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File: d81b2937f870009⋯.jpg (54.28 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Bobbitt-McClure-DAmico-hom….jpg)

File: 165361c44f2811e⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1350x777, 450:259, p.png)

File: 3864a3a92611ed2⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1290x780, 43:26, rty.png)

31643a  No.12059982

>Johnny Bobbitt, famously rescued from the streets of Philadelphia last October after word of his kindness to a stranger went viral and led to a $400,000 GoFundMe campaign, is once again homeless, drug-addicted — and panhandling for money.

>The couple who started the fund-raiser say that in helping Bobbitt, they've spent or given him more than half of the money donated by thousands of people around the world and they are withholding the roughly $200,000 balance. Bobbitt says he fears that the couple, Kate McClure and her boyfriend, Mark D'Amico, squandered much of the money. He worries there may be little, or nothing, left.

>Bobbitt, 35, a North Carolina native, made international news when he used his last $20 to buy gas for McClure, 28, of Burlington County, after her car stalled on the I-95 ramp in Kensington, where he had been panhandling.

>In return, McClure and D'Amico, 39, gave Bobbitt money, food, and clothing. Their GoFundMe campaign to find Bobbitt a home inspired 14,347 donors to give generously as the three appeared on Good Morning America, the BBC, and in newspapers across the country.

>"He will never have to worry about a roof over his head again!!" the couple posted on GoFundMe as they thanked "everyone who had a part of this amazing ride."

>D'Amico said he controls the money and did nothing wrong. "Write what you want," he said last week.

>"Giving him all that money, it's never going to happen. I'll burn it in front of him," said D'Amico, who in recent months has had his own legal problems stemming from traffic offenses, a suspended driver's license, and an arrest for failing to appear in municipal court. Giving the money to someone addicted to drugs, he said, would be like "giving him a loaded gun."


Wow. Special place in hell for these two.

8cb12d  No.12059997

I don't understand, where did the house go?

31643a  No.12060018


>I don't understand, where did the house go?

>"The first thing on the list is a NEW Home which Johnny will own!!" the GoFundMe posting said.

>Not long after, tensions were simmering. The promise of a home gave way to a camper that Bobbitt lived in until June on land McClure's family owns in rural Florence Township, Burlington County, near the small house the couple share. He never got his "dream" pickup, a 1999 Ford Ranger, and the used SUV he was given instead broke down. The couple said they put the two vehicles in McClure's name so Bobbitt couldn't sell them, but both vehicles have since been sold.

They keep saying its about drugs and him being a full blown addict but they could have stuck his ass into rehab and had the money waiting for him when he got out.

a6e533  No.12060030

>white woman is disgusted to be near a man with no money

Absolutely aryan… Wonder what kind of daughter she will raise (if she has one)

9b3126  No.12060044

Why are you trying to turn this place into reddit, OP? Unless they're Jews of course they are. Dig nobody here is surprised these soulless demons did what they did. Also, the homeless guy probably would have burned through the cash. Homeless people aren't on the street because they're short on cash; it's because they're fucked up and can't hold onto money.

Stop sliding this board around, double-nigger. This is exactly the kind of shit that strangled 4cuck.

c80935  No.12060045

If he really is a speed freak and a veteran why doesn't he go full rambo on them, murdelize that backward baseball cap jock with his bare hands then deeply inseminate that hottass bitch to the accompaniment of her highly erotic cries of distress?

Imagine blasting your balls dry into her moist tender fragrant whoom…

ccbb9a  No.12060047


As a veteran myself I find this to be fucking horrible. That poor guy needs a lawyer to take up his case.

If that were me I would have had the money put into a trust to be distributed to me in appropriate amounts.

Then I'd go live in Asia and drink and fuck until my organs failed.

fbd445  No.12060057


They sound like normalfag narcissist scumbags and he sounds like a smackhead, and their apperances support the description.

My main question is whether or not he IS a smackhead. I don't think there's any question these two are scum.

64b085  No.12060088

File: 7768d2c0b148bfe⋯.png (129.3 KB, 369x438, 123:146, Every_time.png)


How soon before something like this is done to Terry?

03ac8f  No.12060116


>aryan women love money, goy!


>murdering white men and raping white women is hot, goy!


6fe0de  No.12060179


>fragrant womb

Virgin much?

6deae8  No.12060244


>triggered roastie/white knight right on cue

Like clockwork.

428426  No.12060256


I don't blame them. Fuck that dirty homeless degenerate.

428426  No.12060258


Nigger please. That lawyer would cost whatever was left in the account.

794049  No.12060272


>Giving money away to campaigns like GoFundMe and Patreon instead of giving it directly to the source

Why does this not surprise me. I think I remember an interview with Chuck Norris from many years ago where he was trying to expose money laundering in charitable organizations. Like how he was trying to expose that "administration costs" absorb like 90 to 90 percent of the actual donations. This is how basically modern cancer research works when they say "Oy vey we are so close to the cure Goyim! Just a few more shekels…."

>This also happening in Philadelphia

Again I'm not surprised. I've always hated Philly since I was young and spending a good chunk of my time down there. So much for the city of brotherly love. It badly needs to be nuked.

794049  No.12060276

b862d8  No.12060281


642c4c  No.12060284



604840  No.12060285

File: 0031a863e511854⋯.jpg (616.87 KB, 2179x2880, 2179:2880, 1534169420752.jpg)

Look at that man. Look at how brown he is. Never trust brown people. This is the maximum amount of browness you can sort of trust and even then be on your toes.

63154e  No.12060293

Serves him right, he's a fucking drug addict.

428426  No.12060295


> 90 to 90 percent

WTF does that mean???

428426  No.12060298


Oh got it.

c5de15  No.12060308

>The couple who started the fund-raiser say that in helping Bobbitt, they've spent or given him more than half of the money donated by thousands of people around the world and they are withholding the roughly $200,000 balance.

>They already gave him 200k

b90d51  No.12060313

>probably straight guy that doesn’t do drugs and wouldn’t turn trick for kikes, this is how these things normally play out

c5de15  No.12060318


>It badly needs to be nuked.

I wish you "things in the country need to be nuked" fags would just kill yourselves.

b90d51  No.12060319

>I say this as a homeless Veteran myself.

9c432e  No.12060326


Giving a homeless degenerate drug addict money is like throwing fuel on a house fire. It serves no purpose. Who gives a fuck if he is a veteran. A veteran of what? ZOG wars? Fuck him, he's a stupid faggot. Only veterans I respect are wehrmacht veterans, and most of them are dead.

The couple are con artists and should be punished accordingly.

>Then I'd go live in Asia and drink and fuck until my organs failed.

Racemixing faggot. Fuck outta here, nigger.

b90d51  No.12060330

>when you say he’s stupid, and in reality probably just waiting for you to stop being a bigoted asshole kike.

b90d51  No.12060332


They are Jews, this is expected behavior from them. Why anyone of any race trusts a Jew is beyond me.

7184ef  No.12060334

>donating to online fundraisers

Did GG teach people nothing?

b90d51  No.12060335


Okay never mind, I see you’re just a larding beaner.

95929a  No.12060346



around americans, never relax.

b90d51  No.12060353


>I donate to sororities, because I believe in keeping them drunk and happy

67aab6  No.12060390

File: ef0586c85a27ef7⋯.jpg (17.04 KB, 297x251, 297:251, jewish-man.JPG)


>Fraudulently collect 200,000$ in the name of charity for a selfless homeless man

>refuse to give homeless man money

>use money on own legal problems stemming from being a degenerate piece of shit

>mock homeless man, saying you would burn the money before you would give it to him

Hes Jewish btw.

b90d51  No.12060402

>MFW I wonder how greedy you have to be to take from a homeless man.

>The I remember this Weimerica, and Jews steal from their own relatives regularly.

b90d51  No.12060406

>MFW I am glad to not be a kike

f37a2a  No.12060414


They also could have set up a trust that limited his direct access to the cash.

3e4a41  No.12060419

File: 16dcb7273c93b96⋯.jpg (3.62 MB, 3884x7735, 3884:7735, 1514530462731.jpg)


You know most charities operate legally giving only 10% of the donation funds to the cause they are in support of.

If I raised 400 grand for some homeless piece of shit druggy, I'd keep half for myself. I don't see what these people did wrong unless they said 100% of the proceeds will go to crack-head bum.

9bcb8a  No.12060427


The "crack head bum" gave his last $20 dollar bill to a lady that ran out of gas on the freeway he was panhandling on.

b90d51  No.12060435

>kikes being kikes

e97092  No.12060437

nice kike thread, upvote it on reddit

3e4a41  No.12060441


Easy come, easy go

Not hard to hand out money when its handed to you.

Now if the fund raisers are jews, I think there's more going on here than meets the eye. No doubt they talked to daddy warbucks about finding some homeless man and making up a story to get the stupid goy to donate money to their poor homeless veteran needing help (People make their own choices and need to live by those choices) and daddy warbucks surely got them a spot on jewmedia to scam more money from the kind Christian audience wanting to help.

A-la Sandy Hook, Aurora, Parkland, etc etc etc

just a fucking world of scaming the goy and nobody talks about the real issue, only the problem

67aab6  No.12060445


Thats because youre a bad person, you should probably go back to cuckchan.

67aab6  No.12060448



I should add, inversely if I were to have 400 grand of my own money, Id be sure to give at least 40% of it away to pro-white causes - and definitely not to some scumbag whos going to keep 80 grand of it.

8cf2c2  No.12060463


No you dense FUCK. He GAVE the LAST 20 dollars he had BEFORE this whole go fund me, these KIKES set it up for him because he gave his last 20 bucks so the couple could get gas and go home.

3e4a41  No.12060488


How do you think he got the 20 dollars you illiterate hippie?

428426  No.12060491


Shit. $20 to a homeless person aint nothing. Nigger can get that anytime. He was just bored and saw a damsel in distress. No good deed and whatnot. Fuck his homeless drug using degenerate ass.

794049  No.12060516


I guess you haven't been exposed to the bad parts of Philly. The city itself has cleaned itself up somewhat, but it's still a shit hole.You would probably want Philly to be nuked if you had any exposure to the atrocious VA medical center down there. Nearly lost my father due to the whole place being run by niggers and greed.

9c432e  No.12060521


Nukes are pretty low IQ in terms of wiping out human populations. Can't resettle and terraform the land safely.

428426  No.12060546


Robbed an old lady?

db5799  No.12060548

File: 06dd129624773d5⋯.png (369.28 KB, 519x659, 519:659, judin.png)

File: c3ffb88a06f4da5⋯.jpg (16.87 KB, 480x444, 40:37, jewdar.jpg)

40576a  No.12060747


what a weird fucking story. especially all the weird photos of them together. like she didnt have a bank card for gas? had to use cash? whole thing looks like a big grift

dfcec7  No.12061002

File: 22660a54d84f499⋯.jpg (166.78 KB, 733x733, 1:1, 1535184575375.jpg)


think about how he became an addict, the US treats their Vets like shit and most Vets have psychological issues left unchecked.

with 400,000 cash the two could have easily put the dude in rehab and caregroups and then set up a bank account that'll give him 40k a year and not just front him the full 400,000$

the couple are leeches that preyed on a vulnerable man that fell into vice's after being fucked over by the governments military.

392a2f  No.12061045


That's why nobody can go to Hiroshima today.

40576a  No.12061046

File: 52bd8fcbb7823a5⋯.png (60.43 KB, 824x519, 824:519, 4.png)

I found this little blurb from when the couple got married.

3e4a41  No.12061072



>I found this little blurb from when the couple got married.

Princeton graduate parents, executive in media (seriously questionable ties here) and needs 20 bucks for gas?

Something about this story isn't adding up. I think the jew-link lies with the husband and his work.

5e1ff9  No.12061084


Since when do rich spoiled kikes ever use their own deserved money?

d1231d  No.12061092


they could've used that money to house him and spend the money for him instead to make sure that it doesn't get spent on drugs

c80935  No.12061099


No I just live in a place where a certain percentage of the most beautiful women practice an immaculate vaginal hygene and thus their hot holes are home to lactobacteria that smells sweet rather than bowel flora that smell like shit.

e2996f  No.12061100

That zogbot scum can beg in the gutter for all I care.

Take your cuckservative welfare queen warfare back to your facebook groups, boomer.

3e4a41  No.12061103


I would have never joined if i had the access to information the kids have today. I have no sympathy for veterans anymore.

the homeless guy looks a bit older, so there is room for consideration on that note, but people need to be held accountable for their own decisions. Some people need to be left to die in a gutter before they find their inner-strength and pull themselves out of it. Some people will get washed out to the ocean when the rains come.

The only thing being accomplished by handing someone money is that person doesn't get up to get it.

5e1ff9  No.12061108

>being that desperate for a (You)

5ebd14  No.12061113


it already was/is. for several months.

some fag got control over templeos website and keeps all the paypal

392a2f  No.12061114


>US treats their Vets like shit

As they should. ZOGbots deserve no respect. There is not conscription, so they are just mercenaries who willingly take on the risks because they believe the benefits (paycheck, college, career, etc.) outweigh it. No different from other high risk jobs, so taxpayers should not be forced to fork over their hard earned money to alleviate the psych problems of parasite mercenaries who couldn't hack it in the field without getting ptsd.

c80935  No.12061122


United Way

American Red Cross (not the international one in Switzerland)

Shriners anything.

Total scam, shameless fucking smooth talking thieves in suits.

b90d51  No.12061125

That entire side of the sextant is loaded with criminals

c80935  No.12061128


I wish people that told other people here to kill themselves would get nuked.

c6ca26  No.12061149


This. To newfags lurking, this is clickbait tier slide thread. It accomplishes nothing and cycles anon dialogue uselessly. Sage.

To all that replied in this thread without saging, lurk 2 years.

c1e854  No.12061153

He looks like a Jew. Look at the way his head looks like with the glasses on his head. The woman looks like a jew as well.

dfcec7  No.12061160


Dude was probably in Afghanistan considering his age, if so am sure he saw his share of shit.

>but people need to be held accountable for their own decisions.

True, but when it comes to untreated health issues the ill are not sound of mind in their decision.

still him giving out a 20 when he's homeless himself does show he has empathy/compassion even though he's an addict so there's something salvageable in him, so rehabilitation might work for him.

>Some people need to be left to die in a gutter before they find their inner-strength and pull themselves out of it Some people will get washed out to the ocean when the rains come.

I agree partly, when a person genuinely want's to get out of the hole they're in that's when I believe help should come. part of the process in becoming clean of addiction is willpower to improve and that only comes at a persons most vulnerable/weak moment.

>The only thing being accomplished by handing someone money is that person doesn't get up to get it.

yeah giving him the full amount of donations wouldn't do any good, that's why placing him in medical care for his issues is a way better alternative, and then putting the rest of the donations in a bank after he's recovered.

2c4917  No.12061182


Even if he's White somehow, he's got the soul of a Jew and should be gassed with the hooknoses.

000000  No.12061186

This is why donations need to have legal clarification they are actually used for what they say.

40576a  No.12061194

File: 7d457a2caa4ff2e⋯.png (618.44 KB, 931x588, 19:12, johnny bobbits.png)


the whole thing is fishy. Like they just meet this guy November, 2017? some kooky shit if you ask me

f6db39  No.12061215


1. Taunt him by first promising money then keeping it

2. Double humiliate by making him put on a ridiculous costume


4. ???

40576a  No.12061238


I swear this guy is some experiment. He has a facebook. his life looked normal back in 2015. Starts talking about going off the grid in 2016. Picks up December 22nd 2017, talking about top 10 conspiracies that came true, along with some flat earth stuff

a08650  No.12061242

>Bobbitt wonders how McClure, a receptionist for the New Jersey Department of Transportation, paid for the new BMW she drives and for vacations to California, Florida, and Las Vegas, as well as a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. He also questions how much D'Amico, a carpenter, spent gambling.

these kikes blew the money

>McClure, through tears, said she and D'Amico did all they could to help Bobbitt, and she still believes he can turn his life around. But for now, she feels frustrated and betrayed. "I don't want to lose my job over this," she said.

the jew whines as it strikes you

>In recent days, D'Amico told an evolving account of his stewardship of the money. Initially, he said he would not produce financial records because the money was put into an existing account at PNC bank that does not belong to Bobbitt. On Wednesday, he said he and McClure had opened up a separate account for Bobbitt. On Thursday morning he said he told a reporter the trusts had been set up because that's what Bobbitt wanted him to say.

oy vey don't ask questions

a08650  No.12061256

File: 613dbf6bd633c84⋯.png (99.54 KB, 909x851, 909:851, phonenumber.png)

found this cunts phone number



a08650  No.12061262

File: 5b01bd19afc17a3⋯.png (396.67 KB, 893x813, 893:813, twitter.png)




though it doesn't seem active

f6db39  No.12061264


',',',,,amazing ride',',',',''''

e2996f  No.12061271


Not your personal army

a08650  No.12061274

File: 8a843573f355758⋯.png (292.79 KB, 893x803, 893:803, shilltwitter.png)


here's the twitter they used to scam money


it's been deleted though.

it's still in google cache

this one was much more active




not OP, jew

f6db39  No.12061279


s o m e t h i n g s p e c i a l

3e4a41  No.12061288


wtf is wrong with her face?

40576a  No.12061290


dammit I get the wrong guy. ignore this

3e4a41  No.12061308


they were probably friends for a while and devised the plan in 2015

When kimbo was a big thing I was working on putting out a bunch of choreographed videos showing me KO'ing niggers and getting a fight set up for x,xxx,xxx dollars. Win/lose didn't matter, I just figured for a year or two of my time I could have cashed out like a mother fucker. Kimbo's managers turned down my offers to fight numerous times.

I respect a good story, but I don't respect people manipulating the kindness of others and asking for gibs.

e9f213  No.12061442



It's one of those stupid instagram filters thots love to use on their pictures. Prosthetic 'interesting' for NPCs who lack any interesting thoughts, words or deeds in themselves.

(polite sage for OT)

bd780b  No.12061556


I see a fraud charge in their future.

bd780b  No.12061565



61e9bd  No.12061568

Fraud… allowed by "Go fund me" but still illegal. Only those who contributed have legal standing to file a criminal complaint.

Go Fund Me could be charged as a co-conpirator as they profit from the fraud and it doesn't violate their terms of service (and it really does if you're going to have a website that encourages people to make a story and beg for money)

bd780b  No.12061577


Is Zipperhead still there?

Wondering if this is a scam gone bad.

>Hey Moishe, tell the reporter you gave him your last $20 for gas, we'll use my cousin Hershel at the newspaper to float the story and get the money rolling in


bd780b  No.12061579


Fundraising by misrepresentation is fraud. Prosecutor has standing.

bd780b  No.12061583


>AT&T in Bedminster

Ducking golf balls all the way from the parking lot? Is that were Bell Labs was?

bd780b  No.12061590


To newfags, this is what a shill looks like. Ignore and filter. Kikes hate it when their scams are exposed and will often offer to (((help))) you, like this scammy couple.

3f8ef1  No.12061592


This is the most likely case. I bet he was promised something like 10% to play along and he had no idea the bleeding heart normies would give 400k.

40576a  No.12061597


That turned out to be some other dude. I eventually find the correct guy. 39 year old, lives in Trenton, NJ with some kind of bankruptcy or lawsuits in the background

bd780b  No.12061598


>they made me dress up like a chicken

Maybe he was the bull for the hotwife?

f04d80  No.12061608

File: 408afc772edf9be⋯.png (743.58 KB, 800x450, 16:9, work harder.png)

Capitalists gonna capitalize.

3f8ef1  No.12061621

File: 5127eede17f4618⋯.png (2.09 MB, 738x741, 246:247, Darwin's Finches and their….png)

61e9bd  No.12061639


>Prosecutor has standing.

What harm was done against the prosecutor?

No, the prosecutor does not have standing.

For example, if Al his Bob, Bob has standing to file a criminal complaint of battery against Al. The prosecutor does not unless Bob was killed from the blow.

f7eda1  No.12061672

File: aaa0ea6a1667b2a⋯.jpg (65.99 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1535080174653.jpg)

He's gotten a substantial return on his investment, why let him waste the rest? No one should be shocked when the poor are generous - they're poor because they're terrible with money. Redditors threw 400k at a bum and a woman who lets her car go to empty, what did anyone expect?

40576a  No.12061676


I love how they take the photo of Johnny wearing 1 glove, next to the pile of garbage, just to emphasize how totally homeless he is

f94929  No.12061722

File: dc09f08b788cd16⋯.png (463.18 KB, 738x741, 246:247, Darwin's_Finches_and_their….png)


Fixed your image for you. pngcrush is your friend.

3d722c  No.12061969


Which they did by literally putting their lives and mental and physical health on the line.

The brain is a complicated interaction of recognition, alanylsis, reaction and chemicals.

Saying that there is no mental health is tantamoung to creationism.

I kindly suggest you fucking kill yourself, you are cleraly more of a net drain than even the most damaged, but still previously brave and dutiful soldier could ever dream to be.

Fuck off, Kike

97073b  No.12061993

This isn't reddit. Did you already drop out of school OP?

bb1867  No.12062021


Is that where all the National SOCIALISTS go now?

37cbfb  No.12062226

File: b7b037233db3efc⋯.jpg (110.79 KB, 596x447, 4:3, 1682876-inline-inline-2-wh….jpg)


remember this image with the jewish bowl magnified, turns out to be pretty much empty.

anyway this teaches you a lesson there is never a good reason to "contribute" to a gofundme,patreon or a kickstarter, infact be suspicious to big charities in general. Give money to charities which are reputable and big thing here HAS NEXT TO NO MIDDLEMEN.

The jew is the middleman and always has been, it is literally in der ewidge jude.

37cbfb  No.12062239

File: c7bc75558687d17⋯.png (909.86 KB, 1290x780, 43:26, 3864a3a92611ed29d479037434….png)

The guy looks pretty "chosen" himself. I think the whole thing is just a scam from the start and the guy is a plant,maybe deep cover mossad in the usa. would not surprise me.

37cbfb  No.12062245


The cia,mossad,mi5 have people undercover in transient groups,working as escorts and bodyguards,drug dealers.

I bet "homeless" guy was deep mossad, the other two were cut in and they schemed together to put $200,000 in a bank of israel deposit box in geneva and claimed it went "missing". The whole thing is difficult to trace or prove so it is perfect for fraud.

37cbfb  No.12062246


i can see your nose from here kike

bb1867  No.12062374

>"Write what you want," he said last week.

Pretty much how bankers feel when they see people protesting after a wealth correction bubble. Very few stories so perfectly encapsulate everything that's wrong with America.

40576a  No.12062599


does that guy's shirt really say "easy money"

a08650  No.12062685

File: c8f65a8c007eef8⋯.png (109.04 KB, 746x554, 373:277, jewshirt.png)


it does indeed

a08650  No.12062787

3f8ef1  No.12062939


No thats where the anti-white global socialists go.

5e0769  No.12063194


Yes, this is one shitty kiked operation. Look at them scrambling: >>12062787

5e0769  No.12063197


It's a crime you faggot.

91cf32  No.12063213

nu/pol is a board for bleeding-hearts and sympathy for degenerates. Have a bump for this nu/pol/ thread! 😁👍👌

5e0769  No.12063215



Oh, and because crowdfunding involves servers that cross state lines…



5e0769  No.12063222


Kikes like you don't usually bump.

91cf32  No.12063258

File: f0b02a2108ab2da⋯.jpg (70.08 KB, 800x472, 100:59, 1324181066730.jpg)



4711bc  No.12063284


It's only fraud if you intend to not use the money raised for its intended purpose.

4312b7  No.12063596


> they've spent or given

> they've spent or

> They've spent

> Spent

Would like to know just how much he got and how much they used for "personal" reasons.

bb1867  No.12063985


It's where useful idiots volunteering for thieves go.

4909c3  No.12064012


I have been homeless before, until the day a family brought me to their house when I was 17, I met their 11 year old daughter and lost my virginity to her. They paid for my education for me to finish highschool, and I later went to community college for accontant. I will never thank them enough. I lost contact with them a few years ago.

f7eda1  No.12064050

File: 99eb4ba3076ee1a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.53 KB, 960x638, 480:319, 1534255097870.jpg)


I'm getting called a kike for the shocking observation that women and bums are bad with money?

f7eda1  No.12064059


>help a bum

>he molests your daughter

>pay for his education

>he doesn't speak to you for years

What color are you?

4909c3  No.12064084


I'm white.

4909c3  No.12064101


They cut the ties with me when I was 22 and it had got obvious that their 16 years old daughter had feeling for me.

3a7715  No.12064165


>these kikes blew the money



>If a carpenter tells you he's gambling, he's doing drugs.

Which adds up. After all, (((they))) reflexively accuse innocent people of the very crimes (((they))) commit themselves.

c565f5  No.12064427

File: c12f9dbc64319ef⋯.jpg (126.16 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, c12f9dbc64319ef3637b38984e….jpg)


>Easy come, easy go

What your mom says to her "clients".

522c8a  No.12064625


Cool story bto. Tell me the one where you tagged team the kid and the mom while the cuck father watched in disgust.

3f8ef1  No.12065043

e1168f  No.12065102


>the only one with a genuine look on his face is the homeless guy

this outcome was to be expected

4909c3  No.12065158



That necer hapened, I had too mucb respect for the father

ef0b5b  No.12065372

If lawyers actually gave a fuck they could easily sue them.

617cad  No.12065408


Nice home.


"Ur… ur roastie! or a White Knight!"

Incels gets the woodchipper.



*John Kramer voice*

Hello Katelyn, wanna play a game?

*Pennywise voice*

We all float down here.

3f8ef1  No.12072666

File: a03d28e6fb89dee⋯.png (109.71 KB, 738x741, 246:247, Darwin's Finches and their….png)



Anon… We can go even further beyond.

90715f  No.12072748


Hence why "Gays Done Quick" The speedrunning charity event gets shit on and they mass ban people for talking about "conspiracies" that the company might be involved in.

000000  No.12086176

>>Bobbitt, 35, a North Carolina native, made international news when he used his last $20 to buy gas for McClure, 28, of Burlington County, after her car stalled on the I-95 ramp in Kensington, where he had been panhandling.

He reaped the wages of a white knight.

Really not surprising however, the type of man who joins the military, also tends to be far along the white knight spectrum.

His entire identity is based upon feeling like he is "protecting and providing" for women, there is no real Johnny. His sense of identity is contingent on the acceptance and praise of women, like all men of his type.

He would probably rather be homeless and broke, than be seen as a "coward" who "could have helped a lady but kept the $20 for himself".

7f60aa  No.12086759



You know absolutely nothing about being homeless or on the street. For one thing it fucking sucks. And for another you hold on to whatever money you can get. If you arent a junkie or hooked on alcohol you worry about someone else stealing your shit

f273f6  No.12086944


Why are Tor posters always such autistic fucking morons? Take your (you) you filth.

a08650  No.12087014

File: 0ce818b717cf93a⋯.webm (37.61 KB, 738x741, 246:247, out.webm)



a08650  No.12087027

File: 507b4bdf020e769⋯.webm (13.37 KB, 738x741, 246:247, out.webm)



f5741c  No.12087301

Wish someone would buy me a fucking house and gave me $400,000

7366fc  No.12087343

File: a97f9159835ae0f⋯.jpg (78.56 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1529666324291.jpg)

We have a term for this


Typical liberal cunts on their ivory towers. They don't actually know how to help anybody, because they're too used to being fed through a system they themselves don't understand - a system intentionally obfuscated, at that.

You can't teach a man to fish if you don't know how to fish.

e61dd9  No.12087360


e61dd9  No.12087363

Don’t make me pull the Masons out of bed to correct you

0daf47  No.12088738

==Update==: Couple Who Raised Money for Homeless Good Samaritan Must Turn Over Funds, Judge Orders

>Johnny Bobbitt says he's concerned that Mark D'Amico and Katie McClure have mismanaged a large part of the donations raised for him on GoFundMe

>Bobbitt's lawsuit contends the couple committed fraud by taking money from the fundraising campaign for themselves. He's seeking undisclosed damages, and his lawyers want a judge to appoint someone to oversee the account.

>Christopher C. Fallon, one of Bobbitt's lawyers, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the legal action was taken after D'Amico ignored multiple requests for a full accounting of the money raised by the GoFundMe campaign.

>"He's really left us with no choice but to go forward," said Fallon.

>https://web.archive.org/web/20180831165108/https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Homeless-Good-Samaritan-Suing-Couple-Who-Raised-Funds-to-Help-Him-492122481.html (Normal archive not working for me)

40576a  No.12088792

21d7b2  No.12108530

Another update Fuckers spent it all.

>Johnny Bobbitt’s lawyer says all $400,000 in GoFundMe money is gone

>A lawyer for Johnny Bobbitt Jr., the homeless man whose kindness to a stranger inspired a $400,000 GoFundMe campaign, said Tuesday that all of the money raised for his client is gone.

>Chris Fallon said he learned of the fund's status in a conference call Tuesday with lawyers for Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico, the Burlington County couple accused of mismanaging the money raised for Bobbitt.

>"It completely shocked me when I heard," Fallon said. "It came as a complete surprise to me."

>Word of the missing funds came on the same day Bobbitt's lawyers asked a judge to impose sanctions on the couple after the pair missed a court-ordered deadline to hand over any remaining GoFundMe money. Bobbitt hired a legal team after becoming concerned that the couple had squandered much of the money raised to help him get off the streets. He said they denied him access to the funds while spending money on expensive vacations and a new BMW.

>At an injunction hearing on Thursday, Badway told Dow that the 24-hour deadline would be difficult to meet over the holiday weekend, calling the order a "harsh remedy."

>In response, Dow said, "The banks are open Friday, most banks are open Saturday. And if the moneys aren't in the bank, they can pull their money out of their pillowcases and have them delivered to you, to be handed over and placed in a trust account."

>Dow ordered a full accounting of the money by Sept. 9 with details on how the money was used and when it was spent.


0d32a6  No.12109074


blue eyed white man betrayed by brown eyed criminal and race mixing blue eyed woman.

it's the story of europe basically.

56f0e5  No.12109113


I don't see the problem there, if he's fallen back into drugs then the fault lies solely with him. Screw him.

ac2e17  No.12109131


hell yeah, fuck homeless white people! who cares? just let them drop dead!

59999b  No.12109133


jesus you fucking fags.

the fucking bum was spending all his money on drugs. hes admitted it. they had to with hold money from him so he didn't loan it out to his crack head buddies and spending it on smack.

now hes suing them for the money even though he did nothing to earn it. if anything this should be a lesson, don't help pieces of human garbage. pearls before swine.

59999b  No.12109139


or just give him a bunch of money so he can waste it on drugs.

some people are beyond help white knight faggot. focus on helping whites that want help.

59999b  No.12109150


>if you arent a junkie or hooked on alcohol


6fde62  No.12109170


in that last pic he is wearing a shirt that says easy money, also didn't the homeless guy sue them?

8cdbf4  No.12109193


>hello goyim I would give all the money to a jew

ac2e17  No.12110075



fuck yeah, lets be completely callous to our own, just like the jews are to us, that'll show 'em! white solidarity with those in positions much lower than ours? fuck 'em!

8c8fe5  No.12110148


Is this really want public school is now? Like I don't even understand what this paper is talking about.

f5741c  No.12110322



Course they spent it all, you really think people like that would do the right thing?

46f169  No.12110572


This is some retarded way of doing basic arithmetic that doesn't require base-10 counting. This is done because nogs cannot do base-10 in their heads.

6fde62  No.12110578


what the fuck is this shit? it's like new speak new think math and real math is wrong think

3f8ef1  No.12110604

File: 65424cc7d79fb7b⋯.jpg (16.39 KB, 353x332, 353:332, confused kot.jpg)



How the fuck?

6fde62  No.12115199



Police raid New Jersey couple's home after $400G in GoFundMe cash they raised for homeless veteran disappears


f5741c  No.12115304


That's good news, doesn't matter if the fucking guys a drug addict or not, he can't hold the money that was given to the dirty bum, that's his decision. If they never intended to hand him the money because of drug problems then they should never have made a gofundme thing for him, just give him $20 or $40 back in return to pay the dirty bum back

fa92bd  No.12115354









So this is 100% a slide thread?


No, dumbass. He's a shithead for being a druggie, not whatever faggot neet non-opinion you have on war. You are useless if you have not trained.

039125  No.12115849


I'd fuck her, and she's kind of chubby, so she'd cook me dinner and do my laundry because she's so insecure she'd never want to lose me.

adb4b6  No.12116110


>she's kind of chubby, so she'd cook me dinner and do my laundry because she's so insecure she'd never want to lose me.

Sorry anon. Thanks to Tinder etc. she would more than likely fell entitled to Chad and consider your attention to be sexual assault.

8ad7b1  No.12116328



86d352  No.12117358


>Wow. Special place in hell for these two.

where did the 200k go, tho, and why isn't it a house?

000000  No.12148236

No Refunds

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