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File: e5e86d0edb4a504⋯.jpg (97.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, happening.jpg)

787616  No.12071032

sup 8chan

I usually only browse halfchan, buuuuut:


>anon on 4/b/ discovers LARGE pedophile ring on tumblr

>they start to expose the stuff in their thread, some cp with over 800,000 likes etc



>fast forward

>some anons from 4/b/ make a thread on 4/pol/


>4/pol/ mods nuke this one as well

I find it at this point

I make the thread on 4/pol/ again, because I cant get banned there, so I dont fear the mods

>make this thread



those two threads are still up:




/b/ find tumblr pedo ring

/b/ and /pol/ mods cover it up

<Mod edit: A similar thread >>12010853 already exists, but wasn't about the current event concerning tumblr. Old thread was therefore locked and redirected here.

Post last edited at

787616  No.12071035

File: 1daeaccacd332aa⋯.jpg (216.36 KB, 918x597, 306:199, 1530056072734.jpg)


note that they posted cp in the thread on /b/, but in no other thread, they re just covering it up

there was also one guy in the thread I made (wrong link btw), real thread number was 183671456, you can find it

who shilled imediately on it, and reported it so it would get deleted, even though some actual cp had been found

I need your helf infinichan

134566  No.12071036

They nuke every pedo thread except the HTG threads made by Knowledgebomb/Frank who started larping as Q

The pedowood threads got me a month ban. Ever since the James Gunn firing the site has been over run by Israeli posters.

787616  No.12071039

File: 8a06437cead860b⋯.png (129.68 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, tumblr 1.png)


I am phoneposting with safari, if you dont know that means you cant get banned

you get a new ip every time you switch on and off mobile navigation, or every 1 or two minutes if you dont

so I can make threads without fearing the mods there, but still, spread it everywhere you can

make threads on plebbit, etc, in case the 8ch mods cover it up too

30f03f  No.12071066


Why are most of the images removed on the archive? Kinda was hoping to see what it's about without actually going through Tumblr and looking at cp.

It's weird, Tumblr is probably the easiest source of cp or jailbait because it's aimed at young girls, and given an outlet some are eventually going to put naked pics of themselves online. The chans and other sites like rebbit have gone through so much trouble to remove anything even close to questionable, and I've luckily never even seen cp on any Tor sites. But then you go on one of the largest and most popular websites and it's readily available, barely even hidden.

bb19e0  No.12071076


Fucking hell anon, wp1488lovee is one helluva moniker

30f03f  No.12071079

Also any ways of doxing Tumblr accounts? Most are probably made with temporary email addresses, but some are probably dumb enough to include personal info/emails.

12e6b4  No.12071080

While we all knew this for years, if you have some undeniable proof tied to them directly it could be lulzy.

787616  No.12071084


go to the /b/ thread archive

6ff106  No.12071092

4chan mods are so cucked its not even funny…fuck those pedo loving pieces of shit.

7b4e86  No.12071094



Definitely a start, but it won't guarantee they get a fbi visit. The mod(s) who did this are gonna write it off as "I thought it was cp" or a raidthread. Good to see some pol mods don't seem corrupted like b mods.

bb19e0  No.12071096


we definitely need to stay here for this, cuckchan mods are already looking for a reason to lay waste to the board

ff4175  No.12071098


Reminder that 8chan was build on the foundation of severely under-clothed, underage cuties who were dominating the landscape. Much like 4chan had daily pedo threads from day one. Much like the whole underground chan infrastructure was build so that cute little girls could be freed from the burden of wearing too many clothes. Just sayin'

7b4e86  No.12071099


Bullshit. This site was here long before gamergate and it didn't tolerate shit like that. For a long time furries wearn't even allowed.

7b4e86  No.12071101


Back at it's start it didn't allow alot of porn, even furries. It banned for posting of clothed children. This was before the exodus.

7b4e86  No.12071105


I want to see them try to delete the b board. That would result in endless chaos for them.

787616  No.12071108


> Good to see some pol mods don't seem corrupted like b mods.

have you even read the Op?

the 4chan mods deleted every single thread they saw on it even though no cp was posted there

7b4e86  No.12071111


Some pol threads are still up. It says so in the op. I hoped there were some holdouts in the pol mod squad.

787616  No.12071113


I AM the Op, I know two threads are still up, but they deleted several ones already; the first one

I dont know how their mod teams work, sometimes they can let threads up on for a very long time, but I can almost guarantee you they ll delete those two eventually, that is if they dont die down

a6f1a8  No.12071124


Clearly you weren't here. 8chan allowed pedo boards and any content that didn't seem to be illegal. At some point (post-gamergate) they were purged.

ff4175  No.12071131



Well I could post the the backups (screenshots), but alas that's illegal nowadays, because someone loves to withhold history, to keep the truth under lock down, to prevent inconvenient opinions to spread, to abuse censorship for cleaning up past mistakes. Who could it be?

70b353  No.12071140


Yeah, I remember the boards. They were some of the most popular before they were taken down. It was usually kids swimsuit pics, shit like that, the type of things you'd see on Toddlers & Tiaras.

301ce4  No.12071147


They still have that type of content on cuteboys.

It was just the girls boards that got nuked.

6ff106  No.12071149


sounds like even the chans arent safe from the pedos then. the fuck do we have to do to keep the internet free of these assholes?

301ce4  No.12071152


My suggestion would be for the authorities to provide a big server with all the CP ever made available for free.

But you have to register as a sex offender to be given access.

03226b  No.12071153


kill them.

829e91  No.12071155

well I cannot beleive the amount of hard-core cheese pizza on tumblr , disgusting

c45a56  No.12071157


Yeah, we know. Fuck off if you’re just now learning this.

787616  No.12071160

File: 4024facd42aaec1⋯.png (441.31 KB, 1015x1527, 1015:1527, 1535119466130.png)

File: a8b926c820377c6⋯.png (18.45 KB, 637x631, 637:631, 1534117200491.png)

File: 6215e4587c40228⋯.jpg (90.47 KB, 951x840, 317:280, 1535144908619.jpg)






Can you idiots stop for a fucking second?

I cant believe some people really believe 8ch is in any way better than 4chan

listen there is a PEDOPHILE RING on TUMBLR

keywords here

so why dont we, go aroung and fuck with TUMBLR because we can?


829e91  No.12071163

we should unite with 4chins /pol and burn tumblr to the ground

3d203e  No.12071164

I saw the tumblr shit and am currently recovering from a light vomit session. How is it there isn't AI programs that can find and ban this shit?

c46f87  No.12071165


Just pointing out that they wearn't gone yet, so I had some hope.


You can even look back with a shitty site archive tool right before the big exodus and there wasn't a single pedo board. I never saw it.

301ce4  No.12071166


>listen there is a PEDOPHILE RING on TUMBLR

>keywords here

>so why dont we, go aroung and fuck with TUMBLR because we can?

Its been known about for a decade and nobody has made much impact before.

Maybe the site owners have good connections to the authorities.

787616  No.12071168

File: 9e00333e4f6c2e7⋯.gif (1.53 MB, 498x280, 249:140, noice.gif)


thats the spirit

c46f87  No.12071169


Well fuck. I never saw it, and I don't want to see it posted in screencap. I just remember before the exodus that shit as nowhere to be found, and it seemed there was an attitude against it.

fe8ad1  No.12071173

File: a55c2b149dc1d21⋯.webm (6.07 MB, 1280x716, 320:179, cute 8chan 1st impression….webm)


please leave

bcaaed  No.12071175




Anon, are you a fucking pedo? WTF would we want to encourage pdeophilia in our society?

301ce4  No.12071176


They did have boards but it wasnt really CP it was underwear models and that type of thing.

As I mentioned earlier they still allow that type of content now on cuteboys. Its just girls that are banned.

bcaaed  No.12071179


The AI are weak to their programming. Whoever programs them controls their agenda. Kikes are all about CP that is why SCOTUS pushes it so hard in the USA and why Scalia was murdered (because he pushed back).

301ce4  No.12071180


>WTF would we want to encourage pdeophilia in our society?

Generally after people watch porn their libido goes down not up.

If that system saved just a few hundred kids from getting molested it would be worthwhile I think.

74f057  No.12071182


>halfchan mods are pedos

Yeah bro, we've known that for a very long time.

787616  No.12071186

File: 301ef17f2d2c058⋯.jpg (665.9 KB, 852x1024, 213:256, 1530599415837.jpg)


most pedos are faggots anyways so I guess it doesnt really bother them



you guys are literally less productive than cripple chan this board is complete shit it seems

come on do something

c45a56  No.12071188

Fuck off, you goddamn retards.

bcaaed  No.12071189


We need to exterminate them as parasites in society anon…they don't need coddling.

3d203e  No.12071190


Fair point, I just don't see why a vigilante program hasn't been created.

bcaaed  No.12071191


Makes you wonder how much money those kikes got for doing that to their kid

301ce4  No.12071192


In my system they would all be registered on a list so it would be easier to do that.

bcaaed  No.12071204


That is like saying that if I tie up a child to the back of a car and drag him through the streets in faggotville it would be worthwhile because it would draw out all the faggot predators. Technically true but a waste of time, the kike government we are under already knows every single person who is into CP but they protect them because they enjoy this type of kike predation and torture of humanity. I just don't have much use for your suggestion because I consider it to be enabling something that is deviant and deserves death.

787616  No.12071206

File: 2c15e42385bbeb1⋯.jpg (100.35 KB, 746x833, 746:833, 1520802591229.jpg)

File: 51be31c9364d9fe⋯.jpg (430.45 KB, 1158x2020, 579:1010, 1520800405826.jpg)

File: af7bd3d04f1b845⋯.jpg (282.88 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1530218098876.jpg)

File: abb189b7c515eaa⋯.jpg (709.22 KB, 1383x685, 1383:685, 1528574481338.jpg)

File: 10b20c43c7ea4c4⋯.jpg (173.27 KB, 800x800, 1:1, puke bucket.jpg)



>Makes you wonder how much money those kikes got for doing that to their kid


>implying they dont just fuck their kid

gays molest their kids, and often the molested kids become fucked up and do the same

its how they reproduce


787616  No.12071207

File: c41989ba0ff0fda⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 352x394, 176:197, 1528903852664.gif)

File: 9068cf7ad78f70e⋯.webm (1.52 MB, 608x1080, 76:135, 1528903446560.webm)

5be9e5  No.12071209



Reading that thread was painful, the absolute state of cuckchan. The shills on that thread, particularly the weebs have the same obnoxious posting style and outsider/tryhard feel to them as the ones here.

ff4175  No.12071219


>sounds like even the chans aren't safe

Why are you here if you support censorship?


>it seemed there was an attitude against it

No that attitude was carefully planted by the alphabet clowns. We started the chans to connect the world, a place where everything goes, which was total anarchy and let to us being creatively offensive. There was no taboo, which brought the pedos to the table, who got their fare share of followers, haters, spammers, white knights. This of course was pure entertainment so everyone chipped in and fucked with the newfags, who could easily be riled up by Pedobear spreading obnoxious jokes. This shamefully attracted just too much attention, so the mods kept pushing the pedo threads to the last page, because they were just too omnipresent. Around this time the pedos took the hint and 12chan was created, which gave us an even more entertaining war between chans. Then the Nazi's rolled in with their censorship panzers and here we are in 2018.


Nope lots of nudist stuff and nude modelling too.

efe673  No.12071232

Mods moved thread to 4 /bant/

798e10  No.12071238

File: 010003ebf1f7d1e⋯.jpg (64.08 KB, 900x599, 900:599, 1533750874455.jpg)

A lot of tumblr porn blogs were complaining that they made a change so that porn would show up less in followers feeds & harder to search for.

I wonder if it was an intentional move to help hide cp and other shit, not just a pg common user friendly alteration…

8a822e  No.12071246


>cp with 800,000 likes

bull shit, they have to be bot accounts or something

efdc69  No.12071263

File: da893764cfd3a8b⋯.jpg (353.59 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, fags01.jpg)

File: 18726cab295d76d⋯.png (194.03 KB, 1374x537, 458:179, 1035px-World_laws_pertaini….png)

File: 8a7eff7c2a90516⋯.jpg (21.31 KB, 257x346, 257:346, death penalty for fags.JPG)

File: 3cd1258c385ff45⋯.jpg (85.05 KB, 640x480, 4:3, faggs01.jpg)

File: 6b19ab6d7cd4bf5⋯.png (337.26 KB, 800x526, 400:263, faggs02.png)

80% of predators are faggs so we need to get rid of them first. When we're done eradicating them from the face of planet earth it will be extremely easy to round up on remaining 20% of pedos.

ff4175  No.12071264


Shortly before the depfile bust earlier this year, the biggest forums had countless threads with 3-4 million viewers. I really would love to get my hands on the depfile traffic data to see just how gigantic the interest rate is.

Also if you don't believe the numbers have a little read on this…


And after you got your mind blown you should ask yourself why information like this is only found on wikileaks.

efe673  No.12071279


Places and people change for better and worse, anon.

ff4175  No.12071294


You only need a little bit of censorship, an ocean full of fear propaganda and a bunch of children to put in the line of fire…and all that for money. Isn't it great to be part of a better future?

c56001  No.12071297



don't do that

bcaaed  No.12071312


Anon there is something wrong with you for even having that filth on your computer. Just so you know I didn't get past the first couple lines of the first image. You need to delete that filth off your computer. It is not good or healthy to have it in your possession. At some point I have to wonder who the pedo is on this thread.

787616  No.12071320

File: c06d86c8277e248⋯.jpg (20.25 KB, 700x535, 140:107, 1534273222243.jpg)


nah dude I just browse 4/pol/

there s a reason why everyone there is a genocidal maniac

42e51c  No.12071323

Is there anyone else who is sick of everything being "pizza"? Sometimes you just want a fucking slice.

<OMG, did you see that guy in the TMNT shirt? Do you know what they like to eat?

Please no more. This meme has run out.

>inb4 jew pedo!

no, no

bcaaed  No.12071331


Well you can start with the jews. I have never found one in all my research of them individually that was not a faggot or a pedo or a felon or all three. They are all part of the Homosexual Occult Theocracy that rules the earth…formalized 'religions' of 'Islam' and 'Christianity' are part of that demonic horde as well. Basically anyone who is part of the Pharisee/Farsi pedo/homo cults is not worth saving. They have voluntarily bound themselves to an institution that is rife with pedo/homos and they need to die with their masters.

bcaaed  No.12071339


I was a genocidal maniac long before I saw that. ETHNO-GLOBE is the only solution but it didn't take that shit to get me there…just normal everyday kike machinations. I am just saying you might want to jettison that shit. It isn't healthy for you or for anyone here.

2e8b44  No.12071387


5be9e5  No.12071435

After investigating this for a while, it becomes clear what this is all about. It's easy enough to create a Tumblr account in less than five minutes, to the tech illiterate a site like Tumblr that asks for little info is seen as secure even though it is owned by Yahoo. The unfriendly search engine, sheer size and traffic of the site as well as the tagging system makes it easier to hide shit at plain sight. Many of them either do not use tags or have developed their own words to refer to certain content. It gives idiots a false sense of anonymity but most of them are rather blatant.

Obviously the authorities are well aware of what's going on and they are using Tumblr as a honeypot to catch anyone who might drop too much information about themselves but ultimately, the temporary nature of these blogs makes it harder to do much about it.

You could drive attention to this much like it happened with Youtube but it would do little other than making people aware of the situation on both ends. The blogs would scramble and reorganize until the mob cools down and end up being back to business.

a60929  No.12071633

File: ee7005116e5d7bc⋯.jpg (69.04 KB, 500x506, 250:253, 2e12dm.jpg)


Go fuck yourself disgusting pedo kike faggot piece of shit.

7d8e6b  No.12071671


That looks like a troll job m8. And you're falling for it.

Your threads were probably deleted for being spam.

ce70c9  No.12071686

4chan mods are also the feds… so yeah pedos

394c2f  No.12071715

Because heaven forbid we already have this thread.

5b7942  No.12071730


take a chill pill. how is anyone supposed to investigate this if you can't even ask for links.

058b7f  No.12071770

i want to believe you but the threads you link dont show any proof, wtf do you want help with exactly?

ff4175  No.12071771


It's blatant censorship and idiots like OP are feeding the ones wielding it…until they come for 8chan (which could happen any day now) and OP is left with only a dumb look on his face.

b20a6b  No.12072028

File: 51a416b603a924f⋯.png (725.25 KB, 2044x1056, 511:264, Ustar HAPPENING.png)

>copy paste this into 4chans pol

>faggots are surprised the links have cp

>literally mentioned cp

>le banned on all boards

I fucking hate that place, but the kikes that owns it even more

394c2f  No.12072116

File: 4815f641980b4bf⋯.jpg (172.68 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, just asking questions.jpg)

394c2f  No.12072126


He needs help building slides for the kids, silly.

924343  No.12072150

Let me guess, they”re some boomer parents sharing pics of their kids?


Anyway children promote them self just for the attention, check youtube.

1aa9b8  No.12072300


bb19e0  No.12072593


From the /b/ thread last night

Pick a user and head down the dark pathway

927135  No.12072680

File: 803191c42717bbb⋯.jpg (124.39 KB, 360x358, 180:179, juncker-projectile-vomit.jpg)


>Go to one of the tumblrs

>first thing I see is some 12 year old taking dick


How are the SJW folks there not bitching up a fucking storm? I thought they were vocally and VEHEMENTLY against this thing. Anybody want to show this to bigwig leftists?

9ea51a  No.12072689


This post gets deleted for advertising CP content in 3… 2… 1…

5c58cc  No.12072744

File: 2e0866b8026d071⋯.png (30.9 KB, 580x453, 580:453, download.png)


This is why you only investigate it for useful information with software ensuring that no images will be shown. I wouldn't visit this shit in the first place as you will have hardly any benefits from that and only possible consequences for looking up this shit. If anyone visited those tumblrs outside of TOR or a genuinely honest and proven VPN they are fucking retarded but it's good. Retarded pedo is a better pedo. However, best pedos are the dead ones

bb19e0  No.12072935


I rather thought anons would have some security knowledge. I would not have posted >>12072593 but anons kept screeching for proofs. I'm running under a live boot and an alternative wifi source while searching through this shit show.

79a865  No.12073026

Can someone give me a tumblr name?

787616  No.12073090



ec0997  No.12073233


Scared, Tumblr?

787616  No.12073251

File: e514738384fa58d⋯.jpg (85.78 KB, 769x799, 769:799, 1532035935932.jpg)




































guys its confirmed its all real

the literal pedos running this shit found this thread and put out a copyright claim to shut it down

the post that was removed was a screencap of the /b/ thread (look for the archive in the Op) that cited a bunch of pedo tags/ names on tumblr


96e013  No.12073283



Yep, even their /pol/ board is infested with the shit. And if you report it, you get banned.

Main reason I migrated here. Once the mods not only allow, but support and protect pedo's sharing fap material. Then it's better to just stay away. Shame, since there was a lot going on there.

55a2ab  No.12073294


Copyright on fucking chans? wew the fucking corruption holy shit, i fucking hate the elites

bb19e0  No.12073299

File: 25281d949052936⋯.jpeg (248.37 KB, 1232x644, 44:23, D033A2F1-108A-43EB-B099-D….jpeg)


>copyright claim

I found that odd

058b7f  No.12073308

ok i found a tumblr im posting it on twitter

058b7f  No.12073314



058b7f  No.12073317


i'd love nothing more than to sift through all the tumblrs and get more names but im pretty sure i will get picked up if i spend another second on those pages

fe8ad1  No.12073319

File: 1f7df9f46584097⋯.png (21.51 KB, 425x104, 425:104, numbers.png)


Numbers are also available here whenever mods don't delete it.

Japan is run by Nazis and people have a hard time believing:


>In June 2008, a bill proposing a ban on child pornography possession was submitted to the House of Representatives of Japan, where it was brought before the Diet in September, but failed to pass.[12] The Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito Party proposed to outlaw any possession of child pornography, but was countered by the Democratic Party of Japan with a different proposal.[13][14] The House of Representatives dissolved on July 21, 2009, and both proposals to revise the law were withdrawn. During the general election of the House of Representatives in August 2009, open letters written by politicians to a civilian organization showed that the politicians were divided on the matter.

After tons of (((international))) pressure

>However, there were no laws addressing the simple possession of any kind of pornography in general (which included child pornography, with no intent to sale or distribute). On 4 June 2014, a bill was approved to be passed to ban the possession.

In many Muslim countries it is normal for women to get married at age 9 and basically hundreds of millions living in these places see it as normal and fine and don't see a reason trying to criminalize it. Faggots however are extremely harmful to the functioning of society so they get killed when caught.

f16eea  No.12073323

Should we get this shit to the FBI?

e22e58  No.12073328


They already run /b/. They know and actively don’t give a shit. Are you fucking retarded? “Should we tell the FBI about their own child porn ring?” The same FBI that didn’t kill hillary for treason?

bb19e0  No.12073330

File: dc8d1fd83669f26⋯.jpeg (111.86 KB, 1242x299, 54:13, 8C4696E0-156C-41B2-9AD8-8….jpeg)

File: c89969568c4a424⋯.jpeg (49.6 KB, 700x379, 700:379, F5079BA1-41E2-4E49-8DD5-9….jpeg)


it is rampant, now the question arises, what can be done to combat this? Honestly, this shit is nothing compared to the information shared via encrypted messengers.

55a2ab  No.12073335


>Still trusting 3 letter agencies

holy shit, whats the deal with americans seriously

f16eea  No.12073351



I thought for a second that they're spying on what I watch or browse.

000000  No.12073368


>FBI ruins its own comps

Not bloody likely.

8c8c5c  No.12073403


Yeah and what do you think the 6 gorillion WHANNAH threads were all about other than normalizing pedophilia/interracial porn on 8chan?

all the polvol repeatedly banned ANYONE who objected for days while nu/pol/ called us all 'kikes' and 'jews' for not wanting porn/interracial porn on a POLITICAL web site. Sound familiar?

814815  No.12073432


Hannah thread has the same purpose as this thread, its illegal to fuck children and its illegal to fuck retards and exposing the people doing both is worthwhile.

e22e58  No.12073446


Report one account to Tumblr. Save the report. If they take action, fine. If they don’t take action, send your report, the link, and their “no action needed” reply to Tucker Carlson via Tor.

058b7f  No.12073471


>what can be done to combat this?

people like us report it and the perps get some sort of punishment that doesn't "fit the crime" but the dissuades them from doing it again.

tumblr creates an algo that will randomly submit one picture from all tumblr accounts for review without the users knowledge, every 3 months. automatic deletion of accounts older than 3 months to prevent getting spammed with fake accounts.

058b7f  No.12073478


the point was me to show that its easy to ensure CP sharing isn't prominent on your platform not that they will do that.

the simple fact they haven't taken pro active measures to prevent this makes them just as guilty. even halfchan act swiftly against CP posted.

bbef5e  No.12073564

File: ba07d934a52ebcb⋯.png (269.76 KB, 1223x1143, 1223:1143, 48009f9d0c0cf3f518b464b5f4….png)



We know. You didnt.

4cuck hold outs occasionally discover this again every so months. There was a reason for the exodus in 2014. We didn't just decided to be faggots and leave the site for no reason. 4chan is COMPROMISED far more than you realize.

Either go back, or lurk. We can't help you. The 4chan mod team needs to be removed.

fe7bc8  No.12073949


4/pol/ has been taken by plebbitors, but can we take it back and turn it back to national socialism again? Do we swarm the threads about hitler natsoc redpills and more so they can finally stop fucking up your board and coming here?

170daa  No.12073986


This. They purged the mods when j00t was preparing to sell the site and made them all sign (((contracts))) that basically made sure they were on board with the new agenda.

8c8c5c  No.12074006



Within exactly 10 minutes of my post, I'm impressed kikes. I knew that you are watching all of 8chan but I didn't realize you watched it this close. Do you guys have an AI alert you or something when one of your CHILD PORN normalization thread is challenged or do you literally have to sit there and pour through each threads comments?

6ff106  No.12074186

I just got banned from 4pol for posting a thread about the pedo ring. how cucked are the mods there?

57d3f2  No.12074225

im all for getting even with cuckchan's mods

who wants to get their information?

efe673  No.12074249



4e6b91  No.12074259


do it , DO IT .

Janitors info as well plz

57d3f2  No.12074263



1 person can't do it alone…

4e6b91  No.12074272


where do we begin?

57d3f2  No.12074295


lets think for a minute

1. The "hierarchy" is like this




2.There is no one janitor, mod or admin that is in charge of or dedicated to just one board, they're in charge of multiple boards, so in that case if you're gonna dox one, you might as well dox all of them

3. off the top of my head, i'd say to reverse ip search their posts, find out who owns them, then get as much personal info on them as you can.

if anyone has any better ideas on how to tackle them, feel free to post them here

6ff106  No.12074308




Fucking do it. the 4chan mods are all pedo loving cucks. fuck em.

7b4788  No.12074507

File: ef511b7a4a21d39⋯.png (1.89 MB, 2016x1536, 21:16, (((CoS))).png)

File: 147e1a249c0c927⋯.png (3.74 MB, 1803x1374, 601:458, pure coincidence.png)


i was working on a thing when the church of satan put up that statue. i'm not the best with this stuff, but i'm sure you get what i was going for. maybe someone can improve it. was going for a normie shock image.

308e6c  No.12074535

File: 6e171b96c495743⋯.jpg (70.84 KB, 299x296, 299:296, truth.JPG)

File: efc2e34dea65bad⋯.gif (852.75 KB, 200x267, 200:267, memeffffff.gif)

File: 86aad687088466a⋯.jpeg (39.28 KB, 704x480, 22:15, meme77o.jpeg)

What they do NOT want you to know about /b/

Note - PAGE UPDATED: http://swansong.co.nf/bbbbb

2b692d  No.12074929


In other news, water is wet and composed of hydrogen and oxygen.

3f9d6d  No.12074942



Whenever you see antigay shit, there is a pedophile behind it. Pedos hate gays and vice versa. Pedos take over everything and them blame their sickness on gays. The moderators here consistently ban people for pointing out or exposing their proclivities.

Most of autists and teens on here lack any real world experience to understand how they are being emotionally manipulated.

bd2b98  No.12075003

Reminder to pay homage to Kek

The world is under Moloch's order

Sow chaos to the corrupt!

bb19e0  No.12075317


Tough break anon, time to clear those cookies I guess. It is getting worse, I've been range-banned over there all summer, big fucking loss I know, but cuckchan mods are being allowed to control the narrative. Fuck that place. Is it completely lost? I do not think so, but it is pretty damn close to falling off the same sjw cliff that has swallowed so many free speech forums

d97d60  No.12075692


>Whenever you see antigay shit, there is a pedophile behind it

Faggots dindu nuffin goy

3f9d6d  No.12075763


Gay men and pedos are opposite ends of attraction. They have nothing in common . The mods and incels on here are hetero pedos. They know they should kill themselves, but project their crap other people.

Some of you are just autistic and easily manipulated.

d97d60  No.12075779


Why are you using faggot lingo? Are you a homo?



3f9d6d  No.12075789


I'm not clicking any links. And I will point out that my argument doesn't require you to leave the site. Anybody can see that all of the chan users are physically and emotionally obsessed with two groups: young girls,and lady boys (boys without testosterone).

You can't even be honest with yourself, how can you try to call me out?

3f9d6d  No.12075794


You are all so obsessed with child porn you need an army of censors to remove it. Is it gay men posting this stuff?

d97d60  No.12075801



Why are you replying to me twice? Why do you post like an outsider?

dc27e3  No.12075996

I've looked through this thread, and through the archived 4/pol/ thread in the OP (The /b/ thread is gone). There's not a single piece of evidence that there is actually cp on tumblr in this thread.

4e2b2a  No.12076151


Only some people are meant to hurt other people with pedo evidence, definitely not /pol/ /b/ tards.

6ff106  No.12076951


There was evidence of CP on tumblr. its all been reported.

d97d60  No.12076977




I won't click any of that shit but a DDG search of "tumblr untitled kik" reveals a shitton of results for unnamed tumblr pages with description that clearly indicate that such content is being shared like people asking for "trade" and "young pics". All the evidence is there if you actually bothered doing your research, stupid.

d97d60  No.12076982


>/pol/ is and always will be Nazi larp

Got lost comrade?

834b53  No.12077510

File: 55e1d1f2e1bc0de⋯.jpg (245.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2c231564c69a1d2d83f0493954….jpg)




8c8c5c  No.12077602

File: 7c4d110bea49954⋯.jpg (70.57 KB, 416x698, 208:349, dog shit in my shoe.jpg)


>Got lost comrade??

Be FIRM with them, anon. Subhumans need authority so you need to treat them like you were talking with a dog who just shit inside your shoe.



>Maybe once in your life you will talk to an actual AB member without even knowing because they aren't [ftfy] fucking posers needing to validate themselves to nerds on the internet.

>they aren't [ftfy] fucking posers

>needing to validate themselves to nerds on the internet


>needing to validate

>on the internet


How do you know I don't know a bunch of them already? You can't swing a dead cat without hitting the AB upside the head where I am right now. Besides, non-poser who doesn't need the internet for validation…are we on the same side or not?

568cba  No.12077651



this this a member of atom waffen? Those loons are into the satanic gay orgy stuff

826173  No.12079556


Nothing new. I myself was perma banned two months back for posting and discussing what was suspected to be search terms used by pedos on search engines on /x/ after they nuked the /pol/ thread. No unbans.

Still got the archive (somewhere) on that, but it contains sensitive information and disturbing pictures that were censored by anons for good measure (legal images, but not shit you want to ever see). I'm not sure if it is worth posting here cause it's that bad. On to of that (if the search is still working) it will turn up CP-lite shit.




baae53  No.12088934



since it has already been pruned from the archive, do note this TIP - next time screenshot the thread - easiest is with firefox60 and do pngquant –nofs

see https://8ch.net/pol/res/12020142.html#12088721

6ffade  No.12090879


anyone who has sex with someone under the age of 25 must hang, anyone who is under 25 having sex must be arrested for social disorder, put into a re-education camp, and then put on a list that tracks mentally ill people for the rest of their lives

eead79  No.12090911

both https://archived.moe/b/thread/778286400/ and https://archived.moe/b/thread/778286400/ (the original thread on /b/) are gone. are the archives being censored as well?

e645bb  No.12094655

File: e6c328b5b58a0ae⋯.png (251.14 KB, 1297x306, 1297:306, Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at ….png)

I agree anon. 4chan mods are def pedos. I posted this thread last night and wake up and find out I was banned for it (pic related).


the other crazy thing about that thread is the guy that posted 100 unrelated images to try to get the thread to bump limit. the legit shilling is really intense.

I also posted a thread about NAMBLA earlier in the night and it was immediately deleted.

I've noticed the most fucked up shit happening over there. I always sort by new so I see all threads that get made. any pedo thread gets nuked. all original, well thought out posts get nuked. OC gets nuked. the only things that are allowed to stay are banal shitposts or people posting some stupid remark from twitter.

that site is being completely destroyed from the inside out, and yes they are protecting pedos too. mods are obviously pedos there.

607ab1  No.12094669


I hope someone gasses you.

f80696  No.12094904

Weeks ago i denounced a cp raid on /b/ in this site, got insults from users, the thread demouncing the raid was deleted and the cp thread was alive for some minutes.

319e33  No.12094982


pedowood being talked about on /x/ was always months long ban, they got kicked off instantly after 2011 when the site began its leftist bent.

068be1  No.12096456

File: cb886a9075386e4⋯.jpg (235.29 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, angery habanero-tan.jpg)




This is actually even worse than the Towercuck fiasco. I'm both impressed and sickened.

068be1  No.12096466

File: 541513aff749d1f⋯.png (834.39 KB, 786x576, 131:96, Red Skull rhetorically que….png)



Does anyone remember that one board on here that shows all copyright claim messages that have been made? I want to look through it for that post.

893237  No.12096476


What do we even do with info about pedos anymore?

I know the FBI was always the go to to drop pedo doxx and proof but can they even be trusted at all anymore? I feel hopeless lately whenever things are found because it seems like no one ever gets fucking punished anyway. And social media is useless for exposing them because you'll just get banned.

We need a new methodology for bringing pedos into the light and exposing/punishing them

1a25b7  No.12096494


It’s called find out where they live and kill them. No, the fucking government can’t be trusted.

321367  No.12096574

File: 55cbb3fccf3aab7⋯.png (510.08 KB, 791x992, 791:992, ClipboardImage.png)



obligatory reminder. pic related.

Police ran a tax payer funded CP 'honeypot' website on the internet for nearly a year while trading CP with pedos. It was only shut down after investigative journalists found out it was the Oz police running it.

2f5b3b  No.12096576

Jews fear everything, that’s why they are neurotic

f6d158  No.12096579


yeah, what he said

8cc7c6  No.12096583


/pol/ is a board of peace, one should never take the law into their own hands. The greatest power is easily accessible information. What is needed is a decentralized database documenting evidence of irrefutable crimes against humanity that have gone punished.

8cc7c6  No.12096585



321367  No.12096640

File: edb81b0f70412c9⋯.png (445.04 KB, 600x600, 1:1, commoncore.png)

File: 70de47c1e789518⋯.png (524.26 KB, 1041x782, 1041:782, civilization&women.png)

File: 8a62264fce9b0a1⋯.jpg (230.17 KB, 1000x976, 125:122, Glubb_-_The_Fate_of_Empire….jpg)


The civilization you enjoy today didn't happen because your forefathers left crimes unpunished.

However this civilization is crumbling as humanity moves into the 2nd Dark Ages. Pic related.

484335  No.12096654


deleting cp and access to cp does not mean they are covering up, or are involved with pedo ring. However 4chan is a honeypot to catch pedos, I think at this point most of the internet is

2d7d54  No.12096675


If the old way produces 1, shouldn't it be 20/(5(2*2) or shown more clearly that the entire bit after 20 is its own grouping? I had read it as 20÷5*(2*2) which would have been 16, since it would resolve left-to-right.

I should just stop trying to make sense of common core.

321367  No.12096700

File: 834a7ed3e6d3163⋯.mp4 (5.96 MB, 854x480, 427:240, culturalsubversiondyingciv….mp4)

File: 207bb78a1ae063d⋯.png (69.66 KB, 374x374, 1:1, commoncore2.png)


>I had read it as 20÷5*(2*2) which would have been 16, since it would resolve left-to-right.

No. I've had this argument before.

Your education was also fucked. It is 1.

It doesn't resolve left-to-right, it resolves in order of precedence. The reason you think it is left to right is because of a change in the way calculators did operations in the late 90s - which resulted in early education read "totally shit at math early grade teachers" abandoning maths principles and following what the calculator did.

Your age is probably between mid 20s to mid 30s. ~28/29

Society crumbles slowly and there is rot through each generation.

753030  No.12096743

>>12096700 (Checked)

But they're using computer notation for the arithmetic. That means "/" is divide, and "*" is multiply. So the answer actually is 16. So 2*2, solved first is four, and 20 / 5 is 4, and 4(4) is 16.

771eff  No.12096755

File: a1dec44e45d4e4d⋯.jpg (136.49 KB, 484x628, 121:157, moot the betrayer.jpg)

File: c9cb7d278994897⋯.jpg (214.2 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, pepetoad.jpg)


>cuckchans mods are pedos

>cuckchan mods are from tumblr

Is it really that surprising after the events of 2014? Of course the nu-mods are tumblrites. No surprise that neofags would've also gotten into the position as well.

321367  No.12096761


>another one from the same era with also fucked up education appears


No. It is not "computer notation" despite what kikepedia will tell you it came from typewriters, that went into electro-mechanical devices (like automated counting systems), then ended up in computers much much later on.

No the answer is not 16, because it is done by order of precedence. There is an implicit multiplication that is not written between the "5" and the "(". This is obvious to those who didn't have a fucked up education in this area at least, and completely oblivious to those who got (((educated))). The 5x(….) has higher precedence than the /5 and is computed first.

The answer is ONE, and only ONE. Nothing else.

321367  No.12096771


>First image is a photoshop. Don’t post hoaxes.

proof or GTFO.

The fact people are replying and arguing it is 16 not 1 is already evidence it is true Levi.

771eff  No.12096778

File: 5cc7e2054f16acb⋯.png (7.51 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, NOA .png)

321367  No.12096780


>There is an implicit multiplication that is not written between the "5" and the "("

*There is an implicit multiplication that is not written between the "5" and the "(" which has a higher precedence than the preceding divisor.

2d7d54  No.12096784


>it resolves in order of precedence

Each step of order of precedence resolves from left to right, dingus. My complaint was that the / is not clearly a denominator or a division symbol within that context, and that the ambiguity could lead it being interpreted as either formula in the second pic. It is impossible to tell which one it is supposed to be from just 20/5(2*2) alone, which is why they should have written it as either 20/(5(2×2)) OR 20÷5×(2×2) depending on what they were actually trying to say.

8cc7c6  No.12096787


Since all definitions of order of operations online treat multiply and divide at the same level and to be worked from left to right the onus is on you to post some classical literature to refute that. I see no evidence that an implicit multiply is higher than an explicit division.

321367  No.12096811


>Each step of order of precedence resolves from left to right, dingus

>repeats the error but doesn't realize.

No, it does not resolve left-to-right. It resolves in order of precedence.

>and that the ambiguity could lead it being interpreted as either

There is NO ambiguity. That's the whole point! You believe there is ambiguity because you suffered a faulty education and don't know that 20 / 5(2*2) is equivalent to 20 / (5* (2*2) ). The "5(" equivalent to "5*(" is calculated BEFORE the "/5". You do not know this, thus you think there is ambiguity.

321367  No.12096816


>This mistake has been repeated many times therefore it is true.


In 20 years time you will be arguing with most adults that there are only 2 genders who will tell you the internet says you are wrong.

321367  No.12096824


> onus is on you to post some classical literature to refute that

>I am wrong and ignorant so you have to prove it.

No nigger. I already know. You can learn to do it properly or not. I give no fucks if you want to stay dumb.

2d7d54  No.12096972




>asserts things without evidence

Well, guess how much evidence I need to dismiss you as wrong?

321367  No.12097157


>>asserts things without evidence

>being this much of a nigger

Nigger I'm asserting the evidence of my knowledge which we've proven you lack! You are the one who doesn't know what the answer should be. I KNOW there is no "ambiguity".

Did your kindergarten teacher prove that the symbol "1" put down twice on paper with a "+" between meant "2"? No. They stated it.

Did someone prove to you "nigger" was spelled n-i-g-g-e-r? No. That's how it fucking well is.

If kikes overtook your education system and shoahd this knowledge into oblivion - which proves the point I was making about civilization being fucked tough shit for you. The only place you'll now find the unshoahd knowledge is in rare books or with the anons who know better and graciously pass down the information to you.

You're probably naive enough to think it's only history that is being (((rewritten))). Go find a proper math book from before you arrived on Earth or carry on doing your math that always adds up to 6million, I've wasted enough time on you already.

fc0c7b  No.12097218

File: b8daf84232f65b1⋯.jpg (34.84 KB, 340x331, 340:331, Pedo_bear_dies.jpg)

4fags mods are hiding something maybe one of them are tied into this tumblr pedo ring.


Time to dig.

84d1c7  No.12097223

File: 8a0c9ce3dc10c49⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 302x167, 302:167, infinite.jpg)


Can confirm halfchan mods are compromised

They covered up the R9K blackmail/suicide thing which is multiple felony territory, but when I mentioned this to other anons in a thread I was banned for a month

Really gets the noggin joggin.

b069d5  No.12097226


>even the chans aren't safe from the pedos

jesus fucking christ i hate newfags so much

fc0c7b  No.12097248


don't forget them nuking the SNCTM iand NXIVM threads.

2d7d54  No.12097252

File: 483167e9dc69254⋯.jpg (96.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 483167e9dc692541cd7dd21e81….jpg)


>calls other a nigger

>fails reasoning 101

I can claim there's an invisible pi whenever there's a number next to a parenthesis, but until you actually provide anything to back that up, you are going to be mocked and ignored.

a19929  No.12097288

>pedo thread turns into thread of people not understanding PEMDAS

the answer is 1 you halfwits

8cc7c6  No.12097749

File: 9c1684298dac123⋯.jpg (71.5 KB, 669x696, 223:232, 9c1684298dac1236b6595c53f1….jpg)


>Thinks PEMDAS means M is higher than D and A is higher than S

>Thinks 2 / 2 * 3 = 0.33…

>Thinks 1 - 2 + 3 = -4

c3a6bf  No.12097804


Pemdas. You do the multiplication in the parenthesis first then all other multiplication, and then division.

The answer is then 1.

Primary education may be forgiving, but once you get to multivariate, diffeq, thermodynamics and statistal mechanics you will completely fail and continue to make minor errors after learning the correct way out of habit.

c3a6bf  No.12097827


You're retarded. The division symbol means it is a fraction. It was invented for typewriters.

That is why order of operation was made.

In college we didn't use the division symbol at all, we wrote them as fractions.

64afe7  No.12097833



You multiply before you divide.

e1a893  No.12097898


HTG isn’t frank.

Frank is a schizo who focuses all his time convincing other schizos feminism is a literal contagious virus.

I often pop in just to ask for his most solid proof of the virus

>feminists are different than non-feminists.

Now I usually just post a copy-pasta about how democrats are a mind virus because they are different than Republicans.

6864f3  No.12098023


PEMDAS is weird it's P E (MD) (AS) whenever two of multiplication / division or addition / subtraction are in a row you just go left to right.. Though that's usually taught in like 3rd grade. Can't expect niggers or kikes to get that.

6864f3  No.12098030


The way (((tumblr))) answers DMCA takedowns is by taking down only the original post. But any previews in other people's blogs linking to said post still stay up and contain the CP. There's probably more CP on (((tumblr))) than in the NSA database.

6c6de3  No.12098059


We were taught BEDMAS, but essentially the same thing.

6864f3  No.12098074



So yes identical in function.

d2e927  No.12098097

File: bdbbdd35c23f43a⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 344x326, 172:163, 1359986204409.jpg)

>Community renowned for its free nature which attracts pedophiles

>Same community evolves to actively hate pedophiles

>Regular pedo investigation threads pop up

>Massive moderation shift takes place in said community

>Said mods are actual pedos

>Pedo investigation threads conveniently start to die off and are otherwise purged

>Actively partake in pedophile coverup

Fuck, this is actually genius. Instead of fighting their enemies, these sick fucks simply took them over to parade them around as a glorified, false flagged sockpuppet so they can say "See?! Look! It's those 4chan guys, they're the real pedos!". They can freely partake in their filth, all while protected under the banner of another.

I feared 8chan was going down this route, but thankfully the shitty mods were purged from here before it got worse.

b90bda  No.12098115

important thread, pedophilia is absolutely sickening.

knowing people like


exist and aren't getting caught makes my stomach turn.

e1a893  No.12098133


>Anybody can see that all of the chan users are physically and emotionally obsessed with two groups: young girls,and lady boys (boys without testosterone).

You realize you just admitted to being either a faggot or a pedo, right?

000000  No.12098141


I love Camille

7253ff  No.12098194


>Gay men and pedos have nothing in common

Except a tendency toward sodomy with underaged persons

7d4a4d  No.12099140

Why were you relying on 4chan archive services rather than using archive.is or archive.fo? Are you people 4niggers fucking retarded?

3ad166  No.12113497


Isn't it more likely that they nuked it to stop promoting easy access to offending tumblrs as they undoubtedly have likely forwarded it to the fbi?

433b42  No.12115570


see: >>12073564

we've gotten another thread like this from a 4cucker "uncovering" some unspeakable degeneracy every couple months for 4+ yrs now, anon. there's a reason everyone left. no one here is going to help bc there's no saving 4cuck at this point. and, after the imkikey r/t_D fiasco, h8/pol/ has its hands full with its own shills and degenerates. either stay or go, but don't expect that anything can be done about these issues

there's a 4cuck mod doxing thread. perhaps try there

acbfc1  No.12115599


we call it BIDMAS here

3e9b04  No.12123428

File: a0433a7f036e964⋯.gif (2.25 MB, 320x240, 4:3, mods.gif)

Op is just figuring this out?

c773af  No.12137564

File: 8a0d9a340bb8849⋯.jpg (15.32 KB, 635x542, 635:542, 1514373421721.jpg)


>I usually only browse halfchan


>so why dont we, go aroung and fuck with TUMBLR because we can?

>why dont we


you go ahead faggot, we'll be right behind you

1a25b7  No.12137565


<oy vey pedophiles are great

How about you go back to 4chan where you belong.

6c47cf  No.12139742


>if you don't become my personal army you're a cuckchanner

how new are you? also nigger, if we could do something about 4cuck mods we wouldn't have migrated here in the first place. If we had had control over 4/pol/ during GG we never would have come here. The solution was not to personal army dox the mods and fuck with moot, it was to leave a sinking ship entirely.

356d33  No.12142712

Serious question…

How does anyone even use niggerchan /pol/? I tried to post something there a few days ago (just a response, not even an edgy one) and it just kept making me solve captchas. I didn't bother. Do you have to do that everytime? I seriously question if there are even actual users on that board anymore. It seems like it's just bots. Is 4niggers just a bot stream? I doubt it's even owned by some little japanese boy as is rumored. Probably it's an Alphabet property at this point.

563b75  No.12142816

File: c80956df309d2da⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1892x941, 1892:941, pedo twitter.png)


4/pol/ mods obviously are shills, however that they deleted it may just be for their own legal safety. by exposing the guys you essentially tell anons how to find CP on tumblr making 4chan defacto a source to find CP.

So I can see some reasoning there but similar bullshit happened. remember when some user reported 1000s of CP accounts on twitter and was banned from twitter himself as a result?

563b75  No.12142841


i didnt say its a good justification, but i can see that being one.

would you rather delete a thread or possibly be charged of running a website allowing CP to be distributed?

i also can see this to merely be an excuse to shut it down too though

c0af5c  No.12145497


heh, like always, when you reach peak degeneracy, nazis show up to purge it. truly god's work

cd3f19  No.12148685

File: bee59f3b3b69a02⋯.png (3.47 KB, 698x1284, 349:642, pretending.png)


>Pedo shit is just bantz m8

0f060d  No.12148694



Take 5

0f060d  No.12148702


Too late, I don’t think he understands where he’s at.

c0a487  No.12149576


While at the same time somehow missing a child services worker who had been molesting children in his care for years, right under their noses. Funnily enough, the daycare network was Jewish.

5eb168  No.12149629

go back

7590ea  No.12149708

File: a4aa0de55e55c61⋯.jpg (72.84 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 1528218443394.jpg)

>pedo communities this large outside of Tor and on the most pozzed LGBTQBRAAAP internet hub are a thing

Why is the slippery slope still considered a fallacy again?

fe7bc8  No.12179695


> 8chan was going down this route, but thankfully the shitty mods were purged from here before it got worse.

Mods are still bad here and banning good threads meant for good discussion or anchoring them, how ever they are better than the previous, but not as much.

bbb0da  No.12179983

ITT: Newfag central

fb3961  No.12180044

File: 70655ce101c5d4c⋯.jpg (171.67 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, (1).jpg)


fb3961  No.12180062

File: 19ce6e69a904f44⋯.jpg (103.69 KB, 862x1078, 431:539, (2).jpg)


fb3961  No.12180068

File: cafb5447f84a9a5⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, (3).jpg)


fb3961  No.12180075

File: ac3c7c89eb5aad1⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1080x1323, 40:49, (4).jpg)

File: f23c864f91747e9⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1080x1319, 1080:1319, (5).jpg)

File: a3b32ceb96d7850⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1080x1323, 40:49, (6).jpg)


fb3961  No.12180077

File: 2c07811937edf9e⋯.jpg (255.31 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, (3).jpg)

Piumi hansamali

4289cf  No.12180080

File: 87d4935fdf31a3e⋯.png (91.18 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Some Indian girls are qt

fb3961  No.12180083

File: 4d521309b56b69a⋯.jpg (291.57 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, (8).jpg)


fb3961  No.12180084

File: 5d4cfc6b4b8933c⋯.jpg (176.02 KB, 1080x809, 1080:809, (9).jpg)


dc40e7  No.12180147


It's much worse now. MUCH WORSE.

6fd0f1  No.12180174


Fuck me…

e6f5ad  No.12180175

File: 833bd5a1c02e00b⋯.png (248.32 KB, 1130x2641, 1130:2641, Why the copyright lobby lo….png)

A little lesson for you /pol/…the order of child abuse goes neglect, violence and sexual abuse. The majority of sexual abuse happens inside the family unit. These cases cannot be prevented. The only ways for a child to get out of a situation like this is speaking up, an outside source reading the situation right or the perpetrator making a mistake. YOU and your censorship attitude are preventing those perpetrators to share their crimes with the world, which makes YOU responsible for the prolonged abuse of children.


Utter nonsense. Money is behind it, like always…Jewish money. (pic related)

dc40e7  No.12180207


>which makes YOU responsible for the prolonged abuse of children


Fuck off NSA agitpol.

e6f5ad  No.12180223


But you are…if you don't let Daddy shitpost on the web he climbs back into his daughters bed. Is this what you want to happen?

>NSA agitpol

I have no argument therefore I paint you as a new enemy.

5015a0  No.12180246


pemdas dumbshit

1309b4  No.12180251

many newfags here, some things to remember: kikechan is always compromised. always. tumblr has had cp since the beginning. yahoo owns tumblr and has a very close relationship with feds. giving them access to everyone's emails and whatnot. the feds know, yahoo knows, everyone who has the authority to do something is doing nothing. look up the girl who doxxed 65,000 pedos on twitter and got arrested, so practice opsec when fucking with tumblr. one last thing newfags, you're here forever.

5015a0  No.12180253


In the equation 20/5n where n=2*2 what is the answer?

5015a0  No.12180255


if you have the equation


——– over


the answer is 1

the anon is correct and you are crap at math

5015a0  No.12180263



also the 5 counts as part of parentheses, don't ask me why I barely remember

5015a0  No.12180269



>Sideways Formatting and Multiplication-by-Juxtaposition

>16 ÷ 2[8 – 6] + 1

>16 ÷ 2[2] + 1

>16 ÷ 4 + 1

8ec939  No.12180276


Post the full pic of that here, please. Do you have any more information on it? Around the date it happened or where this house of his was?

e8d442  No.12180288

File: 29a94eab61fa3c4⋯.jpg (687.79 KB, 2000x3000, 2:3, 144682_0366_FULL.jpg)

Really? Then why was I called an "idiot pedophile" and permanently banned from 4chan for posting this image on the television and film board?

8965df  No.12180289


they are projecting you fucking retard. they see a child and automatically think about fucking it

e8d442  No.12180313


Hmmm, maybe you're right. My post wasn't lewd and was an obvious joke to anyone whose sense of irony hasn't been crippled by autism.

e6f5ad  No.12180346


BUT, consider this…what if her lipstick tastes like strawberry?

076e3e  No.12180355


kill yourself

e6f5ad  No.12180373


Easy there, I just wanted to test your sense of humor…how should I know that you're more of a cherry guy?

80aaea  No.12180374

This site is just as bad, most of the users here masturbate to cartoon porn drawn to look like children. They have sexual urges only kids can fix so they are pedos, therefore this site is full of Pedos

e6f5ad  No.12180398


Why are you here and where are the victims?

8965df  No.12180440


You masturbate to children.

80aaea  No.12180511


Go watch some anime faggot

e6f5ad  No.12180528


In one post you go from complaining about user of cartoon porn to implying another anon masturbates to real children…can you not see how this behavior is a fanatic one, that can (and has) put innocent lives at danger? You're not motivated by protecting children, you're motivated purely to destroy something you don't like…that is wrong.

e8d442  No.12180573


I don't like strawberries.

eea743  No.12180579


>you're motivated to destroy something you don't like

no fucking shit you retard. i fucking hate how you pedos are allowed to masturbate to cartoon children and i want to destroy you

also Hitler hated Jews fucking up his country

you clearly don't belong here.

60947b  No.12180626


But I'm the one who posted evidence that links the whole CP censorship movement to the kikes…a movement you're participating in. A movement that puts children in danger. You're being played like a fiddle, kid.

80aaea  No.12182441


This is why I hardly post here anymore, people like you are the people I would be associating with. People who want to fuck kids while saying they want to save the white race. This place is a pit of degeneracy.

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