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File: e217f3ac75984c2⋯.jpg (4.51 KB, 176x265, 176:265, WHALE.jpg)

File: 728fbfe3e7c2d2b⋯.jpg (199.83 KB, 781x2105, 781:2105, VanDriverFilm.jpg)

8447f8  No.12023605


It seems unlikely that investigating authorities would be unaware that the driver of the maroon-red minivan blocking the southern exit of 1-way 4th St NE (a Honda Odyssey) was taking a video of the Dodge Challenger's approach on her phone. How possible would it be for us to find a record of the FBI or Virginia State Police collecting this as evidence? If we know the technical name of the evidence, this would create the possibility of sending FOIA requests. Even if they are rejected, having people go through the process could bring public attention to this video.

It wasn't mentioned in court like the Red Pump Kitchen footage from the ground or the aerial footage Berke Bates took from N31VA prior to it being shot down, so it's a lot more mysterious, nearly as much as the Pie Chest video that Sonofnewo talks about.

Previous (limit reached) thread on Unite the Right: >>11996878 and semi-related thread on Cantwell release: >>11902871

24dd23  No.12023612



cce801  No.12023620

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



cce801  No.12023630



Post it I dare you

Double dare you

Double dog dare you

Truth my asshole.

f57269  No.12023635



A fatal heart attack caused by the actions of another can still be considered homicide. Your passion is admirable but don't let it blind you.

e60152  No.12023637



Trying to derail this quickly?

He's not even talking about the dead whale.

OP must be onto something.

2e2471  No.12023644


Are you naive enough to think the coroner didn't have any political pressure on him?

Dude didn't want to commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head.

Watch the damn video, the car doesn't even touch the girl who died.

b84f12  No.12023647

File: 26fffec62b82f8f⋯.jpg (134.21 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 26fffec62b82f8f3353a772d19….jpg)


only a peasant third worlder would consider this magapede moron man fat

just starve already, let us eat in peace

e60152  No.12023651


A person with heart issues shouldn't be on a high tension situation like a protest.

cce801  No.12023652




Cite one legal precedent and I'll shut the fuck up

Boo , did I scare you to death yid? Is your heart ok?

7ef2d3  No.12023655

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Got an Idea.

How about we get this mother to sue the university that employs this guy?

cce801  No.12023657


Or be a chain smoker

She put herself in danger by being obese and smoking and around a dangerous protest

cce801  No.12023663



Excellent idea

1018c2  No.12023683

File: 0c4ecebae7f9882⋯.jpg (62.5 KB, 693x663, 231:221, 1520720753328.jpg)


It's difficult to imagine someone in such good health like her could just kick off like that; especially with a heart attack of all things

cce801  No.12023684


Agencies must not classify the following as Criminal Homicide—Murder and Nonnegligent Manslaughter (1a):


Accidental deaths

Fetal deaths

Assaults to murder

Traffic fatalities

Attempts to murder

7e67fa  No.12023686

That's not her. How do you make an effortpost this autistic only to post the wrong heifer?

7ef2d3  No.12023690


but would the mother have a case?

cce801  No.12023694

File: 6ea89d7884b3ca6⋯.gif (4.21 MB, 390x350, 39:35, IMG_3657.GIF)

File: 8bb2060e6b45a49⋯.png (41.24 KB, 562x548, 281:274, IMG_3658.PNG)



Also are these two the same people? Did I find the ham beast?

cce801  No.12023695


I'm not sure my man , I'm not a lawfag

0865e6  No.12023698

File: c57a22a2c3506b4⋯.gif (4.34 MB, 406x351, 406:351, jiggles_in_antifa.gif)


yeah, she was a picture of health

8447f8  No.12023700






Guys, please don't derail with discussion about what we think caused Heather Heyer's death. The point of the matter is: the public at large cannot make an adequately informed decision on this without getting access to the 4 videos in FBI possession which they have refused to release:

1) Berke Bates video from helicopter

2) (name needed) video from maroon van

3) from Red Pump Kitchen (owners Lynn Easton+ Dean Porter Andrews)

4) from Pie Chest (owner Rachel Pennington)


Yes, I should have clarified that, the woman driving the maroon van is not Heather Heyer. There's a 3rd landwhale so ideally if anyone can tell me the proper name of the non HH landwhales or come up with a decent nickname, I will use that for disambiguatory purposes.


Sager: I never said the landwhale taping the Challenger was HH. She's probably counted among one of the "injured" though, since she does visible get knocked back by the Odyssey


No, different people. I understand the confusion because they are both superobese women stupidly wearing black shirts on a very hot day. This woman was further south than Heather Heyer. Heyer was north of the minivan, while the minivan driver (Landwhale2) was south of her minivan.

cce801  No.12023703



Thank you for the clarification anon

fb6950  No.12023719

The FBI has a fucking, helicopter video of fucking everything from a helicopter that crashed and 2 cops died and it's sealed by court order.

3e9b3e  No.12023720


>or come up with a decent nickname, I will use that for disambiguatory purposes.


1018c2  No.12023723



It looks like the same hambeast, butt it's hard to tell when she's on that pallet truck or stretcher whichever that is. Is there any way to crop the blow hole section of her back? Maybe she had an obstruction or she was out of the water and away from her natural pod. AntiFa needs to tighten up on their Wildlife mgt. and rescue training tho

3e9b3e  No.12023726


Mini isn't near as fat as Hamplanet Heather

0865e6  No.12023740

File: 5d570ccf6dc9d08⋯.webm (1.87 MB, 406x720, 203:360, heather heyer attempted r….webm)

File: 4f8c6d416f09671⋯.png (119 B, 1x1, 1:1, 4f8c6d416f09671777934e57bc….png)


this is a longer clip of her taken in charlottesville

3e9b3e  No.12023744

The protesters were committing a crime by illegally blocking traffic, (and assaulting motorists), and during this crime Heather died. This makes every protester legally responsible for the manslaughter of Heather Heyer.

1018c2  No.12023745

File: a872ae76197585c⋯.jpg (33.19 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1119734076.jpg)


we should prolly check on the AntiFa guys to make sure they recovered from their back injuries after lifting a blob of 550 lbs. of unbaked Vanilla cookie dough. Safety first! amirite tho?

e90815  No.12023746




24dd23  No.12023747


8 people to carry THAT HAMBEAST

1018c2  No.12023749


that is her. The hair color is an exact match

cce801  No.12023753



How does it feel to be right all of the damned time?

3e9b3e  No.12023756

File: 073f67ddf0f7003⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 720x720, 1:1, 1522829074507.gif)

24dd23  No.12023763


what a total spaz

7ef2d3  No.12023773


He fucked him self over with that reaction if he went to court, which is why I'm asking if we should get the mother involved.

We could perhaps pivot things. Just imagine if the mother went on fox news with that Clip. People would feel sorta sorry for us,and become really angry at the communist.

8447f8  No.12023774

File: fcb3eb59b79c97f⋯.jpg (149.58 KB, 1089x1581, 363:527, BerkeBatesHat.jpg)

File: a2faa93d2edd661⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 608x876, 152:219, BerkeBatesHeadset.jpg)

File: 3ee7c0435caf976⋯.mp4 (2.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, MaroonVanAppears.mp4)

File: 8430ba5bdb98543⋯.jpg (36.8 KB, 584x385, 584:385, taleof2landwhales.jpg)


Yes, this was the video shot by Berke M.M. Bates.This is what the FBI is hiding. Its existence was substantiated in December when they used it as evidence for the prosecution prior to sealing. While I did find some public aerial footage shot by a drone, it is shot at an angle where all you can see of the crash is the maroon van being pushed into the intersection. The building obscures all the details on 4th St NE north of Water St.


Mini is cute but it's too vague, we need something more unique.


I've included a comparison of the minivan driver sitting down after the crash to Heather lying down after the crash.


if she's smaller, it's not by much.

cce801  No.12023790


RIP boys.

Also look at the shirt sleeves. Spic van driver was wearing a tank top. Hammy was wearing a t shirt with sleeves

Also no tattoos on the upper arm either. Spic van lady has tattoos

cce801  No.12023798

File: 8bb2060e6b45a49⋯.png (41.24 KB, 562x548, 281:274, IMG_3658.PNG)

File: c96f7e38452c795⋯.jpg (47.88 KB, 584x385, 584:385, IMG_3659.JPG)


This is not the spic van driver as dudes comparison pic clearly shows

Hambone wasn't even close to getting struck by ANY vehicle

cce801  No.12023805


In fact one can tell from the blubber layer and white skin that it isn't the spic van driver.

This is fucky boys

3e9b3e  No.12023822


I'm speaking legally, not morally.

7ef2d3  No.12023953


What's the name of that lady who does body language videos?

8e4a18  No.12023954

File: a24faf000607a01⋯.jpg (16.31 KB, 296x263, 296:263, 1526972638022.jpg)


>fat sack of shit

So wtf is the fire dept doing there? For these types of situations you cut off the clothing and attach aed pads. None of these niggers have an aed? Why isnt her fat land whale tits flopping out? Seems like incompetence on the part of ems.

a8b968  No.12023966


>A fatal heart attack caused by the actions of another can still be considered homicide.


a8b968  No.12023975


Killing fat people is not murder anyway.

4831d5  No.12023982


Hamburglar dies from 5mph hit to fat-lobes

She probably suffocated in her own lard and impact had nothing to do with hit.

cce801  No.12023983



4831d5  No.12023987

It is also worth mentioning that giving CPR to a landwhaleperson is often unsuccessful since you are unable to reach the heart thru the blubber.

Same goes for AED, it is far less effective.

396fff  No.12024017


"Homocide" is a funny way to describe an independently induced heart attack. She didnt even have a scratch on her, because she was never hit.


I have no way to properly add to this thread but enjoy the bump.

7ef2d3  No.12024028

File: 6e601ed39b788bf⋯.jpg (33.49 KB, 600x424, 75:53, Dwayne-Dixon.jpg)

File: 19727ed16274fd2⋯.jpg (120.75 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 9303766-3x2-940x627.jpg)



cce801  No.12024036


The jewtube channel is called Body Langauge Ghost , not sure her actual name though

Even I could see that commie faggot was shaking scared. Scared. I could taste it over the god damned internet it was so palpable

7ef2d3  No.12024062


>Even I could see that commie faggot was shaking scared. Scared. I could taste it over the god damned internet it was so palpable

Which is why I say bring the mother in,and perhaps put her and the video on fox news.

cce801  No.12024075


Sounds good to me.

Got any contact info for fatty Mom? I don't give a fuck , I'll call her and lay blame for hambeast' death on Dwayne the Asian race mixer (degenerate scum)

44c974  No.12024116


Mandy Bombard, and it appears that YouTube has deleted her channel.

3f5689  No.12024124


Yep, she moved a lot of stuff to her own site, but there are key videos missing unfortunately. Like the Ronald Bernard analysis.


44c974  No.12024154


See, shit like this is why I'm surprised more people haven't gone full-Nasim, yet.

And they sure were quick to sweep that whole affair under the rug, lest others start getting the same idea.

Another new tactic I've been noticing is YouTube has been fucking with the audio on "problematic" videos and channels, lowering the volume until you can barely make it out.

7ef2d3  No.12024159


Cool. Thanks. Let's see if I could get a video created.

7ef2d3  No.12024225


Would anyone else be willing to ask her about the video? Just ask her what did she think of his reaction toward the film crew.

cce801  No.12024230


Dude it's blatantly obvious

You can see him quite literally shaking. Notice the right side of his neck. That's called getting called the fuck out irl

7ef2d3  No.12024254


"terror. thats what that was…pure terror"

is what she said so far.

000000  No.12024257


Ironically, these antifa wanabees think they are "le fug the bourgeoisie system, man" when in reality their names, location, and timestamp are on a list at the ATF while their names, location, timestamp, and firearm make/model/id are on a list with the seller for three years and are able to be sold as advertising/purchase data to other companies for profit.

Stupid faggots should have manufactured their own firearms before all these jews trying to shut down cody and make doing so, without license and registration, illegal.

000000  No.12024261


They should also be wearing masks.

0a7510  No.12024399

File: 8d4ad5bdbb42411⋯.jpg (5.06 KB, 138x139, 138:139, beached.jpg)


Dudes, do you even lift ?

e8f2b0  No.12024404


So arrest Kraft foods.

cce801  No.12024411

File: 4eebb4f8299131a⋯.gif (1000.21 KB, 455x250, 91:50, IMG_3660.GIF)



e8f2b0  No.12024413

File: 6bf0c499a5bfe98⋯.jpg (102.07 KB, 634x977, 634:977, 3500EAF200000578-3628943-i….jpg)

File: b78f88c1d14f2ee⋯.jpg (21.3 KB, 365x400, 73:80, couple_05[1].jpg)

File: a2f7747ff94bd81⋯.jpg (65.68 KB, 500x503, 500:503, fa115a793fccbf9889f2c99e0e….jpg)

File: 9d5bedc7289e845⋯.jpg (60.59 KB, 541x960, 541:960, 2c4ce0163b6de8c7774e39b516….jpg)



2f2759  No.12024477

I had a hard time even finding pictures of Heather, she's practically a ghost, even before she died.

Her facebook profile is practically empty, it's all face shots but never anything to show you how the rest of her looks. I only ever found 1 picture that revealed her true girth and it was a side angle of her shoulders up, on some small news site.

cce801  No.12024497


Checked dub dubs

bc812b  No.12024501


Sandy hoax type shit, yeah?

2cc989  No.12025114

File: c2b275bd7703aa1⋯.jpg (48.08 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1106am cville illegal asse….JPG)


its been awhile since i looked into all of this, but after UTR i watched 100's of videos and pictures of the event. i was one of the main people that pointed out corey long and deandre harris' attack of the old White man before the infamous parking garage beatdown.

what i remember is this. that van was parked there for about 10 minutes or so before the crash. i have a video of this somewhere that i got from YT. basically a guy walking down the street adjacent to the front of the car (approaching the passenger side profile) there was already medical personel and stretchers literally right there. about 2 mins or so before the crash the whole crowd shows up and stops there for some reason. then the crash happens and the cops a few streets back just let the guy drive away. not too long after that, the police copter that was apparently filming the whole thing crashes, which has got to be some type of setup, as im sure that is a very rare thing. this isnt hard to imagine if you consider that state troopers and swat guys were already in uniform onsite long before the unlawful assembly was declared. the mayor and vice mayor and police chief were also in a room with a pre-printed unlawful assembly declaration before anything even started to happen there.

tl:dr yeah it was a setup, and i really think now looking at the evidence that not only was the corrupt city encouraging and enabling the violence so they could shut it down, and then wage retroactive lawfare, but they also had some fed-level false flag shit with the crash that looks more and more setup with loose ends tied off (copter taken down, and james fields probably to be declared insane and locked away)

more than anything the right needs to make a comprehensive and well made documentary about this event, including the before and after

fea194  No.12025276


She might have lived if those firemen hadn't taken her back to their hall for a gang bang. Sick fucks. I despise BBW perverts..

8688bd  No.12025288

File: d30dd34c4860d42⋯.jpg (74.85 KB, 520x810, 52:81, 8649e3d1713bc49f968a6efc81….jpg)

holy fuck i love this place sometimes.

The shills, the Streisand effect.

They will always try to hide the truth, but become the breadcrumbs that lead to it.

86696c  No.12025385

White lives matter unless you're a fattie.

e60152  No.12025389


It's called fat girl angle for a reason anon.

b15c42  No.12025478



wow. That's an amazing quick post. That was literally a CIA post. So fascinating. How they oppress us.

105030  No.12025839


>help I’m undercooked

We can fix that soon enough

bb4491  No.12025843

File: 4c4f3dc5e49914d⋯.jpeg (41.91 KB, 600x587, 600:587, 3923dce948acb831357d12fe1….jpeg)

She was so fat she died because she was next to something exciting. Shitlibs are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for martyrs these days; 1917 hardened russian peasants they ain't.

d8f117  No.12029935


>400lb hambeast has a heart attack

>caused by actions of another, not by the "genetics" it is stuffing down its maw

right, lad

3d0e9f  No.12044187

File: d639c2342f0b33e⋯.jpg (62.51 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Lizette Conceicao Silva.jpg)

This is the driver. I found her way back, through the gofundme.

760c53  No.12044193

Nice find OP. Bump.

356075  No.12044197

File: ba1469843cf75f7⋯.jpg (632.95 KB, 569x872, 569:872, 1000-Jewish-Cocks.jpg)

>This Goy spoke of this very subject!!!!

This Fucker is on point!!!

Why doesnt he have more exposure?

>mix sam hydes comedy with GloomTubes happenings, multiplied by Molymemes philosophy/mind and Mel Gibsons love for JewCrushing and God….

Now all that crossed with posidan style news and music.

>strategically names the jew

>targets Satanist elites

>hates zionists

>lots of deep redpills that jog your mind

>every episode of his live streams have DINDU news or other rapefugee anti white news to wake up the normies

>good music

>posidan shouts him out

>names the A.I. nigger tech

Live 1/2


Live 2/2


>CHN for the win

136f40  No.12044203

File: fa23b82967dd02c⋯.png (234.84 KB, 480x360, 4:3, fa23b82967dd02c747c5ef4347….png)

3d0e9f  No.12044247

File: 1dd19738382c982⋯.png (1.73 MB, 642x2106, 107:351, cville maroon van lady.png)

if you guys remember back in the early days when someone ran the plates on the van and it came back as some dude named Ray Chandler.. that is her wife/girlfriend. she has a couple aliases on facebook. her, ray chandler & the women who ran the gofundme all travel back and forth to DC. in that one overhead crowd photo before the crash, she is showing her phone to some black guy. That could possibly be Ray Chandler.

this lady has like 4k friends on facebook. Big network

5d206d  No.12044379


Then the men who attacked Fields and trained rifles on him are guilty of murder, good to know.

3d0e9f  No.12044420

File: dc1ca603f9fb899⋯.png (1001.43 KB, 1049x844, 1049:844, cville the two heathers.png)

File: 0ff49dd6a91becb⋯.jpg (59.35 KB, 875x960, 175:192, heather heyer.jpg)


my theory. the girl who was hit with the car & hauled off was not the same person the media shows everyone. There are a couple facebook profiles who were personal friends with Heather & that is where you can find some normal photos.

87d3c3  No.12044549

I only problem I have with the whole Cvillething is if you're going to do something like that, even justified or not you should go out in style instead of just being a cuck and surrendering

a68fc8  No.12044898


Heyer’s mom could have just been making the common error of confusing heart attack and cardiac arrest.

There is no reason why Charlottesville’s corrupt (((system))) wouldn’t have the coroner record a diagnosis of death from blunt force trauma even though there was no evidence of trauma except for that caused by vigorous CPR attempts. The reason is a phenomenon known as ‘Commotio Cordis’ where the heart goes into fibrillation due to a shockwave caused by a sudden blow to the chest wall.

You can bet they will try use this argument to fuck Fields for murder one.

f14ab7  No.12045060

The only victim in this case was James Fields.

59a764  No.12045094

File: 6ea89d7884b3ca6⋯.gif (4.21 MB, 390x350, 39:35, IMG_3657.GIF)

File: c96f7e38452c795⋯.jpg (47.88 KB, 584x385, 584:385, IMG_3659.JPG)


Correct anon

What the exact fuck???

f1cf40  No.12045097


Need to see if she's affiliated with Dwayne Dixon/Redneck Revolt. I remember a vid of him saying to barricade shit, which is obviously what she did.

3d0e9f  No.12045174

File: 5dca418928c9adb⋯.jpg (427.67 KB, 1920x1683, 640:561, blue truck3.jpg)

File: 6ea3d5ccc45bbcf⋯.jpg (459.65 KB, 1920x1836, 160:153, black truck.jpg)

File: 58b25985c4fb29b⋯.png (1.31 MB, 2090x810, 209:81, 4th street cville truck.png)



I think there were several organizations involved with this whole thing.

antifa. redneck revolt mostly on scene

fbi/cia? those trucks driving around

freemasons. Cville is full of that crap. There is a Widows' Son's lodge like 2 blocks away. Shriner sticker on the back of the one truck. Those clowns walking around probably shriner freemasons.

11be39  No.12045200


Its all about the show dude. FF/EMT anon here, and I can say with certainty that the FD on scene was just doing compressions to make the situation look better. Can't pronounce without calling medical control and you don't want to stay on scene with a bunch of crazy niggers hootin and hollarin, so they dragged her flabby ass to the truck doing half hearted compressions and probably didn't do shit on the ride to the ER. ER Dr. probably pronounced her before they even got her off the stretcher in the trauma bay.

f63379  No.12045248

File: 55dacff3a06258a⋯.png (379.56 KB, 406x504, 29:36, Judaism_Liberalism.PNG)


there's 2 omega moos in that last pic but only 1 with her cattle brand on that beef flank she calls an arm

f63379  No.12045282




Lol, do you expect anyone to believe that you just hang out here for shits n giggles? Like this is fun to submerge yourself among people you simplly don't identify with on any level, huh? Good time! I always find myself hanging out with my Antifa buddies! I love how they belittle me and challenge everything I say on a constant basis. It's just so fun!

WTF???? Go away! It can't be worth a few shekels to sit here and get fucked with every single day, for countless hours and just fucking take it over and over like a nigger. Go! Get!

8447f8  No.12069677

File: b2cfce7b2b672fc⋯.mp4 (2.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, maroon minivan driver reco….mp4)

Gents, I've been doing some digging and found the video with the angle showing "Mini" recording with her phone. I have attached it.

What concerns me is that in the process of looking for it, I have seen video taken from this angle in several YT clip shows which has cropped this out.

12 August 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erg-sYrPOLQ&t=5s by Crazy Stuff

13 August 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS9cbH_KfMw&t=51s by Dash 10 Media

I'd be interested in compiling a list of all users (particularly early-postings like these two) who use the cropped version which removes the start before Mini disappears offscreen. This is heavily suspicious.

fb6950  No.12069697


Is it just me or are the webm controls fucked? first I can see the video with a grey overlay saying MIME type not supported and none of the controls work on the UI, then the gray overlay goes away and the controls still dont work.

49059d  No.12069698

Chris Farley had a more presentable death.

49059d  No.12069699

death face*

c8493f  No.12079523


Whhhaaaaaait a moment….wasn't there a grey car involved?

d190a6  No.12079531



Communists aren't people. Neither are fat chicks. So it can't be homicide.

ee6dd4  No.12079573

File: 7bb9dc19b1ce0bb⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1250x1781, 1250:1781, 1504452080046.png)


The blue Jeep that was sighted driving before and after was also parked on scene during.

How could it not be glow in the dark monitoring? Can anyone run a check on VA license plate WTP1224?

>Before @ 0:45



>During @ 0:00



>After @ 14:10



ee6dd4  No.12079681

File: 9e076db004e95da⋯.jpg (65.35 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1533849335150.jpg)

File: 1dd19738382c982⋯.png (1.73 MB, 642x2106, 107:351, 1505517980101.png)

File: 31a0138ecb4852d⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 4704x3472, 42:31, 1503879412032.jpg)


>the woman driving the maroon van

Anons traced the red van license plate to Johnny Ray Chandler. He is married to Lizette Conceicao Silva who was ID'd as the van driver. She also goes by the name Love Chandler or Lizette Chandler, is from São Paulo Brazil and spends a lot of time going back and forth between Washington DC and Virginia.

Almonds were activated when Jewgle maps showed a grey Challenger look alike parked outside Johnny Chandlers address.

8447f8  No.12079714

File: a9750c996ba8974⋯.jpg (33.99 KB, 640x640, 1:1, LizeteShort-Chandler11marc….jpg)

File: c97f6e367f8836e⋯.jpg (34.46 KB, 451x613, 451:613, LizetteSilva.jpg)


I don't know who the hell that's supposed to be in the 1st picture but it's not the van driver. The van driver had the left shoulder tattoo.


>the police copter that was apparently filming the whole thing crashes, which has got to be some type of setup, as im sure that is a very rare thing.

Not only this, but the prosecutors move to seal the footage taken by Berke Bates, Denise Lunsford (the woman who replaced Fields' previous defense lawyer Charles weber) okays this and Judge Robert H. Downer okays it, and it remains sealed to this day, more than a year after it was taken, and no major media sources are reporting about that or the controversy it generates, not even Breitbart or Fox.


finally a quality reply, I vaguely remembered the original dig thread in Aug2017 mentioning something about her but forgot where I saw it and there were too many archives to dig through.

Does anyone know a fast way to compare the 32 friends listed at https://www.facebook.com/lizete.shortchandler/friends (abandoned in 2013) with the bigger list of friends at https://www.facebook.com/mslovey/friends ? There's at least one: London Short, but probably others…

8447f8  No.12079745

File: fe9bca9101f488e⋯.jpg (9.38 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Lizette Acosta.jpg)

so guys I was searching google images for Lizette Silvas and came across something interesting. Am I wrong to see some kind of visual similarity here?


>Lizette Acosta

>in 2014 lead the OCEA campaign for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharon_Quirk-Silva

>Cornell University Bachelor’s Degree, Government Major 2012 – 2016 Majored in Government at Cornell University with minors in Inequalities Studies and Law and Society. Pursued academic interests in Sociology and International Relations as well. Pre-Law.

>January 2013 – May 2016 Civil Rights and Social Action Manage and organize logistics for roundtables, panel discussions and speaker events for the Cornell graduate and undergraduate community. Select and secure event venues, and advertise event throughout different departments across the university. Accomplishments: planned and executed 30+ events, and secured attendance of over 40 students for 65% of events.

>January 2014 – May 2014 Program Assistant / Committee on United States- Latin American Relations / Research history of immigration and current immigration reform in the United States. / Write blog posts for our website, cuslar.org, and distribute them worldwide through social media sites. / Write informative and non-bias articles on immigration published in our semester newsletter. / Organize “Spanish for Families” classes that are open to the Ithaca community.

>July 2015 – August 2015 Advocate LIFT, Inc. Worked one-on-one with community members to help them create their the individual goal plan.

>November 2015 – May 2016 Researcher / Roper Center for Public Opinion Research / Head researcher for Latin America database. Researched and documented 300+ possible accounts in Latin America

Brazil is part of Latin America guys.

8447f8  No.12079795

File: 1e3d03810f4e667⋯.jpg (75.94 KB, 768x641, 768:641, Lizete Short and her famil….jpg)

File: 6604332da350452⋯.jpg (36.36 KB, 623x333, 623:333, Short and her family were ….jpg)


>in Charlottesville Aug 12. Lizete Short and her family were injured during the murderous vehicular assault, she lost her vehicle and her ability currently to work.


>no results

WTF is going on here guys

101b36  No.12079832


Then the jews that indoctrinated them are guilty of murder.

ee6dd4  No.12079880

File: 288273c37d8b71b⋯.jpg (62.28 KB, 1000x565, 200:113, fAynpRY.jpg)


You're barking up the wrong tree there. The gofundme says she's 43


Pic related is @30seconds


3d0e9f  No.12080354


that facebook profile Lili Jamalreza, she is the one who ran the gofundme. she friends on all the lizete profiles.

interesting note:

>Felicia Venita Correa, a friend of Heyer's, established the GoFundMe page on Sunday

this friend of heather heyer is also friends with Lili Jamalerza. Lili is also friends with Courtney Commanderr! she was like one of the big names that comes up during the whole circus show.

3d0e9f  No.12080480


I tried looking her up on some people finders sites. something about her and her friends. She has locations in Maryland, DC & Virginia. She has 4k friends on Facebook. that is not normal. These people are part of something.

0bf1ee  No.12080543

6d7ea0  No.12080573

File: f351bfdfeee2c8e⋯.jpeg (119.89 KB, 1122x820, 561:410, coptercrashcall.jpeg)


>) Berke Bates video from helicopter

I feel alone in my thought that they walked away from the crash

3d0e9f  No.12080637


yea I picked up on that too. It wasn't the only spook car either. there was at least 2 others both parked on 4th street. one near the entrance and one near the crash


yea that guy goes by the name Ray Chandler on facebook. I try looking him up on people finder sites but didnt find anything useful. although him and liz seem to have criminal red flags and bankruptcies pop up. I dunno the details though

3d0e9f  No.12080671

File: d284390fd41b96b⋯.png (2.48 MB, 1908x1335, 636:445, nic mccarthy cville.png)


>Lili Jamalerza

another thing about her. She is friends with Micah Washington on facebook. she was one of the sisters who was in the white car that gets hit. Micah is friends with Nic Mccarthy.

b8fca0  No.12084846


>Berke Bates

Why the fuck am I just now hearing about this?

a2591e  No.12085246


Fuehrerdubs heiled!

3d0e9f  No.12085672


because you lazy bones

ae03e5  No.12085753

File: 96f3265ab8cf8a5⋯.gif (492.71 KB, 164x244, 41:61, john flynt brianna wu moph….gif)



her youtube channel is restricted/down now

491f8f  No.12085823

File: c7ac07019c83f22⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Heather Heyer’s mom said ….webm)


webm of this video for archival purposes

5c25b7  No.12085973


>A fatal heart attack caused by the actions of


8447f8  No.12094862

File: df5dcd936552433⋯.jpg (101.24 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Bates.jpg)


it hasn't been memed properly. Will this help?

869798  No.12094899

File: 13583db8bb4db49⋯.jpg (143.24 KB, 1500x830, 150:83, antifa chick.jpg)


Antifa had a hot chick but the kikes in charge got so hot and bothered that they ended up forcing her into porn.

8447f8  No.12094920

File: 833c6cde09cee1e⋯.jpg (13.56 KB, 290x365, 58:73, UTRwhalepod.jpg)



Okay guys this is an overwhelming amount of names, we need a chart like VNDB uses to keep who is friends with who straight. Here is a start. Can we build on it?

448f4a  No.12095005

File: 49273755e62f8da⋯.jpeg (135.45 KB, 908x756, 227:189, pantera moldylocks cover.jpeg)


a funny story about this chick. she did hair porn, so after her story broke, a credible WN site got a substantial amount of web traffic from India. Searches for "hair porn"

true story

0d2832  No.12095013

>still talking about Charlottesville

UTR2 was such a letdown. We need some new exciting happenings already.

4bf6c6  No.12095527

4bf6c6  No.12095530

3d0e9f  No.12095702


lili Jamalerza seem to be facebook friends with a bunch of people. Courtney Commanderr is one of the main ones. she is direct friends with Heather. She was the one who filmed her wandering around the parking lot in that video.

0a25b7  No.12124614


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