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File: c8888ee8e4be8fc⋯.jpg (230.75 KB, 680x506, 340:253, sad jester feels.jpg)

195cb1  No.12079301

I’ve been thinking about our modern culture, at least the popular culture in the West. We are currently living in what shall be called a “death culture”. Not to say the culture is dead per se, but that it is anti-life and therefore can not survive and is subject to decline and eventual termination. The culture seeks not to bind a people through a common language, rituals, beliefs, and history. It seeks not to replicate itself through future generations to carry the culture through themselves. The death culture seeks for its tribe to experience the greatest pleasure with the shortest amount of inconvenience. There are several aspects that create a death culture or at the very least point towards one taking shape.

The first sign is the promotion and celebration of abortion. There is nothing more evil for a mother to do than to murder her child in the womb. Doing so, she betrays her tribe, her God, and most sickeningly she betrays her infant. Abortion is often celebrated today by so called “champions of women”. They often proclaim loudly how abortion is fantastic and that they have already had five already. With every abortion, there is one less future member to carry on the traditions of the culture.

With abortion, members of the death culture are not bound to a family. They have no stake in the future. They say, “To hell with it”. Without a child, they are free to indulge in hedonistic lifestyles. They preen themselves over their looks, their activities, and their possessions. That satisfied feeling of being part of a tribe replaced by serotonin shots through social media and dopamine doses from button presses in a vapid video game.

195cb1  No.12079303

File: 949b7d14fb6eb78⋯.jpg (54.79 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _90012321_istanbul.jpg)


What do hedonists do in their free time from free time? They fuck. The modern hookup culture is another symptom of the death culture. Two young adults both swipe right, meet up at one of their overpriced apartments, fuck without meaning, and part ways without ever forming a true connection. Sex is meaningless and cheap. Instead of sex occurring between a married man and woman to procreate and form a stronger union, it has become just another dopamine dispenser. This sexual liberation a concept known as “open relationships”, more sensible cultures may have simply called them cuckolds. No longer is a man bound to a woman and a woman bound to a man. They may play the act of a loving relationship, but they will seek out new people to fuck as soon as their partner loses their novelty. They treat sex as though browsing chocolates from a box.

As boundaries of sexual practice blur, so do the idea of man and woman. A death culture teaches there is no difference between a man and a woman. The idea that the sexes have roles to play in a culture are antiquated and false. People become confused as to what they are. No one will tell them what they are, so they continue to drift. “If there is no difference, then I shall be a woman” says the man. He promptly begins taking estrogen and has a doctor surgically castrate him and create an unholy wound on his genitals. His penis is mutilated, cut, stretched, and inverted into the body cavity. His genitals cry out “Please, have you no sense. This is not the way. Such a creation is an abomination of your God who made you so.” The man can not hear. He mustn’t hear. For once he hears the truth, he will come to the realization of the monstrous eunuch he has become and promptly kill himself. Those that learn to ignore their body’s cries, begin to insert rods into their wounds to prevent the healing their body so very much desires.

195cb1  No.12079305

File: b8c69ee49a0151c⋯.jpg (3.24 MB, 4173x2781, 1391:927, immigrant-family.jpg)


The members of the death culture soon find need for a next generation. The eunuchs can not breed for they have already mutilated themselves to appear to be what they are not. The non-eunuchs can not breed for they murder their children. How does a death culture replace their dead? They outsource the job. Rather than inconveniencing themselves with child rearing, the death culture members bring in people from the outside world. As long as there are people in other nations, there are future citizens of the death culture nation. The death cultures bring in these aliens in large numbers as the death culture member numbers decline. Soon the aliens outnumber the original tribe. It is a given that a few of the aliens will join the death culture and assimilate into the decadence. This could continue for some time allowing the death culture to survive on essentially life support. Sooner or later however, there will arrive an alien life culture (assuming the people of the death culture have not awoken from their stupor and created their own life culture). This life culture will be superior to the death culture in that it will breed new members instead of the culture dying with the death of the members. The life culture does not necessarily have to be “good” from a Western sense. It simply must affirm life in the members and give them a reason to breed. An example of a life culture entering a death culture can be seen in Western Europe at the moment with the importation of Islam. While the European couple is getting sterilized and adopting animals as surrogate children, the average Islamic couple, assuming the male Mohammedan does not have multiple wives, will produce several children. In this way, the life culture will overtake the death culture as death culture members die and are replaced with multiple life culture members.

A life culture can arise from the native population though as hinted at earlier. In the United States, there is still the remnants of the former US life culture in areas like the Midwest and South, away from the West Coast Sodom and the East Coast Gomorrah. The Midwest and South still have a life culture to a degree due to the religious nature of these areas. Assuming these areas stayed true to their culture and continued to reproduce at higher rates than the death culture coast, the US could see a return to a majority life culture. The problem facing this scenario is that the coastal regions have already began the importation phase of the death culture. These Hispanic life cultures are a threat to the potential cultural victory of the native life culture. The threat is further agitated by the welfare subsidies that the Hispanics often take part in upon reaching America. This artificially inflates their reproductive capability and gives them a government subsidized advantage against the native life culture. At this current period, it is unknown which life culture will inherit the United States. Recent immigration changes have helped decrease the importation of Hispanic life cultures to the US, but they have already well overtaken the death culture of Southern California. It is quite and interesting time to be alive.

195cb1  No.12079306

File: 3597c0c5bab2b2e⋯.jpg (61.78 KB, 366x425, 366:425, nero-fiddling.jpg)


Finally, even if a life culture takes control, it does not mean that it is the end. Most cultures eventual reach a death culture stage if given time and are not revived. This death/life cycle has occurred many times throughout history. One such example is the Roman Empire. It slowly degraded into decadence and imported many Germanics or allowed the tribes to settle on Roman land. Sometimes as I watch the news and see the absolute degeneracy happening in Western culture and the third world hoards ready to sweep in and claim it for their own, I can’t help but feel like everyone is fiddling while Rome burns to the ground.

d08adf  No.12079315


Originally from https://8ch.net/vlg/res/145.html

ddf53e  No.12079325

The jews have made it impossible to raise children. It's unethical to bring children into a world so niggered. WIth Trump failing as utterly and proudly as he has. there's really nothing left to do but enjoy the last few hours as best as possible.

4e153c  No.12079330

Stopped reading at "death culture". We are as far away from heidegger's dasein as humanly possible and a "death culture" would probably improve the situation.

Not your blog.

f1f60f  No.12079345

Yep, this is a culture against the soul, turning everyone into "phone people." Youth everywhere, in the US, Europe, etc., listen to nigger rap and are always on the phone, disconnecting from the outside world, having no empathy, deeper thoughts or feelings, actually experiencing what's around them and other people - just serving their little retarded ego, monkey brain, with constant stimulus. The true red pill is to actually begin to have a soul and be free, and to actually think and experience life from that grounding.

And now a question for you anons. I noticed that I was losing myself in the tide of this internet culture and jew-wise space we have. I was just becoming a new normie caricature, but this time within the realm of the alt-right. Savitri Devi posited there are three types of men: a man in time (normie), a man above time (saint), and a man against time (Adolf Hitler). So I was getting stuck in a new kind of "in time" and had lost that "above time," which is what it's all about - being an actual free soul.

099beb  No.12079350

>soft beachheading of christcuckery and germanic-bashing

could've been a good thread, but sage for obvious subtle subversion

also this: >>12079325

2bbdb6  No.12079364


Stopped there christ fag alert

0701fd  No.12079366

File: df03cf0bc6e56da⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1449x1537, 1449:1537, 678218558888884678.png)

The dead cannot suffer the living.

What a time to be alive


The rivers will soon flow red with the blood of your ilk, meager demoralization shill

d08adf  No.12079369

File: 23b148a2cd18161⋯.jpg (34.24 KB, 680x483, 680:483, 2e8.jpg)


I don't think OP was bashing Germanics when he said that they contributed to the fall of Rome. It's not bashing Walmart to say that it's contributing to the fall of Kmart. It's simply true.

As for the "christcuckery," see pic related.

2bbdb6  No.12079378


>invisible man made us all, and that's why we've only one race, the human race

>this makes my fee fees good

f1f60f  No.12079382


I don't dismiss it as easily as you do. While I don't like Christianity at all, you can still say there was still remnants of life in it, bc it had a purpose beyond just serving our small egos. It's high time to move beyond christianity though, and maybe there's something cosmic going on where the jew has been unleashed to destroy everything, breaking our ties to dogmatism, and actually start seeing things more clearly and more aligned with reality.

The truth of the OP is that we definitely live in a death culture, which brings up what does it actually mean to be alive then?

d08adf  No.12079385

File: 727f088fa7f27d2⋯.jpg (118.94 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1528434525889.jpg)


I guaran-fucking-tee you that I have more Christ-chans in my folder than you have words to respond with in your vocabulary.

ade655  No.12079389

Here I thought death was the determining factor on whom got to reproduce and not some hedonistic nonsense. Here I have been doing my job incorrectly the whole time.

923018  No.12079394


Fuck off demoralization shill.

099beb  No.12079396


>there is still the remnants of the former US life culture in areas like the Midwest and South, away from the West Coast Sodom and the East Coast Gomorrah.

>the Midwest and South


The South is going to be the next region after the Southwest to become nonwhite majority, with some states bound to become majority black. Even whatever nominal good white culture is left here is getting eroded from either soyboy transplants, white flight, or you think dysgenic rednecks who chew dip and watch cuckball are an example of life culture because they're not outwardly effeminate and go to church. The cities here are all cucked or at best "normalfag" good goy tier, without exception.

>The Midwest and South still have a life culture to a degree due to the religious nature of these areas. Assuming these areas stayed true to their culture and continued to reproduce at higher rates than the death culture coast, the US could see a return to a majority life culture.

Maybe pockets of the Midwest and some of the South, but they will be surrounded by a sea of mud and kikes who have high technology to destroy them when the time comes, and mark my words that Big Jew does intend to carry out a full on gore-filled genocide in the future.

But anyway, these few pockets of goodness will not be able to exist in harmony with the encroaching hordes of reproductive shitskins who are less prone to fall for egalitarian "God loves everybody/race doesn't matter" bullshit. If they don't do anything NOW, they will be exterminated in the future.

099beb  No.12079399


That's because you're a mentally nonwhite faggot.

f1f60f  No.12079420


Tend to agree with this unless public consciousness can continue to come to terms with what's going on. I finally left my hermitage a few weeks ago and traveled around a lot with family. The left has gone totally nuts. They are just bad people, have so much hate towards Trump and all conservatives. In contrast, conservatives don't hate these people (and here, I'm talking about white people alone); they just think they're fucking crazy. As the left becomes increasingly rabid, it's going to trigger even stronger responses. The jew is not going to be able to succeed in controlling an entire planet. What fucking hubris and hogwash that they think they'll succeed.

I also have had a lot of success with family and friends with a pretty basic talking point. If they're going on and on about left versus right, I will interrupt them and say how it's all divide and conquer bullshit bull shit they're getting caught up in, all the while this country is run by rich faggots and war profiteers that give zero shits about any of us (and with closer people, will add the caveat rich faggots, war profiteers, and supremacist jews). Everyone tends to agree with this and it kind of knocks them out of their funk if their minds have been stuck in the D&C. For those people it can't help, fuck them. They're no longer even remotely human. What's going on is so damn simple - kikes, neoliberalism, and war profiteers. We just need better talking points to explain this.

099beb  No.12079427


>For those people it can't help, fuck them. They're no longer even remotely human.

I agree with this, they have become automatons. I share the same sentiment for trumpophiles and other gentile Israel-cultists.

f1f60f  No.12079437


The crazy christians that love israel are worthless trash, but I wouldn't give up on Trump-loving normies. Remember, people with higher minds and perspectives are rare, and should be the elite/leaders of their people.

d08adf  No.12079447

File: 811901d7c985153⋯.jpg (64.1 KB, 409x513, 409:513, 1513043482779.jpg)


No, it's because I'm baking soda'd and rouge capsuled.

099beb  No.12079455


"Normies" (I hate this word, remember when "normalfag" was the thing before the influx of newfag cancer? You probably don't) will just follow whatever. Look at the amount of overlap between Trump voters and (white) Obama voters, or even '96 Clinton voters. The Left is just becoming so overt that it's making many people uncomfortable, but I wouldn't cound on them becoming racialists just like that. Many, if not most will still accept interracial relationships, though preferably if it is a white man and a nonwhite woman, and will accept nonwhite Christians, like the zionist Candace Owens. Most people, including most whites, are lemmings. We need to find a way to breed that out of our race if we are to survive millennia from now.

Also, please don't shill pro-Trump crap, there's enough of that cancer everywhere.


Blow your brains out you fucking faggot.

f1f60f  No.12079472


I've been around /pol/ since 2012 and found out about the jews long before. "Normies" just rolls off the tongue better sometimes. What I miss most about /pol/ is serious discussion, which seems mostly gone here now. Elections fucked us up bad.

I'm not pro-Trump. What I was trying to impart is that people from that group can still be saved. As an elite, you have to have the wisdom to see what's hopeless and what still has hope. Two friends I have, both very pro-Trump and just normal, decent people. One is a boomer and the other gen x'er. Through just engaging with them, they know the jews are bad now. They don't get it at the level I do, but that doesn't even matter. What matters is that they're decent people and any decent person can see what's going on with info basic info. While accurate (about breeding out these weaknesses), you sound too blackpilled, anon. It's still nice to be alive.

923018  No.12079477


>fucked us bad

For 4/pol/ it did, this board is slowly recovering.

a92573  No.12079485


Europeanised christianity is the religion that built Western civilisation whether you like it or not, and it's the first thing hated and targeted by Marxists. So fuck off with your D&C bullshit, people who have morality and faith in something are better than you, unless they're universalists or Biblical literalists. Sure it's flawed, clearly, as it's been largely abandoned, but the point is Christianity, as taken by Europeans, resulted in large stable families and strong, free nations in the last few centuries.

You clearly have no depth of imagination or spirituality, or even understanding of metaphor, or the metaphysical, if you think the idea of God as talked about by many religions is literally a magical man in the sky.

f1f60f  No.12079488


That's the entire point I was trying to make with my first post in this thread, btw. That the jew is anti-life and closes off what being alive is, just making retarded phone people. In your interactions, you can still represent what it means to be a real person, and because you're an actual real person, you like life and you can force your will and remind them what it's like. That's something we can do at least. I have no idea how to solve it on a meta scale.


I was banned too much by kampfy and stopped coming around, just checking in now and then. It still seems the spirit of questioning has really really diminished, and it's mostly just commentary on news.

a92573  No.12079492


Good post OP. Another thing I've noticed is how suicidal everyone is. People have said to me things like "if civilisation ended I'd just kill myself" etc. Complete lack of will to live.

f3908b  No.12079507

File: 5e3e115454da665⋯.jpg (448.15 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, 5e3e115454da665c7ddb59b138….jpg)


>shilling black pills

How's tel aviv schlomo? Just because you (shlomo) won't ever have kids doesn't mean actual whites can't or shouldn't

c0430e  No.12079543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a culture of decay. Too many people are the Nietzschean "last man", too indolent to live and too afraid to die.

Everything in media is telling us to just roll over. Do you fight or do you die?

6044b6  No.12079597

Still not your blog, cunt.

44f391  No.12079605

File: 1d5f95737325ee2⋯.png (100.57 KB, 780x420, 13:7, demographic-shift-comic.png)

File: da2a9366aa5675a⋯.png (565.2 KB, 1024x776, 128:97, sheeit.png)

File: 113a116f2fa6850⋯.png (373.49 KB, 657x705, 219:235, spicnig.png)


Mud races are the largest users of abortion services in Western Civilization. Mud races overwhelmingly vote for more gibs and weaken the state in other ways too. Violence, crimes, diseases and drugs, all are favorite pastimes of muds. They cost contributing members of society untold fortunes in both labor and currency to maintain them.

See the Spic-Nigger Cycle.

If more muds want to abort the better. I'd personally put no-questions-asked abortion "drive-thrus" on every corner of every ghetto. I'd offer them lump sum cash payments to become surgically sterilized, even a million dollars cash and a one way plane ticket to africa on the condition they renounce their citizenship from a western nation.

I'd go up and down the corridors of every supermax, death row, and penitentiary offering lifetime imprisoned muds a chance at freedom, a rifle, and a one way parachute drop onto the heads of our foreign enemies whenever the next war breaks out somewhere around the globe. We can airdrop the ammo pallets onto their heads afterwards.

Who cares if we kill a few in the process?

We'd never have a problem with them ever again.

a92573  No.12079682


>let's just reactively shitpost in news threads and never think about anything


659e45  No.12079683

Anti-Life justifies my hate.

Jack Kirby wasn't just /ourguy/, nor was he /theirguy/, he was a blackpilled old world guy who saw the evils of his people and the pointlessness that is bread through a society through manipulation and changing of the human race. Darkseid is a prime example. You'll hear people shouting things about how "DARKSEID IS EXACTLY LIKE HITLER/BASED ON HITLER" but if you've READ any of the original comic works this is far from true. Who Darkseid is more akin to is Kim Jong ill. He is someone who has changed narrative and twisted truth "pain = pleasure, modification of your body = normal, sex = good, feminism = yes" whilst Orion, Highfather and the others stand in opposition.

I know this may seem anecdotal but it's the reason Nietzche "went crazy" too when he saw the horse being beaten. It wasn't the horse being beaten and he was "wrong", it was that the horse was beaten…proving he was right.

Black Pill, Hopelessness and all of these things have existed since the dawn of man. It is Sheol, It is Hades, It is Hell. Instead, finding your own meaning is valuable but most people are 'NPC' and not a 'New God' themself and so they subject themself to whatever seems fit so that they might fit in (Darkseid's 'Golem' class of soldiers/slaves) so they can coddle themselves. The reason why the new gods are the new gods is that only a select few are destined to cut out your own meaning and just like Scott Free even then only a few will further be able to actually survive the test of those ideals.

Normies are Golems already and Jews like to 'see how far they can go'. I can imagine an old man cackling 'Hey I betcha I can get white girls to eat peoples asses in a few years" and the other associate shakes his head "Nawww Moe, the goyim would never go for it" and soon every song is about "cake eating" and so on.

The Jews have won those who were already weak but thanks to acceleration have made those who are strong detest this culture even further. The young will rise up now, I have hope in them. I will be a good father, I will be a good husband to my wife and I will continue to help my local community/local politics because one day that little light may be the last light in the sky.

Protect your light Anon. That's all that matters. The weak are the weak and will always exist and will always die.

tl;dr Fuggin Normies D: <

f1f60f  No.12079695


Well said, and that's exactly it: people have no real purpose.

28471d  No.12079701

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12079703

Bleach a non-Aryan womb with a White child today. There are billions of wombs available and you can buy an egg cheaply in Ukraine.


c14965  No.12079704


> everyone is fiddling while Rome burns to the ground.

yeah fiddling their own genitals

including writing up essays about how eveyrone is masturbating their lives away

000000  No.12079713


Ginger Master Race eggs = $1000 USD


91dcac  No.12079720

File: c4f71597bd6fec9⋯.png (176.11 KB, 468x243, 52:27, 5081f37dbb78abfc3c123079aa….png)

File: 11d07c114ffe459⋯.jpeg (198.95 KB, 744x990, 124:165, 11d07c114ffe45948f91844bf….jpeg)

File: fcb5aa8ee9e08c1⋯.jpg (100.7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 5f04ab020bfc04b39623e6c2da….jpg)

File: 9fa824c3186c414⋯.jpg (20.69 KB, 300x223, 300:223, the_original_gauntlet_kohe….jpg)


Jack Kirby is a jew.

jews love their literal and fictional genocies.

Purim = genocide of persians, a holiday.

Passover = a genocide of the firstborns of Egypt, a holiday.

Hanukkah = a genocide of their then host nation because the jews were told to integrate into culture.

Thanos is jewish.

Movie thanos is the jewish ogre type.

The infinity gauntlet is fashioned after jewish ritual armor to unify the tribes of israel, which the stones are an allegory for, as well.

Twilight zone is full of crazy fucking insane shit too.

If you have watched it, reflect upon, really reflect upon the stories and how they unfolded and you will see the jewishness and their love for "cruel and 'ironic' punishment", like just to torment a single bookworm everybody but him has to die and then his reading glasses break, et cetera.

You will find no other race that celebrates and indulges in mass murder as the jews, because they are weak and wouldn't be able to mass murder in physical combat anyone.

That's why none of the genocided they claim have committed physically, like hanukkah (yeah, hebrew hammer, yes, jews have always fielded great armies of jews with mighty warriors, believes no one ever) are very lkikely just more treason, mercinary hiring and gate opening.

9aa1e8  No.12079725

File: 21e4c66e6bfc0d2⋯.jpg (68.21 KB, 716x540, 179:135, edd.jpg)

>there are voluntary extinctionists itt RIGHT NOW

659e45  No.12079726


Im agreeing with you

91dcac  No.12079728


you capitalize jews, that alone disqualifies you as agreeing with me.

Don't drag me down to your deluded level.

000000  No.12079730


>calling the "jews" instead of kikes

get on my level, pleb

91dcac  No.12079737

File: 35be95ccc1f7e38⋯.jpg (43.21 KB, 472x608, 59:76, scan6.jpg)


kike is a false, local to America, name that harms them very little, jew is the true insult to them.

that's what they want to be seen as the least.

8a268c  No.12079924


Get a load of this kike

87418d  No.12080066

File: 529a6e1854aff01⋯.jpg (149.67 KB, 1024x558, 512:279, nero burning his jew enemi….jpg)


Rome was destroyed by international banking jews. It didn't just 'fall apart'…and I BITTERLY RESENT your imagery and suggestion that Nero was somehow at fault. He was the last European emperor of Rome that was not compromised by the international banking kikes and he fought them as hard as a man could. He was a HERO TO THE EUROPEAN PEOPLE…a natural born kike killer and a ruthless and effective adversary to the destroyers of the planet.

530d29  No.12080093

If you dislike abortion so much, don't get one.

Life isn't just about merging with the identity of others. That doesn't sound like living at all. Be your own self, for chrissakes. Common identity is for dead people.

You want to know what's a real death culture? A military is a real death culture. They're literally supposed to be. But, if you want to kvetch about the inevitable doom of death cultures, I've got a bridge to sell you. Try turning a carrier into a hospital ship.

Have you ever heard carriers referred to as cities on the water? I can think of a business that could use a clean, militarily disciplined city on the water, and that business is mobile medical response. Carrier hospital ships could be helpful diplomatically, geopolitically, and should the worst ever happen, militarily as well. They'd be a nice bright lamp of life culture in the middle of a death culture.

You know those repeated ebola outbreaks in the congo? I read in the mews that part of the problem is the difficulty security situation in part of the Congo. Military health might be just the answer for getting those new vaccines into every corner of a difficult region.

9b0a86  No.12080117

All human cultures are death cultures. Find me a culture where men doesn't die, and you will have found a culture of gods.

"All who sin will die."

What level of death are you ready to accept? Masturbation/sex, food/drinks, drugs/medicine, chemtrails/exhausts, WiFi/5G, governments/countries.

Most people reading this post will die in their physical body. The challenge is and will always be: to conquer death. Look within and find the one who wants to kill you.

Everything men believe is false.

15fb6a  No.12080120


This actually makes sense, given how the (((Catholic Church))) generally portrays Nero as literally Roman Hitler.

Also checking this 2/3 Mark of Nero dubs

87418d  No.12080149

File: 9987b581de5a1c2⋯.jpg (368.02 KB, 720x619, 720:619, rabbit earth dying killed ….jpg)


Yeah they wanted into the aristocracy so that they could begin devaluing the currency and eventually destroy Rome. Nero fought them off and burned many of the demons alive to send them back to the underworld forever…but he was betrayed by them anyway and eventually they desecrated his memory by lying and saying the exact opposite about him that was true.

It is sad when you realize what was done and what stage of the collapse the USA is currently at since our dollar is worth something like 1 penny due to hyperinflation than it was in the 60's. They always do this same thing. That is why the only solution is ETHNO-GLOBE where they are utterly extinguished and cannot 'run and hide' in a alternative nation so that they can strike us from hiding while we are unaware. Their history on this planet, which they are killing via incompetence, greed and a genuine hatred of life is such a sad story for Life and the Earth and her people. But people sleep on and no one will do what has to be done for there to be pity on Life. No one is willing to take the necessary action.

4147b5  No.12080170


>dont have kids

>dont have kids

>dont have kids


I can see youre not susceptible to (((their))) agenda at all.

97281e  No.12080171

File: 5bd232231034069⋯.png (287.98 KB, 460x528, 115:132, 1464130043256.png)


>Common identity is for dead people.

>A military is a real death culture.

>Try turning a carrier into a hospital ship.

See faggot, you are not against common identity, you only support self-destructive ones. A military exists to protect a nation, the nation comprises of people with a common identity.

You are individualistic towards the things that support the existence and growth of communities, such as an army and births, while at the same time you support the use of collective resources to help foreigners that do not contribute anything to the community.

You are a traitor

96d661  No.12080174

True, it is nihilism culture.

No goal, no anything, just survive.

Ironically, it's video game that teaches me you should have goals, something to aspire to.

ae8ed7  No.12080178

File: 198eae89773cb42⋯.png (760.38 KB, 1359x1194, 453:398, death culture.png)


Saved for future generations… if there are any.

I've been thinking about this also a lot and have my own opinion on that matter. But sadly I don't have the time for this at the moment and will write a wall of text for this later if possible. Probably not today or tomorrow but soon.

b0d848  No.12080281

you can literally have as many children as you want and home school them.

this might be the easiest time in human history to build your own dynastic family line.

f02d0f  No.12080321


>and I BITTERLY RESENT your imagery and suggestion that Nero was somehow at fault.

Talmud states that Nero converted to Judaism.

e1cae3  No.12080326


Sort of. The problem is that there is a dearth of young virgin women to do this with, and non-virgin women are much more likely to divorce you. Certainly an admirable goal and a rewarding one but it's not incredibly easy when society rewards women for going astray with child support, alimony, hookup culture, etc.

9ca874  No.12080328


Actually, what we are seeing is a culture which values life and utterly fears death. That's why all these problems are happening. Humans have forgot life and death are a single function.

87418d  No.12080334


Haha they would say that wouldn't they. Everything they could to slander him…he HATED our enemies. We are always told that he 'burned Christians' but he burned international banking jews in his garden parties for being enemies of the state. Remember jews engineered the death of his wife and only offspring. You really think after burning them alive for years and being in a full blown war with them that he was like, "oh well, time to become a kike now." I don't think so.

Oh and the 'burned christians' thing…that doesn't line up on a timeline at all with the time he lived. So already the entire affair is clouded with lies and false information.

559fda  No.12080340

File: 37cf43cda362f94⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 385x300, 77:60, tumblr_nlixqn7X7h1qenj0wo1….gif)


>kike gibberish

This most certainly is a death culture that craves annihilation.

The death starts with an infantile culture that refuses to create functional, sober adults. Everyone wants to remain irresponsible children, and a nation of irresponsible children is doomed to die.

A childish culture that fears self-defense and begs for someone to keep them safe. Death.

A childish culture that says "all humans are my friends" and invites niggers from all over the world in to eat and play. Death.

A childish culture that praises soldiers and war instead of fathers and peace. Death.

A childish culture that lets women run wild and stupid for their entire pointless lives. Death.

A childish culture of faggotry and fornication that mocks family. Death.

A childish culture of vidya games, television, superqueers movies, drugs, booze, and porn. Death.

A childish culture of eternal school, corporate materialism, gibsmedats, and fear of honest work. Death.

A childish culture that worships animals and trees and weather and self rather than the Father. Death.

A childish culture that borrows a life of hedonistic luxury from hooknose demons and then puts the perpetual burden of that debt on their children's children's children to the tenth generation. Death.

A childish culture that is totally dependent on its enemies for its food, clothing, and shelter. Death.

87418d  No.12080356


Do you think any of us will survive?

1f1b48  No.12080366

OP is something of an emotionalist, he sees the problem but not the opportunity if affords use when looked at from the perspective of statistics.

I do not lament the death of the weak I celebrate it, I revel in their demise because when they are all gone then there shall be no one left to stop us.

Liberals aren’t breeding anymore and temperament and predilections to certain political positions are very much inheritable, the 2010 US survey, GSS, and Europoll 2011 both found that 93%+ of individuals had the same political and religious affiliation as their parents once they were older than 25. Indicating some form of heritable trait is being passed on.

You can see it in the birthrates by political affiliation and race within in the USA. White Democrats: 0.9, Jews: 0.8, blacks: 1.4, and spics: 1.6. White republicans are between 2.6 and 2.9 depending on whose numbers you use, with the highest being recorded in the General Social Survey which also has the largest sample set.

If the 2014 white conservative birthrates and those of the other demographic groups remained constant without additional input via immigration by 2050 only 20% of individuals in the US will be descended from habitual Democrat voters or self described liberals, and only 7% will be black and 9% spic.

That is what the demoshits have feared for so long, that is why they want to import shitskins so desperately.


87418d  No.12080371


nice summary

559fda  No.12080374


Nobody from this culture will survive, no. I think some Mormons will, some primitive Baptists, definitely some Amish will do alright. Basically people who reject being a jewed, infantile fucktard and become responsible adults will have a chance, and if they cluster, might survive long enough to repopulate the ruins. It happened in Europe, so there is hope.

87418d  No.12080379


I believe this is an accurate assessment. I would only add that we can hasten it along by refusing to do business with anyone but someone we respect and who is a part of our kin group. This is difficult with the way things are set up right now but it is also mandatory to make connections to supply lines right now.

1f1b48  No.12080398

File: b2b6f0820667cf4⋯.jpg (239.96 KB, 893x1258, 893:1258, Word Bearer.jpg)


You release that those who reject modernity now account for better than 50% of the white population in the US right? That is what the statistics say. They go on as they always have in rural America, these children of the Cavaliers and German Mercenaries kicked out of their homelands after they were betrayed. If anything this is only making them more cruel and hateful and they were already a very hateful race. I hear everyone from professionals to factory workers cursing niggers, spics, and kikes. I hear them advocating the murder of billions simply by denying them the free food and medicine they have become accustomed to and billions more via direct military adventure. These are the people I esteem, only the druggies the 1% of the rural population that account for the "opiod epidemic" are hedonists. These men have been chained down forever never allowed to run free and kill, if the chain breaks there will be no one left who can stop them. The other great powers have decayed worst than America. And these people would have no problem with genocide and the slaughter of shitskin children unlike the germans. Their culture is the original Americanism which is not based on the love of one's people like Prussianism or it successor National Socialism, rather it is based on unrelenting hatred of one's enemies. If they are finally let lose they will murder half the world.

I'm doing my part.

I call it VVX it’s about 5/6 as toxic as VX since it contains VC and other V-series contaminants but it has a much higher vaporization pressure so it is more easily aerosoled and it is extremely persistent which makes it good for area denial.

VX is O-Ethyl S-(2-diisopropylaminoethyl) methylphosphonothioate

VVX is O-Ethyl S-(2-dimethylaminoethyl) methylphosphonothioate.

into a very dry 2000 ml round bottom flask, the following ingredients are added, quickly, one after the other with swirling to mix them a few boiling chips, 800 ml anhydrous ethyl ether, 284 grams of methyl ethoxyphosphoryl chloride, 212 grams of dimethylaminoethanethiol, and 212 grams of triethylamine. it is very important that the glassware be very dry, and that the ingredients espescially the methyl ethoxyphosphoryl chloride be protected from moisture, because the presence of water really lowers the yield in this this reaction.

when the ingredients have been added and mixed, a good efficient condenser topped with a drying tube is attached to the flask and a flow of very cold water is put trought the condenser .

the contents of the flask are heated to boiling with a hot water bath and the reflux is maintened for one hour.

the byproduct of this reaction, hydrogen chloride, is absorbed by the tiethylamine as it is produced, forming triethylamine hydrochloride cristal cristal

at the end of the eating period, the mixture is cooled and the cristal of triethylamine hydrochloride are filtred out in a Buchner funnel.

the filtered reaction mixture is then returned to 2000 ml round bottom flask, a few boiling chips added, the glassware set up for simple distillation and the ether removed by distilling it of under a gentle vacuum.an aspirator is perfect for this job since it will flush the ether fumes down the drain.

when most of the ether is gone, the mixture is poured into a 1000 ml round bottom flask with a few boiling chips. the remnants in the 2000 ml flask can be rinsed out with ether an poured into the 1000 ml flask. once again this flask is set up for a simple distillation and full aspirator is applied to it. the last of the triethylamine and ether (bp 88 C°) will be gone shortly.

now a vacuum from a good quality vacuum pump is applied to the distillation. A vacuum of less 1 mmHg is to be preferred here to keep the distillation temperatures reasonable and to avoid burning product. BE CAREFUL THE PUMP MUST NOT BE STOPPED DURING THE DISTILLATION. IF THE PUMP STOPS, RUN OUT AND NEVER COME BACK !!!

after a small forerun is collected in a 250 ml flask, a 500 ml flask is attached and the main bulk of the product is collected at a boiling point of 80 C° at a vacuum of 0.6 mmHg.

the yield is 260 to 275 ml of product. a fair amount of tar remains in the distilling flask.


This material is completely legal in the USA though moving the product on a state highway may be illegal depending on the quantity and your licensing.

These instructions are intended for educational purposes only, in no way would I suggest any other use for this material ;)

1f1b48  No.12080416


>Rome was destroyed by international banking jews

Really? Not over-extension? Not the enfranchisement of too many into the state while the tax pool shrunk? Not the constant civil wars and assassinations for succession? Not the foreign mercenaries composing more than 40% of the legions? I mean the kikes that we know today didn't even fully exist yet if you give credence to the hypothesis set out in Culture of Critique and Kevin MacDonald's other ethnographic studies of the kikes. Not saying diaspora elements didn't contribute to local breakdown of civil order but they causes of the decline were myriad.

87418d  No.12080442


I really need them to murder the entire planet except for our own kin/flesh and blood. What do you think can be done to encourage them to complete the job this time? And I am dead serious with this question. I don't want them to stop halfway anymore and kick this can on down the road for our offspring to face.

e37abf  No.12080449


<Christianity had a purpose to serve the Jewish interests, goy, at least you have a purpose

87418d  No.12080452


This is a game with the international bankers that can be traced right back to their Babylonian source where they destroyed culture for fun and profit. All those things you mention were brought about during the fight between the Flavians and their engineering the ruin of the Germanicus lines. This is why the Flavians who were aligned with the jew international bankers made Josephus FLAVIUS, a disgusting KIKE, an honorary adoptee into the royal household of Rome for his work destroying Nero.

4ea9ef  No.12080579

File: 04c702fdb15855e⋯.jpg (43.47 KB, 390x369, 130:123, 04c702fdb15855eddb4c14cadc….jpg)


Being one of those people he mentioned, as are the people I work with and have as friends, all we're waiting on is the signal. I've recruited as many as I can onto our side by simply starting with jokes before going onto facts and further into anger. I've always felt the natural desire for conflict and so has my father, his father, and so on so forth. My friends and I constantly state and desire how much we crave a good War in this country to take out as many of the shit skins and kites as possible with us. Genuinely the only thing we need is for the cracks to reach this far and we'll act. Right now, if anyone were to do anything, we'd get hit with so many ramifications that we'd never be able to get off the ground only because most people still follow the law. Exposing more and more how our politicians and government don't follow their own law has made more and more people not want to of course.

I've also noticed that a lot of people my age and near it, Gen-Z btw, absolutely hate this diversity Bullshit. It was constantly forced onto us and we've seen what it causes because we've grown up with the creation left by the millenials. It's fucking shit and no one wants to keep going this way anymore. It's why most youngerror kids and others my age have been more adamant about wanting a white town/city. In the coasts of the US everyone is lost, they're really not worth trying to save and should be gassed accordingly, but here in the fly over states people are what I consider normal.

000000  No.12080584


Quality LARP

62b799  No.12080591


<(((Christianity))), the Jewish proto-Bolshevism built the West, not the Europeans

Wonder (((who))) would be interested in pushing these ideas.

f3ac5f  No.12080610


This is essential to the formation of the new culture, which will survive.


I'm glad there are others out there still. I've fought all my life and will keep fighting for what I know has to be done. The pacifists in this world sicken me. If only they knew what it really was to have the violence escalate.

The creation and sustaining of homogeneous communities in White America is top priority. There are still some of /ourguys/ in target rich environments.

87418d  No.12080647


Tell me what 'the signal' is an I will do my best to achieve it or see it done. The more time we waste the worse they make things for us.

4ea9ef  No.12080787

File: c5fc0dbf72b34b7⋯.jpg (34.99 KB, 960x531, 320:177, c5fc0dbf72b34b7904629dac8d….jpg)


My people first and foremost. With God in my side the Horde against us will not prevail. Evil only wins when good men don't take action. The time will come, I'm giving my estimates to 2020 or 2019. /v/ tells enough of how badly the bread and circus of video games are falling apart. Football will be next with the SJW shit filling it up to the point my family hasn't even touched the Superbowl in 3 years nor has any of my family's friends.


Don't be too rash, the enemy is making a mistake by censoring us. We used to have a pressure valve for release and with Ben G. being taken off his platform, (((Alex Jones))) [I see through him and to his handlers but others find their way to us through him it's one simple word that starts with J and ends with EWS before they realize.] Every red blooded American has one desire no matter which side they're on and that desire is what brought about this country's creation. To destroy thone who wish to oppress our God given rights to life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. The signal will come 2020, be prepared to either take back Europe if you're there or help me and my family take back America. If you're a glow in the dark nigger then be certain I'll hang you first, Smyth.

ea3be8  No.12080793


Retake the planet then we take the stars.

62b588  No.12080867




Detached from spirit. Your body is another physical pleasure you indulge in, Animal. Have a bump OP, you speak truth.

559fda  No.12080923

File: 66968d32cfca6f3⋯.jpg (402.97 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, no.jpg)


>You release that those who reject modernity now account for better than 50% of the white population in the US right?

In no way is that true. The so called "conservatives" are just as jewed as any leftist dicklicker, just in their own precious ways. They still love debt, love the pursuit of money, love materialism, love their own version of feminism, love holocaustiantiy, love low low prices on foreign Christmas garbage, love factory food and clothing, love mcmansions and tiny yards of grass they can mow, love muh big pick-up trucks, love war and muh so heroic zogbot cops and soldiers who fight for muh freedums, despise real work, despise book learning, love the frivolous electric jewbox and all their toys, still drop their children off at the free daycare service indoctrination center, now with more false flags! etc etc etc

Except for a few pockets of rebels, White culture is dead, dead, dead, same as Europe, same as Canada, same as Australia. Unless your "50%" massively reject the post WWII boomer culture they inherited and go back to being the self-sufficient farmers and craftsmen that founded their nations, dead, dead, dead.

1edddf  No.12081066

The city has always been this way. The only difference urban population is now at 90% in developed countries.

It has nothing to do with Jews or anything else. It is simply a normal human response to these conditions

c87366  No.12081117

File: 06ce5576d759438⋯.png (9.41 MB, 2730x3366, 455:561, 06ce5576d7594388684a53b3b6….png)


>Actually, what we are seeing is a culture which values life and utterly fears death. That's why all these problems are happening. Humans have forgot life and death are a single function.

This is what I came here to say. Even the idea of their "death culture' is a shitty half-truth misrepresentation. A REAL death culture would understand that death is a transformative process and honor that process. It would see death as not only inevitable but desirable, and look for ways to maximize its utility. Of course it would also see it as integrally connected with life and rebirth as well.

But people are terrified of death, and that's not by accident. I've estimated that the emotional vibration of humanity is what I call mortal terror, which means exactly what it says. People live in the constant emotional state that one would have if a roaring bear was charging them. You become afraid you're going to die at that point, thus, mortal terror. Everyone is afraid they're going to die. It's the emotional/vibratory water in which humans, as goldfish, swim. It's boring, because fear emotions are like swimming in muddy water. Turns the world ugly as shit, I assume the parasites like that more than clear skies.

In any case, stop it. There's a simple trick to remove that emotion, let's see. First understand that a higher intelligence exists–call it God, an energetic pattern, Nature, your daemon, whatever. It's more you than you, because you are just an expression of that thing. That higher intelligence has put you here forget about where "here" is for a second, it's just wherever you are for a reason, and it's reasons are always quite amazing because of the level of intelligence it has. It doesn't make decisions to just harm itself. Which is you.

Death is just your soul taking off a beat-up work glove. Bodies form around standing waves of energetic frequency. You could call them emotional as magnetic and informational as electric frequencies. You make the sound, particles congeal, you get a body of physical crust in which to operate on physical things, for whatever reason you might want to do that. Honestly I don't remember why I'd even care to, there's probably some reason though, so I'll just do what I feel intuitively compelled to do and assume it all goes to plan. What?

And there, if you figure out how to believe that you won't fear death anymore. And, once you know all of this, purging the world of its degenerate trash forms isn't considered bad at all. These are just useless and overused forms that are cluttering the landscape. They aren't dynamic, changing, evolutionary. They're stagnant, static roadblocks to growth. The killing of growing, intelligent forms is bad. But that's what's really happening here. I say, if things are gonna die, let them be the degenerate trash things so the good can flourish. Judge them by their fruits and purge, that's my opinion on the matter. I don't believe subhumans have either the intelligence or the emotional capacity to advance past mortal concerns, but I think Whites do. You realize what that means, right, what you'd become? You just need to do what it takes to prove you really mean it. Gotta go all in on it and put your soul on the line. Gotta dive into the Void all alone and be judged. Gotta have no fear left in you. Gotta show that you used your body wisely and increased the cohesiveness of God's creation. Just basic preschool stuff.


6122e1  No.12081457

File: 3349f9cb7595113⋯.jpg (646.36 KB, 1914x997, 1914:997, Gass Them.jpg)


>Saved for future generations

58db79  No.12081573


only the slaves infront of the king dude are nigs in this pic.

87418d  No.12081590


Kek…It is very 'multicultural' isn't it. Only the Romans weren't cucked in their fucking heads until the parasitic kikes took over so they kept blacks in the only place where they belonged.

b95be0  No.12081620


>how to kill yourself inhaling fumes in a non-lab environment the post

66061c  No.12081696


>How yall doin. I'm makin this video to show yall how to make this bombass drank. I call "clean". You take take a shot a bacardi, add in a lil bit of windex, some koolaid, and bit of clorox. This shit will send you to the moon, ya feel me?

99c300  No.12081713


White nationalism should be the top focus here. As soon as shitskins are driven out of the white homelands, they should learn how to be in their own and protect it.

3bba38  No.12081721


Kikes are solely responsible for this "death culture". If left their own devices, every race would remain a life culture.

Except for the kikes.

They're born evil. The only way forward is to destroy them in their entirety. They've been given mercy after mercy that they never deserved, all because of the altruism of our people. The time for mercy has long since passed. We have the means now of ridding our precious globe of this scourge. We have the sum of human wisdom and knowledge at our fingertips. We are taught to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of our forebears. The writing on the wall is clear and legible, kikes kill nations. So long as a single yid exists on the planet, the whole world is in danger. It would be a mercy to everyone else to put these demons where they belong; in the ground.

87418d  No.12081756


sure that will work just like throwing the jews out for the 110th time…no problem just kicking THAT can down the road for your offspring to deal with. Enjoy that endless torture, slavery wars and murder you have consigned your future offspring to because you are a pussy and won't do what needs to be done.

02660b  No.12081814


>1st picture

useful but (((Haidt)))

>2nd picture

<eugenics operatives are bad people

<eugenics is bad, you know, goy, it's so good we gave up on it so you have all those tolerant coalburners giving birth to beautiful mixed babies

<muh (((Satan))) vs (((YHWH)))

Totally no subversion going on here, nope, none at all.

Aborting strong healthy Aryans is bad, I'll give you that much. As for the rest…

053c53  No.12081821


It isn't true, at all. Rome fell apart because of jews, not germans.


>bragging about how kiked you are

02660b  No.12081848


I agree with your entire argument as you put it, but look at what the cuckchan poster is saying in the first sentence. If the poster used the word dysgenics instead of eugenics (women are aborting healthy babies, that's dysgenic), it would be fine. This way, it's subversive.

02660b  No.12081888


>Who dictates what is 'eugenic'?

Obviously this can be turned against Whites like the current (((laws))) are, but nevertheless you can have criteria such as no genetic diseases and no race mixing.

>inb4 kikes can change the list of genetic diseases

That's why they shouldn't write your eugenic laws.

>it was invented by eugenics operatives within the occultic elite

It could have said genocidal operatives and it would have been fine.

>In this way, it is not subversive as you imply, unless you believe that what the occultic elite view as 'eugenics' is not, in fatc, dysgenic.

Could be, but still intentionally links eugenics to bad groups, not unlike the mainstream media that links pro-White advocacy with bad groups, so it must be bad by association.

275e96  No.12081890

File: 204ea17bc35c773⋯.jpeg (166.32 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, FD35D17F-4E7C-45A8-9C3B-5….jpeg)


>he still thinks it was Christians who ended the Roman empire

Here’s a hint: who ended the Third Reich? It rhymes with mikes

>inb4 dead jew on stick

9d9a9b  No.12081907


It is not only likelihood of divorce, that is only the symptom of the disease they have.

Non-virgin women are incapable of pairbonding, there is nothing left for them. It's impossible for them to form any kind of romantic or meaningful connection.

And the more they gorge themselves with cock, the less and less hold they have on even the broken pieces of their pairbonding capability.

bfdb44  No.12081930

File: 2ace9ea55f2a019⋯.jpg (76.04 KB, 600x475, 24:19, NGC_.SLC-2013.0151_1.jpg)



9be5c6  No.12081961


Heil'd, there are very rare cases where I do believe abortion is a good call. Granted not with all the kikes using them for their disgusting rituals and shit, but in a society where perfecting the current society, there are good reasons to. One big one for me, is if the child would come out deformed and miserable, or if they're born with some kind of debilitating disease, I believe it's the right thing for those situations. I may be a firm anti-abortionist, but there are undeniable circumstances where it is the best course of action.

02660b  No.12082111


Compare this with how the self-proclaimed conservatives think:

>Ohio is prohibiting doctors from performing abortions in cases where tests reveal the fetus has or likely has Down syndrome.

>The law prohibits abortions after prenatal tests reveal Down syndrome in a fetus or if there's "any other reason to believe" the fetus has the genetic condition.

>A person performing an abortion in such a case could face a fourth-degree felony charge, and physicians could lose their licenses. The woman seeking the abortion would not be held accountable, according to the legislation.

Similar laws have passed in North Dakota and Indiana, though a federal judge blocked the Indiana law. The North Dakota law went into effect in 2013.

>Down syndrome is a genetic condition that affects cognitive ability, causing mild to severe learning disabilities and distinctive facial characteristics. The condition can be diagnosed during pregnancy through prenatal screening tests. Treatment can include speech, occupational, emotional and other therapies; supplements and drugs; and assistive devices.

It gets even better:

<Anti-abortion advocates praised the new law. "Now that the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act is law, unborn babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are given a shot at life," said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life. "Ohio is and will continue to be a state that sees the lives of people with Down syndrome as lives worth living, thanks to this legislation."

<Ohio Rep. Sarah LaTourette, a Republican who introduced the House bill last month, said it's not an abortion issue, but rather an issue of discrimination.

<"A diagnosis of Down syndrome for your unborn child can be devastating and life-changing. Not everyone is equipped to handle this lifelong commitment, but thankfully, as you can see, there are now many options available to families," she said before the Senate voted on the bill last week.

<"I believe that life begins at conception and that abortion should never be considered an option. However, regardless of if you agree with me or not, I hope that you can see that this is not an issue about abortion; it is an issue of discrimination – discriminating against a person, not allowing them their God-given right to life, simply because they might have Down syndrome."

Fucking kosher sandwich.


3becb6  No.12082112


I need that picture fixed. It should read

>those who are killing it have long noses and small hats

f3ac5f  No.12082120


Good lad. I hope to see your clan's flag flying high on that day, and you mine. We will take action, there is no other option

I agree. The censorship of kosher shit like filterman is a tactical error. It's something I could even bring up to my wife and say "look at how they can deplatform someone who committed no crime, but sick fucks in hollywood get caught doing stuff and they can waltz back no problem". I wish you luck in your endeavors anon

6f45fa  No.12082171




Don't punch right. I'd be eager to hear your takes on society, instead of low effort shitposting on a brother.

298413  No.12082411


spotted the kike.

298413  No.12082421


another kike. Christ was your messiah, you fallen devil worshipper.

40f1ba  No.12082422

>death culture

Call it something else, "x culture" has been completely overrun by jews/marxists and is now a key part of their terminology.

3becb6  No.12082436


Death worship.

f2e5e8  No.12082675



c1146d  No.12083355



When we hit the bottom of this civilizational cycle, the only good people left are going to be those of faith, believe you me. Theyw ill be the only ones with a real group to call their own. Yes there will be ethnic groups, but when shit hits the fan, is that enough? There is no organization, there is no Church of Germanitude, or a Church of Anglotude. There is no initiation, no accountability etc. Arguments for or against secular ethics aside, the Catholic Church will survive the worst of things, as it always has.

12e8b3  No.12083454





I'm guessing the EPA needs another superfund cleanup site and they're looking for then next wouldbe "Radioactive Boyscout" or maybe its DHS/FBI that want to expand their domestic terrorism division. Stay far away from this one.

c52d66  No.12083460


>muh abortion

c52d66  No.12083473


>everyone who disagrees with my assertion that some kike on a stick is the son of God is a paid shill

Wouldn't put it past a christcuck to be crippled with black and white thinking— shutting out anything that challenges their blind faith.

c52d66  No.12083488


top fucking kek you delusional jew worshipers never change

a4cc9b  No.12083508


>Most people, including most whites, are lemmings. We need to find a way to breed that out of our race if we are to survive millennia from now.

Whites need to remember that nature does not care about equality or empathy. Nature will kill you as quick as provide for you. If you want whites to join an anti-anything movement, you need to make them realize it is the easier or less risky path to take than their current trajectory. Only when people feel the fear or risk/disaster do they spring into solutions.

4e3224  No.12083518


Fuck off kike. White people must have white babies. If the future is not secure for them then we must make it secure and bring them in nonetheless

ffd4f4  No.12083611



923018  No.12097553

39088f  No.12100574


You posted these same instructions in the Germany happening thread

71a3d4  No.12122896

Text-only pastebin version:


3ff06e  No.12122972


I've always thought the priest looked odd in this picture, especially when compared to the girls on the left. Do anons think the priest was meant to resemble a crypto jew?

39f713  No.12123649

How do you create and make resilient a culture that does not wane?

Teach your kids biology as early as possible, then have many retreats into the wilderness to experience the beauty of nature. The rest falls into place as long as you are an active parent.

77bb53  No.12123711


Honestly speaking why would I give a single fuck about "my tribe, and god"? I don't want to have any children. I couldn't care less about the "traditional values" that have made me and the people that surround me suffer. My family used to beat the fuck out of me and treat me like shit, always forcing me to act out of fear, and you're telling me to respect the "traditional western values"? Fuck you.

ffd4f4  No.12123795


Hurry up and die then

d9a700  No.12123811


>With every abortion, there is one less future member to carry on the traditions of the culture.

Sorry friend what you meant to say is

>with 97+ out of every 100 abortions there is one less nigger to carry on the traditions of nigger "culture".

e9a860  No.12124108


>If you dislike pedophilia so much, just don't do it.

>I mean, life isn't just about merging identity with other, be your own self. Common identity is for dead people

Jew or Fool i don't know. All i know is that your argument is just fucking stupid and contradictory in it's own right because it's based on the fact that murdering your supposed child, is accepted by the common identity of society today (culture). That's why you accept it as just something that you don't have to bother you.

Don't you see how fucking far we have fallen as a society?

ffd4f4  No.12124124


>using billions of dollars to help make more niggers

you're painfully stupid

e9a860  No.12124133


Grow the fuck up kid. You're still just a kid crying over your family being shit. Why take down the world with you, you fucking selfish retard.

427ef6  No.12124144



>Hurry up and die then


aa6c6a  No.12124203


Faggot, if the Church of Progress was the only one left, would you join it?

See, that's how people who refuse to be spiritual Semites reason about (((Christianity))), no matter the branch.

e4f9b6  No.12124219



>with 97+ out of every 100 abortions there is one less nigger to carry on the traditions of nigger "culture".

More like 30. Voluntary abortion has never been and will never be a meaningful check on the growth of undesirable populations. It's dysgenic and preys upon moral weakness. Of course it will effect the morally weak more harshly, but that does not make it a positive influence.

Might as well approve of pornography on the grounds that it distracts subhumans from breeding.

536342  No.12124316


>i love niggers so much Im willing to forget helping my own people and go save those niglets!

Fuck off

1b248c  No.12124398

File: c8a48b497b4a258⋯.mp4 (3.39 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Blue Purp Antifreeze drink.mp4)


>You take take a shot a bacardi, add in a lil bit of windex, some koolaid, and bit of clorox. This shit will send you to the moon, ya feel me?

Niggers are already doing that shit

c9dc1b  No.12139662

Its called roman paradise

540249  No.12140718


It was probably either anti-catholic or anti-protestant propaganda. Although the priest does look very jewish.

f1a05f  No.12141026


So aesthetic. Must be an alt right beverage.

3d40ab  No.12147234


>My family used to beat the fuck out of me and treat me like shit

because you were a pathetic weakling who didn't have the discipline to follow the rules

aabef3  No.12149592

File: 37def08a6a4cfe2⋯.png (164.58 KB, 1305x747, 145:83, Foundational myth error.png)

aabef3  No.12149621

File: 6127f12c5ac1727⋯.jpg (147.69 KB, 1161x638, 1161:638, 2E.U. replacement Meta.jpg)


>Death Culture is anti-life and therefore can not survive and is subject to decline and eventual termination.

Shlomo Shekelbergensteinerblatt told me that the World's population is too big and we need to start promoting smaller families in Europe and the U.S.. I kind of find it funny that he would promote on his Uncle's TV: "For just a dollar a day, you can help this starving child in Africa" when that's promoting the former nations to fund their replacements.

Isn't that weird?

cf41b4  No.12149686

File: 4e6838656e2649c⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 3624x2618, 1812:1309, The Fall of The Roman Empi….jpg)


>he still thinks it wasn't Christians who ended the Roman empire

Here's a hint: Who brought Christianity to Europe? It rhymes with dykes.



>Obviously this can be turned against Whites like the current (((laws))) are, but nevertheless you can have criteria such as no genetic diseases and no race mixing.

Yes, but we're talking about a contextual example.

>That's why they shouldn't write your eugenic laws.

Quite so, but that's who is determining this at present.

>It could have said genocidal operatives and it would have been fine.

True, but I think its just your autism thats to blame for any issues here bud.

>Could be, but still intentionally links eugenics to bad groups, not unlike the mainstream media that links pro-White advocacy with bad groups, so it must be bad by association.

See above, the bit about autism.

Fact: Abortion is conceptually evil outside a very strict set of eugenically-oriented scenarios. Autistically getting wrapped up in that linguistic matter is irrelevant in this context.

Criminally-Underchecked Trips Hereby Checked for Victory.

cf41b4  No.12149710

File: c8959e13ace34be⋯.jpg (383.07 KB, 2057x1516, 2057:1516, Christianity - Totally Not….JPG)

File: c4cd55040223785⋯.jpg (244.47 KB, 1188x1540, 27:35, Christianity - Love Thy En….JPG)



Also, which version of the Bible is the real one? I thought the KJB was kike-fodder.

4923f5  No.12149715


>more kike propaganda

How about that.

e30356  No.12149797

File: 465fa3e25b57804⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 640x640, 1:1, fb93b2a559c760449daf6e4a52….jpg)



Thanks for keeping the torch alive fellas, appreciate ya. People are always going to die, so it's probably better that everyone accept death going into the coming clown future, and instead try to make their lives something to look back upon fondly. The way that I see it, since we'll mostly all be back here at some point or another, we might as well make the world a good one. No use in giving up without a fight, too - especially if loss is death anyways.

cf41b4  No.12150003


>no argument


4923f5  No.12150006


>oy vey my proven hoaxes are real because I say they are

>YOU need the argument

Reported, then.

cf41b4  No.12150012


>still no argument

>proven hoaxes

What the fuck are you on about?


For what? Calling you a kike with no response forthcoming but 'no u'? kys my dude.

aabef3  No.12150355

File: 88a6be35e117a73⋯.jpg (260.36 KB, 553x900, 553:900, The cleansing fire of the ….jpg)


Strong words here.

7148ff  No.12150367


While we still draw breathe there is hope. Remember that anons.

609b69  No.12151237

File: b36f87b6158c6e1⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 360x238, 180:119, 1d573efaf8279b8c8b603fe78d….jpg)

File: 646dad27cd64f8a⋯.jpg (70.65 KB, 500x425, 20:17, 646dad27cd64f8a9f334d28aa7….jpg)

File: 4421cb808fa27a4⋯.jpg (2.56 MB, 1904x1672, 238:209, 4421cb808fa27a4ac2f4ca6f2b….jpg)

File: f510aabd93c3a4a⋯.jpg (76.54 KB, 845x403, 65:31, 1456165280345-1.jpg)

File: 21e7fd32a820ae8⋯.jpg (117.09 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 1459109670837-0.jpg)


>people actually still believe that NS Germany wasn't pagan

609b69  No.12151250

File: 9c435500c2ffb92⋯.jpg (469.21 KB, 1247x772, 1247:772, 1459325156934-3.jpg)

File: 4595add319e5ca9⋯.png (208.25 KB, 475x322, 475:322, 1459359078786-0.png)

File: ac74bf52adbc24a⋯.jpg (221.95 KB, 1018x726, 509:363, 1459359078912-2.jpg)

File: 0ecdbbdcbc3ff32⋯.jpg (174.84 KB, 800x534, 400:267, 1453606051399-0.jpg)

File: 80f169770651ba8⋯.jpg (26.57 KB, 564x423, 4:3, 80f169770651ba8953c691387d….jpg)



42c330  No.12162579

File: a68e160b409446c⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1273x951, 1273:951, behind german doors.png)


>If they are finally let lose they will murder half the world.


494209  No.12162616

It's only a death culture in that climate damage caused by kikes will cause mass white genocide. Whites are possibly more at risk for heat stroke and definitely more risk of skin cancer.



d17700  No.12180819


For some reason,I found your words here to be extremely disdainful and obnoxious.

I'm in a particularly bad mood at the moment,so I mine as well project my own obnoxiousness and negativity on to you.

So here goes:

I sincerely hope something catastrophically bad happens to you soon.Whether it be you having to suffer through the death of someone close to you that you love dearly,a terminal illness that eventually takes you in the end,something that wipes you out finacially,or something else equally as bad.I really do.I don't know who you are or anything about you,but I truly hope you have to suffer through extreme hardship very soon.

923018  No.12209302


fa1318  No.12209308

Could've sworn I've seen this exact post on MPC about a year ago.

f1edf6  No.12209666

File: 801d82f4cb7e5e3⋯.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1500x1853, 1500:1853, 71202D9B-CFB1-4838-A720-B….jpeg)

af4fcb  No.12209680

How is it that the 100 years of quattrocento Florence, a city of about 60,000 citizens produced more great poets, great artists, great original thinkers, great architecture and on and on than all of North America in almost 500 years of history and a population of 350 million and untold wealth of a continent?

39f713  No.12210201

2c07a0  No.12210279


Speak for yourself. I will get a cute Finni wife and four children no matter what and I will stop and no ends

390267  No.12210310

Remove christianity the merchant said…

It was a good idea the merchant said…

Guaranted shills & fedoras replies.

cc9471  No.12210318


You're posting on a product of that very continent you fool, its just art you personally dislike

db45f2  No.12211155


Filter the kike

a81522  No.12211245


once you realize we live in the kali yuga things become easier to bear, it will soon turn over.

359987  No.12211332

File: 9c6e02fa5ccdf65⋯.jpg (30.54 KB, 470x336, 235:168, composedseethe.jpg)

>death culture

This is the exact term I came up with. Abortion is the centerpiece, with homosexuality held up as the golden standard of human relations, atheism as a prerequisite, celebration of serial monogamy and encouragement of divorce by married couples. It took me many years of futile conversation to realize that death worshipers do not suffer from a lack of information or good arguments. They literally just hate life, and will justify any and all policies that quicken human extinction. Some will even admit that their ideal world is one where all the humans are dead. Their reasoning is that humans are harming the earth, so we are like a cancer. If you point out that the Earth is only important because it has humans on it, and that preserving an ecosystem is for consideration of the future generations, they will entirely lose the plot. They will not be able to provide the premise to their argument, but they will cling to their ideas nonetheless. There's really no debating them.

They're also universally in favor of transgenderism. When you extract their reasoning for accepting it, and then apply that same premise to an argument for trans-ageism, they will reject it. If you are stubbornly logical, you may waste countless hours trying to extract from them the reasoning which allows one and not the other, but you would be on a fools errand. There is no reasoning.

Even recollecting past conversations with these people just now has left me irritated and angry. I hate them.

359987  No.12211353


>It's unethical to bring children into a world so niggered.

This argument is wholly central to death culture. Dressing it up with crass language to disguise it as a redpill doesn't change that fact. I will give you the same counter argument that I give the abortionist: if you really think the world isn't worth living in, you would immediately kill yourself. But here you are; you liar, you hypocrite.

e1ff7b  No.12211365


Many of these people don't actually believe in the wheel of time.

They are still very much in this linear Kike derived eschatalogical world view where we are either going to the Kike Dystopia or Racial Purity Utopia.

d9a700  No.12211377




The fuck is this? My newspeak is rusty.

359987  No.12211452

File: 23def726c1f04d9⋯.jpg (55.78 KB, 968x681, 968:681, transageism.jpg)

50b186  No.12211592

File: 1a834f536b3a0af⋯.png (534.44 KB, 2396x1098, 1198:549, alt right christian argume….png)


>Christianity is why we have pretty buildings, not engineering techniques that already existed for centuries!

>targeted by marxists so it must be a good thing!

so are your average cuckservatives and muslims, yet they're still used to beat us over the head

>people who have morality and faith in something are better than you, unless they're universalists or Biblical literalists

so if they don't even follow the words described directly in their holy book, they're not even real christians, got it.

Gas yourself

5d9f71  No.12212421

File: 9e1ad2f59267b45⋯.jpg (114.73 KB, 843x1338, 281:446, no future.jpg)

Jews literally write books about this


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