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File: eb478d5a5a0465f⋯.jpg (93.09 KB, 700x500, 7:5, 95b7f87561fa9fca5f47377a44….jpg)

bb2769  No.12052830

I have been watching /pol/ chase its own tail looking for anything remotely related to pedophilia while the Democrats have successfully managed to purge us from the internet, and are trying really hard to rev up their base for the midterms. I have a question for you /pol/, a very simple one, about the pedo-scalping and chasing:

Assuming that you can get hard proof of these pedophiles and their networks, and tie them to important politicians, Hollywood celebrities, secret societies, journalists and so on, assuming all of this works perfectly well, what chance do you think exists of those people being prosecuted under a BLUE house of representatives and senate? Do you honestly think, after the Democrats have made it clear (via their propaganda outlets normalizing pedophilia over the last two or three years), that they are going to purge their own ranks because you caught them in the act? Exactly.

Let's come back to the current purge of anything remotely conservative on the internet. It was obvious two years ago that this was in the works once the media started the narrative about fake news (of course, it has always been leading up to this, but that was a real red flag). Then the media revved up over Charolettesville and the "Incel shooting" a narrative to convince normies that we need to be purged. It's all been very systematic, and during the whole of it /pol/ hasn't even attempted a counterattack. In fact I have watched you aid them in attacking conservative e-celebrities yourselves. Let's reflect on that a moment: We have soros-funded groups like antifa and BLM who are agitated against us already, yet you are making their jobs easier for them by purging our ranks of e-celebrities and conservative commentators for not being as autistic as you are. Good job. Presently the social media monopolies and tech companies are working together with those same groups to take us out on the internet altogether. You made their job easier, because your autism prevented you from seeing the very obvious truth that the growing of our presence online, spanning from basic conservatism to alt-lite, to literal national socialism, can only lead to a market forming for us, which means that our enemies would be forced to bend the knee eventually because of the massive profits to be made supporting us. Same goes for politicians and all the various institutions of power. Your autism over "muh pure natsoc" and cryptokikes (an obvious D&C move by the left against us) has strangled the ability of us to be profitable, and political.

Okay, enough with the blackpills already, because there is some good news here too. It is clear that until the midterms, the social media regulation is only going to increase. They are going to hit us hard and fast in unexpected ways too. That means likely a spread of sites being banned or mysteriously going down. The way they go after conservatives in social media is to judge a conservative by his followers' activities and subscriptions. Therefore, the bread and butter approach of redpilling the masses, spreading hashtags, and so on ISN'T going to cut it this time. They clearly favor the left so this is the vector we must use for maximum damage:

We need to BECOME the left on social media. Use the left's bubble to our advantage and have daily threads looking for targets of demoralization. The left loves to infight. We need to be "fellow leftists" bringing attention to all the white "allies" who slip up even in the most vague ways. We need to do this as a demoralization tactic. The left is united right now to win the midterms. We need to break apart that unity with infighting, and targets to harass for wrongthink. Why aren't we doing this right now? The left has already made it clear with Sarah Jeong that they don't give a fuck about being held to their own rules. That's why we shouldn't be focusing on firing anti-white racists right now. We should instead use their own machines against them, and find white "allies" who said nigger "ironically" or other forms of edgy racial humor the left loves to pride itself on.

We need to continue to remind the left that they are going to win in a landslide. Make images showing double-point margins of victory in the polls. Do whatever it takes to make it appear that the left is going to win, in their respective bubbles. They need to be made overly confident because then they'll get lazy and only help our victory.

TL;DR: Put the pedophilia autism on ice for a couple months and focus on being leftists on social media in order to circumvent the censorship there, and spread constant infighting in order to demoralize them, and simultaneously convince them that the midterms are in the bag. Then after we secured the midterms, go back to it because if we lose the midterms those pedophiles are going nowhere.

433698  No.12052898

File: 332e43cd314e0ac⋯.jpg (182.8 KB, 1242x1876, 621:938, london in one photo.jpg)


What are you nigger babbling about?

7ae9c3  No.12052960

File: c65c7da82ac9ee3⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 600x336, 25:14, 851bfac2236601e88393b63783….gif)

>trys to red text an already red title

c75de1  No.12053020

>what chance do you think exists of those people being prosecuted under a BLUE house of representatives and senate?

The same as a RED house, zero. The point is to redpill plebs.

bb2769  No.12053311

File: 26ec0e02b03aff0⋯.jpg (66.57 KB, 640x556, 160:139, zlxlNwrpqXkOMk8BweDkNqzk1T….jpg)


Redpill people through what, IRL mailing lists? Because the left has already set its sights on wiping out your presence online. Good luck following in the footsteps of your forebearers last century.

The only way this even matters is if you have political power, which may be lost come november.


How cringeworthy. You're obviously a leftist LARPing as an ebul natzee.



Shills came out in force there.

5a98d0  No.12053476




This thread is shit, you are kike faggots. Sage. And reported. Go out and fight if you are not satisfied. Or if you think your visibility online is limited just open a twatter account named LaQuandaleesha McSheboon and sperg out there.

bb2769  No.12053506

File: 430905dee8add89⋯.jpg (44.47 KB, 585x580, 117:116, 1530728631382.jpg)


Shouldn't you be busy sucking nigger cock with your fellow leftists?

Reported for obvious shillery.

5a98d0  No.12053537


Mate you are the shill, or either a retard. Nevermind. Sage.

bb2769  No.12053555



Go back to sucking niggerdick. You're too obvious.

5a98d0  No.12053569


And you are an obvious retard, go back to cuckchan kid. Sage.

19d369  No.12053597

<purge us


They didn't purge no one. My residential and cellular ISPs don't even care that I browse this site.

<muh conservative eceleb

First of all eceleb drama is idiotic and to be expected. These ecelebs aren't NS and they often have nonwhite friends or jewish influence.

<b-become a leftist guuys

I make no petty exceptions to my beliefs.

If you actually want to accomplish something you need to do it in the real world. Just tippity tapping on keyboards gains us almost absolutely nothing substantial.

25cfe6  No.12053678

lol wowee that lack of unity and just immediate aggressive fighting in this thread is fucking funnnnneeeeeeeyyyy

God damn. Good luck redpilling the masses when you guys fucking hate each other already. This board is sad.

c69ef0  No.12053704


Your dad was sad when he ass fucked your chihauaha

Not even Sage , bump cause I want anons to see that shit

Fuck your dog fucking father

7a2323  No.12053713





I’d report you, but it wouldn’t matter.

25cfe6  No.12053754



Literally fucking what? Do you think I'm someone you know or some shit? Hundreds of who? You think I'm a shill? That's fucking hilarious. Everyone is shill aren't they?

I actually agree with a lot of the ideas pol push, it's just sad and funny to see how everyone on this board just fucking hates each other.

I know there's alot of shit to be mad about in this world, but this board is so unproductive because you faggots just like to fucking yell at each other all day and night. Keep doing exactly to yourselves exactly what OP is proposing to do to the left, you fucking mongs.

7a69bb  No.12053765

the less options that normies have that aren't us, the more likely they'll be to come to us, who are closer to the truth than the likes of (((alex jones))) and (((richard spencer)))

and the normies and the censorship will come to reddit's /r/thedonald and then 4chan in that order before coming to us, so if (((they))) shut down /r/thedonald, then we'd better get a bunker website ready right away, and not endchan; they're a honeypot

1144b6  No.12053775


Idiot, you are putting all eggs into one basket.

But maybe that's what you plan to do, so they can finally delete /pol/.

7a69bb  No.12053782


admittedly, shills have a lot to gain, from their point of view, by calling everyone here including other shills shills

7a69bb  No.12053806


and like I said, we can make more baskets ahead of time

1144b6  No.12053814


So where are the baskets right now?

Or you assume you know when they delete /pol/?

1144b6  No.12053822


Nowadays, shilling is being called a shill on /pol/.

Shills absolutely have co-oped the word.

e442be  No.12053825

File: b2fff8c5ee6f803⋯.jpg (116.58 KB, 730x464, 365:232, OP making friends with the….jpg)

25cfe6  No.12053830


Yeah, that makes sense actually. If everyone is a shill it's harder to differentiate the actual shills.

I have hope in a new era of moral decency and an end to degeneracy and nihilism but god damn, the hard self strokes these faggots perform on themselves thinking they know the truth and everyone else on this board is a soros paid shill is fucking depressing.

>>The shills are actually winning by calling everyone else a shill

who'da thunk that such a simple tactic is actually working so well.


lol man that's depressing, but okay.

25cfe6  No.12053842


It's such an old tactic, getting the enemy to think their own ranks are the enemy. God damn it's easy to employ on an anonymous board too, so no wonder the gape-jawed incel sadfags that only like to IDENTIFY as alt-right to win the acceptance of their pol-daddies on the internet instead of actually living out their "beliefs" fall for that shit.

25cfe6  No.12053848

>>12053842 Yeah, like this guy:


1144b6  No.12053860


I would like to think not everybody is as retarded but it is possible shills just outpost everyone, and call everyone else kike shill.

7a69bb  No.12053862


I was actually assuming that I'd know if they'd delete /pol/, before it'd happen, as many alternatives would be quite likely to rise up by the time they get halfhcan, if they do

also, consider this:

if normies have nowhere left to go, the only places left are shallow social networking and video game chat rooms

and if they get those too, then the only remaining place is real life

and they aren't really going to put half of the country excluding illegal mexicans and people who died a few decades or more ago that supposedly voted in the 2016 elections into prison; there'd be a civil war if they tried to do something like that

25cfe6  No.12053875


I'd hope to think that too but…. I have little hope these days.

7a69bb  No.12053880


there is something simple you can do to counter that tactic

explain why you are right and they are wrong, and when your enemies use extravagant inflated marketing-weasel speak in an attempt to make other people think you're wrong, call them out, not just on doing it, but on how they did it

of course, that requires putting more effort into your arguments, and a great many real channers are tired of arguing the same arguments over and over again

7a2323  No.12053881


>redditor keeps outing himself as a redditor

>has no argument

>can’t reply





fb36e1  No.12053891


Excellent effort post, my thoughts almost exactly on the matter.

1144b6  No.12053902


On the contrary, it's much better as much as baskets as possible, and they all carry the same message.

The MESSAGE is what's important, not the basket.

By over-glorifying /pol/, you are missing the point.

e442be  No.12053912



I would tell you to lurk more but you've been doing this shit for a while now. You will never fit in and you will never be white.

fb36e1  No.12053924


Anddddd having read the replies, I can see that this thread immediately deteriorated into the "your a shill - No, YOU'RE the shill" nonsense. The sooner people learn to not sperg out, the sooner they can actually accomplish something.

189600  No.12053929

File: 08be40433269a52⋯.png (702.68 KB, 740x410, 74:41, trumptouchingwall.png)

File: 08be40433269a52⋯.png (702.68 KB, 740x410, 74:41, 08be40433269a52f711eca70d1….png)

File: 08be40433269a52⋯.png (702.68 KB, 740x410, 74:41, trumptouchingwall.png)

File: 08be40433269a52⋯.png (702.68 KB, 740x410, 74:41, 08be40433269a52f711eca70d1….png)


>what chance do you think exists of those people being prosecuted under a BLUE house of representatives and senate?

why do /r/the_donald ledditors think that there's any fucking difference between (((D))) and (((R)))? Blumpf killed this board. America has shifted between (R) and (D) dominance for decades and it has never changed the fact that the jews control this country 100% and that whites are targeted for extermination

7b75d3  No.12053946


shoo shoo polvoljew

25cfe6  No.12053957


My only point is that there is too much infighting on this board, and the evidence is clear in this thread, as a matter of fact this thread IS my evidence for making that claim. I think the person in this thread calling me a shill could be a shill, so arguing with him would be fruitless, and if he's not a shill, he's most likely just a sadboy trying to compensate for his shitty life by "wining" arguments on the internet or doing what he thinks is saving the internet by calling everyone he disagrees with a shill, which would make the usual process of making and defending a claim with clear points and facts even more fruitless. I agree with you though, too bad having actual discussion or productive argument is impossible on this board, which is my point entirely.

25cfe6  No.12053975


Man I'd really like to see who you are in person, I'm just curious. Why don't you do what >>12053880 suggested and prove to us in this thread why you think I use reddit? Prove to me that you aren't demoralized and that you don't hate yourself, which are YOUR fucking claims by the way, not mine, although you seem to want to argue against said claim, so do so.

God damn your sad dude. No substance, just shill-calling. Making it easier for the real shills to do their thing.

1144b6  No.12053977


Yeah fuck off kikey, you actual double nigger.

25cfe6  No.12053995

File: b7b00ba21ba06de⋯.png (738.62 KB, 1498x2428, 749:1214, erf.png)


I'm the supposed redditor you keep calling a shill and I know exactly what COUNTELPRO is, you're just a paranoid schizo, that's all. And if you aren't why don't you start making legitimate claims instead of calling everyone you don't like a fucking shill, muddying the waters and making it easier for real shills to shill, like I said here >>12053975

7a2323  No.12053996


>My only point is that there is too much infighting on this board

So kill yourself. If you’d kill yourself, there wouldn’t be any infighting. I mean in real life–kill yourself. You are reddit and don’t belong here. You are what we fight against. You are subhuman and a traitor to your race.

>and the evidence is clear in this thread

Yes, you’ve proven you don’t belong, COINTELPRO shill.

>I think the person in this thread calling me a shill could be a shill


Reddit, everyone.

>so arguing with him would be fruitless

You don’t know what COINTELPRO is.

>a sadboy trying to compensate for his shitty life by “wining” arguments on the internet

Project much, redditor?

>I agree with you though, too bad having actual discussion or productive argument is impossible on this board, which is my point entirely.


Go away.


>Man I’d really like to see who you are in person, I’m just curious.

Because you’re a redditor and you’re so neurologically damaged that you can’t handle the concept of anonymity.

>why you think I use reddit?

You’ve proven you do. Your entire posting style, your use of COINTELPRO, and your outgrouping of a group that is older than yours ON THEIR OWN FUCKING TURF shows that you are.

>Prove to me that you aren’t demoralized

See that thing where I called out your paid shilling instantly and knew you were trying to demoralize us? That’s where you look to see that we’re not actually demoralized.

>and that you don’t hate yourself

Project harder.

>which are YOUR fucking claims

They’re not, but being a redditor you can’t seem to be literate.

>God damn your sad dude.


>No substance

Irony, COINTELPRO shill.

>Making it easier for the real shills

You, that is.



All of your posts out you as reddit. I would’ve said you’ve never been here to even know who kikey (what’s his full name?) was, but you probably loved it here when he was in charge since he banned anyone who went against your zog emperor.

c31684  No.12053997


>I have been watching /pol/ chase its own tail looking for anything remotely related to pedophilia

This is due to LARP-Anon invasion of /pol/ - Pedophile Rings are their big "thing"

>get hard proof of these pedophiles and their networks, and tie them to important politicians, Hollywood celebrities, secret societies, journalists and so on

Probably not going to happen

>conservative e-celebrities


We still need to watch out for the (((conservative e-celebrities))) though - primary example is Richard Spencer.

>We need to BECOME the left on social media.

At least I'm doing that with my "Black Panther" account - saying stuff like, "Whitey must die."

>Do whatever it takes to make it appear that the left is going to win


>Put the pedophilia autism on ice for a couple months

PLEASE Put the pedophilia autism on ice for a couple months

(Even I will be called a shill - by LARP-Anons - because I support the 'put the pedophilia research on ice.')

This 'Infighting' is stupid and counter-productive.




















7a2323  No.12054007


>I’m the supposed redditor

Proven, yeah.

>I know exactly what COUNTELPRO

Yeah, I know. You’re the one USING IT AGAINST US.

>you’re just a paranoid schizo


>why don’t you start making legitimate claims

My claims are already proven. That’s funny.

>instead of calling everyone you don’t like a fucking shill

Nice projection, reddit.

>muddying the waters


>and making it easier for real shills to shill

Yes, like you.

1144b6  No.12054011


Goddamn kikey, you lost. Calm down a little, it's just an internet position.

Filtering out nigger was the last straw though.

25cfe6  No.12054018


WOW, you are a fucking robot programmed to react VERY specifically to TRIGGER words.

And if you don't see this, and you don't and I know you'll call me a redditor and a shill and some other predictable shit in reponse, then you are WORSE than the jew run normies that you say you fight against, you sad, disturbed, lonely man.

1144b6  No.12054019


This ID 7a2323 is an actual shill, so yeah, disengage.

7a2323  No.12054029


>has absolutely no reply, either on topic or otherwise

>lol reddit boogeyman

You don’t belong here.


>redditor continues posting even after being told how we know he’s a redditor

>can’t reply in any capacity

>refuses to stop using COINTELPRO after being called out on it

It’s like clockwork.


>lol you’re a shill i say so lol wow i win now don’t reply don’t refute don’t support your own arguments


95a2df  No.12054032

File: be7f8cbbcd6db27⋯.jpg (78.69 KB, 640x640, 1:1, be7f8cbbcd6db27e4122c4bdba….jpg)


>Put the pedophilia autism on ice for a couple months and focus on being leftists on social media

25cfe6  No.12054041


My claim is that you guys just infight and it's retarding your movement, a movement that I would love to be a part of, but because of people like you who immediate shill-call anyone who even SLIGHTLY disagrees with you, is hurting your cause, leading me to believe you are the shill.

Now, we're two guys on the internet calling each other shills INSTEAD of talking about the ACTUAL topics and problems of the world.

Good job, goy. This is such a new and weird meta tactic but god damn, I see it's effectiveness. I'm gonna stop engaging with you know and HOPEFULLY prevent you from derailing this thread anymore.

Good luck and godspeed, you fucking autist.

7b75d3  No.12054054

File: 2d5b8a1725d230e⋯.png (329.82 KB, 1134x2538, 21:47, polvoljew.png)


I told you that you will lose yesterday, and you lost

so deal with it, my dude

c31684  No.12054063


He's filtered

mods are non existent.

I sent an email to volunteer to be a mod to ron, but he hasn't replied.

f86b7f  No.12054066


> they often have nonwhite friends

It's not that that's the problem. As long as they don't shill them, then I'd be fine with it.

fcd69c  No.12054068

this is a quarantine zone for socially retarded spergs you sperg

it is obvious posters here have no influence whatsoever

the point is to keep them here instead of fucking up real things in the real world

f86b7f  No.12054073

It's become so autistic to the point where some guy keeps sperging "ethno-globe" for some reason.

7a2323  No.12054076


>everyone who proves me wrong is my boogeyman

I just called you out for doing that in the post you replied to, and you kept doing it. Do you honestly have NOTHING to add here?


>I can’t reply, so you’re hidden so the bad man with the bad words doesn’t hurt my feelings


>yet another redditor throws in his “input”


7a2323  No.12054081


Almost as though the long-term future goal is the eradication of all other races and the conquest of the entire planet by whites or something.

>I’m fine with nonwhites

Yeah, go back to reddit.

fcd69c  No.12054086


i don't use reddit, though?

am i still a kike shill?

and a nigger faggot?

and a jew?

have you filtered me?

25cfe6  No.12054095


You forgot to add the part where he mentioned that you pretend to be a leftist on social media in order to CO-OPT the leftists aims.

What is your fucking point?

fcd69c  No.12054101


because you've never interacted with an adult who has a job and kind of understands how power works in america?

25cfe6  No.12054105


Don't feed the shills man, you see how adamantly 7a2323 is pushing that everyone in this thread is a shill redditor?

He's attempting to derail and slide this thread and he's succeeding.

f86b7f  No.12054106


Remember faggot. You're on your own on that part. /pol/ for the most part wants whites to be left alone.

2a15e5  No.12054107

File: e4388dd2c34f321⋯.jpg (80.05 KB, 713x960, 713:960, e4388dd2c34f32137b9d1822a5….jpg)


the internet can only do so much.

if you want effect real change you have to transition to real life activism which is more difficult and more dangerous.

c31684  No.12054114


I believe The point is that you cause separation and division

(HOLY SHIT - just outside now there was an assload of Turkeys screaming and it scared the living shit out of me!)

separation and division among the left, and also providing misleading confidence, thus enhancing a sense of complacency.

9b8ac3  No.12054118


what internet are you talking about? what are we purged from?

25cfe6  No.12054119


I like how one bitch isn't even wearing shoes in this picture. Filthy animal.

c31684  No.12054120


promoting a sense of complacency

25cfe6  No.12054125


Yeh I know that's OP's point, but what's the point of the picture mocking OP? The impression I got was that the poster is laughing at OP for proposing this board ACTS like leftists, as if OP is proposing we act like them so that we eventually become them and if anyone is stupid enough for that to work on them then fuck them.

c31684  No.12054128


I believe that OP is referring to the banning and blocking of 'Conservative Accounts,' and so-on…

9b8ac3  No.12054134


faceburg and jewtube?

who gives a fuck?

fcd69c  No.12054138


good advice

f86b7f  No.12054139


I mean censorship in any manner is bad for a side.But then again when there's a white ethnostate, there is going to be censorship nonetheless.

c31684  No.12054148


>the poster is laughing at OP for proposing this board ACTS like leftists

try ignoring them…?


Don't forget twatter…

These are the main pipelines in which 'normies' get their information from, if you haven't noticed.

When someone goes to Faceberg, they have some article pop up on their feed, they click on it, and they read it.

f86b7f  No.12054152


>>/pol/ totally doesn’t believe in one of its foundational beliefs

Prove it to me that /pol/ believed that whites wanted global domination, when in reality /pol/ was a board for mainly whites who just wanted their countries to be left alone and to install a sense of being proud as white?

25cfe6  No.12054157


>try ignoring them

Yeah you're right. I was just hoping that there was a person behind that post that would defend themselves after being called out, but that's not likely on this board.

bb2769  No.12054196

File: acb1c96ff0f683f⋯.jpg (409.34 KB, 2254x1391, 2254:1391, buthesajew.jpg)


>I make no petty exceptions to my beliefs.

Your reading comprehension is poor. I'm saying that for the next six weeks we would find it profitable to attack the left by pretending to be them, since social media is tightly controlled against us as open rightwingers.


>Anyone who criticizes me or goes against the hive mind is a shill.

/pol/ isn't a hugbox. It's a hurtbox.


This is outmoded thinking because the left has clearly demonstrated this year that they are willing to flex their muscles when it comes to their infiltration of tech companies and monetary infrastructure. In other words, we are being systematically purged from the systems they own, and attempts to create alternatives are being actively sabotaged. We NEED a majority in government in the midterms to keep the legislative fire on them, that's the ONLY way short of revolution to stop their monopoly power.


I'm convinced a lot of leftists come on here and scream "kike" "shill" etc. while posing as Nazis to derail us and break us apart.


You're only thinking one step ahead. The enemy is five steps ahead. They close /pol/ and its imageboard hosts. You think, "we'll just make more" only they have shown that they control financial institutions and webhosts, ISPs for the sake of silencing political dissonance. You make new hosts, they defund you and get your site banned. You move to TOR or I2P and they use the DHS plus narrative on Russia to close you down as Russian hackers. Get it?


This, exactly. Calling people faggots, kikes, shills, etc. is a lazy way to argue. Ideas beat ideas. Namecalling is about group approval, not ideas.


Thanks anon. I forgot to add another important idea:

It might be worth looking into dragging the left into skirmishes on multiple fronts. That is to say, keep their attention constantly focused on minor battles (say, legal battles or PR disasters) so that they are being bled dry of resources and attention as we march to the midterms.


>This is due to LARP-Anon invasion of /pol/ - Pedophile Rings are their big "thing"

To which I say "have at it" and all that, but my major point is that the timing of it takes away from the focus on midterms. I see countless threads on pedohunting here, not to mention ten threads about a retarded girl in porn and I have to ask myself "do you think this really matters now when the Dems might take the house?"


Strong evidence for this, sadly.


This anon gets it.



Yes, I am. Our boards aren't in danger presently, because all the surface-level news and social sites are busy silencing and preventing our ability to spread our viewpoint. Our ability to do ANYTHING to affect change in the world largely comes from our ability to spread our message amongst the normies and e-celebs. The left is crippling that right before the midterms and you can bet that sites like ours will be gone (or severely hindered) by election 2020.

e442be  No.12054250

File: 62b92724369753a⋯.gif (3.1 MB, 450x262, 225:131, Typical POL Autist.gif)

How about tame the autism for a couple months rather than put it aside completely. This all or nothing crap leads to problems. Keep a general for it going and if the tism leaks out to other threads it should rightfully be btfo. Any asshole playing the you're ignoring such and such pedo game to derail would be obvious shills. Anons would know to keep an eye on the general for actual info.

Old farts need to liven up and the young punks need to find their center.

bb2769  No.12054386


This is a good idea, I mainly was just trying to make the point of priorities anyway, not simply shutting something down.

e442be  No.12054710


When dealing with tism you need to choose your words. kek

6803d1  No.12054739

File: 6585cea64fcc19e⋯.jpg (262.49 KB, 1429x1800, 1429:1800, lloyd-harold-an-eastern-we….jpg)

>all this board does is infighting

<I know let me propagate infighting

bce1ec  No.12055520








We're allowed to call for the raiding of sites from here, right?

This isn't cuckchan after all, so why don't we make it great again?

It'd certainly be more entertaining, and shit that is fun will attract more participation.

I think one of the important aspects of these internet-campaigns is for anons to post any and all good salt-material that they mine, as it lends joy to fellow Anons.

What about a general thread for raiding?

322020  No.12055563



Good thoughtful posts. Nice image.

1b3586  No.12055568


>Put the pedophilia autism on ice

You can destroy all those clowns by pointing out how they not only don't give a shit about children, but are supporting an illegal censorship directive that puts children in real danger.

Also as a general rule of thumb for all of us…open up all your posts with an argument (based on facts hopefully) and end with your opinion. The latter can included anything from criticism, over insults, to shitposting. Anyone else who hasn't the mental capacity to argue gets flat out ignored. It's as simple as this.

8f0852  No.12056202


>just leave us alone in our ethnostate nonwhites


>probably hasn't even read the turner diaries

Go away polvoljew.

25cfe6  No.12058903


I actually thought of that while I was calling this thread out, but there's really no way to point out that a lot of people on this board are being infighting faggots without sounding like and infighting faggot.

I guess I coulda gone with the "why can't we all just get along" route, but… we all know how that would've gone.

25cfe6  No.12059084


From YOU and from GOD.

You sound weak, like a who loses their mind the moment something goes even slightly wrong in their life.

Such a fucking whiner. Why you even on this board?

25cfe6  No.12059192


If there is no adversary, there is no duality, if there is no separation from said duality, there is no individual.

That is the point of this place.

God is eternal Love and Wisdom, but the trick is that you have to accept that love.

You don't have to, and you haven't, and so you see only misery around you. This place is a place of mystery, pain, pleasure, hate, love, you, I, in, out, hot, cold, because the alternative is Home and that is with God.

The duality I mentioned earlier that breaks up into infinite forms as I listed in the previous paragraph is the choice between accepting God's love or denying it, allowing for an alternate path that is everything OPPOSITE of God.

Life sucks, that's the point. It is consumption, hatred, conflict, violence, meaninglessness, sorrow, and pain but it can also be, if you remember the love of your Creator, a place of personal sacrifice, love, peace, companionship, purpose, joy, and pleasure.

It just takes efforts, and the part of society that wants everything just fucking handed to them and expect everything to be fair for some fucking reason are crippled in the mind and must find the strength that is ALWAYS within you and in God to be the light in the darkness that is this shitstain of a world.

YOU are what is making this world evil, YOU are what creates eternal misery, YOU are deciding God hates you.

There is time to feel sorrow but never a time to accept weakness in yourself.

25cfe6  No.12059238



You didn't take in a word I said. You're too focused to prove your perspective right and give up because it's easier.

Love for yourself and God only comes when you evoke it. You're expecting God and others to fix you but that's YOUR responsibility. That's the point of this place. Learn to be self-reliant and to s stand against the degeneracy that leads society and individuals to be such shit wastes of greedy, lazy, uncaring, perverted, sad human filth.

The fact that you feel the way you do already IMPLIES that there is an alternative feeling that is opposite of that and requires pursuing, a thing you HAVEN'T been doing.

Use logic and remember God.

I'm done replying to your sad, lost ass now. gtfo outta here with your whiney self hatred bullshit and man the fuck up you lost fucking sheepie.

997925  No.12059259

>why is/isn't /pol/ x

>let's all act like jews, /pol/, because leftists are brazenly advocating white genocide, let's do it for them

You display an utter lack of understanding of what happened in 2016 and the American psyche. Do you really think anyone needs to be a parody of leftists? They parody themselves, show what they are to right wingers. Show graphs to right wingers, tell them that the polls say democrats will take the house. Americans are underdogs, they love that story of being behind and winning against all odds. Don't tell leftists that they're going to win, tell the right that they're going to lose but give them energy to fight. Trump won against the polls because they were meme'd into nonexistence, people laughed, maybe against sound judgment and reasoning, at polls saying Trump has single digit chances of winning.

Don't complain about threads that stay contained in their own thread, you're actively acting like a faggot by making an entire thread just to complain that there is activity against pedophilia while you've done nothing to create threads to voice your ideas. Except this one, where you sound like a faggot, and nobody will listen to you. You are not /pol/, you have nothing to contribute but reactionary childishness.

997925  No.12059280


Nigger I'd given up all hope long ago, the course is set for jews to finally be purged from the earth and I've got my list I will personally see to hanging. My only hope is I'll get to a Rothschild first, but that'll be determined if I'm a hide and seek champion and not by blind faith.

2d370b  No.12059291



Sounds like him.




>>12059113 (Thinking that "god" created things. No. Nature and Physics did. And, yes, "they" are heartless, but not malicious. Nature and Physics just ARE.)

>>12059119 (Stop thinking that jewish fairy tales are anything special, for a start)








Wait a minute, there is a certain (((group))) that describes everyone not of their (((group))) as being meaningless and insignificant nothings who should just "accept" without question or thought...........

They use the term "goyim" or "soulless man shaped animal slave."




Try taking Boron.

Seriously. Take boron and iodine and stop using aluminum based deodorant. (there are alternatives on the market).

Do it.


The concept of an "all powerful father figure god" is jewish AF.

(Other religions had father figure gods, but not "omnipotent, omnipresent, blah blah blah)

Just say no.

That said, supernatural events outside of understanding or even outside of the physical world may exist.

Why so many people seem to gravitate towards one or the other extreme of "muh all powerful jewish god" or "nothing but the physical atheism" is a mystery to me.


Again with the "creator."

The interstellar dust cloud that coalesced into the sun?


While I do oppose degeneracy and support healthy traditionalism and morality, I'm actually here mostly for the opposition to the ongoing genocide of White people and the opposition to ZOG.

Also, choosing morality and goodness (yes "good" is a real thing) need not have anything to do with the "god" concept.

25cfe6  No.12059395

File: b5f2aa66126da6d⋯.jpg (23.27 KB, 540x540, 1:1, kek.jpg)


>>Goodness need not have anything to do with the god concept.

>>god concept

a01392  No.12059447

File: 42e16a4633a8415⋯.jpeg (78.81 KB, 700x681, 700:681, B6E3A082-E77D-42AC-9600-D….jpeg)

the JIDF boss himself posts to demonstrate to his employees how it should be done

997925  No.12059673


I was gonna say, the shilling in this thread is above average, even types out god but doesn't capitalize, oy veys over killing jews, and uses red text in every post but not the entire post with few exceptions.

bb2769  No.12059946


I think you are taking the suggestion too literally. This isn't about infiltrating and possessing their movements from within (permanent cooption) it's about using what we know about the left's censorship to bypass their filters they have set against us.

In other words it's about appearing in a way that their censors won't be alerted to our actions while we sabotage them in the leadup to the midterms.


Then you may as well jump off a cliff if you have given up hope and automatically forfeited to the left.


If it's so hopeless and in vain, why are you even here?


Really activates those almonds, huh?

Maybe the pedophilia autism IS the containment for /pol/ this election.

000000  No.12059989


Hello asses and elbows. Haven't seen you here for a while, you pitiful faggot.

8f0852  No.12060259


So, was this clown polvol2 after all?

a01392  No.12060360


kill yourself and go back to sucking muslim dick and watching your girlfriend get blacked by migrants you stupid uk inbred cuck

a0875b  No.12068300

File: 5273b9144acbef1⋯.png (12.96 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

Don't know.

a0875b  No.12068303

File: 5273b9144acbef1⋯.png (12.96 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

File: a52f910eb6541d0⋯.jpg (22.89 KB, 211x255, 211:255, 68d661adafc2f188f3fb338b5f….jpg)

7f4b77  No.12069597

Had me with the pedo Jones-tier nonsense but totally lost me at the attack-white-allies by calling them racist part. Nice try.

ab57a5  No.12069607

Hillary was going to free the persecuted women in Iran and China through war. lol.

ab57a5  No.12069645

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>says, put the pedophilia autism on ice for a couple months

>in a Hillary thread

Can't make this shit up.

cd407a  No.12071047

"Why is /pol/ Autism so Misdirected?"

Pretty sure the cunts, kikes and christcucks here know exactly what to do.

59a3ed  No.12071050


> Put the pedophilia autism on ice for a couple months

Pedophilia revolts the silent masses, saying 'nigger' does not.

Go away, Haime, we see your nose.

2720ea  No.12071061

>Why is /pol/ Autism so Misdirected?

Because everyone is anonymous, so everyone is equal and basically any random idiot can tell people what to do. Everyone is a leader basically.

Didn't really need a whole thread tbh

d2f37c  No.12071194


kikes don't want the goy to talk about pedos cus they'll soon notice the massive overlap between the pedo and commie demographics, and once that happens it's only a matter of time before the goyim notice the massive overlap between the commie and kike demographics too

>hurrdurr larp as leftards to get them to infight

as if we needed to do so, the left canivalizes on it's own with out any need for us to push them into it

>hurrdurr muh elections

you stupid faggot still believe in (((democrat))) vs (((republican)))?, elections are fixed and both candidates will be kikes trying to jew each other out of wahteve power they can steal from each other

>aut-rait being shoahed in the media

a desperate last resosr, it won't stop the memes, the jokes, the radicallizations of normalfags as they wake up, the red pilling of gen zyclon, the rise and fall of new e-celebs who signal boos controversis for clicbait making old media even more irrelevant

they can't stop it, they try, realy hard, they've been doubling and tripling down but no avail

they've lied so much for so long they can't keep up any more, they lied so often we grew inmune to it, and when they notce they began to lie even more often, then they began to lie, harder, bigger, faster, longer, until the lie collapsed under it's own wheight

that is what happende to us on /pol/ and that is what is happening to normies and gen Z.

nobody will ever believe the kikes or the left

and if people think that they are all pedos

nobody will believe nor forgive when they deny acusations or ask for mercy

6d35cf  No.12071287


> chasing it's own tail looking for anything remotely related to pedophilia

I think you were trying to say

> chasing down lead after lead and successfully finding and exposing one pedophile ring after the other

No need to gaslight and deny findings where they were

> what chance do you think exists of those people being prosecuted under a BLUE house of representatives and senate?

Same as >>12053020 says. The point of it is not (yet) to get them prosecuted, but to give outsiders a reality check on how much trust in the system is warranted, namely none. If they cease to believe that the justice system brings justice, they are more receptive to the idea of university faculties that don't do actual research, news agencies that don't inform but disinform, police departments that delay or delete crime statistics to influence voting outcomes. They begin to see the same institutions they previously looked to for authority on different aspects of life, as the enemies to the people that they are.

c7632b  No.12071444

>In fact I have watched you aid them in attacking conservative e-celebrities yourselves. Let's reflect on that a moment: We have soros-funded groups like antifa and BLM who are agitated against us already, yet you are making their jobs easier for them by purging our ranks of e-celebrities and conservative commentators for not being as autistic as you are. Good job.

This is absolute insanity and I see it everywhere now.

This board spends massive amounts of time sperging out about people who do great work. Is Cernovich retarded sometimes? Absolutely. But he was the one who took down James Gunn. Is Alex Jones retarded sometimes? Absolutely. But he's actively spreading the word about white genocide to normies.

Wasting hours upon hours countersignalling people DOING GOOD WORK means you want the left to win.

>You made their job easier, because your autism prevented you from seeing the very obvious truth that the growing of our presence online, spanning from basic conservatism to alt-lite, to literal national socialism, can only lead to a market forming for us, which means that our enemies would be forced to bend the knee eventually because of the massive profits to be made supporting us. Same goes for politicians and all the various institutions of power. Your autism over "muh pure natsoc" and cryptokikes (an obvious D&C move by the left against us) has strangled the ability of us to be profitable, and political.

I remember in 2015 and 2016 when virtually everyone on the Internet was on our side. Even on Reddit there were regular frontpage posts bashing trannies and "identifying" as another gender. Everyone knew the enemies were FEMINISTS, SJWs and ANTI-WHITES. Today it seems like /pol/ thinks the enemy is anyone who doesn't openly wear a swastika and praise Hitler in public.

6e1d0d  No.12071561


tldr faggot, but infighting =/= discussion

c1a256  No.12072236

File: 5120abf98956fc6⋯.jpeg (32.77 KB, 466x494, 233:247, 406794_4329965605896_1133….jpeg)

op still thinks in dualities

into the oven it goes

ca6a01  No.12072859


Blame t_donald and cuckchan.

cdde6d  No.12072975


Almost all "conservative" e-celebs and commentators that are not outright silenced or censored are either cuckservatives and boomers, or they're center left and are a setup for character assassination of the "alt-right".

71bbee  No.12072988

Dead tech elites can’t censor

5b74dc  No.12083722




Normies don't give a fuck about pedophilia. Only you care. If normies cared about pedophilia then Rick and Morty would have been cancelled. If they cared about pedophilia then Gunn wouldn't be considered for rehiring. If they cared then pedowood and pizzagate wouldn't be mere 'conspiracies' easily ignored.

Meanwhile pedophilia is being normalized. It's being given the gay acceptance treatment. In ten years it will have open advocacy.

You know this, I know this.

You keep chasing these issues, just like the Christian Right chased homosexuality during the George Bush years. Big victory for them huh? We ended up with Obama thanks to them.

Meanwhile we're 9 weeks from the midterms. It's a referendum on Trump. If the Dems win it means you lose everything because they'll prevent him from accomplishing anything in office.

Have some perspective and prioritize your objectives. Pedos aren't as important as keeping political power.

e48808  No.12083879


>If you actually want to accomplish something you need to do it in the real world. Just tippity tapping on keyboards gains us almost absolutely nothing substantial.

>The Internet isn't real

What we do "tippity tapping" on keyboard can have a very real effect in the real world, faggot.

OP has a point. D&C is a time-honored tactic that our enemies use liberally.

At one point you really have to step back and think of an effective way to use your time. Infighting doesn't help us at all.

Splintering the enemy does.


Filtered for being a retard wihout any arguments

000000  No.12083891


OP wants us to take our eyes off the ball.

Pedophilia is the blackmail that underlies all corruption and control of DC.

71acdc  No.12084341


Daily reminder that data shows Republicans are worse on immigration than Democrats. Reminder that Trump is deporting even fewer people than obongo did. Reminder that the two parties are political theater.

6c61ca  No.12084627

>it's a thinly veiled "stop oppressing pedos" thread

9e09a1  No.12084656


>Chief Information Officer of Trump's Intelligence Agency speaking in person

Look, your shill mods are done and so is Trump. This board is free for open thought and independent intellectualism once again. The days of mass Trump worship by the alt-kike and /r/the_donald imbeciles are drawing to an end. This is a place where everyone and everything is open to scrutiny. Information shall be extracted, darkness shall be cast away, and the truth shall be situated in plain sight. Pedophilia is the ultimate act which binds all of the uppermost echelons of the global power structure into an unholy alliance, and no one, /pol/ or otherwise, should stop at the chance to uncover every little bit of information there is.

Anyone who tries to deter pedophilia investigations is an enemy of truth.

58c2b7  No.12085255


Lurk moar.

92f922  No.12085285


ALL? You sound ridiculous. If you want to peddle this theory at least apply a reasonable percentage to it. There are all sorts of skeletons-in-the-closet people can be blackmailed about in Washington DC. Perhaps they are a closeted gay, cheated on their wife, have a sex tape, embezzled, etc.

I think those more common dalliances would account for the vast majority of blackmailing. If you can come to a realistic estimate and SHOW YOUR MATH then we can begin having an intelligent conversation sir.


Anyone who tries to deter reptilian investigations is an enemy of truth

Board space is a zero-sum game, if we allow too many pedophilia paranoia slide threads it interferes about conversing about potentially more important issues than Pizzagate Thread Number 99

It's so fucking bad that I'd be willing to see a pedophilia discussion thread locked to the top position if it would function as a containment thread and people would STFU about it elsewhere and stop disrupting other convos and sliding important threads off the board.

70d8c3  No.12085345

so focus more on pedo hunting, got it schlomo

70d8c3  No.12085364



>you guys

nice of you to admit you're not from here

9e09a1  No.12087749


>le forced cointelpro conspiracy maymay is the same as mass covered-up pedophilia amongst the world's elite

The act of procuring forbidden knowledge is a delicate one, and there's a thin line between being on the right path and utter autistic insanity. It's up to every individual to strike a balance. Having a dedicated pedo thread is fine, but what OP suggests, that is, abstaining from any pedo-related investigations "for a couple of months", certainly is not.

be20c3  No.12087759

There are not real racists here. Most of it just venting frustrations from racial tensions to avoid actual violence.

03fcfc  No.12088750


I could never meme this into happening because it looks like censorship… I wish for just one day, everyone on /pol/ stopped posting, filtered all kike bots and shills that kept spamming, then returned to business as normal.

OP why would the investigation go on ice? So much dirt is being uncovered. Give them no time to hide.

f5738d  No.12088757

File: 45959adcf570768⋯.png (91.08 KB, 429x410, 429:410, 1432622253798-0.png)


Gee OP, it's like /pol/ has been subverted by cuckchanners and redditfags from r_theDonald or something.

3b2a5b  No.12088759

So you're saying we should frame the Nostalgia Critic for Robbery?

4bfebe  No.12090902

I still haven’t figured out why Hillary lost. Was it the Russian uranium deal? Was it Wikileaks? Was it Podesta? Was it her sexual predator husband? Was it her staff’s husband’s immoral pictures? Was it her subpoena violation? Was it the corrupt foundation? Was it the congressional lies? Was it the Benghazi scandal? Was it the pay for play? Was it the Travel Gate scandal? Was it the Haiti scandal? Was it the Whitewater scandal? Was it the Cattle Gate scandal? Was it the $15 million for Chelsea’s apartment bought with foundation money? Was it Comey’s investigation? Was it her husband’s interference with Loretta Lynch and the investigation? Was it stealing debate questions? Was it forensically deleting 33,000 emails? Was it the secret server in her house? Was it the Seth Rich murder? Was it calling half of the USA population deplorable? Was it the underhanded treatment of Bernie Sanders? Was it the Vince Foster murder? Was it the Jennifer Flowers assault? Was it the $800,000 Paula Jones settlement? Was it the lie about taking on sniper fire in Bosnia? Was it her husband’s impeachment for lying under oath? Was it the 6 billion $ she “lost” when in charge of the state department? Was it the 10 million she took for the pardon of Marc Rich? Or was it because she was the worst presidential candidate our country has ever had to choose from?

Gee, I just can’t quite put my finger on it, but it seems to be right in front of me.

d65fd3  No.12091234

File: f660fe13d56e7a6⋯.png (254.74 KB, 335x360, 67:72, Kike_World.png)

Any board out there for jew conspiracy theories only ?

d7b681  No.12123358

Maybe the problem is that everyone forgot to love.

59a3ed  No.12123412


> Assuming that you can get hard proof

Oh, nigger, it's CY+3. This is not about lawfare anymore.

That's the domain of the kike.

Why would we operate in the domain of the kike against the kike?

Lurk more, faggot, we're not even on the shit you're talking about.

ba315e  No.12123488

File: 7468022001afc33⋯.jpg (310.3 KB, 808x1156, 202:289, pol.jpg)


pic related is basically what happens here, except for the occasional HWNRU or IOTBW campaign which are the only redeeming qualities i've seen. most of the posters still actually think the daily stormer is legit, and IRL action is fed-posting, which is lame.

53d5fb  No.12123550

File: df4b68c6a0b6fbf⋯.jpg (161.13 KB, 891x829, 891:829, da916df0873d281a9a181f4df7….jpg)


>secure the midterms for the red cucks who give israel everything they want instead of the blue ones


voting for trump objectively resulted in the following:

>palestine aid being cut(trump destroyed the jews enemies)

>israel aid being increased

>jewish torturer running the cia

>american syria presence indefinite

>jew who hired 300+ illegal beaners pardoned

>pic related

if the red cuckolds wanted us to bother voting they should have appealed to us. instead they copied what the dnc did in 2016 and alienated their base, oh the irony. no one with any power in the kike machine gives the slightest fuck about white people, we're on our own

>inb4 you're not white if you don't support trump

4e65d0  No.12123560

File: e8cfe33a753ea7d⋯.png (239.84 KB, 419x504, 419:504, 1471890605400-2.png)

>Democrats have made it clear (via their propaganda outlets normalizing pedophilia over the last two or three years)

What are you talking about they have been constantly agitating to raise the age of consent for the last 100 years. They just raised the AoC in Canada not that long ago

809bb0  No.12123675


>the jews don't want you fucking little 8 year old girls goyim

f05604  No.12123691


Andrew Anglin and his shit writing team takes money from jews and want to be Hunter S Thompson.

Anglin/TRS the pied pipers of charlottesville.

ba97f2  No.12123696

The real shame is that none of you realize that the demonization of pedophiles is nothing but another leftist tactic to create a common enemy after they were no longer allowed to point at niggers or faggots as their bogeyman.

955e70  No.12123700



Never come back.


Reminder that the mods are explicitly not allowed to do anything about this.



Reported for being a childfucker.

92f922  No.12125150

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What do the pizzagate autists think of Bernd?

30ab13  No.12125163


>purged us


>stop investigating the pedophile cannibals



4a65e3  No.12125166

File: abba626b7612e78⋯.png (326.67 KB, 736x865, 736:865, 2c1955174c7b2149b69833ce69….png)


>caring this much about kike elections

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