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File: b6fe2f7a26a4c7a⋯.png (589.9 KB, 2044x1056, 511:264, 51a416b603a924f1830f23e6a7….png)

9d191a  No.12072949

Hello anons.

I just want to say, I'm a medfag so I'm a complete retard when it comes to this shit.

How can you avoid being under surveillance? Halfchan is hosted by ustar so they're compromised (not surprising ).

I've been paying attention in other threads when the subject is mentionned but I'd like to dedicate a whole thread to it.

From what I saw, Tor is compromised as well?

Using vpns and proxies which one would you recommend? As for communication I use tox and telegram.

Anything elsz? Dump info here for other /pol/acks like me who are illiterates on the subject.

7447ef  No.12072972


You can never ever be safe online if what you're doing is enough of a threat.

The government has infinite resources and will track you down if they deem it sufficiently reasonable.

It costs too much to trace every wrong thinker and pirate. But it doesn't stop them from building a profile of you.

247588  No.12072987

It's impossible. Do not have any /tech/ on your property.

aa4d76  No.12072990


>that image

Go shit up the trumpnigger general on cuckchan and then you'll know who the "deep state" really supports.

477d00  No.12072997


Learn to search the catalog, faggot >>11699120

4df037  No.12073014


>"…track you down if they deem it sufficiently reasonable"

Fear pR0n. That's what that is. Name a single instance of "the government" tracking someone down to prosecute them for something they said/did online that got them into trouble/jail/prison/Guantanamo Bay

>No, Europe/The EU doesn't count

>that whole fucking continent is under Talmudic laws

>"They" and their loyal shabbos have fucked Europe straight the ass lube-free

>Europe and technology current-day are like oil & water

ac5f46  No.12073025


100% of all internet traffic is stored on NSA servers, since at least 2011. Talking about Exabytes of data here. They use millions of gallons of water a day to cool the facilities.

All hardware is backdoored. All software is backdoored.

931039  No.12073057


You're fucking retarded. There was the guy who sent a seizure gif to kike Ershenwald and is now in court. And don't forget the guy who got fucked thanks to 8chan's SUNSHINE totally offline now, goys. The 8chan guy made violent threats, and lo and behold was caught. The assault gif guy used his real name and phone number to get on Twitter so he was fucked because he didn't practice OPSEC.

Remember anons, /pol/ is a board of peace. :^)

4df037  No.12073079


Indeed! No one knowing full well the shit is compromised makes threats online without not giving a fuck. OP, isn't necessarily talking about threats, he's talking about a conspiracy to commit freedom of speech.

>CIANiggers got rounded-up, with many killed/disappeared by China. Chinese operatives broke the CIA's fucking communication network, and arrested or killed the lot of 'em

Is anyone here expected to develop a better system that the fucking CIANiggers, spying on China? It's time to put on our big girl panties. The whole fucking planet can hate the US constituency, but our OpSec is as good as it gets, and when that doesn't work, WGAF? …we're going take out some trash before we're taken out. Otherwise, Ass Up, here it comes lube-free.

fc7145  No.12073096


China "broke the CIA's fucking communication network" because one or more of the following happened:

A. Dianne Feinstein's Chinese spy leaked them the info (look it up if you don't know what I'm talking about).

B. Imran Awan sold them the info.

C. Hillary sold them the info.

It most certainly did not have to be China's leet haxors doing anything. It was traitors and/or spies working for our own government that got those people killed.

55e7f3  No.12073115


Exactly 100% this. It's all their shit, don't get too redflagged.

bec3fe  No.12073123


there's an application called fraudfox that is pretty proficient at keeping you anonymous when you need to be.

You have to use a dedicated computer and never use your own network service. General hacking is necessary as you will need to hijack a neighbors wireless signal.

It is possible, but unless you have a real reason a bit impractical. For the most part an offshore VPN service paid for with crypto works fine. Very hard to get doxxed utilizing using this method unless you insist on using your own sign-ins and google. never use google. If you have it installed, you're pretty much fucked on anonymity.

Ccleaner helps clean up search history, but you have plenty of hidden files that send information without your permission.

Linux is definitely preferred and if you're serious about working in the black-realm, learn python.

In short, there are ways but it's a PITA so unless you're putting yourself at serious risk, just use the offshore VPN method. Find your own. If your VPN provider doesn't offer anonymous registration, don't sign up with them.

d345a5  No.12073139

you basically can't. the methods you can accomplish it with are either illegal or require too much resources or time for the average joe to bother.

an illegal way would be through sneaking malware onto poeple's cell phones or routers and then using their connection to do your stuff. or just crack peopls wifis with something like aircraft or reaver. those are both very illegal though.

another way would be to host your own VPN server. configure the servers to be totally logless so that even if you get subpoenad there is nothing there. you can also offer payment methods that are 100% anonymous, such as cash by mail or paying via gift card codes. by doing these things it becomes pretty difficult to correlate any one users traffic with whatever is being posted, and even if you manage to, the user themselves is anonymous.

a lot of busses also have onboard wifi. so you could buy a ticket using fake name, and leave a repeater on there then get off. similar thing could be done with hotels, aprtments that have free wifi, etc. mount a parabolic dish on top of your car and then follow the bus from like a mile away

mobile hotspots or cellphones that you pay somebody else to buy for you are probably the most feasible for the average person. however both of those have unique IMEI (which difficult to spoof) so even its pretty easy to connect it with anything else you do with that device. meaning you probably shouldn't use it more than once, and if you do it should be in an identical geographic area as the previous uses, to cut down on the profile they could theoretically be built

for 'consumer use' anonymity for stuff like privacy and torrenting movies, just use a vpn. if you want to ratehct that up, pair it with a VM like whonix. a dedicated VPN router is also a good thing.

keep in mind, that if you actually managet to become bona fide 100% anonymous to anybody who is looking, you get grouped in with all the other people who are also 100% anonymous. and guess what? those people are criminals of the worst variety pretty much exclusively…not the types you wanna be assosciated with

my advice is to get a fish tank or setup a garden you can tend to. because chances are it will make you happy. running around in the dark is silly and humans aren't meant to live like that.

bec3fe  No.12073151


>my advice is to get a fish tank or setup a garden you can tend to. because chances are it will make you happy. running around in the dark is silly and humans aren't meant to live like that.

God damn that is probably more telling than you really want to be.

987929  No.12073188

File: 013e7b79582a743⋯.png (372.58 KB, 1865x910, 373:182, 1460149568553.png)

000000  No.12073208



> It was traitors and/or spies working for our own government that got those people killed.

Way too reasonable. With stellar OPSEC (Snowden, Winner, cough, cough) it can only be leet haxors from Russia or China

48ca19  No.12073214

File: fd75c839d80fca8⋯.jpg (27.36 KB, 396x396, 1:1, le_glowing_cianibber.jpg)


>you basically can't.

Go glow in the dark somewhere else, faggot.

d88d68  No.12073228


It's almost impossible to be anonymous online and you need to have money to burn and you need to do a lot of jumping through unironic spook loops to be fully safe (burner pc's, avoiding cameras and credit cards in netcafes etc). Everything is being recorded and i do mean Everything. But honestly it doesn't matter for the regular shitposter/bloke, just grey man it so to say. The only case it matters is if you're doing something bigly illegal in which case you need to do that shit offline as much as possible.

4ffb01  No.12073236

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Watch this video.

4ffb01  No.12073246

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Also, watch this

32e1f2  No.12073252


Use analog electronics, or no electronics at all. No wireless recievers and transmitters and preferably dont even use wires.


8dd277  No.12073277


the only way to keep your computer safe from (((their))) surveillance is to build it yourself from the ground up, even going so far as to not only design the circuitry yourself, but also to smelt the metal yourself

and on top of all of that, you'll also have to keep (((them))) from looking at your computer via. binoculars and drones

and thats just for offline computers that never connect to the internet

if you want to connect to the internet safely, one of the first things you should do is to make your own operations system from scratch that you never, ever tell a soul about

and thats just the beginning; for the rest, ask another anon

8dd277  No.12073281


oh, and by designing the circuitry yourself and smelting the metal yourself, I mean doing that for every single part of the computer, including the peripherals

but you can just buy the glass for the monitor

ef679f  No.12073561

File: 9773cbe6a8b6bd2⋯.png (197.44 KB, 1184x347, 1184:347, nsa_spcma.png)

File: 08e5e2c76e09c05⋯.png (225.95 KB, 874x729, 874:729, gchq_next_gen_events_1.png)

File: 5a353545880a1b2⋯.png (205.55 KB, 887x645, 887:645, gchq_next_gen_events_4.png)

File: bd8a28425c1b845⋯.png (219.01 KB, 883x706, 883:706, gchq_next_gen_events_3.png)

File: 477956b8c9e9804⋯.png (245 KB, 871x735, 871:735, gchq_next_gen_events_2.png)

Most Wanted Hacker Guccifer the Shadowbroker here (well, 1-of-8 that is–we're a small team), and i am posting from behind 7 SPCMA proxies hosted on NSA TAO's ORBs, which i hacked, and then relaying through a Tor exit node hidden inside a Pringles can mounted onto a tree next door to your wife's boyfriend's grandma's nursing home.

the bad news is that it impossible to be Anonymous on the Internet and Privacy no longer exists.

you the teeming unwashed masses of Internet users all are truly fucked up shit creek without a paddle and with a hole in your canoe.

how many pages of the Top Secret 21,000 pages leaked from Snowden have *YOU* read?


what fucking part of "Building Geo-Profiles for every Internet identifier we see" don't you fucking get?

what part of "population scale bulk unselected events" do you think you can fucking escape from?

do you live in a spider hole like one Saddam Hussein?

and that's just one sub-sub-sub-program from GCHQ.

GCHQ are themselves just a tiny, sleepy suburb cull de sac outside Metropolis-NSA.

Hello? McFly? Do you get it now?

ef679f  No.12073616

File: d3f0556f373ab09⋯.png (337.81 KB, 787x587, 787:587, gchq_blackhole_3.png)

File: 0d5c70b5e46fdb6⋯.png (325.62 KB, 790x587, 790:587, gchq_blackhole_2.png)

File: cd8ba4362c85cd3⋯.png (279.55 KB, 787x593, 787:593, gchq_blackhole_1.png)

File: a719fa2700288d3⋯.png (162.15 KB, 824x584, 103:73, gchq_social_anthropod_2.png)

File: 039ec763242a9b0⋯.png (190.22 KB, 794x559, 794:559, gchq_social_anthropod_1.png)




how can you or any of us possibly escape from FVEYs shit like SOCIAL ANTHROPOD, which is itself a sub-program inside SAMUELPEPYS, which is

also a sub-program of who-gives-a-shit it's-turtles-all-the-way-down?

now for the good news.

all the limitless power wielded by the faggots at NSA and GCHQ has gone to their heads, making them drunk with their own supremacy. the seeds of their destruction have been sewn in their own smashing success.

there is one teensy tiny Achilles' Heel in the NSA's system of Omniscience. think of this hole like a THINTHREAD, which once you pluck and pull, the whole

dorky Christmas sweater unravels into a ball of yarn.

NSA and the FVEYs trust the end points. the "handsets"–your Crapple spyPhone, your Jewgle Android, your BADBIOS'd Specter'd Foreshadowed Melted down Intel-Inside CPU, your PRISM partner Operating System "Design in California" or in Redmond, your backdoored Broadcom baseband, your Carnivored ISP's CALEA compliant backbones–all of this is at once what NSA used to fuck you, and it will be what fucks NSA in the end.

the faggot Bruce Schneier (((somehow))) got privileged access to Greenwald's Snowden Cache, but he never told us anything specific that he saw, just that we should "Trust the Math"–that based on what he saw, NSA BULLRUN can't crack crypto ciphers (yet), and his Professional Recommendation to us as one of the most "respected" cryptographers in the world was that we all should adopt cryptographic best practices.

me amigo, i don't recommend you take (((Schneier's))) advice at all.

because cracking crypto is the weakest link in NSA's Fortress of Solitude.

when NSA slurps up your GSM phone beacon every 20ms, when your phone pings the nearest cell tower, when NSA reads your Gmail and knows it's you because they know your IP address because your ISP gave your Customer Detail Records to them, when NSA builds a profile of you based on your cookies,

how does NSA really really know it's YOU?

follow me on a little Thought Experiment.

what if i was a fucking Mentat math genius the likes of which haven't been seen on Earth since Sir Isaac Newton walked London, and let's say i cracked RSA, AES, SHA-256, 3DES, and KASUMI, what would that mean?

that would mean i could *IMPERSONATE* you or anyone, and NSA would never know it, because they Trust The Math.

i could clone your spyPhone's SIM card just sitting next to you on the train. i sit outside your house and decrypt your wifi. i could take all your passwords out of the air. i could use them to *BE* you on the Internet. now that your SIM card is my SIM card, all of your online accounts are my accounts. you were smart to enable 2FA on all the things, but my SIM card will now receive your SMS code.

now imagine this scaled out to clone and impersonate thousands of people.

NSA would find itself right back where it started in 1953–in the dark. if any cell phone or wifi can no longer be tied to a known Identity, how can NSA spy on everyone at the same time, much less automate that shit?

NSA would be toast.

by the way, this isn't hypothetical.

Cryptopocalypse is Coming.

000000  No.12073625

The fucking ABCs will mess with you if you hinder their cash flow or plans AKA illegal shit. They won't bother much with some anonymous asshole on the internet shit posting but they can decide to fuck with you for any reason to be completely honest. The biggest tool if their arsenal are other people, anon. Why dedicate any resources to tracking you down when they can piss and moan to some reddit fags or twitter nigs to dox you?

Go checkout this thread >>11699120 then this post >>11873733 the post linking to some guides is basically baby's first infosec try. Read it up, dig around their blog's so called library. It'll help you prevent some random social media kike from doxing you. From there learn on your own.

ee7763  No.12073676

Read the Art of Invisibility by famous hacker Kevin Mitnick. Take notes, do your research, it's got a lot of useful tidbits for non 1337, but it's not a how to guide.


48f44f  No.12073728


>hidden inside a Pringles can mounted onto a tree

No, no, no, hang on. You missed a step. The Pringles can has to be wrapped in a large potato chip bag, creating a Faraday cage. It's simple network physics, really; the larger the potato chip bag, the more anonymous your internet connection is.

301e52  No.12073770

File: 4fad9edfc281f58⋯.png (222.76 KB, 1182x1116, 197:186, 201206011000013.png)


Forget completely safe from gov. You simply want to be a complete nuisance and waste of resources to track when all you are guilty of is having a shit waifu tastes.

1. Get a VPN network

2. Use a TOR browser

Be suspicious and harder to track and only be guilty of having a love for "teh Rei". That'll show those fucking glow in the dark asuka fags.

c0f4c3  No.12073771



f925af  No.12073781


Go out in the woods and construct a shelter. Never contact anyone, ever. Grow and hunt your own food. Good luck.

2bc496  No.12073794


The only way to have valid comms is to use a one time pad where you share the secret pad with someone that you're trying to talk to beforehand.

A book full of random numbers / words works best because you can rotate the pad via date in a pre arranged fashion.

If you're going to use a computer to do this, it better be airgapped from the rest of the world, which is highly unlikely in 2018 because everything has touched the internet before you get it. Real glow in the dark secret shit happens on devices where the entire infrastructure to manufacture it is actively secure, and they only communicate over encrypted satcom shit that regular folks don't have access to.

02717f  No.12073830

File: 82580d2faecb24c⋯.jpg (289.05 KB, 1596x902, 798:451, Benji.jpg)

62016b  No.12074358

File: 985f244b6d4f422⋯.png (477.95 KB, 767x794, 767:794, tumblr_ovfdacrF691s7grqco1….png)

The bad news is that it's actually completely impossible. The good news is soooooo many people are being tracked that unless you trigger a ton of red flags, they'll never bother enough to specifically look at you, much less actually act on the intel. Many of the ways of hardening your security might actually make you a bigger target. The only thing I reccomend is a VPN, anything else (even tor) makes you more suspicious.

Any real organization must be done IRL, which is the only way you could theoretically be safe. Unless you have so many high priority red flags (usually by falling into a honey pot) that they bother sending an undercover fed.

acb3e1  No.12074376


Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road


000000  No.12074454


First start by changing your router to one that is supported by https://librecmc.org/

If you don't have money or something then just use Tails GNU/linux or Heads GNU/Linux-libre, because you can't be sure if your router isn't a NSA/Chink botnet (probably is btw),

Next boot to Tails, copy all your important files to some dongle and format your drive with GNOME Disks, choose either Overwriting with zeros or ATA Secure Erase (be careful with ATA one, it can fuck up your drive, probably)



Larptop: Windows 7 Ancile Scripted (I mean, if you don't use Intel, then wi-fi and other connections can always be turned off, on PC you would have to unplug the ethernet cable every time you don't use it heh), Tails or Heads

PC: Debian (the best you can get right now, also check from time to time if Devuan is stable), Tails or Heads

<don't use

>any (((smartphones))) until Librem 5 comes out

>any PCs/Laptops with Intel processor (Intel ME and stuff)

>any stuff like jewbook, jewgle (we can't be sure if they are tracking or not) (instead you can use i.e. startpage)

>javascript all the time, enable it on websites that really need it

<Be careful with

>Anything that has (((SIMs))), that stuff can track where you are and shit, if you have something like that then keep it in faraday cage, also if you pay with your bank card, then the bank knows where you bought your cola and chips

Software recommendations: https:/prism-break.org

"TOR distros":


heads.dyne.org (someday it will get fine enough to use it on a daily basis)

000000  No.12074462


Oh and also keep ID Cards in faraday cage too, I heard they have some kikery inside like tracking where you are too, but I don't know

f02977  No.12074542


this thread is pretty much a contest of who is the best at running around in the dark. I am attempting to bring some light into the lives of those reading. glow in the dark. if you meant to do that nice job, it made me smile

don't get me wrong - the process of developing pristine OPSEC is "light-bringing" in and of itself. you will have to learn all kinds of stuff about all kinds of things that aren't readily publically available, and then combine that with your logical capabilities. and then run that through your head over and over and over again til you got a perfect system. it's critical thinking in its purest form, and it doesn't come with a user's manual which makes it that much more enjoyable. stuff like that in modern society is few and far between

ultimately, what good is that skill set? if you're trying to sell drugs on the darknet, or card, or CP related stuff, or blackmail/doxxing it's a great skill set. but are those things you want to spend your time doing?

27ed10  No.12074615


This.. your CPU literally, unironically is built to record every single calculation.

Literally everything you do is copied and stored by the NSA

000000  No.12074643


this, THIS

Protip: if you download something and lets say you have 2mb/s connection, you will download it at 768kb/s at best, why? because the last 1232kb/s is always reserved for the NSA, yo

5762b0  No.12074679


Well that shut him up.

000000  No.12074756


>The good news is soooooo many people are being tracked that unless you trigger a ton of red flags, they'll never bother enough to specifically look at you, much less actually act on the intel.

This is widespread serious misconception how surveillance works.

The “Three Letter Agencies” just hoover up any information they can. That is only limited to their storage space. So it used to be only “meta data”, but today with gigantic data store houses and intelligent storage AKA caching, most of the internet traffic is repetitive files and websites, most of the relevant data is stored for further use.

The TLA don’t search for “trigger words” that would generate to much false positives. You would be surprised how many shitposter in the world write about “killing the president and ambassador”, just think about all of the JFK and Benghazi conspiracy talk.

What they seek for is common denominators among their target group, common behavior, writing style, style of web use.

We know from Snowden that visitor to a Linux advocacy site were considered persons of interest. In real life owner of a certain cheap Seiko watch were flagged as terror suspects.

TLA do the same as Facebook and Google with their subject, they categorize them and create relationship graphs. If you visits a gym or a certain gym like a person of interest, your score increases, you might not even aware that a certain behavior, ownership of an item makes you (more) a person of interest.

Such relationships are unpredictable, so any attempt to appear “normal and harmless” is bound to fail.

The only way to prevent such data mining is not to give away, hide your data. On the net that is best done with encrypting.

Sure the use of services like TOR is going to make you a person of interest, Snowden showed that, but the more people use it for ordinary, banal and boring thing the worthless that flag becomes.

It is in fact adviceable to do ones normal webbrowsing over TOR, to prevent nosy ISP, Cloudfire and Add networks to profile you.

cc537c  No.12074997

File: 21a273eae553d13⋯.png (379.69 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1449455620220.png)

458250  No.12075028

File: f8bca4898b322fa⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 320x240, 4:3, laughing-hard-gif-8.gif)

I am very sorry but I just couldn't help myself

>mount a parabolic dish on top of your car and then follow the bus from like a mile away

f02977  No.12075104


a motorcycle would work too

d3e84c  No.12075134

File: 9cf2229f32ad23e⋯.jpg (44.3 KB, 640x626, 320:313, 1519108388274.jpg)


the trump general threads on cuckchan are notoriously owned by the the_donald jews

being blindly in favor of any authority figure is music to the jews' ears

87b8ec  No.12075147


Buy a fucking rolltop desk. Drill two holes, on either end. One is intake, the other exhaust. Put a fucking fat in front of one of the holes. Point it so it's blowing in. Put your fucking electronics inside, and you'll use this to charge them. Now fucking close the lid. Hell, even lock it if you want to. The fan your electronics cool. That's what you tell people. In actuality it creates so goddamn much noise that even if you're in the same room with these wondrous electronic devices (read: 3rd amendment violation assrape of america wiretap devices), unless you raise your voice, you won't be eavesdropped.

Then you buy a fucking Ditto Wearable. It's a shit product that mostly deaf people use. It fucking vibrates when you have shit happening on your phone. It doesn't have a microphone, or any sensors. It's retarded. In other words, it's incapable of spying.

Oh, and you fucking start to use paper for your fucking ideas and shit.

And another thing, you probably talk to yourself some. Stop that shit if you can. Really work on it. The CIA can find out your fucking passwords because you say them to yourself as you're typing them lulz.

Oh, and gaming devices have microphones too.

Oh, and you should probably transition toward having all of your devices stripped at least of mics and cameras. But people may think you a bit odd if you do this (you'll have to use a handsfree set, and to video chat you'll have to plug in a USB camera…) It's only very slightly inconvenient.

Cameras are shit and so are smart watches. Fucking everything is. But these are the worst. Your tablets too. They have all kinds of goddamned sensors. So, like, let's say you carry your phone with you to do a drug deal. Let's say you removed the camera and microphone. Let's also say you jammed the radios, or used an RF bag. OK, that's cool. But did you know that it has a compass, and it also has a g forces meter? This can be used to fingerprint where you went lulz pwned.

So yeah, those RF bags are nice, but be sure to also remove the fucking battery.

All devices with non-removable batteries should be considered a permanent installation of NSA. Most tablets are like this, you know…

Where is freedom? How can it be that it is impossible to get all features in a tablet/phone/watch, but without the ones you wish to not have? The reason is simple enough. The CIA works behind the scenes to (((assure))) the conditions of their "success".

Yet there remains hope for us. We shall find a way!

8b5d7d  No.12075191

File: 01903a9335583c8⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1057x593, 1057:593, 1515936949677.png)

File: 5a97ffb4a569865⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1041x586, 1041:586, 1515939170769.png)

File: e558a24e45b0183⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1029x585, 343:195, 1515939778041.png)

File: e1986ad0c792701⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1057x593, 1057:593, 1515938781079.png)

Everything is listening and trying to predict your actions and thoughts.

It's probably too late unless you go live in the forest.

87b8ec  No.12075200


o wow lol

7eb1fe  No.12075239


That last one is very interesting.

547c29  No.12075241

Get off the internet. That's how you avoid being watched. (((They))) own the ISPs and VPNs and especially (((TOR))) which was made by the government. You can be too safe. So many shills have infiltrated this board and will tell you not to listen to me. Do not be Jewed by these kikes I am here ro help.

292037  No.12075456


>It is in fact adviceable to do ones normal webbrowsing over TOR, to prevent nosy ISP, Cloudfire and Add networks to profile you.

>the TORposter recommends shitposting on TOR


143c58  No.12075534

Learn Proper OPSEC:



648fc2  No.12075563

File: 651a3773cb0be9f⋯.gif (21.58 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 14514d63f17cc4621e51f5ff49….gif)

9cc0db  No.12075633

File: 71d7e6000f7625e⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1500x2122, 750:1061, 1535028909877.png)


Even your Hardware is compromised.

There is no escape when you use any hardware made after 1999.

cfed48  No.12075634

The NSA is incompetent, all you have to do to be totally safe is be someone they would actually be interested in. They only stalk anonymous losers who never do anything, you know.

Lol you people suck, I can't believe there are people retarded enough to be racists. You must all be getting manipulated by far left extremists, yup.

e379f8  No.12075656

Ok, finnfag here from ylilauta.

I'm a newbie so help me. There are leftist pushing interracial cuckold porn in our beloved home chan.

I heard there are ways to dox someone by tricking them to click a link. If so gibs me info or help. Right now the guys thread is basically dead. So if I post with "sage" only the bastard will get a notification. If it's a link, he might be dumb enough to press it.

The best way to stop this is to dox.

cfed48  No.12075713

The intel agencies are only mostly pointless.

They're not just ripping up society for no reason. They're suicide factories. People who think they could fix everything if only they could see enough get to make a go at it. They get to experience a world in which everything they look at maddens them by being boring, untouchable, or hopeless, and no matter how invasice they get they never see the right things at the right time to make a difference. People spend their lives at that. Decade after decade, growing old in the futility of it.

In their personal lives, they have one kid who grows up to do some other bullshit, if they ever have kids at all. It's never going to be anyone's ancestral profession, and anybody who likes spies enough to make it that way isn't discreet enough to have relationships with them. Eventually there won't be anyone left to do the work and the rest of us will be free of the kind of people who would make the attempt.

In the meanwhile? They manage to take down an actual criminal here and there. Rock on, spies. You'll be done soon enough.

For everyone else… I mean, if you're so scared of the consequences, have you tried not being evil? I get that intelligence agencies aren't only threats to evil people, that spies and creeps tend to overlap, that integrity isn't what draws people into thinking they need to see everything forever to have any security. I know. But on average, spies are just people. The odds are only so much worse, and better than the odds for the kind of organizations espionagers get sicced on. If some skullfucker gets out of control, well, the spies watch the spies, too. It's part of the grand futility exercise. They can't even keep their noses clean - so why do they think they can do it for everyone else?

c05938  No.12075837


What are the odds that the first true AI, the Skynet kind, emerges from it? -D


The world isn't just China, the US and the EU. Just sayin.




Kaspersky Lab was able to block the NSA/CIA backdoors, causing massive butthurt.


- Take randome faggotry.

- Encrypt it.

- Pass around.


How, glownigger?

458250  No.12075931


So if I like to mutter " I want to rape you for hours you black boned whore" as you jack off to porn on your little pad that's not a good idea then?

87b8ec  No.12075999


Why do you think the CIA gives a rat's botfly what happens to women?

87b8ec  No.12076000

Consider this: Mexico, mostly due to the CIA.

b3a703  No.12076214

tldr you cant if they put enough means to survey you

ea1d04  No.12076230

ea1d04  No.12076237


Literally shit talking kikes, you can't "store the internet" anymore than you can kick back the ocean.

ea1d04  No.12076304



Utter trash Nazi moon base tier shit. The nsa fears independent content creators exposing the Jewish hegemony in a hard to track way. These threads always get shill barraged.

d88d68  No.12076372


>How, glownigger?

What do you mean how? The chips and boards have inbuild backdoors for external access to your system at the factory. Didn't you pay attention to that huge intel cpu scandal around last December where we found out (for sure) that intel cpu's have their own separate OS not accessible to the end user which allows third party access to it and which has full access to your OS and you HDD contents. And that's just one component by one manufacturer.

86985f  No.12076383

How many of these threads do we need? You can't find us in our caves.

924a41  No.12076401

>insane cia niggers stockpile 666 jerilion bytes of storage space

>copy entire internet into it

>still 99% empty

>mass collect every byte of data from users

>slowly fill the bottemless pit with info

is this how the satan AI god is created? image an ai having access to this black hole of data

86985f  No.12076410


You mean the guy that got arrested?

87b8ec  No.12076420


The funniest part is that Intel is literally like Windows 95. Fake security, fake isolation, barely works…

86985f  No.12076424


Fuck off endkike.

7eb1fe  No.12076427

File: 6f1ce3a740e301f⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1659x1000, 1659:1000, tanya pol b-a.jpg)


What would you say the odds are its first words will be "Heil Hitler!"?

86985f  No.12076434


Kill yourself.

01a2e6  No.12076510


What you're saying doesn't make sense. If a device is connected to something, it is still under threat from L33tH@)(0r$. It's just a matter of time, energy and money as well as profiling information that will be used to get at someone. The only security is in layers and obfuscation.

87b8ec  No.12076568


However, if a useful location is not available (due to never using it at home), and if there are no personally-identifying materials on the device, what have haxorz gained?

18d2a6  No.12076652

How to stay safe… go innawoods dig hole ten feet down , oh wait satellites can still probably see and hear you

87b8ec  No.12076670


Go die CIANigger.

b6c75b  No.12076708

File: 973e94aed78fe31⋯.png (179.84 KB, 363x370, 363:370, 973e94aed78fe31fc4add96030….png)

You can anonymize yourself against third parties who would snitch on you, but you can't anonymize against five eyes. Don't poke out of the noise too much. The great anti-autistic irony of the situation being that seeking out the means to anonymize and become untraceable are easily flagged online behaviors.

The disinfo is thicker than the real info on the matter, even offline resources (photocopied crypto books, anarcho-kiddies with thumb drives, "hackathons") are all fed corrupted knowledge to an extent. The only guys who are fully capable of pulling off 1337 shit anymore work inside of high-ranking institutions, government agencies, and are known entities.

The system is closed, just blend in and pray for their incompetence to eventually backfire when they hand the keys to pajeets.

shitposting and ironyposting, creating overtly fake identities that corrupt the private data pipeline, confusing the AI learning, they'll have just a tight a grip on these within the decade as well. Sorry boys, you're either on the grid voluntarily or involuntarily at this point.

Don't blackpill though, chances are they don't give a single shit about any of us, and we're useful enough to them that they allow us to continue to exist as an info mob. Rejoice in the fact that they can't actually hunt us down and kill us individually, and we can be annoying irreverent niggers in their eyes potentially forever.

4b65b2  No.12076766


I’m only replying to mention that racism is zionism, and this site works directly, and practically only, to that purpose.

fa8557  No.12077776



The kosher government faggots are worse than anyone they call a criminal, by far.

adadf0  No.12078684

File: 00228604f4ea406⋯.jpg (12.01 KB, 248x248, 1:1, images.duckduckgo.jpg)




Trips confirmed, CIAfags own mexico.

1f13aa  No.12078745


>How can you avoid being under surveillance?

buy a phone that does not have your name on it then post from the library, if anyone wants to know who said what from the library they need a warrant signed by a judge

1f13aa  No.12078750


>The only security is in layers and obfuscation.

if they want you they will come get you, if you have something digital they have it no matter how much encryption you have,

8ab86d  No.12078756

I got the hale hortler banner when I opened this thread. That’s apparently correct.

92e414  No.12078771



Best solution is just have a dedicated machine (phone or computer) that you use only for your non-professional life on the chans or wherever you frequent. Always use it from a different location from where you do your regular stuff as a doctor or day-to-day business. Just pick out someone from the phone book of whatever area you are in and fill out all your forms as if you are that person when you set up your dedicated shitposting box. They may be able to see everything you're doing, but they're not going to associate it with your real-life activities if you practice strict discipline. They're going to profile your chan activities as being the guy you signed up as, who with any luck will look totally different from you the Doctor.

7ca8f5  No.12078826


>you can't anonymize against five eyes

Nonsense. It's quite possible to go dark.

7ca8f5  No.12078829

And we KNOW it's possible to go dark, because numerous individuals have accomplished it.

49e792  No.12079526


>type with one hand on work computer

>type with OTHER hand on TAILS computer


badd5b  No.12079545


Going dark entails completely abandoning all electronics in your home and never using your house for any internet connections, and at the same time never standing out doing so even though doing that immediately causes some people to raise eyebrows. Since you already have a footprint though going back on to the grid the regular way will immediately destroy whatever you did to go dark like an unraveling thread that is why you're always told never to visit clearnet sites and darknet places with your VPN and browser.

Even when you succeed it's only because going after you is a waste of time that could be spent elsewhere.

7ca8f5  No.12079610


No, you can absolutely have electronics. Going dark is more complicated than you suppose. I mean, you're right, that will do it… but it's quite possible to seem to exist, but also to not have your real activities be tracked…

190b32  No.12079611

No such thing as anonymity. Ever heard of IDF Unit 8200? If you have "Intel Inside" then sitting next to Intel is the fucking Mossad.

No escaping Total Information Awareness (TIA). Echelon to Prism to whatever it's called now. No software solution exists to get around the hardware (Ragemaster RF flooding to bounce signal off your chips and reads your monitor screen, same can be done with your keyboard). TOR and I2P plus any amount of software and hardware VPNS and proxies can NOT get you around this. Not to mention, as soon as you start buying software and hardware VPNs and the like you are getting flagged to be watched more closely.

nb4 blackpilled

7ca8f5  No.12079616

So, as an analogy, consider the task of following ants. Since ants are actually quite similar, it's vital to tag them. This is how the CIA and NSA operate. They aren't that good at getting signatures (stylometry may be quite decent, but with more limited bandwidth, such as activity styles, it's pretty shit quality).

So they're looking down on the ant mound, and they appear when they exit the hole (ie enter into the tracked systems, the Internet, phone systems, radio). But there can be things which obscure, confuse matters. In fact, without being tagged, they are greatly troubled in their attempts to track you.

It's a tremendous blessing we're so ordinary, so similar.

7ca8f5  No.12079624


Your theory of total transparency is pretty much only their wet dream. It's not reality, yet. There are complications. Example: they need pros to utilize the systems to investigate things to achieve the highest quality tracking product. Problem: what to task to which person? So unless something is detected as suspicious it won't get fully looked into.

This is why, after a disaster, they are able to know so much.

Edward Snowden talked about this. It's the needle in a haystack problem.

And you can be the needle, if you want. There are many many needles.

3455d2  No.12079647


>What are the odds that the first true AI, the Skynet kind, emerges from it? -D

Its already did. Deep state is guided by AI.

2a0591  No.12079708

File: 34ec92b6e23a9e8⋯.jpg (81.09 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Anime is real and buff.jpg)


>just be a faggot on the internet.


503b7d  No.12081354


It's completely impossible that's why most people who hacked into multi-million companies or gov agencys don't get caught.

503b7d  No.12081376


You see the people who get caught have obvious fuck ups and well known opsec fuck ups, but otherwise, it doesn't happen if you're not retarded and are willing to put ton of effort into securing yourself.

b92f1a  No.12085858


>No, you can absolutely have electronics

Toasters from the 1940's sure, or a classic lighting system where it's just mechanical switches controlling a current to heat up some metal in a glass bulb. But all that means is that they'd have to put up with only getting information from manipulating whatever electronics they can via powerlines.

I don't really mean those types of things when I say electronics anyways. btw modern toasters have circuit boards, display screens, and other things making them completely insecure.

9f6b3a  No.12085962

I'm not going to type it out because it's probably the easiest way to guarantee you'll get on a surveillance watch list. Use TOR to search for the story of:

A dog runs around the back ____. (4 letters)


A ____ flies in the sky. (4 letters)

277261  No.12086527


Yep. Apparently it's a backdoor at CPU cache level (probably multiple vectors actually, but that one at least I've seen reliably confirmed). I'd heard some processors up to roughly Core2 era were still clean though (so buy a secondhand Thinkpad if you want to be hopefully a bit safer!). About the only ways around it long term would be either an open hardware initiative or to figure out a way to encrypt & obfuscate the contents of the cache itself (already exists for RAM). I favor a combination of the two personally. Performance would take a hit of course, but if you were simply using it for basic tasks like message encryption it might be fine. I've wondered about some of the low power ARM based processors that are open sourced, but until there's a way to reliably detect the exploit I'd assume every CPU is compromised.

7ca8f5  No.12087511


Microphones aren't magical, you know. A loud fan near them and they hear nothing. Cameras cannot see if they are covered, in a drawer, whatever. And passive wifi (etc.) radar can't see into your cellar.

The main problem is getting phones that don't have any sensors that aren't necessary, and which can be 100% turned off. The demand is enormous, though, at this point. If you could manage to make these you'd get rich, because you'd be able to charge 8x what an equivalent one would be priced at.

7ca8f5  No.12087523


>assume every CPU is compromised

I agree, but you also have to realize that the CIA must assume that every computer could be a honey pot. So, they'll only use 0-days on you if you've attracted top-level attention…

… but if you're stupid enough to buy Intel, now that it's publicly known how to hack the hell out of them, you've invited the spying. So buy a Ryzen, and when the hi five comes out, buy it (and expect shit performance), and consider an Intel rig that's airgapped AND isolated in a faraday cage. I'm not fucking joking about the faraday cage.

7ca8f5  No.12087527


Though I would add that I prefer lead lining. Tell people you're worried about the nuclear apocalypse. Why not? Nukes never went anywhere. Expensive, very, sadly.

b1ed21  No.12093446


Daily reminder that you are safer fully anonymizing than not.

Daily reminder that you are safer partially anonymizing (Tor, false personas/belieffs) than not.

Never say anything illegal in your country.

Daily reminder that this is all easy if you learn it, which is easy.

Daily reminder that you should voice your opinions strongly in person. Fears or social reprisal are overblown when the stakes are the survival of your offspring and their future offspring.

b1ed21  No.12093456


door bird.

c447f9  No.12093506


Just don't use your credit card or post your name online? You already did both? Then too bad, you are no longer anonymous to an ABC who wants to put in the effort to know.

0f581e  No.12093527

When it comes to PERSEC the concept is simple:

No anonymity measures will make you entirely anonymous. Governments are already in your computer, your TV, your Amazon Echo, and all other electronic devices. However, this gives us a certain leverage:

Governments do not want the general public to know they're illegally spied on 24/7 and so if you maintain proper OPSEC and PERSEC you aren't likely to be frustrated by Government forces. For example, if you say something stupid like you're going to rob a bank, and if you use proper Security measures like Tor and VPNs, the authorities will not arrest you because they must explain how they determined your identity; the NSA doesn't want to say

>Oh we found anon by hacking into his toaster

because then the public will be aware of the NSA's capability, and if they're hacking one toaster they're probably hacking them all. This revelation would lead to a social breakdown and eventually revolution.

Instead, think of it this way:

You want anonymity to prevent Leftists, such as ANTIFA, from finding and persecuting you for political reasons. You simply can not hide from the Government if you're plugged into their Matrix. Do not say or promote anything that violates the law, and remain certain you are being watched already – they hope you fuck up.

ec1857  No.12093545


>Microphones aren't magical, you know.

In one sentence you clearly demonstrated you have no clue what I just said, the information they'd get from things without a CPU via powerlines is limited and requires manipulating the object if able.

02a99a  No.12093655

File: 48531adfa27b2ad⋯.jpg (73.78 KB, 640x701, 640:701, 309195354e977d2ce4050c85c2….jpg)


What telegram channels do you find pol related?

4ea56b  No.12093794

If you read nothing else in this thread read these




If you read nothing else in this thread read these

>Cryptopocalypse is Coming.

IIRC in the long term forecasts I read about 10 years ago, the date expected for this was 2019

5e8516  No.12094398


Who is paying for it?

(May be a separate question, maybe not)Who is buying this idea and the subsequent abilities?

Why? What is the long-term goal?

None of their plans work without electricity. Electricity doesn't work without stable polarities.

Magnetic storage doesn't happen when electro-magnetics turn all of that hard work into digital spaghetti.

Fortunes represented by digits are the Achilles heal of those who believe they're untouchable.They can reduced to nothing in a very short amount of time, but it's better to destroy their lives slowly and methodically; the very way they prefer to do to their cattle/chattel

aa705f  No.12094499


Follow the archive

2fc995  No.12094550

File: 8477b80f5192bcf⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 400x400, 1:1, feds on 8chan w archive.jpg)

b0ade2  No.12094694

TL;DR You cannot

Long version: You can only become too bothersome to bother with. No amount of measures will keep you safe from a motivated national level intelligence agency. None. The backdoors have backdoors. Then there's the old HUMINT methods and wetwork. You can't hide from a motivated attacker. You can only make it prohibitively costly. For most anons, this will suffice.

This is authoritative book on the subject. The number one thing to do is separate your assets from your name via LLCs. Internet doesn't even come into it until you've achieved that step. https://www.amazon.com/How-Be-Invisible-Protect-Children/dp/1250010454

b0ade2  No.12094719


Heil Our Cyber Samurai!

924a41  No.12094727


riddle me this, how does ISIS get away with using the internet to communicate if everything is kiked and backdoored

0a32af  No.12094743


Gee, I fucking wonder. Really gets the noggin' joggin'.

864556  No.12094750


> the authorities will not arrest you because they must explain how they determined your identity

This is patently false. Not to contribute to the general panopticon effect that threads like this generate, but please research "parallel construction". There would be no need for them to disclose warantless surveillance, they would simply build an evidentiary case alongside it.

2fc995  No.12094769



b58cc4  No.12094774

File: 6176a3600d39cd1⋯.png (141.89 KB, 641x481, 641:481, Your memes have no effect ….png)


>Free epilepsy test

I stared at said gif for five minutes.

What do I win?

4b8b18  No.12094778


Buy an old PPC core, the early RISC is faster than the CISC of its days and neither have microcode or integrated ethernet. Might be difficult finding old PCI or even ISA ethernet cards though.

13d45e  No.12094779

Being safe from surveillance is as easy as being a person of interest. These organizations miss everyone who matters. They're too busy laughing at whoever amuses them and writing justifications for poor allocations of time and resources. This conduct is excused as making up for all the dreary work that depresses them too much to ever get around to doing.

4b8b18  No.12094780


needs more changing colors tbh

13d45e  No.12094789

Obvious enough yet?

db2d6d  No.12094814


Do all the retarded shit that people are suggesting in this thread it will work I swear. I majored in computer science trust.

seriously though get just get a decent vpn and stop using chrome

c538d2  No.12096796


Imagine how much they'd cum if this were true.

000000  No.12112317

Caution TOR Browser

Each new install comes with Javascript enabled in NoScript.

Switch it to disable global and enable just case by case.

Recently a new version has been released, that resets the NoScript defaults back to global enabled!

d283e0  No.12112358

everyone who posts on 8ch has a higher level security priority than your typical jihadi muslim trying to get porn in pakistan on his motorolla phone. this is a farm for school shooters and domestic terrorism under the guise of white nationalism. eventually you will be in a discord or voice chat, you will be approached to meet irl, you will be physically bugged etc. where do you think the 500 billion goes towards? recruiting retards who would use violence to larp their 19th century political goals.

good example is someone like cody wilson, who is completely oblivious and will be used to ban downloading in ~10-15 years when the internet is just streaming cloud and physical storage is a controlled product you require federal license to purchase and use.

ec1857  No.12112377


If you are the only one that uses a VPN at a website then you'll stand out more then if you didn't because of metadata you share with every website you visit, metadata has information about you that ranges from the OS you're using to the browser you use and any website you're currently linked to will have this information shared with them. A VPN without doing anything else is good for casual browsing because Tor users taint adbots by dismissing VPN traffic as another Tor user but the best security of not being found out is being exactly the same as everyone else.

5fc6dc  No.12112455

I'm so glad I live outside of US jurisdiction, americans love to spout how they live in the "land of the free" when their own government is secretly watching their every move and are always planting spooks in grassroots movements so they can arrest everyone by way of entrapment when things become serious.

Say what you want about chink state surveillance but at the least the soulless yellow creatures are open about it.

c4b3af  No.12112476

There is a way, make everyone into it, if you are the only one using tor then it doesnt matter how many proxies you use, but the number they have today are so big that you cant backtrace tor users if they arent stupid or you dont waste a lot of money, basically tell all people to use tor to prevent datamining, credit card stealing, etc, if the entire planet is on the list that list will be just years wasted for them.

d0a9d6  No.12112505


This is the right answer.

You can and should take precautions, but ultimately, you must accept the fact that being online is inherently risky and that you are taking a risk by discussing these topics online.

Ultimately, being online and discussing these things are equivalent to being in a "minute man militia". You're risking a lot by joining, but it's an honorable risk, a risk worth taking if you believe in the cause.

a01d05  No.12114132


This but it is a bit more targeted for longer term storage. They still do have shit tonnes though.

Back in 01-02 they bought the entire world's supply of SCSI disks for over half a year, someone close in the industry high up confirmed this to me.

>estimated a few Pb back then

>net was 175Pb a month


167258  No.12114939


Pretty much… Even TOR was made by the Navy.

Good luck, anywho

82695e  No.12114966

computer security should be a perpetual thread on /pol/

0a0c1c  No.12115577


>net was 175Pb a month


000000  No.12120754

I wrote up some useful information regarding this topic.


Ignore the shills and fools who say anonymity/privacy is a game you can't win at.

1e6eae  No.12121272

You cannot hide from the government

Do not think you can

Do not try

They will always catch you

6d98ef  No.12139649

fuck sliding shills

4cce76  No.12139992


Blogger Shane Dowling jailed for contempt for naming Tim Worner's alleged lovers


I can't remember their names (but luke mckee could if he's still around) but there are two Australians serving jail in NSW for hosting (((illegal))) papers on their blog.

aff7ef  No.12140454


>I'm a medfag so I'm a complete retard

Please stop reinforcing negative stereotypes. We all have areas in our life we can strengthen. It's beneath our proud white heritage to embrace ignorance.

"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects." — Robert Heinlein

-t. MD with /tech/ capacity

c05938  No.12140992


That is precisely why the CIA was butthurt at Kasperky lab, they found a way to block that.



Find it. It can be disabled or compromised.

7e1595  No.12141748

File: 98658579e4f9edf⋯.jpg (933.73 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Nasim-Aghdam.jpg)


thats cool and all, nerd, but you don't need to be a math genius to be completely anonymous online right now today. here let me take care of this one:

get an android phone on a payment plan and install google chrome make a gmail and facebook account using a secure password such as password1234 then start erratically posting and browsing schizophrenically in easily recognizable dialect and behind so many layers of irony that nothing of value can be discerned from monitoring your activity. make sure to fedpost in prominent places like halfchan regularly so they don't even bother reading it anymore, allowing you to freely spread your manifestoes and bomb making instructions at your leisure.

since they can read the subtle vibrations of your jaw to hear you think whenever you're around cameras, which could be anywhere, it's best to start thinking in this manner as well, all the time.

take a front facing cell phone camera and just run that thing 360* around your cock. because you like it. jokes on the NSA, beta pencil necked fags.

thank me later, heil hitler

99b3a9  No.12141776

This is a CIA post. Newbies, care to guess how I know?


f3aed0  No.12141782


Seriuosly check this shit out, it'll be vital with the coming (((censorship))):




Here is a trove of good information:


Seeing how these Euroclaps are trying to (and probably will) pass (((§13))) I really need to look into way of how an underground internet can be created, joined and maneuvered.

f3aed0  No.12141784



What the fug, what did I do wrong?

f3aed0  No.12141788




What the fuck happened to Baphomet REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

f3aed0  No.12141791


By the looks of it it was probably CP being posted.

How I hate this shit.

I would hang all pedofags, but I bet over half of CPposters are doing it to censor.


f3aed0  No.12141923




I am a blatant and unceasing homsexual, here it is:


Be careful, tholugh, there are a lot of /baph/oles on there.

31e068  No.12141985

ZOG sees all. The (((internet))) is compromised. We need to set up a new internet.

34b315  No.12142020


I agree with you, but to be completely fair about Ross it was because he fucked up and posted his irl email on a darknet forum. If he had just taken a second to employ basic opsec he would still be free today.

7e1595  No.12142423


This is a post from a nigger. Newbies, care to know how I can tell?

7d7f9e  No.12162092


okay agent fud

55f20e  No.12162165


There's probably many ways, but without organizing capital behind whatever reason/motive you have for remaining anonymous to this govt you wouldn't really be able to do anything to your enemy other than keep them from spying on you. Truth is any organized resistance to modern globo homo wont come from le hacker extraordinaire in his mother's basement, but will probably come from mass rioting over racial and class issues the current American elite are creating. If anything the destruction of anonymity by globo homo assets is just the system digging its own grave, it should actually be encouraged because it will hasten their demise.

befa4c  No.12162362


The cans shape creates an identifiable unidirectional cone-shaped radio signal.

This in theory could be detectable. Tree hights are also very specific, i doubt they climbed very high up.

Those fuckers just screwed up their own opsec.

befa4c  No.12162374

File: 2e5444597d566f0⋯.jpeg (294.43 KB, 1242x1334, 27:29, accelerationism_did_not_h….jpeg)


The accelerationist method has failed every time just like communism.

ec1857  No.12162379


Cloudflare decrypts and re-encrypts all encrypted traffic that passes through it the NSA just needs to be the ones who own and operate cloudflare and they have full access to everything. Other intelligence agencies just need to backdoor Cloudflare and they also have everything.

btw 8chan is on Cloudfare.

84cfd0  No.12162450


Well, internet have been build as a spying tool…

So, it have to be destroyed and rebuild by us, the people who knows the nasty things…..

Start a thread, to regroup mathematician's, programmers and hackers.

Create a website to expose all the cybertactics, and cyberweapon used by intels to redpill ignorant humans.

Then, all of us have to contribute to build stronger OS..

With new ways to communicate..

After that, destroy the internet, and implement the new one…

There is no way to be safe out there, they have unlimited amount of money. scientists and engineers…

The only thing that we have, is a lot of people that only need to get regrouped.

dea9b3  No.12162451


Only Marxists push for accelerationism. So called "right-wing" accelerationism is a retarded concept, because you cannot purposely accelerate the current system in place without considering deeply and logically of what it is that should take it's place naturally and so on, and I believe that is called "progression" in the traditional sense and of which would be sped up with homogenity, accelerationism is not PROGRESS you can speed up technological processes but that isn't acclerationism, it seeks to simply push our current Civilization down into the fires (good luck getting out of the rubble this time, it won't be like Rome, we'll be turned into ashes in the fallout). It's a chaotic push into chaos itself.

Most of whom adhere to accelerationism just want pure destruction of all current systems and tend to place their idealised version of which system will be in place of it, just like Marx but to a worse extent. But not before half of the world dies or all of it in a nuclear fallout and the ideas will be lost, it feels like most of the elites want that ever so badly while they hide away, especially a particular race.

There's no room for the logic of lifelong thinking when it comes to it, it appeals to the ego, not the family or future. "It must happen now and in my lifetime. Now now now, I want to see change now!" It's what the Jews are doing now, accelerating conflict, everywhere. No one will escape it, the ones that will escape are probably the ones pushing people into it while they hide away wherever and birth something "new".

Just adhere to destruction and violence in a thoughtful way, as long as it's noble then it shall be fine, for example, killing all the undesireables.

dd01db  No.12162576


>they would simply build an evidentiary case alongside it

True. However, there have been cases where criminals have not seen the inside of a courtroom because it would compromise the sources and methods used or unlikely was flat out illegal to begin with. Simply because that was the only evidence constructed.

Imagine a scenario like that which happens from time to time. Bet the neighbors would be pissed figuring out Candyman Dan won't have to leave town for the next 10 years or have to register as a sex offender because good ol ZOG wouldn't do their jobs the proper way.

a1d5db  No.12162957


>TOR was made by the Navy

false. TOR had multiple funding sources, only one of those being Naval Intelligence. Don't open your mouth if you don't know what you're talking about

aa7dda  No.12166877


That's too extreme. If you don't want to handle stuff like firewalls just don't have any tech that connects to the Internet and you'll be fine.

0f40ab  No.12167911

>anglos turn tim berners lee's invention into a culturally non threatening corporate shithole slavegrid

As you'd expect from the land of beady eyes and tea jews

000000  No.12168721


ISIS was created by the CIA.

000000  No.12168743


Accelerationists are, without a doubt, entirely composed of teenage larpers and shills. Any reasonably intelligent man who believed in accelerationism would become a domestic terrorist. And given the ease with which any intelligent actor can cause billions of dollars with little risk of being caught, you can see that there are no intelligent domestic terrorists who are not controlled op.

d2a57c  No.12168807

>No mention of counter-intelligence ITT

Amateurs. Anons should seriously learn something about it, you must be efficient and properly manage your resources if you want to accomplish something. Sure, total anonymity has it's uses, but in many cases it's not necessary, and costs (time, resources, mental energy) outweigh the benefits several times over. We should focus on how to operate under total transparency instead (with certain exceptions). Never forget, behind every system there is a man. And human psyche is rather … flawed. We must become ghosts, now you see us, now you don't.

Some kike watching me masturbate won't make him any more knowledgeable about my plans. Which plans? I don't have any, I'm just an average bloke, an internet troll :>)

000000  No.12168838


Go on…

67a060  No.12168885


Probably something similar to the Gray Man philosophy.

dec6ae  No.12168932

Best solution is to steal an identity, use machines that are stolen/hacked, drop information about the other person's life, etc… The trick to this is that they only care about convictions, not about actual justice or accountability. As long as their numbers check out and they get their promotion feds don't give any further fucks. No prosecutor/judge is going to give a fuck about a suspicion that the person isn't the perpetrator. If the details match enough that is all that matters.

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