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File: 0a5634b85c31e85⋯.png (243.6 KB, 818x628, 409:314, europe.PNG)

3c2fad  No.12072261







afc4bd  No.12072393

You have to die with us, Europe.

62cf57  No.12072488


Oi ya' got a loicence for that meme goy?

41ac31  No.12072494

And big gun grab is coming in two weeks. White genocide in making.

50780c  No.12072503


Color me shocked that a rubber stamp parliament can't stop the same legislation coming up for it's approval until the end of time.

2d8454  No.12072538

File: a24b98658ec52a6⋯.png (71.3 KB, 800x800, 1:1, LetMeComment.png)



A part of me would rather see that this gets implemented. This will only affect normalfags, as long as there is way to send a byte of data between two devices across the internet, autists will find a way to shitpost.

2ecbcb  No.12072718

If it kills leddit, I'm ok with this.

4d83d8  No.12072857


Plebbit needs to stay alive so they don't migrate here you fucking retard.

16eef8  No.12072983



cd9c3f  No.12073141

EU Article 13 (Copyright) Info & Petitions

EU Article 13 Copyright Petitions:









https://www.ipetitions.com/ - General Petition Site.

Info: (Sorry, no time for archival.)










https://twitter.com/hashtag/ValueGap - Pro Article 13








https://www.fair-internet.eu/fair-internet-meets-with-axel-voss-mep/ - Pro Article 13


9467bc  No.12073152


They’ve already taken over the entire fucking board. Are you blind?

c14407  No.12073189

>People supporting this "ironically"

I see the shills are better prepared this time

b956df  No.12073226

File: a696b44b02bf8d6⋯.mp4 (492.06 KB, 426x240, 71:40, DBZ_confused_pickolow.mp4)


>better prepared this time

Not really, it's the same fucking "tehehe, get fucked yuros" kikery and a bunch of accelerationists spewing their homosexuality left and right.

16eef8  No.12073240



Unexpected keks are often top keks.

f2c2fb  No.12074156


They really can't handle the bantz.

9b8a5c  No.12074165


It will never be over until the Jews are driven out.

bf1ce7  No.12074537

a6d6fe  No.12088742

the sooner internet gets globally pozzed the better, it will take millennials and you bunch of fucking retards off the computer and maybe do things in real life at once

320213  No.12113753

File: ef06c6f4259b008⋯.png (98.68 KB, 796x598, 398:299, 1381436558428.png)


2c7fe0  No.12113805


This. We can finally start to remove boomer without the internet.

6ede40  No.12113813



This should be the official motto of the EU.

81ec81  No.12113873

File: 8cf28fd0a56fcbf⋯.png (1.6 MB, 2000x1114, 1000:557, ClipboardImage.png)

There can't be an EU Article 13 if there is no EU

6ede40  No.12113886

File: 298767cd20292b9⋯.jpg (97.83 KB, 890x501, 890:501, MW-GE833_salvin_ZH_2018030….jpg)

3c1c2e  No.12117243

I support all censorship bills on the grounds that they only affect normies and are ultimately useless. Old faggots in suits cry moar, you can't stop the shitpost.

4c260c  No.12117415

File: 1251b4aa34491cf⋯.jpg (19.21 KB, 443x471, 443:471, Smug Anime Girl 117.jpg)



Say it with me lads


356a3c  No.12117504


What is up with the EU? Are they really suicidal enough to do something that will turn normalfags against them?

ee8fce  No.12117511


>Are they really suicidal enough to do something that will turn normalfags against them?

kikes always overplay their hand, stealing defeat from the jaws of victory

356a3c  No.12117527


Good point but the EU has a history of repeating a vote until it gets the result it wants so it's only a matter of time before they get us shutdown. The real question is do we want the eu to shut us down now?

4c260c  No.12117561

File: 52b07e0ef162f42⋯.jpg (324.41 KB, 1200x1650, 8:11, Democracy Judge Dredd.jpg)


>the EU has a history of repeating a vote until it gets the result it wants

<one more nail in the coffin of the delusion that is democracy

Once normies realize that the system no longer works is the moment the fun starts.

d21200  No.12117571

Is this some 6000000chess by jews. Why do they do this? Have they ever opened a history book. Can't they remember what happened the last 379 times they pissed off the normalfags?

4c260c  No.12117581


>Why do they do this?

They want someone else to deal with their muslim/arab problem for them. So they ferment tensions with yet another punishment, until the white man has enough and retaliates at the ones who caused all this shit and the people it was done to benefit. Every anti-racist rule done in the name of arabs, niggers and spics only serves to embolden said sub-humans and punish whites. I'm willing to bet the same thing happened during the falling days of the Roman Empire when the slaves from africa started getting uppity. They didn't stay around, now did they?

9700d2  No.12117597

>people actually thought that Article 13 was completely rejected

>they never read about the decision in Summer that this will be brought back

>they actually decided not to be alert and be reduced into complete oblivious

d21200  No.12117601


I actually knew that.

5690dc  No.12117602

File: 78c287f1fe22848⋯.jpg (59.05 KB, 750x902, 375:451, 36411335_2128640287460896_….jpg)

tfw the left can't meme so they try to ban memes but forget to ban MS Paint. stock up on your article 13 compliant memes europoors

e7d1e5  No.12117612

Article 13 can not stop the oncoming storm. The rivers of Europe will run red with the blood of traitors and kikes, they cannot stop this.

9700d2  No.12117621


That's good to know. However these sort of strategies have left many people into passive states. It has always happened, some big shit is going to happen, the fire rises into a massive state, the perpetrator goes into a silent or wont commit the action, the fire distinguish and then the perpetrator will continue and finish his job with less disturbance.

cc4000  No.12117632


exactly anon, they're frightened and desperate to stop us. but what they don't understand is everything they do now just makes us stronger.

d21200  No.12117636


I think it's better if it hits the normalfags like a wall. They also could play it save if they are smart, slowly boiling frog and all. Let's watch what happens, and prepare for the worst case.

cc4000  No.12117648

File: bcde53ec57f1492⋯.jpg (32.53 KB, 426x481, 426:481, 1536263794910.jpg)


>an article that literally bans memes, videos and social media is anti-censorship

who's behind that post??

ce2efb  No.12117652

Heads up if you made that pic, it says

'the battle againt Article 13' instead of 'against'.

411e22  No.12117704

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It got removed with Windows 10 didn't it?

Also is this related to it? Seems like it.

cc4000  No.12117727

File: a018b6c4ee5198b⋯.jpg (31.74 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 13_compliant.jpg)


no, don't think so anyway i'm on winblows 10 and still have it. an anon over at cuckchan went through article 13 and found a parody/homage clause. while memes of non-original content would breach it, parodies and homages of the meme doesn't.

4c260c  No.12117730

File: 69d6cd96b00cec1⋯.png (1020.49 KB, 1305x1237, 1305:1237, Question Mark Anime Girl 1….png)


>while memes of non-original content would breach it, parodies and homages of the meme doesn't.

So you're telling me that we have an anon on the inside screwing the thing so it has loopholes we can exploit?

6647e3  No.12117737


Just think of how many other problems that would solve.

6647e3  No.12117743



I want to believe.

ce2efb  No.12117746

File: 0dc1b08b50506dd⋯.png (287.84 KB, 678x381, 226:127, ClipboardImage.png)

Your personalized friendcom will come prepackaged with stock memes and reaction images pre-approved for posting. An additional memepack can be purchased through Steam for the low price of 8 DNAbucks. Any unauthorized editing of memes will be met with DMCAs. Please enjoy your stay on Our_Internet©.

eec33f  No.12117815



Call me on monday.


Jews are crazy for EU. And >>12113886 is >>>/oven/

dd70b8  No.12117950


>everything I don't like is leddit

Even if you're right, it's your fault for not being rayciss enough. We obviously need more pics of dead kikes and things of that nature, maybe some gore thrown in there.

74c1c6  No.12123045

Bumping for importance

7ea5b3  No.12125132

4 Days until the day of the rope

28643f  No.12125136



Would be nice to have them include a statute where they can't resubmit proposals that failed for a period of 15 years or so. The kikes always do this, try to pass a bill, fails, wait a lil bit, try again, until people just get tired of fighting it every 6 months.

59478a  No.12125139


>implying you'll do anything

28643f  No.12125153

File: 8df7f221be6448e⋯.png (50.45 KB, 579x190, 579:190, kek.png)

3f6035  No.12125356


They've begun the mass demographic replacement. After they began it here in the US, that's when they started getting cocky and pushing more and more things detrimental to our way of life. They know so long as the mud spills in, they can stand to lose our support. "Democracy in action!"

4c260c  No.12126138


How are they gonna support the government if all the white people just up and leave and stop working for a paycheck?

d0c3c4  No.12132829

Nigger, NIGGER, nigger ,nigger NIGGER NIGGER kikespickikespickike Faggot FAGGOT trannyfaggot

Nope,still here

c4c66e  No.12132840


You always use Krita or GIMP they're open source

7619f8  No.12138063

File: 5ab9d607d5293ad⋯.gif (2.32 MB, 256x169, 256:169, 1330544124566.gif)


788216  No.12139103

Unless the EU is abolished, they will continue to try to push shit like this.

bbf8d0  No.12141769

Well boys, it passed 438 to 226 with no amendments. Not that its surprising.

1f8a8b  No.12141774

It passed, at least according to Dankula and a Euro MP who was against it in part (Julia Reda).

Not sure how the vote broke-down.

Our only mercies at this point:

> EU implements it fast and hard, speeding up anti EU resentment.

> EU implements it onto alternative news sources so as to avoid the above, but working too slowly/failure to understand how the internet work means they just end up motivating those parties instead. Cut off one head, two more take its place.

acf262  No.12141801

File: 7d82e49686f5a72⋯.png (146.08 KB, 671x519, 671:519, 1494167665321.png)


>Linking now is illegal

>You need to merge your website with a hivemind borg AI, that controls every word you type or image you upload for copyright infringement.

First of this is never going to work, also this makes every eurofag a cybercriminal. Doesn't matter to me I already am a cyber criminal.

423927  No.12141807

hahaha europoors btfo

acf262  No.12141814

File: 16e32ed3e8df537⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 16e32ed3e8df537dd6f85e6ed9….gif)


>hahaha europoors btfo

I wonder how twitter will circumvent this though. their entire website is based on linking shit.

defc2a  No.12141819


They'll either ban European IPs or comply with the directive and ban memes altogether

db44dd  No.12141872

File: c810ca9d61c14a1⋯.jpg (166.36 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Dm45TXQWwAEiUor.jpg)

>bring up article 13

>fire rises

>keep quiet and say that it was rejected

>wait for the fire to dissipate and then bring it quickly back up onto the vote

>everyone else jacks off on other politics and self satisfaction on trying to prove themselves being right

>gets passed without any problems

And yet there are people in /pol/ who shill for (((EU)))

44d195  No.12141878

What can we say when Reddit which loves to censor is worried about article 13?

Trump won so we black list his fan club.

1f8a8b  No.12141880


Scratch that, there's one more vote "after trilogue, probably in the spring".

So now's the time to hammer shit out. There's a list of orgs that had the audacity to say they approved of it: https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2018/06/27/european-music-media-organizations-article-13/

So organizing not just a boycott, but controversy and brand destruction would be ideal. Sort of like the aftermath of Nike or whenever a company sided with being "woke" over customers.

acf262  No.12141883

File: a5b9853c3282eed⋯.png (914.94 KB, 940x580, 47:29, ClipboardImage.png)


Those are the eu skeptics?

acf262  No.12141890

File: 2144787b5ea881b⋯.png (150.69 KB, 396x382, 198:191, ClipboardImage.png)


>Talks about reddit

>Has Reddit spacing

You have to go back boomer

1f8a8b  No.12141902


After a bill is rejected, it goes back to the drawing board with suggested amendments. The vote then happens again, asking if they want the amendments.

Now, logically if no amendments are added to the proposal- that should mean it goes back for more amendments because of the initial rejection, right? Nope. Even after not accepting any amendments, they can still vote on it again (the same bill they rejected the first time).

Every part of the EU is like this. Keep voting until you do what we want, then it is gospel.

Also, do you have a break-down of which countries voted which ways? Not that it matters much.


I think there are groups that are happy for this to pass, but pretend they don't want it so they don't get shat on for asking for it.

> Well we tried to ask for them not to do it. Sign more petitions guiz, that'll work!

Remember: Big Tech has been losing money trying to force ideology onto people. No business would willingly choose to lose money unless its run by an idiot, or they don't care that they are losing money.

f462a1  No.12141919

4e9926  No.12141972


There is precedent for this. A lot of US sites banned EU IPs because they didn't want to implement any anti-tracking/datamining measures.

82f915  No.12141997


The only way to stop these permanent votes is to annoy the people responsible so much that they reject your proposal on a personal basis. Otherwise any old lobby faggot can propose changes over and over and over again until they pass. Which is exactly what happened here.

db44dd  No.12142012

File: 1fd4e23ce1a271d⋯.png (44.55 KB, 288x433, 288:433, Untitled.png)


Looks so.


Hard to say. No-one and I mean not a single ordinary citizen in Europe bothers to look what the EU is doing in broad daylight. The only info that usually is throwing at them is the usual (((media))). Even the EU parliament election results are ridiculously low that the only ones who vote these bastards that nobody wants are from high population countries.

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