

40f6c4  No.12133618



>natsoc is for everyone

>he wants to gas em all

Which one is it?

40f6c4  No.12133633


All righty then.

40f6c4  No.12133642


Nice filenames, btw.

e44b21  No.12133651



he's gone

probably banned again

40f6c4  No.12133669

The bot is melting down.

8568c4  No.12133780

File: ae668f41f839b40⋯.pdf (522.08 KB, bluebook.pdf)

File: 4cae0781f658ea4⋯.pdf (1.25 MB, 2016-01-17_PROJECT_BLUE_BE….pdf)


Knock yourself out

d3c0ea  No.12133840

File: fe8eb3954ca7ad9⋯.jpg (385.66 KB, 2560x1280, 2:1, architecture-germania.jpg)

What is with all the quads/empty spaces between buildings in Hitler's Germania? There's lots of zigzag shaped buildings, too. Look lie apartments. I can't really find a good representation of what they'd look like and hard to find good images of the entire model of the city. What was his influence for these building shapes? The dome and arches are obvious roman/greek influences, but all the buildings making up the city look odd, especially for the 1930's.

5e5cc7  No.12133870


Empty spaces are for parades and speeches.

40f6c4  No.12133906


Reported for ban evasion and advertising.

fc228f  No.12134068

>>>/abc/ come over

d2d5ff  No.12134369

Is there anywhere online I can find a hitler costume or at least source pieces of said costume?

Looking for embroidered swastikas and ect.

76916a  No.12134415

is 8ch under attack? host delivery is spotty

18038f  No.12134773


Yeah I get long loading times and sometimes I get redirected to a page that says "retry live version."

4f47bf  No.12134914

File: 89624137382bc13⋯.png (820.98 KB, 997x736, 997:736, jew1.PNG)

File: 69834dca6443358⋯.png (13.7 KB, 373x179, 373:179, Jew2.PNG)

File: b92c6cb7e531387⋯.png (718.52 KB, 446x1000, 223:500, 1457194714039.png)

5bf068  No.12135506

Does anyone have that photo of the book that mentions "phila" as relating to democracy? I forgot who the philosopher was. One of the Greeks.


6a9f26  No.12135581

File: 8001911e86541f7⋯.png (286.72 KB, 1443x855, 481:285, moon-position.png)

File: 9bb39047ee7de0f⋯.png (138.64 KB, 585x343, 585:343, gif-still.png)

File: 9acf39291969d94⋯.png (9.7 KB, 1672x926, 836:463, verbotten.png)

File: ac569950377d35e⋯.png (2.11 KB, 418x67, 418:67, anchored-get.png)

File: 11568884008806e⋯.png (12.15 KB, 1665x914, 1665:914, error.png)






But for the FBI to get involved that quick and be so secretive about it, there was a lot of stuff going on up there,” House said. “There was a Blackhawk helicopter, a bunch of people around antennas and work crews on towers but nobody would tell us anything.


251c8f  No.12135749

I don't know where else to ask but how do I tell my brother he's making a mistake going to school for animation? I tried telling him he can learn at home on his own for free. He's incredibly lazy, not willing or motivated to learn new art technique on his own with the endless amount of information on the internet. I want to help him but I can't tell him he's making a mistake. Only the smallest percentage of people make it into an animation studio or make a career out of art, I'm actually disappointed with him, I know chase your dreams and all that bullshit but reality hits when your starving making no money doing what you love.

2e7761  No.12135782


>chase your dreams

No, that’s jewish bullshit. It’s a lie. You have been brainwashed into thinking it’s how people behave. Tell him to do what he is already good at doing, otherwise he’ll just starve to death. You need to reinforce this by cutting him off from you or the rest of your family if he tries to go into ✡animation✡.

6a9f26  No.12135825

File: 8001911e86541f7⋯.png (286.72 KB, 1443x855, 481:285, moon-position.png)

File: 9bb39047ee7de0f⋯.png (138.64 KB, 585x343, 585:343, gif-still.png)

File: b7c54efc26d118b⋯.mp4 (136.47 KB, 370x208, 185:104, sdogif.mp4)




ed3a2c  No.12135860

File: 05dcd3f16afb5dc⋯.jpg (21.01 KB, 136x200, 17:25, why are mods so kiked.JPG)


Who the fuck are these mods?

8a3748  No.12135871


I know this is a very simple argument, and it is seen super clearly to all of us, but how can I convince someone that racism (The unjust treatment of other people, definition), isn't a big fucking deal? Calling people nigger isn't something most people have in their agenda.

6a9f26  No.12135936


that is a very good question anon I hope somebody can answer it but I have a suspicion the mods are in coverup mode and are kikes

aaf80f  No.12135956




Why is a NASA thread bump-locked? we've discussed NASA and happenings for years since 4pol

At least give a reason as to why, faggots

6111bb  No.12136747


If you believe anything Naza says your reproductive organs need to be bump-locked.

2e7761  No.12136754



Your jewish spam doesn’t belong here.

6111bb  No.12136765



You must be referring to the repeating digits in my id

c0dded  No.12136955

Is there a place where I can download just has a shit ton of redpills? My /pol/ USB broke and I need to restock.

c0dded  No.12136958


preferably in the form of info-graphics and shit.

90bd53  No.12137226


Jesus Christ put some fuel in that thing

879e49  No.12137231

File: 3b42d84a20de1db⋯.jpg (109.24 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ct_museum-plantin-moretus.jpg)


If you ever visit a city that existed for more than 500 years youll notice that they all have gardens in their center. Secluded from the streets/outside.

bbb122  No.12137287

Does anyone know where I can find that book of Hitler speeches that Trump supposedly had?

3616b6  No.12137477

How is it not a hate crime for a gay couple to make a christian bakery to make a cake against their will?

2e7761  No.12137553


Because hate crime, by definition, does not exist, and because faggots will simply be exterminated.

98a01f  No.12137611

What does "moonbeams of the Nibelugen ideal" mean in the following sentence from Mein Kampf?

"In the midst of peace, with both emperors pressing kisses of friendship on each other's foreheads, the Czechs made no secret of the fact that this alliance would be done for on the day when an attempt should be made to translate it from the moonbeams of the Nibelungen ideal into practical reality."

426e35  No.12137755

File: e179193cf05f81d⋯.pdf (2.6 MB, Mein Kampf (The Stalag Edi….pdf)

File: decac73c2916ee4⋯.jpg (141.25 KB, 526x792, 263:396, Mein Kampf (The Stalag Edi….jpg)


>The only official English version ever published is the STALAG EDITION.


008708  No.12138055


54bd26  No.12138130


Seems to me that it means their alliance would crumble at the first offer of riches.

Either could be bought, essentially.

05f904  No.12138315


"Moonbeams of Nibelungen ideal" basically means "myth" or "fairy tale" in this sentence. Once the alliance was actually tested, it would crumble.

162387  No.12138386

How much money should I bet that the first person they put on Mars will be a nigger?

4930e3  No.12138503

What are some propaganda books?

Looking to do some work in rising the nationalism in my area and I can't do it with facts and logic because people are retarded. I have the Civil Disturbances Field Manual, but can y'all give me some other ones?

83c48e  No.12138935

File: 2fee6c0c9109d0c⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 950x4100, 19:82, Donald Trump Jewish-Americ….jpg)

File: 529a309a95f3cdb⋯.png (790.3 KB, 950x4200, 19:84, Donald Trump Jewish-Russia….png)

54bd26  No.12140240


Wrong it was a jew

Mark Wahlburg

487870  No.12141099


Hi jew.. His 20+ year history proves that isn't the case.

42d02a  No.12141168

File: c23df3d5847d428⋯.png (419.27 KB, 600x482, 300:241, 940F9576-C52B-435A-8F82-4B….png)

What do you guys think of leftypol? I only look at their board and Pol and I think there can be some kind of unity. Just like Eric Striker and many others, I became a National Socialist through Stalinism and Holodomor denial. Many anti-war leftists and Tankies are more ostensibly on our side than moderate right wing “conservatives” and lolberts, there’s just slight economic differences and a different “enemy” so to speak. There were more former communists who became dedicated NSDAP members and SS/Wehrmacht soldiers than moderate right wing conservatives. Just some food for thought.

d46251  No.12141172


They will find their way here once they get raped by the niggers and spics they associate with.

b6df56  No.12141247

What is(are) the /pol/-approved version(s) of the Bible?

857198  No.12141328

Al-Jazeera; reliable news source or not?

95e6df  No.12141394


Fuck off joan.

95e6df  No.12141407


Reminder sperg, you will never be white.

fa8323  No.12141553


Probably because it's not breaking any laws.




If you have any sympathies toward communism, get your loose ass away from the right wing.

48410c  No.12141588

Where did all the original /pol/ posters go to? This place is a joke

747c0f  No.12141600


I know of a few that simply stopped posting without really going anywhere.

Started after the election with reddit flooding in.

bb8659  No.12141796

File: 4a5fc40d27a4427⋯.jpeg (5.85 KB, 217x253, 217:253, ffd1ca8625a5b95cf3412b330….jpeg)

Please join me in making dating profiles of kikes like this,(pic related) seeking goy wifes, redpilling wamen on this horrible people.

7df3ab  No.12142030


it's way too obvious

bb8659  No.12142305



Hi i am Shlomo Goldberg.

I'm 38 years old and work as a lawyer/swindler.

I'm looking for a blond goy wife between 13 and 16 years old.

Obvius?,, iii don't think so :^)

2fb785  No.12142368


Thank you.

0cfa84  No.12142544

File: 43bf0c34a100a96⋯.png (474.47 KB, 1894x3477, 1894:3477, Alex Linder C.I.A. Nicarag….png)

File: 909b56485a9649f⋯.png (390.45 KB, 2560x3386, 1280:1693, Don Black C.I.A. Nicaragua….png)


>His 20+ year history proves that isn't the case.

Au contraire, WNigger. His 30+ year history proves that is in fact the case.

Alex Linder was writing articles while at Pomona College pushing pro-Nicaraguan Contra CIA propaganda during the mid 1980's, exactly like how CIA agent / Stormfront founder Don Black was pushing the identical views during the same time period.

And after Alex Linder graduated from Pomona College, he went straight to work for CIA officer Thomas L. Phillips at his CIA / Regnery connected publishing company Phillips Publishing.

These are two definitively incriminating facts which I just recently discovered (last week).







34d82c  No.12142558

I am looking for an old collection of posts describing the whole net neutrality thing in the USA and the governments overall agenda for doing it and why it had happened.

It was fairly long and at one point referenced that Bill Clinton was a rapist.

It was in opposition to the proposed net neutrality laws.

0cfa84  No.12142566


Here you go:


0cfa84  No.12142579


>Al-Jazeera; reliable news source or not?

Al Jazeera is a CIA front.

Al Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar.

Qatar is a CIA/Pentagon puppet state. The largest US military base in the Middle East is located in Qatar.

34d82c  No.12142601


Nah they were from here.

0cfa84  No.12142660


>Nah they were from here.

That's what I said.


28ec4a  No.12143288

if all the gold stolen by kikes to pay sand niggers to form greater israel totalled trillions of dollars, why didn't israel just offer to give assad that money for the golan heights region?

it seems like it would have been cheaper and they would have saved some shekels

000000  No.12143354


>Qatar is a CIA/Pentagon puppet state.

along with Iran and NoKo. Can we have a full list?



Massive decline even since "Liberation Day".

2e7761  No.12143381


Reddit controls this website now. They’re capable of getting mods removed for refuting their civic nationalist spam. There are very few /pol/acks left.

18038f  No.12143523


>>12141588 (checked)

I mean when you mean civic nationalists, it's those who say "give more land to shitskins." Right? I mean I've seen a few people advocate for global domination and I'm not sure if you're refering to those as the "original" /pol/acks.

49c0ac  No.12143561


Civnats pretend that there is no genetic component to a nation. Nation, from the Latin nationem–which means birth, origin, breed, stock, kind, species, race of people, tribe–IS INHERENTLY GENETIC. Civic nationalists say spics, niggers, chinks, dune coons, and all others can live side by side with whites in the same country under the same laws.

This is what reddit believes. It contrasts with objective reality–ethnonationalism (which is a word that doesn’t technically need to exist, except jews have necessitated the delineation since they use ’nation’ to mean civnat)–in that only homogenous nations (white nations) can survive and prosper.

18038f  No.12143744


That's the spirit. Ethnonationalism for all races. If only Israel can stop being hypocritical.

98599f  No.12143805

I'm looking for the graphic with Rockwell's speech at the Church of Islam.

380764  No.12143966

Anybody got that screencap explaining why leftists always talk like babies when responding to something they don't like.

>Example: Lul tumpz iz coolz!

37a0cd  No.12144017

Does anyone have rebuttals of "holocaust denial debunk" pics? Aka, counter-arguments of the counter-arguments.

4ef3b5  No.12144051


Just state the facts. Read The Leuchter Report and become knowledgeable enough on the subject that you could teach it to a child. If someone tries to "debunk" you, state the facts again.

That's the cool thing about facts. They don't change. Truth will out.

40f6c4  No.12144275


Why are you still here, thezog, if you hate the site and its userbase so much?

cb6285  No.12144596

0a2822  No.12144696

What year was 911 hatched? How many parties conspired?

49c0ac  No.12144714



February 1982

>how many parties

For 9/11? Three, minimum. Israel for the plan, Saudi Arabia (which is run by a jewish royal family) for funding, and the US (government) for complicity in standing down defenses.


cb6285  No.12144730

File: c9094040572e984⋯.jpg (78.54 KB, 975x426, 325:142, oWkmg1k.jpg)


Also try keywords:


>Here's what C.Mattogno has to say about open air cremation using the picture below :

>The pile in the center, consisting of red pine logs about 2 meters long with an average diameter of about 12 centimeters, was about 30 meters long and had an average height of approximately 2.5 meters. Its estimated weight is about 100 tons sufficient for the cremation of about 330 corpses. The cremation of the alleged 169,000 corpses would have required about 500 piles like this, or a stack of the same height but a length of 15 kilometers !

>Even worse, 1005 aktion cremations in many cases would have been made in Ukrainian farmer areas where trees were far away from these regions.


cb6285  No.12144746

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Have at it


0a2822  No.12144815



Good resources thank you for sharing.

In 1990 the best spy plane ever built, SR71 Black bird was decommissioned. It had been shot at before when flying over Israel. The plane had a perfect flight record. Crazy to shut it down.

In 1993 the WTC was attacked as some kind of precursor. It was filled with non-flammable R12. It was replaced with flammable R134. But only flammable at temp of airline fuel happens to burn at. With aspestos gone, there there would be nothing to stop it.

In the 1970s plane hijackings were common.

I knew of a saudi guy that talked about finding a full size commercial plane in the middle of the desert when he was riding his atv. Sounds like it was there for training.

0cfa84  No.12144863


Christopher Bollyn is a second generation CIA operative. Every 9/11 "Truth" figure is an intelligence operative. 9/11 "Truth" is a CIA cult.

0a2822  No.12144944


There were also reports of handlers that escorted the underwear bomber to the airport and made sure he boarded.

Sounds like the guy unsurprisingly purposely botched his job, instead of blowing his crotch off.

They got their porno airport scanners any ways.

bd5ade  No.12144973


Thanks Anon.


Stay away from Schofield. Avoid it. It has permeated almost every iteration of Bible in publication.


0a2822  No.12145227

File: 35529caa48b684e⋯.jpg (17.11 KB, 300x380, 15:19, 2017010143donaldtrumpwills….jpg)


Older Catholic Bibles like the Duoey Rheims with the Septugian books. The BC jews had those books in their torah but the AD synagague of satan fake jews took them out. Why? There are multiple verses that point to Christ indisputably as the Messiah. Many other reasons.

Read the book of Wisdom and the Wisdom of Sira. Lot of great nuggets of truth, that help you make every day life choices.

358140  No.12145378

/leftypol/turds are still giant faggots, as to be expected. I remember them claiming to be against (((capitalism))) while comparing it to fascism and natsoc as if both third positions aren't against (((capitalism))), too. They also claim only the Zionist Jews are bad because they are "fake Jews who don't follow true Judaism". I wonder what will happen to their broken minds once we flood their board with Talmudic speeches that completely BTFO's that false marxist kike-invented argument?

Also they really do embrace Jews being the leaders of the (((Soviet Union))), so much so they claimed it was "racist pan-Europeanism" that kicked the Jews out of Europe, lel. As for the "anti-Zionist" leftards in (((universities))), it turns out their movements are run by American Jews who only merely pretend to side with the useful idiots, like Noam Chomsky. Because they know they're only good for pushing anti-White sentiment into the mainstream.

And one last one thing, I don't know why leftyniggers and Western commies in general would ever support open borders and oppose border militarization when countries like North Korea and Venezuela ACTUALLY HAVE border militarization. How is that ANY different from protecting YOUR border from illegals?!

JUST HOW FUCKING RETARDED ARE THEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Sage because of pointless rant on the obvious. But still, these questions need to be finally thoroughly answered.

cb6285  No.12145399


The first man interviewed, supposedly Linder, doesn't sound like him (?) Not to take a stance on the man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQir9gc04RM

cb6285  No.12145405


You've been posting random material (including spamming the Breitbart link) in the thread, taking your words on anything with a grain of salt (check his post history in this thread).

08270f  No.12145496


Weren't you a Bollyn superfan on /new/? What changed?

d46251  No.12145566



2c7438  No.12145598



anomaly? i'm the exact same way and i live in a predominantly conservative area, yet i still hear from my brother that kids on his bus are tranny furries. i would honestly just prefer him getting bullied and called fag like when i rode the bus just because i befriended the other kid who already got bullied and called fag, rather than him being surrounded by mentally ill faggots. where the fuck do i find true conservatives? please don't say church...

2c7438  No.12145600


guess it's worth mentioning i didn't begin my descent into conservatism until after 18, so all my friends were certified shitlibs

42d02a  No.12145639

File: 1723bdd39ef8202⋯.jpeg (90.38 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, E713B1B8-1A9C-4F00-AAB0-9….jpeg)


You didn’t even sage properly and your arguments against leftypol are typical right wing strawmen. We actually do oppose both Zionism and capitalism, we just happen to understand that it’s not all MUHHHH JOOOOOOOZ but mainly a Jewish and white western elite that is destroying the entire world as we know it through internationalism and neoliberalism.

c4ec34  No.12145676

File: a26ff13e47dfd28⋯.png (89.93 KB, 512x360, 64:45, 1263551811680.png)


>saging a sticky

>can't even sage properly anyway

>strawmanning this hard

/leftypol/ are certainly faggots, but for very different reasons than you list. Splitting hairs I guess, but still - know thy enemy.


>no TRUE socialist

yeah okay, /leftypol/ is a bastion of faggotry and elitist retards. It's also a psyop used to divide & conquer, although it serves us pretty well as a containment board (albeit unintentionally).

The issue with leftism (and creating an entire board for it) is that it defines itself on its "not"isms.

>Leftism is not capitalism!

>Leftism is not globalism!

>Leftism is not this, and not that, and certainly not those other things!

It's a bunch of fucking nothing that was created in order to hide the true intentions of a couple devious jews during the Industrial Revolution (retarded jews, at that, because they failed to bring about the revolutions they so desperately wanted). Leftism relies upon being the "other"; the "separate", the "different", etc. It is inherently contradictory to any form of order or stability - so, naturally, whenever leftists get into power, utter fucking chaos happens and then truly malevolent people seize power. Every fucking time, without fail. You can call Hitler an EVIL NAZI TERRIBLE GENOCIDAL MANIAC who BROUGHT GERMANY TO ITS KNEES or whatever all you want, but he had genuine support from Germany, Austria, and others all the way 'til the end. Can you really say the Venezuelan citizens want what's happening to their country right now?

4aa6d0  No.12145683



>muh strawman

<we just happen to understand that it’s not all MUHHHH JOOOOOOOZ but mainly a Jewish and white western elite

So you're saying it's still the Jews and their shabbos goy race traitors? Also spoiler all of your degenerate MK Ultra-tier images next time, newnormalfaggot. Anyone who still thinks only the high ranking Jewish ones are the problem need to read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The International Jew, The Matzah of Zion and the Talmud itself ASAP. Otherwise, leftycunt infiltrators like you don't belong here and have absolutely no actual potential for spiritual improvement (if you soulless commie fucks ever had any).

c4ec34  No.12145690


Notice that when people openly criticize religion, they never bring up judaism - despite containing far worse teachings than Christianity or even Islam.

I despise all abrahamic religions, but each for individual and different reasons. Judaism is the root of all of them, so naturally I despise it as a religion the most.

4aa6d0  No.12145717


Every "atheist" I've seen like The Amazing Banana Man claimed the idea that religion is what made Hitler do the six gorillion, too bad it didn't even happen though. By this logic, you'd think he would realize Judaism approves the killing of any non-Jews which is what happened during the Soviet Union.

c4ec34  No.12145748

File: 3f8deb449c4d8b6⋯.jpg (25.53 KB, 393x391, 393:391, 1384044533891.jpg)


>he still believes in the left-right dichotomy

74aba8  No.12145757


whats the deal with the blitz against alex jones? I've seen countless threads on 4plebs about him being controlled op, zionist etc. Now that he's effectively banned off all social media why are they continuing to demonize him? im even seeing vids on jewtube about how terrible he is. I just dont understand why they'd keep on attacking him if their goal was just to "deplatform" him.

It seems to me that their tactics are that of a long term sustained campaign thats just beginning.

inb4 shills and faggots calling me or AJ a faggot or shill or whatever. Dont want to hear from you.

49c0ac  No.12145761


>every single image from a mobile device is a jewish tracker i said so that makes it true

>watch me spam every thread with my derailing

Fuck off, paid jewish shill.

cb6285  No.12145763


Yeah filtered

c4ec34  No.12145770


>A man relatively dismayed with the Catholic church


>An ethno-cult that's existed for thousands of years

<they weren't REAL jews, nothing to see there

Sounds about right.

49c0ac  No.12145775


>whats the deal with the blitz against alex jones?

Jewish media is deplatforming their controlled opposition in an attempt to get people to follow it rather than the truth.

>why are they continuing to demonize him?

What do you mean? ALL of his advertisers are jew-owned companies.

>im even seeing vids on jewtube about how terrible he is

Yeah, and?

>inb4 shills and faggots calling me or AJ a faggot or shill or whatever. Dont want to hear from you.

<I don’t want to hear anything that hurts my feelings even if it’s true

Then leave.

cb6285  No.12145791


Sure there's the continued "social media take on issue x" tirade as well. I believe that Jones was martyred to strenghten him possibly?

Just like the jewish media pushes narrative stories synchronically, this deplatforming was synchronized and for a purpose.

cb6285  No.12145798

File: 5c386e8682110c7⋯.webm (13.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, If The World Were Full of….webm)


>the name of that Russian soldier/poet that refused to participate in any of the rapes because it crushed his soul and it was so unethical?

Seconding this request

74aba8  No.12145803


>Jewish media is deplatforming their controlled opposition in an attempt to get people to follow it rather than the truth

to get people to follow the MSM or the controlled op? Either way AJ is how i began to become redpilled to begin with back in the late 2000's when i'd stumble upon his youtube vids.infowars is by far the most influential alt media operation out there.

to be honest, the cuck republican party is going to try to hone trump back in after the dems steal the election next month anyway so the disinfo angle never really resonated with me tbh.

74aba8  No.12145832


>this deplatforming was synchronized and for a purpose.

of coruse it was, It was a blatant operation combining google, apple, facebook and all the other silicon valley faggots.

My point is, they've completely gotten away with it.

Sure AJ screamed and yelled in DC but thats it. Theres zero repercussions for them deplatforming him, and they knew thered be none. They realized he was the most vocal person gaining support and redpilling people so they cut him out of all internet platforms and got away with it.

49c0ac  No.12145840


>to get people to follow the MSM or the controlled op?

Either or. That’s what controlled opposition is. Those more inclined to follow the MSM are placated by the ban, entrenching themselves in their jewish propaganda. Normalfags who were on the fence about following EITHER us or alex jones look at the deplatforming and think “Well, if he wasn’t real, he wouldn’t be censored!” and they abandon us (because they didn’t know how this shit works). It’s a win-win for jews.

>Either way AJ is how i began to become redpilled to begin with

That’s admirable, but you should understand that your experience is the minority.

>to be honest, the cuck republican party is going to try to hone trump back in

What’s to reel in? Trump does everything Israel says, refuses to follow US law, refuses to deport anyone, refuses to arrest anyone, refuses to build a wall (which is irrelevant without deportations anyway), and denounces white nationalism while cheering on niggers and spics. He’s a zionist neoconservative civic nationalist AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN. He lied to get elected, is all.

>after the dems steal the election next month anyway so the disinfo angle never really resonated with me tbh.

The only disinformation is the lie that Trump was ever on our side.

74aba8  No.12145862


>The only disinformation is the lie that Trump was ever on our side.

im not as blackpilled as you are but i'll bite. if you're right then where do you see this going? Cause nobody cares about him being censored and the big techs got away scot free so obviously things haven't hit rock bottom yet.

49c0ac  No.12145878


>im not as blackpilled as you are but i’ll bite.

<all truth i don’t like is blackpilling

There’s nothing to bite. It’s fact.

>if you’re right then where do you see this going?

South Africa, but everywhere.

>Cause nobody cares about him being censored and the big techs got away scot free so obviously things haven’t hit rock bottom yet.


It CANNOT get any worse. Either dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed or you personally, in your own life and in your own mind, admit that the jews have already beaten you.

74aba8  No.12145918


>South Africa, but everywhere.

I think south africa itself will become a proxy for what will come. Only if the boers start fighting back.

i really hope something kicks off because its the only chance the west has of surviving. The left has shown how batshit they are, they have the fake polls out once again although i think they're gonna steal the election. The midterm may not errupt into violence, but when they steal 2020 i think that could.

707b2d  No.12145959


>Reddit controls this place now.

That is why I hardly see them on here or hardly see anyone promoting civic nationalism or else there would've been major arguments in nigger threads, this would be true if it was on cuckchan, but even then the majority accepts race realism.

49c0ac  No.12146000


>That is why I hardly see them on here

Nice anecdote.

1. Lurk more.

2. You’re clearly lying.

3. Fuck off.

>or hardly see anyone promoting civic nationalism

Look harder.

>or else there would’ve been major arguments in nigger threads

Look harder.

>even then the majority accepts race realism.

Except that’s banned on every board except /b/. Who gives a shit about cuckchan?

48410c  No.12146161


Australia is a party based politics you dumb nigger, you vote for the party not the faggot taking photos

48410c  No.12146163

So there isn't a magical site where all the old /pol/ posters have fled to. Sad.

707b2d  No.12146183


Here and different /pol/

c4ec34  No.12146224


That's not even a question, you dolt

>being this blackpilled

lmao @ ur life

e96cb6  No.12146261

File: ef8f962c8a9a008⋯.png (171.07 KB, 724x290, 362:145, jewish holidays and what t….png)

Could someone comment on this? I don't know much about the jewish holidays.

15f31c  No.12146915

File: dfe8fb69cc7669c⋯.jpeg (7.94 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images_(1).jpeg)

What the fuck is up with the pajeet spammer? I think It might be some kind of sophisticated government bot LARPing as an Indian because they're well known to act subhuman online so it won't bring as much attention than let's say someone of another group. The poo isn't real. Heck, the pics might even be computer generated. Probably to test the reactions in a jewy social experiment. That's why the mods don't delete this shit thread in an instant.

2359a8  No.12146932



Only reliable if you want to know what Israel has been doing lately, other times they would either shill for "refugees" without acknowledging the fact that it lets in a lot of (((ISIS))) members into Europe to create mass terrorism out on the public. Most of the times their political opinions are usually either Marxist but liberalist and "centrist" opinions are not uncommon, either. They even have a "Mueller Probe" section on their website because you outta know dose damn doity Rush-in bastid spies are at it again goy, gotta trust me this time.

I remember that website claiming Alt-Kike political figures like Dicky Spencer and Milo Yiannopoulus are somehow "anti-Semitic Zionists" even though one of them doesn't even truly hate the kikes and the other is a kike himself who loves interracial orgies. I still don't fucking know what they meant by that retarded phrase but apparently it's because "anti-Zionist Jews" exist so this totally means Zionism is not part of Judaism and Jewry as a whole. This is pretty much the embodiment of a certain Marxist Jew narrative. By claiming the other Jewish faction (Zionism) is the one and only bad kind of Jewry while also claiming your Jewish faction (Bolshevism) will be the one to stop it.

d17297  No.12147273


I can’t argue against your point that nudity is inherently sexual, it is. As for the popular shift in values, we’ve been subjected to nudity and sexuality since the earliest stages of our youth. Boys are shown that they don’t need to interact to achieve sexual pleasure (debasing masculinity) and girls are taught that they aren’t adequately equipped to be with men unless they debase themselves with oversexualization. We’ve obviously fallen to the point of achieving little gratifications for our most basic instincts and socialized to ruin ourselves for gratification.

What I mean to say is, just because these are popular trends doesn’t prove they are good by any means.

The more saddening thought is; without sexual exclusivity and offering yourself sexually (by means of exposure in social media, etc.), are these people even capable of love?

49c0ac  No.12147410

File: 64750069e09744c⋯.jpg (365.98 KB, 1223x1541, 1223:1541, Chastity.jpg)

File: a27cc4f81f3343b⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 4920x4161, 1640:1387, Chstity.jpg)


>without sexual exclusivity… are these people even capable of love

Well, we know the answer to that question. No. We’ve proven it scientifically.

d46251  No.12147418


jews are anti-human

it can all be summed up in those 3.5 words.

d46251  No.12147423



if you weren't invited, sorry.

d46251  No.12147443


get us some of that Soros funding and we'll give you your God Damned revolution. Don't know why he's been fucking around with weak leftist bitches instead of mobilizing people who can actually get something done?

71c72c  No.12147510


>In 1993 the WTC was attacked as some kind of precursor.

Well, would you look at that. One of the /pol/ mods or possibly Code Monkey himself deleted my reply to your post about CIA mass shooter black ops. Hmm, I wonder why?

71c72c  No.12147539


Here is what my now deleted post said:

>In 1993 the WTC was attacked as some kind of precursor.

Guess who was peripherally involved in the 1993 WTC bombing? Siraj Wahhaj, Sr. Siraj Wahhaj, Sr. is a CIA operative / FBI informant, and his son Siraj Wahhaj, Jr. is a mentally ill wind up toy patsy.

This situation is precisely parallel to that of CIA operative / FBI informant Seddique Mateen and his mentally ill wind up toy patsy son Omar Mateen.

Isn't it fascinating how the CIA repeatedly uses the same techniques in its mass shooter black operations?

71c72c  No.12147595


>The first man interviewed, supposedly Linder, doesn't sound like him

You've obviously never seen a picture of Alex Linder before and have no idea what he looks like. And yes, it does sound like him, exactly.

71c72c  No.12147682


>whats the deal with the blitz against alex jones? I've seen countless threads on 4plebs about him being controlled op, zionist etc. Now that he's effectively banned off all social media why are they continuing to demonize him? im even seeing vids on jewtube about how terrible he is. I just dont understand why they'd keep on attacking him if their goal was just to "deplatform" him.

It's called "negative promotion," a tactic the (CIA controlled) American news media has used to boost (CIA operative) Alex Jones' social profile for the past 20+ years.

d3c0ea  No.12147885


Rosh Hashanah

(Yom Terah)

This is the two-day festival that celebrates the beginning of the new year according to the jewish calendar.

An integral part of the festivities is the blowing of the Shofar, usually a ram's horn, which is sounded one hundred times: one of the verses that this symbolises in the Torah is Numbers 10:9, which calls the jews to war against anyone who opposes them with the direct implication that, as per the commandments in the Torah relating to the Canaanites and Amalekites, the jews are to exterminate their opponents mercilessly as those who oppose the jews are, as Maimonides tells us in his 'Mishneh Torah', the embodiment of the spirit of Amalek and their King Agag.

In addition to this murderous narrative: the blowing of the Shofar is usually believed to symbolize the commitment of Abraham in his willingness to offer his son, Isaac, as a burnt human sacrifice to Yahweh on Mount Moriah.

The Symbolism of Murder in the Jewish Religious Holidays

It is a little known fact about Judaism that over half of its religious holidays celebrate either human sacrifice or the mass murder of gentiles. It speaks to the staggering scale of the cognitive dissonance that surrounds Judaism that this obvious and easy-to-check fact (as well as the well-known caste basis on which non-Reform Judaism rests) seems to have missed most modern commentators by.

For the sake of making the reading public more aware of this fact I have summarized the murderous basis of Judaism's religious festivals (with the exception of the glorified fertility/harvest festivals of Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, Tu Bishvat and Shavu'ot as well as the celebration of the selection of Israel as the 'chosen' of Yahweh: Simchat Torah [none of which are very important in terms of ritual observance or meaning in Judaism]) below:

Rosh Hashanah

(Yom Terah)

This is the two-day festival that celebrates the beginning of the new year according to the jewish calendar.

An integral part of the festivities is the blowing of the Shofar, usually a ram's horn, which is sounded one hundred times: one of the verses that this symbolises in the Torah is Numbers 10:9, which calls the jews to war against anyone who opposes them with the direct implication that, as per the commandments in the Torah relating to the Canaanites and Amalekites, the jews are to exterminate their opponents mercilessly as those who oppose the jews are, as Maimonides tells us in his 'Mishneh Torah', the embodiment of the spirit of Amalek and their King Agag.

In addition to this murderous narrative: the blowing of the Shofar is usually believed to symbolize the commitment of Abraham in his willingness to offer his son, Isaac, as a burnt human sacrifice to Yahweh on Mount Moriah.

Yom Kippur

(Day of Atonement)

This is the holiest day in the jewish religious calendar and is a celebration of animal sacrifice in atonement for the sins of the Israelites. Its central object is to absolve the jews of sin via the medium of animal sacrifices and pray for the swift return of burnt offerings in a rebuilt Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.

During the services the infamous Kol Nidre (lit. 'All Vows') prayer is said, which absolves jews of all promises and oaths made to non-jews (although this does not apply to oaths made to fellow jews) and allows them to be ritually and legally absolved of any ties to those considered as unclean in Judaism (i.e. non-jews).

Whilst just before Yom Kippur the 'sin offering' of a cockerel is made by the jewish individual swinging said cockerel round their head for several minutes while it is still alive before then proceeding to slit its throat and then pray as its lifeblood spurts out. This is a ritual called Kapparot. The cockerel is held to be vessel by which all the individual jew's sins are transferred and then absolved by the killing of the same.

The cockerel itself is held to be a symbolic sacrifice of a human male because the Hebrew word for 'man' ('geber') is the same as the word for 'cockerel'. It has been suggested, most notably by von Leers, that this 'sin offering' is the basis for historical reports of groups of highly religious jews committing ritual murders in and around the time of Yom Kippur.


(Festival of Lights)

This is the best-known of all jewish religious holidays (often referred to as the jewish version of Christmas) but what is not widely-known is that it represents the rededication of the second Temple of Solomon following the mass murder of Greeks, Syrians and non-jewish Palestinians by jewish religious terrorists in the Maccabean revolt as well as the forced mass circumcision of boys and men and the subsequent failure of the (Greek) Seleucid Empire to quash the revolt successfully due to the untimely death of the Seleucid king: Antiochus IV.

71c72c  No.12147886


It's probably US Military Intelligence or Special Ops. WN discussion forums and social media are the primary testing grounds for their various psychological operations.

d46251  No.12147893

File: 3e1e1d31ddec96d⋯.mp4 (7.53 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jonestein_israel_shilling.mp4)

d3c0ea  No.12147898

File: df3ddd500aaa360⋯.jpg (143.02 KB, 1024x655, 1024:655, jewsCaricatureBrook911Girl.jpg)




Of all the murder-related symbolism of jewish religious festivals: the association of Purim with mass murder is the best known. The Purim festival, as related in the book of Esther, is celebrated to honour Mordechai and Esther who contrived to trick the Persian King Ahasuerus first into having ministers Bigsan and Teresh hanged for a supposed 'plot' to commit regicide.

Then King Ahasuerus honours Mordechai for 'exposing' the ministerial 'plot', takes Esther to be his mistress (not realising she is a jewess and annoying his loyal wife, Vashti, in the process) and appoints a courtier called Haman to be his new chief minister. Haman convinces King Ahasuerus of a, probably very real, conspiracy of the jews (especially Mordechai) against him and receives the permission of the king to cleanse Persia of the jews once and for all.

Mordechai and Esther come to hear of this and after a bit of fasting and prayer: they both go to a feast held by Haman inviting the king to attend in the process. During the feast Mordechai deliberately provokes Haman by not showing him even the most basic forms of politeness, which causes Haman to secretly order that Mordechai is to be hanged that very night.

Esther, ready for this, plies the king with sweet words and her sexual charms while reminding him of the service done to him by Mordechai in 'exposing' the ministerial 'plot' of Bigsan and Teresh, while also revealing that she is herself is jewish and that unless Ahasuerus does something then she will be killed along with the rest of the jews.

Ahasuerus in a height of sexual passion allows Esther and Mordechai to write their own royal decree that will save the jews (as the other decree cannot be rescinded in time), which is that Haman, his sons and all the enemies of the jews throughout Persia should be exterminated by the jews. This Ahasuerus duly signs into law and the jews (apparently prepared beforehand) immediately begin rampaging across Persia mass-murdering some 75,000 'enemies of the jewish people' in a day, while Mordechai and Esther gleefully watch as Haman and his ten sons are hanged from the gallows that they had prepared for the jews.

Mordechai then becomes King Ahasuerus' chief minister and ordains that the day this occurred shall forever be observed as a day of joy and remembrance among the jews. This day became the annual jewish religious festival of Purim.

On this day observant jews are commanded to get drunk, are told about how their ancestors 'righteously' mass-murdered non-jews and eat special pastries (Hamantashen) that represent the body parts of Haman. It is also around and on the festival Purim that jews have frequently attacked non-jewish religious processions and services (this is particularly so in Christian countries because Purim and Easter are often in close proximity to one another): this is also a common occurrence in modern Israel.

A common form of such attack is to steal the consecrated wafers from Christian churches and desecrate them: another is to urinate and/or defecate on Christian religious symbols such as crosses and crucifixes. In one notorious incident, for example, a jewish merchant purchased a statue of the Virgin Mary and placed it in the cesspit of his outhouse: directly under the hole so that every time he urinated or defecated he would do so on the Virgin Mary.

There are also suggestions by some scholars, notably Horowitz, that violent anti-gentile acts committed by jews in and around Purim are related to some of the historical reports the ritual murder of non-jews by jews.



Pesach, is, like Chanukkah, one of the best-known of the jewish religious holidays and given its well-known Biblical basis it is surprising that many people do not connect the fact that it celebrates the 'passing over of the angel of death' to kill the first-born of the non-jewish families resident in Egypt so that Pharaoh would 'set the jews free'.

In other words: the jews on Pesach are celebrating the fact that Yahweh murdered tens if not hundreds of thousands of innocent non-jewish children, because of the decisions of their ruler.

In memory of this mass-murder of non-jews: each observant jewish family sacrifices a prize lamb or kid on the eve of Passover so that they re-enact the slaughtering of the lambs and kids whose blood was daubed on the doors/door posts of jewish dwellings to inform the angel of death that those living within were jews not non-jews.

Sefirat HaOmer

(Counting the Omer)

This is the verbal counting of the 49 days between the festivals of Pesach and Shavu'ot: it is generally a time of mourning during which jews are forbidden to have haircuts. However on the 33rd day of the counting (Lag B'Omer) the jews celebrate a massacre of non-jews that was committed by them during their attempt at world conquest that was the Bar Kochba revolt in 132 AD (more on that below).

d3c0ea  No.12147905

File: a79cb83b5b460c0⋯.png (411.02 KB, 786x956, 393:478, jewsHateChristiansDestroyH….png)



Tisha B'Av

This is a fast day in Judaism that is for the remembrance of the destruction of the first and second Temples in Jerusalem: it is also the day on which jews remember their failed international conspiracy to rise up throughout the Roman Empire (which resulted in large numbers of non-jewish deaths as far abroad as Libya, Egypt, Turkey and Cyprus [there is also some evidence that the jews were to also revolt in Rome at the same time]). Lead by their 'messiah' Simon bar Kochba, who was endorsed by the main jewish religious leader of that time Rabbi Akiva (the author of the Zohar according to various jewish legends), they attempted to fulfill the 'prophecy' of the 'new Elijah' and engage in world conquest aided by the hand of Yahweh.

Tisha B'Av especially remembers the 100,000 jews that the Romans killed in 132 AD because of this failure to successfully kill enough non-jews to facilitate this program of world conquest.

71c72c  No.12147961

File: 30fb10d07c95404⋯.png (402.7 KB, 1718x1175, 1718:1175, 'Karl Radl' - 'Victates' B….png)


That's factually true, but just be aware that the guy who wrote that text you copy/pasted ("Karl Radl" / "Victates") is a British military intelligence psyop agent. (The "2508" at the end of his post is a coded reference to NATO psychological operations).

0f63d3  No.12148584


I thought they all went to edgy chan anon… Why do you lie?

37d41b  No.12148586


I take back my words, it does actually look like him, just more ragged with that t-shirt etc.

703e3e  No.12148865


816b09  No.12149112

File: a8b2c639071ddbb⋯.jpeg (23.36 KB, 390x389, 390:389, josef mengele.jpeg)


Quick rundown of this lad and how much of his supposed experiments were jewish propaganda.

d3c0ea  No.12149154


He was a doctor at the camp. There were no experiments.

816b09  No.12149183


So not even the things like twin measurements? What did he do at the camp exactly?

e27f41  No.12149257

File: fdf66d549fbb2af⋯.png (98.21 KB, 828x828, 1:1, 6.png)

I have orientation for my new job it's set up on this Saturday morning but I don't know exactly the time and every time I call they say they'll call me later. What should I do?

37d41b  No.12149276

File: 77816991911d788⋯.png (2.51 MB, 703x12770, 703:12770, Joseph Mengele- How Jews c….png)




On the myth created about him:



>No one personifies the "evils of the Nazis" more than Dr. Josef Mengele. I have collected a number of materials about Mengele over the years including one of his published essays and his SS personnel records which show that he himself contracted typhus while at Auschwitz. He was a thoroughly decent and admirable man in every respect whose principal shortcoming was his choice of a name. I never came across even the vaguest shred of documentation that he ever conducted any atrocious procedures or experiments anywhere, ever. The case against him is all blah-blah from the likes of Ada Bimko and Eva Kor and Irene Zisblatt! It is incredible how Mengele has been vilified entirely on the basis of such blah-blah. Shame on the press and "scholars" for being so vile and stupid.


>Surely, Mengele must have kept some notes and even notebooks to record data from his "experiments?" It is so amazing that NOT one shred of such notes has ever been shown. I suspect Mengele did examine twins which is rather common to try to find features that were genetic in origin rather than developmental,– but this did not involve much more than visual inspections and possibly blood samples.

>I have no doubt that there are many records at Auschwitz and perhaps Moscow of things Mengele was really doing at Auschwitz–but they will not serve the hoax and must, therefore, remain hidden indefinitely.

aaf80f  No.12149309


Makes sense that we will never kno what really was at the heart of mengele's actual experimentation, like that town in brazil where every woman always births twins or something

37d41b  No.12149375


>what really was at the heart of mengele's actual experimentation,

What do you refer to with that, is that based on another lie about him?


Well doing doctor things. Taking measurements at a doctor's office is normal (I'm not sure to which lie "twin measurements" refers to)

aaf80f  No.12149395


Please read the entire post and dont take a small bit out of context

What I mean is that we will never really know what went on with the Dr


bb8659  No.12149456



d46251  No.12149535


Ask what time they open and show up then

7c9c05  No.12149786

File: 6c24ce6435f77d4⋯.jpeg (172.42 KB, 554x554, 1:1, BB76F3EB-86FD-467F-8D0F-2….jpeg)


The even more upsetting part, anon. I know these stats.. I’m only trying to find a way to save these women from what the Jews have done to them.

It was Weimar whores that mothered the Reich while wanting something better for posterity than they had for themselves.

Mr. Bond gives me some feels when he says “…it hurts so bad, I would die for them.”

37d41b  No.12149804


I did and I asked because I didn't know what you referred to. Now I recall that study in Brazil from that article.

e96cb6  No.12150208

File: 266949123e6f93c⋯.jpg (34.79 KB, 404x404, 1:1, try again.jpg)


>This is the best-known of all jewish religious holidays (often referred to as the jewish version of Christmas) but what is not widely-known is that it represents the rededication of the second Temple of Solomon following the mass murder of Greeks, Syrians and non-jewish Palestinians by jewish religious terrorists in the Maccabean revolt as well as the forced mass circumcision of boys and men and the subsequent failure of the (Greek) Seleucid Empire to quash the revolt successfully due to the untimely death of the Seleucid king: Antiochus IV.


>Pesach, is, like Chanukkah, one of the best-known of the jewish religious holidays and given its well-known Biblical basis it is surprising that many people do not connect the fact that it celebrates the 'passing over of the angel of death' to kill the first-born of the non-jewish families resident in Egypt so that Pharaoh would 'set the jews free'.

The more you know… thanks.

44e5c5  No.12150326

I can't find any footage of australian aborigines doing stupid shit on youtube because google's censoring it, can anyone here hook me up?

bd6441  No.12150379


dont use google to search. At least use duckduckgo, you should find it

8e0c88  No.12150392

Does Chang refers to people hired by chinese gov or just chinese posters?

707b2d  No.12150400


How was it jewish disinformation?

fe4997  No.12150426


It promotes the Hitler myth

ac999b  No.12150616

File: e9559ded40a4929⋯.gif (101.56 KB, 657x527, 657:527, merica.gif)

Is there a name for the belief in traditional Italian Fascism, plus the ethnic cleansing that comes with Nazism? I believe that we need to save the Aryan race while also retaining a traditional class hierarchy.

44e5c5  No.12150621


yeah, its called national socialism

ac999b  No.12150657


national socialism includes the removal of social classes in favor of ranking society purely by race, I believe that we still need social classes while also saving the white race

37d41b  No.12150673


Does it need to be on YouTube? https://www.liveleak.com/browse?q=aboriginal&sort_by=views


Its genuine events.. The seizures of property, the ransom paid etc.

37d41b  No.12150678


There is natural hierarchy, no social classes (synthetic, degenerative).

2cf017  No.12150740


>Vote as if your life depends on it in November.

I hate votefags so much.

a60fec  No.12151308

What do I do pol? I'm a soon to be 25 y/o and flunked out of three studies. I'm in love with Alpha studies, but can't find myself to have the heart to complete any of them in the current state my universities are in. They're just so pozzed beyond belief.

I just want to have a decent job that doesn't suck that allows me to save some money to start a family with. Perhaps even move from western to eastern europe, since I have some family there.

e96cb6  No.12151337


>I'm in love with Alpha studies

What's that? The male version of gender studies?

e96cb6  No.12151344


>national socialism includes the removal of social classes in favor of ranking society purely by race

Who told you that? There were clearly social classes in NatSoc Germany.

cb4650  No.12151357


what about trade school?

cb4650  No.12151370

File: 298616553d43742⋯.png (243.42 KB, 467x348, 467:348, 9.png)

why is the board log not updating? shouldn't it list when a thread gets deleted? the 4chan dead thread was deleted over 5 minutes ago, right after I pointed out shills using obvious consensus cracking

e96cb6  No.12151384

File: e6e9e534bc164b1⋯.webm (6.21 MB, 848x480, 53:30, Creator of PHP.webm)


If I'm not mistaken 8chan basically has a series of static HTML pages being updated by cron jobs or something. That this place even works at all is amazing, and goes to show that PHP is really a driving force of diversity and inclusion.

cb4650  No.12151390

File: 56e9a1152c9c633⋯.jpg (143.87 KB, 1127x726, 1127:726, mein_kampf_audiobook_Cover….jpg)

File: 90e5cbf9d7b031d⋯.jpg (69.39 KB, 1124x727, 1124:727, mein_kampf_audiobook_Disks.jpg)

whats the best audio-book version of mein kampf? (I keep seeing this one, is it any good?)

a60fec  No.12151399


History, Language, those sorts of things.


What did you have in mind anon, I have little to no knowledge about trades, nor anyone to ask for advice on the subject.

e96cb6  No.12151403


Yes, the Ford translation is really really good. The author wrote a whole book about translating Mein Kampf. Stalag edition is the other acceptable one, but it wasn't translated with nearly as much care for accuracy (great intentions but Stalag edition = work of well-meaning novices).

e96cb6  No.12151407


>History, Language, those sorts of things.

But what if Subway and McDonalds automate their workforce in under a decade?

a60fec  No.12151413

File: 1ff53e685ca9222⋯.png (468.82 KB, 1329x643, 1329:643, I'm all ears.png)


Isn't that the reason why I'm asking for advice here? I'm no good on higher education on other subjects. If you have some advice, I'm all ears.

e96cb6  No.12151433

File: 5e273bc0e9c4a01⋯.mp4 (4.28 MB, 854x480, 427:240, robotic burger-flipper.mp4)


Kek, those are noses though.

I'd personally suggest STEM fields. Particularly some engineering field that won't go obsolete anytime soon (like automation, or chemical engineering, programming is popular and self-learnable too). Don't study anything related to humanities or you'll weep the day burger-flipper machines are mass-produced.

7d397f  No.12151553


They can be genuine events but they frame an incomplete narrative. Infighting among the elites doesn't automatically make one of them a "good guy" or "on your side."

7efbd8  No.12151617

Are there any tools for scraping Facebook? I'm putting together a database of undesirables by combing through posts, seeing who shared and commented on them, then checking out their friends. I aim to have at least several hundred names by the time I publicly release it. But I feel the operation would be much more streamlined if I could see who is subscribed to a certain group.

3e2f77  No.12151649

Fraternal organizations like the KKK - relevant part(s) of the movement, or out dated relics of the past?

7ccd9d  No.12151670

File: c98992f5c28530e⋯.png (343.69 KB, 430x435, 86:87, 1514420990053.png)


Jews have extreme influence in all aspects of life including financial, media, digital, and otherwise. Assuming that this Golem is not beatable given the current blackmail situation of Jews importing non-Whites (diversity/multiculturalism) into former White-built nations; if the White builders of said society/nations revolt against the Jew, then the latter will use non-Whites to wage war against Whites?

In this blackmail scenario, is it better to just accept the situation of Judaic supremacy or how to defeat the Golem?

aaf80f  No.12151678


Mostly FBI recruiting.


>Jews have extreme influence in all aspects of life including financial, media, digital, and otherwise. Assuming that this Golem is not beatable given the current blackmail situation of Jews importing non-Whites (diversity/multiculturalism) into former White-built nations; if the White builders of said society/nations revolt against the Jew, then the latter will use non-Whites to wage war against Whites?

Yes, that is the purpose of importing non-whites into white countries, cause fractures, divisions and diverts white productivity to non-whites, it's a localization of the foreign aid scam.

>In this blackmail scenario, is it better to just accept the situation of Judaic supremacy or how to defeat the Golem?

Just sit there and take it. :^)

7ccd9d  No.12151697

File: 51707fe033dfe68⋯.png (1.32 MB, 800x1058, 400:529, 800px-Nerva_bust_Cologne_c….png)

Was Emperor Nerva (96-98 A.D.) influenced by Hebrew elements? If so/not, what time-frame was the Semitic influence really injected into Roman politics?

Wiki says this: "Modern history has expanded upon this sentiment, characterizing Nerva as a well-intentioned but weak and ineffectual ruler. The Roman Senate enjoyed renewed liberties under his rule, but Nerva's mismanagement of the state finances and lack of authority over the army ultimately brought Rome near the edge of a significant crisis."

Also, on a perhaps separate note, I question the "Roman-Nose". Is it Semitically-influenced to any degree? Most would assume that Roman blood-lines would have been mostly pure at this time (and before), having Hebrews outcast for the most part, yes? Do we know where it comes from?

aaf80f  No.12151706


>Also, on a perhaps separate note, I question the "Roman-Nose". Is it Semitically-influenced to any degree?

The jews have exaggerated hook noses because of all the inbreeding.

1a00b0  No.12151755


Look through every Roman emperor, all their successors since Augustus. [ctrl]+F "jew". You'll find the history of subversion.


Not always. There are some who bred with Aryan blood and claim the title of white when it suits them while sooner or later always shitting on white people.

7ccd9d  No.12151764

File: 03732cca7dccc7a⋯.jpg (337.59 KB, 800x1120, 5:7, 800px-Otto_Albert_Koch_Var….jpg)


Would you consider 'Aryan blood' to be the guys pictured on the right, the left, or a combination of both?

Pic is where the Germanics defeated Roman soldiers, thus stopping the expansion of the latter Empire.

d26007  No.12151779



Left-Honorary Aryan

2cf017  No.12151927

File: 9406707811de521⋯.jpg (255.74 KB, 1180x1187, 1180:1187, Dibre David.jpg)

File: 1b396ae749a0fbe⋯.png (311.48 KB, 1708x618, 854:309, If the gentiles knew what ….png)


That quote is from Dibre David (which isn't part of the Talmud), not Sanhedrin 59a.

The Sanhedrin 59a quote is "R. Johanan said: A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance;2 it is our inheritance, not theirs."

1a00b0  No.12151935

File: 9b5be5938bef890⋯.jpg (325.9 KB, 2024x1480, 253:185, 346.jpg)


>please don't investigate the role of jews for every emperor of the west and east Roman empires

This will happen again. You can't stop it.

aaf80f  No.12151986

File: 3d7b2d8664b1ef3⋯.jpg (35.77 KB, 416x224, 13:7, white countries found.jpg)


Oy vey who is aryan?

newsflash, all europeans are aryans in their own right, jews are not white, jews are not european, jews where never, are not and never ever FOREVER will be aryan

Pic related, white countries and QUESTIONABLE white areas with question marks.

1af329  No.12152051




76a209  No.12152055


He said Aryan, and Japan are honourary, by decree of the Führer himself.

d3c0ea  No.12152161

File: dfdd63d9dd20d55⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 4000x2700, 40:27, naziRaceWhoWasAryan.jpg)

aaf80f  No.12152208

f60295  No.12152223


That's nice, but it's pre-DNA science. Now that we can actually examine DNA, for example, we know that Anatolian Greeks are 20-70% Turkish, which is a polite way of saying they are retarded mudshits.

aaf80f  No.12152288


Thats because there where very few greeks left in anatolia to begin with… after that entire population exchange that happened.

c3bbdc  No.12152295

why are there so many schizo retards here?

if i switch to yotsuba theme i might as well be on 4chan

d69844  No.12152307


Get the fuck off our website and we won’t have to deal with your schizo retardation anymore. It’s that simple.

c3bbdc  No.12152313


>our website

how gay are you?

d69844  No.12152318


Reported for schizo retardation and off-site raid.

c3bbdc  No.12152338

File: 385d5a2ca28eff5⋯.jpg (9.07 KB, 218x200, 109:100, 1493028748001.jpg)

File: 8e76e140b5eb49d⋯.jpg (9.01 KB, 218x200, 109:100, 1493028748002.jpg)

File: 83333d3f10a90cb⋯.jpg (8.96 KB, 218x200, 109:100, 1493028748003.jpg)

File: e7fc24b8ce0167c⋯.jpg (8.98 KB, 218x200, 109:100, 1493028748004.jpg)


dude 16 year old lmao

f60295  No.12152362


That's the point. These niggers call themselves "Greek" when they clearly are not. Claiming to be white because of your nationality and actually being white are two different things, so while Hitler's map of races is nice, it isn't accurate.

aaf80f  No.12152960


Mistakes where made although Hitler did nothing wrong. Was probably a different picture 80 years ago.

But yes, turks are not white and not european and neither are jews

40f6c4  No.12152988



Yeah, Greece needs a good eugenics program.

aaf80f  No.12153571


Is she hot? post pics

82ce18  No.12153610

File: 58b0a55640384ba⋯.png (35.72 KB, 801x311, 801:311, 146409.png)

*Public Service announcement:*

Qboomers fled from Voat in a matter of 2 days after relocating from the now banned r/thegreatawakening.

They've set up yet another Q board here called /patriotsawoken/. It was a huge sub so get ready for a possible civnat sperg invasion as they will no doubt try to cross post on /pol/.

ebbef3  No.12153760

File: d36bb491e196e86⋯.png (444.91 KB, 566x597, 566:597, Spezieller Zweig.png)

Question, what does it mean when a vol is dismissing reports against him?

aaf80f  No.12153835


Business as usual

8ce11e  No.12153997


By the gods…

d774ff  No.12154028


>Fraternal organizations like the KKK - relevant part(s) of the movement, or out dated relics of the past?

The Ku Klux Klan was created by Confederate Army officers, just like how modern neo-Nazi groups are created by the CIA and DoD.

It's all military psyops.

40f6c4  No.12154036


>The Ku Klux Klan was created by Confederate Army officers,

Wow, great intel moarpheous! CIASOCOM will be hiring you in no time!

d774ff  No.12154072

File: 5cbc6d11e61eb60⋯.jpg (83.54 KB, 643x774, 643:774, DnALawyU8AAVaQR.jpg)

File: 1a48cc7a2ba11da⋯.jpg (57.96 KB, 1200x376, 150:47, DnALYEiV4AAaGZM.jpg)

391763  No.12154116


What are you sliding you dumb nigger.

It goes to cloudfare then to end server.

5 hops total

747c0f  No.12154156


you sound mad

e92960  No.12154172


(you) sound jew.

747c0f  No.12154179

File: ed09695ffb65a24⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 800x450, 16:9, animu face.gif)

>both are a (1)

my, someone seems to be really agitated

d774ff  No.12154180


"Patriots" is the code word Alex Jones uses to refer to the CIA/US Military clique that he and his family belong to. I also think this is the same CIA/US Military clique which creates most of the high profile mass shooters and bombers in America.

e92960  No.12154188

File: 5324a3e775164e5⋯.jpg (9.71 KB, 407x286, 37:26, Something is off.jpg)



d774ff  No.12154199

File: f837d4d67255e43⋯.png (195.34 KB, 900x1100, 9:11, Donald Trump Russia Invest….png)

Trumpwhiggers on suicide watch.

40f6c4  No.12154211


it is moarpheous/thezog.info

ee49a0  No.12154359

When should I reveal my power-level to a girl? Before she's my gf or after? Should I go for, "I'm a conservative" to a "I'm a NatSoc" as the relationship progresses? Should I hide it forever?

d3c0ea  No.12154380

File: 470be69f58b416e⋯.jpg (242.62 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, hitlerJustDoIt.jpg)


stick finger in her butt during sex, rub hitler stash on her face as you cum and yell heil hitler. if she breaks up, she's not the one.

707b2d  No.12154566


And that was?

707b2d  No.12154578

Interesting question I have to ask you fellas, what happens after we win? What exactly happens once we kicked out the jews or kill them (depending on the methods we decide to go with) and kick out other races and establish a 4th reich? What is next for /pol/ what is next for our lives after we win should we focus to our final frontier to space or fix everything in our countries first before attempting going?

707b2d  No.12154579


You should be honest, but you also have to be careful since women can easily blackmail you anon.

d3c0ea  No.12154591


Once all the niggers, spics and kikes are out, I'll have a coke.

c96848  No.12154598


Who gives a fuck? We’re losing. What kind of kike are you? We lose until we’ve won. There is no “we are winning”; we are always losing.

ee49a0  No.12154650


When Jews are out we have to fix society first, it'll take a thousand years, then we can focus on the final frontier.

c96848  No.12154657


You should put a bullet in your head and never return.

3d52b3  No.12154662

How do you discuss homosexuals with normalfags? Even with their clearly degenerate pride parades, they just bring up "civil rights" or "love". I'd be satisfied if I could get someone to admit that faggots ARE political.

42d02a  No.12154664

File: 90b3ee5c5d75886⋯.jpeg (261.48 KB, 674x1242, 337:621, 98365765-D2B8-401F-AD85-0….jpeg)


Go tell that to all our new Qcumbers, you little kike faggot.

44d3b4  No.12154731

i always hear how Christianity has been subverted by jews, how exactly have they done this and what is the least subverted sect of christianity?

1fa548  No.12154732



Kick out the jews and White civilisation would have an instant singularity.

ee49a0  No.12154734



Nah man, Jewishness is far too infiltrated in our society.

ee49a0  No.12154736


In our culture (*), it'd take many years of undoing to remove all their influence.

d094c0  No.12154737

Are the Chinese aware of the Jewish threat? Have they been cucked, too?

707b2d  No.12154762


Never claimed that we are winning.

1fa548  No.12154846


Every place on Earth is cucked by the heebs.

7ccd9d  No.12154921

File: b235007a90b34b0⋯.jpg (21.82 KB, 450x480, 15:16, b235007a90b34b0c3c31c909a5….jpg)

I've seen some embedded YouTube videos posted on /pol/ and when I recently tried in >>12151661 I couldn't find out how. The site FAQ doesn't help; so, could someone provide me with the "code" in order to do so? Promise I'm not posting honey-pot or related.

fd21a5  No.12154999


So you can’t read the fucking FAQ of the website before posting, like literally everyone else did?

7ccd9d  No.12155041

File: 9a2c8d9cb8e32ee⋯.png (272.14 KB, 785x757, 785:757, 1477608197703.png)


<Wasted Trips

All it said was that certain sites can be embedded (on certain boards), but doesn't give any direction on how to do so… I've been here for several years, Chaim… How much about this board do (((you))) know? It's not listed on the FAQ.

Did I trigger a cognitive dissonant response with a link to the "Diversity to Israel" thread (that I made)?

Still seeking a valid response.


fd21a5  No.12155049


>doesn’t give any direction on how to do so

>I’ve been here for several years

This is literally your first day here.

bbd9d2  No.12155171

The fucking jew cunt thinks he can ban the truth. It won't work. You stupid fucking yid, this is MY HOUSE.

bbd9d2  No.12155181

Be warned, truth is now "incitement". per the kike mods.

f12efd  No.12155324

Why are we not using p2p solutions like retroshare (behind VPN's and Tor) to avoid censorship? Why are we not forming networks that can interact with people internationally, and also local ones that can then take our memes and propaganda and poster them in the physical world, if need be? It seems strange that there are so many solutions to censorship, yet few people are actually using them.

e563df  No.12155411

File: 4f9dfe7baa4f581⋯.png (165.09 KB, 934x886, 467:443, call out a kike get banned.png)


Because they're not necessary yet? Seriously, a butthurt hebe can't do a fucking thing, you're golden.

Besides, they're all compromised if they tell you they aren't, doubly so.

edafec  No.12155479


It might become necessary in the future. Well, for Eurofags anyway. Depending how their articles 11 and 13 work out for the them.

15a4d2  No.12155531

hypothetical here,what would happen to the earth if all whites were somehow magically removed from the planet as in the tech,philosophy,modern infrastructure,engineering, basically evertyhing whites have done suddenly be taken away what would happen to a world full of nothing but non white shitskins?

aaf80f  No.12155597


At that point who gives a shit? No more niggers to babysit and feed

15a4d2  No.12155718

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


no shits given even,jew plot their own destruction as without white ppl to leech off of they have basically nothing.

They need us we DON'T need them.lol

24fc99  No.12155816

What in the actual fuck has /pol/ done to me?

15a4d2  No.12155895


Honorary is a huge leap from breed worthy so don't kid yourself any offspring from a nip will be sup par unless your already a shitskin sqaw humper half breed like Ry then Its a step up yet they will never be white hence the shitter shatter.

9c66aa  No.12155908

Any of you lads got anything surrounding documentaries surrounding WW2? Sort of a "The Greatest Story Ever Told" but for things like the IJA and Afrika Korps

Infographics, websites, directors, anything will do desu

1b220c  No.12156341

File: 458fe3b99868bc2⋯.jpg (56.53 KB, 1002x857, 1002:857, 1529337941994.jpg)

I heard before that detergent is not good for me because it has xenoestrogens. I forget what a good alternative was. Does anyone know a good alternative to laundry detergent? Is it a mixture of washing soda, vinegar, and borax?

7e7d2a  No.12156394

File: 1046fd407221839⋯.jpg (23.1 KB, 300x299, 300:299, 2008132226-300x0.jpg)



743c51  No.12156478

Question, how many chickens will jew5 need to torture to work off the sin of working on shabbat?

e27f41  No.12156502


I did but apparently I have orientation at a different location ( I got the address for the district office; its a franchise) so he's setting me up for next Saturday. The thing is I took time off on my current job so could have orientation and now I have to take time off again. What should I say to my current employer? I was planning on quitting after I went through the orientation.

743c51  No.12156521


So you're not giving 2 week notice, like a nigger?

450703  No.12156595

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How can we spread The Protocols to aut-righters and others who are on the cusp of becoming jew-wise? I just got done watching this hilarious History Channel kvetchfest about them, and was reminded of just how powerful of a weapon they are. And for anyone unfamiliar, yes, it is in a genuine document.

e6b445  No.12156615


get them to read culture of critique instead. no normalfag will believe they arent forgeries

000000  No.12156643

Does anyone have a video of Axel Voss cheering for the passing of the EU Copyright Directive? I've seen images, but no videos. Do such videos even exist?

743c51  No.12156654


Maybe check the thread about it?

450703  No.12156656


CoC is around 500 pages, and vastly overrated. The meme that spreading around the pdf is going to actually result in it being read needs to die.

Maybe if the TRSodomite who collected donations would have actually recorded the audiobook, but even then, The Protocols are much more powerful because of the events of the century since their publication. It's also easy to shut down the "forgery" argument, since it depends of the testimony of Catherine Radziwill, a convicted forger who claimed they were manufactured in 1903, after they had already begun circulating.

e27f41  No.12156660


I already have with one the managers but I don't think the general manager (he wasn't here that day) knows because he gave me two extra uniforms a day before and I am supposed to work tomorrow.

743c51  No.12156696


Best check in with that manager again and make sure he put your notice up to his management. At the very least it needs to be in your file so they can't play games with you later regarding "job abandonment" because they ignored the two-week notice.

7e7d2a  No.12156755


Anyone who doesn't know what The Protocols are by now are either literally <12 years old or they're dead.

e1f5e2  No.12156789

Question, why is kike5 such a nigger jew? Is his father a jew that likes fucking monkeys or did his kike mother love nigger dick?

e27f41  No.12156809


Also I had a few interviews but I put them on hold because I don't know how many hours they are going give me during orientation. Do you think should call back some of the employers after the orientation or do I have to reapply? The only reason why I am quitting is because my parents moved to a far location and now it takes an hour just to get to work.

450703  No.12156812


But they haven't been convinced that they're something they should read.

e27f41  No.12156813


*Also I had calls to a few interviews

e1f5e2  No.12156837


You should always follow up their calls. At the very least you thank them for their time and opportunity. Keep it in their head you're the kind of person they WANT even if you have to decline at this time do to a prior commitment and ask they keep you in mind if other opportunities arise where you may be a good fit.

e27f41  No.12156891


also yesterday a customer gave me his business card as I told him have orientation for a different job. He told would visit my new retail location and gave me his business card. I want to keep it because I feel this could my opportunity in the future to leave the retail rut but I don't when I should call to network my way out.

9b9e7d  No.12156897


If you don't mind me asking, in general what kind of retail job were you working and who was this "customer?" I ask not for dox but because there are a lot of asshat canvasers looking to suck people into the insurance sales/avon/marky kay/thrive/whatthefuckever pyramid marketing scheme they are selling and quite often they have you come into an "orientation" before actually giving you a job and you sit through the meeting to get the sales pitch to buy into the pyramid.

Theymay say you need to "pay" for your license but they sholder the burden for the rest of the costs which are renting the god damn office space to sell idiots on the pyramid scheme.

260f3d  No.12156899


>i always hear how Christianity has been subverted by jews, how exactly have they done this

Christianity has been Jewish bullshit since the beginning. It is a religion that worships a Jewish god who became a Jewish man to save the Jews and whose Jewish followers later spread the worship of this Jewish god to the gentiles - complete with a history of this Jewish god and the various Jews he interacted with that actual Jews themselves still treat as a holy text. Whatever developments might have come later - no matter how BASTE and REDPILLED - are still built on this same cancerous and readily apparent foundation and as such are worth nothing in the long run.

>and what is the least subverted sect of christianity?

They're all garbage.

e27f41  No.12156950


>in general what kind of retail job were you


some grocery store

>and who was this "customer?"

he's a regular customer I see him bi-weekly his business card seems be a some kind of roof service.

af9c8c  No.12156982

How do you strengthen the hate speech argument? When you implement hate speech laws you are basically saying, "PLEASE LIMIT MY RIGHTS DADDY GOVERNMENT." But the normalfags think it's ok because they view it as the right thing on the right side of history. Are there good examples of limitations biting the citizen in the ass? You really can't bring up the Jews because the Nazis were just being bigots in their eyes.

a45905  No.12156991


Good deal. Hope it all works out for you. Roofing is good money if you can do it.

e27f41  No.12157021


I don't think they are hiring now though and don't know when they are but I am keeping the card until I could get a spot

3d52b3  No.12157123


>Are there good examples of limitations biting the citizen in the ass?

Look at games done quick. They got infested by trannies who immediately banned hate speech, and within a few years you now had to pay $5 to talk on their streams.

f8e13a  No.12157217


>CoC is around 500 pages, and vastly overrated.

That's because it's a PSYOP book written by a CIA officer (Kevin MacDonald).

f8e13a  No.12157226

File: 1e0ba5810393f7a⋯.jpg (447.32 KB, 2000x764, 500:191, Andrew Anglin C.I.A. S.O.C….jpg)

File: fe37efb66bccb1e⋯.png (392.63 KB, 1020x3020, 51:151, Andrew Anglin C.I.A. Conne….png)

220574  No.12157515

My friends are pretty fond of Ben Shapiro. How can I show them that he's (((dishonest))) . For example when I told them that he is against foreign aid, except when it's given to Israel, one of my friends agreed with that. He claimed that we need to prop up democracy.

Another friend likes him because he's so smart, educated and talks fast, which somehow makes him a good speaker. I'm not denying these point about Shapiro, but that's not a reason to blindly agree with someone.

What can I do to break the Shapiro spell?

220574  No.12157516


Give me a fucking break

d3c0ea  No.12157534


It's over 500 pages, but like 200 are preface and end notes/bibliography.

7d01c1  No.12157553

File: bb1f727e0633a20⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 360x360, 1:1, bb1f727e0633a20a2b00c7e271….gif)

My University has a program to allow Business Management majors to travel to South Africa to study abroad and receive extra credits. The amount of credits would expedite my stay with Rutgers University, and potentially allow me to skip an entire semester.

However we are all aware of the problems plaguing that area. I assume I'll be in some "tourist area".

My question to /pol/ is whether or not the risk of conflict with the black nationalists there is substantial enough to block my travel?

Posting colorful anime grill so you'll read my post

000000  No.12157572

I need everything on Sweden, crime and rape. Evidence of a cover-up huge plus.

aaf80f  No.12157621


There is a SWEDEN YES thread on polarchive


Nigger it's never worth risking your life for 6 months


Ben Shapiro is the exact same thing as george bush neoconism, but repackaged for edgy college conservatives

He doesnt bring anything new and there is never a war in the middle east that he will be against.

Your friends are retards.

220574  No.12157632


>Ben Shapiro offers nothing new

I know, but do you have any points I can show to convince them that he’s a fraud. I already told them about how he doesn’t care about the browning of America, but they just brushed it off

aaf80f  No.12157699


>I know, but do you have any points I can show to convince them that he’s a fraud

Your way of looking at this is wrong. Ben Shapiro is not a fraud, he is an honest(as much as a jew can be) zionist that wants you to die for israel and to send shekels too.

4b8a57  No.12157701

In Mein Kampf, chapter 4, what does "internal/inner colonization" mean?

9d4d8e  No.12157709


You think Kevin MacDonald isn't a CIA officer? He sure as hell is. And I think he's possibly second generation too.

9d4d8e  No.12157737


>Ben Shapiro is the exact same thing as george bush neoconism, but repackaged for edgy college conservatives

>He doesnt bring anything new and there is never a war in the middle east that he will be against.

Sounds like the fat orange crypto-Jew in the White House.

ffd7df  No.12157775


>>but repackaged for edgy college republicans


Republicans are NOT conservative in the slightest.

220574  No.12157808


<b-but he's against abortion and triggers the gay libtards?????

fd21a5  No.12157818


The republican party hasn’t been against faggots since the second before the ✡SCOTUS✡ “ruled” that faggot “marriage” is “legal.” Ever since they’ve supported it completely.

fd21a5  No.12157821


>My University has a program to allow Business Management majors to travel to South Africa to study abroad and receive extra credits.

So take the trip. Go, find some white nationalists down there, grab a gun and help them kill niggers in your spare time while getting credits. Come back with a full set of Rhodesian Bush Camo and some college credits.

ffd7df  No.12157827


>go to south Africa

Are you intentionally a jew?

fd21a5  No.12157882


Thanks for not reading the post.

570158  No.12158168

File: e86513e5e0214a0⋯.png (3.2 MB, 1920x816, 40:17, ElsaNazi.png)

Never seen this on /pol/ before. Hopefully historyfag can elaborate. Add this to the hivemind.

Been going through grandfather WWII letters. Deployed around 1945, so he stayed at the end of the war and guard and police. Here's the interesting thing.

He was not allowed to talk to Germans

This makes sense, but it makes we wonder if this was more for preventing the spread of NatSoc ideals. Other benefits would be preventing fraternization with a beautiful fraulien.

7ccd9d  No.12158348

File: b4efdd85a213dc6⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, HWNDU.jpg)


If the Jews are so bad, why does the USA side with them? Is it blackmail from the Petro-dollar scheme for oil-rights? If so, why does Trump not use shale-oil to break the grip? We are the #1 oil producer in the World.

Not looking for personal attacks on Trump, but the US intelligence, etc… as a whole.. Is /pol/ wrong or what's going on? The US has tons of deep-state non-Jews that could fight back.

e708b3  No.12158363


Lurk you dumb rapeugee. You underestimate your enemy by assuming he shares your own materialistic worldview.

Look up "neocon" and read about the main thinkers, or do you believe in coincidence?

e708b3  No.12158366

>The US has tons of deep-state non-Jews that could fight back.

The point is they don't think "what is good for whites?", because they have been brainwashed to believe only Jews have the right to think like that.

e44b21  No.12158378


>If the Jews are so bad, why does the USA side with them?

Read, "Against Our Better Judgment," by Alison Weir.

Half the book is Bibliography - literally

She is very thorough in her explanation of your question

this shit goes back before the Balfour agreement in 1917 (?)

Jews shill UK for support of Jewish state

US gets pressured into it too

1948 israel occupies palestine

that's when all the "Muslim Terrorism" started.

Muslims don't like USA because they support israel state

if USA bombed israel AT ALL for ANY REASON, then I believe that Arabs will like the U.S. again like they did before 1948

e708b3  No.12158386


This has nothing to do with Israel or Britain. I don't even know what assumption his comment is working from.

Material wealth means nothing if your country is a supermarket.

fd21a5  No.12158466




>If the Jews are so bad, why does the USA side with them?

That’s half a dozen fucking fallacies in a single sentence. JEWS TOOK OVER THE UNITED STATES. THERE IS NO “SIDING.”

>Is it blackmail


>the Petro-dollar

Doesn’t exist.


Babby’s first conspiracy.

>why does Trump

Because he is a zionist whose entire family is jewish. He is a traitor to America (America is a white nation) and the people who comprise it (white people; jews are not white)

>We are the #1 oil producer in the World.

Correct, thanks to jewish oil speculation forcing our hand.

>Not looking for personal attacks on Trump


Trump is a zionist (jew-lover) neoconservative (jewish propaganda) civic nationalist (jewish genocide of white people) whose entire family is jews. He is a traitor.

>Is /pol/ wrong

Rule #1: /pol/ is always right

>The US has tons of deep-state non-Jews that could fight back.

1. Everyone in the government, at all levels, who is not a jew but has any amount of power is a puppet of the jews, paid by jews to do what they say, or blackmailed by jews to do what they say.

2. Everyone else is brainwashed by jewish media to never fight back.

dcb303  No.12158468


Corruption, blackmail, media etc. including Trump, for his whole "career" in the very least and genuine working with them.

fc941c  No.12158487


Mail a file in a cake.

fc941c  No.12158493

File: f5af95dd153a445⋯.jpg (32.44 KB, 1000x866, 500:433, IfajfGb[1].jpg)


gib milkers!

e708b3  No.12158503

File: de7f92f9e015e25⋯.png (449.25 KB, 707x908, 707:908, Screenshot from 2018-09-16….png)


How could anyone deny this ant-[cough]human woman's beauty?

02dac5  No.12158532


Red pill them on racial differences and the realities of white demographic decline in the US - and its obvious consequences. Shapiro is totally indifferent to this and hypocritical on the same issue when it comes to Israel.

a58c88  No.12158752


You haven't presented a good reason to disagree with him either.

1b8cc0  No.12159215

File: 421e8a8593f403f⋯.jpg (35.85 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 16 - ZZqRgKg.jpg)

What the fuck is it up with Republicans and sucking cock? The literally voted in a kike-supporting puppet whose kike son-in-(((law))) indirectly controls him through controlling his daughter. These guys have no self respect for theirselves, seriously.

ce5eb5  No.12159274


You're right. I regret doing everything I did at the time. Republicans were a mistake. You convinced me, your job is done. Trump is a jew, I should have supported Bernie and Hillary. Democrat party is BASED.

1b8cc0  No.12159288


Thanks man, wait till my boss sees this positive review

fd21a5  No.12159397


Reported for not even fucking trying to hide your reddit paid shilling.

a930b8  No.12159632

File: b8fc111584575f0⋯.jpg (33.28 KB, 680x383, 680:383, Lansky.jpg)

Does anyone have any proof of Greg Lansky being Jewish? His surname is a give away, but it's not solid enough to prove he's Jewish. I need something reliable like an interview or a MSM article which says he's part of the tribe

76c5d7  No.12159671

File: 33a986083c4f5de⋯.jpg (975.27 KB, 3004x1660, 751:415, 25953037827_ab13d88f90_o.jpg)

7ccd9d  No.12160452

File: d176525618fb3ca⋯.jpg (134.74 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1493245160541.jpg)





Nobody answered the question; maybe I didn't word it correctly.

If our US Intel KNOWS about Jewish control of the Media, the NeoCons, the whole monetary system, the blackmail they have on people, ALL of the control, why isn't there a coup, be it CIA ops or Military? You can't tell me that all of our heads of military and intelligence are Jewish or that they don't know what this is all about. They know we have been subverted, they're not stupid. So why are we continuing to go along with it?

8ad13b  No.12160462

White genocide is a deep, painful reality that pains me everyday. What the fuck are we doing?

fd21a5  No.12160494


Allowing redditors to take over our board.

220574  No.12160599


Maybe it’s because they’re also subverted golems?

a4f73f  No.12160787

What does /pol/ think of right wing natsoc atheists like myself who are traditionalists, nationalists, and wise to the JQ?

Will you ever be wiling to consider us as a wholly separate entity from the left wing marxist atheists who are pro degeneracy, pro globalism, and pro zionism, and from the centrist "rational skeptic" atheists who believe in individualism, egalitarianism, and horseshoe theory?

Including these malicious incompetents in the same category, despite us having nothing in common beyond a lack of belief in god or the supernatural, seems lazy, inaccurate, and unfair.

Are we really nihilists if we believe in an objective morality and sense of purpose merely because we derived it from nature and evolution, rather than the divine commandments of God?

Are we really materialists and positivists if we follow science and history without any consideration for anything else but truth, thus becoming realists about sex, race, the Jews, and the LGBT.

Are we really a threat to the spirituality of others if we fight to protect historical monuments due to the history they represent, which naturally include most religious monuments, fight to defend the right to religious worship and beliefs of Christians and Pagans as valid European paths of life to follow (along with my honest form of atheism), defend Christianity as completely benign and innocent of doing anything wrong, and are willing to say that Islam and Judaism are closer to conspiratorial political ideologies disguised as death cults than religions, and should be banned due to the threat they pose to our people's preferred way of life?

The atheists on the left and in the center want to ban Christianity, not the right wing atheists, who see the attack on Christianity as an attack on our people's history and traditions, many are incapable of observing European traditional lifestyles without it being the thing to keep them upright and to guide them, we also see it as both unfair and based in untruth, as Christianity is comparatively benign as an ideology, Christians have done nothing wrong, and in fact, Christians have been justified in everything that they had done (the inquisition, the crusades, etc. all were not merely just actions to take, but also the right thing to do in the given situation).

Traditional lifestyles exist today because of how beneficial they were for our ancestors, and thus should still be observed due to the successes they provided to our lineages over the generations, when they were being tried, and tested, and perfected, it's best not to change unless you can show that the change offers an improvement upon them, change for the sake of change, or for the sake of self-centric decadence is self-destructive and morally wrong.

40f6c4  No.12160795


>/christian/ spergout in 3.2.1…

220574  No.12160873


You’re fine. As long as you’re not an anti-religious nihilistic faggot, you’re good. I, myself am not religious, but I do believe in a higher power and love Christianity. Some of /ourguys/ are atheists/agnostics like Kevin Macdonald and George Lincoln Rockwell. There should’nt be a divide between Christians and atheists/agnostics. We’re all white brothers

d094c0  No.12160939


Christianity raged through Europe like ISIS through the Middle East. They destroyed our heritage, culture, and beliefs. Only a cuck would embrace Christianity.

91e54e  No.12160997


>Muslims don't like USA because they support israel state

Which is why a lot of these Muslims keep supporting late Americans who are victims of the Jewish peril like John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and late Americans who were Jew-wise like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Lincoln Rockwell, etc. I remember some of Dr. William Luther Pierce III's speeches being spread throughout the Middle East by Hezbollah and Hamas-affiliated TV and radio stations.

05d491  No.12160998


While your ancestors were worshiping trees and sacrificing their own children to your retarded gods Christians brought civilization to them and made then civilized.

e27f41  No.12161002


>make sure he put your notice up to his management

looks like that was my last day she didn't put me up next week

7ccd9d  No.12161005

File: 5496c789792e794⋯.jpg (56.42 KB, 480x450, 16:15, 1s13.jpg)

220574  No.12161091


Like Hitler said, we should’nt be infighting because of religion.

ee49a0  No.12161113

Need help with "The Gay Question". Look, I've always been openly, vocally homophobic, but despite all, I still feel some sort of empathy with the fags. I mean, they're people too, and even though sometimes I wish it could be as easy as shooting them all, I feel like it's not quite the solution. What would be your solution to "The Gay Question", within the realms of practicality?

707b2d  No.12161118

File: 567839ee40fd82e⋯.jpg (89.43 KB, 529x507, 529:507, Faggot redpill..jpg)

d094c0  No.12161125


My ancestors were the Romans, you ignorant cuck. We were the definition of civilization before your messiah was even a sperm in your god's balls.


The Christians did a millennium ago what the Jews and Muslims are trying to pull off today. They are different flavors of the same Abrahamic poison. And besides, modern day Christians are such pussies that they won't be any good in today's conflict anyway. It's better to get rid of them and their degenerate kin now or we'll just be replaying this conflict again in a millennium just like our ancestors at the end of antiquity.

707b2d  No.12161126

File: c137184c7df17be⋯.png (443.4 KB, 1506x3976, 753:1988, homos are error geneticall….png)

File: bde9092e9712d4f⋯.jpg (132.47 KB, 727x687, 727:687, homosexualitygayJewsMeme.jpg)


I am trying to find one where the jews banned a book that had information on how to cure homosexuality.

ee49a0  No.12161140


Did you read what you posted?


If you ever find it, you must remember to post it.

fd21a5  No.12161145


>I still feel some sort of empathy with the fags

Not anymore, you don’t. >>>/polarchive/1903

ee49a0  No.12161153


What would you say about lesbians/bi women?

adcfc4  No.12161181


women are naturally more flexible when it comes to sexuality, however there is a disproprionate amount of sexual abuse victims who are lesbian as well

108383  No.12161275


Lesbians tend to "crave a dick" at least once a year, but if it gets out, they'll accuse you of rape to preserve their street cred

9d4d8e  No.12161325

File: a38436fe757eb27⋯.png (191.09 KB, 330x450, 11:15, Mick Mafia 5.png)


>You can't tell me that all of our heads of military and intelligence are Jewish…

They're not.

I wonder what [[[they]]] could be?

fd21a5  No.12161385

File: 4b3f6420ccfa002⋯.jpg (129.2 KB, 1262x630, 631:315, oral ii.JPG)

File: 6320bd660519009⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 803x353, 803:353, oral.JPG)


Dykes are disease-riddled mental defectives, too.

2689e6  No.12161456

Mostly irrelevant question about stupid Youtube drama, but I'm curious. What exactly did Sargon do wrong, other than dislike internet bloodsports? Yes, he goes after incredibly easy targets, but frankly someone has to.

Mister Metokur seems to be acting like a faggot about it too. He's laughing it up about Article 13 like it won't have any effect on the US. Probably a bad idea since he'll be one of the first to get thrown in the Social Justice gulags if similar laws are implemented in America.

d094c0  No.12161466

We know the holocaust did not happen, but what about the genocide of the native Americans? Is that a lie, too?

2689e6  No.12161477


I was under the impression the the Holocaust did happen, but that almost every "fact" about it was manipulated and twisted to suit the Jewish agenda.

fd21a5  No.12161479


>almost every “fact” about it was manipulated and twisted to suit the Jewish agenda.

As long as this statement includes the following “fact”–“The holocaust happened”–then yes, your statement is correct.

fd21a5  No.12161482


Also yes, the INTENTIONAL genocide of the indioes did not happen. I am… shocked to realize that I don’t have sources for this statement that I can link. What the fuck happened to my sources.

a930b8  No.12161506


thank you

c5162f  No.12161722

File: 08888cebe446094⋯.webm (14.22 MB, 500x332, 125:83, The Non-genocide Of North….webm)


<The Non-Genocide of Northern Native Americans

Great presentation I feel. original (I don't endorse him but he does great research and analysis) youtube.com/watch?v=rL2XX_2tNk8

9d4d8e  No.12161732

File: 6a4c8671f7a9ebf⋯.png (627.39 KB, 1263x1440, 421:480, U.S. Military Role Players….png)

File: aa40d70a27f9043⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1263x3041, 1263:3041, U.S. Military Role Players….png)

File: 7a42ecd75a9263d⋯.png (242.13 KB, 1263x3181, 1263:3181, U.S. Military Role Players….png)

File: 70b4eac9c4a6fa2⋯.png (562.83 KB, 1263x6437, 1263:6437, U.S. Military Role Players….png)

Neo-Nazi and Antifa street demonstrators are professional U.S. Military role players. See the attached images for proof, hiding in plain sight.

7ccd9d  No.12161836

File: 53e0bce3e80b691⋯.jpg (114.63 KB, 495x394, 495:394, 1517087593111.jpg)



I can see that I'm not going to get an answer to the question, so I'm going to just give up. I know that this site is satirical, but things clicked regarding the Jewish question and nobody here is serious enough to provide an answer, so I'm done. I'm going to delete my 'Jew' folder and I'll let you heebs and weebs to your controlled-opposition containment site. Nothing ever gets done, and to be frank, if the US intelligence says the Jews are an ally, then I'm not going to doubt them as just a pleb.

What a joke.

c5162f  No.12161874

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

d98f4a  No.12161977

File: 944d6c222e5c583⋯.jpg (96.65 KB, 758x996, 379:498, 1500507147151.jpg)

I'm looking for a video based on a Game of Thrones scene where Jon Snow is talking about the real enemy but it's replaced by the smiling merchant pic.

2404d8  No.12162015

What happened to altright.com and the altright.com podcast? Their last articles are from like 7 months ago and the podcast hasnt been updated in months either. Spencer still tweets but other than that, totally dark. Did their funding get pulled or what

61cf5e  No.12162034

Does the socialist aspect of National Socialism work better in times of peace, while the capitalist aspects work better in conjunction with times of war?

aaf80f  No.12162042


Spencer abandons his pet projects all the time.


Both aspects are working at the same time.


Sargon is a bit fat faggot civcuck thats about it

707b2d  No.12162109


No because it is filled with so many homosexual redpills I am trying to find a particular one, forgot what I named the file.

9865b9  No.12162258

File: d18776b64768097⋯.jpg (101.54 KB, 410x469, 410:469, 2848530471.jpg)

What will it take for conflict to arise? Takes nothing to see the corruption in our government, to realize the media is all lies, that (((they))) are attempting to wipe out our race & culture our culture, etc… and yet people still are still drugged by the Jew- on their asses doing nothing at all.

not blackpilling just cant stand the question on my mind tonight

092c41  No.12162268


Because people are lazy. They won't act unless it personally affects them. And even so, they will do it with the lease effort possible. They've been conditioned to minimize risk and seek pleasure. When someone gets a rude awakening, they change the symptoms and not the cause.

9865b9  No.12162287


Oh yeah I know that for sure, but I was left thinking how will we get them to take action? The kikes keep everything on the down low (retard standards), informing people is up to us. Hard to do that though when you have to read so you can connect the dots- and normies obviously aren't into the whole "thinking" thing.

How do we effectively utilize propaganda in time before our race is dangerously weak (already is)? Or must we wait and watch everything run its course and salvage what we can from the rubble? Just let people fuck up the world and hope normies will see the errors of other's ways? I'm thinking about things of that nature.

000000  No.12162349

Why no thread for the MEME WAR?

Europe ban memes >>12141848, >>12151715

Facebook AI to identify "offensive" photos and videos for removal >>?

Facebook teaching AI to identify offensive MEMES for removal >>?

Joan impurifying memes with GUID infections >>many

They are coming for our memes!

c68091  No.12162431


>What’s absurd about it, shlomo?

Jews are humans, synagogue is building.

>>oy vey objective truth doesn’t exist

It does and the name of it is science. Bible is not verifiable and contradicts science, it's practically useless other than being a cultural power.

005547  No.12162486


a nation is like a group of people that identify similarly essentially. So like there were germanic people in europe forever more or less, but the nation state of germany came a long much later if that makes sense. A state is a governing body, a tangible (so to speak) political entity, while a nation is like fans of a sports team, they're likely from that area but could be all over for whatever reason. The terms nowadays have kinda lost their meaning in common parlance though.

598bb5  No.12163109

File: 0ba8d19dedbbfcc⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 2336x3504, 2:3, 1527479556885.jpg)

Do we have the natural right to genocide jews? This is a nagging question I have in my head because on one hand, it is wrong to kill someone, but on the other hand they are trying to kill us. So, don't we have the natural right to do it to them?

fd21a5  No.12163114


If we are CAPABLE of doing it, we have the natural right to.

000000  No.12163117


>it is wrong to kill someone

Is that just some axiom you're forcing on yourself, or what?

fd21a5  No.12163124


>Is that just some axiom you’re forcing on yourself

YES, IT IS. I’m seeing the same thing be repeated all the fucking time now that I’m naming the jew publicly and listing his crimes. When you get to the part where you tell people that they’ve been expelled 1000 times in history and nothing can EVER stops them from coming back, they get extremely fidgety and say “but killing is wrong!” Some add “we can’t kill them because they didn’t directly attack us/me!” It’s literally jewish brainwashing. Four generations of it.

a60fec  No.12163456


>killing is wrong

What this originally meant was "Killing within the tribe is wrong" which later on was extended to neighbouring friendly tribes.

40f6c4  No.12163604


Lurk moar, or just kill yourself.

768b07  No.12163773

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How did the hijackers of Flight 93 managed to get bowie knives and a bomb strap INSIDE the airplane? And why does the media still tell us it was "boxcutters"?

220574  No.12163825



If we have the right to genocide them, then aren’t we hypocritical if we criticize them whenever they kill Palestinians?

1139d1  No.12163882

What is the best thing I can do to keep the impending kike invasion from impacting my small town?

Heres a hint I live in the northeast.

aa235b  No.12163939


>If we have the right to genocide them, then aren’t we hypocritical if we criticize them whenever they kill Palestinians?

Jews are invading Palestinian land killing the native inhabitants. This is a shit comparison.

220574  No.12164092


You’re right. But then, if you bring that up, people are gonna say “just like what the Europeans did to the aboriginals.” How can you counter this argument that people use? This can trap you in a debate

4147d8  No.12164200

If I'm part of a NatSoc group can they expel me from the uni or remove my title after I graduate? If I'm discovered, will I likely be fired from my job? I'm studying medicine.

4147d8  No.12164270

Let's say everything goes ideally and optics don't matter anymore. The world is divided into perfect nation-states and all the stuff we want to ideologically have. Given the NatSoc/fascist plan to form a Federation of Europeans, would the Swastika be a good simbol or is the Black Sun a more appropriate one?

1a56fe  No.12165131


How have you derived your morality, would be the better question? Was your morality installed by your own learning and understanding or was it imposed on you from (((tribal sources)))? There is absolutely nothing wrong with killing if it is done for a legitimate purpose.

98e0d8  No.12165480


I don't think swastikas will ever catch on in Slavic Europe or England. So, the black sun would be more appropriate in those regions.

25d590  No.12165767


>Nothing ever gets done, and to be frank, if the US intelligence says the Jews are an ally, then I'm not going to doubt them as just a pleb.

The American neo-Nazi subcult is a CIA and US Military psychological operation. It's not organic or genuine and never has been. That's why its rhetoric and narratives are full of ridiculous contradictions and inconsistencies which you, to your credit, have noticed. That's also why no one in this thread has given you, nor will ever give you, an honest answer to your straightforward question.

25d590  No.12165830


>What happened to altright.com and the altright.com podcast? Their last articles are from like 7 months ago and the podcast hasnt been updated in months either. Spencer still tweets but other than that, totally dark. Did their funding get pulled or what

The CIA would never pull funding from a second generation operative like Richard Spencer. This is just gaslighting to confuse Spencer's target audience.

1a56fe  No.12165841


Hmm this explains a few things that I was pondering. But to what end, anon?

25d590  No.12165893

File: b661a5d0c38cef2⋯.jpg (196.35 KB, 1520x950, 8:5, William Regnery 3 xx.jpg)

File: 12134546ba4a21b⋯.png (99.71 KB, 1424x1198, 712:599, William Regnery II WN Alt-….png)


>Spencer abandons his pet projects all the time.

Richard Spencer doesn't do anything unless and until William Regnery II tells him to.

25d590  No.12165895


>Hmm this explains a few things that I was pondering. But to what end, anon?

You tell me and then we'll both know.

1a56fe  No.12166149


OK I will think about it (no guarantees; but it has been something that I have been mulling over for days now; no answer yet). It is complicated, but then it always was…promise me you will do the same.

Side note: /pol/ has been so dead over the last few days it is almost as if everyone up and left.

2d403b  No.12166710

Can someone repost the picture where happy merchant is a dentist drilling a kid's mouth with a power drill? This was from the incident where a kike dentist was caught torturing children.

381be0  No.12166787

>dad still thinks I'm natsoc even though I've realized how incredibly faggy it is

How do I tip him off to my change without telling him directly?

ec9c99  No.12166870


Start by leaving subtle hints regarding your transition, a dragon dildo there, hormone pill package there, maybe a used condom filled with your boyfriend's pozzload. He'll get the message eventually.

f0ecd0  No.12167009

Why is the EU bad?

aaf80f  No.12167016


because it's wholly jewed

9c66aa  No.12167021


neoliberal gov't forcing poorly constructed laws unto Europe and tying it down with bureaucracy

not too dissimilar to the UN


ce5eb5  No.12167554


Unelected government (only way to get into the real shot-calling positions is to be biologically related to someone already inside, or to marry your way in), draconic regulations, imposes policy on member states against member states' will, overrides every vote against it's interests, administrative bloat, you're looking at several novels or dozens of hours worth of video material when it comes to why the EU is bad. Lurk for two years and read.

789f3b  No.12167651

Where did the "Hitler wanted blonde haired blue eyed people" myth start?

a95368  No.12167889


"freedom of movement" causes mongrelization, disorder, disunity etc. even between Europeans. Death of nations, independence. The EUSSR.

"Free movement - EU nationals" http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=457&langId=en

40f6c4  No.12167971


Yeah, this is something that not many people here like to talk about. Even after you deport the noneuros, there are plenty of euros outside of their ethnic homeland (slavs in Germany and England, Romanians in spain, Portuguese in Denmark, etc) that will have to be repatriated as well. Ethnic nationalism is the future of Europe.

even as a burger I realize that American style White/European nationalism doesn't have a chance in Europe


Unaccountable government, free movement of ethnically different white populations, set up by (((Coudenhove-Kalergi))).

Oswald mosely's Europe a nation idea wasn't bad however. But now that the soviet threat is gone, it is mostly irrelevant, like NATO

a443dd  No.12167983

File: d678c501d0a5463⋯.jpg (189.41 KB, 1200x981, 400:327, 33b9e9c8ecc2b163f4e00f57de….jpg)

Where the heck do I find the banners?

7e7d2a  No.12168061



a443dd  No.12168078

File: 6e961b0ab13c7f1⋯.jpg (50.07 KB, 640x570, 64:57, blackest nigga .jpg)


Thank you, here's a funny meme in return.

3b2f7a  No.12168103

you think large chunk people in America are actually considering a shift in government? (from current "democracy" to something else entirely)

fd21a5  No.12168189


Yes, tens of millions want overt communism.

18038f  No.12168299


>This was from the incident where a kike dentist was caught torturing children.

Yeah his name was Howard Schneider. I remember Metokur talking about him in a video. It was horrendous to watch what that kike did.

b69365  No.12168312


wtf are npcs

220574  No.12168332


This. Your entire post is the most agreeable thing I’ve read

9c66aa  No.12168344


people who do not engage in inner monologue, following a study that said something like 1/3 people do not

basically another word for normalfag/bluepilled fag/cuck/JIDF

b69365  No.12168353


holy fuck is that true? I thought everyone had an inner voice talking when thinking about stuff

9c66aa  No.12168392


I suppose if you want to know more then the best course of action would to just be to look up the study yourself

I personally don't know if it means no voice at all (i.e. as I read your post I can hear myself saying it in my head) or if it's just having thoughts about random things as the day goes on, I just know about the may may

b69365  No.12168405


thanks for the infos anon. Could it mean that its very easy to plant opinions into npc s head?

9c66aa  No.12168450

File: df6058645bce139⋯.jpg (61.4 KB, 556x768, 139:192, 537304183535.jpg)


quite, but ideas such as egalitarianism, open borders, etc. have been implanted into them from a very early age, and it'll be difficult for them to break out of them, as I have seen myself, and I don't even know how I became a /pol/ack

just remember everyone is an NPC unless proven otherwise

d7927e  No.12168748

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We're hitting levels of smug that shouldn't be possible!!

aaf80f  No.12168903


>muh hitler wanted the perfect race

holy hoax propaganda


people who barely eke out abstract thought

6ae0b1  No.12168923

I don't about you anons but it always feels like to me that the more popular an anime becomes, like One Piece and Naruto, it always has pretty shit-tier political and social messages. I wouldn't say messages Marxist propaganda-tier unlike TV shows and CalArts stuff from the electric Jew, it's more like the old timey liberal-tier type of political messages (i.e. promoting egalitarianism, racial equality, etc.). In One Piece, I remember one of the Mink tribe saying they see humans as "monkey Minks with less hair" when Sanji asked Wanda and she even further said "We judge people by their character, not their race.". It's nowhere near as bad as anti-White propaganda in Jewflix shows but still. Arlong did nothing wrong.

But as soon as I watch anime like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, their political messages throw me for a surprise. At one point I thought Araki would put JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendancy to the cucked route of portraying Nazis as le ebil Whitey wanting world domination while oppressing spics in Spicland, but then he started to, oh you know, ACTUALLY make them look and act like normal as any person with different personal dreams and ambitions at times and are even the PROTAGONISTS of the whole series!

I don't know if mainstream anime is meant to be like this just for the sake of gaining more popularity in the West, unlike the less mainstream ones who would mostly have extremely conservative views. One time, I saw normalcattle from the JewTube comment section hailing One Piece as a "progressive" anime that touches on "troubling issues" (i.e. "muh ebil colonialism", "muh institutionalized racism", "muh sexisms", etc.). If these were the true intentions of Echiro Oda for One Piece to become then I wouldn't even be surprised, anyways.

Can anyone ITT explain this for me?

40f3aa  No.12168933

File: 7d288b0d6722b5f⋯.png (103.14 KB, 440x522, 220:261, 1416341820151.png)

>Read for years on /pol/ about how blacks commit half the murders in the US

>Don't fully believe they could be committing that much murder because of low population

>blacks only make up 12% of the population of the US

>google 2011 murder statistics

>Straight from the FBI numbers 48% of the murders in the US in 2011 were committed by blacks

>No separate category for Hispanics

>white murder numbers are grouped in with spics inflating them hugely

>almost without a doubt done on purpose to make the report look less racist to appease Mr. Goldstein

Can you guys imagine if normal people knew these numbers and how the government is covering up Hispanic murders?

aaf80f  No.12168953


Don't forget, middle easterners and ethiopians are also caucasians, hindus too, so who knows how many fucking categories of non-whites are in the "white" category.

At the very least the fbi has begin to also tally the "non-white hispanic" category that you have to subtract from the white statistics.


anime like naruto and one piece are literally for children.

You may be reading too much into it. though jap animators know, at least they try to fight diversity.

6ae0b1  No.12168959

>>12168933 (checked)

Huh, that's funny anon. I remember goblins people from r/Socialism and r/LateStageCapitalism telling me the US is a “National Socialist fascist state dominated by Whites with cops always oppressing and killing "people of color"”. Seriously though, how can anyone sane explain their worldviews? Why would modern commies in the West support open borders when nations like North Korea and Venezuela have strict border control? Even the (((Soviet Union))) itself had border control more strict than any Western nation as of now.

6ae0b1  No.12168996


>anime like naruto and one piece are literally for children.

>one piece

>for children

Not even close. Unless if you consider the idea of seeing Luffy's big brother Ace being killed by a scorching hot Magu Magu no Mi fist to the chest by Akainu and then see everyone mourn and cry for his death, or seeing Nico Robin as a child being hated and ridiculed by her own town and then witness said town being demolished to the ground via a Buster Call for the sake of "justice" and her only friend Jaguar D. Saul being frozen to death, or seeing Sanji as a child being rejected by his own father Vinsmoke Judge because he was weaker than his other siblings and even gets bullied and beaten by them, being suitable for children. Sure, any 11-12 year old can stomach all those through but I'm not so sure about the younger ones.

40f3aa  No.12168997

File: 504ff7889e77dd9⋯.jpg (30.42 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Ethiopian-Boys.jpg)

File: 2008063be829571⋯.jpg (394.8 KB, 1400x934, 700:467, EKYUXHHISJAALHRJTEFY7BOH2I.jpg)


>Don't forget, middle easterners and ethiopians are also caucasians, hindus too

Yes this has always confused the hell out of me. Yes some of those groups originated from the caucus area but the concept of white has ALWAYS meant people of European descent in America. Never in the history of this country have people referred to or addressed middle eastern, India and Ethiopians as white. Where in the world would you go and refer to a Somalian with Jet black skin as white?

why would the government classify ethnic groups that have never been considered white as white in the census and in statistics

According to the current US census the people in these images are white

fd21a5  No.12169004

File: 11c0656410c8547⋯.jpg (510.21 KB, 2048x1625, 2048:1625, Racial Map.jpg)


A lot of the problem with these discussions is people getting bogged down trying to delineate and explain the differences WITHIN caucasoids.

All whites are caucasoid, but not all caucasoids are white.

Caucasoids are Europeans, North Africans, Persians, people of the Middle East, and North Indians, as well as northern Ethiopians. Caucasoids, as a group, are far more genetically similar to each other than to negroids (the rest of Africa), mongoloids (the rest of Asia), australoids (“abbos”–who are most likely homo habilis–polynesians and other islanders, etc.), and americoids (people who came to the Americas from across the Bering Straight). Yes, there is white genocide. The purpose of which is to remove the white elements of the caucasoid race through interbreeding both with negroids and with tanner-skinned caucasoids. YES, we should combat white genocide at all costs. The important thing to remember is the hierarchy of importance. If you’re white, you’d first support white caucasoids, then the rest of the caucasoids, then the other groups (which you’d only need to do in a ‘united humanity’ scenario where we’re facing an external threat). On an individual level, that translates to (if you’re religious) putting first your faith, then family, then country, then color, then subgroup of humanity (caucasoids, mongoloids, negroids, etc.)

a930b8  No.12169064

How does one go about red-pilling somebody?

>My professor showed a video with some upper-class Nigerian woman talking about how great her country was and how Americans think it's a shithole

>The guy next to me whispers that all the anecdotes she used where criticizing white people

>I dog whistle a /pol/ meme, but he doesn't get it

>He vehemently defends rightwing libertarian positions when political discussions happen

>Just found out he has a reputation for fucking black chicks

How do I redpill him? He's so damn close but not quite there. I have no idea where to start. I'm afraid if I try to talk about race and IQ he'll expose me for being an ebil rayciss. How do I go about redpilling him?

a95368  No.12169163

File: 8cb32a04757be8a⋯.jpg (399.32 KB, 1800x1000, 9:5, Libertarianism jews.jpg)


Give him concise information and resources, question his sayings. Don't talk about/with meemees, that's probably not a good form (childish). What was it about?

220574  No.12169229


So, arabs and Jews are semites, but are still apart of the Caucasian race?

f54cc5  No.12169246

File: 25e905f13ebe65a⋯.jpg (550.12 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, jews for dreamers.jpg)


NO! Anyone who engages in fucking niggers is not white. Do these people look White to you?

220574  No.12169276


As >>12169004 claims, semites are Caucasian

f54cc5  No.12169349

File: 0aed39df40a01fe⋯.jpg (78.37 KB, 640x640, 1:1, mongrel child.jpg)


Do you think mongrel half white/half niggers are caucasian? Nogs are a different species. Does anyone think this child is 'caucasian'? See this is what happens when you are dealing with civic nationalists. Any dog breeder on Earth could be sued or utterly ruined if they falsified a pedigree…but when it comes to HUMANS it is supposedly 'no big deal' that 10,000+ years of isolated and selective breeding (basically an artform of human genetic engineering) can be destroyed by one squirt of a mans semen.

000000  No.12169477

Yom Kikeper is coming up, how about a learning lesson?


When reading this 'Kol Nidre" prayer, doesn't it make you wonder how any elected government official in these United States of America, whether it be at the local, state or federal level, could ever take a meaningful vow to defend and protect the Constitution for the United States of America? No matter what vow they take, the prayer absolves them of adherence. In other words, their word means NOTHING!

How would you like to have a Talmudic (Jewish) president? Of course, it doesn't really matter, and hasn't for a long time, because the Talmudists have been in power as the Shadow Government for so long – maybe since the inception of the U.S. Constitution, and it becomes more and more clear that Americans are governed by them and are oppressed under the Talmudic / Commercial / International laws.

Here is the prayer, and an explanation of it from the Jewish Encyclopedia, on line.



By : Joseph Jacobs Max Schloessinger Cyrus Adler Francis L. Cohen

Prayer recited in the synagogue at the beginning of the evening service on the Day of Atonement; the name is taken from the opening words. The "Kol Nidre" has had a very eventful history, both in itself and in its influence on the legal status of the Jews.

Introduced into the liturgy despite the opposition of rabbinic authorities, repeatedly attacked in the course of time by many halakists, and in the nineteenth century expunged from the prayer-book by many communities of western Europe, it has often been employed by Christians to support their assertion that the oath of a Jew can not be trusted.

Form of Prayer.

Before sunset on the eve of the Day of Atonement, when the congregation has gathered in the synagogue, the Ark is opened and two rabbis, or two leading men in the community, take from it two Torah-scrolls.

Then they take their places, one on each side of the ?azzan, and the three recite in concert a formula beginning with the words, which runs as follows:

"In the tribunal of heaven and the tribunal of earth, by the permission of God – blessed be He – and by the permission of this holy congregation, we hold it lawful to pray with the transgressors."

Thereupon the cantor chants the Aramaic prayer beginning with the words "Kol Nidre," with its marvelously plaintive and touching melody, and, gradually increasing in volume from pianissimo to fortissimo, repeats three times the following words:

"All vows , obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called '?onam,' '?onas,' or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent.

May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths."

The leader and the congregation then say together: (Num. xv. 26).

"And it shall be forgiven all the congregation of the children of Israel, and the stranger that sojourneth among them, seeing all the people were in ignorance"

This also is repeated three times. The ?azzan then closes with the benediction, :

"Blessed art thou, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, who hast preserved us and hast brought us to enjoy this season."

In many congregations Num. xiv. 19-20 is recited before this benediction. After it the Torah-scrolls are replaced, and the customary evening service begins.

f54cc5  No.12169548


When do they get to the part where they intentionally genocide the Earth and recite the names of the hundreds of millions of human lives they have murdered in exchange for their LOVE OF MONEY…that is the 'good stuff'. Amirite? I'm right.

a1172b  No.12170266

File: ae11e024ef76c42⋯.jpeg (199.15 KB, 1242x532, 621:266, 91701CAD-F83F-4C49-B827-4….jpeg)

File: c661e24b4ae052b⋯.jpeg (19.03 KB, 225x224, 225:224, 4AA8DF34-5CEC-42E6-B7EB-3….jpeg)

File: ba48917ed269807⋯.jpeg (61.4 KB, 1242x183, 414:61, 333DC92D-1BA2-475D-AC68-6….jpeg)

File: f2d7b4ed9128877⋯.jpeg (730.5 KB, 1242x2043, 138:227, 5F600C0C-2F4F-4C3F-A36E-1….jpeg)

Hello, how’s everyone going?

I have a request that could involve a huge happening that is going on in the stonemason industry That is also about to blow up very soon, and I require a well presented thread to be made because it involves greedy hooked nosed jew kike parasites killing my mates for profit margins…

Queensland Australia issued a report for all stonemason tradies who have been exposed to silica dust that makes up 95% of engineered stone and it’s made in isisrael by a company called (((Caesarstone))) sold at double the price it’s worth to dumb goyim stupid enough to buy it cos of kike advertising domination of the stone market. The Chinese are involved as well and their shit stone is much worse but I would rather focus fire on the kikes.

It’s all over the news and radio so it won’t be hard getting info. I’m going to go get my lungs X-rayed and checked for spots next week. I might die if I have spots so I need names and addresses of every ceo executives high up in Caesarstone to hand out to everyone that is effected by their treachery , just in case they want to do something about them because I know I would if I have spots on my lungs and I will do something if I do that doesn’t involve jewish lawyers making any clams.

Inb4 I am accused of being some fat cunt trying to track you Down

aaf80f  No.12170282


Just sue them, seek class action, a lot of info comes out of that.

2d403b  No.12170396

>>12168299 (checked)

There was a good happy merchant image that came out of it though. I wish I'd saved it.

24b4c4  No.12170422

File: 25c0340a8f7effd⋯.jpg (522.09 KB, 611x868, 611:868, discuss.jpg)

I have two questions:

>What are some good pro-Hitler movies or documentaries? Or just truthful ones that come off as "neutral".

>What are some good videos or decent documentaries on nazi paganism? Last one I saw was garbage and made it out to be like they were larpers. Also looking for books on nazi paganism, both to read and practice.

b6ab66  No.12170428


b6ab66  No.12170444

Okay. Cuckpol always tell me and shill that all is lost, that a high, very high, number of people are converting to pisslam and that all women are whores and are going into interracial relationships.

How is the situation actually? Is it reall THAT bad? Cuckpol is only about low-key bait threads, less of discussions, but more of bantering and insulting each other who is more cucked instead of loving and supporting each other through blood and soil

340db6  No.12170465


It doesn't matter how bad it is, you have to uphold your way of life anyway. Righteousness is not to be postponed because of the weather.

1a204b  No.12170478

File: 0c17eaa8874d70b⋯.gif (411.29 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Homestead_Sample.gif)

File: 9f6f4208822eebc⋯.jpg (884.78 KB, 1562x4158, 71:189, Bodyweight exercise chart.jpg)

File: c89142be3e22233⋯.jpg (96.97 KB, 648x435, 216:145, browning_hipower2.jpg)


The situation you encounter can easily be altered by finding a woman and creating a homestead. In addition, one should always express themselves by voting with a rifle or handgun if need be. Honestly though, this will be a war of attrition, deceit ,and secondary tactics. Have a fighting spirit regardless of any outcome and maintain it.

6da0ce  No.12170532


Damn you and your future. I am talking of bad the situation is right now with the (((invasion))). I went down the fucking rabbit hole, I AM NUMB THROUGH ALL THIS. I cannot even cry for the children even if I want. It fucking hurts and shove your weapon down your ass, I am in germany, we'll have to fight with sticks and stones if you aren't part of the Reichsbürger.

t. overpissed russslav


How. bad. is. the. situation? Why do you answer by telling me things I already do

d4feac  No.12170605


Yes, goyim. Be righteous! Turn the other cheek so the kike can punch both sides of your head.





d4feac  No.12170616


Arm yourself and be ready to kill for your cause.

d4feac  No.12170635


Wait. You're a cuck who won't resort to violence to stop the kike.

In that case, lube yourself and your family up. At least make the rape as pleasurable as possible.

f5ed36  No.12170706

Did Sessions give one and two SC a classified letter? If so, did it have something to do with the two supreme court candidates Obama picked? Is this the smoking gun that proves Obama wasn't a US Citizen? If not why give them a classified letter? Does it only have to do with Sessions ability to un-recuse himself?

6da0ce  No.12170808


>whats a jew

>whats a hebrew

low iq nigger detected

6da0ce  No.12170810


>You're a cuck who won't resort to violence to stop the kike

Where did I fucking said this you homo? I'll start with your whore of a fucking mother then the jews will have their fun with me

077e9a  No.12170899


>Mandatory National Service in the US:

>≠ Military Service. MNS means Service To Soil, as opposed to the "Peace Corps" which can be spent on the opposite side of the planet. Any benefits reaped by active service to another nation are purely speculative. MNS/Service To Soil in the US, means assisting those within your own nation wherever there is a need or a vacuum for services required

>in the beginning stages, active duty obligation is for 6 years. Remaining in reserve is optional just as in the military. The required amount of time served in active duty can be amended later to reflect those jobs/services/rates which only require a total of 4 or 2 years active duty service

>serving active duty honorably now qualifies all individuals for needed assistance later such as food/sustenance/subsistence, housing, clothing, medical care, etc… likely only available after a certain age; but ZERO gibs until satisfactory/honorable end of active duty obligation is served

>"credit" will not be limited to time served, but will reflect a "student credit" as well, which acts to advance the individual towards a degree within a specific discipline i.e. Engineering (Construction, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Computer, Design/Development of systems) Sciences, the Maths, Doctoral level disciplines, Legal Disciplines (Contract law, Defense/Prosecution, Legal writing, all facets, …), ….

wat says /pol/?

f5ed36  No.12171048


It's a baby human being with a bad wig on.

6e6f4f  No.12171077

File: 3cb36d5f1cb75c3⋯.jpg (112.28 KB, 960x538, 480:269, adult-3220005_960_720.jpg)

6e6f4f  No.12171080

File: 3938e02ae5a5540⋯.jpg (97.64 KB, 853x500, 853:500, 2ia2ki.jpg)

9c66aa  No.12171094

Any of you lads got any infographics or anything suggesting a 'Clean IJA' theory

all I have on my hands are their actions during """"""Nanking""""" but that's it

881d49  No.12171179

Why do jews act the way they do? Is it genetic? If so, can anons provide proof?

aaf80f  No.12171237


>Why do jews act the way they do? Is it genetic?

It's genetic and cultural

>If so, can anons provide proof?

Lmao pick up a history book you have 25,000 years of human history

3e2b84  No.12171263


Just read this: https://archive.org/details/CultureOfCritique

e11253  No.12171293

File: bd0be9c48e72647⋯.pdf (258.58 KB, The Biological Jew.pdf)

File: af0e840c5a283a9⋯.jpg (143.85 KB, 952x500, 238:125, bob-the-lineman.jpg)


And this.

Short 28 page report on the jew from a biological standpoint. CofC is a must read for all whites as well. Make that a priority over this as this may be a little hard to consume for newbs

d4feac  No.12171306


>wahhh shove your weapons up your ass

you sound like a dirty yid

d4feac  No.12171311


Christianity is the virus which has allowed the kike to take over the West without firing a single shot.

e11253  No.12171370


Boy you are such a free thinker and a rebel

d4feac  No.12171389


You worship a literal left-wing communist kike.

What are you even doing here?

3e2b84  No.12171442



Hi, paid jewish shill. No one believes a word you say. Reported for spam.

40f6c4  No.12171602


To mask European American demographic decline.

6da20f  No.12171605

File: 6a41ccb3cc1a3b0⋯.jpg (564.72 KB, 994x945, 142:135, Catholicism & Socialism.jpg)




40f6c4  No.12171612


Tell that to the liberation theorists and other left wing socialists in latin America and Europe.



40f6c4  No.12171617


*liberation theologists

40f3aa  No.12171729

File: 614cc1d02818000⋯.png (59.71 KB, 358x354, 179:177, kikepedia.PNG)

File: c3032a506a589af⋯.png (30.69 KB, 564x551, 564:551, 1409523369358.png)


>To mask European American demographic decline.

Sounds right. It's like when the kikes try to say >America is still 72% white goyim! Look at this wikipedia article you aren't being replaced!

Of course it fails to mention that this number groups in with whites: Self identified "White Hispanics" (almost all Hispanics living and coming into America are mestizo mutts) north Africans, Arabs, people from the middle east. (((they))) are directly lying to the white population in America telling them everything is alright when infact, we've dropped from a nation that was 83% non-Hispanic white in 1960 to 52% in 2015. This is white genocide.

40f6c4  No.12171783


Plus, we really don't know how many Middle East- North African people are here. I estimate that the US is around 53-55% Non Hispanic European. Once the great boomer dieoff happens, it will be much worse.

ffb987  No.12171919

File: ee81fbf5f657068⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 1574x3408, 787:1704, 1461626808059-1.jpg)

ffb987  No.12171951

File: 333b0618a399b37⋯.jpg (54.93 KB, 570x384, 95:64, 1348840691813.jpg)

File: f2834c308a7e8fd⋯.jpg (49.03 KB, 658x658, 1:1, 63d6e1fcda2fcd2bcb6225f1de….jpg)

File: e5849e066e43452⋯.jpg (779.58 KB, 1750x969, 1750:969, e5849e066e434520b98835bf54….jpg)

File: 62812abdf06b489⋯.jpg (106.11 KB, 885x665, 177:133, 1528695355778.jpg)




This is the most important thing to point out - Israel is not a democracy. It's hilariously close to national socialism (ironically enough), with an """elected""" dictator in the form of a prime minister. Remind them that they just recently declared non-jews second-class-citizens - in what other democratic country does this happen?

Then point out that any time any other form of nationalism is even suggested or thought of in other countries, Israel vehemently opposes them - in what could only be described as an act of grand hypocrisy.

000000  No.12172594


Israel is more of theocracy, like hilariously more than even some of its neighbours such as Jordan.

In Israel by law a Christian cannot even marry a Jew, there are literal anti-miscegenation laws in Israel not to mention apartheid laws.

You should look up how much influence Rabbis have in influencing their laws too sometimes completely.

They aren't a democracy at all.

8d1e6b  No.12172785


>Then point out that any time any other form of nationalism is even suggested or thought of in other countries, Israel vehemently opposes them - in what could only be described as an act of grand hypocrisy.

This is the one thing leftyturds and commies and lefties in general don't understand when they oppose Israel and support Palestine. They'll just assume Zionism is supposedly just like National Socialism and fascism because to them, Zionist kikes are """""White""""" racists who are "not real Jews who don't fully understand the Torah". Seriously though, why do the commies even bother to fight against (((Zionism))) with (((Marxism)))? Why wouldn't they ever read the Talmud?

0cfa84  No.12172901


>Israel is more of theocracy,

Wrong. Israel is a military dictatorship.

3cbc9b  No.12173001

is 8ch being raided? Site keeps dying

37a6e7  No.12173117


not clear if the site is suffering from raid or d.o.s. for authentication via captcha

d39499  No.12173224


3e2b84  No.12173233


Neither. Captcha worked just fine through the error.

0f0414  No.12173551

File: 24e65843b157ba5⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 980x435, 196:87, 1489778693_580836_14897793….jpg)

Are Basques white?

000000  No.12173560

do you guys remember on the Dan "old enough to pee, old enough for me" Harmon thread those post compilations from an anonymous holywood insider that some info on wat is going on in holywood and said that he would wear green socks on an event that would happen in august/september?

did anons found out who he was?

3d2e4e  No.12173781



Means are ends.

Pleasure is the ultimate end. Consider your ability to achieve it, without the detriment of children.

989307  No.12174008

I have been away from /pol/ because my shitty country censored this website, what happened to the braindead girl abused by porn kikes thread?

Did you find anything new about it?

bb8659  No.12175009

File: 7fa0bfa35e376d1⋯.jpg (76.95 KB, 720x405, 16:9, Israel-Owen-Shroyer.jpg)

Nothing new that Info Wars are zionist shills, but look at this Owen Shroyer cryptokike faggot as he's grilled for it.

He cant hide his jewishness, and it's fun.

Interview with Owen Shroyer:


40f3aa  No.12175306


>Cuckpol always tell me and shill that all is lost, that a high, very high, number of people are converting to pisslam and that all women are whores and are going into interracial relationships.

All lies. There have been many many studies on dating sites in America (where race mixing is pushed very heavily in the jewish media) and 80% of white women will not date outside of their race. Go google the studies, niggers get mad and scream racism and kikes get pissed their brainwashing isn't working. The vast majority of whites do not find nigs or non-whites attractive or as attractive as other whites. The shills are pushing this idea that white women are evil and you need to go marry a gook and have a mongrel child because your gook wife is "traditional" (lies Asian women are just as big of whores as all women) they are trying to break you

71c72c  No.12175331


Adam Green and Owen Shroyer are both CIA operatives (Adam Green is a "former" US Marine who was employed by a Pentagon drone manufacturer and Owen Shroyer is employed by CIA / Pentagon front Infowars).

You're literally watching a staged fight between two professional CIA / Pentagon role players.

71c72c  No.12175335

File: 006af7eba3c04d4⋯.jpg (93.92 KB, 501x508, 501:508, Mick Mafia 7.jpg)

What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep.

40f3aa  No.12175337




is this a bot? Nothing you are saying is making any sense

40f6c4  No.12175407


He is thezog.info, a cancerous cuckchan namefag.

He believes that

>jews dindu nuffin, globalism was invented by the irish

>every single nationalist to ever live was a CIADODSOCOM agent

>putting someones picture between two agency/branch of military seals is proof

>Racial nationalism itself is a government plot. Only CIA agents don't want to live in south Africa.

>doesn't know you can reply to more then one post at a time

>mods must really like him, he never gets banned

Lurk around here for a while and you will be able to pick him out easily.

1c8439  No.12175458

Is there any comprehensive consensus on intra-racial hierarchies for non-White races? For example, most would agree that of the East Asians, the Japanese are the greatest of their kind, which are better than the Chinese and the Koreans, which are better than the gooky rice peasants in Southeast Asia, who are in turn better than South Asian Dravidians.

023969  No.12175463

File: a59b2521e34a1a0⋯.jpg (36.97 KB, 480x360, 4:3, joans unholy beefcurtains.jpg)


26fdcd  No.12175588

How do i prove that communism and the left are compromised despite the "identity politics" nonsense, and beyond the jewish connection? I know it's connected by secret societies, but no one takes those connections seriously.

534c7e  No.12175598


Jews created them. They are definitionally “compromised” insofar as they are not white ideologies, not how whites behave, and not reflective of objective scientific truth or how the natural world behaves.

108c36  No.12175736

File: 9237125edd5929b⋯.png (480.82 KB, 800x600, 4:3, hoff.png)

Trying to decide a paper topic for my criminal justice research methods class. Was thinking about inversely correlating white men's suicide rate to white birthrate but I'm afraid of showing my power level. Also the topic of suicide is quite negative. Any suggestions on a crime research topic that would get my classmates thinking but would also not be too edgy?

271448  No.12175993


>You’re right. But then, if you bring that up, people are gonna say “just like what the Europeans did to the aboriginals.”

These narratives are only brought up by the most cucked of Marxists and lefties, it only exists to fuel their hatred against the "oppressive" White male patriarchy. Oddly enough, they never seem to be critical about Islam sometimes being even more patriarchal than White male societies. Also, supporting feminism and homosexuality IS a (((bourgeoise))) thing to do. I don't remember (((Karl Marx))) himself supporting it, as much as a turbo Talmudic kike he was.

>How can you counter this argument that people use? This can trap you in a debate

There is no true debate to be had with these "people". You can't properly debate with commies and leftists because their views are always fixated on ideals that are highly contradictory in the realm of reality. At least the commies of old knew what they stood for, and let me tell you not a single one of them stood for modern commie degeneracy. And to top it all off, they weren't really that communistic to begin with. When modern commies keep saying "not real communism", I guess they do have a point, but all for the wrong reasons.

If they knew fully well of the Talmud's teachings, they would soon realize it's not just only Zionism that is the problem, it has always been a Jewish creation, no matter how many times they say Zionist Israeli kikes are "fake Jews who are actually White racists". But since they follow another Jewish faction (Marxism), they will never read the Talmud. I'd imagine them reading it would break everything they've ever known about Marxism. It would completely shatter their already broken minds even further.

000000  No.12176119

Hey /pol/ I need a copy of this book to read.


Does anyone have a PDF or willing to scan and upload it?

This is the shit they're making university students read in Ontario in Canada btw. I looked through the contents of it. It's all marxist queer feminist theory, frankfurt school, post-structuralism, etc. in it and is blatantly far left about everything . I want to read it to deconstruct it myself and yet don't want to pay money for this brainwash.

dd303b  No.12176207

Have you guys ever wondered if the whole goal of /pol/, the growing Nationalist movement and Project Blue beam is to bring back a 'holographic Hitler' who is run by an AI who was programmed by the jews? Doesn't it ever make you wonder about these hints we are always seeing about how Hitler is going to return dropped on /pol/?

000000  No.12176220


Me personally, no. What does make me suspicious is why they don't stomp out all white nationalist resistance now when they are so powerful, simply by killing us all off, and the only answer I can think of that is we have wizards working on our side to prevent them from ever going so far.

534c7e  No.12176237


Take a gun into a synagogue and don’t come out until they’re all dead.

000000  No.12176240


Wear a uniform that is pro-white and arm yourself with whatever you have and go fight degenerates, race traitors, and invaders.

dd303b  No.12176243


Really? Wizards was your first thought? No, like, it was part of their political agenda not to kill us but to contain us so that they can feed off us forever, metaphorically, of course?

534c7e  No.12176251


>why they don't stomp out all white nationalist resistance now

They already have. They defeated the last white nationalist group in 1945. No one has fought back since then. You’re not going to do it. I’m not going to do it. No one will grab their guns and kill the jews. Therefore they have already won and white genocide is complete. They have tricked you into thinking voting works. They have lulled everyone else into subsapience with talmudvision and cheap soy foods. Whites aren’t breeding, nonwhites are. That’s all they need. Rounding us up would prove us right. All they have to do is starve us, economically, such that we can’t have kids or can’t even find women.

They won a century ago.

d0dd4e  No.12176289



i don't have a gun and by easy i meant painless

dd303b  No.12176293


That is a relief then. All we have to do is wait for the inevitable collapse of the system.

dd303b  No.12176305


All death is painless anon, the only question is whether you want to do something with you death or not. I have died more than once during my life and it is really not that bad. You think silly things like, "So, this is it." But other than that nothing else really goes through your head.

000000  No.12176312


A hail of bullets from niggers or police is painless.

d0dd4e  No.12176339


i've died countless times, anon. and i've lived millions of lives..just done with this one.

i don't fear death.. i fear pain. pain is hell.

>>12176312 i'm not tryna hurt anybody tho

2d403b  No.12176354


The first answer you got is the best and only answer you're getting.

dd303b  No.12176355


Physical pain or emotional pain?

74a616  No.12176359


>fears physical pain like some kind of feel-good pussy

>claims not to fear death

I don't buy it. Everyone says that until they come under fire.

d0dd4e  No.12176367


physical. i've never really felt much physical pain in this lifetime. lived in hell for over a decade though so emotional not so much.

>>12176359 why would i fear death? there's no such thing. souls are eternal. we just get recycled. what is there to fear. death is just a fucking reset button. i crave it.

bb8659  No.12176377

Has anyone seen any good threads on adrenochrome on this board, or any board?

74a616  No.12176389


>why would i fear death?

because you don't actually have some soul that can exist outside your body and when you die you really just fucking die and that's it, try telling yourself that crap when someone has a gun to your head, tell them "I'll just be reincarnated, it's cool"

d0dd4e  No.12176398

>>12176389 lol keep napping, bb

74a616  No.12176405


So basically you're too much of a pussy to respond seriously. I'd be glad to help you "recycle" yourself btw.

dd303b  No.12176408


Well, I don't really know anon. I am afraid you have traveled too far from my expertise. I have never wanted to die because I am too busy enjoying life. I am sorry I couldn't help. I hope it works out for you.

d0dd4e  No.12176421


i'm happy for you, anon..thanks anyway

>>12176405 you're the one that didn't respond seriously. energy can neither be created nor destroyed. and please, go ahead.

74a616  No.12176437


>you're the one that didn't respond seriously

I was being dead serious. Anyone who believes in reincarnation is fucking stupid.

>energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Yes, Lavoisier came up with that before the French Revolutionaries got to him. That has nothing to do with made-up "souls" that you seem to think can defy physics. Again, I'd be glad to help you "recycle" yourself, seeing as you're so confident about it.

d0dd4e  No.12176471

>>12176437 don't have the energy to debate

you'll find out for yourself soon enough

and sure, you can kill me, just as long as i get a goodbye kiss first

and make it painless :-)

d0dd4e  No.12176478



if you could make it look like an accident too that would be best

9d3a6e  No.12176852

File: 81995d03ed0b358⋯.png (29.96 KB, 498x614, 249:307, help.png)

Can anyone help me find an image of a little girl dressed as a with in from of the black sun? The wind is blowing, she's playing the flute and there are trees beside her. Check my image as this is the general idea of what I'm looking for.


dd303b  No.12176869


Why don't you just use that image? Major Hail Hortler.

f2fb33  No.12176916

What are credible sources of information I can direct RL people to in order to redpill them further? I keep getting asked, and I keep struggling to figure out an answer without directing unready newfags here.

707b2d  No.12176956


>hites aren’t breeding, nonwhites are.

You haven't looked up the recent statistics have you?

>, economically, such that we can’t have kids or can’t even find women.

They won a century ago.

>They won give up

Were still the only ones fighting them anon, honestly if you want them gone why not go for the high ranking ones and sacrifice for the better good? I am not saying we should go out and kill rothchild, what I am saying the reason civilization is the way it's today is because of self sacrifice, the yids will win once they shut us down other wise I am not going to be like the whiny

>T they've won lets give up goyim.

33e468  No.12177011


I know which one you're referring to, but your image is way better, blag son

2f9a46  No.12177387

File: e2c4a67296d9d78⋯.png (40.05 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Hitler on phony jewish sch….png)

File: 5ae89e00a96a335⋯.png (121.32 KB, 569x707, 569:707, Hitler on Zionism.png)

Can someone make an infograph of the passage from Mein Kampf about the phony jewish schism (pic related) and another with the quote about Zionism along with these two.

>“The Reich Government cannot lend itself to taking part in a manoeuvre that would tend to let the Jews chase the noble and valiant Arab people from their homeland, Palestine. These talks can continue only if the British Government is prepared to host the Jews in Britain, not in Palestine, and it ensures that they will stay there permanently.”

– The German Foreign Ministry, headed by Joachim von Ribbentrop (informing the British in 1944)

(source: Nuremberg document NG-1794, Eberhardt von Thadden, on 29 April and 5 May 1944; Wagner, July 29, 1944. Henri Monneray, former deputy prosecutor at the International Military Tribunal, La persécution des juifs dans les pays de l’Est présentée à Nuremberg, Paris, Editions du Centre de documentation juive contemporaine, 1949, p. 168-169).

>“Our view on the Jewish question is as follows: the position taken by America and England regarding the Jews does not interest us in any way. What is clear is that we do not want to have them in Germany and in the German living space, given the decades of experience since the [First] World War, and we shall not join in any discussion on the matter. If America wants to take them, we are glad of it. But it must be ruled out, and here a guarantee will have to be given to us, that the Jews whom we allow to leave [continental Europe] via Switzerland can ever be sent back to Palestine. We know that the Arabs, just as much as we Germans, reject the Jews and we do not want to partake in such an indecency as the sending of more Jews to that poor nation tormented by the Jews.”

– Heinrich Himmler, Chief of German Police and Minister of the Interior (note written in 1945)

(source: document of the US-Document-Center, Berlin. Photograph in Werner Maser, Nürnberg, Tribunal der Sieger, Munich-Zürich, Droemer Knauer, 1979, p. 262-263)

376cd1  No.12177424


It is all part of the pol shitshow. What would be the point?

220574  No.12177573

I have two:

>are Austrians their own ethnic group or are just ethnic Germans

>why is there a stereotype that Jewish women are sluts? Is it even true?

b97d23  No.12177868


>Jewish women are sluts?

Feminism, anon?

2f00d1  No.12177877

I basically called the kneeler a nigger. I got into an argument by stating that the kneeler shouldn't be placed on the pedestal because the left hate trump, and only people like Terry Fox should be.

The leftist said to me the following;"He kneeled protesting cops killing unarmed blacks and getting away with it. That's it.Should I say that "you can kill with your fists"?

7e7d2a  No.12177905


So, shoot everyone I see who has hands. Noted.

b97d23  No.12177923


Works for me.

6cfb48  No.12178673

File: fe08a8a76a30142⋯.png (526.81 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 1464364562183.png)

Can some anon help me clear up what rallies had cars hit protesters and the outcomes so far of any trials?

I didn't some fat woman die of fatness after meeting the ground?

ae97f8  No.12179111


The playing of the national anthem at sporting events is a US Military psyop that began during WWI as a form of pro-war propaganda.

e0e5f4  No.12179130


it sounds too much like IDF. Weren't we rejecting Jewish policies. Israel is one of, if not the only place requiring conscription. No one in America will go for it cuz "muh liberties" and you damned well now that no one in D.C. is gonna serve, nor are their sons and daughters. It will be just like Vietnam

>one for the boomers:

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son


40f6c4  No.12179133


Your existence is a psyop. Your fathers sperm was a CIASOCOM team under deep cover.

e0e5f4  No.12179166


So, how's that whole "kneeling during the National anthem" thing going?

>the Patriotard is a tad bit upset, but he still has season passes to all of their games

>the goycott'rs threw good money after bad because sponsors can afford to take losses in the interest of supporting the Marxist divide and conquer agenda where apparently;

==unarmed Black men with guns, a few felonies and a deep criminal history that are turning life around just any millisecond to kick their crack cocaine addiction, and just happen to be President of the endangered specie advocacy club on their way home from a volunteer shift at the soup kitchen delivering hand written letters to grandma, keep getting shot when out of nowhere, a skin head, neo-nazi, white supremacist in a Hummer playing AC/DC at volume 11, snuffed out this potential lawyer/doctor/physicist/pyramid engineers life for absolutely no reason cuz he dindu nuffin

(The Lefty Rebels from the 60's, 70's and 80's were right)

- The moral of the story is: "Kill Your TelAvivision"

ae97f8  No.12179187


If you had any intelligence or initiative, you could research the topic for yourself to see that I am exactly correct about the origins of the playing of the national anthem during American sporting events, but you don't so you won't.

ae97f8  No.12179198

American police kill a lot more H'White people than black people. The demographics of American police shooting victims are as follows:

1. 50% are H'White.

2. 30% are Negro.

3. 20% are Hispanic.

ae97f8  No.12179215


>Trying to decide a paper topic for my criminal justice research methods class. … Any suggestions on a crime research topic that would get my classmates thinking but would also not be too edgy?

Here's a topic for you: The mile long list of mentally ill "white nationalists" who have gone on murderous, violent rampages over the past 40 years.

e0e5f4  No.12179216

File: 2a0d73255409e23⋯.jpg (656.14 KB, 2216x1296, 277:162, Military Anthem.jpg)


Stop acting like a butthurt femanon. Here's a source since your lazy ass doesn't feel like offering one. In trade, how about telling the class "why" this is important!?

ae97f8  No.12179220


At least I induced you to look up the topic for yourself, which you wouldn't have done otherwise.

e0e5f4  No.12179244


hey, at least you avoided the question like a god little femajew. good on you

e9c76f  No.12179266

File: 19ab3e17bab39e0⋯.png (311.58 KB, 412x425, 412:425, 069049DA-7EB7-41D1-A380-F5….png)

My question: why are CIAniggers sometimes referred to as “glow in the dark”?

e0e5f4  No.12179349

File: 2c9cffab6c2a97d⋯.jpg (40.8 KB, 302x321, 302:321, Logical Reasonable Explain….jpg)

File: 59c09040c41cd45⋯.jpg (129.58 KB, 474x712, 237:356, terry.jpg)


Look, anon. You're new here; amirite tho?

>Now mkay, I'm not one of those fancy, seasoned lurkers like your average anon that was here during 'Gamer-Gate' or a veteran of the meme-wars; butt, from lurking on bothchans, the "Glowies" are a reference to none other than Bob Mueller, who upon the direction of one Hillary Clinton, delivered a sample of Uranium to (((Russian Buyers))) that shall not be named but end with "Gold", "Stein", "Berg", "Owitz" and various other Austrian sounding non-Austrian names. "Bob" Mueller (who by the way spells his name 'Bob' backwards to fool everyone and to be different) sacrificed all 7 of his ballz to satisfy his handler Hillary Clinton, and give total global Uranium control to (((Russian Buyers))).

>When Robert Mueller became a traitor to the US, he became an honorary nigger

>thus; African American members of the Central Intelligence Agency are bio-luminescent when obscured by shadow was a dog-whistle from none other that 'Terry A. Davis', the underground leader of the 10's of Millions of homeless from the 2008 banker bail outs; an undeclared Army just waiting to be activated

e0a2dc  No.12179350


Terry davis you fucking newfag

0fd815  No.12179578

Hey /pol/, does anyone here have that picture of the Gostbusters writer/producer/whatthefuckever being stepped on by the cast (who look like they're not really about it)?

707b2d  No.12179748

File: 1ace4ef1900c705⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1064x1592, 133:199, 1528173768480.jpg)


What about the symbols that mosley already made for england?

Also tell me more about this book guys.

2359a8  No.12179911


Here in /pol/ we have a lot of infographics on this crucial redpill, showing the left any of these said infographics and they will say it's "a false claim because of muh systemic and institutionalized racism". Also, have you ever wondered why a lot of commie JewTubers who once considered themselves to only merely socialistic (it means they still support democracy) have converted into full on radicalized "(((anarcho-communists)))" with great ties to (((Antifa)))? Are they even aware that the Jew-funded psyop they are following doesn't actually follow through their "anti-Zionist" sentiments?

1ba235  No.12179924

What was the whole point of leftists supporting Islam while also supporting feminism and homosexuality at the same time, again? I don't understand the mental gymnastics behind all of this. If the answer is to destroy the "oppressive, bigoted, conservative, and racist White male patriarchy", then why support a race that is even more patriarchal and conservative than White males?

ce5eb5  No.12179940

This nike advert that keeps getting spammed on twitter is beginning to annoy me. Does anyone have some wide frame black-and-white pictures of the KKK and some nigger hangings?

df605a  No.12179991

what were the purpose of the mobile gas chamber vans since the holocaust never happened?

707b2d  No.12180007

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>commie jewtubers

Not a of those people are known except for this faggot.

707b2d  No.12180009


Vid related.

023969  No.12180067


#5 doesn't appear capable of naming the JEW. Why is that?

28b55e  No.12181179


>posts something only paid jewish shills ever post

It really makes you think, doesn’t it?


They didn’t exist in the first place.

38baa5  No.12181200


Never heard that one, but initially I would think it was a delousing vehicle if the indeed did exist. I just don't see the streets of NatSoc Germany being riddled with lice infestations. Maybe animal euthanization? Hitler was a huge animal rights activist so I could see him creating something like that for animals that had been hit on the autobahn

d530cc  No.12181260

File: b01a14d025b2374⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1537605600244-1.png)

File: e3eb241225ba375⋯.jpg (790.3 KB, 1116x704, 279:176, 1537605600244-0.jpg)

When are cites like Nairobi going to collapse? There's literally nothing but niggers but they're still thriving and their cities are clean. Why haven't their nigger instincts taken over and trashed the city already?

28b55e  No.12181269


Endless gibs from the West. They don't collapse until that stops.

d530cc  No.12181277


Source? I always thought gibs go to the countryside for the development of it or something.

28b55e  No.12181281


Are you kidding? Gibs go straight to the dictator of whatever african nation it is. He spends it as he sees fit. You actually think there is OVERSIGHT? You genuinely believe that people give DIRECTION for where our stolen tax dollars go? Hilarious.

d530cc  No.12181286


What's the difference then between Nairobi and other African cities then?

40f6c4  No.12181333


>thinks thezog.info will ever give proofs


Why does the term "white" make you so upset? In the Nathan Larson thread you had a major spergout over it.

391369  No.12181378

File: 187f59d16cd0d2f⋯.jpg (53.19 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Golden Dawn.jpg)

What has Golden Dawn been up to recently?

In 2012 they got half a million votes but after a degenerate anti-White hate monger was assassinated by a patriotic Greek nationalist, the government illegally arrested several Golden Dawn MPs.

What have they done since then? Are they still relevant?

1fe868  No.12181387


They've been relevant and helping communities as recently as 2015/2016.

Have you tried filtering some google searches and perhaps starting the discussion?

391369  No.12181394

File: e921bd041c493a9⋯.jpg (4.46 MB, 3872x2592, 121:81, 000.jpg)


America and the WMF send unlimited funding stolen from White taxpayers to fund the repressive police forces of African cities.

Also, you have posted pictures of Nairobi. Nice city huh?

Except that those are very rare pictures. Most of Nairobi is slums. Here is a picture of the areas that the government doesn't keep clean. This is the norm and Nairobi is the showcase city for Kenya. The rest of the country resembles this more than the image that the government wants you to see.

391369  No.12181409

File: dc14c6cede327d2⋯.jpg (157.51 KB, 950x634, 475:317, golden-dawn1.jpg)


Yeah but it's the current year, not 2016.

What have they done recently?

I may make a thread on this today as Golden Dawn appears to be one of the greatest success stories for political organization.

d530cc  No.12181411

File: 9394048b69bf6c6⋯.jpeg (62.97 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 9394048b69bf6c6f4eb71086d….jpeg)


That's basically any city though – the central area is all nice and polished but there are slums outside of that, even in places like Seoul (pic related). And regardless, the HDI of Kenya and other such nations is rapidly increasing due in part to these handouts.

40f6c4  No.12181419


>hdi is rapidly increasing

If you don't think that they mess with statistics, you are mistaken.

07c807  No.12181440

File: 73f5762750c49d9⋯.png (139.93 KB, 750x431, 750:431, ClipboardImage.png)

polvol5, better prepare an application for polvol6 because you will be removed for this

391369  No.12181473


I don't know for certain because I have never seen that picture before, but that house looks abandoned. I've been in S Korea and seen it's poor areas. And they looked quite fine to me. Nothing like the slums of Nairobi which are vast and growing.

As for slums in the West, almost all of them are the result of mass immigration of non-Whites into our nations and ONLY into our nations. Enforced by the establishment and criticism of this is defacto illegal.

You say that the HDI of Kenya is rising. And the official stats seem to confirm this. I'm sure that Kenya, one of the most corrupt countries on earth, does not lie about their stats in order to get more gibs.

Good for them I guess. A true Wakanda on earth. Maybe they can take some of our excess Africans.

e14f68  No.12181622


There's already a polvol6 and he's enfocing votecuckery just as vigorously.

28b55e  No.12181632


I hadn’t noticed that. PV6 had been pretty good about soft-protecting natsoc polices, even though the rules prevent him from doing so. Maybe something changed.

e14f68  No.12181693


He bumplocked this thread.


And started sperging out in it, calling it "D&C".

Then polvol5 came and unbumplocked it and deleted polvol6's posts.

aaf80f  No.12181707


Is it just me who thinks the pol volunteers are actually groups of people managing individual accounts?

Goes to explain the retardedly erratic moderation.

28b55e  No.12181723


1 and 3 are confirmed individuals, but you don’t see much of them lately. I can’t speak for the others.


Hmm. That’s why we need archives to prove these things.

e4a873  No.12181877




>Pelley believed the "Jewish Problem" in America could be solved by moving all Jews in a state to a single area called "Beth Havens." and sterilizing the male Jewish population. He felt this would be better than the coming pogroms that he thought would inevitably happen with an aware and angry Gentile population

>Pelley admired Abraham Lincoln and his decision to end slavery. Lincoln was his “patron saint” and believed he should be celebrated for smashing the "Jewish bankers” when he issued the greenback note.

>To Pelley, Blacks should continue to remain in a segregated society or be repatriated back to Africa.

This guy has a noticable amount of empathy for the Jews and Blacks. However would an approach like this be too humane and come back to bite us?

dc0888  No.12181977

Spaniard here. My rant is on the cast/pol/ thread, but the fist of it is that we've had for a decade now a hembrist law that shits on Spanish born males (laws aren't for the muslims goyim!). In any case of (((gender violence))), the law takes the word of the woman (or an accuser defending a woman) as proof in absence of evidence to the contrary. The EU demons fund this, every party with representation backs it, it's not going away quietly. Marriage is now literal slavery subject to the whims of the wife, and no argument will make me buy into it, at least not in this country. Am I justified in migrating and settling down with a white wife elsewhere?

>Just be a righteous Chad all the time every time and your wife will forever love you and never hold anything against you

>nor will the jealous neighbor next door, the cat lady or the blue haired dyke on accounting

023969  No.12182109


Take his cock out of your mouth look him in the eye and tell him?

023969  No.12182115

File: ef2784c278e3427⋯.jpg (73.93 KB, 660x250, 66:25, ddt-spray-beach[1].jpg)


Mobile pest control.

707b2d  No.12182218


Does anyone have a answer for this?

afdb94  No.12182447

>Bill Still: The Money Masters is CIA disinformation

Is this true? Could you elaborate on what's wrong with it?

7c2bd4  No.12182495


good old uncle hitler, building autobahns in ukraine and having a way to treat the roadkill after they built all autobahns

7d599e  No.12183197

I recently had an Idea and was wondering if anyone can help me with it.

I was discussing with a mate how the number of jews gassed killed etc is insanely larger than what could have possibly happened and it got my thinking about a term for this.

Is the a word for the mental process of telling someone information like historical facts and when it comes to a element they can't remember accurately the tend to exaggerate the information towards the direction that will be less offensive?

>"someone killed a bunch of people at a church"

>"I think he was a white redneck"

They wouldn't say it was some nigger because if they are wrong people would think ill of them.

I feel like this is something like Conformation Bias. Any Ideas?

aaf80f  No.12183588

Does anyone have the Hitler quote where he speaks about the jews knowing better than everyone else the power of lies and wielding calumny as a weapon?

35aaa4  No.12184016

File: 04005ee2d57b5a1⋯.png (353.26 KB, 3679x6709, 3679:6709, 04005ee2d57b5a183e7b81952f….png)

8dd59e  No.12184264


Still is not reliable. I have caught him shilling for ZOG a couple times and lying about Trump. I have never forgotten that. If someone will lie about something small they will also lie about the big things as well.

e3abc2  No.12184719

I can only make sense out of things one way.

Hitler and the Sabbatean jews were working together.

the jews got their state and the Germans got theirs. Partners.

Trump and the Sabbatean jews are once again working together.

The jews hate shitskins and niggers as much as we do, but they are bound to us. Evil needs good and good needs evil. Without one you cannot have the other.

Trump is literally Hitler.

It sounds fucking insane to even type that, but look who's next to Trump.

That's the only way it makes sense.

We have jews inciting antifa, rallying the degenerates, niggers and shitskins against us.

We have jews rallying the whites telling us to stand up for ourselves and fight.

We have funding going into things like Red Elephants and Red Ice.

We have jews funding Alex jewns telling us to hate muslims.

Could this be the ethno-cleansing we've been seeking? How else does everything make sense? How does it fit together otherwise?

I'm not trolling and we need to discuss this respectfully. I'll honestly just filter any bullshit spastic response, I'm not in the fucking mood to deal with sperging neanderthals. Nothing has quite fit together until I allowed myself to explore this possibility as true. Do the same and see if you can find a flaw. All I can come up with is the end of WWII when the bolsheviks slaughtered the Germans. That doesn't fit, but everything else does and I really don't see Patton sitting back and just letting that happen.

28b55e  No.12184873


>Hitler and the Sabbatean jews were working together.

[citation needed]

>the jews got their state and the Germans got theirs. Partners.

Except this didn't happen.

>The jews hate shitskins and niggers as much as we do, but they are bound to us.

No, kill yourself.

>Trump is literally Hitler.

Commit suicide, redditor.

2d16fe  No.12185466

File: 2b1bb791a7e9802⋯.png (121.34 KB, 291x260, 291:260, scooby.png)


2f00d1  No.12185484

How can I create a document like this?


I want to create a compilation of arguments, retorts,and what not.

3fb7d0  No.12185538


That's rambling isn't worth going through. Read books of the time, sperg

ccc35c  No.12185610



See how fucking useless everyone is on the subject?

I've literally read 100's of books and it's not lining up.

Big issue: Trump isn't dead.

That's a major flaw in the narrative.

Big issue: jews don't just give up

they believe their bullshit prophecy about running the world and controlling all the coin with crypto. The dollar has to crash for this to happen. So why strengthen the US economy?

Big issue: Every jew in pissrael is a Sabbatean. They killed or abandoned the ones who weren't and retrained all jews entering israel to their kabbalist ways.

the only way the pieces seem to line up is if Hitler and the jews were working together to form an ethno-globe and shit went a bit sideways, but then Churchill is a jew as well.

The US is so obscenely strong militarily, why not just take out israel? cut off the head of the snake? If trump is really a fighter for good, why not take out evil? It's not fucking adding up!

28b55e  No.12185657


>See how fucking useless everyone is on the subject?

<wow you reject my obvious lies lol you're useless

>I've literally read 100's of books

Picture books don't count.

>and it's not lining up.

Because you're retarded.

>Big issue: Trump isn't dead.

This is because he is a paid jewish shill and part of the ZOG.

>That's a major flaw in the narrative.

It's a flaw in your narrative. Your narrative, where Trump is Hitler. Your narrative where Trump supports whites. Your narrative where Trump does anything to benefit anyone except the jews. Your narrative, which is a proven falsehood, because Trump is not deporting anyone, PERSONALLY DISAVOWS WHITE NATIONALISM, and his entire family is jews.

>Big issue: jews don't just give up

Big issue: You should give up before we kill you for spamming jewish lies.

>The dollar has to crash for this to happen. So why strengthen the US economy?

Because it isn't being strengthened, you fucking faggot. WE HAVE AT LEAST THREE CONSUMER LOAN BUBBLES THAT ARE EACH 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS. The purchasing power of the US dollar has NEVER BEEN LOWER. It is $0.02 of what it was in 1913. KIKES ON WALL STREET HAVING HIGHER STOCK VALUES DOES NOT MEAN THE ECONOMY IS GETTING BETTER.

>Big issue: Every jew in pissrael is a Sabbatean.

<Big issue: Jews are still alive.

Fixed that for you.

>the only way the pieces seem to line up is if Hitler and the jews were working together

No, you're just clinically insane.

>The US is so obscenely strong militarily, why not just take out israel?

<if you're so strong, why not just fight back against THE SINGLE FUCKING THING YOU WERE CREATED TO PROTECT

It's a real mystery, isn't it. Almost as though you're too fucking retarded to understand how the world actually is.

>If trump is really a fighter for good, why not take out evil?

Because he isn't, moron.

d53a5c  No.12185720

File: ed81df4946cf958⋯.jpg (59.25 KB, 748x421, 748:421, 105682-Akihabara.jpg)

What exactly are Joseph Goebbels' rules for life and where may I find them? I remember an image that compared and contrasted the "light" of true National Socialist philosophy with the "darkness" of Siege and its successors, and one of the quotes cited for the former was "do not despair," supposedly "rule 10" of Goebbels' rules for life. Searching around /pol/ content and the internet gave me no results.

ccc35c  No.12185724


>This is because he is a paid jewish shill and part of the ZOG.

You come off female. whiny little bitch. what good are you doing being a whiny bitch?

Ok, Trump is full blown ZOG paid jew whisperer leading the march of lucifer and wants all whites dead.

- 34 Refugee resettlement offices closed

- Pulled out of UN Global Refugee pact

- Red Ice TV / .gov funded (US Army actually) white nationalist promoting media

- Red Elephants same as above.

- Anti-Trust investigations into Alphabet, Inc.

- The White House negotiated $1.6 billion in border wall funding.

- Increase of more than 10% in ICE funding.

- Federal agents have seized nearly 1 million lbs. (981,000) of narcotics on the border.

- The Department of Homeland Security arrested 796 MS-13 gang members and associates in FY 2017, an 83 percent increase from the previous year. Current arrest warrants for MS-13 members over 4,000 including the East Coast crime boss

- 50% increase in immigration judges

on and on and on… This doens't fit your narrative! How is this helping to destroy America and usher in white genocide?

28b55e  No.12185828


>you reject my reddit narrative and fellation of ZOG puppets

>therefore you are a woman

Is this the best you can do?

>Ok, Trump is full blown ZOG paid jew whisperer leading the march of lucifer and wants all whites dead.

Nice reducto ad absurdum fallacy. Only jews do that, you know.

>- 34 Refugee resettlement offices closed

>- Pulled out of UN Global Refugee pact

No net deportations, 800,000 nonwhites made citizens per year.

>- Red Ice TV / .gov funded (US Army actually) white nationalist promoting media

>- Red Elephants same as above.


>- Anti-Trust investigations into Alphabet, Inc.

Yeah? Call me when something actually happens, you fucking yid.

>- The White House negotiated $1.6 billion in border wall funding.

Yawn. And where's the wall? Two years down and no wall. Where is it?

>- Increase of more than 10% in ICE funding.

No net deportations, 800,000 nonwhites made citizens per year.

>- Federal agents have seized nearly 1 million lbs. (981,000) of narcotics on the border.

Good. So how about seizing illegals IN THE COUNTRY, because there are no net deportations.

>- The Department of Homeland Security arrested 796 MS-13 gang members and associates in FY 2017, an 83 percent increase from the previous year. Current arrest warrants for MS-13 members over 4,000 including the East Coast crime boss

No net deportations, 800,000 nonwhites made citizens per year.

>- 50% increase in immigration judges

No net deportations, 800,000 nonwhites made citizens per year.

>on and on and on…

With meaningless SHIT that doesn't disprove a word of what was said.

>This doens't fit your narrative!

Truth doesn't fit your narrative, no.

Donald Trump is a zionist.

Donald Trump is a neoconservative.

Donald Trump is a civic nationalist.

Donald Trump's entire family is jewish.

Donald Trump personally and publicly disavows the concept of white nationalism.

Donald Trump has never so much as thanked whites for voting for him, while simultaneously praising niggers and spics at every single one of his rallies.

Donald Trump has presided over ZERO NET DEPORTATIONS after promising to deport all illegals.

Donald Trump has not arrested a single fucking person for treason against the US when we have documented proof that thousands of federal and state government employees, as well as thousands in the media, have committed treason.

Donald Trump loves jews and wants no harm to come to any of them at any time for any reason.

This is truth. It hurts your feelings. Get over it or kill yourself.

023969  No.12185961


So when are you killing yourself, sperg?

232c58  No.12186048

Hey guys, I was disinterested in the middle east but got redpilled on how all the dictators were the good guys.

Does anybody have some place that I can talk to muslims? Try to exclude anything pro israel/U.S./saudi or anything terrorist. Actually I guess I might be open to talking to that and telling them that depending on what their goals are they've been going after the wrong people.

4ef3b5  No.12186193


Look up "taqiyya". It is the islamic act of deception, and is permitted to the point of being encouraged. They pretend to be on your side, but will lie in favor of islam.


>According to the authoritative Arabic text, Al-Taqiyya Fi Al-Islam: "Taqiyya [deception] is of fundamental importance in Islam. Practically every Islamic sect agrees to it and practices it. We can go so far as to say that the practice of taqiyya is mainstream in Islam, and that those few sects not practicing it diverge from the mainstream…Taqiyya is very prevalent in Islamic politics, especially in the modern era."

4ef3b5  No.12186197



I forgot to mention the point if you missed it. There is no reason to speak to muslims. If someone calls themselves a muslim, that means they are likely lying to you in order to further their ideology.