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File: 50679aba79e5408⋯.mp4 (1.54 MB, 270x480, 9:16, Baby discovers echos.mp4)

b9705d  No.12023857

Show this video to any young woman who thinks she doesn't want to be a mother.

Source: https://twitter.com/OregonJOBS2/status/1028335130559971329

Don't lead with the conclusion — just tell her to watch this cute video.

Based on the reactions in that twitter thread, this video is the most effective pro-natalist propaganda ever to hit the internet.

Apparently, it hits women right in the uterus. Delete your graphs and charts and essays and word- or logic- or fact- based arguments. With women, all you need is more videos like this (and only because they're not seeing it IRL enough).

A minute-long video of a cute baby doing cute things is literally all it takes for thousands of women to cry tears of longing for a husband and a baby of their own.

Consider how easy it would be to get women to want to be wives and mothers again if we had control over the media and women were seeing stuff like this regularly in the media they consumed which showed the good and cute and beautiful and fulfilling side of being a wife and mother.

Remember this: Biologically, women haven't changed. They essentially have the same genetics as their female ancestors from centuries ago.

What has changed is the culture — which is intent on ruining them (and us) — this is a sad fact, but it also means they can easily be saved. All of this damage could be reversed within a generation or two.

We'd just need control of the culture in order to do it — and there's the rub. That's why they commandeered our culture to begin with and won't give it back without a fight.

476ae2  No.12023876


Bump for good in the world.

341811  No.12023883


S-shut it down!

9d1c05  No.12023891

File: a804a239ffe28e9⋯.jpeg (229.34 KB, 756x774, 42:43, F4BB9860-7A0F-43DF-89E7-3….jpeg)

White pride world wide.


3fcd15  No.12023896

I am confused, I look at the profile but then I watch the video. I guess paternal and maternal instincts get aroused from a video like that just from seeing firsthand how the baby learns about this.

4f106e  No.12023908


We are getting older. Bump for our future.

b92e99  No.12023921

File: 0e6c817882a2df8⋯.jpg (89.23 KB, 745x546, 745:546, 0e6c817882a2df85b444d85339….jpg)


Oy vey, delete this!

b84431  No.12023929


Bump for beauty and truth.

101532  No.12023943

Good feels.

We need to really start memeing family oriented stuff. Too many white women are forgoing their best years for child bearing to work and many have pets as surrogates for children.

5f7c5d  No.12023948


>I am confused


000000  No.12023959


>Consider how easy it would be to get women to want to be wives and mothers again if we had control over the media and women were seeing stuff like this regularly in the media they consumed which showed the good and cute and beautiful and fulfilling side of being a wife and mother.

This. Our future depends entirely upon purging jews from the media. Take back the media and you've removed the jewish parasite's ability to leak his toxic values into the moral bloodstream. Of the weapons the jew has against us, control of our media is by far the most damaging.

0b8f83  No.12023963

File: 33ebd0e8e9e3690⋯.jpg (44.75 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 1185173_308139205992892_40….jpg)

cute kid

341811  No.12023964


>having a family is oppressive :^)

>look how strong these barren women are!

>you should follow in their footsteps :^)

1523ac  No.12023980

File: b533f2817390418⋯.jpg (191.91 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, my OC.jpg)


bump . OP is right, videos like this and other stuff of children being children with loving beautiful white parents is the best motivator for women to get off the pot and start making babies

3eb4ab  No.12023981


Nice ID. Holy smokes, how did you get that gem?

000000  No.12023985


Would it shock you to learn I get it every time? Lurk moar, faggot.

1523ac  No.12023992


lurk for 120 more weeks faggot

76c16e  No.12023994

Don't they already get plenty of videos like this in their social media feeds?

101532  No.12023996


True, the media is flooded with feminist talking points and encouragement. We should still do some meme smithing for pro-motherhood/family messages. Also, get women off of birth control, they feel very different without it.

e56d17  No.12024008



years and i agree

its literally RIGHT THERE when you hover over it…. fuckin summerfags

97c953  No.12024059


Hi newfag. Stop posting.

Lurk for 2 years.

656b87  No.12024083

File: 01458899409aefa⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 640x192, 10:3, abortion stats.jpg)

File: 8827093ecde22e6⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 1200x819, 400:273, DkZ8J9lVsAAmkux.jpg)

File: 6581c734a6ea805⋯.png (53.87 KB, 587x436, 587:436, facebook twitter instagram.png)

3eb4ab  No.12024090

40 years a slave

I was born into this world a white man

not a colored knave

my parents did not prepare me

for my lifetime as a slave

I saw on TV and movies a lifestyle rich and grand

There were no so denigrated as the common working man

Blacks paraded around with blonde women on their arms

While women were taught that being whores was correct use of their charms

I tried to start a business, but regulation crushed it flat

And currency? It inflated by some ungodly men's fiat.

I tired to marry a beautiful girl, but thy were all for sale

To disgusting rat-faced perverts who used money to prevail

"Get in debt, goyim!" is what I was told was the way ahead

But, I lost it all in 2008 and my household hopes were dead.

I tried to find a virgin for to court and wed

But, alas, girls as young as 12 were already in the rat-face bed.

Women, I observed, had become disgraceful ugly sluts.

Where once my neighborhood was white, there were now ugly mutts.

The cry, as in Eden, also now remained the same:

"Deceive the woman, and cast doubt on the verity of that Name."

Girls fled church, family, and love to instead incubate

While the rats made criticizing this into a crime of hate.

As my country crumbled, with evil walking tall

A voice of reason was heard, though it started O so very small.

The Donald raised a standard against the parasites

Though he did not say it directly, he was the savior of the whites.

I paid him no attention, did not love or hate, until I noticed his enemies were the true enemies of the state.

The last time these people hated one this much was many years ago, A.D.

His name I won't say but he was known for walking on the sea.

Then to the rats' amazement, mighty Donald stomped them flat

They knew their days were numbered unless they got a win for democrats.

But, instead they wre being rolled back like the prices at the Great Wall Mart

And in desperation they tried to silence us, but alas, it just caused more to start

Looking at the details of just who was saying what,

and in looking, they found OTHER truths, and anger was burning hot.

In the 2018 elections, voter fraud was curtailed

And, Hillary's owners realized that that ship had already sailed.

"Let's double down" the lefties said, "and hide our hate no more."

They flung white-hating candidates to bloody their fists upon the door

But, the door was firmly shut again, as in the days of the ark.

And the poor, evil, little lefties were all left out in the dark.

A flood of murders followed, punishment for failure from the devil

What else can you expect when the playing field is finally level?

In trying to wrest any hope of victory in '20, there wasn't a losing democrat left, no, there were not any

Fresh faces, fresh lies, fresh money, and their sins carefully erased

A new crop of pedophile satanists all entered the race.

But, God's fist slammed down and he said them nay, "no further shall you tread."

And with lightning strikes and hailstones he rained justice upon their heads.

After abortion was de-federalized, and blood was not spread out

The blood guilt and treason resulted in an apocalyptic rout.

Chicago was the first to go, a "nuclear accident" how else could the liars describe the fires that rained from the firmament?

But, more cities that were guilty got wiped from the very map

Killing the unborn is a tempting bait, but blood guilt leads to a trap

As Sodom and Gomorrah and those homosexuals of old

God has no room for those who defile the womb for harlotry and gold.

The momentum CNN had denied swept them off the air

And without them manning the bellows, the fires ceased to flare

Whites dwelt with whites, and blacks with blacks, and we all kept our places

Instead of mutual destruction the rats slated for our races.

Without the usual megaphone, the left went into the closet

And we found they were a tiny minority, their lies they could not posit.

What followed was a purging of media of degeneracy

No producer of pornography was treated with any clemency.

You see, we did not "hate" or posit violence ourselves

These were labels put on us by those evil little elves.

The hackenkreuz was flown in honor on every /20th of 4/

True history was uncovered of the Century of Jewish War

Without the Fed they were disenfranchised and had to make an honest buck

So, back to Israel they were sent, where there was none but their blood to suck.

ed1588  No.12024099



You're all summerfags.

5e430d  No.12024119


>Consider how easy it would be to get women to want to be wives and mothers again

>Remember this: Biologically, women haven't changed. They essentially have the same genetics as their female ancestors from centuries ago

>What has changed is the culture

Guys need to be able to marry girls from the start of womanhood again.

72238a  No.12024123


Yes! I totally agree! And we should also end with compulsory education like in the old days. Children age 6 shouldn't go to school, they should work in factories and agriculture.

Those were the days.

3eb4ab  No.12024126


B-but, isn't it wondrous and enlightened for girls to be sluts from a single-digit age, but only be legal to marry after they are years past their "best before" date?

000000  No.12024131


First pic is a potent redpill.


>Women who had undergone an abortion experienced an 81% increased risk of mental health problems, and nearly 10% of the incidence of mental health problems was shown to be attributable to abortion. The strongest subgroup estimates of increased risk occurred when abortion was compared with term pregnancy and when the outcomes pertained to substance use and suicidal behaviour.


>This review offers the largest quantitative estimate of mental health risks associated with abortion available in the world literature. Calling into question the conclusions from traditional reviews, the results revealed a moderate to highly increased risk of mental health problems after abortion. Consistent with the tenets of evidence-based medicine, this information should inform the delivery of abortion services.

Link to actual study .pdf if anyone wants it:


a6f111  No.12024135


The hilarious thing is maybe they should.

Children as small farm hands fucking works, it teaches them discipline, a trade as well as developing their strength.

76c16e  No.12024141


What point are you making? That showing women cute baby videos will shame them into not having abortions? If so, I get that. I'm just conveying my skepticism of OP's proposal. If videos like that are "guaranteed to raise fertility rates," then why hasn't that effect been evident?

5e430d  No.12024142


Don't forget that young women (and men) can't consent to things like marriage and sex. But prepubescent children can totally consent to "changing sex"!

2bfde5  No.12024148

File: 31f6225e5d2fcb1⋯.jpg (43.43 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 1433600213175-1.jpg)


stop making me cry, Anon.

2a59f6  No.12024149


It does. Women that interact with children for longer periods of time will want children. When you exposure is through (((media))) only, you only get the whining, diaper changes, lost sleep, and screaming aspect. THere are moments of levity, though, and that's what makes it worth it.

6b81e5  No.12024155


For the first pic, I think there's a last question that would need clarification.

Does women wanting abortion already have some kind of mental problems that would lead them to this decision compared to others.

If all of those women have the same mental stability then yeah abortion would lead to mental disorder, if not then it could just be compounded effect.

8bd881  No.12024160

File: 7e205c16573f75a⋯.jpg (84.09 KB, 1000x929, 1000:929, 7e2.jpg)

>when you enlighten a young feminist friend to the permission of gentile enslavement and child rape in the tanakh

>when she starts to use triple echoes around you

c0288c  No.12024165


Too bad we can't show them an aborted nigger and get them to stop talking like niggers

d8b5c6  No.12024166


Find a way to send this video back to 2007 and circulate it then. All variety of shitskins have been breeding like rats for the past decade. Go to ny midwest mall and you're likely to see dozens of headscarf and trashbag covered subhumans toting around half-a-dozen brain dead shitspawn. Demographic replacement is well under way, and will only get worse.

Getting whites to start breeding again is a very complex issue that starts with repairing the basic family unit. To do that, you need to unfuck the brains of multiple generations of women while simultaneously destroying the ideological cancer that turned them into the despicable creatures they are now. Getting them to make babies is all well and good, but means nothing if they're going to be banging Tyrone on the side and then divorce within a year to ride the alimony pony. And then, while doing all of that, you've got to find a way to round up, deport, and drive out tens of millions of shitskins.

965e35  No.12024188

File: 855f38ab32a873a⋯.jpg (23.13 KB, 360x360, 1:1, hurtfeelings.jpg)


Babies and Toddlers are absolute hellspawn. It's a women's job to raise those little shits. Human babies are born so underdeveloped that it's embarrassing.

A man should have virtually zero involvement with a child until they are around 6 or 7 years old, or old enough to start being responsible for themselves. Even then, only boys.

Any autonomous man should not want to be anywhere near a slobbering, self-shitting, emotionally charged tiny women creature. When old enough, they can learn to become men.

1df6f3  No.12024192

965e35  No.12024195

File: 9abc100c1595d49⋯.png (57.97 KB, 426x426, 1:1, 9abc100c1595d499c4b0444130….png)


>not knowing how ">(1)" works

fe7947  No.12024197


Good stuff anon

8bd881  No.12024200


Is that how your childhood went, Jaquarius LeGenius Loquacious III?

15140c  No.12024201

That BABY is self aware of a reflection of her own voice.

Meanwhile nigger offspring isn't self aware of their own appearance while looking in a mirror until they're ten years old, which a fucking bird can do.

d8b5c6  No.12024213


I've seen videos of nigger toddlers that can't comprehend their own shadow and absolutely panic when they can't get away from it.

fe8230  No.12024215


>torpedo thinks anyone gives a fuck about him


965e35  No.12024223



Any sane, logistical, or rational person can see that if niggers take an additional year or two to be able to be self aware, then niggers must be mentally and physiologically different.

But what am I saying? That's "problematic" science.

656b87  No.12024224

File: aba503128afde7c⋯.webm (2.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, talking puppy.webm)

what's to be done about catladies? furbabies?

>>12024155 i think the >>12024131 paper addresses that


>aborted nigger

there's a graffiti idea


funny that, trump on his new kid

>Trump calls O&A (w/ Bill Burr)


fe8230  No.12024226


The nigger gestation period is also a week shorter than that of whites, but their first menarche is YEARS sooner.


6 years old, anon, not 10.

3fcd15  No.12024234

File: 1d5d83e5751beee⋯.png (767.12 KB, 1299x929, 1299:929, Im Confused.png)


I'm confused, because of pic related. I understood the power of the video, but it is odd for it to come from a source like this.

07cab4  No.12024237


I like your style, anon.

15140c  No.12024241

File: 128b14e859dd3d7⋯.png (6.39 KB, 313x44, 313:44, 1d5d83e5751beeea912825b7dd….png)


Please stop acting like a nigger, basic reading skills are a requirement.

056960  No.12024251

d8b5c6  No.12024252


>what's to be done about catladies? furbabies?

That's a phenomenon that dates back as far as ancient rome, possibly further. When a society gets decadent and lazy and pour their unfulfilled affection into animals.


>baby discovers (((echoes)))

05fe59  No.12024253

File: 8220e85018f5fc5⋯.png (569.42 KB, 600x450, 4:3, buy low sell high.png)

Start popping them out. Bill Clinton and his friends are very horny.

15140c  No.12024258








341811  No.12024265


In any saner time catladies would be outcasts mocked or pitied by regular people.

341811  No.12024272


>discovers echos


What did they meme by this?

d8b5c6  No.12024277


In a saner time, anyone over the age of 30 without kids would be seen as bizarre. Unfortunately, that social standard went out the window completely in the west within the past two decades.

4e8841  No.12024300

File: 0b236f1441a2925⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Kek_Knight.jpg)


>Delete your graphs and charts and essays and word- or logic- or fact- based arguments.

This is proof that you are not part of us. Logic and facts are essential to us and they are not addressed to whores' minds.

Beyond if your post is factual or not, you are a degenerate normie and probably a fucking cunt larping as a man.

I praise you if are a man, but if not, die horribly dirty whore.

341811  No.12024308


Why not both? Facts for men, emotional appeal for woman.

Women were brainwashed to disregard their own biological urges to reproduce and instead adopt cats.

20f913  No.12024311


It's not the kike's kid:


3fcd15  No.12024323


Thanks for clarifying, I was worried for a second but now I'm relieved. checked

2a8ae0  No.12024329


>nigger toddlers that can't comprehend their own shadow

You must post this.

b83a03  No.12024334


You're glowing schlomo.

Being a father is the best thing in the world. Have more kids lads

28bc6e  No.12024338


Unironically true,

Traditionally fathers weren't exposed to their children until their breeching day. Prior to that children were effectively treated as gender neutral units. After this day, fathers would begin to direct their sons education.

Persians for instance wouldn't meet their sons until their 5th birthday. Partly because the death of a son was considered too painful. After the 5th birthday, they would teach them to : Ride the Horse, Draw the Bow and to Speak the Truth.

4585ec  No.12024343

File: 2c6f93219f3235c⋯.jpg (26.74 KB, 410x479, 410:479, Feelz.jpg)


I can't tell whether you are an autist who has never touched a woman or a shill. Women are not logical and logical arguments do not work on them. You have to hit them in the feelz

28bc6e  No.12024344


Being a father to a less than 3 year old isn't all that great. 5 year old - 12 year old boys are the master race.

Constantly ready to get down without whatever Dad has in mind. I could get my sons to kill an man for me. They would think it grand and then want to go get pizza after.


b52ffa  No.12024346

File: 4b808f32b3840b4⋯.png (291.42 KB, 707x922, 707:922, Screenshot_20180818-193259….png)

File: 8396ccbc664618e⋯.png (348.39 KB, 720x911, 720:911, Screenshot_20180818-193318….png)

File: c59e5ef0ee31961⋯.png (553.23 KB, 712x983, 712:983, Screenshot_20180818-192806….png)

File: 75bfe4bfd692688⋯.png (564.7 KB, 720x1024, 45:64, Screenshot_20180818-193454….png)

good idea Anon.

my fellow polacks focus too much on negative propaganda, because of our high Power Levels, and because we know just how bad things really are, and we don't focus enough on Positive Propaganda, which would be infinitely more effective to convert Normiefags and women.

i recall reading something by Goebbels where he said in the early years of the Reich that he was careful to only use propaganda that depicted the idealized version of the Reich, because it planted the seed in the Volk's minds about how things ought to be. people possess a magical ability to mimic what they believe ought to be, and thereby create it themselves.

as a counter propaganda strategy, your idea reminded me of a recent trend i have seen where (((rich urban kinderloss))) live vicariously through their pets, and even use pets to arrange social functions the same way children used to be used for get togethers.

attached are images of "Bark-Mitzvahs", which illustrate the point we need to broadly telegraph throughout white society.

white women celebrate motherhood, their children and the perpetuity of the Great Race.

while foul, rude, arrogant, selfish, atheist, hideous Jewesses celebrate their dogs, mock their traditions and glorify the extinction of their own dying, leafless tree branches.

Autists with Meme Magic talent could embelish this idea and shit poast these memes on kike forums, to subconsciously plant the fear provoking idea of self-holocaust.

861cca  No.12024353



965e35  No.12024356


Dump your whole jew dog folder, I know you got it.

4585ec  No.12024361

File: a2744a928c3bfc6⋯.jpg (520.5 KB, 880x1300, 44:65, Theodore_Rooseveltnewtry.jpg)


Inspiring. You should definitely write more poetry

4585ec  No.12024369


Can confirm. Raised on a farm. Strong and fit and never broke a bone despite falls and crashes and fights. Able to force myself to work hard if needs be. I was ruined by school and college though. Too much poz was poured into my brain during the 8 hours a day of school I had to attend rather than doing farm work and learning self sufficiency and business

4585ec  No.12024378


Whereas Vikings held their sons the day they were born and if they did not accept the child then the child was left to die in the cold.

4e8841  No.12024379

File: 2a76730a8cda9a0⋯.jpg (49.81 KB, 600x668, 150:167, A message to all THOTS.jpg)


>You have to hit them in the feelz


Who in hell would want to get involved with a woman?

To play the feeling game with them is pointless because every redpilled men knows already the outcome.

Who cares what whores want, feel or think, the important thing here is to make them produce White babies like a factory.

Appealing to them is to play their game, a more realistic approach is to impregnate them in a smart way to dodge the incoming tsunami of demands and complaints, all of then backed by ZOG.

This is a realistic vision of the subject. They are all whores unsuitable to be housewives, so they are by themselves.

4585ec  No.12024389


Your nose is showing rabbi

>women are evil goy

>keep jacking off to porn

>never have kids

28bc6e  No.12024391


Similar to the Spartan who bathed the child in wine and then would commit infanticide on any weak children.

8edb74  No.12024398


I coached my wife's birth, I cut my sons cord, I hold him everyday (he is three) I can't imagine a day without teaching him new things fuck these kikes saying you need to abandon them. One of our sons(and daughters) are worth a thousand kikes.

2a8ae0  No.12024401


I would restructure education so that children learned our civilization from the beginnings to the end. So as the child ages, the learning becomes more advanced. Young children are taught hunter/gathering…older farming…older still trades and crafts…older governments…older technology…so it would be as if every single person learned our civilization from the ground up and knew everything that there was to know, beginning to end about all we have ever achieved. There would be specialization at the upper ends of the scholastic spectrum because that is proper according to ability. But we would end up with children who were basically immune to any social trauma as they understood all of their history start to finish. Also innovation from their experiences in so many different environments would allow further development of technology in ways that we can't currently imagine. Also, we need a new form of language…this one is ridiculous.

4e8841  No.12024406

File: e147e0b0e5d4aae⋯.jpg (70.65 KB, 620x397, 620:397, Normies Shocked....jpg)


Then save money to buy the best Aryan egg in market and to rent a womb.

This is the winner deal.

28bc6e  No.12024412


That is very modern of you.

Where was the tribe/clan of women coaching your wife? Where was the mid-wife who has delivered hundreds of babies. Was you wife instructed by the extended family on how to breast feed?

Fact is you went into a hospital, and likely a kike or asian ob-gyn delivered you kid and there was not extended kinship involvement.

I'm not saying abandon modern medicine, I am saying the extended female kingroup raising kids is the norm. The doctor should be basically be there and shut the fuck up otherwise. After that it should be Moms, Aunts and Gramma's doing the rearing.

d1dc2d  No.12024420


>I can't imagine a day without teaching him new things

Yeah, leaving our impressionable children without paternal influence during their early years sounds exactly like what the kikes would want. Harder to get a foothold in their young minds with a father pointing out all the kikery to them as they develop.

965e35  No.12024424



You are a total and absolute failure of a man. Babying you child now will carry over into their adolescent an teenage life. You will not be able to mentally detach the image of the helpless mass that you hold so very dear. You will unknowingly hold them back their whole life as the maternal bond you create will override your paternal instinct. You will never be able to show them "tough love" as you will fail to strain them to their highest attainable abilities. You will crack and give way when you find them in mental and physical pain. You are a failure of a man.

000000  No.12024456


>wonderful poetry


632050  No.12024462

File: c3d61162e4e377c⋯.png (217.99 KB, 600x338, 300:169, smile.png)


This. Lefties love to ignore how painful emotionally an abortion actually is. I can't even fathom how it would be when the infant is further along. It's why I don't spare anyone on my social media accounts who support abortion. I had a tumor inside me, rather than the baby I badly wanted, and I cried after the surgery when I heard a baby crying in the lobby. He was right behind me too. I had to undergo chemotherapy because I had developed gestational trophoblastic disease that mutated into small-cell cancer after the surgery. The only thing that comforted me was that I hadn't been pregnant with an actual baby. God only knows how it would have affected me if that had been the case, and the infant had been stillborn. But I have a cute baby boy now who coos at me and does this little sound like he's yodeling at me in the morning. He's healthy too, and near the same age as the cutie in OP's video.

8edb74  No.12024465


You are a failure of a man, you have no children. Probably a kike, fuck you.

4e8841  No.12024469

File: 931a37d6afc485b⋯.jpg (51.64 KB, 620x504, 155:126, Proud Gutter Sluts.jpg)


Like it or not, my opinion is not rare at all, and every day is more common.

To immolate ourselves to women's desires is a no go.

Children are women's property, not ours according ZOG; so, why any reasonable man would want to finance and to take responsibility for a woman's child, when it is not even possible to know if belong to him?

As I see it, most White women are doomed to procreate as niggers, with many different fathers and supported by the State.

Consider this a fair price and karma for their "liberation".

8edb74  No.12024472


My first wife had an abortion and it tore us apart, best wishes with your family.

2b8b96  No.12024473


Believing all that glitters is Gold

Was the mantra of the young and White

Reruns of 'Leave it to Jeanie' and 'I dream of Beaver'

acted as the White mans plight

What was lauded as a life that awaits

Was to become nothing more than a beleaguered fate

A mindfuck which only exists in Pedowood

where the innocent female goyim become the hook-noses rafe

Slowly but surely, reality sank in

As the dream became a nightmare

The women beautiful by day, haggered by night

Could not be saved by prayer

But wait, success is in your future

By incurring debts you will shine

You need only use trinkets, and stuff

And shiny metal objects to attract the sublime

Ah yes good banker, indeed I shall

With school loans, mortgages, a car

Become the envy of all

And surely I will go far

But none brought rewards, only remorse

A missed fortune that was fake

For I also lost my place in society

From the wealth extraction of '08

Happiness is not quantified by material gains

one thing I learned about goods

As I sat there munching on blanched cockroaches

In my new home innawoods

51218e  No.12024474

File: a2f4204fc7c8b8d⋯.jpg (14.92 KB, 237x237, 1:1, candy nigger.jpg)


What's funny is there are a lot of black guys in the thread who've had their heart warmed by this child and are acting like they want to be moms.

4585ec  No.12024475


>women are worthless

>women love niggers

>Don't have white children

>just give up goy

You kikes are pretty transparent with your shilling

965e35  No.12024476

File: 4eca1176c8bb5c3⋯.jpg (19.84 KB, 343x343, 1:1, 1449993880813.jpg)


Not only are you an embarrassment, but you're also fucking stupid.

You're fighting hundreds of thousands of years of biology and tradition so you can be a "special father" who is always there for you son.

Such same mentality bred the "everyone's a winner" generation. You're following the same path of failure an entire generation of men before you did. You have learned nothing from their example.

51218e  No.12024482

File: 7f5cd0c7d34dd3e⋯.jpg (68.2 KB, 600x382, 300:191, 2014-06-27-SocSeccard.Baby….jpg)


>A man should have virtually zero involvement with a child until they are around 6 or 7 years old

Child abandoning Boomers GTFO. You've already destroyed the world enough.

965e35  No.12024487


>all the women in my family, wife, grandmother, aunts, etc. are absentee and I specifically need to raise my child

And it shows too.

Refer to >>12024476 you sad sack.

8edb74  No.12024491


Holding your son doesn't damage him, teaching him how to be a man helps him. Thankfully kikes like you aren't capable of raising good sons.

4e8841  No.12024493

File: 1ea0dffe0a6e0d0⋯.jpg (104 KB, 500x627, 500:627, I don't always take off my….jpg)


>>Don't have white children

>>just give up goy

Knock it off.

There is plenty of simp's dick around.

Why to come here to pissing us off?

Women have wombs, not us. Go and talk to them to make babies.

51218e  No.12024494

File: d73c2915988fac1⋯.jpg (36.22 KB, 474x574, 237:287, boomer boss.jpg)


>Such same mentality bred the "everyone's a winner" generation

Boomer Cuckservative meme

"They gave trophies to everyone at the child's soccar game, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

And nobody gave a fuck. It was a plastic piece of memory that you were there playing with your friends. It didn't make anyone feel like they won anything. I never got one. I was too poor to afford to join anyway, but my friends just threw the trophies away and kept the ball or gloves.

965e35  No.12024503


You lack a very basic reading comprehension. It damages YOU, you total dumbass. The mother is supposed to have the severe emotional bond with the child, you're supposed to have the heavy hand. You will fail in your position as a man if you become an equal emotional caregiver.


>such a mentality doesn't exist

Get out of that rock you're living under.

I fear for you. If you do not see that the vast majority of people aged 18-35 right now very truly believe that "everyone is a winner" then I have not the fainest idea how you could call me the out of touch govt pension sucker. You must be culturally blind and deaf.

412ce9  No.12024505


>i was too poor to join

Are some areas so kiked that they make you pay to join a public sports group?

8edb74  No.12024506


You don't have children and it is obvious, any father could see you are still a boy.

2b8b96  No.12024507

File: d3c3314948193b0⋯.jpg (32.79 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1518214578365.jpg)


enjoy it, Moshe. You are a Pulsar which only shines as it burns itself out. You too; contend with low birthrates and low numbers. It will be pure art to watch the Black Goyim murder you slowly and consume you like the worthless chattle you are

e32246  No.12024521


Glad to hear it, don't leave him to be an only child though.

965e35  No.12024523




It is very obvious that YOU are the intruder here. Go back to cuckchan where poor fathers are the example and the norm.


Don't have any, or have had enough to realize that only the toughest love breeds real men? Go ahead, sonny, guess my age. You can have more than one adult child before you're 40, you know. See how much I care that a fledgling young man such as yourself lashes out in fear when faced with the truth.

51218e  No.12024524

File: 2175e3e6f496c25⋯.jpg (45.92 KB, 470x348, 235:174, boomer gen x millenial eco….jpg)


>I fear for you.

I know you do boomer. You're in inversion of us.

>If you do not see that the vast majority of people aged 18-35 right now very truly believe that "everyone is a winner" then I have not the fainest idea how you could call me the out of touch govt pension sucker. You must be culturally blind and deaf.

You're a programmed TV bot. You dont see that, you infer that because you were told to, Boomer. People who think they're winners don't feel the need to march in frantic idiot clown world rallies or dress up for clown world. That's pure insecurity and confusion of our age.

WTF are you even doing here? You're too old to be shitposting online. You have money, family, a life that's ending, a life that was suppose to be developed and yet you're here being a shit head because your feminist wife left you 10yrs ago and your kids dont respect you, and now nobody gives a fuck if you are alive or dead, that's why.

Why dont you go do something in your community you eternal "me generation" blood sucking vampire? Oh that's right, because you're here fantasizing again like you did your whole life, out of touch, out of synch with nature and reality.


Yeah. But no Jews lived there. The equipment, especially the cleets and shit was too much to afford.

8edb74  No.12024535


>Don't have any

I'm going with that, this is an obvious larp - and a cringe inducing one at that.

965e35  No.12024540


You small, insignificant, poor, ignorant person. Nothing more says "I am severely out of touch" than the fact that you are blind to those around you. You dream up accusations to avoid the truth, that you are an individual in a sea of retardation. Everyone is a winner, everyone but you, because you know better than that. Simply ignoring it won't make it true. Calling me names and failing to infer my age won't change those around you. You are failing both yourself AND those around you by keeping this fake world of yours alive.

34b16f  No.12024543


>Such same mentality bred the "everyone's a winner" generation. You're following the same path of failure an entire generation of men before you did. You have learned nothing from their example.

How stupid are (((you)))? The "everyone's a winner" mentality came about because of single mothers. Because mothers would steal children from fathers, "raise" the child herself into a criminal, and only give the child praise. Never teach it respect, humility, kindness, responsibility etc. It's a symptom of (((your))) kind's murder of the family unit.

What (((you))) don't like is that biology wins. 100% of the time, every time. Even liberal mother's are wanting to stay with the father more and more and have more children.

It's one aspect of why white birthrates are #1 in the country again for the first time in over a decade.

965e35  No.12024547


I am sorry for your children. They will be raised into mere shells of what they could have been. You are a disappointment through and through. You are the scum ruining the white race. I hope you enjoy the weak, leftist children you will produce.

51218e  No.12024557

File: fb55929c23a51e1⋯.jpg (12.03 KB, 184x254, 92:127, me me me me.jpg)


>You small, insignificant, poor, ignorant person.

Oh no, now I feel things. You're so powerful with your Leftist buzz words, anon boomer scum.

> Everyone is a winner, everyone but you

>Abandon your children until they're at a less difficult age

>Stop calling me names!

>You are failing both yourself AND those around you

>Abandon your children until they're a fun age.

>I live in the real world! Here on 8ch in my golden years!

Jesus Christ, you vampires have no self reflection, lol.

c53d71  No.12024558


You are fucking retarded. Your theory of some kind of clan of women handling all childrearing was pulled out of your asshole on the spot. Being raised solely by women is the absolute MOST destructive experience a child can go through. Every single study on the matter confirms it. A father should absolutely be there for his son from ages 1-6, as these are the years a child's subconscious mind is formed. Imagine leaving those critical formative years of your son's mind entirely to women; he'd grow up to be completely broken even if you did bother getting involved at a later age. Your theory that raising your son will create a maternal bond is fucking retarded as well; your relationship with your son will be different than your wife's relationship with him by virtue of the fact that you are a man. A man cannot be a mother in any capacity. Similarly, a woman cannot be a father, which is why it is CRITICAL for you to be present as a masculine role model from an early age.

DadAnon is a hero contributing to the White race by the most objective metric available. You are a retarded faggot whose knowledge of history comes from pop culture and the only thing you're contributing to is your pony cum jar you virgin faggot.

8edb74  No.12024560


LOL that's funny, my community doesn't allow that type of behavior. Nice try, maybe attend and LDS service sometime faggot

34b16f  No.12024566

File: 5790a7d96ef23e3⋯.png (764.36 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, single motherhood ruins ch….png)


>Being raised solely by women is the absolute MOST destructive experience a child can go through.

4585ec  No.12024571


You are the one trying to convince white men not to have kids rabbi

965e35  No.12024574

File: 9946350267772c2⋯.jpg (67.72 KB, 960x945, 64:63, 1428815279998.jpg)


Everything I said it true too, but you don't believe it! Sad!



The entirety of humanities strong men throw away because some jew said ages 1-6 are most important for a man to be there.

Forget that women raised the children from birth until men raised the children from the age of reason to adulthood. Some 20th century jew said otherwise! Hilarious.

51218e  No.12024575

File: 61e1f2064a1e452⋯.jpg (8.1 KB, 473x265, 473:265, index.jpg)


>The mother is supposed to have the severe emotional bond with the child, you're supposed to have the heavy hand.

"Beat your children goyam! Ignore their love and pass it onto the mommy complex!"

Boomer Freudian kike

34b16f  No.12024578


That image might be the most retarded shit I've ever seen. (((feminism))) put a permanent ball and chain on all males, despite marriage.

51218e  No.12024581

File: b9d4ece5552f9a4⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 235x301, 235:301, index.jpg)


>Everything I said it true too, but you don't believe it! Sad!

f29466  No.12024582


>I will try to insult him with liberal arts campus buzzwords!

>that will show him




also tits AND get the fuck out

11094e  No.12024584


What about the faggot father who bailed on his duty?

965e35  No.12024586

File: 63b7ae82fd00fb3⋯.jpg (54.03 KB, 500x581, 500:581, 1440027999757.jpg)


>don't discipline your kids, goy!



>I have failed in reasoning!

>stop revealing fundamental truths to me!!!

c53d71  No.12024591


>Forget that women raised the children from birth until men raised the children from the age of reason to adulthood.

Source nigger.

390885  No.12024593


>state sanctioned (((divorce))) isn't a thing

>women never steal the child from the willing father

>women never intentionally and wholly prevent the father from helping raise the child

Got a new IP so quickly huh?

4e8841  No.12024595

File: fb8ab0b16137e2a⋯.mp4 (4.02 MB, 720x1200, 3:5, No White Knights Here.mp4)

File: 2180c78cff46811⋯.jpg (19.62 KB, 427x248, 427:248, Equal Rights.jpg)


>>Being raised solely by women is the absolute MOST destructive experience a child can go through.

And it is almost always a woman's decision.

As soon as as she doesn't need her man any longer, she will divorce or expel him with some legal trickery, and of course, the man will have to pay for many more years.

f29466  No.12024598


In the most sane times their hordes of pets would be "interpreted" as familiars summoned by the devil and they would be agonizingly executed for witchcraft, preferably with fire, as a warning.

8edb74  No.12024600

I wasn't going to post this because missionary shill shit whatever: go to Utah and join us, eastern Utah is beautiful and you can find a nice girl. Fuck the shills in this thread, you can find everything you want here. The elders are dying - we can take this "religion" elsewhere.

098bdd  No.12024603

File: 8849f78fc071823⋯.jpg (71.32 KB, 640x615, 128:123, 8b0222bed.jpg)

You do know most white women want to have a black child, right? I live in the middle of PA and today every white woman with a man had a black one. It's outrageous and your plan won't work, they'll just want niggers.

2a8ae0  No.12024604


But mormons admit people of other races and niggers.

5b3bee  No.12024605

File: 4e006d6243594d1⋯.jpg (145.67 KB, 1200x919, 1200:919, metropolis futurefash jews….jpg)


>beat and reject your kids, goy!

>I am the truth the light and the way!

>I'm smart

>I'm right

>fundamental reason!

You're fundamentally boring and your IQ is too low to Freudian us, kike boomer.


>You do know most white women want to have a black child, right?



8edb74  No.12024608


Since the 70's yes. but like I said - the elders are dying. If we take control of this tax exempt machine then we have billions to secure our ethnostate.

2a8ae0  No.12024611


What are the demographic on that? How infected are your people?

c53d71  No.12024612


I see you've switched tactics and IPs, Schlomo.

5b3bee  No.12024615

File: fd82bde689356eb⋯.jpg (148.81 KB, 640x631, 640:631, like other girls.jpg)


>I wasn't going to post this because missionary shill shit whatever: go to Utah and join us, eastern Utah is beautiful and you can find a nice girl.

Mormons are isolationists who would fear any /pol/lack because he's not a retarded Jew worshiping mind slave or malleable. The other option is the girls who are rejected by their families and are now leaning toward some abstract Utah rebel demoralization scene.

965e35  No.12024617


I chose to not discipline only 1 of my children, just 1 of them. so far, they're the most rebellious teen I've had to deal with. Respect is taught. You are weak.

4585ec  No.12024619


New IP rabbi?

c53d71  No.12024622


>neglect is discipline


4e8841  No.12024625


>I live in the middle of PA and today every white woman with a man had a black one. It's outrageous and your plan won't work, they'll just want niggers.

This still push me farther from those repugnant beasts.

Bestiality is something I can't stomach.

c53d71  No.12024629


>conducting behavioral experiments with your childrens' rearing

No actual White father would do this. You are a LARPing jew.

965e35  No.12024633

File: f8a49c790c8d81b⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 200x200, 1:1, that word.jpg)


You keep using that word. That word doesn't mean what you think it means.


You are not a father, that much is clear. Not every child is raised the same. You are naive.

c53d71  No.12024639


>i decided to completely forgo disciplining my child just to see how he would turn out you know so I could win internet arguments

000000  No.12024641


That is the jew meme time range. The correct range is:

1920-1940 "Greatest"

1940-1960 "Boomers"

1960-1980 Gen "X"

1980-2000 Gen "Y"

2000-2020 Gen "Z"

Cohorts exist as 20 year periods between the generations, e.g.,:

1990-2010 "Millennials"

8edb74  No.12024642


If we stop NOW then it won't be too bad.My cousins have been on several missions and have found very few converts. I do not support missions btw. Here is a mainstream view of our demographics.


965e35  No.12024644

File: aac3b5df0cbdb95⋯.jpg (228.81 KB, 700x609, 100:87, 1446428426269.jpg)


>so I could win internet arguments

Sure, just believe that. That works.

c53d71  No.12024651


Oh rabbi I see you saved a Hitler pic so you could fit in with us internet nazis. Too bad you forgot to change the filename from the cuckchan timestamp to the 8chan hash.

8edb74  No.12024652


I feel sorry for you. I will live in eternity with my clan and you will always be a complete faggot

5b3bee  No.12024657

File: e61c350977dae22⋯.jpg (33.81 KB, 474x257, 474:257, baby boomer child raising.jpg)


>I chose to not discipline only 1 of my children, just 1 of them. so far, they're the most rebellious teen I've had to deal with. Respect is taught. You are weak.

Failed boomer father who didn't know how to raise his children is now projecting it onto toddlers. You're a fucking pathetic mess.

If you weren't a dumb motherfucker that chose to isolate, "just one child" they would of learned how to be a decent human being by example. Either by example of the shitty mother your pathetic cuck ass chose to seed with his retard DNA or by the example of the children you did "discipline".

Let a Gen-Xer help you see your life of mistakes, Boomer:

1. The other children are not rebellious because they hide it from you, because you beat them, and from your own prescription of child rearing, "ignored them at an early age".

2. The one you decided not to beat sees a world of inconsistent parenting, and has no stability. This child simply chose not to hide it from you because they're the braver of the siblings having less PTSD from your "heavy hand".

3. A child is a reflection of their parents and home life. If the parents are stupid pieces of shit like you, the child will look for outside dominate influences, stable or unstable to find out what it means to be human.

4. You don't have to spare the rod, but the most important things to instill in a child is reason, empathy, and emotional balance. All of which you failed at because you're a piece of shit who claims to be really smart and reasonable in this thread simply by repeating it with nothing to back up his claims

>I am the truth! Obey my truth! You are small and nothing and under a rock!

If this is how you raised your kids, then well… Figure it out before you die an old man that people only pretend to care about out of respect for the family or the mother.

You're a failure of a father and a man and should never offer advice to anyone every again. Just be stoic, kind, and silent. That's the best chance you have left.


Gen X ends in 81. It doesn't go by zeros but by events, idiot.

5b3bee  No.12024660

File: 40120efa2ddbff7⋯.jpg (25.15 KB, 424x263, 424:263, th.jpg)


>I will live in eternity with my clan and you will always be a complete faggot

I'm going to come to your eternity in my spirit body with Tom Cruise and fuck up your happy cartoon planet.

965e35  No.12024662


>how to spot a newfag 101

Entirely irredeemable. I can see you picked up tertiary knowledge of this places history but failed to get the whole picture. Until the infinity next disaster, we used unix timestamps. Ask Josh why we stopped. Oh wait, he was fed to the pigs.


Did you ever consider I left the disciplination of my daughters to my wife? No? Thought so. You don't discipline the girls as you do the boys. You failed to see the simple truth and constructed an elaborate lie. It's amusing, really.

301bb7  No.12024667

This gives me some optimism.

I even saw a happy white family at the beach the other day. The father and mother were both joyful with each other and played with their son. Of course we don’t always know what goes on behind closed doors, but it really made me smile to myself

If there are Whites, there is hope. Just remember that.

e7a5af  No.12024668


good job, doing God's work anon

000000  No.12024670


Actually, anon, it goes by 20 year periods with intermediate and overlapping periods called cohorts.



8edb74  No.12024671


Tom Cruise is one of us and won't fuck anything but his lawful wife

c53d71  No.12024677


>guyz I'm such a huge oldfag look at me

>i have a huge fetish for josh because he totally didn't almost ruin the site he actually almost saved it

>dude pig farm lmao

Oh, so you're from freech. You're not even shilling, just shitposting things you don't even really believe because you're bored and spiteful. I'm leaving the thread now, you won't get anymore (You)s from me.

965e35  No.12024683


How can you claim anything about 2015, the change from unix time stamps to hash, and then go back and say that anything before -147 is cuckchan? You are an idiot, a hypocrite, or have a swiss cheese memory, you fag.

2a8ae0  No.12024684


Does that mean you would consider keeping the ones you have? They can't understand the religion ANYWAY, it is not part of their DNA/brain structure. IDK man, I have considered it many times…but the fact that you are ok with incorporating non-humans into your organizations REALLY bothers me. I am ETHNO-GLOBE anon…btw…I don't think that anyone DESERVES to inherit the Earth other than Europeans, we are the only thing of value it has ever produced.

I will look over your data. Thanks.

afc744  No.12024689

File: 410cd4e9193d77c⋯.jpg (62.54 KB, 497x732, 497:732, 1452276976628-2.jpg)


>dumb leftist kike

>posts video

>trying to prove your not the scum of the earth

>people see how fun it is to have kids

>makes people see that having kids can be fun

>dumb leftist shoots self in the foot

>makes white women want to have kids


4e8841  No.12024690

File: 27f1fdca3472e1b⋯.jpg (168.22 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, Pregnant mom I'm looking f….jpg)


>Tom Cruise is one of us

He is not. He is a Scientology's dron and Pedowood member.

If he really fucks only his wife is not because he is virtuos, but because he is terrified to loose everything in a divorce.

3ae8d5  No.12024691

There are enough people in the world to have no reproduction for entire generations and be fine

591c92  No.12024702



085591  No.12024703


>Show this video to any young woman who thinks she doesn't want to be a mother.

They'll just adopt another "fur baby".

8edb74  No.12024711


I wouldn't personally accept a non-white, but I haven't even seen a single one except a japanese from california. I mean, really there has not been a nigger ever in our Ward. The true problem is kikes - who always try to infiltrate!.

5b3bee  No.12024719

File: fdc239e735d5a55⋯.jpg (151.57 KB, 1184x610, 592:305, DISCPLINE YOURSELF.jpg)


>Did you ever consider I left the disciplination of my daughters to my wife? No?

Wasn't your entire argument that you leave the discipline to the father and that you disciplined your other children except "1".

You can't even keep your pathetic life straight and you missed the entire point of what I said and fell back on your excuses making like a typical boomer.


8edb74  No.12024723


I am not going to put myself on a limb for Tom fucking Cruise, but as of now - he has not failed.

5b3bee  No.12024724



>Actually, anon, it goes by 20 year periods

You know, you can be wrong. It doesn't hurt. It's not done by zeros. But by events as I said.

965e35  No.12024729


You simply failed to account that I don't discipline 1 of my children. My daughter. Like I said, you made a false reality. You don't have critical thinking skills. It's a shame. Anyone else could have pointed out that you don't discipline the girls, but I guess you don't have one. Terrible.

5b3bee  No.12024731


>that meme

Fucking hell.


>Tom Cruise is one of us

You're saying Scientology and Mormonism are the same? Because I kind of agree with that.

5b3bee  No.12024734


>There are enough people in the world to have no reproduction for entire generations and be fine

We're talking to humans about humans, not 3rd world apes or goblinos

5b3bee  No.12024744


>You simply failed to account my life even though you know me.

>Anyone else could have pointed out that you don't discipline the girls,

>I failed with my daughter

I have great crtitical thinking skills

Just save the meme. You need to read it over and over again. I'm starting to feel bad for your entire family which I can't account for, idiot, because I can't do a head count of your anon family. God damn idiot.

5b3bee  No.12024747



I fucked that up:

>You simply failed to account my life even though you know me.

>Anyone else could have pointed out that you don't discipline the girls,

>I failed with my daughter

>I have great crtitical thinking skills

8edb74  No.12024753


Well there are definite similarities and I don't think it will hinder our race at all - the people I know have something to believe in and will defend. I wish scientology an mormonism would converge because we can use the money to make an all white ethnostate.

965e35  No.12024755



What, can't get it all out in one post? Try try again but you will always fail.

You proved that to me tonight. Anyone with half a brain knows that the father doesn't discipline the daughter. But you have no girls.

Can't think straight. Can't consolidate your sparse thoughts. Can't raise children worth a fuck.

A failure. Your father failed you, and you will fail your kids. It's them I feel bad for, not you.

83645d  No.12024779


>what has changed is the culture

what's changed is the law, even if you would be labeled a sick fuck for dating say a 16 year old when you're 23 men would still do it because thats better than any roastie with half a dozen cocks in her by 19.

>reddit spacing

get out and go back to the_cuckold you fucking nigger

8edb74  No.12024790


I did not read the whole chain of events but I can say that it is never too late. My first wife had a troubled past but moved past it and birthed my first child. Sure she isn't my current wife but that does not matter. We can't rely on the old system anymore, form your own communities and you can do what is necessary to keep your families safe.

74688a  No.12024873

File: 12ae50e9094f2a6⋯.png (56.61 KB, 774x372, 129:62, baby fever 10.png)

File: 1d34cdeddec327a⋯.png (53.54 KB, 774x370, 387:185, baby fever 06.png)

File: d06dfe1fccfb8d6⋯.png (57.11 KB, 786x363, 262:121, baby fever 09.png)

File: fb9a9c6d1a308fe⋯.png (54.33 KB, 774x373, 774:373, baby fever 04.png)

File: 7b90a9c80ec69a8⋯.png (25.27 KB, 776x168, 97:21, baby fever 02.png)


I probably should have included some screenshots of twitter reactions in the initial post to illustrate the point for lazyfags who didn't click the twitter link.

Apparently, videos like this are all you need to spread baby fever.

And remember, we're seeing this effect amongst the women on twitter crowd (mentally ill) so amongst more normie / conservative women the effect would probably be even stronger.

74688a  No.12024879

File: 066d6e92f154f7e⋯.png (37.39 KB, 644x253, 28:11, baby fever 16.png)

File: fa287c4990a2a84⋯.png (276.15 KB, 774x651, 258:217, baby fever 11.png)

File: afcd426c6ceccca⋯.png (39.52 KB, 774x273, 258:91, baby fever 08.png)

File: e27a648484089ec⋯.png (21.24 KB, 675x147, 225:49, baby fever 15.png)


More baby fever posts.

8f5e4e  No.12024882

We aren’t talking about sex

83645d  No.12024889


>neglect is totally not leaving my child in the hands of someone else

>its totally not neglect because its my wife!

Nice princess bride reference but unfortunately it backfired spectacularly on you. If you leave your daughter to be raised exclusively by the mother then yes, you have NEGLECTED your duty as a father and you NEGLECTED your daughter.


>i left the disciplination of my daughters to my wife

>men are the heavy hand

>i did not use my heavy hand to discipline my daughters

>i did not neglect them nor fail them

The kike injected doublethink on human beings is never unimpressive to look at. There is rarely an instance where I'm not surprised at just how deep the damage goes.


>anyone with half a brain knows that the father doesn't discipline the mother but you have no girls

I have a sister and I know just how much a lack of fatherly discipline fucks up a girl. Dad disciplined her only when her fuckups were serious shit, now she's so unbearable she screams at our parents like an autist or tosses myriads of passive aggressive comments whenever something doesn't go her way. She asked you for a spoon to stir something and you didn't give it to her within 3 seconds of her asking? Bad attitude and snark comments. Ignored her for 3 seconds after that comment? "WOW THANKS FOR THE FUCKING HELP GUYS!" My mother asks whats wrong and even stops me when I put her down, cause that would be me "bullying" her. They went full "lets hold hands and be peaceful" rather than disciplining her and the result is it's going to be very difficult for me to maintain the relationship they want me to keep her after they die because the lack of discipline has turned her into an insufferable, unbearable and hypocritical cunt. Dad didn't hold back on disciplining me more often though he was too soft on me, having grown up I wish he had been harsher on me during my upbringing to help fix up some bad habits of mine though I recognize why he was so lenient at times since he loves us so much. Take it from someone in your sons position, your daughter is a cunt because you did fucking NOTHING to set her straight. Her rebelliousness is only gonna get WORSE as she hits/graduates college and gains more financial independence from you, and when she finally does become independent she is going to be nothing more than a hypergamous whore because you left an emotional woman in charge of logical discipline.

>Can't think straight.

>Can't consolidate your sparse thoughts.

>Can't raise children worth a fuck.

>A failure.

>Your father failed you

>and you will fail your kids.

>It's them I feel bad for, not you.

You took the words right out of my mouth. I don't get how you're so blind that you don't recognize your own reflection in the mirror. I weep for your daughter, another white woman fed to the ZOG. If it wasn't for the fact that you have children to financially support, the world would have been better off if you killed yourself.

2a8ae0  No.12024976


>The true problem is kikes - who always try to infiltrate!

Checked. DNA should be able to iron that out relatively quickly.

69713b  No.12024984

File: 7f08ea94d444358⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 159x146, 159:146, 9f14ef8c47574101bce5e5f321….gif)


Better still kike, the man that photo belong to the tribe. I see why you would like him.

976764  No.12025001


Sinner makes interracial cuckold porn

1bf6b1  No.12025003

File: 743e2fbe947b5b3⋯.png (16.11 KB, 263x322, 263:322, brainlet.png)

4e8841  No.12025016

File: b96a4e57a332d70⋯.jpg (59.37 KB, 600x334, 300:167, choice.jpg)


Fuck off.

Birthrate is a women's problem and responsibility.

But in case we take the issue in our hands, the answer will be swift and practical:

1- Women's rights will be gone.

2- Women's survival rate will be proportional to the children produced.

3- Women's survival rate will be also proportional to the usefulness to the group.

4- Trickery, deviations, delays, laziness and subversion will be punished.

efa4fc  No.12025026


>be persian dad

>big day has come

>i can finally see my son

<looks totally like the milkman


0d245e  No.12025028

I'm sorry anons, I can't deal with women and I really really like my peace and quiet. Hope at least the rest of you will succeed where I failed.

dfba1a  No.12025037



These bitches all make it sound like having a baby is a product. You could show them a video of a cute dog and they'd all want a dog. They just want one because it's popular. They would be horrible mothers.

05ab3d  No.12025196

Nothing so-called "cute" is cute to me. I hate little dogs and animu. I wonder if there's something wrong with me like autism or if I just have a normal masculine brain.

ab2a52  No.12025206

File: aae6f3285910537⋯.png (77.14 KB, 379x182, 379:182, unda.png)

I agree with the sentiment OP

But there are thousands of videos of cute white kids doing cute white shit.

Conversely, there are thousands of videos of stupid nigger kids doing stupid nigger things.

Post one, the other, or both.

Show not only the joys of having a child, but show the horrors of having a mullato

80b2c0  No.12025351


And gay futa shit

d6872b  No.12025360


Not true.


>tfw trailertrash rednecks outperform rich black dudes

a873f4  No.12025370


Fuck off nigger. A White Man should be constantly there for his children, especially his son.

If you leave a boy to be raised by women he ends up acting effeminate and being scared of thunder and dumb shit like that. You must raise a boy to be courageous and discerning.

You would be shocked at what levels of trust you can achieve with your son. When my boy was 2.5 I would put him on a playground platform that was around 8 foot high and he went from jumping into my arms while standing to me lying on the ground and him taking a running jump off the platform and skydiving into my arms. All the dumb sluts walking by would cluck their tongues and some would even gasp in fright but the real women knew what they were looking at and started trying to talk to me all the time about my strength routines and shit like that.

White boys are generally born strong and adventurous so why the fuck would you let a woman ruin that?

a9aeb4  No.12025384


eat shit. children are wonderful.

e04b30  No.12025617

File: 8d657362432333f⋯.jpg (437.44 KB, 1000x708, 250:177, Amerikaner.jpg)

0bf139  No.12025627

File: d280279616056d9⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1564x1564, 1:1, Hitler-pose.png)



OP is right. Facts and charts are good for blue-pilled men. Find more videos like this.

5e430d  No.12025633


I was quoting the post I was replying to. And it's not reddit spacing as the quotes were from different paragraphs.

340e2f  No.12025739


>don't interact with your child until AFTER their formative years that's how you be a real man

Fuck that why not go to the next level and just give your kids to some stranger in a daycare so both you and mum can be real™ together

a873f4  No.12025752



Just swamp them with a tidal wave of white babies and strong families.

All you need to do as a white man is be physically and emotionally strong, you will find a good woman. Do not be discouraged by what the electric jew tells you about white women. Just don't frequent places where whores gather.

15140c  No.12025757









A packfull of niggers. Kill yourselves.

ec66fb  No.12025778


<3 thankyou

6437ff  No.12025872


Go jerk off anon

84fd5c  No.12026308

File: c54a1a620405fff⋯.jpg (187.2 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 1361144058139.jpg)


>It's them I feel bad for, not you

Kind of funny to make that statement so soon after admitting you failed your kids

>965e35, ie 20 posts on trying to save face

be30d0  No.12027889


I always get really fuzzy when I see that.

It's so cute.

Am I a low-test faggot for that attitude?

0dbb94  No.12027958



128cc6  No.12027990


Kike baby. It will get the gas.

5fdc1f  No.12028003

Is it wrong that I am a male and seeing babies like this makes me want to be a father?

a873f4  No.12028065


Fulfill your biological destiny.

b36093  No.12028283


>Show this video to any young woman who thinks she doesn't want to be a mother.

Why do you think so many women have dogs and cats these days and literally call them their kids? They want kids, they just replace them with pets.

b36093  No.12028289


What's wrong is you trying to signal for positive feedback on /pol/. Fuck off nigger, we're not here to make you feel good.

37dfd1  No.12028296


How is it wrong? If you're going to be a dad, more power to you.


Piss off.

b36093  No.12028302


>Consider this a fair price and karma for their "liberation".

"Their" includes us, nigger. Can't have white men without white women.

b36093  No.12028306


Fuck you.

37dfd1  No.12028308

37dfd1  No.12028309


I bet you're the ethnoglobe anon.

b36093  No.12028334



Where do these women exist? I live in the mountains surrounded by 50 year old women. In the cities it's all niggers and shit. Where the fuck do normal young white women exist? I haven't seen them in rural or urban America. I barely ever see women my age.

b36093  No.12028350


There's only one?

3fcd15  No.12028363


I think you might want to be extremely cautious about this, anon. Just because they said this online doesn't equate to their actual feelings unless you overfill them with serotonin and kick start their maternal instincts, but you'll find one you just have to look at places that brings the mother in a woman.

32d1b7  No.12028371

File: fd4888ab7069b93⋯.jpg (82.22 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 5e8bb29f934c09e6fd8a4dfa8f….jpg)

I'm starting to think this show is more Japanese pro-family propaganda because every woman I know who has seen this anime has instantly wanted to have children. Not even kike brainwashing can completely shut off women's maternal instincts.

37dfd1  No.12028372


So I guess you'd follow his ideals?

af848d  No.12028387


nigger mentality

b36093  No.12028393


The question was more specifically concerning, where the fuck do I find women my age that aren't working at the same place I am? I moved here a little while ago and all I see on a daily basis is fucking old people. People my age aren't anywhere to be seen unless they're making a quick stop at the store to buy something. I could go for an hour walk, and guaranteed every single person I see is over 40. The few younger women I see either have a kid, they're with a guy, or they look like some urban transplant bimbo.


Well if there's only one, then you guessed right. What gave it away?

934d66  No.12028400


Reported. Waste of dubs

37dfd1  No.12028403


You're the very guy that believed that empathy is weakness and how the whole race should be bloodthirsty people who didn't give a shit.

b36093  No.12028409


That's not me. I am however the one that first started preaching a global race out of necessity. Nice to hear people are adopting it.

37dfd1  No.12028416


I have a question for you - what about racial outliers who live in their countries?

48a253  No.12028425




Commute towns around cities, enclaves in the country, normie gated communities… they're everywhere that at first glance appears awkward to go home to. Follow the most managerial-looking guy you see at a city starbucks all the way to his town, you might find someplace interesting.

You won't be welcome among them without significant change, what you see here in these tweets is a window into a comfort zone strictly without you.

2280ee  No.12028452


videoing cute white babies and blasting social media with viral videos.

I can just imagine Buzzfeed kvetching about this latest muh white nationalist master plan. let's do it.

b36093  No.12028457


I believe technological advancement will see the end of the traditional nation-state. It's inevitable. It can't not happen. As for non-white groups, obviously extermination would be the fastest and easiest way, but we could also sterilize them, demoralize them, oppress them etc. When I talk about empathy, I talk about controlling and directing it, not just abiding the urge to feel empathetic. Like with hunger. You can go and eat yourself into an early grave, or you can control your urges and eat good food. Just because we're prone to feel empathy, it doesn't mean we have to be empathetic. Just because I'm prone to starve without food, it doesn't mean I should substitute a good whole food meal with a box of donuts for convenience.

37dfd1  No.12028461


I mean I'm a shitskin living in India and I'm fine with white countries being white. I just don't get the extermination of other races.

a07cc8  No.12028463


>Autists with Meme Magic talent could embelish this idea and shit poast these memes on kike forums, to subconsciously plant the fear provoking idea of self-holocaust.

Wouldn't that promote jews to either cut it out or ramp up their own birth rates?

3fcd15  No.12028496

File: 403b830579b672b⋯.webm (3.14 MB, 426x320, 213:160, roastieITT.webm)


I have a problem finding a decent woman, too. However, I try to be honest with myself but firm at the same time that way it would look like as if I am a father figure although I am about to turn 19. My father and I had conversation about men and women, and their differences in behavior while I try to tie in some Biology into it so he would get a good understanding of it, too. It is why a lot of people respect me, in fact there was girl in my class who had that maternal instinct and told me that I would become a great father she's dating someone who I could honestly respect for since the relationship in my eyes was extremely sincere. There are a lot of people showing off paternal/maternal behaviors, however the problem is the subversion on the majority of the population, and the fact that most of these types of innately red-pilled on aspects onfamily. Hence why, they are extremely defensive on their beliefs and how they carry themselves.

But instead, you get webm related.

5f7c5d  No.12028500


Because the price is not worth it, non-whites have proven to bring little value to white countries overall, they should simply return to their home countries and be an asset there. If millions of chinese wormed themselves into india you would feel the same way.

37dfd1  No.12028507


Did you not read my post? I'm fine with races being in their own countries. But someone (or a few people) insist that global genocide is necessary.

b36093  No.12028545


Well the way I see it, there's two futures for humanity: we all mix, or one race/ethnic group conquers the others. The world gets smaller every year with the advancement of technology. Eventually Japan and England will be no more distant from each other, and interacting with each other, than people from England and France. Not to mention how global diversity wreaks havoc on global resources and productivity, as well as nature. Do you disagree that if the world, right now, were solely inhabited by a billion ethnic Europeans and nothing more, that nature would prosper, that advancement would quicken, and that instability and war would almost cease to exist (in the context of the post-nation world that I believe will result from technological advancement)? Do you not think a group of white men work together better than a group of niggers, or a diverse group? Do you think the child of a white man and a black woman has the same intellectual potential as that white man the majority of the time? The homogeneous nation-state propelled European ethnic groups to global dominance. The only way to make the next big step is a homogeneous globe. Preferably Germanic, but European will suffice. The immigration issues of the past 50 years in the US, and right now in Europe, are proof that this has to happen. In a diverse world, our prosperity hurts us. How the hell can we ever advance if one step forward leads to two steps backward? Our major cities are in worse condition than they were 200 years ago. We need global homogeneity so we have a genetic similarity to the global population, so we can trust it, work with it, and prosper with it. It's the only future. We need a European, or Germanic global race.

000000  No.12028561


>global genocide

>not necessary

How will you remove the vermin from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.? Just asking them to leave? Will you actually waste funding to capture/deport? I'm pretty sure that a global genocide would be needed to cleanse the European countries.

Also, if it isn't you, it'll be the Chinese who'll take over Africa (the least necessary group. Honestly, some people like to claim each race has something to offer. The answer is no).

000000  No.12028754


What show is this? Just reading Yotsubato! is making want to breed

4e8841  No.12028792

File: 5f3a83400721134⋯.jpg (76.21 KB, 773x425, 773:425, just do it.jpg)

File: 2e5756abe2c4e2c⋯.jpg (231.22 KB, 750x926, 375:463, ASD.jpg)

File: 0142480312d3c8a⋯.jpg (111.31 KB, 600x899, 600:899, kid-sieg.jpg)


>How will you remove the vermin from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.? Just asking them to leave? Will you actually waste funding to capture/deport?


Circling around the idea to boost the White birthrate is a defective approach and a delaying excuse to avoid to fix the problem once and for all.

If Whites are going to survive, war is unavoidable, let us face it and prepare for it.

No matter how many White babies are popping, the non Whites are still reproducing to a higher rate and competing for resources and influence in our own lands.

000000  No.12028840


Oh its Hataraku Saibou

fdb0e1  No.12028938

File: 643626666b95e7a⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2597x1917, 2597:1917, 1476606910702.jpg)


Even if you "psychologically manipulate" more white women into giving birth, do you think you're going to manipulate them into giving birth to 8 children like the Arabs and Mexicans do? Is it right to fight fire with fire anyway? Better usage of time would be to nuke the Middle East. And the third world. Or rather, to develop a WMD that doesn't leave the soil irradiated and barren, so that large portions of the earth can just be cleansed. Much more efficient long-term solution to the problem, don't you think? You guys are going to spend your whole lives trying to trick a woman into having one, or maybe two kids with you and then raising those kids for 18 years hoping they don't get corrupted by Jew, and you think that's going to stop the subhuman hordes who are popping 9 babies per woman per year? Not a very effective usage of time. Think bigger.

35232c  No.12028941

File: d2beefbd8df2882⋯.gif (2.07 MB, 360x199, 360:199, brent.gif)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, swastika_bypass.jpg)


That's a pretty good ideology to base edication off of even if the details are a bit meh.

a07cc8  No.12028988


>Anyone else could have pointed out that you don't discipline the girls

Which gives you roastie whores who only exist to chase the cock carousel and complain as to why they can't find a "nice, decent man" because they were too busy fucking tyrone or chad to settle things through.

I'm sure your kids might pull through though - assuming you haven't set them up for failure.

8a9736  No.12029003


>Consider how easy it would be to get women to want to be wives and mothers again if we had control over the media and women were seeing stuff like this regularly in the media they consumed which showed the good and cute and beautiful and fulfilling side of being a wife and mother.

This is so true it hurts. We really need to take over journalism and the entertainment industry.

5e2fd0  No.12029043

File: 82c9584d3b3d95a⋯.jpeg (27.93 KB, 604x516, 151:129, 88f.jpeg)


Greeting newfren, remember to read the sticky, FAQ, and QTDDTOT.

5e2fd0  No.12029206


>Let your people die out goy!!!


a07cc8  No.12029221


>We really need to take over journalism and the entertainment industry.

When you do that, be extra fucking sure to take back art, cartoons, and drawing, because those areas are already fucked to high hell and I don't wanna feel like the only non-pozzed drawfag who draws girls in a 2000's flash style.

8d893c  No.12029303


lack of stable housing market, high cost of homes, cost of living, never learning from father figures or on the job, never keeping a job that pay and has dignified work for the community. No feeling of tribe or self sustainability.

Thats why no babies. Then come the decreased fertility factors like toxins, pollution, vaccines,chemtrails, Fgm and mgm-circ. Then comes the cultural marxism and finally of course. city design, roads, large spaces filled with strangers and trash.

4e8841  No.12029380

File: f57b04c94e77ee2⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 334x188, 167:94, azxs.gif)


>(((feminism))) put a permanent ball and chain on all males

No doubt if the man is bluepilled.

However every day more men are getting redpilled and walking away and no playing the rigged game.

This is a war waged by women against men and promoted and backed by (((ZOG))), and under the current rules the rift between sexes only helps the White Genocide agenda.

The solution is evident and in plain sight, but the time for men to move forward is not ripe yet.

ea654f  No.12029466



this is beautiful

7578b4  No.12029520


Q predicted this.

a9ec95  No.12029551

File: 01a0cf5b2ed6cc2⋯.jpg (338.55 KB, 2268x900, 63:25, internet conditioning.jpg)

File: 54d08478f161778⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1550x1850, 31:37, interracial marriage stats.png)


Quit trying to "internet condition" us to accept coal burning as common and "normal". Your personal anecdotes don't match up with the hard data.

1523ac  No.12029554


Thanks for posting anon


I enjoy the way you think, keep doing it

000000  No.12029638


do you have the gook vid in webm?

37dfd1  No.12029651


I think that forced deportations can work out.

ce8e6e  No.12029704

Fugg that's cute. Three of you faggots need to have an extra kids (on top of your three that you should be having) on my behalf.

19fba9  No.12029707


[citation really fucking needed] Moishe

19fba9  No.12029728


What's wrong with celebrating tradition with your dog? Especially when your country's tradition is kebab removal.

a2cf35  No.12029736


>As soon as as she doesn't need her man any longer, she will divorce or expel him with some legal trickery, and of course, the man will have to pay for many more years.

Not if she drowns in the bathtub. Just saying.

fe558f  No.12029741


>on top of your three that you should be having

Three is an arbitrary number. Yes, I know, muh 2.1 replacement rate, but really, we should be having more than three. Three would only work if every white woman had three babies, and that's certainly not the case. Thus, we should have six or even more, whatever you can afford and manage.

fe558f  No.12029743

negating my own accidental sage because this is good propaganda and is worthy of a thread unlike white knighting for the nigger whore

19fba9  No.12029749


Don't let him watch this shitty anime except for pistol Ayaya Pistol Ayaya is love Pistol Ayaya is life

ce8e6e  No.12029772


True. I just meant that as a minimum because, as you said, the replacement rate. But also convincing the average chick to pop out six is a difficult task; you could always knock up a few randoms and bail but that's obviously pretty nigger-tier.

a2cf35  No.12029774

File: d8dcfd7d200ce63⋯.png (179 KB, 500x692, 125:173, Tales_of_the_Hadith.png)


Boomers were 1946-64. GenX was the next 18 years. Then Generation-Y, or "Millennials," from 1982 to 2000. Generation Zyklon started in 2000, and it should just about be wrapping up now.

Also, who gives a fuck – stop using artificial Jew-media descriptions of things, you sound like a TV-addicted Boomer faggot.

4e8841  No.12029821

000000  No.12029870


how many years before she gets blacked to spite daddy?

a873f4  No.12029882


Talking about your own daughter there moshe? Only a sick, jew dog would talk like that about a little baby girl. Sorry, niggers would as well.

0886c1  No.12030077



000000  No.12030326

>all these screechy walls of text by feminized, overly emotional millennial "men"

4e8841  No.12030550

File: f702e52bba39d30⋯.jpg (208.33 KB, 1381x882, 1381:882, alternative.jpg)


>Can't have white men without white women.

A smart White man always finds a way.

fe8230  No.12030600


>oy vey goyim fuck animals

Reported for promoting bestiality.

bd8fa7  No.12030630


All humans are animals - you included.

54d08d  No.12030643

based propaganda

>i'm pregnant now


54d08d  No.12030647



Nope, fuck off JIDF.

d39415  No.12030648

File: 96a5ca281b92bea⋯.gif (469.49 KB, 350x270, 35:27, 96a5ca281b92bea7331327306e….gif)


That doesn't make your retarded theory any less retarded. Retard.

4e8841  No.12030662


I believe the anon is meaning that "bestiality" is "zoophilia", as having sex with subhumans niggers.

bd8fa7  No.12030717



I am not justifying that poster's assertion that miscegenation is desirable, I am just pointing out the fact that the argument against it doesn't work.

d39415  No.12030761

File: 5990ccc6bc9a34c⋯.png (36.58 KB, 394x440, 197:220, 5990ccc6bc9a34c135f5b22538….png)


>White egg with white sperm in an asian had 0 effects, as if the zygote is in an empty shell and not an active human being for the entirety of it's incubation cycle

There's effects that happen when it's growing in another body, like how the person carrying the child literally uses it's cells and materials to help the baby grow. Do you really think a womb is a vac-sealed plastic bag? Get real.

bd8fa7  No.12030785


That's not even relevant to that post's claim that since she's an animal, you shouldn't consider this.

Which I refuted by bringing up the fact that all humans are animals.

Now as far as the process goes, I do believe the only real way to see if there are deleterious effects are by experimentation/going through with it and documenting the effects. I don't know or care, it's not something I intend on doing.

717867  No.12030791


No, you are ready to father more children.

d39415  No.12030853


All humans are animals, correct. We can also have fertile offspring with any sub-species of human, also correct. I'd argue you shouldn't try it due to possible (and probable) deleterious effects on offspring you are trying to have. Does this make sense? Even a surrogate has part of what the surrogate is ingesting/doing going into what the offspring is going to become. The argument against it DOES work for the sole fact that cells from the host are going to be developed into the offspring, regardless of the DNA of the donor of the egg and the sperm. Unless it's an artificial womb with no outside variables, it's going to have 3 parts of DNA.

000000  No.12030858


No race "owns" its DNA dumb shit. A race that strives for absolute "purity" ends up inbreeding and becoming weak and degenerate.

Any trace chimeric genetic effects of utilizing a young, beautiful Asian womb would only increase the fitness of the child, but would not be great enough to induce any Asian phenotype onto its physiology.

bd8fa7  No.12030868


I mean, I won't believe there is any such genetic influence until I see proof. It seems reasonable, yes, but it is foolish to just assume it is the case.

957e83  No.12030872


>Delete your graphs and charts and essays and word- or logic- or fact- based arguments.

Seriously. Pretty sure Hitler never wasted a speech making airtight logical arguments. He spoke the truth, but it was emotion that swayed the people.

957e83  No.12030891


Does it really matter which came first? Either way, abortion means avoid.

d39415  No.12030908


Fuck off TORnigger. European societies have had great "differences" (among WHITE PEOPLE) to develop without having genetic abnormalities. If you'd like to see stagnation of genetics look no further than royals intermarrying solely with themselves to have hemophilia. You're a fucking retard to think using Asian wombs to carry white children could, and should, be utilized. The whole poing I'm making is that because of the host, some parts of what the host literally IS DOES AFFECT what the baby is. Might as well suggest the white egg and white sperm incubate in a NIGGER because it doesn't matter? Right? Nothing from the host affects the offspring correct?

bd8fa7  No.12030922


Until proof is shown to the contrary, it is unreasonable to assume that surrogate mothers have a genetic influence on the child in their womb. The problem is: Why go through all this trouble?

d39415  No.12030929


Why indeed unless the mother (donor) medically cannot have children due to health hazards. In which case I'd use another white woman.

000000  No.12030932


Your response if overly emotional and feminine. I'm guessing you're a millennial raised by a single mother.

You don't care about truth, only in "winning" the argument. I'm not going to "debate" someone who is completely ignorant of basic science.

Anyone lurking this thread who read my post and is considering doing something like this >>12030550 will be encouraged and that was my intention all along, not to educate a moron like you.

The current crop of White womyn who are living among us are pozzed beyond repair and are frequently coal burning race traitors who can't be trusted by the White man anymore. The war of the womb will be fought and won using surrogates, Aryan sperm and eggs, and science.

Stay mad, bro!

bd8fa7  No.12030939


There is a stereotype that White western women are whores, while eastern Asian women are traditional and subservient. This is not true - both are renowned for being sluts and headaches. So yes, there really is no advantage to going with surrogacy.

be4393  No.12030966

File: fcb5fbbbe13205d⋯.jpg (254.62 KB, 972x1176, 81:98, fvg35qe4t.jpg)


>What has changed is the culture

Yeah, sure, LAW has nothing to do with it, Rabbi.

d39415  No.12030986


Filtered. You're a fucking moron, and I haven't filtered someone in a long, long time. I bet you're a staunch believer of the thought that male sperm permanently remains in a woman but you'd have an asian carry your baby to term like it doensn't matter. The way you're posting seems like you had an overnight shift in Tel Aviv. Have fun with your shekels.


Both are whores, but (antecedent evidence incoming) I've had a good amount of friends have wives and children with good, non-whore women. While the threat still looms, as it ever will, I remain optimistic on the subject.

4666c9  No.12030991


Bless your heart

be4393  No.12031002


>6 or 7 years old

Too late. Starting from 2 years old babies can absorb negative behavioral patterns and can become spoiled brats. Male supervision is necessary.

4e8841  No.12031029

File: 812b870c519d8e1⋯.jpg (59.29 KB, 545x549, 545:549, can you say Accurate.jpg)


>Why go through all this trouble?

Because White women are untouchable, and any deal with them means trouble.

If it is about my children, I prefer to rout out most of the liabilities, specially White whores.

af0b2e  No.12031030



What the fuck is this literal trash. Are you still in high school? get a fucking job.

4e8841  No.12031066

File: 6374a962c782356⋯.jpeg (16.53 KB, 427x320, 427:320, fhxf.jpeg)

File: 4b6274d24c33c05⋯.jpg (98.1 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, cYPEc74Dwp_1439043359660.jpg)


>there really is no advantage to going with surrogacy

I strongly disagree.

Be White or Asian, women are born natural whores and sociopaths, however an Asian is more likely to keep her place because is not even close to the entitlement of our women.

Anyways, the deal with surrogacy is to keep the legal rights only to us men, and for to raise the kid is far more cheaper and convenient a nanny.

bd8fa7  No.12031121


Well I agree with your motivations. Good luck to you.

000000  No.12031144

Cost of wedding in U.S. $35,000 - $75,000 (depending on State)

Cost of surrogacy: $3,500 - $10,000




000000  No.12031199

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

79a4dc  No.12031214

File: 62e5394237c79ec⋯.png (658.48 KB, 700x400, 7:4, ClipboardImage.png)


>The current crop of White womyn who are living among us are pozzed beyond repair and are frequently coal burning race traitors

Wrong, fag. Actually your "pure chaste azn wimmenz" are more likely to be sluts and racemixers. But hey, I'm sure you knew that already.


>good propaganda is found to promote white birthrates

>torniggers come into the thread posting EPIC CRAZY GIRLFRIEND CRINGE COMILATION #19

I sense your fear, jew.

957e83  No.12031252


I like the last one. Those two are perfect for each other.


Yeah, the "all women are hiding a psycho bitch under their skin" meme is perpetuated by people who are clueless on how to spot red flags because they were raised around dysfunctional people and think all kinds of problem behavior is normal. I guarantee all the women in that video displayed their true personality in one way or another long before these freakouts.

000000  No.12031271

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

4e8841  No.12031294

File: 4e67405c040b4f7⋯.mp4 (762.41 KB, 384x480, 4:5, Playing her beta orbiter.mp4)


Brains full of shit, and a nightmare for any stupid man thinking with his dick.

f3e561  No.12031301

File: f2218b3f8627044⋯.gif (323.55 KB, 200x150, 4:3, kidheil.gif)

79a4dc  No.12031309

File: 1f7c95515b44b65⋯.jpg (22.17 KB, 497x280, 71:40, zim.JPG)


Is this video from the same source as >>12024595

Are there any more?

15c75c  No.12031368

Is the dog craze a psyop? Instead of wanting children, let's get all of these women to buy dogs instead…

We really should meme cute baby videos as much as possible.

1523ac  No.12032125


Women are 100% using pets as child replacement, it's definitely a psyop. I feel bad for the animals

fdb0e1  No.12032378

File: 390b699671c6d65⋯.jpg (43.46 KB, 552x690, 4:5, DcI6uh0VQAA9yfr.jpg)


I mean go ahead and impregnate white women, it definitely doesn't hurt. I'm just saying, why waste time trying to sneak subtle baby memes onto facebook, what the fuck is that going to do? It's like spitting into the ocean hoping that your saliva is going to overpower the sea. The white nations combined have enough nukes and other firepower to flatten the earth. Wanna save humanity's future? You don't need to play 4D chess with meme magic for the next 3 decades feebly trying to out-Jew the Jew and the Saudis at their own game. Just press the damn button and it's resolved in 24 hours or less. You all make things too complicated. Are your hearts really in it or are you just concerned about getting laid? Hell if there was nobody but whites left then it almost wouldn't even matter if whites were degen because they'd only be copulating with other whites anyway and there'd be no threat of subhuman takeover. Grow your perspective folks.

dc94f9  No.12034789


this is what it looks like when a Jew takes over the young, impressionable mind of a goyim

>never trust him with her

29aa60  No.12036912



6a75a6  No.12037417


That nuke looks way too small to be that close to the beach.

0087d6  No.12037649

File: 750f949d9a3c327⋯.jpg (56.07 KB, 618x688, 309:344, 750f949d9a3c32770dd92d0eef….jpg)


>>This. Our future depends entirely upon purging jews from the media.

>>This. Our future depends entirely upon purging jews! ftfy.

146fe9  No.12037730


>That look of anger and shame when she doesn't want to raise a fuzz about her orbiter being the one who pays

cf8063  No.12037753


Sup Tyrone. Babies and children are awesome, even more so when they’re your own

18bdb4  No.12038083

File: edd1e3050c9c685⋯.jpg (9.06 KB, 192x262, 96:131, PleaseKillMe.jpg)

File: 4f3f4041ecc08d0⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 470x352, 235:176, ZergProtossHybrid.jpg)

File: d5a5cdba7bde621⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1071x853, 1071:853, ugly1.png)


No, but you can show them mixed raced babies and how they look like a mad geneticist's experimental abomination.

000000  No.12074550

Baby discovering (((echos)))

494864  No.12079798



have baby, can confirm, is the best

915d24  No.12080193

>black sperm already accumulated in gf's spine

>passing those partially mixed genes onto your baby

>she demands the boy be circumcized

>you have no rights

>she frivorces you a year later when you realize what a mistake you made

>homeless and suicidal

did you save the white race?

43b38c  No.12080232

File: 7910fec83897d86⋯.png (617.72 KB, 2720x1536, 85:48, twitter.png)

kikes removed the video, can someone rehost so I can see it please?

9d38aa  No.12080241


>black sperm in spine

What kind of whack job conspiracy is this? I know for a fact my.couain was a coalburner in high school but then got right with christ and changed her waya and has 8 yes 8 beautiful white babies, almost pure swedish both her and her husband. And they all are blonde with blue eyes. Perfect little swedes. Not a fat lip or tinge of dark skin and they are smart too. So take that "there is no good women left goy just give up" shit elsewhere.

43b38c  No.12080287

Video is blocked in the UK.

Please repost for me.

45320d  No.12080288

I have a female friend who is nice but scared of children and have been getting her to interact with me and my wifes child. She’s getting married soon and I suspect she’ll give in and have kids herself now. No woman can resist the cute shit children do!

Also who /dad/ here? My toddler has lately been running to whatever closeable door she can find, closing it so the bathroom is pitch black, and laughing evilly. It’s great but worrying for when she figures out how to open doors herself.

e8635f  No.12080322


this is what your brain on non-existence looks like

e8635f  No.12080325


you nigger there is a literal webm in the op

what the fuck can you niggers at least lurk for one day before immortalizing your mental diarrhea ?

341811  No.12080345


Oy vey goyim, shut it down!

5adf8d  No.12080362


These New Jews are nothing compared to the Old Yids; more proof that we will win.

44aecc  No.12080418


photo makes me want to cuddle that baby and wipe away all his tears.

You afraid of a fews tears and some baby snot, anon, then you are not father material yet.

52ac4c  No.12080433

Video was removed from twatter??

52ac4c  No.12080437

Twatter tried to shut it down, it must be powerful! Here you go anons, you know what to do:


dce222  No.12080445


When I watched this show with my girlfriend she immediately said after the first episode that we need to have a baby so we could do family cosplay of the blood cells and platelets. So yes it does trigger that instinct.

312835  No.12080458

ITT: closet trannies

475632  No.12080474


This is all we want. Is it really that fucking much to ask?

a17c5c  No.12080491


Clearly it must be. They shut it down >>12080433

All we wanted was to be normal and have families but that's is the jews worst fear

063ecc  No.12080893


Take your nigger cock fantasies somewhere else, jewberg

063ecc  No.12080915


The great spell of the wizard, anonymoose

063ecc  No.12080921

File: 03052c64065ed57⋯.png (158.51 KB, 398x384, 199:192, 62dd966ce55849c3f736810871….png)


How should we revise it, O master of alt-/pol/?

063ecc  No.12080930

Itt jews claim white women love niggers

3490ec  No.12080943

File: 4c936072a455603⋯.jpg (63.66 KB, 448x458, 224:229, back to the oven.jpg)


>Oy Vey if you goyim don't racemix with niggers and other subhumans you will all become inbred and weak!

Go back to >>>/oven/ TORpedo.

07e160  No.12080996


Looks like someone hasn't read up on how fags are created. I'll give you a hint, all of those poor innocent boys who were "born gay" also cohencidentally had overprotective mothers and absentee or estranged fathers. Probably nothing though right?

e43abb  No.12081021


reported for being a nigger

13ec45  No.12081027


>Apparently, it hits women right in the uterus.

No shit. I started ovulating, and I'm a dude.

My kids are grown, now. Let me give you younger guys some advice: don't waste the years when you're their hero, because they go by way too fast.

13ec45  No.12081040


>y'all makin' me regret murdering a helpless child


13ec45  No.12081046


>women LOVE nice guys

Like fuck they do. They LOVE taking advantage of nice guys.

1551cc  No.12081298


you're forgetting that IVF — in vitro fertilization — is exactly that. Conception, the meeting of male and female, occurs in a lab under the microscope of a kike doctor. As opposed to in vivo, inside the body, naturally.

If you care to go and google a few keywords like IVF + pediatric + disorder + frequency + pubmed, you'll find plenty of information that demonstrates the long-term health implications of gub gub snail baby test tube fertilization, of where there are many.

Notably, artificial children suffer from a high frequency of behavioral disorders. There's no real consensus on the epidemiology of this, but I'll tell you what it is — IVF lacks the critical, fundamental spark created by the synergy of male and female energies in natural conception.

IVF is unnatural and sick, a kike-devised parody, a distillation of the sick, perverted reasoning behind the rot in the mind of the kike. You fucking idiot. Gas yourself.

9fd7c5  No.12081345


This anon knows.

2d224e  No.12081361



"It is only women that would be influenced by this…."

Come on, OP, be honest. -)

8cf681  No.12081995


>Children are womens property

They are extensions of the males bloodline.

872252  No.12082067


Make sure you give your baby's foreskin to Greenberg after you pay him for it. Real men need to suffer immensely after they are born.

4e0a33  No.12082071



She's still lying and plans to fuck on the side after she gets married.

872252  No.12082088


>woman (((love))) nice guys

Some memes write themselves.

aac643  No.12082442


f64cf6  No.12082654


>Its going to be the most effective Pro-Natalist movement propaganda ever to hit the internet


How did it go.

e3f2fa  No.12082878


Ah, those were the days, when googling was what a baby did.

e3f2fa  No.12082888

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e3f2fa  No.12082913


>It's not the kike's kid

Do they have ANYTHING original?

e3f2fa  No.12082931


My second wife did and same.

t. Michael Corleone

cd8bd1  No.12082939


This video is (unavailable) in your region.

e3f2fa  No.12082962


>videoing cute white babies and blasting social media with viral videos.


>Was getting caught part of your plan?


>You're a big boy.


e3f2fa  No.12082986


>medical faggotry

Like medical pot, right? Got it.

a33e27  No.12083052

Great, more metrosexual post-postmodern ironic nü-dads and their fucking inevitable always-a-fucking-daughter never-a-fucking-son. Can’t wait for all these millennial leftist fascist couples to divorce in 3 years.

9a0f80  No.12083197

File: 1e1fa5ad1bf56e0⋯.jpg (148.35 KB, 1080x1037, 1080:1037, t3_6k8dp2.jpg)


>ironic nü-dads

What the fuck kind of kike doublespeak is this supposed to be? How do you ironically breed?

a33e27  No.12084276


They make only daughters, don’t assign gender, pray they will grow up to be feminists or trans men or at least fuck niggers maybe convert to Islam. If they do make a son by accident they will queer him up, fuck him up for life.

Wake the fuck up fake Nazi bitch. You’re the Jew.

915d24  No.12084375

File: dd5b125cca08650⋯.jpg (18.96 KB, 399x399, 1:1, 11868675_1043358562348542_….jpg)

>the divorce rate for new marriages is still 90%

>everything still goes to the woman, including custody

>white genocide is a jewish psyop to ensure you are financially enslaved forever

7ee355  No.12084498



Are you retarded?

45cd57  No.12084526

File: 4400eea73f9f32b⋯.jpg (36.7 KB, 365x357, 365:357, dear mr sage.jpg)


>implying phoneposters can hover over Heaven IDs

0ec14b  No.12084539


The ones who queer up or sexually corrupt their kids are mostly adoptive gay and lesbians parents. Otherwise, feminism is mostly learned in universities and/or Tumblr, and fucking niggers is a result of kiked culture (i.e. Hollywood, rap) and the general decay of values.

0ec14b  No.12084545


Also, single mothers.

45cd57  No.12085437



The visible transition from animal anger to ingrained shame is beautiful

45cd57  No.12085501



Worth noting that one often sees the same result in unseparated parents when the father does not properly assume the role of the traditional male authority within the family. If emotionally absent, or even away too often for work, the family often enters de-facto single motherhood where the mother takes charge. A man must always be an active lord of his own domain no matter how small, lest he and his posterity be subject to the innumerable faults of matriarchy

e9f31d  No.12085727

File: 6900d6ad7312ae7⋯.jpg (90.12 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1515170978224.jpg)

File: ad9279cea79dc3a⋯.jpg (27.64 KB, 433x500, 433:500, fe39118971e855929d31374f6e….jpg)

File: f9669d9a3f377fa⋯.jpg (98.97 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1515984166864.jpg)

File: 9def4852180d109⋯.jpg (63.31 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1515554630494.jpg)


Femanon here. Video below was my last straw. I thought I was childfree, but pol convinced me I had to save my race, and this made me WANT to do it. I'm hoping for 4-6 of em. I hope I'll have time. It took a couple years to get my man into the baby boat with me.

Anyway, my last straw:


also (same girl):


c950ce  No.12085768


What a horrible waste of Hitler dubs.

000000  No.12085891



Trolol whiney Nazi fags

e9f31d  No.12086031


>I have never heard a baby laugh

06b037  No.12086070


Dude! If you're over 50, you ain't makin' an OP's pic related. You'll prolly get arrested for "assault with a dead weapon" unless you're buying stuff from infowars that gives you more wood than the national forest

cffd9e  No.12086253

She may not be an Aryan, but she is precious, perfect, adorable, and other characterizations as well. With any good fortune this family has zero jewish tainted blood. She seems like she dodged the Jew bullet

43b2c7  No.12086432

File: 4d3927342552df6⋯.webm (8.09 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Hitler on Women.webm)


>I hope I'll have time

If you make time, you will not regret it.

e9f31d  No.12086573


I just mean I hope I can fit in 4-6 kids before my expiry date. I'm in my 30s. But I do intend to make time in that area as well, by postponing menopause any way I can, staying healthy and hydrated, and getting exercize.

d9a86d  No.12086583


See if you can get a doctor to do a eugenics study with yourself and your husband to determine genetic fitness. I don't think anyone can legally do it anymore, so you'd have to know your doctor well and ask as a friend. After 35, a woman's chance of children with defects begins to skyrocket, so be careful. ALSO STOP DRINKING TAP WATER AND STOP GETTING FLU SHOTS.

e9f31d  No.12086601


Thanks for the general advice dood, but be aware that CAPSLOCK is no substitute for an argument.

d9a86d  No.12086614


>not knowing what's in tap water

>not knowing that flu shots have been proven to exist solely to increase miscarriages

Your funeral.

f4a838  No.12086624

I hope my daughter is as cute as she is.

e9f31d  No.12086650


>If you don't already know I'm not gonna tell you

You're making me more likely to drink tap water and get flu shots, not less likely.

e9f31d  No.12086694

Question for folks in this thread:

If you had a downs syndrome baby, say the tests during pregnancy missed it and you didn't get the chance to abort, would you put it up for adoption?

I'm thinking that's what I'd do. I'd prefer to euthanize but that's not allowed. I know what downs kids are like; my first close friend in kindergarten was one, and I would translate for her, but then she just stopped growing, and couldn't cope with life. Not fair.

a2e214  No.12086748

File: 307061b5cdb2b63⋯.jpg (101.24 KB, 656x893, 656:893, 307061b5cdb2b6365c38c121a3….jpg)


females are jealous of female children don't ya know

717867  No.12086895


>Worth noting that one often sees the same result in unseparated parents when the father does not properly assume the role of the traditional male authority within the family. If emotionally absent, or even away too often for work, the family often enters de-facto single motherhood where the mother takes charge. A man must always be an active lord of his own domain no matter how small, lest he and his posterity be subject to the innumerable faults of matriarchy

Fact. Can not be overstated.

26e22d  No.12086914


Here's your (You), faggot

9a0f80  No.12087210

File: ef16562ef37081d⋯.jpg (58.65 KB, 233x346, 233:346, 1439530624321.jpg)


>They make only daughters,

Childbirth is not a WRPG character creation screen, you brainless eromenos.


Does your husband know you post here?

e9f31d  No.12087294




fuck off

e9f31d  No.12087296


>Does your husband know you post here?

Yeah, why?

a873f4  No.12087875


>Insane batshit crazy women are jealous of female children.

ftfy moshe

cdd32d  No.12088020

File: f89d82ab94aef84⋯.jpg (93.96 KB, 900x828, 25:23, FellowGoys2.jpg)


Racial division through the "boomer hate meme" is SOOO burned out.

Whites come in all ages, only two genders, and only one color.

And they're not Jews, like you.

cdd32d  No.12088036

File: b1538cc5d387f43⋯.jpg (33.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, CuteKids.jpg)


I'm actually FROM the middle of PA, and this anon's full of shit.

As a matter of fact, I've seen a huge crop of white kids all over the towns around here, in the past few years, and the only white women I see with blacks are the ugly ones that couldn't possibly get a white guy, and I see very few of those, anyway.

My job covers 8 counties, I travel through almost every town around here, every year.

0be7ef  No.12096577


Hi fellow Utah Anons, glad there are like 4 of us on 8chan. Greetings from the Valley.


This is true, the Corporation of the Presiding Bishop makes a ton of money as well, and we can even fund our ethnostate with shitskin money via DI as well!


>shits on others for cuckchan filenames

>uses cuckchan filename

Mein sides!


Daughter? I thought it was daughters? At least you were smart enough to say "they're" earlier. But wait, I thought that teen was the most rebellious child you had? Does that mean leaving your "daughter" to be disciplined by the mother is actually a bad thing? You can't even keep your fucking story straight.

Not so gradually I began to hate them.


>we are the only thing of value it has ever produced




I can cull the local vermin without turning into a monster. They are invaders and deserve to die, that's way different from the alternative. The show is Cells at Work.


>like dude be realistic

>develop a WMD by yourselves on /pol/

Kill yourself retard.

0be7ef  No.12096751


>demanding that someone spoonfeed you

And this is why newfags shouldn't be allowed to post, and why women shouldn't be allowed to post. Especially dumb cunts who can't do a simple search on the risks of drinking tap water and despite posting on a niche WN board that has been filter red pilled for years.



Now get the fuck out of here, never post again. You are obviously not initiated, never lurked, never will, and probably have a poor understanding of image board culture.



He's doing an absolute shit show of a job.

7adb32  No.12097766


Good to see true trolling is still alive.

7025a1  No.12125300

d2fc7c  No.12125789


Fuck right off.

My father left when I was three, and it sucks ass. I never had a role-model, nobody to guide me, to show me how life works, to harden me up, to teach me the ways of a proper man, so I learned everything late in life (~15 yrs old).

My younger sister never had a dad around, as she was born during the splitting, so she's fucked.

My mother and stepfather split up, and now my 5 year old brother only sees his dad on the weekends. He yerns for his dad, fucking crying constantly. The only benefit in all of this is that I personally get to be his male rolemodel.

4d2d78  No.12151391


get divorced as about 96% of marrieges end in divorce before the 10 year mark. for fuck you reasons based on lies from duluth model bitch gets the house, the kids and the child support. You can't even see your own kids. state do everything to harass you since they get 66 cents for every dollar spent on transfering your $ to her. they will swat you, put you in prision etc just to get few extra dolar from the social fund to patch a hole.

fed98b  No.12151944


jews took over their minds with social media. by leveraging their natural hypergamy and narssarsism they have enslaved them into a feedback loop. They are all NPCs with no sense of self outside of what the feedback loop gives them.

501dd4  No.12152028


This is good

434587  No.12152300


>Blood C

<Someone who might have actually liked Blood C

Polite sage for off topic

5b5aa2  No.12154227

That put a big smile on my face

e2ae34  No.12154277

Daily reminder that 100% of zogbots, uneducated plebs, fucking boomers, brain-damaged leftist and any other human trash comes to this world in a form of cute little baby.

My point is this.

The only thing that prevent spoiling kids in the long run is maternal care filled with love, and excelent, fearless and just paternal role model.

4b9b25  No.12154322

the most amazing thread; even if she is a young jewess cunt with a young piece of shit jew piece of shit that didn't anhero and upload it ITT; basturd! Is this wrong of the self-admitted liberal jew POS?

4b9b25  No.12154334

she's not a jewess. look at her nose. endofdiscussion.

>So, her "jewishness" is actually Aryan

>poor, Uncle liberal jew

>a damned shame

9d4c5b  No.12154407


Yeah; they’ll feel like having babies with their black boyfriends

96701b  No.12154439


You are now old enough to raise yourself.

I know how you feel, I had to teach myself too, and it took and is taking me a long time. Always learning.

Try "the art of manliness" site. It has a lot of crap and filler, but there are also some good and usefully applicable things. You have to apply them, make them habits, and it will help you over time.

Also, pick a strong male role model, emulate the good parts of them, read their autobiography, their advice.

a9266f  No.12154676

File: 5653662e78be4a8⋯.gif (260.42 KB, 250x268, 125:134, 1458623432687.gif)

Stupid faggot baby, be more funny.

57c9fa  No.12154723

cbc854  No.12154851

File: 4344b41c5a2d086⋯.png (18.9 KB, 90x90, 1:1, 1535456909789.png)


Can we talk about why the source video on Twitter is suddenly unavailable?

Did (((they))) shut it down?

7c42ca  No.12154898







(((Mods))) are attempting to hide this, start emailing codemonkey NOW demanding an explanation

ba94ee  No.12155186


Take heart anon. Saw a beautiful choir of blonde kids at church last Sunday. All kids from the community. Really lifted my spirits.

t. Anon from Germanistan

d22e09  No.12155195


Good anon.

Understand that all beautiful white women who claim they are feminists are misguided. To make them our predominant target is to be distracted from the (((real one))).

13e334  No.12155222

File: 36bf962d0c17803⋯.jpg (67.42 KB, 437x465, 437:465, sad.jpg)

>video shut down on yidder

>literally nothing that can be wrong with the video

>have girl that I can show this video to

Most sad/uplifting thread I've seen all day

00ced8  No.12155265

File: 193b6757b0bf0b9⋯.jpg (278.27 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, Nigger Hybrids.jpg)



24a42e  No.12155475


Bump. It works, even on my 40-yr-old wife who had her uterus and ovaries removed in her late twenties fr cancer

Bish still wants a baby every time she sees something like this, even though she had 2 of her own

365ff5  No.12168400


I'll take "missing father" for $100

Don't worry, in time your condition will go either of the two ways: you either grow up from being an edgy manchild, or you end up being a genetic dead end.

365ff5  No.12168404



Fuck, I know this video, just got no idea how to look for it

37dfd1  No.12168408


Check the "hate niggers" thread (the thumbnail looks like 2 hands breaking a KitKat into half) and scroll nearly all the way down somewhere and you'll find it.

f47d50  No.12168437


Fuck that shit I can't even imagine such thing happening here in India, female polygamy? What has America came to? Is this the ((dream))?

365ff5  No.12168486



Can confirm, my mother had my sister at the age of 35 and was born with this condition that barely no one knows about called Morning Glory syndrome, which is a rare congenital anomaly that at surface manifests as strabismus (an eye cannot focus on the image) but the optic nerve is actually damaged and she can't see with her left eye beyond a meter. Surprisingly I had strabismus as well, but somehow it disappeared when I was young (she conceived me at the age of 24) and can see perfectly.

365ff5  No.12168495



Save the copy from here and send it via whatever messaging system you use.

166efe  No.12168537

File: 5f57d49286cec39⋯.mp4 (10.68 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hataraku Saibou.mp4)

965e2a  No.12168736

File: 65388c0408ac35e⋯.jpeg (852.28 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1D2B2E0F-3A80-44CC-98F1-A….jpeg)

my mopey novel incoming

All I’m going to say is knowing the state of most white women in this day and age, especially American white women and absolutely where I live New Mexico, I would rather be a bitter old hermit living in a shack with a dog and a sizable library/weapons arsenal then be tied down to some whore who’s gonna be thinking about that one “”””“sexy””””” who fucked her brains out in junior year of high school and allow my kids to turn into neo-Weimerites.

Maybe I’ll become a professor or a teacher or something, or by some astronomical odds adopt a white boy and raise him on my own. Babies are cute and worth the hell to take care of, no doubt, but the kind of child, teenager, and adult they become is what I am truely scared of. whether though voulentary brainwashing by Instagram, bad friends, or even a rebellious internet life, and involuntary brainwashing by mass media and schooling, this modern society takes excuse my faggoty poetry good Hyperboreans and turns them into White Niggers, any curiosity, class or righteous compassion smashes out of them until they act like every other ducklipped “rainbow dumpster” or Cholo gangster/limp wrist faggot.

A loving family isn’t out of the question, but saying that it’s all about the “right way to do it” absolutely is out of the question. We’re all rebellious against this Jewish world system, and if we try to give our kids a perfected world, like the “greatest generation” attempted to, like the Swing Kids children, however small a minority, will rebel and relish if and when the Scum of the earth win.

d0fe07  No.12168778

File: fdbf67209f13fa7⋯.jpeg (58.33 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 9f59eb9ff263be76855c3bc68….jpeg)

Bump. For the power of sound and life.

dd5a52  No.12169778



8ac66d  No.12170183


I want to have 4 babies.

993e49  No.12170230


I don't see "shame" I see "oh shit, stay calm, this is a one time fluke, you can get him to pay later, keep your cool, don't kill your cash cow by throwing a fit."

993e49  No.12170238


>The solution is evident and in plain sight

Then please enlighten us, oh wise one.


Why does he have tinfoil for a beard/hair?

13ec45  No.12170273


Holy shit, that look on her face when he takes it.

702ade  No.12170315

File: a22e5127f23d287⋯.jpg (404.67 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 8f26b2d63615d3393b0453aa5e….jpg)

>tfw doing my part

Feels fucking good man

bd009e  No.12179280


looks like ainsley harriot

19b164  No.12179592


Jaffa calling.

b45fb1  No.12179767



you poor bastard

b45fb1  No.12179782



hideous creaturas, all of which should be put down

05fe59  No.12179784

File: 9369a90c29ed8f0⋯.jpg (249.77 KB, 1160x770, 116:77, females with supreme leade….jpg)

I'm sure women know babies are cute. The problem is kosher Capitalism provides no stability for raising families. In Afrimerica, that cute baby is most likely to end up working for pimp nigdawg.

23609a  No.12179795


No need to raise fertility rates. The developed world will shrink until it is overrun by niggers and we'll have to re-evolve. Rinse repeat.

f6e109  No.12184379

Bump for the future of the white race

5116e7  No.12184418


The Catholic Church used to unite the disparte ethnic groups of Europe into one identity.

a04244  No.12184446


I simply cannot trust anyone anymore. The only constant in my life is finding out people are fake, unreliable, or otherwise trying to pull one over on you. Literally the only thing I want is honesty, and it's the one thing I can't trust others to have.

I can't see any reason to actually pursue a wife. When my mind is full of

>she probably only likes me for my money, status, physique, looks

>every couple I have ever met, married or otherwise, has admitted to not being faithful to their partner

I'd honestly rather die alone and leave my fortune to Dr Rothbergersteinfield than live with another person at this point. You can't trust anyone and you never truly know someone or what they do. Why would I want to bring another life into this.

I reject this.

67fbb0  No.12184463


You really triggered these kikes OP. Keep it up. Lets get our population booming, but first, lets segregate.

6aab70  No.12184652

File: 67b0e6ad8a56b17⋯.jpg (35.83 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 1521143035767.jpg)

>brown eyes

>brown hair

Kid is literally nigger-tier shit.

477adb  No.12184695


brown hair and brown eyes is nigger. wow. ignore this shill

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