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File: 11119b94a666667⋯.jpg (34.32 KB, 500x285, 100:57, fargo.jpg)

File: 8c09bc6148cffe0⋯.jpg (53.98 KB, 656x371, 656:371, halifax.jpg)

60e678  No.12071787

On the need for a WN-dominated city:

Like them or not, cities are where laws, cultures, and regional and national discourse come into fruition. Virtually all of us will have to enter a city at some point or another, many different times in our lives. One anon in a different thread said that if a white person finds themselves in a court of law for whatever reason in a city, the demographics will almost assuredly work against said person, as the jury pool will be selected from the jews and other nonwhites residing in the cities. A white nationalist-dominated city would act as a safe haven for whites who would otherwise be persecuted by the jewdicial system. Furthermore, WNs would have a much greater say in the way public schools would function, perhaps allowing for the possibility of holocaust revisionism at least being allowed a snippet of discourse, if holohoax ed. is still mandated by the federal Department of Education. It could also be a place to start companies that could veer away as best as feasibly possible from EEOC kikes, and even start a WN tech scene.

Thus, I propose a concerted effort over the next several years with establishing a foothold in a medium-sized city that has not become unreasonably cucked and kiked like Chicago or Portland have. Cities like Boise, Idaho or Des Moines, Iowa or even something smaller like Appleton, Wisconsin or Duluth, Minnesota could be targets for WN takeover. They are not queered and jewed cities like Raleigh or Indianapolis and are in fertile states that are not demographic time bombs like the southeast or west coast. Or in Canada, perhaps places like Red Deer, Alberta or St. John's, Newfoundland if they aren't too late yet (or even try larger cities like Winnipeg and Edmonton if feasible. Also, what about Fort McMurray?).

Being scattered in communes of 30-max people is an assured way for destruction, and most people, including most WNs aren't even going to go that route as they can see how futile it is.

So, /pol/, what city or cities would you think would make the best target(s)?

8d14a3  No.12071827


Every single capital city has a powerful den of jews who will go full whitefish on you the instant you raise your head. Fuck, even whitefish had a powerful den of jews ready to slander and sue anyone advocating for whites. If you do a take over it has to be subtle. It requires a great number of back room conversations and private residence cigar fueled meetings. Start with the republicans. Get them to hand over the reigns. Start bringing in your friends. No spergs allowed. Tactical patience required.

60e678  No.12071878


Whitefish is a resort town, so that could be a reason why there are more jews there than one might expect, and I think the same applies for Jackson Hole, Wyoming. But what about non-resort towns that aren't expensive, politically centrist to right-wing, and have "normal" demographics (i.e. not an excess of "millionaires")? And of course you can't just sperg about WNism right off the bat, nor should any mental defectives be allowed in. But what if a large contingent could be summoned over the years to the point that WNs could hold Holocaust Truth protests?

02be98  No.12071915


Important thread. I've been thinking this for a long time but haven't the brain to put it to words this well. Bless your heart. Bump

6763c7  No.12071920


>muh spergs

Hi trs

60e678  No.12071922


I looked into this Whitefish gambit some more. Richard Spencer was involved. Well, no shit it didn't go anywhere. Anyone who has ever been affiliated with the alt-right will have to be seen as a fifth column agent and excluded from this city.


Thanks, anon.

1fd5f1  No.12071928

We need whites to be a minority, think about it: whites reverse the roles on blacks and get free shit.

83f59d  No.12071946

Not your blog, faggot.

60e678  No.12071952


Because that worked out so well for Boers. Are you 12?


Not your thread, kike.

e53cd8  No.12071954


>hurrr durrrrrr the rule of law exists

>hurrr durrrrrr jews will totally treat whites better when they’re a minority

Reminder that this is reddit and that the board is destroyed.

000000  No.12071963

1. Buy land

2. Move onto it

3. ???

4. Reclaim Europe

000000  No.12071986


>oy vey all the nu/fags/

Reminder that these are the same shills from the 2016 election and following year.

f395ab  No.12071995



04dd98  No.12072010

less cities more towns

small communities are far more secure and trustworthy

cities will draw in the slime no matter what

7a1cab  No.12072175


>Like them or not, cities are where laws, cultures, and regional and national discourse come into fruition.

You might want to tell that to the POTUS, he apparently didn't get the memo

60e678  No.12072189


Well, he's not doing anything about sanctuary cities, affirmative action, LGBT propaganda, or other antiwhite urban norms, so I think he got the memo just fine.

b48ecb  No.12072237

File: f5cd6a47cdb2327⋯.jpg (37.01 KB, 500x425, 20:17, 1535262565731-g.jpg)


WI is the new fatherland

7c05ea  No.12072245

Washington is the designated WN white flight destination

7a1cab  No.12072259


I'd say he's doing (whether intentionally or not) a damn good job of exciting whites into action.

That's more than any one person has done in my lifetime.

My comment was about him winning the election without winning over major metropolis areas like LA and JewYork

4143ea  No.12072267

File: fe2eda810900e88⋯.png (111.72 KB, 289x300, 289:300, it is how it is.png)


I like your idea OP, but it won't last.

A certain degree of "sovereignty" (a key concept) is only possible if you support it with guns. And to make it feasible you have to scale the city idea to a whole State, which is able to have its own militia and supply it with the means to dissuade kikery infiltration and other external aggressions.

And for sure that they will come for us, ZOG will never allow Whites escaping its grip without a war.

f21e11  No.12072277


The problem with this is that it assumes "the minority group" is a net-negative (economically) and will use its minority status to get gibs (this example could also be a misrepresentation though, it's possible for the minority to be making money AND want to be leeches- but back to my original point).

This has been proven hilariously wrong by asians, who despite being more of a minority than nogs, get the opposite treatment (such as docked points on standardized tests).

It also assumes that the nogs pay enough in taxes to spare gibs to the whites. This is not the case- on average, the nogs will still ask for more in gibs than they provide, meaning that you are just making the pool of people who actually keep the system afloat (in this case, your white minority) destined to fail earlier.

Notice that I said earlier. The niggers and spics already drain so much money from whites that the system as-is will collapse in a few decades. Your example would simply cause it to happen in a few years.

A WN city would be the opposite of a typical US city. There would be no huge financial drain on the whites and asians, meaning that the typical downfalls of the US (financially) such as fucking retarded medical costs and abysmal real estate will be fixed.

04dd98  No.12072288



Call them kikes, stop using the term that implies that already won. Stop accepting defeat. What are the odds you're not even American?

52b62b  No.12072308

File: 2cb36f81b125c83⋯.mp4 (6.72 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2cb36f81b125c839d676b0613a….mp4)

what about Buffalo, NY? Not huge and they wouldn't be upset about a bunch of white people moving in.

I'll try to compile a list of cities that could fit the bill.

60e678  No.12072322


Would love to see that, anon. (But Buffalo? What about JYC domination of state politics?)

4143ea  No.12072325

File: 1fa88ff77688168⋯.jpg (99.49 KB, 633x650, 633:650, ac.jpg)


And in one month the Congress will pass a bill enforcing even tighter forced racial integration.

This dance is already known. The kikes own the legal framework. If you play by their rules, you loose.

7b03a0  No.12072341

What about like Billings MT? Already an extremely white state with very loose gun laws.

Or Keene new Hampshire, their governmental structure would allow for a takeover

524045  No.12072369

2a611c  No.12072461

File: 51bb526aed96e72⋯.jpg (66.62 KB, 707x705, 707:705, C_fcL3OXYAMvmbx.jpg)


You're on the right track anon. I've been proposing a similar strategy whenever the northwestern front suicide pact threads pop up.

We need to do what the jews do. They concentrate in a suburb of a major city. Once you hit a critical mass of around 5-10% of the population you are able to take over the local government. This is because typically in a mayoral or city council election only about 10-20% of the eligable population votes. Half that votes in primaries. With 5% of the population being very politically active you can dominate the one of the primaries and assure that your candidates are the only option on the ballot. With 10% you can dominate both.

Once the city government is in the control of this minority they begin implicit programs that help themselves (jews can do it explicitly). They hire only businesses they own for government contracts. The open government funded community centers. etc. In the case of a pro-white town you'd aggressively enforce immigration and reward businesses who only hire citizens.

From here you use your influence to push your policies on the city as a whole and spread from there.

The problem is doing this when people are looking. No one watching every move that jews make. It's also a very exclusive club. I can't walk in there with my blonde hair, blue eyes and strong chin and say "Hello fellow kikes! What subversion are we planning today?" Whereas and pro-white meeting will be flooded with anti-white FBI agents and buzzfeed reporters.

In order to do this is would have to follow the footsteps of James Allsup and seek office while presenting as paleocons.

19a2bc  No.12072543

File: 30360834a603247⋯.jpg (85.41 KB, 486x279, 54:31, main_e.jpg)

File: f5699544d581773⋯.jpg (38.04 KB, 630x500, 63:50, supreme_court.jpg)

File: 8341e3f955c3d21⋯.jpg (58.94 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 400x400JewishJustice2.jpg)

File: b7fb9b8b744af2b⋯.jpg (71.93 KB, 745x572, 745:572, jewishsupremecourt.jpg)

File: bac3f22fba12f21⋯.png (122.55 KB, 720x764, 180:191, Screenshot_20180827-125153….png)

good luck with your Ethnocity anon.

because the idea of white separatism, while noble and well intended, is utterly futile in the legal sense, decades after ZOG SCOTUS has ruled in multiple decisions to force race mixing down everyone's throats and force your sweet little innocent Becky's to live next door to Tyrone and LaShonWakanda and Hot Nigga, not to mention Pablo, Chapo, Kumar, Chan, Moshe and Muhammad.

when your little Becky sneaks out of her bedroom window at 3am to go next door and spread wide her tight front hole and permit the niggers and spics and mud bloods to run a train on her, it's not really her fault. your dear cherb Becky is merely fulfilling her instinctual budding womanly desire to get gangbanged and multiply inseminated by whatever virile male stock are the nearest in proximity.

the niggers are your neighbors now goy, and because this is enforced by SCOTUS, nothing less than a total revolution which nullifies every decree of SCOTUS by abolishing SCOTUS, blowing up the Supreme Court Building and hunting down, capturing and executing every former SOCTUS Justice has a snowball in hell's chance to restore what once was in America.

of course to do all of that will require the same abolition, demolition and execution of every Federal Agency, who would be legally bound to enforce and defend SCOTUS.

so as you can see, America is well beyond "fixing", and nothing less than the violent overthrow of FedGov will solve our White Genocide problem.

b4319f  No.12072617


>SCOTUS says that that's illegal

All politics is local.

It is nearly impossible to effect local policies if there is real opposition on the ground from dedicated nationalists.

>Blow up the supreme court

Great idea. You first.


This is correct. We must start functioning as a political bloc. We must contain our squabbles and stop allowing our enemies to divide and conquer us so easily.

928f5e  No.12072685






And the term means more than just "kikes." There are also numerous "shabbos goyim" who willingly and with full knowledge work with the kikes. Then there are various kike-ally cults like the freemasons and the luciferians. Then there are the shekel factory internationalists and the megacorporations, some of which are kike run and some aren't. They just want more power and shekels, and don't give a damn about Whites. Also there are the vast hordes of bureaucrats and police/ military (AKA "ZOGbots") who will follow orders and uphold the laws that hurt Whites, even to the point of violence and murder.

"ZOG" is more than just "kikes." It is a vast interlocking system of control the purpose of which is to further kike interests and hurt White people.


This, unfortunately. They would be busing in tens of thousands of fresh-off-the-boats niggers and muslums within weeks of White Nationalists getting control to be placed into federally mandated HUD housing. Even before then they would be attacking and harassing the White leaders however they could.

I'm not saying not to try OP's idea, but none of the "diversity" shit is just "happening." It is an actively orchestrated long term plan to genocide White America.

Redpill more Whites.

Perhaps OP's plan would work today, given that more Whites are becoming redpilled.

b4319f  No.12072717


>If you play by the rules, you lose

>pic of anime girl with gun

>implying we should try assassinating people or something

Yeah sure. Except everyone here knows that posting that cute picture of yours is the most you will ever do. No one here is going to blow up federal buildings because we each have concocted 1000 reasons why not to.

This is how most anons justify their inactivity;

Oh today just isn't the right day

I'm saving up money so I can fund the revolution

The CIA is too powerful

The FBI has mind reading divices

I'll just wait for someone else to begin and then, THEN I'll go full Rambo and do the next 9/11

It wouldn't do any good, I'm just one person

So they just post cute anime pictures like you and say edgy things on the internet.

So no. Violence is not the answer. Without organization, violence is impotent. It's even more impotent when no one here will actually do anything.

So, what options does that leave us?

Practical politics. That is achieving our goals by ANY MEANS within the rules and within the laws.

That's the way forward.

ee0068  No.12072721


Whites must cooperate as a bloc but even that is not happening without force. White people will respect force and violent removal of anti-whites. It is this that will bond us as all the non-whites around us growl even louder. We are going to have to kill many and it must happen. You must think that these non-whites are already caught in your trap. Now you finish them.

b4319f  No.12072743


>White people should kill non-Whites

>White people ought to kill non-Whites

>It'd be nice if White people could kill non-Whites in the future

>It'd be beneficial if' White people killed non-Whites

Yeah sure. But all these great ideas are but thoughts in your head until you seize control of a government. Without political power, you cannot effect any policy ideas. And without organization, you cannot wield political power.

72105f  No.12072785


Duluth is already being bought out by rich kikes from Chicago and NYC. It's a no-go. I'm not sure about the other ones right now.

348520  No.12072871


I've got an idea. We build a city underwater. No hear me out. First we find where Atlantis sunk, somewhere in the Atlantic i'm guessing, which is good because then the chinks won't bother us, Then we find their technology which is thousands of years ahead of DARPA and use that to enclose the city in a giant missile proof glass bubble. The first step though is to set up an expedition base in the Azores, where we stock up on scuba gear to find the sunken city. Now the hard part will be deciding what religion we'll follow…. some type of christianity or paganism, or maybe we come up with something water themed involving Neptune. Look atm i'm just bouncing these thoughts around in my head, but i think it's a winner. Keep an eye out lads because i'll soon post a more detailed plan of action here on /pol/. peace out.

72105f  No.12072907


Atlantis was made up for the sake of argument

5d9349  No.12072919


Houston already exists

4a6e8c  No.12072937


>need for a WN-dominated city

No you dont need a live in a city and the longer whites stay in a city the higher chance they become soyfags. Instead you fill up the surrounding rural areas to the max and ensure your area never becomes too developed. Also the cost of raising kids in rural areas is far less than in a city.

4a6e8c  No.12072939


>We need whites to be a minority, think about it: whites reverse the roles on blacks and get free shit.

Kek. Those gibs won't be there for any white minorities.

1a9a39  No.12072942


The jews also have an ethnoreligion to bind them. Whites proclaimed that God is dead and never bothered to replace him.

6031f0  No.12073041


Fuck off mongrel.

6dc6eb  No.12073099


>The jews also have an ethnoreligion to bind them.

Whites need there own ethnoreligion. You can then use then temple/church as a base of operations and get the followers to block vote, just like what Jews and Muslims do.

I'm still dumbfounded that whites don't have their own religion.

4143ea  No.12073379

File: d0741cfaebdef4d⋯.png (139.24 KB, 452x435, 452:435, yeap2.png)


>pic of anime girl with gun

>implying we should try assassinating people or something


You misinterpreted the pic. It was meant to be funny and nothing else.

You should take everything written here as trolling and describing hypothetical scenarios.

/pol/ is a board of peace and so do I.

I suggest you pay a visit to a professional to check your violent thoughts.

Psychological projection sometimes can end up with tragic consequences anon.

1a9a39  No.12073472


>I'm still dumbfounded that whites don't have their own religion.

It will be the death of us.

2a894c  No.12073489


I mean /pol/ is serious when it comes to white nationalism but I just think that you shouldn't take anything too seriously here.

62d54a  No.12073514

File: 038532471e92700⋯.png (143 KB, 660x509, 660:509, 1503484060257.png)

391fac  No.12073515

File: e3cdc0f741fe167⋯.jpeg (21.07 KB, 255x251, 255:251, 3D0F8E67-5563-4648-ADA4-5….jpeg)



4143ea  No.12073544

File: 997186f7bdc1016⋯.jpg (255.13 KB, 1500x778, 750:389, qwert.jpg)


Definitely, or he is a Fed (by the way doing a very defective approach), or a newfag without a clue of /pol/'s culture.

In any case, he doesn't belong here.

d56abd  No.12073558

File: 6be8fdae7d5df1c⋯.png (713.61 KB, 757x451, 757:451, Gandalf Varg.png)

File: 067f2a0a6045724⋯.jpg (12.08 KB, 320x350, 32:35, Varg-smiling.jpg)

File: 8e0b59dc1be98b8⋯.png (302.17 KB, 530x571, 530:571, Ascended Varg.png)



>Whites need their own ethnoreligion

>I'm still dumbfounded that whites don't have their own religion

It's called paganism. I shouldn't have to point this out.

Mandatory watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAPc6qY_NsE&t=186s

2a611c  No.12073597

File: 56b34c904290355⋯.jpg (161.6 KB, 1170x786, 195:131, krqqu9zwsbxy.jpg)


My vote is Denver. Starting with a suburb that whites have fled to like Lakewood or Highlands Ranch.

Colorado has a small enough population that we don't need that many people to control elections. The economy is very diverse, tech, agriculture, oil, hospitality, military, it's all there, anyone can find a job. DIA is a major hub of air traffic.

Whites there are rapidly becoming racially aware because they've gone from 90% white to 50% in less than 20 years. It's literally the front lines of the race war. There are a significant number of asians who'll side with whites.

There are a handfull of antifa (pic related) so those of us who want to mix it up can.

If a hot war breaks out you can disappear into the mountains.

aa21f9  No.12073853

File: e9c36a914784e1f⋯.jpg (25.7 KB, 352x375, 352:375, 836.jpg)

File: 32e726ecae46202⋯.jpg (16.78 KB, 224x255, 224:255, 32e726ecae462022c185fea826….jpg)

File: 0b71c567fd14534⋯.jpg (110.71 KB, 850x668, 425:334, 0b71c567fd14534b3ab9d0a22f….jpg)

File: 8e22a4fe5e457bb⋯.png (333.96 KB, 720x476, 180:119, 5f77efb4ffe83aae369db778e3….png)

File: 65eaf6350f55db6⋯.jpeg (49.26 KB, 600x464, 75:58, 60a1bc44bb063e05e59fd6c88….jpeg)


You've put to words something a lot of anons have been thinking and feeling and I appreciate that. I see you've been taking the other threads seriously, and you should be, I have as well. I don't think you'll like my answer though.

First of all let's assume you are talking about the North American continent based off your post. Let's assume based off your post that this would be a large enough city to serve as a haven of sorts, through both land area and population total/density. There are 13 cities on North America with a population of over 1 million. There are an additional 3 cities above the 900,000 mark. I believe for there to be a cultural, regional and legitimate force to stand out and set standards for population centers of significant size the 1 million man mark should be considered the end goal. Imagine a city with 1 million anons. I bet you haven't even met 3, but they're out there.

So now for potential destinations? It's obviously too late to go and change an established city at this stage in the game, which is why you propose adopting a smaller target and shaping it, I agree. But how small should the target be? Should you start with something that's 200,000 people? 50,000 people? For arguments sake let's say you would need a simple majority of 51% of a population center to share a core ideal(Ethno Nationalism in this case) for it to dominate at both a conscious and unconscious level. Let's also say that it would be optimum to achieve significantly a higher majority than a simple one.

I would also say it's important to an area that doesn't already have a dominant culture/way of life so that the transplants could mold it. One thing to incentivize business is lower taxes. An important goal of such a city would be to gradually lessen the impact of existing political systems so it could start self enforcing it's own eventually, first through taxes paid, then through trade and the common laws will begin to differ organically.

Through my own calculations I believe such has a better chance of existing within these borders.

The most west potential point would be Idaho/Washington line

The most east potential point would be Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia, however this does not cover the land east of the Appalachian mountains

The northern most potential point at Newfoundland and Labrador

The most southern potential point where Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi meet.

I believe everything within those borders that isn't blatantly enemy territory could potentially be what you're looking for. Hope that helps

aa21f9  No.12073860

File: 537a76b4060db6e⋯.jpg (885.73 KB, 2200x1696, 275:212, 537a76b4060db6e4bbc8e0f049….jpg)

4143ea  No.12073873

File: fc89455de357af1⋯.jpg (224.78 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 1456881763871.jpg)


>The first pic



Kill yourself degenerate commie.

18bbf5  No.12073886

Clean, orderly, functional. A proof of concept that WN works better for normies. This could really push public opinion.

7b03a0  No.12073920



f7c63d  No.12073926


>oy vey goyim egalitarianism lol what is the constitution

Fuck off until you comprehend what the country is.

74c1fe  No.12074150


Take back Tampa.

c53721  No.12074205


Enjoy your carfentanyl spiked water supply courtesy of (((Islamic terrorists))).

c53721  No.12074213


This. And absolutely rape denser population centers on food supplies originating from rural areas. The current paradigm is ass backwards.

c9e8be  No.12074321

Some possible targets, based on their demographics and relative lack of cuckery (cities with over 200,000 in bold, most are between 50,000 to 100,000 with some down to 25,000):




Coeur d'Alene (warning: home to CIA/FBI Christian Identity front group known as Aryan Nations)

Twin Falls


Fort Wayne


Cedar Rapids

Council Bluffs (but Adam Smolinski lives there)

Des Moines

Iowa City






Bay City

Grand Rapids


Port Huron

Traverse City (though I heard there is a small but notable jewish population)


Duluth (though >>12073597 says jews are invading it)









New Hampshire:



North Dakota:



Grand Forks


Johnson City


West Virginia:

Charleston (though it has a sizable nog proportion)




Fond du Lac

Green Bay


La Crosse







Edmonton (though given that it has over a million already, wouldn't it be hard to change it?)

Fort McMurray (but how does it stand after the wildfire?)


Red Deer



New Brunswick:



Saint John

Newfoundland and Labrador:

St. John's

Nova Scotia:

Halifax (how cucked/jewed is it, given that it's a "notable" city?)



Thunder Bay

I stopped because I got lazy lol and it's 2 AM. If anyone wants to complete this list or improve upon it or comment oncertain cities then be my guest.

5b6208  No.12074476

File: 6460e5155cd1660⋯.jpg (52.68 KB, 669x518, 669:518, midwest-reich.jpg)

I have studied this extensively. I'll share some kernels of knowledge.

You want to fully secure the property tax base. That means controlling the municipality (town, village, city); county; and school zone. By controlling those three things you secure 90%+ of property taxes for your ethnostate.

You also want to minimize paying ZOG income and sales tax. Pay everyone minimum wage or within the net-0% income tax bracket. Avoid consumerism and institute a set of services that provide what would normally be purchased (meal plans, furnishing plans, transportation plans). If they can be structured as non-profit charities (like a church), or the municipality can do it that is even better because you will avoid sales tax.

As much as possible must be owned by a centralized private entity. You don't want public roads, or public parks, or public anything. You want a gated city where you can control who is allowed in. This would be expensive if you had to pay ZOG all the property taxes, but since you own the property tax base this is not a money pit.

The OP suggests taking over a per-existing city. You will be leaking money like a siv, and you will be unable to avoid being flooded with HUD zombies. A HOA can not be openly racist, and is not a proper protection. Purchasing existing real-estate in cities is a waste of money. For less money you could build a better city from scratch.

As for the religion. The absolute best answer is Epicureanism. It's older than Christianity, so it's not some new-age bullshit. Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius are ancient examples of badass Epicureans. Epicureanism was massively widespread back then. Epicureanism is the basis for western culture. It is the foundation of our laws, and of our science and technology. If is the foundation of our rational thought. The Enlightenment is directly caused by the rediscovery of Epicureanism by Pierre Gassendi. Gassendi inspired Isaac Newtons scientific methodology. This rediscovery of Epicureanism directly inspires Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, David Hume, and Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson explicitly calls himself an Epicurean. All of Thomas Jefferson's political, religious, moral, and scientific outlooks are completely Epicurean. The United States is the first truly Epicurean nation in the world.

By choosing Epicureanism you get to undercut Christians by having an older religion that is the root of the European core of the Christian faith. You strip out the kike additions and sever the jews from their stranglehold on white religious morals. Epicureanism was widespread, and was the fertile ground that early Christians cannibalized. Early monasteries were conquered Epicurean "gardens". Bearded Jesus is a the co-opting of statues, busts, and jewelry of Epicurus.

By making Epicureanism you religion you can wrap yourself in the American Flag. You can hold up Thomas Jefferson as a "saint". If you read Jefferson's thoughts they are eminently compatible with national socialism.

By choosing Epicureanism you remove the kike influence from libertarianism. No more Ayn Rand. You have true old-school liberty. Fuck the non-aggresion principle. The correct message is the this Thomas Jefferson quote: "Upon this, one has to remark that men ought either to be well treated or crushed, because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries, of more serious ones they cannot; therefore the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge."

I could go on and on. Epicureanism directly advocates autonomy and building what we would call an ethnostate.

I encourage anons to read up on Epicureanism. Don't read the garbage-fire (((wikipedia))) article. Don't read modern faggot interpretations. Read the original documents 'Lives of Eminent Philosophers', and Horace's 'Odes'. Then read the enlightenment thinkers inspired by Epicureanism, especially Thomas Jefferson. You can also read Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius.

04dd98  No.12074496


Yes, whites banding together throughout the country is a TERRIBLE idea…

Do you get paid for this weak shitposting?

5b6208  No.12074499


BTW, do you know what the Hebrew word for heretic is…

אפיקורוס • ('epikorós)

That's right. The kike word for heretic is Epikoros. Jews hate Epicurus. By being Epicurean you can act like the victum of jewish aggression. Turn the tables on them. All jews are anti-epicurean. They are bigots to Epicureanism. It is a priceless tool.

04dd98  No.12074504


What am I even looking at other than redrawn territories and a lot of stupid names?

4143ea  No.12074596


I will look into it.

aa21f9  No.12075390

File: 684d62fb6f47cac⋯.jpg (548.93 KB, 1089x750, 363:250, 43ff864630387270751ac2ec53….jpg)

File: c58f4c806715b97⋯.png (385.82 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, f65d7a247ac674f300e8fd2216….png)

File: 9b6a602b762e9fc⋯.png (566.8 KB, 800x726, 400:363, df65d28b034ff1f46e58502961….png)

File: 8fb16264325b650⋯.jpg (369.78 KB, 1050x599, 1050:599, 8fb16264325b6501e81489204d….jpg)


>>12072288 (fucking heil'd)


It's just a visual aid. The point is that North America, is in large, very sparsely populated. The zone the OP is looking for could be many of the theoretical countries in that map. A confederation of smaller towns/communities is in our best interest at this time. I have my doubts about a centralized White Nationalist population center in North America but it would be foolish to rule anything out


Listing places like this does nothing but allow for our enemies to datamine us and preemptively strike. At this stage I believe it's more important to set and determine the conditions necessary for such a goal. It's really more about the unification of anons then going and storming into a place and claiming it.


(absolutely checked)

It would be beautiful wouldn't it? I believe that if phrased differently(provider class, leech/dependent class) there already exists the framework for people to have such an alliance. People in the rural and suburban areas are disgusted and angry about all the wasted tax revenue going to spics and niggers in the cities. They're tired about the renovation projects for the cities and suburbs outside them while their areas don't see that government money for maintenance or programs. They are tired of being extorted and I think they need to know they are not alone. Look at Illinois. It's textbook. The rest of the state has descended into poverty as they aimlessly try and prop up (((Chicongo))) with the entire states tax revenue because the city overwhelms the rest of the state in political clout.


This has potential. While presenting as paleocons it would be imperative to have an offline parallel network preparing to assume command of the area once political power is seized. I agree that that the minority tipping point could achieve great results within the political system, but culturally and spiritually they may still face steep opposition and pushback


It really is backwards


The natural resources/surroundings make this a plausible option. Colorado is on the front lines and could make an essential addition to the federation. I believe all the mountain ranges in the world draw something in the White/European man towards them as well.


I'll have to look further into Epicureanism. I agree that the survival of the White/European race, to be most effective, must be a spiritual experience(as it is already for myself) as much as a political/military experience.

edd5dc  No.12075405


>No spergs allowed.

Fail on the first step, goys.


c47446  No.12075545

File: 7774451e8c9c41d⋯.png (10.85 KB, 208x134, 104:67, Get Lost Montana.png)


Montanon here. I think the best city to test these efforts is in Missoula, Montana for multiple reasons:

>Population of ~70,000

>92% white

>University of ~9,000 students brings in troubled elements (non-whites, Marxists, Californians)

>Crime rate is highest in state, but by country standards is very low

>Liberal disease is growing, but elements of the population despise it in secret

>University is economic center of town, currently in financial distress

>Super high density of entrepreneurial activity for its population size, could become a tech stronghold in future decades

>Groups like Soft Landing Missoula are bringing in non-whites to appease their (((masters)))

>The county is a small liberal stronghold in a sea of real Montana folk, and Missoula is its center

>Geographically centralized between Helena (capital), Great Falls, Bozeman, Whitefish, and Lakeside (Zyklon Ben's abode)

Basically, Missoula is a testing ground for tactics that could be applied elsewhere, and could become a base for further expansions. It is small enough that even a small team of clever propagandists could get some real reaction. People are 'sleepy' there, but plenty exist who loathe outsiders from the University and the faggotry they bring into Montana. Case in point, the 'first rainbow crosswalk in Montana' was instantaneously defaced by multiple people skidding their tires over the gay thing:


That was spontaneous activity from what I can tell, and the organization elements in this city are weak and hapless on all sides. Leftists are winning simply because no one does a better job opposing them, and they openly flaunt themselves in their perceived invulnerability to public scrutiny. Antifa here is pathetically small, in numbers and in physical stature, but still dumb enough to engage with anyone who is right of Marx.

A concerted propaganda effort on the University campus and various nodes around the city to redpill and root out Marxist elements would captivate the population and potentially awaken the people who grumble quietly and secretly hate what is happening to their town and country. Montanans naturally are friendly but dislike outsiders who don't share their values. Cells of good, concerned citizens could easily be able to influence the politics of the entire town if approached in a way that allows normal citizens to feel safe enough to say the faggotry needs to stop. Montana people still practice running particular people out of town, and it is possible to root out the root actors involved in its politics with just a little more study and clever, completely legal efforts.

c47446  No.12075662

File: 1afee99caadb8d6⋯.jpg (48.56 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Montana State Seal.jpg)


>I looked into this Whitefish gambit some more. Richard Spencer was involved.

Therein lay the problem of that particular effort. Spencer is the sort of fop who would serve whatever side was necessary to secure his place among some 'cultured elite'. He is not a man of the people, has very limited skills and ideas, and should be rejected from any effort simply because he's a liability to it regardless of where his allegiance actually lies.


>less cities more towns

It's about density of potential influence. Taking outpost areas that are liberal bastions in heartland America will better secure those territories from getting pozzed, as well as being easier to effect than the giant cities with complex networks of polical-business interests that need a far more powerful arm to dismantle. Aim for areas that have high entrepreneur activity (future economic base), assailable political structures (take over local politics), and culturally ripe for rejuvenation. And these efforts can occur independently across the country so long as the tactics are reviewed and improved through 3rd party observation. It's soil tilling to make way for something bigger to take root later on.


>What about like Billings MT?

It's okay, but not as good as targeting an influence center like Bozeman, Missoula, or Helena. Anyone there already should make efforts at redpilling though. Montanans are ripe for it.


>seek office while presenting as paleocons.

It's not a bad strategy to seek direct political office, but what is far more important is cultivating attitudes among the populace. This can be done by literally anyone, from dishwashers to community leaders, to gain influence over influential persons and institutions in society. The suburb idea works well only because you tap into well-connected and powerful individuals who hold sway over masses - pastors, doctors, businessmen, lawyers, and eventually politicians. One politician is good enough so long as there are thousands of involved community members in all echelons of society.

b88829  No.12075725

I know Colorado Springs is the biggest conservative city in America, at almost 80% White the numbers aren't too shabby either. Also CO's gun laws aren't that bad (but obviously not as good as it used to be).

9a345a  No.12075741


Actually it could be possible, but you’d have to slowly take over a town first, then another and another, then entire counties, regions and eventually the state. Once you do, a federal intervention is unlikely so long as everything you do is Constitutional. You could turn a state into a quintessential ethnostate in this regard

c47446  No.12075761

File: f3009492f151fb4⋯.gif (27.25 KB, 390x257, 390:257, Belief Takeover in Network.gif)

File: 598ff02873f57d9⋯.jpg (510.61 KB, 1500x2500, 3:5, Muslim Percentages.jpg)


>Let's assume based off your post that this would be a large enough city to serve as a haven of sorts

That isn't necessary. The goal is not Retreatism. The goal is cultural/political influence, which occurs strongly in cities due to high densities of powerful, well-networked people. Gaining a foothold there would require secure networks around them which the connections in the cities interface with, hence the focus on smaller towns with promising conditions. There is no utility in a 'white people bunker', and all talk that way is pathetic defeatism.

>For arguments sake let's say you would need a simple majority of 51% of a population center to share a core ideal

No, you need only 10%. This is well established in observations of history and scientific inquiry that when 10% of a population believes strongly in something and acts on those beliefs, it spreads over the whole populace. And more concretely as >>12072461 laid out, only a small fraction of the population even votes and thus local elections in particular can be dominated by a small group of enthusiastic people who inspire others to follow along with them.

>it's important to an area that doesn't already have a dominant culture/way of life so that the transplants could mold it.

You will not find such a place, because humans don't operate that way. Your beliefs and understandings have to align with theirs, and over time sway them over to understanding that both of your interests are moving the same way or, if there is conflict, convince them over time to your side of things through showing successes of your way over theirs. Eventually you have the people of the area themselves interface with your mores and change their people themselves, and that way they don't loathe you as an occupier In Montana, that is how it needs to be done because we heavily dislike outsiders meddling with our affairs. The Romans spread their culture this way despite having a military potentially capable of wiping out entire civilizations, and is basically the only empire in recorded history that had two phases by a Glubbian analysis.

>Proposed locations

Now, given that things are not as dire or difficult as you assumed to begin with, the areas of potential are actually all over the country. The only places perhaps unwinnable right now are certain large cities, but almost all small cities and towns may have pockets capable of turning their local tides.


Thanks for the list. Anyone who is near any of these locations should consider their efforts accordingly. Redpilling and communicating with others does not take national coordination. Just will and discipline and courage to go out and speak to people in a variety of ways.

bf3470  No.12075771


>gather us all together while our enemies still hold power over global militaries

Sounds like the perfect place for a false flag dirty bomb. Good idea in principle but it brings to mind eggs and baskets, don't you think?

54f1c2  No.12075773


This is a very high quality post.

I've been planning on moving to Montana for some time now. This seems like a feasible idea.

c47446  No.12075828

File: e86a750213ac04d⋯.jpg (780.28 KB, 1185x1200, 79:80, Orlando_Furioso_20.jpg)


>You want to fully secure the property tax base. That means controlling the municipality (town, village, city); county; and school zone. By controlling those three things you secure 90%+ of property taxes for your ethnostate.

Great observation. Now the question becomes how to get the resources to obtain those properties, which comes from both generating assets oneself and also to convince those with existing assets to begin investing them towards such an end. You've studied it more though, so elucidate on the sausage-making on that one.

>You also want to minimize paying ZOG income and sales tax.

Montana has no sales tax, only property taxes. So that's useful though we neither have that much of a tax base, nor want a flood of other people coming here even if they are white because, again, we don't like outsiders and that attitude has kept us happy here.

>You want a gated city where you can control who is allowed in.

It's not a bad idea for such places to exist, but it isn't a widescale solution since the existing governments wouldn't tolerate their tax base being sucked away from them in large numbers. Retaking of existing cities is required to serve most of the citizenry, and defenses against the 'zombies' is done by making such places inhospitable to unwanted elements so that they stay away or are so suppressed they pose no threat.

>As for the religion. The absolute best answer is Epicureanism.

Sounds interesting, you should make a thread about it in particular, and just try to manage it in such a way as to cut out the Pagan versus Christian bullshit. I'd be interested in learning more on it.


>At this stage I believe it's more important to set and determine the conditions necessary for such a goal.

Specifically, what are the objective standards that would make a location ripe for influence, and if so, what kind of influence will work in that area? Basically I am of the opinion that all locations have opportunities in them, and those who live there and around them would do the on-the-ground research into the political, business, and cultural structures and leaders and determine how to gain influence there. Then its just a matter of applying the right tactics to the right opportunities. That would be fruitful.

>I believe all the mountain ranges in the world draw something in the White/European man towards them as well.

Seems like powerful civilizations and peoples come from mountain areas… I know I feel most at peace and enthusiastic in the mountains myself.

2685d3  No.12075866

This was a D&C topic 2 years ago when that city was up for sale.

This was a D&C topic 1 year ago when the idea of a built floating island city was proposed.

This is a D&C now.

6dc6eb  No.12075955



Paganism is not written down, it has no rules of worship, no holidays, no rights of passage, no initiation cermonies, it has loose morals, no rules on food preparation and it doesn't distingish by racev(e.g. written to keep non-whites away).

It needs these to get followers and fanatics.

c47446  No.12076943

File: 672073f5f6c6c1d⋯.jpg (126.08 KB, 888x924, 74:77, Youre a Wise Guy.jpg)


>This was a D&C topic

No it wasn't. This has always been a discussion about a few topics:

>Should a white ethnostate be created?

>Should it be a refuge of retreat or the first of many?

>Where should this be created?

>In what ways would one go about creating it?

This warrants discussion, because there are a variety of answers to those questions, and even if people don't agree on the details at least the pertinent parts may lead to useful results. That's the whole point of imageboard discussions, and it is a vital topic that doesn't require 100% concurrence to be useful to people. I'd answer those questions as follows:

>America ought to be taken back whole. This process will take years of effort going through multiple stages, not through some mythical 'revolution'.

>This will not come about through retreating, but through particular community development in every city and town across the country. The specifics of what needs to be done where depends on the nature of the location and its particular issues.

>Overall, societies and attitudes must be cultivated to make them welcome to white populations and inhospitable to non-white populations that try to grow beyond historical numbers (>5% total non-white population)

True D&C topics serve to prevent useful discussion, the sharing of information, and derailing productive discussion. Anyone who argues Pagan versus Christian stuff in here, or spreads useless blackpills, or engages with obvious shills and trolls is promoting D&C, whether they mean it or not. If you see real D&C shit, don't engage with it and just stay on topic.

aa21f9  No.12078159

File: 05a47ce6a14da72⋯.jpg (914.96 KB, 2200x1700, 22:17, 05a47ce6a14da72f07a8463437….jpg)

File: 2dfdcd73aebd788⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 5400x3586, 2700:1793, 41013af01c8f325ce81c871381….jpg)

File: 48702fa06912feb⋯.png (583.47 KB, 4200x3105, 280:207, 48702fa06912feb9beeadb7e77….png)

File: d20f2179c71c87b⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1200x882, 200:147, df0f27c50c1cb63b05af0ba4e9….jpg)

File: 60696feeca73299⋯.jpg (163.39 KB, 1341x768, 447:256, 50c29b48049e2adc4f0ae52741….jpg)



There's so many fucking newfags though I bet most of them don't even know about the floating island city threads or the space elevator threads. You could just link the archive of that thread rather than complaining about this one so they actually learn something.


You're projecting some. I am not looking to build a safehouse or retreat from the ever encroaching problems our people face today. I want to figure out the best chance that the White/European people of North America have in enacting the unification process. I want to build up and create places and cities that showcase the glory of our people when working towards a common cause. I know we can create things that are grander and more unimaginable than ever before, still. The cities of new will be one of these creations.

Local elections can and are swayed by small factions of transplants all the time(fucking Cali and Jew York transplants). The problem with your second image is that right now it seems that North American Whites who hold views of self-determination and racial survival don't act in a violent manner, despite my guess that there are several places where they exceed the 10% threshold mentioned. It's easier for a completely foreign entity with nothing to lose like jews or muslims to come into a place and shit it up until they get what they want, because they hold no value in what stands upon their arrival. White Americans may be starting to think more racially, but they are not yet prepared to surrender the comforts of American life for racial strength, expression, or solidarity. They still hold hope to save the country through reform, economics or to just keep ignoring everything until they die. They aren't ready to act as invaders in their own lands because they still feel on the defensive. That's why I contest that for something like the OP's proposal to work a simple majority may be necessary, to give the motivation to actually act and feel backed up by your people.

I will look into the how the Romans spread their culture. I believe that people can shift their views through osmosis of what they view is an acceptable view. If more awakened Whites speak openly about the views and concepts vital to White survival, they will become less taboo, as they continue to do among Whites. Obviously migrating people to a small city to espouse these views would help accelerate the osmosis.


I would agree that all locations have opportunities in them, it's a matter of who gets to sculpt the opportunities into masterpieces isn't it? I believe some of the standards are as follows:

1. There has to be a localized coalition that would want to enact be sympathetic, if not, supportive of the shift in their area. Going in completely cold seems unwise. As you have suggested Montana(and you have not been the first) I would say that they have achieved the first criteria

2. There has to be a network of anons to facilitate the migration of more anons to said area. This could be done through IRL networking to some degree but some vetting process must be established. After that, it's a matter of moving the people and getting them set up with housing and work, something this thread is working on >>11980497

3. The area could benefit from the new blood. Lots of young people often desert homogeneous environments, that could be /ourtowns/ because there is a lack of economic opportunity or they feel the allure of pozz life in the integrated zones. If these people, along with the influx of anons, actually stayed where they were from and helped build it up further, a lot of these areas could benefit greatly from such efforts. Some of these places are older on average and I feel our target demographic for anons to go and start such a mission would be 35 and under. Those who have the potential to make a family and branch out(with hopefully 3-5 kids per family) in these areas. Remember, this movement is a family oriented movement. Giving the impoverished areas an alternative to their current situation which would make stable families want to stay there would be mutually beneficial to both parties.

4. There needs to be a connection to natural resources for potential growth

Anon, I would like to thank you for allowing me to engage in conjecture. It's something I miss dearly about being around intelligent like-minded people

ff681a  No.12078177

File: 88bee2f9e38a673⋯.png (480.31 KB, 1509x1015, 1509:1015, America_1940.png)


>Second pic

My poor California.

6031f0  No.12078217


This was never a D&C topic. Certain mods don't like these topics discussed so they'd clamp down on them. The foundation of any possible future white civilization will start with a folkish movement renaissance. So I suppose you're right, this topic brings more jews than most others, because they really don't want it to happen, so they bring up the same old culture v culture D&C.

d64577  No.12078218


we are already a minority you dumb fuck

5438f9  No.12078392


Also too close to Missoula which is kike central.

5438f9  No.12078413



Missoula has too many kikes.

031835  No.12078483

File: 4140c0ed883325c⋯.png (236.54 KB, 940x692, 235:173, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 57727ab0c576457⋯.png (529.1 KB, 1134x738, 63:41, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 04523d6bae10a14⋯.png (459.79 KB, 700x504, 25:18, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6bbc35a0ee7c66c⋯.png (611.7 KB, 600x744, 25:31, ClipboardImage.png)


In the process of figuring out where to live in the USA I have compiled several maps that could be useful for this thread. These are maps on natural disasters, which if we look at the historical example of Pompeii, can ruin a city.

031835  No.12078494

File: 7de0011d4efc08a⋯.png (468.52 KB, 600x744, 25:31, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 880c9e082673a64⋯.png (105.05 KB, 1000x630, 100:63, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0c624029a19e50e⋯.png (667.11 KB, 2000x1414, 1000:707, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c2176c821a3b751⋯.png (91.06 KB, 886x644, 443:322, ClipboardImage.png)


Another Earthquake map, now going into demographic maps that have not been posted already.

031835  No.12078501

File: a028a1ce1225994⋯.png (469.98 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bf15a5a359d66b2⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1334x826, 667:413, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6a7c27f2a1d7c50⋯.png (90.57 KB, 576x442, 288:221, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b1aeb0e8325114e⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1484x764, 371:191, ClipboardImage.png)

d967d4  No.12078528


The Jews captured the higher education system, so all the cities are under their influence. All of the big players in cities have been trained to be good goyim in elite Jewish colleges.

d967d4  No.12078577

File: e0edfdf634cc690⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 563x363, 563:363, b5607cf13346427beb930596a6….jpg)


>It is nearly impossible to effect local policies if there is real opposition on the ground from dedicated nationalists.

That's what you think, goyim.

aa21f9  No.12078592




Thanks for your contribution. I want to go over these in detail before addressing any of them individually. I would also recommend posting content like this in this thread which is appropriate >>12016254

23d9b7  No.12078619

Kikes want whites in cities because it gives them an advantage. Stop buying into their bullshit.

9a345a  No.12079947


People need to attend or live about that university/county before they turn into a larger and larger tumor. Cut out the disease before it spreads. Alarming post

00b0d3  No.12079990


>Like them or not, cities are where laws, cultures, and regional and national discourse come into fruition


>Being scattered in communes of 30-max people is an assured way for destruction


The black plague alone proves you wrong.

49a71e  No.12080181


This sounds good, I like it.

8de2ae  No.12081400

File: 135bad73ea4bcb4⋯.png (694.88 KB, 1500x1243, 1500:1243, Great_Lakes_1.PNG)

File: 057e8a16a36e51a⋯.jpg (52.83 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Gymnasium.jpg)

In my opinion, this potential white nationalist dominated city should be located right on the Great Lakes, preferably in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan.

>fresh water, local water supply less likely to be damaged unless jews want their zog hubs of Chicago and other mini hubs to be tainted due to pollution dilution

>overwhelmingly majority white region outside of Illinois and Ohio

>not as pozzed as New England and Washington

>more arable farm land

>less earthquake prone than the PNW

Though Maine could also be looked into, I think having a port would be important.

This community would also need to have stringent water safety control as it would assuredly be massively targeted for destruction. Water purification centers should be invested in to prevent (((toxins))) from affecting the populace.

Furthermore, I think having a free community gym or two, along with a free community pool or pools, would be greatly beneficial in the promotion of health for this potential populace. A public library system could be supported that promotes holocaust revisionist and racialist material as well as non-degenerate literary fiction. The community could have a more direct say in what materials would go into the library.

de360e  No.12081431

aa21f9  No.12082502


I've started reading about Epicureanism and I think you're on the money about that anon. It is a spiritual philosophy that could be adopted and used to promote progenic societal values and practices. I have more reading to do but thank you for the revelation.


It's a link that has one of the books you mentioned.

>>12081400 (checked)

I think you're on the mark about the water. The locations you selected are good potential candidates. The great lakes area is an American jewel tainted by some of the most horrendous cities in the country.

Physical fitness is a pre-req for keeping a people healthy. Swimming is the best form of cardio and endurance exercise too. There's a reason pools used to be segregated. Whites feel natural in the water and always will

72105f  No.12082526


I would disregard Iowa by principle but who knows, a /pol/ invasion might turn even that around. Duluth is being bought out by kikes according to friends and family living there. Nebraska has an ANTIFA problem but I do keep their dox on hand (along with the twin cities branch). Wyoming is fracked to hell and will be desolate in about ten years. Maine is possible but as HAC noted it's very close to DC and prone to being fucked with if shit goes south due to proximity to ZOG DC. Honestly Utah doesn't seem so bad but I don't know much about it.


Nah. Every place that's majority white has already been earmarked. I wouldn't worry about the enemy using it against us as they already have it in for us all.

aa21f9  No.12082596


D.C is not close enough to Maine for that to be a concern tbh. I worry about the good part of Pennsylvania because of that reason though. A true anon migration could turn the tides in any a small area like Duluth.

61e9bc  No.12082628


>I would disregard Iowa by principle


9d56bf  No.12082646

File: f18c23bfbab0a08⋯.jpg (16.64 KB, 530x253, 530:253, tesla never trust a jew.jpg)


In my opinion; it's not cities in general that are bad if their makeup is made up of those of similar biological stock.

It's that cities are often the center of trade.

Kikes specialize in trade.

Kikes swindle and cheat their way to the top of said city.

The city has the highest population.

Newspapers; radio; and television.

All form of lies can be used to sway the population of said nation to "identify" with (((ideals))) that go against the people's sense of "common sense".

"common sense" isn't as common because of a parasite living in are mist.

Remove the (((root))) of the problem. That is the only solution.

b4319f  No.12082656


Wrong. Almost no one on the ground stood up for the rights of White people that day. All public officials cucked.

Imagine how that would have gone down if determined opposition was encountered.

You should listen to Robert Whitaker's analysis of the "greatest generation" and how they responded to authority. He talked about this event and how cowardly everyone involved was. You're wrong that people resisted. They did not.



Learn to read, you literal nigger.

d4cd06  No.12082670

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Honestly National Socialism/Fascism inspires the type of fanaticism, worship of saints "Hitler, Rockwell, Codreanu, Mosley, Mussolini, ect" and morality that is really only evident otherwise in religion. Faith in our blood is the only faith that we need.


>But I'm a Christian/Pagan and a Fascist too!

That's all well and good, but our belief in total Aryan victory is the only thing that we need to unify us. The NSDAP had agnostics, Christians, and pagans, and so will we.

4143ea  No.12082672


>You're wrong that people resisted. They did not.


d4cd06  No.12082681


The entire world has too many kikes…

22c8f2  No.12082722

I don't even know if a city would be tolerated to survive. As soon as the Jews began to notice a city becoming more predominantly white, being more successful, serving as a beacon and a role model, they would do everything in their power to dismantle it and make it look like a failed experiment.

1) sneak in Jews pretending to be whites

2) sneak in whites who loves Jews or hate other whites

3) pay crazy people to go there who will start violence

4) drug the food supply so people become sick or more aggresive

5) harm its ability to trade with other communities

Everything short of simply outright nuking it, since that would galvanize people. Instead they would make it seem like it broke down from within.

aa21f9  No.12082758

>>12082722 (checked)

Their intervention would be the mark of success, especially to a city of anons like proposed. If we create anonville and build something substantial out of an area that was overlooked previously the people there would know why it began to prosper. In a way, many people need to see the jew attack a fresh success. They would wonder why they would need to intervene when everything was already improving and flourishing. It would help stupid fucking lolbergs and capitalists understand that they just go and squeeze the blood out of anything that stands without them because they are parasitic and envious by nature. Not for any other reason. Imagine if for example Duluth became a hub of prosperity in the Midwest that rivaled Detroit in it's prime one hundred years ago. People would know who built it up, if kikes went to go pull their typical tricks on a place like that, and it was reported, as it would be because it would be anonville, people would wonder what the fuck they are doing there, and the questions they would ask and the answers they would learn, if they were ready to understand would make them allies to our cause

b4319f  No.12082786


I agree. Forcing the enemy to act would be beneficial in any case because angry kikes tend to make mistakes. The jew suffers from hubris and when the red mist of racial hatred for our people descends over their eyes, they tend to overreact.

This said however, I am less optimistic that we could build a city from scratch. Especially in short order. Convincing thousands of anons to go anywhere or even do anything is neigh impossible.

Still, if such a thing were done, I'd be very pleased to operate in a town where I could post a "Defend Your Race" poster openly and without fear or reprisal. It would be nice to openly form pro-White organizations with a strong base of support rooted in a region or at least a community.

00c262  No.12082804


>When people don't fucking care if people are buttpained and exercise freedom of speech


5b6814  No.12082820


Go run into a wall cuck.

aa21f9  No.12082880


Why is that so unreasonable? There are millions of White Americans and Canadians desperately begging for the sense of community they have been denied. Why do you think there are so many jewshit articles about the (((best places to live for millenials))) or other faggot garbage? Ironically it's hipsters and traitors acting on these urges and moving to places like Portland(both ME and OR), Denver(dude weed lmao), Austin and Raleigh. It we become those people and go to that place then it can be real and we will put those posters up together. For anons who are already in places that could potentially be this place, they should stay where they are. But for anons who are behind enemy lines the time to form the migration bloc and take everyone worth saving out of the progressive nightmare they call home is now.

9c6ba8  No.12082955


Good gun laws in Wyoming, and plenty of wilderness. Cheap land as well.

b4319f  No.12082971


City building is expensive and if we're doing it as White nationalists (or whatever wordism we want to call it) we'll get zero help from the government. Infrastructure is expensive.

I'm not saying it's impossible, anything is possible. But it is very, very difficult and would take thousands of dedicated anons who are willing to spend a lot of time, sweat, and blood working together for something greater than ourselves.

The thing with hipster faggots is that they're not building cities, they're just moving into them. They know only how to destroy things. Which is easy.

One thing I'll point out straight away is that we would need to seize control of at least some local governmental positions BEFORE we began building such a city. This because if we try to get zoning permits before we have sympathetic men in official positions, we will encounter serious anti-White repression. Bureaucrats can fuck us up without lifting a finger. ZOG-police can hound you. Did you know that cops can confiscate property without even charging you with a crime? At the very least, it would be nice to have a police sherif who was at least neutral towards White people existing somewhere on planet earth.

If I recieve wind that such a city is in the works, I will make plans to contribute and move there with my wife. I would be very pleased to raise children in a White city or neighborhood without the drawback of living with a bunch of Zionist evangelicals. But I must admit I am pessimistic about our abilities to organize collectively.

aa21f9  No.12086013

File: 8d148495cb9c962⋯.jpg (167.56 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 8d148495cb9c962bf3aa36b7b6….jpg)



I'll look into it. I've heard there is fracking issues there, is this true?


Yeah I forgot about how much of a bitch it is to pull permits to do anything in some places. Surely it varies from area to area though? I'll look into it further. Getting police who are sympathetic(or apathetic enough to just leave it alone) will probably be an important prerequisite as you mentioned. Perhaps the place to start should be smaller so the anon transplants could BECOME the police. I believe the goal of such a place would be for every citizen to eventually be a self enforcing body of the moral code so people regain the autonomy to take action in dire situations rather than instinctively panic, run and call a 3rd party to deal with the problem.

I want so desperately to raise the rest of my children in such an environment. My first is already here and likely won't have the luxury.


Agreed. Cities, in of themselves, aren't the cancer. It's the kikes and their pets they bring with them

61f26a  No.12087350

Apples can’t be male.

d1b8dc  No.12087796



pftt, boise is crawling california fags

e888ad  No.12090971

File: 7bda6f8a830adbf⋯.jpg (60.59 KB, 500x529, 500:529, Real Diversity.jpg)


>I want to figure out the best chance that the White/European people of North America have in enacting the unification process.

>The cities of new will be one of these creations.

I think that process will be a bit different than trying to collect together all the best of America into a handful of states or cities. The fact is that communication tech today allows for the same ideas to be adopted by people who live geographically apart. The local geography will still require local action and powers to establish, but why collect your best eggs into one basket when all it takes is a few eggs in many baskets to start turning the country over all at once? Plus you don't get the excuse of some anons who rightly or wrongly complain that their city is lost and they want to move to a 'nicer place', which is the retreatism that I oppose since that attitude leads eventually to your back against the wall in a much weaker position. But I may be harsher against your views than I meant to be. Those in this thread more or less want the same thing, just think about getting there different ways.

>The problem with your second image is that right now it seems that North American Whites who hold views of self-determination and racial survival don't act in a violent manner, despite my guess that there are several places where they exceed the 10% threshold mentioned.

It's the sincerely and powerfully held beliefs that cause the overall shift, not violence tendencies. It's those few thoughtful people who believe so strongly in these matters that rally together and reach out and make organizations who are the changers. The rest of the people will follow those who offer a refreshing and inspiring power that they can believe will give them what they want. And what they want is what those here want. It's just a matter of effectively communicating that.

>Obviously migrating people to a small city to espouse these views would help accelerate the osmosis.

If you observe what Leftists do, they deploy a small capable core of Trainers to the various cells of their organization's activities, and these Trainers take the time to give the leaders of those cells their orders and agenda, and then depart. They do that for plausible deniability in case a cell misbehaves, and because it is efficient with resources. It would be frowned upon by small-town folk to be overrun with foreigners, even if they were bringing in helpful ideas. Rather a Trainer should come into a cell of locals, whip them into shape, and let them address their locality on their own. The conversions that will result from successful operations would naturally turn the town back into the favor of the American folk.

>The area could benefit from the new blood.

A drop or two, maybe. But as I've said before, Montanans are fine with visitors and even certain settlers, but only if they fit in racially and adopt our way of life. That only really gets to happen when their numbers are so small that the outsiders don't get to form an enclave. Missoula is the Liberal shithole that it is because the University draws so much from California that they don't have to reassess their faulty beliefs because they are surrounded by their likeminded Californians.

>Anon, I would like to thank you for allowing me to engage in conjecture. It's something I miss dearly about being around intelligent like-minded people

No problem. They are out there, if you know where and how to look for them. See, there's already good and thoughtful contributions in this comfy thread.



>Also too close to Missoula which is kike central.

I am not so sure about that. Leftist shithole yes, but I haven't noticed any to speak of outside of particular usual-suspect organizations. Regardless, whatever powers are here that inflict it on the populace are feeble, cowardly, and laughably disorganized much of the time. If (((they))) are in Missoula, they are not sending their best.


>These are maps on natural disasters

Another reason why I advocate for the disperse approach. If one basket tips over from man or nature, it doesn't spoil everything.


>People need to attend or live about that university/county before they turn into a larger and larger tumor.

Funny enough the children who grow up in Missoula don't attend their own city's university very much. They go elsewhere. And if it makes you feel better, the place is under financial distress right now, meaning the cancerous elements that drain resources and cause problems are ripe for excision from the educational system.

f2b161  No.12105207


Well, as long as you can starve the tumor of its resources that can work just as well.

b4319f  No.12105505

File: 74eea76ca58a2ab⋯.png (979.44 KB, 865x489, 865:489, Celebrating Heritage.png)


>the goal of such a place would be for every citizen to eventually be a self enforcing body of the moral code so people regain the autonomy to take action in dire situations rather than instinctively panic, run and call a 3rd party to deal with the problem.

100% correct. The benefits to a WN city would be that once you reached a critical mass (maybe between 30% and 60% of the population) the pro-White morality would self reinforce and hostile anti-Whites could be kept out. Most shitlibs have low tolerances for opposing views shocker, I know and the fear of enemy infiltrators is actually not that high. Certainly, they would be there. However, they could do little damage if a majority of the population enforced our morality on newcomers.

And those who refused to live as human beings with respect for the native White population could be… er… convinced to leave through a logical debate.

This is especially true if the police department can prosecute traffic violations of anti-White fanatic terrorists over and over and over and over and over and over. The genocidal anti-White freaks want to use every trick in the book against our race. So if ever we get into control of a police department, it would be absolutely justified to employ the same tactics they used on us upon them.

*sigh* that would be a very rewarding experience. Long have we been on the recieving end of state sponsored repression. I'd be fun to get a little vengeance. I'd be even more fun to not have to worry about muslim rapists, african gang bangers, and hate-crazed anti-White freaks.

It'd be nice to have a local newspaper that celebrated European accomplishments and culture and didn't use little code words to refer to black rioters and murderers. It'd be nice to have low crime rates and harsh prosecution of drug dealers who destroy families and communities.

It'd be nice to have police that didn't act like a hostile occupation army because they need to deal with diversity related problems 24/7. They'd be as much a part of the community as you or I.

It'd be nice to have those wonderful festivals where we celebrate German or Czech heritage and everyone gets their Trochten and decorates the community with flowers and flags.

It'd be nice to have a home.

aa21f9  No.12109425


We will build it anon. I believe it will come to be. When it is built again the question will be do we have the strength and resolve to defend it at all costs and fight back the sea of leeches. It may be the final chance

b88122  No.12109588




Lived in WY (casper/douglas area) for a year while working on the frack pads. There are no issues with the water supply and oil and gas provides for a lot of the local economy, most of the time you hear rumors about issues with fracking, its some landowner who didnt own the mineral rights and thus isnt getting any of the cut so they try to get money out of the oil companies by advancing frivolous lawsuits or fake news campaigns. I cannot attest to places in the western part of the state (jackson hole etc.) but on the plains its comfy asf as long as you dont mind wind and rough winters. This is the only state ive been to where it is common to see people walking around with a pistol on their hip.

b88122  No.12109614

File: 24da0204524ffdd⋯.jpg (91.41 KB, 648x486, 4:3, strobm.jpg)


>"shabbos goyim"


b88122  No.12109635


CO has a beaner problem. Denver is becoming just as liberal as boulder on the heels of the flood of rats from california. Cost of living is ridiculous and its rising every day.


Have only been to Montana once and enjoyed the shit out of it. IMO the last frontier of freedom in America. The environment is way more aesthetic than desolate states like the dakotas

aa21f9  No.12109637



Sounds like what America was supposed to be. Thanks for the post

88f82a  No.12109655

File: 97707514618b968⋯.png (260.99 KB, 1039x559, 1039:559, 1482547867219.png)

Will these cities also have communal showers and friendly Jewish guards?

aa21f9  No.12109676


Imagine looking into the mirror and seeing your cretinous kike face no matter what you do

88f82a  No.12109884

e888ad  No.12109941

File: 3395d5976ec1469⋯.jpg (62.03 KB, 620x248, 5:2, University of Montana.jpg)


>Well, as long as you can starve the tumor of its resources that can work just as well.

If you look to other colleges around the state, they are all far more promising than this particular cesspool in terms of attitudes and political leanings. This particular city could be improved with more recruitment of local and compatible blood those white folk from elsewhere who can appreciate what Montanans have and value. The usefulness of the institution's financial distress is that when push comes to shove the shit that will be cut are the Marxist dens first that are endured only because their kvetching makes executives uncomfortable about cutting them. Also their professors are such virtue-signalers that they have outed themselves in list-format multiple times. Remove the top vectors from their positions, and the sickness will stop organizing.


>Have only been to Montana once and enjoyed the shit out of it. IMO the last frontier of freedom in America. The environment is way more aesthetic than desolate states like the dakotas

It's pleasingly lumpy here due to the Rocky Mountains, and it's beautiful. Montanans are vulnerable to subversion however because we don't deal with any non-white groups for the most part save indians. They provide a useful analogy for what a white enthnostate would do up in the Flathead region. They're retaking their Reservation land in a very clever and inevitable manner, plus the whole tribal membership system is a primitive but good proxy for what you'd want in a rejuvenated American system. If my life is successful, I'll have a cabin retreat in the mountains like my grandparents had. I've never felt so at home as I was in the forested mountains there.

d9079e  No.12110818

File: 5b32004eef150b4⋯.png (262.25 KB, 800x430, 80:43, craig-cobb.png)


This guy tried to.

>meet Craig Cobb

Ended up buying a 100 acre ghost town in the middle of buttfuck nowhere for less than the price of a house in California.

Let a couple of white nationalists move in, charged em rent, everyone pitched in duties like keeping roads and fixing up derelict buildings. Constructed a town hall, paved roads, opened businesses. Had a small loyal tax paying community of like minded individuals who were minding their own business and hurting nobody. Even let a nig move in, down the street, off his property because he didn't want to hurt anyone.

>enter the Jews

Media headlines. CNN scandals. Talk show appearances. Hook nosed kikes on the six o clock news kvetching about the re animation of Hitlers corpse. The evil white power boogeyman coming for your mixed race kids.

>end result

A consortium of fags, dykes, kikes and bean people bought up all available land around the town. When that didn't work lawmakers passed all sorts of draconian bylaws like curfews. When that didn't work they made a laughingstock of him by falsifying a DNA test to say he's 1/4 black. When that didn't work they locked up the guy up on terrorist charges because he fired a gun in the air, at nobody in particular, at night, on his own property.

>moral of the story

I love you my white brother and I don't want to see anything happen to you. And at this point in time, the nail that sticks out gets hammered. They will make an example of you, they will go after your loved ones, they will bankrupt you, they will jail you. Now is not the time to let ourselves be known. That time shall come, and we will have white unity, but now we have to stay in the shadows to survive. The white man will survive and overcome but it is a long game. We got to think about 50, 100 years from now. A white nation will rise.

b4319f  No.12110828


They can jail him. But can they jail all of us?

aa21f9  No.12110850



He seems like /ourguy/ other than all the namefagging. Your spacing and formatting is not welcomed here though.

255b69  No.12110873

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The guy has Aspergers. He bought a couple of shitty houses, not a hundred acres.

Watch the documentary "Welcome to Leith". They were making it about him when he went full nut job and got arrested.

d9079e  No.12110886


>omggggggggg le reddit spacing!!!!

There's one in every thread

78a9f1  No.12110892


Youd go nuts too if the entire jew establishment went around harassing you at every hour of the day.

7befb0  No.12110907

File: c614d118eace19e⋯.jpg (239 KB, 460x369, 460:369, Bangor-Maine-1_photo1.jpg)

Bangor, ME wouldn't be too bad.

b4319f  No.12110908


Uhg. Cringy.

I hate it when they find a cringy idiot and get him to perform for the media.

Stop performing for them. If they have a camera, DON'T SALUTE THEM. I don't understand why White nationalists feel like we have to put on a show for people who hate us and want us to die. At almost every single meeting or rally that the MSM attends, there is always at least 10 people who will salute the camera or even worse, salute Antifa. WHY??? Why the fucking hell would you salute Antifa???

If they want to interview you and you are NOT a cringy faggot, simply read off the Mantra. memorize the basics of the Mantra and repeat it.

Every time they try to lead you off some rabbit hole or ask you to get out your flags and perform a few tricks, simply bring them back on subject and continue talking about White genocide.

What this guy said was perfectly good. What he did makes him look like a child playing with his flags.

8a5b1d  No.12110931


The sad fact that the kikes made Far Cry 5 should be a direct sign that they've already anticipated this move. While direct demographic representation is ideal, it may not be possible considering the current socio-political climate. By all means, secure Missoula and the other cities you think are prime, but know that the kikes have broadcasted their intent through public entertainment. We will be contested. Expect to be contested. You will need to fight for your soil – and that means loving the soil enough you're willing to shed your blood for it.

aa21f9  No.12110944


Precisely, anywhere listed will be contested. Just make it happen. The only priority is for any anons in target rich environments to abandon them and reinforce strong areas

8a5b1d  No.12110952


Checked. Pick strongholds. Secure them. Move out. Know the kikes may anticipate but cannot contain that which your Aryan blood produces.

6d7134  No.12110984

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Montana seems the only place in the entirety of the US where one might find peace, yet somehow someone will fuck that up. You also need some passive income, since there is no jobs for most people's skill set Jeremy

Also (((they))) and their acolytes will never leave anyone here be. Vid pretty much on point.

e888ad  No.12111056

File: 8ac8f06099a8f00⋯.jpg (215.64 KB, 1608x1120, 201:140, Montana.jpg)


>the nail that sticks out gets hammered.

More reason to start up things in multiple cities, on multiple pieces of territory, and not put all your eggs in one basket. This is more practical than scooping up everyone into a single location that can have the entire MSM focus down on. It's basically what >>12110828 said.


>I hate it when they find a cringy idiot and get him to perform for the media.

They always will, because their job is narrative-spinning and entertainment. When you get a group to the point of having members, drill all of the membership on what to say to the media and to direct questions beyond that to specified members, and consider making a charismatic and potentially odd in a good and engaging way individual the only one who will speak on behalf of the group. Trump's example of feeding the media the messages he wants to get out by attaching an insignificant yet juicy way of saying it should be emulated since the MSM has shown itself unable to resist it.


>The sad fact that the kikes made Far Cry 5 should be a direct sign that they've already anticipated this move

No need to think that way. Montana has been for my entire life slandered and ridiculed, what with its militia groups and the cannibals and the Unibomber and so on. The bad outward reputation scared off the undesirables, which is quite useful. It's no different now than before.

>We will be contested. Expect to be contested.

It wouldn't be glorious or interesting if it was any other way.

26572d  No.12111146


> They can jail him. But can they jail all of us?

Good point. You have all of these keep it legal fags on TRS telling you not to do anything effective, but what they don't get is that it's not 1993 anymore. "White Nationalist" or similar sentiments are far more widespread and stronger than they were even ten years ago, thanks to the internet. Jews rely on scare tactics to keep the goy in line, but what could they actually do if there were a Dylann Roof every month. Or innumerable countersuits and protests over "affirmative action." While the actual solution is killing as many Jews as possible as quickly as possible, the next best thing is to be audacious like Pat Little and yell about kikes non-stop.


>he seems like /ourguy/

<he doesn't know who craig cobb is

7fce0f  No.12111296


Shit doesn't happen over night anon. Focus on the now and gain income. Migrate when financially able to. We could be neighbors in 10 years. Have the dream, make the dream reality as the white man does.

fafdb0  No.12111372

File: 7e403a7c2f90a54⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, john landis-brother nathan….png)

File: 678442d5e2ee279⋯.png (246.64 KB, 614x343, 614:343, Craig-Cobb-Trisha-Show.png)


Craig Cobb is yet another loudmouth bagel nazi, except he managed to make white nationalism look particularly retarded by moving to a town of 19 that already had an interracial couple living there (no, he didn't let the nig "just move in", he sought out a place that already had one) and he founded a Creativity "church" in the town of Leith called the Church of Donald Trump or something of the like. He also tried to get Leith renamed Cobbville.

He's a bagel nazi who has been accused of being of the tribe, and his sad attempt at establishing a (holowood-)WN town should not be taken as proof that the concept is doomed to failure.

It's actually possible his whole gig was a psyop with actors on both sides, the bagel nazis and the preexisting Leith residents. Leith has been accused of being actually a ghost town, with no one having lived there for decades until this bagel nazi gambit started. Even the number 19 (the number of inhabitants before Cobb showed up) has been seen in various psyops and hoaxes (19 children in OKC, April 19, 19 hijackers in 9/11, 19 firefighters killed in Arizona wildfire, the various "Flight 19"s that it has its own Wikipedia page, etc.).

pic related, is "Craig Cobb" (CC, 33, masonic numerology) related to John Landis or Brother Nathaniel, or are they even the same person?

78a9f1  No.12111408

File: ac038e4e0c715d3⋯.png (10.12 KB, 1653x96, 551:32, Untitled.png)


why are white people such good goy paypigs?


36f46c  No.12111467

>Like them or not, cities are where laws, cultures, and regional and national discourse come into fruition

-laws??? why do you say this. Laws are about governing land no matter how populated it is.It seems that laws actually come from ownership and security of the land. Some states are much more populated than others , but they all have law. this is such a loose idea explain and contrast plese

-cultures: there a cultures in dense populations and sparse populations. What is the value of culture? why care about city culture over rual culture?

-regional and national discourse come into fruition: regoinal is a given. Your entire point seems to have a chatch22. How can you say national discourse only comes in to furition in the city yet you say this is where the laws are made. It must come to discourse across the country if the law is made here. Take gun laws. Freedom to open carry is talked about through out the country and it is not really a staple in many cities. So it seems the national discourse comes from rual areas not from cities in this case

leave now kike faggot

fafdb0  No.12111474


learn english, heeb

bda496  No.12111476

cripplechan is a complete joke

9512f4  No.12111608


Colorado is going to be the next California. Generation Z is moving there in mass for legal weed.

a7b9e2  No.12111709


Concrete jungles are a shit because they hold no resources, but rather consume resources from their surroundings.

The cities are tapped out. Best look up where the most resources are, and plan from there eh?

b4319f  No.12112469


I want to preface this post by pointing out that this is all just for a book I'm writing. /pol/ is a board of peace and any talk about violence is either just trolling or related to a novel I'm writing.

I get what you're saying and yes, in theory we could bring down the System if we were willing to… well not Dylan roof every month. That was stupid and pointless. Poor target selection. But if every month we took out an electric damn or a bridge in an important road junction or launched an attack against an airport in NewYork or Philadelphia or LA, then yes, the System would likely collapse and drown in lakes of blood…

However, and I hate saying this because people are always confused or offended;

There is no way that we could do that at this time.

There are something like 2,000 independent IDs on 8/pol/ on a given day. I don't know about you, but I have doubts that even half are as serious about fighting the enemy as you or I are. But let's be generous and say that everyone is involved. There are no shills in this world.

How would they be organized? Well, we wouldn't. So it is every anon for himself. Choosing his own targets and using his own skills or lack thereof.

And that is the first major problem we encounter. Most anons, being alone and lacking the benefits of organized strength will either chicken out and come up with a million reasons why "Not today" and continue "planning" but really just waiting.

We'll be generous again and say that 20% actually have the spine to risk their lives to strike at the System.

Most of these 20% are probably not what we need. We either have spurgs who blab or retards who fuck up and create duds or blow themselves up. And those that actually make a decent bomb are in no way that all or even most would choose a good target. Again, this is disorganized lone wolf terrorism we're talking about here. And if we examine the historical record of disorganized lone wolf terrorism, well, it's not like in the movies.

So most of this small minority of 20% that doesn't fuck up before doing anything will target churches, trashcans, public parks, convenience stores, and walmarts. I believe that less than 1% would actually go through with their plans AND attack something of value. And of these attackers, once again, many would (due to inexperience) either be caught by the security forces or commit one attack and then not do so again for a year or more out of fear of being caught.

So if all /pol/acks took part in this plan, less than 100 would actually do anything of value. And sure, 100 men acting in union could still bring down the System. But they wouldn't be acting in union, they'd be acting alone and thus their ability to do damage would be greatly reduced.

So I would argue against encouraging praking the government. The IRA were the most well organized and well discipline "terrorist" organization in recent history. They accomplished a lot. They forced one of the most prestigious powers in the world to enter into negotiations with them. A non-state actor forced a powerful state to negotiate with them as if they were a state. That's amazing. They were poised to severely harm the UK economy because they got REALLY good at what they did.

But even they, for all their power and discipline could not "liberate" northern Ireland. And they numbered in the hundreds of active operatives and had millions of dollars in funding from Irish nationalists around the world.

b18eda  No.12112482


This tbh, out of control cities are always the downfall of great empires.

b4319f  No.12112495


You should not post when you know so little about history.

0a5c85  No.12112544

File: b0d52351d29925c⋯.jpg (192.02 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, C7y5nVAXQAE5VOh1.jpg)


The function of this board is comparable to a public forum. We are not a university or bootcamp. We provide materials and encouragement but ultimately simply reading Aurelius won't turn you into a stoic warrior. Reading Mein Kampf won't turn you into a Militarist Prussiaphile. Actions are what counts and we assume, rightfully, that the sharing of information will benefit LURKERS. Lurkers are the real weight of /pol/. They change records in (((databases))). They arrest or push forward certain changes. We/they cooperate silently and tacitly. Our strength comes in being anonymous. Do not mistake the number of active users with our influence. Pic related. That being said AFTER a successful irl operation post pics here so we can give feedback and critique. THERE ARE NO BAD IDEAS. Let anon critique and develop, or roundly boot your plans out of the door.

2a894c  No.12112720


I get you but there are just some idiots in this board, like the Ethnoglobe anon who apparently turned out to be a woman who wanted men in this world dead and to be ruled by women. If you honestly think that's NOT a bad idea, I don't know.

b4319f  No.12112728

>>12112544 (checked)

People like you bring me hope.

Still, I maintain that now is not the opportune time for illegal politics. At least not for the kind of politics that Dylan Roof was engaging in.

The System is still too stable and too legitimate in the minds of the public.

This is the time for unorthodox politics. Building paramilitary organizations comes later, once ZOG is no longer able to provide bread and circuses to the public in the same way they are able to do so now.

aa21f9  No.12123120

File: 6e6c095f2154a4b⋯.jpg (134.43 KB, 666x1024, 333:512, 6e6c095f2154a4b5b5d9b624ca….jpg)

File: 34e52d1a6960686⋯.png (574.89 KB, 774x809, 774:809, 34e52d1a69606863854b2c291f….png)

File: 50d2bae7aaabdb3⋯.jpg (84.99 KB, 640x823, 640:823, 50d2bae7aaabdb35410d27cc0c….jpg)



c96c0a  No.12153600

For those who think New England is a viable answer, just look at the demographics of southern NE (MA/CT/RI) and their level of libcuck politics. VT (already libcucked)/NH/ME will just be flooded by Masshole cucks and kikes and their nigger and beaner golems and the whites there aren't really stereotyped as being backward rednecks like out in the Plains and South.

e08664  No.12153638


I live in NE and it's pozzed from the neck down. The only stable states are as you mentioned NH and Maine. The thing about vermont is that it's stable but filled with socialist shitlib verrmin that somehow manage to keep POC out of their state mainly because it's so rural and the roads are so winding and confusing that niggers can't navigate them. If vermont was a sprawling urban environment with suburbs surrounding it like CT/NY/MA it would be the same shit.

CT is fucked beyond belief polacks wouldn't believe the type of shit you see on a daily basis in hartford which is just little puerto rico+niggers. My friend caught a video of an almost naked fat spic just jerking off in public. It's not even babylonian it's just regressed to an almost stone age matriarchy because it's not extremely violent for a city full of apes so everyone engages in every form of deviancy you can imagine.

40a72b  No.12153778


People always harp about America being a modern-day Babylon but Babylon was, until the end (like Rome and Egypt), much more culturally advanced than the puke in the modern day 'kwa. Babylon only gets a bad rap because ancient kikes had it out against them, like they had it out against everyone else.

f8198d  No.12153810

>>12153600 (checked)

I thought it would be a viable option because of the natural landscape and the fact they are relatively /k/ friendly. I'm not surprised the masshole pozz has spread

8f268b  No.12154198

File: 0f5baf6e3b01eef⋯.png (337.43 KB, 1200x1496, 150:187, ccw.2018.png)



Have an update.

f8198d  No.12157881


Cheers. Only 13 non-cucked states remain then I guess. 9 states are UK tier hell. I wonder if there would be a way to get some of the 28 shall issue to go back to unrestricted?

4c5c9f  No.12157917


>Like them or not, cities are where laws, cultures, and regional and national discourse come into fruition.


f8198d  No.12157930


Why don't you? If all the farmers hoarded their yields and abandoned their farms things would get South Africa tier real fast. Knowing how to grow food is perhaps the most important skill.

e7b714  No.12158099


>Nova Scotia:


>Halifax (how cucked/jewed is it, given that it's a "notable" city?)

Halifax has a sizable black population which has been there since the mid 1800s. There's even a part of town named after them (Africaville or some stupid shit).

b4319f  No.12158141


1. Not alone you can't.

2. Almost all farming is done on vast farms by unlanded farmers. Which is really sad and depressing. They plant the fields and rent the combines but they do not own the land. They live on the edge of poverty and are in perpetual debt.

3. Because of this, if you do not reap your harvest your crop, you will go bankrupt.

4. I think most food is imported anyway. Though conversely, America exports more food than almost any other country.

In order to take a city you need to starve it out or storm it.

The former has not happened in the modern age and may be nearly impossible. The latter is difficult.

I'd love to talk military history if anyone wants to disagree. Facts and evidence would be great. My go to examples would the siege of Aleppo, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Berlin, Idlib, the Deir ez-Zor pocket, Sirte, and Misrata

76ee08  No.12158285


> Or Keene new Hampshire

Taking over Keene would require wresting control from the grip of the entrenched freestaters.

000000  No.12158926

I've seen countless incarnations of this thread on /pol/ and elsewhere and I bet I'm not the only one. I'd be surprised if this ever becomes reality. We just shoot ourselves in the foot in too many ways. Mostly I think leadership and organization is terrible. There's a way to organize anonymous networks but it is much harder and evidently far beyond /pol/'s technical ability. There's also little board loyalty. Anons love to act as if 99% of this board are beneath them, there's no real cooperation beyond reposting infographics. Has an anon ever materially helped another anon in need in the entire history of this board?

Anyway, IMO the most realistic way to build geographically concentrated /pol/ presence is this:

>whenever anon hears of good housing nearby he advertises it here (vaguely to avoid doxing)

>another anon who is interested contacts him for details, moves there

>these anons are now neighbors, they help each other and do all the things good friends and neighbors should do

>they keep an eye out for good housing nearby, and if there's any, advertise it here…

This is a simple, frictionless way of going from 1 anon by himself, to 2 anons, to 3, to maybe most of a whole block or apartment complex being /pol/acks. If one of these neighbors turns out to be a fag you simply stop talking to him and move on with your life. It's not like you're marrying him. Presumably the place you moved to isn't terrible in its own right so you don't lose much anyway.

By the time you accumulate a decent number of people in this way, you'll have built a decent relationship with most of them. You can then call a meeting at someone's house (easy now since you're all neighbors), and discuss moving to a tiny town. That should go a lot smoother than these threads since again, everyone knows each other and what they need at that point, and everyone has been preparing for it. By moving together you can easily become a large or even majority voting block in your new home from the get go and influence the local laws which you will never be able to do in a large city.




Funny thing about this guy is that he was pretty brazen, didn't shy from putting on a show for the media, his associates were literal skinheads with double digit IQ and nazi regalia all over. Overall I'd say a terrible effort. Yet he still managed to go as long as he did. He failed to lay low and libtards across the nation united to take him down, and still couldn't. His one mistake was waving guns around at people.

The moral I see is very different: Move to where you can live around people like you. First amendment protects free association. Don't break laws. Don't become a willing clown for the media circus. And nobody will bother you even if your house is literally a gigantic swastika.

f03999  No.12158971

File: d27af165dcae91c⋯.jpeg (45.5 KB, 634x336, 317:168, 57BF7142-4475-4327-9FEA-1….jpeg)





Come to Eugene Oregon. It’s getting more pozzed each year, but the tide can still be turned. It puts you in a good strategic point between Washington and California. Plus there are many rural towns surrounding the city. Most of the longtime residents here are sick of the liberals, they pour in for the University of Oregon but they shit up everything they touch. Trump signs were everywhere back in 2016 and I remember feeling pretty good that while we have scum they’re almost universally hated by the real Eugenites.

Pic related, I remember seeing that sign in person then seeing the (((media))) bitching about it

6d0c55  No.12158973


>What is the vast amount of historical sources and archaeological evidence

Though you're right in that a certain amount of codification needs to occur

eac4eb  No.12159026


yeah like all those white south africans getting free shit from the government, right? fuck off kike

933946  No.12159053

Haven't seen it mentioned here, but any collective like this requires extensive documentation/propaganda released online to prevent getting Waco'ed.

Any action taken against the people needs to have a rationalization behind it, like 'oh it was a cult, though, so no tears shed' or 'but they were abusing kids. good riddance' in order to mitigate backlash and outrage

b4319f  No.12159416


Anyone who understands and employs the Mantra is a great friend and ally in my book.

I will remember the city when I move. I'll need to do a little research now.

e57a59  No.12159709

I want something like this in New Hampshire. I mean, they're called the White Mountains for a reason.

>but anon, New Hampshire is already really, really white

Yeah, but it's not coordinated white. And there are already groups openly working to diversify the state. Personally, I want an Aryan stronghold from which we can retake Massachusetts.

bad1ea  No.12159756

Janesville WI

95% White and a decently nice place.

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