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File: 82088f0959e6baa⋯.jpg (244.08 KB, 1086x1599, 362:533, 1928983638.jpg)

0bd11b  No.12032605

This is very interesting they're talking of blonde and blue eyed migrants in modern day Israel during the Copper age.



The earliest dates i was previously aware of was Kura-Araxes Trans-Caucasian culture at around 5,000 years ago in the region, this is an earlier group.

>Radiocarbon tests dated the bones to the late Chalcolithic, between 4,500 and 3,900 B.C.E., making this the largest burial from the period ever found in the Levant.

>Among the dead were countless artifacts including ritual chalices, jewelry, flint tools and other items.

This group seems highly advanced for the period and further digging will be required, they've certainly been sitting on this since 1995 at least, though the DNA tests are recent


>In May 1995, a unique Chalcolithic burial cave was discovered at Peqi‘in, Upper Galilee, Israel. Surprisingly, since Chalcolithic burial caves were known mainly on Israel’s coastal plain, this natural cave yielded one of the richest assemblages of ossuaries, burial jars, and other ceramic vessels ever found, many bearing iconographic presentations hitherto unknown. The cave also contained the skeletal remains of at least six hundred individuals.

636787  No.12032629


I suggest watching the entire series, but if you don't have enough time this video will be enough.

His series debunking the "chooseness" of jews made me understand parts of the Bible I didnt understand previously and made everything better historically.

095b9a  No.12032650


Yeah, they're called Hittites. Now fuck off we already have this thread

0bd11b  No.12032656

File: 8276dd43f58d2c8⋯.jpg (153.37 KB, 1086x1447, 1086:1447, 775567066.jpg)

File: 6f167c31d4164a6⋯.jpg (427.18 KB, 1406x1055, 1406:1055, 2028804573.jpg)

File: c3716eee193683c⋯.jpg (165.78 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, Pekiin_coffins-1024x640.jpg)

File: c00e94042868caa⋯.jpg (104.19 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, Chalices-1024x640.jpg)

This could possibly also give insight into the groups that formed the basis for Sumerian culture at around that date.

>When they mapped the genomes of bones from 22 of the 600 individual skeletons discovered in a massive necropolis near Peki’in in the north of the country, the scientists found a genetic mix quite unlike that of previous and successive settlers of the region.

>In the article, “Ancient DNA from Chalcolithic Israel reveals the role of population mixture in cultural transformation,” the scientists concluded that the homogeneous community found in the cave could source ~57% of its ancestry from groups related to those of the local Levant Neolithic, ~26% from groups related to those of the Anatolian Neolithic, and ~17% from groups related to those of the Iran Chalcolithic.

115fb8  No.12032661

Adam was the first blue eyed man

Caucasians are made in God's image

0bd11b  No.12032667


This is 3,000 years before the Hittites.

f10b70  No.12032701


Pestilence is taking too long. We need war.

93e2a7  No.12032728


ed61fc  No.12032803

Das rite gentiles, we wuz blue eyed aryans while you where still in caves an shit (hehe)

7e4340  No.12032851

File: 96e1d42a2a7c028⋯.jpg (23 KB, 248x226, 124:113, Etruscan_pendant_with_swas….jpg)


I mean, yeah

0bd11b  No.12032856

File: b648a487694a1bd⋯.jpg (195.51 KB, 1300x962, 50:37, terracotta-ossuaryes-burri….jpg)

File: 5c9a5f1110e8473⋯.jpg (132.19 KB, 1300x868, 325:217, ISAW_CASE-F_001.jpg)

File: 30dfd84b676fd69⋯.jpg (3.65 MB, 3973x3770, 137:130, 4876.jpg)


The ancestors of the Hebrews arrived much later in the region as a sub-group of the Amorite expansion.

The burial boxes i have seen similar with the Cucuteni–Trypillia culture of Ukraine, and the ceramics.


>The use of ossuaries, rectangular boxes made of pottery or stone to store the bones, is also very unusual, and is only documented in Israel in two very distant and unrelated eras: in the late Chalcolithic – and in Jewish burials of the Second Temple period, more than 4,000 years later.

0bd11b  No.12032885


Even the Jews don't claim that, they reckon they disappeared from the region, but the Trans-Caucasian Hurrians were back ruling the region from 3,000 to 1,000 BC

9ae72a  No.12033012

>In Israel

20d580  No.12033098

Israel was always white and also multicultural, you see. So perhaps Israel should open its borders and hearts more to those in need.

7e4340  No.12033102


I wonder why the jews had to move back into their 'own country' a few decades ago, by force?

f10b70  No.12033118

File: d0663f4d9cf32d9⋯.png (44.82 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 16b2aba6a5d6bd63910396cd1a….png)


Oh they're starting to make the claims alright.

7e4340  No.12033161


>open-air neanderthal site

in other words Israel

0bd11b  No.12033238


Neanderthal sites in that region have long been recorded, but the earliest Semitic expansion from the Arabian peninsula dates to when the group in the OP mysteriously disappear, ie their ancestors were responsible.

It may well have been a peaceful region before then but by 3,200 BC when it is re-colonized by Trans-Caucasians it was a very dangerous region as indicated by strong settlements and evidence of warfare.

There are again major expansions from Arabia at around 1500 BC and that ends Hurrian colonies in Jordan and by 1,000 BC Jerusalem has fallen and Semitic control established over all the greater region.

f10b70  No.12033259


You're trying way too hard, leddit.

0bd11b  No.12033303


>the basics of history are really hard.

f0b823  No.12033877




0bd11b  No.12033994


It's freakin' weird a thread about an unknown Caucasian group in the Near East 6,500 years ago has to become a thread about Neanderthals last found around 40,000 years ago.

fdaf62  No.12034240

Yes, they were the angels as listed in sodom and gomorrah. The messengers from God are those closest to the ideal.

41df8c  No.12034251



>prominent cheekbones

>no space behind third molar

>non-flat skull

This is more sapiens than anything.

2e2454  No.12034273


What's it like being so easy to catch?

f10b70  No.12034295

File: dcb22653658a977⋯.jpg (29.39 KB, 275x300, 11:12, Goyim Please.jpg)


What's it like being so wrong?

2e2454  No.12034301


Never been wrong so I wouldn't know.

f10b70  No.12034322

File: c75672fdf062a9a⋯.jpg (881.86 KB, 1940x3260, 97:163, Stuck On Stupid.jpg)


So take the moment and get to know the feeling. Or lack thereof. I'll wait.

c78aa5  No.12034329

File: 10ce423e3513270⋯.jpg (12.44 KB, 285x316, 285:316, ahnenerbe.jpg)



Was me you stupid fuck. I replied to myself as a continuation of the first post. The Third Reich made very similar conclusions, and you're reaching far and wide, projecting like an autistic retard.

Ahnenerbe research clearly seems to offend you.

>Muh everyone is a shill

>Muh everyone is someone else posting

Kills your credibility instantly. I despise jews trying to fit in here.

2e2454  No.12034334



Look how fast they showed up. (((Coincidence)))?

f10b70  No.12034335

File: dbb5f4fe451ba5b⋯.jpg (47.98 KB, 960x576, 5:3, hl3confirmed.jpg)

>sperg wrong

>the prophecy fulfilled

2e2454  No.12034340


I'll see you next time you try to pull that bullshit again.

f10b70  No.12034348

File: 9e5127348ea2c4d⋯.jpg (35.4 KB, 640x404, 160:101, 1439732916469[1].jpg)


>come fite me irl

>What did you say you little bitch

Didn't you get arrested?

c78aa5  No.12034361


Woah, how can anyone have multiple threads open at the same time. Why would someone who posted in a thread about a similar topic, post in this thread, obviously has to be the guy I think he is. I was lurking until you decided to tag my post in your jew-brain nigger writing.

2e2454  No.12034362

File: c7a67557d14352d⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 280x202, 140:101, what the fuck.gif)


I'll be in the thread.

>spam photos of retards

>is actually retarded

Nice one.

2e2454  No.12034367


>I just happened to stumble in at this exact time!

I believe you.

f10b70  No.12034376

File: 97e17e679fc4eb1⋯.jpg (61.89 KB, 360x270, 4:3, (you).jpg)

c78aa5  No.12034382

File: fdc20aa9119bc03⋯.png (4.08 KB, 398x114, 199:57, retard.png)


Thread nuking kike.


The Canaan region has been fought over by multiple different peoples. Jews like to claim they always had it, and have had to retake it. An obvious distortion of history.

f0b823  No.12036348

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lel, I newer saw something simmilar >>12033953


Amount of time linking all this stuff and making connections, hillarious. On the other hand clearly shows jewish psychotic nature. Induced from neanderthal admix.

wait for hysteric reaction now, lel

0bd11b  No.12036486


Right some don't appear to like the greater historical context of that region being considered, according to Neanderkike theory it was occupied by the ancestors of the Jews as far back as 40,000 years whereas even in their own tradition they only entered the region 3,400 years ago.

10e9cc  No.12037093


So, when kikes were still cave dwellers some arian people from Europe/Hyperborea came along and brought them civilization, same as they brought civilization to south America… But are the current kikes the result of intermixing between the visitors and arabs, or were they kikes all along?

0bd11b  No.12037172

File: 6e2bd2ad7a841cd⋯.jpg (79.21 KB, 415x466, 415:466, lq4f8ed0d2 (1).jpg)


The Jews make it clear themselves in the Book of Genesis that they were to be a mixed race people having initially inter-married with Syriac wives as in the story of Jacob and Laban (white), were the story goes Laban manages his herd and keeps all the speckled herd and the simply brown whereas Laban retains the pure white.

>Let me go through all your flocks today and remove from them every speckled or spotted sheep, every dark-colored lamb and every spotted or speckled goat.


Of course he also makes as many as possible speckled, but the point is that's how Jacob/Israel was to be understood as a mixed race group themselves or simply brown, they've been selectively reproducing from the white population for the best part of 4,000 years because they clearly understand that advantage that sets them apart from the humble sandnigger

The comparison between goat selective reproduction and human is also evidence much earlier at Catal Hoyuk.

31e2fb  No.12037190

I don't think it is anomalous as much as it is an ancient symptom of White FLIGHT, yet again…I am pretty sure that we covered almost all of the ancient Earth. We know that the Pharaohs were European before we were driven out by violent low IQ nogs and their 1/2 breed kin.

f9fba9  No.12037221



Schizowop belongs in a garbage can. I can't take anyone seriously that think jews are the purist Neanderthals.

033834  No.12037226


Kikes aren’t from Israel they are misceginated Arabs who’ve been kicked our of hundreds of countries for the exact same reasons every time.

The Levant is white man land. Your average Leb has more in common with an Italian than an Arab.

31e2fb  No.12037248

File: 971072f4529af19⋯.png (50.1 KB, 962x573, 962:573, race charts not continum b….png)

File: 625c1e3bce9c0f4⋯.jpg (83.6 KB, 526x470, 263:235, Jewish and Black DNA.jpg)


They are the least pure of the Neanderthals with the most nigger blood. They are the part animal 'bridge' between 1/2 human niggers and human beings.

928903  No.12037256


Yeah yeah (((you)))'re all blue eyed and based we totally buy it. Not getting the rope when the time comes be assured.

0bd11b  No.12037308


Let me help you here Anon, the article indicates that at that time the Levant was 100% non-Semitic

>57% of its ancestry from groups related to those of the local Levant Neolithic, ~26% from groups related to those of the Anatolian Neolithic, and ~17% from groups related to those of the Iran Chalcolithic.

cc43db  No.12038092

So Jesus was white.

LARPagan cucks BTFO.

162c08  No.12038111


He was indeed a European male. I think most of the LARPagans (although I have my own interest in paganism) are doing the bidding of the 'new age' kike faggots and their agenda of destroying everything that is European.

ea8d8a  No.12038131



>we wuz jewz!

Absolutely nigger-brained.

7197ac  No.12038138


>I newer saw something smimmilar

Is this some shitskin shill?

7197ac  No.12038142


Are you one of those people trying to push that Iranians are white?

9ba7cc  No.12038152


very likely to be Ionian or Achean Greeks. Greeks have already been know to be part of the genetic make up of Israelis. Feels bad man

t. Greco-Roman

9ba7cc  No.12038154



0e5ad8  No.12038156



This. All historic accounts describe Jesus as blonde haired blue eyed.

The lying kikes are liars, like their father.

88a4ea  No.12038203

Wait a minute. Does this mean the genetic ancestors who lived in the land get to invade and slowly force out the other genetic people in this land? whats the haplogroup?

000000  No.12038208


That's some tasty bait there anon.

0f84db  No.12038209


Stupid fucks. It just says there was a genetic mutation in the genes that allowed for blue eyes. And we already know Iranians are the proto-Europeans. Fucking jews think they can now say that was us. We wuz white.

88a4ea  No.12038268

File: 2abc44a0b59c36f⋯.jpg (463.56 KB, 1000x2017, 1000:2017, Soup.jpg)

0bd11b  No.12038401


No i would suggest at this date NE Iran in the region of Azerbaijan South of the Caucasus was settled by Europeans that had moved South there during the last ice age, thus they were white and i would consider them the group involved here indicated as Iranians.

As for greater Iran at that time the proto-Elamite SW region i would consider largely Dravidian, with admixture in the Zagros mountains region from the NE region, it's a large country and there were various population groups.

0bd11b  No.12038424


I just think they were from the Trans-Caucasus because they moved into the region again in 3,000 BC, also worth noting that early civilization in central Iran was more advanced than early Mesopotamia which was initially an extension of Iranian developments.

0244a8  No.12038428


>Being this desperate


>agenda of destroying everything that is European.

>Worshipping European Gods

>Destroying everything that is European


Which ones?

>According to Irenaeus he was a weak and inglorious man and in The Acts of Peter he is described as small and ugly to the ignorant. Andrew of Crete relates that Christ was bent or even crooked: and in The Acts of John he is described as bald-headed and small with no good looks.


59a08b  No.12038458

kikes want to destroy whites so they can claim they were the real whites all along.

>linking to timesofyidsrael.

59a08b  No.12038462



>proto europeans

yep, it's a shill thread

0bd11b  No.12038485


They're not actually claiming that and it would be absurd if they did, their only fault is in stating this was in Israel rather than what is at present Israel.

0e5ad8  No.12038760

Is this a good place to discuss how Gaelic is currently labeled as an "afro-asiatic" language?

Maybe we can bring up William Comyns Beaumont?


I'm after a big fish, I brought bigger bait. Be a dear and wake up one of the archeologists from the institute in Tel Aviv for me.

25fdc5  No.12053723


uh, T I think

000000  No.12083936


It's listed as an Italo-celtic language.

As are all the romance languages like Spanish, French, and Italian.

59a08b  No.12083937

>sandniggers are the real whites

6c8b4d  No.12083996

File: ab64971d0634db5⋯.png (712.74 KB, 766x511, 766:511, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe the Blue Eyed People were visiting the Old Jewish Bloodline; Beta Israel

0bd11b  No.12084031

File: 719c8cb2a6c776c⋯.png (275.48 KB, 714x717, 238:239, pp59199246.png)


Well maybe, research indicates that long ago there was a vision expanding from the Trans-Caucasus of discovering new resources, developing new technologies, advancing society, opening up trade routes, a vision of the advancement of all and the early expansion into the Near East as a part of that.

It also appears there was natural opposition to that and resentment and it was emerging from the Arabian peninsula which seems to have eradicated these first colonists.

As i've pointed out they returned circa 3,200 BC with the greater aim of establishing overland trade routes with Egypt and Africa, they'd already established sea trade around the Arabian peninsula to the Red Sea coast of Upper Egypt/Sudan from 3,600 BC onwards from Susa in SW Iran which went on to become the Uruk sphere of collective interests, the basis for Mesopotamian culture.



f2f3b9  No.12084032


ef32b4  No.12085569


The striesand effect at its finest

0448cc  No.12098186



798fac  No.12098215

File: db8a41a0e712fa5⋯.jpg (52.27 KB, 1024x396, 256:99, 1504476401949.jpg)


>"see, cause wut it wuz wuz, da rijino werd wuzn't Hebrew. da werd wuz really, HeBro, which is talkin bout da blakk minz yo"

93edbe  No.12098310


You forgot the final frame where the niggertoon starves to death and dies.

2b0863  No.12098629







there are people on this board that unironically say this shit lol

e2493c  No.12099017


Jericho (the city) was that old for a reason.

000000  No.12127337


No but jews are us.

5b8841  No.12127360

Modern scientific cult right here. Assuming people that live on the land now are the same people that used to live there and everything is just randomly weird that old artifacts seem completely out of tune with today. Only idiots believe territory has never shifted and that neither have people.

f50f1c  No.12127386


only faggits have blue eyes.

21d28a  No.12127402


I suspect they are from /christian/, and /pol/ facts have created such strong cognitive dissonance that they spawned this idea to cope.

6d14a0  No.12127414

File: 88c36439c91bb60⋯.jpg (3.86 MB, 2328x2488, 291:311, white-ancient-aryans-image.jpg)


121a90  No.12127440


We Wuz The Reel Jews!!

869646  No.12127479

File: 09d5e47a3ef9c5f⋯.png (409.84 KB, 869x500, 869:500, ChristuKreuz.png)


Christian Identity is the only way forward for Christian National Socialists.

03ca4b  No.12130382


>blue eyed

>in Israel

>6500 years ago

But nigger, Israel does not exist, not even the shantytown they started 70 years ago.

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