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File: 1b14142d27d2dbc⋯.png (548.44 KB, 842x710, 421:355, ShareBlue 2.0.png)

File: 3b6624918000c1a⋯.png (345.98 KB, 529x640, 529:640, 1.PNG)

File: 09b86f43e89e647⋯.png (54.04 KB, 532x412, 133:103, 2.PNG)

631af7  No.12075814


>The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has internal software that identifies suspected bots on Twitter, part of what The Washington Post reports is its response to fears of potential Russian influence in the midterm elections.

>The committee started using the software a few months ago as part of an aggressive strategy to shape political conversations online. It has already flagged no less than 10 accounts to Twitter, resulting in their shutdown.

>The DCCC’s strategy is to drive public discussion on social media platforms. It has hired dozens of social media specialists to fight online and has 43 “battle station organizers” who have been dispatched to districts across the country to build grassroot efforts to spread pro-Democratic Party messaging and conduct attacks on Republicans in local social media groups and communities.

>The DCCC is paying organizers to recruit social media activists who will spread content on Facebook groups in the hope they will go viral, the Post reports.

>“This is completely different from what we have done in past cycles,” DCCC executive director Dan Sena said.

>While the deployment of ‘battle station organizers’ may be new, the strategy echoes the Correct the Record super PAC’s efforts in the last election, which sought to confront social media users who were posting negatively about Hillary Clinton. Created by political operative and longtime Clinton ally David Brock, it also paid for negative stories about Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.


The strong uptick in anti-Trump shilling here suddenly makes sense.

ecba9f  No.12075819


Oh great here's the new MSM supplied boogeyman of the week.

Have a sage faggot.

ecba9f  No.12075820


At least you didn't direct link this time.

631af7  No.12075825



Shareblue right on schedule. Amazing.

9e71c0  No.12075857

File: de8a1380f1913be⋯.png (237.77 KB, 1784x550, 892:275, post1.png)

File: 3bf44ca5030e097⋯.png (198.9 KB, 1579x575, 1579:575, post2.png)

File: c8e802c00e12d3f⋯.png (20.47 KB, 986x231, 986:231, usefulidoits.PNG)

File: 9755e4f4efcdbda⋯.gif (136.88 KB, 550x415, 110:83, 05ab702e428db909eae49377ec….gif)


So what do I have to do to get (((you))) to break character again?

6638c4  No.12075863


I shitpost on the god Emperor's behalf for free.

Do I need to file that as a campaign contribution?

664b11  No.12075867


Regardless of what any of us think about Trump, it's beyond clear that he has gained supporters since his election, not lost them. Anyone with half a brain can see it. I assume this is why they are losing their minds.

Not one person who voted Trump in 2016 is going to not vote to re-elect him. And they are motivated right now to go vote more R's in their local elections. These people are not going to change their minds because some Sharblue faggot made an anti-Trump Rick and Morty meme. Nor do they believe 90% of what media tells them anyway.

Democrats are fucked. They may gain a seat or two, but they have NO PLATFORM that benefits the average Joe. Their platform is, literally, "We hate Drumpf. Do you hate Drumpf? Vote for us and we'll hate Drumpf together". And on that front, the lines are drawn and won't likely budge.

646cf4  No.12075878


>“Correct the Record”


>“Battle Organizers”

It’s all inauthentic astroturfing. You can’t pay someone to do what we do. The employment situation forces it and kills it. People smell it a mile away.

036cb9  No.12075897

File: 8659362db7174b4⋯.gif (3.83 MB, 700x488, 175:122, 8659362db7174b484b9fdaa009….gif)


Essentially this. All theyre going to do is flood every imaginable platform with the usual

>drumpf is evil

>drumpf has accomplished nothing

>drumpf betrayed you by doing x y next week, z the week after, then back to x


>muh 50 gorillion illegals and drumpf loves them all

>please just vote for the candidate who will make being white illegal goy, accerationism works

/pol/ has been lousy with them lately. All they seem to have as a goal however is to derail the thread entirely instead of just atroturfing support for marxists.

kampfy/polvoljew are almost certainly agents of theirs, playing both sides as kikes always do


Its especially obvious when their brand new niggers don't even understand ID's because its their first time shitposting as anonymoose. For example



Also on accelerationism. It works when your side guides the message. It works in your enemies favor when they guide the message. Never forgetti anons.

109266  No.12075902

File: 745b04d181f6b13⋯.png (339.77 KB, 827x376, 827:376, richard.png)


>im not a shill. Im a Battle Station Organizer

7befff  No.12075913

File: 9f0167432d01c55⋯.jpg (105.18 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 47ce428638d2c76a9cb78918a3….jpg)


Let this be a call to arms! Shitpost like you have never shitposted before! Spread memes far and wide! No matter what they throw at us, CTR, Shartblue, Chinese clickfarms, we are the best at what we do!





>t. Battle Station Organizers

d8c851  No.12075915

And so the next memewar began.

Its time boys.

59d7a9  No.12075917

Democrats have no chill and can't shill as middle of the line voices or reason let alone patriots.

7befff  No.12075922

9e71c0  No.12075928

File: 81dcd2d5c2601ab⋯.png (497.43 KB, 703x908, 703:908, deport.PNG)

File: df7b034c389e556⋯.png (62.44 KB, 653x784, 653:784, deport2.png)

File: c630b848eca6215⋯.png (873.65 KB, 900x720, 5:4, e913392978ecf915475d0bee0f….png)


>slide it

have a sage nigger

59d7a9  No.12075934

Nobody hates leftists more than average working class Americans.

They will be their own undoing with their preachy bullshit and their cartoonish imitation of what they think the right-wing is, but by all means, help them spiral down faster.

7befff  No.12075938


>sage is a downvote

They're not bringing their best, folks!

d8c851  No.12075945


Already satured tatic, nigger, wont work anymore, we know you are all /lefty/ shills.

May Kek rape your mind, faggot.

73c567  No.12075961

>battestation organizers


>actively and openly recruiting people to battle

>as in combat

>as in politically motivated combat targeting every man, woman, and child in America


59d7a9  No.12075968


We should be so damn lucky.

God willing.

cc8177  No.12075975




1e19b6  No.12075977

Have you guys looked into psychology studying this could give us a stronger hand against the jews and their leftist golems. Being able to read what your opponent is thinking can give us a much stronger advantage and increase the butthurt.

Also trump is shitty get it through your thick skulls that he isn't the next Hitler. He is simply a puppet for the jews as this guy >>12075857 pointed out.

Thanks for this btw.

7befff  No.12075992


>Also trump is shitty get it through your thick skulls that he isn't the next Hitler. He is simply a puppet for the jews.

I miss how kampfy used to ban you niggers before CTR had him overthrown.

96bdb3  No.12076004

"Democrats seek stronger social media presence"?????

Social media is already seemingly 90+% Liberal. This is basically an attempt at COMPLETE CONTOL

59d7a9  No.12076011


>Also trump is shitty get it through your thick skulls that he isn't the next Hitler

Nobody thought he would be. You took the memes too seriously, shitbrain.

>He is simply a puppet for the jews as I pointed out before I hopped IPs

If he were simply a puppet we'd be at war with Assad and Iran at the same time.

Nobody cares about the deportation of some guy who wasn't even German.

You're quickly running out of lines.

1e19b6  No.12076013


Defending kikey now. Go back to The_Donald. 70% of people here aren't as brain dead as you and can clearly see through trumpstein's act.

59d7a9  No.12076015


In the turkroaches defense, that's one thing he did right. Your faggotry is overwhelming now.

62bf14  No.12076018


As if Share Blue, Tides and the other troll farms are not bad enough they need even more shills and more bots… likely will be backed by foreign interests and money like the others. If I remember right is was said Share blue was also backed by Chinese money (along with globalists like Soros) talk about collusion with a foreign government.

59d7a9  No.12076022

>70% of the board

Got the readout of that statistic, jew?

ee77d2  No.12076023

What is the end purpose of posting "Donald Trump is a kike puppet"?


1e19b6  No.12076024


We still have 6 years you know. Immediately calling me a shill for something that hasn't happened but could happen in the future is really fucking dense. A lot can happen in 6 years.

e1a633  No.12076028

Becoming that desperate again, are you?

1bdd59  No.12076030

I'm pretty sure they're already upon us. I don't know about you guys but it seems like there was a massive uptick on Monday of anti-trump posting.

1e19b6  No.12076037


Not an argument. Also let's assume trump isn't the jewish puppet I claim him to be. He is still in his 70s the jews could easily kill him and call it off as a heart attack. Now let me ask you why hasn't this happened.

ee77d2  No.12076043


>I'm pretty sure they're upon us.

I'm pretty sure they're in this thread.

You guys do realize that CTR's list has been leaked multiple times by now, right?

e1a633  No.12076044


Now why are you presuming that I was pointing at you in the first place?

e8ab6b  No.12076048


My god they're pathetic. Well i guess when your party has no message, you have to deploy movie stars and ShariaBlue shills to drown out the opponent

e1a633  No.12076049

It's not as if you are aware of your status and how you see yourself, right?

ee77d2  No.12076050


>the jews can do anything they want to anyone instantly

Whatever you're getting paid, it's too much.

1e19b6  No.12076061


You try argue against trump without like 30 different trump shills jumping on you for daring to have a different opinion than them. It's mob mentality at it's finest.

bbd570  No.12076070


8chan and especially /pol/ is already so full of astroturf that it's getting embarrassingly obvious. This will backfire on them 100%

e1a633  No.12076075

File: 02cdad35f54e870⋯.png (390.64 KB, 1200x567, 400:189, 970.png)


>everyone is a drumpf shill

This thread is about Democrats forming another CTR group of faggots and (((You))) are more interested about moaning "Muh drumpf" in this thread?

And you fucking consider yourself as some sort of importance? Christ, why not start bitching that a salami is about Trump.

1e19b6  No.12076078

File: ac1e18542ba5078⋯.jpg (75.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ningyo.jpg)


They've had 2 years to plan an assassination sorry but 2 years isn't instantly. They could pull their resources and do plenty of things in that 2 year span. However they haven't explain trump supporter.

be5b2a  No.12076079

File: fe86aeefb4dbf19⋯.png (321.89 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>gets paid to influence election

>isn't a capitalist shill

>still thinks it's fighting corruption

bbd570  No.12076081

File: 590a75ee60fd20a⋯.png (35.3 KB, 435x199, 435:199, new banner.PNG)


>before CTR had him overthrown.

It's become painfully obvious since it happened.

233d35  No.12076094

Lol battle station organizers… these memes are gonna be even worse than during the last meme war. THE LEFT CAN’T MEME!

be5b2a  No.12076096

File: d5ab3879f4c98fe⋯.png (6.67 KB, 277x271, 277:271, ClipboardImage.png)



where is the banners page link?

0b2d3a  No.12076114

>Battle Station Organizers

That's the most tryhard, fantasy-land bullshit I've heard all day. Leave it to the Dems to come up with something like that, their whole lives revolve around overhyped, brainless sci-fi movies.

At least it's not as retarded as Shareblue or CTR.

1e19b6  No.12076162

Speaking of the leftist material it's not going to work. The left can't resonate with people like /pol/acks can and this is because leftists are unconnected with modern issues and only wish to expand their diversity agenda.

The left is very disconnected. You have rich jews, poor niggers, illegal spics, feminists, Fags, Sand niggers and all of the sort. We can easily convert people over to our ideology because we can relate to these people. The left is simply incapable of doing this and as such instead of promoting their ideology like we do. They have to resort to social shaming and trying to weaken our influence with Divide and conquer. Funnily enough the left is much more susceptible to divide and conquer due to the conflicting ideologies.

The reason I'm arguing against trump is that their is quite a bit of evidence to support him being a Jewish puppet. If he isn't and you guys are right then that's good but I don't have my hopes up.

59d7a9  No.12076185

Also, since when are midterms about Trump anyway? The anti-trump tards are the ones bringing Trump up and derailing a thread about state and senate elections.

I guess according to their logic we should just give America over to the communists and allow them to I don't know, win? fuck that.

233d35  No.12076198


If we lose congress he's going to end up being a lame duck president since the demoshits will obstruct him at every turn.

d0d9fd  No.12076241

File: 43ed0cc53a3aeb9⋯.png (79.66 KB, 500x303, 500:303, live-breakyourownnews-com-….png)



Name looks similar to the CCCP, they aren't hiding anymore

534926  No.12076247


If he is a jew puppet, it's not the one they want running things. The kikes wanted Hillery in power no doubt. With how much they devoted to removing him, to screeching about how he won the election, its pretty clear that a Trump victory was not intended. If he's just another shabos goyium, I think the kike's plan was for him to lose and become a controlled opposition martyr, maybe start that news network the kikes were saying he would make after the election.

But he won, derailing a bunch of plans.

be5b2a  No.12076258



233d35  No.12076274










be34ba  No.12076307

File: 5046705bd043802⋯.png (1.2 MB, 834x1054, 417:527, good goy.png)

b6a623  No.12076393


If you're a serious OP and not a FAG, is there a guideline for these "battle station operators" or templates available online?

I am asking so we can do a switcherooo and turn them 180°….

1e19b6  No.12076456


I honestly agree browsing /pol/ for a while has made me extremely skeptical. Though I have 80% faith that trump winning wasn't intended.

59d7a9  No.12076473


or infiltrate their operations on normalfag socmedia with sock accounts that would make even them cringe.

Like the kind of shit Metokur makes fun of.

59d7a9  No.12076480

If a social media war can be started between CTR soyboy shills and trans diaper furs, it might be pretty damn funny.

ffa726  No.12076484


>oy vey jews didn’t intend what they intended

You’re totally retarded and still listening to jewish media.


>If he is a jew puppet, it’s not the one they want running things.

You have no evidence of this and are listening to jewish media without knowing a fucking thing about controlled opposition.

>With how much they devoted to removing him, to screeching about how he won the election

Controlled. Opposition.

>If he’s just another shabos goyium

Why can’t the redditor even spell?

b6a623  No.12076509


> that would make even them cringe.

is that even possible?

e8eff1  No.12076540

As if they ever left.

bb2453  No.12076544

They've changed the rules of engagement, there are single drop response faggots and others that will spam the fuck out of threads and respond in such volume they think it raises the level of readership for their perspective on a subject they are spamming. Use of filter is highly recommended

e8eff1  No.12076547


Kill yourself you jew fuck.

e8eff1  No.12076560

File: 13d4b2e190c61f2⋯.jpg (105.33 KB, 582x798, 97:133, You're Welcome.jpg)

e8eff1  No.12076565


>not so subtle slide

Kill yourself.

69373c  No.12076569

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It was obvious that they expected Trump to lose. They were actually terrified that Trump supporters would chimp out if he lost due to the well-known schlomocrat vote rigging machine. He even used the debate platform to call Hillary and the demozogs dirty cheats and rile-up the boomies

000000  No.12076576


>more lies

>double down lies

it's the DC's chosen platform

it don't fly so good

c2c013  No.12076580

>didn't work in any election since 2012

>continues to use this failed strategy in every election since 2012

>doesn't understand (((thier))) best liberal trolls can't defeat pure, undistilled autism that's been brewing for decades.

59d7a9  No.12076582


I believe it might be, you just have to really tap into some sick tumblr autism and pretend to be it and talking shit while linking them to actual tumblr otherkin freaks in the @replies.

Find out how to push their buttons depending on who you're mimicking at the moment.

59d7a9  No.12076586


Well yeah, the truth is fucking "hate speech" and they would never attempt to do that.

59d7a9  No.12076590


Sounds just like the lead up to the election.

c2c013  No.12076598



>implying /pol/ ever once thought Trump was even remotely close to Hitler

>implying /pol/ didn't simply push Trump because he shifted the overton window by way of (((liberal))) overreaction and response to Trump would disgust normies into supporting Trump thus supporting more actual conservatives (((republican))) is left of center

7a5540  No.12076617


Remember a week or two ago when Trump tweeted about social media censorship? Remember how the trumpcucks were elated and thought this meant they were WINNING? Remember when Trump did nothing about it?

7a5540  No.12076630


>it's beyond clear that he has gained supporters since his election, not lost them.

False. His stupid Kanye stunt to bring in the niggers didn't pan out, and it just turned away his more hardcore white supporters. And his constant cucking has driven away anyone to the right of Paul Ryan.

5a80a3  No.12076638

File: 8bb3e763a76db88⋯.jpg (160.93 KB, 600x677, 600:677, 8bb3e763a76db88f20685acf38….jpg)



Loving Every Laugh, as the kids say.

e8eff1  No.12076728


He tweeted about google search censorship too.

36fde7  No.12076827

>the party has limited funds

Unfortunately, they have unlimited funds from banks and other shady organizations. Express donations from citizens that got killed by niggers are, of course, down. But it's not like that was unexpected.

43acb0  No.12077136

File: f11b4d5cf3f6621⋯.jpg (213.32 KB, 1680x940, 84:47, r8e7rwe9cc8sdfg656sdfg65s4….jpg)

File: 2149e238bdc82d9⋯.jpg (124.83 KB, 1646x1004, 823:502, touchingwall.jpg)

51ed90  No.12077516



2713fa  No.12077636


>ignores all the evidence

>hardly deports shitkins

>deported a natsoc old guy.

Fuck off

2713fa  No.12077644


>even if he is a jew puppet but

The cope.

2713fa  No.12077645


Don't have any right now can you post gore?

2713fa  No.12077652

File: 40ef5b19d8096c0⋯.jpg (70.09 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1533859969539m.jpg)


More non arguments go back to r the donald.

658150  No.12077705



>wtf I love bernie now

17f343  No.12077728

File: a8b64f8dbe93644⋯.jpg (86.82 KB, 959x959, 1:1, communist lunch.jpg)


>This is completely different from what we have done in past cycles

lol no. It's the same shilling tactics over and over, because kikes and their pets never learn. The communist diet starves their brains of necessary nutrients.

c2c013  No.12077772


>in a creepy way

Trump grabsem by the foreskin. If he misses he assumes jew.

4480ef  No.12077893


CTR, Shatblue, JIDF, etc, have yet to come to the conclusion that being irritating to /pol/, H8, or Cuck, just results in memetic pearls. It's as if they are blind to anonymous boards innate quality of turning fail into epic fail, shitposts into memes of unfathomable power.

Boards such as /pol/ or yes even /b/ are like digital oysters turning sand sized grains of marxist diatribe into pearls of memetic wisdom.

It's honestly a little disheartening, (((these))) are the people who conned my father and grandfather into forgetting their heritage? These cognitively impaired, as Marzism/Cultural-Marxism and their descendant ideologies are thought censoring and therefore a mental handicap in my eyes, asshats? Or has there own ideological teachings turned them into this?

84cfa3  No.12077930

We should set up another shill bingo thread updated with more recent attack vectors

84cfa3  No.12077945


>The kikes haven't killed Trump so that means they completely control him

Genius logic there Moishe.

Or is it possible that they know they wouldn't get away with it in this day and age, and would just end up getting themselves holocausted by the violent revolt to follow?

0d3a1a  No.12077947



Did you fucking retards learn nothing from two years ago? Fuck's sake.

658150  No.12077954

File: db4b9b127eb9105⋯.jpg (334.04 KB, 698x710, 349:355, 1468989327534.jpg)


I would say that the last generation kikes and shabbos goy were a lot more competent than their soylent-driven retarded faggot descendents.

They thought they'd already won.

They were wrong.

84cfa3  No.12077959


I wish goreposting would make a comeback. Great way to filter the CTR kikes

84cfa3  No.12077970


This is also why literally every "anon" you see saying not to vote is basically a confirmed shill.

4480ef  No.12078003


(((They))) felt as if (((they))) had achieved complete victory. This was before the advent of the internet, and during this time time (((their))) disciples and children have grown complacent.

To us, the past half century has been, "Bad Times" which has helped grow stronger men, even while being under constant attack for being men, while for (((them))) it has been "Good Times" breeding forth weak men among themselves.

I find it to be a beautiful thought.

51ed90  No.12078783


Try steak and cheese dot com

5422b2  No.12079799

File: 82956f87be133c0⋯.png (497.31 KB, 1516x1370, 758:685, 1493498923657.png)

File: a5938df77ede0de⋯.png (431.54 KB, 1416x527, 1416:527, 1493767460853.png)

File: f540e64d23e5d4a⋯.png (37.87 KB, 640x400, 8:5, f540e64d23e5d4a6a8f09b807e….png)

File: 803066ff117156a⋯.png (173.31 KB, 705x652, 705:652, raid.png)

Keep IP hopping and bumping my fellow pedes!

We shall show those stormfags at 8pol to abandon the god empera!

3432c5  No.12080560

((( >>12079799 )))



ee77d2  No.12080769

File: 584c5d3d38f66ea⋯.webm (626.78 KB, 270x480, 9:16, fapstuff_moderate(8 of 13….webm)

This thread has been shitted up so thoroughly, so why not?


2912ed  No.12081611


> strength in unity

Isn't that basically fascism?

59d7a9  No.12081631


>deported someone who wasnt even fucking german

>pretending to care to foment an easy divide

Absolute retard

7475ea  No.12081650


>8 of 13

Oh baby

465831  No.12082872


The more they try to influence public opinion with their heavy hand, the more they lose.

Bring it on, shills.

465831  No.12082882

59d7a9  No.12083248


There's really nothing a working class American hates more than a leftist preaching at them.

000000  No.12098842

That explains all the shills lately but even they cannot ignore all the redpills. I would know speaking to them, at least they all hate kikes now.

64dd92  No.12099434


>potential Russian influence in the midterm elections

They'll never stop clinging to this narrative, will they? I wonder if in the future, schools will teach that ebil drumph only won because muh Russia. Sad!

424b55  No.12100438


The DNC may be bankrupt, but no doubt funding is being split between Soros and the CF.

424b55  No.12100441




A former paid “Internet troll” for Clinton speaks out: It was “nasty” and “left a very bad taste”

I wonder if that former employee is probably dead somewhere in an abandoned spot.

0eaacd  No.12100491


There seems to be an significant uptake of shilling in general lately. Some of them are rather embarrassingly incompetent from what I've seen so far. It's sometimes fun to bait them with subtlety to probe for their scripted behaviors.

c561aa  No.12100513

File: c3fab15294fa66b⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 366x531, 122:177, do the right thing.jpg)


yes e pluribus unum

424b55  No.12100805


I suppose this also means anons on the ground will have to go take passing shots of their various HQ. Like one night when an anon posted a pic capture of one of their buildings and how suddenly for that night, almost all shilling seemingly stopped.

87d640  No.12100863

Sometimes I feel like the entire internet are a bunch of politically funded shills, between shareblue, jidf etc and the magapedes, none of it seems very organic.

b01fc8  No.12100893


Will they ever realize this kind of stuff never works?

f42883  No.12100994

File: 51fb993c036f4ef⋯.jpg (217.81 KB, 768x997, 768:997, FR.jpg)

000000  No.12103016


4622eb  No.12103126

4622eb  No.12103133


Should be the motto of US. Conservatives always bitch and moan about it being in God we trust but no, it shouldn’t be that. Stick to the original.

d5a3cf  No.12103548



They never left. Where the fuck have you been?

e8b8d8  No.12121138



'dis gon be goooddd!

e8b8d8  No.12121151


That guy got assassinated. Just what are you saying hebe?

2d35f4  No.12121173

File: cfb577f3b3c646c⋯.png (18.19 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1414220486670.png)



>battle station organizers

Jesus fucking Christ these shitty little retards never learn a goddamn thing do they.

da26c5  No.12121245


560b79  No.12121264


I am so happy Wyatt is back.

da26c5  No.12121268

How the fuck can the kikes be defeated if we can't even look past the charade of (((partisan politics)))? This is exactly the reason why parliamentary democracy was abolished under Fascism and National Socialism.

2d35f4  No.12121605

File: 9e27280cf0d3a34⋯.jpg (36.07 KB, 402x402, 1:1, Tfw the propaganda is dank.jpg)


Underrated picture.

59d7a9  No.12121608


>there is no left

>don't vote, goyim

59d7a9  No.12121610


Until shareblue brands him as a redditor for still supporting Trump or paying attention to American politics.

da26c5  No.12129020


• "Ignore that Jews control both sides"

• "Very good, goyim [rubs hands]"

eef3cf  No.12129055

Presidents are selected, not elected. Shariablue is datamining, and you feed into it like cucks. Daily reminder 8chins is also social media.

da26c5  No.12129079


>Presidents are selected, not elected.


da26c5  No.12134168


I do, but I still speak out against it, because otherwise fence sitters lurking around might falsely be led to believe that such is the default view of /pol/.

22f69e  No.12166849

File: dbc579b0c155de7⋯.png (140.53 KB, 1438x398, 719:199, 85d9380d1107b0fd1630e59671….png)

File: c8e9a1f84065382⋯.jpg (256.19 KB, 2040x738, 340:123, c8e9a1f84065382f8ebcab5d8b….jpg)

File: d167ef889031a37⋯.png (169.33 KB, 999x442, 999:442, d167ef889031a37e9ba8adcd2a….png)

File: 7c4546cbd0ccc05⋯.png (150.5 KB, 794x379, 794:379, 7c4546cbd0ccc05bf138b7ccb2….png)

File: 2b60413650bd4c9⋯.jpg (168.44 KB, 1156x257, 1156:257, 1459377391623.jpg)

Remember, you're here forever.

b24440  No.12167208


Democrats confirmed retarded. In the current climate of (even more) lies and paranoia, the last thing they should have done from a PR perspective at least is to pull this kind of shit again. This is more substantial than the supposed efforts of their enemies. How can they really be this insane?!

13fe04  No.12167225


Authenticity has been pushed out of the greater spaces. Hold fast to your connections to the people you know are real.

13fe04  No.12167230


That's your mind on judaism.

b24440  No.12167238


Indeed. The harder they push, the greater they fall.

82c6eb  No.12167266

i refuse to believe there ever was a break on their effort to pay online shills. just cuckchan and other imageboards always were plagued by both interracial botposters and democrat sodomites. i don't know about twatter and reddit but i imagine it's the same

b24440  No.12167299


Agreed. Their campaign of ideological idiocy has been constant - it's called the media.

561d70  No.12167310


If they had a good message, they wouldn't need battle station organizers. Such a position requires desperation.

5600a2  No.12167321


Most shilling is contracted out to shilling agencies. It really would be nice to have an in depth thread on how shilling really works. These agencies don't just stop when it's not election time, they just get paid by someone else and maybe slightly shift their focus.

721a47  No.12167327


>>im not a shill. Im a Battle Station Organizer


2 years ago the democrats called these guys 'virgins who never see daylight'.

Now they are battle station organizers.

13fe04  No.12167331


Like any other losing army, they hand out more and more meaningless promotions and titles to their dwindling forces, in hopes that such empty "advancement" will prevent their soldiers from waking up to the truth and deserting.

c21e83  No.12167349


reddit is THE WORSE place for bots.

c21e83  No.12167351


Sage, I meant to say, reddit is the worse DUE TO bots*

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