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File: 97fb68defb633bc⋯.jpg (145.56 KB, 655x900, 131:180, 0f97622dc6e4b21bf20fdabad9….jpg)

File: 5fd092f78bf5e9f⋯.jpg (66.85 KB, 490x750, 49:75, 5fd092f78bf5e9fc1776f7e4ea….jpg)

File: 8576d4be4393c87⋯.jpg (341.48 KB, 1111x1600, 1111:1600, 8576d4be4393c87e0e4d362708….jpg)

File: 8b7b973b3495816⋯.jpg (131.51 KB, 1224x765, 8:5, f649e7a814a4b78a4347b0c6ee….jpg)

File: 0a95d67821caf5d⋯.png (202.83 KB, 545x526, 545:526, 0a95d67821caf5dde4f4223246….png)

cff6f4  No.12046675

Spirituality is a crucial part of the awakening. The idea that we can believe in powers higher than ourselves has been subverted in modernity. Some outright reject spirituality while others look to make it (((match))) with the times. Others drown and sedate themselves with religion but are no less spiritual than non-believers. Whites in particular have a unique spirit that connects with the ethereal in a way no other race does.

What does it mean to believe in this way? What are ways we can express White Spirituality in a healthy way? What are examples of White spirituality? How can we achieve a common spirituality that unites us, as opposed to arguing over which is the right choice? Should we not be simply celebrating that we know it, feel it and believe in it? How do we spread the message?

Can spirituality be employed as a political agent? I believe it can if one looks at historical examples. How can we harness that energy to fill the void in so many of our lost souls?

e005ec  No.12046704

File: 7a7ed5401e5774f⋯.png (4.43 KB, 151x255, 151:255, 78d30d8e789eb4c9924109836a….png)


possible slide thread, but have a bump anyways

cff6f4  No.12046744


If there's something important, I don't want to slide it but I thought now would be a good time for a thread like this. If not, a thread of this nature can be reborn at another time

0733d0  No.12046785

File: 61eb34f5f756a02⋯.png (638.59 KB, 853x479, 853:479, 30.PNG)


>Can spirituality be employed as a political agent?

An oath to the black sun and blood intent

20071a  No.12046852

You dont need anything external to follow a spiritual and righteous path. We all know what the way is forward.

>speak and act honestly

>abandon hedonistic and destructive vices

>observe nature daily

>maintain a structured schedule

>eat fresh unprocessed food

>meditate regularly

>fast regularly

If you master all of these, you have no need for any formal religion, although it lacks the community necessary for one to be whole.

0733d0  No.12046888

File: 4fc662127d15b97⋯.png (283.9 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 28.PNG)


>If you master all of these, you have no need for any formal religion

False. Following the guide lines some anon post on an image board will not lead you towards a spiritual and righteous path. This path must be discovered by yourself through deep thought via meditation. Unearned knowledge does not make you wise. The only way to truly understand and to believe something is to discover it yourself.

be81f8  No.12046919

Is White spirituality dead? How does the Caucasian with so many 1000's of years experience, get duped into self-defeating altruism? It's a real shame that the Caucasian has forgotten the means by which he is here today

>RIP Whitey. You had a good run

cff6f4  No.12046962

File: d41813af24d9f3f⋯.jpg (82.98 KB, 503x700, 503:700, d41813af24d9f3fc0479cc1bf9….jpg)


I think if everyone knew these things were beneficial and healthy our people wouldn't be experiencing the spiritual decay we are seeing today. I believe healthy diet/healthy body is an understated part of spirituality.

How then could those who practice those methods find a way to unite? The idea that we can know and not engage with the society around us is fallacy.



Self discovery is a passage of rite for those who have become aware of their unknowing, and wish to correct that state.


Why are you here?

20071a  No.12046984


The true path is objective. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. I agree that you must assimilate the truth within your Being before you can reap the rewards, but that doesn't mean the axioms change.

e005ec  No.12046996



I see a lot of anons shilling for meditation. What does it actually do? I always thought it was pushed in order to encourage people to not think (concentrate on nothing).

cff6f4  No.12047018


There are a lot of us who can be so caught up in the rat race, our personal aspirations or struggles or lack the environment to access serenity. For some meditation provides a moment of pause, of feeling and clarity that they don't feel when they are engaged with the outside world. Personally I believe that not everyone gets that same feeling from traditional meditation. You have to find what helps you get to that place of connection, clarity and calm within yourself

0733d0  No.12047028

File: a205dac3f431535⋯.png (426.87 KB, 853x479, 853:479, 31.PNG)


>Don't try to reinvent the wheel

Every man must undergo destruction before actualization into manhood. A man who has unearned knowledge is one without struggle (the prerequisite of character/belief/understanding).

final post

cff6f4  No.12047052

File: 2132af659739e03⋯.jpg (298.45 KB, 590x568, 295:284, 2ad34a0d794e0f51bb4228c1f2….jpg)


I agree. I believe the stories of these triumphs is a core component of White spirituality

be81f8  No.12047079


Is there an answer there? …or do you like to hear yourself?

5a0495  No.12047148

File: 5f19d5be28c5f88⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1016x1447, 1016:1447, tumblr_ojvt5r86Hq1w388tko1….png)

File: cee494f312ce4e8⋯.jpg (232.77 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, tumblr_pbr40yT8Qp1x1n5hto1….jpg)

File: 7ea26f6e1d46944⋯.png (638.73 KB, 1457x1826, 1457:1826, DjiYlfEW0AArtv7.png large.png)

In the age in which everything has been rotted to it's core and ground under by the void of modernity, especially in relation to spirituality the only solution is a total revolution. Revolution having two meanings, the obvious being the overthrow and replace of the current order with a new one, as well as meaning a complete cycle, a return to the original point of beginning.

Amidst the total collapse of everything around him, with no where else to turn to, the Aryan man, sensitive of the darkness of this age and aware of it's causes, is driven to inward to seek his solution and salvation as all external solutions have failed. He is, at long last, beginning to rediscover and hear the ancient whisper of life and values and spirit that lives within his own blood. He is being ripped from the total submergence in modernity and hurled back in his worldview to the times of primordial myth and vivid religious understanding of the world. Who is awake, and can look at the world today and think it is in it's rotten state solely because of the human malice of jews and servants or material, economic machinations? This is a demonic age of horror where it seeks to tear apart everything normal and healthy and beautiful, and it will require nothing less than a wrath-of-God smiting the wipe it clean.

Read more OP; Savitri Devi, Alfred Rosenberg, Ernst Junger, Julius Evola etc.

722901  No.12047227

The ogdoad is our religion now.

722901  No.12047258

1) The Ra Material

2) The Oera Linda Book

Wraldaism is SS approved.

9b0105  No.12047321

Join your local mithraic mystery.

3cb96b  No.12047442

File: 5865892f18c225b⋯.jpg (138.8 KB, 888x499, 888:499, Yall need Odin[1].jpg)

File: a15ae83be8084af⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 700x403, 700:403, The Wanderer Is Coming.jpg)

e005ec  No.12047445


Interesting, could you tell me what form or how exactly to practice it?

c6cdc4  No.12047592


That's a subverted interpretation. It kept me away from it for a while too.

The simplest way to describe what it is really is, is that meditation is calmly observing every thought that passes through your mind. Eventually sending you into a hyper-clear, aware, calm and focused state. Which obviously does wonders for both thinking, and feeling stronger.

868acf  No.12047617


But like any skill there is a path.

81fbe8  No.12047648

I am very happy to see this thread. The true Way is not easy to find, and requires a lot of self-control. How many of you would be willing to give up women? Furthermore, it is dangerous. Kyle Odom was telling the truth. However, the spirits have taken pity on the west, and have heard our cries for help. Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened.

cd8d54  No.12047657

Currently reading and taking time with St.

Ignatius of Loyola's spiritual exercises. They were written to give Christian crusaders the strong will power needed to conquer his spiritual foe: muslims and satan. It's obviously a very Christian approach to spirituality, but Ignatius practiced what he preached inorder to fine tune his comprehension of the inner movements of the spirit. At the very least, it has helped me become very serious about prayer. I think regardless of creed, it can help one discover the terminology and tools needed to cultivate a powerful and disciplined spirit.

8b599b  No.12047666


I have started on being celibate, I don't feel there is a total need to go have sex expect strictly for having children. I want to use all my energy as efficiently as possible, but admittedly I have only started.. any other anon's input on this?

cff6f4  No.12049569

File: bbad54760036d2b⋯.png (1.04 KB, 368x376, 46:47, bbad54760036d2bdc87818c4fb….png)

File: a8656ed48677998⋯.jpg (524.04 KB, 1500x944, 375:236, a8656ed486779984d601002dcf….jpg)


I will read them, thank you anon.


I would recommend the Mountain of Silence if you are into the exploration of spirituality from a Christian perspective. It has a monastic and Orthodox lens but I felt it to be worthwhile


I am simply searching for feedback. There are events and phenomena that have been happening to me and to others recently that I cannot explain and will not just say they are luck or coincidence. Earlier this year while I was fasting I became lost deep within the forest. I became aware of how off the path I was and had a moment of catharsis with the world pleading to help me find the way, by God's grace I was able to return from whence I came, but the experience was so surreal and other-worldly it is something I will always remember.

A friend of mine called me and said his father had passed, then a sunny day became one of dark skies and heavy rain. Is this not spiritual? If I praise Kek and then see the smallest of frogs outside, is that not spiritual? If I read about empathy and telepathy and I see a sign that say "Thule" is that not spiritual?

I believe that when you awaken the spirit within God will send you confirmations and you will start to see things you hadn't before. It is the same with pic related, how do know what to make of these triangles? Why do we know they aren't just randomly placed there?


(checked satan)

There is nothing wrong with sex with your wife, but the pursuit of sex for primal release, with no chance of procreation, as is so often the case in society does feel a waste of energy. Chastity is important because it helps you value yourself and control yourself.

01ad77  No.12049587


Atlantis, Edda, and Bible by Hermann Wieland is probably the best book we can read on spirituality.

It looks at scientific research in the past 2 centuries, with biblical stories, stories from the Edda, and historical accounts of ancient events to put things into perspective.

I highly recommend this book. It was burned by the allies after the war.

01ad77  No.12049595

File: 397c6e494c671a4⋯.jpg (464.56 KB, 1711x2560, 1711:2560, 81WFSX XotL.jpg)

File: 8472f80cdeaa7f1⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 4075x2835, 815:567, 2016-04-07-18-39-22.jpg)

d0ec26  No.12049766



Ayy, got a PDF fam? No copy on Libgen

2ddeb5  No.12050163

File: 64cb65ae4f86f05⋯.jpg (201.76 KB, 499x750, 499:750, 634524.jpg)


>Can spirituality be employed as a political agent?

National Socialism.

1eefd2  No.12050173

religion was used to divide and conquer by the 13

01ad77  No.12050175


PDF is only in German. I have the physical book in english. I might make a thread and put up pages from a few chapters.

51a5db  No.12050953

Almost every sacred book and religion of india pre 500 CE was created by whites.

Brahmin caste of north/northwest/northeast were almost pure aryans till the beginning of india medieval era.

Several buddhist tibetan artistical renditions of kashmir sages show them was whites, siddartha was white too.

817488  No.12051122


If you are interested in spirituality which unites us you could look into dialectic monism. Everything is ultimately a united whole which is expressed through complimentary polarities. Light and darkness, life and death, creation and destruction, order and chaos, mind and matter. All that is opposite is identical in its nature. Our reality is the manifestation of mind energies and by perfecting our own minds, we will eventually overcome our own perceived limitations and attain godhood. Do not concern yourself too much with whom you should pray. After all the gods are merely immortal men and men are mortal gods.

44c409  No.12051346


I don’t think there will be a resurgence of religion or central spirituality in the coming threshold to the next step of humanity (which arguably happens every millenia). I think due to the proxy culture of Christianity and the almost 200 years of postmodernism and individualism, the next order will be centered around nature (both environmentalism and natural law/order) more specifically eugenics since it will be the best way to connect with our roots again.

44c409  No.12051359


Europeans aren’t dualists. We didn’t evolve to have a dualist mindset like the sand merchants did. Our mindset is focused on cycles

7e692e  No.12051394


> What are examples of White spirituality?

Heathenry. It's the only parts of Christianity that are palatable, too, and which will remain when the rest of the jewish paintjob people had to accept just how people have to accept corrupt governments today, has rotted away completely.

Thus spake Anon on this Thors day.

cff6f4  No.12051609

File: 2c778ee8d6927b3⋯.png (437.91 KB, 725x831, 725:831, 2c778ee8d6927b37aa6ebbb2ca….png)

File: 76b752a4ceb43fd⋯.png (67.13 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, bc31ee0df96b7e240c38ccb577….png)



The polarities and twin natures exist for a reason. I like a post that gives me a new word to look up

817488  No.12051907


Firstly, dialectic monism is not the same as dualism. It basically teaches that everything originates from the same source but is expressed in dualistic terms. Secondly, there are many dualistic cycles. The pendulum swings back and forth. The sun rises and sets. A man that is born and will eventually die.

817488  No.12052069


I disagree. Spirituality will always be with mankind because man himself is a spirit. Order for the sake of order is oppressive to the spirit, likewise chaos for the sake of chaos makes the our existence meaningless. There needs to be a spiritual path in life which upholds the delicate balance between order and chaos so that our world can prosper again. This will not be achieved until the lie is uprooted from this world and that is not fated until the end of this age.

44c409  No.12052109


I never said spirituality won’t be existent. I just said that the next social order won’t focus on an organized form of religion or spirituality. I think eugenics will be a huge contributor in finding who we are and how society should work

44c409  No.12052125


Dualism isn’t a cycle. It’s beginning and end. The sand people have evolved to have that mentality since the desert has a linear time. Europeans have evolved to adapt to the cycles of the seasons.

3cb96b  No.12052326

Kikey 2.0 gets purged and the fagposting disappears? What a coinkidink.

3fe6d9  No.12052497


It opens your mind to influence. Which is bad in exactly the same way that opening your abdominal cavity is bad for your health. Why would they push it so hard? For the same reason they push any other of their harmful "medicinal" practices.


The "black sun" is also the "black cube". It's the very same force that the muslims, freemasons, and talmudic jews all worship. You're a fool if you pledge yourself to it.


>There are events and phenomena that have been happening to me and to others recently that I cannot explain and will not just say they are luck or coincidence.

>God will send you confirmations and you will start to see things you hadn't before

Remember that predatory spirits can work signs and wonders, too. Be on your guard. Not everyone who says they'll help you has your best interests at heart.


Bullshit. Ugliness is not necessary to beauty. Evil is not equal to good. Evil is parasitic perversion of life and nature.

People instinctively know this, which is why everyone yearns to be free from death and disease and hates injustice–unless they've been hopelessly demoralized and perverted. It takes a masking layer of lies like your "dialectic monism" to get people to abandon this truth. Evil wants nothing more than for us to believe it's indispensable, so we'll remain its bitch forever.

>ye shall be as gods

Fucking lol. March right off that cliff straight to your annihilation. You're no god and you never will be; you're being used, sucker. It's the oldest trick in the book.

Are the ones who taught you this trustworthy?

The mystery guzzling sluts crawling all over this thread want you to whore yourselves out to demonic forces like they have. Now that they've razed your spiritual foundations, they've come to offer up subjugating poison to quench your thirst. Don't drink it. Open your eyes and see it for what it is.

3fe6d9  No.12052599


Neither your nor my ancestors are gods.

3cb96b  No.12052622

File: c78aad893d6fbbc⋯.gif (1.62 MB, 500x240, 25:12, Scheiße.gif)

I spoke to soon.

cff6f4  No.12053105


(kek'd and checked)

I just wanted to make a good bread anon

81fbe8  No.12054312


Yes we can, and Jesus, the greatest sage in recent history of the west, taught as much. Do not conflate the teachings of Jesus with Christianity. He only spoke to those with ears to hear, and cannot be understood without knowing the Way.

>10The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?”

>11He replied, “Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. 12Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

>MAT 13

What Jesus really taught is not in the bible. Gautama Buddha, Lao Zi, Mohammed, Zoroaster, and Jesus all taught the same thing, and it wasn't a system of ethics.

>31He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. 32Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”

>33He told them still another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.”

Have you baked your 60 pounds of dough, and kissed your 72 virgins? With regards to the teachings of Jesus,

>“My teachings are easy to understand

>and easy to put into practice.

>Yet your intellect will never grasp them,

>and if you try to practice them,you'll fail.

>My teachings are older than the world.

>How can you grasp their meaning?

>If you want to know me,

>Look inside your heart.”

>― Lao Zi, Tao Te Ching

Don't have loyalty to one religion. Steal from them ruthlessly what they have to offer, and toss the rest aside.

a93d42  No.12054463


>The "black sun" is also the "black cube". It's the very same force that the muslims, freemasons, and talmudic jews all worship. You're a fool if you pledge yourself to it.

What the hell are you talking about? I thought the black cube was Saturn, but the black sun was Jupiter? Do you have any evidence to back that up or are you just saying that because they both start with black?

817488  No.12054968


You need to divorce the notion that anything remotely dualistic necessarily implies linear thinking. Cycles can be dualistic in the terms of their polarities.

6d3d2d  No.12056565


Meditation sometimes helps me sleep and that's it. I just focus on my breathing.


Fuck off retarded shill. The black sun is a symbol of 4 overlayed swastikas. And the swastika is an indo european sun symbol. The sun is the giver of life. Slavs have one too - The kolovrat.

The more you type the more you expose yourself schlomo. Clearly you're a christcuck. That's the real older trick in their (((book))) or should I say your (((book)))

a8116d  No.12057024

File: fb88e81c787b951⋯.jpg (336.76 KB, 960x599, 960:599, 04f8f0806ce1be007b5ffcf382….jpg)


>>The "black sun" is also the "black cube". It's the very same force that the muslims, freemasons, and talmudic jews all worship. You're a fool if you pledge yourself to it.

>What the hell are you talking about? I thought the black cube was Saturn, but the black sun was Jupiter? Do you have any evidence to back that up or are you just saying that because they both start with black?

He's clearly a conflaglator. They are entirely distinct things.

The black sun is asscoiated with the 12+1, or 13th perfection, the resurection/transmutation of christ consciousness, the 12 of the zodiac/desciples (which is the 4 elements/seasons/directions crossed with the triplicity of mutable, fixed, and cardinal) rotating in higher unified harmony around the vortex, toroid, zero point, black/white hole-singularity; "the point which is invisible but from which all energy flows, the well of power which can not be seen but is everfelt, that which we are pulled through and reborn by, well of Tartarus, the place where only gods can stand, for all lies are burnt away. Only one that is truly aligned with one's godself and one's higher path may stand, etc."

cff6f4  No.12058066


This is why I believe in the concept of Progressive Revelation. Inb4 the Bahai's aren't /ourguys/. The idea that God continues to reveal himself and would continue to, in a way, update his message for the times makes a lot of sense to me. Religion is for community. There's a reason theologians see patterns and similarities in all the religions, it's because they are there on purpose

8cf5a3  No.12058147

File: 57dd944c6c97248⋯.png (98.83 KB, 530x649, 530:649, png2plate530.png)

File: 9d91097227acea7⋯.jpg (49.49 KB, 471x640, 471:640, OLB 046.jpg)

File: 83a234a1a20be3c⋯.jpg (48.62 KB, 220x298, 110:149, a047.jpg)



This and that. Oera Linda Book is amazing, it's like Mormonism: Doggerland Edition.

e15a56  No.12058185

Cosmotheist Pagan hybrid. Get on it or I will.

d0ec26  No.12058267


my hero. just take pics of the pages and upload them i dont care ill organize them.

63fd35  No.12058330


To concentrate on nothing it to relief circuits that are stuck and to be re utilized elsewhere. Miracles, unless on is born with such power, can be witnessed should one take that path through meditation. Belief is a requirement and doubt the great dragon. A life of ego and sin will leave one with very little faith, but overtime with proper practice, one can grow to do and witness some pretty amazing things. Pick up on the many perspectives across everything and even create peace or sow strife without ever being known by the spaces thereof. Meditation, if anything, causes one to think even more, the goal of putting those aside to focus on a singular point is to sharpen perception, make growth unseen, and to allow gnosis. The mind is more like a radio receiver/transmitter and the things unseen your audience. Do you sway them to buy new sneakers, to cause war over false beliefs, or to show them the way?

Meditation and the importance of it can never be grasped without honest seeking. Who we are will interfere, but who we are is not what we are. Am I who I am when the fear of death is present? Or I am who I am when there is nothing to fear? Through a lack of fear while being aware of fear, miracles can occur, but much like >>12047052, taming fear is like getting on top of a wild stallion expecting it to obey. There are ways, but which ways yield proper fruit?

c7fec8  No.12058395

File: a9f6cb8b93e0aa7⋯.jpg (311.71 KB, 1452x1077, 484:359, 01e0bac463a31510a5242b67d2….jpg)

File: d9ce2cd85afadbc⋯.png (790.39 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 25158392_1795685323838008_….png)

File: 8e4085bb35dc8de⋯.jpg (35.6 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 24068278_1452607018120812_….jpg)

File: 9db9c4994e9c4bd⋯.jpg (894.98 KB, 1280x1986, 640:993, 1525135489256.jpg)

File: b4150ef17d5c656⋯.jpg (35.16 KB, 480x480, 1:1, All with thought, DNA upgr….jpg)


>TL;DR learn to recognize and practice listening to your intuition/gut-feeling/instincts, anons.

Keep in mind when you listen to your "hunches" the difference between fear and intuition.

From the possession of Grandfather Fire invoked in a shaman it was revealed to me the simple distinction that fear will always speak as "Don't do that." Whereas intuition will always speak as "Do this." Recognize the difference and follow the specific flavor/sense intuition feels for you. It's weird at first. Don't pay attention to what it is for others, that will only lead you astray and set-up limiting assumptions on what you are. Remain thinking anything is possible in this initial regard. Every single person is different, every brain is wired differently, every path will be different, every God will appear and interact with you differently. Thus, beyond basics of clearing your mind you can only develop your own unique way of working with the suggestions of your intuition through observance and experimentation. You need to know yourself. In absolutely every aspect and dimension. Traumas, blocks, kinks, principles, ideals, joy, strengths, ect. Until then, like in the Art of War, you still don't know the enemy or the terrain and will suffer for it. Unaddressed, lurking problems in your psyche will be hurdles to overcome in your path, but each monster slain bequeathes you with the hard-earned blessings of it's head resting on your hip as you live your own myth. Self-discovery is more powerful than any book and knowledge from self-discovery is perfectly tailored to you via your own form of processing.

Practicing a quiet and still mind in meditative observation, paying attention to your sensations around and in your body and bringing those skills out into the waking world, especially, will greatly assist you in developing the inner ear to hear your spirit's guidance. It always knows what the next step for you is. It will not reveal the over-arching path for you, neither should it. Life is a roller-coaster and where's the fun in spoiling the necessary twists and turns. Life is to be experienced, not meta-gamed. Just know you can always check in and call the "Nintendo Power Hot-line" for help along the adventure of experiencing your own myth.

6bc948  No.12058400

Directing Life book was fascinating


3fe6d9  No.12058441




Did you mean to say "conflator", meaning "one who conflates"? Or perhaps "conflagrator", meaning "one who brings destruction by fire"? If it's the latter, I'll take it as a compliment, because I relish the thought of your enslaving system going up in smoke.

Back to the question at hand. There are many, many names to refer to this force. Different "truths" for different levels of initiation, different religions for every nation, and a different flavor for every kind of person in the world. Applying one of these many distorting lenses, they can claim these names refer to distinct things. But take a step back and examine the lenses themselves, and you'll find that (almost) all have the same themes and the same message, because they all come from the same source. That source is what I'm referring to.

It claims to be light, but it demands its followers spread darkness and ignorance. It raises up depraved priesthoods and psychopath cliques to prey on the common man. It's the reason wicked men think they have the right to deceive, rape, and kill the rest of humanity–because it tells them they're superior. They're the "chosen people". They're "enlightened". They're "gods". And the masses deserve to be led astray and slaughtered, because they're no better than animals. Sound familiar? It's the root of every slimy, conniving group of shitstains in history. Anything that grows from that root will be as rotten as its predecessors.

3fe6d9  No.12058503


I made an implication in my previous post that I want to correct. All the distorting "lenses" of the occult come from the same source and are merely different takes on the same path. But there is one lens that is not obscuring, but clarifying. The source of this one is not the same, and you'll know because the message is radically different.

This message isn't "pitter patter on the wheel in your cage and maybe you'll become worthy of freedom". Instead it says, "you don't belong in a cage. I've opened the door. Come out."

5afc0f  No.12058539


Sound familiar to abrahamic religion, Christianity included.

Is that your point?

5afc0f  No.12058584


This faggot speaks in riddles.

Sign of dishonesty.

81fbe8  No.12059250


No need to update. Jainists sum it up best when they say,

>"Jainism has always existed, and will always exist."

"Jain" is what the Jainists call "Tao," which is what Taoists call "God," which is what Plato called "The Good."


>It’s almost exclusively bullshit.

True, but not 100%. It's dangerous to be a mouse in a world of humans, but some are bound to find un-trapped cheese. Likewise, it's dangerous for a human in a world of demons, but some will still find the Way.

81fbe8  No.12059254


…which is what E. Micheal Jones calls "Logos."

5afc0f  No.12059910


Tao is the way, not god, you goddamn philistines.

Honestly, /pol/ has a big goddamn problems with pseuds nowadays.

a9cc57  No.12059924


It's easy. The jew infects you with cuckstianity and destroys your spirit slowly and thorough until you willingly kill your own brothers for a dead rabbi's words and you trust a kike to tell you he's white.

81fbe8  No.12061960


>Something mysteriously formed,

>Born before heaven and earth.

>In the silence and the void,

>Standing alone and unchanging,

>Ever present and in motion.

>Perhaps it is the mother of ten thousand things.

>I do not know its name.

>Call it Tao.

>For lack of a better word, I call it great.

>Lao Zi

3fe6d9  No.12066277


Thought of a better way to explain this.

Say people are telling you to eat McDonald's. I'm telling you not to eat it, because it's the same as Burger King, Jack in the Box, and Taco Bell: it's all garbage fast food.

They claim that McDonald's is completely different to Burger King. Sure, they have different logos, different menus, different locations… but that's not the point. They're both shitty fast food, and you're no better off with either one.

cff6f4  No.12082472

File: 3af439c96143751⋯.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2622x3051, 874:1017, 8119fa4c974bb6f88cef66108….jpeg)


5 star post anon. Self awareness and self understanding is an understated part of spirituality. Once we have attempted to make sense of our selves we can consider the other powers that also exist. Anything is possible, I still believe that to be true.

422840  No.12082568

We need an ethnoreligion.

cff6f4  No.12082724


That was the intention I had behind making this thread. Our people desperately need a spiritual common cause. If there was a way to make our survival a blatant spiritual endeavor( I believe that it already is) that would be the ethnoreligion. Perhaps kindred souls like you and me are already forming it. I wonder how much of religion lies in the rituals. You can go to a church or a temple and you fill find many members, but very few believers. The spirituality and discovery elements have been stripped down and removed for rote memorization of verses and moral codes, it feel like school to a degree.

I believe the religion may come as a byproduct of anons finally creating the lore our people need. We haven't seen true White/European lore created for some time now. Lore with White/European values and lessons. Perhaps once we start telling the stories people will come to understand how they must be, what it is to be strong and virtuous for one's people and to give them hope not just for the world to come but this world as well

1f368b  No.12082892

The most powerful meditation a beginner can do is called "inner fire". People are mostly unaware it exists.

1. First sit in an upright and comfortable meditation posture: back straight, chin tilted forward, mouth closed, tongue resting against the top of your mouth, eyes either intense and fully open or relaxed and half open.

2. Visualise yourself as hollow, like a balloon. Your skin is glowing and brilliant and on the inside there is only empty space. Take a few moment to strongly establish this visualisation.

3. Visualise a ‘central channel’ about a 1cm thick from your perineum to the crown of your head and two ‘side channels’ going in through the nostrils up to the third eye or eyebrow level and then going down either side of the central channel merging at just below the navel. All the ‘channels’ are hollow like plumbing pipes. Take a moment to establish this visualisation, it does get easier and even instantaneous with practice. See image.

4. Even if you cannot do the former visualisation this next step is the most important in generating the blissful energy: Take a medium sized breath and, as you exhale, imagine your breath energy going down the two side channels and merging into the central channel just below the navel (about a few cm in front of the spine). Imagine a very small and very hot ball of light in the central channel and your breath ignites this fiery ball and makes it extremely hot. Now exhale completely and hold it. Hold your exhaled breath, your lungs empty, there in that ball of heat at the navel, for 5-15 seconds (experienced yogis can hold the breath here for several minutes). WARNING: stop immediately and breathe normally if you get dizzy or lightheaded.

5. This next step is optional but helps to generate even more heat and focused attention: As you are holding the breath inside the central channel at the small ball of heat just below the navel, draw energy up from below and down from above and lock and trap it in the ball of heat. Draw it up by activating the perineum muscle (like you are holding back from urinating), hold this muscle and lock it in. Simultaneously swallow some saliva down to get the feeling of pushing down on the ball of heat at the navel and lock it in. Experiment with this. You may wish to lock it in by drawing up from below first and then push down from above, or vice vera. Do what feels best for you to get the sense you are locking in a tremendous amount of energy in a tiny space at the navel.

6. Now release all the energy you have created – straight up through the central and bursting out the top of your head like a fountain. As the energy rushes up through the central channel it blows away any blockages in all the chakras from the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and crown chakra. this energy cleanses and purifies your entire body mind system. You can also imagine releasing the energy into parts of your body you need to heal.

7. Repeat steps 2-6

…try Inner Fire Meditation for 2-5 minutes to begin with. Do not practice for extended periods of time until you become familiar with the practice and feel confident and strong enough to do so.

This may have sounded complicated, but it is incredibly simple to practice. For an easy and modified version simply exhale long slow breaths right down into the navel area and hold it there for a short time and release it, this can also be enough to generate heat and bliss.

a3da66  No.12084044


You forgot the image.

efdb13  No.12084360

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

nufags don't know we already have our religion on /pol/ and have for half a decade.

cccaaf  No.12084389


I would add celibacy. There is a reason why most major religions recommend this, it is THE major desire and when you give it up, well you will find God. Indians use the term Brahmacharya, basically going after Brahman. Christianity recommended this too of course.

33826c  No.12084413

File: d9d835c7a36832b⋯.jpg (160.54 KB, 565x991, 565:991, TAYLOR FASCISM NATURE futu….jpg)


>Can spirituality be employed as a political agent?

>An oath to the black sun and blood intent

done see video >>12084360


done see video >>12084360


>The true path is objective.

done see video >>12084360


>I see a lot of anons shilling for meditation. What does it actually do?

Clears your hardrive of junk data


>Read more OP; Savitri Devi, Alfred Rosenberg, Ernst Junger, Julius Evola etc.

Out of date

see video >>12084360


>The ogdoad is our religion now.

Same difference, naturalism forming, creating, the river of time… see video >>12084360


>Read less philosophy, read more mythology and history.

>That's the thing, philosophy poisons the mind.

Kike alert!


>Join your local mithraic mystery.

kike alert



>but the pursuit of sex for primal release, with no chance of procreation, as is so often the case in society does feel a waste of energy.

Prostate cancer candidate.


>Everything is ultimately a united whole which is expressed through complimentary polarities. Light and darkness, life and death, creation and destruction, order and chaos, mind and matter. All that is opposite is identical in its nature.

Lots of retarded mistruths in that statement. Polarity isn't light and dark. Light is a electro-magnetic process and has its own ploraties, darkness is just lack of enough light, not actual light, there is constant radiation.

Mind and matter are the same thing.



>Tao is the way, not god, you goddamn philistines.

done see video >>12084360

9fa9d4  No.12084435


religions recommended celibacy as a way to destroy procreation efforts. thriving white societies encouraged procreation. Greek society would even encourage young bucks breeding with married woman although i find that kind of degenerate. German tribes believed in the sanctity of marriage but as long as things were agreed upon by the man and woman sexuality was open and not considered sinful.

b2d6ff  No.12084523

Read Julius Evola, William Walker Atkinson, Swami Vivekananda, and Franz Bardon.

Also, real spirituality isn't some culture thing you share and form a common identity around, it's a source of actual TREMENDOUS power to influence circumstances, conditions, etc. and it begins with the quest to transform oneself to be able to comprehend and operate at a higher level of understanding.

Once you are spiritually mature you'll see people's intentions, see where they are at in their development, and know what it is you can say and do around them for their benefit and the benefit of your race.

fb0cca  No.12084543

Just take all the goodness inherent in white culture and add in self protective mechanisms. Become the new Luther. This would change the world the strongest. The pope is under attack and protestants are filled with LGBT pastors. Make a monotheistic religion that is unapologetically political.

White culture positives



>caring for nature

>desire of unknown

>the need to build

>reserved reverance and worship

Add in protective mechanisms

>empathy, but righteous defense of family, people, and above

>righteous defense a God given right

>forgiveness is a virtue, but can be a point of attack

>tolerance exists individually, but not nationally or culturally (ie. Do not tolerate subversion of your religion)

We need a righteous monotheism, we need a God that is a father. A God that is loving but strict. A God that is intolerant to subversive evil. A God that loves everyone, but when certain children do better (develop a western civilization, don't cook dogs alive) he loves them more for it. We need a religion that sees the separations of nations and people's.

Notice I didn't say Christianity because of the degradation that has been attached to it. But you could make a very effective domination that people are searching for.

This new religion needs to focus on individual improvement and worldly knowledge, and self sustainable, not using stupidity and the bible as a crutch. An enlightened group of overmen.

b2d6ff  No.12084587


Do you even understand separation of church and state?

949923  No.12084622

File: d691f824c66c7ee⋯.jpg (49.75 KB, 627x793, 627:793, maxresdefault.jpg)


Celibacy doesn't matter if you still jerk off. And virgins quickly go insane. Your body wants to fuck alot at age 15-30, denying nature is not healthy, but also being hedonistic is very negative as well.

According to varg vikerners (yeah i know), Christians were clever people who built a system that lowered birthrate amongst the aryans, shaming sexual desire, making the good genetics vow to celibacy/monkhood "for god" (so they wont procreate), destruction of female godesses that promoted fertility and other dysgenic policies.

We should have children by age 22, peak health age.


Personally I dislike this type bullshit. My sister got fooled into this meditation nonsense, now she collects shiny rocks "crystals" that she claims heal her. She practice some nonsense called reiku where she can send healing powers to people through computers, she exhibits alot of bizarre behaviours after getting involved with meditation crap. People who enter this spiritual nonsense, whatever the name, start talking about chakras, go vegan, go insane etc

Avoid spiritual nonsense. Taking a deep, off-road wood walk can give you a natural lucid high and clears your mind.

There is actually a word for this spiritual (mumbo jumbo) in pagan terms, it's called something like "Egarie" I don't remember, there is wiki about it as well. It's considered a feminine traits, demasculating and men were recommended to not delve into these areas. It was for women.

Basicly people like varg are too "Egaria", pagans would have shunned him for these traits, notice how he starts talking about placentas and similiar shit.

No, white people don't need to get lost in indian poo-behavior with chakra, meditation, "healing phrases". We need a type of religion that promotes honesty, hard work, ethics, strict punishment & zero tolerance for corruptive elements, such as deception, relativism, twisted perversion etc

We should have higher ideas viewed as Holy traits that every man instinctivly strives towards, a national movement, promoted in many faucets of society. (Jews naturally destroy these pillars of strength and replace them with their twisted creation)

Instead our young boys want to emulate these weak, faggy, drug addicted degenerate music artists that jews put forward as idoltry. Christians are opposed to idoltry, I agree due to celebrity worship, but perhaps idoltry is not wrong if we idolized great men like Megas Alexandros, Ceasar, or perhaps a divine god. We need to establish a world where these people get beaten to death at an instant:


Trump is legit the only strong white man & rolemodel that exist in our world, millions of young white boys are learning true lessons from him, and not some pinkshirt wearing queers lessons about bisexuality and feminism, not faggot "chad" zogprostitute actor like brad pitt with pc talking points, or degenerate tatood dude bro, and jews hate that. Generations with no male rolemodels leads to quality members of the white race, turning into wannabe aids-eminem

2f8f18  No.12084625



> deconstruct something until it sounds similar to something else because it's reduced to oversimplified ideas

> now two or more religious concepts are totally the same

This is your mind on (((subjectivity))). This is why leftists fall for jewish lies about other subhuman "cultures" being "misunderstood," because they're the same as ours but just in a different way. Deconstruction so you can make things sound similar or synonymous is essentially intellectual multiculturalism.

I seriously hope more people see through your bluepilled foolishness.

cca514  No.12084645


meditation is a cure for ADD. it's needed more than ever now a days

9348c7  No.12084667


Nope. Spirituality is all bullshit and things crucial to the salvation of our people is the truth and righteousness. You are a charlatan for spreading your witch doctor mumbo jumbo. Fuck off!

fb0cca  No.12084690



I do, but can you answer the following questions. Are you still in control of your government? Are you in agreement with your religion and leaders? What was the language like in laws pre 1965 immigration?

9d3dc8  No.12084698

File: ae8073af73b61bd⋯.jpg (9.7 KB, 187x115, 187:115, Detail_of_Codex_Argenteus.jpg)

There WILL be a spiritual awakening, it WILL involve both Christianity and Paganism, because the European needs to both respect his ancestors and acknowledge the sacredness of his own blood and God's but the European also needs to know the ways of the Jew and how Christ refuted them. There WILL be another prophet who will take up the same mantle that was worn by Christ, Odin and Shiva, and he WILL bring about a new golden age of the Aryan race. That is all I know from dreams and visions.

3f6e74  No.12084701



>will involve Christianity

No, we can literally just fade it out if people stop cucking for it.

9d3dc8  No.12084717

File: f6754577aaddaff⋯.jpg (43.07 KB, 564x423, 4:3, e1119582b1c8b490bc5fb69704….jpg)


The teachings of Christ as told in the Gospels, the prophecies of the Revelation and the concept of an Uncreated Creator Deity that is supreme over all other gods are redeemable aspects of Christianity. Honestly if it took the Manichean approach and stripped out the OT, emphasized the NT, and identified itself closely with its Zoroastrian roots, it would be a fine religion. But unfortunately we have this mostly Jewish abomination meant for sheep and low-life idiots. The solution is to remove what aspects of it are Jewish in nature and antithetical to the Aryan soul, and to emphasize the parts that resonate with our own culture. We also need to reinstall it with the strength of Pagan teachings. Fools around here will tell you that these Pagan teachings such as Stoicism and Pythagoreanism were what corrupted modern Christianity; I don't even really need to speak to how stupid this is, considering the Golden Age of the Church was when they were the most heavily influenced by the Greek philosophies.

7673c6  No.12084722


The future white spirituality will be a return to Aryan roots. Widespread skepticism, atheism, and empiricism leaves us with only the possibility of an empirical or experiential form of spirituality today. But luckily, this is exactly what we need, and will serve as the font of rebirth of our race. Original Aryan religions were all like this. The oldest known form, Vedic religion, shows that its development came from the inward explorations of mystics and yogis. It continued with sages and mystery schools in the west.

The dead moralism and semitic kikery of christianity will be cast away, to the trash bin of history where it belongs.

7673c6  No.12084729


No, what Jones calls "logos" is a dead Jewish rabbi on a stick and his semitic laws.

750a02  No.12084741

This is true times 1000. Atheism is the number 1 reason the kikes can push their degeneracy so easily. If you have noone to answer for, whats the meaning in right vs wrong? There is none. Now, im a traditional Christian who believes Whites are the Chosen people and the New Testament is nothing but a history lesson. I do my best to help my fellow Christians see that the jew is our enemy and responsible for the current state of everything. Its tough work, but the more degenerate tv gets, the easier it gets. I think the main reason the youth are falling for Atheism is the fact that Christianity is painted as "no fun" and "boring old pl shit". I hope we can find ways to change that, and make people realize that a fulfilling life is better than a "fun" one. Also as an ending note, im not bashing the Pagans hete, i respect their decision even if i dont agree with it, anything is better than Atheism, and race trumps religion. So that said if you use the term christcuck i will just assume you are a wretched kike. Because race ALWAYS comes first, and any sane Aryan knows that.

949923  No.12084980

File: 469a226dcbdcc35⋯.jpg (294.96 KB, 722x480, 361:240, MichaelJacksonQuoteJewsMem….jpg)

File: 44b76beb588abdc⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 300x188, 75:47, 300px-Gauls_color.jpg)

File: 0d3a158bc35f7f2⋯.jpg (92.06 KB, 600x614, 300:307, CmOloWlXIAEnXFk.jpg)

File: ffbcd4d898db23f⋯.jpg (120.45 KB, 960x529, 960:529, PSwaQIszRYiLsxaoLiyBLBjHbj….jpg)


Millenials were brainwashed into hating christianity, they were taught rebelling against christianity is rebelling against oppression. They were told that they were fighting the good fight. I'm glad the fedora meme caused so much damage to them. Atheism + liberal go hand in hand. Moral relativism.

South park was part of the jewish filth to desentizise (read: trauma to front lobe) children to filth, and constant mocking of christianity and sanctity of life. It's everywhere in pedowood shows. Christians portrayed evil and ignorant. One older example is the warden in shawshank redemption, portrayed as evil corrupt christian, while the criminals on the courtyard are poor oppressed good people. This shitty meme has killed alot of naive people who don't realize violent criminals are souless beasts. /watch?v=I_3ZiiGSA6E

I can't join christian church because I am in nordic country and marxists have infiltrated it, they celebrate lgbt gay shit in church over here, and protecting "syrian refugees". And frankly I don't like church, I don't even know why priest demands money from me, nor do I understand the annoying mazes of scripture. I don't want to hear those boring stories I dont relate to. I believe in God but I'm not really down with the whole jesus thing.

People want something more tangible to be fired up on, a codex of honor, truth, brotherhood in race, something more direct, like hitlers speeches but more modern. Put 10 preachers in same room and they will argue for all eternity about the meaning of the verses.

Last note, murderer, degenerate metalhead wearing makeup, pagan Varg vikernes also start SEETHING or become possessed and mocking, whenever jesus & christianity is mentioned. I am careful of buying into the whole pagan worshipping narrative, but it would make sense that old religion reveals our sacred history and past, but seeing pagans hate christianity always makes me cautious, there are good traditional values coming with christianity. Jewdemons like (((sarah silvermann))) and others act the same. Jews claim God&Jesus doesnt exist, they push atheism, but hate jesus so much, they defecate on statues of him. Anyone who reacts like a hissing vampire or act possessed when talking about God&Jesus should be viewed with high suspicion. Gays also become possessed and violent infront of Christian preachers.

>pics not related

7673c6  No.12085001


Varg killed an Asiatic mongrel, so he was not a murderer.

1d840c  No.12085008


I'm pretty much a reason and evidence kind of guy. I try to stay logical and cold about stuff, but despite this I often find myself suppressing an urge to weep as I stand in awe, seeing what my ancestors have accomplished and created over the centuries.

So I guess I'm a little pagan in that way, ancestor worship being my personal form of spirituality.

It's funny, I despise modern cucktianity and I reject all of the bullshit it preaches, but the idea of catholic/orthodox saints and crusading knights all strike a cord in my psyche that reflects my pagan ancestor worship sensibilities.

Who knows what it is, maybe it's spiritual, or maybe I'm just a faggot.

4f5e54  No.12085022



celebrating lgbt and "immigrants" is the same in every church, even the pope promotes it. There are only special snowflake congregations that don't follow suit but by numbers alone are irrelevant and hold no sway over any part of christendom, catholic or protestant or whatever.

Christianity is mind cancer.

1d840c  No.12085027

File: 04fab8cec754247⋯.jpg (80.75 KB, 600x529, 600:529, Dr. William Luther Pierce ….jpg)


Modern Christianity deserves nothing but contempt. I can respect the catholics of old, like my grandparents, but this modern faggotry like Pat Robertson or all the other evangelical, Christ forgives all, blah fucking blah shit makes my blood boil.

Maybe the kikes have corrupted me to hate it, but I find it more likely that my rational mind and my prideful heart find nothing of value in a doctrine that spews passivity in life, where you only obtain a reward in death. Modern cucktianity is a death cult, more than anything else.

>Yes goy, don't worry about this life, because you'll go to heaven anyway. Surrender here, turn the other cheek goy, you'll make it to heaven if you do.

It's disgusting. Passivity in the face of evil, yearning for death, etc. That's how I see modern Christianity and it genuinely offends my sensibilities.

96c8ef  No.12085028


I can’t imagine a faith that is less than 300 years old being all that compelling.

c6cdc4  No.12085030


Yep, the 'good' forms of christianity (Orthodoxy coming to mind) are all heavy with honoring your ancestors, and the actions of your ancestors. With all the thousands of saints they have.

Even the Catholics had went decently wild on the sainthood, when they weren't cucked to the very core.

96c8ef  No.12085035


It can be good again, you just need some good people. Short supply.

1d840c  No.12085036


I agree. My intent was to say that it's not catholic dogma that inspires me, but that it's the pagan aspect of ancestor worship (like saints, or crusading knights fighting for blood and soil) that I have respect for.

Christianity by itself, it's teachings, and what it encourages it's adherents to pursue are all a despicable assault on the natural sensibilities of any normal human being.

869aa4  No.12085042


See that's the thing. Christianity was good. America was good. Then they twisted it, just like everything else good and they turned it into an evil tool. The good now lies in the past, us, and the future.

1d840c  No.12085045


Indeed. I think that's the core of Christianity that whites all naturally get behind. Something about ancestor worship that is particularly spiritual for whites. Maybe it's natural for all humans, to be fair, but it was particularly resilient in Europe for centuries in the orthodox and catholic churches, despite the new testament having explicit instructions that these things were/are a form of heresy.

98922c  No.12085131


>ctrl + F


<2 results

>ctrl + F


<0 results



Instead of autistically trying to recreate a semblance of the truth in a time of universal deceit, return to the original values of your people, Europa.

1d840c  No.12085149


Thank you for the link anon. This expresses what I have been trying to explain in other posts in this thread about why I despise modern Christianity (or any abrahamic religion in general).

7673c6  No.12085152


It was never good

4f5e54  No.12085180


The united states was not a 90%+ white nation because of christianity, it was a white nation because of strict government policies with regards to immigration, and even then, still, there was much chinese and mexican immigration into many of the southern and western states states.

Big money has always treated good white men like shit.


Anon, those christian crusaders where the first to kill europeans before they ever set foot in northern africa, they weren't fighting for blood and soil, they where fighting for the rights to jerusalem, for the church only to no benefit to the white race, the crusades made the church and the templars rich and did jack shit for uplifting europe or europeans, and even then the reconquista of spain was a failure because it never truly secured MENA. To this day niggers and arabs keep pouring over ceuta and morocco. Had the crusades been of a racialist nature and not a religious nature, I can guarantee that there wouldn't be a single nigger crossing north of the sahara who would dare step on soil conquered by white men.

This is why I consider theocracy and monarchy as such shit systems. Leaders who only care about their fiefdom will never care beyond what isn't being taxed at the moment.

a8116d  No.12085335

File: e0086285bd32419⋯.jpg (394.48 KB, 1742x2000, 871:1000, e0086285bd32419ed7cddae863….jpg)

0f3b84  No.12085375

File: 42bf6b8c1151011⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1688x1130, 844:565, Clear as day.jpg)

If we follow in the footsteps of some Semitic god, then that can only carry us so far. The depth of understanding of Semitic religions was tailored for Semites, not for us.

Whatever 'White' spirituality is, it has to be based on reality.

Not fantasy, not the way things 'should' be, but we must base our spirituality solely upon the way things actually are, upon reality.

We ourselves need to be able to question everything at all times, and through that, develop our sense of what is our spiritual reality.

In developing our understanding of a spiritual reality, independability is key.

81fbe8  No.12085949

File: c9119f5654af475⋯.jpg (83.88 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, lightning_bolt.jpg)


Those who speak do not know. Those who know, do not speak.



A large object appears small from far away. A small object appears large up close. Others grasp at shadows and proudly proclaim they have found the Ultimate Truth. I am doubtful and confused. Others trust their intellect and five senses, saying an object is this way or that way. I do not even know what an object is. Others are confident in hard and unyielding absolute truth. I know nothing, and knowing that I know nothing, I do not infect the minds of others with falsehoods. Relinquishing hard truths, one's worldview cannot be shattered.


Europe has powerful weaponry, yet is conquered by a weak and backward people. Europe is not Christian, nor any other religion- it is entirely materialistic. Having exhausted its spiritual inventory, the people live only for tangible goods. Having no reason to live but for tangible goods, the people see no value in themselves. Not seeing value in themselves, the people do not protect themselves.

However, even if Europeans were suddenly invigorated by holiness- the leaders of Europe want to destroy their own people. They are beset on all sides. Yet the situation is not hopeless.


One who cannot recognize the wisdom of Jesus cannot recognize wisdom from the mouth of any other speaker. Those who reject Jesus do not understand what he taught. Is your heart fertile soil for the seed of God? Then it should not matter who provides water and sunshine.

b66696  No.12085967


>wisdom of Jesus

There is none

9ce398  No.12085971


You are an actual kike if you recommend philosophy over mythology.

Philosophy is mind wank.

9ce398  No.12085981


The wisdom of Jesus is the wisdom of a loser jew.

Stay clear from it.

Learn from our ancestral warrior gods.

9ce398  No.12085986



Yeah fuck off.

Europeans already got pantheon.

31c6f8  No.12086121

File: 1475208a119c3fc⋯.jpg (50.78 KB, 400x500, 4:5, Stoic unhappy virtue.jpg)


>You are an actual kike if you recommend philosophy over mythology.

Why would you even choose just one, you fucking pathetic weirdo, dragon slayer.

cff6f4  No.12086158

File: 19f06800663d990⋯.jpg (42.06 KB, 324x500, 81:125, 512t2tT6sgL.jpg)



I know about WLP and the Church of Creativity. My understanding is that it was more an ideal than a practicing religion and faded away after Pierce's death.

>>12084622 (checked)


Early 20's is the ideal time for procreation and that had always been the practice until (((recently))). Zoroastrianism brings up some strong points against monasticism as well. The idea that you we have a spiritual duty to engage with the world and not retreat from it. When we fail to procreate, we fail God.

It is our duty to become those father figures and strong male role models for the children to see and strive to be one day.

The jewshit in all of the media painted Christianity in the same light they painted stay at home moms, self accountability, strong men and anything culturally White in general, as part of the old guard that must be demolished for (((progress))). I agree that anyone who hates Christ or his religion too much is someone to be wary of.


What is subjective about progressive revelation?


You speak of the Ahura Mazda, which is a spiritual entity. As >>12084622 says, spirituality isn't crystals and reiki and other new age bullshit.


There WILL be a new prophet.

>>12084722 (checked)


It's absolutely spiritual anon, that's the point. I too feel inspired and a sense of pride/honor in seeing the saints and crusaders because their spirit resonates with me. The spirit they had within them that propelled them and carried forth in their action is something not tied to the religion, but something we can all hope to have one day.


Christianity in the modern day is terminally infected with passivity. As >>12085030 and >>12085045 point out, the respectable forms of Christianity valued and worshiped our ancestors, despite what the new testament said. The idolatry in the Orthodox church is something I particularly enjoy. I have talked to Christians today, they would rather all die a martyr than defend themselves in any capacity and continue to spread God's word. The thing is, the passivity was one of the strong points of Christianity before it was terminally corrupted by kike influence. I have long held the belief that Christianity was a religion for women. Men don't stand to benefit as much as women from being Christian. Women benefit more from monogamy, women benefit more from clear authoritarian structure(the trinity being a male form of that), women benefit more from a benevolent society than one that is survived by the strongest and most adept, women benefit more from being chaste, women are the meek. As more and more women leave the churches, men should too in droves.


Thank you for the link. This topic is relevant to my interests and I need to learn more about the old faiths

81fbe8  No.12086165



If you cannot find pearls in Jerusalem, you cannot find silver in Stonehenge. Wise men of all cultures speak uniformly, and are uniformly ignored. Thirty spokes in a wheel allow it to turn, but it is the center that makes it useful. Is there a difference between fire in the west, and fire in the east? An arrow to the heart is always deadly, no matter who fires it.

f23615  No.12086173


It reshapes your brain. Focuses more neural thickening in the frontal lobes, reduces reactivity to emotional urges. This is shown in comparative brain scans.

Your attention is constantly under attack, especially in today's world. Constantly being torn apart between the screen you're looking at, the board you're reading , what you're gonna eat next, etc. It's deliberate, the less you can concentrate the more you'll react emotionally/instinctually and follow the path (((they))) want you to take.

It's a way of reaffirming power over the self, and allowing attention and concentration to pool up.

If you can stomach the woo-woo nature that is hard to detach from the practice, you will find that the benefit to your concentration and emotional control is undeniable. My recommendation is anapanasati, Ajahn Brahm has a 1.5hr lecture on jewtube that is literally all the instruction you should ever need and more. Easy to find.

The Mind Illuminated is also a good technical manual if you can stomach some of the saccharine nature that bleeds through.

Brahm is a former Brit. Yes Buddhism is a nihilistic belief system, don't practice the aspects that do not resonate with you. The union of attention is a valuable tool that can be separate from the belief system. (Note: Aryan is the word the Buddhists use for 'saintly')

31c6f8  No.12086181

File: 511ee9c06d28c79⋯.jpg (44.16 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, colbert anrgy at trump mag….jpg)


>I know about WLP and the Church of Creativity. My understanding is that it was more an ideal than a practicing religion and faded away after Pierce's death.

Doesn't matter! I dont care if there is an (((2018 orginization))), the truth remain.

2c417f  No.12086478



>I think that's the core of Christianity that whites all naturally get behind

Have some essays from an Orthodox priest who completed his doctorate in history, philosophy and political science.

St. Augustine and Friedrich Nietzsche on the Will:Two Views of Asceticism, Foundationalism and Time


Hegelian Economics, Metaphysics and the Social Form of Beauty


Metaphysical Economics: Agrarianism, the Garden of Eden and St. Ephraim the Syrian


Here's some non topic related just to show that he's /ourguy/

The Heart of the Matter: Why Do Jewish Elites Hate Europeans?


Interracial Marriage and Church Doctrine


Reason as the Male Burden: The Orthodox Church, the Female Nature and the Priesthood


f7abc0  No.12086603


>Wise men of all cultures speak uniformly,


f7abc0  No.12086622


>Zoroastrianism brings up some strong points against monasticism as well. The idea that you we have a spiritual duty to engage with the world and not retreat from it.

The pinnacle of spiritual attainment comes from the extermination of your enemies. This is what christianity gets wrong.

9ce398  No.12086869


Stop equating jewish philosophy wank with european myth and heritage, they are incompatible.


Because one is good, and the other is mind wank.

a27594  No.12086896




Ran into this checking out some of the music in the music thread >>12074356

9c4ff7  No.12087023

File: c361595ebabe857⋯.jpg (30.76 KB, 400x335, 80:67, pure evil.jpg)

File: 84606ab5ff1a852⋯.jpg (42.94 KB, 474x276, 79:46, to repair.jpg)

File: 59eb4dd3178ebc5⋯.jpg (12.1 KB, 220x286, 10:13, aphrodite.jpg)


they don't honor their ancestors. They tried to erase them from memory.

722901  No.12087041


>women in combat

don't be a faggot

81fbe8  No.12087235





I have heard that it's better to stand at the pivot point of a circle, and let yes and no pursue one another around its circumference, as they are both reducible to the same thing. Abandoning limitation and taking sides, trust in intuition. This is what Chuangzi says. Is it useless? Useful trees are cut down for planks. The lacquer tree is profitable, so it is marred. Chuangzi's tree is big, stinky, and full of knots, so it is left alone. For this reason, one can depend on its shade.

9ce398  No.12087245


Stop speaking in riddles and say what you mean instead.

81fbe8  No.12087405

File: a91b609bd79ac99⋯.jpg (24.18 KB, 474x339, 158:113, summer.jpg)


You have known flying with wings, but you have not learned flying without wings. You have learned the wisdom of those who know, but you have not learned the wisdom of those who know nothing. What use is a window? It is nothing but a hole in the wall, yet because it is there, the whole room is filled with light. The five senses clog the window, but when the faculties are emptied, the light of the world fills the spirit- that which can hear without ears, and that which can know what the mind cannot grasp. So says Confucius.

All wise men, prophets, and saints teach this Way, and help men remember what they once had.

When a wise man hears of the Way, he studies it diligently.

When an average man hears of the Way, he thinks about it from time to time.

When a fool hears of the Way, he laughs out loud. If he didn't laugh, it would not be the Way.

3 out of ten follow Life.

3 out of ten follow Death.

3 out of ten are just passing through on the way to their graves. So says Lao Zi.

There is nothing to say that hasn't been said, and indeed, nothing new under the sun. For the 1 out of ten who is dying of thirst for the water of life: ask, and it shall be given. Knock, and the door will be opened. He who does not trust others will not be trusted. That which is pure, appears soiled. That which is bright, appears dim. True intelligence appears stupid. True grace appears awkward.

1ee51b  No.12087417

It’s not a matter of trust, so much as honesty.

0a3813  No.12087611


How can you escape the feeling of solipsism with the idea of all is one? Just thinking about it make me panic a bit

9ce398  No.12087659


Quit the gobblygook.

f57e40  No.12087706

I filtered the yid. I am an extremely spiritual person, I come from a long line of people who are especially gifted and sensitive to matters of the spirit. Most of this comes to me through dreams or through instinct. My grandmother was not a religious person at all but she could see spirits and would often predict deaths and the like through her dreams. My mother claims to have been visited by "angels" when she was a child. I grew up very religious but that in time faded as I realized the shackles the Jude had placed on us. I would consider myself a deist nowadays, but what I can't get out of my head is whom did my mother see outside her window. They were both male and illuminated light. She lived in a relatively rural area when this happened. I've had experiences aligning with celestial events where I ended up sleep walking outside and observing spheres emitting light in 7 colors rotating in a swastika. I'm not trying to sound /x/ tier here, it's just that I'm a sane and rational being but I've experienced things outside the breadth of known phenomenon and feel lost about it besides confiding in my mother because all semblance of spirituality and pious thought has been perverted and monetized in this Jewish age. My Grandma always said that those who profit off their gift eventually lose it. Can any Anon's help me?

6d1cb9  No.12087886


>Wise men of all cultures speak uniformly

It is true. I would add, that Muhammad is not a wise man. Buddha, Jesus, Laozi, Krishna, they all speak of the same and in similar words almost.

Whereas Muhammad is ooga booga conquer and so on.

e59136  No.12087901


>speak and act honestly

Our enemies don't deserve that behavior. This isn't a gentlemanly duel we're having with the jews. This is a struggle for existence of our entire race.

9ce398  No.12087938


Seek help of you are serious.

0f3b84  No.12087956


You do realize that you are full of shit, don't you?

f7abc0  No.12088118


>Buddha, Jesus, Laozi, Krishna, they all speak of the same and in similar words almost.

Completely false.

6f52a6  No.12088162

The path to true universal understanding is through the remnants of aryan history that have survived until the modern day, you must piece them together like a jiggsaw to reach the truth.

For example, study Norse Mythology and Hindu Mythology… Then ask yourself why they both contain the same gods? Why does Hinduism state in it's own texts that it came from Aryan people and this knowledge is being safeguarded for them?

Why do the STOLEN Abrahamic myths all stem from earlier more ancient and far more revealing legends such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, which paints a significantly more insightful picture than any doctored (((subversive))) texts.

6f52a6  No.12088171


Do you have links to any of these comparative studies? Genuinely interested.

81fbe8  No.12089350


>Can any Anon's help me?

With regards to what, exactly? What were those spheres you saw? Who were the men your mother saw?

I have taken two strides on the path to heaven, but I do not understand the spheres anymore than you do. They appear to people in times of great stress, great passion, and great success. Perhaps some are benevolent, but my experience with them is not altogether good. I was filled with awe and wonder when I first saw one, and was very happy. Later that night, harmful mischief began. I cannot say with confidence they are good or bad.

As for the men your mom saw- that is alarming. Regardless of who or what they were, it's never a good sign to see people outside of one's house at night. For all I know, one of them is your father, if otherworldly beings take such an interest in your mom. If their presence was purely benign, wouldn't they have knocked and introduced themselves?

>My Grandma always said that those who profit off their gift eventually lose it.

She is right. For biblical corroboration:

>9 Now for some time a man named Simon had practiced sorcery in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great, 10 and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.” 11 They followed him because he had amazed them for a long time with his sorcery. 12 But when they believed Philip as he proclaimed the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. 13 Simon himself believed and was baptized. And he followed Philip everywhere, astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw.

>14 When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the word of God, they sent Peter and John to Samaria. 15 When they arrived, they prayed for the new believers there that they might receive the Holy Spirit, 16 because the Holy Spirit had not yet come on any of them; they had simply been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. 17 Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.

>18 When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles’ hands, he offered them money 19 and said, “Give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.”

>20 Peter answered: “May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! 21 You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God. 22 Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 23 For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.”

>24 Then Simon answered, “Pray to the Lord for me so that nothing you have said may happen to me.”

>Acts 8

Some people are naturally gifted in this way, but (almost) no one can go the distance without a teacher.

>If you don’t find a teacher soon, you’ll live this life in vain. It’s true, you have the Buddha-nature.

>But without the help of a teacher you’ll never know it. Only one person in a million becomes enlightened without a teacher’s help.

>If, though, by the conjunction of conditions, someone understands what the Buddha meant, that person doesn’t need a teacher.

>Such a person has a natural awareness superior to anything taught. But unless you’re so blessed, study hard, and by means of instruction you’ll understand.


I was not blessed in that regard, I did need a teacher to help me, and later on, I will need a teacher again. I have been thinking about it since I saw this thread- what is the harm in exposing the very first step to the anons ITT? Few enough will take it seriously enough to actually try, and of those that do, they will not become powerful enough from one step to cause terrible trouble. Therefore, ask and you shall receive. Knock, and the door will be opened.

ad5f70  No.12089625


Honestly just check out the sources on the Wikipedia page. There's a ton of decent studies and analysis cited.


9a4405  No.12089632

File: 601c75301b7c543⋯.jpg (166.86 KB, 400x502, 200:251, jesus christian evil rome.jpg)

8f4eb7  No.12089759

why not hijack judaism and become white jew?

51a5db  No.12089858


>Note: Aryan is the word the Buddhists use for 'saintly')

Siddhartha gautama was white, the whole shakya clan was.

46cdcf  No.12089905


>See that's the thing. Christianity was good. America was good. Then they twisted it, just like everything else good and they turned it into an evil tool. The good now lies in the past, us, and the future.

The truth is that christianity was never good. It was never twisted. It was always the foot in the door that jews used to enter white countries and assume control of whites through religious worship of jews.

The reason why christians on /pol/ compromise over modern christianity is because they can't see its past was always progressively becoming what it became today. The frog in the boiling pot applies to christianity. All forms of jewish controlled opposition follow this same pattern. Jews institutionalize their poisons sold as the answer - christianity's was faux-morality and faux-salvation -and then slowly lead the whites to worse and worse degeneracy. Then whites resist but cling to a previous version of the same poison.

This applies to everything jews created especially christianity. This accurately illustrates why christians on /pol/ have so many varying "perfect ultra-specific infallible" versions they toss around as the answer. They say pre-vatican II, protestantism, various eras of medeival catholicism, then we get to the most interesting and most telling: various early forms like gnosticism, zoroastrianism, pre-nicean, just jesus' teachings, etc. It's not just eerily similar to communism/marxism, it's the exact same design.

You can't save christianity nor divorce it from its other elements by isolating it down to one specific sect, nor can you combine it with other faiths and esoteric ideas to fix it, it is by design a jewish religion and it will only aid the jews. You're better off dissecting it for things plagiarized and stolen from other religions as a case study of how jews used a composite religion to infiltrate and subvert white society. That way you'll at least gain closure and understanding and be relieved from any associated doubts.

023af6  No.12089913

File: 85fe2639ae09f15⋯.png (162.5 KB, 445x621, 445:621, Paul the Deacon.png)


Them turning temples into tabernacles or razing them, if the Pantheon was so filled with pagan filth should it not have been completely destroyed like other pagan temples? Was it just because it looks cool and couldn't be rebuilt with the knowledge of the time that it wasn't razed? If so it'd seemed awfully materialistic if the goal is not to save man's works but man's soul.

9acc4d  No.12089923


I value my foreskin too much.

381c89  No.12089924


That only goes for a very few select nations. If the revolution happens in Russia, which it will be easier to take place in than, say, the USA, you'll only really have your own currency. Even China's currency is only used in China.

cc099a  No.12089938

File: 4926a2dc2b4ae14⋯.jpeg (82.84 KB, 945x567, 5:3, sfed.jpeg)


Religious faggot

You have read books Carl Schmitt or Nietzsche

Not mystic shitt

798759  No.12089968

Off topic, I've always been fascinated by self appointed gurus that talk delusional nonsense, bordering on schizophrenic. There has to be a psychoanalytical title for the self elevating "open your eyes, and see, I am one of the few that know, I'll show you." The pervasiveness on /pol/, /x/ and in boomers is fascinating.

6eaf8b  No.12089994

File: 95582c7e37d6f26⋯.png (197.16 KB, 500x732, 125:183, dulow-key-in-da-house-of-o….png)

939e4d  No.12090005



Many of those pagan temples were renovated to become churches, not just rampant iconoclasm for the sake of it. Even many of the christian roman emperors attempted to preserve the structures through their legislation with shit like:

>"although all superstitions must be completely eradicated, nevertheless, it is Our will that the buildings of the temples situated outside the walls shall remain untouched and uninjured'" (Theodosian Code, 16.10.3)

Some were destroyed, that much is true, but historical evidence suggests most were just recycled as the religion died in popularity. Marble and precious metals are expensive so many of them were broken down to be reused. Others just had the idols to the previous cult removed and replaced. Still others they just ignored and built over top of where it was convenient. Like you can still see artwork of mithras in Basilica of Saint Clement for instance. This shit about christians sacking and razing everything pagan in some sort of perpetual inquisition is just half-assed parroting of Edward Gibbon's fanfiction. Fuck, there are still a few dozen mithrean sites you can visit throughout Rome today. If they really did give a shit about destroying pagan idols, they did a really shitty job of it.

11ba9d  No.12090331

File: 553081e98a9e922⋯.jpeg (8.52 KB, 800x640, 5:4, ..jpeg)

File: c592528e550fa93⋯.jpeg (97.09 KB, 647x605, 647:605, 1.jpeg)

File: 4c0a7c38e79b754⋯.jpeg (108.72 KB, 646x793, 646:793, 2.jpeg)

File: a5dd1242cace8db⋯.jpeg (117.76 KB, 644x879, 644:879, 3.jpeg)

File: bd3d25020174318⋯.jpeg (50.13 KB, 644x367, 644:367, 4.jpeg)

8cf5a3  No.12090416


How are you so sure they're delusions and you're not just an idiot? That's a serious possibility that shouldn't be ruled out.

687946  No.12090857


You fucking viper, your words are filed with poison like the words of any godless fedora, christianity always was an anti-special people religion, if europe was rescued from the rotten claws of muh ham mad (piss be upon him) was because christianity protected europe, if europe never failed in the madness of viking bloody anal magic was because christianity supported europe and we have culture because The Bible was used to teach germans to read.

You fucking ungrateful monster filed with bile and miasma, repent before its too late, every soul you fool will be counted against you.

39d8fb  No.12091682

File: 3d1ede386617ee4⋯.jpg (20.45 KB, 306x396, 17:22, 9ca55215c925c8e10c92d2db43….jpg)

File: 096812910da78d1⋯.jpg (12.29 KB, 208x270, 104:135, lens17762702_1300637909cim….jpg)

File: 7c8b2d75fe6acfc⋯.pdf (1.75 MB, Perfect Clarity_ A Tibetan….pdf)


Sorry, here you go.

I didn't expect anyone to pay attention.

That meditation is the part of the most powerful meditations in Tibetan Buddhism. It was secret until the 1950s. I have learned quite a lot about how they view reality, if any here care to discuss it. Esoteric Buddhism is very different from the watered-down stuff most Westerners experience. At it's heart it's not a religion at all, but a system of mental discipline, observation, meditation, breathing techniques, compassion, purification, etc. that gradually lead a person to mastery over their mind. I've included one of the better books on the topic.

a6285f  No.12091849


Was your kvetching supposed to contain a refutation? Because it didn't.

01120c  No.12092114


>orbs of spinning light

These sound a bit like the chariots described by Ezekiel. They tend to accompany other entities (if the orbs are entities at alll)

Often, angels (including the chariots/cherubim, watchers, etc) were featured with the stars and with/at particular Astro alignments. (Keep that clockwork idea in mind)

Being that these orbs appear both around creative and destructive lines…

are they for one or the other?

Do they have consciousness?

Do they function at random?

Do they function on their own will?

Do they function at the beckoning of a single entity?


Are they something like doors?

If so are they the door itself?

The doorman?

Or the head of security that opens and closes them at will from their office?

Or do the doors run on a programmed schedule?

>peeping spook

Depending on your beliefs and perception of reality this could be many things. Angels/aliens/demons/jinn/fairies

The basic concept remains the same. Something that cannot fully function on this plane or version of existence. Where they can function they generally dwarf our human abilities. If a being like this appeared and wished harm and could harm it would have caused harm.

Do you (or original querent) have any constellations on your body? (No need to share but. Check that out and research yourself)

The help you seek and the teacher you seek will come forward when you start uncovering the past of your bloodline. You’ll find the general pattern and signature of your blood. When you begin to surround yourself with that and work some of it out the path opens and protects your way.

51a5db  No.12092145

File: f04d6d9879a9a60⋯.jpg (286.18 KB, 1440x800, 9:5, winhof.jpg)


Wim hof use this kind of meditation, right? And some pranayama techniques too.

49cc83  No.12092188


>unavailable in my country

005947  No.12092230

File: 536b1a05e6a04d4⋯.jpg (538.23 KB, 1920x2560, 3:4, IMG_20170111_224134.jpg)


God is REAL.

Let me enlighten you. We in the modern age have a very misguided interpretation of what "God" means, and meant to the people who wrote about 'him' in antiquity. Today we assume God means a magical man in the sky; thus, those who believe in him only do so through blind indoctrination, and any free thinker rightly rejects the idea, as it is obviously categorically false that there's a magic granddad in the sky who makes everything happen.

The Bible is not the perfect word of God. It is the perfect word of God, as passed down by desert nomads for hundreds of years, then written down by various people thousands of years before science. It is therefore extremely flawed and hard to read, if true at its core. But to someone with a modern education the core is almost impossible to get to.

However, just like the desert nomads, any man who simply lives, reflects, and listens to his conscience can get to know God, because if God is a metaphysical constant, then knowledge of 'it' doesn't need to come from a book. It should be obtainable through observation and experience of life. This is what I have achieved simply by being raised very amoraly (so I was essentially a feral youth without any parental guidance), living in sin, having lots of life experiences and making mistakes, reflecting on them, and learning through them what good and evil are, and ultimately what God is. I came to realise I was raised by God. (1/n)

Edinburgh Moonlight

005947  No.12092267

File: a5b53931194d0d3⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, IMG_20170321_121833.jpg)


God is, literally, everything. The universe, and nature, are other words I often use. As a wise man once said, learn enough about physics and psychology and you'll be closer to God than any preacher or priest.

Theoretically, if we knew the position and momentum of every particle 1 second after the big bang, we could calculate the 'unfolding' of the entire universe for the rest of time, down to every exact detail, because the particles react in a certain way, and we'd know where all of them were and where all of them were going. How they would collide, coalesce into planets, down to every specific detail of every one of our lives. This is obviously impossible to do in reality, but we don't have to. The point is that everything that has happened, or will ever happen, was 100% pre-determined at the creation of the universe. Nothing is random or unpredictable, except from our own perspective. This is put into religious terms by the phrase, God's plan.

Now, I know it seems bad at the moment, but the truth is we have it pretty good. We could have been enslaved by omnipotent aliens 10,000 years ago and be living in their rape dungeons right now as eternal slaves. We could have already lost the war we're in now. We could have never evolved into conscious beings at all. The point is, even though we do live in a dangerous and seemingly evil world, the world actually isn't evil. We can still enjoy sunny days, friendships, good food, and we're surrounded by beautiful nature. Despite everything, we actually have reason to HOPE! And this situation was determined at the beginning of all creation. There miraculously seems to be something inherent about this universe that somehow, 'good' slightly outbalances bad. This is the reason for faith; the belief that that outweighing of bad by good will continue. This phenomenon of us living in an inexplicably pleasant existence as pre-ordained at the beginning of time is normally communicated by the faithful phrase; God is good. (2/n)

*Somerset fields*

3abfa6  No.12092284


You're mostly right, with one exception: your 'various early forms' often aren't related to Christianity at all, unless you define the term so broadly it's useless.

Hell, let's talk about Gnosticism, which essentially refutes the legitimacy of Judiasm wholesale - how can you related that in any direct terms to Christianity which does the exact opposite?

You can't even argue 'similar moral structure' or anything like that, because there were so many forms of Gnosticism that it's impossible to even find much in common between them except the idea that the god of Abraham was a false god.

Anyway, your main point about Christianity is pretty accurate. I've said for years that the religion contained the seeds of its own destruction, and always has - and everything you need to know about its fallacies can be inferred from the manner in which it spreads.

Christianity never grows by first being accepted by the pure, virtuous, or powerful. In point of fact, it specifically goes out of its way to define those terms as meaningless - no matter how good your deeds, you're a sinner. No matter how purely or virtuously you live, you're a filthy sinner. No matter how great you are, you're a weak, filthy sinner.

This has two effects which are closely related.

First, it explains why Christianity is initially adopted the way it is - by the weak, the worthless, the untouchable, and the downtrodden. The exact people you don't want leading a society are the ones who take to Christianity first, because it promises them equality with their betters. The murderer, the pedophile, the robber, the whore - Christianity tells them that if they but accept Christ and are saved, they will become brothers in the lord with the hero, the poet, the king, the philosopher. It's an awfully nice deal for a guy who spent his whole life robbing and killing and raping little girls: a short bath and some prayer and you're just as good as the guy who's spent his entire life protecting people from guys like you.

Second, it explains why Christians are so complacent - because they have no incentive to do better. Yes, Christianity fostered the conditions where a metric fuckload of really bored and undersexed monks were able to invent things like printing presses and genetics, but even those things were heresy in their time. The first book to be printed may have been a bible, but the first person who objected to the deed was a Christian. Christianity offers no reward for excellency - either you accepted Christ and you go to Heaven, or you did not and you go to Hell. There's no graduation of reward. No recognition of excellency. You can be a simple farmer who's faithful and upstanding and never does anything more important than milking cows and you get the exact same promise of eternal life and rapture as a hypothetical guy who's faithful as well, but also cures the common cold, invents antibiotics, stops slavery single handed, and dies saving a bus-load of orphaned nuns.

The net effect of this is to induce laziness in the hardest working and entitlement in the most slothful. Not physical laziness, but a kind of apathy of the spirit. No matter how much your personal ambition, Christianity truncates your culture so that it glorifies the weak, uplifts the worthless, and preserves the poison running through its own veins.

The hero-king and the wastrel degenerate are equivalent in the eyes of Christianity.

That is its strength; that is its fatal weakness.

005947  No.12092306

File: 0fe710fe7873ce1⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, IMG_20170105_120602.jpg)


Excuse the spoiler typo.

For me, spirituality is best felt by walking in and marvelling at nature. Because it's the most unaffected by the current evil, the most pure expression of God's apparent plan to make awesome, complex and beautiful living systems on this rock. Notice that this understanding of God has no conflict with any scientific theories. God is simply everything. There is still a lot of mysticism here, because we don't know why the universe happened at all, and wondering at that while looking at a tree, rock or animal can provide an enormous spiritual feeling. This also eliminates the conflict with paganism, because the one true God (the universe) can be separated into many Gods to tell different stories and show concepts, with no problem. The problems between religions only arise between the blind dogma and conformity, not the core truths.

Atheism is simply the belief that nothing is greater than the human mind, which is why the atheist religion, Marxism, is so at odds with reality; whatever they can think is true is the truth, rather than whatever is observed to be true is the truth. God works in mysterious ways - if we accept that God is good, then we must believe that all the bad things that happen are somehow necessary to produce higher goodness- like the modern (((challenge))) we face is terrible, but won't it make us stronger once we defeat it? This is antithesis to the Marxist-atheist, who believes everything bad that happens must be controlled and eliminated- and because nothing is higher than his own mind, "bad" is whatever he thinks is is- thus, moral relativism.


Avocado tree

3abfa6  No.12092321




We looked too closely at the atom and we learnt that God has no plan at all. Quantum indeterminacy makes that a certainty.

Your argument about studying the position and momentum of particles is both conceptually and physically flawed - physically, because we could never gain that information without changing one or the other of those two properties (probably both); conceptually because quantum physics has demonstrated that even if you know the exact properties of an interaction, you cannot specifically predict the outcome. It's probabilistic, not deterministic. The unfolding of events from the big bang to now is purely random, governed by statistical probabilities, not precise order.

You offer false hypothetical alternatives without making any case for why the here-and-now is good - aside from platitudes, of course. Unlike you, I was raised with a very deep and robust moral structure - but not a Christian one! I've spent many years studying Christianity, because it seemed so strange and alien to me when I first encountered it - so self contradictory and self destructive - and I wanted to know why it had gotten so popular. My opposition to Christianity was never something indoctrinated into me - my parents taught me about spirituality and religion in many forms, but also taught me to seek the truth for myself - and it was never born out of a childish need to rebel - because I was never a Christian. Even if it seemed strange, I spent a long time learning about it before I formed a solid opinion. Two decades, in fact - twenty years - I spent learning, studying, watching. Yes, it's had some positive effects on the world, and yes, some of its teachings are worthwhile, but the entire corpus of Christian canon in all its forms is rotten to the core.

Christianity teaches that except by taking Christ's name, you cannot be saved. Unborn children, babies, and savages go to hell. There are lots and lots of hand-waving, blubbering excuses by modern variations of the religion that attempt to negate this fact, but they can't be supported either by reading the bible or through the study of historic Christian beliefs. That, alone, makes the religion a criminal enterprise of unbounded evil.

It teaches that God has a plan for all of us, which means that when a woman gives birth and throws the baby in a gutter to die, that was God's plan for that baby. I can accept human evil, but I can't accept divine apathy. If the Christian god exists, he's one sadistic sone of a bitch.

It teaches that God put us in Eden and then threw us out when we threatened to become his equal. The bible is quite clear on that fact. He couldn't tolerate equals, he only wanted slaves to revere him.

It teaches that "God works in mysterious ways", which really just means that we can't question the evil and suffering of the Earth without falling into heresy - in the eyes of a religion of slaves, at any rate.

I abjure, reject, and repudiate all forms of Christianity, even if some of its followers are very good people, because it is evil incarnate.

005947  No.12092340

File: 6ec9de85e4dd77a⋯.jpg (2.9 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, IMG_20170304_154101.jpg)


God, then, is the universe. It is the truth. Why is God always presented as a magical man, then? Because we anthropomorphise concepts to help us understand them. It's really as simple as that. But take that metaphor literally, and you will of course throw the baby out with the bath water.

This is the truth. Everything is connected through determinism. We are natural beings evolved in a natural world, and the closer we approximate actual reality in our mental maps of it, the more successful we will be as creatures. This is why Christianity failed; the metaphors became forgotten and replaced with dogma, dogma that defied reality. There is no magical man in the sky. But there are natural laws, there are behaviours which create more wealth, health and people (More-ality) and there are behaviours which create suffering and death (immorality).

/pol/ will be the birthing place of the next religion, because we here are closest with the truth. Most people today are afraid of the truth, let alone knowledgeable of it. The truth is that God is real, and a useful concept once you understand what he means.

You can even talk to God, if you're not corrupt. Ask a moral question, out loud. "Should I eat another donut?" Your conscience answers you immediately, not with a voice but an honest feeling of yes or no. This feeling is your right brain- it knows right from wrong. It's the side of your brain responsible for spirituality, feelings and intuition. It's connected to God. Your left brain is the rational side; the side that rules the leftists (you can rationalise ANYTHING but you can't fool your right brain's feelings of right and wrong, only train yourself to ignore it as they do).

I hope this has been helpful. (4/4. n=4!)

Oak tree

e61766  No.12092353


well, there is not one form of meditation but various different.

one enhances concentration, one enhances the generosity you feel towards others. there are 34 different forms of meditation that the buddha gotama taught. the watch your thoughts is not even really one of them. if you read the old scriptures you will find that there is a heavy emphasis on making the good grow in your mind and "fighting" "discarding" the bads. if you have thoughts of ill will, you are supposed to battle them by growing kindness and so on.

the western understanding of meditation (especially what is covered in the media) is terrible. i once watched a talk on youtube about meditation and the neurological aspects, it was great. sadly i can not find it anymore.

but it makes a difference if you do a body scan or if you just pay to attention to your thoughts. it even shows im brain scans.

2d29c6  No.12092355


>Christians are so complacent - because they have no incentive to do better.

Are we just ignoring the last 2,000 years of history or are you just that retarded?

49cc83  No.12092362


>God works in mysterious ways

This is not a dogma though.

You are so emotional and overly dramatic lol.

Also the idea that God has a plan for us just means that all humans are co-creators of the universe, but this role can be rejected.

Also Catholicism most definitely doesn't teach that unborn children, babies and savages go to hell.

Pull your head out of your ass and maybe read up on Christianity from actual sources and don't be fooled by pop-criticisms?

I give you that Christianity is ambivalent, but the idea that it's "evil to the core" is fundamentally retarded. Jews and their talmudic practices are evil to the core, and they are the only ones with a reason to hate on Christ and Christianity because he was their Messiah and he rejected them because they were a den of vipers.

Anyone who is extremely involved in hating christianity is worthy of being suspected of being a jew.

Just my 2 cents.

005947  No.12092389


>physically, because we could never gain that information

If you were honestly criticizing, you would have noticed I actually addressed that by pointing out it doesn't matter that we couldn't know it, just that it's there.

>purely random, governed by statistical probabilities

So… not purely random then. Even if you believe Quantum physics is legit and not a hocus pocus funding (((racket))) that has never produced any useful technology, you're telling me there's a balance of probablities, which could have all gone the other way and created a universe of dead matter, but didn't by sheer luck.

The rest of your post is just sperging about Christian doctrine which you take literally, then proclaim how stupid it is. You're stawmanning the idea of God as a literal man in the sky and then emotionally attacking that strawman, thus completely ignoring anything I actually said.

1/10, increase your reading comprehension before coming back to /pol/.

e61766  No.12092400

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCymeuQECOs found that talk about meditation and how it affects the brain.

inb4 its from a chink.

3abfa6  No.12092423




I think the worst part about Christians is that they're intellectually lazy and disingenuous.

You think in 20 years I didn't read original sources? I did - historic and contemporary, in greater depth than you have. Listening to Christians squirm when you point out what their religion actually teaches is a bit like listening to leftists doing the no true scottsman dance whenever someone brings up real-world communism.

Arguing I'm "emotional" because I happen to dislike something vile and reprehensible is pure (((rhetoric))).

Arguing hypothetical retroactive alternatives is intellectually dishonest and a logical fallacy.

None of what I said hinges on God being anthropomorphic, but your assertion that "God has a plan" very specifically means that every child who's even been raped to death suffered at the explicit ordainment of God.

Anyway, I'm not really interested in debating with defective children. If you'd made even a pretense of refuting what I said without making bald-faced assertions that aren't actually true, then there would be hope for you. As it is, you're a disappointment to the human race. Maybe you can find intellectual equals among the blacks, instead.

005947  No.12092466


Fuck off back to reddit you actual jew. At no point in my 4 original posts did I even mention Christianity.

378428  No.12092485

Gosh, it's so hard to switch one word and see how everything changes. G-golly g-gosh g-gals. Gan gou gver gorgive ge?

1584d5  No.12092502

File: 30d0870db2c7720⋯.jpg (133.19 KB, 880x440, 2:1, hitler quote 1.jpg)

File: 211d7cdb691950a⋯.jpg (72.62 KB, 850x400, 17:8, hitler quote2.jpg)

read the bhagavad gita as it is and then the poetic edda and then read the two attached quotes.


>God is, literally, everything

sounds like simple pantheism

>learn enough about physics and psychology and you'll be closer to God than any preacher or priest

from an impersonal perspective yes, but this is just a refined version of atheism, like what jordan peterson does (i think varg is into the whole "DUDE METAPHORS" stuff as well but i havent seen much of his stuff)

> if we knew the position and momentum of every particle 1 second after the big bang, we could calculate the 'unfolding' of the entire universe for the rest of time

this is just determinism and does not consider the influence of individual souls.


>it's just metaphors dont take it seriously

you do not know true spirituality or religious faith.

005947  No.12092577


>it's just metaphors don't take it seriously

Complete misreading. There's nothing inherent in metaphors that makes them unserious.

>you do not know true spirituality or religious faith.

Yes I do. The key characteristic of them is that they are ineffable, so metaphor must be used. My point was that Christianity has fallen because its priests have forgotten the core meaning they're trying to convey, and started teaching their metaphors as literal truth. Which obviosuly turns any rational person off, and leads to nihilism and atheism because they've lost access to the core physical facts that make people realise there is a higher power.

Determinism does consider the influence of individual souls, because souls are part of the universe. I'm not a physical reductionist or nihilist.

Once you understand what God is physically, you can begin to explore the spiritual world properly because you know there's something beyond yourself.

3ee2ec  No.12092607


I don't have any quick and general answers OP

I do know however, that christianity the opposite of this desire.

It is clearly easier to subvert than government, and there are no reasons to carry on the tradition of a name when all other things about it have become morally bankrupt.

Every modern sjwism and politically correct bs you can name, has a christian counterpart. Not always present in every church on every subject. How many churches and denominations though fully support the hordes of immigrants swarming previously 98%+ hwhite areas?

cff6f4  No.12092614


It is the mark of what makes someone virtuous and with strength that they take on God's tests of them for what they are, and improve themselves by overcoming them. It is the sign of the cretin or the child that they bemoan any test of them at all and fester with rage at the disruption of their comforts. They then wish revenge on what has disrupted their play, missing the entire point that they were offered an opportunity at improvement.

3ee2ec  No.12092628


Very good, inb4 accusations of shill are fostered on you by those who see the truth you speak and prefer their feel good lies.

cff6f4  No.12092655


"The hero-king and the wastrel degenerate are equivalent in the eyes of Christianity"

This is a fatal flaw of all the semetic religions. They believe that as long as you are a member of their religion and believe in it, our stations on earth don't differentiate us, and that is wrong. That rationale erodes the spirit and is why Christianity as a White religion is in sharp decline. The White Spirit cannot reconcile such a deluded fallacy when it knows better

49cc83  No.12092683


>You think in 20 years I didn't read original sources?

Then why are you coming at us with the most lazy pop-critics that are typically broadcast by the media?

You don't sound well-read on this topic at all.

Also, I'm more of a follower of Advaita vedanta anyways, so your shitty character assassination attempt fails.

You are clearly a jew, you don't know shit about christianity and just want to went your anger and degrade something, because it tells you that you are going to hell because you rejected the man who spilled his blood for you and died for your sins.

>but your assertion that "God has a plan"

Except I didn't make that assertion. You claimed that christians do and that must mean that sins are okay

It's not God's fault that (((your people))) turned demonic child rape into a ritual sarcrifice.

Evil exists according to Christianity, because God gave humans freedom because he wants them to come to him freely.

Your whole "if god allows sin than he is a sinner" rhetoric is beginner tier edgy atheist larper bullshit. Anyone who know the most fundamental things about christian theology knows not to ask that stupid question.

005947  No.12092708


The idea is the white idea that if you have consciousness, you are at least worth consideration.

A criminal is a degenerate scumbag, but they don't deserve endless torture. A quick death or a slow, painful death at most for rapists and pedos is enough. You can see that because you're a conscious being yourself, who could have been led astray and corrupted like they were. It's honor amongst conscious beings because consciousness itself is sacred. That's why I consider life imprisonment one of the worst crimes. If they're that bad for society, just give them death and be done with it. Set them free, don't make them stew in a cell for 30 years at your own expense.

It's not supposed to be "all souls are worth consideration, therefore everyone is equal". That's a corruption brought in with universalism.

49cc83  No.12092724


>"The hero-king and the wastrel degenerate are equivalent in the eyes of Christianity"

Says who?

One of them literally goes to hell, while the other one achieves union with God.

Not all christians believe that faith alone saves.

That is a prot thing.

cff6f4  No.12092824


What you fail to understand is that you cannot separate yourself and your sects beliefs from all the beliefs of all the sects of Christianity. You are all Christian. If you think that the "prot's" are not representing Christianity in the way you believe it is to be then you have two choices

1. Create a new term which encompasses your belief system

2. Pronounce that the "lesser" or "subverted" Christians have broken their covenant with God, and in doing so must recuse and renounce themselves as Christians as they have besmirched the title beyond recognition. You would then have to enforce this edict and make sure none but those like you call themselves Christian


I couldn't agree more anon. I have long been someone that says we need to reinstate the death penalty because life in prison is a crime against the soul. What is more inhumane than turning a man into a caged beast, for him to continue to wither past the point he is forgotten. Not to mention it's cost effective and a true deterrent to criminality.

Perhaps we need to redefine what consciousness means in the modern day anon.

005947  No.12092916


I think if any creature can talk and say "Hello. I'm conscious and self-aware" they must be considered conscious. That doesn't change the fact that if they're an enemy, traitor or criminal they can be dealt with. It actually strengthens the law, because you can't hold a low-conscious person responsible in the same way.

As for prison I'm struggling to think of any sane reason for using it at all as a punishment. If someone is bad enough that they're a physical danger to your people, kill or deport them. If someone commits petty crimes like civil disorder, theft and vandalism, fines and forced repayments to the proprietors are surely the most cost effective and just response. I just can't see the logic of ever keeping people locked up at your own expense, unless it's an overnight stay for being drunk.

That misses out prisoner of war camps but really that's a different category to domestic justice.

49cc83  No.12092995


>You would then have to enforce this edict and make sure none but those like you call themselves Christian

Just call yourself Catholic.

Literally that's all it takes.

>What you fail to understand is that you cannot separate yourself and your sects beliefs from all the beliefs of all the sects of Christianity.

>What is a schism?

>You are all Christian.

>Let's judge groups by their worst members

>If you think that the "prot's" are not representing Christianity

Nigger, why are you taking this discussion away from the fact that you made false accusations and that you were corrected?

At least half of all christians don't believe what you've accused them of. Even if I were to accept prots as christian, they are not a majority of all christians, but they ARE the only sect of christians to whom your description applies.

tl,dr You are wrong and you should educate yourself to make proper criticisms, because your edgy teenager bullshit won't fly.

3ee2ec  No.12093052


Protestants aren't a sect.

Most of them consider each other different from themselves than catholics are from orthodox.

873efd  No.12093082


>A quick death or a slow, painful death at most for rapists and pedos is enough.

Public executions need to happen. First, the list of his crimes and what transpired in the incident for which he is being executed, so by the time you get to the lever, the witnesses are almost storming the platform to tear his eyeball out of his head.

Quit whitewashing executions in private chambers. Make a public show of them, with the relatives of the victims being able to vocalize what they think of the perpatrator.

If the crowd storms the platform to tear him limb from limb, televise it.

Stonings were public. Not carried out in some chamber with dignity and peace.

873efd  No.12093094


>As for prison I'm struggling to think of any sane reason for using it at all as a punishment. If someone is bad enough that they're a physical danger to your people, kill or deport them. If someone commits petty crimes like civil disorder, theft and vandalism, fines and forced repayments to the proprietors are surely the most cost effective and just response. I just can't see the logic of ever keeping people locked up at your own expense, unless it's an overnight stay for being drunk.

Nice. Make people REPAY.

Also, parents held responsible for the actions of their children up to a sane age.

"He that spareth the rod HATETH his child, NOT "SPOILETH"". Let parents beat sense into their kids, instead of whisking the children away to sexual slavery in the Department of Whoredom.

6de6d4  No.12093123

I'd say pick up Gnosticism, Buddhism, Hinduism and some other oriental religions. Read about the Pagan Gods as figures, not as actual Gods. Try Jung and Archetypes too. Pick up the Bible, discard the Pauline Epistles on the New Testament and be very careful with the Old Testament, don't pick up anything that says YHWH is the only god, that's Jewish heresy. I've always said Jews worship the Demiurge, but that not all Jews from the OT are actually worshiping him, I see HaShem as a different god. The Jews who worship the Demiurge are the actual kikes running the world today, but the original Hebrew who worships the Unknown God is actually Aryan.

873efd  No.12093133

However, Jesus Christ is the only way to God.

The bible states that Jesus said "no man cometh to the Father, but by me." (Jesus talking)

Anything encouraging people away from Christ, which is how the USA and Europe became vulnerable to invasion by heathen hordes in the first place, is not in our best interests.

I know there's a whole hog's buffet of "please believe in anything but asking Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life" out there.

But, Jesus IS the son of God, and he is the way, the truth, and the life, and the only way by which a man may come to God.

Jesus IS Lord!

dd62c5  No.12093145


Some is metaphorical and some is not. It is a fact though that giants used to exist, and Thor very likely did literally weild thunder as a weapon. But of course stories can become exaggerated and changed over the years. Impersonalism though is still just a type of atheism. Philosophical and material interpretion certainly can have a valuable place at the table (as above so below and whatnot) but it needs to be with authentic beleif at the head of the table.


I’m pretty much semi-determinist anyways. Everything I read about it always seems so ultimately bent on oversimplification to the point of what seems like disconnected semantic equations. it’s more complicated than just a simple yes/no kind of thing like what is always seemed to be the goal of speculation of the topic. I’ll probably be at a wildly different conclusion a year from now anyways.

>priests are lame now and everybody forgot everything

Many contributions to this. I’m gonna go ahead and also ad the industrial revolution as a significant one.


Take it easy, pal

798759  No.12093167


I'm assuming you are either a boomer or esoteric because you have been triggered which is not my intention. It's more of an observation than an insult.

>You have known flying with wings, but you have not learned flying without wings.

>Knock, and the door will be opened

I see people on imageboards or IRL say the green text above without actually explaining concrete ideas. These vague aphorisms stem from, their low intellect (If everything is abstract, you don't have to fully understand it), their insecure need to be a guru (I know the truth, that makes up for my weakness as a person because i have a secret truth,) and boomers laziness. Boomers never fact check, and take everything at face value. So if they read an interesting quote about peleiadian DNA in whites, they latch onto the words as fact.

873efd  No.12093188


Haha, seeing how much shill shrieking is either silenced or thrown into overdrive by stating the salvation message.

Demons HATE hearing it. The ones they own also knee-jerk attack it. Want to detect homos? Start preaching Jesus, and asking who has the highest HIV rate, as a group of people. The hatefest is glorious.

Also, I like to get the simple gospel message out there on occasion, because occasional randos have never actually heard it in its basic, simple form. Too much "works and study" and too little "but first, ask Jesus into your heart."

The latter is the cause/father/parent/necessary prerequisite of being able to profit from/ the former.

3ee2ec  No.12093195


This has to be a psyop by making christians look insane and incognizant of the rest of a thread they post in.

873efd  No.12093234

As I stated, nothing like a simple gospel message to bring out the antichrist spirits and their hosts.

Not much psy op behind "Ask Jesus into your heart."It's more of a "heartop"

798759  No.12093274



Off topic,

I've never understood the overemphasis on Jesus. I know why it's preached, but it doesn't make sense. Christians talk about Jesus 75% of the time. Why not concentrate on God? All God all the time. God is the final subject in comparison to Jesus. It seems blasphemous to me, and I've always thought it was disrespectful to God. That is one reason why I've never liked some churches. not shilling, being genuine here

def8ea  No.12093298




>I’m pretty much semi-determinist anyways. Everything I read about it always seems so ultimately bent on oversimplification to the point of what seems like disconnected semantic equations. it’s more complicated than just a simple yes/no kind of thing like what is always seemed to be the goal of speculation of the topic. I’ll probably be at a wildly different conclusion a year from now anyways.

The only reason anyone is ever against determinism or says that it is disproven is the idea of Free Will: Many people, whether intentionally confusing the discussion or because they don't understand how our genetics, brains, personalities, and choices work, will say that determinism requires us to believe we have no choice. So any time we make a choice we are disproving it. That is however ridiculous.

I always approach them with this argument, with which they either get mad and abusive or ignore completely.

You mind is your brain, denying this requires a whole other subject/debate about souls and metaphysical things that we can't detect for some reason but they can affect our brains somehow. Your brain is constantly active with memories, learned conclusions, and predispositions. Every action you take, is dependant on your entire being, you could be prone to being tired more often than not, you could be a very rational person, your memories could lead you to act against your logical conclusions.

Ex. You have a situation of 20 healthy looking "immigrants/refugees" coming over a border illegally. There are 3 different people observing this and the police approaching this group of travellers and within 1 second they have ideas reacting to this situation.

Person A was an illegally immigrant themselves, in another country, before moving to the one they are in now legally, in which this event unfolds. The country they illegally came to was suspicious but hospitable to their arrival and existence. One day when a group of teenagers started yelling at them and threatening physical violence police intervened and dispersed the crowd while directing them to a shelter. Person A has positive feelings towards good people and efficient law service. They were given clothes, food, and shelter in that first country they came illegally to. They were able to legally migrate to the current country this situation unfolds in. Person A has seen crime and warfare in their home country, they know they are at least average if not better than many people who might be crossing borders. They themselves were emaciated and starving and this makes Person A suspicious but not in a fearsome way just confusion. Person A also believes laws are meant to protect people within the law's jurisdiction and without. Person A believes all people are good when given the chance.

Person B was born and raised in this country. They were harassed by police more than once when they were completely innocent of any crimes or threats. They know foreigners are either looking to exploit and profit from the wealth of their land or to destroy and dominate. They expect the police to be at least as violent to foreigners as they were to them, despite not entirely trusting the police. They are predisposed to impulsive retaliation for any wrong committed, in the situation, rather than hiding. Person B believes corrupt police should be punished worse than criminals guilty of the same crimes. Person B has worked hard for what they have and has studied enough history to know that foreigners are not to be trusted.

Person C was raised in a sheltered environment with bountiful wealth and many of their friends and family have worked with charities trying to help others. Person C knows some foreigners can be uncivilized but it isn't their fault. Person C sees law and order as inherently hateful and causing the distress that charities aim to cure.

What happens when the police meet the travellers and they interact? 3 different perspectives, same data in front of them, different reactions. Can, and would any of these people act like either of the other two? Why would they?

def8ea  No.12093303


>ask jesus into your heart

Since I can never see Jesus until I die, this requires me to submit to the ideas and words of other men.

This is antithetical to my being, despite everyone trying to tell me to act otherwise, whether to be diplomatic or to "fit in".

873efd  No.12093310


The POINT of Christ's coming was to enable people TO access God. He is God, also, part of the triune godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

He is the emphasis because it is he who has delegated the authority of God himself in the Earth to those who accept him.

Without Christ, there is no approach to God. On mypart, I also revel in how much devils absolutely HATE the name of Jesus. Why wouldn't they? It is Jesus who defeated them in combat in hell after he had served the sentence for the sin of mankind. Why did he not have to stay there for eternity?

Because Satan killed Jesus' spirit wrongfully. Anyone else, they become vulnerable to spiritual death upon reaching an age of accountability "I was alive without the law once, but when the commandment came, sin revived and I died."

God commands all men everywhere to repent.

However, Jesus, when on the cross, opened himself up to the same spiritual death that Satan had the legal right to institute on everyone who reached an age of accountability. Satan took the bait, broke Jesus' contact with God (spiritual death) and took him to hell when he died, physically.

Ah, but Jesus had never sinned. There was no sin nature in him, not in his flesh, nothing, for God was his father.

Thus, he needed serve only three days in hell before being born again, having paid the price of all mankind's sin, past, present, and future, so the only thing keeping anyone away from God is the refusal of Jesus Christ as savior.

So, Jesus is the focal point because he wrested the keys of hell and death from Satan in awful combat. The worst psyop and deep cover in history, from Satan's perspective.

You cannot get any devil to say "Jesus was raised from the dead." They deny it just like Jews deny there wasn't 6 quadrillion googolplexes of Jews cooked over one Sterno can in one afternoon in Hitler's kitchen.

The name of Jesus is the most offensive thing EVER to demons and to the people controlled thereby.

Even people who do not speak English and do not believe in Jesus Christ will curse using his name. Why do they not say "Oh, Vishnu?"

The devils don't fear and hate any other name as much, so people curse using the name of Jesus.

In Jesus' name is the power. I have laid hands on sick folks who had incurable conditions, and they have been healed, in the name of Jesus.

If I was Satan, I'd hate it, too.

a8116d  No.12093319

File: df1d65a198d4bbb⋯.jpg (70.65 KB, 500x478, 250:239, 1526343581331.jpg)


>The bible states that Jesus said "no man cometh to the Father, but by me." (Jesus talking)

The bible states that Jesus said "no man cometh to the Father, but by me." (Christ consciousness talking)

def8ea  No.12093393


>In Jesus' name is the power. I have laid hands on sick folks who had incurable conditions, and they have been healed, in the name of Jesus.

Stop being retarded.

b3dea5  No.12093451


found german pdf, will read now, thanks anon! "An alle, die deutschen Herzens sind und in dem Glück des

Vaterlandes ihr eigenes und das ihrer Kinder sehen, ergeht die

herzliche und dringende Bitte, für die Verbreitung der Wahrheit tätig

zu sein! Die Wahrheit wird uns frei machen!"

49cc83  No.12093509


Your point being?

def8ea  No.12093570


That he is wrong but you showed much of what you rebuked him for in your post.

cff6f4  No.12093985

File: f85c3c2d74bc682⋯.jpg (52.63 KB, 621x449, 621:449, f85c3c2d74bc682ba3e2a87f5f….jpg)

File: af6f48d4c4e0d92⋯.jpg (118.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ihofdshfkdsa.jpg)


"Hello. I'm conscious, self aware and want to survive" FTFY. We're on the same page otherwise.




Imagine being this fucking deluded into thinking different sects of Christianity are different religions. YOU ARE ALL CHRISTIAN. The Orthodox church is just as Christian as the Unitarian church flying the faggot emblem over their building and housing refugees. This why people hate you guys and believe that Christianity is a wedge issue blocking White Unity. That is also why this thread is centered on spirituality and not religion so make your own thread to purity spiral please.

The valiant spirit, or the White spirit is burning brighter than ever in this day. That spirit can burn not just in the anon or the already awakened but in every man, woman and child of our race if we understand it and channel it. It is the spirits of great men and leaders why we seek guidance from the saints or old pagan myths. It is the spirit that resonates with us of those who stand valiantly in the face of impossible tasks, yet leap forward anyway. We must become that spirit yet again if we are to survive

687946  No.12094081


>The truth is that christianity was never good.

Check your own words: >>12089905

>The truth is that christianity was never good.

Was expelling muslims bad? Was teaching germans to read bad? was stopping vikings bad?

1584d5  No.12094240


this type of argument doesnt do it for me though (not that i disagree with it). i've even gone so far as listening to people like sam harris on occasion because i wanted to hear more arguments for determinism from the top fedora smart guys i could find.

i think that looking at it from a micro material scale, like your example, is not entirely useful. i can't understand fate to play out in that way. of course a chess game can be seen as single individual moves and the setting of the board before and after each move - but the sum of those is not a representation of the whole chess game; and certainly when it comes to life that doesnt seem like an objectively correct way of situating one's perception either.

i do believe in at least some form of fate and have seen some scientific studies relating to humans and reaction times or something that pointed against the idea of a "free will", yet it still seems to me that something is missing from that (despite the fact that the post hoc "that would have happened regardless" argument can be applied fractally all the way up and all the way down)

49cc83  No.12094324


Do elaborate because this makes no sense to me.

49cc83  No.12094352


>thinking different sects of Christianity are different religions

Like different sects of Dharmism are different religions?

Like Advaita Vedanta and Tantric Buddhism being radically different religion based on the fact that they have deep ideological differences, resulting in wildly different forms of worship and the worship of entirely different gods?

You took a minority of christians and tried to extrapolate their idea of "salvation only through fate" to the entirety of chritendom and when you were called out for your (intentional)stupidity, instead of apologizing as you should, you keep moving the goalpost.

Apologize now! Admit that you were wrong now!

You intentionnaly try to incite hatred for christianity and christians, despite white people being majority christian, further dividing the white race, and using the shitties arguments to boot.

Apologize or be forever known, as a filthy kike!

39d8fb  No.12094459


Yes. It is a particularly powerful meditation because it can work for beginners. Generally to practice the highest yogas it takes many years of preparation. Tummo is a meditation that can bring fast results no matter how experienced a person is. It is equally useful both for beginners and adepts.

cff6f4  No.12094835


Doesn't capitalize Christianity once, calls me a kike. The projection is strong with this one

81fbe8  No.12095043


This is level 1 of the Way. However, you missed two very important steps.

1. Do not do this until it has been 72 hours since the last time you had an orgasm. The walls of the central container are made elastic and supple with sexual energy. Without, it is brittle, and can break. This can cause you great pain, and you will stunt your growth, like a boy who lifts heavy weights before puberty, causing rips and tears to form.

2. Sit directly on the ground, and do not interpose synthetic, non-conductive material between yourself and the ground. The energy from the breath must be matched by its opposite, which comes from the ground. Without opposites in balance, you can become sick, or worse.


A) Don't bother doing this without sitting in either half lotus, or full if you are flexible enough. Without the pressure to keep the energy in, it will be pushed out of your extremities. We always leak a little when we exhale, but the extra pressure helps keep it in. Whatever else you think about, whatever imagery you use, just focus on the naval container. Don't hold your breath. That comes next level.

B) If you keep it up, you will actually feel fire in your naval container. It is a real miracle. If you keep going, you will get a second, secret sign. This is how you know you've completed level 1, and then you will have to find instructions for level 2. This cannot occur in less than 6 months. There are 72 levels in all. The existing schools are all a little different, you will see if you keep on. But they have this level in common, if there's any legitimacy to them whatsoever.

Too much about this subject cannot be said, yet it's summed up thus: this is the Way to grow closer to God.

4b5243  No.12095066


It isn't gobblygook, brainlet. But only those who know recognize and understand. Those who do not are only further confused.

def8ea  No.12095072


Another confusion of the word determinism.

Fate would mean your actions have no consequences on the ultimate conclusion (or fate). Determinism just means your action are part of a chain caused by other actions.

Why do people have trouble separating these distinct concepts and then use the confusion to attack determinism?

def8ea  No.12095077


> stunt your growth, like a boy who lifts heavy weights before puberty

this is false and heavily disproven

please stop repeating lies

81fbe8  No.12095090


You are free to fill your belly with a brittle container and prove me wrong, then. I would not recommend it.

def8ea  No.12095135


Nothing about brittle containers, we were discussing growth. Unless you break bones severely, cause massive malnutrition, or take extraneous hormones, you won't get stunted growth. Notice none of these are things lifting causes to your body.

49cc83  No.12095187


Apologize, kike.

b86bb3  No.12095222

File: fac744e168c899d⋯.jpg (81.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Loyal to a doctrine of flesh and blood, we reclaim our belligerant status of this world. Against this timorous society, and its moribund communities; we wage total war.

With destructive creativity, we ravage this reality to build another upon its ruins. We rise against degeneration and stillborn creeds that incarcerated the Overman.

Our polemic shall vanquish those who slept with their eyes open in a fake prosperity. We scorn the wretched rabble. We declare our strife for the Dead and the Unborn.

The time has come to act for the Apotheosis of the Spirit and radical subversion. Storming the future with brunt we conquer and we subjugate the dissident tongue.

Elitism and Iron will lead to final triumph.

We march to a new era. This world belongs to us.

8fb5d1  No.12095230

File: d0415f865f89545⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 378x300, 63:50, 1529614100320.jpg)


God is more abstract than it is a person. The stories that religions tell aren't as important as the universal truths they convey, and the characters of these stories reflect the ideals that we as men strive to embody for the betterment of our societies. These ancient myths are ever-evolving, not necessarily on paper but in the minds of people, and they serve to guide us on our unending journey towards perfection. At the very bottom of morality as we know it, we can see this one question. That question is "what's best for the group?" and we ask ourselves this often, whether we know it or not. Sure, people are selfish, though their selfishness is often kept in check by society, and when it isn't you get the current year. What's best for the group? Taking care of yourself and becoming mentally and physically strong. Being able to take care of a family, and being able to reproduce to make your group larger. When this question goes unanswered (as we're seeing with modern whites) then you get chaos, sickness, and eventually the death of your society. Nature itself is fascistic. Those who refuse to help themselves are doomed. Those who are weak will be stepped on by others. We see this with tens of thousands of different species around the world, and we somehow think we're above this brutal dog-eat-dog cycle of life. It's easy to get caught up in the facade that is modernity and forget that we live on this plant, too.

If you need a religion and a belief in something higher as your excuse to stand up for your own folk, then go ahead and LARP away. Whatever gets the job done.

9b0307  No.12095330


>Yep, the 'good' forms of christianity (Orthodoxy coming to mind) are all heavy with honoring your ancestors, and the actions of your ancestors. With all the thousands of saints they have.

I never thought about it this way but it's true.

9b0307  No.12095342

File: d1c902c4d1220f8⋯.jpg (101.26 KB, 413x550, 413:550, 45630.jpg)


To all Protestants, and those who are still unfortunate enough to be members of the Roman Catholic Church, I have to say the following: You can always become Orthodox and make your own national church, and the authority of canonization will be within your own national church. People from any time in history can be canonized into sainthood, so it's not like you need a long history of Orthodoxy in order to have national saints. You can canonize them over night.

9b0307  No.12095360



This fedora stuff just doesn't cut it for me. Belief in Christ aside, the Aryan man has in all of known history never had deism or atheism as his religion. The Aryans who believed in Zeus or Perun did so with perfect conviction, and even in the late period great men like Alexander were ardent believers.

Furthermore there is something inherently progressivist and leftist in not being able to adhere to a religion that all your ancestors adhered to for at least the last 1000 years.

9ce398  No.12095689


It is, only cowards speak in riddles.

Those who are strong speak forward with honesty because they fear no one.

9ce398  No.12095704


Christianity did not rebuke muslim, nor viking, and it did not teach german to read.

Europeans did, european pagans and persians beat muslim around until Christianity weakens the roman empire and islam muddifies the sassanid.

>bloody anal magic

Says the child raping pedo faggot. Your kinds are the worst, you drink the blood of Christ and eat his flesh.

7d1d23  No.12095988


>Voltaire was leftist

>Jefferson was leftist

>Hitler was leftist

Christianity maintained the submission of the intellectuals through intimidation. Once the power of the churches severely weakened in the 18th century intellectuals began rejecting Christianity. People without strong religious beliefs will of course be more vulnerable to Marxism but only if they have slave morality which both Christians and most atheists have.

4dd4d4  No.12095997


So Europeans not Christianity taught reading?

5b02aa  No.12095999

File: 270557b82fc993f⋯.png (74.23 KB, 1272x2048, 159:256, serveimage.png)

Its the only way forward really. Use your intellect rather than the nonsense you are sold by the "revealed" religions.

1584d5  No.12096018


>Determinism just means your action are part of a chain caused by other actions

i know that; i've been through the basic introductory vocabulary many times (partially because for some reason it always just goes back to that regardless, like what just happened here).

i dont think i was attacking determinism either.

do you think that the "chain" is the only factor? is it possible that there can be an outside entity that is capable of disconnectedly viewing or even interacting with the chain? inb4 "but that would also be part of the chain"

9ce398  No.12096026


Are you insane? It is the romans and greek that teach christian and greek how to speak and write.

98d4ad  No.12096284


>sounds like simple pantheism

Because all those weird offshoots are corrupted Christianity. Trying to find God without struggling against your baser nature. It's why jews are so corrupt, they try to wriggle out of the struggle while still wanting to reap the rewards. That's why judaism is literal satanism.

e73f5c  No.12096506

To be 100% honest and pretty much combine many of the responses on the thread, probably a combination of gnostic Christianity, Tibetan Tantra, Cosmotheism and a Pan-IndoEuropian Mythology. Highly recommended >>12047258, >>12049595

and the “usual suspects” (Evola, Satri Devi, Serrano, although I wouldn’t go so far as to place Hitler as anything higher then a modern day “God-Caesar”, perhaps even Meditations on the Tarot)

4b5243  No.12097568


Speaking inevitability dilutes truth…

9c4ff7  No.12097681

File: 98504f29da04926⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1000x667, 1000:667, popularity.jpg)

File: 4f697424686e25d⋯.jpg (88.78 KB, 520x330, 52:33, very popular.jpg)

File: 98086950132fd54⋯.png (993.87 KB, 813x516, 271:172, the new christians.png)

File: 9ff01c14bbea987⋯.jpg (333.64 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, what would jesus do.jpg)


wow how nice of them!

I don't give a fuck if the urban cucks didn't go to the temples any more. If they didn't believe in their european heritiage. It doesn't belong in Europe. It's not European.

9c4ff7  No.12097717

File: c499516c2667254⋯.jpg (389.92 KB, 804x1209, 268:403, beauty.jpg)


You call it materialistic, I call it European Beauty. Your actions reflect your soul.

9c4ff7  No.12097751

File: e7f18120546e2b6⋯.jpg (281.75 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, we orthodox now.jpg)


All forms of Christianity are global.

9ce398  No.12097900


Christianity rip-offed these elements you dumb faggot, your god is nothing more than a desert war god.

98d4ad  No.12099851


>new age 'spirituality' came before Christianity

81fbe8  No.12103055


Well, if it is not true that a pre-pubescent boy lifting heavy weights stunts his growth, as I always heard as a lad myself, then I will take care to use a more scientifically accurate analogy in the future.

7191e5  No.12103837


>>Voltaire was leftist

>>Jefferson was leftist

yes absolutely

>>Hitler was leftist

some of his views yes

7191e5  No.12103848


No, each nation has their separate national church in Orthodoxy.

7191e5  No.12103856

File: 9c3598848cf807f⋯.jpg (6.81 MB, 3056x2750, 1528:1375, Pan_goat_MAN_Napoli_Inv277….jpg)


>muh noble pagans

pic related is what pagan gods looked like

7191e5  No.12103867

File: 23d82f1c30063e4⋯.jpg (120.55 KB, 960x783, 320:261, pagan_degenerates.jpg)

File: 5e7f2b31ae6f7c8⋯.jpg (217.79 KB, 508x638, 254:319, pagan_homos.jpg)

File: f609d6a7e98ecc4⋯.jpg (2.43 MB, 1248x4835, 1248:4835, racemixing_pagans.jpg)




0a2096  No.12103887


>being this symbolically illiterate

3c7f74  No.12103895


>The black sun isn't a sun goy, its a planet that semites worship. We wuz black sun worshippers.

Literally kangz tier shitposting.

5a0495  No.12103906


>Loki is held up a good figure and not a loathsome bastard who's shittery will bring about Ragarok

>Cherry-picked, vague quote about Celts that doesn't seem to be fitting the character of northern barbarians who literally drowned fags in bogs

>'Muh degenerate rome' the Christfag cries, ignoring the fact that if Rome had not degenerated to that point, his kike on stick religion would not have taken root on it's pervert, mongrel masses.

But yeah, Whites were just totally brainlet degenerates shoving rocks and sticks into their assholes before Rabbi Yeshua came along and said 'hey don't do that'.

98922c  No.12103975

File: 6262349f9a3d010⋯.jpg (326.38 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Zeus Is Thor.jpg)



You're welcome. When I first tried to talk about pagan religion on here about five years ago (I had already been a NatSoc for some time, but a Christian one), I would get banned, threads anchored or locked, and shit like that. I kept at it persistently and pointed out the /pol/itically incorrect truth, as "we" are wont to do. Eventually it gained traction. This is not the first time I have helped institute a major pro-white change or a change against the kikes in general.

I am a technical thinker and a fighter. I am not an expert on religion. She knows things no one else does and she's crucial to what needs to happen. Everyone should listen to her where religion is concerned. She unapologetically tells the truth and gets banned everywhere for it. She is a bit older and is not a chan board autiste herself, personally. I have faced a lot of opposition from shills here from trying to help her, too, but I am making it a long term project.

I am not sure how many will wake up before the enemy tries to assassinate her, exactly, but I am going to prevent any such moves. It will be nice to go back to war if someone tries. Learn from her while you can.

7191e5  No.12104168


>man has sex with a goat

<you just don't understand the symbolism


e18b0e  No.12104174


>criticizes 'paganism' for having a God that fucks goats

>follows a book written by goatfuckers

Hmmmm… really made me think.

1584d5  No.12104975


huh, so that's why there's been so many cases in the past of men turning themselves into mares and becoming impregnated with eight legged horses. i always wondered what caused that.

it's a good thing we had christianity to teach us monogamy and morals because it's definitely not just natural white behavior (monogamy and "not acting like a dumb savage all the time" are social/religious constructs. europeans never just did it on their own without thinking about it. have you ever felt an innate urge to be faithfully monogamous? no, of course not, because that's not how whites are - if left to his own devices a white man would turn into a negro instantly and remain that way for all consecutive generations).




81fbe8  No.12116366

File: b7e1ee3c5b48f14⋯.jpg (150.73 KB, 784x1000, 98:125, palestine_monk_vasily_pole….jpg)


Triplets acknowledged.

81fbe8  No.12125964

File: 9a6ede75e792b66⋯.png (10.03 KB, 260x260, 1:1, Yin_yang.png)


Here is the concrete explanation:




Do this meditation and you will get results. Be as scientific about it as possible, and beware of deluding yourself about things that aren't happening. You will not be disappointed.

Right and wrong, possible and impossible, profit and loss, are all just tunes played on the same flute, mushrooms from the same wet mold. Some unseen actor makes these sounds rise up and die down. Jesus called it the trinity- the father, yang qi, the son, yin qi, and the Holy Spirit, Dao. Take the yang qi, the father from the sky in the breath. Take the son, the yin qi, into the valley. It cannot be made more explicit than this. Unless you are a genius, it would be very difficult to piece this together from a union of Christian, Yogic, Buddhist, and Taoist literature. You will get out of this meditation precisely what you put into it.

2ffdb7  No.12126025

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you are american and you are wrong, it's many of these spirualties, vid related

this shit creeps the shit out of me, it's harmless song but still it's finn magic. Finns are widely known for their nature magic

2ffdb7  No.12126033


this song fucking scares the shit out of me, for some reason, but as I condider this reason is probably sound, very sound

fedd4f  No.12126062


Thanks for your efforts anon, it really apperciated. Dealing with christian shreiking and lies is bad enough now, can't imagine what it must have been like back then

2ffdb7  No.12126088


it's kinda like a lullaby though, it's only nice words

I'm actually half my finn, yes a mutt, my self, but I know this language at best I can count to ten

687946  No.12126179


I never checked so many lies before, La Inquisición wasnt pagan it was more popist thatn the pope, actually persians were the ones beated by muslims, zoroastrim isnt a thing anymore, Bizantium became so powerful that reconquered roman west zones and stopped muslims for centuries and The Bible was used to teach germans to read, the rest is just projection and lies, seriously, i never watched so many lies before, is this what stormfront is teaching to kids?

3eec96  No.12144880

File: 04debfc97861f8d⋯.png (740.64 KB, 4075x4050, 163:162, 04debfc97861f8db40816fe152….png)



Dubs, checking trips, checks out.

26edfa  No.12144902


Excellent write-up. Cap it.

26edfa  No.12144908


Everything revealed is limited by the reciever. We must always push forward toward clearer vision of the truth. No matter what you experience or believe you must trust your intellect. There is no way around it.

c36f7d  No.12145016


>The point is, even though we do live in a dangerous and seemingly evil world, the world actually isn't evil. We can still enjoy sunny days, friendships, good food, and we're surrounded by beautiful nature.

That's a hedonist view, others would say a gilded cage is still a cage.

3eec96  No.12145048


checked and saved.

722901  No.12145244

The great work of /pol/ is to create a meta-religion under which whites can be united despite differences in theology. A new Deism. Basically an unkiked deism much like Masonism was originally. I personally recommend wraldaism because it leaves a lot of room for theological specification.

722901  No.12145281

File: 913b8bd16f9bef6⋯.png (628.43 KB, 1549x1435, 1549:1435, God_is_real_religion_reali….png)

Best in thread so far

5dd107  No.12145530


>it's like Mormonism

That's an insult to the Oera linda book, Joseph Smith didn't even make a coherent language like that manuscript. I just wish that they did some carbon testing on the paper, if it is dated to the 600's, then it'd prove it's authentic.

Seriously guys, its a very interesting read, It's explanation for God's (Wralda) relation to man is the most sensible.

>Basically god is a tough love kind of guy, he wants you to be strong and independent so he won't help you until you've done everything you can.

Sin isn't in the book either, basically if you do dumb shit you get karma.

>Gay sex? Your anus won't hold your poop

>Eat tons of candy? Get fat

It does have a 'hell', you basically become a ghost that is forced to wander the world eternally, and you cant be in sunlight

How do you end up there? It only happens if you own slaves or become a slave. The emphasis on this book is FREEDOM, FREE, Freya, Fresian, etc.

236b82  No.12145618

File: 0a6ad1f0ef0ea0e⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 1599x3657, 533:1219, Jupiter_Smyrna_Louvre_Ma13.jpg)

File: a1e71359a720626⋯.jpg (2 MB, 1836x2664, 51:74, Giove,_I_sec_dc,_con_parti….JPG)

File: 56023032e8590e3⋯.jpg (3.01 MB, 1600x3500, 16:35, Hermes_Ingenui_Pio-Clement….jpg)

3eec96  No.12159611

File: b860699e58172f3⋯.jpg (185.92 KB, 2048x1309, 2048:1309, b860699e58172f3b799e35e23f….jpg)

File: 848b40c2c9c1b2d⋯.jpg (164.32 KB, 702x768, 117:128, 2f6ca796745ca8097f07b25707….jpg)

>>12145244 (checked)

The act of unity is the spiritual force which will guide the religion of White survival and togetherness.


I miss real art

01d7e1  No.12160329

In order to promote spirituality in the modern age is to rebrand it as scientific.


8da6d2  No.12160388

File: a2369ad0fe6c2f5⋯.png (1.12 MB, 958x1042, 479:521, ClipboardImage.png)

read the bhagavad gita tbh

42728c  No.12160434



This song is indescribably soothing to me. I like it.

f8c654  No.12160536


>Ernst Junger

Was not a fan of the NSDAP and pretty much was a normal German cuckservative. His writings are still pretty good, though.

f8c654  No.12160600


So is (mainstream) paganism. It's been subverted by (((Marxism))) with the same garbage that you describe. The kikes have subverted both Christianity and our own natural pagan religions to be anti-European, anti-White and destructive against us. This is what the kikes do, they take what we create, manipulate it and subvert it, then weaponize it to be used against us.

f8c654  No.12160609


>It can be good again, you just need some good people.

They don't produce men like Léon Degrelle anymore.

3eec96  No.12172781

>>12160388 (heil'd)

>>12160600 (checked)

5d7046  No.12174357


I was under the impression that there was indeed a gradation of 'Holiness'. Why else would there exist priests, Bishops, saints, etc. That accepting Jesus/God into your heart' involved a sacrifice of those things that were 'sinful'.

Meaning that to simply proclaim your faith is just that, lip service. In order to truly cleanse the soul one must live a righteous life, or rather that accepting Christ means that you would live a righteous life as a result.

e5288e  No.12174392


Yes, only you can personally know the father thru awaking and connect to you inner self!

88b494  No.12174438

Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

The Aryans are the children of Japheth.

Jews, Arabs, and Mongoloids descend from Shem.

Negroids are from Ham, who brought down a curse upon his descendants.

The Jews and Arabs come from Abraham. Arabs descend from Ishmael, whose posterity was cursed.

But the most terrible curse of all belongs to the Jews themselves, the Deicide Race.

All of the cursed races are morally and spiritually backward. The ones that are not cursed seem more in touch with the primordial wisdom.

But the white race is closest of all to the source of reality, because the white man was chosen by God to replace the Jew. God set up the Church among white men to form Christendom and be His true chosen people. Although the Church is for all, nevertheless whites have a special privilege. While this will draw the ire of a few Jews larping as neopagans, remember this:

Christianity has always taught that God will bestow His graces more abundantly on some than on others and that none may question His judgments.

I invite any /pol/ack to find a scriptural or traditional Christian source that contradicts what I say here.

3eec96  No.12174454


What did Ham to do Noah?

3eec96  No.12174459


Why did he proclaim against the sons of Canaan?

88b494  No.12174499



Ham failed to cover his father's nakedness. The curse was prophetic insofar as it typified the eventual conquest of Canaan by the Israelites. But figuratively, Zion itself was a type of the Church and the Canaanites a type of idolatry, hence the conquest prefigured the gift of the Holy Ghost to the gentiles.

202610  No.12174735

Religion Of Blood.

Everything we do in life is dedicated to the continued existence and thriving of our DNA as a group.

Our blood is sacred, we carry our ancestors genes within it and they and our genetic memory deserve worship and reverence.

Making our DNA sacred may be the only way to preserve it.

5a0495  No.12174780

File: 2edb31795645648⋯.png (626.43 KB, 409x609, 409:609, 073ddb7e78f6c25b3a1ee42faf….png)

>Yahweh judging the Goyim after the Second Coming, 2156 AD.

e5ef80  No.12176879


no he doesn't lol

e5ef80  No.12176884


Hey nice dubs. So basically I agree with you and I think I know what you're talking about. Got a next step for me?

6cfa11  No.12176889


I feel the same way. Powerful stuff.

>>12160600 checked

<Build a wicker man and they will fill it anon.

>>12160388 Heil’d

Seconded tbh.

08d049  No.12176890

File: 998a808f103fce9⋯.png (111.63 KB, 524x803, 524:803, blood religion alfred rose….png)


>read the bhagavad gita tbh

Posts Spic Serrano, the CIA Satanist larper. Fuck off.

08d049  No.12176894

File: 3d71d8efb52fcd8⋯.jpg (30.32 KB, 485x420, 97:84, logically.jpg)


>God is real!

God is a Germanic word for Odin

>Desert nomads knew God you're too modern!

Fuck off kike

>Determinism is real

Only for NPCs

>Atheism is Marxism!

No Zionism is Marxism. Atheism is the knowing creation has no image.

08d049  No.12176912

File: 5d5218c867cf7e7⋯.png (149.28 KB, 540x540, 1:1, yin yang pepe feels.png)


>I agree that anyone who hates Christ or his religion too much is someone to be wary of.

His religion was pure Zionism (Zealotry). You're talking about Saul's religion that took down Rome.




>muh kike tales

Noah's flood wasn't even world-wide. If you knew the langauge you would know this.


>The great work of /pol/ is to create a meta-religion under which whites can be united despite differences in theology. A new Deism.

Deism evolved into Atheism because it's more rational to just realize that creation isn't a guy.


>Jesus called it the trinity

No that was the Vatican.

>the father, yang qi, the son, yin qi, and the Holy Spirit, Dao

Bastardizing ancient Aryan teachings to fit your Middle Eastern Zionist cult again? Sounds like (((gnosticism))) to me. It also doesn't fit at all with the teachings. Jesus isn't the entire yin, he was a Rabbi.

>You will get out of this meditation precisely what you put into it.

Lying isn't meditation.

08d049  No.12176938

File: 2b09f136cb725f3⋯.jpg (73.02 KB, 896x562, 448:281, stoic religion seneca.jpg)

'All you larping plebs need to read this – GET THIS THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEADS!!!!!!!!!!'

Religion is an old Latin word first used by Cicero that meant observing or traditions of observance — to reverence Roman State cult traditions.

Now if you want "White Spiritualism" you're talking about New Age because "spiritualism" is translated as breath-ism. Meaning to meditate or breathe in the totality of existence. So what you need is observance of traditions, and meditation upon this through ritual. Not faggot Jewed-Templar ritual of killing goats or weirdo black robes larping, but stuff that makes sense. Even the Jeddi larping religion is superior to this because they actually observe something conceptially concrete "the force" and have traditions they're building.

So what you would really need is white holidays. Something to observe. And some items to observe. Jews-Muslims-Christians have their wacky mistranlated books. Communists have their "scenes". Buddhists have their temple and mind fuckery. Hindus have their artsy million gods like action figures or dolls they play with.

I'd say whites need something more mature. Items that mean something, holidays that mean something. But not just "some-thing", everything…

08932a  No.12176946


Prove it

08d049  No.12176947

File: 2eb5e00a8320f51⋯.png (104.44 KB, 254x300, 127:150, Brace-yourselves Stoics.png)

Also Atheism as a religion:

would be a religion of the blood and evolution. That's where we're headed anyways with cloning, transhumanism, VR, and eugenics. Get with the times or look like losers that are still arguing over shit the greatest minds in history just gave up on and turned toward natural studies (philosophy, science, LIFE!). You don't need daddy. You need to become men who can stare into the abyssof space travel and say, I will myself to power.

f69095  No.12176996

File: 5170261fc9e5f08⋯.jpg (158.39 KB, 1079x878, 1079:878, religion atheism reason.jpg)

9c4ff7  No.12177648

File: f501ba87040fdbf⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 435x421, 435:421, 98ihuj.jpg)


>Get with the times or look like losers

yeah nah fuck off

51a5db  No.12177689



>Buddhism and vedic religion is not aryan, its not a white religion! Become an transhumanist atheist goym!

4e8f77  No.12177906

File: 124b959823c87d9⋯.jpg (146.39 KB, 720x1024, 45:64, Fashy paper.jpg)


> There are many names to refer tot the same source

Which one faggot?

It feels like you're using the age-old kike trick of gaslighting, while avoiding bringing hard evidence (truth) on the table.

The Black Sun led me to truth, came to me when I was ignorant of the workings of this plane.

I knew nothing, I was seeking knowledge and ttuth outside of scripture.

I found enough to continue my search, with tthe Black Sun ever returning to me, giving hints tot the next wave of knowledge and experiences.

So don't fucking tell me it it's part of some kike agenda, when the kikes never even fucking use it.

And worse, try to ban and destroy every display of it.

d50c76  No.12178272

File: 293738c71bc3dce⋯.jpeg (81.92 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 5E01338C-5B1D-4C65-82E2-C….jpeg)


>many names

He’s probably referring to Tao, Dharma, Holy Spirt, and so on.


Beyond Serrano(all of which I need to reread) do you have any more suggestions? Tao and the 8 trigrams(4 yin 4 yang) led me to Kek and the Ogdoad(4 female 4 male) which led me to the Sonnenrad tbh.


>transhumanism, VR, and eugenics

The only eugenics happening in these times are anti-white faggot. Have fun getting hypnotized by VR into cutting your dick of.


>Jesus called it the trinity

>No that was the Vatican.

No they stole that from the Celtic Triskele to make conversion trickery easier. It’s also analogous to the tripartite soul of the Dharmic religions which also came from the PIA.


>leaking chi

Clenching the perenium and anus(gate of life and death) is recommended to prevent leakage in many meditations. Should it be done with this technique or no?


Numbers and frequency are an oft overlooked part of our spirituality that can help reconciliation and rediscovery of truths destroyed and suppressed by our enemies. For example, from pic related recall that Odin hung himself from the Yagdrasil tree for 9 nights to learn the 18 Furthark Runes. In Taoist Qi Gung the sets and reps are always multiples of 9; 18, 36, 108. 108, 36, and 36 are the angles of an isosceles triangle formed by Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Oxygen; (((they))) will tell you it’s 105 degrees because they can’t stand the harmonies of nature. Three of these triangles overlaid make a perfect pentagram. Buddhism was originally called the 8 Fold Aryan path, which had 108 earthly sensations to avoid. I’m not a Buddhist scholar but there are probably more 108’s, 9’s, and 18’s. There are 108 beads on a japa necklace for each repetition of a chosen mantra or for chanting the names of Lord Krishna. There are 108 verses in the Gita that are regarded as most important to memorize. There are other 108’s in the Gita I can’t look up at the moment as well. Miguel Serrano said that there were only 108 seats to fill in the vimannas of the last battalion. There are 108 Upanishads and 108 marma points, or sacred places of the body and pressure points in martial arts. There were also 108 suitors of Penelope in Homer’s Odessey. The Greek numerals for 108 are PH, balance. And of course 108 x 4 is 432, the ideal tuning of musical instruments. I believe this is an avenue that needs further investigation both scientifically and spiritually as a weapon against the kikes.

b93f7c  No.12178412

FACT: Jesus combined Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, and Judaism.

62dbc1  No.12178559

File: 47592996fea68db⋯.jpeg (68.25 KB, 959x1280, 959:1280, WhatsApp Image 2018-09-22….jpeg)

File: a7fa9bbc35931e6⋯.jpeg (64.91 KB, 959x1280, 959:1280, WhatsApp Image 2018-09-22….jpeg)


Sorry for high jacking this thread, but I seriously need a Anthropology lesson from some enlightened anons.

my brother did a few DNA test and the result shows that I share a haplogroup RM512 , the Askhenazi Jewish DNA.

This news was a shock to me, all those days browsing this imageboard and watching TGSNT, for this? I have attached a few pictures here, please no shitskin bully.

dc4dfe  No.12178581


You look like a pajeet.

But its important to remember a lot of these DNA ancestry labs throw shit in for giggles.

How much exactly did it say you shared?

fedd4f  No.12178602


I've heard a lot of people say this but none of them give any sources or evidence, I'm genuinely curious

74257c  No.12178607

File: 346ec6b2afa44e6⋯.png (55.47 KB, 1281x335, 1281:335, Destruction_of_faith.PNG)


Here this is the source of it all.

62dbc1  No.12178625


I don't exactly know, a brother who is in Sunnyvale did a 23 and Me or some shit.


Though here is a NCIB report, I belong to Brahmin caste, from South India, here in this NCIB report it says that our tribe is more closer to Europeans than Asians, but this DNA test gave a whole new meaning to my lineage, it seems like I am the godsend global mutt you all fear about.

62dbc1  No.12178633



I am Telegu Brahmin.

dc4dfe  No.12178646


23 and Me are notorious for bullshit.

582b34  No.12178650


Ah, South India, okay. Nevermind.

62dbc1  No.12178659


We didn't belong to South, we had to flee from Muslims in North Pakistan or Afghanistan.

5f8feb  No.12178684

If you're not willing to die for your religion, then don't bother promoting it, it's not a real religion. All of these pagans are just LARPing atheists taking snipes at Christianity, they're tools and should be bullied mercilessly. Paganism is tribal, there is no concept of conversion in pagan religions. You too more to separate yourselves from European society trying to promote a dead cult that has no problem with degeneracy including pedophilia. Our ancestors chose Christianity for many reasons, it is our history, but it has been distorted within the last hundred years to promote Jews. We need only revive the anti-Jewish "Christ Killer" sentiment.

Read Martin Luther "On The Jews and Their Lies"

Read Henry Ford "The International Jew"

Read William Shakespeare "The Merchant of Venice"

Watch "Marching to Zion"

If you give up on Christianity, the backbone of European civilization, what makes you think your Kekistani-Odinism will matter?

582b34  No.12178706


That explains why I thought you looked more like a Pashtun than one of the southern Indians.

How a jew got into your family historically would be a real mystery.

Another anon will be more educated in the haplogroups, but as for how a jew got into your family if you descend from that region, well that would be a real mystery. Perhaps a passing merchant who really was a merchant. Or maybe the admixture is recent and unremembered by your family. Or maybe 23 & me is full of shit.

In any event, your jaw structure and ears don't resemble ashkenazi jews. Even with your bears it's clearly not the angular point of an ashkenazi. Nor do your ears sit low and connect with your cheak, which seems to be a common trait with jews.

Also, while it's too late now you should never actually get DNA testing from these ancestry corporations because they work hand in hand with the government. If you ever did committed a crime (Not saying you will but you never know) they now have your brother's DNA on record.

5f8feb  No.12178726

File: 46d5f90595842f0⋯.png (14.46 KB, 648x220, 162:55, 1.png)


Niflhel, Hel, Gehinnom, Sheol, Hades, Tartarus

Where does the concept of Hell come from?

582b34  No.12178732



>the backbone of European civilization

Bullshit. Absolute bullshit.

Christianity gave nothing to Europeans and took a hell of a lot away from us.

Christianity, being a semitic, not a European religion was forced upon Europeans and destroyed much of Europe's real traditions.

And after cleansing Europe of much of our past, what did it give us?

Sitting in a church one a week and being talked down to by a pedophile priest.

And that's pretty much it.

Christianity didn't add anything in terms of culture and architecture and it stole ALL of its traditions from European religions.

Besides, Christians are anti-White and want to murder Europeans because we aren't stupid enough to believe in jewish gods and Noahs arc.

Even worse than that, Christians consider themselves brothers in (((Yeshuah))) with blacks and arabs. A Christian is more loyal to the fucking Torah than to his own flesh and blood and thinks he has more in common with a Christian nigger fresh out of the jungle than a White man who didn't fall for jewish tricks.

fedd4f  No.12178745


>If you're not willing to die for your religion, then don't bother promoting it, it's not a real religion.

Easy enough, if some abrahmic faggot tried to kill me for being pagan you bet your ass I'd fight back

>All of these pagans are just LARPing atheists taking snipes at Christianity

You fucking wish, fun fact, romans basically said the same thing about the early Christians back when it was an underground cult

>Paganism is tribal, there is no concept of conversion in pagan religions

You say it like it's a bad thing

>has no problem with degeneracy including pedophilia.

Nice projection there

>Our ancestors chose Christianity for many reasons

Yeah mainly because Christians wormed their way into government and rigged the system in their favour, reminds you of (((anyone)))? Even then it still took centuries.

> it is our history

So is paganism, more so than Christianity

>Read Martin Luther "On The Jews and Their Lies"

>Read Henry Ford "The International Jew"

>Read William Shakespeare "The Merchant of Venice"

>Watch "Marching to Zion"

Maybe you should tell that to your fellow christians

>the backbone of European civilization


62dbc1  No.12178760



We follow a strict line of Genetic rule of Gotra's no marriage goes with similar Gotra, so basically any girl in India who shares same Gotra with me won't be eligible for marriage because genetic defect and shieet, and this is the first time that our continent has been hit by Judaism, women empowerment till the point they can fuck up our gotras was a foreign concept.

I am going a reveal a bit more about my family here.


He is related to me, check whether his ears are touching his cheeks or not, and its a friendly reminder that though this fucker is related to me he was a Freemason and met ((Stalin)) and ((Mao))

b2c1d2  No.12178961


Get out of here poojeet. This is a white spirituality thread for WHITES.

a8116d  No.12179031

File: 646dad27cd64f8a⋯.jpg (70.65 KB, 500x425, 20:17, 646dad27cd64f8a9f334d28aa7….jpg)

File: 7292884b79377b0⋯.jpg (519.58 KB, 1200x1390, 120:139, 1392402927121.jpg)

File: 3bc4920799e7948⋯.jpg (47.44 KB, 1300x768, 325:192, 5d0ec08e693a21a45623e99f82….jpg)

File: 3e31c6ea9fb38ce⋯.jpg (50.12 KB, 494x477, 494:477, vortex cartesian.jpg)

File: 8a387ba663e659e⋯.jpg (118.08 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, rodin coil.jpg)


>If you're not willing to die for your religion, then don't bother promoting it, it's not a real religion. All of these pagans are just LARPing atheists taking snipes


It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees. And you can be sure as hell I will not waiver to smite when the time comes, fear is an illusion and a dishonor to pay it credence – the animating force of life, spirit, can not be ended, only transmuted, it's well documented in my European ancestral people than reincarnation runs in familial lines, now be gone kike worshiper.


>3, 6, 9

b2c1d2  No.12179132


The in-fighting between Christians and Pagan LARPers really makes me laugh. If one really did enough research into the nature of Christianity's essence, one would find the same beating heart and soul that is found within all other Aryan religions because each are just another manifestation of our collective unconscious. In fact, esoteric Christianity takes direct lineage from Greek and Roman mystery schools, i.e. the cult of Mithras, Dionysus, Orpheus and so on. I will concede however that exoteric Christianity has only become worse and worse over time as a result of Jewish corruption, including Saul the Pharisee and the obsession of early Church fathers to attach itself to the Old Testament for legitimacy. Nonetheless, the impact of Christianity on Europe cannot be overstated, as it is responsible for a great many changes, good and bad, that have shaped the world we live in today. Scientific rationalism for one was a consequence of Christianity, along with linear historical history, as both sprung from the Christian cosmology of beginning and end points of history, as well as the idea of the interior world of the self. This evolution of consciousness is not accidental, and one who wants to belittle Christianity would be well advised to do some research before making any wide sweeping claims. But I'm only scratching the surface here.

e05b68  No.12179184


I did enough research into the nature of christianity's essence, guess what I found… Shockingly a desert cult that spawned from Judaism and from a Jew is Jewish!

The only things christians can claim is good in their religion came from the Pagan ideas and traditions they raped from their own people. Christianity is a univeralist worldview incompatible with a pure Aryan soul. The great things accomplished by our people in the very short period of time we were forced into being spiritual semites was because of our blood not our faith to a jewish god. Our people have always been great because of our blood, our ancestors, our genetics. As long as a nigger can be considered equivalent to a white in your religion it has no place in our peoples hearts.

We find the truth in nature, christianity is against nature, we've seen their hostility and fear of it through history. Christians do not care about our home nor of mortal concerns all that matters is they end up with their long nosed sky daddy. To us following the true ways of our ancestors all that matters is our deeds, what we leave behind after our deaths. The true path to immortality is by becoming a legend and being remembered by your progeny. We also believe in reincarnation in the blood lines so why wouldn't we care about what occurs to our planet, unlike the christians who see this place as nothing more than a filthy truckstop on the way to their jewish home.

a8116d  No.12179188

File: 52c5ba1324e5215⋯.png (303.78 KB, 693x703, 693:703, 1433102148875.png)

File: 6f49022821c63a2⋯.png (661.01 KB, 1864x1478, 932:739, 6f49022821c63a2619fdbf3485….png)

File: 6e9556208a170dc⋯.jpg (104.4 KB, 480x720, 2:3, 0f5daefeb0c27f238247dbfdd9….jpg)

File: 29395492b74f18d⋯.jpg (353.24 KB, 1000x1258, 500:629, 9cbc22ff8476f004a6581eb0d1….jpg)

File: cfff93a2134f333⋯.jpg (41.76 KB, 540x442, 270:221, 95de0ad07969a4057d58fc8316….jpg)


>esoteric Christianity

The esoteric Gnostic Greek followers of Christ didn't worship Jews, nor any man, it was an internal worship of spirit itself as manifest through your own temple, in a seeking to create the alchemic annointing personally and the intimate experience with and as God, the infinite Nous, actualization of the Logos, and the subservience of the Demiurge. To these types of Christ seekers I have no problem, to the exoteric degenerates who give their energy to externalities and foster destruction of the internal, I say their very actions unmake them and only a swift death awaits, by their hand, or ours, it matters not.

b2c1d2  No.12179243



I sense a problem with both of you that I seem to come across often on this board and elsewhere. The first poster >>12179184 is simply a materialist, for him nothing exists beyond this earth, he is bound by it for all eternity. To him, there is no greater secret to existence than what is in front of him, yet he is apt to speak in terms of ideals such as "truth". Who is truly the spiritual Semite? Those who understand reality to be more than just our senses, or those who live for the earth alone? The irony is, you share more in common with the earth lusting Jew who cannot help but get caught up in his own appearance, than your own spiritual pagan ancestors.

For poster number two >>12179188 with his Gnosticism, the earth is but a sick joke, a maligned form of existence, and thus he will do anything to one day free himself from the bondage of this earth. At least that's what you should believe if you truly are a Gnostic. Thus, both posters find themselves on either side of the coin, not realizing that the pathway to our salvation lies not with an overemphasization on this life or the next, but instead the reconciliation of both ideas. A Yes saying to all facets of material existence, while also an understanding of the ultimate spiritual reality we are bound to. Spirit and matter are inextricably linked.

e05b68  No.12179270


Just because I was bringing up the differences between me and the semitic religion of christianity doesn't mean I was saying everything I believed. It disgusts me how christians absolutely disregard our home as it is truly irrelevant to their end goal of heaven. I believe in the gods and spiritual things as well, but nothing I said was false of the beliefs of pre-christian faith either. Nature and the universe is the source of all truths, the gods, and the spirits are all part of it just as we are. Our gods aren't omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent creatures that demand absolute submission and devotion like the christian's jewish god. I think your confusion on this matter is potentially guided by a lack of understanding of what Germanic peoples believed before being forced into submission and servitude to a foreign jewish cult.

a8116d  No.12179312

File: 2cbe91fdd2e77a1⋯.jpg (42.09 KB, 640x361, 640:361, 2cbe91fdd2e77a1ede78d55037….jpg)

File: 2d0725c38d0ab1c⋯.png (376.58 KB, 601x376, 601:376, 2d0725c38d0ab1c47d2687be7d….png)

File: 0b62fe1385161fc⋯.jpg (221.34 KB, 700x960, 35:48, 7a09bca852ede7fb2cf754b233….jpg)

File: 0a0a488ac17b004⋯.jpg (65.3 KB, 451x648, 451:648, 1309550251285.jpg)

File: 49c41ee640068b4⋯.jpg (270.43 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1447368243195-4.jpg)


>with his Gnosticism, the earth is but a sick joke

Nice strawman.

>At least that's what you should believe if you truly are a Gnostic

Nice no true Scottsman.

The world serves a very important role, some call it a school for spirit, this is not inaccurate. It's where we learn to master our ability to create as God does, wielding the tool of mind of give form to our experience as we derive meaning through expansion and complexification of our soul. Sooner or later we understand how to (re)create things in enough intimacy that entropy can be countered via force of will, when that happens one becomes an immortal if such focus is turned internal, and if turned externally, a great magi such as Hermies Trismegistus, Jesus, Zoraster, leaving a legacy to improve the condition of the world and those who flow through it in that time.

There are also worlds of growth to be had beyond Earth and it's 3rd density reality as well, but now we're digressing. You need to, as >>12179270 said, rectify the paradoxes. Then maybe you will be a farseer.






>Nature and the universe is the source of all truths, the gods, and the spirits are all part of it just as we are.


e608c6  No.12179463

This thread made me realize how degenerate stormfags are

b09a57  No.12179486


Now now anon, /pol/ is a multicultural board of peace where all subhumans can come and contribute to White European culture. The cream of the meme always rises to the American dream.

62dbc1  No.12179876


I never said anything about me being white, neither I asked your sisters bobs and vagene, I didn't know where to post and I can be a proud nigger mutt but one thing I can't be carrying is haplogroup of a fucking kike.

4248b6  No.12180155


do you have the english pdf?

4248b6  No.12180165

File: 901ecd70c1006a8⋯.jpg (84.2 KB, 508x699, 508:699, 1ddacdc799524167d20fad3158….jpg)


I agree with you , you take the best parts of each religion to make your self better.

Though i am a Christian my self i do take few teachings of Hinduism like the concept of Dharma and Meditation and Few concept from Norse like the Dedication of Odin to Knowledge.

4248b6  No.12180172

File: 3ec16036e2b2c0d⋯.jpg (216.02 KB, 1276x416, 319:104, inner voice.jpg)


>Green Text quality post

Saved for future pills

d4768f  No.12180188


Sheol is regular Hell, where both the good and somewhat bad majority of common people go, Gehenna seems to be Niflhell, the dark and lustful place outside the the gates of Hell proper, where evil men go, while the special and chosen go to one of the Nine heavens, which are the realms of the Gods. Christians usually confuse heaven with Vidblain/Alfheim, which is the seat of the Young Lord of Peace Yngve/Freyr/Frodi.

4248b6  No.12180195

File: aeb7916424e005d⋯.png (549.21 KB, 1260x1324, 315:331, god is everywhere.png)





saved for future use

>Nice summary OP

4248b6  No.12180217

File: 458be757ee84df9⋯.jpg (233.31 KB, 600x334, 300:167, jmanwithgun.jpg)


>All Roman Catholics around leave it and join us

>Not following Jesus and removing the merchants from the House of God yourself

bc1da6  No.12180250



>God is, literally, everything.

>God, then, is the universe.

lmao imagine trying to describe God in quantitative terms

You are equating God with nature(process of coming into being), deus siva natura. Here's what's wrong with your pantheism. Within nature things are born, live, die. Truth and God are eternal, and thus transcend nature. So - literally everything < God

>Everything is connected through determinism

Yes, if you neglect to see God as an intelligent being, from whom your own intelligence (ability to discern truth) is derived from, you'll axiomatically replace him in your own perception with some deterministic cuckdemiurge

05a288  No.12180515

File: 563fc145892503d⋯.pdf (20.55 KB, 88-precepts-david-lane.pdf)

These are the first 7 of David Lanes's 88 precepts:

1. Any religion or teaching which denies the Natural Laws of the Universe is false.

2. Whatever People’s perception of God, or Gods, or the motive Force of the Universe might be, they can hardly deny that Nature’s Law are the work of, and therefore the intent of, that Force.

3. God and religion are distinct, separate and often conflicting concepts. Nature evidences the divine plan, for the natural world is the work of the force or the intelligence men call God. Religion is the creation of mortals, therefore predestined to fallibility.

Religion may preserve or destroy a People, depending on the structure given by its progenitors, the motives of its agents and the vagaries of historical circumstances.

4. The truest form of prayer is communion with Nature. It is not vocal. Go to a lonely spot, if possible a mountaintop, on a clear, star-lit night, ponder the majesty and order of the infinite macrocosm.

Then consider the intricacies of the equally infinite microcosm. Understand that you are on the one hand inconsequential beyond comprehension in the size of things, and on the other hand, you are potentially valuable beyond comprehension as a link in destiny’s chain. There you begin to understand how pride and self can co-exist with respect and reverence. There we find harmony with Nature and with harmony comes strength, peace and certainty.

5. Secular power systems protect and promote religions, which teach of an after-life. Thus, people are taught to abandon defenses against the predators of this life.

6. History, both secular and religious, is a fable conceived in self-serving deceit and promulgated by those who perceive benefits.

7. Religion in its most beneficial form is the symbology of a People and their culture. A multi- racial religion destroys the senses of uniqueness, exclusivity and value necessary to the survival of a race.

179808  No.12180700

File: a748d3265506a1e⋯.png (226.11 KB, 399x373, 399:373, barbie-parto.png)

File: 8f709f02b9422b1⋯.jpg (56.37 KB, 474x456, 79:76, fate nietzsche.jpg)

Never trust anyone who speak of other worlds. They are prisoners of their own fantasy worlds and they will trap you too. GROW UP!


>Become an transhumanist atheist goym!

Exact opposite of what was said, kike.


Exact opposite of what was said, kike.


>The only eugenics happening in these times are anti-white faggot. Have fun getting hypnotized by VR into cutting your dick of.

Exact opposite of what was said, kike.

179808  No.12180714

File: 1877e0120521423⋯.jpg (147.31 KB, 1240x1062, 620:531, 12345678.jpg)

ctrl f gnostic







>The esoteric Gnostic Greek followers of Christ didn't worship Jews, nor any man, it was an internal worship of spirit itself as manifest through your own temple

pfff, yeah the temple of the Templars. As in the Jewish Temple. (((Gnostic))) jews are the worst. You are the Luciferians, pedo masons, and New Age cucks that control the earth right under your master the Jew.

/druidpol/ kike at it again. Conflating ideas. Bastardizing teachings. Selling everything as one world religion

t. theosophy pedo feminist cuck jew

pic related: the definition of gnosticism.

fedd4f  No.12180746



So I'm guessing you're the schizo that keeps bothering them in their thread?

6d7f9e  No.12180832



Another important warning about this - do not combine this activity with energy practices from other systems, they can interfere with eachother and you can injure yourself.

ab8fe0  No.12180996

>>12180700 checked

>exact opposite of what I said kike

>exact opposite of what I said kike

>exact opposite of what I said kike

Are you certain it’s everyone else that’s the problem and not your writing?

3fcf84  No.12181074

File: 00767372ddd461c⋯.jpeg (95.09 KB, 500x539, 500:539, 62C9DAD5-682E-4C34-B75F-4….jpeg)


>you’re ruining my pure and holy System waaa

>you should swallow the (((church))) and burn down all pagans waaaa

>stop taking more then a cursory interest in religon and actually coming up with something that brings white People together waaa

Also classic yid tool to conflate bastardized hippie shit forms of gnosis with actual spirituality. I admire your effort though. Maybe your Rebbe will give you extra points for it.

81fbe8  No.12181603


>Should it be done with this technique or no?

Breath retention and locks are not useful for level 1, and should be avoided. Since you asked though, there is one optional lock that can be applied for this technique. As you breathe in, tighten and withdraw the lower abdomen. As you exhale, expand the lower abdomen and stick the belly out. When you apply this, try to relax as much as possible. For the most part, however, this >>12180832 poster is right, just stay on the main path and try not to be side-tracked.

Level 1 is like filling a cup with water. It's easy, and doesn't require much effort. Level 2 is like condensing the cup into an aerosol container, so that it can be sprayed. This is hard, and takes a long time to achieve.

Since I'm elaborating, here's a few other disclaimers to take note of. The first, is to watch your temper. If you lose your temper and hit someone, even just a slap on the arm, you can seriously injure or kill them. This meditation affects everyone a little differently, and the color of our flowers varies a great deal. The fruit is the same for everyone, and that is the important part. Therefore, as Laozi says, focus on the fruit, not the flower.

The second disclaimer is that there is a good chance you will be harassed by spirits and other unpleasant things. There's not much I can say about that, other than to liken this meditation to crossing a river. Rivers have leeches, alligators, and piranhas. It's only natural that the spirit-world should have its own predators. Don't be afraid to pray to God, or whatever sages you look up to.

81fbe8  No.12181668


One last disclaimer. If you are female, do not waste your time with this meditation, you will get nowhere. Each time you have a period, it's the same effect on the container as if you had an orgasm- the walls become brittle, and the small is scattered.

Furthermore: animals and people instinctively adore men who practice the Way. When a women achieves level 1 and beyond, she is regarded with suspicion, fear, and hatred. Be content with the role God gave you. No matter what anyone says, your roles as women are of the highest importance, and women who fulfill their roles deserve respect and love.

dcdcec  No.12182446


>As you breathe in, tighten and withdraw the lower abdomen. As you exhale, expand the lower abdomen and stick the belly out.

Are you sure you didn’t reverse this? It forces me to breathe into my upper lungs instead of my lower Dan tien.

81fbe8  No.12182463


Yes, I'm sure. Be gentle when you do it so air can still get to the lower part of the lungs. Also, it's optional, so if you find it distracting, feel free to disregard it.

e6b4a7  No.12183140

File: 18ac246e5bfd157⋯.jpg (121.46 KB, 640x960, 2:3, niggers are knights.jpg)


>Also classic yid tool to conflate bastardized hippie shit forms of gnosis with actual spirituality.

Classic yid double speak as (((gnosis))) was just bastardized and inverted NeoPlatonism so early Jewy-Christians could bluepill.


Classic kike hippie 'ism' nonesense. You don't even know what spirit means.


>Are you certain it’s everyone else that’s the problem and not your writing?

Yes, I'm certain it's the pedo kike who runs /druid/ and works as a global mod shilling thread with (((gnosis))).

(((Green pill))) has been BTFO 234,435,243 times by /pol/ and counting. They can't even meme magic, kek.

9c4ff7  No.12183236

File: 99fcf8a84c652fb⋯.jpg (87.24 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, hj7.jpg)


Then what was said????

>I will myself to power

Without a spirit, without a guiding principal, you can't just sit on a fucking desk and work on science. You clearly have no idea what the fuck your talking about, or else you'd know how soul crushing it can be.

Science without spritituality is a fucking nihilist beta producing underworld.

"daddy" is the respect for your ancestors. It is the promise for your descendants

a8116d  No.12183525

File: c9bee3185fcfd41⋯.png (307.71 KB, 600x693, 200:231, b47c8a7ec3e17d53500b13b3c5….png)


>gnosticis is luciferian and jewish

Confirmed for not knowing anything about it. Your D&C will not win. Even your tone gives you away, you are obvious.

The only further thing I will say, and for the audience at large,

gnosis (countable and uncountable, plural gnoses)

1 (Gnosticism) an immanent form of knowledge or transcendent insight, such as sought by the Gnostics

2 act or process of knowing

3 (occult) an altered state of awareness in which the will is magically effective

18f807  No.12183953


>can’t stand the word “ism”

That’s too bad, considering this whole board is devoted to spreading National Social==ism==

Also how is it bluepilled to say “maybe all these Jewish church leaders are trying to use Jesus to subvert the message and make another money grabbing scheme?” Like yes I agree that semen eating and mass orgys are pretty gay, but dudes like Marcion and Valentinius weren’t into that and the later had a spiritual system on par with any non-Semitic form of mysticism.

7092b3  No.12184160


>he reset his router

>he couldn't be arsed to remove the (you)s

The absolute state of fedoras.

a428c4  No.12184837

File: 75289d1a7de629f⋯.jpeg (54.89 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 868F80EE-E013-4838-8C89-5….jpeg)


This guy gets it. I became a fedora as an over reaction to realizing the faults of Christianity many years ago. Studying quantum mechanics led me back to spirit and I realized Stephen Hawking was a shill. Ultimately atheists are either too dumb or too lazy to keep learning and investigating to regain their divinity; they just take (((peer reviewed))) buzz words as gospel and pretend mainstream science isn’t a faith. Though given that study saying that only 25% of people can think in words, and 25% can think in images(which probably had overlap in the flawed study) most atheists are likely NPC’s. On that note, of the 5,000,000,000 or so NPC’s, I don’t necessarily believe they are soulless, just that they only have two part souls where as we have the tripartite souls of Dharmic and Indo-European belief.


Thank you, I think I’ll hold off on the lock until I get gud at the primary technique.

63fd35  No.12184844


>>observe nature daily

A meditation of its own that gives insights. It really is lovely. People complain about the heat, but I tend to be comfortable outside.

687946  No.12184875


Yeah and satanism is about loving yourself like most fedoras (dont) do.

1edb50  No.12185035

File: f823703f172e6df⋯.jpg (14.39 KB, 407x286, 37:26, 1438633515366.jpg)


>screencapping and reposting your own posts to prove a point

That's just embarrassing.

40da12  No.12185045

File: 69dc9c1f1ee2e92⋯.jpg (284.79 KB, 800x900, 8:9, Christ's Sake.jpg)

What of the *Left-Hand Path* and *The Casual*? Thousands of Spirits exists in the aether, but they can only provide direct influence to us…not all encompassing "God-like" influence like YHWH/Moloech want you to believe.

023af6  No.12189031

File: 9b6443aa649dc98⋯.jpg (188.32 KB, 500x638, 250:319, only known surviving photo.jpg)


What does anyone think about the Book of Veles?

Supposedly a birch book, found in 1919 by Fedor Arturovich Izenbek, a White Russian commander, in a destroyed Ukrainian mansion while his forces were retreating and dispersing after the Communist's victory. He made his way to Brussels to sell it to the Belgrade Library but nobody seemed interested at the start but overtime the University of Brussels took interest but wouldn't pay to keep the book. Izenbek ended up, before his death, giving it to a young upstart Russian scholar who was also fleeing the Communists, Yuriy Mirolyubov.

Yuriy Mirolyubov studied the book even throughout the German occupation of Belgium during WWII. Until rumor has it he was contacted by Himmler's Ahnenerbe society and instructed to hand over the book and all materials associated with it, he was only able to hide a photograph of the first plate and a transliteration of most of the 42 surviving planks. The book was never seen again. After WWII in 1953 Mirolyubov emigrated to the United States and was interviewed by the magazine Firebird.

From then on scholars have decried the entire work a fabrication and his account a lie. Under Putin's Russia the text of the book and any materials associated with it are banned and considered extremist materials. I'd like to do more research on it but the best "source" I have on the topic besides Mirolyubov's own Russian transliteration is:

"The Book of Vles: Saga of a Forgery," Jews and Jewish Topics in Soviet and East-European by (((Maya Kaganskaya)))

Which is basically multiple university jews saying its a complete forgery and National Socialists and White Russians are evil and one in the same. An excerpt:

>>"In July 1986, in the "Literaturnaya Gazeta", O. Tvorogov criticized "misguided" Soviet admirers of the "Book of Vles", a racist forgery claiming to be an ancient manuscript, glorifying the Russians’ Aryan ancestors. He failed to mention that the text was produced by former pro-Nazi collaborators and had already been exposed in 1960. In 1982, Lev Korneyev accused Zionists of denigrating the Russian cultural heritage, including the "Book of Vles." Among the important defenders of the work was Vladimir Skurlatov, an anti-Zionist propagandist and a link between these ideas and a group of Soviet science fiction writers who emphasize racial antisemitism."

00466f  No.12189151


>Copypasting arguments


>Screencaping yourself

Aren't you ashamed?

2fd6f3  No.12189204


And what happens when you concentrate on nothing? At last you can finally see. Don’t be so naive, anon.

9d1fe7  No.12189751


>What is Christianity pre 1950

>What is Jesus being white

>What is "Jews" being fake israelites

>What is European history

>What is (you) being a kike

f123f1  No.12189755


Hi, paid jewish shill. No one believes you. Your spam is 4 years old now.

9d1fe7  No.12189767



If you think that Christianity is Jewish you really haven't read anything about Christianity or Jews.

Likewise, if you think Jesus/Israelites/Europeans have anything to do with the mongrels we now know as "Jews" then you just publicly admit you don't read any literature or history about these subjects. Jews themselves admit to having zero ethnic connection to the House of Judah or any of the other tribes for that matter.

Go share your larpy memes on facebook with the other virgins and cuckolds, faggots.

9c4ff7  No.12189936

File: 3acb5672b4e8c90⋯.jpg (523.7 KB, 2667x1500, 889:500, NO.jpg)

File: 5b130579294a7ea⋯.jpg (17.58 KB, 474x355, 474:355, same shit.jpg)

File: 00a7b53684e3c26⋯.jpg (185.1 KB, 768x960, 4:5, Athens - Statue of Athena.jpg)




Yeshua worship is part of European history the same way the black plague is.

Yeshua worship did not rise from the people. It had to be forced upon them. It was a means to destroy our people identity.

But it didn't work. Our spirit is too strong. So Yeshua worship had to adapt. It hid within our customs, our traditions. Christmas, Easter, Saint worship, Icons, Statues…

As our access to information gets easier and easier. As our sacred books are no longer locked away or burned by the church. The light of European blood shines brighter and brighter. No more can Yeshua worship hide in the dark.

So as our wisdom and knowledge grows, so too does the cries of our ancestors get louder and louder.


We are remembering. We are learning. We are teaching.

Our Gods. Our People. Our Children

0335ff  No.12190224

I think it has to do with us and our ability to perceive the natural 'flow' of things such as the seasons, the division of the year into "growing/withering" halves(spring+summer fall+winter), day/night, etc., connect it to a larger system of things, and use this knowledge to plan ahead and compare "now" to "then" and "then" to "now". We can use this ability to see what has worked and what hasn't, and use this knowledge to improve upon existing things(technology, agricultural methods, etc.)

Previously, people were more connected to the physical world and these things because they were necessary in order for survival. People today are disconnected from these things because we have limited access to these resources. As an example, in most cases, if you want to grow anything edible, you have to go buy the seeds for it instead of just finding it in its natural habitat.

Most people in our modern society are focused on immaterial, fleeting things to the exclusion of the material world, or focus on fiction over reality. They mistake fictional depictions of the world (often another's person's idealization) to be as important as, or even more important than, their own, which causes them to give up real goods for fake ones, like jewels covered in dirt for shiny bits of tinsel.

We have an inner connection with Nature and the ability to connect with it unhindered by outside systems, i.e already constructed faiths with rigid rules/restrictions of what not to do that are (or were made up to be) to the sole benefit of the people who made them.

I'm dead tired right now, so I'll wrap this up. It also has to do with man's ability to originate, replicate, and transform (/improve) objects and ideas. One- Life Force, Nature, All, etc. Two- Day/Night, Light/Dark, First half of the year and the second half, "two sides of the same coin"

Three-Creation, Continuation, Transformation. Beginning, Middle, End(to beginning again, it loops back around,) one into two maybe.

Four-Seasons, transformative stages based on those.

This is just my own thought, not picked up and coalesced like most of these, but the gods are are aspects of the world given name and depiction. Like they aren't god "of" something, but rather the thing itself, and people just give names and depictions of them, connect them with items connected with their aspect (i.e sickles being connected with Demeter), and invent stories about them based on their functions with teachings in them, similar to Aesops' fables.(symbolization)

Also the Swastika is based around the seasonal cycle, being a symbol of where the big dipper is in the sky each season. See in this chapter of "The Star People": http://www.gutenberg.org/files/37916/37916-h/37916-h.htm#Page_78

It also has an illustration of the "spring+summer fall+winter" divide I mentioned, which the book simplifies by calling it a "Summer Day" and a "Winter Day".

Here's a book about the Swastika and its widespread depiction among peoples.

"The Swastika, the Earliest Known Symbol, and Its Migration by Thomas Wilson"


fedd4f  No.12190235


>ut the gods are are aspects of the world given name and depiction. Like they aren't god "of" something, but rather the thing itself, and people just give names and depictions of them, connect them with items connected with their aspect (i.e sickles being connected with Demeter), and invent stories about them based on their functions with teachings in them, similar to Aesops' fables.

Not quite, they're still very much being in their own right, read this

The sacred in Roman tradition


8d1910  No.12190336


>If you think that Christianity is Jewish you really haven't read anything about Christianity or Jews.

t. guy with a judaized penis

ce7756  No.12190366


Nice argument, Ari.

8d1910  No.12190388


Nice foreskin, burger with very likely a name that has hebrew roots.

04dcaf  No.12195559

(((Druid-Pedo spamming kike thread four)))

04dcaf  No.12195574


582b34  No.12195608


>You're jewish if you don't worship a jew

Still doesn't make sense.


Jews aren't White, John McCain.

>Jews aren't really jews

Not an argument.

>What is European history?

Polytheist up until around the same time that jews began moving into our lands.

582b34  No.12195612


>Yeshua worship is part of European history the same way the black plague is.


I'd add to that

Christianity is European in the same way that jews are

a8116d  No.12196364

File: 610ce8096035606⋯.jpg (91.95 KB, 600x890, 60:89, 0952c41900ec90aba2422537fa….jpg)



No one believes you. You can't conflate judaic pedos with celtic druids without us noticing, and any how, such as the satanist "druids" clearly aren't classical druids but satanists playing dress up badly. *

34b5cf  No.12196415

File: f87cead0f3d9f21⋯.jpg (32.99 KB, 449x318, 449:318, f87cead0f3d9f21d3bb423c666….jpg)

File: 927632c7a8fa1ca⋯.jpg (288.64 KB, 769x1039, 769:1039, 927632c7a8fa1ca92d37f22f52….jpg)

File: c7636c39d006da6⋯.png (61.06 KB, 405x430, 81:86, c7636c39d006da62efd963c797….png)


It's always nice to see how shitty christcucks are at arguing, you focus on one single part at the very beginning of the paragraph then ignore everything else. Your precious christ was a kike, and nothing else in the other two paragraphs you completely ignored was wrong. Go get on your knees and submit to your kike overlord instead of trying to make it seem like you know shit. The only good christian is one that is on their knees submitting.

7eb5e5  No.12196456


Wodin was a cuck.


34b5cf  No.12196500


At least try to make sense, how does the Oera Linda Book prove your BASTE kike wasn't a jew that wants all the gentiles to submit to their kike god and that the natural racial head God of the Germanic peoples that doesn't demand absolute devotion, worship, and submission is a cuck.

0d61c9  No.12196766

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? (Revelations 6:12-17)

There will come a time when your tree worshipping will mean as much as the thousand hours you've sunk into Skyrim, Pagan /pol/.

Even so come quickly, Lord.

2d4c00  No.12196782

File: 97f839c4cacb5ab⋯.png (260.99 KB, 594x624, 99:104, totenfurwoten.png)

File: 030b724afb50320⋯.jpg (25.6 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 500px-Black_Sun_svg.jpg)

File: 73111ba057c47a6⋯.jpg (85.76 KB, 600x529, 600:529, 73111ba057c47a6220fafc68e2….jpg)


Oy vey thats a great piece of scripture, I can't wait to see all my black, white, yellow, red, and brown fellow christians in heaven with our jewish creator. I'm so glad the bible has made us realize how pointless and irrelevant everything on earth is, it's all going to get raped by our long nosed chief anyways, might as well rape the earth as much as we can before we go. I've made the revelation from reading the bible that all earthly matters even something as materialistic and non-spiritual as race and our blood is pointless! HALLELUJAH CHAIM WE'LL ALL BE ONE IN CHRIST.

9c4ff7  No.12196821


notice how in yeshua worship, Great, mighty, and free men are considered evil?

fedd4f  No.12197673


It's a schizo anon who's being on a one autist crusade against Druid/pol/, and they're clearly not satanists

179808  No.12197690

File: 3fea50d0b55d233⋯.jpg (52.44 KB, 600x848, 75:106, concentrate 23.jpg)


>No one believes you. You can't conflate judaic pedos with celtic druids without us noticing

Tarot and Aliestor Crowley isn't Druids. If we had old/pol/ back and you didn't delete our history threads (((Druid/pol/ GLOBAL MOD))) we would be able to build something. But your Freemasonic Jewish B.O.N.D. is degenerate pathetic shit that looks at the Celts through the dialectic of Christianity and Judiasm. Your (((esoterics))) are just Templar Gnosticism. There is nothing you can do to trick us. You have to bump almost all 750 posts of your own threads and if not for anons complaining about your shitty attempts you would be all alone, except for maybe a random poster who throws in a pagan larper video from youtube.

c9ac69  No.12197693



09657b  No.12197695


tips fedora

fedd4f  No.12197720


Yeah as >>12196364 says, no one fucking beleives you. Everything you've just said is complete bullshit just by having even a cursory look through the thread, it's mainly news links and articles about paganism. Fuck off

6fbd91  No.12215323


>(((Druid/pol/ GLOBAL MOD)))

If he is a mod why does he let you shit up his threads and ones like this instead of banning and deleting your posts? Why don’t you make another thread on something you want to discuss since kamphy is gone and we’ll see if it gets deleted, by which mod, and surmise the time zone.

c4a294  No.12220739



Thank you very much, friend.

3ce110  No.12221250


You've got a few details reversed. The old testament is essentially National Socialist in its outlook and intent, but is easy to misinterpret due to its age. Instead of going through all the arguments, I'll make a prediction: Catholicism and most of Protestantism will have abandoned the OT before the end of the century.

5e1256  No.12221281


A Transmutation Practice: Ham-Sah

There are diverse esoteric systems for transmuting the seminal entity into sexual energy. Certainly, the most powerful one (the Arcanum A.Z.F.) has to be performed by a man and a woman - we are talking specifically about the Sahaja Maithuna, sexual Yoga , White Tantra; elsewhere we will give all the details for that practice. Now, for the moment we are going to explain an exercise that can be practiced by single people as well as by those who are married. I am going to tell you the technique just now; please pay attention…

Sit down comfortably: the eastern way (cross-legged) or the western way (on a comfortable armchair). Relax your bodies as children do.

Inhale deeply, very slowly, and imagine that the creative energy rises through the spermatic channels up to the brain; mentally pronounce the mantra HAM like this: HAAAAAAAMM.

Exhale, short and quick, as you pronounce aloud the mantra SAH: SAAAAHH…

Undoubtedly, you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. While inhaling, you “mantralize” the sacred syllabe HAM (mentally, since you are inhaling through the nose); but you can articulate the syllabe SAH with sound while you exhale.

The marvelous symbol that in the East makes the chaotic waters of life fertile is Ham-Sah, the Third Logos.

Usually, the sexual forces flow outwards from the inside in a centrifugal way and that is why there are nocturnal emissions; when you have a dream based on the Sexual Center, there occurs an emission, a loss of sacred sperm or spermatic liquor…

If one organizes one’s vital systems and instead of propitiating the centrifugal system, uses the centripetal system, that is, if one makes the sexual forces flow inwards from the outside through transmutation, then there are no emissions even if there may be erotic dreams.

One needs to organize one’s sexual forces if one wants to avoid emissions; such forces are closely linked with one’s nourishment, with the prana, with life - that is obvious. Therefore there is a profound relation between one’s sexual forces and one’s breathing, so that when both are duly combined and harmonized, they bring about fundamental changes in one’s physical and psychological anatomy.

To make the sexual energies “re-flow” inwards and upwards in a centripetal way is what matters; only thus is it possible to produce a specific change in the office and functions that the sexual creative force can fulfil. During Meditation one needs to imagine the creative energy in action, making the energy rise to the brain in a rhythmic, natural way by means of vocalising the mantra HAM-SAH, not forgetting to synchronize the inhalations and exhalations of air in perfect concentration, harmony and rhythm.

Let us make it clear that inhalation has to be deeper than exhalation simply because we need to make the creative energy flow inwards from the outside; that is, we need to make exhalation shorter than inhalation.

With this practice there comes a moment when all the energy flows inwards and upwards. Clearly, the creative energy so organized - in a centripetal way - becomes an extraordinary instrument for the Essence, a means to awaken Consciousness.

5d7422  No.12227237

File: 0570cf888aa327a⋯.png (495.37 KB, 1319x630, 1319:630, 1538367451689.png)

6c79ad  No.12227262


Christianity Identity is the one true faith, and Kek is a non-white demon

c0514b  No.12227704

File: 342d5c170f7b58b⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 316x435, 316:435, 421342352.jpg)

Did Abraham and especially Moses, really interact with a supernatural being who went by the name of Yahweh? Was there a historical 'Jesus', and did he perform some extraordinary feats that lit a fire under the butts of the people that witnessed them?

In this individualistic world of nihilism, confusion and doubt, there is only one thing left that would be sufficiently powerful to kick off a new, powerful religion. Aliens revealing themselves, AND revealing some amount of truth about them, or us, or the universe. Something that punches us all in the chest and is undeniable upon hearing.

Without some truly inspirational, fresh, starting event like this, it's hard for me to see us as a whole doing anything other than what we currently are. Mary does yoga. Bill honors nature when he goes for walks. Tom dabbles in the occult. Sally reads self-help books with new age nuggets of half-truths. All are left half-fulfilled. All disagree with each other. Everyone and everything has their house built on sand. Everyone knows it. But nobody knows what else to do. They are doing their best. But it's not enough and never will be.

0fe9a2  No.12234699

File: 07dc9ff691bfd3e⋯.jpg (74.42 KB, 342x427, 342:427, 07dc9ff691bfd3eadbd19b8e51….jpg)


This is the first I've heard of it but it sounds mysterious. Stuff like this makes me wonder about how many earth shattering secrets have been lost to time or been knowingly destroyed by evil like the library of Alexandria

992881  No.12234760


Says the deluded cuck that bows before the non-White demon (((YHWH))).

992881  No.12234769


Except National Socialism is based on and espouses the truth, while most of the (((Old Testament))) is based on sewer rat Hebraic fairy tales and outright historical fiction.

49d72a  No.12234843


>oyyy veyyy but my jewish fairy tales from the desert are totally 100% aryan i swear

No point in arguing with a christcuck like that, they likely think Hitler was a faggot like them that submitted to a jewish god.

992881  No.12234874


I know what kind of willful ignorance and stubborn stupidity you're referring to. It's like they have calcified tumors for brains.

49d72a  No.12234918


Unfortunately it's the combination of them trying to reconcile the dramatic differences between two worldviews that both claim truth. One is pure and Aryan that observes nature as the source of truth, while the other obviously semitic and looks to a jewish god for all truth instead with everything else coming second to their semite fetish.

023af6  No.12247619

File: 53c0a7c9edfb2d1⋯.mp4 (9.39 MB, 160x120, 4:3, o wilde jagd.mp4)


So there are 540 gates of Valhalla and through each gate 800 Einherjahr can ride abreast. 540 multiplied by 800 equals 432,000 which is understood to be how long the age of the Kali Yuga lasts. What did Odin mean by this?

ae5acc  No.12247852


Doesn't really sound like Christianity. Sure, there are minority sects like that, but it isn't the case at all.

ae5acc  No.12247879

File: a31079d9a0aeacf⋯.jpg (3.92 MB, 4298x3165, 4298:3165, 1538359926712.jpg)



>Eugenics limited to elite

>using Feudal Europe as the culmination of monarchy

<Monarchy was not de facto the only protection people had from the elite (be it aristocracy or oligarchy)

Out of all of these, monarchy is the only organic one. In monarchical Europe, one could rise from the classes through long term planning. Well, can't speak much about Erisianism.

>Phallus is evil

Circumcision is anti-phallus. So is feminism. Heck, if we want to go to the esoterics of it, women are evil because/if they don't have a phallus.

>Segregation is evil

>Detachment is good

>Using duality and segregation as central tenant of the graph

<Still pretending they are evil

687946  No.12247929



Go back to fuck a tree and sell germans to muslims you fucking liar.

Daily reminder that we are being raided by a bunch of fedoras that roleplay vikings and that communism is just a bunch of fedoras that always start with the destruction of christianity based on lies, like they are doing right now in this thread.

a0f466  No.12248536


that is why we should worship a dead jewish rabbi as a god amirite?

ab3adf  No.12248738

File: b8565a6f5482b59⋯.jpg (156.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Milano.jpg)


The fruits speak for themselves. Christians are children of God.

023af6  No.12248790

File: 8649427954ea47f⋯.png (162.93 KB, 494x721, 494:721, page 16.png)


>>children of God

Hmm and what does Paul the Deacon of the 8th century have to say about "God" because he instead uses Deus or Christ to refer to his Christian god and denounces the pagan Godan.

Also here's the Latin to plainly see its use:

"Refert hoc loco antiquitas ridiculam fabulam: quod accedentes Wandali ad Godan victoriam de Winilis postulaverint, illeque responderit, se illis victoriam daturum quos primum oriente sole conspexisset. Tunc accessisse Gambaram ad Fream, uxorem Godan, et Winilis victoriam postulasse, Freamque consilium dedisse, ut Winilorum mulieres solutos crines erga faciem ad barbae similitudinem componerent maneque primo cum viris adessent seseque a Godan videndas pariter e regione, qua ille per fenestram orientem versus erat solitus aspicere, collocarent. Atque ita factum fuisse. Quas cum Godan oriente sole conspiceret, dixisse: "Qui sunt isti longibarbi?". Tunc Fream subiunxisse, ut quibus nomen tribuerat victoriam condonaret. Sicque Winilis Godan victoriam concessisse. Haec risu digna sunt et pro nihilo habenda. Victoria enim non potestati est adtributa hominum, sed de caelo potius ministratur."

Its also not a translation thing either, as Paul also mentions Freyja on the same page and did not use a Latin word or Germanic word for "goddess" for her.

ab3adf  No.12248807


Deus is a word derived from Zeus, God is derived from Godan. It's a language thing. Kami in Japanese, Jumala in Finnish…

However, because Roman Catholic church inherited Roman mentality, they pushed Latin everywhere they could. Nothing weird, nothing odd.

Austrians and Balkans, Swedes and Finns…

God the source of all being is separate from god the great entity. Name we give God is largely irrelevant, though not to be misused.

d4768f  No.12248820


>What did Odin mean by this?

That's the total amount of souls that are worthy to go to Wotan, the other half go to Freya.

I doubt more then a few dozen to a few hundred souls in any particulare time are worthy to join Valhalla and it might be far less, if the Volsung stories are anything to go by, only special great heroic figures can join Valhalla, while most other souls will simply to to Hell, or have to life outside of Hell.

If the end of the ice age signifies the end of the Aesir-Vanir wars in the spiritual realm, then we might very well be tens of thousands of years of from Ragnarok.

d4768f  No.12248824


The right order would be more like Republicanism - monarchism - fascism - corporatism - communism.

907b82  No.12248847

File: 03431182b48289e⋯.jpg (41.31 KB, 480x480, 1:1, together.jpg)




At last some valid criticism upon Christianity that isn't rabid helmet-tipping spergout.

0b2703  No.12248858


I knew this would turn into a d&c thread.

The Jew never misses a chance.

907b82  No.12248861



tbf you sound like you are talking over an imaginary waifu

0b2703  No.12248867

File: 328325e6aae496f⋯.jpg (138.39 KB, 1049x1013, 1049:1013, ChristAndPags.jpg)

3c086c  No.12248935

File: ad2d712c51b2b7d⋯.webm (6.43 MB, 760x568, 95:71, he_was_right.webm)

File: 74b30edaa5ac6f6⋯.jpg (260.08 KB, 534x700, 267:350, 74b30edaa5ac6f69fc757538ee….jpg)



>Christians and Heathens working together

Falseness personified.

Smiling snakes are still snakes. Christianity is a jewish faith and surplus to requirements.

>no it's not jewish

If it were white European then we would truly only have one denomination of "the one true immutable word of god" because all converted white Christians treat it as such and would never jeopardize the integrity of their denomination and faith to cater to a potential convert and would rather persuade the potential converts to change their ways.

Only the tribe that cheats its own god, nullifies vows yearly, shakes chickens about, require the infiltration of people and nations would allow the amendment of the one true faith to gain converts quickly and no matter how just so gentiles would let them live among them as "thanks for being teachers and bringers of the good news".

And if the religion had been intrinsically white souled then there wouldn't have been the need for amendments, but Europe is filled with warrior tribes so their faggoty version, which all mousey mouskewitz jewish things are, was not accepted.

On one hand it's good that they allowed these amendments, but it pales in comparison of the countless brother wars the converted ones who took their amended version of the "one immutable true faith" at face value and therefore could be sicced on the "heretics over there" did in damages.

Christianity is jewish and doesn't offer morals or anything extraordinary in teachings or insight.

Also, if you are American and have been itching to respond to this three words in:

If you are genitally mutilated by Christians like, don't even bother replying to me. I will mercilessly mock you for it and disqualify for arguining for an "European faith" while being circumcised, which goes against said faith.

Arguing for it while not following it even on the most basic bitch tier level that doesn't even require thoelogy or interpretation since it is in all the bibles, clear as day: Christians don't get circumcised, deserve all the ridicule they can get.

5cdf85  No.12248964

File: 5c59a1db465fd9f⋯.jpg (151.18 KB, 1023x815, 1023:815, 1446265309028.jpg)


>It's disgusting. Passivity in the face of evil, yearning for death, etc.

And anyone with basic sensibilities is correct in hating this.

011b98  No.12249531


>The fruits speak for themselves. Christians are children of God.

Then could you please point out some notable examples of Christian architecture originating amongst Christian sub-saharan africans or Christian Australian aboriginals? I mean, if responsibility for Europe's architectural wonders lies with Christianity and not Europeans or their long history of Roman and Hellenistic architecture then one would surely expect architectural wonders comparable to Europe's to exist anywhere Christianity does.

dc5f1a  No.12249597

File: d67b9811204a542⋯.jpg (19.95 KB, 166x266, 83:133, 340091.jpg)

File: 5bd61bb3ca059bb⋯.png (4.92 KB, 250x250, 1:1, death.png)

File: 97f839c4cacb5ab⋯.png (260.99 KB, 594x624, 99:104, totenfurwoten.png)


Your disgusting jewish faith is irrelevant to the minds of Aryan men. You christian rats are only good on your knees submitting to your betters so they don't kill you.

c75280  No.12249712

Whatever form european spirituality takes, I don't really care, just as long as it is pure, nationalistic, and honest. The catholic church currently isn't that. American Protestantism currently is not that. The pope tells us that we can't be holy if we have guns/borders, and american protestants tell us that jesus was fine with gays. I seriously think we could have a religious and spiritual revival if we purged both and formed a christian alliance. After all, the jews did give the man known as Christ over to the romans, he did exist historically. Regardless if he was the messiah or not, the absolute kvetching he caused is legendary.

Jesus told the kikes:

>stop laundering money through religious practices! (proceeds to whip kikes with a rope)

>You have no right to Israel anymore, I will bring in anyone who worships God

>Not only will the original jews be thrown out, but they will be smashed upon my name and broken into pieces

Jews hate jesus so much because he basically BTFO'd their idea about being God's chosen people, and for the past 2000 years, europeans have taken the jews' semitic religion and made it their own. For 2000 years, jews have been thrown out of country after country, persecuted, and lacked a homeland. Why wouldn't they hate jesus?

582b34  No.12249836


Not to mention the fact that protestants are among the strongest supporters of Zionism and IsraHell.

To be fair, I think that while it's possible that we could fix Christianity, it is unlikely because of the inherent universalist nature of Christianity. Christians are told by their own religious texts that they should convert Africans and mestizos to their religion. Thus making them brothers in Christ.

This is not a good idea.

Christism can be counter-semitic. I agree. Or rather, it can be counter-jewish in a religious sense. But if a jew says "oy veh I convert to yer religan already. Now I'm a fellow Christian like you guys" then now we have a jew in our ranks. But he's a Christian now.

Except he will never stop being a jew in his heart.

This is why I do not think Christism makes for a good religion. In order to fix Christism, we'd need to change almost all of its fundimental principles. We'd have to throw out the entire Torah because it's just justification fo Zionism and kike worship, we'd have to rewrite jesus's story and change the location to make it happen in Europe, we'd need to alter his message and come up with a non-jewish background for his father, mother, and replace Yahweh with an indo-European name like "Dyus" and we'd need to replace all that talk about us being sheep because that is not the kind of message that makes men.

But then, that would not be Christianity, would it?

c75280  No.12249975


I only say christianity because white people know of it. The black sun, for how cool it looks, appears like some weird satanic shit to others.

b6a34b  No.12250013


Well to the christians anything that isnt their religion is satanic so of course Aryan symbolism is satanic. In regards to your other post it's funny to me how christians take the topic of jesus being mean to jews as 100% proof he wasnt a kike himself and totally 100% Aryan. It's like they cannot comprehend kikes arent a total hivemind and that some groups of kikes dont like other groups of kikes.

33b202  No.12250101

File: 0138e90d046737c⋯.png (14.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 500px-Sweden_road_sign_H22….png)

This seems to be a relevant thread, but what can any of you tell me about the "looped square"? I have seen it when looking up things about Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

b6a34b  No.12250131

File: 4cb639607b811d3⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1728x1920, 9:10, Fornsalen_–_Bildstein_mit_….jpg)


Likely just another solar symbol, looks pretty Swastika-like and the connected looping kind of reminds me of the Valknut as well.

a8116d  No.12250200

File: 24d18bea9b76b70⋯.jpg (157.33 KB, 1900x2307, 1900:2307, eternal knot.jpg)

File: 24136aed469497b⋯.jpg (40.7 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, Celtic-Endless-Knot-Patter….jpg)


Reminds me and seems to be a variation of the eternal knot/endless knot. First one is Tibetan and the second one is Celtic.

cd9177  No.12254053


>Then could you please point out some notable examples of Christian architecture originating amongst Christian sub-saharan africans

Sure. Ethiopian monastery. I mean, they're still negroes, but it's better than anything else they've produced. Likewise, if we find an alien race far more advanced than us, it would benefit from Christianity as well.

>or Christian Australian aboriginals?

Look, a kid with Down's syndrome won't become a master just because he believes certain way. However, people with potential will use it properly when they believe in actual worthwhile goals. Christianity offers these. West hasn't achieved anything after it abandoned Christianity.

56b890  No.12254487


Hey big guy I just wanted to bring something to your attention which might shatter your semite point of view.

>glorious pagan rome

ca07b5  No.12254538


We already have one. It is known nowadays as paganism.

56b890  No.12254573



>man if only we had a religion that was native to our people and didnt put some foreign god above our own people

Oy vey that'd make the goyim stop worshiping a kike and have them care about their race, their planet, and their history! We can't have this…

81fbe8  No.12254647


You're more than welcome. Who would have thought that these pearls would not land in mud? What need do barbarians have of silken ceremonial hats?


There's so much background noise, so many to pick from. Who can be sure they have the right map to treasure, with so many about? I despise dogma and ritual- I just can't take someone seriously when they put on robes and pretend to be special.

cd9177  No.12255634

File: 5fa5115f94b3c73⋯.jpg (68.83 KB, 845x321, 845:321, German-Baroque-cover-845x3….jpg)


Roman Empire and Republic were pretty dystopian by Christian standards. Actually killing people for sports, having them raped and eaten by animals… Still, I have a huge historyboner for Greece, Rome and bronze age civilizations. Despite their horrors I don't see them as inherently rotten. Weimar, vikings and whatever we have now, however…

Romans hated child and human sacrifice, and because of that killed the Celtic druids and defeated the Carthaginians in such brutal manner. I would also love to extend that list by including Judea, but they seem to have bypassed the recognition; their open revolt, however, vanquished.

Absolutism and Baroque align with my soul more. It's quite obvious to me that Roman Catholic church continued the Roman mentality and built upon it, as opposed to merely destroying it. Heck, Christianity subverted the Germanic invaders to such Romanboos they conjured up the HRE.

30c9f0  No.12255925


What do you think abut this video ?

Found it weird with the big picture. Did the romans into meme warfare 2000 years ago to stop the moloch meme by introducing christianity ? Was the bible the most antisemitic text ever written to contain the filth but weakened & backfired badly ?

7b886f  No.12256014


can you even be a rational and sane being if you sleepwalk

4027cc  No.12256338

File: 3cad8e4d388881f⋯.png (42.17 KB, 233x281, 233:281, ClipboardImage.png)


>Posts Spic Serrano, the CIA Satanist larper. Fuck off.

This image was made by satanists from The Black Order, you dumb fuck. It has an ouroboros on it ffs

9d5447  No.12256425


















There is ONE source.

We are part of that. EVERY atom in existence is.

I call that source GOD.

Many do too but many do not, that is OK.

What is not OK at this time, is for us not to remember this fact.

We desperately need to remember who we really are.

Meditation is positive for some , however the way to truly connect with God is through your heart♡

We are energetic beings and a long long time ago ( This is our 3rd time here ) we messed around with the atom thinking it was a good idea.

Thought we could make creating better? It was NOT.

And did not.

It cut us off from God.

Instantly put a block.

Got us stuck in a loop.

We messed with negative/positive.

We have been trying to fix our mistake and get that true connection with God back since then.

Over millenia we have forgotten so much.

MANY have reminded us but we have ignore the message and get caught up in the messengers time and time again.

Time and time again.

Time and time again.

LOVE your enemies was said for a reason, because love feeds love and hate feeds hate. However that is almost impossible in this day and age so we need to laugh at them instead as laughter is a lighter energy than hate. Or any feeling you want , just so long as it is not a negative one!!!

We need to fill the world with positive energy not negative.

For ALL.

We can flip the balance, it is very close.

We do not have much time.

I don't want to come back again.. do you ?

We have been gone soo long and want to go home .

Other's have said this far better, it is all out there.

I just wanted to remind you ♡

0335ff  No.12265319

gods- (not necessarily anthropomorphic, sometimes zoomorphic) personifications of natural forces. Or just natural forces(wind, water, earth, rain, storms, growth, etc.) by themselves.

Relevant parts- the two paragraphs that start with 'Apart from some few philosophers, both Christian and Moslem, the gods of the ordinary man have as a rule been as a matter of course anthropomorphic.' and

'We must get back behind these gods of the artist's workshop and the romance-maker's imagination, and see if the religious thinkers of the great period use, or imply, the same highly human conceptions.(chapter one)

and for survival(+nature) being a close part(if not the foundation) of early peoples' spirituality- ''The collective desire personified': on what does the collective desire, or collective dread, of the primitive community chiefly concentrate? On two things, the food-supply and the tribe-supply, the desire not to die of famine and not to be harried or conquered by the neighbouring tribe. The fertility of the earth and the fertility of the tribe, these two are felt in early religion as one.' (chapter one)

source: "Five Stages of Greek Religion by Gilbert Murray"


85584e  No.12265342

File: c964e2cb2195c22⋯.jpg (55.16 KB, 666x666, 1:1, ronpalapocl.jpg)

Christianity = Saturn cult (just like the rest: Communism, Judiasm, esoteric occultists, Islam)

Saturn = Father of the gods

Saturn = Father of the heavens (time)

El = Father of Heaven

El = Father of the gods

El = Father of Jesus (called him "Eli" on the cross)

Baal El = Father of Heaven

Baal El = Father of the gods

Moloch = Baal El

El = Israel (house of El)

Jesus = eating flesh and drinking blood

Jesus = sacrificed child of El

Jesus = King of Israel

Vatican = Pedos

Templars = Fags

Freemasons-Gnostics = sex magic and uniting male with female.

The shitskin numerical time cult of El comes in many forms and only the thunder god was strong enough to kill the motherfucker. El is like the baby boomers, sacrificing their children for their own preservation and power.

"El" (Father of Heaven / Saturn) and his major son: "Hadad" (Father of Earth / Jupiter), are symbolized both by the bull, and both wear bull horns on their headdresses.[20][21][22][23]


Christianity is a Saturn cult. The truth is coming out. The fire is rising.

>But we are told that Ēl slew his own son Sadidus (a name that some commentators think might be a corruption of Shaddai, one of the epithets of the Biblical Ēl) and that Ēl also beheaded one of his daughters. Later, perhaps referring to this same death of Sadidus we are told:

But on the occurrence of a pestilence and mortality Cronus offers his only begotten son as a whole burnt-offering to his father Sky and circumcises himself, compelling his allies also to do the same.

<A fuller account of the sacrifice appears later:

Eusebius, Christian Theologian 314AD

It was a custom of the ancients in great crises of danger for the rulers of a city or nation, in order to avert the common ruin, to give up the most beloved of their children for sacrifice as a ransom to the avenging daemons; and those who were thus given up were sacrificed with mystic rites. Cronus then, whom the Phoenicians call Elus, who was king of the country and subsequently, after his decease, was deified as the star Saturn, had by a nymph of the country named Anobret an only begotten son, whom they on this account called Iedud, the only begotten being still so called among the Phoenicians; and when very great dangers from war had beset the country, he arrayed his son in royal apparel, and prepared an altar, and sacrificed him.

Mind you that Jesus was sent to be the Messiah (in his own words) for the children of IsraEL. His father sacrificed him.

85584e  No.12265351

File: a9be5cad1868242⋯.jpg (80.46 KB, 623x457, 623:457, circumsize jew.jpg)


Circumcision also = Child blood sacrifice to El/Saturn/Elohim/Baal El, father of Christ the child sacrifice.

ac1c7d  No.12267124

Does anyone have any good resources about Roman, and Slavic paganism? I have always been interested in reading into these two, but don't know where to start. Also would like more info into Samhain/other like celebrations, as I would like to have a bonfire this year.

fedd4f  No.12267332


There's a good discord for that

https://discord . gg/hN2sSt

d4f8bf  No.12267352

Semantics do not matter.

What matters is the Knowledge.

81fbe8  No.12295368


Hell yes. People say it's this way or that, and get nowhere. Abandon disputation, and seek the true light! The Perfect Ones, whose names I'm not worthy to speak, were opaque, like muddy water. Who can sit patiently and wait for the mud to settle?


I understand why people dislike Christianity. It perverts the true teachings of Lord Jesus, and obscures his meaning. His true teachings were never written anywhere, or else they're locked up somewhere deep, never to see the light of day. This world is so complicated, who can say what brought about the downfall of that great tradition He started? Catholics say Paul carried on the schooling and traditions and passed them down from pope to pope, all the way to where we are today, to…. pope Francis?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? God save us.

Jesus taught the same Way as others who had attained Perfection. This is why I honor eastern religions for helping to preserve the true sacraments. All of Asia is rejuvenated and blessed by the Great Ones of Immeasurable Strength and Talent that reside there to this very day.


"Gods," so far as I can tell, from all literature at my disposal, as a commoner, appear to be aliens, disruptive interlocutors exploiting the vulnerable southeast Asia of the universe. The Annunaki are said to have created mankind in order to be a gold-mining slave race, from the oldest Sumerian clay tablets as translated by Zachariah Sitchen, one of a handful of people who could read them. Then the Elohim of the old testament fucked them, and made babies that grew into giants. Then some other aliens washed all the genetic mistakes away with a flood. Make no mistake, we are some exotic island resort for rich alien sex tourists. People discretely hope for a return to times where aliens were active in the lives of humans, and perhaps such a time will come again. Times were better then, if the Lament of Hermes is to be trusted.

bd83e0  No.12318697


>The Annunaki are said to have created mankind in order to be a gold-mining slave race, from the oldest Sumerian clay tablets as translated by Zachariah Sitchen

You should try the non-shill translation. Because they lied to you goy.


>Semantics do not matter.

>What matters is the Knowledge.

Etymology is knowledge/history you buffoon.

81fbe8  No.12318769


I'm not saying I believe it, but it does seem credible, what with the ancient mines in South Africa, humanity's proclivity for enslaving one another, the fact that we're so different from every other organism on earth, the sexagesimal number system, etc. What translation are you talking about? Would that I could read those old tablets myself.

cd0e36  No.12324136

File: 049ea4d582b9255⋯.jpg (139.96 KB, 814x560, 407:280, Your (((God))).jpg)

The (((Bible))) is good for you gooY. Kill the first fruits, the first born, the first child. Your (((GD))) of Isra-EL commands this~~~~~~

f261ad  No.12327218

File: d5587b3094e7e26⋯.jpeg (8.82 KB, 184x274, 92:137, d5587b3094e7e262750cc7479….jpeg)


If man, or group of men say a race, wants to persevere unto eternity the only means to do is through God, and comporting to his will; as we all can plainly observe that our own world is on the path of destruction simply by way of the law of entropy alone.

Now by our own reason we can come to a sound belief in God, the immortality of the soul, judgment, and morality-piety. And so any man of sound reason should necessarily believe in such things.However beyond some basic principles if we are to learn anything more about the divine, it must be revealed to us.

As the faith posits, that God revealed himself to the Hebrew oracles and then became incarnate. Here he reveals himself to us in a most intimate way, becoming one of us, and so his true splendor and glory in such a personal way is revealed; not just creating an intimate and personal revelation, God in his incarnate form creates a path for our salvation in his sacraments. As such of all the religions of the world only Catholicism being the Church founded by the God man posse's the fullness of religion, and as such it alone possess the means to salvation.

e42ecf  No.12327465


>Quoting something with willing disregard to context, destroying its meaning.

You are a liar, your words are lies.

e42ecf  No.12327575


The immediate context, for those who care about such things:

>26When I cut off your supplyb of bread, ten women will bake your bread in a single oven and dole out your bread by weight, so that you will eat but not be satisfied.

>27But if in spite of all this you do not obey Me, but continue to walk in hostility toward Me,

>28I will act with furious rage against you, and I Myself will punish you sevenfold for your sins.

>29You will eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters.

Obviously from the context, the cannibalism is the product of starvation, and not as this anon suggests, a commandment.

f57c18  No.12327669

Hail Odin

96792a  No.12327886


We have memes that are the new White/European lore, CNN said so.

>Think for yourself

>Don't take ancient memes too seriously

81fbe8  No.12333092


Modern Catholicism is like the skeleton of a dinosaur. At one time it was large and mighty, but now it is clearly dead. The priests are celibate, and have no idea why. They take daily bread, in the most literal sense of actually eating bread. They carry great rosaries, and move closer to hell with each bead. They make the sign of the cross but do not understand the true meaning of the trinity. They misunderstand the teachings of Jesus and fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah. They fast from food, but never practice fasting of the heart.

Shake the tree of Christianity, you'll get no fruit. And yet, so great and tall is this hulking mass of dead wood that people hear the wind blowing in its dried up branches, and swear they hear the voice of God. I can give them credit for honoring Jesus and the saints, but they are still disciples of death. All the religions that you've ever heard of will only lead to death, because they've fallen before the principalities named in Ephesians. Unaware of how powerful the evil of this world is, people inevitably fall into its snares. Ignoring the yawning abyss beneath our feet, people succumb to the warm embrace of darkness. Growing complacent, people assume the craftsmanship of their boat will triumph over nature.

Reject complacency, and put paddle to wave. Reject dogma and ritual, and engage in real religion. File down worn out keys so that they open locks once more. Old maps that do not lead to treasure are better used as torches to light one's path. All these religions are death, and those with starving spirits have since moved on to seek their daily bread elsewhere.

3df1d1  No.12333177


> Reject dogma and ritual, and engage in real religion.

Ever since learning about the concept of buddhist enlightenment, what I wonder most about world religions is how they all ignore this aspect when it exists as the foundation of all religions. This is what was left out or made obscure. Buddhism wastes no time in pointing directly at it, how to move towards it, and what its benefits are.

81fbe8  No.12333916


The last legitimate sect of Buddhism stood like a lighthouse, beckoning lost souls all around the world to its glory. It wasn't perfect, but no other monasteries were its equal. The dark lord of this world also saw that light, and sent the Chinese government to smash it into a million pieces. Producing no saints, all will be forgotten soon enough, gone the way of yoga, degenerating into exercise fads and fashion statements.

Buddhism is dead, the vultures picking at its corpse have nothing to offer you. In following Christianity, one dishonors Jesus. In following Buddhism, one dishonors Buddha. The nail that stands out gets pounded down, and the real religions are hidden. True, the compass of the Buddha still points north- but the instructions to navigate those treacherous waters are gone and/or misremembered, and this was true even when that lighthouse still stood.

f4e111  No.12334065


Fast, pray, meditate, read the Bible, develop a relationship with Jesus. Disregard churches.

You will find more than you can ever imagine.

9c4ff7  No.12335934


fast? NO! Eat Meat

pray? NO! Study and Learn

meditate? NO! Workout

bible? NO! Read European history and folk tales

jesus? NO! European Gods! European Heroes!

81fbe8  No.12345398


I can see why you say that, I often reflect on what Bezmenov said about meditation. It's no wonder he said it, having been stationed in India, there's no end to the shysters trying to bilk westerners out of their money there. I myself wasted time with lots of different styles of meditation, until I found the true way.

Anyways, it isn't mutually exclusive with any hobby or religion. I enjoy reading stories about the gods and heroes as much as anyone, but at the end of the day, even if it's all true, here we all are just the same.

As for prayer, that is for everyone to decide for themselves. Babies often reject bitter, nutritious food, these things can't be forced.

8a047d  No.12361225

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Aryan spirituality is indissociable from Heroism, in the sense of a transcendence of the human condition. At the apex of this process individuality itself is transcended; A multiplicity of names and faces dissolving into a unity; those we call Orpheus, Herakles, Perseus were formed by an infinity of souls repeating archetypal gestures. The serpent is both an external and an internal enemy. Hyperborea is both a place and a state of mind. Heroism is a spiral ladder - a voyage from flame to flame; conquering the body, disgarding the body, reuniting with the Body.

a0f466  No.12361320

credit for the following text goes to the other poster(s) that wrote it:

>It's hard to believe that people on /pol/ still believe in a semitic faith

Some are obviously JIDF. Some. The rest are mentally deranged semitic worshipers. Each of them have their own headcanon that revolves around denying objective incriminating flaws with christianity. There's no consistency with any of them. They get proven wrong and called out, then they show up in a new thread to recycle the same old points.

Here's some off the top of my head:

> the jews in the bible were good jews!

> wait, they weren't even jews, they were white!

> the old testament proves the based jews were white!

> the old testament is jewish and you don't need it, also read the KJV version only

> the greek original bible doesn't matter either, but read the KJV and dead sea scrolls

> don't believe people who bring up the plagiarism in the old testament, they are pagan LARPers

> the plagiarism in the old testament proves the old testament is jewish, but the new testament is okay

> carbon dating isn't perfect so it's okay that saul of tarsus' letters are older than the books of the old testament

> [placeholder for pathetic attempt to explain why saul of tarsus is explicitly mentioning the plan to convert gentiles to christianity]

> christianity was perfect up until vatican II

> [placeholder for pathetic attempt to explain why the vatican helped the rothchilds become rich]

Bonus: look up testimony on how it used to be customary to kiss the pope's feet if you visited, but never for the rothchilds

> christianity was perfect up until (or after) luther/protestantism

> christianity was perfect up until the council of nicea

> christianity was perfect up until saul of tarsus showed up

> christianity was perfect when it was just gnostic cults

> true christianity has never been tried

> any flavor of christianity is okay as long as it's not ___, also it's good paganism is dead

> killing pagans and supporting would-be rulers with weapons and money who would convert the populace to christianity was okay

^This is not an exaggeration. A semite worshiper has said this on /pol/, with no irony or sarcasm. For that matter, everything I'm listing has been said multiple times across tons of pointless threads

> [placeholder for pathetic attempt to excuse the (((holy roman empire))) in pagan genocides and burning of libraries]

> my specific interpretation of _ means _, therefore christianity is anti-jewish

> [insert revelations re-interpretation, even though it's literally just a jew's pathetic attempt to talk bad about rome and wish for its destruction]

^ The reference to babylon is explicitly a callback to when jews were kvetching about babylon in the old testament - jews saw rome as the new babylon

> christianity will save the white race

> the KJV will (literally) save whites

> jews hate christianity, therefore christianity is good for whites - also the jews in the bible were actually white, but it's okay if they weren't because they were good jews

> jesus whipped jews in a temple, therefore he wasn't jewish and jews hate jesus

> [placeholder for pathetic attempt to disprove that (((jesus))) literally and only hated the pharisees and thus christianity is originally just jew infighting and saul of tarsus saw it as an attempt to make a cult to control whites aka gentiles]

> christianity is literally the reason why whites advanced beyond mud huts

> christianity is literally responsible for all of whites' accomplishments

> my favorite non-christian fiction is actually referencing christianity, and the author owes his his genius to jesus

Note: All placeholders represent major flaws that no semite worshiper has ever answered, because they can't.

Note 2: I am very sure I missed many pointless semitic worship recycled delusions, but if you think this list is long, an exhaustive list would be way longer.

For good measure, because of a definitive lack of actual historical evidence, it's far more likely that saul of tarsus invented the jesus story. Every non-biblical historian mentioning jesus only mentions him because they were noting their observations of christians, who were observed as odd characters. There are two exceptions. One was a gentile historian that worked with the early christians. Archeologists have learned over time that all of his work is fraudulent. Most damning is that his source was a jewish historian. I reiterate: there is an actual and verifiable case that (((jesus))) is not just a fictional invention, but his story was invented precisely when saul of tarsus was sending letters, and this easily explains why some of saul's references to (later) new testament details do not match up.

>Anyone here gonna respond to this guy?

Why would they? Christcucks never argue in good faith. If you read his post, you read every christian thread on /pol/.

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