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File: 0aeb7118d2ef6c5⋯.png (700.29 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, deus vult.png)

4ce3ae  No.12079021

>Reminder that this is the thread that shills want to slide

>Reminder that the midterms are arguably MORE IMPORTANT than the 2016 election, because there is more power in Congress than in the Presidency

>Reminder that The Left is absolutely bloodthirsty for their Blue Wave and will stop at nothing to crush you and have their revenge for what happened in 2016

The purpose of this thread is to provide /pol/ a convenient guide to the 2018 midterms, spread awareness of how important it is to take part in the midterms, and provide a platform to take action to achieve specific objectives that will prevent any semblance of a “Blue Wave.”

>Partisan State-By-State Guide to the Midterms


>Extremely Comprehensive Non-Partisan Guide To The Midterms




>Important dates - for primaries, runoffs, etc


91b5e0  No.12079028


Also don't forget the three "B's" for when the election is openly stolen: Bullets, Beans, Bibles


This was not a kike free first post.

4ce3ae  No.12079047


The process for midterms starts this month and September, so yeah right now. November is mayor elections and some other important elections.

So yeah right now, unlike when I made the first thread with the creepy singing fish.


If you're American and care to vote then this information is relevant to you, so fuck off.

f468b2  No.12079049

File: d26d296250ec40e⋯.jpg (9.82 KB, 159x160, 159:160, yes its my idea why.jpg)

When OP, without even trying, creates 'The Proud Goys' next shield-design and a guy who isn't even a member of 'The Proud Goys' yet steals the idea and takes it on his first prayer vigil

4ce3ae  No.12079097

File: 46aa6c985c13264⋯.jpg (42.62 KB, 727x588, 727:588, 1516356350.jpg)


The fact that your first response is merely to pull bullshit out of your ass to try and slander me and not talk about the midterms speaks volumes of your loyalty. Midterms is political and I am doing nothing wrong in making a general midterm elections thread.

Your gorn pics are pretty stale too, it's like you just skimmed off the only thing being posted instead of having your own collection handy.

a69ff2  No.12079165

An election general is a hell of a lot better than a shitty one sentence slide for every fucking state.

4ce3ae  No.12079167


Arizona primaries Aug. 28

Florida primaries Aug. 28

Oklahoma primary run-offs* Aug. 28


Massachusetts primaries Sept. 4

Delaware primaries Sept. 6

New Hampshire primaries Sept. 11

Rhode Island primaries Sept. 12


You do not have time to sit and wait to register to vote anymore.

6dec19  No.12079405


Fuck off back to your containment.

4ce3ae  No.12079416


Nobody is stopping you from not voting for the midterms, tonight all primaries for August are over so now it's time for September.

You IP hopping faggot.

6dec19  No.12079448


>You are ip hopping

No faggot different guy, noo go back.

4ce3ae  No.12079520

File: 0059c70f600c2ba⋯.png (46.63 KB, 1066x711, 1066:711, Massachusetts 2018 Senate.PNG)


If you even bothered to look eac.gov is an official website for elections and thegreenpapers is literally just midterms information cataloged into one place like pic related senate candidates. You're the only one in this thread who is retarded enough to associate that Q stuff with the midterms.

6dec19  No.12079535


Alright any guys I should vote for?

489c3d  No.12079553

>reminder that both parties are anti-white and pro-kike

>reminder that the US is ~50% white now and soon everything will be blue no matter what because all non-whites vote democrat

like I'm not saying not to vote, 'cause I sure will, but just don't think it does anything or make it top priority because it really doesn't and it shouldn't be. priority should be to redpill as many white people as possible and encourage the redpilled white people to procreate extensively, do martial arts and firearms training, arm themselves and supply themselves with food/medical supples/prepper shit/etc.

elections aren't going to change anything, we need to forment racial conflict and ensure that whites are equipped to win said racial conflict and then for the predominate opinion among whites to be that we need a whites-only society afterwards

4ce3ae  No.12079568

File: 74d42485f792aa6⋯.png (221.79 KB, 539x409, 539:409, mfw a dildo up my ass.PNG)


Depends on the state you live in, the state in that pic is Massachusetts so John is obviously a soy eating cuck or a Jew look at this fucking faggot. If I wasn't tired right now I'd give him a blushing ahego face with a black dude right behind him.

Independents obviously never stood a chance so it's just a matter of how much you'd care about guns and free speech.

a032cf  No.12079569

File: 56379bf86d40e21⋯.jpg (34.91 KB, 585x300, 39:20, Doom-Mortally-Challenged.jpg)

We need some new memes for the midterms

6dec19  No.12079576


Now that I think of it yes we should need new memes, but from Doom.

373bc8  No.12079587


>oy vey shut it down

37a9fe  No.12079601


do you remember how much effort it took to get people here excited for the elections last time?

I m gonna have to see some quality memes before i start caring about strangers

i dont even know who is running

the kosher sandwhich circus is looking really boring right now

might actually have to go outside and look for my own fun

eb0e65  No.12079612


Vote for whomever Trump is endorsing in your state

1c80ad  No.12079627


>barely politics related

It's an election you retard.

fce04c  No.12079633


I'm not sure blindly following whoever Trump wants is a smart move. Shouldn't we check them to make sure they won't be traitors who cuck for immigration?

eb0e65  No.12079637


Kikes are in overdrive trying to downplay importance of midterms.


One of the reason Trump gives for his endorsement is candidates strong position on borders

1523d8  No.12079653

Thanks for posting this OP. I don't know if it'll be any good though. The mods ousted the last shitty board owner and replaced it with people who refuse to do anything about shills or spam, so all you're going to get is people saying not to vote. If you ever waste a (You) on them, just say "If voting is so useless, why are you going through this much effort to convince everyone not to vote?" Any actual /pol/ack knows that voting while prepping for the DOTR is the proper solution, since the two aren't even mutually exclusive.

4ce3ae  No.12080506


>The mods

Codemonkey is the site admin, and it's not mods it's globals. /pol/ is basically ran like a milder /b/ so get used to it.

7bac49  No.12080516

Friendly reminder that literally everyone telling you not to vote is 100% guaranteed a kike.

eb0e65  No.12080884

Bump because important

20abee  No.12080919

I don't know how it looks for anyone right now. Is it going to break even with minimal leads for the GOP? I absolutely fucking hate that I have to support these left of center kike politicians Or will the left gain control in one of the houses or both? Or will the GOP further establish control of both houses? What about gubernatorial races?

20abee  No.12080967


>Goy it doesn't matter if the political climate shifts to the right if those politicians are neocons

>goy let the liberals gain control of the house and senate because that will surely work in your favor

eb0e65  No.12080977

File: bc998ac81fc72aa⋯.png (98.63 KB, 501x576, 167:192, ClipboardImage.png)


>no matter whom you vote for they won't be good so just stay at home goy. You won't make a difference.

eb0e65  No.12080995


Filtered and reported


100362  No.12081116

File: 21db575c45c7512⋯.png (456.07 KB, 466x627, 466:627, 9ebcb37872f661537120f478ff….png)


Remember the Luther Strange endorsement? Lots of people were wondering why he would endorse Strange and not Moore, given that Moore seemed a lot more anti-establishment? It's because the media/spooks had an operation ready to go against Moore, and nothing against Strange. What happened? Alabama went blue for the first time in decades.

Trump is always right.

010fc7  No.12081120


>Oy vey don't vote! Just let them open up the borders even further!

010fc7  No.12081329

File: 0d68a2cb393d2a9⋯.jpg (54.06 KB, 454x340, 227:170, jjjj.jpg)


>I'm pro-white goyim I swear!

>Votes to let in millions of more undocumented shitskins

4838b4  No.12081370


>Using the word undocumented

a41fe3  No.12081534

File: cd3ef1fd666789d⋯.jpg (323.53 KB, 800x1476, 200:369, Party_divisions_and_contro….jpg)

File: 3e5c9cdbaab1e3b⋯.png (31.49 KB, 309x528, 103:176, PH_2016.09.20_Unauthorized….png)


The data shows that republicans are slightly worse than democrats when it comes to allowing in illegals. Republicans also have a worse track record with amnesty.

4ee986  No.12081558

File: 7397d13ce278ed5⋯.jpg (164.19 KB, 639x460, 639:460, 1452394356441.jpg)

>/pol/cuks still believe in democracy

Let me know when you people start banning anons who criticize trump and start losing users like last time, okay?

I will compile the screenshots for a /cow/ thread.

aa0a26  No.12081569


Republicans are also generally worse on deficits and debt (Obama being a notable exception) despite considering themselves "deficit hawks". The reason is that they cut taxes without cutting spending, and often increase spending, so instead of the public paying for it now, we'll pay for it later. However, you should still vote Republican. Why? Because even though the Democrats aren't necessarily always worse on these issues, they are an incubator for something worse. As the Dem party radicalizes more and more, genuine socialists will finally be able to take it over, and then the disparity between the Democrats and Republicans on immigration and spending will be far worse. This is why Jews fund the Dems more than the Republicans. Add to that, current Dems are definitively way worse on every other issue, including speech, gun rights, and crime. Don't be fooled by today's Republicans being cucks, and the establishment Dems being cowards. They are trying again and again to get an anti-white socialist in the driving seat (Bernie, Cortez), and when the demographics get bad enough, they will get one. Don't be fooled by how much of their plan they've enacted right now, Democrats are way worse than Republicans. Always vote Republican. It's a binary choice. That's how the US system works.

a41fe3  No.12081587

File: 505d7992929c3b8⋯.png (18.19 KB, 554x342, 277:171, eoy2017n.PNG)


In 2017, Trump, with Republican majority in Congress, deported fewer illegals than Obongo did in 2015 or 2016. It's all theater.

a41fe3  No.12081601


And Bernie genuinely would have been better than Trump. Not even joking. He would have cut military spending, taxed the fucj out of rich faggots (who are almost all anti-white and/or jewish), and he even called out open borders being a capitalist plot.

aa0a26  No.12081604


No, it's just that either Trump or everyone surrounding him is a cuck. Even so, you are still going to get further with a party that lies to you than one that openly says it's going to oppose what you want. At least there's a possibility that /ourguy/ could get into the Republican party and make it honest for once. There's zero possibility of that in the Democratic party.


He flip flopped on immigration as soon as he was challenged. He was fundamentally a coward who let black lives matter bully him. He would have enacted anti-white policy domestically.

a41fe3  No.12081639


>Even so, you are still going to get further with a party that lies to you than one that openly says it's going to oppose what you want.

Empirical evidence shows otherwise.

>At least there's a possibility that /ourguy/ could get into the Republican party and make it honest for once.


>There's zero possibility of that in the Democratic party

Just as much possibility as with the Republican party. I would actually guess that republicans internally police harder for /ourguys/ than Democrats do, to be honest. You could run with crypto-natsoc policies in the Democrat party, tax the anti-white and Jewish elements to death, but would get nowhere with that in the GOP.

a41fe3  No.12081657



He would not have given tax cuts to anti-white companies that are censoring us, barring us from finance, and so on.

aa0a26  No.12081725


The problem with being crypto-natsoc is that demographics will eventually lead to you having to be more and more crypto until no nat is left, just soc, and soc without nat spirals into their agenda. The other thing is that if you raise taxes enough to destroy the rich, you'll destroy your economy. Taxes should be high enough to fund government programs and avoid debt, not high enough to destroy the rich, many of whom aren't anti-white. Natsoc is about class collaboration, give a little get a little, not class war.

The other thing is that I don't buy that the Repubs internally police harder. They're just more cowardly. There's been a spate of white nationalist Republicans running at lower levels lately, and sure they are countersignaled and so on, but at least they can exist. You can actually talk about nationalism in the Republican party. We've moved the Overton window a little, so that people like Tucker Carlson have started talking about our issues. The potential is much higher even with setbacks than trying to go crypto and trying to enact nationalist policy without naming it or talking about it in a party that's inherently more and more for brown people. Even if the Dems were marginally better on immigration, they are for domestic blacks, and cover for racist criminals. Trying to infiltrate that massive machine without being caught and turn it around is way harder than just convincing conservatives to stop being cowards and enforce what they already believe.

8d28d5  No.12081730

Anyone got a damage report on the Florida results?

aa0a26  No.12081732


Trump has his eye on Google now, so there's that.

4ee986  No.12081752

>many of whom aren't anti-white


It would be more easier to replace them tbh.

a41fe3  No.12081759


>you'll destroy your economy

That's a good thing.

>many of whom aren't anti-white.


>We've moved the Overton window a little, so that people like Tucker Carlson have started talking about our issues

People like Pat Buchanan have been talking about (what you call) "our issues" for decades, even on cable news. Rush Limbaugh has been talking about similar things to Tucker Carlson for decades too. The window has not moved at all.

>conservatives to stop being cowards and enforce what they already believe.

They don't already believe it. You believe Republicans are cowards. The reality is that they are malicious.

aa0a26  No.12081769


>That's a good thing.

It's a bit early for total collapse accelerationism. We still have a lot of chances.

>They don't already believe it. You believe Republicans are cowards. The reality is that they are malicious.

If so we can hoist them on their own petard. They belong to a party that uses nationalistic rhetoric at least since Trump. The base can turn the party more nationalist, just like how the tea party was able to change the structure of the party. Even if they are malicious, they made the mistake of having a party that pretends to be right wing, so all we have to do is call their bluff, and only elect pro-white candidates at a local level, and in primaries.

a41fe3  No.12081772


>Trump has his eye on Google now, so there's that.

No, Trump only tweeted about google. There is no indication he has any intention of acting on it in any way. In fact, tweeting about it shows that he probably won't act on it, because if he actually planned on attacking google he would keep those cards close to his chest. It is just an empty threat that serves two purposes: 1. Try to get google to concede some ground willingly. 2. make Trump look "tough" so people will get excited for midterms and turn out. It is very unlikely that Trump will do anything against google.

aa0a26  No.12081774


>Rush Limbaugh has been talking about similar things to Tucker Carlson for decades too

Oh, another thing. The window has moved. Rush Limbaugh was a talk radio extremist in the background fringe. Tucker Carlson has a show on Fox News the mainstream conservative channel. That's a big difference.

a41fe3  No.12081782


>It's a bit early for total collapse accelerationism.

There is no time too early. Wait too long and we will not be able to capitalize on an economic depression anyway because of low population percentage.

>We still have a lot of chances.


a41fe3  No.12081789


>Rush Limbaugh was a talk radio extremist in the background fringe

Rush Limbaugh is very mainstream and has been the number one radio talk show for decades.

>Tucker Carlson has a show on Fox News the mainstream conservative channel. That's a big difference.

It is a big difference, in that Limbaugh's audience dwarfs Tucker's by a huge margin.

aa0a26  No.12081798


Okay look, I agree with you the Republicans are shit. I just don't understand how you think you can crypto-natsoc the Dems. You seem to be saying we just let them get what they want and it will collapse faster, but we don't know that. It's a big risk.

a41fe3  No.12081822


I don't think we could do that. I was just making a point that republicans are no more pro-white than democrats are, so focusing on winning elections for republican politicians is fucking stupid. If there were actually some strategy behind it, then maybe it would make sense, but GOP shills on this board just tell people to vote for any republican because "at least they aren't Dems." That is not a winning strategy, short or long term. It's just dumb. We have enough white race aware people that we could actually make up a power block that could apply pressure at the ballot. But we can't exercise that power if people are just voting for any republican regardless.

Take a look at how Jews exercise their power as a minority block. Do they just throw support behind any faggot because of party affiliation? No, because it's an ineffective strategy for morons. Look at Corbyn in the UK for a perfect example. He is a socialist, multiculturalist, etc. He is exactly what Jews would want, except that he is opposed to Israel. So the Jews attack him and call him antisemitic and Jews are pulling out of the labour party for it.

aa0a26  No.12081843


Of course the problem then is that third parties can't win, so it seems like there's no alternative to the GOP/Dem dichotomy, unless you change the party system. We could try pushing for that, but I'm not sure what the alternative system should be, or how we're going to get it changed. You'd need to get into power in order to change the party system, which means you'd need to vote one of the two parties at least at first, until you've done that. Do you have a concrete plan that sidesteps the parties and still allows us to do that?

c13639  No.12081916


There's absolutely no point in voting anymore. It only do us harm as in the eyes of the lemmings it legitimizes this malicious system of Jewish domination. The GOP won the elections fair and square. In fact Republicans couldn't win any more if they tried to. Trump is the president of the United States, Republicans control the Senate and the House of Representatives plus the Supreme Court, but ask yourself one question; are our interests secured? Have we stopped the browning of America? Has the help to Israel been cut off? Have we ceased playing the role of world police on behalf of the Jews? Have we reversed the demographic's shift? We're in fact still in deep shit. Nothing has really changed after Republicans came into power. There's no point in trying to abide to Jewish rules. Kikes designed this system. They profit from it. It makes them wealthy and powerful. You just can't outsneak the sneaks in their own game as the late commander Rockwell put it. The last chance of ever changing the system by the ballot was lost with him being murdered by kikes in 1967. They feared him so much they had to kill him. They aren't scared of any Democrat and Republican politician, Trump included.

bd7727  No.12081947

File: 7038573c0968be8⋯.jpg (24.82 KB, 255x233, 255:233, 0131259058f28af8e43285bd75….jpg)



the soap box has been used, the ballot box has been used, the jury box is jewed to shit, that leaves the ammo box anons….

8c8c11  No.12082098


I don't believe in democracy but it is the system we live under so we have to use it for our advantage.

ba1ff8  No.12082483


Jews are everywhere

4ce3ae  No.12082498


Rick Scott won the republican primary. Bill Nelson, Rick Scott, Michael Levinson, David Weeks are the general election candidates for Florida. Yes Rick Scott is a creepy pedophile and possibly a Jew he's got that look in all the pictures I've seen of him.

4839fe  No.12082763



>Pat Buchanan have been talking about (what you call) "our issues" for decades, even on cable news. Rush Limbaugh has been talking about similar things to Tucker Carlson for decades too

Neither of those people had a highly rated primetime television show. Sure Rush had a radio audience, but he never cracked into TV. The overton window has certainly moved

4dbf70  No.12082787


>taxed the fucj out of rich faggots

Has never worked, ever. Not once. Do you wanna know what happens if taxes for rich people get too high for them? They leave and simply stop paying any taxes outright, not even undercutting the taxes they owe through loopholes just straight up packing their bags and leaving with all their gains.

a41fe3  No.12083097


>They leave and simply stop paying any taxes outright, not even undercutting the taxes they owe through loopholes just straight up packing their bags and leaving with all their gains.

That is the desired effect, so that would be perfect.

a41fe3  No.12083118


Millions more people listen to radio. Limbaugh gets 14 million per week and Carlson can't even crack 3 million.

20abee  No.12083147


> taxed the fucj out of rich faggots

Absolutely 100% false. He would have taxed the fuck out of the upper class and middle class. Both of which are majority white. The upper class, while in the upper class, are not rich enough to have teams of accountants and economists working on their money to make it untaxable. Those are aristocrats and plutocrats. They wouldn't see a fucking thing changed.

20abee  No.12083155







a41fe3  No.12083172


>He would have taxed the fuck out of the upper class and middle class. Both of which are majority white

And are also majority anti-white. They can burn in hell.

>working on their money to make it untaxable.

That would be made impossible. Their only choice would be to fuck off somewhere else, which is the second best option behind extermination.

98cecf  No.12083216

File: 3bc0af262953c3e⋯.jpg (251.46 KB, 1280x1122, 640:561, 1466453506139.jpg)


Don't forget disposable lighters. Holy shit those things will be worth their weight in platinum if things get a little fuckey and savage.

1ebc87  No.12083236


Bernie had no intention of winning. One night he's in Washington Square in NYC in spring 2016 holding a massive nighttime rally that had Hillary supporters on Twitter comparing it to Nuremberg, but two days later he runs off to the fucking Vatican to sit at some conference and do nothing. Guy's supposedly running for president and right before the New York primary he just leaves for the weekend for a conference at the Vatican that had even the fucking pope saying, hey, we don't know why this dude invited himself here, this conference isn't even that important. Ask people from Vermont who remember him as mayor and congressman; he's really not all that bright beyond a few stock phrases he can spit out when pressed. His brand is rumpled-intellectual-on-the-run-can't-talk-now-whoever-you-are. He would not have made a good president any more than any of the others, because like most of the others, he's just putting on a show, too.

4dbf70  No.12084589


>That is the desired effect, so that would be perfect.

Every time this has happened the country or kingdom they leave became flat broke overnight because all the infrastructure they privately maintained and funded. Now I know you'll say that's a good thing in regards to surveillance or other dystopian shit but those things are paid by intelligence agencies and will not only be maintained but will be doubled down to maintain order over people who are now in a situation where they have to fight and survive while trying not to attract Feds who'll come in and kill them for their meager resources, so everything positive will simply be destroyed because they stopped funneling money while everything else will still be alright thanks to good old fashion fraud.

The worst part about this is China and Russia, they will come in with an invasion force immediately under the pretense of a "relief" effort. So not only will you have to evade Feds but slavs and chinks will also break your door down and force you to comply at gun point with a 50/50 chance they'll kill you anyways.

801c18  No.12084631


>muh bic lighter stockpile meme

dont get into prepping. its a waste of money. your silver, freeze dried food, cans, toilet paper, and lighters will collect dust. you will have wasted money that you could have spent improving your life or on your family instead of preparing for a mythical TOTAL collapse where we will somehow be worse off than a third world shithole. Buy guns and ammo to protect yourself and enough supplies to last a few days (hurricane or a chimpout). anything more than that is a waste of money. take it from someone that spent thousands of dollars in 2011 on shit I still have to store, its a pain in my ass and I wholeheartedly regret it.

bf86c8  No.12084673


>flat broke overnight

Like I said, exactly what we want.

>China and Russia, they will come in with an invasion force immediately

This is also desirable.

511c25  No.12084759

File: e6aa7cb5bcad6d1⋯.jpg (54.31 KB, 668x494, 334:247, hillary_2020.jpg)


>he's just putting on a show, too

I have trouble believing that considering all the damage he and his supporters had done to the cunton campaign. Pissed off berniesoys were expected to vote for killary over blumpf which many simply did not do.

I honestly think the old kike saw the glint of power in his eye and actually tried to win, until hillary was forced to break out the Ironspiked strapon.

Then again massive fuckups are what define the DNC.

eb0306  No.12084769


>none of you goyim do anything ever

>stay isolated and alone and wait for hitler/dotr which will never come

Sounds advice, for sure.

38ec03  No.12084781

File: 72bf4dacdc05b5c⋯.png (385.66 KB, 1124x900, 281:225, 3yo white victim be raycee….png)

Any advice for georgia? I'm outside of apelanta and the cucks seem arrogant, but the niggers don't know what a midterm is.


This, the only good thing to come from the Alabaman rigging was yet more evidence of rigging.

141fd2  No.12084853

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Take my high weeb energy Trump.

318dc9  No.12085012

File: 0c163dca5ec4313⋯.jpg (71.4 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Manowar-Warriors_Of_The_Wo….jpg)

Thanks OP.

I remember the last thread being overrun with blackpilled faggotry, so bumping.

Should be a fun read in a few days.

f7c739  No.12085041


I’m in MA also. There’s ballots for the parties posted at the library. Need to take a pic and google the republican candidates. Whoever supports Trump gets my votes.

4dbf70  No.12085828


thegreenpapers.com already has the information on some candidates for the general election plus some mayor elections and other things. The green looks really ugly though.

4dbf70  No.12089437


3be8aa  No.12092305


>just tell people to vote for any republican because "at least they aren't Dems." That is not a winning strategy, short or long term.

It's definitely a winning strategy in the short term because you're preventing the opposition from getting more power. We have more time to build strength because of it. Also, it can be a winning strategy in the long term if you infiltrate the GOP party ranks and continue spreading your ideology.

>But we can't exercise that power if people are just voting for any republican regardless.

Do you know a way to get whites to vote 90% the same party like blacks do? No? Then fuck off. You're investing way too much energy into arguing that we shouldn't vote. Hmmmmm…..

3be8aa  No.12092323


>There's absolutely no point in voting anymore.

A total lie. Things have improved. White birth rate is going up. Illegal immigration is down. Overton window is being shifted.

>In fact Republicans couldn't win any more if they tried to. Trump is the president of the United States, Republicans control the Senate and the House of Representatives plus the Supreme Court,

Wrong, they hold the House at a moderate margin and the Senate at a very weak margin. McCain and Flake types have undermined key goals.

>Have we stopped the browning of America? Has the help to Israel been cut off? Have we ceased playing the role of world police on behalf of the Jews? Have we reversed the demographic's shift?

We've started to reverse the browning of America and the demographic shift. The overton window hasn't shifted enough yet to cut off aid to Israel. We haven't invaded Syria.

Fuck you. You're not giving us any ideas. All you're doing is to try to get us to give up. It won't work.

284fc7  No.12092347


The midterms are barely 60 days away. What are YOU doing to help secure Republican victory?


>Look up "[nearby city] Republican Club" or "[nearby city] Trump Club"

>Find the website or Facebook page

>Look up the next meeting date and time

>Attend at that date

(Bonus points if you attend multiple groups)


>Look up your local candidates for Congress, Governor, and Senate

>Visit their websites and input your contact info on their "volunteer" page (you can also call them if they have a phone # listed)

>Wait for a response, and help out in any way you can

>You can also display yard signs, and get your friends to GOTV


>Take note of local political events in your area - speeches by candidates, rallies, and events put on by local organizations

>Attend these, make friends, and spread the word

Do this now. Only with your help can we save our future!

677a32  No.12092359


>We've started to reverse the browning of America and the demographic shift

False. Look at the data.

677a32  No.12092366


>It's definitely a winning strategy in the short term because you're preventing the opposition from getting more power.

False. Republicans are also the opposition. In fact, cuck Republicans are even worse opposition than democrats are.

>infiltrate the GOP party ranks and continue spreading your ideology.

This is impossible for numerous reasons.

97d0c3  No.12092370


Any Texans reporting in? I seriously wonder if Cruz can beat this O'shit guy.

284fc7  No.12092377





There is nothing wrong with voting. Voting alone will not save us, but voting is a hell of a lot better than not voting.

Voting, and getting other people to vote, raises awareness about the issues and gets white people together. This kind of organization, if used correctly, could help us win the way the left has won.

3be8aa  No.12092384



It's not false. The data is on my side, not yours.

'Republicans are also the opposition' is an overly simplistic way of viewing it. Just because they aren't aiming for anuddah shoah doesn't mean that their policies aren't more beneficial.

>This is impossible for numerous reasons.

Wrong. Stop trying shill.

Anyone reading this, go to:


f32451  No.12092391


True, voting at least gives the impression we aren't giving up

97d0c3  No.12092392


Wrong. We voted for Trump, and thus avoided a HELL of a lot grief, to say the least. Trump has permanently changed the government by increasing the scope of ICE, deporting, prioritizing Ukrainian and former soviet (+ Christian) refugees, calling out South African recently, bullying the EU cucks, reestablishing good trade deal and telling Trudeau to suck it, and other things. Always vote. It takes absolutely nothing but maybe an hour or two of standing in a line.

677a32  No.12092513


>Trump has permanently changed the government by increasing the scope of ICE,



Again, false. Trump deports fewer illegals than Obama did. Stop believing fake news.

677a32  No.12092519


>The data is on my side, not yours.

No it isn't. Look at the official ICE data showing that you are wrong.

97d0c3  No.12092536


You're a shill, right? There's entire threads with numerous sources that point otherwise. This is easily researched. ICE got nearly a billion dollar or so funding increase for 2019. It's going to be a harder for Dems to 'abolish ICE' with this new increase of power for ICE.

>Trump deports fewer illegals than Obama did

Dude, for one, no, and two, Obama would count deportation if one person was deported 4 times, so to the Obama administration, that's 4 deportations.

16597d  No.12092541


Far fewer illegals are making it across the border than in former times, correct?

So, isn't i the case that until the ICE focus goes from "catch and deport at border" to "hunt them down everywhere in the USA and deport them" that there WOULD, logically, be fewer TO deport?

97d0c3  No.12092546


Also exactly this. Illegal crossings are down something close to 60%, yeah? He's still also managing to drag net illegals and businesses that hire illegals, literally dissuading the hiring of illegals in itself.

677a32  No.12092549


>Dude, for one, no,

Yes. It is objective fact, on the ICE website.

>and two, Obama would count deportation if one person was deported 4 times, so to the Obama administration, that's 4 deportations.

They do this under Trump too.


>Far fewer illegals are making it across the border than in former times, correct?

No, that is not correct.

677a32  No.12092551


>Also exactly this. Illegal crossings are down something close to 60%, yeah?


97d0c3  No.12092560



>Immigration and Customs Enforcement, whose officers pick up people for deportation away from the border, made 143,470 arrests, an increase of 25 percent from 114,434 a year earlier. After Trump took office, ICE arrests surged 40 percent from the same period a year earlier.

This is from 2017. This is also taking into considering the TRUMP initiated policy of inland deportations instead of standard border deportations. You are just replying to facts and saying "false'' or "wrong" as if this makes you right. How about you explain why we're wrong?

677a32  No.12092575


>This is from 2017.

Yes, when Trump was president.

>This is also taking into considering the TRUMP initiated policy of inland deportations instead of standard border deportations.

Irrelevant. A shitskin is a shitskin. Doesn't matter where they are deported from. For demographics, only net migration matters, and it is up.

97d0c3  No.12092591


>Yes, when Trump was president.


>For demographics, only net migration matters, and it is up.

Yes, that's generally true, but source for that last bit, and what do you suggest he do? Realistically? RWDS? Get real, and work on slow shifts in policy. That's, literally, all he can do. Stormshilling and purity spiraling isn't useful, and Trump's doing way more than most of you guys. I don't worship the guy by any means but what are you doing? You have 3 children? Also still haven't proven anyone wrong in here.

57c7dd  No.12092616


>Hyperbole and taking his words out of context.

Argue like a white man instead of a weaselly kike.

677a32  No.12092631


>what do you suggest he do?

I suggest he starts deporting more people and building the wall. He can start with the DACA babies, who were slated for deportation before faggot Trump "saved" them in an ill-advised attempt at using them as a bargaining chip. I also suggest that he fire the various traitors that he hired into his administration, and instead get non-faggots to run his administration. I suggest he should attack the Republican party instead of trying to work with them and trying to get more worthless faggots elected.

9b59aa  No.12092725

File: 756050bb8323983⋯.jpg (13.93 KB, 307x173, 307:173, hammer .jpg)

Occasional Cortez can be a powerful tool in two different ways.

1. Since she has come out against Israel a person could use elastic cotton foot coverings to promote Cortez in Dem forums specifically over her support for Palestine repeating her words about Israel. Purity spirals but also gets people thinking about Israel.

2. People can use the white cotton to complain about Occasional Cortez anti Semitic attacks on Israel.

Cortez appeals to the progressive youth and scares the establishment. if the election could be focused on that instead of trump, if the democrats could be sucked into a major purity spiral, if even if the worst case scenario discussion of Occasional Cortez was banned in public forums and her campaign suffered, that would make me smile.

I'm not sure if it would be responsible memeing.

but it would be great to see the mid terms turn into a plebiscite on continued support of israel.

(of course Iran has to go fucking about with ICBMs)

78e8bd  No.12092828

File: 6571a2f3b4b96d0⋯.jpg (163.26 KB, 657x702, 73:78, 138216.jpg)


I live in Europe and have nothing to do with the US. Can i register to vote?

97d0c3  No.12092838


Maybe in places without voter ID laws, like California. Don't know their laws though.

08912a  No.12092964

File: 8839c7752a07d30⋯.jpg (85.34 KB, 700x690, 70:69, cedb3ac3-0522-47e2-a9c1-2a….jpg)

File: 81fb0cf5a7a1930⋯.png (50.3 KB, 564x665, 564:665, Transgender Assault.png)

>I wonder who is running against Charles Baker?

>Find pics related


The more pozzed the more likely. Some places will ask for things like your address and name to confirm you are registered, other places will just point to your voting area and won't even check if you're registered.

000000  No.12092970


Feeling pretty good atm. The Commiecraps shot themselves in the foot by electing the nigger for governor and also for attorney general as well. (((They're))) already spiking the ball over it thinking (((they've))) got the general in the bag already when the exact opposite is true. (((They))) also got their collective sand in (((their))) vaginas over DeSantis' monkey comment the other day, sperging over it 24/7 and continuing crying out wayyyycissss lel.

I'm not worried at not all about November, because once the nigger's economic message comes out about taxing the shit on everything to the point which he says that he wants Florida to be the second-highest taxed state after Commiefornia, he's done. And Nelson, and Shaw, the nigger attorney general nominee as well. Did you think Florida will vote for both a nigger governor and attorney general come November? Think again.

3be8aa  No.12093516


>I suggest he starts deporting more people and building the wall.

You fucking moron. How is he supposed to do that without more allies in congress?

Of course, it's more likely that you're a shill.

>I suggest he should attack the Republican party instead of trying to work with them and trying to get more worthless faggots elected.

That won't work. He'd only ostracize himself further, making it far less likely to succeed. Of course, this is just yet another shill argument.

07bfb1  No.12093940


He's still a civic nationalist through and through, check out his website to see his view on 'evil natzees.' At the very least, we'll have someone who will give more of a shit than that RINO Baker. What I'm really hoping to see is that Wu crash and burn. If she's elected, it'll probably drive the more conservative cities around Boston up the wall.

08912a  No.12094235


I don't expect much from this state, so seeing someone calling out trannies was surprising.



3c8f34  No.12094579


>The Left is absolutely bloodthirsty for their Blue Wave and will stop at nothing to crush you and have their revenge for what happened in 2016

We need based Kim's phone number.

bf9fe5  No.12096106

50% white America votes yet again believing that this time it will be different and the white genocide will stop

72a2bc  No.12098024

File: 134022dd158dcdc⋯.jpg (33.72 KB, 320x320, 1:1, hat.jpg)









I see our resident "more 1488 than thou" blackpill pusher has arrived.

Don't you have a


thread to monitor or something?

814473  No.12098049

File: 65dca9e54e08350⋯.jpg (93.94 KB, 800x1020, 40:51, 0)d_80sBCEGM042.jpg)



Foreigner detected. There is only the blue pill and red pill, you have taken the blue one.

Leave the premises, uninitiated one.

8fb435  No.12098085


fuck off retard newfag

814473  No.12098096

File: baaf6580ef4c8c4⋯.jpg (137.99 KB, 1126x1200, 563:600, 50ADDU04mwaWkAEYVY_.jpg)


Who are you calling newfag? I've got over 9000 confirmed kills nigger. I've gassed more kikes than you've had chicken nuggets.

f86271  No.12098403

The American voting system is rigged.

They use PSYOPs every single time.

Your vote is entirely irrelevant because you're just herd animals.

677a32  No.12098471


>How is he supposed to do that without more allies in congress?

Direct ICE to deport quicker and direct the military to build the wall for national security.

492cc3  No.12098523


He's right. (((blackpill))) (((brownpill))) (((greenpill))) etc. are D&C attempts to what I feel is the perfect meme. Unintentionally created nearly 2 decades ago, the other colors only divide the basis of the idea behind the only two colors that work.

It's a forced D&C and it should earn a permaban.

6ef98a  No.12100826

File: 65eaf6350f55db6⋯.jpeg (49.26 KB, 600x464, 75:58, 60a1bc44bb063e05e59fd6c88….jpeg)


Massfag primary tomorrow. These seem to be the most right-wing options:

Governor: Scott Lively - very conservative, anti-LGBT, pro-Trump, pro-guns

Attorney General: Dan Shores - pro-guns, anti-illegal-immigration, anti-corruption

Senate: Geoff Diehl - pretty standard republican fare, focuses on economic issues, but the other options are Baker-esque centrist cucks

House (District 5): John Hugo - seems to lean toward the right-libertarian side of things, but again the other option is worse

Not the best options, but we have to work with what we have to shift the overton window.

cae41f  No.12101407


>let the liberals gain control of the house and senate

Why do I care if liberal Jews or Conservative ones control the Senate?

a032cf  No.12101864


I have a feeling the DNC will screw over donkey face and find a way to keep Joe Crowley in that seat. Old Joe is a fundraising machine for the dems. If you thought the Berniebros were pissed in 2016, just wait.

240f84  No.12102150

File: 3dd8c5f71634c43⋯.jpg (69.75 KB, 553x559, 553:559, 3dd8c5f71634c43d23677fdf2d….jpg)


>"the perfect meme"

>created by two trannies who push homosexuality in their films

Fuck off back to reddit and stay fucked off.

750a26  No.12102199


To be fair he did say "Unintentionally".

fb7460  No.12106764


So what's the damage tomorrow has now become yesterday.

6ef98a  No.12107155

File: 6f92537f4c5a260⋯.jpg (67.41 KB, 508x480, 127:120, 1463081160028-0.jpg)


With about 50% reporting in, Baker is the projected winner with double the votes of Scott Lively, and on the Democrat side it'll be Jay Gonzalez.

For Attorney General, McMahon is the projected winner with double the votes of Shores. He ran on pretty much the same platform except with suspiciously less focus on anti-corruption. But still better than the current Dem AG Maura Healey who thinks she has the power to expand gun control laws as she sees fit.

For Senate, Diehl is the projected winner, beating out the two cuckier options, so that's something.

For the House in District 2, the more centrist Tracy Lovvorn is the projected winner with 60% vs. 40% for Kevin Powers, a conservative pro-gun anti-illegal-immigration guy. Tracy says she's pro-Trump, so I guess we can hope that if she gets in Congress she'll at least follow Trump's leadership and vote along party lines.

For House District 5, conservative John Hugo is the projected winner with 63% vs. 36% for centrist Louis Kucknir. Yes, the cuck candidate was literally named Kucknir.

So… I guess it could be worse?

Pic sadly unrelated.

7a23bf  No.12107338

File: b2f408319c39d19⋯.jpg (15.78 KB, 236x298, 118:149, lukesandoe.jpg)


>There is nothing wrong with voting. Voting alone will not save us, but voting is a hell of a lot better than not voting.


7a23bf  No.12107346




alice in wonderland is many times older than the matrix

08912a  No.12108133



But the other post >>12107155 is a good summary. Baker winning isn't a surprise, but he's a typical RINO.

Baker, Charlie i 154,874 64.12 %
Lively, Scott 86,672 35.88 %

e0c621  No.12108165

File: 859eba3ca74308e⋯.jpeg (130.54 KB, 750x1248, 125:208, CC66C7A4-3183-4C9D-8E1B-0….jpeg)

File: 473d12608ff2cfe⋯.jpeg (265.21 KB, 750x1254, 125:209, F4DE6876-3ADA-4679-8A17-7….jpeg)


Seems like Florida has been won. Look at how divided the party is versus the Republican side which has a clear front man in DeSantis showing that there is a united party. The dems are heavily divided on who they are going to stand behind. Even worse is that the dems 3 most popular candidates still have a lower amount of votes than DeSantis, which is a very good sign considering how one of his biggest ideas in his campaign was being pro-gun, meaning that the false flag attacks aren’t working anymore.

e0c621  No.12108172


Fuck up on my part. Meant the 2 most popular republican candidates, not just DeSantis.

aa8a1b  No.12108180


This. Sadly, as gross as it makes you feel to vote for these pathetic and weak Republicans, getting the border wall relies entirely on getting more pro Trump congressmen and less commies and neocons.

I'm absolutely 100% going to pinch my nose and vote republican this November, and no kikes are going to convince me otherwise.

35ef17  No.12108221

File: c2c07721a268a64⋯.jpg (99.01 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 6556-2T.jpg)

reminder you're all wasting energy

7fa097  No.12108522


Lucky 7 dubs of truth.

>There is nothing wrong with voting. Voting "alone" will not save us, but voting is a hell of a lot better than not voting.

8524c9  No.12109537


Such a interesting image of templar + presidential shield + destruction of congress in the background. Not sure what planet you are coming from but the BANKERS are our major problem. Sooo…not really sure what you are trying to say here.

e6d44d  No.12109602


>pro Trump congressmen

These do not exist

5c3cd9  No.12109651

R's come out en masse when its a single event (presidency, midterms). Shitlibs are more active in between (until now). Short of a massive economic crash in sept/oct then there's absolutely no reason why people wouldn't vote R again.

Once R's repeat 2016 again and they can't blame it on muh russia again then we'll start seeing some serious shitlib terrorism. These wack jobs will lose their shit.

d251be  No.12109662


thanks anon i'll just stay home for the elections and play video games and watch anime! Maybe fap a little too, you are a big help!

fb7460  No.12112386

Delaware primaries are today.

775872  No.12112406

File: 7c340a4319db997⋯.pdf (76.17 KB, 2018 Election Calendar 201….pdf)

File: cab0023bf18fe75⋯.jpg (251.69 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 75a8812a72b07526608967b7c9….jpg)

For you SC anons.

fb7460  No.12117071

So how did delaware turn out?

fb7460  No.12118187

Rob Arlett won the republican primary for Delaware.

3be8aa  No.12128982

File: fceb51cfb275673⋯.jpg (399.3 KB, 2720x1202, 1360:601, diversity is about getting….jpg)


First things first, realize that November 6, 2018 is going to be upon us very soon! That means you are going to have to commit to being as passionate about this as if your life depends on it. Trump won in 2016 partly because people knew what the stakes were, and voted accordingly.

Here are a variety of things you can do. I’m going to update this article as regularly as possible to optimize things, so check back every now and then.

-Make a list of every right-leaning friends and family members you have in real life. These people are going to be the most receptive to vote against the left. Make it your personal responsibility to get EVERY SINGLE ONE of them out to the polls on NOVEMBER 6 (that’s a Tueday). Making this list should take around 5 minutes. Make it now.

3be8aa  No.12128983

File: 6b94508565ef9d1⋯.png (584.6 KB, 1986x1082, 993:541, FuckTwitterLeftists.png)

-Chances are, you have made right-leaning internet friends and acquaintances through your time on various forums, message boards, image boards, social media sites, IRC, chat clients like Steam/Twitch/Discord. Make a list of all of these people, and IMMEDIATELY message them to tell them about the 2018 Midterm Elections. Tell them that because Congress is arguably more powerful than the Presidency, defending Congress from the left is arguably more important than electing Trump. Tell them that if the Democrats take back Congress, they could be further suppressed by the Hate Speech laws the left is salivating for. Tell them they NEED TO VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6! Tell them that they also need to SPREAD THE MESSAGE to everyone they know about the IMPORTANCE OF THE MIDTERMS. Tell them that the same leftists who want them dead, want their children brainwashed or dead, or at the very least want them persecuted to the point where they might as well be dead – all are spending lots of effort on getting Democrats elected. It is likely that over a BILLION dollars will be spent on getting them elected. Hillary had no problem getting that kind of money. Hundreds of Democrats all around the nation won’t have a problem either.

3be8aa  No.12128985

File: 9370fa0d4861a23⋯.jpg (284.05 KB, 1676x900, 419:225, InnocenceWhiteSupremacy.jpg)

-Look up the websites for your local Republican candidates (see the articles for each state on this website for more info) and volunteer for them if you have the time. Turnout is perhaps the most important thing. Democrats like Doug Jones and Conor Lamb have managed to win in deep red Alabama and PA-18 because turnout for their side was high, because the left is so asshurt over getting their ass kicked in 2016 that they are spending massive amounts of time, energy, and money to attain the Blue Wave they’ve been dreaming about. OUR SIDE NEEDS THAT SAME LEVEL OF PASSION AND COMMITMENT!

3be8aa  No.12128987

File: f8e505f2c78a4c6⋯.jpg (154.72 KB, 1298x598, 649:299, RebootTwitter.jpg)

-On Twitter, look up the hashtags: #RedWave2018 , #RedWave , #VoteRed . Retweet and like the tweets from people on our side (not the leftist trolls who use the hashtags to derail us)

-Do the same above thing on gab.ai

-Seek out right-wing users on Twitter and gab and Facebook, then reply to any of their tweets/posts (even if you’re going off-topic) to tell them of the importance of the 2018 Midterm Elections, the importance of stopping the Blue Wave, the importance of voting for the Republicans no matter what. Get every right-leaning internet user you know to join you in doing so

-Sign up with your email and number at: https://gop.com/ to get emails and texts about things you can do to contribute to the cause

-Sign up with your email and number at: http://obstructionistlosers.com/ in order to spy on their efforts

-If you have meme making talent, post anything you make on the hashtags mentioned — #RedWave , #RedWave2018 , #VoteRed .

-Post anything you make on any right-wing internet space you’re a part of.

Go check out the Red Storm Armory: https://redstorm2018.wordpress.com/2018/08/07/red-storm-armory/

Download the content, and share the content on the relevant hashtags ( #RedWave , #RedWave2018 , #VoteRed ) and on every single right-wing internet space you are a part of

3be8aa  No.12128988

This is a list of every single incumbent Republican in the House of Representatives who I consider vulnerable. Remember, even if some of them are too cucked for you, they’re all arguably far better than a Democrat, because they still vote with Trump on some issues and thus strengthen his political capital.

I have included their websites along with the margins they won at, and the margin that Hillary/Trump won in their district at.

Donate and meme for them. Send this list to your boomer parents so they can donate for them. Share this list on other right wing websites so they can get donations.

> CA-10: Jeff Denham (won with a margin of 3.4%, but Hillary won the district with a margin of 3.0%)

< CA-21: David Valadao (won with a margin of 13.5%, but Hillary won the district with a margin of 15.5%)

> CA-25: Steve Knight (won with a margin of 6.3%, but Hillary won the district with a margin of 6.7%)

< CA-45: Mimi Walters (won with a margin of 17.1%, but Hillary won the district with a margin of 5.4%)

> CA-48: Dana Rohrabacher (won with a margin of 16.6%, but Hillary won the district with a margin of 1.7%)

< CA-49: Diane Harkey (the incumbent, Darrell Issa, won the district with a margin of 0.5% and Hillary won with a margin of 7.5% – no incumbent advantage makes this one of the juiciest targets for Democrats)

> CO-06: Mike Coffman (won with a margin of 8.3%, Hillary won with a margin of 8.9%)

< FL-26: Carlos Curbelo (won with a margin of 11.8%, Hillary won with a margin of 16.3% – this is one of the pro-amnesty Republicans and is liberal on multiple other issues; voted for tax cuts though)










3be8aa  No.12128990

> IA-01: Rod Blum (won at a margin of 7.7% and Trump won at a margin of 3.5%, suffering from unpopularity in his district though)

< IL-06: Peter Roskam (won with a margin of 18.4%, Hillary won the district with a margin of 7.0%)

>KS-03: Kevin Yoder (won with a margin of 10.7%, Hillary won the district with a margin of 1.2%)

< MN-03: Erik Paulsen (won with a margin of 13.7%, Hillary won the district with a margin of 9.4%)

> NE-02: Don Bacon (won with a margin of 1.2%, Trump won with a margin of 2.2%)

< NJ-02: Seth Grossman (the incumbent, Frank LoBiondo, won with a margin of 22.0%; Trump won with a margin of 4.6%; if Republican turnout is low, the Democrats could pick it up)

> NJ-07: Leonard Lance (won with a margin of 11%, Hillary won the district with a margin of 1.1%)

< NJ-11: Jay Webber (the incumbent, Rodney Frelinghuysen, won with a margin of 19.1%, Trump won with a margin of 0.8%, if Republican turnout is low, the Democrats could pick it up)

> NY-24: John Katko (won with a margin of 21.1%, Hillary won with a margin of 3.6%)

< PA-01: Brian Fitzpatrick (suffering from redistricting, Hillary won with a margin of 2%)

> PA-06: Greg McCauley (suffering from redistricting, the incumbent Ryan Costello is retiring, Hillary won with a margin of 9.3%)

< PA-10: Scott Perry (suffering from redistricting, Trump won with a margin of 8.9%)














3be8aa  No.12128992

> PA-17: Keith Rothfus (suffering from redistricting, Trump won with a margin of 2.5% – Rothfus is notably facing Conor Lamb, who beat Rick Saccone in the PA-18 special election earlier this year)

< TX-07: John Culberson (won with a margin of 12.3%, Hillary won with a margin of 1.4%)

> TX-23: Will Hurd (won with a margin of 1.3%, Hillary won with a margin of 3.4%)

< TX-32: Pete Sessions (won with a margin of 52.1% because the Democrats didn’t run anyone; Hillary won this district with a margin of 1.9%)

> VA-10: Barbara Comstock (won with a margin of 5.8%, Hillary won this district with a margin of 10%)







3be8aa  No.12128994

File: 11e671210520c94⋯.png (634.54 KB, 1980x1050, 66:35, WhiteRacism3.PNG)


INDIANA: Mike Braun (GOP) vs Joe Donnelly (Dem)

This is one of the easiest potential Senate pickups this year. Trump won this state by a near 20 point margin! Donate to Mike Braun.


MISSOURI: Josh Hawley (GOP) vs Claire McCaskill (Dem)

Another easy potential pickup. Trump won this state by a margin of over 20 points. Donate to Josh Hawley.


Tennessee and Texas: Marsha Blackburn (GOP) vs Phil Bredesen (Dem); Ted Cruz (GOP) vs Beto O’Rourke (Dem)

Bredesen is a popular Democrat former governor who is trying to pickup Bob Corker’s seat and Beto is trying to score the first statewide victory in Texas in over a generation. They are likely to lose, but don’t get complacent! Donate.



Florida: Rick Scott (GOP) vs Bill Nelson (Dem)

This is an easy potential pickup. Scott has been leading Nelson and is a popular governor while Nelson looks like he’s a few seconds away from the grave. Donate.


North Dakota: Kevin Cramer (GOP) vs Heidi Heitkamp (Dem)

This is one of the easiest potential pickups. North Dakota is a solidly red state after all. Donate.


3be8aa  No.12128996

File: d108e4f23c3ea62⋯.png (275.64 KB, 1162x591, 1162:591, WhiteRacism2.PNG)

West Virginia: Patrick Morrissey (GOP) vs Joe Manchin (Dem)

Another potential pickup that’s only made a bit more difficult than it should be because of Manchin’s popularity. Trump won this state at a margin of 40%+ though. Donate


Nevada: Dean Heller (GOP) vs Jacky Rosen (Dem)

The Democrats are gunning for this seat. Nevada is a state that Hillary won by 2 points, so Heller is the most vulnerable incumbent Republican in the senate. Donate


Arizona: Martha McSally (GOP) vs Kyrsten Sinema (Dem)

The Democrats are trying to pickup Jeff Flake’s seat. Sinema has amassed a lot of money and is claiming to be a bipartisan moderate to try to win in a state that Trump won by only 3 points. Donate


^IF WE WIN ALL THESE RACES, THAT TAKES US TO A 56 SEAT SENATE MAJORITY FOR THE GOP. That means we can comfortably pass most of Trump’s agenda if we also hold the House.

3be8aa  No.12128998


Montana: Matt Rosendale (GOP) vs Jon Tester (Dem)

This seat should be in the ‘easy’ category because of how solidly red Montana is, but Tester is a particularly savvy politician. He knows he has to pander to the right and has used his large amount of money to paint a positive picture of himself. Nevertheless, he is definitely beatable. Donate


Wisconsin: Leah Vukmir (GOP) vs Tammy Baldwin (Dem)

Wisconsin is one of Trump’s blue-to-red states. Baldwin is a bit too far to the left to easily win – she’s vulnerable! Donate


Michigan: John James (GOP) vs Debbie Stabenow (Dem)

Michigan is another one of Trump’s blue-to-red states. John James is a young black combat veteran and business owner who is running an outsider’s campaign. Stabenow isn’t in the strongest position – she’s vulnerable. Donate


Ohio: Jim Renacci (GOP) vs Sherrod Brown (Dem)

Ohio is a state that Trump won by 8 percentage points, but it’s not going to be so easy to pickup this seat due to the fact that Brown isn’t an unpopular incumbent. Nevertheless, he’s definitely beatable. Donate


Pennsylvania: Lou Barletta (GOP) vs Bob Casey (Dem)

Pennsylvania is another of Trump’s blue-to-red states. Casey isn’t an unpopular incumbent, but Barletta is running a great campaign. Donate


3be8aa  No.12129000

Minnesota: Karin Housley (GOP) vs Tina Smith (Dem)

Tina Smith is Al Franken’s replacement. Trump almost won Minnesota – losing by only 1.5 points. Smith is vulnerable, and Housley can definitely win. Donate


New Jersey: Bob Hugin (GOP) vs Bob Menendez (Dem)

Menendez is extremely scandal ridden and Hugin is running a Scott Brown type campaign. New Jersey is typically a solidly blue state, but Chris Christie and Scott Brown and others that moderate Republicans can win in deep blue areas. Donate


^if we win all these races in addition to the easy-tier ones, that gets us up to 63 SENATE SEATS. That is a filisbuster proof majority. We can pretty much pass anything we want.

3be8aa  No.12129001

File: cb2351b2bc39d3f⋯.png (53.66 KB, 323x419, 323:419, RightToBearArms.PNG)

Hard-Tier Senate Races

Minnesota: Jim Newberger (GOP) vs Amy Klobuchar (Dem)

This is a long shot, but this seat is winnable if the Democratic Party suffers a huge scandal before November 6. Minnesota was almost won by Trump after all. Donate


Virginia: Corey Stewart (GOP) vs Tim Kaine (Dem)

Tim Kaine, Hillary’s failed sidekick, is one of the most repulsive politicians in the world. He almost certainly has skeletons in his closet that can come out before November. Trump was within 5 points of winning Virginia after all. If Stewart gets turnout high, it’s possible. Donate


New Mexico: Gary Johnson (Libertarian) vs Martin Heinrich (Dem)

Hey, maybe Al Eppo will score a stunning victory. He’s popular in New Mexico after all.


3be8aa  No.12129003

These are all the districts currently occupied by a Democrat in places that Trump won.

AZ-01: Tom O’Halleran (D). His Republican opponent is Wendy Rogers. Donate


MN-01: Timothy Walz (incumbent retired to run for Governor). The Democrat running is Dan Feehan. The Republican running is Jim Hagedorn. Donate


MN-07: Collin Peterson (D). His Republican opponent is Dave Hughes. Donate


MN-08: Rick Nolan (incumbent retiring). The Democrat running is Joe Radinovich. The Republican running is Pete Stauber. Donate


NH-01: Carol Shea-Porter (incumbent retiring). Primary hasn’t happened yet, but the likely Republican nominee is Andy Sanborn


NJ-05: Josh Gottheimer (D). The Republican running is John McCann. Donate


NV-03: Jacky Rosen (incumbent resigned to run for Senate). The Democrat running is Susie Lee. The Republican running is Danny Tarkanian. Donate


NY-18: Sean Maloney (D). The Republican running is James O’Donnell. Donate


^If we win these eight House races, the Democrats will have to take (23+8) = 31 Republican seats to compensate!

1686ea  No.12129403


23e363  No.12129423

File: a0acef0dc10a5fa⋯.jpg (352.01 KB, 498x832, 249:416, jeb communist propaganda.jpg)

Deep State factions buy out chans, tries to turn /pol/ into the (((Alt-Right))), and fucks over internet with censorship and snap shots of posts with google captcha, but still expects us to have the same creative spark of 2016.




99.9% of the people we have to vote for are Treasonous snakes dressed up in Christian church clothes, selling us either Zionism or Globalism but ALWAYS white genocide.

Maybe that's why people dont care.

Civic Nationalism has no fire and no balls, because it's double speak (Nati -= natal, birthright, blood and soil).

373bc8  No.12129456


>muh reddit

Have a bump.

6a2482  No.12129465


just vote in whomever the fake news media is not promoting, especially if they are attacking someone.

They target normies and cannot psy-op us by attacking their favorite, since that would go straight over a normie head and make the normies not vote on their favorite.

It's easy as fuck to know whom the swap fears the most

f77fe0  No.12129474


>Seems like Florida has been won.

No it hasn't, fucking vote.

3150cf  No.12129478

File: 0928069d384d691⋯.jpg (124.28 KB, 514x585, 514:585, 1400391510365.jpg)


>us, the white people, all of us, all of us who are white!

You will never, ever be White.

23e363  No.12129480

File: a4478e4730dd6a3⋯.jpg (27.9 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1141103-spaz.gif.jpg)


>being this spastic with nothing real to say

<thinking that sells as enthusiasm to the useful goy

Fucking yourself Mr. .gov.

/pol/ isn't a database of volunteers you can access while pretending to be an internet expert for 50K or whatever they pay you fucking hipster dweebs at OP SEC.

046906  No.12129490


check for dual citizen status before voting

b6de98  No.12129622

Change IDs as you will, this is more of the same. 1001st deduction from a flawed hypothesis.

373bc8  No.12129671

I wonder why a group of people who allegedly think elections are pointless invest so much effort into trying to convince everyone right of center not to vote…. Hmmm.

b6de98  No.12129730


Voting works as a panacea. It is circus, and it diverts energy away from productive pursuits like being the change you want to see, having beautiful European children, and living in the light of truth.

b6de98  No.12129760

>actually wanting the current system to remain in place provided team redzog dominates

You have to believe pols are elected, not selected as they are, for voting to mean anything but the great (inter)national datamine to see where the handlers should direct the social engineering enterprise next. Your reality is manufactured, and like a good dog you respond to appropriate stimuli.

b6de98  No.12129782


>ad hom

Found the projection machine.

23e73e  No.12129783



I'm not sure that meme will work to out advantage.

Or are you one of those clowns that Q clearance anon keeps going on about?

b6de98  No.12129789


>fed prints money out of thin air

>they’re heavily invested and totally don’t control both sides

Uh huh.

b6de98  No.12129795

Politics is definitely not theater. :^)

3150cf  No.12129832


>Q clearance anon

>believing the Q LARP

b6de98  No.12129833

If the game is to keep non-jews, or people not ultimately belonging to the transhuman-subhuman coalition that the zionists are surely also a part of, out of political power, you’re utterly mad to believe 1) Western/world political reality is Not manufactured and/or 2) That the ascending parties are not employing espionage and every other means at their disposal to make sure it’s always their guy who winds up being one of the final choices. Stop insulting peoples’ intelligence. This is quite apart from the mistaken belief that the whiff of big money in US politics means it’s all strictly a competition, one they could easily lose should the right charismatic leader come along. Hah!

b6de98  No.12129845

May as well go back to complaining about Citizens United and getting money out of politics for the good of “our democracy”.

38ec03  No.12129920


>Santa rosa and escambia counties have the highest blue percentage in the pnahandle

Nigger population out in force it seems. Good break down on how the democrats are too busy eating each other to unite against a common enemy though.


This, never let your guard down and allow the kikes to steal victory.

23e73e  No.12129939


>Q is a LARP

Okay then, how is it that Q is posting despite Microchip saying that he was going to stop posting as Qanon? Ya drinking Alex Jones' water filters?

3150cf  No.12129940



23e363  No.12129942


Your foriegn grammer is creepy, OP.

23e363  No.12129952

File: 8e4085bb35dc8de⋯.jpg (35.6 KB, 600x600, 1:1, theatre of the mind.jpg)


>Politics is definitely not theater. :^)

Existence isn't theater. :^(

3150cf  No.12129955

File: 359b7e2b016b9ad⋯.png (107.37 KB, 1000x829, 1000:829, d781067289944276763f778f09….png)


>literally being mentally retarded

I don't know if Microchip was the original LARPer or not, but his claim was that he was, and it was passed off to the current LARPers in November of last year. Jack Pozzobiec's report says as much.

There's a noticeable change in the writing style, so it's possible,

23e73e  No.12129956


>Q is a larp

I've found the Jew.

3150cf  No.12129969

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>supporting an Israel-first Canadian spic

bf9fe5  No.12129974


>voting works, goy

>doing the same thing over and over that got us to this situation will somehow produce a different result this time, goy

c24a08  No.12129977

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


23e363  No.12129983

File: 6fe337541032f59⋯.jpg (100.65 KB, 500x627, 500:627, dont hate jews.jpg)


>I wonder why a group of people who allegedly think elections are pointless invest so much effort into trying to convince everyone right of center not to vote…. Hmmm.

Maybe they're mad that we're going back into Syria and have no wall, and Jeruslam just clones the red heffer and is preparing to blow up the dome and start WW3?

Maybe they think Trump can't stop it surronded by Zionists esoteric freaks.

Maybe trade deals with China are great but the world is now more censored, more Leftist or centrist, and even BREXIT never happened.

Honesty if Trump is taking us back to war watching him get impeached before that would be the greatest thing to ever happen because white people will be fucking mad.

bf9fe5  No.12129987


Beto is a "white" man who grew up in El Paso and literally has a nickname that is given by spics. He is 100% open borders all the way in a state already majority-minority and completely decimated by mass immigration. Texas is the next California. Beto is the final nail in the coffin for Texas.

23e363  No.12129991





83a3b1  No.12129992


Reminder that Democrats publicly admit that every election has been stolen for the last 60 years. Reminder that voting hasn’t done a goddamn thing to save the country from the jews. Reminder that anyone who says otherwise is a paid jewish shill.

3150cf  No.12130000


You just have to vote harder, goy.

b72323  No.12130011



about 1 minute apart. Not in the rhythm of the board. conclusion: astroturf, paid.

23e363  No.12130013

File: 9ac72f60f668728⋯.png (131.52 KB, 1704x2112, 71:88, pepe slow burn.png)



>but it was her turn

I think they fucked up last time. But since Trump isn't dead he must of learned to play ball…

Slow burn is the strategy for the destruction of West Civ and the Aryan race, never forget that.

b72323  No.12130017






83a3b1  No.12130025



List one time that voting helped the white race since 1946.


>I think they fucked up last time.

You forgot the ~12,000,000 fake votes cast for Clinton. They were just cast in states she was already going to win, and so she lost based on EVs.

b72323  No.12130027


It doesn't matter. You fucking dare not vote for the Republican and I will come cut your throat, you motherfucking race traitor!

This is a matter of life and death for white people. Trump has saved the white people, and it is but by our alliance with him that we have any hope.

38ec03  No.12130028


Double dubs confirm, the kikes are terrified of Whites voting.

b72323  No.12130030

b72323  No.12130035

And that's why this is important.

This is the first time in everyone's lifetime there's been the possibility of voting pro-white.

b72323  No.12130040


ESPECIALLY in the primaries. They have a lot less control over primaries, and the primaries are making them nervous.

An alternative to voting in the Republican primary is voting for a total commie on the dem side.

c24a08  No.12130041


Neo-Platonism is a creative exercise unless you can make me a billionaire overnight.

23e73e  No.12130044

>>12130011 (checked)

More reason for Euroburgers to vote.

I'm absentee, so I'm unsure if I get a midterm ballot. If I do, I'm voting, and running my ballot down to city hall.

bf9fe5  No.12130047


Lol you fucking nigger piece of shit. Literally since lyndon b johnson every single election has been manipulated. you fucking faggots pushing muh voting are the operatives. you are fucking gop pieces of shit trying to cultivate future gop voters. fuck you and your dying party. the third way is where this country is going. civil war probably and then either extreme leftism or national socialism will win. your milquetoast faggot nigger loving spic loving bullshit kike lying white genocidal party is finished, so shove it up your ass, you crusty old fuckhead nigger

b72323  No.12130054


Question: why do kikes spend millions on elections?

You're a kike, a paid shill, and you won't have the balls to answer me this.

b72323  No.12130056


Ass-eating niggieboo, I said 2016, you gaslighting lying garbage. You'll even lie about what any white man can plainly see!

bf9fe5  No.12130060


lol at the Republicans representing whites. all trump does is brag about how much he helps niggers and spics. LOL lo fucking l. oh and israel. best friend. GOP is the white genocide party, red version. blue or red, whites are getting wiped out. at least blue doesn't lie about it


23e73e  No.12130064


It's to be sure they get the outcome they want.

Their outcome is to expand the state of Pissrael and kill off all the countries they don't like (which is to say all of them).

4cb4b2  No.12130067


Texas here. If that fucker wins and begins destroying my state even further, I will leave my homeland for Alabama. I am already sick of mexicans everywhere. If Texas goes blue, it's over! This state has already disappointed me enough, now I am just looking for a reason to leave.

bf9fe5  No.12130068




b72323  No.12130072


My white children eat because of Trump. And republicans need Trump, and Trump is pro-white, and if you DARE fucking not vote for the #MAGA agenda, I'll fucking cut you down, you dog.

bf9fe5  No.12130073


Texas is California. The US is FUCKED

Oh, and thanks GOP for enabling that. Especially Texas GOP. YOU FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT. YOU FUCKERS WILL HANG FIRST

38ec03  No.12130076


>An alternative to voting in the Republican primary is voting for a total commie on the dem side.

And the dems aren't even pretending to have the country's best interest at heart anymore, so the commie slur is more apt than it ever has been. Spics voting for pro-spics candidates, niggers for pro-niggers, faggots for pro-faggots, and so on: the blue voter base is being figurativly drawn and quartered. This is a golden opportunity, everyone must collectively strike when the kikes are at their most unstable

83a3b1  No.12130078


>My white children eat because of Trump.

No one believes you.

>And republicans need Trump

No one cares about this.

>Trump is pro-white

Proven false.

>and if you DARE fucking not vote for the #MAGA agenda, I’ll fucking cut you down, you dog.

Reported for reddit spam.

b72323  No.12130079


That's wedge propaganda.

< they're both the same

< you're shilling for the kikes by promoting Trump


c24a08  No.12130080




b72323  No.12130081


So that's it? You just want to censor me? Dorsey, dorsey, your butt buddy furry horsey.

bf9fe5  No.12130085




b72323  No.12130089


If you don't vote for the Republicans then you are the sworn enemy of my white children, and my white family, and my white grandchildren, and all white people.

Therefore you must be slain.

b72323  No.12130096


> Trump helps people I hate


> So Trump isn't helping white people


> It makes no difference

Because you're not white.

I am. It matters. You are to be slain.

bf9fe5  No.12130097



b72323  No.12130102

File: 6d6422b729dad87⋯.png (358.26 KB, 800x533, 800:533, ClipboardImage.png)

~ off-key whistling ~

4cb4b2  No.12130107


Disagreeing with 1488. KYS /leftpol/ faggot

bf9fe5  No.12130108



4cb4b2  No.12130111


We need a 3rd position fast!

5a55c5  No.12130112


Trump just did a chemical attack on Syria and has admitted to wanting a permanent presence there. Endless jew wars and American blood and money sacrificed to Pissrael. Undefendable .

Fuck you kike.

884c40  No.12130115

File: 29512ffb9a53b67⋯.png (10.24 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1527294312754.png)

bf9fe5  No.12130117


Nice digits and spot-on. Third position NOW

09d164  No.12130126


Did I not make myself clear? Sworn enemies of the whites, of our prosperity, regardless of your excuse, must die.

38ec03  No.12130128

File: e7ee8e2bdca3eb9⋯.jpg (99.38 KB, 600x800, 3:4, shill detection.jpg)


Now that I have your attention, be aware that this thread is being shilled to hell and back. If you have been here for more than two weeks you know full well that means the topic is worth pursuing.

Do not allow the weak derailing of increasingly nervous cucks, wumyn, and their (((masters))) to prevent you from voting.

884c40  No.12130131

File: 74bdc424e34855e⋯.jpg (75.27 KB, 767x611, 59:47, ebd97bd1ded306fcd79b145b8b….jpg)


Microjew is a faggot that doesn't even understand how imageboards work. All this claiming one way or another is pure disinformation and faggotry. Niggers believe what you want, and vote for your prefered candidate. All this doom-faggotry is nothing but horseshit, mid-terms will be fine.

09d164  No.12130138

File: b8840ab6f7045dd⋯.png (71.96 KB, 555x555, 1:1, WhyVote.png)

File: dc13677f0ddf89b⋯.png (502.01 KB, 702x511, 702:511, Buy a Sword.png)



Again, complaints which are MEANINGLESS, because that stuff happens regardless of who you vote for.

Pic related, for you fucking bug people who can't into logical reasoning bcuz kike insect brains.

bzzz bzzz, understand that? maybe you do. Hopefully I cursed your elohim-jehovah.

09d164  No.12130147


Get it? Vote for the blue circle, or fail to vote for the red circle, you're fucking over


I'm white, and for that action you have become my sworn enemy.

09d164  No.12130166

And the shills were SILENT.

5a55c5  No.12130171

09d164  No.12130175


Not an argument.

And still were they, the kikes, the shills, the paid clown garbage - silent. Because this communication is clear, it is certain. Fail to vote for the Trump #MAGA agenda, you are an anti-white parasite.

5a55c5  No.12130209


>Failing to vote for our ZOG puppets makes you anti-white!

Too bad people who browse here are wise to how you jews play both sides. I am not voting for your jew dick sucking party and I certainly wont be voting for your jew loving embarrassment to retake the The """White""" House in 2020.

f04a29  No.12130213

File: 706ffb22daf4934⋯.jpg (49.03 KB, 638x614, 319:307, 122ecd66998fd3768910319388….jpg)

Why dont you spaztards just make a fucking list of everyone to vote for copypasta or meme? Do something worthwhile besides yelling at people who mostly lost their ghost twitters or deleted their facebooks.

373bc8  No.12130228


The 2016 election shifted the overton window massively. You couldn't even bring up the topic of white replacement prior to that. Now there are right wing groups all over Europe.

09d164  No.12130234


Yep. But kikes know how to manipulate. It's the one thing they know. They don't know how to reason. Heck, I could argue against some of the points I've made, but they cannot!

b6de98  No.12130238


>it was the election, not /pol/ astroturfing every known platform

>muh overton winder

“Trust the plan!”

5a55c5  No.12130247


Your diagram is full of shit. Voting for Red ZOG or voting for Blue ZOG is still voting for ZOG. How stupid do you think we are?

Kill yourself.

09d164  No.12130248

On a related note, I am studying to learn their stupid fucking bug language. I am mastering their runes, presently. Of interest in the insect people's prefixes. They literally write certain small words as if they're part of the next word. These fuckers are dumb as shit. Imagine if I said "aredumb asshit". That's how shit their language is. It's literally garbage. These "people" are mere insects.

09d164  No.12130251


< that's derp shit derp

Not an argument. Gas yourself, sand nigger.


And that (((fallacy))) is (((appeal to ridicule))).

09d164  No.12130254


And, I should add, I diagrammed exactly what you said, you absolute brain-dead insect "person" kike.

But if you fail to vote for Republicans then you are the enemy of all white people. Look again. See where whites are? This is not a disputable fact.

It's just reality. It's a fact. I can put it into formal form, if you require it, but I know you are an imbecile, and it would not improve the situation.

Stupid kikes!

5a55c5  No.12130259


There's no argument to be had here, kike. You're trying (and failing) miserably to rally this board to vote for your brand of ZOG. Nobody here is falling for it.


>Voting for ZOG will save white people!

We're all laughing at you.

bf9fe5  No.12130261






bf9fe5  No.12130267



b6de98  No.12130281


Fallacy or no, you votefags are so smug about your unsuccessful crusade to save “the white race”.

4c29d2  No.12130284



Says it all right here. Demoralization shill.

89efcc  No.12130288

File: 4e392e5b4e38325⋯.png (47.05 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, ccw-map-2017.png)


That map's outdated

09d164  No.12130291



Your (((fallacy))) is (((red herring))).

The matter of niggers, kikes, but possibly not spics, is a wash.

Indisputable. But it's not why I must slay you.

I must slay you, because you are the enemy of my people, who are not spics, not niggers, and not kikes. My people are the white people.

We care about the white people.

Not the niggers, not the kikes, and not the spics.

The white people.

But you refuse to support the white people, and are therefore my enemy.

09d164  No.12130292


wow. Good catch.

09d164  No.12130294



b6de98  No.12130305


>doesn’t respect or adopt my naive opinions

>demoralization shill

What a bore, to see so many people policing the board’s rhetoric rather than confronting the argument until people stop making it. I promise, if the truth were on your side you would win. It is not.

bf9fe5  No.12130314


We can keep going all night, fuckhead. I don't know how stupid you fucks think people are, but you fucked us right up the ass for 30 years straight starting with Reagan's amnesty. You have no argument because all the facts show GOP is dogshit and pushing white replacement while completely lying about it, just like you are here. You are a piece of shit and have nothing but strawmen and bullshit. I have the facts.

The fuckers who hang first will be GOP, because you are lying, disingenuous white genociders who've taken big donor money and done nothing but open borders and unrestricted beaner demographic replacement non-stop. It's too obvious for you to lie about, and you're wasting my time. I'm not going to waste more time so you can spread your bullshit that nobody believes anymore. Fuck the GOP and fuck you personally.

b6de98  No.12130319


>points out informal logical fallacies while refusing to make falsifiable counterarguments

>doesn’t know the difference between argument and sophistry

You’re not nearly as profound as you think.

ce99f2  No.12130339


Fuck off, Trumpkike.

3171bb  No.12130347


Can we get a sticky on this thread?

23e73e  No.12130352


Hi Media Matters!

Are you scared that the president's gonna take you down?

09d164  No.12130354


But, if we are to take kike as the prefix both of Hillary and Trump do they not cancel out?

And if voting is pointless, why do kikes, notorious for being stingy, so notorious the act of being an unfair negotiator is called "jewing", spend money by the MILLIONS on elections?

b6de98  No.12130361


Make an argument and I will focus on that rather than your incessant doubling down on a proposition which is obviously false.

09d164  No.12130362


No we can't. You haven't gone an inch. Nothing, you're a flyspeck, a moron, human trash. Garbage, nothing!

You are stupid, and shit. I have clearly given an outline, and you have no idea what the fuck is even happening. You're plenty stupid enough not to shut up, and that's it.

09d164  No.12130363


< obviously false

oh. And which are these, child?

23e73e  No.12130364

This thread is getting a bit (((shilly))).

I think I know why.

It's the shadow government making sure that they keep the power they have and undo all the damage that the US government caused them.

We need for Republicans to win so that ISIS van become WASWAS.

b6de98  No.12130369



How much astroturfing are you involved in?

b6de98  No.12130394


My problem is that you think you can rest on your laurels on an anonymous cambodian pottery forum. Talking tough isn’t worth a thing when the one on the recieving end is still waiting for you to deliver something, anything, substantive.

b6de98  No.12130426


Bunch of nothing, just like you.

d53597  No.12130457

File: 1bd7d93fd8f3df4⋯.jpg (75.59 KB, 634x852, 317:426, f90caced2cdddeb04acfea0c0c….jpg)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass2.jpg)



I'm not voting for any of your based niggers and shilling the board with votecuckery is not winning anyone over.

3150cf  No.12130475


>first image

That's a better argument, but it's going to need some adjustments. Republikikes don't care about WHite people, and Demokikes certainly don't care about Palestinians. Both sides are loaded with pedophiles – have you even read The Franklin Cover-up? When it's all said and done, you end up with a judaized version of Christianity on the right, and Hollywood on the left. Whoever wins, we lose.

3150cf  No.12130485


>I'll curb stomp you motherfucker

Did you watch American History X as your prep to shill here?

09d164  No.12130554


Your (((fallacy))) is (((ad hominem)))

09d164  No.12130565

Just look at the situation right now. WHITE PEOPLE ARE DOING WAY BETTER NOW.

Fact. And if you fail to support the ones who are helping us whites,


d53597  No.12130608

Here's what is going to happen.

>The republikikes are going to get steamrolled during the midterms.

>The left is going to scream in glee that whitey is dead.

>The (((right))) is going to use this as an excuse to """"""reject"""" pro white politics(this is already happening with certain ecelebs and parts of the alt kike)

>And the voteniggers spamming these threads are going to push the above narratives along with "whites deserve genocide because you didn't vote" and "we just need to vote harder next time my fellow goyim."

You would have had a chance had trump not cucked out and the GOP weren't massive faggots, but I'm sure you'll blame us for that as well.

09d164  No.12130629


Your sage invalidates your existence. You must be slain, for you stand strong for the killing of my people, the whites, for eliminating their necessary success, the food which feeds my white children.

A thousand curses upon you. May your bleed HIV out of your eyes and vomit your soul away.

b12900  No.12130680

Nonetheless, we've accomplished our mission when Trump got into office.

Also, nice blackpill faggot.

23e363  No.12130782

File: 05f4c9802667730⋯.jpg (56.5 KB, 400x591, 400:591, white genocide africans no….jpg)


>Just look at the situation right now. WHITE PEOPLE ARE DOING WAY BETTER NOW.


>My white children eat because of Trump.

Jesus these MAGA volunteers are losing their shit in this thread.

Why don't you just do what I said and make a fucking list of people to vote for?

09d164  No.12130823


In the general? Straight ticket Republican. In the primaries, ain't no fucking way I'm covering all sates, dumbass. The "MAGA volunteers" could give you one, though, if you're really so fucking eager for one (you're not, you're doing the kike move of demanding shit like women do, shit test time wasting).

I curse you, I curse your elohim-yahweh, I curse your mother and your father, and your life in every way.

f5aa79  No.12130885


Slight correction, it's "voter guide" for some damn reason.

f5aa79  No.12130891

OK, Vote411 looks pretty good.

bf9fe5  No.12130911

How is it possible that modding is so terrible that straight-up MAGA BASED REDDIT TRUMP VOTE GOP bullshit not only stays up longer than five minutes but is bumped continuously? This complete propaganda bullshit is almost as bad as the time imkampfy went on his little rampage

f5aa79  No.12130934


Well, let's consider the situation. Right? So I've proved that YOU, if you are actually white, and not a cuckold faggot, should vote in favor of Republicans. Indeed, you are the enemy to the white man, should you transgress in this area.

It's quite simple. Trump is pro-white, though, admittedly, pro-shit too. But he's also pro-not-shit - whites. And I'm white, and everyone I care about is white, and if you are someone who does not support us, the whites, then I hate you completely.

And there is no disagreement. Nobody disagrees with me.

f5aa79  No.12130937

The reasoning is ironclad. Thank you, sir, thank you for bringing your fucking massive genius here to clarify how I should vote, that's what you should be saying.

But fools value popularity, and ruin.

fb7460  No.12131429

New Hampshire primaries soon September 11.


Mods can see IP histories (the IP itself is a hash), if I really was spamming this then any reports on me would've been acted on. Last time I made this thread was months ago.

83a3b1  No.12131439


Reminder that CM explicitly said that /pol/ is not for right-wing content only. Reminder that reddit posts are protected from deletion. We lost the board. We have to go somewhere else.

437c4d  No.12132704



Prove it. Find me a single quote of trump talking about white unemployment.

34b4b0  No.12132738


Trump himself cucks for more immigration as long as its legal.

34b4b0  No.12132743


Ashkenazi's aren't white. Yes we should vote Republican but voting and supporting Zog should only constitute a small percentage of our activism.

0ed8f8  No.12133247


What, did you read the knowyourmeme page on /pol/ and think you're initiated?

f5aa79  No.12133309


So? I'm speaking of whites, not kikes.

Kikes, whites, niggers. All three benefit from Trump.

Kikes, spics, niggers. All three benefit from Trump.

So you niggers, you kikes, and you spics all want us to not vote for Trump.

Because you niggers, you kikes, you spics, want us whites dead.


83a3b1  No.12133323


Reported for paid shilling.

83a3b1  No.12133342


Reported for mass spam.

Reported for ban evasion. See: >>12130291

Reported for supporting the (((Republican Party))).

Reported for claiming the Republicans support whites.

Reported for being from reddit, as proven by your post formatting.

Reported for claiming that Trump is pro-white.


f5aa79  No.12134375


Trump is verifiably pro-white, and you cannot offer 1 instance to counter this assertion.

Fact: You're a kike trying to convince whites to genocide themselves by promoting Hillary either through inaction or by voting for Hillary's party.

f5aa79  No.12134407

File: 00a66a159ed0477⋯.png (189.01 KB, 556x568, 139:142, TUESDAY.png)

83a3b1  No.12134483


Reported for mass spam.

Reported for ban evasion. See: >>12130291

Reported for supporting the (((Republican Party))).

Reported for claiming the Republicans support whites.

Reported for being from reddit, as proven by your post formatting.

Reported for claiming that Trump is pro-white.


728cf6  No.12134521

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

*MAGA - /r/the_Donald in this chan!

0bba73  No.12134525

File: 6d707a4154f73fe⋯.png (58.14 KB, 1234x478, 617:239, Yep.png)


Nigger, stop being a nigger. New Hampshire is the ONLY state with a Primary tomorrow.

f5aa79  No.12134539

You will see plainly that the coolest of minds prevailed: Trump is pro-white, but has many faults. Since his opposition is not pro-white, they are not an option. Indeed, all who resist this notion are the enemy of the white man and must be slain on the spot.

83a3b1  No.12134548


Reported for mass spam.

Name one pro-white candidate in any party.

f5aa79  No.12134560


All of the Republicans, because Trump exists. Trump being the head of the party provides pro-white policies. He alone in all the world, in much of world history, is pro-white.

For this reason any who oppose the #MAGA and Trump agenda simply must be curb stomped. There is no alternative, for they were the murderous monsters who oppose my people, the white people.

83a3b1  No.12134570


Donald Trump is not pro-white. No Republican candidate is pro-white. Reported for mass jewish spam and thread derailing.

728cf6  No.12134585


There you go with the curb stomp metaphor again. We know you're a paid shill here and the exhaustion is probably getting to you but please stop repeating things from your posts in other threads.

f5aa79  No.12134613

FACT: Trump is pro-white

FACT: Hillary is anti-white

FACT: kike shills want you to fail to vote for the #MAGA agenda Tuesday, and in November - so they try to make you jealous, angry, uncertain, due to Trump's lack of wisdom in the area of the kike.

Fine, whatever, I'll be here forever just telling all the truth: Donald J. Trump: savior of the white race.


So you say, but you speak like an animal, a shill. There is no "you" with whom I may speak. You're like some phone service, where you get either a robot voice with a number menu or Shawanda or "Paul", short for Valuand'pkwatahabatara, and they are nothing but the living menu of nothing, the pit, the voice.


Same. More bot-ness. More menues. More nobody home.

83a3b1  No.12134616


Reported for mass spam.

Reported for ban evasion. See: >>12130291

Reported for supporting the (((Republican Party))).

Reported for claiming the Republicans support whites.

Reported for being from reddit, as proven by your post formatting.

Reported for claiming that Trump is pro-white.


0bba73  No.12134625


What does Hillary have to do with the mid-term?

83a3b1  No.12134632


He’s a paid shill. Just report him.

f5aa79  No.12134636


Hillary is planning on running in 2020. To set up her run, she needs to run against Pence, which is only possible if they take control.

In addition, Hillary is a symbol, easily identifiable, the appellation true of the DNC.


You're the one trying to silence me, and refusing reason.

White men reason. You kikes dissimulate.

83a3b1  No.12134639


Reported for mass spam.

Reported for ban evasion. See: >>12130291

Reported for supporting the (((Republican Party))).

Reported for claiming the Republicans support whites.

Reported for being from reddit, as proven by your post formatting.

Reported for claiming that Trump is pro-white.


f5aa79  No.12134650

That's kikes for you. They lie about everything. They create so much confusion, and dodge discussion.

0bba73  No.12134697

File: f7925d033898bba⋯.png (58.15 KB, 1234x478, 617:239, Yep.png)




Not every state's primary is tomorrow.

a577c1  No.12134712


< disinfo

< it's my fucking job to tell people when their elections are

Holy fuck you're stupid. Super Tuesday is Tuesday, and if a few people show up to the polls on Tuesday when they shouldn't the jejjes are mine.

0bba73  No.12134719


>one state

>super tuesday

I don't think you know what that means

ce99f2  No.12134720



Kill yourself.

a577c1  No.12134744


< doesn't know how to meme reality like putty in his hands

5cc696  No.12135042

We're gonna lost big in the midterms. Social media algorithms have ensured this.

83a3b1  No.12135048


Reported for being a paid shill.

83a3b1  No.12135053


Reported for mass spam.

Reported for ban evasion. See: >>12130291

Reported for supporting the (((Republican Party))).

Reported for claiming the Republicans support whites.

Reported for being from reddit, as proven by your post formatting.

Reported for claiming that Trump is pro-white.




No one in government supports us in any capacity.

0df4d5  No.12135074

File: 16090cbc31014b2⋯.jpg (111.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-2.jpg)


>He makes posts telling others they're reported

>It makes him feel powerful

>He thinks people who disagree with him are paid agents

Real talk if this board was taken over by shills wouldn't the moderators be in on it?

83a3b1  No.12135079



You’re not on 4chan. Reported.


Project harder, cuckchanner.

>truth is a matter of opinion


Reported for shrek spam.

>if this board was taken over

Which it is, provably.

>mods be in on it

The mods have no power. They’ve been told by codemonkey that they’re not allowed to delete reddit or leftypol content. /pol/ has nothing left. Only a paid shill can look at the board today and say that shills haven’t completely taken over.

e91823  No.12135126


For fuck sake. Are you retarded? You need to be constantly renewing your food supplies. Eat a bag of rice and buy a new one. Eat a can of beans and buy a new one. You need to keep circulating your food. Go for a weekend camping trip and use up your oldest food and replace it asap.

0d9352  No.12135129

I'm not voting.

e91823  No.12135188


Thanks rabbi. Considering gassing yourself while you are at it.

e91823  No.12135194

The amount of shills in this thread shows just how scared the kikes are

b75039  No.12135227

83a3b1  No.12136509


Reported for ban evasion, for shilling for nonwhites and jewish paid shills, and for being from reddit.

000000  No.12136518

The fact is we failed Trump by not electing proper politicians to congress the last time to support his policies, they were all establishment before. So far, the DNC establishment is bleeding thanks to Cortez but the RNC seems like it's only just begun thankfully McCain the neocon traitor is gone. I want to have some faith in Trump. Can he really save the west from (((them)))? Can he at least lay the foundation? We have to following through.

a7cff1  No.12136524


>>>12136500 (You)

>Reported for ban evasion, for shilling for nonwhites and jewish paid shills, and for being from reddit.

Because ideas you don't like are scary, right?

You're just a wannabe sjw. Go back to twatter and learn how to do it right.

fb7460  No.12142718


New Hampshire's rersults; Democrats Molly Kelly Republican Chris Sununu notably uncontested.

Today is Rhode Island and tomorrow New York (again?).

fb7460  No.12147724

Rhode Island: Democrat Gina Raimondo, Republican Allan Fung

So yeah, a filthy fucking Chink god help us all.

1d0e6a  No.12149636

File: c4f09e7a5e5c089⋯.jpg (25.83 KB, 474x279, 158:93, look behind you .jpg)

media is in full shit storm of making shit bricks to make a shit wall. they keep going back to all the earlier lies they made.

All those small sample polls. are there other polls that are not giving them the results they want? All trump has to do is a get a NK peace deal before oct 31st. if he can get a NK peace deal and an Israel Palestine peace deal before the election, well, mid term sweep and 2020 lock and probably 2022 sweep as well.

Israel and Palestine deal the day before the midterms. not time for them to react and he can run a crappy speech saying, "WHo could be against peace. when the democrats ask you to vote against this peace deal, are they asking you to vote for war?"

I want this so bad.

fb7460  No.12151062


What is that stuff?

b1cf9d  No.12151096

File: eed627648e758a4⋯.png (97.17 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-09-14-00-5….png)

File: 1aa1b379a94b290⋯.png (85.04 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-09-14-00-5….png)

File: 420a26701a547d1⋯.png (87.04 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-09-14-00-5….png)

Turns out this the right thread for this, I regret bumping the trash thread I originally did with this. Apparently the person who had my number before me was a libshit and I received a cold text from an "organization" called 'MoveOn' which is basically some #resist bullshit. Pics related. The tone deaf retards added me to their text list after that little exchange and I went along in case I could catch any "ground roots" movements and preempt them.

I signed up to join the conference call at this site https://act.moveon.org/survey/resistandwin21/?source=sms.a and fully intend to mic spam the fuck out of them after gleaning what inside information I can from them. Has anyone else recieved anything like this? What do you make of it? It would please me to no end if other anons joined me in sabotaging it but it requires your actual phone number and not everyone operates out in the open like I do.

5fb100  No.12151721


It might be better to not mic spam. If you're on the right you probably look/sound like it, you can't fit in with their soft voices and features, pass yourself off as an old school communist trying to hide your reverse powerlevel.

I was able to convince a few leftist orgs of this but not much has come of it yet, I can't go to their meetings right now because of moving.

The little nuggets of insight just from the first few conversations have been interesting though and I encourage you to "get involved". It's pretty much just showing you have a political secret identity but it's the opposite of what they think. Mention you have some college friends in socialist alternative.

38ec03  No.12154470

Bump, any advice on Georgia? So far msm is kvetching about Brian Kemp renewing the license of a massage therapist who felt up one of his clients, but no ad I've seen has addressed any of the issues he campaigns on. He looks like a bog standard cuckservative to me.

38ec03  No.12154478


Have received a similar text and a few calls from unrecognized numbers as well. Similar grassroots shit, they think I'm a 68yo catlady named cathy. Will follow your example and keep tabs on them, may sit in for a irl meeting if I can. Polite sage for double-posting.

38ec03  No.12154796

Mods why the hell was this bump locked?

5f206f  No.12156699

File: 549f54e22f59575⋯.jpg (154.32 KB, 900x864, 25:24, bulldozing typhus corpses.jpg)

When the Synagogue of Satan was defeated

Time and time again the German land was raped, war-torn

The Synagogue of Satan hated people German and Russian-born

By trying to defeat them they merely brought into being

the enemy throughout history they thought that they'd been fleeing

The Synagogue tried to breed the Whites into extinction

but succeeded only in making obvious with very strict distinction

the fact they were prideful, lustful, greedy demons

who were only happy when, in misery, “the goyim” were screaming.

Once again it started in Germania, the people had enough

"To hell mit you filthy Juden" is a translation, albeit rough

The Holy War part II began, and Islam was put back

In its sandy container, in the desert wastes without track.

Merkel's party had a new platform, this one replete with nooses

and on it they danced until they hung, replete with their burnooses

Traitors high and low were tracked down and shot like rabid dogs

Then, to add insult to injury, fed, still alive, to hogs.

Because from Dresden, New York, Hiroshima, St, Petersburg to Moscow

((They))) had trumpeted their victories, making their victims to bow

to their bloodthirsty savagery in league with their true god, Satan

While preaching love among mankind, it is mankind they were hating

But in the early twenty-first, the Whites woke up in their masses

And the true history of Earth was taught in public and private classes

No more lies or propaganda or falsified Six Million

The entire Earth turned on the Synagogue, yes all seven point five billion

5f206f  No.12156701


The Indian, the African, the dwellers of the Sahara

made the self-styled overlords drink water more bitter than Mara

For their idols were crushed, these Satanites, and they were driven out across the Earth

To their own land where they can enjoy the culture they have birthed

A culture of fornication, abortion, pride, and no humility

Of having infants preyed upon by purveyors of homosexuality

Greed and lust and avarice without a single stop

Now the rats were all in the same pile, we cared not who was on top

Then arose their leader, after the Christians vacated

and continued their lust for power and filth, but this time unabated

Heads were rolled, hands were branded, foreheads were emblazoned

With the name, mark, or number of the Synagogue of Satan

No one could buy or sell, they said, unless they were thus branded

Heterosexuality was outlawed, and churches all disbanded

Organized homosexual rape of every child in some towns

Met with fierce resistance until it was brutally put down

“The world is gay” the antichrist said, as he did strut and preen

“All hail our leader” the Synagogue of Satan said, their true motives now seen.

But he turned on them, and like a peacock revealed HIMSELF to be their god

And the Jews found out they had been betrayed, and their hubris was deeply flawed

The very goyim they conquered, spat on, plundered and molested

Turned on them as on man, surrounding that city often contested

1/3 of Jerusalem fell in the ensuing festival of rape

and on the heads of the Benjamites fell the juice of all wrath's grapes

Drink deep of the cup of your fornication that you have so loudly touted,

thou synagogue of filth and murder, you are now being routed.

Why could not Jesus intervene sooner than he did?

Why could he not save the Jews from being raped down to the very last kid?

Men were torched, others passed around in an orgy of filth and fornication

as Israel drank deeply from the cup she had passed to other nations

For God can't make your choices or give you someone else's crop

when you've been sowing to the flesh, yea every man, from the bottom to the top

of your society for centuries on end

When you've made enemies of every man, you find you have no friends.

So, judgment was without mercy on the Tribe who was divorced

from justice, truth, and mercy, and who, for millennia had forced

anyone caught by them into misery and slavery

while parading naked down the street, and calling it “bravery.”

For days it went on unabated, hell's fury was unloosed.

Every genocide and atrocity of prior days came back home to roost.

Not one demon was unemployed in the destruction of the Tribe

And none would hear them or show pity, no matter how great the bribe.

Then, as foretold centuries before, Jesus came back with fury

and judgment against ALL mankind was unleashed without any human jury

for God is just and God is good and his judgment without error

and the raping armies and collaborators faced unprecedented terror

They watched as their cohorts' eyes dissolved and ran down their very face

there was nowhere to run and hide as blood filled up the place.

Never in history had so many died so suddenly,

not the Flood or Hiroshima, or even Nagasaki.

In an instant, all hell's armies were gone like a vapor

And straight to the lake of fire went the false prophet and Chief Baby Raper

Do not pass God, no inquiry, not even a visit to hell

Straight to the Lake they both went, there to forever dwell.

fb7460  No.12162343


Well I made a formal complaint in the meta thread, so I can see why they'd make their own thread then bumplock mine.

fb7460  No.12162346



And I'm kinda shit at making threads so that's the alternative explanation. I'd believe either one I didn't exactly invoke much enthusiasm.

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