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File: 3a2ea2e6c1c2f77⋯.png (32.29 KB, 678x446, 339:223, ratios.png)

a6f7aa  No.12062422

Also bashes the fuck out of Richard Spencer. Checked the catalog and didn't see any relevant threads:


In summary, AltHype has been blackpilled by Sean Last's article called "The Myth of European Assimilation" which points out 2/3s of all the [insert European country here]-Americans vote Democrat. Graph is related. The most damning is that Americans descended from "redpilled" countries like Poland or Hungary are much more likely to vote Democrat than Americans descended Germany or Sweden. Citing a statistic from Sean Last, AltHype points out how many immigrants that went to America ended up going back. The overall point AltHype makes is that America didn't initially succeed not because immigrants that integrated but because of the ones that left more or less. There was no pan-European ethnic identity that drove these groups to integrate. He also cites whites such as Metokur or Warski who have been educated on race realism and accept it as truth yet still aren't white nationalists.

I'll admit, it's pretty distressful seeing someone so influential in the WN movement give up on it. The part where he talks about the impossibility of a pan-European ethnostate ends at about 24 minutes then goes onto a (well justified) rant about how much Dicky fucked over the Alt Right movement. It's a long video but it's very informative.

Here is Sean Last's article which AltHype references:


Please discuss. Is there any hope for white nationalist movement or is it DOA?

bd8ad9  No.12062430

Althype was always a Hitler hating faggot. Started out as a libertarian retard, he's always been trash.

6e8a3c  No.12062451

>There was no pan-European ethnic identity that drove these groups to integrate

Absolutely correct, white nationalism is pretty much a non-starter because "white" is not an ethnicity, its a grouping of ethnicities and there are large differences between them with not enough commonalities for unity to be realized. At most it can be a temporary alliance for self-preservation but we would need to balkanize or return most power to individual states with states being broken up along racial lines.

0d555b  No.12062463

White democrats are easier to convert to national socialism

cede0f  No.12062503

File: 1bb0960d7b7bae7⋯.png (11.01 KB, 144x151, 144:151, 1d0e45b906a6335fcb156c8f4a….png)


>white nationalism is pretty much a non-starter

07725f  No.12062508

Sucks to for him

07725f  No.12062510


>Hitler was real goys, go back to bed.

38e9b2  No.12062523


This is why something like the "New Albion" idea in New England looks so much more promising than the Northwest Front. It seems much easier to awaken an already mostly english group to take pride in their heritage as anglos than to try to unite a mixed group of "euromutts" under one banner.

That being said, there are many "whites" in the US that can't identify as anything but white because they're just that mixed and deracinated. This should be called the "American" race and I support their right to have an ethnically exclusive homeland, which practically could be the NW (if not the rest of the continental US/Canada).

However, this "American experiment" in new pan-white racial formation has mostly already happened and the results are not promising. Though you could argue that the initial conditions could have been better. What would the US look like now if its constitution explicitly named it as a nation for europeans only and forbade jews entry? This is why I support ideas like the NWF.

34086c  No.12062527


I can never really trust people that start out as libertarians.

07725f  No.12062537

>random labels define someone or something as trustworthy

6e8a3c  No.12062539


>diverity is our strength

Fuck off, white nationalists are only slightly less deluded than your typical cuckservative.

>one race muh human race

>we all bleed red

>we're just alike we're white

You're no different than all the retarded normalfags who believe that race is merely skindeep. Anglos, Nords, Germans, Slavs, are not the same, they cannot form a cohesive volk.


Hitler was not a white nationalist you absolute moron. He respected other European races but he certainly did not see them as the same.


Agreed, those with European heritage but who have no clear race can have their own state, given enough time they'll create a unique race. The shitskins and kikes should be forcefully removed though.

697e20  No.12062562

File: f7dc04a8292d4d2⋯.png (106.67 KB, 259x194, 259:194, ClipboardImage.png)

He's a homosexual autist. Who cares?

cede0f  No.12062564

File: aa373d6d6b455d3⋯.jpg (27.93 KB, 250x280, 25:28, 1519937214116.jpg)


>White nationalism is the same as sharing your countries with shitskins and niggers, goy

>America needs to be broken up into dozens of countries, one for each European ethnicity

>Whites of mixed European ethnicity must be gassed or banished to Mexico!

07725f  No.12062580


>this niggers thinks he knows more than me about what Hitler though, and has never read Mein Kampf.

07725f  No.12062588


The state of the faggotry of this site is simply outstanding. Where do you faggots get off on doing this to people?

07725f  No.12062592

>Look we wrote Adolf on rock for you so you can go be a real nigger with a rock

c10504  No.12062595


America should have remained a WASP ethnostate with a couple of other Northern Germanic Europeans, change my mind.

936258  No.12062607


This. Bring in all the good, healthy, intelligent Saxons. Imagine America with 300 million Nords.

fa17ba  No.12062612

Why does he sound like he's a high school freshman even though he's 30 or so?

07725f  No.12062613

>Here’s the thing about this site, it’s ran by faggots, they pay niggers to assault anyone that knows or speaks the truth. These same niggers get to have kidnapped or bred white girls, usually underage. That’s the street level. When you get to the major cities the gangs and Masons are all over you if you’re a threats and know too much. The issue is that all of these people are so caught up in their own bullshit and entrapment that they have no chance of beating someone that simply doesn’t do anything wrong.

07725f  No.12062616


Why do you enjoy watching men have sex?

fa17ba  No.12062628


I don't know why you enjoy watching men have sex, Shlomo.

697e20  No.12062629

File: 1b7bb383af96791⋯.webm (4.67 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, what could have been.webm)

6c6934  No.12062630

>AltHype "Abandons" White Nationalism

Abandons it for what?

>oh no they vote democrat

Both parties are kiked, you bluepill. Who cares?

>shock and awe about how Dicky, a CIA operative performed a controlled demolition on his own controlled opposition

So he was an idiot out of the loop, why even click the link? Shit thread.

8ae5b5  No.12062655


Can't abandon something you never were in the first place. White Nationalism isn't some ominous "group". It's a method of thinking, living, and acting and has nothing whatsoever to do with some "absolute" conformity. Basically WN 1.0 as pro-white, JQ aware, and race realists, and if that was what you were then that's what it normally was. Still lots of internal disagreements, largely trying to distance themselves from Hitler and Nazism which ultimately failed.

AH is just someone whose a race realist which also includes jews and largely libertarian in every other aspect. Nothing of value was lost. Once you see both of those you're not going to unsee reality and that's all the matters.

e06a23  No.12062657

Aww, little baby deleted his channel. Update me when he kills himself.

c10504  No.12062659

File: e658b0f7a69be6f⋯.webm (5.77 MB, 640x358, 320:179, What_could_have_been.webm)



It almost brings me to tears with its beauty.

07725f  No.12062693


>Calling a Hapsburg Schlomo. Go fuck yourself with a tazer

116e4d  No.12062708


>someone so influential in the WN movement

Not that I'm in the wn movement club or follow it but I've never heard of whoever this is.

e06a23  No.12062714

The Alex Jones incident is probably what triggered it.

c10504  No.12062720

File: a6d62142099a769⋯.webm (695.25 KB, 960x540, 16:9, get_the_fuck_the_fuck_out.webm)





Get out Jew.

9ba0c1  No.12062751


>the faggot from /cow/ is here

Kill yourself, homo.


0fbf80  No.12062753

File: 11330ba4b9f7e49⋯.gif (38.2 KB, 500x200, 5:2, europesucks.gif)

They crave gibs like niggers, actually bragging about being cared for by government and mocking Americans for paying their own bills instead of stealing from their neighbors. They brag about how believing jew nonsense like global warming and humans evolved from monkeys and niggers makes them intelligent. Also super-lazy and selfish, a bunch of cowardly, childless drunks addicted to tobacco crammed into tiny apartments. Shit roads, shit economy, shit homes, shit governments, shit people. And the worse part? They point at 1000+ year old ruins and act like the achievements of their long-dead ancestors are their own. They are basically like retarded children, so of course they come to America and side with the demokikes.

fa17ba  No.12062758


The Hapsburgs are racial jews, like practically every other modern European royal family. Ab ins gas, now.

9ba0c1  No.12062771


>trying to D&C


07725f  No.12062772


>Hapsburg, Royal bloodline from Germany and Austria, no niggers or Jews allowed.

f3c438  No.12062784


>Abandons it for what?

He wants a "first-worldist" ideostate. He still considers anti-whiteness to be the greatest threat. So I guess it's like Alt-Light?

4c9f4a  No.12062786

>thinking that what those "figureheads" say actually matters

If you do that, then you've already lost. They have next to no influence among the normalfags and those that listen to them become entrapped in that way of thinking. You can only rely on yourself for those matters - whether it's redpilling or getting influence for oneself.

fa17ba  No.12062790


>no jews allowed

patently false

but I won't respond, you're hijacking an already shit thread

e06a23  No.12062797


>Americans for paying their own bills

Paying for the privilege of being the first target in the case of a nuclear war, should america go full balls out kike.

65ce6d  No.12062803


>this moron only recently read Men Kamp and now thinks he's an expert on Hitler


Sharing with shitskins and kikes is worse, I would never attempt to deny that which is why I give you a small amount of credit over cuckservatives as you have at least realized this much.

>>America needs to be broken up into dozens of countries, one for each European race

As stated we could return the balance of power into primarily being in state hands instead of the national government and function like the US did before the Civil War. Awfully convenient that we already have a division of dozens of territories in individual states.

>gas mixed whites or banish them to Mexico

Not what I said, they get to stay in the US and have their own territory.

>inb4 ip hopping

Just changed locations so of course my IP has changed

07725f  No.12062818


I don’t trust anyone that says I am not a man.

e06a23  No.12062820

>Notice me, Europoors

t. mexico 2.0

07725f  No.12062824


>This nigger isn’t aware I read Mein Kampf in the 5th grade.

9ba0c1  No.12062826


>being a lolberg

07725f  No.12062843

What you think I didn’t know that was you nigger?

07725f  No.12062845

Quit being a faggot

e517e1  No.12062850



Good goy, consider those of the same race to be mutts, divide and conquer.


>separate white europeans into mini groups

Shekelberg and co. are working overtime, even in shitty eceleb threads.

9ba0c1  No.12062856


He is going to spam the mutt memes now.

9ba0c1  No.12062859



>men kamp

73eddc  No.12062861


As a European I have to say that White Nationalism is kind of retarded, the kind of retardation only a burger could come up with because of their limited frame of reference. There is so much deep fucking hatred between different white European nations as well as genetic differences that it is just an American pip dream. According to White Nationalism Greeks and Icelanders are equals? That is fucking retarded.

Even in the US you have mostly a pretty stable mix of Anglo, Celtic and Germanic Europeans. Which worked kinda okay but as soon as you introduced Italians into the mix you got massive mafia problems. Why, because whites aren't all the same and treating them as if they were leads to problems.

e06a23  No.12062863

>I come from pure Irish/German stock, and here is why I think europe is living off it's past glories

697e20  No.12062877


>whites aren't all the same

True, but at least we're the same species.

9ba0c1  No.12062882


>what was the immigration act of 1924

9ba0c1  No.12062892


01010101 010101 001010 1010101

73eddc  No.12062907


>The most damning is that Americans descended from "redpilled" countries like Poland or Hungary are much more likely to vote Democrat than Americans descended Germany or Sweden

How is that distressing? Oh, wait, I get it. Burgers still think their shitheap of a country is desirable. Let me make it clear to you, nobody wants to go to fucking America anymore unless they really hate their own country. Understanding that it makes perfect sense that people fleeing from redpilled countries like Poland or Hungary would vote left, while people escaping from totally pozzed nations vote right.

38e9b2  No.12062909


replace that with "mixed race whites" then, I mean no harm. Their fathers may have sinned by mixing their distinct ethnicity with others (even thought they're both white), but these people can still be redeemed if they fight for the formation and recognition of an "American" race and for the US to be an exclusive homeland for this new race.

0568c3  No.12062916

File: 4f31860af3067d7⋯.jpg (757.04 KB, 1920x1449, 640:483, Rom,_Titusbogen,_Triumphzu….jpg)



Is this a Jew's idea of anti-nationalist propaganda?


One day I myself will march into Jerusalem and level that holy mountain of yours, and all the bricks will be thrown in the Mediterranean and the artifacts destroyed. Never again will there stand a temple in Jerusalem, never again will there be a City of David. I will finish the work of Titus the Great, and if I can't do it, my son will, and if another man does it first I will prostrate myself before him and declare him my king. So help me god I will not rest until World Jewry is no more, until Yahweh is kaputt, until there is no extant memory of that pitiful band of miscreants from Palestine.

d5096d  No.12062924

>caring about a homosexual autist

I don’t have the comments handy on me, but Alt Hype was calling Chris Cantwell a sperg and goon on different YouTube videos during the “optics” nonsense months ago. The guy does nothing but make gay analytical videos from his basement when he’s not sucking BBC. Polite sage for aut-kike thread.

65ce6d  No.12062925


You desperately need to reread it if you believe that Hitler thought all whites are the same because you're completely wrong.


You can't have a strong national government without a unified volk, you can have strong state governments with a unified volk, therefore the two viable options are balkanization or keeping the nation whole but returning power to the states. This is a very simple concept.


>European is a race rather than a group of races

>please ignore IQ stats and personality traits

e517e1  No.12062928


>unga bunga murricans dumb

This mindset is why white genocide is so fucking successful. Even people like (((you))) who claim to be pro-white jump into this bullshit bandwagon.



>it's mixed race even if it's the same race goy

73eddc  No.12062940


I know what fucking IDs are. Can't I make make two points in two posts? Is anything I am saying contradicting itself? Am I samefagging my own post? No, so shut up and don't quote me or my posts again, nigger.

9ba0c1  No.12062943


>wanting to go back to a system that was utterly subverted

It wasn't all that great to begin with


Bot confirmed

e517e1  No.12062944


Holy shit you're retarded. You really think anyone's going to fall for this shit? African ethnicities aren't considered different races. Asian ethnicities aren't considered different races. (((Conveniently))) it's only European ethnicities that are considered different races and only when it's (((convenient))) to divide and conquer a global minority that's under genocide.

9ba0c1  No.12062947

e517e1  No.12062949


And of course you're a (((balkanization))) shill, just waiting for your country to take over that global power. Kill yourself kike.

9ba0c1  No.12062958

The only reason why this thread is up is because McStain just died.

07725f  No.12062962


I don’t believe anything Schlomo. I know what he thought. He liked the Americans. He agreed with the identity of Whiteness and considered Americans to be Germans.

9ba0c1  No.12062966


It is in the Zweites Buch.

9ba0c1  No.12062976


But, he didn't consider them "germans", he considered them "germanics".

65ce6d  No.12062979


>African ethnicities aren't considered different races

>what are congoids

>what are khoisan?

>what are Bantu?

>what are Japanese?

>What are Chinese?

>What are Thai?

>b-but most people don't make these distinctions

That's because most people are blithering retards.

07725f  No.12062980


Let me rephrase this since you guys apparently don’t know anything about what the man thought. He didn’t hate anyone outside of criminals, degenerates, and scum. He didn’t discriminate against any race. He cherishes his own above any other as any man should.

38e9b2  No.12062989

File: dbf9df0bbffe671⋯.webm (6.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Heil Trump.webm)


>Is this a Jew's idea of anti-nationalist propaganda?

anyone who says the left can't meme is wrong. Sometimes they can inadvertently meme for the right side.


>it's mixed race even if it's the same race

It literally is. Mixing, say, anglos and danes is obviously not as bad as mixing with any non-human (nonwhite) race, but is still far from ideal, especially on a large scale. Though the mixing of european races can lead to new racial formation, as with the afrikaners and americans (and the anglos themselves).

e517e1  No.12062990


>conflating ethnicities with races

Shekel grubbers playing semantics as always.

73eddc  No.12062997


It doesn't matter if we can afford it or not, those squabbles are there and won't go away, neither will the genetic differences. Denying reality won't ever fix anything. If the future of whites would be to survive only as intermixed but all "white" mutts like in America, that's not really a desirable outcome for many people in Europe. Just because you consider them white, doesn't mean I want to live next to a bunch of Greeks, Spaniards and Poles. Fuck that noise. Many of them are no better that middle eastern scum.

6d5a27  No.12063006

>assimilation is measured in republicans

Southern strategy in full view

169cbf  No.12063010

File: 8c07d0c47f42a26⋯.png (499.63 KB, 750x739, 750:739, ClipboardImage.png)


>anyone who says the left can't meme is wrong. Sometimes they can inadvertently meme for the right side.

This is true

65ce6d  No.12063011


How does that argue against what I said in


I said that he respected them.

ce8653  No.12063023

I don't care what anyone says, I'm still a fan of Spencer.

e517e1  No.12063024



Would you look at that, the kike is still trying to claim the same race is mixed race.


8d0821  No.12063038


Whites can cooperate and attack their enemies when they need to, though. Such as with the SS.

e06a23  No.12063058


c10504  No.12063069

File: c2c1c6496cca2bb⋯.png (37.2 KB, 474x656, 237:328, ClipboardImage.png)


Surprisingly it is.


I think we can determine the genetics of a family by looking at their behavior over multiple generations, so lets look at the behavior of the Hapsburgs and compare it to Kikes. The Hapsbrugs were a bunch of inbred, retarded, greddy, narcissistic, haughty monstrosities who used diplomatic back-stabbing to gain most of their lands. These sub-humans then ruled over a multi-ethnic empire where Jews controlled the banks and they opposed the creation of the German ethno-state to the north. If the Hapsburgs were not genetically Jewish, they were spiritually Jewish.

38e9b2  No.12063087


You're obviously an american. Ask any european if "white" is a race. It's more like a superset of races, including germanic, scandinavian, anglo, meds, slavs, etc.

In an american context, then yes "white" is a race because you're really referring to the "American race" which is a mix of different european races that mixed in america (mostly anglo, scotch irish and germanic, with some dutch, etc.).

73eddc  No.12063088


>Good goy, consider those of the same race to be mutts, divide and conquer.

This level of cope is just pathetic. I am truly sorry for you that you aren't purebred but don't try to drag everybody else down to your level just to feel better about being a mutt. Historically, Bongs are mutts too, as are many of the European nationalities if you go back far enough in history. Americans are just a new and fairly recent blend or already established European blends.

That doesn't mean that conserving what you have should be thrown out of the window though. That's nothing but a retarded leftist talking point. Bongs are celtics mixed with Vikings mixed with Romans, but that was long ago and now they are what they are. Doesn't mean you can't make it worse by introducing pakis and niggers into the mix. Just because something isn't pure doesn't mean it isn't worth preserving.

Just don't pretend that everybody that you categoric as white is genetically the same, that is just fucking ludicrous.

65ce6d  No.12063089


That would be why I said that we can cooperate to avoid our extinction along those lines, it is not a viable population to build a lasting nation out of without decentralizing power though as the differences are too large. Its why limited national government largely worked in the US, each state could mostly do its own thing and people naturally self-segregated.

a9019b  No.12063092

Most of these retards are just lolbergs and cuckservatives trying to co-opt pro white ideology to push their dumb utopian bullshit.

lolbergs, like communists see the nation state and all it entails, from the race to the family as an obstacle to their utopia. Which is why they seek to destroy it.

e517e1  No.12063096


>ask any shill or goon conned into believing D&C propaganda goy


>leftist shaming tactics

07725f  No.12063104


Except you’ve proven nothing and are extolling the same virtues you’re decrying.

73eddc  No.12063124


You're so used to seeing niggers that you think everything that isn't a nigger or a chink is the same. Get a grip and read a book faggot. If you propose that all caucasians are the same and are all white then fucking streetshitters are white because despite being shitskinned they are racially caucasoid. I can tell a Greek apart from a Swede with above 90% accuracy. They are different subraces. If you deny that then you are the Jew. A Jew in favor of racemixing by pretending that all the different European races are just "white" and therefore the same.

07725f  No.12063125


Would also help Raymond, if you were to actually give a name with this Hapsburg. It’s a large family that spans the entire continent. Including Poland and the Slavic regions

169cbf  No.12063126

>whites fight eachother

>whites don't exist goy

>backs fight eachother

>all niggers

07725f  No.12063131


Prove it

38e9b2  No.12063156


>I can't read

No one is saying whites shouldn't unite to defend their interests and fight against their enemies. This doesn't change the fact that "white" is a collection of races and not a race in itself. If you don't support preserving the unique races/ethnic groups (nordics, meds, celtics, anglos, slavs, etc.) and want to blend them into one "white" race, then you're a traitor to your race and almost the same as the kikes that promote race-mixing.

e517e1  No.12063158


By your own logic every single child is a mutt because the genetics of the mother and father, no matter the ethnicity, are different and the child will be a mix of those genetics. Enjoy the shekels you get per (You), Schlomo.

73eddc  No.12063162


Ethnicity pertains to language and culture you uneducated swine. Those are sub-races, not just ethnicities.

e06a23  No.12063163

>/cow/ threads = my threads

e517e1  No.12063182


0.2 shekels have been deposited into your account.

07725f  No.12063190

Race is defined as subspecies within a larger genus

73eddc  No.12063200

File: 0abfb00537464ab⋯.png (537.57 KB, 850x420, 85:42, D79.png)


Would you please just fucking educate yourself? I know that being ignorant is a virtue in burgerland but Jesus Christ nigger. Come on.

73eddc  No.12063220


>thinks there's only the mainstream major races

>calls me a kike shill for being more racist than him

It's okay, Moshe. This just isn't your day. Go to bed and give it another try tomorrow.

e517e1  No.12063221


>schlomo continues his kikery even as his ((("logic"))) is exposed

e517e1  No.12063228


>oy vey goyim your fellow whites are different races better infight among yourselves so it's easier for us to push the brown hordes to replace you

73eddc  No.12063229


You are officially a race denier at this point, you kike nigger.

e06a23  No.12063234


How do I become a dianetic?

73eddc  No.12063235


>let's deny reality so we can all become burgermutts just like myself so I can feel better about my fucked up ancestry

834a54  No.12063236

I think it's simpler. He's abandoning the sinking ship. The alt right clearly is on the downturn and Antifa/Dims realize it, which is why they are on the attack again. We lost too much momentum to (((infighting))), attacking our own leaders while failing to produce alternatives, and attacking people who were doing IRL activism. We made the same mistakes as GamerGate.

I think there is still hope but the movement needs a rebrand and a new strategy, maybe even a new ideology that lets us get SOMEWHERE even if it's not where we want to be. If we push the pendulum in the other direction, we can just keep pushing once we win.

Go ahead, call me a Jew, I don't care. I've thought this for a while and it just keeps being proven true.

38e9b2  No.12063238

File: ca17a24751c69bf⋯.png (24.65 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


This is just how genetics works, anon. This doesn't mean you can't group similar people together or that distinct difference don't exist. Here's I even drew a picture for you.

e517e1  No.12063240


By your own "logic" two "alpines" would create a mutt because the genetics between the mother and father are different.

By your own statements this statement would be true. Choke down some cyanide, kike.

e517e1  No.12063244


>it's real because I say so goy

fd5eed  No.12063247


>The most damning is that Americans descended from "redpilled" countries like Poland or Hungary are much more likely to vote Democrat than Americans descended Germany or Sweden.

Makes sense to me. If you leave Germany then you probably leave it because you don't like how cucked the leadership is and people who leave Poland don't like how not "progressive" the leadership is whereas the right leaning people stay at home.

0fbf80  No.12063271


>Pointing out that europeans are communist race traitors who side with ZOG every time is D&C












d05aae  No.12063292

I have no idea where you get this data. For example, all the polish people I know vote Republicuck.

ad4270  No.12063414

So basically Faulk just went back to his libertarian origins and promotes "first-worldism" aka the Singaporean model which advocates filtering all immigrants based on adherence to ideology (in Singapore's case capitalism) and economic productivity (based on IQ and physical health). Disappointed in him tbh.

da75cd  No.12063420


never trust the ancap

e2e443  No.12063465

This is the dumbest fucking chart I've ever seen. Is the retard who made this aware that Trump won the white vote by 21 points? How the fuck would that be possible if not a single one of these countries descendants voted for him by more than 16 points? There was another image going around showing every single European group voted for Trump, which is clearly true just by common sense.

ad4270  No.12063466


The alt kike* was always a dead end road backed by state-sponsored spies. The neoreactionary movement containing white nationalists, traditionalists, and techno-monarchists however, which preceded the alt kike, persists.

834a54  No.12063550


The alt-right, to whatever extent it was a fake movement or not (I agree much of it was), got many people energized and invested into something they had previously disavowed. If anything is going to happen, we need something that has the same effect, but isn't co-opted from the start.

The question is how we form that and what it looks like.

8e639a  No.12063565


Both of these idiots are retarded because they take all of their beliefs from polls, the least useful of all methodologies.

a6f7aa  No.12063568


I was only providing a mere summary fucknugget. AltHype explains in the video why "Republican" is a benchmark for someone who opposes policies like open borders or affirmative action that make white countries less white.

I made this thread to further the discussion on how to better preserve our heritage and homelands but noooo best just to slap Americans across the face while we're both surrounded on all sides by darkies.

My post was contextual, if you can't understand that and have a meaningful discussion then please just fuck off.

8e639a  No.12063625


>The most damning is that Americans descended from "redpilled" countries like Poland or Hungary are much more likely to vote Democrat than Americans descended Germany or Sweden

This further proves how retarded and autistic they both are. People who abandon their homelands do it because they do not fit in there or are not content living there. More conservative people leave Sweden and Germany because those countries are leftist totalitarian hell holes. More shitlibs leave slavic countries because they are tired of having to get stitches after catching beatings for being faggots.

ad4270  No.12063635


It doesn't matter if it energized any segment of the population. A political solution won't work for white nationalists. It could possibly work for techno-monarchists in the sense of silicon valley being a feudal micro-society that "just works" but for white nationalists only civilizational collapse will bring about an ethnostate. As an accelerationist I'm split between white nationalism and techno-monarchism which is why I agree with points made by AltHype in his video. However he doesn't grasp that the reason that white nationalism failed is because it is literally impossible to implement at this point in civilizational decay. Wait until collapse then implement the solution.

a40060  No.12063641


936258  No.12063644

File: 4806d2789d3cb64⋯.jpg (85.9 KB, 600x511, 600:511, nibelungenlieg_Brynhildr_S….jpg)

File: b4e8c7b94794061⋯.jpg (96.26 KB, 736x591, 736:591, at_last.jpg)

File: 78dddedc7692aad⋯.jpg (98.18 KB, 640x640, 1:1, f403aa313b942a07e04b363822….jpg)


Alt Hype would never RWDS with the lads. Every time I listened to him I was shaking my head in disagreement about his many small conclusions, though I may have agreed with his larger arguments. He is only ever half right it seems.


Never bothered with the show. Nice imagery though, accidentally pro White, jew propaganda. Thanks hollywood.

Remember, Anon, it's an honour to live in trying times. These times may prove to be a great filter to the weaker elements infesting our stocks. Still ours is the noble stock. Our strong men will teach themselves and each other to raise the race, grow stronger, smarter, faster and in in increasing beauty with each successive generation. We must struggle for success and create the new Dawn so we get Sieg Heil'd through the ages eternal. Our men must fight to earn success' rich in wisdom, spirit, material, and love to bring large families forwards. Our lives are important and our race is real. Sieg Heil!

8e639a  No.12063649


No, we need global Aryan empire. Becoming weak rump states is the dumbest move possible.

df034a  No.12063657

File: 9b0eda6a6879500⋯.jpg (246.69 KB, 1200x1032, 50:43, cGcgCFc.jpg)

File: d04daa7725c86ca⋯.png (14.01 KB, 478x523, 478:523, brainlet.png)


>AltHype "Abandons" White Nationalism

8e639a  No.12063685


He's just a homo. He will be exterminated

for his faggotry regardlesss, so his opinions do not matter.

834a54  No.12063701


I agree, we are not in a good position. It would be nice if we at least had some kind of advocacy movement, because now we have nothing, but it would be wrong to think it will change society without something unforeseen occurring.

My personal hope is that gene editing technology comes out of China, which everyone will have to accept (think of the children), and ends up making this whole situation moot as we begin to churn out actual super-humans.

2860bc  No.12063702


My point from the start.

a40060  No.12063705

I dont give a fuck about some youtuber.

8e639a  No.12063728


>"Republican" is a benchmark for someone who opposes policies like open borders or affirmative action that make white countries less white.

Bad assumption. It is good that these low IQ niggers will no longer be pretending to be white nationalists.

8e639a  No.12063734

File: a44e05988e030f3⋯.jpeg (70.83 KB, 1120x731, 1120:731, DlVsob-XoAUSUzN.jpeg)


>It could possibly work for techno-monarchists in the sense of silicon valley being a feudal micro-society that "just works"

Sperg detected.

db166a  No.12063805

So no one's posted the Alt-Hype jerkoff video yet?

b5ee63  No.12063820



73eddc  No.12063822



I have already explained this misunderstanding here>>12062907

Your logic doesn't make sense to our distressed American friends>>12063568

because they are still under the assumption that people come to America because they want to be American rather than just cease being part of whatever shithole they come from. Americans don't understand that nobody loves their country anymore and that people only come there when they really hate their own country.

b51d15  No.12063852

File: 9989e04d5686fe8⋯.png (55.05 KB, 705x640, 141:128, Sean Last - philosemitic T….png)

File: 43a6309b1cce2c9⋯.mp4 (8.97 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Ryan Faulk faggot.mp4)

File: a4aba24f460287c⋯.webm (1.08 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Ryan Faulk - Autistic Fag….webm)

File: 457c72a3e0cdcb8⋯.jpg (499.04 KB, 1200x1032, 50:43, votefag.jpg)

Daily reminder that Sean Last is a philosemite and Ryan Faulk is an autistic faggot ex-prostitute. That being said, they're right about the Dickster.



b51d15  No.12063872

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


At 1:37 Faulk admits to sending anarchists to "racist" jewtube channels to get them pulled.

b51d15  No.12063875

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One more

681441  No.12063882


stop posting shit from your fap folder, you fucking faggot. saged AND reported

0fbf80  No.12063892


I like that graphic, but culture is waaaaay more than an election. Voting for a red ZOG puppet doesn't mitigate being a drunk piece of shit who abandons his kid to a single mother, or a useless insurance salesman who sends his children to niggered public schools, or a redneck fucktard who stares at the electric jew box all night.

da75cd  No.12063909



a6f7aa  No.12063934


AltHype explains this in his video. For example, many blacks actually oppose loose immigration laws, much more than you'd expect given their 90% Democrat voting patterns. However, white protestants are consistently the most race aware and traditional whites in America, indicated by their high birth rate. They also almost overwhelmingly oppose immigration AND vote Republican, and even still those who consider themselves "Independent" or even Democrat hold more conservative views on immigration.

It's really much more than I can explain here. It's a long video but basically everything you need to know is before the 24 minute mark. The rest is just bashing Dicky. Also read Sean Last's article if you have the time.

d12f9e  No.12063968


Seems like the Irish and Italians are the biggest problem number wise.

Why weren't they assimilated properly? Because they're Catholic?

Also, what's wrong with the Norwegians? They're the most nordic of all. They should be at the top of that chart.

8e639a  No.12063973


>white protestants are consistently the most race aware and traditional whites in America

Fake news.

>indicated by their high birth rate

Non sequitur

>They also almost overwhelmingly oppose immigration AND vote Republican

No, they oppose illegal immigration. And that is assuming that polling is not a completely worthless research methodology, which it is.

Again, these guys are both low IQ faggots.

455c6b  No.12063981


>"impossibility of a pan European ethnostate"

Who would want this?

Seriously, who advocates for this?

White people are a group, but that doesn't mean that we are "all the same."

As for the White immigrants who "went back," that's called selection pressure.

The ones who preferred America tended to stay, and the ones who didn't like the "American way" tended to "go back."

Makes sense.

Of course, they would ALSO be deported if they could not support themselves financially. That is part of why so many went back. They were booted for being without visible means of support. Even better selection pressure.

Today, they import shitholers and put them on welfare day-1.

Not good.

As for "is White nationalism DOA?"

Gas yourself.

"White Nationalism" is a to an extent misnomer. It is often used in the USA since America has several White ethnic groups and many Whites with mixed ethnic White ancestry.

A more appropriate term for the USA would be "White American Nationalism."

In other White countries Nationalism is focused on one or a few closely linked ethnics. As it should be.

Globally, the idea is for Whites to WORK TOGETHER and for there to be NO MORE BROTHER WARS, not to create some pan-ethnic White superstate. That would suck. After all, the preservation of the genetic and cultural distinctiveness of our people is the core of Nationalism.

I suspect that this thread is not in-good-faith, however.

Anti-White demoralization bullshit.


The USA is not Europe.

In Europe: White-ethnic nationalism.

In the USA: White American nationalism.


This, I suspect.

Schlomo's gotta drive those wedges.


"slightly less deluded than your typical cuckservative"

That's going a bit far.


"Sure it is", schlomo.




It's a message and an idea.

The core concept is to stop White genocide and reestablish White homelands.

Supporting White-ethnic homelands is almost always part of this.

Also, the redpill is for life.


If you reject the reality of evolution, then you are a moron.


While I support White-ethnic homelands in Europe, I THOROUGHLY oppose any form of White-ethnic balkanization of the USA.

Are you even an American?

White Americans (not to be construed as including jews) get along just fine.

The only "whites" who need to be removed are jews and hispanics.

Also, breaking up the USA is handing the world to China.


Mexicans are mostly mestizos. As in, not White.


The Europeans hatred is their deal.

The USA doesn't have much of that. That said, I would support a cessation of all immigration.


This is just D&C


White is a race. Ethnicity is not race.


American history proves you wrong. Or rather, proves that the White ethnics of America could work together just fine. (and yes, the civil war happened but it was not along ethnic lines)

That said, the USA has problems today. So do most European countries.

The kikes, globalists, "elites," and other foreign influences are mostly to blame.



White-ethnics need to put aside our differences and work together to stop White genocide and remove ZOG.

Not saying to "mix together," just work together.


This is literally goalpost moving semantics.

Race exists. Ethnics also exist.


He put his own people first and he wanted Germany for Germans (ethnicity) and no one else.

That would normally be described as "discrimination."

It also was not wrong.


So you oppose the EU.

What does that have to do with White Nationalism?


You try to sound reasonable, and I don't even disagree mostly, but this is the thin end of the wedge.

It starts with "muh reasonable distinctions" and ends with WWI.

Again, I support White ethnic homelands in Europe, but why insist on picking at fracture points?

df034a  No.12063983


>many blacks actually oppose loose immigration laws

because they vote in terms of racial self interest.

47af9c  No.12063987

File: f509f981fa193ad⋯.jpg (291.5 KB, 1439x937, 1439:937, Screenshot_20180716-194228….jpg)

Althype, has stated that it would be "racist" for Americans to deport non-whites, but it wouldn't be racist for euros. He has also had stupid ideas like we should abandon most of our land in the USA and Europe and all move to Wyoming in one nice little state (letting non whites take everything else) so the Jews can have all the nationalist whites together for an (((accidental))) nuke or something. Alt hype and JF also have the Jewish "Frame Games" on all the time to basically be a blackpill shill, telling us that there is no hope, all the stats are in goyim and the data says its over for whites. Frame games also loves to be a jew apologist, and tell us how we should let "good Jews" into our white ethnostate lmao.

Tldr: these are all just eceleb faggots, who have done nothing but harm the movement, confuse our people with bad tactical advice, and discus in length nothing of importance. I'm glad that fgot is done shitting up the movement.

d12f9e  No.12063988


Anglos are the odd one out in that list you've made. They are just a mix of the rest (minus slavs), not a uniquely evolved race.

681441  No.12064006

File: 8cb627add3e71e4⋯.jpg (97.71 KB, 960x483, 320:161, t5 02.jpg)

c10542  No.12064019

>be me

>not know who the fuck any of these alt-lites are

>still white nationalist because we deserve homelands like everyone else

Who gives a shit about these people honestly?

fca344  No.12064034


>He has also had stupid ideas like we should abandon most of our land in the USA and Europe and all move to Wyoming in one nice little state (letting non whites take everything else)

But this is the same plan as the north western front, just a different part of the country.

47af9c  No.12064047


This 6 gorillion times. Altkike is classic controlled op, he just muddies the waters, he never says anything true without adding his disinformation poison, brings on other Jewish YouTube skeptics to blackpill whites, telling them it is already over, and that there is no way to stop white genocide. Then he realizes the white nationalists he was getting views from are getting sick of his cuckoldry, so he tries to do one last demoralizing move and gives up, and tries to start the civic nationalist movement (I guess nobody told him that was already a thing. 1rst world centric or whatever is just civic nationalism with the same pitfalls.)

df034a  No.12064058

File: 8b60b703c229deb⋯.png (317.52 KB, 753x421, 753:421, honest abe.png)

what are civnats gonna do when the Lincoln statues come down?

continue lying about American history?

let it happen?

what happens when the US flag is banned?

47af9c  No.12064070


Giving up large portions of land that took hundreds of years, massive amounts of money and work, and countless white lives to settle is never a good tactical choice. The way I see it, if we survive white genocide by losing 90% of our territory, it is still a major, major defeat for the white race. Then all Jews have to do is say "okay goyim, time for white genocide round 2! You lost 90% of your land, cities, industry ect last time, so killing the last few of you should be alot easier this time now that we are only up against Wyoming, Montana and Texas"

I think that we already have our white ethnostates. They are in Europe, in the USA, Australia ect. We just need to get going on the only logical response to white genocide, which Is non-white genocide.

13cfd1  No.12064075

File: 236646ba354919a⋯.png (6.1 KB, 319x94, 319:94, Bog_Captcha.png)

The way I read this, AltHype – every WN's favorite Based Faggot – came across data that induced cognitive dissonance between his Republican loyalty and his feelings for the white race. Rather than acknowledge that some white ethnic groups historically vote how their labor union told them to, he has chosen his loyalty to the Republican Party over his unrealistic picture of a white ethnostate.

Uh. . .

Who gives a fuck whether Poles in America vote for Tammany Hall bosses? Niggers are getting white girls pregnant right now, and Mexicans are transforming my home state. Who gives a shit about politicians? I want the spics out and the niggers at least contained. To hell with voting patterns; who will support segregation and whites-only immigration policy? Let the Swedes vote for universal healthcare after we've deported taco, I don't care.

d12f9e  No.12064076


Removing Sir John A. MacDonald statues is already accepted as good by the mainstream in Canada i.e. by anybody not considered far right

This is the equivalent of removing George Washington statues and monuments for Americans.

You may think it will never happen, but it will, and sooner than you think.

13cfd1  No.12064079

fb9fda  No.12064080


(You) I don't listen to any alt-right cucks and you shouldn't either. If they aren't white nationalist, they're out to backstab you. Trust nobody.

78f7cc  No.12064087


What that captcha actually means is that there’s a lodge breaking rules about where and who they are supposed to be involved with.

8408c1  No.12064098


Did he actually delete his video? I saw it on there earlier but I just went to watch it and….GONE.

df034a  No.12064105


>You may think it will never happen, but it will, and sooner than you think.

the crux of the civnat delusion.

since they've bought into the communists premise they have to agree to dismantle america for its past "crimes" (at which point there is no nat in the civnat and they're just international socialists) or invent increasingly absurd confabulations like those sold by Dinesh D'souza.

000000  No.12064120


>The most damning is that Americans descended from "redpilled" countries like Poland or Hungary are much more likely to vote Democrat than Americans descended Germany or Sweden.

Why would this be considered damning, or even surprising? Recent German and/or Swedish arrivals left countries that were overwhelmingly progressive. Likely they left precisely because they disagreed with the direction those countries are heading. Thus it's no surprise that they vote further to the right of the spectrum than your average American. Likewise, Polish or Hungarian expats, arriving in the U.S. for the progressive 'haven' it offers would tend to vote further to the left than the average American. If this faggot eceleb "AltHype", of whom I've never heard, has decided to "give up" on the White Nationalist movement because of these entirely unsurprising trends, then he is as foolish as he is cowardly.

6fe3bd  No.12064128


One can be pro-white without worshipping Hitler.

78f7cc  No.12064134


>admiration and reverence is not worshiping

47af9c  No.12064137


It is generally a bad sign when a white nationalist believes in the yolohoax.

8408c1  No.12064138


yeah but he did nothing wrong though

b51d15  No.12064139


You don't have to worship him, but being anti-Hitler and libertarian is being anti-White.

78f7cc  No.12064148


I agree with the mind your own business portion. The rest of that meme is utter faggotry.

47af9c  No.12064149


Let's not forget that all Hitler did wrong was standing up for the German people, and fighting against the Jewish global banking cartel, he just didn't want to be debt slaves like we all are now. That was hitlers crime to warrant ww2. In my opinion Hitler is a hero. Perhaps the greatest hero. .

b51d15  No.12064150


I don't think he does, there was some 3 hour rant that used to get spammed on cuckchan (probably by him) 4-5 years ago where he apparently made a decent case against the Holohoax. I never actually listened to it though, there's more than enough material by revisionists who aren't adherents to the religion of the sphincter.

bf9d53  No.12064155

>oy vey goyim, the name we created to classify our controlled opposition is shoaed

>the alt kike is gassed goy

>it is f-futile goy

>submit goyim, we already killed the alt-kike

>see? you don´t own nothing goy

>get more debt

78f7cc  No.12064159

>don’t give a shit about you fake money debt kikes, have no intentions of ever paying you.

6d8b97  No.12064197


literally who?

13cfd1  No.12064211

File: c1db1e12cfd8552⋯.jpeg (443.42 KB, 2000x1403, 2000:1403, Hitler_Fireside_Chat.jpeg)


Hitler named the Jew loudly and without the slightest trace of dishonesty. He saw clearly and spoke plainly about the central issue that was ruining his society. He didn't have one eye on the exit the whole time, making noise about "Germans of the Jewish persuasion who have made such important contributions to our nation's success, blah blah blah." He called them out for usury and depravity, then he corrected their evil with pro-German laws and social reforms. He fixed feminism with Kinder, Kuche und Kirche policies, threw crooked labor bosses out on their asses, locked up faggots, shut down the pimps on Unter den Linden and Kreuzburg, set up a fair banking system that gave ordinary Johanns a shot, encouraged the breeding of ethnic Germans, fetched home his people from the Communist empire, promoted his people's interest against the whole world, created millions of jobs and ended the Depression in Germany – years before it ended in the Western "democracies" – and he gave the lie to the bullshitters of the media-kike-war-finance nexus that has ruled the Anglosphere since the first Rothschild bank opened in London.

If he had won, the world today would have almost no Jews, there's be peace in the Middle East, Communism would have been strangled in its nursery, and Africa would have 300 million well-fed niggers in glorious nature preserves, rather than 1.5 billion starving AIDS cases flooding into Europe. China would be a reasonably well-administered breadbasket for Japan, while the British Empire overseas would have 100-percent-secure borders. The United States would be the undisputed master of the Americas, and the great spic invasion would not have started, because our native coward class would at least be wise to the Jewish tricks that caused it.

Adolf Hitler was a hero of our race, and the first false note I feel with a so-called white nationalist comes when he distances himself from such a great man. It reeks of having one Jew in the closet behind you and another in your sock. AltHype never had a nice thing to say about Uncle Adolf, and he frequently told lies about him and his movement; or at least, he took the kookiest Nazis' theories out of context and blew them up as strawmen for what Hitler allegedly believed.

The acid test of a white advocate is the JQ, and Hitler, Rockwell, and Pierce had the fucking guts to pass it. Taylor, Spencer, and Hype absolutely don't, so they aren't any more useful than your typical idiots.

Heil Hitler. May his spirit rise from the grave, and the whole world will know he was right.

fca344  No.12064225


we are nothing without our based gays, who will poz the negs at the pool parties?

fca344  No.12064256

File: ee3c38de78b4b03⋯.png (130.63 KB, 1786x317, 1786:317, Hitler did nothign wrong.png)


checked and capped for posterity

5686ed  No.12064273


I don't understand why all euromutts can't just unite under how we are distinct from all mudraces and nothing more. I never understand why what I assume to be euros assume I want to erase their nation's borders and their family's heritage or culture.

6c6934  No.12064300

File: 8f0965e45a1a90f⋯.jpg (49.62 KB, 181x203, 181:203, god hates op.jpg)


>he's a fag

>OP buries the lede this hard

d4f40c  No.12064311

File: a4aba24f460287c⋯.webm (1.08 MB, 640x480, 4:3, ryan_faulk_is_an_autistic….webm)




sage for e-celeb bullshit

b544e6  No.12064318


> It seems much easier to awaken an already mostly english group to take pride in their heritage

They are puritans that fled to the New World because their goofy religion was hated in England. They pretty much gave up their right to be English. If it wasn't for them, we would still be a part of England, and the West wouldn't be so degenerate

b544e6  No.12064320


Why not?

b20c90  No.12064329


this is meme gold

455c6b  No.12064344


Still D&C.


I suspect that you are a legitimate European anon.

You people sure can be jackasses.

I know why my ancestors became isolationist. I wish they had stayed the course.

I remember, when I was a youngster, the European countries with their tiny black and brown communities going on and on about how superior they were and how cultured and sophisticated they were and how Americans were so racist and backwards with our guns and violence.

Shoes on the other foot now.

Not that I support any of this diversity shit, but the Europeans sure lorded their "superior socialist anti-racist society" all over hell, until their "diversity level" increased and their cities increasingly became hell.

All that said, all Whites should work together to stop White genocide, remove ZOG, and reestablish (separate as desired) White homelands.


This is just blatant D&C.


"Alt right" was never on our side.

They would not support EXPLICIT pro-White positions.

They were mostly worthless CivNats, and CivNat does not necessarily lead to anything useful.

Indeed, the point of CivNat is to "shepherd" Nationalists away from true Volkish Nationalism and towards "kosher conservativism."


Are north Germans and south Germans different races?

There is truth to what you are saying, but there is a significant degree of interpretation involved.

One term for this is the "spectrum fallacy" or "Loki's wager."

Where do you draw the line?

This is an important and legitimate question, but it can also easily be used as D&C.


What we need is legitimate White Nationalists who advocate for EXPLICITLY White interests and are not afraid of being called "racist."

Or rather, as some posters would prefer, "White American Nationalists."

Means the same thing to me (being as I am a White American).

I support foreign Whites, but they are still foreign.


The "AltHype" guy sounds like he was never actually a Volkist anyway.


Nationalism must be cultivated.

Right now the best angles for turning Whites into White Nationalists are to expose the reality of the ongoing genocide of White people, expose the anti-white hatred of non-Whites, and expose the kikes and shabbos behind it all.

AKA the redpill.

That's what I figure anyway.


The kikes would subvert the technology and use it to create obedient super slaves.


The fact that you think White America is those things is very telling.

Sure they exist, but there are about 190 million White Americans. There are always a few rotten eggs.


So he is garbage and controlled opposition.

Typical tricks.

Also, I had literally never heard of him.

Also, opposing genocide is racist.

Thus racism is, at least sometimes, not only not wrong, but actually morally imperative.


He had a shit plan to accelerate White genocide, it seems.


Yes, they would.

CivNat is utterly worthless and essentially stands for nothing.

After all, "civics" is whatever the "rulers" say it is.

In South Africa, a CivNat would support the land grabs. It's in muh Constitution, after all (cause the ANC changed it).


We must not give up our lands.

Non-Whites already have vast, VAST lands all to themselves.





Never cuck. Pick your place to stand and don't compromise.

Stopping White genocide is morally right and imperative.

The only way to stop White genocide is via White Nationalism and reestablished White homelands and the physical deportation of all non-Whites and kikes.


There is a large distance between "hating" and "worshiping."

First, Hitler was not the monster that he is portrayed as.

Secondly, Whites need to stop being afraid of being called "racist," or "nazi," or "Hitler."

Until the response to those whistles becomes "so what?" we will not move forward. Take the power away from their words.



There are MANY lies and GROSS distortions told about Hitler and the National Socialists.

They were actually the "good guys" of that horrible, wasteful, stupid war.





Are you under the impression that Britain and the British royal family are not degenerate?


To hell with all monarcucks.

Furthermore, the kikes are the main reason for the degeneracy.

fca344  No.12064355

How can one be so smart and end up a huge fucking faggot like seann last and ryan faulk?

the alt-right cant claim to shun gays, they need their based gays.

b544e6  No.12064371


>It literally is. Mixing, say, anglos and danes is obviously not as bad as mixing with any non-human (nonwhite) race, but is still far from ideal, especially on a large scale.

If that is the case, the English are a mixed race people, as is everybody else in the world. There is probably nobody in the world descended from one single tribe

78f7cc  No.12064382


>you just fagged out complaining about other dudes fagging out.

78f7cc  No.12064390

That girl wasn’t even attractive to me

b544e6  No.12064406


>Makes sense to me. If you leave Germany then you probably leave it because you don't like how cucked the leadership is

What if you left in the 30s because it was going full Hitler? What if you left after the 1848 revolution, which was an attempted socialist revolution, because it didn't happen? This is apparently how Texas became so German, and I would assume they all didn't just happen to go to Texas

e6714e  No.12064420


Sieg Heil!

a8a521  No.12064446

File: 8b3655d2f2e0036⋯.png (124.89 KB, 383x385, 383:385, fa0c2bf46dbec53cd712e592c2….png)




Faulk said on a stream he's getting too old to be gay and he's going to get a girlfriend and make babies. (He denied praying the gay away) He claimed he's had girlfriends in the past. I think he also said he was trolling someone when he claimed to be black.

fca344  No.12064449


no nigger, im asking how does someone end up that way


hes gonna give a girl aids

47af9c  No.12064456


And this is how HIV entered into the straight community.

d20d00  No.12064467

File: 1f0fa49bb9a7ff7⋯.png (1.27 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, native-born(5).png)


>AltHype has been blackpilled by Sean Last's article called "The Myth of European Assimilation" which points out 2/3s of all the [insert European country here]-Americans vote Democrat

this is what happens when you import catholics as cheap labor into der ewige yankee's lands and then proceed to inundate them with a bunch of subversive jews at the turn of the century.

5d75f7  No.12064485

File: a9867f249708a92⋯.png (266.05 KB, 1275x600, 17:8, tCQeO7u.png)


He's gay and has dated Asian men in the past. Apparently, he's dating Naked Ape now, an Asian who was a YouTuber. There are also rumours according to leaked info that he may have at one time gone black, if you know what I mean. He is not a dyed-in-the-wool nationalist, and he even admits that. He's left to the Alt-Right. Why should anyone here care that he gave up on a category error (white nationalism)?

b544e6  No.12064488


I strongly believe that without America's revolution we would have never become a non white country

78f7cc  No.12064496

I’m not the slave here, you are

78f7cc  No.12064497


>only fags gossip about fags

a6f7aa  No.12064501


>debunking AltHype's arguments by proxy

Classy. Listen, I made it very clear I'm just giving a quick summary of AltHype's arguments in my own words because I know the video is long and Sean Last's article which he uses for reference is even longer. And also because I do not have the fucking time to post about the nuances because I'm still trying to get up to speed on it myself.

I gave you the links for both the video and the articles. Watch them rather than attacking a fucking layman. At least I'm trying to read and educate myself on the matter. Only niggers find an excuse not to read or watch a video that might invoke self-reflection on their ideals. Don't be a nigger.

78f7cc  No.12064506


I can’t say, I am not a faggot

5d75f7  No.12064515


It isn't gossip that he's into Asian men and that he isn't a proper nationalist. He's basically some mutated form of Libertarian or AnCap who wants a white Israel where all the whites can hang out.

d20d00  No.12064524

File: 31b2d19d9f31b86⋯.jpg (3.17 MB, 3300x2550, 22:17, largest-protestant-denomin….jpg)

File: 49fbe3fd15aa80d⋯.jpg (2.92 MB, 3300x2550, 22:17, largest-religious-group-co….jpg)

File: 03a54593a3787e4⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 3300x2550, 22:17, Jewish-Groups-Penetration.jpg)


As well, if you notice which ethnic groups show up as more republican on this chart >>12062422 you will undoubtedly notice that those countries are those of a protestant bent. Why would that be? Most likely because religion was the secondary distinguishing factor between different immigrant groups, with the primary distinguishing factor having been language and the tertiary being the actual countrty of origin.

78f7cc  No.12064536

Watch me eat these sausages

b51d15  No.12064545


>Libertarian or AnCap who wants a white Israel

That's 99% of the aut-right.

5d75f7  No.12064554


>That's 99% of the aut-right.

Maybe, but Faulk himself claims to not be part of it and in a way that places him to the left of it. He's barely right-wing. See: >>12063987

0568c3  No.12064730


διαίρει καὶ βασίλευε

8e639a  No.12064786

8e639a  No.12064794


>watch this dumb homo's videos, goyim


22d47e  No.12064819


I don’t and I don’t need need to do anything.

a6f7aa  No.12064833


>Don't consider differing view points, goyim. Just sit back a blindly accept everything. It's not like our greatest tool is ambiguity or anything. Hehehe


d1b8bc  No.12064848

d&c sage

22d47e  No.12064867

>My greatest tool is that I can’t take anything seriously. Even threats against my life make me giggle with amusement. That video was awesome though. The girl is pretty making it even better.

daff9d  No.12064869

File: a0048ba86faf848⋯.png (80.48 KB, 403x448, 403:448, Mr. Metokur.png)


Not sure why exactly he was expecting a race mixer, and a person who moved in very easily offended circles to become a white nationalists just because they were aware of the stats. Also not sure why he expects Europe, a continent full of individual countries with varied and different cultures of their own, to embrace some kind of unified nationalism instead of nationalism focused on the individual countries and subgroups which make them up.

I get that he's coming from the standpoint of being 1/4th Irish 1/whatever Norwegian, something/something Polish and whatever else he mentioned, but at some point he had to have realized that in Europe people still make the distinction between a nordic country and an anglo country, a mediterranean country and a slavic country, and so on. There's simply no reason for people who are from visibly different groups, with visibly different cultures to embrace his pan-European identity and nationalism when they all come from nations and ethnicities with existing identities of their own to focus their nationalism on. It also doesn't take in account the fact that a lot of these people might just not be openly stating their beliefs, due to peer pressure, financial situation, or otherwise. I mean co-operation and not killing each other is one thing, but that's far removed from living in the same space, occupying the same home.

Moreover, I can't really take him serious when he throws a sissyfit in which he declares all of Ireland a lost cause and already dead over being called a fucking plastic paddy, and "not doing anything" fast enough, knowing full well it would take at least a decade to get things really rolling given how long certain (((people))) have been in control.

It all comes across like the bitch fit Metokur threw over getting called 56% or whatever that whole thing was about, which resulted in him declaring all of Europe dead. That whole part of the video just comes across as him being personally upset that European nationalism is focused more on specific ethnic groups rather than his preferred focus on just being white.

Maybe I'm crazy but the first half of his video just came across as him being a thin-skinned bitch, which is ironic given his previous videos. I don't know, I find it hard to take him serious after he actually sat there and bitched about how some Irish people didn't consider him to be Irish. I also always found it suspicious how he seemed to have some kind of grudge with Germanics, although that might have had more to do with him being a homophile.

acef9d  No.12064884


/pol/ish poster here

Most "polish descendant" that continue living outside of Poland are trash the home country is better off without.

def32c  No.12064935

The data is good, but his conclusions seem like a non-sequitur. Yes, not all whites would be allowed in the white ethno-state, i.e., ant-white whites would not be welcome.

So…abandon the concept of an ethno-state? No, just only allow pro-white whites in. What's the issue?

222910  No.12064967


>60% of immigrants left rather than remained

>the immigrants who came prior to 1890 and especially prior to 1920 were far more likely to be right wing by our definition of the term

>the original german(mercenaries) and cavalier colonists are the most right wing of all

I've been saying this for years on this very board and have even posted shit like that on these altkike sites' discus comment sections before it became obvious just how kike they were and I gave up.

Why is this news to him? It makes sense when viewed from the context of natural selection. Colonial America had essentially no social safety net outside of the Roundhead controlled areas of New England(who are still liberal faggots to this day) so nobody who liked welfarism or needed it could survive. Those who didn't like homesteading and thankless labor that merely produced tons of kids didn't stay. Those why weren't warlike and ready do deal with redskin savages didn't stay. They didn't stay if they couldn't except the cold taciturn culture shaped by the expat Cavaliers and German mercs who were bitter over their exile to America and the loss of their way of life to the proto-liberal scum in the Old World.

Prior to 1965 there was a strong selective pressure imposed on those who immigrated to America it was, and still is in the rural areas, a culture distinct from the European model. A society wherein hatred and familiar ties are held above love and community in a larger sense. The people are clannish and insular. Those who couldn't get along sequestered themselves into their own communities in urban areas or left. And these late-comers are still the few whites who vote democrat: potato irish post 1890, skandies post 1900, poles who always tolerated the kikes, ect.

America was becoming in a way its own distinct Anglo-Germanic race prior to 1890, a very cruel race for the most part and today those people are the only demographic of any industrial nation who breed above replace rates. Even niggers and saracens imported to Europe stop breeding after the first generation as the bread and circuses poison them. But those old Cavaliers and Germans reject social modernity and thus have maintained their 2.7 birthrate whiles everyone else has refused to have children. That is one reason why the demoshits want to import beaners so badly, they have to replace the ones that don't breed and without non-whites their party would be unelectable from local to federal level. The GOP is also afraid because if they hadn't colluded in flooding America with shitskins they'd have to swing so hard right as to be unrecognizable to accommodate these people who now make up 80% of whites rather than 50% in the 1950s.

In the areas dominated by these people kikes, shitskins, and leftists are despised and shouted at whenever they are seen in public.

eef07f  No.12065003

Pan European Dickie Nationalism is not White Nationalism, WN is for America only, Europe is for European nations States for their own posterity. So good for him, he,s a Jew living queer on the other hand so who gives a fuck

6c77ae  No.12065012


>"white" is not an ethnicity

Fuck off, my white friends from Honduras (immigrants) were the ones that got me into White Nationalism. One of the leaders there (father is German and mother is African-American) pretty much told us the opposite!

First, that there is no need to balkanize because the world is becoming more and more connected. We're looking at a permanent white movement; just take for example South Africa. There are many South Africans (some even with dark skin) that want to form a global white alliance. Another example is a FB private group of mostly Australians, and it's the same thing.

Second, White IS an ethnicity for most white groups (aka with at least one white parent). I think the example we can all remember was the white nationalist that did a small shooting. One of his parents were black.

It's pretty evident that White Identity is on the rise from my experience in those groups.

000000  No.12065014

Aristotle on why democracy requires homogeneity


82fb9c  No.12065023


they are brainwashed by kikes with muh individuality muh Identity and fall to realize their in group preference has been subverted through everything they have been exposed to by the rat for the sole purpose of Caucasians the only true threat to the rodent if we unite as a group with the clear understanding that regardless of language and culture barriers we are white everyone else isn't and gets a cold FUCK YOU MUD IN ALL THINGS.They are nowhere even near equal to us and never will be.The rat knows this and is terrified of whites on a global scale uniting to fight them to the death,they know they will lose as whites are able to do anything they set their minds to hence the all out no holds barred multi pronged attacks by vermin to keep us divided at all cost as untited master race will obliterate them in short order.

6c77ae  No.12065024


No White Nationalist in Latin America would ever bring their children near that (((thing))) that "reads" books (just pushes kids down Degeneracy Lane). Every time I see her I want to puke.

cd0c32  No.12065034

>>He also cites whites such as Metokur or Warski who have been educated on race realism and accept it as truth yet still aren't white nationalists.

Half cough, half lol. I don't know Sean Last is and I couldn't care less. Muh blogz n twitter accounts. All those guys are gimps with faggot/jew/nigger type shit in their closet. Also, libertarian shit after watching jewtubes in college. They'll be some other shit in a few years time before becoming raging assholes their like republican, boomer parents who pay their rent.

cd0c32  No.12065038

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Uh huh.

6c77ae  No.12065039


This! After white hispanics redpilled me on Hitler, I have been going to democrat places and try to return the favor.

One of the first lessons I've learned is to not give them the redpill right out of the bat. Instead, you just make an excuse to hang out, and when they start drinking, you start talking about ancestry.

If, and only if, you see a chance, you can start talking about Nazi relatives in Latin America and how great they are (at least the ones you met). If you're lucky, you can get them all to start joining 8/pol/ (again, that's how I found out of this place).

6c77ae  No.12065047


>New Albion

We need to start making memes of this, reminds me of Code Geass for a reason.

I think a few /pol/acks who have gone to Bolivia mentioned something similar to it. I just got a lot of money, and going to be taking out a loan soon; my idea was to go to Bolivia as many anons have gone there and live in a cozy place and even start a family away from the (((cities))).

6c77ae  No.12065054


You're wrong an here is why:

> white diversity isn't our strength

LIES. Like I said a post or two ago, I've met many white nationalists, specially hispanic ones in the US and currently friends with an abo-white mix

d20d00  No.12065077

File: 6ac989a3f2d679d⋯.jpg (45.19 KB, 408x560, 51:70, 1515736993953.jpg)



weren't the Palatines who moved to Pennsylvania in the early 1700s notoriously pacifistic?


>that 2nd video

imagine them doing that while the parents were in the classroom one day

as far as I know they even do this bullshit "people with blue eyes are subhuman" routine to ((((((((((disprove racism)))))))))) everywhere. Can't imagine that'd go over too well with a bunch of middle American parents.





are you a spic or something? White hispanics coming from anywhere other than Uruguay are a meme.

479663  No.12065080


When I went to Venezuela, I met with a white nationalist couple. I actually see it the other way, more and more diverse groups of people are becoming white nationalists. From central Australia to parts of Asia. "White" isn't a skin color OP.

479663  No.12065083


Doesn't Asia has the highest amount of white nationalists and national socialists?

Whites are very diverse, especially those with mixed backgrounds.

479663  No.12065084


I like that meme, saved!

a19afc  No.12065091




Fucking kikes. We, that is my people, did lose.

479663  No.12065094


>Anglos, Nords, Germans, Slavs, are not the same, they cannot form a cohesive volk.

But most of them in Asia and Latin America do. Although skin color and even eyes at times play a role, their white nationalism surpasses that.

a19afc  No.12065095

Also, all the good whites left for America or died in wars a long time ago. All that's left in Europe is a bunch of faggots and retards.

479663  No.12065104


>America should have stayed Anglo.

Top kek.

Germany had other plans, and it would have succeeded if the telegram to Mexico haven't been intercepted.

Hitler would have done great things to the United States with the help of his allies in Europe and Latin America.

479663  No.12065108


Actually the best whites went to Latin America after WW2. The codemonkeys and the retards went to the US, either captured or because they were attacked to the Anglo culture respectively.

479663  No.12065110



13cfd1  No.12065112

File: 00e0f4ba6e671d6⋯.jpg (17.32 KB, 640x435, 128:87, GOODBYE_JEWS.jpg)


>imagine them doing that while the parents were in the classroom one day

>as far as I know they even do this bullshit "people with blue eyes are subhuman" routine to ((((((((((disprove racism)))))))))) everywhere. Can't imagine that'd go over too well with a bunch of middle American parents.

It goes down great with them; they're (((conditioned))) into public virtue. At least, the boomercucks I knew as a kid all thought Jews were wonderful and racism was the purest evil in the world. This exercise was even done in my class when I was in fourth grade. As usual, the coordinator was Jewish, and he singled out the most beautiful Aryan girl for the most abuse.

Jews genuinely hate beauty, and the young Aryan maiden is the most beautiful thing of all. This is why the kikes instinctively want her fat, strung out on drugs, and pregnant with a mulatto fetus. The satanic inversion of the kike mindset always works to dirty up the most clean, and to maim that which is healthy. Otherwise, if we all felt strong and confident, we might turn on them.

The wicked pleasure in the Jewish lesbian's face was pure Judaism. I'm convinced the European fairy tales about witches who fatten up children and eat them alive were a folk memory of the Jews.

We must show them no mercy. None at all. Only then will future generations live free of this evil.

a19afc  No.12065113


>after WW2.

There were no good ones left by that point.

479663  No.12065164


Hitler and his top men

47ba96  No.12065176


Because Europe and england are so pure white and haven't allowed any non-whites in to their country? Like the mayor of London for example?

a19afc  No.12065182


>Hitler abandoned his post to die of his ailments in another land.

Fuck off, kike.

479663  No.12065204

((( >>12065182 )))

>Hitler committed suicide

You do know Nazis were constantly traveling to Latin America, right? It's perhaps a foreign land to non-aryans.

479663  No.12065210


It gets worse considering Israel has stolen nukes from the US in the US. Do you really think all nukes are now overseas?

f60fa8  No.12065215


>didn't initially succeed not

damn it, will you fucking nerds learn how to grammar already

41d8bf  No.12065230


fuck you, you fucking yuropoor


47ba96  No.12065244

File: 7d6fa41eaa8b444⋯.jpg (71.78 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 5c17cf26e40b2284a8f3404d13….jpg)


>Good thing the good goys won, so we could have transgender 8 year olds, Islamic street rapists, interracial cuck porn, and a persecuted white minority in all of our former homelands. Phew! We really lucked out guys, we could have been in an idealic golden age, with a cohesive and advanced society, if those evil nazis had won.

How do normies see this and think "omg scary I'm so glad this didn't happen. We probably wouldn't even have Xxxtenticlenig if yahzis won"

6abe4c  No.12065284


The enemy is sosaleesm, not (((something else)))!

Don't be a natzie! The enemy wants you to be a natzie, be a traditionalist instead!

Spencer is a natzie, a wyatt supremacis!

Leave White nationalism, it is morally reprehensible! Pointless! Only non-racial nationalism can prevail!

6abe4c  No.12065302


The controlled opposition fears international White cooperation against their (((masters))). Expect more of this.

5c3057  No.12065357


His videos are informative as hell, though. I haven't seen anyone making anything as good.

7a0777  No.12065360


give me something that works and doesn't interrupt PLEASE

222910  No.12065378


He believes the bullshit about the germans wanting to kill the slavs despite Himmler who wrote outline for the invasion and post invasion interaction with the slavs openly stating that the slavs would not be killed or removed from historically slavic areas about only from areas of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which they were given by the allies at the end of the last war. Hitler even says in Mien Kampf that the slavs have to be ruled by Germanics because they are vulnerable to communism but under that system they are fine, remember that the Emperor of Austria-Hungary was very popular with slavs during WW1. The idea was to make a Germanic state which encompassed the historically german areas of Poland, the Ukraine which was mostly empty and denuded after the soviets killed half the population, and the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. The slavs would have local autonomy as subjects much like in the society wherein Hitler was raised. It was just mashing Germany and Austria-Hungary into a bigger state with more territory taken from Russia for farming and oil.

There was no plan I can find to exterminate the slavs, nor where the slavs poorly treated during the war.

7ea96f  No.12065379


That was the entire reason that the term "white" was even invented. We'd just be people if there weren't any other kind. The Polish are white because there aren't any other kind of Polish. "White" showed up at the same time that we came into contact with other races for extended periods of time. Before that, the arab conquests hadn't happened. Even the Persians were what we think of as "white". It wasn't some magic word to "other" anyone else, it's just a natural inclination to categorize the world around us.

This is all just a (((semantics shuffle))) that jews gave up on a few years ago. It's retarded that people think it's necessary to continually go back and re-reason literally every single word. Every time something like this pops up, it's just another jordan peterson style attempt at obfuscation because younger generations are used to having really 'deep' sounding debates about what we already know to erode literally every foundational idea. The people doing this don't even have to succeed, every time it's just part of the strategy to force the other side to spend time on meaningless bullshit.

Whites are white because other groups are not. The fact that the English are distinct from Germans does not change the fact that both are identifiable as white through genetic testing, bone structure, average intelligence, phenotype, etc.

This crap is really just to spark a discussion that conveniently forgets that you can find the race of fucking skeletons with nearly 100% accuracy. Autists always like to pretend they're hyper analytical but their weakness is in how an argument is framed. Even within the context of the OP, the context of the world situation actually works is completely ignored.

7ea96f  No.12065418


According to the first image it means that every single European achievement for roughly 1500 years is semitic. It's pretty common for jews to claim achievements that are not their own, you shouldn't go along with their proclivity for claiming everything.

This isn't argument about religion, mind you, it's more about the folly of disruptive anti-semitism rather than constructive anti-semitism, akin to cutting off your hand because a tick is in your palm. Remove the parasite, don't give it sovereignty. The tick doesn't own your hand just because its there.

732c7f  No.12065434


>he doesn't believe in evolution

Just wow. Evolution is a major pillar of race realism. People like you are a major embarrassment.

6abe4c  No.12065440


"(((European))) here, I find this whole white nationalism thing to be quiet silly! You Americans just want to destroy our nations, cultures and languages in order to annexe Europe like Putin does!

What is White, where do you even draw the line? There is no such thing as a White race!

The irish, Slavs, eastern europeans are not White and should be exterminated, if you disagree with me, you are a RIDF shill!"

Pretty obvious.

732c7f  No.12065491


What's the name of the old woman in the second video. She makes my blood boil. I hate to see white girls bullied like that.

a0e6dc  No.12065554

File: f57842ccb0ac2b8⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 209x213, 209:213, 1533441481410.gif)


>someone so influential in the WN movement

fc16ff  No.12065569


>Evolution is a major pillar

being created different is much more definitive than having stumbled over a few millions of years into differences.

ff9ed0  No.12065570

A lot of Aussies are pushing for white South African refugees because they think it'll make the country whiter, which admittedly would be a nice change after the last few decades of enrichment. But having met a lot of saffers I can say pretty confidently that Aussies would not like the cultural change they would bring. The Dutch are very different to Anglos and Celts, they are stubborn and proud, they are also pious and work like dogs, which are fantastic qualities but would put us out of our comfort zone.

The effect of bringing in 2 million Swedes would be similarly disastrous, as they'd bring their upturned nosed leftism and start implementing that here too. Look at Minnesota and tell me with a straight face that political dispositions are not genetic. Even the most relaxed European groups don't quite fit in, we call them lazy wogs and they're pretty happy about the recognition of being different to us.

Ultimately, only European groups are decent immigrants, if any immigrants can be considered decent, and even then only in small numbers. There's still a marked difference between Aussies and our ancestors in Britain, they don't quite integrate fully when they come here. I used to be all in for white nationalism but after meeting many different whites, and studying the ways they prefer to live, it just doesn't seem like a realistic worldview. It's more of the same "magic dirt" idealism that leftists have for coloured immigrants, but slightly more informed. Not informed enough, from my experience.

34086c  No.12065587


Because more than often their priorities lies with the individual aka they are still libertarians at heart. If a leftitis has converted I know that thier heart is in the right place.

fc16ff  No.12065589

>European races don't exist goyim

this thread has officially made amerimutts the enemy of white european identity

05d1ca  No.12065591

File: 5f5eb01bbb594d7⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 600x502, 300:251, lumbergh.jpg)

Could you alt-kike dipshits please stop making gossip threads about your favorite homos, you faggots? Thanks a lot.

923f25  No.12065610

File: 508388e84a38a3e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.95 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, zgxb1c8aodh11.jpg)

I don't blame him. I did the same about a year ago. It's all psyop garbage and I've been able to learn and understand so much more about the world after dropping that dead weight.

02af98  No.12065624

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Isn't Alternative Hypothesis the Youtuber actually a homosexual? I forget where he says it in this video, if an anon wants to listen to such rattling, know you're more into the gossip of e-celebs than me.

8a59d8  No.12065633


Thanks for the porn/lust destruction shlomo!

02af98  No.12065701


>>isn't blond

I'm sorry for your loss.

34086c  No.12065716

File: a6ebd9beca392b1⋯.jpg (51.75 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1446032904985.jpg)


The amount of butthurt in this post is very amusing. Stay mad shitskin.

27d7ea  No.12065732


White nationalism is a category error. There is no such thing as the white nation. It doesn't exist. It can't exist. It's an idea put forth by midwits with basic college education. If you want an idea that will work, start looking at your actual nation and find a way to increase native birth rates and get rid of foreigners, including whites who aren't part of your nation. I know it is hard for some here to swallow, but more Germans in Australia will not make Australia anymore Australian than more Chinese. If you disagree, you aren't a nationalist but a multiculturalist.

09dbca  No.12065742

File: d064d114a64642a⋯.png (1.2 MB, 631x2798, 631:2798, kike_genes.png)

File: a5ca43a917df9d6⋯.jpg (37.91 KB, 347x478, 347:478, a5ca43a917df9d6750f8f27952….jpg)

File: 318d1eeeb9a7ce8⋯.jpg (161.5 KB, 650x804, 325:402, top_kike_athletes.jpg)


Haha, my neighbors are Italian and our families are best friends. Get fucked, Shlomo.

You don't even have mud huts, you never had anything of your own and have always required to live off the backs of others, like the ticks you are.

fb3600  No.12065744


It's the pissed off kike faggot again.

09dbca  No.12065748

File: 6fa1696418dab19⋯.pdf (10.92 MB, Signal 1940 012.pdf)


Have some of my issues of the Italian version of the German "Signal" magazine (most of them are too large for a direct embed).

Germany and Italy were a pretty good match overall, und damit basta. Finito. Numero uno team in punishing the degenerates.

09dbca  No.12065751

File: 47a7237d2e6aca3⋯.pdf (11.84 MB, Signal 1941 05.pdf)

09dbca  No.12065757

File: 8c5c0d47e2a1589⋯.pdf (12.04 MB, Signal 1941 011.pdf)

09dbca  No.12065759

File: 9ff2a54f2201dfd⋯.pdf (14.29 MB, Signal 1941 012.pdf)

ff9ed0  No.12065782


Very succinct, good post. The whole idea of immigration ought to be struck from people's minds as a failed 20th century experiment. Settlement, pioneering, colonising, all these are good and require a tough people to create something for their children. Immigration encourages cowardice and flight to wherever the grasses seem greener. It takes nothing special to be an immigrant, to run from your parents misshapen dreams and steal that from someone else.

5d75f7  No.12065809


27d7ea here. I've switched from phone to computer. Immigration itself can basically be thought of as the Left's very own endlösung. It's a way to permanently destroy the nation itself and forever and severely undermine the Right. The only time immigration should be accepted is if you find a source of people who are the same as the ones of your nation. Any immigration of other people will weaken the genetic-cultural integrity and constitution of your nation.

413fbf  No.12066239



>Christcucks literally can't handle reality

Yeah, faggots like you are the reason kikes have been able to take control of our civilization, you literally worship a kike.

In order to be a christcuck one must first be a race traitor.

413fbf  No.12066242

413fbf  No.12066245


Also, this niggerfaggot is obviously not white.

6dcc7c  No.12066281


based, snowniggers must perish

27250e  No.12066292


Quitters never win. Who gives a shit how normies vote, normies don't lead politics. They do what they're told while leaders champion the future and sell them a vision.

How many people voted for full communism in Russia? Sure as hell wasn't 51%+.

Fuck this guy he's a loser.

3e7f36  No.12066297


>you dumb goys never supported our jewish controlled opposition leader puppets we gave you! Oy vey do you stupid goyim realize how many shekels we lost on this psy op?!

boo hoo dude

as long as you believe in movements instead of killing kikes, ironically ofc, then you are dead weight

a9019b  No.12066314



Did he forget to mention that in the current year native singaporeans make up less than 20% of their total population?

fc0945  No.12066342



Think of it more like white nationalist colonization. It's not like every white person in Amerca is packing up and moving as you make it sound. There's still going to be whites in different areas. The NWF/move to Wyoming plan is ironically is the best thing for both those types who think they can game the political system by running as a politician and those who are volkisch. You can have a constituent base of white nationalists to make legislative decisions that impact your county/state, and you live around like minded white individuals for strong communities. Your concern is that we're "giving up land" and that people would be easier targets for attack by ZOG being so close together. Well again not all white people are moving there, and I doubt you have done anything as an isolated individual to prevent decline in your living area. And when it comes to facing attack, what is better? You holed up in your house when the FBI comes? Or a whole armed community that is able to protect each other/run protracted guerilla campaigns in the woods?

869305  No.12066347


jesus christ I could stomp on her head all day

13cfd1  No.12066363

File: 2d7b1c6db7d19b8⋯.jpg (86.07 KB, 800x461, 800:461, Bruno_Family.jpg)


I don't get it – Am I supposed to feel anything other than horrible grief that this didn't happen? There must be some room full of Jewish writers who feel like they don't even have to explain why this is bad; it's just self-evident to them.

Show this kind of thing to more white normies. Put that swastika American flag over scenes of happy and prosperous white families. Barbecues, industrial work, playing in beautifully manicured public spaces with the kids, who don't have to be watched every second. . . Paint a positive picture of the white NatSoc ethnostate. Make it as real in their minds as it already is in (((their))) minds.

72b53f  No.12066371

I don't know this man. But I know this man is a faggot, yes?

f5ad30  No.12066373


>He also cites whites such as Metokur or Warski who have been educated on race realism and accept it as truth yet still aren't white nationalists.

Why would believing in race realism make you a white nationalist? Fucking simpleton.

61f931  No.12066374


ryan faulk is a homsexual yes.

869305  No.12066377


he did claim on a stream recently that he is going to be straight from now on

94dbea  No.12066389


Interfaction squabbles like this do not make the other side a Jew. These are earnest people who agree with you on 95% of the issues, and pretty much 100% of the issues that have any kind of bearing on real outcomes, things that happen to our countries in the real world.

Don't get balkanized by this argument, that is what the Jew wants. Jews argue among themselves about Israel, some of them, particularly Jews abroad, want it to lay low and hunker down, or even signal against it, but the moment a goy says anything about the Jewish state they form a united front. We need to be the same.

94dbea  No.12066410


Neoreaction was bad juju, it had the intellectual foundation but none of the "fun" that we (and the alt-right) have. It was the definition of an elitist movement, and its great prescription for the decline of the west was to withdraw from society and form your own enclaves/parallel societies. Because neoreactionaries were do nothing academics or Silicon Valley bugmen, none of them even followed their own shitty advice. The alt-right's poorly planned street activism and our memes did infinitely more for our cause then everything Moldbug (a kike Silicon Valley bugman) ever wrote.

fc0945  No.12066413




Another point to add with my post >>12066342 is that it is an extension of the quality vs quantity debate. Which would you rather have, whites scattered everywhere as they do nothing but serve as a tax base to their own destruction by uplifting metropolitan monstrosities that house nonwhites and degeneracy? Or a community of whites that actively serve their own interests?

94dbea  No.12066484


The problem as I see it is that the federal government will absolutely never allow something like that to happen. We aren't just going to sneak our way into having communities, they'll raid you with the ATF if you're just a few people, charge you with violating some diversity law if you're a business, or just forcibly diversify you like what was happening under Obama if you're a town or larger. To win we have to beat that, and if we do there's no reason to be content with Wyoming.

fc0945  No.12066525


That is correct. There would likely be a better chance of beating that as a unified community, though

ca3f68  No.12066552


>Why would believing in race realism make you a white nationalist?

It doesn't. That's the problem. There isn't enough perceived "differences" for the average American white to shift their whole paradigm. And WNs don't have anymore aces up their sleeve to convert people besides graphs.

It'll have to be done by force or not at all.

8e639a  No.12066562


Do you think we're christcucks or something? Once a fag, always a fag. Forgiveness is degenerate.

8e639a  No.12066583


Why would I listen to "differing viewpoints" when I'm right, moron? There is true and there is false. My "viewpoint" is based on truth. Faulk's is based on his low IQ statistical analysis of research conducted through relatively useless methodologies, such as surveys.

5d75f7  No.12066824


NRx is dead. Nick's blog is dead. Mencius does not post. There is no movement there anymore. It died because they didn't do anything and just ended up circle jerking until everyone got sick of it.

169cbf  No.12066833


If you're a Christian: The worker isn't just 'honored' in Christian tradition… It's a requirement. If you live on the Earth, being sustained, you must work. Honoring that is honoring the means to which you spread God's word.

The workers of yesteryear built civilization. They built the infrastructure that you benefit from today. Some of them toiled on projects they never experienced the fruit of.

58530c  No.12066871


>If you're a Christian: The worker isn't just 'honored' in Christian tradition… It's a requirement. If you live on the Earth, being sustained, you must work. Honoring that is honoring the means to which you spread God's word.

That belief is even stronger in the old Havamal.

58530c  No.12066875


>NRx is dead. Nick's blog is dead. Mencius does not post. There is no movement there anymore. It died because they didn't do anything and just ended up circle jerking until everyone got sick of it.

It was all just larping. They where looking what they could do with old forms.

169cbf  No.12066900


eh, no. you are retarded

probably arabic like 5th image says

732c7f  No.12066902


Nobody said God didn't exist. Evolution is a description of biological processes, it has nothing to do with religion.

2e8830  No.12066905


while you're right Mediterraneans are the best

go back to cuckchan you fag

84456c  No.12066907


stop with the Jewish divide and conquer

72b53f  No.12066908



>fucking based!

they will always betray you. always, only brothers can be trusted, women, faggots, degenerates will always betray you.. this is just a fact

09dbca  No.12066912


>literally quoting the 5th image in that post

That has not happened, you are a liar.

Show me this quote, you slimy semite.

58530c  No.12066923


In all honesty, the only heathenish movement which is actually growing and seems to have any kind of future is the Norse/Germanic.

The Celtic and Slavic movements don't have any genuine texts and so have no future, being bogged down in Christianized versions, fragments of lore and modern retellings.

While Greek and Roman movements are bogged down with to many texts many of whom are not religious but philosophical and seculiar, which means it's almost impossible to create a single movement from them, what do you follow? The Homeric hymns, together with those of Orpheus, while you pillage myths from old Roman writers and mix it with Neoplatonic ideas of a single God?

The Norse and Germanic movements on the other hand could keep their main texts in a book the size of the Bible, which makes it very easy to grow a dogmatic movement around it.

There is enough material to grow an entire religion from the poetic edda, proze edda, a selection of older more mythological saga's and poems like the Volsung or Ynglingatal saga, together with the occasional fragment, but not enough to actually make it easy at first glance to see how it all ties together.

Basically, it mimics the development of early protestantism.

09dbca  No.12066933

File: c4f71597bd6fec9⋯.png (176.11 KB, 468x243, 52:27, 5081f37dbb78abfc3c123079aa….png)

File: 80538bdb1abc079⋯.jpg (747.71 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, 80538bdb1abc0792f4913a5182….jpg)

File: ca1e5e5cee08325⋯.jpg (34.97 KB, 314x500, 157:250, germanization of christian….jpg)

File: 5f6932cda0c911f⋯.jpg (78.81 KB, 504x379, 504:379, and_then_the_larp_was_over….jpg)


>That has not happened, you are a liar.

A transcript of the fifth picture you, in your foreskinlessness, have posted:

A well fed nordic tool user with the most overpowered ability any land mammal can have, sweat, is pointing at the bust of a roman soldier, who has curly hair.

The nordic, well fed man, claims that this curly hair denotes that nordics have been the real romans, while calling the italian next to him an arab nigger.

The Italian says fuck off.

The nordic claims that this is jewish divide and conquer.

The premise of that picture is completely different to calling you the slimy semite you are.

I do not claim to be an ancient roman soldier, therefore your entire premise is as nonexistant than your foreskin, something all have, unless they live in the united states, which is the problem we are arriving at. I am talking to someone from the united states, and not an italian either.

I'm talking to a 30% off boy. Someone whos penile tissue has been shipped off to Shlemiel Kantors Face Cream factory.

And it will NEVER, EVER grow back.

5d75f7  No.12066941


>A transcript of the fifth picture you, in your foreskinlessness, have posted:

>A well fed nordic tool user with the most overpowered ability any land mammal can have, sweat, is pointing at the bust of a roman soldier, who has curly hair.

>The nordic, well fed man, claims that this curly hair denotes that nordics have been the real romans, while calling the italian next to him an arab nigger.

>The Italian says fuck off.

>The nordic claims that this is jewish divide and conquer.

>The premise of that picture is completely different to calling you the slimy semite you are.

>I do not claim to be an ancient roman soldier, therefore your entire premise is as nonexistant than your foreskin, something all have, unless they live in the united states, which is the problem we are arriving at. I am talking to someone from the united states, and not an italian either.

>I'm talking to a 30% off boy. Someone whos penile tissue has been shipped off to Shlemiel Kantors Face Cream factory.

>And it will NEVER, EVER grow back.


94dbea  No.12066945


I disagree, a unified community becomes a target, just like WN 1.0 and the alt-right did. Our greatest successes came when our enemy couldn't put a name or a face on us, and they resorted to idiocy like Clinton's 'basket of deplorables' to describe us, that only further radicalized people towards our cause. We're waging fourth generation war, and gathering in one place is suicide in fourth generation war. As a recent example, see ISIS. When ISIS was "homegrown radicals" launching attacks in Europe and America with support from vague middle eastern interests, it was capable of terrorizing most of the west. Once it started believing its own propaganda and lay claim to land in Syria and Iraq, it was bombed into dust by the US and Russia.

d961bc  No.12066957

Alt-Hype's argument is that Richard Spencer doomed Whtie Nationalism forever because Charlottesville resulted in deplatforming and domain name seizures. This is a total faggot stance because he's essentially saying that you should just shut up and get bullied out of meatspace. Ryan Faulk is a total faggot and should be ignored.

4693b5  No.12066959


It's all kike arguments from semantics. The only goal is to ensure white disunity, and they'll say anything towards that end. Keep this in mind and it's real easy to recognize them.

5d75f7  No.12066962


>Whtie Nationalism

no such thing. it's a category error.

4693b5  No.12066966


Thanks for the example, rabbi!

5d75f7  No.12066981


go look up the old, true definition of nation, retard. it's a homogenous ethnic group. there is no white nation. white nationalism is a category error. or feel free to prove me wrong and find me the nation of white on google maps.

13cfd1  No.12066990


>Ryan Faulk is a total faggot and should be ignored vaulted from a rooftop and his corpse stoned by angry semites.

Get with the program, anon.

4693b5  No.12066991

169cbf  No.12066996

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>whiteness is a social construct, disregard racial identity while non-whites embrace anti-whiteness

>I'm good tactishun, I want to perserverer my peoples

5d75f7  No.12067006


that's what i thought, you fucking moron.


strawman. white is a label for various ethnicities that form nations themselves. white isn't a nation. kill yourself.

169cbf  No.12067009

File: b3f52169e7b69ff⋯.png (2.08 MB, 955x1348, 955:1348, ClipboardImage.png)


>ethnicity is a valid nationality

>family isn't

>race isn't

>human isn't

And, your historical precedence for this autism is? Kill yourself, fag.

4693b5  No.12067013


>white isn't a nation. kill yourself.

If we define it so it is, you filthy semite. Fuck you and your worthless rat people to death. Your words are dust.

5d75f7  No.12067018


not surprised you cant understand


>If we define it so it is

>if we define a building as a hotdog, it becomes a hotdog

fuck off, moron

a6f7aa  No.12067031


>There is true and there is false

Black and white fallacy. Truth has nuances and is not clear cut. I tried being civil but I guess it's my fault or expecting any less on here.

>Faulk's is based on his low IQ statistical analysis of research conducted through relatively useless methodologies, such as surveys.

LMAO no surveys are not "useless" only a statistically illiterate mongoloid like you would say that. Surveys are very poor measurements for immediate phenomena with very volatile outcomes such as elections because they are measuring people's political opinions at a certain point in time. If you have a GROUP of surveys over a longer period of time, then the aggregate results of those surveys will more accurately reflect reality. Bell Curve and sample size, dipshit. Ever heard of them? The information Faulk considers was complied by the GSS through 1972 to 2014. A total of 42 years. Even if they surveys are skewed, the undeniable fact is that at least a very very sizable chunk white Americans with a particular European ancestry still support the party that is most overtly against their continued existence and that these views run alongside certain European ethnicities, leading the conclusion that the ethnic differences in culture amongst European natives still persists among white Americans who supposedly "integrated" with other white Europeans when they immigrated.

That's much as I care to explain. I'm not going to hold you hand anymore just so you can understand basic statistical concepts. Either watch the video and try to engage in a fruitful discussion about how to preserve our heritage or leave.

169cbf  No.12067062

File: 886eb0d6afde4a0⋯.png (417.21 KB, 453x447, 151:149, 72Z69W.png)


>esoteric race denialism

>'white' is just a label, goy

169cbf  No.12067073


Irish voting Democrat and Anglos voting Republican does not mean they're not both white, only that there's ethnic differences in perceived interest and culpability to being swayed one way or another.

Anglos cuck in their own way, as Irish do in another way. They're both Jewed.

5d75f7  No.12067075


>LMAO no surveys are not "useless" only a statistically illiterate mongoloid like you would say that. Surveys are very poor measurements for immediate phenomena with very volatile outcomes such as elections because they are measuring people's political opinions at a certain point in time.

I work as a researcher with wee known IQ/race researchers who know Faulk. Faulk is more of a blogger than an actual researcher but he has good stuff. All meta a's use proper studies that used proper scientific techniques and tests.


it's a label for a group of ethnicities. there is no white nation. you sure have a hard time understanding things

169cbf  No.12067077


>again with 'white is just a label'

Again with being retarded.

fb3600  No.12067096


What about black nations?

169cbf  No.12067105


Here, again, is how dumb you sound

>ethnicity is just a label for a group of families. there is no ethnic nation.

5d75f7  No.12067107


you've missed the point.


no. you have nations that belong to people that fall under the label of black but there is no black nation.

fb3600  No.12067111


>you have nations that belong to people that fall under the label of black

>but there is no black nation.

God you're retarded.

5d75f7  No.12067115


nation is an ethnic group (race in the old sense). there is no white ethnic group.

again, find me on google maps the nation of white. still waiting.

169cbf  No.12067128

File: 4e4a589b0513edb⋯.jpg (3.48 MB, 2766x4150, 1383:2075, Hermannsdenkmal_statue.jpg)


nation can be defined by any number of criteria at any level.

1 tribe can turn into a nation. Many tribes can turn into a nation. Therefor the same for ethnicities, retard.

5d75f7  No.12067131


It is a category error to mistake the broader racial category for the national or ethnic category.

169cbf  No.12067138


turbo autismo, if aliens inhabited this planet we'd form a human nation and alien nation and battle it out.

5d75f7  No.12067148


>nation can be defined by any number of criteria at any level.

but you'd agree that a necessary feature is genetic homogeneity, yes?

5d75f7  No.12067151


>logic is autism

I'm done. You're too retarded to actually get a basic concept.

169cbf  No.12067152


NATION is derived from NATAL, aka BIRTH.

Anything which can reproduce can be a nation.


nation (n.)

c. 1300, from Old French nacion "birth, rank; descendants, relatives; country, homeland" (12c.) and directly from Latin nationem (nominative natio) "birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, tribe," literally "that which has been born," from natus, past participle of nasci "be born" (Old Latin gnasci), from PIE root *gene- "give birth, beget," with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups.

Political sense has gradually predominated, but earliest English examples inclined toward the racial meaning "large group of people with common ancestry." Older sense preserved in application to North American Indian peoples (1640s). Nation-building first attested 1907 (implied in nation-builder).

169cbf  No.12067160


You're retarded

c7e6ea  No.12067167



Nords are a race in "The Elder Scrolls" games. You mean Nordics or Norsemen you fucking window licker.

169cbf  No.12067196



I will argue for you, your only argument against >>12067152

>Nation was obviously meant only to distinguish between human groups and the only justified distinction is between ethnicities, not race

And again you'd be a race denying cunt semite

19f191  No.12067326

File: d359bb9c6f65f64⋯.jpg (91.66 KB, 692x567, 692:567, d35.jpg)


> It's a requirement. If you live on the Earth

Actually, according to white women, subhumans work while Chad is fucking them.

Pic related.

>inb4 whiteknighting

why don't white women settle down with a farmer or a garbage collector if those people are essential to an Aryan society?

Should White men be happy a white woman looks down on them because their husbands/lovers are "better"?

169cbf  No.12067351

File: e10a7c71b86075f⋯.png (578.09 KB, 497x640, 497:640, 7fYS5C.png)



7186c6  No.12067357


The peoples actions speak louder than the words that come from their controllers.

19f191  No.12067368


is that man raising his biological son OR is that in the 50s when there was no DNA test and women were claiming they had Italian in their families?

055f4e  No.12067439



Richard Spencer and related buckaroos are for the most part controlled opposition. Don’t forget CIA niggers glow in the dark.

116e4d  No.12067471


whoever painted this painted the nordic to look jewy.

fb0898  No.12067500

File: 27bde3fea8c3d98⋯.png (126.76 KB, 374x376, 187:188, 05e839772a78afe1abfd947208….png)

You hear that Richard?

I won.

You're movement was a small fringe joke and its now become an insignificant joke.

Enjoy the crumbs. I will go on to save western civilization more so than you ever will.

You see Battlefield V? The destruction and backlash against Star Wars? Alternative markets that are starting to thrive because of backlash against SJWs? All me.

I won Richard. You lost.


426d54  No.12067516

File: 975594b61d01971⋯.webm (7.68 MB, 480x360, 4:3, The Origins of Holocausti….webm)

File: e362e466ca4187b⋯.mp4 (4.63 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Jason Kessler - White Devi….mp4)


Charlottesville was a total fuckup though, by design. It was Skokie 2.0.




f805ea  No.12067674

White is a racial thing, not an economic one. If European Americans voted dem it's because they wanted the economic policy, very slim chance they voted dem in an act of racial punishment.

8f78dd  No.12067779


The Zimmermann Telegram was sent during the first world war by the imperial government, idiot.

8f78dd  No.12067801


Wait, is that the e-celeb Brittany Pettibone?

8f78dd  No.12067837



That's true! God told me that a Christian must give more to the world than they take.

d936e3  No.12068000


Dumbass. Race =/= Ethnicity. If you cannot tell the difference between the two, then maybe you need to leave the thinking to someone else. We're the same race(caucasian), but different ethnicities.

a683f4  No.12068094


> if you don't accept women's short-sighted delusions of grandeur, you are mgtow

Or maybe you're just someone who thinks more than one step ahead. I'd say that anon is working class and complaining about an obvious problem.

> but wat

90% of women (as of right now) will only settle for one of the top 10% earning men. And a woman will only ever marry up as a reminder that there are women that we are giving manager salaries for some incomprehensible reason and expecting them to do enough work to warrant it. And those top 10% neither want to support nor have children with 9 wives each and we can't fault them for it. At most, they'd want to go for muh soft harem but muh soft harem doesn't produce offspring at all at best and in suboptimal cases, produces nigger-tier offspring that grows up without a father and ends up working in organized crime. Maybe women's expectations are simply too high.

> but wat do

For a start, what mgtows and mras say in that feminism is to blame is right, although not in the way they think it is. Women's expectations in men are - among other things - defined by their sense of self-worth. If they have a large ego, they have high expectations. And rn, every aspect of advertising and entertainment is geared towards not only making non-stop compliments to the entire female audience and overinflating their ego, but towards demonizing, in places like northern England even criminalizing the utterance of any negative sentiments towards any woman anywhere. In other words, they are exposed only to interactions that inflate their ego and nothing that takes them down a notch. As for why reality doesn't give them a slap in the face, the band-aid that prevents that are (((women's studies academics))) who work day and night to come up with ways to explain away women's unwillingness and incapacity to perform as men do with concepts like verbal violence, male privilege, rape culture and boys will be boys.

With any influence gained, one thing that needs to be done is to undo just that. Make insulting and offending women legal everywhere, if you have any hold in entertainment, push for content that involves men lecturing women and women making an ass of themselves and then being held accountable for it on camera, as well as women with high expectations ending up filled with syringes in literal trash containers. With more political power, push for laws that incentivise women settling down. The obvious way to do that is of course the ancap way. Abolish the welfare state and cut back as much administration as possible. Any jobs with little requirements that offer a lot of money in a comfortable setting (looking at bureaucracy and arts study courses rn) that attract women have to be cut and removed. Make settling down with a man - any man who has a job will do - the only option to literally starving in the street. My favourite in a golden scenario would be to set a threshold, similar to the soft threshold the chinese have. 25. If a woman doesn't have a husband - one husband that she can't divorce or murder without being buried with her husband - by the age of 25, either force-marry her to one, or make raping and killing her legal. Once not settling down with one man means not receiving any provision and protection whatsoever any more, you would be surprised how many women suddenly turn into happy housewives and fulfilled mothers again.

21b07c  No.12068118

File: 91f2dd9c602d549⋯.gif (879.07 KB, 245x230, 49:46, 1389162386353.gif)


>tfw an anon reposts your OC while replying to you by saying something moderately stupid

ff2bf0  No.12068371

File: 312c508a2770d9a⋯.png (433.67 KB, 532x534, 266:267, nose knows.PNG)


She didn't even bother trying to hide her beak

270521  No.12068384


So essentially America is a WASP country and only whites of Anglo-Saxon origin should be allowed in?

270521  No.12068396


Nigger the vast majority of us started out as leftists. People who start out as libertarians are more woke than 99% of this board.

0568c3  No.12068397

File: 5e5f8bd58e7ae48⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1041x977, 1041:977, American Empire.png)


Many of the Palatines that moved to PA did so because they were Anabaptist religious dissidents, so yes.

Also, check out my map lads. No balkanisation, rather refederalisation as an American Empire.

270521  No.12068405


Nah the pinnacle is someone more like Ian Smith. A man who stood alone against the entire world for what he and his people believed in without having to compromise his integrity or go back on his beliefs.

0f730d  No.12068431

It doesn't matter what he believes or whines about. All faggots are going into the bog. No exceptions.

0fbf80  No.12068454


Any white protestants are accepted, especially German. The rest are golem garbage who destroy nations with their drunkenness, laziness, and horrific disregard for marriage and child-rearing, especially Roman Catholics and atheists. Mormons, Charismatics, JWs, 7th Day, and some of the Amish offshoots are iffy, but I believe manageable if they abandon the "Chosen People" bullshit

2b33f3  No.12068470

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

its a shame people play politics with those that just try and find a place in the world. keep on moving till you find it. we can't follow any leaders anymore that claim they will make the world a better place. we can only do that as individuals. enough promises and waiting games and mind games.

bb37e3  No.12068593


NRx is amorphous and has no visible leaders only ideologues such as Nick Land and Moldbug. Social Matter still pushes out weekly news related to NRx, there are roughly 15 other ideologues still pushing out weekly or monthly content, and accelerationist cells have infiltrated silicon valley. You'll find the large majority went rogue when the neoliberals pushed their economic warfare into silicon valley, fleeing to Shenzen or Hong Kong in response.

t. silicon valley accelerationist

5c3057  No.12068626


East Baltic is the ideal.

fc0945  No.12068672



Charlottesville didn't kill the alt right. Every figurehead pointing fingers after at each other and bickering because the media said we're bad guys is what did it. It's pretty obvious we did nothing wrong. Fields was chased by a man with a rifle, and the police pushed the groups of protesters into each other. Whenever people bring up that Saturday morning I always bring that Friday night and the bountiful salt mines that were had.

8a4805  No.12068726


>There was no plan I can find to exterminate the slavs, nor where the slavs poorly treated during the war.

What about czech villages being razed over suspected partisan actions and the such?

fd9b5a  No.12068739



If you're going to fight, wear a uniform or expect to get treated like a bandit. Those are the rules. If you want rules in warfare, then abide by them. Don't cry like a faggot when you get caught cheating.

94dbea  No.12068755


Himmler was censured for not being tough enough on the Slavic question, and had little to do with Generalplan Ost. German anti-partisan tactics were universally brutal and doctrine called for reprisals against the civilian population in response to partisan attacks. By 1943 they had started to get it and offer incentives to Russian peasantry in return for information about the partisans. Just in time for the Red Army to sweep them out of Russia.

5382ba  No.12068767


Do these stats really mean anything? The Republican Party isn't a 'nationalist' or even an implicitly white-interest party, in the first place. If all you had to go by was Fox, you would (mostly correctly) assume that the heart of the party is commerce-by-any-means-necessary, zionism and a few shibboleths like Constitution and gun fetishism. What part of those things are in their interests? Does that resonate with their own culture? Of course not.

I don't think a first generation European immigrant would realize the subtext as to why a vote for the Republican party and for social austerity is in our interest. Over generations we finally intuitively understand (but must never admit publicly) that cutting social programs hurts non-whites a LOT more than it hurts us. Those programs and NGOs are also critical money-distribution infrastructure of the international left.

I don't expect a Pollack off the boat to get that.

More importantly, the hard right's struggle is a metapolitical one, and unbelievable ground has been gained in a very short amount of time. Just 20 years ago, the ideas we're talking about were unthinkable to 99.9% of the population. 10 years ago non-conformity gained traction, but the essential underpinning of blood and soil where buried under three-cornered hats and Tea Party grandstanding. Maybe 1% of us even realized western civilization was under attack. Today almost 10% of the population are *actually* sympathetic to these ideas of white identity. Think of where will we be in another 10? Wall Street and Tel Aviv with their national security Praetorian guard can't stop what's happening any more than they can stop gravity.

Voting was never going to solve this, anyway.

9626cf  No.12068983


Bullshit, you can feel it in you're gut when someone is white or whether they're not. Do you ever see a white couple and think "Oh I wonder if they are the same ethnicity or not?" No. Compare that to the feeling of repulsion when seeing a white woman with a non-white male.

0a1f22  No.12068992


>impossibility of a pan-European ethnostate

100% down to Anglo and Germanic superiority complex btw. Just look at the fucking chart ryan and stop believing the propaganda.

bd3d6a  No.12069424


Yes, he was a great man.

a2d6ba  No.12069721


He's a faggot? Faggots get the bog.

Shame really because up to this last video I liked him.

a40060  No.12069742

Look, this is how you self immolate as a right wing jewtuber.

He wants to turn on his base and drive them further right? good on him.

81411d  No.12069871


Reminds me of many Hispanic Germans when I went over there last Summer.

a36689  No.12069911


White Nationalists usually started out as Libertarians.

28a634  No.12069931

>AltHype points out how many immigrants that went to America ended up going back. The overall point AltHype makes is that America didn't initially succeed not because immigrants that integrated but because of the ones that left more or less.

Anyone got a source for this?

28a634  No.12069959


I want a source which shows that before the creation of the welfare state immigrants who couldn't make it went back to their home countries.

fca344  No.12069999



Why are jews like this?


There is no such thing as a general plan ost. to this date there is no document, signed order or anything written about exterminating slavs, if you have documentation of it david irving would like to see it.

5b155b  No.12070034


what the fuck is this shit:

% Republican % Democrat

kill yourself faggot

002162  No.12070052

File: 95a8a4c3d5c6378⋯.png (7.77 KB, 287x280, 41:40, Jane Elliott.png)

File: a82f75ad80334cb⋯.png (927 B, 182x24, 91:12, Jane Elliott .png)

File: cfbf174fd1a3bb2⋯.jpg (32.62 KB, 245x245, 1:1, 1387645495706.jpg)



>she's still alive


002162  No.12070106



as an italian, i've never had issue or meaningful conflict with anyone of nordic descent. they've always been pleasant people with a beautiful country, culture, and women.

in summer they come and vacation in italy and love the food/culture/sights. and in fall the italians commonly travel to nordic countries to do the same.

this has also been the case with germany, until recently, but i still respect them as a race and culture and it's sad to see what has become of them and im sure many say the same of italy. hopefully that can change in the coming years.

we have our differences, shortcomings and advantages, but do you know what we always have in common?

that we hate filthy kikes that post d&c on korean spinning class appreciation image boards.

1ff266  No.12070183



/pol/ was never alt-kike get that through your fucking skull nigger.

869305  No.12071197

File: ab29be7c4933ab2⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 897x861, 299:287, ab2.jpg)

File: bf66f0f02b09101⋯.jpg (128.89 KB, 900x900, 1:1, bf66f0f02b0910182e9af42f67….jpg)

File: e98ab68767e7d5a⋯.jpg (42.56 KB, 299x722, 299:722, 1349654910724.jpg)


a9019b  No.12071305



de6bde  No.12071350


>"white" is not an ethnicity

>what are Caucasians and why are they called that


de6bde  No.12071355

File: a55964015c3fcc4⋯.jpg (14.06 KB, 295x378, 295:378, 009eecca7039989d05bfb5faf6….jpg)



d9df40  No.12071370


German and British American make up the majority of whites, and vote republican, whereas all the various other groups are a relatively small part of the population but vote democrat. This is why whites as a whole vote republican, but we can break the white vote down further and examine each group, this is what the op has done.

They were also responsible for the creation of the machine politics which have allowed the democrats to pervert the cities into the messes they are now.

I don't believe that they will continue to have loyalty to the democrat party forever however, but we'll see.

780ce1  No.12071402


why doesn't this argument apply to any other race? Black nationalism does not have this problem, nor does pan-Arabism, pan-Africanism, pan-Orientalism etc.

f9d22a  No.12071427


Cut Quebec out as it's own thing, Give newfoundland to new England & merge Ontario with the Midwest to form the great lakes. Other then that, perfect map.

f9d22a  No.12071442


Every European Nation has a superiority complex. The one thing we have in common is being better than every other European nation in our own heads.

Regardless, most Europeans (even in the UK) are in favour of some kind of regional confederation; just not the kind we're seeing with the EU.

c58694  No.12072597


>Every European Nation has a superiority complex

It's called nationalism and common sense, something that has spurred Europe on for centuries of innovation and expansion. Americans will never understand the European mindset and I'm glad althype has decided to take his American channel in a different direction.

I don't want to live in a confederacy and I don't want to be around brain-dead protestants who view being 'nice' as the pinnacle of humanity.

45db91  No.12072974


>One can be pro-white without worshipping Hitler.

No, you can't.

c37e5a  No.12073101


>Black and white fallacy.

Fake reddit fallacy

>Truth has nuances and is not clear cut.


c37e5a  No.12073103


>no surveys are not "useless"

And this is also false. Surveys are useless and bad methodology.

6fe3bd  No.12073105


I am pro white. I don't worship Hitler.

4bad0c  No.12073264

File: 2f3d430c6f24257⋯.jpg (108.72 KB, 887x499, 887:499, Conquer Or Die.jpg)


>Is this a Jew's idea of anti-nationalist propaganda?

To the Jew, gentile nationalism is so viscerally horrifying that it doesn't occur to them to make an argument against it. Many believe they can just show it to you, and you'll feel as disturbed as they do.

Of course the smart ones count on your educational conditioning to trigger you too. Literally trigger you. All the holocaust and anti-white propaganda in school is traumatic. They expect your response to be emotionally explosive, like anyone else with PTSD.

949d06  No.12073266

I get it. White nationalism goes beyond the catch all term of white. It is to give Germans, Britons, Celts, Slavs, Italians etc. their own nation and prosperity. We can all be united as brothers and work together for the betterment of our people, our clan, our volk but not have to mix together. Our small differences make us unique from each other and special.

c37e5a  No.12073279


>I am pro white.


bb9509  No.12073327


Conservative non-whites voting Dem cuts against his argument not for it. It basically proves political views and party ID are independent of each other.

Also he's fucking pulling a bait and switch. Can't believe I haven't seen anyone point out who exactly all of the people whose ancestors immigrated from eastern Europe actually are in the US. Yeah, no shit they are pushing for open borders. Not exactly a topic that has gone by without comment.


Bingo, my dude. These fucking GOP loyalists would literally see every white person on the planet dead if it meant Republicans winning elections.

9bf4bb  No.12073378

Why do you husks expect everyone with merit to do what you want for you and dehumanize them if they don't?

bb9509  No.12073424


Open Borders is traditionally a pillar of the GOP. Bernie Sanders didn't support it until a few years ago correctly pegging it as a policy of the Chamber of Commerce.

Anyone voting GOP from 1974 to 2016 was voting for explicity anti-white politicians because being anything else had been fully disprivileged by the media after 1964. You can go watch the GOP Primaries between Reagan and Bush and how they are arguing over who will open the border harder.

I personally know plenty of racist old white men who don't want open borders who voted Democrat for basically their entire lives. The Dems have a solid political game. You can look at WV which goes blue locally and red nationally. Local Dems and the national party are entirely different things. All branches of the GOP are the rawest open borders faggotry basically everywhere outside of the deep south.

Party ID is just the most absolutely worthless proxy for anything in this country with >300,000,000 people and only 2 political parties. Just stop embarrassing yourself by loving the GOP. She's never going to fuck you. She's only into Mexicans.

6fe3bd  No.12073447


Stfu retard.

f3ff04  No.12073463


I have literally never heard of this person or group, so that's probably why you didn't see it. People actually worth a fuck include Bob Whitaker (who died last year), the late Dr. Pierce (excellent redpills), Der Fuehrer (of course), and living people who everyone should listen to include Horus the Avenger (acolyte of old Bob who will redpill you on psychological warfare) and Seana Fenner, who will redpill you on religion.

Other than that, everyone else pretty much has their little cliques or groups that they autistically think are infallible and the greatest thing ever, and most general redpills are distributed strictly ANON. Everyone around here has been banned more times than we can count for telling the truth everywhere. Some faggot–any one faggot–who is OFF message is totally irrelevant in a sea of retards.

No one can own the Truth–that is what our enemy is mistaken about when they shill losers like Peterstein and Jonestein. Truth can't be copyrighted nor monetized. It can't be owned by some kike or kike wannabe.

And whatever you do, don't listen to TRS, shillnaid, ANY civnat cucks or (((centrists))), and don't waste your time with CI batshittery. Get your head away from all kike bullshit and think for yourself. Rigorously subject all knowledge to every test you can. Think for yourself.

bb9509  No.12073491


You are just making a semantic argument. There is no "category error" unless you demand hyper-specific denotations which must be valid for all of history even after the language your semantics are based on ceases to exist and prior to its' existence.

White Nationalism is about forming a White Nation. There was no Italian or German Nation prior to the late 19th century. "White Nationalism" in the vaguest possible sense of the term existed as a set of ideas before Germany and Italy existed as Nation-States, and even today you have plenty of German-speaking Germanic peoples who are not citizens or residents of the nation-state called "Germany".

5169dc  No.12073535



I expect them to do whatever their Jew masters tell them to do.


What are you on about? This politics.



1ac857  No.12073743


My brother married a German girl (both her parents were aborigines from Australia iirc), and she told us something similar. She went further to say that all of Europe is a White Nation and we need to strive for that ideal. She is pregnant with her second child, and even though she's dark, her baby came out pretty white.

You're not her are you? Kinda weird because you were the one that got me into white nationalism.

1ac857  No.12073758


>Who would want this?

Many white nationalists I've met are into this. For example back when I making trips to Asia, I've met white nationalists. Back in those days I wasn't too much into the whole idea, but now their words make sense to me. Race makes trivial things like the shape of your eyes or skin color irrelevant. I'm still trying to make sense of their version of white nationalism.

7d0d44  No.12073880


>The part where he talks about the impossibility of a pan-European ethnostate ends at about 24 minutes then goes onto a (well justified) rant about how much Dicky fucked over the Alt Right movement. It's a long video but it's very informative.

Wow. Just watched this bit. Everyone on /pol/ should watch this video, and that timestamp is the best place to start

I wish I'd been listening to this guy a year and a half ago.

2290b2  No.12073944

He's lisping like an utter faggot on ralphs stream and deferring to his boyfriend for all the questions he gets.

a6f7aa  No.12074377


I'm aware meta-analysis are more preferable and accurate, I just don't think it's wise to completely blow off the aggregate results of 42 years of surveying. I think there is some information that can be useful from that.


>Fake reddit fallacy

Literally not an argument.


Nope. If the truth was apparent humanity wouldn't have spent thousands of years honing our scientific and philosophical knowledge.

Truth sometimes has nuances and unfortunately you will actually have to USE your brain to find it rather than expecting it to be in front of your face. Get over it.


>if a statistical method does not meet my autistic criteria of being 100000000% accurate then it is useless

BTW, surveys are a FORM of methodology. The only "bad methodology" that could occur is from improperly designing and administering it. With that said EVERY form of methodology is flawed. There is no catch-all.

5e307f  No.12074458


He's correct about everything, as usual.

That video is nonstop truth bombs

5e307f  No.12074470


Whites, the group that created the individualist state, created it because they are genetically predisposed to individualism.

Identity politics doesn't fly with people of european origin. That's why white nationalism is a nonstarter for most people, and why the movement gets tarred and feathered when idiots like Richard Spencer start painting bullseyes on our backs.

Western society is dead because we allowed groupthink to penetrate our once individualistic state. Once its in there is no getting it out.

b634c2  No.12074479

File: 0141869ecc53591⋯.png (16.29 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1485246584640.png)

I'll be glad when all the LARPing pan-europeanists do the same. We don't need an empire, we need nations.

The U.S. is an empire right now. They hold a conquered nation known as the Confederate States of America. There has been a clear line of division amongst us since the war was over, and it wasn't about slaves, it was about the right to govern ourselves independently and not be unfairly taxed/tariffed by a central state that doesn't have our interests in mind.

Pan-europeanist LARPers want to destroy national cultures that already exist because they know they are newblood immigrant trash, and would be gassed when a new nation formed.

All pan-europeanists in America are newblood mutt trash and have no connection to the founding stock of the American nations: English colonists.

8f342b  No.12074506

File: b16dd50dc2a1abd⋯.jpg (47.4 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1532288966322.jpg)


People need to start thinking of America in terms of it being effectively an ethnogenesis of a new white ethnicity, as in "white american". So there is some truth to America being a melting pot in that whites in America are pretty much just pan-European mutts.

Now the disparagement comes when they try to associate that with being literal mulattos or greyskin halfbreeds which is something entirely different (le 56% face, etc).

b634c2  No.12074523

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A useful video on the topic.

a40060  No.12074530


>you know what we need? more division

kys you dumb motherfucker.

>links to a (((vox))) fucking (((day))) video

kys and then kill yourself in ghost form.

a40060  No.12074536


"white nationalism" isn't really meant for Europe. If you want to keep treating each other like shit over ethnicity, go ahead. It is an American idea for Americans.

b634c2  No.12074547


Watch the video or stay an insignificant LARPer. You're not going to override my culture. You're the same as a Marxist if you think so. Not Right-wing.


It won't work for America either. Scandicucks that are importing Somali niggers in the Midwest are different from Yankees, are different from Southerners. There will be many nations.

cdb3f5  No.12074568


How many statues of your heroes have already fallen in your territory southcuck? From the videos it doesn't appear to be angry chimps doing it either, looks to be young white men and women that are native to the region aka your brethren/sisters. What does that mean southcuck? You honestly think you can salvage the confederate identity when the majority of the descendants of those confederates are openly defacing and destroying their ancestors' heroes? Good fucking luck. The mythology of the confederacy is fucking dead. Just like the anglo republicanism of America. You're in the same boat as any other faction looking for territory during the balkanization of America. Good luck to you pal but I know for certain you ain't going anywhere with your failed ideology.

a40060  No.12074585


And you manage to be just as bad as that guy from the other side of the field.

Stop with this crap if you're not both shills.

>balkanization now reeeee

b634c2  No.12074588


Those are your WHITE RACE ALLIES pulling down those statues. Carpetbaggers. If the Fedgov wasn't protecting them, you can be sure those people would be slaughtered. More evidence of the empire at large.

We are not one white race and never will be. You just proved your own argument to be full of shit.

1f255b  No.12075446

AltHype seems to have drank the same retard juice as VoxDay and RamZPaul. "Muh White Nationalists dun get that Europeans hate each other derp". Yeah, no shit.

Ryan has changed his whole worldview because not every person of European heritage is ethnocentric and because some European ethnicities don't support the free market and some based Asians do. This is nothing but another run-of-the-mill micro-ideology that Americans have been cooking up post-C'ville. It is just cope and signals a deracinated soul.

Some reality:

1. Only the most ethnocentric whites will want to join an ethno state. 90% or more will not. The descendants of the former will continue being white. The descendants of the latter will be subsumed in a sea of brown. That's just something that has to be accepted. There is no reason to save bad eggs/genes from themselves. This has happened countless times through history. Peoples pivot away from each other.

2. 'White Nationalism' does not mean creating a pan-European super state. It is short hand for regular ethno nationalism in 'new world' countries like the USA and Australia. It implies nothing more than something like the White Australia Policy. Call it something else is the etymology has been polluted. Who cares?

3. Concerning yourself with what 'white' means in the context of the USA, Canada, Australia or NZ is a waste of time. Look at groups like Identity Evropa, They are 90%+ Anglo/Germanic/Nord/Celtic; very closely related settler ethnic groups. Not immigrant groups. That is 'White American' and 'White Australian'. People self-select. Most meds and slavs in the new world wouldn't be interested anyway. Outliers should be welcomed but the vast majority have no affinity for settler identity in English speaking nations. This is a non-issue.

4.There are fledgling ethno states already being populated right now in the new world. And it is way too soon and they are way too small to be broadcast. Many will fail along the way.

5. People like AltHype and all of the other post-C'ville blackpillers who felt the need to air their dirty laundry in public deserve nothing but supreme indifference moving forward. To be so easily persuaded against one's own ethnic genetic interests at a time when we are being so rapidly replaced…makes one extremely deserving of replacement. They are only marginally better than the retard WN 1/0 types like Piccolini or 'ironybros' who turncoat after a year of spergery. They were in it for the wrong reasons, be it 'stats', some black guy taking their lunch money or being a contrarian. These people have never felt righteous ethnocentrism and love for a people.

Please, Americans, stop publicly sperging out and being such deracinated ideology-hoppers. Even if your country is destined to become IndiaBrazil, you are making it hard for everyone else with this embarrassing cowardice. Are there ANY normal nationalists there who will not backflip and gossip every other month?

780ce1  No.12075527


Jane Elliot and her descendants should get necklaced

34086c  No.12075605


And that's why i dont trust white nationalist. Now this is not a problem where I live since im not a burger.

935450  No.12075638

File: 96cc3d575d1cd7a⋯.png (130.26 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>being so undisciplined that a clothed woman triggers you

I'm at almost a whole year of nofap. Get on my level, faggot.


No clue who it is but it doesn't look like her. Pettibone lacks godly tits.

a34f5d  No.12075717


It does though.

Arabs fight each other all the time.

So do Asians. You must also have been living under a rock not to see what niggers have to deal with because of retarded colonial borders.

f53822  No.12077297



White nationalism makes sense in the USA because the white gentiles here basically are a nation. No one here self-segregates based on British, German, Italian, etc, but on white, black, asian, mexican.

In Europe there are much finer distinctions based on far older differences, so erasing that for a giant EU superstate is retarded. They won't get along, they'll have different goals, and will end up at each other's throats. It'll be Austria-Hungary all over again. Europe simply needs to revert to the nation-state model.

f53e98  No.12077630

f3c438  No.12077769

I find it strange that AltHype considers ideological partition more believable than racial one. I don't think that any kind of separation is likely, but I don't know of any example of country splitting along ideological lines where one side didn't conquer the other (closest is Germany/Korea, but they were split from the outside by unlikely alliance).

I also don't think there is a chance of such a polity surviving if it is hated by everybody around. I think the final result might be more "all or nothing" than many expect.

66c8aa  No.12077902


OK but what do you propose to do with all the Italians, Portuguese, Polish, Spaniards, Greeks, Slavs, and the various mixes? That's not something you can handwave away.

66c8aa  No.12077975


It depends on where you are. In much of the USA a core American is Scotts-Irish, Anglo, Germanic. Then in other parts especially coastal such as the northeast you have a more recent immigration Italians, Portuguese, Slavs, later wave Irish, Greek, etc. The extent that these two groups are compatible or that it's desirable that we mix is debatable. Whatever the tactic, it definitely needs to be a path to victory against the kikes and the non-European hordes at a bare minimum.

66c8aa  No.12077982


What's with the demoralization tone against Southerners? What's the chip on your shoulder from? Almost sounds like you want them to fail and would maybe enjoy any setbacks they have.

e27d40  No.12078004


>once let groupthink in

Nooooooo, we let in groups which SPECIALIZE in groupthink, are better and more instinctual then us at it. White identity is merely a response to the identity programmed into non-whites.

1c1395  No.12078706


>German girl

>both her parents were aborigines

>baby came out pretty white

You want to know how I know you are American?

f53e98  No.12078754


fucking hell. capped

5c351c  No.12079274

File: 0903522251f1c7e⋯.jpg (50.54 KB, 600x598, 300:299, 1492026030062.jpg)



>Also bashes the fuck out of Richard Spencer

Oh so now you Kripplekikechan faggots love Spencer now? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SAD!

6beeeb  No.12079285

You know everyday I want to say why Trump dragged me into this honeypot and decided to keep me relatively safe. I know I can’t because of that oath.

Nothing more frustrating than not being able to do what you’re asked to do.

6beeeb  No.12079295


There’s several branches off that family anon.

1eadee  No.12079297

File: bb117806b595bd6⋯.jpg (36.33 KB, 416x224, 13:7, white countries found.jpg)


>find me the nation of white on google maps.

Every country encircled in red is a white country, japan is an honorary aryan nation, argentina and chile, may be white but Im not sold on the idea.

1c1395  No.12079387


All I've heard about this video, is how he claims Richard Spencer has "blood on his hands", which goes beyond attacking an individual and instead strays into the territory of siding with Antifa and the media.

I'm starting to notice a trend of every eceleb faggot attacking dicky, really makes you think. Spencer has become the voodoo doll of the YouTube "intellectual vanguard", kind of pathetic.

Then again, I just don't like gays and whiners. I'm funny like that.

Fags fuck up every movement they are a part of.

1c1395  No.12079395

Up there with weebs.

5c351c  No.12079425

File: 94cafb955432c70⋯.jpg (147.59 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1515181758147.jpg)


AltHype wasn't referring to Heather Hippo when he said that Dickless Dicky had blood on his hands, but rather to the guys whose lives he ruined with his poorly organized LARPfests. I still find hilarious how 8kike is defending Spencer now after YEARS of shitting on him and rightfully so.

1c1395  No.12079431



>one person

What a fag drama queen.

2e3f5e  No.12079450


>is how he claims Richard Spencer has "blood on his hands",

The lack of self-awareness from some of these people is frightening. On one hand, we're in the midst of a genocidal battle where thousands of our women are being raped daily, our men are being demoralised and our nations being wiped out… but oh no, someone lost their job because they attended a rally. Shit let's call the whole thing off and claim dickie is the real bad guy.

13ba39  No.12079776

I don't understand how he can claim there isn't some sense of pen-european culture since European nations arent made out of a single ethnicity, they're made out of several tribes and ethnic groups that have a lot of genetics in common. But they went through centuries of aggressive nation-building to unite them into a single identity.

As for immigrants voting democrat, maybe they left their more conservative homes because they were too conservative for their tastes? Just because the majority of Poland is conservative doesn't mean ALL of them are, and it makes sense that the nationalist Poles would want to stay in their country.

He's also the one talking about the heritability of political views and in-group preference, with as obvious as a physical identifier as race what makes him think any nation with different races wouldn't end up drawing political lines along ethnic lines? That shit happens basically everywhere where the physical appearance is great enough to be an immediate identifier.

7ea96f  No.12079861


Nigger, our tribalism was a defense mechanism that made a more individualistic culture possible. It's literally impossible to have a stable and free multicultural/racial democracy.

13ba39  No.12079946


If thats the case why do all white identity groups use the same or similar symbols?

8005f9  No.12080101


I am from Germany, so I went through the here-established education system.

I am actually anti-Hitler, but it does seem like you people have some arguemnts, and I could not base my decisions about an era so important on false facts.

I am considering reading the /zundel/ mega archives.

How long does it take to get through the most important stuff on average?

8005f9  No.12080102


I forgot checking.


8e7627  No.12080113

File: 28cd9031ced5945⋯.jpg (264.44 KB, 900x880, 45:44, moot-cuckd.jpg)


>Im an anti-white troll who has never seen any /pol/ content, ever

47aafe  No.12080119


Looking after your own family is no different from looking after every white person alive. Ours is a family based network.

Simply continue doing what you're doing, no need to change, or help random white guys on the street.

1b6808  No.12080303


>I still find hilarious how 8kike is defending Spencer now after YEARS of shitting on him and rightfully so.

Ryan and Dicky belong in the same bog, and Sean Last in an oven with those kike she loves so much.

2c91ca  No.12080430


t. cucked nigger lover

8aaa03  No.12080937


I agree with you that British ethnicities and Germanic are the most common American ethnicities, but there are many localized immigration movements as well, such as Cajun French and the Nordic people who settled the upper Midwest. It's a totally mixed bag, which resulted in the "White" (which really just means "American") identity forming here.

6e0267  No.12081058


yep and their culture is non-existent by this point

>but muh high iq

6e0267  No.12081119


>People who start out as libertarians are more woke than 99% of this board.

so much woke that now they are backpedaling their racial views like ryan and sean last,

really makes you think huh?.

5ba33b  No.12081743

If you want to talk to the faggot here is his email and faceberg profile.



d530eb  No.12081757


Because he's not that masculine. He's gay and an autist, remember? Faggot + nerd = whiny underaged low T sounding voice.

f53822  No.12082761



Take your ASMR D&C bullshit outta here. The white south is made up of English, Scotch, Irish, Germans, and French, and all of that predates the Civil War. If you went by your own standards, each of them would have to fight for their own chunk of territory where they can be pure Anglo, Scotch, etc. It's fucking stupid, and you're taking advice from someone who doesn't even take his own advice, since he ran away to Italy rather than fight for America. His very existence relies on the Italians not gassing him when their ethnostate reforms.

745140  No.12082858


>Arabs fight each other all the time

That's because of religion retard and Arab isn't even a race it a ethnicity

d846ae  No.12082886


Yes, and ethnic Arabs fight each other all the time and religion is informed by race and ethnicity. Where are you people coming from?

f53822  No.12082909


I'm not sure what's in the Zundel archives, but searching around may take more time than you want. The Greatest Story Never Told, Europa: The Last Battle, or Hellstorm are probably the 3 best documentary series, and they go on for many hours, but the episodes detailing the Holohoax take less than 1 hour. Videos are better than text, because to understand how truly insane the holocaust story is, you have to see images of the crematoria up against modern crematoria, the "gas chamber" door up against a real gas chamber, the prussian blue stains of delousing chambers vs the blank walls of the supposed chambers. This will save you from weeks worth of reading. Once you understand that the Holocaust was merely projection, the rest starts to make sense.

If you want to read to be totally factually correct, I'd suggest David Irving's books Hitler's War and Churchill's War, and maybe toss in Mein Kampf / Hitler's Second Book. The first 2 will give you a full rundown of everything that happened in the war, an accurate timeline of it, and all sourced from primary documents. The latter 2 will give you an insight into the mentality of Hitler, which gives useful context about the why rather than the what. You can't get much more accurate than that. They can be found online for free, which is good when you live in a country where ordering it through the mail can get you arrested. As always, if you find their work useful, please donate anonymously, most people working in this field have sacrificed tremendously for the truth.

b25bb8  No.12083133


>It all comes across like the bitch fit Metokur threw over getting called 56%

sauce me plz

10751a  No.12083456


> founding stock of the American nations: English colonists.

I'd like to dispute that, my family from, what is now, northern germany seven decades before the revolution, fought and in one case died in said revolution.

Yes we are an English-speaking nation, but we are not and English nation. Look to the north if you want an English nation.

10751a  No.12083464


>my family came* form,

Apologizes for my incorrect grammar, it just nmakes my blood boil when people forget that the largest group of people within the 13 colonies was of Germanic descent Though not by a large margin.

bb9509  No.12083480


The South and Utah are the largest bloc of British descended Americans. New England ironically isn't very English because of the low populations of the whitest states there. Including the rest of the northeast makes it even more lopsided.

Regardless seven decades before the War for Independence was almost 100 years after Plymouth Rock. I'd have to see a source which says Germans were the largest group in the 13 colonies. Anglo-Saxons are "Germanics." Germans are only the largest white ethnic group in America today because the vast majority of Anglo-Saxons don't identify as anything but American.

955b35  No.12109890


There are perhaps 3 billion caucasians on this planet. The vast majority are not white. The caucasus mountains are not inhabited by white people but by various caucasian central asians. You americans have no clue whatsoever about the world outside of your own state. I find it odd considering how many wars you prosecute and how many military bases you have scattered like fecal droppings all across the world. No white european calls himself caucasian but you do. Why?

955b35  No.12112111


>, or make raping and killing her legal.

You want to rape other mens sisters? Get rekt.

678939  No.12112135

This nigger was on Ralph's stream. He's very obviously autistic and was trying to shill his idea of a "conservative ethnicity" that both is rooted in but supercedes parts of white identity. Even the hosts, who aren't WNs by any means, called him out on trying to avoid being deplatformed and pulling a Jordan Peterson by trying to guide right-wingers to centrism. Like the sperg he is, he predictably had no answer.

Richard Spencer is still a faggot, though

114b53  No.12112227


It's true. As a white Frenchman, I don't feel close to say white Germans because they're not only a different race than me, but also culturally different and we have little in common. The same way I don't feel close to semites, niggers and gooks. I don't have hostility towards west european whites, to the contrary. But it makes no sense to classify us as the same.

6e0267  No.12134955


>t. amerimutt with no culture whatsoever.

67eed1  No.12143768


>it was about the right to govern ourselves independently and not be unfairly taxed/tariffed by a central state

<caring this much about being a lolberg

Holy shit lol

3cdf77  No.12143774


>implying that first pic is actually metokur

How fucking new are you exactly?

5c1590  No.12162024


>posting a picture of Habermann thinking that it's Jim.


266cd5  No.12185591



<obvious shill post, will reply anyway without a direct linking so no shekels4u

>8chan defending Dicky Spencer

We have literally never done this. I and many others here have considered him a detriment and most likely a plant considering the connections he has.

acef9d  No.12186202


>Please discuss. Is there any hope for white nationalist movement or is it DOA?

controlled opposition will be built up and broken down regularly

to give you the delusion that no such movement can succeed

000000  No.12186260

>pan-european ethnostate

>implying I (or anyone) should see that as an immediate goal atm

>implying the focus shouldn't, due to race realism, just be the removal of the sub-humans from the land

Since we're talking the U.S., I could fucking care less if we fragment into a nation of English descent and Germanic descent (I'd be stupid from a global political pov since it'd weaken us, but whatever) or if we stay as one "pan-European country" as long as we remove the people who are destroying the west (africans, blacks, some groups of asian–although all asians must go due to their in-group nature–arabs/jews, etc.)

This is the common point that should be focused in on. Regardless of what these fags believe, if they swallow the race realism pill, they should know removal of the parasites is most important.

8ab7a5  No.12186305






980117  No.12186641


>White democrats are easier to convert to national socialism


npr unironically plays classical music from mozart, wagner, etc

just saying

c3738d  No.12186648


No such thing. If a topic is interesting or otherwise worthy, people will see it on the catalog and post in it. The age of the thread doesn't matter. This is not /news/.

Fuck your gatekeeping.

91c7a2  No.12189316


Great post and also Robert Faurrison does this in an hour and a bit, proven and won against 'experts' in Canadian court with this evidence.

000000  No.12190865





Didn't you notice that I fucking saged? tl;dr I didn't bump, fag.

000000  No.12215992


Sad but true.

Amerimutts have no culture.

I'm just going to destroy everything and start out with a clean map devoid of any features with just two regions. God dammit I'm so tired of this bullshit.

All I wanted was to enlarge the world but everything is broken.

97683d  No.12216356

Why the fuck should I care what some random person thinks? This person does not matter, nor does this so-called "movement." I've never listened to him speak once. I've never listened to anyone in this "movement" speak about anything. They have no real world influence. Who the fuck cares? Their influence comes from you spreading their word. How about you spread our word instead?

a49be7  No.12220227


Not to mention that many prominent libertarians are (((AMERICAS GREETEST ALLIES))).

a2495b  No.12258834

File: 9a144b804ddd617⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 510x336, 85:56, IMG_20180809_235702.jpg)


Majority of Poles who left for burgerlands did so either when in exile after Poland was erased from the maps (sometimes dissidents, often those who would be killed or imprisoned for taking part in uprisings but usually uneducated opportunists) or those fleeing commie Poland (the same types of people, really). I don't think it's wise to lump an entire nation (if you can even consider n-th generation whose distant descendants left the home country as part of a nation - personally i have severe doubts) as having more or less uniform worldview. Especially if their ancestors cut their ties with the homeland hundreds of years ago and were not part of national struggles happening after that point.

fe4bc9  No.12279776

>working class whites vote for the working class party holy shit!

But really, Its retarded to leave out the fact that when America was whiter, politics was more class based. As we become more multiracial, politics will in affect become race based and not class based (as much).

44974f  No.12281115

If white nationalism is supposed to mean any white person can gain admittance to a "white nation", ie. gangs of Eastern Euro criminals sweeping western Europe for plunder, then you Americans need a trip across the atlantic to teach you why that would never work. Nationalism is what we need, not this silly "white nationalism".

18daab  No.12281147


>The most damning is that Americans descended from "redpilled" countries like Poland

Really nigger? How about no. Poland == Pale of Settlement. It's the place Catherine the Great dumped all the kikes she exiled out of Russia.


b520b8  No.12281176


honhonhon l'ile de montreal

b520b8  No.12281189


The CSA are faggots for wanting to import blacks into the USA

536a7a  No.12281223


Out of curiosity, what have you learned?

a6633a  No.12281226


Sieg heil.

e755cf  No.12281470


This is my feeling forever and ever. If you in any way denigrate hitler, you are suspect as fuck. Don't care who you are or your reasons. Show respect to this man or your soul is damned imo.

64edec  No.12281632

File: baa48cdfd5ed3d9⋯.jpg (60.43 KB, 800x571, 800:571, wh9383_82711.jpg)

Sean Last

Carlos Danger

Sumner Redstone


536a7a  No.12284600


You don't care what are the reasons? So Hitler is a God for you, not a politician/ruler?

09d499  No.12284627


>Please discuss.

Yeah maybe you should not accept immigrants based on their race. Isn't that logical?

431701  No.12284690


Spencer is a subversive faggot, Last is a subversive faggot, all of these (((alt-righters))) are subversive faggots.

European ethnicities need to eventually come together under the banner of the European race to form either a Social Nationalist Imperium or a Social Nationalist Republic that is made up of numerous European cultures.

266cd5  No.12300194


Retarded for two reasons:

1) White Afrikaners have been on that land even before most black bantu were.

2) To encourage them to leave would embolden leftists for open borders bullshit and their claim that whites have no claim to land in NA, SA, Africa, the Australs etc. thus continuing the culture war between nationalism and jewish-puppeteered cultural marxism. I'm pretty sure I speak for EVERYONE on this board when I say that I want this parasitic ideology stamped out once and for all instead of prolonging a conflict; later, the books, articles et al. can be penned so as to alert everyone of the plight of cultural marxism.

Stand your ground and fight.


This whole militia thing will not work. The Feds are too ingrained in both local and police networks and cops are indoctrinated to listen for anything that cold be regarded as hatespeek. Guess what rhetoric they listen for? It's not black/brown/asian nationalism and pride, it's white pride. The AntiDefecationLeague of GaySnips purposefully trains peace officers for this purpose. Ever wonder why that orthodox heeb dodged a hate crime charge for beating that black gay man?


Working class Normies are what got Trump elected.


Given what we know about ol' Dicky Spencer, it's best to just assume he's controlled-opposition, not to mention his appearance is ridiculous.


>based asians (lmao)

>free market tied-in

You honestly believe that asians use the term free-market like whites do. To them, it's slave labor with a hierarchy. But enough about that, you raise a good point with

>White first priority in Australia

I would add Separate Development in South Africa as well, and further state that such a policy was even more merciful, as it was interested in helping the blacks develop their own nations so as to become independent; even though, I think they went about it idiotically.


If Amy Biehl was stoned to death by the kaffirs, the best troll operation we can probably come up with would be to petition Jane Elliot to go to South Africa and cause trouble there. Once there, we should rile up the niggers about her white privilege and incite them to attack her. If she refuses to go to (R)SA, we'll label her as a white opportunist who, doesn't care about the lives and matters of black people or some other bullshit.

ccde85  No.12305906

I had no idea Confederal Socialist was making videos again under a new name. I wish I had his series on Somalia. It was probably the most in depth analysis of the situation there on Youtube at the time and sparked my interest in both that country's history and how it was, for a while, a laboratory for anarchism. Sometimes it actually worked but mostly in the north.

8902e7  No.12306967

File: ffb6541c198e356⋯.jpg (30.46 KB, 720x411, 240:137, 35633988_1861973190528890_….jpg)


your answer is: >>12064139 (I second this, anyone who goes to Fascism from Ancap/Libertarian views is a faggot unless he truly did understand that Capitalism is Jewry as Communism, only those who always have been Fascist/Fascist from start are really trustable)

8902e7  No.12306983

File: 381b07f3e2f8fac⋯.png (61.83 KB, 1412x687, 1412:687, Sprachenkarte_Mitteleuropa….png)


You mean he respected the not totally mischling races right? Because there are subgroups within a race like the Germans. This map here represents which parts are German or have a German minority (which should move to Germany).

8902e7  No.12306995

File: 43acb3e86f98006⋯.jpg (27.02 KB, 349x283, 349:283, strawman.jpg)



8902e7  No.12307008


You can't kill Anon/Yahweh for He doesn't live, He isn't immortal as well, He is ETERNAL, which is a different concept of what you were taught. Please do that, even though Jerusalem was already destroyed once I believe that what is written in the Bible is what either you or your king will do. Just do not do that under the reign of the False Prophet or either repent so you don't go to hell with the false jews, the sons of the devil, the demons of the Synagogue.

8902e7  No.12307020

File: 862ebacac2690e7⋯.jpg (63.74 KB, 738x741, 246:247, 35807912_2101736586777521_….jpg)


I doubt a Jew would help someone who is against him, that seems rather a stupid move. Are you saying Jews help us destroy them with this intent? Are you yourself jewish who's trying to project this into anon? If not, why the fuck are you angry at a brother/comrade that is trying to teach you something?

8902e7  No.12307025


Why are you strawmanning his post so much? Aren't those who skip a logical process then proceed to distort the argument shills?

8902e7  No.12307036


All European races belong to the major cluster race denominated Aryan, did you read Ahnenpass? I understand your point but you forgot that differences within the same group are smaller than with outsiders, it's like saying that if a man fucks a woman he's racemixing and instead should fuck the most approximate/genetic gemny of one's own sex to fuck. (What I said may look like a strawman but it's based on the fact that this is the smallest difference that defines human existial differences, that of males being XY and females being XX).

8902e7  No.12307040



ada2cf  No.12336191


well, he lost

b2b6fc  No.12337796



>white nationalism is pretty much a non-starter

There is no monolithic White Nation. There will be no monolithic 'White Nation' that isn't the result of deracinating its constituents, or advances the creation of a world-goyim, regionally. There are White Nations – be specific: race is a clinical and metaphysical category, ethnos/Volk/Nation are specific, local instantiations, the vehicles of Race. Self-determination and race consciousness is provincial, or else a miasmic attack vector inviting confusion and trickery. For the not-quite Anglo, Scots-Irish, German, Scandinavian American Caucasoid, – you are the progeny referred to in the founding documents; progeny = the nation – You are not abstraction(white)-nationalists, you are the American Nation as such. As in-group signifier huwhite-nationalist especially internationally, that's probably fine; in common discourse, you have to be paragons of your Nation's claim to its own institutions. CivNat ethno-linguistic LARPers may just be assimilated residents in absolute terms, but they are allies and weapons to leverage against the adversary – especially when non-WASPs and Mediterranean Papists' progeny have such difficulty themselves in voting by colour interests–

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