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File: 68d36efe5aacdc4⋯.png (516.92 KB, 840x398, 420:199, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 68d36efe5aacdc4⋯.png (516.92 KB, 840x398, 420:199, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8876f4161bb89d5⋯.png (401.01 KB, 634x546, 317:273, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d65038a295fa82b⋯.png (509.93 KB, 960x814, 480:407, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 51eb4c20a335734⋯.png (230.78 KB, 822x617, 822:617, ClipboardImage.png)

913a3c  No.12065889

Shitskins and Pollution, Waste, Deforestation etc


Shitskins are destroying the planet. All global pollution and waste disposed of carelessly into the environment originate in shitskin countries.

These barely evolved sub-humans are praised as environmentally friendly "noble savages" by the globalists the modern right wing is as bad as the left, at this point no distinction is necessary, yet after decades of modern technology they've done nothing but transform their own countries into waste-ridden hellscapes, and are now actively working on using their filth emittance to destroy the rest of the planet too.

What pathway can Whites take to defend our mortal realm from these vile, Midgard-destroying creatures?

The implementation of ecologically friendly energy sources and production processes in our own lands is completely pointless; these sub-humans would continue to rapidly destroy the planet. While they possess modern technology, White imperialism is the only option to curtail their filth production, but do we really want to spend any of our resources on babysitting total retards who shit on their own streets?

No, the developing world has to be prevented from becoming developed at all costs. We all know that these people are racially incapable of empathy and too unintelligent not to destroy their own homes with filth. A "developed" third world is an industrialized third world, not an ecologically caring third world.

When the third world enters full industrialization, our planet and the vast majority of life on it will be doomed.

The third world has to be completely deprived of all resources – all medical aid ceased, all food aid ceased, all trade ceased, all commerce ceased. We sanction the entire developing planet and then enforce environmental policy, or de-industrialization via threat of absolute total war.

913a3c  No.12065909

File: 2d9ea1ff28e2c8f⋯.png (339.47 KB, 825x396, 25:12, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 51eb4c20a335734⋯.png (230.78 KB, 822x617, 822:617, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 68cb15d54208149⋯.png (272.93 KB, 645x289, 645:289, ClipboardImage.png)

Shiiieeeet fucked up the images.

6d5b82  No.12065961

File: 6d79939646bc965⋯.jpg (103.56 KB, 736x924, 184:231, 5d4f6ed1c11fecf2bcfd88132a….jpg)

File: 75910b388bda7da⋯.jpg (226.67 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 75910b388bda7dae38ac150757….jpg)

File: 45906a734ba12d1⋯.jpg (198.14 KB, 960x748, 240:187, kZF04a3q3KqGterMsSn3SHR5Rh….jpg)

File: cb34515dbbcab40⋯.jpg (175.58 KB, 640x886, 320:443, tyb2YWCukViTJ_IY98NEmeM9YL….jpg)

This is an important point that isn't touched on enough in our movement. Not only is the future of our race at risk, but the future of all of the Earths beauty, All of its plants, animals, and environments will be destroyed by kikes and shitskins if we don't prevail.

5b9a2d  No.12066075

File: cdfee5faaffc9c2⋯.png (139.34 KB, 1208x620, 302:155, feces map global concentra….png)

File: e254644e1920dff⋯.jpg (70.9 KB, 500x310, 50:31, state of peace global map ….jpg)

File: a00574886c72f99⋯.png (143.47 KB, 1280x565, 256:113, STDs_excluding_HIV_world_m….png)

File: 9b137d97ac177b3⋯.jpg (169.04 KB, 1025x520, 205:104, map chart sexually transmi….jpg)

File: cf0eefbc6a9f068⋯.jpg (56.73 KB, 1484x733, 1484:733, world map slave population….jpg)

More things the disgusting shitskin, chinky bug and nigger portions of the earth have to offer Europeans. God we just can't get enough of the human trash from everywhere on the planet imported into our nations. Especially the jew sponsored raping ones…those are the best of all possible rapefugees.

5b9a2d  No.12066086

File: e6010f17fb484ec⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 467x315, 467:315, slum-mumbia-2 ghetto.jpg)

File: fc87bbd2606649d⋯.jpg (146.37 KB, 550x413, 550:413, brazilian half caste ghett….jpg)

File: e2671d7280da12f⋯.jpg (145.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ghetto-kids.jpg)

File: 28ee84cfaaf5cd0⋯.jpg (141.3 KB, 640x445, 128:89, dead-wildebeest-lying-stre….jpg)

File: 47ad84a749c2e90⋯.jpg (58.6 KB, 620x264, 155:66, Street-kids-murdered-to-cl….jpg)

Ghetto creatures who will exterminate all Life (all creatures, plants, themselves) on the planet if left to jew guidance and their agenda to niggerfy the entire planet.

cc288a  No.12066127

That is what happened when we share the technology with the world.

6410c3  No.12066150


>even the deaths in india are shit related

whats up with their obsession with shit? they bathe in shit water, shit everywhere, dont like toilets, skin is shit colored, citys all smell like shit. how have indians even managed to not all die from gold rush era diseases by now?

c5ec9a  No.12066290


>whats up with their obsession with shit?

Caste system. Shit is religiously unclean (duh), so higher castes aren't ever supposed to deal with it in any way. This means the people in charge don't do a good job cleaning it up, planning for it, or building the infrastructure to deal with it. Instead, when confronted with shit, they pretend it's not there, because to acknowledge it would be shameful and low-caste.

>When Gandhi attended his first Indian National Congress he was most distressed at seeing the Hindus—not laborers but high-caste Hindus, civic leaders—defecating all over the place, as if to pay attention to where the feces fell was somehow unclean. (For, as V.S. Naipaul puts it, in a twisted Hindu way it is unclean to clean. It is unclean even to notice. “It was the business of the sweepers to remove excrement, and until the sweepers came, people were content to live in the midst of their own excrement.”)


44711b  No.12066367


What the fuck is the point of this thread?

>I want to convince /pol/ to want to implement policies that are impossible to effect without control of a government.

How about you work on seizing control of the government first and THEN you can impliment policies that require government to accomplish.

You're putting the cart before the horse mentally and spiritually.


913a3c  No.12066696

File: c0006109f7edf5e⋯.png (398.36 KB, 449x401, 449:401, ClipboardImage.png)


Imagine being this much of a brainlet. If you don't already understand the utility of this information then there's no point explaining any of this to you.

44711b  No.12066741


You have presented absolutely zero new information.

9acee9  No.12066747

Are there at least any organizations in those countries which have the main aim of being eco-friendly.

7c2538  No.12066757

I don't understand this thread; all of the waste and electronic trash are brought legally, and illegally in africa and in the pakistan/india region. Moreover, since all of the western factories have moved here, they're just rejecting everything outside without any problem (paying the local responsible, or just benefiting from army presence for the country to not do shit).

In nigeria, the young kid are literaly dying at 20 from breathing problem, because of how they're burning plastic to recycle metals.

That's literaly the west shitting on the east, to preserve themselves. So this thread trying to accuse poor peoples of destroying the world is a total none sense.

I'm not even talking about the nuclear wast. It's obviously a huge problem since these countries are considered as giant trash bin, but someday, people will discover all of the nuclear wast burried in the european soil. France just took all of the Australian wast on its territory.

The "west" have destroyed the planet, especially with the help of industrialisation, the luxury industry, fashion that boost consumption etc… Now, you can blame the jews, saying that the "white people" responsible of that are coward allied to the jews, but trying to blame the poorest people on earth of such a major problem is incredible cowardice. Hitting people who can't even properly eat is certainly a very comfy position.

9acee9  No.12066763


But in the defense of OP(even if his idea is uncomfortable), the West is at least TRYING to figure out a way to end the waste. 3rd world countries on the other hand are not. which brings to my question at >>12066747

5b9a2d  No.12066781

File: 88174196924818a⋯.jpg (17.41 KB, 650x366, 325:183, 715246-china-air-pollution.jpg)

File: 81f3a0ab3e7ce21⋯.jpg (294.23 KB, 1907x1516, 1907:1516, china air pollution map.jpg)

File: 208676a33476ed4⋯.jpg (88.64 KB, 440x432, 55:54, china chemical environment….jpg)


Not that I know of anon. They are a waste of air and a death sentence for the globe and all life on it…all they do is breed like niggers and pollute until the total collapse of the environment and MASS starvation and then they come to European lands and BREED more until total collapse of the environment. This is not a joke anon, when the kikes get done destroying the Earth it will take BILLIONS of years for it to recover and live again as an ecosystem. They and their trash subhumans are completely out of control.

9acee9  No.12066791


That is fucked up. But IF there are such organizations, WHY are they not doing it? Who knows, if all the other nations can follow simple ecology laws, there wouldn't be a problem.

2df359  No.12066804


>I don't understand this thread

your brain is too small

the solution is always the same, destroy the nonwhites, destroy the cancer destroying the world

starting with the kikes

5b9a2d  No.12066808

File: 866c634b751a807⋯.jpg (127.7 KB, 800x496, 50:31, the great communist famine.JPG)

I forgot the Great Famine. The kikes were in complete control of the 'communist government' at the time and they blame the Great Famine on Mao, but I know chinky bugs who lived through the great famine and it seems more likely to me that this was a typical kike PLANNED STARVATION for sport and pleasure but all the same, the chinky bug inability to do anything but breed like niggers makes them unworthy as caretakers and guardians of Life. The kikes have China on such a lock down that you can't even talk about the absolute massive devastation that their RETARD and genocidal policies resulted in even today. I only know about it because the chinky bugs I know told me about it.

>The Great Chinese Famine (Chinese: 三年大饑荒) was a period in the People's Republic of China between the years 1959 and 1961 characterized by widespread famine. Drought, poor weather, and the policies of ruler Mao Zedong contributed to the famine, although the relative weights of the contributions are disputed. Estimates of deaths due to starvation range in the tens of millions.


Oh anon, they are so unlike you that you can't even imagine the parasitic lives that they lead, can you?

a590ee  No.12066809

File: 8323001d5284c50⋯.png (38.89 KB, 560x612, 140:153, 8323001d5284c509e01d95d4c5….png)

cafd44  No.12066811

File: adb0e3d4e64fa6c⋯.png (3.39 MB, 828x11209, 828:11209, cc bullshit 1.png)

File: 713988169899dab⋯.png (782.83 KB, 1239x630, 59:30, cc bullshit 2.png)

File: d926bbd8529079e⋯.gif (136.02 KB, 363x607, 363:607, cc bullshit 3.gif)

File: d3fa218ceaf7258⋯.jpg (117.74 KB, 607x1316, 607:1316, big oil scam.jpg)

File: 7f75cc6f904bcda⋯.gif (250.48 KB, 500x951, 500:951, Global cooling 1974.gif)


Excellent thread OP, allow me to temporarily hijack it to post some climate change hoax infographs. If libshits actually gave a damn about pollution they would be demanding stricter water quality control, research into biodegradable plastics, and so forth. Fuck every last one of them from pulling attention away from the real issues for their doomsday cult.

44711b  No.12066812


>IF there are such organizations, WHY are they not doing it?

Because they don't care about the environment. They have the same IQ as OP does.

9acee9  No.12066825


>I only know about it because the chinky bugs I know told me about it.

How did the conversation go by? I mean you seem to hate them but have the patience to have a conversation with them.

5b9a2d  No.12066829


I don't think that we really want to process the nigger bodies after they are exterminated, anon. We already have plenty of melanin for our own bodies. But, you go ahead and play with corpses all you want, m'kay.

cafd44  No.12066835

File: 78c19c87738409d⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1891x4901, 1891:4901, climate change btfo1.png)

File: b77fcf11c70eaa9⋯.png (340.42 KB, 2758x1348, 1379:674, climate change btfo2.png)

File: 42bdf1c13d57243⋯.png (185.74 KB, 1780x864, 445:216, climate change btfo3.png)

File: 0dc3b0da6aa5ef4⋯.jpeg (224.31 KB, 1198x1600, 599:800, fuck hippies.jpeg)


Fun fact: only 18% of chink land is arable, meaning that once their economy takes a nose dive they will begin eating each other en masse.

831765  No.12066839


If the larger point is depopulation, encouraging quality over quantity, and highlighting the finite nature of a planet filled with low-IQ nihilists that have no long-term aspirations; then yeah, this is one of those threads that reminds us of just how fukked we are.

-The lions share of anons on this forum know to well the where we are (8.5 Billion useless eaters with an expected pop boom by 2030), and where we need to be (Fascism as a solution wherein Fascism is only required long enough to do Gods work and return the planet to its former glory, and will eventually be replaced with a functional system based upon meritocracy/high-IQ/high-CQ)

- albeit; the board is squarely anti-Liberal Fascism now that the liberal Left has gone full nihilist themselves inviting all things into formerly functional societies that are prone to devolve us all into the stone age

5b9a2d  No.12066860


I am comfortable with my hate and I honestly believe that if you confronted a chinky bug they would simply tell you their own plan for global domination. They are not shy people.

The only people on Earth without a plan for global domination are the people who actually deserve through patience. morality, superior culture and good qualities of their ancestors and breeding deserve to be caretakers for the globe, Europeans.

There is no 'shyness' about any race wanting theirs to inherit the planet. Only among Europeans is it 'bad form' which is why we are being genocided.

So one example, and I have had a lot more than one conversation about it since I learned about it, but my landlord came by one time and saw my betta fish (rice paddie fish) in the window and mentioned that he survived the Great Communist (kike) Famine by eating betas, worms and bugs or anything living in the rice paddies and in the soil. That was the first time that I learned of the Great Famine engineered for the chinky bugs by the kikes. Anyway he got very animated talking about eating mud, grass and clothing and started to look wild (PTSD from kike TLC I'm sure) so I think that man never will get over the trauma of kike communist government or the wonderful effects of having destroying kikes at the helm of any government really…they are flat out fucking retarded and incapable of handling anything and everything they touch turns to absolute shit, which is funny because they actually think that they are capable of administering things like 'governments' and 'financial systems'. TOP KEK for the fact that they don't know they are destroyers of all Life!

I never put my betta in the window again…I was honestly afraid he would eat it for 'old times sake'.

9acee9  No.12066866


So i guess your landlord was Chinese or something?

8937fd  No.12066877

File: f85eea7088db152⋯.gif (11.2 KB, 500x221, 500:221, Temperature_Interglacials ….gif)

>Earth naturally warmed and cooled without human industrial intervention for millions of years

>climate change is both a natural and articial phenomenon

>but mostly natural

Environmental degradation is real, climate change is overplayed.

724a8f  No.12066903

Why do some posters have an issue with this thread?

At the very least the OP presents information to prove the true motive behind the Western fake “enivornmentalist” movement decrying global warming or climate change or whatever the heck they are calling it these days.

That group wants the US/Europe to shoot ourselves in the foot and be less prosperous because of “climate change” when it is China, Africa, and India who should bear their scorn.

4159a8  No.12066914

Reminder that China is destroying the ozone by using banned chlorofluorocarbons.

>That’s how we survived

>They never told us until last year that it was damaging the atmosphere

>The government doesn’t check

>We just can’t afford it

>Nobody came to check what we were using, so we thought it was O.K.


Now quit having children because you're destroying the environment.

5b9a2d  No.12066939

File: 0062cff78c5ddbb⋯.png (195.76 KB, 2000x1700, 20:17, blank map of china.png)

File: 878ec1acc0eba9b⋯.jpg (61.83 KB, 1012x608, 253:152, white rascism chart showin….jpg)


Yep, one doesn't learn to despie another culture in isolation. We learn to hate because we understand and know people and learn their culture. Let's take the charts above. As long as 'china' is just some nation on a map, you never get to see the effect that they are having on the earth, on each other…destroying Life on the planet; acting like voracious parasites…you know, like 'getting to know niggers or spics' same thing. I was 'blessed to be raised in a dogshit multicultural HELLHOLE that had many different globalist parasites in it so that I could observe their behavior up close. I mean you don't honestly think I just randomly hate other people, do you? I have personal reasons and observations about other people's behavior and culture on which my opinions are formed. It isn't just some sort of random 'blank slate'.

pict 2 is a picture of racism and exposure

913a3c  No.12066956


>(even if his idea is uncomfortable)

< he finds destroying the third world demon to save the planet uncomfortable

Maybe /pol/ isn't for you

9acee9  No.12066967


I mean of course nobody on /pol/ "randomly" hates people, that's just retarded. But for me, I tend to judge an individual as an individual and a race as a race. But you have a point nonetheless.

fb17b7  No.12067102


Nobody really argues against this point, but few are willing to follow through to the conclusion, which is obvious. I'm not even in the mood to lay out the same argument again. But it bears repeating that the destruction of the environment is the natural consequence of ignoring the niggeraids this planet has instead of coming up with a way to end the plague.

5b9a2d  No.12067112

File: e254644e1920dff⋯.jpg (70.9 KB, 500x310, 50:31, state of peace global map ….jpg)

File: 86d4591abdb8bcb⋯.jpg (122.74 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, national IQ map world char….jpg)

File: fbb9a9bc796ac3f⋯.jpg (68.24 KB, 561x476, 33:28, scientific acomplishment i….jpg)

File: a53a94b4a89b22a⋯.jpg (82.4 KB, 1122x794, 561:397, map global environmental p….jpg)


Do you really have time to judge the entire earth individually? I don't.

I look at the value of their culture, their morals, their behavior, its impact on the environment, their contributions to humanity, their capacity for peace and cooperation and trust.

And there is one culture that shines about all the others, it is so far in advance of the other subhumans that, literally, the culture of the entire planet is based on their innovations. There is nothing, no other race has achieved or brought to birth outside of our culture. The entire structure of the entire earth (including all the destructive perversions the subhumans introduced as 'their culture' into the equation) when it was really always all about us.

There is nothing and no other subhuman race that can even approach us. This is why the subhumans are all coming together as one people to parasite and genocide us, because they really can't every live up to our ability or standards (when we are dead and gone they will dry up and blow away as well…so they are dead if we don't survive and we should kill them anyway for their attempt to genocide us; the least of which it is the stupidest and least fit for life thing they have ever done). They are genetic trash and a continuous disappointment in every way…the jew being the absolute lowest of the low of all peoples. The jew is the asshole of the Earth's subhuman population.

While we are consistently superior to every other race in innovation, care of the environment, inventiveness, productivity, peacefulness, cooperation, trust, generocity, willingness to be humble and forgiving.

All of this must be reserved for our own people ALONE. No longer will the Earth's vast population of subhumans ride our coattails…the time for their extermination is at hand and we must be unwavering in our resolve or give up all life on earth and consign the planet to complete death that will take billions of years to recover from…and for god's sake we have to STOP giving them tech that they can't comprehend, they are like fucking apes. No one would put an ape in charge of 1,000 viols of Ebola would they? Well in this case we have extended tech to people who are worse off morally and culturally than a fucking ape.

Look at that last chart, even weighed down with millions of subhuman trash, the USA is running a stiff competition with the rest of her sister European nations.

9acee9  No.12067178


I mean I have a few friends abroad around the world and what you describe is right. They don't like their own countries. I do try telling them to improve their own and stop depending on US.

5b9a2d  No.12067511

File: cf2c7785e832d7b⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2000x1447, 2000:1447, africa mud hut single moth….jpg)

File: 057b0782c09b96f⋯.jpg (108.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, addio africa.jpg)

File: 513e866a5376c88⋯.jpeg (102.54 KB, 540x960, 9:16, South Africa farm attack ….jpeg)

File: d7fcf433e9d4e3f⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 385x279, 385:279, culturally enriching franc….jpg)

File: 7bf5e3cac0178f7⋯.jpg (232.82 KB, 759x729, 253:243, End clean water appropriat….jpg)


I hear you…it always makes me laugh when I hear the accusation that Europeans 'have no culture'…

You are the dominant Living force of creation on the planet when everything you are and do is so pervasive through the entire Earth that people have no idea what they would be without your help: living as hunter gatherer single nigger moms in mud huts with no electricity, no sanitation and no running water, in lawlessness, with wild animals and feral humans waiting to take your life or rape you and your kids to death. kek

It is ridiculous…where do they think they are getting the technology to genocide us or even the fucking clothes on their back? Do they think they are making it themselves or that they are going to do anything but starve to death when we are gone, even the subhuman assholes (kikes) of the entire planet should worry about this…there is no people untouched, no one that we have not been gracious and giving to, no one that we have not looked after or generously cared for…an THIS IS HOW WE ARE REPAID…STABBED IN THE BACK? Well fuck them, time to exterminate them from the earth.

2cf965  No.12067535


*when the enemy shares our technology which it has stolen through government positions in various countries and outright theft

Or did you share your technology with someone? Words and wording matters, anon.

d27fdf  No.12067588

This is not the niggers' fault. It's the fault of industrial society as a whole. I suggest you read ISaIF, Ted Kaczynskis manifesto. Not only does it explain why it's the fault of technology itself, but also modern leftism and conservatives.

Remember, technology creates problems that shouldn't have been there in the first place, then tries to fix it fruitlessly.

09eb46  No.12067602


Puff puff, it’s legal grandpa

5b9a2d  No.12067634

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ted sounds blackpilled (I can't believe I still haven't read that thing). There is nothing wrong with technology as long as it is only shared among HUMANS or the Earth is populated only by humans/no subhumans. The moment you give it to subhumans and animals…well there's your problem.

d27fdf  No.12067644


Read it. You will realize that it doesn't matter WHO uses it, it will always limit the regular humans freedom, diginity, and cause immense psychological and physical suffering.

5b9a2d  No.12067752


Thanks, I really should; Ted and I shared so much environmentally and in lifestyle choices.

However, having lived a similar life to his I have to question his understanding of the system itself and the kike/ZOG presence and their subhuman influence on the Earth. I fail to think that he could have had the same understanding of the situation as I do and failed to plan his targets better and with more precise and poignant results. I really don't feel that he understood the presence, history and pervasive corruption of ZOG on Earth. Without ZOG, Europeans would revert to a methodical, reasoned and responsible use of technology and scientific development.

He also did not address the need to purge parasites and subhumans from humanity eugenically or I would have heard of that before I started sperging out about it continuously. OK, why blab more when I could go read.

7c2538  No.12068063


The poor countries are old colonies, that mostly are still colonized and corrupted. There is no normal government here, they're still enslaved to the west. So saying that they're trying anything is retarded. Just look at how India is pushing for cashless society, as an experiment to see how the society is gonna react, an experiment for us obviously.


The nonwhite provoked industrialization? The nonwhite destroyed their own arable land by destroying forests and fucking up the soil with chemical products?

Do you even know how a western society, Monsanto, solved the Round up to India as a solution to hunger, resulting 200.000 suicide since 20 years because of how it doesn't work, and how they went broke? (not even talking about the destruction of their soil).

That's crazy how little your world is. China is totally fucked, because it did what did the western "white" countries in a matter of tenth of years, with worst instruments of "modernization" and "industrialization". They're directly under the control of the Rockefeller (that funded an university in China since 1915).

The west hold the money, and thus the means. The fun part, is that modernity in western countries is only possible because of how enslaved is the rest of the world.

If I may talk in terms of social classes, these social classes got globalized, thus the poor blue collar working for nothing are now in the poor countries, and the western countries are entirely composed of bourgeois. That's easier to understand from my point of view since i live in western Europe. Thus, I have literature available to understand what were the condition of the proletarians in GB, France or Germany in the 19e century (literally the whites, or should I say the Jews and corrupted whites enslaving the whites). This mass of soulless and crushed workers that appeared due to industrialization only moved to the third world. There is no wonder why "third estate" is now "third world countries".

Modernity is pure degeneracy, so I don't even understand why people actually praise it. Maybe you're this kind of ignorant 2018 "atheist fascists".

82444e  No.12068299


This is also a great arguement to keep in mind against outsourcing and globalization and for nationalism and self sustainment in Western countries because most of the pollution comes from South East Asian countries due to production of goods for Western countries.

If we kept production in the US it would be cleaner and produce less waste.

73f051  No.12068517


>t.communist fag

8c11c6  No.12068522


Go back to /leftypol/ you faggot.

1fd0b4  No.12068536

File: 12bae0fbc62fe11⋯.png (214.98 KB, 556x308, 139:77, 394f531d56e20c07f3db8d57a1….png)

Be sure to post this on >>>/ecopol/ as well.

7511f3  No.12069115


>I never put my betta in the window again…I was honestly afraid he would eat it for 'old times sake'.

Kek, never change ethnoglobe anon, you're doing god's work.

ecb423  No.12069186

File: 9454d9a597036c5⋯.jpg (45.54 KB, 630x405, 14:9, poo in it.jpg)

File: 5df02688e17f8c1⋯.jpg (208 KB, 600x877, 600:877, when you find the shitting….jpg)

File: 502b2129e848621⋯.png (184.12 KB, 659x609, 659:609, poo.png)

File: e45c6b0ba2bf3df⋯.png (1.07 MB, 880x759, 80:69, pepe poo toliet witch.png)


>number one infectious death in India

>too much shitting

>the deaths are caused by retards thinking diarrhea means you drank too much water.


7e16b4  No.12069685


Just a reminder the first pic is a meme, you have link above it, its tsunami something.

81d974  No.12069879

It's important to remember that Whites used to shit up the environment too when we first started to produce things on an industrial level. Look at the state of the great European rivers during the Industrial Revolution. However, we quickly realized that it might not be a good idea to shit up the place. Third world people do not have and can not develop a sense of environmentalism and it was a huge mistake to give them access to modern technology in the first place. India and China should be feudal agrarian societies because that's the level of development they can naturally reach.

4bf905  No.12070206

>another climate change denial thread

the corporate chinese shills really got a hold of this place

0751ba  No.12070230


I'll leave this here.

b2788d  No.12070316

File: 9e68fc978e0efb8⋯.png (44.57 KB, 647x585, 647:585, fragility.png)


Daily reminder: Whites shouldn't reproduce because 3rd world countries are polluting the world :^)

-t anti-white media.

991218  No.12070608



>No one is enslaved in Best Korea

7c2538  No.12070724


Climate change is actually an excellent excuse to put a huge problem on a "natural" fact. Not climate change itself, but literally everything else. If there is flood, it's climate change! If there is mass killing of animal due to pollution, it's climate change!

It NEVER ever was about climate. I was from the beginning about criminal companies and industries. We're only destroying ourselves by destroying the earth. And this whole climate change/green peace shit is yet another controlled opposition. Read the Toronto Protocol. Global problem requiring a global solution. A perfect tool for the globalists.



I'm not a communist. If you can't talk about income levels, then seriously you can't do shit.

By saying:

>ignorant 2018 "atheist fascists".

I was pointing out at the atheist part mostly, how that's a total none sense. Like these faggots talking about "atheist spirituality".

Tradition is the ultimate solution. If you're claiming being an atheist, then seriously there is no discussion.

43bc81  No.12072956


>>That's crazy how little your world is

That's rich coming from a faggot whose never been more than a hundred miles from where his whore mother queefed him out.

Those 'poor countries' YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO? haha. You realize RoundUp is used pretty much everywhere right? So your retelling of bullshit you read on Huffpoo, Carlos's blog and the New York Slimies is missing something.

Your nonsense talk about China comes from jewtubes.

Your conclusion is straight from some marxist jew college cunts mouth. You have a lot to learn kid.

a590ee  No.12082510


They will sell themselves for pennies and beads again if only given the opportunity

c5a7ea  No.12082658


> threat of absolute total war.

The way that shitskins treat animals is enough to justify a global white conquest once we regain power of our own countries. Absolute total war is the only acceptable way to remove the third world menace from this planet.

7e16b4  No.12082976


Workers are in power, Kim is just for show.

0519c0  No.12084361


The only thing you were close to being right about, I don't think you even grasped it, is that there are traitors and jews selling out the white country for their profits. THEY rely on the poor standard of living in the East. That is about as far as your Marxist paradigm can extend, class warfare amongst nations in this context. You speak as if the white nations of the West want this, and that our success relies on cheap poorly made goods. Our modernity (I assume you mean a certain standard of living because no one here cares about continuing consumerism) does not definitively rely on traitors outsourcing goods to countries with cheaper labor. Were we to refuse their manufactured imports, things would be more expensive here, but wages would increase here as well. There is no shortage of raw material here, there is only the expense of manufacturing. We would produce a cleaner and more robust product in every way. We also seek to remove fiat currency and the Fed. We are not discussing changes in a vacuum. They must be done in tandem. This removal of jew money would further increase the standard of living for these modern folk you speak of. Of course refusal of third world shitskins and forms of welfare would do the same. You still think there is no hope without total reliance on manufactured goods from the third world when the jew aspects of 'modernity' are rid of? You're delusional. Both sides are derided in that case. The only reason it appears that we rely on cheap labour over there is because of how fucked we are over here. We don't rely on that filth, the jew relies on it. We get nihilistic consumerism, they get industrial hellscape. The difference is outside of Marxism we seek to alleviate our burden way beyond numbers of dollars and could maintain a clean nation that is reliant from within. They do not seek to alleviate their burden and could not maintain a clean nation that is reliant from within. Yes, they are played by jews and traitors abroad, but white nations do not rely on this game to thrive. Let it go, we'd be fine. Other nations would be stagnant at best without the game of being played by jews and traitors abroad, so they accept the negative consequences as they have limited potential as a nation beyond them.

41d104  No.12084505

File: cc02d61271e2edf⋯.webm (12.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Thank You White People-4C….webm)


Well deserved dubs. The world should be thanking the white man over and over.

e38695  No.12086354

bump for nuke the nogs

cdced3  No.12086391

File: e9994d68a30c8a3⋯.jpg (77.12 KB, 1000x528, 125:66, I made all of this.jpg)


The only way the White man will be thanked, is by his inventions being used to gain ground against him.

db5a0d  No.12086640




097a3c  No.12093754


This is a strong prying point for people who can't understand race reality but do understand difference between love for life and "global warming propaganda".

Show them the facts, they don't need to hate shitskins, they just need to discard the idea of unity with the whole world including through trade and free market.

8d4e46  No.12095874


>second pic

>children are barefoot with their flip-flops just beside them

>in the worst place as possible in their slum

Although poor, they are obviously posing to a leftist photographer.

>fourth pic

>leftist sensationalism similar to BLM shit

There are so many shit in Brazil and you choose the ones conveniently spread by our common enemy. Accidents happen, specially when niglets are drug dealers and loyal to druglords, but it was not any "street cleansing" (and you shouldn't complain if it were).

Also, no one here should pity adults living in slums, maybe their children, but not adults, they are the ones to blame: they chose to live there. Brazil has lots of lands and rural areas are relatively easy to live in. But niggers never create anything, they don't create decent towns, they don't make their environment a better place, they barely can be independent. They have a parasitic mentality, so they concentrate themselves in the biggest cities, where they don't need to think much to have a job or get into crime. It gets worse with welfare.

We, Brazilians, have our IQ quickly decreasing since the 60s. And the projections are we are one of the countries that will lose the most IQ as time passes (the IQ loss is a worldwide phenomenon, but here it's way worse). Our whites, nips and other decent people have a fertility rate way lower than the average in First World. Meanwhile, brown and poor people keep reproducing, stimulated by welfare and single-mothers pensions.

If we don't explore more our rural areas (and the Amazon as well!) and start an urban exodus, if we don't encourage our middle and higher classes to reproduce, if we don't cease with our ridiculous child and social support, if we don't reset our culture so morality, virtue and hard work are awarded again, if we don't go back to our old religious values, we are doomed. The snowball won't break and we will become India. There will be no safe place in Brazil, not even in the South.

Hopefully, Brazil may be, in the future, an example to what to do to save humanity, and I will fight with my life for this. But, above everything, Brazil is an example to what NOT TO DO. I hope the rest of the World doesn't become "a Brazil". If things keep going to the same direction, that's what awaits humanity.

e0ce33  No.12095890


>US only 0.3

>source University of Georgia, University of California

Seems fair and unpartial

aa7580  No.12102917


brazilifying the whole world is indeed their game

66cf16  No.12110909


The poor white portuguese are trying to escape by separating themselves into a seperate ethnostate from the nogs.

622b2c  No.12113434

File: cb4147502868667⋯.jpg (49.61 KB, 700x707, 100:101, Umaru Merchant.jpg)


>Melanin is 396 $ a gram

>melanin is a very effective bio-conductor

>it's pioneered in some electronics

<white people have no melanin

<non-whites have it in droves

I think I just found the real reason why white countries are being flooded with melanated individuals

622b2c  No.12113456

File: d4b5aed8f1698d4⋯.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1544x816, 193:102, Ice Age Chan Necessity i….jpeg)


Only she can save the planet now.

81bbdd  No.12113777


>Do you even know how a western society, Monsanto, solved the Round up to India as a solution to hunger, resulting 200.000 suicide since 20 years because of how it doesn't work, and how they went broke? (not even talking about the destruction of their soil).

You're forgetting that 1 billion Indians would not exist today if not for cucked Westerners like Norman Borlaug that see themselves as the saviors of humanity. Yes, Western (((greed))) is a big part of the problem, but so is Western (((guilt))). There is no reason why western NGOs and Churches should be feeding and clothing third worlders–much less importing these animals into the first world. This will only exacerbate the problem exponentially. The ONLY way to solve the problem is with clean genocide technology (i.e. famine).

622b2c  No.12113958

File: 066392b0a04c09c⋯.jpg (292.14 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, kneesocks_by_reituki-d35xo….jpg)


>The ONLY way to solve the problem is with clean genocide technology (i.e. famine).

The more I think about this, the more I come to realize that the current migration fiasco has nothing to do with anything even closely resembling humanitarian ideals and a need to help your fellow man. This all reads to me a like a ditch effort of incorporating foreign genetic material to offset inbreeding in homogeneous nations. And even that's retarded since 3rd cousins are distant enough to have completely healthy offspring. Another way to look at it is a labor force for when factories pull out of the 3rd world, you're gonna need a work force to fill those factories. Giving rising tensions between humans and shitskins it isn't far fetched to imagine that pathological altruism and "human rights" are gonna go out the window for them when the time comes. Now many of you would say, and rightly so "But what about automation". Automation is all well and good, but in this population explosion all over the world(except for Europe, which is STABLE) it would be a fucking disaster. No! This has to run it's course. White populations need to seethe hatred for the filth, that has lashed out at our hospitality, constantly demanding more and more. It has already started anyway. Won't be too long before the EU falls apart and in it's wake leave a White Confederacy for lack of a better term. China, India, the ME, Saudi Arabia have all been set up for failure. If automation kicks in now, China is gonna have a shitfit and a war is gonna pop up in that region. If the world no longer needs fossil fuels, Saudi Arabia is gonna descend into a hellish nightmare with dire reprecautions for the Europe and America. India is already a fucking shithole, if the west no longer needs mindless labor drones to regurgitate code or anything else, the poos will spread all over and cholera will be a global epidemic. This current "migration wave" is not population replacement, not by a long shot. It's immunization against Islam. All it serves to do is seethe hatred and anger into europeans. We are long past the days where numbers = military might.

Antibiotics are failing and failing fast. What do you think is gonna happen to all those no-go zones when an epidemic hits, eh? Same no-go zones where police, medics, plublers etc. are not allowed in for fear of hostility. Have any of you checked the water pipework maps of the cities their in? I bet they are all linked to the same control valve.

d204b9  No.12114990

only whites care about the environment. its amazing these lefty faggots can't see that and act accordingly

32d408  No.12117100

File: b845c63952edc90⋯.png (542.85 KB, 7016x3647, 7016:3647, GHG_per_capita_2012.png)


>Eco Redpill

2a4abd  No.12139642


218d35  No.12139775


>he actually thinks CO2 is bad when its what plants need to survive

05a524  No.12140197


>le planet is being destroyed meme

sorry. it is not. the planet is doing just fine. pollution gets cleaned up naturally. It's only deluded envirocucks and their dupes that beleive we are irreversably damaging the planet. The planet was fine for billions of years, is fine now, and will continue to be fine. Will some species go extinct, will some trees get cut down? Yes of course, but new species will arise, and as we already see, forests will rebound in microsecond on a geological timescale.

Already europe and north america have more trees now than they did in 1900. China will eventually reach the same threshold. Africa might be fucked, but as long as it doesn't cause mass emmigration, what can you do? Let them adpapt or die.

05a524  No.12140214


CO2 is great. If you're worried about environmental devastation, worry about what happens when humanity can't feed itself. We'll become poor and cut down all the trees – see Haiti.

More CO2 is not just a good thing, it might be what thwarts the next ice age.

The only "issue" with CO2 is that it might cause a 1.2-1.5C temperature increase by 2100. Hardly anything to worry about. The doomsday bullshit about sea level rises is just that. There has been no acceleration in sea level rise, just the slow steady rise for the last 10k years or so since the end of the previous ice age.

48856b  No.12140265


>the planet is doing just fine.

that's clearly not the case

> as long as it doesn't cause mass emmigration

bro come on, theyre already mass emmigrating

>europe and north america have more trees now than they did in 1900.

that's a pretty shit yardstick considering the colossal deforestation of the farming and industrial ages and the fact that europe used to be one giant forest.

934361  No.12140346

File: 05714328dbb9e5d⋯.jpg (252.98 KB, 1052x651, 1052:651, climatecontrol.jpg)

bc8b9c  No.12140354


When it's 65C in the shade you won't be laughing any more, Amerikike.

05a524  No.12140369


>being this retarded.

yup it's the climate change debate…

The only thing that will come out of CO2 regulations is global government. It won't actually do shit to stop CO2 production, and rightly so. It's not a problem. It's a reason for global government.

bc8b9c  No.12140408


>The only thing that will come out of CO2 regulations is global government

Regulations have nothing to do with atmospheric carbon dioxide. That's a kike tactic to shift the conversation away from massive consumption of carbon benefiting the (((oil companies))), Rabbi.

dea7e2  No.12140475

shitskin metropolis. the less white the less scrupulous about the earth. these gooks and chinks should be gassed in their own factory exhaust

05a524  No.12140484


CO2 is not a problem. It's a made up problem whose solution is global government.

bc8b9c  No.12140747


Just doubling down now are you, Yid?

>Burn oil for freedom!

>Think of the economy!

Insisting that burning fossil fuels is harmless is not proven science, meanwhile the (((oil company bosses))) get richer.

How can any self-respecting white man prioritize the (((economy))) over the environment in a thread purporting to demonstrate the environmental credentials of the 'white race'

9ce591  No.12140891


>Last pic

What study is that from?

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