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File: 69cbcd3d0879d04⋯.jpg (128.05 KB, 940x508, 235:127, MadMax.jpg)

f37d10  No.12050152

Maxime Bernier Leaves Cuckservatives to Make a New Party!



>Quebec MP Maxime Bernier is quitting the Conservative caucus to create a new right-wing party, using his exit to launch a series of scathing attacks against Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and his former colleagues.

>“I have come to realize over the past year that this party is too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed,” Mr. Bernier told reporters in Ottawa on Thursday.

>"The Conservative Party has abandoned conservatives. It does not represent them anymore. And it has nothing of substance to offer Canadians looking for a political alternative."

Here We Go Leaf Anons

24e6b0  No.12050186

Oh fuck, I’m ready. Does anyone know about Bernier’s views on immigration?

ac7e45  No.12050219

We're watching this happen in the US, as represented by the rift(s) between the RINO's, the Zionist/Neocon sect, and the strong emergence of a Patriot/Nationalist inner-ethos which sees what happens when useless wars serve no purpose to this soil; only causing division within the nation, increased debt/debt-service, increased suicides, increased militancy, increased Communism, etc….

>On balance, this is happening within the Democratic party for both similar and completely unrelated reasons; read: WalkAway

c34847  No.12050247


We all knew there was going to be a parting of the ways between Nationalists and Neocohens on the North American continent. I'm just surprised it happened in leafland first.

Make this count, Canucks. Go make a party that actually conserves something for a change, and let those closet trotskyists starve to death in the cold. All Nationalism is ethnonationalism if it's done correctly. Don't let this opportunity go to waste. Make a Canadian Ultranationalist party and do not apologize for any of it.

dbb856  No.12050254

Interesting development but with (((fptp))) any minor party is just wasting /ourvotes/ and splitting off part ofthe right wing vote at this point before next year's election is worrying

b361ae  No.12050268

Good luck northern neighbors. We may have our disputes but I truly hope both of us can get through this time.

f37d10  No.12050325

>The divorce between Mr. Bernier and the Conservative Party goes back to his ouster in June from his role as the innovation critic in Mr. Scheer’s shadow cabinet. The Quebec MP had alleged Mr. Scheer won the leadership in large part because he had the support of “fake Conservatives” set up by the dairy lobby.

>Mr. Bernier’s first choice up to that point had been to run under the Conservative banner in the next election and to run again in the next leadership race. However, Mr. Bernier started thinking about creating a new party when it became clear that he could be kicked out of the Conservative caucus over the policy disagreements, the source said.

>Over the last two weeks, Mr. Bernier has been tweeting about diversity issues and what he called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's “extreme multiculturalism.” Mr. Bernier said the policy will divide Canadians “into little tribes that have less and less in common” and advocated for lower immigration numbers, even though he holds no formal role in caucus.

>His remarks led Mr. Scheer to accuse him of engaging in “identity politics” and to publicly distance the party from Mr. Bernier's views.

>On Wednesday, Mr. Bernier took direct aim at his party's leadership as his caucus colleagues announced a cross-country tour this fall to consult on immigration issues.

a0e75e  No.12050331

File: 93b3727ad1bed29⋯.png (235.59 KB, 500x689, 500:689, men.png)


It can work, but only if you make sure and screen the jews out of everything, and I mean everything. Don't take a single dime from jews, don't let them speak for you, don't let them lawyer for you, don't even allow people who are related to jews in, take every opportunity to name the jew, and when the jew media talks to you, ignore them or browbeat them for being lying trash until they flee.

7b9ab5  No.12050342


I'll keep it short since I'm going to bed. He's from Beauce, which is where my family is from. One of the families in the village where a significant portion if my extended family lives adopted a few niglets. One day, my cousin invited one over to play and he went to use the bathroom. My uncle actually bleached the entire fucking toilet afterwards.

That's how people from Beauce feel about immigration.

7b9ab5  No.12050347

File: 0a74e19d49aeb92⋯.png (1.15 MB, 2030x3396, 1015:1698, c9c0ee84779426ad1112322442….png)


In Quebec, the jews speak english.

7b41dd  No.12050350

he's got my vote.

597001  No.12050362


saging shill thread

bddc6f  No.12050376


>calling the only ok guy in current federal politic a kike

How's your multiculturalism doing Mr Sheer, you splendid pseudo-conservative liberal-progressist and destroyer of true conservative values?

35f8f9  No.12050399


>Quebec accusing the rest of Canada for cucking over non-whites

Yeah, coming from the guys who would sooner give their daughters over to french speaking Haitians than a 'dirty Anglophone'.

bddc6f  No.12050415


Anglos introduced Québec to multiculturalism, you did this moron.

35f8f9  No.12050435


Lol, French niggers were fucking redskins left and right and living with them in their dirty huts long before the Jews masquerading as WASPs starting fucking everything up.

86c19a  No.12050441

Even if this party succeeds, and he somehow becomes Prime Minister, I have no doubt he could stem the tide pouring into this country, but he wouldn't be able to halt or reverse it.

HOWEVER, this is going to be a complete fucking media holocaust with how hysterically sensitive the CBC and leftist news organizations here are, and finally break the taboo of the elephant of the room of Multiculturalism in a very public way and signalling to a giant segment of the disaffected, white rural/blue collar population that now they got a chance to open their mouths.

Party loyalty means absolutely nothing to the majority of Canadians, and his message has pretty widespread appeal outside of the urban sprawl of Ontario-Quebec and other major cities, enough to make sure he and whatever he calls his party won't disappear in the coming election.

Time to finally start driving a political wedge between whites and shitskins/their fans in this country.

0be3ff  No.12050445

File: 544c3dfdbaaa66a⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 1673x2560, 1673:2560, berneirbroscuckislan.jpg)


You mean the clot from (((the establishment))). Back to the CBC website with you.

438fe3  No.12050446

File: da06ed6649ed7fe⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, IMG_20180823_113313.jpg)

This is excellent news indeed. I'll be watching shortly and shilling it to my friends and family if I approve.

86c19a  No.12050455


If you really can't fathom going against the political grain without the support of the political establishment, you're already a slave mentally.

bddc6f  No.12050474


East coast natives are not like your west coast natives; jesuits even reported blonde and blue eyed natives in Labrador region and how fair and good looking the natives were, but this being said we have plenty of blonde and blue eyes since we came from Normandie and other coastal French cities, and not from the asshole of Lucifer during protestant wars that freed peasants like you and sent them to the New World to continue their hysterical heresies and kickstart the (((modern))) era. that place the jews and their values in power globally.

But you know all this already.

c213aa  No.12050479


Hey CSIS-SCRS, what took you guys so long?

f37d10  No.12050498

File: e7974df613deee5⋯.png (138.41 KB, 1482x385, 1482:385, MontrealFalling.png)


>french speaking Haitians

lol those are the same ratity as Haitian Unicorns

41832c  No.12050512

This is good news, worst case he causes the Conservatives to jettison Scheer best case the Conservatives get wiped out.

Don't believe the shills, Political parties in Canada get absolutely crushed on occasion. This is one of those times.

86c19a  No.12050513


Yep, just tick a box every four years and watch the country un-fuck itself right? If you think any asshole that sits in an MPs chair has the capability of turning back the clock, let alone remaking the nation into something better, you are a literal drooling retard.

We're out to break democracy and the political/media/business elites stranglehold on this nation, it has failed us and they have betrayed us. Forcing the system into a hysterical, shitflinging infighting because someone brought up the 'do not talk about' subject and making a wide segment of whites realize that their government actively hates them and seeks to crush them at every turn in favour of wonderful diversity.


>Atomnigger Division talking shit

>Sole notable features of the group: converting to islam and shooting other group members, having poor opsec and getting doxxed en masse, carving pentagrams into some whore's ass to show all your friends.

Lmao, back to 56%er land where you belong.

0be3ff  No.12050538

File: 78f97ebe5e000c0⋯.mp4 (6.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Stephen Harper Declares Wa….mp4)


That's right, people still remember what a piece of shit Harper was/is. Scheer is unpopular and already is seen as a cuck. Cons are done.

6aa667  No.12050551

Poor Sergei

6aa667  No.12050561


Why are you posting here and not fully committed to this direct action principle of yours?

86c19a  No.12050563


>Break democracy = go blow up buildings

Yeah retard, definitely do this instead of turning segments of the system against itself, agitating every demographic to get all mad and entitled to force more divisions, encouraging regionalism and the growth of separatist/autonomy parties to decrease the influence of Ottawa and ultimately force this nation into making a goddam, definitive choice about the future.

Remind me what the fuck you adised doing besides 'hurrr vote tory guys, based free-market oriented shitskins'

41832c  No.12050568


Yea they not only didn't learn from Harpers mistakes, they doubled down.

701dee  No.12050607


This is our chance lads. We can humiliate Scheer and force him into total irrelevancy (from whence he came) and bully Trudeau as a coward afraid of standing next to Bernier.n(Trudeau next to Bernier is Nixon next to JFK 2.0)

At this stage we may have to go local (ppwer level concealed) and pound the pavement for this man and his party.

If we can get Bernier in office and Trump maintains, we can rid all of North Maerica of globalist filth and Marxist tenets.

6aa667  No.12050610

Too late, it’s already started Jared

701dee  No.12050622


From all I have seen he is our only analogue to Trump. The benefit is that we do not share a border with Mexico so shutting down unneccessary and destructive immigration policies is comparatively simple.

Of course, it will be upto all of us to bacl him up and push back the useful fools flooding the streets with Antifa posters and nonsensical platitudes.

We become official enemies of China by supporting Bernier so we need to be ready for an intense propaganda war.

1f8e28  No.12050632

If Macron can build a party in less than a years then win majority and the Presidency theirs is enough time For Mad Max to do this!

1f8e28  No.12050640



>If Macron can build a party in less than a years then win majority and the Presidency theirs is enough time For Mad Max to do this!

6aa667  No.12050653

regulation of speed and traffick lights from both directions so I can’t hear the person stopping behind the hillside over there.

6aa667  No.12050674

Not a Jew OP, my family converted.

b915aa  No.12050742


I predicted here last week he might consider joining Quebec Debout.

bcf897  No.12050748

File: 9a1053d9a52b86f⋯.jpg (66.32 KB, 480x640, 3:4, p6z5d4oV9e1w8gboto1_500.jpg)

File: f7a453cf3608bc8⋯.jpg (300.01 KB, 1128x602, 564:301, f7a453cf3608bc81a2ee346d48….jpg)

bddc6f  No.12050759


Macron had the socialist party sacrifice itself (the PS still alive but very weakened) to be reborn as a pseudo coalition of everyone except the extremes, it was planned all along and done by the globalists…

Bernier is not in the same situation at all.

c6828d  No.12050762

Because I won’t turn tricks for trash?

954dfe  No.12050773


>Get in line goy.


721cf9  No.12050789

File: fab6dddf257b69c⋯.jpg (193.89 KB, 960x814, 480:407, 4e000a6f90f68ce655fdeed70e….jpg)

File: 7a787856c1ccb7d⋯.jpg (190.86 KB, 822x1169, 822:1169, troodomom.jpg)


Heard the good news today.

Was starting to think it wouldn't be worth voting this time around but things changed.

b915aa  No.12050803


A reputation for being 'des bon gars' when it comes to work too.

b915aa  No.12050816



CSIS was the "biker girlfriend" actually. They've been watching him for a while.

41832c  No.12050821


It's more of a dynamic fork of the Conservative Party, I'm not exaggerating when I say that most of the base hates Scheer and his establishment crony cuck supporters .

41832c  No.12050827


samefag edit: Maybe not hate, but defiantly not happy with, this is Canada after all.

f9349a  No.12050849

File: 18a4279a9f7dcca⋯.jpg (593.17 KB, 1280x1795, 256:359, serveimage.jpg)


Fascinating. So how do you explain the massive interbreeding in haiti, lebanon and every other french colony that ever existed?

ff4bf7  No.12050857


The CBC will be calling him “Canada’s Donald Trump” in no time.

015d22  No.12050870

File: 3b405454b49664e⋯.jpeg (50.14 KB, 424x605, 424:605, 3b405454b49664e8f87b92ba9….jpeg)

File: ac4aa01c22f4040⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 1395x784, 1395:784, hendrick_goltzius_der_star….jpg)


I was looking for this for a long time, thanks for posting.

19cfc9  No.12050934


Max actually has the party in chaos because a lot of the politicians of the party agree with him. Scheer is a fucking kike and I think was going to be leader of the party regardless of how many folks voted for Bernier.

Honestly the best chance we have here is that Bernier will crash the cuckservative party and cause the creation of a new one. This is what got Harper elected...


Yanks get out.

557130  No.12050941


So sick of this fucking picture being posted.

>muh anglos

>We got cucked but it wasn't OUR fault

Your constant whining and playing victim is why we despise you. There was a struggle between cultures, and you lost. Your failure to accept this reality has lead to only to your own depression. It was such an embarrassment that your forbears left you to rot. There's still hope, though. Maybe Bernier can make up for two Trudeaus.

41832c  No.12050960


>Maybe Bernier can make up for two Trudeaus.

And one Chrétien.

19cfc9  No.12050983


You fucking idiots need to wake up for a few minutes and realize we're all doomed if we don't work together to sort out this damn mess the boomers have given us. I'm fine with the idea of Quebec being a nation of it's own if the people wanted that, there is no problem with that in my eyes, and I think any real English fascist will agree with that.

701dee  No.12051012


IIRC corectly Scheer won the party vote by (((0.01%)))

I firmly believe Scheer was put in place to lose as he is one of the only men in the world capable of making Trudeau seem authroitative and masculine.

c89a21  No.12051020


This is the first good news I have heard out of Canada in years

19cfc9  No.12051021


Yeah it was something silly like that. I'm not sure if he was put in place to lose, that could a possibility, but I know his policies echo Harper's.

…At least Harper didn't want rapefugees, Scheer probably does/won't roll back Trudeau's bullshit.

701dee  No.12051032


Someone shop the dog into a beaver and also put a moose on the left side.

19cfc9  No.12051034

Somewhat relevant, on this site for their conference, they literally have "Shabbat" from 8-12.


41832c  No.12051066


I know the Cons are kosher, was somewhat surprised that Ezra Lavant was banned. I don't know who is jewing whom now.

89bb01  No.12051189


>Over the past few months, I have been raising policy issues which I believe are crucially important for the future of our country. This is my job as a member of Parliament.

>Moreover, it is my duty, as a Conservative member of Parliament, to contribute to debates and to offer policy solutions from a conservative perspective. Otherwise, what is the point of being involved in politics?

>I am in politics to defend ideas, real conservative ideas. Because I passionately care about Canada’s future. Because I know that the free-market conservative philosophy has the best solutions to ensure our society is more prosperous, secure, and peaceful.

>However, my party’s stand on several issues have convinced me that under the current leadership, it has all but abandoned its core conservative principles.

>I still cannot understand how a party that is supposed to defend free markets supports a small cartel that artificially increases the price of milk, chicken and eggs for millions of Canadian consumers.

>More importantly, supply management has become one of the main stumbling blocks to an agreement with the United States on NAFTA. Former Conservative leaders Brian Mulroney and Rona Ambrose agree that it should be put on the table.

>But the Conservative Party has been siding with the Liberal government. It also supports the retaliatory tariffs of the Liberal government, even though this is going to hurt our businesses and consumers. Even though Canada has no realistic chance of winning a trade war with a neighbour ten times larger. Even though we could successfully relaunch the negotiations if we put supply management on the table, and if we accept President Trump’s offer to negotiate a dismantling of all barriers, as the European Union has done.

>The Liberals are playing politics with this crucially important trade file. They are endangering the 20 per cent of our economy that depends on trade with the U.S., and Canada’s future prosperity.

>But instead of leading as a principled Conservative and defending the interests of Canada and Canadians, Andrew Scheer is following the Trudeau Liberals. I was told that internal polls are showing that the Liberals’ response to Trump is popular. And that in six months, if the polls change, the party’s stand may change too.

>The same thing happened in reaction to my tweets on diversity and multiculturalism. This is another crucial debate for the future of our country. Do we want to emphasize our ethnic and religious differences, and exploit them to buy votes, as the Liberals are doing? Or emphasize what unites us and the values that can guarantee social cohesion?

>Just like in other Western societies grappling with this issue, a large number of Canadians, and certainly the vast majority of Conservatives, are worried that we are heading in the wrong direction. But it’s not politically correct to raise such questions.

>Instead of leading the debate and pushing back against all the unfair accusations, Andrew Scheer chose to avoid the controversy. He and several of my colleagues disavowed me. They are so afraid of criticism by the Left and the media that they prefer to let down millions of supporters across the country who would like us to tackle this issue.

>When the Liberal government recently renewed the unfair and inefficient equalization formula for another five years, I was the only one to criticize it. Not a word from my Conservative colleagues.

>A Conservative party that supports free markets should also advocate the end of corporate welfare. It is not only the principled thing to do, it could also be popular if we defend it in a consistent way. Canadians are tired of paying taxes to bail out Bombardier, Ford and other businesses.

>Instead of taking up this idea, Andrew Scheer announced that he would name a regional minister for all the regional development agencies in the country, as opposed to having only one minister overseeing them as is the case now. He wants a minister from Quebec to distribute subsidies to Quebec, a minister from Atlantic Canada to distribute subsidies to Atlantic Canada, and so on.

>The conservative solution should be to abolish these wasteful agencies. What my party proposes is to make them more efficient at buying votes with taxpayers’ money.

>How can we expect this party to adopt any conservative reform when it comes to power, if it cannot even articulate a clear stand and defend them before it is elected? I am now convinced that what we will get if Andrew Scheer becomes prime minister is just a more moderate version of the disastrous Trudeau government.

>I have come to realize over the past year that this party is too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed.

89bb01  No.12051190


>I know for a fact that many in the caucus privately oppose supply management. But buying votes in a few key ridings is more important than defending the interests of all Canadians.

>The whole strategy of the party is to play identity politics, pander to various interest groups and buy votes with promises, just like the Liberals.

>The Conservative Party tries to avoid important but controversial issues of concern to Conservatives and Canadians in general. It is afraid to articulate any coherent philosophy to support its positions.

>Every public declaration is tested with polls and focus groups. The result is a bunch of platitudes that don’t offend anybody, but also don’t mean anything and don’t motivate anyone.

>Andrew Scheer keeps talking about his 'positive Conservative vision.' But nobody knows what that vision is.

>The Conservative Party has abandoned conservatives. It does not represent them anymore. And it has nothing of substance to offer Canadians looking for a political alternative.

>If we want conservative principles to win the battle of ideas, we have to defend them openly, with passion and conviction.

>That is what I want to do. And this is why as of today, I am no longer a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. I want to do politics differently. I will find another way to give a voice to millions of Canadians. And I will continue to fight for Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.

89bb01  No.12051202


> Scheer is a fucking kike and I think was going to be leader of the party regardless of how many folks voted for Bernier.

Reminder that pedofaggot John Baird announced Scheer as the winner a half-hour before the official results were in on Twitter, then deleted it.

89bb01  No.12051205


Ezra is a moser to them.

89bb01  No.12051212


The only interbreeding going on is Scottish / Irish and French.

6070b0  No.12051221

This is great news but a lot of patience will be required. Setting up a new party and gaining actual support & membership (not just retweets and words of encouragement) will take time. I'd like to see him stay far away from the likes of Ezra Levant (wishful thinking: best way would be to go out publicly against Israel).

89bb01  No.12051231


> I'd like to see him stay far away from the likes of Ezra Levant

Ezra is a known quantity to all conservatives. Like (((Norman Spector))).

96fbe4  No.12051302



>Reduce the total number of immigrants to 250,000 per year

Literally same number minus refugees.

>Focus on recruiting immigrants with specialized skills who will contribute to our economy

This goes against Gender Based Analysis+ government mandate and will never happen without dismantling it at every level of government.

>Immigration must not be used as a tool to forcibly change the cultural character and social fabric of Canada

Meaningless statement with no way to tell how or what would change. Doesnt solve muslim, sikh, chinese, etc 5th columns and segregation and in-group preferences that currently exist.

>Immigration policy must fulfill our economic needs

Platitudes. Again, cant do anything without dismantling GBA+. Would be racist and it is the defining mandate for hiring, policy, laws, immigration and all facets of government.

Additionally, our "economic needs" are debt - its needed to fuel the fiat system and no kids = no debt, so fuck whites, bring more immigrants in and borrow money to fund it and saturate them with more debt to grow the GDP because thats all that matters in this debt slavery system.

Basically, he's cashing in on anti-immigrant/populist movement and going to be a fringe independent with maybe Bloc-like status/seats unless the 49% that voted for him leave the CPC and join his party, which is a possibility.

The CPC membership ballooned and doubled in lead up to leadership vote. Numbers are back down to normal levels. Without dairy cartel votes that flooded the ballet box, he's almost 100% of votes for leadership from actual CPC members. If they all leave party and go with him, there's a chance for his party taking off.

However, there will be no change in government or policies. That's not how our government works. It's not America. We're fucked regardless of who is in power.

41832c  No.12051417


Thanks, I didn't know he shafted the tribe, I don't pay attention to the little weasel.

aa9938  No.12051471


Trump started it buddy. YOu have no idea how much excitement and growing hope I felt here in Canada at seeing the revolt grow under Trump's bid for office and the insane joy on election night when you all stormed the polls despite massive cheating by the Democrats and their illegal immigrant supporters to grasp a glorious victory that will live on for ever in American history.

f66c06  No.12051509

Good on him. Burn the party down and rebuild it. There's no hope in trying to change the country with such a group of jews and cucks. Let the liberals run it to hell while we rebuild

7d7cd5  No.12051544

Assumed he would wait for the outcome of the 2019 but good for him. He can actually do some serious damage against both cucked parties. >>12050186

>Oh fuck, I’m ready. Does anyone know about Bernier’s views on immigration?

Civnat but hes definitely not in favor of massive amounts.

701dee  No.12051554


He is the only man currently capable of bringing GBA bullshit to light and and elucidating people on it's actual purpose. He is also handsome enough to evade being called a "misogynist" or rapist for doing so. He also has the shield of being French, which is politically in Canada like being a Jew in thr USA.

He is our only chance.

af49f1  No.12051566


I heard he got a Oscar for his performance as a Heterosexual.

934d67  No.12051570

When can I join the party?

7d7cd5  No.12051616


>He also has the shield of being French, which is politically in Canada like being a Jew in thr USA.

and it steals the massive base in Quebec instead of them voting for fagdeau. Without Quebec, Ontario and possibly Alberta theres no way Scheer can win.

aa9938  No.12051697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I heard he got a Oscar for his performance as a Heterosexual.

Maxime almost blew his career away permanently for his liking for the ladies…

84119b  No.12051705


Voting for the cuckservative party is 100% identical to voting for the liberal party. Your vote would be wasted no matter what.


This is why Quebec needs to separate. Get these worthless whiny communist faggots the fuck out of here so the rest of us can fix our country. We're being jewed to death and the worthless queerbec shit lickers are crying about white people that speak english. You know you actually has something to whine about? The Acadians. You know who doesn't have anything against english speaking Canadians and also hates Queerbec? The Acadians.


>Anglos introduced Québec to multiculturalism

No, Queerbeckers introduced multiculturalism to Canada.

cd3263  No.12051708


>dismantling GBA+

First order of business, then.

cd3263  No.12051719


>However, there will be no change in government or policies. That's not how our government works.

Get rid of the Privy Council Office then. Redo the constitutions. You sound just like a concern troll bureaucrat I'm suing.

e5250b  No.12051724

Whew lads, how does a man act heterosexual? Is there a specific behavior that determines this? If a man willingly fucks another man without coercion, how can anyone even say he is fit to say another man is heterosexual? Even if that man is a tranny, which isn’t real btw, he’s still willingly putting his dick into another man.

cd3263  No.12051725


That "biker babe" was a CSIS asset.

aa9938  No.12051736


Vancouver BRITISH Columbia is wall to wall faggotry and drug addiction.

And Trudeau was a fucker it's true but Mike Pearson before him was a communist spy.


Not surprised.

The entire FLQ Crisis was Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the RCMP dirty tricks department as was the FLQ bombing campaign as the MacDonald Commission showed before it was hastily shut down by the government.

aa9938  No.12051753


>Anglos introduced Québec to multiculturalism

>No, Queerbeckers introduced multiculturalism to Canada.

No it was perfect here when it was French and then the Anglo jews came in here and shitted the place up. Total disaster.

No creativity, no inventiveness, just sell real estate to the Chinese communists and the Sikhs their fifth collumn of mercenaries they used to conquer and subjugate India.

You guys are too fucked to even know your own history. But now it's too late; you've been sold out by your own upper class who never gave a shit about you. Same treason as Kenya and Rhodesia.

Same treason we're seeing now in Britain itself.

You're too blind and stupid to understand that your anus hurts because there's a circumsized jew dick buried in your ass.

7d7cd5  No.12051754


>Whew lads, how does a man act heterosexual? Is there a specific behavior that determines this?

For starters, not being a faggot.

e5250b  No.12051763


>Anon, I clearly defined how I am not.

7d7cd5  No.12051777


>>Anon, I clearly defined how I am not.

Not you anon, just in general.

7d7cd5  No.12051791

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just watch this Scheer faggot squirm during the presser. KEK!

Get ready to get ass blasted you feminist.

cd3263  No.12051796


CSIS is probably going to be disbanded once certain things come out. They're involved in Uranium One.

cd3263  No.12051803


Some call it soy mouth, I call it cocksucker's cramp.

cd3263  No.12051809


Anglo kikes and their freemason pets.

96fbe4  No.12051812

File: c75088a20902462⋯.jpg (109.13 KB, 676x960, 169:240, canadaWilfriedLaurierIAmCa….jpg)


What first world country have you seen redo their constitutions/charters? Trudeau campaigned on at least voter reform, but backed out on that when realized it would fuck liberals completely. The CBC needs to be dismantled, the charter of rights and freedoms ripped up and complete overhaul of provincial power and turfing of the prime minister position for a presidential election independent of parties.

The party system is leadership based. Whoever buys the leadership wins. Its most corrupt system possible. You vote the leaders way or you get drummed out of politics - its why 100% liberals vote for M103 despite like 70% of Canadians being against the bill. They dont listen to constituents or vote in their favour - they have to tow leadership line or they are done.

First past the polls and no electoral college means GTA and Montreal areas decide elections. They have over 60% of seats. Atlantic provinces only have about 20 seats total compared to their 160-180ish. Alberta is the golden goose for Canada and basically funding everyone (just look up transfer payments to provinces) and have been fucked since NEP and Pierre Trudeau days. His son continued with Energy East and other oil sanctions. They have barely any say in deciding elections. Not enough seats.

First past poll means you should vote whatever GTA and Quebec are voting - not what your area/MPs are best. Youll get more federal support with leading party. Your vote doesnt matter in this system.

If America had our system, California would decide every election. It wouldnt matter if 51 other states wanted someone else - that's what our system does for GTA and Montreal areas.

Trudeau has this much power over us with a fucking 38% majority. 38 fucking percent. Americans are upset over a fucking small gap in popular vote for Hillary. Trump has so much trouble implementing policies because their system has more power for states in the union. Our provinces are slaves to federal.

There will never be any change. You can sue whoever you want and talk shit online. Pierre Trudeau destroyed this country and sold every Canadian into socialist slavery when he sold our national bank, started multiculturalism, destroyed our energy sector with NEP and ruined our immigration laws. There's no coming back from it now. Our country is too big and spread out to march on capital or establish anything. Media is owned by government and controlled to act against our interests and label us nazis or white nationalists. Muslim Brotherhood and arabs have too much control in our government now. Chinese have too much control in our government and own too much land and are destroying our housing market. Our own government discriminates against its people and silences opposition and aging population dont care - they have their pensions and retired. Canada is dead. Crows are picking at the corpse.

7d7cd5  No.12051814

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Bernier presser

8af9a4  No.12051822

File: 4a32fe6a149e883⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 300x225, 4:3, no.jpg)


So excited for the NDP to ruin this fucking country because we're splitting the conservative vote. Just kidding, there is nothing left to ruin.

7d7cd5  No.12051831


>There will never be any change. You can sue whoever you want and talk shit online.

No one says you cant have fun on the way down.

e5250b  No.12051842

>You don’t reach that level by being weak

7d7cd5  No.12051904


>So excited for the NDP to ruin this fucking country because we're splitting the conservative vote. Just kidding, there is nothing left to ruin.

Exactly. The bernier run will be exciting regardless.

41832c  No.12051931

Remember ignore blackpills and D&C shills. As far as I'm concerned, English vs French is suspended while we curb stomp the cucks.

df1241  No.12051939

Like how you said you were trying to help, and you call me a nigger

df1241  No.12051942


Shut up cocksucker

41832c  No.12051949


Go eat a bag of jew dicks, loser.

13ba61  No.12052065


(((Plantations owners))) literally payed white overseers/guards per mixed babies as mixed slaves were more docile than feral ghouls.

There are entire weekly logs with names, dates, times, amounts of copulation.

French colonies, with the exception of Quebec then Algeria, where never actual colonies (to populate), just trade, concessions posts and plantations.

As a result the population was a handful of white owners, security and necessary craftsmen and a shitload of slaves.

Mixed slaves simply seen were as an easy way to both augment and better the workforce without paying (((slave traders))).

84119b  No.12052085


>Vancouver BRITISH Columbia is wall to wall faggotry and drug addiction.

Uh huh? How is that a rebuttal? "Well sure we're trying to destroy the country and blame it on white people, but some white people are degenerates!".


>No it was perfect here when it was French and then the Anglo jews

Jews are not anglos, anglos are not jews, and queerbeckers are the ones pushing communism in queerbeck. The evil anglos had nothing to do with it.

>You guys are too fucked to even know your own history

Says the idiot repeating literal jewish propaganda. "If the kike media in queerbec says it was all the evil anglos fault then obviously it must be true! Our greatest allies the based jews certainly did nothing wrong! Multiculturalism is great, thank you Schlomo for giving us pastrami!".


>There are entire weekly logs with names, dates, times, amounts of copulation.

Then show us. Stop making up nonsense and back up your fantasy land bullshit.

df1241  No.12052092

>Hang yourselves Kebab.

24e6b0  No.12052122


This. Let’s not be divided on the English vs. French. Let’s come together as white European Canadians, as Canada was intended for

b74d5c  No.12052130


>English vs French is suspended while we curb stomp the cucks.

Agreed. The 49.9% Bernier got vs Scheer was the entire young vote. The cuckservative party was just destroyed today and that faggot Scheer knows it. At most it will be a minority government which will give even more time for Bernier to pick up steam.

96fbe4  No.12052172



bernier got almost all true conservatives. dairy cartel flooded party because bernier is against them. dairy is reason for nafta and ceta failing and tariffs.

84119b  No.12052180



It is not, and never has been English vs French. Stop slandering French Canadians by lumping us in with Quebecers. It is not English vs French, it is Canadians vs Quebecers. All of the French speaking people of New Brunswick, Ontario, and Manitoba all hate Quebecers too. The jews have been pushing "anglos are the source of all your problems" in the Quebec media for so long that nobody there is old enough to have ever heard anything else. They don't even realize they are leeches that get billions from the rest of the country, they think Canada needs Quebec. This isn't something that can simply be set aside and ignored, it is something that the rest of Canada will set aside, and Quebec will still go on hating us and blaming us for everything anyways and deliberately sabotaging any efforts to unfuck our nation. Remember, Quebecers are the ones who fucked Bernier out of the leadership and got us Scheer the queer.

77829e  No.12052200


I used to exclusively refer to Francos as "frogs." These days I get in arguments with people talking shit about Quebec. You guys are doing Europa's work. Keep it up. While I can't necessarily speak for other Irish, i can tell you that I, for one, have your back.

Canada is a Red and White nation, and it always has been, and it always will be. If you're brown, big-nosed, or yellow, get the fuck out.

c78f43  No.12052266


a2731b  No.12052395

File: d4be1c30ba54401⋯.png (1007.36 KB, 832x832, 1:1, Bernier.png)

Nice meme potential on pic related

a2731b  No.12052420


>bernier got almost all true conservatives. dairy cartel flooded party because bernier is against them. dairy is reason for nafta and ceta failing and tariffs.

Cuckservatives are finished. You would think these retards would have picked up on what happened during the ford win but instead chose to ignore it, thinking "they will vote anything but fagdeau, so we win!". Wrong Jeb lite, the ass blasting will be fuckin glorious.


>I used to exclusively refer to Francos as "frogs." These days I get in arguments with people talking shit about Quebec

I still do but its all good.

372975  No.12052440

File: 5169b7d6db05b83⋯.png (412.45 KB, 520x545, 104:109, Capture.PNG)


Thanks Max! I thought Zoolander was finished, but now I know how it's likely to go. I'd still vote for you Max.

24e6b0  No.12052508

There’s some Canadian anon on 4/pol/ who said that he’s a natsoc and will join Maxime’s party. Just thought I would share that

268456  No.12052549


Fuck canada


Fuck canada


Hey bud- fuck canada


You can't and fuck canada

be94fd  No.12052577


Found the kike.

be94fd  No.12052587


>All of the French speaking people of New Brunswick, Ontario, and Manitoba all hate Quebecers too.

It's because they're usually leftists. Beauce-bros and Gaspesians are a-ok.

268456  No.12052588


Checked your dubs but you're wrong

White American and also fuck canada

be94fd  No.12052600


>Alberta is the golden goose for Canada and basically funding everyone

Albertans are whiny selfish kiked faggots. You don't see Newfoundland complaining now that they're contributing money since they developed all that oil and gas.

be94fd  No.12052612


In New Brunswick next month these are my choices:

Liberal and PC, both (((women))).

Green party candidate who is a (((Shriner)))

Purple People Eater Party who is a regular (((Mason))).

96fbe4  No.12052624


newfies were forced into a deal with Quebec that fucked them hardcore. they get basically free energy from the newfs and get to export their own for more.

268456  No.12052632



I know about Alberta and southeast sask

Fuck them too

God damned canada sent a jew owned canadian oil co down to the uS and fucked over local companies

Fuck canada AND alberta AND all of sask and every god damned oil sand pit and leaf

I hope it floods then freezes then burns to a crisp

b55f9e  No.12052665


Really the only solution is to divide it up along the Manitoba/Ontario border. I'd like to see which goes bankrupt first.

be94fd  No.12052672

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

be94fd  No.12052677

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

be94fd  No.12052734

File: 951f0f2a5bf66d2⋯.jpg (71.79 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 1535066660862.jpg)

File: 16875f3e17320f6⋯.jpg (151.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1535065467082.jpg)

Uh oh… looks like we may have to deal with the Minister of Clean Rooms in our future, but hopefully he won't cause too much damage.

84119b  No.12052760


While queerbeckers are leftists, that's not why everyone hates them. They hate them because they are narcissistic fuckwads that contribute nothing and complain about how oppressed they are.

be94fd  No.12052785


When you vote for a woman, you vote for a jew.

268456  No.12052822


Mmmm hmmmmm , kind of like canada as a whole eh?

EH???? CUCK!!!?!?!?!?

Fuck pisssssnada you deserve what you faggots get and I'll laugh all day

be94fd  No.12052875

Salt mining here:


268e7f  No.12052945


*facepalm* not if she's a gentile…

cfd8f8  No.12053050

Is it feasible to build a federal party with candidates representing enough ridings to be relevant for the 2019 election?

81f3d5  No.12053197


Ho yeah… when the truth come out about all the dirty deed of our Canadians "Elite" their is going to be hell to pay.

81f3d5  No.12053201


Macron did it in France. Why not Mad Max?

7b9ab5  No.12053235


What you're sick of is being reminded that your country is based on a fucking lie.

be94fd  No.12053280





be94fd  No.12053285


Maybe London can take them in.

1848bd  No.12053304

Tellement de chiens anglos qui disent de la marde…une stat est important…95% des anglos du Québec votent pour le parti Libéral. Bonne journée…

d0136b  No.12053340


ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND there is a split on the right, perpetrated by the kikes.

Right Wing / Conservatives - never going to win the vote.












268e7f  No.12053368


What's your point, schizo?

1ed2cc  No.12053392

>inb4 blackpill

Doesn't really matter that he's doing this; it's solely to spite the Conservatives (not that I blame him). It's nice and all but realistically it's nothing more than a cute thought. There's barely over a year until the next election. Either the Liberals will retain or worse, the NDP will take over. The Conservative voters here proved how fucking cucked they are by voting in Scheer to lead the party.

>but look at Doug Ford, he trashed the Liberals super hard

Yes, and that's all good but that happening has to do more with people hating Kathleen Wynne (Lesbian Granny) than the party as a whole or its leadership (Le Current Year Man); and now with DUDE WEED LMAO set to finally be legalized in two months a lot of them will probably be more content with things since a lot of them voted on that issue alone.

I'll toss Max a vote if he's still around and hasn't cucked by then but I don't expect him to even be in politics half a decade from now. It's a nice gesture and it'll help gauge just how fucked the country is based on how the results go, but I don't see BC not voting liberally since they're even more of an Asian colony than they were last time around, the maritime provinces usually go red, the northern provinces are a lock as always to go red (they might go orange though which is worse), and Quebec will likely be a bit more likely to go blue but I wouldn't bet on it (although he'd definitely get a boost in his numbers from them). The prairies will likely all go blue, but of course the biggest factor for the whole country is Ontario. As said before, it's great they shit all over Trudeau's party earlier but who knows what will happen in almost exactly 14 months. I think it'll be close between the Liberals and Conservatives like last time but both will lose the share of the vote which the NDP will pick up on making it even more of a three team race to our future as part of the third world.

86502e  No.12053401


Eat a dick you Scheer shill kike faggot.

86502e  No.12053408


I have hopes for 2019, but we might have to play the long game.

be94fd  No.12053416


>split on the right

Scheer and Trudeau are competing for the same block of liberal (small l) voters.

But nice try.

be94fd  No.12053429


>Either the Liberals will retain or worse, the NDP will take over.

Singh has literally zero public profile.

(Seeing a lot of tourists in this thread, BTW. Max have you cucks spooked?)

1ed2cc  No.12053431


There is no time to "play the long game". Whites here are set to be less than 50% of the population by, what, 2040 or some shit? And that's assuming we're told the truth about our demographics (which you can bet we're not). Talking about playing the long game was foolish twenty years ago, and now it's just worthy of eye rolling to suggest it.

be94fd  No.12053448


Realistically 2019 will have a Trudeau or Scheer minority (depending on how the refugee issue shakes out). Bernier has a few choices… most likely is that he gets some of the hardcore conservatives to join him, more likely he gets a rump like the Reform Party did under Manning. 2023 is probably more realistic for forming government.

107161  No.12053449


Peterson was the leading voice in the opposition to M103 and Bernier was the only one who listened and will repeal it.

be94fd  No.12053451


>Whites here are set to be less than 50% of the population by, what, 2040

In Toronto.

86502e  No.12053453


Well there's no other choice, Scheer wouldn't be much different than Trudeau for 4 years.

1ed2cc  No.12053479


>Singh has literally zero public profile.

Yet. They'll (media) go insane for him in the upcoming year, especially close to the election. They'll prey super hard on the cuck contingent of the country who fear having some sort of Canadian DRUUUUUUUPMDFPGZZDFPGPPPPPFFFFFFF here. "Oh my god, wouldn't it be cool if we had a brown PM? We can show the Americans how real democracy works!" And what profile does Bernier have? Oh right, he was "too radical" for the liberals Conservatives and now has a party that should maybe come in 4th above the Greens. What profile does Scheer even have for that matter? "Haha, just happy to be here. Don't rock the boat! I love the Chinese just as much as my own kids!"

>(Seeing a lot of tourists in this thread, BTW. Max have you cucks spooked?)

Nigger, I can't be in every thread posting at all times. Just because I was a (1) when you replied doesn't make me some shill or something.


No, I mean the country as a whole. Toronto's already at like 51% or some shit. It'll be less than half well before 2040.


I know there's really no choice. That's why I said I'd still give Max a vote (as long as he doesn't cuck). I'm just saying to be realistic about this stuff.

045d14  No.12053709


>What first world country have you seen redo their constitutions/charters?


36a666  No.12053915


Stand on a street corner and show a photo of Scheer to passers-by all day. Guarantee that less than 1-in-100 could identify him. Trudeau is the most defeatable PM since Kim Campbell, yet Scheer is silent and invisible; it's almost as if his job is to ensure idiot boy's second term.

dcdaf4  No.12054001


Canada has a representative system not a first past the post system

6dd64e  No.12054227


>Canada has a representative system not a first past the post system

Much easier to get a new party into power. NDP and green are just alternative commie platforms so people just vote liberal.

24e6b0  No.12054319

Do you think this will affect the Canadian Nationalist Party at all (even though they're still small)? Also, do you think Bernier will be against (((globalism))). I just really want a Jew-wise politician

1ed2cc  No.12054394


>Do you think this will affect the Canadian Nationalist Party at all (even though they're still small)?

If Bernier seems to have any momentum he'll probably just absorb their votes like how Trump did with people; even though he might not be as good as they want, he's way better than the other big alternatives.

>Also, do you think Bernier will be against (((globalism))). I just really want a Jew-wise politician

Doubt he'd be wise to the JQ. He's a well known politician - in Canada of all places. If he is, we all know he could never say it publicly. As for being against globalism (I get what you're implying there but I'll just answer it as a separate thing), yes I'd imagine he'd be against it. In terms of being very vocal about curbing immigration and whatnot, he'd have to tread extremely lightly if he wants to win. Even so, I don't think he can really address it much without it causing massive blow back. We've got way too many Asians (including Pajeets and kebab) now whose votes influence things, and too many others are still too chained to the idea that Diversity is Our Strength™. Boomers are a wild card since all they care about are their gibs and being able to watch HNIC and worship Subban's cock on a brand new flat screen in peace. If Bernier could appeal to them that would be huge. If the Liberals/NDP offer better gibs though (which they likely will since it's half of their platform), well…

bddc6f  No.12054867


Québec's ties were severed with France literally from the time of the conquest to the mid 20th century, so all this colonial history does not concern us and one of the biggest argument i've found to be working in Québec is to say that since we never took part in any colonial or slave business and we are not free, why should we "free" everyone and everything in our country except us and accept their insults as whites and europeans on top of it?

Québec is boiling once again and this time it came from outside: Trump.

bddc6f  No.12054881


>No, Queerbeckers introduced multiculturalism to Canada

The (((Conquest))) introduced multiculturalism to the New-France in the form of a bilingual Canada.

We sided with the boers during the anglo-boers wars, unlike you traitor'

96fbe4  No.12055616




They are fucking broke. They cant even pay Singh. Singh doesnt even attend parliament - gave up his seat. He literally has no say in politics for the country and is the "leader" of the NDP. He's an open terrorist supporter and marches in parades for a Khalistan.

The NDP is a dead party that will be lucky to have any seats. And we've had multiple conservative parties before with Reform. You literally have no idea what you are talking about. Use of cuck implies a teenager or retarded liberal university drone. Fuck off.

be94fd  No.12055768


>Doubt he'd be wise to the JQ.

LOL, of course he's wise to the JQ, but as a politician he has to hide his power level, like Trump does.

be94fd  No.12055771



be94fd  No.12055777


>since we never took part in any colonial or slave business and we are not free, why should we "free" everyone and everything in our country except us and accept their insults as whites and europeans on top of it?

This is why anyone who talks down Quebec should rightly be viewed as a kike and a shill. Also, they went through their SJW explosion 15-20 years ago, look up "reasonable accommodation."

be94fd  No.12055783

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Posted this last week, guess not everyone saw it.


The mayor was wise to kikery.

84119b  No.12055855


>white countries are multiculturalism

>having to lie about an ancient irrelevant kike war to try to feel good about yourself

Just leave. Seriously. Go away. We do not want you. Nobody in Canada has ever wanted you. You are worthless scum. There's only one province where the majority of people think “reasonable accommodations” should be made for illegal immigrants rather than simply deporting them. Everyone else in Canada, even fucking Ontario and BC, think illegals should be deported. But 70% of queerbeckers think we should accommodate them instead. You are the problem. You have always been the problem. Get the fuck out of our country you scum. French Canada is in the maritimes, not queerbec.

be94fd  No.12055910


What the fuck are you smoking anon? Oh right, you're just a D&C shill, likely paid for by the Liberals.

86c19a  No.12055914

File: 3ee77825235cd3f⋯.jpg (17.76 KB, 400x337, 400:337, xhgy0cqj9av01.jpg)

>Anglo vs Franco posting devolves into Acadien vs Quebecois posting

How bout ya'll give each other the benefit of a doubt since the other guy's on the site for the same reasons you are and stop spouting the arguments of dead men about issues that have long passed into irrelevancy.

>Your provincial political history is marginally more retarded and degenerate than mine, you are the reason for all of our problems etc.

be94fd  No.12056001


>Acadien vs Quebecois

Data mining and D&C, anon.

ba01a2  No.12056012

Nope the cops are just as bad, all of you are literally trash

ba01a2  No.12056013

No one. I will ally with no one. None of you can be trusted

581cc8  No.12056023


Who the fuck are you replying to?

5efebd  No.12056165

File: 6d241e72d14a97a⋯.jpg (46.74 KB, 720x522, 40:29, Gondola is superior.jpg)


shaddap frenchie

Wolfe was a badass who duped your Montcalme into believing he had 30% more soldiers than he actually did.

211978  No.12056590


Stop crying bitch nigger. You accomplish nothing by saying you can't beat the state unless you march lockstep with the state. Hitler hated people like you.

bb91a7  No.12056713


>Whites here are set to be less than 50% of the population by, what, 2040 or some shit?

Officially, it's supposed to be 2036, but in reality it will be by 2030 at the latest. The 2036 projection was based on lower immigration rates from a couple of years ago, and also doesn't properly factor in chain migration (family reunification) and student and worker visas (that get extended forever until they somehow just become citizens).

The 2016 census shows that 20% of Canadians do not speak English or French, up from 8% in 2011. Do the math.

6b4af6  No.12056733


>Minister of Clean Rooms

Haha, that actually sounds good.

bddc6f  No.12056740


You are a shitskin, Liberals paid you to shitpost from a third world country and you are terrible at it.

Your mere presence is an abomination to the fine souls.

bddc6f  No.12056790


Good stuff.

96fbe4  No.12056886



First past the post. Canada's electoral system is referred to as a "first past the post" system. The candidate with the most votes in a riding wins a seat in the House of Commons and represents that riding as its Member of Parliament (MP).

Nice try. Please stop commenting on politics.

180dde  No.12057127

File: ef10e7a51237408⋯.png (354.15 KB, 936x798, 156:133, sjhd.png)

>From huffpaint

Now these faggots are bitching that hes going on family vacation for a week.

be94fd  No.12057171

6058f6  No.12057182


Huffpaint lol I love it.

7d7771  No.12057348


This is the problem with first past the post, but its not exactly the be all and end all. If Maxime's party actually does manage to catch fire and draw votes away from the conservatives, then even if they were a NDP size third party the Conservative government would still power broker with the new party. This was the same threat that the Liberals used when they looked at co-aligning with the NDP, the problem is that they hate each other so much that its a race to the bottom for the two parties. As long as the right wing parties were willing to make alliances, which probably would mean Scheer would have to go, then there is no reason a coalition couldn't work.


I'm currently actively backing Albertan separation because of Trudeau, if an actual federal party manages to oust that shit head I will fully support it, unless its NDP, I don't support Commies, no matter how much I hate the alternative.


Calm down JF, its not good for your blood pressure. Go eat a poutine, calm down, and get back to it.


He's said there are downfalls to diversity, now lets reward him for that, we need political actors who are willing to actually say and do things, this new party will need new members, so now it will be the time to actually get politically involved. Even if it's not muh 'ethnostate' stopping our coastal provinces from further becoming dumping grounds for the 3rd world and China annexing Vancouver one property at a time, as well as stopping the fucking Somalis coming over the border from the US will be fine with me.


Admittedly I'd have tapped that ass when she was in her prime. Fidel probably had a good time with that.


Exactly people forget that until it united with the alliance and dropped that idiot Joe Clark, the Conservatives were essentially a dead party.




Its a start, if you have a true right leaning party that takes power, it gives the impetus for more right leaning politicians to come in, and a more solid voting block to dictate changes. Rinos are failing in the US primaries versus other republicans, this might be our opportunities to actually institute a hard change. The major unfucking will come with the election of provincial governments, Alberta is going to go right, Notley is so hated that they would basically coalition with Satan to get her out, hoping that the leadership is actually up to snuff this time. As for Sask they have their own right wing party, I can see changes coming, its just slow.


Basically, I've never had any problems with francophones, the only assholes I've ever met were Quebecois.


Provincial parties are similar but not thankfully fully aligned with the federal parties, I have no doubt that Doug will do a good job. Meanwhile in other parts of the country right wing parties are slowly gaining momentum, the west will lead the way. I don't disagree with you though on the vote split in Ontario, hopefully they will have the good sense to vote blue, but I wouldn't hold my breathe, they are the main source of most of this gender queer bullshit that's poisoned our political and civil discourse.


The issue with the NDP isn't that its a relevant or irrelevant party, its the fact that they have always been a split for votes in the general and provincial elections, but also they are and always have been good at recruiting young people, and therefore take votes. I hate the NDP, so much so I broke the youth league at my college during my time there by being the unofficial opposition and attending their meetings and asking platform questions, they hated me man, but it still didn't start them from insisting on having their damn meetings even when I'd red pilled three quarters of the former members, idiots still supported it.

be94fd  No.12057362


>Joe Clark

I call Scheer that, and I suppose that makes Max a franco Mulroney.

f37d10  No.12057372

File: a1918bfc8879bc6⋯.jpg (14.2 KB, 500x625, 4:5, CatBlur.jpg)


Yet they don't complain when Turdwater (Trudeau) takes 11 vacation days at resorts, comes back to pose for photos at a Terrorist attack memorial, then goes back on vacation.

The Kikes couldn't be more obvious.

3ca4ab  No.12057438


> This was the same threat that the Liberals used when they looked at co-aligning with the NDP, the problem is that they hate each other so much that its a race to the bottom for the two parties.

No they don't hate each other. They basically run a more retarded version of the same platform.

The reason why they haven't united is because when libs shit the bed, the fall back plan to catch all of the protest votes is the NDP. If both were united under one party, the only other party would be the cuckservatives. The ontario result would have been much worse for them had the NDP not existed. Its the same multi shitlib party strategy used in europe.

By creating a second legit cuckservative platform, it gives cuckservatives an alternative to vote on. Difference with maxs platform is its actually a conservative platform, not the lib light bullshit that the PCs have been pushing for decades. Brown tried to push this crap in ontario and they turned on him.

Bernier may not catch lightning in a bottle for 2019 but he'll do enough damage against both parties to make a difference and keep the entire gov in a minority. The more Bernier talks about sound economic principles, the worse the PC party looks.

And yes I understand that voting alone won't make a damn difference when all is said and done but it forces these kikes to constantly overreach to ram through their agenda. Kikes can't operate in the open for all to see otherwise their slaves won't fight tooth and nail for them in the future.

084d10  No.12057742


I get that he'd want to maintain momentum of the news but when else is he supposed to vacation?

>Vacation before quitting party


>Vacation much later from now


It's goddam summer huffpo

084d10  No.12057753


Also if the Madmax road war party runs in my riding I am seriously considering volunteering just so I can get in on the ground floor of pulling the party further right

107161  No.12057760

20245b  No.12057794


>I get that he'd want to maintain momentum of the news but when else is he supposed to vacation?

I prefer he goes now while they try to bog him down with the "you're raycis" bullshit and prepare for the months ahead.

af3886  No.12057835

this is BOGanon. Understanding what happened right before the school system

and government of ontario both worked in colusion to allow a ciriculum that

was written by benjamin levin who at the time of working on said ciriculum

was a leader of incestous pedophile community on the internet. but he was not

alone in this. as many of us know the elite set up things as a play and have

many puppets for these plays. Which brings us to glen murray who like benjamin

levin was also from winnipeg manitoba. glen murray was a politician in winnipeg

glen murray got his hair cut at OZ the hair place. glen murray fostered a underage

prostitute. yet nothing to hold those that were sexually exploiting

his foster "son." also during his time as mayor of winnipeg boys in child and

family services were selling themselves at bonnycastle park which was a 5 minute walk

from OZ the hair place. OZ the hair place was owned by kevyn bater which is sometimes

spelled kevin bater. if you look up this man you won't find much of an online presence

for a guy who cut hair for once cut hair for former mayors and public personalities

such as charles adler. if you look online you will find another business called

OZ hair and skin in kitchener ontario. you will also find a man named kevin bater

in kitchener ontario. it might be nothing but i need an ontario anon to get me a picture

of this kevin bater. i will show it around to confirm if he was the owner of oz the hair place

once glen murray was finished as mayor of winniepeg he went to the united states before being

asked to go to ontario to become a politician there.


here is an archived link of an article of torontolife.com the article is quoted as stating

"Glen Murray had never failed before. Here was a politician with an unblemished record of

triumphs—elected three times as a city councillor in Winnipeg, twice as mayor. Then, in

2004, he lost his campaign for a seat as a Manitoba MP, a race he fully expected he’d win.

The loss especially hurt because it was so close: by fewer than 1,000 votes. That summer,

happy to have the distraction, he agreed to travel across the U.S. and study regional

economic development for the American State Department. The trip gave him time to work

out his frustrations and reflect on the vagaries of political life. Less than 24 hours

after returning to Winnipeg, he took a call from the blue-chip Toronto architect Jack Diamond,

who was busy building the city’s new opera house. What was Murray doing now, Diamond wanted

to know, and would he like to come to Toronto? Diamond, along with the Ace Bakery founder and

philanthropist Martin Connell, had pulled together an A-list of urban-issue-obsessed

Torontonians who wanted Murray here. John Fraser, the master of Massey College, was on

the list, as were Michael Goldbloom, then publisher of the Toronto Star, and George Baird,

then dean of U of T’s faculty of architecture, landscape and design. Murray soon had a stack

of job offers—a senior residency at Massey College, a fellowship in the faculty of architecture,

a position at the Toronto Star writing an urban affairs column—all of which he’d accept. The

city had rolled out the red carpet."

another way of saying this is he went to the USA to network with the pedophiles before being called upon to make worst case ontario more then just a meme

be94fd  No.12058057

File: f7c43de682d5fac⋯.jpg (21.2 KB, 474x266, 237:133, mei.jpg)


>kike media

You want to know the only celeb on TV in mei house?

be94fd  No.12058099

File: 778467ad69cf233⋯.jpg (127.57 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 1519542465464.jpg)



There's that Wizard of Oz imagery.

>Massey College

Can't spell Massey without ASS.

I don't doubt you (because I know someone who worked on Murray's campaigns) but you've been flogging this before.


be94fd  No.12058116


The NDP will absolutely unperson you if you move from them to the Liberals, however. They're so petty they took down Hazen Argue's painting (CCF leader) at party HQ.

t. former dipper

cc3a2d  No.12058177


I focused really heavy on demographics when looking at the census results, never really tried to look into that way (not speaking english or french).

934d67  No.12058339

Disappointing to hear that Doug Ford is calling for party unity.

b279c9  No.12058380


>The NDP will absolutely unperson you if you move from them to the Liberals, however. They're so petty they took down Hazen Argue's painting (CCF leader) at party HQ.

All a performance. The reality is they're both the same crap.

bddc6f  No.12058515


Wolfe had boats and sea control, end of the story.

bddc6f  No.12058537


But Alberta does not have what it needs to be a nation, only Québec does and if we leave we may pretty much end up inheriting the canadian history (failed bilingualism and multiculturalism that the english started) against our will, but what about the Albertans what new identity can be formed from a Canada without Québec?

Take the exemple of Greece and their neighboor named Macedonia; aren't they supposed to be the same thing? who's who? Who inherit Alexander the Great? etc.

24e6b0  No.12058554


Let’s fucking hope Bernier isn’t like Mulroney. Mulroney was a huge cuck. He signed the Multiculturalism Act into law.

c2da6f  No.12059009

File: 835309d33d5d87c⋯.png (256.7 KB, 1061x752, 1061:752, adrien_arcand_about_jooz_b….png)

And yet again the goddamn French have to step up to the plate. As long as Max avoids cucking, he's got a chance.

Either way it's great because Scheer is fucked, If Trudeau wins he will continue to drive the liberals into the dirt.

2d12a0  No.12059178

File: fb731aa50db62d5⋯.png (347.83 KB, 677x866, 677:866, 212.png)

File: d2a57bbad3469c2⋯.png (79.86 KB, 481x631, 481:631, 2123.png)

Stupid cuckservatives.

e7c2b5  No.12059229

File: 633ea9ab2bfab49⋯.png (389.86 KB, 555x750, 37:50, 633ea9ab2bfab49f752dbd450a….png)


The conservative party are literally just outer-party liberals, they're controlled opposition for all practical considerations. They exist to create the appearance of controversy were, in reality, there is none. I can say this without any danger of being hyperbolic or paranoid.

Fuck 'em. We still lose, but there was never a winning option with the conservatives anyways.

754297  No.12059282

File: 8943e1df3ae1322⋯.jpg (95.9 KB, 692x795, 692:795, 3oct2016.jpg)

File: 27155bda9e8bac9⋯.jpg (31.62 KB, 663x252, 221:84, 19apr2008.jpg)

I actually had thought /pol/ came up with this moniker this past month, now I'm not so sure.

2d12a0  No.12059325


>moniker this past month, now I'm not so sure.

Started a year ago while he was campaigning for cuckservative leader.

754297  No.12059374


No, it started in 2008 https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/mad-max-and-the-mangled-message/article17984428/

He also referred to it in October 2016 https://www.facebook.com/hon.maximebernier/posts/10154565323228703

0299be  No.12059388


macron had the bogandoffs on his side though who does bernier have

754297  No.12059467

File: b3035d11d27968c⋯.jpg (35.86 KB, 537x291, 179:97, Harper23aug2018.jpg)

23 August 2018 https://twitter.com/stephenharper/status/1032712661853585408

>It is clear that Max never accepted the result of the leadership vote and seeks only to divide Conservatives. His decision today allows the Conservative Party of Canada to move forward united behind our Leader @AndrewScheer

Harper has decided to get involved folks. At this point with Bernier no longer trying to lead the conservatives and start a splinter Libertarian party, it is our duty to destroy all Conservative icons backing Scheer, starting with this cuck.


I came across a 2012 claim that he might have Jewish roots https://www.henrymakow.com/stephen_harper_christians_zion.html

>Stephen Joseph Harper is directly related to the bloodline of a German Jew, Hin(man) Johnston born February 5, 1825.

>The name "Hinman" was taken by Jews in the Germanic countries to circumvent the restrictive laws that began in 1790.

I'm not sure where Makow got this information. Closest thing I could find from a 2009 book about Stephen's mom Margaret Johnston https://books.google.ca/books?id=mojDQdgGhQgC&pg=PA4

>Margaret, like Joseph, had long-established roots in Canada. Her paternal ancestor, William Johnston, had migrated to Ontario in 1838 from Lincolnsire, on the east coast of England. he and his son Hinman Johnston settled on adjoining homesteads in Grey County not far away from Hanover, in Southwestern Ontario. Margaret's father, Rupert Johnston, still on the family farm, and her mother, Catharine Jane Herd, had six children.

If presumably Hinman migrated at the same time as his dad, that would mean he would've been 13 years old at the time. If the laws began 35 years before Hinman's birth, could William also be a name Jews adopted?

6db4d0  No.12059475


that Harper is butthurt is an endorsement for max in my book. Fuck that smarmy Zionist Neocon

754297  No.12059499


can I just say… guys with monitors that are 3396 pixels wide, please consider narrowing your window before screenshotting a thread, for the consideration of those of us with more average-sized monitors. Try aiming for 1000 pixels wide, perhaps? Needing to drag the browser left and right every fucking line makes reading this intolerable.

Or maybe try copying the test to pastebin so we can adjust it how we like? Images can't wordwrap.

0299be  No.12059520


He's a butthurt fucking frog you're not missing out on much

754297  No.12059563


I still cannot understand how a party that is supposed to defend free markets supports a small cartel that artificially increases the price of milk, chicken and eggs for millions of Canadian consumers.

How hard would it be to get Trump to tweet about this? He's already commented on Canadian dairy protectionism

25 April 2017 https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/856847826663460865

>Canada has made business for our dairy farmers in Wisconsin and other border states very difficult. We will not stand for this. Watch!

The tariffs are a double-edged sword. It doesn't just make harm for Wisconsin exporters, but also means less competition to keep prices down, which drives up price of milk for Canadian consumers.

754297  No.12059644

File: 940f7e1f8d2d4dc⋯.jpg (51.48 KB, 338x480, 169:240, fake laurier.jpg)


It has been alleged that there is no proof that Laurier ever said this and it was just ripped off a Teddy Roosevelt speech: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/special/goodnews/moment-of-clarity-in-my-canada-415358084.html so I am objecting to the use of this quote until proof is supplied.

c28135  No.12059801

File: d57d0a5319782de⋯.gif (216.21 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 742d8f4ebc45d6ad8edef691e3….gif)


>quebec sided with the boers

What does that even mean? You think there were shipfuls of french canadian peasants were going over to fight on the Dutch side? If so I'm calling bullshit.

46a7c6  No.12060005


>How hard would it be to get Trump to tweet about this? He's already commented on Canadian dairy protectionism

Last thing Bernier needs is a trump tweet. Trump is fuckin cancer.

107161  No.12060168

File: 52c47247311d311⋯.jpg (54.37 KB, 448x459, 448:459, I came here to laugh at yo….jpg)

a65044  No.12060202

File: 3b24fac6fdd83b0⋯.jpg (67.91 KB, 1024x735, 1024:735, cpt115420654.jpg)

Uh, guys, how trustable is this website?


>Andrew’s father’s family is from New York, U.S. Andrew’s paternal grandfather was Jewish (of Austrian Jewish and Romanian Jewish descent), while the rest of Andrew’s ancestry is Irish, and smaller amounts of English and German. Andrew and his parents are/were Catholic.

>Andrew is the second person of Jewish heritage to lead a major political party in Canada, on a non-interim basis. David Lewis, who was a Russian Jewish immigrant, led the NDP in the 1970s.

>Andrew’s paternal grandfather was Harry D. Scheer (the son of Oscar Scheer and Clara Rosenberg). Harry was born in New York, U.S., to Jewish emigrant parents, a father from Czernowitz, Austria-Hungary (now Chernivtsi, Ukraine), and a mother from Romania. Oscar was the son of Alexander Scheer and Anna Siegel.


>*56.25% Irish

>*25% Ashkenazi Jewish

>*12.5% English

>*6.25% German


186116  No.12060291

186116  No.12060296

07a43c  No.12060611

File: e7a6c88e3f95d62⋯.jpg (47.91 KB, 1000x176, 125:22, this is what america will ….jpg)


Citation please, I really want to know this information.

63f28a  No.12060915


Mulroney was Iron Ore of Canada and had his tounge up American assholes since birth.

He also fought Thatcher on behalf of that based communist Mandela.

63f28a  No.12060926


>October 3, 2016

I'm pretty sure he or at least his people lurk here.

t. used to live near his old campaign office on St-Joseph in Hull

63f28a  No.12060931


BTW, friendly reminder that the 'biker babe' was CSIS. I have a handler too (hi Nathalie!) and pretty much anyone who poses a threat to the system gets befriended.

eb2c5a  No.12060940


You mean I will get laid by CSIS babes if I go against the system?

186116  No.12060943

>75 miles, that’s where international waters start. That’s about a days worth of paddling in an ocean kayak paddling nonstop.

eb2c5a  No.12060948


Can anybody substantiate this? /pol/ was shilling for Scheer not too long ago.

e00c61  No.12060957



Just to note that Bernier is in the (((Privy Council))). Hate to piss on your birthday cake, boys, but this mad dog does indeed have a leash, even though it's a very long one. Ending supply management is doable, but your 1488 fantasies are off the table.

e00c61  No.12060960


No, you will have Mata Haris who you think want you for your alpha chadness approach you and befriend you.

186116  No.12060964

>1488 means having a white family genius

e00c61  No.12060967


200 miles is the Exclusive Economic Zone

e00c61  No.12060970


Every white family has a genius somewhere, just not you, anon.

186116  No.12060973

>so about three days worth of paddling. That’s doable.

107161  No.12060978






Posts disregarded.






da fugg is wrong with this bot?

186116  No.12060981


>Yes, that’s why the entire country worth of Masons and organized crime came after me a year ago.

>Because I am a retard

5d6b0b  No.12061009


Reported for autistic redditor spam.


12 miles is the start of international waters.

fda586  No.12061219


“Coming after” is rather strong words, ya think? Dead man’s switch, remember. They will never seriously harm you when they know they lose everything if they do.

More like baiting and identifying for prosecution later.

fda586  No.12061224


WTF is ‘double posting’? You probably meant to say dubs. That’s okay, Mr. CSIS man.

bddc6f  No.12061273


Harper paved the way to Trudeau.

Two sides of the same coin.

bddc6f  No.12061287


To flood white frenchs europeans with random immigration is an English plan from A to Z, it is even the BASE of modern Canada.

You morons fuck things up for 150+ years and still try to blame the frenchs that hold little power and even less outside their province?

English Canadians are truely the spearhead of progress north of the USA and they don't even realize it.

dd207b  No.12061291


Also to add to anons excellent suggestions, please talk a lot of shit about neocons here. You Canadians can be far too nice. Make people here ashamed to support the assholes that they do. If you start making Canada appear fucking salty and angry then Americans will want to match that. Let’s get a healthy competition up on who can Btfo of zionists better! Basically don’t be afraid to call out zog.

21e1c0  No.12061332

third parties without major support are usually made just to split a ticket.

bfb29e  No.12062495


>third parties without major support are usually made just to split a ticket.

and? let these faggots split the cuckservative party and put the shitlibs in a minority government.

fd3830  No.12062596

File: 7712461aaf6497f⋯.jpg (199.53 KB, 968x617, 968:617, q for s.jpg)


Yes, let's get Queer for Scheer.

5b6e56  No.12063012

File: a7ba25f56be50ef⋯.png (371.68 KB, 780x439, 780:439, Scheertasteofdairy.png)

fd3830  No.12063040

File: 3f1f80825c98f77⋯.png (1.91 KB, 884x80, 221:20, pc.png)


>Just to note that Bernier is in the (((Privy Council))).


dc3ca4  No.12063050

File: 1c111fb2dd5e7be⋯.png (513.05 KB, 810x445, 162:89, 90210911420.png)



107161  No.12063160


wtf i hate Bernier now.

63f28a  No.12066350

The marxists are deebly goncerned:


>There's little doubt that Maxime Bernier's decision to leave the Conservatives and form his own party will not help Andrew Scheer win the 2019 federal election.

>But just how much will it hurt?

>Many Conservatives still remember what it means to be a divided party. The split on the right between the Progressive Conservatives and the Reform and Canadian Alliance parties helped contribute to Jean Chrétien's three Liberal majority election victories between 1993 and 2000.

>The context is entirely different in 2018. Support for the PCs had plummeted during the last years of Brian Mulroney's government and the emergence of the Bloc Québécois gutted the Tories of their base in Quebec. Today, the Conservatives are competitive with Justin Trudeau's Liberals in the polls and are raising enormous amounts of money.

>But the potential for Bernier to sap the Conservatives' chances of winning in 2019 are significant, even if the likelihood of Bernier transforming the political landscape to the same extent as Preston Manning did in the 1990s isn't.

It's my party

>There's no reason to believe that Bernier can't get a new party off the ground. He was hardly a juggernaut when he launched his bid for the Conservative leadership in 2017, but by the end of it he had raised $2.5 million and came potentially just a few dozen votes away from succeeding Stephen Harper as leader of the Conservative Party.

>The experience of that leadership race was a good dry run for starting a party. Bernier's team had to raise money, find volunteers and set up organizations in all 338 of the country's ridings — exactly what Bernier will need to do if he is to mount a serious effort in 2019.

>Bernier proved that he wasn't the candidate of one particular region or one particular faction. He did well in both his home province of Quebec and in Alberta, the heartland of Canadian conservatism. He was able to win votes from both "Red Tories" and libertarians.

>The Quebec MP has also shown that he can raise money even outside of a leadership campaign, taking in just over a quarter of a million dollars in donations after the race was over. If Bernier can tap into the same circles that funded and staffed his 2017 leadership bid — and remained motivated enough to pay-off his debts once the campaign was over — he will have the raw material for building a serious political apparatus.

>Will people feel the Bern-ier?

>Even if Bernier is successful in setting up a political party, he may not be successful in garnering lots of support for it. A poll conducted last summer by Abacus Data found that just two per cent of Canadians would vote for a Bernier-led party.

>Perhaps things have changed since then — and undoubtedly a slew of polls will soon be published to test that — but the numbers suggest that Bernier himself did not have a significant following among the general population at the time.

>But though Bernier might want to follow in the footsteps of Reform and the Bloc Québécois, there are other examples that are less positive precedents for him.

>Jean-François Fortin left the Bloc in 2014 to form his own party, Strength in Democracy, that took just 0.1 per cent of the vote in the 2015 federal election. In 1935, the Reconstruction Party captured nine per cent of the vote but only elected its leader, H.H. Stevens, a disgruntled former cabinet minister who split off from R.B. Bennett's Conservative government.

>And in the case of the Reform and Bloc, these were parties with regional bases of support that helped them win seats. Bernier's supporters are unlikely to be concentrated in any one region, a big problem in Canada's first-past-the-post electoral system.

>The Greens, for example, were unable to win a seat until 2011 despite taking between four and seven per cent of the national vote in the 2004, 2006 and 2008 elections because their support was spread out across the country.

63f28a  No.12066352


>One party that shares many of Bernier's views — and tried to woo him to take over its leadership last year — does not have any regional base of support. The Libertarians only ran candidates in about one-quarter of Canada's ridings in 2015 and captured an average of one per cent of the vote where they had a name on the ballot.

>But whether it was in Western Canada, Ontario or Quebec, the Libertarians had the same level of support and their best performance was just 3.1 per cent of the vote in Scarborough Centre. It's hardly a promising pattern for a libertarian-style party led by Bernier.

Even a bit of Bernier could help the Liberals

>The Liberals won't care too much about how many seats Bernier could win, but they will be looking to see how many seats Bernier could prevent Scheer from winning.

>The CBC's Poll Tracker, which uses an average of polls to make seat projections, currently gives the Liberals a 48 per cent chance of winning a majority government if an election were held today — a coin flip. But take two points away from the Conservatives and give that to a hypothetical Bernier party, and those Liberal odds increase to 65 per cent, or about two in three.

>Increase that Bernier drain to five percentage points and the Liberals' chances of winning a majority government increase to 81 per cent — even with less support nationwide than what was achieved in the 2015 federal election. The chances that the Conservatives emerge with even a minority government in such a scenario drop to virtually nothing.

>Of course, Bernier is hoping to be more than a bit player with five per cent of the vote in 2019. The odds are certainly stacked against him, as they are for any small or new party. But Bernier doesn't need to be more than a bit player to have a big impact on the next election.

96fbe4  No.12066513


He is 100% a Jew. This has been known for a long time. Even kikepedia has him as Jewish


ba5bde  No.12066642

Sorry Anon, but Chinada is beyond redemption. America needs to invade to fix it. Canadians have no fighting spirit.

8566e4  No.12066764

Well that’s great he’s shattered the conservative party

c1ef21  No.12072904

File: 9f4a3b5fa422d0a⋯.jpg (164.35 KB, 786x1407, 262:469, 1535403005128.jpg)

c1ef21  No.12072921

File: 54e837d9f9ad507⋯.jpg (73.53 KB, 1402x789, 1402:789, 1535407435638.jpg)

675e63  No.12072955

File: 6df472d6e093990⋯.png (303.97 KB, 639x651, 213:217, bernier.png)

934d67  No.12073113


I'm cautiously optimistic.

People that don't pay attention to politics probably don't even know who the fuck Bernier is. so 13% is very nice. I thought he'd take more than 6% off the PC though.

When he starts campaigning, and his message resonates with the people, that 13% can go up very quickly.

84119b  No.12073244


>To flood white frenchs europeans with random immigration is an English plan from A to Z, it is even the BASE of modern Canada.

No, it is a kike plan you fucking retarded sack of shit. And it didn't target frenchies, it is just as bad everywhere else you knob gobbler.

>and still try to blame the frenchs that hold little power and even less outside their province?

No. Try learning to read.

>English Canadians are truely the spearhead of progress north of the USA and they don't even realize it.

Again, queerbec is the only province where the majority of people don't even think illegals should be deported. 72% of queerbeckers think illegals should be given accommodations. Every other province is over 50% "deport them". Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring reality while shouting "muh ebil hanglos!111" isn't going to uncuck you.

6070b0  No.12073371


You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Fucking clueless kike just here to D&C.

5c33b6  No.12073396


>People that don't pay attention to politics probably don't even know who the fuck Bernier is.

They do now after getting kicked out for his stance on supply management a month ago. What boggles the mind is Scheer stating that Bernier wasn't a team player and lazy a month after you boot him out of the shadow cabinet. Then you have a conference in halifax where Scheer drags Ford along to give a speech, otherwise no one would have showed up. Followed by ignoring the vote on supply management.

This has been a horrible week for that faggot Scheer and he knows it. The whole "ra ra team blue - we need to stop fagdeau!" bullshit doesn't fly with the younger voting base. That loyalty bullshit will die with the boomers.

My hope is he ends up with an NDP type showing 15-16% and then becomes a massive voice on youtube while he tears these cucks a new one on a daily at the parliament. Farage style.

80bed7  No.12073401



5c33b6  No.12073405


>72% of queerbeckers think illegals should be given accommodations.

Stop believing polls anon. Quebecers are raycis as fuck. To the point where they segregate schools from the anglos. Now you think they turn around and want their areas flooding with muzzies & nogs?

80bed7  No.12073499


They only care about language and "culture". If a nigger speaks french and acts french, they'll be happy to give him their daughter.

Sad but true.

754297  No.12079585

File: 1a36e4aa580c678⋯.jpg (31.57 KB, 594x178, 297:89, Daniel D. Scheer.jpg)

File: 57930c6f2ea0086⋯.jpg (25.89 KB, 315x445, 63:89, BronxTaleScheers.jpg)


>*25% Ashkenazi Jewish


>Can anybody substantiate this?

I haven't connected enough dots to prove ALL of EthniCelebs' claims, but everything I've found related to this falls in line with their conclusions.

EthniCelebs.com/Andrew-Scheer explains that the 25% Jew claim originates from Andrew's father (Deacon James D. Scheer of the Roman Catholic Church) being 50% Jewish.

This in turn originates from Jim's father Harry D. Scheer being 100% Jewish.

This in turn originates from Harry's father being Oscar Scheer from Czernowitz, Austria-Hungary (now Chernivtsi, Ukraine) and Harry's mother being Clara Rosenberg from Romania.

External documents which support this…


>shows Daniel D. Scheer "only brother of James Scheer of Ottawa" was 81 years old when he died in May 2010, and is a retired New York police detective


>shows a Daniel Scheer of New York who was 0 years old in April 1930, so 80 years before 2010. Close enough, sometimes people count the first year different. Lists father as Harry being 26 with Austrian dad and Romanian mom. They're living in the Bronx district.


>shows Harry Scheer of New York being 15 in 1920, living in the Manhattan Assembly District 6 with parents Oscar and Clara. Father from Austra, mother from Romania


>shows Oscar died 1924 living in the Bronx. Both mother and father from Austria. Wife is mispelled "Clara Scherer". Says he died at 54 years old, born 22 Sep 1860 implying he was 50 years old in 1920, this contradicts https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:MJYK-YX2 which says he was born 1866 and was 54 in 1920, which would make him 58 in 1924. The latter is specifies as an estimate though, so I'd go with the former.


>Clara estimated as being born 1882, both emmigrated in 1900 so she would've been 18 while her husband Oscar would've been 40 years old. NICE. Judging by estimate, he looked 6 years younger than he actually was, so he would've looked 34. Both Clara's parents are listed as Romanian.

7 July 2017 http://www.macleans.ca/politics/ottawa/andrew-scheer-leader-conservative-party-of-canada-profile/

>Scheer knew that a branch of his family originated in Romania.

14 July 2017 http://www.calgarysun.com/2017/07/14/andrew-scheer-looking-to-be-pm-in-2019-if-he-can-break-through-politics-by-instagram

>A part of his family is Romanian and he recalls when Romanian troops shot the tyrant Nicolae Ceausescu

This supports that not just (((Oscar Scheer))) (100% Austrian Jew) but also (((Clara Rosenberg))) (100% Romanian Jew) had a profound influence upon their son (((Harry D. Scheer))) (100% Jew, 50% Austrian 50% Romanian) who was the father of (((James D. Scheer))) and (((Daniel D. Scheer))) (both 50% Jew) and paternal grandfather of (((Andrew D. Scheer))) (25% Jew)


>shows Scheer is a popular surname for Jews, there's an actual Rabbi named Andrew Scheer

I'm not sure where EthniCelebs found the following though:

>Clara's maiden name being Rosenberg

>Clara being Jewish

>Oscar's parents being Alexander Scheer and Anna Siegel

>Oscar being Jewish

Albeit if you can find evidence to support the surnames, Rosenberg/Siegel sound like pretty Jewish names to me.

cafc25  No.12080525


What do they speak?

e9a68f  No.12080811


>trust me my fellow whites I visited the finest Montreal's colleges! Those french sure are cucks!

6cd336  No.12080911


>What do they speak?


Haitian creole is a mix of really old french, nigger borborygmi and modern English.

It's unintelligible with french. Haitian is a French language like English is a Germanic language.

Also the whole "educated Haitian" is a lie, a lot of "Haitian" that speak french in Quebec are actual niggers from Africa (that do speak intelligible french if they went to school as proper french is used in western Africa as the lingua franca and is still taught and used everywhere) or even better, Creole french from the islands that are still under french rule and have considerable migration as they are largely poorer than the mainland and with +25% unemployment rates (because it's actually nigh impossible for poor french to emigrate to Canada). They just buy Haitian papers at any embassy.

The problem is since Quebecois have been cut from mainland France for a while, canadians that understand french are largely not used to the different francophone accents, so while mainland french can tell niggers apart by how they speak an Ivorian can pretend he is Haitian in Canada without any problem, while his African accent instead of Creole should instantly give him away.

35f8f9  No.12080927


Canada is first past the post voting, so that in no way correlates to actual seats held.

84119b  No.12081106


>stop believing in facts!

>it hurts my feelings!

Segregating schools from anglos is not racism. You're just backing up what I said, queerbeckers hate all white people other than queerbeckers. They import niggers just as much as Ontario and BC, the only difference is there are people in Ontario that don't like it. Everyone in queerbec is on board with white genocide.

be94fd  No.12082266



It's plebec, faggot.


> Fucking clueless kike just here to D&C.

This. The goyim know about Queer Scheer.

be94fd  No.12082271


>They do now after getting kicked out for his stance on supply management a month ago.

And guess what Trump's demanding for the trade deal? No (((cartels))).

It's pottery.

be94fd  No.12082273


They're not paying you enough. Go ask Kory for a raise.

754297  No.12085307

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you guys are going to hijack Maxime threads talking about Haitian Creole then at least add a thicc qt mascot https://miraculousladybug.wikia.com/wiki/Alya

0be3ff  No.12086374

File: 5280a0c67dae8ec⋯.png (403.31 KB, 524x452, 131:113, cuckshedscheermaxjill.png)

File: a971ae060d51851⋯.png (405.63 KB, 524x452, 131:113, cuckshedscheermax.png)

File: 681197d539231a8⋯.jpg (84.94 KB, 524x452, 131:113, cuckshedscheer.jpg)


Let us marshal eldrich memetic energies with fresh Maxime OC. Come on Anime weirdos, bronies, artfags Gimp in.

0be3ff  No.12086595

File: 68f3ad6fae687b0⋯.png (403.51 KB, 524x452, 131:113, cuckshedscheermaxjillmanny.png)

0be3ff  No.12086723

File: 72a8b39f370de0d⋯.png (403.32 KB, 524x452, 131:113, cuckshedscheermaxjillmanny….png)

314ec3  No.12110087

File: a6d0763b6dc872f⋯.jpg (146.78 KB, 1200x790, 120:79, libtardfail.jpg)

File: a8acfe355b50181⋯.jpg (83.1 KB, 620x348, 155:87, Kenneths charges.jpg)

File: 83021a85cd38a2a⋯.jpg (263.23 KB, 856x1293, 856:1293, Michael Bridgford Read.jpg)

File: 6dbf019234943df⋯.jpg (184.37 KB, 877x1261, 877:1261, michealread.jpg)

File: 2dcaa92a764aa2e⋯.jpg (47.87 KB, 480x360, 4:3, whynotmurray.jpg)

BOGanon here…

An attempt was made on my life yesterday. The guy had a knive and was determined to stab me he followed me through traffic. I was chased through traffic for 3 blocks and got on a bus.

I am working to expose pedos and degenerates in the system and government.

Heres a quick rundown on what I do and my situation. Somethings I can't even talk about yet

314ec3  No.12110095



here is the full rundown

bddc6f  No.12111695

File: 44c75504b0b9784⋯.jpeg (126.25 KB, 640x960, 2:3, image.jpeg)


>said the canacuck multiculturalist that steals the original canadians of their identity because he had none only

You killed the Boer's and we are next on your kike-driven list, we get it shitskin, we understand very clearly what is going on unlike you.

2e4108  No.12112140


>We wuz knights n shieeeeeeeeeeeeet

Next thing you know they'll make a show about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln being a nigger.

>But what about his slave?

>inb4 the angle shifts to it being a mistress he had an affair with that somehow connects to feminism because the nigress was able to express sexual liberties by banging the president.

d85cf2  No.12112366

Party should be announced next week as per email:


>I am constantly being asked on social media: When will the new party be ready, and when can I join?

>You too are probably anxious to hear the latest news, and that’s why I wanted to send you this update.

>I spent most of my time during the past week talking on the phone with supporters and organizers across the country. They will be the backbone of the new party’s organization in each region.

>I also worked with my team to prepare the party’s constitution, the platform, and the documents that Elections Canada is asking for to examine our application for registration.

>We need to get all this settled as soon as possible, so that the party is up and running when the new parliamentary session opens on September 17.

>We’ve also decided on a name and a logo, which will be unveiled next week. I hope you will like them!

>And I keep receiving hundreds of letters of support from people like you who want to become member, get involved, or eventually be a candidate.

>Anon, what gives me hope is that just two weeks after I announced that I would set up this new party, we have real momentum.

>Two polls have been released that show between 13% and 17% of Canadians are considering voting for the new party. That’s even before it has a name and an organization!

>This is a strong base on which to build, and it shows that the new party has tremendous potential.

>And in this short period, we’ve already raised more than $90,000!

>I can’t express how grateful I am to all our generous donors. They are all the more generous because we can’t issue tax receipts for these donations until the party is fully registered.

>Anon, there will be more announcements and developments in the coming weeks, and I will keep you updated.

>Meanwhile, talk to your friends, family and work colleagues. Let them know that if they are fed up with the traditional way of doing politics and looking for a real alternative to the Liberals, there will soon be one.

>And if you have not done so yet, please contribute $10 to help our new party organization pay for all that’s needed to ensure this momentum keeps going.

>Many thanks for your support Anon,


9c774f  No.12113519


Tell this faggot to secure his website otherwise hes a complete shill imo.

d85cf2  No.12113934


His website is showing up as secure, anon.

cc3df5  No.12114163


>We’ve also decided on a name and a logo, which will be unveiled next week. I hope you will like them!

I hope so too.

22d748  No.12125593


fucking rope yourself shill

cc3df5  No.12129893

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9a6200  No.12129922


>Check out Canada's free trade neocon

Fuck off boomer

4de4d4  No.12129985


>rigged poll, so you idiots don't bother voting har har har!

Anyone else getting flashbacks to 2016?

a606e6  No.12142383

Bernier takes call from leader of 'far-right' Canadian Nationalist Party, but says there will be no more talks


896f96  No.12148572

File: ea2c8cad490243f⋯.png (58.63 KB, 721x665, 103:95, 67uythjng.png)

First rule of Fight Club: No Hate Speech

f k n b a s ed

84119b  No.12151860

File: f2d91864f8f8460⋯.jpg (37.53 KB, 908x694, 454:347, 1290187394531.jpg)


>haitians are the real Canadians!111

>kill whitey!111

092c01  No.12152080

File: 133165b1bf58de8⋯.jpg (516.24 KB, 1000x1503, 1000:1503, 44f8f2a74cb06247b98c2325ce….jpg)

Heads up Leafs: you can join the new party for free until October 31st.

0162f3  No.12152157


>no (((hate speech)))

You should be hiding your power level anyway.

e3cf5c  No.12152759



Complain: >>11622450

156c67  No.12152810


>i posted a duplicate thread

>why was it locked

Retarded faggot.

b915aa  No.12153822


>thread about the brand new party launched today

>muh duplicate thread, not kiked mods

Go sniff some more gas, chuggy

6c4ab4  No.12154264

File: e090651feb0dadf⋯.jpg (268.91 KB, 920x460, 2:1, 2017Cyprien_Toaste.jpg)


>from Beauce

Nice. T'chin lé, my nigga

5b0d1e  No.12154275

When you see a girl that was a Loli the first time you saw her pic, so you never chased her, and she’s all grown up and still just as pretty.

6c4ab4  No.12154278

File: 44a5b506c89b075⋯.jpg (122.65 KB, 422x423, 422:423, captcuck.jpg)


I bet you watch CNN and MTV and think White Americans literally crave diversity and interracial relationships.

6c4ab4  No.12154406

File: c9e6a700f0679c0⋯.jpg (57.95 KB, 750x738, 125:123, Compagniesfranchesmarine.jpg)


>French niggers were fucking redskins left and right and living with them in their dirty huts

Totally Wrong. Genealogy and genetics show that French Canadians living in Québec immigrated mostly from Normandy and, contrary to the anglo-liberal blatant lie pushed during 200 years, have NOT intermixed with natives. Of course a few did but the result is much much less average native DNA(>1%) than Prairies and Western White populations.


>give their daughters over to french speaking Haitians than a 'dirty Anglophone'.

I bet you a shekel you never spoke about that to a Quebecer, D&C shill.


>Queerbeckers introduced multiculturalism to Canada.

How? By being there before Anglos arrived?

Reminder (((multiculturalism))) is a kike tool to weaken nations.

Remember that not a single kike was allowed to live in Canada or in any French colony during French rule. Let me also point out that Montreal kikes are almost entirely anglophones because, well, Canada was kiked essentially by the British.

The victorious Brits were so excited they couldn't even wait until the end of the Seven Years War in 1763 to begin to kike the place; right after Montreal capitulated to General Amherst in 1760, the first kike arrived in Canada. Aaron Hart AKA "the father of Canadian kikery" wasn't just le traveling merchant, he was a fucking Officer in the Royal Army, among many other kikes.

The Anglo kiked Montreal so hard that just in 1768 the number of jews was enough to build a synagogue and that to this day Montreal is the kike capital of Canada.


True story.


>Wolfe was a badass who duped your Montcalm

With full British support it took him 3 fucking months to make his move on an outnumbered city totally isolated from France. But you're right he won.


>we're all doomed if we don't work together to sort out this damn mess the boomers have given us

Absolute wisdom. Our past is history and there's nothing we can do about it. I want to work hand in hand with Anglos, Irish, German and Scots to save Canada and with every White men to secure our future.

24e6b0  No.12154535

>"Extreme people who are against immigration, they're not welcome in this party. And it's clear. I will have the privilege to choose the candidates that will run for this party and we'll choose people who share the values of our party," he told host Vassy Kapelos.


Did he cuck on us, lads?

107161  No.12154550


I am not against immigration at all, all whites are welcome :^)

f8583c  No.12154587



Those places are the only places where there are enough people to form society, and yet still mostly white.

If you are against them, and are a real person and not some antiwhite playing D&C reconsider your motives for "hating" on the whitest parts of canada that are actually populated.

84119b  No.12154625


>How? By being there before Anglos arrived?

Do you think you're going to convince people to pretend you're not retarded by making up idiotic nonsense?


He is a lolberg, he can't "cuck on us", he's never given a shit about us and is a cuck by definition.

69f898  No.12154666


Sorry, kiddo, your dupe is gone.

6c4ab4  No.12154757


>making up idiotic nonsense

Nice projection, again.

95930d  No.12154861

File: da83942b4096d04⋯.jpg (114.74 KB, 640x436, 160:109, WLP_ADVBroadcast.jpg)











Reminder liars and traitors will be the first to get the rope.

And I swear I'll be pulling hard on the other end.

bdb2fe  No.12154864


the Marissa Shen case is good for radicalizing Asians against immigration and rapefugees. I work with a couple of SJW Asians and after we found out about the killer being a Syrian they were basically like "they have to go".

bdb2fe  No.12154870


do you know any books about this stuff so an uneducated leaf can learn his history?

bb7abb  No.12154912


>Heads up Leafs: you can join the new party for free until October 31st.

Not through that insecure shit show of a website.

de6949  No.12154918

I will make it nothing tonight. Be gone darkness.

bb7abb  No.12154922


>First rule of Fight Club: No Hate Speech

>f k n b a s ed

Taking all of their attacks away is always their first step.

107161  No.12154926


This is been mentioned twice itt.

What makes it insecure?

95930d  No.12154976

File: b9edc608db03bc9⋯.jpg (8.06 KB, 299x168, 299:168, mm.jpg)


He should grab a clipper and trim the sides of his head.

Resulting haircut would be fashy af and lefties would go nuts

de6949  No.12154978

Their club is boring and it’s mostly sodomites looking to get action. There’s no actual fighting

487e2b  No.12155001

>too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed


487e2b  No.12155004


Well, once a leaf always a leaf. When will these faggots learn it's not a crime to be offended?

107161  No.12155005


Amazingly they leave this thread up


Really makes you think.

de6949  No.12155007

More like spirituality awake and pure enough to know that your reforms are actual slavery.

b915aa  No.12156014


>what is hiding your power level so media kikes can't make a fuss

I know there are Liberal and Cuckservative shills here, but Jesus, try being less obvious.

b915aa  No.12156017


More sodomites in the NDP youth wing, actually. You should know.

b915aa  No.12156022



That's a shill. It's using Nation Builder, and it's secure.

1c70df  No.12157661

Less kikes blackpilling in this thread, I see.

be94fd  No.12161338

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They have their own.

Funny how the party announcement one was (((bumplocked))) but not the "oy vey, Bernierberg is totally a kike shill" one.

bddc6f  No.12164201

File: 65feb88c04a2fff⋯.png (114.05 KB, 500x488, 125:122, image.png)


We just saw the Boer's fight for freedom from the brits as the right thing to do; we are a nation under domination of the (((brits))) that keeps us under control with the use of multiculturalism.

No idea if some frenchies went to South Africa to fight but i cannot say it is impossible, not on an official level though or else they'd end up in trouble and considered traitors to the british crown I assume.

754297  No.12167797

It's rather depressing that all he has proposed is perhaps instead of increasing immigrants from 300,000 to 450,000 that perhaps we lower them to 250,000, that he is being painted as "anti-immigrant".

All he is proposing is when deciding who should make that cut, that we give a little more priority to economic stimulation and less about (((refugees))) / (((reunification))) in terms of who gets priority, and maybe not priotizing people with anti-Canadian values (ie want to rape/kill your citizens, not adopt your language, censor your media, etc)

This is somehow the next coming of Hitler (if only) and the news shills are so scared, they keep bringing up "hey what if racists are attracted to your party" and so on. While I do like how Scheer stands up to Trudeau in HoC pretty sure Bernier could do a better job of it and I'm sick of the high cost of dairy/poultry/eggs in Canada, I want American competition to bring the price down. Fucking mass farming cartels.

67be1d  No.12174410


>what is hiding your power level

67be1d  No.12174449

File: 9041200853a16ff⋯.jpg (58.02 KB, 472x290, 236:145, fbi_asset_maher_arar.jpg)

I'd love to see Max tackle this issue. The Chretien, Martin, Harper and Trudeau governments all hid this.

754297  No.12194126

File: 43f89977767fd07⋯.jpg (168.89 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, MadMaxLaurenSouthernMarch2….jpg)

Lauren Southern was onto him 1.5 years before I heard of him… hopefully the Libertarian party gets destroyed by members leaving to join, she would make a good MP.

1419c4  No.12194132

File: be480be4edf5719⋯.jpg (96.56 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, feminism5.jpg)


You're funny

754297  No.12194135


you're just jealous you haven't bagged the antifeminist mischling qt first

1419c4  No.12194141



At least you're honest

cc4472  No.12194208


Hopefully he isn't a Israeli cock-sucker, too.

754297  No.12194247


If you are making any opposition to mass immigration of rapefugees to Canada, you are opposing Israel's plans, no matter how much you venerate the Jew in banter for PR purposes to satisfy ignorant boomers.

84119b  No.12195089


>If you are making any opposition to mass immigration of rapefugees to Canada

He isn't, he just wants to stay at 250,000 a year instead of 300,000 a year.

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